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IJSTR Volume 9 - Issue 9, September 2020 Edition - ISSN 2277-8616

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Hamid Habbe

This study tests the effects of the financial performance of local governments on the level of welfare in 25 city/regency in South Sulawesi during 2009-2014. The financial performance is measured by the rate of local autonomy, the effectiveness of local own-source revenue, budget harmony, and budget absorption, while the welfare society measured by the Human Development Index (HDI), unemployment and poverty level. The regression analysis showed that the performance of region autonomy proved to increase the HDI over the next year and to reduce the poverty rate in two and three years ahead, however, does not correlate with the unemployment. The effectiveness of local own-source revenue can lower unemployment at two and three years ahead but failed to increase the HDI and to reduce poverty. Harmony of spending also neglected to raise the HDI and to reduce the level of unemployment, although it can alleviate poverty. The level of budget absorption can improve HDI, and reduce the unemployment at two and three years ahead, but failed to lower poverty. No previous study has comprehensively studied the Effects of Level of regionality autonomy, and effectivity of local own-source revenue to public Welfare, and the moderation effect of Expenditure harmony, budget absorption in relationship between financial performance of local government to public welfare, especially in Indonesia.

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Zhouzhiwen, Sone Simatrang, Eakachat Joneurairatana, Ninggang

In the past few years, there have been few professional scholars who have studied fahua technique. The origin of the term "fahua" technique has not been determined by the academic community. Existing research is mainly based on empirical description, lack of subject awareness and theoretical discussion, coupled with bottlenecks such as the difficulty of the fahua technique itself and the special painting technique, it is making fahua technique has been stagnant in the field of traditional crafts. The author uses the literature survey method to reorganize and summarize the beginning of the name of fahua wares rationalize the explanation of fahua name through psychological theory, and point out the inextricable connection between the name "fahua wares" and the enamel process. At the same time, it has a great connection with the psychology of word-making at the time.

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Melda Agnes Manuhutu, Sherly Gaspersz, Abraham Manuhutu, Jalmijn Tindage, Samuel Y. Warella

The data management information system for direct cash assistance recipients contains a list of recipients with their name, address, date of birth, age, difficulties during COVID-19 and a description of when to receive assistance. Also provided a search menu to perform data search quickly. This study provides information about the data collection management information system for direct cash assistance recipients that is effective, efficient and able to provide optimization in official or related work. This system development model is a prototype model. It is used because the development process with this model is shorter and easier. As well as enabling communication between developers and customers, so that the results of the system will be in accordance with user needs. There is also a system flow that describes how this system is functioned. There is also a use case diagram that describes what functions an administrator can perform, including input, edit and delete. This system is built using Adobe Dreamweaver, and the database is built with MySQL, and the program language is PHP.

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Lusia Permata Sari Hartanti, Ig. Jaka Mulyana, Theresia Intan Putri Hartiana

Over the last few years, the Lean Higher Education (LHE) has been discussed. LHE can be implemented by identifying and eliminating waste. Literature contribution to waste in Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) are fragmented and limited. The purpose of this study is to identify the waste concept of waste in HEIs by integrating various waste concepts in relevant literatures into a coherent framework. A Systematic Literature Review (SLR) was carried out by authors. In this systematic review, two databases, including Emerald Online and Taylor & Francis Online, were searched using keywords. The authors addressed the waste categories in HEIs. They are overproduction, over-processing, waiting, motion, transportation, inventory, defect, people, and information. These waste categories may guide the implementation of Lean in HEIs.

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Nazanin Ghiasi Esfahani, Hossein Heidari Tabrizi

the outburst of new trends of technology, teachers’ personal interests, students’ demands, demographic changes, increasing need for communication and language learning, has made the need for revising ELT curricula, inevitable. As a result, it is beneficial to study stakeholders’ viewpoints as a guide for curriculum developers. This study was implemented to investigate students’ viewpoints towards challenges in an MA program curriculum. the conventional qualitative content analysis method was used in this study carrying out group interviews for data collection. 10 students in an MA ELT program were selected through purposive sampling. Data was analyzed using MAXQDA10. after the conduction of interviews and data analysis, 104 codes, 20 subcategories, and 4 categories were emerged including administrative challenges (inaccurateness and improperness in implementation, lack of executive programming, lack of coordination among teachers for integrated courses), instructional challenges (lack of access to sufficient information resources to justify the students, lack of time for presenting educational content, lack of access to professional teachers, inequality in education, employing unprofessional teachers, use of irrelevant content in syllabus, disregarding the preliminaries for conducting some courses, neglecting the standards of education in language teaching), subjective challenges (lack of an informative source to share the problem with and ask for practical solutions, being used to previous curriculum, negative perspective towards the new curriculum), and structural challenges (modifications in the structure of the curriculum, lack of facilities, and lack of professional human resources). the challenges proposed by students remarks the need for formation of a knowledgeable team to revise the curriculum, establishment of the preliminaries for some changes, conduction of a pilot program, supplying sufficient and efficient human resources, and the observation of the curriculum by curriculum development experts.

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Maibam Sanju Meetei, Aheibam Dinamani Singh, Swanirbhar Majumder, Ome Moyong

The main study in this work is to derive the mathematical model of the cantilever based pressure sensor. Two steps of mathematical modelling are being applied, mechanical and electrostatic, for finding the factors affecting the output of the sensor. Two main modes of operation for piezoelectric pressure sensor are transverse and longitudinal which are described in details. For 3D structure analysis, COMSOL 5.2 multiphysics simulator is used for simulation to validate the mathematical analyses output. A comparative analysis is done for simulated output of mechanical stress and the mathematical calculated stresses of the sensor. Similarly, the simulated output voltage and mathematical calculated voltage are also analyzed. The factors affecting the sensitivity of the sensor are the length, the thickness of the mechanical structure of the sensor, thickness of the sensing material and the piezoelectric voltage coefficient (g31). The output voltage of the sensor is linearly vary with the input pressure with negative slope. The sensitivity of the sensor for simulated is -0.012 mV/Pa and mathematical is -0.017 mV/Pa.

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Anjum Sheikh, Dr. Sunil Kumar, Dr. Asha Ambhaikar

Routing protocols play a crucial role in determining the rate of data transfer on IoT networks. In the absence of routing protocols it will be difficult for the IoT networks to deliver ubiquitous services to its end users. This paper uses AODV protocol for establishing communication among the source and sink node through simulations. AODV is energy efficient as compared to other reactive protocols as it selects the shortest possible routing path.Average values of transmission delay and energy consumption by the nodes have been calculated for network scenario of 30,40, 50, 60 and 70 nodes. The variation in energy consumption during communication process for all these networks have been studied which indicate that energy consumption varies with the distance among the communicating nodes in the routing path. Similarly delay also varies with the distance of the sink node from the base station.

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Bahrul Ilmi, Akhmad Rizani Andi Parellangi

Indonesian life expectancy rate has increased from 68.6 years in 2004 to 71.7 years in 2016 (Novianty, Nodia, 2018). The implication is increasing the number of elderly. The number of elderly in Banjarmasin aged 60 – 69 years is 25,076 people and aged ≥ 70 years is 12,159 people (Dinkes, 2015). Long life expectancy is expected to have a good life quality also free from disease and health problems, so it is necessary to intervene in the form of physical activity (gymnastics), social interaction, social relations, and arise enthusiasm and pleasure. Hadrah Lansia Gymnastics (HLG) can be followed by elderly eventough they have bad conditions such as gout and cannot stand for a long time or post stroke. HLG can be done sitting in a chair or standing and hadrah is the culture of South Kalimantan (Local Wisdom). The purpose of this research is to know the influence of Hadrah Lansia Gymnastics on the quality of life of elderly in Martapura riverside area, Sungai Bilu village, Banjarmasin. This research design is true experimental with pretest posttest control group approach. The population is all elderly in Sungai Bilu riverside, total samples 72 participants were obtained by simple random sampling; divided into experiment and control group, with 36 participants for each group. Life quality of both groups were measured by WHOQOL-BREF. Data analysis used paired sample t-test, then conducted discussion and conclusion. The results show that there is an influence of Hadrah Lansia Gymnastics on the quality of life of elderly. There is difference between before and after HLG, with significance level 0.000 and confidence level 95%. It shows that elderly who do HLG (eventough they had pain at extremities, gout, and post stroke) have a better life quality than elderly who do not do HLG.

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Reico Harold Siahainenia, Esther Kembauw

This study aims to provide electricity or renewable energy for the people of Maluku who have not yet obtained access to state electricity services (PLN) or to people who enjoy electricity with a 100% elective electricity. The competitive advantage of power plants in this study is called "DISTRICT (Electric Dispenser) RSS-01". This is to reduce operational costs, because pure energy uses renewable energy in the form of pelton turbines driven by steam pressure from pressurized vessels / boilers. Boiler fuel is obtained from burning biomass such as: dry wood, durian skin, coconut shells, nutmeg shells, or walnut shells that are available in large quantities, but which are still not optimally utilized by the community. Water is fed into a pressure vessel / boiler and boiled until it turns into gas. Operational pressure in the boiler is maintained in variations of 1 and 2 bars. Pressurized water vapor is then channeled to press each blades of the pelton so that it rotates the wheels (runner) of the pelton turbine. The turbine then turns the generator dynamo to produce an electric voltage (Voltage). This research is to see variations in boiler vapor pressure on the amount of electric voltage generated. Research has produced boiler press up to 3 bars without damage (burst, leak). At a boiler pressure of 1 Bar, the charging voltage reaches 17.5 Volts, at a pressure of 2 Bar, the electric voltage reaches 20 Volts, while at a pressure of 2.5 Bar the accumulator charging voltage reaches 50 Volts. The resulting voltage has exceeded the maximum charging voltage limit, 15 volts. For this reason, regulators need to be installed to limit the input voltage to the accumulator.

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Mohammad Saraireh, Saleh Saraireh

The fast growth of wireless computer networks and multimedia applications means it is essential that these applications can be transmitted over the standard IEEE 802.11 Medium Access Control (MAC) protocol with high performance. Therefore, the aim of this paper is to develop a new schemed named Ratio Based that provides effective and efficient Quality of Service (QoS) provisioning in IEEE 802.11 DCF in a fair, scalable, and robust manner. Simulated wireless networks based on Network simulator (NS) package were carried out to examine and evaluate the impact of the proposed Ratio Based scheme on the network performance. The findings revealed that the IEEE 802.11 DCF protocol performed inadequately when transmitting various applications due to the limitations inherent in its operation. The study showed that inappropriate values of CWmin resulted in significant network performance degradations and demonstrated that it was important to select an appropriate set of MAC protocol transmission parameters in order to provide better performance. Ratio based scheme was developed to dynamically adjust the CW values according to the current and past network conditions. Using this scheme significant improvements were achieved in the performance of IEEE 802.11 DCF protocol.

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Normaliza Abd Rahim, Siti Nur Aliaa Roslan, Nur Maisarah Roslan, Nur Widad Roslan

This study focuses on the assumption in spoken discourse among Korean learners of the Malay language. The objectives of the study were to identify and discuss the spoken discourse among Korean learners. The samples of the study were eight subjects from a class of Malay-Indonesian Interpretation and Translation, Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, South Korea. The subjects were given an e-reading text from the website for assignment and they were asked to finish the assignment on the following weeks. The subjects were interviewed based on the assignment given. The subjects’ statements were transcribed and the transcriptions were analyzed by using the discourse analysis theory. The results revealed that the subjects have given excuses for not doing their assignment. The results also revealed that assumption has helped in the process of the learning about the subjects’ excuses and manipulations towards the assignment. This study helps educators in understanding the reasons and excuses given by students in the classroom. It is hoped that further studies will focus on the discourse analysis theory towards specific writing task in the classroom.

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Birhanu Haile Gedamu, Vijaykumar Nagappa

The main purpose of this study is to investigate the geomorphological data, soil properties and land use for the bridge and based on the field observation and analysis, to know the rainfall intensity and to obtaining different return period of flood magnitudes and catchment area for the Mechela river for the determination of required sizes of opening for the waterway at various watercourses and design parameters of bridge. The study area is located in South Wollo Ethiopia which connects main leg Ambo Woreda rural village with Weynamba Leghida. Study area is full of flat terrain, the elevation of the Mechela river bridge project varies from 1800m to 3000m above mean sea level. The mean annual rainfall of the study area ranges between 400mm-799mm. The study results are analytically manipulated by hydraulic Model HEC-RAS (Version-4) software and GIS Software’s like ArcGIS.

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Ismail Omar, Ashour; Albattat, Ahmad; S. M. Ferdous, Azam

The success of Islamic banks and their presence in permanent competition requires constant care to study the bank's current and prospective clients. And recognize their desires and needs, also, to satisfy them as much as possible, by answering questions of the most important What are the factors determining the choice of customers to banks? The study aimed at identifying the factors affecting customer preferences of Islamic banks in Libya. Relying on quantitative research and based on the analytical approach by collecting data from a sample of (291) customers of the Jumhouria Bank in its Islamic branch, by using the questionnaire instrument, the study confirmed the positive impact of factors (Religiosity, Quality of service, Perception, Confidence) on customer preferences of Islamic banks, where the results confirmed that we find that the most influential factor on customer preference for Islamic banks is the factor of religiosity, as explained by (49.8%) of the change in customer preferences for Islamic banks, and then the confidence factor, where it explained the rate of (32.1%), and finally the weak factor perceptions of customers and their perception of Islamic banks by the interpretation of (6.9%).

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Hatem H. Ibrahim, Abdallh M. Soliman, Belal Ali, Hossam A. Hodhod

Grouted splice sleeves are used in precast concrete construction and heavily reinforced concrete sections to splice two adjacent reinforcing steel bars. The behavior of such splices is a function in two important mechanisms: the bond behavior and the confinement action. In this paper, the mechanical behavior of simple, economic, and non- proprietary grouted splice sleeve connector under axial tensile load is investigated. Feasibility study for tested grouted sleeves reporting their adequacy in accordance with the code provisions of ACI 318-14 and ECP 203-2007 is presented. Moreover, design equations capturing the parameters affecting the bond strength, the confining pressure, and the required embedment length are derived. Four series with a total number of 57 grouted splices were fabricated to splice reinforcing steel bars of 12 mm and 16 mm in diameter and nominal yield strength of 400 MPa. The results showed that the confinement action added by the steel sleeve to the grouted splices significantly enhanced the bar-to- grout bond strength. The grout-to-sleeve bond was adequately secured by introducing a steel ring at both ends of a smooth sleeve. Importantly, 35 tested specimens are considered satisfactory in accordance with ACI 318-14 and ECP 203-2007 provisions for mechanical splices and can be used in field connection.

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Ifat-Al Baqee

As Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) is gaining popularity in the field of medical science, there are many ongoing researches to increase it’s accuracy and efficiency. In this work, the focus has been given to an already established parallel MRI reconstruction method named Iterative Self-Consistent Parallel Imaging Reconstruction: SPIRiT. SPIRiT uses coil-by-coil parallel reconstruction method and then applies sum-of-square (SOS) to produce the final MR image. The SOS recombination technique proved to be amplifying noise as well as it based on the assumption that parallel coil sensitivities are uniform. In this paper a convex optimization scheme has been implemented which not only can overcome the shortcomings of SOS recombination technique but also can provide a true optimal solution for SPIRiT. The SOS recombination of original SPIRiT has been replaced by a convex optimization formula and hen the upgraded SPIRiT method has been compared with original SPIRiT for proposed method’s legitimacy. It has also been shown that this research also has impacts on the scanning time. The comparison results cover the aspects of qualitative, quantitative and noise-based analysis to illustrate the efficiency of the proposed formula.

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Mostafa Mohamed Shendi, Hatem Mohamed Elkadi , Mohamed Helmy Khafagy

one of the most serious attacks nowadays is the Distributed Denial of service (DDoS) attack. DDoS attacks can be of two types: the layer-three (network layer) attacks and layer-seven (application layer) attacks, which can potentially lead to cyber-attack resulting in financial and reputational losses. Hence, network analytics play an important role in protecting the security of organizations. Traditional data analysis models have difficulties in defeating these attacks since they consume too much time analyzing different logs from different devices at the same time. Big Data analytics plays a major role in analyzing and correlating large volumes of disparate and complex data from different sources in different formats. Hence, we propose a model that combines Big Data and machine learning to proactively detect DDOS attacks through analysis, detection, and classification of network traffic. By using this model, organizations could gain higher service security and availability. The experimental results show that different attack scenarios are well classified, and DDoS attacks could be detected in the early stages

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Ammar Joukhadar

In this article, we present our approach for rapid, easy and safe web-based applications development. We implemented a new 2 Steps “Run then Specify” Model Driven framework, in which the development phase is postponed to be after (not before) the deployment phase.In this approach, the application development is based on a “descriptive and human readable” language. The language is composed of a set of predefined formal and readable business-components, which allows to manage the 3 tiers (client, business logic and storage) in one human readable and short sentence. The framework engine directly runs these business components; with no need for any further compilation or deployment. Moreover, this readable language enables the reconstruction of the business model when the analysis documents are lost or becme obsolete. This approach was implemented and tested within our framework built using J2EE, Jboss and several databases including MySql database, Oracle, Postgres and Sql server. To evaluate this approach, we compared its performance to Spring Framework. The average Time-to-Learn of our Framework was 20% of that of Spring, the average Time-to-Program of our framework was 25% of that of Spring and the average Number-of Code Lines that the developers wrote using our framework was about 11% of that they wrote using Spring Framework.

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Trung Nguyen Tu

Remote sensing image segmentation is a very important stage in remote sensing image processing. In many different segmentation techniques such as KMeans, C-Means, Watersed ..., KMeans is one of the widely used algorithms for remote sensing image segmentation. However, this algorithm only considers the intensity of the pixel to lose the contextual information of the object, affecting clustering quality. The 2D-KMeans algorithm overcomes this disadvantage, but it increases the number of dimensions of each object. This results in the executing time of the algorithm is very large, especially when the large-scale remote sensing images is clustered. This paper presents the new clustering algorithm MapReduce_2D-KMeans in order to overcome the disadvantage of 2D-KMeans calculating time without reducing cluster quality.

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Turdaliev Voxidjon Maxsudovich, Makhkamov Gulomjon Usmonjonovich, Komilov Sahob Rasuljonovich, Razoqov Alisher Yakubjonovich

One of the most important issues of sowing small-seeded crops (in the example of onions) is considered. The method of sowing has a great influence on crop yields. The choice of planting method is due to the need for a more uniform distribution of plants over the field area in order to optimize the conditions for their development. Studying the movement of seeds during the sowing process is the most important task. Because, the object of sowing is the seeds. The article provides an analysis of previous work on the precision sowing of small seed crops. And also, the flight and the trajectory of the seeds from the ejection window to the bottom of the groove were studied theoretically. In the research, methods of higher mathematics, classical mechanics, and impact theory were used in which it was possible to obtain the necessary equation. Based on the numerical solution of the obtained equation, graphs are constructed that determine the trajectory of falling onion seeds when ejected from the sowing apparatus and the graphical dependence of the recovery coefficient on the height of the sowing apparatus. And also installed, the installation height of the metering unit

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Soehardjono A, Widayanto E, Wisnumurti, Zacoeb A

The vibration method is the beginning of the use of vibropressing in the concrete compaction process. It is very different from the CPB compaction process. The most significant difference is in the practical volume. In concrete, 2m3 is compacted at the same place and time, while CPB at 15 liters volume is compacted at the same location at the same time, whereas more than 15 liters is compacted at the same place and at different times. With a compressive strength of about 25 MPa, it was using a composition of material with per m3 of 100 kg of cement, 380 kg of sand and 560 kg of stone ash, and using a water-cement ratio of 0,6. This research only changes three-parameter limited. They are vibration time between 7 and 8 seconds with the frequency at 30-50 Hz, engine pressure at 25 and 90 kg/cm2. The reason 7 and 8 second for the vibration time in this research is the maximum vibration time in CPB production. All specimens are made with the same mixture composition. There are 3 main parameters in the vibropressing process namely vibration frequency, engine pressure and vibration time, explained that the vibration frequency has the most influence in the process of increasing the compressive strength of CPB. By limiting the electric motor energy of 7 Hp, vibration time (7-8) seconds on engine pressure (25-90) Kg/cm2, this machine produces CPB optimum compressive strength (22-31) MPa at frequency (43-47) Hz.

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Risfendra, Habilbullah, Ali Basrah Pulungan, Hasan Maksum, Wawan Purwanto

This paper presents a development of a spindle motor used in machine tool applications. The development process was started by developing of a performance improvement of the spindle motor including electromagnetic force, size evaluations, torque, and efficiency. Then, the optimal designs of the stator winding geometry to improve the maximum torque and efficiency of the spindle motor. The optimal design involves the following optimizations: Hooke-Jeeves optimization, the Taguchi method, genetic algorithms, response surface methodology, and finite element analysis. The purpose of present study is a design solution to reach performance in the manner of higher torque and efficiency of the high-speed spindle motor. The temperature rise of the motor was calculated based on power loss distribution model. Finally, a prototype spindle motor proposed model generated by response surface methodology was fabricated and tested to validate the finite element analysis.

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Sarwar Jahan, Md. Imdadul Islam, M. R. Amin

One of the major challenges of the dual-hop energy harvesting (EH) a link is, to optimize the link parameters to achieve maximum signal to noise ratio (SNR) at the receiving end. In this paper, the optimum condition of three parameters: ‘power supply at source terminal’, ‘power splitting ratio’, and ‘gain of relay’ is achieved in four ways. In the first and second techniques, the above three parameters are optimized analytically from the profile of normalized channel capacity and bit error rate (BER), where the corresponding graphs show maxima and minima at the same optimum point. In the third technique, we find the separation between profiles of ‘normalized channel capacity’ of EH and non-EH minimum at optimum condition. In the fourth technique, we transmit grayscale images under 16-QAM using a proposed algorithm of pixel to modulated symbol conversion. We then measure the quality of the image in terms of SNR and peak signal to noise ratio (PSNR) in dB and we verify the optimum condition of the network by the quality of received images.

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Neza Rahayu Palapa, Suheryanto, Risfian Mohadi, Addy Rachmat, Aldes Lesbani

In this work, biochar (BC) was obtained from rice husk (RH) local paddy field and prepared by pyrolysis method as adsorbent of malachite green (MG). The characterization of BC was conducted by XRD, FTIR, BET, SEM-EDX analyses and TGDTA. BC was applied as adsorbent of MG from aqueous solution. BC was confirmed by X-ray diffractograms with broad reflection (002) at 24o and the presents of organic bonds vibration from FTIR spectra. Surface area analysis showed rice husk after pyrolysis was increases to 72.25 m2/g from 7.08 m2/g. The TGA showed two step oxidation and DTA presents the exothermic process. The result of the adsorption study indicated the BC follows pseudo-second-order (PSO) after equilibrium state at 90 min with dye uptake 89.48 mg/L. The isotherm model follows Langmuir with the maximum adsorption capacity of MG using BC uptake is 105.263 mg/g higher than raw material 31.419 mg/g. The thermodynamic analysis indicates that the MG adsorption is spontaneous, endothermic and based on XRD and FTIR characterization, no obvious changes after MG adsorption.

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Deepti Chopra, Nisheeth Joshi

Quality improvement of Machine Translation (MT) is one of the open topics of research today. These days, there are many machine translators available online. But, these machine translators lack in the quality of translation when the input sentence is complex and consists of many Named Entities which are not identified correctly. In this paper, we address this problem by means of investigating a new ensemble approach that can help in improving the quality of translation from English to Hindi and Hindi to English. We have developed 6 MT systems that can perform English to Hindi Translation and 6 MT Systems that can perform Hindi to English Translation. We have developed Ensemble MT Systems by combining Statistical Machine Translation (SMT) with Source Text Rewriting and Named Entity Translation. We have compared translation using baseline approach (SMT) with the ensemble approach and have shown that quality of translation improves when we use ensemble approach for English-Hindi and Hindi-English Translation.

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Omar J Khaleel, Firas B Ismail, Thamir K Ibrahim

Based on the basic theory of thermal equilibrium analysis, the equivalent heat drop method is used to summarize simple and effective algorithms for the equivalent heat drop of extraction steam at all levels. In this paper, exergy analysis method is theoretically studied and modeled, and the exergy matrix equation is established. The exergy analysis method based on the second law of thermodynamics is studied and modeled, and the exergy matrix equation is derived. The main contents include: the overall analysis and partial quantitative analysis of the thermal system of the unit from the perspective of thermal equilibrium analysis, the exergy analysis of the thermal system under variable operating conditions from the perspective of exergy analysis, to find out the system's defects and deficiencies. Analyze the exergy loss distribution rules and causes of thermal systems, find the weak links in the system, and make scientific explanations for various calculation indicators.

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Sumitra Nuanmeesri, Lap Poomhiran

The objective of the article is to propose a prototype of the development of the walking stick to be used as a navigation tool for the blind based on the internet of things devices that work in concert with the speech-to-text technology and Google Maps API. By using the Apriori algorithm to recommend the walking routes that are suitable for the user persona. The results of testing the efficiency of the route recommendation for each trip from the behavior of using the walking stick of thirty-three people over thirty days showed that the accuracy of walking route recommendation was 98.81%. Moreover, the walking stick for the blind persons was evaluated with the black box testing by nine experts and thirty-three volunteers who are blind people. The findings revealed that the users acknowledged the walking stick for blind navigation with the average mean value at 4.53 and standard deviation at 0.51 by experts, and the average mean value at 4.62 with standard deviation at 0.49 by the volunteers. Furthermore, the acceptance of the walking stick system has a high consensus. Therefore, it can be concluded that the development of the walking stick to help navigate for blind people is acceptable and can be used in daily life at the highest level; with the new technology and innovations, it is possible to improve and facilitate daily life more effectively.

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Bekmuratov Tulkun, Bazarov Rustam

This article describes the methods of modification and parallelization of ant colony optimization algorithm for the protein folding problem. It describes in detail the software implementation of parallel ant colony optimization algorithm on the graphics processing units.

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A. Bosomtwe, E. A. Osekre, G. V. Bingham , G. P. Opit

High post-harvest loss of maize due to stored product insect pests remains a food security challenge in Ghana. This field study evaluated the effectiveness of a novel technology, ZeroFly® Hermetic storage bags with different inner liners, to protect maize against infestation by Sitophilus zeamais Motschulsky and Prostephanus truncatus Horn. The study was carried out in the Department of Crop and Soil Sciences, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Ghana, during the period September 2017 to March 2018. Maize pre-fumigated with Phostoxin® was stored in 50-kg ZeroFly® Hermetic storage bags. Experimental treatments were 20-µm High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) inner liner with oxygen absorber, 20-µm HDPE inner liner without oxygen absorber, 80-µm Polyester and Ethylene Vinyl Alcohol (EVOH) inner liner with oxygen absorber, 80-µm EVOH inner liner without oxygen absorber, 50-µm Charter NEX high barrier inner liner with oxygen absorber, 50-µm Charter NEX medium barrier inner liner with oxygen absorber, and untreated maize-filled 50-kg polypropylene bags without oxygen absorber (control). Maize-filled 50-kg polypropylene bags without oxygen absorber were used as Control. The percent insect damaged kernels on number basis (%IDKnb) recorded in the 20-µm HDPE liners and polypropylene bags were > 15% compared to < 1.8% recorded in the other treatments. Weight losses in the 80-µm EVOH and 50 -µm Charter NEX high and medium barrier liners were < 0.35%. Aflatoxin levels were below the 15 ppb threshold. The results of the study showed that, ZeroFly® Hermetic storage bags with 80-µm EVOH inner liner and 50-µm Charter NEX high and medium barrier inner liners protected stored maize against S. zeamais and P. truncatus over the 6-month storage period.

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Meshal Rashed Almutairi, Shaker Jaralla Alkshali

The study aimed to verify the effect of human resource flexibility on crisis management effectiveness in Kuwaiti Contracting Companies. To measure human resource flexibility, a three-dimensional scale was adopted: skills flexibility, behavior flexibility and practices flexibility. To measure crisis management effectiveness, a three-dimensional component was used: responsiveness, communication and information and resource mobilization. To achieve the aims of the study, researchers used descriptive analytical method. To achieve the aims of the study researchers used descriptive analytical method. The study was conducted on a sample consisting of (237) companies active in the field of contracting. The results indicated that there are medium levels of human resource flexibility and crisis management effectiveness. The results indicated that there is a significant effect of human resource flexibility on crisis management effectiveness.

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Elsa Eka Putri, Fajri Kurnia Ilahi, Lillian Gungat, Purnawan

AC-WC and HRS Base pavement mixture are the type of pavement used as surface and base respectively. Durability of pavement will reduce after service due to the environmental effects. Hence, additives such as Styrofoam is added to enhance the stability and durability. This research investigates the durability of the pavement at the surface and base course. Marshall specimen containing 1.5% Styrofoam was prepared and immersed for 0, 1, 3, 7 and 14 days in order to determine the Residual Strength Index, First durability Index and Second Durability Index. These indexes represent the durability of the pavement. From this study, it was found out that the Residual Strength Index value decreased with the increment of immersion duration for both layers. The IDP and IDK with Styrofoam of AC-WC were higher than the specimens without Styrofoam which were 0.377% and 7.752% respectively. Similar trends were observed for HRS Base. This implies that the use of Styrofoam in the pavement is advantageous because it has the potential to improve the durability of mixture.

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Md Abul Kalam Azad, Anup Majumder, Muhammad R. A. Khandaker, Jugal K. Das, Md. Imdadul Islam

In this paper, we compare the normalized channel capacity of single user and multiuser models of primary user (PU) aided cognitive radio network (CRN). The single user model gives the best performance; however, it often fails to represent the real life environment. On the other hand, multi-user model represents more realistic scenarios of wireless links; however, its performance is worse than that of single user. Therefore, we propose a new communication model for selecting the appropriate PUs as relay nodes that is based on the geometry of service area, the offered traffic of PUs and the existence probability of PUs in an appropriate position. Through simulation experiment, we prove that the proposed model gives more realistic results compared to the previous works on multi-user model in CRN.

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Dr. Tareq N. Hashem

Current study aimed at examining the role of marketing engineering (Technology-Based Operations, Benchmarking, Data-Based Decision-Making and Analysis of Market Orientation) in supporting marketing decisions through the mediating role of creativity in marketing. Achieving aim of study was done depending on quantitative approach in which a questionnaire was utilized to collect data from (91) marketing managers within public shareholding companies in the services sector. Results of study indicated an influence of marketing engineering on supporting decision making of marketers that is attributed to marketing creativity, in addition to that, it appeared that technology-based operations were the most supportive marketing engineering approaches to develop creativity and manage decision making within marketing departments. Study recommended focusing on the soft skills of marketers and avoids repetition and conventionality in the marketing approach is the best way to get into marketing engineering.

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Jhon Hadearon Saragih, Choirul Anam, Wahyu Setia Budi, Ummu Mar'atu Zahro, Geoff Dougherty

This study aims to implement noise reduction algorithm with a selected mean filter (SMF) and to investigate its computation time in the denoising process on X-ray fluoroscopy images. The SMF was the mean filter (MF) technique, but in its application, selected pixels within threshold value were only used to calculate the average pixel value. The effectiveness of SMF was then compared to well-known filters, such as adaptive mean filter (AMF) and bilateral filter (BF). The notebook of Acer Nitro 5 Intel Core i5-8300H 2.3 GHz with 8GB RAM, Graphic Processor Unit (GPU) Nvidia Geforce GTX 1050 4GB, and the Windows 10 Home operating system with SSD M.2 NVMe 2280 256GB were utilized. The algorithm was implemented using Matlab R2019b. The fluoroscopy images of NEMA SCA & I Cardiovascular Fluoroscopic Benchmark Phantom with size of 512 x 512 pixels were filtered, exposure factors of 69.92 kV and 583 mA and a dose-area product (DAP) of 1,660 mGy-cm2 with a field of view (FOV) of 25 cm. In addition, image quality of the filtered images was assessed, including noise level, signal-to-noise ratio (SNR), contrast-to-noise ratio (CNR), and spatial resolution. The results showed that by using the SMF, the higher improvement of image quality in terms of noise level, SNR, CNR, and spatial resolution compared to AMF and BF, was achieved. The time needed by SMF to process an image was about 0.36 seconds, while the AMF and BF are 10.6 and 1.4 seconds, respectively. The SMF was as fast as a traditional MF, which only need 0.33 seconds for an image.

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Dr. Akabom I. Asuquo, Nicholas O. Dan, Glory T. Effiong

The study evaluated the effect of eco-friendly cost on net revenue of quoted cement producing firms. Eco-friendly cost is incurred as an obligatory cost by organizations towards the welfare of the societies and the environments in which they carry out their operations. However, the purpose of this study was to ascertain how this cost affects the net revenue of the firms that incurred it. The study applied ex-post facto research design and data were collected from the secondary sources. The data were analyzed using the ordinary least square regression method. The findings revealed that sustainability cost and abatement costs do not significantly affect the net revenue of the studied firms. Nevertheless, the eco-friendly cost is as vital as all other costs of the firms further down the consideration and should be properly managed and ignore by managers of the respective organizations. Thus, it was suggested that the stakeholders have a duty to set a standard on environmental cost book-keeping to ensure that this cost is adequately disclosed whenever it is incurred and it should also be ensured that there is amenability besides limpidity in the procedure.

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YMWGPK Udurawana, WMC Bandara Wanninayake

Tourism becomes as the major industry to develop the world’s economic wellbeing through regional development. Among the most attracted destinations cultural destinations were highly loyal destinations to the tourists as which have thousand years aged history and world recognized heritages (Udurawana 2018). More than the 84% of tourists have mentioned that their purpose of visit Sri Lanka is ‘pleasure’, and Sri Lanka has more tourists’ attraction year by year, as Sri Lanka Tourism Promotion Beouro (SLTPB) promotes Sri Lanka highlighting its 2000 aged history and eight world heritage sites. However, statistics have proved that tourists attractions and growth rate was gradually decreased from 43% since 2010 up to now (SLTDA 2018), and cultural places are the least attracted places in Sri Lanka. Therefore this explanatory research study was conducted to identify the effect of experiential marketing strategies to tourists’ destination’s loyalty through the mediating effect of tourists’ satisfaction. Through the sound literature, experiential marketing was developed under second order model as the independent variable, and dependent variable was the destination loyalty. Population of the study has been identified based on the number of tourists visited cultural areas in the year 2018, and 600 tourists selected as a representative sample, through convenient sampling technique, and 513 tourists were final respondents. Well-developed research questionnaire was facilitated to collect tourists’ preferences being aligning to four research hypotheses (H1, H2, H3, and H4). On the results, all the constructs were valid, reliable, fit with the model. All the research questions and objectives were achieved, and all the hypotheses were accepted, where H1 – there is a significant effect of experiential marketing on destination loyalty, H2 - experiential marketing effect is on tourists satisfaction was positive and significant, H3 – Tourists satisfaction has positive and significant effect on destination loyalty, and H4 – accepted as there is a mediating effect with tourists satisfaction between the experiential marketing and destination loyalty. Finally researcher suggested adoptable strategies for the attention of SLTDA, DMOs, and other stakeholders at cultural areas in Sri Lanka, to upgrade tourists’ satisfaction through the experiential marketing practices for tourists’ destination loyalty

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Yaser A., Mohamed N. Elsheikh, Naguib G. Yakoub

In the scientific literature, nanocomposite materials are widely studied because they introduce considerable improvements in the properties even at a low nanoparticular content. In the present paper mechanical properties of Al2O3/ GFRP reinforced by MWCNTs were studied. The Al2O3 nanoparticles are mixed with vinyl ester resin using ultrasonic bath sonicator in different weight fractions of 0, 1 and 2% with a constant weight fraction 0.5% of MWCNTs in all composites. E-Glass fiber (chopped strand mat) is used as fiber reinforcement. The effect of Al2O3 nanoparticles addition on the mechanical properties such as hardness, flexural and tensile strength were investigated. It was founded that addition of Al2O3 to (GFRP/0.5 wt% of MWCNTs) improves the mechanical properties of composites.

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Normaliza Abd Rahim, Nik Rafidah Nik Muhammad Affendi, Nur Maisarah Roslan, Nur Widad Roslan, Siti Nur Aliaa Roslan

This study focuses on the conflict in translating children folklore songs among Korean learners at Hankuk University of Foreign Studies South Korea. The objectives of the study were to identify and discuss the nature, number and balance of translation written and the conflict in translation of children folklore song. The samples of the study consist of seven subjects who registered for the Malay literature course. They were given a song with lyrics entitled “The Stork and the Mouse Deer” and they were asked to write the meaning of the song. The subjects translated the lyrics to Korean and translated back to Malay language in order to have better understanding towards the lyrics of the song. The results revealed that the subjects were having conflict in the storyline since the process of translation has made them confused. The results also revealed that two subjects managed to translate well since they have written the correct version of the story. It is hoped that further studies will be focused on Malay quatrain among second language learners.

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Budi Sugiarto Waloejo, Karina Indra Sari

Since the Government of Surabaya City imposed a policy of limiting the development of industrial estates in the city of Surabaya by shifting their development outside of Surabaya, the land use in areas around the city of Surabaya, namely the Gerbangkertosusila region, including Sidoarjo Regency, has become impacted. This eventually results in traffic on the arterial road that crosses around the land use becomes affected due to the activities carried out in the land use area. The purpose of this study is to discover the land use interaction model, road network performance, and factors affecting the travel time on the Waru Surabaya-Sidoarjo road. Descriptive approach was employed to explicate the road characteristics, while several quantitative analyses such as correlation and multiple linear regression analyses were employed to evaluate and formulate the model and its impact on the level of service and travel time calculation. The research showed that along the Surabaya-Sidoarjo road segment, the land use was currently dominated by industrial and commercial activities with the respective percentages of 66.2% and 14.8%, with 69,029 PCU/day (internal) + 57,326 PCU/day (external) = 126,354 PCU/day. The trip was higher than the road capacity rate, which was 6,820 PCU/hour. The level of service was poor at certain hours (08:00 to 19:00), which was indicated with F. The impact of the trip attraction of movement volume from the industrial zone outside the industrial estates was 9,452 PCU/day or 13.69% of the total land use, while the impact of the commercial area was 48,388 PCU/day or 53.42% of the total lands use. Thus, the travel time from Sidoarjo-Surabaya with the road length of 23.2 km was an hour and 17 minutes.

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Vishal Dineshkumar Soni

Now-a-days, people face various diseases due to the environmental condition and their living habits. So, the prediction of disease at earlier stage becomes important task. But the accurate prediction on the basis of symptoms becomes too difficult for doctor. The correct prediction of disease is the most challenging task. To overcome this problem data mining plays an important role to predict the disease. Medical science has large amount of data growth per year. Due to increase amount of data growth in medical and healthcare field the accurate analysis on medical data which has been benefits from early patient care. With the help of disease data, data mining finds hidden pattern information in the huge amount of medical data. Data mining is an essential phase in exploring information in libraries where intelligent tools are used to identify trends. Data mining is an important phase in exploring information in libraries where clever tools are used to identify trends. Breast cancer risk has been shown in India to develop 1 in 28 women using the precise classification to test the breast cancer data with a total of 569 rows and 32 columns. Similararly we use Heart disease dataset and Lung cancer dataset , In order to build reliable prediction models for these chronic dieseases using data mining techniques, we are evaluating data accessible from the UCI deep learning data collection in Wisconsin. “In this experiment, we compare four results of disease classification techniques with genetic clustering and comparison of the results show that sequential minimal optimization (SMO) has a higher accuracy, i.e. 99.61 percent.”

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Saleh Saraireh, Mohammad Saraireh

The problem of selecting an appropriate set of MAC protocol transmission parameters and QoS mechanism to provide predictable QoS using the IEEE 802.11 DCF scheme is an important issue in ad-hoc networks. Based on a simulated network using Network Simulator (NS) this paper aims to : (i) develop a Fuzzy Inference System (FIS) to intelligently assess the Quality of Service (QoS) for video and audio applications, (ii) develop a second FIS mechanism to adjust the minimum size of Contention Window ( CWmin ) in such a way to significantly improve QoS for the selected applications, (iii) Examine the implication of the developed approaches in real system. The results revealed that the developed FIS system has the capability of assessing the QoS wireless network for for multimedia transmission, and also has the ability for adjusting the wireless network parameters specially the minimum CWmin size. The results also indicated that a significant improvements in the network QoS for the whole network has been obtained. The implication of the proposed schemes in real networks has been examined. By using a systematic sampling method the results revealed that there was no significance statistical discrepancy between the actual data and the sampled version.

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O. D. Atoki, B. Adebanji, A. Adegbemile, E. T. Fasina and O. D. Akindele

Fossil fuels, as of today, dominate power generation in Nigeria with its consequent environmental issues. The country is, however, blessed with immense Renewable Energy Sources (RES)-solar, hydro, biomass, and wind resources which can be effectively utilized for green power generation to bridge the wide power supply-demand gap. This paper reviewed the current status of renewable energy in Nigeria vis-à-vis global trends, identified the barriers to renewable energy penetration and recommended some measures in ensuring sustainable energy development for the nation. The paper also proposed the use of Grid-Connected (GC) Hybrid Power System (HPS) as a supplement to the power supply through the grid. To buttress the point, techno-economic evaluation of grid-connected Small hydropower-Solar PV-Diesel hybrid system in two selected villages in the southwestern states of Nigeria were carried out. Solar, hydro, and load demand data of selected towns were obtained National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) website, River Basin Authorities (RBA), and Distribution Companies (DisCos) respectively. Sizing and costing of components were determined and analyzed for optimal economic and technical evaluation. The proposed work presented the best optimal hybrid system configurations for each selected location and comparisons were made with off-grid configuration of the same topology based on technical and economic considerations. The work will be useful for policymakers, investors and researchers in making unbiased decisions towards integration of renewable energy hybrid power generation into the national grid.

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A. K. M. Sharoar Jahan Choyon, Ruhin Chowdhury, S. M. Raiyan Chowdhury

Free-space optical (FSO) technology has acquired a growing interest in optical wireless communication system. Although the FSO system presents outstanding advantages, it is highly prone to atmospheric turbulence. To mitigate this effect and enhance the performance of FSO link, a fusion of radio-frequency (RF) with FSO technique is quite prominent in these recent years. A comprehensive analysis is performed here with a view to inspecting the effects of atmospheric turbulence in terms of the BER characteristics of FSO link with RF sub-carrier modulation under strong turbulent channel with Gamma-Gamma (G-G) fading. Here, we consider single sub-carrier for avoiding the complexity of inter carrier interference (ICI) effect. Analysis is performed to find the signal to noise ratio (SNR), bit error rate (BER) and power penalty at the end of the coherent optical binary phase-shift keying (BPSK) receiver with RF sub-carrier optical intensity modulator. Simulation results indicate that the system performance deteriorates due to an increase in FSO link distance, and when the link distance is limited to 2-2.5 km, it requires a lower power penalty to achieve a satisfactory BER.

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Md. Mijanur Rahman, Md. Hasibul Hasan

The enterprises face challenges to process and get insight from big data. It is very costly to compute and manage massive amounts of data. So, Serverless is such a technology that helps to analyze big data with low cost and high performance. Serverless cloud providers manage the operating system, servers, hardware and execute codes. Developers focus only on writing code rather than managing infrastructure. Serverless development has drawn a lot of attention in the market because customers only charged for executing code. Still, all users are not getting benefit from the Serverless technology due to appropriate solution architecture. Mostly an expert architect can ensure scalability, security, cost efficiency, etc. So users often pay for the right architecture to compute and store data in the Serverless cloud platforms. An architecture has been proposed with reduce charge and improve the performance of big data processing using Serverless technology and it is made using Amazon Web Services (AWS). The proposed architecture is evaluated using a real-world use case. As a case study, Movielens data are used in our model for personalized recommendation using Amazon personalized Hierarchical Recurrent Neural Networks (HRNN) algorithm.

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Filbert Onkundi Ombongi, Heywood Ouma Absaloms, Philip Langat Kibet

The demand for higher data rate services has led to the emergence of 5G wireless networks to offer the limitations of the current cellular communication technologies. The millimeter-wave (mm-wave) communication technologies have evolved into direct Device-to-Device (D2D) single-hop or multi-hop communications. Direct D2D communication can easily be integrated into vehicular communication networks such as vehicle-to-everything (V2X) to offer high-speed data connectivity, very low latency, and reliable services. However, the implementation of D2D enabled vehicular communication networks are characterized by an architecture that causes misalignment of the mm-wave beams from the vehicles thereby causing mutual interference. The mm-wave communication is also having a challenge of high propagation losses, sensitivity to blockage, and directivity. In this regard, the coexistence of cellular users, D2D users together with the vehicular users’ calls for strict QoS requirements since there is the high mobility of the vehicles and the presence of mutual interference. This paper formulates a matching theory-based Hungarian algorithm to perform channel and power allocation that takes into consideration the high rate of channel fluctuations, interference, and latency constraints in the high mobility environment. The proposed Hungarian algorithm was simulated in MATLAB by applying 3GPP TR 37.885 and 38.901 specifications. The Hungarian algorithm is compared with the max-min algorithm. The Hungarian algorithm was found to have a 10.8% better performance than the max-min algorithm when the maximum spectrum efficiency was considered. When the minimum spectrum efficiency was considered the Hungarian algorithm was 17.35% better than the max-min algorithm.

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Tulakov Elmurod Salomovich, Dilovar Inoyatov, Qurbanov Alijon

It is necessary to ensure reliable protection of underground structures from moisture of barrier structures and underground parts of buildings. Hydroisolization of underground parts of buildings is one of the most laborious and responsible processes. Hydroisolation in the construction of buildings and structures is an average value of construction and installation work from 0,1 to 0,5%, but at the same time, 3 percent of the total labor costs that go to the restoration of the building. Repair of gidroisolytics is a complex, expensive and no less effective process. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that the building is suitable for long-term durability, taking into account all the negative effects on the gidroisolization of underground parts of the building. In the following years, the results of research aimed at studying the technical condition of buildings and structures, as well as the archive data collected during the period of their exploitation, show that the technical condition of most of the previously constructed buildings deteriorated, there were violations in their Sokol parts. In this article, the traditional methods of protecting the walls of the building from the front moisture can not be a reliable barrier to the penetration of grunt moisture into the wall thickness, and the question of its new look is raised.

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Rustam Hafizyar, Sayed Dawood Karimi

the current paper is evaluated the traffic characteristics which is vital for selecting an appropriate geometric design of pavement. The traffic data includes traffic volume, traffic speed, and the percentage of trucks or other large vehicles. Traffic volume is an important basis for determining what improvements, if any, are required on a highway or street facility. Traffic volumes can be expressed in terms of average daily traffic or design hourly volumes. These volumes must be used to calculate the service flow rate, which is typically used for evaluations of geometric design alternatives. This study was found the variability of traffic volumes by vehicle classification. It is discussed the traffic volume in terms of statistics. The purpose of this study is to demonstrate how to estimate daily traffic volumes in peak hours which is selected 3-hour-vehicles counts and also identifying, collecting the data, and analyzing it. This study has counted more than 12179 vehicles for 3 hours for each observation period is 15 min. It is distributed as follows; 9035 cars, 137 taxies, 1710 Light vehicle, 755 heavy vehicles, 86 bus, 456 minibusses. It is found the percentage of cars 75% in one location site and it is selected the highest percentage of vehicles.

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A.M. Abdel-Wahab, M.A. Rashwan

Many countries, which are located near mountainous areas, are exposed to the risks of floods, which cause many losses of lives and properties. Jeddah province had been subjected to a number of floods, the most serious was during the last ten years. This flood was what happened in November 2009, which caused great losses in lives, properties, and public utilities. In addition, it was repeated again in January 2011 with many damaged too. This research as preliminary investigation studies, aims to find a solution to the quick selecting of dam's location to avoid the impact of damage floods. The spatial analyst (tools in ArcGIS) and GeoEye satellite imagery were used with the DEM derived from LiDAR data to obtain the quick solution for selected of a suitable location of the dams. Three dams are selected to overcome this issue of torrential flooding in the chosen study area east of Jeddah (Wadi QAWS), which is one of the areas affected by floods in the periods mentioned before. In this context, there are recommendations for a necessity of supporting the selected locations with other required studies, such as collecting geological, geotechnical, and geophysical data to complete this work. The obtained results indicate that a careful selection of the dam's location based on the accuracy of the DEM with spatial analysis of GIS saves time and cost for all other studies such as geological, geotechnical, geophysical, and field surveys, focusing on specific areas and not spending effort and time in useless locations.

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Asfarizal Saad., Anwar Kasim., Gunawarman., Santosa.

This study aimed to evaluate of particleboard made of trees pine bark (TPB) and oil palm empty fruit bunches (OPEFB) and give a recommended. The composition TPB namely 20%, 15%, and 10%, pressing temperatures of 190, 180, 170, 160, and 150ºC, pressing times of 30, 25, 20, 15, and 10 minutes. The particleboard was evaluated for its physical properties, namely density, moisture content, thickness swelling, and water absorption and its mechanical properties, including modulus of rupture, modulus of elasticity, modulus of elasticity, and internal bond. The pressure working on the particleboard was 22 kg/cm2. The test results show that the density and moisture content met the standards while thickness swelling and water absorption did not meet the standards of particleboard with a thickness of 12.7 mm. The optimum conditions of MOR and IB met JIS A 5908-2015 at 20% TPB composition with a pressing temperature of 165-175ºC and a press time of 20-25 minutes. However, MOE did not meet the standard. Hence, the mechanical properties of particleboard can still be improved and the manufacture of particleboard from TPB and OPEFB materials can be recommended

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Wafaa Fadhil Abbas, Falah Gaser Falah

In recent years, the search for the best additive material to stabilize soft soil for the purpose of overcoming the persistent soil problem, has been in progress. Not only in order to obtain the required engineering properties in the soil. But this material has also been taken into consideration and its obvious environmental impact. This research presents a review of previous practical studies on stabilization of soft soils. Using the many commonly used chemical additives that include cement, inflorescence and fly ash. Geometrical properties of the soil and its great impact. Adding these chemicals to the soil. It leads to a marked improvement in both operability, resistance, permanence, and soil mechanical behavior. On the other hand, it has been found to reduce shrinkage, plasticity, and compression and swelling properties of this soil. It has also been observed that the ripening duration has a pronounced effect in improving the resistance properties of the stabilized soil. This is done to show it that chemical mixture that is used in research is better if it is materials within the bounds of regard to economic viability.

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Muhammad Hafidz Fazli Md Fauadi, Amir Abdullah Muhamad Damanhuri, Ruzy Haryati Hambali, Ahamad Zaki Mohamed Noor, Nurul Izah Anuar

Internet of Things (IoT) is fundamentally changing the ways factory and manufacturing processes are managed. Leading manufacturers have already developing the ability to interconnect objects such as machineries and materials in establishing smart factory system. Apart from the interconnection advantages, IoT enable them to capture significant market shares by increasing the manufacturing performance through big data analytics. Therefore, it is very important for enterprises to learn and adopt the technology as quick as possible to be competitive. This article reviews the fundamental and applications of IoT in manufacturing engineering field within this decade.

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Dr.M.Kavitha, S.Srinidh ,R.Menaka, S.Poovizhi, T.K. Kartheeswari

Secured data transmission in mobile network is most concerned research issue focused by various researchers. Mobile phones are very important in day to day life and it is useful tool for business purpose. “Secured Geo Tracking using xamarin Technology” is the mobile application which is used to trace the employee of an organization during their client based meeting through the GPS. This application is developed using the Xamarin. Forms technology and visual studio 2019 is used as cross platform to develop this application. The current location of the employee was stored in the database of an organization.MySQL is used as back end tool. This dissertation proposes an improved indoor positioning for mobile nodes in the hardware and develops shortest path algorithms in simulation for two assumed cases. The assumptions are network with nearby nodes and two independent adjacent networks. For the first case, Genetic Algorithm and Distance vector method are used and for the second, Edge based three point Steiner tree is used. The results are promising and comparable with other algorithms. The main objectives of this work is , to provide positioning problems, better efficiency and loop free shortest path solutions for static and dynamic nodes.

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Fakerov Gurezxon Murodovich, Sharipova Khabiba Teshaevna, Mirzoev Boxodur, Erkaev Actam Ulashevich

The article studies the physicochemical properties of coals from the Fan-Yagnob deposit and phosphorites from the Gissar deposit in order to use them for the production of humic compounds, phosphorus, and organomineral fertilizers. The possibility of obtaining phosphorus-containing organomineral fertilizers containing the assimilable form of P2O5 and humic acids from different fractions of phosphorites from the Gissar deposit and coals from the Fan-Yagnob deposit is shown.The aim of the work is to study the chemical composition of the coals of the Fan-Yagnob deposit and the phosphorites of the Gissar deposit with the establishment of the suitability of their processing into humic compounds, as well as phosphorus and organo-mineral fertilizers.

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Ritu K R, Dr.BHARAT MISHRA, Dr.A K Wadhwani

With the ever increasing demand solar energy has emerged as one of the most important renewable energy sources, so it is important to operate the photovoltaic panels in a manner that we obtain maximum efficiency from it. But there are problem associated with the photovoltaic panels like the Partial Shading Condition which greatly impacts the proficiency of PV system. MPPT performs an important role to enhance the power of PV systems. During PSC PV trajectories will be distinct and very complex due to various peaks available .The conventional MPPT methods will fail to reach the Global Maximum Power Point and it usually stays at the Local Maximum Peak Point which surely would decline the efficiency and performance of the PV module. This research focuses on Particle Swarm Optimization approach for tracking peak power to identify the GM PP. This approach provides a high reliability robustness and proficiency towards Maximum Power Point. The authenticity of this proposed algorithm is done using MATLAB /Simulink.

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Anushka D. Kadage, Dr. Priyatamkumar

This paper discusses about the decision directed equalization system performance. The system performance was analyzed by applying the change in parameters like channel filter tap, channel length and modulation order. The used training data was QPSK modulated and in the adaptive equalization process, the data was modulated and tested by application of varied order of QAM. It was observed that with 4 tap channel of length 35, gives the appreciable and acceptable level of equalization for any order modulation method.

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Amaad Khalil, Irfan Ahmed, Zawar Hussain Khan, Salman ilahi Siddiqui, Imran Ahmad

Breast cancer is one of the dangerous diseases which is more common in female. It could be cured if diagnosed at early stages. This disease has some common symptoms which include the suspicion of harmful tumor, but accurate diagnosis requires different investigation modalities. Traditional diagnosis method of breast cancer consists of clinical, microscopic, and radiographic techniques. The traditional techniques have some limitations due to which proper assessment of the disease is not possible. In this work a machine learning based framework is proposed for automated intelligent assessment of breast cancer diagnosis. For this purpose, different machine learning techniques are compared based on the performance comparison of classifying malignant and benign tumor. The performance evaluation of experimented techniques shows the feasibility of different machine learning techniques to be used for stored time and real time breast cancer diagnosis.

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Gemilang Lara Utama, Halimah, Nandi Sukri, Roostita Lobo Balia

Banana peel having high content of nutrient such as carbohydrat and protein, can be a source of indigenous yeast with proteolytic activity. This research aims to identify indigenous yeasts with proteolytic activity and antimicrobial activity from banana peel. Banana peel was inoculated into Potato Dextrose Agar (PDA) media modified with 3% yeast extract and 10 ppm Amoxicillin and were incubated for 48 hours in room temperature. Each colony formed were then differentiated macrospically and purified in Yeast Mould Agar (YMA). Purified colonies were further identified under microscope and only the colonies having yeasts morphology were identified using Vitek 2 bioMérieux and tested for its proteolytic activity with paving block method using Nutrient Agar plus 3% Skim Milk, with formation of clear zone were measured as proteolytic activity. Antimicrobial activity tested using well diffusion methods using Nutrient Agar against Salmonella spp. and Escherichia coli. The results showed 2 yeasts isolates found and proteolytic activity was only found in 1 isolate with ±15 mm diameter of clear zone amd antimicrobial activity has showed negative result. The isolate reveales as Candida spp.

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Mustafa Mathanna Najam Shahrabani, Shattri Bin Mansor

Over recent years, a hand held spectrometer has emerged, which is divided into three classes as per their cost and uses: smartphone spectrometer; miniature spectroscopic; and low-cost spectrometer products marketed directly to consumers. The integration between spectroscopic devices and satellite imagery helps to enhance and increase the accuracy in post-processing steps of remote sensing imagery. This paper tries to test the capability of the device using an inexpensive spectrometer as ground measurements to improve the accuracy of imaging classification. Thereby, a low-cost spectrometer device has proposed in this research to test and evaluate the performance by comparing the spectral signature with USGS spectral library. The main goal of this research is to calibrate and test (accuracy and performance) of handheld spectrometer AS7265X multi-spectral sensor device for urban area application in order to enhance the remote sensing imagery classification and evaluate the accuracy of the AS7265X spectrometer device by comparing it with spectral library. Hence, the results show good discrimination proficiency for AS7265X handheld spectrometer for leaf vegetation in the field. The above results verified the reliability of the AS7265X through field measurement with USGU spectral library extracted for ENVI software in order to compare the spectral signature and obtain the accuracy.

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Nguyen T. Nien, Dang H. Minh

Although self-compacting concrete (SCC) has excellent applicability for elements with complicated shapes and congested reinforcement, its supply cost could be two to three times of that of conventional concrete depending on the composition of the mixture and the quality control of concrete producers, which in turn might limit the applications to general construction. In this paper, the authors proposed the cost effective solution for SCC technology involving the industrial sand usage with application of combination-type for proportioning SCC. The advantages of industrial sand usage are two-fold; firstly this sand can be manufactured with the customized fine content, which can play a role to increase the powder content, and secondly the replacement of natural sand could relieve the scarcity of this material. SCC using industrial sand of strength class 30MPa was successfully designed in this study. Not only were the rheological properties in agreement with guideline and recommendation for SCC, but also the mechanical properties including compressive strength, flexural strength, splitting tensile strength and elastic modulus comply with the one prescribed in Eurocode for this type of concrete strength class. Besides, the cost analysis pointed out that this type of SCC has a 20% lower price on the basis of volume 1m3 in comparison with the conventional SCC.

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Muna, Fathmath; S. M. Ferdous, Azam; Albattat, Ahmad

In Human Resource Management, the first step is Recruitment and Selection and employees' performance appraisal is the last step to identify the successes or failures of any organization. Excellent service delivery begins with top management performance of recruitment and selection practice. HR strategical practice relatively brings changes to organizational performance. Therefore, it is vital, to be honest, successful, and independent to pass all the recruitment and selection stages. Most of the studies have proved the relationship between recruitment and selection that has high impacts on organizational performance. The purpose of this study is to discover the recruitment and selection practice of the civil service sector in the Maldives. The study analyses past literature and the secondary data gathered from different sources like; official publications of respective authorities, websites, Journals, and Books. Particularly, the critical literature review investigated the significance of recruitment and selection practices, as predictors of quality in the Civil Services delivered by the Government in the Maldives. The research study gives useful insight, evidence, and contributes to finding an uncover critical area to fill up the literature gap of recruitment and selection practice. As per the conclusion, the study shall conduct quantitative research to discover a further issue and analyze the research gap; how recruitment and selection practice impacts organizational performance in the context of the Civil Service Organization in the Maldives.

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Luis Carter, Cristian Vidal-Silva, Miguel Tupac Yupanqui, José Miguel Rubio

This work presents the development of the layout design of a metalworking company that specializes in the manufacture of magnetic equipment, whose objective is to design a new physical distribution in such a way that it is feasible given the available resources, and serves to better utilize way the resources involved in all the processes that are carried out in the company, emphasizing the optimization of the material resources and the execution time of the processes, and thus, maintaining the ISO 9000: 2001 certification that it currently has. The tools used to achieve this objective is the SLP (Systematic Layout Planning) method, a method that allows the problem to be solved to be approached and adapted in a clear and orderly manner, which allows calculating efficiency measures for each of the designs, allowing you to choose the best alternative according to the objectives set.

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SM Surid, M. A. Sayed Patwary, MA Gafur

Over the last century and a half, human have learned how to make synthetic polymers into plastic products. As awareness of environmental issues spread, the persistence of plastic waste began to trouble observers. Researchers and innovators are looking for a way to place more environmentally friendly biodegradable materials on the market than conventional plastics. Subsequently, biodegradable biocomposites have entered the market for use in agriculture, medicine, packaging, civil engineering and other sectors. Recently, natural or lignocellulosic fiber-based biocomposites have received a great deal of popularity for various industrial uses and applications owing to their low density and renewability and the major advantages of natural fibres. The physically and mechanically acceptable characteristics of these fibre-reinforced biocomposites (e.g. tensile properties, flexural stress-strain behavior, fracture strength, impact strength), make them more sustainable and attractive than other composites with a remarkable environmental degradability characteristic. This paper depicted a comprehensive review on conventional, advanced and automated fabrication techniques along with related scientific data in an organized way. The aim of this review is to include a thorough overview on biocomposites, natural fiber-reinforced biocomposites, lignocellulosic fiber-based biocomposites, various fiber-reinforced biocomposite production processes, major physical and mechanical properties of fiber-reinforced biocomposites, biocomposite materials and their potential growth.

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Md. Shahab Ali Raja, Abdur Rakib Nayeem*, Md. Nuralam hossain

Preparing and advancement have become the most noteworthy factor in unique serious Industries. Information, relational aptitude, hierarchical aptitudes, and capacities can be improved with the assistance of preparing and advancement which likewise help to build the individual, authoritative, and group execution. Most extreme association results can be accomplished by present day innovation by the prepared worker's hierarchical goals can be accomplished as well as be fulfilled. Associations that put more in preparing and improvement can get successful results than those which don't utilize this training. The focal point of the investigation presents a survey of writing on significant Importance of preparing and worker efficiency. Workers are happy to be a lot of supreme, nonstop learning and refreshing of the aptitudes, information, and capacities because of the authoritative social elements. Along these lines, for associations to accomplish wanted results from their speculation, there is an unequivocal need to productively perform preparing and improvement exercises. Each significant resource of any association under unique rivalry is its HR.

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ISSN 2277-8616
IJSTR - January 2022 - Volume 11 Issue 1