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Volume 8 - Issue 9, September 2019 Edition

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RirinDwi Agustin, Mika Ambarawati, IKIP Budi Utomo, Malang, Indonesia

This research aims to: (1) create a mathematics Encyclopedia product for junior high schools, and (2) Determine the feasibility of a mathematical encyclopedia. Android can be used for various functions, one of which is for learning media. However, there are still few androids that are used by users, especially junior high school students for learning media. The stages of the research carried out refer to the ADDIE development model covering Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, and Evaluation. The stages of the research that have been carried out are the analysis phase (goal analysis, curriculum and material analysis, analysis of the ability level and characteristics of the target users). Design (design of the items to be presented, preparation of material, preparation of material delivery flow in the form of flowcharts, making media storyboards, and the collection of materials needed in media development). Development (media making), implementation (assessment by media experts, material experts, and field practitioners as well as conducting limited trials), and evaluations (evaluations of developed media, done during the previous four stages). The subjects involved 21 students of class VIII as respondents. Feasibility test results were obtained 95% for media experts, 90% for material experts, 80% for field practitioners, and 83% for target users.

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Dr. NilanthiPathirana, Dr. G S K Dharmarathne, Dr. D M J B Dissanayake

Procurement is recognised as a wider term than the mere purchasing of materials or services, based on specific requirements. Procedures and systems related to the procurement process does differ based on different countries, governments, sectors, organisations etc. but general consensus is that, the adopted process involves three (3) main stages identified as planning, purchasing and contract management. In the Sri Lankan health sector too, these key stages are prevalent in the procurement of medical equipment however, various concerns have arisen with regard to the timeliness of the current processes. Therefore, the objective of this study was to find out the factors affecting the timeliness of the medical equipment procurement process in the government health situations under the purview of the Regional Directorate of Health Services (RDHS) in Gampaha, Sri Lanka. This was a descriptive study done based on information gathered for the period of 2014/2015 related to the procurement activities of medical equipment at RDHS, Gampaha which, is the main health service provider for the second highest populated district in Sri Lanka. Two components were identified for the study and the first component was to obtain information of the procurement process from key stakeholders through self-administered questionnaire and informal interviews which, was more qualitative based. Second component was to scrutinise procurement records of medical equipment purchased in years 2014 and 2015, using structured fact sheets to gather necessary quantitative data. A total of 78 state sector health institutions are under the purview of RDHS, Gampaha and the officers at the Planning unit, Biomedical Engineering unit and Accounts branch are involved in buying the required medical equipment. Total study population was 65 and a heterogeneous sample of 28 individuals comprising of different categories of stakeholders were selected as respondents for the questionnaire to identify the qualitative aspect of the factors affecting the timeliness of the procurement process. Based on a total sample of 245 equipment categories a sample of 243 records were identified to obtain data of purchases done in 2014 and 2015. This study revealed that, several factors were affecting the orderliness and timely procurement of the requested medical equipment at three (3) key sub stages namely, (1) approvals; (2) equipment receiving and (3) technical evaluation of the process adopted by the officials at the RDHS in Gampaha. Some of the major influencing matters were, significantly a longer time period taken in the approval stage, unwarranted delays by the suppliers and also the issues relevant to the Technical Committee’s evaluation process. Whilst conducting this study, the researcher did obtain the candid opinion of the respondents in improving the overall process and ten (10) suggestions have been made for consideration, based on the analysis of collected data as well. It can be concluded that, greater consensus among all stakeholders along with stringent government guidelines, would enhance the efficiency of the medical equipment procurement process in the state health sector institutions in Sri Lanka.

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The purpose of this study was to find out about how to implement and what the implications of mining exploration activities in Indonesia are in a legal perspective with case study at PT. Chevron Pacific Indonesia (PT CPI). In this study, the legal aspects of mining used are Article 1 of the Law concerning Mineral and Coal Mining in 2009 relating to, and aspects of environmental law used are Article 40 paragraph (1), Article 59 Paragraph (4), Article 95 Paragraph (1), Article 102 of Law Number 32 Year 2009 concerning Environmental Protection and Management, Article 33 paragraph (3) of the 1945 Constitution and Decision of the Constitutional Court Number 18/PUU-XII/2014 concerning Testing Article 59 Paragraph (4), Article 95 Paragraph (1), and Article 102 of Law Number 32 of 2009 concerning Protection and Management of the Environment according to the 1945 Constitution of the Republic of Indonesia and international legal instruments relating to the environment. This research uses normative juridical methods and qualitative data and the nature of this research is descriptive. Based on the results of this study, it can be seen that the implementation of mining exploration activities by PT. CPI tends to have negative implications, environmental damage in the Block Rokan Riau Region.

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Dunan Naibaho, Diana Sofia Hanafiah, Koko Tampubolon

The high consumption of tomatoes with acid soil conditions will reduce crop production by interrupting the growth of plant roots in the absorption of the nutrients. This research was aimed to find the susceptibility index value of stress and heritability in the character of tomato varieties in aluminum-treatment with nutrient culture media. This research was conducted in the greenhouse of the Faculty of Agriculture, Universitas Sumatera Utara on December 2017 to February 2018. This research was used factorial Randomized Block Design (RBD) with the first factor of tomato varieties (SL1 = Timoty; SL2 = Fortuna; SL3 = Pandawa Lima; SL4 = Citra Asia; SL5 = Trico) and the second factor of aluminum dosage (0 g; 1.5 g; 3.0 g). The parameters observation include fresh weight of root+shoot, dry weight of root+shoot, ratio of root/shoot, water content, stress susceptibility index and heritability, then were analyzed using the IBM SPSS Statistics v.20 software. The results showed that aluminum at the dose of 1.5 g and 3 g had an impact on the reduction of fresh weight of root+shoot of 57.64-69.49%, dry weight of root+shoot of 47.33-62.21%, the water content of 2.35-3.08%, the epidermis size of 12.28-82.44%, cortex of 4.52-60.40%, and stele of 17.40-75.75% compared to untreated. Pandawa Lima variety (SL3) was shown the higher response decrease on the agronomic and histological characteristics to aluminum-treated. Five tomato varieties were tested, only Vortuna variety (SL2) was classified as moderate to 1.5 g and 3 g aluminum-treatment and had a slight response decrease on the agronomic and histological character. The heritability of the fresh weight of root+shoot was classified as high, 85.08% was influenced by genetics and 14.92% was influenced by the environment. The use of Fortuna variety (SL2) can be recommended in soil conditions that have high aluminum content because it can produce great biomass growth.

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Suresha M, Madhusudhan S

Capturing a photograph through semi reflecting surfaces such as glass window, the captured image contains combination of transmitted objects and reflected objects. Objects behind the glass are called transmitted objects and reflection of objects at other side of glass falls on the glass surface are called reflected objects. Separation of reflected objects and transmitted objects from an image is wide scoped area in computer vision research. By considering reflected object edges are less significant comparing to transmitted object edges. This paper reveals an approach to separate reflected objects of an image using projection tensors and image smoothing algorithms.

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Najmah Ali, Suhartina, Anis Muktiani, Eko Pangestu

This study aims to inventory and map food crop waste as livestock feed for the development of beef cattle in Majene district. The intended food crop waste is of rice straw, corn straw, sweet potato straw, peanut straw, green beans straw and cassava leaves The parameters studied are 1). Production of food crop waste. 2). Feed carrying capacity from food crops waste. 3). Location Question Analysis (LQ). This study uses a survey method and analyzes the nutritional quality of food crop waste carried out at the Hasanuddin University Faculty of Animal Husbandry Nutrition and Animal Feed Laboratory. The results showed that in Majene Regency, the area that had the potential for the development of beef cattle was divided into cattle distribution area (WS) groups, namely Sendana, Tammerodo, Malunda and Ulumanda Districts. Development area group (WP), namely Banggae District, East Banggae, Pamboang and Tubo. It is expected that the establishment of beef cattle breeding business areas should be carried out in areas that have the potential in terms of region, livestock and feed carrying capacity in the form of food crop waste.

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Abdullah Pandang, Kartika Hajati, Muhammad Aswad

This paper discusses of Indonesia middle school students by considering the school's background, gender, and parents' education. The participants of this research involve 395 students, 447 high school students, and 401 vocational high school students. The measurement of variable uses a scale developed and adapted from the Career Decision Self-Efficacy Scale (CDSE-SF).) The conclusions of this research as follow: 1. The value of in the middle school level students in Makassar, in general, is quite high, 2. The value of in senior high school students tend to be higher than the junior high school students, and the students of vocational school is higher than senior high school students. 3. The value of on female students tends to be higher than that of male students. 4. There is a significant difference in the value of the among students from various majors in high school and program expertise in CMS in the city of Makassar. The value of self-efficacy in career highs shown by students from the program expertise and business skills program of agribusiness management, and the lowest of the engineering and technology program, 5. There is a trend of increase in the level of education of the mother and father followed by an increase in the value of.

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Firdaus, Ariesta, Sri Rahayu, Nurus Shalihin

Market is an important economic structure in almost economic societies. By using market organization and network approach, this study would like to see how market organization works at the Fish Auction (TPI) at Gauang Market. This study was conducted qualitatively in 2015 with data collection method through in-depth interviews, observation, and document studies. The result shows that there were two types of market organizers that determine market at the Fish Auction (TPI) at Gauang Market. The market organizers were linked by three binding network forms. The networks that bound the actors made a position of an actor accessible to the other actors.

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Gourab Gochhayat, Manish Kumar, Shailendra Bhatt, Vipin Saini, Anuj Malik

Thiamine (vitamin B1) was the primary water-soluble vitamin to possess been distinguished. It fills in as a substance for variety of chemicals associated with vitality digestion. The thiamine-subordinate compounds are vital for the amalgamation of neurotransmitters and for the formation of diminishing substances used in oxidizing operator stress protections, with respect to the association of pentoses used as nucleic destructive forerunners. Its need ends up in dry lack of healthy sustenance, a periphery pathology, wet hunger, cardiovascular illness with knot and beverages pathology, and Wernicke–Korsakoff issue, whose appearances contain the move, loss of motion, and confusion progressing into chaos, amnesia, abstract incapacitation, and confabulation. Patients on partner degree demanding thiamine-lacking utilization program demonstrate a state of decent depletion inside eighteen days. The association among Vitamin B1and DM has been accounted for inside the writing. Vitamin B1 levels and thiamine-subordinate chemical exercises area unit decreased in DM. Hereditary examinations provide chance to interface the association among Vitamin B1and DM. Vitamin B1and its subordinates area unit flaunted to counteract the enactment of the chemistry pathways (expanded motion through the polyol pathway, arrangement of forefront glycation finished results, deed of molecule accelerator C, and expanded motion through the hexosamine synthesis pathway) prompted by symptom in DM.Thiamine absolutely contains employment inside the diabetic animal tissue tube infections (miniaturized scale and macroangiopathy), organic compound profile, retinopathy, renal disorder, cardiovascular disease, and pathology.

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Lulu Jola Uktolseja, Melda Agnes Manuhutu, Natasya Virginia Leuwol, Ferdinando Solissa, Berti Pakaila

Raja Ampat as a potential tourist destination in Indonesia has the power to introduce Indonesia in the eyes of the world. However, currently Raja Ampat is not yet widely known because information about various tourist attractions there is still being distributed manually. This can still be optimized by using a website-based information system that has been used massively by various groups throughout the world. This research helps tour and travel parties, one of which is SOQ Tour and Travel to promote various tourism programs through a website that can be accessed via the internet on computers or mobile phones.The method used in writing this paper is research consisting of interviews and observations as well as library research, while the programming language used is PHP and software for designing interfaces using Abobe Dreamweaver CS 6. Making a database using MySQL with the XAMPP application. The system is made on a website basis, so it is easily accessible to every user, and can be accessed anywhere if connected to the internet

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Erna Setijani, Sumartono, Pudjo Sugito

This study aims to analyze the mediating customer relationship management on the effect of incremental innovation on product life cycle. The population of this study are batik entrepreneurs in Madura island, Indonesia. The sampling technique uses a proportional random sampling at three locations, namely: Bangkalan, Sampang, Pamekasan and Sumenep Regency. The number of respondents is 200 batik entrepreneurs. This research was carried out by designing questionnaire and testing the validity dan reliability of research instrument. Furthermore, the questionnaire was broadcasted to the batik entrepreneurs who were randomly selected. The primary data was analyzed using structural equation model with the Partial Least Square (PLS) data processing program. The result of this study demonstrates that incremental innovation affects customer relationship management, incremental innovation affects product life cycle, customer relationship management affects product lifecycle and incremental innovation affect indirectly product life cycle through customer relationship management. It means that both incremental innovation and customer management relationship can extend product life cycle of Madures Batik.

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Ary Zulfikar, An-an Chandrawulan

Foreign direct investment activities, which enter into a country must bring various impacts and benefits. In order to find out the impact and level of benefits brought by investors, it is necessary to control a capital investment activity. This form of control is stated in principles and in the form of policy. The impact of investment activities mandated in the Law of the Republic of Indonesia No. 25 of 2007 concerning investment is actually reflected in the Basic Investment Policy, which states that (i) provides equal treatment for domestic investors and foreign investors while taking into account national interests; (ii) guarantee legal certainty, business certainty, and business security for investors from the process of obtaining licenses to the expiration of investment activities in accordance with the provisions of the legislation; and (ii) opening opportunities for development and providing protection to "micro, small, medium and cooperative businesses" (MSMEs) as people's economic businesses. Therefore, the Indonesian Government needs to encourage FDI activities to realize the structure of a people's economy by involving MSMEs which in turn can create a just and prosperous society. Thus, to ensure the mandate of Law No. 25 of 2007 in the framework of populist economic empowerment, it is necessary to establish an institution that provides recommendations on every application for foreign investment that can involve the role and community participation of MSME-scale national actors.

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Karwan Jacksi, Shakir M. Abass

There are many technologies which are used on the Internet to share files, each of them have different features, methods and protocols. However, the most common and easiest one is the Web which was established by few simple features. The Web continuously developing to be as much as easy for the users. The Web developers want to make a machine which thinks like humans by adding new tools, methods and protocols to the current Web. This paper focuses on the most widely used technologies in the Web, and presents the stages of the development of the World Wide Web. Moreover, the evolution of the Web from Web1.0 to Web3.0 and semantic web is revealed. The paper, in addition, explains the technologies and tools of the Web and compares between Web portals and search engines. Finally, assessment of the activation period for each one is presented.

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Udara S.P.R. Arachchige, Sithari G.M, Thalagahawaththa. T.G.A.H.R, Tharakie G.M, Tharuka K.V.H

The tire industry is an essential industry for the world as it is the primary requirement producer for transportation in the world. In this industry, the raw material used for it is the rubber, which is an elastomeric material. In this review article, the process of tire manufacturing is discussed to give knowledge about the materials and manufacturing methods used separately in producing tires. As well as this indicates waste generating methods, waste management, and how these industries are affected for environmental pollution. Finally, the suggestions for the environmental impact and the development of the country is explained.

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Ranjitsinh A Deshmukh, Dr. Rahul B. Hiremath

Global casting production reached 104.4 million tons in 2016. Nearly 47.2 million metric tons of casting produces by China. Casting production increases from 5.4% to 11.35% million metric tons. USA, Japan, Germany, Russia, Korea, Mexico, Brazil and Italy are the top ten nations. Approximately 26 million Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) provide 60 million people employment in the Indian economy. Almost 6500 foundry units are in country out of which 90% can be categorized as small scale units, medium scale units as 8% and large scale units as 2%. Nearly 6500 enterprises in India located at 47 urban clusters. There are some challenges in front of foundry industry such as energy consumption, environmental, Occupational Health and Safety and sustainability. But some new projects have been scaling up MSME clusters in India to make it sustainable. It enables the adoption of social services and sustainable challenges in business. Foundry industry complex relationship between different parameters can be modeled by using neural network. It can also study running such program lead to substantial improvements in targeted industry and make it sustainable industry.

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KM Aminuddin, Anis Saggaff, Mahmood Md Tahir

Commonly, the cold-formed connection used screwed joint that advantages in simple and fast installation. However, the screw connections should have many problems when it applied for primary structure such as beam and column. To solve this problem, it can be applied the bolted connections using slip in gusset plate as primary structure. The aims of this paper to study the behaviour slip-in gusset plate connection for double lipped channel C20024 using sub-assemblage frame test. The proposed of connections were rectangular gusset plate (RG) and haunched gusset plate (HG). The failure mode, moment resistance, classification connection and discussion will be presented in this paper. The failure mode of bearing bolt CFS was occur for isolated joint test specimens. All of specimens sub-assemblage frame test have similar failure modes where the beam had lateral torsional buckling. The moment resistance of sub-assemblage frame test for RG connection was 13.17 kNm and HG connection was 17.76 kNm. The classification of strength for all sub-assemblage frame test specimens test were classified as partial strength connection.

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Muhammad Agung Bramantya, Ariefa Yusabih

Rasayana Racing Plane was designed to fly at high speeds with an Electric Ducted Fan (EDF) motor as the main driver. The manufacturing process of Rasayana Racing Plane was carried out to make a UAV as light as possible using composite materials through the vacuum bagging method for fuselage and hand lay-up for the wings and stabilizer by adding core material in several points as reinforcement. The main focus of the research is on the air duct in the form of nozzle and diffuser to maximize the speed. The UAV uses electronic components such as ESC, battery, receiver, transmitter, servo, power module, etc. Whereas the UAV that is supposed to fly auto requires additional electronic components, i.e. flight controller, GPS, and telemetry system uses a Yagi-Uda antenna. The analysis was conducted for the wing such as aspect ratio and wing load, then the testing of air duct, flight controller parameters, and Yagi-Uda antenna were carried out by direct flight test.

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Joy G. Bea, Alvin R. Malicdem

Brooding is the most critical period in the life of a chicken. During brooding period, day old broiler chicks do not have the capability to warm themselves, and if not properly monitored chicks would die because of the change in weather. This would mean a big loss to the poultry farmer or owner. So to be able to address this issue, this study aimed to explore smart sensing during brooding period. This process could help monitor the temperature and humidity of the chicken coop easily during brooding period and notify the farmer immediately. The researcher developed a prototype using DHT22 sensor with Arduino Microcontroller and GSM Module. The prototype was tested and evaluated in terms of reliability.

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Manisha Suresh Pingale, Dr. Haripriya H. Kulkarni

The storage and retrieval system is used to store and retrieve the product, spare part, damaged product, etc. where the storage takes place in the warehouse by utilizing proper space present in a warehouse with the help of conveyor, crane or forklift or vertical lift module (VLM) and in rack or pallet. In this paper the main focus is on Automated Storage and Retrieval system (ASRS). In this paper the design and development of prototype of ASRS has been developed. In prototype storage system and conveyor are at fixed position, where as robot is moving for pick and place arrangement. The developed system is operated with the help of Bluetooth and data is store online with help of IOT device. The command to the system is given by the android app through Bluetooth connected to robot. Data is store on the internet with the help of IOT device connected to conveyor system. The ASRS system is fully automated system there is no manual interference. This system is used to store and retrieve bulk amount of load in warehouse. The large data is handled in this system also the damage of product or load is less due to smooth operation of system. It also reduces the labor cost. Minimize the time required for storage and retrieve.

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Umamaheswari. D, Dr. E. Karthikeyan

Denoising images is an important task in image processing. Images contain noise while capturing and transmission of images. To improve the image quality, the denoising technique is applied to improve the quality of the image which is passed through filters. Some of the noises are applied to the LENA image which is used for the experimentation. The performance of the filters are measured using Peak Signal to Noise Ratio(PSNR), Normalized Mean Square Error (NMSE) and Elapsed Time (ET). At the end of the experimentation result, the best filter technique is found.

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Ayaskanta Mishra, Abhijit Karmakar, Abhirup Ghatak, Subhranil Ghosh, Aayush Ojha, Kaustav Patra

Modern smart city is facing numerous technological as well as administrative challenges in many fronts involving man and machines. One of these is the smart transportation system aided with cutting edge public transit modes like bus, monorail, metro and so on so forth. However needless to say only having an adequate public transport system will not suffice the need of end to end mode of transport. Hence an efficient and hassle free parking system is inevitable for any modern day smart city. With advancements of technologies like Internet of Things (IoT) and cloud platforms it is now technologically feasible to design and deploy systems to incorporate automation in traditional parking systems and hence making vehicle parking more organized and hassle-free and would require very less human interventions. In this paper, a Low cost IoT based vehicle parking system for smart cities is proposed using a cloud computing model: Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS). A HCSR-04 based ultrasonic sensor in used to detect the proximity of a car in a parking slot to detect the status of occupancy of a slot in the parking zone. An IR sensor in deployed at the Entry and Exit gate to sense the number of car in the parking zone. This prototype and proof of concept has been designed using Arduino UNO aided with an ESP-32 NodeMCU for sending the sensor data to a ThingSpeakTM cloud. A Blynk Android app PaaS is used to give user notification for the availability of parking online to users. A resource optimization technique is proposed based on the real time sensor data. This optimization technique would aid in a dynamic parking tariff and load balancing strategy for parking spaces in smart cities.

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Monika, Damanpreet Singh

Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) consists of immense number of sensor nodes are deployed in a specific region for intelligently monitoring of the hazardous environment where continuous human intervention is defenseless and infeasible. Sensor nodes are minor in size with limited processing capacity, storage, communication ability and battery life. Considering limited battery life, energy consumption of sensor nodes must be reduced to enlarge lifetime and performance of WSN by employing energy efficient routing protocol in WSN. In recent times numerous routing mechanisms have been proposed but LEACH still attracts the most consideration in research area as its architecture provides balanced energy consumption among nodes. But due to long distance communication, LEACH consumes more energy for data transmission and results in early death of WSN. In this paper, to augment the performance of LEACH protocol a new protocol namely Cluster Head Zone based LEACH (CHZ-LEACH), is proposed by redefining cluster head election method based on remaining energy, average energy and a region defined for cluster heads named as cluster head zone. CHZ-LEACH has been subjected to exhaustive simulation with NS-2 and the analyzation of results predicts the supremacy of CHZ-LEACH over LEACH.

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Apurva Panwar, Jyoti Mathur

Infrared (IR) spectra of particular plant species are highly specific fingerprint-like signature which are used to differentiate, classify, and identify diverse plant species. Plant specific IR spectra are useful to detect functional group or structure. The spectral traits can be systematically extracted from the typically broad and complex spectral contours applying resolution enhancement techniques, difference spectroscopy, and pattern recognition methods such as factor‐analysis and cluster‐analysis, and artificial neural networks. The spectral pattern varies with effect of climatic conditions such as stress, salinity, drought and other factors that’s affecting the plant development. FTIR techniques proved to be an effective strategy for identifying the species and for determining their geographical distribution, especially in the assessment of Moringa quality for use in raw herbal medicines. In this study, results of FTIR analysis confirmed the presence of phenol, alkanes, aldehyde, secondary alcohol, amino acid, aromatic amines and halogen compound between 500-4000 cm-1 region and provide a platform for providing variability in spectra of 57 M. oleifera aceessions that collected from different geographic locales of India. Based on the spectrum value the factor analysis and cluster analysis were also done.

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Dr. G. Anandharaj, M.Gopalakrishnan

IOT have been conveyed in an assortment of information serious applications including miniaturized scale atmosphere and territory checking, accuracy agribusiness, and sound/video reconnaissance. A moderate-survey IOT can assemble to lot of data from a natural living space. Because of the constrained stockpiling limit of sensor hubs, most information must be transmitted to the base station for filing and examination. Be that as it may, sensor hubs must work on restricted power supplies, for example, batteries or little sun light powered boards. In this manner, a key test looked by information escalated IOT is to limit the vitality utilization of sensor hubs so every one of the information produced inside the lifetime of the application can be transmitted to the base station. We utilize minimal effort expendable versatile transfers to diminish the all-out vitality utilization of information serious IOT.

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Priyono, Choirul Amin, Umrotun, Afiotria Intan Wulansari, Suliadi Sufahani

This research was done in two cities; Solo and Yogyakarta which is connected by Prambanan Express (Prameks) Train. The objectives of this research are as follows: (1) Reviewing the characteristic of Solo-Yogyakarta Prameks Train users, (2) Reviewing the mobility pattern of Solo-Yogyakarta Prameks Train users. The character of workers that are being reviewed are based on age, education background, job status, income, and the number of family dependents, while the worker’s mobility pattern that will be studied are: the usage intensity of the Prameks, transportation modes used to go to the departure station and work office, departure and arrival station, the worker’s reason in choosing the departure and arrival station, origin and destination area of the worker. Questionnaire is used as a survey method in this study. Purposive Proportional Quota Sampling is also used as the sampling technique to gathered samples. Respondent are limited to 100 workers and divided into two categories; 50 men and 50 women and assumed capable to represent the workers’ characteristic. The research results show that the workers are still in a productive age that are dominated by 21-25-year-old worker, bachelor degree as the highest education level, permanent employees with salary around 3-6 million Rupiah per month, and do not have any family dependent. Most of respondent’s origin area are Laweyan, Kartosuro, and Banjarsari district, where the locations are closer to the Purwosari and Solobalapan station. The district that were mostly mentioned as the destination in Yogyakarta includes Gondokusuman and Depok area, which are close to Lempuyangan and Maguwoharjo station.

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Asif Siddiqui, Arjita P. Biswas

Project success depends upon the construction performance but due to defects quality may be reduced. Defective construction not only increases the cost but also increase the maintenance cost. A proper planning, communication and coordination is important for better construction. With the help of proper construction management from planning to maintenance of building, defects will reduce and constructability will improve. This study is focus on causes of defect in construction and also suggested that defects reduction strategy and framework for management which is help to minimize the construction defects and improve the process and performance of construction.

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Manish Mohan Baral, Amitabh Verma, Venkataiah Chittipaka

Cloud computing (CC) is an advanced technology that firms can use to reduce costs and increase efficiency. However, most firms hesitate to adopt CC. This technology has become a dominant IT trend during the past few years for its potential to remarkably change the technology and the business landscape. Extant studies have demonstrated CC benefits as well as few challenges associated with CC services application theoretically. However, no extant study has examined the technology, organizational, environmental, human and business (TOEHB) context. The study is purposed to identify the factors which influences the cloud computing adoption (CCA) in Indian healthcare sector through technology, organizational, environmental, human and business (TOEHB) perspective. This research was conducted using methodology of quantitative technique which was established on a study of 307 healthcare firms i.e. hospitals in India. A research model was proposed which consisted of seventeen hypothesis and then tested through logistic regression analysis and confirmatory factor analysis. The findings of the study shows that relative advantage (RA), infrastructure readiness (IR), trust & security (TS), higher administration support (HAS), peer pressure (PP), service expertise (SE), internal excellence (IE), prior experience (PE) hard financial analysis (HFA) and soft financial analysis (SFA) were significant contributors in cloud computing adoption (CCA) for Indian healthcare perspective. This empirical research provides original observations for CCA for Indian healthcare perspective.

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Dominicus Edwinarto, Muhtosim Arief, Firdaus Alamsjah, Pantri Heriyati

The conditions of price wars have been previously indicated as the result of competitive reactions by firms. While its antecedents can be classified into several aspects, the uncontrollable nature of market conditions remains one of the most interesting causes of price wars. Using a sample of respondents in the Indonesian lighting industry, this research is aimed to generate an understanding of how practitioners view their market conditions in relation to competition and the steps to overcome price wars. Survey data were collected through quantitative methodology from various managers and decision-makers in the industry. Based on statistical result of Smart PLS, the study found that firms regard price wars as the result of the pursuit of profit through growth, within the context of competition.

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Nuah P. Tarigan, Edi Abdurachman, Boto Simatupang, Tirta Nugraha Mursitama

This paper is a research study that measures the role of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and the achievement of its performance on property companies in Indonesia. The views that arise are views that come from various backgrounds of shareholder members and property stakeholders who are in the circle of residential property supply chain, including property owners and everyone who becomes working and in touch with the property business itself. The data obtained from qualitative and quantitative research give a lot of understanding and input to see the role of CSR and the relation of the performance of property company organization in Indonesia which is generally incorporated in Real Estate Indonesia membership (REI). Property firms provide data representing owners and supply chain properties with careful observation of the company's CSR activities. The fundamental findings found by the researcher is the existence of adequate understanding level of CSR, and still the scarcity of CSR program organizing in the property company that researched causing CSR in the property industry has not got big impact when compared with CSR done in other industries such as mine, oil and gas. In the future, the contribution of CSR is expected to be greater and more effective and have an impact in building the property especially the housing that can be reached by the wider community including informal sector along with the financing scheme which is not convoluted and can fulfill the backlog of public housing which is getting bigger from year to year.

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Respati Wulandari, Tirta Nugraha Mursitama, Boto Simatupang, Sri Bramantoro Abdinagoro

This study examines the important role of strategic entrepreneurship for small firms to gain its competitive advantages in the non-formal English education business industry or English courses in Indonesia. The harsh competition among English course providers and the existence of national plus and international schools have become challenges for the courses to attract students. We use both qualitative and quantitative methods to uncover and respond to the problems faced by this industry. We did interviews with some managers and utilized questionnaires of 61 English courses in DKI Jakarta. Using SMART-PLS (Partial Least Square), we found that the essential entrepreneurial factors of leadership, mindset and entrepreneurial culture as a whole were capable of generating and developing innovations within the English courses, which led to competitive advantages. However, we found an interesting fact that entrepreneurial culture had no direct significant effect on innovations. The novelty of this study is to contribute a new finding that the three elements of strategic entrepreneurship contributed differently to innovation in the context of emerging economies.

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Kevin Johan, Julio C. Young, Seng Hansun

Stock is a securities or paper sheet as proof of ownership of a company. In terms of buying and selling a stock, stock price information is very important for the investors, since the purchase of stock usually will be made when the stock at the lowest price and the sale of stock will be made at the highest price. The focus of this study is to use the Long Short Term Memory algorithm to predict stocks’ price in automotive companies. The Long Short Term Memory algorithm is often used for prediction application, for example, in the analysis and implementation of Long Short Term Memory Neural Network in bitcoin prices prediction. This research was conducted using five automotive stock data that were taken from Yahoo Finance! The research experiments were conducted to get the effect of the number of hidden layer and epochs on the accuracy of stock predictions. From the results of the experiments, we found that the more usage of hidden layers and epochs will make the accuracy results better.

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Yuricha, Gede Putra Kusuma, Brian Sebastian Salim

The tradeoff in mobile cloud computing is energy consumption on mobile devices that occurs when carrying out the offloading process. The purpose of offloading is to save energy on the mobile devices. When offloading is being carried out, data size is the determining factor of the energy consumption both in mobile device and bandwidth consumption. To minimize the data size factor, data size can be minimized by using compression techniques before it is being offloaded. But when the data is being compressed, mobile devices also consumes energy. The energy consumption required for compression depends on the data size and the quality of the data compression. The system requires a decision-making model to determine whether compression is needed or not. The proposed method for this tradeoff is using machine learning regression methods to make decision based on predictions of the smallest energy consumption value. The test uses 1,210 data which is trained by 5-fold cross validation to find the smallest RMSE value. Regression method with the smallest RMSE value is applied to test data as an evaluation. The results showed that energy consumption efficiency had an average value of 38.68% compared to sending compressed image data without decision-making model. The efficiency value of energy consumption with decision-making model versus direct offloading has an average value of 8.34%.

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J. Prathap Irudayaraj, Saravanan.P

The popularity of the developing application using microservices architecture is gaining more attention because of the independent modules, scalable, maintainable, monitorable, Continuous Integration (CI), Continuous Delivery (CD) and better fault isolation. This architectural style that breaking large software projects into small independent and loosely coupled services. So, this approach produces independently deployable service which adopts its own communication mechanism for intercommunication. This paper proposes benefits and set of guidelines while adopting the microservice architecture along with the cost benefits.

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Krishnamoorthy A, Srimathi H

The open economy increased attracting the talent across the word through academic and occupational mobility. The recognition of programme credibility and qualifications is important for both students and employees who seek overseas appointments. The individual country follows its own qualification framework. There is a wide disparity and challenge in judging student credentials based on different qualifications. The high in- and out- bound mobility necessitated the countries to think about standardize the national qualification framework on par with international standards and recognition. There is a need to monitor quality, transparency and accountability in national, regional and global standards towards borderless higher and skill education. The study aims to review some of the efforts across the world to standardize the qualification framework for better recognition.

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S.Sundareswari, Dr.I.Kaspar Raj

The extraction of Ancient script from epigraphy images is a tough task. Many techniques are available to extract the characters from the document image. Most of the authors have given their ideas to extract the characters from the document image. The extraction of ancient Tamil script from epigraphy images is a challenging problem in pattern recognition area still. In this paper, we present an efficient approach to extract the ancient Tamil script from epigraphy images. Recognizing the ancient Tamil script from epigraphy images is a very tough task. The proposed methodology consists of three stages: preprocessing, segmentation and feature extraction and classification. Experimental results show that the proposed methodology is more effective and efficient and also it extracts the ancient Tamil script from epigraphy images accurately.

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Junnei Liuspita, Edi Purwanto

this study is conducted to investigate what are factors that determine the profitability or Return on Asset, especially among Indonesia food and beverages companies. Type of data is panel set comprising 48 observations of 12 companies that are listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) in 2013 to 2016 period, and it is analyzed by a regression analysis. Chow test and Hausman test have been done before a regression analysis to determine the fit model is common, fixed or random effect. The study finds that while the profitability is proved positively be influenced by size, age, lagged profitability, growth, and productivity of the companies, but it was not proved be influenced by industry affiliation. This paper addresses to company leaders to improve performance of their companies, especially their Return on Assets in order to be able to compete in gaining investor confidence. This paper addresses an issue that is relevant to investors to pay attention to the value of return on assets of the firm and determinants that was proved to affect return on assets before make decision to invest into a food and beverages company.

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Onkar Kaur, Sukhjinder Kaur

Handoff in wireless system is the crucial aspect for communication between different channels. Several works are projected to make an efficient handoff using fuzzy inference system. These systems are limited to a certain number of parameters such as specific distance of base station, mobility. Moreover, with the increase in the data would make it difficult to generate fuzzy rules and range of membership function. These limitations are resolved by taking into consideration the dynamic environment. This dissertation presents a novel optimized mechanism based on fuzzy rules for making the handoff decision. In this approach, Particle Swarm Optimization is implemented to generate dynamic values for membership functions in terms of different areas for handoff and extended parameters. Simulation is performed using MATLAB tool and the outcome of the proposed work surpassed the traditional works.

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Amit Mittal, Shivangi Mittal

Waste management is fast growing issue involved at every place in the country. The research is done keeping in mind Swacch Bharat mission governed by prime minister of our country. In this work the first survey is carry forward with the idea of having the segregation of waste at city level instead of performing it door to door. All the essential requirement and algorithm is explained in detail. The idea behind the work is to setting up of all the resources will be of high cost. The cloud computing facilitate remote sight computation which will help differentiating between dry waste and wet-waste. The work is an approach to recycle more waste in order to prevent the country from health issues as well as helping the government servants in increase of economy with the waste recycling.

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Sasi Mary Priya Rajan, Radhakrishnan Vengadasalam

As plots of rainfall and temperature data from 1980 to 2015 apparently give trends with negative and positive sense, it is decided to fine tune the analysis by examining the same by relation between temperature and rainfall, spatial distribution, Mann Kendall and Sen’s slope non-parametric tests and goodness of fit test. Spatial and correlation between temperature and rainfall study has given the clear idea about the distribution of this two climatic parameters over the coastal region of Tamil Nadu. At the same time, no-trend hypothesis is to be accepted from the Kendall tau and S statistic for rainfall and temperature data sets. However, Sen’s negative value (-0.141) means a lowering monotonic trend for rainfall with reference to the data accessed and studied. Kendall’s tau rejects no-trend hypothesis in the case of temperature analysis which suggests that there is a trend and is in positive side which may be considered as corroboration with overall global warming. The rising trend of temperature is further indicated by Sen’s positive Q value (= 0.041). It may be considered as a warning by nature to Tamil Nadu to prepare themselves for draught conditions.

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Raghav Sehgal

There are large no of customers visiting hotels in various cities daily. Various online forums, websites , social networks etc having details of all these hotels consist of text information in the form of comments. These comments are not captured and utilised properly. Using sentimental Analysis on this information can help in enhancing customer experience to a great extent. It helps in choosing the right hotel to tourist/visitor in any city. Estrela Do Mar Beach Resort,Calangute, Goa is the hotel which is chosen for our sentimental analysis endeavours. lists down more than 1000 mixed bag of reviews on this hotel online which is taken for our dataset. My manual crawler crawls the reviews and feeds them to Apache Lucene software taking review and polarity(1,0,-1) based on the star marked rating of the review. The index matrix is given to K Nearest Neighbours (KNN) classifier (taking k=5) for it to be trained on. Another set of 100 reviews extracted act as test data. I obtained an accuracy of 62% via the classifier. Another classification methodology gave a score to each of the review extracted using sentiwordnet. We find that accuracy increases to 64 %. does not bridge the gap between the star rating user assigns and what the user actually means by the review. The SentiWordnet bag of words approach using adjectives aims to bridge the gap between this by giving a unique score to each review.The sentiwordnet assigns polarity based on dictionary valuation and so can also act as a classifier in itself assigning a polarity to each review by using four separate mechanisms of assigning polarity. The accuracy in each of these cases was also noted and the maximum was obtained by using only adjectives, taking the neutral value as negative. It is also noted that the KNN Accuracy increases a substantial amount to about 10% increase on doubling the trainee set. We are thus able to compare both the supervised as well as unsupervised learning approaches for text mining.

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R.Anjana, N.Geetha

The present study reports a green chemistry approach for the phytosynthesis of silver nanoparticles (AgNPs) by using the leaf extract of cynodon dactylon (L.) Pers and dye degradation property of its AgNPs. Initially, synthesis of AgNPs was confirmed by colour change from pale yellowish reaction mixture to dark brown after 20 minutes of boiling. In order to confirm the formation of silver nanoparticles, UV-Vis, XRD and SEM charaterizations were made. The nanoparticles showed an absorption peak at 350 nm in UV-Visible spectrum corresponding to the Plasmon Resonance Band of the synthesized AgNPs. XRD analysis showed that size of the silver nanoparticles was around 13 nm. Various concentration of nanoparticles (2.0-10.0 mg)were mixed separately with water containing methylene blue dye (10 mgl1000 ml). A control was maintained without the addition of the AgNPs. At specific day intervals, aliquots of 2-3 ml suspension were filtered and used to take absorbance at 660 nm. Using the absorbance values, percentage of dye degradation was calculated. The percentage of dye degradation was increased with increasing the day. Of various concentration of AgNPs used, dye solution containing 10 mg AgNPs showed 75% dye degradation after 5 days of incubation at room temperature.

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Mahesh kumar N, Dr. Siddesh G K

Nowadays growth in wireless communication has increased the demand for wireless radio spectrum to utilize many social and individual benefits. Hence the radio spectrum allocation and utilization is also an important task. The CRN is a novel technology that promises to solve this problem by allowing unlicensed user to access the radio spectrum without any interference to licensed user. Due to this flexibility cognitive radios are explore to different types of threats and security attacks. The aim of this survey is to investigate different attacks applicable to the Network and Cross layers of cognitive radio and provide an overview of them based on layer wise functionalities. In addition, this paper describes and compares recent defense techniques related to each attack, that could be faced by any wireless networks.

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Zummy Anselmus Dami, Iwan Setiawan, Gunaryo Sudarmanto, Yuliana Lu

The study aims to investigate the effectiveness of group counseling with a spiritual approach to depression, anxiety, stress, and spiritual intelligence for students in facing the final semester exam (before and after the final exam). This research draft is quasi-experimental research conducted in Institut Injil Indonesia (I-3) Batu Malang, East Java, from March 2019 to June 2019. The student population of the Christian Education Study Program amounted to 105 people. Samples were taken through convenience sampling techniques, and the number of samples was 64 students. Through random sampling, the samples are divided into intervention groups (n = 32) and the control group (n = 32). Data collection is done using two scales King's Spiritual Intelligence Inventory (SISRI-24) and Depression, Anxiety, and Stress Scale (DASS-21 & DASS-42). The results showed that students of the Christian Religious Education study Program were able to reduce and overcome negative emotional problems, such as depression, and more dominant stress, and anxiety and could improve spiritual intelligence through group counseling with a spiritual approach.

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Damini Patil, Dr. Surbhi Razdan

An aerodynamic surfaces which are on the leading facet of the wings of the aircraft with fixed wings are known as Slat. When they are deployed the wings operate at greater angle of attack. This research paper introduces a modified design of slat section 1 which is modelled using modelling software CATIA. The proposed design will allow fitting an antenna made up of Kevlar which is a composite material. Kevlar is ten times stronger than stainless steel, raio-transparent and is bullet proof, these properties are essential for fighter aircrafts. The meshing is done using meshing software HyperMesh as it provides better tools for meshing. FEM Analysis of slats is done with help of designing and analysis software Patran.. Analysis results of modified structure are contrasted with the results of earlier metallic slats structure. Results obtained shows that it is preferable to replace aluminium metal by Kevlar Composite. It is an important factor to reduce weight in aerospace sector. Ribs of modified structure are optimized in this paper by removing material in different cut section such as trapezoidal, circular and triangular. Results of all three ribs with different cut sections are compared. It is observed that Ribs with circular cut section generate lower stress. Hence ribs with circular cut section are selected for manufacturing. It helps in reduction of overall weight of the slat.

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Udara. S. P. R. Arachchige, Vithanage K.D, Wadanambi R.T, Wandana L.S, Wijerathne W.M.M.P, Wimalarathne N.R.G.S.S.

In present consumers are becoming more aware of protecting the environment because of the generating the waste through the industries have a higher impact of polluting the environment. Therefore the companies use sustainable methods to prevent pollution by promoting eco-labels with their products and managing the generated waste. Clothing is an integral part of our lives, and the increment of establishing textile industries has a higher rate than the past in Asian countries. Sri Lanka has only the internal market during the 1960s. Nowadays it grows 40% of total export in here. So that each and every industry should concern about the disposal methods for greening textile industry, this paper briefly explains the product cycle, from the raw material through the design, production, and logistics up to disposal and focus on the waste generation types and suggestions to reduce for a sustainable world.

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Bhagyashree A. Dhande, Panchayya S. Swami, Dr. Archana G. Thosar

Dielectric is an essential indicator for developing the ageing effect of transformer as they change their characteristics due to various stresses on transformer such as mechanical, chemical and electrical. The changes in dielectric property of oil-impregnated paper highly influence the transformer disaster. The basic intent of this paper is to be enlightened about the transformer health by analyzing the parameters of dielectric. This is evaluated by using a time domain test by deriving the polarization and depolarization currents of given dielectric under external field. The frequency domain is used to quantify the dielectric loss factor and complex capacitance, which is helpful to understand the transformer behavior. This paper also supports the comparison the proposed system with existing parameters of other existing system to get the knowledge about system health.

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Praveen Reddy. P, Ravi. A, Gangadhar. N, Inna Reddy. G

Asparaginase (ASNase) is a commercially important enzyme which is used in pharmaceutical industry as anticancer drug to cure leukemia and lymphoma. It is also used in food industries especially during the preparation of baked foods to prevent the formation of a carcinogenic compound acrylamide. Many microbes are exploited to produce ASNase. In the present work soil samples from slaughter house, fish market and garden were collected and processed in the laboratory to isolate ASNase producing bacteria. Eight ASNase producing bacteria were isolated and identified till genus level based on microscopic examination and biochemical characterization. Two bacteria positive for ASNase were isolated from slaughterhouse soil sample and identified as Serratia (A1) and Proteus (A2) species. Four bacteria positive for ASNase production isolated from fish market soil were identified as Pseudomonas (B1), Staphylococcus (B2), Bacillus (B3) and Escherichia (B4) species. From garden soil two bacteria were found to be positive for ASNase production and they were identified as Bacillus (C1) and Acinetobacter (C2). Based on pH change due to ASNase production in the medium Bacillus (B3) isolated from fish market soil was identified as efficient producer of ASNase when compared to the other bacterial isolates.

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Manthu Praveen Kumar, M Vinod Kumar, Y Chandukrishna Dr S. Indumathi

Automobilesare playing a vital role in human’s day to day life. Two wheelers number is increasing exponentially day by day in developing countries like India because those are available at affordable cost, easy for short distance commute. Someriders either in urgency or hurry they forget to lift the side stand before starting the ride. This is a reason for a significant number of accidents for two wheelers today. So, there is a necessity to study this issue and rectify by incorporating a certain mechanism to lift the side stand automatically before the ride starts. We started to design a mechanism which is feasible for both industry and users which is cost effective and easy to install. We design it in a way that, when the rider shifts the gear from neutral to first to start the ride, the side stand automatically gets lifted off from the grounded position. A model was built to test this design and found the mechanism is working fine on the model and it has to be tested on the original application.

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K.Shobana, E.Sailatha, S. Gunasekaran, P.Rajesh, S. Srinivasan, M.Raja, P.P.Moorthi

The solid phase FTIR and FT-Raman spectra of (S) 5-Methoxy-2-[(4-methoxy-3, 5-dimethylpyridin-2-yl)methylsulfinyl]-3H-benzoimidazole (abbreviated as S5M4M35DM3B) have been recorded in the regions 4000-450 and 4000-50cm-1 respectively. The assignments of the vibrational spectra have been carried out with the aid of potential energy distribution (PED). The charge delocalization and Stability of the molecule arising from hyperconjugative interactions have been calculated using natural bond orbital (NBO) analysis. UV-visible spectrum was recorded using DMSO as solvent and its electronic properties HOMO and LOMO energies were calculated. 1H and 13C NMR chemical shift of the molecule were calculated. The Fukui function was calculated to explain the chemical reactivity site in S5M4M35DM3B. The molecular electrostatic potential (MEP) and other molecular properties were calculated and discussed. The Molecular docking studies were made to determine target protein.

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Chamkaur Singh, Neeraj Sharma, Narender Kumar

Software maintenance is a very broad activity that includes improvements in capabilities, error correction, optimization, and removal of obsolete capabilities. Normal operate of basic work and accurate cost estimation is to ensure the normal maintenance of necessary software tools. Due to this various researchers have been attracted towards the research on various factors affective the productivity of software development. The motive behind the identification of those factors that affect productivity helps management to take steps for removing it and saving the maintenance cost of the software. The objective behind this work is to analyze the various activities in accordance with the current software development environment and understanding the key factors that affect the maintenance cost of the software. Along with types of software maintenance estimation, various software maintenance activities are classified into three categories. The other section contains the review on work done by various researchers on the maintenance cost of software and various factors that affects it. These factors are classified into technical and non-technical factors.

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Sumit Chandak, Neeraj Kumar

E-Business Processes (EBP) acting as a key feature for enhancing the performance of Supply Chain (SC). In the past two decades due to advancement in IT tools and EBP tools industries has transformed their traditional SC to technology-driven SC. Due to this transformation rate of data exchange and communication amongst entities of SC has increased which leads to the overall improvement in the performance of SC. For effective SC proper coordination, communication and effective procedure are required amongst all entities and stack holders of SC. EBT and IT plays a key role in the effectiveness of this coordination, communication, and development of effective procedure and improves the operational performance of SC. Logistics is a key entity of SC. Without the improvement of logistics performance, no one can improve the performance of SC. Impact of logistics and operational performance on Supply Chain Performance is assessed in this paper. A questionnaire is prepared on the basis of these two attributes and data are collected from 186 SC and materials managers of the automobile and related ancillary companies. Data analyzed to validate the hypothesis and results are formulated to show the impact of EBP and IT on the performance of Supply Chain Management (SCM) in the context of Indian Automobile Industries.

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Muhammad Idkham, Tineke Mandang, Wawan Hermawan, Gatot Pramuhadi

The use of tractor in paddy plant nursering and maintenance is having difficulties because it is not suitable between the wheel width of the tractor and the spacing of paddy which have the effect of damaging paddy.One idea is to develop a narrow lug wheels that can operate between rows of paddy plants. The objective of this research is to finda proper shape and size of the narrow lug wheel components that will be attachedto hand tractor. Data on soiland paddy plant characteristics such as mud depth, row spacing, plant height, panicle shear ability were usedto modify hand tractor wheels.The result of analysis show that a narrow lug wheel for hand tractors operated in lowland rice fields has been designed based on the characteristics of the soil, rice plants and tractor. The construction of the lug wheel is composed of one rim which is reinforced with 4 spokes attached to a flange.The lug plate measuring 14 cm x 21 cm, made of 4 mm thick steel plate , wheel diameter 100 cm , rimdiameter 63 cm, The flange is 20 cm in diameter and made of steel plate 10 mm in thickness, number of lugs (8, 10 and 12) and angle of lugs (300 and 450).The best type of material selected for steel plate is BJPS and solid round steel is KS 1020 type. The row spacing of paddy plant was 25x25 cm, so the Operating the luged narrow wheels is done by placing three rows of paddy plants between the two wheels with a wheelbase of 61 cm and the operator straddling one row of paddy plants.

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Endraria, Adhitia Mulyadi

The Accounting Information System is a system that carries out various operations that produce relevant information. The Accounting Information System is very much needed and not only by the companies formed by the company or partners but also used by individual companies. The output of accounting information systems is used by individual companies in decision making and is used for tax administration purposes. The government launches a tax amnesty program. This tax amnesty is carried out so that taxpayers who have not reported all their assets and wealth properly have the opportunity to correct them and at the same time smooth out their tax reporting obligations to be more orderly and obedient. Tax compliance is a complex subject with broad implications and that influences compliance. There are two approaches, namely economics and behavior. This study is to prove that the use of Accounting Information Systems positively influences the compliance of Individual Taxpayers, besides that the Tax Amnesty program also influences positive for individual taxpayer compliance.

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Raghavendra Devadas, G.N Srinivasan

Software requirements prioritization is an important process where in the decision is taken as to which requirements will first be implemented and delivered in the first release. In past many projects have failed because of the results of improper prioritization technique. We have many prioritization techniques in the literature each one with its own positive and negative side. This paper enumerates different Fuzzy logic-based requirements prioritization approaches. We also present latest work in this field.

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Oluwatoyin Olagunju, Salim Hassan, Mohd Yusoff Abd Samad, Ramle Kasin

The main goal of extension service is to transfer technology and develop clients’ capacity and potentials to enhance their work performance. This study determines the relationship between technology transfer, human resource development and extension agents’ work performance among cocoa growers in Malaysia. The study used stratified sampling method to select 668 productive cocoa growers who are exposed to extension activities facilitated by the extension agents’ of Malaysian Cocoa Board (MCB) in the three (3) regions of Malaysia. The data were analyzed using descriptive statistics, correlation and regression analysis. Significant and positive correlation (p<0.001) existed between each variables and work performance. Regression analysis results showed that technology transfer skills (technical skill, technology delivery skill) and human resource development skills (leadership skill, decision making support skill and social skill) are significant (p<0.05). The R2 value of 0.602 indicates that all the predictors explain about 60.2% of the variation in extension agents’ work performance. The highest contribution is attributed by decision making support skill (β=0.215). The study recommended training programmes for extension agents that will focus on technology transfer and human resource development skills, especially technology evaluation skill. Also, Malaysian Cocoa Board and other agricultural extension service agencies should give more attention to delivering consistent technology and human resource development initiatives relevant to the need of farmers and the extension agents by addressing identified skills and knowledge gaps for a continuous performance improvement in their work.

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Hetty Manurung, Retno Aryani, Rudy Agung Nugroho, Yanti Puspita Sari, Rosalina Chernovita, Auliana

Jahe Balikpapan (Etlingera balikpapanensis A.D.Poulsen) is an endemic plant which can be found in East Kalimantan, Indonesia and potentially to be used as a medicinal plant. This research was held to screen phytochemicals and antioxidant activity of different extract (ethanol, hexane, and ethyl acetate) of E. balikpapanensis. The phytochemical test was held towards alkaloids, phenolics, flavonoids, tannins, saponin, steroids, and triterpenoid. Total phenolic content (TPC) and total flavonoid content (TFC) were determined spectrophotometrically by using Folin-Ciocalteu’s reagent and aluminum chloride (AlCl3) method, respectively. Antioxidant activity was evaluated by using the 2,2-diphenyl-1-picrylhydrazyl (DPPH) method. The screening of phytochemical revealed the presence of alkaloids, phenolics, flavonoids, and steroids. Ethyl acetate extract showed the highest TPC (109.8 ± 0.011 mg GAE/gr) followed by ethanol extract (57.6 ± 0.004 mg GAE/gr) whereas hexane extract showed the least TPC (29.0 ± 0.009 mg GAE/gr). Hexane extract showed the highest TFC (268.4 ± 0.05 mg CE/gr) followed by ethanol extract (200.4 ± 0.02 mg CE/gr) whereas ethyl acetate extract showed the least TFC (141.8 ± 0.03 mg CE/gr). The highest antioxidant activity was observed in ethyl acetate extract (IC50 = 7.59 g mL-1) followed by ethanol extract (IC50 = 74.80 g mL-1) and hexane extract (IC50 = 189.89 g mL-1). This result exhibited that the leaves extract of E. balikpapanensis is very potential to be used as a medicinal plant and as a natural antioxidant.

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Neelam Singh

Every branch of science and social science deals with specific sets of elements and the structure of relationship between these elements. When we want to study this structure, it is useful to study the various possible transformations on the elements. Also it is useful to determine which quantities and properties remain invariant under these transformations. Clearly invariance depends on the set of transformations under consideration. We know that mass is an invariant for Newtonian, but not for relativistic transformations; total linear momentum of a given system of particles is invariant for transformations that do not involve external forces, but is not necessarily so for transformations that involve external forces.

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Kadek Jemmy Waciko, Ismail, B

This study explained the construction of panel data models, compared the estimation performance of the Fixed Effects model and the Random Effects model. Our novelty model focuses on the 10 best travel destinations according to Tripadvisor award 2018. The most appropriate model is the Fixed Effect model with Individual Effect. The positive effect on Gross Domestic Product (GDP) partially arising from Number of International tourist arrivals, International Tourism Receipts, and International Tourism Expenditures and the negative effect on GDP partially arising from Total Employment in the tourism sector. The International Tourist Arrivals, International Tourism Receipts, International Tourism Expenditures, and Total Employment in the tourism sectors have simultaneous significant influence on GDP and adjusted together can explain changes in GDP by 95.054% from France, UK, Italy, Indonesia, Greece, Spain, Czech Rep., Morocco, Turkey, and the USA while the remaining 4.946% is explained by other variables outside the model.

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Zulkifli Musannip Efendi Siregar, Suryana, Eeng Ahman, Syamsul Hadi Senen

This study intends to explore a conceptual framework about the factors influencing innovative work behavior in the context of individual factor perspective. This research is a literature review to find and analyze individual factors that influence innovative work behavior. Based on the results of the literature review or previous research, we found that competence, self-efficacy, motivation and organizational commitment are individual factors that influence innovative work behavior. Besides that, competency and self-efficacy are the influences factor on motivation and commitment. This study also find a new conceptual framework of the relationship between competency, self-efficacy, motivation, organizational commitment and innovative work behavior that can be used for further research by other researchers.

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V.Praveen, A.Saran Kumar, G.Sivapriya, S.Priyanka

The main purpose of this paper is detection of landmines in the war field for saving the human life. For this purpose an autonomous robot is designed which can reach the destination without any human intervention. With the help of this designed robot the bombs which are buried inside the land can be easily found and the location of the bomb can be immediately transmitted to the control room with the help of Internet of things. Fuzzy logic controller has been used for the autonomous movement of the robot. The inputs to the fuzzy control are speed error and variation in speed error. The designed controller is implemented using raspberry pi processor. Ultrasonic sensors are used for the detection of obstacles and for the detection of landmines a metal detector sensor has been used and at the same time if any metal is detected the image of that location is captured and sent through IoT. Thing speak website is used for visualising the data obtained from the sensor unit.

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Erlina Dwi Ratnasari, Mts. Arief, Mohammad Hamsal, Asnan Furinto

Fashion industry is one of the biggest sector of the Indonesian market that contributes towards the employment opportunities, however the growth of the industry is not that conducive rather negative. The growth of internet users in Indonesia is rapid with huge potential available for fashion companies in marketing their industry through online shopping. There are factors influencing customers in performing online shopping, one of the unique proposition in this research is the Visual Attractiveness in which fashion company provide picture of product with emotional attachment so customers are attracted to perform online shopping. The aim of this research is to test previous findings regarding online shopping and propose Visual Attractiveness as a new variable. Results showed that Visual Attractiveness and E-experience are influencing Customer Delight which influence E-trust. And ultimately E-trust also influences E-loyalty.

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Sanjay Ganorkar, Supriya Rajankar,Gaurav Rajpurohit

To create security frameworks, numerous biometric frameworks are proposed to protect a spoof attack. Face recognition (FR) is one of the most broadly utilized innovations. One of the principle issues of utilizing FR is that the frameworks can easily get attacked by spoof faces. To avoid these attacks by spoof faces and to improve the accuracy of FR frameworks, numerous anti spoofing techniques are available. A protected system needs Liveness Detection in order to shield against such spoofing. The paper proposes liveness detection to identify the spoofing attack. The implemented system basically depends on some statistical face feature along with KNN classifier to identify fake faces. The system shows improved accuracy compared with algorithms in the literature.

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M. Irfana Amrin, R.Jothi Mani

Silver nanoparticles contribute a giant share to the field of modern nano biotechnology. They are attractive for medical purpose because of their unique features like relatively large surface to volume ratio and their ability to carry and adsorb drug/compounds. A great number of approaches were made to synthesize silver oxide nanoparticles with different shapes and sizes. Amongst them, plant extract mediated ‘green’ routes are popular to the researchers because of their easy availability and preparative protocol. Hence in the present work, Silver oxide (AgO) nanoparticles have been synthesized by using extracts of Alpinia galanga leaves as reducing agent. The synthesized material was characterized using X-ray diffraction (XRD),FTIR, Uv-Visible, Photoluminescence spectroscopy. The morphology wasfound from SEM micrographs and EDX analysis was also carried out.

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Nivedita S Naganhalli, Dr Sujata Terdal

In the modern computer world, use of the internet is increasing day by day. However, the increasing use of the internet creates some security issues. These days, such new type of security attacks occurs everyday and it is not easy to detect and prevent those attacks effectively. One common method of attack involves sending large amount of request to site or server and server will be unable to handle such huge requests and site will be offline for many days . This type of attack is called distributed denial of service (DDOS) attack, which act as a major security threat to internet services and most critical attack for cyber security world . Detection and prevention of Distributed Denial of Service Attack (DDoS) becomes a crucial process for the commercial organizations that uses the internet . Different approaches have been adopted to process traffic information collected by a monitoring stations (Routers and Servers) to distinguish malicious traffic such as DDoS attack from normal traffic in Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS). In general, Machine learning techniques can be designed and implemented with the intrusion systems to protect the organizations from malicious traffic. Specifically, supervised clustering techniques allow to effectively distinguish the normal traffic from malicious traffic with good accuracy. In this paper, machine learning algorithms are used to detect DDoS attacks collected from “KDDcup 99 Dataset” , pre-processing and feature selection technique is used on the dataset to enhance the performance of the classifiers and reduce the detection time. The classification algorithms such as C4.5 decision tree and NavieBayes is applied on the training dataset and the implementation of the algorithm is done using spyder tool. The performance comparison of algorithms is shown using confusion matrix and it is found that C4.5 decision is more efficient in detection of DDOS attack .The proposed method can be used as DDoS defense system.

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Shilpa S. Anchawale, Y. P. Nerkar

Water-based ink, a new type of green packaging material has an efficient application in flexible packaging industry to resolve the environmental issues related to VOC (volatile organic compound). Gloss, an optical property of water-based ink which represents the print quality is inferior in comparison to solvent and UV ink. In this research work efforts are made for improving the gloss of water-based ink using Pigment Red 57:1. Attempt is made to improve the gloss during the dispersion stage, i.e. preliminary stage of ink manufacturing. Organic Pigment Red 57:1 was dispersed in water. Pigment dispersion process parameters such as pigment loading, size of grinding media and milling time were optimized for narrowest particle size distribution and highest gloss of water-based ink on non-absorbent substrate. Pigment Red 57:1 was dispersed by varying size of grinding media from 0.5 to 1.2 mm, pigment loading from 25 to 37% and by extending milling time from 4 Hours to 6 Hours. Particle size analyzer and glossmeter were used to measure the pigment particle size distribution and gloss of dispersed material. Response surface full factorial design was done to analyse data and evaluate the effect of dispersion process parameters on particle size distribution and gloss of water-based ink. Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) techniques are used to confirm the significance of factors and interaction of factors. Regression model for width of particle size distribution (Wpsd) and gloss were developed and tested; The predictions of the model are within 95 % of confidence level. Optimized process parameters provide 113.77 nm as minimum particle size distribution and maximum gloss achieved is up to 73.83% which is now comparable to solvent-base ink.

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Shraddha Phansalkar, Pooja Kamat, Swati Ahirrao, Ambika Pawar

Artificial Intelligence (AI) offers intellectual, customized and better decision-making capabilities for humans in diverse areas of applications and use-cases. All of these applications have far reaching effects on the human life and the living pattern. AI algorithms however are based on a centralized architecture, methodology and learning patterns. Although there is an advent of resource-unbounded, parallel environments in computing, the inherent centralized strategies bound the learning as well as performance of these algorithms. Decentralized AI applications are the need of time. Block chain enabled solutions for decentralization address these issues as well as important concerns of security, trust and efficiency. Although the research as well as commercial groups have put up a step forward in bringing these two technologies together, there are research challenges to its realization. The presented work puts forth the need of bringing these technologies together with discussions to various challenges. It also addresses the strategies for addressing the challenges in amalgamation of these trends with reference to numerous applications where this blend can create a greater value

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Nita H. Shah, Purvi M. Pandya, Moksha H. Satia

Every person in this world is deemed to find his or her partner sooner or later. It can be love or arranged marriage and some may seek for compassion as an extra marital affair. Due to which they may face separation leading to divorce in few cases. Certain examples of negotiations are also reported where couples reunite and give their marriage a second possible chance. This scenario is formulated by a mathematical model using the system of non-linear ordinary differential equations. Also, using next generation matrix method, the basic reproduction number is computed which gives the rate of susceptible individual getting divorce. Stability analysis for equilibrium points and numerical simulations are carried out to validate the data.

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Ibrahim Hussain Shah, Vivek Sharma

The popularity of diesel engines have increased not only in commercial vehicles but also in passenger cars because it provides more fuel economy and higher power compared to petrol engines. Thoughtful efforts are being made in order to diminish the quantity of NOx released by automobiles, principally those using Diesel Engines. Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) is one of the most preferred techniques to reduce NOx emission from Diesel Engines. In the EGR technique, a part of an engine’s exhaust gas supplied back to the engine cylinders. In this analysis, comparison is made for plain tube geometry and tube with vortex generator fin using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulation and calculations. Among the design of tube geometries used in EGR Cooler simulation, based on the CFD simulation and calculation, we found that the performance of the Plain tube with vortex generator fin for EGR cooler is best in both of them. Also applying Vortex fin at the inlet of the tube surely increases the performance of EGR cooler it is seen in the case of geometry with vortex fin.

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Madhumita Panda

In today’s era we need to secure information stored in our computer or transmitted through internet against various attacks. Cryptography is an important tool to protect our information against malicious attacks of today. There are several cryptographic algorithms available to secured our information. Each algorithm has its own strong and weak points. This paper provides an analysis and comparison of some symmetric key cryptographic ciphers (DES, Triple DES, AES, Blowfish) on the basis of encryption and decryption time with different sizes text files and also image files on two different operating system using Java as the programming language.

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Nurfaida Tasni, Toto Nusantara, Erry Hidayanto, Sisworo

This case study investigates how students do strategy transformation in connective thinking through a process of reflection. This paper aims to anticipate students' failures in connective thinking when solving mathematical problems. Strategy transformation has a positive effect on student success in solving problems, especially mathematical problems. The results of the study show 5 transformation strategies that must be done by students in anticipating failure in productive connective thinking, namely 1) students must be able to develop their ideas to develop more mature planning in order to find several resolution strategies. 2) Students must identify errors made in the calculation process through the data verification process. 3) Students must have a good understanding of the basic concepts in constructing problem solutions. 4) students must carry out a systematic and comprehensive verification of the problem solving process. 5) students must have positive motivation and confidence in themselves to develop connection ideas based on their reflection and experience in solving problems. Therefore, the findings in this study can be used as the basis for each student to anticipate failure in solving mathematical problems that ultimately make students able to achieve success in the learning process.

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Priyanka Wature, P.S. Swami

Voltage sag/swell is frequent and unwanted power quality event observed in distribution system. Though it does not affect many loads but Service disruption and failure of electricity can be easily found in voltage sensitive equipment. To protect such equipment series voltage regulator for distribution system which can mitigate voltage sag/swell is proposed. The proposed system consists of power frequency transformer followed by power electronic module and load circuit. During abnormal condition compensating voltage (V_c) generated by power electronic module get added to supply voltage (V_in) to regulate voltage across load. The proposed system is effective to detect any disturbance in low voltage distribution system. Simulation results using MATLAB/SIMULINK are presented in this paper to verify productiveness of proposed system.

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Sulistiawati, Arumella Surgandini

This research was motivated by the condition of many college students come from Papua-Indonesia having a lack of capability to understand Linear Algebra course. In the other side, this understanding is a main requirement to master the learning material. One of its causes is that they have learning obstacles. Both lack of understanding capability and learning obstacle strongly imply the inferior feeling among of the students. Subjects of this research are 13 students Linear Algebra who enrolled in academic year 2015/2016 and 2014/2015 of Surya College of Education (STKIP Surya) Tangerang-Indonesia. Methodology of this research is qualitative approach in which researcher acts as the key instrument. Data are collected by test and questionnaire which will be analyzed by descriptive qualitative analysis. The result of this research were students have learning obstacle in their material understanding ability in interpreting, exemplifying, classifying, summarizing, comparing, and explaining, which relatively low because the students’ ability to think are still low and undeveloped (ontogenic origin) and the influence of the learning process experienced by students from the beginning to the present (didactical origin), and also they have self-confidence in average weak level which means that the level of confidence is within normal limits, tends to be rather weak, tends to feel doubtful, worry about the impression that is caused to others and have an inferiority complex.

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Chongtham Henary Singh, Van Cuu Nguyen, Vanga Sanga Reddy, Sadhu Leelavathi, Guruaribam Shantibala Devi

Molecular markers were used to study genetic diversity among the eight selected rice genotypes where six are local genotypes found in Manipur. A total of 19 RAPD, 17 ISSR and 29 SSR primers were screened where 13 RAPD, 12 ISSR and 20 SSR generated a total of 90, 88 and 160 alleles were detected respectively. The average number of alleles per locus was 6.9, 7.3 and 8.0 for each marker. The polymorphic information content (PIC) value ranged from 0.38 to 0.86 in RAPD, 0.16 to 0.79 in ISSR and 0.54 to 0.88 with SSR analysis. A combined cluster analysis was performed using UPGMA using the DICE’s similarity coefficient and the resulting dendrogram resolved the selected rice cultivars into two major clusters value ranging from 0.66 to 0.79. From the results, it is proven that this study can be useful in polymorphism analysis and genetic improvements by breeding in future.

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Swasti Maharani, Toto Nusantara, Abdur Rahman As’ari, Abd. Qohar

Computational thinking is very needed in the 21 century where we live in digitalization era. There is a global movement to include computational thinking in the school curriculum. This research aims to describe how computational thinking students in solving the algebraic problem. We use the qualitative descriptive method. The subject was three students enrolled in an Algebra course in their first year at a large university in the Javanese, Indonesia. The result shows that the first step when solving the problems is an abstraction. The second step is decomposition. After the students decide what the information in-keep and what in ignore, they did the decomposition process. Then generalization to make a generic term, the last step is algorithmic. The algorithmic process is the applications of the generalization before. The method finds out the solution, especially algebra, can be done without the debugging process. The recommendation for future research views the computational thinking in another subject, need to be reviewed if computational thinking will be included in the school curriculum in Indonesia. It is also necessary to develop computational assessment in mathematics education.

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Supriya Rajankar, Rahul Mankar, Omprakash Rajankar

In order to implement positive cattle identification delectability, the paper proposes a new model dependent on the histogram of Gradients (HOG) and Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN). Training algorithm was applied separately on a number of normalized gray faces of cattle images. Due to lighting variation sparse and low-rank disintegration was explained for alignment as well as misalignment, occlusion of the test image. The proposed work is an invariant biometric based cattle recognition based on cattle muzzle photo. It exploits texture feature extraction considering minimum distance and Support Vector Machine (SVM). The proposed work aims to achieve best accuracy.

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K. Trinath, G. Praveen Kumar Yadav

In the earth resources like fossil fuels are limited which causes to energy Crisis in the upcoming years. This makes the researchers us to investigate the alternative fuels. India have different types of edible and non-edible oilseeds, they have a potential of overcoming the energy crisis. Pongamia is the highly yields and cultivated plants. This article investigates the performance for diesel engine by using pongamia blend. And also, piston is coated with MgZrO2 to increase the performances of the engine. indicated thermal efficiency, Brake thermal efficiency, mechanical efficiency and brake specific fuel consumption are found and compared .it was found that with 20% of pongamia blend having minimum BSFC with maximum brake thermal efficiency. It is suggested to use 20% pongamia oil blend without any engine modification.

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Archis Churi, A. P. Biswas

Material selection is an essential factor in construction industry which has a large impact on all stake holders as well as the environment. The precise choice of materials for a project requires considerations of aesthetic appeal, initial and maintenance costs, life cycle assessment considerations such as material performance, availability, impact on the environment and the ability to reuse, recycle or dispose the material at the end of its life. The Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP) is a tool designed to solve Multi Criteria Decision Making (MCDM) problems. AHP enables us to investigate the relative importance of the criteria and alternatives for the identification of the best suited option for application to a particular project. This paper aims to demonstrate the application of AHP in selection of plaster material. Plastering process uses sand, cement and water in large quantities which may affect the environment adversely and other alternatives may cause unwanted outcomes and increased costs during the life cycle. In the present paper The AHP has been applied to the selection of proper plastering material from various alternatives for a residential building.

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Nerru Pranuta Murnaka, Qopa Almaisurie, Samsul Arifin.

This research is motivated by the critical thinking skills of the students of Kelapa Dua State Junior High School in Tangerang City are still relatively low. This is known from the results of preliminary studies conducted by researchers at the school. The purpose of this study was to determine the magnitude of the enhancement in mathematical critical thinking skills of students who learned using the method of guided inquiry learning at Kelapa Dua 1 Junior High School in Tangerang City. This research is a Quasi Experiment with the design using One-Group-Pretest-Posttest. From the results of data analysis shows that there is a significant enhancement in students 'critical thinking skills of mathematic, and the magnitude of the enhancement in students' mathematical critical thinking abilities is in moderate conditions..

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Lakhveer Kaur, Madhuchanda Rakshit, Sandeep Singh

In the supply network, it is very important to transport commodities from different origins to different station in minimum total transportation cost. These types of problems are called transportation problem. To achieve optimal solution of this problem, each individual starts solving the problem with an initial basic feasible solution. On starting with the better initial basic feasible solution, optimal solution (minimal cost) can be obtained in less number of iterations. In this paper, we have proposed a new method for finding initial basic feasible solution of transportation problem, which is based on making allocations in the minimum cost cell corresponding to the maximum cost. The proposed method obtains better initial solution as compare to existing methods. Even in many cases, our proposed method yields direct optimal solution or requires less number of iterations to reach optimal solution and can be easily applicable on the large scale transportation problems. Also, we have given some interesting comparison with existing methods.

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Thakur Dhakal

The decision to fix the headquarter location is one of the most critical tasks in the restructuring of the nation. Nepal is restructured with seven federal provinces with 77 districts by the new constitution of federal democratic Nepal [1]. This study purpose, the decisions regarding the sustainable technical location of provincial headquarters in Nepal. The selection of headquarter is done with comparing the common weightage (area, GDP, establishments, population and literacy rate) and common aerial center distances of districts of the provinces. The findings will be the reference for assembly members and policymakers on decision making to settle the regional headquarters of provinces in Nepal.

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Mstfa Rasool Fakhir Alsudany

The efficiency of the banking system in any country is an indicator of a healthy economy in which the banks maintain the balance between saving and investment to finance various economic activities (industrial/commercial/ agricultural) and improve the economy in any country. The main problem in Iraq that its banking system is weak and limited to contribute to the economic development of the country and the Iraqi banking system lags far behind neighboring countries in many steps without mentioning the banking systems of the developed countries. This study aims to point out the main problems of the Iraqi banking system and provide the best possible solutions. The results are shocking in a way that requires reconsideration of the status of Iraqi banks and the services provided by them, the level of technology (online services) adopted by these banks, and in terms of capital. The banks of neighbor countries exceed overwhelmingly and sometimes one bank reaches (30) times the capital of any Iraqi bank. And one neighbor country's bank has branches more than all the banks operating in Iraq combined

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Hend Abd El-monem Salama

Currently, electronic loads have been expanded in different sectors of societies that make the researchers do a great effort to discover the problems of the non-linearity on the electric power network and provides several solutions to overcome and eliminate their effects. Low power LED units are nonlinear loads that have high potential problems divided into poor power factor and current harmonic distortion and used in several applications. This paper presents two practical techniques which include number of different types of low power LEDs and one unit of CFL. The list of selected units are engaged in certain groups to be tested. A single tuned passive filter is used to enhance the performance of each units group and the results are analyzed and concluded.

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Dedy Irawan, Zainal Arifin, Fitriyana, Celine Olivia, Muhamad Nopal

Biodiesel is main choice to resources energy on synthesis process technology. It is one of biofuels with methyl ester compounds from transesterification process or biofuels with short bounds of alcohol. One of source biofuels is from palm oil. Biodiesel of synthesis process technology still develops day by day which it is about electrolysis process to help of esterification reaction. Many advantage through this process is the highest yield and it can be occurred on ambient temperature. Biodiesel synthesis with refined bleached deodorized palm oil (RBDPO) is through electrolysis process that component operation need Ag electrode of 3 x 2 x 0.1 cm dimension, 1.0 – 3.0 electrode space with 15 volt and range of time process of 60 – 150 minutes. Oil/methanol of Molar ratio is 1:6 and uses mineral water 2% w/w and KOH 0.5% w/w. through this process which got the highest biodiesel yield at electrode space of 1.5 cm and time process of 90 minutes, is 98.15% with density of 0.8764 g/mL, viscosity of 3.8224 cSt, acid value of 0.2907 mgKOH/g and flash point of 162.778oC. All parameter occupied by biodiesel validity standard of SNI 7182:2015. GC-MS identified of methyl ester product which divided into methyl palmitate of 35.30% and methyl oleic of 49.73%.

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Umu Khouroh, Fatima Abdullah, Krisnawuri Handayani

The fundamental changes in the business environment suspected make many companies difficult to maintain a competitive advantage. To restore competitive advantage, SMEs that have many limitations and are not likely to operate individually need to take strategic steps through strategic alliance which is the most appropriate approach for an increasingly dynamism environment. The main purpose of this study was to examine the role of strategic alliance as a mediating variable in the relationship between environmental dynamism and sustainable competitive advantage. This study used 130 creative industries. Data collection was conducted in Malang Regency, Malang City, and Batu City, East Java, Indonesia. The findings show that environmental dynamism does not have any significant relationship with a sustainable competitive advantage. Strategic alliance mediates the relationship between environmental dynamism and sustainable competitive advantage. The analysis shows that highly environmental dynamism tends to highly strategic alliance. The result of this study shows that the strategic alliance practiced by SMEs has been significantly affected the sustainable competitive advantage. It indicated that strategic alliance offers a systematic model for supporting SMEs to build a well-maintained environment and sustainable competitive advantage.

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K. Rajesh, P. Rajesh, Dr. J. S. Suresh

The purpose of present study is to model the rotating composite beam with pre-twist using finite element method with the help of ANSYS© software. Numerical solutions are illustrated for a twisted rotating composite beam configuration. Effects of ply angle, twist, hub radius and speed of rotation on free and forced vibrations and optimal control of rotating beams are studied. Model verification is performed with the isotropic beam to the composite beam and compared the results, which are coherent. A 3 layer laminated model with (θ/- θ/ θ) is considered to design a rotating cantilever twisted beam with hub using a CAD software (Solid Works) later the beam so forth modelled, imported into ANSYS software for further analysis. Composite lay-up and stacking sequence is modelled in ACP pre-post module, which further utilized the model for vibration study. The beam here is a composite beam modelled with IM7_5250-4RTM a carbon fiber composite material. The element used here is shell 281 to mesh the model.

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Ashalata Panigrahi, Manas Ranjan Patra

Ever increasing cybercrimes have posed a real challenge for ensuring secured internet based applications be it military, government, e-commerce, bank, or any other sensitive applications. Therefore, along with the development of innovative applications, security systems are being designed in the same pace to deal with cybercrimes. Intrusion Detection System (IDS) plays an effective role to achieve higher security in detecting malicious activities for a couple of years. Anomaly based intrusion detection approaches have the advantage of being able to detect previously unknown network attacks, but they suffer from the difficulty of building robust models of acceptable behavior which may result in a large number of false alarms. Developing flexible and adaptive security oriented approaches is a severe challenge. Bayesian belief networks are popular for adaptive learning. In this work, bayes net classifier techniques have been proposed for building a robust and accurate IDS using four classifiers, namely, K2 search, Tabu Search, Hill Climbing search, Tree Augmented Naive-Bayes, Further, three entropy based feature selection methods, viz., Information Gain, Gain ratio, Symmetrical Uncertainty, three statistical based methods, viz., Chi squared Attribute Evaluator, Relief-F, and one-R have been employed to select the most relevant features before classification. The performance of the model has been evaluated in terms of accuracy, precision, detection rate, F-value, and false alarm rate.

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Surjeet Kumar, Manas Kumar Sanyal

this paper prognosticates the production of wheat crop by developing a hybrid model through the combination of soft computing approaches. This material illustrates a brief study on the time series forecasting to predict the future data on the basis of the previous year data. The proposed model has been developed with the combination of Statistical Equations, Artificial Neural Network (ANN) and Genetic Algorithm (GA) to speculate the wheat production and to get more explicit outcomes. This model has been tested on the wheat production data of India from 1980 to 2018. Thereafter, by using statistical error computing techniques like Mean Square Error (MSE), Root Mean Square Error (RMSE) and Average Error, the Prediction Performances have been evaluated. It has been observed that due to the use of our proposed model compared to the Standalone Soft Computing, error prediction decreased.

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Misbach Fuady, Julia Safitri, Maria Rio Rita, Irene Rini Demi Pagestuti, Sugeng Wahyudi

Capital Structure Decisions under consideration of the company's life cycle are important in financial studies. We examine two of the most prominent capital structure theories, namely the Trade-off Theory and the Pecking Order Theory by incorporating the Firm's Life Cycle factors to see how companies at mature stages choose their type of capital structure. We use mature stage dummy variables classified from the concept of the Firm's Life Cycle, and include them in three models, namely the Partial Target Adjustment Model, Deficit Financing Model, and Nested Model, to capture the dominance of Trade-Off Theory and Pecking Order Theory in explaining capital structure decisions. We collected sample of non-financial company from the Indonesia Stock Exchange ( purposively with a range from 2004 to 2013, and pool it into balanced panel data. The test results show that companies in mature stages have a tendency to consider minimum Cost of Capital (CoC ) in their capital structure decisions, while still maintaining small-scale capital cost optimization. The test results show that the consideration based on pecking order theory is more dominant than the trade-off theory in the capital structure decisions of companies in the mature stage, although both theories play a complementary role.

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Yash Wanjari, Amrut A. Joshi

The main objective of this investigation is to study the axial and flexural behavior of Ferrocement-LGS composite section when subjected to half cyclic uniaxial compression and half cyclic 4 point bending. The connection between the ferrocement LGS composite was done by self-tapping gypsum screw. 3 different specimen of length 450mm and 900mm are connected with 150mm screw spacing and epoxy are tested under axial loading and 2 specimen of length 900mm with different screw spacing of 150mm are tested under flexural loading. The parameters studied here are load carrying capacity, maximum deflection/deformation, damping, stiffness degradation, load vs deflection curve, bending moment capacity, modulus of elasticity and failure pattern. Comparison of results with different specimen are done. This research will further provide guidance for study on ferroocement LGS composite system for construction

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Shaily Sharma, Prakriti Trivedi

We have observed that we are lacking with tools for teaching and assessing Software Project Management. We need to develop some tools to educate capacity of Software Project Management and to allow learners to check their skills and cover needed educational purpose in risk free surroundings by using a game like methodology. A simulation can bring various benefits to software engineering education as it has brought to other educational fields. In this paper, various simulation based games for teaching software project management are reviewed and discussed in terms of description and outcome.

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Ardi Dwi Susandi, Cholis Sa’dijah, Abdur Rahman As’ari, Susiswo

Critical thinking is one of important factors in learning mathematics because it is used as one of the tools to solve mathematical problems. In the process of mathematical critical thinking, students experience the process of making inferences i.e. in the process of making conclusions of the premises given so that the premises and the conclusions form valid arguments. However, students sometimes make mistakes in giving reasons to the inferences made. The objective of this research was to analyze the error of a high school student in making inferences using mathematical critical thinking ability based on APOS theory. The type of research used was descriptive with qualitative approach. The subjectof this research was a student of twelfth grade. The methods used in the study included two test of essays, interview, and triangulation methods. The findings showed that the student was able to make inferences of given problems. However, the student had not been able to give the reasons of the inferences made. The causes of student errors in working on the questions of inferences based on APOS theory were: (1) errors in manipulating the application of the rules of making conclusion on logical thinking, (2) misconceptions (SPLDV) about the equation of coinciding lines, (3) errors dealing with kinds of numbers in mathematics (4) difficulties in changing given premises in the forms of mathematical symbols (5) difficulties in remembering the wayof eliminating and substituting of SPLDV principles, (6) difficultiesin changing SPLDV matrix forms into SPLDV algebra.

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Lucik, Mochammad Chotib, Babun Soeharto

Existing household economic evidently lead to increasing productive economic activity on household scale in Jember regency. It was also followed by a growing number of microfinance institutions that provide loans for capital. The number of financial institutions that ultimately forced the housewife to choose which financial institutions will be in their favor. The purpose of this study was to determine benchmark housewife preferences and patterns of institutional microfinance institutions in Jember and able to analyze the effect of preference for household income in Jember. Research on preference housewife on microfinance institutions to the dynamics of income in Jember is a qualitative research which used primary data, housewives with small business and the user of microfinance institutions. The design of analysis used by the interpretative phenomenological analysis through six stages of analysis. The researcher also implemented the data triangulation that consisted of checking activity, re-checking activity, and cross-checking activity to ensure whether the obtained data were valid. The result of this research shows that the dynamics of increasing household income through productive activities increasingly forced housewife doing preference decision to choose a financial institution to fulfill the working capital. These options arise with the support of many financial institutions that exist in this area study. So that, there was competition from increasingly easy administration system, and declining of interest also getting good in service. Under the changes in the administrative system, it decreased the interest rate to better service, then there was a change in the institutional financial institutions that exist in the area study. The option provides flexibility for the housewife to get better to access in credit. This housewives decision is also not without results. From this study explained that there are differences in their prosperity before and after carry on the credit in order to begin or increase their business. The conclusion from this study confirms that they recognize the benefits of the presence of financial institutions with varying excellence.

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D. G. Gaidhankar, Abhilash N. Pawar

The present work aims at providing structural design and methods of manufacturing of structural components designed using ferrocement panel and light gauge steel. The method of construction suggested promotes fast construction, making it advantageous, economical in many situations. Total twelve numbers of specimens are prepared with three different specifications; each size has four specimens of sizes 200mm X 300mm, 200mm X 450mm, 200mm X 900mm respectively. Also used LGS channel of size 89mm X 49mm X 0.75mm. Two specimen of each type are connected through only screwing and rest specimens by self tapping screw with epoxy. These composite specimens are tested under direct uniaxial compression. Expectation from this research is that this research will be used as guidance for future research on composite system for building construction.

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D. Prasantha Bharathi, T. Jayakumar, S. Vinoth.

In this article, the concept of hybrid system especially multiple hybrid system, differential system of neutral type are bound together with the concept of fuzzy. The Runge-Kutta method of order 4 is used as a tool to solve the problem numerically. Two problems are solved to verify the theoretical results. The exact solutions are obtained in a usual way of solving delay differential equations. The exact and numerical solutions are compared in the case of non-fuzzy and fuzzy valued solutions.

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Fajarika Ramadania, Johan Arifin

The problems studied in this study were about function and meaning, as well as the process of the return ceremony spell reviewed from literary anthropology. The purpose of this research is (1) to describe the function and meaning of the mantra, and (2) describe the spell process in the ceremonial balian of the Dayak Meratus community in Hantakan District, Hulu Sungai Tengah regency. This research uses anthropological approaches. This type of research is qualitative research. Research location in Hantakan village. The source of the data from the research is derived from the primary data source of public figures or Mamang who have a dagination mantra, and secondary data sources that are books that support and relate to research and observation in the field, collection techniques Data using observations and interviews. On the results of the research in the field either a linear data source as well as through a direct interview with the resource and techniques used in analyzing the data is a qualitative descriptive technique. Conclusion of the results of this study as follows. (1) The function and meaning of spells found in this study are as follows. A) the function of treatment/purchase is to cure, eliminate, or treat the pain suffered by a person both children, adults, and elderly who are caused by disorders of animals, delicate beings, unseen people, even human Own. b) The meaning of the mantra is to ask for healing to the Almighty, for the permission of the disease is lifted and healed. (2) The process of treatment is done in the hospital of the sick person because usually the ceremony is done by many people such as big events. The event's leader is Mamang who will treat the patient. During the day, the invited people will help to prepare for ceremonial rituals, such as cooking, preparing the tools and materials for ceremonial balian. At night the Balian ceremony is held from 20.00-05.00 Wita. The first process of Baras Pesat was the initial preparation accompanied by the dances and music of the Dayak Meratus, the dance performed by those who commonly dance around the ornaments that were made from the ruins during the Balian ceremony. The second process of the Jombu is to construct the offerings and tools used for the treatment process. The third process is puja, Puja is a treatment process or a dagination that is a recitation of spells by Mamang.

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Palli Suryachandra, Dr. P. Venkata Subba Reddy

Sentiment analysis uses data mining processes and techniques to extract and capture data for analysis in collection of documents, like blog posts, reviews, news articles and social media feeds like tweets and status updates. It has been gained order to distinguish the subjective opinion of a document or quite popularity in the recent years. Several techniques have been utilized frequently including machine learning approaches and vocabulary oriented semantic algorithms. This article presents an intellectual study of various techniques which are used in the sentiment analysis process.

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M. O Wankhade, H. S. Lunge

Use of both the forms smokeless and smoking of tobacco has increased during last 20 years in rural as well as in urban part of country. A sample data from 2924 workers engaged in agriculture farming in villages of Murtizapur tahsil of Akola district of Maharashtra India, was collected for various age groups. Two way Analysis of variance was carried out and 95% confidence interval are estimated for Tobacco, gutkha, Snuff chewers and smokers. It was observed that there are significant difference among age groups with respect to habit of use of tobacco, guthka, snuff and smoking and also significant difference among Tobacco, gutkha, Snuff chewers and smokers. The pair wise comparison between various age groups is made by using critical difference.

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G V K Murthy, CH V Suresh, K Sowjankumar, B Hanumantharao

Now a day’s, Distributed generators (DGs) penetration level is rapidly increasing pertaining to electricity market restructuring and environmental issues. DGs also playing a role of minimizing line losses in power system network; the sizing and placement of DG’s should be done with utmost care to avail the maximum benefits. The inherent features of radial distribution network with large number of nodes and variable X/R ratio’s out ruled the conventional techniques for DG’s sizing and optimum placement. So, artificial bee colony method is presented in this paper to obtain the optimal location and sizing of DG with loss minimization. The proposed method is tested on 25-bus unbalanced radial distribution system and the results are compared with those of particle swarm optimization (PSO) and improved group search algorithm methods to show the superiority of proposed methodology.

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Dr. Lakshmipathy. B, Dr. Kajavali. A, Dr. Krishnan. S, Dr. Senthil kumar.M

The utilization of solar energy has been used over a long period of time. The applications like air heating and water heating are the main usage of solar energy and it is globally accepted and still utilizing in many countries. Still various types of research work were in under progress through worldwide to improve the solar gadgets to work more efficiently. It has been evident that every solar gadgets need a little bit of improvement in order to perform well. The better solution for the improvement of flat plate collector is the cavity collector. The experimental analysis of a solar cavity collector has been presented in this research paper. It has proposed to conduct an experimental analysis on solar cavity collector to determine its optimal efficiency under various conditions. A parametric analysis is carried out to find the optimal performance and effective utilization of the solar energy. Various lengths to diameter ratios have been tried viz., 40, 50 and 78.74. The gadget has been tested by changing the mode of flow as parallel and serpentine type with L/D ratios of 50 and 78.74. Comparisons have been made for its optimal performance with circular and rectangular type cavity cover. The formation of eddies at the corner of rectangular casing (cavity cover) withstands or prevents some additional heat losses, thus it should be entertained and thereby the heat losses can be reduced to some extent. As in the case of circular cavities, the heat losses were more because of its simple in construction and thereby no prevention of heat losses. But in the rectangular cavities, there was a possibility to hold up the heat in the corners of the cavity and thus the losses of heat were prevented. Heat can be again reradiated back into the cavities in the form of light. Also the collector was tested with 5 and 7 number of cavities for the same L/D ratio of 78.7. It was tested at various mass flow rate of water such as 0.002, 0.0025, 0.003, 0.0035, 0.0047, 0.0067 kg/sec to investigate its optimal performance. Experimental results show that L/D ratio of 50 gives better results than the others.

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Mukarto, Wiwi Hartati, Tri Budi Prasetyo, As'at, Pur Dwi Asmoro

The aims of study is identify intellectual property rights of batik motifs in the kebon indahbatik community based on local wisdom and information technology usage to improve competitiveness in the international market. This studyuses qualitative method with analysis techniques which is using the triangulation method. The data is collected by in-depth interviews anddata cross check in the field. The results shows that 1) batik motifs which is made based on local wisdom can improve batik quality, 2) the use of information technology as a medium of communication and promotion increase competitiveness, 3) the richness of batik motifs must be documented as a multifunctional tool so that local wisdom can be maintained.

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Concern towards health and environment is fueling the growth of organic food consumption globally and also in India. As per studies Indian agriculture in remote places is organic by default, and marginal efforts would be required to make it certified organic. This is a big opportunity for the Indian agriculture and Indian organic industry. If the domestic organic food market is studied and systematically tapped it will provide stability to export oriented organic food companies and an additional income to the farmers and quality products to the customers. The research study is an exploration and quantification and of all the variables involved in organic food consumption in India and culminates in developing a predictive model. The model is developed using 622 observation collected from 1500 respondents from Mumbai and Navi Mumbai.

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K. Subahan, E. Siva Reddy, R. Meenakshi Reddy

Faster high heat dissipation plays a vital role in many of the engineering applications. The phenomenon of the simultaneous heat exchange due to convection and radiation is one of the ways to dissipate heat in most of the applications such as heat sinks where are widely used. Plate Pin-fin heat sinks obtain higher heat transfer rate, lower pressure drop and low thermal resistance than the finned or unfinned channel heat sink. Copper and Aluminium are the materials especially used rather than brass and iron. The utilization of pins in the heat sink increases the heat transfer area to reach the extreme rate of heat loss in a restricted space. In expanding the width of the heat sink the higher heat dissipation happens rather increasing the height of the heat sink and furthermore design parameters also affect thermal resistance, by considering these are as fundamental parameters the extended surfaces as pin-fin heat sink is retrieved to another Rhombus shaped pin-fin heat sink with various alignments and contrasted and Rhombus pyramid structure.

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G. S. Somesha, Govindaraju, M. Vinaya, S. Govindaiah

The petrographic, major, trace and rare earth element data are presented for the supracrustal rock amphibolites that having close contact with pegmatites and well exposed around the Holenarasipura and Karighatta schist belts. Based on petrographic characteristics and field relations the amphibolites observed are classed into four types namely, tremolite, hornblende–actinolite, hornblende-garnet, and hornblende-bearing type. The study also reveals that the rocks have undergone deformation and metamorphosed. The geochemical studies suggested that the amphibolites of the schist belts are of ortho-type and sub-alkaline in nature, with tholeiitic affinity. The P-T conditions of amphibolites are estimated based on the composition of co-existing hornblende-plagioclase geothermobarometer which yields temperature estimates around 6000C at the assumed pressure of 5 kbar for amphibolites.

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Venkataramanan C, Suresh J

one of the optimum solutions for reducing the energy utilization in the wireless sensor networks (WSNs) is data aggregation. In the phase of data aggregation the nodes in the application area observe the environment and convey the sensed data to the central coordinator or cluster head (CH) for aggregation. Afterwards the CH transmits the information to sink directly or via other CHs. Instead of sending the information from all member nodes, in this paper limited nodes (i.e. based on the time slot information received from the CH) from the group are allowed to send the information to the aggregator. According to this approach the overall energy spends by the group is greatly minimized and balanced among them. The scheduling of time slots reduces the collision among the nodes. The dynamic transmission power adjustment implies reduced energy utilization. The outcomes of this proposed, Combined Approach for Time slot and Transmission power adjustment (CATT) clears that, it yields better results compared to the existing strategies.

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Linda W. Fanggidae, T. Yoyok Wahyu Subroto, Ardhya Nareswari

Numbers of people from Sawu ethnic live as migrant street vendors in Kupang city. They leave the traditional houses that they inhabit at their homeland, and in exchange, they set up stalls as their selling and residential place at the city. The stalls are physically and psychologically inappropriate for a living place. However, they inhabit the stalls for a long period. Since they all came from the same ethnic group, it is rational to assume that they have applied some strategies based on their indigenous spatial system as in their traditional house. This study aims to identify and describe the persistence of Sawu ethnic traditional house’s spatial system in their migrant street vendor's stall. Topological analysis has used to examine the spatial system of 36 stalls and compare it to the spatial system of the traditional house. The result of the analysis is the finding of several similarities in the spatial system, both vertically and horizontally. Eventually, this research proved that even though there is some inevitable physical adjustment, the spatial system of the traditional house does persist in the stalls. This conclusion also implies that the persistence of the spatial system is one of the significant supporting factors behind their ability to preserve their long term existence in urban space.

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Nibedita Chowdhury, Mphil Scholar

India has a remarkable status in the Silk map of the world. After China, India is the largest producer of silk, producing about 18 percent of the total world production. It is also the second largest producer of Tassar silk after China. India produces four varieties of silk i.e. Mulberry, Eri, Tassar and Muga. Out of the four types of silks India has the monopoly of world production of golden yellow-Muga silk. Muga the golden yellow silk is the product of the silkworm Antheraea assamensis found only in the Bramhaputra Valley of Assam, a state in Northeast India. Muga silk is the culture of Assam which is as old as Assamese culture. Traditionally, Assam has been famous for its cottage industry specially spinning and weaving. The agro-based sericulture activities have been playing an important role in uplifting the rural economy of Assam. But it is very unfortunate that the new generation of the weavers’ family were not interested to continue this culture. The weavers are also facing problems regarding wages, education, lack of modern skill, shortage of modern equipments, poor standard of living. Weavers take weaving as a part time job despite having possibilities in the industry. So a grass root level of the study about the socio-economic condition and the status of the weavers in the silk industry of Sualkuchi will help us to find out the problem faced by the weavers and the industry and also will be helpful to find out the solutions to those problems and would be possible to give proper respect and attention to the age old culture of Assam.

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Srimathi H, Krishnamoorthy A

Higher Education sector in India is witnessing massive and exponential growth in terms of number of students and institutions. The procedures associated with the academic processes such as admission, teaching, examination and support services have also grown manifold. The institutions make use of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) in student information and for organization activities. The various autonomous and heterogeneous applications of ERP system with traditional approach do not address the issues related the scope of on-premise and cloud integration. This resulted replication of data entry, manual data processing, inconsistency and time consumption. The invention proposes the integration of Student System (ISS) using Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS), which aims to deal with hybrid era of cloud and on-premise applications.

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Krishnamoorthy A, Srimathi H

The performance, achievement and contributions of faculty members in teaching-learning, research and administration constitute a major quality indicator in higher education institutions. The institutions are always in a need to maintain faculty profile, as it is one of the key determinant factors in approval, accreditation, ranking system, and also in choice of institution in admission process. The institutions do the periodic performance evaluation of the faculty to cope-up and meet their statutory demands. The faculty profile is not updated at many times and the data collection process is repeated through mails, word, excel, or paper as and when required. The invention proposes using electronic forms (e-Form) of maintaining Faculty Profile in entire Recruitment to Retirement (R2R) life cycle. .

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Nishant Katiyar, Dr. Rakesh Bhujade

Learning management system is one of the entity which take part with high dimension content delivery. It also enable to use it in remote area as well as useful for the person with disabilities. LMS help in learning the modules based on the individual capacity on individual timeframe. The architecture which works scalable with the cloud environment provide with is enrich library and content. While working with quality data and its accessibility, Quality should not be compromised and its one of the challenge under the platform. Many scenario such as screen lock and device activity disable is applied in previous approach to avoid content leak by unauthorized access. Hence finding a proper solution architecture on LMS is one of the objective requirement. In this paper, introduction of the security over CLMS and further finding an enhance model for providing the security in data accessing and managing is provided. A complete architecture with spam analysis at the content up-loader end is provided which is working with spam detection and prevention alert system. The another authentication end security with real time finger print matching module and utilizing its session while accessing is also presented. Thus the module is efficient and can be used for the security automation purpose. A further work is going to perform to implementation of given architecture and monitoring its real time feasibility with real end users entity.

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Muhammad Noor Kholid, Riska Lail Agustin, Lingga Nico Pradana

Education is one of the human needs that must be fulfilled. In this globalization era, processes in the advancement of education can be interpreted as a measure of educational success. This study aims to analyze: (1) the effect of TPS (Think Pair Share) learning strategies based on portfolio assessment, TPS and expository on mathematics learning outcomes, (2) the effect of the level of interest in learners' learning on mathematics learning outcomes, (3) interaction between TPS learning strategies based on portfolio assessment, TPS and expository learning strategies and interest in learning about mathematics learning outcomes. This research is a quantitative with a quasi-experimental design. The population were all 7th grade in IT Junior High School (SMP IT) of Nur Hasan Boyolali Central Java Indonesia. The sampling technique used cluster random sampling. Data collected by some methods such as documentation, questionnaires, and test results. The data analysis technique uses two-way variance analysis with unequal cells. The results of the analysis with a significance level of 0.05 indicate that: (1) there are differences in the effect of TPS learning strategies based on portfolio valuation, TPS, and Expository on mathematics learning outcomes, (2) there is an influence on learner’s level of interest in learning Mathematics learning outcomes, (3) there is no interaction between the three learning strategies with the level of interest in learner’s learning towards mathematics learning outcomes.

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Achmad Muhibbin, Achmad Fathoni, Zainal Arifin, Suliadi Firdaus Sufahani

The objective of the study was to describe the data analysis on multi-intelligences as a basis of mapping and increasing independent assignment score in civic education learning based on controversial issues in mass media. It used a research and development.The data were collected with interview, observation, questionnaire, and document. These were validated by checking credibility with a triangulation technique, member check, and peer-group discussion (FGD). The data were analyzed an interactive model. The results of the research show that 1) mapping an assignment based on multi-intelligences test,articles on controversial issues, critical analysis,picture/sketch/visualization, role-playing video,video clip, video blog, and self-introspection narration, and taking activities in keeping existence of nature in a written report. 2) Increasing students’ assignment score could compared among early assignment qualities, nob based on multiple-intelligences with independent assignment tests 1 and 2, based on multiple intelligences. The mean score of the early independent assignment was 77.05and the mean score of the independent assignment 1 was 81.06. It means that increasing independent assignment qualities based on multiple-intelligences was 4.01 points. In comparison with the mean score of the assignment 2 was 8.03 points.

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Ravreet Kaur, Gurvinder Singh

Evolutionary strategies based on the principle of genetic programming are being used to achieve sub-optimal solutions for various NP-Complete problems. One of the most sought after NP-Complete problem is Task graph scheduling i.e. optimally execute the schedule of tasks on available parallel and distributed environment so as to achieve efficient utilization of available resources. Task scheduling is defined as a multi-objective combinatorial optimization problem, with the aim to achieve reduced completion time and effective load balance on the available resources. Various algorithms have been proposed by various authors to achieve the above mentioned goal with the help of various heuristics based on genetic algorithms. All the proposed algorithms by different researchers have been individually reported to be efficient in some certain restricted environment parameters with certain limitations; offering very preliminary improvement on the state of art of one single type of environment. Designers face difficulty in choosing the optimal algorithm for the generalized environment. This paper will introduce basic characteristics of generalized distributed environment along with a survey of all the proposed algorithms that perform load balancing using Genetic Algorithm. Hence, an extensive study has been done with the aim to identify the gaps in existing literature.

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Y.V.Seshagiri Rao, D.V.S.R.Anil Kumar

By defining the principal meanings of locally-measurable lattice, complete-measure, saturated-lattice measure, we demonstrates that each lattice measure space can be incorporated into a complete-lattice measure space also set up an outcome that If ɲ is lattice sigma-finite measure then it is saturated. Also provides the definitions of join (meet) irreducibility of an element of a partial lattice, measurable function on a partial lattice and proves the join (meet) of two measurable functions defined on partial lattice is measurable, the set of all real-valued measurable functions is a vector space as well as lattice. The main object of this paper is if {hn} is an increasing(decreasing) sequence of join(meet) irreducible measurable functions on a partial measurable lattice space (H, B ̅, ɲ) then their join(meet) is join(meet) irreducible measurable function.

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Fivia Eliza, Dwiprima Elvanny Myori, Hastuti, Oriza Candra, Syaiful Islami

Devices characteristics of electrical and electronics is an important thing that must be mastered by students majoring in electrical engineering. This can be obtained through practice of materials science and devices. But the problem that arises is the absence of trainer model to facilitate the practice, so that students need more time to practice. While the time available for this course is only 1 credit (100 minutes). This study aims to develop the device trainer model to assist students in practice. The research was adopted Borg and Gall model that have 10 development steps. Validity of the trainer model was measured by instrument of validity that had been validated before. The average calculation result from the validity analysis of the trainer model is 94% with very valid category. So it can be concluded that trainer model on materials science and devices was valid to be used as a learning media.

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Sanjith S L, Dr. E George Dharma Prakash Raj

Increased automated devices has not only increased dependencies on such devices, but also the increased attacks on them. Although several anomaly detection architectures exists in literature, the specific issues observed in this domain requires specialized anomaly detection models. This paper presents an effective model selection framework that selects anomaly detection models based on the level of concept drift existing in the data. The temporal aspects of the data are decomposed to determine the drift level. Depending on the levels, three varied models have been constructed and used for effective detection of anomalies. Experiments were performed in benchmark datasets and comparisons were performed with recent works in literature. Comparisons indicate effective performance of the proposed model.

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Mochammad Chotib, Babun Suharto, Lucik

East Java Province has high economic growth accompanied by a high number of poor people. This study aims to analyze the impact of human capital on economic growth and poverty in East Java Province. The analytical tool used in this study is the Vector Autoregression (VAR) to analyze in detail the relationship between human capital, economic growth and poverty. The results of this study indicate that human capital has an influence on economic growth and reduces the rate of poverty in East Java. Thus, the influence of Human Capital on economic growth and poverty alleviation in East Java is an implementation of the effectiveness of fiscal policy in managing income, implementing people's economy, increasing investment in education that is less than optimal.

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S. Mahalakshmi, R. Vadivel

MANET nodes are developed based on limited battery power. They may drain due to mobility and packet transmission. These nodes move away from their path without any acknowledgement. Because of the power utilization there may be enormous changes in the network. So the overall performance of the node slightly decreases. MANET routing protocols relay on node lifetime and link lifetime. This paper evaluates the node life time and link life time using a novel Dynamic Shrink Route Optimization (DSRO) mechanism. This mechanism considerably reduces the energy drain in nodes. These performance metrics are included by dynamic shrink route optimization technique. This DSRO algorithm is used to select the node with longest lifetime for packet forwarding, Node Lifetime and Route lifetime prediction methods and shrink mechanism to avoid link breakage. In this paper a novel Dynamic Shrink Route Optimization technique is introduced. The DSRO Technique outperforms the DSR protocols that are implemented with shrink mechanism in the node lifetime and the link lifetime algorithm and it is simulated using NS2.

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Santosh Itraj, Dr. Uttam Bombale, Pravinkumar Patil, Dr. Meenakshi Patil

The cognitive radio resolves the spectrum scarcity issue in wireless communication networks by utilizing the spectrum in an opportunistic way. The CR network yet inflicts peculiar challenges because of the dynamic spectrum, high quality of service requirements and the higher data rate. Integration of the multiple input multiple output-orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (MIMO-OFDM) with the cognitive radio offers robustness and the diversity gain in a hostile wireless environment. In this treatise, we propose a link adaptation strategy for the MIMO-OFDM based cognitive radio system. In our adaptation scheme, Cognitive radio-adaptive modulation coding, MIMO profile, power controller (CR-AMCMPPC) adapts the MIMO profile space-time block code (STBC) or spatial division multiplexing (SDM) along with the modulation coding scheme (MCS) and the transmit power. This adaptation works on each of the packets to be transmitted on the selected channel. The novel power-adaptation scheme time-domain water-filling power adaptation (TWFPA) is proposed. The TWFPA adapts transmit power to improve energy efficiency instead of the throughput of the system. We evaluate the performance of the adaptive MIMO-OFDM cognitive system. We perceive through the simulation results that the proposed adaptation scheme procures significant enhancement in the throughput of the system with an efficient power utilization under the constraint of targeted bit error rate (BER) and the transmit power. We consider both the interweave and underlay cognitive schemes in the proposed controller. System performance is investigated for the interweave channel sharing scheme.

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Ribhu Abhusan Panda, Debasis Mishra

The conventional circular patch in modified in such a way that the resultant shape resembles biconvex lens structure. The frequency of operation is chosen as 27 GHz which is suitable for many applications like satellite communication, fixed & mobile service except Aeronautical mobile service and CB Radio. A DGS has been applied having a circular shape in the ground plane. After simulation the focus has been made for the S11 plot (<10 dB). The antenna gain in dB has been found out at the frequency where the proposed antenna resonates. To find out the desired resonant frequency radius of the proposed DGS has been optimised with the help of optimised tool in HFSS software. a comparison has been made between the simulated parameters of the proposed patch with DGS and without DGS. Other parameters like VSWR Directivity, Radiation efficiency, etc have been determined.

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Waslaluddin, Eka Fitrajaya Rahman, Rizky Rachman Judhie Putra, Budi Laksono Putra

Twenty first century skills is a set of skills that has to be mastered by students in order to win new era competitions where the competitions are started to open globally. Several researches shown that Creative Learning Cycle method can help students to master the twenty first century skills and make learning process more meaningful. The purpose of this research is to identify the influence of Creative Learning Cycle learning steps to the students’ twenty first century skills. Another purpose of the research is to make a learning management system (LMS) that might enhance learning process done with Creative Learning method. Aside to manage the learning process, LMS can be used as twenty first century skills evaluation media in each step because it has been integrated with twenty first century learning parameters according to the analysis that has been done before. Even though in the end the LMS that has been built cannot accommodate all Creative Learning Cycle learning steps, LMS still get positive response from the teacher and students who use it.

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Astri Purnama Dewi

Road improvement implementation projects will certainly have emerging risks, both small and large scale risks. The Semarang District Government is carrying out infrastructure development, especially in the Brigin Sub-district area, namely the road improvement on Gogodalem Street - Kalikurmo Street. This research was conducted to analyze the possibilities of the risks that will occur, so that the implementation of road improvement can run smoothly and the risks that arise later can be handled properly. The analytical method used is descriptive method. The results of this study, in the implementation of road improvement projects that have the highest risk is the Technical Contractual. The solution is to avoid or avoid risk by changing the project plan to eliminate risks or conditions to protect the project target from its effects / consequences.

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Krovvidi Srinivas, Q. Murtaza, A.K Agarwal

The Traditional Finishing process mostly lapping, honing, buffing, superfinishing etc contains various disadvantages like labour intensive work, high Production cost and time. Moreover, the quality of surface finish achieved is not up to the mark but in present era there is requirement of better quality of products with desired surface finish, in order to overcome this finishing issue Abrasive Magnetic Finishing and Abrasive Flow Machining process comes into the consideration. Both the Process uses a Viscoelastic media which contains an adequate amount of Polymer, gel, Oil and abrasives. Magnetic Abrasive Finishing includes polymer media with carbonyl particle which align along the magnetic field and results in effective machining. This paper includes solid modelling of the process and simulation on Ansys Fluent module and analyse the Flow parameters of the viscoelastic polymer media and its effect on material removal.

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Y. D. Chincholkar, S. R. Ganorkar

The internet technology used to release and distribute multimedia rights requires scruples copyright protection and detection policy. In the current context, the multimedia industry is suffering from multibillion-dollar annual financial loss. The entire music industry is hunting for a concrete solution that undermines the owner’s and an artist’s work as per International Federation of the Phonographic standards. This paper proposes a review of digital watermarking techniques to enhance and enrich performance characteristics such as piracy, security, and reliable distribution of copyright contents to distributors and retailers through theoretically and by performance analysis. It helps researchers to develop effective encryption and decryption algorithms to trade off performance characteristics such as imperceptibility of digital content, reducing the computational complexity, increasing the security by optimizing the algorithm payload and improving robustness are present challenges. From the survey, it is observed that 95 to 97 % of copyright information gets changed due to the transformation and leads to piracy leakage. Likewise, it surmised the various signal processing attacks that are used for the evaluation of watermarking systems, which supplies guidelines to select substantial patchwork method based watermarking procedures for an option for the specific application area to significant improvement could observe in the audio copyright information.

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Dr.R.Athilakshmi, R.Priyadharsini

Hand written character recognition is widely used in many applications .For Tamil character recognition quite a few work has been reported in the literature. Affine transformations are composites of some basic transformations. In this paper we proposed a method of feature extraction using affine moment invariant for affine transformed character objects. Six different transformations are applied and the affine moment invariants features are extracted, trained and tested using Back propagation network. Due to the variations, size, skew and slight rotation present in the structure of the character object, affine moment Invariant proves better results for character recognition.

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The Penggaron Terminal is a type B passenger terminal in Semarang City. This terminal accepts the transfer of several intercity bus routes that were originally from the Terboyo Terminal. This research intends to find out the service at the Penggaron Terminal. The purpose of this study is: (1) to determine the conditions and facilities in the Penggaron Terminal, (2) to analyze the perceptions of service users towards the services of the Penggaron Terminal. Data collection is done by looking for secondary data references and primary data from field observations and questionnaires. The data analysis method was carried out with a descriptive analysis to identify terminal conditions and facilities, and questionnaire analysis using the Importance Performance Analysis (IPA) method. From the analysis results, it is known that the service of Penggaron Terminal is not good enough for passengers because the area is inadequate and some facilities still need to be equipped and the quality of service is needed to improve.

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Heri Nurdiyanto, Herman Dwi Surjono, Priyanto

The adaptive assessment system is expressed as an interactive approach to assessing the learner in the learning system. Stages undertaken in the development of this system include determination of bank questions, determination of the initial ability level of examinees, selection of items, assessments, termination of tests, and conclusions about the ability of examinees. Determining the initial ability level of examinees is very important because its accuracy dramatically affects the effectiveness of a selection of questions. Rule-based methods are used to extract information, rule-based methods combined with machine learning techniques are proposed to assess the level of ability of regular students and students with special needs. Machine learning techniques used are Naive Bayes, Multilayer Perceptron, SMO, Decision Tree, JRIP, and J48. The best accuracy results are achieved using the JRIP rule-based method of 64.12. The rules for the determination of the level of ability are formed based on expert opinion. The strength of examinees to vary and the amount of data evolving lies in need for dynamic formation of rules. The discovery of patterns in the test data of the participants can be used as the basis for the creation of states to replace the expert as well as improve the prediction accuracy. It is necessary to extract the pattern so that it can be used for the formation of the initial capability rules for examinees.

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Vasarla Satish, P. Rajesh, Dr. J. S. Suresh, Gurram Narendra Santosh Kumar

A Gas Turbine is an internal combustion engine that uses air as the working fluid. in the design of the blades is to find the frequency at which the resonance exists. Prototype building and testing of the blades is highly expensive and is a time-consuming process. Remedy to avoid prototype building is the Finite Element Analysis. But Finite Element Analysis throws a challenge in terms of the size of the model and analysis time. To build a 360-degree Rotor blade model in Finite Element Analysis with the required degree of accuracy and analysis is very difficult as it involves high configuration systems. Moreover, the time consumption for the analysis of a 360-degree model is high. To overcome this, in the present analysis, a concept called as “Cyclic symmetry Analysis " is utilized. The advantage of cyclic symmetry can be utilized only in the case of models which possess symmetry in terms of the axis. In the initial phase, Cyclic Symmetry Analysis Validation is performed with coarse mesh on the 360-degree model. The pre-stress Modal analysis is also one another concept utilized in the present analysis to find out the frequency of the blade under various conditions of angular velocity. In Pre-stress modal analysis initially, the model is stressed under the speed of the rotor wheel and the model is then vibrated to find its natural frequency under the stressed condition. Campbell diagrams are then constructed for the various nodal diameters to find the interference margins of the fundamental modes frequency like 1st bending, 1st Torsion, 2nd bending and 2nd Torsion.

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Shivani Goyal, Akanksha Singh, R.S. kaler

In the proposed design, we investigated the optical unicast system using hybrid modulation techniques (NRZ, DQPSK and DP-16QAM) and overlay on multicast system to transmit 13.56Tb/s data rate using OTDM (Optical Time Division Multiplexing). In the design of unicast system, NRZ, DQPSK and DP-16QAM modulation is used to transmit 1650Gb/s data rate and DPSK (differential phase shift keying modulation) is used to transmit 40Gb/s data rate. Similarly total ten unicast signals are generated to achieve the data rate of 1.35Tb/s and overlay it on multicast signal. In the multicast signal DPSK modulation with MZM is used at 40Gb/s data rate. Input power, BER and Q-factor has been observed using Optisystem v 15 software.

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Agus Arip Munawar, Devianti, Purwana Satriyo, Syahrul, Yuswar Yunus

The main purpose of this present study is to apply the near infrared (NIR) technology as a rapid and robust method in predicting soil quality parameters in form of potassium (K), Magnesium (Mg) and calcium (Ca) simultaneously. Diffuse reflectance spectra data were acquired for a total of 40 bulk soil samples (60 g per each bulk) in near infrared (NIR) wavelength range from 1000 to 2500 nm. On the other hand, actual reference K, Mg and Ca were measured using standard laboratory procedures. Prediction models, used to predict those three quality parameters were established using principal component regression (PCR) and partial least square regression (PLSR) method. Moreover, prediction accuracy and robustness were evaluated based on correlation coefficient (r) and residual predictive deviation (RPD) index respectively. The result showed that K, Mg and Ca of soil samples can be predicted simultaneously using NIR technology with maximum r coefficient and RPD index were 0.97 and 5.14 for K, 0.98 and 8.34 for Mg, 0.98 and 8.90 for Ca respectively, which categorized as excellent model performance. Thus, it may conclude that NIR technology can be used and applied as rapid and simultaneous method to predict quality parameters of soil samples satisfactory.

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Pravinkumar Patil, Dr. Meenakshi Patil, Santosh Itraj, Dr. Uttam Bombale

Multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) antenna system with Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (OFDM) [1] [2] technology is proven physical layer technology for the wireless broadband system. With the advent of this combined technology in the wireless broadband system, we observe a great increase in capacity. This spring, however, build upon right selection of transmission parameters suitable to present channel condition. To address this problem, we propose a smart adaptive transmission mode (ATM) controller for use with MIMOOFDM wireless broadband system. The proposed ATM controller is triggered by channel information and provides the transmitter with control signals used to set transmission parameters according to channel conditions. To deal with the vast varying environment in radio path, conventional OFDM based link adaptive systems rely on modifying only modulation coding scheme (mcs). However, the ATM controller considers the guard interval between OFDM symbols and MIMO mode (space-time block coding (STBC) or spatial division multiplexing (SDM)) as an additional transmission parameters in the link adaptive transmission process along with the modulation and coding. Consequently, we can observe a great improvement in the throughput performance of the system in a fading radio environment. We evaluate the throughput performance of IEEE 802.11n [3] [4] [5] based MIMO OFDM wireless broadband system with ATM controller under the constraint of target bit error rate. Simulations over TGn fading channel [6] show that the system with the proposed ATM controller performs very better than a conventional scheme of link adaptation.

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Aastha, Rahul Gautam

Retinal blood vessel segmentation algorithms play a vital role for automatic screening of retinal diseases. It has a great impact in medical image analysis for early detection, treatment, and evaluation of cardiovascular and ophthalmologic diseases such as glaucoma, arteriosclerosis, diabetic retinopathy, hypertension and choroidal neovascularization by the clinician. Automatic retinal vessel segmentation technique helps the ophthalmologist to perform early screening and accomplish the treatment. This paper examines various blood vessel segmentation techniques on 2D retinal images captured from the fundus camera. The main aim of this paper is to review the challenges associated with retinal blood vessel segmentation, analyzing various segmentation methodologies such as pattern recognition techniques, model-based approaches, matched filtering, vessel tracing/tracking, mathematical morphology, multi-scale approaches, parallel/hardware-based approaches and giving a brief description on quantitative measures of performance for vessel segmentation as for example accuracy (Acc), true positive rate(TPR), false-positive rate(FPR), sensitivity(SN), specificity(SP) and area under receiver operating characteristic (ROC) curve. We aspire the reader a framework for the existing research; introducing a wide range of retinal vessel segmentation algorithms; discussing the current trends and future directions and summarizing the open problems. The performance of algorithms is compared on two publicly available databases (DRIVE and STARE).

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Emil Hadzhikolev, Stanka Hadzhikoleva, Emil Yonchev, Todor Rachovski

Pedagogical patterns provide a convenient way for an abstract description of pedagogical situations and tasks, as well as possible solutions. They are an appropriate tool for transferring pedagogical experience and sharing good practices. Multiple patterns suitable for use in a common problem area and described in the same format form a pattern language. In recent years, experiments have been conducted to build e-learning systems based on pedagogical patterns. The question arises of combining and matching patterns in a way that allows effective training. The paper proposes a formal model of pedagogical pattern language. It includes a multi-layered formal model for pattern descriptions that makes it suitable for use in different contexts, including for software implementation, e-learning and more. A model of a pattern instance is suggested. It provides a way to describe a specific case of pattern use and it is appropriate for software implementation.

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Anand Bhalerao, Ambika Pawar

Large amount of data gets generated every day and storing that data efficiently becomes a heuristic task. Backup storages are more prominently used media for storing every day, the generated data. The significant amount of data that is stored in the backup storage is redundant and leads to the wastage of storage space. Storage space can be saved and processing speed of backup media can be improved using deduplication and variable size chunking. Various chunking algorithms have been presented in the past to improve deduplication process. This paper presents the design of an efficient chunking algorithm to achieve high throughput and to reduce processing time.

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Bhabendu Kumar Mohanta, Debasish Jena, Utkalika Satapathy

Internet of Things (IoT) is one of the most promising areas for research in the last decade. The numbers of IoT enabled devices developed makes the application of IoT more interesting. The application areas are Insurance sector, Smart Environment Monitoring, Smart City, Healthcare Sector, Smart Transportation, and Agriculture Sector among many other smart device enabled applications. IoT implementation relays on different security and privacy challenges. To make use of IoT in real-life application confidentiality, integrity, authentication, authorization, trust, verification, information storage, and management, availability challenges need to be addressed. In this work, authors have used the decentralized Blockchain technology to address security and privacy issues in IoT enabled applications. Initially, the paper identifies and explained the security and privacy challenges that currently exist in IoT applications. Ethereum virtual machine is used to implement the Blockchain distributed network and healthcare insurance claims is taken as an example to test the proposed solution. Results show that the distributed Blockchain technique provides trust management and address some of the existing security and privacy challenges of IoT enable healthcare insurance sector.

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Sandeep Singh, Yogita Sharma, Hitesh Vasudev

Contemporary sustainable architecture demands better thermal comfort which still stand as a challenge. The rapid changing climate makes it necessary to utilize the complete potential of construction and design techniques to achieve the desired comfort. Fenestration can offer the occupants of these buildings visual relief, thermal protection, light and air passage regulation, security and privacy. This can help achieve the goal of sustainability in contemporary Architecture. There is a need of in-depth analysis of the fenestration and their use for a precise assessment of their overall performance. Restructuring on the basis of this analysis can prove useful, cost effective and sustainable at the same time. The main objective of the research can be To identify the design parameters of fenestration design and to quantify the effect of every parameter on solar heat gain also analyze different design techniques to justify the need and suitability in the given climate. Building simulation through software can be used for this analysis. And recommend optimum fenestration solutions for hot & dry climates. I had initiated this research contemporary buildings specific to the hot and dry climate of Rajasthan. The findings of this research can open up a new perspective towards thermal comfort and ways to regulate it using fenestration.

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N. Sarala, K. Manju

A set D of vertices of a soft graph (F, A) is said to be a dominating set if every vertex of the subgraph induced by F(x) in V −D is adjacent to a vertex in D. In this paper, the concepts of detour domination in soft graph and some types of detour domination in soft graphs including detour distance, total detour distance, detour dominating set, minimal detour dominating set, upper detour dominating number in soft graphs are introduced and investigating some of their properties and results.

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T. Mahidhar Reddy, N. Lavanya, R. Manohar Babu

Heat pipe is one of the heat transfering devices that transfers heat by following principles of both thermal conductivity & phase transition so that heat can transfer efficiently between two bodies. Heat pipe is a passive heat transfer heat exchange device which is utilized to expel heat from the heat source. The performance and effectiveness of the heat pipe rely on different factors likely working fluid, diameter, wick structure, wick mesh size etc. Here in this project we conducted the experimental work on comparison of copper cylindrical heat pipe and copper cylindrical heat pipe with silver pipe (i.e.combined copper and silver) at one end i.e at its evaporator section using TiO2 (Titanium dioxide) as a working fluid. As silver is more heat conductive than copper, so thermal resistance of is less and it is placed at different angles of 0°,60°, 30°, and 90° with the horizontal. Comparison of thermal performance of two heat pipes is analyzed where the Evaporator thermal resistance at 60° angle for copper with silver heat pipe at a load of 10W is 0.4K/W, total thermal resistance is 1.7K/W and for only copper pipe is 0.6K/W, 2.0K/W respectively.

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Sonali Gothi, Raju Baraskar, Shikha Agrawal

Melanoma cancer is that the uncontrolled growth of strange skin cells It happens once unrepaired deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) damages to skin cells trigger mutations, or genetic defects, that lead the skin cells to multiply without delay and type malignant tumors. this kind of activities is defined as AN automatic skin lesion designation (ASLD). In this paper, implement an image processing technique for the detection of Melanoma Skin Cancer. Firstly the input to the system is the skin lesion image. This image proceeds with the image pre-processing methods such as the conversion of RGB image to Grayscale image with noise removal. Further image segmentation is used to segment the image, OTSU thresholding, k-means clustering, and GVF technique are used to segment the pictures followed by feature extraction that features parameters like asymmetry, Border Irregularity, Color and Diameter (ABCD) For the classification methodology Total Dermatoscopy Score (TDS) is used in order to assort whether the lesion is cancerous or not. It is found to be working satisfactorily with a detection accuracy, Sensitivity, and Specificity. the improved approach gives a better result than the previous approach for melanoma skin cancer detection.

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Jaisankar R, Kesavan J

Finding disease clusters is an important facet of epidemiology, which is very important to develop surveillance systems that are being used to detect disease outbreaks. In this context, more meaningful information from the collected data can effectively be obtained using statistical analysis with the geo-visualization approach by adding spatial parameters through which one can identify the spatial patterns or space or space-time clusters of the disease. It is well known that the disease incidence changes over time and it is possible that these temporal trends are different in different geographical regions and the knowledge about such differences may provide additional information which may aid for successful disease prevention and control measures. In this paper, Spatial Variations in Temporal Trends (SVTT) analysis using the Poisson model assumption is used for the identification of trends in incidence over time for disease clusters of dengue incidences in Tamil Nadu. Maps of the geographical location of disease clusters are provided to enhance the understanding of results of statistical analysis.

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Satria Fadil Persada, Imam Baihaqi, Khoirrunnissa’ Nur’ Abidah

The use of information technology becomes a necessary existence in enhancing the business model of the organization. The present research seeks the improvement of incubation business pace through the development of the e-incubator system. The system is driven from the triple helix concept, where the government, big industries, and academic institutions cooperate in helping the sustainability of the small, and medium enterprises (SMEs) through the online incubation. Ensuring the continuity of SMEs will surely help the stability of the national economy, especially in developing countries. Thus, any improvement in the incubation process becomes essential, and the e-incubator system is proposed. The system is developed through focus group discussion as the user needs in the initial stage. Business model canvas (BMC), unified modeling language (UML), and business process model and notation (BPMN) are being used as the conceptual tools to depict the triple helix incubation system. This prototype system is adapted to a specific case study in Indonesia as a developing country, while the concept can be applied to any situation in other countries. Several triple helix implications are discussed, and the contribution can be used for helping the incubator business in providing the platform for SMEs.

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S.Hema Kumar, J.Uday Kiran, V.D.Ambeth Kumar, G.Saranya, Ramalakshmi V

Now a days many of them are facing different types of medical problems. Most of the people don’t know who is the one of the best doctor for their problems and they don’t have direct contact with doctor to consult about their health problems. My doctor is a web based application, in this the admin allows registration and login for both doctor and patient. Doctors can register by giving hisher necessary details like timings , category , etc. After successful registration, the doctor can log in by giving their username and password. The doctor can see the patient request and sends the notification to the patients if the appointment is available . He can also view the comments given by the patient. The patient must be login and registered then he can select the doctor by choosing his location and the problem faced by the patient. Then it shows the results list of doctors matching patients for their problem and he can select the doctor according to his choice then it will be forwarded to online controller and the controller sends notification to doctor then the doctor accept the request to the controller and the controller sends notification to the patient for their booking time then it says the booking is Confirmed.

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S.Rekha, Dr.C.Kalaiselvi

Cloud computing is a most excellent technology and users are in require of more service and higher effectiveness load balancing and scheduling plays the major significant role in cloud computing. In cloud efforts are reduced and also give service interaction to the user. By this users are able to help to pay for what they use. Lots of methods are introduced for describing the several scheduling tasks. Because Cloud computing handles with many user's suitable decisions are needed for every scheduled job. In this paper, we have reviewed about the details of different algorithms proposed to resolve the issue of task scheduling in cloud computing. This paper provides detailed review of various studies on different algorithms with the purpose of is explained to overcome the common issues recognized in different scheduling tasks. If the scheduling tasks are performed efficiently then it results to balance the load in cloud based on the resources and workloads. Since the variety of scheduling algorithms are used by load balancers to determine which backend server to send a request to VM. It is also the responsibility of the provider to dynamically reallocate or migrate the VM across physical machines for workload consolidation and to avoid over utilization or under utilization of resources.

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Hasan Saleh

The purpose of this study is to investigate the employers’ satisfaction with the skill of engineering graduates in Malaysia. This study use 195 survey questionnaire distributed to the manufacturing senior manager at Melaka, Negeri Sembilan and Pulau Pinang. Statistical Package for Social Science (SPSS) software version 22.0 have been used to extract the data needed from the survey. Finding indicate that employer are satisfy with the skill equip to the engineering graduates and show that fundamental general skill (FGS) and engineering skills (EgS) are the most essential to employer satisfaction and follow closely by others skills. The results offer important practical implication for engineering graduates to be success in employability. Proper skills a helpful in a race to get employer satisfaction for employability with the necessary skill equip to engineering graduates. It is hope with this data it can be an essential reference for engineering graduates to prepare them self to enter the working environment at today challenging economic situation

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Shraddha Mishra, Nehal Anwar Siddiqui Health, AshutoshGautam

Numerous researches have determined sustainability criteria for assessmentof sustainability performance considering economic, environment and social indicators. To define sustainable EHS practices, industry must identify the criteria for sustainability to make choice and prioritizing the focus areas. For improving Environment health and safety (EHS) performance, it is required to emphasizecriteria specific to EHS with consideration to nature of industry.The aim of this paper is to present an approach for identifying emerging sustainability criteria for environment, health and safety & community initiatives and proposing sustainability index for evaluating sustainability effectiveness. By studyingin-depth EHS indicatorsspecific to cement industry, indicators have been divided in sub indicators and totalForty-six (46) criteria were established for study.Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) tool was employed to derive weights for prioritizing identified sustainability criteria for developing Sustainability This work is an attempt to establish a linkage between sustainability and environment health and safety and indicate the requirement of integration of environmental management system, Occupational health and elements of sustainability and social responsibility.

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R. Angayarkanni, G. Sridevi, D. Mohanambaal, B. Nagamuruga

The topic about the paper is toxic ingredients in the ice creams and their effects. Basically the people from all ages love ice creams, but ice creams of now-a-days are not healthy and good as we think. Every ice cream is manufactured with lots of poisonous chemicals like Heliotropin, Diethyl Glycol, Sodium Benzoate, etc., which is to be banned in food products. A very few websites and journals mentioned these details and these are successfully founded by us. These details are to be explained to create awareness about what are the harmful components are present in their delicious ice creams.The food items prescribed by our ancestors should be given more importance than today's artificial food stuffs. Because, the artificial manufacture of vanilla ice creams includes an animal's anal juice (beaver) and coal tar. Actually these are not held for eating purposes, but they are using it, and without knowing this we are also consuming it and also suffer from many diseases like heart and lung diseases. So, let us raise our hands against artificial stuff and also prevent ice creams for our healthy life.

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Jayant D. Bokefode, Dr G. Komarasamy

This study was conducted to understand the need, challenges and opportunities of Remote Patient Monitoring System (RPMS). To make any country as a developed nation, many essential factors on which government should have to focus and improve the services in the rural areas as well as in cities like education, roads, shelter and food. If these requirements could not be fulfilled, then this will raise the health-related issues. The government should build a healthcare system which will reach to every individual, but to provide healthcare facilities to every individual physically not possible, therefore, there is a need for Remote Patient Monitoring System. The literature review is helpful to understand the importance of RPM Systems and its implementation in large-scale and delivering quality healthcare services to patients.

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Meltem Kürtüncü, Hicran Yıldız, Birgül Yaylacı, Seval Cıbır, Aylin Kurt

The study aimed to the master and doctorate thesis about pain management in Turkey. The study was carried out by using data from Turkish Council of Higher Education Center, National Dissertation Center and Health Sciences Institutes of Turkish universities web sites, in electronic format submitted between 2007 and 2017. The keywords "pain", "pain management", and "pediatric nursing" were used. Total 44 thesis (75%) and dissertation (25%) were evaluated between 2007-2017. The studies were performed generally in 2016 (18.2%) and mostly in Istanbul (50%). The sample size of 56.8% of studies is between 51 and 100. 54.5% of the studies were performed on newborns/infants. The majority of the work is longer than 1 year (86.4%). The majority of studies have been performed in a single center (93.2%). Most of the studies are experimental (68.2%) and 59.1% are not published. Most of the studies aim to reduce the pain (84.1%). It was determined that the subjects of the master and doctorate thesis assessed within the scope of the study are based on the evaluation and reduction of acute pain. It has been determined that there are very few dissertations made by team work. Ph.D. thesis studies are mostly experimental and done over the years have been found to increase. It is envisaged that the number of experimental works and works about chronic pain relief will increase even more in the following years, so that team work can come to the forefront.

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Arun Vijay Subbarayalu, Ahmed Al Kuwaiti, Mohanraj K.

Indian higher education system is the third largest in the world whereas several initiatives have been taken by the government to improve its ranking position. One such initiative is NIRF and all the medical schools are evaluated based on a certain stipulated performance metrics so as to publicize their academic and research performance to the students and their prospective employers. This study aimed to describe the ranking position of top thirty medical schools in NIRF based on the ranking results established in the year 2019 and to suggest suitable strategies for its improvement. From the findings, it is observed that All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), New Delhi stands first followed by Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education and Research, Chandigarh and Christian Medical College (CMC), Vellore, both positioned at second & third place respectively. Among those top 30 medical schools appeared in the ranking table, 13 located in south India and 17 located at the north. With regard to governance, 14 medical schools run by the government and 16 medical schools run by the private management. Most of the medical schools perform reasonably well in three performance metrics such as Teaching, Learning & Resources (TLR) and Graduate Outcome (GO) and Outreach and Inclusivity (OI). However, a considerable improvement isrequired in metrics such as Research & Professional Practice and Perception (PR). Further, this study suggests appropriatestrategies that would aid medical schools in India to enhance performance to improve their ranking position.

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Wisnu Setyo Pradana, Suseno Darsono, Suharyanto

Jragung watershed is located in Demak Regency and Grobogan Regency where this research took place. The purpose of this research is to analyze the reduction of flood discharge through storage area plan at the upstream part either in the form of reservoir or tank. The hydrology method used for the calculation of rainfall-runoff was by using the assistance of HEC-HMS software, and to analyze the hydraulics was by using the assistance of HEC-RAS 2 Dimension for generating the map of flood area. Based on the hydraulics analysis conducted, it obtains existing flood discharge (before there is storage area) in the amount of 699,0 m3/sec in Wonokerto River as watershed downstream. After added storage area at watershed upstream, then the flood discharge can be reducted to be 606,6 m3/sec, or the percentage of the flood reduction is 12,53%. While at KB 1 Upstream River can be reducted 19,28%, in S.Cabean can be reducted 7,83%, and in Jragung River can be reducted 17,11%. While the flood area mapping using HEC-RAS in existing condition, it generates flood area in the large of 2,228.84 ha, and after added with the storage area, it decreases to be 2.075,22 ha, with depth of the pool varies between 1 to 5 meter. The reduction of pool large between existing condition and condition after added with the reservoir, it decreases to be 153,62 Ha or around 6,89%.

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Astalini, Astalini., Darmaji, Darmaji., Dwi Agus Kurniawan., Ririn Melsayanti

The study aims to apply e-assessment of students' perceptions of natural science subjects. In addition, the e-assessment of student perceptions in this study aims to see students 'perceptions of natural science subjects and how the teacher responds to the development of e-assessment of students' perceptions of natural science subjects using the "SESKA" system. The e-assessment of students' perceptions of natural science subjects makes it easier for teachers to assess how students perceive natural science subjects. This study uses a "SESKA" system based on MySQL applications. The sample used in this study was 516 students and 27 teachers. This research contributes to making it easier for teachers to assess the character of students' perceptions of natural science subjects. After a large group test, e-assessment of student perceptions of natural science subjects is feasible to use so that it can facilitate teachers and students in evaluating themselves. E-assessment of student perceptions of natural science found that students' perceptions were good with a percentage of 67.8% (350 students from 516 students). Then for the teacher's response to e-assessment students' perceptions of natural science are classified as good responses with a percentage of 77.8% (21 teachers from 27 teachers). At the practical level of e-assessment of students' perceptions of science subjects, the results can be beneficial for teachers and students in evaluating themselves. At the theoretical level, this study makes it easy for researchers to know how perceptions of natural science subjects. By entering the name, class, and origin of the student's school, then students click on the circle of their choice, so the researcher can immediately know the results. Understanding student perceptions of natural science subjects can improve student learning outcomes. This study was only conducted in 3 schools in Indonesia, precisely in Jambi province. This research should be extended to other provinces and abroad and use larger samples.

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Sanskriti Parashar, Yogesh D. Kale, Yashesh H. Gandhi, Dattu R. Joshi

In the present investigation, the effect of grain sizes of as received synthetic quartz samples and β-radiation dose on optically stimulated luminescence (OSL) were studied. The batches of different grain sizes (74-63µm, 63-53µm, 53-44µm, 44-37µm, and 37-25µm) were exposed by different β-radiation prior to OSL measurements at room temperature. For each grain size, an exponential shape of OSL decay curve was observed and maximum optically sensitive trap was turned to empty within 0 to 0.4 sec. Results indicated that the OSL intensity was increased with decrease in grain size from 74µm to 53µm whereas for the grain sizes below 53µm, the OSL intensities were started to decrease for each exposed sample. The variation in OSL intensity with grains sizes were due to the combined effect of the change in surface area and strength of radiation dose. The results were further elaborated by Fourier Transform Infra-Red (FTIR) analysis of prepared samples. The dose response curves were plotted and studied over the β-radiations from 2.63Gy to 131.33Gy for each grain size. Each grain size showed the supralinear behaviour of OSL signal over the dose range of 55.16 Gy to 131.33 Gy.

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Isna Nurul Dukha, Rudi Kartika, Soerja Koesnarpadi

This research studies the effectiveness of TPH bioremediation in oil-exposed soils using E. coli and Klebsiella sp with the addition of urea fertilizer, NPK-Mg 12-12-17 + 2 (N; P; K; Mg = 12%; 12%; 12 %; 2%) and NPK 15-15-15 (N; P; K = 15%; 15%; 15%). The bioremediation process lasts for 3-27 days and during the bioremediation process the TPH level is checked every 72 hours using the InfraCal TPH Analyzer. The results showed that there was an influence on the use of inorganic fertilizers on the length of the bioremediation process, this is because inorganic fertilizers such as urea fertilizer, NPK 12-12-17 + 2 and NPK 15-15-15 contain nutrients needed by bacteria during the bioremediation process so that the bacteria grows optimally. Inorganic fertilizers also affect soil conditions which can cause the bioremediation process to take place faster. The data of this study indicated that the optimal bioremediation conditions were achieved at the highest TPH concentration compared to other TPH concentration variations. This was because pollutants are also a source of carbon for bacterial growth, if the composition of carbon, nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium is available in the appropriate amount for bacterial growth, then bacteria can optimally conduct TPH bioremediation. However, for certain conditions the achievement of bioremediation was achieved in a short time, such as in the bioremediation of 2.21% TPH using E. coli bacteria and NPK 15-15-15 as much as 0.50 grams, the process of decreasing the lowest TPH levels on the 6th day, as well as the use of Klebsiella sp and NPK 12-12-17 + 2 as much as 0.5 grams, a decrease in TPH concentration of 2.21% was reached on the 6th day. This shows that under given conditions, bioremediation is only efficient during the first week. The results of this experiment show the importance of maintaining bacterial biomass by maintaining soil pH and humidity conditions to ensure high bioremediation efficiency. Kinetic form of TPH bioremediation rate in soil concentrations of 8.85%at optimal conditions using E. coli bacteria and the addition of NPK 15-15-15 as much as 0.50 grams, giving a bioremediation rate constant of 0.0560 days-1 with a half-life of 12 days, whereas if using the Klebsiella sp bacteria obtained optimal conditions by using NPK fertilizer 12-12-17 + 2 as much as 0.50 grams and the value of the bioremediation rate constant given is 0.0420 days-1 with a half-life of 17 days.

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Krishna Rayalu, K.Saiteja

Practical power system is a multi-area system interlinking several areas. These days demand for electrical load is growing tremendously. Conventional grids on their own are not able to meet the load demands which are increasing day by day because as there is a limitation on generation by reserves like coal, water etc. Frequency problems may arise due to this limitation on generation. Load Frequency Controllers which already exist may not possibly solve this frequency problem. This resulted in Smart Grids with renewable generation like wind, solar etc. and Plug in Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV) which can supply the increased load demand from different energy sources. Smart grids are a reality which needs to be backed up by good controllers. In view of practical power system model a four-area interconnected system is considered. Load Frequency Controller (LFC) and Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR) are the two major parts of power systems which maintain real and reactive power balances under steady state operation. In practical power system scenario these LFC and AVR are interconnected. Hence we consider the interlinking of LFC and AVR for the simulation study of a four area power system. Accordingly in this paper an attempt is made to find the best suited controllers for LFC and AVR of interlinked multi-area system with V2G control of PHEV.

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Ahmadjon Soliev, Qodirov Humoyun

The article presents: the results of the analysis of the export of garments and knitwear; the process of developing brands of leading actors applying innovation; scientific and methodological basis for assessing the export potential of modern enterprises.

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Telisiah Utami Putri, Tirta Nugraha Mursitama, Asnan Furinto, Sri Bramantoro Abdinagoro

The growth of the world's Muslim population and increasing income in Muslim countries show a positive trend have brought a significant increament in demand for global halal cosmetic products, including in Indonesia. Retail data sales shown growth of cosmetic brands which have MUI halal logo is higher compare with those brands that have not yet included MUI halal logo.This study aims to examine the influence of MUI halal logo in cosmetic mass-market brands towards consumer purchase intention. This study uses an experimental method with 8 treatment cells to 256 participants. The selected participants are young millennials who are also university students at the aged 17 to 25 years from two major cities in Indonesia, Jakarta and Bandung. The findings indicate significant relationship between MUI halal logo towards purchase intention. It is advised for cosmetic practitioners in Indonesia specifically those who are tapping into young millennial consumers to include MUI halal logo in the products.

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N. Mohammed Raffic, Dr.K.Ganesh Babu P.Madhan

The present work aims to conduct optimization of Fused Deposition Modeling printing parameters for three different materials namely PET-G, PLA and HIPS which has less consideration than the conventionally adopted material ABS by various authors in the area of research in past decades for the assessment of specimen weight and fatigue strength. The FDM printing parameters such as Slice Height, Infill Density, Shell Thickness and Raster Angle are varied with three levels (34) to create the experimental design matrix as per Taguchi�s experimental design.Taguchi�s S/N ratio method and Range Analysis are the analysis tools considered for obtaining the optimum parameter combination and significant factor over the output responses measured. From both the above mentioned methods it is observed that Infill density is the most significant factor which affects the specimen weight by contributing 92.14% , 88.86% , 63.52% and fatigue strength by 60.18% , 50.86% , 53.90% for PET-G,PLA and HIPS. PET-G is found to have more fatigue strength than PLA and HIPS. The specimens made out of HIPS are found to weigh less than other materials considered. The optimum parameter combination for both the responses are found to have good agreement in all the three materials considered. Inclusion of other input printing parameters associated with the process and adoption of various DOE methods and optimization techniques are suggested as further research directions from the present work to have a deep insight of the study concerned respectively

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Antar Venus, Meria Octavianti, Agus Setiaman

Pesona Jawa Barat Indonesia is the new branding of West Java to improve its tourism sector which is considered a mainstay sector to increase community income. Instagram @pesonajawabaratku is a communication media chosen by the West Java Tourism and Culture Offices (Disparbud Jabar) to make the destination branding successful. Thus, this paper sought to examine the use of the account. This research was conducted in two years with mix method, where quantitative approach was used in the first year and qualitative in the second year. Specifically, for this topic, the author analyzed it with used qualitative method with case study approach. Considering the approach, the researchers tried to collect data from many sources related to the topic under study. The results showed that the packaging of the messages, which were implemented by its choice of images and captions, made @pesonajawabaratku dynamic and able to attract many followers. The use of informal language and informational messages are collaborated with emotional messages. Hence, this makes its followers pay special attention that eventually make them want to visit the tourism destinations promoted through the account.

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Suwandi Sumartias

Change is a real challenge that should be faced, as well as democratization. Workers and employers will face changes or challenges that are not easy. The writing purpose, exploring the importance of social dialogue between workers and employers. The method used is a qualitative with case study tradition. The results showed, the number of workers' organizations that are growing rapidly as a symbol of democratization and still requires social dialogue as a forum for communication between workers and employers. Working relationship are often disrupted by different interpretations and understanding between employers and workers. The lack of openness and honesty in communication between workers and employers;

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Hanny Hafiar, Priyo Subekti, Kokom Komariah, Lukiati Komala

In the era of digital marketing, business people are required to be able to adapt to the existence of digital marketing. Many cases increase sales and the popularity of a product that is assisted by marketing through the use of social media. But on the other hand, products that were in demand could lose their popularity due to business people who ignore the importance of marketing through internet media. One product that is trying to gain popularity and consumer attention is West Java batik. It must be admitted that the popularity of West Javanese batik in the minds of the people of Indonesia and even abroad is not as strong as batik originating from Central Java or Yogyakarta. Therefore, West Java batik business people have attempted to do digital marketing, one of which is by utilizing hashtag facilities on social media, Instagram. The purpose of this study was to determine the number of uses of hashtags in promoting West Javanese batik, with quantitative descriptive analysis methods based on the number of hashtags on Instagram. However, the results of the study, which used an analysis based on the data of the number of hashtags of West Java batik and the like, showed that the promotion effort had not been optimal when viewed from several factors from supporting business promotion through social media.

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Herlina Agustin, Alza Ahdira, Andika Vinianto Adiputra

The Indonesian government through the Ministry of Environment and Forestry has revised the Presidential Regulation No. 7 of 1999 into the Ministerial Regulation No. 20 of 2018 concerning the Protection of Plants and Wildlife. However, this new regulation has caused controversy, because it was opposed by caretakers, breeders, and bird traders who are members of a songbird hobbyist community called Kicau Mania Community. Although the purpose of this new regulation aims to protect Indonesia’s endemic birds from becoming extinct due to widespread hunting in Indonesia, members of the community states that this new regulation will hinder and affect their livelihood. Using Robert Entmann’s framing model, this research aims to identify and analyze how 8 Indonesian media construct this issue. The results of the research showed that 8 Indonesian media has framed the news of this controversy without understanding the animal protection policy, resulting in an unbalanced reporting in favor of breeders and birdwatchers. This has also resulted in the struggle to preserve Indonesia's endemic birds more difficult. By using the concept of environmental journalism, this research recommendation shows the need to provide journalists with an understanding of the importance of conservation and demand journalists to gather information from other sources who are not from the bird trading industry.

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Aat Ruchiat Nugraha, Evi Novianti, Lukiati Komala Erdinaya, Kokom Komariah, Centurion Chandratama Priyatna

The government, an institution that has the authority to regulate public information, has the right and obligation to serve public information for the community's satisfaction. The presence of three conditions for disseminating information marks the beginning of literacy activities, both in the conventional medium and digital platforms. Also, the emergence of negatively charged content such as utterances of hatred, abuse, radicalism, false news, and pornography is emerging as a significant threat today, both for individuals and institutions. This study uses qualitative methods with the type of descriptive study through data collection conducted by observation, interviews, and documentation studies. The data collection uses some informants, namely the leader/staff of the Public Relations Section of the Pangandaran Regency Regional Secretariat and the staff of Office of Communication, Informatics, Statistics, and Coding of Pangandaran Regency. The results show that information and communication institutions specifically government public relations of the Pangandaran Regency carried out primary tasks and functions as managers of public information related to the creation and dissemination of positive news information content about the activities of regional leaders, namely regents, vice-regents and regional secretaries. On the other hand, the Office of Communication and Information and PPID disseminates information on the development achieved by the Pangandaran district, establishing coordination with the Public Relations division in each regional technical staff (SKPD). The conclusion of the study shows that the delivery of public information within the Pangandaran regency government is still cross-sectoral and has not been well integrated into a public information management agency.

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Maimon Herawati, Siti Karlinah, Herlina Agustin, Nuryah Asri Sjafirah

Sunting Melayu was considered to be the first women newspaper managed and published by female journalist or writer in Indonesia during colonial time (1912-1921). The newspaper was centered in Koto Gadang, West Sumatera and mostly managed by Rohana Kudus. The newspaper published news, articles, poem, and even advertising. To this day, there has been zero research on the scope of news published in Sunting Melayu newspaper. It would be then interesting to see the scope of the news published in order to understand Indonesian female journalist knowledge and understanding of the global world past the colonial boundary set up by colonialism and traditional Minang culture. This research uses content analysis methodology to examine Sunting Melayu newspaper between 1912-1921 as the main tool for data collection, focusing on the news sections. It is impossible to transcribe all news in the newspapers because of the massive sources. Hence it focused on the earlier edition with an assumption that the more the news producer work, the wider their journalism networking was, hence the earlier the edition was, the lesser the network would be. The news published in the earlier edition showed a wide range of news such as local news (West Sumatera), Nusantara news (Java), European news, and surprisingly China and South Africa. It showed that given the boundary set by colonialism and traditional Minang culture, news producer of Sunting Melayu had reached far wider world than it was expected and relayed their news to their readers.

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Aceng Abdullah, Edwin Rizal, Sri Seti Indriani

Most social media users are vulnerable to hoax and hate speech. Hoax and hate speech appear frequently on social media which disengage the community. Anti-hoax community movements emerged here and there. The Ministry of Communication and Information (Kominfo) and the Police participated in the prevention and prosecution, but hoax continued to appear unstoppable. Social Media has replaced most mass media in Indonesia, however television is still a mass media that is most preferred in most family homes in Indonesia especially in Bandung. Therefore, television has the potential to participate in combating the spread of this hoax. Bandung has 11 local TV stations including Kompas Jabar TV and Parijs van Java TV (PJTV). This search aims to seek what roles do Bandung’s local televisions have in their effort to combat the spread of hoax? What forms of anti-hoax programs do the local television stations show, or do they even have an anti-hoax program at all? This research uses descriptive qualitative methods where two Bandung local television stations become the subject research. Results showed that both Kompas jabar TV and Parijs van java TV had policies in combating the spread of hoaxes or fake news. Each participated in preventing and eradicating these hoaxes more in YouTube Channels. Though both TV stations focused more on the information of hoaxes news not the content of the news. The information of the hoaxes news were found limited to news coverage without any other creative ways.

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Rangga Saptya Mohamad Permana, Lilis Puspitasari, Sri Seti Indriani

A film—whether mainstream film produced by a major production house or non-mainstream film produced by small-scale production houses—requires appropriate promotion and distribution strategies, so that the film can be enjoyed by audiences that are in line with their segments. Before stepping on the final stage, a producer or production house also needs to think of a good strategy in the context of funding the entire film production process. Crowdfunding and four-wall are techniques that can be used in the film production process. This study aims to reveal the use of crowdfunding and four-wall techniques by ManuProjectPro Indonesia as a strategy to promote and distribute the indie films they produce. The research in this article uses qualitative research methods, precisely descriptive-qualitative methods, and uses data collection techniques in the form of interviews and literature studies. The results show that ManuProjectPro Indonesia uses crowdfunding by persuasion techniques directly to potential investors/donors. Whereas in the distribution level of its films, they use a four-wall strategy by doing roadshows.

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M. O. Wankhade, H. A. Bhosale

This study relates to the trend analysis of Area under cotton, production and productivity in Maharashtra, India. Time series data for last 54 years (from 1964-65 to 2017-18) is collected. Comparative study of Growth curve model, Linear trend model and Quadratic Trend models is made and the forecasts are generated for 10 years. Accuracy measures for estimates viz. Mean square deviation (MSD), Mean absolute percent error (MAPE) and mean absolute deviation (MAD) are used for suggesting the best model. On the basis of MSD, MAPE and MAD, we observed that quadratic trend model provides more accurate estimates as compared to growth curve model and linear trend model.

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Nobel surya pandi durai R, Arul D, Aiswarya D, Perumal P

The present investigation focuses on the biosynthesis and characterization of zinc oxide nanoparticles (ZnO NPs) using cell free supernatant (CFS) of Bacillus amyloliquefaciens CS4 and evaluation of their anticancer and antioxidant properties. The ZnO NPs were characterized by X- ray diffraction (XRD), electron transmission microscope (TEM) and atomic force microscope (AFM). The TEM and AFM images revealed the biosynthesized ZnO NPs were in the size range of 4-16 nm and found to be spherical in shape. The ZnO NPs exhibited cytotoxicity on HeLa cell line with the effective half maximal inhibitory concentration (IC50) value of 74.23 µg/mL. The DPPH results showed significant (P<0.05) antioxidant activity by ZnO NPs with an IC50 value of 86.38 µg/mL. Furthermore, brine shrimp toxicity assay of ZnO NPs revealed half maximal lethal concentration (LC50) value of 133.78 μg/mL on Artemia salina. The synthesized ZnO NPs have caused potential cytotoxic effects on HeLa cells and antioxidant activity and it could be used for cancer drugs development.

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Dr. Brijesh Sivathanu

This paper aims to highlight the importance of Design Thinking (DT) and its role as a game changer in the human resource management (HRM) domain. This paper elucidates the DT concept, process and spells out the advantages of DT in the HRM by using the example of Airbnb and Infosys, which have extensively used DT to improve employee experience and organization performance. The paper discusses the role of DT in HRM. With the help of the DT conceptual framework, this paper illustrates how DT in HR eventually leads organizations to overall competitive advantage and performance excellence. DT can be applied to various HR and overall management aspects of an organization for scenarios such as best quality hiring, developing forward-looking learning plans, creating innovative performance management methodology and smoothen cultural transformation through employee involvement in each of these initiatives. Barriers such as initial resistance, difficulty in implementing ideas demonstrating DT value require leadership involvement to adopt DT practices. This article has uniquely presented various areas of HR that are fit for DT adoption. This paper contributes to the existing literature and body of knowledge in the HR domain by developing a DT conceptual framework for HR practitioners to adopt DT. This paper discusses how DT in HR eventually leads organizations to overall competitive advantage and performance excellence.

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K.Arunmozhi Arasan, Dr.E.Ramaraj, S.Muthukumaran

Education is the most powerful factor in all aspects of Human life and also plays a dominant role to create a good society. Large amount of data can be collected from the educational field and it can be used to extract new knowledge. The data mining techniques such as classification, clustering, association rule mining can be used to discover the hidden patterns from educational data. The discovered knowledge may be used in several ways, such as to improve enrollment of students towards higher education, to improve the performance of the students as well as teaching faculty, finding attitude of students and so on. This paper focuses on finding the best tool to find the relationship between external environment and the attitude of the students studying in the higher educational institutions. The data collection is done through a questionnaire which contains 27 close ended questions. The Machine Learning algorithms such as FP_Growth and Apriori are applied to find the relationship between the attributes and to create association rules based on the relationships. Two familiar machine learning tools, namely Rapidminer and Tanagra were used to generate rules and compared with each other.

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Kapil Pandey, Chandra Kumar Dixit

Magnetic Nano-Fe2O3.NiO nanoparticles exhibit idiosyncratic properties due to their reduced size i.e. nano size. In order to explore these distinctive properties, These particles with a size range of 40 – 60 nm has been characterized by X-ray Diffraction (XRD) Powder Method to confirm crystallographic structure consequently it has been found that the typical particle size is of 48.53 nm and the crystallographic structure is amorphous. The surface morphology of the studied compound has been investigated by Scanning Election Microscopy (SEM) indicating the homogeneous particle size and characteristic range of diameters 40 – 60 nm. Further, the electrical studies of the studied compound have been examined in order to acquire the electrical parameters (mainly dielectric permittivity, loss, conductivity, loss-tangent, impedance, and admittance). Appreciable rise in the conductivity (with frequency dependent) has been observed due to the decrease in the particle size of the is also observed that the relative permittivity (e'), relative loss (e'') and dissipation factor (Tan d) decreases with increase in frequency. Finally, the Raman shift variation with the intensity which shows of studied compound has been analysed by Raman which peaks are obtained at 144 cm-1, 283 cm-1 480 cm-1 and 685 cm-1 using laser at 785 nm.

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Rakhmini Juwita

This study aims to examine the effect of moderation on the investment opportunity set on the relationship between earnings management and the predictive content of earnings management. Earnings management is now predicted to affect future profitability because earnings management now affects the level of earnings quality in the current year. In the end, the quality of earnings now affects the quality of earnings the following year and affects the level of profitability of the company as well. This study also aims to look at the effect of moderation of investment opportunity sets on the relationship between present earnings management on the company's future profitability. If the company has a high set of investment opportunities, monitoring from outside shareholders will become low. Lack of control results in high-profit management. Therefore, moderation of investment opportunity sets strengthens the effect of earnings management and ultimately affects the future profitability of the company. The research was conducted on manufacturing companies listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange in 2012-2017. This study found evidence that earnings management which has predictive content on earnings is the company's profitability (ROI). This study indicates that there is indeed an interaction effect between current earnings management and investment opportunity sets on the company's future profitability

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R.Hepziba Gnanamalar, T.Devi

Leaf diseases are a major threat to food security, which will lead to productivity loss, economic loss, quality loss, quantity loss, crops loss and famine. Prediction of Leaf disease stage is difficult in many parts of the world due to the lack of technology. There are very minimal number of technologies developed which will aid farmers across the world. Especially lemon plants are mostly effected by fungal diseases Human received basket of benefits from Lemon because it is used as medicine for variety of illness. So increasing lemon harvesting will be more useful for the healthy society. Therefore, this paper demonstrates a new method which will identify the stages of lemon leaf diseases using image processing segmentation techniques. Due to the wide usage of smart phones and its popularity, research work was implemented in android technology. And the paper elaborately explains about related works, penetration of android technology in the agriculture, comparison between the existing system and developed system, Finally result were compared with the developed system and found the developed system was successful.

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Haris Maupa, Jusni, Muhammad Idrus Taba, dan Andi Nur Baumassepe M

In general, Total Quality Management (TQM) is only applied in large manufacturing companies, some Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) are reluctant to adopt quality management. Most of the literature explains the classic barriers faced by SMEs both internal and external barriers. This study aims to formulate a strategy for implementing TQM in SMEs. This is a descriptive exploratory research by identifying and developing strategies to improve the competitiveness of SMEs in South Sulawesi, Indonesia. This study uses primary and secondary data. SWOT analysis and Quality - Selection Grid analysis are used to evaluate internal and external key factors to improve quality management. The result of this study indicates that SWOT provides a solution for SME entrepreneurs to improve the quality of their products based on alternative strategies produced so that the competitiveness of SMEs becomes better. The SWOT analysis has helped to consolidate the success factors of quality management adoption, while also being able to identify weaknesses and threats.

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Daniel Mago Vistro, Faizan Rasheed, Leo Gertrude David

With the evolution in the field of Data Sciences, every business firm is adapting latest technologies to grow their business. There are competitions in delivering better management, better quality of evaluations and better services in the market. The only possible way to meet all these qualities is to conduct analysis of data with purity and more accurately. Machine learning is the emerging field to predict future outcomes with existing data and based on these predictions better decisions can be made. Cricket is a well-known game that played and watched around a globe in 104 countries. Many of these cricket fans want their team to perform good and declare as a winner. To make sure their team’s win, team should work on their strengths and team performances. Predicting winner of a cricket match depends on many factors like batsman’s performances, team strengths, venues and weather conditions etc. In this research various features have been analyzed to predict the match winner of the game. This research paper is about prediction of an IPL match winner before the match started. The winner of IPL is predicted by training machine learning models on the selected features. For this purpose of model building, different machine learning algorithms has been applied on test and training datasets of different sizes which are Random Forest, SVM, Naive Bayes, Logistic Regression and Decision Tree. The prediction model will have benefits for cricketing boards like evaluating the team’s strength and cricket analysis. For gambling applications and match reporting media this model will be a blessing of disguise.

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Pawan Kumar, Sukhjinder Kaur

In wireless systems, the clustering approach is becoming very much popular these days. The key features for these protocols are the cluster head selection and the data transmission mode in the network. A significant number of researches have been made many approaches in this domain. Along with this, sink mobility is a novel aspect which acts as allurement for researchers. The route selection for data gathering by the mobile sink from the cluster head decision should be fast and effective. Moreover, the network must have long lifespan. To overcome these constraints, a mechanism of finding optimum path for the mobile sink using PSO algorithm with enhanced cluster heads selection is proposed in this paper. MATLAB tool is used to analyze proposed system. The simulation results show better results in terms of increased lifetime, less energy consumption etc. A comparative analysis is also made in this paper with traditional ACO algorithm which shows that proposed algorithm (PSO-MS) surpasses the traditional work (IACO-MS).

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Braj Bhushan Tiwari, Sukhjinder Kaur

Vehicle to everything communication introduced (ITS) intelligent Transport System and safety of the vehicles. It has become a prominent trend in which researchers prefer to do work. Various schemes are proposed for the channel estimation but these schemes lack in various factors such as improper definition of filter coefficients, complexity and results were not efficient. Thus, a novel technique of Channel estimation i.e. Decision feedback Channel estimation is proposed in this paper by applying QPSK modulation in the system and Particle swarm Optimization algorithm to obtain effective results. Simulation results are carried out by using MATLAB software and evaluation is compared with existing system (DFCE-AD) i.e. Antenna diversity used by DFCE. From the results, the proposed system (DFCE-PSO) outperformed the traditional DFCE technique.

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Akshita Gautam, Suraj Yadav

Credit Card Fraud is a broad word used as a fraudulent source of funds in a transaction for theft and fraud committed using or with a payment card, for example a credit or debit card. Moreover the traditional systems lacks in various factors such as consuming complexity, process delay etc. in detecting the credit card fraud. In this paper, a novel approach for credit card detection is developed with the amalgamation of neural network and fuzzy inference system. Infinite Feature selection is used to reduce the complexity of the model and selection of informatics features from available dataset. Simulation is done in MATLAB software and analyzed in term of quality factors as accuracy, precision and recall. The simulation results shows that proposed approach provides effective results in terms of all performance factors when compared with existing approaches.

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Krishnamoorthy A, Srimathi H

The twentieth century witnessed the transformation of knowledge society and flow in the form of people, idea, goods and services around the world and thus created a global knowledge economy. Education is one of the sectors impacted by such globalization and especially the higher education is not more constrained with geographical boundaries. It surges to become national institutions towards internationalization of curriculum, aim of global rankings and transnational research. The country’s growth is determined by both internal reforms coupled with swift logical responses to external influences. To compete with rapidly growing global demands, countries including India had encouraged cross-border education and presence of foreign institutions in home country. The study reviews initiatives on setting-up / collaboration of foreign institutions in India and its impact.

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Sumanjit Das, Sarojananda Mishra

In the digital world every one wants technology to assist their day-to-day activities. The application of artificial intelligence make it possible in many fields. The buzzing word machine learning (ML) is very popular in any domain of research. The researcher’s have been focusing on accurate machine learning models which can be applied to any real world problem and can be useful for society. The innovative component of ML is deep neural network (DNN) which changes our perception of information processing to a different level. The DNN is highly sophisticated multilayered conceptual model used for handling large amount of data in very less time. The Application of DNN is a large domain areas almost it covers maximum advanced fields like NLP, Computer Vision, Classification, Stock market and many more. The main attractive feature of DNN is it can handle huge amount of data for processing and supports big data. This paper focus on different DNN models and some of popular potential field of application with their advanced frame works like TensorFlow, MXNet, Neon etc.

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Risnita, Mukhtar, Sukatin

The purpose of this study was to determine the leadership of the head of the Islamic College in improving organizational performance. This research is a quantitative research with survey method. The object of research in Jambi province is the Islamic University of Ma'arif in Jambi City, An-Nadwah Islamic College of Kuala Tungkal, Tanjung Jabung Barat Regency, and Islamic College of Islamic Studies, Sheikh Maulana Qori Bangko, Bangko district. Data collection in this study uses questionnaire as the primary source and observation and interviews as a secondary source. The steps taken in the data analysis technique are descriptive statistical analysis, testing requirements analysis and testing hypotheses. The results showed that the leadership style possessed by the head of the Islamic High School had a significant direct effect on organizational performance in the Islamic High School environment in Jambi Province.

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Chandrali Baishya

In this study, dynamics of a Leslie-Gower predator-prey model with Holling Type-IV functional response and with disease in prey population in presence of predator harvesting is investigated. The uniform boundedness and positivity of solutions are studied. We examine the dynamics of the system at points of equilibrium. Further, at axial equilibria, disease free equilibria and predator extinct equilibria, sufficient conditions for their existence and stability are derived. By constructing appropriate Lyapunov function, we analyze the global stability of the interior equilibrium point. To support the theoretical results, numerical simulations are performed.

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Prabhashini Wijewantha

This paper provides a review on the role of national culture in transferring the Human Resource Management (HRM) practices of the headquarters of a Multinational Corporation (MNC) to its subsidiaries in other parts of the world. This challenging concern over transfer of HRM practices has created a huge development and a series of novel insights in the field of International Human Resource Management (IHRM).

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Dwi Wahyudiati, Hari Sutrisno, Isana Supiah YL.

The aim of the study wasi nvestigated self-efficacy (SE) and attitudes toward chemistry (ATC) of chemistry teacher candidates based on gender and grades level. The number of samples was 300 of chemistry teacher candidates (200 women and 100 men) determined by clustered random sampling method. Cross-sectional survey and focus group interview was conducted at this study. Chemistry attitudes and experiences questionnaire (CAEQ) was used as a data collecting instrument. The data was analyzed by MANOVA using 0.05 significance quantitatively and by Patton method to process interview result. The results indicated that 1) there were differences between SE and ATC regarding on gender and grades level; 2) ATC and SE level of female chemistry teacher candidates were higher than male; and 3) There were differences of ATC on freshman, sophomore, and junior grade, but the differences did not occur at SE. Furthermore, the result was supported by the survey findings; both male and female of chemistry teacher candidates had similar SE on freshman, sophomore, and junior grade, but it had differences of ATC on freshman, sophomore, and junior grade.

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Ankita S. Bhoir, Dr. Sudhir P. Patil

With increase in demand of construction industry, man has developed various techniques of construction. Post-installed connection is one of the techniques which allows to extend or strengthen the structure without affecting the existing structure. The technology of post-installed reinforcing bars is gaining importance since these bars are being frequently used in horizontal, vertical, and overhead applications in retrofit and rehabilitation of structures. Design of post-installed rebar connection is an issue as proper design guidelines are not yet provided in IS codes. Proper design of anchorage length is important parameter in post-installed connection. Post installed rebar connections, Eurocode approach to design, post-installed reinforcement approval and design method for static loads are discussed. The main aim of the study is to design post-installed rebar connections for existing structure. We have also carried out analytical investigation using finite element method to check the effect of post-installed connections by varying anchorage length as 10d, 15d, 20d and compared the effect with actual designed anchorage length for static loads. Behavior of structure after post-installed connection under static loading is studied.

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A.Arunraja, Dr.G.M.Rajathi, S.Mathumitha

Today’s academic management process, maintaining the attendance of students plays a momentous play in handling the analysis and status observation. The important task of the management system is the process of proceeding the attendance by using Wi-Fi module (ESP8266).The smart way of taking attendance for a multiple number of students is carried out in a one point process of time through Raspberry pi 3.The Wi-Fi module takes the attendance in an ascending order within a fraction of seconds and the students records are readily available that are maintained by the server database. The attendance details of students can be taken from the local host of gateway that the IP address is provided according to the various departments. Multiple files like documents, images, videos and zip files etc., can be uploaded and circulate to the students, those files can be retrieved by the students in respect to their unique IP address. It helps the students to view their attendance as well as files anywhere, anytime. This system provides the electronic attendance system for ease and securable. Therefore, Proposed system is more efficacious, consistently good in quality of recovering data compared to other existing attendance system. Thus the prospective of enhancing a private device, the management system is entrenched on a private cloud sector by internal resources which can be recurrence easily and it makes system more cozy.

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Rahul Mehta, Dr. Rakesh Kumar Bhujade

Due to availability of internet databases of images is expanding tremendously and hence there is a strong need of extraction of accurate retrieve image from these large databases. As the image database size is very large so we need a fast retrieval search engine that can retrieve documents as well as images accurately. Required images can be retrieved accurately by retrieving their features accurately. These features may include Color, Texture & Shape. This is one of the hottest research areas and during past decades researchers had developed so many vast techniques who utilizes these features for retrieving the images effectively and efficiently from the large image databases. This paper will cover the wide survey of the Content Based Image Retrieval (CBIR) techniques that mostly used Color, Texture and Shape with Relevance Feedback for retrieving the images.

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Sreehari Kundella, Dr. R. Gobinath

Big data analytics is the most emerging technologies in the world. On the previous few years, big data analytics has showed up as being a fresh paradigm of abundant information and possibilities for improving and research that is allowing big data. The way organizations handle, evaluate and leverage information in any sector has essentially altered. Big Data Analytics will be provide cloud-based data management and data management alternatives to analyze, store and process enormous data volumes. One of the most areas that are guaranteeing big data analytics used to come up with a change in medical care. Big data analytics in Medical and healthcare has important prospect of improving client outcomes, predicting epidemic outbreaks, gaining helpful insights, avoiding diseases, reducing health care distribution expenses, and increasing overall total wellbeing. You will find huge amounts of information in health care as well as a focus that is extra healthcare. Healthcare and medical information is increasing and increasing, many complicated, and their sources have actually increased to incorporate physician/doctor that is computerized entry, EMR, notes which are related to clinical, images, genomic information, and support systems in respect of health care and medical. In healthcare big data analytics involves integrating and analyzing huge degrees of complicated information that is heterogeneous as multiple omics information, medical information and electronic health records (EHR) information. This paper investigates the key challenges, techniques used, technologies used, privacy, security algorithms and future directions of Big Data Analytics in the healthcare and medical data.

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Ambiyar, Muhammad Luthfi Hamzah, Astri Ayu Purwati, Eki Saputra

In today's digital era, technology has changed the method of appraisers significantly, especially in the field of education moving towards the use of Computer Based Test (CBT). CBT is a test or assessment that uses computers either using their own network or using the internet. This study used TCExam, an Open Source system for electronic exams that allowed educators and trainers to write, schedule, deliver, and report quizzes, tests and exams. This research was conducted by using Descriptive Analysis and ANOVA Test which were generated through questionnaires to 73 students consisting of 28 students using Paper Based Test and 45 students using Computer Based Test in E-Commerce Course. The results showed that 83.70% of the students who used CBT responded and strongly agreed that CBT provided effective, practical and efficient impact on learning outcomes. ANOVA test results also demonstrated that there were different responses from students using PBT and CBT as indicated by the sig value for effective measurement (0.004), practical (0.009) and efficient (0.000) <α = 0.05. The Gap value of comparison obtained is 0.793 in which students who used CBT typically agreed (average response 4,126) while students who used PBT typically answered quite agree (the average value of the lower response is 3.333). Based on the results of this study, it was concluded that the use of CBT obtained a very good response for students because the learning evaluation process became very effective, practical and efficient.

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Irany Windhyastiti, Syarif Hidayatullah, Umu Khouroh

This study aims to find out: 1) how the investment influences the Local Own-Source Revenue; and 2) what factors must be considered to attract investors to invest. The research was conducted in Batu City, a city that has great potential in the tourism (one of the cities with the highest number of tourists in East Java) and agriculture (famous for its apple farming products). The results show that the increase in regional investment had a significant effect on the increase in Local Revenue. Therefore, the Regional Government must be able to attract investors to invest in their regions by: 1) preparing adequate facilities and infrastructure, 2) preparing skilled human resources, and 3) setting up an effective and efficient bureaucratic system..

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Riana Agus Fitria, Kasman Rukun, Dedy Irfan, Muharika Dewi, Rina Susanti, Rini Sefriani, Rasmita

Changes in ICT subjects to guide ICT at the junior secondary level demand a change in teaching materials that synergize with the needs of 21st century learning and are integrated with the new literacy capabilities of the industrial revolution era 4.0. The development of ICT guidance teaching modules has produced a module that is designed to teach students independently about ICT material but has more value in strengthening the new literacy capabilities of the industrial revolution era 4.0 namely big data literacy, technology literacy and humanity literacy. Modules are developed using the Four D’s development model which states that results through the define phase have found the fact that module development is needed because problems are encountered related to the optimization of ICT learning outcomes and the lack of new literacy skills. Furthermore, in the develope phase displayed the results of module development in Microsoft Excel material, the results of the development were tested through experimental True Experimental Design, the purpose of experimental actions to determine differences in humanity literacy skills between the experimental groups. The results of the development have increased the literacy capabilities of the humanity of students with increasing patterns of critical thinking, creativity, communication and cooperation in carrying out the tasks of giving ICT. The purpose of this study was to analyze the increase in humanity literacy abilities of SMP Negeri 23 Padang students by using ICT guidance modules with literacy orientation, new to the era of industrial revolution 4.0.

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Paulus Wardoyo, Endang Rusdianti, Sri Purwantini

This study aims to examine this role of sales training variable and sales experience on sales force performance mediated by the ability to build and maintain business network variables. In the average growth, BPR reached 10,69% per year, while the average collection funds grew by 12,76 % per year. However, BPR ‘s non-performing loans reached 7,68%., higher than the provisions stipulated by the financial authorities. BPR marketing both in lending and collecting third party funds is done by personal selling, which is carried out by salesforce or account officer. Account officers most closely associated with the customer and must were responsible for achieving the company target. The location of research in conventional and sharia-based BPR, in the former Semarang Residency. Data sources are primarily from the salesforce( 80 respondents). The sampling technique used was purposive and this study uses Smart PLs version 2. The results show that 1) the sales training affects the ability to build and maintain, 2) prove that the experience of selling influencer the ability to build and maintain business networks, 3) prove that salesforce training influences salesforce performance.Don’t use all caps for research paper title.

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Stanka Hadzhikoleva, Zhelyazka Raykova, Emil Hadzhikolev

Forming research skills and scientific competencies in students is an important task which has a key role to define the education quality of the students and their training for successful professional realization. More and more educational institutions make purposeful efforts in that direction. In the present article, our experience of conducting a specialized course in a bachelor program has been presented as being part of students’ training like researchers with the necessary scientific competencies. In the course of the specialized training, the students took part in learning activities related to conducting a scientific research; preparing a short scientific article; reviewing a colleague’s scientific work; editing an article in accordance with reviewer’s instructions; making a presentation and presenting it in front of colleague students as well as making assessments and giving opinions of their work. In this article, a pedagogical framework to form scientific competencies in students based on our experience is presented. It could be used as a base to create specialized scientific courses in different scientific areas. Special components of it might be integrated in classical learning courses according to the curriculum.

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Johanes Hauwin, Seng Hansun

Technology era has greatly improved that can lead to a change from a system to another system that enabled for less dependency over certain things. In Kompas Gramedia inventory, billing, and request of idcard that have many purposes still depended on paper base system which many people think too slow, not efficient, and need a lot of effort. Because of that a web-based idcard printing administration system has been created to improve and digitalized the system. The created system can manage an invoice or billing more efficient and paperless. It can manage, make, and save invoice data better than its old predecessor. It can manage all items that needed for idcard printing which has a reminder function when a certain item has reached its stock limit and function to tell people how far their request progress to make a new idcard. The system was made using PHP language with CodeIgniter 3.1.9 as its framework, PHPEmailer as its library, and DataTables and SweetAlert2 as its plug-in. The system has been tested using UTAUT and Likert scale with Performance Expectancy result is 78.66%, Effort Expectancy result is 66.66%, Facilitating Conditions result is 74.44%, Attitude Toward Using Technology result is 76.66%, Anxiety result is 46.66%, and Behavioral Intention result is 70%. The system has been tested and ready to be implemented in Kompas Gramedia.

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Mohammed Galadima, Salim Hassan, Norsida Man, Ibrahim. Abdul Abu

In Sub-Sahara Africa, Nigeria is one of the major pearl millet producing country with an average annual production of 4.8 million tons. Nevertheless, Pearl millet farming is mostly carried out in the North-eastern Nigeria. Although, the productivity is very low, resulting to low level of growers attitude and practices on the improved technologies despite all the efforts of the extension agents and the stakeholders in the region to improve the situation. Hence, growers in North-eastern Nigeria mostly rely on traditional method of production and this has created a gap for need of this study. Thus, this study is designed to explore on farmers attitude, practice and relationship with adoption of improved pearl millet technologies in the region. Purposive sampling techniques was used to select 3 states and 9 local governments areas that are actively involved in pearl millet farming. Stratified random and systematic sampling technique was used to select 477 pearl millet growers. Information were collected using a self-report validated questionnaire. Descriptive, Pearson Moment Correlation and Multiple linear-regression models were employed to analyze the data. From the findings, respondents level of attitude was moderate, practice and adoption were at higher level. It was also observed that significant relationship existed between attitude, practice at (p<0.01) towards adoption of improved pearl millet technologies. Regression results revealed that practice is a significant contributor to adoption. while, attitude did not contribute. The study suggests that, Pearl millet growers should be encouraged through government policies and strategies that focused on the development of positive attitude towards adoption of improved pearl millet technologies and subsequent increase in the farmers level of output and other relevant areas of improvement among growers in North-eastern Nigeria.

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Deepa N P, Mahesha P, Nagendra K N, Madhu G Amalazari, Sunil Kumar T

Lab monitoring system is developed to overcome the difficulties in supervising the student activities in computer laboratories. The implementation of depicted idea helps to prevent malpractice during lab exams using Browser, Applications/Software, Pen drives and maintain the discipline during student’s practical performance. In this work, Raspberry pi is used as a centralized network Server and socket programming is used to provide communication between computers and centralized network server. Keyboard and mouse theft protection is also provided for safeguarding lab belongings. The fire alarm system is an add-on to detect the presence of smoke inside the lab in case of any fire accident. Additionally, RFID based data logging system is used to store a data in an excel sheet for the Time-in and Time-out of students during the lab conduction. This work also emphasizes on surveillance of computer labs with the help of camera. The overall programming is developed using python and java. The system is capable of notifying the lab in-charge through E-mail with snaps attached to it and also through buzzer and LED light indication in case of any event or issues.

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Aamir Yousuf Bhat, A.Suhasini

Knee joint pain is one of the foremost imperative clinical and debilitating features of osteoarthritis. It may be a late manifestation of osteoarthritis (OA) whose early indication includes joint space narrowing, bone subluxation, subchondral sclerosis, the formation of osteophytes and cartilage degradation. Even though the formation of osteophytes and joint space reduction is the early indications of the knee osteoarthritis (OA). The discovery is based on the Kellgren and Lawrence (KL) classification grades, which compares the distinctive stages of OA. Since the treatments for progressed radiographic knee OA are restricted, clinicians confront a significant challenge of distinguishing patients, who are at a high chance of getting affected by OA in a timely and effected way. Therefore we have created a straight forward self-assessment scoring framework for knee OA. OA is generally analyzed by specialists through manual assessment of patient’s medical images, which are typically gathered in medical clinics. Checking the occurrence of OA to some degree is tedious for patients. In the expansion, the current studies are centred on consequently identifying OA through image-based machine learning algorithms. A right forecast of OA is a fundamental advance to successfully analyse and avoid the severity of OA. The objective of this study is to develop a machine vision approach for investigation of the severity of knee OA. The computation involves LBP (Local Binary Pattern) and PCA (Principal component Analysis) method. The processed PCA with LBP features are computed using FFNN (Feed Forward Neural Network), Multi-SVM and DBN with RBM (Deep Belief Neural Network with Restricted Boltzmann’s Machine) classifiers for evaluating the knee osteoarthritis based on the Kellgren Lawrence grading system. The x-ray images used for the method are taken in stand Posterior Anterior (PA) view. The X rays images are used to obtain a region of interest (Extraction). The ROI extraction images undergo PCA and LBP feature extraction process. The texture features are then calculated from the ROI extraction. The extracted features are given to the ANN, Multi-SVM and DBN with RBM classifiers to classify the images to their grades. The highest accuracy rate of 83% is achieved by the DBN with RBM classifier for the classification of the images into the Grade 0, Grade 1, Grade 2, Grade 3, and Grade 4 osteoarthritis (OA). The goal of this paper is to analyse the severity of the osteoarthritis by using the plain x-ray radiographs.

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Yahaya Ahmed, Ibrahim Atan Bin Sipan

Several PPP housing projects are implemented in Nigeria since the official recognition in 2004. Consequently, the way forward in the PPP for the provision of affordable housing for urban dwellers who coincidentally have the most critical housing needs in Nigeria are not clearly understood. This study explored the problems and identified the success factors of PPP for the provision of affordable housing for urban dwellers in Nigeria. The paper depends on a systematic review of research literature and surveys data derived from the questionnaire with 256 respondents in various PPP Professions in housing provision in Nigeria to achieve the objectives. The study finds that PPP has not made a significant contribution to affordable housing instead has benefited the middle and high-income group for lack of proper framework which includes, land accessibility and affordability, corruption, lack of sound legal framework, funding constraints, unstable price of building material, as the key constrains to affordable housing in Nigeria. Furthermore, this study indicates the success factor of PPP to affordable housing and many opportunities in promoting widespread participation in public housing as the effective procurement process, the strong private sector, project economic viability, the sound financial package as the influential success factors. Therefore, suggest that government should provide land at no cost, provision of local building materials at low price, provision of more financial institution at little or no interest, establishment of an effective mortgage system and incorporation of assisted-self-help and incremental housing into the Public-Private-Partnership housing delivery system will ensure better results delivering a large-scale provision of affordable housing.

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Abdullah Aly, Suliadi F. Sufahani

This study aims to describe the development technological research model of quality Muhammadiyah schools through the transformation of the religious and Kemuhammadiyahan (or towards to Muhamadiyah) curriculum. The research method used are descriptive qualitative with library research approach and field research, with document studies, observations and interviews as a method of data collection. The material object of this research are First Muhammadiyah Junior High School in Surakarta and Muhammadiyah Junior High School Plus in Klaten. The study produced two main conclusions. First, the efforts to develop quality of First Muhammadiyah Junior High School in Surakarta and Muhammadiyah Junior High School Plus in Klaten are carried out by means of religious and Kemuhammadiyahan curriculum transformation. This method focuses on developing two standards, namely: standard content and standard process. In the context of standard content and standard process, both schools transform religious and Kemuhammadiyahan curriculum by adding material on Islamic Religion that has been established by government regulations, and adding activities through strengthening religious and Kemuhammadiyahan learning in the classroom, and increasing religious co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. Second, the religious and Kemuhammadiyahan learning process has the potential to develop quality Muhammadiyah schools. Both schools use various methods in developing classroom learning activities.

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Wa Malmia, Siti Hajiyanti Makatita, Syafa Lisaholit, Azwan Azwan, Irma Magfirah, Hasanudin Tinggapi, M Chairul Basrun Umanailo

This research aims to determine the outcome of problem-based learning in conjunction with the improvement of the learning outcomes of SMA Negeri 2 Namlea, Buru Regency in the 2018/2019 school year. This research is a quasi experiment research with the design of pretest-posttest control group Design. The population in this research is the grade XI students of Chemistry which amounted to 3 classes and samples in this study there are 2 classes that are students of class XI IMIA3 as experimental classes and students of class XI IMIA2 as control class. Data is obtained from test results, polls and student activities. Data processing using Kolmogorov-Smirnov test normality, test homogenity, test Paired sample t test, and test independent sample T test. The results showed that there was an increase in students ' mathematical learning outcomes after using problem-based learning in the class XI IMIA3 SMA Negeri 2 Namlea. This is based on the analysis results of inferential statistics (test Paired Sample T Test) obtained the significance value. 000 < 0.05 which means there is an increase in the average student's value after being taught using problem-based learning in the class XI students IMIA3 SMA Negeri 2 Namlea.

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Manoj Modi, Gopal Agarwal, V.Patil

Wire electrical release machining (Wire-EDM) is one of the generally acknowledged advanced machining procedures used to machine the parts with unpredictable shapes and profiles. The wire is gradually sustained through the material and the generated electrical releases among the wire and work-piece are responsible to cut the work piece. Wire is generally made of copper, molybdenum or tungsten, which changes electrical power to heat power. This thermal energy is utilized for cutting the materials. W-EDM appears a decent choice for machining the convoluted shapes for the solidify materials. The selection of machining parameters is important for powerful use of these parameters and it is likewise engaged with numerous responses. This paper manages the theoretical investigation of different procedure parameters in W-EDM and the responses. Streamlining of process parameters assumes a significant job to accomplish a best quality item at a sensible cost.

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V. Suresh Babu, K. Shanmukha Sundar

The proposed research article presents an optimum Fractional-Order Proportional-Integral-Derivative (FOPID) controller based Automatic Generation Control (AGC) in a two-area interconnected deregulated power system which includes renewable sources of energy like solar thermal power generating units. In this investigation, the thermal plants are considered with reheat tandem compound steam turbine rather than steam turbine dynamic model parameters are thought to be consistent. Concentrated solar power can store vitality in the type of thermal energy. The stored thermal energy can be utilized to produce electricity in absence of solar irradiance. Thus, AGC of multi-area power system incorporating solar thermal power plant (STPP) is vital for these examinations. FOPID controller is an established Proportional-Integral-Derivative (PID) controller aside from its derivative and integral orders are fractional numbers in place of being integers. The tuning of the FOPID controller parameters is formulated as an optimization problem and solved by employing a Lightning Search Algorithm (LSA). Further to enhance the AGC execution, Hydrogen Energy Storage (HES) is incorporated into its control area. The simulation results reveal that the supremacy of projected FOPID controller, the dynamic performance of AGC loop have improved in terms of less peak deviation and settling time of area frequencies and tie-line power oscillations in various exchanges of deregulated power system is compared with Proportional-Integral (PI), Proportional-Integral Derivative (PID) controller based AGC loop. The execution of HES unit effectively damp the electromechanical oscillations in a power system, as they provide ensure from the storage capacity in addition to the kinetic energy of the generator rotors which can share sudden changes in power requirement. The Power flow control by HES unit is also found to be efficient and effective for improving the dynamic performance of AGC loop for a two-area solar thermal interconnected power system

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Vignesh Ramamoorthy H, Dr. R. Gunavathi

Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) are used in most of the common places where the other technology fails due to natural and other calamities. WSN plays a major supportive factor in all areas such as industrial, agricultural, medical and so on. Therefore, WSN are prone to security attacks like blackhole, wormhole and other security breaches due to its wide range of support. These attacks focus in collapsing the network through draining the energy, sending fake data and other type of attacks. The proposed protocol focused in avoiding blackhole attack through identifying a greater number of reliable routes quickly. In addition, the proposed protocol obtains nodal trust, which improves the security of the network. The experimental results show the performance of the proposed protocol is better than the other previous approaches and studies. Thus, the proposed trust-based routing protocol successfully improves security and lifetime of the network.

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Rishi Todani, Tusha Tanya, Ashis Kumar Mal

Cascode opamps find wide application in various signal processing circuits. Regulated cascode structures are becoming popular due to faster output stabilization and self bias configuration. However, sizing a cascode structure is a challenge, even for experienced analog designers, due to stacking of several transistors. Devices tend to come out of saturation due to reduced drain source voltage drops. Potential distribution method (PDM), proposed earlier, eliminates this trouble and allows the designer to easily bias the devices in saturation region. It uses the capacity of the simulator to handle complex MOSFET models instead of relying on inaccurate long channel based hand calculations. This paper presents a design technique of a feed-forward regulated cascode OTA using PDM. The steps involved in sizing the devices are clearly discussed and the pre and post layout simulation results are presented. Advanced analysis like PVT and Monte Carlo analysis over input noise is also preformed. Low noise characteristics of the OTA justify its application in low frequency sensor applications. The circuit is designed using SCL 180 nm CMOS technology at 1.8 V supply.

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Dr. M. Jegadeeshwaran, M.Basuvaraj

The main objective of the study is to analyse the determinants of credit risk of select private sector banks in the post financial crises period. The study period covers ten years (post financial crisis period) from 2008-2009 to 2017-2018. For the purpose of the study, top ten private sector banks have been selected based on the banks which have the highest share in Non-performing Assets. The sample private sector banks namely, ICICI Bank, Axis Bank, HDFC Bank, Jammu and Kashmir Bank, Kotak Mahindra Bank, Karur Vysya Bank, Federal Bank, Yes Bank, Lakshmi Vilas Bank, and South Indian Banks are chosen for the study. The data analysis was done using ratio analysis and statistical tools like mean, standard deviation, co-efficient of variation, compound annual growth rate, hausman test and panel data regression. The findings also reveals that the most influencing factors of credit risk of select private sector banks are GDP growth rate, inflation rate, operational inefficiency, return on assets, bank branch growth and bank size, are moreover significant effect of credit risk thereby presenting them to incredible danger of banks financial health. Therefore, the study concludes that the banks must take strict essential steps recover their loans and follow the reserve banks guidelines like Prompt Corrective Action (PCA) framework and maintain enough capital to absorb the risks.

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David Kwek, Dimaz Maulana, Emil Robert Kaburuan, Nilo Legowo

Indonesian Internet Domain Name Managers or PANDI is an association engaged in the registry operator domain name .id. To improve the quality of service both internally and society, it is necessary to have an information system that is able to connect and help process the operational performance of PANDI. This study uses the TOGAF ADM methodology which has the main stages, namely Preliminary, Architecture Vision, Business Architecture, Information System Architecture, Technology Architecture, Opportunity and Solution, Migration Planning, Implementation Governance, and Architecture Change Management. The results of this study are in the form of a blueprint for information systems based on cloud computing based on the TOGAF ADM framework up to phase G to produce an integrated system

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Umar Irshad, Dr.Sandeep Singla

India is a developing country and safety on road is still in an Initial Stage. Accident severity is increasing day by day in India due to increase in vehicle population. Accident leads to Severe Loss, Death, Damage to health and property, social suffering and degradation of environment. The road accident situation in India is alarming. The huge accident rate occurs largely because of the inadequacy of our highways and other Link roads to meet our traffic demands, Road user behavior, Vehicle defects, Poor Road Geometrics and Visibility. Road accidents results in heavy economic loss to the country. Road Safety is necessary to reduce the occurrence of accidents which involves both human and vehicles there by making the road more safe and user friendly to traffic. NH-244 is a major connecting road that connects Chenab Valley to the rest of India and caters to the need of transportation of light goods to heavy goods and passengers. Study area was undertaken by me on NH-244 from Doda Town to Batote in Distt. Doda ofJammu & Kashmir. The stretch involves a two lane road with sharp curves on it. The whole stretch is mountainous as it lies in Pir Panchal range of Inner Himalayas. This stretch suffers severe climatic conditions as the whole area exhibits harsh climatic conditions. The whole road has many slide prone areas and often faces blocking of road due to landslides in winter season. The safety deficiencies were detected to minimize accidents and to save the road users from loss. The deficiencies and the measures to reduce the loss due to accidents along with identified black spots have been presented in this paper.

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Faiza A Bawuro, Alina Shamsuddin, Eta Wahab and Chinedu Caleb Chidozie

The limited research on innovative work behaviour in the public education system was a motivation for this study. The article examines the extent to which prosocial motivation influences innovative behaviour among selected public universities lecturers in Nigeria. Social exchange theory provided a theoretical underpinning for the study. The study used a cross-sectional design using a sample of 320 senior academics in the country. Stratified sampling technique was adopted, and also multivariate analysis of variance was utilised for the analysis. The study found that prosocial motivation has a significant influence on innovative behaviour of lecturers. The study concludes that a critical driver to improved innovation in the university system is through prosocial motivation. The study recommends that the government and management of the university system need to make an effort to ensure that lecturers are prosocially motivated. The study is a novelty as it validates the social exchange theory and closes the gap in the literature on prosocial motivation and innovative behaviour lacking in the university system.

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Sanjay Ganorkar, Bruhaspati Mane, Supriya Rajankar, Vrushali Raut

A Brain Computer Interface gives a way to link human mind and the computer machine. EEG collecting Modulations corresponding to Motor Imagery are the input to brain computer Interface. The signal captured by non-invasive method like EEG is contaminated and thus is difficult to classify. In this paper matrix of seven statistical features is passed to Convolution neural network (CNN) for classification. Thus, it acts as input to three-layer CNN which consist of convolution, subsampling and fully connected layers. This method is adventitious as provides better accuracy and is manageable in less memory.

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Mohd Arif Shaikh, Pagadala Sugandha Devi, Dr. U. Devi Prasad, Dr. Asefa Abahumna Woldetsadik

Ethiopia is a land locked fast developing nation in the horn of Africa. The use of passenger auto rickshaws in Ethiopia has increased multifold in the last decade. This phenomenal increase in this mode of transport has made it necessary to understand passenger characteristics. This study is therefore focused on the demographic characteristics of three wheeler auto rickshaw passengers in case of asella city. The primary objective is to understand the relationship between demographic characteristics and satisfaction of passengers with respect to service of three wheeler auto rickshaw in Asella city of Ethiopia. A sample of 384 customers was selected from Asella city by using purposive sampling technique and questionnaire was administered. 324 duly filled questionnaire were received and was analyzed by using descriptive statistics. In this study mean, standard deviation, chi square were used to test association between demographic characteristics and passenger satisfaction. It was found that there is no association between age and marital status of the passenger and level of satisfaction while there is association between income, educational level, occupation and gender of the passenger and level of satisfaction

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Amnesh Goel, Dr. Rakesh Bhujade

The prime concern of this digital era is the security [1]. As the development is making progress in various technical facilities across the world, security has risen up as the main concern. Technical development of tools and digital features are going hand in hand with the security concerns. In the era, the people residing in urban areas are more tend to technology, mobile, internet, and other commonly available facilities and these facilities also opening doors of theft and hack in individual privacy. Usage of images has grown multifold in recent years, and in the research domain, advancements are happening in making the images more secure. In this paper, we will take a look at various technical options available to make the images secure over transportation and at rest.

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Shital S. Patel

The focus of research is to study the nature of economic production quantity model with unsteady deterioration rate is considered. In practical situation it is discover that the starting of any production activity, the rate of production in many firm remain less up to certain time, but after some time the production rate increase with time. Due to this reason the model consider variable production rate. Demand rate is associated with exponential function depend on time. Under this situation, mathematical form is formulated to enlarge the total profit. Numerical part is provide for respective solution to support the model and sensitivity analysis shows changes in some parameters.

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Manish Kumar*, Sunil Kumar Choudhary, Manish Chandra Varma

In the present investigation freshwater fish species diversity, distribution pattern, and their threats for conservation was carried out in three sampling zones keeping Vikramshila Gangetic Dolphin Sanctuary (VGDS) as center point in lower Ganga stretch during 2016-17. Totally 53 fish species from 21 families belonging to 10 orders have been recorded from all the three sites. Among them family Cyprinidae was dominated by representing 23 species (41%) and least was Clupidae (0.04%). According to the IUCN status, only 1 species was found vulnerable, 6 in low risk near threatened, one species in data deficient category, 43 in low risk least concern and 2 species were categorized in not evaluated category. Significant threats in means of disturbances, fishing pressure, destructive fishing practice (illegal net application) and habitat destruction have been reported. Protected part of the study stretch (VGDS) has supported substantial fish diversity which shows influence on catch of downstream. However, increasing percentage of small and trash fishes is alarming the conservation of fish resources in river Ganga. Furthermore, management strategies like awareness on sustainable harvesting, river pollution and destructive fishing may help in conservation of the native and endemic fish species in the mighty river of India.

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Ali A. Dawood, Ghassan A. Hasan, Ahmed M. Hayawi

Background: Hepatitis means inflammation of liver, caused by several viruses and agents. Hepatitis B virus is one of many types of viruses can infect liver and causes inflammation and in sometimes reaching to cirrhosis and hepatocellular carcinoma. Objective: the aim of this study is to detect the genotype of hepatitis B virus from patients in Mosul. Methods: We evaluate 25 patients presumably with HBV in acute and chronic cases whom have HBsAg positive. Viral DNA was extracted from patients' serum. The genotypes was detected using Real time PCR. Results: The Real time PCR based methodology was standardized illustrated that 22 (88%) of samples perceived genotype D while the other 3(12%) samples conferred negative result for genotypes B, C, or D. Conclusion: The standardized Real time PCR assay is a rapid and accurate method for detection and differentiation of HBV genotypes that are more frequent in meditetrenian East and Asia. This method can be applied in the clinical practice.

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R. Sasikumar, S. Indira

Climate change can directly affect health through extreme temperature, increased floods and droughts and increased frequency of human diseases. Time series modeling are generally used to forecasting the values based on time period. The aim of this study is to assess the association between climate factors and the incidence of childhood pneumonia. The pneumonia incidence morbidity in borns and morbidity out borns children under five year and environmental factors, including monthly rainfall and the monthly average maximum temperatures during the period from January 2014 to Dec 2016 are considered. The data are analyzed with Generalized Linear Model (GLM) and Generalized Additive Model (GAM) to measure the impact of climate factors and both models are compared.

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M Chairul Basrun Umanailo, Imam Fachruddin, Deviana Mayasari, Rudy Kurniawan, Dewien Nabielah Agustin, Rini Ganefwati, Pardamean Daulay, Andiwi Meifilina, Taufik Alamin, Rahmah Fitriana, Sutomo Sutomo, Agus Sulton, Ifan Luthfian Noor, Ahmad Imron Rozuli,

This article aims to analyse cybercrime in society as a model of crime that develops as the advancement of Internet technology. Cybercrime becomes a practice that will create community behaviour that is vulnerable to conflicts and legal issues. The approach used in this writing is literature research, with a data analysis technique in the form of content analysis with the aim of obtaining valid inference and can be re-examined based on its context. Individual actions within a community group are actions prescribed by norms, values, and social structures. The reality in this cybercrime as a simulation, i.e. the creation of unproposed real models or hyper-reality reality. Through the simulation model, humans are framed in one space, which is identified as real, even if it is a pseudo or mere imaginary that the emergence of cybercrime as human practice in public sphere is characterized as space without control, but on the other hand because without such control, so cybercrime becomes an anarchist space without rules and norms.

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Ratna Wulaningrum

This study aims to determine the actions of earnings management at public sharia banks in Indonesia. The object of this study is public sharia banks in Indonesia, which is to examine the presence or absence of earnings management. Research data collection is carried out with documentation, which is data collection obtained from annual reports published by public sharia banks in Indonesia. The annual report used in this study is a report from 2013 to 2018. The research sample was taken using purposive sampling that met the criteria of (1) public sharia banks in Indonesia, (2) published annual reports for the period 2013 to 2018, and (3) the financial statement period ends on December 31 each year.This research variable uses a discretionary accrual approach to measure the presence of absence of earnings management. Discretionary accruals are a proxy for accrual policies used by company management to manipulate earnings related to accruals. If the value of discretionary accrual is positive, the company carries out earnings management by income increasing. If discretionary accrual is negative, then the company carries out earnings management by income decreasing. The discretionary accruals calculation in this study uses a modified Jones model.Detection results of earnings management using the modified Jones model indicate that the value of discretionary accruals of public sharia banks have fluctuating values. The banks detected earnings management in their financial statements. Earnings management is done by income increasing and income decreasing in the company’s financial statements.

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Tri Cicik Wijayanti, Dio Caisar Darma

The study aimed to analyze the direct and indirect effects of Investment and Government Expenditure on Gross Regional Domestic Products (GRDP) and Human Development of the East Kalimantan Province. Based on the formulation, objectives, relationships between variables, to the hypothesis proposed, the data is processed using the Path Analysis-Partial Lest Square (PLS) model and the SmartPLS 3.0 program. The type of data used is quantitative in the form of a period of 2011-2018 that was sourced from the Central Statistics Bureau and Integrated One-Stop Investment Services Agency of East Kalimantan Province. The results of the study state that direct Investment has a positive and significant effect, while Government Expenditure has a negative and significant effect on GRDP. Direct Investment has a negative and insignificant effect, while Government Expenditure and GRDP both have a positive and not significant effect on Human Development. Indirect Investment has a positive and significant effect, but Government Expenditure actually have a negative and significant effect on Human Development through GRDP.

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Anifatul Hanim, Ahmad Zainuri and Sudaryanto Sudaryanto

Purpose of this study was; (1) analyze the essence of economic and social motivation that influences the decision to become migrant workers (2) knowing the problems experienced by migrant workers since Pre-placement, placement and post placement are seen from the point of view of Syar'i and feminism in Indonesia The method used in this study is to use probit analysis, correlation product moment and analysis of qualitative. Secondary data was taken from the availability of IFLS data in 2015. For a number of 187 people who made international migration and 7445 made internal migration. Regression results show significant results. Women who live in cities have a higher chance of 0.39% to migrate abroad than in villages. Women with a reason to find work have a higher chance of migrating 11% compared to those who do not look for work. Women with higher education actually have a lower chance of finding employment abroad at 0.07% compared to women with low education. The process of departing to become a migrant worker still uses a lot of brokerage services or brokers that are clearly very detrimental to the Women Migrant Worker. Women Migrant Worker candidates often experience abusive treatment from shelter to placement.

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Ade Fatma Lubis, Zainal A.T. Silangit, Mutia Ismail, Iskandar Muda

This research aims to discover the level of public understanding of the technical knowledge and fundamentals of the money market and capital market in North Sumatra. This research is conducted by surveying the primary data and identifying on the field directly to the prospective investors in the Money Market and Capital Market in North Sumatra. The test result indicates that the dominant factors influencing public knowledge of the analyzer is the experience factor; while the education factor, financial statement understanding, consultation quality, understanding of using technical application, have no significant influence on the effectiveness of educating the public on the technical analysis knowledge and fundamental in the capital market investment.

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Ahsanul Husna Chaniago, Harmein Nasution, Iskandarini, Iskandar Muda

Compensation is a reward given by the company to employees for the work they produce. There are two kinds of compensation: financial and non-financial compensation. Providing compensation to employees should be reasonable and fair, because it can improve the ability of employees in improving work productivity. It is because the employees can feel satisfaction in carrying out their work. There are obstacles in the execution of tasks in the pulmonary TB section so that the work does not go according to the target. One of the obstacles felt by TB officers is the compensation that is considered less. The purpose of this research is to know how the influence between compensation in the form of salaries, incentives and allowances either partially or collectively to the performance of pulmonary TB officers of Deli Serdang Public Health Center, Indonesia. The method used in this research is survey method with linear regression data analysis technique. The sample in this research is the Pulmonary TB officer of Deli Serdang Community Health Center which amounted to 34 people. This research uses primary data collected by using questionnaires. The research results showed that there was a significant influence between the salary, incentive and allowance on the performance of Pulmonary TB officer by 46.8%. Salary variable has significant effect on employee performance, incentive variable has significant effect to performance and allowance is not significantly influence to performance of pulmonary TB officer of Deli Serdang Community Health Center.

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Zuraidah Nasution, Sirojuzilam, Zulhaida Lubis, Erna Mutiara

This study was conducted to know, analyze and examine the model of anemia occurance prevention to pregnant women through the empowerment of pregnant women in the utilization of ronggeng shrimp (Harpiosquilla raphidea) becoming funcitonal foods in the village of Percut Sei Tuan. The research was conducted to know the potential of crackers in settling anemia to pregnant women using Quasi Experimental with the design of the Untreated Control Group Design with Pretest and Postest. Interventions conducted on 64 pregnant women divided into two groups. Group 1 was given crackers 6 pieces (60 grams) to be consumed every day for three months and given empowerment, while the second group, also given crackers without given empowerment. The empowerment was given in the form of education about the use of ronggeng shrimp becomes functional foods conducted four times of meetings for three months. The results of this study showed that intervention through the provision of ronggeng shrip as crackers along with the empowerment was more effective in settling anemia to pregnant women amounted to 78,13% compared to invtervention of providing ronggeng shrimp crackers without the empowerment which was only able to settle anemia in pregnant women amounted to 18,75%. Multivariate analysis was using Multiple Linear Regression showed that the variables that affect the increase in hemoglobin level of pregnant women are: empowerment of pregnant women in the utilization of ronggeng shrimp becomes functional foods, as well as the consumption of protein and iron (Fe) of pregnant women every day.

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Rahmat Abd. Fatah, Saiful Deni

Politics has become an endless commodity, people are busy plunging into political ambiguity, either by becoming party managers, legislative candidates, regents, mayors to presidents, all "peddling" self-image with a number of good and personal achievements as a result, political parties as the following institutions the norms and values in it are exceeded, by the dominance of personal political who have financial carrying capacity and capital of popularity. Institutionalization of political parties in such contexts does not see the system as a whole, and therefore a political party is forever "held hostage" by political pragmatism. Talcott Parsons reminded that the action system would face four survival problems, such as; 1) adaptation; 2) goal-attainment; 3) integration; and 4) pattern of maintenance and tension management (latency). Therefore the system with one another must be integrated into a shared pattern for common goals as well. In this paper, the common norms and values that must be upheld are the prophetic of the institutionalization of political parties in the transformation of prophetic national culture with qualifications of institutions capable of combining "logical reasoning" (Knowledge) and "revelation" (Al-Qur'an) which further values by Parsons socialized and internalized actors, the context of this paper, political party institutions disseminate and internalize propheticism in vertical-horizontal mobility to transform prophetic national culture.

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Zulfikar, Syaad Afifuddin Sembiring, Rahmanta, Iskandar Muda

The purpose of this research is to reveal the effect/influence of Shariah Financing and Third Party Funds (DPK) of Syariah Banking to Economic Growth with Income per capita as an intervening variable in North Sumatra, Indonesia. The research was conducted by observing quarterly data of sharia banking in North Sumatera in 2010-2015. The test was performed by Structural Equation Modeling test with AMOS test equipment with census method from sharia banking at districts and cities in North Sumatra and tested direct, indirect and total influence. The results conclude that Financing has a significant effect on Economic Growth. Third Party Funds (DPK) has no significant effect on Economic Growth. Income per capita has a significant effect on Economic Growth.

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Istianto Budhi Rahardja, Denny Prumanto, Muchayar, Anwar Ilmar Ramadhan

Hardening of iron st 37 is a process carried out to improve the mechanical properties of the strength of the material it has. With good strength, it can withstand the compressive loads received by the material. The hardening process carried out to improve the mechanical properties of the ST 37 material is by the Quencing method using Crude Palm Oil (CPO), where the ST 37 material is heated from a temperature of 200 ᵒC, 400ᵒC, 600ᵒC, 800ᵒC and 965ᵒC and immediately cooled them. The hardening process carried out with each experiment uses 5 pcs of workpieces and after the quencing process is done, the testing process presses on the workpiece. The results obtained from the hardening of the ST 37 workpiece, resulted in several parameters of the increase in the value of the hardness that occurred from the specimens that had been heated and quenching CPO in the 200ᵒC heating specimen was 24.4% (49 HRC) against the untreated specimens (37 HRC), increase in the hardning of specimens carried out by heating 400ᵒC, 600ᵒC, 800ᵒC, 965ᵒC is as much as 36.6% (59 HRC), 31.9% (55 HRC), 9.7% (41 HRC) and 29.9% (53 HRC). So the most superior hardness value is in specimens that use 400ᵒC heating by quenching CPO.

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I Wayan Suardana, Moh. Rusnoto Susanto, Sri Wastiwi Setiawati, Insanul Qisti Barriyah, Made Aditya Abhi Ganika

Traditional Indonesian art needs to be studied more in depth, and developed in accordance with the circumstances and demands of the times. Art can not be separated from the culture that accompanies therein, the culture can not be separated from the man as the creator of culture, the idea of culture is a human being, man is creation of God. Humans create the culture for the sake of the man himself, among creatures of God's most perfect humans have a sense, initiative, creativity (work). The existence of traditional art as a source of inspiration for contemporary art. The research method used a descriptive, qualitative and historical approach. Researchers explain the entire visual data or data from interviews with users of social media and cultural communities qualitatively related to all aspects of research coverage. The method used was a phenomenology approach along with a content analysis, descriptive and qualitative technique. Aesthetic art local genius with a distinctive style that is mystical, magical, cosmic, and religious. Aspects of aesthetics that is so it becomes a sort of spirit, soul, taksu or essence in each embodiment traditional art symbols that can be drawn into a national contemporary art. Shape, form, or symbols that appear to be different, however, spirit, soul, or essence remains reveal the nature-oriented culture of mystical, magical, cosmic, and religious. The works of art in the past based on the awareness of both the depth of functionality, aesthetic and symbolic, mixed in a blend harmony.

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Sukarman, Apang Djafar Shieddiqie, Istianto Budhi Rahardja, Anwar Ilmar Ramadhan, Yopi Handoyo

this paper presents an overview of the energy analysis of the VCR system using the HFC-236fa fluid and the result of manual calculation validation using software. The purpose of the energy analysis of the VCR system using the HFC-236fa fluid has been identified and discussed, including the results of manual calculation validation using the software. VCR system analysis is done by setting the rpm fan speed in five different speed levels. The results of the experimental data energy analyzer show that the HFC-236fa fluid performance approaches the COP compressor used in this system. The highest COP achieved was 3.07 while the lowest was 2.51.

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Rizabuana Ismail, Suwardi Lubis, Ria Manurung, Devi Sihotang, Junjungan Simanjuntak

Traditional medicine is an alternative medicine that can be chosen by the community besides medical treatment. Traditional medicine is a treatment that has been known since ancient times and it has become a culture in every society and even in every country. One treatment method known from the process of traditional medicine is the use of herbal ingredients. This paper uses a qualitative and quantitative approach to 12 traditional healers (Namalo) and 117 residents of Humbang Hasundutan District and Toba Samosir District to find out the types of plants used by traditional healers and the reasons of the community, especially the Batak Toba ethinicty, to choose this treatment. The medicinal plants used by Namalo in the treatment process are plants obtained from the surrounding environment. The plants used by Namalo have been known to be able to cure diseases since a long time ago. The knowledge of these medicinal plants and their properties are obtained from the ancestors of Namalo. Some of the plants are guava leaves, purba jolma root, galinggang, sijukkot, kecibling, salagundi leaves, and others. Many aspects influence people to choose this treatment, for instance, because herbal ingredients do not cause side effects, the price is cheap and because this treatment has been known for a long time and has been used for generations in the community.

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Jyoti Goyal, Bal Kishan

Software quality is the main aspect of every software product. Fault is the primary reason for decreasing the quality of software. Therefore we need fault prediction techniques that predict faults at early stage of software development. Ensemble learning has proved its significance in various scientific fields. So, in this paper, we propose heterogeneous ensembling technique because same kind of technique is not able to deal with all kinds of problems. Also we discuss various challenges that we still face during the development of the efficient fault prediction model using Ensembling.

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Zafri bin Yusoff

Hypothermia was expected in lumbar epidural anesthesia and due to slow redistribution of internal heat during lumbar epidural anesthesia among parturient undergoing lower segment caesarean section LSCS surgery. Or specific aim was to explore perfusion index analysis using pulse oximeter technology and effect of thermoregulation among parturient undergoing lumbar epidural anesthesia for LSCS Surgery. This was a descriptive, cross sectional mono centric study at the Obstetric Theatre and statistic used including Chi square, Independent T –Test, ANOVA and Bivariate analysis with SPSS version 24.0. Mean finger perfusion index FPI indicated as clinical sign for non conversion and conversion of lumbar epidural anesthesia to general anesthesia GA. Perfusion index PI was higher value (n = 154), 4.7 ± 0.1 in non conversion group of lumbar epidural anesthesia as compared to the conversion group (n = 6), 4.0 ± 0.4, , t(5) = -12.3, p = 0.00. The mean parturient’s temperature at 36.50C as thresholds for vasoconstriction mapping to finger perfusion index 4.6. At the level of 36.50C (mild hypothermic) with initial pulse rate at 85/min, the cardiac output produced at the level of 5091.75 ml (5.1 L). An increased of perfusion index would not induced the bleeding for parturient mothers undergoing LSCS surgery as displayed Spearman’s correlation r = 0.02, p = 0.79 by bivariate analysis. Our study demonstrated that ambient temperature as stimulus for skin temperature changes not proven. Finger Perfusion Index FPI having a role as indicator for efficacy of lumbar epidural anesthesia in caesarean section surgery and biothermal models

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Priyanka Kadu, Amar Buchade

In day to day life, routine checkup has become a tedious task as patients need to visit a clinic and this task consumes more time and money. It is convenient to have a system which tells the user or patient the probability of the disease that might happen in the future. Machine learning helps to predict the disease proneness for the given attributes that are collected on a periodic interval for the patient. This eventually can become an advantage to the health care system to play a vital role in the patient's life. Some methodologies are existing which works on the precise attribute values to estimate the disease proneness. Most of the time it becomes difficult to provide the precise measuring parameters due to the involvement of the pathology laboratory. To provide an effective solution, the proposed system uses abstract parameters, viz.: step count, hours of sleep, weight, BMI (Body Mass Index) and calories burned. In the proposed work KNN (k-nearest neighbor) and HMM (Hidden Markov Model) are used to estimate the probability of disease proneness. To enhance the performance of system fuzzy classification is used. The system is tested for estimating the disease proneness for six diseases. It is observed that the accuracy of estimation is above 80%.

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Ar. Sandeep Singh, Er. Yogita Sharma

The paper tell us about the traditional construction techniques used in Himachal Pradesh is the outcome of its typical climate and availability of materials and other natural resources. The traditional construction method will provide thermally comfortable shelter to the occupant by giving due consideration to local climate conditions. And main advantages of that constructions are resources are reuse and design efficiency, low maintenance. Eco friendly and rational utilization of natural resources at a cold climate or in the hilly areas. The total traditional architecture style is based on its tradition or the available natural resources which help us to occupant comfort design or design efficiency.

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Udara. S. P. R. Arachchige, D. D. Prabodhi Preethika, M. Kasiru Kalathma

The evolution of industrialization over the past and recent decade is the huge turning point of humans. So this tendency has been given a significant impact on distributions of income and quality of life. Therefore increasing the size and complexity of industrial processes creates an increased scope for significant disasters. Besides that, it has enhanced the number of workplace accidents and injuries. In Sri Lanka, people are still not much more aware of health and safety for the worker in the manufacturing industry. This paper review, the safety and health practices that can be applied in the MDF manufacturing industry in Sri Lanka and identify the benefit of the Occupational Safety and health practices. Further, research conducted on OSH in MDF manufacturing industry in Sri Lanka to show the evidence of the importance of OHS practices in any industry. The data were collected from employees and villagers as well. This study also identified the type of hazards, injuries, and accidents happen in the MDF manufacturing industry as well as introduce and suggest risk assessment and analysis methods and implement the OSH program to achieve zero risks. Hence, this research aims to investigate how much concern to OHS in the MDF manufacturing industry, Sri Lanka.

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M. S. Qureshi, P.S. Swami, Dr. A. G. Thosar

Energy is a basic demand around the Globe. With that demand, a healthy and functional power system is therefore, requires to guarantee uninterrupted electric power supply to their end users. Therefore, health index has become a handy and an essential parameter which, for sure will help guide us to know how are transformer`s condition, with that well planned steps might be taken at appropriate period. An effort is put into this paper, so as to explore a new way to prognosticate transformers health with their condition by utilizing diagnostic oil tests. And these diagnostic oil tests on which this method relies are, Furan, Dissolved Gas Analysis, and other oil tests results are the medium to predict Health index. Few models based on A.I and statistic method like fuzzy logic, Fuzzy Inference Systems, adaptive neuro fuzzy logic inference system, binary logistic regression and General Regression Neural Network have been published in recently. Thus, a method is proposed employing Random Forest one of the robust model in Machine Learning. The results were then cross referred with the results of other published methods too.

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Tyan Ludiana Prabowo, Effy Zalfiana Rusfian

This research describes the efforts of Indonesian National Police’ Public Relations Division to improve the reputation and legitimacy of the Indonesian National Police through uploading contents in Instagram @Divisihumaspolri. Since 2015, PR Division of Indonesian National Police launch their official Instagram account and reach wider feedback from public. This study uses legitimacy theory, reputation theory, and government PR. The method used is Krippendorf content analysis, where the researcher used two coders to analyze uploads of @Divisihumaspolri Instagram accounts from January 1, 2018 to June 30, 2018 based on the workbook that had been compiled. Results shows the efforts of Public Relations Division got good impressive from the public and increasing the legitimacy and reputation of the organization of the National Police.

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Sutiono, Tonny Hendratono, Edi Purwanto

Pharmaceutical industry is an important stakeholder in its role of fulfilling the needs of medicines in a healthcare system. The pharmaceutical industry is unique compared to other industries where doctors play an important role as a bridge between pharmaceutical companies and consumers. One of the determinants of success for pharmaceutical company lies in the loyalty of doctors in recommending products to patients through the prescribing process. Identification of factors that influence prescribing loyalty may help pharmaceutical companies to focus their use of resources in order to achieve a competitive advantage. This research was conducted in order to identify factors that influence physician prescribing loyalty. The research focused on dyslipidemia therapeutic area and doctors with certain specialties who usually handle cases of dyslipidemia in daily clinical practice. Sampling was taken through non-probability techniques with a purposive sampling design. The research instrument used was a questionnaire that was distributed to 110 doctors in Jakarta. The obtained data results were processed with the help of the SPSS version 25 program. Results of the study stated that the prescribing loyalty of patent drugs by doctors was significantly influenced by pharmaceutical sales representatives and sponsorship support. The other three variables, which were opinion leaders, company reputation and product quality, showed insignificant influence on the prescribing loyalty of patent drugs by doctors.

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Minyechil Alehegn, Rahul Raghvendra Joshi, Preeti Mulay

Now-a-days there is increase in people suffering from DM (Diabetes mellitus) and this number is growing continuously. So, it is a considerable chronic disease. MLTs (Machine Learning Techniques) can act as a savior for early diagnosis and prediction of DM. ML is another side of Artificial Intelligence so that be used for prediction, recommendation and recovery from disease in early stages. The system proposed in this paper makes use of two datasets viz. PIDD (Pima Indian Diabetes Dataset) and 130_US hospital diabetes data sets. Techniques used for datasets analysis are Random Forest, KNN, Naïve Bayes, and J48. Ensemble approach facilitates in achieving better results. The accuracy of proposed ensemble approach is 93.62% for PIDD and 88.56% for 130_US hospital dataset.

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Uzair Aslam, Manoj Jayabalan, Hafiz Ilyas, Asim Suhail

Since the past decade, fake Reviews also known as Opinion spam has plagued the e-commerce sector around the world. Opinion spam is considered extremely harmful as it can be used to control the sentiment of a product or service, which in turn can be used to damage the sales and reputation of a company. Throughout the years, extensive research has used Natural language processing for extracting textual features and use them with various machine learning algorithms for opinion spam detection. Majority of the reviewed literature has focused on supervised learning techniques using artificially crafted datasets. The purpose of this paper is twofold: to analyze the various machine learning techniques that have been proposed in the extant literature for detecting opinion spam and compare their accuracies, to provide further insights for future researchers in the field of opinion spam detection. This survey has concluded that semi-supervised techniques using multi-aspect features of reviews, reviewers, and products can provide a better result in spam detection. Furthermore, the lack of accurately labeled datasets presents a major challenge in the field of Fake review detection.

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Nguyen Hoang Phuong

Being a land with great potential and advantages in tourism, the provinces and cities in the Mekong River Delta are making efforts to promote tourism development, especially the construction of specific tourism products. Compared with the potential of the region, the results of attracting and developing tourism are not as satisfactory, not commensurate with the potential. This can be clearly seen in the first 6 months of 2018, the Mekong Delta region can only receive nearly 1.6 million out of more than 7.8 million international visitors to Vietnam, despite the tourism industry. Localities in the region have focused on promoting, connecting with out-of-region tourism centers such as Da Nang, Lam Dong and Ho Chi Minh City. In fact, visitors to the Mekong Delta mainly come and go during the day, short stay time, low spending makes low turnover. Currently, the rate of staying in the region is only 1.95 days with international visitors, 1.7 days with domestic visitors. According to the master plan for tourism development in the Mekong Delta, by 2020 The region will receive about 34 million visitors, of which 3.5 million international visitors and VND 25,000 billion in revenue. In order to achieve this goal, the localities in the region must do so to retain visitors longer, increasing the number of times visitors return. The paper presents the advantages and challenges for tourism in the Mekong Delta.

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Arnab Paul, Sudipta Roy

In recent years, service discovery has become the most widely explored domain in Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) for both industry and academia. Due to the popularity of SOA, services over the Web are growing rapidly. Therefore, service reputation measurement approach plays a vital role in selecting the most optimal service from the pool of services offering similar functionality. Feedback ratings are collected from various consumers of the service to assess the service reputation. But, it is improper to evaluate the service reputation basing directly on raw feedback ratings as because malicious consumers do exist in such online open systems who intentionally submit unfair feedback ratings to distort the service reputations. Therefore, it becomes important to assess the user credibility so that feedback ratings from high credible users can be weighted more than those of low credible users. This paper proposes a service reputation measurement approach in which the user credibility assessment methodology is devised by employing Gaussian kernel function. Experiments are performed on simulated environment to validate the effectiveness of the proposed reputation measurement approach.

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Enni Savitri, Andreas, Volta Diyanto

This study aimed to analyze the impact of plan, implementation, supervision, and transparency aspects to the effectiveness of village fund management. This was a quantitative and qualitative study with samples obtained from several villages located in the coastal area of Riau Province. A total of 160 people, including village heads, secretaries, treasurers, village consultative body, and the local community took part in this study. Data were collected by using questionnaires, interviews, and documentation. Double linear regression technique was also employed. The result of the study therefore showed that planning, implementation, supervision, and transparency gave impact to the effectiveness of village fund management.

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To accommodate the transportation needs of world’s growing population, automobiles numbers are increasing rapidly around the globe. This resulted in increased number of road accidents and deaths. By adopting Internet of Things (IoT), vehicles can be turned into a Smart Vehicle Monitoring System (SVMS) to monitor driver’s heath condition and prevent accidents due to emergencies. SVMS uses IoT devices in vehicles which connects, communicates and flow data using both IoT and cloud computing. This study reviews the existing literature and technologies in implementing Smart Vehicle Monitoring System (SVMS) to reduce emergencies and accidents caused by health related issues. It thoroughly evaluates IoT based infrastructural components needed for deploying SVMS in vehicles. This research also focuses on the key considerations and major challenges in executing health detecting IoT based steering wheel system into a car.

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Wang Wei, Muhammad Ehsan Rana

With the rapid advancement in science and technology, the development speed has surpassed peoples’ anticipation. However with the advent of this increasingly mature technology, small and medium-sized companies are still utilizing management methods using traditional development project schedule management tools for software development. These conventional management software have limitations and cannot meet the needs of modern software requirements. Artificial intelligence is the current trend of technology development. Many industries in the society involve artificial intelligence technologies, such as manufacturing and service industries. This paper focuses on the use of artificial intelligence based techniques such as machine learning and deep data mining in software project schedule management to improve the efficiency and reduce the cost of software development to a significant extent.

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Er. Parul, Dr. Amandeep Singh Sappal

In this work, an intersatellite optical wireless system at 10 Gbps is proposed using coherent optical differential phase shift keying based orthogonal frequency division multiplexing. For the investigation of the proposed system, different parameters are taken into consideration such as different distances, pointing errors, diverse power levels and results are observed in terms of signal to noise ratio, Q factor and BER. Further, work is extended to check the performance of 850 nm and 1550 nm in the proposed system to find optimal wavelength window for the operation.

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Sunil Jayant Kulkarni

The workers and people working in chemical and allied industries are exposed to the toxic releases and emissions. They face risk of many possible disasters. Health awareness, safety and hazard identification are very important aspects of modern day operating procedures in chemical, pharmaceutical, petroleum, biochemical and allied industries. Chemical engineering the core of industrial development. Various raw materials with variety of properties and applications are used for synthesis of products. High temperature and pressure conditions are required in many reactions and also for storage of various materials in liquefied forms. Extreme operational and storage conditions call for stringent safety norms and disaster management systems. Various chain reactions and exothermic reaction are cause of concern. Any problem in cooling system can cause huge disaster. The awareness about consequence of small errors should be emphasized on the workers. The chemical engineering education is complimented by laboratory studies and experimentation. These experiments also involves many chemicals and hence laboratory disaster identification and mitigation measures need to be studied. Research laboratories are more prone to such incidences as many new materials are synthesized and new processes, reactions are developed. This paper summarizes these guidelines and practices.

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Ramandeep Kaur, Karamjit Kaur, Amandeep Kaur Brar

A Heterogeneous Wireless Network (HWN) consists of dissimilar wireless networks according to the requirements of the users. The basic requirement is the seamless flow of voice, data and video applications. In different wireless networks handoff is required to user equipment (UE) for its continuous connectivity with transceivers. There are number of parameters that can be considered for handoff process. The most important and common factor is Received Signal Strength (RSS) and other parameters considered are provided Bandwidth, Delay in communication, Delay Jitter, Packet loss ratio in data transfer and Price of service provided. The RSS is estimated using empirical and statistical models for different networks, whereas utility values for different attributes of network like delay, delay jitter, bandwidth etc. are calculated using utility functions for different applications (voice, video and data). The different networks under consideration are Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM), Universal Mobile Telecommunication System (UMTS), Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) and Long Term Evolution (LTE). The simulation results are shown for different observations.

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Ritu Ganeshe, Manish Kumar Ahirwar, Rajeev Pandey

In modern society to protect the confidential information flowing over the networks,there is a need of network security. Intrusion detection in computer networks is very important for preventing from the attackers, So for this an efficient detection is needed. Intrusion Detection model which is based on a feature selection and classification is presented by implementing feature selection, then by the use of machine learning techniques, building of the Intrusion detection model to find attacks on system is done and improvement of the intrusion detection is done using the captured data. In this we perform experimental result by using NSL-KDD cup 99 Dataset to train our model based on Neural Network to classify attacks by using Keras on the top of TensorFlow and calculated the accuracy of the classifier model.

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Ch. Sreekanth Reddy, P. Rajendra Prasad, D Mohana Krishnudu

This article reports an experimental study of triple tube heat exchanger (TCTHE). The triple concentric tube heat exchanger is made with three stainless steel tubes. the diameters and lengths are 16mm, 32mm, 44mm and 850mm, 750mm, 650mm respectively. The thickness of all the three tubes are 1mm. The purpose of the experiment is to decrease the length, cost of the material and to raise the heat transfer area, by providing the intermediate tube and also TiO2 nano particles were used for increasing the heat transfer of the triple concentric tube heat exchanger. The performance of the heat Exchanger at various volumetric concentrations of nanofluid are analyzed. The experimental data indicate that the heat transfer of triple tube heat exchanger was raise with the use of TiO2 and for the same heat transfer area, the length of the heat exchanger is reduced compared to double concentric tube heat exchanger.

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Carlos A. Salazar, Victoria E. Abarca

This work focuses on a part of the design of a transtibial prosthesis. The components included are a mechanism and a prosthetic foot to be used by a person with transtibial amputation. The mechanism has two degrees of freedom which is capable of performing dorsiflexion/plantarflexion and inversion/eversion. Two serial elastic actuators (comprising two universal joints, two springs, one ball screw, and one motor) were used to obtain the ankle movement. To obtain an anthropomorphic design result we used the anthropometric data of a person of 56.7 kg weight and 1.75 m height. The parts of the prosthesis were modeled on Autodesk Inventor software and the finite element analyses were made in Autodesk Inventor Nastran. The limits of ranges of movement of the ankle mechanism are from 20° to -24° in dorsiflexion/plantarflexion and from 25° to -10° in inversion/eversion and it can provide a peak torque of 1.6 Nm/kg. As a result, the safety factor of the majority of the components analyzed was approximately five, and the weight of the design was approximately 4 kg.

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Rahmita Nurul Muthmainnah, Ismah, Anwar Ilmar Ramadhan

Regarding to the fact that there is limitation of both learning resources and tools for disabled students, especially visually disabled students, this research was conducted to create a mathematics learning media to facilitate the students with visual disability in understanding 3D geometric shapes such as cube, cuboid, triangular prism, triangular pyramid, and rectangular pyramid. This research is categorized as Research and Development (R&D) which adopted ADDIE as a R&D model that stands for Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, and Evaluation. The aim of this research were to describe the development process and to produce mathematics learning media for visually disabled students, as well as determine the effectiveness of the 3D Geometric Shapes of Pop-Up Book. To determine its practicability and effectiveness, it requires a validation from the experts and a trial. Based on the result of testing the product by experts turned out to be the product, the 3D Geometric Shapes of Pop-Up Book, have reached a valid indicator in which score of each aspect are 91.67 % for its practical and simplicity, 90.28 % for its physical and look, 89.06 % for the Braille handwriting, and 93.75 % for the last aspect that is mathematics content. Good responses also given from the students, they gave the average score 87.27% which means that they feel satisfy with this product.

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Sridharan Chandrasekaran, G. Suresh Kumar

The energy industry has continuously strived to develop technology that maximizes drilling performance to reduce the cost per barrel of crude produced & at the same time, minimize the HSE (health, safety, and environment) risk. Rate of penetration (ROP) optimization is one of the primary factors to improve drilling efficiency and to minimize the operational cost of rigs, drilling operation and drilling tools. Traditional ROP models are empirical based which may be inconsistent in field environments and hence the predictive accuracy of such models are low and subjective. With immense drilling data, operational data, geological data collected over years, the drilling engineering started to shift from first principles modeling to data driven modelling which offers an easier way of extracting value in the data by intelligent algorithms. In this study, Artificial Neural Network (ANN) is developed to predict ROP by making use of the offset vertical wells’ real-time surface parameters while drilling. In the ANN, the input-output mapping is designed with interconnected feed-forward back propagation neural network so that the ROP is efficiently predicted at the drilling bit. Data screening methods and feature engineering methods transform the raw data into a processed data so that the model learns effectively. The developed model is cross validated to generalize over a range of inputs and compared with field measurements. With the help of the developed ANN model, a meta-heuristic algorithm is incorporated to optimize ROP thereby reducing the overall cost per foot of the well. This is achieved by designing Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) algorithm and allowing the PSO to find the best combination of drilling parameters namely weight on bit (WOB), revolutions per minute (RPM) of the drill bit, and flow in the pumps to maximize the ROP under field constraints. This study combines ANN with PSO to optimize ROP based on real time measurements which has immense potential for operating oil and gas companies to aid in well design or to add as an artificial intelligence component in drilling simulator or autonomous driller.

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Nirpinder Jain, Dr. Sanjiv Kumar Aggarwal

India has emerged as a fast developing economy in the world. This development has been possible with great improvements in road infrastructure. Improved road infrastructure has led to a tremendous increase in vehicular traffic on Indian roads. This increase in vehicular traffic has further led to a negative effect of road accidents. In India, an accident occurs at every 1 minute and a person is killed in every four minutes. Accident leads to social and economical suffering for a nation. Generally, accidents tend to cluster along particular points along the road segment known as blackspot. The main concern in road safety is the elimination of such accident locations. So, the study identifies and prioritizes the accident blackspots within the study stretch of SH-13, in the state of Punjab. An attempt has been made to develop risk rating index using road safety audit. The RRI was further used to develop RR (Risk ratio) to get an insight of safety standards of each section with respect to total study stretch. The ratio is hence used for prioritization of sections with more risk and suggests remedial measures.

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Mahalakshmi Ramadoss, Dr.S.K Mahendran

Video compression is the art of reducing the size of video without losing important visual details and can be performed either in a lossless or lossy fashion. In order to increase the compression performance, another method called ROI (Region of Interest) based compression algorithms also exist. In this method, the ROI region is compressed using a lossless algorithm, while the non-ROI region is compressed using a lossy algorithm. In this paper, two compression algorithms that are tuned to improve the performance of the lossy and lossless compression is proposed. A lossy algorithm that combines Discrete Wavelet Packet Transformation (DWPT), Singular Value Decomposition (SVD) and enhanced Run Length Encoding (RLE) is proposed to compress the background and non-ROI regions. An enhanced Binary Wavelet Transformation (BWT) is proposed to perform the lossless compression on the ROI region. The enhancement operations include method to make BWT work with color video frames, reduce the searching time, reduce the time complexity and improve the compression ratio. Experimental results prove that the methods proposed are effective in compressing a video while maintaining maximum visual quality

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Suyatno, Arnis Budi Susanto

This study aims to determine the effect of: (1) physical environment on consumer satisfaction, (2) service quality on customer satisfaction, (3) price on customer satisfaction. The research approach used in this research is quantitative research. The population in this study are college students. The sample in this study amounted to 220 respondents who were drawn from college students. In connection with the use of a confirmatory regression model with the Analysis of Moment Structure (AMOS) 5 program package, the size of the sample size has a very important role in the interpretation of SEM results. The test results show that physical environment variables significantly influence college student satisfaction. Service quality variables significantly influence college student satisfaction. Price variable has a significant effect on college student satisfaction.

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Ashish S. Bora, Darshan G. Gaidhankar, Mrudula S. Kulkarni

In Concrete flat slab opening was provided to provide services or to decrease self-weight of the slab. The flat slab with opening system is commonly used in different types of civil structures such as parking floor, Commercial building. In the Present study, total 15 slabs were casted to check the Adequacy of flat slabs with openings of different sizes and shapes. At the center of slab openings are provided with rectangular and circular shape. For rectangular opening 150x100mm and 200x150mm sizes were provided, and for circular opening 150mm and 110mm diameter the sizes of opening were provided. In this study Finite Element analysis of the flat slabs is proposed. A comparative study is carried out between experimental & analytical design of 750x500x150 mm slab panels. The ANSYS 16.0 finite element software which is used to analysis reinforced concrete (RC) slab models. The load has been applied at slab to calculate the maximum and minimum displacement, strain, stresses at each slab. The average deflections of size 150x100 mm rectangular opening were reduced by 25.52% as compared with size 200x150 mm rectangular opening. Similarly for a circular opening of 110mm diameter lesser by 11.39% as compared with 150mm diameter of opening.

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Shaik Khaleelahmed, Nandhanavanam Venkateswararao

Large scale Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) is a key technology used in the wireless networks of the next generation. It uses the multiplexing of few antennas at the same frequency to serve few users for achieving high efficiency in the spectral based on the linear transmit and receive approach. However, the system using co-located antennas suffer from the correlated fading of small scale and identical fading of large scale. Non Orthogonal Multiple Access (NOMA) is a multiple access technology in the communication system for fifth generation (5G). The Energy Efficiency (EE) of MIMO-NOMA system needs to be improved, where an optimization method, called Salp Swarm Algorithm (SSA), schedules the user satisfying maximum power and QoS constraints to offer efficient energy and power allocation in the platform effectively. The scheduling is performed based on the SSA algorithm to prioritize the user using the objective function in an optimal way. The experimentation results are analyzed using the evaluation metrics, like spectral power, achievable rate, Bit Error Ratio (BER), and energy. The effectiveness of the SSA-based power allocation approach is exposed using the lower BER of 0.00054, and higher achievable rate, spectral power, and energy of 96.1985Mbps, 128.198dB, and 19.4672dB, respectively.

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K.sutha, dr.j.jebamalar tamilselvi

data analysts use data mining tools to find out useful information from high dimensional data. Massive data needs to be preprocessed to avoid inaccurate mining results. Feature selection is a preprocessing step in data mining, as well as in other fields like machine learning. It involves in selecting a best feature subset for providing accurate mining results. Depending upon the availability of class information, feature selection algorithms are categorized as supervised and unsupervised feature selection. As a result of researches in this field for more than a decade, there are a large number of feature selection algorithms in both the categories. This paper introduces a new unified framework using laplacian score and distance correlation, for supervised and unsupervised feature selection, which can handle both labeled and unlabeled dataset. Experimental results reveal that the proposed framework works well for both supervised and unsupervised feature selection process.

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Dr. Sunildro L.S. Akoijam

The paper is an attempt to understand the nature of challenges that the NPOs in India are facing in acquiring and retaining the talents. Moreover it tries to identify few innovative HR strategies suitable for these organizations to retain the talents to achieve their objectives effectively in a productive manner. For this study, in depth interviews with the HR personnel in the select NPOs in India were conducted. Moreover survey was also conducted with people in the organizations who are closely related with the HR team including founders, CEOs and core members of leadership teams. The study reveals that soft skills is one of the main focus in HR recruitment policy of the NPOs among which the major factors include drive to learn and perform & passion for organizations’ social mission. Recruitment of finding good talents itself is a big challenge in these organizations which led to compromise on candidate’s qualification and experiences. Recruitment at senior levels was found to be the most challenging due to limited pool of qualified candidate and the inability to offer a competitive salary. Moreover the retention at the junior level is the biggest challenge in these organizations. In order to optimize their HR practices, many of these organizations started practice to hire candidates on a part time basis. Moreover performance appraisal system which was mostly unstructured started embedding the social mission which acts as motivator for the employees to retain. The organizations also feel the need of internal promotion to retain the talents.

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Midhu Paulson, Dr.Mariamma Chacko

Application of solar energy inthe marine power system is widely accepted as a promising solution for many countries to develop green ship.Proper integration of photovoltaic(PV) energy into the ship power system(SPS) requires a knowledge about the ship electrical power systems, and many other related concerns of the ship.This paper presents a brief review on the various aspects of solar PV application onboard ship.Finally the paper highlights the technical and economical challenges in integrating PV energy onboard shipsand also address future research possibilities in the PV integrated shipping industry. This review paper contributes to extend the realistic utilization of PV system and alsohelps as a reference for exploring the integration of PV systems in marine industry.

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Sachin Kumar, Krishna Prasad K

Search Engines are the most common data on the World Wide Web Although Search Engine Optimization deals with growing visibility of search results web pages, this study work focuses on the search algorithm that will provide the most appropriate, relevant and needed records with the anticipated search query. A comparative research of the intersection algorithm and its variants provided the requirement for the fresh algorithm. CRANTOP database is a conventional WWW database that not only provides a database of documents and queries, but also provides appropriate queries for real appropriate documents. The study was conducted on that database, available in the Appendix, and the analysis is based on the values of precision, recall and F-measure. The proposal algorithm, which preference of the search queries, is at the core of the study job. This algorithm indicates fetching phrases methodology and then looking for all possible sentences in order to increase the recall value. In this respect, the most significant problem is the use of such sparse matrix representation, which promotes the effective search of sentences into the papers. For doing it, sparse matrix representation was suggested, which contains Columns corresponding to the papers, making searching for any possible sentence effective. Rows Linked Representations preserve the vibrant nature of papers and insert and delete phrases from papers. In addition, emphasis was placed on general words and query words into the dictionary, resulting in precision search outcomes. Synonyms were also regarded for document retrieval, thereby enhancing comprehension.

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Rajeshbabu Chitikena, P.Esther Rani

In communication systems, Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) channel is introduced for achieving good bit rate and high data speed. Usually, the communication systems attain good quality of services, high transmission rates and minimum probability of error, while Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (OFDM) is combined with MIMO. In MIMO-OFDM, channel estimation shows great importance, which is utilized for estimating the transmitted signal utilizing receiver signal. In MIMO-OFDM, channel capacity is also increased due to channel estimation. In addition, accurate retrieval of channel state information is a challenging process in MIMO-OFDM system. Generally, the channel state information is retrieved utilizing channel estimation, when all the channels between the transmit antenna are accurately known. In this paper, we describe about the basic information of MIMO-OFDM system and also reviews the dissimilar channel estimation techniques used in MIMO-OFDM system with various system parameters.

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Sakthivel K M, Rajkumar J

In this paper, we derived a probability mass function of new discrete probability distribution named as negative binomial - Geeta distribution and it is obtained by usingLagrange expansion of second kind. We studied some important characteristics of this distribution such as convolution property, probability generating function, etc. Further, it is shown that the proposed distribution is in the form of modified power series distribution(MPSD). Maximum likelihood method is used to estimate the parameters of the distribution.

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Olagbemide T Peter, Akharaiyi Fred Coolborn

Fish is the commonest source of protein for many homes all over the globe. Smoking as one of the methods for preserving fish is often adopted in most localities in Nigeria hence they are liable to spoilage soon after harvest. Five smoke-dried Clarias gariepinus each were purchase from one vendor in the surveyed four markets in Ibadan city for microbiological and proximate analyses for 60 days. General increase in microbial counts along storage period was observed. However, samples from market D had the highest microbial counts (2.64×104 – 4.50×104 Cfu/g) followed by fish samples from market B with load range of between (2.41×104 - 4.36×104 Cfu/g) and least count in samples from market A with counts of that range from 2.16×104 – 2.91×104 Cfu/g). Species of Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli were isolated from all purchased fish samples while Salmonella species was only isolated from fish samples obtained from markets C and D. Proximate composition of the fish samples featured increase in moisture content, while other determined proximate parameters were in decrease values alongside days of storage. These resulted in the significant reasons to deduce reduction in the amount of nutrients of the fish samples. Proper processing and appropriate methods of storage is necessary to avoid microbial interactions that will sustain fish nutrients and extend shelf life after harvest.

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Data deduplication technique is a storage preservation principle to identify and eliminate repeated words and storing single occurrence of words in a file. Data deduplication is used to remove multiple copies of same data. The proposed work has used deduplication technique to reduce the size of plain text and encrypting them by AES principle for securing information. Before applying AES crypto technique, the short listed text is distributed over an mxm matrix for muddling input text. The resultant outcome of muddling is passed to AES encryption system. The resultant is a reduced encrypted text which is applicable for securing as well as reducing the storage of text data.

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Parneet Kaur, Dr. Amandeep Singh Sappal

Nowadays, Free space is becoming an area of research for in order to take advantages of beneficial properties of it. But FSO link is much contingent on the effect of varying weather conditions. A number of researches have been proposed to increase the aperture averaging, amplification of the signal. Out of these researches WDM spectrum slicing is becoming more successful approach to achieve high quality signal. In this paper an advanced spectrum slicing approach is proposed using the DPSK modulation scheme. two different Turbulence models named Log normal and Gama-Gama are considered for the analysis of the proposed scheme in FSO communication system. The simulation is performed using Optisystem software. The simulation results are analyzed by varying the attenuation factor and also by varying the turbulence. The simulation results demonstrate that the proposed model is performing well for the FSO system and in comparison of both Turbulence models the proposed scheme is effective for the Log Normal with respect to Gama Gama.

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Dr.A.Nirmal Kumar, Dr.R.Jegadeesan, Dr.D.Baswaraj, J.Greeda

Cloud computing delivers any kind of information technology from computing quality to infrastructure, applications, business process and personal collaboration to end users. The cloud is the set of hardware, software, networks, services, storage and interfaces that combine to deliver aspects of computing with computers and other devices on demand. The main aim of this research work is to analyze and provide suitable solutions to migration performance improvement in virtualized datacenters. The study on effective utilization of virtual instances by suspend resume policy in virtualized data center was carried. Efficient performance upsurge in live migration with downturn in the migration time and downtime was proposed. The design of the energy efficient server consolidation with memory reusing technique virtual machines in cloud data centers is implemented.

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C.RameshKumar, Dr.Viswanathan

in developing countries, governments face serious problems in offering quality health services at a reasonable cost due to the rapid redness of the population and chronic illness. Due to available health resources, it is currently insufficient; there are many drug-free deaths. That is why the most important issue is present. Our approach to solving this problem is based on the Multi-Agent System (MAS) architecture. Our Patient Monitoring-System (PMS) monitors patients captivating into account physiological with ecological parameters. During this method, PMS provides reliable and cheap health care for adults, chronic and injured people, both inside and out-of-doors. Our hypothesis is that effectively make use of health care will lead to a reduction in unnecessary hospital care, minimizing costs, treatment, and follow-up. The despite potential use of PMS, it does not happen to a vital part of patient care in a heterogeneous environment, mainly due to not have knowledge and infrastructure. In this paper describes the design along with the performance of PMS-MAS architecture, identifies constraints and provides a prediction for the expectations.

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Sanjukta Mallick, Prof Manas Kumar Sanyal

The use of smartphone has turned the world into a small place where everyone can stay connected to each other. This paper focused on the usage pattern of smartphone by the students of University of Kalyani in Nadia District of West Bengal. 297 students were surveyed with a structured questionnaire for the research. Out of 297 students surveyed, it was found that 235 students use smartphones, 5 students use bar phone and 57 students use both. The aim of the paper is to identify the associative relation between demographic profile of the students and their behavioral and awareness pattern regarding the usage of smartphones including that in education. The findings of this study leads to identification of certain demographic profiles which are significantly associated with the usage of smartphones by the students of University of Kalyani.

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Snehal Chavare, Chetan J. Awati, Dr. Rashmi J. Deshmukh, Sonam S. Patil, Dr. Ajit B. Kolekar

Deep Learning is one of the next promising enormous things in Recommendation Systems innovation. Deep neural system has been succeeded in solving recent complex problems in Artificial Intelligence, image processing and natural language processing. It is accepted that the examination on the subject of deep learning will further advance the theme. Application zones are movie recommendation, music suggestion, motion picture proposal, book proposal and news proposal. Here we are interested to improve the quality of recommendations using various recent techniques of deep learning. The point of the examination is to support the use of deep learning procedures in Recommender Systems. Here it is proposed two different representational learning models. Here training data is processed and techniques designed to discover user-item relationships to produce most relevant ratings. Complex interaction between user and item is discovered using current and historical ratings. These hidden characteristics are obtained using neural networks and deep learning.

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Dr. Rashmi J. Deshmukh, Chetan J. Awati, Ajay Deshmukh

The whole world is switching to automation; the automobile industry is one of the types which has been focused on making an autonomous car. The Tesla and Audi are making the level 3 autonomous car. In the future, all the cars will travel without taking any human input. The proposed system develops an autonomous vehicle for transportation. In the proposed system it uses TensorFlow library, It is a high-performance numerical computation. You Only Look Once (YOLO) and Tensorflow is developed for machine learning and deep learning applications. The system uses a Convolution Neural Network (CNN) algorithm for training a network. In the proposed system workflow is starting from collecting and recording the real-time images and navigation inputs. In the next step YOLO algorithm detects the objects from an image by making the bounding box. Thirdly, these various images are processed in CNN and establish co-relation and stores in the database. Finally, in autonomous mode vehicle, all real-time images are compared with the stored image data for navigation and for obstacle avoidance. It comprises sensors, camera interface, radio communication, image processing (Open-CV), You Only Look Once (YOLO), Convolution Neural Network (CNN) (tensor flow). It can be a platform for further studies in Autonomous Vehicle (AV) domain and experiments.

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Dr. G. Anandharaj, C. Porkodi

IEEE 802.11 Enterprise networks needed to provide strong network execution to control overwhelming numbers of clients such as PCs, PDAs and tablets as well as hungry capability and delay novel, delicate apps such as portable HD video and better QoS / QoE are obviously needed for such devices and apps. However, existing solutions will offer either high performance in the network or seamless mobility. Generally speaking, the vast majority of WLAN relies exclusively on sign quality for handover that is not sufficiently respectable for a reasonable access point (AP) decision. We tend to display a totally unique mobility management system for WLANs to upset management issues with mobility and advance load balancing through software-defined network (SDN) and Network Function Virtualization (NFV). We've performed a M-SDN and NFV worldview. Many studies were targeted to evaluate the efficiency of M-SDN and NFV. Experimental findings show that with no adjustment on mobile phones, M-SDN and NFV effectively reduces the impact of data connection Layer handover and professional cloud storage. Moreover, mobility support.

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A. Yadav, G. Prasad, L. N. Sethi, S. Roy, N. Kumar

Bakery products constitute one of the most consumed foods in the world. Among them, cakes are particularly popular and especially associated with consumer due to its special delicious taste and organoleptic characteristics. Generally, the fat content of cake (20-30%) is higher than other bakery product. As excessive intake of fat is associated with health disorder so market demands increase for lower-fat products as well as to maintain the taste of the products. There are mainly three categories of a fat substitute and these are a lipid, protein, and carbohydrate-based fat substitute. Among these, the carbohydrate-based fat substitute was used for this study. To full fill the above purpose, two variety of rice (Bora and Komal) was selected for the replacement of fat in cake because of unique functional properties (water and oil absorption capacity, solubility, and emulsifying properties) of rice flour. Selection of composition for the preparation of bakery cake was done by using a different percentage of fat replacer and finally, the sensory analysis was carried out to determine the quality of the prepared bakery cake. The observed result indicated that water and oil absorption capacity of Bora rice flour was higher than Komal rice flour. However, the solubility of Komal rice flour was slightly higher than Bora rice flour. Meanwhile, the emulsifying capacity and stability of Bora rice were observed higher than Komal rice flour. Observed results of the sensory parameter of cake prepared at different concentration of Bora rice flour exhibit higher value compared to Komal rice flour. So, Bora rice flour could be used as a fat replacer up to 20% for the preparation of the cake.

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Florence Akangle Panme, Laxmi Narayan Sethi, Anamika Yadav, Avinash Kumar, Sudipto Sarkar

Soil and water are the critical natural resources for the agro-ecosystem which needs to be conserved for the sustainability within the ecosystem. Soil erosion is a naturally occurring geomorphic process over the earth's surface and is a serious environmental problem threatening the natural resources, agriculture, and the environment. A field experiment conducted to investigate the potential effects of different patterns of rainfall and slopes on soil erosion and runoff. Rainfall simulation system was set up to produce different rainfall intensities. The field experiment was carried out considering sites having a slope of 20.04%, 30.80% and 39.83%. Each study site was further divided into six test plots with the help of acrylic sheets, giving a total of 18 test plots for the experiment. The rainfall nozzle of 1 mm size gave the lowest intensity (57 mm/hr) while the nozzle size of 6 mm produced the highest rainfall intensity (132 mm/hr) for same flow rate. The results of the rainfall simulation were analyzed which showed that the average time to runoff proved Plot-1>Plot-2>Plot-3 for the three test plots. The highest runoff volume of 239.70 mL/m2/min was observed in Plot-3 (Slope=39.83%) under rainfall intensity of 132 mm/hr and lowest volume of 60.31 mL/m2/min was observed in Plot-1 (Slope=20.80%). The highest average sediment yield of 76.51 gm/m2/min was observed in Plot- 3 (Slope=39.83%) under rainfall intensity of 132 mm/hr and the lowest average yield of 5.32 gm/m2/min was observed in Plot-1 (Slope=20.80%).

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K. Venkatachalapathy, V. Vijayalakshmi

E-Learning is playing the vital role in the educational sector. Data mining techniques are statistical technique using that we can extract the useful information. Applying the data mining algorithms in the education data is known as Educational Data Mining. There are many applications of EDM for the betterment of the students or learners world. One of the important applications is Recommender system using that learners can able to get the books or materials based on their preferences. In this paper, we proposed the Group based Neural Collaborative Filtering to provide the materials based on the students levels (Beginner, Intermediate and Master) and to the corresponding groups. That is recommendation is not only based on the level of student and also in between the groups.

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Ashomi Kalita

Stolper-Samuelson theory that emerged from the Heckscher-Ohlin theory predicts that trade openness increases the income inequality in developed countries and decreases the income inequality in developing countries by favourably influencing the returns of the country’s abundant factors and vice-versa .But in theoretical as well as in empirical literature many studies are present who do not support the Stolper-Samuelson’s prediction regarding this particular relationship. Among the empirical literature some studies support the Stolper-Samuelson theory, while many of them find positive, negative as well as mixed and inconclusive results. So, this study is conducted in order to examine the long run relationship between trade openness and income inequality in particular case of India over the study period 1970-2013. The study applies Stability tests for structural breakpoint, Augmented Dickey-Fuller (ADF) Unit Root test, Johansen (1991) and Johansen and Juselius (1990) Cointegration test. The results of the cointegration test suggest that there is no long run relationship between trade openness and income inequality in India. This implies that increasing income inequality in India is due to some other reasons. Research can be carried out to determine the drivers of income inequality in India and this will be fruitful to maintain income inequality at a minimum level.

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Megha Vashishtha, Dr Pradeep Chouksey

In this paper a secure cloud computing environment has been presented. In our approach improved Rivest Cipher (RC6) mechanism along with blowfish algorithm has been used. Key generation has been adopted with the RC4 and RSA combination to improve the security mechanism. Blowfish algorithm is applied on images. In this process, firstly the cloud user has been registered by the cloud provider and authentication process has been completed. Then the user can upload the text and image data in the available four servers. The uploaded data by the self-authenticated account can be viewed directly without any restriction. But if those files are requested by the other cloud users the according to the data categorization encryption standard have been applied. The textual data is processed with the improved RC6 mechanism with key processing mechanism of RC4 and RSA algorithm. These keys are used for the data decryption from the other side. The try access (TA) and server notification (SN) time is noted for the proper notification to the respective client and server. In the initial process of data processing in the cloud the data recorder of all the user cloud recorded all the information. Separate data recorder reference has been provided for each cloud user. This recorder records the authentication (with complete detail along with the prefix tally). The prefix tally that is the TA provides the information of the mismatch in the last prefix of the combination of the user detail and the data. If it’s not match then the data blocker algorithm will corrupt the data and no meaningful information has been visualized and any type of violation is recorded at the admin and the cloud user both.The overall parametric comparison suggests that the performance of our framework is better in comparison to the traditional techniques...

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Y. Vijayalata, V.N.Rama Devi, Palakodeti Rohit, G.S.S Raj Kiran

The agriculture sector is the backbone of Indian economy. Seventy percent of population in India is dependent on agriculture for their livelihood. With the available resources and infrastructure villagers are able to produce the crop not to the fullest potential yield. In order to augment the efforts of farmers to get higher yields a predictive model was developed. This will help farmers by predicting the yield of the upcoming season by using machine learning and deep learning algorithms such as Deep Neural Network Regressor, Gaussian Process Regressor, Linear Regression and Lasso Regression. This can be done by understanding the relationship between factors that affect crop production (like area, seasonal monthly average temperature, seasonal monthly average humidity, seasonal monthly average rainfall, seasonal monthly average wind speed, seasonal monthly average UV index, seasonal monthly average sun hours, and seasonal monthly average pressure) and crop yield. Prediction will be performed on rice as it is one of the major crops produced in India. If the predicted values are substantially lower than the mean yield then by simulating the weather parameters maximum yield and profit can be obtained.

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Kanchan Kumari Sharma

The effect of various socioeconomic characteristics on willingness to pay values for services attributes of Solid Waste Management has been evaluated in this study. Municipal SWM is the collection, treatment and disposal of solid wastes generated by all categories of Municipal population in an environmentally friendly and socially satisfactory manner using the available resources most efficiently. Local Governments are generally responsible for providing the SWM services, and nearly all local government laws give exclusive mandate of collecting all the wastes disposed outside homes or establishments. As cities grow economically, business activities and consumption patterns have a bearing on the volumes and types of solid waste produced. Since the time immemorial social environment has been influencing the human behaviour. Socio-economic environment means the economic condition, involvement in various productive activities, level of income, occupational distribution, age and sex composition etc. The enormous socio-economic factors such as caste, religion, sex, educational attainment etc. can significantly influence people’s decision making process. Therefore, in this paper an attempt has been made to determine the important socio-economic factors that are influencing households’ choices for improved Solid Waste Management options in Tinsukia District of Assam. From the study, value of Pseudo R2 has been found to be 0.574 which indicates that 57.4 percent variation in the choices made by respondents are explained by the hypothesized socio-economic variables. The results show that all the socio-economic variables (except DIST) included in the model has a positive impact on the selection of improved SWM option. Out of the nine socio-economic variables, only six variables are found statistically significant.

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S.Vidya, Dr.E.Srie Vidhya Janani

Wind power is one of the important generation technologies in today’s world. The generation of wind power mainly depends on wind speed. The wind power generation availability for the grid is determined by the number of wind speed forecasting techniques. One of the main difficulties is variability and unpredictability of wind speed. There are several issues in the integration of wind energy into the power system. The relevant issues can be overcome by having accurate wind speed forecasting tools. This paper outlines the bibliographical survey on various approaches of wind speed forecasting. In addition, various metrics to assess the forecasting error are discussed. The researchers who are working in this area of research can make use of this survey. The wind farm owners can understand the current wind prediction models by this survey.

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K. Sabeetha, P. Pradeepa, P. Muneeshwari

Deep learning comes under the broader concept of machine learning where the computers learn through examples. Deep learning includes many smart-world systems that are human-centred. These systems vary from self-driving vehicle systems, natural language assistants to targeted advertisements. Deep learning has been incorporated into many research areas to solve lot of problems. In this paper, deep learning is investigated thoroughly across different mechanisms and applications in smart systems. New areas for deep learning research are outlined. This paper would be of immense help to newcomers in deep learning.

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A. Prasanth, S.Pavalarajan, M.Karthihadevi, G.Sasi

Maximizing the network lifetime and energy consumption are the significant factors for improving the performance of mobile sink based Wireless Sensor Network (WSN). In WSN, the sensor nodes are widely distributed in a terrestrial area to sense, supervise and monitor the physical entities. But, the key problems like Zone Head (ZH) election, and optimal zone count have a direct influence on the network lifetime of WSN. This paper proposes the efficient ZH election using the Particle Swarm Optimization algorithm in which fitness value is acquired based on three parameters such as residual battery energy, a number of the neighbor sensor node and the distance (Euclidean) to the center of the node deployment area. Subsequently, the performance results confirm that the proposed model enhances the network lifetime compared with an existing model.

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Laxmi Kumre, Bhavana P Shrivastava, Neeraj Rai

In CMOS circuits, the reduction of the threshold voltage due to voltage scaling leads to increase in sub threshold leakage current and hence, static power dissipates. In the nanometer technology regime, power dissipation and process parameter variations have emerged as major design considerations. These problems continue to grow with leakage power and become a dominant form of power consumption. On the other hand, variations in the device parameters both systematic and random, translate variations in circuit parameters like delay and leakage. Leakage power dissipation is projected to grow exponentially in the next decade according to the International Technology Roadmap for Semiconductors (ITRS). This directly affects portable battery operated devices such as cellular phones and PDA’s since they have long idle times. In this paper several techniques have been analyzed for efficiently minimize the leakage power loss. Comparative analysis of CMOS inverter for low leakage power have been presented here and result shows that sleepy stack technique consumes 52% less power as compared to standard CMOS technique in 45nm technology.

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K. Reka, T.N. Ravi

Product selection has been made more complex and tedious due to the huge number of selections available online. Personalized recommendations can effectively solve this problem by presenting more related products to users. Such recommendations can enable huge profits for organization and less stressful for users. This paper presents an effective model that can handle cold start problem to provide more reliable predictions. User and item based collaborative filtering approaches are combined to identify highly related items. These items are then used to train the proposed bagged ensemble model to provide the final recommendations. The performance of the proposed model was evaluated through experiments and the results obtained were compared with that of the state of art models. The results indicate effective performances in terms of MAE and RMSE.

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Alfred Kirubaraj A, Senith S, Nisha Malini G, Jesintha, Jino Ramson S.R

A FinFET device is used to overcome the lithography and performance gain challenges. This paper investigates the transfer characteristics of double gate n- FinFET on different gate materials. Here a double gate n- FinFET with a gate length of both 22 nm and 20 nm has been reported. The on-current (Ion), off-current (Ioff), threshold voltage (Vt) and transconductance (gm) varies on different gate materials. In addition, a FinFET device with high k- dielectric material called hafnium oxide is used in order to increase the drain current and also exhibit the better performance of the device. From the reported work we obtain the following Ion/Ioff ratio as 1.924x104, 1.47x1010 and 3.11x1011 for aluminum, molybdenum and Gold gate materials respectively at 22 nm technology. For 20 nm technology, we obtain the Ion/Ioff ratio of molybdenum and gold gate material as 1.73x105 and 0.53x103 respectively. The low threshold voltage was obtain as 0.393V when we used the aluminum as gate material at 22 nm technology and also we got 0.33V as threshold voltage when the molybdenum was used as gate material at 20 nm technology. All the simulations have been done in TCAD which refers to the use of computer simulation to develop and optimize semiconductor processing technologies and devices.

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Nguyen Phu Loc, Duong Huu Tong, Vo Khuong Duy

Teaching methods are one of the most important factors in the teaching process. Today, mathematics educators have used various scientific and technical achievements to improve the efficiency of mathematics instruction in schools. In keeping with that trend, we are particularly interested in information processing theory developed by the American psychologist Gaz. A. Miller in 1956. This theory holds that the process of human’s leaning goes through three types of memory: sensory memory, short-term memory and long-term memory. Based on this idea, we developed a phase –three teaching model and conducted the experiment on teaching concepts of vector in Geometry 10 with activating the above types of memory. This article describes the teaching process we performed and the results obtained from the experiment.

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Anil K. Bharodiya, Atul M. Gonsai

Medical image processing is a versatile human disease diagnoses system using MRI images, X-Ray images, Mammography, Ultra Sound, CT images etc. X-Ray imaging is a faster, cheaper, convenient and handy mechanism to detect bone-related diseases to support orthopaedics doctors or physicians. In medical image processing, once the X-Ray image is captured, it is fed to diseases diagnose system. This system does the task of image processing using specified processes. Segmentation is one of the processes of image classification in which an image under analysis is divided into its constituent sub-images. The accuracy of X-Ray image diagnoses is highly dependent on the segmentation process and hence, it is crucial for further image analysis. Many researchers have worked on image segmentation but the performance is subjective to the type of body image under diagnoses. In this research paper, we have proposed an improved algorithm, which is called adaptive thresholding classification (ATC) segmentation for human being’s X-Ray image segmentation based on Gaussian filter and adaptive thresholding classification technique. The achieved accuracy and precision of this algorithm are 98.014% and 95.122% respectively. We have also presented a comprehensive comparison of our proposed algorithm with five existing latest methods/algorithms of medical image segmentation. Further, we have found that our proposed method is superior in terms of accuracy, specificity, precision, sensitivity/recall and F-score for human being’s X-Ray image segmentation.

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YohanesTabuni, Gede Putra Kusuma

The presence of information technology (IT) has greatly improved the performance of civil servants in the bureaucracy of the Indonesian government. However, its presence has not been evenly distributed for the central and regional governments. This is because civil servants in parts of Indonesia have not had any insight into the functions and roles of information technology. This research aimed at empirically provides comprehension to the civil servants in Central Mamberamo Regency, one of the remote areas in Indonesia, through a theoretical framework on the use of e-government. The unified theory of acceptance and use of technology (UTAUT) was modified to determine the factors that influence the behavior of civil servants to use e-government technology. Surveys were conducted to collect research data by distributing a set of questionnaires to civil servants. Respondents' answers were collected and statistically analyzed using the multiple linear regression method. The results of the analysis showed that factors of performance expectancy, usage effort expectancy, the influence of heads and coworkers, regional government facilities conditions, and the job-fit were to have a powerful influence on the behavior of civil servants to use e-government technology at 72.2%.

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Raden Ali Rakhman, Rosalina Yani Widiastuti, Nilo Legowo, Emil Robert Kaburuan

In 21st century, the big data revolution is happening and has found its place, also within the banking Industry, Bank can leverage big data analytics to gain deeper insights for customers, channels, and the entire market. Integrating predictive analytics with automatic decision making, a bank can better understand the preference of its customers, identify customers with high spending potential, promote the right products to the right customers / cross selling, and improve customer experience, and drive revenue. One of Indonesia’s commercial bank is having an issue with cross selling activity of loan product, and seeks a big data analytics solution to help them. This paper aims to design paper aims to create a design of big data analytics application architecture, suitable business rule and model for cross selling analysis in the Bank. By leveraging Cloudera Hadoop, Aster Analytics as big data analytics engine, TeraData RDMS as their target storage for analytics result, and tableau for data visualization, also Talend data integrator for ETL engine we can perform cross selling analytics for several Bank loan products with a promising result, also design business rule and algorithm used for performing the analytics by using Propensity model using Random Forest and special tagging using SAX using bank specific threshold, and additional filter. Random forest algorithm is showing a good result measured by ROC / AUC.

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Tripti Saxena , Dr Pratima Gautam

Web usage mining is used to identify and understand patterns that are taken from web data. Web usage mining is one of the applications of Data mining procedures to perceive and comprehend the requirements of electronic uses. In other words, the quick development of web-based business has incited the item to be over-burden, where the clients on the web are not ready to successfully choose the items they are presented to. To overcome these issues, web usage mining can be used to generate patterns. Web usage mining is an effective technique for extracting knowledge from unstructured data. In our research work, we are using HMM ranking and Expectation Minimization-Gaussian Mixture Model (EM-GMM) clustering for generating better patterns for the ease of web based services. The research work is performed on MATLAB simulation tool for generating rules for clusters first and second.

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Job MochengoKerosi, Heywood OumaAbsaloms, Philip Kibet Langat

High expectations are placed on the Device-to-Device (D2D) communication operating in the millimeter spectrum band to improve the capacity of future 5G network. However, D2D communication underlaying cellular network if not properly designed introduces interference in the system. Therefore, an efficient resource sharing scheme is desirable to provide a proper interference management system. In this paper, resource allocation in D2D communication in millimeter wave (mmWave) spectrum to maximize the throughput while meeting the minimum Quality of Service (QoS) requirements of the users, is investigated. A resource sharing algorithm which allocates power to a single DUE-CUE pair using the geometric programming method and then performs allocation of resource blocks (RBs) to multiple DUEs using the Hungarian Algorithm, is proposed. The efficiency of the resource allocation scheme it tested through simulation using the Close-In (CI) path loss model. The integration of mmWave technology and D2D communications is found to averagely increase the throughput of the system by 64.8 %.

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Ivan Alexander, Gede Putra Kusuma

Many people spend most of their time indoors.Providing localization services indoor will have many potential applications, such as navigation, requesting help and asset tracking.There are manyexistingpositioning techniques for indoor positioning system such as multilateration, trilateration and least square estimation.But theweakness of this existing positioning technique is that the results of predictionerrors are still very large. With the development of machine learning technique, many researchers had used machine learning techniquesfor indoor positioning system.However, the existing research still uses location classification, even though machine learning can be used as regression to predict location. In this study, we propose a positioning algorithm forindoor positioning system using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), fingerprinting approach and four machine learning regression: Artificial Neural Network Regression (ANN), Multiple Linear Regression (MLR), Random Forest Regression (RF) and Support Vector Regression (SVR). We compare theperformance in term of Mean of Error, Min of Error, Max of Error, Median of Error and 90th Percentile of Error between four machine learning regression and the weighted sum method as a benchmark. The results obtained that allmachine learning regression has lowerMean of errorcompared to the weighted sum method. The SVR model has the best performance amongthemachine learning regression,whichyields134.92 cmofMean of error, 18.39cm ofMin of Error, 336.29 cmofMax of Error, 125.54cm ofMedian of Error and 216.65 cm of 90th Percentile of Error.

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Akilkumar Velusamy, Sumant Shinde, Dr. Mrudula Kulkarni

Due to the recent increase in various terrorist activities all over the world, the safety of the structures should be designed to resist bomb blasts. Blast loads are basically dynamic loads of a type that needs to be attentively calculated like wind and seismic loads and the structures should be designed by considering them to make it blast resistant. The behavior of Steel Fibre Reinforced Concrete (SFRC) under the condition of blast loading is presented in this paper. The panel of 50mm thickness is taken into consideration. The effect of varying the aspect ratio of fibres in the fibre reinforced concrete is studied.

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P. Indira, Dr. K. Dhanalakshmi

The present study is Proficiency of Multimedia Package in learning computer science among XI Standard Students in Salem District. In this research, the pre-test and post-test of control and Experimental group are used. In the present study systematic sampling technique was adopted and to select a sample 60 students of standard XI from SriSwamy higher secondary school in Salem district. In that thirty students were considered as Control group and thirty students were considered as Experimental group. In control group, the subject was taught through the conventional method and in experimental group, the subject was exposed through the multimedia package. These two research tools are used for the study such as multimedia package in learning of computer science and Achievement test. It is found that there is a significant means score difference between pre-test and post-test of experimental group among the higher secondary students in learning computer science. It is also to found that Multimedia Package is more effective than conventional methods. In the light of research findings, it has become clear multimedia package supported teaching technique is one of the appropriate and effective methods for teaching computer Science among higher secondary school students. So the multimedia package may lead toward making a difference, which produce in student’s long-term memories both the concept of computer science.

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Dwi Prawani Sri Rejeki, Sri Wiranti Setiyanti, Arnis Budi Susanto

This study aims to determine the influence of OCB Variables, namely Altruism, Conscientiousness, Sportsmanship, Courtesy, and Civic Virtue on Employee Performance. ) and Elizabeth Situbondo Hospital employee performance. While the analysis of the data used is multiple linear regression with saturated sampling. Researchers obtained primary data through a questionnaire on 120 employees who worked at tertiary institutions. Using partial hypothesis testing (t test) and hypothesis testing simultaneously (F test). the results of the research and the results of hypothesis testing have shown that there are significant influences between OCB variables namely Altruism (X1), Conscientiousness (X2), Sportsmanship (X3), Courtesy (X4), and Civic Virtue (X5) as Independent variables simultaneously on employee performance.

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S.Ranjith, Dr. Anand.V. Shivapur, Dr. P. Shiva Keshava Kumar, Chandrashekarayya.G. Hiremath, Santhosh Dhungana

Re-aeration of a stream is very paramount in improving the ability of the stream to self-purify. It’s compulsory to assess the coefficient of re-aeration in order to assess the oxygen dissolved in the stream or river. The coefficient of re-aeration is usually given as a result of many stream quantities like shear stress velocity, flow depth, mean stream velocity, Froude number, flow depth, and bed slope. Previous years have seen the development of several experimental equations. About 13 of the most widely known empirical equations used to predict re-aeration have been checked to assess how applicable they can be in the river system of the Tungabhadra, Karnataka, India at different places. Between March 2017 and February 2018, a wide array of data has been taken from the field from 6 separate locations in the river to assess the coefficient of re-aeration by applying the mass balance method. Different error assessment measures have been used to know how the re-aeration equations would perform. The error assessments are as follows; mean multiplicative error (MME), correlation statistics, normalized mean error (NME), and standard error (SE). It can be deduced from the results that the equation derived for prediction by Jha et al. (Refinement of predictive re-aeration equations for a typical Indian river. Hydrological Process. 2001;15(6):1047-1060) for an average river in India produced well-matching values of correlation coefficient, r, NME, SE, and MME. In addition, an equation for predictive purposes has been refined for the Tungabhadra river with the help of an algorithm that reduces the error assessments; the least-squares algorithm.

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Luxita Sharma, Deepika Dhawan, Sushmita Kumari

Bengal gram on germination has high nutritive value in terms of protein, fibre and carbohydrates yet it has low shelf life of about two to three days at room temperature, hence to enhance its shelf life, a protein rich value added food product can be developed in the form of pickle with spices, oil and salt as preservatives. After sensory evaluation of developed food product: germinated Bengal gram pickle, sensory scores were found to be 7.1±0.43, 7.65±0.726, 7.05±0.920, 7.8±0.793, 7.5±0.92, and 7.7±0.98 for taste, colour, texture, consistency, appearance and overall acceptability respectively. In this study, nutritional evaluation of the food product was also done. Germinated Bengal gram pickle was found to be nutritious having good source of protein and fibre. Nutritional analysis revealed the following values: energy 383.00 Kcal, fat 23.48g, protein 11.36g, carbohydrates 31.66g, sugar 1.92g, dietary fibre 13.60g, moisture 24.33g, and ash 6.27g per 100g of pickle. This food product will help to promote the concept of household adaptable food development from locally available foods and provide valuable source of nutrients.

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Raden Ali Rakhman, Nina Anggraini, Nilo Legowo, Emil R. Kabururuan

Government Enterprise Architecture (GEA) is an important factor for the success of all types, scales, and intensity of government programs whose main goal is to make e-government citizen-oriented and results-oriented. Cloud computing offers several potential benefits that many e-governments over the world are trying to obtain by adopting cloud solutions into their architecture and public services. This paper focuses on designing GEA using TOGAF ADM based on the G-cloud model. The conceptual relationship between cloud computing in government agencies and information architecture is provided to provide a better picture in the implementation of GEA. A mapping model for G-cloud implementation is presented, as well as services provided by the G-Vendor cloud to describe the objectives and potential requirements for conceptualization processes. The proposed framework is expected to increase the success rate of e-government implementation in Indonesia, which has declined significantly over the last 8 years. However, that does not rule out the possibility of being implemented in other countries so that e-government can provide the promised benefits to their citizens.

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A.Sabarivani, A.Vijayaiyyappan, M.Elizabeth Sherine

This is purely new kind of implementation of FTS in SDR platform. The applied design procedure replaces a multiple platform based with a single platform. This paper proposes a SDR BASED FTS IMPLEMENTED ON FIELD PROGRAMMABLE GATE ARRAY (FPGA).Real time flight termination operation demands a very highly reliable and ruggedized platform. RF transceiver is used.

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R.Samuel Rajesh Babu, D.Jamuna Rani, Elizabeth Sherine, Dept Eie, Sathyabama

This paper presents a Comparative analysis of Multiphasing Half wave Converter using Voltage Doubler for high voltage test equipments. High voltage test equipments verifies the insulation of products or components ,protect the operator from electric shocks .Multiphasing is used to reduce the size of filter components ,further it reduces output side ripple .The use of voltage doubler provides higher output voltage .The proposed converter is simulated in open loop and closed loop. The simulation results are verified experimentally.

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V. Baby Shalini, Gattu Vinay Goud, Chandragiri Radha Charan

This paper presents a pre-feasibility estimation of a grid connected roof mounted solar PV system on the Roof of the buildings in the campus of JNTUH College of Engineering Jagitial, Telangana, India. The estimation results show that the roof of the various building blocks can accommodate a 550.8KW of grid-connected Solar photovoltaic system and can generate an adequate amount of electrical power as compared to Consumption and mitigate the energy consumption from grid supply as well as reduce the grid dependency. In this paper Design, performance and Financial analysis of the PV system are done by using PV Simulation software’s viz., PV*SOL premium and SYSTEM ADVISORY MODEL(SAM). Similarly, yearly Cumulative financial balance of the system is discussed here considering the concept of NET METERING which gives us the clear idea about the feasibility of the system.

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Gency Joseph, L. Benedict Michael Raj, Germina K. Augusthy

A distance compatible set labeling (dcsl) of a connected graph G is an injective set assign‐ ment f : V(G)→2^X,X being a non empty ground set, such that the corresponding induced function f^⊕:V(G)×V(G)→2^X{φ} given by f^⊕ (u,v)=f(u)⊕f(v) , the symmetric difference of f(u) and f(v) , satisfies |f(u)⊕f(v)|=k_((u,v))^f d_G (u,v) for every pair of distinct vertices u,v∈V(G) , where d_G (u,v) denotes the path distance between u and v and k_((u,v))^f is a constant, not necessarily an integer, depending on the pair of vertices u,v chosen. A dcsl f of G is k‐uniform if all the constants of proportionality with respect to f are equal to k, and if G admits such a dcsl then G is called a k‐uniform dcsl (k-U dcsl) graph. Let F be a family of subsets of a set X. A graph G is called a topologically 1-uniform dcsl graph, if {f(V(G) }, the set of all vertex labeling of G is a topology. In this paper, we discuss the 1-uniform dcsl (1-U dcsl) and characterization of some product graphs.

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Asmar Yulastri, Hendra Hidayat, Ganefri, Rindang Ayu, Zadrian Ardi

The condition of educated unemployment is a major problem especially in developing countries. However, entrepreneurship pedagogy learning tool with product-based learning approach, learning readiness and locus of control is assumed to be a factor influencing entrepreneurial learning outcomes that could interfere with the phenomena. The purpose of this research is to describe and test the effects of learning tools with approaches to product-based learning, learning readiness and locus of control on entrepreneurial learning outcomes. The population is all students who take entrepreneurship courses in Universities with the samples were 215. This research tool is a Likert Model scale. Data were analyzed using descriptive statistics, simple regression and multiple regressions. The findings of the study indicate that there is a effects of entrepreneurship pedagogy, learning tools with a product-based learning approach towards the results of entrepreneurial teaching bells, learning readiness, contribute to entrepreneurial learning outcomes, locus of control contributes to entrepreneurial learning outcomes and there are contributions tool for learning entrepreneurship pedagogy with a product-based learning approach learning readiness.

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Ramadona Simbolon, Sri Elviani, Enny Trisna, Ronal H.T. Simbolon, Safrida, Usman Nasution

Purpose - This paper aims to identify the relationship between triangle fraud elements and fraud occurrence and to examine the effect of moderating integrity on its relationship with the triangle fraud element and fraud occurrence. Design/methodology/approach - Data are collected using the questionnaire distributed to Office executive in the Government of North Sumatra Province and the City Government of Medan totaling 189 people. Data analysis was performed using multiple regression and moderated regression analysis using an interaction approach. Finding - The results of this paper indicate that the triangle element of fraud (pressure, opportunity and rationalization) and integrity has a negative affects to the occurrence of fraud and there is a moderating influence on the relationship between the triangle fraud element and the occurrence of fraud. Research limitations/implications - This paper uses questionnaire that caused existence of bias personal, the analysis of this research only uses triangle fraud element and integrity, without considering other indicators. This research is performed at the Government of North Sumatra Province and also Medan City which cannot be generated to the other local governments in Indonesia. Practical implications - This study also has implications for fraud prevention models to prevent and reduce fraud in the Government, especially the Government of North Sumatra Province and Medan City Government. Originality/value – This paper contributes to the literature by investigating fraud using fraud triangle elements and integrity. Integration of integrity and fraud triangle elements will improve practitioners' understanding and provide a model for all relevant parties to prevent and reduce fraud, especially in Indonesia.

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Viktoriya Vladimirovna Kookueva, Juliya Sergeevna Tsertseil

Currently, Russia is actively involved in carrying out integration and cooperation processes in the field of business. They are implemented within the framework of cluster policy in accordance with the development strategy of the Russian Federation until 2020. The relevance of this work is determined by the fact that the use of the cluster approach to justify the growth of the company’s value in a competitive environment can be considered as a tool for the development of the regional economy. This article analyzes the use of cluster policy implementation tools in different regions, assesses the performance of the innovation cluster in Russia, as well as examines the financial and economic performance of the key enterprises participating in the innovation territorial cluster of the Republic of Tatarstan and the Nizhny Novgorod innovation cluster. The authors also consider the performance indicators of financial activities of the anchor enterprises participating in the clusters in the context of the value model.

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Srimathi H, Krishnamoorthy A

In multi varsity and large campuses student may need variety of particulars, support, counseling and special assistance. At present, the campuses manage that through exhaustive information in websites email notifications, messaging and help desks to cater the student’s needs. However, the students who need quick and personalized services find difficulty in receiving information. One of the solutions is engaging Artificial Intelligence as a Service (AIaaS) using chatbot to offer intelligent personalized services to address the queries of the students. The paper reviews the need and benefits of chatbot in Student Support Services (SSS).

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Dharmaraj Hazarika

Non-performing asset is a serious problem faced by the banking sector in India. Both the public sector and private sector banks in India are suffering from this problem. The amounts of gross and net non-performing asset of the banks (both public sector and private sector) are mounting in recent times in India. In spite of adopting various efforts by Government of India and Reserve Bank of India for reducing and recovering of loans of the banks, the results are not satisfactory at all. This paper is an attempt to analyze the magnitude, trend and recovery of non-performing assets of the scheduled commercial banks and private sector banks in India.

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Ririt Dwi Putri Permatasari, Kasman Rukun, Fahmi Rizal, B.H. Hayadi

Higher education management really needs a system that can help the process of handling assets well, higher education both public and private has similar problems in managing it; there are assets that have been owned by a university found that these assets are not identified, not functioning and not managed as the function of the asset itself. So it is done by the method of development model Research and Development (R & D) to solve the problem and development research is to produce certain products that will be used in needs and test the effectiveness of these products so that they can function in society at large, so research is needed to test the effectiveness of the product the resulting. Mapping of this relationship is done to assess the capability level. In this case, several mapping stages will be carried out to determine the relationship between the goals to be achieved from higher education with goals of COBIT 5 using the Model Control Objective for Information and Related Technology (COBIT) framework and the learning model of four D. so that the assets are organized and identified in terms of good and organized asset procurement, as well as the use, evaluation and utilization, so that the effectiveness of asset management is responsible.

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Iskandar, Nizwardi Jalinus, Ridwan, Jalius Jama, Wakhinuddin, Dedy Irfan, Raimon Efendi, M.Ropianto

the purpose of this study is to improve the competence of students in the field of visual basic programming through project-based learning. The low level of students' understanding and lack of skills related to visual basic programming are obstacles faced in facing the Industrial Revolution 4.0. The study was conducted with research subjects of 48 students in polytechnic of diploma III program of Negeri Media Kreatif-Medan. This research is a Research and Development with ADDIE development method (Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation and Evaluation). Data analysis is by observation technique and processed descriptively. Based on the results of the research conducted, the implementation of the project based learning model is able to improve the competence of students in the field of visual basic programming so that their expertise is in line with the needs of industry 4.0. Other findings from this study indicate that there is an increase in creativity and critical thinking of students in solving problems in visual basic learning using desktop-based visual basic programming tools.

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Haryadi, Ganefri, Fahmi Rizal, Yuyun Yusnida Lase, Yulia Fatmi, B.H.Hayadi, M.Ropianto

the difficulty of identifying someone's personality type and wants to prove the Algorithm of K-Medoids in data mining that is used to do quite a lot of data clustering in determining someone's personality type. This algorithm is also known as Partitioning Around Medoids (PAM), which is a variant of the K-Means method. K-Medoids Clustering exists to overcome the weaknesses of K-Means Clustering. K-Medoids uses the partition clustering method to cluster n-objects into a number of k-clusters. This algorithm uses objects in a collection of objects that represent a cluster. The objects that represent a cluster are called Medoids. Clusters are built by calculating the closeness that is owned by between medoids and non-medoids objects. This study uses the algorithm of K-Medoids in determining personality types based on Holland's theory in the Realistic Type, The Investigative Type, the Artistic Type, the Social Type, the Entrepreneur Type, and Routine Type (Conventional Type). Sample data used in this study were 50 (fifty) students obtained from the results of tests conducted. Data samples were clustered into 6 (six) clusters. From the final results of calculations performed that the level of accuracy of the data in conducting clustering is 68% based on the results of the validation of personality tests conducted on 50 (fifty) students. So from the results of this study indicate that the algorithm of K-Medoids can predict student's personality types for future careers according to their personality.

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Abdul Rohmad Basar, Ganefri, Wakhinuddin, M.Ropianto

to support video conferencing (vicon) services, a duplex and real time multimedia application, as supporting educational services is integrated with e-learning. The research took the object at STT-Ibnu Sina Batam using the Network Development Life Cycle method. This method is to build a real time communication server and integrate bigbluebutton into video conferencing services. The final result of this research provides the alternative designs on video conferencing services that can be accessed through a web browser integrated with Learning Management Service (Chamilo). Based on observations using Wireshark, to obtain good audio-video quality, a stable internet connection is required when performing a vicon.

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Santi Surbakti, Enie Novieastari, Sri Purwaningsih

Nurses’ caring is the main factor to determine patient satisfaction. It is one of indicators to measure service quality in hospital. This study aims at optimalizing role of head nurse to improve caring behavior of nurses. The method used in this study is pilot study with quantitative approach. The sample selection is accidental sampling on 20 patients. The sample was selected by using random sampling technique on 48 nurses at emergency room in Hospital X Jakarta. From the data analysis, it was found that 67% of patients said that nurses had applied caring on behavioral, administrative and environmental aspects. The self-efficacy of nurses in applying caring behavior was 61%. After implementing some caring programs, nurses’ caring behavior had improvement at 79%.The problem was solved by organizational development using Kurt Lewin and plan, do, check and action methods. The programs conducted included socializing the importance of caring behavior, creating a champion team, composing guidebooks and standard operating procedures, campaigning "hellomynameis", and creating IGD room’s yells. Caring behavior of nurses in emergency room can be optimalized by involving role of head nurse in making behavioral change. Caring behavior can be an organization’s culture by improving nurses’ commitment to use caring as the essence of self.

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Shankara Naik, S B Mallur

The economic growth and technological advancement of every nation depends on energy conservation. Energy conservation is a viable tool to promote economic efficiency. The commercial energy consumption percentage rose sevenfold during last four decades in India. Industrial sector consumes around 40% of the total energy in India. The industries have all the types of energy consuming equipment which are driven by motors. Agricultural implements and tractor trailer industries are using different varieties of equipment. All equipment used in industries consuming energy by motors are selected for this study, as these motors are energy intensive and consume around 15 % of the total energy. The aim of this study is to identify energy saving opportunities in motors by energy performance assessment to enhance their energy efficiency. The energy audit revealed that, the replacement of energy efficient motor with existing one can save 1.33 GWh of energy annually. Also the payback period less than 1.5 years.

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Masood Ahmad, Narender Kumar, Roopa Kumari

The forward kinematics is the process of finding the position of end effector using joint angles and inverse kinematics is vice-versa of it. The forward kinematics is straight forward and gives a unique solution while inverse kinematics may lead to multiple solutions or sometimes even no solution. Traditional methods such as graphical, analytical and iterative are quite popular to solve the inverse kinematics but due to their computational complexity, alternative methods using neural network and genetic algorithm are being proposed. This paper proposes a hybridization algorithm to solve the inverse kinematics of a UR5 (six degrees of freedom) mechanical manipulator. The hybridization algorithm proposed in this paper uses global optimization of the genetic algorithm and fast local optimization of the Newton-Raphson method. This paper also presents a simulation of the proposed algorithm on a UR5 mechanical manipulator.

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R. Durga Rao, Abdul Zameer

In Gas Insulated Substations because of low speed opening and closing operations of the isolator it results in evolving of Very Fast Transient voltages which are of extremely huge in magnitudes and will be comprising with peak frequencies, the generation of which may lead to dis proper functioning of instruments mainly secondary and they impose some disturbances which may cause malfunctioning and sometimes even lead to failures and may cause severe problems. These cause major problems in elements which are operating near to isolator or breaker and hence in this paper we have developed 420kv Electro Magnetic Transient Program designs to make proper analysis and we have mentioned outputs and mitigated with the help of techniques available.

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Sandeep Kumar M, Dr. M. Srinivasa Narayana

Today’s job field is witnessing a new development called ‘Ghosting’ by job applicants that has become a menace to the recruiters. Job-Applicant Ghosting can be attributed to the practice of applying for a job but not getting in touch with the recruiters thereafter and not turning up for the recruitment process and thus disappearing from the process without any communication. World across, companies in various sectors are observing this phenomenon in an increasing level. Now, this trend is observed in India too. An attempt is made here to explore the nature of Ghosting Behavior among the job applicants, to investigate the commonly affected job-levels and functional areas of business and to examine the factors driving this behavior among the job applicants. The study was conducted in Bengaluru city covering the five regions of the city, the central Bengaluru, and East, West, South and North of the city that covering various business sectors like IT, retail, health, education, manufacturing, consultancy and financial services etc. A structured questionnaire is prepared for the purpose of gathering the required data and was sent to the email ids of various corporate offices extracted from a local job consultancy firm. The survey was conducted on 150 respondents who are part of recruiting panel in their respective firms. Various questions were asked to understand the trends of job-applicant ghosting across various functional-areas of business, education background and job-positions and find out the level of preparedness of the firms to tackle the affects of ghosting. The results of the study may be helpful to the recruiting officers in understanding the ghosting trends by job-applicants and strategizing to tackle the affects of ghosting. Future studies can aim for examining the role of job description, image of the company and social-media reviews on ghosting behavior.

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Sunny Joseph Kalayathankal, John T Abraham, Joseph Varghese Kureethara

Project team selection is a complex process in software engineering. The study uses a multiple criteria decision making (MCDM) approach for the selection of a project team under fuzzy environment. In this paper a FRI, FSS approaches are developed to the selection of project team.

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Venkatamangarao Nampally, Dr. M. Raghavender Sharma

Due to ubiquitous technology development in VANET system causes several technical problems in the deployment of many embedded sensors to increase its communication facilities through expanding the communication range in the field of wireless networking of Ad hoc networks. VANET system has to be solved future challenges in both standard and network perspectives. A key solution for future challenges is properly specifying the communication requirements of VANET system applications and properly deriving the appropriate parameters of network. VANET systems future challenges enable us in developing the network and provide significant development opportunities in order to get better communication services. But unfortunately, even now secure data dissemination, effective use of available resources in network, and reducing the cost of computation are the major challenges of VANET system. In this paper we discuss various future challenges of VANET system by using cloud computing. Cloud computing increases the scalability and reliability of network. This paper discusses various future challenges of VANET and implementation of some major networking cloud methods along with rudimentary concepts.

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S.Sathyapriya, DR.D.Anitha

Computer Aided Diagnosis (CAD) has a significant part to play in the classification of thyroid nodules. CAD is employed in the form of as an objective relevance; this is owing to the high degree subjectivity in the physician�s understanding of ultrasound images, which can result in difference in results of scanning. The earlier system developed an Improved Local Binary Pattern (ILBP) with Anarchic Society Optimization (ASO) for classifying the nodules present in thyroid images. But, it does not render the satisfying performance with regard to segmentation and classification accuracy. In order to deal with this issue, the proposed system developed a Modified Ant Colony Optimization (MACO) with Modified Adaptive Network-based Fuzzy Inference System (MANFIS) scheme for thyroid nodule classification. In this novel research work, thyroid images are considered in the form of input and then preprocessed with the help of Dynamically Weighted Median Filter (DWMF). Using Region based Active Contour scheme, the segmentation of the preprocessed image is done. The Improved Local Binary Pattern (ILBP), Grey Level Co-occurrence Matrix (GLCM) and Gray-Level Run Length Matrix (GLRLM) features are then extracted from the image that is preprocessed. Subsequently, the optimal features are chosen with the help of Modified Ant Colony Optimization (MACO) algorithm. Finally, the Modified Adaptive Network-based Fuzzy Inference System (MANFIS) algorithm is utilized for classifying the cystic nodule from solid nodule. The experimental analysis is carried out in the mat lab simulation environment for both pre-available and proposed research techniques. The results obtained from experiments reveal that the novel system attains better performance in comparison with available system in terms of accuracy, precision, recall and f-measure.

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Hamiru Hamiru, Rika Dwi Yulihartika, La Jati Buton, Rosita Mangesa, Wilda Fesanrey, Muhamad Abdul Jumali, M Chairul Basrun Umanailo

Social capital in the community in Waplau village, Buru District grows and develops along with the achievement of fulfilling the necessities of life. Cooperation relationship in oil refining activities of eucalyptus leaves are awakened among land owners, tenants, rental workers and lids so that the social capital is established with participation, trust, cooperation and mutual relations and become a constantly preserved norm. This research is conducted based on the preference of the implementation of Eucalyptus oil refining process in Waplau village as an effort to benefit and fulfill household needs. The research location is focused in Waplau village with the consideration of the number of the more dominant eucalyptus oil workers compared to its municipal village in Buru Regency, research samples are landlords of eucalyptus trees, land tenants, rental laborers, and Dealer. Research using primary data obtained from observations and interviews directly with the informant. The method of data analysis used to follow the concept presented by Miles and Huberman and Spradley. The results showed that social capital became an indicator of the success of eucalyptus oil workers in achieving the objectives. Aspects of social capital has a strong relationship with the existence of landowners, tenants and rental workers, as well as working groups between children, leaf sequencer, cooks and laborers in completing oil refining tasks so that social capital Able to be an instrument for the productivity of eucalyptus oil in Waplau village.

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Norsida Man, Nabara Isah Shehu, Nitty Hirawaty Kamarulzaman and Zulkefly Sulaiman

The study examines the influence of attitude, social norms on adaptation practices of oil palm smallholders and mediation role of intention towards climate impact in Malaysia. Using a multistage cluster sampling technique, a total of 397 respondents were chosen. For data collection, a structured questionnaire was used and analyzed using SPSS and AMOS graphics. The study has shown the relationships between the variables using the theory of reasoning Action (TRA). It however, revealed attitude (r = 0.167, P < 0.004), social norms (r = 0.389, P < 0.000), intention (r = 0.163, P < 0.005) and adaptation practice. However, it revealed the contribution of attitude (β= 0.124, p < 0.014), social norms (β = 0.203, p < .000), intention (β = 0.292, p < 000) and adaptation practice. Similarly, the study revealed the mediation role of intention in the relationship between attitude (β = 0.036, LB = 0.007 and UB = 0.086, P = 0.016), social norms (β = 0.059, LB = 0.021 and UB = 0.124, P = 0.059), and adaptation practices at 95% bootstrapped confidence intervals. The study also revealed R2 value 0.45 indicating 45% of the variance explained in adaptation practice. On the other hand, the R2 value for intention 0.32 indicating 32%, of the variance explained in intention. The research concludes that the adaptation techniques of smallholder farmers in Malaysia are promoted socially and psychologically at various levels due to the attitude, social norms and intentions of the smallholder in the adaptation practice. The research, therefore, suggested that the Malaysian Palm Oil Board (MPOB) develop a training model to motivate all interested oil palm farmers with good farming practices (GAP) and weather reporting expertise so that Malaysian oil palm smallholder farmers can enhance their adaptation practices.

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Dr. Neha Bhatnagar

These Education is the leading sector that bears the biggest responsibility of shaping the future of youth of India. According to a research our traditional approach of teaching and learning of science is not preparing students to enhance their conceptual learning and they are unable to work in science and technology rich environment of the 21st century. As a result of this the interest and attitude of student towards science is declining day by day. The reason for this is poor teaching methodology and unsatisfactory quality of education. So it’s the need of time to change the educational learning method from theoretical approach to practical and concept based approach. We should encourage the educators to adopt modern and innovative methods of teaching like videos, digital literacy, role playing and kinesthetic activities so that learning can become easy, meaningful and more interesting. As the life science or natural science is an immensely important stream of science which is all about the environment, human life, plant cell, animal evolution and all other living organism around us, it’s very essential to increase the interest of student towards this to save our earth or nature from deterioration. Through this paper the present status of higher education system is summarized and also reviewed the teaching approach that are recommended to improve the quality of science education. This paper also present new trends and techniques for enhancing the effective and conceptual learning of students of Life science at higher level.

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Ghanshyam Prasad Dubey, Dr. Rakesh Kumar Bhujade

As far as current scenario is concerned Internet, computer, electronic gadgets and networking are essential. These are mostly prone to security threads like viruses, Trojan horses and other malware attacks. To check authentication, provide efficient techniques for encryption and decryption, and develop security mechanism intrusion detection system is used. IDS gather information and analyze the unusual activities to find loop holes in security from network traffic in a system. Primary task to identify the elements those are responsible to violate the system security. In this study, impact of Ant Colony Optimization for suitable decision in network based IDS are discussed.

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Shibin David, Jaspher W kathrine

Mobile cloud computing is an emerging Internet-based computing system, which enables mobile users to remotely store their data in a server and provide services according to their needs. Many of the devices which use mobile cloud computing are portable these days. Here, Data security and privacy become significant issues in this contest. Before mobile cloud users, a safe data access control mechanism must be given as most customers have to outsource delicate information for storage to the mobile cloud. Nowadays, many of the MNCs and other famous organization uses mobile cloud services for data sharing, data storage, etc. As there are lots of confidential corporate data being shared on mobile cloud servers, it is very important to provide an efficient encryption system to encrypt outsourced data with fine-grained access control. In the mobile cloud, environment encryption can be the best option to secure data out there. The data may be either Private data or Public data. The public data can be shared among trusted clients that provide an open environment to connect with the organization or the data owner. Private data is client's confidential data, and it needs more security and privacy so the data must be transferred in encrypted form. In this paper, various encryption schemes are studies and used in enabling.

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Suwarno, Paulus AlukFajarDwi Santo

Caesarean section or commonly called cesarean section is laborartificial, where the fetus is born through an incision in the abdominal wall and uterine wall with the condition that the uterus is intact and the fetus weighs above 2500 grams. Cesarean section cannot be performed if there is no agreement from the patient or family members regarding the surgery. In recent years, the use of machine learning in predicting disease has increased rapidly. One classification technique used in machine learning is artificial neural networks. In this study, we used backpropagation neural networks to predict cesarean section. This study uses a dataset sourced from the UCI Machine Learning Repository. This dataset contains information about the results of the cesarean section of 80 pregnant women with essential characteristics of labor problems in the medical field. Model evaluation is performed using accuracy, sensitivity, and specificity values. The area under curves (AUC) and ROC curves are used to calculate performance evaluations. Based on experimental results, research shows that backpropagation neural networks can be used as an alternative model in determining the cesarean section.

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P.Prabhu , D.Jayabalakrishnan, D.Nandha Kumar, C.Rameshkumar

This present research work demonstrates the preparation of Copper Oxide Nanoparticles (CuO NPs) and investigates the thermo mechanical properties of the CuO NPs embedded in the polymer composites experimentally. In this study, CuO NPs were produced by aqueous precipitation method and morphology of the NPs was studied using Field Emission Transmission Electron Microscope (FESEM). Epoxy resin and glass microsphere were considered to be the base material for the preparation of the nano based polymer composites. In order to fabricate the nano based polymer composites, CuO NPs with 1.0wt% were embedded in the base material by means of compression moulding press. Nano composites proved higher thermal conductivity enhancement rather than the base material. While comparing to the base material, the maximum four-point bending strength of 415 MPa was obtained from the nano based polymer composites. The test results obtained from the TG study revealed that an addition of CuO NPs had acted as the thermal retardant and CuO NPs had delayed thermal degradation of the nano based polymer composites. Based on the test results, it can be suggested that the newly fabricated nanocomposites have achieved the improved thermal and mechanical properties.

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Rishi vandhanaa K, Suneetha V

Today’s agricultural engineering needs special and innovative Biofertilizers which plays a pivotal role in increasing yield, long term soil preservation and towards environment concern by increasing the supply or availability of micro and macro nutrients from natural sources. Rhizobium strains were isolated from root nodules of culinary variety of groundnut plants from Gudiyattam, Vellore district TamilNadu ,India.The isolated strains were semi-cultured in YEMA medium. This culture was added to a mixture of kitchen waste compost and vermicompost. A comparative study was conducted with respect to growth of fenugreek plants in the soil and manure in the absence and presence of rhizobium. The study compared the parameters like shoot growth and time taken.

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Ira Mirawati, Dadang Sugiana, Teddy Kurnia Wirakusumah

The rapid development of communication and information technology has become a way of developing various online consulting services. Current online consultation can be done using a mobile application, one of which is intended for teenagers. In Indonesia, a mobile application was developed as an effort to facilitate teenagers to help solve the problems they face. The purpose of this paper is to review the user experience in using the apps. We performed research in Android based apps and developed a review database to carry out searches' results analysis. The result found that teenagers have a high interest in utilizing this online consultation application, they consider that this application is easy because they do not have to bother meeting directly with consultants. However, they complained about a number of problems in the payment system, slow response, and various bugs that are still present in the application.

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Ilona Annisa Ristiani, Susanne Dida, Yanti Setianti

Bandung is a city that consists of various tribes, cultures, and religions. The problem of interfaith tolerance becomes very sensitive among people. The evidence shows that there are many cases of religious conflicts that occurred in Indonesia. In responding to this issue, the local government of Bandung wants to show City Branding of Bandung as a City of Tolerance to various religious differences. The purpose of this study is to explore the communication planning efforts undertaken by the Government of Bandung in the development of City Branding of the City of Tolerance. The approach used is a qualitative approach with descriptive research method. The subject in this study is the Government of Bandung while the object of research is planning communication of Bandung city's branding. Data collection techniques are conducted through interviews, literature study, field observation, and documentation. The analysis technique is based on inductive analysis, and the data validity testing technique is done through data triangulation. The results of this study indicate that communication planning efforts undertaken by the Bandung City Government in the development of City Branding Bandung as a city of tolerance consist of only 8 out of 9 planning. The planning that has not been implemented is the evaluation stage. It is recommended for the Government of Bandung to conduct research on its people to obtain more in-depth and comprehensive data, and to evaluate the activities that have been done.

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Elisabeth Windy, Ancesia Simaibang, Atwar Bajari

Social media has the power to build literacy values for equality between men and women. The ever-increasing use and simplicity of building interaction among fellow users have become the most prominent advantage compared to conventional media. The same goes for the Aliansi Laki-laki Baru movement which has used Twitter as a medium of communication between them. This research aims to capture the representation of male feminist by the Aliansi Laki-laki Baru on social media. It used the dramaturgy theory from Erving Goffman as guideline and qualitative model, especially virtual ethnographic as the research method. Observation, interview and literature study were applied in this research. The research found that the Aliansi Laki-laki Baru�s publication on Twitter, which identified as @lakilakibaru, mainly resides in activities, gender violence, men�s roles in gender equality, man masculinity, sexist jokes, relation between religion and gender, gender in politics and application of sexist terms. The interactions built on @lakilakibaru account through replies feature were neutral, constructive and backed with reliable data It is also found that @lakilakibaru used verbal language with contextual approach and also utilized non-verbal language to show boldness. Based on the findings, it is concluded that @lakilakibaru depicted their male feminist on Twitter as men can be sensitive, gentle, scared, affectionate, and be pretty. Men can also share roles with women such as domestic work and earn a living. In their relationship, men do also not dominate their partner and solve problems without violence whether verbal, physical, and emotional violence.

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FX. Ari Agung Prastowo, Diah Fatma Sjoraida, Heru Ryanto Budiana

Social Mapping, therefore, is required to map the characteristics of local community. Theresult of Social Mapping can be used as a reference for State Owned Enterprises (BUMN) before initiating the development of modern city in Walini plantation area, as wellas a guideline for the preparation of strategic plan, or at least the formulation of the program to beimplemented after the development of modern Walini city. The questions that should arise in social mapping for development planning are how communities areaffected by structured development, homogeneous or heterogeneous populations, formal and informalleadership structures, influential value structures, communication channels used, advantages anddisadvantages of a particular community, particular problems faced, local economic situation,local political situation, resources (nature, people, and culture) owned, knowledge and communityfeelings towards the development of the metropolis, public understanding of metropolitan urbandevelopment policies, and community expectations on the construction of the metropolis. Allquestionnaires in this research are explored through qualitative approach with Rapid Appraisal andParticipatory Appraisal methods. Rapid appraisal method is a suitable method for qualitative datagathering, where rapid appraisal is designed to get some in-depth information about the life in aparticular village, in which society is simply used as an object to answer the open-ended questionnaire.Field activities using a local enumerator is more suitable, but beforehand a local enumerator should beprovided with an interview technique training to gather data from their informants. The reason behindthis is because, researcher’s role is the main instrument in the interview, the ability to dig the problemthrough the informant's answer would enable a suitably produced in-depth data. The method of participatory appraisal is selected in the social mapping to support the depth of data being explored.The data collection technique in the field would be placing the society as subject. Focus group discussion technique employed by including a selected community with predetermined criteria asfacilitator and also participant of focus group discussion, in which enables to provide data on villagearea situation along with the characteristics of the community.

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Agung Budi Kurniawan, Warsono, Djoko Sutopo, Sri Wuli Fitriati

Writing research articles especially for publication purpose must be scientific, informative and attractive. The objective of this research was to formulate the effective method to write research articles by following the IMRAD model that was added with conclusion. The object was ten articles in English language teaching that were chosen by using purposive sampling. The research design was qualitative whose instrument of criteria of scientific paper. The finding proposed that the effective method of writing introduction comprised giving ideas and argumentation, reviewing previous studies and theories, positioning the research problem appropriately. The effective method of writing research method was explaining the schema of working without reviewing theories or previous studies. The effective method of writing finding and discussion was exploring the correlation of the research problems and novelty, stating the research design definitely, and evaluating the finding by using previous studies. The effective method of writing conclusion was summarizing the previous materials, proposing the benefit and short implication, and never copying the previous materials. It could be concluded the research article publication is not only about the content truthfulness, but also the informative and attractive value.

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Roymond H. Simamora

Nursing documentation is one of the most important functions for care in providing nursing care. The process of nursing in the modern era is now a demand from various aspects for nurses. The current development is that nurses must carry out nursing processes based on nursing care standards. Use of documentation results Patient identification in nursing electronically can always evolve in line with technological developments, this can increase client life expectancy and reduce errors in taking interventions on the client. This IT-based documentation system will assist in meeting documentation standards, can improve the quality of documentation, facilitate decision making and provide information that is easily accessible, can minimize the potential for loss or damage to development records, increase information exchange and coordination between nurses or other health teams, documentation can be easily audited, helps improve the accuracy of client data, can access the progress of the client's health development and reduce maintenance costs so as to improve the quality of care services

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M P Bhuyan, R Purkayastha, S K Sarma, S Sarmah, P Sarma, V Deka

Importance of Information Retrieval is increasing day by day. Non English languages are also getting importance in information retrieval, because people are more comfortable in their native language than English. India is a country of different culture and different language. Assamese is one of the recognized languages of India, which is the official language of Assam. In this research work, a Assamese Information Retrieval (IR) system is designed. The IR system has three phases 1) Structuring the query, 2) Use of Assamese WordNet in query expansion, 3) Accessing information from Assamese Wikipedia. The IR system is reliable and performance of the system is 60.08 % in terms of relevant document retrieval.

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Agnello J. Naveen. X, Arivoli.A, Boopathi .S, Balamurugan.J

The study focuses on qualitative review of literature in cleaner technology usage in large-scale Ultra-red firms classified as 17 (highly polluting industry) in Tamil Nadu, India. Its state the efficacy between the older end of pipe and modern technology like reuse, recycle, raw material usage, add-on, process change, co-processing and energy conservation relevance to pollution control agency contribution in up-gradation and promoting technology by setting up regulation policy, intuitional background and research and development. The outcome is still India has to promote in a higher diffusion of self-reliance in product manufacturing (intellectual property rights) improve in research and development, strengthening the regulation policy.

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Abdel-Rahman kh. el-Dalabeeh, Seif Obeid ALshbiel

The purpose of this study is to examine the relationship between balanced scorecard, enterprise risk management and organizational performance. Within this study ERM has been conceptualized as a mediator variable between BSC and organizational performance, in congruence with the literature. However, the academic inquiry of the effect of ERM in the relationship between the BSC and the organizational performance is at its nascent stage. This forms the motivation of the present work. The managers' perceptions of these three constructs were captured on a seven-point Likert scale using a country-wide survey in the Jordanian Industrial Public Shareholding Companies. The data were obtained from 85 managers working in 59 Jordanian Industrial Public Shareholding Companiesthen used to validate the framework and then test the hypothesized relationships between the study variables using PLS-SEM. The results indicate that the using ERM and BSC can lead to improved organizational performance of the Jordanian industrial public shareholding companies. Moreover, the results also indicate that ERM positively mediate the relationship between BSC and organizational performance. Results derived from this study might help companies to adopt ERM system and enhance the using of BSC in order to improve organizational performance.

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Sandeep Kumar Duran, Harminder Singh Saggu

Biodiesel material has captivated the attention as renewable fuel and also endorses its outcome on the compression ignition (CI) engine emission. In this experimental work the diesel- biodiesel material blends (MB20, MB30, AB20, AB30, PB20 and PB30) has been selected as fuel for diesel engine. The effect of different biodiesel material on engine performance (brake thermal efficiency and brake specific fuel consumption) and emission parameters (CO, CO2, UHC and NOX) were evaluated and compared with diesel. The result showed that physiochemical properties are with biodiesel limit, as suitable for as fuel in diesel engine. AB30 showed highest BTE, which is about 3% more than diesel. Almost all blends showed lower value of CO and UHC emissions.

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Christian Haposan Pangaribuan, Agita Ravenia, Martinus Fieser Sitinjak

Despite the widespread literature discussion on the strategies of marketing, little is known of how user-generated content(UGC) can influence the future purchase intention of young consumers on social media. Data were collected from 150 Indonesian young respondents. Pearson’s correlation and multiple linear regression were employed for data analysis. The result finds that directive strategy from user-generated content to future purchase intention is more effective than through perceived information quality. Based on the results, theoretical and practical implications are highlighted.

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AdhityaAgri Putra, Nanda FitoMela

Thisstudy is aimed to examine the effect of audit quality on earnings management in informative and opportunist perspective. Samples are 615 firm-year of manufacture companies listed in Indonesian Stock Exchange 2013-2017. Audit quality is measured by big 4 affiliation. Earnings management is measured by discretionary accruals. Analysis method uses logistics regression. Result shows that high audit quality increases informative earnings management and reduces opportunist earnings management. This result consistent to auditor’s role to mitigates asymmetric information between managers and shareholders.

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D. A. Puspitaningrum, C. Z. Fitriyah, N. Nurdianasari, Z. Finali, Y. F. Ningsih

Creativity is very important for the growth and success of individuals in creating their quality and meaning. When elementary school children can communicate well and can give each answer to one question, and even children can provide solutions when facing problems.One way to improve children's creativity is that parents can introduce children to educational games such as puzzle games, or practice playing with origami. Through games like this, children will learn to hone and improve their ability to solve problems. Do not help children when they finish the game, because helping children will not become independent and dependent on others, which can cause children to be less creative in overcoming problems.

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Er. Gurpreet Singh, Er. Nitika Kapoor, Dr. Sandeep Singh Kang

This study attempts to analyze the perception of people of Punjab towards personal financial planning. To measure the perception of people of Punjab characteristics namely attitudes, factor influencing, and frequency of money management, investment, insurance, retirement, and estate planning were considered. A well structured close-ended questionnaire was used to interview 600 individuals. The overall results showed that people of Punjab have positive attitudes towards various aspects of personal financial planning but there is margin for improvement for certain groups. Perhaps the services of certified financial planners could be utilized for improvement. Male respondents were found to be better at making financial decisions than their female counterparts. Married individuals responded more positively then unmarried individuals. Results had shown that job status serves as a crucial factor for attitudes towards personal financial planning. Employed individuals were found to be far better planners than self-employed and unemployed individuals.

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La Ode Muharam, Ihjon Ihjon, Wa Ode Hijrah, Samiruddin T.

This study aims to analyze the effect of 1) teaching style on students' motivation and learning achievement; 2) students' motivation on learning achievement; and 3) students' motivation in the relationship between teaching style and learning achievement. This study is based on a survey of 243 students with the proportional stratified random sampling technique and structural equation modeling (SEM) is used to test the proposed hypotheses. The results show that the teachers' teaching style has a positive and significant effect on students' motivation and learning achievement. Students' motivation further mediates the relationship between teaching style and learning achievement.

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SitiKomariyah, Mohammad Saleh, Darwis Muhammad Ahrori

This study aims to examine the spillover effect of the uncertainty of US economic policy on Indonesia's economic growth. SVAR model is used to observe the connecting channel of the spillover effect. The results show that the uncertainty of US economic policy can spill on Indonesia's economic growth through FDI as a financial channel. The higher the percentage of US FDI to total FDI in Indonesia, the more vulnerable the Indonesian economy will be when there is shock in the US economic policy uncertainty.

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Vivek Varma, Deepak Hujare, Rajesh Askhedkar

The noise and vibration analysis plays a major role for determining the root cause for various faults in a diesel engine. The components of I.C engine produce noise and vibrations due to variation in loads and unbalanced forces which reduce the life of machine. So, it is essential to identify the major sources of vibration and its location and also to reduce the noise to avoid failures in the system. In the present study, experimental modal analysis is carried out for various 3-cylinder engine components to determine resonant frequencies in the system, which have been performed by using roving excitation technique. Then the results of experimental modal analysis are verified by using FEA. The experimental vibration analysis has been carried out at the speed near to the resonance conditions to find out the amplitude of vibrations. A structural borne noise mapping is carried out to know the exact locations of the noise sources. So, based on the results of noise and vibration analysis, structural modifications have been made in the corresponding components of an engine and the improved results have shown that amplitudes of vibration have been reduced by 35 to 40% and the structural borne noise level also reduced by 3 to 4 dB (A).

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Ashwini P, Dr. Bharathi S.H . Ananya.K.Nayaka

Speech is the fundamental form of communication in human being because of which speech processing has evolved and exists as an everlasting limb of speech processing. Automatic speech recognition is one of the recent research areas in speech processing field. This paper presents a broader review about different speech recognition techniques. Few of the discussed techniques are MFCC, LPC, PLP, PLDA, and RASTA. Among all theses feature extraction techniques MFCC and LPC are more widely used because of their nearness to the original speech signal.

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M. Mohana Soundarya, S. Jayachitra

This paper introduces a strategy to compress ECG in remote and zero lossless decompression utilizing a mix of 3 unique procedures so as to expand storage room while diminishing transmission time. The principal system utilized in the proposed calculation is a versatile straight expectation; it accomplishes high affectability and positive forecast. The second procedure is content versatile Golomb Rice coding, use with a window size for encoding the leftover of expectation blunder. The third procedure is the utilization of reasonable pressing configuration to empower the ongoing interpreting process. The proposed calculation is assessed to confirm the utilization of more than 48 chronicles from MIT-BIH arrhythmia data set. It appeared to most likely accomplish a lossless piece pressure rate of 2.83 in Lead V1 and 2.77 in Lead V2. This algorithm demonstrates better execution results in contrast with past lossless ECG compression. It very well may be utilized in information transmission strategies for prevalent biomedical signs for limited transfer speed crosswise over e-wellbeing gadgets. This task is created utilizing Xilinx programming.

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Michela Cortini, Roberto Bortune, Stefania Fantinelli

The present research aims at deepen the influence of body art during the selection process. In details, we considered tattoos as a specific kind of body art and their relation with prejudice. According to literature tattoos can significantly affect the interview process and future work life. We implemented a triangulated methodology conducting 2 series of focus group interviews with a sample of tattooed and not-tattooed job seekers and online interviews with recruiters; in addition, a sample of 360 students in economics and psychology, who could probably become recruiters in the next future, were invited to fill in a questionnaire where they were asked to evaluate a job candidate resume where we had manipulated the picture (with and without tattoo). On the side of future recruiters, the results suggest that visible body art can potentially be a real impediment to employment, even if this effect is reduced for job applicants seeking non-customer-facing roles. Some relevant implications concern the tattoos’ social perception in the workplace and self-management of tattooed candidates. The novelty of the present study resides in the still partly unexplored job candidates’ point of view and in the Italian dataset: this is the first study to investigate this issue in Italy.

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Mahantesh Mattada, Hansraj Guhilot

This work presents Time based nonlinear ADC on FPGA platform. VCO is used external to the FPGA, for converting an input voltage to proportional time pulse. Then, a Counter TDC with Multiphase clock technique is implemented within the FPGA to convert time pulse into its digital equivalent. The overall ADC response has been approximated with second order exponential equation along with its coefficients has been presented here. Proposed 13bit nonlinear ADC with 77dB dynamic range by using only 2% of FPGA total resources makes it area efficient. Also sampling rate of 9.8ks/Seconds, acceptable nonlinearities, wide input range and dynamically reconfigurable structure are added advantages of the work.

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Siti Maisarah Aziz, Roslan Umar, Nurulhuda Mohammad Yusoff, Salmiah Jamal Mat Rosid, Siti Noor Syuhada Muhammad Amin

A quaternary system of magnesium borophosphate (MBP) ceramic with nominal composition of 49B2O3-15P2O5-25MgO-10TeO2-1RE (RE = Eu3+, Dy3+, Sm3+) was successfully prepared using solid state reaction method sintered at 900 °C for 5 hours. Crystalline phases of all ceramic samples were characterized using an X-Ray Diffractometer. The samples were polycrystalline phase of B(PO4), Mg(PO3)2 and Mg(BO3)(PO4). Infrared spectra displayed the presence of B-O-B, BO3, BO4 and P-O stretching modes of P-O-P, P=O and PO4 unit in the ceramic network. The emission spectra of ceramic samples revealed five prominent peaks centred at 588 nm, 593 nm, 613 nm, 657 nm and 700 nm which were assigned to the transition from 5D0-7FJ (J= 0, 1, 2, 3, 4) states of Eu3+ ion and Sm3+ emission due to transition from 4G5/2-6HJ/2 (J = 5, 7, 9, 11) respectively. Meanwhile, Dy3+ emission is due to 4F9/2-5H15/2 and 4F9/2-6H13/2 transitions. Among all these rare-earth (RE) elements, Eu3+ showed the strongest luminescence intensity with dominated by the 5D0-7F1 transition. The proposed ceramic compositions were demonstrated to be potential for solid-state lasers and development optical devices.

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Harlinda Syofyan, Reza Rachmadtullah

Ecoliteracy or environmental literacy is the ability or high awareness of the Abstract. Ecoliteracy or environmental literacy is the ability or high awareness of the community about the importance of preserving the environment. This study aims to improve the ecoliteracy of elementary school Teacher Study Program students at the Universitas Esa Unggul towards the impact of organic waste management using a problem solving model. This research method uses an action research approach. The instruments used are observation sheets, interviews and questionnaires. The results of this study as a whole obtained that the use of problem solving models yields positive results on student learning activities regarding the importance of ecoliteracy. Based on research findings from the data that has been obtained shows that the ecoliteracy of students increases from cycle I to cycle II. Increased ecoliteracy can be seen from the increase in the percentage level of achievement from various aspects, namely the knowledge aspects of the aspects of conscience and aspects of application or action.

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Mohammad Zayed Almuiet, Farah Zawaideh

In the past several years, research targeting the development of automated knowledge acquisition (KA) in terms of the Supply Chain Management (SCM) has notably increased. Numerous methods and approaches have been proposed and used to automate supply chain management involving an intelligent agent (IA). In this paper, the IA approach was employed to facilitate automated knowledge acquisition for SCM decision-making. The study framework is characterized by different levels of knowledge acquisition linked to SCM and knowledge reuse on the basis of the prior supply chain knowledge. The framework presents a new tool for supply chain knowledge management usage.

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Zulkifli Musannip Efendi Siregar, Suryana, Eeng Ahman, Syamsul Hadi Senen

Knwoledge management is one of innovation driven in a firms. The aim of this research want to find out knowledge management implementation in a firm and the relation of knowledge management on innovation in a firm. This research is an article review that published in various academic journals. The articles in this research, we identified through a search engines for electronic databases using search strings such as knowledge management, and innovation, knowledge management implementation or knowledge management practice. The findings prove that knowledge management has an important role to do innovation in business activities whether in product innovation, marketing, and service.

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Irina Ivanovna Glotova, Elena Petrovna Tomilina, Lyubov Vasilevna Agarkova, Yuliya Evgenevna Klishina, Olga Nikolaevna Uglitskikh

An analysis of the current situation in the leasing services market has shown that the change in leasing interest rates is much more frequent than the change in loan rates that vary, as a rule, only if they are tightly linked to refinancing rates. Determining the probability of the lessee default is the main task, which can be followed by risk assessment and further related measures. In order to solve the problem of determining the probability of late payments by the lessee in the modern Russian leasing market with the growing trend towards retail, it was suggested to use the mathematical modeling method based on historical data on the lessees and their behavior.

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Nurwati, Adi Sulistiyono, Martin Roestamy

Copyright as object of fiduciary collateral is listed in Law Number 28 Year 2014. It is explained in this law that movable intangible property can be used as collateral object. However, for certain a circle, this matter, particularly the one related to assessment mechanism and attachment of collateral, is still debatable. Creative economy or commonly called creative industry has been seen as an important sector in the development of Indonesian economic. Creative industry refers to a type of industry which utilizes individual creativity, skill, and talent to create prosperity and work opportunity by producing and exploiting individual’s creative power. It is undeniable that, in practice, intellectual property right gives protection to creative industry. In song creation process, song writers need to cooperate with production houses or recording companies in order to disseminate and reproduce their creations. In this cooperation, musicians can give a license to a production house or a recording company to disseminate and/or reproduce the songs they create. In return, the song writer or copyright holder has the right to receive royalties over the dissemination or reproduction of their creations from the other party/license holder. A copyright is an exclusive right consisting of an economic right. Economic right is a right to get economic benefits over the creation and products of the related right. These economic benefits can be obtained when the copyright holder gives the right to the third party to use it with commercial objectives based on an agreement or license. A normative juridical method through regulation approach was applied in this study. the specification of this study was a descriptive analysis describing the relationship between Das Sollen variable (copyright as a movable property collateral) and Das Sein (development of receiver fiduciary object). An analysis by using legal principles, interpretation, and construction was then conducted.

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Veerandra Patil, Dr. Manoj Modi

With competitive pressures placing an increasing dependence on the ability of organizations to deliver customer adapted products quickly and on time, logistics has been an area that has been subjected to investigation. While, there is a growing evidence of organizations increasingly seeking to outsource their logistics activities, there have been few comprehensive studies on the outsourcing of logistics in the Middle Eastern region. The purpose of this paper is to examine the usage of third party logistics (3PL) services. In India the logistics industry is evolving rapidly and it is the interplay of infrastructure, technology and new types of service providers that will define whether the industry is able to help its customers, reduce their logistics costs and provide effective services. Third party logistics (3PL) is drawing attention at government, industrial, academicians and practitioner’s levels. This project is an attempt to provide 3PL practices perspective in India. The project focuses on present extent of usage of third party logistics services based on data collected from the working professionals in 3PL companies. Data analysis is done using SPSS software and descriptive statistics analysis, correlation, regression analysis and reliability test of collected data is performed. This has helped to compare the best third party logistics provider in Indore and Nasik cities of India. Analysis shows that there are similarities on the use of contract logistics services in Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra. These include the proportion of firms utilising contract logistics, the extent of involvement of functional managers, and activities outsourced. Notable differences between the 3PL providers include process, and the benefits to the firms from the use of contract logistics.

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Manoj Modi, Gopal Agarwal, V.Patil, Umesh Bhatia, Rishabh Pancholi

Optimization is one of the best techniques used in manufacturing industries for improving quality of product with lower cost. This report describes the effective approach for the single response optimization of drilling parameters based on the Taguchi’s method. This research work also reported about the influence of input process parameters i.e. spindle speed and tool diameter on the material removal rate (MRR). Taguchi L9 orthogonal array was used for planning and conduction of experiments. Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) was carried out to find which drilling parameters significantly affect the output response and it also determined the percentage contribution of individual parameter over the response.

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Veerandra Patil, Dr. Manoj Modi, Rahul Mandloi, Sanjay Gautam, Swapnil Mukati, Vivek Verma

In this research article, prototype of thermoelectric refrigeration system working has been designed and fabricated. This fabricated system is working on DC voltage, which is generated by the photo voltaic cells. The developed experimental prototype is having a refrigeration space of 1 liter capacity, which is refrigerated by using four numbers of Peltier module (Supercool : PE-063-10-13, Qmax=19W) and a heat sink fan assembly used (Model No: TDEX6015/TH/12/G, Rth=1.157oC/W ) to increase the heat dissipation rate from hot side of Peltier module. In the recent years, we have many problem such as energy crises and environment degradation due to the increasing emission of CO2 and ozone layer depletion has become the primarily concern in both the developed and developing countries. Our project utilizes the solar energy for its operation. Solar refrigeration using thermoelectric module is going to be one of the most cost effective, clean and environment friendly system. This project does not need any kind of refrigerant and mechanical device like compressor, prime mover, etc for its operation. The main purpose of this project is to provide refrigeration to the remote areas where power supply is not possible.

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Basri Bado, Syamsu Alam, Ahmad Idris, Saparuddin

This paper aims to (1) Determine the existence of central growth areas and support regions in the Mamminasata metropolitan area using scalogram analysis and centrality index. (2) Detect the amount of the interaction value between the supporting regions and the central growth area using gravity analysis. (3) To Know the effect of growth overflow between the growth centers and support regions using the intersection of the sides and corners of the region through the local index Moran and Moran scatterplot in spatial autocorrelation. The results of this paper show that (1) Makassar City as a growth centers with a hierarchy of 991.60; Maros, Gowa and Takalar Regencies with hierarchy each levels of 558.30, 591.60, and 558.30. The three districts are support regions in the Mamminasata metropolitan area. (2) The sequence of interactions to the city of Makassar with the total index of each district. Gowa (636) pull power I. Maros Regency (89) with pull power II, Takalar Regency (15) with pull power III. The city of Makassar is in quadrant II, while the three districts are supporting regions in quadrant IV. Makassar City has a negative growth effect or absorptive effect on the three supported districts in the period 2002-2016.

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Adejumo, B. A, Agboola, J. B, Orhevba, B. A, Obasa, P. A, Simeon, M. I

The optimisation of the production parameters of Delonix regia ester was carried out with the view to establish the parameters for the production of optimum methyl ester yield from Delonix regia seed oil. The effects of reaction temperature, reaction time, alcohol: oil molar ratio and catalyst concentration as well as it interaction effects on the yield of methyl ester was investigated using the response surface methodology Box-behnken design. Data obtained were analyzed statistically using Design expect 9.0 statistical package to determine the response model, surface respond analysis of variance (ANOVA). The data collected from optimization of the reaction process was fitted to model. The results showed that the percentage yield in term of reaction temperature, time, molar ratio, concentration and interaction terms of reaction temperature and reaction time were significant (p ≤ 0.05) while the lack of fit F-value for the Delonix regia methyl ester yield response showed that it was not significant (p ≤ 0.05) relative to the pure error. This indicates that all the models predicted for methyl ester yield response were adequate. Regression models for data on response methyl ester yield were significant (p ≤ 0.05) with satisfactory R2 value of 0.829. The boundaries of the design intergalactic of methyl ester yield have the lowest value at 72 % within the process range of 40 0C to 56 0C for Temperature, 30 to 53 minutes for Reaction time, for all production processes while the highest of 90.21 % with the process boundary range of 55 to 60 0C for A: Temperature, 40 to 60 minutes reaction time. The optimization solution gave the process conditions for each process factors at the highest desirability prediction of 0.642 as best reaction temperature of 53.200C and the reaction time of 60 minutes, alcohol: oil molar ratio of 2:1 and catalyst concentration of 0.69% when the set goal is based on the physic-thermal properties of produced methyl ester.

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Riki Bugis, Said Abdurahman Assagaf, Abdussabar Polanunu, Edy Said Ningkeula, Wilda Fesanrey, Lukman Ismail, M Chairul Basrun Umanailo

Rongo-Rongo is a woman who is thinking of goods in the market Namlea Buru District. As a service provider of the goods, Rongo-Rongo will assume every item purchased by consumers and deliver where the consumer is shopping. Work with full risk and susceptible to health elements does not prevent them to continue activities and actions that are carried out to be a woman's existence in fulfilling the needs of the family economy. This research is a qualitative study aimed at describing the existence of Rongo-Rongo in fulfilling household needs. The research location is focused on Karang Jaya Village, Namlea Market and Namlea Terminal with consideration of informant activity scope. The number of informers interviewed 25 people, 15 Rongo-Rongo, 1 Market manager, 1 Terminal manager, 3 community leaders, 3 members of the Rongo-Rongo family and 2 village apparatus. Analytical techniques used to follow the concept of Miles and Huberman where activities in the analysis of qualitative data are conducted interactively and continuously. The results showed that the existence of Rongo-Rongo becomes the main pillar in the source of household livelihood, efforts to fulfill the needs of the household is done by prioritizing physical strength without thinking of bad risk to health. In addition, to cover the shortage of needs rongo-Rongo also doing activities outside the main work is by clearing shops or providing clean laundry services and processing agricultural products.

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Nunik Destria Arianti, Sardjoeni Moedjiono

Determination of scholarship recipients is a very subjective and complicated thing to do without using information systems. Therefore, this paper presents the development of a decision support system for determining scholarship recipients using the fuzzy c-means clustering (FCM) method with the integrated, simple additive weighting method conducted at the College of Technology Nusa Putra. The assessment is conducted by determining the grouping, which then calculates the XB (Xie-Beni) index for each cluster that has been formed. From these calculations, it is known which group is the best that can be used as an alternative for decision making. The ranking process of each cluster determines the optimal option of the best prospective student scholarship recipients. The results of this study indicate that scholarship recipients at the College of Technology Nusa Putra are more objective and make more precise and efficient decisions.

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R Brendha, V Sinthu Janita Prakash

VANET is a decentralized network where the vehicles moved in any direction. Due to the random movement of the vehicle, wireless communication takes place and the data are sent from source to destination with the geographical positions of neighboring nodes. Several methods have been developed for routing the data packets. But the traffic aware routing is still a challenging issue in VANET. A technique called Geographic Multiattribute Monarch Butterfly Optimized Traffic-Aware Routing (GMMBOTAR) is introduced to improve the packet delivery ratio and minimize the delay as well as routing load. Populations of ‘n’ monarch butterflies (i.e. vehicle nodes) are initialized randomly in search space (i.e. network). After the initialization, the source node finds the nearest intersection point’s closest to the destination node. Then the source node starts to find the optimal neighboring node to forward the data packets. In this technique, optimal neighboring node searching process is performed using Multiattribute Monarch Butterfly Optimization. The multiattributes used for the selection of neighboring node is received signal strength, distance, the battery power of the node, reliability pair factor and node cooperativeness. Initially, the fitness of each vehicle node is computed based on the multiple attributes with their threshold ranges to find the optimal neighboring node. Due to the mobility, the position of the nodes gets updated and finds the optimal neighbor node is found based on butterfly migration operator and butterfly adjusting operator. Finally, the route path from the source node to the destination is established using route request (REQ) and route reply (REP) distribution. The simulation results confirm that the Geographic Multiattribute Monarch Butterfly Optimized Traffic-Aware Routing (GMMBOTAR) technique effectively improves the packet delivery ratio, throughput and minimizes the collision rate, average end to end delay as well as normalized routing load than the state-of-the-art methods.

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Pronami Bora, Chayan Paul

In this paper, we are dealing with a planar structure-based metamaterial inspired microstrip patch antenna using complementary split ring resonator [CSRR]. This microstrip patch antenna works in C band which can be resonated at operating frequencies ranging from 4.8 GHz to 5.2 GHz, where it works in wireless local area network [WLAN] and IOT applications such as WIFI and WIMAX etc., In this antenna, the material used for the substrate is FR4 epoxy. This microstrip patch antenna is designed and analyzed then simulated using high frequency structure simulator [HFSS] software in the version 13.0

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Yushardi, B Supriadi, Z R Ridlo, S W K Putri

Condensers are an important component of Air Conditioning (AC) which functions as a heat exchanger. The heat produced by the condenser is relatively large, which ranges between -. The amount of heat produced by the condenser can affect human comfort. Therefore, it is necessary to conduct research related to Air Conditioning (AC) condenser, which aims to find out the amount of heat produced by condensers of various types. This research was conducted experimentally using a variety of condenser types. From the variation of the condenser type, it is seen how the temperature produced by each type of condenser for 240 minutes is used. The results showed that Type 1 condenser produced four temperature increase patterns and three temperature drop patterns. The specification value is greater when compared to type 2, the temperature produced by type 1 is smaller in the pattern formation. For type 2 condenser produces 3 temperature increase patterns and 3 temperature drop patterns, with a smaller specification value, the temperature generated by type 2 is greater in the pattern formation. It is also known that the type 1 condenser experiences a pattern of temperature rise in a faster period, that is, in the span of 20-30 minutes, when compared to the type 2 condenser which experiences a temperature increase pattern in the span of 50-70 minutes. The results showed that there were differences in temperature produced by each condenser.

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The moot of the study envisage assessment of Water, Air and soil quality around the sugar industry with the purpose to find whether the impact of pollution from the industrial discharge like Air, water and soil affected the surrounding area, environment - Flora, fauna, agricultural irrigation air, water and soil samples are analyzed and the result shows in the ground water EC-1663 to 277 µmho/cm, Total Hardness-613 to 810 mg/l, TDS-1050 to 1400 mg/l, BOD-35 to 55 mg/l, COD -140 to 260 mg/l, exceeds within WHO Norms, Nitrate exceeds -0.65 to 0.88 mg/l the BIS limits, Surface water EC-2010-2431 µmho/cm, Total hardness-180 to 190 mg/l, Total alkinity-90 to 100 mg/l, BOD-38 to 44 mg/l, COD-106 to 108 mg/l, exceeding the limits with WHO and BIS norms, TDS exceed the limits in Norms of CPCB surface water norms, Air quality NOx, SOx, PM1.0, PM2.5 within the standard of NAAQs, All the Soil samples EC-550 to 900 µmho/cm, Organic carbon-1.12 to 2.39 mg/l exceeds the limits.

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Faiza A Bawuro, Alina Shamsuddin, Eta Wahab and Hamza Usman

Although it is known that intrinsic motivation has a significant impact on individuals’ innovative work behaviour, there is still an unresolved gap in the literature in terms of examining the relationship between intrinsic motivations, innovative work behaviour and psychological mechanism such as meaningful work, especially in the education system. Thus, this study sought to explore the mediating effect of meaningful work in the relationship between intrinsic motivation and innovative work behaviour in public schools. The study adopted a quantitative approach, and a survey instrument was used to collect data. A sample of 309 participated in this study; and these included teachers in public schools in Northeast, Nigeria. PLS-SEM was performed to analyze the data, and the results confirmed that meaningful work mediated the relationship between intrinsic motivation and teachers’ innovative work behaviour. Since meaningful work was identified as a significant predictor, school administrators and educational reformers can develop jobs in which teachers can relate their purpose to their work. This will consequently promote intrinsic motivation and encourage teachers to engage in self-initiated innovative behaviour. It is recommended that future research may apply this model to different contexts and settings.

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Sinar Indra Kesuma, Iskandar Muda, Erlina, Tengku Erry Nuradi, Imam Faisal Pane

This research aims to know the effect of Natural Rubber Latex Export and Food and Animals Export on the Economic Increase. Types of research are causal research and secondary data collected from Government Statistics Agency of North Sumatera Province, Indonesia. The analysis using Smart PLS software. This research findings is the Food and Animals Export effect to the Economic Increase and show that Natural Rubber Latex Export does not influence the Economic Increase. The implications of this research have an impact on the policy of natural rubber development which is currently shrinking and it is expected that the development of new rubber industry so that the impact on Economic Increase is more real. This research originality is observed the downstream of natural rubber products whose results have scientific findings that have an impact on the economic increase.

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M. Lutfi Firdaus, Hadi Apriyoanda, Juwita Megarani, Thimarana N. Pratiwi, Hermansyah Amir, Agus Sundaryono

Here, we report the development of digital image-based colorimetry combined with a smartphone application to analyze nitrite ions in aqueous solution. Initially, nitrite was diazo-coupled with p‑aminobenzoic acid and phloroglucinol to produce a bright-yellow color. The change of yellow color is linearly proportional with nitrite concentration change. These color changes were then recorded using a smartphone camera as raw data to perform a digital image-based colorimetry. Furthermore, a smartphone application, namely ‘QAnalytics’ was built as a detector replacing any other analytical instruments to make the proposed method portable. By using the proposed method, we are able to achieve a detection limit of 3.2 ppb which is better than the permissible nitrite concentration in drinking water of 0.2 ppm that was set by World Health Organization (WHO). The method was tested to real samples that give satisfactory results on accuracy (2.5%) and precision (4.9%). From these results, the developed method proved to be sensitive, low-cost, simple, and portable for nitrite ions quantification and thus can be applied in remote areas with limited resources.

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Hadri Hasan

The purpose of this research was to describe the role of the Qur'an in creating a civil community in Seberang Kota Jambi. Crossways the town of Jambi is the facade of the actual Jambi Town, where native Jambi citizens living along through neither their traditions, nor home of the remains of the historical things that yet stand and awaken well from the check of the periods. This study uses a qualitative approach with the ethnographic model because in research it is typical of Seberang Kota Jambi areas. Data was obtained through observation and interviews involving leaders and community members in Seberang Kota Jambi areas. The results of the study indicate that the Qur'an has a very important role for people in the Seberang Kota Jambi area. Almost all aspects of life that the characterize civil society in the area across the city of Jambi are based on the Qur'an. Some aspects of life include education, community social customs, politics and democracy, economic systems, and health management. Based on the data, analysis and discussion, it can be concluded that the Qur'an plays an important role in shaping civil society in the area across the city of Jambi. Thus, at the end of this study, the authors recommend that the pattern of life can be maintained and developed more, one of which is through research activities.

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Ghanshyam Prasad Jhariya

Present research work, food security situation in Mandla-Dindori region is based on primary data which is collected through stratified random survey of 635 households. These collected data have been analysed with the help of Food Security Index (Z) method which is recommended daily per capita caloric intake of the respondent and logistic regression model has been used to identify the determinants of food security among sampled households. On the basis of this analysis, there has been found that, about one-half of the respondent families are not able to consumed sufficient amount of food as they required. The consumption of foodgrains of the respondent’s family was also varied by their socio-economic status. Therefore, there is need to pay attention to create equal opportunities in food security.

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Maliha Batool, Trilochan Kumar

For the development of any country whether developed or under developed there is need for its population to be productive. The productivity of population is itself a minor of how much knowledge, skills and healthy the population is! Health infrastructure is the foundation upon which guardianship of keeping the population healthy lies so that any hiccups in the health of populace may not be a hurdle in the development of any sector of a country. After the independence of India, several efforts have been taken by government of India to develop the health sector of the country so that the country with second utmost populace in the world could turn these denizen into a productive factor of production i.e. human capital by investing more and more in making arrangements of providing basic health facilities like hospitals, health centres, doctors, nurses etc.

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Amir Hasan, Gusnardi, Iskandar Muda

The purpose of this study was to obtain an overview of the analysis of the effect of education level, educational background, business size, length of business on the quality of SMEs financial reports and the prospect of implementing SMEs IFRSs in Rokan Hulu Regency, Indonesia. The population in this study were SMEs registered in Rohul in accordance with the data of Depkop Rohul in 2016 amounting to 815 SMEs consisting of 5 (five) business classifications. The taking technique uses purposive sampling, a technique that aims to capture as much information as possible from various sources. The data of this study were analyzed using multiple regression analysis methods with hypothesis testing and descriptive analysis. Based on the research that has been done, it can be taken some conclusions regarding the condition of SMEs, in Rokan Hulu Regency; 1) The owner's education level does not affect the quality of financial statements in SMEs in Rokan Hulu Regency, 2) The owner's educational background does not affect the quality of financial statements in SMEs in Rokan Hulu Regency, 3) Business measures affect the quality of financial statements on SMEs in Rokan Hulu Regency. The results of this study provide empirical evidence that larger size SMEs institution tend to record financial statements, 4) Duration of business influences the quality of financial statements in SMEs in Rokan Hulu Regency. The results of this study provide empirical evidence that SMEs institution that have been established for a long time tend to record financial statements, and 5) The prospect of implementing SMEs IFRS is still low, meaning that to implement financial reporting standards for SMEs players there are many obstacles, especially for micro SMEs and small, for them financial statements are not very important, the need for new financial statements is felt if they are going to apply for a loan, and even then they can ask for assistance from the lender to make the report as requested by the lender. The results of the research on the prospects and readiness of SMEs in adopting and implementing Financial Accounting Standards on Entity Without Public Accountability (SAK ETAP), are still very lacking, most SMEs do not yet know and and have never prepared financial reports, especially in accordance with previously established standards, namely SAK ETAP, as well as new standards that will be implemented starting in January 2018, for this reason to the related parties namely IAI and and the Office which is in charge of SMEs in order to find a way out for SMEs in preparing financial reports that are highly needed by SMEs so that the difficulties faced by SMEs can be overcome.

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P.Murugarajan, R.Aruldoss

In the recent era, the coloring of the graphs is arousing the attention of researchers. Among the mathematical models, coloring technique plays a vital role in a broad range of applications in real life problems and it solves several complexities of computer networks. In this paper, prime coloring and its chromatic number of unit distance and non crossing Graphs are depicted and its results are validated with few theorems Subject Classification Code: 05C12, 05C78, 05C15

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Iwan Nauli Daulay, Henni Noviasari

The measurement of physical work load on the based of calorie and mental work load on the based of Subjective Workload Assessment Technique (SWAT) held in Pekanbaru, Riau province. It aim to know degree of physical and mental workload towards Indonesian paramedics work and comparation work load of the both public hospital and private hospital especially in the Emergency Installation Unit. Requiring data especially for physical workload was obtained by using interview toward paramedics for information of the work activities, weight percentage of each activity during work hours, body weight of paramedics to determining physical work load base on table of kcal/hours/body weight standardization. Then requiring data for mental workload was obtained by using questionnaires based on SWAT. The results showing degree of physical work load towards paramedics in middle range (200 – 350 kcal/hour) it means the paramedics work in ergonomic condition for both hospital and have no significant different in both of the hospital. Then, the result of mental work load analysis for both hospitals roughly the same in middle range of scale and have no significant different, it means the paramedics work in ergonomic condition. Hence, its implication lead to designing ergonomic work load on prevent work overstress and under stress in productive environment.

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Cement Industry play very significant role in Indian economy. It facilitates the basic infrastructure facility for the development of the country. The companies selected for this study are taken on the basis of their current market share and according to the availability of data. The financial year of this study is from April to March. The data for the study is taken for five years i.e. 2013-14 to 2017-18. Ultratech Cements, Shree Cements, Ramco Cements, Dalmia Bharat and Birla Corporation are selected for this study. The study applied various ratio analysis for the understanding the financial performance of the selected companies. The study highlighted that current ratio, quick ratio and Net Profit ratio is good for Dalmia Bharat when compared to the other companies under study which stated that Dalmia Bharat earns more net profit than other companies and it is more efficient in converting its sales into actual profit. The study found that absolute liquid ratio is good for Birla Corporation when compared with other companies and Ramco Cements earned more gross profit than other companies and it can make reasonable profit on sales, as long as it keeps overhead costs in control. Shree Cements earns more operating profit than other companies and it shows that the company is more efficient in controlling the cost and expenses associated with the business operations, profit generated by the company with the money invested by the shareholders and had more investment made in the business for long term.

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Abdul Latif Wabula, Musyawir Musyawir, A Irmawati, Baiti Rebel, Deden Mauli Darajat, M Chairul Basrun Umanailo, Iskandar Hamid

Mengaji Maghrib movement is a form of Community social movement initiated by the Government of Buru regency together with the Ministry of Religious Affairs Buru Regency as an effort to use Maghrib time and avoid the community from impacts Due to technological developments and the movement as a medium for the achievement of prealism. This research is a qualitative study aimed to describe the implementation of the Mengaji Maghrib movement in the Namlea district of Buru District. The research site is focused on Namlea subdistrict with the consideration of density and heterogeneity of society. The number of informant will be interviewed as many as 25 people taken in purposive. The analytical techniques used to follow the concepts given by Miles and Huberman include data reduction, data presentation and withdrawal of conclusions. The results showed that the Maghrib movement received a positive response from the community where the initiation of the community was able to become an instrument of achievement harmonization of community life to keep each other and remind When using Maghrib. In addition, the mapping of sectoral community activities in the Maghrib movement gave birth to two components namely moral and ethics that functioned to grow and maintain the pruralism in Namlea subdistrict. Pruralism becomes an important basis for tolerant living in different peoples ' order of tribes, groups, religions and customs.

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Sjaid S Fais Assagaf, Sukainap Pulhehe, Ikbal Zakariah, Nurhaya Yusuf, M Faisal Sangaji, Esther Kembauw, M Chairul Basrun Umanailo

This article aims to dissect the thinking related to the development of the village where the design of the development is designed collectively but the implementation is very showing the operational differences. The shaft becomes a crucial object in the settlement of village development problems as we place the village as a center of development. Organizational effectiveness approach as a measuring instrument of the relationship of an organization with its environment includes utilizing human and natural resources for the development of rural communities. The proposed strategy is the mechanism of implementation of development and the establishment of a Village development acceleration team as a solution that can overcome the gap planning and implementation of Village development. Local governments should be able to ensure the implementation of the distribution of processed land to villages and then distributed with the capabilities of each village as well as preparing and implementing new policies and regulations on cooperation between Government, investors, and villages in natural resource management.

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La Jati Buton, Mirja Ohoibor, M Bula, Firman G Djunaidi, Nur Fadhilah Amir, Usman Umarella, La Husni Buton, M Chairul Basrun Umanailo, Husen Bahasoan, Kurniati Tuasalamony, A Yusdianti Tenriawali

Problems encountered in developing the cultivation of beans, the high use of inorganic fertilizer at the farmer level is not appropriate spacing one effort to increase bean production is to use the right spacing and use of liquid organic fertilizer. The purpose of this study was to analize the concentration of liquid Nasa organic fertilizer dosage and the appropriate spacing of plant spacing on the growth and production of beans (Phaseolus vulgaris L). The reseach was conducted Karang Jaya village, Namlea District, Buru Regency, the implementation of the study began from March to May 2019. This study used a Randomized Block Design (RBD) which was arranged in fact from two factors with three replications. The first factor of spacing (J) consists of three levels, namely 20 x 60 cm, 30 x 60 cm and 40 x 60 cm. The second factor is the consentration of liquid organic fertilizer (C) which consists of three levels, namely control( without treatment), 40 ml/liter of water and 50 ml/liter of water. Data of research factors were analyzed by statistical analysis. If there is a real difference the real or very fluid, then continued with the Honest Value Difference Test (BNJ)(0.05). The results showed that the concentration of liquid Nasa organic fertilizer with a dose of 40 ml/liter of water with a spacing of 40x60 cm gives an average value the highest average was observed by tall plants 172.13 cm, number of young pods was 31.69 fruits pod length of 12.50 cm and production of fresh adash were 5.53 kg.

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Dharmavaram Asha Devi, Satyavati Jaga

Network on Chip (NoC) is a trending technology with many advantages of reducing the latency and area. The proposed paper is analyzed the two popular scheduling algorithms, First In First Out (FIFO) and Round Robin for transmission of data packets within the network on chip. The proposed algorithms are developed in Verilog Hardware Description Language and analyzed in 28nm Technology. These scheduling algorithms are verified with NoC parameters: Latency, Throughput, Bandwidth, Bit rate and Baud rate. Here, five port routers have been considered for testing and verification of data packets. After the analysis of these two algorithms, round robin algorithm has given better results with less latency and high throughput. The proposed analysis is used in networking and on chip communication applications.

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Abdi Wael, Aria Bayu Setiaji, Rahmat Pannyiwi, Laeko Lapandewa, Siti Mutiara Ningsih Asshagab, Bachtiar Jouhari, M Chairul Basrun Umanailo

The Buru reading movement was the initiation of the dedication of Iqra Buru University which later became one of the government program of Buru Regency which has been run since year 2017. This Program is intended to improve and create the habit of reading people in Buru Regency. This research is a qualitative study aimed at describing the implementation of the Buru reading movement in Buru Regency. The research site is focused on Namlea subdistrict with the consideration of density and heterogeneity of society. The number of informant that will be interviewed as many as 40 people taken in purposive. The analytical techniques used follow the concept given Miles and Huberman. The results showed that the reading movement received positive response from the community as well as the village government where the active role was realized with the availability of village libraries, study rooms and learning houses. The availability of the car around the scope of the new service to Namlea village with the emphasis on open space and public spaces, while for other villages still the participation of village and community governments to Provides a reading and learning space. Nevertheless, the movement still leaves some constraints, such as the availability of a book type that is still public, not focused on the target group and there is no mentoring on the Reading House and learning House so that the utilization of facilities for the school age Society has not been fully productive.

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Taufeni Taufik

This study aims to find empirical evidence on the effect of the internal control systems implementation in realizing good governance and its impact on fraud prevention in Bengkalis District. This research was conducted in 34 Regional Apparatus Organization (RAO), with a total of 93 respondents. Data analysis technique used Partial Least Square (PLS) method with warpPLS 3.0 software. The results of the study concluded that there was an effect of the internal control system implementation and good governance on fraud prevention with P-value of 0.01 <0.05; The variable of good governance can mediate part of the relationship between the government's internal control system implementation and the fraud prevention with the results of the VAF calculation of 36%. This value ranges between 20% -36% -80%.

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Hanifah, Nur Aliyyah Irsal

The APOS model is a Mathematics Learning Model Based on Theory: Action, Process, Objects, Schemes with syntax consisting of phases: Orientation, Practicum, Small Group Discussion, Class Discussion, Exercise and Evaluation. The APOS model has been implemented in the Integral Calculus course by Class A 3rd Semester Students in the Mathematics Education Study Program FKIP UNIB 2018/2019 in the amount of 38 student. The APOS model is equipped with Integral Worksheet based on the APOS model consisting of 14 worksheets. Concept about improper integral was in 14th worksheet. Based on the poll results, the 14th worksheet was the most difficult worksheet so they are not tested on the Examination. Examination was held on December 6, 2018. After the final assessment is carried out, information was obtained that those who get the A- or A score were 15 people (39.47%). The purpose of this research was to find out whether students who get A- or A scores in the Integral Calculus course were able to solve the improperl integral test questions. The test was held on February 2, 2019, and was attended by 12 students. Previously students were not notified of a test. The instruments of this research was test sheets, Likert scale questionnaires, and open questionnaires. After the data was processed, information was obtained as follows: there were 41.67% of students who still remember very well and got score ≥80, and there were 16.67% of students who could remember well and got score >70. Based on the result, it concluded that students who study the lesson before going to college from various sources, then active in small group discussions and presentation in front of the class would took longer to remember the lesson than students who were waiting for a friend's explanation in front of the class. These results prove the truth of Edgar Dale's Cone of Experience. The establishment of mutual assistance between students proved the truth about Vygotsky's social constructivism.

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Marhadi, Kurniawaty Fitri, Arwinence Pramadewi, Ahmad Rifqi

This study aims to determine the effect of the application of e-commerce on MSMEs in Bengkalis Regency with the approach of technology acceptance model (TAM). In this study there are four variables, namely perceived usefulness (X1), perceived usefulness (X3), social influence and intention to use technology e-commerce (Y1). The population of this study is SMEs that have used e-commerce in marketing their products, with a sample of 120 respondents selected using a purposive sampling method with the criteria of using e-commerce in marketing their products. Data collection in this study is by giving questionnaires to respondents. While in terms of data analysis this study uses the Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) method with the help of AMOS version 22. The results of this study showed that: 1) perceived usefulness has a positive and significant influence on intention to use technology e-commerce, 2) perceived ease of use has a positive and significant influence on intention to use technology e-commerce, and 3) social influence has positive but not significant influence on the intention to use technology e-commerce. This research suggests that marketers who use e-commerce in marketing their products increase the use of attractive images and easily understood words related to product specifics. In addition, the next researcher should be able to expand the scope of research not only to culinary MSMEs.

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La Ode Hasiara, Sudarlan, Ahyar Muhammad Diah

The objectives of this research are: (1) to investigate and examine the factors influencing the sustainability of Unqualified Opinion (UQO). The sustainability depends on the quality of financial accounting management in the governmental organizations of East Kalimantan province.; (2) to reveal and analyze the level of UQO sustainability on the competencies of the human resources; officials’ attitude; information technology; monitoring; and evaluation of the UQO sustainability. The metho¬dological approach used in this research is quantitative-descriptive and qualitative, combining the analysis data with a statistical procedure in a form of numeric data in order to ease the data analysis, and then it is strengthened by qualitative research procedure. The findings, as seen by the deter¬mination test (R2) is as much as 59.90%, the rest 45.10% is influenced by other variables apart from this model. Furthermore, the results show, either simultaneously or partially, that the Com¬mitment of Regional Government Organizations (OPD), Competency of OPD Officials, Monitoring, and OPD Evaluation positively and significantly influence the UQO sustainability. Therefore, OPD becomes a responsibility for the government to maintain the sustainability of Unqualified Opinion (UQO).

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Antilin Princela.M, Isac Sobana Raj.C

Ionic liquids (ILs) have gained increasing attention in various fields in science and engineering due to their tunable characteristics. In the recent years, the multifaceted aspects of ionic liquids have been exploited in the field of biology and medicinal chemistry too. Insertion of a new cationic head and use of inorganic anions increased the biocompatibility of the ILs developed. Herein we have designed numerous dicationic ionic liquids such as imidazolium, benzimidazolium, pyridinium, viologen, 1,2-diethyl-1,4-diazoniabicyclo[2.2.2]octane bromides based dicationic ionic liquid (DILs) were successfully synthesized and characterized by IR, NMR and Mass spectral studies. The synthesized DILs were also tested against different bacterial strains (S.aureus, E.coli, bacillus .sp, Pseudomonas aeurignosa, Klebsiella pneumonie) and fungi (A.niger, candida albicans) suggesting that compound viologen based DIL showed excellent activity against all species. Furthermore, we have examined the antioxidant activity using phosphomolybdenum and nitric oxide assay. The antioxidant result reveals that, the synthesized DILs especially viologen and DABCO based ILs have a potential for scavenging the NO radicals. Hence it shows excellent antioxidant property than compared to ascorbic acid. In addition to that we determined the cytotoxicity of dicationic ILs using three cancer cell lines HeLa, MCF-7, HT-29 and Adriamycin was used as positive control. These reports emphasize viologen based DIL exhibit better activity against HeLa cancer cell line.

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Saiteja Myla, Surya Teja Marella, A Swarnendra Goud, Sk. Hasane Ahammad, GNS Kumar, Syed Inthiyaz

Student advising is an important task that every advisor must participate for his/her career. This paper defines the essentiality of the soft- ware, decision taking system for students to select their academic branch interests. By developing this software student interact with the system and specifies their interested jobs and based on their interests the system gives some suggestions from these suggestions the stu- dent should take decision in choosing their academic branch. A research is conducted by certain students in university, a set of question- naires are given to students which asks about their interests and career possibilities. Set of results were taken by considering these ques- tionnaires and compared with the results of computer system, a drastic change in the results was observed. The results obtained when students interacting with computer system are more efficient than the questionnaires given by the counselors. The computer system which is developed is more efficient when compared to manual counseling which takes more time to interact with students and analyze the results and say the correct career which a student must choose

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Handar Subhandi Bakhtiar, Andi Muhammad Sofyan, Muhadar, Slamet Sampurno Soewondo

The autopsy is a step to prove a murder crime. In Indonesian law, an autopsy is regulated in a criminal code that stipulates that in the event of an unnatural death an autopsy must be conducted to determine the cause of death and as an attempt to prove a criminal act. On the other way, Indonesian society as a religious and cultured society is very high on religious and cultural values, so that sometimes in the process of conducting an autopsy it gets rejection from the family with reasons such as religion, culture and beliefs.

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Kaushik C Shete, Dr. Amar Buchade

Time series is a sequence of observations of data points measured over a time interval. Time series segmentation organizes time series into partitions that are having similar characteristics. These segments can be used for analyzing a particular time sequence, dimensionality reduction, removing outliers and for similarity search. Time series reduction is a process of reducing data points from the original time series. Time series reduction will lead to the system to operate on a reduced number of data points. The problem with multiple time series is difficult to analyze. By segmenting this, one can easily analyze. The proposed TS (time series) segmentation method is based on a two-stage clustering approach, where the first stage is responsible for extracting correlated time series and the second stage is responsible for extracting time series based on their reduction or magnitude values. These segments are helpful in stock market analysis, for finding energy consumption patterns, extracting cyclic or trending TS patterns; also it is useful for finding similar time series.

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Titin Masfingatin, Swasti Maharani

Theorem is a statement whose truth value still has to be proven. Especially in proving the geometry theorem students must be able to reason or think logically deductively in order to prove / solve problems. One of the thinking skills that influences the process of proving the geometry theorem is Computational Thinking (CT). The purpose of this study is to describe CT students in the process of proving the geometry theorem. This type of research is descriptive research with a qualitative approach that is explorative in nature. The subjects of the study consisted of 2 prospective mathematics teacher students consisting of 1 male and 1 female who had the ability to prove geometry theorems. Data collection techniques use geometry theorem verification tests in writing and interviews. The results of the study are (1) male respondents proving the geometry theorem with the sequence of CT steps: decomposition, abstraction, generalization (with scaffolding), algorithmic and debugging, (2) female respondents doing CT sequences: decomposition, abstraction, debugging, generalization (through scaffolding), algorithmic (through scaffolding). The results of this study indicate that between men and women have differences in computational thinking in the process of proving the geometry theorem.

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Srimathi H, Krishnamoorthy A

The rapid growth of social computing (SC) is changing the way of knowledge exchange and communication in more connected form. The educational institutions are forced to support the digital learning styles of young generation students who seamlessly integrate social network in their daily life. The modern economy insists the need of virtual team and virtual projects s as the organizations look for better talents across boundaries. In this research, the students are assigned with short term project development where the team members are compulsorily distributed from different geographic location and are communicating each other through SC tools. The collaborative learning opportunity enhanced the students towards team work, better communication skills and also helps in mapping cognitive skills with foreign qualification. The study focus on how Web 2.0 social tools blended in project development for the distributed team.

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N. Kavitha Sri, Dr. R. Porkodi

Data mining (DM) is the exploration of useful and needed patterns from a huge database. Nowadays, several researchers showing their keen interest in analysis and experimentation on biological information which results in the generation of huge data. Complex biological data lead the data mining into the clinical context and diverse DM approaches made ease of interpretation as well as computational analysis. Some general examples of DM based biological data analysis such as gene classification, disease prediction, protein structure prediction, analysis of gene expression and mutation. Biclustering is one of the emerging techniques to analyze gene expression and their key feature is identifying the subset of the gene along with the functional interrelation of gene sets. Biclustering establishes the correlation among the subset of gene-based on the characteristic conditions of genes. Biological and Statistical measures are employed to evaluate the discovering significant bicluster and bicluster quality. The paper describes a brief survey of biclustering algorithms. The biclustering algorithms are divided into five approaches, namely Greedy Iterative Search, Divide and Conquer, Iterative Row and Column Clustering Combination, Exhaustive Bicluster Enumeration and Distribution Parameter Identification. The paper also describes the last decade's novel approaches. This paper also describes the number of papers that are indexed in bibliographic databases.

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G. Suganya, R. Porkodi

Extraction of information from the large repositories offers new research opportunities and challenges and the best-known tool, which is used to extract knowledge, is text mining. Text mining is an innovation that can be applied to different tasks in biology and to solve the medical problems, biomedical literature mining is used more and more. The main aim of text mining is used to identify biological entities such as protein and gene names in the biomedical texts and it reduces the effort to extract relationships between biological entities abstracts. The number of studies associated with genes have been conducted to identify the genes involved in proteins. However, this research area remains the lot of scope and open challenges for biomedical text mining researchers. This paper developed a framework to identify gene and its related proteins from PubMed abstracts for Breast cancer. The framework includes two phases such as identify and extract the gene and its protein relations and constructs gene network from the identified relations using cytoscape network visualizer. It identifies the significant number of gene-protein relationships related to breast cancer disease. The identified relations are verified and validated with the benchmarking database and the network analysis results revealed that PFKP, EGFR, BMP9, RhoA, TRIM33, CDK5 and STAT3 are top genes that were found and the relations for the PFKP and EGFR genes are high when compared to the other top genes. Overall, the proposed framework produces 75% accuracy results.

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Moses Oluwafemi Onibonoje

Wireless networks and their variant examples are becoming very critical to human technological developments. Meanwhile, the data and ranges of the wireless devices are limited. Academic and researchers have done a lot of works in finding solutions to overcoming the challenge. Adopting Multiple-Input Multiple-Output (MIMO) and its links is a good solution. This paper models and analyses few of the actions that can be performed on multiple antenna by using MIMO systems, which include space-time coding or diversity coding, spatial multiplexing, and multi-layer beam-forming. In the simulation aspect, Simulink in MATLAB is used to simulate one receive and two transmit antennas. Results for computing Bit error rate for BSK modulation using Alamouti space block time coding (SBTC) in a Rayleigh channel is shown and analysed. The constellation diagram for the various modulation techniques including BPSK, QAM 64 and QPSK 16 modulations is also reported and discussed. The result of the simulation shows that bit error rate is reduced with multiple antennas during transmission over the use of single antenna.

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B. P. Girme, S. P. Patil., P. D. Sathe

Design of Post-installed chemical anchors can be designed by referring European Guidelines. Evaluation of Service Report is done by ETA 16/0143. Design method is as per given in ETAG BOND (EOTA TR 029). Design and analysis of Chemical anchors are carried out by structural engineers. Newly developed Component Based Finite Element Analysis (CBFEM) method is used for determining the Anchor forces for Non Rigid Base plate. Rigid Base-plate assumption and non-rigid baseplate CBFEM methods are used for Anchor Calculation. Differences between results of these two methods are observed. Chemical Anchors are used for the study. Design is done on the Profis Engineering Software.

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Anna Riana Suryanti Tambunan, Veraci Silalahi, Widya Andayani, Rasmitadila, Fauziah Khairani Lubis

Error analysis in a language is a technique for identifying, classifying, and systematically interpreting errors in linguistic procedures. The problem that arises is that there are still many language errors made by the university students in writing the narrative texts and students’ interest in developing the creative writing. The purpose of this research is to describe the language errors and obtain the description of the forms of language errors found in the narrative text writing. Thus, the teachers can be aware of the challenges area for the students to encounter. This study used qualitative descriptive research. The data collection technique in this study is referring and noting. The data analysis technique used the equivalent method. The data of this research was the narrative text written by five high achiever students. The results obtained in this study showed the weakness of the students in mastering the grammar and the ability to use the punctuation and to crosscheck the spelling and conventions among the students on the first semester in writing the narrative text. Based on the results mentioned earlier, the researchers suggest that the students must study more to increase their knowledge in grammar, and also do exercise so the students can be better in writing the narrative texts.

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Reena Hooda

Developments in information technology greet the life with everything in hand, world within range of body area network and make the life fast, creative & efficient. Technology saves time & cost, connects the people, brings office at home. Automated tools for instance, robots work intelligently like a human being work in various circumstances, do home tasks, provide services in hospitals, work as a guide, help us & saves our life in hazards. We can pay bills online, feel forms online and do shopping online. However every good thing has a dark side also so the technology, specifically while using Internet that arise the question of privacy, security, threats, fears and still unanswered. All these are fall under the category of Cyber Crime specially target the women and children in age of 10 or above. Children generally abused online indulged through game playing, non-consensual pornography or blackmailing and many more. Wherever women attacked while looking for work opportunities, social-networking, hangouts, uploading personal images and get victimized easily in form of cyber stalking, harassments, frauds. Therefore, the present paper highlights the types of Cyber Crime, Cyber Attack, target victims, Indian laws and suggestions to handle such situation and conclusive the feasibility in Indian scenario.

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V.N.Rama Devi, A.Ankamma Rao, K.Chandan

This paper analyses an M/M/1 queueing model with working vacation, server failure and customer’s impatience. Arrival times are considered as Poisson and the service times of both normal and working vacation modes are assumed as exponentially distributed. The customer may balk upon his arrival in two cases of working vacation as well as normal condition and the balking times are assumed to follow exponential distribution. Instant repair facility is assumed for system breakdowns. R-K method is applied using Mat lab software to calculate system performance measures and also tested various parameters influence on these constants through numerical illustrations.

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Akshay V. Kolge

An approach towards an Improvement in performance of cook stoves has been a great challenge to scientists and researchers as biomass cook stoves are one of the basic needs of people living in rural areas. In order to achieve ideal cookstove with lower emission, affordable price and high efficiency as LPG, modification is needed in the traditional cookstoves to deal with health problem and incomplete combustion. This paper consists of Design, calculation and CFD (Computational fluid dynamics) analysis on Forced Draft Biomass Cook stove to determine the velocity at primary and secondary holes when there is a zone of porous wood in the combustion chamber. The combustion chamber is divided into 5 separate zones and each zone has different temperature. The 2D CFD simulation were performed at constant velocity of fan, velocity results at primary and secondary is calculated to know how the physical model will work under actual condition.

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Roshan S. Kodare, Dr. Kailasnath B. Sutar

Nowadays electricity is one of the most important basic needs for the human being. We have to shift from conventional to non-conventional energy resources, since conventional energy resources will deplete day by day. Among the renewable energy sources, the cheapest is the wind energy and available in large intensity. Electricity which is produced by wind turbine is having without damaging natural balance and can be available in affordable cost. Field testing of HAWT wind turbine is carried out in order to calculate the output power of wind turbine and it is compared with the theoretical power. This paper describes the Geometric modelling of Wind Turbine Blade using INDTH 4412 airfoil. Optimum angle of attack for INDTH 4412 airfoil was found to be 4�, and the Computational study for the Blade is carried out at 4� angle of attack. C-mesh domain is used to discretize the computational domain. Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) analysis is performed on the blade and study is carried to determine lift and drag coefficient, results of which help to improve performance of Wind turbine.

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Vinod Chandra, Shankar Lal

In the present paper, we have discussed the almost product structure on differentiable manifold with Nijenhuis tensor. In section 1, we emphasized the introductory part of the almost product differentiable manifold and their applications. Again in section 2, we study the Nijenhuis tensor with bilinear function N and, explain corollaries, remarks and proof some theorems. Further, in section 3, we define the modified Nijenhuis tensor and solve some theorems and corollaries. In the end, we discussed about the almost product manifold and the application of the Nijenhuis Tensor.

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Bobbi Rahman, Samsul Arifin, Indrabayu Muktyas

(ZmxZn,+) is a group under addition modulo m,n. Cyclic subgroup is a subgroup that generated by one of in a group. Python is a multipurpose programming language, easy to study, and can run on various operating system platforms. Python also can calculate the modulo operations on groups (ZmxZn,+). In this paper, we will determine all cyclic subgroup of group (ZmxZn,+) using Python

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Rachna Singh, Mahendra K Gupta

Natural water resources are at high risk of heavy metal contamination by the introduction of untreated industrial, domestic and sewage effluents, that leads to scarcity of pure water. Access to potable water is a fundamental right of mankind as well as all living beings. This has led a high pressure on finding out most effective, economic and environment friendly approaches for sustainable management of natural water resources. Heavy metals are one of the major inorganic pollutants, highly toxic, irretrievable and affect the microbial community in polluted areas. Bioremediation is the most effective sustainable approach for heavy metal remediation. Since, there is a great microbial diversity in the environment; the isolation of indigenous Cr(VI) resistant bacteria has become a proven strategy for in situ bioremediation purposes. The present research work emphasizes on assessment of Cr(VI) resistant bacterial diversity in samples from different industrial sites and sewage outlets, Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh, India. A total of 69 chromium resistant bacteria were isolated from 20 different soil, sewage and effluent samples. Out of 69 bacterial isolates, 40% has showed Maximum Tolerance Level up to 25mg/L, 29% up to 50mg/L, 21% up to 75mg/L and 10% up to 100mg/L of Cr(VI) concentration respectively. On the basis of morphological and biochemical characterization, Cr(VI) resistant bacterial isolates with Maximum Tolerance Level up to 100mg/L were assigned to five genera- Bacillus (64%), Enterococcus (12%), Micrococcus (12%), Brevibacterium (6%) and Corynebacterium (6%). During Cr(VI) reduction study, 47% bacterial isolates have showed above 98% reduction and 26% bacterial isolates showed above 50% reduction at 25mg/L Cr(VI) concentration at 37ºC, 120 rpm up to 48h of incubation period. So, the present study could be helpful in assessing microbial diversity of Cr(VI) resistant bacteria from Gwalior and efficient chromium reducing isolates could be explored and identified for further bioremediation study.

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Fitri Rusdianasari, Siti Komariyah, Moh. Adenan

Population becomes an important instrument as a driver of development. The existence of a large population will contribute to creating a greater output and will have an impact on development in the long run. This study aims to determine the contribution of Indonesia's demographic profiles in future development. The results of analysis show that fertility, population growth, dependency ratio and life expectancy have a significant influence on Indonesia's development through GDP per capita. Suggestions that can be made to optimize the role of demographics in future development can be through improving the quality of human resources and from the fiscal side can be more optimized the role of government expenditure in building infrastructure to encourage the improvement of the quality of human resources.

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Iqbal Thonse Hawaldar, Rajesha T M, Lolita Jane D Souza

This study examines the weak form of efficiency of the exchange rate of cryptocurrencies against US Dollar. The study is based on the exchange rate of Bitcoin and Litecoin against US Dollar from 2013 to 2017. The data is tested for heteroscedasticity, and the efficiency of these coin market is analysed using unit root and stationary tests such as Augmented Dickey-Fuller (ADF) test, Philips Perron (PP) test and Kwiatkowski–Phillips–Schmidt–Shin (KPSS) tests. The results of the study reveal that the Bitcoin and Litecoin exchange rate exhibit a random walk. Speculation helps for the rapid growth of these currency markets. It is advisable for the investors to invest for short term to get higher returns rather than for the long-term. Investment in cryptocurrencies involves market shocks due to its unpredictable nature.

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Nupur Somwanshi, Sushama S. Agrawal

Attendance is a crucial part of any institution and is difficult to obtain if there are a large number of data-se, Face Recognition based attendance are growing popular recently and there is lot of research going on in this field. This paper is a contribution towards improvising the system in place for face recognition. In this paper Face Alignment and Normalization is used to enhance the accuracy of LBPH algorithm. The algorithm proposed here uses pre-processing stages which makes it impervious to change in lighting conditions and head poses. Once the training of dataset it completed, the prediction of face recognition module is obtained within 2-3 seconds thus turning out to be a time efficient system. Some other features of the system propose dare user friendly and easy to interface with other platforms because of the GUI presented.

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Fouad Yakoubi, Noussaima EL Khattabi, Mohamed El Marraki

The number of spanning trees is a relevant parameter related to dynamic, structural and topological properties of networks, namely its reliability. Kirchhoff investigated the first algebraic method (the matrix tree theorem) computing this number. However, this method practically is inefficient for large networks. In this paper, we give explicit formulas counting spanning trees in some multiple graphs, using a combinatorial method based on the separation, deletion and contraction approaches.

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Vivek V. Ratnaparkhi, Anil S. Hiwale

Design of 200W Ku band GaN HEMT power amplifier is presented. A balanced configuration using 20 mm bare die packaged GaN HEMT device is discussed. Branch line coupler is used to parallel cascade two single stage power amplifiers. Inductor based equivalent bondwire array model is used for this design. Simulated performance of power amplifier (PA) shows 200W output power with drain efficiency of 68% and power added efficiency (PAE) of 53% at design frequency of 11.10 GHz. Less than 0.5 dB variation in large signal gain is observed between 11.07-11.20 GHz band of frequency. Proposed GaN HEMT power amplifier can be used to replace conventional travelling wave tube amplifiers (TWTAs) used in Ku-band satellite communication.

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Roslee Uyob, Ram Al Jaffri Saad, Aidi Ahmi

eXtensible business reporting language (XBRL) is an electronic tool with the acceptable global standard for the electronic financial data to communicate and to be compiled, analyzed and shared among the stakeholders. The implementation of XBRL brings some benefits and impacts to all of the users of financial reports. This study aims to identify the research trends on the impact of XBRL and issues related to it. Forty-six articles related to the impact of XBRL was extracted from the Scopus database and Google Scholar. The result from the study found that a study regarding the XBRL impact has shown slightly increase until 2014 but has not grown much since then. There are a few perspectives that have been discovered to investigates on how XBRL affected certain users of the financial reports. This study will give a general picture of the current research on the impact of XBRL, the trend, and future direction of the research related to the XBRL.

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Shanky Goyal, Dr. Shashi Bhushan

Workflow is the major feature of cloud computing nowadays. Cloud computing is one of the firmest raising expertise in the world. Numerous operations in the cloud are established on workflow implementation. Scheduling in common is NP-hard problem. To resolve this type of problems comprehensive approaches cannot be used. Only non-exhaustive methods can be used in order to get suitable results. Cloud computing is a paradigm that is surrounded by multiple resources, which helps in resource utilization. Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Software as a Service (Saas) are named as services of cloud computing. In the IaaS models, users can rent infrastructure of the data center as a service. Some of the examples of IAAS are Google Compute Engine (GCE) and Amazon Web Service (AWS). In the PaaS models, users can take services like operating system and database. Some of the examples of PAAS are Microsoft Azure and Google App Engine. In the SaaS models, users can access and install application software and databases via Internet. Examples of SAAS are Citrix GoToMeeting and Google Docs. In this paper author has used a metaheuristic methods called bat algorithm and Cat swarm algorithm. Bat algorithm is exactly intended for enhancing hard problems. The objective of optimization for energy consumption on cloud has also been discussed in the paper. Along with the optimization techniques, the detailed literature reviews have been presented. The performance of the proposed work will be analyzed by using the various performance parameters such as response time, energy efficiency and execution time. In this paper algorithms named as CSO and BAT are discussed. To achieve the results, CloudSim simulators and standard programming languages have been used. Different graphs of both the methods have been implemented for the simplification. Results are mentioned via using parameters such as response time, execution time, energy consumption etc.

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Parul Saxena, R.S. Jadon

Wild fires are actual risk to individual life, eco-friendly system as well as in infrastructure. There are many economical fire recognition sensor tools available, although all are different in their response time delay, require higher maintenance, high expenditure and additional problems to be applied in large open areas such as forests. In this paper, we propose forest fire detection along with the following phases. Initially, convert the video into frames. Secondly, these segmented moving regions (RGB) were converted into YCbCr color space and then seven fire finding rules were applied to separate candidate fire pixels. At last, temporal variation (motion detection) is used to distinguish among fire and fire like color objects. Nine internet video data sets are used in proposed method. Final result shows that up to 99 percent of true detection rates are achieved by the proposed method. Our result shows that the designed approach is more precise and also use in automated ‘forest-fire-alarm’ systems.

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Rahcmad Budi Suharto, Juliansyah Roy, Dio Caisar Darma

Berau Regency has many tourism objects that have potential and attractiveness that still have not been managed optimally but have market prospects on a national and international scale. Therefore, this region is actively developing the potential of its region for tourist destinations in order to attract visiting tourists. The purpose of this study was to determine the potential degree and strategy of tourism development in Berau Regency. The type of research used is based on qualitative descriptive. Data collection was carried out with literature studies and field observations during June 2019. Data collected was based on 125 tourists as respondents, processed using the Strengths Matrix analysis technique; Weaknesses; Opportunities; and Threats (SWOT). The conclusions obtained from this study get a portrait of the attraction of attractions in Berau Regency in a position of steady growth. There is a strategy for developing tourism objects in Berau Regency contained in a module on basic strategies for marine development: (1) Maritime tourism infrastructure; (2) Maritime tourism facilities; (3) Quality of natural resources, as well as human resources for the development of marine tourism; and (4) Regulations that are more targeted.

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Agustiningsh, Nuriman, K. Mahmudi, F. T. P. Lestari, A. A. Wardoyo

This study aims to develop a teaching material in the form of a STEM-based Textbook based on theme 2 Subtheme 1 sources of energy grade IV elementary school. This type of research is development research using the R&D model of Borg and Gall which consists of 10 stages. The quality aspects of textbooks based on the STEM approach studied were validity, practicality, and effectiveness. Data collection methods in this study used observation, questionnaires, tests, and validation. Based on the results of data analysis, it is obtained that the textbook based on the STEM approach is declared valid with a validation percentage of the validator that is 85%. Textbooks were also declared practical based on the results of the questionnaire data analysis which showed student response rates of 87.5%, 88.4%, and 88.97%. The effectiveness of textbooks is known from the percentage of student learning outcomes of, 87%, 85%, and 86,%. Based on the results of the analysis of the data it can be concluded that the textbooks have fulfilled all three aspects of the quality of textbooks based on the STEM approach and can become a learning medium in schools.

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Parag S. Khanzode, Mahesh V. Kulkarni

The diesel generator sets are widely used in public areas and corporate buildings as electric source or backup. Hence it is necessary to reduce the noise produced by diesel engines of generator. Noise of diesel engine can be reduced by using muffler. Design and optimization of muffler is done by providing perforations. Perforation design is optimized for maximum transmission loss by varying three factors, i.e. perforation diameter, porosity and length over which perforations are applied. For optimization, Taguchi method is used. Acoustic performance of muffler is estimated by commercial FEA software.

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Siswati Andaswari, Djoko Setyadi, Ardi Paminto, Felisitas Defung

This study aims to prove and analyze the effect of investment opportunity set, debt policy, profitability, devidend policy, and ownership structure, with company size as a moderating variable, on firm value in construction companies listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) from 2011 to 2017. The population is 30 construction companies listed on the IDX in 2017, while 14 companies meet the requirements to be used as research samples. This is an explanatory research, which explains the causal relationship between independent variables and dependent variable strengthened by moderating variables, through hypotheses testing. The data analysis technique used in this study is WarpPLS. The results of this study showed that investment opportunity set has a positive significant effect on firm value, while dividend policy and company size has a negative significant effect on firm value. Whereas debt policy, profitability, and ownership structure have no significant effect on firm value. The smaller the score value of the company size, the greater the firm value. The company size is an absolute moderating variable.

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Siti Maria, Dio Caisar Darma, Siti Amalia, Yundi Permadi Hakim, Tommy Pusriadi

The study aimed to analyze the influence of economic, social, cultural, technological, and environmental dimensions on the readiness of PT. Jatim Watkoraya (Samarinda Branch) in the face of Industry 4.0. Based on the formulation, objectives, relationships between variables, to the hypothesis proposed, the data is processed using the Partial Lest Square (PLS) model and the SmartPLS 3.0 program. Based on the type of research that is descriptive and verification, the research method used is explanatory survey at PT. Jatim Watkoraya (Samarinda Branch) as many as 36 respondent. The results of the study state that Economic Dimension and Environmental Dimension have a positive and significant effect on Readiness to Face Industry 4.0. Cultural Dimensions and Technology Dimensions have a positive but not significant effect on Readiness to Face Industry Industry 4.0. The Social Dimension has a negative and not significant effect on Readiness to Face Industry 4.0. The industrial revolution cannot only be faced with technological development, without involving economic, social, cultural and environmental dynamics in it.

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R. Vasumathi, Dr. S. Murugan

High utility item set mining is an important topic in recent research of data mining. Frequent pattern mining is determined using average-utility mining with the utilities and profit. There have been lots of researches conducted on High Average-Utility Item set Mining. But most of the researches the data are stored in a centralized database. So in this work we propose a method High utility Item set Mining for Big data. The major issues in analyzing large data are execution time and memory space. So, we try to implement a new algorithm Efficient High Average-Utility Pattern Mining for Big Data (EHAUPMBD) using Hadoop platform to minimize the execution time and memory space. We have conducted experiments on real-time server datasets (RSD) and compare various parameters with existing algorithms.

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Hardeep Singh Saini, Naveen Kumar, Maninder Singh

In this article a wideband planar inverted F antenna (PIFA) is presented covering 4G LTE (Long Term Evolution) and WLAN (Wireless LAN) bands. RT Duroid 5880 is used as a dielectric substrate with overall dimensions as 44 mm x 20 mm making it suitable for most of the wireless devices. Proposed antenna has wide bandwidth of more than 600 MHz covering 4G LTE from 2.3 to 2.7 GHz and Wireless LAN (2.41 GHz -2.485 GHz) standards. Bandwidth and gain is enhanced significantly by using metamaterial Superstate. It is observed that there is a good match between simulated and measured results.

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Rien Agustin F, Dewi Susilowati

Various literature research in the world shows that blockchain technology can be used as an alternative to support the good corporate governance mechanism. Based on this argument, this study was conducted to analyze and evaluate the application of blockchain technology in public procurement. Research Methods: The research method used is a qualitative-descriptive research method with a literature study approach. The Accounting Theory is used as analytical tool, to predict the possibility of using blockchain technology. Results: Result finds that blockchain technology can be used as an alternative tool for supporting good corporate governance mechanism. Blockchain features that do not allow any third party intervention can reduce agency conflict which always arises from the information asymmetry between the principal and the agent, thereby reducing the disparity of power between the government and the citizen, as the source of the agency problem. Future research may use other research methods, such as mixed methods, to get clarity on the root of the problem for combating corruption.

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Muhammad Sumsanto, Uun Yanuhar, Asus Maizar Suryanto H.

Some parasites that attached to the koi fish’s body can be treated by administering chemicals. The treatment with organophosphate group has been done by some of ornamental fish farmers. In this study, the effect of deltamethrin administration on koi fish (Cyprinus carpio) infected by Myxobolus sp is presented. The treatments were divided into 5 groups with 3 replications and the administration of deltamethrin was mixed into feed. The dose of deltamethrin in this study was 0.5 µl g-1, 1 µl g-1, and 1.5 µl g-1. Deltamethrin administration had a significant effect (p <0.05) on hematologic levels, including hematocrit and hemoglobin, as well as CD8. Furthermore, this study showed that the expression of CD8 significanly decreased after deltametrin administration.

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N. Komal Kumar, Dr. R. Bhavani, Dr. A. Mohan, D. Vigneswari

India has a huge population of around 1.35 billion people. 80% of India lacks in health infrastructure, medical manpower and other health resources. Approximately 40% of the Population suffers from lifestyle-related diseases (Non Communicable disease NCD) like Hypertension, Diabetes, Obesity, Low nutrition, cardiovascular diseases, and Chronic Respiratory problems. The aim of our work is to provide effortless scalable preventive care solution by keeping tracking of few vitals medical parameters like Blood Pressure (BP), BMC, Body Mass Index (BMI), Electrocardiogram (EKG), Pulse and Weight. FDA compliant test measurements with high test accuracy and sensitivity to measure your vitals in the quickest and most efficient way. A network of easy screening healthcare kiosks all around the Country, log in from anywhere, any-time, and keep control of your health. No more paper records all over the country. Your personal health records and data all in one place.

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