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Volume 8 - Issue 10, October 2019 Edition

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A.Navitha Sulthana, Dr.S.Vasantha

Introduction of Web 2.0 technology shifted from conventional Word of mouth to electronic/online word of mouth eWOM. The growth of social media and social media usage connect online user to create and share the user generated content. eWOM convey the content created by user in organic form. The increasing popularity of various social network sites connect online user to share electronic word of mouth globally. The advancement of eWOM information plays a vital role in consumer buying decision or purchase intention. Online user likes to create and share information about the product to help another user. Social media users seek information about product/ services before making purchase decision. Internet user trust other user reviews, recommendation before making buying decision. Sharing information via Electronic word of mouth (eWOM) in social media has positive influence on Purchase Intention. Brand awareness and trust are connected with Purchase Intention. In this paper various existing literature review are studied to frame a proposed conceptual framework.

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Makhmudova N.

The article considers raw materials for producing a gypsum binder, developing a technology for producing a binder, studying the effect of additives on the properties of gypsum, introducing surface-active additives, studying hydration processes, studying dispersed structures and determining the specific surface of a gypsum binder.

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Handar Subhandi Bakhtiar, Andi Muhammad Sofyan, Muhadar, Slamet Sampurno Soewondo

The essence of an autopsy in the criminal investigation process is an attempt to uncover a truth related to what happened and ascertain the cause of death of the body or victim, so that in the investigation process can be known and confirmed the crime that caused the death of the victim so that the investigator can use the results of the autopsy examination as evidence, whether it is a crime or not a crime. The results of the forensic examination are objective and scientific material evidence and is one of the evidences that is difficult for the defendant to refute later in court.

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Handar Subhandi Bakhtiar

Autopsy is one part in the process of proving criminal acts in Indonesia. the results of the autopsy became scientific evidence that was difficult for the criminal to disprove. The implementation of the autopsy provides benefits that are benefits to physicians and health care organizations, benefits to the family of the deceased, benefits to public health, benefits to medical education, benefits to medical discovery and applied clinical research and benefits to basic biomedical research. The professionalism of police investigators in conducting autopsies is needed at the verification stage at the investigation level in order to reveal the truth in a criminal act of murder.

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S. Krishna Srivatsava, Devavarapu Sreenivasarao, Shaik Khasim Saheb

In the past two decades, with an exponential growth in data storage and huge data accumulated, an intelligent analysis of data is very important of the current scenario. K-NN Algorithm and Instance based learning is greatly helps in classification of data on grounds of similarity. The classification technique in K-Nearest Neighbor is evolved on the necessity to distinct analysis when authentic variable are not known and difficult to find out. The data is classified into two categories. That is, Trained Data Set and Test Data Set and the KNN algorithm is implemented by finding k-Nearest Neighbor between trained and test dataset by similarity distance measure.

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Heriberto Gonzalez Valencia, Astrid Ramirez Valencia, Jakeline Amparo Villota Enriquezia

This research was done to analyze the impact of technology in learning, and the motivation of the teachers in the learning process of English as a foreign language. It analyzes the pedagogical intervention in 10 elementary school teachers who wanted to improve their competence in the English language, and to achieve that, the researchers organized a variety of sessions in which participants had the possibility to take part in different activities integrating technology. Data was collected through surveys, follow ups, and tests. As a result, it was possible to increase the motivation of the interest of the participants to learn the language, and it should also be noted that the speaking competence of the participating teachers improved highly.

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Manav Aggarwal, Dr. Babli Dhiman

There has been a significant increase in the acceptance of International Financial Reporting around the world. The purpose of this paper is to highlight the factors that are likely to influence the environment in which accounting operates through a case study of India and selected G8 countries (USA, UK, Japan and Germany), and provide an understanding of the prospects for the implementation of International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRSs). The trade and financial markets are expanding at a swift pace internationally. Due to increasing product/service exchange globally, and growth of multinational companies there emerged a need for reducing the differences in accounting across the globe. The International Accounting Standard Board (IASB) and some other major boards have made an effort to bring in common financial reporting standards accepted by many countries. Previous studies mention the international financial reporting convergences, but the studies did not indicate the underlying reasons behind such methods. The principal objectives of the study are (1) To assess the factors that create a demand for adopting the IFRSs and in India and the four G8 countries (USA, UK, Japan and Germany) (2) To explore and analyse the gaps in the existing financial reporting practices and regulatory framework that lead to financial transgression. Previous studies mention the international financial reporting convergences, but the studies did not indicate the underlying reasons behind such methods. The study gives an understanding about the scenario of convergence of IFRSs with respect to G8 countries and India.

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Wilson Nwankwo, Kingsley Chiwuike Ukaoha

This paper is an attempt to analyze Nigeriaís principal cybercrime legislation from social, technical and legal perspectives in a bid to highlight some perceived gaps, which may hamper the expected goals of the law. An exploratory narrative-textual case study approach is adopted in this paper and emphasis is made on some grey areas identified in the law. The points discussed include the concept of critical national infrastructure vis-ŗ-vis critical infrastructure, and the responsibilities of some vital agencies and ministries. A careful review of the legislation in comparison with international best practices showed some inadequacies owing to supposedly undefined scope of application. Consequent upon the foregoing, this paper concludes that while the principal legislation on cybercrime is praiseworthy, there is need to amend the extant law to provide for a more robust legislation that is both reactionary and effectively proactive in promoting other spheres of cybersecurity.

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Ken Melati Mundingsari, Raden Andi Sularso, Arnis Budi Susanto

This study aims to determine the effect of training and competence on the performance of laboratory assistant (PLP) in Jember University through job satisfaction as an intervening variable. This research is an explanatory quantitative study with a total sample of 57 people and the method of data analysis using PLS (Partial Least Square). The results of the study are that training has a negative and not significant effect on the performance of laboratory assistant, competence has a positive and significant effect on the performance of laboratory assistant, training has a positive and not significant effect on job satisfaction of laboratory assistant, competence has a positive and significant effect on job satisfaction of laboratory assistant and job satisfaction has a positive and not significant effect on the performance of laboratory assistant.

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Sutarto, Dafik, Intan Dwi Hastuti, Surahmat

This study was aimed at finding out the effectiveness of Problem-Based Learning (PBL) model to improve studentsí ability in solving paving block problems. This study applied the combination between the quantitative and qualitative method (mixed methods) in the data collection and analysis. The quantitative method was used to analyze studentsí conjecturing ability, while the qualitative method was functioned to explore the data of the observation and interview. The subject of the quasi-experiment was junior secondary high school students. Thus, the data were analyzed using the inferential statistical analysis. The result of t-test showed the sig (2-tailed) test of the pre-test was 0.832 (p> 0.05). It indicated that it was not significant. It means there are two homogeneous classes in terms of students' conjecturing ability. In addition, the analysis of the independent sample t-test in the post-test, the sig. (2-tailed) was 0.00 (p = <0.05). It was significant. It indicated that the studentsí achievement of two classes were different after giving treatments using the PBL model. The result of analysis showed that studentsí conjecturing ability from the experimental class was better than the control class. In other words, the application of the PBL model was effective in enhancing students' conjecturing abilities in solving paving block problems.

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Sajeeda Niketh, Shivakumar SL, Rajeev R Kolgi, Chardrakant S. Karigar

The aim of the study was primarily focused on the evaluation of anticancer activity of the solvent extracts of bark, flower and leaves of Simarouba glauca and comparison of cytotoxicity. The bark, flower and leaves were subjected to solvent extraction of phytochemicals using Soxhlet apparatus, with four solvents viz methanol, chloroform, ethanol and water. The solvent extracts obtained from the extraction process were examined for anticancer property on HCT116 cell lines by MTT assay with camptothecin as a standard. The results substantiated the previous findings from other researchers that the leaves of the plant possess anticancer property. An inverse relationship between the cell viability and the concentration of the sample extract was observed. The ethanol extracts of the plant parts exhibited highest cell viability with 35.8% at 50μg/ml concentration. The methanol extract of flowers manifested the maximum cell viability of 66.8% at 50 μg/ml concentration compared to bark and leaves. The chloroform extracts showed less than 50% cell growth at the lowest dose of the sample. The cell viability after the treatment with water extracts was below 60% at a concentration 50 μg/ml. The bark extract showed highest cell inhibition compared to flower and leaves irrespective of the solvent. The treatment of HCT116 cells with bark extracts from ethanol, methanol and water at 450 μg/ml demonstrated complete cell death. The results conclude that the extracts of bark, flower and leaves possess anticancer activity. The bark emerged as a better source of anticancer substance than leaves and flowers. The investigation envisaged new avenue for the use of bioactive compounds from bark in the treatment of cancer.

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C.Devanathan, E.Shankar, A.Sivanand, A.Edwin Paul

Joining of dissimilar materials by any welding process is challenging at all times for the reason of huge differences in metallurgical and mechanical properties. In this given research work, AA6063 and AA 7075 were selected to prepare the butt joint by Friction Stir Welding. Non Consumable square shaped pin profile was used as the tool to prepare the joints. For conducting the experiments, spindle speed, welding speed were taken as process parameters and varied in three various levels. Totally nine experiments were conducted to examine the tensile strength, hardness and microstructure. Experimental results revealed that increasing the spindle speed and decreasing welding speed leads to increase in tensile strength due to better heat input and stir action. Analysis of hardness revealed that hardness value at the weld zone was higher than the hardness of both the base materials. Microstructural examination registered the distorted pattern with grain refinement which was also a reason for improvement of mechanical properties.

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Nandhini .K, Porkodi .R

Hyperspectral remote sensing images are showing rapid improvements in many domain such as weather, land cover classification, underwater species identification, exploring the space etc. Over the past decades pixel-wise classification have been focussed by the research community by improving accuracy, but still the problems persists due to low spatial resolution and multiple scattering effects of light generates the mixed substances in a pixel. In recent decade, the sub-pixel-wise and object based methods are focussed in a hyperspectral image classification. This paper concentrates on the experimentation of hyperspectral sub-pixel wise classification. There are two different types of spectral unmixing techniques are based on linear and nonlinear unmixing approaches. In linear unmixing techniques assumes that in macroscopic pixel level, pure substances may present per pixel, but in reality the intimate mixtures present in microscopic level due to the scattering effects of light. Basically there are two step involved in the nonlinear unmixing: endmembers extraction and abundances fractions present per pixel. This paper proposed the novel iterative simplex volume analysis Convolutional Neural Network (IS_CNN) method to extract the end members. And further, this research work employed fully constrained least square (FCLS) method to extract the endmembers of the hyperspectral data. The overall performance of the proposed method is measured with Root mean squared error (RMSE), the IS_CNN RMSE Average value for all extracted end members is 0.08 which shows the significant performance when compared with the FCLS method.

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Shikha, Sonal Beniwal

Now a days, problems becoming more and more complex and demand of better and fast solution in lesser time we need a fast algorithm to processes the data intensive and do computations on large data set. One of the approach for such a technique is making the small bundles of given data, and then processing the data of small bundles using parallel processing, as a result we reduce the time of execution for processing the information.

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Jeyalakshmi Suresh Kumar, Natesan Manoharan, Rajangam Udayakumar

Different environmental factors influenced the growth, heterocyst frequency and Nitrogen fixation of cyanobacteria, among this water is a one of the important factor for determining the cyanobacterial distribution. Different cyanobacteria strains have different efficiency to adapt to the quality of water. Therefore, the present study was carried out to isolate cyanobacterial strains from the selected ground water samples with high TDS and to estimate chlorophyll a, ammonia excretion and nitrogen content of selective cyanobacteria. According to this study the chlorophyll a content was measured as high as in pudur water sample when compared to other samples and least was noted in Ponnagaram sample. The Phycobilin content- Phycocyanin and Phycoerythrin was greater in Thiruppalai sample compared to that of other samples. The ammonia excreted content and the nitrogen content in the Cyanobacteria culture filtrate showed the maximum content in Ponnagaram and Anna Nagar water sample. Thus the study indicated that these water samples with high TDS promoted the cyanobacteria which can be cultured massively and applied as a bio fertilizer in agriculture practices.

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Wilson Nwankwo, Akinola S. Olayinka

Analysis of images acquired from X-ray cargo scanning sites at the ports of discharge of consignments is central to modern risk management operations on imports. Often times the images (in their raw format) must be relayed to remote locations for analysis and risk profiling and this may constitute a heinous task owing to the unique format and signature of such multimedia documents as well as type of storage media attached directly to the high capacity X-ray cargo scanners. This paper is aimed at showcasing the design and implementation of a cost-effective solution for managing the secure transmission and processing of acquired cargo images across different locations. In this paper, the details of implementation of the prototype using open source tools are presented. The socio-technical approach is adopted while the implementation strategy follows a hybrid approach involving both structured and object-oriented methods. The application is programmed using PHP, Ajax and MySQL. The application enables a risk management and cargo scanning organization to relay large volumes of scanned cargo images in highly compressed secure formats in such a way that consistency and integrity are ensured as the files are relayed to remote sites for further image analysis, as well as their storage in relational databases such as MySQL. Access, processing, and share over the network with other stakeholders involved in the international trade facilitation cycle is ensured through encryption and digital signing.

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Ernani Hadiyati, Kukuh Lukiyanto

The marketing activities uses entrepreneurial marketing concept in the last decade. Many previous findings showed that entrepreneurial marketing dimensions can improve the company's business performance. This study aims to examine the entrepreneurial marketing dimension for micro and small businesses in Indonesia. The samples are medium or large companies with different characteristics from micro and small business in Indonesia. The primary data was collected from questionnaires circulated to Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise (MSMEs) actors. It was analyzed by qualitative research methods with exploratory research type. Research results show that entrepreneurial marketing dimensions of philosophy marketing, marketing strategy, methods and marketing intelligence are related to business performance. The entrepreneurial marketing dimensions can enhance micro and small businesses. This study results can be used by government or other parties in micro and small business empowerment programs, specifically in field of marketing to use entrepreneurial marketing support.

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Sara E Gomaa, Maizatulakmal Yahayu, Muktiningsih Nurjayadi, Daniel Joe Dailin, Hesham El Enshasy

Catharanthus roseus L. (Apocynacea) which is also known as Madagascar periwinkle and Vinca rosea is historically been used for the treatment of various diseases. The assessment of this plant extracts to be used as prophylactic agent against certain human pathogens has been thoroughly investigated by previous researchers. It is an important plant for novel pharmaceuticals since most of the pathogens are developing resistance against currently available antimicrobial drugs. Thus, this review is summarizing the active compounds which are responsible for bioactivity of the plant and provides insight into genetic regulation of alkaloids containing in the extracts to serve as antimicrobial agents. Further research on Catharanthus roseus is highly recommended to explore its full potential as phytomedicine specifically to be developed as antimicrobial drug.

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Mumtaz Naeem, Asma Bibi

The present study is designed to establish relationship between learning Opportunities and job requirement in technical institutes of TEVTA in Pakistan. Data were taken from 273 students and 22 instructorsí through random sampling technique. Two self-developed questionnaires were used for data collection that were of students and instructors. The results showed that students and instructors were satisfied with learning opportunities. The findings of the study showed that the skills taught in the technical education programs were more practical oriented and thus enhanced job opportunities for employment. Moreover, some programs needed the revision of courses by job market. There is a requirement of safety instructions/ to be included courses in the syllabus of technical institutes to develop safety habits in students. Industrial visits must be attached to such courses so to get the up to date knowledge and equipment utilization to enhance their skills. Refresher courses must be designed for trainers/instructors for their continuing education and professional development to get the best output.

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Rohit Gupta, Amit Pal Singh, Dinesh Verma

Generally, the general heat flow equations describing the flow of heat through a Plane wall, and through a finite fin insulated at the tip are analyzed by calculus method. Laplace transformation has been applied to analyze boundary value problems arising in the areas of engineering, science and technology. The flow of heat through a Plane wall with equally scattered heat sources between its faces, and through a finite fin with one end attached to a thermal source maintained at fixed temperature and other end (i.e. tip) insulated can be obtained easily by analyzing the general heat flow equations via the Laplace transform method and it will come out to be very effective mathematical tool applied to analyze the general heat flow equations. This paper presents the application of Laplace transformation to the general heat flow equations for obtaining the flow of heat through a Plane wall with equally scattered heat sources between its faces, and through a finite fin with one end attached to a thermal source maintained at fixed temperature and other end (i.e. tip) insulated.

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Siti Norasyikin Abdul Hamid; Muhammad Naeem Shahid; Waseem-Ul-Hameed; Muhammad Amin; Shahid Mehmood

The aim of this study was to develop and test a framework which examined the consequences of job stress and its, impact on (job satisfaction and turnover intention) of charge nurses from public and private hospitals of Bahawalpur, Punjab of Pakistan. The study was quantitative in nature and conducted among 150 nurses selected by using convenience sampling technique. Further, Data was collected through a self-administered questionnaire. Data analysis was done by using SPSS 17 and applied regression analysis for obtaining results. The results of the study demonstrate a significant positive correlation between role ambiguity and job stress. Further, similar correlation results have found between, work family conflict, job satisfaction and turnover intention. However, there is a negative correlation with supervisor support, job stress, job satisfaction and turnover intention with each other. As future recommendations this research suggests research population can be extended to the, other provinces and other sectors of research.

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Bharati Mishra, Debasish Jena

Personal Records such as Identity proofs, birth certificates, and qualification and experience certificates, social claim certificates are essential in numerous scenarios like applying for employment, education, and land and vehicle registration and so on. Cloud platform can be used for this purpose with a number of advantages such as storage-on-demand, robustness, access anywhere anytime from any device. At the same time, the cloud storage provider must ensure confidentiality, integrity, access control and authentication for the documents. Towards this end, an authenticated revocable symmetric proxy re-encryption scheme has been designed in the proposed work using All-Or-NOthing-Transform (AONT) and key homomorphic encryption (KHE) in the elliptic curve group setting. The implementation results show that the performance measures are acceptable for small storage requirements while achieving the security goals.

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Bayu Kurniawan, Nazief Nirwanto, Achmad Firdiansjah

To achieve this goal, one solution that is being pushed by the government is to spur domestic industries to continue to innovate in the face of the industrial revolution 4.0 era. Innovations and changes to business models are demanded to be more efficient and effective, progress of Information Communication Technology (ICT) also penetrated the Indonesian telecommunications industry. The samples obtained in this study were 398 respondents. Analisys Data with SEM. The conclusion of the findings in this study is that innovation service is important in building corporate reputation offered to customers, but when we will satisfy customers, the most important thing is corporate reputation. Service innovation has a positive and significant effect on customer satisfaction. Service innovation has a positive and significant effect on corporate reputation. Corporate reputation has a positive and significant effect on customer satisfaction customers. Research shows that customers corporate reputation mediates the relationship between service innovation and customer satisfaction. Innovation service must be able to corporate reputation for customers to improve customer satisfaction. Based on the findings in this study it can be concluded that innovation service is important in building corporate offered to customers, but when we will satisfy customers, the most important thing is corporate reputation.

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Mohmmad Ahmad, Sheeraz Kirmani

This paper analyzes the performance of Solar PV based stand-alone and grid connected multilevel inverter topology. For standalone system having different load power factor with and without filter, this is found that when the filter is connected, the THD is reduced from 12.2% to below 5% (IEEE standard). Moreover, it is also explained that the minimum THD and maximum circuit efficiency is achieved at a particular load power factor. Further the performance is analyzed for a grid connected system having linear and nonlinear load connected at PCC with and without filter. For a linear load, if the filter is connected then the THD in PCC voltage is reduced from 13% to below 5% and the THD in grid current falls from 14.8% to below 5 %. The efficiency of the complete configuration is calculated as more than 80%, however due to additional losses in filter a small decrement in efficiency is examined. Similarly for a nonlinear load of Diode Bridge, the harmonics in PCC voltage, grid current can be reduced to the IEEE standard by connecting filter. Simulation results from SIMULINK/MATLAB Software are tabulated for both standalone and grid tied PV system and the results are explained graphically.

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S. B. A. Kumara

This is a study on the use of anisotropic magneto-resistive (AMR) sensors for robot navigation. The geomagnetic field was measured using AMR sensors within a building. Then, that magnetic field information was mapped using the Surfer 9 software to identify special locations such as concert columns, stair case which could be used as landmarks for robot navigation and an algorithm was developed to navigate the mobile robot using mapped information. In order to measure the magnetic field at each location, a microcontroller based portable magnetometer was developed. Finally, a simple robot vehicle was navigated successfully throughout the mapped area using the magnetic field information. Data were collected at 397 different locations in two rooms in a house with concrete columns and slabs. In addition, data were collected continuously at three selected points in order to analyze variations of magnetic fields during both day and night time. The moving average filtering was applied to remove noise and fluctuations of the data from the sensor. The diurnal magnetic field variations were monitored from 6.00AM to 10.00PM. The field variations were stable at night time. During day time fluctuations were observed owing to the sunlight and the range of variation was around 10-2 ĶT. The uncertainty of the measurements was around 10-4 ĶT level. Consequently, the diurnal variations were found not to affect the magnetic field measurements significantly.

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Dr. Surya Deo Chaudhary, Jitendra Kumar Saroj

This work offers the structure of the bipolar signal integrator by employing voltage to frequency converter. The structure of the bipolar integrator consisting of three functional blocks named as op-amp, absolute value circuit and up/down counter. The conversion of bipolar signal to monopolar signal is performed by using absolute value circuit. Then the converted signal is further converted to a frequency by means of VFC and counted over a well-known sample periods. This offers the whole count equivalent to the time integral of the certain signal. The necessity for expensive, low leakage op-amps, low drift and capacitors found in analog integrators. The structure of the circuit is simulated on Cadence virtuoso Design Environment employing SCL 180 nm transistor model with the required power supply (1.8 v). The dissipation of the power in the circuit is 876 Ķw.

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Hitesh Vasudev, Gurbhej Singh, Yogita Sharma, Sandeep Singh

In present research work Nickel based alloy was deposited on Stainless Steel SS-316L using HVOF technique. Deposited coating has a thickness of 250 ¬Ķm. The developed layer on the substrate was analyzed through several testing techniques include mechanical characterization by Vickers hardness test and wear resistance test on Pin-on disc apparatus according to ASTM -G99 standard. Further micro structural characterization was made using Scanning Electron Microscopy technique and it has shown proper bonding between powder and substrate. Coating showed excellent results in terms of hardness and wear resistance as compared to base material SS-316L.

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Ramkumar. A, Dr. Rajini. G

Changing global environment needs to adopt changes in technology to open up new prospects. Innovation is needed in HR practices of the companies. Companies need to implement changes to work effectively in order to increase profit. In order to achieve success, a big transformation is happening from traditional recruitment and selection method to E- recruitment and selection method. This transformation is happened to acquire highly skilled employees at low cost. And thus saves time too. Social Media are big boon for the companies which have adopted innovative blooming internet based recruiting techniques. The study finds the innovative way of utilizing Social Media Network as recruitment sources on E-Selection. Qualities of Information, Popularity among Applicants, Ease of Navigation, Security or Privacy of Information, Quality of Application, Time Saving were the items formulated to propose relationship between dependent and independent variables. Social media network is the dependent variable and satisfaction through e-selection is the independent variable. When social sites are considered, some professional networks such as LinkedIn served good for most of the Job seekers to search jobs. 72.8 % use Linked In as professional social communication network. The effectiveness of social media network on satisfaction through e-selection is found using regression model. The model is said to be fit for 61 %. It is concluded that social media network influence E-Recruitment and Selection.

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Nurulanningsih, Darex Susanto, Hastari Mayrita, Darmawan Budiyanto, Yunita Pini

This research aimed to describe studentís phenomena in a study program of Indonesian language and literature in one Private University in Palembang through their experience when they had teaching practice in placement school. There were two research questions in this research: a) what were novice teachersí hopes during their teaching practice in placement school? and b) how were their experience in the placement school? This study was based on the new experience model theoretical framework from Meryl Reis Louis (Louis, 1980). The novice studentsí experiences were gotten through demographic profile and in-depth interview. There were 7 participants involved in this study. Based on the interview, there were three levels of experiences that they felt. They were change, contras, and surprise. It could be concluded what studentsí hopes were different from what they got in the school. This study might give contribution to those who are involved in the implementation of prospective student teachersí internships.

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Robi Hendra, Amirul Mukminin, Friscilla Wulan Tersta, Priyanto, Nurhuda

International networking among universities are a vital point to be executed in order to answer the global demand. International teaching practicum is one of the new programs in Indonesia, which develops a collaboration with other international organizations. It is believed that teaching practice (TP) is a fundamental issue of a good preparation of teachers. Teaching practice deeply is rooted in a drive towards the development of competent and professional teachers. This study aimed to investigate the pre-service sea teachers experience professional learning during teaching practices in different cultures and the meanings that they made during their experience being pre-service sea teachers. A qualitative design in the phenomenological tradition was used to describe and understand the lived experiences of the pre service teachers during their teaching process in Indonesia. The findings indicated that there were four aspects that emerged including the issues of religious sensitivity, content subject differentiates, language barrier, and school climate. By conducting this research, the pre service teachers had a new perspective in teaching students from different cultures leading them to be a global teacher. The pre service teachers were also able to cope with some obstacles relating to the students-teachersí host nation.

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Mahdi Bahar, Hartati Mochtar

Art and cultural behavior of Minangkabau Islam shows traces of art and behavior that are part of the religious system of animism, as in the original Mentawai tribe. Through the study of the traces connecting the artistic and behavioral entities of Islamic Minangkabau with the artistic and behavioral entities of indigenous Mentawai tribes with animism, there are aspects that continue and there are aspects that change. The continuing aspect is the choice of action ("its course") or ontological object, while what changes is the aspect of the cause of action ("its causes") or the epistemological aspect.

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Abdoel Gafar, Yundi Fitrah, Maizar Karim, Herman Budiyono, Nazurty

Seloko is one of the traditions in Jambi's Malay marriage customs. This tradition is a traditional event passed down in the form of a Seloko Adat full of the meaning of life that needs to be preserved. Therefore, this research is intended to reveal the meaning contained in it. The method used in this study wase qualitative descriptive with content analysis and hermeneutic techniques to obtain the validity of the data by using observation persistence, triangulation, and peer checking. The results of the study show that the meaning contained in the marriage customs of the Jambi Malay community has conformity and harmony manifested in the form of mutual love, courage, happiness, economy, readiness, responsibility, appreciation, hard work, calmness, humility, maintaining good relations, life success, and surrender to god the Almighty.

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Erwin, Mohammad Arqon, Herlinda, Fachrul Rozi, Muhammad Yamani, Sudarna, Rita Anggraini, Achmad Ronaldi, Usman, Johni Najwan

This study was intended to explore the factors that caused the traffic accidents and was to find out the efforts to decrease the traffic accidents in legal regions in the resort police in Muaro Jambi, Indonesia. The data were collected through interviews with police officers and the perpetrators or violators. We also used documents related to accident reports. The results of the data analyses indicated that two factors that influence the occurrence of traffic accidents that cause the death of other people in the jurisdiction of the resort police in Muaro Jambi, including are internal factors (e.g., driving in a drowsy condition) and external factors (e.g., there are sharp turns, unavailability of crossing facilities or zebra cross). The findings of our study also revealed that the efforts to overcome traffic accidents include preventive efforts (e.g., sufficient rest, adding zebra cross) and repressive efforts (e.g., arrest and detain traffic violators in accordance with applicable laws).

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Poonam R. Gohad, Dr. Sajidullah Khan

The image processing techniques have become very significant due to the wide spread of computer technology. Crop disease detection has been a popular topic of research recently. While designing of systems, more often for the interpreting or manipulating picture information, various operations needs to be performed which are segmentation, feature extraction and classification. The input images can be Digital camera images or Thermal or Hyperspectral image. This image is partitioned on the basis of various parameters. Segmentation finds the boundaries, objects as well as other relevant data from an image. From the segmented image features can be extracted which are color, texture, intensity. These features then help to classify the segmented object into categories which involves use of support vector machines, fuzzy c-means, back propagation etc. This paper consists of the study of various methods of crop leaf disease detection.

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VR. Nagarajan, Dr. D. Vimal Kumar

Early detection and characterization of the disease are considered to be critical factors in the management and control of diseases. Firefly Optimization Algorithm with Homogeneous Fuzzy Rule-Based Classification System (FOA-Homo-FRBCS) and FOA with Heterogeneous FRBCS (FOA-Hetro-FRBCS) were proposed for early prediction of lung cancer, leukemia and heart diseases in a distributed environment. In FOA-Homo-FRBCS and FOA-Hetro-FRBCS method, the clinical dataset was converted into fuzzy sets. The converted data was split into a number of partitions and each partition was processed in mappers. The most significant features of clinical data were selected by using Firefly Optimization Algorithm (FOA). In FOA-Homo-FRBCS, the selected features were explored by FRBCS where only Random Forest (RF) was used to generate rules for prediction of diseases. In FOA-Hetro-FRBCS, the selected features were explored by FRBCS where RF, Bayesian Tree, and NeuroTree were used to generate the rules for prediction of diseases. Sometimes, FOA based feature selection has a slow convergence problem. So in this paper, Hybridized Firefly and Differential evolution Optimization Algorithm (HFDOA) is proposed for feature selection. It integrates the Firefly Algorithm (FA) with Differential Evolution (DE) algorithm by combining the attraction mechanisms of FA with the mixing ability of DE to increase the speed of convergence and the diversity of the population. Moreover, Auto tuned hybridized Firefly and Differential search evolution Optimization Algorithm (AFDOA) is proposed to automatically tune the randomness parameters of HFDOA. AFDOA makes the search space becomes narrow for feature selection. It effectively reduces the time consumption for feature selection and also increases the prediction accuracy. The selected features by AFDOA are used in Hetro-FRBCS to predict the diseases. This process is named as AFDOA-Hetro-FRBCS.

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Dr. Kumud Saxena

Face image(s) coordinating and recovery has numerous significant applications including criminological investigations. Face recovery procedure is mix of two phases: include extraction and separation estimation. In our work we have used the Eigen face approach for characterizing a list of capabilities (Eigen vectors) for the preparation set of face pictures. This paper shows a philosophy for face picture recovery utilizing Eigen face approach and a similar report among different separation classifiers which is Manhattan remove, Euclidian separation, Bray Curtis separate, Canberra remove and Squared-Chord separation connected for face recovery.

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Taran Singh Bharati

Nowadays heterogeneous devices are connected together via internet. So many services can be availed and initiated from the hand held devices. You can book tickets, banking, check the traffic, clear your dues, get certificates from the municipality etc. Because of heterogeneity nature of devices there are many issues in IoT like coordination and control, data management, scalability, interoperability, security. In IoT many (sensing) devices keep recording and sending the data to control room for analysis and decision making. This paper lets you feel what IoT is and what are its main issues and challenges.

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Manoj Sharma

In the present age, the most common reason of death is heart disease. Any ailment in heart and blood vessels is known as Cardiovascular Diseases (CVD). There are numerous factors responsible to CVD. The premature revealing and prediction of existence of CVD is required for medical treatments. There are numerous ways to identify and predict CVD. With the advancement in machine learning, Deep learning can be as tool to predict CVD. The paper presents several methodologies for recognition and prediction of CVD using deep learning. A broad spectrum of research on prediction of CVD using artificial neural network is presented in this paper. Medical diagnosis and ECG investigation using deep learning for CVD recognition and prediction is presented in this paper. The result shows that better sensitivity, accuracy and specificity can be obtained using deep learning.

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M. Swetha

Employee work Life balance is a key impact in achieving organizational and individual goals. This article emphasis on study of the persuade of Emotional, Demographical, Organizational Support, Work Engagement and Technology Advancement on Employees Work-Life, and how married and unmarried men and women react and respond differently for the influence of Working Culture, Internal, and External Environment. The objective of the study is to understand and analyze the Demographical, Emotional; Intelligent factors that Influence, the Work Life Balance. The other objective of this study is to understand the difference between IT and non IT, MARRIED and UNMARRIED Life Balancing Act. The primary data was collected through structured questionnaire with the sample size of 500 by adopting convenience Sampling. Convenience Sampling was used in selecting Participants, the study sample size consists of full time employees from IT and Non IT (Education, Medical, Banking) sectors both Married and Unmarried Men and Women. The questionnaire is designed in 5 point Likert scale, The five dimensions of Emotional and Intelligence Quotient was used which was developed by (Wong Chi Sum, 2007). The information collected was analyzed systematically for the study.

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Bhuvaneswari Balachander, D.Dhanasekaran

Medical Image fusion has become an integral part in diagnosis and treatment planning. Medical Image fusion is the process of combining two or more images from different modalities to form a new image containing complemented details than the source images. Image fusion improves resolution of the image thereby helping the medical practitioners in determining the position of the disease. Fusion of medical images for different cross-sectional modalities is widely used, mostly where functional images are fused with anatomical data. Ultrasound has for some time now been the standard imaging technique used for treatment planning in prostate cancer, Alzheimerís, stroke, Glioma, dementia and many more. While this approach is laudable and has yielded some positive results, latest developments have been the integration of images from ultrasound and other modalities such as PET-CT to complement the missing properties of ultrasound images. Non-subsampled contourlet transform based image fusion is proposed that will help greatly in modern radiation therapy treatment planning.

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Dorababu Sudarsa, P.Venkateswara rao, Venkata Naresh Mandhala, S. Sagar Imambi

Cloud computing is growing rapidly and it is known for accessing and storing huge amount of data. There are multiple CSPs and also known as data owners. The role of owner of the data includes to upload the encrypted files to the multiple clouds. Cloud consumers appreciate fewer data storage and extremely incredible estimation capacities offered by different multiple clouds. Cloud service providers acquire numerous issues in protection safeguarding for outsourcing data. Our work incorporates furnishing proficient security utilizing STorage and REtrieval (STRE) mechanism with Attribute based Encryption(ABE) method. STRE mechanism makes data owner to distribute the data and search the encrypted data in various multiple clouds. STRE system also offers better assurance on the user's search pattern. ABE technique enables the files to encrypt efficiently.

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Muhammad Agung Bramantya, Muhammad Ezra Fikriardhi

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle is a type of aircraft that has a very wide application. In this study, numerical calculations were performed using ANSYS Fluent software to find the configuration and dihedral angles that were considered to provide the best lift, drag, and moment pitch values. The study was conducted by varying two-tail configurations with high and low specifications with each having three variations in the dihedral angle values. Each variation has the same stabilizer surface area value. The study was conducted using the k-omega SST turbulence model (k-ω SST) with the mission profile having a distance of 200 km, a height of 500 m, and a speed of 20.83 m/s. Mesh is made of polyhedral with quality skewness and mesh orthogonal very good. The results of this study indicate that unmanned aircraft with a low tail configuration with the smallest dihedral angle produces the biggest lift and pitch moment value. The drag value produced by each variation has a very small difference that can be ignored.

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Direstu Amalia

Just culture is an important issue, where its implementation would affect a clear benefit to improve safety. The implementation of Just culture is closely related on how to encourage front-line officers, where front-line officers are often in direct contact with hazards and could provide key information about aviation safety problems and potential solutions. This research aims (1) To review the safety policy and reporting system, (2) To promote just culture in airside operation, and (3) To analyze the effect of promoting just culture to enhance safety culture. The research starts with early analysis using gap analysis to know the maturity of safety management system manual, and questionnaires, to evaluate the individual performance regarding to safety and just culture. Gap analysis using (CASR Part 139-08, 2015) about acceptance of implementation Aerodrome SMS while questionnaire taking 76 officer as a samples and test using Bivariate Pearson Correlation. This pre analysis results the implementation of just culture according to the organizationís commitment is not stated clearly in safety policy statement and have not been promote to all employee. From the questionnaire, I found that most officers did not understand the essential of safety, have not known safety reporting system, and afraid of reporting due to blame culture. The technical solutions are by design new safety policy based on (ICAO Doc. 9859 3rd edition, 2013), evaluate the reporting system and conduct workshop in airside operation. The result shows safety knowledge increase to 90% while the safety reporting system has increased in 84%.

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Dina Hajja Ristianti, Sudarwan Danim, Hadi Winarto, I Wayan Dharmayana

Group counseling as a guidance and counseling service does not have a standard instrument yet in assessing its activities. This study was designed to develop a group counseling assessment instrument. Specifically, this study conducted content validity, empirical validity, and internal reliability of group counseling assessment instruments. The results of the study revealed that the group counseling assessment instrument was effective for assessing group counseling activities in senior high school (SMA) settings. This was tested from the results of the analysis of content validity (CVR) above 0.62. The results of empirical validity show a good coefficient of validity where the highest coefficient is 0.609 and the lowest is 0.300. The results of the analysis of internal reliability showed a high level of reliability, with (α) = 0.935. From the analysis by the SEM method shows that the relationship between variables in each dimension shows the highest correlation coefficient is 0.84 while the lowest is 0.60. This group counseling assessment instrument also has high external validity because it is assessed by experts (panelists) with different educational and cultural backgrounds and respondents who also have different demographic and cultural backgrounds.

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Mohammedali Nellayaputhenpeedika, V. Radhakrishnan

Cyclones in Bay of Bengal (BoB) are distressing natural catastrophes that affect people, coastal ecosystem and property. Warming of BoB modifies heat flux variables and raises cyclone potential to higher extent. Analyses of Optimum Interpolation Sea Surface Temperature (OISST) data from 1981 till 2014 and Objectively Analyzed air-sea Fluxes (OAFlux) data were carried out in pursuant of air-sea heat flux and cyclone heat potential. Long term trend analysis between warming of BoB and cyclone heat potential was carried out. It is found out that the temperature of BoB and cyclone heat potential are increasing. Warmer atmosphere hold more moisture than that it could convey latent heat to atmosphere. Higher sea surface temperature (SST) increases heat flux, as a result, ocean stores more heat energy. Spatial analysis shows higher cyclone heat potential in North-Western side during April and North-Eastern side during October.

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Arun Prasad G, Murugan P C, Praveen P, Saji Raveendran P, Godwin Glivin

Conventional fuels such as petroleum, coal and natural gas will release large amount of CO2 to the atmosphere. Due to this effect, global warming is caused. It is crucial to develop alternative renewable fuel sources that are sustainable, cost effective and environmental friendly. Biomass based fuels is gaining advantage in recent years as an alternative to fossil fuels. The gasification of biomass will generate producer gas. The gas can be used as a fuel for thermal and power applications. The raw producer gas that comes from a gasifier contains impurities like tar and dust particles. Eventually, these impurities will reduce the quality of the producer gas and it cannot be used in engines directly. The findings from the literature shows that the natural fibers could be used as filter material to filter the producer gas. Therefore, in this present work, a filter box is developed and wood shaves were used as a bio-fiber material to enrich the producer gas. With the help of the natural fibers as filter material, enriched producer gas can be obtained. From the result, it was observed that there is a significant increase in producer gas composition by using bio-filter.

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Samrat Bharadwaj

Today is the era of E-Commerce. Almost every other individual is by some way or the other connected with the online business hubs. One thing to be noticed here is that the products available in these stores are being manufactured in different parts of the globe and subsequently are being supplied in different parts of the world. This network of effective procurement of products and distribution worldwide is basically called Supply Chain Management (SCM). This paper is an attempt to highlight the pivotal role SCM plays in any E-commerce retailing activity and also depict the way in which proper utilized this concept for its grand success ever since its inception and act as a market ruler. The data collected for the paper is basically secondary in nature which is taken from various sources, records, databases and research journals. It is expected that this paper would help to unleash the very significance of SCM in case of online retailing for effective performance in this cut throat competition era.

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Adi Widyanto, Dana Indra Sensuse, Opitasari

PT Yafii Solusi Internasional is an information technology company that focuses on developing computer systems in private and government companies. Staff do more work outside the office so there is very little time for staffs to meet face to face. As a result, miss configuration occurs often during the configuration and maintenance installation stages. The objective of this study is to build a knowledge management system to store and utilize employee knowledge. Therefore, it makes it easier for them to find solutions to problems that have been experienced by one employee and the others. The researcher collected the data through direct interview and literature study. Knowledge management conversion was carried out through the Becerra-Fernandez knowledge management process approach. Meanwhile, the system development method was performed through prototyping and is modeled using system analysis through the Unified Modeling Language (UML). System testing was carried out using Blackbox testing and user acceptance testing was carried out using the User Acceptance Test method with the Technology Acceptance Model. The results of this study found that a web-based knowledge management system was built through SharePoint, Git, Exchange Server. The features of the KMS include: managing personal documents, managing document repositories, collaborating on documents, conducting discussions, writing personal knowledge, writing wikis, looking for content knowledge, managing email, and managing source code.

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Shamansurov Shorasul Shavkatovich

Since the 1960s, many scholars have noticed that the plural symbol ďmenĒ in Chinese can refer to people as well as things. The first meaning is mainly found in the Gansu and Qinghai regions. Hebei and Shandong were also reported this kind of usage. Many scholars believe that the plural sign ďmenĒ as to things is actually affected by the Altai language. So far, scholars have had more static descriptions of ďmenĒ in a single area, but their specific research on Altai language is relatively limited. They mentioned that these dialects were influenced by the Altai language, but they did not suggest which aspects specifically and the results under this influence. We mainly examine the co-occurrence of Uzbek language plural signs with proper nouns, countable nouns, and abstract nouns in China.

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Sevar Neamat

This study has developed a Public Private Partnership (PPP) framework in order to analyze a Management Control System (MSC). This is being specified relying on the basis of Transaction Cost Economics (TCE) and organizational theory. Moreover, in this research, an approach is proposed that could theoretically be resulted in the reduction of relational and performance risks by joining the three control standards called the marketplace, administrative and clan, and combining them with control strategies, called Performance Evaluation Strategy (PES) and Trust-Based Strategy (TBS). The framework aspiration is to achieve the Value for Money (VFM). Finally, specialists might use the identified links of this study in order to improve the MCS of PPPs.

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Bhavna Raina, Dr. Anjali Kalse

This study has been done to assess the association between employeesí perception of HR practices and Work engagement in hospitality industry. A survey of 418 employees in hotel industry in Mumbai region was conducted to understand the relationship of Human Resource Practices (Selection & Staffing, Employee Training Opportunities, Employee Development Opportunities, Performance Management & Pay for Performance, Promotional Opportunities, Employee Decision making & participation and Communication & Coordination by HR) and Work Engagement. It has been hypothesized that Work Engagement depends upon Human Resource Practices.The model was tested by using Structural Equation Modelling and relationship analysed through Regression. The result were as expected, that all HR practices were associated with Work Engagement. Selection and Staffing, Employee Training Opportunities, Promotional Opportunities, Employee Benefits and Communication & Coordination by HR had significant impact on Work Engagement. This study will help managers identify practices which increase engagement of its workers and implement them to in accordance to fulfill the needs to employees and organization. This study has original value as it shows the perception of employees towards HR practices through empirical research rather than conceptual that has been done till date.

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Nanik Sisharini, Sunaryati Hardiani, Christina Sri Ratnaningsih

This study aims to find a model for Increasing Financial Literacy and Financial Inclusion to Achieve MSMEs Financial Well Being. Increasing literacy and financial inclusion are believed to be able to develop MSMEs because MSMEs can better understand the basic concepts of financial products, make better financial planning and management, and protect from fraud and unhealthy businesses in the financial markets. This study is a descriptive research conducted in Blitar City. Capital is a major problem for MSMEs to be able to develop. Increasing literacy and financial inclusion by utilizing the WhatsApp application on smartphones by forming MSMEs groups according to the type of business there are banks or other financial institutions, Cooperative Office and MSMEs along with ASUMI and students from universities that are real work practices, the difficulty of MSMEs to access credit can be eliminated so that capital is no longer a problem and MSMEs Financial Well Being will be achieved.

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Vaneza May D. Manalo, Edwin R. Arboleda, Jesusimo L. Dioses Jr., Rhowel M. Dellosa

Lettuce is one of the most widely used vegetable crops in our diet. We consume lettuce as a base for salads, on sandwiches and burgers to add texture and even as a garnish to decorate trays of food at parties. The crop comprises seven main groups of cultivars differing phenotypically. The difference between lettuce varieties is often determined by inspection of the leaves, which is time-consuming, subjective and prone to error. In this study, three lettuce cultivars: Cos or Romaine, Iceberg, and Latin lettuce are classified using its seeds by image processing. Using Fuzzy Logic and KNN as classifiers, the cultivars are differentiated according to three morphological features: area, perimeter and equivalent diameter from 216 training images and 72 testing images. The study is supposed to be beneficial to lettuce breeders and farmers as it provides a new way to classify lettuce by its seeds. Understanding the different classes of seeds has great significance as it helps in choosing the right seeds for farming.

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Ekawarna, Farida Kohar

This study aimedat analyzing the influence of perception of organizational politics (POPs) and work-family conflict (WFC)on job stress (JS) and intention to quit (ItQ) within the setting of adjunct faculty at Jambi university. POPs and WFC were studied as work-level antecedents, with JS being individual-level antecedentsandItQbeing the consequence of POPs and WFC. An inferential research design through a cross-sectional study was used sincethe data were collected at one point in time. It was conducted on adjunct faculty from 13 faculties at Jambi university by filling an online questionnaire. 192 adjunct lecturers were taken as respondents (44% male, 56% female). The findings imply that POPs have a direct influence on JS and ItQ. POPsalso have an indirect influence onItQ through JS. Similarly, WFC has a direct influence on JS and ItQ. It also has an indirect influence onItQ through JS while JShas a direct influence onItQ. It suggests university leaders need to reconsider and / or restructure the work environment - and to start an organization effectiveness program. The work environment is the source of JS and ItQ. Redesigning work and arranging flexible schedules may reduce JS and ItQ.

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Manoj Kumar, M. K. Gupta, Sudhanshu Shekhar Dubey, Ajay Kumar

In the current research, quantum states sharing are very effective technique to increase the security of a highly sensitive information being transmitted among remote parties. The present work proposes a novel and efficient (t, n)-threshold quantum state sharing scheme which is developed on qutrits using linear equation. Since the proposed scheme has an increased probability of detecting an attacker during the transmission of secret information, therefore the proposed scheme is very efficient and enough secure against PNS attack, intercept and resend attack, and participant attack also that are the possible attacks on the proposed scheme.

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Abdullahi SB Mohammed, Shahanawaz Kamal, Mohd Fadzil Ain, Zainal Arifin Ahmad, Ubaid Ullah, Mohamadariff Othman, Roslina Hussin, Mohd Fariz Ab Rahman

The mobile technology is fast-developing nowadays owing to its large impact on social life. Accordingly, there is a need to study the progress of the antenna systems as they are considered as core devices for wireless technology. The modern antenna designs allow a single element to be employed in many systems. The microstrip patch antennas are essentially considered in the advancement of the latest communication mechanisms in contrast to the conventional type because they offer the advantage of being low profile along with simple or inexpensive manufacturing procedures. In the recent four decades, extensive research has been carried out on the antenna systems. Consequently, this review paper provides a comprehensive account of the former and subsequent research achievements of the microstrip patch antennas (MPAs) at 28 GHz for fifth generation (5G) application systems. The various types of systems considered for comparison include millimeter-wave, broadbanding techniques, dual/multi-band or reconfigurable structure, size-reduction, compact, low-profile, impedance bandwidth, high gain or linear and circular polarization applications.

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Pierre Moukala Mpele, Franck Moukanda Mbango, Dominic Bernard Onyango Konditi

In this paper, a compact elliptical dual-band microstrip antenna fed with a coplanar waveguide is presented. The proposed antenna is designed and analyzed using a 3-D full-wave electromagnetic software named, High Frequency Structure Simulator (HFSS) software based on finite element method (FEM). The design adopts a bi-layer substrate configuration where the elliptical radiating patch is printed on a Rogers RO3010 substrate of dimensions 2.265x2x0.75mm3, with a dielectric constant of 10.2 and loss tangent of 3.5.10-3 at 9.4 GHz on which the radiating patch occupies a surface area of 0.754mm2. Moreover, Rogers RO3010 is placed on the top of another dielectric, which is a Rogers RO4350B, having a relative permittivity constant of 3.66 and loss tangent of 4.10-3 at 9.4 GHz. The antenna operates at 28GHz and 38GHz, two of the selected bands allocated to 5G by International Telecommunications Union. The simulation results show that the antenna achieves a minimum wide bandwidth of 4.14GHz and a constant gain of 6dB over the operating frequency range. As a miniaturized antenna, its electric characteristics (impedance, bandwidth, radiation efficiency and gain) along with the antenna’s size have been chosen as comparison parameters with those found in recent research works. In addition, previous electric parameters, together with the return loss and VSWR have been selected for the proposed Elliptical antenna that have been improved by inserting two F-shaped slots in the ground plane. These slots in the ground plane are well-known as Defected Ground Structure (DGS) technique.

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Nouf Khalid Al-Kahtani, Ola Ibrahim Ramzi, Arun Vijay Subbarayalu, Jumana Abdulmohsen Almulhim, Baynah Fahad Almulhim

Due to advancement in the field of health information technology, healthcare organizations (HCO) encouraging the adoption of e-prescribing systems to improve quality of patient careand patient safety. However, physicians employed at HCO facing some barriers to effectively implement these e-prescribing systems. The main purpose of this study was to bring out the hidden perceptions of physicians about Quadramed e-prescribing system prevailing at King Fahad Hospital of the University (KFHU), an academic medical center (AMC), Saudi Arabia. Consequently, assesses the benefits, disadvantages and, barriers of e-prescribing system which is currently implemented in KFHU. Methods: An exploratory study design was adopted and eighty physicians (N=80) who used e-prescribing system at KFHU were surveyed through a self-structured questionnaire via an online system. Statistical analysis was carried out using SPSS 19.0. Results: The results showed that 52% of physicians were satisfied with the e-prescribing system at KFHU. Factors influencing systemís functionality and usability were identified as lack of access to available patient data; hard and complicated system; lack of training and support. Conclusion: Majority of the surveyed physicians were satisfied with the system. This study recommends several improvement opportunities to enhance both functionality and usability of e-prescribing system. And help the policy planners of AMCs in KSA to understand the physicianís voice about e prescribing system which helps them to develop appropriate strategies for its improvement.

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Dr.Hussein Mohammed Alrabba, Dr. Muhannad Akram Ahmad, Dr. Mashhoor Hamadneh

This study evaluates the influence of capital structure (CS) on the financial performance (FP) of listed companies on the Amman Stock Exchange (ASE). An empirical model based on panel data obtained from 112 Jordanian listed companies between 2005 and 2017 is used to test correlation between CS and corporate performance to determine the statistical significance of the relationship. The research findings show that the accounting performance measure that best explains the connection between CS and FP for all the companies listed on ASE is Return on Assets (ROA). From this model, a conclusion can be reached that firm size and asset growth have a significant positive impact on ROA while short-term and total debt levels have a significant negative impact on ROA for all the corporations listed on ASE. The proxies for CS have the same effects on ROE, in which case the effect of total debt is not statistically significant. Moreover, total debt has a statistically significant impact on EPS and TobinÔŅĹs Q for all the sectors. Therefore, the research concludes that CS impacts on FP significantly.

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Dr Venugopal Navaneetha kumar, Thilak Reddy Chandrashekar, Sowmya Nagaraj, Dr M subramanyam, Dr A Thamodaran

Purpose ‚ÄďThe main purpose of this paper is to identify the supply chain and the logistics problem in the agricultural industry. Different products and its issues to be identified and to be sorted out in the agricultural industry and to suggest the manufacturers and the government for the better growth of Indian economy and its future growth in terms of export, technology etc,. Design/methodology/approach : Descriptive method was used in the form of interview schedule method to collect the data from the transporters, manufacturers, suppliers, retailers. ID3 decision tree algorithm was used in this paper to identify the major problem in the logistics of agri-based products. Findings : In both the floriculture and horticulture industry the major problem is the technology with the lowest harvest with the high cost. The low harvest because of not having the skilled labours and the facilities like space etc,. And the high cost is because the facilities and the number of machineries available in the district other state or the country is very low. Choosing the right logistics with the advanced technology helps both the transporters retailers and the facilitator work easier with the better income. Originality/value: ID3 decision tree algorithm is used identify the problems in both floriculture and horticulture industry in the Krishnagiri district, Tamil Nadu and its logistical activities in the supply chain.

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R Christina Rini ,V.D Ambeth kumar

Postpartum hemorrhage is a major cause of maternal mortality worldwide. It is an obstetric emergency which gets complicated through vaginal or caesarean delivery. According to the estimation of WHO (World Health Organization) nearly 14 million people suffer from PPH around the world, in which one death occurs every 4 minutes. Postpartum bleeding is defined as the loss of blood in which 500ml from female genital tract after the delivery of the fetus or 1000ml in caesarean section. The obstetric bleeding is divided into two categories that are the primary (within 24hrs of delivery) and secondary (after 24hrs and up to 6 weeks of delivery) This literature survey reveals the overview of causes, available treatments through first line therapy (medicines), second line therapy (surgeries) and recent development in the treatments are enumerated. It will be more informative for researchers and medical practitioners who are in search of bringing further advancement in this field.later

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Manohar Dingari, D. Mallikarjuna Reddy, V. Sumalatha

In the present study, the time series models ARIMA and ARFIMA or FARIMA models have been fitted to Air India domestic air passengers, which considered as self similarity and Long Range Dependence (LRD). In such case ARFIMA model is expected to be superior to ARIMA. We fitted ARIMA and ARFIMA models to air traffic data and compared. Then the best model has been identified using RMSE, MAE and MAPE values. This model can be useful to analyze the air traffic flow and revise the services of Air India. The analysis was carried out using time series data on number of passengers travelling by Air India domestic flights during January 2012 to December 2018.

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Ramkumar. A, Dr. Rajini.G

Innovation is needed in HR practices of companies in this competitive edge. Widespread usage of internet has induced HR Managers across the globe to apply cutting edge HRM practices and process to break cut throat competition prevailing in the market. Technology has tremendously changed which in turn increases the role of internet in bringing up new opportunities for firms to work and communicate. The fact that HR Portals entered into the business and in particular it is used to recruit people nowadays. Traditional recruitment is keep changing and this creates a new era of recruitment through HR Portals. It uses the power of the technology to match people to jobs. The study finds the innovative way of utilizing Human Resource Portal as recruitment sources on E-Selection. Through certain assumptions, Effectiveness of HR Portals are measured through the variables such as Easy Accessibility, Responsiveness to Queries, E Loyalty, Dynamic Content, User Friendliness, Experience of Recruits, and Networking Scope. Satisfaction through e-selection is taken as independent variable. The result shows that Job Portals are the most preferred source of recruitment. Strong and significant relationship is found between effectiveness of human resource portal and satisfaction through e-selection. Model is said to be fit for 51 %. Regression weights show that E Loyalty, Easy Accessibility, Responsiveness to Queries, User Friendliness is the most significant variables that contribute towards satisfaction through E-Selection. . It is concluded that Human Resource Portals influence E-Recruitment and Selection.

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Delayed-Action Oscillator Equation K.Ponnammal, R.Sayeelakshmi

This paper presents continuous extension singly diagonally implicit Runge Ė kutta (CESDIRK) method based in continuous extension polynomial cubic spline polynomial interpolation, cubic hermite polynomial interpolation for solving Delay Differential Equation. The method modeled climate model which applied to linear and non-linear Delay Action Oscillator Delay Differential Equation. Errors of numerical results compared with the solution MATLAB solver DDE23. It is observed that CESDIRK polynomial given better results than other polynomial.

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Suparman, Iwan Hartadi Tri Untoro, Anggit Prabowo, Andriyani

The low ability of teachers in the field of ICT is one of the factors that cause teachers not to optimize the use of ICT as a tool to support teaching and learning activities in the classroom. One effort to improve the ability of teachers in the field of ICT is to provide training through community partnership programs. This article aims to determine whether or not there are differences in the ability of teachers in the ICT field between before getting training and after getting training. The population in this study were all Mathematics Teachers of Muhammadiyah Junior High School in Sleman Regency in Indonesia, totaling 47 teachers. A sample of 25 teachers was taken using the purposive sampling technique. Data collection techniques using non-test methods and data collection instruments used in the form of a questionnaire. Data analysis uses the Wilcoxonrank sumTest. The results of this study indicate that there are differences in the ability of teachers in ICT between before getting training and after getting training. The results of the one-sideWilcoxon rank sum test show that the ability of teachers in the ICT field after being given training is better than before being given training. So it can be concluded that the Community Partnership program can effectively improve the ability of teachers to utilize ICT in mathematicslearning.

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Rani Sugiarni, Sarah Inayah, Ramdhan Fazrianto Suwarman

The role of technology becomes an important challenge in this century which is spreading in the education world. Therefore we need teaching materials that can help students in support literacy culture by utilizing e-learning. This study objective is to examine the validity of student worksheets for e-learning models based on environmental projects on Geometry topics of Class XI Vocational High Schools which are developed by utilizing waste. This type of research refers to the Four-D (4-D) development model. The validity of student worksheets is reviewed by 4 experts consisting of material experts, education experts, linguists, and mathematics teachers of Vocational High Schools. The assessment results viewed from aspects of the topics, language, and media show that the student worksheets are good and deserve to use. This is indicated by the results of evaluating the use of student worksheets in class, which shows that student activities can spread a culture of good literacy accompanied by generally positive student attitudes.

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Deepika Jain , Piyush Kumar Shukla

Wireless sensor networks (WSNs) is consists of autonomous nodes that performs various tasks in a collaborative way. Major issues of WSNs are relay node placement, cluster head selection, routing, clustering, coverage and connectivity, etc. All the aforementioned problems are very difficult to capture due to complexity increases as the network size increases and after the certain time simple problems may be converted to the NP-Complete problem. To approximate the solution of NP-Complete problems various optimization techniques can be used such as particle swarm optimization, gravitational search algorithm, harmony search algorithm and many others. In the research article various optimization techniques and problem addressed by various authors in WSNs have been discussed mainly relay node placement and CH selection.

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Samantha.Konuri, Dr.T.V.S.Varalakshmi

A structural system of Tremendous importance in constructions are slabs or floor systems, it is called two dimensional slab structural elements, where the third dimension is small compared with the other two basic dimensions. Loads acting perpendicular slabs, to the flat principal, may be from different shapes Y configurations relying on the need for which apply at all times seeks to make them lighter but covering the greatest possible distances and always seeking to improve productivity and energy savings in construction. A widely used type slabs are currently slabs reinforced concrete, these systems have several advantages such as high resistance to compressive stresses and flexural actions, in addition to a particularly low value in the construction of the elements. However, it has certain disadvantages in terms of weight and maintenance of structures, renovation in large-scale constructions. In this area, the mid-20th century systems relieved hollow concrete slabs were created in order to reduce high ratios weight-resistance of conventional systems. These systems reduce or change the concrete within the middle of the slab by a lighter material to from reduce the weight own from the structure. But nevertheless these relieved as in slabs reduce the strength thereof before exposure to shear forces and fire. In the early 90s German engineer Jorgen Breuning found a way to improve these drawbacks in slabs, linking the air space, steel and concrete in a hollow slab bidirectional, using spheres made of plastic thus giving rise to the BDT. BD is a biaxial technology that will increase span lengths and makes floors thinner by means of lowering the weight at the same time as keeping the performance of reinforced concrete slabs. This paper gives some of the reviews related to bubble Deck slab.

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Lakshaya Dubey

As the covert nature of the malware has increase it have become easier for the malware to bypass the security system. Using the various intrusion mechanism the malwares manage to gain the persistence over the target system. The malware are the most sophisticated evil code which is designed to harm the system without the knowledge of the owner of the system. Malware often uses persistence so that the malware author can communicate to the affected system even after the system gets reboot or log-off. Using the persistence on the system malware author can also use the effected system to exploit the other system in the local network or in the remote location. For identifying the malware persistence we will use the process of malware analysis. Malware analysis is the process of analyzing the malware of identify the nature of the malware. In the research will use the combination of static analysis, dynamic analysis and the advance static analysis and advance dynamic analysis technique which will help us to find the various persistence mechanism used by the malware.

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Rupam Vijay

Financial Inclusion is attaining symbolic role all over due to its potential to bestow to inclusive growth. Its conception is to provide financial services to the under banked and unbanked sections of society. United Nations identified ‚ÄėFinancial Inclusion‚Äô as an enabler for seven of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals and World Bank Group committed for ‚ÄėUniversal Financial Access‚Äô by 2020. In the present scenario, Technology is considered as a major facilitator in attaining financial Inclusion in a time bound manner. Therefore, the Indian Government launched Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana (PMJDY) ‚Äď biggest global financial inclusion initiative in 2014 and proposed significant role to technology for its successful implementation. It is in this context, the current study has been conducted in Panchkula district of Haryana state with the aim to study the role of technology in providing socio-economic benefits viz. rupay debit card, life insurance, accidental insurance, overdraft facility, etc. offered under the scheme. The data was collected from both primary and secondary sources. A total sample of 100 beneficiaries was proportionately drawn from both rural and urban areas of select district. The study has found that, there was inadequate expansion of technology based products (such as micro-ATMs, mobile banking and internet banking), higher connectivity issues in rural areas, inconvenient use of technology, etc. Thus, the financial institutions need to adopt branchless banking services, promote technological literacy and invest in technology based solutions for achieving comprehensive financial inclusion.

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Nur Zeina Maya Sari; R. Nana Hadiana

The Study were employees of West Java Province, describe Internal Audit Performance with effect internal audit quality Department of Environment of West Java Province. The method used in this study is descriptive and verification method.Sampling 40 respondents, with data collection technique in this study was using a questionnaire. Using the SPSS version 24 program. The results Internal audit Performance make Professional standar has an effect on theinternal audit quality .

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Dr A M Viswa Bharathy, Dr R Bhavani

Over the years, design and development of intrusion detection systems have gone to new heights. A lot of algorithms and techniques have been developed and tested for the better security of our internetwork systems. Stand-alone efficient approaches, hybrid techniques and frameworks are given by many researchers and scientists towards the enhancement of intrusion detection andprevention systems. In this paper, we study various intrusion detection approaches with their pros and cons and conclude statistically with the proposed Fixed Neuro Fuzzy Classification (FNFC), a new technique for intrusion detection algorithm.

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Prashant Kumar Shrivastava, Priya Srivastava, Dr. Rachana Dubey

Due to their gigantic potential to improve traffic security, productivity, and other included administrations, the Vehicle Ad-hoc Network (VANET) has developed as of late as the most appealing theme for specialists and car enterprises. The most testing piece of research is directing in VANET. Vehicle systems are another class of remote systems that have developed through advances in remote and car innovation. These systems are additionally known by name of VANETs, which are measured as one of genuine uses of specially appointed system, for correspondence among neighboring vehicles likewise amongst vehicles &immobile gear. Neutral of VANET systems is to put on certain notices, for example, ready message scattering, announcing a mishap between autos to diminish the probability of crash, sight and sound ongoing applications, and numerous different applications. This paper describes the dissemination of data based on the mechanism of clustering. Various studies have given that research has been done in this sector with regard to information dissemination.

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Mulono Apriyanto, M Chairul Basrun Umanailo

The research objectives were: 1) to know the composition of cocoa bean pulp as substrate for fermentation; 2) evaluate the effect of variation of cocoa seed fermentation technique on microbial population. Stages of research conducted are as follows (1) testing the composition and water content of cocoa bean pulp as a fermentation substrate. (2) Fermented cocoa beans with 3 variations of fermentation technique ie first treatment without addition of inoculum (control), both using inoculum S. cerevisiae (FNCC 3056), L. lactis (FNC 0086) and A. aceti (FNCC 0016), respectively - about 108 cfu/g is given simultaneously at the beginning of fermentation (IA). (3) gradual inoculum administration of yeast at the beginning of fermentation, lactic acid bacteria at 24 hours and acetic acid bacteria at 48 h with microbial population equal to second treatment (IB). Fermentation is carried out for 120 hours. Temperatures are adjusted during fermentation, respectively 35 oC (first 24 hours), 45 oC (24 second hours), 55 oC (24 hours three) and 35 oC (last 48 hours). The third stage of fermented cocoa beans from the three treatments was roasted and analyzed for their volatile compounds. The results showed that during the fermentation of cocoa beans showed that all treatments increased the ethanol kosentarsi in line with the increasing population of S. cerevisiae at the beginning of fermentation. Next L. lactis increased followed by lactic acid, at the end of A. aceti fermentation increased followed by acetic acid. From the results of this study it can be concluded that the rehydration of cocoa bean pulp can improve the composition of pulp as fermentation substrate. The microbial population indicated that there was a microbial succession shown in the gradual addition of inoculum treatment.

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G Basava Kumar, M N Srinivas, M.A.S.Srinivas, V Madhusudanan

The objective of this exploration work is featuring the job of Harvesting, Noise and dispersion of a phase organized prey-predator model with Holling type-III functional reaction. Positivity and boundedness of the arrangement of the system are checked. Sufficient conditions for the nearby dependability of the model at inside point are acquired by utilizing R-H criteria. Global stability is also tried by utilizing Lyapunov function. Binomial equilibrium, optimal harvesting policy collecting approach is also discussed. We have analysed the system with stochasticity and dissemination. Finally every one of the outcomes is recreated graphically using MATLAB.

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Parag Sohoni, Bhawana Pillai, Sushila Sonare

Artificial intelligence (AI) is one of the most intriguing research fields in computer science which is aimed at imparting intelligence to machines. AI has a wide range of applications from diagnosis of medical ailments to financial market analysis. AI also has a huge role in augmenting and amplifying our capabilities. In todayís demanding fast pace of life, we need to have information on the go. With everything getting smart and interactive, exchange of knowledge and information gets easier. But a lot of our time is whiled away doing the general chores and getting ready. Imagine a scenario when you come in front of your mirror to get dressed and your own personal assistant, powered with AI, is at your disposal for a series of tasks and updates that you demand from it, like user customized news feeds, weather updates, and a plethora of services on the go. Smart Mirror aims to be your interactive assistant. It follows service-oriented architecture and uses Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Understanding, Speech Recognition and Speech to Text Conversion. Smart Mirror is an approach to minimize and reduce human effort and intervention, that is, it gives an insight into the ever-expanding world of Artificial Intelligence and interaction as is.

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Rio Marpaung, Kennedy

The purpose of this study was to find out internal and external factors that form of SWOT (strength, weakness, opportunity, threat) in Terra Compost Fertilizer Farm that located in Badak Ujung street, Tenayan Raya District, Pekanbaru. Quantitative descriptive method and SWOT analysis method are used. In SWOT analysis by Analyze internal and external factors, then SWOT matrix analysis and internal and external analysis (IE) are performed. In obtaining the data needed in this study using the method of observation, method documentation, interview method, questionnaire method. Based on the results of research on Terra Compost Fertilizer Farm in Pekanbaru, obtained from the IFAS matrix for strengths and weaknesses of 1.88 and 1.595, respectively. As for the EFAS matrix for opportunity and threats of 2,185 and 0.864, respectively. Terra Compost Farm is in Cell (Growth) through vertical integration. In the SWOT diagram is in quadrant 1 (0.285 ; 1.321) that is supporting Turn-aggressive strategy. Business owners must be more diligent in expanding their markets, often going to locations and applying Terra Compost, Quality of livestock must be increased by increasing the intake of nutrition, food, and health of cattle in producing Terra Compost.

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Shikha Moni Borah

Mobilization and movement to reclaim lost identity and space as well as to carve out new one is a universal phenomenon. In North Eastern part of India ethnicity and identity are the root causes behind such mobilization. In western part of Assam, the Bodos have been fighting for the cause of a separate Bodoland. A historical understanding of the movement have brought into light different phases of the same: from moderate to militant phases out of its interplay with different factors. The response from the state is visible in different forms; sometimes through the means of suppression while on other times through political and constitutional solutions as evident in the creation of Bodoland Territorial Council. In understanding the same the paper seeks to understand the particular historical juncture at which different autonomy arrangement has been innovated and at the same time durability of such arrangement is critically analyzed. .

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Mitashree Tripathy

Digital transformation is about using a technology that is digital and that facilitates people to find solutions to their problems. When one talks about transformation through digital technology, it is understood as some form of innovation and newness in a certain field. Rather than simply sticking to the old traditional methods to find the solutions, the use of digital technology aids to do so. Digital transformation is the incorporation of digital technology in every domain of business. Such incorporation changes the whole essence of business that is from going paperless, to radically modulating the operations and delivery within an organisation. Rapid changes in technology and cut throat competition among world class organisations around the globe have implemented digital transformation through digital technology considering it crucial and urgent in all forms of business. Digital transformation in an organisation helps an organisation to keep pace with what customers demand today or might be their demands in the future. It provides an organisation with a competent atmosphere to work in that leverages the status of both organisation and society as a whole. Business dimensions need to be expanded and employees need to be more responsive, creative, customer-oriented, modernized and efficient. Hence it is essential for the employees at workplaces to develop professional skills to keep pace with the fast evolving nature of the organisation and help achieve its excellence. Digital transformation as a continuous process within the organisations does not simply include digital technology but also requires professionals who know how to use the technology. This paper provides a brief introduction on digital transformation and also provides the professional skills that contribute to digital transformation imperative today at workplaces with a purpose to create potentialities of totally influencing the contingencies and prospective of newer technologies and more rapid and better impact in the future.

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Gowthish K, Kannan R

In this study we observed the effect of four red algal seaweedís extract using methanol solvent on various life stages of S.litura such as larval mortality, pre-pupal mortality, pupation, pupal malformation and larval to adult conversion ratio and the results are presented in both table and graphical form. The causes of all these seaweeds on larvae begin from 48hrs except H. valentiae which produced mortality after 60hrs of treatment. The highest larvicidal activity (53.33%) was observed after 72 hrs of treatment at the maximum concentration 10 per cent by the G. edulis whereas G. folifera and G. lithophila were produced similar larvicidal activity (33.33%) and least larval dead was counted in H. valentiae at 26.66 per cent larval mortality respectively.

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Deepak Kumar, Illiyas Maqbool Malla, Sharmila.P, Nandhini C, Sivasubramani K

Antimicrobial resistance is a threat to public health that requires our immediate attention. Pseudomonas aeruginosa displays an extraordinary resistance many traditional antibiotics which are presently used to treat bacterial infections. P. aeruginosa causes serious nosocomial infections with high morbidity and mortality. In the present study, we investigated 70 clinical isolates of P. aeruginosa, isolated from clinical samples of patients suffering from bacterial infections. The antibiotic susceptibility patterns of the isolates were determined by disc diffusion method. The antimicrobial susceptibility pattern of the P. aeruginosa isolates revealed that most of them were found to be resistant to Piperacillin (75.14%), Tetracycline (67.14%), Erythromycin (94.85%) and a complete resistance was observed with Ciprofloxacin (100%). Regarding the antibiotic sensitivity, 94.85% of them were found to be sensitive to both Vancomycin and Gentamycin followed by Meropenam (87.14%) and Cefepime (54.29%). MAR (multiple antibiotic resistance) index of the isolates were ranged from 0.1- 0.8. 40% of the isolates showed a MAR index of 0.5 followed by 27.14% (0.6), 12.86% (0.3), 11.43% (0.4) and 8.57% (0.8). The biofilm formation assay showed that all the tested isolates were able to biofilm. From the results, it was observed that the clinical isolates of P. aeruginosa were resistant to most of the traditionally using antibiotics tested.)

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Mervin Ealiyas Mathews, Nandhagopal M, N.Anand, G. Prince Arulraj

The sustainability of the construction industry is being vital instead of choosing random choices because the bond between the economy and the environment must be correlated. Here comes the role of Self-Compacting Concrete (SCC) ahead of Normally Vibrated concrete (NVC) due to the increased powder content and paste volume, it is possible to develop SCC with the use of unprocessed waste products as Supplementary Cementitious Materials(SCM). Thereby it is possible to achieve high-quality SCC with adequate strength and durability for the construction execution. From the review of literature, an extensive comparative study has been made for the various SCM used for the development of SCC. Rheological, durability and mechanical properties were examined. Findings revealed the possible extent of using waste materials rather than mere choices are valuable in case of the development of SCC that will give a potential move towards the green ecology and environment, thereby provides an idea for moving the construction industry towards sustainability.

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Panbarasan.M, Karthikeshwaran.R

At the end of 20th century, most countries in South East Asia(SEA) found difficult to fulfil their domestic hydrocarbon demand by its own resources. Till date, the resources with less complexity is exploited in large scale leaving the smaller resources and highly challenging resources in both onshore and offshore regions of SEA. This leads to more import of hydrocarbon from the Gulf countries and Middle East which have negative impact in the economic growth of a country. To overcome this, the small fields in SEA has to be operated to meet out its own demand.

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Asep Muhamad Soleh, Tobari, Nila Kesumawati

This paper concerned on developing an aircraft rescue and firefighting simulator practicum guidebook at the Palembang Aviation Training College. Research methods are research and development. Validation of guidebook development is carried out by media experts, material experts and instructors, using a questionnaire. The practicality of the guidebook was carried out by pretest and posttest and the results of the data were analyzed by paired sample t-test. Regarding the practicum guidebook which was declared valid by the validator with very good criteria, and was considered significant before and after tested to the participants of education and training. Thus the guidebook is declared practical.

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Arpita Jadhav, Saurabh Rajput, Khedekar Vilas Baburao, Dr. Dharmendra Singh Rajput

Bike accidents have been occurring daily and increasing day by day, people donít tend to wear a helmet while riding a bike to overcome this issue instead of using a helmet just as a safety equipment it is possible to make much more out of it which will help the rider in many ways such as to utilize the time while riding, effectively reaching to the desired destination, safely riding by knowing the most possible road conditions. The design of Smart Helmet in this paper is the way to achieve above mentioned traits which will be using direct helmet to mobile connection through Arduino UNO and HC-05 Bluetooth Module, Speech Inputs and Speech Outputs for better convenient communication with the helmet using Natural Language Processing (NLP), more detailed display output to the rider without getting the riderís visual off the traffic scene using a Heads-Up Display (HUD).

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Manoj Modi, Gopal Agarwal, V.Patil, Ashish Khare, Saloni Shukla, Advitiya Sankhala

This paper sets up the M/M/1 queuing model, analyses the traffic intensity of Palasia intersection (Indore city, India) through analyzing the queuing theory deeply, and uses the model to analyze the settings of the lane and signal timing that is based on a certain degree of accuracy.

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S.Vinodhini, Dr.S.J.Suji Prasad

The industry that deals with high pressure fluids use spherical tank for its storage purpose. The level control of such system is an important task. As the spherical tank is non-linear in nature, the conventional PID controller does not provide efficient control action. In this paper, the system behavior is analyzed in real time using PID controller and Integral-Proportional Derivative controller (I-PD). The I-PD controller, the diverse structure of conventional controller is considered and analyzed. The output responses of the proposed controller is obtained and the ouput shows that the I-PD controller gives best settling time and minimal peak overshoot value than the conventional PID controller.

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Ouiame Taimouri, Ahmed Souissi

this paper consists of modeling a solar absorption air conditioning system for an office building in Morocco to replace conventional air conditioning systems whose power is already determined. This study will allow us to estimate the cooling production, the electricity consumption, the coefficient of efficiency (COP) and the overall performance of the solar air conditioning installation according to the external demands, in order to optimize and size the required installation. Dynamic modeling seems inevitable so to be able to take into account as precisely as possible all the physical phenomena related to our problem.

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Dadang Suganda, Nani Darmayanti, Wagiati, Sugeng Riyanto

The success of a treatment is not only on the actions and medications provided by the doctor to the patient, but also in the process of communication that occurs between doctor and patient. Likewise, in traditional medication, good communication between traditional medication therapist and patients can become a driving factor in the success of the treatment process. Therefore, this study aims to examine how therapeutic communication process in traditional Sundanese medication in West Java Indonesia. This method of research used is qualitative with the techniques of collecting surveilance or observation data and in-depth interviews. The results showed that the therapeutic communication process in traditional medication has a stage (1) preparation or pre-interaction stage, (2) Introduction or orientation, (3) Working stage and (4) termination phase. In the process of therapeutic communication traditional treatment, there are many communication processes that are suggestive and contain cultural and religious elements.

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Manohar Dingari, D. Mallikarjuna Reddy, V. Sumalatha

In recent years civil aviation transportation has developed rapidly in India. For any air carrier it is important to know the future demand of air passengers (air traffic) to provide proper air space resources. In this paper we focused on forecasting the air passengers traveling by Air India domestic flights by using Artificial Neural Networks (ANN). For this the data has been considered as the number of passengers traveled monthly during January 2012 to December 2018 by Air India domestic flights. Artificial Neural Network models have found many applications in classification and prediction of time series. Multi-Layer Perceptron (MLP) architecture is used in this study with feed forwarded back propagation algorithm. Sigmoid function is used as activation function.

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Khaleel H. Younis, Shkar Latif

The construction of huge concrete structures with gradually complex designed forms that have congested reinforcement has been increased. Therefore, the need to improve the current practices of concrete technology to introduce new kinds of concrete with superior properties has attracted the researchers to conduct more studies in this regard. As a result, the researchers achieved their goal and developed a new kind of concrete which is known as self-compacting concrete (SCC). Meanwhile, one of the biggest challenges facing the industry of the civil engineering is how to be eco-friendly. One way is by using the natural resources judiciously in construction practices. Another way is by utilization of recycled materials in the production of concrete. The amount of the destructed and demolished waste that has been increased due to the great request of materials of construction in current years put an enormous pressure on nature. So, this has made the use of recycled aggregate in concrete a vital step towards eliminating the depletion of the natural resources of aggregate, sustainability enhancement and protecting the environment. This paper presents a review on the effect of recycled concrete aggregate (RCA) on the mechanical properties of self-compacting. Despite the reduction in its mechanical properties, SCC made with RCA can be easily used in constructing structural elements and help in enhancing the sustainability of concrete.

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Ahmad Fauzan, Yulyanti Harisman, Arini

This study aims to observe how elementary school students in Indonesiasolve multiplication problems. Four cases of multiplication were given to the student. Each case was designed with different goals that allows students to do a repeated addition, multiplication with ten, multiplication with multiple of ten, and multiplication with standard algorithms. The case given was taken from a local instructional theory that had been developed in the previous study. The development process of the local instructional theory has been published in a different place. This research was survey research with data analysis using grounded theory. Each student was given four cases that had been provided for a certain period of time. The results of student answers were collected, and grouped by giving a code based on strategies that students chose. The way of the studentsí choses on each case would describe detail in this paper.

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D. Ramesh,B. Rama

Persistence of data has been around for many decades. In computer science, storing data permanently and efficiently is the rationale behind all the innovations in the persistence media. The contemporary technology to store and handle voluminous data is the storage service rendered by cloud computing platforms. However, data owner has no control over cloud infrastructure. It is totally in an untrusted environment. Nevertheless, there have been some mechanisms to deal with the security of data that has been outsourced. Right from public auditing methods to provable data possession to data integrity methods came into existence to ensure cloud storage security. Cryptographic methods could solve security problems. However, flexible encryption methods that help in secure data outsourcing that supports search and data dynamics on encrypted data are still desired. In this paper, we proposed a methodology that handle secure data storage in cloud and allow operations directly on encrypted data. Besides it takes care of the different formats of data. Jelastic cloud platform is used with two kinds of environments, one for structured data and one for unstructured and semi-structured data, are used for empirical study. A prototype application is built using Java programming language that facilitates intuitive interface to have flexible encrypted storage in public cloud and data dynamics directly on encrypted cloud datawith the help of Homomorphic Encryption (HE). The empirical results showed that the proposed system is more efficient than many existing methods.

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K.Suresh, A.Sangeetha, P.Pradeepa, S.Vijayprasath

The mounting numbers of traffic accidents all over the human race are owing to driver fatigue. Observing the driving personal state of alertness and fatigue is exclusively significant to lessen the amount of traffic calamities. For that reason a system that can detect looming driver drowsiness in prior and issue timely warning could help to prevent many accidents. In this proposed work, a new EOG signal processing algorithm to determine the state of drowsiness was developed. The proposed method relies only on derivative and amplitude level of received EOG signal. Based upon the different ocular movements, algorithm was tested in LabVIEW for determining drowsiness.

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Neethu. MR, Harini.N

Social networking sites generally push aside trust issues to maximize social interaction. One of the barriers to trust in online environment is privacy because Internet by design lacks a unified method for identifying who communicates with whom. Privacy concern is a person's awareness and assessment of risks related to privacy violations. Violation to privacy happens mostly because users themselves don't understand the consequences of sharing their personal data with peers. Context aware systems like cameras, accelerometers, microphones etc. affect privacy to a larger extent. Individuals are more likely to be concerned about their privacy when information is used without one's knowledge. In this paper, a privacy preservation scheme that safeguards users from online social networks selling data to third parties, based on distributed ledger technology is presented. The proposed scheme uses IPFS to store the digital content with high integrity thus making it available to all.

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Deny Danar Rahayu

This study aims to examine the effect on the level of customer satisfaction on service quality consisting of Tangible, Empathy, Reliability, Responsiveness and Assurance at Pekanbaru Three Star Hotels. In this study the intended population is all service users at Furaya Hotel and Ibis Pekanbaru. The number of samples selected from the population studied was used using the Slovin method. The type of data used in this study are qualitative and quantitative data. In collecting data from respondents, the authors used questionnaire and interview methods. The results of the study show that in general the quality of services available at Furaya Hotel Pekanbaru and Ibis Hotel Pekanbaru have been good or satisfying for the hotel customers. Sequentially the best or most satisfying dimensions are Tangible, Responsiveness, Assurance, Empathy and Reliability. From the research that has been done shows that the results of this study are using a superior customer service strategy, where companies try to provide more or best service for customer satisfaction.

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Ravikumar.T, Murugan.N, Suhashini.J

Digital lending is new and emerging area in the field of lending or credit. Lending through digital platform, right from receipt of loan application to disbursement of loans, is known as digital lending. Digital lending gains momentum as a result of employing new technologies, new credit scoring algorithms and inclusive approach. This article focuses on framework, working mechanism and growth of digital lending in India.

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Deborah G. Brosas, Ariel M. Sison, Ruji P. Medina

Vernam Cipher, known as One Time Pad, was proved to be unbreakable; however, the keystream digits have to be completely random. Stream Ciphers address the issues by forgoing a degree of security by using a pseudorandom number generator, yet a known-plaintext attack is still a challenge when the key is used more than once due to a weak classical combiner XOR. With this, the study improved the algorithm using multilevel encryption techniques. The proposed algorithm evaluated with the use of Strict Avalanche Effect Criterion with average results of 81.48%. Moreover, the combined results of the Randomness Test having the P-Value between 0-1 (Table 4) indicates that the proposed method showed better results over the original Vernam Cipher algorithm.

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S. Radha Priya, Dr. M. Devapriya

The Ubiquity of Online Social Networks(OSNs) is creating new sources for healthcare information, particularly in the context of pharmaceutical drugs. Opinion mining on twitter data is an emerging topic in research. Tweets are usually short, more ambiguous and contain a huge amount of noisy data. Sometimes, it is difficult to understand the userís opinion. The first step of the opinion mining is text preprocessing of Twitter data. This research paper focuses on the preprocessing techniques to enhance the accuracy of the opinion classification. Twitterís contents include usersí behaviors, states of mind, comments on certain topics etc, and a lot of these contents express the usersí opinions unavoidably. Data Preprocessing is the process used to clean useless text from unstructured text for further analysis. The preprocessing is the most difficult task; since it can be done in various methods applied in twitter dataset. The present paper is based on the demonstration of a complete step-by-step process of analyzing opinions from tweets related to some specific diabetic drugs. R-tool is used for performing all essential steps. This research work proves as an initiative process to identify diabetic drugs(generic and brand) and extract potential adverse effects by analyzing the content of twitter messages using opinion mining analysis.

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Acim Heri Iswanto

In this article, we introduce an inventory cost reduction technique for hospital using lean canvas. With this technique, we show that it is possible to train management in implementing this method effectively. We believe that a proper training implementation can improve lean canvas skill in reducing the inventory cost, which in turn increase financial output of the hospital as well as promote a unique value proposition for the customers.

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Jessie R. Paragas, Ariel M. Sison, Ruji P. Medina

Cryptography is used during the exchange of information to guarantee the confidentiality and integrity of data. The hill cipher is a polygraph cipher with a fundamental structure and quick calculations. However, it could be weak with a known-plaintext attack. Another downside is the uncertainty of an invertible key matrix for decryption. In this paper, the process of encryption of plaintext in 128-bit blocks using base 64 conversion, cipher block chaining, and modified substitution box was applied to overcome these weaknesses of the Hill cipher. The proposed method provides improved data security and overcomes the drawbacks of the original hill cipher algorithm. The tests result validates that based on the actual experiment, the security of the ciphertext increases to 64.27% of the avalanche effect score and passes through the randomness test method.

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M.S.Irfan Ahmed, P.Ramila Rajaleximi

Financial institutions possess a great deal of credit risk in assessing credit application for approval. In recent days, to assess, manage and to make decisions on the credit risks of the customers, financial institutions employ internal scorecards. However, major banks use several existing one-dimensional credit scoring model which may lead to inaccurate assessment results. In this paper, a three-dimensional hybrid credit scoring technique has been proposed that includes sequential application scoring along with the dual credit scoring matrix model. Dual credit scoring model uses behavioural credit scoring and credit bureau scoring for computing the trust rating. Also, the behavioural scoring model employs an optimized multiple rank score based feature selection for accurate scoring. On employing the signed approach based trust ratings, the customers are categorized into three risk groups for assessing and managing the customer credit risks. The credit strategies to be followed in making decisions are also presented along with the empirical analysis. The results from the analysis show that the proposed method provides 88% precision with 43.17 K-S statistics value.

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Surya Teja Marella, K.Karthikeya, Saiteja Myla, M.Mohan Sai , Vamseekrishna Allam

Credit card frauds transactions are becoming more frequent day by day and it is becoming more difficult for humans to analyse fraudulent transactions by analysing transaction hence it has become necessary for humans to develop an intelligent system to determine fraudulent transactions. The technique we applied to determine fraudulent transactions are anomaly detection (Outlier detection). Several intelligent algorithms can be used in this context for anomaly detection (outlier detection), In this paper we implemented Decision Tree algorithm, Random Forest and Neural Networks to determine which algorithm is best fit in terms of time taken and accuracy. We were able to formulate results of 284,407 transactions over a period of two days in September 2013. We were able to identify that three models are almost equal when it comes to accuracy but random forest is more precise.

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Saravanan. J, Suneetha. V

Microbial asymmetric reduction of ketone is an efficient tool for the synthesis of chiral alcohols. Many reports are available for the bio-reduction of acetophenone and its derivatives, since it is widely used model substrate. This research focus on exploring the soil fungal isolates for their ability towards the reduction of acetophenone and its derivatives to their corresponding chiral alcohols using growing cells instead of resting cells. Bio-reduction of acetophenone, 4-fluoro acetophenone, and 4-chloro acetophenone were carried out using different fungal cultures isolated from soil. All the isolates exhibited a good reduction capability when grown in an optimal condition. Among the screened fungal cultures, Penicillium sp. and Aspergillus sp. showed significant bioconversion with varying enantio-selectivity. However, the Penicillium sp. has showed maximum ability of bio-reduction. The best performing isolate was characterized using internal transcribed spacer (ITS) region and found to be Penicillium rubens VIT SS1, which showed higher conversion and selectivity more than 90% towards acetophenone and its derivatives. The reaction conditions such as pH, temperature and media were evaluated for the bio-reduction of acetophenone using Penicillium rubens VIT SS1. The substrate loading was increased from 0.5g/L to 6g/L at shake flask level using the optimized condition pH 5Ī0.5 and temperature 25Ī2įC. This study revealed huge potential of fungal cultures for the synthesis of many aromatic chiral alcohols in a simpler, novel and cost effective manner.

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In day today life, the whole world electricity wastage is the biggest problem in society. The power wastage of street light is the major problem in rural areas and remote location. The objective of our current work is to design IoT based power generation and management of smart street light using hybrid renewable solar and wind energy system. This proposed work DC-DC converter which is used to boost the output power from the sources and it transmits it to the street light.In our proposed work, we use esp8266 modem can monitor the voltage and current hybrid renewable energy system. All this parameters are controlled and monitored through IOT blynk server from the base station. Using the IoT Technology for supervising wind and solar power generation can effectively improve the performance of smart street light monitoring and control system. IoT is employed to feed the information into the thinkspeak cloud in order that it eases the storage of data and may be accessed at any point of your time throughout the energy generational process. This project can do high efficiency power and additionally the peak demand has been satisfied.

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Acim Heri Iswanto

This research aim to explore an implementation of lean in Yoseph 1 Pavilion of RK Charitas Hospital Palembang. This study start from step taken by the team, after training, training, was to organize the Value Stream Mapping (VSM) of this pavilion, to identify existing wastes. Waste identification allowed the team to see what improvement opportunities can be made. After carrying out the VSM, the known wastes became the subject to the 5 S process, ended with standardization of work. These results noticed that 50% of powder, lotion, and topical liquid inventories. While cream and infusion were reduced by 53% and 46% respective, while for health equipment reduced by 37%. Overall, after the 5S process, inventories in January decreased 39% of inventories in December 2016. This research show that lean implementations do manage to decrease inventory in certain items and overall items in hospitals. Similarly, lean assuredly increase the number of patient visits to inpatient installations either wholly or by patient class as well.

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Bui Trong Hieu

University introductory programming courses are part of the curricula of many engineering and sciences programs. These courses provide a set of programming exercises for students. However, for many novice students, it is very difficult to learn. In particular, these students often get stuck and frustrated when attempting to solve programming exercises. One way to assist beginning programmers to overcome difficulties in learning to program is to use intelligent tutoring systems (ITSs) for programming, which can provide students with personalized hints of studentsí solving process in programming exercises. Many ITSs for programming that offer programming exercises provide automated feedback on student programs. In spite of the proven effectiveness of ITSs for, not many ITSs for programming are utilized in real classrooms. Because of interoperability issues, ITSs for programming are difficult to build in current educational platforms without additional work. This disadvantage is significant because ITSs for programming require considerable time and resources for their implementation. In this research work, the paper presents both a soft and technical interoperability of programming exercises. With regard to the soft interoperability of programming exercises, the paper discusses on a classification of programming exercises. With regard to the technical interoperability of programming exercises, this paper presents a framework that addresses the content and communication interoperability issues typically found in the domain of programming.

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Ardiyan Saptawan, Muhammad Ammar, Lili Erina, Ermanovida, Alamsyah

Sumatra Island is one of Indonesia's regions which has a high risk of forest fires. Even though many scientists have studied forest fires using various perspectives, little research analyzed the determinants of forest fires quantitatively. This article aims to analyze the influence of village topography (X1), geographical position of villages with forests area (X2), forest functions (X3), sources of population income (X4), resident agricultural commodities (X5), slush and burn traditions (X6), residents dependency upon forest area (X7), cooking fuel for most families (X8), the number of civil defense (pertahanan sipil or hansip) or community protection (perlindungan masyarakat or linmas) office at village level (X9) against forest fires on Sumatra Island using logistic regression. The research data came from the 2018 Village Potential survey produced by the Central Bureau of Statistic of the Republic of Indonesia. Data analysis focused on three provinces (South Sumatra, Riau and Jambi) which had a high risk of forest fires compared to other provinces on Sumatra Island. The results showed that of the nine independent variables identified as predictors of forest fires, only four independent variables (X6, X3, X5, X9) significantly affected Y (forest fires incident). The final logistic regression model can explain Y by 5 percent significantly, X2 (4) = 110.95, p <0.01. All independent variables have a positive relationship with Y and contribute as 202.4% (X6), 25.2% (X3), 86% (X9), and 19.6% (X5). This article recommends that the government should focus on the effort of forest fire prevention on villages that have slush and burn agriculture practices. The government must allow conditional burning for small farmers and regulate the standardization of management and technology for preventing and combating forest fires for private corporations. This article encourages government and private corporations to strengthen institutions at the village level as an entry point for citizen participation in forest fire prevention.

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Acim Heri Iswanto

This research aim to explore an implementation of lean in Fransiskus Pavilion of RK Charitas Hospital Palembang. This study start from step taken by the team, after training, was to prepare a process map of the pavilion, to identify flow of products that can in turn identify waste that has occurred. Waste identification allowed the team to see what improvement opportunities could be made. After preparing the VSM, we performed the PDCA (Plan, Do, Check, Act) cycles on whatever opportunities successfully derived from the process map. These results noticed an excess inventory in all groups, except for injection. 70% of other inventory in the form of Q-syte closed luer access device (BD) was reduced. While raw material and infusion were reduced by 57% and 31% respectively, while for embalase was reduced by 7%, embalase (33%), and disposible (30%). Infusion is also reduced by 30%. All of them experience reduction with no exception. The injection group is the least reduced i.e., only by 13%. This research show that lean implementations do manage to decrease inventory in certain items and overall items in the hospital. Nevertheless, the result in increasing the number of patients takes time, especially in the segment of patients with very high cost in the VVIP class which is an upgrade of the VIP Plus class.

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Vasanthi.S, Dr.S.Rabiyathul Basariya

Employees Training is an essential and un avoidable one for the growth of an organisation. To improve the productivity, the skills of all the employees need to be enhanced. Training does this job effectively by enhancing the performance of the employeesí in turn resulting improved performance of the organisation. This paper discusses on the job training, off the job training and their pros and cons.

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M Yusuf S Barusman, Budhi Waskito, Indriati Agustina Gultom, Ayu Kartika Puspa, Appin Purisky Redaputri

Bumi Dipasena Jaya village implements a Joint Community Business system with adjusted business patterns and financial sharing patterns. With the background of the Dipasena Earth shrimp farm that has experienced a crisis, Bumi Dipasena Jaya Shrimp Farm in Lampung also has problems, especially in terms of the sustainability of its business. The purpose of this study is to find out problem in maintaining the sustainability of the Bumi Dipasena shrimp farm business and the alternative solution.The method used in this study is Soft Systems Methodology, with a decision-making analysis tool using Analytical Network Procurement (ANP) by comparing the success factors obtained during the implementation of Focus Group Discussion. The results obtained are infrastructure (40%) in this case related to electricity. The second priority of the calculation results is occupied by Human Resources (25%), an alternative solution offered is the dissemination of leadership and regeneration of leadership. The third priority is technology (15%) with alternative solutions in the form of saprotam research. The fourth priority is the environment (12%) with alternative solutions namely the social environment. The fifth priority is Regulation (4%) with alternative legal and institutional umbrella solutions. The sixth or final priority is politics (3%) with an alternative solution, namely the role of the government. The role of the government will be to provide policy solutions in overcoming problems that are security, comfort and certainty in trying.

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Ravindra Rawat, Narender Kumar

Educational data mining is definitely an inclination, worried with developing approaches for discovering, and analyzing the large details, which come from the educational circumstance. At the brief minute, there can be an increasing curiosity in details mining and educational program, making educational data mining to be a new growing analysis community. This paper Study a past application and history of data gold mining techniques in the educational field. The achievement of the plentiful work needs a lot more specialized job to ensure that educational data exploration to become mature region .That review pursues a twofold goal, the foremost is to preserve and improve the chronicles of most recent educational data mining (EDM) advances production: the second reason is to arrange, analyze, and discuss the content of the review based on the outcome made by a data mining or prospecting (DM) approach. The review concludes utilizing a snap shot of the surveyed EDM functions, and provides a comprehensive analysis of the EDM strengths a weakness, opportanities, and dangers whose elements represent, in this true way future function to be completed. This paper study the use of data mining to regular educational systems, particular online classes ,well-know .learning articles management systems, and intelligent and adaptable web-based educational systems.

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Ade Sri Mariawati, Fatin S.D, Ani Umyati, Moh Fawaid, Muhammad Nurtanto

Based on Indonesia health data, an increasing number of stroke patients ranging from 8.3 per 1,000 people in 2007 to 1 per 1000 people in 2013. Stroke is a sudden attack that occurs in the brain that involve blood vessel in the brain blocked until the rupture and cause diverse paralysis symptoms such as impaired speech and swallowing disorders. Based on type stroke, 85% stroke is ischemic stroke and 15% are hemorrhagic. Ischemic stroke is a stroke caused by blockage of blood vessels and leads to paralysis on one side of the body. Post-ischemic stroke patients in particular need of exercise when post-cure. Post-exercise recovery process that has an important role in everyday life include strength training the legs and arms. Now there are tools and hand leg exercises for patients with post-ischemic stroke in the form of a static bike, but this tool still has shortcomings, ranging from the type of pedal is used, and the absence of static load for bicycle users. The aim of this study was to design a strength training tool for the patient's feet and hands after ischemic stroke. Based on previous observations followed the design of the product development cycle using the static design method of product development Karl T. Ulrich. The method consists of five phases namely, Phase 0 planning, phase 1 concept development, phase 2 level system design, phase 3 detailed design, phase 4 testing and repair, phase 5 product launch. In this study only used two steps. Result from identification Safe when used (for users), Adjustable load as needed , Comfortable during use (for users), Easy to take care, Sturdy, Light, Work manually, Easily to use (for users), Easy to be overhauled, Attractive design, Durable, Pedal appropriate size with the hands and feet, Affordable prices, Easily stored

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Parag Jose Chacko, Meikandasivam Sachidanandam

Plug Ėin Electric Vehicles (PHEV) ensures the reduction in emission levels as compared to IC engine based vehicles. The minimization of emission levels and fuel costs would lead to over utilization of the Traction battery in a PHEV. This work focuses on development of an Intelligent Energy Management System (IEMS) which optimizes the emission level and fuel costs considering the criticality of the future journey of the PHEV user. The criticality of the journey for the PHEV user regulates the decision made by the Intelligent Energy Management System. The system developed is a Parallel Hybrid system with a BLDC motor assisting the IC engine in propulsion. To validate the IEMS operation a detailed design and development of a Parallel Hybrid Vehicle considering a 150cc Petrol engine as the main propulsion source and a 3kW BLDC motor as the support propulsion source is done. The design and testing of the response of the vehicle to drive cycle is performed using Matlab/Simulink environment. The impact of the designed model on the 14 ĖDegrees of Freedom is performed to validate the developed model. The prototype is then developed and tested with the IEMS controller. The decision on load sharing is performed using a Non-Dominated Sorting Genetic Algorithm ĖII (NSGA-II) approach. The IEMS optimizes the Emission Level and Fuel costs depending on the next journey distance, altitude and the PHEV user criticality and decides the permissible Depth of Discharge (DoD ) level for the traction battery.

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Zetra Hainul Putra, Gustimal Witri, Tria Yulita

This study aimed at developing a learning media based on Information and Communication Technology (ICT), especially PowerPoint, for the integrated thematic instruction in the theme about saving energy, within the subtheme about energy and movement. The method used is the developmental research, and one of the important procedures is to validate the PowerPoint-based learning media. The qualitative validity was done with 41 student teachers from the elementary school teacher training study program, a public university in Pekanbaru, Indonesia, and the results indicated that the media had good quality. Then, the media was piloted with 32 four grade students from a public elementary school in Pekanbaru, Indonesia. The results showed that there was a significant improvement in studentsí learning outcomes from 68.94 to 76.72. In addition, the PowerPoint-based learning media gave a positive effect to students in which they felt very happy when using it.

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Somya Tiwari, Neha Gupta

Wind energy potential can be assess using Weibull parameters. Weibull parameters are shape and scale parameters which gives best fit values for prediction of wind energy. In this research we are considering four methods namely Least square regression method (LSRM), Energy pattern factor method (EPFM), Method of moments (MOM) and Empirical method. One year complete data of wind speed at site Baderan of Bikaner Rajasthan, India on the interval of 10 minutes was analyzed and converted into required format of monthly average data. Standard deviation of this data series was arrived upon. With the help of Weibull parameters Weibull probability function and cumulative density function was derived. Considering mean wind speed and Weibull parameters wind power density on actual and Weibull methods was decided. Data clearly indicates that May is the month of maximum wind power density whereas November was with least. Data & statistical analysis throws a distinct feature of the site having good potential for harnessing wind energy.

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Lalu Sumardi, Farida Hanum

In every society there is always inequality, and that inequality raises social stratification. So, there is no society without stratification or no classless society. In Sasak society inequality occurs not only in aspects related to economics but also inequality occurs in cultural aspects. In this study, it will be discussed about the imbalance of Sasak people in terms of cultural aspects and patterns of mobility in the community. The in-depth interview method is used to gather information about stratification and mobility in the Sasak community. In-depth interviews were conducted with cultural figures and Sasak community leaders who were well versed in the culture of the community. The results of this study indicate that the Sasak community in terms of culture has three social stratifications; perwangse, triwangse, and jajarkarang. The stratification is identical to the type of social caste (caste) in Indian society, but social mobility in Sasak society is not as rigid/closed as in India. Mobility can occur from the upper classes to the lower classes, but mobility cannot occur from the lower classes to the upper classes. This mobility forms a new layer in Sasak society.

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Ashwani K., Vijay K., Darshan K.

In this paper, the kinematics solution of five degrees of freedom Pioneer arm with six revolute joints using swarm algorithm has been presented. DH parameters are used to obtain the kinematics analysis of the manipulator. Simulations have been performed on the MATLAB with ANFIS to show the workspace of the robotic manipulator. Firefly algorithms and Grey wolf optimization have been used for the minimization of errors. The errors have been optimized to minimum value at different Iterations.

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Nguyen Phu Loc

Piagetís theory of cognitive constructivism explains the cognitive development process as an adaptive process including assimilation and accommodation. In this paper, we clarify what constructivism and cognitive constructivism are; specially clarify the concepts related to the adaptive process in learning. On that basis, we propose a teaching process on the basis of Piaget's adaptive thesis and conduct experimental teaching as an illustration.

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Roh Santoso Budi Waspodo, Pangestu, Vita Ayu Kusuma Dewi

The water in the earth can be found in the oceans, rivers, lakes, groundwater, rainwater and springs. The difference in the location of water sources will affect the water characteristics of the water. One area that has a large potential for spring is on the slopes of the volcano. The existence of slope morphology due to volcanic activity is estimated to make the study area have many springs with various ways of appearing. This research aims to determine the distribution of areas that have the potential for hot spring based on temperature and salinity. This research was conducted in several steps, such as collection and analysis data. Calculation of distribution EC, TDS, and temperature were performed by using interpolation formula and software Surfer. Cold springs and wells are suitable for consumption because they have TDS values below 500 mg/l. Study of water sources could affect the movement of hot water does not lead to the location of the garden. Hot springs available in Ciater and the distribution could by piping.

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Mohammad Saleh, Agung Budi Sulistiyo, Nur Hisamuddin, Ahmad Roziq

This study aims to analyze the problem of profit sharing system implemented by Sharia Rural Bank(SRB) to finance small and medium scale businesses and the solution as well as the reconstruction of profit sharing financing models and cooperation models between SRB and zakat management organizations. Zakat Management Organizations (ZMO) can provide assistance in the form of ZIS distribution and provision of revolving financing to Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME). ZMO can also provide financial guarantee assistance or provide assistance with debt financing settlement that cannot be paid by MSME. Then, SRB can distribute their profits to ZMO and even MSME who obtain profits can pay zakat on business profits to ZMO. Then this collaboration model will create mutualist symbiosis.

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K Harinisri, K Madhanasundareswari, R Arthikha

Consumption of diets wealthy in fruits and derived food product will bring substantial health edges. Analysis interest focuses on inhibitor and antimicrobial property gifts within the fruit. This study is aimed to grasp the activity of tropical fruit Averrhoa carambola. The binary compound extract of fruit was analyzed for varied phytochemicals and phenolics, flavonoids, alkaloids, and water-soluble vitamin content were gifts in ripe fruit. Antimicrobial activity of the binary compound extract decided by well diffusion technique and inhibition was measured against varied gram-positive and gram-negative organisms. The study conjointly aims to investigate the result of aqueous extract of carambola in reducing the cholesterol level. For this fatty food samples like egg yolk, ghee, chicken fat was treated with extract and calculable by Zakís technique for an amount of our time. Cholesterol lowering results against fatty samples result's ascertained.

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Rakesh Sharma, Sukhjinder Kaur

Recognition of the human facial feature using technology is being emerged widely. In the recent times, many image processing techniques have been developed with the different approaches in order to recognize the expressions or human emotions from the image. This paper has presented a novel approach which used different components of the human face that includes pair of eyes, and mouth as the essential parameters to recognize the gesture or the expression of the face. The features are extracted using LDP (Local Direction Pattern) and LPQ (Local Phase Quantization) techniques of feature extraction. These techniques outweigh the techniques used in the traditional work (LBP and LTP). The complexity is reduced and Support vector machine is deployed for classification and recognition of the particular tasks. Simulation is performed using MATLAB and results demonstrated that the proposed system to recognize facial expressions has less complexity and more efficiency as compared to the traditional FER.

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Himanshu Rastogi, Dr. Birendra Kumar Sharma

Today, there is hardly anyone who does not have a mobile phone. It is a common practice for everyone to have a mobile phone, because humans are using mobile phones effectively. If a mobile phone is not there, a human being today cannot complete its work even. Viewed from the right perspective, mobile phone is an unprecedented invention by man and for man. But everyone knows that whatever is beneficial to human beings in this earth is also harmed by the same thing. People are using mobile phone for Easy Communication, Connect with Social Media, Success device in Business, For personal security.All over the world the growth of internet is increasing and so theft of software code is also major concern. It becomes the severe issue for the developer of the software code, because they invest time and money for the development of software code. The security of mobile application code is necessary. Lots of protection techniques have been designed and developed to secure these codes from unauthorized accessibility.This research paper is presented as the implementation procedure of the Digital Watermarking Technique, described by Himanshu et al [3], to secure Intellectual Property Right of the mobile application code. The implementation is done using Android Studio 2.2.3 and Java programming language.

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Abdul Rasyid, Meri Kristi Natali

Currently, in Indonesia, electronic money as electronic payment has been developing significantly. It is now used immensely by society as an alternative means of cash payment. With the increasing use of electronic money, it must be regulated with comprehensive regulation. One important aspect which must be regulated is about legal protection for the user of electronic money, particularly for the user of unregistered e-money. Electronic money in Indonesia is regulated with Bank Indonesia Regulation Number 20/6/PBI/2018. This paper tries to analyze whether this electronic money regulation provides comprehensive legal protection for user of electronic money.

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Nanda Fito Mela

This research aimed at examining the contagion effect of a decrease in auditor quality on the earnings management practices. The number of research samples was 79 companies within 2012-2015. The earnings management was measured using Jones Modified Model. The decrease in auditor quality is measured by the misstatement of financial statements. Based on the results of the regression analysis, the contagion effect of a decrease in auditor's quality in the previous period and the current period, increasing the practice of earnings management. These results indicate that the contagion effect of a decrease in auditor quality indicates misstatement that provides a gap for companies to practice earnings management. The misstatement was carried over to the following financial reporting period, there by improving earnings management practices in the following period. The misstatement was carried over to the financial statement of other companies with the same auditor. Accordingly, it increases the earnings management Index TermsóContagion Effect; Auditor Quality, Earnings Management, Misstatement

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Muhammad Fuad, FerdaErnawan

Steganography schemes have been widely implemented in multimedia communication. Multimedia data, such as videos are often compressed to reduce the storage in the limited bandwidth. However, most video steganography schemes are not resistant to compression. The video provides additional hidden space in the image frame sequences. This research proposes a frame selection technique based on object motion and modified entropy in video steganography. The object motions in the video frame are determined by horizontal and vertical of motion vectors. The video frames that have object motion are computed by using modified entropy. The lowest modified entropy frames are selected for concealing a secret message. The proposed frame selections able to produce minimum distortion of stego-video compare to non-frame selection. The experimental results show that our scheme achieves good robustness of message recovery in terms of Bit Error Rate (BER) and Normalized Cross-Correlation (NC). The recovered messages of the proposed steganography scheme can survive under video compression.

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Vipin Badgaiyan

Gear is very critical component of transportation. Itís direct impact on traffic safety. Spalling is one of the main failure mechanism of the gear teeth, under the high speed and heavy load. This study focuses on the effect of spalling defects of different sizes on the time varying mesh stiffness. An analytical method is used to quantify the TVMS for healthy and faulty gear. Bending stiffness, Shear stiffness and axial compressive stiffness are taken into account. With increasing spalling size, the time varying mesh stiffness decreases in spalled tooth region. The TVMS is also obtained through finite element analysis for healthy and faulty gear and the results were compared with analytical results.

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Yulfitri Nurjanah, Lego Karjoko

Land purchased during the marriage period will be classified as shared property. If person is going to release or sell the land, then through the buying and selling process carried out in front of the Land Deed Official in the area where the land is located, and requires approval from the spouse, namely by signing or giving the fingerprint on the sale and purchase deed. Related to this, the release or sale of land with Freehold Title Number 1576 / Nusukan Village, Banjarsari sub-district, Surakarta City carried out by the husband without the wifeís consent, so that the land has now been transferred to another party. This legal research uses a type of empirical juridical research. Empirical juridical research that examines the legal provisions that apply and what happens in reality in the community. The parties present were incomplete, namely the wife of the seller was not present in making the sale and purchase deed, even though the land was shared property, so the sale deed did not fulfill the principle of legality in the State Administrative Law. With no material requirements fulfilled, the Sale and Purchase Act 112/Banjarsari/1994 is legally flawed and can therefore be canceled through a lawsuit to the court. The Freehold Title Number 1576/Nusukan does not fulfill the principle of legality because the Deed of sale with number 112/Banjarsari/1994 made by Land Deed Official Tjondro Santoso, Law Bachelor in his comparisons does not mention the sellerís wife and the signature of the sellerís wife, the deed is legally flawed and can therefore be canceled through a lawsuit to the court. And as a result of Land Deed Official violating Article 38 of Government Regulation Number 24 of 1997, which is subject to administrative actions in the form of a written warning to the dismissal from his position as Land Deed Official by not reducing the possibility of being sued for damages by those who suffer losses due to the sale and purchase agreement. When the State Administrative Decree in this case the Surakarta City Land Agency Office processes the sale and purchase with a legal sales defect and causes damage to other parties, the Surakarta City Land Agency Office may be subject to administrative sanctions and or claims by the injured party through the State Administrative Court.

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B.Lavanya, A.Auxilia Princy

The automatic generation of concept map are widely required in many fields, for precise understanding of the mandatory concepts. The concept extraction from the text automatically can help us to build any framework. This automatic generation can be achieved by the machine learning and deep learning algorithms .In this paper we have proposed an automatic system for concept map generation. Apriori, support vector machine, recurrent neural network and feed forward and back propagation algorithms are used to build our model. This automatic map generation aids the cognitive understanding of a concept, domain and a book in precise and with less time.

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Nidhi Singh, Jaya Pandey, Jayashree Anireddy

Naphthols are basically naphthalenes containing hydroxyl group. The synthetic reactions on these molecules via Williamson synthesis produced some diversified biologically active 1-[2-(Naphthalen-1-yloxy)-ethyl], 1-[2-(Naphthalen-2-yloxy)-ethyl], 1-{2-[4-(Naphthalen-1-yloxymethyl)-phenoxy]-ethyl} and 1-{2-[4-(Naphthalen-2-yloxymethyl)-phenoxy]-ethyl} derivatives. The reactions were executed via a simple one-pot synthetic route, using an elementary and efficient catalyst, potassium carbonate. The leading edge of this catalyst is that it is easily available and quite inexpensive, thus making this method an economical one. The synthesized compounds were spectrally analyzed for manifesting their subsistence and then computational studies were done for them, predicting their drug-likeness scores. The synthesized compounds were further subjected to anti-microbial assay for substantiating the results of computational analysis and importance of synthesized molecules.

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Hariharan.G ,Elangovan.D

Counterfeit notes are the major issue which dwindles the economy of various countries including India. Due to circulation of the fake notes ,the life style of the people has been severely affected. One of the major domains that have been used in counterfeit detection is Image Processing. The image Processing uses segmentation in which the images which have been captured and partitioned into various regions from which different features of the images can be extracted. The extracted features are used to distinguish the counterfeit notes from the original one. Based on the literature survey, some of the techniques used to detect fake notes are Image processing, Machine learning, SURF, ACO (Ant Colony Optimization), Edge Detection, CNN, NFC, RFID, Template matching, deep learning, SIFT.

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S. Subhasini, K.Sasikumar, S. Benazir Hazira, S.Senthilnathan, M. Rajasekara Pandian

Diethylene glycol dibenzoate (DGB) is recently approved by European Chemical Agency as an alternative to phthalates in the processing of plastic. The present study focused on the changes elicited DGB by on the hormonal effects of Zebrafish. The changes in the activities of the hormones after exposure to the sub lethal doses of Diethylene glycol (1,5 and 10 ppm) referred to endocrine disruption in zebrafish.The level of Reproductive hormones significantly decreased in the treated fish in comparison with control.The results of the present study indicate that Diethylene glycol dibenzoateled to reproductive toxicity in zebrafish through hormonal measurement, which provides the basis for the estimated ecological risk during dibenzoate exposure.

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Daniel Joe Dailin, Nor Hasmaliana Abdul Manas, Nur izyan wan Azelee, Shanmugaprakasham Selvamani, Hesham A. El-Enshasy

Probiotics, a term that means ďpromoting lifeĒ where living microbes function to regulate the microbiota of a host body compartment. Hence, it conferring health-promoting activities to the host. Current research has provided strong evidence that probiotics microorganisms are beneficial for human health, aquaculture and animal. The use of probiotics is increasing dramatically due to a better understanding of their beneficial effects. Consumption of probiotics increases with overall potential welfares such as antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal activity, immunomodulatory abilities to enhance the health and welfare of humans, aquaculture and animal. This review emphasized on revising the existing data for the potential beneficial effect of probiotics on human, aquatic and animal for different species of probiotics. This review could contribute towards future studied to further puzzle out the mechanisms of probiotics action. Hence, the selection criteria for potential probiotics will be well defined in the future.

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Pallavi R., Vishal V., Tushar Sharma, G.C. Banu Prakash

The Ad Hoc On-Demand Distance Vector routing protocol is the ideal protocol for routing in dense wireless networks. The metrics used to evaluate centrality for such networks include betweenness, closeness, degree, harmonic etc. The harmonic centrality is a better metric at leadership recognition. The authors propose an optimal machine learning approach to predict the harmonic centrality for each node based on few network parameters. The hypothesis that the distance from the source to destination contributes to the harmonic value is investigated. Regression models and Artificial Neural Networks were used to find the equation that fits the feature columns with minimum error. From the experiments, the authors concluded that the distance (closeness) does not contribute significantly towards leadership recognition in the network. Among the various approaches experimented with to predict the harmonic centrality, linear models showed a better fit and minimum error even in the case of scaling up the network.

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R. Nisarg, Ashish Paygude, G.S. Vijay

In a four stroke internal combustion engine significant values of torque are present in several orders of the speed of the engine causing torsional vibrations of the crankshaft. The shaft is designed to have its fundamental torsional mode frequency to be very much higher than the speed of the engine. When a component of insignificant moment of inertia is attached to the crankshaft, it is normally considered that its influence on the dynamics is negligible. It is shown in this work that even with a small variation in the moment of inertia or the speed of the engine can cause significant torsional vibrations under certain conditions.

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Ramaswamy.T ,Vangeti Amulya Reddy , D.Vishnu Vardhan,

Potential wireless network systems(i.e.[5G]) require higherinformation rates wireless communication. Currentphysical layertechniques ofwireless connectivity, such as conventional OFDM-basedmulti-carrier communications, are very hard to support traditional applications in huge connection and the sensory Internet. The major reason is that conventional OFDM devices use rectangular time-domain windows withvery poor frequency localization.Furthermore,to safeguard strict orthogonality, flexibleadjustment ofsystem parameters such as subcarrier frequency and spacing is quite hard, which indicates that conventional OFDM systems are very hard to use in future wireless technology with diverse equipment in a massively linked environment.CP-OFDM has poor OOB emissions. The existing techniques in OFDM, like filtering and windowing, reduce the Out of band emissions (OOB), but these will be effective and efficient only when the number of subcarriers is large. Usage of a large number of subcarriers in future wireless systems, in every case is not possible. So FBMC is chosen and considered as the solution for future wireless systems, due to its better spectral properties. I offer a good cohesive structure, rational discussion and success assessment of FBMC in this article and contrast it with systems based on OFDM.

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N.Satyavathi, Dr.B.Rama

Association Rule Mining is one of the most essential techniques for mining frequent patterns. Many algorithms have been proposed for mining association rules by various researchers. Further various algorithms for incremental mining are developed. Recently developed, the FIN_INCRE algorithm is the incremental algorithms for mining frequent item sets, which updates mined association rules without rescanning the original database. In this paper, we explain how FIN_INCRE algorithm can be applied on the sample library transactional dataset to find out the borrowing patterns of books, which helps in stacking of books and selection of books for growth of departmental libraries. It then explains how the FIN-INCRE algorithm can be applied for updating borrowing without scanning original transactional database when four new transactions are added to the original transactional database.

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Muhammad Yogie Wiratmoko

Factors influencing job satisfaction of employees in a company is workload. This research aims at (1) to know and analyze the impact of workloads on the performance of employees, (2) to know and analyze the impact of occupational stress on employee performance. The approach that is done in this study used a quantitative research approach and the population in this study amounted to 56 with research samples amounting to 56 people using sampling technique porpose sampling. The results of the study show that workloads are partially positively influential and significant to the employee's performance, working stress in a partially negative and significant impact on employee performance. This is evidenced by the calculated T value greater than the table T value of 2,808 > 1.673 with a significant rate of 0.007 < 0.05 for workload variables and a value-7,036 > 1.673 with a significant rate of 0.000 < 0.05 for work stress variables.

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Power Quality in the electric distribution system is a developing concern. Also customer loads are generating increased amount of harmonic currents that can be magnified on the distribution system due to resonance condition and pose new issues of Power Quality in the power System. As substation equipments are the interface between the supply and non-linear loads, the results of harmonics on those equipments is of incredible significance. These harmonics can cause immoderate loss and extraordinary temperature rise, as a consequence reducing their operational life span. A case study of distribution network supplying linear and nonlinear load is presented, which encompasses the effects of harmonics on transformer losses and efficiency to find out the solutions to be implemented. The aim of study is to identify the level of harmonics in the supply system feeding power to various categories of consumers.

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R. Nikitha, Dr. S. Malathi

A museum is an institution that conserves a collection of artifacts and other objects of artistic, cultural, historical, or scientific importance. The museum is a veritable treasure house for everybody who think beyond the everyday matters of human life. The purpose of modern museums is to collect, preserve, interpret, and display items of artistic, cultural, or scientific significance for the education of the public. For a visitor Perspective, the idea can also depend on one's point of view. The aim of this project is to implement a wearable device for smart museum using IOT Technology. A smart museum based on IOT relies on a wearable device that acts as guides of museum .Decisively based on the survey taken ,few technologies are used such as RFID,NFC, IOT, Bluetooth ,Positioning technique and palm pilot technology illustrates that the wearable device covers large distance since the earlier technology covers short distance for certain range of coverage and it suffer many hardware issues for accelerated use.

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Haji Saediman, Mustika, La Nalefo, M. Tufaila, Munirwan Zani

The study aimed to assess and compare the cost and returns of smallholder rice farming and small-scale brick production. The study was conducted in a village that produced both rice farming and brick production in Konawe district of Southeast Sulawesi. Respondents consisted of 19 rice farmers and 19 brick making producers. Data were collected using a questionnaire-based interview method and were analyzed using cost and return analysis and independent sample t-test. Study results showed that both rice farming and brick making were profitable as can be seen from the revenue-cost ratio being higher than 1. The average returns from brick making were higher than that of rice farming, and the difference was statistically significant. These results indicated that higher economic returns might be one of the reasons for rice farmers to shift to brick production. Integrated efforts should be made to increase productivity and profitability of rice farming to maintain its attractiveness to farmers and villagers.

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Hasbi Indra

The paper is a research about the characters of santri it a goal of the National System of Education is to regulate government that UU No. 20/2003. The character of santri a mission of urgent due it attitude of santri as potentials of humans for the building of the nation. The characters of humans it is important for santri of pesantren salafiyah, or traditional Islamic boarding schools, even this time the human be the face of challenges the wave of development of science and technology that effect of positive or negative for the human being. The santri as the future of generation should attitude the huge characters. This research a description of how should pesantren salafiyah has the response and anticipate the matters of the open community, communicate with the other in order the student has its attitudes. The qualitative research is a source of experts of Islamic education through relevant of books or journal and so on.

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Julia Vadimovna Nikolaeva, Natalia Mikhailovna Bogoliubova, Vladimir Ivanovitch Fokin, Elena Edouardovna Eltc, Mariya Dmitrievna Portnyagina

Rapid globalization poses threats of destruction to cultural heritage sites and requires comprehensive preservation efforts. The purpose of this article is to examine the impact of globalization on cultural heritage, to identify the current issues and trends, as well as to suggest new approaches to the governmental policy of preserving cultural heritage. This article discusses the problem of preservation of cultural heritage in general and digital cultural heritage in particular. New trends in cultural heritage preservation are considered. The current system of protection of the world cultural and natural heritage sites still requires clarifications on regulatory rules, requirements and procedures. This study can be useful in the sphere of international relations and in cultural diplomacy in particular. The article can be also useful for international organizations, which act in the sphere of culture, international humanitarian cooperation, diplomacy etc. We believe that this study promotes the interest to the intercultural communications, especially in post-USSR countries. There are a lot of modern studies which related with the issues of globalization or cultural diplomacy. The authors first combined these topics and analyzed them in this work.

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Sarbaitnil & Firdaus

This article aims to explore the character values that is contained in the Pauh martial arts tradition as part of the traditional martial arts in Minangkabau. The study was conducted qualitatively by interviewing martial art teachers and school teachers who applied martial art as the basis for character education in SMPN 14 Padang. The results showed that the character values in the Pauh martial arts tradition could be found at all stages of the learning process, starting from opening new locations, admissions of new students and the appointment of martial arts teachers. From the results, the author state that character values can be implementing for building character processes at the formal and informal school.

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Syahrial, Asrial, Dwi Agus Kurniawan, May Subandiyo

Pedagogic competence is a competency that must be possessed by teachers, pedagogic competence is the ability of teachers in managing students including student understanding, curriculum/syllabus development, learning design, implementation of educational and dialogical learning, evaluation of learning outcomes, and development of students to actualize their potential. While language competence is a competency that needs to be mastered by a teacher to be stocked in the learning process. this research uses associative quantitative descriptive research design. The number of samples taken was 350 students from Jambi university elementary school education using purposive sampling. Based on the results and discussion, it was found that pedagogic and language competence had a good category. This was supported by the relationship between pedagogic competence and language competence of 0.723 and had a positive relationship. That is because a pre-service teacher must have pedagogical abilities within him, which are used to support him when learning and teaching takes place.

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Ahmed Faize

Precision and safety are two very important criteria in the maritime domain, especially for ships that are still facing challenges and problems that necessarily require the integration of high-level electronic and electronic equipment and new generations [1][2]. The PLC is frequently used by floating machines for its robustness [3], accuracy and speed of controlling actuators. But even if it is powerful, like all electronic equipment PLCs have constraints in the processing and calculation of incoming information in case of a critical event caused by a staff or a technical defect [4]. This work aims to improve the technological and IT performance of one of the key machines (PLC) of ship safety. Our general goal is to start the motors and receive the information by sensors while relying on the TIA PORTAL programming software followed by a machine supervision application on WINCC.

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Luh Sukariasih, Erniwati, La Sahara, Luluk Hariroh, Suritno Fayanto

The use of cellular technology reshapes the way of teaching and learning. This article reports the use smartphone sensors to perform several experiments designed to teach the fundamentals of Physics. We have adapted traditional physics laboratories with the use of various sensors that can be found on typical smartphones, such as the accelerometer, and light field sensors and magnetic fields and others. This article offers students new ways to think of smartphones as an interesting tool for learning physics for possible applications in experimental and scientific measurements made in the form of demonstrations and not just as a means of socialization. Therefore, with the presence of various smartphone sensors, it can simplify the experiment and make it possible to understand the concepts of physics and what is equally important is reducing costs.

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Naoui Mohamed, Flah Aymen, Mouna Ben Hamed

Photovoltaic recharge systems were merged into different domains. In this work, the relation of the photovoltaic system and the electric vehicle is exposed and studied. The corresponding mathematical equations were exposed and explained. The efficiency of this recharge scheme is tested and compared for various external weather conditions. Two cases were simulated, one is related to the case where the vehicle is always in motion and the second case for the situation where the vehicle stop in several points in the running trajectory. A statistic for the system efficiency in relation to the car situation if it is in motion or stopped was given at the end of this study. The obtained results confirmed the benefit of using photovoltaic recharge application.

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Elmer B. Dollera, Nelson T. Corbita, Jr., Mike Jones S. Quitiol, Jerakim S. Tagno-ay, Ganvets M. Trazona

Xavier University- Ateneo de Cagayan is one of the top universities in Mindanao and is located in Cagayan de Oro City. The campus has a cafeteria that offers many food outlets and serves the students and the campus community every day. Almost all people in the campus go to the cafeteria and consume different products contained in plastic materials and one of these plastic materials is HDPE plastic (High Density PolyEthylene). However, the amount of HDPE plastic in Materials Recovery Facility gradually increases, approximately 66% increase from 2014 to 2015.The study aims to recycle the product into a plastic lumbers using solar furnace. The design of the solar furnace is by utilizing parabolic solar reflector with an addition of Fresnel lens. There are two types of Fresnel lens being used, spot lens and linear lens. One of the main goals of this study is to generate a melting temperature using parabolic mirror, parabolic mirror with spot lens, and with linear lens. Once the HDPE plastic is melted using the solar furnace, the molten plastic would be molded into plastic lumbers. Results showed that the highest temperature obtained using parabolic mirror with linear lens and spot lens is 193℃ and 240℃, respectively, which is greater than the required melting temperature of the HDPE plastic of 130℃. Based on the results, the designed XU Solar Furnace has the ability to melt the HDPE plastic materials and recycle it into plastic lumbers.

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R.Govindarajan, Dr.S.Meikandasivam, Dr.D.Vijayakumar

The smart energy management system is the integration of electrical and information infrastructures. Here to improve the power communication between generation, transmission, distribution and consumer we required advanced information technology based Smart Energy Monitoring System (SEMS). Hence the advanced information technology needed fast and reliable communication protocol i.e. Zigbee, Internet of Things (IoT) and GSM based Cloud Computing. These are the communication devices which are used to develop the Smart Energy Monitoring System (SEMS). In future using smart energy monitoring system easily we can obtain the closed loop communication for developing smart energy management system. This paper presents the development of Smart Energy Monitoring system using Cloud Computing. The cloud computing techniques is helpful to monitor the data as well as store the data in cloud server using two way communication protocol. Hence the proposed system provides the entire electrical information in real time as a live energy report without any delay time.

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Sedya Santosa, Izzatin Kamala

This paper discusses the reconstruction of nationalism awareness through education in the border region. The reconstruction process was not easy because the target community is a group of Indonesian Migrant Workers (IMW) living in the neighboring country, i.e. Malaysia. The main problem formulation of this research is how are strategies used by the Management of Sekolah Tapal Batas (STB) to reconstruct nationalism awareness through education? The research represents a case study, whose method is qualitative. Data are gathered through interviews, documentation, and observation. The result shows that the reconstruction of nationalism awareness through education for the community of IMW in the border region must pay attention to the dominance of interests which makes them feel hard to send their children to school. One obstacle why they find it hard to send their children to school is economic factors. Therefore, in the reconstruction of nationalism awareness, the Management of STB must be able to offer negotiations that are acceptable to IMW. The strategy of negotiation is an education service policy that eases their economic finances. The success of attracting children of IMW to study at STB is a form of reconstruction of nationalism awareness through education for parents who work as IMW and their children.

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Mardhatillah, Siti Mayang Sari, Herman Surjono, Ali Muhtadi

This study aims to produce teacher books and student books to determine the feasibility of the validation results of learning model expert. This research is a research and development, which consists of (1) research and data collection, (2) planning, (3) development of drafts product, (4) expert validation, (5) revision based on experts, (6) limited trials, (7) improvements to the product of limited trials, (8) field trials, (9) improvements of the final product, and (10) product dissemination. The experimental subjects in this study were students of fourth grade in Public Elementary School in Barat Aceh. The results of the study show that: a teacher and student book has been produced based on gender and diversity that is feasible to be applied in elementary schools in Aceh Barat with several revisions. Validation results obtained are 68% with a high category and the interval is 61% to 80%. Thus it can be concluded that the developed teacher and student textbooks are suitable for use in elementary schools.

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Hety Mustika Ani, Pudjo Suharso, Sukidin, Retna Ngesti Sedyati, Wiwin Hartanto, Lisana Oktavisanti Mardiyana, Linda Permatasari

This study is to describe the Implementation of the Government Social Security Program: Fishermen and Farmers in Jember Regency. The next step is to evaluate the implementation of the social security program for fishers and farmers in Jember Regency and provide recommendations. The research method used in this research is descriptive qualitative. This study intends to understand the phenomena of what is experienced by research subjects. The research subjects such as behavior, perception, motivation, action, and holistically. Descriptions in the form of words and language, on a particular natural context and by utilizing various natural methods. The Fisherman Insurance Premium Assistance Program (BPAN) that has been carried out by the Jember Fisheries Service. Jember Fisheries Service has been running following Regulation of the Director-General of Capture Fisheries Number 3 of 2018. BPAN concerning Technical Guidelines, which includes socialization, data collection, verification, validation, proposals, stipulations, submissions, and payments and payments claim. There are several problems in the implementation. Lacking results in hampered program socialization caused by the lack of clear information. Also comprehensiveness, and the ability of the fishermen to think. There are almost 80% of fishermen even not recorded in the KUSUKA and BPAN programs. Also, some fishermen have accepted the proposed plan again. The stages of the proposal, determination, submission, and payment of claims have been right on target and following established conditions. The Rice Farmer Business Insurance Program (AUTP) has not been implemented well in Jember District due to lack of understanding and membership mechanisms.

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Sulistyawati Sulistyawati, Surahma Asti Mulasari, Tri Wahyuni Sukesi

Climate change considers as a global issue with some unexpected impact on human being health. The teenager is a promising agent of change to elevate climate change knowledge of the community. However, teenager knowledge on climate change impact is inadequate. Accordingly, developing education media for a teenager is essential to increase climate change awareness. This research aimed to developed and tested media that is Website, Facebook and Instagram to increase teenager knowledge by following 4 out of 10 research and development steps: researching and collecting information, planning, developing of an initial product, preliminary field testing. Research and Development by recruiting Twelve teenagers aged 16-17 years old from 3 high schools in Yogyakarta City were involved in this trial. Instagram was found as promising media to spread climate change impact information to the teenager. Mass media can be used to educate teenager effectively.

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Haval Muhammed Sidiqi, Prof. Dr. Muzhir Shaban Al-Ani

In the End, the thesis was covered an efficient method of construction a secure image hiding approach in digital images. The digital image steganography process has been achieving the improvement of constrained intensity of human visual system (HVS). Image steganography method was utilized image as cover media for hiding secret message. The major principles necessities for a steganography framework are to be untraceable while augmenting the measure of the data is going to embed into spread unique image. The proposed encoding of restricted image based on chaos approach, in which the image was distributed into various sorts then interchange these parts to generate the new form of depiction. The next step was applying discrete wavelet transform, so the facsimile data was prepared to be concealed. The performance measurement has been applied in this approach to find peak signal to noise ratio (PSNR) and mean square error (MSE) between embedded and extracted image. The obtained results indicated that this approach leading to more secure approach comparing to other methods. The archived values of PSNR is in between 38.7447 and 59 depending on the size of the secrete image.

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Rishabh Tiwari, P. L. Powar

Dasgupta, proposed a method to construct the wedge functions over an element of polygonal discretization of the domain using an analytic approach to determine the denominator of rational wedge function, whereas Wachpress had applied the geometric approach for the same task. We have extended the idea described by Dasgupta and established the conditions, mandatory for the existence and uniqueness of the denominator and consequently the wedge functions in case of the quadrilateral discretization of the domain. A more general form of the linear functions, representing sides of the quadrilateral has been considered, which eradicates restriction on the sides for not passing through the origin. This paper has been furnished with a Mathematica program which computes all the required parameters and finally approximation over the element under consideration.

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Rina Harvina Suci, Zulfahrizal, Agus Arip Munawar

Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy-Quantum Cascade Laser (LIBS-QCL) spectra acquisition for inorganic materials has been widely applied in various studies, but for the organic materials especially coffee has not been carried out. The objectives of this present study is to determine a spectral acquisition technique of LIBS-QCL for distinguishing Gyo Arabica and Gayo Robusta in the form of green beans, roasted beans, and coffee powder. Spectral data of coffee samples were acquired in wavelength range from 1000 to 2500 nm with co-added of 32 scans. Spectral data were enhanced by means of standard normal variation (SNV) and peak normalization (PN) algorithms. On the other hand, Principal Component Analysis (PCA) was applied in combination with LIBS spectrum as a method of data analysis and classification. The result showed that LIBS-QCL spectrum acquisition is quite good in the form of green beans. LIBS-QCL is able to distinguish the types of Arabica and Robusta coffee in the form of green beans and roasted beans, but coffee powder has not been able to be distinguished. The study also found several wavelength range intervals associated with coffee quality so that it can be used for further studies to develop coffee quality attributes prediction models.

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Eufrasia Acintya Putri, Toto Rusmanto

The purposes of research were to examine the effect of Chief Executive Officer (CEO) characteristicsí on earnings per share (EPS) and earnings management. The research samples are 104 manufacture companies listed in the Indonesian Stock Exchange 2013-2017. Hypotheses test use multiple regression. The result shows that CEO's narcissism, education, age, tenure, and nationality have an effect on EPS, while CEO's gender has no effect on EPS. CEO's narcissism and education have a positive effect on accrual earnings management, while CEO's gender and nationality have a negative effect on accrual earnings management to manage EPS. CEO's age and tenure have no effect on accrual earnings management. CEO's narcissism has a positive effect on real earnings management; while CEO's gender, education, tenure, and nationality have a negative effect on real earnings management to manage EPS. CEO's age has no effect on real earnings management.

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H Helmi, Rustaman N Y, Tapilouw F S, Hidayat T

The concept of natural selection as the cause of evolution often leads to student misconceptions. This study was conducted to determine the role of the Scientific Reasoning-based DSLM in facilitating changes in student conceptions on the concept of Natural Selection. The design of this study uses mixed method embedded design experimental models. Research data obtained from students majoring in biology using data pre and post-test essays. A number of students from a university in Bandung, West Java Indonesia was involved as participants (N=33). Data collection is done at the time, before, and after the process takes place in the part of student misconception. The results are presented in qualitative form as primary and quantitative data as supporters. The research data shows that the conceptual change level consists of construction, revision, disorientation, static, and complementation. While the answer category at the beginning and end of the test has several indicators, namely no response, incorrect, incomplete, and complete. This study produces a learning model that can be used to facilitate the occurrence of changes in conception and also explain in detail the variation of understanding experienced by each student. The results of the study indicate that this model can facilitate the change in student conceptions in natural selection learning material.

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Sanjeev Kumar Tomar, Santar Pal Singh, Akhtar Husain, Charul Rajpal, Krishna Tomar

Image segmentation is an important study in pattern recognition. The objective of segmentation techniques is to split the image into segments which are easier to understand and analyze. There are various methods available for the image segmentation among them thresholding is simplest method. Thresholding function is used to covert a gray-scale image into its equivalent binary image. In this paper, Thermal images are taken for processing. Thermal Imaging is a technique used for viewing the objects in dark, foggy and smoky environment. Otsu method is used for thresholding which is automatic clustering-based method. Pixels are divided into two classes such that inter-class variance is maximum and intra-class variance is minimum. Histogram of grayscale image is generated and then attempt to find thresholds at which the image could optimally be segregated into pixels belonging to the foreground of the image vs pixels belonging to the background of the image. The differential evolution keeps generating threshold values within the range of 1 to 256 and evaluating the fitness of the threshold using Otsu criteria for the image. Using mutations and crossovers, more optimal thresholds are selected generation after generation. The segmented image is shown along with the histogram and the location of the thresholds.

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Dr. Shalini Roy, Neelam kumara

Present report focuses on the morphometrical and morphological study of SEM of endoparasites exclusively of metacercaria (the encysted form) of trematode parasite found in the liver of most edible fish Channa punctatus of Moradabad region. In our investigation the liver of host was found highly infected with eggs of trematode and unidentified DTM which is characterized by a complicated morphology of its integument, body and suckers. The topography of egg was characterized by 2.34 mm ◊ 1.17 mm whereas entire body of DTM was observed 3.38 mm ◊ 1.50 mm in diameter having two sophisticated suckers to absorb the nutrients from host body and integument of metacercaria was found traversed with numerous sensory papillae which may be helpful in taxonomical study of parasite. Present findings underscore the necessity of awareness to prevent endemic effects due to fish borne zoonotic trematode (FZT) causing increased risk to public health.

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Dr. M. Chandrasena Rajeswaran

An evaluative study was conducted in a deemed to be university in India on studentsí digital literacy, their competence and their knowledge of digital tools and the latterís use in language learning and also to find how competent are the teachers to facilitate language learning in the classroom with computers, mobile phones and internet. The study gathered data through observation, questionnaires and informal interviews. It found net generation students are very enthusiastic about Mobile learning; but the teachers are still trying to adapt the mobile technology in language classes. The study identified an imbalance in the force of technology intrusion and the ability of digital immigrant teachers to meet the technology challenges. It concluded the digital immigrant teachers with their vast knowledge and willing to learn attitude can be helped to face the challenge, through Faculty Development Programs (FDP) and workshops. Students can be motivated for participatory learning with the course material appropriate to their academic need, interest and age under the Blended learning approach.

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Sujitha S

Presently a day's wireless sensor networks (WSNs) pull in the analysts increasingly because of their prevalent applications in environment monitoring, radiation and nuclear-threat detection structure; weapon sensors for boats; battlefield reconnaissance and observation; military power, control, insight, interchanges and focusing on frameworks and biomedical angles. Wireless sensor networks can give minimal effort answer for different real-world issues. Sensors are ease gadgets with restricted capacity, computational power. Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) are developing as a promising innovation as a result of their wide scope of utilizations in mechanical, environmental monitoring, military and regular citizen spaces. Because of financial contemplations, the hubs are normally straightforward and minimal effort. They are regularly unattended, be that as it may, and are subsequently prone to experience the ill effects of various sorts of novel assault. This paper proposed to Sleep Wake Scheduling algorithm and their test results are presented to better execution contrasted and existing work.

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Dr. K. Mani, A. Barakath Begam

Hill Cipher is a polygraphic encryption which uses matrices to transform blocks of plaintext letters into blocks of ciphertext. In Hill cipher, if the encryption keymatrix called keymatrix is not properly chosen, it is impossible to find the correct decryption matrix. Generally, the keymatrix is chosen randomly, but it sometimes fails to form the correct keymatrix. Further, obtaining a correct keymatrix is not possible in a single run. As there is no deterministic procedure available in generating the keymatrix, this paper presents the generation of same using quadratic form.

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Syahrul, Yuswar Yunus, Purwana Satriyo, Agus Arip Munawar

Water quality in the river or in ground well is highly correlated and influenced by human activities. In order to determine water quality and other materials, several methods are widely employed. However, most of these method are based on standard laboratory analysis which normally laborious, time consuming, expensive, and involve chemical materials. Thus, a rapid, robust, effective and simple alternative method is required to assess water quality. Near infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) is considered to be applied due to its advantages. The main aim of this present study is to investigate the potential ability of NIRS technology in assessing water quality indices: Salinity and total dissolved solids. Transmission spectra data were acquired for water samples from 9 different site points along Krueng Aceh river basin in wavelength range from 1000 to 2500 nm. Spectra data were corrected and enhanced using mean normalization (MN) standard normal variate (SNV) and baseline shift correction (BSC). Prediction models, used to determine and predict TDS content were established by using principal component regression (PCR) and validated by leverage validation method. Obtained results showed that NIRS technology appears feasible to determine TDS rapidly. Achieved maximum correlation coefficient (r) and RPD index were 0.91; and 2.41 for TDS prediction. It may conclude that NIRS technology has the potential ability to determine total dissolved solids satisfactory.

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Endah Sudarmilah, Fildza Nur Sabrina

The educational game is currently an alternative that aims to carry the concept of playing while learning for students. Advanced technology for education not potentially helps only for the deforestation problem but also for the education system such as using the educational game for teaching method. Many elementary school students still do not know about floras around them because most school does not focus on the flora topic in the environment. This research aims to build an educational game based on the Android VR using Unity 3D to introduce and build a sense of students caring on the environment. The benefit of VR is that the student will not feel bored with the offered concepts and make the absorption process of learning more effective. Using Game Development Life Cycle (GDLC) as the method consist of observation, data analysis, and questionnaire to find out the distance of the studentís insight of flora and will be used as the starting point of this game development. After the game was implemented in the Madrasah Ibtidaíiyah Muhammadiyah (MIM) Gonilan involving a total of 32 students, the obtained results shown based on the System Usability Scale (SUS) calculation is 62. The results of this score indicate that the use of VR for education has not been fully effective due to various factors such as the hardware used or the mismatched software.

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Bibhu Prasad, Dr.K. C. Patra, Bandana Mallick, Dr.N.K Barpanda

A latest scheme is analyzed on wideband dispersion-compensation (WBDC) based on the new format of fiber bragg grating known as apodized chirped fiber Bragg grating known as ACFBG. As pulse spreading became one of the most restricted factors to implement a optimized optical propagation system. It became necessary to remove the dispersive parameter from the transmitted signal. Hence, apodized gratings are the best options to maintain the reflectivity and to improve side-lobe suppression. Gaussian function at gauss parameter 0.2 and tanh function at parameter 0.5 are approached as apodized functions of fiber Bragg grating. This proposed model is simulated on the basis of various data rates i.e 20Gbps and 40 gbps, at particular input power and at diverse fbg length. Optisystem 14.2 software is used to simulate the performance of the system.

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Aakisetti Siva Sankar, Dr. G. Srinivasarao

The aim of the study is to develop an effective assay to quantify ibutilide fumarate and its related substances in ibutilide fumarate injection. Initially, the API manufacturerís method was followed which involves two different UV-HPLC assays for both ibutilide fumarate and its related impurities. Upon considering the heat degradation results of the API method, specificity and stability of the known impurities (related substances) was not clearly determined. So the API method was modifiedby using low-pressure gradient UV-HPLCfor accurate detection of ibutilide and its related impurities. The inference of the drug, under various physio-chemical conditions like acid stress, base stress, heat stress, dark and light exposed, peroxide treated, dry heat are also studied. Chromatogram results of the developed method observed to be highly stable and sensitivity as it is able to clearly differentiate the excipient, related impurities and degradation product. Therefore the developed method can be used for the determination of assay and related substances of Ibutilide fumarate in Ibutilide Fumarate injection.

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B.Lavanya, H. Hannah Inbarani

Biometric-based identification is an emerging technology that can solve many security problems. Now-a-days, biometric palmprint has received wide attention from researchers because it is growing biometric feature for personal recognition. Palmprint presents the advantages like low resolution image, line features are stable, capturing device is low cost, and user-friendly. In this paper, palmprint biometric recognition method is proposed based on probabilistic rough set. Probability similarity between two palmprint image features is used for identification. One of the main advantages of probabilistic rough set in data analysis is that it does not need any preliminary information about data. Palmprint matching is mainly based on the feature representation of palmprint image. However, the palmprint images are transformed into a set of features called eigenpalms. These eigenpalm features are used for further processing of eigenpalm matching using probability rough set. The eigenpalm features are extracted using Principle components analysis(PCA). In Probabilistic Similarity Based rough set, this work has used all the features to define the Probabilistic similarity. Experimental results illustrate the effectiveness of the proposed model in terms of the recognition rate.

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Nooh Bany Muhammad

In Wireless Sensor Networks, anomaly is considered as most impact component because the data integrity is affected by anomaly. This causes uncontrolled network on Wireless Sensors. This research work handles the detection of anomaly effectively. Initially this work considers most essential features among vast number of features from bench mark dataset Intel Berkeley Research lab (IRLB). Those features are temperature, voltage and humidity. From the network traffic, aforementioned features are extracted. The data of network are clustering by using Improved Density-Based Spatial Clustering of Applications with Noise (IDBSCAN) algorithm. The anomaly is detected by varying the portions based on density, where the low density regions are considered as anomaly data. Probabilistic neural network is trained by using normal data which is clustered in high- density portions. The novel of this proposed IDBSCAN algorithm is Minimum spanning tree is evaluated by using Improved Kruskal Algorithm (IKA). Thus the anomaly is found effectively and security of network is improved.

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G.D.Praveenkumar, Dr.M.Dharmalingam

In this novel approach to develop the efficient GoogleNet architecture. The convolutional neural network is a best technique for image classification. In this model to insert additional convolutional layers in inception module is classifying an image on CIFAR-100 dataset.The recurrent cascade neural network to diminishing the problem of vanishing gradient in efficient of recurrent cascade correlation(RCC). Elman model differs from neural network ,algorithm learns layer by layer to minimize the error. In our GoogleNet contain 6 inception module under by fully connected layer with softmax to produce the result. The patches are train by different layer with recurrent cascade correlation algorithm depend on time with bottom to top approach. We lessen to decrease memory and time requirements of the training the gradient by learning the feature representation that is used correlation with output layer.

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Ritchell S. Villafuerte, Ariel M. Sison, Ruji P. Medina

One of the most concerned issues during data transmission is the security of information exchange. Cryptographic schemes are needed to protect the vital information from intruders or against illegal access and modifications. The 3D Playfair Cipher Algorithm is a symmetric encryption scheme that uses substitution technique. It originates due to the constraint of the classical 5x5 Playfair Cipher. The intended improvement emphasizes on proposing a more secure secret key generation and enhancing the encryption scheme of the 3D (4x4x4) Playfair cipher. The proposed study utilizes a 4x8x8 key matrix that holds 256 ASCII characters and implements a dual Cipher Block Chaining (CBC) method. Experimental results show a notable improvement in the security performance of the proposed study, wherein it achieved a strict avalanche criterion (SAC) of 54.17%. The proposed enhancement has a notable Avalanche Effect increase of 52.78% between the proposed improvement and the original 3D Playfair, indicating that the proposed algorithm is better compared to the original one. Furthermore, the proposed improvement also passed the randomness test.

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Nur Zeina Maya Sari, R. Rina Novianty Ariawaty

Integrity refers to ASN west java ability to act in accordance with values, norms and ethics in its institution. Competence causes or predicts behavior and performance. Competency actually predicts who is performing well, measured by the criteria or standards used. Management information systems are producing tools information in several other experts meneankan tools to assist in decision making, as well as some add to the function of information systems to carry out monitoring (control) analysis and visualization.Methode cualitative with interviewer. Management Information Systems are affected by ASN's Human Resources Competencies in the Greater West Java Metropolitan Government.

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The Indian banking sector has emerged as one of the strongest drivers of Indiaís economic growth. Today, banking sector has been facing stiff competition among intra and inter-banks on one side and foreign banks on other side after economic reforms. Service Satisfaction of the customers is an invaluable asset for Banking Institutions providing unmatched competitive edge. It helps in building long term relationship as well as brand equity. The best approach to customer retention is to deliver high level of customer satisfaction that result in strong customer loyalty. Customer satisfaction is a very important construct in todayís market. Therefore, it is the utmost duty of banks to safeguard his interests and meet his expectations with the products/services offered. The core aim of the research is to measure and analyze the quality of services offered by the selected public sector banks in India and to attempt to know how bank services quality affects customer satisfaction. By administering both questionnaires and personal interviews, researchers garnered the opinions of a total of 700 respondents with BANKQUAL statement. The authors applied Cronbachís alpha to test reliability and the selected hypotheses have been proven with Mann-whitney U test, Henry Garrett Ranking Method and Friedman Test. The research is most precious to diverse stakeholders of the Indian banking industry, particularly to banks who want to know about their existing service quality for further improvement. For the first time, the researchers introduced the comprehensive BANKQUAL statement to test out the quality of bank services in India.

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Abdul Halil Hi. Ibrahim, Syaiful Madjid, Ade Kamaludin

This research was conducted to analyze the implementation of the policy of providing employee performance benefits within the KPU Secretariat General, with the research locus of the KPU Secretariat of Ternate City. Informants in this study were employees of the Ternate City KPU Secretariat from the start of the supervisor (Secretary and Subdivision Head) to subordinates (secretariat staff). The purposes of this study are to reveal the factors that influence the success and obstacles of the implementation of the policy of providing employee performance benefits. Based on the results of the study, the Ternate City KPU Secretariat has not entirely been able to implement the provisions regulated by the KPU Secretary General Decree Number 53 of 2016 concerning the Technical Guidelines for the Implementation of Employee Performance Allowances in the KPU Secretariat General. The provisions are intended, one of which is the application of electronic attendance registration. Inconsistencies occur if you don't want to be called a "failure" in implementing electronic attendance records. Last only eight months (January to August 2017) and then switch again to how to register manual attendance until now. Other provisions that are ignored are the legality and professionalism of the performance allowance manager (Tukin).

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Ahmad Nurul Fajar, Rama Ambara

Today, company that Enterprise Architecture (EA) document has not yet been able to follow up on the SOA implementation. This study aims to proposed loan financing system using services oriented architecture. It will construct based on EA documents. The more specific EA documents such as business architecture. The methodology used is to integration EA and SOA paradigm which is has correlation. The research sample is an business architecture document from multi finance company in Indonesia. In this study, we design and build a prototype of SOA. Besides that, we make simulation also related to the prototype loan financing system. we used Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) tools and Business Process Management (BPM) tools also. The research sample is an EA document from a multi finance company in Jakarta The results of the study is Loan Financing System for multi finance company in Indonesia that has been implementation with simulation experiment.

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Dr. Abuelainin Mohammed Hussain

The adoption of a rapid authoring tools approach has increased exponentially across the globe. E-Learning projects, that used to take several months, are now delivered in a few weeks, days, or hours. In addition, the costs are also reduced in comparison to a traditional classroom. Rapid authoring tools are used to empower efficient learning experiences. This software helps the faculty members to embed different multimedia elements with e-learning courses. This research finds an adequate process by a quick look at the benefits of different rapid authoring tools and selects one of them to be used in Royal University for Women, Bahrain.

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Azamul Fadhly Noor Muhammad, Marsigit, Soeharto

The aims of this research were to describe geometry literacy of lower grade elementary school through Ethnomahematics at Borobudur Temple, as well as to describe the result. This research was a descriptive qualitative research with Case Study type. Methods of data collection that were used were observation and interview. The subjects of the study were three students who were lower grade elementary students (grade 1, 2 and 3). In this study, data analysis performed was descriptive analysis. Data that was analyzed in the research was the result of interviews conducted by researchers on the subject of research. The results of the research showed that the lower grade elementary students had good literacy ability especially in the material of square, rectangle and triangle through ethnomatematics at Borobudur Temple.

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C.Ashwini, Uday Pratap Singh, Ekta Pawar, Shristi

Water is one of the most essential element for the existence of life. The safety and accessibility of drinking-water are major concerns throughout the globe. Health risks may arise from consumption of water contaminated with infectious agents, toxic chemicals etc. In this paper a system is proposed to check the water quality and warn the user before water gets contaminated .There are different parameters that can contaminate the water. These parameters are taken into account and used for predicting when to clean the water. The system uses technologies such as IoT and Machine Learning. It consist of the physical and chemical sensor to measure pH, turbidity ,colour, DO, conductivity etc. to check the parameters .The data obtained from the sensors are recorded in the database and further sent for analysis. The neural network algorithm is used for predicting the result. It is used to obtain non-linear relationship for predicted output. The system sends the alert message to user when any of the parameters are lower than the standard values. This helps the user to know beforehand about the contamination of water in their residential tanks. This technique can not only be limited upto residential tanks but can also be used in water treatment plants and industries.

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Tri Widayati Putri, Resky Amalia Rajab, Indah Raya

This study aims to determine the potential of Chlorella vulgaris and avocado seed oil as an anti-aging cream ingredient. The method to the production of the avocado seed oil is pressing and heating with a manual press oil tool. The results of pressing avocado seeds and by Chlorella vulgaris powder were analyzed of FTIR, toxicity with BSLT method and antioxidants with DPPH method. The percentage of antioxidant activity in Chlorella vulgaris is 24.78% and avocado seed oil is 8.13%. Toxicity with an LC50 value of 10,000 ppm shows that avocado seed oil has no cytotoxic potential, so that can be used for the production of anti-aging creams. For the first time this research was conducted about the potential of Chlorella vulgaris as an anti-aging cream ingredient.

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Azruddin Khan and Manash Jyoti Bhuyan

Rivers have always been the peopleís sources of livelihood throughout the world in one way or the other. Quarrying in the upper catchment areas of the rivers is one of the oldest primary economic activities that man has been practicing on the banks and beds of many rivers since long times. Like the other parts of the world, the livelihoods of the rural people of Assam living in the upper catchment areas of the river valleys, especially of those located adjacent to the rivers are to a large extent related to quarrying (extraction of sand, gravel, pebbles, riprap, construction aggregates, etc.). However, with the passage of time, quarrying has turned out to be one of the prominent sources of livelihood for that section of people. Noteworthy that, they started practicing quarry activities at a larger scale as soon as they started generating income out of it, due to which river bank erosion and several other problems have popped up meanwhile. This paper is, thus, an attempt to study the status and impacts of quarrying on the lives and livelihoods of the people of 2 No. Parbatipur village in Lakhimpur district, Assam located along the banks of the river Dikrong. The study has been carried out mostly using primary data and information collected through household survey using a well-structured questionnaire cum schedule and oral interviews among the villagers.

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Armiati, Dony Permana, Noperta

This study aims to discuss the practicality of RME-based mathematics learning devices to improve the mathematical communication skills of Vocational Grade X students in construction and property engineering skills programs. Research focuses on the small group phase. This phase, the researcher applied a mathematics learning tool that involved 6 students, namely 2 high-ability students, 2 moderate-capable students, and 2 low-ability students, and a mathematics teacher acting as an observer. Data collection in this study was obtained from the results of the observation sheet, teacher and student response questionnaire. The results of the observation sheet and teacher response questionnaire showed that RME-based mathematics learning tools were practical with values of 84.85% and 82.67% respectively. the results of the student response questionnaire showed that the RME-based Students worksheet (LKPD) was very practical with a value of 87.23%.

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M. Sanobar Fathima, Dr. M.V.R. Vittal PG Scholar, Associate Professor

Another methodology of channel approximation aimed at multi-reception apparatus frameworks is advanced in this broadsheet, which container be embraced in high-portability circumstances, for example, rapid trains. The channel motivation reaction is preoccupied as three areas to improve displaying precision. Mutually the time-area introduction and the recurrence space pilot remain received in the orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM) outline. In the first place, the preparation in the time area is misused to acquire the fractional basic help of the channel. At that point, the pilot area advanced through the hereditary calculation is utilized to construct the system of organized compressive detecting and recuperate the channel. A tale compressive recuperation calculation of inadequate channel estimation for various sources of info numerous yield OFDM frameworks is proposed to take care of the issue. It is shown in the reenactment that the plan in this broadsheet beats the customary ones in mutually recuperation likelihood, mean square blunder, also bit mistake rate terminated the twice as particular station through small computational unpredictability.

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Anil Kumar H M, Ashwin Ram Kumar, Harshitha P, Mahadevaswamy, Sachin D N

In today's world, the maximum number of operations are executed using a system involving data storage in the database. Non-programmers also try to access the information stored in the database. So it is a challenging task to make the system support search interface to access the information without even knowing the syntax of database language. This paper represents a method in which the user can give input in natural language (currently English) and retrieve the desired information in the same language by generating a query on the database in SQL language. If any interpretation error occurs, we provide a natural query recommendation framework (in the future) to make it easier for the users.

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V.Karthikeyan, Dr.Shweta Lalwani

Banking industry plays a vital role in developing economy of a country. The job nature of bank employees is very tedious. Given the condition, it is extremely important to handle customers and to handle stress as individuals spend most of their time at work; At the work place, various roles are performed which have to be in synchronization with the roles at home and other places. The purpose of the study was to find the differences in Occupational Stress level with respect to demographic variables related to age, gender, Education level and Length of service among bank employees in India. Sample consists of 500 respondents who are working in public and private sector banks in India.Results revealed that there is no significant difference in occupational stress levels with respect to age, gender, education level and length of service. Stress handling training should be imparted on a regular basis, so that the employees working in banking sector will be able to handle the customers who in turn will benefit the organization as well as the customer.

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D. Srinivasa Kumar

The present study explores the satisfaction of the customers on the services offered by Housing Finance Companies, sought to empirically validate the service quality dimensions that are correlation with demographic characteristics of respondents. Data was collected from 264 loan borrowers in North Coastal Andhra Pradesh through interviews and discussions using well-structured questionnaire, seeking their opinion about the loaning pattern, time taken for disbursing loan, the behavior of Housing Finance Companies officials and their Service Quality. Service quality dimensional parameter is rated by the respondents on the five-point scale. Respondents towards each aspect of the service are taken for further analysis. The principal compound factor analysis is applied. The significantly influencing factors towards various dimensions of services are reliability, assurance and tangibility, since the regression co-efficient is significant at 1 per cent level. Empathy and Responsiveness are also significant at 5 per cent level. The earning members per family are positively correlated with the various aspects of services offered by Housing Finance Companies except tangibility.

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Kustamar, Maranatha Wijayaningtyas, Muhammad Irfan

Value engineering is applied to find alternatives for more appropriate costs than those previously planned, within the framework of functions, structural strength and the quality of work; it employs an evaluation method to analyze the technique and value of a project, of which the purpose is to seek new alternatives for more efficient costs within the framework of functions, as well as a task-planning stage capable of identifying and optimalizing costs and unnecessary efforts. The objective of this study was to obtain the most effective and efficient alternative type of work through value engineering applied to the engineering, procurement, and Avtur pipeline construction projects at Juanda International Airport, as well as to calculate the projectsí cost saving and percentage. This research employed a descriptive survey method and technical primary data obtained from the project, such as the technical specification drawing (bestek), budget estimation and cost planning (In Indonesia itís called Rancangan Anggaran Biaya, or abbreviated as RAB), as well as work plan and conditions (In Indonesia itís called Rencana Kerja dan Syarat-syarat, or abbreviated as RKS). Furthermore, this research also used secondary data Ė supporting data which can be used as input and reference in conducting value engineering analysis; this includes unit price lists and worker analysis, data of materials, heavy equipment data, labor data, Ministry regulations, and other useful data. Based on the analysis results, it was revealed that after applying value engineering to the engineering, procurement, and Avtur pipeline construction projects at Juanda International Airport, the effective and efficient material and method used was drilling using HDD (Horizontal Directional Drilling). The initial designís cost of installing aviation pipe at Juanda airport using iron sheet pile required 20% higher cost compared to without using it, while using HDD for drilling required was 40% cheaper cost; in conclusion, it was far more economical, and saved 40% cost of life cycle calculated under the assumption that it was for 10 years of use.

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P Nagaraju, Dr N Nagamalleswara Rao,

Cloud computing refers to the practice of storing, managing and processing data with the help of a network or remote servers hosted on the internet rather than a local server or a personal computer. Cloud computing offers flexible resources and economies of scale by delivering computing services such as storage, networking, databases, software, servers, analytics and more over the internet which can be said as Ďthe cloudí. The main reason behind the shifting of traditional way business to cloud computing is with respect to cost, speed, productivity, performance and security. Moreover the security risks should be ensured while sharing the data and resources over the cloud, since there exists security threats such as malicious insiders, hijacking, human error, Distributed Denial of Service attacks and more. Hence, the security and privacy of the cloud should be made more significant by proposing improved techniques on cloud computing. One of the solution is obfuscation which is the most promising technique to prevent and protect the computer systems and networks from above said security threats. In general, obfuscation is the process of converting something difficult to understand using a specifically designed tool called obfuscator which converts the source code automatically in to a program that is much harder to read and understand but works the same way as the source program. This survey aims to enhance the security and privacy of cloud computing with a detailed learning of the obfuscation techniques which rescues the data from malicious attacks in an uncontrolled environment. A systemic review is done on the existing obfuscation techniques and a report is generated that results in the exploration of state of the art in techniques and the algorithms for software obfuscation.

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Trikinasih Handayani, Muhammad S. Wibowo, Dwi Sulisworo

This research aims to examineearthworm diversity in the region of the Nglanggeran ancientvolcano. Moreover, it also aims to observe the effects of environmental conditions (C/N ratio, soil pH, soil temperature, air temperature, air humidity, and soil moisture) on the diversity of earthworms (Oligochaeta) in the Nglanggeran volcano as well as to examine the potential of the diversity of earthworms (Oligochaeta) inthisvolcanic region as a resource inbiology learning material inhigh schools. The plotting method was used as the sampling method. The worms were collected using the hand-sorting method. The species diversity index of the earthworms was then calculated using the Shannon-Wiener formula and the determination of the effects of environmental abiotic conditions on the diversity index of the earthworms was acquired by processing the data usingthe regression analysis. Lastly, their potential to be used as a source in learning biology in high schools was analyzed. The species of earthworms found in the region of the Nglanggeran ancient Volcano are Eudriluseugeniae, Diplocardiasingularis, and Pheretimacalifornia. The species diversity index of the earthworms found in thisvolcanic region is low with a mean species diversity index (H') of earthworms ranging from 0.10 to 0.15. The lowest Hí is seen in sector 4 of study area IV with a value of 0.10. Only one of the environmental abiotic conditions,which is air temperature,does significantly influence the diversity index of the earthworms in thisvolcanic region. Other environmental abiotic conditions namely soil temperature, air humidity, soil moisture, soil pH, and C/N ratio do not significantly influence the diversity index of the earthworms in the Nglanggeran volcanicregion. The analysis of the prospective usage in schools suggests that the results of this study have the potential to be included as a part of biology learning materials in high schools.

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Dr. Salamun DE, Manesh Shah, Aishwarya Shetty

The objective of the present study was to isolate and identify polyphenol degrading microorganism and to optimize the culture conditions for better yield and increased mass production. Waste water samples collected from the effluents of tanneries were filtered and serially diluted. The microbes were grown on nutrient agar medium for 24 hours. The isolated colonies were then transferred onto a mineral salt medium containing various concentration of polyphenol (tannic acid), followed by incubation at 370C for 72 hrs in CO2 incubator. The survival of microorganisms at various increasing concentration of polyphenol (50 ppm to 250 ppm) was performed. The plate which showed highest number of colonies was selected and the isolated colony was subjected to morphological, biochemical and molecular identification. The results showed that the isolate belonged to Bacillus genus and the resulting bacterial strain isolate was found to be Bacillus subtilis and the GenBank accession number was obtained which was MK760577. After identification, the culture conditions required for maximum enzyme production were optimized.

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Anusmita Dutta

With the advent of twenty-first century, the international politics witnessed a shift towards multi-polarization which is premised on a more equitable world order. Multilateralism became the cornerstone of this international system and it seeks to structure the relation between the emerging powers on one hand and also promote the structuring of the basic principles of regimes at the global level on the other. The process of globalization with its economic and regional integration necessitated the rapid growth of multilateral diplomacy at the regional level to fulfill its functions at that level. BRICS emerged as a concrete multilateral group and it seeks to reshape the contours of the international system as the states constituting it were denied a place in the hierarchy of global powers. India too engages with multilateral diplomacy in its foreign policy strategy through various forums including the BRICS. Thus the paper is divided into two parts in order to deal with this aspect of global governance of BRICS through multilateral diplomacy. The first part seeks to analyze the BRICS as an organization of the emerging nations in the region of Asia-Pacific and the prospects and challenges faced by it. In the second part of the paper the role of BRICS nation in determining the global geopolitics of the future and its role as an alternative forum of global governance. Multilateral diplomatic summits thus form an essential part of the architecture of global governance.

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Surbhi Pareek, Ruby Jain,

This paper attempts to examine the gender role attitude of Indian population. The gender role attitude scale consists of 35 items, covering three domains was given to 518 respondents belonging to five major Indian states. The selected states and union territory were Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Karnataka and Delhi NCR contributing 26.38% to total Indian population. Sample contains both male and female with vast age group of 18 to 60 years. The paper highlights certain interesting findings that majority of the respondents were found in transitional category of gender role attitude. The further outcomes of the analysis reveal that men were having more traditional gender role attitude than women. This gender role attitudinal gap was expected as Indian society is very traditional and patriarchal in nature. Among all the three factors male respondents were found more traditional about paid and unpaid work roles than any other factors. Hypotheses testing suggested that among all the predictors of gender role attitude age, gender and religion were found the strongest and education and occupation were found weakest. Further studies can be done in similar Asian countries by incorporating other predictors.

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K.Thiyagarajan, Dr.K.Mohan Kumar

In modern multi-speciality hospital the need for sorting out patients in a queue and optimising the time in the entry stage is an essential activity. This activity can do quick and effective treatment to the patients. At present, the queuing system found in the hospital is chaotic and disorganised. This includes increased waiting time in queues, time delay for the patients and queue cutting by individuals due to unorganised queuing systems. This research work gives a solution to these problems by creating an Internet of Things (IoT) based environment in a multi-speciality hospital for initial data entry. IoT environment performs initial data entry of patients, functions of sorting out patientís queue and sends them to general physicians for treatment and diagnosis in a neat manner. The use of IoT and machine learning devices help to streamline the current system by the use of a Cloud based medical History (CBMH) database. This helps to access error free data quickly and also eliminate the usage of phony data given by the individuals. Here the queue sorting is done by the IoT devices through the optimized study of different types of queuing methods such as the single server queue, multi-server parallel queue and On Demand queue. The various performance parameters like queue length, number of servers and service rate are analysed for the different queuing systems and the most efficient queuing method is selected for the current situation.

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Gagandeep Chawla, Dr. Neeraj Sharma, Dr. Narender Kumar Rawal

A failure to make security a priority while developing software invites intruders to perform malicious activities like money laundering, social engineering attack and loss of other important business information. Computer systems such as Servers, Workstations and even mobiles are vulnerable to attack from many avenues. A single severe vulnerability that allows intruders to get root access to the system is probably more crucial than several low severe vulnerabilities. A successful recognition of vulnerability plays an important role in lowering down the risk of attacks. For years, researchers and other institutions are working for the betterment of vulnerability scoring systems. Numerous security measures and tools are available which makes the software much harder for intruders. Meanwhile security breaches and risk is also rising, which doesnít stop with the development of security techniques. Once vulnerability is detected, it is important to release a patch at the earliest before it makes any damage. Scoring systems like CVSS is used to produce numerical score of vulnerability reflecting its severity level. On the basis of evaluated score security team could assess the security situation of the system including host and network. CVSS uses three metric groups (Base, Temporal and Environmental) to calculate the severity of vulnerabilities. In this paper, we propose a mechanism IVSEV (Improved Vulnerability scoring system with ĎEnvironment representativeí and ĎVulnerability typeí) for the better assessment of vulnerabilities. The proposed IVSEV adds two new features ER ďEnvironment RepresentativeĒ & VT ďVulnerability typeĒ into conventional CVSS-v2 base score equation.

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Syafruddin Side, Nasiah Badwi, Muh. Isbar Pratama, Sahlan Sidjara, Wahidah Sanusi

This study aims to obtain a SEIRS model and analysis for dengue fever transmission. The SEIRS model is a modification of the SEIR model; the method used is the lyapunov function method in the global stability analysis of the SEIRS model, simulation models using MATLAB software and the data used is assumption data. The results obtained are the SEIRS model for transmission of dengue fever which is a non-linear differential equation with a seven dimension. The results of the model analysis provide information on the existence theorem, disease-free status and endemic dengue fever. Simulation results can predict the number of dengue fever cases, both for cases of disease-free and endemic dengue fever. Model simulation can be used to predict the number of cases of dengue fever in a region while providing disease status information so that the government can take preventive measures early.

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Gadudasu Babu Rao, Mona Sahu, M Wilson Kumar, Alfred Sunny, Praveen Kumar Bannaravuri

The thought of using a parallel manipulator for uninterrupted and continuous external chest compressions during the procedure of cardiopulmonary resuscitation is proposed in this paper. As the quality of cardiopulmonary resuscitation plays a central part in reducing patient impermanence rates. As per the requirement of action of cardiopulmonary resuscitation procedure, a pneumatically driven parallel manipulator which is considered as an end effector for serial type manipulator constituting the form of hybrid manipulator is designed by following the American Heart Association (AHA) guidelines and fabricated the manipulated and a pilot experimental study has been conducted on a closed-loop manikin with different radii configurations by 22mm, 44mm and 66mm on the fixed platform by keeping the sternum plate position is at constant radius of 22mm, and also electronic controller has been made and developed. While performing experiments, it is observed that the configuration of radius 44 mm gives the required depth of compressions uniformly when compared to the other two configurations of the positions of prismatic links on the fixed platform. So, it has been concluded that this configuration will meet the requirements of AHA guidelines.

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M. Elangovan, A. Noorjahan and P. Anantharaman

Antioxidant potential of different extracts of macroalgal species of south east coast of Tamilnadu were examined. The organic solvents such as Acetone, Methanol, Ethanol and Hexane were used to extract the macroalgae such as C. clavulatum, G. edulis of red algae and E. intestinalis belongs to green algae which were taken for the study. Methanolic extracts of the all the test species exhibit high antioxidant activity (DPPH) when compared to other solvents comparing C. clavulatum shows 97% followed by the E. intestinalis 91.17% and G. edulis shows 90.23%. In Hydrogen peroxide scavenging assay Acetone extract of C. clavulatum shows 91.34% followed by G. edulis 90.85% and E. intestinalis 87.59%. Hexane shows maximum activity in FRAP .The results suggest that Methanolic extracts have potent antioxidant ability.

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Dr. Mrs. H.H. Kulkarni, Mrs. V. S. Jape, Dr. D.S. Bankar, Mr. R.V. Borkar

Conventional power systems are designed to operate on sinusoidal power supply. Electric utilities strive to supply consumers with reliable & pure sinusoidal electric power that does not represent a damaging threat to their equipments. Due to globalization, use of nonlinear devices have set the basis for paying considerable attention to the quality of electric power and seriously addressing the issue of current and voltage distortion - called Harmonic distortion. Now a days many devices are introduced to monitor and analyse the effects of harmonics on system and consumer devices. Paper presents the summary of results of survey of harmonics using advanced Power Quality analyser. The aim of survey is to identify the Power Quality levels which need the accomplishment of monitoring to find out the solutions to be implemented.Power Quality indices are analysed at Indian distribution network for various categories of non-linear consumers. This study leads to identify Power Quality level with respect to IEEE Standard 519-1992.

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Mirzakhmedov Botir Khusniddinovich, Komilov Kamol Akram ugli

The article describes data on the electro physical and electret properties of composite polymeric materials based on polyethylene, modified with fillers. It is shown that the introduction of electrically conductive dispersed fillers into the polymer composition, depending on their electro physical nature at relatively low concentrations, can lead to increased electrification and the appearance of an electret state in them

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Mrs. Chitra. M. Gaikwad, Prof. Dr. S. N. Kakarwal, Mrs. A. N. Ghule, Prof. Dr. R. R. Deshmukh, Dr. D. V. Kurmude

Soil plays an important role in producing healthy crops. The chemical analysis method for recognising the soil contents for good yield is time consuming and complex. An alternative method using VNIR spectral reflectance of soil can make the task easier. In the present study samples of soil were taken from the state of Maharashtra, India. The ASD field spec 4 spectroradiometer is used to record the spectra of soils. Nine different transformations were performed on spectral reflectance for noise removal. The predictions carried out using correlation show that the first derivative of reflectance, logarithm of reflectance and reciprocal of logarithm of reflectance predicts sensitive wavelengths for SOM. The multiple linear regression models reached the coefficient of determination to 0.92. The optimal wavelengths for SOM were found using analysis of variance technique (ANOVA).

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Maria Magdalena N. Nahak, I Wayan Simpen, Ida Bagus Putra Yadnya, I Made Sri Satyawati

This article is entitled "The Ecotext of Batar in Tetun Fehan speakers, Timor, East Nusa Tenggara Province". The variety of the lexicon of batar is part of the treasure of local wisdom which needs to be studied for the continuity of the eternal ecology of batar. Ecolinguistic research has relevance to linguistics, exploring kinship between language and the environment because it has interaction, interrelation and interdependence. The lives of the people of TF depend on the natural environment because it realizes the origin of livelihoods that are always maintained and preserved between generations. Batar ritual is a traditional agricultural ritual which celebrates ancestral cultural heritage. This study aims: first, to analyze and find the form and category of the lingual text of batar; secondly, analyzing and discovering the influencing factors of the dynamics of the textual lexicon. This research uses ecolinguistic theory with three logical dimensions (ideological, biological, and sociological); supported by linguistic theory and cultural linguistic theory. The approach used is a qualitative descriptive approach that is quantitative naturalistic in nature. This research applies the field work method. The form of research uses the methods of participatory observation, interviews, and triangulation. The richness of the lexicon is the category of nouns, verbs, adjectives, and numerals. The implementation of the four dimensions of the modified product gives birth to a totality in dissecting the bathing ecolexicon in interdependence with batar ritual, namely the ideological dimension, the biological dimension, the sociological dimension and the ecoritual dimension. The results of the data analysis show that first, the lingual form is based on the data obtained, namely the single form lexicon,and the complex form. Second, the factors influencing the dynamics of understanding of the agricultural lexicon are the trust factor, the linguistic factor, and the TF factor.

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Kevin Hermanto Tupamahu, Imam Ghozali, P.T. Basuki HP

There is high interest in the role of lean accounting to support organization that have adopted lean manufacturing strategy to achieve strategic outcomes. This study identifies two dimensions of lean accounting, i.e. value stream costing and visual performance measurement, as being instrumental in supporting lean manufacturing. The purpose of this study is to give understanding on how lean accounting can support people in lean organization with information to make better internal decision making, in their objective to achieve and increasing competitive strategic outcomes. Using data from 123 manufacturing firms, this study examines structural equation models that link lean manufacturing strategy, lean accounting and competitive strategic outcomes. The findings show that lean manufacturing is positively related to value stream costing and visual performance measurement. This result also shows that lean manufacturing indirectly affects strategic outcomes through lean accounting systems.

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R. Sharma, R. Dadhich

In this era of digitalization there is a huge requirement of software capable of satisfying the needs of diversified requirements as well as capable of adapting frequently changing hardware and operating platforms. A lot of new software industries are emerging very frequently with an inspiration to develop software so that the imbalance between the necessity and the availability of appropriate software can be abridged instantly with a reliable and superior quality affordable product. To facilitate and simplify the cumbersome task of producing a good quality product, lots of techniques have been devised (and effort is still going on) and suggested by numerous experts of the software engineering and other disciplines. The development of CMMI model enabled the use of a structured, well-defined and systematic approach of proven methods for software development, deployment and maintenance. This model is one of the latest and popular techniques, which caters the need of established software industries perfectly but still does not properly address the issues of small and emerging software industries. This paper explores the impacts of mingling up CMMI ML-1 with small but important part of ML-3 for better quality software development and promised standing for small software industries in the market.

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Atayeva Nilufar

This article suggests banking terms used in the Uzbek language which, formed of the broader meaning of words in the general lexicon, and they express their terminological meaning in a particular context.

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Imam Bestari, Ratri Ariatmi Nugrahani,, Ismiyati, Tri Yuni Hendrawati

Defatted rice bran is rice bran in which oil content has been extracted. Proteins in rice bran have high content of lysine, which is one the essential amino acids. The objectives of this study were to extract and characterized the protein concentrated from defatted rice bran. The variables consisted of times of sonication at 2, 4, 6, 8, and 10 minutes, and times of shaking at 0, 10, 20, 30, and 40 minutes. Maceration was employed for three hours using n-hexane at 1:7 ratio (w/v), which was followed by pneumatic press process. Oven heating was used to remove excess n-hexane. Protein extraction was performed using ultrasonication using distilled water as solvent at 1:10 (w/v) ratio. Centrifugation and shaking were used to purify the protein concentrate. The protein content was determined with Kjeldahl Analyzer, while the characterization was performed with Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC) and dan Fourier Transformed Infrared (FTIR). The best yields were obtained from sonication for 8 minutes (14.06%) and shaking for 20 minutes (12.8%). There appeared to be amino acids and proteins underwent denaturation at 157.35 įC.

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Azimova Shakhnoza Samukdjanovna

The article analyzes the history of the formation and the root cause of the development of a relatively new tool for lending to the population - P2P lending, and its analysis in Russia is separately conducted. Examples of leading organizations in this segment are given, prospects for their activities in the Russian financial market are indicated. The advantages and disadvantages of P2P are indicated.

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Merlinda Wibowo, Fiftin Noviyanto, Sarina Sulaiman, Siti Mariyam Shamsuddin

The number of data will grow rapidly and showed a significant increase every day. This data comes from different resources and services that produce a big volume of data that need to manage and reuse or some analytical aspects of the data. These heterogeneous sources of information are able to lead to important challenges for calibration of the model, as the data is often possible to be imprecise, uncertain, ambiguous, and incomplete. Therefore, it needs big storages and this volume of makes operations such as analytical operations, process operations, retrieval operations real difficult and hugely time-consuming. One of the solutions to overcome these difficult problems is to have data summarized to make less storage and extremely shorter time to get processed and retrieved. Data summarization techniques aim than to produce the best quality of summaries. In this study, Rough Set (RS) is proposed to obtain the accuracy, effectiveness and appropriate summary result. However, RS can extract decision rules effectively from given datasets, two processes data discretization and finding reducts are required in order to generate decision rules based on the values. Both processes are known to be Non-Polynomials (NP) problem and are also related to the dimensionality reduction problem. To solve two problems, Genetic Algorithm (GA) is applied to search both the cut points for discretization and the reducts in order to discover the optimal rules. Moreover, the reduction and transformation of the data may shorten the running time, while also allowing the system to obtain more generalized results and improve the predictive accuracy. Therefore, this study proposes the hybrid approach of RS and GA to improve lack of the rough set to ensure of better result. Hybridization of the proposed method hybrid RS-GA is going to overcome the short come of data summarization method. In order to find the efficiency of the proposed work, the classification accuracy obtained using these methods are compared with the accuracy of the proposed hybrid approach. The ML methods were analyzed by comparing the prediction accuracy: Rough Set (RS), NaÔve Bayes (NB), J48, Random Tree (RT) and Projective Adaptive Resonance Theory (PART). The finding shows that RS-GA approach achieved the highest prediction accuracy with 99.95% and produce the lowest error based on API values from Malaysia and Singapore respectively compared to the other ML methods. For that, it was proved that RS-GA is the best performance and the most significant method compared to other methods.

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Indra Cahya Kusuma, M. Nur Afif, Rachmat Gunawan, Mas Nur Mukmin, Megan Asri Humaira

Data from the 2018 Bogor City Cooperative and SME Service, there are 814 cooperatives by the end of 2017, 472 active units, 342 inactive, or 42% inactive, of which only 156 cooperatives did Annual Meeting Member (RAT). The low number of active cooperatives and those who apply ICT because of the constraints and limitations of them; weak entrepreneurial board, capital, quality of human resources who have accounting knowledge and active participation of members. This study aims to examine the influence of entrepreneurship, capital, cooperative accounting, and member participation in cooperative success. The population of this study was 156 cooperatives recorded at the cooperative and SME offices in Bogor City in 2017. Determination of the research sample using purposive sampling technique (sampling criteria) so that 30 samples of active cooperatives were obtained, holding bookkeeping and holding annual member meetings (RAT) 3 years in a row. Data was obtained by distributing questionnaires to thirty cooperative managers. Data analysis techniques use multiple linear regression. The results of this study found that there were influences of aspects of capital, cooperative knowledge, and member participation on the level of success of cooperatives, while the entrepreneurial aspect had no effect on the success of cooperatives. Not an influential aspect is caused by the selection of respondents who only exist on the cooperative council so that the answers given are based on a managerial point of view so that the existing entrepreneurial aspects of the cooperative technical manager cannot be seen. Limitations of this study are the locus of research in the city of Bogor. The sample criteria are only active cooperatives, have compiled financial statements, and held RAT. Therefore, for further research it is advisable to add a research locus in all parts of Indonesia, expanding the sampling of research at the level of technical managers so that the entrepreneurial aspects in cooperatives can be known. Moreover, enter the factors of online business development that also affect the success of the cooperative. The variables chosen in the research and methodology used have succeeded in finding aspects of cooperative success through entrepreneurship.

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Andy Lasmana, Tjut Tenriwali, Ade Budi Setiawan, Mas Nur Mukmin, Farizka Susandra

The phenomenon shows that impairment can be processed to improve financial performance through the low allowance of losses established by the Bank to obtain high profits or high allowance of losses established to prevent an increase in Non-Performing Loans. Disclose the motive behind impairment policy conducted by banking industries in Indonesia, is the aim of this study. This research was conducted on 89 public banks in Indonesia in the period 2013 to 2017. The sample used was 151 serial data. The t test and F test are the methods used in this study. The results show that simultaneously, Customer Deposits, Total Financing, Write Off, ROA, CAR, NIM, Operational Efficiency, LDR, and NPL have an effect on the allowance for impairment losses. Partially, Customer Deposits, Total Financing, Write Off, ROA, and NPL have insignificant effect on the allowance for impairment losses. This research has succeeded in proving that, there is another motivation behind the impairment policies carried out by banking companies in Indonesia. A variance test should be held to obtain another evidence of side motive of an impairment policy.

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Ravali Boorugu, Dr. Gajula Ramesh, Dr. Karanam Madhavi

Shopping was confined just to outdoor shopping few years ago when there were no websites for online shopping and no internet. But now Internet is available to everyone at fingertips with the advent of smartphones, tablets, laptops and even the cheaper rate to afford internet. This was the prime reason for the sudden booming of online shopping websites. Nowadays everyone loves online shopping. Everyone wishes to order products rather than buying directly from the shops. The primary thing a person will check before ordering the product is a review given by the customers who bought it already. It is becoming difficult for a user to go through various reviews of different products of a particular type and choose the best among them. Thus the need arises for the summarization of these reviews to the maximum extent possible, in order to make the user choose the best product from the whole lot. The process of minimizing the content of a given document without any loss in the meaning of the content is called as Text Summarization. It is grabbing attention of many NLP Researchers nowadays. Text Summarization is categorized based on Input type, Output type and Purpose. We will discuss in brief the various types of text summarization in detail in this paper. We propose seq2seq model for summarization. Its advanced version i.e LSTM is used along with the attention mechanism for increased accuracy. We used the latest word embedding model Conceptnet Numberbatch which is very much similar to GloVe but comparatively better than that. During classification we use 1D convolutional layer followed by max pooling layer, LSTM layer and then at the end by a fully connected layer.

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Aprian Wahyu, Fatwa Tentama, Erita Yuliasesti Diah Sari

This Research aimís to understand the role of servant leadership and organizational climate against ocb with job satisfaction as a mediator. Subject of study the research is permanent workers X University. Data collection methods using a scale that is the scale of servant leadership, organizational climate, job satisfaction and Organizational Citizenship Behavior. The Analysis data conducted using PLS (partial least square) where the process assisted with software smarPLS 3.0. The results of this study indicate job satisfaction significantly influences OCB. Servant leadership and organizational climate significantly influence job satisfaction. Servant leadership significantly influences OCB, however, organizational climate does not affect OCB. Servant leadership can influence OCB through job satisfaction or directly, while organizational climate can affect OCB indirectly so that it is through job satisfaction first. An employer gives positive contribution to the organization voluntarily, because they learn more the habits of his leader who serves as well as possible, and also personal positive perceptions about the quality of organizational life. The role of the two variables will be better if added with high job satisfaction because overall satisfaction with work will increase positive emotions for them and this is will give the impact for employees to encourage positive contributions such as helping colleagues, developing themselves and even involved to increase the organization voluntarily.

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Peter K. Nyarko, Daniel E. Bentil, Isaac K. Dontwi, Samuel Y. Mensah, Christiana C. Nyarko

The mechanism for growth, spread and vegetation pattern formation is largely unknown and poorly understood. To improve understanding of this mechanism, a mathematical model consisting of two nonlinear partial differential equations for soil water balance (N) and plant biomass density variable (P) to investigate the dynamics of forest growth and vegetation pattern formation was developed. The methods used include Michaelis-Menten Kinetics for the rate of nutrients uptake by a cell or organism for growth and Continuous-Time Markov (CTM) method as a standardized methodology that describes plant metabolism responses to multiple resource inputs. This CTM technique was used to obtain a simple plant growth component by synthesizing the four resources (light, water and nutrients together with temperature). To linearize the nonlinear model formulated in order to explain the dynamics of the growth, spread and vegetation pattern formation of the forest, the Taylor Series Expansion method was applied. The linear stability analysis of homogeneous steady-state solutions provided a reliable predictor of the onset and nature of pattern formation in the reaction-diffusion systems. The results revealed that, stability conditions needed for pattern formation is possible provided that . Thus, the homogeneous plant equilibrium decreases with decreasing rainfall until plant become extinct. Based on this condition, the trace and determinant criteria for stability were obtained as and respectively. Again, as increases or decreases, also increases or decreases respectively irrespective of the values of the other parameters. This suggests that which is a surrogate for a dimensionless infiltration capacity prohibits pattern formation at high levels. Hence, one may therefore not expect vegetation patterns to exist in situations of high fertility level and rich water condition. However, this is not the case.

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Anita Venaik , Gurinder Singh, Vikas Garg, Richa Goel, Seema Sahai

Aadhar is changing the way nowadays people interact with the system and this unique identity proof will help in establishing trust also. Observations of the Government of India are also presented in this particular research paper followed by the discussion on loopholes in the existing Aadhar system. The research work will aim at finding the loophole in Aadhar and solve the issues. The project aims at finding the reliability and feasibility of the Aadhar cards issued by the government.

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Padhila Angraini, Suparman

The purpose of this study was to design teaching materials in learning geometry based on RME to improve studentsí understanding of concepts. This study uses the Research and Development (R & D) method with the ADDIE model. The procedure in the ADDIE model consists of five stages, namely Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, and Evaluation. This research is limited to analysis and design only. The subjects in this study were several samples of seventh grade students in junior high school. Data collection techniques are observation and interview. The instruments of data collection include observation guidelines and interview guidelines. The results of this study indicate that the design of teaching material has been adjusted to the characteristics of students and the 2013 curriculum. Teaching materials in learning geometry based on RME to improve studentsí understanding of concepts. This research can be continued in the stages of development, implementation and evaluation in learning.

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Diyah Istriani, Suparman

Solving mathematical problems is a critical ability mastered by students. This study aims to produce worksheets for mathematical learners based on PBL to improve problem-solving skills. This research uses research and development (R&D). This study uses a 4D development model with several stages, including defining, design, development and dissemination. The subjects of this study were tenth-grade high school students in Central Java, Indonesia. Data collection methods using observation, interviews, and questionnaires. The instrument used in this study was a validation sheet. Analysis of needs in worksheets used by students is the first stage in this study. The results of the report are used as a reference for the development of instructional media in the form of student worksheets. The research is a limited study where research is limited to the initial design stage. The results of the initial design validation found that the category is perfect, with an average value of 36. This research can be continued at the development and dissemination stage.

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Nur Rahmat Wahyuaji, Suparman

Creative thinking is one of the essential abilities in solving problems. With the increased ability to think creatively, student achievement is also expected to increase. One effort to improve the ability of creative thinking is the integration of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) in learning using e-learning. This study is a research development using the ADDIE model. This research begins with an analysis of the needs of the material to be delivered. The next stage then designs the appearance of e-learning according to the needs of students. Then make e-learning based on analysis of student needs and designs that were created. E-learning then validated with several experts such as media experts and material experts. Then E-learning is assessed to be known for its validity value. This study aims to make the design of e-learning with an integrated STEM approach that fits the characteristics of students to improve studentís creative thinking skills. The results of this study are flowchart and design-learning for mathematics learning that integrates STEM to improve students' creative thinking skills. The resulting design is; (1) home page display design; (2) material page design; (3) general page display design; and simulation design interaction.

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Suhendri, Suparman

Mathematics is always used in all aspects of life. Blind students with a limited sense of sight have certain obstacles. Creativity is one of the skills students must-have in the 21st century. This study aims to develop guided discovery-based mathematical modules to enhance the creativity of blind students. The method used in this research is research that develops ADDIE which consists of Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, and Evaluation. The subject of this study were blind students of class VII semester 2 at MTs Yaketunis Yogyakarta. This study uses two types of instruments, namely expert validation instruments used to measure the validity and student response questionnaires used to measure students' practicality. The results of this study are valid modules 3.67 for aspects of content feasibility, 3.60 for linguistic aspects, 3.50 for appearance feasibility aspects, 3.50 for conformity aspects with guided discovery learning models and good responses from students. Therefore, modules can be used for classroom learning.

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Isnaepi, Suparman

Geometry is one of the essential ingredients taken in class XII. The problem is the compilation of three-dimensional real-life objects in two dimensions, this is related to spatial ability. Spatial capabilities can be drilled through GeoGebra-assisted MOODLE-based multimedia. Designed using MOODLE-based multimedia learning to improve the spatial ability of class XII students. The subjects in this study were teachers and students of class XII Yogyakarta 5 SMA. Data collection instruments used are observation guidelines, interview guidelines, and questionnaires. The development phase uses the ADDIE model. But in this study only on paper analysis and design. The analysis phase is divided into two parts, namely needs analysis and system analysis. In the design section, this section reviews, the part of the house, the content section, and the evaluation section. E-learning developed has advantages as a source of independent learning for students, to improve spatial abilities in three-dimensional material, as well as the ability to solve problems in statistical and opportunity material. Then in the next research is to develop compulsory MOODLE-based mathematics learning multimedia for class XII.

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Tantri Badengo, Suparman

The most important thing in learning mathematics is understanding the concept of material delivered. To understand the mathematical concepts students must have special competencies, the competencies in question are creative thinking. The purpose of this study is to develop teaching materials in the form of modules using the Realistic Mathematics Education (RME) approach. For the method, researchers use the stages of 4-D development research, where the stages start from defining, designing, developing and disseminating. This study uses two instruments to collect data. The first is an interview related to module teaching materials. The second is the test questions in the benthic description given to students. Because this research is still in the stage of analyzing the needs of teaching materials. So not yet the instrument used to collect data is still limited. The results of this study indicate that there has never been a module for learning mathematics. Based on the results above, the researcher designed an RME-based learning module which was then validated by media and material experts and showed that this design could be continued with notes that had to be revised according to the advice given. Based on the above calculations, the assessment carried out by material experts and media experts reached 76%.

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Ageng Triyono, Suparman

One of the skills needed in the 21st century is critical thinking. Students' critical thinking skills in Indonesia are still low. To improve students' critical thinking skills, appropriate learning resources are needed. One learning resource that can be used as an alternative solution is the studentÔŅĹs worksheet. Guided inquiry approach inquiry method has the opportunity to improve academic achievement, sensitivity to science, critical thinking, and other scientific skills. This research is an effort to develop a studentÔŅĹs worksheet based on an inquiry approach to improve studentÔŅĹs critical thinking skills. The research was developed with the research and development model of Borg & Gall. The subject of this study was the seventh-grade students of Al Azhar Islamic Junior School 26 Yogyakarta. The instruments of this study were studentÔŅĹs worksheet, validation questionnaires, observation sheets, response questionnaires, critical thinking skills sheets. The results of the study show the design of studentÔŅĹs worksheet can be used to improve studentÔŅĹs critical thinking skills. Thus further research on implementation and dissemination can continue

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Vinod Jha, K. Parvathi

Braille is a language of utmost importance for the upliftment of blind people. One of the problem with education of blind people is the unavailability of resources such as books etc. which are mostly in local languages being used by general people. Recently there have been lots of works done to automate the process of translating books in English, Arabic etc. into Braille as typing the whole book is very cumbersome. This paper is proposing an algorithm to convert any scanned handwritten document in Hındi to corresponding Braille. It uses Histogram of oriented gradients features of Hindi characters for matching in an SVM classifier. The scanned documents are first converted into a printable form and then transliterated to Braille using UTF-8 codes.

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Bunga Putri Syafina, Suparman

The purpose of this study was to develop the plan of student worksheets based on Problem Based Learning to improve the critical thinking skills of seventh-grade students. This study uses the ADDIE development model which includes five stages, namely analysis, design, development, implementation, and evaluation. This research only reached the design stage. The subjects of this study were seventh-grade students of MTs Muhammadiyah 1 Berbah and SMPN 1 Depok. The objects in this study are student characteristics, evaluation of teaching materials and curriculum. This study produced a design analysis of Student Worksheets consisting of the initial section (cover, catalog in publications, preface, table of contents, instructions on materials of Student Worksheets, instructions for using Student Worksheets, concept maps, core competencies and necessary competencies, mathematical history), content section (learning activities using Problem Based Learning steps, summaries, and evaluations) and the final chapter (glossary and bibliography).

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Budi Astuti, Rizqi Lestari, Caraka Putra Bhakti

Industrial revolution 4.0 brings challenges for universities to prepare their graduates capabilities. This study aimed to determine students decision-making ability as one of the capabilities that need to be developed to face the industrial revolution 4.0. This study used descriptive quantitative methods to obtain an overview of the decisions making skills of students. The sample in this study were 107 students of the Guidance and Counseling study program at Ahmad Dahlan University, Yogyakarta. The instrument in this study is a scale consisting of 4 answer choices based on aspects of decisions making abilities. The validity test was carried out using the factor analysis test and obtained the results of 39 valid items and has a reliability value of 0.921. The data analysis technique in this study was carried out using descriptive statistics by looking for average values and standard deviations. The results showed that students had decision-making skills that were in the high category with an average cost of 116.3. The indicators that have the highest score are evaluating the results of implementing decisions and estimating the advantages and risk of a choice. Meanwhile, the lowest score is to describe the problem and solve the problem creatively. Overall, students already can make the right decisions as one of the skills needed in the face of the disruption area.

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Anam Sutopo, Harn Joko Prayitno and Rahmad Nasrullah

This research aims at developing studentsí ability in translating text from English into Indonesian through Interactive-Communicative Approach. This research applied qualitative research in the form of a case study. The selected locations of the research were in Muhammadiyah University of Surakarta (Central Java) and Muhammadiyah University of Kendari (South-East Sulawesi). The total of students were 120 consisting of 29 males and 91 females. The sources of data in this research were documents, events, and informants. The techniques for collecting data in this research were content-analysis, observation and in-depth interviewing. The collected data were analyzed by using the Interactive model and comparative method. The result of the research shows that the interactive-communicative approach is able to develop studentsí translation skill. In more detail the interactive-communicative approach can develop; 1) learning activity of students, 2) studentsí interaction in teaching-learning process, 3) studentsí activeness, and 4) studentsí ability in translating text from English into Indonesian. By applying the interactive-communicative approach, students were able to interact with others for supporting the activeness. Therefore, using the interactive-communicative approach in the translation course learning had an impact on developing studentsí translation skill. The progress of studentsí translation skill can be seen also from the increasing score average; the average pre-test score was 5.7 while the post-test score average was 7.4. It means that it is an effective enough applying the interactive-communicative approach in developing studentsí translation skill; besides the learning process of translation course becomes more interesting, comfortable and enjoyable.

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Michela Cortini

The present paper, based on the concept of intercorporate social responsibility, aims at investigating the role of corporation networks in green management and, in more general terms, in social and environmental responsibility behaviour. The general theoretical perspective from which we start is that of industrial and organizational psychology.The theoretical framework to which we refer is a triangulation of, on one side, the International literature on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Corporate Social Performance (CSP), which are ethical in nature, and, on the other, the International literature on externalities and industrial symbiosis, which are more business oriented, in the effort to integrate business and ethics. The paper, which is theoretical in nature, presents in its final section a case study relating to a project involving a consortium of 60 Italian organizations which exchange production externalities through an electronic platform to which they are all connected 24 hours a day. We have proposed to these organizations an action-research in the shape of appreciative inquiry intervention the present paper presents the main results of. The originality of the paper derives, in theoretical terms, from the concept of intercorporate social responsibility and from the application of the principles of industrial symbiosis at a Small and Medium Enterprise level, thanks to ICT support. In such a way, externalities may be seen along with an appreciative perspective which transforms them in a tool of organizational development.

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Suresh K Shirgave, Chetan J. Awati, Rashmi More, Sonam S. Patil

In recent years credit card fraud has become one of the growing problem. A large financial loss has greatly affected individual person using credit card and also the merchants and banks. Machine learning is considered as one of the most successful technique to identify the fraud. This paper reviews different fraud detection techniques using machine learning and compare them using performance measure like accuracy, precision and specificity. The paper also proposes a FDS which uses supervised Random Forest algorithm. With this proposed system the accuracy of detecting fraud in credit card is increased. Further, the proposed system use learning to rank approach to rank the alert and also effectively addresses the problem concept drift in fraud detection.

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J. Betty Jane, Dr.E.N.Ganesh

Big data is playing an important role for many years due to the vast and vide growth of data in various fields and it has become difficult to find the sense from all those large collective data. Since there is an increase in the large amount of data it is difficult to make better decisions .To overcome these challenges, machine learning and fuzzy logic are the two techniques that are used for getting better knowledge from various and such large amount of data sources. This paper discuss about the review on knowledge based decision making that are derived from these two techniques and how efficiently these two techniques provides the decision making in their own way and the steps involved in these techniques for decision making. Machine learning is a technique of artificial intelligence to give better intelligent decisions. Fuzzy logic is a process of giving conclusion or decisions from an uncertain problem.

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Juraid, Baharuddin Hamzah, Asep Mahpudz, Riady Ibnu Khaldun

One of the efforts made by the Indonesian government to improve environmental care behavior is by developing policies on Environmental Education (PLH) in schools and colleges. It is assumed that if knowledge about the environment increases, then caring behavior will also increase and will reduce environmental damage in the future. In the context of forming and developing environmental care behaviors, three elements will be needed, namely; (1) institutional factors, (2) education strategies, (3) knowledge and values. The Adiwiyata school program aims to create a caring and cultured school. Adiwiyata school implementation is based on three principles, namely; educative, participatory and sustainable. School is a strategic place to instill a clean culture, a culture that cares about the environment. Environmental education in schools is one of the applications of character education. Environmental education imparts character values to school citizens which include knowledge (cognitive), awareness or willingness (affective), and actions (psychomotor). The integration of environmental education into the adiwiyata school program can be carried out through the active participation of all components of the school with the habituation process so that it is expected that the development of behavior, attitudes from students to respect, love and care for the environment can become a daily habit.

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V.R. Shamji

Tidal variations in the Red sea are spatially more dynamic and have more influence on the physical and biological processes. The scientific study of tidal analysis in the Red sea is lacking. The lacuna is due to different factors such as uneven distribution of tide gauges over the Red sea coast and lack of data resources. During the last century, several investigators carried out theoretical study of tides in the Red Sea, and that only provided dynamical explanations of actual tides. A comprehensive study conducted along the western coast of Saudi Arabia. Harmonic analysis techniques used for deriving major and minor tidal constituents. A tide model was developed to simulate the water level of the western coast of Saudi Arabia, Red sea. The tide model can be used for nearshore tide forecast in this region.

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S. Sarmah, M.P. Bhuyan, V. Deka, M. Rahman, P. Sarma, S.K. Sarma

Scientific and Engineering problems demand massive computation power and computer resources. To fulfill such demands multi-core architecture is a very useful and efficient design of the computer system. In this research work, multi-core architecture is utilized by using the programming technique Open Multi-Processing (OpenMP). OpenMP is a technique which helps us to execute the different sections of the code in the multi-core processor. Different types of parallel algorithms like matrix multiplication, merge sort, linear search these three algorithms are implemented in this work and the time required to perform the operations are recorded. Finally, it is found that parallel programming on multi-core architecture showing good performance than the sequential execution and also in the experiment it is found that excessive increase of the number of threads will not increase the performance of the system, on the other hand, it will degrade the performance of the system.

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Onisimus Amtu

This research is motivated by the thought that the low quality of state universities in Ambon city is caused by the lack of leadership support and organizational commitment that is less dynamic. Some preliminary studies have found the same problem but the location of the research is different. The purpose of this study was to determine how much influence the leadership and organizational commitment to the implementation of internal quality assurance systems, especially in state universities using linear regression analysis. This study uses a survey with an instrument design in the form of a questionnaire with a Likert scale to measure the attitudes, knowledge and experience of respondents. The results of data analysis indicate that there has been a significant increase in leadership support and organizational commitment to the implementation of an internal quality assurance system at state universities in Ambon city.

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Fitri April Yanti, Heru Kuswanto, Mundilarto, Jumadi, Friska Octavia Rosa

The purpose of this research is to develop and analyze the feasibility of analog material based physics module. This research and development is using 4D model. This development is assessed based on the feasibility aspects of presentation, content, and language by lecturers, peer reviewers and students. Based on the validation of content, presentation and language feasibility aspects, the analog material-based physics module is then tested for practicality through a limited trial and tested for effectiveness through extensive trials. The essay type test instrument was first validated by experts and the empirical tests were tested to 100 other students who participated as test takers after they had already studied the materials. Data collection techniques through tests, N-Gain and MANOVA were used to analyze data. The result of the research is (1) the analog-based physics module which was applied to the candidate of physics lecturer was characterized by the learning step in the module that was adjusted with the analogy method (2) the quality of the analog material-based physics module on the electronic structure of atoms developed by either categories (3) Analogy-based physics material was effectively used to improve studentsí understanding of concepts and creative thinking.

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S.Vinod, P.Sathish Kumar, V.R.Vimal

According to dataĒ street to protectionĒ, in a especially populated united states of America like India, the use of vehicles are unexpectedly increasing and on the same time human beings lose their lives due to accidents and bad emergency facilities. Hence, the cost of human life is disregarded. These lives might have been stored if scientific facilities were supplied on the right time. This project proposes a gadget is based upon IOT which may be installed in any vehicle on the street at a minimum fee, performing as a approach to the stated drawback. A vibration sensor is used to experience the vibrations and tilt generated by using the vehicle whilst it meets with an coincidence. This digital output from the sensor is used by the Arduino Uno controller, which is the coronary heart of the gadget, to trigger the GSM module to deliver an SMS to preprogramed numbers inclusive of ambulance, police station, member of the family of the sufferer etc. Indicating that a coincidence has befell. The accident region is provided via the worldwide positioning machine (GPS), which provides the range and longitude of the area, and with this facts a hyperlink is sent in the SMS depicting the coincidence spot thru Google map Service Company.

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S.Senith, G.Nisha Malini, A.Alfred Kirubaraj , Jino Ramson S.R

Purpose-In recent years, we tend to area unit seeing larger usage of social media by all walks of life. Within the developing countries the employment of social media is growing at Associate in nursing exponential rate. During this development the company additionally connexion their hand and tributary by making their own pages this growth has created a giant within the minds of the investigator. What makes these public to take part in social media? By public taking part in Social media what these company try to get? Design/Methodology/approach-This study may be a combination of each qualitative and quantitative approach. The qualitative approach used the netnography technique to look at the Facebook community. The screening question was asked to clarify the unit of study so as to form certain that the respondents had just one Facebook account. The analysis conducted the survey of 1119 respondents from were received with needed coverage and details. To understand the performance of the Organization, separate form was used and picked up knowledge from seventy two social media marketers from industry, producing and rag trade.

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Ahmad Roziq, Agung Budi Sulistiyo, Nur Hisamuddin, Ahmad Ahsin Kusuma Mawardi

This study aimed to examine the influence of intermediary function and capital structure to financing risk and the influence of intermediary function, capital structure and financing risk to financial performance of islamic banks in Indonesia. This research use explanatory method which explains the effect of indpendent variables to dependent variables through a hypothesis test. The population of this research is islamic banks in Indonesia. Technique of samping uses a purposive sampling Research data is secondary data, consist of of 11 islamic banks during five years, 2013 upto 2017. Method of analysis data is strutural equation model with partial least square program. The finding of results concluded that (a) capital structure had a significant influence toward financing risk of islamic banks in Indonesia; (b) capital structure had a significant influence toward financial performance of islamic banks in Indonesia; (c) intermediary function had a significant influence toward financing risk of islamic banks in Indonesia; (d) intermediary function had no significant influence toward financial performance of islamic banks in Indonesia and (e) financing risk had a significant influence toward financial performance of islamic banks in Indonesia.

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Rishi Todani and Ashis Kumar Mal

This paper presents a noise reduction technique while designing a fully differential difference amplifier using gm/ID method. It provides an easy technique to alter the corner frequency of noise and also exhibit a good matching between analytical and simulated results for unity gain bandwidth, even in sub-micron technology. Stability, noise, PVT and Monte Carlo analysis validate the designed circuit. The amplifier is designed using SCL 180nm CMOS technology and 1.8V supply.

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D.S.Vijayan, K.Naveen Kumar, S.Aravindan

The structural system of the building needs to support the lateral loads because of earthquake and wind additionally to gravity loads. A lateral load develops high stresses and produces sway inflicting vibration and drift. If the industrial steel structures don't seem to be designed to resist the lateral loads, then they'll be collapse ensuing into the loss of life or its content. So, itís vital for the structure to own not solely spare strength against gravity loads. However additionally the adequate stiffness to resist lateral forces. Literature review reveals that LLRSS (Lateral load Resisting structural system) is provided within the type of devices like base isolation and dampers that control the seismic vibration, and lateral drift. However, these devices are terribly pricey and effective just for high rise buildings. Thus, there's a desire to check the LLRSS or technology appropriate for a selected breadth of building. The target of this analysis is to propose straightforward however innovative, and effective LLRSS or structural technology and methodology for the unstable management which may be employed in new similarly as previous industrial steel structures. In spite of accelerating quality, analytical study of braced industrial steel structure, and its careful demand to regulate the unstable responses restricted in Republic of India. Additionally, industrial steel structure involves significant burden because of giant member size that intern is a lot of prompt for unstable loss. Hence, it's planned to check the response of steel buildings/frames with differing kinds of steel bracings configurations and dampers as a LLRSS to regulate the vibration lateral displacement, and structure drift. The structural response parameters selected for the study area unit fundamental measure, natural frequency, and roof displacement. The analysis work deals with the constant study of response of Non-linear time history analysis (NLTHA) of 3D industrial steel structure braced completely different completely different bracing configurations and dampers with different mass ratio's victimization the stability (STADD Pro-2000) beneath Bhuj earthquake. Bracing configuration used square measure X-bracing, ECCENTRIC bracing, DIAGONAL bracing to recommend suitableness of specific bracing configurations for the steadiness of the building structure beneath unstable loading. Modals with x bracing and damper with mass quantitative relation a pair of square measure found to enhance the performance of the building beneath earthquake load, and wind load.

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Dedi Djuliansah, Trisna Insan Noor, Yosini Deliana, dan Meddy Rachmadi

The research aims to analyze the factors affecting the exchange rate of soybean farmers, the average exchange rate of soybean farmers and the level of welfare of soybean farmers. The research method used as time series data and cross section for was conducted in Jatiwaras District, Tasikmalaya Regency, Indonesia. The determination of the study area was carried out by two stage cluster random sampling with 185 population of farmers. The data used are primary data and secondary data. The data analysis method used in this study is multiple linear regression. The results showed that the factors affecting the exchange rate of soybean farmers in the study area were partially land area and selling price, while simultaneously land area, productivity, selling price, labor costs, and number of dependents affected the soybean farmer exchange rate. The average exchange rate of soybean farmers in the study area is 11.64 percent, meaning that the level of welfare of farmers in the study area is low (not prosperous) if seen only from the contribution of soybean farming income.

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Onu Peter, Charles Mbohwa

Recently, scientific research and development focus on nascent technology to solve the global energy crises, and results in innovative approaches for resource exploitation and sustainable disposition to improve energy generation and utilization. Hence, support better socio-economic performance and environmental management. In spite that, we are approaching a turning point and by the dawn of a new century, move to a revolutionized industry 4.0 era, and the urgency to review the renewable energy options (wind, solar, oceans, hurricanes, volcanoes etc.). We performed a survey on different renewable/clean energy technology/resources, their technical capabilities, and economic viability based on the energy returned on energy invested. Thus, the basic principle behind clean energy options is briefly described. The author explores the cost potential, challenges, and promise of these energy resources in the near future for sustainable energy solution. Last but not least, we draw conclusions on strategic reasons and importance for the continuous investment in environmentally friendly energy dispensation to develop what lies beyond the current energy scenario-globally.

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Nice Enyonam Akpeke, Christopher Maina Muriithi, Charles Mwaniki

The increase diffusion and circulation of wind energy to the conventional power system due to rapid growth of energy demand has led to consideration of different wind turbine generator technologies. It has been discovered that, a power system experiences inevitable changes in its dynamic behavior when connected with Direct Drive Synchronous Generator (DDSG). In cases of an unexpected loss of a power source or a huge load, the frequency of the power system decreases, which eventually leads to difference in speeds between grid and the interconnected wind generator. It is therefore necessary to use FACTS devices among other methods to advance the dynamic behavior for a convectional power structure. This paper therefore focusses on enhancing PMSG-based system transient during 3ph fault situations. Reference is made to the Critical clearing time (CCT) as an evidence for evaluating the transient state for the system. Under the studies of 14-bus test system of IEEE and in PSAT, the critical clearing time for power system integrated to PMSG-based power turbine is improved with a Thyristor Controlled Series Capacitor (TCSC). One synchronous generator in the test network was replaced at random with the PMSG-based wind power source, intended to produce an equivalent power. Time domain (TD) simulations are performed considering two study cases. Simulation results show that, the CCT of the system with TCSC is longer than the CCT of system without TCSC, which is an indication of transient stability improvement.

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Syarif Hidayatullah, Achmad Firdiansjah, Ryan Gerry Patalo , Abdul Waris

Tourism sector is currently a superior business. A lot of people need entertainment to satisfy or make themselves happy and to spend free time. Many countries in the world depend on the tourism industry as a source of income, no exception in Indonesia. Likewise, Batu City is currently launching tourism for international market. In its development, many investors are interested in managing tourism spots in Batu City, one of which is Jatim Park Group which has many interesting places and tourist attractions. In this case, in managing and attracting tourists, an entrepreneurial marketing spirit is needed to create competitive advantage with tourist attractions in Batu City. This study aims to determine the direct and indirect effects of entrepreneurial marketing on marketing performance through competitive advantage. The samples in this study were 93 tourism management people under the Jatim park group determined by using a sampling method of questionnaires and interviews. The results of the research show that entrepreneurial marketing has an effect on marketing performance because of the role of competitive advantage as a mediator of marketing performance. This indicates that there is a very close relationship among the variables studied.

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Priya Singla, Dr. Ranjit Kaur

Conventional microstrip antennas had a few confinements, that is, single working recurrence, low impedance transmission capacity, low increase, bigger size, and polarization issues.. Carved openings or deformities on the ground plane of microstrip circuits are alluded to as Defected Ground Structure. Single or numerous deformities on the ground plane might be considered as DGS.. DGS is embraced as a rising system for improving the different parameters of microwave circuits, that is, limited transmission capacity, cross-polarization, low gain, etc. A Line feed Microstrip Patch Antenna (MPA) working from 2 GHz to 4GHz recurrence, with absconded ground plane is introduced in this paper. The proposed reception apparatus is structured utilizing FR epoxy substrate material having dielectric consistent 4.4 and thickness 1.6 mm. The exhibition parameters of receiving wire, for example, Voltage Standing Wave Ratio (VSWR), Return Loss (RL), addition and radiation example are recreated utilizing Ansoft High Frequency Structure Simulator (HFSS) programming. The exhibition parameters of the proposed radio wire with various substrate material and Defected Ground Planes (DGPs) at three recurrence esteems 2.4GHz, 3GHz and 3.933GHz (ranging 2-4GHz) are analysed in this paper. The accomplished impedance data transmission is 66.66%.The antennas' deliberate pinnacle additions and efficiencies differ from 1.76 to 2.18 dBi and 96% to 98%, individually. Contrasted and different plans, the proposed antennas display multiband execution by utilizing a basic single-feed structure, acknowledge various blends of profoundly disengaged recurrence groups with wide tunability of recurrence proportions, and have directional stable radiation designs that are smaller and of electrically little size. To be sure, they can possibly meet the down to earth prerequisites for remote applications.

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Albin Nshizirungu, George Irungu, Lawrence Letting

_The amount of power produced by PV module is highly dependent on the environmental and weather conditions, such as solar irradiance, and ambient temperature. It is important to maximize the amount of power that a module produces in accordance with the weather conditions. One of the methods used to get as much production as possible from a PV module, is the maximum power point tracking that changes the electrical parameters of the PV. In this research a maximum power point algorithm based on hybrid Adaptive Genetic Algorithm Radial Basis Function (AGA-RBF) is proposed. The RBF which has a simple architecture and good learning algorithm, is first optimized by an adaptive Genetic Algorithm so that it operates with an optimal spread parameter. The resulting RBF neural network is used to determine module reference voltage and current corresponding to its input irradiance and temperature, such that the PV module production is maximum. The reference outputs from the RBF NN, are used together with the actual output voltage and current of the PV to generate a switching signal for the converter duty cycle control. A Matlab /Simulink model was developed for simulations and validation using data collected from a solar station. The simulation results by using both the proposed MPPT, and Perturb and Observe (P &O) as the MPPT used in most of the inverters, proved that the new method is more accurate, and produces more power.

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P.Sivakumar, S.Selvakumar

Blended Learning popularly known as B-learning is an effective integration of face-to-face and online learning/E-learning to enhance the experience and through the utilization of ICT. Blended learning combines online delivery of educational content with the best features of classroom interaction. Based on the interactions with the experienced teachers in Physics, it has been noted that the performance of the higher secondary learners in physics course is not satisfactory and needs immediate attention. To overcome this problem, an experimental study has been carried out to study the effect of blended learning package on higher secondary learnersí performance and retention in physics. This study examined: post-test performance and retention performance of students in Physics when learned through blended learning and traditional lecture method. The study adopted a Quasi-experimental design. The sample was drawn from higher secondary school in Karaikudi, Sivagangai District, Tamil Nadu, India. Respondents were 40 students (21 male and 19 female). The findings revealed that: (i) there was a significant difference in the post-test scores of experimental and control groups and (ii) there was a significant difference in the retention test scores of experimental and control groups. The study concluded that blended learning significantly improves studentsí achievement and retention capacity. Therefore, the study recommended that this advent of learning which combines both face to face and online delivery can effectively be utilized in learning Physics to enhance the performance and retention among higher secondary learners.

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Jaswant, Sanjeev Kumar Dhull

In this paper, Non-Blind & Blind Adaptive Techniques have been investigated. All the results have been observed for Quadrature Amplitude Modulation (QAM). 4-QAM reception has been demonstrated in Additive White Gaussian Noise (AWGN). Convergence rate of different techniques with 4-QAM, 16-QAM & 64-QAM has been depicted. This paper provides comprehensive evaluation of widely used Non-Blind & Blind adaptive techniques.

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Nanik Sri Utaminingsih, Anis Chariri, Dr. Indira Januarti, Dr. Amir Mahmud

This research aims to obtain empirical evidence of the influence of gender, tenure, class, functional hierarchy and remuneration on lecturer performance.The research population used is all lecturers who did not have additional tasks at Unnes.. The samples are obtained using purposive sampling method. The samples obtained are 552 out of the total population of 683 lecturers. The data are analyzedusing multiple regression. The independent variables are gender, tenure, class, functional hierarchy and remuneration. And the dependent variable is performance. The test results show that of all the predictor variables, only 3 variables actually affect the employee performance,they are tenure, total remuneration and class. Meanwhile gender, functional hierarchy and class of civil servant structure have no influence on their performance. Whereas the functional hierarchy has has a negative coefficient, indicating that it has no influence.

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Dr. G. Venkatesan, V. Sasikala ,

In this paper, statistical analysis is carried out using logistic regression model and the study shows the significant status between Tamilnadu and India with reference to different indicators. Migration in India and as well as Tamilnadu influenced by its pattern of economic development. In particular, this study is to analyse male migrantsí duration of stay as a risk factor for migration according to various reasons and to analyse the distribution pattern of male migrants regarding economic activity for employment in Tamilnadu and India using secondary data from census of India during the census years 2001 and 2011.

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Ankita Trivedi , Dr. Aumreesh Kumar Saxena, M. Arshad , Mr. Shivendra Dubey and Dr. Sitesh Kumar Sinha

Researchers and scientists are always motivated by environment and natural organisms to crack real world problems. Protection of computer systems is no exclusion. For identifying intrusion, artificial immune system motivated from natural defense system works proficiently. In this proposed methodology, we are implementing two levels of defense for computer security. The primary level of defense is Innate Immune system and the secondary is Adaptive Immune system. For Innate immune system, detectors are generated using negative selection algorithm. The result reveals the effectiveness of proposed methodology for detecting intrusion against malicious attacks on the network system

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Febby Hadi Setyawan, Sri Andayani, Maftuch

Fish disease is an adverse thing in aquacultureís activities. One of the most harmful fish diseases is the bacterial infection of Aeromonas salmonicida. This bacterium can cause furunculosis. Control of bacterial diseases usually uses antibiotics, therefore we need another alternative, namely to use antibacterial from Chaetoceros calcitrans.The results showed that this chateoceros has antibacterial namely terpenoids. MIC results showed that with a dose of 0.1 ppm chaetoceros extract was able to inhibit bacterial growth. From the results the disc diffusion test showed 45.3 ppm has the largest inhibitory zone against A. salmonicida with an average of 11.4 mm which is included in the strong category.

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Luis Cardoso

The connections between Literature and Cinema began with the birth of the 7th Art and since then one of the main dilemmas is to how to approach the paradox of adaptations. The written narrative must be seen as a point of departure but not as a measure of the quality of the film, which is a totally different artistic creation. In this universe of fluid boundaries, books and films must be seen as independent artistic forms, even if we have a process of adaptation or even if the endless and abandoned chimaera of fidelity is brought to this discussion.

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Waleed T. Al-Sit

Cloud computing is developed to tackle storage limitations and information security. It's being considered as a new computing paradigm that offers dynamic and flexible resource allocation. Business owners have become more attracted in the possibilities of using cloud computing because it increases the reachability of their services and reduces the need for physical resources. In this paper, the cloud computing architecture is described with a brief actors' roles based reference model. This model allows the stakeholders to understand the overall view of functions, activities, and responsibilities to evaluate and assign the risk of services. At the end of this work, several open researches for security applications is concluded and discussed.

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M. Prabhavathy, Dr. S. Uma Maheswari

The IT scene has changed so significantly as of late. The steady updates of new server/endpoint virtualization, distributed computing, cell phone and BYOD bolster, Internet of Things, and now the advent of new ways to deal with gadget the board like Unified Endpoint Management Ė implies expanding difficulties for associations to scale up their digital security foundation. This persistent selection of new advances adds further vulnerability and intricacy to the security foundation. Be that as it may, associations should be proactive and try different things with Big Data security investigation projects and activities to stay aware of the most recent advances. Slowing down out presently is certain to result in an expanded danger of a noteworthy security break.In this paper (t-SNE) t-Distributed Stochastic Neighbor Embedding taken to classify the high dimensional data to identify the malicious information. The proposed technique implies on the pool of data on automated the t-SNE) t-Distributed Stochastic Neighbor Embedding to find the unwanted data attacks. The experimental shows the true positive classification of malicious at 94.5% and false positive of 0.7%.

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Jobil.J.Arackal, S.Parameshwari

The sensory attributes are pivotal in catching buyer's eye and therefore affecting their inclinations and purchasing choices for sustenance items. Foldability, pliability, etc. are sensory attributes which are ordinarily used to depict the chapatis quality, as well as to predict consumer acceptance. The Statistical modeling and optimization approach has been utilized to model and optimize avocado fruit pulp incorporated chapati formulation compression process via response surface methodology. The 3-level central composite design has been selected by avocado fruit pulp; water; wheat flour as input variables and chapati characteristics (tearing strength, eating quality, foldability, overall acceptances) as output variables. Non-linear regression models have obtained concerning output variables (tearing strength, pliability, eating quality, foldability, overall acceptances) with R2 values of 0.79, 0.84, 0.86, and 0.79 for tearing strength, eating quality, foldability, overall acceptances, respectively. An effect of individual, square and interaction terms on the avocado fruit pulp incorporated chapati sensory attributes have been summarized through the significance test and depicted through response surface plots. An optimized chapati sensory characteristic of the best product identified. The good ingredients variation are avocado fruit pulp 150 gm water 35 ml wheat flour 100gm of ratio. The results demonstrated the reliability of the proposed statistical approach to model and optimized the compression studies of avocado pulp incorporated chapati formulation.

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Acim Heri Iswanto

This paper is to analyse literature on the implementation of lean in higher education. Analysis was carried out to find out research trends and gaps, theoretical pillars, and topics commonly used in studies in this field. This study examined the trend of this topic over time so it can see the academic evolution of the implementation of lean in Higher Education. To obtain high quality articles, a systematic search process was carried out using the Emerald database. The results of the above studies are as follows: (1) Digitalization was viewed as an effort to improve management of learning resources quality in higher education. Although this activity was not explicitly a lean implementation, but discussed it from lean perspective. (2) Preparedness factors or success factors are a prerequisite for good lean implementation. (3) Faculty involvement was one of lean success factors. (4) Academic leadership in relation to lean implementation. (5) Conceptual study evaluated various fields in higher education that could be areas of LSS implementation. (6) Well implemented lean in higher education could reduce waste, increase operational efficiency, and encourage organisational sustainability. (7) Study on lean implementation in a number of courses in business schools found that lean increased student satisfaction because it provided clearer expectations, reduced ambiguity related to lectures and assignments, standard assignment formats, facilitated individual and team assignments, and improved student time management in and outside the classroom. (8) Lean curriculum that appropriate for universities.

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Acim Heri Iswanto, Gatot Soeryo Koesoemo

This research aims to assess the results of lean implementation in reducing the cost of medical supplies in the operating room of a hospital in Indonesia. These results can be used as a motivation to extend implementation to other aspects of overall operating room and hospital management. Resource inventory to build management commitment, willingness to share data, and information of implementation history was the initial stage of research. Furthermore, the research was conducted by applying 5S methodology to medical supplies in the operating room of RSIA Grand Family, Jakarta. The 5S procedure then was evaluated using descriptive and inferential statistics. The inferential statistics used was Wilcoxon Signed Rank test. Lean implementation that was carried out successfully reduced inventory costs to an average of Rp 331,555,768 per month in three months after lean implementation, from Rp 381,140,031 per month in the previous three months before lean implementation. This means that there is a cost reduction of 13.01%. Furthermore, the number of medical supplies items was reduced by an average of 12.45%. This research has a number of limitations. First, this research was conducted on the aspect of medical supplies from the operating room. Second, this research was still on a small scale and only evaluated the cost aspect of medical supplies.

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Maureen N. Mureithi, Peter K. Kihato, Agnes Mindila

Performance prediction is an indispensable topic to any mobile network operator. It allows the operators to be aware of future network scenarios and take actions before they occur. This paper explores various machine learning approaches to predict performance. Real world data is mined and analyzed to identify the geospatial distribution of samples and their temporal relationships. Time series techniques based on general additive model, auto-regressive model and deep learning are evaluated. Long-term short-term deep learning model was used, and it performed better compared to the others giving results that are adequate for most planning and optimization tasks.

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Dr Reena Garg

This paper analyses the reliability and profit of a system with variation in demand. The variation in demand affects the production of a system, hence when production is greater than demand then system needs to be shut down and when demand suddenly increase then lots of production kept in stock is utilised. The termsavailability, expected down time, mean time to system failure(MTSF),expected busy period for repairman have been obtained by using RPGT and Semi Markov process. Graphical study has been made to draw conclusions of the system.

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Atif Jahanger

In the framework of educational globalization and the growing power of international organizations in health and educational governance sector in the least developed countries (LDCs) have faced the latest stage of stress about whether their educational strategies should go behind the global educational models or seek out solutions of their diverse problems by encouraging restricted native literacy practices. This article presents an outline of (Least Developed Country) LDCs Asset in which there are several indicators, including health, school enrollment, and literacy. Economic growth has been elevated in the year leading to the economic crisis, but remains weak. It repeatedly does not advantage the population at large, comes at significant environmental costs, as shown by the rate of resource reduction and environmental damages, and youth unemployment remains very high. This article terminated with an appeal for developing circumstantially related literacy plans and policies throughout an asset point of view; and offers instructions for further research for investigates the Least Developed Countries literacy rate, school enrollment, and health policies.

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Sandie, Purwanto, Subanji, Erry Hidayanto

This study examines students' thought processes in translating mathematical representations of covariational problems from graphic to pictorial forms. This research is qualitative research. The research subjects are 3rd-semester students of Mathematics Education at Universitas Negeri Malang. Students solve the problems given and the process of students in solving problems is recorded and verbalize what is thought (think aloud) and interviewed in-depth. The results showed that very few students could solve the covariational problem of dynamic events. The ability to coordinate changes from one variable value to changes in the value of other variables is still not good. Therefore, the ability to translate representations that involve covariational reasoning needs special attention.

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Ong Choon Hee, Yeo Hui Ying, Tan Owee Kowang, Adriana Mohd Rizal, Lim Lee Ping

The purpose of this study is to identify the relationship between succession management practices and employee retention in the property industry in Southern Malaysia. The independent variables of this study are career planning programs, mentoring and coaching and job rotation while the dependent variable is employee retention. The research design of this study is using quantitative and cross-sectional approach. Online survey questionnaire was employed to collect data and yielded 397 responses. The findings revealed that career planning programs, mentoring and coaching and job rotation were significantly related to employee retention. This research is able to provide essential information for companies in the property industry to increase understanding on employeesí career needs and implement effective employee retention strategies to retain talented workforce. It further assists organizations to integrate their succession management practices with employee retention efforts to ensure talents remain in the organization to succeed succession management plan.

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Sri Indarti, Rendra Wasnury

Efforts believed to have powers to improve competitive capability are in the form of development which aims to elevates economical potential. The development of the economic potential of a society must be supported by the skills of the human resources, the maximum utilization of technology, and the improvement in the micro business networking. One of a regionís prominent potentials is micro business which has a special and strategic position, role, and potential used to achieve economic growth, equality and peopleís earnings, creation of jobs, and alleviation of poverty. To create business that is more organized and feasible, a scenario to avoid threats of micro business failure is required. This study applies FGD to analyze activities that become priorities in order to assist micro businesses in their efforts to develop themselves based on their business surroundings internally and externally.

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Sri Sundari

Difficulties in implementing the policy with the performance assessment process not yet achieving objective results, and not fully influencing career advancement and increasing benefits from intermediary analysts. This research focuses on evaluating the policy implementation of intermediary analyst performance at the Directorate General of Ministry of Defense Indonesia (MDI). The sub focus of this study, namely: 1) intermediary analyst performance policy; 2) intermediate strategic internal analyst environment; 3) implementation of intermediary analyst assignments; and 4) results of intermediary analyst performance. Methodology: The study was conducted at the Directorate General of Ministry of Defense in Jakarta, Indonesia. This location was chosen because so far there has never been intensive and comprehensive research on the implementation of performance policies for Intermediary Analysts, where the observation, interview and documentation was carried out at the Directorate General of Ministry of Defense Jakarta, as an informant from Director General Ministry of Defense, assisted by 1 Secretary of Ministry of Defense General, 3 people Director, 2 Head of Division and 6 Intermediary Analysts. The evaluation models used are Context, Input, Process and Product (CIPP). The results: The policy aspects of intermediate analyst performance (context), state that most of them already know about the existence of assignment documents, so that in the implementation of intermediate analyst tasks oriented to the desired results. The internal strategic environment (input) is included in the category of level of implementation and availability or moderate achievement, this is due to the lack of facilities and infrastructure including office facilities and not having special staff in this case personnel to assist intermediate analysts. The implementation aspect of the assignment of intermediary analysts is quite good, meaning that the evaluation component includes the category of level of implementation and availability or moderate or moderate achievement, because intermediary analysts do not have basic tasks or routine tasks, so intermediary analysts work independently and look for their own activities. The aspect of the product performance analyst is quite good, meaning that the evaluation component includes the category of level of implementation and availability or moderate achievement, but there are still shortcomings in terms of career development systems still waiting for the queue for structural promotions. The results of the study using the CIPP Evaluation Model regarding the evaluation of the implementation of performance policies The Intermediary Analyst has concluded that overall the implementation of the performance policies of the Intermediary Analyst in all stages has not been effective.

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A. J. M. Morshed, Sujan Kanti Das, Dipankar Chakraborty.

The current study was carried out to determine the quality as well as the concentration of heavy metals in 12 poultry feed samples. Six branded of poultry feeds including starter and grower types were used in this experiment. The qualitative analysis of all samples was revealed that in both starter and grower samples, the protein was obtained in the range of (16.95 Ė 18.61)% & (16.67 Ė 18.97)% followed by (88.32 Ė 90.19)% & (85.00 Ė 91.32)% for dry matters, (6.55 Ė 8.09)% & (5.50 Ė 7.10)% for total ash, (5.50 Ė 8.09)% for total ash, (2.10 Ė 3.01)% & (2.03 Ė 3.32)% for fat, (60.41 Ė 62.68)% & (58.23 Ė 64.53)% for carbohydrates and (0.15 Ė 0.24)% & (0.20 Ė 0.26)% for acid insoluble ash. The concentration of heavy metals was obtained in various ranges for two types of samples. Starter type of samples were ranges as (

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Khathibul Umam Zaid Nugroho, Wahyu Widada, Zamzaili, Dewi Herawaty

The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of ethnomatemics oriented youtube learning media on problem solving abilities. The design of this study was quasi-experimental. The population was all students of SMA N 2 and SMA N 6 Kota Bengkulu, Indonesia. The research sample was chosen intact group. The instruments of this study were tests of problem solving ability. The conclusion of this research was the problem solving ability of students who study with ethnomatematics oriented youtube media was higher than students who learn not to ethnomathetics oriented after controlling the students' initial abilities.

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Rinashree Khound

The term ĎMulticulturalismí has not been used only to describe culturally diverse society, but also to refer to a kind of policy that aims at protecting cultural diversity. The experience of the past five decades has underlined the need to accommodate cultural diversity in the public arena. Multiculturalismís entry into the theoretical realm has helped many societies to solve the problems and conflicts on the basis of religion, language and ethnicity. Countries have made effort to protect the rights of the minorities in multicultural perspectives. India is an outstanding case for the study of multiculturalism. It is home to policies of legal pluralism in religious family law, territorial autonomy for several linguistic and tribal groups, as well as quotas in legislatures, government jobs and educational institutions for caste and tribal minorities. As a multicultural document Indian Constitution provides several provisions to protect the rights of minorities. Indian democracy is not consociational has adapted consociational devices for dealing with diverse conflicts within society. Therefore, an effort has been made here to study an overview of interface between Constitutional provisions and rights actually exercise by minorities in India and how multiculturalism impact on Indian democracy with reference to minority rights.

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Ana Pangaribuan

With the aim to exam the effect of fiscal decentralization on economic growth and community welfare, this study was conducted by taking samples of all districts/cities in North Sumatra province during 2010-2017 with the exception 2016. Using panel data which is a combination of 33 cross section data with 7-year series length, the model is analyzed by Random Effect Model (REM). Because the endogenous variables in the model are related, the method used is two stage least square (2SLS). The dependent variable consists of real economic growth and population welfare proxied by the human development index (HDI). Fiscal decentralization as the main independent variable is approached by the ratio of the relative expenditure of district / city governments to central expenditure. In addition, control variables are also used, among others: population, investment, education level and total workforce. This study found that fiscal decentralization together with other variables had an effect on economic growth and community welfare in the province of North Sumatra for the research year. However, the results of partial estimation indicate that fiscal decentralization does not affect economic growth, but has a positive and significant effect on people's welfare. It was also found that economic growth had a positive and significant influence on people's welfare

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Wiwi Rumaolat, Maryam Lihi, Hamka Hamka, M Chairul Basrun Umanailo

Diarrhea is one cause of high morbidity and mortality in children, especially in infants. In Indonesia, diarrhea is a public health problem, due to the high morbidity and mortality, especially in infants. Though various prevention Efforts have been made to reduce the incidence of diarrhea. The role of parents in prevention activities is a very important factor. Knowledge and attitudes is needed in determining a person's behavior. This study aims to determine the factors associated with maternal Efforts in the prevention of diarrhea in infants in the village community health centers Amahai Iha region. The method used is the analytic correlation, a sample of 33 respondents with a sampling technique using simple random sampling. The instrument used questionnaire. Using the Chi-square test with a significance level of 0:05. The results in this study significant Obtained value of education (p = 0.005), knowledge (p = 0.045), and attitude (p = 0.031). From Reviews These results it can be concluded that there is a relationship of education, knowledge, and attitudes of mothers in the prevention of diarrhea in infants in the village community health center working area Amahai Iha.

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Indah Martati, Besse Asniwaty, Suminto

The research objective is to analyze the model of evaluating the effectiveness of regional financial performance in Indonesia within the framework of implementing regional autonomy with a sample of 3 cities and two districts in East Kalimantan. The model adopted was adopted a formula that had been used by previous researchers consisting of an assessment of the effectiveness of regional financial management, the effectiveness of fund transfer management, and measurement of the degree of fiscal decentralization. The data used is the target and realization of the 2011-2016 Regional Revenue and Expenditure Budget and the data are analyzed using a descriptive qualitative comparative method. The results showed the performance of local governments in financial management has been very effective with an average percentage of> 100%. Fund transfers from the Central Government to the Regions have been managed relatively effectively. While the degree of fiscal decentralization is still low with an average percentage of 11.21%. The achievement of criteria is very effective in the management of regional finances and the management of transfer funds is inversely proportional to the low ability of regional finances to carry out decentralization tasks. The influencing factors are the high centralization in the field of taxation; local companies have not contributed to the PAD, and differences in tax rates in each region.

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Cesar Ian A. Baluran, Edwin R. Arboleda, Marivic G. Dizon, and Rhowel M. Dellosa

The study aims to determine the gender of a crab with the use of image processing, fuzzy logic, and k-nearest neighbor classifier. The determination of crab gender is usually determined by physical inspection, commonly including claw color and apron shape. The aim of this study is to classify crab gender, specifically blue crab based on image processing and by using fuzzy logic technology and K nearest neighbor classifier. In this study, important crab morphological features such as the surface area of the body of the crab, perimeter, and roundness from 60 image samples have been analyzed to classify male and female crabsí physical characteristics. To achieve this objective, a fuzzy logic technology, and KNN classifier has been used.

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Alvin M. Castillo, Raymond D. Aradanas and Edwin R. Arboleda, Andy A. Dizon and Rhowel M. Dellosa

This paper is focused on determining the species of a coffee bean using the GLCM or the Gray Level Co-Occurrence Matrix method with the help of ANN or the Artificial Neural Network. This research is done to make a new method in determining the species of coffee bean in different parts of Cavite (Arabica, Excelsa, and Robusta). The image processing techniques that the author will use will be simulated in order the classify the species of the coffee bean that will be used. The coffee bean features based on the GLCM are the Contrast, Energy, Cluster Shade and Sum of Square Variance that will be extracted from 120 training images and 60 testing images. Using the ANN classifier, it will categorize the coffee bean based on the said parameters for GLCM. Using ANN classification, the scores of 95.31% were achieved. In conclusion, the study showed that image processing can effectively determine the quality of the coffee bean varieties.

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Manoj Modi, Gopal Agarwal, V.Patil, Ashish Khare, Saloni Shukla, Advitiya Sankhala

In the todayís competitive era, it is very important to an edge over the others to survive and flourish. One of the easiest yet most complicated areas to expertise is Ďfast deliveryí and to obtain that the cycle time has to be reduced. Keeping this in mind certain investigations are carried out to increase the material removal rate. This research work explains the effects of certain lathe parameters namely Speed, Feed and Depth of Cut on the output parameter Material Removal Rate. A mild steel test piece is taken and different experiments are conducted on it by a nine foot conventional lathe machine by changing the input parameters using Taguchi methodology. Taguchi method is used to formulate the experimental layout. A Taguchi L9 design of experiment (DOE) and the analysis of variance (ANOVA) is applied to analyze the effect of each parameter on the response. Mathematical formula is also developed among the Speed, Feed and Depth of Cut and MRR. It will be found that these parameters have a significant influence on machining characteristic metal removal rate.

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Rajasekhara Reddy Kallam, Srinivasulu Gundala

In Very large scale integration technology few billions of transistors are integrating on a single chip. As more number of devices are designing on less core area. For designing more blocks with less area makes the more challenging task on the chip designer and EDA tools. floorplanning is the initial step in the VLSI hierarchical design flow. Floorplanning takes the most of the design time in hierarchical Design flow and for designing bigger circuits EDA tools having size, memory limitations. To avoid these problems now a days all core companies follows hierarchical design flows. In This project we use a method of System on chip Architecture information model with Blackboxes based chip level hierarchical floorplanning. The main of this project is to design chip planning with less amount time with less memory requirements and getting a good quality of prototype model in floorplanning stage by analysing hierarchical System on Chip Architecture information provided by EDA tool after importing design. This project designed by using Cadence (Innovas) Encounter tool.

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J. Kimathi, L.M. Ngíangía, D. Letting, F.M. Mwema

The purpose of this study was to characterize mechanical and physical properties of experimental composite prepared from macadamia flour and waste HDPE plastics. Macadamia flour of different grades of less than 1mm and between 1mm and 2 mm were used. Four samples were fabricated with plastic to macadamia at mass ratios of 1:1 and 2:1. The composites were produced through a simple molding process. On characterizing the samples, it was observed that the finer grade of macadamia exhibited better tensile strength compared to sample with coarse particle sizes. The highest value of tensile strength was given by samples prepared at mass ratio of 1:1 and grain size of less than 1mm. The water absorption rate was lowest in samples with a mass ratio of 2:1 and grain sizes of less than 1mm. The samples showed good machinability properties.

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Dr Sheelesh Kumar Sharma, Navel Kishor Sharma, Dr Gajendra Singh

Deep learning has emerged as a very popular approach for solving large scale pattern recognition problems. In recent times, it has solved various text mining problems with improved accuracy as compared to pre-existing approaches. There are deep learning based AI systems that have been trained to do sentiment analysis on social media or business data, opinion mining, text document classification & clustering etc. The models for deep learning for text classification include convolutional neural networks (CNN), recurrent neural networks (RNN), long short term memory (LSTM) networks, deep belief networks (DBN), fusion approaches etc. This paper presents a unified framework for deep learning based text classification. The framework has 6 layers segmenting basic components of a typical classification system. Here, the review of state-of-the-art deep learning based text classification methods and their applications in different domains has been presented. Moreover, the paper also discusses the limitations of deep learning and throws light on various challenges that may turn to the future research directions in the field. Paper presents a comparative study of different deep learning based text classification approaches based on parameters like approach used, data sets and accuracy.

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Girija G. Chiddarwar, S. Phani Kumar

Shape-Based Image Retrieval (SBIR) is an image mining process which extracts images based on contents of the query image. SBIR is being used in several applications like medicine, digital libraries, biodiversity information systems, historical research, and crime prevention etc. Generally, SBIR is implemented using either local features (texture, color, intensity, etc.) or global features (edges, points, contours, shape, etc.). Computation of local features for image retrieval gives high precision but low performance; while computation using global features gives high performance by sacrificing precision. To overcome the limitation of local and global features, the proposed method uses hybrid technique. And to make SBIR faster, we tried towards adventure a GPU (graphics processing unit) to parallelize both feature extraction and the similarity matching process. Meanwhile GPUs have numerous processing units; we can apply enormous parallelism in both steps. In similarity matching process, locality sensitive hashing (LSH) is used to convert descriptors to bitsets, which is further used for similarity matching. To conclude, the proposed system has increased the accuracy, precision and retrieval performance as compared with other techniques.

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Siami Prafitriyani, Irma Magfirah, Nur Fadhilah Amir, A Irmawati, M Chairul Basrun Umanailo

This study aims to determine whether there is a positive effect of emotional intelligence on mathematics achievement of students of class VII Middle School 9 Buru. This study is an ex-post facto. Subjects in this study were students of class Middle School 9 Buru, amounting to 100 students from 135 students. The data collection technique using a scale questionnaire and documentation. The instrument used in this study a questionnaire of emotional intelligence class VII Middle School 9 Buru. Researchers used the help of the SPSS statistical software version 21 to create descriptive statistics in this study. Of the 100 students, 14 students (14%) classified in the high category, 68 students (68%) fall into the category of being, and there are 18 students (18%) were classified in a lower category. The result of the calculation is simple linear regression analysis obtained by the constant value of 25.504. The regression coefficients for the variables of emotional intelligence at 0.614. So the simple regression equation Y = 25.504 + 0,614X. The coefficient of determination obtained for 0.614 indicating that the emotional intelligence factors influence or contribution to mathematics achievement amounted to 49.70%, while the remaining 50.30% influenced by other factors not examined in this study. The final result of the study stated that there is a positive influence between emotional intelligence on mathematics achievement seen from the graph the regression that the points are scattered close to the regression line and the direction oblique to the regression line. The results obtained by analysis of the correlation coefficient of 0, 4821 and determination coefficient of 0.2324. From the results of previous research means there is a positive effect of emotional intelligence on mathematics learning outcomes. Based on the above, it can be concluded that there are positive influence between emotional intelligence to the mathematics achievement of students of class Middle School 9 Buru. This result means that the higher the level of emotional intelligence, the higher mathematics learning achievements obtained by the students. Conversely, the lower the level of emotional intelligence the lower the learning achievements of students of mathematics obtained. It can be concluded that there are positive influence between emotional intelligence to the mathematics achievement of students of class VII Middle School 9 Buru. This result means that the higher the level of emotional intelligence, the higher mathematics learning achievements obtained by the students. Conversely, the lower the level of emotional intelligence the lower the learning achievements of students of mathematics obtained. It can be concluded that there are positive influence between emotional intelligence to the mathematics achievement of students of class VII Middle School 9 Buru. This result means that the higher the level of emotional intelligence, the higher mathematics learning achievements obtained by the students. Conversely, the lower the level of emotional intelligence the lower the learning achievements of students of mathematics obtained.

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M Yusran Zakaria, Wa Malmia, A Irmawati, Nur Fadhilah Amir, M Chairul Basrun Umanailo

This research is "Ex Post Facto" research that is aimed at researching the events that have occurred. This study aims to determine the effect of motivation on mathematics achievement of high school students Negeri 1 Namlea. Subjects in this study were all students in grade students VII Junior High School 1 Namlea which amounts to 30. The data collection technique using data obtained with the student's motivation tools such as questionnaires and data sheets student achievement obtained in the form of sheet documentation tools. Quantitative data analysis is done by using a statistical test to calculate the data that is quantitative or that can be realized with the numbers obtained from the field. Data analysis in this research was conducted in three phases, namely stage description of the data, the test phase of requirements analysis and hypothesis testing phase. Based on data drawn motivation through the results of questionnaires entire class VII (seven) Junior High School 1 Namlea totaling 30 people, and is processed by using SPSS version 20, the highest score obtained the lowest scores of 92 and 75. The result shows the average (mean) of 849.0333, (median) of 85.0000, (mode) of 83.00 and a standard deviation of 4.31104. Normality test data from both variables were performed using the SPSS 20 on the analysis of Non-Parametric Test, One-Sample Kolmogorov Smirnov. The calculation is performed on all variables with the provisions considered normal if probalitasnya (significance) or P> 0.05. The research concludes that in general the level of motivation of students in seventh grade junior high school 1 Namlea categorized as high. The result showed that 25 students had a high level of motivation, and 5 students have a moderate level of motivation with value - average 84.03. The results showed that the level of student achievement of State High School seventh grade 1 Namlea in mathematics categorized as high with an average value of 83.06. The result showed that 27 students had a high level of academic achievement, and three students had a moderate level of academic achievement. And 5 students have a moderate level of motivation with value - average 84.03. The results showed that the level of student achievement of State High School seventh grade 1 Namlea in mathematics categorized as high with an average value of 83.06. The result showed that 27 students had a high level of academic achievement, and three students had a moderate level of academic achievement. And 5 students have a moderate level of motivation with value - average 84.03. The results showed that the level of student achievement of State High School seventh grade 1 Namlea in mathematics categorized as high with an average value of 83.06. The result showed that 27 students had a high level of academic achievement, and three students had a moderate level of academic achievement.

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Neeraj Agarwal, Dr. Nitin Shrivastava, Dr. M. K. Pradhan

Electric discharge machining (EDM) is the most popular advanced machining process. EDM is able to cut any material. Titanium alloy has very good strength to weight ratio but It is very difficult to cut with conventional machining processes. Finishing process required an excellent surface finish. In this research paper surface roughness (Ra) is optimized. Four input parameter peak current (Ip), pulse on time (Ton), duty factor (t) and voltage (V) considered as a process control parameter. Response surface methodology is used to develop a predictable mathematical model to show the relation between surface roughness and four input parameter Ip, Ton, t, and V. This mathematical model is used to optimize surface roughness using advanced optimization technique Ė Jaya algorithm.

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T. Surya Kavita, Dr. K.Satya Prasad

Magnetic Resonance (MR) Imaging is a non-invasive imaging system utilized generally for clinical diagnosis. MR imaging scanner gathers information in the form of Fourier coefficients and are stored in k-space. There are numerous algorithms to under sample k-space data using compressive sensing (CS) and to reconstruct the image. The under sampling pattern plays a critical role in optimizing compressed sensing MR imaging. In CS the signals are sampled at a rate much lower than traditional sampling rate and violate Nyquistís criteria. CS MR imaging will reduce acquisition time by capturing only few samples. In this paper k-space information is under sampled with random sampling and reconstructed using different algorithms which are compared qualitatively and quantitatively. In reconstruction of brain MR image, Peak Signal-to-Noise Ratio (PSNR), Structured Similarity Index Measure (SSIM) and Mean-Square-Error (MSE) values are the fault prediction parameters. Based on quality of the visual image and its statistical analysis of the MR images, the Total Variation (TV) norm performed well over the other algorithms.

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S. Clement Virgeniya, E. Ramaraj

Human Beings are facing a lot of health problems due to changes in food habits. One such major problem is heart disease. The more prevalent death now-a-days is due to heart attack. Apart from food habits, lifestyle and genetic family history of the individual also plays a major role in heart disease. Variations in heart beat may definitely lead to heart related problems. TodayÔŅĹs healthcare industry generates huge volumes of data every second. This data needs to be mined for taking proper decision. The accuracy of existing data mining and machine learning logistic regression algorithm in predicting heart disease is moderate. It is essential to propose a rule based classification technique with machine learning to predict the heart disease. The proposed work is implemented in python using secondary sources of data collected from Kaggle. A set of rules is applied to the dataset and model is developed. The model is fit into the testing dataset and given as input into the logistic regression algorithm. The proposed hybrid model builds a user defined classifier which shows higher accuracy of 86% compared to an existing logistic regression algorithm. The strength of the proposed model is compared with an existing system in terms of precision, accuracy, recall and F1 score. The obtained results help the physicians to accurately predict the heart disease and take appropriate decision in advance.

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Janet Pascua-Cunanan and Rhowel M. Dellosa

Faculty and staff being in the vicinity of an institution of learning at all times, that serves as their workstation, is the major concern this research efficiently addressed. Close scrutiny on the process of how the mentioned employees of the university Ė the Isabela State University, Roxas Campus, had been conducted, for an assessment unto the extent of attendance monitoring, of each member of staff of the institution. The burden of work on checking the presence of an individual serving in an organization is considered tedious, and that the utilization of Biometric Finger Track System (BFTS), had been imposed to the University for an effective and stress-free monitoring of attendance of each employee. The then used of punch cards to enter time-ins and time-outs that led to somebody do the punching of co-employee card, had been eradicated because of the presence of the system. Representation of employees in doing said entering of time entries had been resolved. Not only issue on attendance which the system did addressed, also, computation and determination of salaries of contract of service (COS) and job order (JO) personnel had been easily identified by the finance office and that, delays of giving salaries has been lessen and the introduction and usage of the system was fully acknowledged by the accounting office for their immediate reference on time ins and outs of each employee.

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Wijang Brahmantoro, Sutanto Hidayat, Nusa Sebayang

Tulungagung District is one of the districts that has a very dynamic economic level, thus every year the number of population growth has increased. The addition of the population resulted in increased volume of movement between regions, thus increasing the volume of traffic on the roads. This occurs in almost all the main road segments in Tulungagung District, especially on roads that connect between the district capital and sub-district capitals (JKP-4) as well as connecting roads with community activity centers. The increase in the number of vehicle volumes also occurred in line with the increase in tourist sites in several points that spread throughout Tulungagung District. Therefore, widening the road at this time is very necessary, with the intention of reducing the impact of congestion and increasing the effectiveness of travel time. However, the limitations of the existing development budget have resulted in limited road widening work in the Tulungagung District section. Therefore, priority analysis of the road segments that will be widened earlier is necessary. The data analysis method used is Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) for answers from questionnaires distributed to 21 respondents who knew and were involved in allocating road widening funds in Tulungagung District. Based on the results of research and data analysis, it was found that the order of aspects as a priority consideration in determining the allocation of road widening funds in Tulungagung District is a Technical Aspect (C), Regional Development Aspects (A), Aspects of Benefit Value (D) and Aspects of Community Proposal (B), weighing respectively 0.369, 0.315, 0.246 and 0.070.

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Rizky Yudaruddin

This paper investigates the empirical determinants of corporate cash holdings for a sample of the Mining Sector in Indonesia. We focus on company characteristics and macroeconomic variables towards cash holding. The data analyzed is secondary data for the 2012-2016 period from the Indonesia Stock Exchange. The analytical tool used is panel data regression. The results found that internal factors consisting of returns on assets and leverage have a significant effect on cash holding of mining companies, while external factors such as inflation, gross domestic product and interest rates have no significant cash holding effect.

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K.S.Balamurugan, A.Sivakami

The agriculture sector, which is directly or indirectly serves about 7.5 billion people globally is being threatened by the overexploitation of resources, increasing pollution, migration of people from rural to urban, water scarcity, lesser in profit and climate change. This has inflicted damage to the environment, the life cycles of both plants and animals, land and crops, which has in turn create obstruction in the agriculture sector. To overcome the above issues, we proposed the Next Generation Integrated Farming (NGIF) using Long Range -Internet of Things (LoRa-IOT)instead of traditional techniques to improve the productivity, yield better crops and minimize manual labor by proper monitoring of Livestock health, soil health, air temperature, humidity, proper irrigation at correct time, protecting crops from birds and animals. Simulation result shows that hybrid Wi-Fi &LoRaWAN network to support the different IoT connectivity technologies, reduce the complexity and minimize the delays in end-customer decision-making process. Also it suggested that one moveable gateway is well because of lesser deployment cost and more than adequate DER value even though vast farm house.It is predicted that suggested work will be most suitable for integrated farming to develop the rural area and welfare of the farmer by improving the productivity, income and lesser maintaining cost.

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T.Suba Nachiar, Dr.M.Arunachalam, P.R.Hemalatha, Dr.R.Aghila, R.T.Subhalakshmi

Object detection and distance sensing is a major challenge for visually impaired persons. Earlier navigation systems are expensive and time consuming for usage in day-to-day life. Our proposed system uses Ultrasonic sensors which work on the principle of reflected sound waves. Whenever any obstacle is detected in ultrasonic sensor interfaced in the Specs of a person, camera capture the image. The image captured is compared with the images against a convolution neural network, which will be used to find the obstacles. This work aims at designing a cost-effective and more flexible navigation system for the visually impaired persons.

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Sofnidar, Kamid, Khairul Anwar, Syaiful, Fibrika Rahmat Basuki, Dwi Agus Kurniawan

The purpose of this research is to investigate studentsí cognitive and learning behavior such as Field Independent (FI) and Field Dependent (FD) in outdoor learning mathematical modelling. Studentsí learning behavior is constructed based on the cognitive activity through the cycle route of mathematical modelling in outdoor learning activities. The type of research used was qualitative with grounded theory approach. Data were obtained from 175 students and 3 teachers through studentsí task, observation, and deep interview. The research results show that: (1) FI students in identifying the problem are more insterested in facts, collecting information on real word problem. All FI students in building the mental of mathematical model tend to modify the scheme Extra-Mathematical Knowledge (EMK) in oder to adjust with the problem context, (2) FD students in identifying the problem tend to remember back, classifying the mental experience and then adjusted it with the problem context. FD students tend to follow the Mathematical model normatively and tend to be difficult in shifting to the next step on the transition of Real Model to Mathematical Model. FD students build the mental of Mathematics Model tend to not modifying the EMK Scheme towards the adjustment of the problem context. The results of the study suggested to teachers pay attention to students characteristics (Cognitive Style) in teaching and learning mathematical modelling

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A S Kamaraja, K Priyadharshini

In this paper proposes renewable energy application based multilevel topology is introduced to reduce the number of elements in the circuit and improve the quality of output in a photovoltaic application. A large amount of output level obtained with the proposed binary asymmetric configuration. Desired switching pulses are generated using a trapezoidal reference with a triangular carrier wave. The proposed system requires nine switches to produce 63-level output voltage with Total Harmonic Distortion of 2.74% without any filters. The value of total harmonic distortion satisfies the IEEE Standards. The proposed MLI will be tested with the help of MATLAB/SIMULINK environment.

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C. Suganthi Evangeline, Vinoth Babu Kumaravelu

Vehicular adhoc network (VANET) is the collection of vehicles which can communicate with each other and also with infrastructure. It is based on the standard IEEE 802.11p. With the development of Intelligent Transportation System (ITS), VANET is used to provide safety information in case of any collision, traffic congestion or accidents. To enable the efficient data dissemination method, many routing protocols are employed in VANET scenario. To find the appropriate route in VANET for sending messages is the challenging task due to frequent change in mobility pattern. In order to provide stability in route construction and to allocate priority for the emergency packets, fuzzy approach is employed in Adhoc On Demand Vector routing (AODV). The proposed Fuzzy based Trust and Priority Adhoc On demand Vector (FT-P-AODV) routing protocol is employed to the real time traffic generated using SUMO 0.25.0. The proposed work has been compared with conventional method and provides considerable improvement in the performance metrics such as end to end delay, throughput and packet delivery ratio (PDR). All simulations to support the performance are carried out using Network Simulator NS-2.35.

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Naol Bakala

All other Major research issues in information retrieval are reviewed and developments in knowledge-based approaches [KBA] are analyzed. It is argued that although a light amount of effort has been done, the efficiency of this approach has yet to be demonstrated. It is recommended that statistical techniques and knowledge-based approaches should be viewed as complementary, rather than competitive. So in this Research work that Vector Space Model of information retrieval system [VSMIS] is used to guide searching for relevant document from Oromiffa text corpus. The model is selected since Vector space model is the widely used classic model of information retrieval system. The index file structure used is inverted index file structure and text document corpus is prepared by the researcher encompassing different news article and experiment is made by using 9(nine) different user information need queries. Various techniques of text pre-processing including tokenization, normalization, stop word removal and stemming are used for both document indexing and query text. The performance the system can be increased if stemming algorithm is improved, standard test corpus is used, and thesaurus is used to handle synonymy words in the language.

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Jacob Oyeleye Oyedokun, Olugbenga Adeniran Ogunwole, Olusegun Ayodele Oyelese

This study was aimed at assessing the effect of supplemental lysine and DL-methionine in a solvent extracted soybean based diets on performance and blood profile of Clarias gariepinus. Six diets containing varied combinations of lysine+DL-methionine (g/100g) in solvent extracted soybean based diets (SESBD) were formulated; S1 (without lysine and DL-methionine), S2 (0+1), S3 (0.25+0.75), S4 (0.5+0.5), S5 (0.75+0.25), S6 (1+0) lysine and DL-methionine, respectively. Clarias gariepinus (n=360) weighing 17.77Ī0.27g were fed to satiation with the diets for 12 weeks. Each treatment was in triplicate. Significantly (P<0.05) higher final weight value were observed in control (43.35Ī4.03) but this was not significant from those fed diets S3 and S5, however, these were superior to other diets. Supplementation of lysine and DL-methionine had no significant effect (P>0.05) on Feed Conversion Ratio (FCR). White blood cell (x 103/ĶL) of Clarias gariepinus on S4 (17.48Ī0.60) was significantly higher (P<0.05) than those on S3 (13.78Ī1.26). A significantly higher (P<0.05) globulin (g/L) were observed in S5 (5.03Ī0.21) and least in S3 (4.70Ī0.20). Optimal weight gain occurred with SESBD of 0.6+0.4g/100g dietary inclusion (R2= 0.61, 0.97) of lysine and DL-methionine, respectively. Lysine and DL-methionine supplementation in solvent extracted soybean based diets improved growth performance and had no negative effect on blood profile of Clarias gariepinus.

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Fellyanus Habaora, Asnath Maria Fuah, Luki Abdullah, Rudy Priyanto, Ahmad Yani, Bagus Priyo Purwanto

The economic analysis of the Bali cattle farm was carried out on Timor Island, East Nusa Tenggara Province, Indonesia, which was carried out from January-December 2018. The research location was selected purposively which represented the pasture agroecosystem located in Belu District, Malaka District, and Timor Tengah Utara District. Kupang District and Kota Kupang are areas that represent agricultural agroecosystems and plantation agroecosystems, and Timor Tengah Selatan District represents forest agroecosystems. Whereas the determination of respondents is 5-10% of the number of farmers in each agroecosystem that has > 10 Bali cattle. Data collection methods are done through observation, interviews and documentation. This research uses descriptive data analysis about income, production costs, and capital. The results showed that Bali cattle farm on Timor Island who had better value in terms of production costs per tail of cattle were farmers in the pasture agroecosystem (IDR 4,506,035) followed by farmers in the forest agroecosystem (IDR 4,549,186), farmers of agricultural agroecosystems (IDR 4,691,241) ), and farmers in plantation agroecosystems (IDR 4,736,346). But based on the aspect of better livestock income per cattle by farmers in the Timor Island agroecosystem are farmers in plantation agroecosystems (IDR 8,698,116) followed by agricultural agroecosystems (IDR 8,478,431), forest agroecosystems (IDR 7,648,095), and pasture agroecosystems (IDR 7,503,937). Then the net profit obtained by farmers in plantation agroecosystems is IDR 3,961,770/tail, agricultural agroecosystems IDR 3,787,190/tail, forest agroecosystems IDR 3,988,910/tail, and pasture agroecosystems IDR 2,997,902/tail. BEP of Bali cattle price in plantation agroecosystem is IDR 5,505,948, pasture agroecosystem is IDR 5,672,376, agricultural agroecosystem is IDR 5,786,974, and forest agroecosystem is IDR 6,047,452. The value of rentability from plantation agroecosystem was 53.9% followed by agricultural agroecosystem by 40.6%, pasture agroecosystem 28.6%, and forest agroecosystem by 23.2%. In general, Bali cattle farmers in Timor Island agroecosystems that have good economic value in terms of income are farmers in plantation agroecosystems, followed by farmers in agricultural agroecosystems, forest agroecosystems, and pasture agroecosystems. Factors affecting the income of farmers is the selling price and the number of Bali cattle.

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Dr. Vandana Bhagat, Dr. (Fr.) Jossy George

Data storage is a big challenge in front of industries and researchers when its growing enormously. Traditional data storage strategy was fulfilling the business needs till the data was in structured format. But now due to Internet of Things (IoT) compatible devices unstructured data is more than structured one. In such cases traditional data storage strategy won't work efficiently. Initially data storage devices used to store the data irrespective of its logical storage. It means the record was stored either in array format or block format. Such type of storage was not matching physical and logical structure. Logically, structured data is generated as an attribute of particular entity, but physically it gets stored in a sequential memory storage either as file or as memory block. Object Based Storage pattern(OBS) stores the data in the way object gets generated by the programmer and accordingly memory is allocated for that object. Object contains all the data related to that particular entity which makes it easy to retrieve it back. Current study includes comparative advantages, operations and study of different service providers of object-based storage. We also focused on the current need of object-based storage structure for big data analysis and cloud computing.

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Nibaruta Rťgis, Christopher Maina Muriithi, Livingstone Ngoo

Grid connected PV systems continue to attract investors and electricity customers all over the world. Due to interconnection with the utility grid, the system can glean some benefits such as selling PV electricity surplus to the utility grid or purchasing electricity from grid for battery storage charging at off peak hours for either self-consumption or selling back to the grid during peak hours. This paper present an optimal energy flow dispatch for a small-scale grid-tied PV system in order to reduce the ownerís system electricity Bills. The simulations take into account the available PV Energy, the battery stored energy and the grid energy. On-peak and Off-peak Electricity charges dictated by the utility grid and a residential load from Market analysis and information System (MAISY) database are taken into account for energy flow scheduling. A case study of a garage with an installed 5kWp system at Strathmore University in Nairobi, Kenya was considered. The results analysis demonstrated that an appropriate battery size determination for a grid-tied PV system is highly governed by electricity tariffs and battery degradation cost.

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P.Selvakumar, A.Abubakkar, A.Tamilvanan, T.Rajagopal

A flexible body heater is designed and tested for treating hypothermia. The heater is portable and can be carried to treat hypothermia victims in remote places. It contains a 24-gauge Chromel A (Nickel-80) wire placed between two layers of flexible Silicone Rubber. The ends of the Nichrome wire are connected to a 12V Sealed Lead Acid Battery by means of copper connecting wires with a two-way switch to regulate the circuit. The sample is tested in ambient atmospheric temperature (25įC). When the switch is turned on, current passes through the heating element, which in turn heats up the periphery of the rubber surface to the desired temperature. The flexible heater is applied to the epidermis of the human skin in order to provide sufficient heat. The desired heat is reached in a very short period of time and comfortable heating is obtained. The body part to be heated is identified and the heater is fastened over the skin covering that part. It is capable of operating continuously for a long period of 3 hours. The flexible nature of the heater enables the user to apply it on any body part. When the switch is turned off, the heating element rapidly cools down and returns to ambient temperature.

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Raden Sudarwo, Anfas, Irfandi Buamonabot

This study explores the antecedents of college choice satisfaction, UPBJJ Ternate. A total of 90 respondents participated in this survey. The effective rate of return is 90 percent. Regression analysis is used to test the hypothesis in this study. The results showed that college attributes and satisfaction information had a positive influence on college choice satisfaction.

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Monata Sembiring, Ahmad Nurul Fajar, Susanti Margaretha Kuway.

Enterprise Architecture (EA) plays an important role for companies in facing complexities and challenges in the future so that companies are more competitive. PT. Global Intra Talenta is one of the companies involved in the placement of young talents in the company as its partners. The company provides career services that can be selected according to the needs of the talent. The research method used is a case study with a qualitative approach where the data collection tool uses a questioner that will be distributed to 181 respondents. After the data is collected, it will be processed to produce an EA design using the Zachman framework, where each row in the Zachman framework represents the planner's perspective, owner, architect, designer, builder, subcontractor and perspective functional (user). While each column represents the focus, abstraction or topic of enterprise architecture, namely data, functions, networks, people, time, and motivation. This research aims to produce a Corporate Architecture design to create an alignment of IS / IT resources to support the business processes carried out by PT. Global Intra Talenta. The results of the plan will be a useful control tool and parameters in the implementation of information technology according to the company's needs.

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C. Venkata Sai Nagendra, C. Venkata Siva Rama Prasad, K. N. Rukmini Florence

Concrete is most adaptable, durable and reliable construction material over the world and it is the most important basic material in all civil engineering structures. The ingredients of concrete are cement, fine, coarse aggregates and water, which are mixed in a particular proportion to get required strength. Increase in demand of cement around the globe seeks high intention in finding some alternatives to cement in concrete. The inception of new alternative limits the CO2, a major greenhouse effect causing gas.Research is taking place on all corners of the globe in search of different material options. River sand is collected from river beds to build houses and giant infrastructure to satisfy population growth requirements. The emergence of globalization and advanced technology required to meet the requirements of the worldwide economy at domestically and internationally has become a significant issue in preserving the river sand used as a fine aggregate in concrete manufacturing. In this study a small trial is done to modify the properties of concrete by partial replacement of cement with dolomite powder varying from 0% to 10% with interval of 2.5% and fine aggregate with crushed sea shell powder about 20% as constant. Different tests are done to determine mechanical (Compressive and tensile) and durability properties of concrete.

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Miftakhul Jannah, Rachman Widohardhono, Fatimah Fatimah, Damajanti Kusuma Dewi, M Chairul Basrun Umanailo

The purpose of this study was designed to examine the effect of expressive writing on cognitive state anxiety on the student-athletes of badminton. This study uses an experimental research method with one group pre and posttest design. The treatment in this study was expressive writing given for 3 consecutive days. The participants of this study were 7 badminton athletes from the East Java Student Education and Training Center. The instrument in this study used cognitive state anxiety. Data were analyzed using the Wilcoxon test and a significance value of 0.042 <0.05 was obtained. Thus it can be said that there is an effect of expressive writing on cognitive state anxiety on badminton student-athletes.

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Moch. Chotib, Khamdan Rifa'i, Nur Hidayat

Reviewing the trend of financial technology is the aim of this study. Business development through online business increasingly massif, it is penetrating other business areas including the financial sector. Financial technology (fin-tech) as the emerging market that becomes a new business model, providing financial services based on technology. The slow progress of banking digitalization in Indonesia which is only 10% compared to cash service, become easiness of entrance of fin-tech companies. The limitations of instrument banking particularly in infrastructure and human resources, they can not ignore the fin-tech movement and expected to cooperate and collaborate with fin-tech companies to reach the market and provide wider and more efficient services.

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Temitayo M. Azeez, Omolayo M. Ikumapayi, Ojo P. Bodunde, Simeon A. Babalola, Motunrayo O. Ogundayomi

The growth of machining science has evolved over the years; its integrity is dependent on the aesthetics and material properties of finished products. The global trend of machining operations has been dependent on energy intensity and cost. This energy has also been linked with the surface roughness and integrity of the finished part. In developing countries like Nigeria where CNC machining is gradually finding its way into the manufacturing sector, it is appropriate at this time to evaluate the impact of surface roughness and surface integrity on machine component from CNC and conventional lathe. This research therefore aimed at investigating the surface roughness obtained during a Teflon turning operation on the CNC and the conventional machine tool. In this study arithmetical mean roughness value (Ra) was measured and recorded for both CNC machined part and conventional lathe at three different orientation and seven points on each orientation. It can be concluded that the surface roughness obtained at different orientation when turning Teflon on the CNC is smoother than that obtained with the conventional machine tool as the arithmetical mean roughness value (Ra) measured from all points at different orientation lower in CNC than conventional Lathe.

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Muhammad Nurtanto, Dwi Widjanarko, Herminarto Sofyan, Rabiman, Mochamad Bruri Triyono

This study was aimed at applying the concept of learning by creating by transforming the textual learning material into visual animation as a creative learning product and assessing the learning products. The design of this study was a one shoot case study. The ÔŅĹlearning by creatingÔŅĹ treatment was conducted to the 25 participants then the products as learning outcomes were evaluated. The data were collected using the product assessment sheet based on the creativity, the appearance, and the content validity of the product. The results showed that the important aspects in learning by creating in this article consisted of three important things which students need to have during the learning process, such as the "mastery" of the learning material, "creative", and ÔŅĹartisticÔŅĹ. The creativity of the product as the output was categorized quite creative, the appearance of the product was pretty good, and 64% of the products accomplished the content validity requirement, while 36% did not fulfil the criteria appropriately.

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Taliya Yazdani, Shamsher Ansari

A large penetration of renewable electric generation sources causes an imbalance between supply and demand in power systems because their output is highly dependent on unpredictably varying parameters like weather and temperature. Although the power unbalances in the system caused by load disturbance or frequency fluctuation, can be partially recovered by inertia energy, maintaining the frequency deviation within the acceptable operating band is still a very tough problem. An LFC model of a hybrid smart microgrid with different renewable and non-renewable generations along with their constraints is presented. Also, a control Scheme for frequency disturbances using MPPT is proposed for a microgrid with Battery system, where both renewable and Non-renewable generation is harmonized to achieve a desired operational performance of the microgrid. A standard test model with a standalone microgrid with DG, BESs, wind farm and solar cells is simulated in Simulink to analyze the efficacy of the model. The Simulation shows that with MPPT and BESs, the load frequency and energy constraints can be regulated according to the power constraints on the grid. This enhances the system stability in the complex operation region even when the grid is using renewable resources and intermittent load disturbances.

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Iskandar Abdul Rahman, Leonardus Kristian Gunawan, Khoerintus, Emil Robert Kaburuan

Indonesia has very abundant potential fish resources. Unfortunately, national consumption of fish is still low when compared to existing resources. Difficult distribution and access and to get fresh fish are reasons for national fish consumption is still low. Fish stocks controlled by middlemen make fish prices soar, adding to the difficulty of people accessing and consuming fish. The existence of these middlemen is detrimental to fishermen, fish farmers, and people who want to consume fish. The purpose of this study is to analyze and design online to offline (O2O) e-commerce platforms with service oriented architecture based architecture as a solution to the problems at hand. This research methodology uses Linguistic Review. The result of this study is, an online to offline (O2O) SOA-based e-commerce platform with rich picture, buying and selling services, shipping services, service shipment tracking, online payment service. In conclusion, researchers expect as a fishery O2O e-commerce platform in Indonesia to be realized to be a real solution to facilitate the Indonesian community to access fresh and quality fish. As well as increasing the income of fishermen and fish farmers in Indonesia.

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Nicholas Samuel, Sunny Ummul Firdaus

The research that I used in this study was normative juridical research, where the legal and non-legal materials obtained in this study were analyzed in a prescriptive manner using deductive methods, namely general data about the concept of law in the form of legal principles, doctrines and the opinions of experts are systematically arranged as a set of legal facts to find out how legal protection for buyers in terms of quality of houses purchased is not as agreed. The purpose of this study was to find out the legal protection for buyers in terms of quality of house buildings purchased not in accordance with the agreement. The results of the study showed that on Commitment Sale and Purchase between Real Estate Development Companies and Buyers at PT. Surya Inti Realty did not provide legal protection for buyers because the developer refuses to give responsibility for claims submitted by buyers related to the quality of buildings that are not suitable. This is because there was a unilateral cancellation clause, did not bear objects without defects, and there are exoneration clauses which are used as the basis for developers to reject accountability. The clause contradicts Article 1609 of the Civil Code, Article 35 paragraph (1) Government Regulation Number 29 of 2000 concerning Construction Services, and Article 18 of Law Number 18 Year 1999 concerning Consumer Protection, which causes the agreement not to meet the objective requirements of its legal requirements. the agreement, so that the agreement was null and void by law. Real Estate Development Companies are obliged to be firm and courageous to be responsible for goods and/or services that are traded in accordance with the provisions of the applicable legislation. Real Estate Development Company as a business actor must adjust the standard clause as stipulated in Article 18 of Act Number 18 of 1999 concerning Consumer Protection.

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Muhammad Hafid Adhi Nugraha, Albertus Sentot Sudarwanto

The thing that is symptomatic is the intertwining of transactions as well as buying and selling agreements that do not require direct face-to-face meetings, but this is only done through cyberspace, through technology through internet networks. So that there is ease in the transaction that is able to exceed the territorial boundaries of a country, which can be carried out by humans personally in a short time. This is something that is not initially thought by humans, but along with the times and the development of the human mindset in the field of technology causes it to be realized. This sale and purchase through internet media in practice raises several problems, for example buyers who are supposed to be responsible for paying the price of the product or service they buy, but not making payments or defaults. For parties who do not carry out their responsibilities in accordance with an agreed agreement, they can be sued by parties who feel disadvantaged to get compensation. In addition, there are also obstacles, in general obstacles such as mindset factors (community mindset), and culture, as well as obstacles specifically. The government has provided a legal umbrella in the form of laws, in order to provide protection for the community in dealing with buying and selling via the internet, even though the regulation is felt to be inadequate

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Dr. S. Muthukumaravel, Rufus Sooria Kumar, Dr. N. Purusothaman

A general notion about crime and its offences to others may lead to the understanding of murder, rape, theft, robbery, kidnapping, threatening, outlaw, extortion and dacoit. There is more danger in cyber-crime when it is compared and already discussed in the above line. The cyber-crime takes plays fully on the internet connection and with the network system. The internet connection has cyber space in network. It contains both good and bad information. But few people select the bad content and use the cyber space criminally. Since, the cyber-crime takes place in network space, and hence this article attempts to read the Meaning, Types, Causes and Protection of cyber-crime in nationwide theoretical frame work.

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M.Kavya, S.P.V.Subba Rao

Rapid industrial sector growth looks forward to the upcoming communication technology of the fifth generation (5 G). The technology of Massive Multiple Input and Multiple Output (MIMO) has attained importance in the field of studies, This is one of the inevitable major components of the 5 G wireless tool. Due to the prospective benefit and its ability to send /receive information from various antennas at the same moment, the MIMO scheme is gradually being implemented in the field of communication.In 5G wireless communication systems, antenna arrays consisting of various elements became part of the normal setup.And such wireless communication systems are referred to as the MIMO scheme.By exploring redundancy across various transmissions and receiving channels, these array antennas can assist enhance the SNR. They also enable the spatial data in the scheme to be reused to enhance coverage. Multiple antennas, together with moment and frequency, use the spatial dimension without influencing system bandwidth demands.While the communication in general focuses on transmission multiplicity instead of traditional receiving multiplicity.Using the flat fading Rayleigh cha nnel, which can be applied when various transmitter antennas are used, the notion of orthogonal spacetime block coding is demonstrated. Here it is presumed that channel between various pairs of transmitter receiver antenna undergoes independent fading.5G can simultaneously serve multiple customers with high gain by providing different degrees of freedom (DOF). Increasing the system's Spectrum Efficiency (SE), Chanel Capacity (CC), Reliability, and SignaltoNoise Ratio (SNR).

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Sindhusha S, Padma C M, Amalanathan M

The main objective of this study is to grow and characterize optically transparent single crystals of Creatininium phosphite by slow evaporation technique at room temperature. Single crystal X-ray diffraction analysis confirms the lattice parameters and the centro symmetrical nature of the synthesized crystal. The optical constants such as band gap energy and refractive index of the grown crystal were evaluated by UV-visible transmittance spectral study. The HOMO, LUMO energy and the energy gap were calculated and analysed. Photoluminescence spectral study confirms the emission behaviour of the gown crystal. The theoretical non linear optical parameter such as dipole moment, polarizability, hyper polarizability and second order hyper polarizability were calculated and analyzed. Third order optical nonlinearity was confirmed by Z-scan technique. Second Harmonic Generation was confirmed by Kurtz Perry powder technique. Mechanical property of the grown crystal was analysed by using vickers microhardness analysis.

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Pooja V Warange, Saravanan J, Praveen T K, Emdormi Rymbai, Deepa S

The aim of the current study is to evaluate the aphrodisiac activity of petroleum ether extract of Allium sativum. The plant material was extracted with petroleum ether, chloroform, ethyl acetate and methanol using soxhlet apparatus. All the extracts were subjected to nitric oxide assay to determine the effect of different extracts on NO production. The maximum effect was shown by petroleum ether extract in nitric oxide assay. Based on this observation, petroleum ether extract was selected for further in-vivo aphrodisiac studies. The aphrodisiac activity of petroleum ether extract of Allium sativum was evaluated in male wistar rats through sexual behaviour tests and sperm count. A significant change was observed in behavioural tests and an increase in sperm count was also observed in test group as compared to the control group. The results of the current study prove the aphrodisiac property of petroleum ether extract of Allium sativum.

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K.B.Ravindrakumar, K.Karthick, D.Sivanandakumar, S.Sivarajan

Induction machines have become very widely used in industrial and domestic applications due to their robustness, low cost and high efficiency. The induction machines are using simple structure for delivering mechanical power from electrical power. The need for variable exact driving speed of some industrial machines implies the use of speed control methods of induction machines. We can control its speed by using scalar or vector control method. One of the methods in vector control is Conventional Direct torque control (CDTC). The drawbacks of CDTC are high torque ripples, high ripples in flux and poor dynamic response. To overcome these drawbacks, in this paper we proposed the improved CDTC using fuzzy logic controller called Fuzzy Direct Torque Control (FDTC). It uses the simple relations between speed, torque, flux, and voltage to generate control voltages of a machine. The results of proposed method are validated using MATLAB/Simulink software.

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Farah Salwati Binti Ibrahim, Muneera Binti Esa and Ernawati Binti Mustafa Kamal

The precision of time, cost and quality of a project are very important in Construction 4.0 because these three pillars act as the main measurement of the projectís success which new indispensable technology like Building Information Modelling (BIM) is able to manage these pillars efficiently. As the technology is moving fast with the Industrial Revolution 4.0, the construction industry is facing more futuristic and complex design, material diversity, green building, smart home and so on, which makes it necessary for the construction players to transform conventional practices into digital and modern technology. However, the lack of skilled talent in BIM is a barrier to fully implement the BIM in the industry. Hence, this paper intends to review the initiatives that can be approached in preparing BIM skilled talents towards Construction 4.0 in propelling Malaysia into a technologically advanced nation. In conjunction with that, BIM education is seen to be very significant in preparing BIM skilled talents especially in enhancing their knowledge and skills in BIM. In addition, a comprehensive BIM training either in software application or on-job training should also be introduced in tertiary level education to expose the potential talents to the real job environment while increasing the awareness and interest in BIM. This study is noteworthy for the Malaysian construction industry to collaborate with the Ministry of Education in making a strategy for empowering the BIM skilled talent through the right BIM education and training.

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A.Selvakumar, Dr.S.Prasath

Big data is a collection of data that are large in size and growing exponentially with respect to time. A time series is a sequence of monitored data over time. The various methods have been developed in the time series analysis. But the accurate prediction was not performed with minimum time. In order to improve the prediction accuracy with minimum time, an efficient Targeted Interactive Projection Pursuit Feature Selection based Quadratic Associative Data Classification (TIPPFS-QADC) technique is introduced. Initially, the TIPPFS-QADC technique collects a large volume of data from the big dataset. The TIPPFS-QADC technique comprises the two processes namely feature selection and classification. The TIPPFS-QADC technique uses Targeted Interactive Projection Pursuit for performing the feature selection in a time series database for reducing the prediction time and space complexity. Targeted Projection Pursuit is a statistical technique used to explore the space of projections through manipulating the Jaccard similarity between the features. After performing the feature selection, Quadratic Associative Data Classification is carried out to predict the future results of time series data. Quadratic Associative Classifier (QAC) is a supervised learning model that uses association rules to separate the two or more classes. Through performing the classification, the time series data prediction is carried out with superior accuracy and lesser time consumption. Experimental evaluation of proposed TIPPFS-QADC technique and existing methods are carried out using big dataset. The results observation clearly shows that the proposed TIPPFS-QADC technique obtains higher prediction accuracy and minimum false positive rate, prediction time and space complexity.

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Vera Jenny Basiroen, Novi Dila Kana

Lasem is a melting pot between Chinese and central Javanese (Keraton) culture, which produces a mixed culture that has unique motifs. The city of Lasem, which located on the north coast of Java, plays a vital role as a particular batik producer in Indonesia, which is influenced by Chinese culture. The purpose of this paper is to observe and analyze the entry process of Chinese motifs in Lasem, and the influence of the culture of the center Javanese Keraton on Lasem batik. The research method used is the study of literature, while the primary theory is cultural acculturation. Through this paper, researchers try to find out the process of combining two cultural motifs, in a time phrase in the period 14 to the 19th century.

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Lorian M. Mbaabu, Keren K. Kaberere, P.K. Hinga

In modern power systems, demand for quality, reliable and secure electric power has led to many power utilities opting for grid interconnection. Despite many advantages of grid interconnections, low-frequency oscillations mainly inter-area mode oscillations are inherent in interconnected grids. If there is no proper mechanism in the system to damp out these power oscillations, they can cause power blackout. The conventional method commonly used for power oscillation damping is based on power system stabilizers (PSS). PSSs are very effective for local mode oscillations but has proven to be ineffective for inter-area mode oscillations especially in large interconnected system. Many power utilities employ Voltage Source Converter, High Voltage Direct Current links (VSC-HVDC) for electrical power transmission because of its many advantages, for example, the ability to rapidly control active power and reactive power independently with little need for compensation. With proper control, VSC-HVDC can improve inter-area mode oscillations damping on transmission level. In this paper, the design of VSC-HVDC together with its controllers is done in DIgSILENT simulation software. Modal analysis simulations were performed on a two-area four generator system with and without the VSC-HVDC system. The results illustrate that the use of the VSC-HVDC link as a tie-line improves system small signal stability.

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Arpit Agrawal, Ankit Yadav

Cloud computing originates with many features to serve users with resources, services and wide storage for data. If any kind of data is stored then it requires security, so security of data becomes significant issue in cloud. Over the time, this issue needs to be resolved for the security purpose. Due to the sharing of distributed resources through an insecure network in an open environment, cloud faces security issues therefore easy access of data is possible from anywhere. Existing work employed security using symmetric algorithm AES, which suffers with the issue of stolen of key while transmission. Performance of existing work is also not satisfying and is achieved in proposed work by decreasing delay time. Presented work achieved authentication, confidentiality and integrity to maintain security and privacy.

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Divya Gupta, Reecha Sharma

This paper present a new hybrid multi-focus image fusion methodology based mostly upon the algebraically multi-grid (AMG) and improved watershed algorithm. The watershed algorithm is easy and intuitive and perpetually turn out an entire division of the image however some time it turn out over segmentation and become sensitive to noise. This limitation is removed by improved watershed algorithmic program. In improved watershed methodology k- mean clustering is combined with watershed algorithm. That divide image into region. At the moment feature like texture, edge is extracted then apply relevant fusion rule multi-focus pictures are fused. The visual qualitative effectiveness of the presented fusion methodology is evaluated by compare it with existing approach. Within which planned approach is best than 12.4%.

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Anupama Thakur, Amrit Kaur

Optical Character Recognition is a framework which can translate the images from manually handwritten or printed structure to machine-editable structure. Devanagari script is utilized in numerous Indian dialects like Hindi, Nepali, Marathi, Sindhi and so on. This script structures the establishment of the language like Hindi which is the national and most generally communicated language in India. In current scenario, there is a tremendous interest of accumulating the data in advanced configuration accessible in paper archives and after that later reusing this data by a search procedure. In this paper, we propose a new strategy for recognition of printed Hindi characters in Devanagari script. In this research, the main focus is given towards the recognition of the individual consonant and vowel which can be later reached out to perceive complex inferred words. In this undertaking the fundamental accentuation is given towards the recognition of the individual consonant and vowel. In this project, different pre-processing operations like features extraction, segmentations and classification methods have been studied and implemented to design a sophisticated OCR system for Hindi. In previous research, the classification K-NN technique have been implemented, but in proposed work, we have used hybrid technique which contains k-NN along with neural networks. Proposed approach provides 97.4% recognition rate as compared to 94.5% for existing techniques, which indicates that the proposed approach is better as compared to the techniques used in existing method.

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Samuel Kwamena Menanor, Elijah Mwangi, George Kamucha

Earth Stations in Motion (ESIM) is a new satellite communication technology which allows mobile platforms to communicate with the Geostationary Orbit (GSO) in the Ka-band. The ESIM‚Äôs benefits of providing high-power multiple spot beam coverage and allowing very high data rates makes it ideal for commercial use. Small aperture antennas with precise tracking antenna systems are desirable in ESIM systems in order to limit radio interference to adjacent satellite systems. Even with precision in tracking, motion-induced antenna pointing errors are unavoidable. This paper proposes a methodology to analyze the significant contribution made by motion-related antenna pointing errors to the overall interference effects from ESIM to the Fixed Service (FS) station in the 28 GHz frequency band. The results from computer simulation show that a reduction of 5.2 dB in the boresight Effective Isotropic Radiated Power (EIRP) Spectral Density (ESD) was obtained for a parabolic dish with circular aperture diameter of 0.3 m when a fixed antenna pointing error of 0.5ňö was introduced. The overall transmission data rate can be significantly reduced if the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) recommendations are observed.

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Emil Robert Kaburuan, Hilda Oktavianni JM, Fenita Suprapto, Deodatus Januar

The low attention of educational institutions to school management, especially at the low to the middle level of education, is now making things worse and lagging behind in everything. Including financial, academic process, business management, and technology. In supporting a more dynamic learning system in the low to the middle education sector, this paper is present in conveying its purpose to build an integrated system design using Business Process Management (BPM) and Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) which refers to the System Literature Review (SLR) method for School Management Systems (SMS) that will be implemented as core activities school and have an impact on improving the performance of human and student resources. The design of an integrated school management system architecture between SOA and BPM is a result obtained based on the proposed solution. Therefore, unorganized school management can be overcome by a combination of the two proposed approaches.

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Shibin David, Jaspher W kathrine

The inception of mobile wallets or e-wallets has laid recess on the retail outlets to embrace e-wallet payment system. In contrast to e-banking, e-wallets have made allowance for the customers to pay cash directly through their mobile device which can be spent online and in-store as well. The application of the unified theory of acceptance and use of technology (UTAUT) represents features such as usefulness and easy access which attracts the users in terms of security and trust. Despite the leads that e-wallet possesses over the banking applications, there prevails certain shortcomings in terms of security such as fragile encryption mechanism, poor session maintenance, threats over offloading, tampering the proof of the receipt over a transaction, personification of the original identity, etc. Majority of the ongoing researches elevates the security of the e-wallet channel by including location-based security, strengthening the app security, appending block chain technology and more. However, a concrete novel secure mobile wallet framework lags the mandate to overcome all the aforementioned threats. In this paper, a systematic survey that covers the security and privacy aspects of e-wallet is studied. Also, an in-depth review of various encryption schemes and its outcomes, various offloading mechanisms, threats over e-wallet applications and its remedial measures are discussed in an aspiration to reach the expected solution.

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Jhoanne Kris P. Alegro, Edwin R. Arboleda, Marlon R. Pere√Īa and Rhowel M. Dellosa

For the past years, network security has been an important issue. Authentication and encryption have come up with the solutions which play an essential role in the system of information security. Schnorr, being one of the authentication algorithms available today lacks security for the message being passed from the sender to the receiver and vice versa. This paper integrates the Schnorr authentication algorithm with RSA and AES cryptosystems in order to encompass the level of security and reduce the effectiveness of the man-middle-attack on the system. In this method, the receiver uses the Schnorr algorithm to verify that the one sending him the message is the real sender. When the sender sends the message to the receiver and vice versa, the RSA algorithm will be used and the AES algorithm, specifically the S-box, will be used for the encryption of the password for the authentication process. This method reduces the risk of intrusion as the encrypted and decrypted messages are further mixed-up through the addition of other cryptosystems.

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Levinia B. Rivera, Jazzmine A. Bay, Edwin R. Arboleda, Marlon R. Pere√Īa and Rhowel M. Dellosa

The integration and combination of an asymmetric and symmetric algorithm such as RSA, ElGamal, DSA, and AES were presented. Hybrid encryption has been used to ensure integrity in terms of data exchanged between the sender and receiver. The strength of the asymmetric algorithm such as RSA depends on the difficult process of factorization of large prime integers while the ElGamal’s security lies on Discrete Logarithm Problem (DLP). The symmetric algorithm is known to process the encryption faster than the asymmetric algorithm. Key generation of DSA is merged in the proposed algorithm. DSA is recognized for its fast signature algorithm while the AES S-Box is used to hash the ciphertext obtained. AES strength is its fast expansion key tone. Experiment’s result is presented to analyze the effectiveness of the proposed algorithm.

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Leodyson S. Creus, Rhodonelle S. Duatin, Edwin R. Arboleda, Marlon R. Pere√Īa, Rhowel M. Dellosa

A study of combining four encryption schemes are utilized. It aims to develop a highly secured system by the combination of Digital Signature Algorithm (DSA), Chaos, RSA, and Advanced Encryption System (AES) algorithm. Block diagram shows the sequence of operation on performing the key generation, encryption, and decryption of the system. The characters in binary, hexadecimal and ASCII equivalent value are tested to prove the cryptosystem.

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Noermanzah, Dian Eka Chandra Wardhana, Heny Friantary, Safnil Arsyad

In dealing with educational issues in a country, a president needs a proper rhetorical structure in delivering it to the public. This rhetorical structure is used in every state speech. In particular, President Joko Widodo has characteristics in using his rhetorical structure. This paper aims to explain the rhetorical structure of President Joko Widodo in his state speech, especially in addressing the educational issues. This research used Norman Fairclough's model analysis method to answer the rhetorical structure that was used by both presidents, not only at the level of meaning of the text, but also at the level of discourse, practice and social culture. The data was collecting by using some techniques i.e. documentary taking notes, and open interview techniques. The findings that were related to the structure of the rhetoric used by President Joko Widodo, namely 1) the introduction of: (a opening remarks such as in part of greeting such as prayer, general greetings to the guests, and greetings to the participants; (b) the transition of congratulations, clarification, thanksgiving to the God Almighty, and the introduction of the body; and (c) appreciation, prayer, and hope. 2) The body of speech that is consists of: additional information, quotations, explanations, examples, applications, arguments, expectations, awards, orders, questions and answers with information, messages, conclusions, additional information, promises, and honors. Then, 3) the concluding section such as: conclusions, awards in the form of congratulations, messages, hopes, illustrations, giving motivation, prayers, and the closing sign of thanksgiving, sofas and greetings of Moslem, Hindu and Buddhist prayers.

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S.Aravindan, D.S.Vijayan, K.Naveen Kumar, B.Saravanan

Invention of various researches in concrete proves that compressive strength of concrete can be easily obtained using various wastes from environment into a great extent. Therefore, from these results the strength also obtained under sustainable rate without making any hazard to the environment. Here, a study was carried to improve the compressive strength of concrete by replacing coarse aggregate with ceramic wastes and fine aggregate with Glass cullet at different proportions. Thus, guidance from various reviews of papers and from various codes illustrates the preliminary design data’s to carry this experimental test. Bureau of Indian standards are strictly followed throughout the experiments and the results are interpolated for the concrete mix for M30 Grade of concrete. Nine set of cubes and nine set of cylinders are casted and the strengths are studied for 7 and 28 days of curing. In this study, three different trials are studied 0%-0% replacement of Glass cullet and Ceramic wastes in concrete i.e., Conventional Mix of concrete, 10%-20% replacement of Glass cullet and Ceramic wastes in concrete and 20%-10% replacement of Glass cullet and Ceramic wastes in concrete. These, investigations proves that 20%-10% replacement of Glass cullet and Ceramic wastes in concrete shows that 20.28% higher that to the conventional mix of concrete and 10.7% of strength higher to the 10%-20% replacement of Glass cullet and Ceramic wastes in concrete. Hence, the replacement of 20%-10% replacement of Glass cullet and Ceramic wastes in concrete can be recommended for optimal strength under sustainable condition.

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N. Premalatha, Dr. S. Sujatha

In recent days, the prediction of unemployment becomes a major and critical issue since it helps the government to take decision and policies that can improve the rate of employment. The prediction of unemployment offers various giants to learn about the upcoming trends related to economics. Forecasting of unemployment receives huge attention from many organizations, governments, research institutes and also research scholars. Many methods have been applied to predict/forecast studentsí placement performance. This paper discusses the comparative analysis on studentsí placement performance using different types of data mining algorithms and also describes the processes involved in the educational data mining.

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Nilanjan Mazumdar, Dr. D. Ghosh

The spirit of India resides in the countryside areas; the north-eastern expanse constitutes clusters of rural and suburban areas. The informal employment has a distinctive role in this region for generating employment, reducing poverty, achieving higher rate of growth and development of rural areas. A considerable population in the recent times find their way of earning their livelihood through informal trade apart from agricultural cultivation and farming, which is a major sector considering the Indian context. The current study makes an attempt to understand the demographic composition of the railway hawkers examines the product portfolio of the railway hawkers and indicates the determinants of choosing railway hawking as a principal trade. The study is based on primary data collected through field survey over major rail routes across five divisions of Northeast Frontier Railway namely Katihar, Alipurduar, Lumding, Rangiya and Tinsukia division. In order to identify the determinants of choosing railway hawking as a principal occupation, a non-parametric test, for this study a Chi-Square test was conducted to determine the association amongst various nominal variables under the study and the determinants identified are namely age, education level, and mobility of the trade, accessibility and proximity to work station.

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Dr. D Ghosh

The majority of the population in India lives in rural areas. The rural people form the back bone of the healthcare sector in the country. The shortage of health providers and infrastructure is the most acute in rural areas; as a result most of the patients come to the city for better medical treatment in hospitals. But the extent of quality service they generally obtain from government medical colleges and hospitals is a matter of concern in today’s context. The present study has made an attempt to find out the problems and challenges associated with the government hospitals in rendering quality service. Out of the several problems, main concern of the study is to identify potential failures modes which are mainly restricting to deliver quality services to rural people. The majority of rural people are facing problems due to non-availability of primary facilities such as negligence of rural population, shortage of medical personnel; inadequate outlay for health etc. and many others problems are prevails. The study thus made an attempt to locate potential risk factors and suggest precautionary measures in dealing with service failures.

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R.D. Patel, Jiten Patel

An optimal policy for vendor and buyer is developed for items having deterioration and demand is linear function of time and price. One vendor and one buyer system model is constructed as profit maximization to determine the system’s optimal cycle time (strategy) under two storage facilities for buyer. We also determine the profit of buyer-vendor jointly. Numerical illustrations show that both buyer and vendor earn significant profit in supply chain inventory system. For parameters, post-optimality analysis is also done.

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Khamdan Rifa'i, Moch. Chotib, Babun Suharto, Lucik, Nur Hidayat

Indonesia's current challenge is in the trade sector. These results affect economic growth mainly due to Indonesia's trading system which is still glued to the export of raw goods. Therefore, Indonesia is still weak in the participation of Global Value chain (GVC). As one of the efforts undertaken to participate in the GVC is looking for potentials owned in the region. This study aims to see the potential of manufacturing enterprises in East Java. The variables to be considered are the gross regional domestic product, labour productivity, the export value of manufacture and investment. The use of analytical tools in this study using panel data analysis Vector Error Correction Model (VECM). The data used are panel data of 38 regencies and cities in East Java with the period. The results indicate that there is cointegration between variables which indicates that the increase in productivity of the manufacturing business can provide a positive outlook for the national economy. The government needs to improve services and increase investment especially in the real sector in East Java

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V. K. Suma, D. Aruldhas

The equilibrium geometry, various bonding features and harmonic vibrational wavenumbers of EIA and its water-complex have been performed using density functional theory(DFT) method with 6-311G(d,p) basis set. HOMO-LUMO energy gap, local softness and electrophlicity indices for selected atomic sites of the EIA and its water-complex were determined. The first and second order hyperpolaristability confirm the NLO property of the molecules.

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Saiful Anwar Matondang, Siti Rahma, Tasliyah Haramain, Syahlan

The change of human behavior on the culinary business due to online technology is a new phenomenon in Southeast Asian Countries. Based on the paradigm of the Science Technology and Society (STS), there is a new cultural behavior or change due to the connection of technology in the society. This paper seeks the growth of culinary business which offers traditional or local food in North Sumatra Province of Indonesia. With an observation and survey techniques, it explored the positive effects online system on the growing of cafes and restaurants around Medan Municipality of North Sumatra. This study used three indicators in the fieldwork; they were: reinvention of gastronomy and transformational traditional culinary, online system for food commerce, as well as potential culinary for global tourism. Data obtained revealed that the number of reinvention of gastronomy and transformation of culinary business significantly increased from 2016-2018. The types of menus and transaction of cafes and restaurants grew double since the application online system. It found the human behavior in ordering the local food of North Sumatra change because the online system makes the easier and faster to get the food at homes, offices, and other places. Technology enhances the reinvention of local gastronomy and transformation of culinary business of North Sumatra Province of Indonesia. It has a great impact on the global tourism development.

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These Model of teaching delineates learning materials which are enacted by learners. Not only is teaching reading as a receptive skill; teaching reading is also as an integrated skill. This study aimed at describing incorporating teaching EFL reading as a receptive skill into Model of Learning from Presentation (MLP) as visual and oral ‚Äď based teaching at teachers‚Äô training of elementary school of Nahdlatul Ulama University of Lampung, Indonesia. To investigate, questionnaire and interview were deployed as research instruments in this descriptive qualitative study. The findings of questionnaires, which explored three aspects including graphic organizer as a visual aspect, oral presentation as a oral aspect, and students‚Äô perceptions for each aspect, to 24 students showed (1) almost all students (87%) stated MLP enabled them to learn graphic organizers which induced ease of presentation, (2) many students (75%) stated MLP enabled them to practice oral presentation which could foster their speaking and writing skills, (3) all students (100%) stated MLP reinforced their responsibility for material mastery and presentation delivery. These were confirmed by the findings of interviews to 5 students that revealed (1) their needs for graphic organizer in MLP to elude inaccurate diagram construction; (2), their needs for oral presentation in MLP to enhance linguistic knowledge and text comprehension, (3) their needs of MLP to deliver learning materials.

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Deska Rayipangesti, Ahmad Nurul Fajar

Internet usage in Indonesia is increased and the development has forced many companies to adapt the changes, especially to support sales activities. The problem is how to make people interested to use a new application named Sugar CRM Sales Connect that can provide ease in doing the job to the user to manage the entire sales data. The method used in this research is User Experience. This method is very effective for analyzing Usability an application because it can determine whether the user will return or not to the site. Methods of data collection consists of two parts, namely literature, a questionnaires survey and Usability Testing. The outcome of this study was to determine the level of Usability on the application. The results are :(1).First result relate with Usability. It was measured with five dimensions is Learnability, Efficiency, Memorability, Errors, and Satisfaction. This study evaluates the use of their Sugar CRM application Sales Connect that can be seen from the Open-Ended Question and Usability Testing. Ease of use for accessing the content will be the factors that affect the usability of the user. The result is very less or low Usability on the application. (2). The second result is User Experience was measured by six dimensions: Usability, Content, Pleasure, Perceived Usability, Classical Aesthetics and Expressive Aesthetics and the results obtained by the respondents assessment is smaller than the middle value (> 3.00) so that it can be categorized as not good and show that the respondents assessment on Sugar CRM Sales Connect arrested classified as negative because it is below the average ie 2.58 Usability, Content is 2.51, Pleasure is 1.54, Perceived Usability is 1.44, Classical Aesthetics is 2.41 and Expressive Aesthetics is 1.93..

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Nithin Goud, A.Sivakami

Development in technology, blooming automation industry, and wireless connectivity are ruling the world using the internet. Many IoT devices are connected with Message Queuing Telemetry Transport (MQTT) protocol and Bluetooth this control your appliances for 10-15 meters using smartphone. This is the costly and old way of communication between appliances. To overcome this problem, this paper presents (IFTTT) protocol to communicate with the smartphone using google assistant to control home appliances, agriculture-boor motors, sprinklers and industries. We have linked IFTTT and MQTT protocol so that it doesn’t require any external server. On behalf of it, we need Nodemcu to control and monitor each appliance by using google account (as you all know Google is secured with their own algorithms). We can spectate our work anywhere in the world using smartphone/pc/laptop. We have implemented the IFTTT for controlling the speed of the motor and also the output result will be good. The IFTTT implemented protocol devices helps to us in our daily life, to save the time and fire accidents in large industries.

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B. Santhosh Kumar, V.Thiruppathy Kesavan, T.Daniya

The conventional scheme for information extortion might accomplish better on the mining of data needed to create a categorisation policy made use for preceding classification in an administered data-based issues. Moreover, most of the schemes conceal the individuality of the concepts where the data belongs to which might be a significant cause of violating confidentiality. The intention is to resolve the problems by employing a graph and hypothetical scheme based on k segmentation of figures which offers the generation of an intricate choice-based tree categoriser arranged into a precedence-based ladder. The analysis reveals that the system provides precision and effectiveness. Several enhancements are prevailing in cooperative information estimation. Therefore, the intention is to preserve unique subtle confidential information which is a crucial dispute for safeguarding confidentiality during extraction in a scattered setup. There are several efforts for designing confidentiality in information extraction. Therefore, for mining the combination in terms of time division, the following combination-based policies are analysed. For offering improved and analysis the prevailing confidentiality safeguarding scheme it does not focus on sequential nature of the combination-based systems. Therefore, the intention is to design systems with a suitable demonstration which aids to secretly decode subsequent combination-based policies which shared to all the sharing events.

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Gabriel Tyoyila Akwen, Ravichandran Moorthy, Sity Daud

The issue of human rights violations has been a problem in developing countries right from the pre-independent era. In Nigeria, the feelings that independence and democratic governance would curb human rights violations was short-lived by prolonged military rule. The 1999 return to democratic governance in Nigeria is characterized by the activities of terrorism, which further seems to compound the problem of human rights violation. This research examined the impact of Boko Haram terrorism on the right to life and education in Yobe state, Northeast Nigeria. This research espoused David Easton's systems theory as its theoretical framework. The study adopted the qualitative approach and made use of both secondary and primary data. Semi-structured interview questions were employed as a guide to the administration of oral interviews. Themes and sub-themes were extracted through thematic analysis. The research revealed that Boko Haram terrorist activities have grossly violated the rights of the people living in northeast Nigeria. More so, the study disclosed that apart from the Boko Haram attacks on military bases in the Yobe state, the right to life and education are constantly under serious attack in the state. To surmount the danger of Boko Haram terrorism in Nigeria, the study recommends, among others, that the Nigerian government should address the root causes of the problem through soft power approach, before strengthening her military strategies and seeking international cooperation and support.

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Nguyen Phu Loc, Ngo Truc Phuong

The paper aims to: (1) present the types of representations in solving mathematical problems;(2) to find out the types of representation used in solving word problems in textbook ‚ÄúToan 5‚ÄĚ (Mathematics 5) of Vietnam; and (3) report the results of a survey on using representations of Grade 5 students in solving non-routine mathematical problems. The study results revealed that the students faced many difficulties and had errors sin using visual and symbolic representation.

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Fatwa Tentama, Tri Wahyuni Sukesi, Sulistyawati, Surahma Asti Mulasari

There are many factors that affect work productivity. This study aims to determine the effect of workload and work stress on work productivity. The population in this study was female employees at X University and the research sample was 50 employees. The sampling technique used was purposive sampling. The research method used was a quantitative method using research instruments, namely work productivity scale, workload scale, and work stress scale. Analysis was conducted using multiple linear regression analysis technique. The findings show that workload and work stress significantly affect work productivity (F= 17.561, p= .000). High and low workloads and work stress can predict employee work productivity.

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Fatwa Tentama, Desvinia Ainin Rosandy

Self-efficacy and employee resilience are factors that can affect job insecurity. This study aims to empirically examine the role of self-efficacy and resilience on job insecurity of contract employees at PT. Mega Andalan Kalasan. The population in this study is contract employees in ten units at PT. Mega Andalan Kalasan, who are still actively working, and have worked at least three months. The sample in this study consist of 56 contract employees in the EOP unit of PT. Mega Andalan Kalasan. The sampling technique used is quota sampling, while the data collection method is the self-efficacy scale, resilience scale, and job insecurity scale. Multiple linear regression analysis shows that self-efficacy and resilience have a very significant effect on the job insecurity of contract employees (R = 0,600, p = 0,000). There is a very significant negative relationship between self-efficacy and job insecurity among contract employees, with a correlation coefficient of rxy = -0,549, p = 0,000 (p <0.01). Similarly, there is also a very significant negative relationship between resilience and job insecurity among contract employees, with a correlation coefficient of rxy = -0,476, p = 0,000 (p <0.01). Self-efficacy and resilience contribute 36% to job insecurity, while the remaining 64% are influenced by other factors outside the scope of this study.

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Dilpreet Kaur, Dr. Charanjit Singh

Multi-focus image fusion is a method of combining multiple images taking into account only the in-focus parts of the scene resulting in an "all-in-focus" fused image. When one section has an object at near distance and other object at far away in a scene, then the camera can be focused on each focused object, generating a set of multiple images. Image fusion takes in-focus objects form each scene and generates an image with better focus. The objective is to retain the most desirable characteristics of each image. With the availability of visual sensor data, image fusion has been getting more attention in the studies for a wide spectrum of submissions. There are various multi focus image fusion methods been used nowadays. The paper proposes a multi-focus image fusion method using Directional Discrete Cosine Wavelet domain to adaptively perform image fusion by selecting most informative information. The proposed Directional Discrete Cosine Wavelet criterion outperforms conventional Discrete Cosine Wavelet criterions. Due to a simple process the Directional Discrete Cosine Wavelet based approach is suitable for use in real-time applications also.

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Revathi.S, M.Suriakala

One of the most preferred networks by professionals amid social networks is LinkedIn. The rapid and explosive growth of these social networks has enabled certain people to misuse the same for illegal and unethical conducts. Nonetheless, considering LinkedIn, these behavioral assertions prove very restrictive in the openly available profile information for users by privacy policies. The publicly present profile information of LinkedIn is limited. Here, it is suggested to pinpoint maximum group of the profile information required to identify vulnerable user in LinkedIn and also determine the proper data mining strategy for this task. In this paper Web Description Logic Rule Generation algorithm is put forth to find and examine vulnerable users and also used to remove the attackers from LinkedIn. Using this algorithm, identifying vulnerable users and to protect them against the attackers is possible according to the sharing threshold. When the threshold value exceeds the limit, the shared person will be removed from OSN. It is demonstrated that using limited profile information, this strategy is capable of spotting attackers at an accuracy of 94% and as low as 3.67% false negative.

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Rehan Sohail Butt, Saqib Altaf, Irfan Mir Chohan, Sheikh Farhan Ashraf

this study focuses on employee’s job satisfaction through the influences of motivational factors e.g. (Quality of work life and Happiness at work). Moreover, it explains the interaction of Job stress and quality of work life on employees’ job satisfaction. A quantitative method was employed in the sample size of 211 respondents, they were selected on the basis of convenient random sampling technique. Data was collected through a field survey by using a closed-ended questionnaire. The analysis was done on the partial least square with the latest methodology structure equation modeling (PLS-SEM). Furthermore, techniques of bootstrapping and PLS Algorithm were used. Our findings of the study consistent with the previous scholars and proved the direct relationship of QWLF, HAW and EJS. The study presents positive and significant results between motivational factors and job satisfaction. Moreover, this study provides assistance to the executives of different departments of Jiangsu University. In addition, the study concludes with a short view that organizations need to recognize the importance of happiness at work and quality of work life to maximize employee job satisfaction. This article provides an advantage to society by enhancing people's values, increasing their work, and possibly helping their personal growth and development. Therefore, companies must motivate employees to work hard to achieve the company's goals and objectives.

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N. Narmadha, R. Rathipriya

Generally, a grouping of the data can be classified as three ways i) Grouping of data in one dimension is called as clustering ii) Grouping of data in two-dimension is called as biclustering iii) Grouping of data in three-dimensional is called triclustering. Now- a -days, triclustering is the frequently used data mining technique for analysis of 3D gene expression data. A tricluster of a gene expression dataset is a subset of a gene which exhibits similar expression patterns with a subset of condition along with the time point. In this paper Greedy two way K- Means clustering algorithm for optimal coherent tricluster is performed over every time point. This algorithm is taken as seed to generate the tricluster to identify a coherent pattern based tricluster with high MCV and larger volume. The performance study is carried out to test the proposed algorithm. The results show that proposed algorithm identifies larger volume tricluster with high correlation among genes of 3D dataset.

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M.B. Kalhans, A.K. Singh, N.B. Singh

The concept of reactivity got advance treatment when Parr et al. published a paper on the application of density functional theory. In the present paper we have calculated the Eigen values and AOEP of the three isomeric Benzodiazines, which provided important results about the coordination trend of the said compounds.

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Hendra Aulia, Abba Suganda Girsang

According to the Circular Letter of Directorate General of Higher Education (DIKTI), all Higher Education in Indonesia are obliged to report their academic activity by using feeder application for two times in each semester. UIN Suska Riau has a technical executing unit called PTIPD. This unit aims to manage all the academic data. PTIPD develops a kind of academic information system namely IRaise. It is necessary to use tools for data integration, in this case IRaise and feeder, to ease the academic data reporting. A solution to this problem is developing application by using we service technology. The aim of this research is to actualizes a web service plan that is able to integrate data between academic information system of UIN Suska Riau and PDDIKTI feeder, by using SOA approach. The development method with Service Lifecycle. The development of web service-based application with 10 modules by 12 methods becomes the result of this research. This web service-based application will be implemented in UIN Suska Riau and be tested by using blackbox method and performance test. Also, the developed web service-based application produces a proper, effective, efficient integration service that complies with the need of academic data reporting.

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Heryuni Angga Mukti

Kedungombo Reservoir is a multipurpose reservoir located on the border of three Regencies, namely Sragen, Boyolali and Grobogan Regencies. Built at the confluence of the Uter River and the Serang River. And is one of the largest reservoirs in Central Java Province which is managed by BBWS Pemali Juwana. The Kedungombo reservoir was built in 1989 and is planned to be an effective age of 100 years, until 2089 (the latest data as a reference). The geographical location of the Kedungombo Dam is at coordinates 7o 15 '33 "LS and 110o 50" 18 "East. Based on the report of the Pemali Sungai Pemali Balai Besar, the Kedungombo Reservoir has a function as a water provider for irrigation needs covering an area of 64,365 hectares and raw water of 1,700 liters / second, a power producer (PLTA) with a power of 23.90 mega watts (AMT 2015), aquaculture fisheries, tourism objects and regulating water discharge to prevent flooding. Until now, the Kedungombo Reservoir has been operating for 30 years. This study was conducted to determine the amount of erosion, sediment and the remaining useful life of the reservoir. In this study, erosion calculations are carried out using the Universal Soil Loss Equation (USLE) method, the distribution of sediments is based on the results of the calculation of the amount of erosion and the empirical method of adding area (Area Increment Method).

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Muhammad Kristiawan, Nizarani, Syamsidar

Z‚Äďgeneration is the generation born in 1995 until 2015. Z-generation has a character more interest in the technology. The development of these technologies utilized by the Z-generation to develop self-esteem, communication and entrepreneurship. This qualitative paper aimed at finding out how the school‚Äôs role on fostering the entrepreneurial spirit character of Z-generation. Entrepreneurial activity is a means of learners to learn and make a Z-generation character understand how to face all the challenges of the times. The research was done in Secondary School IT Raudhatul Ulum. The results obtained indicate that the role of schools in shaping the Z-generation has the entrepreneurial skills by actualizing 1) the class specialization; 2) found rising, and 3) direct marketing.

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Wawan Kurniawan, Jufrida, Fibrika Rahmat Basuki, Olva Fitaloka, Khairul Anwar

This research aims to reconstruct the original knowledge of the society about the process of making a machete to be a scientific knowledge. This research used mixed method with secuential exploratory design. The key informants in this research were iron craftsmen in Jambi City. The collection of qualitative data was conducted through deep interview and direct observation at the craftsmen place. The analysis of qualitative data was conducted continuously and intensively, categorized then built to be a scientific knowledge. The collection of quantitative data was done through the experiment on the effect of heat treadment towards the harshness and impact of the machete. Data the results of harshness and the power test used to strengthen the original knowledge reconstruction to be scientific knowledge. Indigenous knowledge about the process of making a machete is obtained based on the knowledge inherited from time to time by the ancestors. The process of making the machete covers the selection of wood materials, the process of forging, and the process of gilding. Scientifically gilding is the heat treatment through the heating and cooling conducted at certain level to alter the trait of steel mechanic. The water cooling produces high harshness while the oil cooling had higher and stronger toughness.

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Margret Kwamboka Gechanga, Keren K. Kaberere, Cyrus Wekesa

Power service restoration (PSR) is a process of restoring the power supply after a black-out. It aims at restoring the power supply rapidly while meeting all the system operation constraints. A lot of research has been and is being done on power service restoration in order to come up with better restoration methods. In this study, swarm based meta-heuristic algorithm Artificial Bee Colony (ABC) technique was applied for optimal network restoration in a distributed generations (DGs) connected distribution network after a fault(s). The proposed ABC based restoration algorithm and the load flow analysis were simulated using MATPOWER in MATLAB. The objective of the study was to minimize out-of-service loads and power losses of the network while improving the voltage profile. The study considered two cases (single-fault and multi-fault case) each with five different scenarios. In the first scenario, power losses and voltage profile results of the initial network were analyzed, the second scenario analyzed results of the initial network after the restoration process, the third scenario analyzed the results of the modified network configuration(network with DGs), the fourth scenario analyzed the results of the modified network configuration after a contingency is introduced in the network and the last scenario analyzed the results of the modified network configuration after the restoration process. The proposed algorithm’s results were compared with those of existing methods to validate its performance and effectiveness. The application of the algorithm for network restoration ensured optimal restoration of all the loads and the load flow analysis on the restored networks showed a significant power loss reduction and improvement in minimum voltage.

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Othmane HAMMANI, Youssef MOURAD

The introduction of the sawdust stemming from the cedar of Atlas as a reinforcement in a matrix plastic to produce a wood plastic composite have been studied. The tensile properties of composites established of sawdust in a matrix of high-density polyethylene (PEHD) were measured; five mass concentrations and three size grades were studied, with the presence of a coupling agent (Maleic anhydride grafted polyethylene, PE-g-MA). The presence of sawdust in the polymeric matrix modifies considerably his mechanical properties, the composite loses in ductility and in tenacity, but its rigidity increases. The tensile strength is lesser than those obtained with the only polymer. The best mechanical properties were obtained with the fine sawdust which can be likened to the wooden floor. It is for the 5 % content that the highest tensile strength was observed and for a 20 % content that the highest Young modulus was recorded.

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Aman Dureja, Ajay Dureja, Salil Abrol

The performance of Image Based Image Recovery Systems (CBIR) is based on efficient extraction of features and accurate retrieval of similar images. Crime prevention, medical imaging, weather forecasting, surveillance, historical research and remote sensing are the few areas where CBIR technology is used. Here, content refers to the visual information of an image such as texture, shape and color. Image content is richer in information used for effective retrieval as compared to text-based image retrieval. In this document, we suggest a method of content-based integration and retrieval based on content to extract color properties and texture properties. To extract the color properties, the color moments (CM) are used in the color image, and the texture properties are extracted and a local binary pattern (LBP) is created in the grayscale image. Then, the color and texture properties in the image combine to form a single vector of features. Finally, the similarities are compared through Euclidean distance, and the feature vectors are compared to the database image with the query image. LBP can be used to identify the face. However, using LBP as a natural image is impressive. This integrated approach provides an accurate, efficient and less complex search system.

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Sampurnananda Mishra, Chandra Kanta Samal, Navneet Yadav, Rama Kanta Choudhury

The catalytic effect of social media on the diurnal course of people of the world has ushered in a new era of globalization. With the teeming multitudes of social media sites offering a universal user-friendly application in multifarious platforms has turned out to be a hunting ground for scholars and researchers from diverse fields. More so, their impact has been conspicuous among the language expounders and educators of today. The world has gone digital with the help of incredible tools of social media where people carry out global business and qualitative services. All the transactions , negotiations and deliberations happen through language conversation as a result of which language teaching and learning have become an indispensible part of social media. The language trainers introduce and execute various tools of social media which devises unique and novel ways of interaction transcending the local boundaries of the school. The notable social networking sites like Facebook, WhatsApp, Aadmodo Linkden, Me too etc equip educators to enhance their instructional skills. These widespread social networking sites offer a plentitude of openings for language educators to sharpen their digital, multi-literacy, linguistic and empirical skills. This paper probes into the theoretical bedrock of social networking in language learning and its effectiveness inside the classroom vis-a-vis the present pedagogy followed by different communities of the world. Further it intends to illuminate the fundamental issues and considerations while using social networking sites in a language classroom.

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Francis Itote, George Irungu, Michael Saulo

The amount of energy harnessed from Renewable energy sources (RES) is constantly increasing. This rise can be attributed to technological advancement that has lowered generation costs, financing from governments and private sector, efficient payment plans (e.g. Pay As You Go), and need for clean energy. RES are either integrated into the local distribution grids or used as standalone/off grid solutions that facilitate easy energy access to meet the ever-increasing power requirements. Extensive studies on the behavior of power networks integrated with RES is therefore required so as to facilitate the changes that will be made on the current grid configuration. This study assessed the impact on the harmonics and flicker of distributed networks due to the integration of wind and solar energy sources. To achieve this, the IEEE-33 bus system was integrated with RES at selected locations and power quality and harmonic analysis performed using DigSILENT PowerFactory software. Results obtained indicate increased harmonic and flicker levels of distribution networks. The levels of harmonic distortion and flicker obtained were found to be reliant on the type, penetration level and installation patterns of RES.

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Dibas Manna, Sulagno Banerjee

At present, we all are aware of how Green House Effect, resource depletion, environmental degradation is increasing day by day in our planet. Earth is badly in need of sustainable development by reducing pollution, reducing dependence on natural resources, reducing Global Warming etc. Else, after almost 200 years, there will be no life on Earth as predicted by Professor Stephen Hawking. It will be similar like any other planets where it is impossible to live. Even the smallest changes that we can make will help to promote a better Earth as similar to butterfly effect. The developed countries are more advanced in their technologies and rules to have ecofriendly constructions. Whereas the developing countries are not so much aware of this fact. The studies and the research works in these countries are also way far behind as compared to the developed nations in the world. But exceptionally, India being a developing country, it is quite advanced in this aspect and have a good rank when compared to all other countries. Aim of ecofriendly constructions or green building projects is to reduce the significant impact of construction industry on the environment. There are certain criteria on the basis of which a building is rated and certified. It assures that the building would follow those criteria throughout the life of the building. Government of many states in India provides incentives for such kind of constructions. Green buildings not only save nature to a great extent but also save the inhabitants by providing an healthy environment to live in. This paper will make people know about the Green Building Movement in India and how Green Buildings are designed so that they can save the Earth from degradation. The Green Building rating system and their process of certification are mentioned in this paper. One who reads, would also get to know about the barriers faced to have ecofriendly constructions in India and the rank of the country in producing sustainable built environment when compared to all other countries.

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Imam Shofwan, Tri Joko Raharjo, Achmad Rifai RC, Fakhruddin Fakhruddin, Joko Sutarto, Utsman Utsman, Mintarsih Arbarini, Tri Suminar, Sungkowo Edy Mulyono, Bagus Kisworo, Abdul Malik, Amin Yusuf, Ilyas Ilyas, Liliek Desmawati, M Chairul Basrun Umanailo

Learning strategies have an important role in implementing learning for the success. Informal learning strategies are used to facilitate Tahfidz-based learning and character in elementary schools that use a informal education system. The Hanifah Semarang Primary School in the process of implementing those strategies profit informal learning that is different from elementary schools in general. This Elementary School has its own advantages, because students have the ability to memorize the Qur'an and the formation of character that do not exist in elementary schools in general. The purpose of this study was to discover informal learning strategies that carried out as well as to have knowledge of the differences with elementary schools in general. The focus of this study discusses Tahfidz-based models, methods and non-formal learning techniques. This study uses qualitative research approach with data collection techniques using the method of observation, interviews and documentation. As for the process of data analysis with stages data collection, data reduction, data presentation, and conclusion and verification. The results of this study are informal learning strategies carried out in elementary schools by prioritizing recitation of the Qur'an and character, this is what distinguishes elementary school learning in general, which only prioritizes subjects.

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Lusy Tunik Muharlisiani, Endang Noerhartati, Karwanto Karwanto, Dina Chamidah, Nugrahini Susantinah Wisnujati, Herfa Maulina Dewi Soewardini, Mulono Apriyanto, Amrozi Khamidi, Riris Andriati, Dewi Fitriani, Fenita Purnama Sari Indah, Ahmad Thohirin, A Fai

Background research due to the high market demand toward ground transportation, rail priority particularly subject to subject to punctuality, speed and convenience, PT KAI to diversify its business by holding economy class, business executives to meet market needs. This research method using this qualitative study, Researchers used a interpretative paradigm. Interpretative paradigm aims to understand the meaning of behavior, symbols, and phenomena using purposive sampling. The technique of collecting the the data using interviews, documentation, and observation. The results of this study that the concept of management by objectives in PT KAI station Tulungagung items items, namely the implementation of the motivation for the achievement of common goals between leaders and subordinates to Obtain an opinion about the company's objectives and plans of cooperation, as well as Efforts to Achieve within a predetermined time together. Involve; every employee and manager to discuss, agree, autonomous binding assignment of responsibility, the implementation of the goals within the specified time together. Process and checking the implementation of the planning of the work carried out jointly between leaders and subordinates to discuss what has been what has not been achieved through progress review.

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Rifni Novitasari, Retti ninsix, Trisadini Prasastinah Usanti, Adi Apriadi Adiansha, Tri Soesantari, Mochammad Fauzie Said, Hayati Hehamahua, Hanapi Hanapi, Nanik Indrayani, Hamdani Kubangun, Muhammad Nur Deny Musa, Nirwana AR, Ringgi Qomaria Bugis, Roos N

Tayub is a social dance that is the entertainment of commoners and scattered almost all corners of Java, one of which is still active in the village of Ngringo, Karanganyar Regency. In the ritual process the Tayub became the center of attention due to cultural symbols attached to each of its existence. The research was conducted in Ngringo village, Karanganyar Regency. Data on research is obtained from primary data sources and secondary data, with the data collection techniques used through observation, interviews, questionnaire and sample study/document studies conducted Purposive. The results showed that. Tayub dance that serves as a dance for fertility where the waranggana dancing in pairs with males is merely a symbol, which is a woman representing the earth or farmland, and males represent the seeds (rice) in Jwa terms Known as the terms of the celestial father and Mother Earth, the union between the two in the form of rain that will descend to bring fertility. The shifting of the inherited functions from sacred rituals to consumptive rituals resulted in the existence of the community being increasingly negative by the public because it was deemed only sexual exploitation.

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I Gede Juanamasta, Ni Made Nopita Wati, Erna Hendrawati, Wiwin Wahyuni, Mira Pramudianti, Nugrahini Susantinah Wisnujati, Anindya Prastiwi Setiawati, Susetyorini Susetyorini, Umi Elan, Rusdiyanto Rusdiyanto, Denny Astanto, Bustanul Ulum, Susan Novitasari

This research background is a number of problems faced by the company can make a bad company image and reduced levels of consumer loyalty. To avoid harming the image of the company then the company must focus on service to consumers. Service to consumers is very important in increasing the satisfaction of its customers, due to the company customers is the most important asset in which consumers provide andilo is significant in the development of the company's reputation. The formulation of the problem in this research how does the role of customer service through Customer Relationship Management (CRM) to improve customer loyalty and good image at PT Sun Star Motor Blitar. This study aims to determine the role how customer service through Customer Relationship Management (CRM) to improve customer loyalty and good image at PT Sun Star Motor Blitar. This research method using this qualitative study, researchers used a paradigm Non Positivism / Naturalistic / Interpretative. Interpretative paradigm aims to understand the meaning of behavior, symbols, and phenomena by using sampling purposive sampling. Data Collection Techniques using interviews, documentation, observation. The results of this study that the role of customer service through Customer Relationship Management (CRM) to improve customer loyalty and good image in PT. Sun Star Motor Blitar very important. CRM activities conducted by PT Sun Star Motor Blitar; indentity, is a major first step in the implementation of CRM. Many things need to be identified by the company. Acquire namely customer service categorize consumers based on contributions made to the company as the number of consumer income, transactions regularly and duration become consumers. Different other services carried out by PT Sun Star Motor Blitar in awarding the prize. Personalized service is intended that the company is able to serve customers in accordance with the conditions and needs of the problem. Citra effect on some other aspects such as marketing, sales, loyalty, and several other aspects. Therefore, the image of the company should be kept positive because it will have a positive impact also for the company. The benefits of a positive image makes the public more appreciation, respect

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Shamitha S K, V Ilango

Clustering is one of the standard unsupervised approaches in the field of data mining. Clustering techniques carry a long history, and an expansive number of clustering techniques have developed by the analysts in the areas of mining. Still, there are acute challenges even today. The paper provides a brief overview of clustering methods from a data mining perspective, with the aim of providing necessary information and references to fundamental concepts available to the community of clustering practitioners. This paper primarily focuses on the four-step procedure of clustering. We described several tightly related topics from data samples to result in interpretation and associated concepts such as classification of clustering algorithm and their characteristic, proximity measure, cluster types and cluster validation techniques. We have implemented some of the clustering algorithms such as kmeans, hierarchical clustering, PAM and fuzzy c means for classifying fraudulent and legitimate transactions in the paper. The results show that fuzzy c means and hierarchical clustering has good classifications accuracy. The article would be supportive in concocting the choice of algorithm and techniques for machine learning research.

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Akmal Umar, Hasbi, Umi Farida, Yusriadi Yusriadi

This study aims to determine the extent of the role of leadership in improving the work responsibilities of employees in the scope of the Government of Bulukumba Regency. This study uses a qualitative method by using speakers from the leadership elements and several employees in the Government of Bulukumba Regency following the needs after being in the field. Analysis of the data used with the method of qualitative analysis is to compare the conditions in the field with standards or related theories so that conclusions can obtain. The results of the study show that the role of leadership in enhancing employee work responsibilities in the scope of Bulukumba Regency government, in general, it has gone well, namely using one-way relationships. The part of exemplary figures, supervisory/controlling roles, receiving information (relatively low) and in decision-making, but the purpose of leadership still needs to be increased, among others, using flexible two-way relationships. Exemplary figures, making the input of information as an organizational asset, transparent supervision, and decisions by optimally utilizing existing resources, decisions that contain dampers and opportunities or challenges.

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Ravichandran Sekar, Nakirekanti Naresh

A Grid-connected unified power quality conditioner (UPQC) circuit has been controlled through fuzzy sliding mode pulse width modulation using sliding mode control incorporated through the fuzzy controller (FSMPWM) is proposed in this paper. This FSMPWM control is used to eliminate harmonics and different types of oscillations in the UPQC circuit. Reference values and signals for UPQC was generated based on sliding mode control of UPQC. Shunt and series converters of UPQC are managed by means of proposed control circuits. Gate pulses for these converters were generated from these controls and were useful in reducing chattering related issues. The proposed model was designed and analyzed in SIMULINK tool under different cases of load and voltage unbalance, voltage sag, swell, distortion and phase angle jump. The outcomes of the proposed system are compared with the previous methods and proved to be a better performed & fewer harmonics are observed.

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Ezzat Muhammad Aljawad, Maheno Sri Widodo, Mohamad Fadjar

This study analyzed Brek fish (P. orphoides) about differences in amylase, protease, and lipase enzymes content in the intestine based on differences development phase. The fish used are at 60, 90, 120 and 150 days, which are obtained from Unit Pelaksana Teknis Pengembangan Budidaya Air Tawar (UPT-PBAT) Umbulan Pasuruan, East Java, Indonesia. This research used a descriptive method. The results of this study indicate that there are differences in the content of the amylase, lipase, and protease enzymes in Brek fish with differences development phase. The highest amylase enzyme activity is 120 days, 0,248 U/mL, the highest protease enzyme activity is150 days, 0,374 U/mL, while the highest lipase enzyme activity is 90 days, 0,517 U/mL.

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Imen Mrad, Jean Pierre Barbot, Lassaad Sbita

This paper proposes a voltage sensorless Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) controller for hybrid Photovoltaic (PV) system, which includes PV generator connected with DC DC SEPIC converter. This novel algorithm is based on Left Invertibility Problem (LIP) which consists of recovering the system’s inputs from its outputs and their derivatives. Thus, PV panel voltage was recovered based on hybrid high order sliding mode differentiator. Thanks to this method a simplified hardware configuration and a low cost system can be achieved. In addition, the partial observability problem of SEPIC converter was treated with respect to the Z (TN)-Observability concept and hybrid time trajectory. Simulation results are given using Matlab/ Simulink and then the proposed algorithm efficiency is verified.

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Gina G. Bendejo, Gloria P. Gempes

Around the globe, one of the key challenges facing educators is finding ways to engage students. This study aimed to determine the combined and singular influence of the identified contributory variables to student engagement. A total of 425 Grade 10 students of the English 10 subjects in 17 public secondary schools of Region XII, Philippines, were chosen as the respondents of the study. Mean, Pearson-r and Multiple regression analysis were the statistical tools used in the data analysis. Validated adapted questionnaires were used to obtain information from the respondents. The result of the study indicates that the singular influence of each contributory variable (school climate, classroom management strategies and parental involvement) to student engagement is significant. Likewise, the combination of the three contributory variables significantly influenced student engagement. Parental involvement is the variable that best influenced student engagement.

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Bestley Joe S, Maflin Shaby S.

Alternative autonomous power supplies are becoming more important these days with a constraint that they should be small, highly reliable and inexpensive. Microenergy harvesting plays a vital role in addressing all these constraints while providing clean green energy throughout. Although paramount interest is being given to scavenge maximum power output , it is also important to identify the frequency at which these harvesters develop maximum output. This research work is based upon modeling and simulation of a three layer (trimorph) microcantilever beam with eight different piezoelectric materials that are routinely used. Simulation results have shown that the microcantilever beam of each piezomaterial selected for harvesting power generated maximum output voltage at different resonant frequencies.

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Dr. Suriya Hamid

In the pursuit of connubial bliss, populace across the globe irrespective of race, religion, color, caste, creed, age, gender etc. aspire for a wonderful nuptial ceremony. In its manifestation, people from all walks of life from their early adulthoods strive hard to congregate ample resources in order to attain this status symbol. Factually elite class spend proportional wealth on their weddings, and those belonging to average income group or simply economy class splurge enormous wealth disproportionately in order to compete in this arena. In Kashmir context this is generally referred to as evolved psyche for an extravagance via prodigal expenditures merely for otiostic ostentation. This piece of research work aims to ascertain the reasons and aphoristic wisdom behind the Kashmiri mindset that impels Kashmiri society as a whole to splurge disproportionate assets and wealth for their marriage ceremonies. This study is an attempt to comprehend the financial implications and expenditure patterns in Kashmiri weddings and also its direct cause and effect on social stratification and cultural dynamics of Kashmir. This paper also unfolds key issues and complexities created by otiostic ostentation in Kashmiri Muslim Weddings and its veridical ramifications evocative of gender inequality, female infanticide and tardy marriages etc., hence this study adjudicates to present a strenuous elucidation to counter and castigate this jeopardy that creates distortion and tenderness in the social fabric of Kashmir and thus leading to a concrete social reform.

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C. R. Marcelin Vasantha, Dr. V. Manimozhi

Customer reviews are the essential tool to gather the interests of the users. But extracting useful details from a review of a customer is a challenging task. Thus usefulness of the customer reviews are analysed in this work. The customer reviews for particular products are categorized under three major groups such as usefulness, irrelevant, harmful. Each category is allocated with the review score that are given by the customers. We have calculated the customer reviews using fuzzy set. It is one of the best and easiest methods. In fuzzy set, the values lie between 0 and 1and it is called membership value. In this work, we calculate the customer reviews with the range of 0 and 1. The result is proved to be efficient in finding the usefulness of review than existing systems.

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Fredy Jingga, Raymond Kosala, Benny Ranti, Suhono Harso Supangkat

IT Governance or known as ITG is widely adopted by company in Indonesia. Because it’s widely adopted without any rules, resulting in no standardization that a company should follow. This article discuss about the framework that most favourite used by ITG Research, and the approach that the implementation is used. 202 articles found and exclusion criteria are applied in order to get a better search result. Because of exclusion criteria applied, 163 are left categorized as studies found. After a careful review on the articles’ title and abstract, 53 studies are selected as candidate studies. From 53 articles that categorized as candidates studies, only 25 articles that are suitable as selected studies. While in the result Control Objectives for Information and Related Technology (COBIT) are the most favourite framework used in IT Governance Implementation Studies in Indonesia. And the Audit/Evaluation approach are the most used in the articles.

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Every parent hopes their children grow and develop optimal physical, mental, cognitive, and social. To achieve the level of child development standard should receive the attention and service as early as possible. The purpose of this study was to explore services in the case of children who have developmental delays in the Early Childhood Education institutions help them to grow optimally. The focus of this research is a service to children who have developmental delay disorder in Early Childhood Education institutions RA Insan Mulia Bambanglipuro Bantul, Yogyakarta. The results of this study indicate that high spirits of parents and acceptance of the child's condition were significant development of the child. Cooperation between the school and parents can accelerate the growth of children.

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Natalia Limantara, Raymond Kosala, Benny Ranti, Suhono Harso Supangkat

Information Systems has an important role in supporting business processes that run in an institution. To ensure the implementation of information systems in line with institutional objectives, the information system must be managed properly by implementing IT Governance. Educational institutions also have an interest in this matter. To be able to compete with other educational institutions and ensure the quality of the three pillars of education (teaching, research, and community service) can run well, IT management in educational institutions must use the principles of IT Governance. The extent to which universities in Indonesia have implemented IT governance will be discussed in this article. Using a systematic literature review method, the author will discuss how the level of maturity of IT Governance from six universities in Indonesia. From these results will be obtained suggestions for the implementation of IT Governance that can be applied in universities in Indonesia.

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Disposal of waste plastic has become a major environmental issue in all parts of the world. Every year millions plastic are discarded, thrown away or buried all over the world, representing a very serious threat to the ecology. It is estimated that every month almost 100000 million plastic waste end their service life and more than 50% are discarded without any treatment. This experimental study was based on the utilization of waste plastic as a partial substitute for natural fine aggregates in cement concrete. The properties of concrete like compressive strength, flexural tensile strength, abrasion resistance, pull-off strength, water permeability, water absorption, resistance to acid attack and sulphate attack, carbonation, depth of chloride penetration, corrosion of steel reinforcements were tested and SEM test was performed to study the micro structure. And modeling done using abbaqus

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New computer aided methods require in the field of brain tumor analysis for diagnosing, surgical planning and tele-medicine. This paper proposes a Fine tune watershed algorithm by using embanking approach. The embankment approach produces thick walls around objects of an image. Then easy the job of flooding in watershed algorithm and the thick walls avoids the over-segmentation. The results of proposed Fine tune watershed algorithm are compared over the existing watershed algorithm in terms of qualitative and quantitative measures. The proposed method outperforms the existing method in 18% of Dice score and 1% of false positive and true positive results.

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Sabita Chaine

To improve upon the management of limited real power resources, ‚ÄúFlexible AC Transmission systems‚ÄĚ devices along with energy storage devices coordinated controllers may be successfully implemented for ‚ÄúAutomatic Generation Control‚ÄĚ of thermal power system. In this work energy storage devices like ‚ÄúSuperconducting Magnetic Energy Storage system‚ÄĚ and devices from the FACTs like Thyristor Controlled Phase Shifter, Static Synchronous Series Compensator, are operated together in different combinations in an interconnected two-area Thermal-Thermal system.

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Danaiah Puli, B.Anitha Pravalli, Raffi Mohammed, SK.Saleem

This paper gives the overview of the effect of oxygenated additives on the performance characteristics on carburetor type three cylinder 4 stroke SI engine with multi tip spark plug. The experiments are conducted at constant load variable speed condition at 5kg and 10kg operation of the engine at manufactured specified ignition timing 7¬į bTDC using blends from 0%, 3%, 5%, 7%, and 10%. Among the blends 7% blend is predicated using the ANN tool from the MATLAB environment. Experimental data are used for training ANN model based on the feed-forward back-propagation approach for predicting the data at 7% with the same loads. Results shows that the blending of methanol with gasoline improves the emission characteristics compared with the gasoline. From the experimental testing data, RMS was found to be 0.9996% with the network 3-2-9. During this study, The ANN model accurately anticipates the performance and emissions of SI engine

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Boy Yendra Tamin, Hendra Hidayat, Yasnur Asri

Prevention of corruption is as important as law enforcement efforts. However, the prevention of corruption cannot be done with general models such as the handling of corruption in the village government in Indonesia. The problem of corruption in the village has its own characteristic of corruption appeals at higher levels of government. The prevention of corruption in the village government requires its own strategies and models and cannot be released from local wisdom. This is a legal research study that uses several approaches. The results showed that the development of the corruption prevention model based on local wisdom in the village government is the right choice in realizing the management of a corruption-free village government, especially due to differences The village community and its institutional diversity. The incentive of local wisdom has a strategic role in the prevention of corruption and the strategic role must be integrated in the institutional arrangement of the village and its government, especially since the village is the local wisdom itself.

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Anita Kamilah

Transnational companies are strategic economic actors in economic globalization that play a major role in world economic development. However, the existence of transnational companies also has a negative impact through the practice of transfer pricing, namely the act of allocating profits from corporate entities to other state company entities, within the group of companies which results in reduced state revenue in the tax sector. In this regard, the purpose of this article is to formulate the factors that cause multinational companies to transfer pricing and how legal protection of the country is due to the practice of transfer pricing. The conclusion of this article is that the factors causing transfer pricing are to shift income or profits from high tax jurisdictions to low tax jurisdictions so as to minimize tax payments which have a large impact on reducing state revenue. In order to protect the practice of transfer pricing, the government made regulations against tax avoidance, carried out an Advance Pricing Agreement (APA), and worked with the tax authorities of other countries. In order to make effective the transfer pricing provisions, it is necessary to be supported by Human Resources (HR) who have the ability and understanding in the field of transfer pricing.

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Ahmad Muhibbin, Achmad Fathoni, Zainal Arifin, Suliadi Firdaus Sufahani

The objective of the research was to describe civic education learning development model based on controversial issues in the mass media in collaboration with active learning to increase the democratic Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS). It was a research and development. The data collection employed the interview data, observation, questionnaire, and documentation. The data validation and check applied a triangulation technique, member check, and FGD. The data were analyzed by using an interactive model. The results of the study show that a learning design comprised the a-perception, presentation and discussion, in-depth material understanding, verification and closing. Based on the results of tests 1-5, the scores of HOTS that have democratically been developed by using the learning increased as demonstrated by abilities, including analyzing information of controversial issues (22 points); conveying critic and rational ideas (22 points); assessing other people’s ideas (23 points); giving wise responses (23 points); arguing logically (24 points); arguing politely and hospitably (23 points); solving a problem or giving a solution to problems smartly (24 points); and solving a problem or giving a solution to problems wisely and being responsible for solution (18 points).

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A.R.Deepa, W.R. Sam Emmanuel

Brain tumor is a crucial brain disease that arises because of the group of irregular cells that grows inside and around the brain. Several imaging approaches are used to detect the brain tumor. Among all the imaging technique, a safe and non-invasive imaging technique called the MRI is mainly utilized for brain tumor detection. MRI is considered as a major-medical imaging technique for diagnosing and monitoring brain tumors, and their function for respective treatment. The MRI process of brain tumor identification takes place usually by experienced radiologists. Also for more effective treatment and greater accuracy, clinicians constantly strive in the computer vision based approaches to detect brain tissue from MRI images. In this paper, we presented a comparative study on existing MRI based brain tumor segmentation methods. In addition, we highlight the various algorithms used in different stages of brain tumor segmentation such as pre-processing, feature extraction and classification with its merits and demerits.

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Adithya Valli Nettem, Elizabath Rani Daniel, Kavitha Chandu

Synthesis of suitable non linear frequency modulation (NLFM) signals still is a major research direction in radar pulse compression theory for sidelobe reduction. NLFM signals can be generated using simple two-stage and tri-stage piece wise linear frequency modulation (PWLFM) functions. The autocorrelation function of this NLFM signal exhibited low peak sidelobe level ratio (PSLR) value compared to its counterpart LFM signal. In this paper an attempt is made to reduce the PSLR values using special window function having spectral characteristics with low leakage factor and high relative sidelobe attenuation. The simulation results confirm a significant side lobe reduction by the NLFM signal designed using PWLFM functions when a more flexible Power of Cosine window function is applied compared to all other window functions.

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Abdul Haris Fatgehipon, Firaas Azizah, Saidna Zulfiqar Bin-Tahir

This study aims to determine sexual deviations among students that occur on several campuses using the psychosexual theory approach and control theory. This research was conducted on several campuses which have homosexual students to find out what is the reason students choose their way of life as homosexuals and the effects that arise from homosexuality both for themselves and others. The method used is a qualitative study of case studies, data collection techniques are carried out by observation, interviews, documentation, and field notes, data analysis is data reduction, data presentation, and conclusion drawing or verification. The results of the study concluded that: 1) The reasons for choosing a way of life as a homosexual are psychodynamic factors due to faulty parenting, having a bad sexual experience (sodomy) resulting in prolonged trauma which ultimately makes what he has experienced as a sexual experience and continues for a long time, trauma of love, and sexual needs. 2) Impacts caused by homosexual behavior include: for themselves will be exposed to HIV/AIDS, anal canal cancer, oral cancer, syphilis, gonorrhea, and immune weakness. Whereas for others there is a dispute between the majority and minorities (lesbi & homo), the emergence of a relationship between parents and children as homosexual perpetrators and can affect children in families involved in homosexuality.

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Anjan Kumar Sinha, Nikhil Kulshrestha, Binod Kumar Singh

Aviation industry has a global business model and the global standardized safety and security norms governed by International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and Federal Aviation Administration. (FAA). IT security has been on top of the charts for the past few years and will remain so for all kind of industries. The motivation for the present study is drawn from few incidents in Aviation sector worldwide which didn’t have conclusive results. World over there are numerous studies on Cyber security and even on Aviation Cyber security however there is limited or nil study collective on Aviation Cyber Security behaviour. India has exhibited phenomenal growth in Aviation sector. Present study tries to explore awareness among Indian fliers and their behaviour to achieve safe cyber environment in the Civil Aviation sector. The study uses Protection Motivation theory as a framework to understand whether the consciousness of human mind that can make a difference in the Cyber posture in travel industry specific to Indian Aviation. From a mail survey, 298 responses were obtained on the developed measures. The paper uses Exploratory Factor analysis as a tool to measure the responses and step Regression model to identify the factor affecting Aviation Cyber Security behavior. The results of the study indicate that prior experience with Cyber threats is the most significant predictor of passengers Cyber Security behaviour.

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Dr. Ashish Kumar Tripathi, Prof. Khemchand Sharma, Dr. Shuchi Mitra, Dr. Sushma Rawat

Analytical development and validation play important roles in the discovery, development, and manufacture of pharmaceuticals. The compressed tablet is the most popular dosage form of pharmaceuticals in use today. About two-thirds of all prescriptions are dispensed as solid dosage forms, and half of these are compressed tablets. These tablets must have the various physicochemical parameters within specific limits not only for excellent handling but also for proper required pharmacokinetics of drug. To achieve these standard values, Ayurvedic pharmaceutics offers an economic and easy processing of levigation known as Bhavana. This study is an effort to establish the fact that Bhavana process enhances the physico-chemical attributes of the sample on analytical ground. Three samples of a renowned herbomineral formulation (Shoolharan Yoga) were prepared, Bhavana process was applied and analytical study was performed to see the miraculous effect of Bhavana.

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K.Berlin, S.S.Dhenakaran, KR.Sivabalan

Problem detection based on the communication system is considered as an important aspect of networking systems. Data transmission has played a big role in today’s world wide activities. But it is a big challenge to safe the data and escape from the hackers. The main objective of this research work is to provide strong cryptosystem for text data. To protect privacy of data plenty of research work has done using different cryptosystem methods. To enhance the security level an efficient crypto technique is designed for preserving privacy of plain text data. Construction of crypto system is relies upon the two separate technique named as Applied Mathematical Tree Structure (AMTS) and Matrix Mathematical (MM) model. The selection of an algorithm is entirely depends on the sizes of plain text. If the size of plain text counted as 2n level of order then it will processing with AMTS model, data other than the 2n level order works with MM model. Key has constructed from within the source file. Through the analyzed of security parameters we ensure that our proposed scheme increasing the level of security by using of two crypto systems.

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Freddy Widya Ariesta, Suwarno, Olifia Rombot

This study aims to determine the effectiveness of the application of e-learning media in science lessons on the learning outcomes of fourth-grade students in elementary school. Experimental research was conducted for four weeks with learning using e-learning media as an experimental group (n = 32) and using book-based learning as a control group (n = 30). This study used a quasi-experimental method with a pretest and posttest control group design. The research instrument was taken from observations and scores on student learning outcomes. The data were analyzed using a quantitative statistical method. Based on data, the researchers know that a teacher plays an essential role in developing student learning media through ICT based learning design. Also, the results of the study based on Mann-Whitney N-gain score of students‚Äô comprehension ability obtained a significance value of 0.00 less than őĪ = 0.05 so that H0 was rejected. This result shows that the ability of students to understand science using e-learning media is significantly better than students who get book-based learning.

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Theresia Susetyarsi, Jefri Heridiansyah, Ariyani Indriastuti, Zumrotun Nafi’ah

This study aims to examine the consumer satisfaction of street vendors in Semarang. The sample in this study amounted to 103 respondents. This study was analyzed using multiple linear regression. Based on the results of research and discussion that has been done, conclusions can be drawn from the analysis of factors that influence consumer satisfaction with street vendors in the Manyaran area, Semarang, namely that there are positive and significant influences between price, product quality and service quality variables on customer satisfaction variables.

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Namrata Pandey, Hemlata Bhatt, C.K.Pant, A.M.Painuly, Rakesh Raturi

Clay might have played a significant role in primitive earth through the process of concentration and adsorption of the biologically formed biomonomers and thus protecting them against hydrolytic fission. Adsorption of adenine was studied in presence of metal ferrocyanides. Studies carried out have shown that adsorption of adenine was dependent on pH and shows Langmuir adsorption isotherm. Percent binding and values of Langmuir adsorption isotherm on metal ferrocyanides show that adsorption trend largely depend on the nature of adsorbate and the adsorbent.

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Dr.E.Muthu Kumaran, M.Navin Kumar, Dr.J.Deny, Dr.T.S.Arun Samuel

Microorganisms areomni-present, in food it can be beneficial as well as harmful based on their nature. The present study focused on analyzing the rate of microorganism growth on various materials of cooking vessels which inhibit the microbial growth on its surface. In many studies it is mentioned that various pathogenic bacteria like E. coli, Listeria monocytogenes, Campylobacter, Staphylococcus aureus and Salmonella spp., present in cooking vessels and surrounding materials in kitchen. The main objective of this study is to utilize the low cost paper based microscope to understand the nature of the material less susceptible to bacterial colonization. The work was carried out with eight different type of cooking vessels commonly used which includes Copper, Brass, Silver, earthen pot, glass, tin, plastic and stainless steel. The food starch stained with different chemical reagents and observed under the Foldscope to identify the growth of microorganism at different materials of the cooking vessels at different intervals. Out of all, vessel made of Brass was showing inhibition towards microbial growth till the 48 hours.

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Muhammad Amri, Saidna Zulfiqar Bin-Tahir, Ummu Saidah, Nuril Mufidah

The religious diversity can also lead to the conflict between religious adherents. Thus, this research aimed at exploring the Arabic teaching model in the multireligious classroom. It applied a case study design, which is an intensive study of an individual or a social. This research was carried out in the Indonesian Education Department, Teacher Training and Education Faculty of Iqra Buru University. The subjects of this study were 1 Arabic lecturer and his class, four non-Muslim students and 20 Muslim students in the class involved as the informant. The results found that the implementation of Arabic teaching in multireligious classroom was carried out by analyzing the situation and conditions of the students at the beginning of the meeting, adjusting the material to the students' prior knowledge and diversity, giving assignments to enrich language skills, evaluating students’ learning outcomes through formative-objective, and motivating them in learning. There is a positive response from non-Muslim students to learn Arabic in multireligious class; it is supported by several external and internal factors, namely the existence of university policies/rules that require every student to join Islamic religion courses and Arabic and supported by an Arabic lecturer who has multireligious competence. The Arabic teaching in a multireligious class used Latin letters that made students were easy to learn, and it can improve their Arabic learning outcomes both Islamic and non-Islamic students. The researchers propose an Arabic teaching model in the multireligious classroom that should be examined quantitatively.

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Saidna Zulfiqar Bin-Tahir, Hanapi Hanapi, Nuril Mufidah, Abd Rahman, Varissca Utari Tuharea

11 of 71 languages that have been declared extinct and most of them come from Maluku, North Maluku, and Papua. To prevent the extinction of some local languages of Maluku, the general objective of this study is to revitalize one of the local languages of Maluku (Laha Language) in the multilingual learning model in Elementary School (SD). Whereas the specific objectives are 1) analyzing the needs of students in multilingual learning namely Laha, Indonesian and English, 2) exploring what methods are appropriate to be used by teachers in teaching Indonesian-English with the use of local languages, 3) designing material (Syllabus, RPP, and Course book) regional language learning in multilingual learning. This study applied a research and development (R&D) approach. In this case, the researcher employed the R&D model developed by Borg & Gall. The cycle-shaped R&D steps include: a review of research findings, developing products based on these findings, testing in the field with settings according to where the product will be applied, and revising them based on the results of field tests. This process continued to be repeated until the product being developed is by the objectives set. However, this article only focused on identifying learning and analyzing the needs of fifth-grade students who will be taught in multilingual learning. The results of this study will contribute theoretically and practically as an additional reference and information for empowering local languages in multilingual learning, which will certainly avoid this local language from the threat of extinction. The results also expected to be a reference for the researchers themselves and the following researchers to design and develop teaching models and multilingual textbooks for students in elementary schools, especially at SD Alhilal IV Laha, Ambon.

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P.Jayapriya, Dr. S.Hemalatha

Image Segmentation is one of the hopeful and emerging fields in image processing. It has applications in various fields like medical applications, astronomical, traffic controlling, Fingerprint recognition, digital forensics, self driving motor cars, locating objects in satellite images etc. It is the process of splitting an image into sub regions with respect to one or more characteristics. Image segmentation is the basic step to analyze images and extract data from them. Different Image Processing techniques are available and segmentation is one of the challenging fields in which complexity is least and implementation is effective. Image segmentation based on Region Based, Edge Detection, Thresholding, Clustering, Fuzzy Logic and Neural Network are discussed and compared. These algorithms are mainly based on two properties similarity and discontinuity. Methods based on similarity are called Region based methods and Methods based on discontinuities are called as Boundary based methods. From the comparative analysis it is found that Image segmentation can be done in effective way using Marker- Controlled Watershed Segmentation Algorithm.

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Mr. Sunil Raj Y, Dr. Albert Rabara S

IoT is seen to be daughter of internet, placing its foot and making revolution in every area of day to day life. Cloud a revolutionary technology gives hand to IoT, so that data generated by devices can be stored and processed with the help of data stores. Labor of IoT in healthcare turns its name as smart healthcare. Smart monitoring in health is a typical task and this paper presents an integrated secure architecture for smart monitoring system. Along with existing prototype including security may help providing integrity to data in the storage to a greater extent.

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Dr.A.Nirmal Kumar, Dr.R.Jegadeesan, Dr.C.N.Ravi, J.Greeda

Blockchain technology that underpins the crypto currency bit coins has played a vital role in decentralized, transparency and data intensive applications. It is an emerging innovative technology with open ledger for secure transaction has becoming crucial factor around the world, as they are responsible for the development of decentralized approach for creating the applications. Since its generating significant interest across a wide range of industries, here we customize and tailor the technology to fit multiple use cases. We explore our model based on the blockchain that fits assessment has performed for banking transaction via IOT and various applications. Internet of Things (IoT) has been found in many important applications for security and privacy applications. It is an emerging innovative technology with open ledger for secure transaction authentication scheme for Iot. Transaction packages are made with two codes by interlinked and chained called hash codes. Concepts of mining are used for validating transactional information for secure transaction and authentication scheme for IoT. We provide an overview of blockchain architecture firstly and compare some typical consensus algorithms used in different block chains. Furthermore, technical challenges and recent advances are briefly listed. We also lay out possible future trends for blockchain.

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Suyatno, Suhardi, Edy Soesanto

This study aims to look at the characterization of SMEs in Semarang. This research is located in Semarang with the unit of analysis is MSME consisting of various sectors. The sampling technique in this study used the snowball sampling technique. The results showed that there were two MSME characterization groups namely marketing and production oriented and MSMEs that did not have a specific orientation. With the existence of this MSME cluster group, it is hoped that the government will provide appropriate policies so as to be able to improve the MSME performance.

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Ashish Chaturvedi, Dr. Ratish Agarwal, Dr. Sachin Goyal

The mobile ad-hoc network (MANET) is getting popularity now a days due to their adaptability and they can be conveyed at any area with no prior framework. However, mobile ad hoc network raise some new difficulties, when it is utilized in network that spread huge zone and contain an enormous number of portable nodes. Afterwards, different algorithm for clustering has been created. These clustering techniques are used to make the structure the system into gatherings of elements (node) called cluster. This creates a various leveled structure. Hear each cluster contains a uncommon element called clusterhead. Clusterhead is chosen on the particular measurement or a blend of measurements, for example; mobility, identity, weight, density, degree etc. mobile ad-hoc network have some disadvantage due to both attributes of the routing protocols and the transmission medium (low bandwidth, medium sharing, etc.).

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S.Viswanandhne, A.Saran Kumar, Granty Regina Elwin, Ranjeetha Priya ,V.Praveen, S.Priyanka

Prescriptive analytics is an advanced version of analytics that employs optimization tools in order to transform the outcomes of the analysis process into actions that would bring about improvement. Prescriptive analytics studies and processes the relationship between the various components of the data and gives a prediction about what could happen. Prescriptive analysis takes it one step ahead and in addition to forecasting the outcomes also provide recommendations on what should be done. Prescriptive analytics which in comparison with other forms of analytics is actionable would play a vital role in many fields including healthcare, self-driven vehicles, asset performance management, education, particularly the vast amount of e-learning content, business process optimization and many more. This paper discusses the role of prescriptive analytics in some of the prominent industries and how prescriptive analytics in hand with AI and Machine learning brings about improved systems that handle predicted outcomes in an improved manner.

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Kausik Pal

We have determine the incompressibility (K) and sound velocity (c_1) for spin asymmetric quark matter in terms of Fermi liquid parameters (FLPs) and spin polarization parameter (őĺ). For this we have extended the formalism of relativistic Fermi liquid theory (RFLT) and calculated the Landau parameters (LPs) by retaining their explicit spin dependencies. Once determined, these parameters are used to calculate K and c_1 with arbitrary spin polarization. Estimated values of K and c_1 reveal that the equation of state (EOS) for the polarized matter is stiffer than the unpolarized one.

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Syamsul Rijal, Yeni Haerani, Riezka Eka Mayasari, Yusriadi Yusriadi

Researchers aimed to convey the effectiveness of the implementation of Government Regulation Number 41 the Year 2011 on Development of Youth Entrepreneurship and Pioneering and the Provision of Youth Facilities and Infrastructures in Kolaka Southeast Celebes. The reason behind this research was that the researchers wanted to investigate the regulation and perhaps other related regulations to discover to what extent the available rules had been adequate. Current data show that in 2012, out of 153,577 people of working age, there were 144,499 people with jobs and 9,078 people without jobs. By observing the data, it can conclude that there were still many people of productive working age that lived without any situation. Hence, there was no dark indication of their creativities and innovations, whether or not they still existed. The implementation of Government Regulation Number 41 the Year 2011 on Development of Youth Entrepreneurship and Pioneering and the Provision of Youth Facilities and Infrastructures in Kolaka had not been effective enough. The assumption built on facts that: (a) the development of entrepreneurship, especially for procedures taken by the government of Kolaka in developing entrepreneurship was not by the Government Regulation. In arranging strategic plans for the event, the government of Kolaka had never conducted either any inventory or identification of the youth interests, competencies, and potencies. (b) The development of youth pioneering should have realized by arranging schedules on training, assisting, and making any leadership forum. Plans that had stipulated in the Strategic Plans should have executed as well. Unfortunately, the same as the development of entrepreneurship, this development was not following the Government Regulation too. (c) The government of Kolaka had not provided facilities and infrastructures as being regulated by the central government.

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Ritamoni Gogoi

The socio-political history of development of ULFA (United Liberation Front of Assam) needs to look at to have proper understanding of the situation in Assam. This study is an attempt to analyse the nature of conflict between the ULFA and the Indian state. In this context this paper tries to analyse the ULFA’S claim for Swadhin ASOM (Independent Assam) and its impact on the conflict situation of Assam. This paper also gives a historical understanding of the causes of marginalization of the Assamese and its implication for the growth of ULFA and further its impacts on the conflict situation of Assam.

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Akmal, Ambo Ala, Nasaruddin, Yunus Musa

The research focuses on the utilization of oil palm empty bunches (Tandan Kosong Kelapa Sawit - TKKS) waste which will be composted using decomposer Trichoderma harzianum + Pleurotus ostreatus (Tri-po) in different compositions. In addition, it tries to looks the effect of compost as result of Tri-po composition to the growth and production of soybean. It uses a Randomized Block Design (RBD) consisting of 5 (five) treatments repeated 3 times so that there were 15 experimental units, each treatment consisting of 10 sample plants so that there were 150 treatment units. Based on the analysis of variance as observed on growth parameters shows that the treatment of TKKS compost with tri-po 4:2 (k1) composition gives the best effect on the growth of soybean plants i.e plant height and branch number parameters while the parameter of leaves number, treatment with tri-po 4:8 (k4) composition gives the better effect. Whereas, the parameter of production show that the treatment of tri-po 4:8 (k4) composition giving the best effect on the production of soybean plants i.e number of pods, weight per-100 seeds and weight of seeds per-bed.

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Abd. Rasyid Syamsuri, Zulkifli Musannip Efendi Siregar

Managing organizational transformation strategies has been an HR division orientation is aimed in conducting business activities. The process of implementing this strategy can be successful by implementing changes in human resouce role and function, the role of strategic partners, the role of agents of change and HR competencies. If this can be implemented it will show good developments in order to achieve the organizational strategic vision. Strategic plans can also be turned into actions and tested the results of the ability of an HR manager to direct organizational change, strengthen organizational competencies and competitiveness, and create and maintain a work climate that supports the strategy of the organization. The transformation of the role and function of human resources from fundamental to the role and function of strategic business, is expected to be able to realize a good corporate governance system and be able to be socially responsible so that it can bring the organization into the future in responding the challenges of the global market and also increasing competitive advantage.

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Pillutla Harikrishna, A. Amuthan

The integration of cloud computing with Software Defined Networking (SDN) has improved several features like scalability, flexibility, cost saving, sustainability and quality control. But similar to other network, SDN- based cloud is susceptible to various kinds of security issues like Distributed Denial of Service, Data Breaches and Phishing. Out of these security issues Denial of Service causes major harm to SDN-based cloud. In order to classify a normal traffic with that of malicious traffic three types of Self Organizing Maps namely Fuzzy Self Organizing Maps (FSOM), Rival Model Penalized Self Organizing Maps (RMPSOM) and Convolution Recursively Enhanced Self Organizing Map (CRESOM) have been used. The comprehension description of the proposed Adaptive Self Organizing Maps inspired SDN-Based DDoS (ASOM-SDN-DDoS) mitigation framework with its role and applications that focuses on effective detection and isolation of DDoS attacks in SDN-based cloud computing environment is presented in this paper. The option of integrating three categories of the SOM-based DDoS attack mitigation mechanisms that derives the merits of FSOM, RMPSOM and CRESOM into this adaptive framework. The predominance of the proposed ASOM-SDN-DDoS mitigation framework when compared with baseline DDoS attack mitigation frameworks investigation using simulation experiments are portrayed. In addition, the proposed ASOM-SDN-DDoS mitigation framework with its suitability and applicability is also explored and highlighted.

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Sri Jamiya S, Esther Rani P

Automated surveillance systems are of critical importance in traffic management and monitoring any unwanted activities. The intelligent transportation system plays a crucial role in the field of traffic management to provide an efficient and reliable transportation system. One of the applications of the intelligent transportation system is to detect and track vehicles accurately. Image processing algorithms has been widely developed to monitor the motion of vehicles, humans or any other objects. The main aim is to detect and recognize moving objects from real surveillance videos to avoid congestion on highways and parking areas for the prevention of accidents. In comparison with still images, each and every video frame provide intelligent information about vehicles in various scenarios that change over time. Many algorithms have been developed to improve efficient real-time detection of incidents and it is a challenging task for the researchers to determine the driver's behavior even in the diversity of vehicles, weather and light conditions. In this paper, the detailed overview of object motion detection, classification, and tracking algorithms are presented and also their strengths and weakness of the various algorithms are discussed.

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Shobha Arya, Nipur Singh

The performance of multiprocessor systems, parallel and distributed systems depends on its interconnection networks. The Multistage Interconnection Network (MIN) is an interconnection network in which predefined topology has several layers of systematic interlinked switching elements (SE) that allow processors and memory modules to communicate with each other. This paper examines the reliability of the proposed network named as Reliable Irregular Shuffle Exchange Network (RISEN) and compares it with the existing Irregular Augmented Shuffle Exchange Network-4 (IASEN-4). Routing algorithm shows that RISEN is a multipath Multistage Interconnection Network (MIN) which can withstand faults and provides alternate paths between a source-destination pair with dynamic rerouting ability. The performance and comparison analysis exhibit that the proposed RISEN is more reliable and fault tolerant as compared to the existing MIN.

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Omar Darboe, Dominic B.O. Konditi, Franklin Manene

In this paper, a rectangular microstrip patch antenna with metamaterial structure is designed to improve the bandwidth, efficiency and miniaturization of the antenna. The microstrip patch antenna is designed to resonant at 28 GHz with RT Duroid substrate with dielectric constant of 2.2 and thickness of 0.5 mm. Metamaterial structure is realized by using a broadside coupled split ring resonator (BC-SRR). Both the split ring resonator and the metamaterial antenna resonates at 28 GHz. Metamaterial features which demonstrate double negative material (Left-Handed Material) of the proposed split ring resonator (SRR) have been validated using Nicholson Ross Weir (NRW) technique. After incorporating the metamaterial in the microstrip patch antenna, the bandwidth and efficiency has been enhanced by 273.2 % and 43.19 % respectively whilst the size of the antenna has been miniaturized by 31.23 % as compared to patch antenna without metamaterial. The simulation is done using Computer Simulation Technology Microwave Studio (CST-MWS).

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Munawaroh, Imam Ghozali, Fuad

This study explores the sustainability strategies of companies by examining their social environmental performance and financial performance. The data used in this study was gathered from annual reports available on the Indonesia Stock Exchange with a focus on manufacturing companies. These companies were PROPER (Corporate Performance Rating Assessment Program) participants in the implementation period of 2011 to 2015. The sampling technique chosen was by purposive sampling, and thus, 26 companies were selected. The association between PROPER performance rating and Return on Asset was explored through regression modelling and lag effects. As a result, this study found that the social environment performance did not have a significant impact on the company's financial performance in the short term. Also, it showed that the sustainability strategy applied by the Corporate Performance Rating Assessment Program had an influence the financial performance with increasing the company's life cycle to extend at the mature stage.

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Dwi Agus Kurniawan, Astalini, Darmaji, Yolanda Eka Putri, Nurdatul Jannah, Tari Okta Puspitasari

The purpose of this study is to determine the relationship between student perceptions and student attitudes towards natural science. The perceptions of the students studied were reviewed through three indicators, namely observation, understanding, and assessment of science teachers, materials and media. The attitude of the students studied was reviewed through three indicators, namely the social implications of science, the adoption of scientific attitudes, and the interest in increasing science learning time. The research uses associative quantitative research. The instruments in this study were in the form of student perceptions of questionnaires on science subjects and student attitude questionnaires on science subjects. The data analysis technique uses descriptive statistics and inferential statistics. The results of the study stated that students' perceptions of natural science belong to the good category. The attitude of students towards natural science is included in the good category. The relationship between students 'perceptions and students' attitudes towards natural science showed a significant positive correlation.

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Bambang Eko Susilo, Darhim, Sufyani Prabawanto

Differential calculus specifically studies a function by discussing the limits, continuity, and derivatives that the function has. This study aims to find out how is description students' critical thinking skills towards the relationship of limits, continuity, and derivatives of functions. This study used an exploratory survey method with a questionnaire instrument. Data was taken from 49 students of the mathematics department at a university in Central Java. The results showed that students' critical thinking skills towards the relationship of limits, continuity, and derivatives of functions in the low category. The students' critical thinking skills towards the relationship of limits and continuity of functions were 6.63%, with clarification by 14.29%, assessment of 2.04%, the inference by 6.12%, and strategies by 4.08%. The students' critical thinking skills towards the relationship between continuity and derivatives of functions were 18.88%, with clarification by 48.98%, assessment by 4.08%, the inference by 18.37%, and strategies by 4.08%. These results are possible because students have a low understanding of the concept of limits of functions, and this can cause students to experience difficulties in calculus learning.

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In this Research toil the spreading out of triband image scrutiny tactic for valuation of bodily chattels of rock powder instead of straight workroom approach. The outmoded workroom tactic appeals some downsides similar as portion of physical participation, interval overriding, odds of tiptoeing of humanoid blunders, indeterminate forecast and continuously bellicose in countryside. The signal dispensation approaches encompass original copy by means of sieves then scheming the topographies of the transmuted imageries. Squat facade, Gabor Strainer and color quantization are pragmatic to the imaginative to mine the consistency topographies of soil pictures for repossession. Effects on a databank of 100 soil pictures fitting to 10 divergent styles of Soils with not the same locations, measures and transformations displays that future technique executes reclamation competence commendably. The structures are fabricated on pre-processed approaches pragmatic on the Soil consistency image by bearing in mind divergent styles of openings. These topographies offer an improved classification rate.

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N.K.Barpanda, Madhumita Panda

The network Reliability optimization problem for any type of interconnection network is to maximize the network reliability subjected some constraint such as the total cost of the network. Even though, the problem is NP-Hard, many researchers have solved this problem in different ways but with a common assumption that nodes are perfect. But, this assumption is quite unrealistic in nature. In this paper, a new method based on artificial network is proposed to solve the network reliability optimization problem considering both the nodes and links of the interconnection network to be imperfect. The problem is mapped onto an optimization Artificial Neural Network by constructing an energy function whose minimization process drives the neural network into one of its stable states. This stable state corresponds to a solution for the network reliability problem. Some standard methods are studied and modified approximately so that they would work considering the node failure. The results of these methods are compared against the result of the proposed method. The comparison strongly supports that the proposed method provides a better maximization of network reliability than its counterparts under same working environment.

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Jesse Joel T, Levin Anbu Gomez, Priti Lata Murmu

Gompherna globosa L. is a good source of betacyanin, and it is highly found in the pigment of the plant, even after drying, it retain its color for a longer period time. Betacyanins include the reddish to violet betalain pigments. Betacyanin were extracted from Gomphrena globosa l. flower using two methods of extraction. One is ultrasonic bath method, which use ethanol as solvent, which uses high frequency pressure(sound) wave to agitate the liquid. On the other hand, soxhlet uses methanol as a solvent, which is heated to reflux. Both the operations were compared to check the efficiency and yield of the product. Ultrasonic bath was more efficient than soxhlet, but soxhlet have higher yield than ultrasonic bath. After the product yield, HPLC is done for identification, quantification and molecular weight. Escherichia coli was used to test for antibacterial efficacy. Cefoxitin antibiotic disc was used to know the bacterial susceptibility. The extraction methods concentration was taken same (200, 250, 300, 350) ¬Ķg/¬Ķl. The zone formation in the medium indicates that Gomphrena globosa resist the growth of bacteria, but when the Zone of inhibition was compared, the ultrasonic bath extract showed was more inhibition than Soxhlet extract.

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Sree Sandhya. K, Rajamurugadoss. J, Ganesh Prabhu. G

Over the past few decades, the researcher are showing more interest to improve the energy absorption capacity to resist impact, seismic, blast and fatigue loadings, since the incidence of vast disasters around the world. The inclusion of short fibres both synthetic and steel fibre enhanced the ductile capacity of the concrete, however, concrete developed with steel fibres (Steel Fibre Reinforced Concrete (SFRC)) are showing more noticeable effect. Even though the researches related to SFRC is happening over 60yeras, the design guidelines for the SFRC structures are very limited. So the researchers are showing more interest towards its structural behavior to establish design guidelines for the SFRC structures. In recent years several attempts have been made to verify the efficiency of SFRC in structural member applications and it has been documented that application of SFRC in structural member constraints the crack propagation and lessened the length, spacing and width of the cracks. In addition, the SFRC enhanced the elastic deformation, flexural toughness, ductility and ultimate flexural strength capacity of the structural member. Even though, the research related to SFRC application in structural member scale has been carried out so far, the paper related with consolidation or summarization of those researches are limited and those researches are need to be summarized for the benefit of the research community. With this aim, a detailed literature review has been carried out concerning the application of SFRC in structural and other application.

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Arpita Swarnakar

Effect of sodium arsenate (Na2HAsO4.7H2O) on the growth and Phosphorus content and the activity of few phosphate metabolising enzymes of mungbean seedlings was investigated. With the increase in concentration of sodium arsenate (5őľM, 10őľM and 20őľM) significant decrease in seedling length of mungbean (Vigna radiata (L.) Wilczek cv. B-105) seedling was observed. Different growth regulators were used for mitigation of arsenate toxicity. Reduction in growth inhibition was achieved by pretreating the seeds with phytohormone viz., GA3 (50 ¬ĶM concentration), microelement - CoCl2.6H2O(1mM concentration) and macroelements NaH2PO4.2H2O and KH2PO4(10mM concentration). Phosphate metabolism is an important part of plant growth and development. Under arsenate induced stress, phosphate metabolism was found to be perturbed. An appreciable abnormality in the activity of some phosphate metabolising enzymes, viz., acid phosphatase (EC, alkaline phosphatase (EC, inorganic pyrophosphatase (EC and adenosine triphosphatase (ATPase) (EC was noticed. Exposure of mungbean seedlings to arsenate led to lowering of the phosphate pool and alteration in the activities of key phosphohydrolytic enzymes which might contribute to metabolic perturbations and decreased growth in an Arsenic polluted environment. Pretreatment of mungbean seedlings with GA3, KH2PO4 and NaH2PO4.2H2O helped in mitigation of perturbed phosphate metabolism which may help to resist arsenate toxicity to some extent.

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Moses Oluwafemi Onibonoje

In modern times, certain strategies drive the markets and returns on products. Good advertising and presentation methods ensure a good patronage of a particular product by consumers or clients. This is a key approach at getting stakeholders to understand and see a future in the goods or services. A great presentation should be seamless, captivating, clear and concise. This short communication paper presents a concept of developing a system which can handle the ‚Äúseamless‚ÄĚ and ‚Äúcaptivating‚ÄĚ aspect of every presentation. It is with the aim of modifying the room and automating the activities leading to the start of a presentation, which consequently leads to ensuring the absolute attention of the audience. The study introduces a speech recognition circuit to provide the required input for starting the process, an automated curtain/drapes system using servo motors to block out the sunlight entering the room and a light dimming switch to darken the room and focus all attention on the projector screen. The evaluation result of the developed system indicated a reliable voice-activated presentation module capable of being deployed for advertisement and research defense.

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In tourism environment, M-commerce has become a new important topic of research in the domain of information systems and it has also become the backbone of majority of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs). The paper aimed to develop a tentative design of Tourism M-commerce prototype (TMCP) based on the information quality, system quality, service quality and trust perceived, and to employ SUS and expert review in evaluating the TMCP for determining the factors influencing Mobile commerce by small and medium-sized tourism enterprises (SMTEs). the questionnaire was distributed to the target sample and the obtained data from questionnaires was analyzed through the SPSS statistical software. The results indicates the importance of information quality, system quality, service quality, and perceived security as core factors which influence on the trust to accept M-commerce application in SMTEs. This study opens future work for using the identified quality factors as guidelines for researchers and designers to design and develop M-commerce applications in such enterprises.

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Lamria Novalita, Matin, Nurjannah

This study to see the influence of organizational culture and job stress to job satisfaction for Catholic High School teachers in East Jakarta. This research uses survey method with quantitative approach with path analysis to describe a causal relationship. The survey involving 103 teachers and was determined randomly by using Slovin formula. The result of this study indicates: the direct positive and significant effect of organizational culture to job satisfaction. The influence of job stress is directly negative to job satisfaction. The influence of organizational culture is directly negative to work stress. Based on this study the principal to be an example for teachers in carrying out the values contained in organizational culture. The School Foundation assists the principal in terms of wage policies and promotion of appropriate positions for teachers. Teachers carries out the organizational culture value, respect the school leadership and coworkers, and to create a harmonious atmosphere so that the level of job satisfaction can achieved.

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Ratnawati Susanto, Reza Rachmadtullah

Pedagogical competencies of elementary school teachers in DKI Jakarta are included in the moderate category but are lowest in proficiency in the ability of students to learn deeply and Indonesia ranks highest in cases of violence in schools with 84% of Indonesian children experiencing violence in schools, with a ratio of 7 out of 10 students Indonesian Children (KPAI) according to the International Center for Research on Women (ICRW) Survey, while 39.6% of child violence is carried out by teachers.This fact supports new conceptual needs of pedagogical competency development models rooted in pedagogical knowledge, reflective ability, emotional intelligence and instructional communication patterns: Methods of collecting data with questionnaires on 264 elementary school teachers in the education area II of the West Jakarta City Administration Department, using SEM method. The results showed that the Pedagogical Competency Development Model can be developed on the basis of emotional intelligence and instructional communication patterns.

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Dudu Suhandi Saputra, Devi Afriyuni Yonanda, Reza Rachmatullah, Rasmitadila

This research is based on the background of the low understanding of students in mathematics learning. This study aims to improve the mathematical understanding of students in the fourth grade of the State Elementary School site by using a cooperative learning model type of course review. The research method used by researchers was classroom action research in collaboration with fourth grade teachers at the Siteari Elementary School, with a total of 22 students. This study took place in 3 cycles, each cycle consisting of 3 actions. The techniques used in collecting data are observation, tests, interviews, documentation, and field notes. The results of the study showed that the application of the cooperative learning model type of review course could improve students' mathematical understanding of mathematics learning in the fourth grade of Situsari Elementary School.

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Sigit Vebrianto Susilo, Yunus Abidin, Reza Rachmadtullah, Rasmitadila, Yulia Elfrida Yanty Siregar

In the era of industrial revolution 4.0 and in line with the challenges of the Asean Economic Community, this illustrates that English language skills are an important requirement to be able to compete internationally. So from that this study aims to produce a learning media product that can be used to improve English language skills for elementary school students. The method used in research uses research and development design where the stages of this research only go to the stage of needs analysis, media development.

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Arief Adhy Kurniawan,Kartawan,Sri Murni,Faizal Wihuda

The purpose of this paper is to proposes and investigate the casual relationships model among service convenience, perceived service value, customer satisfaction, and behavioral intention. Data were acquired from low-cost hotel customers in Purwokerto, Indonesia, using a quantitative survey. The relationships among construct were assessed through structural equation modeling (SEM) using AMOS 22.0.The findings indicate that the perceived value of the customer and customer satisfaction acts as a partial mediator of customers convenience impacts on customer behavioral intention. According to these results, the theory and practice consequences will be discussed and guidance will be provided for future study avenues.While the previous study has discussed the significance of suggested hypotheses, understanding the mediating impact of customer-perceived service value and customer satisfaction on the relationship between service convenience and post-purchase behaviors of customers in the context of low-cost hotels in Indonesia remains important issues.

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Dr Anand Kr Shukla, Dr Nitish Pathak, Neelam Sharma

In the edge of Information Technology, where most of the persons having smart phones, almost every organization either private or public wants to delivered their services through the online medium. Indian Government is also focusing on making Digital India; Government is launching their social welfare schemes through e-Services. If we talk about the medical, health related specific e-services, this is the sector where not of development is needed. There is a region Rohilkhand region one of the largest region of largest state of India, i.e. Uttar Pradesh; the center of Rohilkhand is Bareilly, which is also known as medical hub city. In this research paper we will study and analysis of the effectiveness of e-Services, which are providing medical assistance

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Aadesh Kumar, Dr. Ram Avtar , Dr. Deepti Seth

The motive of this paper,to show the overview of drug delivery from contact lens to anterior segment via pre corneal area , cornea.We use the diffusion based mathematical model in which parameters can be adjusted ,based on experimental result obtained under controlled conditions.The contact lenses drug delivery system have been developed a model to increase the time of drug availability at the surface of eye.

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M.Vinay Kumar, U.Salma

The increase in penetration of distributed generators (DG’s) connected to the grid, increases the efficiency of the grid, but at the same time brings new challenges. One such challenge is islanding, it is a critical and a hazardous condition in a power system, it occurs when a part of power system gets disconnected from the electric grid due to the grid outage, but that isolated part of the power system still remains energized by the local DG’s like photovoltaic (PV) system or so. The main disadvantage of islanding is that the utility staff working on-site in the islanded section may be prone to fatal accidents as they work on the live section without having knowledge of it, also there is a chance of damage to customer equipments, islanding may avoid automatic re-closure of devices to the grid after the fault is cleared. Hence, detection of islanding is a serious matter of concern. Islanding detection methods are classified as active, passive and hybrid methods. In this paper a novel islanding detection method using wavelet transformation (WT) for a grid connected high penetrated photovoltaic (PV) system is presented. This novel technique disconnects the islanded PV inverter from the system within 20ms, also ceases its operation as per IEEE-1547 and the THD of the grid voltage, grid current is less than 5% which is also as per the standards. The effectiveness of the proposed technique is validated by simulation using MATLAB/SIMULINK. The simulation results authenticate the proposed technique competence.

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M. S. El-Feky, M. El-Rayes

Recently, Nano materials showed great potential in enhancing the cement matrices. The major problem in utilizing Nano-particles are their tendency to agglomerate especially after being added to water. Effective de-agglomeration and dispersion for the Nano-particles is needed to overcome the bonding Van Der Waals forces after wetting. One of the most challenging Nano particles to be utilized within the cement matrix is carbon Nano tubes (CNTs) due to their high aspect ratio. The purpose of the proposed research case study is to investigate the effectiveness of Nano cellulose particles (NCL) - synthesized from Rice husk straw - to replace partially the CNTs with much greener material, as well as studying their possible enhancement to the dispersion of the multi walled carbon Nano Tubes. The results revealed that the presence of CNT's or NCL's separately had shown significant enhancement in the compressive strength at a late age without any remarkable increase at an early age. However, the utilization of CNTs in the presence of NCL particles highly, and positively affected the mechanical properties of the cement composites after early and late curing ages. The utmost gain in the early age and the late age compressive strengths reached 21%, and 60% respectively, these values were reported for the mix contained 0.125% NCL, and 0.01% CNTs as compared with the control mix.

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Gustanto, Warisman. Iskandar Muda

The purpose of this study is to describe the History of Development of North Sumatra Religious: Study on Tourism Policy and Its Implementation In Regional Regulation (PERDA) In Perspective of Management of Island, Sea, Lake, River, Mountain, Animal and Rare Plants. Based on the problems in such research, the methodology used is the more precise analysis of the history of tracing. As well as the descriptive method was selected as the way in solving the problem. Then the data in the analysis of this descriptive method with a qualitative approach. The location of research conducted in the area of Tourism in North Sumatra Province include Lake Toba, Bukit Lawang, Brastagi and Pantai Cermin Serdang Bedagai Regency. The results conclude that Policies are efforts made by the Government to develop tourism in Indonesia. Each region in North Sumatra has different policies in terms of tourism development in their respective regions. However, in the Law of the Republic, the Law of the Republic Of Indonesia Number 10 Year 2009 Chapter II Article 3 Tourism.

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Dr. Jayashree Deka

The main aim of this paper is to provide a critical analysis of Mahatma Gandhi‚Äôs approach towards woman in the light of Sujata Patel‚Äôs essay ‚ÄúConstruction and Reconstruction of Woman in Gandhi‚ÄĚ. This paper analyses how Gandhi was different from the other 19th century reformers who were not concerned about self-conscious identity of woman. At the same time this paper also tries to show how Gandhi was to some extent not free from patriarchal biasness in constructing the various programs for woman in Indian National movement.

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Dr. K. Anandanatarajan

The primary purpose of the current paper was to identify the extent of influence over Organisational commitment by the constructs of job characteristics. Data was collected from the restaurants of Chidambaram through Simple random sampling. 100 samples were collected. The influence of the constructs of job characteristics over Organisational commitment was identified through regression. It was found from the study that than autonomy, all other dimensions of job characteristics predicted Organisational Commitment.

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Dr. R. Sritharan

Organisations are struggling hard to sell their products to oscillating customers, as they are not always consistent in patronising a particular brand. To maintain their existence in the market, corporate follow different strategies. Branding is the process by which companies distinguish their product offerings from those of competitors (Aaker, 1991). Brand loyalty issues have generated considerable interest in recent years both in academic and managerial circles. It has become significant as companies spend millions of rupees each year in identifying the factors that affect brand loyalty. The purpose of this research is to examine the relationship between price and brand loyalty. By using a convenience sampling method, data were collected from 100 respondents. The results found out that though the price increase is inevitable, corporate should not increase the price of a product not more than 10 per cent, if it happens, the loyalty will be decreased.

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Ilham Ilham

This study aimed to determine the differences in the influence of traditional games, reaction speed, and exercise motivation on physical fitness. The method used in this study was experimental. The results indicated that the game of stone touch had an effect better than the game of battle and mass. Fighting games have a lower effect than massallo games. There are interactions between traditional games, reaction speed, and exercise motivation towards physical fitness. The traditional rock, face and mass touch games have a good effect on physical fitness in the high reaction speed group and the low reaction speed group. The traditional rock touch, face and mass game have a good effect on physical fitness in the reaction speed group with a high exercise motivation while the reaction speed group has a low motivation to exercise. Traditional rock touch, face and mass games have an adverse effect on physical fitness in the reaction speed group with a high exercise motivation and low reaction speed groups with a low exercise motivation

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Farmers in Indonesia need a practical implementation to be able to make planting plot beds integrated with hand tractor power tiller. However, the design of the implement has not been studied in depth so that the design process can cause over or under design. Therefore, this paper presents a study of the influence of geometry and material types that are easily obtained for an implement bed former that is integrated with a hand tractor power tiller. The method used to analyze the suitability of the material in this study is through the finite element method. Three types of bed angles, namely 114Ôāį, 125Ôāį, and 121Ôāį, were tested to get their effect on the design of the former bed implement. Three types of materials that are easily obtained, namely Steel-Alloy steel, Iron-Ductile Iron, and woods-Balsa are used in the analysis to get the best material in the design. The results showed that the use of the angle of the implement bed former 125Ôāį gave a decrease in the value of the strain, displacement, and stress parameters. The best type of material using a digital-logic approach that can be used to implement bed former respectively is Iron-Ductile Iron, woods-Balsa, and Steel-Alloy steel.