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Volume 7 - Issue 10, October 2018 Edition

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Afiah Mukhtar

This study aims to determine the relationship between banks and employees of sharia banks in Makassar. The analytical method used is descriptive analysis and Inferential statistical analysis, using analysis of The Structure Equation Modeling (SEM). The study was conducted in 8 offices of Sharia Commercial Banks, with a population of 483 and the distribution of respondents as 218 employees. This study uses secondary data and distribution of questionnaires to employees of sharia bank in Makassar. The results showed that satisfaction has a positive and significant effect on job satisfaction and employee satisfaction on job satisfaction and employee performance.

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Raju Laudari, Balkrishna Sapkota, Kamal Banskota

The paper deals with the assessment of the feasibility of wind farming at the 16 sites scattered in different ecological regions of Nepal. The wind speed, the hourly and seasonal variation of wind, the wind-rose, the wind turbulence rate, the wind power density, the weibull probability distribution and the frequency of the wind speed above cut in speed were computed. The average wind speed at all the sites was found to be higher during the dry season from March to May. The wind speed of the modern turbine for power generation at eight sites was found to be above cut-in speed. However, the wind power density was found to be good only at the two sites and fairly good at the six sites. More than 50 percent time of a year at these eight sites had over 3.5 m/s wind speed. However, the turbulence rate at all the studied sites was found to be above the acceptance range of 25 percent. Among the study sites, Kagbeni, Thini, Jumla, Ramechhap, Vorleni, Patan west, Hansapur and Baddanda were found to be technically feasible sites for wind energy generation in Nepal.

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Md. Nur Uddin, Md. Abdur Rahim

Backward linkage of garments manufacturing is fabric which is produced by yarn and yarn is made of fibers. So the main root of RMG sector is fiber. Cotton is the major fiber crop. The textile industry of Bangladesh predominantly depends on imported cotton. Annual demand is approximately 7 million bales (480 lbs. or 218 kg per bale) where, Bangladesh produces only 0.16 million bales in a year, which is less than 3% of the total requirement in spite of being agriculture dependent country. RMG sector is being contributed more than 80% of the total export earnings. This study illustrates that how we can reduce dependency on imported cotton and save the partial import cost. To keep sustainable RMG sector, Bangladesh should cultivate cotton as well as reduce over dependency on imported cotton. In a year, more than $3 billion is being spent to import cotton. If we can produce 1 million of bales in 2,42,000 hectares of land then we can save about 12% of total import, along with $279 million can be saved.

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Agus Sutejo, Sutrisno Suro Mardjan, Wawan Hermawan, Desrial

The quality of dried tea depends on the condition of raw materials and processing methods. The problem in the tea processing is the mixture of crushed stems and leaves. This research aims to examine the performance of tea shoots chopping machine to obtain optimum stems and leaves separation based on the aerodynamic properties of the material. The design concept of the chopping machine is a vertical type chopper with five main components, i.e., hopper and output unit, chopping blade, power source, transmission system, and the frame. The performance of the chopper was conducted by calculating the chopping effectiveness and determining three physical appearance of chopped tea shoots, namely: a) chopped leaves, b) tea shoots which not chopped properly, and c) chopped stems. The combination of three different blade gaps (6 mm, 8 mm, and 10 mm) and three different blade rotation speeds (450 rpm, 630 rpm, and 950 rpm) in the chopping machine performance test resulted the most optimal combination of the chopping process is 8 mm blade gap and 630 rpm blade rotation where the effectiveness of the chopping process was obtained 88.05%.

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Midohoabasi Essienubong

“Information technology” (IT) is used in this study to mean any computer, networking, storage, infrastructure, physical devices and software used to create, store, process, exchange and distribute any form of data. As there are advances in the capabilities of IT, companies and businesses involved in the creation of products leverage these capabilities to innovate and create new products. New product development (NPD) is a defined process for developing new products for the market and it is considered the primary step to making a product available to the market. To keep up with the market, firms must continue to innovate and develop new products to meet their customers’ dynamic needs. To highlight Information Technology (IT) used in new product development (NPD) process, an empirical research by qualitative analysis, using semi-structured interview methodology was conducted with nine start-up product development leaders. A conceptual model for the use of IT in NPD was created based on scientific theoretical literatures and the NPD framework for defining the stages of the NPD process. The study revealed that dependence on IT in NPD increases along the NPD process and the complexity of the IT tools employed also increases, needing more expertise and knowledge to maximise their use. The study further indicated that the development methodology adopted by firms in their NPD activities informed the choice of IT tools they employed in the NPD process.

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Shaheer Zahid

Sepsis is a potentially life-threatening complication of an infection. Sepsis occurs when chemicals released into the bloodstream to fight the infection trigger inflammatory responses throughout the body. This inflammation can trigger a cascade of changes that can damage multiple organ systems, causing them to fail. With the increasing population at risk of sepsis in the United States, it has become crucial to recognize signs and symptoms of sepsis; also important is to refine and develop guidelines that will reduce the mortality. This study focused on the patients of Jackson Park hospital in the ER/ICU/Floors between Jan 1, 2014, and Dec 31, 2014, and compared the appropriateness of antibiotics, their administration time, microbial isolate and site of infection to the mortality rate seen amongst the patients. All the collected data were compared using tables, pie chart and bar graphs. The study showed patients receiving antibiotics within 3 hours of arrival to the ED had a reduction in mortality by 49% with sepsis from E. coli, MRSA & other staph infections were among the most common infections leading to mortality among the patients. Lungs and UTI infections were the most common site, with respiratory tract having 27% mortality among all patients presenting with sepsis. The study allowed a prompt evaluation of sepsis screening protocol, as well as developing new protocols to include certain antibiotics readily available in the ED and antibiogram to be done for all sepsis patients.

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Nathan John Parrott

Lidar has emerged as one of the critical components in the quest to build a fully autonomous vehicle. Its provides the spatial resolution required to accurately discern and identify a wide variety of objects and operates at ranges far enough in front of the vehicle that computational models of the environment can be built and meaningful action taken. This combination of features is not available from any competing technology such as RADAR, Ultrasonic or camera vision systems. Lidar does however, have its own set of issues which are currently preventing its adoption by auto manufacturers on mass. These are its high per unit cost, mechanical mode of operation and the correlation between accuracy, range and emission power which has to be limited in order to comply with eye safety legislation. LIRDATA is a new technology which helps to solve these fundamental drawbacks to Lidar and assist with making Lidar the primary sensor option for the Autonomous Vehicle industry.

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Dewi Rahma Fitri, Partomuan Simanjuntak, Deni Rahmat

The exposure to excessive and long lasting sun can cause adverse effects on the skin of erythema and even skin cancer. Jatropha curcas Linn is one of the plants that have potential substants to protect skin from the adverse effects of UV rays. Sunscreen preparations derived from ethyl acetate fractions of Jatropha leaves are made. Ethyl acetate fraction of Jatropha leaves has IC50 value of 43 ppm potency to be used as sunscreen preparation. To increase the value of SPF, the ethyl acetate fraction of Jatropha leaves is made in the form of nanoparticles formulated into gel preparation. Ethyl acetate fraction of Jatropha leaves was made in the form of nanoparticle extract using 0.2% chitosan and 0.1% NATPP with a 5: 1 volume ratio with ionic gelation method. The results obtained fulfill the requirements include spherical morphology, particle size 300.2 nm and potential zeta value 39.54 mV. Based on the result of this research, it can be concluded that ethyl acetate fraction and nanoparticle extract of ethyl acetate fraction of jatropha leaves can produce sunscreen gel using carbopol ultrez 10 (0,5%) as gelling agent with concentration of each active substance 0, 1% using a homogenizer tool at 200 rpm for 60 minutes. it has obtained value of SPF 7 for gel of ethyl acetate of Jatropha leaves and SPF value 12 for gel Nano extract of ethyl acetate fraction of Jatropha leaves.

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Azhar Susanto

Accounting Information System is a component of an organization that collects, classifies, processes, and communicates financial information and decision making that is relevant to external parties and external parties. This study aims to find out the threats to the security of accounting information systems. This study uses a review method with the technique of reviewing and analyzing several papers related to the topic of discussion about the security of accounting information systems. The results of this study are that the highest threat to the security of accounting information systems is the threat of hackers.

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Azhar Susanto

This paper aims to see how an auditor can detect fraudulent fraud in financial statements with the development of applicable rules standards. From some previous research on ways and things that affect fraud in financial statements, the authors conclude that there are several things that are fundamental factors affecting an auditor to detect fraud in financial statements.

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In Rahmi Fatria Fajar, Swasono R Tamat, Deni Rahmat

until now, needs of collagen are fulfilled mostly from beef or poultry. As there are more diseases found in poultry, the source of collagen from the skin and scales of fish becomes one promising alternative. The observed collagen parameters include proximate analysis, SDS-Page and heavy metals. To strengthen penetration of collagen, the application is made in form of solid lipid nanoparticles (SLN). SLN is made from Brij (5, 6, 7%) as the surfactant and Glycerol monostearate (GMS) (4, 5, 6%) as the cosurfactants and high-speed homogenization to produce a high penetration power. In-vitro penetration test is conducted by using Franz diffusion cells and mouse skin membrane. SDS-Page analysis shows various types of peptides contained in collagen with molecular weight of 100, 80, 70, 60, and 50 kDa. SLN compounds also meet the requirements which includes spherical morphology, particle size of 61.1 - 965.9 and zeta potential of (-3.16) – (12.37). The study concludes that collagen which is derived from the scales and skin of Red Snapper (Lutjanus malabaricus) can be applied in solid lipid nanoparticle (SLN) compound by using Brij (6%) and Glycerol monostearate (4%) as the surfactants and the cosurfactants, and having the highest penetration value of 897,125 µg/cm2.

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Zulham Sitorus, Kana Saputra S, Indri Sulistianingsih

Decision Tree is a tree structure, in which each tree node presents the attribute that has been tested. C4.5 Algorithm is an algorithm used to form decision tree. This study was conducted to study the classification of decision with C4.5 Algorithm which is implemented in analysing the survival of the UKM that recorded in public Official UKM. Data collected through library and field research. Then the historical data will be implemented into the data mining classification technique. The result of data mining test using decision tree classification with C4.5 Algorithm able to describe from root node to tree structure that determine the survive or not survive of the UKM.

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M.C. Tri Atmodjo

The mathematics has very important role in making portable biogas device which able to use for student in laboratory education It is needed to calculate the volume, the ratio of gas and liquid applied and etc. The design and application of portable biogas technology is done by mathematic calculation and trial and error using the materials used drum, oil, cow dung, plastic hoses, simple pressure control and using ballast pendulum. The basic design for the manufacture of portable biogas devices is based on research conducted by EPA USA . In the study the maximum solids content in slurry was 12.5 percent. However, based on experience of using local cattle, the content of solids in slurry is used 50%. This can be made by mixing 1 part of cow dung with 1 part water or one bucket of cow dung with 1 bucket of water. The slurry volume is 75% the volume of the main tank. The volume of the remaining main tank (25% volume) is used for gas reservoirs and to facilitate gas distribution. Slurry retained in the tank for 20 - 30 days according to HRT (Hydrostatic Retention time).

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Boby Agus Yusmiono, Hasan

Election trunk River of Batanghari Sembilan as research because the stem of the river is a tributary nine musi located in the province of South Sumatra. This river is the longest river on the island of Sumatra and the second longest river in Indonesia. This research raised the culture in Palembang city which has many tributaries. This study discussed the main river and tributary kombreng, leko, ogan and lematang which are branches of the river musi. This research took the object of the people who live in the river. This study discussed seven cultural elements of the Batanghari Nine River so that it could be applied as a learning media. The formulation of this study explained how could the river of Batanghari Sembilan as anthropology sociology at the PGRI University of Palembang. Method of this research was descriptive research that tends to be qualitative. Techniques for collecting the data used interviews, observations, and documentation. From the results of field research explained seven elements of cultures, among others; trust, kinship system, living equipment, livelihood, science, language, and art.

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N. Sathaiah, M. Muralidhar

Water plays a major role in supporting human life. Much of the water used for drinking, irrigation, and industrial activities. Rapid urbanization and industrialization have lead to deteriorate groundwater quality. Consuming contaminated water may lead to different diseases, which causes adverse health effects. Therefore, it is vital to ensure a good quality of water supplied to the community, which meets the desired standards. A field study has been conducted to assess the groundwater quality in Mattampally – Mellacheruvu areas, Suryapet district, Telangana. Water samples from 75 locations are collected in the pre-monsoon season (June 2011), and their respective physicochemical parameters are analyzed. Granite, Quartzite, and Limestone are the principal rocks found in the area. NW part of the study area has higher values of Total dissolved solids, Chlorides, Nitrates and Bicarbonates, whereas NE part of the area has a higher concentration of Sodium, Potassium, and Sulphate. Plots of Gibbs diagram shows that area is rich in rock dominance. Hence, our results suggest that groundwater quality in the study area is affected by rock composition and there is a need to treat water before supplied to the local community. Poor agriculture practices should be substituted to reduce the impact of fertilizers.

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Hery Suharna, Abubakar Kadir, Nurningsih Hi Abdullah

Students 'mathematics learning difficulties are often experienced, especially in algebraic material, namely: (1) difficulty connecting between concepts in mathematics, (2) the occurrence of thinking barriers caused by incomplete information about previous mathematical concepts, (3) students' inability to accept objects direct mathematics, so that students do not master the concept correctly, (4) students are not able to understand a mathematical problem correctly when solving mathematical problems, and (5) students do not use operations and procedures correctly. On the basis of these student difficulties resulting in problem solving results, students' mistakes when solving the mathematical problem need to get the attention of all circles. Electronic books are books that can be used to overcome student difficulties. This learning media can be used by students independently, to help facilitate learning, especially mathematics. In the trial of this research and development product, the author chooses an individual test, namely by taking a sample of 6 students who have not taken algebraic material with regard to high, medium, and low abilities. The results of the overall data analysis, this learning media can be categorized as valid because it meets the criteria for validation in terms of content (material) of 85.4% and in terms of (media) appearance of 84.4%. In addition, the average overall response given by subjects tried to meet the practical criteria of 80.6%.

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Isti Fadah, Handriyono, Diana Sulianti Tobing

The purpose of this study was to analyze the influence of working hours, the amount of working capital, the number of family dependents and the length of work as street vendors to the income of street vendors in the city of Jember. To analyze in depth the fundamental issues faced by street vendors in the city of Jember and to design strategies for increasing PKL income. To determine the effect of working hours, working capital, number of family dependents and length of work as street vendors on income, multiple linear regression analysis is used. To develop strategies for increasing PKL revenues, SWOT Analysis is used. The results showed that simultaneous (Test-F) variables of working hours, total working capital, number of family dependents and work experience together had a significant effect on family income. The strategy that can be chosen is to innovate to create a new variant of the products offered by utilizing existing materials and adapted to dynamic consumer tastes and evaluation of business development and management plans. By utilizing strengths and opportunities and reducing weaknesses and anticipating existing threats.

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Wallace Agyei

Commercial advertising on television is the main source of revenue for TV stations in Ghana. A key problem faced by the TV stations in Ghana is how to accept and televise the advertisements orders by an advertisers on a specified advertisement break in order to maximize revenue. The problem is complicated by show structure, limited time inventory, different rating points for different target audience groups and competition avoidance. The problem is formulated as mixed integer linear programming model and solved using one of the biggest TV stations in Ghana. From results of our mathematical model, commercial break after these assignments decreases by 27 percent as compared to the existing real life prime time commercial break plan however the total revenue gained from this assignment increases by 11 percent. The results demonstrate that the proposed mathematical model is flexible and capable of obtaining high-quality assignment for optimal scheduling television commercials.

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Whether meat products are produced in accordance with standards and in quality control; In addition to chemical, microbiological and organoleptic examinations, histological examinations are performed in order to give better results than obtaining good quality and healthy products. In this work, it was aimed to reveal the internal organs and tissues used in the construction of sausages which are sold in retail in Şanlıurfa province by histological diagnosis methods. Thirty-two sausages sold in retail were obtained from the butchers and grocery stores in the city center and histologically analyzed by hematoxylin-eosin staining method. Cartilage tissue, bone tissue, lymphoid tissue, connective tissue, skin glands, hair follicles, skin and internal organs were determined in fermented sausage samples. It has been determined that the analyzed sausage does not carry the characteristics specified by national standards. In the study, it was determined that sausage samples obtained from Şanlıurfa province were added with different animal tissues which should not be included except for muscle tissue. Control of whether meat products conform to standards and histological analysis in addition to other analyzes in order to protect consumer health has resulted in contributing to healthy food production.

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Deni Syachrudin, Nurlis, Muhammad Laras Widyanto

This study has two objectives, namely, first aims to develop a discriminant model from the components of the cooperative assessment aspect in order to predict the occurrence of financial financial distress in legal entities in West Jakarta. Second, aims to find out the most dominant factors in predicting financial financial distress in cooperatives.This study uses as many samples as savings and loan cooperatives that provide financial statements to researchers for two years, from 2015 to 2016, both those which are still active and those who are not active. Data collection method is done by purposive sampling. While the analysis used is logistic regression. The results of data analysis obtained that from 17 financial ratios to assess the level of health of cooperatives, only 2 ratios that predominantly affect the level of health of cooperatives, namely the ratio of fixed assets to total assets (X9) and the ratio of the volume of loans to funds received (X12).

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Deni Syachrudin, Nurlis

This study aims to examine the influence of company size, audit opinion, profitability, solvency, and size of public accounting office on audit delays on property and real estate companies listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange. Every company that has been listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange must report its financial statements to the Financial Services Authority (OJK) after being audited by an external auditor. The research design used is causal and descriptive. The data collected is in the form of secondary data from the financial statements of property and real estate companies. Where audit delay measurement is using a dummy between 90 days and more than 90 days, company size is measured by natural logarithm of total assets, audit opinion is measured by a dummy between unqualified (WTP) and besides WTP, profitability is measured by Return on Assets (ROA ), solvency is measured by Debt to Equity Ratio (DER), the size of KAP is measured by a dummy between big four and nonbig four. Data analysis was performed using logistic regression statistical analysis. The results of the study found that only profitability had a negative and significant effect on audit delay. This means that the higher the level of profitability of the company, the faster the time needed by the external auditor to complete the work (audit delay).

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Jimmy Roland Alfius Torar, Basri Hasanuddin, Muh. Yunus Zain, Madris

The purpose of this study is to analyze the Economic Influence, Regional Development Patterns and Types of Ports in Chains in Indonesia. This study uses primary data which is carried out by obtaining the results of quisoners obtained through 200 samples, which are directly related to port service users. The results showed that all variables had a positive effect on the Supply Chain, but only the port type variable had a significant effect of 0.000, while the economic growth was not significant with a value of 0.504, while the development of the region with a value of 0.088. So that in this study shows that only by increasing the type of port will increase the efficiency of demand for infrastructure services in Indonesia, so that Dwelling Time, which is part of the use of the time the ship is in the port area can be an efficient port.

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The baby's growth is largely determined by the amount of breastmilk obtained, including energy and other nutrients contained in the EXCLUSIVE BREAST MILK. This study aims to determine differences in the weight of babies who received exclusive breastfeeding with babies who did not receive exclusive breastfeeding in the work area of the UPTD Puskesmas Suak Ribee, Johan Pahlawan District, West Aceh Regency in 2016. This study was a comparative analytic study with a cross sectional approach. The sampling technique in this study was to visit the home of the mother who had a baby aged> 6 months-7 months and distribute a predetermined questionnaire to find out the category of independent variables in accordance with this study and weighing the babies> 6 months old 7 months to find out the details of the dependent variable in this study. The results of independent T-test data analysis were processed with a confidence level of 95% (α = 0.05), it can be seen that the variance of the data is not different (the same), the value t value is 1.449, while the value of t table is 1.761. Thus we can know that t value ≤ t table, then Ha is rejected, meaning that there is no significant difference between the weight of babies who are exclusively breastfed and those who are not exclusively breastfed. Based on the results of research conducted by researchers from April 1-5, 2016 by visiting the respondent's house as many as 30 people scattered in the work area of the Suak Ribee Puskesmas UPTD, the researchers concluded that there was no difference between the weight of babies who were exclusively breastfed and those who did not exclusive breastfeeding. It is recommended that mothers continue to maintain exclusive breastfeeding by increExclusive breast milkng the nutritional intake of mothers so that the baby's weight can increase even without PEXCLUSIVE BREAST MILK.

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Elouarzi Abdelkarim, Sedra Moulay Brahim

This article presents a wheelchair-exoskeleton system designed for individuals with tetraplegia. The system purposes to help patients who suffer total body paralysis due to complete spinal cord injury in the cervical segments. A mechatronic system is proposed in order to establish a secure and stable gait for disabled patient. A proposal of voice control strategy is also presented as a part of the human-machine interaction due to the inability of the tetraplegic patient to move the parts below their neck. These systems open the way to new researches for robotic solutions intended to improve the life quality of high-level spinal cord-injured patients.

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