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IJSTR Volume 1 - Issue 9, October 2012 Edition - ISSN 2277-8616

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G. I. Ighalo, A. A. Williams

ABSTRACT:- The difficulty encountered by the Power Holding Company of Nigeria (PHCN) in the distribution of the insufficient electrical energy generated, has led to this research. Ikpoba-hill network is one of the busiest and high demand networks in Nigeria. It is a 33/11 KV substation which experiences blackout especially with the many industries within its area of jurisdiction. The non availability of proper location as well as details about the transmission lines, poles and transformers calls for concern. To simulate the power distribution network, the Geographical information system (GIS) and the Global positioning system (GPS) techniques were used. Through the use of the GIS, consumer indexing (CI) can effectively be made to manage information on distribution of electricity to consumers and information describing the attributes of each consumer such as location, consumption pattern, the various circuit connections, feeders, etc. Both the geometric data and attribute data collected are entered into the system through MS Excel and later exported into Arc View. Results of the study, show how low loss reduction strategy can be formulated for the Ikpoba-hill network and hence for Nigeria.

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Leila Amjad, Ahmad Majd, Mozhgan Kavianifar

Abstract:- In plant word, pollen grains have major role in sexual reprodactive cycles. In this research, we compared the ultrastructural and soluble proteins of pollen grains of Achillea wilhelmsii in early-season and late-season flowering. The pollen were collected around the city of Isfahan, Iran. The pollen ultrastructure have studied by scaning electron microscope(SEM). The pollen total proteins in both flowering season were extracted by phosphate-buffered saline and examined using Bradford assay on electrophoresis on SDS-Page. The resulte showed that the pollen grains of early-seasons flowering were oval and mature pollens in late-seasons flowering were spheroid. The pollen protein bands in early-season and late-season flowering are seem in the rang of 14.4(Kda) to 66.2(Kda), 18.4(Kda) protein band exist in early-season pollens and 66.2(Kda) protein band in late-season pollen grains.

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Karmacharya, Shrawasti

Abstract:- Panchkhal area is the potential area for the agricultural production and serves as pocket for the vegetables for Kathmandu valley< Nepal. So for increasing the yield, maximum percentage of farmers are using the pesticides knowingly or unknowingly, In the study site, farmers use pesticides mostly on standing crops in the field. Maximum percentage of farmer also uses the manure in their fields besides chemical pesticides. But the rate of use in the area has been increasing According to the respondents they spent low amount of money for pesticides in the beginning of their initiation of the agricultural practices since very low amount of the pesticides are used but as the time goes on the amount of the pesticides also increases due to change in climate. Maximum respondents complained about the discomforts regarding the health problems such as the respiration and the increase in the breathing rate and some have the problems of skin rashes, burns and irritation.

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Wankhade M. O., Lunge H. S.

Abstract: Linear programming (LP) technique is relevant in optimization of resource allocation and achieving efficiency in production planning particularly in achieving increased agricultural productivity. In this paper a Linear programming technique is applied to determine the optimum land allocation to 10 major crops of the saline track of rain red zone using agriculture data, with respect to various factors viz. cost of seeds, cost of fertilizers/ pesticides, yield of crops, daily wages of labour and machine charges, selling base price of commodities, for the period 2009-2010. The proposed LP model is solved by standard simplex algorithm and Arsham's Push and Pull algorithm and the solutions are compared. A case study is carried out in the saline track of rain fed zone of Murtizapur Tahsil of Akola District, Maharashtra; India. It is observed that the proposed LP model is appropriate for finding the optimal land allocation to the major crops of study area.

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Dr. Shashirekha. G, Dr. Amit Jena, Dr. Jayshree Hegde

Abstract- Light cured glass ionomer cements offer improved handling characteristics. Photocuring within the cavity preparation may assist in decreasing the moisture contamination and dehydration difficulties associated with the early stage of setting reaction. The success of restoration depends on good adhesion between glass ionomer cement and the tooth structure. Various dentin conditioners have been advised to increase the bond strength of glass ionomer cement to dentin. The purpose of this in-vitro study was to evaluate the influence of three dentin conditioners on shear strength of light activated glass ionomer cement.

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G A Solanki

Abstract:- As the civilization enters into the new millennium, the words of 19th century have suddenly taken a new meaning. The world is undergoing a remarkable technological change. The advancement of Internet along with the expansion of IT infrastructure at large level has revolutionized the way in which information and communication technologies are stored and disseminated, and is creating lasting implications on businesses around the world. These technologies include software, network services, applications etc. which the organization in the past would have purchased or licensed, and installed and maintained by incurring huge costs at their level. Now with the growth of IT infrastructure these technologies are bundled and repackaged into altogether new outsourcing service model which is offered on 'pay as you use' basis. Welcome to Cloud Computing! Cloud Computing has become the new catchphrase of IT infrastructure. As Cloud Computing has become a viable business solution, it is interesting to look at the ability and opportunity for the world to exploit this technological phenomenon. Through this paper I aim to outline the concept, rationale, and various models of cloud computing as well as to offer greater clarity on legal issues associated with cloud computing.

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Fadugba S. Emmanuel Okunlola J. Temitayo

Abstract-This paper presents error analysis of the new formulation of one step method into linear multistep method for the solution of ordinary differential equations. Error analysis in one step method is considerably more difficult than linear multistep method due to the loss of linearity in the method, especially for Runge Kutta Method that makes no mention of the function which defines the differential equation, makes it impossible to define the order of the method, independently of the differential equation. The new formulation of one step method into linear multistep method helps us in overcoming the shortcoming of the method. The error constant, zero stability, consistency and convergence of one step method were determined, through a similar process like linear multistep methods.

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Agaja S. A.

ABSTRACT:- The mapping of primary health care centres in Ughelli South and Warri South Local Government Areas (LGA) of Delta State was carried out. The objective is to provide Geo-spatial information about the distribution and accessibility of the Primary Health Care Centres in the Local Government Areas. Germain GPS was used to capture the Co-ordinates of the Health Centres which was analysed using Arc Map 9.3 (ESRI) GIS software. The multivariate analysis showed that the nearest neighbour value for Warri South Local Government Rn=0.665341 which imply a clustered pattern of distribution. Ughelli South LGA Rn=0.9599. This results showed randomed distribution rather than clustered pattern of distribution. The importance of primary health care centres to the grass root dwellers is discussed.

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Dr. Devajit Mahanta

Abstract:- One of the important aspects of the Indian commodity derivative market is the introduction of warehouse receipts (WRS) as an alternative solution for market participants to access short-term finance. The concepts of the WRS system is based on warehouse receipts which can be used as collateral for accessing finance. The system is made more sophisticated by adopting measures such as grading of commodities according to their quality, rating warehouses according to their size, reputation and integrity etc. In India receipts issued by Central / State Warehouses are accepted as collateral by banks however those issued by private warehouses are not. Since farmers / traders will not deposit their goods with a warehouse whose receipts are not financed by banks viability of the private warehouse is at stake. Hence there is scope for expanding the warehousing infrastructure and also WRS system by making it mandatory for the banks to endorse private WRS.

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Deepak Marahatta, Bal Bahadur Kshetri

Abstract:- The study tries to identify various pull factors contributing for the tourism development in this VDC. The main objectives of this research is to identify major tourism attractions like Natural resources, Built environment, Hospitality and the organization which contribute in Tourism industry. The cross sectional data from three different group i.e. foreign tourist, hotel operators and tourism organization and community people have been taken. The Chitwan National Park and Tharu culture are major pull factors for tourism in Patihani. The hospitality is the one of the attributer of Patihani. Beside this Natural resources and easy access are other major components.

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Basavarajaiah.D. M. B. Narasimhamurthy, K. Maheshappa. B. Leelavathy

ABSTRACT:- AIDS is a devastating disease, more than 2.50 million of the infected populations died every year (NACO).For the control of diseases transmission need to be implementation of public health program, i.e., it helps to minimize the destruction caused by AIDS epidemic. Mathematical models and underlying transmission mechanism of the HIV can help the scientific, medical and researcher to understand and anticipate its spread in different population. Present study fitted mathematical models, which exhibit two equilibriums namely, the disease-free and the endemic equilibrium. It is found that if the basic reproduction number R0 <1, the disease-free equilibrium is always locally asymptotically stable and in such a case the endemic equilibrium does not exist. If R0 >1, a unique equilibrium exist which locally asymptotically stable and becomes globally asymptotically stable under certain conditions showing that the disease becomes endemic due to vertical transmission.

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Srividya Y, Joseph Kingston J, H. S. Murali, H.V. Batra

Abstract- Listeria Monocytogenes is a human pathogen, transmission of this bacterium is mainly through food especially milk and milk products, and also from non vegetarian food products like mutton, poultry, beef, fish and pork. L. Monocytogenes outbreaks are due to contaminated foods which emphasizes the need to develop a rapid and cost effective detection. Monoclonal antibodies with specificities of different epitopes were generated against whole cell antigens of formalinized L. Monocytogenesis cells. Six MAbs from the fusion were tested against 12 L. Monocytogenes standard strains and 69 wild-type isolates obtained from naturally contaminated food products, Mab107 showed specificity to L. Monocytogenes in Plate ELISA and Western blot. Utilising this clone a simple monoclonal antibody based dot-ELISA system was standardized for rapid detection of L. Monocytogenes from contaminated food stuffs. Developed system was successfully evaluated on to different food matrices collected from local markets of Karnataka and ELISA results were cross checked with conventional and PCR method as well, where, listeriolysin O gene was targeted and standardised in house. To assess the cross-reactivity of the Mab, tests were made using standard strains of Listeria along with that closer group of other Listeria species and other bacterial genera. The cost effectiveness, sensitivity, specificity and reliability of the method proved to be good. Therefore, the system can be used in routine diagnostic laboratories.

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Wales Singini, Emmanuel Kaunda, Victor Kasulo, Wilson Jere

Abstract: The study aimed at forecasting small Haplochromine species locally known as Kambuzi yield in Malaŵi, based on data on Lake Malombe fish catches during the years from 1976 to 2011. The study considered Autoregressive (AR), Moving Average (MA) and Autoregressive Integrated Moving Average (ARIMA) processes to select the appropriate stochastic model for forecasting small Haplochromine species yield in Lake Malombe. Based on ARIMA (p, d, q) and its components Autocorrelation function (ACF), Partial autocorrelation (PACF), Normalized Bayesian Information Criterion (NBIC), Box - Ljung Q statistics and residuals estimated, ARIMA (0, 1, 1) was selected. Based on the chosen model, it could be predicted that the small Haplochromine species yield would increase to 4,224 tons in 2021 from 93 tons in 1976.

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Shikha Mehta, V. L. Mandowara

Abstract-The paper considers the problem of determining optimum strata boundaries for cluster sampling design considering unequal sizes of clusters. The minimal equations giving optimum strata boundaries by minimising the variance of the estimator of the population mean. sampling in each stratum being carried out independently by simple random sampling without replacement (SRSWOR). These minimal equations are difficult to solve exactly. Thus, the approximate solutions to these minimal equations have been obtained for three allocation methods namely proportional, equal and neyman allocation. The paper concludes with Numerical illustrations.

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Hetal N. Patel, Dr. R.K.Jain

Abstract- Online quality assessment of various horticultural products using machine vision provides not only quick but also objective, consistent and quantitative measurement. Horticultural products of different sizes and shapes (circular or elliptical) are classified based on the area occupied, which is calculated by known geometrical method. Another factor in the classification is the detection of defects. Based on the average pixel intensity value, the horticulture product is graded as defected or healthy. The images of different horticulture products are captured using digital camera in the same illumination condition and with same background. The images of different products like potatoes, apples, oranges, tomatoes, lemons are used for the implementation of the technique.

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Niketan Deshmukh, Reshma Talkal, Kaushik Jha, Praveen Gaurav Singh, Deep Chandra Prajapati

Abstract:- Polygalacturonase is an important enzyme used in food and chemical industries that processed plant material like Juice extraction, Clarification of wine, Textile etc. Fungi from genus Aspergillus are one of the most important sources of this enzyme. We compare three strains of Aspergillus (Aspergillus niger, Aspergillus flavus and Aspergillus oryzae) for production Polygalacturonase by submerged fermentation. We also characterized all the Polygalacturonase (isolated from different strains) at different parameters such as pH, Temperature, Incubation time, Concentration Substrate in medium, Concentration of enzyme etc and on the basis of these parameters it is observed that Aspergillus niger found to better strain then Aspergillus flavus and Aspergillus oryzae.

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R. E. Ogunsakin, R. B. Ogunrinde, O. Omotoso , O. B. Adewale

Abstract:- This paper investigates the relationship of Age and Blood cholesterol on systolic blood pressure. The data used for this paper were obtained from Ekiti State University Teaching Hospital, Ado Ekiti. People wondered if high blood pressure is a function of age or that the effect of high blood cholesterol is manifested in the high blood pressure. A multiple regression analysis was used for the study. At the end of the analysis, Age and systolic blood pressure were seen to have a significant relationship with each other. Also, blood cholesterol and age were found to have significant relationship with systolic blood pressure. The result shows a degree of relationship between the blood pressure and the blood cholesterol. Increase in blood cholesterol signifies increase in blood pressure of a man which can easily lead to an abnormal blood pressure e.g. high blood pressure.

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Mohamed Nageb Elsherbeny, Mahmud Rahal

Abstract:- A new Iteration Function System (IFS) is used to generate a Pseudo - Random Number Generator. The sensitivity of the Iterated Function System (IFS) to the initial condition is measured. At certain initial value, the iterated function (IFS) can generate a chaotic random numbers. This generator is very useful and can be used as a key in a crypto- system algorithms.

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Saravana Kumar. R, Sarala Thambavani. D

Abstract :- Study was carried out to assess the impact of cement dust on some selected plant species around industrial area. Deposition effect of cement dust on pigmentation was studied in Azadirachta indica, Pongamia pinnata, Delonix regia, Polyalthia longifolia and Ficus religiosa. Sampling was done about 500 meter distance difference from the cement industry and measurements were taken for all the plant species spectrophotometrically. All the measured pigments were reduced in dust-exposed plant species compared with control site. This is due to deceleration of the biosynthetic processes rather than degradation of pigments. Changes in chlorophyll and carotenoid content were investigated in selected plant species exposed to alkaline dust emitted by the cement industry. The rate of mortality of young branches was high in the area subjected to the cement dust in all the selected plant species whereas Pongamia pinnata and Azadirachta indica are the most sensitive among them. Unless Polyalthia longifolia and Ficus religiosa is noted that amount of chl a, b and carotenoids in all investigated plants that are far away from cement dust more than that near from the factory. In general, pollution by the cement dust has caused adverse effects on the photosynthetic pigments and the pH of the leaf extract.

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Kavita Gururani, Chandra Kala Pant, Hari Datt Pathak

Abstract: Bernal suggested that clays might have played a significant role in primitive earth through the process of concentration and adsorption of the biologically formed biomonomers and thus protecting them against hydrolytic fission.Adsorption of adenine was studied in presence of montmorillonite clay with or without cations Ca2+,Cu2+,Mg2+.Studies carried out have shown that adsorption of adenine was dependent on pH and shows Langmuir adsorption isotherm. Percent binding and values of Langmuir adsorption isotherm on montmorillonite clay with or without divalent cations show that adsorption trend largely depend on the nature of adsorbate and the adsorbent.

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