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Volume 9 - Issue 11, November 2020 Edition

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Santhosh, A.M., Yogendra, K., Mahadevan, K,M., Madhusudhana, N.

Calcium Silicate nanoparticle was prepared using available calcium nitrate, silica fumes and fuel urea by solution combustion method. The prepared nanoparticles were characterized by XRD, SEM-EDAX, TEM and UV-Vis absorbance spectroscopy. The results of XRD revealed the presence of orthorhombic structure. The average size of prepared nanoparticles was found to be 13nm and the particle size less than 48nm confirmed by TEM. The optical band gap was found to be 4.6eV. The degradation efficacy was successfully examined for acridine orange and victoria blue B dye under sunlight. The degradation efficacy was achieved at 98.33% for acridine orange dye and 97.63% for victoria blue B dye in acidic pH.

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Fathurrahmad, Ester

The security of a website is absolutely analyzed and improvements are made to the web development framework to prevent data leakage, this study analyzes and modifies the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) algorithm which can later be implemented on a website and tested and compared with the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) algorithm. will be modified with the model that the researcher plans. The research objectives were, among others, to develop an algorithm that was modified from Base64 and Rijndael. The research stages consisted of a survey, implementation, and comparative analysis of the proposed modified algorithm. The results of research carried out through the encryption and decryption process by integrating the Base64 and AES Rijndael algorithms with the proposed algorithm so that it is known to improve data security better. If it is seen from the level of efficiency that the proposed algorithm can be used as a substitute for the Base64 algorithm. Whereas in the implementation, the proposed algorithm speed has good speed, it can be seen from the encryption process and the description and the resulting bits do not have a significant impact.

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Ruchika Malhotra, Sumit Bansal

All the security standards suggest change impact analysis (CIA) in the development process of sensitive applications and software. Even though the CIA can be considered as a very basic activity, practical studies about its execution during the development of a sensitive application are still missing. In this study, our objective is the presentation of an automated system in the context of the CIA for sensitive applications based on professionals’ overviews. Our analysis proposes that computer and software engineers spend 60 – 80 hrs. on the CIA per year. However, this time duration differs significantly from the phases of development. Moreover, the respondents described different implications to the CIA and supposed the significance of the CIA differently. We present important CIA challenges and several research ideas for the CIA. Additionally, this research work only presents primary analysis, and our work also draws attention to practical importance to the CIA.

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Mohit Kumar Kakkar, Meenakshi Sood, Bunty Sharma, Jasdev Bhatti*

Numerous Mathematical models are being produced to predict the trend of spreading of corona virus disease (COVID19) epidemics in INDIA and worldwide, which has become a pandemic. On 23rd Feb 2020, first case of covid-19 was reported, when we were writing this paper cases crossing 70000 in India. We present here data driven models for COVID-19 in India where we used minimal number of parameters to provide insights into the spread of the disease. Here in this paper we are presenting the Susceptible-Infected (SI), Susceptible-Infected-Recovered (SIR), SEIR and SEIR-D models, implemented on Python language with their transition diagrams. All four models presented here are related quantitatively and based on Indian data. In this paper our aim is to deliver an overview of these models and the outcome of simulation by using the dataset of Covid-19. Numbers of plots are presented here for analysis which makes the prediction easy.

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Dr. Rajamohan Parthasarathy, Ms. Preethy Ayyappan

The explosive growth of internet and increases of business and home networks mainly depends on the Network Address Translation (NAT) because the insufficient of available IP addresses. IP address is mandatorily required to communicate on the internet from one computer to another computer. In computer networks the single device of a router is acting as an agent between the local area network and internet as allowable by Network Address Translation. This technology of Network Address Translation may help in many ways for the Network System Engineers and Networks Administrators especially to reduce the cost and timing when they are configuring the part of IP addresses. The same relatively simple IP address configuration problems to be solved by this Network Address Translation techniques. The ability of NAT enable to translate from one group of or set of addresses to another group of or set addresses. The NAT enables the data traffic from a particular client or host to appear as it comes from another client or host and process it as transparently. The pool of IP addresses are provided by router and to be used by local area network and only a single IP addresses required to represent the this all group of clients or hosts. Three categories of NAT available especially in computer networks mainly that Static Network Address Translation (Static NAT), Dynamic Network Address Translation (Dynamic NAT) and Port Address Translation (PNAT). I would like to focus more on this paper on Static NAT design and configurations techniques using Cisco Packet Tracer Simulation tools for networking people.

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Imriyanti, Shirly Wunas, Mimi Arifin, Idawarni J Asmal

Culture in Indonesia is very diverse and has its own characteristics in each region. Culture consists of everything that is leamed from normative behavioral patterns, meaning that it includes all ways or patterns of thingking, feeling and acting. Culture can be known from the shape of the house and daily habits in utilizing the dwelling. Brick processors in Gowa regency are Makassar tribal communities who have habits and behavior patterns in utilizing their dwelling so that the house is not only a place of refuge and socio-culture meaning related to human relations and the community but is also functioned as a forum to increase the economy of its inhabitants while at the same time providing a sense of humanity towards its environment. From the use of housing to improve the economy of its habitants, there is a development of house related to the functions and habits of the occupants so that the problem is how to develop housing to support the cultural form of residents in the house. This research method is in the form of data analysis (quantitative and qualitative) which is calculated as a percentage for ideal form analysis and SPSS Crostabulations descriptive analysis in the social form of Makassar traditional house in the brick processing settlement of Gowa regency. The development of a brick-processing dwelling in Gowa regency which is a traditional Makassar house has reduced the original value of local culture in utilizing its dwelling as a home that supports the economic improvement of its inhabitants.

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Faezah Muhayat, Associate Professor Dr. Nik Rafidah Nik Muhamad Affendi, Associate Professor Dr. Kamariah Kamarudin

Ethnic integration is the process of uniting various racial groups in society through the introduction and creation of a common identity. Literature is one of the mediums that can serve as a vehicle for ethnic integration in society especially among children. This paper discusses the image of ethnic integration among Malaysians that are featured in children's novels. This study is based on literature reviews which found that research on ethnic integration in Malaysian literary works is largely focused on adult literature rather than on children's literature. Therefore, studies on ethnic integration in children's novels should be given attention so that the reading material offered is not only enjoyable but able to provide knowledge and educate through its content, fostering a sense of unity among the children in the Malaysian multi-ethnic society. To achieve the stated objectives, this study focuses on an award-winning children’s novel, the recipient of Novel and Drama Scriptwriting Competition for Children and Teen (9-12 Years Old Category) by Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka, a book entitled Gerbang Pelangi (Rainbow Gate) by Rohaidah Yon as the research text.This qualitative study uses the literary review and text analysis as the methodology of the study by utilizing J. S. Furnivall's Theory of Plural Society (1948) as the analytical framework. Findings of the study show that the novel can enhance the ethnic integration of the Malaysian community through social interaction and peacefulness featured in the plot.

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To determine the relationship between leverage and the value of real estate companies listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange with mediators in the form of investments and dividends. The population used in this study was 44 real estate companies listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange. There is one exogenous variable, namely leverege (X) and two endogenous variables, namely dividend (Y1), and firm value (Y2). The tool used as an analysis method is Generalized Structural Component Analysis (GSCA). The study finds indications that the use of leverage by companies affects the dividend policy, for cases in Indonesia. Creditors have an interest in channeling funds to the company, dividend payments will cause the transfer of welfare from creditors to shareholders of the company, is weak, because there is already an alignment of interests between the creditors and the company. The negative impact of using high leverage on the creation of the company value. High dividend payments will cause a decrease in the value of the company. The market will react negatively when a company pays dividends. The reason is that when a company pays dividends, the company is indicated not to have a profitable growth opportunity or investment in the future. Previous studies conducted tests on the interaction between leverege, investment, dividends, and company value with the results that indicate that inconsistencies are recorded in the results of research that cause gaps. The focus of this research is the real estate industry which is listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange.

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Sri Mangesti Rahayu

The purpose of the research is to examine the effect of investment opportunity sets on capital structure, dividend, profit management, and its impact on company value. The type of this research is explanatory research and an archival research. The population in this study is a manufacturing company listed on Indonesia Stock Exchange within the period of 2005-2015. The sampling method used in this study is purposive sampling. The research samples is 450 research data. The findings of this research is (1) investment opportunity set has a significant effect on capital structure, not significantly influenced the dividend, a significant impact on earning management, a significant effect on the value of the company; (2) capital structure has a significant effect on profit management, not-significant effect on the value of the company; (3) dividend has a significant effect on the value of the company; (4) profit management has a significant effect on the value of the company. The main originalities proposed by the researchers is the researchers want to test whether the variable of capital structure influence the profit management, to test whether the profit management is opportunistic or informative. This study will use either the accrual basis profit management or real earning management activities.

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Sebastián Espinoza-Zamata, Pedro Márquez-Solís, Miguel Tupac-Yupanqui, Cristian Vidal-Silva

In this decade, the way of simulating medical scenarios has evolved considerably, for some years now; this area and virtual reality have come together to give life to a much more immersive form of simulation. The crucial challenge in medical simulation is to achieve a considerable level of realism and performance as it is limited by the complexity of the scenario and other factors, with the hardware factor being the principal limiting factor. This research focuses on comparing three forms of virtual reality surgical incision simulation, comparing: the frames-per second (fps), CPU and GPU usage of three simulation forms: Activation by Sequence, Morph Target Animation and CG/HLSL Programming, resulting in the CG/HLSL Programming technique using fewer resources, with 27% CPU usage, 5% integrated GPU, and 45% dedicated GPU, with frames-per second ranging from 58 fps to 60 fps, continuing, with an intermediate use of resources, the Activation by Sequence technique with 11% of CPU use, 18% of integrated GPU and 57% of dedicated GPU, with frames-per second that changed between 58 fps and 60 fps, finally the technique that used the most resources was Morph Target Animation with 23% CPU usage, 22% integrated GPU and 77% dedicated GPU, with frames-per second varying between 50 fps and 53 fps; however, these techniques can be implemented depending on the scope of projects where greater realism is required regardless of the use of hardware resources.

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Fivia Eliza, Ahyanuardi, Mukhlidi Muskhir, Dwiprima Elvanny Myori, Radinal FadliJurusan Teknik Elektro Fakultas Teknik, Universitas Negeri Padang Prodi Pendidikan Teknologi Informasi, STKIP Muhammadiyah Muaro Bungo

Android-based learning media is one of the learning media that is integrated with Information and Communication Technology (ICT). Android-based learning media can be used by lecturers as an alternative learning media to increase student interest, role and learning outcomes, to help the learning process from home that is applied today. In this article, we will describe the design of Android-based learning media in Measurement and Instrumentations subject at electrical engineering technical faculty of Universitas Negeri Padang. This media can be a learning supplement in maximize the process of implementing online learning. This research begins with analysing the system requirements, analysis, design, testing and maintenance. From the results obtained, it can be concluded that the learning media for Measurement and Instrumentations subject based on android have been designed and made and can function properly according to the design.

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Mirzakhodjaev B. A, Mirzakhodjaev A, Kasimova D. Kh., Radzhabov I. B., Bazarov R.K.

It is known that the cocoons of the average fraction (caliber and mass) in the breeding party are the most productive part of it. By the method of mathematical statistics, the regularities of division of the mixture of breeding cocoons by caliber and mass are determined. The normalized proportion of the average cocoon fraction of 58-70% and its range of caliber-2 mm determined and the possibility of maximum separation of defective components with small and large fractions from the batch in two stages, when sorting cocoons by caliber and mass was revealed. The article presents the technical characteristics of new devices developed on the basis of the revealed regularities and intended for sorting cocoons by caliber and dividing them by mass (sex) in the process of preparing hybrid silkworm eggs, which differ in increased accuracy of dividing cocoons by caliber and mass, as well as contributing to the replacement of manual labor and a sharp increase in productivity. The results of technological indicators of cocoons and raw silk obtained from them are presented.

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Nadya Hastono Putri, Syaifudin, Teddy Siswanto

The increase in import volume at the Pasar Baru Post Customs Office caused relatively long service processes. This is due to several processes that must be passed, including physical checking of goods, determining criteria for value of goods, lines, and status by the office. To streamline services, information is needed regarding the process that must be passed.In this study, the design and implementation of a data warehouse were conducted to visualize information in the form of the most frequently used path types and statuses. Users can easily understand the service process that causes buildup. The Case-Based Reasoning (CBR) method is used to determine the similarity of the new case to the old case based on weight

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Rumana Islam and Mohammed Tarique

Fetal electrocardiogram (f-ECG) presents the electrical activity of a fetus heart. The f-ECG contains significant information about the physiological states of a developing child inside the mother’s womb. It can even detect a fetus’s pathologies including acidemia and hypoxia. However, the extraction of the f-ECG is a challenging task for both invasive and non-invasive methods because it is mixed with a high amplitude mother’s ECG (m-ECG) signal and other random noises. This paper presents two blind source separation (BSS) algorithms to extract the f-ECG from the mixed signals. These algorithms are fast independent component analysis (FastICA) and principal component analysis with whitening (PCA-Whitening). The performances of these two algorithms are compared in this work. The results show that the FastICA algorithm outperforms PCA-Whitening algorithm by an improvement of signal to noise ratio (SNR) of 10 dB.

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H. Haritha, C. Santhosh Kumar, A. Anand Kumar

Anxiety disorder identification (ADI) is becoming increasingly important in addressing mental health across the population. Traditionally, ECG has been found to be effective as a means to estimate stress and anxiety, and the effect of respiratory signal has been considered as undesirable. In this work, we study how respiratory signal can be effectively used for ADI. The data for this study was collected from normal population, subjects with anxiety disorders and regular meditators, at the Department of Neurology and the Department of Psychiatry, Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences (AIMS), Kerala, over a period of 1.5 years. We used respiratory rate variability (RRV) features as input to support vector machine (SVM) classifier for our baseline ADI system. We noticed that the baseline ADI gave very low classification performance, 63.88%, 83.43% and 69.23% absolute respectively, for sensitivity, specificity and accuracy. We observed large within class person specific variations (PSV) in the RRV features among the controls and the effect of these variations in the RRV features is a nuisance factor affecting the performance of the ADI adversely. To minimize the effect of PSV, we explored several techniques such as covariance normalization (CVN) and Fisher vector encoding (FVE), and on combining CVN and FVE (RFE-CVN-FVE-SVM-ADI), we obtained a sensitivity of 91.66% absolute, specificity of 95.23% absolute and accuracy of 92.30% absolute, which is an improvement of 27.78% absolute sensitivity, 11.80% absolute specificity and 23.07% absolute accuracy, over the baseline ADI. The optimum sets of features were selected using recursive feature elimination (RFE) algorithm. Respiratory signal can be effectively used in ADI. The study scientifically establishes the role of meditation and yoga in reducing anxiety and stress disorders, thus helping in the overall wellness of patients with psychiatric disorders, in their speedy recovery.

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M. Pown, B. Lakshmi

This study explores the stability and power dissipation of the homo and hetero-junction based tunnel field effect transistor (TFET) SRAM cells. Given its unique characteristics such as unidirectional current due to its asymmetric source/drain regions, the SRAM designs are exploited accordingly to prevent unnecessary leakage power. Four SRAM circuit configurations, 6T, 7T, modified 6T and modified 7T are considered in this study. The stability analysis of TFET SRAM cells is characterized by estimating read/write noise margins. The modified 7T TFET SRAM design provides better read/write stability due to the utilization of separate read transistor and Vdd collapse assist during write operation. The SRAM cells employing hetero-TFET shows high power dissipation of 0.42 µW for modified 7T cell due to the higher OFF current of hetero-TFET.

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Dr. Satyendra Kurariya

Light Fidelity (Li-Fi) is a strategy for data transmission which is used to move data at a speed of more than 100 GB for every sec. German Scientist Harald Hass initiated the term light commitment in the year 2011. At present optical strands are used which can move data at speed of around 100mbps to 200mbps, which is extremely not actually the light devotion. LiFi uses light emanating diodes (LED) to move data at an extraordinarily brisk speed. With the help of Li-Fi, tremendous number of records can be moved equivalent at a significantly higher trade speed. This coordinated trade of data is made possible by electro-alluring reach. Rather than using the standard radio waves it uses a ton of advance structure for example light to move data adequately. In Wireless correspondence, Wi-Fi is the most adaptable and convincing development which limited with radio frequencies for data transmission. In many cases, Wi-Fi is standing up to various challenges specifically limit, openness, viability and security. The Wi-Fi exudes radio waves which are damaging for the patients and the radio waves interpret the clinical instruments. Li-Fi is a novel advancement for high thickness distant data move reducing no radio deterrents in restricted districts so it might be used in biosensors to measure diverse prosperity limits. This advancement envisions a future where data for workstations, PDAs, and tablets will be communicated in a monetary and eco neighbourly vehicle of light in room. The primary goal of this paper is to give a short thought regarding the information move and sound exchange utilizing Li-Fi innovation.

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Ravi Kumar

All engineered construction resting on the earth must be carried by some kind of interfacing element called a foundation. The foundation is the part of an engineered system that transmits to, and into, the underlying soil or rock the loads supported by the foundation and its self-weight. The resulting soil stresses except at the ground surface are in addition to those presently existing in the earth mass from its self-weight. Piles are used to support the structures. Piles are frequently required because of the relative inability of shallow foundation to transmit inclined, horizontal, or uplift force and over-turning moments. Such situations are common in design of earth retaining structures and tall structures subjected to high wind and earthquake force. Considering importance and necessity of pile in construction work. This thesis is based on the piles and topic name “Comparison between single bent pile Vs Multiple bent pile on the basis of different soil density conditions. The main objective of thesis is to determine reduction in load carrying capacity due to bending of single bent pile and multiple bent pile. Also, to determine the load carrying capacity of bent pile with respect to different density i.e. loose, medium and dense of cohesion less soil. In the present study, the carrying capacity of pile shall be ascertained under different conditions of soil and bending. The effect of degree of bending shall be studies by at different angle of bend. The study shall be made only in cohesion less soil under different degree of compaction. The study is made on pile material-timber.

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Debajit Datta, Rishav Agarwal, Preetha Evangeline David

Over the years, there has been a huge popularity of the recommender systems worldwide. Recommender systems have been implemented over several domains ranging from recommendations for videos and movies to that for products and applications, and many more. The algorithms, which are used for recommender systems, implement segmentation of the customer based on several attributes. These algorithms are time-consuming and require comparatively high computation power. This work deals with the parallelization of different algorithms for simple customer segmentation in the Python environment using the framework, Ray. The dataset for this work includes a huge list of purchases that are carried out by 4000 customers, over a year. The parallelization is carried out throughout the multicores of CPU and the cores of GPU. Additionally, the work also shows the speedup that is obtained after parallelization, for analyzing the overall increase in performance.

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Nisha Sharma, Manish Sharma, Durga Prasad Sharma

The diverse characteristics of ad-hoc networks of being infrastructure-less, self-organized and spontaneous make the task more challenging to secure it. If a node needs to send data to a node that is beyond the transmission range of it, the sender node asks favor of other nodes in the network to reach the destination node. Thus the existence of the ad-hoc network is completely reliant on nodes cooperating and trusting each other. The repeated non-cooperative behavior of a node with other nodes makes it unreliable for future communication and is considered as a malicious node. However, this dependency of network nodes on each other makes MANET vulnerable to various kinds of security attacks. These security attacks can be categorized as Passive and Active attacks. Wormhole attack is an active attack and considered most dangerous as it can cause major damage to routing. Numerous secure routing protocols have been developed which are based on cryptography mechanism, need pre-organized structure, centralized authority, or need external hardware, etc. These mechanisms are impractical because of limited available resources in MANET. In this paper, we are proposing a novel trust-based mechanism on the concept of Node to Node packet delay for the detection of the malicious node in a wormhole attack. The trust value of each node is calculated by observing the packet transaction among adjacent nodes and based on this trust value identification of malicious node is carried out. The trust values can be further considered for making routing decisions and selecting a secured route.

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Hafiz Burhan Ul Haq, M. Asif, Maaz Bin Ahmad

With the advancement of technology, the enormous amount of video data is generated on the daily basis. The processing of such huge chunky videos requires high storage, high computational processing power, and consumes a lot of time. Extraction of features from the video is a time-consuming task because the user has to watch the entire video. A large number of editing tools exist that require expertise that is highly expensive. The video summarization is used to overcome these issues that deal with lengthy videos and condense those, based on the various features. This paper presents a review and comparative analysis of video summarization techniques. Initially, these methods have been classified into different categories based on their characteristics. After that, the discussion is made related to the domain directions, applications, pros/cons, and challenges for existing video summarization approaches.

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M.Shallan, T. Sakr, R. Shaker, H. Abd-El- Mottaleb

This paper investigates the effects of opening existence on the behavior of Post-tensioned flat slabs considering different opening locations and by using the finite element method. The design status, strip moments, Stress distribution around the opening and Long-term deflection are studied. Results indicated that, in most cases, significant decrease of bending moments in strips at which openings are located and this decrease is increased by increasing the opening size. Maximum stresses around the opening’s perimeter and Maximum long-term deflection are increased by increasing the opening size. The existence of opening at column strip near the column has the worst effect on design status, on the other hand the opening at the center of the exterior panel has the least effect on the stresses around the perimeters of opening and the long-term deflection of the slab behavior. For this case, no spans produce excessive tensile stresses for spans up to 10m and opening size up to 0.25 of span length. The existence of opening at mid of interior or exterior span of column strip shows effects between the two previous openings concerning all parameters.

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Widowati Ida Rahayu, Manaf Asnawi

[Title: Characteristics of Beneficiaries and Challenges of The BP2BT Program Implementation in Supplying Affordable Housing for Informal Low-Income Community]. Indonesia is still experiencing a high backlog of 7.6 million housing units. To reduce the backlog, in 2018 the Government implemented the BP2BT (Bantuan Pembiayaan Perumahan Berbasis Tabungan / Saving Based Housing Financing Assistance Program). This program was a housing finance assistance scheme for low income people particularly for Informal Sector that had savings to meet a portion of the down payment to buy or to construct their own house by housing credit (Kredit Kepemilikan Rumah or KPR) from the Bank. This research aims to determine the socio-economic characteristics of the beneficiaries and to examine the challenges of implementing BP2BT in responding to housing problems for Informal Low-Income Community. The research uses a case study research method. The Province of Central Java was selected as the unit of analysis of the case study. The results showed that most of the beneficiaries of the BP2BT Program were formal Low-Income Community with regular income, Informal Low-Income Community still have not received the BP2BT Program, because Informal Low-Income Community do not have a fixed income, are unable to repay credit in the long term (15-20 years) and are constrained by the requirements for applying for KPR Submission from the Implementing Bank.

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Wang Ning Lo, Yan Chiew Wong

Nowadays, people are confronted with an increasingly large amount of data and a tremendous change of human-machine interaction modes. It is a challenging and time-consuming task for traditional computing system to deal with the content of information. The use of applications consumes energy and hard to perform through standard programmed algorithms. Spiking neural networks have emerged that achieve favourable advantages in terms of energy and time efficiency by using spikes for computation and communication as well as solving different problems such as pattern classification and image processing. Therefore, an energy-efficient spiking feedforward computing system is presented to evaluate its performance. Common building blocks and techniques used to implement a spiking neural network are investigated to identify design parameters for hardware-based neuron implementations. Izhikevich neuron, Address-Event Representation system and Spiking-Timing-Dependent Plasticity module are developed by using Vivado software. Demonstration of digit recognition using SNN hardware implementation on FPGA has been performed. The energy consumption of the system is only 136mW and low hardware resource utilization has been observed. This work presents essential properties of a spiking feedforward computing system that emulates the behaviour of biological neural networks, showing the potential for learning and classification in significantly reduced energy resources.

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A. Hazimah Ramadhani, A. Manaf

Semarang district is a hinterland of Semarang city and a strategic location for industrial activity development. One of the sub-district is East Ungaran, that have 16 factories and able to employ 12.551 factory workers. The fast-growing of the industrial sector is causing huge employment and affected the demand for temporary rental housing. By One Million Houses Program, the government attempted to provide an adequate and affordable rental housing, that is Ungaran Low Cost Apartment for single factory workers. However, from 104 units of available rooms, there are only 29 units that were occupied by single factory workers. On the other side, there is another housing alternative, that is rent house/boarding house which is provided informally by people around the factory. This research intends to describe the characteristic of rental housing that is available and the social economy characteristic study region of single factory workers and their preferences toward rental housing choices. This research used a quantitative research method and analyzed by Descriptive Statistic and Likert Scale. This research used 100 single factory workers as samples. The result of this research is rental housing that was occupied by single factory workers in East Ungaran can be divided into 2 typologies, that are Ungaran Low Cost Apartment for single factory workers and rent house/boarding house. Generally, they relatively have a homogenous social economy characteristic. This research found priority order for preferences toward rental housing based on the total mean of importance score, that are room unit condition (4,31), rental housing location (4,30), privacy (4,28), rental housing facilities and utilities (4,21), rental housing price and services (4,21), and the social interactions (4,09). Based on this research, hopefully, there will be further consideration for the housing providers to develop single factory workers rental housing.

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R. Rashia SubaShree, Dr. M. Venkatesh

Indian rail network is the fourth largest rail network in the world. Recent time many sufficient progresses for the passenger were done by the government. Even though in a long travel, passengers may face many difficulties. Among them water scarcity is the major problem. Normally at the starting point, the train gets filled with water. Perchance water dearth is take place. The main goal of this paper is to create a constructive system to the rail network to solve this problem of water scarcity. The dynamically rising Internet of Things (IoT) demand has led to wide-ranging developments in the rail network and make use of it with the potential execution with its easy, flexible and advanced technology. Thus, when the level of the water is decrease below the point that mentioned, using the IoT based sensor that indicates the cloud server to store the details of the train. From the server the geographical location of the train is found and deliver a notification to the authorities of the nearby railway station for a warning alert.

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Lies Kurniawati Wulandari, Kustamar

The soil in Sampang Regency has low water absorption capacity. This is due to the topsoil is dominated by clay soil, while the subsoil is weathered from limestone. As a result, rainwater tends to be surface runoff and difficult to absorb into the ground, thus the flood discharge is high. This condition makes Sampang Regency experience limited groundwater resources, so that raw water needs are more dependent on the river water (flood water). Samiran river, with its dam, is one of the major sources of raw water for the fulfillment of irrigation water, and for drinking water as well. The topography around the dam location makes the Samiran river potential for flood water reservoir. This study aimed to analyze the water quality in Samiran dam, as well as the volume of flood water that can be used as raw water. In general, the results of this study show that the water quality of Samiran dam was in accordance with the standards for raw water. In addition, the potential for flood water that can be used as raw water was 50 l/sec, to support water needs for 344 days.

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L. Mulyadi, L. Achmad J.

Malang city is one leading city in tourism field that embodied concept of Tribina Cita Kota Malang where part of it is to make Malang as tourism city. Aside as a tourist destination, Malang also grows as service, trade and industrial city. By these enormous economic and trade abilities will be able to change the orientation from a tourism city into a shopping tourism city. Kampong Batik Celaket area is increasingly recognized in public eye by many physical and non physical improvements also icons creation inside Kampong Batik Celaket environment. There are five factors as design reference: factors of location, environtmental athmosphere, outdoor layout, road circulation system, and facade of buildings. These factors will be arranged into good construction in order to give comfort and safety in its shopping athmosphere.To begin with, these factors must undergo a research to understand their characteristics, so the result study can be used as a reference for planning and designing area of Kampong Batik Celaket to be one ideal, feasible and productive village.This study conducted directly on site which began from surveys, interviews, and extraction important elements through visual studies.Then, the obtainable data are tested for formulating reccommendations of designs from each subregion.

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A.O. Ataullaev, O.Kh. Ataullaev, Kh.A. Salimjonov

The article discusses the implementation of the content of setting objectives and given the decision to optimize formation process of radio pulse modulated signals with regard to the restrictions resulting from the proposed equipment telemetry systems (frequency bandwidth and peak power transmitting device). It is shown that proposed solution to the optimization problem is consistent with the data obtained by other authors in solving similar problems by other methods.

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Das Chandan, Das Suman, Banerjee Debamalya, Samanta Amalendu, Bhattacharyya Bidyut Kumar

The principle targets of this investigation were to recognize the trickiest stances in pounding undertakings performed at foundry, located at Howrah in West Bengal through utilization of the RULA, OWAS strategy and to create proposals for development of working techniques and working environments. Seventeen skilled laborers, with mean age of 42.6, from three foundry partook in the field study. The furnace tasks undertakings during the three-month time frame for this study. Significant distributions and material on Work-related body-part inconvenience assessment procedures have been gathered for consideration in this investigation and measure the logical writing on observational strategies. Self-assessment of laborers can be utilized to gather information on work environment introduction to physical components by utilizing strategies that incorporate specialist meetings and polls. As observational strategies are more inescapable than self-rating - based methods and can be used as a useful device in the work environment, The reason for every order is sketched out and estimated in evaluating the seriousness, recurrence, and term of business related physiological uneasiness, and fuses a significant number of the key qualities distinguished in this writing investigation.

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Dr.J.R.Arunkumar, Mr.Amanuel Bahiru

In emerging trends of networks, wireless Sensor Networks is playing vital role for data communication and transmission. In that communication different types of attacks are notices during data transfer from sink to another node as well as sink node to base station. However different type of security needs and required for message and data transfer. Even single key encryption is not enough to secure the above statement give. This is the issue forced to design the efficient protective technique in order to secure the data. This paper describes some study about the basic key cryptographic protective technique in wireless sensor networks. . The security of WSN plays a vital role in the WSN, as sink node often store important information with base station but these base station may be unsafe. The main issue of sensor storage is to secure the data. Many of the security algorithms are available in the Sensor networks environment. This proposed algorithm is also to ensure the data key generation very important. In this proposed method Cryptographic table is used to generate key and perform several versatile operation used to secure the data in WSN. Finally, this paper show of the proposed scheme is investigated from the characteristics of computational effectiveness, storing condition and communication cost, and its protective techniques used to protect WSNs is discussed under different attack.

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Saleem Ulla Shariff , M G Guru Basavanna, Dr. C R Byrareddy, Malini V L, Nandhini V L

In this paper we discuss about the fruit categorization and quality maintenance using raspberry pi board by leveraging the machine learning concepts. India is predominantly agro based economy with Agriculture as the main source of income for the farmers who are termed as the backbone of the country. Our farmers are known to use typical old methods and due to lack of education, they are still far from incorporating the advanced technical tools in agriculture. We are proposing a low cost yet powerful fruit quality maintenance device which can be helpful for our fruit merchants and farmers. Fruit Detection classification and categorization has been implemented in this paper using Machine learning and embedded concepts. We have selected Apple, Banana, Orange, Papaya etc. fruits for the demonstration. We studied the fruit detection by methods such Haar cascade classifier and tensor flow classifier. We trained the fruit classifier by using machine learning concepts and obtained the trained classifier to detect & categorize the fruits with quality. The electronic components used here are Raspberry Pi. Instead of raspberry pi, the laptop with Linux operating system (Ubuntu) can be used. Through image processing & machine learning algorithms we identify the type of fruit and its quality. An audio acknowledgment is given about the identification of the type of fruit while processing the fruit for packaging. In further enhancement we can develop a robot which can be used to separate the raw and ripe fruits with the help of detection algorithm used in this project.

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Shadrack Kwadwo Amponsah, Francis Amoah, Patricia Ohenewa Yeboah

A sun drying platform was designed and constructed in an effort to help improve postharvest management of agricultural produce at the smallholder farmer level. With a total load (dead and live) of 4.35 kN and an allowable compressible load of 596.64 kN, the structural support columns could safely withstand the drying of maize without buckling. The airflow rate of 1210.95 m3/h and a latent heat of 15 kJ in the study area could allow for efficient drying of agricultural produce. Construction of the improved drying platform was possible with locally available materials and expertise. The drying platform is raised 0.90 m above the ground to allow efficient ventilation through produce from underneath the structure. A roof frame is provided to allow for covering of the structure at night and during rainfall. Side vents are to ensure that hot air goes out of the structure even when produce is covered. The base of the platform is lined with black fabric materials to ensure absorption of heat from the sun. The drying platform has a full capacity drying space of 0.605 m3. Aside its use as a dryer, the platform can serve as a temporal storage for produce after drying. The improved sun drying platform, constructed at a cost of GH₵ 942 with an estimated monthly variable cost of GH₵ 200 and hiring cost of GH₵ 0.1 per kg, a farmer could break even after 13 months of use with shelled maize as test crop. Field performance assessment of the improved sun drying platform, leading to dissemination, will help smallholder farmers and processors benefit from this intervention and thereby reduce postharvest loses while improving on quality of dried produce.

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Katharina Oginawati, Septian Hadi Susetyo, Intan Pratiwi

Chromium (Cr) is one of the substances used in the electroplating industry. Continuous exposure to chromium in a long time has the potential to cause renal function impairment. This study aimed to analyze the exposure of inhaled Cr from the electroplating process. This research used the cross-sectional method with The number of respondents of the electroplating workers was 40 people who conducted in three industry electroplating in Indonesia. Each respondent consists of 20 workers from automatic processing in Compony X and 20 workers from manual processing in industry Y (15 respondents) and Z (5 respondents). The Chromium exposure to the worker was measured by a personal sampler pump, which was equipped with a PVC filter, and it was placed on the collar of the worker shirt as a breathing zone. The analysis of Urinary Chromium (UCr) and urinary albumin (UAlb) were carried out using a glass bottle sample of 50 ml. UCr was analyzed using analyzed with Graphite Furnace Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer (AAS), and UAlb was analyzed using the Immunoturbidimetry method. This study showed 40 samples had concentration values were 0.0031 mg/m3 in the automatic workers and 0.0034 mg/m3 in manual workers. The mean values of UCr were 168.93 µg/g creatinine in the automatic workers and 203.99 µg/g creatinine in the manual workers. While the mean values of UAlb were 7.032 µg/mg creatinine for the automatic workers and 9.52 µg /mg creatinine for the manual workers. Based on the statistic analysis, there were no significant differences between automatic workers and manual workers.

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Trilochan Yadav

In the software development lifecycle (SDL), testing of software is the most stressful and exhausting operation which consumes lots of time. Every aspect of the software is very hard to test. Consequently, in recent times some automatic data generation research methods were added to reduce the time expended during the software testing. And the solution space of the automated generated test data is very large. It is not easy to check all the test data which is generated because it is time-consuming, forces to check the whole solution space of automated generated test data. We present in this paper demonstrating the design framework, implementing it and discovering the tool's capabilities to minimize the test data generated. Our concrete concepts on the test cases for the optimal set is based on the mutation function Specified by the user. The system was implemented in language C++. We introduce a mutation function to calculate mutant score with value and path to the test cases generated to minimize the solution space for the tester.

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Alias Khamis, Marizan Sulaiman, Chin Kim Gan, Mohd Shahrieel Mohd Aras, Azrul Affandi J Azhari

Nowadays, distributed generation technology had gained more popularity by many countries. Recently, there are many problems with power system. One of the problem is high electricity price. The price in power generation rely largely on the type and market price of the fuel used, government subsidies, government and industry regulation, and even local climate patterns. Other than that, usage of fossil fuel needed to be cuts. By using the fossil fuel, it will cause the smog and acid rain. Afterwards that, it will cause the greenhouse emission and earth's climate will shift. To supply a better power system, this project introduces a model of photovoltaic (PV) and a battery storage microgrid (MG) system. The PV is the small scale which widely used in power generation system. Through this project, MG will be modelling by using PV and battery storage system. The PV and battery storage system will be analysis in grid connected or stand-alone mode.

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Rachmanu Budi Pangestu, Lies K.Wulandari, Hery Setyobudiarso

The waterway tunnel construction work for the way apu dam is an underground work that includes several complex works, with the possibility that the fulfillment of the construction schedule may be delayed. On the other hand, there is information technology using Building Information Modeling (BIM) which can help smooth development. Researchers are interested in examining how the three building image modeling that has been given complete information can affect the implementation method and time control. The researcher formed a model 3 building image and filled it with detailed construction information, then from the 3-dimensional model image an analysis was made to improve the implementation method and time control analysis using the Network Planning Critical Patch method. By using this case study of the waterway tunnel construction , an acceleration of the provision of information is obtained to improve the implementation method and the spatial insight of the workplace to facilitate decision making. Controlling the implementation time by utilizing information from BIM resulted in an acceleration of the implementation completion time of 2 months from 12 months to 10, with a performance efficiency level of time control to 83.3%

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Mujammel.Z.Shaikh, Sujesh.D.Ghodmare, Akshay Gulghane

Purpose: Diverging Diamond interchange is competent to handle huge traffic in a smooth and efficient manager which makes it a popular choice in many developed countries. It is the best option to improve junction safety and performance, Reduces conflict point, vehicle Delay, number of stops, fuel consumption, and emission of pollutants. This paper aims/ to study the change in traffic and environmental parameter after proposing Diverging Diamond interchange at Mahalunge Junction and Baner junction in Pune city. These two junctions are closely spaced having tremendous traffic from all directions due to which level of service (LOS) of existing Intersections falls to the worst range and there is an increase in fuel consumption and emission. Method: PTV Vissim is used to analyze the Existing condition of intersection and Proposed Diverging Diamond Interchange modeling is carried out in Vissim. Result: The change in scenario is studied and it is identified that there is a drastic change in the traffic and Environmental parameter after proposing Diverging Diamond interchange, a further result obtained are summarized for the purpose of recommendation. Conclusion: research clarifies that implementation of Diverging Diamond interchange reduces traffic Q-length, delay, number of stops up to ninety percent, and curtail fuel consumption up to fourteen percent ultimately reduction in emission of pollutants.

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Ahmed M. EL-Deeb, Ibrahim A.H., Ismail A.basha

Construction industry has various risks due to the activities, individuals and many companies in different scales that it contains. Besides, construction materials, machinery, tools, tasks and handling skills all come with their own risks. Therefore, construction industry is prone to many hazard and accident potential. Accidents can be avoided mostly by implementing health and safety laws and regulations ensuring those protocols are continuously maintained. Fall from height consider the most frequently common on construction industry, Bureau of labours statistic records 39.9% total deaths in construction due to falls which is greater than any other reason of death. In 2018 fall protection was the most commonly cited violation for the Oregon construction industry total number of violations 443 with total penalty more than 900000 $.In Egypt there are 3517 fatal accidents in construction project during 2017 only based on immigration and work force minister. This research presents the safety procedure in mega project in Egypt three of them was residential building locate on the capital new city, high rise building Masa hotel locate on new El-Alamein city, this a Construct the questionnaire form which content all the regulations and acts presented by osha, the scope of sampling is the three mega construction company in Egypt Orascom construction, Arab contractor Co., Sodic.

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Azhar Nazir Dayo, Dr. Sayed Fayaz Ahmed

Increase in temperature is one of the trending topics over few years. The impact is mostly observed in urban areas (also known as “Urban Heat Island”) due to anthropogenic activities. This paper aims to study causes behind rise of temperature in different areas within city bifurcated by Central Business Districts (CBD) and non-CBD areas of Karachi city, it also focuses on remedial actions of increase in temperature. Anthropogenic activities create a temperature difference of 0.5°C to 5°C depending upon their intensity. Types of data, like; questionnaire, real air time temperature, city temperature and population growth, were analyzed using simple frequency method in SPSS to analyse questionnaire and results were plotted on graphs to compare the degree of fluctuations. The results were in favor of the study and showed that there is rise in temperature with increasing trend of anthropogenic activities, which is very useful to our industries and governmental organizations for implementing various mitigation measures more importantly awareness towards increasing trend observed in air temperature; which further enhances the impact of urban heat island (UHI) on individuals.

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Vu Khanh Quy, Dao Manh Linh, Vi Hoai Nam, Nguyen Dinh Han, Nguyen Tien Ban

These new technical standards will lead to fundamental changes in the design of the fifth generation of mobile networks (5G) in the future. This article analyzes the network technologies from 1G to 4G, after analyzing the limitations of 4G, and is the cause of the emergence of 5G networks. Furthermore, we describe some of the core architectures and technologies of the wireless access network that allow mobile users to meet the criteria of the 5G network generation as well as propose some new research directions.

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Chisty K. Kazi, Ghadiri S. Mohammadreza

Traffic congestion is taxing Dhaka City, Bangladesh, and other large metropolitan cities worldwide through travel time, vehicle operation, additional maintenance, excess fuel consumption, and environmental pollution. To minimize traffic congestion, taking care of micro-level causes, and the macro-level causes are usually suggested. However, to address traffic congestion, understanding traffic psychology can likewise assume a pivotal function as it is an order that reviews driver or other road user's behavior logically. This paper aims to examine car drivers' intention to aberrant driving behaviors on roads in Dhaka City, Bangladesh. Hence, this conduct has become more liable for traffic congestion on roads in Dhaka by generating frequent near collision situations with other vehicles by lessening the velocity than assisting to be free from the congestion.A total of 384 car drivers' in Dhaka, Bangladesh has participated in a roadside survey, and 55 factors under six latent constructs, which are attitude, subjective norm, perceived behavioral control, socio demographic factors, intention, and behavior were analyzed by performing structural equation modeling (SEM), and 39 factors were found significant. From the research findings, suggestions ranging frominstituting education and training programs for car driversto amendments of law have been provided to control car drivers' intention to aberrant driving behaviors and its anguish in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

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Abdulaziz I. Albannai

Friction stir welding (FSW) is a solid-state weld process that broadly used by industries and preferred rather than other weld process due to its capability to weld similar and dissimilar materials under high quality. It can be used to weld high strength materials to weight ratio such as aluminum alloys, copper alloys, and magnesium alloys which are normally hard to be welded by conventional fusion welding processes. FSW has significant advantages over other weld processes, such as, automatic, used for most materials, can be carried out in all positions, low distortion, no shielding gas or filler are needed, can be employed under water, and environmentally friendly. On the other hand, FSW is like any other weld methods can produce series visualized or hidden defects if improper care used to process preparation. Of these defects are cracks, pores, voids and tunnel, fragment, lack of penetration, kissing bond, hooking, flash, and other surface defects. This paper presents the most common defects types that can be produced in FSW process and weaken the joint. The defects will be reviewed from some of significant studies made by researchers, and their results will be used to build up a guidance to detect and prevent these defects and their causes to assure producing a free defect weld joint.

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Sargunam TG, C.M.R.Prabhu, Lim Way Soong

The significant development of memories with embedded on-board SRAM has been increasing tremendously for the current Internet-of-Things (IoT) applications. The high performance and low power SRAM cells are critically important and play a vital role for the data computations in any IoT application. The SRAM Cells are generally important for the contemporary VLSI systems and applications. The on-board SRAM memory demand is increasing day by day with the additional requirements of less power consumption, improved stability, improved performance, and overall energy efficiency. This research work presents a High Performance and Low Power (HPLP) SRAM cell with 8 transistors. The presented cell is designed in CMOS technology and simulation was carried out using Cadence Virtuoso EDA tool. The suggested HPLP SRAM cell’s write power analysis confirms that 47% write power is reduced. The write ability has been improved and the write delay has also been improved by 24% for write operations. Furthermore, the HPLP cell is robust and stable in worse environmental conditions with range of temperature from -50oC to 150oC.

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Khairunesa Isa,Sarala Thulasi Palpanadan

Lecturers’ tasks are different from the teachers’. Flexible working hours and composite work specification sometimes make thier working life unstable and it will indirectly affect their happiness. This study was conducted to identify the triggering factors that affect the happiness of Malaysian academicians’ happiness. A total of 40 academicians were selected as respondents from three selected university which was under the cluster Comprehensive University, Research University and Focus University. This preliminary study found that the happiness level among Malaysian academicians at Higher Education Institutions were at moderate level with the mean value of 3.118 and standard deviation value of .3791. The university factor (organization) was found to have a moderate higher mean (3.245) than the individual factor (mean = 3.022) and social factor (mean = 2.991). Based on this finding, it can be concluded that work load and job activities have high impacts towards lecturers’ happiness. The finding also relatively showed that lecturers have interest and passion on specific tasks. Hopefully, this finding can help in producing a criterion on happiness for lecturers at Malaysian public higher education institutions.

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Farjana Jahan Aneela, Tanzina Sultana, Mohammad Jawad, Bashir Ahmad, Md. Jaber Alam

Wheelchairs are great assistance for people with disabilities. Recent development in wheelchair technology includes smart ways of controlling the wheelchair and at the same time making it cost-effective and affordable to the user. In this paper,a new way of controlling a wheelchair by means of gyroscope and flex sensor has been proposed.With the help of these sensors, the control of the wheelchair will be implemented by simple hand gestures and finger bending. The control mechanism, transmission, and reception of the signals will be processed through the use of Arduino and Xbee.

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Ikhwan Aulia Fatahillah, Moh. Ahsanuddin Jauhari, Ine Fauzia, Yuyu Wahyu, Sumiati

The occurrence of the Covid-19 Pandemic in Indonesia had a significant impact on industry and employment. Many industries were unable to operate and resulted many workers being laid off. The aim of this study is to analyze one of the problems arises due to the existence of the Covid-19 pandemic relating to employment relations between the companies and workers in the termination of working relationship. This study uses descriptive research method and normative juridical approach. The results of this study indicate that the Covid-19 Pandemic can be categorized as a force majeure based on the law of employment in Indonesia. This is based on the reasons that it is an unnatural condition, special circumstances that are immediately, and short-lived without being able to be predicted beforehand. If a company is dismissed, the company closed due to loss or force majeure. Then the laborer is entitled to get the right to severance pay of one time provision, one year of service award money, and compensation rights in accordance with the Article 156 of the Indonesian Employment Law. If the company is unable to give the rights of the workers, they can effort to resolve through a bipartite negotiation forum to get a win-win solution. If the bipartite path cannot be negotiated or failed, it can take the tripartite approach. If there is still a dead lock, the dispute can be resolved through the Industrial Relations Court. The implication of the legal remedy is to obtain legal certainty for the parties.

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Rati Khandelwal, Ravindra Kumar Jain, Mukesh Kumar Gupta

In the current scenario of microclimate change and ecological crumbling, sustainable approaches should be implemented to maintain the ecological balance and reduce carbon footprint. In the field of sustainability, net-zero energy building design concepts have grabbed attention due to clean energy deployment, energy security, economic growth, and environmental sustainability. Since numerous advantages are associated with the implementation of NZEB, many architects, design professionals, builders contributed to new design concepts in new buildings. Amongst those new buildings, Indira Paryavaran Bhawan is an iconic building and a great example in the field of sustainability located in New Delhi, India (composite climate zone). This research paper elaborates on the case study of Indira Paryavaran Bhawan from various green building and NZEBs norms perspective. Numerous key points of this building have been discussed in this research paper that will be helpful for professionals from a different field.

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Sanya Sharma

Student debt in America amounts to $1.6 trillion and is a growing concern. My personalized peer-to-peer lending platform, Coinsequence, aims to alleviate this crisis and offer a curated platform to do-good investors where they can directly invest in the students’ karma and profile. In this paper, I propose various machine learning (ML) techniques to efficiently personalize the peer-to-peer lending and find ideal investor-student matches on the platform. The investors’ search for students by entering criteria which could range from a sophisticated keyword to free-flowing text, such as from “tennis” to “volunteers at a community shelter to help stray animals get sterilized.” To analyze the inputs, I will assess Latent Dirichlet Allocation (LDA) to assort them into categories to facilitate an efficient pairing. Furthermore, I will evaluate Gradient Boosted Decision Tree ML algorithm to match the digital personas of students to investors’ searches, leveraging the clusters produced using LDA in the conditional tests for the decision tree. The Coinsequence dataset for students’ digital personas, composed of thousands of activities logged by millions of students, would be massive and would require removal of redundant dimensions and features. To execute this refinement, I will evaluate Principal Component Analysis (PCA) and a hybrid of filter and wrapper method feature selection to remove extraneous variables and extract relevant features, which would help achieve high accuracy and efficiency of the ML algorithms.

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