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Volume 7 - Issue 11, November 2018 Edition

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Mohamad Fouzi Takriti

Because it is a serious matter in electrical installations our Knowledge in protective measures should be always refreshed so we can save lives and properties from electrical hazards.

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Muhammad Yahaya, Mohammed Abdullah Ali Al-khawlani, Mohammed Sani Suleiman, Usman Musa Zakari Usman

Effective communication complements managerial effectiveness in organizations and is also a means of achieving organizational objectives. The settings in large organizations often makes effective communication difficult. One source of this lies in the characteristics of organizational structure. This study confines to the impact of organizational structural variables on effective communication in organizations. The communication channels created by the organizational structure serve specific functions through downward, upward and lateral communication. Thus, an organization’s structure must facilitate this effective flow of communication. This study examined the relationship of selected variables of organizational structure and the informal structure to effective communication flow among the managerial ranks at GTBank in Kaduna Nigeria. The organizational structural variables examined were specialization, departmentalization, hierarchical level, a span of control, spatial dispersion, formalization and centralization, and the informal structure. Additionally, the demographic factors of gender, age, race, position, years of company experience, and emplacement were investigated to determine their impact on communication effectiveness as well as the differences among the various groups classified by the demographic factors

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Rahmad Efendi, Fajar Gustiawaty Dewi, Rindu Rika Gamayuni

This study aims to explain the usefulness of accrual-based accounting information on local government financial statements, using framing theory analysis. Informants in the study amounted to 27 people in the Lampung Provincial Government consisting of Regional Government Budget Team (TAPD) 15 people and Government Internal Supervisory Apparatus (APIP) 12 people. Data collection techniques by semi-structured interviews, test the validity of the data using triangulation and analysis methods and qualitative data management using NVivo version 12 software. The results showed that the accrual accounting information had not been useful by the local government in decision making. Furthermore, the results of the research are presented by framing usefulness of accrual-based accounting information on local government financial statement including Diagnosis (problem): System, accounting information system is not full accrual, not integrated with planning and asset subsystems; Human Resources (HR), low understanding and less number of accounting education employees; Data of Local Government Financial Statements, not full disclosure, are not presented in full and valid; Regulation, has not regulated the use of information in financial statements; Report Users, low executive and legislative commitment and understanding about the use of financial report information for decision making. Prognosis (strategi): employee education and training, socialization to the executive and legislative, improvement of regional accounting information systems, and changes in regulations both central and regional which give role to accounting information in government financial reports. Motivational (impact): increasing efficiency and effectiveness, increasing transparency and accountability, measuring performance and internal control, comprehensive and prudent decision making, realizing the principle of prudence, for calculating service rates, minimizing budget politicization and minimizing opportunities for corruption.

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Wesly J Sinabariba, Prihatin Lumban Raja, Sitti Raha Agoes Salim

Bank Sumut is very aware of the existence of tight competitions. This condition cannot be considered trivial. Everyone, want it or not, who still wishes to keep being existed and getting recognition from society must continue to develop his/her human resource abilities. Human resource development in Bank Sumut is one of steps taken in order to produce employees with high integrity and abilities. Good quality of human resource will give positive impact to organization. The objectives of this research is to identify and analyze the influence of intellectual ability, communication skill and work experience on the competency and their impact on employee work performance at PT Bank Sumut, Branch of Simpang Kwala Medan. The population is all employees of PT Bank Sumut, Branch of Simpang Kwala Medan until the year of 2015, which are 55 people in total. Given the population of only 55 people, saturated sampling (census) is applied in this research as sampling technique in which all members of population are sampled. Data collection in this research is conducted by using survey approach which the quantitative descriptive research is conducted by spreading the questionnaire. Path analysis is applied as data analysis method by using SPSS software. Test results showed that 1) Simultaneously, Intellectual ability, communication skill and work experience give a positive influence and has a significant impact on employee work performance; 2) Partially, Intellectual ability, communication skill and work experience give a positive influence and has a significant impact on employee work performance; 3) Simultaneously, Intellectual ability, communication skill and work experience give a positive influence and has a significant impact on employee competency;4) Partially, Intellectual ability, communication skill and work experience gives a positive influence and has a significant impact on employee competency; 5)Partially, competency gives a positive influence and has a significant impact on employee work performance; 6) Indirectly, Intellectual ability gives a positive influence on employee work performance through competency; and 7) Indirectly, work experience gives a positive influence on employee work performance through competency at PT Bank Sumut, Branch of Simpang Kwala Medan.

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Joseph Ddumba Lwanyaga, Hillary Kasedde, John Baptist Kirabira

Extraction of commercial mineral salts from the lake brine requires thorough knowledge of the brine phase chemistry. In this paper a solubility software (PHREEQC) has been used to predict which salts, their respective yield and the order in which they can crystallize from Lake Katwe brine. The brine solution was evaporated to supersaturation by removing 51 moles of water at 27.6°C. Thereafter, supersaturated solution was subjected to temperature variations ranging from -30° to 130°C. After removal of 31 moles of water, Thenardite equilibrates with the solution followed by Trona (33 moles), Burkeite (35.5 moles), Halite (36 moles) and lastly Glaserite (41.5 moles). At subzero temperatures, Mirabilite emerged with the highest Saturation Index (SI) followed by Sylvite and Halite. During evaporation, the PHREEQC model predicts a mineral precipitation sequence that starts with Thenardite followed by Trona, Burkeite, Halite and Glaserite. Based on the yield results, Halite, Thenardite, Burkeite, Glaserite, and Trona are the feasible salts that can be extracted, the latter being the least feasible. The ideal parameter ranges of pH, alkalinity, temperature, brine concentration factor and ionic strength were determined.

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Sri Husnulwati

The development of technology is an unavoidable necessity. This affects all behavior especially in terms of online commerce (e-commerce). Ease is being a keyword. However, the risks and how to solve it, especially in civil law, is not clearly known. This paper aims to explain how the problems and solutions of online buying and selling according to civil law. This research is a kind of legal research which is also referred to as empirical law research. The results of this study are; there are some problems in online trading such as, the validity of the agreement, the guarantor institution, the clarity of consumers and security. While the solution in civil law that can be litigation or non litigation.

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Vijayalakshmi Menon R

Qualitative analysis of differential equations can provide valuable insight to solve complicated biological models. In this paper, a comparison is made between exponential growth and logistic growth of the population of a given species using differential equations. The application of geometrical methods to obtain important qualitative information directly from the differential equation, without solving the equation is studied in this paper. AMS SUBJECT CLASSIFICATION CODE: 34D20

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Sukarman, Syahnur Said, Nasir Hamzah, Hamzah Ella

This reseach aims to determine the effect of work motivation on employee performance, organizational culture on employee performance, motivation influence on Organizational Citizenship Behavior, organizational culture on Organizational Citizenship Behavior, determine the effect of work motivation on Organizational Citizenship Behavior (OCB) mediated by employee performance and knowing the influence of organizational culture on Organizational Citizenship Behavior mediated by employee performance. The population in the study were all employees of the entire Regional Government of the Boalemo Regency consisting of the Secretariat, Agency, Office, District and General Hospital with a total population of 1,569. Samples of 236 job holder using proportional random sampling technique sampling. Data collection through questionnaires and analysis techniques using Structural Equation Modeling (SEM). The results of this study indicate that: motivation has a significant effect on employee performance, organizational culture has no significant effect on employee performance, motivation has a significant effect on Organizational Citizenship Behavior, organizational culture has no significant effect on Organizational Citizenship Behavior, employee performance mediates the influence of motivation on Organizational Citizenship Behavior, and employee performance unable to mediate the influence of organizational culture on Organizational Citizenship Behavior.

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Lisna lisna, Ren Fitriadi, Jasmine Masyitha, Nurhayati

The objective of the study was to describe the species composition of the types mangrove that grow in Lambur Luar Village, East Muara Sabak Sub District, East Tanjung Jabung District. The is the survey study and the data was analyzed descrively. The result shows that there were 13 species of mangrove were found in Lambur Luar Village belong to 5 families, and 13 species namely; Avicennia lanata, Avicennia marina, Aegiceras floridum, Bruguiera cylindrica, Bruguiera gymnorhiza, Bruguiera parviflora, Bruguiera sexangula, Rhizophora apiculata, Rhizophora mucronata, Rhizophora stylosa, Sonneratia alba, Xylocarpus granatum and Xylocarpus moluccensis.

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Farizal Imansyah

The problem in this study is whether there is an influence of the use of video compact disc (VCD) media on the results of jumps in the eighth grade students of Palembang State Junior High School 3 in the 2018/2019 academic year. The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of n media video compact disc (VCD) on long jump results in class VII students of Palembang State Junior High School 2019/2020. The method used in this study is an experimental method using the Pretest-Posttest One-Group design. Data sources of this research are seventh grade students of Palembang State 3 Junior High School, totaling 40 students. Data analysis techniques used are quantitative analysis techniques. From the results of the study found that the average final test score (posttest) is higher than the average value of the initial test (pretest), where the average value of the initial test results is 2.08 while the average value in the final test is 2 , 25. Based on the analysis carried out using the t test, the value = 13.93 is greater than = 2.02 so that the use of video compact disc (VCD) media on the squat style long jump results in class VII students of Palembang State 3 Junior High School in 2018/2019 acceptable.

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Rhesa T. Hinampas, Catherine R. Murillo, Denis A. Tan, Roxette U. Layosa

A research investigation was conducted to find out the effect of blended learning approach on students’ academic achievement and practical skills in science laboratories. Specifically, it aimed to: determine the level of academic achievement of students as exposed to blended learning approach and to those exposed to non-blended learning approach; ascertain the practical skills of students exhibited when exposed to blended learning approach and to those exposed to non-blended learning approach in terms of: questioning, designing, communicating, recording, analyzing, and interpreting; compare the academic achievement of students toward science laboratories when exposed to blended learning approach and non-blended learning approach; and differentiate the practical skills exhibited by students toward science laboratories when exposed to blended learning approach and non-blended learning approach. The study utilized the quasi-experimental design to determine the students’ academic achievement and practical skills in science laboratories through blended learning approach. Two intact classes such as third section class exposed to blended learning approach and second section class exposed to non-blended learning approach were administered with a developed teacher-made test questions and adapted questionnaires on practical skills inventory. Descriptive statistics such as mean and percentages, and analysis of covariance were also used. Results showed that those students exposed to blended learning improved their academic achievement from pre-test to posttest and leveled-up their scores with those students non-exposed to blended learning. The practical skills manifested by students were interpreting, communicating, designing, recording, analyzing, and questioning. Further results showed no significant difference existed between academic achievement of students exposed to blended learning approach and to those exposed to non-blended learning approach, both improved their performances, thus failed to reject the stated null hypothesis. There is significant difference in the practical skills manifested between those students exposed to blended learning approach and those non-exposed to blended learning approach, thus rejecting the stated null hypothesis.

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Sumaira Shafiq, Tamim A. Khan

The widespread use of applications services will only be accepted by users if their understandability (usability) is of acceptable level. It is therefore of high interest to be able to estimate, or to predict the usability (usability attribute) of a system under observation. Clear and visible navigations, consistent styles and color, concise content, appropriate help and searching means easily accessible are various usability factors to affect end user’s satisfaction. Mobile applications are now a de-factor standard for judging, using the medical or other systems to be built in the current era of technology. Due to ongoing research and improvements in mobile technology, the data/ information and their applications contained in this context are constantly evolving and are subject to the professional judgments and interpretation of the practitioner due to the uniqueness of a clinical situation. By usability in mobile App (mobile computing) we exactly mean to have an effective, efficient and at the same time customers satisfaction via feasible use of the mentioned APP. If the usability of these APPs under discussion is that of valuable standard, the users of these mobile applications can effectively attain all their tasks. In this work we have highlighted the importance of usability in the educational applications in mobile. That is, our study here evaluates the usability of selected mobile educational applications regarding two subject categories maths and reading skills to identify the usability problems found by the participants. After evaluating usability via testing these mobile applications on school children the comparisons are made between results gathered from usability and learning evaluation to prove our hypothetical statement that usability has a strong impact on learning.

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Muhammed Abed Attiya, Laith Jawad Aziz, Ola Mazen Mekki

Slab supported by a soil media is a widely used form of constructions in the civil engineering. When a cavity forms -due to gypsum dissolution- below the slab, a loss of support case or weak supporting condition will occur. In this paper, an experimental model has been tested in the laboratory to discus the load deflection curve of a real case of slab on soil. A good agreement obtained when simulating the experimental result by a numerical analysis program (ANSYS). Parametric studies have been made to show the effect of forming a cavity of different depths, various diameters, changing the slab thickness, and variation the concrete compressive strength. From this research, it can be concluded that forming a cavity of (D/T) = 0.13 (cavity depth to total depth of soil) causes to reduce the slab capacity by (148%) when comparing with a soil without cavity, and using a cavity of (d/B) =1 (cavity diameter to slab width) leads to reduce the slab failure load by (212.5%) when comparing with a soil without cavity. The failure load versus cavity depth and diameter has been obtained. The concrete compressive strength vs failure load of slab has been drawn.

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Asrid Juniar, Isti Fadah, Rini Rahmawati

This study aims to determine the level of financial efficiency of coal companies listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange and the strategies that must be done to achieve a good level of financial efficiency. The sampling technique uses purposive sampling method and produces 11 (eleven) companies as research samples. Data analysis techniques used are Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA) to measure the level of financial efficiency of coal companies for 2015-2016, and SWOT analysis to determine the strategies that must be carried out by the company. Based on the results of data analysis, it was found that 10 (ten) coal companies were efficient in 2015, then 9 (nine) efficient companies in 2016. The strategy that must be applied by coal companies to obtain good financial efficiency based on SWOT analysis matrix must use aggressive strategies (quadrant 1). The strategy that must be done is to maintain good efficiency and calculate the exact costs associated with US$ currency. In addition, the company must also increase EPS to increase investor confidence. Another strategy is to increase production volumes for coal exports to importing countries and increase exports so that revenue and total assets increase with the strengthening of US$ and hedging to anticipate price fluctuations and the exchange rate of Rupiah to US$ by making a payment agreement contract.

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Azhar Susanto, Meiryani

Enterprises Resources Planning (ERP) Systems are designed based on business processes that are considered 'best practice' - a common process that is most worthy of imitation. For example, how is the general process that actually applies to purchases (purchasing), the preparation of stock in the warehouse and so on. To get the maximum benefit from an ERP system, our industry must also follow the best practice processes that apply. The Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system integrates many interconnected information, especially information coming from the shop floor with accounting and financial information, so that it will provide comprehensive and integrated information that is useful for communication among people in manufacturing systems. that, as well as facilitate the management of the manufacturing industry to take action or make timely decisions in achieving company goals. Through good communication will also increase harmony between departments in manufacturing companies.

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Azhar Susanto, Meiryani

Audit is an integral part of the modern business environment. Audit develops, from financial audits to other types of audits, such as management, operational, performance, quality, environment, human resources, information technology audits and others. To state the level of conformity, the auditor requires the collection and testing of audit evidence. Audit evidence can be in the form of physical evidence, documentary evidence, testimony evidence, and analyst evidence. The increasing use of information technology/computers in data processing organizations has made changes in the form of audit evidence. If audit evidence as a result of a computer process cannot be seen then it is impractical for the auditor to do manual testing, so that the auditor must consider the use of Computer Assisted Audit Techniques.

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Azhar Susanto, Meiryani

Risk management is a structured approach/methodology for managing uncertainty related to threats; a series of human activities including: Risk assessment, developing strategies to manage it and risk mitigation using resource empowerment/management. Strategies that can be taken include moving risk to other parties, avoiding risks, reducing the negative effects of risk, and accommodating some or all of the consequences of certain risks. Financial risk management, on the other hand, focuses on risks that can be managed using financial instruments. The goal of implementing risk management is to reduce the different risks associated with the chosen field at a level acceptable to the community. This can be in the form of various types of threats caused by the environment, technology, people, organizations and politics. The implementation of risk management involves all means available to humans, in particular, to risk management entities as human, staff and organization.

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Asfarizal Saad, Anwar Kasim, Gunawarman, Santosa

Oil palm empty fruit bunches (OPEFB), which is abundant in every crude palm oil industry and has not been optimally used, oil palm empty fruit bunches has the high potential for particle board materials. The characteristic of the particle board is determined by the composition, fiber length, fiber orientation, and fiber diameters. This research is aimed to determine the effect of fiber length toward characteristics particle board. The fiber length OPEFB from 0.1 to 8 cm, used Urea Formaldehyde adhesive with the composition of 12%wt. The fiber and adhesive evenly mixed and press cold for 15 minutes, followed by hot press at the temperature of 130ºC for 15 and 20 minutes, then cooled. Determined the characteristic of the particle board is a measurement of density, moisture content, and Modulus of Rupture, Modulus of Elasticity with bending test and Internal Bonding. The result particle board with eight treatments of fiber length showed that fiber length does not affect density but affect the moisture content, Modulus of Rupture and Modulus of Elasticity. Modulus of Rupture, density and moisture contens meet the standards SNI 03-2105-2006 and JIS A 5908-2003 for medium density. Modulus of Elasticity and Modulus Rupture tend to decrease against increasing length fiber.

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Syarifuddin Oko, Irmawati Syahrir, Muh. Irwan

Transesterification of used cooking oils with methanol was produce methyl esters (biodiesel) by using CaO as catalyst dissolved by KOH. The CaO obtained from the shelled chicken shells mixed with KOH with variations of % K (0 %, 5 %, 7%, 9 % and 12 %) is accompanied by heating at 85 0C, while the catalytic properties are performed by XRD, Base and SEM.-EDX. The catalysts obtained are then used for the biodiesel production, the best biodiesel yields by producing 87.17% in catalysts of 7% K and oils : methanol (1:12) moles ratio, 1.5 % total oil catalysts, reaction time of 2, 5 hours, the reaction is 65 0C, biodiesel characteristics, kinematic viscosity of 2.89 cSt, 0.032 % water content, density 0.819 g / ml, methyl ester content 99.39 %.

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Ruspita Sihombing, Martin Surya Putra, Ani Fatmawati, Samen Lolongan, Hidayat Hidayat

Log Harvesting technology using a monocable winch machine was proved to have reduced the production costs and reduced environmental damages compared withthe use of a bulldozer, and contributes to the fact of being harder to get the natural-forest woods confronted by longer routes and tougher topographical rain forest through swampy areas to get bigger logs nowadays. To skid a bigger diameter or volume of logs requires a much a bigger machine. The main purpose of this research was to find out about the influence of engine capacity improvement from 20HP to 26 HP upon log harvest skidding. Application in log skidding using the 20HP engine generated 7,08 m3/h-1hm productivity, while that of the 26HP generated a 8,52 m3/h-1hm productivity. This shows that the productivity improvement from the 20HP to 26HP engines was 20,33%. However, thet-test, shows that the engine improvement from 20HP to 26HP in terms of log skidding productivity at PT Ratah Timber incorporated did have a significant effect.

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Zeti Zuryani Mohd Zakuan, Rizauddin Saian, Rahmah Ismail

In Malaysian Universities, certain courses, require students to take up law subjects as one of the requirements to complete the course. In law classes for non-law students, legal writing starts when students are required to answer law questions. Legal writing is a huge problem to non-law students as they do not know where to start and what to write. To improve the writing process of answering law questions students are required to know the format of answering the questions. A study is carried out to find a new way to help non-law students who undertake law subjects to answer law questions properly. The study developed a smartphone application that can guide the students throughout the writing process. The application is called Smartphone Assisted Legal Writing (SALeW).

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Sigit Purwanto, Karyawan Pudjianto, Ferdy Pradana

Cyclone burner is a direct combustion technology, fuel used is rice husk powder of biomass with particle size <177 m (-80 mesh). The combustion process in the cyclone burner utilize swirl flow, with lab-scale testing. Influence of air fuel ratio (AFR) and temperature distribution in combustion chamber is an important factor of combustion process, resulting in the ratio of air requirement to fuel and performance of combustion chamber in the cyclone burner. The results of the cyclone burner test with rice biomass powder showed optimum AFR at 8.37, 8.63 and 7.82, with variations mass flow rate of the fuel. Maximum combustion temperature with biomass fuel rice husk powder reached 861 0C with mass flow rate of fuel 3.25 kg/h.

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Fikret YASAR, Ozlem UZAL, Ozlem YASAR

This study was carried out in order to determine whether the element of potassium would be effective in the intake of micronutrients of the papper plants under salt stress. In the study, Demre long pepper type was used as material. The study was carried out in 16/8 hour light / dark photoperiod, 25 0C and 70% humid climate room in controlled conditions. After germinating the seeds planted in the pumice, the seedlings formed in 2 real leaves were cultured in hydroponics. Hoagland nutrient solution was used in culture in hydroponic solution. The current Hoagland solution K+ was calculated as 136 ppm and was used as the control. Other doses were K1 = 116 ppm, K2 = 136ppm, K3 = 156 ppm, K4 = 176 ppm. In addition, 100 mM NaCl salt was applied to the plants. Sampling for measurements and analyzes was performed on the 20th day of salt administration. In these samples, iron (Fe +2), zinc (Zn+2), copper (Cu+2), manganese (Mn+) and magnesium (Mg+) contents were determined from micro nutrients by total plant weight. In the results obtained, K3 = 156 ppm and K4 = 176 ppm doses were effective in salvaging the plant from the detrimental effect of salt.

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Sukriming Sapareng, Ambo Ala, Tutik Kuswinanti, Burhanuddin Rasyid

Fungus has the ability to degrade the stem and EFB because it produces an enzyme that can decompose cellulose, hemicellulose, and lignin. Fungal isolates were obtained from decayed palm oil and EFB. Isolates were observed macroscopically and microscopically. Macroscopic observations include growth rate, colony color, elevation and shape of the colony's edge. Microscopic observations include spores and conidiofor fungi. The result of the research was found that there were 32 isolate mushrooms consisting of 17 isolates from crushed palm oil and 15 isolates from EFB. Trichoderma sp3 isolates had the highest colony diameter, and the lowest isolates of Absidia sp grown on PDA media.

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Amna Batool, Mahira Arooj

Current treatments aimed at controlling and alleviating the fatal symptoms of cystic fibrosis (CF) have directed their attention to draw valid inferences, by employing different strategies and agents for the absolute prevention of disease. Variety of CF clinical studies exploits the master antioxidant known as glutathione (GSH) and its precursors to improve the health status of CF patients and to develop the ultimate role of therapeutics. The practical usage of GSH in various clinical trials is assessed by its ability to improve numerous clinical endpoints and surrogate markers of CF, which are yet to be determined. More recently a precursor of GSH known as Gemma-glutamylcysteine (GGC) is gaining larger acceptance, ascertained by its efficacious role in ameliorating the health status of various patients. This review has two main focuses: to identify different clinical trials elucidating the role of GSH in the etiology of CF. Secondly to unravel the beneficial effects of N-Acetylcysteine (NAC) and GGC to discern novel clinical interventions and therapies to annihilate the disastrous effects of CF successfully.

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Hasbyalloh Mochamad Salman, Suryati Yayat, Rahmayanti Siti Dewi, Budiman

Introduction: Based on the survey from the who in 2008 or as many as almost 80 percent of kids experienced treatment at the hospital. In indonesia in 2010 as many as 33.2 % of children hospitalisasi 1,425 have been heavy, 41,6 % had hospitalisasi being, and 25,2 hospitalisasi % had light. Aim: found the effectiveness of storytelling on hospitalization anxiety of preschool child. Method: an experimental approach with pretest posttest control group design was used. 30 samples were selected by using consecutive sampling technique. Observational checklist were used for data collection. Result: resut showed there is significant decrease in post-test hospitalization anxiety scores (6,27, p,0,05) assessed by observational checklist by interview schedule.

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M. I. Qeis, Ahmad Faiz Muntazori, Nurulfatmi Amzy

The popularity of muslim fashion in Indonesia made its way to the mass media, particularly into the television screen as a part of Indonesian popular culture. One of them is Fair&Lovely Commercial which featured a female model wearing muslim fashion. The commercials featured visual elements and narratives that brings a question about the image and identity of nowadays Indonesian muslimat, as television commercials can represents a particular identity within its visuals. This paper focuses on a visual analysis of Fair&Lovely television commercial, a whitening lotion showing a model wearing muslimat fashion to see how the commercial represents the image of nowaday’s Indonesian young adult muslimat with the approach of semiotics in the form of intersign relation of metaphor-metonymy. The result shows that the Fair&Lovely commercial tries to communicate an image representing a mixture of idea between the Islamic Syar’i values and the Western concept of female and femininity in the form of liberal feminism as a part of nowadays Indonesian muslimat identity.

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Huthaifa Almogdady, Dr. Saher Manaseer, Dr.Hazem Hiary

Recognition is one of computer vision high level processing, the recognition process is mainly based on classifying object by obtaining and analyzing their main distinguishable features. In this paper and as a benchmark dataset we have used Oxford 102 flowers dataset, as it consists of 8189 flowers images that belong to 102 flower species, each species contains 40 to 251 images that has been gathered using internet searching or directly from photographers. we are introducing a flower recognition system for the Oxford 102 flowers dataset using image processing techniques, combined with Artificial neural networks (ANN), based on our proposed methodology, this paper will be divided into 4 main steps; starting with image enhancement, cropping of images used to modify dataset images to create more suitable dataset for next stage. Then image segmentation introduced to separate the foreground (the flower object) from the background (rest of image) where chan-vese active contour has been used, and for the features extraction, all of color, texture and shape have been used, (HSV color descriptor, Gray Level Co-occurrence Matrix (GLCM) as texture descriptor, and Invariant Moments (IM) as a shape descriptor). Finally; the classification process where Back-Propagation Artificial Neural Network (ANN) used. We have achieved (81.19%) as an accuracy rate.

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Suratmi, Sigit Hardiwinarto, Marlon.I. Aipassa, Sumaryono

The occurrence of a landslide disaster is one of the most frequent disasters in Indonesia, including in East Kalimantan on roads connecting Samarinda Balikapapan especially in Bukit Soeharto Forest Highway km 38 Sungai Merdeka district Samboja and km 69 Batuah district Loa Janan, it is necessary to take a research steps to determine the causes of landslide disaster and to know how to tackle the causes of the landslide. Based on the analysis at the location of the research that the land texture in Soeharto Hill Forest Park area is yellow Podzolic soil type, Latosol and Litosol (15%) and Alluvial soil (10%) with parent material in the form of folds of hill and the structure of the soil is clumped and its consistency is flat. The topographic state of the field is bottom to bumpy to the slope of 10-45%.Referring to the general nature of soil chemical physics, most soil types in the Bukit Soeharto Forest Park area have a high degree of erosion sensitivity with very low land productivity, so it is appropriate to be designated as a conservation area. The potential for ground motion on the slope depends on the soil condition and its composition and one of the geological causes of soil movement is rock weathering, because it is in high intensity of rainfall and sun irradiation makes the rock weathering process more intensive. Rocks that often weathering will cause a decrease in rock strength that ultimately forms a layer of weak rock and thick residue soil. If this happens on the slopes it will be critical. The location of the study is a hilly area that forms a slope of land with an average slope of 25 to 75 degrees and is composed by a pile of soil formed by physical and chemical weathering on rocks or more compact soil has the potential to move or landslides. The cause of a landslide disaster along the Balikpapan-Samarinda road in Soeharto Hill Forest Park is due to high rainfall and deforested land cover deforestation.

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Sravanth Malla

The purpose of this research is to identify the new era of treating cancers, known as immunotherapy, Immunotherapy is a cancer treatment which uses a patient’s own body cells to fight the cancerous cells. The first part of this paper identifies what this treatment is, as well as the pros and cons. The second part talks about the different types of immunotherapy, how they can affect the body, and the way each variation of the treatment works. By perfecting the process of immunotherapy, we can direct future research on a cure for cancer.

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Bukohwo Michael Esiefarienrhe, Abubakar Hashimu Ekka

This Paper presents a modified Role Based Access Control model by extending traditional role based access control in SQL (Structure Query Language) data storage. The said model evaluates and executes security policies which contain versatile access conditions against the dynamic nature of data. The goal is to devise a mechanism for a forward looking, assertive yet flexible security features to regulate access to data in the data storage that is devoid of rigid structures and consistency. This is achieved by integrating roles and authenticated fine-grained access rules and implemented through effective audit trail. The model and the rules used are presented and shows that when implemented, it is capable of outperforming existing models that are role based.

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Sulastri, Yuliani, Agustina Hanafi, Afriyanti Dewi

This study aims to examine the effect of institutional ownership, managerial ownership, capital structure and profitability of the firm value. The data used are secondary data in the form of financial statements of manufacturing companies listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange in 2015 and 2016. Sampling method using purposive sampling so that obtained a sample of 73 of 144 companies. The analysis technique used is multiple regression. The results showed that institutional ownership was not significant to firm value. Managerial ownership has a positive and significant. Capital structure has a negative and significant. Profitability is not significant to firm value.

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Andry T. Randrianarinosy, Tsiriry Ranarison, Jaolalaina A. Andrianaivoarivelo, Onimihamina Rakoto Joseph, Zely A. Randriamanantany

A air solar collector is a thermic system that uses the solar energy to produce heat warming up a fluid circulating inside the system. There are two types of solar collectors that can be used as an air conditioning system in a habitation: water solar collectors and air solar collectors. In this work, we studied air solar collectors which is based on the circulation of heated air inside a serpentine for warming or cooling a house. A new analytical approach based on the F-chart method have been proposed to calculate the solar covering rate of the heating air requirements in the habitation. Besides, the overall efficiency of the system depends especially on the quantity of heat stored by time unit in the storage tank of the installation.

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Yuli Patmawati, Alwathan

Indonesia is one of the countries that has large coal reserves in the world, but its utilization is still limited to the manufacture of briquettes and as fuel for electricity generation. On the one hand the results of the study indicate that activated charcoal can be made from organic and inorganic materials mentioned in high carbon content. In this case it is as raw material for making activated carbon because it has a high carbon content. Meanwhile, the textile industry is one of the industries that developed in East Kalimantan, especially Samarinda. Where liquid substances from chemicals can increase the concentration of pH, TSS, BOD and COD if directly discharged into the environment without first processing. One way to reduce levels of pollutants from liquid waste is by means of adsorption using activated carbon. This study aims to determine the capacity of activated carbon to the pH, TSS, BOD and COD values in Samarinda waste cloth wastewater. Low rank coal is carbonized at 600 for 1 hour, then activates physics at 800 for 2 hours. As much as 700 ml of Samarinda waste cloth industrial wastewater is adsorbed with activated carbon from low rank coal with a mass of 5, 10 and 15% by mass to waste with an adsorption time of 120 minutes. The best results are obtained at a mass of 15% with a percentage decrease or % removal in conditions: pH value 7.67; TSS 92%; BOD 47.1% and COD 39.26%

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Ida Suryani

The problem in this study is "whether the value of Islamic culture in Baiturrahman Mosque in Banyan Village in Rambang Kuang Subdistrict can be used as a source of character in learning Indonesian cultural history?" Rambang Kuang as a source of character in learning Indonesian cultural history. The method used in this study is a qualitative descriptive method. Data sources: a) Informants; b) documents; c) place. Data collection techniques: a) interviews; b) document review; c) direct observation. Data validity: data triagulation techniques, and method triagulation. Analysis technique: interactive model analysis. Conclusion: 1) Baiturrahaman mosque in Beringin village in Rambang Kuang Subdistrict has historical and cultural values from mixing Arab, Persian and Chinese cultures; 2) Cultural Value of the Baiturrahman Mosque from mixing Arab, Persian and Chinese cultures can be used as a source of character in history learning; 3) Character Values that can be lifted from Baiturrahman Mosque include: the character of cultural tolerance, the character appreciates the work of art / beauty, the character loves the culture of history and local culture, religious character.

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