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IJSTR Volume 6 - Issue 11, November 2017 Edition - ISSN 2277-8616

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Florentinus Sudiran

Garbage is solid wastes which have mostly organic composition and the rest consists of plastic, paper, cloth, rubber, bone and others. Garbage disposal in urban areas is often a burden because it involves financing for waste transport, disposal sites, health and environmental hygiene. The burden of waste management is increasing as the volume of waste increases due to population growth and community behavior. Samarinda as a developing city also experienced the problem. Problems encountered include low service coverage, especially for domestic waste, high landfill demand, and high government subsidies that resulted in the community no matter the amount of waste generated. The purpose of this study is to determine whether the waste management by the government of Samarinda City from management management aspects, institutional capacity and financing system is environmentally sound. The method used is non experimental method and do direct observation in the field. Data collection with questionnaires, field observations, document analysis and literature. Based on the results of the study concluded as follows: Waste management by the Government of Samarinda City as a whole has been good, and has environmentally minded by running the system of collecting, transporting and destruction and separating waste from waste processing and sources into compost fertilizer though still very limited in scope. Waste management by the capital intensive Samarinda City Government leads to high costs by the operational costs of trucks and other vehicles.

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Aliyu Aliyu, Gaafar Muhammed, Ibrahim Abdullahi

The impetus for the work presented here arose from the fact that the demand for renewable energy grows, and the supply of the non-renewable energy is at the decreasing level. An increasing percentage of total energy produced globally is moving to renewable forms. Wind energy enjoys increasing deployment for power generation due to the economic benefits associated with it.Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) has abundance of renewable energy; it has an average wind speed of 4.30m/s and 5.04m/s at 10m and 50m respectively. The economic analysis of is plant shows that the wind farm has an investment cost of $2300000 with $333217.8 as annual savings. The simple payback was calculated to be 7 years, the savings to investment ratio was found to be 3.62, the net present value turn to be positive while the return on investment was 14.48%.

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Yusuff Oladosu, M.Y. Rafii, Usman Magaji, Norhani Abdullah, Asfaliza Ramli, Ghazali Hussin

Identification of outstanding rice genotype for target environments is complicated by genotype × environment interactions. Using genotype main effect plus genotype by environment interaction (GGE) Biplot software, fifteen rice genotypes were evaluated at five locations representing the major rice producing areas in peninsula Malaysia in two cropping seasons to (i) identify ideal test environment for selecting superior rice genotype, and (ii) identify discriminative and representative ability of test locations. Genotypes, locations, years, and genotypes by environment interaction effect revealed high significant difference (P < 0.01) for number of tillers per hill, grains per panicle, grain weight per hill, and yield per hectare. Grain yield per hectare had a non-repeatable crossover pattern that formed a complex and single mega-environment. Based on the crossover pattern, a set of cultivars were selected for the whole region on the merit of mean performance and their stability analysis. The tested environments were divided into two mega-environments. An ideal test environment that measures the discriminative and representative ability of test location reveal that environment Sekinchan SC is the best environment, while Kedah KD and Penang PN can also be considered as favorable environment whereas Serdang SS and Tanjung Karang TK were the poorest locations for selecting genotypes adapted to the whole region. This study serves a reference for genotypes evaluation as well as identification of test locations for rice breeding in Malaysia.

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Ameilia Zuliyanti Siregar, Tulus, Kemala Sari Lubis

Golden snail, Pomaceae canaliculata is a pest of rice plants, and used as a food source to be processed into satay, seasoning spices, biscuits, pastry, candy, crackers, animal feed, and fertilizer. In Lae Parira village, the golden snail is very diverse. Because of this reason, the preliminary study and utilization of golden snail used for of liquid organic fertilizer called (LOF) or and microorganisms local (MOL). The golden snail is obtained from a livestock that is still alive and then washed, boiled and removed from its shell. The golden snail meat is cut into small pieces, separated from the intestine and other visceral organs. Flesh of golden snail give coconut water, dilute brown sugar, EM4 and fermentation until 10-14 days. The use of mashed LOF can be sprayed on the surface of the soil or all parts of the plant. For fertilization in rice plants the recommended dose of 250 ml/15 liters of water is sprayed on the rice age 10 days after planting and repeated again at interval distance of 15 days. Fertilization on the plant recommended 200ml /15 liters of water sprayed on leaves and soil 7 days after planting and repeated every 7 days. The golden snail is potensial used for fertilizer in paddy plantation environmentally.

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Mary Regina Apsay, Emmanuel Galupo

This study aimed to create an application that would show some Philippine delicacies in game concept using Android Technology. The selected respondents of the study are students in Our Lady of Fatima University, Lagro, Quezon City Campus. It intends to correlate the demographic profile of the respondents and what the respondents thinks about program in term of accuracy, reliability and user friendly. To obtain data the proponents used a survey form, it was conducted to the 100 respondents composed of 50 BSTM and 50 BSHRM students. After a thorough analysis of the data, it showed that majority of the respondents find the program accurate, reliable and user friendly. It was found that male respondents are dominant in terms of number. It was also found that the respondents have a significant difference in the answer depending on the respondents’ demographic profile. According to the respondents this program will be helpful for the students and for those who want to learn cooking different delicacies. The program also helped them to become more familiar with all the regions in the Philippines through the trivia’s that they got at the end of each level. The study found that the delicacies in the Philippines would be easily to understand by applying it in-game. Most Filipino citizens are socializing thru mobile and applying it to Android Technology it would be more accessible since it is the most trending mobile platform. The application gives some trivia around the Philippines. The study proven that the user can be aware that they have in they own country. It conclude in this study Hunting Game for Philippine Delicacies Using Android Technology is a good source of information about Philippines delicacies in game concept and attract tourist to visit tourist spots in the Philippines.

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This study evaluated the effectiveness of National Root Crop Research Institute (NRCRI) selected technologies in poverty alleviation among rural households in Abia state, Nigeria. Purposive and multi-stage sampling techniques were used in selection of Umuahia agricultural zone which is the host zone to NRCRI and sixty (60) rural farmers from the study area were selected. Data were collected using structured questionnaire and analyzed with descriptive statistics, poverty gap analysis, and one sample Z-test and ANOVA. The result shows that farmers identified; yam of mini sett ( =2.07) as an improved yam technology; provision of improved technology of cocoyam ( =4.23), provision of improved technology of sweet potatoes ( =6.52), advisory services on other improved technologies ( =8.32), agro-processing improvement services ( =10.77) and advisory service on stem cutting and planting pattern ( =0.62) were the various technologies provided by NRCRI. NRCRI technologies were effective in reducing the cost of purchasing root and tuber crops ( =3.2); producing disease resistance, early maturing and large yield root and tuber crops ( =3.4) were effective means to alleviate poverty by NRCRI. The study further, shows that improved cassava varieties TMS ( =2.7) and NR ( =2.6) were adopted by farmers and improved varieties yam; Dioscorea rotundata ( =3.0) was adopted. The results of the one sample z-test showed that there were significant difference between the mean scores response of the respondents on the various questions raised on the NRCRI technologies effectiveness in alleviating poverty were significant at 1% respectively . The result showed that the mean score on the level of adoption of improved variety TMS in the study were 1.00±.000b and 1.30±.070b was at the same level of adoption while, mean scores NR were 1.15±.154a, 2.11±.048a and 3.00±.000a respectively and the Duncan multiple range test used as mean separation technique show that there is a significant difference (F-ratio 3.295) among the level of adoption. The various technologies developed and disseminated should be sustained and more farmers should encouraged to adopt the disseminated technologies, since the poverty incidence was high and Government should construct roads to link farms in other to enable farmers transport their produce.

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Dr. Virginia Berganio

Human resource is one of the key factors in national development, especially for the City of Manila in which its population is fast increasing due to unabated migration of people from the country side to look for better economic opportunity. It is coupled with the ever increasing Manila youth and adult population (part of the total workforce) who are unemployed due to lack of the appropriate working knowledge and vocational and technical skills needed by the business and industry sectors. The main thrust is to implement effectively its educational direction. The primary objective of this study was to develop a program on Microfinance Technology NC II. This course is designed to provide basic knowledge; skills and desirable attitudes for the marginalized citizens of Manila who would like to become a Microfinance Loan Officer and be competent to interact with clients in providing microfinance loan and other services for start-up or expansion of a small or micro enterprise. Assessment shall focus on the core units of competency. The basic and common units shall be integrated or assessed concurrently with the core units. It should be based in the collection of evidence of the performance of work to the industry required standards. Successful candidates shall be awarded a National Certificate signed by the TESDA Director General.

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Chokey Wangmo

This study examines the factors used by the banks to determine the outcome of loan applications of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in Bhutan. Inaccessibility to financing is one of the biggest challenges faced by the Bhutanese SMEs. This exploratory study is built on in-depth interview of 6 credit officials to understand the lending behaviour of banks towards SMEs. Thematic Analysis revealed that the bank loan accessibility was a function of firm and owner characteristics. The collateral and internal finance was found to be vital in determining SME’s accessibility to bank loans. SMEs’ inadequate financial information was a serious problem for the banks. Firm age, size and industry sector had a positive correlation with bank loan accessibility. The age and educational qualification of borrowers were also found to have a positive relationship while the gender of the owner did not have any effect on bank loan accessibility.

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Poorvi Bhatt

Iris recognition, a relatively new biometric technology, has great advantages, such as variability, stability and security, thus it is the most promising for high security environments. The proposed system here is a simple system design and implemented to find the iris from the image using Hough Transform Algorithm. Canny Edge detector has been used to get edge image to use it as an input to the Hough Transform. To get the general idea of Hough Transform, the Hough Transform for circle is also implemented. RGB value of 3-D accumulator array of peaks of inner circle and outer circle has been performed. And at the end some suggestions are made to improve the system and performance gets discussed.

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Salau, O. B. E., Salaudeen, A.

A technical analysis of hydrologic issues of the safety evaluation of existing dam (SEED) was performed on Dadin Kowa dam, involving review of initial design basis, flood frequency analysis of new data and flood routing studies with approved probable maximum flood (PMF) through the spillway and outlet works under large discharges. A comparison of the design and new PMF based on data from the gauging station and reservoir inflow data showed the latter to be 2.4 times the former at 2841 and 6879 m3/s respectively. This obviated a review of the hydrologic bases of the design of the spillway and routing of the new PMF through the reservoir. It was found that the reservoir has the capacity to attenuate the new PMF to achieve a peak outflow of 1556 m3/s compared to the design spillway discharge of 1100 m3/s. Operating the spillway, penstock and irrigation release facility simultaneously during the new PMF has no advantage in reducing the peak outflow discharge. A laboratory model of the spillway and chute channel was earlier tested for a maximum outflow of 2000 m3/s and found to be capable. It was therefore concluded that the safety of Dadin Kowa dam with regard to hydrologic issues is satisfactory.

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Fajriyati Mas’ud, Meta Mahendradatta, Amran Laga, Zainal Zainal

Rice bran oil (RBO) has been extracted from Celebes rice bran by multistage extraction with hexane solvent followed by ethanol to see the component, profile of fatty acids and mineral contained in both of them. As a comparison, RBO directly extracted with ethanol was also presented. Extraction process was performed using reflux method at 55oC, for 5 hours with bran and solvent ratio of 1:7. Analysis of components and fatty acids of RBO was conducted with GC-MS QP 2010 Shimadzu. Oleic, linoleic and palmitic were found dominant in first stage extraction by hexane with concentration of 3716.56, 1630.78 and 1021.89 mg/L, respectively. Palmitic (6.34 mg/L), lauric (4.78 mg/L), and linoleic (3.52 mg/L) were dominant in the second stage extraction by ethanol. Linoleic (28.85 mg/L), stearic (2.88 mg/L) and myristic (2.02 mg/L) were found in extracted directly by ethanol. RBO extracted with hexane had 18.6% of saturated fatty acid and 81.4% of unsaturated fatty acids, with ratio of saturated fatty acids : monounsaturated fatty acids: polyunsaturated fatty acids of approximately 1: 2.3 : 1.3. It contained about 56.7% of monounsaturated, 24.7% of polyunsaturated, and 18.6% of saturated fatty acids. In the present paper, we provide also an analysis of mineral composition of RBO by X-ray Spectrometer and melting point of RBO by Differential Scanning Calorimeter (DSC) instrument.

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Ale Felix, Agboola A. Olufemi, Halidu D. Ibrahim, Abdullahi Ayegba, Jegede John Olu, Wysenyuy Desmond Fonyuy, Ademu Victor

The work concentrates on the determination of the relationship between the signal strength of the WE FM, radio station, Abuja with respect to temperature and relative humidity. The WE FM radio station based in Abuja, Nigeria operates at the frequency of 106.3 MHz. The research was carried out, during cloudy and uncloudy days, with the use of CATV signal level meter, Hygrometer and thermometer to measure the signal strength, the temperature and relative humidity respectively. The results show that signal strength reduces as the atmospheric temperature increases, but the signal strength increases with the increase in relative humidity. The calculated correlation coefficients of the temperature and signal strength for the two days are -0.42369and -0.51878 while relative humidity and signal strength correlation coefficients are 0.29 and 0.39. These results further affirm that signal strength directly varies with relatively humidity and inversely varies with the ambient temperature. It was also found that the effect of these parameters on the signal strength of the FM station radio is higher during cloudy or rainy day than on clear or sunny day.

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Desire Emefa Awuye, Zhaofeng Chen, Binbin Li, Wang Xuejia

Vacuum insulation panels, one of the most promising insulation materials consisting of an evacuated core material, an air tight envelope and in special cases an absorbent known as getter. However, despite its outstanding properties, it faces some challenges such as relatively high cost and quite a short service life which can be attributed to the core material used. In this paper, Hybrid core materials (HCM) consisting of various percentages of fly ash, fumed silica and glass fiber were used as a core material for vacuum insulation panels, and the composition ratio vs thermal conductivity were investigated to ascertain the optimum composition ratio that showed the lowest thermal conductivity and best insulation properties. This was to produce VIPs at a relatively cheaper cost. The optimum ratio of the HCM that showed the best insulation properties including lower thermal conductivity is that of 65% fly ash (FA), 30% fumed silica (FS) and 5% glass fiber (GF). The HCM produced exhibited similar qualities as that of silica powder core VIPs. Even though produced at a relatively lower cost, the insulation properties were not compromised. Furthermore, the thermal conductivity of each of the VIPs from the HCMs prepared were measured after undergoing a temperature stress of 60 °C for 6 months.

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Mutmainah, Umi Marfuah, Andreas Tri Panudju

Nowadays, there is no doubt that reliable human resources are the key in global university competition, not least with the Department of Engineering of Muhammadiyah University of Jakarta (FT UMJ). The problems that occur is based on preliminary analysis that has been known that Faculty of Engineering Muhammadiyah University of Jakarta (FT UMJ) does not have Employee Performance Appraisal System. This study aims to design an Employee Performance Appraisal System, especially through the development of a Human Resources Scorecard Performance Appraisal System and Profile Matching model. The targets of this study were conducted with the aim of identifying and analyzing the need to implement model models of Employee Based Human Resource Scorecard Performance Appraisal Systems. The strategy of mixed methods in this research is the sequence of qualitative and quantitative analysis. The objective of this strategy is to design the HR Strategy Division map and identify the success indicators of each strategy objective through qualitative data analysis, and further quantitative data analysis to know the process of human resource performance measurement using Human Resources Scorecard based on Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP). The results of this study recommend the strategy map and key performance indicator (KPI) of each strategy objectives to the Human Resources Division of the Faculty of Engineering, Muhammadiyah University of Jakarta. This study provides an overview of how HR activities can support the achievement of the company's vision, mission, and strategy as defined in the strategy map.

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Vladimir Alexis Neri Quezadas,

In a three stages compression module, at an offshore installation, was detected a sudden decrease in managed flow, decreasing from 108 to 87 million standard cubic feet by day (MMSCFD). Thermodynamic analysis on performance of three stages of compression, axial compressor and power turbine was carried out. Each compression stage were found operating efficiently according to ranges indicated by manufacturer. However, a power loss about 1200 hp was detected in turbine, so that the problem between the power turbine and the main gearbox (MG) was focused. Boroscopic and thermographic inspections were carried out, detecting hot spots and contaminants deposition. Upon disassembling MG, lubrication ducts were detected partially obstructed by silicone.

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Sri Wahyu Lelly Hana Setyanti

The creative industry in Indonesia has contributed positively to the national economic growth. Creative industry grows from the creativity and innovation performance of the business actors. The challenge of creative industry is how to completely understand the creative and innovative processes in business management. Therefore, it requires an approach that combines the synergy between academicians, entrepreneurs, government, and society in a quadruple helix model. The objective of this research is to develop a creativity model through a quadruple helix model in improving innovation performance of the creative industry.

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Winny Gunarti Widya Wardani, Ariefika Listya, Rina Wahyu Winarni

Political campaign’s music video not only acts as a medium of information, but has the potential to form perceptions in an entertaining way. As a media campaign, the music video which broadcast through television and social media are considered as a more persuasive strategy towards the target audience. This study discusses the political campaign’s music video of candidates for Jakarta's regional head of Gerindra Party during the Election of Jakarta Regional Head 2017 which features three different music video styles, namely pop, rap, and religious. Qualitatively, visual modalities and visual perception approach are used to analyze the formation of perceptions in the political campaign’s music video. As a result, music video can effectively build perceptions through elements of text, image, and music, as an informative and entertaining campaign spectacle.

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Ekpereka S. Nawfal, Christine Unson, Chinyere Okeke, Evi Abada

The purpose of this study was to examine the predictive factors associated with hypertension alone, diabetes alone and the coexistence of both among adults in Ghana. Hypertension and diabetes are known silent killers. Cardiovascular disease is one of the ten leading causes of death worldwide, and it is noted that hypertension and diabetes are major risk factors for cardiovascular disease. This was a cross-sectional study design using self-reported secondary data from World Health Organization (WHO) Study on Global AGEing and adult health (SAGE), Ghana – 2007/8, wave 1 and the data was analyzed using SPSS version 23 with statistical significant level at p=0.05. A total number of 5573 samples were analyzed for the study. The participants were aged 18years and above with an average age of 60.19 years (SD = 14.06). Hypertension and diabetes variables were documented for 5089 (91.3%) and 5090 (91.3%) respondents respectively. Out of the number of documented respondents, 12.1% had hypertension, 3.5% had diabetes, while 1.5% had coexistence of hypertension and diabetes. Bivariate analyses result showed that gender, age, BMI, waist circumference and physical activity were independently significantly associated with hypertension alone, diabetes alone and the coexistence of both. Multivariate analyses revealed that age has the greatest impact on the three dependent variables.

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Nyirahorana, C., Mburu, D. M., Mulyungi, P., Ntaganira, E., Ndunguru, J., Sseruwagi, P., Kanyange, M.C., Nsengiyumva, A.

Cassava Brown Streak Disease (CBSD) continues to spread and its effect on productivity remains at high level losses (50- 100 %) in Sub-Saharan Africa. However, there is little knowledge about the drivers of adoption on CBSD control measures in Rwanda. Thus, this study investigated the drivers to adopt CBSD control measures in Rwanda during 2015-2016 agricultural seasons. A total of 152 households were randomly sampled in Bugesera and Ruhango districts where cassava demonstration plots are established. A multi stage sampling techniques was used. A structured questionnaire was used to collect data from respondents. Logistic regression analysis was employed to estimate drivers behind adoption of CBSD control measures. The key factors that influenced adoption of CBSD control measures was farm size, farmer’s experience, access to credit, period of plantation, access to demonstration plot. In order to increase adoption of CBSD control measures policy makers and implementers in Rwanda should improve farmers’ social economic and Insistutional characteristics, sensitize and mobilize farmers on the importance of adopting the CBSD control measures.

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Hadi Wahyono, Arnis Budi Susanto

This study analyzes the influence of quality costs (prevention costs, appraisal fees, and the cost of internal failure) of the level of damage tobacco products. The population in this study the entire cost of quality. Sample the period 2013-2015 with the techniques used are saturated or census sample. Methods of data analysis in this study multiple regression analysis. the results of this study indicate that there is significant influence of quality costs (prevention costs), appraisal costs and the cost of internal failure) simultaneously on the level of product damage and prevention costs and appraisal fees partially a significant negative effect on the level of damage to the product. as the most influential variable is the cost of prevention

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Dr. Mustapha Bin Danquah

Motivation has been referred to as the single most important ingredient of learning (Wieman, 2013). However, it does not come by chance, application of appropriate instructional strategies are necessary. The present study conducted in-depth inquiry into the relevance of student motivation and its relationship with higher achievement in L2 learning. Descriptive research design was adopted for the study. Using stratified sampling technique, 60 students were sampled from three public schools in Kumasi Metropolis. Also, by means of purposive sampling, six English teachers were selected in the three schools as participants. Set of questionnaires were the instrument for the study and analysis involved simple frequencies, percentages, tables and Pearson’s Correlation Coefficient (r). The study revealed that students can be motivated by simplicity, clarity, practical and insightful analogies, making lessons lively and interesting and most importantly generous use of TLM’s. Positive relationship also existed between students’ motivation and the use of effective instructional strategies with the attendant proficiency in English. Unequivocally, student motivation is pivotal to facilitating proficiency in English, a key to riding the crest of globalization and technology.

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Shayan Norousta, Amir Bakhshian, Majid Alinazi, Mohammad Ali Norousta

big data platform for transition to virtual era

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Sujata Saran, Dr A.D .Shirodkar

About 30 present of modern buildings are suffering from sick building syndrome. The design of buildings according to ancient sciences like vastu shastra and Feng shui are efficient to resolve the problem of sick building syndrome by making the building physically and psychologically satisfactory. Both the sciences are based on five basic elements. Human body is also composed of five elements and above all the nature is made up five elements. Therefore there should be an inter-relationship between man building and universe. These sciences are capable of resolving the problem of sick building syndrome by incorporating five basic elements as a part of building like Ayurveda a field of medicine based on natural means to heal and maintain the sick body. Similarly Buildings should be designed as a union of physical and metaphysical aspects. The physical aspect is related to five basic elements. Elements made up of matter and matter is associated with different colour and each colour has its own energy in terms of its wavelength, colour is also important element to balance the energies, the chromo therapy is also a way to balance the energies of human body and buildings and the metaphysical aspect is related to cosmos.

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Mustayev Bahrom Bahodirovich

in the present paper an attempt has been made to base the actuality of creating national Uzbek gardens and the search of its roots out of gardens of the period of Timur and the Timurids and as well as Baburids gardens in the style of "Chorbog". In this connection, for the first time from the scientific point of view, the architectural Program of a new national garden of Uzbekistan, based on the style of "Chorbog" was formed. It was proved that this problem is an urgent one for construction of modern landscape architecture in Uzbekistan.

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Mustayev Bahrom Bahodirovich

In principle any garden reminds us of beauty and unity of nature. But there exist gardens arranged in accordance with the traditional principles of the Islamic "Chorbog" or architecturally -organized a "Four-sides" garden which possesses, as it seems to me, considerably more potential than the gardens planned without such principles. At the present paper an attempt has been made to prove it and it is noted that the Koran is sacred for Moslem people, and its references to nature, as well as, the description of paradise gardens deserves the careful study when considering the meaning of the Islamic gardens. Types and peculiarities of the Islamic countries gardens are also considered in the given paper.

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Maryudi Utomo, Kustamar, Bambang Wedyantadji

This research aims to determine the performance factors of construction management consultants affecting the failure in achieving time and quality targets on construction project of Samarinda Baru Airport. This research uses survey method by collecting respondent’s opinion, experience and attitude by taking primary data from questionnaires and secondary data from related institutions. The results of the research are: 1) Factors directly affecting the Time Target (Y1) are the Understanding of Contract Document (X1), Material Requirements (X3), Worker Requirements (X4) and Equipment Completeness (X5) while factors indirectly affecting the Time Target (Y1) are the Understanding of Technical Specifications (X2) and Local Government Regulations (X7), 2) Factors directly affecting the Quality Target (Y2) are the Understanding of Contract Document (X1), the Understanding of Technical Specifications (X2), Material Requirements (X3), Worker Requirements (X4), Equipment Completeness (X5) and Time Target (Y1) while factor indirectly affecting the Quality Target (Y1) is Local Government Regulations X7), 3) The most dominant factor affecting the unsuccessful Time Target (Y1) is the Worker Requirements (X4) with the path coefficient value of 0.431. While the most dominant factor affecting the unsuccessful Quality Target (Y2) is Worker Requirements (X4) with path coefficient value of 0.579, 4).

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Meliani Sukmadewi Harahap, Fazdria, Nora Very, Lina

The number of women aged 50 years and over can be estimated to increase from 500 million at present to more than 1 billion in prediction during 2030. After entering menopause, the hormone estrogen in the body of women is decreased drastically. Decreased estrogen hormone makes LDL cholesterol difficult to control, high levels of LDL one of the factors causing coronary heart disease. Estrogen is a female hormone that has many functions, one of which is an antioxidant which controls of levels of cholesterol. The Cempaka Yellow Flower (Michelia champaca L) or known as the Flower Jeumpa in Aceh Province, one of the herbs which are useful as antioxidants, antimicrobials, anti-inflammatory, antidiabetic, and antifungal. The several components contain as: flavonoids, polyphenols, phenols, tannins, anthocyanins, glutathione and Vitamin C. The general objectives of this study were: To prove the effect of giving of Cempaka Yellow Flower extract (Michelia champaca L) has lipid profile in mouse age of menopause. The design of this study is true experimental design with the randomized posttest-only control group design approach. Measurements of HDL, LDL, triglyceride, and total cholesterol levels were performed only after the treatment of young flower extract was performed. The subjects of this study were female winstar rats age of menopause as many as 28 tail. The Cempaka Yellow Flower extract can lower LDL and cholesterol levels and can increase HDL levels. Yellow Cempaka able to decrease LDL and Cholesterol level and increase HDL level at optimum dose 300mg/KgWB/day .

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Menstrualation is a natural cycle that occurs in a woman's body. This cycle will generally appear every 4 weeks, starting from the first day of menstrualation from the first day until the next menstrual period arrives. Menstrualation usually lasts for five to seven days after the generation of the corpus luteum, along with the early part of the follicular phase of ovarium. The average is that out at mestruation is 35-50 ml without blood clot. Phytoestrogens are a group of chemicals found in plants that can work as an estrogen hormone. Phytoestrogens work as estrogens that can affect the production and breakdown of the hormone estrogen in the body, and also the levels carried in the bloodstream. Phytoestrogens play a role in stabilizing the function of hormornal that is by inhibiting excessive estrogen activity and also can substitute estrogen when the levels in the body low. The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of flax seed consumption (Linum usitatisimum) Against Mestruation on Young Women in SMPN 2 Langsa. The design of this study was quasi experiment, with the design of Randomized Doublle Blinde Controlles Trial. This study was conducted in SMP Negeri 2 Langsa, the sample in this study amounted to 75 people with the technique of sampling Systematic Random Sampling. Data analysis using paired t-test. This study showed that there was no effect of menstrual cycle, duration of menstrualation, menstrual volumes and HB levels before and after treatment between pretest and posttest groups with P values = 0.414, 0.480, 0.180 and 0.157. Based on bivariate analysis obtained Wilcoxon Signed Rank Test results so that the decision of hypothesis is rejected H1 or meaning there is no significant difference of treatment between pretest and posttest groups. It is advisable for students to try to think positively, be more relaxed and do not overload themselves with heavy thoughts, thus not affecting the menstrual cycle..

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Olumuyiwa Oludare Fagbohun, Oluwumi Adetan

Data survey on the service delivery of the three principal Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) Operators in Ekiti State, Nigeria was conducted with a questionnaire administered among its citizens. Three locations: Ado Ekiti (7o381 5o131), Ikere Ekiti (7o301 5o141) and Aramoko Ekiti (7o431 5o31)were selected. Based on the responses from various subscribers using the networks, the performance analyses of the operators were assessed using the descriptive statistical method. The assessment was based on the coverage area; interconnectivity, call quality, number of subscribers; growth and other supplementary services to assist the various GSM operators know the area of weakness and improve on the quality of the service delivery. It was discovered that the users have more complaints to offer with the performance generally rated below average, and a need for fast and better network optimization for needed improvements for an effective telecommunication delivery.

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Ikbal Syukroni, Wini Trilaksani, Uju

Surimi washing process is aimed to concentrate the myofibril protein by removing, catepsin enzyme, fat, pigment, blood, and sarcoplasmic protein which is soluble in wash water. The soluble subtances cause trouble environment if it was untreated. In addition recovery protein will give benefit both in reducing trouble environment and utilizing soluble protein as sources of albumin protein. The objectives of research were to recover albumin from snakehead fish surimi wash water and to valorize as stock albumin tablet. Recovery of albumin use 0.05 µm ultrafiltration membrane and the valorization of albumin tablets was by direct compression. The protein band with molecular weight of 67.741 kDa on the retentate was detected as albumin. Concentration of protein recover by ultrafiltration membrane increased 89.98% and the albumin content 3.5±0.4 g/dl. Based on the result of chemical composition and microbiology analysis, albumin of snakehead surimi wash water appropriate with Indonesia National Standard (SNI) quality requirement about snakehead fish albumin extract. The best formulation in the preparation of surimi wash water albumin tablet was by using corn starch excipients with uniformity weight value 410.39 ± 0.09 g, hardness value 7.65 ± 0.8 Kp, uniformity size of tablet with diameter 1 cm and thickness 0.59 cm, friability value 2.3% and disintregation time of the tablet is 2 minutes 16 second.

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Bibungsar Swargiary, Rupeswar Boro

The Bodos are the early settler of the North-east India basically of Assam and the Bodos are also inhabitants of neighboring country outside of India like Nepal, Bhutan, and Bangladesh etc. The Bodos are most rich in their cultural activities. The weaving is the integral part of Bodos or women folk of the Bodo society. The women folk of the Bodo society are very expert in their weaving and the weaving is the small scale industry of the Bodo society. They weave their essential clothes in the loom with beautiful designing. In the present perspective, they also earn money with selling their weaving clothes and make strong their family economy. The beautiful design clothes of women folk of the Bodo society not only popular among them but also getting memorable in other community also. Today their weaving activity comes to in commercial purpose and every woman have known to weave clothes very beautifully.

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Daniel Miret

The labor relationship between the employer and the workers is evaluated and directed by the labor rights, which is a group of legal rights that are derived from human rights. Labor rights are more precisely relative to CSR as CSR are based on perspective and point of view of a given corporation. In this perspective, implementing the workers and labor rights becomes more difficult compared to the implementation of the CSR. If an international corporation can be able to align CSR with the labor laws, the friction between the employees and the corporation and the employee is likely to reduce. There is need to explore whether multinational corporations can be able to align CSR with the labor rights and employee initiatives global market. In this case, the analysis focuses on China, Brazil, and India as the reference countries with cross-sectional secondary data obtained from a survey of the existing sources on the internet. The pertinent question is whether multinational corporations be successful while aligning CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) with labor rights and employee initiatives in a competitive global market based on that cross-sectional data. The findings reveal that the uphold of labor rights largely determines morale of the employees and the will to participate in the growth and development of a given business both locally and international. Notably, the continued change of CSR has resulted in the replacement of management and government dominated trade unions with more democratic unions of workers that pay attention to the initiatives of the workers. The combination of the internal code of conduct with the workers association, labor associations and movements is one of the credible routes that show CSR can be aligned with labor rights.

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Kholilah, Subandiyah Azis, Tiong Iskandar

This research is conducted to obtain the aspect weight and criteria as well as to obtain the order of alternative rank of widening bridge in Lawang-Malang road and also to obtain priority to determine the widening of bridge which will be adjusted with the available budget ceiling. The research method used is Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP) towards the answers from questionnaires distributed to 15 respondents from people who know and get involved in the allocation of bridge widening fund in Lawang-Malang road segment. Based on the results of research and data analysis, it is found that the aspect orders as the priority consideration of the bridge widening are the aspect of the area development (A), the aspect of Development Outcome (C), the aspect of Cost (D), the aspect of Technical Execution (E) with each weight of 0.462, 0.202, 0.178, and 0.158 .While the alternative order of Lawang-Malang bridge that needs to have widening project is Kalewak Bridge (E5) with weight of 0.415, Karanglo Bridge (E4) with weight of 0.315, Kalisurak Bridge (E2) with weight of 0.144, Simping Bridge 1 (E1) with weight of 0.085, and Mondoroko Bridge (E3) with weight of 0.041. In addition, the priority orders of the bridge determination that will get widening adjusted to the available budget ceiling are Kalimewek Bridge (E5), Karanglo Bridge (E4) and Kalisurak Bridge (E2).

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Dinis Cahyaningrum

Tourism plays a significant role in the economies of developing countries, including Indonesia. It has the potential to generate employment and income for the local communities, and promises to protect and preserve the natural and cultural heritage. Society plays a very important role in tourism. Community empowerment is one of the pillars in tourism development strategy. With the hope of the community to host tourists visiting the region. Efforts to improve community empowerment include activities to increase tourism awareness and business potential of the community in the field of tourism. Community empowerment based on local wisdom is done by involving the community so as to give empowerment for local people in tourism activities. This study was conducted to find out more about the empowerment of local Wisdom-based Communities in Village of Bajo, Wakatobi to improve the empowerment of Bajo community in the field of tourism. The theories which used to analyze how the local wisdom that becomes social asset for Bajo Tribe to be maintained and the conducted form of community empowerment are Empowerment Theory, Social Capital Theory & Sustainable Tourism Theory. By using qualitative research methods, obtained the result that local traditions Bajo has existed for generations are strengthened so it can serve as a tourist attraction of high economic value in order to improve the economy of Bajo community who mostly livelihood as traditional fishermen. Local wisdom possessed by the Bajo can be a social asset to empower its people to blend in the tourism activities. Therefore the natural resources, culture, industry, local wisdom, and local resources owned by local communities that can be used as tourism objects and attractions are preserved. Bajo Community also gets economic benefits which are used to improve the welfare of people living around the tourism area.

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Shubham Tuslyan, Shubham Saxena, Suravi Aggarwal, Tanay Siroya

Today's globalization would be impossible without modern, cost-effective merchant ships crossing the seas. World trade was 17 times as high at the end of the 20th century as it was 50 years previously. A shipping industry that has steadily lowered its costs has been a prerequisite of this development, and there are no signs that the world economy will rely any less heavily on sea transport in the future. The current decade has witnessed a remarkable growth in container transportation and vessel sizes India is the 20th largest maritime country in the world. Its strategic location of a long coastline that flanks important global shipping routes, makes it a major maritime nation. The maritime sector in India comprises of ports, shipping, shipbuilding and ship repair as well as inland water transport systems. About 95% of the country’s trade by volume and 70% by value is moved through maritime transport.Among the problems to be solved, there are the spatial allocation of containers on the terminal yard, optimization of shipping routes, allocation of ships to berths and cranes, allocation of cargo to ships, scheduling priorities and operations in order to maximize performances based on some economic indicators. During the evaluation of the identified studies, it becomes clear that the existing literature can be further subdivided into analytical, simulation, and combined approaches. The majority of the papers (212 out of 243, or 87%) adopted analytical approaches that exclusively apply optimization algorithms to optimize container terminal operations. However, in order to optimize the entire container terminal operations the use of this approach to simultaneously deal with different types of problems, is difficult, although not impossible (especially in regard to stand-alone components). This is a major limitation of the widely used analytical approaches in traditional literature.

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Dendi Pratama, Winny Gunarti Widya Wardani, Taufiq Akbar

Visual character in Visual Novel games have the power to carry messages. Creation of visual characters in historical narratives can also bring cultural meaning. This study examines the creation of Raden Wijaya visual character as a case example in Visual Novel “Twist Majapahit” which is set in Majapahit kingdom, but with manga-style visualization. On the contrary, the creation of Raden Wijaya visual character in this study is more trying to accentuate the characteristic of Indonesia. The choice of Raden Wijaya character is based on consideration because it has historically included a major influence in expanding the royal power. The study discussions are elaborated qualitatively with the Social Semiotic approach that analyzes informative functions, interactive functions, and imaginative functions in visual character design elements. The results of this study show that design elements can build a comprehensive association of meanings, so that the creation of visual characters tailored to historical figures has the potential to bring cultural messages.

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Verasiana Yusuf, Subandiyah Azis, Edi Hargono Dwi Putranto

The objectives of this research are: 1) to analyze the factors influencing the extension of contract time on the project, 2) to analyze the most dominant factors influencing the extension of contract time on the project, 3) to analyze the strategy to anticipate and avoid the extension of contract time projects of Water Resources Sector for Public Works Department of East Kutai Regency. The research that will be conducted is included into descriptive research to find out the factors that influence the extension of time towards contract implementation. This research uses survey method by collecting opinion, experience and respondent attitude regarding to problems that have been experienced in project work, by taking primary data through questionnaires and secondary data from related institutions. The result of this research shows that the factors that influence significantly the time extension are: (1) Material Factor with β coefficient value of 0,375; (2) Environmental factor with β coefficient of 0,357; (3) Change Factor with coefficient β value of 0,322. The most dominant factor in influencing the extension of contract time in th water resources sector for Public Works Department of East Kutai is the material factor with the most influential indicator of material scarcity with the highest communal value of 0,905.

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Harudi AS, Kustamar, Edi Hargono Dwi Putranto

This research aimed to describe a number of variables relating to the issue and learn about the phenomenon. In this research, the technique used to collect research data was by using questionnaire, as an instrument to answer a set of questions or a written statement from the respondents. Respondents of the research were 100 respondents. Sample determination of the research used purposive sampling method. This research used Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) analysis with Analysis Moment of Structure (AMOS) and Special Package for Statistics Science (SPSS) software. Based on the results of the research, it were obtained 1) project performance has a positive and significant impact on time intensity of road maintenance project, which means if time increases with coefficient of 0.218, it will increase project performance of road maintenance project, 2) project performance has a positive and significant impact on cost of road maintenance project, which means if project performance increases with coefficient of 0.764, it will increase cost of road maintenance project, 3) cost has a positive and significant impact on time intensity of road maintenance project, which means if time increases with coefficient of 0.798, it will increase cost of road maintenance project.

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Al-Obaidi SH, Khalaf FH

In oil industry, one of the most worldwide used methods a among the hydrodynamic enhanced oil recovery methods is the water flooding, including the cyclic water flooding. The efficiency of cyclic water flooding is affected by a number of geophysical and field technological factors. In this work and based on three-dimensional hydrodynamic simulation, it is shown that anisotropy of formation permeability has significant effect on justification of the half-cycle time and the technological effectiveness of the method.

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Rissa Oktavianti, Sutanto Hidayat, Bambang Wedyantadji

The objectives of this research are: 1) to analyze factors influencing project quality in road improvement works; 2) to analyze the most dominant factors influencing project quality in road improvement works; 3) to analyze strategies that can be done to improve project quality in road improvement projects. This research uses descriptive method which is to know the factors that influence the Road Improvement Project Quality of Linggang Melapeh Lama Village, Linggang Bigung Disrict (Provincial Financial Help) in West Kutai Regency Budget Year of 2016. The method used for data collection is by using questionnaire. The results of this research are : 1) the factors that influence the project quality of Environmental Factor (X1) with the coefficient value  of 0,347 and Control Factor (X4) coefficient  of 0,369; 2) the most dominant factor influencing the Project Quality is Control Factor X4) with the coefficient value  of 0,369; 3) Strategies that can be done to improve the quality of the project on road improvement work is to understand the environmental conditions, socialization in the local environment, interact and involve the community, conduct more thorough surveys, supervise the material quality, supervision for each item of work with more thorough and routine in making a report or progress work.

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Winwin Yadiati

The aim of this research is to analyze the influence of profitability on financial distress in agricultural companies listed in indonesia stock exchange from 2012 to 2014. Altman Z’s Score, net profit margin, cash ratio, and natural logarithm total assets are used as the proxy of financial distress, profitability. Through purposive sampling method, 18 companies were used as a sample in this research. Data used in this research were secondary ones which obtained from company’s financial statement and Indonesian Capital Market Directory (ICMD) from 2012 to 2014. The analysis methods of this research is used multiple regression analysis. The result is showed that partially profitability have effect but no significant towards financial distress.

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Sri Indrastuti S., Lisa Hariani Putri, Amries Rusli Tanjung, Andewi Rokhmawati

This research was conducted at the Regional Development Bank (BPD) in Indonesia. This study aims to examine and obtain empirical evidence about the comparative financial performance of regional banks after the global crisis with a view of its financial ratio, which includes a ratio (ROA, CAR, COF, GMP, LDR, NIM, ROA and ROE). This study further whether there was a significant difference in the time before and after the global economic crisis of 2008.The method used is a saturated or census sampling of the 26 Bank Pembangunan Daerah (BPD). This study uses secondary data obtained from financial statement data Regional Development Bank for the period 2006 to 2010. The analytical tool used to determine differences in financial performance before and after the global economic crisis of 2008 was Paired sample T test for normally distributed data. If the data were not normally distributed using the Wilcoxon Signed Rank Test.The results showed that the financial performance of the Bank Pembangunan Daerah (BPD) in the ratio of ROA, CAR, COF, GMP, LDR, NIM and ROA before and after the global economic crisis in 2008 there are significant differences. While ROE ratios before and after the global economic crisis of 2008 was not a significant difference.

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Andry Arifian Rachman

This study aims to examine the influence of internal control and good cooperative governance partially and simultaneously to the performance of cooperatives in West Java Province. The research method used in this research is descriptive and verification. The sample in this research is 22 boards as manager of cooperative in West Java Province. The data used in the research is the primary data through questionnaire collection. Validity and reliability testing is performed before hypothesis testing. This research uses multiple regression analysis technique. Based on hypothesis testing obtained: 1) internal control has no significant effect on performance; 2) good cooperative governance has a significant effect on performance; and 3) internal control and good cooperative governance have a significant effect on performance.

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This study aims to analyze the Sensitivity of Demand Financing in syariah banking, with a focus on the elasticity of financing demand, income elasticity, and cross elasticity. The type of data used in this study is secondary data quantitative and time series obtained from the publication of BPS, BI and OJK. The data analysis technique begins by estimating multiple linear regression equations using the Eviews Application, further measuring the sensitivity using elasticity. The research variables consist of revenue, gross domestic product, and conventional bank interest rate as independent variables and demand for financing as a dependent variable. The results obtained for the results, gross domestic product, and interest rate of conventional banks simultaneously affect the demand for financing in Islamic banking with a significant level of 5% obtained probability value F statistic <α (0,05). Partially revenue share and gross domestic product have a significant effect on demand for financing. While the variable interest rate of conventional banks partially does not have a significant effect on demand for financing in Islamic banking. The ability of the three independent variables to explain the dependent variable of 99.06%, the rest of 0.04% influenced by other factors outside this study. The sensitive value of demand for financing in syariah banking during the observation period was 3.94 (ƐP> 1) so that it can be said that demand for financing in syariah banking is elastic. The elasticity of income demand for financing in syariah banking, during the observation period of 3.08 (ƐI> 1), is categorized as luxuries goods. The cross elasticity value of financing demand in syariah banking during the observation period is 0.52 or positive (ƐC> 0), it can be categorized that the interest rate of a conventional bank is a substitute of profit sharing.

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Eriyati, Syapsan, Nobel Aqualdo

The tourism sector gets attention when world oil prices are decreasing. It can not be denied that during this time the largest contribution of Pekanbaru city revenue from profit-sharing funding comes from the oil and gas sector. Currently Pekanbaru revenue is small from the oil and gas sector, as oil prices continue to decline. The existence of Pekanbaru City away from the coast and mountains, causing focus on the development of artificial attractions such as Alam Mayang, artificial lake Bandar Kayangan Lembah Sari, Pekanbaru Mosque and the tomb of the founder of Pekanbaru city. Many people bring families visiting artificial tourist attractions on weekends and holidays.This study aims to determine the factors that affect the demand and economic value of tourist attractions in Kota Pekanbaru with Travel Cost Method. Sampling non probability as much as 100 respondents visitor attraction in Pekanbaru City of population 224,896 people with sampling technique, using slovin formula, data analysis method used in this research is descriptive quantitative method. From the results of research states that, the factors that influence the demand for tourist attraction in the city of Pekanbaru is income, cost and distance. The economic value of tourism object of Pekanbaru city with cost of travel method is Rp42.679.638.400 per year. This means that the price given by a person to something at a certain place and time, with the size of the price specified by time, goods or money that will be sacrificed by someone to own or use goods and services in want.

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Shashi kumar manhotra

This paper detailing the problem of speed fluctuation of IDI engine Rpm i.e. hunting and dipping. It is due to E-RPM adjustment assembly for mechanical centrifugal flyweight governor system. E-RPM adjustment assembly works mainly for high speed adjustment &idle speed adjustment. In mechanical centrifugal flyweight governor system of IDI engine, issue at idle rpm hunting and dipping issue was reported in field.New designs of plunger type stopper cover with compressed coil spring are proposed for E-RPM adjustment assembly for mechanical centrifugal fly-weight governor system. 3D-Modeling of new design is done on Seimen’s NX. Kinematic simulation was done with the help of Altair’s (Motion-View & Motion-Solver). Based on the results from MBD, the prototype is made and tested in engine. As per the test results from engine testing, with new design there is no hunting and dipping problem is reported at idle rpm.

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