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IJSTR Volume 4 - Issue 11, November 2015 Edition - ISSN 2277-8616

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Ugwuoke E.C, Ude M.U, Ogunjobi S.A, Nwachukwu N.P, Ihedioha J.O

Abstract: This work presents the analysis of a solar water distillation system. There is important need for good drinking water in the world today due to harmful effect of water borne diseases. Most water from rivers, ponds; seas are either salty or brackish and require purification before drinking. The water used in this work is collected from pond at Nsukka Urban and the experiment was performed at University of Nigeria, Nsukka. Twenty litres of water was used for the experiment and 4 litres was obtained as the maximum volume after 10 days .The average temperature recorded during the experiment was 29°C. The chemical and physical properties of the distillate correspond to world Health Organization Standard.

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Anita Singh, Rajeev Pratap Singh

Abstract: The major reasons for environmental contamination are population explosion, increase in industrial and other urban activities. One of the consequent effect of these activities is heavy metal pollution. It is one of the serious issue to be discussed by the scientists and academicians that how to solve this problem to protect the environment. As heavy metals are non-biodegradable so they require effective cleanup technology. Most of the traditional methods such as excavation, solidification and burial are very costly or they simply involve the isolation of the metals from contaminated sites. Among different technologies, phytoremediation is best approach for removing metal contamination from environment. It involves plants to remove, detoxify or immobilize metals from environment. Weed plants are found to be play very important role in metal remediation. They get affected by climatic variation which is also a consequent effect of environmental pollution. The physiology of plants as well as physiochemical properties of soil gets affected by varying climatic condition. Therefore, the present review gives the information on metal remediation processes and how these process particularly phytoremediation by weed plants get affected by climatic changes.

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Dilruba Akhter Banu

Abstract: Osteoporosis is a disease that causes bones to become weak and brittle. It affects 55% of Americans aged 50 or above, of which about 80% are women. Millions of fractures occur annually. An effective way of preventing osteoporosis is to maximize the attainment of peak bone mineral density (pBMD). Thus the knowledge of average pBMD that prevails in a nation is very important. Not much study appears to have been done on the subject in Bangladesh. 170 Bangladeshi patients and volunteers were studied at nuclear medicine centers of Comilla and Rajshahi. Bone mineral densities (BMD) at different sites of the skeleton were measured using Dual Energy X-ray Absorptiometer (DXA). Graphs of Age versus BMD were plotted. Data was fitted with the help of polynomials. The best fit was obtained with polynomials of degree 4 in each case. By using bootstrapping method a large number of samples were generated and pBMD was obtained from each of the samples. Mean value of the pBMD was then calculated. pBMD values of the male patients were found to be slightly greater than those of the females. During puberty gender differences become more expressed. After the age of 50 females lose bones more rapidly and quantitatively than males. Bangladeshis seem to belong to the group of nations having low pBMDs.

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Mary Adu Kumi, John Adu Kumi, Benjamin Adu Kumi

Abstract: Exploitation of groundwater through the construction of hand-dug wells is popular in several communities in Ghana. Groundwater from hand-dug wells is major source of drinking water for majority of the rural populace. This study assesses selected chemical water quality parameters in hand-dug wells and pipe borne water in Begoro, in the Fanteakwa District. Water quality parameters including, chloride, nitrate, total hardness, and fluoride, were analyzed in water samples from 5 hand dug wells and pipe-borne water in Begoro community, using argentometric titration, Spectrometric, colorimetric, and titration methods. The results were compared with the World Health Organization (WHO) standards for drinking water quality. Water in hand dug wells were moderately soft with values ranging from 51.0 to 89.0mg/l; while Pipe borne water was 50.0mg/l. Nitrate concentrations in some hand dug wells and pipe borne water in the community were within acceptable levels (10.5-16.0mg/l;7.3mg/l). Fluoride ion concentration was within the WHO standards for drinking water quality for hand-dug wells and pipe borne water respectively (0.58-0.90mg/l;0.50mg/l). Water from the hand-dug wells and pipe borne water met WHO and Ghana Standards Authority (GSA) guidelines in all chemical parameters analyzed.

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Naval Singh, Dilip Kumar Gupta

Abstract: In this paper we establish Common fixed point theorem for eight mappings in Menger space using the notion of semi compatibility.

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Nur Zeina Maya Sari,Se, Mm, Dr. H. Hidayat Effendy, Se,Ak,S.Ip,Mm,Ca,Ap

Abstract: This research focus to quality audit internal with accountancy Inspection. Hameed, [1995] found that the most important factors that affect auditing quality are auditor's experience, honesty, and the knowledge in accounting and auditing standards. Research into this express an inspection of Intern Accountancy & attributed to Monetary inspection an consultant education with quality. Audit quality is obtained by a process of identifying and administering the activities needed to achieve the quality objectives . Since an entity‟s internal control is under the purview of its audit committee Krishnan, [2005], the relation between audit committee quality and internal control weaknesses is a subject to be investigated. The methodology used is a quantitative analysis by examining the relationship between variables conceptually. While some study its accounting activity. In self-supporting internal control. Internal control is defined as “a process, affected by an entity's board of directors, management and other personnel, designed to provide reasonable assurance regarding the achievement of objectives International Organization of Supreme Audit Institutions, [1998] its bearing by reporting level, an environment and reduction conduct in reporting result of mistake. What finally, involvement by Audit Intern can be of benefit. In addition to researching into proposing Audit Intern can improve the target of consultant education going concern.

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Shelveen Pandey, Mohammed Farik

Abstract: Cloud computing describes effective computing services provided by a third-party organization known as cloud service provider for organizations to perform different tasks over the internet for a fee. Cloud service provider’s computing resources are dynamically reallocated per demand, and their infrastructure, platform, and software, and other resources are shared by multiple corporate and private clients. With the steady increase in the number of cloud computing subscribers of these shared resources over the years, security on the cloud is a growing concern. In this review paper, the current cloud security issues and practices are described and a few innovative solutions are proposed that can help improve cloud computing security in the future.

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Mhamad Abou-Hamdan, Kassem Hamze, Ghayath Al-Lakkiss, Samer Farkh, Mhamad Mortada, Zaher Zeaiter

Abstract: The bacterial genus Bartonella is classified in the alpha-2 Proteobacteria on the basis of 16S rDNA sequence comparison. The Bartonella two-component system feuPQ is found in nearly all bacterial species. We investigated the usefulness of the response regulator feuP gene sequence in the classification of 18 well characterized Bartonella species. Phylogenetic relationships were inferred using parsimony, neighbour-joining and maximum-likelihood methods. Reliable classifications of most of the studied species were obtained. Bartonella were divided into two supported clades containing two supported clusters each. These results were similar to our previous data obtained with groEL, ftsZ, and ribC genes sequences. The wide range of feuP DNA sequence similarity (78.6 to 96.5%) among Bartonella species makes it a promising candidate for multi-locus sequence typing (MLST) of clinical isolates. This is the first report proving the usefulness of feuP sequences in bartonellae classification at the species level.

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Ogunbiyi, Moses A., Olawale, Simon O., Tudjegbe, Oke E., Akinola, S. R.

Abstract: This study aims at testing and comparing the tensile strength of bamboo and steel reinforcement bars as structural material for building construction. Tensile strength tests were carried out on various sizes steel and bamboo; categories of reinforcement bars such as; 10mm, 12mm, 16mm, 20mm and 25mm of both high-yield and mild-yield steel reinforcement bars were both tested along with same sizes of bamboo with 10mm cross-sectional thickness. Results are presented in tables and graphs and show that the tensile strength of high-yield steel bars outstrips that of mild-yield and bamboo respectively. The study finds that the breaking force (FB) for 10mm (HY) = 24.42KN; tensile strength = 457.13N/mm2; yield stress = 379.02 N/mm2 and breaking elongation = 39.67mm respectively. For 12mm (HY), breaking force (FB) = 52.14 KN; tensile strength = 689.12 N/mm2; yield stress = 551.30N/mm2 and breaking elongation = 36.58mm. 16mm (HY) results in breaking force (FB) = 126.67KN; tensile strength = 771.61N/mm2; yield stress = 494.10N/mm2 and breaking elongation = 70.87mm. The same factors for 20mm yields, breaking force (FB) = 163.97KN; tensile strength = 713.40N/mm2; yield stress = 614.74N/mm2 and breaking elongation = 61.57mm. While the 25mm (HY) produces, breaking force (FB) = 306.17KN; tensile strength = 792.90N/mm2; yield stress = 678.46N/mm2 and breaking elongation = 52.36mm respectively. Mild Steel (MY) 10mm yields, breaking force (FB) = 14.76KN; tensile strength = 290.49N/mm2; yield stress = 233.17N/mm2; and breaking elongation = 78.86mm. 12mm (MY) results in breaking force = 40.35KN; tensile strength = 508.08N/mm2; yield stress = 376.17N/mm2 and breaking elongation = 84.10mm. 16mm (MY) yields, breaking force (FB) = 79.72KN; tensile strength = 508.71N/mm2; yield stress = 349.10N/mm2 and breaking elongation = 111.39mm respectively. For 20mm mild steel, breaking force (FB) = 83.04KN; tensile strength = 372.98N/mm2; yield stress = 284.64N/mm2 and breaking elongation = 47.40mm. While the 25mm (MY) steel bar results show, breaking force (FB) = 163.04KN; tensile strength = 701.74N/mm2; yield stress = 599.77N/mm2 and breaking elongation = 56.84mm. On the other hand, bamboo yields for the same size width and constant thickness of 10mm, the 10mm-25mm bamboo sizes result as; 10mm (bamboo); breaking force (FB) = -2.1KN; tensile strength = 31.55N/mm2; yield stress = 0.00N/mm2 and breaking elongation = 0.00mm. 12mm width with 10mm thickness yields, breaking force (FB) = -1.28KN; tensile strength = 31.07N/mm2; yield stress = 0.00N/mm2; and breaking elongation = 0.00mm. 16mm (bamboo), breaking force = 1.85KN; tensile strength = 68.82N/mm2; yield stress = 49.45N/mm2 and breaking elongation = 30.40mm. For the 20mm width size bamboo with same 10mm thickness, breaking force (FB) = -0.12KN; tensile strength = 62.66N/mm2; yield stress = 50.23N/mm2 and breaking elongation = 18.20mm respectively. Finally, the 25mm (bamboo) size gives, breaking force (FB) = 4.76KN; tensile strength = 94.60N/mm2; yield stress = 50.19N/mm2 and breaking elongation = 21.11mm. The study concludes that due to the minimal breaking force (FB) of bamboo, it cannot be employed as a main structural member in building and other engineering works but can be used as portioning wall, ceiling, roof and other areas of engineering construction that is not heavy load-bearing.

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Ninad Arun Malpure, Sanket Nandlal Bhansali

Abstract: Generally compressed air is produced using different types of air compressors, which consumes lot of electric energy and is noisy. In this paper, an innovative idea is put forth for production of compressed air using movement of vehicle suspension which normal is wasted. The conversion of the force energy into the compressed air is carried out by the mechanism which consists of the vehicle suspension system, hydraulic cylinder, Non-return valve, air compressor and air receiver. We are collecting air in the cylinder and store this energy into the tank by simply driving the vehicle. This method is non-conventional as no fuel input is required and is least polluting.

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Okan Evans Onojasun

Abstract: Self-potential survey was carried out in Kalamunda area of Perth, Western Australia with aim of delineating groundwater contaminant plums/ leakages. Two self-potential electrode configuration, the roving dipole, where one electrode is left in a base position, while the other electrode scouts each survey position, and the leapfrogging approach were potential differences are measured between consecutive sample stations along the line were employed to collect data. Results obtained from the experiments shows numerous small circular potential anomalies which could be interpreted as sources of leakages due to geothermal activity but the only trends that could be correlated across all surveys were the linear E-W trend which shows the location and the direction of the pipe underground to a depth of perhaps 2m. Other anomalies on the map show variations which could be as a result of trees interference on the observed data.

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Swapnil Patil, Chetan Pote, Utkarshapawar, Tejastamkhane

Abstract: It is noticed that in most developing countries there is no centralize mechanism to control or set watch on that construction work environment by central or state government body. This system of monitoring can be used to know the proper uses of construction material on the working site. The software system which we are developing contains standard database for the construction project, from which we can acquire the working data for the work. The hardware components work in conjunction with the software to make sure that only the appropriate quantities of the materials are made available and that corrupt malpractices are avoided.

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Shriram N. Ghait, G. B. Kale

Abstract: Study is carried out at three locations in and around Shegaon. Totally there found 7 species belonging to 6 genera under 4 subfamilies at all three sites. All out search and baiting methods were used to observe ants. Ant species diversity mostly found in AnandSagar Garden. Garden area showed the maximum percentage (85.72%), since there found well maintained natural condition and verity of plantation with fewer disturbances. As the disturbance goesincreasing the diversity becomes decreasing.

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Okan Evans Onojasun, Emudianughe Juliet

Abstract: Geophysical survey using electrical resistivity methods has been carried out within the industrial area of Willeton, Perth, Western Australia with the view to delineate the geoelectric characteristics of the basement complex and evaluate the groundwater potential in the area. Vertical electrical sounding with ABEM SAS 3000 Terrameter and Schlumberger electrode configuration were employed for data acquisition. Apparent resistivity values obtained from the field measurements were plotted against half current electrodes spacing on a log-log graph while a model was suggested to fit the resistivity distribution presented in the sounding. The results from the modelling were finally iterated to the lowest Root Mean Square (RMS) percentage error using computer software, “A 7 point filter” derived by Guptasarma to calculate a forward model. Analysis of the results showed that the study area has fairly homogenous subsurface stratification with four distinct subsurface layers above the depth of 37m. The four subsurface layers comprises: top soil mainly of unconsolidated and sand containing organic matter, unsaturated sand layer with consolidated and highly resistive, water saturated sand layer with highly water saturated soil, and the sub-stratum layer consisting of clay material. The aquifer performance is best at about 32m hence it is suggested that boreholes for sustainable water supply in this area should be drilled to about 32 m to hit prolific aquifer.

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Oyeka Cyprian Anene, Nwankwo Chike H

Abstract: This paper proposes a systematic method for the simultaneous determination of adjusted ranks of sample observations and their sums and products adjusted for possible presence of tied observations in the sampled populations for use in further analyses. When computations involving paired data sets, as in the computation of the Spearman Rank Correlation Coefficient, this procedure intrinsically obtained the sums of ranks, products of ranks and sums of squares of ranks, automatically adjusting these sums for more accurate results. The proposed method is illustrated with some data and used to estimate ties adjusted Spearman Rank Correlation Coefficient and the bias that would have arisen if there were no adjustments for ties in the sampled populations.

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Ren Fitriadi, Arning Wilujeng Ekawati, Happy Nursyam

ABSTRACT: It has been studied about utilization of expired sausage meal in tilapia (Oreochromis sp.) feed formulations with the aim to assess the level of the specific growth rate, feed conversion ratio and protein efficiency ratio. Five experimental feed contained 25% crude protein in feed which substituted with expired sausage meal as much as A (0%), B (10%), C (20%), D (30%), and E (40%). Test fish used tilapia (Oreochromis sp.) Weight (4.5 ± 1.26 gram) with a maintenance period of 30 days in a controlled aquarium. The results of this research were the best expired sausage meal dose that can deliver growth rate and feed efficiency was best to feed treatment A. This evidenced by the survival value of 90.00 ± 0.00, for specific growth rate of 1.29 ± 0, 09% weight / day, for a feed conversion ratio of 1.94 ± 0.01 and for protein efficiency ratio of 1.96 ± 0.01%.

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Fatima Al Shamsi, Noura Al Shamsi, Al Anoud Al Kendi, Latifa Al Darmaki, Al Yazia Aldhaheri, Dr. Muhammad Khan

Abstract: Radio frequency identification is a technology that allows user to identify people. In this research work you will understand the concept of RFID and E-wallet. To know the advantages and disadvantage of Emirates ID connected with the E-wallet. In This Research we will identify the problems and risks of connecting RFID E-wallet with Emirates ID. Also, recognize and recommend the possible solutions.

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Divya Mani Polireddy

Abstract: Rheumatoid arthritis is a chronic, systemic inflammatory disorder that may affect many tissues and organs.Sida cardifolia.L is used in folk medicine for the treatment of inflammation.A 50% of ethanolic extract of Sida cardifolia.L tested on rats showed potent anti-antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activity when compared with standard drug deprenyl.

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Bakari Ali, Zauro Tukur Dikko

Abstract: Kaolin deposits in Kaoje have been analysed for their geochemical and geological (physical) characteristics in evaluating their quality for utilisation in local Industries. Physical (grain size) analysis show a moderate proportion of clay and silt size particles for the samples obtained (K1= 47.0 wt. %, K2= 41.8 wt. %, and K3= 50.2 wt. % respectively). Chemical data show that the Kaolin is composed mainly of SiO2 and Al2O3. Other oxides being present in various amounts include K2O, Fe2O3, and CuO. Also, Ca, Cr, Zr, As, and Ni occur in trace amounts and their depletion shows the extent of Kaolinisation. The physical and chemical characteristics of the Kaoje kaolinite indicate that they are suitable for industrial use.

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Dedeh Maryani

Abstract: Recently in Indonesia, public trust toward political parties has been decreasing. Most voters tend to be neutral, they had better to choose to none. The Experts argued that political competitivness will be high when political parties apply the accurate marketing mix or enhance their image and reputation. The aim of this research is to show how far political marketing mix in influencing the image or the reputation of political party and their impact toward the competitivness of 10 political parties conducted in Province West Java. I use quantitative method with explanatory survey method design. The population in this research is all voters in West Java, while the samples are about 400 persons with cluster random sampling. Data analysis in this research is descriptive with Parsial Least Square (PLS) hypothesis test. PLS describes political marketing mix toward the image and the reputation of political party and their impact toward the competitivness of political party. The result shows that independent variable (X), political marketing mix, gives a positive and significant influence to intervening variables (Y1) and (Y2), the image and the reputation of political party, and dependent variable (Y3), political party competitivness, their impact to the variable depend on it. The finding in this study is that marketing mix has high influence toward the competitiveness of political party by enhancing the image and the reputation of political party.

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Saber Fazel

Abstract: This paper presents a software-based technique to mitigate Control-flow Errors (CFEs) in multithreaded programs. In this paper, we concentrate on self-organization and self-management mitigation of control-flow error using additional instructions insertion into specific portions of multithreaded program at design time regarding to control-flow and data-flow dependency graphs. In order to evaluate the proposed technique, three multithreaded benchmarks quick sort, matrix multiplication and linked list utilized to run on a multi-core processor, and a total of 5000 transient faults has been injected into several executable points of each program. The results show that this technique detects and corrects between 91.9% and 93.8% of the injected faults with acceptable performance and memory overheads.

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Mohammad Mehdi Sadeghian, Zhirayr Vardanyan

Abstract: urban parks are important places for the conservation of biodiversity within cities. Urban parks and open spaces are a necessary part of the urban inheritance. They not only provide an enjoyable and natural environment but also increase the quality of life in urban areas and deal with essential environmental functions. This study aims to add to this current consideration by investigate the history of public and private area. Specifically the report will consider the link between classifications of urban parks. The objectives were to see design policies of parks and the scale of a park can variety from a national park to Neighborhood Park. There are four main types of parks: national, provincial, regional, and municipal.

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K. B. Agyapong, J. B. Hayfron-Acquah

Abstract: In this paper, the issue of scanning a large database is addressed by using probability matrix to generate the frequent itemset. The method eliminates the candidate having a subset which is not frequent. Currently in Computer Science and Data Mining, there are numerous mining algorithms of Associate Rule. Some of the supreme prevalent algorithms are the Apriori which extract frequent itemset from a large database. Although the Apriori algorithm is known to be the best for an Association Rule or Market Basket Analysis there are some challenges such as time wasting in scanning all the items found in the database through repetitive activities and the amount of memory space required as a result of having that large database being scanned. A comparison of the proposed algorithm with Apriori shows that the performance of the Improved Apriori is very promising.

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Jane Mugi, Michael Kimwele, George Okeyo.

Abstract: This paper presents a framework for enhancing privacy in Location Based Services using K-anonymity model. Users of location based services have to reveal their location information in order to use these services; however this has threatened the user privacy. K-anonymity approach has been studied extensively in various forms. However, it is only effective when the user location is fixed. When a user moves and continuously sends their location information, the location service provider can approximate user trajectory which poses a threat to the trajectory privacy of the user. This framework will ensure that user privacy is enhanced for both snapshot and continuous queries. The efficiency and effectiveness of the proposed framework was evaluated, the results indicate that the proposed framework has high success rate and good run time performance.

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Tarus Nicholas Kiprotich, Stephen Kimani, Wilson Cheruiyot

Abstract: The need of developing more usable web applications has motivated the development of a number of techniques, methods and tools to address web usability issues. In recent years many automated remote usability evaluation methods have been employed. Despite the advantages offered by these methods, usability evaluation is still a difficult and a time consuming task partly due to complexity of the tools used and partly due to expertise required. Analysing data obtained from web server logs can reveal usage pattern of users. This gives a highly improved understanding of users’ behaviour. This information can then be utilized in improving a web e application way which usability interfa evaluation of a web application can be approached. State transition network (STN) was preferred in this work. This paper presents a model for automated remote usability evaluation which automatically generates specific usability information of a remote web application.

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Rudy Gianto

Abstract: Self-tuning controller (STC) is one of the techniques of adaptive control. The controller is called self-tuning, since it has the ability to adjust its own parameters according to the system conditions to obtain satisfactory control performance. This adaptive controller is developed to overcome the shortcomings of the non-adaptive controllers. This control technique is very popular, and has been implemented in many important engineering applications. One important application of STC is in the field of electrical power engineering, where the STC concept has been employed to design the self-tuning stabilizer for damping of power oscillation. This paper provides an overview on the self-tuning controller and its application in improving dynamic performance of an electrical power system.

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Dominikus K. Da Costa, Mohammad M, Bambang S.

Abstract: East Flores regency has adequate marine resources potentials to develop seaweed aquaculture area. Animportant aspect of seaweed aquaculture is the site selection. Site selection is based on the marine area extent and its ecological quality. The objectives of the study were to analyze the water ecology and its support capability and to determine the best site for continuous seaweed mariculture in Hading Bay of East Flores Regency. The study used descriptive method. It was conducted in Hading Bay, Lewolema District, East Flores Regency in March 2015. Data analysis was done using GIS based on area suitability value, and the method applied in the mariculture was long line method. Total Hading Bay water territory was864,676 ha. Site Awas135,345 ha, site B was 474,222 ha and site C was 255,108 ha. Area with S1 category was 729,331 ha extended in Site B and C. Area with S2 category was 135,345 ha as extended in Site A. Water territory support capability was 778,208 ha. The number of seaweed mariculture units was 194,552 units and seaweed territory capacity was 99%. Hading Bay waster has the capacity and area support capability for K. alvareziiseaweed mariculture site. Site A was categorized S2 on suitability class and site B and C were categorized S1 on suitability class. The results showed different quality of water territory in those three sites was not significant and still in normal range of K. alvarezii seaweed mariculture development.

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Perera D. A. K., Dharmaratne S. K, Kendangamuwa K. W.C.U.K , Gamini L. P. S.

Abstract: Blood and blood component transfusion is one of the major therapeutic practices throughout the world. National Blood Transfusion Service (NBTS) in Sri Lanka requires approximately 300000 blood units annually. After initiating mobile donor programme, there have been two types of blood donation programs in Sri Lanka since 1980. Since second half of first decade of 21st century, Sri Lanka shifted to 100% non-replacement blood transfusion policy. That means whole blood and blood component requirement of NBTS has to be collected through mobile blood donor program and voluntary In-house blood donor program. Therefore the objective of this study was to determine the factors affecting the blood donors of selecting blood donor program in Western province, Sri Lanka. Methodology This was a cross sectional descriptive study. The study composed of two components. .First, the factors that cause the blood donor to select a blood donor programme; second, the facility survey of blood banks In-house donation. An interviewer administered questionnaire was used to collect data from a sample of 410 Mobile blood donors. Facility survey was done using a checklist. The dependant variables were the attendance of the blood donors to Mobile blood donation and In-house blood donation. Independent variables included were the factors related to socio demography, service quality, accessibility, availability and intrinsic / extrinsic motivation. The analytical statistics applied for testing the association of factors with the blood donor programme was chi-square test. The study has shown some important findings. There was significant association between income level and donating blood. Only 3.3% of In-house blood donor population was female. Majority of In-house population belonged to 30-41 age group. A statistically significant association exists between age and repeat blood donation. The female blood donors’ tendency of becoming repeat donors was very low. Distance problem and non availability on easy days were the main de-motivational factors for donating blood to In-house blood donation. It appears that utilization of In-house blood donor programme could be improved by addressing the physical and psychological barriers and provision of quality service. This study further pointed out the need to reformulate health policies and utilization of information technology to improve the national blood transfusion service.

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Md. Farhad Ali, Umme Habiba Bodrun Naher, Md. Mahamudul Hasan, Md. Aminul Islam

Abstract: This paper analyzes the determination of heavy metals named Chromium, Lead and Cadmium deposited in soil as well as in the plants and vegetables due to the tanning industries of the area of Hazaribagh, Dhaka. The tanneries discharge untreated tannery effluents which get mixed with the soil, water of rivers and canals in this area. The determination of metals was performed for the soil that was collected from the land adjacent to the canals which bear untreated tannery effluents. The soil is affected with the untreated effluents through the deposition of heavy metals. The metals were furthers deposited into the plants and vegetables grown on that soil. The roots stems and leaves of the plants of Jute (Corchorus capsularis) and Spinach (Basella alba) grown on that soil were analyzed for determining these metals. Extreme amount of chromium was found for plants and again Lead, Cadmium were found in higher amount in these parts of the two plants. These two plants are taken as a popular vegetables extensively. In case of soil, the amount of Chromium, Lead and Cadmium were analyzed as 87 mg/L, 0.131 mg/L and 0.190 mg/L respectively. For the roots, stems and leaves of Jute (Corchorus capsularis), the average values are 115.62 mg/L for Chromium, 11.25 mg/L for Lead and 2.27 mg/L for Cadmium respectively. Again, in case of Spinach (Basella alba), 124.42 mg/L was found for Chromium 7.38 mg/L for lead and 2.97 mg/L for Cadmium as average values for these parts of the two trees. All the observed values of metals of Chromium, Lead and Cadmium are higher than the permissible and specially for Chromium, the amount is extremely higher.

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P Vinay, Srivatsa G R, Venkatesh Datta, Dinesh Kumar A, Ramesha N, Dr. H K Govindaraju

Abstract: The primary objective of the project is to create a prototype of a purely air powered motorcycle by retrofitting its internal combustion engine to run on compressed air. Firstly, the conventional spark plug was replaced with a solenoid valve. The solenoid valve was initially actuated using a reed switch and magnet duo, but then later replaced with an optical crank position sensor circuit due to reasons that include lack of control over the amount of air injected during each stroke and also for more precise control over the opening and closing of the valve. The torque, brake power, indicated power, air consumption rate of the engine under load are calculated. Separate mounts for the modified engine and the cylindrical storage unit are designed and analysed using Catia v4. Also, possible ways of future scope of the prototype are mentioned.

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Aqliliriana, C.,M., Ernee, N.,M., Irmawati, R.

Abstract: Calcium oxide catalysts were prepared from natural calcium sources such as limestone and mud creeper shell and the catalytic activities were evaluated in the transesterification of palm oil. The raw material which mainly composed of calcium carbonate can be easily converted to calcium oxide (CaO) after calcination above 1000 K for few hours. Abundant, cheap sources, benign, high conversion and nontoxic become main advantages of these catalysts. The catalysts were characterized by XRF, TGA, XRD, CO2-TPD, SEM, and BET methods. Thermal decomposition of CaCO3, will produced CaO which later will be converted into calcium hydroxide (Ca(OH)2) via simple hydration technique. Under optimum reaction condition (methanol to oil ratio 15:1, catalyst loading 3 wt.%, reaction temperature 338 K for 5 hours), the highest conversion of palm oil to methyl ester recorded were 98% and 94% when using modified limestone and mud creeper shell respectively. The results observed an increment up to 80% by using modified catalysts with characterization results showed high in basicity and surface area. Hence, promising materials via simple and cheap method can be achieved.

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Rachana Arora , Joby George

Abstract-Sequence Alignment and Analysis is one of the most important applications of bioinformatics. It involves alignment a pair or more sequences with each other and identify a common pattern that would ultimately lead to conclusions of homology or dissimilarity. A number of algorithms that make use of dynamic programming to perform alignment between sequences are available. One of their main disadvantages is that they involve complicated computations and backtracking methods that are difficult to implement. This paper describes a much simpler method to identify common regions in 2 sequences and align them based on the density of common sequences identified.

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W.A.Nishshanka, S.M.Arnold, K.W.C.U.K.Kendangamuwa

Abstract: Stress is a state of emotional, cognitive, behavioral and physical reactions to unfavorable situations and is characterized by high levels of arousal, distress and feelings of not coping. It has major behavioral and health implications. Stress has a special significance in health care where the workers experience both psychosocial and physical stress. As front-line health care workers who are in the wards for twenty four hours a day, Nursing Officers are at high risk of stress, due to their enormous responsibilities. In the ward setting they act as the link between the physicians, patients and the community.

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Hendra Gunawan, Ina Primiana, Popy Rufaidah, Achmad Kemal Hidayat

ABSTRACT: Coal is one of the alternative energy sources instead of petroleum. It results in the coal mining industry as an industry that is highly prospective. But the growth of coal production, both domestics and export coal sales in the period 2005-2012 was experiencing turbulence tends to decrease. The decline in world coal prices directly impact the business performance of coal mining companies of Indonesia. Preliminary survey results show the phenomenon of the weak performance of the business due to the coal mining industry management tends not yet fully capable of formulating competitive strategy appropriated. In addition there is a weakness for supply chain management and strategic orientation. On that basis then do research on supply chains and strategic orientation on competitive strategy and its implications on the business performance of the coal mining industry in Indonesia. The study was conducted using an explanatory method. Duration of the study is the time horizon which is cross section/one shoots. Objects of research are taking by sampling that takes part members of the population to be studied. The results show that the supply chain, strategic orientation and competitive strategy on coal mining companies in Indonesia are generally located in either category, but found that business performance in general cannot be expressed well so that the cause of the low performance achieved during this business. It shows the implementation of all activities associated with the business activity has not gone as expected.

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Bertha Musty, Dwi Kartini Yahya, Nury Effendi, Imas Soemaryani

ABSTRACT - The higher education environment has changed faster than the ability of higher education to respond; the competition becomes more intense, complex and dynamic, making some polytechnics can thrive, survive and others are stopping operations. This study was conducted to examine the profile of 29 polytechnics in West Java to achieve organizational performance. Research results show that polytechnic performance is affected by the quality of the execution and its competitive advantage, which are determined by the precision and alignment strategies with organizational competence. The model findings of this study could be an analysis tool to solve the polytechnics survival problems, how to face the intense competition and changing environment.

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Dr. Suruchi Chawla

Abstract: In this paper hybrid of Ant Colony Optimization(ACO) and trust has been used for domainwise web page optimization in clustered query sessions for effective Information retrieval. The trust of the web page identifies its degree of relevance in satisfying specific information need of the user. The trusted web pages when optimized using pheromone updates in ACO will identify the trusted colonies of web pages which will be relevant to users information need in a given domain. Hence in this paper the hybrid of Trust and ACO has been used on clustered query sessions for identifying more and more relevant number of documents in a given domain in order to better satisfy the information need of the user. Experiment was conducted on the data set of web query sessions to test the effectiveness of the proposed approach in selected three domains Academics, Entertainment and Sports and the results confirm the improvement in the precision of search results.

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Onot Obono Ekpe, Godwin Oju Igile, Eyong Ubana Eyong, Mbeh Ubana Eteng

ABSTRACT : Optimization of this process is meant to develop the design and unit processes of fermenting irvingia gabonensis seeds, in the production of a product considered more nutritious than the raw material from which it is produced. This study assesses the optimal conditions in which the microbes thrive and give the desired product quality. The parameters: pH, temperature, acidity of fermenting medium and the different organic acids produced during the fermentation process, were monitored on a daily basis. Bacterial isolates included Bacillus spp, Micrococcus spp, and streptococcus spp. Principally only one fungi Candida tropicalis DMB321 was involved in the entire process. Three stages were categorized in the process flow chart. The early stage fermentation caused by Bacillus spp, at pH 6-7, 30OC and 1.8% acidity of extract; the intermediary stage micro-organism, Micrococcus spp, and Streptococcus, at pH 5.6, 35-38OC and 4.4% acidity of extract while the late stage showed drastic decrease in bacterial load and prolific increase in growth of Candida tropicallis, at pH 4.5-5.1, 70OC and 5.4% acidity of extract. Organic acids in the fermenting substrate included citric acid 2.4% DM, glycolic acid 1.22% DM and oxalic acid 2.98% were quantified. Optimization of this fermentation process would enable itugha product development and commercialization. Thereby expanding the frontiers of irvingia gabonensis utilization.

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Mispansyah, Said Karim, Irwansyah, Harustiati A. Moein

Abstract: "Prisoners are entitled to have a reduction in criminal past (remission)" as stipulated in the Indonesian Criminal Justice System still being debated to this day. This research reviews the essence of the implementation of the substantive law in granting remission against inmate corruption cases from the perspective of public and individual interests. The type of research used in this paper is socio-legal research, reviewing remission policy from the perspective of the criminal law system with philosophical and statute approach. The outcomes of the research indicate that the implementation of granting remission for corruption prisoners does not provide justice, both procedural and substantive, does not provide legal expediency and arising imbalance of justice for individuals, communities and countries. The need to implement remissions with impartial justice for corruption prisoners in granting remission, to be useful for individuals, communities and countries.

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Halila Rama Purnama, Aminuddin Salle, Muhadar, A. Suriyaman M. Pide

Abstract: Nowadays, efforts to eradicate corruption become a global problem and not only as a national or regional issues. For a developing country like Indonesia has almost become a condition sine qua non. This research reviews the role of legal culture in formulating the legal awareness of the public in an effort to prevent corruption. This research is a sociolegal research leading to search ontologically. The type of research combines the empirical and normative studies. The outcomes of the research indicate that as an extraordinary crime, corruption cases should be carried out in an extraordinary way. The consequence, it is not only the financial loss of state but a crime that violates the rights of social and economic at large and systemic. Observing the criminal sanctions applicable in the law of corruption linked to the purpose of criminalization against perpetrators of corruption (corruptor), it can be seen that the essence of criminalization is intended as an attempt to eradicate corruption. But these efforts to date cannot be said to achieve its goals, because that looks just taking measure have not been effective to minimize corruption. Criminalization efforts have not actually created the state’s role in protecting people against the corruption.

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Borget Alfred Anoye, Adama Ouattara

Abstract: In this paper, using quality management tools, we track root causes and principal causes of the rising manufacturing cost of the bar soaps and propose solution to solve the problem. First, we identify and analyze the roots causes of problem with the Fishbone Diagram. We use multivoting approach to reduce roots causes to main causes, from which we identify, classify and analyze principal causes using the Pareto Diagram. We then perform a deep analysis of these principal causes using the 5 whys analysis technique. Three principal causes were found high level of overtime, poor machine performance and poor employee’s performance and were weighing 55% of the problem. For that reason, working on these areas was necessary to address the problem of the rising manufacturing cost of the bar soaps. With the result, we then use the PDCA/ 7 steps of TQM method to solve the problem of the rising manufacturing cost by testing whether expanding production capacity leads to performance improvements of these areas. We decide to expand production capacity by adding two more machine groups. Six months after implementation of the proposed solution, the result shows an enhanced workload and schedule, an increased production capacity, an elimination of the overtime issue, an increased machines performance and an improved workers performance. Two main savings were achieved as wage costs and maintenance costs. As a result, while competitor’s bar soaps prices increased, the company bar soaps price decreased by 50%, making the company bar soaps more attractive on market, as this performance permitted the company to apply price reduction at the retailer level.

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Tayfun Abut

Abstract: In this study, a model of snake robot is created and its dynamic modeling and control of a passive wheel planar is observed and studied. The main purpose of this work is to perform a corresponding movement in a stable condition with respect to the actual effect of environmental conditions. Serpanodial motion of the real snakes’ is studied to determine the control of the robot. Holonomic constraints’ of the system is taken into the consideration to obtain the robot’s kinematics and dynamics equations. By using obtained dynamic equations, the model of the system is created in MATLAB/SIMULINK. The simulation studies showing performance of the system are performed by determining the control parameters of the system with Fuzzy and the Genetic Algorithm (GA) and controlling FUZZY PID, GA-PID and PID control. The system control parameters are determined by FUZZY PID, GA-PID and PID control the performance of the system by simulation studies have been performed. In addition, the dynamic motion simulations are carried out for obtaining data and experience before the experimental studies. Graphical results obtained are compared with the results of conventional PID control method applied to the system and the results are analyzed. Consequently, the computer simulations are shown that the suggested control methods are make the system control accomplished

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Alfitouri I. Jellah

Abstract: The magnetic susceptibility signal is one of the important properties on minerals that can be used to identify these minerals and distinguish them from each other as different minerals have different magnetic susceptibility readings and response. Minerals according to their magnetic response are classified to three main categories: Diamagnetic, Paramagnetic, and Ferrimagnetic which are commonly present in the hydrocarbon reservoir and some of them are considered to be important controlling factors for some of the reservoirs properties related closely to the capability of these reservoirs to contain hydrocarbons flow in the porous media and then its production to the production wells. Examples of these properties are permeability and microporosity which showed very good correlation with the magnetic susceptibility measurements particularly those that have been taken at high applied magnetic field.

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Gerald Ahorbo, Johnson Ofori, Joseph Otoo.

Abstract: The plowing charges of farm tractor-hire service enterprises sometimes influence the acreage plowed. This study was to explore the relationship between farm acreage plowed and the plowing service charges of farm tractor-hire service enterprises and also assess the effect of changes in plowing charges of farm tractor-hire service providers on the acreage plowed for smallholder farmers in four agro-ecological zones (the coastal savannah, deciduous forest, transitional, and guinea savannah) of Ghana using a locally weighted regression (LOESS). A total of 120 tractor-hire service providers who plowed for smallholder farmers over the period of 2008 and 2011 were randomly sampled across the four agro-ecological zones and interviewed. The results showed that the relation between the farm acreage plowed and the plowing service charges varied from one agro-ecological zone to the other and the average maximum acreage plowed per service provider was found to be in the neighborhood of 270 acres at average rate of GH¢29 per acre in the Coastal Savannah Zone, 850 acres at average rate of GH¢28 per acre in the Deciduous Forest Zone, 650 acres at average rate of GH¢25 per acre in the Transitional Zone, and 450 acres at average rate of GH¢24 per acre in the Guinea Savannah Zone. The overall outcome of this study would assist the tractor-hire service providers, policy makers, and agricultural extension agents to know the suitable average plowing charges that a lot of the smallholder farmers could afford at the various agro-ecological zones to promote the plowing of more farm lands.

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Dr. Mahmoud Mohamed Ali, Dr. Kirembwe Rashid Abdulhamed, Said Salim Aljamoudi

Abstract: This research is aimed to study the existence of the dimensions of the learning organization in basic education schools in the Sultanate of Oman from its employees' point of view. Also, this study aims to identify the differences in the estimates of workers in basic education schools to the presence of learning organization requirements attributable to any of the variables of gender, and qualification. A theoretical framework of learning organizations developed by the researcher is used in this research. The questionnaire was used as a tool to get to know the reality of the existence of the requirements of the learning organization on a sample consisting of (1098) of the workers in basic education schools. The research concludedthat to become a learning organization, basic education schools in the Sultanate of Oman needs to promote allthedimensions of the learning organization.

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Dr.Mahmoud Mohamed Ali, Dr.Kirembwe Rashid Abdulhamed, Ali Mohammed Humaidalwaili

Abstract: The Interest of applying the total quality standards has become a global demand in addition to being a demand for a community due to the growing needs of the community individuals , and the various international institutions concerned with quality , and if we look at the individuals of the community , we find that his interest in improving the performance and services provided to him by the state is increasing day after day , as well as needs are increasing day after day , therefore the performance of total quality standards in different institutions , whether its economic , educational or social. The challenge for any institution to adopt of the total quality as a philosophy or Implementation of total quality has led to the growing needs of the beneficiaries, and because the achievement of total quality management standards has become a practical, any institution should be interested in it. (Radwan 2014). In the educational field most of the world focused on education improvement, and the quality comprehensive had the biggest attention and this age was called the quality comprehensive according to thoughts (Miligi 2011) beside applying the standard of quality in field of education became from the necessaries to suite the advanced of knowledge technology, therefore the educational institutes can have the confidence of the other social institutions. (Hafiz 2012).

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Suryaningsi, Abrar Saleng, Marthen Arie, Irwansyah

Abstract: This research reviews the essence of the essence of state-control over the management and utilization of coal mining between the central and local Government. The type of research is a normative-legal research and descriptive-analytic to explain the essence of joint-management of mineral and coal resources between the central and local government. Legal materials used in this study consisted of; primary, secondary and tertiary. The outcomes of the research indicate that the essence of state-control over the management and utilization of coal mining is the responsibility by people to the state or governments to make arrangements, management, maintenance, administering, policy-making and supervising and guidance to the mineral and coal mining activities which has a goal to prosperity of the people. The government should be able to implement the functions and role of the state in realizing the prosperity and welfare of the people, by regulating the coal mining, in the sense of not only controlled partially or a group of people. In addition, immediately set Act as substitution of Mineral and Coal Act in accordance with the Act No. 23 of 2014 concerning the Local Government.

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Ali Mahmudi, Hamid Keyvani

Abstract: Due to the increasing consumption of electrical energy, appropriate design of future network and reconfiguration of the current network is of considerable importance. In this paper, the proposed method based on stochastic load flow in the presence of a wind turbine as well as the modified firefly optimization algorithm has been reviewed for optimal management of reconfiguration strategy and the IEEE 32-bus standard network has been used to observe its performance. The objective functions evaluated include: 1) minimization of the total cost of active power losses in the network, 2) reducing the total network operating costs and 3) reducing total emissions produced by the network. The appropriate solution of reconfiguration problem is also considered regarding the uncertainty caused by the wind turbines.

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Fredrick Ojija

Abstract: A climate change mitigation mechanism, Reducing Emission from Deforestation and forest Degradation (REDD+) is anticipated to affect livelihoods of forest dependent communities. This study was conducted to establish this impact on livelihoods of local people in Rungwe District, Tanzania. Data were collected through questionnaires, group discussions, and interviews from three villages: Syukula, Ilolo and Kibisi. Results showed that households’ annual income and crop production are higher after REDD+ implementation. The older respondents (>40 years old) considered REDD+ to be important for forest management compared to younger generation (<40 years old) (p<0.05). Similarly, the older respondents considered wood forest products such as fuelwood, charcoal, timber and poles to be reduced. There was a widespread awareness about REDD+’s objectives among household respondents. Therefore, REDD+ proponents should implement alternative sources of livelihoods to help local people improve their income and reduce dependence on the forest resources and eventually decrease deforestation and forest degradation.

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Surbhi Sharma, Manisha Arora, Kuldeepak Kaushik

Abstract: This paper presents the approach to design the comparative study or tuning of PI, PD & PID Controllers for Interactive Coupled Tank System to Control Water Level. In this paper MATLAB is used for modeling and testing of the control system. The experimental results of the interacting water level process can be satisfyingly illustrated the transient response and the steady state response.

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Faiz Ahyaningsih, Opim Salim Sitompul

Abstract: The quadratic assigment problem (QAP) is one of the most interesting and most challenging combinatorial optimization problems in existence. In this paper we propose a random point strategy to get a starting point, and then we use a combination methods to get ‘optimal’ solution. As a computational experience we’ve solved QAP 30 x 30 adopted from Nugent and backboard wiring problem 42  42, adopted from Skorin-Kapov.

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Annu Cherian, P. Geena George, Dr. C. Prabha

Abstract: During flight missions, launch vehicles are subjected to a severe dynamic pressure loading, aero-acoustic and structure-borne excitations of various circumstances, which can endanger the survivability of the payload and the vehicles electronic equipment, and consequently the success of the mission. The purpose of the fairing is to protect the satellite from damage during launch until deployment in space. Both the structural and acoustic loads are significant during the first few minutes of a launch and have the potential to damage the payload. This paper describes the analysis of mechanical structure and the inner acoustic cavity of the payload fairing subjected to acoustic field. The vibro-acoustic behaviour of the fairing is analyzed using Statistical Energy Analysis (SEA) Model. The software VA One is used for the statistical energy analysis of launch vehicle payload fairing due to acoustic excitation.

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Phanuel Y. Klogo, Johnson K. Ofori, Harrison Amaglo

ABSTRACT: For many tropical countries particularly in Africa, Biological Nitrogen Fixation (BNF) continues to be the most promising alternative or supplement to the use of chemical Nitrogen fertilizers for sustainable Agriculture. In contrast to cowpea that nodulate profusely in tropical soilswith the naturally occurring bradyrhizobia, nodulation and nitrogen fixation in the American-type soybean in similar environments has largely depended on inoculating bradyrhizobia into the soil. The development of the Tropical Glycine Cross (TGx) soybean varieties by IITA has made it possible for these promiscuous varieties to nodulate with the naturally occurring strains belonging to the cowpea Bradyrhizobiumspp. The Most Probable Number (MPN) technique was used to determine the bradyrhizobial population in these soils. Eighty four Bradyrhizobium isolates obtained from randomly selected nodules on soybean were assessed for effectiveness in nitrogen fixation. Three of the most effective isolates were used in inoculation studies carried out in the greenhouse atthe University of Ghana-Legonon three promiscuous soybean varieties, Anidaso (TGx 813-6D), TGx 1903-8F and TGx 1448-2E and a non- promiscuous genotype, Davis, in three Ghanaian soil series, Toje (Chromic cambisols), Chichiwere (Dystricfluvisol) and Bekwai (Ferric acrisols). There were tremendous inoculation responses in these soils for both the promiscuous and non-promiscuous cultivars, with even the promiscuous ones responding better to inoculation than the non-promiscuous Davis. Inoculation gave rise to significant increases in nodule number, nodule dry weight, shoot dry weight and total nitrogen accumulation compared to the uninoculated control even intheChichiwere soil series which harboured the highestpopulation of indigenous bradyrhizobia, suggesting that the populations of the naturally occurring bradyrhizobia in these soils were either not highly competitive or sufficient for optimum nodulation and nitrogen fixation. For all the symbiotic or growth parameters assessed, the four soybean varietieswere ranked as Davis

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Arpita Mukherjee, Dr. Mukta Sharma

ABSTRACT: The purpose of this trial was to evaluate the effect of a Web-based, self-report assessment and educational intervention on symptom distress during cancer therapy. This review aimed to quantify the benefit of patient-based educational interventions in the management of cancer pain. We undertook a systematic review and meta-analysis of experimentally randomised and non-randomised controlled clinical trials. We found equivocal evidence for the effect of education on self-efficacy, but no significant benefit on medication adherence or on reducing interference with daily activities. Patient-based educational interventions can result in modest but significant benefits in the management of cancer pain, and are probably underused alongside more traditional analgesic approaches. Mental and behavioral health promotion, prevention, treatment and management-oriented interventions that are delivered via the internet or other electronic technologies, with or without human support, often referred to as “e-Interventions”, can overcome many barriers of access that are commonly encountered in our healthcare system. This online support intervention showed improved QoL outcomes in participants as compared to those in a control group who did not access the intervention. However, the intervention focused on psycho-education and support rather than skills in coping with the experience of cancer diagnosis, treatment and recovery.

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Simon Munyua, Dr. Gladys Rotich, Dr. Michael Kimwele

Abstract : Access to timely and quality maternal health care remains to be a major development challenge in many developing economies particularly in Kenya. The country’s system of providing maternal health care also continue to be anchored on conventional methods of physical presence of the patient and the doctor in a hospital setup. The country’s ICT and health policies also place very little emphasis on the use of these platforms. This study therefore sought to establish the factors affecting the adoption of mHealth by focusing on maternal health in Nakuru Provincial General Hospital. Objectives of the study were: to determine the extent to knowledge and awareness affects the adoption of mHealth in maternal health care at Nakuru PGH, to identify the government policies affecting the adoption of mHealth in maternal health care at Nakuru PGH, to assess how access to technology affects the adoption of mHealth in maternal healthcare, to establish the effects of ICT infrastructure on the adoption of mHealth in maternal health care and to identify the cost aspects affecting the adoption of mHealth in maternal health care at Nakuru Provincial General Hospital. It is envisaged that the study could provide useful information on the adoption of mHealth in managing maternal health care in Nakuru Provincial General Hospital. Descriptive survey research design will be used where all the medical staff and patients of Nakuru Provincial General Hospital was surveyed. The study population therefore was made up of 24 medical staff and 3460 mothers visiting the antenatal clinic selected using clustered random sampling technique. The main instrument for primary data collection was the questionnaire. Data analysis was then done using both descriptive and inferential statistics. Descriptive statistics to be used include frequency counts, percentages, and measures of central tendency. Inferential statistics on the other hand include t-test analysis and spearman correlation. The study is expected to reveal the level of adoption of mHealth in maternal health care both at individual and hospital level at Nakuru Provincial General Hospital. The findings indicated that knowledge and awareness influences the adoption of mHealth in maternal health care. There was understanding of mHealth among hospital employees. The government policies influence the adoption of mHealth in maternal health care. The hospital had no policy to enhance the integration of ICT in health service delivery. From the findings on the access to mobile technology and adoption of mHealth in maternal health care, it was concluded that computers and computer accessories are fair while internet connectivity was poor. There was no promotion of government health policies on the use of mHeath. There were no government policies that guide the implementation of mHealth in the hospital. The government policies didn’t promote the use of ICT in health care innovations. The cost aspects affect adoption of mHealth in maternal health care. The expense of mHealth was not affordable by the patients while the expense of mHealth is not affordable by the hospital employees.

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Md.Farhad Ali, Umme Habiba Bodrun Naher, Md.Mahamudul Hasan, Md.Shakil Nawze, Shahanama Ferdous

Abstract: Leather plays a vital role in earning the foreign currency for Bangladesh. Export of finished leather and leather products have an important impact on the economy of Bangladesh. Mainly cow, goat sheep and buffalo leathers are produced in this country. Different defects of leather due to numerous numbers of diseases of animals of poor management of people deteriorate the quality of leather which has negative impact in this sector. This paper analyses the magnitude and category of major defects in case of cow, goat and buffalo of Bangladesh. We have studied in sixteen tanneries of Hazaribagh, Dhaka where 95% tanneries of the whole country are situated. This study found that in case of cow skin, hair slip, parasitic skin diseases, wound and pox are mainly responsible for the defects in leather in raw condition. Again, in case of the wet blue leather of cow, flay cut, pox mark, parasitic diseases , growth mark, wound, sun burn, scratch, dark mole are responsible for the defects. Further, for crust leather of cow, flay cut, parasitic diseases, pox, looseness for bating, scratch, wrinkle, grain damage are found as the reason of defects. In case of goat, parasitic diseases, pox, growth mark, mole, scratch, flay cut, hair slip were found responsible mostly for the defects in Bangladesh. Moreover parasite, pox, wound, branding, growth mark, wrinkle, jam wrinkle, mole, scratch, flay cut, curing have been detected for the defects of buffalo in this country. Again in this study it is found that average leather grade A-D is 15%, E-F is 25%, G-H is 30%, HH is 12.5% and again the rejection is 18.43%. It is observed that most of the defects occur during animal life period. The rest of the defects happen during slaughter flaying, preservation and processing period of hides and skins into leather. By proper caring of the farm level and at the point of slaughter and flaying, desired quality of hides and skins could be obtained.

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Nur Choirul Afif, Dian Utami Sutiksno, Nugroho Hardiyanto, Aldina Shiratina

Abstract: Loyalty is one indicator of the success of marketing performance. Various studies have shown that brand loyalty increases the number of customers and sales. In addition, brand loyalty is also lowering the cost to acquire new customers. Marketing managers need to give special attention to the issue of brand loyalty, including the services of an English course.As one of the requirements to be able to compete at the global level is the mastery international language. However, Indonesian English ability is lower than ASEAN countries, such as Malaysia and Singapore. These conditions increase the number of English Courses in Indonesia rapid grow. But some people do not get the results as expected and are still looking for other colleges that are considered to have high quality with affordable prices. English village situated in Pare, Kediri. About the qualifications of teaching staff, infrastructure, and management colleges in big cities is better than the village colleges in the Pare, Kediri. Some participants still chose KampungInggris, Pare, Kediri as a place to learn English. The purpose of this research is how to analyze the important aspect to build brand loyalty. The results is the key factors to build brand loyalty is brand trust and brand brand affect. Brand trust and brand affect affected brand loyalty both simultaneously and partially. Marketing managers of English Courses in Indonesia must give more attention these aspects to increase brand loyalty.

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Arbind Kumar Choudhary, Tanwir Alam, Sadawarte Sahebrao Kishanrao.

Abstract: Alcoholic neuropathy is most likely result of dietary deficiency rather than direct neurotoxic effect of alcohol. A male alcoholic patient, aged 34- years old with clear clinical sign of peripheral neuropathy was examined after his habit of six years chronic alcoholic drinking. Conduction velocities, latencies and nerve action potential amplitudes was measured from median, radial, common peroneal and sural nerves on respective upper and lower limb and the results showed that there was decrease in conduction velocity of common peroneal, and posterior tibial in lower limbs. However, sensory nerve conduction (SNCV) of sural nerve (right and left) was normal in lower limb. Based on the results observed in our study, we conclude that the combination of vitamin B12, uridine, and cytidine can be safe and effective in the treatment of patients presenting alcoholic polyneuropathy. So the prognosis of alcoholic peripheral neuropathy is good and independent of age provided that intake of alcohol is withdrawn completely.

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Shalini Saxena, Arvind Kumar Saxena

Abstract: The open cell silicon carbide (SiC) foam was prepared using highly crosslinked hybrid organic- inorganic polymer resin matrix. As inorganic polymer polycarbosilane was taken and organic resin was taken as a mixture of epoxy resin and diisocyanates. The resultant highly crosslinked hybrid resin matrix on heating and subsequently on pyrolysis yielded open cell silicon carbide foam. The hybrid resin matrix was characterized by Fourier transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FT-IR) and thermal properties i.e., Thermogravimetric analysis (TGA) & Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC) were also studied. The morphological studies of silicon carbide ceramic foam were carried out using X-ray Spectroscopy (XRD) & Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM).

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Ayesha Al Neyadi, Alia Al Kaabi, Laila Al Kaabi, Mariam Al Ghufli, Maitha Al Shamsi, Dr. Muhammad Khan

Abstract: Most people in UAE don't feel safe while they are use the Internet, because most internet users have been a victim for cyber crime. Cyber crime threat rate has increased which has targeted on citizen privacy, property and governments also the reputation problems. There are many criminal activities such as indecent acts, Copyright issues, Terrorist Acts, State security and Contempt of religion. Cyber crimes due to several reasons, such as they have lack of social intelligence, they are being greedy and not being content also some of them have financial troubles, these reasons usually exploited by criminals. Thus, the decree will be a punishment or criminalizes formally on any person who using any kind of information technology and any other’s private life to blackmail or to threaten others online. In addition, at the present time, with the most detailed new cybercrime law that can be used to prove found guilty. As well, the author discusses that the new cyber-crime law provides protection of personal information including banking information, credit cards and electronic payment information.

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Muhammad Mursyidan Mah Dahwi,Waidah Ismail, Asma Abd Rahman, Azlan Husin, Rosline Hassan

Abstract: Database era has been appear during Prophet Muhammad S.A.W. We are using the same concept but only deployed in the medical environment with security features which is related to aqli and naqli. The development of a system not only covered the ability of the system to be functioned and execute very well but a good and efficient system must be able to communicate with the users and become a user friendly system. This research is about developing Hospital Patient Information System developed for Hematology Ward and Hemato-oncology Laboratory at the Hospital UniversitiSains Malaysia (HUSM) based on the aqli and naqli. It lacks of security in term of data integrity of the system. It will be enhanced in its security features which will be implemented with the data integrity feature and also password encryption to overcome the problems. As a result, an automated calculation of blood series and graph production as for data analysis will be implemented in this system.An approach of agile method is the chosen process to be used in realizing this research. This system will come out with the ability of protection in data integrity, password encryption and automatic calculation in order to reduce the fraud and human errors.

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Kassem Hamze, Zaher Zeaiter, Ghayas Lakkis, Ali Shaib, Ahmad Kobaissi

Abstract: Swarming Experiments were carried on with Bacillus subtilis strains to identify the activity of certain genes in the swarming ability and surfactin production. We will examine the effect of comXP as well as pta mutations on the capability of swarming. In different experiments we showed that strain OMG 903 that carries mutation in comXP managed to produce surfactin but showed, attenuated defective and random swarming pattern; strain OMG 928 that carries mutation in pta gene, managed to produce surfactin and showed normal swarming pattern, meanwhile double mutation in comXP and pta in strain OMG 929 lead to the absence of surfactin production and didn’t manage Thesetoswarmdatashowed. that a threshold of surfactin production is necessary for a normal swarming pattern.

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Rimsha Zafar, Samreen Lodhi

Abstract: Ethics includes social, cultural and moral values of an organization. Nowadays restaurant are involving in deceptive advertisement, unhygienic food and poor food quality these out key ethical issues in restaurants of Karachi, Pakistan. In this study researcher focuses on three main variables hygienic factor, deceptive advertisements and food quality. All these three variables have been taken and gathered the data through mail, survey questionnaire and email, sample size of 200 respondents from different areas of Karachi male and female age group between 20 to 40 years. Data compiled and analyzed through Statistical techniques like descriptive, correlate and regression. The results show that ethics influence hygienic factor whereas deceptive advertisement and food quality of a restaurant is better known when a family buy the food at restaurant. Therefore it is very important for restaurants to train their employees and give them a better knowledge of ethics.

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Akul Anandur

ABSTRACT: This article focuses on the rationalization of emotions- mainly happiness & sadness- and their interactions. A mathematical analysis of emotions relating happiness and sadness has been depicted. Emotions, being merely a disturbance in the mental states, have been analyzed as an entropic phenomenon.

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ISSN 2277-8616
IJSTR - January 2022 - Volume 11 Issue 1