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IJSTR Volume 1 - Issue 10, November 2012 Edition - ISSN 2277-8616

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M. Jiyad Shaikh

Abstract:- The phrase by Feigenbaum (1951) that quality is never an accident; it is the result of intelligent efforts is rightly indicating the fruitful effects and outcomes for quality management systems like TQM and clearly depicting that right and intelligent efforts in the right direction will produce quality results which in turn creates value of organization in the market. While examining this independent study, I will analyze the impact of TQM practices in fast moving consumer sector of Pakistan (FMCG).FMCG which are chosen for this research are Unilever, Reckitt and Engro foods. The main areas which are encompassed in this research are revenue and profitability improvement and organizational fat reduction by virtue of TQM practices in these organizations. Do organization's vision, mission and quality management systems have a contribution in firm's revenue and productivity improvement and also fat reduction? If any relationship exists among them then what is the significance among them. What are impacts of effective business processes, financial well-being and financial competitiveness on revenue and profitability improvement and fat reduction? Is TQM is an integral part of firms strategy for continuous improvement? Is this industry is truly benefited by TQM principles in terms of business performance at a larger extent? This variety of inquiry will be retort in this study.

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M. Karthigarani, Dr. P. S. Navaraj

Abstract: Toxicity of Titanium dioxide nanoparticles (TiO2-NPs) to freshwater fish, Oreochromis mossambicus is assessed in this work. The endpoint of this study has focussed the disturbances in the vital enzyme profile of fish exposed to TiO2-NPs. Superoxide dismutase (SOD), Catalase (CAT), Peroxidase (POD) and Lipid per Oxidation (LPO) levels in brain, gill and liver tissues of tilapia were analysed and observed that these values were concentration and duration dependent. The results obtained in this study have projected a statistically significant decrease (P < 0.05) in SOD, CAT and POD activities and an increase (P < 0.05) in LPO levels in selected tissues of fish exposed to 50, 100 and 150 ppm TiO2-NPs. Further, this finding suggests that there is an oxidative stress in fish. Moreover, the depletion of antioxidant enzymes activities and the elevation of LPO in liver tissue are higher indicating that the liver might be the most susceptible organ to TiO2-NPs exposure. Thus hepatotoxicity is underlined in this work.

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Bjorn-C. Bosch

Abstract- Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) are very important to protect important services against malicious actions. Detailed knowledge of information processing and protocols are necessary to protect the services and systems sufficient against attacks. IDS are currently independent and coexisting solutions. Each single IDS requires its individual administration access, administration handling and management infrastructure. Possible savings of a standardized parameterization infrastructure over all IDS will be analyzed. In every part of the solution life cycle process, design, infrastructure and additional expenses were analyzed. Based on the Return-on-Security-Investments model the benefit of a standardized parameterization was pointed out.

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Getahun Degu

Abstract :- This paper Provide primary information for the current livestock extension system in respect to livestock technological packages for dairy, fattening, poultry and beekeeping. The general objective is to assess the extent of adoption and its impact on farmers' income and identified constraints for potential solution who participated on the package program and non- participants. Hence, the income of participating farmers surpassed from the non-participants which enhance more farmers to participant in the livestock extension package. However, the problems reported by farmers should receive due consideration to ease adoption of improved livestock technologies to improve the income and livelihood of the farming community.

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Meenu Chopra, Pawan Kaur, Manju Bernela, Rajesh Thakur

Abstract- Nanoformulation consisting of Streptomycin loaded chitosan-alginate nanoparticles were prepared using ionotropic-pregelation method and optimization was done in terms of polymer concentration, crosslinker concentration and stirring time. The optimal parameters were found to be Chitosan 0.75mg/ml, calcium chloride 1% (w/v) and stirring time 90 min. Polymer (chitosan and sodium-alginate) and crosslinker (calcium-chloride) at these concentrations had significant synergistic effect on particle size and % encapsulation efficiency. Increase in polymer and crosslinker concentration resulted in an increase in particle size. Encapsulation efficiency, first showed an increase followed by a decrease, on increasing the polymer concentration whereas it increased with an increase in cross linker concentration. The nanoformulation so formed showed particle size 328.4 nm & drug encapsulation 93.32%.

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S. Sudha, T. Sathya, M. B. Jessie Raj*

Abstract- Nickel Chloride doped Glycine crystals were grown from aqueous solution by natural evaporation method. The grown crystals were subjected to thermal (TG-DTA), Di-electric studies and Microhardness analysis. The grown Nickel Chloride doped Glycine crystals were found to be highly transparent and full faced. From TGA/DTA curve, the crystals were thermally stable and there is an improvement in stability due to dopants added with Glycine. The dielectric properties are correlated with electro-optical properties of the crystals. Nickel Chloride doped Glycine has higher dielectric constant and low dielectric loss than pure Glycine. Glycine Nickel Chloride crystals have low micro hardness value than that of pure Glycine crystal. The crystals are soft substances. Thus, the grown crystals are useful in fabrication of optoelectronic devices.

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Basavarajaiah. D. M., B. Narasimha murthy, B. Leelavathy, Maheshappa K

Abstract:- HIV not only affects the physical well being of an individual but also the overall Quality of life (QOL) . The assessment of QOL is more important to understanding how the people's lives are affected by HIV infection. It helps to evaluate the financial costs, benefits of new programmes to health care providers and policymakers. The objective of present study is to determine the impact of human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) and HAART treatment on PLHIV. A total of 800 HIV positive patients above 18 years of age adults, who are on HA ART and newly enrolled for HIV care in different ART centers of Bangalore city were recruited after obtaining informed consent .ART and pre ART eligible patients were interviewed at different intervals by using WHO-brief scale. Each client participated in three in-depth interviews (IID's). QOL-assessment was done across a range of different socioeconomic, physical, psychological and clinical parameters. Factorial and principle component methods were employed to find out the significant difference between the various QOL domains. The mean age of the male and female patients was 32.14±6.30 and 32.50±6.23 years respectively. The overall mean score on a scale of 0-100 was found to be 19.50 in pre ART, and one year after completion of HAART, the mean score was119.20.A statistically significant QOL scores between psychological, physical and social relation domain is compared with educational status (P≤0.05).The present study is to quantify QOL -with regard to educational status, family income, occupation, family support, immunological and clinical factors. HAART treatment, educational status, and also good social relationships can improve the QOL.The living environment of PLHIVS is one of the most important determinants of overall QOL, it has been suggested that QOL may be uniquely affected by specific disease process such as AIDS. Factorial analysis and principle component- user friendly model is helpful for physicians, researchers and policymakers for taking clinical decisions and for implementation of new programmes.

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Ankam Ranjit Kumar, B. Nagarjun Singh, J Manasa, Y.Sravani, B.Saraswathi

ABSTRACT- Frequency Agility in RADARs works good even when there is jamming. Jamming is a technique which is usually adopted to make a RADAR non functional. Many kinds of Technology can be applied to modern pulse radar to meet diversified jamming. Frequency Agility refers to the radars ability to change its frequency rapidly over a wide operating range. By dynamically changing the frequency and sensing the channel at regular intervals yields better results. The practical application on a searching radar shows that the module has a good real time and anti jamming capacity. The total architecture is implemented on FPGA board with Hardware Description Language and the results are observed in chip scope pro analyzer.

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Maryam Temitayo Ahmed, Habeeb Omotunde

Abstract :- Decision making is one of the major attribute of a good leader. It is a core skill employers look for in job description. Decision making is basically the major role of managers and leaders. Despite of the fact it is done all the time and at almost all levels of a project, we have not stopped hearing the business news with news of how business flops with much loss as a result of bad decision that you tend to imagine "what were they thinking while making the decision?" Or "What kind of person could have made such decision?" The reality seems to be that most organizations aren't run by good decision makers, let alone great ones. People tend to remember the stories of bad decision making than a great one. This is so due to human tendency to notice exception rather than expected and the result of a bad decision could be so painful that it memory keeps lingering in the mind. It is necessary in decision making to follow the necessary procedure and make the right choice using the right tool that fits for the particular situation to avoid the consequences of a bad decision.

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Sudarno, Bambang Eka Purnama

Abstract- Payment is an important factor in a purchase transaction. Ease of payment is a convenience factor in shopping. The easier way of payment of the service users will be more comfortable in the shop. The conditions will be different if the groceries are many and varied and the quality but the payment difficulties. In this research will be investigated whether the payment model most widely used on the Internet. This research aims to produce a model of how the survey the most widely used on the Internet. The benefit of this research is as a reference for users and merchants to use payment models are much in demand and are commonly used on the Internet. The method used is the categorization of websites, analyze and find the payment model used by the web commerce. The results of this study were 80 respondents, 56 respondents used the BCA, Bank Mandiri 47 respondents, 36 respondents using BNI46, 10 respondents using Paypal, 13 respondents use credit cards and 15 respondents did not specify the model of payment. From the survey results look BCA most widely used.

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Janhavi Sahasrabudhe, Shantanu Palshikar, Arun Goja,Chandrashekhar Kulkarni

ABSTRACT :- Microbial lipases are commercially important and can be produced by Solid State Fermentation (SSF) as well as by Submerged Liquid Fermentation (SLF). In this study ghee residue, which is one of the largest by-product of dairy industry was used as a substrate. The main objective of the study was to determine whether ghee residue could be used as a substrate over the conventional synthetic substrate for efficient lipase production. Two organisms were used for lipase production, one of them was a known lipase producer - Bacillus subtilis (NCIM 2063) and the other organism belonging to the Proteus spp, was isolated from the soil contaminated with oil. The production of lipase was significantly higher in SSF (ghee residue as substrate) than in SLF (tributyrin oil as substrate). The lipase yield was observed to be 41.27 U/mg by Proteus spp and 35.93 U/mg by B. subtilis in SSF using ghee residue as substrate. In SLF using Tributyrin as substrate, the lipase production by Proteus spp was 20.78 U/mg and 28.63 U/mg by B. subtilis.

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Sachin Balawant Takmare, Ravindra Kumar Gupta, Gajendra Singh Chandel

Abstract- This paper is about the technique of watermarking relational databases for unauthorized access. Signals of voice are introduced as watermark to be embedded into the relations; associated novel watermark insertion algorithm and detection algorithm are proposed. Detecting the watermark neither requires access to the original data nor the watermark. Thus, the watermark signal in this method is expected to be more meaningful and has closer correlative to the unauthorized user. The proposed technique is feasible, and robust against various forms of malicious attacks.

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Arfin Jahan, M. Mahbubur Rahman, Humayun Kabir, Md. Alamgir Kabir, Farid Ahmed, Md. Abul Hossain, Md. Abdul Gafur

ABSTRACT :- Jute fiber reinforced low density polyethylene (LDPE) composites and glass fiber reinforced LDPE composites were prepared at variable proportions using compression molding technique at 120 °C. Few physical and mechanical properties such as bulk density, water absorption%, tensile strength, elongation at break (Eb%), Young's modulus, flexural stress and strain and tangent modulus of both composites were studied and compared. Throughout the study, it was revealed that glass composites had better mechanical stability as compared to LDPE jute composites.

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Moez Hadj Kacem, Souhir Tounsi, Rafik Neji

Abstract- In this paper, we describe a method of systemic design of electric vehicles (EVs) power chain, reducing the cost of production and the energy consumption. This method rests on the choice of the structure and the components of this chain. For this purpose, we have selected a modular structure of a synchronous engine with permanent magnets and axial flux. The choice of the static converter oriented toward a two-level voltage structure and electromagnetic switches aims at increasing the reliability of the global system and eliminating the multiple inconveniences of the IGBTs. The adaptation of this low-frequency converter structure is assured by the insertion of a gearing speed amplifier . Finally, the modelling under the environment of Matlab/Simulink of the power chain validate this approach of design entirely.

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Sobhan Mishra, Ramanupam Tripathy, Satyabrata Patnaik, Pankaj Kumar Panda

Abstract- Temperomandibular joint ankylosis is a relatively common anomaly affecting the face causing facial asymmetry which necessitates multiple surgeries to restore function and form to near normal. The most important diagnostic aid in T.M.J ankylosis is radiography ranging from conventional radiography to C.T scans. This is a case report of an unusual radiographic presentation of bilateral T.M.J ankylosis. The C.T scan revealed a peculiar situation which appeared like an abnormal, anomaly - A well-defined radiolucency with multicystic appearance replaced the usual picture of T.M.J ankylosis of a radio-opaque mass obliterating the normal architecture of the joint. Surgical exploration revealed compartmental cavities within the ankylosed masses bilaterally, which was filled with air. The differential diagnosis was tabled out as either Aneurysmal bone cyst, idiopathic bone cavity or Mastoid air cells, extending into the ankylosed segment.

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Emeka-Nwokeji, N. A.

Abstract :- A cursory look at organization's Accounting Information System reveals a most worrying situation; prevalence of poor data and error in the database from which organizational decisions and annual reports are based. This paper focuses on Repositioning Information System through effective Data Quality Management: a framework for reducing costs and improving performance. Questionnaire and interview were used in collecting data from the respondents. The mean and standard deviation of responses were determined while the hypotheses formulated were tested for acceptance or rejection using t-test. The study revealed that the quality of data in the Accounting Information System of the selected companies conform to data quality dimensions. The result also indicated that implementation of data quality management lead to cost reduction; and adoption of data quality management tools improves organizational performance. The main recommendation of this study is that all the Accounting Information System stakeholders should undergo training so as to update their knowledge with current tools and strategies that can help prevent consequences of poor data quality.

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Sanjay Singh, Dr. A. K. Pandey, Dipraj

Abstract- This study present efficient method for speed control of a D.C. Servo Motor using PI controller. Design of a PI controller requires minimizing the error. The experimental is used to obtain the transfer function to design the PI controller. The effectiveness of the design is validated using MATLAB/Simulink. This new design method gives us a simple and powerful way to design a speed controller for a servo - motor. This paper identifies and describes the design choices related to a PI controller for a D.C. servo motor. D.C. servo motor is also variable speed drive, and paper presents variable speed with minimizing speed error.

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Souhir Tounsi

Abstract- The production of the electric vehicles is always braked by their weak autonomies and their elevated costs. In this context, this paper describes a strategy of optimization of the consumption. This strategy is based on a comparative study of the sinusoidal and trapezoidal of a permanent magnets motor conceived by a systemic approach and integrating a system of energy recuperation in order to reduce the consumption. The results gotten encourages the realization of a vehicle prototype to test the validity of the approach of conception of this power chain experimentally.

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Anuradha Yadav, Savita Yadav, Sanjay Singh, Nishant Tripathi

Abstract- The Organic thin film transistor has made significant progress in the recent past in achieving high performance in terms of mobility, Ion/Ioff current ratio, threshold voltage, sub threshold voltage and transconductance, still faces a number of challenges at the fabrication , materials and device physics level. In this paper we are using PTAA with different insular combination and form organic transistor and compare other material in basis of mobility, threshold voltage, and transconductance, on/off ratio, Sub-threshold slope, ID min and ID max.

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Rajeshwar Dass Member IEEE, Lalit Singh, Sandeep Kaushik

Abstract- Video compression has been the object of intensive research in the last thirty years. Video compression technique is now mature as is proven by the large number of applications that make use of this technology. This paper gives the idea about different techniques available for video compression. H.264/AVC exhibits superior coding performance improvement over its predecessors. The next generation standards are being generated by both VCEG and MPEG. In this paper, we also summarized the progress of those next generation video coding standard projects and existing new video coding techniques.

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Obuhuma, J. I., Moturi, C. A.

Abstract:- Traffic control and management requires high-tech computerized solutions as opposed to the manual methods that commonly involve the use of traffic policemen, traffic lights and safety cameras. Collection and analysis of road traffic data is a key requirement towards establishment of traffic conditions on any given road segments. This paper explores the use of the Global Positioning System (GPS) technology incorporated with road mapping focused at traffic data collection and analysis of traffic conditions. A GPS data receiver application and traffic analysis system was developed that collects GPS traffic data and provides the ability for monitoring and analyzing traffic scenarios on the roads, for instance the speed of traffic. It also provides planners on the road usage patterns for decision making. All these aspects can be analysed both in real-time and historically basing on the fact that historical data is captured and stored for future use. The system has an addition ability to trigger email alerts on speeding vehicles. The results show that there is great need for real-time traffic information analysis due to the tremendous variability in traffic scenarios in major cities like Nairobi, Kenya. The system has been used to show changes in position, speed and directions of vehicles travelling on the Kenyan roads with the speed of traffic algorithm developed and effectively put in place. The established centralized GPS server database provides a means of various kinds of analysis. Using the geographic components in the collected GPS data, and visualizing by mapping, provides a clearer view of the traffic conditions for any given region. Challenges facing the existing systems could be mitigated through the adoption of the GPS based system.

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Prof. Rafiq A. Kanai, Dr. S. P. Chavan

Abstract-The benefits of applying multiple alternatives for mock-up and compression of helicopter harmonic motion are analyzed. Multiple mock-up approaches, along with a weighted-average mechanism, are approximated so that quicksand affiliated with only applying alone better alternate for the rotor blade vibration-reduction dilemma are bypassed. A harmonic motion external function matching to a flight circumstance in which blade-vortex collaboration drives amplitudinous levels of harmonic motion is accounted. The design variables consist of cross-sectional areas of the architectural component of the blade and non-architectural masses. The optimized considerations are matched with a baseline consideration looking like a UF-60 reference blade. The aftereffects demonstrate that at relatively insufficient additional cost matched with optimizing a single alternate, multiple alternates can be applied to connect diverse reduced-vibration concepts that would be excused if only a single mock-up method was exercised, and the most precise alternate may not control to the superior design.

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