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Volume 10 - Issue 5, May 2021 Edition

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Mohammad Erfan , Vega Aditama , Afriza Marianti S.

Increasing traffic volume which is increasing rapidly can result in a level of damage such as deformation of the road surface layer caused by the influence of excessive traffic loads (overload), it is necessary to have a good quality pavement mixture with high durability or durability. Improve the quality of the asphalt mixture with the addition of natural rubber (latex) as an additive which is expected to improve the characteristics of the pavement. In addition to the addition of natural rubber, the use of rock ash filler is replaced with fly ash. This study used variations of asphalt content of 7%, 7.5%, 8%, with variations in the content of natural rubber in 7%, 8%, 9% of the total weight of asphalt and variations of fly ash filler 4%, 5%, 6% of the weight. specimen to find the optimum mixture. Based on the results of testing the characteristic value of Marshall with the addition of latex using fly ash filler in the HRS-WC mixture, it can be seen that the stability value has increased by 15.75% from before the addition of latex. The results of the correlation analysis are 0.99899, this indicates a strong relationship. Based on the results of hypothesis testing, it was found that the effect of variations in latex levels, variations in levels of fly ash, and variations in asphalt levels on the marshall parameter value.

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Roman Montaña Ramírez, Danny Villegas Rivas, César Osorio Carrera, Manuel Milla Pino, Pedro Córdova Mendoza, Teresa Barrios Mendoza, Isis Córdova Barrios, Alex Llaque Sánchez, Luis Ramírez Calderón, Wilfredo Ruiz Camacho

The objective of this article was to determine the factors that affect the% sucrose during the process of making sugar cane panela (Saccharumofficinarum). The sugarcane material used corresponded to variety V 78-1, harvested at the optimal time of maturity for the production of panela, using a fractional factorial design6-1, considering 32 observations, where the effect of 6 factors on the % sucrose: purity, investment time, cooling time, ° Brix, vacuum pressure and cooking temperature; applying the analysis of variance using the statistical program R. A significant effect (p≤0.05) of the purity and ° Brix factors was found, in addition to the interactions purity * ° Brix, inversion time * ° Brix and purity * pressure cooling vacuum; selecting the factors purity, investment time, ° Brix and vacuum pressure, as the predominant ones in the process of making panela from sugar cane. The application of the 2K-1 fractional factorial design allowed the selection of the factors purity, investment time, ° Brix and cooling vacuum pressure, from the total of factors initially addressed, which affect the% sucrose of sugar cane panela. sugar; In this way, it is proposed to consider these 4 factors when seeking to standardize the sucrose content in the final product and thus guarantee its quality, to reach higher value markets.

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Elmasry, Mohamed Abbas

The Median Filter (MF) is one of the image preprocessing approaches that require considerable computational resources to perform its operation in a moderate time. The MF can be implemented on traditional CPUs and Intel Many Integrated Core Architecture MIC such as Xeon-Phi coprocessors. This paper addresses the use of histogram algorithm to solve the MF on both traditional CPUs and MIC. Different r values and frame sizes are investigated. OpenMP has been deployed on CPUs and MIC. Experimental results show that histogram approach performs better than traditional insertion sort approach. It also shows that the use of both CPU and MIC architectures together can lead to much better results when proper scheduling strategy is used to assign the workloads.

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Joshua Yohanna Gwanshak, Mariney Binti Mohd Yusoff, Aziz Shafie

The Rural Migrants movement into urban centres in Jos-Plateau is at an alarming state. An investigation into the succinct issues of adaptive pattern explore by migrants to aid their stay has been the concern in the aspect of social, economic and environmental effects change on their livelihood. The research applied a mixed-method descriptive strategy of 385 migrants selected using a snowball sampling technique. Multiple questions were administered to migrants through the questionnaire, interview and Focus Group Discussion (FGD) to acquired data from urban city centres of Tudun-Wada (Hwolshe), Bauchi Road (terminus), Bokkos, Bukuru, Mangu, Rikkos, and Rayfield in Jos-Plateau. Information gathered was analyzed using multiple regressions of rural migrants as an independent variable while strategies harness to adapt in urban cities was the dependent variables. The findings divulged job opportunities as a reason for movement, mostly permanent stay in urban centres, squatting for accommodation, less pay for social services, strategic friendship for socialization and clothing change for adaptation to weather condition. Rural migrants strategically adapt to urban cities through accommodations, job opportunities, custom and climate on a strong significance at 0.01 and 0.05, only social services showed insignificantly related to rural migrants’ adaptation on the regression result of R2 value of 89.3% and possible ways adjustment were discovered in the city habitation

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Abdul Jabbar; Rafia Naz Memon; Irfana Memon; Aijaz Ahmed Arain; Irum Naz Sodhar

A good design makes more attractive website’s interface. Various designs are used according to the need and nature of organization. In order to improve website’s interactivity, current design trends should be used in its design. In this research, design trends are applied on the Website of Quaid-e-Awam University of Engineering, Science and Technology (QUEST), Nawabshah, Sindh, Pakistan to make it more interactive for students. The usability of old version and new version was measured in order to recommend better design trends. The study was designed with pre-test and post-test questionnaire designed using system usability scale (SUS) measuring three attributes of usability that are effectiveness, efficiency and satisfaction. The sample of undergraduate and post-graduate students were 260 for four various tasks. In pre-test questionnaire, demographic data of students were recorded. Afterwards four usability tasks were performed by students that are: 1. to find quick access bar menu, 2. to find the undergraduate results, 3. to find the postgraduate results and; 4. to find the tender notice on the both versions of website. The efficiency of tasks, were recorded automatically and post-test questionnaire data was collected for both versions of website. Results showed that new version was found better in terms of efficiency, effectiveness and satisfaction. It can be concluded that current design trends should essentially be followed while designing the website to improve its usability.

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Alfred Maroyi

Hyphaene petersiana and H. coriacea are palm species traditionally used to produce alcoholic beverage known as ilala palm wine. The potential of H. coriacea and H. petersiana as food plants, and sources of ecosystem goods and services in tropical Africa were reviewed. The literature relevant to the study was obtained from scientific databases such as PubMed, Embase, Google Scholar, ScienceDirect and SciFinder. In addition, complementary information was gathered from pre-electronic sources such as books, theses and scientific articles obtained from the University library. Hyphaene coriacea and H. petersiana are multipurpose species, serving as sources of food, herbal medicines, income, crafts, fodder and ecological benefits to local communities that depend on the species as sources of livelihood needs. This study represents a holistic view on multiple ecosystem goods and services that can be derived from plant species such as H. coriacea and H. petersiana. Since H. coriacea and H. petersiana are important to food security, ecological and provisioning roles throughout the distributional range of the species, there is need therefore, to diversify crops in the arable agricultural systems to include these two lesser known and underutilized species in order to strengthen the economic, food and ecological networks of local communities.

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Waluyo, Yudi Pranoto, Sardjono, Yustinus Marsono

The pregelatinization process of red bean (RB) using heating-cooling combination method could improve resistant starch (RS) levels which had the potential to lower cholesterol (hypocholesterolemic). The aim of this study was to determine the effect of pregelatinized RB flour diet on lipid profiles in vivo and to assess the in vitro bile binding capacity. Thirty rats were divided into 5 groups, namely groups of normal rats on standard diet, hypercholesterolemic rats with standard diet (negative control), hypercholesterolemic rats with standard diet were given statin (positive control), hypercholesterolemic rats were on a diet of natural RB flour and hypercholesterolemic rats were on diet of pregelatinized RB flour. Lipid profile analysis was carried out periodically every week during a dietary intervention period of 4 weeks. The bile binding capacity of natural RB flour and pregelatinized RB flour was tested by the method of Soral et al. It was found that pregelatinized RB flour diet reduce total cholesterol levels (-43.66%), LDL cholesterol (-57.80%), triglycerides (-16.32%), and increase HDL cholesterol levels (171.50%). And reduce the AIP (-72.63%). The in vitro study showed that the pregelatinized RB diet was able to bind 13.61% of cholic acid and 48.02% deoxicolic acid. To concloude, pregelatinized RB flour could improve lipid profile and decrease AIP. The possible mechanism was due to the bile acid binding capacity of the pregelatinized RB flour.

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José Oscar Huanca Frias, Enrique Gualberto Parillo Sosa, José Luis Morales Rocha, Rudy Alvaro Arpasi Pancca, Danny Villegas Rivas

Work satisfaction and the organizational climate are determining factors of the working conditions. The objective of this study was to determine the pressure and work satisfaction in professors of a National University in southern Peru in times of COVID-19. The research was quantitative, descriptive - correlational, cross-sectional in Universidad Nacional de Juliaca in southern Peru. The sample was 60 randomly selected professors. A questionnaire structured in two parts was used: work pressure and work satisfaction. Pearson's correlation coefficient and factorial analysis were applied to identify the dimensions associated with pressure and work satisfaction. The results showed that in times of COVID-19, in general (76.7%), professors perceive that they are subjected to work pressure, and showed work dissatisfaction (51.7%). A negative and significant relationship (p≤0.01) was observed between the dimensions of pressure and work satisfaction. Professors at the Universidad Nacional de Juliaca showed a level of work dissatisfaction expressed through recognition and benefits, and in turn correlated with work pressure through social pressures derived from educational work and daily life in the classroom.

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Muhammad Farhan Mirza Muhammad Dawood Idrees; Arsalan Ansari, Abdul Sami

This study aims at assessing the customer perceptions that are influencing the buying decisions while purchasing a car in Pakistan. This paper highlights the usage of perceptual maps, benefits of positioning and repositioning strategies and shows how the perceptual map is created with the help of data collection through surveys. A questionnaire containing six attributes among eight ar brands were filled by 204 respondents across the country. Two dimensions that are After Sells Service (ASS) and price have been identified based on principal component analysis (PCA). The purpose of this research is to seek the attributes, that impact and the choice of consumers when particularly purchasing a car. The study targets to identify the gaps, current position and the repositioning opportunities to grow for the automobile brands in Pakistan. The findings would help prioritize different attributes and provide guidelines to improve and excel in the future.

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Fahri Maho, Erind Maho

Pipe failure in a rising main pipeline of a pumping station in a sensitive tourist area raised the need for a comprehensive water hammer analysis to find the causes and address protection measures. Being a low head pumping station, only a check valve has been installed to protect the system from water hammer effects. Calculations and computer modelling confirmed that immediately after an uncontrolled pump stop or power failure, the negative pressure wave starts propagating along the pipeline from the pumping station to the discharge manhole. The minimum pressure envelope intersects the rising main (pipeline), creating a vacuum on the pipeline in almost its full length. Without water hammer protection measures, the vacuum on the pipeline would be one of the main causes of the pipe failure. This study confirmed the need for water hammer analysis and consideration of protection measures even in rising mains of low head pumping stations to eliminate the consequences of such phenomenon.

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Nafa Yanda, Riza Adrianti Supono

Based on statistical data by the State Tourism Committee of Uzbekistan, there has been an increase in tourist visits from 2016 to 2018, while the things that affect the increase in tourists are of course inseparable from digital marketing technology, besides the role of word of mouth also plays an important role in introducing tourism. However, several appropriate strategies are needed to develop tourism in Uzbekistan so that it is increasingly recognized by the world. Word of mouth is interesting in the discussion this time, even though word of mouth is like every day without realizing it, when word of mouth is maximized and used as a promotional strategy, this role will be much more maximal and its effect is very influential on visiting decisions. Digital Marketing and the Word of Mouth will be a tourism promotion strategy in Uzbekistan, this will create a higher quality, sustainable promotion and influence tourist visit decisions. The analysis was performed using the structural equation modeling (SEM) method in testing 10 hypotheses. This study aims to determine the effect of the four research variables, namely, perceived quality, digital marketing, EWOM, visit satisfaction, and tourism quality. In addition, this research also uses an interactive model method to process the results of interviews, with this it will be an additional support for the conclusion in providing advice on Uzbekistan tourism promotion strategies.

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Isyaku Ibrahim, Dzurllkanian Daud, Usman Bello Sa'ad

Next to food, shelter is one of the three essential human needs and the second most significant survival of human. It is the most complex of the three essential man’s needs since majority of human activities are accommodates by shelter. Housing demand is associated with increasing rate of urbanization in most cities of the world including Nigeria, which has become a common feature of contemporary societies. This study seeks to review the source of finance and issues related to financing the property development in Nigeria. To achieved the above aim, the objectives were drowned as; To identify the source of finance for property development in Nigeria. To explore the problem associated with property development in the study area. The study adopted a secondary source of data collection as methodology, where various journals/articles were reviewed. Real estate development finance sources can either be internal or external. When the fund was generated internally in the form of estate income is known as internal source, while the mortgage source can be categorized as external. Real estate development in Nigeria has been faced a variety of difficulties. These issues can be two-faced both the commercial banks as well as real estate developers which make it difficult in funding real estate. These problems make real estate lending risky, as it is vulnerable to capital loss and projected interest income, and therefore not attractive to commercial banks, thus restricting the development of the real estate. The FMBN (Federal Mortgage Bank) should focus solely to the wholesale functions as its designated to, and operate in the secondary mortgage sector through providing PMIs, housing finance, and construction companies/associations in the country with mortgage banking services. This would be achieved by acquiring mortgage loan blocks already issued via the main housing finance firm/mortgage institution at the primary sector.

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By Mahmoud A. A. Hammouda, Talal M. S. Alotaibi

Over the last few years , the steps have been made in minimizing air infiltration and exfiltration in air conditioning equipments used in residential and commercial buildings .Both type of leakage from surrounding atmosphere reduces the effective cooling capacity and coefficient of performance of the air conditioner by air approximate 25% . This will show great impact on power consumption .The purpose of paper was to present the laboratory measurements of central air handling unit (AHU) casing performance following all terms of air conditioning , heating & refrigeration institute (AHRI) standards 1350(I.P) and 1351 ( S I) manual . Performance was calculated and compared to nominated codes and standards and provide suggestion to specify tighter heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems (HVAC).

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Hanan H. Eltobgy, Kareem M. M. Abdelkareem, Mourad. M. Bakhoum

This paper concentrated on the improvement of shear bond strength through the insertion of shear connectors between the composite deck slab and the supporting steel beam. A total of 24 specimens were cast using M40 grade concrete and grouped into two categories (with and without composite action between a deck slab and the supporting steel beam). In every group, two steel sheet profiles were introduced in depths of (55mm and 75mm). For each profile, six specimens were experimentally studied with different shear spans. In each three specimens, one specimen was subjected to static load while the rest were exposed to cyclic load as per Eurocode 4. The experimental findings indicated that the presence of shear connectors has significantly increased the shear bond characteristics.

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Ellyas Alga Nainggolan

The aim of this study was to determine the effect of fermentation using Rhizopus oryzae for 24, 48, and 72 hours on characteristics of fermented cassava flour. The characteristics of fermented cassava flour determine through analysis of moisture content, starch content, yield, color, and microstructure. The results showed that the properties of fermented cassava flour were decreased after 72 hours fermentation. The yield of fermented cassava flour using Rhizopus oryzae for 24, 48, and 72 hours were 36.16%, 35.64% and 34.88%, respectively. The decrease in water content of fermented cassava flour was 8.57%, 8.45% and 8.36% during fermentation time 24, 48, and 72 hours, respectively. Starch content analysis results obtained in fermented cassava flour during fermentation for 24, 48, and 72 hours were 50.49%, 49.52 % and 49.15, respectively. The brightness level of fermented cassava flour using fermentation Rhizopus oryzae for 72 hours was 97.69, while unfermented cassava flour had brightness level 102,46. SEM (Scanning Electron Microscopy) was used to analysis microstructure, the results showed an alteration in the starch granules of fermented cassava flour for 72 hours fermentation.

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Muzmil Memon; Rafia Naz Memon; Irfana Memon; Aijaz Ahmed Arain; Mukhtiar Memon

Software testing is an important phase of development of high quality software. Despite its importance, students are not provided sufficient software testing education at university undergraduate and postgraduate level to start working as a software testing professional in companies. The aim of this study is to identify and analyze the different software testing education problems faced by students and teachers, and to propose a methodology to address the software testing education problems in higher education institutes of Pakistan. To validate the methodology, an online survey has been conducted from teachers of software testing course in higher education institutes of Pakistan, total 36 experts participated voluntarily in the study. From results, it was observed that software testing methodology can address many identified software testing education problems, its elements are fully relevant with software testing course contents, and are helpful and effective for students and teachers of software testing course. It can be concluded from the study that the software testing methodology should be implemented and followed in higher education institutes of Pakistan.

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N.L.E. Abeywardana, S.M. Ferdous Azam, Kevin Low L.T.

Professional accounting bodies, regulatory bodies, academics, and researchers have highlighted the importance of applying the IR practices, and the academic discussion addressing the IR phenomena proliferated. This study analyzes the perspectives of diffusion of innovation theory, institutional theory, legitimacy theory, stakeholder theory, shareholder theory, agency theory,signaling theory, and resource-based theory on the various facets of integrated reporting. This study aims to provide the panoramic theoretical understanding for the research advancement of integrated reporting by giving guidance about choosing the of most suitable theory/ies for different aspects of integrated reporting. The study concludes the theoretical rationale behind the adoption of integrated reporting practice and shows the potential avenues for future research on integrated reporting.

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Dw Ayu Agung Indra Swari, Astie Darmayantie

Tourism sector is the largest and strongest sector which is one of the main drivers of the world economy. The collaboration of strategy in tourism development with supporting sectors such as food and beverages businesses, Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs), hotels and accomodations, transportation, induced a multiplier effect which later accelerates economic growth and job creation. Gianyar Regency is noted World Craft City in 2019 and has the largest number of MSMEs compared to other districts in Bali. However, the growth of MSMEs in Gianyar Bali still faces problems in terms of digital strategy and management. The presence of technological innovations and breakthroughs to support MSMEs is highly favored to support the potential of local crafts industries in Gianyar Regency. This research presents the development of an Android based MSMEs Catalogue System in Gianyar Regency, Bali namely Bilocraft Application. The Research and Development (R&D) method is adopted as the development methodology. s. The quality of the application is assessed based on 4 categories described in the ISO 25010 quality standard. The adoption of these categories are based on Ben David's theory. The results of this study that the Bilocraft application has been successfully developed with a quality assessment value on the Functional Suitability aspect which is declared very appropriate, the aspect performance efficiency declared appropriate, the portability aspect declared very appropriate and the usability aspect following the system usability scale questionnaire yields a value of 91.3% declared in the Acceptable range, grade A and is on the Best Imaginable scale.

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AzriyenniAzhariZakri, M RoisKhumaini, Herman Syaibi, Wenny DwiTristiyanti

A fault diagnosis of an electric power transmission systems is sensitive to power outages and this has led to the introduction of several recycling techniques to find faults in transmission lines. The system-based measurement known as the Phasor Measurement Unit (PMU) is designed to monitor large systems over a large area as well as to regulate related applications. Therefore, this research was conducted to improve the PMU and Wide Area Protection (WAP) IEEE 9-bus and 14-bus systems. PMU is used to convert voltage and current waves into phasors, magnitude, and angles of energy and current to protect the fault site from a three-phase short circuit. All lines of the IEEE 9-bus and 14-bus systems are simulated with distance variations of 10%, 30%, 50%, 70%, and 90% and the results serve as a contribution to infer fault points in the system. In addition, an analysis of the PMU and Artificial Neural Networks (ANN) for inaccuracy, RMSE, MAE, and MSE values was also analyzed from three-phase faults on each networks of IEEE 9-bus & 14-bus tests, respectively. The simulation is validated through variations in the ANN data input consisting of current and voltage.

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Muhammad Dawood Idrees, Arsalan Ansari, Abdul Sami

There are several dangerous industries and construction industry is considered as one of the most dangerous industry among all industries, because worker safety is always a big issue at working sites. There are several reasons of accidents at construction sites, but psychological factors are one of the factors that affect workers' perception of safety. The concept of safety varies by region and depends on the demographics of the worker, such as gender, age, education, and job level. The purpose of this study is to evaluate the impact of psychological factors on workers' at various job levels. A comprehensive literature review was conducted to find the symptomatic relationship between psychological factors and safety perceptions, and a hypothetical structural model was developed according to the literature review. Research questionnaire was developed to obtain data from construction sites. Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) techniques have been adopted to study the influence of psychological factors on workers' perceptions of safety of workers at different levels of work. The results of this analysis shows that organizational relationship and job security are more influencing factors in labor, therefore workload, mental stress, and job satisfaction are more influential factors in managerial staff.

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Muhammad Usman Ashraf, Humaira Abbas, Iqra Ilyas, Mohammed Nawaf altouri, Hassan Mohammed Almalki, and Mousa Alalhareth

Software development organizations (SDOs) are playing a vital role in bringing innovation, computerization, and smartness in emerging technologies. Since last two decades, software development organizations are increasingly faced by serval unforeseen effect challenges which requires off-the-cuff considerations and actions. Leading to developer performance, these challenges are including human effectiveness impact on software productivity, team flexibility, social processes of how software developer’s work together, familiarity and different factors that influence productivity. Therefore, developer performance improvisation has been identified as one of underlying obstacle to overall team effectiveness. In this research, we have conducted a critical survey on improvisation issues of developer’s performance in software development organizations, existing state-of-the-art methods to address these challenges. We finally discuss the future research directions that can be consider to address the improvisation obstacles at developer level in SDOs.

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Noureen Aslam, Khalid Masood Khan, Afrozah Nadeem,Sundus Munir, and JavairyaNadeem

Social media is one of the most popular platformsand people from all the diverse fields such as students or professionals explore social media daily. It is a platform where people are available from different cultures and religions. With the advancement of technologies in every field of life, there is an increased demand for social media. Whenever people go online they generate rich data through their smartphones or internet pads. Their texting style, taste in music, books, likes, dislikes, sharing posts reveal their personality, therefore social media is an ideal platform to study the human personality. Personality has been considered as an essential factor and it is a combination of different attributes that make a person unique from one another. In our proposed work, we used Twitter data and myPersonality datasets to perform an objective assessment using a deep sequential neural network and multi-target regression model for predicting personality traits. The proposed algorithm is based on the Five-Factor Model (Openness, Conscientiousness, Extraversion, Agreeableness, Neuroticism). The efficacy of the proposed technique has been measured by MSE, MAE, Precision, Recall, and F1-Score. Experimental results show that our model is robust and ithas outperformed the existing techniques to predict human personality traits.

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Muhammad Dawood Idrees, Kashan Ahmed, UroosaAli, Arsalan Ansari, Abdul Sami

The main objective of this study is to optimize the way of supplier selection for any kind of automobile industry of Pakistan. This study is conducted through a decision support system using analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP), which is basically a multi criteria decision making technique more over it carries out a sensitive analysis to evaluate the flexibility of supplier selection decision. This research begins with identification of the criteria (service, price, delivery and price), it ranks the criteria depending on expert’s opinion and experts must be of managerial level they might be engineers, supervisors or head of the department. This technique finally evaluates the flexibility of the decision by performing sensitive analysis using software of expert’s choice. Once the sensitivity analysis is successfully performed then it provides the confidence to decision maker regarding consistency of flexibility throughout the process. Moreover it also suggests the impact of changing in criteria over supplier ranking.

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Baby Marina, Mairaj Nabi, Qamar un Nisa, Ghulam Mustafa, Umair Ramzan

Technology is playing great role in each field of our professional as well as daily life. Technology in education is providing more opportunities, skills and creativity to learners and also reducing the gap between learners and teachers. Most developed nations across the globe are using technology from lower classes to higher education. However, under developed OR less developed countries in sense of technology are striving to accelerate their technology growth and Pakistan is one of those countries who is grooming towards the research and technology. Pakistan is also using technology in teaching learning in higher education sectors. In this paper we take a survey from students of different departments of Shaheed Benazir Bhutto University Shaheed Benazir Abad, Sindh Pakistan. In this survey we asked to students about the impact of technology in their studies. Survey was randomly conducted and total 172 students take part in this survey.

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Heba M . Khalil ,Ahmed Taha,Tarek . El-shishtawy

With the vast volume of data processed in digital form today, the need for and capability of analysing and processing this data for forensic authorship authentication has increased. The focus of study has concentrated on English, Spanish, and German. Arabic language has received less attention from the academic community due to the difficulty and length of Arabic sentences. This article provides a set of stylometric features derived from the study of many articles' parts of expression, including adjectives ratio, sentence size, conjunctions, and others. This details is classified into two categories: statistical features and linguistic features. The AdaBoost and Bagging ensemble approaches have been proposed in this research to maximise predictive efficiency in Arabic articles by using multiple learning. The results indicate that the Bagging model achieves average accuracy of 91.5 %, while the AdaBoost model achieves the highest accuracy of 93.6 %.

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Hanan H. Eltobgy, AnwarBadawy, Emad Darwish, Mahmoud Morgan

AConcrete-filled steel tube (CFST) structure has been widely used in civil engineering structures as it offers numerous structural benefits.The (CFST) columns’ behavior has been investigated intensively against axial and lateral impact loading. However, there is a lack of knowledge on the response of (CFST) columns when filled with different types of concrete. Therefore, to close this gap, experimental and numerical studies were carried out to investigate the performance of CFST members filled with four different types of concrete under the effect of lateral impact load. The concrete types were normal concrete, steel fiber concrete, and propylene fiber concrete all with average cubic strength of Fcu=45 N/mm2, except the last one was high strength concrete with Fcu=70 N/mm2. In high-loaded members, the available standard tubes’ sizes available in domestic market will not cover the required design size, hence emerged the need to fabricate the required size of pipe by welding. Consequently, the effect of using seam weld pipe instead of seamless pipe on the response of (CFST) under impact load was investigated in this study. Accordingly, eight specimens were tested divided into two groups, four specimens for each. The first group is fabricated from a seam weld pipe and the other group from seamless pipe. The parameters studied were types of concrete and steel pipe.The failure mode and local damages of the specimens were thoroughly investigated. A finite element analysis (FEA) model was then performed to simulate the behavior of (CFST) members against lateral impact loading and validated with the corresponding experimental results. Wide range analyses of the (CFST) columns response against lateral impact loading were then carried out using the validated FE models to examine the deformation and the energy dissipation of each concrete type. The main findings are as follows: (1) The seam weld specimens have an almost equivalent lateral impact resistance as seamless CFST counterparts. (2) The lowest value for the total impact energy and maximum dynamic displacement were recorded for the specimens filled with polypropylene concrete specimens. While the maximum recovery energy was observed for the same specimens. (3) Nearly the same value for the total impact energy and maximum dynamic displacement were recorded for the specimens filled with ordinary concrete and high strength concrete.

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Nabila Chairunnisa, Deden Witarsyah, Faqih Hamami, Faishal Mufied Al Anshary

Muhammadiyah 4 Vocational School Jakarta is one of the vocational high schools in Jakarta that has implemented and run a scholarship program annually. Determining these scholarships' awarding will naturally experience many difficulties because of the large number of students who potentially receive scholarships and the absence of criteria so that assessment is still subjective. Therefore, Muhammadiyah 4 Jakarta Vocational School requires a decision support system that can compare scholarship applicants' value to facilitate the decision-making process to get accurate scholarship recipients. This decision support system uses the Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP) method to compare each criterion's value that will produce criteria weighting and the Profile Matching method to determine the final value of scholarship recipients at SMK Muhammadiyah 4 Jakarta. This decision support system is a report of decision results containing the awardees who have been ranked based on the highest to lowest scores. The decision support system for determining scholarship recipients was made using MySQL as a database and PHP Framework as a system creation tool.

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Netty Juliana

The creativity of the students in the Unimed Fashion Design Education study program during the pandemic consisted of learning arts and crafts online via Toba Batik designs. The research method used is qualitative exploding creativity. This method creates a new design from the Toba Batik motif. The design of the Toba batik motif came from the idea of the Simarogung-Ogung Gorga working together with the pagoda shape. The purpose of this student creativity activity is to enable students to think actively and creatively and to be able to create art concepts and to enable students to create artisanal works of art using computer media, namely the Photoshop program. So that the students have the knowledge and skills in the field of textile handicrafts.

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Ilham Fannani, Deden Witarsyah, Faishal Mufied Al Anshary, Widyatasya Agustika Nurtrisha

Micro small and medium enterprises in this era of globalization continue to experience changes and improvements. This is supported by the existence of information technology that is developing very fast. Therefore information technology can be accessed accurately, precisely, up to date, and quickly. ToGuide is a Start-up company in the field of services engaged in developing small and medium micro-businesses using applications and consulting services. ToGuide has a Point of Sales application product that aims to help solve problems faced by MSMEs. But the Point of Sales website is still not widely used by Laundry MSMEs because of the lack of information. This website is very helpful in managing the operational management of Laundry SMEs. By using the Iterative Incremental methodology, a website-based Laundry Point of Sales application is made. This methodology also made business model analysis, business feasibility analysis, business plan analysis, competitor analysis, market potential analysis, and technical plan analysis. The design phase, business process design, data design, interface design, and infrastructure design are then made in the design phase. Based on black-box testing and user acceptance testing results, validating all sources of MSMEs needs to get a good and correct application and is user-friendly.

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Naveed Ahmed, Arsalan Ansari, Muhammad Dawood Idrees, Abdul Sami, andKanzal

Single-phase standalone photovoltaic systems (PV) are of great interest and benefit nowadays specially for rural areas. In this paper a complete model of single-phasestandalone PV system is designed with an emphasis on LC and LCL filter design for such systems.The complete model simulated in MATLAB Simulink environment and the results presented for output voltages and out current of the system with LC and LCL filters. Furthermore, the total harmonic distortion (THD) of the system also compared for LC and LCL filters. The designed LCL filter was found to be having acceptable percentage of THD i.e below5% as per IEEE standard.

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Saria Abbasi, Altaf Hussain Abro, Abdul Waheed Mahesar, Khalil-ur-Rehman Khoumbati

Many complex systems in this world have been modeled and analyzed as complex networks. In this research paper, we have modeled specific dataset of MUEJ journal as two-mode network to find its structural properties. Our finding suggests that, this network is evolving with few prominent nodes which are playing the role of connector in this network. This trend can be the reason of highly clustered and more robust behavior in terms of specific nodes in the network.

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Ronel Geraldizo Dagohoy

In this time of adversities brought by the pandemic COVID-19, municipal governments face financial, social, and organizational challenges. That if not addressed effectively, it might hamper the delivery of public services. This research was conducted with the foremost aim of generating the best fit model for municipal governments' organizational resilience. Specifically, it explores the interrelationship among variables, including public leadership, job satisfaction, organizational commitment, and organizational resilience. This study utilized quantitative, descriptive-correlational research design, and structural equation modeling. Data were sourced from 240 rank and file, permanent plantilla employees of the eight municipal governments in the Province of Davao del Norte utilizing an adapted questionnaire. The result revealed that all the exogenous variables of this study are positively and significantly correlated to the endogenous variable, which is the organizational resilience. Besides, a test of influence was conducted; the result revealed that all the endogenous variables are significantly influencing the organizational resilience. Moreover, the best fit model for organizational resilience was generated; this model met the goodness of fit measures' requirements. The best fit model for organizational resilience demonstrates the direct effect of public leadership and job satisfaction on organizational resilience. Also, it is observed that there is a correlation between the exogenous variables, public leadership, and job satisfaction. Hence, in establishing municipal governments' organizational resilience, the association between public leadership and job satisfaction should be fundamentally considered.

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Toni Haryanto, Damris, M., Syamsurizal, Bambang Hariyadi

Kawa beverage is a Kerinci traditional drink made of dried coffee leaves. The purpose of this study is to find out the scientific values and attitudes by reconstructing the original knowledge of the community in the processing of Kawa beverage. The research method used is the phenomenological method with a qualitative descriptive approach. Data collection was carried out by means of observation, interviews and documentation. The data obtained were analyzed by describing, inventorying, then constructing original knowledge and scientific knowledge at the stage of the processing of Kawa beverage which consisted of six stages, namely collection, drying, baking, packaging, mixing and serving. The results showed that the processing of Kawa beverage was carried out in the traditional way based on knowledge transmition. Based on the stages of the process of the kawa beverage found educational values and scientific attitudes in terms of ethnopedagogy namely: hard work, creative, disciplined, honest, communicative, social care and responsibility and produce a new conceptual scientific thinking.

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Sidra Noureen, Muhammad Shahzad, Ayesha Naeem, Azka Rizvi, Zunira Mughis

These Emergence of antibiotic resistance in pathogens poses difficulties in treatment of bacterial infection. So discovery and development of alternative antibiotics is a need of hour. Present study was designed to screen Mucor species for antibacterial activity against multi-drug resistance bacterial pathogens. Mucor isolated from animal rations (n=30) were screened for toxin production by thin layer chromatography (TLC). Non-toxigenic isolates were confirmed by polymerase chain reaction (PCR). The cell free supernatants (CFS) of isolates (n=10) were evaluated against characterized multi-drug resistant bacteria; Staphylococcus aureus, Bacillus cereus, pseudomonas aeruginosa and Escherichia coli. Seven days old cell free supernatants of Mucor species was evaluated for antibacterial activity by agar well diffusion and minimum inhibitory concentration (MIC) was determined by micro-broth dilution method. One among nine non-toxigenic Mucor species revealed antibacterial activity against MDR-bacteria with mean zone of inhibitions 8.00± 1.00, 12.00± 1.00, 7.00± 1.00 and 11.00± 1.00 for MDR Escherichia coli, S.aureus, B.cerus and P.aeruginosa respectively. The lowest MIC (6.25µL / mL) determined against MDR-S.aureus followed by 12.5 µL / mL for MDR Escherichia coli, Bcerus and P.aeruginosa. Cytotoxicity evalution on Vero cell line indicated that Mucor e ≤ 6.25µL / mL is a safe concentration. It is concluded that Mucor specie have antibacterial potential against MDR-bacterial isolates.

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Azeem Ayaz Mirani, Muhammad Suleman Memon, Rozina Chohan, Asif Ali Wagan, Mumtaz Qabulio

Agriculture 4.0 (A4.0) major area of study to focus on for efficient agricultural production. Agriculture crop product has emerged with several new computational methods. However, few important factors were not possible to maintain and monitor promptly as today is possible. Computational intelligence and machine learning techniques evolved to analyze, quantify, monitor, and predict agricultural crops. The robustness in machine learning methods and computational techniques provided easy, accurate, up to date future predictions. Machine learning is one of the dominant fields in theses that are used for computational analysis of the obtained data. The historical data can be analyzed and processed for future prediction. In agricultural science crop yield prediction is a major area of study to make aware of future repercussions relating to the agricultural crop. This study highlights the Evaluation, applications, and challenges of machine learning for crop yield prediction.

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Eman R. Darwish, Sayed M.N. Moalla, Nasser M. Hosny, Alaa S. Amin,Heidi B. Martin,Haitham Kalil

Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) is referring to the total amount of oxygen used for a chemical oxidation of organic compounds in a water sample. COD stands as an important tool for water safety and water quality standard. Fast-scan cyclic voltammetry (FSCV) has been reported as a simple and a rapid method for electrochemical measurements, particularly for neurotransmitter compounds in brain and in biological systems. The explicit characteristics of FSCV comes from the ability to measure small volumes of the analyte by adapting carbon-fiber microelectrode as a working electrode at a scan rate of milliseconds. In this research project, FSCV has shown promising results as an alternative method that correlates with the traditional measurementsof COD. Traditionally, COD was more often estimated using oxidizing agents and toxic chemical reagents that have a serious impact on our environment. Unlike traditional oxidation methods, FSCV has been utilized as a powerful an electrochemical tool that allows for measuring COD of Iceberg lettuce washing water samples in a few minutes, without using any oxidizing or toxic reagents. In addition, FSCV measurements showed a high recovery percentage for all washing water samples of the two batches, low organic materials, and high organic materials. Thus, FSCV provides a fast and reliable platform to measure all chemically oxidizable organic compounds in lettuce washing water samples that is directly related to COD, butas an environmentally friendly model based on the oxidation potential.

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Jonathan Banahene, Dia Baozhen and Jonathan Kissi

In every country, one of the sectors thatare very important to its economic development is its health care delivery system. As a result of the fact thatthe goals of most hospitals are to obtain and retain its patients, they try to establish systems and structures that place them in high competitive positions. For every health care institution to win the loyalty and possibly retain most of their patients, practitioners and researchers have revealed that there should be some elements and strategies needed to retain majority of the patients who come to the hospital to seek treatment. And this paper seeks to assess the effective use of patient satisfaction and patient retention strategies inhealthcare institutions.

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Sholahuddin Arsyad, Syamsurijal A Kadir, Nurlina T Muhyidin, Bambang B Soebyakto

Job turnover is a serious problem. This is related to high labor turnover. Job turnover becomes a problem for companies when employees who have a good performance leave the company. The negative consequences that are felt due to work shifts in the company are the quality and ability to replace employees who leave, so it takes time and new costs to recruit new employees. This research is to see the concept of work displacement or not, both in hotels with the same or equal stars or hotels with higher levels. The purpose of this study was to test and analyze empirically the effect of respondent identity on the work shift of hotel workers in Palembang City. This study examines several determinant variables of work turnover at a hotel in Palembang City. The object of research is hotel employees with star rating. The research sample was 470 respondents. Sampling was done by purposive method. The analysis technique used is the Binary Logit model. The results showed that there was an influence of the respondent's identity variables, namely age, gender, ethnicity-religion, marital status, number of dependents, employment status, current position, hotel classification, which simultaneously affected employee turnover. This also shows that simultaneously there is a significant influence on the identity of the respondent on job changes, while the rest is influenced by other variables not examined in this study.

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Kristoffer Franz Mari R. Millado, Dr. Eugenio S. Guhao Jr.Dr. Geraldine D. Rodriguez

This study was conducted to determine the best fit model of organizational effectiveness of higher education institutions as estimated by transformational leadership, organizational health, and total quality management of higher education institutions in Region XII, Philippines. It was conducted from October 2019 to February 2020. The study used quantitative, non-experimental research design using correlational technique and path analysis. The 250 employees among Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) were determined using the stratified sampling procedure. Mean, Pearson r, and path analysis were used as statistical tools. Moreover, adapted survey questionnaires were used. The result shows that the levels of transformational leadership, organizational health, total quality management, and organizational effectiveness of higher education institutions were high. Further, when each independent variable is correlated to organizational effectiveness, results show that transformational leadership was significantly correlated with organizational effectiveness. There was also a significant relationship between organizational health and organizational effectiveness as well as between total quality management and organizational effectiveness. Model 3 came out as the best fit model that predicts organizational effectiveness. The model showed that transformational leadership and total quality management predicts organizational effectiveness among higher education institutions.

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H. E. Abd-El- Mottaleb, T. A. Sakr

This Tuned Mass Damper (TMD) is used to improve the structural safety and occupants comfort under wind and earthquake excitation. Pendulum Tuned mass Damper (PTMD), which consists of a moving mass (mt) attached to the main structure using pendulum producing stiffness (k) and viscous dampers (c), is a well-known device used frequently to minimize vibration in the structure. This paper proposes a new model of passive control device, multiple connected pendulum tuned mass damper (MCPTMD), to mitigate the response of structures under various dynamic loads. The MCPTMD consists of multiple pendulum tuned mass dampers connected together in series, which distribute the total mass to separated masses. A numerical model for linear analysis of single degree of freedom system with MCPTMD is derived and verified. The response of the proposed system to sinusoidal loads, which can simulate wind effect, is investigated through the effect of several parameters such as the pendulum length, the excitation frequency ratio, damping, and mass ratio. The response of the structure to earthquakes is also investigated. The result demonstrated that, MCPTMDs has reduced the response of structure to dynamic loads similar to single PTMD with additional merits. The reduction of the total pendulum length, which overcomes the required huge length in case of flexible structures, the existence of more than optimum pendulum length, dividing the mass into smaller pieces, and the interaction to more modes of vibration, are the most important among such merits.

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Aya Belal, Balthasar Novák, Vazul Boros, Jochen Reinhard

Strengthening and retrofitting existing structures to ensure a long service life has always been a matter of concern that has to be studied every period of time to innovate and produce new beneficial materials that could yield the optimum capacity for the strengthened structural element. FRP has emerged and succeeded in fulfilling that role whether by attaching the FRP outside the structure as externally bonded FRP or by placing them inside the structure itself as near surface mounted. The paper deals with the application of Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP) laminates as flexural and shear strengthening materials for bridges, the overall objective of this project is to strengthen two bridges using CFRP (Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymers); the first bridge is strengthened using Externally Bonded Technique EBR and the second bridge using Near Surface Mounted NSM. The design of the strengthening elements is done based on the Euro code; the paper offers a manual for using the code to strengthen structural elements whether by grooving rods or externally applying them at the needed area. After designing the two bridges, the results showed that they only needed to be flexure strengthened but they did not need to be shear strengthened as the bridges are capable to hold the coming shear loads without being strengthened. The two bridges are strengthened according to the Euro code and the results showed that the strengthening factor of the first bridge is 1,4 and for the second bridge is approximately 2.

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Yuli Wahyu Tri Mulyani, Siti Nurjanah, Samsuar, Laila Susanti

Durian is a fruit that Indonesian people demand, but environmental problems arise when the durian season comes due to unutilized durian skin wastes. This research harnesses the waste of durian skin which is then processed into a formulation of gel as an antifungal. The aim of this study is to prove that this gel formulation can inhibit the growth activity of Candida albicans and Trichophyton mentagrophytes. The maceration method was used for extraction processes with 70% of ethanol solvents. Extraction results were then made of gel formulations and separated into several concentrations, formulations 1 (15%), formulation 2 (20%), formulation 3 (25%), as well as base gel as a negative control and gel containing ketoconazole 2% as a positive control. Results show that the gel of durian skin extracts provided a weak inhibition zone at the highest concentration of 25% with an average 5.70 mm ± 0.27 for Candida albicans and did not give any inhibition zone on all gel formulations for Trichophyton mentagrophytes. Preparations of gel formulations were evaluated physically including organoleptic observation resulting F1 in brown, F2 in dark brown and F3 in blackish brown. Homogeneity tests show that all formulations were homogeneous, marked by no appearance of coarse grains. The pH value of all formulations in accordance with the cosmetic standard was about 4.5–6.5. The standard viscosity value of all formulations was between 2000–4000 cps. The stability test of gel preparations shows no changes in the form of low temperature storage (4º C), room temperature and high temperature (40 º C). Thereby, it can be inferred that the durian skin extract can be made in a gel preparation. This Gel has a weak antibacterial activity against Candida albicans and has no antibacterial activity against Trichophyton mentagrophytes.

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Cognitive schemas determine the nature of a person’s attitude to himself, to people around him and to the whole world. The emotional sphere of a person and his typical behavioural patterns are formed under the influence of core beliefs. Most cognitive schemas are formed in childhood and adolescence. Therefore, a fundamental study of this phenomenon is required. The aim of the study was a theoretical analysis and empirical research of maladaptive beliefs and cognitive schemas of adolescents with visual impairments. The methods of empirical research were the Dusseldorf Illustrated Schema Questionnaire for Children (Loose, Meyer &Pietrowsky), the Individual Typological Questionnaire (L. Sobchik), the Anxiety Scale (A. Beck) and the Depression Scale (A. Beck). The study sample included two groups of respondents: adolescents with visual impairments and their peers who do not have such impairments. This allowed us to compare the results and establish how the functional defect of the analyser determines the appearance of certain cognitive schemas. The obtained results indicate that knowing which cognitive schemas are typical for a teenager, allows us to predict with a high degree of probability that he has a tendency to increased sensitivity, emotional instability, anxiety or depressive manifestations. In addition, there are described recommendations for psychologists on working with the adolescent`s core beliefs.

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Mukhtiar Memon, Muhammad Yaqoob Koondhar, Zulfikar Ahmed Maher, Mansoor Hyder Depar, Pinial Khan Butt

Healthcare of citizens is the prime concern of all the countries. For this purpose, healthcare systems are used to provide timely access to the medical data of patients. Processing medical data poses many challenges at the technical, organizational and user levels such as interoperability, standardization, regulation, security, and usability which are the most critical issues. Many frameworks and platforms are being developed to provide error-free access to medical data ensuring security and legalization compliance. However, still the realization of technical interoperability in medical device regulation are not handled within the same architectural solutions. The proposed Healthcare Hub Platform presents an architectural solution to meet this challenge. We rely on the most recent cloud infrastructure for implementation of server-side systems and use web apps and mobile apps for organizations and individuals, respectively. The main objective is to involve the citizens in healthcare monitoring along with the healthcare professionals through the technical solution of well-established technological foundations.

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Owus M. Ibearugbulem, J. C. Ezeh and Johnson Ibezim

The collapse of civil engineering constructions has resulted in injuries, loss of lives, and investments which have been largely attributed to the quality of concrete ingredients used. The need to achieve certain properties suitable for a particular construction and the need to reduce cost in construction projects and achieve optimal results cannot be overemphasized. The study is based on the effect of packing density on the compressive strength of high-strength concrete with the application of metakaolin and conplast SP430 superplasticizer. To achieve this, five different combinations of coarse and fine aggregates for different packing densities were considered, with four different percentages of replacement of cement with Metakaolin (0%, 5%, 10%, and 15%). Therefore, based on the results obtained, it can be clearly stated that the packing density of concrete ingredients should be considered to improve the compressive strength and slump value of high-strength concrete.

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M.Syaiful,, Rusdianasari, Leila Kalsum, Endi Adriansyah, Santoso

IRRC-WTE The main goal is to make Jambi City a pilot in managing waste problems in a modern, low cost (cheap), environmentally friendly, economically valuable for the community. WTE is a new, renewable energy that uses waste to become biogas. Organic waste that is processed comes from market waste, 1000 kg of processed waste is carried out 3 times a week, namely on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. The methane gas test was carried out five times. The first test the methane gas content was 68%, the second test decreased the methane gas content by 64%, the third test was 64%, on the fourth test the methane gas content increased by 69%, and at In the fifth test, there was a decrease in methane gas content by 66%.The highest methane gas content in IRRC-WTE Jambi City is at 69% carried out using a portable gas analyzer and the average analysis shows that at 66% the biogas content has met quality standards and is suitable for use Based on the results of the analysis, the application of WTE technology is expected to contribute greatly in solving the problem of municipal solid waste in Jambi, which can reduce dependency on the Talang Gulo Final Disposal Site, where the capacity and carrying capacity is reduced, and on the other hand electricity production is also obtained and biogas as the development of new and renewable energy in the framework of the success of sustainable development. The development of WTE made from organic market waste can be implemented well and sustainably, therefore it is necessary to make WTE in every market in the Jambi City

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Sadia Zafar, Haroon ur Rashid Kayani, Hafiz Burhan ul Haq, Imran Khalid, Ayesha Nasir

Big Data is generated everywhere in the world in various digital formats. In 2020 the Big Data revolution estimated billion-billion devices connected to the fast internet, and massive data will be predicted at high speed and drawn researchers' attention in academia, governments, and industries. Big Data is valuable to enhance productivity in businesses and evolutionary breakthroughs in the many fields of sciences. However, there is no doubt that Big Data's handling produces many challenges, such as data analysis, data visualization, data storage, and new technology to deal with Big Data problems. This paper aims to demonstrate the challenges, the new tools of Big Data exploration, their benefits, and applications that can draw researcher's and users' attention to decide better tools for their businesses and need.

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Nawal Sultan Al Khedhr, BadriahMenawer Al-Harbi

This study aimed to investigate the intermediate school teaching practices for supporting mathematical connection processes. To conduct this study, researchers followed the descriptive-analytical approach. The researchers developed two tools: a survey directed to experts to identify the teaching practices that support the mathematical connections required by intermediate school teachers. The second tool is an observation card to determine the level of teaching practices that support mathematical connections among intermediate school teachers. The study population is divided into two categories: the first category is experts in mathematics teaching, and its sample consisted of (25) experts, and the second one is intermediate school teachers of mathematics, and its sample consisted of (30) female teachers. The study findings revealed that the (28) teaching practices supporting the mathematical connections required by intermediate school teachers. These teaching practices, which identify the links between mathematical ideas and their use, have shown an average performance level. The level of teaching practices that support the functions of "understanding how mathematical ideas are connected and how they are based on one another to become integrated" has shown a low-performance level. In contrast, the level of teaching practices that support the processes of "identifying mathematics and its applications in other contexts" has been shown a deficient level of performance. Finally, the level of teaching practices that support mathematical connections as a whole has shown an insufficient level of performance.

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Tamim Alkhalifah

The introduction of information and communication technology (ICT) has been studied for the last twenty years. In the context of Saudi Arabia, better healthcare accessibility and quality of service provision could be achieved through a novel IT application specifically designed for the health sector, namely, mobile health (mHealth). Mobile health uses wireless cellular communication systems to facilitate connections between patients and health services. Nevertheless, there are obstacles that are delaying the implementation of this application in Saudi Arabia. In this study, the importance of effort expectancy, performance expectancy, facilitating conditions, system quality, and social influence were highlighted. Also emphasised was the significance of trust and how it affects the intention of patients to use mHealth. Hence, the study presented a research model following the UTAUT model for better understanding the identified constructs concerning mHealth acceptance. It was observed the importance of the identified constructs as well as put forth certain relevant arguments that future studies must explore.

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Irham Kurniawan, YusaqTomoArdianto, SyarifHidayatullah

The purpose of the study is to analyze the effect of the information system quality, service quality and user satisfaction on user loyalty. Primary data obtained by questionaires are the main data in this analisys. The respondents are students of the informatics engineering tudy program at Widyagama University of Malang. The population of this sample was 104 students who are registered as active in the academic information system. the analysis technique used path analysis. The results have shown: a) the quality of information system directly affects user satisfaction. b) service quality directly affects user satisfaction. c) the quality information systems directly affects user loyalty. d) service quality directly affects user loyalty. e) user satisfaction directly affects on user loyalty. f) the quality of information system does not have an indirect effect on user loyalty throught on user satisfaction. g) inditerctly, service quality has no effect on user satisfaction.

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Elisa Cudiamat Cristobal y Evangelista Elizarde and Easter B. Belandres

The dissertation contemplated the influences that affects the capacities which the successors encountered during the succession through the application of development management in the local and college universities in the Philippines. the paper is persistent to recognize the need of development in the management of presidency in the LCU’s. The purpose of finding out the collective insufficient capacity that the successors have encountered is to develop an innovative and result-oriented management which will be benefited to the LCUs; and to the sake of affected personals such as the non-teaching staffs, students, co-departments, and the like. In perceiving the growth of the LCUs’ management towards the goal of success if dependent to its capability to impact change from its present time to the future times. The study is qualitative-phenomenological, the inter-subjective investigation on the managerial capacities of LCUs is in Philippines. Hermeneutic phenomenology is applied to interpret the interviews from the LCUs’ executives; and involves the usage of Delphi Method to further reduce biases in the study. The study revealed that the familiar inadequate capacities that they encountered are related with ethical standards, scholastic promotion, and corruption prevention.Index Terms— Minimum 7 keywords are mandatory, Keywords should closely reflect the topic and should optimally characterize the paper. Use about four key words or phrases in alphabetical order, separated by commas.

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Easter B. Belandres and Elisa Cudiamat Cristobal y Evangelista Elizarde

The dissertation studied the responses of the presidents of the local and college universities which will be the stepping stone to develop solutions and outgrow more the advancement to varied challenges that they are commonly experiencing, such as in the areas of, complexity, relationship building, academic qualifications, poverty alleviation, and political malpractices. It also aims to know the qualitative implications of the LCU presidents on transformative management on the basis of the LCUs managerial mind setting; adaptability, critical innovations and change vis-à-vis Radicalization; personal skills and professional competence vis-à-vis Praxis; challenges and Difficulties vis-à-vis Problem-Posing Method; harmonious relations among LCU. This paper is determined to know the significance difference of succession in executive selection between the presidents appointed inside and outside the LCU. Second, the effectivity of management style of the presidents in the areas of complex issues, relationship building, academic qualifications, poverty alleviation, and political malpractice. In addition, perceiving the qualitative implications of the LCU presidents on transformative management. The study is qualitative-phenomenological, the inter-subjective investigation on the managerial capacities and executive succession of LCUs in Philippines. Hermeneutic phenomenology is applied to interpret the interviews from the LCUs executives; and involves the usage of Delphi Method to further reduce biases or prejudices from the first to second iteration inherent in the study. To distinguish the management style of the presidents of LCU, praxis is administered to know the different perspectives of the executives. The result of the study showed that the executives

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Aurangzeb Magsi, Riaz Ahmed Shaikh, Zulfiqar Ali Shar, Rafaqat Hussain Arain, Asad Ali Soomro

The World is moving with technological revolution. Computers are considered as the principal object in almost all the fields of life. In this concern, needs of biotechnology applications is immensely required to solve complex problems. Cotton plant is an important sector in the field of agriculture. Disease to that particular plant may also cause a loss to the agriculture sector. This paper is aims at dealing with cotton disease and its time based severity. Cotton plant is among those imperative plants which grow majorly in Pakistan and has a huge impact on its economy. Yield amount and quality of cotton plant is compromised every year damaging by some highly harmful diseases. Since, in this paper we presents a methodology to identify the severity level of a common and complex disease namely Cotton leaf curl Disease (CLCuD) by using methods of image processing and machine learning techniques. Color and texture features are used to extract values of an input image while deep learning method is use for decision making purpose. For experimentation process, a dataset of 1600 images is set. A Deep Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) is use for the classification. Cumulatively, 89.4% accuracy is received with the proposed model in term of proper identification and classification. This research work will be beneficial for local as well international harvesters and can be used to take time based preventive measures in order to reduce loss percentage.

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Rina Uswatun Hasanah, M. Syamsul Maarif, Nimmi Zulbainarni, M. Joko Affandi

This study aims to identify and analyze the strengthening factors of entrepreneurial innovation in coastal areas. Data collection was obtained through in-depth interviews with 16 experts and questionnaires to 172 business actors in coastal areas of Indonesia. The Soft Systems methodology is applied to the data analysis method. The results of the analysis show that there are internal and external factors that influence the strengthening of entrepreneurial innovation. External factors include pillars in the entrepreneurial ecosystem. Internal factors include skilled human resources and motivation through the passion dimension. This study will help local governments identify factors and define conceptual models for strengthening entrepreneurial innovation in coastal areas. This study describes a new concept of strengthening entrepreneurial innovation through the entrepreneurial ecosystem approach, where the pillars in the entrepreneurial ecosystem are factors that can increase the ability of entrepreneurial innovation.

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Alfred Maroyi

Alepidea species are widely used as traditional medicines in southern Africa. This study aims at providing comprehensive information on the medicinal uses, phytochemical and pharmacological properties of Alepidia species. Electronic databases, including Web of Science, Science Direct, Google Scholar, Scopus, PubMed, and Springer Link were used as information sources. Additional information was obtained pre-electronic sources such as books, book chapters, scientific journals and other grey literature obtained from the University library. The diterpenoids, particularly kaurene derivatives, alkaloids, flavonols, flavonoids, phenols, proanthocyanidin, saponins and tannins were the main phytochemical classes identified in the extracts of Alepidea species. Some species of Alepidea exhibited various pharmacological activities, including antibacterial, antifungal, anti-HIV, anti-inflammatory, anti-hypertensive, antioxidant, antiplasmodial, antiprotozoal, cardiovascular, diuretic and cytotoxicity activities. The genus Alepidea is a valuable source of bioactive phytochemical compounds with therapeutic potential in different diseases. More in vitro and in vivo animal studies are required to confirm the efficacy, safety and the mechanisms of actions before future clinical studies involving Alepidea species.

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Sundus Munir, Shiza Mushtaq, Afrozah Nadeem, SyedaBinish Zahra

The objectiveof this paper is to introduce and identify the techniques and methods of hand gesturerecognition throughhuman computer interaction. Human-computer interaction is very essentialcomponent of most people's daily life. We have discussed some Human Computer Interaction (HCI) techniques and methods which will recognize the human hand gesture recognitionthrough different methodologies. The goal of gesture recognitionresearch is to establish a system which can classify specific human gestures and can make its use to convey information or for device control. These methods have different input types and different classifiers and techniques to identify hand gesture. This paper includes hand gesture recognition, human computer interaction systems, apps and comparative study of techniques and methods used in these systems. Applications for hand detection segmentation technique, RGB color scheme, web cam, real time tracking method q and The Markovhidden models, Depth Map methods and models are used in different researches.In this paper we have discussed maximum seven methods from the previous researches. We will analyze the best methodology of hand gesture recognition along with the pros and cons of each article.

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Mahmoud Eid Nasr, M. Nour El Din, Hisham Ahmed El-Arabaty, M. Al Azzouny

When a structural element deteriorates, it becomes liable to the current load and the additional loads that it must be subjected to in the future. Since the columns are the most important structural element, the strengthening of columns, relative to other members is of prime importance. Reinforced concrete jackets are one of the most common techniques used to strengthening columns. In this method, the axial strength, bending strength, and column stiffness are increased. Transferring the load from the original column to the concrete jacket depends on the friction between the column and the jacket. The larger surface area between the column and the jacket, the greater the friction value, thus increasing the axial capacity of the strengthened column. In the case of non-symmetric concrete jacket, such as the Edge and corner columns (three sides jacket and two sides jacket), the surface area between the column and jacket decreases, and thus the friction decreases, and the jacket efficiency decreases. The aim of this research is to study the effect of increasing the number of floors strengthened with non-symmetric concrete jacket on the efficiency of the column after strengthened. The calculations based on the Indian Standard Code IS 15988 (2013) to determine the behavior of concrete jacket. Several columns were modeled using ANSYS software. The analysis results indicate that the use of two-story concrete jacket increases the axial capacity of the column more than the use of one floor concrete jacket. Also, from the comparison of the results, it found that the mathematical design using the equations in the Indian code does not consider the number of strengthen story or the friction between the concrete jacket and the original column.

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Muhammad Saad; Muhammad Dawood Idrees, Arsalan Ansari, Abdul Sami, Nawal Sajid

Lean Manufacturing is the production improvement strategy. The cause of using this strategy is to eliminate the waste in the production in terms of resource cost and rejection of the product. The lean manufacturing doses not only eliminate the waste but also used to gain the competitive edge in the market. Value stream Mapping is the logical methodology used in the lean methodology to analyze the process of the production and it also provides the edge to an organization to monitor the production process and eliminate bottle necks. Value stream mapping develops the current state and the improved state of the production. The selected company is the manufacturer of the textile exports goods all around the globe and the project is to improve the production layout and reduce the in-process inventory.

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Andina Paramita Sari, Yusaq Tomo Ardianto, and Dwi Arman Prasetya

This study aims to determine the characteristics and influence of the Self Efficacy, Social Influence, Performance Expectancy variables on Behavioral Intention and the mediating effect of Perceived Credibility on MSME GO Online at program in Malang City by utilizing the Peer to Peer (P2P) Lending Platform. The method in this research applied explanatory research by explaining the relationship between the variables studied through hypothesis testing. The study was undertaken in Malang City, East Java, involving MSMEs that are members of Program, participating in training and mentoring program to educate MSMEs regarding the utilization of digital platforms. Collecting data of respondents using a questionnaire was distributed to 91 respondents. The results revealed that Self Efficacy, Social Influence, Performance Expectancy had a significant effect on Perceived Credibility and Behavioral Intention. Perceived Credibility is however incapable of mediating the effect of Self Efficacy on Behavioral Intention. Meanwhile, on the influence of Social Influence and Performance Expectancy on Behavioral Intention, Perceived Credibility variable serves as a partial mediation.

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