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Volume 9 - Issue 5, May 2020 Edition

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Shogo Musbau Adeniyi, Sarajul Fikri Mohamed, Kolawole Olayinka Rasak

The problem of accommodations in the developing countries in the recent time cannot be exaggerated; it has become a major problem for the people with less income generation to build house at a reasonable cost due to high cost of materials which is a major resource in the construction of a building. Therefore solutions to housing problems must deal with the issue of building materials, based on the foregone this study was carried out to assess the viability of green materials as an alternative to the widely used conventional materials in the construction building at affordable rate for people of the low-income generation. Four hundred structured (400) questionnaires were prepared and distributed to the building professionals in north-central Nigeria to generate data for the study. 305 representing 76.2% of the responses were found usable after the screen of the returned questionnaires. The SPSS and AMOS/SEM was used to assess the data via confirmatory factor analysis of relevant green materials, factors hindering the suitability, selection factors, and benefits of green materials variables. Thus, at the end of the analysis green materials found to be economically viable and its adoption will produce building at an affordable cost for the lower middle and lower class in the society.

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Putut Har Riyadi, Yudhomenggolo Sastro Darmanto, Apri Dwi Anggo, Sumardianto, Laras Rianingsih

Fisheries industry wastes such as crab (Portunus pelagicus) have the shell and non-shell waste. The effort to overcome and reduce waste is to use it optimally. One of them is by hydrolysis technology which can produce extracts that have bioactivity. The purpose of this study was to determine and obtain a description of the chemical components in the protein extracts of crab waste (Portunus pelagicus) non-shell crab. The study was conducted by color testing, namely flavonoids, alkaloids (Meyer, Dragendorf, Bouchardat), tannins, terpenoids (steroids, triterpenoids), polyphenols, and saponins. Screening and identification results show the presence of chemical components tannins, triterpenoids, and polyphenols from protein crab waste hydrolysates (Portunus pelagicus) non-shell, whereas for flavonoids, alkaloids, steroids, and saponins are not was found. These chemical components have activities as antioxidants, anti-cancer, antimicrobial, cardioprotective, antidiabetic, anti-obesity, hepatoprotective, anti-bacterial, anti-anxiolytic, analgesic, anti-nociceptive. The extract has the potential to be developed in the health field as a pharmaceutical or nutraceutical.

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Sucihatiningsih Dian Wisika Prajanti, Ismi Azida, Fauzul Adzim, Yoris Adi Maretta

The objective if this research is to analyse the benefit and any issue in implementing such farmer’s card as well as to analyse the strategy to optimize the use of farmer’s card in Village Kalisalak and Village Sidomulyo. Such analysis method used in this research is mix method: qualitative descriptive analysis to identify the benefit and the issue of farmer’s card program. In arranging the strategy of program criteria that can be done and the strategy that can be prioritized to optimize the use of farmer’s card using Analysis of Hierarchy Process (AHP). Optimizing Strategy of the use of farmer’s card as the payment method for subsided fertilizer in Village Kalisalak and Village Sidomulyo implemented using tool analysis of AHP consecutively, it is chosen the aspect of Bank BRI, retailer stalls, farmers, and government. Overall, the order of alternative strategy of optimizing the use of farmer’s card in Village Kalisalak and Village Sidomulyo is the distribution of the Farmer’s Card and the account book assisted by the extension officer as well as the local village officer. Suggestion to this research is for the extension officer, bank, village officer as well as university to intensify the routine counselling, and the newest information sharing about technology or banking service for farmers.

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Andi Naila Quin Azisah Alisyahbana, Muhammad Hasan, Muhammad Dinar, Thamrin Tahir, M. Ihsan Said Ahmad

This study aims to determine the effect of economic literacy and parents' socioeconomic status on entrepreneurial intention in Department of Economics Education, Faculty of Economics, Universitas Negeri Makassar. This research uses a quantitative research approach. Data collection techniques carried out by observation, interviews, documentation and questionnaires. The population in this study was 362 students of the Department of Economics Education class of 2016 - 2018, with a total sample of 66 students. The data analysis technique used is multiple linear regression. The results showed that partially, economic literacy had a positive and significant effect on entrepreneurial intention and parents' socioeconomic status had a positive and significant effect on entrepreneurial intention in students of the Department of Economics Education, Faculty of Economics, Universitas Negeri Makassar, while simultaneously economic literacy and parental socioeconomic status influenced positive and significant interest in entrepreneurial intention in students of the Department of Economics Education, Faculty of Economics, Universitas Negeri Makassar.

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Urakov Dilshodbek Jamoliddinovich

As is known, Central Asia has been recognized as a strategically important region since ancient times. On the one hand, if this is explained by the fact that the region is geographically located in the center of the continent of Eurasia, is geographically rich in natural resources, on the other hand, through the region of Central Asia, it is possible to exert political and economic influence on other important regions and countries of the world – the Middle East, Southeast Asia, In this article, the geopolitical situation in Central Asia in the middle of the XIX century, the political and diplomatic struggle conducted by the world's major developed countries for the territory are analyzed from the historical point of view.

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Thomas M. Silaya, Ludia Siahaya

Food is a very basic need in human life and its demand continues to increase, especially on small islands in Maluku that span the influence of ecological conditions. To ensure the fulfillment of food needs, a new approach to managing food is needed through an agroforestry scheme. The purpose of this study is to examine the development of dusung management patterns as traditional agroforestry that can provide optimal benefits in the aspect of food production in order to overcome the problem of food security and security on small islands. In this study descriptive research methods and survey research methods were used. While the approach used in this study is a quantitative and qualitative approach. Data and information collected, then analyzed using vegetation analysis, income level, contribution of dusung in the form of income of dusung farmers and frequency of collecting dusung results.The results showed that the structure and composition of the dusung vegetation at the study site consisted of tree, pole, weaning and seedling levels. There are 17 types of tree vegetation in the dusung (70.83%) and 15 species of plants / grassland that can be eaten or processed to become food and drink. This proves that tree-level vegetation in dusung is very potential in supporting food needs for the community. The contribution of dusung farming to the average family income per year was Rp.25,255,781.25 or 73.30%. The factors that influence the development of dusung management in overcoming the problem of food security and security are socio-cultural factors, the system of inheritance / ownership of dusung, cropping patterns and types of soil in the dusung and factors of changing people's lifestyle

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Karimova Mavluda

This scientific article provides some forms of different countries and times of musical works. In which simple terms are used to easily assimilate the analysis of simple and complex works of various forms. Whatever the musical form - simple or very complex, typical or individual, it performs the most important task of organizing all aspects and properties of the work in such a way as to bring the content of the music to the listener as best as possible. The 20th century brought new rhythms to dance music. As before, choreography and music use elements of musical - dance folklore of different nations, especially Latin American and African. Ragtime - Foxtrot - Waltz - Boston - Later, two styles arose: “Rhythm and Blues” and “Rock and Roll”, later on forms - dances twist, madison, hali - ghali, Tango - Rumba - Letka - Enka, Sirtaki. Dance music of the XX century had a great influence on all light music. From childhood to old age, a man "walks with a song through life." A huge world of thoughts, feelings, images is enclosed in this simplest and most accessible musical genre.

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Masrath Syed, Raghunadha Reddy P, Saleem Shaik

Potential assessment plays an important role in career progression of IT Professionals as high potentials get promoted faster than other employees do. In this study an attempt has been made to examine the perception for importance and proficiency level of IT professionals regard to generic competencies. In the study gap analytic approach has been used to identify competencies which need to be improved by IT Professionals. The results of the study show significant difference between the perceived importance and proficiency level for all the competencies irrespective of gender.

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Ahmad Sanmorino, Luis Marnisah, Hendry Wijaya, Hamid Halin, Fakhry Zamzam, Susi Handayani, Endah Dewi Purnamasari

This preliminary study begins with a review of several related articles that discuss how to increase research productivity. The review focused on the source of data, the analysis method, and the results obtained by each author. After reviewing and obtaining meaningful input from each article, we try to provide a different alternative by using designs or elements derived from games. The term use of game design as a solution for non-games context, better known as gamification. We design these games as constructs in the proposed framework model as a mechanism for research productivity enhancement. At the time of this article's publication, the proposed mechanism was still in the form of an initial framework, not yet through a comprehensive testing and analysis phase. In future work, we will discuss the analysis and evaluation related to this framework.

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El houssaine HSSAYNI , Mohamed ETTAOUIL

As powerful visual models, deep learning models, in particular, deep convolutional neural networks(DCNNs) have demonstrated remarkable performance in various challenging artificial intelligence and machine learning tasks and attracted considerable interests in recent years. A pooling process plays a very important role in deep convolutional neural networks, which serves to reduce the dimensionality of processed data for decreasing computational cost as well as for avoiding overfitting and improving the generalization capability of the network. Although standard pooling techniques, such as the max pooling and the l^p pooling (where p≥1 ) are typically adopted in various studies, we alternatively propose, in this paper, a new pooling method named l^(1/2) pooling in order to improve the generalization capability of DCNNs. Experimental results on two image benchmarks indicate that l^(1/2) pooling outperforms the existing pooling techniques in classification performance as well as is efficient for enhancing the generalization capability of DCNNs. Moreover, we show that the l^(1/2)pooling combined with other regularization methods, such as dropout and batch normalization, is competitive with other existing strategies in classification performance.

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Aidil Fitra Bowo, Saloma, Siti Aisyah Nurjannah, Ika Juliantina

Sulfate attacks that occur naturally in soil and groundwater where structures are located, to minimize damage to concrete structures due to external influences. Immersion carried out based on ASTM 1012 Concrete soaked for 28 days with 2 types of sulfate solution is aluminum sulfate Al2(SO4)3 and sodium sulfate (Na2SO4) with a concentration of 10%. The test results show that compared to polymer light-weight concrete under normal conditions and polymer light-weight concrete under sulfate immersed conditions, the compressive strength of concrete with epoxy resin substitution is higher than the compressive strength of concrete that has been immersed in sulfate solution. The test results show that the compressive strength of 28 days of age under normal conditions produces maximum compressive strength compared to concrete in conditions that have been immersed for 28 days experiencing a decrease in compressive strength due to sulfate attack.

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S. Cibichakkaravarthi, M. Amirtharajan, K. Lakshmi Priya, M. Mathumitha, K. Kamaraj

This paper discussing the process of software development and techniques that are implied during the development of application. And solve real-time problems during website development. It will also discuss the appropriate software architecture techniques which can be used during the web application development. Then it will go through the website development process, in that it describes how this way of process can make the process more dramatic and exclusive by evolve changes in some distinct part to receive effective results. It will also go through the problem faced by the user, and it possesses to understand the technical terms such as code reusability, deployment, production, requirement gathering and many more.

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Gomathi Kannayiram, Dhivya V, Raghavi Suresh, Prathiksha Prabhakar, Pooja Pushkarni P, Sandhya A

Neurodegenerative diseases are characterised by the progressive loss of selective population of neurons thereby breaking the synaptic circuit and these diseases are rapidly increasing in prevalence. The most common neurodegenerative diseases are Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, Huntington’s disease and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. Often these diseases result in loss of memory, uncontrolled movements, lack of coordination, slurred speech and other body impairments. The brain is a complex organ made up of billions of cells on which we depend for proper functioning. Some of the most essential cells in the brain are called “Neurons” .These neurons communicate with each other to perform every function of the brain. .These neurons are interconnected and any miscommunication in one area can affect other activities of the brain leading to neural disordersThe death of the neurons in Alzheimer’s disease is caused by the accumulation of β amyloid plaques and tau protein extracellularly. In case of Huntington’s disease the expansion of CAG tri-nucleotide repeat in the huntingtin gene is the cause. This review offers a brief introduction to neurodegenerative diseases and provides an overview of its types and pathology. It also touches upon the recent advancement in the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases. In this review we have attempted to summarize the symptoms, pathology and treatment of three main neurodegenerative diseases namely; Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease , Huntington’s disease.

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B. Manjula Josephine, K. Ruth Ramya, K.V.S.N. Rama Rao, Pokala Venkata Bala Kishore, S. Rahamathulla

Rendering the semantic substance of a picture in various styles is a troublesome picture handling task. Apparently, a significant constraining variable for past methodologies has been the absence of picture portrayals that expressly speak to semantic data and, in this way, permit to isolate picture content from style. Here we use picture portrayals got from Convolutional Neural Networks streamlined for object acknowledgment, which make elevated level picture data express. We present A Neural Algorithm of Artistic Style that can isolate and recombine the picture substance and style of characteristic pictures. The calculation permits us to create new pictures of high perceptual quality that join the substance of a discretionary photo with the presence of various notable fine arts. Our outcomes give new bits of knowledge into the profound picture portrayals learned by Convolutional Neural Networks and show their potential for significant level picture union and control.

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Muhammad Bibin, Ani Ardian

Public transportation in Pinrang Regency becomes the immediate priority for policy dealing with public transportation passengers. The problem occurs as the lack of supervision, public transportation fares, route system settings, and hierarchy of transportation carrying passengers to the station. Therefore, the role of Stakeholders for integrated management, strategic, and sustainable system to support the management design on the public transport passengers within the scope of the problem management and operation is necessary to be done. This study aimed to identify the role of Stakeholders based on the influence level and their interests on public transportation in Pinrang Regency. Data were collected through observation field and in-depth interviews to the Stakeholders. Data were analyzed using Stakeholders analysis method. The results showed that Stakeholders who engaged in the management of public transport in Pinrang Regency are divided into two groups, namely key players (high interests and power in public transportation management) and actors (low interests with high power in public transport management). Stakeholders included in key players are the head of Pinrang Regency regional parliaments (DPRD), Pinrang Regent, head of Pinrang Regency Regional Development Planning Agency (BAPPEDA), head of Pinrang Regency financial management agency, head of Pinrang regional department of transportation, and head of Pinrang department of environmental affairs. Stakeholders included in actors are community figures, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and academics. Stakeholders in key players must be more active to evaluate new strategies for public transport management. Stakeholders should design some policies with well-managed and establised monitoring. The work of key player Stakeholders can be optimized by the role of actors to inform the key player Stakeholders.

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Muna, Fathmath; S. M. Ferdous, Azam; Albattat, Ahmad

In modern days’ recruitment and selection practices has become a challenge within the developing countries. Organizations struggle with staffing challenges due to the increase in competent applicants. Knowledge-based workplace highly demands for competent employees. Labor market is highly competitive regardless of the increasing number of college graduates. This labor market focuses on the factors affecting recruitment and selection practice on the performance of organizations and it becomes a challenge for the employer. Due to the fact, attracting qualified, skilled and experienced candidates are important and urgent than the olden days. On this note, HR strategical practice relatively brings changes to organizational growth and affects organizational performance. Eventually, excellent service delivery begins with top management performance of recruitment and selection practice. The aim of this study is to explore factors affecting recruitment and selection practice on Organizational performance. However, this study gives useful insight into critical literature, evidence and contributes to finding the gaps in recruitment and selection practice on the performance of civil service organizations especially in the Maldives context. Therefore, the study reviewed past literature and the secondary data collected from different sources like; official publications of respective authorities, websites, Journals, and Books. This critical literature review emphasized that recruitment and selection practices are manipulated in the civil service sector. Stating that such abuses, corruptions, the problem of high nepotism on the selection practice fail to achieve organizational objectives with unqualified and less-skilled employees. For that reason, the organizations face major difficulties to deliver professional public service.

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Dhanasekaran K, Manikandan Ramasamy, Raju Shanmugam, M Prathilothamai

Text classification on product reviews has long been a challenging task due to the rapid growth of Web usage that has resulted in a huge volume of unstructured data. Recently, Opinion mining has been emerged as an important discipline to process the unstructured data. Although several opinion mining approaches addressed the problem of dealing with unstructured data, further research opportunities are available due to the issues like class imbalance, and complexity in text data analytics that affects the performance of opinion learning. Further, the manual text classification consumes a lot of time while identifying useful information. Also, the existing approaches for classifying texts based on majority category are not enough for realistic scenarios specifically in large scale applications. This paper proposes a prediction approach which focuses on obtaining useful information by using keyphrase and category labels. In this paper, we first investigate existing machine learning techniques to classify customer opinions with respect to multiple categories. Moreover, we propose keyphrase based multiclass text classification that finds insights from opinions of various customers on financial products and services. The result of our experiment shows that our dependency-directed opinion learning can show significant improvement over precision, recall, and F1-measure.

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Rahaju, Purwanto, I Nengah Parta, Swasono Rahardjo

The study aimed to investigate the tendency of students to think critically and explore the relationship between the students’ critical thinking with their mathematical epistemological beliefs. This descriptive qualitative study involved 32 students from the Department of Mathematics Education. The result showed that subjects who were non-critical thinkers exhibited carelessness in understanding, recognizing errors, and overviewing the tasks because they believed that mathematical tasks are always right and problem-solving with formulas and procedures results in correct solutions. On the other hand, critical-thinker students were more careful in comprehending the tasks, checking the errors, and doing an overview. The belief that mathematical tasks can contain errors and that conceptual understanding is highly crucial in mathematical problem-solving increased the tendency of the students to think critically. Besides, the students also had to highlight that numbers in mathematical problems have meaning and logical relationships.

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Ismoilova Hurshida Tokhirovna

The article highlights the current trends in pedagogy in the university education system in Uzbekistan: the adherence to national values, the technological approach, the diagnosis of moral qualities, and the introduction of correction training. This article also focuses on a series of trainings and training sessions that highlight the basic tools of basic data science, such as the available analytical results from a wide range of student analytical, data and ethical diagnostic analyzes in three institutions. It’s also describes a joint project for implementation and evaluation. The given materials obtained are flexible and give students the ability to experiment with data and analyze themselves. Also spiritual and moral diagnostics and development of the requirements of higher education institutions of all countries of the world have always been playing important role in the society. In particular, the importance of spiritual development , the role of moral components in the development of spirituality in higher education, the role of moral and religious education in the higher education system in Uzbekistan. Author’s investigation showed that high education teachers and hands-on teachers can change their needs to meet the needs of their students in each time. Also teachers training sessions is going to provide step-by-step instructions for using lessons and interviews to focus on lesson planning and interviews and key learning skills. Due to the fact that given exercise of the teacher-facilitator is also described as a “substitute for students’ thoughts, beliefs and feelings. It means that young generations give some clear ideas about effective and ineffective class leaders”. Therefore, in the research based on the given task of defining the main directions, parameters and stages of the experimental program implementation, the author found it appropriate to analyze the situation with moral and moral education of students. This means that the study of the moral values of the youth we are planning will to some extent correct the educational and upbringing process we need to implement at the same time. Our article views aids to identify the reasons why young people abandon their moral and spiritual values and the protective functions of this condition in the minds of young people and also prior to the formative experiment, the level of moral education of future teachers was determined. In the taking some results over the years, the historic cultural values and national traditions of the country have not only been preserved, but also further developed in our sphere. These events only base for future spiritual and moral education in powers. The most systematic and profound spiritual and moral development and upbringing of an individual and specialist takes place in higher education. In this regard, the importance of purposeful formation of students' spirituality in the learning space is increasing, which requires searching the pedagogical analysis of this process in accordance with modern conditions and tools as well.

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Bazarova Iroda Ravshanbekovna

The article analyzes the cooperation with foreign countries in the field of education since the early days of independence through the use of scientific literatures. As a result of this relationship, it was also possible to establish promising programs with a number of foreign countries, and as a result of these contacts the educational institutions were able to study in developed countries. According to the order of the Ministry of Public Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan August 20, 2008 “About the organization of trips of professors and teachers abroad” within the “Education Sector Development Program”, 18 teachers from Ferghana region were on a business trip in Germany. The study identifies and implements monitoring of students’ quality of knowledge in 5 areas: reading literacy, mathematical literacy, financial literacy, computer literacy, and scientific literacy. Assessment is carried out once every 3 years and is supervised by the Australian Council of Pedagogical Research (ACER), the Netherlands National Institute for Pedagogical Measurements (CITO), the US Institute for Educational Testing (ETS), and the National Institute for Educational Research (NIER). In 2009, 74 countries participated in this study, and in 2012, students from 65 countries were assessed for the first time, with interactive tasks (inretactive problems) as a new type of control tasks, and students were asked to explore a new object - a virtual machine. To achieve this goal, MP3 players and air conditioning are provided as virtual machines.

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Sri Lestari, Imam Ghozali, Najmudin, Masfufah

This research is liquidity creation research and is entitled "Liquidity Creation Analysis of Indonesian Bank Using Panel ARDL Approach: A Case Study of Top Ten Banks in Indonesia in the Period 2009-2018". The sample of this research is taken from the top ten commercial banks in Indonesia. This research is aimed to know the impact of earning volatility, reserve requirement, and market share on liquidity creation. The population of this research is all of commercial banks in Indonesia which are registered in Otoritas Jasa Keuangan (OJK) with 1.122 observation. The samples of this research are taken from top ten banks in Indonesia in the period 2018. The sampling method which is used in this research is purposive sampling method. Based on the result of the research and data analysis using Panel ARDL (Autoregressive Distributed Lag) method, it shows that: (1) earning volatility has significant negative impact on long term and insignificant impact on short term liquidity creation, (2) reserve requirement (primary and combination) has significant negative impact on long term liquidity creation, reserve requirement combination has significant negative impact on short term liquidity creation, whereas reserve requirement (secondary, foreign exchnge, and LDR) cannot be examined because of a near singular matrix, (3) market share has significant negative impact on long term liquidity creation and insignificant impact on short term liquidity creation. The implication of above summary is bank party should consider the variables which are used in this research and their impacts on liquidity creation to improve bank performance. It is hoped that the next research can increase the number of samples and add variables that have not been used in liquidity research-creation in Indonesia.

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Cris Norman P. Olipas, Rodibelle F. Leona

This study aimed at evaluating the extent of the engagement to social networking sites, the impact of playing mobile games and the degree of learning experiences among the first year Bachelor of Science in Information Technology (BSIT) students in a State University in Central Luzon, Philippines to provide a basis for designing intervention programs and improving the existing programs and activities of the college. It utilized a mixed method of research, employing a descriptive design to describe the evaluation made by the Information Technology (IT) students as the respondents of this study. A total number of 500 first year students participated in this study during the Academic Year 2019-2020 by answering a self-made survey questionnaire which passed the content and reliability analysis made by the researchers. Results show that there is a large extent of engagement to social networking sites among IT students. The positive and negative impacts of playing mobile games were identified and evaluated, and the degree of learning experiences show that IT students frequently and actively engaged, participated, attended, and involved in different activities essential for their holistic development. The results of this study contributes to the body of knowledge focusing on evaluating the extent of engagement to social networking sites, mobile games, and learning experiences and may provide new opportunities and insights for future researches.

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Veenu Yadav, Deepshikha Agarwal

This paper present an analysis on the use of Quantum Cryptography (QC) to provide secure communication over the network. The transmission of the data is a very powerful information secure operation to entire Quantum Key Distribution (QKD). This paper presents to communicate satellite-based over the global quantum communication network, to achieve a long distance, to share the data quantum signal by optical fiber to cover the 250 kilometers in distance. Currently, the problem is the transmission of data in quantum communication; the signal weakens for long distances. This paper also proposes an application in satellite communication

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Lakhi Narayan Bharadwaj

In this study, an attempt has been made to analyse the nature of relationship among the variables of FDI inflows, economic growth and carbon emissions in the context of India. This study employs Dynamic Ordinary Least Squares (DOLS), which treats the endogeneity problem and also the estimators are adjusted for serial correlation. The findings of this study indicate that both FDI inflows and GDP per capita have a significant non-linear positive relationship with CO2 emissions. In addition, this study also supports the existence of pollution heaven hypothesis for this region.

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Panimalar. K, Kanmani. S

WSN in recent years well-thought-out as one among the key factor that cannot be moved out from our daily life. It plays a substantial responsibility in terms of decision making, data collection and processing and so on. However, due to its vast application torrent, the field expects effective computational and communication models for data processing and managing. In this paper two different streams are handled namely, node localization and clustering. The recent approaches that are proposed in the relevant domains are discussed along with its advantages. This paper is modeled to explore the deep insights and the current technologies that are carried to address the mentioned research issues so that enhanced models can be modeled soon. And it gives a quick understanding of the existing techniques in this field to carry out further investigation in the future.

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K. Subhashini, K. Kowsalya

Recently, the medical image diagnosis is important field in this current situation. We have different methods to diagnosis an image such as Computed Tomography (CT), Positron Emission Tomography (PET), Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) etc. these methods are allowed to find the smallest disease in the human body. An abnormal growth of the cell to distress a proper brain functioning is considered as brain tumor. The main aim of this research to detect an image information with minimum error possible. The MRI scan is to get the image information and to detect the cancerous tissues accurately because its better quality and high resolution of image compared with other technologies. Different type of techniques is implemented and executed to detect a cancerous and non-cancerous image. In this process of identifying a cancerous image can be categorized into different level; pre-processing, segmentation, feature extraction and classification. In this present study, using four optimized algorithms like Particle Swarm Optimization, Fuzzy c-mean clustering and hybrid particle swarm optimization-Fuzzy C-mean (PSO-FCM), to extract the tissues from the brain has been analyzed and implemented. In Pre-processing, mean, median and adaptive median was compared and proved that the proposed adaptive median filter are gives better accuracy rate to denoising image. A sample MRI images of brain using MATLAB and proved the hybrid PSO-FCM gives highest accuracy rate of 95.79%.

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S Sathyadeepa, T Sivakumar, E Murugan

In the modern era, non-communicable diseases are striking the highest rate of premature death worldwide. Apart from cardiovascular disease, diabetics, and hypertension, renal failure (kidney failure) is considered to have a high fatality rate. Creatinine is the waste produced from muscle metabolism which has to be removed from the blood by the kidney. Improper function of the kidney results in the accumulation of this waste in the blood. Embedded system-based design is developed to analyze the creatinine level present in serum and saliva samples. In this research, a standard solution is taken as the reference and with the help of this standard value, the samples are cross-checked. The sole objective of the prototype is to make an amalgamated instrument that helps in not only finding the value but also display them for future reference. The prototype consists of a source (LED), a casing, and a detector (photodiode). The wavelength of LED used in the model is appropriately chosen for the color of the solution. The light from the LED passes through the solution before it hits the detector. It also passes through the sides of the vessels holding the liquids. As more light is absorbed, less light passes through the solution, so the number of photons striking the photodiode varies, the current that gets induced is comparatively different for different light intensities that tend to fall on the photodiode. Finally, the output was processed by the controller and the corresponding values are calculated. The exact creatinine level can be mapped using the basic calculation which perfectly yields the value. Apart from that, the prototype involves IoT (Internet of Things) wherein the creatinine level of the subject with chronic kidney disease (CKD) along with other morbidity gets stored in the cloud using the Wi-fi module ESP-8266 and technicians can access these data anywhere and anytime across the globe.

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J. Poornimasre, R. Harikumar, P. Saravanakumar

Test patterns are needed to test the functionality of integrated circuits. Most of the semiconductor industry depends EDA tool to generate patterns and are applied to the Circuit under Test (CUT) to check the functional verification of the circuit [1]. Those generated test patterns are insufficient in terms of (Test Application Time) TAT and Fault coverage. Important issues in testing is to detect more faults with minimized test patterns, reduce the test power and test application time. Test application time (TAT) is directly proportional to number of test patterns. An arithmetic approach is proposed to modify the test set in order to reduce the total test set. The test patterns of ISCAS 85 benchmark circuits has taken as reference for this work. Fault coverage and TAT are analyzed for each ISCAS’85 benchmark circuits. Experimental results shows that an arithmetic approach reduce the TAT without degrading the fault coverage.

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Cut Dahlia Iskandar, Zainuddin, Agus Arip Munawar

The main purpose of this present study is to evaluate the ability of near infrared technology as an alternative method in determining and assessing quality parameters of meat product where in this case is frozen beef. At first, beef samples from chest and legs parts were sliced and taken at the amount of 100g per sample to be frozen. Then spectra data of beef samples were obtained using near infrared spectrophotometer (PSD IR i16) in wavelength range from 1000 to 2500 nm with optical gain 4x. Actual protein contents were obtained by Kjeldahl method and measured in triplicate. The near infrared spectra data were enhanced and improved by means of mean centering (MC) and baseline shift correction (BSC) methods. The results showed that protein content of frozen beef samples can be predicted rapidly with maximum correlation coefficient is 0.91. Heat properties of beef samples changes exponentially during freezing and thus, optimum freezing temperature and time can be predicted as well. Based on those obtained results, it may conclude that near infrared technology can assess frozen beef qualities rapidly and effectively.

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Eva Marthinu, Yahya Hairun, Hernita Pasongli

The objectives of this research is to know the effect of problem based learning model and knowledge about sustainable development concept on student’s responsibility environment behavior. An experimental method with 2x2 factorial design was employed in this quantitative study which was conducted at SMA Negeri 5 Ternate. Samples of the study were 32 students of grade XI of Social Sciences selected by means of random sampling. Data analysis shows that: 1. In general, the students that was touched problem based learning model with outdoor approach, have higher average score on responsibility environment behavior than those with indoor approach, 2.There is significant interaction effects between problem based model and knowledge of sustainable development concept toward student’s responsibility environment behavior. 3. Students having high knowledge level in sustainable development concept and using outdoor approach have higher average score on responsibility environment behavior than those with indoor approach, 4.Students who have low knowledge level in sustainable development concept and using indoor approach have higher average score on responsibility environment behavior than those with outdoor approach.

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Raktim Kumar Dey, Debabrata Sarddar, Indranil Sarkar, Rajesh Bose, Sandip Roy

Activities that take place or are influenced as a result of decisions being made are influenced by opinions at the root level. Analysis of opinions or sentiment analysis plays a vital role in trying to make as close approximation as possible. This is an extremely important aspect given that carefully planned and executed sentiment analyses can yield better and more accurate forecasts in politics as well as in business. At the base level, sentiment analysis stems from opinions shared or expressed by individuals and users. In the Internet space that permeates almost every known sphere and area of human activity on our planet, data in millions of bytes are posted and shared by individuals on social networking platforms, blogs, product review sites, and various other web forums. The potential to harvest such information and analyse the data can yield vital insights into how products, services, political personalities, companies, governments, etc. are perceived and viewed. Sentiment Analysis can engage multiple challenges such as accuracy-related issues, binary classification problem, data sparsity problem and polarity shift. While there have been various methods that have been postulated and developed for sentiment analysis, there yet remains to be an efficient approach in extracting and producing accurate sentiment analysis on a consistent basis. Although machine learning algorithms have come a long way, with Naïve Bayes, Support Vector Machine and Maximum Entropy being the significant ones to feature prominently in research and mainstream use, sentiment classification by category involving positive and negative sentiments, is a topic of research interest in its own right. This paper presents a survey on prominent Sentiment Analysis approaches and methodologies and seeks to submit a clear evaluation report upon which grounds for further research can be based.

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Pabitra Kumar Nath, Chinmoy Raj Saikia

Currently increasing demand for non-agricultural uses on farmlands leads to a pressing need for the formation of agricultural development regions. Such regionalization of farmland can be of functional use for preserving the same as headquarters of agricultural production by investing more in production infrastructure. Sipajhar revenue circle, Darrang district, Assam having diverse farming practices among different communities, a scientific inquiry into the pattern of agricultural development has been made to have a clear insight into it during 1915-16. The spatial pattern of agricultural development in 14-gram panchayats of the revenue circle is represented through choropleth mapping. Thus the study demonstrates a significant spatial variation concerning different aspects of agricultural practices in the circle and delineates it into three agricultural development regions by using the Z score technique based on six variables. The required data have been collected from a field survey with the help of structured questionnaires and also from secondary sources. The present study is designed to provide a rationale for the future orientation of agricultural planning for a laggard district like Darrang in Assam.

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Dongxu Qu, Tetiana Shevchenko, Xiumin Yan

The successful implementation of circular economy (CE) requires the joint participation of the whole society in China. University is one of the main drivers of CE, and its curriculum education activities of CE is an important way to implement CE education, which includes the training activities for professional talents for society and the general education activities of CE for students of non-CE major. The former focuses on how to meet the needs of the national CE strategy for professional talents, while the latter aims to improve the CE awareness and knowledge of undergraduates, so as to promote the CE education radiation to the whole society through the social practice and other activities. The novelty of this study lies in the in-depth investigation and analysis of the current situation of the construction, curriculum setting and personnel training of the major of Resource Recycling Science and Engineering (RRSE) in Chinese universities. There are some barriers in curriculum education activities toward the CE implementation, including the relatively lagging professional development, the imperfection of the curriculum system, the lack of professional teachers and the absence of CE general education. In response, universities could maximize the contribution of CE curriculum education to CE implementation by strengthening the construction of RRSE major, deepening the reform of curriculum system, creating a talent pool of professional teachers, and adding general education courses of CE through multiple channels. These strategies have strong applicability that can be used for reference by other universities.

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Elov Jamshid Bekmurodovich, Khamdamov Utkir Rakhmatillayevich, Sultanov Djamshid Bakhodirovich, Makhmanov Orif Qudratovich

Today, the widespread use of information systems in all areas has led to significant growth in those areas. The use of such systems, especially in education, can improve the quality of education and reduce costs and save time. In this regard, the implementation of such information systems in the medical education process can improve the quality of the medical education system. This research is devoted to study and develop the processes involved in the e-referral system for the training of medical personnel. It drives the increase of the performance of this structure-based system.

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Rameshbabu a, Barnabas paul glady, Sundar rajan G T, Sivachidambaranathan V

In this paper present a soft-switched current fed modified push–pull converter for PV application. The main objective of this work is to reduces the switching losses, increase the voltage gain without increasing turns ratio of high frequency transformer and increase the efficiency. The switching losses of proposed converter is reduced high frequency transformer primary-side switches are turned OFF at the zero-current Switching condition through parallel resonance. In addition, the turn ratio of the transformer can be reduced by using a voltage-doubler of secondary side. The performance of the proposed converter is verified by simulation and experimental results.

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Rohit Sahoo, Chinmay Kathale, Milind Kubal, Shaveta Malik

Detection of the table and extracting information from it plays an essential role in the domain of document analysis. Tables are the simplest way to illustrate vital information in a structured format. To further utilize the learning from an ever-increasing knowledge source, it requires effective tools that can automatically extract such vital information from the documents into the desired format. Table detection and extraction from documents is a challenging task because tables can have a variety of layouts. A good number of researches have been carried out in the field of table detection, but the majority of them are not able to identify and extract the information from borderless and partially bordered tables. In this paper, we have proposed a Machine Learning based system called Auto-Table-Extract. This tool identifies and extracts the tables from PDF documents and dumps the data into excel sheets. It works with all kinds of PDF containing bordered, borderless, or partially bordered tables. This system can extract data from both searchable and scanned PDF. The system’s performance is commensurate to other table detection and extraction methods, but it overcomes limitations of both detecting borderless as well as partially bordered tables and proves to be an efficient solution for the detection of tables from diverse documents.

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Shamuratova Makhinbanu, Sultanov Bokhadir, Namazov Shafaat

The processes of obtaining fertilizer precipitates based on mineralized mass (MM) and hydrochloric acid without and with the separation of an insoluble residue are studied. The effects of acid concentration, amount and temperature of washing water on the qualitative parameters of precipitates are determined. The optimal amount and temperature of the wash water are established, where a fertilizer precipitate with the maximum content of P2O5 and the lowest content of calcium chloride is obtained. All acid concentrations, the ratio of MM : H2O = 1.0: 1.5; 1.0: 2.0 and a wash water temperature of 80-90°C are optimal. In this case, a fertilizer precipitate of the following contents is obtained: P2O5total - 23.32-24.06%; P2O5 by citric acid - 20.52-21.29%; CaOtotal - 25.84-26.40%; CaOassi. by citric acid - 22.87-23.23%; P2O5water = 2.02-2.21%; CaOwater - 1.67-2.24%; Сl - 1.03-1.73% and the degree of washing off from CaCl2 - 96.24-97.83% and Р2О5total –33.18-34.72%; P2O5assi. by citric acid –29.20-30.89%; CaOtotal –34.51–35.55%; CaOassi. by citric acid –30.93-31.99%; P2O5water 1.67-2.53%; CaOwater -1.58-2.11%; Cl –1.07–1.23% and the degree of washing off from CaCl2 –97.19–98.64%, respectively, without and with the separation of an insoluble residue.

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Jhon Holguin-Alvarez, Giovanna Manrique-Alvarez, Juan Apaza-Quispe, Rosa Romero-Hermoza

In this study we analyze the effects of the program of incursion in Social Networks in Digital Competences as part of an experimental investigation with 40 adults (rank: 81 - 92 years of age) from vulnerable contexts of a Latin state. 50 educational activities based on the use of Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter and Gmail were applied as essential elements of virtual communication. These allowed obtaining statistical significance in digital competencies of the experimental group, especially in more than 60% of participating subjects, both in the ability to manage technological resources as well as in the interrelation through the internet (social networks). The study recognizes its contribution in the opportunity to generate digital inclusion in the elderly in states of digital abandonment.

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L.O. Mogaka, G.N. Nyakoe, M. J. Saulo

Islanding and loss of mains detection is very essential in power systems for the safety and reliability in grid connected and standalone Renewable Energy Sources (RESs). These RESs produce power intermittently that can lead to voltage variation, unintentional islanding and total blackouts in case of a contingency. This calls for fast, reliable and local techniques of islanding detection and voltage control criteria within the islanded microgrid (MG) and a means for seamless switching between islanded and grid connected modes. A number of islanding detection methods have been proposed so far. However, many of them fail to give reliable results in microgrids that have high penetration of multi-source RESs. This paper develops a technique for islanding detection using phasor measurement units (PMUs) and fuzzy logic algorithm for local signal extraction and classification at the point of common coupling (PCC) between the MG and the utility grid. The robustness of the proposed approach is established through application to IEEE 9 bus system with high penetration of RESs in a MATLAB/Simulink platform under different contingencies. The obtained results indicate that the proposed algorithm is fast, reliable, and secure in discriminating between the islanding and non-islanding scenarios for the tested cases.

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Wilson Nwankwo, Kingsley E. Ukhurebor

Data centres are important facilities in modernization of cement production industries across the world. In the last two decades, Nigeria has witnessed an amazing cement manufacturing and production reforms. Consequent upon these reforms is a marked reduction in the importation of bagged cement from other countries thereby reducing capital flights and boosting the gross domestic product. A typical cement plant in Nigeria produces an average of 6000 metric tonnes of bagged cement per day. Of vital importance to the instrumentation of local cement production and distribution plants is high technology computing infrastructure. These cement plants deploy sophisticated IT infrastructure that are driven by large diesel powered generators owing to the unstable mains power supply across the country. The effect is increased environmental pollution and degradation in the hosting environments as chemical, gaseous emissions, electronic wastes, and noise are consistently present. In some facilities, there are often more than one data centre with each supporting a definite suite of production processes. This paper is an attempt to proffer solution to the traditional problems of environmental pollution arising from poor data centre operations. Accordingly, a carefully articulated integrated that would enable enforcement agencies, and control experts reduce the localization and pollution issues associated with scattered data centres, is proposed. It is believed that adherence to the proposed innovative model would reduce drastically the pollution associated with data centres in cement factories in Nigeria.

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Ismail Amer, M. Kohail, M.S. El-Feky, Ahmed Rashad, Mohamed A. Khalaf

This paper presents an evaluation of utilizing cement (OPC) as a partially replacement from slag (GGBFS) in Alkali Activated Slag Concrete (AASC) mixes cured in ambient conditions. The evaluation of mixes was performed based on workability and compressive strength using Taguchi method. The aluminosilicate source was a mix of GGBFS and OPC, while the alkaline activator was made with a mix of Sodium Hydroxide (SH) and Sodium Silicate (SS). The four parameters considered in this study are: GGBFS:OPC ratio, Na2O ratio, solution modulus (Ms) and water to binder ratio (W/B). Nine mixes were conducted using L9 Taguchi array. Slump test and compression test were carried out on all mixes. The results were evaluated by determining Signal-to-Noise (S/N) ratio using Minitab program and making ANOVA analysis using Qualitek-4 program to investigate the optimum level for each parameter. It was found that using alkali activator with a combination of GGBFS and OPC is not effective method to produce AAC because of the very low workability obtained. On the other hand, using slag only as a binder was effective to produce AAC with high compressive strength and desirable workability.

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Maria Antony Sebastin Vimalan P, Nivas Nisha A

This study aims at utilizing industrial wastes and mineral admixtures to improve the strength in single layer concrete filled aluminium tubular columns. This study also focuses on the effective ways of utilizing copper slag as fine aggregate replacement of 10% thereby reducing the pollution as well as meets the increasing demand of river sand for concrete. This experimental investigation indicates the compressive strength characterization at 28 days and the impact of mineral admixtures like metakaolin and GGBS in properties of concrete as a binder replacement of 5%, 10%, 15% and 20% respectively. The results obtained showed that the hybridization of natural minerals in combination with copper slag replacement can be incorporated in concrete to improve their mechanical strength of tubular columns.

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CH.RayalaVinod Kumar,D.Lalitha Bhaskari ,P.Srinivasa Rao

In this current era, people can express their views, opinions, exchanging of data and sharing their thoughts about different topics, trends and issues on Social media. Social Media takes a major role to maintain the persons’ emotional feelings on their day to day life. Sentiment Analysis is a method to analyze the views and find the polarity of the views. Twitter is a crucial forum where people share their ideas, views and feelings multiple times. Sentiment Analysis from Twitter is a method of tweet analysis. Sentimental values can be derived from the user via tweets. The polarity measure of the data indicates whether the user’s sentiments are positive, negative and neutral values on an aspect. It focuses on the tweet and the hash tag for understanding the situation in each aspect. In this research paper, firstly we performed Analysis of sentiments to categorize highly unstructured Twitter information. Secondly, a comparision of the proposed algorithm called Various #tags Live tweets Sentiment analysis (VLS) with Naive Bayes and Convolution Neural Networks is performed. Section three of the research methodology discusses how the algorithm is operating. The findings are reported in the experiment section produced by the Naive Bayes, CNN and VLS Algorithms. After Comparison we proved that our proposed algorithm works efficiently.

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Muhd Farhan Abd Razak, Noor Apandi Osnin, Noorul Shaiful Fitri Abdul Rahman, Saharuddin Abdul Hamid , Abd Kader Ab Saman

Temenggor Lake is located at 45 kilometers from Ulu Perak district capital, Gerik and it is a man-made lake that was created between 1960s and 1970s. Temenggor Lake consists the Temenggor dam and it is used to generate electricity for the local citizen on that area. Due to the large area, Temenggor Lake has been developed as a recreational lake. The purpose of this research is to identify the safety level of boat at Temenggor Lake. The first phase of this research is identified the total number of passenger boat and houseboat that has been registered with Persatuan Pengusaha Pelancongan Tasik Temenggor and types of life-saving appliances used on passenger boat and houseboat by observation and interview session with an expert. Interview session and questionnaires have been distributing in order to collect all the related data and this data has been analyzed by using risk matrix method to identify the rank of the risk that occurred at Temenggor Lake. The final phase involved a few data from Malaysia Marine Department, Persatuan Pengusaha Pelancongan Tasik Temenggor and United Stated Coast Guard and comparison has been made between those data to make some suggestions on increasing the safety of boat at Temenggor Lake by using bench marking method. Based on the result of this research, drown of children is the highest risk for passenger boat and man over board is the highest risk for houseboat. As the conclusion, most accidents involving navigation on inland water are the cause from the lack of safety equipment onboard at Temenggor Lake.

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Samuthirakani.V, Ashutosh Das

Huge quantity of paving grade bitumen plays a vital role in the construction sector of Highways. The refineries functioning in India depends on 85 % of imported crude oil, especially from Middle East countries. This paper deals with the Life Cycle Inventory of greenhouse gas emission in the production of bitumen in India. The emission from the process of extraction of crude oil from oil wells, transporting to India through ships to the nearest ports, pumping the crude oil through pipe line, and distillation of bitumen are studied in this paper. Cradle to gate concept has been adopted. The inventory mainly focuses on the GHG emission only. The process of production of bitumen is on the basis of straight run bitumen, and the same has been adopted in this paper. Mass allocation procedure is followed in the process of extraction of crude oil, and transportation of crude oil, while in the refinery zone economic allocation with respect to the cost of the individual items of the bitumen and all other by products is followed, and finally the overall CO2e emission in production of bitumen is arrived.

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An important factor that acts as a hindrance to the greater adoption of clouds for scientific computing is data management. The reason behind this is that data-intensive scientific workflow does not possess support for handling data workflow. At present, cloud computing handles data workflow by employing application overlays which map the output of a specific task to another input of specific tasks which may be in pipeline order and this technique was enhanced by MapReduce programming such as Amazon Elastic MapReduce, Hadoop on Azure - HDInsight. To resolve these challenges for managing data, an approach is proposed which can enhance virtual disks. The proposed approach enhances data workflow and management based on the cloud platform.

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