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IJSTR Volume 7 - Issue 5, May 2018 Edition - ISSN 2277-8616

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Hayder T. Nimnim, Mohammed Q. Shaaban

The scope of this experimental and numerical works is to investigate and study the effect of concrete compressive strength on flexural behavior of composite vierendeel steel-conncrete composite beams when considering the top chord member of the truss (compressive elements) is the concrete slab. The works consist of manufacturing and testing three specimens of 2000 mm span with slab width 1000 mm and each specimen contains two truss. The control beam has 25 MPa compressive strength and other beams have (35, 50) MPa. The results that attained from this study are load-deflection curves, ultimate load capacities, strains, crack patterns and failure modes. The concludes from this study are; an increase concrete strength (f’c) of slab from 25 MPa to 35 MPa leads to increase ultimate load capacity by (28.89) %. Whereas increasing concrete strength from 25 MPa to 50 MPa leads to increase ultimate load capacity by (91.63) %.

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Adiat, K.A.N., Osifila, A.J., Akinlalu, A. A., Alagbe, O.A.

This study applied the multi criteria decision analysis to geophysical data acquired to achieve an unbiased integration of geoelectric parameters obtained from the results of the interpretation of the geophysical data in the order of their hydrogeologic importance to consequently produce a groundwater prediction model. The geoelectric parameters which were the coefficient of anisotropy, aquifer resistivity, aquifer thickness, overburden thickness and overburden resistivity were the main subsurface factors controlling the flow and accumulation of groundwater resources in the study area. Each parameter was assigned appropriate weight based on Saaty’s nine-point scale and the weights were normalized through the Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP). The assigned weights were adjudged to be consistent and unbiased through the attainment of consistency ratio of less than 10%. The groundwater prediction model of the area was produced from the application of the Groundwater Potential Index (GWPI) model equation developed. The prediction model classified the groundwater potential of the study area into very low; very low – low; low – moderate; moderate - high and high - very high classes. The results obtained from this study established that the groundwater prediction model produced from the GWPI obtained from the application of multi criteria decision analysis to subsurface factors is accurate and reliable. It has also proven the ability of the methodology adopted as a good decision making tool in the presence of two or more conflicting criteria. This ability makes it a useful tool that can be adopted in the groundwater prediction domain.

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Mazen Ismaeel Ghareb; Zanyar Ali Ahmed; Azad Abdullah Ameen

With its total number of users (around 95 million) throughout the world, it is important to determine the views of academics who use Edmodo the leading SLN. Social Networking Sites (SNS) like Face book, MySpace, Cyworld and Bebo, which allow users to build communities and communicate and collaborate with each other, came out one after another and attracted the attentions of millions of people. There are a number of studies showing that SNS can be used successfully as a learning environment. The main purpose of SNS is not the field of education, and they lack some useful tools like library, quiz, assignment capacities, and so on, which are the main components of learning management systems (LMS) like Moodle and Blackboard. Moreover, there could also be lots of inappropriate contents in SNS because they are for general use. Because of the wide acceptance of SNS, educational web sites like Edmodo, Ning, and ValuePulse have emerged, which function pretty much like SNS. In the study carried out with the mixed method, the qualitative and quantitative data were collected with an online questionnaire. The findings obtained were interpreted within the framework of cooperative learning and the theories of “Diffusion of Innovations” and “Uses and Gratifications,” and the related themes were formed in Higher education in KRG.

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Ganda Anderson, Maulid Muhammad Iqbal, Imron Fikri Astira

The admixture modification by adding foaming agent can overcome the problem of high SCC viscosity. The use of foaming agent has double effects on the concrete admixture in which, to meet the characteristic of concrete admixture flow, foaming agent takes a role in increasing the concrete admixture viscosity, and the use of foaming agent can affect the value of concrete compressive strength. However, it is necessary to control the use of foaming agent on the concrete admixture. The decrease of concrete compressive strength using foaming agent from 50 MPa job mix design towards the concrete designed without pozzolan has 42.51 MPa of concrete compressive strength value causing decline to 7.49 MPa. Therefore, to overcome the decrease of concrete compressive strength value used, powder materials in a form of silica fume and foaming agent are added. To determine the ratio of adding additional substances, variations of using silica fume and foaming agent with the percentage of 5%, 10%, and 15% is used. Then, one of the ways to overcome the bad impact of the foaming agent use is by substituting half of the cement with pozzolan in the form of fly-ash and silica fume. The fine grains of these pozzolans can increase the cohesion on the fresh concrete and decrease bleeding. However, the portion of both pozzolans should be in a proper ratio so that it will not decrease the concrete viscosity towards the characteristic of SCC due to the fact that pozzolan can absorb water easily. In this case, the maximum value of concrete compressive strength on silica fume admixture is 58.97 MPa and on fly-ash is 54.90 MPa. However, the pozzolan addition of fly-ash or silica fume admixture has maximal limitation use on concrete admixture. The maximal ratio of pozzolan addition is 10% of the cement weight. Pozzolan addition which is more than 10% can affect the compressive strength and the characteristics of SCC.

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Fiqa Darmawanty, Prihatin Lumbanraja, Arlina Nurbaity Lubis

Kopertis Religion I in the North of Sumaterais a work unit in the Ministry of Research and Higher Education. Its main tasks are supervision, control and coaching all private universities in North of Sumatera. Kopertis encounters the problems related to work performance in carrying out its tasks. This research is an effort to describe and these problems, particularly those related to the employees’ performance. It is studied to discover whether every employee has carried out their tasks well meeting the expectation of the organization. In this case, the employees’ performance is taken as a dependent variable that is influenced by three other independent variables. Firstly, leadership behavior; a leader is demanded to organize and coordinate all employees, so that this behavior is considered to have an important influence on the employees’ performance. Secondly, communication is defined as a process of sending and receiving messages among employees either directly or indirectly, in oral or written form, or even in nonverbal language. Finally, motivation; it is a desire to perform a task with the best effort in accordance with the vision and mission determined by the organization. The samples were 67 people taken from the whole population by a census (100% of the population). The data were collected through research questionnaires. The data were analyzed by employing the multiple linear regression analysis. The results of the research concluded that: 1) Leadership Behavior had positive and significant influence on the employees’ performance, because it was effective to create a good relationship between the leader and the employees in order to improve their performance; 2) Communication had appositive and significant influence on the employees’ performance; it was effective to create a two way communication that can facilitate their work and improve their performance; 3) Work Motivation had positive and significant influence on the employees’ performance; it is sourced from both themselves (intrinsically) and the outside as an individual (extrinsically), that could influence the employees’ performance; 4) Leadership Behavior, Communication and Work Motivation simultaneously had positive and significant influence on the Employees’ Performance.

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Mahshid Bahadori, Enayat Abbasi, Hassan Sadighi, Saeed Gholamrezaei

Scientific interactions and cooperation are considered as the main components in the production of science; interaction and communication between professors are also considered as the most important areas of communication in higher education. Therefore, the level of interactions, communications, and collaborative activities plays a key role in the professional development of faculty members. The purpose of this research is to answer this fundamental question which should be considered on the basis of the transactional and National and Certain Documents for the formulation of the components of scientific cooperation and interaction between faculty members. This research is a descriptive analysis in terms of nature in which content analysis and documentary analysis are used. The population of the study includes the extra and determined documents out of which five documents are sampled by purposive sampling. Phishing, checklist and researcher forms have been the tools for data collection required for research. Descriptive analysis has been used to interpret and analyze the data. The categories of education, research and outsourcing services are classified based on the findings of the research, and ultimately these components were extracted, which include international participation, collaborative research interactions and multidisciplinary interactions in research category, joint courses and joint international interactions in the field of training and team interaction, international engagement and technological interactions in the field of outsourcing services. Accordingly, professional inputs and collaborations among faculty members will be highly valued if the inference components are taken into consideration.

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Abdulrhman M. Abbas Altherfery

the first electric vehicle (EV) was built between 1832 and 1839; the exact year is not known, in Scotland by Robert Anderson, who created the first crude electric carriage. It was not built until 1895, after A.L. Ryker built an electric tricycle and William Morrison built a six passenger wagon, that America paid attention to the electric vehicle [1]. The electric car is considered superior to the internal-combustion car because it has low sound of its engine. Then do what ensued in the evolution of the two cars on the superiority of the internal combustion car for two reasons. First: excellence in cutting long-distance, and secondly: the low weight of the amount of fuel such as gasoline or diesel fuel for the weight of a heavy battery to cut a reasonable distance. It was on the development of the electric car to wait until this day to catch a drive that run on gasoline. In the 1960s and 1970s electric vehicles reappeared because internal combustion vehicles were creating an unhealthy environment for the people in America at that time.

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Arifin, Sofyan, Nirawati, Muhammad Arsyad Biba

The main income sources of the community, especially the rural community, still depend on the agricultural sector. This mean that the life of most households depends on the agricultural sector. Farming activities have a goal to increase productivity for higher profits. Production and productivity can not be separated from the factors of production owned by farmers to increase production and income obtained from farming. The purposes of this study are to analyze the production, profitability and the factors that influence the profit of rice farming in rainfed lowland based on land tenure. This study uses primary and secondary data. The population of this study are farmers who carry out rice farming in rainfed lowland. In the determination of respondents done by simple random sampling method. Data processing is done by using tabulation and percentage. Technical analysis used is quantitative descriptive and multiple regression analysis. The results showed that: (1) production and profitability of rice farming in rainfed lowland based on land tenure is economically feasible and feasible to be cultivated or continued. (2) Factors that have significant effecting the benefits of rice farming in rainfed lowland based on land tenure are land area, labor wage, urea fertilizer price, SP18 fertilizer price, farming experience, and land tenure.

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Shantanu Kudale; Chandan Amarnani; Harshal Sawakare; Shubhankar Kokate; Sujata Kadu

Housing society management plays a significant role in our residential life. Our day to day needs such as water supply, electricity, security, maintenance comes under housing society management.This system exists for the purpose to help and ease our life but have many traditional methods and lot of paper work. Our proposed system is an android application which will computerize all day to day operations in the society. This system is an automated system which will keep the details of daily notices, monthly meetings, cultural events and also contains sections such as compliant, domestic help, calendar etc.

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Nino Richard R. Salingay, Denis A. Tan

This study inspected the effectiveness of CPA approach to Grade 8 students of Bukidnon National High School in terms of students’ attitude and performance. Specifically it aimed to a.) describe the attitude of the students when exposed to CPA approach and to those exposed to non-CPA approach before and after the intervention in terms of: attitudes toward success in math, Math anxiety, motivation, usefulness of Math and confidence in learning math, b.) compare the level of performance in Mathematics of the students once exposed to CPA approach and those exposed to non-CPA approach in terms of: pre-test scores, post-test scores and retention test scores, c.) differentiate the students’ attitude as exposed to CPA approach and those exposed to non-CPA approach, and d.) ascertain the significant difference between the performance of the students exposed to CPA approach and those exposed to non-CPA approach in terms of: post-test scores and retention test scores. A quasi-experimental research design was used in this study; it uses two sections of Bukidnon National High School. One is the experimental group and the other was the controlled group. These two (2) group undergone pre-test, post-test and retention test. The materials used to determine the achievement of the students is a teacher-made test. The material used for the attitude is Fennema-Sherman Mathematics Attitude Test. Descriptive statistics and ANCOVA were used for the analysis of the study. It was found out that the attitude of the students during the pre-test and post-test are positive. The level of performance of the two groups in the pre-test is below average level. During the post-test and retention test, the performance of students in non- CPA group is on average level and students in CPA group are on above average level. It was also found out that students have positive attitude towards success and usefulness of Math and undecided on their anxiety level, motivation level and on their confidence in learning Math during the pre-test. During the post-test, all components remain the same instead to the confidence in learning Math of CPA group of student wherein form neutral during the pre-test, it becomes positive during the post-test. The study also found out that the attitude of the students are comparable or has no significant difference. However, the performance in the post-test and retention test of CPA group of students is significantly higher than the performance of non-CPA group of students. This study would benefit the future researchers, mathematics educators, students and administrators and this will give them an idea about CPA approach.

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Prapdopo, Amiril Azizah

This study aims to identify and analyze the effects of both direct and indirect variables are human development index (HDI), income inequality and economic growth on poverty in East Kalimantan Province. The value of this research implies that the essential for the local government of East Kalimantan Province to determine policies that can reduce poverty. This study focuses on factors affecting poverty in East Kalimantan Province with secondary data coming from 9 (nine) urban districts. This study uses quantitative methods to identifying and analyzing the effects of HDI, income inequality and economic growth against poverty in East Kalimantan Province. The analysis model used Ordinary Least Square (OLS) using AMOS program. The result shows the Increasing HDI, income inequality and economic growth could develop the economic growth in East Kalimantan. The increase of HDI does not significantly affect the level of poverty. Moreover, the increase in HDI has not significant to reducing poverty rate in East Kalimantan through economic growth. However, HDI have positive impact to increasing poverty. Enhance the income inequality has a significant impact on poverty rate in East Kalimantan.

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Ann Geisel

The use of artificial intelligence (AI) programs has become widespread in business processes. There is some confusion as to what technology is considered AI. There are several levels or types of AI. When referring to artificial intelligence, it is necessary to define the capabilities of the technology. Businesses use a fundamental form of AI, with limited learning capabilities. The costs of the use and development of AI run the continuum from potential job loss or retraining to danger to human life. There may be aspects of the evolving technology that haven’t yet been considered. AI has the potential to create a better world for humanity. Artificial intelligence will continue to evolve in the future and change the landscape of business. Both individuals and organizations need to prepare for the future by embracing the technology and understanding which shifts are required to be successful in the future.

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Kabir A, Maiwada A S

Morphological studies in semi-arid urbanizing watersheds reveal varying responses that describe rapid channel adjustment often with adverse economic and environmental consequences. This study assessed spatial dimension of Ginzo catchment response to urbanization in Katsina Metropolis, Nigeria. Morphometric parameters were obtained through direct field measurements while degree of urbanization in each of the three segments of the river channel was computed from satellite imagery of Katsina metropolis. Descriptive statistics like mean, standard deviation, coefficient of variation, percentages and line graphs were then used in the analysis of data generated from the field. The study revealed that channel width were lowest at the upstream (11.2m) and highest at the downstream section (28.9m). Moreover, mean channel depth were lowest at the midstream (0.34m), and highest at the downstream section (1.45m) while channel cross-sectional area were lowest at upstream (15.40m2 ) and highest at the midstream (61.55m2 ). The results indicate that channel segments respond differently to different level of urbanization. The study therefore, recommends integration of geomorphic knowledge in urban and water resources policy of Nigeria. These include the use of bio-engineering approach in channel management and review of environmental policies to control channel encroachment.

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C. Indarto, Pomin Li

Increasing demand of proteases with specific properties has lead biotechnologists to explore newer sources of proteases. Protease, enzyme that cleavage protein can be produced from microorganism, animal and plant. Several protease derived from plants, have been widely used in many industries. Although many proteases have been isolated from plants, there is no previous study of protease from paddy oats. Paddy oats seed is valuable agricultural commodity in some tropical countries, particularly in Indonesia and paddy oats seed peel is only agricultural waste. The industrial demand of protease enzymes, with appropriate specificity and stability to pH, temperature, metal ions, continues to stimulate the search for new enzyme sources. The aim of this research was to detect and to characterize protease in paddy oats seed peel as well as to evaluate its compatibility as detergent additive. To assess the effect of temperature and pH on protease activity, protease enzyme extract were examined at temperature 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60 and 70oC, and pH range from 3 to 9. To evaluate the compatability as detergent additive, used detergent available in the local market. To simulate washing conditions, the detergent was diluted in distilled water up to final concentration of 2 mg.mL-1. The solution was boiled for 10 minutes for the inactivation of their protease enzyme contents already present and cooled. Crude extract of protease was added to the detergent solution. The result showed optimum temperature of protease enzyme extract was 40-55oC; optimum pH 6.5-9.0; and blood stain on the fabric could be removed perfectly by detergent-protease enzyme solution in 95 minutes. This study showed that protease enzyme extracted from paddy oats seed peel hold potential as a new source of protease enzyme for biotechnological applications, in particular as detergent additive.

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Alemneh Amsalu Fekadu, Bedassa Tesema, Asamenew Endaweke, Solomon Estifanos

Background: around half of all populations in the developing world, living on less than US$2 per person per day (measured by purchasing power parity). The higher levels of productivity facilitate higher average earnings. The more secure standard of living allows them to save and invest in their families’ health, education and wellbeing. The economic well-being of women is often used as an indicator of the overall advancement of a society. Objective: the main objective of this study was to assess the determinant factors of women economic class in Dire Dawa administrative city, Ethiopia. Method: the data were obtained from 602 respondents through face to face interview. Tabular methods of data presentation and inferential analysis, particularly binary logistic regression were applied. Results: economic class is poor, when woman’s purchasing power parity is less than US$1.32 per person per day and is non-poor, greater or equal to US$1.32, from the total 602 women included in the study, 32.39 percent were living under poverty line and the remaining 67.61 percent of them were above poverty line (no-poor) based on the purchasing power parity per person per day. The estimated odds ratio (OR = 1.650) indicates that non-poor women were increased by 1.650 times when a unit change of monthly income in relation to those who are living under poverty line. The log odds of non-poor women those who had a total number of children ranges between 2 and 3 are decreased by -.535. Generally, monthly income, education level, number of children, house ownership, microfinance user, employment status, husband’s monthly income and amount of saving were found as the determinant factors of women’s economic class at 5% level of significance. Conclusions: Education provides women with the knowledge, skills and self-confidence they need to seek out economic opportunities. When women attained higher levels of education, they have opportunities to engage on larger wage earning jobs. The incidence of women poverty was shown to increase with the size of the children. Large family size has significant relationship with much greater risk of women’s poverty.

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Prita Ayu Permatasari, Luisa Febrina Amalo, Luluk Dwi Wulan Handayani, Setyo Pambudi Nugroho

Mining activities usually give negative impact to environment. Mining activities could give some effects on environment such as soil erosion, formation of sinkholes, biodiversity loss, and soil contamination, groundwater, and surface water by chemicals from mining processes. Mining companies in some countries are obliged to follow environmental restoration, make sure the exploited area is returned to its normal state. Oil and Gas facility which located in Grissik Village is one of the mining areas in South Sumatra surrounded by secondary forest. Several studies have been conducted in this area to find out how important the area is for flora and fauna habitats around the site. The objectives of this study include identifying plant species, measuring the index of species diversity, species evenness index in the study area, and calculate the importance value of plant species indices. The data collection of vegetation was conducted in two location plots and the observations applied a single plot method. Based on the results of the analysis, it is known that species diversity index is still relatively good. A high level of evenness index (> 80%) also indicates no plant species dominate both study areas.

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Azhar Susanto

The aim of this study is to exploring regarding corporate social responsibility and environmental accounting in a developing country such as Indonesia. This research uses theoretical analysis of corporate reports as a method to measure the nature of corporate social responsibility. Findings show that the concept of corporate social responsibility in indonesia there is a trend of increasing corporate social responsibility information disclosure. and very few companies disclose corporate social responsibility information in corporate reports and show that environmental accounting affect toward corporate social responsibility.

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Uralov A.S., Kushmanov T.F., Fozilov T.F.

The paper based on scientific analyses in evolution development of historical-markets in Central Asian countries and on this basis the model of its architectural was built.

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Lince Romauli Panataria

The study aimed at finding out the effect of soaking of ridged gourd seeds (Luffa acutangula) in papaya’s leaves extract on speeding up the germination of the seeds. Ridged gourd is one kind of vegetables which is favored by societies. The breeding of this plant is through its seeds. The problem is that the outer layer of the seed skin is hard and therefore the seed is in trouble to germinate. Thus the seeds need softening before sowing. One way to soften the hard outer skin of the seeds is by soaking them in papaya’s leaves extract. The papaya’s leaves extract contains papain compound that can function to mince the hard layer of the seed skin. The treatments in the study involve several levels namely, G0: no soaking (control); G1: the soaking in the extract with 400 ml of water for 30 minutes; G2: the soaking in the extract with 500 ml of water for 30 minutes; G3: the soaking in the extract with 600 ml of water for 30 minutes; G4: the soaking in the extract with 400 ml of water for 60 minutes; G5: the soaking in the extract with 500 ml of water for 60 minutes; G6: the soaking in the extract with 600 ml of water for 60 minutes; G7: the soaking in the extract with 400 ml of water for 90 minutes; G8: the soaking in the extract with 500 ml of water for 90 minutes; G9: the soaking in the extract with 600 ml of water for 90 minutes. The study resulted that the soaking of the ridged gourd seeds in the papaya’s leaves extract within 400 ml of water for 30 minutes demonstrated the highest speed of germination signified with longest seedlings and longest roots.

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Hafiz Ali Hassan, Sayyed Khawar Abbas, Seharish Iftikhar, Nouman Waqar, Ali Waris

The information technology sector plays a pivotal role in the development and growth of any country. It has become the foremost communication channel between people over the globe. The inducement of infrastructural advancements such as China Pakistan Corridor (CPAK) and other agreements has made IT role more significant in the development of Pakistani economy. Employee engagement is a crucial element in the performance of an organization. It also directly correlates with job satisfaction. The proposed research is aimed to find out the determinants of employee engagement such as work environment, self-evaluation, organizational treatment and work engagement and their impact on job satisfaction in the information technology sector of Pakistan.

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Salma Fauziyyah, Hari Sukarno, Puji Lestari R.F.

understanding manager about concept of partnership is very important to determine the strategies and policies that must be done. This research aimed to explore the concept of partnership and its marketing impact based on the perspectives of middle managers and top managers. The type of this research is descriptive qualitative research. Informants in this research are top managers and middle managers of the company. The determination of informants in this research is by purposive method. Data analysis methods are four steps, namely data collection, data reduction, data display, and conclusion. The conclusion of this research is partnership is defined as a method, strategy, and systems of mutually beneficial cooperation between the company and its partner, the partnership that can generate profits for related parties and outlined in the agreement. The marketing impact on the company's partnerships can be seen from several factors: the expansion of marketing networks, increased sales, promotional efforts, profit sharing, assurance of supply, and the determination of marketing strategy.

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Sismudjito, Syafruddin Pohan

This research is about how the intensity of harmony of interaction between ethnic communities in improving production in PT Perkebunan Nusantara IV Bandar Pasir Mandoge which moved on the theory of Functional Structural and social harmony. This research uses quantitative approach. Of the population of 89 people, who became the sample in this study amounted to 47 respondents. Sampling technique in this research using random sampling, data analysis techniques using single table analysis techniques and cross table analysis techniques. Statistical analysis of the research is the two variables have a significant correlation value between the interaction intensity variables and the increased production variables have been shown to have a high relationship. In other words, the intensity of harmony of interactions between ethnic communities greatly encourages efforts to increase production of PT Perkebunan Nusantara IV at Bandar Pasir Mandoge. From the analysis table shows how harmonious among the workers of PT Nusantara Plantation IV in Bandar Pasir Mandoge, how attitude, the pattern of piker, and tolerance built in the middle of the plurality of tribal workers. The existence of a social community built among workers can bridge all the differences that exist and have a positive impact on improving the productivity of the company.

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Tuty Dwi Sriaty Matondang, Warlinson Girsang, Rabiul Isni

The oil palm husk ash is one of the Amelioren in the soil because it has complete micro and macro nutrient elements. The oil palm husk ash is made of the solid waste from the process of inicinerator of the oil palm husk. The oil palm husk ash contains of 30-40% K2O, 7%, 9% Cao, and 3% MgO.Besides, it contains 1.200 ppm Fe, 1,00 ppm Mn, 400ppm Zn and 100ppm Cu. The purpose of granting this oil palm husk as is to know its optimum dosages for the ground and of yield peanuts. This study used the randomized group design, with treatment as follows; A0 = without oli palm husk ash; A1= with oil palm husk ash 600kg/ha (120g/plot), A2= 900kg/ha (180g/plot), A3= 1200kg/ha (240g/plot), and A4 =1500kg/ha (300g/plot). The result of the analysis of variance shows that this treatment has real effects of various to the weight of peanut and the peanuts per plot. The highest result is shown in A4 = dosages of 1500kg/ha (300g/plot) with total production of 56.00g. Peanuts are also produced from A4 =dosis 1500kg/ha (300g/plot) with total of 23,15 g. Meanwhile, production of the weight of peanuts per plot from treatment A3 dosages 1200kg/ha (240g/plot) with total of 635,75g. Itis different from the treatment A0 with total of 360,75g. This becouse the nutrients elements contain in the palm husk ash gives optimum nutrients to the plant of ground peanuts. And the most contained element in oil palm husk ash is Kalium (30-40%). The results of this study shows that to obtain the optimum result in planting peanut, it is suggested to take dose of 1200kg/ha (240g/plot) oil palm husk ash to get maximum nutrient in the soil.

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Asia, Heru Santoso, Moh. Zaini, Jul Mahonas, Muh. Zainul Arifin

The aim of research investigated influence of purse seine and pole line capture to body lenght of skipjack tuna (K. pelamis). The experiment was held January to December 2016 in Bitung, North Sulawesi used three fisheries management. Fishing gear of K. pelamis in the experiment is purse seine and pole line. The result was showed difference K. pelamis body length based fishing gear. Based on the reseach, body lengh of K. pelamis affected by their habitat and food diversity in three fisheries management. The experiment used purse seine fishing gear is a non-selective fishing tool, while the pole line is a fishing tool that is very easy to apply, environmentally friendly and selective. This is great importance in fishery assessments and sustainability of K. pelamis in Bitung.

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Wiwik Sudarwati, Meri Prasetyawati, Anwar Ilmar Ramadhan

Jilbab is now recognized as a fashion trend that positively impacts the widespread market of hijab in Indonesia. The impact of the expansion of the hijab market in Indonesia is the rapid growth of the hijab industry. The rapid growth of the hijab industry in Indonesia, whether on a small scale, large or medium scale, sparked competition among these industries to win the competition and or just to survive, especially for the beginner hijab industry. For the novice hijab industry the intense competition is not only as challenging as survival but a challenge to increase the competitiveness of its industry so that it can compete because it has competitive advantage. Problems that occur in this beginner hijab industry one of them is the management of hijab industry beginners who are still traditional and have not paid attention to the efficiency in every activity undertaken. To solve the problem, the step that needs to be done is to identify all value chain activities in the business hijab based on the value chain theory. Where in value chain analysis according to (Porter, 1980) can be used as a strategic analytical tool used to better understand competitive advantage, where companies can increase value added and lower costs so as to make business more competitive. The results of the analysis that has been done on the value chain activity in the beginner's hijab creative industry can be seen that the beginner's creative industry has a profit margin of 5%. Profit margin can be improved by improving the performance of the beginner's creative industry maximally by considering the role of some business process activities of the hijab industry. Business process activities to consider are incoming logistics, operations, outbound logistics, marketing and sales and service activities. Taking into account the role of value chain activities in the hijab making process is expected to improve cost efficiency and enhance the competitiveness of the beginner's industry.

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Napoleon Kuebutornye D.K., Eugene Ayoakateng S., Asubonteng A Joseph., Tom Asigri., Alubokin Anthony A.

Construction materials management process is key to the success of a construction project; however, globally, the problem of material management is a critical issue in the construction industry; especially in the developing economies of which Ghana is no exception. This study sought to identify and assess the material management techniques required for construction firms in the Tamale Metropolis of Ghana. Using empirical data obtained from administering questionnaires to 96 material management personnel in Tamale Metropolis. The data was analyzed using descriptive and inferential statistics such as factor analysis, and Pearson product moment correlation coefficient. The study adopted descriptive quantitative survey approach. Using empirical data obtained from ninety-six administered questionnaires of material managers in Tamale Metropolis; the data was analyzed using descriptive and inferential statistics such as factor analysis, and Pearson product moment correlation coefficient. The study indicated that firms often employed store keepers and security personnel on site; list of materials in project that includes for example (material name, material number and unit price), and provide clear specifications to suppliers. However, they seldom use ICT; and rarely offer training for their workers. The study further revealed that planning and monitoring of material schedule; establishing good business relations with suppliers; the use of security measures on site; use of information communication technology; and also use of competent workers as well as effective training of workers is significant for effective material management on construction site, and has direct effect on construction project delivery success. The study therefore concluded that the more the number of the material management approach adopted on a project, the higher the project delivery success. It was recommended that construction companies should make use of more than one material management technique on construction projects so as to achieve maximum project delivery success.

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Ifenkwe John Chimerenka, Nwanjo Harrison Ugochukwu, Nwosu Dennis Chimezie, Ogbotobo Roland Fiezibe

This study was carried out on blood samples collected from 200 residents each from Igbeta-Ewoama (Oil Producing Area) and Odi (Non-Oil Producing Area) both in Bayelsa State, Nigeria, to determine the blood levels of Cadmium, Chromium, Lead, Mercury and Selenium and also the oxidative DNA damage marker 8-Hydroxy-2-deoxyguanosine (8-OHdG). Blood samples were also analyzed for WBC, Hb, platelets, prothrombin time and serum concentrations of AST, ALT, albumin, ALP, bilirubin, gamma GT, total protein, sodium, potassium, chloride, bicarbonate, urea and creatinine. Residents in Igbeta-Ewoama had the highest blood levels of Mercury, Lead, Selenium, Cadmium, Chromium and 8-OHdG and they were all significantly different at p<0.05. Residents in Igbeta-Ewoama had the highest mean values of all the measured liver and kidney functions parameters with the exception of albumin, total protein, sodium, chloride and bicarbonate. These values were all statistically different at P<0.05. There was significant difference in the levels of Hb, WBC and Platelet while the length of bleeding time was prolonged in the residents of Igbeta-Ewoama community. The findings of this study suggest that the probability of occurrence of diseases associated with metal toxicity and oxidative stress might be higher among residents in the oil producing area.

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Yuangga Rahmad Ramadan, Eka Bambang, Ema Desia, Isti Fadah

This study aims To determine whether there are defective products in the UD. Mayang Srie. To find out whether the amount of damage to the product is still within the tolerance limit. To describe what factors cause damage to products manufactured by UD. Mayang Srie Jember. This research is based on quantitative descriptive by taking the population of rice seed production during October, November, December 2017 and the research sample is production every week in October to December 2017. The analysis used is (Statistical Quality Control) SQC. From result of analysis Number of production of rice seed of UD. Mayang Srie in October, November, December in 2017 is as much as 81.968 kg, with the number of damaged products 3,699.78 kg. Based on the results of the analysis using P-Chart control charts in controlling the quality of rice seed products it is known that the damaged product is still out of control which means it can be risky for the related company. The result of the analysis using causal diagram is known cause factors of damage in rice seed production process is human, work environment, method and machine.

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Mustaqim, Andi Reni

The purpose of this study is to analyze the institutional elements of Panglima Laot in the management of fishery resources in Sabang Island. This study used descriptive qualitative method. Based on the result of research, it is known that the Panglima Laot institutional functions in fishery resource management have been effective. The first element is boundary of the jurisdiction of the Panglima laot consisting of land and sea. The second is the system of operational equipment arrangement, fishing zone ban regulations and day abstinence rules. The third is a sanction system consisting of fine sanctions, sanctions for seizure of fishing gear/vessel, repeat sanctions of customary activities, and social sanctions. The fourth is Panglima Laot reserving the right to regulate activities that are allowed and prohibited. The fith is Panglima Laot has authority over the utilization of natural resources in coastal areas. The sixth is a community-based monitoring and evaluation system. The seventh is mechanisms to resolve conflicts through the courts. The eighth is Panglima Laot has reviled a network of management cooperation with private, government and society. The ninth is the Panglima Laot gets government approval through the Act and regulatin.

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Mazen Ismaeel Ghareb, Sam Sate-Askew, Saman Ali Mohammed

Traditional Teacher Centered Learning (TCL) and Classroom-Oriented Learning (COL) methods and approaches are fast giving ways to alternative, rapidly evolving, styles in our modern Information Age [24]. English Language Teachings (ESL/TEFL), previously a tutor-centered and classroom-based activity, are similarly following suit as evidenced by the availability of CALL methods and technologies [1] [2] [10], and also by the widespread use of Applications (Apps) implemented in smartphones, tablets and pads as well as laptops. Before appropriately implementing any strategy in our case study, a literature review is done to reach an adequate understanding of the state-of-the-art in terms of technology-assisted ESL / TEFL. Next, an appropriately designed questionnaire was used to ascertain the various technological as well as user-centred factors which may impact upon the efficacy and usefulness of such a plan and strategy. Increasingly, students are dependent upon mobile technology for information gathering and communication . How successful can this be in the context of ESL/TEFL? What can we learn from these factors, and how can we best adapt this technology and resource in the context of the English Language learning experience in Kurdistan Iraq?

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Subarna Panda, Geethanjali.K

FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol. Using FTP File can be transferred from a local system to the network server. Using FTP not only files even executable programs can also be transferred. Java is a particularly good choice as a language to develop a FTP Server. Java has built-in support for the HTTP protocol, which is used to transfer most Web information. Java also has an HTML parser built in.

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Kelechi Azubuike-Ijomah, Maxwell A. Ijomah

The entropy concept was introduced to determine the degree of randomness of the lithofacies in succession using the pre-depositional (E(pre)) and post-depositional (E(post)) entropy system of an onshore field in the Niger Delta. The whole sedimentation process followed the type B symmetrical Hattori plot. It is interpreted as bypassing of sediments, forming a thickening and thinning sequence of sediments which is attributed to fluctuations and changing of environment of deposition as the flow pattern changes from deltaic to shallow marine environment. The broad random degree and lateral continuity of sedimentation process showed that the cross-bedded coarse grained sandstone (SCC) and parallel laminated mudstone (MPL) facies have the lowest lateral continuity, while the planar/parallel laminated sandstone (SPL) has the highest lateral continuity.

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Devanshu Bhatt

“May you survive in fascinating times" can be an English phrase claiming to be considered an interpretation of the traditional Chinese curse. Cyber Security risks are becoming top concerns as we find out frequent data breach occurrences on regular basis now a days from organizations like Equifax, Anthem, JP Morgan Chase and other large corporations. As per IBM this year's global average cost of data breach is $3.62 million. Findings from NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) shows that 92% of security vulnerabilities exists at the application layer not in the network layer. In this research paper; subsequent subject areas discussed -Introduction to Cyber security, Web applications security challenges, Top web applications vulnerabilities and conclusion with approaches and mindset to comprehend for developers and security testers.

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NitiaRoza, I Made Arnawa, Yerizon

Mathematics as a learning subject is widely used in everyday life should be liked by students. But, the fact showed that the implementation of mathematics learning is still not related to our daily life. One of the causes is learning tools that are not in accordance with the demands of the curriculum, one of which lies in the learning models. Discovery learning is a learning model matched the characteristics of mathematics learning. The aims of this research is developed the mathematics learning tools based on Discovery learning for topic sequence and series. The type of research is development research using Plomp Development Model. The result of preliminary research is required learning tools based on discovery learning. The results showed the practicality of learning tools is very practical.

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P.P. Rathi, Y.M. Lakhotia

Quality related in-process inspection/verification is an essential part of quality control in manufacturing. Inspection in manufacturing includes measuring, examining, testing, or gauging one or more characteristics of a product or process and comparing the results with specified requirements to determine whether is the requirements are met for each characteristic by developing an automatic inspection system for inspection of products. Inspection is a process which requires the inspection of each individual unit or component received from a supplier to determine specification and quality compliance. Reliance on attribute visual inspection is nearly universal in the manufacturing industry, in general, to confirm the quality of parts prior to shipment. In this project, a conceptual model is proposed for inspection of visual defects using video processing. The model is capable of inspecting products and effort was made to make it cost-efficient. After a number of experiments performed it was found that the system is capable of producing only the accepted parts.

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