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IJSTR Volume 6 - Issue 5, May 2017 Edition - ISSN 2277-8616

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Gavhar Durdiyeva

This article illustrates the technical condition of the architectural monument reflected in the results of the monitoring results Juma mosque, where is located in Khiva "Ichan Kala" museum reserve which is in the hereditary cities list of UNESCO.

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Mohammed Moawad Alenazi, Ahmed Abdudayem

Currently, people in the world are exposed to thousands of bacteria and risks of being exposed to communicable diseases with or without their knowledge. Until the cure for such illness can be found, then the only way out is finding an effective preventive measure to reduce such cases. When especially you think of cases such as toilet doorknobs and the number of people who do not wash their hands after using the facilities, then the issue becomes even more severe. These handles act as primary locations for bacteria and microbial activities.

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Alieu Gibba

The role of comparative advantage has great significance in guiding international trade and business. The closed economies which create artificial barriers to trade and commerce hardly benefit by pursuing such restrictive policies. The objective of the article was to evaluate the revealed comparative advantages (RCA) of global vegetable trade as well as the stability and duration of Balassa indices by employing Kaplan-Meier survival function and Markov transition probability matrices. Findings reveal that Netherlands, Spain, and Mexico were the major exporters of the selected vegetables in the period evaluated, together giving 54% of all products exported – the top10 countries, therefore, consisted 74% of concentration, dominated by the fresh or chilled tomatoes which accounts for more than 40% of trade among the [examined] products for all the periods analysed. The Balassa indices, nonetheless, were the highest for Spain and Thailand. Generally, comparative advantages seem to have weakened for most of the countries as demonstrated by the stability tests and mobility indices.

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Daniel Cebo

Bovine adipose-derived stem cells were obtained from the subcutaneous abdominal adipose tissue. The cells were cultured by the modified tissue-explants method developed in our laboratory, and then analyzed using optical microscopy and flow cytometry. These cells were able to replicate in our cell culture conditions. cell Flow cytometry showed that bovine adipose-derived stem cells expressed mesenchymal stem cell markers (CD73 and CD90). Meanwhile, haematopoietic markers (CD45 and CD34) are absent from bovine adipose-derived stem cells. We also induced their adipogenic differentiation in vitro.

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Humna Sajid Qureshi, Inshal Ashraf, Muhammad Jamshaid, Irfan Bashir, Tehseen Riaz

Ebola outbreaks are more prevalent in central and west Africa. Epidemics with their statistical data was analyzed to study and document the signs and symptoms, diagnosis, transmission, incubation period and other disease characterteristics. To predict standard treatment guidelines , control /prevention or the strategic management of ebola disease, Health regulatory authorities on national & international level like WHO and PAHO (Pan American Health Organization) are encouraging the research for the prevention diagnosis and treatment of ebola disease. Some antiviral drugs are found efficacious but they are still in pre-clinical and clinical trials. Although no recommended treatment and vaccination is available to the date but the only approved treatment by WHO is whole blood transfusion of the infected person.

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Narasimha Pandit, Dr. R.L.Chakrasali

One important contributing factor to India’s slow pace of development in general and relatively poor industrial growth in particular is the poor quality and reliability of the electrical power. Earlier, the consumers of electrical energy were mere acceptors. Interruptions and other voltage disturbances were part of the deal. But today, electric power is viewed as a product with certain characteristics which can be measured, predicted, guaranteed, improved, etc. which has become an integral part of our life. This paper gives insights on different Power Quality (PQ) problems experienced by the Indian electricity consumers, and the reasons for those problems. This paper proposes feasible solutions to assist in employing or implementing appropriate mitigation techniques with an optimism of an improvement in the field scenario as more and more investments are proposed in Generation, Transmission and Distribution Sectors, and stringent codes and standards are being imposed for those who do not maintain minimum PQ level in the field.

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S. C. Ibeh, O. D. Akinlabi, I. Asmau, J. Audu, A. M. Muritala

In the recent years, there have been growing interests on Ocimum gratissium in Nigeria due to its significance. Many research studies have been carried on Ocimum gratissiim in regard to its preparation, health benefits, nutritional values, pharmacognostic and phytochemical study of the oil. Despite numerous studies on the botanical leaf and its oil, there is no report or comparative study on its extraction. This study centred on the extraction of Ocimum gratissium using hydro distillation, steam distillation and micro wave distillation method. Extraction parameters (extraction time, percentage oil yield) were used to determine which of the extraction techniques is suitable or recommendable for optimum extraction of sample oil. It was established that with the use of microwave distillation an optimum production/extraction of Occimum gratissimum is achievable as it shows a shorter extraction time, higher percentage of oil extracted, saves energy compared to other distillation method used.

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I Ketut Budaraga, Ramaiyulis, Ellyza nurdin

Current conditions, especially in urban agricultural land is getting narrower, due to the rapid development. If left untreated it can lead to food security and environmental problems. One solution to allow the fulfillment of foodstuffs such as vegetables can be fulfilled for the people to exploit the potential of the narrow yard with continuous production of hydroponic systems. Interest dedication to the community to find ways to introduce a hydroponic vegetable crops that can supplement the family income of farmers. Benefits of the service is expected to increase people's income and the public generally in Community Economic Zone (KEM) Kanagarian Tikalak in particular and can provide lucrative benefits for the environment. Devotion execution method implemented by a lecture and demonstration. The materials used such as husks, seeds of vegetables (kale, collards, caisin), hydroponic media such as slug biogas, rope, bamboo to place the plants grow. The results of this activity the community has been able to make a hydroponic vegetable cultivation system and has been applied to plant vegetables such as kale, collards and caisin.

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Dr. Revathi Iyer

Great organizations have become leaders due to their leadership and sustainable initiatives. One such initiative is adoption of lean leadership to align core strategies with all functional areas of business. Leadership is likely to take place in a lean environment because improvements that happen are continual and can only be supported by leadership which understands this important aspect. The topic of lean leadership organizational buy ins speaks on how lean leadership could affect organizations that adopt lean and other quality tools. Purpose of the study: This study has been undertaken to understand “When leadership more of is likely to take place in lean “. Leadership plays a very important role while adopting lean processes and how lean leadership can address the process problem. Application of leadership lenses to lean processes needs great foresight thought and creativity. It has been also observed that lean management and lean processes can happen only if leadership is able to effectively communicate the thought of continual improvement to bring in a lean organization and a future state of processes where everything of a firm, process and procedure is continually improving and the best strategies to manage this change becomes a philosophy. Lean leadership is associated with such a change. This enables leadership vision to be clear as it paves the way for “current state” and is clear to everyone. It is this leadership vision which enables employees to think and act in a way that perpetrates continual improvement. Hence leadership buys ins for lean are very necessary. The purpose of the study is also to understand how leaders can not only use cost reduction ,but also reducing time-to-market improving service quality and reducing risk exposure by adopting lean methods . it has been also seen that there is overall productivity and efficiency in organizations holistically when leadership endorses lean methodology. (Radnor, Z. and Bucci, G. 2007) Leadership is a constant activity and evolves into a cohesive force towards transformation. Unless leadership is driven into the philosophy of the organization by major improvements not only in productivity, but also in speed, quality, customer loyalty, employee engagement and, most importantly, growth there can be no effective buy INS. Hence if lean management and lean thinking have to be a part of organization philosophy then leadership will be able to identify that all dimensions of a transformation at once and that recognizing that each provides crucial support to the others. (Radnor, Z. and Bucci, G. 2007). lean leadership attempts to bring the voice of the customer at the heart of the business. Leadership in lean is geared to helping employees to work together more effectively to deliver exactly what customers value. Lean leadership should also be able to strengthen performance systems. Lean leadership supports and identifies those nodes and inputs to ensure that targets and performances are pinned down to respective processes and resources are deployed to the necessary inputs. Lean also encourages root-cause problem solving lean leadership allows for high levels of organization skills and shifts lean responsibility towards the front line, and demands new styles of leadership. These new frontiers of leadership are what channelizes growth and make a good lean leader. (Pearce, C. L. & Conger, J. A. (2003

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Shubham Saxena

Macro-level manmade problems can often be best solved by understanding and manipulating the economics behind it. The world today is facing genuine problems of scarcity of resources and environmental & ecological issues in view of intergenerational equity. The paper proposes a new approach of identification and classification of (i) Resources and (ii) Goods and services in the context of sustainable development. Every economy has ambitious economic growth aspirations which are often found conflicting with the commitments on natural resource conservation and climate change obligations. The proposed methodology is a reconciliation of the aspired economic growth of a region and the conservation of the resources and nature. The paper employs contribution of different types of goods and services in the gross domestic product (GDP) of a region to analyze sustainability of development. The important parameters that the paper establishes are Sustainability Ratio (R), Sustainable Growth Rate (SG) and the Sustainable Development Index (SI). These parameters can be used to compare the sustainable development level of different regions. Ensuring natural resource and environmental sustainability will eventually ensure economic sustainability. The paper considers resource depletion concerns as well as the environmental pollutants, biological risks, carbon footprint, warhead proliferation et cetera, thereby ensuring all round sustainability from survival to economic end. The sustainability analysis is done for long periods such as 50 years, 100 years et cetera. The index shows how sustainable the development of an economy is and how sustainability it is growing. The presently much revered GDP growth numbers are directionless, it does not tell the type of growth an economy essentially has. The direction should be sustainability, which the paper stresses upon. An illustration of sustainability analysis of India is also done. Such indices can help identifying sustainably developing economies and could help attracting green investments. If these indices are given priority globally then it can shore up positive sentiments in the green economies. JEL Codes: C43, C54, I15, O44, Q32, Q01

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Nuri M. Triki

Globalisation and new technologies are having an intense impact on the manufacturing industries. This is affecting business global and might demand new strategies and policies for manufacturing companies. Libya like several other countries in the Middle East and also is among the few developing African economies has been facing problems related to its productivity in industrial sector. Manufacturing industries in Libya was reared to offer better products and services as part of the government plans to reconstruct their economy and improve its industrial companies. So as to face these problems, manufacturing sectors need to increase their production and they also require a clear strategy and policies towards an efficient supply chain about modern technology. A new technology is one of the improvement initiatives that can be used to enhance industrial performance, competitiveness and decrease its costs by eliminating of waste and increasing added value activities. The significance of new technology and modern systems in the industrial world has enhanced in this decade because of the benefits that they bring to the factories and companies. The aims of this research is to investigate new technology strategies that will enable the Libyan manufacturing industries to shift towards an increase production and reduce its costs; as well as to quantify the modern technological changes and the role of globalisation in addition to declaration of its effect on the growth additionally development of the Libyan industrial sector and competitiveness; lastly, moreover this survey make a recommendations to establish systems that improve the emergent needs of the national industrial sector.

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I. Salaudeen, S. O. Isehunwa, D.A. Dauda, I. Ayuba

Numerous studies have been carried out on Formation damage in vertical wells but less investigation was conducted in horizontal wells, this, therefore necessitates development of an approximate filtration theory through a compressible cake medium. A mathematical model was developed to describe the mechanisms and processes of filtration into the Formation through a compressible filter cake during drilling of horizontal wells. Goodman’s integration technique was adopted for the solution, taking into consideration the effects of non-linearity and gravity. The result shows that the Cake thickness buildup at different values of constant of non-linearity is very small, also, depth of invasion was observed to increase at the beginning of drilling and reduced as time went by. The rapid decline in Solid pressure indicates more damage in horizontal wells than other models used for vertical wells. An approximate analytical solution combining both the steady and transient components has been successfully applied to solve the filtration theory equation developed for horizontal wells. The model is easily applicable to estimate important values needed to know the status of the formation during the drilling of horizontal wells.

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Henrrik Prendushi

The aim of this study was to investigate profession perceived prestige of physiotherapy students compared to 11 selected professions/occupations. The selected professions are: Physiotherapist; Doctor (GP); Nurse; Architect; Secondary school teacher; General economist; Accountant; Policeman; Lawyer; Chef (cook); Mechanic (car mechanic). The study was made by an anonymous questionnaire distributed to 25 (out of 34, the total number of course students) students of physiotherapy course at the University of Shkodra "Luigi Gurakuqi" in Albania. The students gave their evaluations in a 6-point Likert. Analysis of the data is done in Excel. The limited number of participating students did not allow us to use elements of the statistical analysis, other than the average and the percentage. In the questionnaire are treated five dimensions associated with the prestige of the profession as indicated in previous studies. The analyzed dimensions are: level of education, level of income, level of responsibility, level of social standing, and the level of usefulness. The physiotherapist profession was ranked first concerning the levels of education (with equal points to that of doctor) and the usefulness dimensions, and in second place regarding the levels of responsibility and social standing. The students gave the lower estimation for their profession for the level of income, which is placed fourth. Students in general have created a grouping of the three medicine professions resulting in highest scores. In the overall ranking the physiotherapist profession ranks in second place after the doctor and followed by the nurse. The same ranking of professions/occupations is valid for both genders for the top three professions.

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Mustapha Adamu Mohammed, Anibrika S.K. Bright, Christ Apostolic, Franklin Degadzor Ashigbe, Clement Somuah

The aftermath of the development and implementation of the Android operating system and its associated Application Programming Interfaces(API) by Google culminated in the development more mobile device-enabled applications designed for our day-to-day businesses and personal use, however in recent times we are experiencing a massive revolution in the use of mobile technology in the health sectors of our economy and this revolution is termed as Mobile Health Technology (MHT).This new technological breakthrough has enabled the development of powerful android applications that enabled people tract and monitor the treat of heart and kidney related diseases as well as the monitoring and evaluation certain drug prescriptions. It has also changed the way we communicate with our specialist doctors from phone, text to mobile-based communication. All these interventions provided by MHT have drastically increased the efficient and effective provision of health care delivery on one side and providing a common platform for prospective patients to easily interact with health professionals for medical advice and subsequent treatment of their diseases. Moreover, In Ghana It would provide a much efficient and cost effective way of improving health-care methodologies in this 21st century which is characterized by information and communication technology. In this paper, the main goal is to develop a mobile health application that provides common platform prospective patients and specialist doctors give free consultation and health tips on health related conditions thereby reducing the difficulty and challenges uncounted in accessing free medical health care at the already overburdened hospitals, polyclinics and health centers in Ghana.

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Prashant Kanade, Aishwarya Sadasivan, Komal Dhuri, Manaswini Muralidaran, Meghna Mohan

The purpose of this paper is to establish the textual analytics involved in developing a search engine for an ebook portal. We have extracted our dataset from Project Gutenberg using a robot harvester. Textual Analytics is used for efficient search retrieval. The entire dataset is represented using Vector Space Model, where each document is a vector in the vector space. Further, for computational purposes we represent our dataset in the form of a Term Frequency- Inverse Document Frequency (tf-idf) matrix. The first step involves obtaining the most coherent sequence of words of the search query entered. The entered query is processed using Front End algorithms this includes-Spell Checker, Text Segmentation and Language Modeling. Back End processing includes Similarity Modeling, Clustering, Indexing and Retrieval. The relationship between documents and words is established using cosine similarity measured between the documents and words in Vector Space. Clustering performed is used to suggest books that are similar to the search query entered by the user. Lastly, the Lucene Based Elasticsearch engine is used for indexing on the documents. This allows faster retrieval of data. Elasticsearch returns a dictionary and creates a tf-idf matrix. The processed query is compared with the dictionary obtained and tf-idf matrix is used to calculate the score for each match to give most relevant result.

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Bakar Djibat

This study aims to determine the development of quality schools based on value of local wisdomin Ternate of North Maluku province. This research is a qualitative multi case study approach in Public Senior High School 1, Public Senior High School 4, Public Senior High School 8, and Islamic Senior High School in Ternate city, qualified according to the size of the city of Ternate of North Maluku province in particular and in general. The research data were collected through observation, interview and documentation techniques. Data were analyzed using qualitative analysis techniques on going interactively. The result was found that to become a quality schools especially in Ternate City, the value of local wisdom such as "Joguru" and "Sangadji" should be the main reference.

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Cagdas Yilmaz, Deniz Ustun, Ali Akdagli

The producing of nanofiber tissue scaffolds is quite important for enhancing success in tissue engineering. Electrospinning method is used frequently to produce of these scaffolds. In this study, a simple and novel expression derived by using artificial bee colony (ABC) optimization algorithm is presented to calculate the average fiber diameter (AFD) of the electrospun gelatin/bioactive glass (Gt/BG) scaffold. The diameter of the fiber produced by electrospinning technique depends on the various parameters like process, solution, and environmental parameters. The experimental results previously published in the literature, which include one solution parameter (BG content) as well as two process parameters (tip to collector distance and solution flow rate) related to producing of electrospun Gt/BG nanofiber, have been used for the optimization process. At first, the AFD expression has been constructed with the use of the solution and process parameters, and then the unknown coefficients belonging to this expression have been accurately determined by using the ABC algorithm. From 19 experimental data, 15 ones are used for the optimization phase while the other 4 data are utilized in the verification phase. The values of average percentage error between the calculated average fiber diameters and experimental ones are achieved as 2.2 % and 5.7 % for the optimization and verification phases, respectively. The results obtained from the proposed expression have also been confirmed by comparing with those of AFD expression reported elsewhere. It is illustrated that the AFD of electrospun Gt/BG can be accurately calculated by the expression proposed here without requiring any complicated or sophisticated knowledge of the mathematical and physical background.

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Muhamamd Guzali Tafalas, Deddy T. Tikson, Baharuddin, Hj. Hasniati

The purpose of this study is to explain and analyze in detail: The positive association Government spending in education (PP) with a Gross Enrolment Ratio (GER) and net enrollment ratio (NER) in East Java Province. Government spending on education is less associated significantly to the gross enrollment ratio at primary education. gross enrollment (GER), especially at the level of elementary education. As for the middle and high school level of education, government spending on education was significantly associated with the gross enrollment ratio at middle and high school education. Government spending on education is less associated significantly to the net enrollment rates and high school education level elementary, junior high education level, government spending on education was significantly associated with the level of education net enrollment rate in junior high.

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Winwin Wiana

This study is a research and development aimed at developing multimedia interactive learning based animation as an effort to improve student learning motivation in learning Fashion Design Technology, apart from this study also aims to design a learning program courses Fashion Design Technology with a focus on optimizing the use of interactive media in learning process. From this study showed: 1) A preliminary study found that, the problems faced by students when studying Fashion Design Technology is: the student is not optimal when learning designing clothes based computer technology both in terms of learning content, learning mechanisms that still uses a linear media, and limitations of highly structured learning time. 2) Animation multimedia has the following characteristics: a media of learning is convergent, interactive, self-contained in the sense of giving convenience to users without the guidance of others, as multimedia applications can present the material to see more interesting and informative. 3) Design of multimedia learning software developed include: the creation of flowcharts, storyboards and drafting manuscript of interactive multimedia based animation. 4) Based on the results of validation by multimedia experts obtained an average percentage of 85.55% viability, of the material experts obtained an average percentage of 90.84% viability and by students as users gained an average percentage of 96.38% eligibility , so it can be said that the standard of the feasibility of interactive multimedia based animation developed is included in the category of Very High or Very Good. Furthermore, experts agree that the development of interactive multimedia based animation on learning Fashion Design Technology can be used with some aspects that need to be improved to obtain higher levels of feasibility / more optimal.

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Ali Mobaraki Nejad, Mohammad Sadegh Karimi

Calcium/iron carbonate and barium/strontium sulfate are major scales in downhole condition of oil wells. Formation of scale in wellbore and inside tubulars not only reduces the production rate but also influences the corrosion of metallic materials. It is widely accepted that formation of some scales such as iron carbonate and iron sulfide help protection of metals form corrosion attacks. While, some other scales do not offer protective properties due to their different physicochemical properties such as porosity and density. This paper discusses the common type of scales in oil wells and their possible influence on corrosion behavior of metallic infrastructure. The paper particularly focuses on iron/calcium carbonate and barium/strontium sulfate.

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S. C. Ibeh, A. M. Muritala, J. Audu, R. Imadu, M. Ephraim

Engineering industries from time-to-time is learning about risk management as much work is accomplished in mitigating the impact of the risk. None of these control procedures are absolutely new to these industries but a repetition is said to be for emphasis. Hence, the process of risk management commences with the ability to identify all possible risks and their impact because you cannot fight what you cannot see. This is followed by accepting the responsibility of confronting these risks before it reaches its peak level. This is why it becomes imperative to be acquainted, comprehend the praxis of risk management. The study seek to identify these risks, analyse an effective and effective risk control measures, utilise the opportunities hidden within these uncertainties while a same time minimise the impact of risk. It’s a generally knowledge that risk management is the sole responsibility of both individual and the organisation and most of these control measures are acceptable to industries. In my opinion, such acceptable level of risk mitigation is the definition of an individual or the organisation because you or the organisation determines the level of risk to bear or accept.

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Syafdinal, Paulus Sugianto Yusuf

Command Media Manual includes the provision, implementation, procedures, and instructions relating to the management and handling of command media is used by an organization to provide trace archives and uniformity of action operations. The contributions Internal Auditor (IA) in applying the principles of Good Corporate Governance (GCG), in the formation of company image and in the improvement of the integrated control function ensure that the operations have been run well and can increase the value added to the organization. Testing the hypothesis first tested the validity and reliability testing. Analysis of data was using path analysis (path analysis). Generally not maximum awareness and common understanding among all management and staff, that the application of the Manual Command Media is very important for the company's operations in their objective to fulfill the standards of corporate governance.

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Fakoya A.

The hepatoprotective effects of two extracts (alcoholic extract and water extract ) obtained from the air dried seeds of Buccholzia coriacea were investigated. Sodium arsenite is shown to elicit strong mutagenic activity and hepatotoxicity. This work therefore seeks to induce liver damage in rats using a single dose (10 mg/kg i.p) of sodium arsenite and to evaluate the possible protective effects of oral administration of different doses of 100, 200, 300, and 400mg/kg of both water and alcoholic extracts of Buccholzia coriacea seeds on sodium arsenite induced liver damage. Rats were pretreated with 100, 200, 300, and 400mg/kg of the extracts for five days before a single dose of Na2AsO3 (10mg/kg) on the sixth day. The alanine aminotranferase (ALT), aspartate aminotransferase (AST), alkaline phosphatase (ALP), and lactate dehydrogenase (LDH) activities were determined in serum and tissue of rats. Sodium arsenite caused liver damage as evident by statistically significant (p < 0.05) increased in serum and tissue activities of ALT, AST, ALP and LDH. However, all the tested plant extracts elicited counter effect at dose dependent manner. The present results suggest that Buccholzia coriacea can act as hepatoprotective against liver damage.

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