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IJSTR Volume 3- Issue 5, May 2014 Edition - ISSN 2277-8616

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Vikram Singh Meena, Sangeeta Gupta

ABSTRACT: Wood, being a natural material is very variable. This variability is attributed mostly to variations in the anatomical structure of wood. This investigation was carried out as part of a long term program which aims at finding quantitative analysis of wood microstructure. This type of quantitative analysis facilitates the establishment of relationships between different microscopic feature wood anatomy such as vessels diameter, wood specific gravity, vessels frequency, vessels length, ray height, ray seriate, ray frequency, fiber diameter, fiber length, type of parenchyma and cell wall thickness etc. Albiziaprocerahas found throughout of India as well as sub continent. The present study deals with microstructure ofAlbiziaproceraunder this experiment sample was take from 22 localities. The results revealed significant differences in most microscopic feature between localities, as well as correlations between many of microscopic feature. The obtained mathematical models relating locality to anatomical properties indicated that the most important anatomical properties affecting wood structure as well as variation of wood were: vessel diameter, diameter of parenchyma cells, lumen fraction and diameter of fibre lumen.The high values that were for index the greater degree mesomophis nature of wood and conductive efficiencyAlbiziaprocerathe entire has large vessel with few vessel per unit area indicating a preference for conductive efficiency whether they have mesic or xeric ecology. This is tree highly Ecological adaptability in temperate tropical and subtropical because vulnerability and mesomorphy relation is positive.

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M. Chettibi, A.A. Abramov, A. Boutrid

ABSTRACT: The results of thermodynamic analysis of flotation systems, chemical computation and experimental researches with the use of radiochemistry, electrochemistry, spectroscopy and flotation provided fundamental information on the conditions and possibility of xanthate and dixanthogen interaction with the freshly exposed and oxidizing galena surface, the composition of the adsorption layer of collector on the mineral surface depending on pH and redox-potential values, the optimal values of pH and redox-potential of pulp for efficient flotation of galena.

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Syamsia, Tutik Kuswinanti, Elkawakib Syam’un, A. Masniawati

Abstract : Bacterial leaf blight (BLB) caused by the bacterium Xanthomonas oryzae is an important disease of rice plants . BLB disease control can be carried out by planting varieties that are resistant to BLB. the endurance test of Enrekang aromatic rice needs to be done to obtain information about the level of local aromatic rice resistance to disease BLB which can be used to control the disease. Resistance test of blb disease conducted on 8 different types of local aromatic rice Enrekang using isolate of Xoo-003 which is a collection of BB-Biogen. Inoculation of bacteria-Xoo performed using Clip-way method, cutting 5 leaves on each treatment using scissors that has been dipped in Xoo suspension with 108 colony density. As a comparison (control) used Mekongga moderately resistant varieties. Resilience of local aromatic rice Enrekang on BLB is in the category of disease rather ranges, namely pare Mansur, lotong tens, tens mandoti, farming and Pinjan while the range is very parrilea categories, solo and kamida.

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Kavita Sharma, Ila Joshi

Abstract: The objective of this study was to formulate two ready to reconstitute (RTR) enteral formula feeds with whole some nutritional approach and ease of administration. A cohesive survey work was done to collect the information about commercially available enteral formulas as well as ‘home made’ blenderized feeds preferred by some medical institutions. On the basis of the gathered information, few food ingredients from the basic food groups were selected and analyzed for their nutritional values by using standard analytical techniques. Various trials of the processing techniques were carried out in the laboratory to achieve the feasible digestibility as well as shelf life qualities in the developing feeds. The RDA of a reference man was taken as a basis to formulate the standard (Nutriagent Std) and High Protein (Nutriagent Protein Plus) Ready to Reconstitute Enteral Formula Feeds. The first standard feed (Nutriagent Std) was estimated to deliver about 2000 kcal energy and 75 g protein (15% of total energy content) from the total amount of the feed (490g). The percentages of major energy constituents i.e. total carbohydrates and fats were accounted as 278 g (53% of total energy content) and 65 g per (30 % of total energy content) from the total feed. The micro nutrient levels of the sample were detected to be sufficient in amount. The second high protein feed (Nutriagent Protein Plus) was intended to possess high protein along with the sufficient amount of energy for protein sparing. The 530 g sample of this feed was fabricated to supply 2004 kcal energy and 101 g protein (20% of total energy content). The carbohydrates and fat contents were found as 257 g (50 % of total energy) and 67 g (30% of total energy) from the total feed. The micro nutrient composition was also found to be sufficient in the feed sample. The developed feeds were checked for their reconstitution behavior, pH as well as their flow behavior through Ryle’s tube. The shelf life quality of the developed formula feeds were also checked for the period of 90 days on the basis of the nutritional parameters like moisture and peroxide value and microbial parameters like total viable count, coliform count and fungal count. All the parameter were found in the favour of the developed products. Thus the present study speculates that both formulated RTR enteral formula feeds would render appreciably the whole some nutrients to the patients’ dependent upon enteral nutrition system for long time. Additionally, it would minimize the chances of microbial contamination and reduce the efforts to prepare the feeds.

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Hajo E. ElHassan, Eiman E. E. Diab, Gammaa A. M. Osman

Abstract: The effect of different concentrations of treated wastewater (0, 25, 50, 75 and 100%) on growth performance and metals accumulation of two lines of Guar (Cyamopsis tetragonoloba) seedling (L18 and L53), under nursery conditions were investigated. The experiment was conducted using a completely randomized design with three replicates.. Plant height, leaves number, fresh weight and dry weight were measured after 60 days. Besides, the concentration of copper, manganese, zinc, chromium and nickel were determined for both stem and leaves of the tested lines. The results indicated that the development of both lines was significantly affected by the application of wastewater. However the concentration of metals was of no consistent pattern in leaves and stem of both lines. The results demonstrate that the ability of plant lines to accumulate metals as observed depends on wastewater concentration and the type of metal. These results suggest that using treated wastewater at different concentration will benefit and not harm Guar plant; however, the greater growth will be achieved with 100% concentration of the treated wastewater.

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Daffalla A'lamElhuda, D. A.Dimetry

Abstract: Introduction: Social networks (SNs) are dedicated websites or other applications which enable users to communicate with each other by posting information, comments, messages, images, etc. Today, more than ever before, people are finding ways to connect with friends, family members, co-workers, classmates, and those they have just met using social networking sites. Objective: The aim of this research was to study the impact of Facebook and others social networks usage on academic performance and social life among medical students. Materials and Methods: This was descriptive, analytical cross-sectional institutional-based study. 27 item self-administered questionnaires were distributed to 275 medical students at Faculty of Medicine – University of Khartoum. Respondents were selected using Simple random sampling technique. Results: 275 Medical students were involved. The prevalence of Facebook and others SNs users is 93.1%. The Authors found that the males use Facebook and others SNs more than females by (97.6%), (91.1%). The main SNs used are Facebook (98.8%), Skype (61.3%), What’s App (59%), and Hotmail (56.6%). The Facebook and What’s App are the most SNs used more than 1 time a week. The most devices used are Mobiles and Tablets (72.3%). The most purposes of using the SNs were connecting with family and friends (86.7%), following the news (76.6%), connecting with people from the past (69.9%), and chatting (53.9%). 57.8% of users have attempts to minimize or cutoff the using of SNs. 51.2% of users became upset when they don't find any means to login to SNs during their day. 81.3% of users have desire to know what happened online when they are offline. 96.1% of users using the SNs for academic purposes, and 11.3% of users sometimes are absent from academic activities because of using the SNs. The prevalence of negative effect of using the SNs on academic performance is very high especially among females. 68% of users have benefit from using of the SNs for connecting with others. 23.4% of users lower their social activities in real life because of using the SNs. The prevalence of lowering the practicing sport exercises because of using the SNs is 20.2%. Conclusion: The prevalence of using the SNs is high and continues to increase. The prevalence of negative effect of using the SNs on academic performance is high. SNs help people to connect with each other’s and don’t affect their social activities or sport exercises. Recommendations: Education about negative effect of long usage of social networks. Education about how to use the social networks correctly. Promotion of using the social networks for academic purposes and scientific researches.

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Agbo D. O., Kureve D. T, Shittu D. H

Abstract: It is well understood that induction motors draw higher currents during their starting operations than is the case under full load running conditions. Since the early days of induction motor availability, starting methods other than Direct-on-Line have been used, and in some cases mandated by Utilities, to reduce the effect of these high starting currents on the electrical distribution network. What is generally not recognized is the existence of short duration inrush currents, which greatly exceed these starting currents. Furthermore, the introduction of complex starting methods to reduce starting currents is often compromised by other unanticipated inrush currents introduced by the starting system itself, unless special precautions are taken. This paper implements a device that protects three phase induction motor from inrush currents on the distribution system, as well as on the motor protection components using PIC16F84A Microcontroller.

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Rajarshi Roy Chowdhury, Md. Abdul Awal Ansary

Abstract: Contactless automatic RFID system is intended to replace existing barcode scheme, since it has the capability of reading huge amount of data from many tags simultaneously in a respective range. Whereas, an RFID system is consist of a database server connected with many readers through wired communication and readers to tags are mostly wireless communication. This wireless connection in between tags and readers are vulnerable by an adversary in many ways. However, there are some common problems in RFID system such as: location tracking, bogus request, indistinguishability, spoofing and forward security. In this paper, we proposed a protocol based on the timestamp and tag’s generated random number to overcome such security issues. An additional parameter to use in a tag (random number) will increase some security strength compared to the previous scheme; even though slightly raise processing power in the tag. The anticipated protocol is the extended version of the existing protocol proposed by Cho C., H., Do, K.,H., Kim, J.,W., and Jun, M.,S. in Dec 2009.

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D. Nagarajan, K. Premalatha

Abstract: Movement and distress in low rise residential buildings most commonly occur as a result of interactions between the footing system and the ground. This paper summaries the study that is carried out to evaluate the possible causes of distress in the G+2 Residential building founded on shallow foundation at Velacherry, Chennai, TamilNadu by detailed investigation. Disturbed and Undisturbed samples are collected by drilling borehole using auger. Laboratory test are carried out on disturbed and undisturbed soil samples obtained from the site of distressed building. The causes of failure of the structures are identified by considering the soil properties, intensity of loading, nature of foundation and pattern of cracks developed. Based on the degree of distress, the suitable measures are also recommended.

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Nupur Gupta, Sanjeev Thakur

ABSTRACT: During the last two decades the process of teaching and learning has changed to a large extent. Earlier, when there used to be bulk of hard books and innumerable pieces of paper to deal with, the present scenario is altogether different. The reason behind such a dramatic change is attributed to ICT (Information Communication technology), wherein the adoption of IT tools in the education environment has a significant impact on the framework followed by different institutions and organizations in teaching –learning process. The use of ICT in education is not limited to the teaching of any specific subject; instead it has a broader horizon to deal with, incorporating the use of Audio-Visual aids, Experimental tools, manipulators, dramatization, thus enhancing the Creativity of both the educator and the learner. The following report analyzes the impact of ICT on the performance of students in different subjects.

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Ajayi, Moses Adedapo, Shangodoyin Dahud Kehinde, Mokgathle, Lucky, Thaga, K

Abstract: The study arose out of the need to know the distribution of experience of mortality and survival pattern of University academic staff retirees. This is a follow up study of a cohort of retired university academic staff in retrospective in a well based record assessment. From total population of 302 of pensionable 60 to 65 years of age of service and 35 years in service as at year 2012 of retired academic staff retirees surveyed, 109 were randomly selected during the study dates “January 1977 to December 2012”. Simple descriptive frequency and the Life Table analysis were identified as the most suitable approach to analyze the demographic characteristics and pattern of survival; this provides estimates of probabilities of surviving a given number of years after retirement. Since life table is non-parametric procedure for estimating life expectancy at different points and does not produce a measure of precision. We exploit the distribution of the survival and hazard functions to give a measure precision of life expectancy. The result shows that there is no significant difference in the survival probability of male and female Using Log rank test with p value of 0.72, there is significant different between mortality rate of those who retired early as a result of length of service and those who retired late as a result of age limit with p value of 0.02, there is no significant difference in the survival probability for male and female and their duration of service with Log rank test probability of 0.93 and Post Retirement Occupation (PRO) and the survival time of academic retirees are significant different with p value of 0.013. The median residual life time for male is 9.21 while for female is 8.48 years.

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Adewale Adeyinka. A., Abdulkareem Ademola, Adelakun Adebiyi. A.

Abstract: An automated lecture alert management system has been developed using java programming concept knownfor its portability. This backend system was interfaced with the GSM network through USB port of a PC and GSM modem. The desktop SMS application was developed using C# programming language. It generates updates and reminder from a time schedule stored in a database thereby making the system a time triggered application.

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Thiago Andrade Marques, Cristiani Baldo, Dionísio Borsato, Joao Batista Buzato, Maria Antonia Pedrine Colabone Celligoi

Abstract: The several industrial applications of lipases have stimulated interest in isolation of new enzymes from novel sources. In this study, the lipase production from Trichoderma atroviride 676 was optimized by statistical design methods. The response surface methodology based on 3(3-1) fractional factorial, showed that the yeast extract and MgSO4 played a significant role on lipase production, yielded an enzymatic activity of 101.75 U/ml. Using Box-Benhken design, the optimization of the temperature levels, pH and agitation rate resulted in the maximum enzyme production of 175.20 U/ml, obtained at 28 ºC, pH 6.0 and 105 rpm. The enzyme was optimally active at pH 8.0 and 35ºC, and was stable at pH 3.0-8.0 and temperature of 25ºC-75ºC. In addition, the lipase was highly stable on non-polar hydrophobic solvents as kerosene, n-dodecane and hexane. The new lipase from T. atroviride 676 could be considered a potential candidate for industrial and biotechnological applications.

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Sh. Kuka, E. Begu, T. Myftiu, E. Abazi

Abstract: Excessive rains in the Shkodra Lake and the Drin River basins, and mandatory discharges from the Drin cascade dams, often cause extensive flooding in the northwestern regions of Albania, with many houses, roads and other infrastructure affected. Negative impacts of primary concern are dangerousness for loss of human life, economic loss including property damage, lifeline disruption and environmental damage. Inundation hazard downstream of dams is a critical problem, observed especially during the period December 2009-January 2010. In order to support the hydraulic investigations and the project development for the prevention and reducing the flooding damages, two digital elevation models are built. The first one characterizes the Buna River watercourse, from the Shkodra Lake till the exit sea. It is built using the topographic survey of the Buna riverbanks, and the bathymetric measurements of its watercourse bed profiles. The model will be used mainly to compute the water surface profiles for various pluvial scenarios and various water discharges from the Drin River cascade. The second DTM model is built based on the integrated digital database which includes the topographic and bathymetric surveys undertaken jointly by the Albanian and Montenegrin project teams during the period 2005-2006, and the digital topographic maps of the scale 1:10,000 for a vast flat area downstream the last dam on the Drin cascade. Intention was to support simulation of the water wave spreading, water management scenarios, and flooding damage analysis in this wide and very productive area region.

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Ali Alshami

Abstract: This paper discussed how to optimize production traits for two layer breeds in Egypt. The first breed is indigenous Fayoumi and the second exotic Leghorn. Both breeds have their different performances and each breed was preferred over the other for some particular traits. By crossing the two breeds, the crossbreds could benefit from the strengths of the purebreds for particular traits. The economic model has been developed for commercial layer enterprise in Egypt to determine the economic value of genetic change for various traits. The economic value was then used in selection index to optimize selection for multiple traits. The economic model was also used to compare the performance of purebreds, crossbreds, and the hybrid line. In general the profits in F1 crossbred and hybrid line were higher than those in Leghorn and Fayoumi at following values of $2065, $1987, $1681 and $1763, respectively.

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Abadat Hossain, QMR Nizam, MM Rahman

Abstract: The health hazard due to background radiation is prime concern now a day. Chittagong has a lot of industry beside the residential area in the city. Except this, naturally radioactive material has a vital role to create health hazard for public. To assess the health hazard outdoor absorbed dose rate is one of the vital parameter. This parameter was measured by using survey meter in northern part of Chittagong City Corporation. The average value of outdoor absorbed dose rate was 0.022 mR/h. The corresponding dose equivalent is 0.22 µSv/h. This value is lower than the danger limit 0.5 µSv/h set by the Bangladesh Atomic Energy Commission. In order to prepare a research-data-bank for the radiological thread, the output of this work will be useful.

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Ibrahim Denka Kariyama

Abstract: The potential yields of Jenguma soybean (110 calendars days) a medium maturity variety recommended for northern Ghana were simulated using the AquaCrop model with daily climatic data taken from the Wa Meteorological Station. The climate was delineated to be the only constraint limiting the potential yields with the soil serving only as a reservoir to store the rainfall while other factors affecting the potential yields were assumed non-limiting. The simulations were done in growing degree days (GDD) which is about 2275 °C-days rather than in calendars days. The average potential yields of Jenguma soybean planted in the recommended planting period in mid-June to July on uniformly deep clay loamy were 4.6 tons/ha, 4.4 tons/ha and 4.6 tons/ha for the 2009, 2010 and 2011 farming year respectively. For any of the generated planting dates the yields were more than the yearly averages recorded in the region. The climate of the region is therefore suitable for the production of Jenguma soybean variety and hence with adequate investment and best agronomic practices to provide constraint free environment, the yields will be improved from the current average of about 1.2 tons/ha hence increasing the productivity and improving the livelihoods of soybean farmers in the region.

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Thippe Rudrappa J

Abstract: The effect of solvents on spectroscopic properties of an organic fluorophore 2,5-di[(E)-1-(4-diphenylaminophenyl) methylidine]-1-cyclopentanone (2,5-DPHAPMC) belonging to a ketocyanine dye family is analyzed using Lippert-Mataga bulk polarity function, Reichardt’s microscopic solvent polarity parameter and Kamlet’s multiple linear regression approach. The spectroscopic properties better follows Reichardt’s microscopic solvent polarity parameter than conventional Lippert-Mataga bulk polarity function. The double linear correlation of Stokes shift with Reichardt’s microscopic solvent polarity parameter for non-alcohol and alcohol solvents is observed. This indicates that both general solute – solvent interactions and specific interactions are contributing to the resultant spectral changes. Kamlet’s multiple linear regression approach indicates that polarizability/dipolarity solvent influences are dominating more compared to solvents hydrogen-bond donor and hydrogen-bond acceptor influences. The data on effect of solvents is used to estimate excited state dipole moment using the theoretically determined ground state dipole moment. The excited state dipole moment determined by different methods is compared and analysed. The excited state dipole moment of dye is found to be greater than its corresponding ground state counterpart and, ground and excited state dipole moments are almost perpendicular to each other.

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Ankit P Dabhi, Shobhit K Patel

Abstract: In modern era, a demand has increased to design antennas having multiband and wideband characteristics for mobile terminals. This paper expresses the bandwidth, return loss and gain variations of a Planar Inverted F Antenna. Here, the antenna is built on a small ground plane size of 60mm x 60mm. In this paper, Planar Inverted F Antenna with a radiating patch of fixed dimensions of 15.3mm x 15.3mm is studied using different dielectric substrates. The causes of the dielectric constant of perfect substrates and lossy substrates on the return loss, impedance bandwidth, resonant frequency and the gain are explored.

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M. K. D. Padmasiri, Dr. K. A. S. Dhammika

Abstract: Effective utilization of human resource is the main focus of human resource management (HRM) of organizations irrespective of their nature. Creating a working environment that ease the mind of worker reducing their work related stresses is one the strategy in HRM. Playing background music is take in to consideration in by most of the organizations specially service organizations with the expectation that it will reduce the work place stresses and improves the performance. However, the effect of music on employees’ performance is least attended by the researchers particularly in manufacturing organizations. This study was aimed at examine the effect of background music on performance of the employees of garment manufacturing firms in Sri Lanka. The hypothesis has been developed to fulfill the major objective of identifying effect of music listening to the work performance. The sample size of this study was 50 machine operators out of 64 in the selected garment and data was collected by distributing well-structured questionnaire for same sample of employees in two times as before & after music listening. So that sample listened to the relaxation music for two weeks. Mean comparison test and regression analysis was used for the analysis of the data. It was found that background music has a profound effect on the work performance of the respondents (Correlation before music listening work performance: 0.796, after music listening work performance: 0.590 & Mean before music listening work performance: 34.945 after music listening work performance: 28.742). Final recommendations for the study are to use of fast rhythm songs, first discuss with employees, use more music, consider preference of employees and change the music based on the situation. This study proved the fact that employee performance can be improved further by creating a worker friendly environment by using of back ground music.

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Mohamed S.Zaroug, Eldur A. B. Zahran, Abbasher A. Abbasher, Eltahir A. Abed Aliem

Abstract:Field dodder (Cuscuta Campestris) is an annual obligate stem parasite that attaches itself to a variety of host plants, and is totally dependent on its host plant for assimilating nutrients and water supply. The economic importance of the parasite is due to the fact that it poses a threat to some vegetable crops grown in Gezira State such as onions, tomatoes, jews mallow, and salad rocketand reduces their yield substantially. The objectives of this study were to evaluate the efficacy of post-attachment application of 3 herbicides namely glyphosate, goal and stomp in controlling field dodder parasitizing onion, and to determine their impact on crop yield. The experiments were conducted in 2 locations: in the 1stseasonthe experiment was conducted in a farmer´s field in Alsharafa area, the field was sown in local red onion that was severely infected with field dodder. In the 2nd season the experiment was conducted at the demonstration farm of the Faculty of Agriculture and Natural Resources, University of Gezira, Wad Medani, Sudan. Treatments were arranged in a completely randomized block design with 3 replications. Post-attachment application of stomp at (0.36 kg a.i. feddan-1), goal at (0.1 kg a.i. feddan-1), and glyphosate at (1% v/v) controlled field dodder by 86%-100%, 76%-85%, and 51%-62%, respectively. Dodder treated with stomp exhibited phyllody, stem thickness and it prevented haustorial attachment, and inhibited seed production. During the 2 seasons onion bulb fresh weight, bulb diameterand total soluble solids of herbicides treated dodder-infected onion were significantly increased by (168%-336%), (116%-154%), and (73%-143%), respectively as compared to untreatedcontrol. In conclusion the herbicide treatments controlled field dodder after its establishment which is very important in reducing seed production and stops the parasite spread. Stomp could be recommended for field dodder control as post-attachment application.

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Tahmina Hoq, Nazmul Haque

Abstract: Laboratory study was undertaken to evaluate glucose level changes resulting from the exposure of a freshwater fish, Heteropneustes fossilis at different concentration of Zinc (II) Sulphate Heptahydrate (ZnSO4.7H2O) in water for three days. A group of ten fish were subjected to serial dilutions of the stock solution of ZnSO4 ranging from 25ppm to 500ppm in twelve large plastic bowls of 25 liter capacity by the semi-static (renewal) method. At the end of the exposure period, blood samples were taken from the control and experimental fish. Blood glucose level was monitored. The study showed that the values of blood glucose have a positive correlation with concentrations of this metal. The glucose levels were found higher in the exposed fish when compared to the control. In conclusion, the changes observed indicate that glucose level can be used as an indicator of zinc related stress in fish.

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Aniket H Jadhav, Rajan S Pawar, Priyanka M Pathare, Kishori D Pawar, Prafulla Patil

ABSTRACT: In current days fuel stations are operated manually. These fuel pumps are time consuming and require more manpower. To place fuel stations in distant area it very costly to provide excellent facility to the consumers all these problem are sorted out by the use of unmanned petrol pump which requires less time to operate and it is effective and can be installed anywhere the customer self-going to avail the services the payment is done by electronic clearing system. The simple and proper use of microcontroller and GSM technology provides a total security and atomization in distribution of fuel.It has easy operated mobile phone system and graphics user interface (GUI). It is interface with high speed fuel dispenser which is convenient for consumer to operate. In our system the password will be provided to the user via his mobile phone by the petrol pump GSM customer has to enter this password on the LCD provided by the fuel station which will help the petrol company to create authentication for user also the distribution of the fuel is not possible until it gets verified by the database. In short we provide secure system for fuel distribution. The advancement of this project can help industry financially.

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Ashwini S Gulbhile, Mayur P Patil, Preeti P Pawar, Saloni V Mahajan, Sunita Barve

Abstract: Cognitive Radio Network has emerged as a solution to the growing spectrum scarcity and inefficiency problems. However, Cognitive Radio Networks face performance and security bottlenecks due to lack of memory and vast computational capabilities. This problem could be solved if we make use of Cloud as a central entity for storing spectrum availability information and processing of the spectrum availability data and correctly map the location of the unlicensed user to that of the available spectrum bands. We will be considering only those spectrum bands for communication where the primary users are absent. If the licensed user is detected, we shall empty that band and move to another idle spectrum band that matches our requirements. Admittance will be based on FCFS basis and at the same time the Quality of Service requirements (in terms of data rate) of the unlicensed users will satisfied.

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Abu Naser Md. Ahsanul Haque

Abstract: Influence of alkali and temperature were studied on dyeing of cotton fabric with bi-functional Fluoro Chloro Pyrimidene (FCP), bi-functional Monochlorotriazine-Vinyl Sulphone (MCT-VS) and mono functional Monochlorotriazine (MCT) reactive dyes. For this analysis single joursey knitted fabrics were taken. The selected dyestuffs were Drimarene Yellow K-2R (FCP), Drimarene Red CI-5B (MCT-VS) and Drimarene Navy X-GN (MCT). 1% on the weight of fabric (owf) of each dye was considered for producing 15 single shades by varying the alkali amount and the temperature. Soda ash was used in each dye bath as alkali. As MCT dye is a lower reactive dye, Caustic soda was also added in its dye bath. The post dye liquors and post wash liquors were tested in absorbance spectrophotometer to measure the absorbance of those solutions. Beer-Lambert law was used to get concentration from absorbance and then the fixation% was calculated. The dyed fabric samples were tested in a reflectance spectrophotometer to get the color coordinates (L*, a*, b*, c*, h*). The results show that FCP dye fixation was the best among these three and MCT dye fixation was the least. Alkali increases the fixation of all dyes up to a level and temperature applied here has almost no influence on FCP dyes. MCT-VS dye has a tendency to changing its hue in different alkali amount and temperatures.

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Alycia Sebastian, Dr. L. Arockiam

Abstract: The cloud computing concept has been evolving for more than 40 years. Cloud computing is an on demand computing in which dynamically scalable and often virtualized resources are provided as a service over the Internet. The cloud computing services are delivered through software as service (SaaS), platform as service (PaaS) and Infrastructure as service (IaaS). Cloud Computing moves the application software and databases to the large data centers, where the management of the data and services are provided by cloud service providers. The common data security concerns are securing data in transit and at rest, access control and data separation. In this survey paper, we review the data in public cloud, identify and discuss the security risks associated with it and analyze its solution strategies.

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Kamal Reddy, Amir Sikandar, Pranav Savant, Adityam Choudhary

Abstract: Number of accidents occurs now a days due to the drowsiness of driver. Therefore to assist the driver with the problem of drowsiness, the system must be design to carefully developed to provide an interface and interaction the make sense for the driver. This article introduces a new approach towards detection of drives’ drowsiness based on yawning detection. The main aim is to reduce the number of accidents occurred due to drivers fatigue and hence increases the road safety. The special gestures of body and face are used as the sign of driver fatigue, including yawning, eye tiredness and mouth movement, and it indicate that the driver is no more in a proper driving condition. This involves several steps including the real time detection and tracking of driver’s face detection, tracking of the mouth contour, eye and the detection of yawning based on measuring both the rate and the amount of changes in the mouth contour area, Eye detection using Eye Map.

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Raimi Oluwole Abiodun, Oluwatoyin Edwin

ABSTRACT: The study estimated on some mathematical models to predict accurately the relationship between the compressive force, crushing strength, thermal conductivity, filtration rate and permeability of dried clay-sand mixtures within experimental limit. The dependent parameter is the investigated properties of the dried clay-sand mixtures while the sample of dried clay-sand mixtures is the independent parameters. The experimental data were modelled using simple linear regression method. The data were analysed with the aid of statistical software called Statistical Package for Social Science (SPSS), version 17. The findings show that the coefficient of determination (R2) of the formulated models is significantly high with respect to the adjusted R2 at 95% confidence interval. The F-value and t-statistic shows that the regression models and the investigated parameters are significant to the model. The estimated result from the models and the investigated experimental result were highly significant and explained a very high percentage effect of what was taking place in the samples of dried clay-sand mixtures. This result showed that the investigated properties parameters can be predicted accurately using the established relationship with the samples of dried clay-sand mixtures. It is also observed that the estimated result from the models having clay-sand mixture specimen with 0% weight of sand has the highest compressive force, crushing strength, least thermal conductivity, least filtration rate and least permeability, which will be the ideal specimen for making water storage vessels.

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Tanay Parekh, Divyam Joshi, Niket Vasavada, Vishal Fegade

Abstract: Product design for remanufacturing is a combination of designing processes whereby an item is designed to facilitate remanufacture. Design for remanufacturing is guided by an assessment of product or component value over time. This value may vary depending on the market and market demand and supply, legislation and technological improvements. Obviously the goal of design for remanufacturing is to improve manufacturability. Through this paper we aim to study the various key parameters which need to be considered for optimum designing of a new product or an existing product from the view of remanufacturing. Technology and Economic model will are developed using these key parameters for the selective components and they are employed for coordination and testing via simulation, finally with the solution of the updated parameters design of upadation can be accomplished.

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V. S. S. Kiran, Y. K. Srivastava, M Jagannadha Rao

Abstract: Water is one of the essential natural resource for the very survival of life on the planet Earth. Demand for water is increasing day by day, with the ever increasing population, resulted severe water crisis. We need water for agriculture, industry, human and cattle consumption. The available water is also affected by problem of pollution and contamination. Therefore it is very important to manage this very essential resource in a sustainable manner. Hence, we need proper management and development plan to conserve, restore or recharge water, where soil loss is very high due to various topographical conditions. The USLE (Universal Soil Loss Equation) method is one of the significant RS-GIS tools for prioritization of micro watersheds. A watershed is an ideal unit for study and to implement any model of water management towards achieving sustainable development. The significant factors for the planning and development of a watershed are its physiography, drainage, geomorphology, soil, land use/land cover and available water resources. In the current study, the micro-watershed priority fixation has been adopted under USLE model using Remote Sensing data. SRTM DEM, rainfall data and soil maps have been used to derive various thematic layers. The study area (Simlapal, W.B.) was subjected to USLE model of classifying and prioritizing the micro watersheds. The study area is divided into 22 sub-watersheds with areas ranging from 25 to 30 sq. km from the drainage map. Again each sub-watershed is divided into micro-watersheds with areas ranging from 5to10 sq. km. Thus 77 micro-watersheds were delineated for the present study area, considering all the controlling factors. Based on the results the 77 micro- watersheds could be prioritized in to five ranges viz very high, high, medium, low and very low.

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K.S. Anandh, Ankesh Kumar, Deepak Goel, Kaisar Khursheed

Abstract: This paper includes a design and analysis of air cooled chiller plant in green buildings to reduce the overall temperature by 5-7 degree Celsius. The objective of the paper is used to design a sustainable mechanism to cool down the building. Chiller plant is a combination of mainly cooling tower and ducting. In this chiller plant air is used as a cooling agent for building. Design of chiller plant is based on difference of specific heat of concrete and air i.e. the cooling agent and Newton’s law of cooling. Air cooled chiller plants will help in reducing the consumption of electricity which is used to reduce the temperature of building. This chiller plant is designed for temperature of 40 degree Celsius and G+2 building with a built-up area of 4050m2. This paper will support the sustainable developments.

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ABSTRACT: A lot of educational campaign, with different strategies has been employed to halt the spread of HIV/AIDS in Nigerian, yet the spread had keep on scaling up. Therefore, the study tried to ascertain the frequency of coverage of the HIV/AIDS in Guardian and Daily Sun newspapers, because as a mass media channel, has the potential for easy reach. Both Primary and Secondary methods were used to collect data for the study. Data generated analyzed with the use of simple descriptive statistical tools such as frequency distribution and percentages. The result of the study indicated that HIV/AIDS information was under published in the two newspapers especially in Daily Sun newspaper; the study also shows that the Guardian carried the highest number of stories (77.6%) and the Daily Sun (22.4%). The low number of news report on HIV/AIDS is surprising given that the period of study covered the month of December when the world celebrated the worlds AIDS day. In December Guardian had (9) and Daily Sun (3) porblication respectively. The study based on these findings recommends that journalists should be trained on health issues in order to have adequate knowledge of the epidemic. The coverage of the HIV/AIDS should be positioned in strategic pages of newspaper, for easy access by the public, and government should also subsidize the expenses to enable their increase coverage. The study further investigated the determinants of news coverage of news items, the result shows that (64%) of the respondents said that organizational ownership, (58%) cited interest of the editor, (70%) said audience demand of the particular newspaper, (56%) said competition among the publishing media can spur action while 78% said if government made it compulsory for a very media house to carry it regularly.

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Najya Muhammed, Mohamed Pakia, Moses Wainaina

Abstract: Mkilua fragrans Verdc belongs to the Annonaceae family and is part of the biological diversity of the coastal forests of east African coast region. The Swahili and Digo communities of the kenyan coastal lowlands have engaged in traditional perfumery using various plants and Mkilua fragrans being one of the major sources. Drawing from the semi-structured interviews using questionaires, open-ended focused group discussion that involved 30 Mkilua growers and enterprenuers of Mkilua products, residing in Kwale, Mombasa, Kilifi and Lamu counties of Kenya respectively. It was established that Mkilua enjoys a considerable ex situ conservation and the mkilua flower is known for its aphrodisiac power to keep men (husbands) indoors after sun-set. There are also beliefs related to Mkilua, of ‘fish water’ washings (“maji ya samaki”) for fertilizing the Mkilua plants, which enhances the plant vigor, flower quality and its scent which was scientifically proven to show that indigenous knowledge have scientific basis; where culture meets science .

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Partha Ghosh, Ria Ghosh, Ruma Dutta

Abstract: The massive jumps in technology led to the expansion of Cloud Computing as the most accepted medium for communication but it has also increased the scope of attacks as well. So security has become a major issue for Cloud Computing. In this paper we proposed a single IDS Controller creating and managing multiple instances for each user. A multithreaded NIDS protects the cloud efficiently and avoids the traffic congestion for large volume of data. In order to detect encrypted and fragmented data, HIDS is also deployed in the hypervisor for detailed monitoring over Server. Analyzing all the alerts, IDS Controller generates a final report to Cloud Service Provide and an alert report to the cloud user with the help of a Third Party monitoring and advisory service. Our proposed model provides a virtualized environment to protect the Cloud efficiently from vulnerabilities.

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Sneha Mulatkar

Abstract: Sentiment Analysis is a Natural Language Processing and Information Extraction task that aims to obtain writer’s feelings expressed in positive or negative comments, questions and requests, by analyzing a large numbers of documents. Generally speaking, sentiment analysis aims to determine the attitude of a speaker or a writer with respect to some topic or the overall tonality of a document. In recent years, the exponential increase in the Internet usage and exchange of public opinion is the driving force behind Sentiment Analysis today.

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Akriti Chadda, Manish Thigale, Ritesh Kumar

Abstract: Over 2 million children in the world suffer from sleeping disorders. The most common of these is Sleep Apnoea which may affect the child as early as on the first day of life. Sleep apnoea is a condition when the breathing rate of the patient lowers down drastically. The main problem that one faces is in the detection of the condition and hence delayed treatment. This paper describes the various types of Sleep Apnoea and a quick, effective and non-invasive method to detect the condition at hand.

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Ganiyu R. A., Arulogun O. T., Okediran O. O.

Abstract: The control of traffic at road junction, which was done purely by human effort, proves to be inefficient owing to the increasing rate of both motorists as well as the complexity of road networks. This inadequacy brought about the use of discrete solid-state electronics up to the usage of a computer controlled microprocessor, but the intelligence of this method was still limited to meet the demand of modern age. Thus, the need for the development of a microcontroller-based traffic light control system. This paper explores the design and implementation of a microcontroller-based traffic light system for road intersection control. The traffic light system is designed using Programmable Integrated Circuit (PIC) 16F84A microcontroller, power section, crystal oscillator and light emitting diode (LED). Then, for effective traffic control, the PIC is implemented via an IC programmer using a mikrobasic program written in Basic language. The developed traffic light control system is tested by constructing a prototype that resembles the real application. The functionality of the prototype shows that the developed system can be used for a real life traffic control at road intersection. Besides, the developed system can be employed as a training kit in learning traffic light control system design and operation. Also, it can be used as a teaching aid in schools for various road users.

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Khalid T. Al- Rasoul, Issam M. Ibrahim, Iftikhar M. Ali, Raad M.Al-Haddad

Abstract: ZnS nanoparticles were prepared by a simple microwave irradiation method under mild condition. The starting materials for the synthesis of ZnS quantum dots were zinc acetate (R & M Chemical) as zinc source, thioacetamide as a sulfur source and ethylene glycol as a solvent. All chemicals were analytical grade products and used without further purification. The quantum dots of ZnS with cubic structure were characterized by X-ray powder diffraction (XRD), the morphology of the film is seen by scanning electron microscopy (SEM). The particle size is determined by field effect scanning electron microscopy (FESEM), UV-Visible absorption spectroscopy and XRD. UV-Visible absorption spectroscopy analysis shows that the absorption peak of the as-prepared ZnS sample (310 nm) displays a blue-shift comparing to the bulk ZnS (345 nm). Photoluminescence spectra of the samples revealed a broad peak centered at 404nm, which were related to excitonic emission. Photocatalytic degradation of Methylene Blue (MB) dye catalyzed by synthesized nanoparticles was studied under solar radiation, photocatalytic degradation increased with increasing time exposure to solar light.

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Ganna Stupnytska, Oleksandr Fediv

Abstract: Today chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is considered not only as a disease with changes in the bronchial tree and lungs, but also as a systemic inflammatory syndrome with systemic effects and the presence of comorbidities. The objectives of this study were to evaluate the lipid peroxidation, antioxidant system and proteolysis intensity in the blood and exhaled breath condensate (EBC), as well as local balance between pro- and anti-inflammatory cytokines in COPD patients’ with hypertension and obesity. The study included 25 healthy subjects and 50 patients with COPD without hypertension and with comorbid hypertension and obesity (36 patients). General tripsin-like proteinase (TLP) activity was determined by Kunits method, neutral proteolytic activity of citrate blood plasma and EBC – by azoalbumin, azocasein and azocol lysis. Superoxyddismutase (SOD) and catalase (Ct) activity, malone dialdehyde (MDA) level, HS-group content in the blood and EBC were also examined. The concentration of cytokines (TNFα, IL-1β, TGF- β1, IFN γ) were marked with ELISA method. Patients with COPD and comorbid hypertension and obesity showed more elevation of TNFα, IL-1β, TGF- β1, in EBC, local and systemic higher MDA index, decrease of Ct and SOD activity in EBC and increased Ct activity in blood, activation of neutral proteolytic systems and acid TLP, reduced collagenolysis intensity. The course of COPD with hypertension and obesity was characterized by more intensification of inflammatory process on the level of the bronchial tree and with more systemic inflammatory response.

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Shrinath Potul, Rohan Nachnolkar, Sagar Bhave

Abstract: Gas dynamics of intake system plays a key role in deciding the performance of an engine. This dynamics are different for fuel injected and carbureted engine and vary according to type of engine, number of cylinders, temperature at inlet, valve timing, valve angle and other factors. Careful design of the manifolds enables the engineer (designer) to manipulate the characteristics to the desired level. This paper investigates the effects of intake runner length on the performance characteristics of a four-stroke, single-cylinder spark-ignited engine with electronically controlled fuel injector. In this paper basic intake tuning mechanisms were described. Engine performance characteristics such as brake torque, brake power, brake mean effective pressure and specific fuel consumption were taken into consideration and virtual simulation software LOTUS ENGINE SIMULATION was used to evaluate the effects of the variation in the length of intake plenum on these parameters. It was found that change in runner length had a considerable effect on the rpm atwhich peak value of torque was obtained (occurred). Accordingly a system to adjust the manifold length (tuned adjustable intake pipe) was designed and developed. According to the simulation graphs, in order to increase the torque performance, plenum length must be extended for low engine speeds and shortened as the engine speed increases.

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Vivek Malik, Mohit Jhawar, Harleen, Akshay Khanijau, Nakul Chawla

Abstract : With the ever increasing size and number of networks around the world, the network traffic increases even more. The pace at which such an increase is observed, gives a rise to the need of Intrusion Detection exponentially. Under such circumstances, data is vulnerable to its maximum capacity. Intrusion Detection is required to safeguard the public servers from unauthorized access. Filtering of unauthorized access attempts whilst maintaining low latency in order not to interfere and compromise network capacity and bandwidth has become a cause of major concern. Implementation of Intrusion Detection system thus comes into play. It segregates the traffic from authenticated clients and attackers or intruders, while simultaneously ceding the issues of latency, security, bandwidth and throughput of the network. The ever increasing types of computer attacks are getting more and more difficult to identify. Hence the use of honeypots may provide an effective and reliable solution to Intrusion Detection and Alert mechanisms.

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Mohamed Jama Madar, Dr. Oso Willis

Abstract: E-learning is the application of information technology in the teaching and learning process. This paper presents the Funnel model as a solution for the problems of implementation of E-learning in tertiary education institutions. While existing models such as TAM, theory-based E-learning and pedagogical model have been used over time, they generally been found to be inadequate because of their tendencies to treat materials development, instructional design, technology, delivery and governance as separate and isolated entities. Yet it is matching components that bring framework of E-learning strategic implementation. The Funnel model enhances all these into one and applies synchronously and asynchronously to E-learning implementation where the difference only is modalities. Such a model for E-learning implementation has been lacking. The proposed Funnel model avoids ad-ad-hoc approach which has been made other systems unused or inefficient, and compromised educational quality. Therefore, the proposed Funnel model should help tertiary education institutions adopt and develop effective and efficient E-learning system which meets users’ requirements.

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Barkha Bhadana, Jay Shankar

ABSTRACT: This paper discusses the new algorithm to extract only significant information from dynamic news websites. Earlier wrapper were used for extraction of news but their use is full of complexities because of two reasons-first one is wrapper generation and wrapper maintenance. Our approach uses triggers such as AND and OR to extract only meaningful information from web pages. This approach is applicable to the general types of news RSS feeds and independent of news page layout.

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Ritesh Meshram, Dr. Sunil Surve

Abstract: this paper describes work on formation for a group of wheeled mobile robots. Also in this paper we have tried to give the detail information about the kinematics of wheeled mobile robot available in various literatures in a simpler way. We are using car-like mobile robot where the leader mobile robot is controlled to reach the desired position, whereas the follower follows the leader robot with some specific distance and angle. Here we made an assumption that the motion occurs in a 2D space without any obstacle in its path. The basic of kinematic bicycle model for a wheeled mobile robot is used in this work. For controlling the motion of robots we are using fuzzy logic. As we know, Fuzzy logic theory is subdivided into two types, type-1 and type-2. For the motion control of a car-like mobile robot in formation we are using the concept of Interval type2 fuzzy logic (IT2-FL). A new rule base is designed for IT2-FL system and the simulation is done in Matlab environment also the final results are given to show the efficiency and effectiveness of the proposed fuzzy controller.

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Hamiden A. Khalifa, Ramadan A. ZeinEldin

Abstract: In this paper, we study inverse nonlinear programming (INLP) problem under the norm, where we adjust the cost coefficients of the given nonlinear programming (NLP) problem as less as possible such that a known feasible solution becomes the optimal one. Here, we utilize of the basic notions of stability (the solvability set and the stability set of the first kind). A solution procedure to solve the INLP problem is given. A numerical example is presented in the sake of this paper to clarify the obtained results.

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Udu-Ibiam, O.E., Ogbu, O., Nworie, O., Ibiam, U.A., Agah, M.V., Nnachi, A.U., Ogbu, K.I., Chukwu, O.S.

Abstract: The rampant multi-drug resistance among human pathogenic microorganisms has necessitated a continuous search for new and potent antimicrobial substances, especially among plants. Also, the importance of herbal plants as sources of alternative medicine is documented worldwide. In this study, antimicrobial activities of extracts of seven edible mushrooms and two spices (ginger and garlic) against Staphylococcus aureus, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Streptococcus pyogenes, Escherichia coli, and Candida albicans from Federal University Teaching Hospital, Abakaliki (FETHA), Ebonyi State, Nigeria were investigated. Antimicrobial components from the mushrooms and spices were extracted with hot water and cold water, ethanol and diethyl ether; the antimicrobial activities were examined by agar well diffusion method. Zones of inhibition were seen mostly in hot water extracts of five mushrooms (Trichaptum sp, Flammulina sp, Boletus sp, Tricholoma sp, and Psalliota campestris) on culture plates inoculated with S. aureus, P. aeruginosa, S. Pyogenes, E. coli and C. albicans at 37oC within 24hrs. The cold water extracts of the mushroom, P. campestris, gave the highest zone of inhibition of 25.0 mm, followed by 15.0 mm when used against P. aeruginosa. While for spices, the cold water extracts yielded the highest zones of inhibition of 25.0 mm followed by 20.0mm as were observed with ginger. The results obtained have shown clearly that the mushrooms (Trichaptum sp, Tricholoma nudum, Psalliota campestris, Flammulina sp, Boletus sp), garlic (Allium sativum) and ginger (Zingiber officianale) extracts contain phytochemicals with some antimicrobial activities while Cortinarius sp showed no antimicrobial activity. The water extracts of the mushrooms and spices showed broad spectrum antimicrobial activity much more than ethanol and diethyl ether extracts. Generally, hot water extracts of the mushrooms were more potent as antimicrobial agent than either ethanol or cold water extract. It is hereby recommended that these bioactive compounds in mushrooms, ginger and garlic which show antimicrobial activities should be harnessed, patented and circulated as alternative antimicrobials to curb the increasing menace of antimicrobial resistance.

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S. N. Teli, Madan Jagtap, Ritesh Nadekar, Prashant Gudade, Rupesh More, Pranit Bhagat

Abstract: UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) is an air vehicle which is largely used for surveillance, monitoring, reconnaissance, data relay, and data collection or to enter the area which is not safe for human i.e. flood affected or virus affected area. Present paper discusses the systematic design, data analysis, different property calculations and then manufacturing of delta wing type of UAV with low cost which successfully flew in the sky in Mumbai. It measures the altitude, captures the real image as well as videos that used for the surveillance purpose.

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Amandeep Kaur, Jyoteesh Malhotra

ABSTRACT: The quality of signal received at the destination depends upon the channel conditions and the propagation environment which can't be always homogeneous. Weibull which is terrain specific distribution along with Gamma forms a versatile, flexible and multiparametercompound Weibull-Gamma heterogeneous channel model.Its closed expressions of Probability Density Function (PDF) and Cumulative Distribution Function (CDF) are obtained here. Based on these derived expressions , exact and closed formexpressions of various important performance metrics such as Coefficient of Variation (CV), Amount of fading (AF) outage probability and spectral efficiency are also evaluated.The derivedexpressions aretractable and are easy to evaluate using standard software tools such as MATLAB.

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J.K. Srivastava, Amit Gupta, Anand A. Bhaskar

Abstract: The effect of CuO doping on the electrical resistance and the sensitivity of thick film gas sensors based on CuO- doped (1%, 2% and 5% by wt.) SnO2has been investigated by us. A suitable gas sensor structure wasfabricated on 1˝x1˝ alumina substrate using thick film technology. The fabricated sensor’s reaction with H2S gas (250 ppm-1000 ppm)was tested in the temperature range of 150- 350˚C. At 250˚C the sensor with 5% CuO doping was found to be most sensitive for H2S gas .The electrical resistance and the sensitivity were increased by increasing the concentration of CuO. The substitution of Sn+4 by Cu+2 leads to the creation of oxygen vacancies. The increased oxygen deficiency is believed to be responsible for enhancing the resistance.

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M. U. Ahammad, M. M. Rahman, M. L. Rahman

Abstract: This paper reports the results of a numerical analysis of the influence of various parameters for the combined free and forced convection problem in a vented cavity with a centered heat generating element. Forced convection flow conditions are imposed by providing an inlet at the bottom of the left vertical wall and an outlet opening at the top of the opposite sidewall. Numerical solutions of the considered governing equations for the present study are obtained using the finite element method. The influence of Hartmann number, Prandtl number and Reynolds number on the flow and thermal fields is carried out and findings are presented by the streamlines and isotherms. Moreover, the heat transfer characteristic of the enclosure is displayed in terms of average Nusselt number and the dimensionless average bulk fluid temperature. Based on the computational results, it is noted that the studied parameters play a significant role on both the flow and thermal field.

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Shivani Arbat, Shashi Kumari Sinha, Shikha, Beena Khade

Abstract: Research on methods for detection and acknowledgement of events in video is assembling attention from various enthusiasts working in field of image processing. However, various techniques and methodologies had been proposed in order to meet such requirements. In this paper, we has proposed the efficacious method for event detection in soccer game broadcasted video and comprehending aspects which have been proposed to detect event and classify them in order to generate highlights. Also we provide an overview of the applications, categorizing them according to event detection and classification of domains.

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Dr. N. Sarala, S. Rajkumari

Abstract: Soft Matrix theory is a newly emerging mathematical tool to deal with uncertain problems. In this paper, we define IFSM and different types of IFSM with example. Finally we extend our approach in application of these matrices in (Agriculture) decision making problems.

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Manmohan Das, Dhanjit Talukdar

Abstract: In this article we study the method of solving fuzzy integro-differential equation under certain condition by using fuzzy Laplace transformation . Finally we give some illustrative examples.

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San San Naing, Zaw Min Naing, Hla Myo Tun

Abstract: Mobile ad hoc network has become popular in wireless network communication technology. Recently many researchers are studying based on new communication techniques, especially wireless ad hoc networks. This paper presents the performance of routing protocol for mobile ad hoc network (MANET). Routing is one of the challenging issues in mobile ad hoc network. Therefore, the performances of ad hoc routing protocols are tested with different mobile node numbers at different mobility speeds. We have made an attempt to compare different mobility models and provide an overview of their current research status in this paper. The main focus is on Random Waypoint Mobility Model and Realistic Mobility Model. Firstly, we present a survey of the characteristics, drawbacks and research challenges of mobility modeling. Secondly, the simulation results of routing protocols. They are also experimented by implementing a realistic mobility model. The proposed network area is specified to 800 × 800 square meter. The commonly used network simulator (NS2) has been utilized as a core simulator for this research.

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Sunita Barve, Aditya Akotkar, Amit Chavan, Awadhesh Kumar, Manoj Dhaigude

Abstract: In today’s era, development in wireless communication systems has now become an emerging field for research. Now every user requires high data rate having low cost with greater efficiency. To achieve all this requirements in current communication system we have to make lot of hardware change in systems. So instead of using current communication system we are using cognitive radio approach which helps us to achieve greater flexibility and robustness. By implementing SDR we are replacing hardware part by software. GNU radio is open source, so we chose GNU radio and a device named Universal Software Radio Peripheral (USRP). SDR is more flexible as compared to conventional radio and can perform signal processing having low latency at the minimum cost. Thus by implementing SDR we spectrum mobility can be achieved.

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Ayodele Sunday. Oluwole, Temitope. Adefarati, Kehinde. Olususyi, Adedayo Kayode. Babarinde

Abstract: One of the effects of the rapid expansion of distribution networks in Nigeria is that the service voltage of many consumers lies outside the stipulated tolerance. This problem has been addressed by the use of commercial, domestic voltage regulators that typically work between 150 and 250 V. Unfortunately the service voltage experienced by many consumers lie well outside this range. In order to establish the operating range of suitable regulators, a preliminary study of the voltage supply in Ondo State, Akure as a case study, the distribution network was carried out. It revealed that up to 30 of consumers receive voltages of less than 80V whilst up to 50 receive less than 120V. In the light of this, it was decided to design a suitable voltage regulator rated at 1.5KVA having an input voltage range between 50V and 250V with an expected nominal output voltage of 220V 6 .A theoretical framework was developed for the general class of switched electronic AC Voltage regulators using EXCEL®. It provides a mechanism for computing the number and ratings of tapping needed to regulator transformers once the output voltage tolerance is specified.

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Kishor bommassani, P. Ram Prasad

Abstract: This paper proposes a generalized formulation for Harmonic reduction-Pulse Width Modulation (HR-PWM) control suitable for high-voltage high-power cascaded multilevel voltage source converters (VSC) used in constant frequency utility applications. This utilizes the merits of the genetic algorithm (GA) in finding the optimal solution to the nonlinear equation system with fast and guaranteed convergence. This deals with different operation points for both five and seven level converters. The solution to the harmonic minimization problem using genetic algorithm optimization is determined

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Alok Kumar Dubey, Prateek Nigam

Abstract: Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (OFDM) is technique of multi-carrier modulation in which a single high rate data-stream is first divided into multiple low rate data-streams and is then modulated using sub-carriers. These sub-carriers are orthogonal to each other. Its main advantages are multipath delay spread tolerance, high spectral efficiency, immunity to Frequency Selective Fading Channels, efficient modulation and demodulation process which is performed by computationally efficient Inverse Fast Fourier Transform (IFFT) and Fast Fourier Transform (DFT) operation respectively. An important disadvantage of OFDM is the carrier frequency offset which disturbs the orthogonality among the carriers and results Inter carrier interference (ICI). The undesired ICI degrades the performance of the system. In Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (OFDM) carriers are orthogonally related and hence no guard band is necessary like in Frequency Division Multiplexing (FDM). So spectrums of users can overlap which enhances the spectrum efficiency of the network. In this thesis one of the main concern of OFDM, inter carrier interference (ICI) is considered using different window functions in frequency domain in pulse shaping of OFDM data symbols which are considered uncorrelated. It reduces the inter carrier interference (ICI) power into simply the square magnitude of window function. Here we have taken different window functions for comparing performance of the wireless links in content of ICI power and desired received signal.

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Alade O. A., Ganiyu R. A., Oladipupo E. T.

Abstract: Election of contestants into positions in a civilized society is a product of choice among few or many alternatives. In order to make a good choice among the available alternatives, a number of criteria must be considered. Several methods had been adopted in the past at local, national and international scene but in most cases with prejudice and biasness. These had subsequently produced contentious results which eventually led to political violence and insecurity. This paper proposes a multi-criteria decision making algorithm which is based on Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) for quality leadership selection, free of strive and violence. Alternative election contestants were considered; the required qualities for a post were defined. Their evaluations were translated into reciprocal matrix in order to determine the priority vector while the validity of the designed paradigm was assessed using secondary data. Out of the three alternative election contestants under consideration, the results of the designed paradigm show that the political aspirant Y is the best choice, followed by aspirant X and aspirant Z. That is, it can be inferred that aspirant Y is 3.87 times more preferable than choice Z, and choice Y is 1.3 times more preferable than choice X. Also, the obtained overall composite weight of 0.092 further proves that the result of the analysis is consistent. Thus, the practical application of the designed paradigm would eliminate an atmosphere of rancor, which may arise from unfair selection of contestants and decision making processes.

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Sofyan Nurdin Kasim, A. Rahman Mappangaja, Sitti Bulkis, Palmarudi Mappigau

Abstract : This research aims to (1) to know the influence of intellectual capital, social capital, and knowlodge managament both and simultaneous competitiveness of the company’s marketers Takalar livestock products, (2) to know the zise of the contribution the influence of intelectual capital, social capital and management of knowlodge company competitiveness marketers Takalar livestock product, (3) find of from the intelectual capital, social capital and management of knowledge that most affect the company’s competitiveness marketers Takalar livestock products. Explanatory type of research that describes the influence of intellectual capital variables, social capital and management of knowlodge company’s competitiveness marketers Takalar livestock product. Data colection is done using a closed questioner indicator variable with some research. Data analysis used the statistical inference techniques linear regression and corre lation with the data processing program SPSS ver.10.0. based on the caculation of linear regression statistics doubled the intelectual capital, social capital and knowledge management simultaneously and significantly to the partial influence of corporate marketers copetitiveness Takalar livestock products with a value dtermination coefficient (R2 = 88,3 %). This means that the amount of the contribution the influence of intelectual capital, social capital and knowledge management that is 88,3% while is 11,7 % is influenced by other factors,of intelectual capital, social capital and knowledge capital mangement the dominant effect on the power company marketers product Takalar namely intelectual capital, social capital and organized by management.

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Sayali Shukla, Ashwini Sonawane, Vrushali Topale, Pooja Tiwari

Abstract: Image segmentation is a set of segments that collectively cover the entire image, or a set of contours extracted from the image. In the process of improving degraded document images segmentation is one of the difficult task due to background and foreground variation. This paper presents a new approach for enhancement of degraded documents. It consists of an adaptive image contrast based document image binarization technique that is tolerant to different type of document degradation such as uneven illumination document smear involving smudging of text, seeping of ink to the other side of page, degradation of paper ink due to aging etc. The images i.e. scanned copies of these degraded documents are provided as an input to the system. They are processed to get the finest improved document so that the contents are visible readable. Contrast image construction can be constructed using local image gradient and local image contrast. Further edge estimation algorithm is used to identify the text stroke edge pixels .The text within the document is further segmented by a thresholding technique which is based on the height and width of letter size present in degraded document image. It works for different format of degraded document images. The method has been tested on Document Image Binarization Contest (DIBCO) experiments on Bickley diary dataset, consists of several challenging degraded document images.

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Syamsinar, R. Mappangaja, D. Rukmana, Nursini, Amal

Abstract : The research aimed to examine cocoa farmer behavior in acceptance reinvestment of cocoa farming in Luwu Regency, South Sulawesi. The research was conducted in Luwu Regency South Sulawesi because it was the highest cocoa producer in South Sulawesi. The population of the research was cocoa farmers who were 1521 householders in Batulappa village South Larompong, Noling village Bupon, Kamanre village, and Sumabu village Bajo sub-district. Sample was taken 10% of the population or 152 householders. To reach the research objective, the research used descriptive statistic analysis. The result of the research showed that from 152 householders, 77 (50.7%) respondents in Luwu reinvested by aside the cocoa sale, 7 (4.6%) respondents made the cocoa sale became the capital then the income was invested to the cocoa farming and 68 (44.7%) respondents borrowed money.Reinvestments of farmer were 3 respondents (2%) increased the land area, 100% respondents procured tools and agricultural machinery (Alsintan) and means production (Saprodi). Reinvestment amount of land increasing was Rp 30 – 50 million (0.25 – 0.5 ha/32% - 46% of cocoa farming acceptance), for alsintan was Rp 271.575 - Rp.502.000 (1% - 10% of cocoa farming acceptance and for saprodi was Rp 1.279.000 – 49.350.250 (9% - 43% of the cocoa farming acceptance).

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Hastang, A. Rahman Mappangaja, Rahim Darma, Indrianty Sudirman, Siti Nurani Sirajuddin, Aslina. Asnawi

ABSTRACT: The aim of study was to determine the profits of beef slaughter based on procurement in slaughterhouse and meat sales system. This study was conducted from April to June 2013 in the Makassar Regional Slaughterhouse (PD. RPH). The type of research was case study with the selection of case was not in a normal case ( Wirartha, 2006). The sampels were selected from butchers group who work regularly is at least 15 days a month. Ten butchers were selected as sampels from about 30 total butchers population in slaughterhouse. Data were collected through direct observation and interview using a questionnaire. Data were analysis by descriptive and simple statistical analysis. The profits were calculated by using the formula Π = TR - TC. The results showed that the butchers with the highest profit who sold their meat with grading systems (Rp. 393.855/ head or Rp 6.902 /kg), then butcher who procure through cooperation with inter-island traders and sold their meat with no grading systems (Rp. 372.704/ head or Rp 3.929/kg), butchers who purchases at slaughterhouses without grading system (Rp. 217.744/head or Rp 2.693/kg), then butchers who purchases based on carcass weight after slaughters without grading systems (Rp. 258.752/head or Rp 2.608/kg). The lowest profit were gain by butchers group who purchased their cattle from interland area and sold meat without grading systems (Rp. 166.555/head or Rp 2.072/kg).

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Teryima D. Kureve, Johnson A. Mise, Benard A. Atsuwe

ABSTRACT: In this paper, an active second order RC band-pass filter is designed and simulated at different values of quality factor Q. The filter is designed from given specifications of the filter, center frequency of 15 kHz and roll-off rate of -20dB/decade. The architecture that will be used is the Sallen-Key. The filter parameters and values for the passive components were calculated and the gain magnitude and phase response is then simulated with MATLAB. The simulation shows that at high Quality factors, the bandwidth of the filter response reduces considerably while its frequency selectivity increases without a shift in its center frequency.

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ISSN 2277-8616
IJSTR - January 2022 - Volume 11 Issue 1