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Volume 9 - Issue 3, March 2020 Edition

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Raj Kumar, Dr. Shaveta Bhatia

E-learning is the buzzword of today’s era and a large number of e-learning resources are available in online and offline mode. However, to derive useful pattern from this abundant pool of e-learning resources is a very tedious task. Various data mining approach can be used to generate interesting patterns from this enormous repository. The data analytics helps in analyzing the information access pattern of the users. The information access pattern can be helpful in identifying the learning behavior traits of an individual. Moreover, machine learning along with data mining has opened up new avenues. The combination of data analytics and machine learning may be used to generate targeted recommendations.

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Hosting a compilation of billions of videos, YouTube presents one of the leading scale and most precious videos personalization recommendation system in existence. The recommendation system works on to personalized set of videos to users based on their past actions on the website. In this paper, we highlight the some of the major challenges that the system faces and how to address them. To tackle these issues, we have proposed a Precedent Behavioral Extraction Module (PBEM), which also deals with large-scale heterogeneous information to fulfill the requirements of the potential users. PBEM approach especially focus on the remarkable performance enhancements brought by machine learning. PBEM is a new approach as it works on discovering the precise web browsing behavior from uncertain keywords and defines the semantic measurement with user recommendation of keywords within the user query

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Divine Joy A. Mauhay, Larry V. Padilla, Fe Corazon A. Jacinto, Eileen Z. Vitug

Hybridization of both plants and animals has innumerably benefitted man. An example of which is the numerous hybrids of Hibiscus rosa-sinensis which are primarily used for aesthetic purposes because of their colourful flowers. Phenotypic variations can already be observed in various parts of H.rosa-sinensis because of hybridization; hence, it is likely that modifications are occurring on microscopic structures such as the pollen. Through time, such variations could change the frequencies of alleles in the gene pool and could possibly lead to microevolution of the species. This study focused on the determination of variations in pollen grain morphology of ten (10) selected H. rosa-sinensis hybrids from the Institute of Plant Breeding of the University of the Philippines-Los Banos, specifically in terms of pollen aperture, size, shape, length of spine and sculpturing. The pollen shape, type of aperture and sculpturing were determined qualitatively. One-way ANOVA was employed if there is significant difference among the pollen of the hybrids in terms of the said quantitative characters. Pollen shape variation was determined through Elliptic Fourier Coefficient Analysis. Results showed that all hybrids have pantoporate type of aperture, echinate type of sculpturing, and spheroidal shape. Among the characters observed, variation was noted in their pollen size and spine length. Pollen size ranges from large to very large and long to very long spine length. Majority of the hybrids observed (7 out of 10) have very large pollen size and long pollen spines. One (1) hybrid has very large pollen size and short spines while two (2) have large pollen size and short pollen spines. There was also significant difference among the samples in terms of these characters based on statistical analysis. The hybrids with variations (Claire Baltazar x Cely Hermosa, Diamond Star and Vicky) cannot be considered outgroups on the basis of the said quantitative characters alone. Nevertheless, such variations observed should not be discounted as a possible modification in pollen morphology in progress as a result of hybridization.

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Pooja Singh, Subhash Chandra Jat

The more financial transactions have now emerged throughout the Big Data era, with numerous opportunities, threats and possibility of information theft in the face of possible fraud. This is due to the massive use of electronic paying instruments aimed at stealing confidential information and performing fraudulent transactions by attackers. While smart fraud detection systems have been established to deal with this problem, the imbalances of the data are still associated with some famous problems. This paper uses a fabricated identity to benefit financially or otherwise from identity fraud. When society moves further into a digital economy, the number of fraudulent transactions is increasingly rising. Here the emphasis is on the approaches that use profound learning and timely analysis of existing methods for the detection of payment fraud. The aim of the survey is to regularly benchmark methods for detecting fraud in online transaction volumes for industry. This test demonstrates that, in spite of the study, different methods for detecting fraud have a realistic performance in the industry. The underlying difficulties in applying a deep understanding of fraud are discerned.

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Dr. R. Velappan, R. Panchamoorthy, Dr. M.L. Sundararajan

The compression ignition engine widely used in industrial and automobile sector, this engine operates by using fossil fuel and emits the harmful emission from engine exhaust the harmful exhaust emission are affected human and environment also. So, reducing exhaust emission researcher are moves in to fuel modification and some engine modification. It causes significantly reduces emission and increasing the performance of engine. The fuel modification is required to CI engine for improving performance. The alternate fuel lemon grass methyl ester is suitable fuel for diesel engine. In order to improve the performance some changes required in the diesel engine, so varying the injection parameter like fuel injection pressure. The fuel injection pressure is one of the most parameter for engine modifications. This investigation is carried out find the optimum injection pressure in the diesel engine by using lemon grass methyl ester. The lemon grass plants sample is collected, dried and powdered. The powdered samples are subjected in to chemical solvent such as N-Hexane. Thus solvent are extracted oil from the sample. The Extracted oil converted in to methyl ester by transesterification process. Thus the lemon grass methyl ester (LGME) is blended with neat diesel in proportion of 20% of LGME and 80% of diesel. The blended LGME are investigate in Kirlosker-AV1 and compared to diesel. The investigation to be carried out in modified fuel injection pressure from 210 bars to 240 bars steps in 10 bars with variable load. According to the results, the performance wise best fuel injection pressure is 240 bar has been obtained for all loads, 240 bar fuel injection pressure gives lower smoke and HC, 210 bar fuel injection pressure shows lower NOX.

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Ahmad Muhammad Diponegoro, Meilia Wigati, Suci Putryani, Mu'mina Kurniawati S. J. Kahar, Nurnaningsih, Siti Nur Indasah

This study purpose to understand the issue of happiness college student which is the main theme in the problem. Happiness can be achieved with four criteria, is by being grateful for what is already owned, establishing relationships with the closest and dearest people, achieving goals according to what is desired, and fulfilling all needs with sufficient material. This writing uses a literature study to set the theoretical foundation and the validity used to refer to several references. Subject in research these are S1 and S2 students with age groups 18-21 (final adolescence years) and age groups of 22-30 adults who number 200 students. The selection of subjects in this study used a non-probability convenience sampling technique, is the process of taking subjects based on ease of access and selection in the area environment.

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Premananda B.S., Bhargav U.K., Kaza Sai Vineeth

Quantum-dot Cellular Automata (QCA) is a promising nanoscale technology with great prospect to provide compact circuits with low energy consumption when compared to CMOS technology. The increasing demand for efficient signal processors necessitates the design of adders and multipliers which occupy less area and consume less power. Serial adders are area efficient architectures that can compute n-bit addition with a single adder but takes more time when compared to n-bit parallel adders. Serial-parallel multipliers have simple, regular and scalable structures in contrast to multipliers that implement more complex multiplication algorithms. This paper proposes two novel energy and area efficient 4-bit QCA based serial-parallel multiplier circuits. Initially a QCA based serial adder is designed and then a 2-bit serial-parallel multiplier is realized. This multiplier is scaled up to form a 4-bit serial-parallel multiplier. A Baugh-Wooley (parallel) multiplier is constructed as a case study to illustrate differences between coplanar and multilayer crossovers in QCA. The design and simulation of the QCA circuits are performed using QCADesigner-E. Circuits are evaluated based on cell count, area and energy dissipation. It can be inferred from the simulation results that the proposed 4-bit serial-parallel multipliers have reduced cell count, area and energy dissipation.

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S. Kavipriya, C.Kannan, S. Ramkumar

Self Compacting Concrete is different from Conventional Concrete; it requires no internal or external vibration for its consolidation but readily deforms and flows without blockages through congested reinforcement and complicated structural forms, fills the entire volume of the mould and gets compacted under its own self-weight. In SCC, characteristics such as high fluidity, adequate viscosity and high resistance to segregation should exist. Fluidity of the paste can be increased by increasing the water-powder ratio and by addition of superplasticizers. Segregation and blockages can be avoided by reducing the size and content of coarse aggregate. At this present situation where availability, source of river sand is really challenge.QRD is used as one of the desirable useful product in this SCC concrete mix which also aim to reduce the cost of construction.SCC can be used for several applications such as high-rise buildings, precast industry, cooling towers, and marine structures, highly congested and complicated sections or even for general constructions. To utilize them in any structural application, the structural behavior of SCC also needs to be evaluated since in the fresh stage, SCC is quite different from CVC. This aspect is considered in this study. Reinforced Concrete (RC) beam of size 150mmx250mmx2500mm were casted using SCC and CVC and tested for static flexure using two point loading system and the flexural behavior of these beams are examined by casting SCC beams with three different bases of superplasticizers such as polycarboxyl, naphthalene and melamine bases. And each set of these different bases of specimens are also moulded with various tensile reinforcement such as 1.04%,1.23% and 1.37%.

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Ety Mukhlesi Yeni, Wahyudin, Tatang Herman

Problem solving is one of the mathematical competencies that students must achieve from elementary school through college. However, in reality problem solving is still a competency that is difficult for students to achieve with various kinds of difficulties in solving mathematical problems. This study has a goal to be achieved in the form of identifying and describing problem solving difficulties based on the theory of Newman to students in fraction material . This research was conducted using descriptive qualitative research methods . The research sample consisted of 34 5th grade elementary school students and 3 students as interview samples with a background of different cognitive abilities. The data of this study were collected from test questions of problem solving skills and interviews. The results showed that students' difficulties in solving problem solving problems were students do not understand the questions in the problem, students are still lacking in understanding mathematical concepts and procedural steps, student mistakes in representing problems in mathematical models, students are not happy to re-evaluate the answers that have been written to check the truth of the answers.

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Simon Sumanjoyo Hutagalung, Himawan Indrajat

The purpose of this study include: (1). Explore the values of local knowledge possessed by the Indonesian people as that norms that can contribute to disaster management in Indonesia, (2). Identifying the potential and relevance of local wisdom in the form of regions in Indonesia for the institutional management of disaster management in Indonesia, (3). Developing local knowledge integration model for disaster management institutions that have been in the design. This study is a research R & D conducted in the focus of a study site in a certain time period and then build a new design. The informants include regional government leaders, the local parliament, leaders and communities / indigenous considered mastered this research theme. The results revealed that the shape of local knowledge in Indonesia is quite dominant tangible application of technology or system, and then followed by the local wisdom that tangible ritual prayer, and the rest of the form of education and post-disaster recovery and reconstruction. The factors reinforce the existence and continuity of the forms of local wisdom in society. Largely driven by the empirical experience they have been through the implementation of local wisdom, the experience in the form of a form of practice and prohibitions which both form the implementation of the local wisdom that is known to give better effect to the community is located.

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Vijayakumar.M, Poovizhi.K, Venkatesan.D

The problem of a change in the mean of a sequence of random variables at an unknown time point has been addressed extensively in the literature. But, the problem of a change in the variance at an unknown time point has, however, been covered less widely. This paper analyses a sequence of autoregressive, AR(p), time series model in which the variance may have subjected to multiple changes at an unknown time points. Posterior distributions are found both for the unknown points of time at which the changes occurred and for the parameters of the model. A numerical example is discussed.

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Manish Kumar, Lalit Agrawal

From cloudy skies to blowing winds, nature has been the sole guide for the farming community since time immemorial. However, with changing times, the sectorial needs also change and mere reliance on assumptive natural signs not only becomes insufficient, but also poses risk owing to the uncertainties associated with them. It is when the innovation comes in to bridge the gaps. The use of mobile technology in the aid of farmers has come a long way since its introduction. Many mobile applications have been developed by government and non-government agencies to help the farmers. They provide information related to weather, rainfall, soil condition and also issue advisories related to cropping and allied activities. This is no less than a revolution since mobile technology has replaced the need for farmers to visit government offices, meteorological centers and labs to gather information before, during and after every cropping season. Farmers can access all this information at the very touch of a button. It is also helping the community in realizing its dream of inclusion. With the use of mobile technology information can transcend across physical and geographical barriers, empowering the farming community.

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Kiswanto, Ratieh Widhiastuti, Linda Agustina, Amelia Nadia Rahma

The research aimed to examine factors affecting tendency of accounting fraud. The population of the research was local government offices and agencies of Semarang city which amounts to 29 offices and agencies. This research uses sample of 87 respondents using purposive sampling technique in their selection. The data was analyzed by SEM using software Smart PLS 3.0. The results of this research indicate that the government's internal control system and distributive justice have negative effect on unethical behavior, while compliance accounting rules does not affect. Compliance accounting rules has negative effects on fraud, while the government's internal control system and distributive justice does not affect. Unethical behavior has a positive effect on fraud. The government's internal control system and distributive justice have negative effect on fraud through unethical behavior while, compliance accounting rules does not affect fraud. This study presents unethical behavior variables to detect accounting fraud. Therefore this research is very important to do. This will be able to find out whether fraud behavior in accounting is driven by the existence of unethical behavior personally, so that later the results of this study can be used as a reference for controlling accounting fraud that occurs especially in Indonesia and countries in Asia. The conclusion of this research is unethical behaviors are influenced by the government's internal control system and distributive justice, while compliance accounting rules does not affect. Compliance accounting rules influence the tendency of accounting fraud, while the government's internal control system and distributive justice do not. Unethical behavior cannot mediate the compliance towards the accounting rules for fraud, whereas the unethical behavior mediates the government's internal control system and distributive justice towards the fraud. Further research should use other variables outside the research variables that have been studied, such as position on the job.

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Dr. Rashmi Chawla, Dr. Manju Gupta, Neerja Anand

Academic Writing is an important benchmark for measuring academic proficiency. This review paper is an attempt to provide the necessary guidance to researchers and academicians who fall prey to fake and predatory journals for the publication of their research work. A comparative analysis of various important journal metrics has been done for a defined and clear cut understanding of the involved bibliometrics. An attempt has also been made to compare and analyze the status of Indian Journals in comparison to International ones on the basis of prestige metric SciMago Journal Ranking (SJR) as far as their rankings are concerned. The outcome of this paper focuses on the problems and challenges associated with Indian Journals, their present status and the gap that needs to be abridged.

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Dinesh Kumar K, Senthil P, Manoj Kumar D.S

Academic certificate verification is routine process for the employer for offering employment. Employer takes much time for giving offer letter after the interview process gets over. To verify the originality of the certificate the employer need to authenticate the certificate from the certificate issuing authority. The employer takes much time for certificate verification to check the originality of the certificate. The overall certificate verification process takes longer time to complete the selection process. In order to solve this problem, Blockchain provides verifiable distributed ledger with cryptography mechanism to counterfeit academic certificate. The Blockchain also provide a common sharing platform for storing, accessing document and minimize the overall time for verification.

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M.K. Ganeshan, C. Vethirajan

This study examined the interaction of electronic human resource practices and employee’s perceptions of the information technology industry. Since 1990, the attitude of the administration towards its representative stared changing, part and commitment of human resource (HR) as a capability to puddle more information outcomes from a private organization. It becomes vital to a large number of industries began to center their vision and mission on the general population who work for them. The part and obligations of human quality management changed due to progress in government arrangements organization, work enactments, and innovation. Organizations put up worth mentioning awareness of human capital instead of money related capital. Organizations predicted that business needs a workforce that will provide a firm with a decisive competitive advantage over other organizations. This paper examines the effect of e-HRM Practices and employee perception of information technology-enabled service companies.

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Taranpreet Singh

The Internet is complex, broad, and ever-evolving. Almost 90% of all the data in the world has been generated over the last few years. In this vast ocean of data, how does one find relevant information? How do readers verify the credibility of information? In the realm of real estate, how do house hunters trust house listings? GoLocal is a real estate website that resolves some of these questions. I intend to develop GoLocal – an innovative real estate website to provide services not provided by any other existing websites, such as StreetEasy, Zillow, Trulia etc. GoLocal is primarily for international students looking for accommodations in a foreign place. It will offer hot deals, a personal assistant that will help them in finding a place and other discounts and privileges for students. The website will provide listings based on the user's requirements. The unique feature of GoLocal is that listings are 100 percent verified and authentic. It will also offer other features like commute estimates, crime rate statistics, contact facility among the owner, and previous tenants to help them understand the place and neighborhood better, as well as virtual tour and 3D model of the property.

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M. R. Rajesh Kanna, S. Roopa

In this manuscript we defined a new type of matrix called minimum dominating extended matrix and hence energy by using degree of a adjacent vertices. In this manuscript we have calculated minimum dominating extended energies for some standard graphs. Latterly, the manuscript lower and upper bounds for this extended energy are also obtained.

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Moonsun Shin, Seonmin Hwang, Sungwon Lee, Aeran Jeong, Byungchul Kim

In this paper, we propose a healthcare platform, called HealthOne, which is available as an integrated platform for users to manage personalized healthcare applying collective intelligence and ACDT(Ant Colony Decision Tree) based page rank. HealthOne platform provides health-related contents for users in order to manage their own healthcare using smart devices anytime, anywhere according to the PHR profile. To support the personalized recommendation in HealthOne system, ant-colony decision tree and page rank algorithm and machine learning are applied. Furthermore k-means clustering and KNN are adopted for the clustering of similar users based on PHR. We carry out the heuristic experiments of personalized recommendation according to the change of pheromone value.

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Natalia Danyliuk, Alla Zhemba, Oleksandr Dyma, Olga Sazonets, Olena Kachan

Research of business interaction in marketing channels is often associated with the necessity to study the optimal business game scenarios, which provide the best implementation of enterprises business behavior strategies and maximize their profits. In such situations involvement of game-theoretic modeling apparatus in the process of determining key factors influencing profits formation of manufacturers and retailers, contributes to a better understanding of the cause and the effect relationships between the magnitude of profits, interpreted in the form of indicators of business strategies, and creates the prerequisites for finding ways of sharing joint profits in marketing channels. The purpose of study is to find optimal values in terms of channel members profits maximizing of the parameters of the advertising cost response function, in which the manufacturer and the retailer by agreement make decisions on the implementation of business game strategies, including pricing strategies and strategies for generating joint advertising costs. The paper presents a numerical experiment on the possible values of the parameters of the advertising cost response function, which takes into account the recommendations of the practice of enterprises functioning in distribution channels. Mathematical calculations have been made, which allow to build a model of cooperative game of the manufacturer and the retailer, based on the non-dimensional form of retail price values as well as values of joint advertising costs. The optimal solution of cooperative game, which within the numerical experiment is presented as the possible maximum values of profits of the manufacturer, the retailer and the vertical marketing channel, is made. The comparative analysis of the solutions of cooperative game and non-cooperative game, which involves the formation of Nash equilibrium, is given to determine the benefits of cooperative game model for both participants of the vertical marketing channel in terms of maximizing their profits and profit of the channel as a whole. The results obtained can be an information base for further calculations and comparisons of cooperative and non-cooperative models as interactions between participants of supply chains. In addition, the results of numerical simulations form the initial base for comparisons with other variants of cooperative game model, which involve changing a range and a step change of output values of the model.

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Nur Alim Natsir, Muhammad Rijal

The difference in accumulation of lead (Pb) and mercury (Hg) in water, sediments, and seagrass (Enhalus acoroides) organs (roots, rhizomes, and leaves) was found in the waters of Kayeli Bay, Buru Island, Maluku Province. Samples were collected from ten sampling points (Kayeli Estuary, Suket Estuary, Anahoni Estuary, Waelata I Estuary, Waelata II Estuary, Waeapo Estuary, Sanleko Estuary, Marlosso Estuary, Nametek Beach, and Jikumerasa Beach). The concentration of Pb and Hg was analyzed using Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer. The result showed that Pb and Hg contained in sediments were higher than in water. The highest Pb and Hg content was found in the seagrass root, followed by the rhizomes and leaves (roots> rhizomes> leaves). Seagrass (Enhalus acoroides) is one of the living organisms that can be used as a bioindicator of heavy metal pollution in the aquatic environment.

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Eko Prasetiyo, Suyatno, Aliyah Rasyid Baswedan

This study aims to reveal the implementation of the Character Education Reinforcement Program by establishing a PPK (Character Education Reinforcement) special task force at Muhammadiyah Karangkajen Elementary School Yogyakarta. This research was a qualitative descriptive research. The research subjects consisted of the principal, assistant teacher for the task force, classroom teachers, task force training team, and students. Research subjects were determined by purposive sampling technique. The data was collected through observation, interviews, and documentation studies. The data analysis process wasbydata reduction, data presentation, and data verification. The data validity was done by triangulation technique, both technical and sources triangulation. The results of the research showed that 1. The Implementation of the PPK program with the special task force has a clear target goal of character values to be achieved in each grade. 2) The program implementation was carried out by forming five task forces consisting of: the Bima-Sinta task force to develop the value of religious; PKS-PocilSercibatask force to develop the value of nationalism; the HW Kopatih task force to develop independence value; the SPK task force to develop the value of mutual cooperation; and the Dokcil-Provostask force to develop integrity value. 3) The implementation of PPK with the special task force has been able to create a conducive climate in the development of five core PPK values consisting of the values of religious, nationalism, independence, mutual cooperation, and integrity. 4) The implementation of the PPK program is able to effectively create positive branded school.

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The paper presents a work in the body, concerning the development of an interactive virtual reality, the main aim of this project is students can learn the anatomical sciences with exceptional case. The human body consists of many different types of cells that together create tissues and other organ system. They ensure homeostasis and the viability of the human body.

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Fristita Desania, Bornok Sinaga, Asrin Lubis, Edi Syahputra

This study aims to describe students' critical thinking skills using problem-based learning approach assisted by HOTS questions. This research was conducted at SMA Negeri 13 Medan odd semester 2019/2020. The data collection technique was performed using a test of 5 questions that refer to indicators of students' critical thinking skills. Based on the results of the study obtained students' critical thinking skills in linear systems with three variables in class X MIA2 2019/2020 with students’ mean score of 71, which is included in the medium category.

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Dr. M. Senthil, R. Ruthramathi, Dr. N. Gayathri

Logistics service suppliers play a very important role in a supply chain system and may snoop to adopt economical provision technologies to supply higher services for their customers. A good deal of logistics service providers tries to improve their operational efficiency by continuous adoption of new technology in the logistics sector. Technology accelerates the data sharing across offer chains and among offer chain partners. Totally 52 registered companies from Direct General Foreign Trade (DGFT) were taken for the study The objectives of the study is to understand the use of latest technologies by warehouse service providers, to investigate the major challenges and benefits faced by the warehouse operators, in using various technologies like GPS, Barcode, RFID, Drones, IoT, AI, Cloud computing, Robotics and Block chain technologies and to offer feasible suggestions for the adoption of the new technology by 3PL service providers dealing with V.O.C port, Tuticorin, India. The need to deliberate the interdependencies multiple technologies arises in order to strategise a comprehensive approach in executing the exponential technologies.

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Dr. G. Nedumaran, D. Mehala

The objectives of putting this on paper is to review this practice associated with the assorted waste management initiatives taken in India for human prosperity. The other purpose is to produce some suggestions and suggestions to enhance the waste management practices in Indian cities. This paper is based on secondary research. Existing reports associated with waste management and suggestions of planners/NGOs/consultants/government answerableness agencies/key trade experts/ for improving the system square measure studied. It offers deep data regarding the assorted waste management initiatives in Bharat and establishes the scope for improvement within the management of waste for the welfare of the society. The paper makes an attempt to grasp the vital role compete by the formal sector engaged in waste management in our country. This work is original and will be more extended.

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K. Sarvana Kumari, Dr. B. Manjula

Sentiment analysis is essential for social alignment, especially when there are many Twitter users nowadays. In every rational sense, each of the previous works is dependent on old classification systems, for example SVM, Naïve Bayes, etc. Starting from late, fundamental learning techniques have shown promising accuracy in this space about the body of tweets in English. In this article we propose the fundamental assessment that enormous learning structures apply to gather the sense of Twitter information. There are two colossal learning methods with regard to our evaluation: short-term memory (LSTM) and dynamic convolution neural network (DCNN). A preprocessing of certifiable information has been promoted. We also investigate the impact of word management on tweets. The results show that critical learning strategies classified old style structures in all aspects: Naïve Bayes and SVM, with the exception of Maximum entropy.

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Sudarshan Chavhan, Dr. Arif khan

Arvi city is developing rapidly due to industrialization since last two decades. It is considered as fourth most polluted city in India. The present study was carried out with a view to have an understanding about the pollution status of Arvi district, particularly quality in vicinity of Industrial area and mining projects. Environmental studies were carried out on ground and surface water to find out the physico-chemical parameter like TDS. It is necessary to collected sample from different sites, in order to evaluate the drinking water quality in and around Arvi district. The analysis of various parameters using standard methods (APHA/NEERI) and their comparison with WHO (World health organization) standards values, suggest that most of the parameter within permissible limit given by Central pollution control board of India (CPCB). Concentration of parameters beyond the limits in some areas could be reduced and could be an invaluable source for domestic purposes in the region. The present project accounts water quality of various sites situated in Arvi and their efficiencies respectively. Generally, Water is a good solvent and pick up impurities easily. Pure water is tasteless, colorless, and odorless. “Dissolved solids” refer to any minerals, salts, metals, cations or anions dissolved in water. Total dissolved comprises inorganic salts (principally calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium, bicarbonates, chlorides and sulphates) and some small amount of organic matter that are dissolved in water. We generally discuss TDS for freshwater system only, as salinity consists of some of the ions contributing in the definition of TDS. The Study of water quality for streams, rivers and lakes is the most important application of TDS, although TDS is not primary pollutant, but TDS used as an indicator of aesthetics characteristics of drinking water and as indicator of the presence of broad array of chemical contaminant

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Swabarna Roy, Chinmay Kumar Kundu

Structural design optimization is a mathematical approach that concerns in finding the maxima and minima function subject to some constraints. This involves various optimization technique to find the best possible design in terms of weight, reliability and thus the overall cost. Various researchers have worked on different optimization techniques in finding out the efficient and light weight structures that are essential for the actual design of tall structures. This paper summarizes the various techniques of optimization of steel truss or towers that have been used till now. For this purpose, different optimization techniques have been studied which involves the various geometric constraints like changing the base width, bracing pattern, area of cross section. By reviewing the literature of the works done, the common objective emphasizes the need for finding the minimum weight of the structure. From studies we see optimization using metaheuristic algorithm are effective in order to solve truss problems. Metaheuristic algorithms are nature -inspired and most widely used due to its applicability and feasibility to various types of structures with many numbers of design variables. In this paper a 25-bar space benchmark truss has been considered for demonstrating the performance of various optimization algorithm. A comparative study is done based on the performance in lowering the weight of the total truss. Results shows that optimal weight of the truss structure can be obtained effectively using Whale optimization algorithm and it proved to be robust and efficient than other algorithms.

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Iasha Diana Putri, Dwi Indrawati, R. Ratnaningsih

Cibodas Village, Pasirjambu district, Bandung Region is a place that has high potential in developing dairy industry and the producer of vegetables. The high interest of the citizens to plant various vegetables and raising cattle cause an increase in the amount of waste production. Cow manure (CM) and vegetable waste (VW) are mostly thrown into the river and made the water turned to green and thus contains a lot of bacteria. One way to handle this waste is to use vermicomposting method using Lumbricus rubellus. The purpose of this study was to observe the speed of waste degradation and quality of compost with variations of worm density and variations of row material. The research method using three variations of the worm density (1.5kg/m2; 2kg/m2; 2.5kg/m2), 4 variations of raw materials (100%CM, 100%VW, 50%CM and 50%VW, 30%CM and 70%VW). Biodegradation calculation is performed by calculating the percentage difference before and after the process of composting. The results showed that the worm density effect on the biodegradation of organic matter. Worm density 1.5 kg/m2 is the highest earthworm biomass and also giving a lower number of vermicompost. Variations materials 30%CM and 70%VW shows that the Lumbricus rubellus worm has high potential to reduce waste into compost and the analysis result showed that nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and C/N ratio has met the standard of SNI 19-7030-2004 (2,201%; 1,348%; 2,741%; 9,523). Furthermore, because of the analysis result has fit into the standard, it can be known that vermicomposting can be used for the growth and development of healthy plants.

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Pragalbh Sharma

The segment of Fast Moving Consumer Goods is one of the rapid growing segments in this entire world. There are several FMCG companies working in our country ranging from Hindustan Unilever Limited to ITC including Patanjali. The rationale of this research work is to know about the preference and perception of households of Patanjali products in District-Mathura (UP) - India. The primary data was gathered from 170 households of the district with the help of a well prepared questionnaire. Exploratory Factor analysis is used for the analysis of the data while reliability analysis has been conducted to test the reliability of the data. The important findings of this work revealed that the originality of the products along with their quality influences the households here to buy the Patanjali products. Also, the household perceives these products very safe to be consumed as they are unadulterated and the company is not compromising with the quality of its products. Further analysis of the facts also explain whether the company may have long term sustained success in the market or not, in response of which the households have agreed to repeatedly purchase the Patanjali products and they also refer it to their relatives and friends. Therefore, it can be assumed primarily that the households generally prefer to buy Patanjali products over other available substitutes in the market because they perceive these products to be of superior quality.

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Henry Kurniawan

The fundamental aspect of fractional learning is to instill a profound fractional concept so that it can apply it to real situations and experience the fractional benefits in everyday life. Understanding the concept of fractions is the result of construction of the fractional objects. The construction of this fractional concept is done through visualization that manipulates the making of drawings, diagrams or animations for the appearance of fractional information. This research is a qualitative study that describes the construction of fractional concepts as equal parts of the whole and the construction of a fractional concept of value. Subjects in this study as many as 9 selected students from 22 students are grouped into 3 groups, namely (1) failed construction groups and true visualization; (2) failed construction group and failed visualization; and (3) true construction group and true visualization. The results of this study are group (1) the visualization has followed the appropriate pattern but is less precise in the calculation, the group (2) does not understand the concept of fraction so that it fails to visualize, and group (3) can already visualize the concept of fractions with different visualization form from the pattern.

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Jagadish Jadhav, Mahesh Pingle, Sagar More, Shaileja Patil, Pramod Deore

In Today’s world of mobile communication the demand of increasing bandwidth along with deployment of increasing electronics gazettes results in to electromagnetic interference and compatibility issues. The best solution to overcome the possible EMI issues and make the system electromagnetic compatible is to analysis the system performance through Electromagnetic modeling. The analysis and optimization of these EM issues at the design level is only the solution to overcome the issues addressed. The design optimization is carried out with the help EM modeling. The EMI issues within the commercial electronic products, Military and RADAR applications equipment, and medical equipment can be reduced to the considerable level by deploying the EM modeling. This paper highlights on the importance of EM Modeling Techniques along with its different types. The comparison of various parameters like Radiation efficiency, gain and different ground conditioning and dielectric materials is carried out for wire antenna. The EM simulation is carried out by using 4NEC2X Software which is based on Method of Moments, MoM.

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Chandrasekar. T, Kannan A ,K.E. Lakshmiprabha,

This paper introduces a novel active current injection circuit to mitigate harmonics and to amend the power factor of a three phase front-end uncontrolled rectifier. The high PF is achieved by injecting HF current, from the HF inverter, at the input of the front- end three-phase rectifier the inverter switches are in zero voltage switching. The front- end rectifier diodes are working in zero current transition. It results a current waveform is continuous and sinusoidal in shape and current harmonics reduced significantly . The fixed duty ratio with varying switching frequency, regulates the output voltage. The input current THD and power factor are 5.76 % and 0.99 respectively. The results are verified through PSIM simulation and compared with an experimental prototype of 2.5Kw.

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S Amarnath, R Muralitharan, R Robinson, M Vijay Sanmugam, M P E Rajamani

Our project aimed to provide a mobility system for E-bikes to make urban mobility affordable and non-pollutable thus providing service through the secure mode of transportation for the urbanites and in closed environments like universities and IT parks. A fingerprint-based biometric system of authentication for E-bikes to enhance micro-mobility among the targeted audiences. Compared to other systems of authentication, fingerprint-based authentication is unique, highly accurate and an economical technique. An account can be created using personnel data and unique ID will be assigned to each individual's fingerprint. By database management system, the user can be identified, tracked and the user can also check his account and the amount for the usage-based on time is deduced from the account in the form of minutes. The web-based application notifies regarding account recharge which shows minutes. The security of the system is ensured via GPS and GSM. GPS based security ensures the vehicle becomes inoperable outside the area formulated by the service provider. This sends the system information to the web-based mobile application. This project encourages the urbanities to use E-bikes to commute affordable and eco-friendly.

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P.Velrajkumar, P.Ramesh, C.Senthilpari, T.Bhuvaneswari, V.Chitra

An autonomous robot plays an important role in the future of rescue operation in unknown environments. In this research a robot is capable of moving in tunnel and able to do operation in the tunnel. The robot is controlled wirelessly via Wifi communication using wifi router. The robot itself is equipped with a mini computer that is a Raspberry-Pi processor. The Raspberry-Pi is the brain for the robot as it gives out command on the movement of the robot and the data from the USB camera is collected and then transmitted to the computer. The robot is capable to go up 75 to 110 meters on Wifi signal. Once the connection is lost the robot will stop by itself. The robot is equipped with two batteries that last long and does run for more than 30 – 45 minutes. The robot is controlled via a computer that is programmed to run Ubuntu operating system. From the comfort of sitting in front of the computer the robot can be controlled from a distance and the live is then stream on the computer.

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Abdul Rahman. A, Justus Selwyn

The Software quality model is consists of characteristics, which can provides ability to meet users’ expectations with associated quality in appropriate level and dimensions. Now a day’s every user having their own perception of product due to awareness of technologies, availability of huge similar products in market, globalization and open markets etc. so it becomes inevitable for software developers to meet quality in different perception apart from product specific. Particularly, knowledge management system (KMS) is becomes cynosure in every sector due to its benefits in this present volatile technology, people and market environment. But achieving quality in KMS is becoming complicate because of its multidisciplinary fields, at the same time KMS is an only solution of every sector to address the issues like competitive advantages, loss of key personal, improve customer satisfactions, intellectual improvement, and organizational image. At the same time striving for effectiveness in KMS without quality will be meaningless, since quality is a primary ingredient for effectiveness of any systems. This paper discusses the applicability of basic quality models in software engineering literature for KMS. This paper also presents comparative study of KMS-specific quality models and proposes a model required to battle with KMS quality.

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Akshada N. Gogawale, Sagar M. Gawande

As per the Current status we want to design and developed technology which help us to reduce environmental and health risk from burnt electrical vehicular bulbs due to its unsystematic dumping by unauthorized as well as authorized garages, this allows to release of mercury to the atmosphere. This system involves crushing of bulbs under control condition to collect the mercury available in the bulbs and also study physical and chemical parameter of crushed material. The first step involved identification of garages in Parvati region of Pune city in Maharashtra to collect defused electrical vehicular bulbs. The collected bulbs are categorized according to shape and size. The objective of this paper is separation of crushed material coming from crushing unit like glass, gas, metal caps etc.

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Ankur Khare, Rajendra Gupta, Piyush Kumar Shukla

Wireless sensor network (WSN) is extremely liable to numerous substantial attacks due to constrained resource exploitation in the huge communication area. The attacker captures a specific number of nodes to cooperate with whole network and filch out the private information and encryption keys, known as node capture attack. We developed a Grey Wolf Optimization Algorithm (GWOA) to discover the nodes having maximum possibility of attacking. GWOA initiates on multi objectives like node`s stability and node`s contribution and simulation outputs illustrates that the GWOA obtains higher ratio of compromised traffic, minimum attacking rounds and minimum energy utilization cost as compared to the ACO and other node capture techniques.

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Syairah Suib, Sarina Ismail

Nowadays, a cafe is labelled as a "third” or "public” place to host regular, volunteer and informal meetings of individuals outside of their home and work because of lifestyle changes. Retailers now choose to highlight their store atmosphere to get ahead in this tough industry. Past studies found that employee service significantly increases positive behaviour in the café environment. As a consequence, retailers are trying to update their café’s decoration so that it can be used as a spot for customers to do their work while having their meal. This study attempts to investigate how various factors in the café environment impact consumer behaviour. The patrons of cafes in Selangor were selected using purposive sampling technique as the respondents of this study. 320 questionnaires were collected and the Partial Least Square technique was used to analyze the data collected. The findings show that the two factors related to the café environment, which are café design and café cleanliness significantly influence consumer behaviour. The results also indicated that café employee service has a significant positive influence on consumer behaviour. This study has further explored the implications of these findings.

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Ruth G. Luciano

This study aimed at determining the current operations of the Human Resource Office (HRO) in one of the private Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) in the Philippines. This study also tried to find out the problems encountered by the HRO in its daily operations especially in terms of ranking and promotion. To gather quantitative data, descriptive survey was used with questionnaire as research instrument. The data analysis was done using frequency, percentage and weighted mean. The HR officer major issues and concerns were on recruitment, selection, performance evaluation and ranking and promotion. On the development of the automated system, the researcher first sought the help of the private school employees on the description and features of the current operations of the human resource office. She also requested the help of ICT professionals whom she knows to comments on the system prototype presented before the final system was tested and implemented. The researcher recommends that the proposed ranking and promotion system be adopted.

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Niño G. Herrera, Ruth G. Luciano

This study aimed to develop an android-controlled grass cutting robot to address the problems of cutting tall perennial grasses in uneven terrain, test the feasibility of controlling the robot using android devices and to explore the ideas attaching heat and thermal sensor as a safety measure. It was developed using robotic process automation (RPA) utilized the following stages: Gather, Analyze, Design, Execute and Improvise. The grass cutting robot is controlled thru WI-FI by android app which can run in either Windows 10 with “Bluestacks Emulator” or Android operating system version 4.4.2 or higher. It is armed by a grass-cutting blade made of stainless steel and it is propelled by a brushed motor. It also holds the cutting blade and brushed motor into a robotic arm that can be swiveled either automatically or manually. Its heat and thermal sensor located in the front can detect humans, mammals and birds. This sensor stops the cutting blade once detection is triggered. Other safety feature is the ultrasonic sensor which is used to detect objects that will collide into the robot and stops the robot from moving. Its steering angle, forward and reverse speed can be adjusted using the Android app.

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Cris Norman P. Olipas, Ruth G. Luciano

This research aims to identify, analyze, and evaluate the impact of using countdown timer when administering programming exercises for the Bachelor of Science in Information Technology students in one of the state universities in Central Luzon, Philippines. This research utilized descriptive-correlational approach to describe the impact of using countdown timer on the academic motivation and programming anxiety of BSIT students. The researchers used purposive sampling to select the respondents of the study. They are the sophomore students who are exposed to the use of countdown timer every time they have laboratory exercises and/or programming activities. Responses were tallied, summarized and interpreted. Results show that there were common academic motivations and reasons why students pursue their college education – intrinsically and extrinsically. Also, this study found out how the sophomore students view the use of countdown timer when conducting programming exercises and the level of their programming anxiety. Lastly, significant impact was revealed indicating that the selected demographic profile of the respondents affects the programming anxiety and that the programming anxiety is being affected by the use of countdown timer.

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Meeradevi T, SharavanaRaju K.M, Raja Kavya S, Prashanth S Navaneetha Kumar S

Automobiles has been become the basic necessities of day-to-day life.The statistics says that about 45% of the accidents are occurred due to the light beam, there exists a problem of travelling during the night time. In the existing system, the high light beam will automatically turn ON whenever the surrounding light conditions are found to be dark and vice versa.Also the brightness of the light beam is varied by the drivers based on the presence and absence of opposite vehicle. In our daily life most of the drivers are not changing the intensity of the headlight even though there is an opposite vehicle. It causes irritation to the driver while driving in night time. To overcome this problem this paper presents a system in which the light beam is synchronized from high beam to low beam if the intensity of the opposite head light is found to be high. After crossing the vehicle, the headlight will automatically turned to high beam .An additional feature of identifying the amount of CO2 present inside the vehicle is also proposed in this paper. CO2 measurement is done by a gas sensor which is interfaced with the microcontroller. On reaching the threshold analog value of the gas sensor after which the individual feels uncomfortable, the automobile windows are opened automatically for ventilation and avoiding suffocation

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Edward B. Panganiban

Flood is regarded as a chaotic natural disaster that threatens people's lives and properties. Flood warning and rainfall measuring systems dealing with different processes and multiple methodologies, providing data and information to maintain flood warning transportation and alternatives to crises for people around the world. To provide comparatively accurate and reliable flood prediction, prediction models are essential to be propelled by data input and further controlled by historical data and real-time observations are processed through the various algorithms. Flood prediction techniques traditionally include the use of rain gage for rainfall measurement and a simple flood warning system circuit. Emerging flood warning systems technologies and development have the potential to provide alternative solutions to allow timely and reliable flood calculations. It has shown a growing interest in investigating the use of more technological methods to anticipate floods through this. This paper reviews, therefore, from traditional flood forecasting to recent progress with the integration of emerging technologies for a more reliable and accurate flood warning system. This paper discussed patented flood warning systems, rainfall measuring systems, and published papers on flood warning systems. The result ended up with an idea that will be proposed for better accuracy and timely applications.

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Muhyiddin Bin Mohammed, Ong Wen Qi,

This study conducted to investigate play furniture for children. There is various type of furniture for children but not all are suitable for children. Play is necessary for every children childhood. A play furniture design for children must be impact resistance, durable, safety and smooth materials. Play as progress concerns the belief that the purpose of play is to learn something useful. Play is a means to improve or enable psychological or social needs. The objectives are to identify the type of play furniture, analyse which type of play furniture is suitable for children and to design a conceptual play furniture for children at home. The anthropometric data will help on full-scale dimensions for designing an ergonomics play furniture for children. The implementation data will help in designing a comfortable, safety, ergonomic and good sitting posture for children. Furthermore, exploration on the height of Asian children and also materials used. The research approach used in this study are quantitative and qualitative. There were randomly 59 samples of parents to do a survey about the design and features of play furniture and 17 children age between 4 to 6 years old to choose their preferred colour as a guideline on the designed children play furniture. The result of the average children 4 to 6 years old height is 93cm-114cm for girls and 95cm-116cm for boys. In total 37.3% of parents select a minimalist concept and 76.4% prefer organic shape. The highest percentage for the size of children play furniture was medium size which affordable for 2 children used.

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Vattakkayal Lake, Kerala, Sherly Williams E, Nisha Thomas P Vineetha S

The biota of an aquatic system directly reflects the productivity potential and health of the ecosystem. Many groups of organisms have been studied to assess water quality and the impact of environmental change. In the present study an attempt has been made to assess the seasonal variations in the diversity and abundance of plankton community of Vattakkayal Lake in the Maruthady area under corporation of Kollam. A total of 57 species of phytoplankton and 23 species of zooplankton were identified from different classes for a period of one year (February 2018 – January 2019) under three seasons, pre-monsoon, monsoon and post- monsoon. Among the phytoplankton species identified, Bacillariophyceae (35.41%) formed the dominant group, followed by Chlorophyceae (27.52%), Cyanophyceae (23.10%) and Euglenophyceae (13.97%), while the Zooplankton species consisted of 35.8% Rotifera, 23% Protozoa, 21.2% Copepoda and 15.7% Cladocera and the least Ostracoda (4.2%). Bacillariophyceae and Rotiferas were the dominant group among phytoplankton and zooplankton respectively with respect to diversity and population density status. This study revealed that the plankton diversity was found to be maximum during pre- monsoon season, followed by post-monsoon and monsoon. Dominance of the pollution indicators like Closterium sp., Nitzschia sp., Navicula sp., Oscillatoria sp., Microcystis sp., and Brachionus sp., indicate that this lake is under severe threat of organic waste. Shannon diversity index was used to establish the seasonal variation in plankton diversity.

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Uday Arun Bhale, Dr Harpreet Singh Bedi

Purpose: To measure the degree engagement, satisfaction with service channels and reason for dissatisfaction on the usage of digital self-service by telecom consumers. Design: To study the first objective purposive survey done with random sampling for customers were using the different types of the service channel. Service channels were explored through exploratory study. The second objective was determined using Net Promoter Survey (NPS) with promoter, detractor and passive analysis. The third objective was explored through qualitative research with multistage sampling, the analysis was done using semi-structured interviews to systematically collect and analyzed the data to generate a model for factors analyzing customer's reason for dissatisfaction towards the digital app. Grounded theory approach has been used to code the verbatim and used for the development of a model. Findings: study shows call centre is having highest users, NPS score of the digital channel was better over the call centre. Six influencing dissatisfaction factors of digital self-service factors identified through axial coding are app speed, unwanted information, Incomplete information, Information /service not available, App response failure rate, Difficult to navigate. Originality/Value: This paper provides insights on the self-service app of the mobile operators and model can be used to improve the digital self-service.

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Uday Arun Bhale, Dr Harpreet Singh Bedi

Purpose: The research aims to examine the unique port generated (UPC) customer’s engagement effectiveness with digital & non-digital service channel, its impact on mobile number portability (MNP) churn and factors affecting MNP churn. Design: To study the first and second objective purposive sampling done from postpaid mobile customers who have shown intention of MNP by generating UPC. then the comparative study was done on customers with engaged and non-engaged base. And the effectiveness of the engaged base is studied on the digital and non-digital service channels. To determine the third objective study was done with multilevel sampling. The sample has been taken from the customers which have used the MNP service from the first objective sample. The objective is studied with a qualitative technique using semi-structured interviews to collect and analyze the data to generate a model for factors affecting the MNP churn. Then the Grounded theory approach has been used to code the sentences and theoretical model is proposed. Findings: Customer engagement on the UPC customers is less at 40%, results indicate that MNP churn of the engaged base is 60% against the non-engaged base 83%, and out of engaged based 85% customers were retained with non-digital interaction mode. Further results show that six influencing factors of MNP identified through axial coding are network, price, service reach, brand, non-telecom benefits, unwanted value-added services. Originality/Value: This paper provides the study on the postpaid segment and explores the details on customer engagement before proceeding to MNP churn, its relationship on MNP churn & reason for MNP churn which can be used to form a proactive retention strategy.

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Dilfuza Normatova

This paper about how to use the translation skills effectively in the training of foreign language specialists. As is well known, translation has been raised to the level of methodology in the history of foreign language teaching. Methods of translation and grammar have been widely used in teaching foreign languages for many years. Over time, other methods of teaching foreign languages have been developed as translation methods are not up to date. Process methods such as dating, training, and application began to apply, and the educational status of the translation completely changed. A number of controversial issues need to be addressed in the process of training foreign language specialists to meet the modern requirements.

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Iroda Siddikova, Mukhayyo Nartaeva

The article attempts to justify the need to separate medical linguistics into a separate scientific field, within the framework of which it is supposed to conduct an adequate description of all aspects of the functioning of the language that make up the language of medicine: its lexical-grammatical, lingo cultural and communicative aspects. The purpose of the study is related to the development of the theoretical foundations of medical linguistics and a comprehensive study of the problems of the interaction of linguistic and medical aspects using the method of correlation of linguistic and extra linguistic phenomena. The interrelation of language and medicine found in the study helps explain the processes of professional speech activity and the functioning of the language. By the nature, function and structure of the language system, a complex socio-historical, socio-psychological phenomenon serves as a unique means of communication to society. Language acts as a symbol, symbol, and mirror of the development of society.

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Buzakhro Begmatova, Sarvinoz Kasimova, Shirin Zaynutdinova

Masdar can come up with different functions in a sentence and be similar in size and morphological performance in the syntax. In this case, it is necessary to have a clear understanding of the features and terms of use of the masjid and those parts of the sentence in order to correctly identify and translate the studied parts of the sentence. Masdar can come in the functions of the head or the secondary parts of the sentence. In the analyzed sentence, it is represented by a mask, and it is not difficult to distinguish that part of the cross. Because they are rulers in a sentence, their syntactic role and their semantic meaning are clearly expressed in the sentence. As for the secondary parts, however, they are morphologically similar, although they come with syntactic and semantically different functions if expressed in masks. Therefore, in identifying the secondary parts of a sentence, we must pay attention to the semantic and syntactic aspects of the main parts of the sentence and the secondary ones.

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Saber T.R. Syouri, Mustafa Mamat, Ibrahim M.M. Alghrouz, Ibrahim Mohammed Sulaiman

The standard approaches to the problem of conformable fractional calculus has been studied extensively. Many researchers have shown that the obtained conditions for the theorem describing the general solution of; are generally weaker than those derived by using the classical norm-type expansion and compression theorem. In this paper, we propose conformable method for the fractional differential transform and established the prove for basic properties of differintegrals. Some solved examples have been reported to illustrate the possible application of the obtained results.

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Reona Shinam

The concept of ethnicity (Gaines Jr S. O., 1997) is pictured as an individual’s shared biological and cultural heritage within a given society. Inter-ethnic relations refer to the side-by-side existence of people with varying ethnic backgrounds. In multi-ethnic villages, the relation between interpersonal or “intra-ethnic” and inter-group or “inter-ethnic” relationships is a significant indicator of evaluating the degree of permeability of intra-ethnic territories and acceptance of the ethnic by the state. The study of the inter-ethnic relationship has been increasing, and the inter-ethnic relationship has many different meanings. It goes together with the integration of the state. This article will be an updated view of the field, current issues, and findings, and introduce a framework to facilitate the study of inter-ethnic relationships. The majority of this article will reflect the literature and focus on inter-ethnic relationships, while also drawing attention to findings from the field study. The study takes a balanced view of the ethnic competition approach (Coser, 1956; Coenders, 2001) and the structural approach. In the present, it is more focused on the variance in inter-ethnic relationships in sociocultural, economic and political-religious spheres and in which conclusively to know their levels and intensity of interaction with the ‘ethnic other.’

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Prawoto, Lina Handayani

Humans are physical as well as psychological creatures that are interrelated with one another and influence each other. Human physical condition will affect the psychological condition, so that every physical illness experienced by someone not only attacks humans physically, but also can bring problems to their psychological condition. The psychological condition of humans is influenced by their spirituality. Therefore, service to patients in hospitals also needs to pay attention to various aspects, both bio-psycho-social and spiritual, that is holistic health care (hhc). This study aims to find a model of holistic health care services in public hospitals. As a place of research is PKU Muhammadiyah Hospital Yogyakarta. This research is a survey using interview, observation and questionnaire methods. Data analysis was carried out both by descriptive qualitative and statistical descriptive. This study concludes that: Spiritual services have been carried out for a long time in PKU Muhammadiyah Hospital, Patients state that they really need spiritual services and believe that spiritual services can help the healing process, Spiritual services expected by patients are carried out by special officers but doctors, psychologists and nurses also expected by the patient to provide a spiritual touch in carrying out the task. Based on research at Yogyakarta PKU Muhammadiyah Hospital a spiritual service model in a public hospital has been arranged, so that later the spiritual service unit needs to be considered and further developed.

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Erwin Harahap, Yusuf Fajar, Dadi Ahmadi, Abdul Kudus, Rakhmat Ceha

A large amount of Internet traffic is organized through content delivery networks (CDNs). CDNs improve Internet access in terms of the response time and system throughput by mapping end-users to the nearest servers based on their locality, which known as request routing (RR). Most CDN systems use domain name servers (DNS) to redirect clients by issuing the IP address of the nearest server. Owing to the fact that DNS records have an expiration time (TTL), clients frequently have to contact name servers to update their IP addresses, which increases the connection delay. On the other hand, clients are demanding faster Internet connections. Because routers will be able to provide services in future networks, router-based RR has been proposed. In this paper, we study an analytical model of router-based RR. We present its architecture design and implementation, and show how router-based RR can be used to effectively redirect a clients’ request. Numerical analysis results demonstrate the effectiveness of router-based RR, which shows a 64.4% reduction of the response time for a client redirection.

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In general, this study aims to gain an in-depth understanding of women in Asih Karina's Setegar Ebony novel through semiotic structural studies. The specific purpose of this research is to reveal, explain and provide the intrinsic and extrinsic structural meanings in the novel, (a) figures (the figures analyzed are the main characters and some additional figures in the story, (b) the setting and storyline.This study uses qualitative methods with content analysis techniques, namely fact finding through the correct interpretation of literary text data.The aim is to describe and interpret women's roles systematically, factually and accurately regarding facts, traits and relationships between the research phenomenon is in the form of quotations in the form of words, phrases and sentences.The source of data in this study is a novel by an Indonesian female writer in 2015. Then the data analysis technique is the content analysis technique.The research findings are the final examination the main character (Asih Karina) believes that the condition the contents of themselves and their children are ready to live well, after being thoroughly examined, the results do not disappoint at all, their children can be born normally. This is done by a helper. In addition, if the fate of the main character is buried, then he might have despaired and died, he was my best friend who came after the disaster happened. He is a fellow soldier who also continues to face difficulties. The following friend to hear my complaints is Riefa. It was he who was always able to make me see life with jokes. The child is conceived by the main character, impatiently waiting for his child to be born, like a mother cannot. Through this alone, my child forgive my mother son. Just by remembering the name and face, I can cry without stopping. If the mother of the main character is not at home, I will cry out loud. If he is there I will cry while choking.

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Quang Pham Minh, Huynh Le Vinh, Phuoc, Minh Hieu Dao, An Nguyen Truong, Tran Phuc Hai, Nam, Louis WY LIU

A printed circuit board (PCB) with glitches or inconsistent flatness on the surface plane is common in microwave applications. However, so far there has not been any product capable of overcoming this problem during the PCB fabrication process. In this work, we have successfully constructed a PCB milling machine capable of milling a PCB with uneven flatness. Method: The proposed machine is embedded with a firmware to restructure the g-code in a way that the milling machine is commanded to execute the following procedure: Step 1: Create the Heightmap of the PCB by the probing process; Step 2: Convert probing signal to 2-dimensional grid of surface map; Step 3: During the process of actual milling, alter the height of the milling bit on the fly, according to the surface flatness, and equipped with safety function embedded in laser system. Results: The proposed milling machine has successfully milled soft and non-flat high-speed PCB’s with surface height variations in excess of 150 mm and fabricate an antenna embedded circuit with an ability to pause when the plane angle change drastically. The proposed machine was fully functional and was equipped with all the basic safety functionality, but the total cost spent on this project was around US$ 1500, as opposed to the market price of a similar German-made product being sold at US$70,000. Conclusion: A machine capable of milling microwave PCB’s with an uneven flatness with safety function equipped has been successfully constructed at Vietnamese German University at a cost of US$1800, which is far below the market price of a similar counterpart.

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Anupam Kumar, Manoj Kumar

The transmission characteristic of single mode fibre – photonic crystal fibre- single mode fibre (SMF-PCF-SMF) structure is investigated. The propagation constants of the cladding modes are calculated and their respective field patterns are simulated. The dispersion characteristics of the cladding modes are investigated. The modes are practically restricted within the outer silica structure. This analysis also reveals the penetration of evanescent fields in outer medium which should be helpful in the design of the devices for sensing applications.

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Khushnuma Bano, Azra Ishrat, KK Mishra

the education sector is vital for the development of a country and needs to be dedicated and committed teachers to help it progress into a potential society. In this context, the organizational commitment of its teachers is of critical - importance for maintaining academic and administrative consistency among educational institutes. Organizational commitment also helps academic institutions to reduce attrition and thereby an increase in performance and productivity. This paper aims to understand the role of Organizational commitment in the education sector. It explores the factors that affect teachers’ Organizational commitment in higher educational institutes in North-India. A total of 845 responses were obtained from university teachers collected from nine government and private universities in the city of Lucknow. Results suggest that for private university teachers, salary is an essential concern. On the other hand, for government teachers, it is leadership that affects commitment. These factors, when given due consideration, can increase responsibility and, thus, academic performance. Suggestions for future studies include investigation at a broader level for better generalization of the findings.

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Edison, Ira Wahyuni

The aim of research was to learn deeply acreage response using price policy program on agricultural corn production. Because of condition of corn in good position in moment of research, it was caused from government policy implementation on crop production such as input subsidy and support programs. The indicator of successfulness of those programs is influenced by the role of those programs in implementation. One of results of government policy effect was from implementation of support price program which produced better impact in acreage program. Its effect was very crucial in exploring this study, this is caused by high priority government to imply this policy program. In order to learn this phenomena, some approaches was used such as market and risk factors. Using assumption that the movement of policy implementation in the future, it is hoped that it can find the alternative best policy program. Using quantitative method, this mobility program can be analyzed considering some restriction. Research found that in condition of expected market price better than support price, it just used support price program in specific condition. Furthermore, truncation program effect was much better when support price was better than expected market price in making acreage decision.

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Suhartono, Nurhadi, Yusuf Suryo Utomo, Imam Djunaedi, Arifin Santosa, Yudi Hidayat

A downdraft open top gasifier for refuse-derived fuel (RDF)-pellets was designed as a potential substitution fuel in a modified diesel engine. The gasifier reactor design consideration is intended to produce electricity of 100 kWe. The primary purpose of this paper is to address the gasifier dimensions based on parameters of a diesel engine specification data and an experimental, as well as the simulation results. A small stratified open top gasifier was used to evaluate the performance of RDF-pellets as gasifier feedstocks. The characteristics and gasification performance of RDF-pellets using this small stratified are included. A process model of RDF-pellets gasification was also developed to predict a syngas’s qualified to be combusted on the diesel-engine. Based on the points of view of this study revealed that the gasifier diameter and height of downdraft open top gasifier were found in the range of 0.7-1.4 meter and 1.8-3.5 meter, respectively. The thermal power of 225.20 kW in the syngas was obtained from RDF-pellet feed rate of 113.30 kg/hr. to meet 100 kWe of electricity production.The design of the gasifier reactor with this dimension is expected to be feasible to be coupled with a 100 kWe diesel engine for electricity production that is applied in the local municipal waste management.

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Djuria Suprato, Christiana Sidupa

As increasing of using technology, educational system has shifted from traditional to online. Online learning or e-learning is an alternative to accelerate English learning since it is no limitation to time and place. Universities around the world are investigating e-learning system to support their traditional teaching system. Some previous research showed an effective learning system when meet the students’ needs This study was undertaken to find out whether the implementation of English online learning system would give positive impacts for the students in Binus University. The study was done by spreading survey questionnaire with Google Form and through two forms of social media, such as Line and WhatsApp, had yielded responses from 38 students. The respondents supported this idea of implementing online learning for English subject and had their personal reasons. Overall perceptions of the online learning were positive. The majority of students in the online learning indicated that they would prefer if the approach was offered. Therefore, this research found that online learning for English subject was applicable in Binus University.

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Yahya Hairun, Wilda Syam Tonra

This study aimed to describe student’s high order thinking skill (HOTS) about fraction. The research subject was three students consist of one male and one female from medium standard school and one female from high standard School with similar high mathematics ability. There are 3 indicators of HOTS in this study, analysis, create, and evaluate. The research began by determining subjects using mathematics tests, then followed by HOTS test. The last stage was interviewing the subject to reveal how the subject think in solving HOTS test and examine the match between the answers and the reasons given. The research found that The difference between subjects in indicators Analyze, Female and male from medium standard school have similar ability with mentioning what is known and asked in the problem. On the other side, female from high standard School also have that ability but she can also give illustration from the problem by drawing a rectangle. In indicators Create, The difference between female and male from medium standard school just lay on the ability of male to convert centimeters to meter, and female cannot. Both subjects are not able to divide decimal fraction. While female from high standard school succeed to divide decimal fraction by dividing the area of rectangle with the area of squares and finally got the final result of that problem. She is very well on solving the problem with giving the conclusion in her answer sheet. In indicators Evaluate, Female and male from medium standard school did not complete the final answer so the subject was unable to evaluate their own answer since that both cannot divide decimal fraction. On the other side, From interview with female from high standard school, the researchers asked how to evaluate the result and she said that she double check there might be an error or typo. The answer is corrected, seen and tested again, tested again its area, tested the results of multiplication and division again. Thus, it could be concluded that gender with similar mathematics ability can show bit different result with similar school in medium school and having big different with female from high school.

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Desti Nur Fitania, Amrie Firmansyah

This study aims to examine the effect of geographic diversification, competition level, and corporate governance on risk disclosure. The method employed in this study is quantitative methods. The sample used in this research is manufacturing companies listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX). The type of data used in this study is secondary data in the form of financial statements and annual reports from 2012 to 2016. The sample selection using a purposive sampling method with the number of samples amounted to 395 samples. This study suggests that geographic diversification and competition level are not associated with risk disclosure. The number of factories and operational offices, which are measures of geographical diversification, do not make companies disclose higher risks. While competition level does not capture the level of risk disclosure conducted by the company. Furthermore, corporate governance is positively associated with risk disclosure. Corporate governance is essential to boost management to disclose risk to stakeholders.

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Laxmi Prasad Mishra, Mihir Narayan Mohanty

In this growing age, wireless communication demands higher data types transmission with less error or no error. This tends for multipath propagation of radio signals. As a result, the constructive signals, destructive interference as well as phase shifting can be handled smoothly. OFDM technique is one of the solutions for such purpose. The model of OFDM system needs to be improved for better communication. In this paper, authors try to develop a model based on wavelet packet transform (WPT) that releases contamination of the channels. Simultaneously the use of WPT model, there will be no used of cyclic prefix (CP). Further the models is verified for different channels like AWGN, Rayleigh and Rician fading channels for different techniques. It is found that the Raleigh’s channel is better than other two channels and considered for QAM transmission that satisfies multi carrier modulation. BER is measured and exhibited in the result section as the proof of the proposed model.

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Anuska Gupta, Bhumika Gupta, Kamal Kumar Gola

Blockchain technology is a secure way of holding the record of data. It support distributed public ledger. Blockchain support data storage, real estate, asset manager other financial transaction. If we are talking about Blockchain in India Telangana is first state of India which support this technology for huge incubator and a world class facility for promoting research. This paper presents the use of blockchain technology in internet of technology in terms of security and privacy.

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Gomatham Sai Sravya, G Pradeepini, Vaddeswaram, Guntur

SMS spam is a contemporary issue fundamentally because of the accessibility of very modest mass SMS bundles and the way that SMS induces higher reaction rates as it's far a depended on and personal service. In this paper, we will be differentiating the messages into two categories: Ham and Spam. Ham is described as the dataset that includes the textual content of SMS messages at the side of the label indicating whether the records is legitimate message or now not. Spam is defined as the dataset that includes the textual content of SMS messages along with the label indicating the junk messages. In SMS Spam messages, the advertisers utilize the SMS text messages to target the customers with unwanted advertising. But it is troublesome, because the users pay a fee per SMS received. To overcome this, we perform a comparison between the machine learning algorithms to predict the messages and calculate the accuracy criterion by using the SMS spam dataset.

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Karuniana Dianta Arfiando Sebayang, Darma Rika Swaramarinda

The purpose of this paper is to see the ethics and economics perspectives to synthesis the business implementation in Indonesia. For the purposes of the paper, researchers analyzed and investigated the data and the extensive literatures. The data and review of the literature revealed that the condition of the business implementation in Indonesia from ethics and perspectives can be seen from various factors that have been discussed by the literature or the results of previous studies. There are 3 cases, namely: 1) Businesses that employ minors or children under age, 2) Unethical advertising, and 3) Gender discrimination in business. The contribution of this study is to provide solutions and recommendations according to the analysis or 3 cases of those literatures.

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Erwin Syah Lubis, Imam Buchori, Yudi Basuki

Most of developing countries are on the Asian continent, so populations dominated by developing countries including Indonesia. Urban public facilities will continue to be demanded to serve city residents, including supporters of population mobility. Urban residents mobility is very dependent on internal aspects such as daily needs, external aspects such as the availability of public transport modes (conventional/paratransit). The services and characteristics of public transportation influence on urban mobility. Differences in services and characteristics of transport give advantages/disadvantages of transport. This study aims to investigate the influence of services/characteristics of paratransit on the triggering variables that change the mobility patterns of urban residents. The investigation was carried out with data on the perception of becak masin users in the city of Padangsidimpuan. The perception of 300 becak masin users was analyzed by SEM-PLS (structural equation modeling - partial least square) method. The research findings show that the services and characteristics of becak masin influence on the mobility patterns of urban residents and directly affect the variables that build mobility patterns. The becak masin service directly affects the route of travel because it is able to serve several routes at once. The characteristics of the becak masin directly affect the travel needs of individuals/groups that have more difficulty, because the transport is of small dimension and is able to move on steep roads.

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Buddha Hari Kumar, P. Chitra

Due to recent advancements widespread in digitalized processing, script identification has become most prominent. It concerns with identifying multi-lingual scripts. Optical Character Recognition (OCR) has become promising technique in character reorganization. The primary objective of OCR is to optically sense characters that are machine printed/ hand written. Howbeit, no complete OCR system exists for most of the Indian scripts in recognizing characters perfectly. This paper reviews various methods exploited on character recognition for Indic scripts.

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Kashif Faheem, Rosmaini Tasmin, Khalid Rafique, Zulqarnain M Ahmad

In today's Pakistan, mobile service providers play a critical role to develop digital Pakistan by introducing new business-like digital banking, IoT, electronic-health, electronic-medicines, virtual realities, and e-commerce. This research explores how market orientation and knowledge sharing affect the performance of an organization to use mediator, which is innovation. The study focuses on the mobile cellular industry of Pakistan, comprises of four companies that are Ufone, Telenor, Mobilink, and Cmpak. A few mobile companies are losing the market in competition due to a lack of innovation. Therefore lack of innovation in developing a new product, the process to modify a service into quality one identify a problem. The focal area of this research is the mobile telecommunication industry of Pakistan; a population of this mobile sector is four, N = 175 respondents, including senior managers, managers, assistant managers, and team leaders from different departments involved in innovation and growth of the company. This study is conceptual and aims to explore how market orientation and knowledge sharing influence on performance through a mediator such as innovation.

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Meet Kamal, Dayanand Mishra

A series of Interpenetrating Polymer Network (IPN), of poly(methylhydrosiloxane) and polystyrene was synthesized, using divinyl benzene (DVB) as cross linker and benzoyl peroxide (BPO) as an initiator. The characterization of the sample is done by FT-IR spectroscopy, scanning electron microscopy (SEM), differential scanning calorimetry (DSC), thermogrametric analysis (TGA) and fluorescent technique. FT-IR spectra reveals presence of poly(methylhydrosiloxane) at 1048 cm–1 and polystyrene at 1451 cm–1. Shifting in band positions depict formation of IPN. SEM images show a clear dual phase morphology. DSC thermogram shows glass transition temperature (Tg) value of the polymer is network at 380oC. TGA graph shows thermal stability of IPN upto 345oC. Proton NMR spectra of IPN reveals presence of poly(hydrosiloxane) at 4.7 ppm, 1.2 ppm and poly(styrene) 7.2 ppm. Fluorescence spectra of IPN observed in emission spectra of excitations of IPN reveals a maximal peak at 445 nm, which suggest typical high intensity blue emitting property of the polymer network.

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K.Sai Sravani, Dr.P.RajaRajeswari

In this fast growing world stock market is the most important activity and it plays a major role in increasing the financial status of the company. It is an establishment of trying the future values of the company stock market over financial trade and financial exchange of stock. This paper majorly tells us about the prediction of stock price using LSTM and Sequential. The technical and fundamental of the time series analysis is used by most of the stock buyers. In this paper mainly uses a machine learning technique called ANN and LSTM to predict stock market price for the big and small capitalizations and in the three different markets. By performing prediction algorithms we can reduce or minimizing the risk of the customer and increase the maximum profit of the company stock.

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S. Kowsalya, R.K. Gobiga, L. Malini, J. Sheeba, K. Karthik Kumar

In this paper, the solar energy from SPV is extracted to charge the EV battery in an efficient manner using A- source dc-dc boost converter as a charge controller. The proposed converter is targeted to achieve high efficiency with low ripple content at the output side by having a proper design of an LC filter for RC load which acts as a load. The extracted power from the solar is completely transferred to the load in order to satisfy the maximum power transfer theorem. The power rating is around (400-450) W. The proposed converter is suitable for storing energy from any type of renewable source since it draws continuous current from the source. Using ASBC, the 25VDC from solar is boosted to 75VDC for charging an EV battery. The switching frequency maintained for MOSFET is 50 kHz at the boosting stage. The proposed converter is completely verified using MATLAB simulation study for both open-loop as well as closed loop systems respectively. The implementation of the PI controller and MPPT technique is done in a closed loop simulation system in order to have proper tuning. The MPPT technique used is the incremental conductance method for maximum power extraction purposes.

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Girish Dobhal, Nitin Uniyal, Virendra Prasad

In the present paper we have studied umbilical hypersurface of a generalized recurrent Kaehlerian Weyl spaces. An 2n-dimensional generalized recurrent Kaehlerian Weyl space with generalized recurrent Weyl Concircular curvature tensor and generalized recurrent Kaehlerian Weyl space with generalized recurrent Weyl Projective curvature tensor are defined. The condition for such hypersurface to be Concircular and Projective generalized recurrent have been shown.

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Riswan , Nurdiono, Einde Evana, dan Agrianti

A problem of public accountant profession is that public accountant profession is perceived to fail in conducting its role as independent auditor, after the disclosure of several scandals such as the case of Enron Corporation, WorldCom, Kanebo Limited, Waste Management.Inc, Saytam Computer Service, and PT. Telkom, involving a number of public accountants, even The big-five accounting firm. This study aims to (1) predict that the shorter period of audit tenure, the more it positively affects quality of audit result; (2) predict that the larger Public Accountant Firm, the more audit tenure positively affects audit quality with the shorter period of audit tenure, the better audit quality; (3) to predict that the greater fee audit received by auditor, the more audit tenure negatively affects audit quality with shorter period of audit tenure, the less qualified audit result will be. Data used are audited financial report of manufacturing company that is listed in Indonesian Stock Exchange (IDX) during period of 2009-2014. Testing is conducted with multiple linear regression. From the result of statistic testing, it is proven that: (1) Short Audit Tenure (3 years) has positive and is significant towards audit quality. It means that short period of audit tenure can give qualified audit result; (2) contingency effect of APF scale (big four APF) with short audit tenure affects positively and is significant towards audit quality. Meanwhile, the size of APF (Non big four APF) on Audit Tenure affects negatively and is significant towards audit quality; (3) Contingency effect of fee audit on Audit Tenure affects negatively and is significant towards audit quality.

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Ahmad Alahmadi

During educational process, students with several clothing types while performing different educational activities are located in various educational environments with changing climatic conditions. The learning environment should be designed to allow the execution of learning tasks in a safe, efficient, and comfortable way, as well as, promote students' health, motivation, satisfaction, and achievement with minimum stresses, dangers, and experienced disorders levels for maintaining maximum effectiveness, without violating the health. Thus, it should promote sensory comfort, high auditory, and visual acuity. In current work, a design of a smart educational environment assessing and control system is introduced as a part of smart universities design. The system is designed using especially developed wireless sensor modules that continuously reads, calculates, monitors, and assesses the educational environment in terms of the environmental and climatic indices, particularly; the thermal comfort, the apparent temperature, and the temperature-humidity index with their related levels of comfort, dangers and experienced by student’s disorders. Based on measurements and referring to both the regulations of the world health organization (WHO) parameters in human dwelling places and the best of human environment feeling. The designed system will take appropriate actions to maintain the optimal levels of these environmental variables and factors for ensuring efficient educational environment with maintaining the safety requirements for students and devices. A Fuzzy Logic algorithm has been developed to evaluate the system performance. The basic environmental variables and factors that are being monitored; ambient air temperature, humidity, different airflow velocity, solar radiation level, noise, concentration of carbon dioxide, and exposure (stress and clothing).

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Gener S. Subia

This study evaluated a developed book in Probability. The contents of the book were based on the syllabus on Math 110ED which is in accordance with the standard set by the Commission on Higher Education of the Philippines for Education students taking up Probability. The book was checked and evaluated by eight (8) mathematics experts and assessed by 45 Bachelor of Education Students. The researcher made the book very simple yet activity-based using the learning objectives of the syllabus utilized in the College of Education. The researcher also made a program of work in the development of the book which catered to the needs of the learners in learning concepts and mathematics skills. The book was comprised of counting techniques, fundamental counting principles, permutations, combinations, and probabilities. All were presented in words and narrative form and represented by formulas followed by simplified examples and learning activities and exercises at the end of each chapter. The researcher gave importance to these learning activities and exercises because these are proven to be effective in enhancing the interests, critical thinking and problem-solving skills of the learners. The book was designed to be used in a lecture situation. Since education students will utilize the book, the principles and application of the activities are applied in relation to their field and to help them pass their board exam. The researcher also introduced his invented shortcut techniques in solving some probability problems to make the presentation of the book interesting to the learners.The study revealed that the book was prepared and developed systematically and passed through the necessary stages before its finalization. It was rated “very satisfactory” by mathematics experts and students regarding its: relevance of contents; adequacy of scope; and appropriateness of teaching procedures and therefore, it is acceptable for classroom use. However, the evaluators suggested that learning activities, images and pictures presented in the book should be enhanced and be improved to increase its suitability to the learners.Comments of the experts were incorporated into the manuscript and its final copy was checked by the book writers leading to a quality activity-based book in Probability. The developed book was named "FORTUITOUS”.

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R.Portia, A.Saravanan, T.Motcha Alangaram, T.Bella Florence, P.Elavarasu

The present research has done justice to the expectation of the Researchers to be a path breaking one in the region of Tamilnadu for launching Restorative justice, first as a class based intervention, and then to be offered after enrichment, a whole school programme. The inherent features such as disciplining the students intrinsically, reducing the misconducts ranging from small cheating to causing wounds or loss to others, inducting students in peer mediation, and organizing Restorative justice mediation / conferencing for achieving reparation and restoration of relationships, and converting the entire institution as a place of social healing are shown to be a viability with RJ. The present research enjoys the credit of successfully testing 75% of the RJ practice in schools. The reduction of misconducts in students and increase in their psychological capitals is a laudable performance of the Restorative justice in the maiden run for its approval and consideration.

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Dhony Priyo Suseno, Agus B Siswanto, M Afif Salim, Purwantini, Bahrur Rozak

Transport conditions in Semarang is very alarming, the percentage use of modes of transport in 2014 is a motorcycle (79%), the official car / private (18%), the rest of the other vehicle (3%). To avoid the threat of gridlock, the Government of Semarang city has developed a road-based mass transit, namely BRT, but are still not optimal because the BRT Semarang are not able to meet the standards Permenhub RI NO. 10 In 2012, in particular on special lanes and SK Director General of Land 687 / AJ.206 / DrJD / 2002 in particular about Headway service, downtime and waiting time. Semarang city administration plans to develop a rail-based mass transportation trends, namely the LRT to the TOD concept with a number of Route 9 corridor. Expected later mass transit can be integrated with all types of modes (land, sea,).

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Alok Sharma, Amit Tiwari, HimanshuVasnani

Nowdays, composite materials such as CFRP, GFRP are used in place of conventional materials in many industries like automotive and aerospace due to their improved properties. Carbon fibre reinforced polymer (CFRP) is manufactured by fusing carbon fibre and epoxy resin. Due to development of these types of materials, advance material processing techniques are developed. There are many machining processes which are used for mass production and less time consumption.CO2 laser cutting is a non-contact advance material processing technique used to cut different materials with mass production rate. However CO2 laser cutting of CFRP cutting is challenging due to different-different properties of carbon fibre and epoxy resin. CO2 laser cutting of 1mm CFRP sheet using a low power CO2laser (150w) and cutting speed (1mm/sec) was investigated in this research. Although, this low power CO2 laser has cut CFRP sheet of 1mm thickness but cut quality is not so good due to low laser power. MRR is also very low. Heat affected zone generated is low due to low laser power. Striation formation occurs, due to this, cutting edge is not up to quality cut. So, it has been shown in this research that CO2 laser can be used to cut CFRP by using low laser power. The work performed in this research will be useful in aerospace and automotive industry needs.

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Lokesh Kumar Sharma, Amit Tiwari, Himanshu Vasnani

Aluminum is very predominant metals with different alloying elements like: magnesia, silicon, tin, copper, magnesium and zinc.Important discussion for the field of metallurgy and engineering due to having fabrication & formability for the different products. In the world of precision TIG welding provides the best and suitable processes used in nuclear industries, automobile industries, aerospace industries and marine industries. In this paper, we used the details of TIG welding on the different samples 2mm, 3mm and 5 mm thickness on 5052 aluminum alloy plate. AL 5052 alloy is relatively nonmagnetic and does not easily ignite, due to having the properties of recycle, light weight, soft weight, and easily machined, durable, ductile and malleable metal. Welding speed, gas flow rate& welding current are the final governing parameters in this thesis. Also, the output parameters after several readings on the taken sets of specimen are studied and various optimized steps taken for the better quality of welded joints and their strength of weld. Tensile strength and hardness of weld joint will analyze over the specimen through the optical microscope and UTM.

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K.Pdmanabham, K.Rambabu

Post Installation of Headed Anchors (PIHA) is an advanced technique proposed in this study for structural strengthening of R.C beam column joints (BCJ). Previous research work on seismic damage of joints are widely correlated with shear deformation and bond slip of anchored reinforcement in joint core. To mitigate complex issues of reinforcement congestion, anchorage, fabrication and placement of reinforcement in congested geometry of BCJ, this novel technique of “Post Installation by Headed Anchors” (PIHA) is proposed in this paper. It is an effective measure contributing to enhance implicit properties of shear, stiffness, confinement and ductility of joint core. This method gives viable solutions to conventional design practice of Precast and Cast-in place joints .Headed anchors provides good supplement to hooked anchorage system for improved shear, anchorage and ductile properties by delay the ultimate failure of joint. The state of headed-bars considered in this study is of bonded and un-bonded conditions with concrete. This paper focused on analytical aspects of proposed PIHA system so as to evaluate its strength and parametric influence against seismic shear strengthening of BCJ. Principle observations made in this study are “Theory behind post installation, Fastening techniques, Force transfer mechanism, Failure modes, Seismic suitability of anchors, and Implicit strengthening of joint core.

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Seethamani P, Vinotha R

Fixed sequence classification is an important task in data mining. The problem of sequence classification is the use of rules consisting of interesting items that are contained in the data sets labeled sequences and the included class labels. Interesting levels are calculated from a set of items that are in a class ordered by linking and maintaining each item. There are a number of security patterns that may be hidden in the database. A mining algorithm looks for a complete set of patterns and meets the minimum support threshold (frequency), highly efficient and scalable, with a number of database scans incorporating various types of user-specific constraints. In the existing system, sequence classification techniques use several machine learning algorithms such as NaiveBayes, neighboring K-neighbors, decision trees, hidden markov models, SVM. This exit methodology can handle cases of minor deviations in certain events and acknowledges the occurrence of the pattern several times. In this work, LDA classifiers are used to classify and train datasets to improve dataset accuracy and efficiency to facilitate user analysis. Machine learning process is implemented to maintain the effectiveness of the prediction methodology. LDA prediction compared to SVM to prove performance improvement and linear classification id is used to improve classifier accuracy. Finally, the quality of the miner pattern is evaluated by the proposed approach pattern as features in several classification features based on different features.

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Fluvia Antoney, B.Ramamurthy

Purpose: Epileptic is a neurological chronic disorder that causes unprovoked, recurrent seizure. A seizure is a sudden rush of electrical activity in the brain. The central nervous system characterized by the loss of consciousness and convulsions. Epileptic is caused by abnormal electrical discharge that lead to uncountable movements, loss of consciousness and convulsions. 50-80 million people in the world are affected by this disorder. Now a days children and adults are affected the most and it has been medically treated. Sometimes it may lead to death and serious injuries. In this technology world the computerized detection is an enhanced solution to protect epileptic patients from dangers at the time of this seizure. Method: Perceptron learning algorithm is a supervised learning of binary classifiers and also it is a simple prototype of a biological neuron in artificial neural network. EEG is extensively documented for the diagnosing and assessing brain activates and related disorders. In this paper EEG signals are taken as dataset for epilepsy detection. The data is been represented based on three domains namely frequency, time and time-frequency applied by the chebysev filter for processing the signals. Result: Help the patients from dangers at the time of the seizure. Conclusion: The neurological diseases can be divided into two loss of consciousness and convulsions. In this technology world the seizure can be detected by computerized way like EEG and so on. This paper proposes an epileptic seizure detection using EEG (Electroencephalogram) and perceptron learning algorithm.

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Renu Nayar and Vinit Nayar

The authors desired to expand the base of knowledge and application of ML-induced impacts with the specific goal of demonstrating the potential of phosphor based impact sensors. When a KAlSiO4:Dy samples are deformed impulsively by applying a load from a fixed height, then initially the ML intensity increases with time, attains a peak value Im at a particular time tm, and later on it decreases with time. The peak intensity Im increases linearly with the increasing height of the load. After tm, initially the ML intensity decreases at a fast rate, and later on it decreases at a slow rate. Light was generated from the interaction of a dropped mass and a small number of luminescence centers in the KAlSiO4: Dy powder. The ML in KAlSiO4: Dy samples can be understood on the basis of the piezoelectrically -induced electron detrapping model, in which the local piezoelectric field near the Dy2+ centres reduces the trap-depth, and therefore, the detrapping of filled electron traps takes place, and subsequently the energy released non-radiatively during the electron-hole recombination excites the Dy2+ centres and de-excitation gives rise to the ML.

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Ariani Dwi Astuti, Muhammad Lindu, Ramadhani Yanidar, Maria Manda Kleden

There are currently more than 176 high schools in DKI Jakarta with no wastewater treatment plant in the canteens. Canteens wastewater contains high organic compounds which must be treated before discharging into the body of the water. A subsurface constructed wetland (SCW) multilayer filtration (MLF) system with vertical flow (VF) field plants was planned, implemented and operated at the High School in South Jakarta. The field-scale of the SCW-MLF was planted with Vetiveria zizanioides and the other plants free (MLF). These were operated at a hydraulic load of 6.9 m3/day, and the organic loading rate was between 1.43 and 8.3 kg BOD/day. Research has shown that the removal efficiencies in SCW-MLF for COD, BOD, TKN, and TP were 70.5%, 75%, 62.6%, and 54.3%, respectively. Also, the COD and BOD organic loading at SCW-MLF were between 917.08 – 4,126.84 kg COD/Ha/day and 309.78 – 850.73 kg BOD/Ha/day, respectively. Based on the results, the SCW-MLF unit was more efficient compared with MLF in COD, BOD, oil and grease removals, TKN, and TP parameters. Besides, a two-sided t-test was used to identify any significant differences in the mean efficiencies of the two units, with p < 0.05. In conclusion, SCW-MLF has proven to be more effective in the treatment of wastewater from canteens which complies with the Ministry of the Environment and Forestry’s Standard for wastewater Nr. P.68/2016 for COD, BOD, and TKN.

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Lidwina Cornelia Maniboey, Cholis Sa’dijah, Hery Susanto, Subanji

This study aims to describe the types of representation of integer reduction in elementary school students. The subjects of this study were 22 students of grade IV SDK Sang Timur Malang and 23 students of class V of SD YPPK St. Petrus Jayapura. Data collection was carried out in two stages using assistive instruments, namely the LTS question sheet consisting of 3 item items, and task-based interviews. In the first stage, students’ complete questions consisting of 3 items, while researchers observe student learning activities while writing important notes to be confirmed at the interview. In the second stage, task-based interviews to explore and clarify the types of representations made by students and capture data that has not been obtained through test results. The data that has been obtained are analyzed by the stages of transcribing data, reducing data, categorizing data, drawing thinking structures, and making conclusions. The results of the study on the type of representation of deduction of integers in elementary school students, consisted of 4 types, namely the type of number line representation, the type of image representation of numbers, the type of representation of number models, and the type of image representation and number lines.

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Nur Ilmiyati, Adi Maladona, Rahmawati D, Nur Azizah Rahman

This study to facilitate environmental awareness through SETS. The research method is a weak experiment, with the research design "The One-Group Pretest-Posttest Design". The research subjects were 34 high school class X students. The influence of SETS on students' environmental awareness was analyzed based on the test score Wilcoxon using the statistical calculation program SPSS 24.0 for Windows. The instrument used in this study was an attitude scale questionnaire of 20 questions. The analysis shows that SETS can increase students' environmental awareness and SETS has a significant effect on environmental awareness. Besides that, creativity in finding tofu waste treatment is good enough by making products that have aesthetic value.

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Rudy Cahya Kurniawan

This study seeks to analyze scientific references regarding the need for community police, by exploring deeper the concept of adjusting social environmental conditions as a consideration of community involvement and scientific references in the formation of community police. This study also considers the need for the formation of community police in a legal framework that is not merely legalistic and normative in nature, but also has a social nuance as a preventive measure to deal with social and criminal problems by considering local environmental conditions and increasing active community participation. The Community Police Model emphasizes an equal partnership between the National Police and the local community in resolving and overcoming every social problem that threatens the security, public order and peace of life of the local community with the aim of reducing crime and fear. The Community Policing Model refers to the pattern of the legal system towards the implementation of Polri tasks related to community policing and problems related to the community specifically related to the resolution of minor problems such as security and order in the community through Community Policing and the factors that influence the implementation of Community Policing in creating a security situation conducive society.

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The existence of State Administrative Law in a State is very important, both for the administration of the State and the wider community. With the State Administrative Law, the State administration is expected to be able to know the limits and nature of power, the purpose and nature of the obligations, as well as how the forms of sanctions are when they violate the law. For the community, State Administrative Law is a set of norms that can be used to protect their interests and rights. The applied law is that administrative justice is seen from the base of disputes as one of the horizontal benchmarks and attribution of administrative justice authority.

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Dr.A.Sheela, M.Atshaya Mohan

The major consumer in India is automobile sector. The automobile industry keeps on growing and the vehicles become the foremost need for peoples comfort. This growth of vehicles results in increased pollution which cause environmental issues. Also depletion of fuels and growth of its prices emerge a need to develop vehicles that will run with clean and sustainable energy sources. Electric vehicles(EVs), which run with electrical energy, as a prime source is a present trend in automobile industry. This work presents the comparative analysis of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor (PMSM)of 3KW 48V for EV applications using magnet software and the performance is verified.

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Neneng Hayati

This study aims to determine, analyze and examine the visionary leadership, talent management, employee engagement, employee motivation, job satisfaction and employee performance, and the effect of visionary leadership on job satisfaction, the influence of talent management on job satisfaction, the effect of employee engagement on job satisfaction, the influence of Employee Motivation on Job Satisfaction and the effect of Job Satisfaction on Employee Performance All Divisions Of Bank bjb Head Office.The method used in this study is a survey method, in accordance with the expected objectives, namely descriptive and verification methods. The unit of analysis in this study is employees of the Head Office Division of the BJB Bank, with a sample of 327 people, and the analytical method used is the Structural Equation Model (SEM).Based on the analysis of research results, the following findings are obtained, Visionary Leadership is in the good enough to good category, Talent Management is in the good enough to good category, Employee Engagement is in the good enough to good category, Work Motivation is in the good enough to good category, Job Satisfaction is in the quite good to good category and Employee performance is in the quite good to good category. Visionary Leadership has a significant effect on Job Satisfaction, Talent Management has a significant effect on Job Satisfaction, Employee Attachment has a significant effect on Job Satisfaction, Work Motivation has a significant effect on Job Satisfaction, Visionary Leadership, Talent Management, Employee Engagement and Employee Motivation simultaneously influences Job Satisfaction and Job Satisfaction has a significant effect on Employee Performance All Divisions Of Bank bjb Head Office.

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Ahmad Muhammad Diponegoro, Rahmat Ryadhush Shalihin, Diyan Faturahman

The research aims to know how the student with the economic hardship can attain good achievement in education and psychological well being. The qualitative methodology was used in this research. The subject comes from the students of Ahmad Dahlan University who stayed in PERSADA dormitory. Three of the students where interviewed in semi structural interview. The results all of the participants were successfull students in the education, comfort with the environment, happy with friends, and have good relationship with family.

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Ahmad Muhammad Diponegoro, Fattah Hanurawan, Agungbudiprabowo

The purpose of the study was to reveal the guidance and counseling students' perception of the practices of Islamic counseling. This study applied qualitative approach. The design of the study was case study. The data were collected through in-depth interviews, open-ended qualitative questionnaire, and photo voice. The data were analyzed using thematic analysis. The data were validated through confirmation of the subject regarding the initial research result. The result of the study showed that the students viewed Islamic counseling as a process of giving assistance to counselee to solve their problems based on Quran and sunnah.

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Surya Eko Prasetya, Hasnah Faizah, Mangatur Sinaga

Verbal violence on social media has been regulated in ITE Law Number 19 Year 2016 Article 45 Paragraph (3), concerning the content of the insults and vilification. Based on that, this study examines verbal violence in comments on Instagram in form of insults and accusations that center on the comments of supporters of the 2019 presidential candidate pair based on ITE Law article 45 Paragraph (3). This research method is qualitative-descriptive. Source of data comes from wirings commenting on posting of community accounts supporting candidate pairs from January to May, with a total of 100 data. Data collection uses a documentation technique in form of screenshoot and analyzed by connecting to the context. Based on research, found 89 data in form of insults and 11 data in form of accusations based on ITE Law.

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M. Sathya, Dr. S.Manju Priya

The investigation of cancer disease have become the recent trend in data mining. The availability of gene expression data has allowed researchers to explore large volume of gene expression data for differentiating cancer causing genes from normal functioning genes. Microarray data are composed of large quantities of genes that are expression of certain conditions. Predicting and classifying genes that are responsible for causing tumor or cancer are challenging. Since large amounts of genes require high computations. Also, Microarray datasets are known for high dimensionality, and require dimensionality reduction or feature selection methods for building models. For cancer detection, a modified whale optimized algorithm is proposed to select feature genes from the microarray dataset. Selecting relevant feature genes helps in dimensionality reduction of the dataset and target genes that are responsible for causing cancer. The proposed method’s performance is studied by using different cancer microarray dataset.

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Shokhida Abdullaeva

The country's rapid development has led to the emergence of new banking finance concepts in diverse fields such as research, technology, business economy and culture. In particular, major terminological changes in the field require the necessary skills to control words, to unify them, to establish linguistic criteria.

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Makhmatkulov Ilhom Turdimurodovich, Giyasov Bobosher Djurakulovich, Eshatov Ikrom Quziyevich.

The article deals with the formation and stage of development of the Institute of Sufism in Central Asia and related buildings - "khanqah," its architecture, role and place in architecture. The spiritual and moral norms of Sufi doctrine in the Islamic Orient world are presented by the thinkers and teachers who have been widely respected by the founders of mysticism.

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Anvar Abdullayev

In the Article the indicators of the financial performance of preschool educational institutions are presented in the following basic indexes. In this case, the scientific conclusions of the scholars were studied and independent approaches to them were stated. Also, recommendations were made on the use of a system indicators for financing pre-school education.

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Ashwini S. Gaikwad, Dr. Vijaya B. Musande

In a digitally growing era biometrics is considered as desired solution for authentication purpose. For the development of this digital world, many services are recommended including digital communication systems, e-commerce, handling devices remotely etc. To handle such services efficiently, authentication in human machine interacting is very crucial aspect to deal with security and identification problems. Because of the complex and lengthy nature of manual forensic fingerprint matching, an automated, computer-based method is desirable which gives accurate matching results. We have introduced a method for removing superfluous information for genuine fingerprint feature extraction using histogram equalization, filtering followed by morphological operation. The proposed fingerprint authentication algorithm enhances the input fingerprint quality and eliminates the false ridges very effectively and extracts a clear and reliable ridge map structure from input fingerprint image. This reliable ridge map structure of input fingerprint image is authenticated using correlation technique.

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R.P.Karthik, S.Kavipriya, T.Kaushika, D.Magudeshwaran

Most people are loves to drink coffee/tea which is made by an ordinary coffee shop or coffee maker machine. Also, the coffee trade exceeds US $ 10Billion worldwide. The development of new modern hardware and software systems allows us to build an excellent coffee maker machine that satisfies customer needs. The Vending Machine is which delivers different products based on what the customer likes to drink. This kind of machine placed in shops, offices, institutes and various places where it required. It provides a wide variety of products in an automated process, without any manpower and easy to save precious time of humans in a fast-moving world. This paper compares different features like space, size, time to prepare the drink and how fast it works. The power dissipation of a vending machine is one of the major problems faced by the users. And the availability of the product is known only in some places not every. This is an automated product to create our day to day life more convenient. The product must be hygienic.

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Hema Kiran Yadla, Dr.PVRD Prasada Rao

In 21st Century, Data is considered as New Oil. Given the spurt of Globalisation followed by Digitization, the size of Data has grown to an extent where classification of Text has become an exacting task. In the myriad of uncertainties task of text classification using Machine Learning can be enriched using various pre-processing techniques like stemming, lemmatization but usage of “Term Frequency”- ‘Inverse Document Frequency’(TF-IDF) helps further to refinement of text data as TF-IDF produces feature values for training a classifier. To further improvise the classification process, comparison amid the machine learning classification algorithms has been presented in the paper.

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P. Thirunavukarasu , S.R.Sivakumar

Mangroves tolerate high salinity, high instabilities in wind, tidal extremes, temperature and muddy anaerobic soil with the development of some adaptive morphological characteristics; no studies have been made on the manmade mangrove vegetation characteristics in the Vellar estuary. Leaf area index recorded at all the sites varied significantly and the variations in specific leaf area and leaf area index reflects the non-homogenous canopy structure of all the mangroves. The SLA of all the sites ranged between 57.29 and 81.72 cm2/g. The lowest values recorded at site 2 and the highest values were recorded at site 1. Based on the observation and analysis of artificial mangroves grown in the vellar estuary, A. marina recorded a higher density of 4.35 and 3.98 hectare at site 3 and 1, followed by A. officinalis (3.52 hectare).

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S.Roobini, Suriya S, Vasanth V S, Kapil Krishna B

Mobile Authentication framework for payment transaction using an application is tremendously increased. Mobile applications have brought huge impact to businesses, social, and lifestyle in recent years simultaneously succeeds in security robustness and maintains the usage convenience within insecure public communication networks. Many online banking services are developed in worldwide and mostly using the OTP short message service to transact the payment from the user bank, but that OTP is traced out by the unauthorized applications. As a solution to this problem and to protect the message, the Code Inject method and Certificate Less Ring Signature (CLRS) is proposed. Code Inject method consists of Operation function and the critical number generate which will generate the modified OTP. The OTP sends through the message is not the original OTP, it is modified by Code Inject method. The authorized apps only have the technique to get the original OTP from the modified OTP. With the modified OTP, the application cannot transact the amount from bank.

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Edward B. Panganiban, Jenefer P. Bermusa

The world today is full of innovations. Every year, people can see and discover different inventions such as gadgets, machines, electronics, and many others which are timely in this generation which makes these inventions to become life easier. Technology is used mostly by people in schools, jobs, and offices every day. Through this, the authors established a paper that applied technology for grocery stores. The grocery store companies have many targets. Through their business plans, they typically detail those targets well before the start of new fiscal years. These companies can best reach their goals by staying customer-focused, offering their customer-wanted products and services. That is why most grocery store firms also developed comprehensive marketing plans to achieve their key goals. Marketing strategies help the owner identify their target customers better and shop the concept better. With these problems, the researchers came up with an idea, which is to develop a system entitled “Simplified Barcode-based Point of Sales and Inventory Management System with Replenishment Decision”. The main purpose of the study is to help the groceries in inventory, quantity, and sales as well as in receiving reports promptly and to give a better and exclusive way for communication. The researchers developed the system based on the conceptual framework and system architecture established after determining the problems in the existing problem. The researchers used alpha, beta, and acceptance testing in order to test the functionality of the system. The functionalities of the system were conducted that serves as a testing process. During the pilot test, the respondents rated the system into a “strongly agree” description in terms of its functionality, reliability, and usability which confirmed that the system accomplished its objectives.

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Ch.NagaDeepa, Dr. N. Balaji, Dr. V. Padmaja

This paper focuses on developing a real-time hand gesture controlled assistive system (RTHGCAS) using Internet of Things (IoT) with a novel distance measure GPD (Gaussian Product based Distance). It is useful to the elderly people to communicate remotely for assistance and it provides continuous monitoring of the activities done by the user. To avail these advantages, person has to wear an embedded wrist wearable Assistive Gesture Recognition Device (AGRD). This AGRD performs an accelerometer sensor based hand gesture acquisition, recognition and communication. Initially AGRD need to be trained with different hand gesture patterns in the form of Random gestures, Telugu character vowels and English alphabets. We collected fifteen gesture patterns with five instances for training the device. By varying the sampling rate of the gesture signal, analyzed the RTHGCAS performance by considering recognition accuracy and application response time. The proposed algorithm with 50 Hz sampling rate is better for accelerometer based gesture recognition and real time action controlled with application response time of approximately 8.3 seconds, AGRD response time is of 9.54 milli seconds, and with a good accuracy of 97.38% which gives the better result when compared with Dynamic Time Warping distance measure.

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Ikbolzhon Yuldashev, Hamidzhon Khaitbaev, Alisher Khaitbaev, Bahrom Babaev, Shuhrat Turageldiev

Pheromones are highly volatile substances released by insects in micro quantities to communicate with each other. They were discovered in 1959 by Peter Carlson and Martin Lusher. For a person, it was very important in this discovery that pheromone is not just a smell, but an odor-command, a smell-command, having felt that the insect performs a certain action. By learning to synthesize pheromones artificially, a person was able to order insects and control their behavior. The simplest and most obvious way to use this unique opportunity was to order pests to go into traps. Thus, you can either completely get rid of them, or at least precisely determine the moment of their appearance and quantity, in order to further develop an effective plan of struggle.

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Agus Sulaeman, Goziyah, Ira Anisa Purawinangun, Noermanzah

A good novel can teach the value of life and benefits to its readers. One novel that has a life value, especially social values, is the novel Hatta: Aku Datang karena Sejarah by Sergius Sutanto. For this reason, this study aims to describe the social values in Hatta: Aku Datang karena Sejarah by Sergius Sutanto. This research uses a qualitative approach with the content analysis research method. Data collection techniques using documentation techniques that are based on the novel Hatta: Aku Datang Karena Sejarah by Sergius Sutanto. Data analysis techniques with steps: define the unit of analysis, set categories, coding, interpretation, and conclusions. Test the validity of the data using member checks and expert validity. From the results of this study indicate that the social values in the novel Hatta: Aku Datang karena Sejarah by Sergius Sutanto in the form of the value of love, the value of responsibility, the value of harmony in life. The most dominant value of love is found especially about devotion, caring, family, please help, and loyalty. The results of this study are expected to be used as teaching material in schools, especially in strengthening the character of students in Indonesian subjects that contain material about novels so that the social values contained in this novel can be implemented in social life.

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Elshod Khakberdiev, Nigmat Ashurov, Shukhrat Sadikov, Nurbek Ashurov

In this work, non-polar polyethylene with polar poly(vinyl chloride) is considered as polymer-polymer mixers. Direct mixing of poly(vinyl chloride) and polyolefin’s leads to the formation of incompatible mixtures that have weak complex properties. To achieve the compatibility of this mixture, chlorinated polyethylene and a copolymer of polyvinyl chloride with polyethylene were used as a compatibilizer. The elastic-strength properties for various composite mixtures under various exposure and type of compatibilizer were studied. For all components of the mixtures, a special role is noted for compatibilizers capable of causing the extraction and formation of a grafted copolymer of polyvinylchloride (PVC) with polyethylene (PE) in the process of dehydrochlorination, which enhances interfacial adhesion. A positive deviation of the elastic modulus at low polyethylene contents (5-20 wt.%) From the additive curve indicates optimal compatibilization of the mixtures.

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Ilhom Rustamov

Studying of ethnic stereotypes important for definition of a national and cultural originality of comic works. In this work defined the principles of expression of the stereotypic points of view in texts of English and Uzbek jokes. Based on the analysis of texts of this genre separate types of stereotypes that are estimated – the emotive content.

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Shakhnoza Rustamova

The article does not dwell on all the socio-historical interpretations of this period, but explores the reasons for the emergence of a multilingual and multilingual dialogue that occurred in prehistoric times.

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Madhu Kumari

Today’s era is the era of social media whose presence and active involvement has swiftly and widely spread the ideologies for women empowerment. Social media has become the agent of social change which helped and supported women’s empowerment in various aspects such as mobilizing attention of glocal community towards women’s rights and challenges discrimination and stereotypes across the globe. Social media has given platform to discuss issues and challenges of women through blogs, chats, online campaign, online discussion forums, and online communities which is mostly not disseminated or propagated by mainstream media. The paper will focuses on how social media is used to empower women and encourage the women entrepreneurs from rural and urban parts of India. Moreover, this paper will discuss how social media became powerful platform for the discussion of women’s rights and encouraging government and policy makers to step up commitments and formulate policies for gender equality. The social media has empowered women in manifold such as social, psychological and financial. To ensure the digital safe spaces that assure women can freely access social media, the paper will discuss the positive and negative aspects of social media participation. The paper will discuss about the digital literacy for women as there is virtual gender gap due to lack of literacy, cybercrimes etc. The research undertaken is qualitative.

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Prasun Chakrabarti, Manish Tiwari, Aditya Maheshwari, Tulika Chakrabarti, Sibabrata Mukhopadhyay

Several discovered research findings entail that for the liver cancer detection, supervised machine learning approaches play a pivotal role. In this paper the classifiers performance parameters such as accuracy and precision are used for analysis purpose in the light of Function, Bayes, Meta and Tree Classifiers.

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Gentur Handoyo, Purwanto, Denny Nugroho Sugianto, Siti Maisyarah, Baskoro Rochaddi, Elis Indrayanti, Sri Yulina Wulandari

Since 2011, Central River Region Pemali Juana under the Ministry of Public Works built a breakwater around Morosari, Pandansari and Tambaksari region, which is included in Bedono village, Sayung District, Demak District. However, this structure still needs to be re-examined, because the structure that was often called by the local people as “tahu – tahu” had not functioned optimally. This study aims to evaluate how this breakwater should be built, both in terms of location and elevation of the structure. This research consist of primary data which is wave data, and secondary data which is RBI map, tidal data, wind data, and data of structure’s design. Measurement of wave data used ADCP Sontek Argonout placed at coordinates 060 52' 41,34 " Southern Latitude and 1100 26' 53,31" Eastern Longitude at a depth of 12 meters, for 5 days (23-27 July 2017) with a recording interval of 10 minutes. The method used in this research is quantitative. The calculation analysis used 11 years of forecast data (2007-2017) using SMB method and tidal calculation with Admiralty method. Based on the data analysis of forecast data of all seasons, the value of breaking wave height (Hb) ranged from 0,354 – 0,638 m, breaking wave depth (db) ranged from 0,417 – 0,752 m. According to structure design data, the break water is built at a depth of 0,6 m, so the building is considered optimal for breaking the wave. The results of the wave run-up calculation ranged from 0,388 – 0,687 m, while the value of h-ds ranged from 0,153 – 0,206 m. The run-up value is greater than the value of h-ds, as the result the building encounter overtopping in each season. Based on the calculation of the peak elevation design, the break water structure should be built at a peak elevation of 3,18 m or more so that the building can function optimally.

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N. Nageswari, J.I. Sheeba, S. Pradeep Devaneyan

In today’s world, where internet has become a convenience for household, reviews posted in online. It became a critical tool for business to control their online reputation. Reviewing has drastically changed the face of marketing in this era. Nowadays, majority of the companies invest money to gain competitive intelligence in mining the reviews and are hiring individuals to write fake reviews. The fraudster’s activities redirect the potential customers to mislead and organizations reshaping their business and opinion mining techniques from reaching accurate conclusions. Hence, it is very essential to detect fake reviews among them using supervised learning techniques using synthesized fake reviews as training dataset. Large volume of user generated content become available to help people to make reasonable judgments about quality and services. In this proposed work, a review spam detection scheme based on the deviation between the aspect specific opinion extracted by LDA from individual review and aggregated opinions. Additionally, this work can able to measure the user’s trustworthiness and faithfulness based on opinions expressed.

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Kasimov Shavkat Uralovich, E.E.Jalilov

The article describes how vocational training can lead to the acquisition of a particular knowledge, skills and abilities as well as the ability to be independent in the future. It is emphasized that how to experts to enter the production environment. Professional training of future professionals is the acquisition of fundamental knowledge, the application of this knowledge and the development of personal characteristics.

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The global effects of high speed internet access as hundreds of millions browse for information/multimedia, look up map directions, interact through email/social networks/ video chat, etc. Nowadays document images play a vital role in digitized organization and digitized libraries. Digitized means paper documents are converted into image format by using digitized equipment’s. Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is a one of the document image analysis technique, which is used to convert document image into editable text format. Mathematical document identification is a unique challenge in document image analysis that deals with identifying mathematical symbols in a document and then classifying the document as math’s and non-math’s regions based on density of the mathematical symbols. Formulas are involved in mathematical documents, either as isolated formulas, or embedded directly into a text line. They have a number of features, which distinguish them from conventional text. This paper provides the basic concepts of the mathematical symbol recognition and its essential characteristics.

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Prabhu K

The present paper is an attempt to improve the performance of the CSTR plant by means of controlling the temperature and concentration of the reactants with the application of various control methods like Proportional Integral Derivative (PID), adaptive PID . The temperature and concentration in CSTR are selected and the second order system is employed for process modeling. The tuning of the PID controller is done by using Ziegler-Nichols (ZN) method and optimization method like Genetic Algorithm (GA).

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Okoli Ifeanyi Emmanuel, Nwakoby, Peace Nkiru, Ihediwa Augustina

study analyzes the effect of organizational climate on employee’s affective commitment among lecturers in selected private tertiary institutions. The research design adopted in this study was descriptive survey research design. Data were collected on employees’ perceptions about organizational climate variables and their outcomes impact on affective commitment through structured questionnaire. A total of 164 respondents were selected using a non probability convenience sampling technique from each institution. The instrument used for data collection is the questionnaire, hence Cronbach alpha were used to confirm the reliability of the instrument. Regression analysis were used for various analyzes the hypotheses in this study. The two organisational climate dimensions (communication and professional career development) were statistically significant, implying that they predict employee affective commitment in the tertiary institutions. Based on the findings of this study, it recommends that effective communication and establishment of better career development plans with mentorship programme is key to strong committed lecturers.

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Successful management of education at the secondary level is largely determined by the performance of teachers in teaching. Many things can affect the success of education and can be used as benchmarks. The purpose of this study was to analyze the influence of professional competence, supervision of headmaster and work motivation as benchmarks on teacher performance Junior High School 2 Karanggayam Kebumen. The population in this study is Civil Servants Teachers on Junior High School 2 Karanggayam amounted to 32 respondents. Data was collected by interviews, questionnaires and literatures. Data were analyzed using test validity, reliability, classic assumption test, test hypotheses and multiple linear analysis to determine influence of professional competence, headmaster supervision and motivation on teacher performance. The results of this study indicate if professional competence and motivation significantly influence the performance.Headmaster supervision has no significant effect on performance. Headmaster supervising has no significant effect due to the lack of direct visits Headmaster Junior High School 2 Karanggayam which in fact was not affecting the performance of teachers. But simultanesously, professional competence, headmaster supervision and motivation have a significant effect on performance of civil servants of teachers on Junior High School 2. Therefore, quite necessary that the school is always paying attention on improving professional competence, headmaster supervision and motivation civil servants of teachers for improving performance of civil servants of teachers on Junior High School 2 Karanggayam Kebumen.

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K. P. Kamble, M. S. Ghute

A theme of Electricity asking system known as sensible postpaid meter will help to improve income management system for utilization of energy and it reduces the exploitation of man power for taking meter readings and asking for shopper living in isolated areas. Problem of payment collection by each individual can be solved. It reduces the problem related to billing, consumer living in all over India specially for isolated area. Tampering in energy meter & theft of electricity will be avoided by using sensors, saving papers by using GSM technology & prepaid IOT technology tags. when the customer insert a wise card into the cardboard reader that’s connected in postpaid energy meter with tariff indicator kit. The card reader will read the stored information and delete the knowledge from the EEPROM IC(smart card) using the MC program in order that the open-end credit can’t be reused by others. When the amount is over, the relays can mechanically closedown the complete system. In this paper we have a provision to give an alarm sound to consumer before the entire amount is reduced.

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Dr. Sarita Rathi, Kavita Rathi

Advertisement is the most important part of the promotion mix. It plays a vibrant role in spreading awareness about product or service. Growing competition has made advertisement very important to place the product in customers mind. It is the most significant, easy and well-known way to make customers aware of the products or services. It affects and influence the buying behavior of a customer to a great extent and makes the customer to buy the product even if it is not immediately required or needed. This study aims to examine the most efficient way of advertisement to make the consumers aware about the adverse impact of IT on environment in order to increase their concern for health and environment protection. One way ANOVA test has been used with occupation and age of the respondents to test the hypothesis that “Is there any statistically significant difference between demographic profile of a user and way of advertisement preferred by the user”. The result of the test shows that there is a significant relationship between occupation and age of user and advertisement mode the user get influenced with.

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Communication establishment in deep oceanographic environment is attained by Under Water Sensor Network (UWSN). Underwater atmosphere is admitted with varied conditions that might corrupt the communication system. The transmission is achieved effectively via acoustic channel. Deep water current and changeability of nodes raise the link failure that may leads to delay and failure in transmission. Unlike terrestrial network, UWSN needs potential network that ensures high privacy features. In this paper, Energy-Aware and Void Avoidable Routing Protocol (EAVARP) is developed with CLIQUE and it is an adaptive scheme that ensures the needs of UWSN. Mischievous node recognition is attained through neighbourhood node and the process is clique. The approach implements the message passing technique and instigated using monitor node. Vote is passed on to the monitor by the suspected malevolent node. Whereas, the activity of vote transmission is attained by monitor node. Test results states that the EAVARP-CLIQUE scheme has shown the best result evens the channel are unreliable. Privacy and data transmission precision is achieved by the proposed approach.

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Javeria Baig, Ahmed A. Zaid

This conceptual paper is intended to identify and understand behavioral incivility. Behavioral incivility has emerged as one of the most alarming aggressive behaviors as its unambiguous intent has made it a severe challenge for organizations. Such behavioral incivility is urged by various organizational attributes like job strain, employment insecurity, and relational injustice. Leadership has been found quite evident in motivating and discouraging incivility practices depending upon its various styles. This study has reviewed the literature on the relationship between passive leadership, servant leadership, job strain, employment insecurity, and relational injustice and behavioral incivility. This study has aimed to review the literature Furthermore, this study has aimed to propose a conceptual model to clarify the mediating role of job strain, employment insecurity and relational injustice in the context of the Pakistani manufacturing sector. In this paper, a systematic literature review method is adopted and it has been revealed that passive leadership increases behavioral incivility while servant leadership cured it by decreasing it. Based on several evidences, the Job strain, employment insecurity, and relational injustice are proposed as strong mediators in this regard.

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A. Yashwanth Reddy, Dr. R. P. Singh

Words Cloud is actually utilized as an allegory for the web, based upon standard use a cloud like design to represent a network. Cloud Computing is actually enhanced innovation for information discussing by means of network along with much less expense as contrast to various other innovations. Cloud commercial infrastructure sustains a variety of versions IAAS, SAAS, PAAS. The condition virtualization in cloud processing is actually really helpful today. With the aid of virtualization, much more than one system software is actually assisted along with all information on singular H/W. Our experts may likewise state that our experts got solitary hosting server however our experts utilized it for numerous features (Web Server, data source hosting server, Application Server, DNS Server, DHCP Server). Another property of cloud computer is actually Multi Tenancy. Discussing of one data source to numerous occupants or even our experts can easily state customers is actually called multi occupancy. Cloud computer individualize the demands of consumer and also u r solvent according to usage. Network apps discuss with multi occupation for different customers however protection of information is actually simple problem. This Paper goes over concerning the safety and security along with even more file encryption regimens as well as upgrades efficiency along with network option optimization. As a result of raise in functionality and also safety, a majority of individuals entice in the direction of CLOUD COMPUTING. Virtualization is actually a regard to cloud computer Virtualization is actually a brand-new innovation in computer science.

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Nurudin, Agus Supriadi, Sri Wulandari, Deti Rostini, Yanto Heryanto, Yaumil Dianwidhi

Culture is a way of life that is developed and shared by a group of people and is passed down from generation to generation. Culture is formed from many complex elements, including religious and political systems, customs, language, tools, clothing, buildings, and works of art and language, as well as culture, are an inseparable part of human beings so that many people tend to consider it inherited genetically . Local wisdom will be very important related to the existence of an area that will become aesthetic, characteristic of an area. Culture in Cirebon Regency is very diverse, one of which is local wisdom is Ciwaringin Batik. Ciwaringin Batik is a Lasem batik motif, Madura, originating from Ciwaringin Village, Ciwaringin District, Cirebon Regency. In its development, Ciwaringin batik needs coaching as a step to preserve coaching. There are two elements of this understanding, namely coaching itself can be an action / process, a statement of an objective, and both coaching can show the "improvement" of something. The government has implemented regional autonomy which makes Ciwaringin Village now a batik center in Cirebon, regional autonomy itself is the authority of the autonomous region to regulate and manage the interests of the local community according to their own initiatives based on community aspirations, in accordance with statutory regulations, and the regional autonomy used in regional development. The study used a qualitative method using data collection through interviews and observations supported by two key informants and supporting informants. The results of the interview concluded that the coaching program carried out by the government was quite optimal, only that the program needed time because in its implementation it had to take a fairly long process.

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Abdullayeva M.I., Inoyatova F.Kh., Narbutayeva D.A., Siddiqov D.P.

Alcoholism worldwide is one of the main causes of premature death of the population. Alcohol is a leading etiological factor in liver damage, this necessitates the search for new, more effective pharmacological drugs with a pathogenetic orientation with antioxidant and metabolic effects. Promising are Geranium saxatile and proanthocyanidins active ingredients ah. Purpose: to experimentally substantiate the feasibility of using geranil for the protection of organs and tissues in chronic alcohol intoxication. Material and methods: Chronic alcohol intoxication in 50 rats was modeled by intragastric administration of 25% ethanol at a dose of 10 ml / kg for 28 days daily. Experimental pharmacotherapy with geranil (main group) and carsil (comparison drug) was carried out from 21 days of the experiment for 7 days at a dose of 100 mg / kg. The determination of serum biochemical parameters was carried out on a MINDRAYBA-88A biochemistry analyzer (China) using commercial reagent firms from CYPRESS Diagnostics (Belgium). Digital material processed by the method of variation statistics. Results: The results of the study showed the development of structural and functional disorders of hepatocytes under the influence of ethanol and its metabolic products, leading to a change in blood biochemical parameters and liver indicators. Experimental pharmacotherapy with carsil, to a greater extent geranyl, reduced hyperenzymes, hyperbilirubinemia, hypercholesterolemia, and the pharmaco-metabolizing function of hepatocytes, due to a decrease in hyperlipoperoxidation. Conclusion: Experimental pharmacotherapy with a new drug from the group of proanthacyanidins geranyl and bioflavonoids - Carsil leads to a decrease in lipid peroxidation intensity, causing restoration of the structural and functional parameters of hepatocytes. Geranil turned out to be more effective in this regard.

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Arini Rosa Sinensis, Harry Firman, Ida Hamidah, Muslim

The purpose of this study is to find out the improvement of prospective physic teachers’ thermodynamic Problem Solving Ability through the application of CollaPs (Collaborative Problem Solving) learning models assisted by Interactive Simulation and Derivative Games. The method used in the study is quasi-experimental design with pre-test and post-test control group. The sample consisted of 23 prospective physic teachers in the experimental group and 18 prospective physic teachers in control group. Data collection techniques of the study using the test solving instrument problems which consist of four aspects; 1) Problem Schema, 2) Analogy, 3) Causal and 4) argumentation. The results showed that the problem solving N-Gain value of Experimental group had a higher average than the control group. Therefore it is concluded that the implementation of CollaPs model assisted by interactive simulations and derivatives games can improve the ability of prospective physic teachers in thermodynamic Problem Solving.

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Valikhanova Gulnorakhon Komiljonovna

In this article author describes the major issues of migration flows of Uighurs from Eastern Turkistan to the Ferghana Valley on the basis historical, field and archival materials. In also describes the economic, political, spiritual causes and stages of migration which lasted more than a century and factors influencing the migration to the Ferghana Valley.

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Gavkhar Zokirova, Lobar Yusupova, Nilufar Zufarova, Furkat Safarov

This article is devoted to the planning system for repair and construction work during the construction and reconstruction of utilities, namely, the improvement of the conceptual and methodological basis for the development and adoption of decisions in the management of repair and construction works of utilities in conditions of heavy traffic. A statistical analysis of the source data and the selection of significant factors determining the problem are carried out. The method of systematic inventory of the irrigation and drainage system, the heat and water supply system, the method of choosing the best way to lay underground utilities based on the consideration of alternatives to open and trenchless tunneling using the construction of the “decision tree” based on the mathematical model, which, unlike the existing ones, provides the optimal method, is used laying underground utilities in the face of uncertainty, as well as taking into account the priority of the set of estimates cing criteria of various technological, economic and organizational performance. A comprehensive methodology has been developed for choosing the optimal method for laying underground utilities in urban areas, characterized by a multi-stage approach to solving the multi-criteria selection problem, taking into account significant geological, technological, economic and organizational factors in the presence of incomplete initial information.

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Kavita Kumari, Kavita Saini

Blockchain was initially invented for achieving secured digital money transactions but the technology has now started accommodating popularity in various other fields also such as tourism, real-estate, voting, stock-market, supply chain Handling etc. Blockchain technology is garnering ultimate buildup in the healthcare sector. Healthcare industry consists of rapidly growing sensitive data which need to be preserved from confidentiality threats and integrity threats. Out of the numerous applications of blockchain in healthcare, the two extremely prominent applications are– data handling and drug traceability. In this paper, we have discussed the problems with traditional methods of data handling and drug traceability and how blockchain overcomes those problems. Moreover, we have proposed a system which is capable of tracing drugs in the supply chain and reduce counterfeiting of drugs. Some projects and applications working in the direction of drug traceability and data handling such as Blockverify, Mediledger, MedRec, MedicalChain etc. are also discussed.

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Soufiane Ouamaliche, Awatef Sayah

When used in option pricing, a classical Monte Carlo method fails to deliver highly accurate results even when variance reduction techniques are introduced. This lack of accuracy is particularly striking when one is dealing with exotic options. In this paper we aim at improving the quality of the price estimates given by Monte Carlo simulations within the regular Black & Scholes framework, through the use of an approach in which suitable weights are applied to adjust the numerical evaluation of the expected value stated by the Feynman-Kac theorem. Computing the said weights requires the use of an empirical density estimation, namely we will be using a kernel density estimator coupled with various kernels some of which are based on known probability density functions and others based on orthogonal polynomials. The suggested technique was applied to pricing an arithmetic Asian option and the achieved results were compared to prices computed via a classical Monte Carlo procedure, the target price being a well-known numerical solution of the Roger & Shi PDE. Our method has proved its success in providing more accurate prices for all of the test cases which implies that the use of the technique would probably be adequate for a wide variety of high-dimensional pricing problems.

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Saloua Hendaoui, Nawel Zangar

The 5G is designed to be ultra-dense network. Various services are connected to the same network. Mainly, the enhanced Mobile Broad Band (eMBB), Ultra Reliable Low Latency Communication (URLLC) and Massive Machine Type Communications (mMTC) coexist in a hybrid 5G network. This coexistence, in addition to the constraints at the physical layer, mainly the format of the packets, introduces a fundamental challenge concerning the radio resource allocation. In the present proposal, we design a smart downlink scheduler which aims to satisfy the variety of services connected to the 5G. The scheduler aims to overcome the challenge of the variance of the wireless channel in addition to the use of fixed budget delays. The main target of the proposal is to increase the capacity of the communication network with quality of service guarantee. The scheduler has been simulated and proved its efficiency by comparison with schedulers from the literature.

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K Murali Gopal, Dr. Pragnyaban Mishra, Dr. R. P. Singh

Due to the usage of internet and digital technology enormous volume of data is generated by various organizations such as production, economy, business, and individuals. These huge data cannot be handled by the ordinary storage system like the store, manage and access so far, this a big data is castoff to handle huge data. To perform analysis on massive data lots of effort is taken at every level of data to extract for decision making progression. Furthermost of the generated data in organized, semi-organized and unorganized form due to this nature it is stored in a distributed environment. The basic purpose of this paper is to discuss about the earlier work done by the researchers, challenges, problems, and tools used to accomplish these massive data generated by the various organizations. Also, discuss solution for the researchers after analyzing the problems and challenges.

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Rajlakshmi Kanjilal, Dr. P. P. Vijayalakshmi

Ethics is an important part of any aspect of life. Technology has also become an integral part of life over the years. For this reason, the subject of technoethics or the ethics of technology has become all the more important over the last few decades. However, learning about technoethics can be a difficult task as it involves a number of interconnections. A case study approach has been used to analyze the animated film, “The Isle of Dogs.” Some of the technoethics themes discussed in include the use of a technological medium, question of consciousness, animal testing and the development of advanced technology, and moral status of animals and robots from a utilitarian perspective.

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Mr.Sakthimani S, Dr.Kalaiarasan R

Prescaler could classified to a hard and fast quantitative relation or lot of flexibility, could afford classified to one among 2 offered classified ratio. Twin prescaler of a modulus may be a classifier whose division quantitative relation OR modulus may be switched from 1 worth to a different through a bearing available signal. The twin prescaler of a modulus includes a mode management that permits a bearing circuit to line a primary mode wherever divides the prescaler through a primary classified quantitative relation or fix the 2nd mode wherever the prescaler classified through the 2nd classified quantitative relation. Many/more prescaler modulus are 1 within which classification quantitative relation may be switched in the middle of a many division ratios through Associate in Nursing outside management signal to increase a higher frequency synthesizer of the range however till enable lower frequencies of the synthesis Prescaler could be a parallel circuit that is created by using D flip-flops and extra basic logic gates. For that reason, incorporation of the further logic gates b/w the FF's to realize the 2 completely different classified ratios the prescaler speed is damaged and also the switch energy will increase. Numerous FF's are planned to boost the operational of the dual modulus prescaler speed. Optimisation of the D FF within the parallel position is important to extend the operational frequency & power consumption is reduced

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K.Shunmuga Sundaram, R.Siva Sornaram, A.G.Naveen Kumar, M.Ranjith King Jimson, B.Venkatasamy

The number of vehicles is increasing over the decay very fast as the standard of living has been raised. So, there is a need for a monitoring system for vehicles from unknown parking and security reasons. Many residential buildings administrations, tolls, business complexes, and parking spaces in India lack an automated car parking system and vehicle monitoring for security purposes. Many of the commercial and residential places face an essential problem of illegal car/vehicle parking inside their premises. This issue is not bounded to just for parking but also adds to the security concerns inside those establishments. In this regard, an affordable solution that caters to the Indian markets can be made using the Image Processing method of Open CV. A database of the vehicles in the complex is created to solve these problems existing in the residential complex. The proposed Smart monitoring system process the vehicles appearing in the footage and list the known and unknown vehicles as residents and others not registered in the database to be considered as visitors.

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Obaleye Oludare Joseph, Albert B Adeboye, Isidore C Ezema, Ejiga Opaluwa

Basic shapes have been known to convey different meanings in art and architecture. Diverse studies on building shapes include its influence on energy efficiency, construction cost and life cycle cost among others. However, shape as an aesthetic element has little empirical study on record in relation to its acceptability for aesthetic appreciation. In testing the influence of shapes on aesthetic perception, university of Lagos senate building façade was considered. The aim of this research was to investigate the effect of shape in relation to other aesthetic elements on aesthetic perception by users for future application in architectural education and practice. A combination of the survey and case study research designs was adopted with the stratified random sampling technique used in selecting respondents. Primary data were obtained through the administration of questionnaire to 577 users from ten selected universities. Picture of university of Lagos senate building façade was attached to the questionnaire to serve as basis for assessing the facade. The quantitative data were analysed using frequencies, percentages and mean ranking. Facade shape was considered very important in the aesthetic perception of an administrative building. The study implies the need for training and re-training of architects on the psychology of shapes on a building façade conceptualization. This in essence will enhance the visual quality of the administrative building and ultimately a tool for nation building

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C. Balarengadurai, Ravi Prasad B

In this 20th century all the technologies are developed on automation because everyone needs growth and safe. Due to the busy schedule all the people don’t have time to monitor house. That's why a lot of people have their Watchmen to home for security purpose. They protect home from thieves, not from all the type of problems. That means gas leakage and etc. Everyone need home security based on automation. IOT is a booming technology. This system IOT base and automation so human error fully avoided. We get the alert anywhere and anytime. In this system also have a control method. Proper usage of electrical appliance reduces the wastage of energy and save the power. This system very useful for physically disable people for control the home appliance. At low cost based system consists of PIR sensor, GAS sensor, Bluetooth module, LDR and Arduino.

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Gustina, Azwar Ananda, Ahmad Kosasih, Zakirman, Ardimen, Padang, Indonesia

Teachers in the school today have problems in the assessment process during learning activities. Printable techniques and task methods create obstacles in the form of slow task correction and take a long time to provide feedback to students. To address this, an edmodo based task assessment was developed. This study aims to see the extent of edmodo's contribution in helping assessment activities in the learning process according to student perspectives. This type of research is descriptive qualitative, with research instruments in the form of questionnaires distributed to 34 respondents who in the learning process and assessment of their duties have used the Edmodo smartphone application. From the results of the questionnaire analysis it can be concluded that edmodo: is flexible, can be downloaded by all types of smartphones, free / free, has main features that make it easier for students to upload tasks, has a reminder feature, and features accumulated values that make it easier for teachers to evaluate.

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P.Anusha, Dr.R.Maruthi

In this internet world, data storage and sharing are the most important processes to make proper data utilization and centralization. Especially, most of the real time applications are storing their data and share the secure data to others whenever required. The cloud secret storage and sharing environment can be used to make applications with the feature of secure storage and sharing the content to the others especially image contents. The authorization and authentication of color image can be preserved in that environment with satisfying confidentiality and reliability. The color image blend scheme can be used to implement this way of real time application. In this paper, it is planned to create a secure cloud environment with versatile storage and sharing features and ensure the authentication and authorization of data using novel methodology. The experiment results show that the improved performance rather than the existing works that using cloud storage and sharing.

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Dr. P. Vanitha , Dr. C.Ramesh, Dr. P.Venkateswari.

Parents with autistic child face so many problems in their day to day life. And they are stressful throughout the day. They find difficult to up bring their child and they need the assist of social worker to educate their children and to develop their child’s day to day activity. From this research work, it was found that there is no sufficient number of social workers and the government has to take steps to increase the social workers and create an awareness program about the necessity of social workers in the special schools.

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Mannava Sumaja, Dr. Kolachina Srinivas

The present scenario, various technological changes occur. The catch technological changes through moderate the organization, for outstanding from the competition world. The transfer of new knowledge training is must to the employees. By the training develop employee knowledge as well as meet the organization goals. Through training, employee gain practical and theoretical knowledge for higher productivity at job performance. The scope of further research is introduce online training.

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Joshua Constantino, Rowel John Agustin, Renalyn G. Tecson

Letters for communication, memorandum, vouchers and travel orders are some of the many documents a certain organization is managing to submit and pass through different offices and the monitoring and tracking of location and status of these are laborious and consumes time and effort for employees. With these problems, an Electronic Documents Location Tracking System, a browser-based application was designed, developed, tested and implemented to run in a Local Area Network (LAN) to play a vital role in facilitating the monitoring and tracking of documents’ location and status submitted in different offices until delivered to the concerned offices. With the use of this technology, the clerk of each office records the information of all documents received and forwarded to and from other offices. The monitoring and tracking of the documents were done in each office through logging in to the system and by receiving a message notification that pops up on the user’s interface. Technical experts and selected end-users tested and evaluated the system’s functionality and usability to determine the level of user's acceptance of the developed system. The result implies that the system is highly functional for it made easier the process of tracking documents’ location, recording documents information and sending documents to the other offices and highly usable for end-users ability to operate the system easily. Thus, helped the process of document tracking faster, easier and more convenient for concerned employees.

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Shwetha S.V., Dharmanna L.

Breast cancer is a second largest disease in worldwide and even in India as per the statistics of world health organization after the lung cancer. The conventional approach to identify the breast cancer is biopsy, it takes on an average of more than week together time and most of the hospitals do not have this facility to perform the biopsy. This approach also demands expertise in the domain of analysis of tumor tissues to identify the cancerous cell. Hence to overcome the drawbacks of the conventional diagnosis system. In this paper a novel approach has been presented to diagnose the breast cancer by analyzing X-ray mammograms by a technique called rotational contour based fractal dimension with an interval of 60 degree. In this paper, the work is categorized into four phases,(1).Enhancing the mammogram images using Gabor filter and also estimated PSNR before and after the enhancement of the mammogram images that leads to accurate segmentation of tumor from the mammogram. (2).The automatic segmentation of region of the tumor through watershed and morphological operations and also obtained the contour of the tumor. (3). The contour analysis has been performed using a new approach called contour based fractal dimension approach that gives excellent classification result for the benign and malignant tumor. The Fractal Dimension for benign tumor ranges from 1.462 to 1.71 where as for malignant tumor the FD ranges from 1.78 to 3.78. And the Standard Deviation for benign tumor 0.06 and for malignant is 0.58. (4).In classification phase the automatically identifying and segregating the cancer disease. In this work, consider huge set of images from publicly available popular databases such as Digital Datagram Screening Mammogram, MIAS and also considered for the images available in the SDM hospital, Ujire and Dharwad etc. This approach gives almost 100 percent accuracy. Hence this technique can be considered as diagnostic parameter for the identification and classification of disease which serves the oncologist to take better decision.

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Bekmamadova, Gulnoza Akmalovna

This article explores the issue of assessing the quality of drinking water for the population, developing effective solutions to provide the population with quality drinking water, especially in small towns and villages. In this connection, the scientific works of scientists on the process of accumulation of pollution in reservoirs and their treatment are analyzed. In order to study and improve methods for assessing water quality, the Tupolang reservoir was studied for compliance with the requirements of state standards, hygienic and technical conditions for industrial spills and bottling of water for drinking needs of the population. For this study, water samples were taken from the Tupolang reservoir to study it in the summer and winter season and recommendations were developed for its improvement.

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Siti Haerani

Contractor selection is very important to ensure work can be done on time, on budget, and meet the quality. This research aims to analyze and understand in depth the effect of job proficiency, commitment, and cooperative relationship to project performance. PT. Vale is one of the mining companies located in Sorowako, Indonesia, where the research was conducted. The data needed is obtained from a sample of employees who are specifically involved in handling the procurement of construction services. The technique of collecting data using questionnaires and documentation. These data are analyzed using the Multiple Linear Regression tool with the SPSS Program software application. The research findings show that the variables of job proficiency, commitment, and cooperative relationship simultaneously significantly affect the performance of the project with the coefficient of determination R2 of 0.565. Cooperative relationship partially has no significant effect to project performance while job proficiency and commitment partially has significant and positive effect to project performance. Job proficiency consist of five indicators which are availability of qualified personnel, appropriate equipment, Health, Safety and Environmental management, financial capacity to finance the project, and project management capabilities. Commitment consist of two indicators which are contractor’s loyality to the Owner, and the willingness of the contractor to change the work method for better job result. Cooperative relationship consist of three indicators which are the contractor has ever did similar project on the Owner, the contractor has never been legally disputed with the owner, and the contractor does not have a poor track record of the other project owners. The novelty of this study lies not only in the main variables used in predicting project performance, but also on indicators of each variable. The object of this research is also different, where this study focuses on constructive projects while previous research generally uses a variety of projects. The findings of this study are very useful as a basis for consideration in selecting prospective contractors who will be given the task of working on the project more successfully.

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Syaiful Haq, Ambiyar, Nurhasan Syah, Junil Ardi

This study aims to reveal the behaviors of Engineering students toward the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC). This research was conducted in Engineering student in Universitas Negeri Padang with a quantitative descriptive research. This research used a total sampling technique. The research procedure was carried out by distributing questionnaires to 84 active students of Engineering who had attended the Seminar on AEC. The results showed that the behavior of Engineering students towards AEC was 75.1% or included in both categories. This value shows that Engineering students have tried to prepare themselves to face AEC starting from the high level of knowledge about AEC 76.6% and their attitude towards AEC 78.83%. There are concerns that they will face the AEC, and lead to several behaviors that are more active in learning, add reading material in broadening horizons, improve the ability of hard skills and soft skills, start to join organizations, learn the cultures of other nations around ASEAN, and to take foreign language courses to make it easier to face AEC.

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Khairul Anwar, Suratno, WachjuSubchan

Connection, Application, Reflection, Extention (CARE) learning model is a learning model developed by integrating inquiry learning model and accelerated learning into one combining the strengths and weaknesses of each model. This study aims to: 1) find out the validity of CARE learning model, 2) know the practicality of CARE learning model, 3) find out the effectiveness of CARE learning model. This research is a research development using the stages of development research from Borg & Gall (1983) research stages, namely: (1) research and information collecting, (2) planning, (3) developing preliminary forms of product, (4) preliminary field testing, (5) main product revision, (6) main field testing, (7) operational product revision, (8) operational field testing, (9) final product revision, and (10) dissemination and implementation. Qualitative and quantitative descriptive analysis is used during this research. The validity test results showed the average percentage of product validity reached 93.39% with a very valid category. The results of the effectiveness test on the small group and large group test respectively on the learning outcomes in the aspects of knowledge have a Normalized gain (N-gain) value of 0.61 (moderate) and 0.71 (high) in the aspects of attitudes reaching an average of 87.5% (very good) and 88.9% very good in the aspects of the process skills reached an average of 62.5% (sufficient) and 94.7% (very good) in the aspects of the product skills reached an average of 83.35% (good) and 86.35% (very good ), the average response of student responses has a value of 79.89% (strongly agree) and 87.52% (strongly agree). The practicality test results at each stage of the small group test, large group test and feasibility test are: 90, 60%, 95, 50% and 91, 00% with the category as very well implemented. The description of the results of the study above shows that the CARE learning model (Connection, Application, Reflection, Extension) meets the criteria as a product of development that is valid, practical and effective.

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Al-Sarayreh Aktham, Mousa Ayoub, Almadhoun Rasha, Allozi Marah

the present study highlights the importance of strategic flexibility and its role in the human resources of the Organization. It aims to recognize the strategic flexibility role and its variables (information flexibility, flexibility of service delivery) on human resources in educational organizations. Findings of this study shows that the Strategic flexibility dimensions (Information Flexibility and Flexibility in Service Delivery) explain about 59.6% of the variance on Human Resources variable. Moreover, the Strategic flexibility dimensions are significantly affecting in the Human Resources (P=0.000). As a conclusion; there is a correlation between Strategic flexibility dimensions and Human Resources, and on this basis the main hypotheses and sub-hypotheses included in the research have been accepted.

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Bhubaneswari Bisoyi, Biswajit Nayak, Biswajit Das

In the present scenario, it has become very challenging to mend the relationship within a community. Therefore, the government has taken controlling steps through e-governance. By introducing stringent rule and regulation for controlling the circulation of data and securing it under the e-governance. The research methodology used in this research paper is based on a content analysis of secondary data. This research paper focuses on the best practices followed for the security of information and different models of e-governance. This paper also highlights the security technologies that protect the data from being used wrongly. The security technology that protects from abnormal activities and provides authentication has also been discussed in this research paper. The essential factors for developing strong cybersecurity is to have an immune infrastructure that shall provide better security against threat and cyberattacks. This paper also focuses on the classification of the user’s communities for e-governance and the steps taken by each community for hedging against cyberattacks.

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Anu Jacob

An innovative method of teaching such as cooperative learning was proposed almost four decades ago to improve the classroom interactions. Though the method is very popular among teachers, through the faculty development programmes, its poor success in implementation is a matter of concern. Its unique characteristics of improving both academic skill and social skills in students are ideal for the holistic development in students especially for the professional courses. It gives emphasis on cooperation rather than competition among students in a class. In this study, we focus on implementing a cooperative learning method at a University level. The effectiveness was measured based on assessment done at the end of activity for the knowledge and student’s reflection was considered to assess the improvement of social skills. It resulted in an overall improvement in knowledge gain as well as social skills among students.

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Suyadi, Husnaini, Elvina

The purpose of this study was to investigate the problems faced by the students of English Educational Study Program at one of private universtiy in Jambi City. This study was also particularly conducted to find out the real difficulties that appeared when the students were in the process of writing a thesis proposal as the final complusory to complete the study. Some previous studies focused on the common mistakes, possible problems, and grammatical problems made by made by the students who learn English as a Foreign Language, whereas lack of data has been found on the factors that appears when the students write a thesis. There were 12 participants chosen purposedly at one of private university in Jambi City at eighth semester. The study was designed as a qualitative case study and involved a demographic questioner and face-to-face interviews for data collection. The result revealed that there are four factors which faced by the studetns when writing a thesis proposal, they are psychological, socio-cultural, linguistics, and cognitive factors became main problems. As the solution, students should prepare their readiness and ability befire writing a research proposal for thesis. Suggestions for further research are also discussed.

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The population of turtles in the sea of Enggano Island is threatened with extinction, due to over-exploitation regardless of its protection. The government has regulated turtle protection by establishing Law Number 5 of 1990 concerning Conservation of Natural Resources and Ecosystems. The functionaries of the customary law of the Enggano also made a similar effort by developing material on the contents which regulates the protection of turtles. This study raises the issue of how to adjust conservation values in national law and Enggano customary law in turtle protection? This research was a sociological juridical study and used a qualitative approach that starts from legal sociology, carried out on Enggano Island, by utilizing formal and non-formal leaders as informants in the Kaitora tribal community, Kaahoaa, Kaarubi, Kauno and Kaharuba, who live in villages - Enggano Island village. The results of the study found, first, that the substance of the Enggano customary law norms had conservation values related to the protection of turtles stated in the formulation of customary law norms which contained the prohibition of catching turtles for all needs, except for the need for ceremonial grandeur (yakadea) if being disobey, the sanctions will be given in the form of customary fines amounting to money, must pay for traditional ceremonies as a media for imposing social sanctions in the form of apologies to tribal leaders and other Engano island communities. Second, that the choice of adjusting the conservation values in national law and Enggano Customary Law in turtle protection can be done by describing the norms of turtle protection which stated in national legal norms into Village Regulations, or Customary Village Regulations which are a unity with the system hierarchy of laws and regulations in the Indonesian legal system, and accompanied by the obligation of indigenous peoples to carry out turtle breeding that can be used for the needs of traditional ceremonies and wedding ceremonies as an effort to preserve the traditions of the Enggano island community. The adjustment of conservation values of turtle protection through the integration of legal substances (Law, Government Regulation on Village Regulations) is the best model in optimizing the protection of turtles without sacrificing the interests of traditional rituals that are still maintained for generations in the lives of the Enggano people.

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Nyimas Triyana Safitri, Melati, Amirul mukminin, Marzul Hidayat

English Language teaching ELT in Indonesian high schools experiences significantly declining and needs thoughtful attention to ensure a higher quality of English teaching. This study was attempted to figure out how English teachers demonstrate Pedagogical Content Knowledge PCK as a core skill of an integration of subject matter and pedagogy in English teaching and how they go through with potential tensions, issues and complexities in performing PCK at English classroom practice. A qualitative method with a case study design was employed and multiple perspectives were taken into consideration by deeply interviewing eight English high school teachers in Kota Jambi. Teaching document was also used to support and provide broaden description of data. Within and Cross Case analysis were utilized in analysing data by administering three stages of open coding, axial coding and labelling. The finding revealed that English Teachers in Indonesia practically experienced challenges in displaying PCK in ELT and most of them undergo with some practical issues especially in managing a heterogeneous class (mix ability class). Teachers also experienced pressure in treating students with low interest and less motivation in learning English. A part from this concerns, school facilities and parental involvement were also threatened for the effective learning and the way how teachers define curriculum and the knowledge of technology still become unsolved problems. The results are discussed and suggestions are provided for future research.

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Ahmed Al Refai, Dr. Ahmed Agiel

This study will investigate the opportunity to enhance the design quality of the Low-income employee's housing. A conceptual framework for the design quality rating will be developed to investigate the case study of Low-income employee's housing in Abu Dhabi, UAE utilizing a mix of qualitative and quantitative tactics. These investigations will lead to answering the main research question of: to what extent are the low-income employee's houses designed to be high residential quality? The study would also shed light on future sustained improvement solutions that can be brought in the areas of housing design quality in UAE.

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Y. Bhaskar Rao

Water treatment has been a creating issues now-a-days. Its treatment is getting the chance to be ought to in this Progressive world. The nonmaterial has an enormous potential to be used for wastewater treatment. It’s intriguing properties, including high surface area are successfully recycled to abolish unprotected alloy particles, infinitesimal damage, conventional solvents and minerals from water. The assorted types of nonmaterial in like manner have the master to be gainful for treatment of water like zealots, carbonaceous nonmaterial and metal-containing Nanoparticle, in this review paper various review ways of waste water treatment was discussed.

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Shavkat Ramazanovich Umarov, Bakhtiyar Ubaydullaevich Nasirillaev, Narzulla Orolovich Rajabov, Mansurbek Shomurotovich Jumaniyozov, Aziza Negmuratovna Batirova, Safarali Khasanboy ugli Khudzhamatov

The reaction of silkworm breeds to stress factors is manifested, first of all, on the viability of eggs and caterpillar. In modern breeds, along with the increase in silkiness and technological indicators, there is a tendency of reduce in their embryonic and post-embryonic viability. In this article presented the analysis of indicators of viability of the second generation obtained from rearing of Marvarid, Guzal, Ipakchi 1, Ipakchi 2 silkworm breeds and Line 27, Line 28 under unfavorable conditions.

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All countries recognize the principle of Equality before the Law as the rule of law principle used by the Anglo Saxon State which includes the Supremacy of Law and the Constitution Based on Human Rights, so based on that the enforcement of Eguality Before The Law must be binding anyone whether male, female, ordinary people, wealthy people, law enforcement officials or even officials. This principle includes freedom to participate in political life, freedom of speech (including freedom of religion), freedom to be yourself, freedom from arbitrary detention and arrest and the right to retain private property (2) The Difference Principle, which the point is: social and economic difference must be regulated so that it provides the greatest benefits for those who are least disadvantaged; (3) The principle of equal equality of opportunity (The Principle of Fair Equality of Opportunity), the point of which is: socio-economic inequality must be regulated in such a way so as to open positions and social position for all people under conditions of equal opportunity.

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Avishek Jana, Arindam Roy

In precision agriculture, a huge amount of data is needed to control different parameters of the field. To notice the change in field parameters with respect to time, continuous monitoring of these sensors is needed. But it is impossible to monitor the system all the time manually as it has some limitations like personal biases, more time and constant involvement of farmers. Automated smart monitoring system can overcome these problems efficiently. But when accessing device like mobile, tab, etc. which beyond the range of the network of base station, then sensor nodes cannot be accessed. To overcome this limitation an automated global field data acquisition system is proposed. It is helpful to retrieve data at anytime from anywhere in the world. In this proposed model, all types of communication among the sensors are done through the two ways: through the cellular network and through the internet in a secure way.

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Philip Kirkbride

OpenBullet is an open-source testing tool which has been growing in popularity in the amateur offensive security community. It is commonly used for credential stuffing. The application has grown around an underground economy which focuses on the combination of configuration files and credential dumps. In this paper I will discuss the environment that fostered the application, its use, and defensive measures which can be taken to protect against it. Password leak lists are bought and sold on black markets, as well as configurations files for the program, as well as large lists of proxies which can be used to disguise the origin of the attack. Using OpenBullet everything that is needed to successfully conduct a credential stuffing attack can be purchased with very little or no technical knowledge being needed, aside from learning how to use the OpenBullet user interface. The modularity and ease of use has bolstered the black-market. Several forums and non-public chats have sprung up, revolving around buying, selling, and giving tips related to everything needed to conduct credential stuffing attacks. As this trend continues communities, governments, and website operators are looking for more effective ways to fight this trend. Solutions include implementing two-factor authentication, rate-limiting, captchas, and alerting systems for both users and website operators.

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Yusuf Montundu, H. Murdjani Kamaluddin, H. Samdin, Husin

The results of this study are part of the results of a dissertation study with the theme of the influence of the work environment and empowerment on public service motivation and employee work commitments within the scope of the Southeast Sulawesi Provincial Office, Indonesia. This study aims to explore the effect of public service motivation (hereinafter abbreviated as PSM) on the work commitment of civil servants. To determine the effect of PSM (Attraction to Public Service, commitment to public values, compassion, and self-sacrifice) on work commitments (work engagement and job involvement) the structural equation modeling (SEM) model is used. The results found that PSM has a positive and significant effect on work commitment. These findings also have important implications for the development of the PSM concept in relation to work commitments, especially in the public sector.

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Rungchatchadaporn Vehachart, Kongkidakorn Boonchuay, Venus Srisakda, Chatchawi Kaeomani

This research aims to 1. Study the knowledge about development and tools for developing a holistic management system 2. Analyze and synthesize knowledge based on the sufficiency economy philosophy for improving the quality of life of youth. Special Development Zone, Separate Southern Border. The sample groups used in the research are youth students in educational institutions located in special development zones, the southern border, namely 4 schools, consisting of (1) administrators (2) responsible teachers (3) supervisors (4) representatives Community (5) Students who have obtained a specific selection. This research has a method to conduct spatial development research using the community as a base. Management system to achieve the objectives of the research to achieve the objectives. Research result : Communities are not strong in management and help Social inequality And access to government services Educational subsidies literacy quality in the management of education, quality of life, community has various cultural costs, local wisdom such as wisdom in medicine, herbs, occupation, food, etc., but still lacks systematic knowledge management. And could not bring local wisdom Which is a reflection of the existing social and cultural dimensions applied to community life People in the community lack consciousness about hometowns such as migration. Even though we were confident that this process fostered more parsimony and clear interpretation of the model, this model led to some decrement. Furthermore, we are able to provide parallel findings regarding the highly correlated dimensions we found. In two studies in which PLC was used.

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Dr. P.P. Priya, K. Pavan Kumar, MD. Akram Hussain, S .CH. S.S. Teja, K. Sampath,

This paper presents two algorithms, one to detect, track objects and the other for lane line detection. This detection and tracking of objects are done by using a Tensor flow object detection API. And a simple computer vision technique is obtained for Lane line detection. The objects Location which are identified that is forwarded to the algorithm of object detection and tracking. The object detection tracking system algorithm is used for obtain by using CVV. The proposed approach can able to detect objects in different illumination and occlusion. It accuracy of achieved is 90.88% on self-generated image sequences.

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Ambar Winansi, Setyo Sarwanto Moersidik, Mochamad Adhiraga Pratama

Under normal operating conditions nuclear facilities have potential release of radioactive substances into water bodies called routine releases. Radionuclide transfer in the environment is very complex so that simplification is made with a mathematical model approach using the Surface Water Modeling Systems 10.1 software that resolves hydrodynamic differential equations with the finite element method. Pollutants dispersion is strongly influenced by advection and diffusion process, which for the river the process of advection becomes more dominant. The goal of this research is to model the distribution of 137Cs radionuclides in Cisalak River located around Serpong Nuclear Area. 137Cs is the most dominant radionuclide contained in radioactive effluent discharges. In this research the simulation is divided into two stages, they are the simulation of the hydrodynamic model using the Resources Management Associates-2 (RMA-2) module to model the flow and continued using RMA-4 to model the distribution of pollutants. The concentration of 137Cs at the discharges source are the highest, lowest, and average value in the last three years. The results of the research it is obtained an overview of the 137Cs distribution model along Cisalak river flow whose concentration value is a function of distance and time, besides that the pollutant concentration is very influential to the characteristics of the river and also the flow discharge, both river and effluent flow discharge.

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Julie Rose P. Mendoza, Ed. D., Florhaida V. Pamatmat, Ed. D., Aileen M. Daran, Ed. D., Caezar D. Pamin, Ph. D.

In the highly technological modern world the advent of internet provides university students with necessary information in just a flick of a finger and information can be accessed in reputable educational institutions with state-of-the-art facilities, mainly the library. Yet, given the information facility, the dilemma is, it seems not easy to find the facts desired, and in the form, it is wanted in order to use it effectively. In other words, students experience problems in gathering exact information. One solution to the information problem—the one that seems to be most often adopted in schools (as well as in business and society in general)—is to speed things up. Hence, try to pack in more and more content, to work faster to get more done which is considered a down proposition because speeding things up only means to work longer. Given adequate information access, what is still needed is to think about helping everyone to work smarter, not faster. There is an alternative way to speed things up. It’s the smarter solution—one that will support people, especially the students to develop the skills and understanding they need to find, process, and use information effectively. This smarter solution focuses on process as well as content. This is advancing the information literacy or information skill of the students using a process. One process that that can be employed is the Big6 Process which is a process model of how people of all ages solve an information problem. From practice and study, this practice is most widely known and widely used approach to teaching information and technology skills all over the world in K-12 schools and in higher education institutions but not in Philippine schools or in state universities. This study employed Big6 Process in the learning of the students in the college level at Laguna State Polytechnic University. As Eisenberg (1998) emphasized in her study that Big6 is an inquiry process which is very critical to students’ learning in all areas like social studies (research process), science (experimental process), mathematics (problem solving process) this study was found equally helpful in the development of cognitive learning as it provides a strategy for developing the foundations of higher order thinking skills, reasoning, and critical thinking. True, the Big6 information problem-solving model was found applicable to the students as they need and use information everyday. Moreover, it was found countless times helpful in integrating information search along with technology tools in a systematic process in using, applying, and evaluating information for specific needs and tasks. After this study was conducted and documented, it was found to be significant and beneficial to the faculty members in the university across courses with the perception that if all students will be familiar and aware with the Big6 Process, completing their assigned tasks like assignments, requirements, and research among others, will be easier and the students can work smarter over the assigned task, hence, checking will be easier for the teacher. Students can use the Big6 Skills whenever they need information. It can be applied as a thinking process to deal with most problems and therefore can be applied consistently and repeatedly throughout their studies. Another useful way to view the Big6 is as a set of basic, essential life skills which can be applied across situations in school, personal, and work settings.

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,Rapid and precise redox titration of cobalt (II) with potassium hexacyanoferrate (II) in the presence of glycine in alkaline medium is described. The strategy depends on the influence of glycine on the oxidation – reduction potential of cobalt ions in which it frames progressively stable complex with cobalt (III) than with cobalt (II) and the reaction has been studied by potentiometry as a function of pH and the concentration of glycine and cobalt. During the investigation it was found that the compound of divalent cobalt is stable at pH 7.0-10.0 in the presence of glycine, while the titration was impossible without glycine. The exactness and precision of the strategy was evaluated by the use of lack-of-fit test and other statistical techniques.

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D. Silambarasan, Dr.P.Suresh

VANeting a peculiar n/w with a dynamic topology that transfers messages or warnings between vehicles to Roadside units and between vehicles in all types of roadside regimes, including rural, urban, and highways. These communications bring all the roadside nodes to work together by setting routes and communication links. It also supports and offers intelligent transportation, comfort, security, and entertainment applications. The “Wireless Access Vehicular Environment (WAVE)” standard in VANET has IEEE 802.11p / 609.3 standards at the lower/advanced level of the network layer, respectively. This network (n/w) has rapidly changing topologies with high mobility. The warning messages alert others to prevent collisions and traffic accidents and thus reducing roadside issues. Designing a routing protocol for this dynamic topology involves a lot of challenges such as packet loss, delay, latency, security threats, etc. The proposed model aims to improve the vehicular system by employing the Relay Driven Backbone network where the vehicles are elected automatically as Relay and Distributed Broadcasting Protocol is used for Data Communication. Two security threats Black, Gray hole, and broadcast storm problem in broadcasting are discussed. Proper implementation is ensured to prevent those threats. For Simulation evaluation of proposed models NS-3 is used. The parameters PDR, Throughput, PLR, E2E Delay are addressed in addition to compared with existing models.

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N.Anandhi T.Geetha

This article presents a new method named Maximum Range Method (MRM) for finding an optimal solution for Time Minimizing Transportation Problems (TMTP).The main purpose of this method is to Minimize the maximum time of transportation for all availability to requirement, rather than minimizing transportation cost. The procedure of MRM is developed by Transportation Problem with equality constraints. The proposed method is determine an optimum solution for TMTP and compare with the obtained results of other conventional methods, and found that the proposed method gives the better results from other traditional method. In this dissertation one more method of achieving a minimum time of transportation has been developed which is very different from obtainable method. Finally, a numerical illustration has been presented for better understanding of the algorithm

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A.Aarthi, P.Gayathri, N.R.Gomathi , S.Kalaiselvi , Dr.V.Gomathi

Examining and protecting air quality in this world has become one of the essential activities for every human in many industrial and urban areas today. The meteorological and traffic factors, burning of fossil fuels, and industrial parameters play significant roles in air pollution. With this increasing air pollution, we need to implement models that will record information about concentrations of air pollutants. The deposition of these harmful gases in the air is affecting the quality of people's lives by altering their health, especially in urban areas. In this paper, regression techniques are used to predict the concentration of Carbon monoxide in the environment. Carbon monoxide causes headaches, dizziness, vomiting, nausea, and heart diseases. The dataset is downloaded and imported to the project. It contains data on average hourly responses of major air pollutants for nearly one year. This dataset is used to predict the amount of Carbon monoxide based on other parameters using regression analysis. It creates awareness among people about the air quality degradation, and it's health effects. Support environmentalists and government to frame air quality standards and regulations based on issues of toxic and pathogenic air exposure and health-related hazards for human welfare.

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Irfani Priananda, Monika Stevani, Theresia I. Sutanto, Minsani Mariani

Mobile payment or cashless payment system is rapidly developing in the last few years. Cashless payment system is an emerging market in Indonesia. There are many of users and merchants that have been adopting cashless payment system replacing the conventional transactions. Micro-merchant is one of the stakeholders of mobile payment ecosystem which specifically receiving the low-value payment transaction from the mobile payment users. To measure micro-merchant’s readiness in continuing their usage on cashless payment system, we used the Technology Readiness Index (TRI) 2.0 approach. Parasuraman and Colby (2014) developed TRI 2.0 as a research scale in measuring and classifying individuals by their propensity to adopt technology. This research will provide the highlights of current situation of micro-merchant’s technology readiness and their continuance intention to adopt cashless payment system based on TR constructs. There are four constructs which are Optimism, Innovativeness, Discomfort and Insecurity that will be tested to find their relationship to the continuance intention in adopting cashless payment system. This research found that optimism is a determinant factor driving the micro-merchants’ continuance intention to adopt cashless payment system while discomfort is becoming main inhibitor.

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Saranya N, Kanthimathi N, Kavithamani K, Sowndharya M, Kanimozhi A

Brain tumors are a run of the mill development of cells in the cerebrum. It is critical to analyze these tumors as dangerous or kind as ahead of schedule as conceivable after identification. This paper introduces a noninvasive technique to separate among dangerous and favorable tumors utilizing NI Lab programming. A content in NI Vision Assistant programming is built up that recognizes tumors dependent on the measure of edema, liquids and putrefaction in the cerebrum which is reflected in the MRI Scans. Edemas and different liquids present in the cerebrum have an alternate shading and surface contrasted with the remainder of the cerebral tissue. The technique utilized depicts a procedure for location and extraction of tumor from patient's MRI check pictures of cerebrum. The calculation utilized in this work includes two phases; first is preprocessing of given MRI picture, performing division and applying morphological activities. The strategy was connected on 19 MRI sweeps and the outcomes acquired uncover that the VI content created has made 86.36% progress rate.

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Nandini N

Educational data mining applications are widely accepted now a day as they will help in analyzing and predicting information’s useful for enhancing educational growth. One of the major applications of this kind is the prediction of student performance in higher education. This will help the stakeholders to understand the effect of various factors in academic performance thereby enabling them to take immediate and adequate remedial actions. This research aims to understand the various attributes and their impact on the students’ academic performance. A synthetic dataset is chosen to experiment with the various data mining algorithms. Further a real time data set collected from a high school is also experimented with similar algorithms.

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Wardatul Washilah, Soenarnatalina Melani, Aziz Alimul Hidayat

Hospital services are largely determined by the quality of nursing services. The quality of nursing services can be determined by the nurse performance. This study purpose was to examine the efforts to improve the nurse performances at RSUD dr. Moh. Saleh Probolinggo through factor analysis. This study used a cross sectional approach and SEM. Total sample of 169 nurses were selected by proportional random sampling technique. Data were collected by questionnaires and analyzed by PLS (partial least square). Based on statistical results, several strategic issues were selected for FGD material to generate recommendations. Research results show that individual factors consisted of good category ihsan (benevolent) behavior and good category loyalty; organizational factors consist of good category leadership and good category rewards; psychological factors consist of personality and motivation categories both. The dependent variable is Performance. The individual factors consist of behavioral and loyalty, organizational factors consisting of leadership and rewards. The psychological factors consist of personality and motivation. Hospitals should improve their behavior, loyalty, leadership, rewards, personality and motivation as an effort to improve nurse performance.

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Oleh Omelchuk, Victoriia Koltun, Oleksandr Deineha, Mykola Popov, Oleksandra Korchynska, Oksana Trusii

The article considers the issues of reforming managerial activities to adapt them and increase the effectiveness of public administration institutions. The factors and parameters affecting the overall efficiency of management activities in the field of public administration are considered. A reforming technique based on a program-targeted approach to the management system is proposed. The general characteristic is given, and the methodology of the approach to the formation of such a system of managerial activity is described. The mechanism of determining the effectiveness and efficiency of targeted programs implemented using the described technique is described. The data are indicated, and the parameters of the theoretical and practical experiment using the detailed methodology are described within the framework of a separate municipality, taking into account the local characteristics of public administration institutions.

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Rajesh L, P Satyanarayana

SCADA system plays a key role in Industrial Control Systems for monitoring and remote controlling process plants like Oil & Gas refineries, nuclear power plants, power generation and manufacturing industries. These systems are sharing sensor data to external world through internet and company corporate networks. It opens the doors for cyber security attacks. Communication protocols are running in SCADA systems for continually transferring sensor data to SCADA servers and vice-versa. MODBUS is one of the most widely used protocols in SCADA systems. In this paper, we reviewed security of SCADA systems, communication protocols and proposed methods to enhance the security of these protocols.

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V. Jalaja, G.S.G.N. Anjaneyulu

In this paper, a methodology for face recognition using Eigen faces is being discussed. The key idea of the proposal we consider a set of images then we applied Eigen faces on that set for recognition of faces. First a set of images has been considered as a training set. Then calculations were performed on training set, finally the images have been concluded by computing the Euclidian distance between the image in the training set and newly computed image. Test results for various number of faces are appeared to confirm the suitability of the proposed technique and also we discussed some image metrics. Finally we demonstrated the security analysis like time complexity.

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Dr.S.Balamurugan, V.Sudha

Main aim of this study is to articulate the sole model to the entrepreneurial intention among women students. The drive was to study anything group of university women students in Salem intended to do upon accomplishment of their college education start their own business to become entrepreneurs. This was an attempt to explore the entrepreneurial intention among women in Periyar University at Salem district. The data were completed to 225 respondents. The tools used for this study are chi-square and factor analysis. This study concluded that this understanding will help authorities towards set up the effective policies that would promote entrepreneurial activities and sustain economic development and growth and educational institutions focus their entrepreneurial training.

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Trung Tran, Lai Thai Dao, Hong Van Nguyen, Minh Duc La

The application of information technology and communication in teaching in Vietnam now has seen significant development, the educational institutions actively implementing e-learning through the Internet to improve quality training to meet the needs of learners: Learning anytime, learning anywhere, lifelong learning, open and flexible way of learning. This article proposed process design e-learning system courses base on the division to help develop math self-learning capacity of high school students.

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Mohamad Ramlan Ramli, Noorzaliza Osman, Nor Fazila Abd Malek, Ebby Waqqash Mohamad Chan Ali Md Nadzalan

The aim of this study was to determine and compare the ground reaction force (GRF) during conventional deadlift and hacklift. Twenty (n=20) recreationally active, resistance-trained men were recruited to this crossover design study and were instructed to perform both conventional deadlift and hacklift in random order. Participants were needed to lift 85% of their conventional deadlift one repetition maximum (1RM) score. One way repeated measure analysis of variances (ANOVA) was conducted to compare the differences of GRF during concentric and eccentric phase of both exercise. Results showed that the force production during concentric phase was significantly higher during traditional deadlift while no significant differences exist during eccentric phase. Findings of this study suggested that based on force production, performing conventional deadlift imposed better chances of strength adaptation.

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Aborisade Caleb Ayoade, Omoniyi A.

Both children and adult consume Carica papaya. The aim of the study is to analyse the elemental constituent of Carica papaya leaves, seeds, fruits and peals of the female and leaves and flowers of the male in Igbope and Ile-Ife in the Southwestern Nigeria. Particle Induced X-ray Emission (PIXE) analysis of the powdered samples was carried out using a 2.5 MeV proton ion beam analysis (IBA) accelerator. The elements discovered from the samples found at both locations are Na, Mg, Al, Si, P, S, Ci, K, Ca, Ti, Mn, Fe, Cu, Zn, Rb and Ba. In all the samples analysed, K has the highest concentration in ppm of 58624.9 ± 46.9; 48729.9 ± 39.0; 46904.5 ± 37.7; 41629.9 ± 41.6 and 39468.8 ± 35.5 for fruits, male flowers, leaves, seeds and peels, respectively. The male leaves have higher concentration of K than the female leaves. Also, male flower has the highest concentration of 24891.8 ± 69.7 ppm in Ca than any other parts of the plant. Rb, a not common element in many plants is present in all the samples with the highest concentration of 11090.3 ± 3389.2 in the male flowers. The results showed that Carica papaya found in this work consist of several trace and major elements of importance to human health. This work established that the male components of this plant are also useful as the female.

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Satibi Satibi , Tri Murti Andayani, Ida Rosita Musyarofah NS, Fita Dewi Yuniarti

Drug management in the hospital includes the selection, procurement, distribution and use stages. Preliminary observation shows that a number of problems in the Class C of Regional Hospital in East Java Province such as late payment of invoices, expired drug, dead drug stock, stock out and the long waiting time for patients to receive the drug. The purpose of this study was to determine the picture of the efficiency and effectiveness of drug management in the Class C of Regional Hospital in East Java Province. This research is quantitative descriptive by collecting data retrospectively (tracing documents year of 2018) related to drug management. Concurrent data were obtained at the time of study. All stages of drug management are measured by the efficiency and effectiveness of using World Trade Organization (WHO) indicators, Pudjaningsih, The Ministry of Health of the Republic of Indonesia and Delphi Method. The results of research in Class C of Regional Hospitals in Banyuwangi and Ngawi Regencies for the suitability of drug items with National Formulary were 67.86% and 70.79%, the percentage of funds were 59.44% and 99.64%, allocation of funds for procurement of drugs were 14.45% and 39,10%, the frequency of procurement of each drug items were 4.77 times and 10.08 times, the percentage of invoices error were 0,52%, and 0,86%, late of payments were 107 days and 28 days; warehouse structuring system according to standard; High Allert and LASA (Look Alike and Sound Alike) drugs storage reached 100%; TOR (Term of Reference) were 2.66 times and 9.94 times per year; level of availability of drugs were 12-18 months; the average time for prescription services were (40 minutes for finished drugs, 63 minutes for concoctions) and (35.6 minutes for finished drugs, 65 minutes for concoctions); the percentage of generic drugs were 68.2% and 56.2%; the percentage of antibiotics prescribed were 11.65% and 8.9%; the percentage of injection drugs prescribed were 0.18% and 0.22%; the percentage of drugs prescribed based on 100% formulary.The conclusion of this study is the management of drugs in the Class C of Regional Hospitals in Banyuwangi and Ngawi Regencies at the selection and procurement stages have not been efficient except the allocation of drugs procurement in the Class C of Regional Hospital in Ngawi; the distribution stage was efficient except, the average time of drug vacancy and TOR (Turn Over Ratio) specifically in Class C of Regional Hospital in Banyuwangi Regency; the stage of use has not been effective at the average of time speed of prescription service; total number of drug items per prescription sheet; and the percentage of prescriptions with generic drugs.

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Martinus Robert Hutauruk, Imam Ghozali, Dian Irma Aprianti, Novel Reonald, Ali Mushofa

This study aims to investigate the effect of the marketing mix, and customer satisfaction on customer loyalty through the role of environmental accounting moderation in the form of a plastic bag diet policy on supermarket customers. This study conducted with to help of survey methods through questionnaires and interviews with 115 selected respondents. The results of respondents' answers have been valid and reliable and subsequently analyzed using structural equation modelling (SEM) modelling through SmartPLS 3.2.8 to answer empirical hypotheses. It found that the marketing mix, customer satisfaction and canton plastic dietary policies had a positive and significant direct effect on customer loyalty. Nevertheless, the plastic canting diet policy is not able to be moderation or weaken the relationship between the marketing mix of customer loyalty and the relationship between customer satisfaction and customer loyalty. This study also discusses theoretically and empirically as well as managerial implications based on research findings.

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J. Indra, P.J. Arun Prabhu, K. Hemaavardthini, R. Keerthana, S. Lavanya

The design and fabrication of cheese winding assistance machine is useful to wind the non-woven paper and the thread over the cheese. In dyeing industries, a cylindrical spring tube called cheese is used over which the yarn to be dyed is winded. A non-woven paper and a thread have to be wound on the cheese so that the yarn is not damaged by the steel structure. This is mainly done to reduce yarn wastage. The above said process is done manually in all the dyeing industries that has cheese winding machines. This involves man power which doesn’t require any special skill. Also, this process is a time-consuming one. This project aims to eliminate the man power; reduce the time consumes and to increase the productivity.

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Ruchi Jain, Dr. Vikash Kumar Singh

Student behavior makes an important role in its career. Many attributes gives the indication of users interest towards particular stream as well as self-employed startup orientation. As students are going through their academics and pursuing their interested courses, it is very important for them to assess their capabilities and identify their interests so that they will get to know in which career area their interests and capabilities are going to put them in. This will help them in improving their performance and motivating their interests so that they will be directed towards their targeted career and get settled in that [20]. Also recruiters while recruiting the candidates after assessing them in all different aspects, these kind of career recommender systems help them in deciding in which job role the candidate should be kept in based on his/her performance and other evaluations. Career indecision is a difficult obstacle confronting adolescents. Traditional vocational assessment research measures it by means of questionnaires and diagnoses the potential sources of career indecision. Based on the diagnostic outcomes, career counselors develop treatment plans tailored to students. However, because of personal motives and the architecture of the mind, it may be difficult for students to know themselves, and the outcome of questionnaires may not fully reflect their inner states and statuses.

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PL Vanrozama, Dr. C Gobalakrishnan

Today Drug addiction among the youth is a widespread problem in many countries including Mizoram. Most of the youngsters in the early age of 17-25 years have been found to be seriously addicted to the unethical substance abuse or drug addiction and they are mostly college and even school going young students. Even the unprivileged and poor children have also been found to be involved in drug abuse/addiction. Over the last two decades or more, countries all over the world have seen an alarming rise in the prevalence of drug addicts among the most productive and crucial segment of its population. If their present lives are drowned under such addictions then the future of the nation would certainly be bleak and dark. This is indeed a serious matter for the Indian society. This paper is discussing the impact of drug usage, causes of drug use, the need for intervention and the methods of prevention of drug addiction among youths with special reference to Mizoram, based on the review of earlier literature.

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Muhammad Minan Chusni, Sulistyo Saputro, Suranto, Sentot Budi Rahardjo

This study aims to describe the ability of students in national examinations in science learning in terms of their absorption. The method used in this study was a survey with a quantitative approach. The object of research is 146 junior high schools with a total of 14,983 students in the Sleman district. The data used were the national exam's absorption of science learning provided by the education assessment center of the ministry of education and culture. The results showed that the highest mean of absorption is in the material aspects of mechanics and the solar system of 71.60 which is classified as good category, while the lowest average is in the material aspects of waves, electricity and magnetism at 45.56 which is classified as fewer categories. In addition, the lowest mean on the indicator question about waves, electricity and magnetism is "presenting an illustration of two people with eye defects wearing glasses and then determining the ratio of reading distance between the two people" amounted to 28.39, which is classified as very poor category. From these results it can be concluded that the indicator questions about optical material in the ability to analysis are still very poor.

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Palvi Arora, Supreet Kaur

With the advancement in multimedia applications, the Internet of things (IoT) devices becomes popular to build smart devices. The scheduling techniques are widely accepted to schedule the workload between these IoT devices. From the review, it has been found that the use of a genetic algorithm has shown a low convergence rate to the true global minimum even at high numbers of dimensions. The majority of existing job scheduling techniques for IoT suffer from stuck in local optima issue. Gravitational Search Algorithm has been widely accepted as a global optimization algorithm of current interest for distributed optimization and control. Therefore, in this paper, a hybrid gravitational search and quick energy-based scheduling algorithm are designed and implemented. Extensive experiments reveal that the proposed technique outperforms competitive techniques in terms of various performance metrics.

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Dr. K. Umapathy, V. Sai Swaroop, P. Viswam, T. Bala Swami Sairaja

In our day to day life internet has become a part of our time. People easily can access and accomplish their tasks using the internet. Using the concept of Internet Of Things, we can control and monitor our activities and we can able to take necessary actions if we needed. This paper clearly explains about the counterfeit bank currency detection system which provides the accurate difference between true and fake notes. This system is easily accessible and economical friendly.

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Dedy Pramono, Hendy Ristiono, Caraka Putra Bhakti, Muhammad Alfarizqi Nizamuddin Ghiffari

The purpose of this study was to obtain data on the evaluation of the implementation the Ahmad Dahlan University (P2K) program, which will then be learned to obtain a good campus introduction program model for new students. The current campus introduction model refers to the regulation of the General Guidelines for Introduction to Campus Life for New Students (PKKMB) in 2018 to introduce, prepare, and accelerating new students so that they are aware of their rights and obligations. It is necessary to continuously evaluate the implementation of the P2K so that it continues to optimize the implementation that it is following existing policy achievements. This research method uses quantitative research, the population of new student subjects in UAD 2018 amounted to approximately 6500. Sampling using random sampling techniques amounted to 30% of the population. The results showed four aspects, namely Usefulness, Easy to use, Easy to learn, and Satisfaction. Obtained data of each aspect is Usefulness 40.24% strongly agree, Easy To Use 61.91% agree, Easy To Learn 68.69% agree, and Satisfaction aspects 56.25% agree, and the highest overall total is 58.98% agree will be overall Satisfaction.

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Omaima A.E.Mohammed, Suheir A. M. Sayed , Alwyia A. A GENDEL, El-Tigani M.A. Ali

Background:Asymptomatic proteinuria is a common finding in primary care practice. Proteinuria in asymptomatic children especially if persistent and significant may be an early marker of chronic kidney disease, however global controversy exists regarding the cost effectiveness of screening program in detection and prevention of chronic kidney disease in children. Objective:To study the prevalence of proteinuria in asymptomatic school children in BahriWasat administrative unit in Khartoum North Locality, Khartoum State, Sudan. Methods This was a descriptive, cross-sectional, community-based study , that was conducted in schools located in BahriWasat administrative unit, in Khartoum north locality within the period from September 2018 –March 2019 and covered 430 schoolchildren selected by multiple stage stratified sampling. Clean midstream urine was collected in a clean plastic container from participants; urine sample was examined by dipstick method for proteinuria, and. Data collected, prepared, entered, and analyzed using SPSS version 25.0. Results This study covered 430 study participants. Concerning the results of urinary screening by dipstick, our study realized that the prevalence of proteinuria was 32(7.4%). Only 2(6.3%) of participants (who were positive for protein urea by dipstick), were significantly positive for early morning urine albumin who represent only (0.5%) of all study participants. Half of them were 50th – 90th BP centile, the mean of GFR 84.5 ml /mim/1.73 m2, Urea 24.5 mg, Creatinine 0.8 mg, and Urine albumin creatinine ratio found to be 31.0 mg of albumin /g of creatinine. The analysis found that there was no significant difference in the prevalence of proteinuria according to the gender (the prevalence was (7.5%) among males compared with (7.4%) among females with p-value = 0.97). There was no significant difference in the prevalence of proteinuria according to the age (the prevalence was (7.5%) among participants who age 5-10 years compared with (7.4%) among participants who age 11 - 15 with p-value = 0.97). Conclusion and recommendation: this study showed that the prevalence of proteinuria is 7.4 %, which similar to most study worldwide and we recommended no more screening for proteinuria by dipstick because it is not cost-effective and less sensitive and less specific in early detection of CKD.

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Ravi teja Tirumalapudi, Rajay Vedaraj.I.S

Shortest path planning is the basic and fundamental topic in the navigation system of mobile robotics, but this is the main research field of mobile robotics. Previously so many path planning algorithms are proposed. This paper proposed a new methodology for mobile robot path planning in known terrain with rotation and transformation obstacles, inspired by the bug algorithm. Using the Rotation and Transformation algorithm find the optimal shortest path in known terrain. It works by moving a mobile robot in path detect any obstacle whether it moves rotation or transformation, a mobile robot will assume the new shortest path avoid that obstacle. This path is the best path compared by standard bug2 algorithm consider it has a avoid different shapes obstacles to reach goal point. This algorithm is tested in a mobile robot having a laser sensor, shown and included simulation results.

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Wienda Gusta, Dian Christina, Zakirman

This research is backed by the low of a student collaboration in the language learning of Man-from the non-formal education institute of Pariaman. A collaboration was repented to master the students due to the liquid part of the Top Skill in 2020. To enhance a collaborative student can in the cave design the breadth of learning by integrating the Jigsaw model. The samples in this study were 82 students of PKBM package B on non-formal educational institutions in the city of Pariaman. Referring to the data analysis results that have been done using a two-way anava test can be concluded that the application of the Jigsaw model in English learning proved to improve students' skills, this is supported by the observation result Students ' collaborative skills using non-test instruments.

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Fatqurhohman, Cholis Sa’dijah, Sudirman, I Made Sulandra

The pictorial of representation in solving word problems in this study is the interpretation of using illustrations of images in solving problems in the form of stories through polya steps. The representation shown by students when the process of understands is done by identifying the problem to find important information on the problem, the process of preparing a plan is shown through translations and conversions of information into the form of picture illustrations, the process of Carry out the plan is done through calculations using reduction operations, the look back process is carried out to check or clarify the results obtained according to the question information. The results of this study found that subject 1 did not complete the polya steps, only identified and devise a plan by picture illustration the accompanied by symbolic descriptions, subject 2 was only inaccurate caused by ignoring the last step which was to look back the results obtained, so that the impact of the image illustration with result of calculations inconsistent or not the same.

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Dev. R. Newlin, C. Seldev Christopher

During image acquisition and transmission process, it may often get corrupted by noise. Still it is a challenging problem for researchers to remove noise from the original image. In diagnosis, medical images were used as it carries very important information about human organs. In this project, the proposed techniques will keep the important information or details of the image unaffected and remove the noise. In this project for improving the quality of the images, Image enhancement was implemented. The proposed techniques for medical image denoising are Wavelet transform, Fast Non Local Mean Filter (FNLM), Convolution Neural Network(CNN), Convolution Auto Encoder (CAE) and Curve let transform. After denoising Image quality was measured based on Peak Signal-to-Noise Ratio (PSNR), Mean Squared Error (MSE), Cross Correlation, Carrier Noise Ratio (CNR), Information Entropy (IE) and the Structural Similarity Index Metric (SSIM). After analyzing the results, it was noticed that the images were enhanced and their quality were quietly high.

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Mohthash MT, Sunil Kumar Shah, Anand Thirupathi

Interleukin-7 (IL-7) has always been found to play a significant role in the development of lymphoid cell as well as in its maintenance. In breast cancer (BC) subjects, through the activation of JAK1/3-STAT5 and PI3K/AKT pathways, IL-7 promotes the growth of tumor cells. The current study aims to find the possible association of IL7RA (rs6897932) polymorphism with the susceptibility of BC among the diverse population of Kerala, South India. A case-control study was conducted at two health care centers in Kerala, South India involving 112 breast cancer patients (females) and 112 healthy controls (females). Genetic analysis was performed to detect IL7RA (rs6897932) polymorphism e employing polymerase chain reaction-restriction fragment length polymorphism (PCR-RFLP) method. Odds ratio (OR) with 95% class interval (CI) were used to evaluate the relationship of IL7RA (rs6897932) polymorphism with BC susceptibility. Statistical analysis was performed using Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS; version 21.0) software and Medcalc software (version 16.4.3). The frequency distribution of IL7RA (rs6897932) polymorphism was found to be different between case and control groups significantly indicating IL7RA gene could play an important role in the pathogenesis of BC among South Indian population. The rs6897932 homozygous mutant CC genotype (OR=3.04; 95% CI =1.46-6.32; p=0.002), as well as the C allele (OR= 2.59; 95% CI =1.43-4.70; p=0.001), was found to increase the risk of BC among the studied South Indian (Kerala) subjects. The present study provided evidence regarding the role of IL7RA (rs6897932) polymorphism in the development of breast cancer among the South Indian population (Kerala) and that IL7RA gene may play distinct roles in breast carcinogenesis. The present study results need to be validated by further advanced and prospective studies involving larger sample sizes.

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Jharna Morang

North – East India is a land of conglomeration of multiple ethnic groups. Among the eight sisters of north – east , Assam is significant where around seventeen tribes resides. Their tradition , culture, dress, language, food habit and unique way of life enriches Assamese society and culture. Next to Bodo tribe , the Mising formerly referred to as Miri is considered as the second largest ethnic group of Assam. They belong to Indo - Mongoloid group. Basically they are riverine tribe. Their marriage system is typical enough. Generally there are different ways that the Mising get married. The traditional religious beliefs of the Mising are animistic in nature. The people of Misig consider themselves to be the descendent of donyi polo. Significantly all rites are performed by the Mibu. But in due course of time many rites and rituals have already been lost from the society. Ali – Aye- Ligang and Po:rag are the chief traditional festivals observed by the Mising. Notably contribution of Mising tribe towards building a strong democracy is remarkable one. In this paper an attempt has been made to understand the socio cultural life of Mising tribe of Assam.

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Evi Chamalah, Agus Nuryatin, Suminto A. Sayuti, Ida Zulaeha

This research is a qualitative research on the need for teaching materials to read folklore with character education to build a critical literacy culture for students. Based on the needs analysis of the need for teaching materials to read folklore with character education to build a critical literacy culture for students, students expect the teaching materials to be in accordance with the feasibility standards of teaching materials which include (1) learning aspects of reading folklore, (2) aspects of material needs teach reading folklore, (3) aspects of the need for content of teaching material, (4) aspects of presentation of teaching material, (5) aspects of the needs of character education values in teaching material reading folklore, (6) aspects of the need to present teaching material reading folklore, (7) aspects of linguistic needs and supporting illustrations of teaching material reading folklore, (8) aspects of physical needs / graphic comprehension of teaching material reading folklore.

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K.Renuka Devi, J.Bhavithra, Dr.A.Saradha

In the growing world of rapid technology, Recommender system (RS) plays one of the significant roles in making decisions to the appropriate users. To maintain blood glucose in balanced level, there is a need of recommender system to recommend appropriate nutrition to those diabetic patients. An optimization technique plays a significant role in refining the attributes of appropriate algorithm to produce more optimized results to the user. The usage of recommender systems is to analyze the individual patient profiles to recommend the specific nutrition by means of collaborative filtering. The Patient’s profile will get generated by analyzing thirty features for each of them. The Improved Krill Herd based optimization with Improved K-Means (IKH-IKC) system clusters those profiles using improved k-means clustering algorithm. To enhance the accuracy of recommendations, Improved Krill-Herd optimization algorithm has been applied. To validate the IKH-IKC idea, the experiment was carried out with 150 patient profiles. The efficiency of IKH-IKC system was analyzed with different metrics like Precision, Recall, F-measure, Accuracy, Matthews correlation, Fallout rate, Miss rate, Root Mean Squared Error (RMSE). The Experimental evaluation conveys that the IKH-IKC idea generates better clustering and optimized results to the user with low error rate.

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J.Wilson Kamalraj Subramaniam

Mobile ad hoc network plays an important role in the wireless network. Mobile nodes are communicated through random paths. Due to dynamic nature of ad hoc networks, packets are lost unlimitedly. To avoid this issue, there is need of packet scheduling in network. In this research work, Link Scheduling based Energy Efficient Data Replication Scheme (LSEEDRS) is proposed to improve energy efficiency through scheduled data replication method. In first phase of the proposed scheme, scheduling algorithm is introduced based on node stability weightage and link weightage. In second phase, data replication method is introduced to produce reliable data. In third phase, energy efficient model is introduced to attain the maximum energy efficiency during transmission and reception. The performance metrics are used to evaluate the reliability of proposed scheme.

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Dr. M Suganthi, Dr. Mohideen Nizar Anwar, Dr. C Muthurasu

Metacognition plays an important role in crafting the educational path and mindset of pupils. This paper sheds light on the finer meanings and aspects of metacognition. It aims to define who lower ability pupils are. While there is no fixed definition for lower ability pupils, this paper categorizes the basic domains in which these pupils come under. This paper discusses the importance and benefits of metacognitive learning and looks at some of the essential metacognition skills for lower ability pupils.

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Dr R Arun Prasath, Dr R Velmani

In this article, another bunch based chain of importance store consistency plot for enormous scale NoC-based disseminated memory structures. Depict the progressive association of memory. In this record, I propose equipment helped information pressure as an apparatus to decrease the force utilization of processor-based frameworks. Propose another and proficient design for the pressure and decompression of information on the fly whose field of activity is the reserve to memory way. Uncompressed store lines are compacted before being revamped in principle memory and decompressed when reserve reloads are performed. To investigate two sorts of table-based pressure plans. The main, in view of the formation of disconnected information profiles, is especially appropriate for coordinated frameworks, where the consistency of the informational collection is normally higher than when all is said in done reason frameworks. The second arrangement we present is versatile, that is, it settles on choices about whether the information words ought to be packed by the information insights of the program being executed. This report depicts the execution subtleties of an equipment pressure and decompression unit to enhance power utilization in processor-based frameworks. In all cases, information pressure and decompression are performed on the fly in the reserve to memory way. Uncompressed store fines are compacted before they are reworked in principle memory and decompressed when reserve reloads happen. This record finishes and expands these past commitments by giving proof on the achievability of the proposed pressure structures by explicitly tending to equipment execution issues.

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Pradeep Kumar, Raghavendra Kamath C*, Dr Babu Thomas

Concept of ethical climate is highly effective in an organizational sense. A questionnaire to measure ethical climate based on survey is very much need of the hour. In this regard, surveys were conducted with the developed questionnaire of 49 items and 12 dimensions. This was further refined in the final study to 36 items and 9 dimensions based on the 236 survey samples. Reliability of questionnaire has been established by computing Cronbach’s alpha at higher educational institutions. A comprehensive questionnaire has been developed for the ethical climate in higher educational institutes in south western parts of India taking in to account the responses from latest survey.

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Alum, E. A., Umeh, S.O.

Postharvest deterioration is a major constraint to sweet potato production and understanding the interactions between pathogen and crop are necessary for the development of disease control practices. This study evaluated the severity of sweet potato postharvest fungi and relative rot susceptibility of two sweet potato cultivars (‘Oyorima’ and ‘Tupiaochi’) commonly grown in Ebonyi State. The healthy roots of the two sweet potato cultivars were subjected to artificial rot induction by seven fungi- Botryodiplodia theobromae, Fusarium solani, Aspergillus flavus, Aspergillus niger, Penicillium expansum, Rhizopus oryzae and Aspergillus awamori isolated and confirmed responsible for postharvest spoilage of sweet potato in Ebonyi State in a previous study. The postharvest fungi exhibited moderate to very high severity on the roots. Both local varieties of sweet potato (‘Oyorima’ and ‘Tupiaochi’) tested showed moderate to very high susceptible to postharvest fungal rot, with susceptibility varying with the pathogen and sweet potato cultivar. The Cultivar and pathogen interaction for cultivar ‘Tupiaochi’ was significantly (P=0.05) higher than that of ‘Oyorima’. There is therefore the need to regulate the storage environment for sweet potato roots since cultivar susceptibility to infection is influenced by the prevailing environmental conditions. Moreover, the use of improved sweet potato varieties, good storage facilities and adequate control measures need to be encouraged in order to reduce storage rot of sweet potato roots in Ebonyi State.

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Sashikala Parimi, Samyadip Chakraborty

These Information is very vital any organization and betterment as there would be developments which are dynamic. Health care organizations like any other sector produce huge data that has many advantages and challenges. In today’s dynamic and rapidly growing situations in all sectors including Health care Sector there is huge data. Every sector whether it is industry or academics there is lot of data which is generated for numerous purposes. In the current era of digitalization all the health records of the health care system are standardized. With this the medical history of the patients related to the past, present or future is used to capture, transmit, store and retrieve the data for the main purpose of providing health care and health related services. The merging of wireless communication, digital electronic devices and microelectronic mechanical systems technologies are developed which led to the evolution of Internet of Things(IoT). Computers, smart phones, tablets and Wi-Fi devices, sensors, wearable devices and house hold appliances are all items of IoT components

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Olha Prokopenko, Liliya Korchevska, Maryna Shulga, Andrii Zakharchenko, Tetiana Staverska, Yaroslav Sydorov

The article developed the methodological foundations of the development of adaptation tools to improve the development and functioning of ecological entrepreneurship: the possibility and conditions for the use of such tools for transferring powers to environmental benefits, such as concession, trust management, public-private partnership, are justified; Criteria are proposed for the ecological business entity to choose the organizational and legal form of the enterprise that meets the conditions for its functioning: the presence of a certain amount of work to start production; the availability and sufficiency of financial resources of the enterprise; type of products or direction of activity of the subject of ecological entrepreneurship; as a tool to support the adaptation of the development of ecological entrepreneurship, ways of integrating enterprises in this field, in particular vertical, horizontal cooperation, are considered; the use of a concession agreement is proposed, which provides for a concession fee.

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In this paper, researchers have empirically tested the linkages between workplace spirituality and employee performance among the Indian I.T professionals. The paper also aims to check if gender as a moderator strengthens the relationship between workplace spirituality and employee performance. Data was collected from 312 employees and was analyzed using structural equation modeling and process macro. The study found a significant positive relationship between workplace spirituality and employee performance but gender as an insignificant moderator. The study suggests that organizations must understand the importance of transforming dehumanized workplaces into spiritually based workplaces directed towards wholeness, spiritual values, relationships, finding meaning, and purpose in doing the work irrespective of the gender differences. Further, the research poses various implications for managers and future research.

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Dr.B.Sudha, Dr.R.Alamelu mangai

Asset quality is an important parameter to judge the financial performance of a bank. Non-Performing assets not only ceases income of banks and requires higher provisioning and deteriorates profit margin of the banks. Alarming NPA of banks are the biggest hurdles for the socioeconomic development of our country. To tackle the NPA problem Government of India has announced the recapitalization plan for the PSBs. Moody’s research report stated that, “the government’s Rs.2.11 lakh crore capital infusion in public sector banks would narrow the gap between the capital profiles of public and private sector banks. This capital infusion will also help public sector banks build their provisioning coverage ratios as they will be allocated much of their operating profits towards loan-loss provisioning without having to worry about the impact on their capital positions”. The researchers in this article made an attempt to highlight the reasons for the NPA.

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Riski Amelia, Rahmah Salamah Nur Azizah, Ami Rahmawati Suwandi , Irma Fitria Amalia, Ali Ismail

The purpose of this study is to increase understanding of physics conceps through the application of physics laboratory based Augmented Reality. The participants of this research were 37 junior high school students in one of the schools in Garut. The research method used is mixed method with embedded experimental one group pre-test posttest design. The data obtained was quantitative and qualitative. Quantitative data were obtained from understanding of physics concepts of students measured using multiple choice tests. Whereas qualitative data were acquired from interviews of teachers and students about physics lab based Augmented Reality. Result of the research shows that increase of understanding of physics concept is in the medium category (g = 0.52).In addition, students and teachers provide a positive response to physics laboratory based Augmented Reality. It is shown by the student enthusiasm for doing practical work. The implication of this research is an alternative physics laboratory model base technology for physics learning in junior high school.

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Svitlana Bondarenko, Yuriy Robul, Oksana Dyshkantiuk, Anastasiia Mohylova, Svitlana Salamatina, Igor Komarnitskyi

The requirements of tourists for hotel service are growing as worthy competitive offers appear on the market. In current conditions, the hospitality industry is facing a high level of competition and the high volatility of customer preferences. To develop and maintain their financial position, hotels are forced to look for new ways to effectively manage. Management methods based on anonymous mass production are again giving way to Customer Relationship Management. The transition of companies to customer-oriented business allows you to increase their profits and work efficiency. The article reflects the main trends of customer focus management in the hotel business. Methods are also proposed that will allow: 1. To adapt the main provisions of the personnel movement model to the task of managing the client base of the company, which will enable us to consider as a control object not a single client, but a group of clients. 2. When distributing clients into groups, take into account such indicators as the period of interaction with the hotel, the number of bookings made, the categories of services purchased, the socio-demographic characteristics of the client to take into account the varying degrees of influence of marketing events on different groups of clients. 3. As a management criterion, consider increasing the amount of net profit from the client, and not the likelihood of a purchase being made by the client.

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D Venkata Ramana, P.Chandrasekar, R.Sreedhar

The advent of Power Electronic Devices capable of handling high currents, aided the design of Variable frequency drive (VFD) with Induction motor or inverter fed induction motor drive, which can be characterized by increased reliability and reduced cost. Though taken care highly, such type of drive system is prone for different kinds of faults. When fault occurs, the drive operation has to be stopped if it is designed for general fault detection. The cost of this schedule can be high, and this justifies the development of incipient fault diagnosis. Finding the fault immediately after it occurs is general method of diagnosing the fault. In this case the damage occurs to component or system. If the fault is detected just before it damages the component or system is much better than general fault diagnosis. i.e. diagnosing the fault at developing stage. It saves the system or component from damage. In turn the cost of damage is reduced. This is called the incipient fault detection. In this paper, general fault detection as well as incipient fault detection using the wavelets has been simulated using MATLAB/SIMULINK package. Simulation results are presented showing both the general fault detection and incipient fault detection using the Wavelets.

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Rahma Yeni I Made Arnawa

Junior High School student mathematics learning result is still very low. This is due to students are less motivated and less interested in learning mathematics. To tackle this problem, one of efforts teacher can do is to develop a valid, practical, and effective mathematics learning interactive Compact Disc (CD). This is a development research with a 4-D development model which consists of four main steps, namely, define, design, develop, and disseminate. Preliminary research is to analyze the curriculum as well as to analyze the concept related to geometry learning material. The assessment phase is to conduct limited practicality test and to conduct limited effectiveness tests. The practicality data are obtained from teacher questionnaire practicality, and student questionnaire practicality. The research result revealed that the developed mathematics learning device is valid and practical.

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Chundru Trinadh Sri Murali Krishna, Pellakuri Vidyullatha

Indefinite selective stain has been proposed as an accommodating response for the authentic course of sight and sound substance with copyright security while ensuring the assurance of buyers, whose characters are simply shown if there ought to be an event of illegal re-allotment. Regardless, most of the present obscure fingerprinting shows is unreasonable for two guideline reasons. This paper stems from a past proposal of recombined fingerprints that overcomes a portion of these drawbacks. In any case, the recombined exceptional finger impression approach requires an unusual chart search for deceiver following, which needs the collaboration of various buyers, and genuine middle people in its Peer-to-peer course circumstance. This paper bases on emptying these damages realizing a beneficial, adaptable, assurance protecting and Peer-to-peer based fingerprinting system.

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Vaibhav Kale

For any government energy demand increase pressure. The generated energy determines the economic development for developing countries like India. So we conducted the energy audit in campus of P.S.G.V.P Mandal’s group of institutions which is located in Shahada, city in state of Maharashtra, India. The energy audit show that the buildings in campus of P.S.G.V Mandal’s consumes average electrical energy near about 1,25,000KWh per year and saving of 20% electrical energy is possible. The energy audit was conducted on the lightening system , AC system, PC system, fans and water pumps installed in campus , those systems consumes 95% of total electrical power annually and lot of equipment were in bad condition, hence consumes more energy. The energy audit will result in lot of saving of energy as well as energy cost

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Felita Dhaslin Y, Reya Issac. I Lakshmi Prabha. M

In the present scenario pollutants present in environment has become a serious issue which is toxic and non-biodegradable. These pollutants are present more in ground, marine and industrial waste water. Mercury, chromium, copper, cadmium are some of the heavy metal that present in water. The problem caused by these toxic substance and removal of these pollutants become very important in present days. In order to remove all heavy metals from waste water biosorbent is the less harmful and low cost adsorbent can be use instead of commercially available substance. Many researchers have been used this adsorbtion process for removing heavy metals from water. The present study is used to remove chromium(IV) from paint industry effluent using low cost adsorbent by adsorbtion process. Biochar is used as bioadsorbent. Batch experiments were takes place. This study also investigated about The effect of contact time, initial metal ion concentration, sieve size, pH, biomass loading and chemical pretreatment. In this experiment batch experiments were performed as the optimum contact time was found to be 120 minutes for the adsorbents. The present study showed the result that, maximum 97% chromium ion has been removed at the concentration of 25 mg/l, constant temperature 310k and pH was maintained at 6 by using Biosorption technique, It is also evaluated with Langmuir, Tempkin and Harkins isotherms and the constants were also evaluated.

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Vivek Thamizhmani, Subhashini Sankar, Debi Prasanna Behera

Most of the fossil fuel needs for India has been met for many years from other countries. India imports around 83% of fossil fuel as of 2017(1). When BJP (Bharatiya Janata Party) came into power in 2015, there was a clear mandate made to make India free from fossil fuel dependency. In 2018 India made headlines, when Petroleum Minister of India, Mr. Dharmendra Pradhan had announced that the country could serve their complete energy need for the next 300 years. The Ministry of Petroleum and Natural gas (MoP&NG), Government of India had conducted National Gas Hydrate Program Expedition 02(NGHP-02) from 03-03-2015 to 28-07-2015 in the eastern coast of India where they have discovered several gas hydrate accumulations. These data were backed by US Geological Survey which has reported that India’s gas hydrate reserve would just be in second place to United States which has the world’s largest gas hydrate reserve. Significant quantities of Natural gas hydrates (NGH) have been found in Kerala-Konkan Basin of the west coast, Krishna-Godavari basin of east coast, the Mahanadi basin, Cauvery basin. These basins unaided contribute around 95 – 125 trillion cubic feet of estimated reserves.

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Ayyappan Palanissamy, Dr R. Kesavamoorthy

Advancements in technology has led to rapid changes in the quality of life among people. Internet medium has paved way to make web contracting and it always assume that there exists assent to contractual terms on the part of the other contracting party in the online environment with business/service provider. Web contracting in the digital age purely uses standard forms and in majority situations consumers do not have any idea as to what terms and conditions which may bind them and the legal consequences arising there to. Service providers providing mass market licences do not disclose the full list of terms at the time of contracting. This leads to high level of exploitation and some of the common clauses in the standard form contract like dispute resolution clauses which are unfair leads to consumers susceptible. This article looks into the challenges faced by consumers due to web contracting and DRCs and the recent developments in India on consumer protection which has brought ecommerce platforms and online businesses into the purview of the law.

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Widya Syahfitri, Fitri Elizabth, Syafruddin Ilyas, Salomo Hutahaen

Cancer is a disease caused by the growth of body cells develop uncontrollably. One type of cancer that has a fairly high mortality rate in the world is breast cancer. An effort to fight against cancer is the use of chemopreventive compounds derived from plants. Loquat (Eriobotrya japonica Lindl.) is one of plants believed to have the potential to be anti-cancer. This study used a laboratory experimental method with a completely randomized design (CRD) with five treatments and six replications. The treatments were K + (without any treatment), K- (rats induced by Benzo α Pyrene). The treatment group was the suplementation of loquat leaf extract into BAP with various dosage concentrations starting from 200 (P1), 300 (P2) and 400 (P3) mg / kg body weight. The results showed that there were no significant differences between treatment groups either for rat weight, tumor weight, tumor diameter and tumor volume.

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Nivedita Bharti, Nisheeth Joshi, Iti Mathur

Automatically estimating the translation quality is a challenging topic of research in the field of MT. This paper describes the approach used for sentence level quality estimation problem on English-Hindi language pair. The purpose of the translation quality estimation (QE) is to predict a quality for unseen translated text without considering the reference translation. To perform the proposed technique, this submission conceived the quality estimation problem as a supervised learning approach. Feature extraction is an important step for supervised ML based quality estimation, and therefore, in this paper, we experimented with a set of multiple features along with the different ensemble type of learning algorithms. From the experimental results on the test set, we have found that Extra Tree based QE models gain improvements over the other two ensemble regressors. Moreover, the analysis of the performance evaluation measures show that the quality of the translation generated by the MT engine1 was best among all the four different MT engines.

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Food is one of the major needs for human to live. The worldwide food issue consists of the need of food provision for the Earth's population. Food has to undertake numerous troubles like changing climate, food safety, low nutritive value, etc. Due to the rising demand for fruits and vegetable for daily procedure by the consumers there is necessitate for smarter operation of Food Supply Chain(FCS) and also bond the producer to the customer with delivery of high quality of food products. This paper examines the design and improvement of an Internet of Things (IoT) construction that helps suppliers to manage their procedures of food safety and also tackle the food safety problems from the technological aspect, people require a trustworthy food traceability system that can follow and observe the full lifespan of food manufacture, counting the processes of food raw material farming/reproduction, processing, transporting, warehousing, and wholesale etc. The most important goal of this IoT outline is to sense food characteristics and guidance suppliers to insist farmers properly grow and treat the crops. Using the analysis of fictional data for FSC, deriving a solution for the distribution of distinguished goods with the aid of the Naive Bayes classifier which is used for food traceability enables tracking and management throughout the entire process such as manufacturer, exporter and customer. The structure organizes a collection of IoT nodes arranged in the transporting for sensing food parameters and the RF communication of IoT node is used to transmit the measured data to server. The experimental study of the proposed technique is measured based on time of execution, comparison of accuracy, and rate of error. Prospective strategies were experimented with using the RStudio IDE as the working platform with Java.

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Nataliia D. Matrosova, Dmitry G. Shtennikov, Anna E. Karmanova

In this study, the authors decided to find out whether there is a linear correlation between the activity on the forum and the educational achievement. The data set was taken from one MOOC where students were trained. After data processing, a correlation scheme was constructed for pairwise comparison of variables.

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Svitlana Sudomyr, Viktoriia Niziaieva, Larisa Lutay, Larysa Prodanova, Olha Havryliuk, Karyna Sherstyukova

Ensuring the innovative development of the economic system is the result of the initiative of its subjects. In the absence of a motivated need for innovative development, subjects will not make every effort in their segment, which will not allow achieving a synergistic effect. Realizing the need to activate the motivational mechanism, the article developed a matrix approach to the implementation by all participants of the regional economic system of coordinated expedient activities that contribute to achieving the goals of innovative development, i.e. the formation of a new technological structure. The developed matrix is three-dimensional and contains methods and tools grouped according to their type (organizational, institutional, economic) to be implemented by regional development stakeholders to increase the innovative activity of each group and the regional system as a whole.

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Dayat Dayat, Oeng Anwarudin, Maspur Makhmudi

Farmer regeneration is becoming an important agenda in Indonesia. Farmer regeneration can be started from the participation of the younger generation in the field of agricultural parents. The research aims to descriptively analyze the participation of rural youth and discover the factors that influence the participation of rural youth in chili agribusiness. The study was conducted from June to December 2019 in Garut Regency, West Java, Indonesia. The study population is rural youth aged between 15-40 years who are in the community chili farming. The research sample of 233 people was selected using cluster random sampling technique. Research variables include individual characteristics, external factors, capacity, interest, and participation of rural youth in chili agribusiness. Data collection was carried out by interview using a questionnaire. Data analysis uses descriptive and multiple regression statistical analysis. The results of the study concluded that the majority of respondents rated participation, interests, business capacity and external factors of rural youth as moderate. The average age of rural youth is 31.47 years old, the majority is still in elementary school, most have never been involved in organizations, have never had internships/courses/training, however, cosmopolitan behavior is in the high category. The participation of rural youth in agriculture is influenced by age, cosmopolitan, external factors (government, agricultural extension workers, families and markets support), interests and capacity.

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Bhavana Chandran K, Kadeeja Vadakkan, Mohammed Altaf, Vikram Shetty, Sharad Chand, Anjaly Vijayan, Nandakumar UP

Background: Analgesics are commonly prescribed drugs in the clinical management of pain and inflammation. Periodic evaluation of drug usage pattern is needed to make suitable modifications in the prescription of drugs to obtain an optimum therapeutic benefit. Objectives: To evaluate the prescribing pattern of analgesics and to know the most routinely prescribed analgesic for post-operative pain management in the orthopaedics department. Methodology: A retrospective study was carried out for a period of six months from September 2018–February 2019. The post-operative usage pattern of analgesics was analyzed by collecting drug therapy details of patients from case sheets, including treatment charts, and analyzed by descriptive statistics. Results: Out of the total 400 cases selected for the study, 237 (59.25%) were males whereas 163 (40.75%) were females. 137 (34.25%) of the total study population belonged to the age group of 50-69 years. 93 (23.25%) Open Reduction and Internal Fixation (ORIF) and 90 (22.50%) Closed Reduction and Internal Fixation (CRIF) were the most common surgical procedures performed. Hypertension 95 (45.45%) was the most common co-morbidity reported. Drugs were given more as combination 295 (73.8%) therapy than Monotherapy 105 (26.2%). The most commonly prescribed agent among patients, who received single analgesic therapy, was Diclofenac. Among Fixed dose combination therapy, Paracetamol + Tramadol 173 (58.64%) was found to be the most prescribed analgesic. 465 (59.46%) of analgesics were given orally whereas 317 (40.53%) were administered parentally. Conclusion: Effective pain management can improve the quality of life of the patient as well as minimize the hospital stay. Drug utilization studies, when done periodically, can help in the modulation of analgesic therapy. The current study provides an insight to the health care providers on the importance of rational use of analgesics, which in turn helps in the delivery of good quality health care services.

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S.Manoruthra, Dr.V.Kalaivani, Dr. Felix Joseph, Dr.B.L.Velammal

Weed removal process is a vital part in the agricultural fields. The usual way to remove the weed is time-consuming and also requires more manual labor work. The aim is to remove the weeds in agriculture fields automatically. The proposed work is used to detect the weed which is grown between crops using a deep learning technique and remove the weeds by an automatic cutter. The deep learning is used to analyze the relevant features from the agricultural images. The dataset is trained for the classification of weed and crop. In deep learning Convolutional Neural Network(CNN) uses the convolutional layer with a ReLU function for extracting the features of an image and uses a max-pooling and fully connected layer with ReLU to classify the weed from the crop. The pre-processed image is applied to the CNN network. From the resultant image, Region Of Interest(ROI) is extracted and also extract some features for training. After training, the classification is done. Thus the weed is detected using a deep learning network. In this,100 images are trained to improve accuracy.

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J.Prassanna, Abdul Quadir Md, Christy Jackson J, Prabakaran R, Sakkaravarthi Ramanathan

This work gives an account of the Credit Score web service application and the primary purpose of a credit score is to help lenders assess individuals' risk of not repaying a loan. Credit scoring assessment, despite the fact that a moderately new idea in the Indian money related business sector, have increased wide acknowledgment among financial specialists. In the meantime, easy-going and narrative confirmation recommends that there are worries among speculators and controllers about the execution of rating offices in India. This paper looks at financial specialists' mindfulness, discernment, understanding level and use of Credit scoring assessment through a poll-based example overview covering individual and additionally institutional speculators. We find high dissemination of rating use among all class of financial specialists, however, there is a recognizable upsetting with the dependability of appraisals, inclination of ensuing minimizing and opportuneness of rating reconnaissance. The review additionally uncovers that the institutional financial specialists have predominant information and comprehension about evaluations than individual speculators. In this way, the review underlines the requirement for rating offices to take a shot at instructing the basic speculators to engender appropriate comprehension and use of Credit score..

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J.Prassanna, Khadar Nawas K, Christy Jackson J, Prabakaran R, Sakkaravarthi Ramanath

Improvements in computation and processing power paved a way for Machine learning to be applied more efficiently in real-time and in a lot of applications. In which most prominent area is Natural Language Processing and Natural Language Understanding, which helps the computer to process and understands the natural language used by people. Thanks to deep learning models and architectures which made this process of making the system process and understand natural language, which makes the system more intelligent. Chatting agent’s AKA-Chatbot is one of the major use cases of Natural Language Processing and Natural Language Understanding, which can be used in different domains to engage customers and provide a response to customer’s queries. Though many chatbots use a retrieval-based model with the recent advancement of Deep Learning, we in this work use Neural Networks to train a chat model with a question and answer datasets that make models understand the patterns in it and behave intelligently. Here we build a domain-specific generative chatbot using Neural Networks to train a conversational Model which reads the pattern of data and reply answer when a new question is asked. Finally, we conclude by validating how relevant the response generated by the model to test data or test question and provide a further area of improvements to make the system more efficient and intelligent.

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Fajar Delli Wihartiko, Eneng Tita Tosida, Ruhul Amin

Rice is the main commodity in Indonesia both for consumption and in terms of production. The increasing number of Indonesian population resulting in increased demand for rice is a problem that must be faced by the government to maintain national food stability. Currently Indonesian rice productivity data is available at the Central Statistics Agency and at the Ministry of Agriculture. The data is used in descriptive and diagnostic analysis. Descriptive analysis uses clustering, data visualization and entropy. The diagnostic process uses an entropy-based classification to see factors of production. The entropy function used is Shannon and Renyi Entropy. The results of using entropy in the description analysis show that production attributes have a higher level of uniformity. The results of entropy in the classification show that there are differences in the decision tree that results from Shannon and Renyi entropy. In this case Renyi Entropy has better accuracy..

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Azizah Ya’acob, Rozmel Abdul Latiff , Taufik Rashid, Shazleena Othman, Raja Hanani Raja Mushahar

In Malaysia, there have been continuous efforts to inculcate reading skills and thinking skills among students particularly university students. The ability to read effectively and think critically are essential skills for university students especially ESL learners. These skills are important learning outcomes among other fundamental academic skills in ensuring success in the university. Higher education requires students to use high level of reading skills and critical thinking skills as they have to read various reading materials which are mostly in English. Hence, it is vital to have an intervention in guiding and developing students as critical readers or thinkers. An action research was conducted to investigate the effectiveness of using the REAP technique as an intervention in an English Academic Communication course. The REAP technique stands for Read, Encode, Annotate and Ponder is a meta-cognitive strategy which teaches students to think deeply and guides students to ways of responding differently to a text by following the four-step strategy. This paper details the implementation of the REAP strategy and highlights the benefits of the strategy to students reading ability.

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R.Rajakumari, L.Kalaivani

Among women community, the most dangerous disease is breast cancer. If it is detected in the early stage, the women will be rescued by giving proper treatment. The early detection is possible only by screening in regular interval. It will decrease the mortality rate. Mammography is a specialized medical imaging phenomenon that uses a low-dose x-ray system to see inside the breasts. It is called as mammogram, given support to the early detection and diagnosis of breast diseases in women. In this paper, an automated system is proposed to classify the breast tissues as normal or benign or malignant. Artifacts in the images are removed using Gaussian Mixture Model. Contrast-Limited Adaptive Histogram Equalization (CLAHE) algorithm is used to improve the appearance of the image. The features of the region of mammogram are extracted using hybrid feature extraction which includes Gray Level Co-occurrence Matrix (GLCM), texture and gradient. The features such as contrast, correlation, energy, homogeneity, global mean, uniformity, entropy and skewness are the best features that guarantee the improvement of classification with less feature dimension. K-Means clustering based segmentation is performed to identify the abnormality in the mammogram. The MIAS database images are considered for the evaluation. The feed forward Neural Network classifier is used for classification. Based on the classifier, the given input image is classified as normal or benign or malignant image. From the results, it shows that the proposed breast cancer identification method offers high accuracy and low complexity than the all other existing method.

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Ari Hardianto, Sukisno S Riadi, Sri Mintarti, Sugeng Hariyadi, Martinus Robert Hutauruk, Imam Ghozali

The study aims to investigate the impact of human relations on motivation and performance and the role of entrepreneur mediators in Bank Mandiri (Persero) Tbk Kaltim Kaltara Areas. This study conducted through employee respondent media by taking the entire population of employees who had at least a college education. Obtained a population of 170 respondents who meet these requirements. Samples are determined and taken from the entire population. The results of the respondents' answers were made into the data tabulation and tested for validity and reliability. All further data further analyzed into structural equation modeling (SEM) with the Partial Least Square model through WarpPLS Version 6.0 software. This study uses a level of confidence of 95%. It found that human relations had a positive and significant effect on motivation. Human relations also has a positive and significant direct effect on job performance. Motivation has a positive and significant direct effect on job performance. Besides, it also found that there was an influence of entrepreneurial moderation on motivation with job performance.

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S.Santhi, AR.Saravanakumar

The emergence of reform movements in the Nineteenth Century marks the beginning of a New Era in the Indian History. Western Education and Industrial Revolution brought about a new awakening in the midst of Indian Intellectuals. The enlightened and educated Indians developed the consciousness about the Glory of Indian Culture and realized that the existing social evils such as Purdha System, Untouchability, Ban on Widow Remarriage, Infanticide, and Devadasi System and a host of other evil practices were leading to human degradation. Under such circumstances, various social and religious reformers rose to meet the challenge of the times. Raja Ram Mohan Roy, regarded as the Father of Indian Renaissance, is the forerunner of all reformers in the galaxy of such social reformers and Dr.Muthulakshmi Reddi is considered the first Woman social reformer in South India.

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Faraz Ahmad, S A M Rizvi

Twitter and other microblogging platforms are reportedly being used for propagating spams and other malicious content, which stand contrary to the vision of these platforms. This situation raises several ethical challenges in terms of deceiving people with pseudo information. Many a time, users of microblogging sites are held responsible for spreading spiteful information on social media, and they remain unknown in most of the cases. Tweet content may contain either genuine information or uncredible content. The uncredible content contains an abusive or absurd language for any caste, culture, religion or political party. This content needs to be filtered out so that it does not disturb the tranquility of nation in the long run. Therefore, filtering such content from Online Social Networks (OSNs) is the utmost requirement, and so, needs to be addressed. Earlier studies have focused on mainly feature-set belonging to content-based, topic-based and network-based categories. However, the potential of emotion-based features still remains to be explored in the domain. In this paper, IBM Watson and Meaning Cloud platforms have been used for evaluating emotions, sentiment and polarity scores in order to develop a classification model that will filter out all the uncredible content from the OSNs like Twitter. Initially, 35K tweets and associated features provided by Twitter were crawled. These tweets were further preprocessed and forwarded to six human experts for annotating it on a five-pointer credible class scores. The Multilayer perceptron, Naive Bayes, Random Forest and Support Vector Machine algorithms were used for developing a machine learning classification model for categorizing tweets into one of the given credibility classes. The acceptable level of accuracy, precision, recall, and f1 score is observed for all given credibility classes.

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Bedanta Bikash Bora

The theory of authority is at the heart of the sociology of Max Weber where he focusses on the historical shifts in the exercise of power. The third type of authority explained by Weber is the theory of charismatic authority where he talks about the charismatic powers of different personalities like prophets, heroes in wars, religious leaders etc; by dint of which they are considered superior to the ordinary people. This paper attempts to experiment this celebrated theory in the life and legacy of Sankardeva, a 15th century polymath who founded the vaishnavism in Assam and propounded a reformed version of Hinduism. His eternal charisma on the Assamese society in many ways corresponds to the theory of Weber. The notion of the recognition of validity of charisma, the concept of felt duty, the emancipator and revolutionary spirit of charisma and repudiation of the past- can be very easily attributed to the charismatic personality of Sankardeva. Weber also talks about the routinization of charismatic personality i.e. the demands placed on the charismatic personality while settling the crisis of succession, validation of the positions of authority, social status and the economic priviledges of the subjects, and the demand of giving it an administrative apparatus; which clearly corresponds to the routinization of charisma of Sankardeva after his death in the form of shifting of the authority to his favourite disciple Madhavdeva and in increasing bureaucratization of the Sattra institutes. This culminates into traditionalization of the charismatic authority and emergence of a feudal structure within the sattras which is a prediction of Weber in his theory. Hence, this paper attempts a theoretical study of the charismatic authority of Sankardeva, its routinization and transformation into a traditional authority at last.

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This study discusses the transformation of the relation between the central government and regional governments in granting permits for industrial plantations. The transformation referred here also explains the negative impacts of granting permit such as regulation change, authority change, nomenclature change, and interest change between the community and the company. This study uses a qualitative method. In order to collect the data, the researcher did direct observation, interview, and documentation, with an analysis unit of all stakeholders involved in granting the industrial plantation forest licenses to the private sector and the determination of informants carried out purposively. The results of this study indicated that the transformation of the relation between the central government and the local government. If it was seen from the aspect of the restructuring in broad outline changes in the forestry sector in Indonesia, it had experienced three phases. Firstly, the new order of forestry sector policy became the authority of the central government, secondly, after the policy reform, it was owned by the district government, yet after after the implementation of Law Number 23 of 2014 concerning the Regional Government, the authority belongs to the central government. The research conclusion obtained by the transformation of relation between the central and regional governments have not yet run as a whole in granting permit to industrial plantations for the private sector in Riau Province. Hence, it needs strengthening by the existence of a new dimension such as the dimension of intergovernmental relation, the dimension of good governance consisting of law enforcement and corruption prevention and the need for conflict resolution dimensions as a solution to the resolution of conflicts.

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Samsuri, Usman Rianse, Husin, Patyawati

This study provides description on: (1) effects of situational leadership style; (2) organizational culture; (3) spirituality; and (4) employee performance. Results of the research show that: (1) Situational leadership style gives positive effects on Organizational Culture with CR value by 9,338 and probability value by 0,000. (2) Situational leadership style gives positive effects on spirituality, with CR value by 6,664 and probability value by 0,000. (3) Situational leadership style gives no positive effects on employee performance with CR value by -0,850 and probability by 0,395. (4) Organizational culture gives positive effects on employee performance with CR value by 2,424 and probability value by 0,015. (5) Spirituality gives positive effects on employee performance with CR value by 3,940 and probability value by 0,015. Based on the SME analysis results, there are positive effects of situational leadership style on organizational culture and spirituality as well as organizational culture and spirituality on employee performance, meanwhile, situational leadership style has no positive effects on employee performance in Ministry of Religion Office, Kendari City.

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Manivasagam Rajendran, Saranraj Rajendran

Wind turbine industry is one of the upcoming renewable energy businesses in the world.The power generated by this wind turbine is without generating any pollution. Unfortunately world wide the industry is not doing good .To support this industry one of the problem inventory management is taken for research. The research is how to optimize the inventory through a appropriate model.A case study has been done in wind turbie company.This study will helpful to find a long term solution for creating a new inventory model for such industries. To meet our objective the following methodology has been adopted .Study the present system,.collection of data and understands the system gap. Based on this study put the action points and check the results. If the results found Ok conclude .If this is not meeting the requirement change the action points and check the results. This is the methodology adopted for this case study. The results indicate the study is useful to form a strategy for such industries to form a long termsourcing model. Pull systems is one of the method which has given much better results. This case study was conducted on particular industry on a particular condition.This study may not be applicable for all industry. The study is optimized for the production plan versus actual production, under the assumption there is no delay in delivery of components and no quality issues with the components.

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Deden Ardiansyah, Eneng Tita Tosida, Agung Djati Waluyo

Business activities in Kujang Paneupaan Bogor handicraft SMEs can not develop rapidly one of the causes is that financial transaction activities are still carried out with a manual system. we need a financial transaction system in order to facilitate transactions, to reinforcing the SMEs. The aim of this research is optimizing the financial transaction of Kujang Paneupaan Bogor Craft SMEs through implementing web based Accounting Information System. A software development process, also known as a software development life cycle (SDLC), is a structure imposed on the development of a software product. The results of the Optimization of Accounting Information System: Reinforcing of Tourism Based on Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) are discussed according to the method used, namely analysis, design, evaluation, and release. the percetage of 88.04%. The highest quality aspect is based on the Usability aspect with a percentage of 91.87%, followed by the Functionality aspect with 90.22%. Reliability with a percentage of 83.2%, while the lowest quality aspect is from the aspect of Efficiency with a percentage of 79.33%. Based on the test results, testing for the second hypothesis in this study proved that the quality of the web based Financial Transaction Information System for Small and Medium Enterprise (SMEs) ISO 9126 models exceeded the original expectations of Good. The final result of software quality according to respondents is Very Good with the percentage of respondent responses of 88.04%.

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S.Suganthi, Dr.D.Usha

In real world applications internet of things becoming an important role. Most IoT applications are integrated with wireless sensor networks. Usually the wireless sensor networks in IoT require hundreds or thousands of sensors may be deployed and integrated. In this scenario management of networks is the biggest issue. To manage the larger network scenario software defined networking is an added advantage. It gives a promising solution for flexible management of data plane and control plane. Efficient transmission of data with minimum energy is the main goal. So dividing the nodes into multiple clusters and cluster head is needed for manage those clusters. To maximizing the lifetime of the network with minimum energy there is in need of energy efficient cluster head selection. We provide the optimality in cluster head selection by using particle swarm optimization. There are so many researchers are already done this work with PSO but the results are not up to the level. This paper demonstrated the updated PSO algorithm through modified and improved fitness function. The proposed algorithm is experimented in matlab and the results are evaluated to show their supremacy in term of alive nodes, energy expenditure, dead nodes and fitness value.

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Dr. Robin Kabha

The number of Arab journalists in the UK will be estimated at 1,000 according to national expectations. This should mean a slight decline in 2015. Scattering the centrality of the press in London and the southeast, and in urban education plans, in which ethnic minorities live in large numbers, suggests that ethnic minorities speak a lot in the press. Ladies, progressively established people with medical problems or disabilities leading to childbirth work, and the self-employed should work with little support. The key data in this report will depend on the data which will be obtained from a publicly available online awareness audit. For British-Arab journalists. There is no actual positioning of the dynamic structure in the different action groups. The key data in this report is based on data collected through online audits and generally available to British-Arab journalists. The research will be completed before installation with press articles and corrections. As a result, there is no acceptable assessment framework for the 2015 outcome as there is no complete summary of the rapporteurs. These quick strategies have been enhanced by extraordinary activities to encourage Arab journalists to complete the project. Changes in the coding structure used in the definitions identified by the word imply that the meaning of persons who are coordinated as Arab journalists is described by a more notable and unbreakable character.

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Kris Pudyastuti, Nicko Matthew Lie

This study aims to find a mathematics model of the heat loss of dry steam flow in the insulated pipelines. In the high enthalpy geothermal Field, the dry steam producing from the wells is conveyed to the power plant that far enough from the steam Field, through pipelines which are insulated for avoiding excessive heat losses. The heat loss is calculated based on convection and conduction heat transfer mechanism in pipe flow. The result shows the mathematics model of heat loss is a simple but adequate. It identified by comparing between calculated heat loss and measured. It is 1.5 – 5.5 % discrepancy. This study can be developed by involving condensation process, and as well as radiation heat transfer mechanism, which influence heat losses in pipe flow.

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Enasely Mega Wenyi, Fatwa Tentama

Teachers have a very important role in the success of educational institutions. The teacher's involvement in his work depends on morale, motivation and perceived job satisfaction. Teacher job satisfaction will have a positive impact on an institution to improve maximum education. The purpose of this study is to analyze the construct validity and construct reliability of the job satisfaction scale, and to find the dimensions and indicators that make up the construct of the job satisfaction scale. The job satisfaction scale is measured by five dimensions, namely the job itself, sallary, promotion opportunities, supervision and coworkers. Subjects in this study were teachers who worked in "X" schools with a total of 60 people. Data collection methods using job satisfaction scale. Data in this study were analyzed using Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) SmartPLS 3.2.8 with reflective constructs through CFA 2nd Order. Based on the results of the analysis of construct validity and construct reliability, the dimensions and indicators that make up job satisfaction for teachers are declared valid and reliable. The dominant dimension that reflects the construction of job satisfaction is sallary, while the lowest one that reflects job satisfaction is a colleague. This shows that all dimensions and existing indicators are able to reflect and shape job satisfaction. Thus the model can be accepted because the theory that describes job satisfaction in accordance with empirical data obtained.

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Melda Werty, Fatwa Tentama

The research objectives are to: analyse construct validity and procrastination construct reliability, and find the aspects and indicators which form procrastination construct. Procrastination is measured by four aspect are perceiver time, intention-action, emotional distress, and perceived ability. The research subject is 60 students domiciled in Yogyakarta. Data collecting method uses procrastination. Research data is analysed by Structural Equation Modelling (SEM) SmartPLS 3.2.8 with reflective construct through CFA 2nd order. Based on analysis result, the aspects and indicators form procrastination construct is valid and reliable. The dominant aspect reflects procrastination is intention-action with loading factor of 0.882. The lowest aspect reflects procrastination is emotional distress with loading factor of 0.565. This points all aspects and indicators can reflect and form procrastination construct. By then, the structural model can be accepted because of the theory which uses procrastination is corresponding to empirical data from subject.

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Rahul Bose, Ignatius Jyosthna. L, D S S Mounika, Saipuneeth.C

Agricultural productivity is highly dependent on the economy. One of the reason for plant disease identification is plant diseases are quite common in fields.If proper norture is not done in that specified area, severe impact will be observed in plants and affects the quality, quantity or productivity of the respective product. In order to detect the disease effect to the leaf, CNN algorithm is used for image analysis. The automated identification of disease symptoms is useful for upgrading agricultural products. It reduces the cost of pesticides, insecticides and other goods which will increase the productivity in agriculture.

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Soreen Ameen Fattah, Hussein Attya Lafta, Sura Z.Alrashid

Advancement in medical information systems has facilitated the development of automated diagnosis systems. Several Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques have been implemented and studied in modern researches to come up with the most suitable and accurate medical diagnosis system. Bagging is one of these techniques, and it has been proven by several researches to be a powerful and convenient tool for such systems. In this research; bagging algorithm is used to produce a diagnosis system for two of the most common diseases: diabetes and heart diseases, where this algorithm used verified datasets of attributes that are combined with the same attributes values submitted by the patient through a dedicated interface. Testing the system and comparing it to other prediction systems proved its efficiency and accurate prediction rates.

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Dr. Surendra Kumar Yadav, Nikita Jain

In present era of vehicles where accidents became a lot of each day to day happening. It is high time that we come up with a plan to suppress it down. As we have a tendency to see in our regular life the accidents going down by rash driving and lack of concentration on the traffic data boards. In order to assure safer and smarter driving, varied driving help systems square measure more and more thought of in analysis. Current vehicle driving help systems uses range of technologies like measuring device, image process, RFID, IR, computer vision etc. These technologies use communication system in conjunction with sensors, desegregation all of those technologies into one system is often a pricey, larger in size and complex solution. But in these systems most of the days sensors output is plagued by dangerous weather/climate, dangerous light-weight and consumes high power and wishes regular maintenance. We came up with an answer by providing the knowledge within the vehicle so as to cut back the accidents and difficulties in driving. The solution seeks to alert and inform the motive force whenever the vehicle approaches a predetermined waypoint on the road. Here we have a tendency to think of introducing value effective, low hopped-up secured technology. Here communication and sensing is achieved by single module that is of cheap, low-power, reliable, less sensitive to climatically changes. Easy to implement, easy to install, smaller in size. It employs mesh configuration, permitting it give high dependableness and an affordable vary. This paper concentrates on how these daunting accidents which has great toll on valuable lives can be curtailed. In India; we have a tendency to don’t have an advanced system that might facilitate to regulate the accidents. So researchers got a taken AN initiative to regulate the dreadful accidents, that is at soaring rates at the present by means that of this paper.

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S. Dhanasekaran, T.Thamaraimanalan, V.Anandkumar , A.Manikandan

The dynamic growth in portable multimedia devices and communication system has increased the demand for area and power efficient high-speed Digital Signal Processing (DSP) system. The Finite Impulse Response (FIR) Filter is the important component for designing an efficient digital signal processing system. Usage of digital Finite Impulse Response (FIR) filter is one of the prime block in DSP. Digital multipliers and adders are the most critical arithmetic functional units in FIR filters and also decides the performance of whole system. Thus, the low power system design has become a major performance goal. This paper proposes an FIR filter which is designed using Carry-Look ahead adder and multiplier. Where the multiplier is proposed by internal circuit of Modified Carry Look ahead Adder. Carry-Look ahead Adder (CLA) is used for addition operation which uses fastest carry generation technique to increases the speed by reducing the time required to fix carry bits and multiplier performs multiplication process in a hierarchical manner. Thus, the proposed method can minimize the active power and delay of the FIR filter. The tentative results shows that the FIR filter using proposed multiplier method achieves less amount of delay and power reduction compared to conventional method. The proposed FIR filter is programmed using Verilog code and was synthesized and implemented using Xilinx ISE 14.7 tool. and the power is analyzed using Xpower analyzer.

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Boby Agus Yusmiono, Januardi, Neta Dian Lestari

The purpose of this study is to analyze the socio-economic life of the transmigrant community on the banks of the Musi River Musi Banyuasin district. This study used descriptive method which steps are: interpretation, historiography and in-depth interviews with community leaders on the banks of the Musi river. The approach used in this study is the sociological and economic approach. Based on the results of the study, several findings related to the socio-economic life of the transmigrant community on the banks of the Musi River Muara Medak, Bayung Lencir, Musi Banyuasin district are drawn. First, the transmigrant community has a very good social life that can be seen from mutual cooperation and inter-tribal tolerance that makes the village safe, comfortable and no conflict among the tribes. Second, the age of transmigrants are approximately over 30 years old on average when migrating and all of them are at the productive age. Third, the level of education of the transmigrants is still relatively low. Fourth, most of the transmigrants are farmers, but there are also some who become laborers, fishermen and do odd jobs. Fifth, land for rice fields received by the transmigrant community is just a few, therefore some of them find such odd jobs. Sixth, the economy of the transmigrant community on the river banks of the Muara Medak village is classified as low-income financial family. Seventh, ttransportation available to reach the village are only water transportation, such as a boat or speed boat. Eight, spiritual mentality based on creativity, taste and intention of the community is very goodand have a high tolerance among religious people to help each other especially during harvest time.

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K.Ajay, A.Nagaraju, Koona.Ramji

Surface quality plays an important role in the process planning of any manufacturing industry including furniture industry.The objective of the paper is to develop a mathematical model to predict surface roughness of Teak wood material lusing CNC machining parameters. Experiments are conducted by varying Speed, feed rate and depth of cut first. The machined teak wood work pieces are analysed for surface roughness using Surftest SJ-210. The results are further evaluated using SVM method there by predicting surface roughness against machining parameters. Results proved the close relation between MRR and Surface roughness. Developed model is able to predict the surface roughness with an average error less than 8% proving its fitness for Teak wood material.

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Desi Wulandari, Sri Hartati, Deasylina Da Ary, Fitria Dwi Prasetyaningtyas

The background of this research is based on the limited natural sciences’ component dictation that helps students to learn individually, so an interactive media is needed to inspire students to develop learning scenarios in primary schools. The research aims to describe the process of developing interactive media of natural sciences’ component to foster the inspirational characters of the students. The type of this research is Research and Development (R & D) in Borg and Gall model. The results of this study indicate: (1) The process of developing interactive media includes 9 stages of development namely potential and problems, data collection, product design, design validation, product revision, product testing, product revision II, usage trial, final product. (2) This product is valid, indicated by the excellent category with an average score (3,6) of the material expert's assessment and the average score (3,5) of media expert’s assessment as well as the result of the usage trial obtains the improvement of natural sciences learning outcomes of the students, (3) Inspirational characters measured through the process of learning activities and works in developing learning scenarios and worksheets of natural sciences in primary schools show good results with an average score (3.1).

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Gaikwad Kiran Pandhari, Manna Sheela Rani Chetty

Now days recognizing the face accurately is becoming more challenging and essential task in the biometric authentication. Use of minimum facial features is important to reduce the complexity of designing the face recognition system. The performance of any emotion recognition system is mostly dependent on efficient design of face recognition system. Recently in the direction of emotion recognition a lot of the work is carried out. It is suggested by some researchers that use of only facial features or speech features are not sufficient to design emotion recognition system. Here in this paper the approach to extract the facial and speech features to recognize the emotion is proposed. Survey suggests that, combining both the features (facial features and speech features) to recognize the emotion improves the emotion state recognition accuracy. Proposed method uses extraction of facial features in both the directions (row and column) using maximum margin criteria with Modified Linear Discriminant Analysis (MLDA). The respective speech data signals are extracted using Mel-Frequency Cepstral Coefficients (MFCC) of the speech. The resultant features (facial features and speech features) are further integrated to construct an informative feature library. The constructed feature library provides a base for recognizing the emotions using advanced regression model, called as Incomplete Sparse Least Square Regression (ISLSR). After experimentation, the proposed approach is found to provide improved recognition accuracy of emotions than existing approaches.

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Nikita Bhalani, Mayur Chavan

The exponential growth of mobile data services because of increasing end user devices like laptops, tablets, sensors, smartphone, appliances that shaping hyper-connected network where billions of connected devices are producing a large amount of data volume. To handle the tremendous growth in communication technology that required high bit rate, low latency, high availability and high performance which can be achieved with 5G technology. In this context, Software Defined Network that separate data plane from control plane and Network Function Virtualization that divide network element into smaller network functions, these both are best candidate. In this paper, Software defined network and 5G architectural characteristics and 5G usage scenarios are discussed. SDN with 5G state of the art of research with comparative analysis of all existing solution is given within this paper. We also discuss Service based 5G network Architecture and SDN/NFV based 5G core Network.

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Shelly Permata Sari, Hanny Wahidin Wiranegara, Harry H. Hardjakusumah, Marselinus Nirwan Luru

In a Walkability Survey in Asian Cities, Jakarta occupies the bottom four. Having been its low level of walkability, Jakarta in implementing the sustainable city concept arranges the walkable pedestrian ways. As the center of commercial activities, Jakarta needs the walkability measurement for commercial corridor. This research aim is to identify the level of walkability in commercial corridors. The unit of analysis is a commercial corridor. Field observation and questionnaire survey were used as the methods. Field observation is to identify the condition of pedestrian facilities, pedestrian flows, and land use along the left and right sides of the corridor. There were three variables of the condition of the corridor’s sidewalk associated with the level of pedestrian’s comfort, that were safety, amenity, and accessibility. These three variables are measured by several indicators measured using a Likert scale. The number of respondents was 96. To test the data’s reliability and validity used a reliability test and bivariate correlation test. Meanwhile, to measure the significance of each variable in each corridor, the k-independent samples were used. The results showed that the level of walkability of the sidewalk in the Sudirman corridor was high, while in Dr. Satrio and Casablanca corridors were a moderate level. This difference is due to the accessibility indicators. In Sudirman corridor meet the integrated public transportation as well as the absence of interference from street vendors and motorized parking. Therefore, accessibility of pedestrian way is the determining factor for the level of walkability in commercial corridors.

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Ardha Rafano Naradhipa, Syaifudin, Syandra Sari

The need for protein now is very large. To meet this need animal farming, including chicken farming. For the cultivation of chickens, many people do not know yet how to develop it. To make it easy for the community to develop chicken farming, knowledge management is needed for chicken farming. The application of knowledge management has become a fundamental need to improve the quality of existing human resources, especially chicken farmers. This study uses the Becerra-Fernandez development framework method for data collection and uses the System Development Life Cycle (SDLC) approach with the waterfall method for system development. The knowledge generated in this study leads to the expert system. Expert system designed using the case-based reasoning method with the calculation of the nearest neighbor algorithm. This knowledge management system was created as a means of knowledge sharing in chicken farming organizations. This knowledge management produces an expert system that is used to identify chicken diseases and diagnose diseases and their prevention solutions.

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Hanif Yahya Alyazidi, Syaifudin, Gatot Budi Santoso, Wegig Murwonugroho

Furniture is one of the largest industrial sectors in Indonesia, Furniture is also one of the largest export commodities in Indonesia. At present the demand for furniture in Indonesia can still be met by domestic furniture production while the rest is controlled by imported products and growing rapidly. The lack of regulatory support, for example such as the difficulty of export permits, the difficulty of obtaining raw materials, high loan interest rates and education about the production and distribution process of furniture makes the furniture industry in Indonesia even worse. As a result today many furniture industries are experiencing a decline due to the lack of furniture entrepreneurs because they do not understand how to market furniture, There are still many furniture entrepreneurs who do not know choosing good wood and many do not know how to start a furniture business. The purpose of this research is to get a knowledge management system design and expert system that can be used by novice furniture entrepreneurs, furniture manufacturers, furniture distributors and furniture consumers. The method used is for KMS using the Becerra-Fernandez development framework, Expert Systems using the Forward Chaining method, System development using SDLC, System design using DFD, ERD and applications are implemented using the Drupal Framework. The results of this study are in the form of a Knowledge Management System website for furniture production and distribution that can be used by furniture manufacturers, distributors and furniture consumers.

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Irfan Arief, Tazkiaturrizki, Winarni

The x Water Treatment Plant (WTP) of Sindang Pasekan is the importance facilities in supplying drinking water for the Indramayu sub-district operated by PDAM Tirta Derma Ayu. The WTP capacity of 50 L/sec has been increased to 65 L/sec in 2018. The objective of this study is to evaluate the performance of the WTP. The research method includes analyzing the existing WTP condition by recounting the design parameters and assessing the unit processes, unit operations, and quality of water using the recent production capacity of 65 L/sec. Data comparison towards the production water quality is in conformity with the standard of drinking water from the regulation of PERMENKES No. 492 of 2010. Event though Several design parameters do not meet the standard on the other hand, such as detention time (Td) of the intake unit and velocity gradient (G) of certain sections in the flocculation unit. The results of the WTP evaluation can be used as a design criteria recommendation as it yielded a favorable turbidity removal by 95% on average.

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Rachel Dista Zebua, Riana Ayu Kusumadewi, Winarni

Water demand keeps increasing in Bandung Regency, particularly in Soreang, Katapang, Margahayu, and Margaasih districts that would be referred to as Gambung Drinking Water Supply System (DWSS) in this paper. The service coverage of Gambung DWSS supplied by Tirta Raharja Regional Water Supply Enterprise (PDAM) is only 6.85%, including Soreang and Katapang districts. On the other hand, the service has not reached Margahayu and Margaasih at all. This research aims to predict the water demand of DWSS Gambung in 2040, comprising two phases of planning. The method includes projecting population in the study area to the year of 2030 and 2040, analyzing population density in the residential areas, as well as assessing the water usage and its fluctuation in the existing service area. The projection of service coverage is up to 70% in the year of 2030 and 97% in the year of 2040, with an estimated water demand of 216 L/second and 352 L/second, respectively.

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Rizki Akbar, Rini Setiati, Abdul Hamid

Cementing is the most important part of well construction and requires effective compatibility with nitrogen (N2) additives. Some of the challenges associated with this process are high temperatures, brine corrosion, and CO2 gas. The cementing process in geothermal wells is similar to oil and gas with high displacement efficiency to ensure adequate processing during low velocity. This study, therefore, aims to determine the function of foam cement using nitrogen to improve zonal isolation. The low use of variable density and relatively high strength of the foamed cement help operators to achieve long-term hydraulic bonds and zonal isolation by preventing hydrostatic pressure damage. In Indonesia, geothermal wells are developed with the fracture and low temperature gradients using lightweight foamed cement. This ensures job success, proper engineering, and control.. The results foam cementing are to establish good bonds and zonal isolation, the engineering process allows operators to adjust slurry density during cementing as needed. It is first mixed then pumped into a hole, and stabilized to create foam. This study concludes foam pumping has the ability to improve zonal isolation in oil and gas drilling wells.

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Listyowati Sumanto

The aim of study is to provide an overview of reform ideas on land registration publication system in order to achieve legal certainty in Indonesia. Legal certainty of land rights is an essential requirement for landowers and it will be realized if there is no doubt and worries of land ownership. However, in fact a certificate of land rights could be a legal case. The research method uses normative legal research, descriptive, and data analyzed qualitatively. One of the root causes of land conflicts is the publication system on land registration in Indonesia. There are two different publication systems: registration of deeds, which always uses a negative publication system, and registration of titles, which always uses a positive publication system. The result research in Indonesian Land Law is different from the law applicable in most other countries regarding publication system. Indonesian Laws follow registration of titles, and a negative tends to positive publication system. This is the root cause of many legal conflicts in Indonesia. I argue that in the future, Indonesia government has to change its land registration from negative but tends to positive publication system to positive publication system. Moreover, along with this transformation, an assurance fund should be established to compensate owners of registered rights who suffer from losses due the omissions or errors in the land registration system.

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Yudhisman Imran, Donna Adriani, Patwa Amani, Irmiya Rachmiyani, Pukovisa Prawiroharjo

Aging results in cognitive decline in memory and intelligence of the elderly, but this may be delayed or maintained by brain exercises. Studies on increasing cognitive functioning, e.g. by brain gym and physical exercise did not clearly demonstrate an association of brain gym and physical activity with cognitive functioning. Therefore the present study aimed to find any relationship between brain gym and cognitive functioning in postmenopausal women. This analytical study was conducted for three months on healthy postmenopausal women aged 60 years and older at the Mampang Public Health Center in South Jakarta. Excluded were patients with psychosis, neurological abnormalities, patients on antidepressant or antipsychotic medications, patients with malignancies or diabetes mellitus, or subjects not completing the study. The selected subjects underwent the MoCA-INA and walking tests. Subjects passing both tests were assigned to the brain gym intervention group and the others to the control group without brain gym. The intervention group performed brain gym three times weekly for 3 months, after which both groups underwent a repeat MoCA-INA test. Mean age of control (n=12) and intervention groups (n=14) was 64.58 ±3.42 years and 64.86 ± 4.94 years, respectively. Baseline mean MoCA-Ina scores in control and intervention groups were 19.07 ± 2.12 and 20.50 ±1.56, respectively (p=0.067). After brain gym for 3 months, mean MoCA-INA scores in control and intervention groups were 22.33 ± 2.05 and 20.42 ± 1.69, respectively (p= 0.016). Cognitive functioning of postmenopausal women increased after performing brain gym. Postmenopausal women are recommended to perform brain gym to prevent or retard reduction in cognitive functioning.

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Wildan Tri Koesmawardani, Benyamin Sapiie, Alfend Rudyawan

Naturally fractured reservoir (NFR) especially in granitic basement in Sumatra is not a new issue for research. Generally in NFR modeling, fracture density of rocks in a damage zone is the most significant factor that influence fracture porosity and fracture permeability. The aim of the study is to determining micro fracture in the granitic rocks and proofing that quartz and k-feldspar minerals has significant influence for fracture density. Area of the study at Muaro Silokek, South Sumatra revealed a very heterogeneous granitic rocks outcrop and have high fracture density. At previous study conclude those area is representative as an analog NFR, especially granitic basement reservoir in Sumatra. The main fault which affect fracture orientation was right lateral strike slip faults with NW – SE orientation represented as riedel shears which is Takung Fault trend. The study was conducted using 12 data of thin section granitic oriented sample for micro fracture analysis. The result of the study shows there are three types of granitic rocks namely syeno granite, alkali feldspar granite, and monzo granite. Micro fracture characterization shows NE – SW, NNW – SSE, ENE – WSW fracture orientation. Type of micro fracture dominantly of transgranular micro fracture which means it has high fracture connectivity and paralel to high permeability. Fault zone classification shows that damage zone is at 6.5 m around faults. This fracture characterization on samples in the damage zone shows each type of granite has a different response to the micro fracture density, so it have significant implication for NFR.

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Popi Puspitasari, Agustin R. Lakawa

Recently, vernacular architecture has become a source of inspiration to create innovative building designs by utilizing the latest technology. Proportion systems of the vernacular house are one of the basic principles that can be elaborated for module innovation in the industrialization era. The universal standardization and generational change are part of the reasons why vernacular architectural concepts are rarely considered again. Such conditions are indicators that weaken the understanding of vernacular philosophical concepts and spirit. Therefore, the enlightenment of the concept becomes important especially concerning its nature to revive the thinking of the current generation that physical appearance has a unique spirit and cultural content. This paper aims to formulate a conceptual model of proportion systems in vernacular architecture through precedent studies. It was formulated inductive-qualitatively by referring to the theoretical building of Ihalauw [1] and the research design of Creswell [2]. Information units obtained from the precedent vernacular architecture research results in Indonesia combined with the cases from other countries that were selected randomly. Each selected information unit is linked inductively to produce theme categorization and each theme is integrated through logical relationships to produce a conceptual formulation diagram. At the end of writing, the formulated conceptual model is compared with others as the form of theoretical dialogue. The result of the study affirms that the proportion system in vernacular architecture is related to the expression of human efforts in aligning themselves (microcosm) with God/ancestor (macrocosm). The manifestation of these expressions is used to mark sacred-profane values and social ethics in addition to being physically used to modify the local climate and to produce forms of beauty.

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Lailatus siami, Dwi Indrawati, R. Ratnaningsih

Solid waste as the organic and inorganic waste materials from sources have become the real issue in big cities or villages including agricultural waste. This study aims to determine the effect of organic waste characteristics and worm density in the vermicomposting process. To achieve these objectives an analysis of chemical and physical parameters is carried out. The method of this research are using two type of earthworm that is Eudrilus eugeniae (EE), Lumbricus rubellus (LR) to be varied in several composition of cassava peels, vegetable waste and cow manure. The variations consist of 1.5kg/m2, 2kg/m2, and 2.5kg/m2 for both type of earthworm. Parameters to be measured are chemical (pH, temperature and humidity) and physical (waste weight). All physical and chemical parameters are still in the range determined by experts, the pH parameters are in the range 7-8, the temperature parameter is in the range of 21-29°C, and the humidity parameter is in the range of 36-71%. In this study, environmental conditions greatly affect the vermicomposting process, namely the pH value of 7.00-8.00 and the temperature of 26.5-28OC is still in ideal conditions for worm life, while the humidity of 60% -80% does not meet the ideal conditions for worms because it is too moist caused by raw materials used are green vegetables that have high water content. Density variations in each waste variation affect the amount of waste reduction both in EE and LR media. The highest waste reduction for 1.5 kg/m2 of Eudrilus eugeniae in M4D1 variation (30% cow manure and 70% cassava peels) by 56% waste reduction. Meanwhile for 2.5 kg/m2 Lumbricus rubellus in the D3M4 and D4M4 variation (50% cow manure and 50% vegetables; 30% cow manure 70% of vegetables) can reduce by 63%.

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Bunga Faradhani, R. Ratnaningsih, Astri Rinanti

BananaI peel is a waste, and a lignocellulose biomass used as an alternative raw material to bioethanol by utilizing the enzymatic ability of Aspergillus fumigatus. ThisIstudy therefore was conducted to test the potential of banana peel to be converted into bioethanol. TheI research started by cultivatingi A. fumigatus on Potato Dextrose Broth media with the banana peel mechanically converted into powder and used as a substratei. This wass followed by the pretreatment process by adding A. fumigatus to the substrate container in ratios of 1: 1, 1: 5, and 1:10, respectively. Furthermore, thei gravimetric method was used to determine the level of lignin due to pretreatment with contact times of 24, 72, and 120 hours. This was preceded with the hydrolysisi stage using the DNS method to measure the amount of sugar produced, with the removal of the highest lignin content at the pretreatment stage of 7.3% and the highest sugar level at the hydrolysis stage of 1.353 g/L. This research shows that banana peell contains lignocellulose and has the ability to be used as raw material for bioethanol. Therefore, to iincrease the levels of bioethanol derived, it is necessary to carry out a fermentation process and further research.

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Harumi Yuniarti, Astri Rinanti, Bambang Cholis S.

In this research, the annealing temperature was varied to determine the appropriate template sequence. The amplification process used the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) method in the Primary template, to separate the double DNA into a single chain. Furthermore, the cycling duration were compared with the pGEM_Standard. In this research, the process was heated for some time, and the temperature decreased to obtain an appropriate result. Bigdye-pGEM reagents were used to stick the separated molds to become single chains. Also, a primer pair with a large melting temperature difference tends to cause a reduction in the amplification process. The primary sequencing of M13 at 500C produced a well-readable amplicon on the observed electropherogram using ABI Prism 310 sequencer. The results shows that the sequencing test with the addition of bigdye reagent volume (without buffer) at 1x concentration and 25 times cycling duration formed high and clear peaks around 600bp. Shorter sequences occurred at lower concentrations, with the reagent used to determine the exact annealing temperature and how optimal the reagent brings up the sequence length that appears on the electropherogram.

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Girija Kumari*, Vikram Singh, AK Jhinghan

Diabetes Mellitus is a chronic lifestyle-related disorder that increases the burden of disease and deteriorates the Health-Related Quality of Life (HRQOL) of diabetes and other co-morbidity patients. This review analysis was conducted to investigate the effects of lifestyle medicine, (yoga practice, plant-based balanced diet, and meditation) in the prevention and control of Diabetes Mellitus and associated Co-morbidities. Research studies related to the effectiveness of lifestyle changes were extracted through the search of PubMed, Scopus, Google scholar, Cochrane Library, mad line, EBSCO, and IndMED databases. Type 2 diabetes mellitus can be prevented using the holistic approach of lifestyle modification and self-management. A healthy diet including the intake of fruits, vegetables, low fat and sugar-containing product along with physical exercises such as daily morning walk, yoga, and meditation play an important role in the prevention and control of lifestyle-related diseases including diabetes, obesity, hypertension, and cardiovascular diseases. Lifestyle changes provide the low-cost, successful and pre-emptive gains upstream of these metabolic disorders, and for that reason, it is a first-line or even parallel intervention in diabetes mellitus and coronary heart disease patients. There is a very urgent need to enhance public awareness regarding the importance of a healthy lifestyle, self-management, balanced diet, yoga, and meditation to improve their quality of life by preventing life-threatening chronic diseases such as coronary artery diseases and diabetes mellitus. Keeping it in view, this study was planned to report the impact of a plant-based balanced diet, yoga, and meditation on diabetes mellitus and associated disorder of cardiovascular.

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Furtasan Ali Yusuf

This study is to examine the direct influence of leadership on the trust of lecturers in private universities in Serang Regency/City. This research was conducted at Private Universities in the Serang Banten region of Indonesia with a sample of lecturers at private universities. The analytical tool used in this study is to use validity and linear regression tests to test the validity of trust and frequency distribution as well as the significance and linearity test to test the hypothesis of the influence of trust on leadership. The findings show that trust has a positive effect on leadership. This result shows the important role of trust in growing leadership. This can occur because the leadership factor as an internal factor is also heavily influenced by internal factors such as trust.

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Rohan C. Tadvi, Vrushali A. Chakkarwar

Posts in the forums are dispersed in database where determining the congruence among the text posts in web forums is cumbersome task. Congruence is relevant property while text clustering and text classification. Traditionally the documents were searched with the collation of keywords or set of terms from the posts. Proposed system posts are contemplated as corpus of words where each entity in corpus has some individual weightage where terms and words are also found in another corpuses as well. To fulfill the objective with common goal there should be some relatedness among the corpus of different posts in different or same forum which provides the similar motive the user needed to deliver. Congruence is calculated by applying a score to common terms calculated in preprocessing. Semantic relatedness score of corpus differs for every corpus depending on the relatedness in corpuses. Posts are divided into segments at particular instances. Of these segments the corpuses are created and text features are extracted and monitored by identifying congruence of keywords. The common terms extracted are evaluated using process by combination of different Semantic Textual algorithms. After calculating the similarity most identical posts are displayed to user on threshold basis.

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Dian Indriana Hapsari, St.Dwiarso Utomo, Julia Safitri

The paper’ purpose is examining the correlation between earning managemenforecast errors to accrual using environment uncertainty as moderating variable and firm size as control variable. Sampling method used is purposive sampling method. This paper uses secondary data of 144 Indonesia Stock Exchange non-financial listed firms over 2011-2016. The result indicates environment uncertainty moderates the correlation between prediction error and accrual (p= 0.000; p<0.05). Step 1 regressionhas determination coefficient (R2) as 0,031 while Step 2 of regression has 0,105 R2.

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S.Kayathri, S.Ramya, S.Meena

This article is one of the web application in cloud domain used to find the malware in server. The hackers and virus writers try to attack the computers connected to the internet. To detect the malware spread the user can fix the sensor in the server system it can scan the system continuously. If any error or malware occurred in the client side it can make the intimation for the admin. With the help of server, admin give the alert to the user to detect the malware. The user will get the intimation about the time and folder where the malware is occurred. By using this application the user can easily find out the malware so they can store their information safely. It provides more Authentications for the user. The sensor is used to scan the malware in the system. The scanning process is visible for the admin. So the user can know the sensor report and the timing of malware attack.

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Chin Wen Ken, Ng Yee Ling, Wong Hong Ling, Nurul Arifah Zainudin, Siti Aishah Masrom, Mohd Shahril Abdul Rahman

The concept of sustainability in real estate development has recently become one of the main concerns of the industry. As this will have an impact on market demand and supply, sustainability aspects–green building characteristics were shown to have an impact on property value. In order to confirm this, the present study examined the existing literature on factors affecting green buildings property value. Relevant literatures on the factors have been searched through academic databases. Content analysis was used to extract the attributes of green buildings and other factors affecting their value. Following the content analysis process, a conceptual framework for factors affecting the value of green buildings has been developed. This framework would provide an overview of the features of green buildings and other factors that have an impact on property values. Industry players, academics and policy makers may use this as input weather for investment, property development, further study, and policy making.

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Attika Puspitasari, Achmad Rizal, Husneni Mukhtar

Electromyography (EMG) is a technique used to acquire electrical activity from muscles called electromyogram (EMG). EMG signals can be used to detect either abnormalities or movements in muscles. This muscle movement can be used to control a prosthetic finger. Previous research focused on how to develop a high-functional prosthetic fingers system. This initial system due to many actuators needed a high-performance processor. The main problem was on the complicated mechanism, leading to the price of prosthetic fingers system became expensive, heavy, and difficult to maintain. In this research, we developed a low-cost prototype of a prosthetic finger that works based on EMG signals produced by human arm muscles. The EMG signal obtained was processed by the signal processing to move the servo motor. An appropriate response was received between the movement of the hand and the prosthetic finger. The proposed prosthetic finger system was managed to recognize the type of motion by 100%. The result showed that the prosthetic finger could follow the movements of the hand precisely.

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Adel Al-Shihi, Mike L. Deadman, Fahad A. Al-Sadi, M.S. Shahid and Abdullah M. Al-Sadi

The phytochemical and agronomical features of 15 tomato inbred lines were studied for two successive years under local environmental conditions of Oman. The objectives of this experiment were to; (1) determine the correlation between the variables to explain variation among tomato inbred lines, (2) estimate the relationship and divergence among tomato inbred lines using principal component analysis (PCA) and cluster analysis. The experiments were conducted in randomized complete block design with three replications in Tawoos Agricultural farm in Barka in 2013- 2014. Data collected were 1) Agronomical data: fruit yield, marketable fruit yield, single fruit weight, fruit number and 2) Phytochemical data: PH, TSS, TA and Color. In both years 2013 and 2014, the first three components of PCA showed 76.3 and 77.5% respectively, of the total variation among traits. Agronomical data contributed more in total variation than phytochemical data among different tomato inbred lines. The resulting dendrogram from cluster analysis using ward method revealed 3 groups. The first and second groups show close relationship among inbred lines while the third group with two lines (3022E and GS 12) showed no similarity with other two groups. In 2014, 3125F-19 with the highest fruit size (140 g) grouped alone . This method of grouping inbred lines was completely consistent with the results of principal component analysis. In general, these inbred lines performed well and produced good fruit yield.

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Ch.Madhavi Latha, Dr.Anouja Mohanthy, Nalla Ramakrishna

Engagement of employees is the critical factor and has much impact on the organizations, institutions and companies in achieving their vision and mission. Employee engagement is the physical, emotional, cognitive and intellectual involvement of an individual. In today’s turbulent environment the role of an engaged faculty in the higher education sector is highly undisputable. An engaged teacher will show high degree of commitment and involvement in the profession which will result in the quality outcomes. The objective of this study is to analyze the root causes for the faculty disengagement and to analyze the factors influencing majorly for dis-engagement in selected private higher education institutions in Bangalore by the both qualitative and quantitative methods. Some of the personal and organizational factors were analyzed through RCA(root cause analysis) using fish bone structure supported by literature review and validated through regression analysis. It was noticed that all the identified factors through RCA are influencing factors of faculty dis-engagement. However, the major influencing factors for dis-engagement identified are spiritual quotient of the faculty and HR policies of the organization are responsible for faculty dis-engagement. Lessons learned, suggested directions to minimize faculty disengagement and optimize faculty engagement and to promote faculty wellbeing.

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Ho Man Giang, Ibrahim Nurudeen

This study empirically examines the relationship among GDP, import and export by investigating the validity of the export-led growth hypothesis in India. A quarterly data that spanned from 1996.Q2 to 2019Q2 has been employed for the analysis of the study. The stochastic properties of the series checked through Philips and Perron (1988), finds all the three series to be stationary at first difference, and this has further been examined through Perron (1997), which confirms the presence of a unit-root with structural breaks in the crash, growth, and crash-growth models at different dates. A Johansen test of co-integration reveals the presence of two co-integrating relations, and the short-run dynamics coefficient reveals that 50 percent of the disequilibrium in the system is being corrected every quarter. The study further finds the evidence of a long-run causality between export and GDP, although not in the short run. Thus, the study wrapped up by lending support for the validity of the export-led growth hypothesis to the Indian economy.

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Kantilal P Rane

In mega Universities, Colleges and Hostels, there are mega libraries and located at long distances. It is very difficult to always approach to distance libraries to all the students for accession of books. To get the hostel room delivery of particular books, app like Amazon is designed. The Issuing Module is designed for delivery of book by delivery boy. To submit the books without wasting more time, multiple Self-returning modules are designed through which one can submit his/her books at any corner of the campus. Students may submit their books at any returning module nearby available in the campus. Cloud connected returning modules are designed that gets and sends the information to cloud through internet. Students can get acknowledgement on the App assigned to them regarding to the transactions of the books immediately through Web-server in module itself. Issuing Model is designed based on NFC RFID technology. A specific android App is designed for Issuing Model that accesses the RFID information of students and books and authenticates through Cloud. It is also responsible for issuing the book and sending notification to user. Library Console based on .net platform is used as a supporting technology for proposed system. The whole system is working satisfactorily with the use of various cloud databases.

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Rasmita Adelina, Irfan Suliansyah, Auzar Syarif, Warnita

Cultivation Technique of Sidimpuan snakefruit (Salacca sumatrana Becc.) needs to be improved in an effort to increase the production of snakefruit which has continued to decline. Optimal production of Sidimpuan snakefruit can be achieved if the factors internally and externally that support the growth and development of plants are well available for plants. There are three essential nutrients that determine the growth and development of plants, namely nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. The application of ammonium sulphate fertilization is one of the efforts to improve the cultivation technique of Sidimpuan snakefruit so that the production increase is achieved. This study aims to determine the ratio of Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium content leaves of Sidimpuan snakefruit before and after fertilization. This research has been carried out in snakefruit planting in Palopat Maria Village, Padangsidimpuan Hutaimbaru Subdistrict, Padangsidimpuan City with altitude of ± 450 m above sea level. This research starts from November 2017 to June 2018. The research method used is experimental and survey methods with purposive sampling technique in determining sample plants. Number of plants sample 30 plants. Data processing was carried out using the Independent Test sample t-test. Based on the results of this study, it was found that the comparison of nitrogen and phosforus content of leaves before and after first fertilization was not significantly different, however potassium content is significantly different , while the content of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium content before and after the second fertilization was significantly different.

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Rosmalia Dita Nugraheni, Dedi Sunjaya, Muhammad Burhannudinnur

This study aimed to elucidate the geochemical behavior of Rare Earth Elements (REE) to conceive their concentration within secondary REE-bearing minerals. The tin belt granitoids which existed along the Malaysia Peninsula and Western Indonesia were produced by subduction of large Tethyan oceans, followed by post-collisional thickening of the continental crust. With regards to the tectonic origin, granitoids in the Bukit Tinggi, Pahang State, Malaysia as well as Bangka island, Indonesia are classified under crustal-derived granitoid and yield considerable potentials of REE. Moreover, in a tropical climate, tense weathering process possibly dispersed the REE to the weathered products of granitoid, laterite and placer deposits. The methodology used in this research includes the analysis of major and trace elements through the use of X-Ray Fluorescence added by petrography analysis. The result showed similar chemical characteristics on ionic- radii with different ionic- charge of Light- and Heavy-REE enabled them to substitute the major elements and enter the crystal lattice. The weathering process has also contributed to destroying the ionic bonds of the host minerals. Moreover, the low mobility of these elements engenders low dispersion only in the nearby parent rocks. Summarily, in weathered granitoid and bauxite laterite, REE accumulation occupies the saprolith containing clay mineral and has the capability to concentrate the elements through ionic-absorption. In placer deposits, REE remained stable in resistant minerals of monazite, xenotime, and zircon since the Light- REE being compatible with major elements of Ti, Zr and coexist with cassiterite or tin.

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Abdul Gani, Suyatno

This study was to determine the effect of transformational leadership and organizational culture on teacher commitment at Amanah Husada Health Vocational High School pemalang. This research was conducted by questionnaire survey method on teachers at Amanah Husada Health Vocational High School Pemalang Regency. Data collection was done by distributing questionnaires to respondents. The questionnaire was distributed to 37 teacher respondents at Amanah Husada health Vocational School pemalang. The analytical tool used is multiple linear regression using the SPSS 16.00 application. The results showed that: a) there was no significant positive effect of transformational leadership on teacher organizational commitment at the Amanah Husada Health Vocational High School Pemalang, b) there was a significant positive influence of organizational culture on teacher organizational commitment at Amanah Husada Health Vocational High School pemalang c) There were positive influences Significant transformational leadership and organizational culture simultaneously on the organizational commitment of teachers at Amanah Husada Health VocationalHighSchoolPemalang.

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S.Meena, S.Kayathri, S.Ramya

The project is entitled as “Mobile Phone Application to Provide a Safe Driving using Global Positioning System” is an android application used to provide the safe drive for the drivers. Most of the accidents were occurred due to the usage of mobile phones during driving. In the existing system, the user can reject the call with normal message by sending the notification that the user is driving just call back later. In the proposed system, the user opens the application when the user starts driving, if the bike speed reaches more than 30kmhrs the mobile will automatically have switched to silent mode so that the user can not able to reach the mobile if receives any call during driving. The addition feature of the application that the user can able to send an urgent message with a present location to the given two contacts numbers during registration by simply making a call to that number. The advantage of this feature is used to intimate the location to the particular persons. The project is designed using Java7.1 as front end language and SQLite 3 as back end language.

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Divya B V, Dr. Archana N V

FACTS devices are new integrated concept of power electronic switching, which enhances the transfer capability of power, power quality and stability of the system. This paper presents an extensive literature review on placement on FACTS devices and its coordination in the Power system. There could be number of FACTS devices installed in a power system to control particular quantity. Due to distributed generation, interaction between these FACTS devices becomes very important. An individually designed FACTS device has not achieved an ideal effect, with increasing demand. Hence in this paper various coordinated control techniques are reviewed, in order to enhance the quality of power in a deregulated power system.

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Sanoop, Dr. Tamil

Solar energy is available everywhere making it user friendly to harness it in almost every place like cities, villages and farms. This paper depicts the improvement and sending of creative Solar oriented power based frameworks for use in rural groups of India. On-going and arranged solar based power extends in India are constantly gone for creating solar plants for framework applications. The proposed framework advancement depends on disseminated arrangement approach. This approach utilizes sunlight based power in little units to fulfill a specific requirement for a town, similar to a home in a town, on the homestead, or potentially an individual town inhabitant. Systems outlines consolidate practical, secluded, rough, long life, simple to keep up, and helpful to utilize structures. Further, the frameworks are half breed permitting these to work with coordinate electric power and in addition sunlight based energy. The cases of advances that need sun based power for country regions incorporate cell phones, home machines, cultivate executes, capacity of vegetables and natural product, squander administration, and vehicles for human, creature, and yield transport. The procedure proposed for distinguishing the assembling configuration is an iterative one. In other words that at first the model units are sent in towns to get input From Clients and after that the Outline is Altered and Reused. The Final Product of this Exertion is the Distinguishing Proof of the Last Outline and Assembling Process

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Erfan Yudianto, Reza Ambarwati, Lela Nur Safrida, Toto Bara Setiawan, Ika Arum Cahyani

Ethnomatematics is a habit and customs in a community group and there is a mathematical concept without being realized by the community. This research was conducted in Alasmalang village, especially Krajan Singojuruh Banyuwangi hamlet. The purpose of this study was described about ethnomatematics of the Traditional Ceremony of Kebo-Keboan Alasmalang with the subject matter of congruence and similarity. This research was belonging of qualitative research with an ethnographic approach. The object of this research is all the equipment that must be available for the implementation of the ceremony. Data sources in this research are the head of Kebo-Keboan Traditional Institue and buldrah. There are 3 methods were used to collecting data, observation, documentation and interviews. The results of data’s collection will be analyzed and presented descriptively. The results of this study showed that there are mathematical concepts in the form of point and line, angle, two dimentional figure, congruence and similarity, three dimentional figure, and reflection.

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R.Chandrasekaran, T.R.Thamizhvani, A.Josephin Arockia Dhivya, R.J.Hemalatha

Gastroparesis is a condition that affects the normal motility of muscle in the stomach and is commonly called as paralysis of stomach. Electrogastrography is the technique for measuring electrical activity of the stomach. The Electrogastrography is also used to measure the gastric mobility and various stomach disorders like tachy-gastria, brady-gastria, dyspepsia, peptic ulcer, gastric tumor etc. Electrogastro-gram is the graphical representation of the Electrogastrography. The Electrogastrography procedure is recommended by the physician to diagnose the dis orders in the stomach. Electrogastrography procedure is taken generally under two conditions: Fasting condition and post prandial condition. This procedure is followed strictly to measure the gastric activity and gastric emptying test. The food is propelled into the stomach and the pacemaker of the stomach fails to contract the muscles of stomach that leads to gastroparesis condition. The diabetic patients often get into the gastroparesis condition. This remains as a major factor; stomach motility is slowed down. In this paper, data acquisition system for acquiring multichannel electrogastrogram is developed and the gastric signal is acquired and analysed using MATLAB. Through the spectral analysis of gastric slow-wave, the gastroparesis condition is diagnosed. The MEGG-Multichannel Channel Electrogastrogram signal is acquired in two states: Fasting state and Postprandial state.

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Dr. Barmavatu Praveen, Yalagandala Akshay Kumar, Banoth Sravanthi, H. Ameresh

Plastics are reasonable, simple to form, and lightweight. These and numerous different favorable circumstances make them extremely encouraging possibility for business applications. In numerous territories, they have generously smothered customary materials. Be that as it may, the issue of reusing still is a significant test. There are both innovative and financial issues that control the advancement in this field. In this, a condition of-craftsmanship review of reusing is furnished together with a viewpoint for the future by utilizing famous polymers, for example, polyolefin, poly (vinyl chloride), polyurethane, and poly (ethylene terephthalate) as models. Various sorts of reusing, essential, optional, tertiary, quaternary, and natural reusing, are talked about together with related issues, for example, compatibilization and cross-connecting. There are different activities in the European Union on research and use of these reusing approaches; chose models are given in this article. Their advancement is reflected by conceded licenses, the greater part of which have an exceptionally constrained extension and barely spread certain advances. Worldwide acquaintance of waste use systems with the polymer showcase is right now not completely grew, however has a tremendous potential.

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K.Thenmalar, G.Sophia Jasmine , V.Vanitha

Distribution of energy from various resources in micro grids is the emerging trend for efficient method of power generation and distribution. Due to the penetration of distributed generation into microgrid, it has become a critical issue for the microgrid operators to accomplish optimal dispatch balancing the economic as well as environment factors satisfying power demand and security constraints. The Economic Dispatch (ED) is described as the method to obtain an optimal solution for the minimization of generation cost taking into account all the necessary constraints. Combined environmental-economic dispatch (CEED) technique for smart micro grids is discussed in this work, with an objective of curtailing the generation and emission costs considering two different algorithms Multi-objective Economic Emission Dispatch (MOEED) algorithm and Modified Evolutionary Multi Objective Algorithm (MEMO) Smart grid management is considered such that each of the generators communicate about their generation cost, demand and the deviations to their consumers. Simulation of the algorithms is carried out in PROTEUS and results are presented.

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Umar, Yanuar Kiram, Alex Aldha Yudi

This study aims to analyze how physical exercise with iron and no iron intake affect the hemoglobin level and maximum aerobic capacity. The hemoglobin level and maximum aerobic capacity will actually be affected either by iron intake or by physical exercises. The population is the students ofFaculty of Sports Science Universitas Negeri Padang, Sports Coach program class of 2015/2016, and were registered in the semester of July - December 2017. The samples are 30 male students. The study was conducted at the Fitness Laboratory of Faculty of Sports Science Universitas Negeri Padang. The treatments of the research are in the form of physical exerciseswhich are circuit training and HIIT for 16 times exercises, then giving Ferizz brandiron supplements in tablet. The instruments to measure hemoglobin levels are using the hemoglobin testing system, quik-check, and Bleep Test to measure maximum aerobic capacity. Data analysis using t test and anova.The results show that all hypotheses proposed in this research are acceptable; p <α 0.05. Thus it is expected that this research is useful for interested parties, especially in order to improve the physical ability of athletes, so that maximum achievement in every competition can be reached. These instructions give you guidelines for preparing papers for IJSTR JOURNALS. Use this document as a template if you are using Microsoft Word 6.0 or later. Otherwise, use this document as an instruction set. The electronic file of your paper will be formatted further at IJSTR. Define all symbols used in the abstract. Do not cite references in the abstract. Do not delete the blank line immediately above the abstract; it sets the footnote at the bottom of this column. Don’t use all caps for research paper title.

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Basweshwar S. Jirwankar, Kundan Meshram,

As This Paper Offers Opportunities For Smart City Growth, Analyzing Proposed Population Distribution And Land-Use Changes In Space And Time. This Provides The Politicians With A Complete And Vibrant Disclosure Of A Rapidly Changing Urban Environment. Several Adverse Impacts Of Policies Can Be Assessed And Revised According To Time And Serenity, Such As Ecological And Health Risks Or Kinesis Issues. In This Paper, We Believe That Innovations In "Smart" Cities Need To Be More Sustainable, Diverse And Participatory. In The Context Of Urban Risk Assessment, Which Is Essential In Indian Cities, This Paper Also Addresses These Three Smart Goals. The Following Priorities Include Approaches That Are Defensible, Constructive And Participatory, Such As Remote Sensing, Terrestrial Cover, Land Cover And Land Use Models Using Remote Sensing And GIS (Geographical Information System), Population Density Modeling Using Dasymetric Planning, Predictive Sculpture Of Land Use Changes And Demographic Change Aspects, And Risk Assessment. This Research Assists Spatial Land Distribution, Which Will Be Affected With Digital Techniques By Rapid Urbanization.

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Adam Zakria

In this article we show sampling expansion formulations on a series of shift-invariant closed sub space ∑_(j=1)^∞▒〖V (φ(t_j)) 〗 of L^2 (R) generated by a Riesz generator series ∑_(j=1)^∞▒〖φ(t_j)〗 or frames. Moreover we illustration a single channel sampling on a series ∑_(j=1)^∞▒〖V (φ(t_j)) 〗. Finally, examples are given to support our results.

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M.Suryakumari, Dr. S.Leo Stanly

Learning is a process through which knowledge, skills, values and attitudes are to be acquired and applied by the B.Ed students. Hence, the role of a prospective teacher in the learning process is very important. Every B.Ed institutions in the prospective teachers, parents, community members and institution management committee share common aims for their B.Ed students, where the polices can be implemented effectively and where staff can carry the message towards quality education effectively at institution level to get desired results, can be considered as effective. The B.Ed institutions which are well run and where quality of learning is high, can be considered effective and progressive. Therefore the researcher felt a great need to study the strategies implemented by teachers to enhance learning and pronounciation in institutions.

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Nurul Ittaqullah, Rahmat Madjid, Nursaban Rommy Suleman

This study aims to determine the effect of Mobile marketing, Discount, and Lifestyle on Impulse buying Behavior of Marketplace Consumer in students case study of Halu Oleo University. The method used is quantitative research methodology with an explanatory survey method. The population of this study are active internet users of students at Halu Oleo University who have made purchases in the marketplace in the last 10 months from January to October 2019. The sampling technique uses non probability sampling (convenience sampling) techniques, with the number of 100 respondents. The results showed that Mobile marketing and Discount have no significant effect on impulse buying on marketplace consumers. While Lifestyle has a significant positive effect on impulse buying behavior in marketplace consumers by 35.1%. The simultaneous effect of Mobile marketing, Discount, and Lifestyle on impulse buying in the marketplace is 20.9%. While the remaining 79.1% is influenced by other factors not examined in this study.

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N.Priyadharshini, N.B. Pavatharini, R.K.Prasanth, C.S.Sasidharan, M.Mohanraj

The evolution of semi-conductor switches has resulted in their increased use in electrical and electronic devices in recent trends. The growing use of thyristor-based rectifiers has caused the power grid to face severe harmonic problems. In power systems, voltage unbalance occurs often. The primary source is uneven distribution of single-phase loads throughout all phases. If a three-phase fully controlled rectifier is connected with an unbalanced grid it results in voltage ripple. In this project the analysis of three phase rectifier with resistive load is done. Simulation is done in MATLAB with various voltage imbalances and the ripple factor is found. The hardware analysis is also done with voltage unbalance and the output ripple factor is analyzed. The analysis shows that the unbalance in the input voltage increases the switching losses and voltage ripple. This influences the switch conductive intervals and further distorts the input current waveform.

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Jayaveersinh Mahida,Ravi.B.Patel

A Effortless Synthetic Path For The Diastereoselective Of Cyclohexanones Synthesis Of N,N′-Diaryl-2-Aryl-6-Hydroxy-6-Methyl-4-Oxocyclohexane-1,3-Dicarboxamide With Help Of Starch Solution Counting As Glycerol And Water Homogeneous Mixture As Green Protocol Via Economically As Well As Environment Friendly Catalyst. Etoh Use As A Solvent And Triethyl Amine As Catalyst At 50°C For To Afford Desirable Products Via One-Pot Pseudo-Three-Component Reaction Of Acetoacetanilide Condensation Reaction With Various Aromatic And Aliphatic Aldehydes [27]. The Present Protocol Provides An Inexpensive And Efficient Route To Obtain Functionalized Cyclohexanones Containing Four Quaternary Stereogenic Centre With High Yields From The Simple And Readily Available Starting Materials Under Mild Conditions In Shorter Reaction Times. The Products Have Been Characterized By IR,1HNMR And 13CNMR Spectroscopy. The Stereo Selectivity Of Compounds Was Established With NMR Spectroscopy And The After All Protocol We Conform That The Solution Of Glycerol And Starch Solution Is Good Efficient And High Reusable Catalyst Then The Previous Catalyst.

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P.P. Janarthanan , M.S. Kaviya Dharshini , C. Kaviya, V. Jayapriya

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is one of the neurodevelopmental disorder which commonly affects the children nowadays. The impact of ASD is high and it will bring harmfulness to the family and society. In our report, the various reasons for the causes of ASD is reported. The diagnosis of ASD stated the various ways to examine the abnormality by acquisition of EEG, Preprocessing, extracting the features of an EEG signal and classifying the normal and an abnormal signal. The treatments to be taken for ASD, the necessary steps to prevent ASD and how to manage the ASD affected individuals are also explained in this study.

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Arpita Jena, Duryodhan Jena, Kiran Cotha, Sitikantha Mishra, Rashmi Ranjan Panigrahi

The current concern of corporate social responsibility (CSR) focuses on to save the planet and brand money, fine in business by doing good and fair-trade and carbon neutralizing at the same time. The sustainability of national and global economies depends on sustainable CSR in the competitive era. Researchers have enunciated several principles of CSR drawn mostly from managerial philosophies and sociological theories, and primarily, to justify and advocate CSR among business executives. In this paper, attempt has been made to study various principles and philosophies of CSR with reference to legal procedures. The paper concluded that major moral philosophers obtained a subterranean considerate of corporate social responsibility as commitment over and above accountability.

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Asma Khan Radha Kashyap D B Shakyawr

Wear comfort is imperative property of clothing. The comfort of wool garment is main characteristic of consumer satisfaction principally for next to skin. Woollen garment have been some sensation feeling. These are related to sensorial, tactile and thermo physiological comfort of garment. The present study focus on wear comfort of woollen wear. The study compares the quality of commercial wool apparel and blended apparels of wool/ polyester/angora, wool/polyester/pashmina and finds the acceptability along with the wear trial of apparel. The study was based on paired attributes related to sensorial comfort. The result of subjective wear trials show that CW and WPP are found more soothe, warm, soft and smooth in wear, however, WPA is found less soothe but comfortable. It can conclude that CW, WPP and WPA apparels are overall comfortable to wear. In terms of suitability of working women like to wear lightweight apparel for work wear in winter clothing. CW, WPP and WPA blended fabrics apparels are applicable.

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Jafri Haryadi, Khairiah

This paper reports the use of banana husk waste (Musa paradisiacal L) for an adsorbent material. Banana husk contains cellulose which can be processed for an adsorbent material. It has nitrogen, sulfur and carboxylic acid compounds. In this study, it took synthesized processing of some banana waste into adsorbent material by hydrothermal method; it tested the potential banana husk adsorbent in turbid water and contact time which aims to determine the efficiency of adsorption on water. The results obtained the activated carbon synthesized from banana husk waste has the significant potential for an adsorbent material. There is a meaningful linear relationship that the longer the contact time, the higher the efficiency of the activated carbon, which causes the water to become more apparent. Acknowledgement: Thanks for Rector UMN Al Washliyah for the 2nd batch of Research Grant Program 2018

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Elfira Sutanto, Elsha Dwi Anggun Rachmadhany, Ita Tazkiatul Izzati Mustopa, Elrian Syaputra, Monica Dwi Hartanti

Cervical cancer is the major cause of death of women in Indonesia after breast cancer. It is believed that the integration of Human Papilloma Virus plays a critical role in the development of cervical cancer. A recent study discovered "hot spots" contained candidate genes that are linked to the integration of DNA HPV to the host's genome. This preliminary study aims to investigate the expression of these genes in HPV-uninfected cervical cells. Most of the genes were expressed in HPV-uninfected cervical cells and their expression levels were significantly different from each other qualitatively and quantitatively, suggesting that these genes might have an important role in maintaining a normal function of cervical cells. Perturbation in the expression level of these genes might be linked to the developing of pathological conditions, such as cervical cancer.

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S.Vimala, V.Nisha

Distributed resource allocation is a complex problem in the emerging Cloud Computing strategy, where the fundamental criteria that benefit both the cloud users and the cloud providers are to be identified. The resources are allocated to the tasks depending on the demand in terms of bandwidth and memory by the Users. In this research work, the Spline Linear Interpolation method is used for the resource allocation problem to find an optimum solution. It is keen to provide user-requested bandwidth and memory with less completion time. The proposed method is evaluated and tested in the CloudSim environment. The test results show that the Spline Interpolation method performs efficiently in terms of migration cost, Completion Time, Waiting Time, Turn Around Time and workload balance compared to Modified Round Robin Algorithm.

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Moh. Agung Surianto, Roziana Ainul Hidayati, Umaimah, Suwarno, Tumirin

One of the important things about this research was evidence on the strategic position about the beginner voters such as the number of voters' data remain presidential and vice-presidential in the 17 April 2019 Indonesia election. The number of beginner voters becomes an important force that must be considered by the political parties and the candidates for president also vice president. This research aims to analyze beginner voter attitudes toward political advertising candidates for President and Vice President of Indonesia in the 2019 election. A design methodology was used by a qualitative approach. The data are primary and secondary data collection by conducting in-depth interviews. Validity test of research data used by the triangulation method. The results showed that all informants stated for political advertising does not become the primary source in determining an attitude of beginner voters in selecting candidates for president and vice president. Political advertising just a small part of the information in determining about attitudes towards a choice of candidates for president and vice president. This research has a novelty such as analyze beginner voter attitudes especially student university toward political advertising candidates for President and Vice President of Indonesia in the 2019 election.

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Anil Kumar K.R., Megha P.M., Meenakshy K.

Diabetic retinopathy (DR) – one of the most common reasons for blindness in modern days- is a visual disorder. DR is caused due to long-standing untreated diabetics, which in turn damage the retina cells. It takes place when pancreas cannot produce insulin sufficiently or body can’t utilize the produced insulin effectively. Early identification and proper treatment of DR can lower the loss of sight of patients. Diagnosis of DR is a vigorous process that include large amount of clinical study, which involves large amount of time, money and resources. The number of DR affected patients is much greater than the number of practitioners. So manual clinical diagnosis or screening takes considerable amount of time. Therefore, in order to keep away from such difficulty, follow-up screening is done regularly and automatic DR detection and severity classification are essential. Here several techniques for retinopathy detection and classification of its severity levels are discussed.

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G.Ravivarma, K.Gavaskar, N.S.Kavitha

The use of unique quantum mechanical properties, such as superposition and entanglement, makes the quantum machines used to carry out operations with information. The fundamental theory of quantum computation is that the quantum belongings of particles can be used to symbolize and organize data. In conventional system, there are only two possible states either 1 or 0 that is stored in memory cells. But in the case of quantum system, the so called qubit, which holds 1 or 0 or a superposition of both. Moore who has predicted that quantity of transistors gets doubled for every 18 months in an IC. Now 5 nm node is the technology node followed by 7nm. Classical adder is made of CMOS transistor, further shrinking leads to quantum behavior as it is limited by the phenomena called quantum tunneling. Like classical gates such as OR, AND, NOT, NOR, NAND, EXOR, whereas in quantum, make use of X gate, Hadamard (H) gate, Z gate, S gate, T gate, Toffoli (CCNOT) gate. Operations like addition, subtraction, multiplication, etc can be done in quantum computing. The proposed quantum full adder is designed and simulated in IBM quantum experience.

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Anita Thakur, A.J.Singh

Digital Image processing has emerged as an instrument primarily to enhance the quality of images in terms of greater clarity and better description. It is employed inevitably in various fields of the applied science as well as social science. The application areas include the following but not limited to such as the investigating agencies, video processing, pattern recognition, medical field and political science etc. The present paper is an attempt to apply the techniques of image processing in the specialized field of Medical Science that deals with the diagnosis and treatment of skin diseases, known as Dermatology. Skin disease is the skin lesion which affects hair, nail, scalp, skin and mucous membrane. Image processing can help for the early detection of the skin disease. Various techniques have been developed for digital image processing that are used to extract the features of an image such as color, edge and highlights the affected area. Some of those techniques such as Color Transformation, Gray Level Transformation, Histogram, Edge Detection etc. have been studied to analyze the images of skin disease. These techniques have also been applied to enhance the images in order to make them clearer and detailed. Octave tool has been used in this study.

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T.Priyanka Dr.B.Sudha

This paper tries to highlight the concept of Economic value added and its application of commercial banks and then traditional measures vs. Economic value added. An instrument to measure the value creation has been filled with the emergence of a new concept namely, Economic Value Added (EVA). It has been redefined and propagated by U.S. based mostly Stem Stewart & Company. It is an effort to determine the require for a performance evaluate that is well connected to the shareholders wealth and responsive to the measures of the company's managers. The shareholder worth is taken into account as a necessary aware of the company performance The Study accomplishes that Economic Value Added is slowly gaining an increased attention as a financial measure of corporate performance of banks. It holds up the researcher's view that the concept of Economic Value Added has been emerging in the brains of the top brass of the corporate world in India and has natured a extraordinary and excellent time ahead.

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Vijayan Ramasamy, Nor Hazana Abbudullah

Turnover among academics could weaken the competence, productivity and to a certain extent can even threaten the long-term survival of educational institutions. Initial interviews with HR staff of certain private higher education institution revealed a high turnover rate of 18%. A cross-sectional survey among private higher educations’ academics was conducted to examine the influence of cyber bullying, employer brand, perceived job alternative, work overload, job security, perceived procedural justice and distributive justice on turnover intention. A total of 361 academics participated, where data were further analyzed with Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) using Smart PLS software version 3. Findings revealed that employer brand, perceived alternative job, job security and work overload influence turnover intention among academics. Although some findings could be linked to earlier literature, an emerging finding of employer brand deserves added examination. The study’s results can support private universities in mapping relevant strategies to reduce turnover rates while enhancing the levels of academics retention. Moreover, this study offers some initial understanding of the role of the employer brand in turnover intention literature

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K.Shyamala, I.Rajeshwari

Agriculture, the main occupation and backbone of our country, is one of the most important fields in the emerging real world and is in poor condition due to the lack of proper guidance to the farmers. This work presents an approach which uses modified gradient boosting regression technique to predict the yield of the crops to be cultivated based on the weather condition and the season. This is done by applying different statistical techniques in computing the minimum weight of the leaf, minimum samples for split and least squares error. The dataset has been collected from the publicly available Indian Government Records. From the dataset, two datasets of size 2000 and 4000 are formed. The original and modified algorithm were compared based on the metrics accuracy on training set, accuracy on test set, mean accuracy and standard deviation, MAE (Mean Absolute Error), MSE(Mean Squared Error) and R squared score by applying them on two datasets. The modified algorithm shows a better result.

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Geeta Atkar, Dr.Priyadarshini J.

“Dyslexia” is disorder normally occurred in children. In which they are unable to learn the things easily as like normal children. Such kids are considered as Dyslexic Children. Main objective of this paper is to assist such child for easy readability the paper focuses on reading disability of Hindi words. Children of age five to seven years are considered as target, which are having problem in reading. Here some of the software based techniques and some hardware based techniques are discussed. Total 600 sounds of Hindi two letters and three letters words are taken as an input. These audios are trained by using Dynamic Time wrapping algorithm. Their results are compared. After training whenever this system will be used as assistive system for dyslexic children. They should be easily read and recognize the word.

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A Mobile Ad-hoc NETwork (MANET) is an assembly of nodes with extreme flexible topology for establishing wireless communications and forming a dynamic network. In order to enable conversation between any nodes in a network, a routing protocol is employed. Currently, there are three major routing protocols classes: reactive, proactive and hybrid protocols. Optimized Link State Routing Protocol (OLSR) is one of the most used in MANET. It operates in table driven of proactive protocol. A major problem facing this protocol (OLSR) is security. Multipoint relay (MPR) attack is considered like the most efficient attack.This paper is organized into four large sections. In the first section, we talk about the main goal of "multipoint relays" (MPRs). Second Section is dedicated to the routing layer attack, especially MPR attack. The third section introduces simulation measurements and network layout. Finally, we discuss the simulation results in the last section, before concluding our paper.

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M.Seetha Lakshmi , Dr.R.Alamelumangai

Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises segment has developed as a highly effervescent and active part of the Indian economy. Improving the quality and upgrading the technology are the two vital parameters that have developed in the recent past. The Indian economy has witnessed the third-time demonetization process in the year 2016, which results in the need for cashless transactions. Therefore, the objective of this study is to identify the factors influencing suppliers and customers of MSMEs towards cashless transactions and to find out various challenges and opportunities associated with the implementation of the cashless policies in the MSME Sector in Sivaganga district, Tamilnadu. The responses were collected from 150 Proprietor/Managers of MSME in Sivaganga district, Tamilnadu. The data were analyzed using the percentages analysis, Chi-square test, and Analysis of variance (ANOVA). The study exposed that the cashless transaction amongst MSME in Sivaganga district, Tamilnadu is in the developing stage. Privacy and security, convenience were the factors which influence cashless transactions. The study shows that the suppliers and consumers don’t have enough awareness of information security in cashless transactions. Therefore, digital payments will take a long time to become a default payment option and this might benefit the economy in the future. The study recommends that MSME should start using digital payment methods which will serve a cashless economy.

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Parul Oberoi, Shalu Chopra, Yukti Seth

The concept of measuring happiness was introduced to the world by the government of Bhutan as Gross National Happiness which later was adapted by UN in the form of happiness index that measures the happiness and well-being of the population of the country. This paper aims to analyze the happiness index and its relationship with various factors by using survey method with the help of a questionnaire. Demographic features like age, gender, income, occupation and marital status have been used among which the comparison of the happiness index have been made. The results have been presented by using pie charts, graphs and tables. The tools of ANOVA and multiple regression have been used to measure the extent of dependence of the factors on happiness index.

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Irfan Marwanza, Wiwik Dahani, Subandrio, Masagus Ahmad Azizi, Riskaviana Kurniawati, Irsan Farhan

The cement company sets a parameter standard for the level of limestone content to optimize the quality control used in cement production. The parameter used is Lime Saturation Factor (LSF) which represents the ratio of CaO by Al2O3, Fe2O3, and SiO2. Blending of raw materials will never be excellent and there are perpetually regions inside the clinker where the LSF locally is slightly below, or slightly above, the general target of clinker creating. For this reason, it is necessary to find a formula for determining the LSF value, which in this study uses the geostatistical method. The aim of this study is as an effort to consider, improve and evaluate to get an area with LSF value by the clinker making process. Primary data, which consists of a total of 35 boreholes, was collected through sampling, cutting, and drilling, with geostatistical methods used to produce unbiased data based on each region. After analyzing the goodness of fitting test using the Chi-Square, the distribution of LSF in quarry C was determined as an exponential with an outlier from the boxplot analysis. The conclusion of this study, the geostatistical method can be used to determine areas with LSF values, based on the results of the range variogram. The variogram model was obtained with a Nugget Effect of 100, Sill of 45000, and a 250 meters Range with a search direction of 1350 and a 12.55% error.

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Firman Herdiansyah, Dewi Syavitri, Muhammad Burhannudinnur, Melyana Widyanata

Brebes Area, in Central Java (108° 47' 59.99" E - 108° 55' 46.89" E and 7° 2' 9.59" S - 7° 7' 54.72" S), have been known as an area with numerous oil and gas seepages. In contrary, the petroleum system study of this area is scanty and not fully understood. Turbidite deposit were found in this area. Four (4) stratigraphic sections were observed along the Rambatan and Ciseureuh River within 30 to 261 meters in thickness. Based from those sections, the Formations could be devided into 4 type lithofacies, that is: (1) Type 1: consists of Interbeded of thin-bed sandstone and siltstone Paralel lamination, wavy, lenticular and graded bedding are the most common sedimentary structure, although climbing ripple, low scale slump stratification and sandy injection, (2) Type 2: consists of fine grained sandstone and siltstone, sedimentary structures can be seen are convolute bed, wavy, and ripple, (3) Type 3: consists of interbedded siltstone and very fine-grained sandstone with lower laminae, small scale slump bedding, upper laminae, and muddy siltstone are mainly characteristic, and (4) Type 4: consists of interbedded shale and very fine grained sandstone graded bedding and wavy are the most common sedimentary structures with volcanic material at the base. The Depositional Environment interpretation is also been made in the area using Mutti and Normark (1987) classification, which shows that Type 1 deposited in Middle Fan, Type 2 deposited in outer fan and Type 3 and 4 were deposited in the Inner Fan. The porosity calculation using the Helium Porosimetry Technique shows 2 to 28% porosity; and 0.01 mD to 201 mD permeability value. The good porosity value 18.9 to 24.7% and permeability value 9.41 to 201 mD were found at Type 3. Based on those study, we could interpreted that the good porosity were found at the fine sandstone lithology.

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Yolanda Masnita, Dini Reskasugih, Mangku Rasyawal

Consuming brand identification is essential for companies to cope with competition. The aspect of brand identification is based on consumer interaction with products. It is motivated by several factors including brand anthropomorphism, engagement, skepticism, and prestige, distinctiveness, and self-similarity. Brand anthropomorphism as a variation of cognitive processes that represent consumers' preferences towards brands, so brands are considered in accordance with human traits, both based on overall actions and regard them as objects with the motivation and intentions of consumers. The purpose of this study therefore is to test and analyze factors influencing consumer brand identification. The conceptual model of testing involves products marketed offline and online. The results show there is a very significant difference between these two marketing aspects. Anthropomorphism affects consumer-brand identification, though only for products sold online. So the company can respond to intense competition, by choosing the right business strategy to gain market share.

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M. Edepea, M.B. Susetyarto

The implementation of qualitative methods to architectural research in Nua Bena, Flores is very typical in terms of research strategies and research tactics. Research strategies that include grounded theory, ethnography, and interpretivism, as taught by Groat and Wang, are inadequate to be used to obtain architectural data from local knowledge sources in the cultural cell network of the indigenous Bena community. Therefore, referring to the local context of adha Ngadha, a research strategy was developed, lobo papa tozo tara papa dhaga, and six research tactics, namely: 1) documentation tactics with photography, film and sketches; 2) physical survey tactics with anthropometric measurement methods; 3) in-depth interview tactics using open-ended questions; 4) interactive discussion tactics; 5) participatory and independent observation tactics; 6) architectural interpretation tactics. The six tactics were initiated inductively, formulated contextually with ethics, aesthetic, art, and communicated with simple language. This paper is a part of the findings of architectural qualitative research in Nua Bena regarding research methods, which were subsequently donated to complement architectural research knowledge in the future.

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Yudhisman Imran, Pukovisa Prawiroharjo, Martiem Mawi, Peter Pratama

Carotid artery is the main blood source for brain, and abnormality of its thickness is associated with cognitive impairment. While Indonesia is one of the countries with largest dementia population, there are only few studies of Indonesian cognitive-impaired population. We attempted to correlate Indonesian carotid artery thickness profile with cognitive function. We enrolled 79 subjects from community setting; Carotid Intima Media Thickness (CIMT) was measured by carotid ultrasonography, while memory function is measured by Rey-Osterrieth Auditory Verbal Learning Test (RAVLT) and Rey-Osterrieth Complex Figure Test (ROCFT). CIMT was 0.81 ± 0.22 cm for left and 0.81 ± 0.22 cm for right carotid artery. There was significant correlation between CIMT and verbal memory function (r of thinnest CIMT = -0.29). In conclusion, thicker CIMT correlated with worse verbal recall memory.

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Denny Suwanda Djohor, Benyamin Sapiie, M. Emmy Relawati, Agus Guntoro,

Detailed studies of shale characteristics as a reservoir in shale hydrocarbon using surface data to configure the lithology and rock mechanics properties are considered as not much done in Indonesia. Therefore, shale potential as a reservoir in shale hydrocarbon system is not yet known well, it is due to the lack of surface and sub-surface data, especially from the core. The study of lithology characteristics of shale from lower Baong Formation integrated with rock mechanics properties (Brittleness Index), can be early method in identifying potential zone as a reservoir for oil and gas exploration in the future in Indonesia, especially in the mature basins so that it can lead to a new discovery in Indonesia. The Research stage is composed of data acquisition samples from filed observation, data processing and laboratory analyses, followed by analyzing and interpreting data based on a pattern of data. The results of the study can be listed as follows: a) on the basis of laboratory analyses, it is concluded that lithological characters of lower Baong Formation can be divided into 10 lithologies; b) result from calculation of Brittleness Index show that lithology having the highest BI value is Sandy Claystone and Sandy Mudstone, whereas has low BI value is; Claystone. Sandy Claystone and Sandy Mudstone with the highest BI value is considered as the zone having the most potential as a reservoir in the shale hydrocarbon system.

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Abdul Haeba Ramli, Siti Mariam

Job performance is essential to all companies in every business sector. Some of factors which is capable to predispose job performance are work environment and organisational commitment. Those factors can be nurtureed or increased by designing new building and work stations, nurtureing solid relationships among employees and allowing employees to contribute further for the corporation. Data were collected from contract and full-time employees work in banks in Indonesia. 200 questionnaires were distributed to the participating banks. Data were collected from staff or operational employees, assistant managers and managers. Out of 200 questionnaires distributed, 150 questionnaires were completed and returned and 50 questionnaires were not completed and returned. The purposes of this investigation are to explore the predispose of work environment and organisational commitment on job performance in banking industry and discover which factors have the most effect on job performance in banking industry. The results of hypotheses testing shown suggest that work environment predisposes organisational commitment, and work environment predisposes job performance, organisational commitment does not predispose job performance, and work environment does not predispose job performance with organisational commitment as a mediator.

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V.Herawaty,Veronica iPernanda iP

iOne iof ithe imost iimportant iissues iof ithis itwenty-first icentury iis iclimate ichange. iA icrucial irole iof ifirms iis idriving ithe iglobal itransition ifrom ia ihigh ito ia ilow icarbon ieconomy. iCarbon iemmision idisclosures i(CED ihereafter), ithrough iwhich icompanies irespond ito iclimate ichange iby ipresenting iand idisclosing iof istandard iinformation iabout itheir icarbon iemissions.. iThis iresearch iaims ito ifind iempirically ievidence iof ithe ieffect iof ifirm iage, iindustry itype, ienvironmental iperformance, iprofitability, iand iboard iof icommissionaires ion iCED iwith icompetition ias imoderating ivariable. iThe isample iof ithis iresearch iis icompanies ilisted ion ithe iIndonesia iStock iExchange ifor ithe iperiod iof i2016-2018. iBased ion ipurposive isampling, ithe itotal isample iused iin ithis iresearch imodel iis i73 isamples. iThe iresearch imethod iused iis iModerated iRegression iAnalysis i(MRA). iThe iresearch iresults ishow iprofitability, iboard iof icommissionaires, iand icompetition ipositively iaffect iCED. iWhile ifirm iage, iindustry itype, ienvironmental iperformance ido inot iaffect iCED. iCompetition istrengthens ithe ieffects iof iboard iof icommissionaires ion iCED. iHowever, icompetition idoes inot imoderate ithe ieffect iof ifirm iage, iindustry itype, ienvironmental iperformance, iand iprofitability ion iCED.

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Mochammad Haldi Widianto, Nova Indrayana Yusman

Every employee must have motivation. Motivation is an encouragement that makes employees do something to achieve certain goals. Motivation is influenced by the desire to obtain extrinsic values such as satisfying salaries and wages, good working conditions, satisfying job certainty, and good social relations. Motivation is influenced by the desire to obtain intrinsic value. Leaders need skills to understand and create conditions where all members of the work team can be motivated which is the biggest challenge because each employee has different characteristics and responses to different conditions. In this study, the authors chose to study in Bandung company, Indonesia. which is one company that can not be separated from employee problems such as low motivation when dealing with certain problems and examine the theoretical impact leadership styles on the quality of management information systems

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PK Latha, Vidhya Venugopal, R.K. Elangovan, M. Neelamegam, S. Rekha

The Climate Change scenario projected by the IPCC for the year 2050 predicts noticeable rise in temperature and this would have very negative effects on thermal comfort in the existing buildings. The present study assessed the thermal comfort and energy demands in workplaces intending to provide sustainable solutions for improved health and reduced energy consumption via the use of building materials. Data on indoor-heat stress, workers, thermal comfort and excess energy consumed for cooling was collected from select workplaces. The average Wet Bulb Globe Temperature during summer in the high heat, medium heat, and low heat industry were 31° C, 30 °C & 29 °C and in overall 66% of workers exceeded above safe limit and thermal discomfort was perceived by 56% of workers who had higher odds of self-reported health symptoms (Adj. OR=8). An increase in energy demand corresponding to the heat level in the industry was observed. Use of vacuum insulation panel, phase change materials, aerated autoclaved concrete & polymer skin incorporated in the building envelope and passive envelop design has been proven to largely improve thermal comfort as a passive sustainable solution in the rising temperature scenario.

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Arumugam Dhanalakshmi, Ganesan Sasireka, Palaniappan Suresh, Panagal Mani, Palanisamy Chella Perumal, Kalimuthu Ayyakalai Marikannu Karthikeyan*

Corcyra cephalonica (Stainton) (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae) is a factitious host extensively used for rearing egg parasitoids. The present study attempt to investigate mid-gut bacteria present in larva of Corcyra cephalonica (C. cephalonica). The mid-gut bacteria were collected from the C. cephalonica fed on eight different grains were identified and characterized by 16S rDNA sequence based culture dependent method. The results revealed that, 16 bacterial species where presented in mid-gut of C. cephalonica larva which are belonging to 11 bacterial genera included in three phyla namely Firmicutes, Proteobacteria and Actinobacteria. Among the three phyla Firmicutes was the most dominant phylum with a record of 7 bacterial species, followed by Proteobacteria with 5 species and Actinobacteria with 4 species. Phylum Firmicutes, was dominated by members of Class Bacilli. The genus Staphylococcus was the largest genus represented by 4 species namely Staphylococcus sp., S. saprophyticus, Staphylococcus pasteuri and Staphylococcus warneri and also the most prevalent genus which was recorded in the mid-gut of C. cephalonica fed on 4 grains. No single bacterium was found in all the mid-gut samples. This record of varied mid-gut bacterial composition could be attributed to the feeding behaviour/pattern of the larvae and further intensive large scale research like extensive sampling and deep-sequencing are needed to ascertain it.

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Praveena Varadhan, Subhhasri Varadharajan, Priya Muthukirushnan, Venkatalakshmi Sournamanikam

Zooplankton has high nutrition value because of some vitamins, amino acids and fatty acids in them. Cow urine is known for its medicinal properties and therapeutic value in india. There are many reports which revealed the application of cow urine in agriculture, poultry, animal health and human health. However, there are no reports for its application in live feed culture. Hence, in the present investigation, the effect of Gir Cow Urine (CUD) was studied on zooplankton for it’s impact on biomass and biochemical composition. The study revealed that the biomass of zooplankton significantly increased in Gir cow urine distillate treated group. The experiment was carried out one month period. At the end of study period, the biochemical composition of cow urine treated and untreated zooplankton cultures were analyzed.

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Priyanga Gandhi R, Anil Premraj J

To explore the social and political context in which culture apparent it to considerate the culture in its entire complex forms. The aim of this study is to analyze the representation of Western culture and the interaction of nature and machine in Denis Johnson’s novella Train Dream (2011). Train Dreams is a gorgeous novella about the cowboy culture inside the West that is instructed through the eyes of Grainier who is unsure on himself. In this novella, the historical timing as a period marked through a brutal exchange within the West. Trains are a vital topic in the course of Western writing for the reason that they constitute the calming of the desert and the fire is an apparent symbol for industrialization. The fireplace stirred in to destroy Grainier’s home and his family, the industry came to spoil nature and shortly after cowboy lifestyle. The string of occasions is notably emblematic for Grainier and West. The contest and bereavement of the central character constitutes the vanishing and ultimate fatality of the West and, in conjunction by means of it, cowboy way of life. The character’s separation both internally and externally display the lonesome disconnect from technology of skilled personality with the arrival of industrialization. Those men were born in a conversion of periods, between the cowboy West and industrialization. At last, the West passed away in the flames and Grainier is alive in a train nightmarish.

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Sri Rahayu, Rinda Cahyana, Leni Fitriani

mGiven the global competition that is increasing with the rapid information technology that has penetrated the world of information technology strategic planning education is a mandatory solution that must be considered by Muhammadiyah 2 Kadungora Vocational School that located in the region of Garut, Indonesia. The focus of this research is to analyze the entire business process at Muhammadiyah 2 Kadungora Vocational School, and design strategic Information System/ Information Technology. This research begins by explaining the external and internal business environment of Muhammadiyah 2 Kadungora Vocational School to determine the five power models and institutions that define success. Next is an analysis of the external and internal situation of Information System/ Information Technology to find out the world technology trends and the current portfolio of application institutions. The next step is the strategy process; then the last level is to determine the future Information System/ Information Technology applications of Muhammadiyah 2 Kadungora Vocational School. The results achieved are recommendations for the Information System/ Information Technology application portfolio that must be owned by Muhammadiyah 2 Kadungora Vocational School.

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L. Martin, V.S.K Venkatachalapathy, A.Selvaraju

The present-day industries require more complex products for multi engineering domains. Scientists and researchers are continuously searching for new methods for making products with low density, high strength, and high stiffness to weight ratio, excellent durability and design flexibility. The GFRP composites is an unique material which satisfies all the pre-requisites of the fields such as aircraft, automotive, marine and other industries that need many structural components. There are several manufacturing techniques employed to make GFRP composites. This project investigates the mechanical behavior of GFRP composites using Vacuum Assisted Resin Transfer Molding and Hand Laying Technique. This method is considers as simple manufacturing method, because during the HLU process, the mechanical properties and dimensional stability are poor and hazardous air pollutants may be emitted. The VARTM is becoming more popular due to its low hazardous emissions and high mechanical properties and dimensional stability. VARTM-WRM 45 degree has 4.25% high tensile strength, 7% high impact strength compared to HLU-WRM 45 degree. VARTM-CSM 0 degree has 7.18% high tensile strength, 6.9% high impact strength compared to HLU-CSM 0 degree.

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Mahesh. S. Mathpati, Dr. Mohammed Bakhar, Mr. Ashish A. Jadhav, Mr. H K Baldhar, Dr. Veerendar D., Mr. M A Deshmukh

In this paper multi-fractal geometry is introduced into the conventional triangular patch antenna. The combination of sierpinski and Koch fractal technique gives rise to multiband characteristics in ultra wideband which is having operating range of 3.1GHz -10.6 GHz as per the authorized FCC(Federal communication commission).The proposed antenna simulated and fabricated with FR4 as substrate having dielectric constant εr= 4.4 and height h=1.6mm. The dimension of the antenna is 21.45mm *17.89mm. The antenna structure was simulated using CADFEKO 14.0 software. Simulation parameters such as reflection coefficient, VSWR and bandwidth are analyzed and presented. Comparison of Simulated and fabricated antenna results are tabulated and are good in match which results for ultra wideband application.

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Tri Wahjoedi, Wulandari Harjanti, Maya Ida Kesumawatie

This paper explores the contribution that can be given by the Management Control & Reporting System (MCRS) to the sustainability of organizations, especially in manufacturing industries that have many levels for reporting and how organization use MCRS in various way to drive strategic reform and trigger organizational change. The companies that have many levels of reporting and control will experience many difficulties in their operations to achieve good performance if they don’t have good system management. Overlapping information, unclear flow of information, follow-up problems that are unstructured and sustainable are some of the problems that will arise if the management of the system is not good. In this paper specifically analyze the implementation of MCRS in the company P with the aim of highlighting the role played by the management and implementation of the MCRS. The research method carried out is through field observations, comparing various activities with their achievements and interviews with employees from various levels of positions ranging from low level of employees to till high level. Evidence added on this problem by showing the relevant role played by MCRS and management that significantly influences organizational performance both technical and motivational levels. With Strong support and involvement of top management, implement MCRS method, well-established action-learning training system, apply Information system, and implement MCRS culture have resulted in significant improvements in company performance. In principle this MCRS model is believed to be able to be implemented in other manufacturing organizations by adjusting the number of reporting cycles in accordance with their complexity and interesting for further investigation of their implementation in other fields, especially in the services sector and in different model of organizations.

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Ananth V, Anand Gideon V , John Britto S

This study investigates the HPLC and GC-MS revealed the presence of pharmaceutically important compounds. Such as eicosane, tetradecanoic acid, isopropyl myrsitate, mortenol, neophytadiene, β-sitosterol, squalene. Several bioactive compounds have been determined as potent antioxidant, anticancerous, antimicrobial, anti blood cholesterol. The study revealed that the plant is promising source for the production of many drugs against several human diseases.

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Representation of women in literature is considered to be a key to know the role of women in the society. Literature represents society, role of women in literature has always been a fact to discuss and debate on. Existence of women in literature has been menial early, In Recent years it has gained its prominence. This paper revalues the role of women characters in Mahabharata based on representation in Banerjee’s work Palace of Illusions.

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Dinesh Babu M, Dr. R. Saminathan, Dr. Baalamurugan K.M

Wireless Sensor Network Technology is also referred as WSN Technology or WSN Technologies. These WSN Technologies are now utilized in uncountable places, it was under the aegis military and defense deployment, for e.g. at traffic intersection for flawless traffic handling and routing. The main attention is at energy constrain, a proper cycle of recharge and discharge of batteries. There is also some sort of delay in information exchange due to connectivity limitations. Therefore, this paper explains about the wireless sensor network technology. And here some research works include the sensor network applications, reliable transport protocols and congestion control schemes; these are compared and bridged and compared in different sections.

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Selladevi M, Lathamaheswari T, Duraisamy S

In Mobile Adhoc Networks (MANETs), one of the most challenging tasks is detecting and isolating the wormhole attacks/links through the network during data transmission. To tackle this challenge, a Fuzzy Logic and AIS-ISWAD (FLAIS-ISWAD) technique has been proposed in which all the network parameters were given to the FL to construct the high-performance stable routes and then AIS was performed to isolate the wormhole links in MANETs. Conversely, this technique was performed only on the homogeneous networks whereas the data transmission rate was constant. Therefore, this article focuses on increasing the detection accuracy in the heterogeneous networks by using variable transmission data rates. To achieve this, a Multirate FLAIS-ISWAD (MFLAIS-ISWAD) technique is proposed to detect the wormhole links in multirate 802.11 wireless channel. In this technique, each node considers the per-hop baseband rate of transmission and computes all the parameters. Also, the Round Trip Time (RTT), processing delay, queuing delay and channel access delays are computed along with all other system parameters used by the FLAIS-ISWAD technique for wormhole attack detection and mitigation process. Finally, the simulation results show the performance efficiency of the MFLAIS-ISWAD technique compared to the FLAIS-ISWAD in terms of throughput, End-to-End Delay (E2E-D), jitter, Packet Delivery Ratio (PDR), Packet Loss Ratio (PLR) and Detection Ratio (DR).

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Krishnamoorthy A, Srimathi H

The knowledge economy of twenty first century is women friendly and as a result higher educational institutions has improved women enrolment in higher studies and work force as well. There are several policies, schemes and scholarships offered to women higher education. Yet, women are still underrepresented. There may be numerous reasons of this gross under-representation, such context specific barriers to be found and addressed. There is a necessity to eliminate the gender gap and investigate women’s applied strategies to attain awareness and achieve gender mainstreaming.

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Conventional fluids including water, engine oil, ethylene, ethylene glycol, and transformer oil have a lower thermal conductivity of fluid compared to strong. The nanofluid is used in different applications like commercial, heat exchange, motor car, and biomedical, etc. The nanoparticles and sodium dodecyl sulfate are mixed into a base fluid (water) for distinct volume fractions (0.05%, 0.1%, 0.15%, and 0.2%) and supply diverse heat inputs 30W, 40W, 50W, 60W. The Al2O3 nanoparticles are high thermal conductivity then Cuo. The SDS (sodium dodecyl sulfate) mixed with Al2O3 nanoparticles are suspension kingdom for a long time without settling at the lowest allocation of the square rectangular prismatic enclosure. The unbalanced motor positioned below the cylindrical surface then its floor is vibrated and its temperature increases. The dimmer stat used to various voltages and frequency 100Hz-190Hz. The fluid at constant in enters gadget then enhancement of heat transfer coefficient increase.

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Muhammad Helmi, Yola Hardiyani Pholandani, Heryoso Setiyono, Anindya Wirasatriya, Warsito Atmodjo, Rikha Widyaratih, Agus Anugroho Dwi Suryoputro

Kalianda Subdistrict is a densely populated area located in the coastal area of South Lampung District, Lampung Province. Its location is only 323.6 km to the confluence zone of the tectonic plate of Sunda Strait Megathrust which makes this area is vulnerable from the tsunami disaster. The present study aims to simulate the tsunami wave propagation from the epicenter to the coastal area of Kalianda by using a numerical 2D model and to produce a tsunami vulnerability index map of Kalianda Subdistrictce by using geospatial modeling. The simulation result shows that 35 minutes after the tectonic earthquake, sea level drops for 40 minutes. The lowest sea level is -4.8 m from MSL at 73th minutes after the earthquake. After that, the first tsunami wave is formed at 84th minutes after the earthquake reaching 8.5 m height. Sea level drops slightly before the second tsunami wave occurs after at 93rd minutes after the earthquake reaching 12.5 m height. The tsunami vulnerability index map shows that the middle part of the coastal area of Kalianda is the most vulnerable area. It has the level of vulnerable and very vulnerable. The areas categorized as vulnerable observed until 5 km to the land. This area is coastal plain with low and flat elevation and the morphology of this area is a gulf shape. This research also manages to identify evacuation sites. The evacuation sites spread close to the vulnerable areas which easily can be reached by the people during tsunami attack..

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Sobia Jamil, Syed Zohaib Abbas Rizvi

Democratic transition in Egypt has been discussed in worldwide literature. What was initially a promise of change in the norms of the theocratic state has finally gone back to the old days of dictatorial rule. A brief period of democratic rule was the byproduct of the 2012 free and fair elections. The successful government of the conservative political organization Muslim Brotherhood struggled to cope up with the contemporary socio-economic demands of a nation state. Morsi tried to strengthen his position by containing the powers of judiciary, but this move back fired. Massive protests engulfed Cairo and the inevitable happened. General Sisi stepped in and started another dictatorial rule. Egyptian politics has started allowing other parties and candidates to contest the presidential elections, but the levels of rigging are so high that a genuine participant ends up withdrawing his candidature leaving the field open to the whim of the dictators. The democratic norms of Egypt reflect the culture of an Arab state. Democracy takes time to flourish as its roots gradually transcend deep into the society. Egypt must abide by the rules of human rights including the rights to gather and free speech.

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Darwis Lantik, Nasaruddin, Yunus Musa, Itji Diana Daud, Ifayanti Ridwan, Kurniawan

This research aimed to analyze quality of compost produced using Pleurotus ostretus and Thrichoderma as decomposer on the decomposition of oil palm empty fruit bunches (EFBs) by analyzing the chemical properties of the compost. The research was conducted in Tarengge Village, Sub-district of Wotu, District of East Luwuk, South Sulawesi, Indonesia started from November 2018 to January 2019. Three dose levels of Pleurotus ostreatus (4 g, 8 g, and 12 g) and Trichoderma harzianum (2 g, 4 g, and 6 g) were used in the decomposition of the EFBs. The results show that the treatments of Pleurotus ostreatus 4-12 g/kg EFBs and Trichoderma harzianum 2-6 g/kg EFBs resulted in an adequate quality of the compost. The best dose of Pleurotus ostreatus and Trichoderma harzianum was 12 g and 6 g per kilogram of the EFBs indicated by the compost properties of 0.27% N, 0.36% P2O5, 2.35% K2O, pH of 5.60, 35.33% C-organic, C/N ratio of 13.00, and CEC of 33.94 Cmol (+) kg-1.

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Nurul Syahida Mat Hussin, Ahmad Rasdan Ismail, Sarah Wahida Hasbullah, Nawwal Abdul Kadir

Natural dyeing is one of the indigenous pieces of knowledge that has been explored on its potential since prehistoric decade. The process and materials used revolves nature-friendly essential, which are safe to the environment in comparison to the chemical dyeing materials. Currently, the Adonidia Merillii or also known as betel nut tree, is only used as an ornamental tree such as in landscaping. However, it has potentials of being more than an ornament and can be utilized as dyes for local textile industries. Thus, this study focused on extracting dye from young Adonidia Merillii fruits husk. Traditional boiling method was applied to extract the natural colours from the fruits. Colour testing was conducted on four (4) types of fabrics which were rayon, Crepe de Chine (CDC), China Cotton and jacquard by using post-mordanting treatment. The mordants used were aqueous lime water, alum, and ashes. The colour on the textile samples was tested and evaluated via colour fastness properties. The tests conducted include exposing textile samples to artificial light, washing, rubbing, water and perspiration. Adonidia Merillii fruits husk have given hues of brown colour staining on the textiles, but the colour changed after the test, surprisingly on the artificial light exposure. The bright colour of the initial samples appeared to be less bright than those exposed to artificial light. The brightness of the samples was determined using blue scale grading. The findings from this experimental study may contribute to the palette colour of natural dyeing on textile and extended future research about the brightness change would be significant for the Malaysia local textile industries.

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Andi Imrah Dewi, Tjetjep Rohendi Rohedi, Dharsono, Hartono

The purpose of this research is social media on the concept of cultural linkages, education and art in interpreting the movement of Pontanu Dance, as a form of social interaction of the Tribe Kaili. The purpose of this study is first to Analyze the Meaning of Pontanu Dance in Era 4.0 Second to Analyze the meaning of the Pontanu Dance symbol its relation to cultural links related to the cultural value of the ancestors of theTribe Kaili Central Sulawesi. The method used is descriptive qualitative research with ethno chorology approach, to analyze problems based on facts and data in the field. The methods for collecting data, observing, interviewing and documenting. The results of this study lead to findings related to cultural linkages related to the educational values and character of Pontanu dance consisting of nine movements, Pontanu dance in one of the core movements of the Pontanu dance variety is motion nagalerongis a core movement that is carried out in a circular manner while twisting a thread whose symbolic meaning symbolizes the wheel of life, relating to the symbol of the contents of the universe, noble Values which are the manifestations of human personality and behavior that are patient, diligent, Responsible, disciplined, mutual mutual cooperation and consistent. The existence is in close touch with understanding the character value of 2019 Semarang State University.

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Uly Astuti Siregar, Udadi Sadhana, Yan Wisnu Prajoko

Diabetes is a disease caused by many factors such as lifestyle, environmental and genetic factors. The increasing incidence of type 2 diabetes is closely linked to obesity and insulin resistance. Environmental factors constitute a serious threat to health associated with the increasing air pollution. Analyzing blood sugar levels and pancreatic microscopic damage in Wistar rats by exposure to smoke in motor vehicles. This researchuse posttest control group design, Eighteen (18) tail white male rats were divided into three groups, namely by exposure to smoke motors for 100 seconds / day (X1), a group that is exposed to the smoke motors for 100 seconds / day and a diet high in fat (X2), and a control group. Fasting blood sugar levels (FBS) is checked on day 0 and day 30, while the degree of insulitis examined on the 30th day . Analysis of the data increase in FBS (final FBS levels reduced initial FBS levels) done by one way ANOVA test followed LSD Post Hoc Test, on the degree of insulitis do Kruskal Wallis test, followed by Mann Whitney test. The mean increase in fasting blood glucose level groups X1, X2, and C is 60.50; 98.33;6:00gr / dl, multivariate analysis showed no significant differences (P <0.05). Post Hoc Test LSD FBS levels show significant differences between treatment groups (X1 and X2) as compared with controls and compared with the group X1 X2. The degree of insulitis showed no significant differences between the treatment groups (X1 and X2) to controls. Exposure to smoke in motor vehicles can increase blood sugar levels and cause damage to the pancreas in Wistar rats.

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Sri Indrastuti S., Amries Rusli Tanjung, Hamdi Agustin, Rosmayani, Laila Hafni

This research aimed at studying and analyzing the factors of employee performance and quality service at Regent’s/ City’s Investment and One Stop Integrated Services (DPMPTSP) in Riau Province. The sample was taken 25% of the population in 12 Board units in Investment Board and One Stop Service (DPMPTSP) in Riau province. Four chosen units were: 1. DPMPTSP in Siak regency, 2. DPMPTSP in Kampar regency, 3. DPMPTSP in Pekanbaru city, and 4. DPMPTSP in Riau province. The overall samples were 262 people consisted of 131 employees in the Board and 131 active loyal users of the service provided. The result of this research used regression analysis and data processing by using SEM PLS. The result showed that job satisfaction had positive significant effect to the service quality. The employee performance had positive significant effect to the service quality. Work commitment, organizational culture, motivation, and job satisfaction had no effect on employee performance and service quality.

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P Eko Prasetyo, Andryan Setyadharma, Nurjannah Rahayu Kistanti

Human capital and social capital are the main keys in creating new product development in the manufacturing and entrepreneurship industries to drive economic growth and competitiveness. The better the quality of human and social capital, the more variety of new products that can be produced. The purpose of this research is to explain the role of human capital and social capital as the main key to developing new products in driving economic growth and increasing business competitiveness. This study uses exploratory designs and cross-sectional data about engineering and management in the manufacturing and entrepreneurship industries of MSMEs in the provinces of Central Java and DIY in Indonesia. The analytical method used is path analysis in the form of a dual path correlation model. The results show that human capital and social capital both have positive and significant effects in developing new products. In addition, the development of human resources and new products have a stronger influence on economic growth. Meanwhile, social capital and economic growth play a more important role in creating competitiveness. That is, human capital and social capital are the main keys in creating new product development performance, which in turn encourages economic growth and the competitiveness of entrepreneurial businesses in the region.

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Sulaymanova Nilyufar Jabbarovna

The article focuses on a deep analysis of English and Uzbek sentences with language units expressing locativeness category. The work contains main theoretical issues of world linguists including results of English, American, Russian and Uzbek linguists. There is a survey of theoretical literature, results and present state of the problem of the research. All tasks in the research work are logically connected and follow each other. The work contains interesting information for studying theoretical and practical aspect of English and Uzbek grammar. The classification, done by the author, can be a ground for further grammar investigations and can serve as a material for compiling manuals on theoretical and practical grammar. Theoretical analysis is proved by a numerous examples of English and Uzbek locative syntaxemes. The sentences with them are taken from original works of English and Uzbek writers, and this deserves a special value. A precious part of the work is comparative analysis of the English and Uzbek syntaxemes with the expression of locative category and deep linguistic analysis on locativeness category. The work clearly reflects similarities and differences in this aspect in both analyzed languages: English and Uzbek. The research work points at author’s broad outlook and excellent skills in scientific analysis. The research work ends with author’s valuable conclusions and has both theoretical and practical significance. The style of the research work is scientific features.

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A. Hasdiansyah, Yoyon Suryono, Nahiyah Jaidi Faraz

Community empowerment is a development idea and appears as the main narrative in the development policy debate. In some literature and research results, community empowerment has been proven to encourage community capacity in various aspects. This article will present the idea of community empowerment in the era of the industrial revolution. The aim is to formulate strategic concepts in climbing the 21st century world journey.

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Richa Khare and Smriti Khare

The contamination of water and its effect on human beings and agricultural crops forced us to analyze the different parameters of quality of water. For this we opted different techniques which are related to check the quality of water like Wrinkler’s method, EDTA process, pH meter, etc. Physicochemical attributes of water samples of Ganges from Kanpur city are investigated. Water samples were collected from different localities of Kanpur and its adjacent areas during the month of April and May, 2010. Correlation among different attributes viz pH, temperature, turbidity, total hardness (TH), iron, total alkalinity (TA), dissolved oxygen (DO) and suspended solids (SS) to establish the significance of quality parameters of water was performed. It was observed that most of the attributes are within the limits recommended by world health organization (WHO) except turbidity. Some negatively charged species e.g. NO3-, Cl- and F- are also found to be deviated from recommended standards.

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Krishanveer Singh

This concept is an occurrence which was created especially in current market situation. This idea is good for the marketing and covering of accessible products which are already available in market. In addition, the growth of this has clear the gate of opening for companies to market their products into divide column. This green-openness of a little bit ignoring that of others also. Such type techniques of marketing easily describe as a straight effect of progress in the minds of their consumer. These businesses of green products have enlarged their velocity of target consumers who are worried about the surroundings. In this paper I would like to talk about how businesses have enlarged their pace to target eco friendly consumers, those who are concerned about the environment. This research paper suggested three detailed segments of green patrons and studies the obstacles and prospects for trades with green promotion. This too analyses the current situation of green promotion in our country and discuss the cause why companies are adopting this and what are the prospects of green marketing.

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Suchitra M.R, Parthasarathy.S

Sesame (Sesamum indicum L.) belongs to the order tubiflorae, is an herbaceous annual plant with many inherent medical uses. Its one of the vegetarian sources of Zinc. . Sesame has other advantages to be part of the daily diet intake. Changes in soil due to application of manure in the delta area of India is likely to change the mineral content. Hence, we decided to analyse the amount of zinc in different varieties of sesame seeds. Four types of sesame seeds from the cauvery delta are used for detection of zinc level after clearance from qualified botanists. 1. Black sesame 2. White sesame 3. Pestled sesame 4. Long sesame are the above mentioned four. Our results indicate that black:7.24mg/100grams white:9.60 mg/100 grams pestled:7.86 mg/100 grams, long:7.35 mg/100 grams. These results go along with established levels in different areas. We conclude that even after intense application of fertilizers and insecticides, the level of zinc in sesame seeds does not change.

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Yakubova Shakhnoza Ikramovna, Belykh Liliya Khamzayevna, Khamdam-Zoda Leylo Khasanovna, Shakirova Dilfuza Zoidovna, Saidaliyeva Gulnoza Djambulovna

The article discusses some issues of teaching a large stratum of vocabulary in Russian language - the verbs of movement. The analysis of errors made in the speech by non-native students of the Tashkent State Institute of Oriental Studies is carried out, importance of teaching movement verbs in the system-functional aspect is studied and made conclusions how to teach in better ways.

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Akmal Mamatkulov, Shuhrat Sultanov

The article shows the analysis of Gulistan school pupils’ physical fitness based on attaining state requirements for special tests «Аlpamish» and «Barchinay». According to the data obtained during the evaluation the following is noted: among school pupils in Gulistan the boys achieved the following results: “Golden grade” – 10.4%, “Silver grade” – 31.7% and “Bronze grade” – 2.9%. Besides, the girls showed the following results: “Golden grade” – 9.4%, “Silver grade” –20.7% and “Bronze grade” – 1.5%. Due to the obtained data the following is stated: the school pupils achieved low results of physical fitness of “Speed-Power” and “Speed” abilities and the girls achieved the low results of physical fitness of “Power” and “Speed-Power” abilities.

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Rita Banik, Srimanta Ray, Priyanath Das, Ankur Biswas (IJSTR-0220-31077)

The momentous growth in the conventional energy prices has encouraged the exploitation of the renewable energy applications like solar, wind, hydro based energy, etc. that are eco-pleasant and include prospective to be extensively used. A hybrid system merging the renewable energy sources can offer a more economic energy in comparison to the solitary exploitation of such systems. The reliability of energy system increases appreciably when two systems are hybridized with the stipulation of storage device. An optimum design is a necessity that can be carried out by reducing the net present cost (NPC), investment costs or by reducing the levelized cost of energy (LCE) or by multiobjective optimization etc. Many recent studies have focused on optimization, sizing, operation, design and control of the hybrid renewable energy systems (HRES). Soft computing techniques are alternate approaches to conventional techniques that are capable to solve complex practical problems in various fields and provide the best optimization. In this perception, this paper presents a detailed investigation of optimization of hybrid energy system using soft computing approach in the literature that may create major contributions to utilization of renewable energy. Published literature presented in this paper illustrates the potentiality of soft computing approaches as an optimization tool for hybrid energy systems.

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Intan Maizura Abd Rashid, Nur Syuhadah Kamaruddin, Sallahuddin Hassan, Irza Hanie Abu Samah, Wan Norsyafawati W. Muhamad Radzi

The study purposes to investigate tourists’ perception on intangible heritage as brand image of UNESCO awarded of heritage sites as an activity for holiday that will help tourism development growth. It is generally true that the Intangible Heritage as a factor of developing national and cultural identity and promoting, is the consideration of the UNESCO specifying in the promotion of culture and tourism, thereby creating tourism demand. The tourist offer of Penang, Malaysia includes intangible cultural heritage which is diffidently and incompetently presented and interpreted. The recognized branding theory and behavior theory was used as the main theoretical framework to explore tourists’ perceptions toward identify intangible heritage as brand image that will contribute to tourism industry. Its aim is to highlight the importance of intangible heritage as a factor involved in creating the serious mass of the contemporarily understood cultural tourism products which can significantly enrich the desirability of the tourist offer of Malaysia. Questionnaire surveys used as main data collection methods included with 1,000 respondents participated in this research. Results indicate that visitors were interested differently when determining to visit heritage sites and contribute to tourism growth. Lastly, overall brand attitudes as intangible heritage were identified as key brand image associations toward heritage destinations and contributes to tourism growth of Penang, Malaysia.

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Intan Maizura Abd Rashid, Nor'aznin Abu Bakar

Unlike previous studies, this study not only captured the degree of the links of FDI, economic growth and POV but also inspected the relationship between overall FDI in agriculture (FDIA) with Agriculture Growth (AG) and Poverty(POV) specifically. This study was also novel in employing a two-step estimation method using a dynamic GMM estimator to explore the role of AG and POV to aiding FDIA, instead of using only a static panel data estimator. The findings show that the effectiveness of FDIA in promoting AG and reducing POV is debatable. The results merely demonstrate that the FDIA in high income OIC economies needs to be modified further to reduce POV by planning an effective FDIA system through policymaking and attracting more foreign investors. AG and Market size agriculture (MSA) were the factors that had the most influence on FDIA, especially in the OIC low income OIC economies. In contrast, the negative and significant coefficients were POV and unemployment rate (UR). Lastly, the other independent agriculture sector variables, such as MSA, trade openness (TOA) and human capital agriculture (HCA), were all significant and were confirmed as determinants of FDIA in all of the low income OIC countries.

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Nur Husna Azali, Aminah Mohsin, Mohd Sharil Abdul Rahman

Nowadays, increasing urbanization and the scarcity of land for property development has changes from horizontal to vertical approach in high rise residential complex. People are beginning to realize that high-rise buildings require effective property management to maintain property values. At the same time, it should maintain a high return on investment. Demand for housing is rising, leading to rising housing prices due to shortage of land. The continued development of residential property strata demonstrates the importance of effective management needs especially in the area of strata management. This paper focused on the management of a residential strata development. The research methodology used for this study was a case study, which involve ten residential strata scheme within Kuala Lumpur. The major inquiry in this paper relates to the legitimate and handy outcomes of engaging with an in-house management or a Managing Agent to deal with residential strata scheme.

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Ajay Kumar, E. Jaya Krishna

Most of the companies use password based protection to the users to provide services and keep their private data safe. If the password file is stolen, then the users lose their private information. In the existing system, Brute force attacks were prevented by using honey-hashing method. However, this algorithm does not work for social engineering attacks. In this paper, we have used a policy for alarm indication and also the number of honey words can be increased in order to reduce the success rate for the attacker. Hence, a secure password file is created by efficient honeyword generation algorithm. If the attacker tries honey words or password guessing, the system sends an alert to the admin and an action will be taken according to alarm policy.

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Anjali Deshpande, Dr. V. A. Kulkarni

With the increase in the demand for load compensation, renewal energy resources are emerging at a faster rate as a supportive approach to conventional energy system. In various approaches of renewal energy sources wind energy utilization for power generation has emerged as an optimal solution due to ease of resource availability. Consequently, wind farms are being installed all over the world. When share of these wind farms in supporting conventional plants is more, it becomes essential to understand the consequences of connecting wind farms and the change that is made by these on the parameters of power system. The other reason for such study is unpredictable nature of wind. To deal with variable nature of wind, different wind energy conversion systems such as squirrel cage induction generator (SCIG), synchronous generator (SG) and doubly fed induction generator (DFIG) are used. Due to many advantages offered by DFIG it is popularly used in the industry and considered here for study. To study the power system with wind generation in it, the modeling of generation unit is a prime requirement for the optimal resource utilization and higher productivity. In this paper an electrical modeling and analysis of DFIG for wind turbine is proposed. A MATLAB implementation is developed and the characteristics are obtained.

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Rossi Indiarto, Bayu Rezaharsamto

Peanuts are nutrient-rich legumes, such as fats, proteins, vitamins, and minerals, which are beneficial to the body. However, during storage, these commodities are easily damaged physically, chemically, and microbiologically. Physical damage can be caused by dark discoloration and a decrease in peanut hardness during storage. Increased rates of respiration, off-flavor, and rancidity are chemical changes that cause a decline in the quality of peanuts. While microbiological damage is caused by the growth of Aspergillus flavus molds on peanuts capable of producing aflatoxin B1. This toxin is classified as hazardous and carcinogenic. Pre-storage treatment, storage conditions, and the use of packaging types can be used to maintain the quality so that the causes of the damage can be minimized. Physical, chemical, and microbiological damage may be interrelated, leading to an acceleration of the decline in the quality of the commodity resulting in lower sales values.

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Santosh Varshney

Android based mobile phones are widely used by variety of users the security of these phones is of major concern and is a topic of research from the beginning. The security of Android phone is based on the permission based security model which requires that any third party application must get the permission before using a resource. This model is broadly criticized for its complexity, coarse-grained access to resources and inappropriate authorization of permissions by application developers, advertisers and end users. This paper analyses the issues with current security model and propose a trust based portable security model for Android based devices. The proposed model provides effective security with ease. The proposed model does not require user intervention once the trust levels are set for an application. The trust levels can be given a logical name representing its nature so they are easy to understand especially by a novice user who has very little knowledge about the technology. Further for each logical trust level there is a value associated this value is accumulation of all trust values of resources which are grouped under the trust level. The permission grant function takes trust level and resource trust value and grant permission only if given resource trust value contributes to the given trust level. The trust levels can be preconfigured by experts and can be reconfigurable by an expert user, the trust level configurations and mapping can securely be ported to another device.

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Varun Totakura, V. Devasekhar, Dr. Madhu Sake

The accuracy of forecasting is the most important factor in selecting any forecasting methods. Research efforts in improving the accuracy of forecasting models are increasing since a long time. The appropriate stock selections those are suitable for investment is a difficult task and is very important for a trader to earn profits. The key factor for each investor is to earn maximum profits on their investments. Numerous techniques used to select the stocks in which fundamental and technical analysis are one among them. In our paper, we have given a keen insight about the selection of stocks using Relative Strength Index (RSI) for swing traders and a Machine Learning (ML) model for predicting the RSI values using historical time series stock data. We have used Long Short-Term Memory (LSTM) Neural Network Model to do the future prediction of trend of stocks in this paper.

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Ahmed Ben Atitallah, Manel Kammoun

This paper presents an efficient High-level synthesis (HLS) hardware design to implement the Inverse Quantization and Transform (IQ/IT) for a High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC) decoder. Using Xilinx Vivado HLS tool, different directives are applied to the IQ/IT C code to select the optimized hardware architecture in terms of area and clock cycles. This architecture is implemented in a SW/HW context for verification. In fact, it is connected to ARM Cortex-A9 processor using AXI stream interface and integrated on Xilinx Zynq ZC702 platform. Therefore, the experimental results show that the SW/HW design can only decode 240p@15fps with a gain of 8% in throughput and 74% in power consumption compared to SW implementation.

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A. Goparaju, N. Vijayasankar, R.Vinoth

Time and Cost are considered as major parameters that threat each employee in an organization. Any sudden exit of staff might lead to time and cost effect over Higher Educational Institutes (HEIs). To predict such exits, stochastic models can be used in higher educational environment. Hence, this study made an attempt to assess the time and cost effect of exit of staff from HEIs using a stochastic model. The results showed that when the exit of staff increases at a time interval, there is a significant decrease in the performance, which in turn affect the quality of teaching and learning in higher education environment. This study aids the policy makers to reveal the predicted exit time of staff and take appropriate measures to sustain the performance of HEI.

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Jae Mok Ahn, Jeom Keun Kim

Hear rate variability (HRV) is a noninvasive measure used to assess autonomic nervous system (ANS) activity and to predict cardiovascular diseases. Obtaining HRV parameters in the time and frequency domains from fast Fourier transform (FFT) analysis and a nonlinear analysis depends on obtaining an accurate normal-to-normal (NN) interval between two consecutive heartbeats in a time series. The accuracy of NN intervals is greatly affected by the sampling frequency of the infinite impulse response (IIR) filter, i.e., the number of photoplethysmogram (PPG) signals that are sampled per second. At present, changes in sampling frequency for PPG signals prior to obtaining NN intervals have not been studied to investigate how much they influence HRV parameters. Therefore, in this study, we evaluated the effect of sampling frequency on HRV parameters in the frequency, time, and nonlinear domains. Three sampling frequencies (1000 Hz, 500 Hz, and 250 Hz) were applied to obtain the HRV dataset using a PPG finger sensor. There were no significant differences between the two HRV datasets for sampling frequencies of 1000 Hz and 500 Hz, while there were slight differences between 1000 Hz and 250 Hz except for the pNN50 value. The correlation coefficient r was the highest (r=0.9647, p<0.0001) between the two tachograms obtained at 1000 Hz and 500 Hz, and it was a moderate value (r=0.3301, p<0.0001) between the tachograms obtained at 1000 Hz and 250 Hz. The results suggest that a sampling frequency lower than 500 Hz might lead to inaccurate HRV parameters for the HRV analysis, and consequently, a PPG sampling frequency of at least 500 Hz should be applied to a digital filter in assessing all HRV parameters.

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SDN Hayath Ali, Dr.M.Giri

TCP’s-protocol offers unwavering quality to information moving in all through the information stream benefits on the web. This development of the information is used by real web applications. TCP’s was from the outset made to deal with the issue of system blockage breakdown. This paper is set up on the acquaintance of various TCP’s assortments with perceive the best show assortment for system improvement. In such setting, a full clearing expansion condition is made for studying the nearby demonstration of TCP’s assortments like TCP’s Tahoe, Reno, New-Reno and TCP’s Vegas. From the outcomes, TCP’s Reno is the most directing (least reasonable one), and most stunning extent of output. The clarification behind this paper is to review and consider the different blockage control and evasion sections which have been proposed for TCP’s-IP appears, to be express: Tahoe’s, Reno, New-Reno, TCP’s Vegas and SACK. TCP’s vitality is an immediate after-effect of its responsive lead even with discourages, and truth that suffering quality is guaranteed by retransmissions. All the as of late referenced executions propose parts for picking when a piece ought to be re-transmitted and by what means should the sender carry on when it experiences stop up and what instance of sending packets should it look for after to stay away from blockage.

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Abdul Halim Yusof, Daniel Joe Dailin, Luo Zaini Mohd Izwan Low, Dayang Norulfairuz Abg Zaidel, Hesham El Enshasy

Yeast global production showed that the demand for yeast products in many industries increases over the year. Therefore, there is a need to design a new process that is cheaper and can produce yeast in high volume to cater to the big demand. This plant design proposed the production of yeast using pineapple waste as feedstock. Several process routes using different types of substrates such as glucose, sugar cane and pineapple waste were discussed. Pineapple waste contains various minerals that can support the fermentation process for yeast production. This process includes the pretreatment of the feedstock which is liquid pineapple waste and undergoes thermal hydrolysis to convert sucrose to glucose. This is followed by the fermentation process and downstream process to obtain the yeast product. Several potential locations were also studied for the propose plant design by studying the advantages and disadvantages of each industrial area. By using this proposed plant design, it is expected that this yeast product can be produced locally by using available agriculture waste such as pineapple waste for potential yeast production.

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Sonam, Surjeet Kumar

In today’s era social network’s data is increasing and requiring highly managing services to handle large amount of data. We are seeing most of the people are mostly active on social network in which Facebook is the most popular. Professional users are especially using Facebook page for improving productivity and performance. Here, post prediction is made based on page category i.e., for a particular category of certain amount of posts. In order to predict all post and to find which type of post is getting the highest effect. We have analyzed with some machine learning techniques such as Logistic Regression and K Nearest Neighbor Classifier to make the prediction effective. This Paper predicts post for knowing popularity of facebook page on the basis of categories. Modeled the attributes that are available in data set such as User’s Interactions, Like and Share etc .Support Vector Regression Model is being used for graphical predicting value on data set and visualization of data is used by Heat Map and Extra Tree Classifier.

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Diwakar chintha, D.Vishnu vardhan reddy, K.Srilatha

This paper presents a Survey on fire detection and alert system based on the Internet of Things (IoT), Here a specific environment is monitored 24x7 and the user is alerted in case of any fatal situation. This can be implemented using a node MCU and a number of sensors for detecting different physical parameters that can go high during a fire-related accident. Node MCU is an Internet of Things (IoT) based controller board with an onboard wireless fidelity (WiFi) module called ESP8266. Here two parameters are being monitored continuously temperature and presence of smoke. Also, forest area can be monitored through a camera using this camera fire can be detected using image processing. For this we can run a python program from PC and using OpenCV library fire can be detected. This can be used as a contingency system if the sensors malfunction. If any fire is detected then a water sprinkler will be turned on to prevent fire also an alert is sent to the concerned person for further action. This work will outline every one of the advancements that have been utilized for forest fire discovery with thorough overviews of their systems/strategies utilized in this application.

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Kalpanapriya, D , Shobanadevi.N, Abhinav Sharma , Vanshika Gulia

Advancement in technology and engineering poses us with many challenges, similarly in order to overcome such engineering challenges with the help of numerous mathematical models, equations are taken. Since in the beginning Mathematicians, Designers and Engineers strive for correctness and accuracy while solving equations Differential equations, in particular, hold a tremendous application in engineering and many other domains. One such type of Differential equation is known as partial differential equation. The spectrum of application of partial differential equations consists of simulation, algorithm generation, and analyzation of higher order PDE and wave equations. Adapting different numerical methods leads to a variety of answers and difference among them, therefore the selection of the method of solving is one of the crucial parameters to generate precise results. Our work focuses on the review of different numerical methods in order to solve Linear and Nonlinear differential equations on the basis of accuracy and efficiency, so as to reduce the iterations. These would be harmonizing guidelines to existing numerical methods of linear and nonlinear partial differential equations.

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Jamoliddin Nosirovich Fayziev, Albert Akhmedovich Khakimov, Atkham Nomozovich Abdullaev

The influence of growth and development regulators on fertility parameters of seedless grape varieties has been investigated in this article. Preparations, such as Gibberellin, Dropp, Krezasin, Kampozan were used as growth regulators. Gibberellin was found to be the most effective prepatration to increase productivity of seedless grape variety Tarnau. It was noted that when the vine was processed with gibberellin in 100 mg/l concentration after 3-5 days from flowering, the weight of berries increased by 12% and the weight of grape bunch by 23%. Gibberellin with low concentration (25 mg/l) could influence positively on fertility resulting in increasing of weight of grape bunch by 13,7% and fertility of vine bushes by 12,4%. Separate use of Dropp and Krezasin, and also their mixture with Gibberellin didn’t have privilege in the treatment of plants over the separate use of Gibberellin. Kampozan couldn’t have impact on fertility, but it accelerated maturation of berries.

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Manoj Senthil, Praveen raj, Navin kumar, Narendran

In today’s world, people don’t have much time to order food through manual or traditional system in food courts. The traditional system will consume more time and queue will occur, so this online web portal helps them to save time and allow them order food items whenever they want, without calling the steward again and again. The proposed framework shows the implementation of IoT progressively as skills and confidence grow in the project demonstration for ordering a food through secure system. The Fingerprint based food ordering system is incorporated with the attendance system which enables the end users to register online to order food. When the fingerprint template is matched, unique code will be generated automatically and the generated unique code along with the food ordering link will be send to the registered mobile number. Then the employee can see the food menu appearing online and order food items by selecting the food items using online web portal. The selected e-menu details will appear directly in the screen of the admin who is at the end system at food court. So, with the help of proposed system the amount of food items to be prepared can be found. With the help of that the food can be prepared and then the prepared food items have to be delivered to the employee in the food court by verifying the employee’s generated unique code. Once the food is delivered, the type of food, quantity, price along with the feedback link will be sent to the employee's registered e-mail ID, with the help of this feedback link the employee can give his/her feedback about the quality of the food items and services.

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Mita Darbari, Prashans Darbari, Aditi Singh, Jayeshikha Uikey, Mohd Irshad

We have found a very interesting result by using some special Pythagorean triangles, where the sum of two legs is undecic. We have used application of these triangles in cryptography to code and decode any message.

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S. Nachammai, R. Vijayalakshmi, Dr. T.R. Gurumoorthy

Entrepreneurs play a vital role in empowering the economy. The entrepreneurship and internship are always interlinked. The Entrepreneurship Internship Program (EIP) is the most preferred activity to improve the entrepreneurs. The purpose of the study was to classify and explore major benefits derived from Entrepreneurship Internship Program (EIP). The data was collected through the interview schedule method which was prepared through extensive literature review. The data were analyzed using techniques such as percentage analysis and weighted average ranking method. From the study it is concluded that large amount of information is the major benefit derived from EIP and other benefits are new ways of thinking, new techniques to anticipate and handle risk, motivation and networking with professionals.

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Marwa Graja

In this paper, we propose to compare two methods for speech understanding of Tunisian dialect. The first method is statistical method which integrates CRF discriminative models. The second one is a rule based method. We have used a spoken Tunisian dialect corpus acquired and annotated to perform experiments. The evaluation is based on semantic representation generated by each method. The obtained results shows that CRF models gives important results compared to rule based method, especially when dealing with limited task for under resourced languages.

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Rini Setiati, Septoratno Siregar, Taufan Marhaendrajana , Deana Wahyuningrum, Sugiatmo Kasmungini

The aim of this research is to analyse the surfactant process from sugarcane bagasse using the concept of green chemistry, which consists of vegetable raw materials. It was a laboratory experiment, by synthesizing bagasse into sodium lignosulfonate (SLS) surfactant. This process was carried out using two green chemical processes, namely hydrolysis, and sulfonation. Furthermore, microwave radiation(Microwave-Assisted Organic Synthesis / MAOS) with specification of 300 watts for 60 minutes at 80oC was utilized. This process was carried out in 4stage under the same reaction conditions for 1 hour. FT-IR spectrum measurement showed thatthe expected functional groups were formed in thereaction products of 1 to 4. In addition, the synthesis processshowed that there were three main function of the groupas indicator of lignin formation, namely OH phenolic, CH aliphaticand aromatic C=C functional groups. Thefunctional groups were characterized by analyzingthe structure of the ligninamination productusing 1H-NMR measurement with the formation of alkene, sulfonate, and carboxylates groups. Organic Synthesis using the microwave method (MAOS)had succeeded in synthesizing contaminated and alkylated lignin derivatives from bagasse. It is also concluded that the lignosulfonate synthes ized from sugarcane bagasse is carried out with an environmentally friendly green chemistry process. The impact of this research was sugarcane bagasse waste can be used asa product with addedvalue to the oil sector in Indonesia.

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DDoS attack is one of the significant security threats in today’s Internet world. The main intention of the network thread is to make the resource unavailable such as flooding attacks. Here, Machine learning algorithms have been used for detecting DDoS attacks. Generally, the success of any algorithm has depended on the selection of appropriate data sets and the identification of attack parameters. The KDD-CUP dataset has been taken for a detail investigation of the DDoS attack. The K-nearest neighbor, ID3, Naive Bayes and C4.5 algorithms are compared in a single platform concluding with the positives with Naive Bayes. The main objective of the paper is to compare and predict the error rate, computation time, Accuracy of the algorithms using the Tanagra tool. Finally, these correlative algorithms have been compared and verified through experimental verification and graphical representation.

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Agung Sediyono, Binti Sholihah, Yani Nur Syamsu, Gatot Budi Santoso

Study on offline signature has been conducted for several years. Skilled forgery verification is difficult to be verified because of the highest similarity between genuine and forgery signature. Based on previous research, it can be concluded that genuine offline signature is never similar, but it still has consistent features. Otherwise, skilled forgery tries to mimic genuine offline signature as similar as possible. It can be hipotized that if skilled forgery signature is matched to genuine signature, it should match on consistent parts (narrow variety) and unmatch on inconsistent features (wide variety). In this reseach, the offline signature verification is conducted by two steps. In first step, the comparison is conducted based on consistant features as most researcher done. In second step, an acceptance result of first verification will be reverification using inconsistant features in order to improve the verification accuracy in case skilled forgery. Based on the experiment, it can be concluded that this proposed method can improve the verification accuracy for certain condition or depend on writer signature characteristic. Therefore, this approach can be applied only if only the conformance characteristic of writer offline signature can be identified before second step of verivication can be done. At least, this result contribute to open mind that wide variety feature can be used in offline signature verification.

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Wegig Murwonugroho, Syaifudin

The Kahoot! game application is used to determine differences in the level of understanding of mining workers, between before and after watching the safety video on the topic of "fatigue". Data shows cognitive improvement between before and after the Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) video was shown. However, the results of increased knowledge of this video material are not accompanied by keeping safety commitments at work. Therefore this research is important to do with the aim of finding indicators of collecting material in the Kahoot! game which can increase workers’ awareness and commitment to safety at work. This research method uses a quasi-experimental method on 60 people who are not mining workers that is analysed using t-test and ANOVA test. The results showed that Kahoot! creative gamefication must fulfill the criteria of preparing questions and answer choices that are capable of: 1) stimulating players to apply their knowledge in the real world; 2) relating aspects of memory, perception, and action; 3) having dramatic, antagonistic, witty, and affective qualities. Implications of this study, the creative gamefication of Kahoot! as an instrument of learning assessment should put more emphasis on the content of OHS guidelines, and further can be applied to the workers that will translate them into practicing safety at work consistently.

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Sarwosri Moertiningsih, Dedes Nurgandarum, Otty Nurfanty

Permeability is one of the environment quality indicators in urban areas. The unplanned settlements usually related to rapid growth and the emergence of urbanity, it predominantly self-organized without intervention in the government and incrementally transformed based on the needs of the community surrounding.The issue of industrial 4.0 in urban performance is related to accessibility, which is part of permeability level. Permeability is usually done at the time of regional planning, but in order to improve the quality of the environment in urban areas, especially in unplanned settlement areas, this permeability can be done in order to improve the quality of the environment. This aim of the study isto mapping the permeability of unplanned settlements, With Way Finding methodology, this study is using the cognitive map to help the respondents to show us the accessibility that they pass everyday, and why they have chosen that routes. This research defines the characteristics of permeability in unplanned settlements, including the factors that influence it according to its destination.To provide an overview of this research, the case study took in one of the unplanned settlements areas in Jakarta that have established since the 17th century. The findings of this study can be used to improve the quality of urban space in other unplanned settlements, and can be considered for the development of tools that facilitate the search for accessibility in the industrial era 4.0.

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S.Sri Durga Kameswari, K.Krishna Kishore

Human eye is the most vital organ in human body. Any abnormality in its working will affect the functioning of life. Fundus which is the main part in the interior surface of the eye is examined for identifying abnormalities. In this paper, retinal fundus images are classified using neural networks. Transfer-learning techniques are employed in which Alex-net is implemented which classifies the 39 classes of retinal fundal images. The performance of the network is analyzed by changing parameters. This network yield good accuracy of around 98% for 15 epochs.

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Rustamov Kamoliddin Juraboevich

This article is written with the aim of testing the conducted test to develop the design of a multi-purpose machine. Also, the article provides an overview of technical solutions for creating multi-purpose machines of a developed standard group, including the analysis of existing designs of multi-purpose machines as 1. Based on a tractor. 2. Based on a car. 3. Special machines. The purpose of the experimental work was to verify the theoretical studies performed, as well as to confirm the functionality of the developed multi-purpose machine with excavator and bulldozer equipment. Installation on the basis of working equipment TTZ-80 allowed us to conduct experimental studies, with the determination of energy efficiency indicators for the most energy-intensive operation - digging and leveling the soil. The article gives an introduction, a review of the literature and identifies methods, tools, forms, draws conclusions.

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Oza Sriyuni, Mansyurdin, Tesri Maideliza, Izmiarti, Zozy Aneloi Noli

Sargassum cristaefolium was abundant marine resources on the west coastal of Sumatera and has the potential to be used as a biostimulant. Biostimulant was known as a natural organic compound that can promote plant growth, increase the absorption of nutrients, affect respiration, photosynthesis and increase leaf pigment. The aim of the study was to analyze the effect of seaweed extract S. cristaefolium added with some combination amino acid on growth and yield of upland rice (Oryza sativa L.) on Ultisol soil. This study used a completely randomized design with 5 treatments and 3 replications as the treatments: 1) S. cristaefolium + without amino acids, 2) S. cristaefolium + Glutamine, Alanine, Glycine (1.6%; 0.8%; 1.4%), 3) S. cristaefolium + Alanine, Glycine, Tryptophan (0.8%; 1.4%; 0.01%), 4) S. cristaefolium + Glutamine, Alanine, Tryptophan (1.6%; 0.8%; 0.01%) and 5) S. cristaefolium + Glutamine, Alanine, Glycine, Tryptophan (1.6%; 0.8%; 1.4%; 0.01%). The results showed that the application of S. cristaefolium added with combination amino acid have the potential to promote growth and yield of upland rice. Application of S. cristaefolium added with (Glutamine, Alanine, Glycine) was recommended to increase growth. Application of S. cristaefolium added with (Glutamine, Alanine, Glycine, Tryptophan) was recommended to increase the yield of upland rice.

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K.Manoj Senthil, R.Karthick, M.Kavin, S.I.Musthakahamed

People in rural as well as urban areas are commonly using gas stoves for cooking. Even the modern technologies have grownup, people are more comfortable to use the conventional LPG gas stove. Most of the people in India are experienced with using LPG and bio-gas. By these fuels, the gases are converted to heat energy which is used to cook. The LPG leakage can cause huge explosion even with a small spark. In order to eliminate such kind of accidents the system has proposed. The proposed system has provided the connectivity between the Arduino module and the respective sensors to carry out the process. The sensors like gas sensor and sound sensor are connected to monitor the safety of the gas stove. Whenever the critical situation has met, the final process of rotating the motor is done to turn the knob at the required position. In addition to that extra setup of counting the whistle sound using the sound sensor for the respective number of counts is implemented. To add up the feasible experience to the users, the system has the multiple mode options which enable them to select the options of the mode using the keypad. The system will work according to the selected options. In the system there are two modes, normal mode and cooking mode. The GSM module is connected to the Arduino to provide the alert through the text messages to the users. The automation in gas stove is used to reduce the wastage of fuel and to reduce the human interference. It is feasible and safety for the users to do multiple tasks simultaneously.

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Meenakshi Kailasam, Murugesan Govindasamy

As the technology is scaled down, short channel effects such as Vt variation, leakage current, gate oxide tunneling become predominant due to the reduction in gate oxide thickness. When the device is scaled down beyond 22 nm technology, the use of SiO2 as gate oxide increases tunneling current, thereby increase in power consumption and reduction in reliability of devices. Equivalent gate oxide thickness can be reduced by using high-k dielectric materials. FinFET(a type of DG-MOSFET) integrated with a high-k gate dielectric is a promising device in the subthreshold region. Simulations were performed using Sentarus TCAD. The parameters such as threshold voltage, OFF current, transconductance were analyzed. Simulation results clearly state that Short Channel Effects have been reasonably controlled by using high-k spacer material.

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Dr. S. Gandhimathi

A questionnaire is felt to be effective when used for research purpose. Individual students to are asked to fill up certain questionnaires and later, it is found that what is arrived at as a solution is being reinforced by individuals using intrapersonal method.

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Lopamudra Mohanty , Suresh kumar dash

Dyes in surface water are widely found due to extensive use of colorants in various industries such as textiles, printing and food plants. The contaminated effluents are the crucial reasons for water pollution. Due to their obstinate or non-biodegradable nature the omnipresence dyes pose a great threat to the aquatic animals, are very toxic to mammals and act as carcinogens. The practiced methods for removing the dyes from ground water such as electro-coagulation, reverse-osmosis and ultra-filtration are burdensome, high-cost and non-repeatative. Adsorption with nanomaterials such as activated carbon (AC), carbon nano-tubes (CNT), mesoporous material and graphene has been successfully carried for removal of dye by adsorption. In this paper we have used a 2D nano material g-carbon nitride (g-C3N4) as an adsorbent as it has no toxic effect. The synthesis of g-C3N4 was carried out by taking melamine as the source material. The prepared g-C3N4 was characterized by powered XRD, FTIR and Raman spectra. The adsorption study of Methylene Blue (MB) was studied by changing various parameters such as initial concentration and pH of the solution, adsorbent dose and agitation time. The adsorption isotherm of MB onto g-C3N4 fitted well to Langmuir model indicating homogeneous monolayer adsorption. The adsorption kinetics followed a pseudo-second order mechanism. The maximum uptake for MB was 99% at a pH value of 9,initial concentration 100 ppm and adsorbent dose of 0.02 g for a contact time of 2 h.

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S.Jegan, R.Aravindh Raj, M.Elakkiya, P.Madan

Cassava is cultivated in Indian about thirteen states with major production in South Indian states of India and Kerala. The cultivators of cassava mainly felt difficulty in manpower. Now-a-days, due to insufficient finance and labours the farmers have experienced a decrease in cultivation and production. The development of technology plays a vital role in agriculture by semi-automating the process of cassava plantation where the machine itself cuts the stem and it is planted into the soil. In our project we implemented the cassava plantation process by developing a product which automatically fetch an individual from a group and the stem enters into roller setup with a high force it will planted into the soil. Thus, it will help the farmers for easy plantation of cassava with reduced labours and amount.

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Babu P, Rajkumar N, Palaniappan S, Pushparaj T

This research paper discuss feature selection using Radial Basis Function (RBF) kernel space in the classification of graves disease and its effect on thyroid syndromes. For performing the classing to find abnormal thyroid pattern few stages are involved. In stage one: the features of thyroid dataset are transformed to RBF kernel space. In stage two: kernel mean of the transformed features are computed. In stage three: the features greater than kernel mean are taken for classification using Support Vector Machines (SVM), Radial Basis Function Network (RBFN) and C4.5. The thyroid diseases dataset is taken from machine learning repository, University of California, Irvine. It contains 5 features, 215 instances and 3 classes. During evaluation, it is found that feature selection carried out in kernel space has produced a performance of 96.7% accuracy in Ten-fold cross validation for SVM which is better than the features that obtained results in original space. The results demonstrate that feature selection carried out in kernel space of radial basis function is greater than the results obtained in original space for hypo and hyper thyroid diseases classification.

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Dr. C.V.Padmaja, Dr. P. Sreenivasulu Reddy, Dr. S.Sushma Raj

The ever growing need for communication skills in English demands a shift from teacher centric to learner centric approach, for today’s world requires equipping the learner with all the tools needed for effective communication. This involves the choice of refined language materials with which a learner can be comfortable with. Besides, good language skills and fluency in English have become the pre-requisite for employability. Today teaching of English is ‘need fulfilling’ activity. English has become the language of knowledge, language of information. No longer is learning of English examination centric but is knowledge centric and the learners should be exposed to varied language activities so that they have a hand on experience in using language. At this juncture Learner Centric Activities alone can involve all the learners in the learning process. The present paper focuses on some of these activities which yield results in class room and facilitate successful language learning.

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K.S. Karthi Vinith, P. Sathiamurthi

The vehicle accident also occurs due to over speed in the cornering, particularly in high speed cars (formula cars). The main objective of project is to replace the DRAG REDUCTION SYSTEM (DRS) in formula cars. The DRS system cost over 2 to 5 lakhs depends upon the formula Race type. On fixing of adaptive spoiler in formula cars it reduces cost and increase the performance and Drag during turning. The major source to reduce the speed of the vehicle is braking system. Another source that can be utilized to decelerate the vehicle on high speed travelling is aerodynamics. Adaptive Spoiler is one major solution for decelerating the vehicle using aerodynamics. Adaptive Spoiler serves to be efficient when compared with conventional spoiler. However, the use of adaptive spoiler with compact and cost effective design is rare in vehicles. The operation of Adaptive Spoiler is based on hydraulic motors and sensors are one of its major drawbacks and it’s not yet equipped in economic passenger cars. The use of adaptive spoiler in super cars is much costlier and does not fall in the economic category. The tilting operation will be controlled by the steering wheel using cable mechanism. The Adaptive Spoiler is pivoted at the center, using a C-clamp. When the steering wheel rotates, the 2 cables attached at both ends of the steering column will push and pull the cables at specific ends in order to tilt the spoiler. The rotation of the steering wheel towards the right will push the cable at the right end and pull it from the left end tilting the spoiler anti-clockwise and vice-versa. The simulation of the Adaptive Spoiler is first done two dimensionally and modeled in SOLIDWORKS 2016 and RHINO software, then analyzed for safe design and stability at various scenarios using ANSYS software. The use of cable will be economical and the whole system will be designed for feasibility, simplicity and best performance.

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Mudaser Javaid, Nor Hazana Abdullah

The aim of this study to investigate the influence of self-efficacy and expectations on Knowledge sharing behavior (KSB). The research strategy was cross sectional survey where questionnaires were voluntarily answered by 381 employees in several telecom companies located in Islamabad, Pakistan. The SEM-PLS was used for data analysis. The result of this study showed that self-efficacy and expectations had positive influence on the KSB. This study indicates the importance of employee’s selection. Employees with high self-efficacy and expectations are more willing to share knowledge which in turn could render Pakistani telecom industry’s competitive advantage. The value of this study lies on providing empirical evidence on the said relationships especially in the context of developing countries.

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Cantika Chairuniza, Nurhikmah Budi Hartanti, Mohammad Ali Topan

Net-Zero Energy Building (NZEB) is an ideal concept which can answer the problem of the climate change in the field of architecture. The purpose of the research is to analyze the use of technological innovations in the concept of Net-Zero Energy Building in Neo-Vernacular architectural buildings without damaging the traditional elements that exist in the building. Neo-Vernacular Architecture approach is an approach contains traditional theme but not limited in the use of new technologies or in building forms. The research was conducted by a comparative method of several buildings using Neo-Vernacular architectural concepts but also applying a number of things related to climate and environment, to be associated with the concept of Net-Zero Energy Building (NZEB). The results of this study explain the application of technology in NZEB can be applied to the Neo-Vernacular concept. But, not every Neo-Vernacular building using all NZEB technology, because it depends on its region and environtment. Neo-Vernacular concept doesn’t limit its architect for maximalizing the use of NZEB technology with a focus for its building not only minimalizing the use of energy but also can produce the energy reciprocity in accordance with its energy use.

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Handini Putri, Rositayanti Hadisoebroto, Asih Wijayanti

Screen printing wastewater generated from the production process contains high concentrations of turbidity and dye color. Coagulation and flocculation process was expected to reduce the concentration of these pollutants. This study had use biocoagulant chitosan from a small crab. The research process carried out gradually starting from the extraction of small crab into chitosan by deproteination, demineralization, and deacetylation following by laboratory-scale research using jar test methods. Mixing speed variation of biocoagulant was 125 rpm, 150 rpm, 200 rpm, with biocoagulant dose was 250 ppm in 500 mL of wastewater. The observed contact time was 1 minutes , 3 minutes and 5 minutes with parameter turbidity and dye color to be tested. Comparing the parameter of turbidity and dye color of effluent from a coagulation-flocculation process with textile industry wastewater effluent standard from Decree of Environmental Ministry of 5 the Year 2014, resulting the optimum mixing speed was 200 rpm in 5 minute contact time, with a removal efficiency of turbidity parameter was 91,84% and dye color was 99,86%. The velocity gradient value (G) of all mixing speed variation exceeded the criteria, while collision energy value (GTd) were below the criteria for a contact time of 1 minute. The dimensionless number of Reynold and Froude met the criteria for all mixing speed variations. Since the goals of the research were to reach the effluent standard, it could be concluded that optimum mixing speed for coagulation process was 200 rpm in 5 minute contact time with the parameter design of GTd value, Reynold number and Froude number meet the design criteria, although the G value was still below the criteria.

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tiPizza Agradiana, Nurhikmah Budi Hartanti

The Walkability level is criteria to assess the environmental quality of street spaces in accommodating pedestrian activities. This paper discusses the level of walkability in six main road corridors of Kotatua or the Old City in Jakarta, and how that quality influence the pedestrian walking route preferences. Pedestrians in the corridors which connected to public transportation hubs are interviewed and asked to assess the aspects of walkability of the path they take. Quantitative analysis is used to determine respondents' assesments. The results shows that the walkability level of a street corridor does not always influence the user's walking preferences, due to the reasons for walking. A corridor can get a high score of walkability level but it is not necessarily become a pedestrian route preference. In choosing routes, pedestrians are more concerned about distance and attractive atmosphere, rather than walkability aspects.

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Untung Sumotarto, I. Hary Sunaryo, Setiawan

Indonesia is a tectonic and volcanic area where valuable minerals can be formed. This paper perform research and study of ore minerals, objected for feasibility of mining purposes. Ore minerals are explored in mountainous regions: Sumatra, Java, and East Nusa Tenggara. The ore mineral in Bukit Barisan, West Sumatra attracts exploration activities, including the Sungai Pagu area. The method of exploration activities are carried out both traditionally (community mining) and those using standard mining machinery and equipment. This area has ore metal content which needs to be further explored to ensure that the area, grade, and distribution are quite economically feasible. From the mining geology survey of the area, rocks samples have been analysed. Using Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy (AAS) analysis, it is obtained an average primary gold content below 0.01 ppm. However, the lithological conditions resulting from petrographic analysis have made it possible to find gold and other heavy metals. At least sediment deposits show high gold content. In the mean time, mining exploration and activities must still comply with laws and regulations, especially concerning environmental issues.

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Farah Margaretha Leon, Rizki Kusuma Nugraha

The purpose of this research was to determine the effect of firm size, auditor reputation, ownership concentration, and leverage variables on the application of enterprise risk management in the banking industry. The study was conducted on some banks listed on the Indonesia stock exchange and with a complete financial report during the period of the research. The descriptive statistical, classical assumption, and multiple regression methods of analysis were employed with enterprise and risk management proxied by COSO. The results showed a significant favorable influence of firm size and a negative effect of leverage variables on the application of company risk management. The managerial implications of this are that the use of a risk management company requires the consideration of the size of the company and ensuring the leverage is within reasonable limits. Moreover, for investors, attention should be paid to the historical development of these two variables. This research contributes to the empirical study of risk management and corporate governance theory by exploring the factors associated with the extent of firms’ ERM application, providing insight into practices adopted by Indonesia Listed companies, and ensuring there is more focus on the management of internal banking variables.

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Hari Wahyono, Januar Kustiandi, Dian Rachmawati, Emma Yunika Puspasari, Syahrul Munir, Bagus Shandy Narmaditya

This study aims at understanding the existing condition of Bantengan Community in Batu from the perspective of economic and household welfare. In addition, this paper analysis both consumption and productive activities. This study applied a qualitative method following phenomenology approach. This study was conducted in Bantengan community in Batu of East Java in Indonesia. The data were gathered through observation, in-depth interview and focus group discussion. The findings showed that the existing economic condition of the community is insufficient to cover daily consumption. However, they believe that the sustainability this community is important even though they only received small amount of money from this activity. Furthermore, it is known that they also have another economic productive activity such as a farmer, a seller, tour guide and so forth. Surprisingly, the actors of Bantengan believe that economic welfare is not only measured by the revenue from this business but also the same feelings in the term of kindship, togetherness and cohesiveness from the community.

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Seema Karthikeyan, Dr.Malathi S,Dr Vasimalai Raja

Peoples skills that we use throughout our lives to communicate and interact with others are the interpersonal skills .They can be considered as life skills which relate us with others.Interpersonal skills are the resources which heip us to success. In the present technology infused world interpersonal skills gain much importance. The present paper throws light on the aspect of interpersonal skills alienated from digital world. The present study is designed to investigate the extent of interpersonal skills among a sample of 300 prospective teachers of Thiruvananthapuram district and also to explore whether there is statistically significant difference in the level of interpersonal skills among student teachers with respect to the demographic variables, nature of institution and residential locality. Psychometric test for interpersonal skill was used as the tool for the study. The reliability and validity of the tool was found and it was pilot tested .The data was analyzed quantitatively using descriptive statistics t test. The results show significant differences in interpersonal skills of student teachers with regard to residential place and educational existence.

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Rizka Dinda Puteri, Rositayanti Hadisoebroto, Riana Ayu Kusumadewi

The majority of the people living in Krendang Village, Tambora Subdistrict, West Jakarta, are mostly in the form of a screen printing home industry. Due to the lack of public knowledge regarding its waste handling, the environment in the Krendang district is polluted. Shrimp shells can be used as a coagulant because it contains chitin which can produce chitosan through deproteination, demineralization, and deacetylation process. The purpose of this study is to determine the efficiency and effectiveness of chitosan shrimp shells in removing turbidity and dye from screen printing wastewater. At the beginning of the research, a dose of 150 mg/L of alum was added into 500 ml of textile wastewater. For coagulation, the rapid mixing speed was varied at 100 rpm, 150 rpm, and 200 rpm with a mixing time of 1 minute, 2 minutes, and 3 minutes. After rapid mixing, the slow mixing or flocculation was carried out at a speed of 25 rpm for 30 minutes and let stand for 30 minutes to form a precipitate. The observation results show that chitosan made of shrimp shells has a deacetylation degree of 38.07%. The coagulation and flocculation method using 150 mg/L of 1% chitosan solution on the optimum mixing speed of 200 rpm and mixing time of 3 minutes could remove turbidity and dyes up to 79.18% and 99.662%, respectively. The velocity gradient, Reynolds number, and Froud number were 200.71 sec-1, 4,946.51 (turbulent), and 0.0679 (< 1) that the flow was considered sub-critical.

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Sarwosri Moertiningsih, Dedes Nurgandarum, Otty Nurfanty

Concept the Sense of Place is rooted in subjective people’s experiences. The Sense of Place in Historic city is preserved by the authenticity of an attribute of urban heritage significance. Subjective perception is the substance of sense of place and conscious feeling about the environment and places. On the other side, industry 4.0 has a deep impact on a shift in perception that can cause loss of sense of place. By understanding of the daily activities and symbols associated, transformation sense of place can be defined. This paper aims to define the dynamics factors that can change the sense of place in a historic city. Through the mapping physical features transformation and activities, we explain that affect meaning changing based on dimensions element of a sense of place. Through reviewing the literature and saturated interview data, this paper reaches a comprehensive change factor of sense of place concept and then tries to compare it to find their transformation. Each dimension element can transform or loss through time, but it can minimize by identified the dynamic factors that can affect the transformation sense of place. The findings of this field of study can be used as a base for consideration of the management of the historic urban area.

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Sukmo Hadi Nugroho , Benny Sukandari , Adi Bandono , Okol Sri Suharyo

The implementation of Maritime Security Operations of Navy needed support for both major supporters down. In an operating system, necessary information, coordination, and readiness elements for the operation are achieved. In maritime security especially in the Natuna Sea needed an operation pattern that effectively and efficiently as carrying out an act in which such actions can be repressive action or preventive action so that the response elements operating there can be maximum in deterring acts of territorial violations and theft of fish illegally by foreign fishermen. Need factors - factors (variables) that can be optimized to maritime security in the Natuna Sea can be maximized especially with the operational situation of uncertainty. To the reduction of various errors that may arise, then be made a Bayesian network model to measuring of the performance responsiveness of maritime security operations with a causal mapping approach. Causal mapping is used to form a network structure on a Bayesian network. The purpose of this research is to create a model system to determine the variables that build the model maritime security. This model was made using expert opinion and literature studies as the basis for preparing the variable and interdependence. The prior probability conditionals and conditionals probability tables using a questionnaire that was given to the expert. From the data obtained were then computed using software Netica with the results of the Navy capability that exists today when measured responsibility in implementing maritime security against acts of poaching in Natuna Sea by foreign fishermen only have a percentage of 74.7% of the 17 independent variables that are subsequently carried out a sensitivity analysis which produces 2 pieces of variables that affect the capability of the warship and capability of the aircraft as well as the first variable of the dependent variables, in this case, is better than the repressive measures of preventive measures.

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Sangeeta Sahu, Byamakesh Nayak, Rudra Narayan Dash

In current scenario, an inverter is of utmost importance in household as well are industries. The improvement in the output voltage and the reduction in harmonics in the inverter are of great necessity. Here the equations of the performance criteria such output voltage, THD, power handling, losses, etc of a seven phase inverter along with its comparison with three phase inverter has been mathematically estimated and verified through Matlab Simulink Power Graphical User Interface.

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Lung threat is one of the most broadly perceived sorts of malady inciting over a million passing’s for consistently all through the world. The purpose of this paper is to recognize the aspiratory handles in Computed Tomography (CT) photos of the lung using a blend clever approach. At first, the proposed approach utilizes a Type II soft count to improve the idea of unrefined CT pictures. By then, a novel division count reliant on cushy c-infers gathering, called balanced spatial internalized cushioned c-means (MSFCM) packing, is offered in order to achieve another depiction of lung locale through a streamlining procedure. Next, handle up-and-comers are perceived among each and every available article in the lung territories by a morphological strategy. This is trailed by removing tremendous real and morphological features from such handle candidates ultimately, an outfit of three classifiers containing Multilayer Perceptron (MLP), K-Nearest Neighbor (KNN), and Support Vector Machine (SVM) is used for the certifiable investigation and choosing if the handle up-and-comer is handle (harmful) or non-handle (strong). The practicality of the cross breed smart procedure is evaluated using an open educational list for lung CT pictures, viz.: Lung Image Database Consortium (LIDC).

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K.Jayamani, K.Amaarshall Yaswankar

The growth of communication technologies on mobile sensing objects leads to develop the idea behind the paper . If an object is connected to universal internet, it is considered as a smart device that is used for multiple application development in Internet Of Things( IoT) environment. Hence Protection plays a vigorous role in IoT for the past decades that many industries work on the security of multimodal network. With continuous growth in wearable devices this model proposes a uninterrupted authentication of IoT environment while the person wears that smart object. Second thing is that the wearable plantar biometrics are built using piezoelectric sensors and Raspberry pi3. Thus the sensors gives raw values of plantar biometrics can be then processed using machine learning technique to convert it into authentication tokens. These authentication tokens are then identified at the time of testing to determine whether the person prompting is an authenticated user or not.

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R. Rajam, S. Parthasarathi

The extensive use of plastics derived from fossil fuels caused adverse environmental impact due to their non-biodegradability. Alternatively bio-based plastics derived from renewable resources are biodegradable in various environmental conditions. Plant based carbohydrates, cellulose and proteins have several disadvantages like poor thermal stability, water vapour barrier property and limited mechanical strength which hamper the application in its native form. Modification of the composition of these bio based polymers with the addition of plasticizers may improve the mechanical properties (tensile strength, tear and burst strength etc.), barrier properties (light, gas and water vapour) and thermal stability, by co-polymerisation, trans-esterification, and grafting. In this review, the developments in the utilization of bio based materials for the production of biodegradable bioplastics have been critically discussed with several examples.

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Dharmkumar Shihora, Sejal S. Bhagat

According to Census of India, 2011 Rural-Urban Population Distribution is 72.18 % (rural) and 27.82 % (urban). Level of Urbanization has increased from 37.81 % in 2001 to 31.16 % in 2011. With the increase in population, demand on all types of infrastructures is increased tremendously. In Gujarat, Town Planning Schemes is adopted as a method of land pooling to meet the demands of infrastructures. According to Urban and Regional Development Plans Formulation and Implementation (URDPFI) Guidelines, 2015, “The quality of life in any urban center depends upon the availability and accessibility to quality social infrastructure”. The main aim of this paper is to assess the existing scenario of educational centers and evaluate with standards of URDPFI Guidelines to check that available educational centers are sufficient or not. Demographic Data and other data are collected from Surat Municipal Corporation which is used for analysis and future predictions of population for West Zone.

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Rahel Situmorang, Antariksa, Surjono, Agus Dwi Wicaksono

The growing number of students continuing their study to higher education creates a high demand for student housing and its supporting facilities in a college town. Residential areas near the campus become the main choice for students because it saves their cost and time, besides the wide selection of housing amenities and price becomes their consideration. Changes in the campus neighborhood area can lead to socio-cultural, economic, and physical impacts, which called as studentification. Therefore, this research aims to identify the perceptions of stakeholders about the impact of studentification in Malang City, as the most preferred college town in Indonesia. Descriptive qualitative research is based on a case study and the information obtained from in-depth interviews with stakeholders who engaged directly in the research area (namely students, boarding house owners, residents, and business actors). The results show that most of the socio-cultural, economic, and physical impacts that are found in other studies also occur in the research site. In this case, one of the differences can be seen in the socio-cultural character of students who always try to adapt to the habits of the local community, and on the other hand, residents try to understand how to treat students. This research shows that the presence of students has a positive impact on the area. Local people feel happy because the area becomes lively and more dynamic, and also improved the population welfare in the research area.

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Riski Trisuci, Hanny Wahidin Wiranegara, Yayat Supriatna, Anindita Ramadhani

Balanced housing policy objective is to reach a harmony in diversity. It regulates the diversity of housing units into 3:2:1 proportion. It shows a comparison of 3 simple type houses, 2 medium types, and 1 luxury type based on its area or price. Due to the profit gain, the developers found it difficult to apply. This study aim is to identify the optimized housing proportion fulfilling the comparison and still gaining the profit. The unit of analysis is cluster where the community harmony can take place. Burgundy Residence and Olive Residence in Summarecon Bekasi took as samples. The research method is operational research. By comparing the number of each house types, its affordability, and its proportion using the simplex-method showed that there is inconsistency in this balanced housing policy based on an area and price. The two clusters showed imbalance proportion in term of area and affordability. The optimization has balanced proportion with an expanded stretch of land. The unit prices also need to be increased to keep gaining the profit. In terms of affordability, the real price of the simple type is much higher than the price set in the policy. The housing type proportion based on the area and prices are not synchronous. The balanced housing policy in terms of price cannot realize its objectives because the simple type is certainly not able to be in one stretch with two other types. It means that the goal of balanced housing policy to create harmony cannot be achieved.

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Rekib Ahmed

We Are Living In The Most Explosive Era Of Transportation Infrastructure Expansion In Anthropogenic History. Nine-Tenths Of All New transportation infrastructures will be in developing countries, particularly in subtropical and tropical regions that contain earth’s richest biodiversity. In the light of the distress around the transportation infrastructures, monitoring forest canopy density is an indispensable tool for sustainable management of forest resources. This research assessed forest canopy density within 9 km buffer of Hojai-Diphu railway stretch in Assam, India using the forest canopy density (FCD) model. Statistics derived through FCD model revealed that most of the changes in forest canopy density occurred in 41-70% and >71% FCD categories during 1988–2018. A sharp decline in area of >70% (dense canopy forest) FCD category was observed after gauge conversion period of the railway track with an average rate of deforestation of -1072 ha/year-1. Restoring the integrity of dwindling dense canopy forest is being an urgent priority for current conservation efforts to halt the ongoing biodiversity crisis and achieve sustainability goals.

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Vipul T Prajapati*, Dr. Akruti S Khodakiya

To create an effective and flexible analytical tool for quantifying the toxic impurity trace amount, formaldehyde in the active pharmaceutical component or the product material. The procedure to be established must be accurate and precise, flexible, rough and simple in order to be reproducible in any laboratory, even taking into account the expense of the study. While formaldehyde was gas at room temp, it appears as a 37-40 percent formaldehyde solution as detailed in the introduction. Because the sample has only one carbon atom in it, it becomes difficult to quantify using a GC-FID detector, since it doesn't have enough energy for combustion. Nevertheless, the presence of formaldehyde often contributes significantly to the Blank in solvents such as Methanol and Acetonitrile as well as from the environment, and thus removing this intervening value from the Blank Chromatogram becomes a task. The chromatograph was filled with liquids that had a lower concentration of impurities. For the observed reaction the signal to noise ratios has been determined. The results of the initial analysis and the results of the post-preservation analysis were compared and found to suit well within the set limit for Entecavir up to 24 hours of solution stability testing. Because the findings of initial analysis and study are similar after survival up to 24 hours, the solution remains stable up to 24 hrs.

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B. Chaitanya Krishna, K. Krishna Priya, P. Madhulika

In today’s world, consulting a doctor has become frequent due to illness. Also, we know that, due to lack of health consciousness and low immunity, especially children fall ill frequently. So we developed an information providing system especially for children aged up to 10 years. Since every parent cannot go to doctor for medicines due to various reasons like unavailability of medical treatment nearby or if the disease is a repeated one and commonly seen like fever, cold. So, people prefer to visit medical shops instead of consulting doctor in order to get medicines. There is a danger of giving the wrong medication or over dosage to their children. This Medicine Information System aims at providing medicine data like description and cost including its uses, precautions, long term effects and directions for usage for a particular disease. Only medicines that are approved by the Government of India are taken into consideration. This is a web-based application developed using SOA architecture. This is implemented as a real-time application, also in a regional language, so that users can get knowledge about children medicines easily.

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K.Poomani, S.Sathiyavathi

This paper investigates the performance enhancement of magnetic levitation system using current cycle ILC (iterative learning controller). Because the magnetic ball suspension system is unstable, it is difficult to design a suitable control scheme for stabilizing the ball. Hybrid current cycle learning controller is proposed for controlling the position of ball. The current cycle learning controller performance is illustrated using simulation. The superiority of the current cycle learning controller is shown by measuing the parameters like overshoot, settling time, ISE and IAE.

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Venkataiah Chittipaka

Six-sigma is a practical and systematic methodology to obtain breakthrough improvement. It is known as a Quality improvement technique that gives a smooth course to associations to convey almost flawless administrations and items. This paper offers an extensive review of the services, six-sigma, and application of six-sigma in services. For enhancing the service quality, it is necessary to focus on the service process. Six-sigma is a viewpoint which also intents on the process improvement.Consequently, the proper application of six-sigma can be helpful for services. This analysis concentrates on the aspect of six-sigma application to the broader series of functions. The discoveries showed that 6σ execution is decidedly and mainly connected to the aggressive operational performance to the reviewed hotels. Hotels actualizing 6σ has accomplished more significant advantages when contrasted with different hotels executing other Quality administration programs (for example, TQM and ISO 9001). Therefore, it appears to be fitting for Indian hotels to be engaged with a formal 6σ extends in a request to better their general performance.

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Dr. A.S. Periasamy Manikandan, T.Nivetha, R.Uma, L.Saranya, T.Pradeep

Now a days, “nanofluids” attracted many researchers for developing energy efficient heat and mass transfer equipment. Based on this idea, a research framework was made to analyse the variations in thermal conductivity and viscosity of Ethylene Glycol-Water mixture (base fluid) by the addition of SiO2 nanoparticle. The study was performed in a Plate heat exchanger. In this study, the temperature of hot fluid and the nanoparticle loading was varied. The three levels of hot fluid temperatures viz., 40,50 and 60 °C and the particle loading of 0.25, 0.5, 0.75, 1.0,1.25 and 1.5 weight% (wt.%) was chosen .The base fluid with volume fraction of 50:50 (Water: Ethylene Glycol) was prepared. The obtained results compared with standard models proposed in literatures. Maxwell, Vajjah, and Sahoo model was used to validate the thermal conductivity results, where as Einstein, Kitano, and Bachelor model was used for viscosity. The study revealed that the thermal conductivity and viscosity of base fluid were significantly altered due to the nanoparticle addition.

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Khoshghadam Khaledi, Mohammad Chizari, Enayat Abbasi, Hassan Sadighi

Microfinance is a financial service such as loan, saving and fund transfers to entrepreneurs and small businesses that lack access to traditional banking service in order to create new businesses. Unfortunately microfinance has a lot of challenges that hinder it from further progressing in achieving the desired goal. Therefore, the main purpose of this study is microfinance system analysis to provide strategies to improve them. In this study the SWOT approach was applied to collect information from two groups of internal (strengths and weaknesses) and external factors (opportunities and threats). The target population consists of two groups of experts including agricultural extension agents and staffs of entrepreneurship banks in Kurdistan, Iran. This analysis is a mix method analysis, in qualitative section of the study, theoretical sampling method was used to achieve theoretical saturation and the sample size was determined during the research (N=43). In quantitative section of the study using multistage random sampling, experts were selected (n= 103). The aim of SWOT is IEFE (Internal and External Factor Evaluation) for strategic planning. IEFE includes two levels as IFE and EFE. According to the quantitative matrix of strategic planning, the main strategy for the microfinance system in Kurdistan is conservative strategy. Conservative strategies includes: 1. using of foreign credit resources and getting loans from the World Bank and international organizations 2. Establish a supportive system for business in the fields of marketing, insurance and etc. 3. Having a holistic and integrated perspective on the economic, social, and demographic conditions for the reform of rural policy related to microfinance programs 4. Providing practical education for the microfinance members about entrepreneurship skill and encouraging them to launch and manage their enterprises.

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Elijah Mogoi Matiabe, Dr.Stanslaus Kiilu Musyoki, Dr.Benson Nyanchong’i

Background: Intestinal helminthic infections are common among children especially in sub Saharan Africa where they may co-infect with malaria. In co-infections synergistic effects affects severity. Therefore, there is need to understand immune dynamics and modulations in dual infections. Materials and Methods: Specimens from 168 children aged between 6-14 years with malaria were obtained of whom 84 (50%) had intestinal helminthes. Blood specimen was obtained and malaria parasites were demonstrated using Giemsa staining technique and cytokines were evaluated by flow cytometry technique. Results It was observed that pro-inflammatory IL2 and IL6 cytokine responses were more elevated in severe cases as compared to uncomplicated malaria (P< 0.001); levels of TNFα (pro-inflammatory) and IL10 (anti-inflammatory) response was directly proportional to malaria severity. There was an increased IL10 and TNFα response in Hookworm infection compared with malaria infection only (P=0.009); and (p=0.042) respectively; while IL2 and IL6 were reduced (p=0.001 and P<0.001) respectively. S.mansoni significantly increased IFNƔ response compared with malaria infections only (P=0.046) whereas T.trichuria and S.stercolaris reduced IL6 response in comparison with malaria cases only (P =0.047) and T.trichuria reduced IL6 response (P=0.001). A.lumbricoides reduced IL2 and IL6 (P<0.001) responses. E.vemicularis; H.nana; and T.saginata did not affect response of cytokines under this study. Hookworm and A.lumbricoides modulate cytokine responses during co-infections, with the former increasing both IL10 and TNFα levels while the latter decreased IL2 and IL6 which was positively associated with an increased risk of malaria severity.From the findings, IL6 may be used as biomarker to differentiate between uncomplicated and severe malaria.

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Sarabjot Singh, Kanwardeep Singh, Satish Kumar Kansal

This paper presents a Mixed Integer Non-Linear Programming (MINLP) approach for long-term transmission expansion planning problem in a Locational Marginal Pricing (LMP) based electricity market. The problem formulation consists of maximization of social welfare of market participants (Generation Companies/ Generator Serving Traders and Distribution companies/ Distribution Serving Traders) and minimization of transmission investment cost of Transmission Company, subject to real and reactive power flow equality constraints, network congestion inequality constraints (represented in terms of line overloading limits) and bounds on variables. The social welfare function of market participants has been defined as benefit function of Distribution companies/ Distribution Serving Traders minus cost function of Generation Companies/ Generator Serving Traders. While modeling market functioning, a number of seasons of generation and bus loadings and corresponding generation and demand bids have been taken into account over the planning horizon. The modeling of power flow and network congestion constraints has been carried out using DC as well as AC approaches. The proposed model is tested on Garver’s six bus system. It has been concluded that the profile of LMPs over the system buses tend to equalize after transmission expansion planning both in DC and AC approaches. However the results obtained for transmission expansion planning of AC approach largely differ from that of the DC approach. The DC modeling is based on approximations of neglecting losses and reactive power flow in transmission network, which does not lead to accurate results. Hence, it has also been concluded that the DC modeling should not be employed fortransmission expansion planning problems in electricity markets.

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Manat Rahim, Heppi Millia, Pasrun Adam, La Ode Saidi

This study aims to examine causality relation among export, import and rate of exchange of USD/IDR. Export, import and rate of exchange of USD/IDR data were time series data of quarters which extended in 2004Q1-2017Q3 periods. The result of VAR test and Granger causality test show that there were one way short-run relationship from exchange rate of USD/IDR to export and from exchange rate of USD/IDR to import. In other words, in short-run, there was any influence of exchange rate of USD/IDR toward export and import. That influences was negative and it means that if exchange rate of USD/IDR went down (currency value of IDR strengthen), export and import of Indonesia will be up and vice versa.

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Mansyur Nawawi, Akhwan Ali, Bagus Irawan, Busyairi Ahmad, Sam’un Mukramin, Nur Riswandy Marsuki, M Chairul Basrun Umanailo, Ivonne Raystika Gretha Kaya

The village Kalesang Program is a government business of Buru Regency to improve the lives of the village community with participatory planning patterns that come from the government and society. The Kalesang village includes the planning and implementation of Village development conducted jointly between the Government and the village community. This research is a qualitative study aimed at describing the implementation of the village's Kalesang program as a poverty alleviation instrument in rural communities. The research location focuses on Lala, Namlea and Marloso with the consideration of different social economic characters with other villages in Namlea subdistrict. The number of informant interviewed was 45 people divided into communities, village apparatus and community leaders. Analytical techniques used to follow the concept of Miles and Huberman where activities in the analysis of qualitative data are conducted interactively and continuously. The results showed that the village's Kalesang program was able to become a development instrument and empowerment that was able to foster cooperation from the Community and government to plan and implement development and to keep watching it Through active participation. The end goal of the village Kalesang in the form of poverty testing made easy in the frame of harmonization and synergy between the government and the community to cooperate in resolving the problem of Village development.

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Fidele Benimana, Irina Yurievna Potoroko, Dr Uday Bagale, Maniriho Olivier, Karege Felicien

Proteases catalyze the hydrolysis of peptide bonds of a protein; they are present in many organisms such as plants, animals and microorganisms. Proteases perform various medicinal functions in humans they participate in wound healing, blood coagulation, digestion process and also can be used in antibody therapy and protease haves many other applications like in detergents, leather industry, pharmaceutical industry and bioremediation processes. The present study aimed at determination of protease activity from traditional medicine plant Bidens pilosa and study of incubation pH effect, Bidens Pilosa were collected in Rwasave wetlands. The leaves were ground in a mortar in an appropriate buffer. The protease activity was assayed by hydrolyzing casein as substrate by incubation at two different pH (pH4 and pH 10), at 30oC. The breakdown of casein results in releasing tyrosine. The tyrosine was colororated with the Folin-Ciocalteu reagent and read in a spectrophotometer at 660 nm and the levels were calculated, thanks to standard curve. The protease activity was expressed in mmol/mg leaves/min of incubation. The present study, shows that absorbance increase when the concentration of tyrosine increase and protease activity reported in terms of mM/mg/min in 2 different pH condition and it was found Bidens Pilosa presents higher Protease activity in acid pH 4 in comparison with alkaline pH10 its protease activity were 8.2567×10-7 mM/mg/min and 5.15×10-7 mM/mg/min respectively. This means that proteases are sensitive to pH and pH affect protease activity. The conclusion of the study states that fresh leaves of Bidens Pilosa contain proteases as common biological activity used in medicinal property and proteases from Bidens Pilosa can be used in acidic medium pH 4 than in alkaline medium pH 10.

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Ria Manurung, Rizabuana Ismail, Hadriana Marhaeni Munthe, Tongam Sihol Nababan

Optimizing the role of women in the development of tourism at this time is needed. This fact is based on the lack of women's role in the public sphere. This is because there are still many people who adhere to the patriarchal principle so that the role of women is limited to domestic space. All aspects have such a perception, especially in the development of tourism activities, the role of women is still small and even invisible. Women are only seen participating in trading food or accessories to fulfill their daily needs. Including women as one of the main actors in the development of tourism is not impossible if the potential possessed by women can be developed. The study was conducted using a qualitative-quantitative approach using a questionnaire method to 75 respondents, in-depth interviews, non-participant observation, PRA, and discussion group elements in three districts namely Samosir District, Dairi District, and Toba Samosir District. The results of the study found data that Batak ethnic women who were in this research location had a lot of potential and abilities both in terms of ideas and creativity but were not yet able to develop them. The idea that informants have is not only to increase their economic needs but also to increase tourist arrivals in the Lake Toba tourism area. Besides, it was found that the Batak ethnic women were very active and would make every effort to meet the economic needs of their families. Toba Batak women want to have their own business but they still have obstacles in starting capital. The potential of Batak women in the field of technology is still not maximal, Toba Batak women do not use technological developments to develop their abilities and businesses

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Zulfa Imawanti, Santi Prastiyowati, Puji Sumarsono, Rafika Rabba Farah

Teaching profession has been dominated by women mainly in low-level grade. The most significant gap between female and male teacher is identified in kindergarten and elementary level. In line with this issue, there is a course in university-level which is also dominated by female students, namely English for Young Learner (EYL) course at English Language and Education Department (ELED) in University of Muhammadiyah Malang. It is, therefore, this study aims to investigate male students’ perception toward EYL course. Survey research design was applied in this research and the data was collected using questionnaire and semi-structured interview. The participants who filled the questionnaire were fifty-three male students of ELED UMM in academic year 2015 who have taken elective course—Business English, Translation, and English for Young Learner. The findings of this study highlighted that 9 out of 15 items resulted in negative responses toward EYL course. They perceived that EYL course is complicated, demanding and exhausting course because of its difficulty. Then, teaching young children has never been considered as their future career and they also do not want to become a teacher for young children. Additionally, there are also few male students perceived positively toward EYL course, they stated that EYL course is fun and challenging course. Furthermore, the authors suggested the department to attract more male students to become a teacher for the young learner.

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The study on population dynamics of Chinkara were carried out in hot desertic landscape. The Chinkara (Gazella bennetti) survives in this adverse climatic conditions and population is very healthy than the other desert of the world. The overall average maximum density of Chinkara was observed in Sudasari study site. The density of Chinkara is affected by poaching, predation, habitat disturbance and availability of food materials. The adult male and adult female sex ratio of Chinkara was obtained equal (1:1) in the Kanoi study site. The adult females to fawns ratio (2:1) was turned in favour of adult female in Kanoi study site while slightly positive changes were observed in fawn side in Khuri and Sudasari sites and those were more than Kanoi site. The maximum mortality was recorded during the month of June. The maximum mortality was occurred due to feral dog. During the first year study period birth rate was 0.58 fawn/female and in the second year, it was 0.52 fawns/female. The overall birth rate of Chinkara was 0.55 fawn/ female. Line transects method, direct count method and focal sampling methods were applied during study.

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G. Dayana Jeyaleela, J. Rosaline Vimala, T. Anthony Diwakar chandran, A. Benno Susai Vijayakumar

The main aim of the present work is to screen the antioxidant activity of all the extracts of Combretum ovalifolium and evaluate the phytochemicals by qualitative and quantitative analysis in different extracts of leaf and stem of Combretum ovalifolium. Additionally, the bioactive compound in both leaf and stem part is identified by HPTLC, UV-Visible and FT-IR. Extraction of dried powder of different parts of Combretum ovalifolium, i.e. leaves and stem were carried out in succession with 6 solvents of increasing polarities, viz. hexane, chloroform, ethyl acetate, methanol, water and 70% ethanol. Preliminary phytochemical screening was carried out on all the extracts using standard procedures. Radical scavenging activity of different extracts of Combretum ovalifolium leaf and stem were studied by DPPH assay. The total content of phenolic compounds 1.273±0.023 mg/g and 0.7142 0.564 mg/g, alkaloids 0.468±0.037mg/g and 0.4690±0.370 mg/g, Saponins 0.74±0.055 mg/g and 0.1490±0.283 mg/g, Flavonoids 1.258±0.049 mg/g and 1.6582±0.107 mg/g, terpenoids 2.10±0.112 mg/g and 0.2082±0.382 mg/g were determined in leaf and stem of Combretum ovalifolium respectively. The antioxidant result shows that among all the leaf extracts of Combretum ovalifolium methanolic extract, shows greater activity with IC50 value of 4.04mg/ml and similarly, for stem extracts, methanol shows the highest inhibition with IC50 value of 8.02mg/ml. From both the extracts two fractions (COL & COS) are separated using column chromatography and identified as flavonoid with help of HPTLC and spectral techniques.

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The ongoing expansion about digital assaults, increasing the power of Wireless sensor networks (WSNs), consequently they are able to endure node failures have turned into basic problem. Scale-free WSNs be significant, in the fact that they endure arbitrary assaults great; in any case, they can be helpless against malignant assaults, which especially focus on certain significant bulge. On the way to tackle inadequacy, this paper first displays anew displaying system to create without scale arrange topologies, which considers the requirements during WSNs, for example, correspondence go along with the edge lying on the greatest bulge quantity. At that point, ROSE, a new strength upgrading calculation meant for level gratis WSNs, be planned. specified a without scale topology, ROSE misuses the location along with quantity data of nodes to modify the boundaries to take after an onion-like construction, which have be demonstrated toward strong next to noxious assaults. Then, ROSE maintains the level about every node within topography unaltered such thing the subsequent topography remnants without extent. The broad exploratory outcomes check that our new displaying methodology without a doubt creates sans scale arrange topographies meant for WSNs, along with ROSE be able to essentially advance the strength of the system topologies created through demonstrating procedure. Additionally, we analyze Ascended by way of two past heartiness improving calculations, appearing that ROSE do better than together.

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Renu, Sanjeev Bansal & Vandana Gupta

In order to deliver better and appropriate products to the customers, marketers do a lot of research on consumer behaviour. Understanding consumer behaviour by companies results not only in identifying their potential customers but also helps in customer satisfaction, influencing potential customers, creating competitive advantage, making effective marketing strategies and increase in customer base. Development of social media has revolutionized the interaction and communication between companies, customers and other stakeholders. Customer can access product information, review, evaluate and compare alternatives on social media that affects their buying decisions. With the advent of social media marketing, marketers can communicate and serve their customers in more personalized manner as compare to mass media marketing. Purchase intention is a critical element which provide insight about consumer buying behaviour. Purchase intension may be governed by societal, emotional, logical, moral, psychological and economic factors. In this paper, we analyze how consumer purchase intention is influenced by social media and various factors affecting the consumer purchase intention on social media.

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Susma, Subashini, Ponmani, Padmavathi, G.R.Hemalakshmi, M. Kanthimathi

The survival of day to day life mainly depends on the electrical power supply. When any power shut down or breakdown of power supply happens due to unexpected reasons, the need of power backup is necessary to run our life at least for minimum duration of two to three. As a solution of this problem, batteries are invented. Inverter battery works in the mechanism of converting Direct Current (DC) into an Alternating Current (AC). The distilled water in the battery plays a major role, as ordinary water contains minerals and salts which fill the pores and forms a layer on the plates, affecting the normal electro-chemical reaction that generates power in the battery. The electro-chemical reaction has been analyzed based on level of distilled water. When the level of distilled water. The decrease of water level below the threshold value and if not monitored, the lifetime and the efficiency of the battery get affected and battery may be overheated. Hence, it is very much important to refill the distilled water on time. When the battery gets over heated, the hydrogen sulphide present inside acts as hazardous gas turns out from batteries which affects the human health and in turns decrease the life time of battery. In this work, smart inverter monitoring system (SIMS) has been developed which will monitor and inform the authorized owner by SMS notification to phone number via a GSM Module. The developed system gives better results with good reliability.

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Amritha M, Aleena Elizabeth Joseph & Dr A S Ambily

An entrepreneur considers various factors while starting a new venture. One of the main factor is availability of a great location that fulfills all the requirements of the business to be set up. A great location has high scope of attracting new customers and increasing sales. To obtain such a space in this competitive environment is very difficult. Even if the location is obtained, sustainability of the business is still a doubt. So to overcome high competition and other external factors, an entrepreneur has to take necessary steps. The entrepreneur needs to be aware of the changing trends and requirements of the customers so that they hold a reputation in the competitive era. In Cochin, Kerala, most of the entrepreneurs who owns boutiques prefer Panampilly Nagar – a Residential Commercial Zone which is a commercial hub for many establishments other than boutiques too, as the first preference to launch their boutiques. Reasons for this are plenty. This study mainly aims to find out why Boutique entrepreneurs chose Panampilly Nagar for their business establishment and the factors on how they overcome the high competition due to the wide number of boutiques established in Panampilly Nagar.

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Intan Maizura Abd Rashid, Irza Hanie Abu Samah, Mohammad Harith Amlus

Recently, growth and development studies have started to focus on the importance of improving institutions of governance through government effectiveness on economic growth. Foreign direct investment (FDI) inflows are used to address the economic problems, such as government effectiveness and tourism growth. This paper has identified, after visualizing theoretical standpoints and empirical researches, that there is the linkage between FDI inflows and government effectiveness-GDP nexus focusing on tou