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Volume 7 - Issue 6, June 2018 Edition

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Riama Rita Manullang, Rusmini dan Daryono

Efforts that can be made to limit nutrient losses and restore fertility of yan is by recycling organic waste such as crop residues, crop residues or residual crop residues even from weed plants.The result of recycling of organic waste is returned to the land either directly or after being processed into compost or fermented.This type of fertilizer serves as a benefactor of nutrients useful for the improvement of soil structure. Many composting processes can be accelerated by the addition of activators in the form of microorganisms that can accelerate the decomposition process of organic waste. This biotivator can be derived from local microorganisms (MOL).MOL is a fermented liquid that uses locally accessible resources. One of the natural resources that can be utilized in making MOL by mixing ingredients from the golden snail, banana hump, rumen cow and fruit waste. This MOL contains bacteria of organic matter, plant growth stimulants, pest control agents, and nutrients needed by plants. This research aims to: To make bioactivator and produce compost from kirinyuh which is rich in nutrients with the help of bio-activator of local mkroorganismeThe materials used in this research are the making of MOL is banana hump, fruit waste, golden snail, cow rumen, cow urine, coconut water, rice laundry water (leri), shrimp paste, brown sugar for MOL I. whereas For MOL II only distinguished by using white sugar .. Mol is made by fermentation. After the mole, it is continued with the maker of compost fertilizer with kirinyuh plant material, bran and fertilizer. Cage Making MOL is done in Laboratoriuam Production of State Agricultural Polytechnic of Samarinda.Based on the results of physical observations of compost kirinyuh on the 10th day (10) compost has been so with the characteristics of black, smelly soil, crumb texture while the chemical analysis of nutrients on the compost kirinyuh with bioactivator mole combination at each treatment is as followsK1M2 (N 1.37%, C organic fertilizer 29.31%, C 1M1 (N 1.45%, organic C 26.17%, C / N ratio 18.01%, P2O5 0.74%, K20 0.38%, Cao 10.47%, MgO 0.19%, pH 7.14), K1M2 (N 1.37%,, organic C 29.83% Ratio C / N 21.77%, P2O5 2.40%, K20 0.98%, Cao 10.90%, MgO 0.19%, pH 7.82), K2M1 (N 1.17%, C organic 22.90%, C / N ratio 19.57, P2O5 1.83%, K20 0.34%, Cao 10.90%, MgO 0.39%, pH 7.02), K2M2 (N 0.90%, C organic 23.17%, C / N ratio 25.74, P2O5 1.27%, K20 0.24%, Cao 10.69%, MgO 0.19%, pH 7.22), K3M1 (N 1.32%, C organic 19.72%, Ratio C / N 14.94, P2O5 3.81%, K20 0.45%, Cao 12.40%, MgO 0.39%, pH 8.04), while K3M2 (N 1.33%, C organic 21.60%, Ratio C / N 16.24, P2O5 4.07%, K20 0.98%, Cao 9.83%, MgO 0.19%, pH 8.38).

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Rishikesh.G, Boopathi.M

In India, from June 16th onwards fuel price is fixed by the oil companies by day today basis. The price fixation is based on the crude oil prices in the international market. This study probes the revised petrol price based on the estimated GST in India for the time span of October 2, 2017 to January 31, 2018. Neural network model is trained by this data and crude prices to predict the fuel price. From February 1, 2018 to 22, 2018 the fuel price is simulated and verified with the original price. The error percentage also reveals the exactness of the model simulated. In this paper, additionally fuel price is estimated along with GST. Even though GST is not yet implemented for fuel, with 4 different percentages it was simulated. Results revealed that there is a considerable amount of decrease in the petrol price if the GST is implemented in India. This study also breaks up the taxes involved in pricing of petrol in India and shows how GST helps the end consumer in the reduction of petrol prices by cutting down the taxes like excise duty and VAT.

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Boluwade E. A., Nenuwa O.B. and Ogunleye O.

Five samples of limestone collected from different locations at the Okeluse forest reserve, were petro graphically studied under the microscope at x80 magnification. Samples showed shell fragments of echinoderm, brachiopods surrounded by micrite envelope which indicate a low energy environment of formation .The presence of brachiopods indicate that the Okeluse Limestone belongs to the group of rocks of ancient marine of the Palaeozoic-Mesozoic era. Mudstone matrix in some samples could have caused the greyish colouration of the Okeluse Limestone since the detritus (sand or mud) was excreted by the constituent organism. Bivalves and gastropods are identified. They are made of aragonite and preserved as casts.

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Monsuru A. Salisu, Zulkefly Sulaiman, Mohd Yusoff Abd Samad, Olalekan Kazeem Kolapo

Evaluation of the effect of container types and size currently used by nursery rubber growers is important to reduce the problem of dieback and causalities during transplanting of seedlings. Assessment of the planting material is essential for replanting exercise to meet its objective of early growth and optimum yield in the later stage of the plants. The study was conducted to evaluate the impact of various container sizes on the growth of rubber seedlings. Containers of different volumes 600 ml 710 ml, and 900ml and polybag 15 ◊ 20 cm as control evaluation was used. All the containers except polybag greatly support plant stem diameter. Only the biggest container 900 ml maintained higher leaf area index (LAI). Plant biomass like total fresh and dry weight and the root-shoot ratio (RSR) were significantly different in the same container. Plants grown in this container recorded higher nitrogen content which could be considered suitable for rubber seedlings. Root length of the plants was greatly influenced by the container (900 ml) and significantly higher than those in other containers. Root average diameter was positively affected except for the plants grown in the poly-bag. This suggests that the polybag and the remaining container sizes inhibited the roots and this could have contributed to the poor growth and some of the morphological traits. Consequently, a large container size, 900 ml had resulted in a better and vigorous growth of the seedlings and it could be ideal pot size for use in raising rubber seedlings of H. brasiliensis.

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Dewi Kurniawati

Social media provides the ease of disseminating information and expanding the network so that it can connect with anyone around the world without any limitations. Fast-growing social media along with sophisticated smartphone devices with fast and easy internet access may cause negative impacts such as bullying, hoax, hate speech and so on in cyberspace. The rapid development of the internet and smartphones with great interest from teenagers can have both good and bad impact, depending on the online activity they do when they accessing the internet. The good and bad impacts also depend on the environmet of the teenagers who will also can change the behaviour of teenagers of how they use of the internet and smartphone with more wisdom. Social media is good for teenagers, because through social media they will get a lot of information and so forth. However, for the parents, they must always accompany or aware of their teenagerís social life development, so they not fall into negative impact.

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Dahrul Aman Harahap, Ade Isyana Hairunnisah, Pitriyani

The case of Labuhan Batu Regency about the change of principal has caused a handful of debates within educational organizations. The uncertainty about the principal's tenure raises the question of the realization of Permendiknas no. 28 Year 2010. The purpose of this study is to find out how the periodization process and regulation that regulates the replacement of principals in the dynamics of regional autonomy in Labuhan Batu Regency. The research method used is the method of description in the form of case study method. Data analysis technique used is literature study by looking for reference theory relefan with case found and interview. The results of the research are: (1) The appointment, placement, dismissal and transfer of educators and educational staff have not been regulated in Perda or Pemup Kabupaten Labuhan Batu (2) There is no Periodization in Labuhan Batu Regency so there is no clarity of principal term of office according to the demand of enforcement Permendiknas No.28 of 2010 regarding the policy of change of principal. (4) Periodization within a period of 4 years during a period of tenure of the principal by the Regent in accordance Perbup or Perda as a form of authority in carrying out regional autonomy.

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Evi Julianita Harahap, Rosmayati, Diana Sofia Hanafiah

Phylogenetic is one of the most commonly used methods in systematics to understand the diversity of living things through the reconstruction of kinship relationships (phylogenetic relationship). SSR marker has some merits such as quickness, simplicity, rich polymorphism and stability, thus being widely applied in genetic diversity analysis, molecular map construction and gene mapping. UPGMA method of phylogenetic analysis is normally the sum of the identical sequences. The objective of this research to find out the genetically diversity and identification of F4 progeny soybean genotype of carrier character salt resistant with used SSR (Simple Sequence Repeats) marker. This research was conducted in Bio molecular Laboratory, Socfindo Seed Production Laboratory (SSPL), Kebun Bangun Bandar Village Martebing District Dolok Masihul Regency Serdang Bedagai on December-May 2017. The number of samples were used 44. Analysis of the data were used software Microsoft Excel 2007, GenAlex ver.6.501, and Multivariate Statistical Package (MVSP) ver.3.2. The UPGMA phylogenetic analysis identified to bring female of 11 plants, male of 3 plants, and both were male and female of 7 plants with coefficient of genetically suitable 0,52.

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Imam Abrori, Purnamie Titi Sari

The study entitled influence of organizational culture and leadership toward the commitment of organizational committee at Al Jauhar Islamic Boarding School Sumbersari Jember. Students of Al Jauhar are aim to be analyzed of the influence of organizational culture and leadership toward commitment of organizational committee in Al Jauhar Islamic Boarding School Sumbersari Jember simultaneously and partially. The samples used in this study are 37 people by using population sampling tachnique. Data collection methods used in this study by using questionnaires, interviews, and literature. The analysis includes validity, reliability, normality test, multiple linear regression analysis, multicoloniarity test, Heteroskidastity test, T-test, F test and Coefficient of Determination test and Quadrant test. From the results of multiple linear regression analysis by using t-test suggests that there is a positive and significant influence between the variables of organizational culture on commitment of organizational committee. Thus, the first hypothesis assumed that organizational culture had a positive and significant effect on organizational commitment of Al Jauhar was proven or accepted. The test result states that it has a positive and significant influence between the variables of leadership on commitment of organizational committee. Thus, the second hypothesis which assumes the leadership of positive and significant effect on organizational commitment of Al Jauharís committee is not proven or rejected. The results of the multiple linear regression analysis of the organizational culture and leadership on commitment of organizational committee. Thus, the third hypothesis is thought that the organizational culture and leadership have a positive and significant impact on organizational commitment of Al Jauharís committee is proven or accepted.

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Renata, Dessy Wardiah, Muhammad Kristiawan

This study aimed at examining 1) the influence of headmasterís supervision on effective teachers, 2) the influence of achievement motivation on effective teachers, and 3) the influence of headmasterís supervision and achievement motivation on effective teachers. This research used quantitative. Data were analyzed using multiple linear regression formula SPSS (Statistical Product and Service Solution) version 16.0 for windows. This study showed 1) there was significant influence of headmasterís supervision on effective teachers with tobtained 2,452 and ttable was 1,980; 2) there was significant influence of achievement motivation on effective teachers with tobtained 5,627 and ttable was 1,980, and 3) there was significant influence of headmasterís supervision and achievement motivation on effective teachers with fobtained 23.618 and ftable was 3,267. This research contributed to the headmaster should upgrade the supervision of teachers and achievement motivation where they would actualized the effective teachers.

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Jose A. Escarlos Jr., Gladys S. Escarlos

Learners have preferences for the ways in which they receive information. Knowing the learning of student is a valuable skill in education. Knowledge of learning style may help educators identify and solve learning problems among students. The study aimed to determine the learning styles of male and female among 3rd year to 5th year veterinary medicine students of Central Mindanao University. A VARK questionnaire was used to gather the data needed. Descriptive statistics such as frequency count and chi-square analysis were used to describe and analyze the data. Study revealed that majority of the 3rd year to 5th year veterinary medicine students of Central Mindanao University were visual learners and there is no significant difference on the learning style of the respondents when group according to gender.

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Bakri La Suhu, Abdul Halil Hi. Ibrahim, Rasid Pora, Rahmat Suaib, Raodah M. Djae

The research was aimed to find the configuration of an elite in an extension of Obi Islands Regency of South Halmahera - North Maluku; to map on contrastive elites of extension and interest, and of pro-group conflict of Obi Islands Regency extension. The method used in this research is a case study method by qualitative approach. The research method is the purpose to describe, record, analyze and interpret conditions occurred in the field. The research result shows that extension of Obi Islands Regency is boosted by geographical aspect. The extension plan of Obi Islands Regency causes pro and contra between inside and outside elite of Obi Islands. The contrastive elite extension is the Regent of South Halmahera (Muhammad Kasuba). It is caused that the Regent has the economic interest (business entity) in Obi Islands. The interest competition happens to the pro-group extension of the elite in Obi Islands against the elite in Ternate City. The rivalry among pro-group of extension, basically, is competition to get an influence and support from Obi's society and effort to maintain and/or take resource away in Obi Islands after the extension become the rivalry factor of proĖextension elite. The conspiracy happens because of the economic interest in pro-extension elite (Abu Karim La Tara, and Hi, Subur) against with contra-extension elite (Muhammad Kasuba as the Regent). This conspiracy is in terms of defending and securing business entity (economic interest) in Obi Islands' territory. Whereas, the elite configuration happened, in fact, is the collaboration with/between ethnicity and religion aspect. Therefore, the geographical aspect occurred is polarity among Obi elites. Polarized Obi's elites based on region either Obi Islands' territory, Labuha-Bacan and Ternate as well have mounted interest rivalry among the individual elite of Obi existed in North Maluku Province.

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Trijeti, Farid Dwi Atmawan, Muhamad Aswanto

With the development and fabrication of construction elements, the building owners have many choices on the material used. Particularly the structure of the floor slab of the building, in addition to ordinary reinforced concrete slab construction (conventional), there are other alternatives. The alternative construction is hollowslab, halfslab, metaldeck, palace and various other precast. From the variety of product alternatives floor slab, the author wants to compare alternatives such products with conventional floor slab. Step calculation is divided into two stages for each method, the calculation of the duration of the implementation and exercising their cost calculations. In calculating the duration of the implementation, the measure used is the volume of work items that were shared with the productivity tools or power. Arising from the duration, the cost can be calculated from the material, labor, equipment, etc. The results of the various methods of calculation, the next step is to compare the cost and time of each method. The calculations show that the least expensive method and its implementation is fast enough metaldeck method, with a duration of 107 days implementation and total cost Rp.4,687,322,686, -.

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Lway Faisal Abdulrazak

most vehicular application calculating a vehicle speed is very important. In this paper when GPS is not available vehicle speed is calculated by using sensor in the smartphone. Vehicle speed is estimated by calculating the accelerometer and find the acceleration error since it leads to large deviation between calculated speed and the real speed. The acceleration error can be corrected at a point called reference point. Vehicle speed is exactly known through reference point. In urban environment which includes many turn, passing through uneven roads to eliminate the acceleration error caused by estimated speed deviation and to derive reference point. Estimation error on real time in local road is 32mph and in offline is 0.75mph and the GPS average error is 3.1mph and 2.8mph.

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Jamal Khalifa Mohammed Taleb Al Marboui

This study, which was conducted in some of AL-Buraimi schools, aims to highlight the most important effects of spare periods on the teacher in general, or on the class in particular. The reason that made the researcher look into the problems that came along with it and effected directly on dropping students attainment level because of teachers absences. For this study the researcher chose the descriptive approach, being the appropriate approach for this kind of study, as it describes the reality accurately and helps to know the elements of the relationship between teachersí absence and its effect on studentsí attainment level, with what it resulted of outbreaks of this spare period phenomenon and executing it without any clear methods which often leads to the substitute teachers grumbling and its reflect on the future of the educational process. As well as absence is a grave obstacle in achieving the goals that the ministry of education has drawn in which it contributes in dropping students levels, motivation and productivity in work, and creates a chaos in the educational field. That is why the recommendations of this study focused on solving this phenomenon and to restrain it according to scientifically studied systematic methods.

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Jessie O. Samaniego, Maria Antonia N. Tanchuling

Wastewater from small scale gold mining (SSGM) milling facility contains high amount of suspended solids and elevated concentration of Hg and other heavy metals. Most of these milling facilities have inadequately designed sedimentation tanks as its only treatment method, thus releasing wastewater to the receiving water bodies with heavy metals and suspended solids. In this study, sedimentation tests were conducted to investigate the removal of suspended solids and heavy metals (As, Hg, Pb) from actual small scale gold mining (SSGM) wastewater gathered from SSGM area in Paracale, Camarines Norte using settling column. A glass column with a diameter of 7.5 cm and a height of 120 cm was used to determine the removal rate of total suspended solids at settling time up to 720 mins. After 600 min of sedimentation, 100% removal of TSS was achieved. Heavy metal removal in the wastewater were tested at 100 cm from the bottom and results showed that after 480 min, removal efficiencies of 98.69%, 93.60% and 93.70% for As, Hg and Pb, respectively were achieved. The sediments collected from the settling column were analyzed for heavy metal concentrations and particle size distribution by atomic absorption spectrophotometer (AAS) and hydrometer, respectively. The X-ray diffraction (XRD) analysis result of the sediments indicates that the major component is silica.

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Rafiqoh, Syarifah Hudayah, Ardi Parminto, Sugeng Haryadi

The research objectives are to build a structural model the determinant of the Indonesia composite stock price index and its implication to Indonesia foreign direct investment specificly manufactor sector. There are 6 variables need to be built such as exchange rate, financial risk, minimum wage, Dow Jones stock price index, the Indonesia composite stock price index and the Indonesia foreign direct investment for manufactur sector and supported by 16 time series data from 1999 to 2016. The method of this research is path analysis which implemented 6 steps of Partial Least Square software instrument. The result proved that exchange rate, Dow Jones price index and minimum wage have influence significantly to the Indonesia composite stock price index, and only financial risk hasn.t a significant influence to the Indonesia composite stock price index. It is proved that exchange rate, financial risk, Dow Jones price index have a significant influence to sector manufactur of Indonesia foreign direct investment, while the Indonesia composite stock price index has no a significant influence to influence to sector manufactur of Indonesia foreign direct investment

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Elimasni , Haryati, Khairiyah Khairuddin

The research of inducing somatic embryogenesis from salak sidempuan (Salacca sumatrana Becc.) with adding of lysine had been conducted. This study aimed to determine the effect of lysine treatments on the growth and the development of somatic embryos of salak sidempuan (Salacca sumatrana Becc.). The samples collected directly at salak farmers at Padang Sidempuan, North Sumatra. MS Cultures Media were used complete with adding of amino acid lysine. The concentration of lysine were range from 0 mg/L; 10 mg/L; 20 mg/L; 30 mg/L; 40 mg/L and 50 mg/L. The results obtained were analyzed statistically by ANOVA analysis random design. The results showed the best survival rate found on 10 mg/L of lysine concentration., the best wet weight found on 40 mg/L of lysine concentration. This lysine concentration also had good ability to form somatic embryo of salak sidempuan. The histological analysis showed that somatic embryos formed at globular and heartĖshape phase.

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Nana Sepriyanti, Yulia, and Annisa Prihartini

Development a constructivism-based module for the materials of composition and invers function aims to know the validity and practicality of constructivism-based module for Natural Science Grade 11thís learners. The type of the research is Research and Development that uses 4-D model by S. Thiagarajan (1974) that consist of 4 stages, i.e. defining stage, designing stage, developing stage, and disseminating stage. The research is only conducted until the third stage. Defineís stage consists of: a) the analysis front-end; b) the analysis of learners; c) the analysis of concept; d) the analysis of task; and e) specification of learning objectives. Designís stage consists of:a) design of the mathematics module; b) design of lesson plan (RPP); and c) design of research instruments. Developís stage consists of: a) validation module and RPP by expert; b) trial; c) observation; d) questionnaire responses of teachers and learners; d) interview with learners. The research resulted a module of composition and invers function based constructivism for natural science grade 11thís learners. Result of the research indicates that based on the assessment of experts, this module have been valid with an average of 82,89%. Based on the result of questionnaire responses of teachers, questionnaire responses of students, and interviews with students indicates this module have been practical use on mathematics lesson with an average 81,14% by teachers and 90,71% by learners.

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Ernesto Silitonga

Due to the high demand of the management of waste sediment from industrial port in France. The reuse of this particular material is urgently needed to realize. The stabilization is one of the methods proposed. The high content of heavy metal in this waste makes it difficult to stabilize it just only with normal hydraulic binders. Fly ash utilized in this study is a byproduct of from local coalmines. The main idea is to maximize the utilization of waste material by stabilizing waste with a waste material. The application of the reuse of the waste sediment is as material in road construction work. First step is identifying the initial characteristics of waste sediment and binders used in this study. The chemical test is implemented as well to find out the heavy metal content in the waste. The next step is formulating the ideal composition of the binders in the mixtures. In order to verify the capabilities of stabilization process (with fly ash) to meet de needs on road construction is done by realizing several geotechnical tests. The result shows that the heavy metal content of the waste sediment is categorized in a medium level (non hazardous waste). The mixture with highest strength value is not exactly with the highest content of fly ash. The water sensitivity test confirmed that the mixture without any fly ash content couldnít survive to mouillage-sechage cyclic test. . The Unconfined compressive strength and tensile test shows that the addition of fly ash clearly provides an additional performance especially at long term of curing age. The fly ash addition helps to improve the engineering properties and the result confirmed that the waste sediment stabilized with fly ash could and safe to be used as replacement material in sub base course in road pavement.

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Rowland A. Ayuba, Ahmed Nur

The investigations involve the analyses of high resolution aeromagnetic data and satellite imagery over parts of Nasarawa and environs. Airborne magnetic data and satellite imagery were interpreted to delineate structures and lineament pattern of the study area as potential for minerals occurrence, field work was undertaken in the study area to relate the effect of the structures in field to result obtained from the interpretation of the high resolution aeromagnetic data. The lineaments identified on both aeromagnetic map and Satellite imagery are in agreement with the main structural trend of the Benue Trough. Results from the interpretations indicate anomaly trends in the NE-SW, NW-SE, E-W, and NNE-SSW directions. The rose diagrams obtained from the magnetic residual map and the satellite imagery suggest predominantly NE-SW, NW-SE directions, the consistency in the alignment of lineaments suggests a possible genetic association of these anomalies. The occurrences of lineaments which include pegmatites, fracture, faults joints veins and fold as revealed in the quantitative analysis of the magnetic residual contour map, satellite imagery and field work excercise show the interplay of tectonic activities due to multiple deformational episodes, this study highlight magnetic lineaments as key indicators to mineral occurrence.

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Bambang Suseno, Ritha F. Dalimunthe, Yeni Absah

SMK Nusantara Lubukpakam is one level of Vocational education that produces the qualified human resources who are well-prepared to work through the teaching and learning process. The population of this reserach was 238 students of grade XI and XII and 150 students were selected as the samples by using proportionate random sampling. Technique of analysis used was path analysis. The research findings of the first sub-structure shows that the school environment, teachersí attitude and personality simultaneously influences positively and significantly on the concept of students with coefficient (R2) 50.4 percent. Partially, the school environment, teachersí attitude and personality influence positively and significantly on the studentsí self-concept. The research findings of the second sub-structure shows that the school environment, teachersí attitude, personality, studentsí self-concept simultaneously influence positively and significantly on the studentsí motivation with coefficient (R2) 92.6 percent. Partially, the school environment, teachersí attitude, personality, studentsí self-concept influence positively and significantly on the studentsí motivation. However, teachersí personality influences positively but insignificantly on the studentsí learning motivation. Studentsí self-concept is the intervening variable for the influence of school environment and teachersí attitude on the studentsí motivation.

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Ida Mariani Pasaribu, Ameilia Zuliyanti Siregar

This research aims to look emotion intelligence contribution and self concept in problem focused coping on senior high school students on Panca Abdi Bangsa (PABA) Binj Library Science Department held an education service in Strata S1 and the only Library Science Department under the shelter below Private Universities. In conducting the education service Library Science Department is expected to produce graduates who qualified, professional, national and international insight by 2020 (in accordance with the vision of the university). This vision can be realized if the Library Science Department has an adequate lecturer who is adequate both quantity and quality. Quantity means the number of permanent lecturers who teach in Library Science Department. Quality means that lecturers who teach the course must have a library education background. The purpose of this study is to obtain descriptive findings on the planning needs of permanent lecturers in the Library Science Department. This research uses qualitative descriptive approach that is the type of research whose purpose is to describe the characteristics 1) Description, specification, performance standard and job design, 2) Workload and lecturer needs in five years at Library Science Department of Faculty of Economics & Social Sciences Universitas Sari Mutiara Indonesia Field. The results showed that 1). The burden of lecturers teaching in the Library Science Department for the odd semester of 76 credits with the average load per lecturer as much as 19 credits and the total semester load as much as 70 credits with the average load per lecturer 17 credits, 2). Requirement of permanent lecturer at Library Science Department Year 2018/2019 as many as 5 (five) lecturers with competence to teach 60 subjects.

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Abdullah Jaber Hussain, Merzah Kareem Imran, Hala Kadhim Tayyeh

In the present investigation recycled oils used in concrete mixture. The lubricant grade are according to the US standard 5w20 , 5w30 , 10w30 collected from internal combustion engines. The amount of added oil ranged from (10-15) % from the water content hence a reduction of water by the same percentage was take place from the standard unit of concrete (cubic meter), however, the amount of this reduction was calculated and found that the oil added to the single test cube is 50 ml, then SP90 also added to the concrete mixture by amount of 150 ml. A comparisons was made between the lubricant and SP90 for the concrete mixture . The study showed that the results match fairly with the findings of other researchers. The recycle oil used in concrete mixture increase the workability , maintain and improves compressive strength and increases air content. The study also investigate and compare the effect of recycled oil and fresh oil on the concrete mixture and no significant effect observed aluminum sulphate were used to remove the debris from the used oil , which proved efficient in this field according to the practical results mentioned in this work.

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