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Volume 10 - Issue 6, June 2021 Edition

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Sudrajat, Lariman, Rudi Kartika, Widha Prahastika

This study aims to evaluate the ultrastructure of the muscle and bioaccumulation of heavy metal elements in Oreochromis niloticus muscle as a biomarker of environmental pollution in post-coal mining ponds. The fishes sample come from three different ponds, namely from the Control pond,Senong pit (5 years old), and Goldstar pit (10 years old). Heavy metal elements in fish meat were analyzed using Scanning Electron Microscopy combined with an Energy Dispersive tool X-ray (SEM-EDX). The results showed that the level of accumulation of heavy metals (K, Cu, Zn) in fish samples with the highest percentage of metal elements was Cu between 1.48-1.74%; Zn between 0,80-1.17% and K between 1.58-2.43%. Histological lesions in the muscle tissue of Tilapia, O.niloticus are in line with the accumulation of the metals. The levels of Cu, Cl, and K in muscle from Control are lower in longer ponds, highest Zn percentage in old ponds. These results provide evidence that microanalysis of metal elements in tissue with SEM-EDX and fish muscle ultrahistopathology as biomarkers can be used as an indicator of pollutant exposure in post-coal mine land waters. The findings of this study are expected to be used as consideration in the aspect of diagnostic methods in monitoring fish health status and quality of fish products originating from post-mining ponds.

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Suhni Abbasi, Kavita Tabbassum, Hameedullah Kazi, Saima Tunio, Sirajuddin Qureshi

In addition to broad support for object-oriented (OO) adaptability, it is difficult and challenging for students to master the basic OO concepts. This suggests the need to improve research to identify cognitive difficulties for minimizing the dropout ratio of students in programming courses as well as improve overall learning performance. In this paper, the competency model is designed for determining the major competencies required for mastering the skill of OOP. The competency model is also used as the expected learning outcomes intended to achieve for learning OO. The survey is conducted to identify the difficulties that are attained at each specific level of competence. The results of the student's observation of the completed task indicate that for students, identifying classes, defining states and behaviors, associations between classes, creating objects from specific classes, and other basic OO features in a given problem scenario are challenging for the students to be masters in. In addition, the results of student feedback indicate that improper feedback on high-cognitive topics, lack of comprehension of basic concepts, and difficulties in teaching methods have become the main reason for students' lack of interest in learning OO. The findings of this paper would be helpful for educators to reduce the difficulties by providing simplified teaching methodology or any an interactive learning environment.

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Naveed Anwar, Shoaib Shah, Vickram Telraja, Ghulam Mustafa Shaikh

Psychopathy has taken its due stake in research; while the curiosity in this area is still growing corporate psychopathy has emerged as a new area of research. The psychopaths working in organizational settings are called corporate psychopaths. These corporate psychopaths are prune to manipulation, are attracted to status, power and money. Typically found in higher positions in organizations, these snakes in suites can cause damage to organization such as large scale frauds. Numerous researchers have recognized the connection among psychopaths and moral emotions. Bulk of research work have vocalized about self-directed negative signals of psychopaths (guilt, regret, remorse, shame , embarrassment) and negative signals directed towards others ( anger, rage, indignation, contempt, disgust, resentment, scum, envy, jealousy, schadenfreude). Nevertheless, we found sparse equal to none research related to corporate psychopathy and positive signals such as pride. Taking lead from this significant research gap, we reviewed the literature related to the corporate psychopaths and one of the self-directed positive moral emotions (pride) and conceptually link both the emotions of pride and corporate psychopathy. Eventually we proposed a conceptual framework. We suggested that corporate psychopaths are false diviners; due to their Narcissistic personality and nature have an authentic and hubristic pride. Authentic and Hubristic pride are prides which is the darker sides of pride, bursting with false self-worth, ego and self-deception. This conceptual framework is a fist of its kind and a feed for thought for future researcher. We also have proposed research directions for future researcher.

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Dayaningrat,, Leila Kalsum , Rusdianasari, Endi Adriansyah, Santoso

Landfill place for processing and returning waste to environmental media. Talang Gulo Landfill has made efforts to independently process biogas or methane gas from the Landfill area. The biogas has been used to fuel household cooking needs in the settlements around the Landfill and for its own electricity needs at the Talang Gulo Landfill. Test the methane gas.done five times. The first test reduced the methane gas content by 72%, the second test reduced the methane gas content by 74%, the third test reduced the methane gas content by 86%.77%, in the fourth test the methane gas content increased by 69%, and in the fifth test, the methane gas content decreased by 66%.The highest level of methane gas in the IRRC-WTE Jambi City was 76% carried out using the Bosean portable gas analyzer and the average analysis results showed that at 86% the biogas content has met quality standards and is suitable for use. It is hoped that it can make a big contribution in overcoming the problem of municipal solid waste in Jambi

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Muhammad Dawood Idrees, Raja Shafaat Hussain, Muhammad Osama,Arsalan Ansari, Abdul Sami

The automotive sector is one of the biggest and most persuasive sector for the economy of any country and it comprises of the assortment of associations and enterprises participating in the plan, advancement, assembling, advertising, and selling of items, the car inventory network contains a forward progression of materials and in reverse progression of data. However there are several boundaries that will be the reason for aggravation in the store network. Moreover, the purpose to highlight barriers is to prevent companies to apply a successful supply chain. Supply chain management is considered a crucial area in the automotive sector and plays a vital role for a firm to stand competitive in the market. Many industries, focusing on supply chain issues and their causes to gain a competitive advantage. This paper is based on a quantitative analysis of barriers in the supply chain of the automotive sector, which are identified through literature review, brainstorming, and the expert’s opinion. A model is developed further, containing barriers and their major causes that are analyzed by using Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP). This study will prioritize those barriers according to their weights and quantify the most influential barriers in the automotive sector.

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Farhad Hassan, Amir Ijaz, Mubashir Ali, Zeshan Afzal, Farrukh Arslan

Internet of things is evolving technology which driving the world towards automation and smart systems. It is major factor of industry 4.0, smart cities and smart societies. Currently, the traffic is increasing exponentially in big cities; control and management of traffic in smart cities is well-known issue. Efficient congestion control and traffic management save many valuable resources. Various sensors are integrated in automated and smart systems to sense, collect and transfer data. Machine learning is another emerging technology that improves the intelligence and capabilities of smart systems. In this paper, we proposed an IoT-ITCHS-ML model to sense, analyze and control the traffic congestion in smart societies. The proposed system sense and notify the congested areas. The proposed systems performed significantly well in comparison with previous approaches and obtain 99.2% accuracy with only 1.2% missrate in training phase; 98.5% accuracy in validation phase. This research prosper the smart systems, IoT innovations and impact of machine learning in smart societies.

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IqraAbid, RanaMudassar Rasool , Muhammad Saleem, Muhammad Aleem, Riffat Hanif

Ad Hoc Network due to its infrastructure less ability. It has been providing lots of benefits in the field of communication and has changed the word into Global village. It has many features for example deployment facility, limited resources, dynamic topology and physical insecurity, the chances of attack increased than any other network. And due to dynamic topology, no static solution is applicable. There are two defense mechanism that can reduce the attack. First includes cryptography etc. If this defense is broken then intrusion detection system helps to reduce the attack ratio. In this survey paper, intrusion detection system taxonomy has been observed through different point of view. But the IDS detection mechanism has been elaborated in detail. And a comparison has been performed between the detection mechanism been used so far. Finally, we concluded useful information related to different mechanism and which mechanism has been used the most and performed well.

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Maria Hafeez, Muhammad Dawood Idrees, Arsalan Ansari, Abdul Sami

Mobile phone is currently one of the main sources of information and communication. The use of mobile phones has increased significantly over the past two decade. Although mobile phones were initially limited to only calls and messages, with the development of technology mobile phones are also upgraded and smart phones have taken places in the market. Smart phones are used for many reasons and video games are one of them. There are several positive usages of mobile phones but mobile game addiction is one of the leading cause of psychological and physiological issues among users. The purpose of this study is to investigate the difference between mobile game addicted and non-addicted users using electroencephalography (EEG). In this study mobile users are asked to play a mobile game and their brain signals were recorded by BIOPAC equipment and a data acquisition software. EEG signals were recorded from occipital, parietal, frontal, and lobes of the brain. For this study participants were asked to play a video game and a 60 seconds time window was chosen for signal analysis. This study is conducted into two parts, in the other stage a survey based data was collected and CGS manual study 2010 was employed for this purpose, and results of this survey was concluded that five participants were addicted and 10 were not addicted. This survey study is used as prior information to categorize the participants into addicted and non-addicted groups. Cluster analysis technique was used to categorize the addicted and non-addicted participants.

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Asim Ahmad Riaz, Abdul Shakoor, Naveed Ullah, Waseem Akram, Zuhaib Ali Khan

In product design and its life cycle, selection of right choice of material is critical. Software based tools were extensively used to identify and select the appropriate materials as per design requirements. Each material has a known set of properties i.e. physical, mechanical and thermal properties and so on. For material engineers and designers, manual method of material evaluation and then selection of best fit material is a hectic task and time-consuming activity. Digital tool for material selection includes Idemat, MatWeb, IDES prospector etc. Granta’s design CES (Cambridge Engineering Selector) Edupack is one of the digital tools which has library of more than 4000 materials for ranking and selection as per design inputs. In this software, product/part functional and design requirements are fed with certain constraints as an input to shortlist the best fit choice of materials. The study focuses software and analytical-based material selection for piston rod of manual, hydraulic or pneumatic jack using CES EduPack software and material property rating chart method. Piston rod is a critical and major load bearing element of lifting jack. It is found that stainless steel is the most economical and highly rated and ranked material for the piston rod in lifting jack.

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Sonilasahar,MuhammadSaleem , Sneelakousar,RanaMudassarRasool , RiffatHanifMubasher Malik

Everyday a number of users upload their images on social sharing platforms. Billions of images are uploaded daily and these images depict a lot of information about the culture and living style of different people living in different regions of the world. In this paper we investigate the current style or trends worldwide. In order to analyze the Men’s clothes styles we presented a framework for millions of photos for all over the world. To analyze the Men’s clothes and draw a result we used a huge dataset having a large number of photos. To discover consistent style clusters we also present a method that helps to find correlations in a dataset. We analyze millions of photos shared by different people on different platforms to derive visual insight.

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Muhammad AsadIqbal, Khalid Masood, AnasRiaz, AneelaMehmood, Amina Atta

Malignancy (Cancer) is a disease wherein a wild development of cells happens that can likewise spread into the encompassing tissues. Oral malignancy is characterized as the advancement of destructive cells in any part of the mouth which include lips, tongue, cheeks, floor of the mouth, hard and delicate palates, sinuses, and oropharynx (the part at the rear of the mouth). In some cases, it is mentioned as Oral malignant growth and at different occasions may likewise as Oral cavity disease, however it is something very similar. There is a wide range of types of Oral Cancers and patients with Oral tumors must go through an extensive diagnostic system to identify the type of cancer along with its stage to develop a personalized and customized treatment plan according to the patient’s need. The focus of this research work is squamous cell carcinoma by using biopsy images. Through this work, the oral cavity cancer detection can be easier and more accurate especially in far flung areas where the enough medical staff is not available.. The dataset contains two classes (normal and malignant). The classification model employs a number of machine learning algorithms such as decision tree and support vector machine and an overall accuracy of 98% is achieved.

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Altaf Hussain Abro, Saria Abbasi

A linear pattern is one in which the number of items decreases or increases over time. This data appears as a straight line angled diagonally up or down on a graph (the angle may be steep or shallow). As a result, the trend may be either upward or downward. These techniques or patterns are being used to collect the data of the articles. Making use of the Annotated Bibliography it has been discovered that various patterns and different Big Data algorithms that are being used in healthcare to predict the disease and then give the medicine according to that data collected for the disease. Some gaps have been identified in the literature review; the central gap was that there was no Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) in the articles. This is the most updated technique that is being used to recognize the disease based on images. For example, if we have the data of ten thousand x-rays. We have put that all the data in the system and then perform different algorithms. Our prediction system will predict that on behalf of this x-ray, what is the disease to this person.Various steps or techniques can be used to expand the current annotated bibliography into more extended literature. CNN technique can be used to identify the patients' disease on behalf of x-rays or any image. To implement this, we need to collect public data; we will be using public data because it is verified data. We will require around ten thousand+ datasets, and then we have to perform different algorithms so that our prediction system will work accurately. These are the steps that needed to be taken to expand the current annotated bibliography.

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Kavita Tabbassum, Shahnawaz Farhan, Suhni Abbassi, Zulfiqar Maher, Saima Tunio

This research is aimed at the dynamic management of SPM on a single processing core. A dynamic SPM dynamic management strategy based on random sampling is proposed. The dynamic memory access characteristics displayed during the execution of the program and are used to manage SPM and make the SPM management free from depending on Profiling information and compilers. The difference between this method and the traditional SPM management strategy is that it utilizes the hardware support provided by DataUnit, and performs complete runtime management of SPM through software and hardware coordination, which can better reflect the dynamic changes of program access during program execution. . Furthermore, this paper extends the random sampling SPM allocation algorithm to a multi-tasking environment, simulates the multi-tasking environment by modifying the small real-time operating system RTOS, and designs a multi-task test program set based on RTOS as needed. The performance of SPM is performed using a random sampling algorithm in the single task environment.

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Farid Ullah Khan, Wahad Ur Rahman and Muhammad Masood Ahmad

This work presents modeling, simulation, and fabrication of a micro Kaplan turbine for low head, water channel applications. To predict the optimal design parameters of the turbine, analytical modeling and simulations are performed. Furthermore, the dependence of generated power at different features of the Kaplan turbine is also investigated. The simulations reveal that the turbine runner diameter, spiral casing, and draft tube dimensions vary with the variation in head and discharge. With the devised analytical model and simulation results, a Kaplan turbine is designed for a water channel conditions (discharge of 0.35 m3/s and head of 2 m) and is predicted to produce an estimated power of 5.8 kW. Based on the simulations, a micro Kaplan turbine is also fabricated having a runner of 34 cm diameter with four numbers of runner’s blades and ten guide vanes. Moreover, the developed Kaplan turbine is temporarily installed on a water channel site and it successfully generated acceptable power levels from the low head condition of 0.92 m.

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Budy Sugandi, Endale Tadesse, Nabila Ghassani

The key purpose of the study was to assess the influence of principals’ instructional leadership practice on teachers’ organizational commitment inPublic High Schools at Yogyakarta Province, Indonesia.For that reason,the researcher usedacross-sectional survey design to get wide information from the participants of the study.Public highschool teachers were the target group and simple random sampling wasimplemented to get 250 teachers from 5 high schools from the totally of 8schools in Yogyakarta.OC and PIMRS scales were employed as thequestionnaires which are employed to get the intended responses from the sample teachers who participated in the study. The data was analysedby the means of descriptive statistics, correlations (zero-order and partial), and multiple regressions were.From the finding, it was concluded that male, experienced and elder teachers have low commitment level but they believe that instructional level may help them to develop their commitment to their school and principal’s instructional leadership practice seems very practical from teachers’ view of perception.Therefore its recommended that the government needs to assign more young teachers in high school and promote peer teaching among teachers to create a balance.

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Nazar Hussain, Mujeeb ur Rehman, Shumaila, Zafar Uz Zaman Anjum

Talent management is a function within a firm that links the changed landscape of work and the new emerging workforce with the firm’s strategy and business models. The innovative talent management is about employing and maintaining the right people, to do the right work, at the right time, at the right place and at the right price. Managing the talented human resource has become a serious challenge for human resource management practitioners and managers worldwide in all firms and particularly in legal firms. Unfortunately talent management has never been more important in legal industry as changes that are taking place in legal industry now a day, has never been more important. This research examined the impact of talent management on competitive advantage within law firms. A Cross-sectional survey’s data analysis results reveal that innovative talent management significantly and positively predicts the competitive advantage within law firms. Today, doing talent management is well game changer so Legal industry need to react innovatively to this factor to be economical and competitive. The legal workforce is likely to be more mobile, therefore law firms will need to adopt a different and innovative talent management approaches for recruiting, retention and engagement of legal workforce in a competitive working environment.

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Alfred Maroyi

Dioscorea sylvatica Eckl. is a twining herb widely used as traditional medicine in southern Africa. The current study critically reviewed the medicinal uses, phytochemistry and pharmacological properties of D. sylvatica. A systematic review of the literature studies was carried out to document the medicinal uses, phytochemistry and pharmacological properties of D. sylvatica. The results of the current study are based on literature survey conducted using various search engines such as Web of Science, Elsevier, Pubmed, Google scholar, Springer, Science Direct, Scopus, Taylor and Francis, and pre-electronic sources such as books, book chapters, scientific journals and other grey literature obtained from the University library. This study revealed that D. sylvatica is used mainly as blood purifier, charm, rituals and ethnoveterinary medicine, traditional medicine for gastro-intestinal problems, gonorrhoea, respiratory infections, rheumatism, skin infections, sores, wounds and cuts. Pharmacological research identified 2-carboxyarabinitol, alkaloids, anthocyanins, bibenzyl, calcium oxalate crystals, diarylnonanoids, flavonoids, pyrogallol, sapogenin, saponins, shikimic acid, tannins and terpenoids. The crude extracts of D. sylvatica and phytochemical compounds isolated from the species exhibited antibacterial, antimycobacterial, antifungal, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and antibiotic-potentiating activities. Dioscorea sylvatica should be subjected to detailed phytochemical, pharmacological and toxicological evaluations aimed at correlating its medicinal uses with its phytochemistry and pharmacological activities.

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Yuniantoro Sudrajad , Hary Yuswadi, Purwowibowo, Ahmad Toha

The implementation of remuneration becomes a fundamental change in the process of management of Human Resources, especially in the KPKNL Jember. Since 2016, the KPKNL Jember has been implementing remuneration system. Therefore to find out e-Performance and e-ABK innovations in remuneration manage system to improve employee performance at the KPKNL Jember. The study was conducted with a qualitative approach through in-depth interviews with informants. In this study, the informants were officials and executors who totaled 6 people. The results of this study indicate that e-Performance and e-ABK innovation in remuneration management systems can improve employee performance. The application of e-Performance and e-ABK innovations is supported by good resources, innovative leaders, executors, budgets, and regulations. There has been a change in employee work culture, mindset, professionalism, motivation, and discipline after the implementation of e-Performance and e-ABK. Employee performance increases with the implementation of a remuneration management system. However, there need to be improvements in the features in the e-Performance and e-ABK applications, especially the performance appraisal report module which does not yet display Work Achievement Value in the form of percentage and categories, Employee Work Target Value (SKP), Value of Work Performance Appraisal (DP3) and Employee Performance Achievements.

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Hendra, Mudatsir, Elly Wardani

The situation-background-assessment-recommendation (SBAR) communication is the right choice for nurses to communicate and transfer information about the condition of patients. Effective SBAR communication will improve patient safety, and nurses' positive attitudes to perform the SBAR communication can impact patient satisfaction. This study aimed to determine the effects of SBAR communication training on nurse associates' knowledge and attitude in inpatient units of the Regional General Hospital of Aceh. This quantitative research employed a quasi-experimental design with a pretest-posttest design without a control group. The sample size was determined by using the formula test of two means of the pair groups. The samples of this study were 49 nurses with the SBAR communication training interventions. This study employed the probability sampling technique. The tool of data collection was questionnaires. This study employed the statistical, descriptive, and inferential tests with the paired t-test, Wilcoxon test, Pearson's test, and Spearman test. The results revealed that there were several effects of the SBAR communication training on the knowledge of nurses (p= 0.0001), there were influences of the training on the attitudes of nurses (p=0.008), and there was a correlation between educational levels and knowledge (p=0.02). The SBAR communication training could increase the knowledge and attitude of the nurses. The nursing manager should make efforts to improve and maintain the nurses' knowledge and attitude on the SBAR communication. Consequently, patient safety and satisfaction from nursing care can be achieved.

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Alfred Maroyi

Brunsvigia grandiflora Lindl. and B. radulosa Herb. are perennial herbs with a long history of medicinal use in southern Africa. The aim of this study was to review the medicinal uses, phytochemistry and biological activities of B. grandiflora and B. radulosa. A systematic review of the literature was carried out to document the medicinal uses, phytochemistry and biological activities of B. grandiflora and B. radulosa. The results of this study are based on data obtained from electronic databases such as Web of Science, Elsevier, Pubmed, Google scholar, Springer, Science Direct, Scopus, Taylor and Francis, and pre-electronic sources such as books, book chapters, scientific journals and other grey literature obtained from the University library. This study revealed that B. grandiflora and B. radulosa are mainly used to facilitate easy birth and traditional medicines for circumcision wounds, colds, cough, infertility in women, liver and renal complaints. Pharmacological research identified phytochemical compounds such as 11-hydroxyvittatine, 1-o-acetyl-lycorine, 1-o-acetylnorpluviine, 1-epideacetylbowdensine, anhydrolycorin-6-one, anhydrolycorinium chloride, apohaemanthamine, brunsvigine, crinamine, crinine, galantamine, hamayne, lycorine and sternbergine. The crude extracts of B. grandiflora and B. radulosa and phytochemical compounds isolated from the species exhibited antibacterial, antimycobacterial, anticonvulsant, anti-inflammatory, neurological, antiplasmodial, antitumour and cytotoxicity activities. There is need for extensive phytochemical, pharmacological and toxicological studies of crude extracts of B. grandiflora and B. radulosa and phytochemical compounds isolated from the species.

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Atal Khattak, Muhammad Masood Ahmad, Farid Ullah Khan

This paper presents the development of a control and data acquisition system for a machines and equipments.The system is highly beneficial and applicable for internet of things (IoTs) environment. By utilizing the devised system one can sit on a computer and can use a specially made Graphical User Interface (GUI) to control a process and obtain data through sensors. Tkinter toolbox in Python language libraries is used to create the GUI, while Arduino acts as intermediary between the system and the computer. The control section of the GUI is used to control speed of two DC motors through an H-bridge drive module and the data acquisition section is used to obtain data from an accelerometer. The developed system and software is successfully tested for the speed regulation and acceleration measurement for DC motors. In the system, microcontroller reads data and transmits it to the computer using USB connection. Once on the computer data is graphically represented then graphs and data can be saved on the computer or forwarded to another computer using email.

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Saad Darwish, Zorah Abu Kassim,Isa Sharif Mohammed Abdulla

This study empirically validated J.I.T. principles, specifically ineffective stock control management in a business organization in Bahrain. The methodology employed is descriptive statistics, Pearson Correlations and Multiple Regression. One hundred one employees of Ashraf's W.L.L. Company participated by a questionnaire survey. Findings indicate a positive relationship between supplier relationship, management attitude and employee approval and J.I.T. practice inefficient stock keeping. However, there was a negative relationship between work distribution and stock control and J.I.T. practice of stock-keeping while the time factor is insignificant. Managerial implications are; management attitude and support essential; good supplier relationship plays an integral role. Thus, communication vital, and employees need to be empowered. H.R., therefore, plays a strategic role in organizations. Limitations of study; small sample size and no interactive effects examined. Further studies; other factors could be considered such as zero defects, quality control.

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Alfred Maroyi

The genus Astripomoea A. Meeuse (Convolvulaceae) comprises 12 species with its centre of diversity in East Africa. Some of the species are widely used as traditional medicines. Therefore, this study aims at providing comprehensive information on the medicinal uses, phytochemical and pharmacological properties of Astripomoea species. Electronic databases, including Web of Science, Science Direct, Google Scholar, Scopus, PubMed, and Springer Link were used as information sources. Additional information was obtained from pre-electronic sources such as books, book chapters, scientific journals and other grey literature obtained from the University library. Astripomoea grantii, A. lachnosperma, A. malvacea and A. rotundata were identified as the most frequently used members of the genus as sources of traditional medicines. The aerial parts, flower sap, leaf sap, leaf smoke, leaf and root infusion or decoction of A. grantii, A. lachnosperma, A. malvacea and A. rotundata are mainly used to induce labour and as ethnoveterinary medicine, and traditional medicine for abdominal pains, constipation, cough, eye problems, inflammation, madness, malaria and swellings. The aliphatic tropine, nor-tropine esters and the alkaloid astrimalvine A N-oxide have been isolated from the root bark of A. malvacea. Some species of Astripomoea such as A. grantii and A. malvacea exhibited pharmacological activities such as antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral activities. The genus Astripomoea is a valuable source of bioactive phytochemical compounds with therapeutic potential in different diseases. More and broader ethnopharmacological studies are therefore, needed to provide further evidence of the health benefits associated with Astripomoea species.

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DG Brian A. Guayan, Kathleen Grace S. Paraguas, Denis A. Tan

The Earth has been facing a lot of climate change lately due to global warming. This gives rise to being more innovative with our waste and start recycling and producing it into another substance that would also help us in terms of agriculture. Since there is also an ongoing pandemic that is happening it is also best to stay at our households and start practicing healthy living. This study assessed the effects of organic fertilizer made from chicken manure, carbonized rice hull and mud press with microbial inoculant on the growth and yield performance of the mungbeans. To determine what composition of organic fertilizer (OF) and garden soil (GS) would give a better or best growth and yield performance of mungbeans, treatments with varied proportions were tested with T0 (100% GS), T1 (25% OF + 75% GS), T2 (50% OF + 50% GS), T3 (75% OF + 25% GS) in plot beds with three replicates using Randomized Completed Random Block (RCBD) design. Results showed that T2 produced the highest plant height, most numbered leaves and branches. Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) test indicated a significant difference in the number of pods per plant between treatments but no significant difference in the number of seeds per pod and the weight of 1000-seeds. Post hoc test revealed that T2 produced best yield performance of mungbeans in terms of the number of pods per plant. This suggests that among the treatments of organic fertilizer, its suitable mixture with garden soil is 50%-50% giving a very high significant difference (p<0.000) of yield performance compared to the other treatments in the study.

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Avanianban Chakkarapani, Matthew Liau Pei Sheng

This study explored the long-term retention of basic science knowledge and the ability to understand and make use of basic science in explaining a clinical scenario in the final year of medical school. A sample of 54 senior health science students was reassessed using the same human anatomy examination paper they had taken 3 years earlier. This was followed by an in-depth interview on one of the topics taken from the test. Their respective level of knowledge was compared with their performance in the interview. The test was analyzed according to the revised Bloom’s Taxonomy, and the interviews carried out according to the phenomenographic approach. The findings of the study depicted that there was poor retention of knowledge among health science students. Whereas the comparison among the health science disciplines, the findings showed that there was no difference in knowledge retention among the physiotherapy, nursing and traditional Chinese medicine students. Findings suggest a substantial loss of basic science knowledge during clinical training. Attention should be directed to designing assessment methods that are purposeful for health science graduates as well as how that knowledge should be acquired and retained lifelong throughout their clinical practice.

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Jarot Setiaji, Feli Feliatra, Iesje Lukystiowati, Mardalisa

Aquaculture provides a large business opportunity along with the large demand for fish. One problem is the presence of pathogenic bacteria that attack cultivated fish. The use of synthetic antibiotics has been increasingly reduced and returned to natural antimicrobials. The use of natural anti-microbes has great potential to be developed. One of the things that can be used is secondary metabolism of heterotrophic bacteria which is widely spread in the waters. This study aims to determine the ability of secondary metabolite production of heterotrophic bacteria to inhibit the activity of pathogenic bacteria (Vibrio alginolyticus, Aeromonas hydrophila and Pseudomonas sp).The method used is the experimental method. 10 Heterotrophic bacterial isolates obtained from the collection of marine microbiology laboratories were cultured on Nutrient broth media for 7 days and penned during stationary times, then extracted from secondary media from the media and shells using Etyl Acetate. The secondary metabolite extract was tested against 3 pathogenic bacteria that usually attack fish.Based on the results of the antagonism test conducted, 10 heterotrophic bacterial isolates were able to inhibit the growth of all three pathogenic bacteria. The strength of the inhibition in Vibrio alginolyticus varies between 6.8 - 11.76mm, The strength of the inhibition in Aeromonas hydropila bacteria ranges from 6.8 to 9.5 mm, the strength of the inhibitory strength in Pseudomonas aeroginosa bacteria varies between 6.7-11.1 mm. Overall the inhibition of the three strongest pathogenic bacteria was N isolates (Bacillus cereus code access KM489154.1). and the weakest is Q isolate (Bacillus cereus, code access KY750689.1. Conclusion. Heterotrotic bacteria produce secondary metabolites that can inhibit the growth of pathogenic bacteria in fish. Secondary metabolism of heterotrophic bacteria has the potential to be developed as an anti microbial in pathogenic bacteria in fish..

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Wen Via Trisna, Sy. Effi Daniati, Tri Purnama Sari

This study was designed to Analysis of Technology Acceptance on Primary Care (P-Care) Application in the Public Health Center in All Cities in Pekanbaru. The research subject was the operator of primary care information with a total sample of 255 Public Health Center in Riau province within 2019-2020. This research finding shows that there is a significant relationship between the Registration service, Acceptance, policy, with Implementation and performance of p-care application users in the Public Health Center in Riau province

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Moch. Rizky Firmansyah, Sina Setyadi, Tanto Gatot Sumarsono

BUMN is a business entity owned by the state. BUMN also has a subsidiary. To loan a company performance, a qualified human resource is needed. There are several factors or variables that affect the performance of a company, such as this study, namely variable reward, punishment, work motivation and employee performance. This research took place at PT. Haleyora Power, Zone 1 and Zone 2 in Pasuruan Area. This study had a sampling of 134 people. There are 4 hypothesis tests in this study. The first hypothesis shows that reward and punishment variables have an effect on work motivation, the second hypothesis shows that reward and punishment variables have an effect on employee performance.

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Mohsin Hassan Albdery, István Szabó

Rolling element bearings are critical components of rotating machines, and fault in the bearing can cause the machine to fail. Bearing failure is one of the leading causes of failure in various rotating machines used in industry at high and low speeds. As a result, early detection of such defects could prevent failure of the industrial sector or machinery by replacing rolling element bearing and the severity of damage under operating conditions of the bearing, which may help avoid machine malfunctioning. Defective bearings cause vibration, and these vibration signals can be used to evaluate the faulty bearings. This article provides a brief overview of recent trends in bearing fault detection techniques. Finally, it is concluded that vibration analysis technique and other fault diagnostics and condition monitoring of rolling element bearings, fault detection techniques produce better results.

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Nur Zeina Maya Sari

Study aims to determine the effect information technology on the success of the accounting information system at the Inspectorate of government. Descriptive and verification method with quantitative approach. Primary data form of a questionnaire distributed to employees Inspectorate municipal government. Independent variable information technology research. The dependent variable in this research is the success of the accounting information systems. The technique of data analysis is multiple linear regression, and uses the SPSS version 22 application. This data analysis is based on data from 32 respondents who have completed all the questions questionnaire. Research shows that there is influence of technology information on the success of accounting information systems.

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Waqad Hashmi, M Asif Arif, Sarmad Shams, Sarwar Wasi, Shahzad Nasim

In past few years, Light-Fidelity (Li-Fi) also called Visible Light Communication (VLC) has emerged as a promising technology in the field of wireless communication. It has enabled the engineering community to envision a reliable solution to current bandwidth restrictions and open a new horizon for large capacity wireless communication. In such communication system, an optical sensor or receiver translates the data which is in the form of luminous modulation flux into an electrical signal. The receiver plays an important role in data translation. In general, the Li-Fi receivers either utilize a photovoltaic module or it based on PIN photodiode. The objective of this paper is to present a comprehensive study for implementing the visible light communication system using both photovoltaic cell and PIN diode. The paper discusses the hardware modules and implementation of VLC system. In addition, the paper also provides a comparison by using an experimental setup between the photovoltaic cell and PIN diode to receive wireless data

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Netty Herawati, Reggy Firman Pratama, Rifdah

Elephant grass (Pennisetum Purpureum) is one type of underutilized plant. Grass is only used as fodder and is often considered a disruptive plant whereas elephant grass contains a high level of cellulose at 40.58%. plants that have high cellulose levels can be used as raw materials for the manufacture of activated carbon. Carbon is one of the materials in the form of granules or powders and the use of activated carbon is quite extensive, both in large and small industries. In addition to plants, activated carbon can be made from raw materials derived from animals, waste or minerals containing carbon such as: bones, softwood, husks, corn cobs, coconut shells, coconut husks, cane milling pulp, paper making pulp, sawdust, hardwood and coal. This study aims to determine the influence of the type and concentration of activator substances on the process of making activated carbon with an active temperature of 600, 700, 800 and a concentration of 0.2M 0.3M 0.4M 0.5M and 0.6M, the process of making activated carbon is carried out with a 24-hour activation time, a carbonization temperature of 750oC, a carbonization time of 15 minutes, and an active carbon size of 200 meshes and types of activator substances (HCl, NaOH, and NaCl) with concentrations (0.2M 0.3M 0.4M 0.5M and 0.6M respectively). The results showed volatile matter levels of 2,834%, water content of 4.1%, ash content between 0.271%, and absorption of iodium 1,243.62 mg/g. The optimum condition of activated carbon from elephant grass is in the HCl activator type concentration of 0.6 M.

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Gargantiel, Maryglen, Faller, Erwin M.

Plants have provided man with all his needs in terms of shelter, clothing, food, flavors and fragrances as not the smallest amount, medicines [1]. According to the estimation of the World Health Organization, 80% of the population in developing countries still depends on folk medicine for prevention or treatment of illnesses [2]. Chronic diseases have resulted from the radical change in the lifestyle choices of people over the century. [3] The use of herbal and traditional medicines may be a common practice because the option of traditional medicines within the treatment of lifestyle associated diseases (such as hypertension and diabetes mellitus) are found to be more practical due to its cheaper cost [4]. Diabetes mellitus is a public health problem which leads to serious complications over time [5]. Diabetes mellitus (DM), both insulin- dependent DM (IDDM) and non-insulin dependent DM (NIDDM) may be a common and high disorder throughout the planet. The use of traditional plant remedies has been practiced throughout the world for diabetes mellitus [6]. As mentioned in the review article of Bahare et. al in 2019[7] traditional knowledge of antidiabetic Asian plants were found in different countries in Southeast Asia like Iran; Malaysia; Philippines; Saudi Arabia; Sri Lanka and India, to name a few. A compiled review on the information about medicinal plants used for the treatment of diabetes mellitus was done comprehensively and was proven that plants are a potential source of anti-diabetic drugs through ethnobotanical information reports of several plants that may possess anti-diabetic potential. The present review aims to examine some of the important plant species and their constituents, showing their beneficial effects such as the potential antidiabetic activity that can be used in the management of diabetes.

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Waseem Akram, Sajjad Ahmad, Nabeel Maqsood, Asim Ahmad Riaz, Naveed Ullah

AISI 316L Stainless steel (SS) belongs to a sub class of Austenitic Chromium Nickel SS. It has wide range of applications due to its excellent property profile. It exhibits and sustains good mechanical strength even at higher temperature and depicts better corrosion resistance. The corrosion performance of AISI 316L SS degrades when it exposes to acidic environment and gets corroded. The present study attempts to investigate the corrosion prevention performance of Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) coated AISI 316L Stainless Steel exposed to H2SO4 acidic medium. The corrosion performance and corrosion rates are investigated in different concentration of H2SO4 using electrochemical corrosion test and Potentiodynamic polarization graphs. Different concentrations of H2SO4 were considered in this study. Using Scanning Electron Microscope, the morphological details of pre- and post-PTFE coated samples of AISI 316L SS were examined and discussed before and after electrochemical corrosion tests. It is found that in comparison with uncoated AISI 316L SS samples, PTFE coated samples provide a relatively good resistance to corrosion rate in H2SO4 acidic medium.

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Ayesha Anwar Sulehri, Awais Ijaz, Rana Muhammad Amir, Rao Sabir Sattar, Ansa Rebi, Muhammad Hammad Raza, Amreena Begum, Hafiz Ali Raza

Citrus is one of the significant fruit crops worldwide and also grown in Pakistan provinces. Punjab produces above 95% of this fruit crop due to a conducive growing environment. The citrus production gap is linked with numerous factors; the main factor is insects and diseases of citrus fruits. In this respect, the main problem is fewer responsiveness of farmers about citrus canker disease. At the time of need, farmers are not capable to achieve the demands of the citrus fruit, so make a vast gap in citrus manufacture. Citrus canker is an excessive disorder, the pathogen, normally characterized through visible rough scratches on fruit, stems and leaves, twig dieback, falling off undeveloped fruits and trees and defoliation. The aim of the current study was to identify the farmer’s awareness about the citrus canker disease and pest control measures. Therefore, the current study conducted in Tehsil Jaranwala, District Faisalabad. From the selected tehsil one union council was selected through purposive sampling technique and from eight villages of the union council (UC-15) citrus growers were selected which made a collective sample size of 120 respondents. A face-to-face interview was conducted for the collection of data. The results of the study presented that the majority of the respondents were growing Kinnow. Farmers suffering from many constraints as the majority of citrus growers faced citrus canker disease. Results indicated that research organizations, citrus development projects and newspaper were more effective source of information in order to control citrus canker disease. Respondents faced a lot of constraints regarding plant protection measures, these were non-availability of tube wells, expensive pesticides, spraying material due to high prices, lack of knowledge and less cooperation of extension workers. It is concluded from the current study that the growers need the training to increase the technical knowledge, finance for investment and pure chemicals for better protection. Growers were more dependent on conventional methods instead of bio-control. It is urged to the responsible sectors to create an awareness campaign should be launched regarding the effective control of the citrus canker disease and imparted the technical skills among growers to control it in an effective way.

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Irza Arnita Nur, Hadi Supardi, Audra Ligafinza, Luisa Febrina Amalo, Vidya Nur Trissanti, Agus Alim Hakim, Hefni Effendi, Yusli Wardiatno

The recent oil spill incident in coastal area of Karawang Regency in West Java, Indonesia spread to the surroundings coastal waters of Bekasi and Seribu Islands. These coastal waters are connected and are fishing ground of most artisanal fishermen in these coastal area. It is, therefore worthwhile to examine the fish quality collected from the exposed area after the incident. This study was carried out to provide information on heavy metal concentrations in the muscles of several fish species, including crabs and shellfish. The fish, crabs and shellfish samples were collected with the help of local fishermen. The concentrations of Arsenic (As), Cadmium (Cd), Mercury (Hg), and Lead (Pb) were determined in the muscles of collected fish, crabs and shellfish. The concentration of heavy metals were measured in the laboratory by atomic absorption spectrophotometry after digestion of the samples using kjeldahl heating digester. The results showed the concentration of all metals in the present study were lower than the limits permitted by Indonesian national standard. Therefore, it seems that no problems on human health would be raised from the consumption of the collected fish from the Karawang, Bekasi and Seribu Island coastal waters, from the heavy metal content point of view.

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Luisa Febrina Amalo, Marfian D. Putra, Irza Arnita Nur, Vidya Nur Trissanti, Hefni Effendi, Yusli Wardiatno, Mursalin, Ali Mashar, Hadi Supardi, Audra Ligafinza

The assessment of the aquatic environment condition is only by taking a sample of water quality, sometimes not clearly showing the actual alteration. Thus, to find out more about pollution conditions such as the presence of heavy metals in aquatic ecosystems, it requires to be supported by other types of samples, such as metal content in benthic biota and aquatic sediments. This study aimed to analyze the content of heavy metals in green mussels and crabs in the coastal area of Karawang - West Java which is suspected to often receive a variety of pollutants from potential industrial activities resulting in heavy metal contamination. In addition, the two types of benthic biota are often consumed by the community so that the feasibility or safety based on heavy metal content is also important to elaborate. Sampling was focused on 2 locations that often experienced a drastic increase in the abundance of green mussels, namely Sungaibuntu and Cemarajaya Villages. The results of sample analysis showed that Cadmium (Cd), Lead (Pb), and Tin (Sn) were below the detection limit for all samples. Arsenic (As) content was relatively higher in shellfish samples, while Mercury (Hg) levels were higher in crab samples. If viewed from the location of live shells in the water column (with the help of artificial substrate) and crabs in the bottom of waters, the metal content in both samples indicated that Hg accumulated more quickly in the bottom waters whilst As can lasted longer in the water column. When viewed from the viewpoint of consumption eligibility, all heavy metal content in the samples of shells and crabs in the study site still meets the requirements for consumption eligibility based on SNI 7387: 2009 [1].

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Suzan Ngozi Nwoke, Emmanuel Kanu Agbaeze

The purpose of this study was to establish the relationship between a conscientious boss and subordinate task performance. The study aimed to verify the argument whether a conscientious boss was actually instrumental and influential to subordinate increased task performance or not. The research was quantitative and implored inferential statistic to analyze data generated from 300 staff of five federal universities in South East, Nigeria. The findings of the study revealed that a conscientiousness boss had a positive significant relationship with subordinate task performance, although it was assessed that the conscientious trait would be more productive if other factors were considered along with it. The result of this study also bears practical implications.

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Mohmmad M.Dmour

The researcher conducted a grounded theory study of cyberloafing among the IT college students in Jordan to explore adaptive and maladaptive aspects of factors that affect cyberloafing and to come out with a paradigm model of the antecedents of cyberloafing and to help the universities in Jordan and around the world to understand this behavior and find the solution to control the cyberloafing among the students and guide future empirical research. The researcher discusses previous research on the definition and dimensionality of cyberloafing and describe the study in which interview data were collected in 4 stages, where the number of informants was 48 students from four universities in Jordan, identifying 90 initial code and 7 macrothemes. Findings were validated by members’ checks. The authors describe in detail informants’ perceptions of cyberloafing, which were used to construct a 5-component paradigm model that includes adaptive and maladaptive dimensions of cyberloafing.

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Iram Ilyas, Rana Muhammad Amir, Saima Afzal, Toheed Qamar, Mona Alariqi, Waheedullah, Hafiz Ali Raza**

Teachers are affected by internal and external factors as they face low salaries, students’ behavior, problems in the classroom, injured students with students fight, lack of skill, and other teachers' behavior. In the modern classroom, different teaching styles have been used, such as advanced techniques adopted by today's teachers: formal style, expert style, personal style, delegator style, and facilitator. From a total of 70 girls’ high schools in Faisalabad, four schools were selected randomly, and in these schools, 146 female teachers were teaching. The sample size was 106 female high school teachers. A structured questionnaire was used as a research tool for data collection. The collected data were analyzed through the Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS). The study concluded that in public high school teaching styles used by teachers in class include lecture method, demonstration, facilitator, hybrid, and group learning. During the class, the teachers face many difficulties such as large class sizes, language barriers, school-related programs, lack of discipline, lack of human resources, and social problems. According to this study, policies for a better school environment are a dire need to uplift the education standard and encouraging teachers for using an effective teaching style.

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Gilang Munggaran, Prita Ayu Permatasari, Luisa Febrina Amalo, Yusli Wardiatno, Dadan Mulyana, Luluk D.W. Handayani, Pungki Ari Wibowo, Hefni Effendi, Hadi Supardi, Audra Ligafinza

Untung Jawa Island is one of the tourism islands in the Seribu Islands, Jakarta Province, Indonesia. This island holds the potential for natural tourism such as beaches and mangrove ecosystems. The incident of oil spill on the North Coast of Karawang (103 km east of the Untung Jawa Island) in July 2019 might have an ecological impact on mangrove ecosystem of the island. The objective of this study was to map the exposed mangrove ecosystem area in Untung Jawa Island 1 month and 4 months after the incident. Data of existing mangrove distribution in the study location was analyzed based on Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) imageries and Global Mangrove Watch Updating Basemap acquisition time of 31 May 2019, World Imagery Low Resolution 15 m, High Resolution 60 cm Imagery, High Resolution 30 cm Imagery. The distribution of oil spills in the form of tarballs in mangroves was determined based on the acquisition of UAV data on 14 August and 7 November 2019, and was verified by field survey in the mangrove ecosystem. The results of the survey showed that there were several vegetation species found, such as Hibiscus tiliaceus, Avicennia marina, Morinda citrifolia, Rhizophora stylosa, Rhizophora mucronata and Xylocarpus granatum. According to UAV imageries analysis Untung Jawa Island has 3.81 hectares mangrove area. In August 2019, 1.52 hectares of mangrove ecosystem was exposed by oil spill in August 209, and this area decreased in November 2019 into 0.65 hectares. The declining of oil spill exposed area was seemed to be due to various efforts and responses such as shoreline cleanup and the successful of the well closure.

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Shahzad Hassan, TausifZahid, AaqifAfzaalAbbasi,MuhammadZahid,MuhammadYaseen

In WSN the nodes are equipped with restricted power, communication range, and computation power. The WSN sense the data at regular cycles and forwards the sensed data to the BS. The sensor node transmits data at regular intervals, when most of the times it is unnecessary. To limit the excessive data transmission proposed a time critical threshold based protocol, which use a specific parameter which is triggered only when the sensed threshold value meets the time critical based on high priority. Experimental results proved that our proposed protocol has outperformed the former one in terms of stable and unstable period.

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Oluwaseun.O.Akinte, Taiwo Samuel Aina

The ability to transfer power in HVAC (High Voltage Alternating Current) system has undergone limitation by reactance when compared with the fact that systems of HVDC (High Voltage Direct Current) can be accumulated to thermal limitation of the conductor. The transfer of power capabilities in HVDC and HVAC systems are compared with reference to their performance in different situations. Technological analysis conversion of existing alternating current (AC) lines into direct current (DC) lines is being presented, the race of high voltage is being analyzed in environmental consideration context and HVDC systems of transmission are the appropriate path to energy transition in conclusion.

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In this paper, we address the influence of zinc (ZnO) nanoparticles (NPs) on the AC breakdown voltage (BDV) and acid number (AI) of palm kernel oil methyl esters (MEPKO). To determine this impact, several samples with different concentrations of NPs are prepared by homogenizing the mixtures with an ultrasonic homogenizer. The measurements of breakdown voltage and acidity index are made respectively from the ASTM D1816 and IEC 296 standards. These measurements are made both before and after the addition of zinc nanoparticles. The results obtained allow us to conclude that the acidity index of the MEPKO increases by 320% for a concentration of 0.10% ZnO. For concentrations of 0.15% and 0.20% ZnO, there is an increase of 183% and 116% with respect to the AI of the MEPKO For BDV, there is a recovery of 8% and 3% for 0, 10% and 0.15% ZnO concentrations respectively. For a concentration of 0.20% ZnO, there is a 9% increase in the BDV of MEPKO. This analysis shows that the addition of ZnO to MEPKO has a negative impact on their AI. This is not the case for their BDV which are at two concentrations (0.10% and 0.15%) decreases before increasing for the concentration of 0.20% ZnO.

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Md. Humaun Kabir, Sujit Roy, Md. Tofail Ahmed, Mahmudul Alam

Attendance is one of the major factors for measuring eligibility, punctuality and commitment to the institution. To keep and manage the attendance records efficiently is very important for the assessment of students and employees. In today's world, paper based attendance marking system is used in educational institutes where the teacher calls out students roll numbers. This is a manual process which is prone to many human errors and very time consuming for the both students as well as teachers during conducting the classes. Similarly, the management of staff's attendance record daily and generating monthly/ annual report using manual computational process has become a difficult challenge. For the stated reasons, an efficient Web-based application is designed to track student’s activity in each class and also monitor the check-in and check-out time of each employee through fingerprint verification. This system consists of several modules: student’s attendance monitoring and management system, class routine management system, student’s information management system, employee’s attendance and leave management system, and employee’s information management system. The developed dynamic database stores the necessary data and information of each students and employees. This application takes employee’s attendance using fingerprint scanning devices and also takes student’s attendance of each courses of a specific department electronically, the records of the attendance are storing in the database. The system is implemented using the power of Laravel Framework, JavaScript is added to the application to improve the use of the system, and MySQL is used for the application database. Hardware level programming is performed to interface the fingerprint devices with our application. Insertions, deletions, and changes of data in the system can do straightforward via the designed GUI without interacting with the tables. This system is able to save valuable time of students as well as teachers for conducting the classes also save time to monitor check-in time, check-out time, working hour, and absent days of each employee. As a result, we can perform attendance management and monitoring related tasks like automated course-wise daily attendance report generation, automated course-wise semester attendance report generation, attendance report of a specific student, dynamic class routine preparation, daily/ weekly/ monthly/ half-yearly/ annual attendance and leave report generation of each employee etc. accurately and efficiently without any hassle. The test case of the system exposed that the system is working efficiently and is ready to use for the university or any similar academic institutions.

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Baiq Sandi Kartika Sari, Tri Ani Marwati, Muhammad Syamsu Hidayat

Lean hospital is a business that is carried out in a sustainable manner by the hospital with the aim of eliminating waste and increasing the value of service products for customers. This study aims to determine the critical waste that occurs in the outpatient pharmacy service at PKU Muhammadiyah Gamping Hospital and its root causes. This type of research is a type of qualitative research with a case study approach. The research subjects were all outpatient faramsi officers at the PKU Muhammadiyah Gamping Hospital. Data collection techniques used questionnaires and in-depth interviews. The analysis technique uses Borda analysis. The results of the analysis show that the critical waste or waste that has the highest ranking is waste waiting with a percentage value of 19%, then the lowest waste is waste human potential of 8%. The root cause of critical waste (waste waiting) is the accumulation of patient prescriptions at certain times due to uneven doctor practice hours. The proposed improvement which aims to minimize waste in the Outpatient Pharmacy Installation is by leveling or called leveling (heijunka) the doctor's practice schedule, which starts at 07.00 on time and the hospital recruits permanent doctors, making it easier to arrange doctor's schedule. In addition, the proposed improvement to overcome other wastes is by applying the 5S method which is believed to be very superior in the lean concept.

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Riwayati Triswanti, Ellysa Nursanti, Fourry Handoko

PT. Megahjaya Cemerlang (MGJ) is a company manufacturing silver foil that face minor problem on its silver foil quality. Every month, MGJ usually receive 1 complaint about nonconformity of quality from its customers, such as nonconformity of size, color defect, loose rolls and nonconformity of core. Such complaints arise from checking when silver foil received by customer and when it is used during production process. This study aimed to obtain an improvement in the quality of silver foil production. The sample of this study was types of process starting from the receipt of raw materials until the delivery process. The sample was taken based on the type of production process carried out during the data collection period from May 01, 2020 to May 22, 2020. The methods used in this study were DMAIC and FMEA. Based on the results of the study, it is concluded that the improvement of quality with six sigma using the DMAIC method can reduce the number of defect from 7% to 4,5% also increasing sigma value from 1,91 to 2,4 and risk analysis using FMEA obtained the highest RPN value of 320 which was due to the absence of checking the raw materials at the time of acceptance or arrival of raw materials, from implementation of Green Six Sigma can get efficiency raw material used with amount 71.910.000 IDR during 22 days production.

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Anwar Badawy,Hanan H. Eltobgy, Emad Darwish, Mahmoud Morgan

In this paper, experimental and numerical studies were carried out to investigate the performance of normal concrete (N.C), polypropylene fiber concrete (P.F.C), steel fiber concrete (S.F.C), and high strength concrete (H.S.C) filled steel tubes under lateral impact loading.A total of eight specimenswere tested divided into two groups, four specimens for each for the four types of concrete. The first group the specimen’sdimension were 114.3 mm diameter and 4 mm thickness, and the other group with dimension of 88 mm diameter and 4 mm thickness. The average cubic strength for all concrete was Fcu=45 N/mm2, except for the high strength concrete wasFcu=70 N/mm2. The specimens were tested using drop-weight impact test rigs with fixed- sliding boundary conditions at ends.The parameters studied were types of concrete,the length to diameter aspect ratio, and the confinement factor effect.The failure mode and local damages of the specimens were thoroughly investigated.A finite element analysis (FEA) model was also performed to simulatethe performance of (CFST) members against lateral impact loading and the predicted resultsfrom the FEA model were validated with the corresponding experimental results.Wide range analyses of the (CFST) specimen’sresponse against impact loading were then carried out using the validated FE models to examine the deformation and the energy dissipation of each concrete type.The main findings are as follows: (1) The lowest value for the total impact energy and maximum dynamic displacement were recorded for all specimens filled with polypropylene concrete specimens. While the maximum recovery energy was observed for the same specimens in group (I). (2) Nearly the same value for the total impact energy and maximum dynamic displacement were recorded for the specimens filled with ordinary concrete and high strength concrete, which mean that no benefit was gained form increasing the concrete strength.On the other hand, it may have triggered brittle failure for the concrete core. (3) high strength concrete specimens has The lowest values of constraining factor (ξ) , which behave in the most brittle failure pattern. so, Ductility of the tested specimens increase with the constraining factor (ξ).

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I Wayan Sumandya, I Made Candiasa, I Gusti Putu Suharta, I Made Sugiarta

This research aims at developing a mathematics e-module based on vocation with valid, practical and effective quality. The model used is the ADDIE model. It is implemented to the XII students of Wira Harapan Vocational School. The validity is assessed by three material experts and three media experts by using evaluation form and assessed with the Gregory cross-tabulation. The practicality is evaluated by distributing questionnaires to students, teachers and observation. The result shows that the developed e-module has passed practicality criteria, from students, teachers or observa-tion. The average score of practicality by students 0.89 and it is categorized into “very good” criteria, 0.86 by teachers and classified as “very good” too and based on observation, the obtained score is 0.90 and also in “very good” classification. The effectiveness of e-module is evaluated by giving the learn-ing outcome to the students and analyzed by Independent Samples Test. The result analysis obtains t-value = -3.87 with Sig. (2-tailed) 0.00 less than 0.50 it means the e-module is effectively implemented in improving students’ learning outcome. The primacy of this e-module for the research is using problem or questions of mathematics based on vocation related to the voca-tional students practice and they could study independently or in group flexibly.

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Vinuraj Devaraj

Raga Similarity had been a topic of fascination among Karnatik music followers. Though the topic remains active and interesting, a lack of appropriate similarity quantification method leads to subjective interpretations which in turn can be ambiguous intermittently. In this paper, we propose a raga similarity method, RagaDist, that quantifies similarities between raga pairs, based on their semantic structure and classifies the similarity into a 4-scale measure. Similarities derived using RagaDist is compared with popular string similarity methods using clustering approaches – Hierarchical clustering and Partition Around Medoids (PAM) and Multi-Dimensional Scaling (MDS) methods to analyze emerging patterns and characteristics among Melakarta raga similarities. Empirical measurements were conducted using one-way ANOVA and post hoc analysis. We also determined that using RagaDist, a threshold of 0.79 may be used as a cut off to distinguish ragas based on similarity.

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Nasru Minallah, M. Nouman Khan , Waleed Khan, Muhammad Athar Javed Sethi, Atif Sardar Khan

This work proposes a satellite based Cyber-Physical System for impact analysis of wildfire. Wildfire can may occur due to human activities or natural phenomenon such as lightning and have substantial impact on living beings and the environment. Analysis of Australia wildfire shows a drastic change in vegetation and atmosphere of Australia. Biomass burning is one of major source of emission of pollutants. The major air pollutants are carbon dioxide ( ), carbon monoxide ( ), nitrogen dioxide ( ), ozone ( ), sulfur dioxide ( ), formaldehyde ( ) and particulate matter (PM). To monitor air quality, we have to investigate the extent of these gases in air. Traditional method involving installation of embedded systems-based air quality measurement equipment are too much costly and have limitations as it can be installed in a limited area. Satellite-based Cyber-Physical System is an alternate technique for detecting damages caused by wildfire. This paper aims to investigate impact of wildfire on atmosphere and vegetation of Australia, through Satellite-based Cyber-Physical System, while employing Sentinel-5 Precursor (Sentinel-5p) and Landsat 8 satellites using Google Earth Engine. Using our proposed Cyber-Physical System, we processed pre-fire dataset (2019-11-05 -to- 2019-11-07) and post-fire dataset (2019-11-08 -to- 2019-11-13) of Sentinel-5p and Landsat 8 in utilizing Google Earth Engine. Our analysis shows a severe decrease, of nearly 100%, in healthy vegetation and drastic increase of almost 112% in , 260% in , 264% in aerosol index, 144% in in New South Wales and its nearby cities of Australia. Our analysis proved that as compared to up-to-date fire monitoring systems, our proposed Satellite-based Cyber-Physical System have a great potential in making critical decisions and shows appreciable performance in productivity, safety, reliability and serviceability.

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Awab Ur Rashid Durrani, Arbab Masood Ahmad

Agriculture plays a vital role in the economies of developing countries and provide the mainsource of food, income and employment for general public. Monitoring and assessment of the crop yieldis a crucial task and is critical in ensuring good agricultural management. We propose the monitoring andclassification of wheat crops through remote sensing by utilizing satellite imagery. In our research work,we have utilized multi-spectral imagery of Planet-Scope satellite for the classification of wheat crop. Theimagery used is a temporal stack of remotely sensed imageries obtained on various dates with reference tothe phenological cycle of wheat.We employ three different machine learning classifiers i.e., Artificial NeuralNetwork (ANN), Support Vector Machine (SVM) and Minimum Distance (MD) classifier for the wheatcrop classification. Confusion matrix and Kappa Coefficient(Kappa Coefficient) analyzes the performanceof these three classifiers. The results obtained shows that ANN with an overall accuracy of 98:7031%and Kappa Coefficient equivalent to 0:9825 outperforms the SVM and MD classifiers having the overallaccuracy of 85:2005% and 73:1604% and Kappa Coefficient values of 0:8097 and 0:6455, respectively.

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Nasru Minallah, M. Nouman Khan, Waleed khan, Khurram S. Khattak, Atif Sardar Khan

Satellite based remote sensing technology is one of the emerging fields due to their proven significance. This work proposes a sophisticated satellite-based remote sensing system for analyzing tropospheric , that spans from surface up to 10km. The major source of tropospheric is the anthropogenic activities, such as the combustion of fossil fuels including coal, gas and oil and natural processes comprising lightning and soil processes. is one of the major air pollutant and source of acute health effects. In this article, we propose a satellite-based CPS along with the Google Earth Engine (GEE) as our data processing engine. Sentinel-5 Precursor (Sentinel-5p) satellite of European Space Agency (ESA) was utilized to remotely sense temporal atmospheric concentration. In order to investigate the utility of our proposed CPS, we focus on Pakistan as our study region. In order to analyze the disparity in tropospheric during COVID-19 using our proposed satellite-based CPS, we consider pre lockdown period from 10th February 2020 to 21st March 2020, while the observed lockdown period spans from 22nd March 2020 to 12th April 2020. Most of the anthropogenic activities such as public transport, industrial operations were halted due to COVID-19 lockdown in Pakistan. This resulted in a very drastic decrease in the observed atmospheric concentration. This article analyzes the concentrations in Pre-lockdown and during-lockdown in all the major cities of Pakistan. The obtained results show a drastic decrease in concentration, especially 83% reduction in the case of Karachi and the lowest decrease of 51.2% in Gujranwala. Furthermore, our pre-lockdown and during-lockdown analysis show a decrease of 43.3% in the target pollution in the whole country. We also analyzed China and Italy tropospheric using deployed CPS and detected a total decrease of 63.8% in China and 36.9% in Italy tropospheric , respectively.

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Muhammad Masood Ahmad, Farid Ullah Khan

This work presents electrodynamic bridge energy harvesters (ED-BEHs) for bridge monitoring systems application. Two multi-mode type ED-BEHs are developed for low frequency and low acceleration bridge’s vibrations. ED-BEH, prototype-1, is composed of a split beam having a gap along the length in which a central beam is attached from its free end and running back towards the beam’s fixed support. Two magnets are mounted at the free ends of the split and central beams which are allowed to vibrate inside hollow cylindrical wound coils. However, in ED-BEH, prototype-2, both the split and the central beams are attached to the same fixed support. Magnet is mounted on the central beam, whereas, wound coil is placed in the coil holder attached to the split beam, moreover, the axes of magnets and wound coil are oriented along the beams’ length. Both prototypes are simulated in COMSOL multiphysics for determining the resonant frequencies and corresponding mode shapes. The developed harvesters are characterized under harmonic excitations of low frequency and acceleration levels. When subjected to 0.09 g acceleration, prototype-1, at the first resonant mode (4.4 Hz) produced a maximum load voltage of 0.6 V and power level of 2.51 mW at coil-1 and a maximum voltage of 1.2 V and power level of 10.7 mW on coil-2 at the second resonant mode (5.5 Hz). However, when prototype-2 is applied to 0.07 g acceleration, it generated a maximum voltage of 2.7 V and power of 13 mW at the first resonant mode (3.2 Hz) and at the second resonant mode (4.2 Hz) a voltage of 3.1 V and power of 7.8 mW. Furthermore, the AC output voltage of the prototypes are also converted to the DC voltage for the bridge monitoring system applications.

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