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Volume 9 - Issue 6, June 2020 Edition

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Baskoro Probo Surendro, Sutanto Hidayat, Maranatha Wijayaningtyas

Perception is the subject's view of assessing objects. Perception can be used as material for a person's assessment of objects and results in an assessment of exposure or data. Perception has good and bad results depending on the subject how to judge about the object. The method used to assess and analyze perceptions in this research is the triangular method and the field survey method through interview techniques. Based on these methods can produce results of the analysis to find out how the subject's perception of the object. Foreman leadership style has a big role in the continuity and success in a job, the perception of labor becomes a benchmark of success for a foreman to lead all labor.

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Dr. P. Jayasubramanian, Dr.A.Rajamani, M. Rajakrishnan

A good education is often the cornerstone of a person‘s future life, being the foundation for his or her career. Most parents take care to choose a suitable school for their children, expending considerable resources in terms of time and money in the process. Education is a social aspiration; it is seen and perceived as the gateway to “good quality of human life”. The objectives of study is to examine the attitudes of parents towards schooling and education of their children and to analyze factors influence parents choice of school. The study was undertaken for a period of 6 months with a sample size of 240 respondent. The tools used to analyses are Simple percentage, Ranking, Chi-square,ANOVA. The study concluded that parents have admitted their children in School especially in Coimbatore city for the personal wish along with other factors such as discipline, curriculum structure, knowledge, result and communication skill. It is needed for the school to enter a new phase of development and to shift the emphasis towards improvement in their education facility..

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P. Mohamed Rajab, K. Thiruvenkataswamy, Indra Kumar Dev, Mohamed Hatha Abdulla and S. Shafeer Ahamed

To protect scour around an offshore breakwater, prediction of scouring potential are desirable. In this study, scouring pattern by changing the alignment of an offshore breakwater has been investigated with subjected to uniform steady currents, using a 2-D numerical model such as DHI-MIKE21 module. Hydrodynamic analysis have been carried out for an offshore detached breakwater structure to simulate the flow field using Hydrodynamic (HD) model and sedimentation pattern using Sand Transport (ST) model. The calibrated model setup has been used for predicting the flow and scour conditions by changing alignment of an offshore detached breakwater for the following cases, viz., Case-I: an offshore breakwater oriented perpendicular to shoreline, Case-II: an offshore breakwater oriented parallel to shoreline, and Case-III: an offshore breakwater oriented 45° to shoreline. The simulated results show that by changing the orientation of an offshore breakwater with predominant current speed, the scouring can be minimized near the structure effectively. Moreover, it can be used as one of suitable shoreline protection methods to avoid shoreline erosion.

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Ruth G. Luciano, Gloria M. Alcantara, Renato Bauat, Jr.

Employability of graduates is one of the indicators being assessed by Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) to find out whether the quality of education they provide is suitable to the needs of the industry. This study was conducted to develop an alumni tracing system designed to allow the University to purposely trace its alumni using the internet. The system can be used as tool in finding out important information about them like their employment status and in identifying which skills are essentials in their present work. This information in return can help the HEI determines the improvement that they need to do with the existing curriculum. It can also generate comprehensive reports which are necessary for planning, program implementation and any decision-making purposes.

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Christine Hutabarat, Suharyono, Hamidah Nayati Utami, Arik Prasetya

This research examined the effect of Servant Leadership on Corporate Competitiveness, mediated by Business Transformation and Service Culture. This research was analytical research with a quantitative approach.The location of the research is the Vessel PT. ASDP Indonesia Ferry (Persero) which is spread across all crossings of PT ASDP Indonesia Ferry (Persero). This research is survey research, using a questionnaire given to 150 respondents.The population in this study were all ship leaders in all crossings of PT ASDP Indonesia Ferry (Persero). There is a significant and positive influence between Servant Leadership on Business Transformation. There is a significant and positive influence between Servant Leadership on Service Culture. There is a significant influence between Servant Leadership on Corporate Competitiveness. There is a significant and positive influence between Business Transformation on Corporate Competitiveness. There is a significant and positive influence between Service Culture on Corporate Competitiveness. The originality is this study analyzes the management of the resources owned by PT ASDP in order to have a high level of company sustainability, namely by identifying the factors that affect Corporate Competitiveness.

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E.Veeramanipriya, AR. Umayal Sundari, EA. Monisha

The present work demonstrates the drying kinetics of untreated carrot slices using photovoltaic thermal hybrid solar dryer assisted with Evacuated Tube Collector (ETC). The moisture content of carrot is reduced from 85% to 9.3% which is considered to be a safe level in 8 hours with the designed dryer. Open sun drying takes 14 hours to reach the equilibrium moisture content. The efficiency of the designed ETC assisted solar dryer (32.26%) in drying of carrot slices is much greater than open sun drying (24.04%). Nine developed mathematical models are applied to evaluate the drying kinetics of carrot slices for both ETC assisted hybrid solar dryer and open sun drying using IBM SPSS 23 package. Results show that Midilli et al model has high value of correlation coefficient (R2) and least value of reduced chi-square and root mean square error (RMSE) for the designed ETC dryer and sun drying showing the more suitability of fit for drying of carrot slices. It is also observed that the quality and appearance of the solar dried carrot slices using ETC aided hybrid solar dryer is more acceptable than the open sun dried carrots.

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Rahul Mapari, Sangeeta Kakarwal , Ratnadeep Deshmukh

Presently, the brain tumor had risen up to large scale. Designing an automated process to recognize the tumor from MRI pictures is essential. MRI brain Image is the frame muscle that had been generated through gradual adding up of the irregular cells and it is essential to detect the brain tumor from the MRI for diagnosis. In addition, brain MRI tumor recognition and classification is the routing method for the human research. The understanding of the pictures is dependent on the arranged and open classification of brain MRI and different methods had been planned. The data recognized with the atomically design structure and possible anomalous cells that are notable to treat provided by the MRI Image segmentation on brain. The planed scheme used the NN and wavelet transformation approach for the desired segmentation and classification method which is done through layer based classified method. In proposed work, initially the self-organized map NN trained the extracted characteristics from DWT merge wavelet, and output morphological features and filter factors were subsequently trained by NN and testing procedure is accomplished in two phases. The planned NN classified scheme categorized the brain tumor in binary trained procedure that provides preferred presentation above conventional classification technique. The planned method has been validated along with the provision of the actual information database and experiment analysis improved the performance rate.

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Afzal Hannan, Bhavit Yadav, Chirag Yadav

This research paper deals with motorcycle road accidents and show how certain simple technologies such as a mobile application and a small hardware setup can improve and enhance overall response time over critical situations such as a crash or an accident through communication which leads to prompt medical treatment for the injured. Presents study of Ridesafe, an Android Mobile Application that provides a platform for motorcycle riders to inform their contacts about the crash so that there is information of the potential accident scenario even after the crash took place. This highlights that an automated crash emergency information mobile application is better than the traditional way of information communication of crash. The conclusion is validated by data.

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Endang Siti Astuti, Heribertus Himawan, Kertahadi, Hamidah Nayati Utami

Purpose: The purpose of this study is to examine and describe the effect of work discipline on the use of mSFA, the effect of work motivation on the use of mSFA, the effect of work tidiness on the use of mSFA, and the effect of using mSFA on discipline. Design / Method: This research is a quantitative study and the sampling technique is simple random sampling where the research sample has the same unlimited opportunity to be selected as a sample. The analytical method used in this research is descriptive analysis and GSCA analysis. Findings: job discipline has a significant effect on the use of mSFA, work motivation has a significant effect on the use of mSFA, the use of mSFA has a significant effect on the use of mSFA. To complete future studies, researchers may consider using objective data from the database system from before using the mSFA system until some time after using the mSFA system. Originality: The researcher also tries to determine the relationship between work discipline and the use of mSFA and work motivation to update previous studies. By combining variables that affect income and the impact of usage on individuals, this research method differs from previous studies.

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Yusliandy Yusof, Kahirol Mohd Salleh, Norziha Che Him

Student feedback is one of the important component in the learning and teaching process evaluation at various stages of higher level education in Malaysia. Kolej Kemahiran Tinggi MARA Sri Gading (KKTMSG) with eight departments is a location of study that have intakes twice a year, January-June (JJ) and July-December (JD). A continuous assessment by student has been executed over years and compulsory to fill in during the final examination week around May and November. Four objectives of this study are to determine if there is any correlation exist between Educator Mark with Total Marks of Personality and Teaching and Learning, to investigate if there is any correlation exist between Personality and its criteria, to explore if there is any correlation exist between Teaching and Learning and its each criteria and finally to determine if any association exist between Gender and Educator Mark with hypothesis null that both variables are independent. Main instrument used is a questionnaire with quantitative research design survey technique consists of basic Demography, Personality and Teaching and Learning sections. The survey question is in a Likert scale start from 1 to 5 that represent Never, Almost Never, Sometimes, Almost Every Time and Every Time respectively. The dependent variable is an Educator Mark meanwhile the independent variables consists of 24 variables known as Semester, Year, Educator, Gender, Department, Student, 20 variables of criteria selection from Personality with 8 questions and from Teaching and Learning with 12 questions in a Likert scale. Descriptive analysis, correlation analysis and chi-square test have been adopted to this study. Result shows that 55.4% and 44.6% of the sample data are male and female respectively, which sounds reasonable represent the population of educator in KKTMSG and the highest respondent for both genders represent from PA Department. First objective presents a strong relationship with correlation value at 0.976 for Teaching and Learning compared to Personality and second objective shows all criteria have strong relationship with criteria Fairness, E presents highest correlation value at 0.976 compared to others. In the meantime, third objective 3 display similar result that criteria Committed During Teaching and Learning Process, T represents highest correlation value at 0.984 compared to others. All these results were based on significant p-value of less than 0.05. Finally, a Chi-Square Test conclude that Gender and Educator Mark are independent, and this shows that students are freely to evaluate educator in KKTMSG without consider or concern either the educator is male or female.

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Vivek Parashar,Bharat Mishra

Wireless sensor network (WSN), is an assortment of sensor nodes placed in vicinity to each other which may result in higher communication leads to the failure of nodes. They can overcome node failure through easy exploiting another routing path. Energy utilization is one of the prominent issues in WSN to maintain the lifetime of the network. Entire network life span is depending on proficient energy exploitation in the sensor network. In this paper, the challenges, limitations, and characteristics of WSN have been discussed. There are various cryptographic algorithms available to surpass the safety of the network by the detailed analysis of the algorithms, the encryption, and decryption of the different algorithms has been taken into consideration. The nodes are placed in a manner so that transmission can be performed securely over the network. The results have shown that the data sent securely from the source to the Base Station. We have used a MATLAB simulator to differentiate the various algorithms. The certain parameters are shown in this paper such as energy and packet sent to the Base Station.

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V Shanmukha Prasad, Dr. J Suresh Kumar, Dr. Thella Babu Rao

A commercial aluminum alloy AA 6061 was processed through equal channel angular pressing (ECAP) at 500 0C. The influence of ECAP on tribological properties and microstructure of the alloy was investigated. Experimental results showed that the grain size has reduced due to increase in dislocation density and the fraction of formed grains (sub-grains) after ECAP. Wear resistance of the alloy after ECAP was significantly improved. The loss of mass was reduced noticeably after single pass of ECAP process and increased with increase in load applied.

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Norziha Che Him, Yusliandy Yusof, Nur Syazwani Aqilah Mohamad Aris

This study investigates student’s satisfaction level towards cafeteria services in Universiti Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia (UTHM) locat-ed in southeast Malaysia. A structured self-administered questionnaire survey has been conducted with 360 respondents by using stratified random sampling. This study adopted the Chi-Square test, Likelihood Ratio test and Binary Logistic Regression. The comparison result shows that students more satisfied to the Campus Cafeteria compared to the College Cafeteria. A significance test for the logistic coefficient by using the Likelihood Ratio test with predictors Food Quality, Staff Skills, Waiting Time and Gender show strong significant predictors that influenced student’s satisfaction towards cafeteria services. Hosmer-Lemeshow test revealed the greater p-value of Model 1 (0.418) compared to Model 2 (0.261). Therefore, Model 1 has been chosen as the best model with Food Quality, Staff Skills, Waiting Time and Gender were significant factors in influencing the student’s satisfaction towards the cafeteria.

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Harvinder Singh1, Anshu Bhasin1, Parag Ravikant Kaveri2, Vinay Chavan3

Cloud resource management is momentous for efficient resource allocation and scheduling that requires for fulfilling customers’ expectations. But, it is difficult to predict an appropriate matching in a heterogeneous and dynamic cloud environment that leads to performance degradation and SLA violation. Thus, resource management is a challenging task that may be compromised because of the inappropriate allocation of the required resource. This paper presents a systematic review and analytical comparisons of existing surveys, research work exists on SLA, resource allocation and resource scheduling in cloud computing. Further, discussion on open research issues, current status and future research directions in the field of cloud resource management.

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Katerina Kozludzhova

The purpose of the current paper is to present a research methodology for studying the innovations in the software industry. The developed methodology helps researchers explore the innovations in the software industry and stimulates them to better define existing problems and build a plan for obtaining reliable information that supports the right solutions. The current paper also aims to stimulate the conduction of future researches of the innovations in the software industry. The paper presents the stages and the critical components of developing a research methodology for studying innovations. The paper explains major definitions related to the term of “research methodology” and gives examples with a conducted research study. Understanding the key components of a research methodology is essential for every research process. The successful accomplishment of a research study depends on the researcher’s ability and knowledge to define properly the term of “research methodology” and its critical components. The presented research methodology is validated in the software industry for the conduction of a research study related to the innovations created by the software companies in Bulgaria. The research methodology can also be used for the conduction of innovation researches in other industries and spheres of science and business. There is a need of researches in the field of innovations that could help both scientific and business researchers understand the real problems and find appropriate ways to solve them. The presented research methodology supports the conduction of valuable research studies that find answers to real problems. The presented research methodology guarantees the successful accomplishment of the research process and the obtaining of complete and reliable information, needed for the development of valuable and adequate solutions.

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P. Eko Prasetyo, Fuad Zainul Dzaki

The performance of productive efficiency and productivity of industries is a signifant indicator to determine competitiveness. The purpose of this research is to investigate efficiency and productivity as determinants of the performance of the creative industries in Semarang Regency. The research method used is productive efficiency techniques and productivity levels of multifactor productivity (MFP) by applying the Marvin E model, Mundel model, and the APC (American Productivity Center) model. The results of the research show that the craft creative industries in the study area are found to be not efficient both technically, allocatively and productively, and are at a decreasing level of productivity. The results confirm that productive efficiency is an important factor in determining the level of productivity and profitability in the creative industries. There is an assumption that the low level of productive efficiency caused by energy costs and raw material management, is the main reason of the low level of productivity and profitability of the creative industries. The policy implication is that increasing productive efficiency is the key factor to stimulate the improvement of productivity and industrial competitiveness.

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Ridolof W. Batilmurik, Achmad Sudiro, Noermijati Noermijati, Fatchur Rohman

The current study aims to analyze the influence of personality on OCB and OCB-mediated performance among members of the Indonesia National Police, especially investigators and criminal Units of East Nusa Tenggara Regional Police, Indonesia. The samples were 183 police investigators in 3 Directorate of Criminal Investigation. The analysis was conducted quantitatively using mediation regression with Macro Process Hayes SPSS Version 23. The results showed that (1) personality has a positive and significant direct effect on police performance, (2) OCB has a positive and significant direct effect on police performance, and (3) OCB mediates indirectly, and positively significant between personality and police performance.

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Ramesh R, Balamurali K, Muthukeerthana S

Present paper focuses on the construction and testing of concrete filled steel tubular section. Concrete in filled Steel tubular section has gained the advantage of composite member. Generally, composite members are constructed using two or more different materials to obtain different engineering properties. Use of steel as an external mould neglects the use of shuttering panels, increases the mechanical properties of the section and neglects the water bath of the section which is often done in curing period. Water bath in one of the important method of curing for vertical structural elements. To reduce such instant, this study investigates the role of PEG400 as a self-curing agent, the percentage of PEG400 by weight of cement is 2% as the dosage of internal curing. The test results were studied for three mixes that is for M20, M25 and M30 mixes. Concrete mixes prepared using internal curing compound PEG400 with specified target strength values calculated during design mix for M20, M25, and M30 grade of concretes.

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Ani Yunaningsih, Fajar Eryanto Septiawan, Teni Listiani, Doni Purnama Alamsyah

The importance of the educational level in Indonesia is in encouraging the country’s progress, so evaluation of the lecturer’s performance conducted. Reviewing the phenomenon, so this study aims to study the correlation of the lecturer’s performance to competence and commitment through testing of a mediation model. The research method is conducted through a survey to 384 lecturers in West Java, with the variable focuses on competence, commitment, and the lecturer’s performance. Data and information obtained from lecturers through a questionnaire, and it analyzed with the Structural Equation Modeling and used SmartPLS analysis tools. The research result knows that competence has a positive relationship to commitment, then commitment has a positive relationship to the lecturer’s performance. Research finding explains that the lecturer’s performance can be influenced indirectly by competence through commitment possessed. The importance of the lecturer’s commitment position in mediating the correlation of competence and the lecturer’s performance to appear one mediation model is a mediation model of commitment to increasing the lecturer’s performance. This information is useful for the institution in evaluating the lecturer regarding the internal factor of the lecturer, which is the level of competence and commitment.

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Shubham S Nayak, Onkar B Patil, Neha S Panjabi, Arati L Ohol, Deepa A Joshi

One of the complex problems faced by the city municipalities is the traffic congestion. It makes life in urban areas uncomfortable for citizens. Each years the municipalities squanders large chunks of money to resolve this problem. The eastern region of Pune is experiencing this problem especially during peak hours, due to improper traffic planning and poor infrastructure design. In this paper the traffic congestion causes are analyzed for the road connecting the Hadapsar and Kondhwa in eastern Pune and design of proper planned road intersection was proposed. The congestion was measured by determining flow rate and number of different types of vehicles passing during peak hour by generating Traffic Volume Count (TVC) report and the choice of the optimal solution should be the result of a complex, well-organized and optimized process. Updated techniques, devices and software such as BIM tools are available nowadays, to integrate all the involved aspects.

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T. Lestariningsih, Nurul H. Fithriyah, TY Hendrawati, Budiyanto, Wahyu B. Widayatno

This study is an effort to increase ionic conductivity of electrolyte polymer membranes in Lithium ion battery applications by combining electrolyte salts. An electrolyte polymer membrane functions as electrolytes and a separator. Such a membrane is made using a solution casting method at room temperature and consists of Polyvinylidene fluoride co-hexaflouropropylene (PVDF-HFP) as the polymer, titanium oxide (TiO2) as a filler, and combinations of Lithium bis(oxalate) borat (LiBOB) and Lithium bis-trifluoromethanesulfonimide (LiTFSI) as electrolyte salts. The electrolyte polymer membrane was characterized using Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy (EIS) for conductivity, X-Ray Diffractometer (XRD) for material crystallinity, and Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) for surface morphology. The results of EIS tests show that the sample containing 23% LiTFSI and 5% LiBOB has the highest conductivity (2,35 x 10-6 S/cm) compared to the other samples. This finding is supported by the results from XRD, as well as SEM, analyses, in which the sample has the lowest crystallinity, which results in higher ionic mobility, and the formation of pores on the membrane surface with the diameter of ± 2-5 µm. The results of the 4th order polynomial regression analysis shows that increased LiTFSI corresponds to increased conductivity, however increased LiBOB corresponds to decreased conductivity

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Vengatesan K, Ashutosh Srivastava, Abhishek Kumar, Sayyad Samee, Prasant Thokal Vijay, Punjabi Shivkumar Tanesh

This research paper explores the system which is used to recommend car to the users based on the requirement provided by the user. Various requirement of users while choosing a car such as capacity of car, fuel type, and budget are considered and based on that various recommendations are given to user. These recommendations are suggested by using machine learning techniques and different visualization options are available, in order to provide user detailed analysis based on different parameters. The online check option is also available which makes system more supportive and compare different models based on various parameters. The system enables users to choose among plenty of options and select the best suited model.

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Dollera, Elmer.B., Hibaya, Alexis.G., Ipanag, Nestor G., Miraflor, Jolou F., Victohay, Gielino C.

Seventy one percent of the earth’s surface is covered by ocean. There is approximately 10TW of wave energy in the entire ocean, and an enormous part of which is just gone to a waste. With the world’s problem today on global warming due to burning of hydrocarbon fuels to produce useful forms of energy, here presents an alternative way towards producing the energy we need for our consumption. This study aims to design, fabricate, and evaluate the experimental ocean wave driven air pump system that would practically work with ocean wave height below and equal to the stroke capacity of the air pump, and be able to produce a definite rotational speed of the shaft. A three-blade Savonius turbine enclosed in a housing assembly is fabricated to operate with a concentrated flow of compressed air from the air pump. The air flow is produced by the reciprocating action of the piston of an air pump and is driven by the forces from ocean waves. Data on ocean wave characteristics with cycle speed of two(2) seconds and heights 100mm, 200mm, 300mm and 400mm are tested experimentally. Results obtained from the system showed potential energy production of 0.013W at a wind speed of thirteen(13) meters per second.. At a full stroke of the piston, the highest attainable rotational speed is 112 rpm which is higher than 100 rpm as the minimum objective in this study. Concern like the small quantity generation of torque and power output could be resolved by further development of the system.

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Hirendra Singh Sengar, Dr. D.N.Goswami, Dr. Anshu Chaturvedi

Cryptography is essential because it allows protection of data securely so that unauthorized person cannot have access to it which ensures the protection of corporate secrets. In this paper, Binary code conversions based cryptography technique has been developed which provides security through binary codes like gray codes. Furthermore, security has been enhanced by the utility of prime numbers and BigInteger values. The designed technique protects the alphanumeric data against various cryptanalytical attacks. Proposed work includes symmetric key technique. The benefit of using symmetric key algorithm is faster execution time as compare to asymmetric key algorithm. It also work on stream ciphers those are faster when compared to block ciphers. Performance and security analysis when compared to other schemes shows that the proposed scheme is more powerful, efficient and secure than other related schemes.

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Navdeep Kumar Chopra, Rajesh Kumar Singh

Wireless Networking (WSN) uses numerous sensor nodes with multiple processing, sensing capabilities in order to monitor/ track a particular area which is far from a human approach. Because sensor nodes are mainly battery-powered and are extremely limited in terms of energy sources, it is necessary to explore energy optimization methods to extend the life of the WSN. In this research work, we mainly focused on to minimize the unnecessary wastage of energy and hence enhance the network performance. A Modified power-efficient gathering in sensor information systems (Mod-PEGASIS) algorithm is designed to select an appropriate Cluster Head (CH) by hybridizing the Cuckoo Search (CS) and Firefly algorithm. Initially, the sensor nodes are deployed in the defined network area on random basis. Then, the entire network is divided into different clusters each includes an individual CH. After the formation of optimal route, the selection of route is done using artificial neural network (ANN) approach. The simulation results illustrated that the designed approach can effectively improve the network performance in terms of end-to-end delay, packet drop ratio and energy consumption rate. The energy up to 4.52 % is obtained compared to the existing work.

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G.Murugesan, Dr. B.Radha

Due to the advancement of automation through data mining and machine learning algorithms, research on agricultural components such as soil, crops, rainfall and price prediction have gained massive attraction from research communities. Data mining along with machine learning techniques have become the most dominating field employed in almost all the research areas pertaining to knowledge acquisition. The nutrient status of the soil along with environmental and climatic conditions are directly involved in agricultural production. Though the farmers have wide practical knowledge about the crops, the natural changes happening at the earth's surface and unpredictable climatic changes and rainfall normally do not support crop productivity. In agriculture, the soil is the foremost important factor that includes several physical parameters such as pH value, organic carbon present in the soil along with primary macronutrients and secondary micronutrients and thus the knowledge about the quality of soil reveals the type of crops to be cultivated and the amount of yield produced. In this paper, a novel classification algorithm is proposed that uses attribute group rank with filter-based instance selection for effectively classifying the soil data. Experiments have been made with the soil data of the Pollachi region in Coimbatore district, Tamil Nadu state, India which is a popular market place for various grains, vegetables, and fruits. The classification accuracy of the proposed model is also compared with the other classification models. From the result analysis, it is proved that the proposed model provides a better accuracy rate for soil data.

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Atul Singh Pathania, Sushil Mittal, Arun Kumar

Abrasive Flow machining (AFM) also called Abrasive machining process which helps in achieving high level of surface finish and material removal rate from internal complex workpiece geometries after the machining operation. Concentration of abrasive, Abrasive size, extrusion pressure, media flow rate, number of strokes, media viscosity, strain rate and velocity are the factors which affect quality surface finish and MRR. Mathematical modelling, experimental results and computational simulation helps in improving the performance of Abrasive flow machining. This paper focuses mathematical model and computational simulation for the internal surface irregularities and effect of parameters with different media flow velocity. Computational Fluid dynamics (CFD) simulation was executed using commercial codes software available ANSYS FLUENT. CFD used numerical and algorithms methods (discrete counterparts of the governing equation) to analysis and get solution to the fluid flow problem. The fluid is assumed to be Newtonian fluid and type of flow should be steady, laminar and incompressible. Fluent Multiphase Mixture model for two phases was taken in account with secondary phase as continuous. The base media consist of Silly putty (Polyborosiloxane) and Silicon Carbide for the analysis.

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Jyoti Mishra, Dr. Preeti Sharma

In today’s highly competitive job market, the importance of strong communication skills cannot be overlooked. It has a direct bearing on the success ratio of a candidate in his placement journey. The paper outlines the importance of communication and its relation to the employability prospects of a candidate. The paper is written with an aim of fortifying the understanding of being well versed in communication skills and ascertaining the impact it has on the successful placement of students. In addition, it also analyses whether the students of metro have an added advantage over the students coming from Tier 2 cities. To fulfill the objectives of study different statistical techniques like reliability analysis, factor analysis and descriptive analysis have been used. The primary data which was collected through a self-constructed questionnaire has been used for the study.

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Princess May G. Subia, Angelo C. Galapon

Data mining is becoming a strategically important area in the banking sector. Where volumes of electronic data are stored, and where the number of transactions is increasing rapidly. Using Data Mining, it is possible to collect some interesting patterns and knowledge base, transforming into useful information that can be used to minimize the risk in bank loans. In this paper, Data mining was used as a tool to extract relevant information from existing credit data of a bank to build a model that can be used to evaluate and decide whether a borrower is a right candidate for a loan, or if there is a high risk of default which will be run using an open-source machine learning software called Waikato Environment for Knowledge Analysis (WEKA). Also discussed is the method in constructing the model and the recognition of its accuracy rate using the classification algorithm J48.

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Aneesh Kini U, Hasan Alp Zengin, Smitha N Pai

Most of the mundane activities these days are automated. There are others, which do not have a fixed pattern. For instance, recognition of emotions of an individual given the facial expressions. Using the Machine Learning concepts, a model is trained with various facial images having varied expressions, of single and multiple individuals. In the current work, face detection and emotion recognition is carried out at real time even when an individual is on the move. The findings of the paper can be useful in identifying missing individual, helping individuals in emotional distress. It can also help the visionless analyze the mood of the person with whom he is interacting. The name of the individual whose identity is verified is also verbally provided as an assistance to the impaired. Various face recognition algorithms and the relative comparison and analysis is also brought out usic plays an essential role in the well-being of many people. It can be therapeutic, motivational and can even unite people.

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Yaddarabullah, Dewi Lestari, Ari Setijadi Prihatmanto, Reza Darmakusuma

Nowadays there are many data communications systems used by the microcontroller in the delivery of data to the server. Some research on data communication on the internet of things applies data transmission directly from the microcontroller to the server using a single data communication path. There are two problems that occur. First, if the data communication system used by the microcontroller is different, the server must provide additional services in handling different data communications. Second, if there are many microcontrollers that send data to the server at the same time, causing high traffic connectivity and the server requires a lot of resources in the data processing. Therefore, in this research, the internet of things (IoT) gateway is developed to handle diverse data communications from different microcontroller platforms and reduce the server load in serving data from a large number of microcontrollers. The Advanced Message Queuing Protocol (AMQP) will be used on the IoT gateway as a service to handle diverse data communications from various microcontroller platforms. Data communication systems supported include MQTT, STOMP, REST and Socket connection. The functions provided in the gateway are receiving data from the microcontroller, storing it permanently, accessing data through the application, then periodically the data is sent to the server. AMQP test results show that with the amount of data served, as many as 7083 records require an average publish time of 0.20 ms and delivery time of 0.22 ms with a data size of 576 KB. While the CPU load is less than 10%, the average RAM memory usage is 550 MB and the bandwidth usage is less than 3 mbps.

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Tanweer Alam

The mHealth is a term that is used for mobile health supported by smart devices such as mobile phones, tablets, and wearable smart devices, etc. The smart devices strengthen the efficiency and effectiveness of interaction with patients, physicians, and specialists. Patients nowadays would like to be intimately involved in their diagnosis as well as to make more informed decisions concerning their care. It has begun to measure the success of the quality of treatment. This was a reason that patients trust mHealth to provide them with consistency in their communications with the physicians. Most wireless strategies do not measure up to this standard so that patient engagement ultimately ended up decreasing. The blockchain can boost mHealth through storing and sharing electronic data securely and transparently. It can enhance the accessibility of patient information in real-time. The Internet of Things (IoT) provides a unique identification number to every connected device such as mobile devices, medical devices, and wearable devices. This framework uses the blockchain and IoT technologies together to provide quick help to the patients, monitor remotely, reduce the cost and unnecessarily hospitalization physically and find the real diagnosis. In order to increase patient involvement, mHealth framework with blockchain and IoT technologies has built with the key objective of providing patients with full information on their treatment and diagnosis.

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Sapna Singh, Himanshu Kumar Shukla, Aditya Pratap Singh, Rohit Srivastava, * Mohit Gangwar

Ranking techniques and applicant choice for employment roles within Human Resources include very high levels of uncertainty. This's because of the necessity to permit the different tastes as well as views of the various occupation domain specialists in the decision making process. Hence, there's a need to create a unit which is going to enable Human Resource departments to ascertain the most crucial needs criteria for a certain work, based on the personal preferences of various professionals, while making certain the expert's choices are impartial and properly weighted based on their expertise and knowledge. This can allow a far more effective method to list that is brief submitted candidate resume from a lot of candidates providing a fair and consistent resume ranking policy that is usually legally justified. This particular paper provides a Neuro Fuzzy style based method for identifying the primary key ability attributes determining each expert's preferences and ranking choices, while managing the concerns as well as inconsistencies in team choices of a panel of professionals. The presented item classifies the processes of needs specification as well as applicant's ranking. Tests are done to the taken service market industry in which the proposed model is proven to create ranking choices which were fairly extremely consistent with those of the man professionals.

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Parvathy Dharmarajan, B Rajathilagam

Nowadays, one of the prominent diseases prevalent around the world is diabetes. Within which there are of two main kinds, namely Type I and Type II. The objective of this study is to evaluate various Neural Networks (NN) based algorithms for the detection of Type II diabetes. Experiments was conducted on different training algorithms for the predictive ability. In the process, fine-tuning was done upon different parameters such as the number of neurons, number of hidden layers, etc. to determine the performance of the neural network. The main focus was to minimize the error rate in the training sample by using the neural network models. This study helps the researchers working on the domain to select the optimal algorithm for the design of models based on Neural networks.

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Road construction as a transportation infrastructure is a priority in Indonesia. Road construction consists of rigid pavement and flexible pavement. Flexible pavement using asphalt is still an option because of its flexible characteristics, but the amount of asphalt needs in Indonesia is not proportional to the availability of asphalt, even half the asphalt needs are still imported. Besides this, in Indonesia there are many wastes that are harmful to living things and the environment, namely oil waste. Lack of asphalt material and the abundance of oil waste that endanger living things and the environment becomes a very serious problem and must be addressed therefore how to overcome the shortage of asphalt and overcome the abundant oil waste. The solution is engineering the waste oil into asphalt. This engineered asphalt is a new type of asphalt, and the materials used consist entirely of waste material, namely oil waste, coal mine waste (resin stone) and plant branches. To produce this new type of asphalt, conducted research using pure experimental methods. The experimental procedure to make asphalt is to process and cook ingredients with different compositions and repeatedly. Based on the experimental results it was proven that oil waste, coal mine waste (resin stone) and ash from plant branches, namely bamboo stems, avocado branches, gardenias branches (gardenia augusta merr) and kejibeling branches (S. crispa) can be engineered into asphalt. This new type of asphalt has shortcomings in ductility and specific gravity when compared to the Indonesian National Standard (SNI) asphalt but has equal penetration and softening point with penetration asphalt 120 and flash point equivalent to penetration asphalt 80. This asphalt has been tested as a leak-proof coating in high rise building bathrooms and the results are proven to be good, visually meeting the characteristics of asphalt in general. It is expected that in the future, this new type of asphalt can be used for flexible pavement on highway construction.

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Azhar Ahmad, Lokhman Hakim Osman, Ahmad Raflis Che Omar, Mara Ridhuan Rahman, Suraiya Ishak

This paper highlights the important contribution of the palm oil industry to the country by providing employment opportunities to more than four million people mostly among the rural community. Smallholders are able to own their land and earn fixed income from palm oil and enjoy the perfect infrastructure facilities. However, there are many obstacles in the global palm oil production such price fluctuations, competition and anti-oil palm campaigns. Therefore, Malaysian smallholders face lack of income from their plantation yields caused by these macroeconomic factors such as rising cost of farming and size of land that is not economical. Therefore, it is a necessity for the smallholders to go into business. An exploratory study among 70 smallholders was done to investigate their interest in doing business. The finding shows that the main reason for their involvement in business activities is to increase their income level. Also, the most widely implemented business type is retailing.

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Ma. Joanna G. Manongsong, Rey Fernan G. Refozar, Hadge A. Encio, Filomena M. Mendoza, Jake M. Laguador

This study aimed to determine the correlation between personal productivity through research involvement and motivational factors among Faculty Members of Business Administration Department. It also aimed to test the difference on these factors when the teachers were grouped according to selected profile variables. The study used quantitative descriptive research using survey method. The findings revealed that research productivity has nothing to do with motivational factors in conducting research. Results also indicated that the respondents have high level of agreement that their personal research productivity is mostly affected by the time they spent with the family, teaching load, research resources and research oriented culture, while self-confidence, lack of social connection and research fund did not affect their research productivity. On the other hand, in terms of motivational factors, the respondents agree that respect and admiration; peer recognition; enjoyment and performance evaluation; development and improve research skills and knowledge and contribution to the society are the motivating factors for them to conduct research.

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Husni Husni, Didih Syakir Munandar, Abdul Azis, Dede Darisman, Soni Samsu Rizal

This research seeks to explain the most liked and disliked home-based learning applications by students and lecturers in Islamic higher education institutions during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak in Indonesia. The study was conducted at one of the Islamic higher education in Indonesia, Institut Agama Islam Darussalam (IAID) Ciamis, West Java, Indonesia. The study used a survey method involving 55 samples of lecturers and 145 samples of students. Data were collected using a Google Form questionnaire. Research findings indicate that the prevalence of lecturers and students on online learning applications, including their perceptions about the effectiveness or ineffectiveness of those applications, is driven by personal interests and motives, financial aspects, and like or dislike factors. An application is called useful to achieve learning objectives, according to them, not based on objective and factual considerations, but because of personal concerns.

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Joseph O. Udoayang, Akabom I. Asuquo, Aniefiok U. Akpan

Processing lines lack the ability to process and deliver enormous quantity of different products which are required in the market of recent. Business entities are threatened with despicable functioning situations and must respond promptly to customers and trades, competitiveness, financial weights, working complications, timely processing and delivery of their product. The study investigated relationship between tasks based costing technique and labour place effectiveness in listed processing firms. Survey and ex-post facto methods were used to gather relevant data for analysis using appropriate statistical tools. The results revealed that: there exists a significant relationship between tasks based costing technique and labour place effectiveness; there exist a significant relationship between tasks reduction and effectiveness in management of finance; and there exist a relationship between self-directed factors of tasks sharing and skilful supervision of work. Consequently by way of conclusion and recommendation, processing firms should apply tasks based costing technique in the determination of labour place effectiveness; products and services that are non-value added had better be reduced and eliminated from the processing procedure while prices of those overprices items ought to be reduced; processing firms be duty-bound to increase automation of tasks to reduce labour hours spent during processing; and tasks technique with similar characteristics had better be shared among personnel to improve shift time and knowledge in the processing procedure.

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Saif Isam Aladwan, Ala' Isam Aladwan

The present study aimed at measuring the impact of knowledge management (KM) on the organizational performance of Safeway Group in Jordan. It adopts an analytical descriptive approach to meet the sought goals. It used a survey. The questionnaire forms were distributed to 172 directors of the departments, deputy directors and heads of the branches of Safeway markets. 157 questionnaire forms were retrieved. Knowledge management dimensions jointly (knowledge acquisition, knowledge storage, application of knowledge, knowledge sharing) significantly affect – at the significance level of (α = 0.05) - the organizational performance dimensions jointly (completion of task, quality of work, a quantity of work). The researcher recommends promoting awareness of senior management leaders in Safeway Group about the importance of knowledge management. KM is important for suppliers and customers because they are responsible for providing the latter group with resources that enable the organization to achieve excellence and a sustainable competitive advantage.

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Purusothaman M*, Captain Prabhakaran M, Brabu S, Venkatesan S P, Senthilkumar G

Stainless steel is extensively used in high resistance and corrosion places such as storage tanks, pipelines, pressure cups, under water industries, aerospace etc. Martensitic grades are all heat treatable grades. Welding methods such as metal inert gas welding or Tungsten Inert Gas can be used to weld this material. TIG welding is the most conventional method of fusion welding used due to material saving, energy saving, cost and accuracy. An effort is prepared to get better the hardness and impact of SS410 by experimenting and changing the existing process of welding parameter. In this research proper assortment of input parameter is necessary. The work experimentation is conducted in TIG welding machine and SS410 stainless steel of 100 *100* 10 mm dimension plates and hardness ,impact test are also been done. The research experiment will be applied ANOVA Method on a Martensitic stainless-steel specimen to statically approach and to develop the numerical models all the way through experimental test runs to forecast the likely output on the base of the known input data or parameters such as input currant ,voltage and gas pressure. Image J software is used to discover the deepness of diffusion of welding.

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C.Devanathan1 *, R.Giri 2, A.Sivanand1 P.Naresh3, R.Mohan3

Advanced lightweight materials are considered as a backbone for any transportation industries to improve the fuel economy, performance and safety. The multi material concept including light hybrid materials is now the buzz word in automotive industry. The areas like body structure of the automobile and power train demands the joining of dissimilar materials. In the present work, an attempt was made to join 6mm thick aluminium 6063 to pure copper using an autogenous friction stir welding process. Four experiments were conducted by varying welding speed at two different values using two non-consumable rotating tools having square and cone shaped pin profiles. The specimens were tested for its quality using visual and radiographic non-destructive testing method. The welded specimens were also tested for its impact strength and hardness. The joints prepared by cone shaped pin at 20 mm/min had a continuous tunnel like defect and lead to poor weld. On the other hand the square pin tool had produced defect free good quality weld. Impact test results showed that impact strength of the welded specimen had directly proportional relationship with welding speed for both tools. Square pin tool had produced better impact strength than cone pin tool by means of effective stirring of the workpiece materials.

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Sylvia, Warih Puspitasari, Maria Dellarosawati Idawicaksakti

XYZ is a company engaged in transportation services. Service provided by XYZ includes passenger transportation and freight transportation. In deciding on investment, XYZ must consider their financial condition so the investment can be carried out and become profits. As time goes by, there are still many problems with investment report, the absence of integrated system between investments and financial can lead to the making of investment report become intricate, thus hampering the decision-making process in the company. Foremost, the need for data and information regarding assets investment in which every asset has its own depreciation value and treatment method. The solution to this problem is by designing an ERP system with SAP S/4 HANA software and using SAP Activate methodology. With the implementation of the ERP system, it can integrate investment and financial to controlling the costs of procurement and funds in work units and ensure every cost incurred not exceed the budget.

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Mohammad Haroon Rahimi, Suneha Dhiman

The terms Sustainable development most thoroughly addresses the natural, social, and monetary parts of structures with regards to its locale. While supportable development is the perfect phrasing that expounds on the utilization of economic improvement. Even though in foundation the commonality on these areas is continually developing wherever on the globe; in the Afghanistan, bearable arrangement practices didn't at present all around down to business in development building even though in structure designing precisely. The term maintainability on the development industry spoke to water utilization, indoor natural quality, site area, material use, natural effect, and commitment to environmental framework wellbeing, 55 pragmatic answers were prevailing after 65 organizers working. Along these lines, this reality procured were explored in working various arithmetical methodologies, similar to that; realistic arithmetical, inferential measurement test, factor investigation, Paired example Wilcoxon Test, Pilot test on the poll. This Research oversees six tough development practices that designing which these activities that the specialists accomplish such a great deal energetic and execute on their Residential structures Projects at Kabul Afghanistan. In like manner, three activities were explained which these are now and again worked in private structure Projects at Afghanistan; 1: centrality including power 2: valuable strategy, 3: consultant commonality necessities. At last, this examination distinguished 5 highlights (obstacles) that keep away from these activities of strong development practices at private structures projects in Afghanistan. And finely the main Drivers and Barriers are designed with main factors and their usage on residential structure projects in Kabul Afghanistan.

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Dr. G. Kavitha, Dr. G. Kalaimani

This paper focused on extending the earlier work of the sensor node selection process. Focus on more challenging issues by utilizing the effective quantized data for tracking the target sensor network by considering the selecting problem with the quantized sensor data. In the proposed, scheme received signal strength indicator (RSSI) this is based on the sensor node position. From the reference fixed nodes and tags are placed at the know positions by utilizing the radio signal radiations to generate an accurate model of signal propagation. To perform the optimized tracking system are dynamically selecting the subset of sensors. The one step-look ahead posterior method of Hybrid Backpropagation Rate Bound (HRBR) used to measure the sensor selection of state estimating the error are proposed. To compute the posterior method of HRBR are employed Particle filtering as well as estimating the target selection state. Simulation results show the proposed posterior HBRB based on the method outperforms by accurate target tracking by selecting a quantized node.

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Sutrisno, Avando Bastari, Okol Sri Suharyo

Indonesia has a national jurisdiction area of ± 7.8 million km² with 2/3 of its territory being the sea of ± 5.9 million km². With this large sea area, it is a great potential for Indonesia to be able to develop alternative energy resources in the maritime sector amid the problem of fossil energy resources whose capacity is decreasing. The energy crisis requires the government to encourage the development and utilization of new and renewable energy Alternative energy in the maritime sector that can be developed include energy that utilizes ocean waves, ocean currents, tides, and ocean temperature differences. This study aims to determine the alternative energy of the maritime sector by reviewing from technical and financial aspects, political, economic, social and technological aspects. The method used is technical analysis, financial analysis, PEST analysis, and Fuzzy MCDM. The first step in this process is the mapping of the technical, financial, political, economic, social and technological aspects of each energy alternative with technical, financial and PEST analysis. Furthermore, with the Fuzzy MCDM method an alternative energy development selection model was made by assessing the performance of each. The results of the analysis in the form of the concept of ranking alternative energy sources as a maritime potential that can be used as consideration in determining government policies in the energy sector.

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Bhavya K, Nagesh M.D., Shankara, S. N. Maya Naik

Majority of solid wastes generated in India is directly disposed on land/water bodies in an unscientific manner. This poor handling practices of liquid/solid wastes has resulted many incidents of water, soil and air pollution contamination. The heavy metals/toxicants which are present in these wastes can enter human body through contaminated environments which leads to major health issues. In the process of finding the defensive/remedial measures to safeguard the environment an attempt has been made tostudy adsorption of Cr(VI) metal ion from aqueous solution onto different mixtures of low cost adsorbents, viz., black cotton soil (BCS) – fly ash (FA) and BCS – Bentonite (BT) mixtures using batch kinetics. The relation between the percent removal of chromium and various factors such as adsorbent dosage, contact time pH, and initial concentration of metal ion have been studied. The residual concentration of the chromium ion was resolved using AAS (Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer). It is observed that maximum adsorption was in acidic range and interaction time of 50 min at 150 rpm. BCS–FA mixture has showed better adsorption than BCS–BT under varied proportions and identical experimental conditions. The sorption data has been modelled and compared with classical Langmuir and Freundlich adsorption isotherms. Langmuir isotherm is found to be best fit for both BCS-FA and BCS-BT mixtures, due to the R2 value which is observed to be higher when compared to Freundlich model indicating monolayer adsorption.

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Mr.D.Vinodh1, Mr.C.Radhakrishnan2, Ms N.R.P.Nivetha3, T.Raghunathan4, Ms.P.Preethi5

Many cloud outsourced middleboxes perform deep packet inspection (DPI), a lot of helpful assignments which analyze packet payloads. Broadly utilized over the Internet to encode traffic, HTTPS gives secure and private information correspondence among customers and servers. Be that as it may, to adapt to quickly changing and refined security assaults, organize administrators frequently convey middleboxes to perform DPI to identify assaults and potential security breaks, utilizing methods extending from straightforward catchphrase coordinating to further developed AI examination. They may contain delicate data of undertakings, and therefore need solid insurance while designing middleboxes in untrusted outsourced situations. In this paper, we propose advanced framework engineering for outsourced middleboxes as MBOX to perform deep packet inspection over encoded traffic, without uncovering either packet payloads or inspection rules. Our first structure is a scrambled elite standard channel that takes randomized tokens from packet payloads for encoded inspection. We at that point expound through deliberately custom-made strategies how to exhaustively bolster open-source genuine rulesets. We officially examine the security quality. Usage at genuine Cloud show that our framework presents approximately 100 millisecond idleness in every association introduction, with singular preparing throughput more than 3500 packets/second for 500 simultaneous associations.

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Air condition systems is the largest consumer of electrical energy in industrial factories and commercial buildings. It account over 60% of electrical power use in buildings. In chilled water plant systems the chiller and other components electrical load fluctuates, this lead that all chillers change their capacity to provide the required load. None of the chillers are in a base load / trim sequence strategy . Chiller plant air condition system optimization becomes a priority efficiency upgrade , this reduces electrical energy usage and costs by 30% and improves plant reliability by running equipments more efficiently .In this study different recommendation of control steps and upgrades applied in the chiller plant system and sensors to work together around the clock to use the least electrical power consumption without any effect on performance .

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Kateryna Andriushchenko, Oleksandr Rozhko, Oksana Lavruk, Kateryna Teteruk, Natalya Ushenko

The transport complex operation in freight transport is closely interlinked to the state of country’s economy. The peculiarity of RAB mechanism is investments volume being determined by the needs for the rolling stock’s development and update. RAB-regulation is designed to encourage companies to modernize the infrastructure and improve the expenses efficiency. The main principle of tariffs RAB-regulation is the following: the capital invested in a regulated infrastructure company should at least have impact, which would be enough to attract new investments and enterprise development, as well as comply with the investment risk level. The goal of this work is to develop an algorithm for determining the economic feasibility of introducing RAB regulation of tariff setting at railway enterprises. The methodological approach to assessing the economic feasibility of price liberalization is offered to assess the feasibility of changes implemented in the studied sectors of activity, which is based on identifying the need for fixed assets, estimating the allowed limits for tariff growth, calculating baseline parameters for baseline strategies.

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Bhagyashri Sangewar, Dr. A. R. Buchade

Industrial Automation and Control Systems (IACS) required facilitating the safer means of information communication between smart devices such as various Intelligent Electronic Devices (IEDs) or between IEDs and host systems. Security in Industrial Automation and Control Systems (IACS) is critical task as many of these devices are present in remote location and controlling critical plant processes. These IEDs and hosts use various protocols such as Modbus, DNP3, IEC 60870, IEC 61850 etc. Distributed network protocol version 3(DNP3) is non-proprietary protocol used in Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system. SCADA is the key foundation for many critical industries. DNP3 protocol is de facto standard for water, sewage, and oil and gas industry. DNP3 is used in industrial automation but initially DNP3 was not covering security aspects. Due to the need for secure communication later secure authentication is added to the protocol. DNP3-SA is the authentication mechanism which ensures the integrity and confidentiality between communicating devices. This paper presents the survey on DNP3 protocol and what are various attacks possible in basic DNP3 without secure authentication and with secure authentication mainly on SAV2 (Secure Authentication Version 2) and SAV5 (Secure Authentication Version 5).

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Sayang Nurshahrizleen Ramlan, Intan Maizura Abd Rashid and Irza Hanie Abu Samah

This research paper is based on the topic of the factors affecting teenagers’ online purchasing dissatisfaction in Malaysia. Nowadays, people cannot live their life without doing the online purchasing and the trend of advancement in technologies had changed the way of doing business. Some companies were failed to adapt the change of technologies and it will cause the product of the company to face the fact that being unable to compete with competitor. Moreover, the internet technologies has create a marketplace for customers to purchase their desired product or services from online websites instead of going traditional market place such as department stores. Apart from that, traditional retailer also faced challenges to stay in market because E-Commerce is a popular trend, which ease the consumer to purchase products. Companies nowadays are joining bandwagon to promote the product through social media such as Facebook and Instagram. The objective of this research is to measure the impact lack of product’s information on customers’ online purchasing dissatisfaction especially amongst teenager, teenagers are seen as the potential buying group of E-Commerce. It is because this group usually adopt technology more quickly compared to older people which means they are more likely to shop using online platform. Based on the regression analysis, lack of product’s information was found to have a significant effect on factors affecting customers’ online purchasing dissatisfaction among teenagers with a significance level of (sig. t = 0.005) with a positive beta.

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Kokila Muniyandi, Ganesh Punamalai *, Parkavi Sachithanantham, Nandhini Chardrasekaran, Yoganathan Kamaraj

Polyhydroxybutyrate (PHB) is a thermoplastic easily degradable by the action of microorganisms. A large amount of non-degradable plastics wastages are causing Environmental biggest problems. These plastics are the availability of in some markets and it’s very dangerous to the environment. The non-degradable plastics are solid wastes, greenhouse gas, carbon dioxide, different air contaminations, dangerous dioxins, and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon are discharged to the environment it causes extreme damage and harmful to the occupants. The finding of alternate for the problem causing non-biodegradable plastics is needed to protect our environment. Therefore, the easily degradable bioplastics gained attention in the environmental research community. Biodegradable bioplastics are generally publicized in the public and the demand for a package is quickly expanding among the retails and food industry at large scales. This review highlights every one point are regarding the applications, types, production, sustainability, challenges, and fermentation process advancement and uses of modest substrates for the production of bioplastics. Microbial production of bioplastics with assorted structures is entering another developing phase. It views the author that is bio-degradable plastic materials are generally adept for single uses of disposable applications are post utilization wastes can be privately treated the soil.

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P. R. Asha, M. S. Vijaya

Binding affinity prediction of hereditary anarchy like spinocerebellar ataxia (SCA) is imperative in medical field. Existing affinity prediction models built through machine learning demonstrates less prediction rate due to issues like selection of features, architecture of learning algorithm, hyper parameters used in learning. Hence a new affinity prediction model is proposed to meet the above challenges and to increase the performance of prediction. In this work, binding affinity prediction is implemented with customized layers in deep neural network by training weights and sharing features. Pre-trained weights with customized layers in DNN is experimented with two approaches namely protein-ligand docking (PLD) and protein-mutated-ligand docking (PMLD) to facilitate accurate prediction. Two datasets are created using two docking approaches. The first dataset is created by docking 17 molecular structures of six types of spinocerebellar ataxia with 18 ligands. Features like energy calculations are extracted from the docked complex to predict binding affinity and the dataset is termed as PLD. The second dataset is shaped by mutating the protein of spinocerebellar ataxia by repeat mutation and docked with ligand to produce the complexes. Features like scoring functions, energy calculations and descriptors are extracted from the complex to model the affinity binding and it is phrased as PMLD. Customized layers in deep neural network are defined with three optimizers namely adam, rmsprop and nadam optimizer and the experiments have been carried out using two datasets. The results are compared with performance results of the model through functional deep neural network. Results demonstrates that the model built with customized layers in deep neural network for PLD dataset attains the highest prediction rate where the self learnt features from the hand crafted features found to be more precise in prediction.

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This study aims to develop effective teaching materials for students in mastering the concepts of microeconomic theory. This teaching material development procedure uses ADDIE method, which consists of (1) Analyse, (2) Design, (3) Development, (4) Implementation), and (5) Evaluation. The feasibility of teaching materials is based on the assessment of material experts and instructional material design experts, while the effectiveness of their use is based on the results of field trials. Based on the results of the study showed that the micro economic theory teaching materials developed are feasible to be used as teaching materials in students of the Economic Education Study Program with a material suitability level of 90 percent and the suitability of the design of teaching materials 90.48 percent. with an average score of 3.5 to 3.6, and the level of effectiveness of its use which is very significant in improving learning outcomes in both small classes and large classes.

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Dita Amanah1, Dedy Ansari Harahap2

This article analyzes the online impulsive purchases. Visual appeal, perceived enjoyment and purchase intention are the exogenous variables. The quantitative research is used in this study with descriptive analysis methods. The samples are 100 consumers who have shopped at the top four online stores in Indonesia (Lazada, Blibli, Tokopedia, Elevenia) and analyzed using path analysis. The results show that visual appeal has a negative influence on purchase intention and consumer online impulsive buying, while visual appeal has an influence on perceived enjoyment. Perceived enjoyment has an influence on purchase intention but has a negative influence on consumer online impulsive buying. Purchase intention has an influence on consumer online impulsive buying. Perceived enjoyment is the most influences variable on purchase intention compared to visual appeal, while the most influential variable on consumer online impulsive buying is purchase intention compared to visual appeal and perceived enjoyment.

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Dr.V.Palanisingh1, R. Vijayalakshmi2, R.Sathishkumar3, Dr.V.Palanichamy4

Groundnut is the most important oilseed crop in India and it plays a key role in bridging the vegetable oil deficit in the country. Ground Nuts are essential protein crops in India and grown in mostly under rain-fed conditions. In this study, a modest attempt has been made to study the direction and trends of groundnut exports in India. Secondary data has been collected from the Ministry of Agriculture, Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority and Ministry of Commerce and Industry. One-way ANOVA has been employed testing the hypothesis. The percentage share of Groundnut exports in Total Exports is a fluctuating trend. India is the largest exporter to Indonesia US $118.62 million in 2009-10, US $ 234.56 million in 2013-14 and it has registered a CAGR of 5.59 per cent. India is the largest exporter to ASEAN region US $ 246.36 million in 2019-10, US $ 590.1 million in 2014-15 and it has decreased to US $ 340.14 million in 2018-19 and it has registered a CAGR of 3.65 per cent.

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Raphael Banda, Jackson Phiri, Mayumbo Nyirenda

Assessment in education is an instance of making a judgment whether learning has taken place in the students. In assessing students scholars use verbs such as count, create, summarise or evaluate. These verbs found in standard questions to assess students or candidates in a test or examination are drawn from Bloom’s Taxonomies of the Cognitive Domain and are called action verbs. The cognitive domain has six levels; Remembering, Understanding, Applying, Analysing, Evaluating and Creating. These six levels of the Cognitive are used to classify educational learning objectives into levels of complexity and specificity. An action verb in a particular test item can belong to any of the six levels of the cognitive domain. A survey was carried out and the findings were that the use of the Cognitive Domain levels in setting test items is not common in awarding marks to questions. Awarding of marks to questions is done at random without considering the levels where such action verbs are drawn from. A recommender system has been developed that analyses the questions and recommends marks to be awarded according to the weights of such action verbs used. It can also analyse syllabi content and make a judgement as to whether the curriculum tests low level competences or high-level competences. Analysis of questions is based on the cognitive domain as it is the most common domain used in schools and universities. Analysis of questions can improve the way students are assessed. To develop the system a model was designed and Web technologies was used. For programming purposes PHP and MySQL was used. MySQL was used to design the databases for the action verbs. These were systematically arranged in the databases for ease of manipulation and retrieval. WAMP Server is compatible with other programming languages such as JavaScript and HTML. This makes the system is scalable on the internet.

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Murugan P C, Vel Kumara Samy V, Vishnu Bharathi T, Surya Parkash M

Biomass gasification is emerged as a promising technology for meeting the world's growing energy demands by the waste produced in developing societies. The gasifier used in the remote areas for the rural application has been designed for only single feedstock and utilizing it in a gasifier cannot meet the energy demands. Besides, only limited works have been carried out on using the biomass blends in a gasifier through equilibrium modelling and experimental approach, whereas, the simulation through CFD predicts better results when compared with the other approach and the numerical simulation on the biomass blends are in scarce. Hence, in this article, an experimental and numerical study has been proposed on the possibility of using rice husk and sawmill residues in an industrial type downdraft biomass gasifier. The numerical simulation was carried out using the species-transport model with the k-ε turbulence model. The effect of equivalence ratio, producer gas composition, temperature distribution, and the calorific value of gas were studied. The results obtained from the numerical simulation is further validated with the experimental results. Both the studies reported that the blending ratio of 60:40 shows better performance with CO: 20.3-24.5%, H2:18.5-19.2%, CH4: -2.8-3.1% and 5.92 MJ/Nm3 respectively.

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Dmitry Aronbaev, Sergey Aronbaev, Abdullo Nasimov, Gaukhar Narmaeva

The article presents the results of a study on the manufacture of solid mercury-film graphite electrodes for stripping voltammetry and the selection of criteria for evaluating their suitability in the analysis of trace heavy metal contents. The ergonomic design of an indicator carbon-paste electrode made of a high purity graphite rod, coated with an insulating sheath made of a heat shrink tube and having a cavity for filling the electroactive mass from a mixture of graphite powder and paraffin is proposed. The relationship of such physical and mechanical parameters as the size and shape of graphite particles, the ratio of the ingredients of the electroactive mixture, the ohmic resistance of the manufactured electrodes with the range of working potentials and the residual current was studied. The choice of the criterion for determining the readiness of a mercury-film graphite electrode for voltammetric measurements is substantiated. The results of the stripping voltammetric determination of cadmium, lead and copper ions in environmental objects, food and drinks using the developed electrode are presented.

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Akshay Baweja

This paper explains the physical programming language that helps its user understand the fundamentals and concepts used in a programming language. It uses LEGO-style blocks and colors to help kids learn the basics of programming and aims to increase the learning effectiveness of programmers. The Physical Programming Language takes the form of a kit that comprises different sub-modules like variable blocks, value blocks, marker blocks, display blocks, loop blocks, conditionals blocks, and operator blocks. The physical programming language aims to provide a tangible and tactile learning in a physical environment. It also re-imagines how we think of programming language today. Instead of a traditional programming setup that involves a minimum of a keyboard and a screen to function, it uses physical blocks. It helps the user visualize how a program would look in an actual physical space than inside a storage disk.

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Abdullah Mat Rashid, Nurul Husna AbRazak, Nurul Farhana Mohamed

The world’s population by 2050 is expected to rise to nearly 10 billion and boosting agricultural demand. Therefore, it increases the challenge to offer skilled and semi-skilled workers in the agriculture sector. Unfortunately, the percentage of students choose this sector as a career and further the study to a higher level is still low. Hence, this study aims to evaluate the persistence to pursue studies in agricultural science based on student engagement. This research used a survey study. Questionnaires were distributed to 159 respondents who were selected from three Vocational Colleges by using random sampling techniques. Research findings showed that the level of student persistence in pursuing their studies in agricultural science was high based on the level of student perception towards student engagement. It can be concluded that student engagement affects the level of student persistence in pursuing their studies in agricultural science based on academic, out-of-class engagement and emotion. In addition to enhancing knowledge, the contribution of this research can also serve as a benchmark for all parties such as teachers, administration and parents in helping students to increase their persistence in pursuit of agricultural science. In the future, research on the other factors that can improve student persistence in the quest of agricultural science can be taken into consideration.

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Anatoly S. Yurchenko, Stepan A. Yurchenko

The method of a certain liquid viscosity study has been developed on the base of the force balance level. At the same time, consideration of the process at the energy balance level with the theoretical derivation of the viscosity equation made it possible to clarify the mechanism of its manifestation and propose a technique for calculating pressure differences in channels of different sizes. It takes into account even abnormal manifestations of viscosity. The theoretical derivation of the viscosity equation revealed a uniform pattern for all the liquids studied. Thus it manifests itself in the fact that the same viscosity value should be observed at the same pressure or the same shear stress under the condition of the same duration of the liquid exposure to a load. It is also shown that Bernoulli's theorem on the energy of a moving liquid particle is applicable due to the fact that, as a result of mathematical transformations, characteristic of specific energy were introduced. The particle energy has been determined by means of elementary volume and elementary mass and theoretical derivation of the viscosity equation.

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Usman, Muhidin, Gusti Ray Sadimantara, Sitti Leomo, Dewi Nurhayati Yusuf

Abstract: The aim is to analyses the shading effect on the vegetative growth of rice cultivar under the teak stands. This research conducted in an experimental farm, the Faculty of Agriculture, University of Halu Oleo. The research designed in a split-plot design. The main plot was the different levels shade, and the second factor was different of cultivars. The main plot is the difference of shade under teak stands as follows: n1= 60%-80% shade level; n2= 40%-60% shade level; n3= 20%-40% shade level and n4 = 10%-20% shade level. While in subplot is the difference of upland rice cultivar i.e., (V1) = Labandiri and (V2) = Jangkobembe. The research revealed that the shading level has a significant effect on the plant height, leaf number and leaf area of Labandiri cultivar. While on the Jangkobembe cultivar, the different shading level only has a significant effect on leaf number parameter. The Jangkobembe has the cultivar that could be developed as tolerant cultivar for rice planting under the teak stand.

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R Vijayan, V Mareeswari, P Mohankumar, G Gunasekaran K Srikar

Machine learning seems to be an artificially intelligent application that demonstrates systems with both the ability to analyze and enhance inherently via experience whilst being specifically programmed. Algorithms rely on software programs that are developed that could also access information and using that to learn for itself. The prediction of rainfall is regarded as very significant in everyday life, from cultivation to event. Previous prediction of rainfall was using the complex combination of mathematical abstractions and it was inadequate to get such a high classification rate Prediction of rainfall is rendered via acquiring quantitative data about the present atmospheric state. Algorithms models could learn complicated mappings, based solely on samples, from inputs to outputs, and require minimal mapping. Due to the dynamic nature of the atmosphere, a precise prediction of weather conditions is a difficult task. To forecast the rainfall state of the future, the variability in situations in earlier years need to be used. The likelihood it will fit throughout the past year's neighboring fortnight is a very high Random forest rainfall prediction algorithm with factors including temperature, humidity, and wind. Therefore this forecast will prove accurate, it will predict rainfall based on previous records.The platform used is anaconda and the language is python which is portable and interactive. The libraries used for implementation are numpy, matlib, seaborn and pandas.

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Manikandan.K*, Jeeva.S, Gokul Santhosh.V, Gokul.K

This project is based on the investigation of aluminium matrix reinforced with carbon nanotube particles. The investigation involves the analysis of wear resistance and the mechanical properties of the composite. The composite can be either ceramic matrix composite or metal matrix composite. This project is based on the metal matrix composite as we have decided to analyse the carbon nanotube reinforced aluminium. The aluminium 7075 alloy is selected because of its excellent resistance to fatigue, high strength and toughness. On the other hand, carbon nanotube particles offer excellent tensile strength and hardness to materials due to their nano structure and strength of the bonds between carbon atoms. The carbon nanotube particles are reinforced with aluminium 7075 by the stir casting process. The stir casting process is the most suitable way to reinforce because only then the carbon nanotube particles mix in correct proportions. Then the casted product is tested for wear resistance and the mechanical properties. The casting is done by adding appropriate proportion of carbon nanotube particles. Here, the 2wt% of carbon nanotube is used. For doing the wear test, a pin of 8mm diameter and 23 mm length of the casted portion is taken. The pin is then analysed for wear characteristics using pin-on-disc tribometer. The mechanical tests such as hardness tests, tensile tests and impact tests are performed on the casted product and the results are recorded. The traditionally used metals may not satisfy the vast engineering application. The metals cannot be used in all the applications considering the weight, strength and durability. In this regard, the composite materials can be replaced for the traditionally used metals. The composite material has good versatility properties which can be used in various applications. For each application, we can select the appropriate composite. Some of the properties of the composite materials include light weight, high strength etc. The results recorded in pin-on-disc tribometer test is used to draw graphs explaining the wear characteristics and the wear rate value for the composite is determined. The readings taken from material testing are used to find the strength of the material.

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Obaleye J. Oludare, Ezema .I .C and A. B. Adeboye

Building facades are very important contributors to the comfort parameters and attractiveness of any building. Fenestrations as key elements of the building façade are essential in achieving the dual role of comfort and attractiveness. This study seeks to discuss sustainable façade design methods and identify aesthetic perception of façade fenestrations by users of university administrative buildings in southwest Nigeria with the view of improving occupants comfort and building attractiveness. In achieving this, the literature discussed the design strategies, characteristics and properties of sustainable facades, while the quantitative study focused on aesthetic perception of fenestrations was carried out using a self-administered questionnaire survey. Ten still photographs of selected university administrative building facades in southwest Nigeria were attached to elicit response from 577 respondents, in a stratified random sampling. Results were analysed using frequencies, mean ranking and factor analysis. For an efficient sustainable façade, the qualitative study established climate-specific design strategy. The quantitative study identified fenestration with a high mean score as the fifth important aesthetic element out of 14 others. Fenestration perception revealed that façade with uniformly symmetrical distribution; vertical orientation and approximately about 40% window-to-wall ratio (WWR) coverage was most preferred by respondents in the study area. The findings contributed to the environmental sustainability of the building facade by ensuring occupants comfort and creating an attractive built environment.

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Sandeep Singh Sikarwar, Dr.Nirupma Tiwari

Any opinion of a person that can convey emotions, attitudes, or opinions is known as a sentiment. The data analyzes that are collected from media reports, consumer ratings, social network posts, or microblogging sites are classified as opinion mining research. Analysis of sentiment should be viewed as a way of evaluating people for particular incidents, labels, goods, or businesses. The amount of views exchanged by people in micro-logging sites often increases, which makes nostalgic interpretations more and more common today. All sentiments may be categorized as optimistic, negative, or neutral under three groups. The characteristics are derived from the document term matrix using a bi-gram modeling technique. The sentiments are categorized among positive and negative sentiments. In this analysis, the Python language is used to apply the classification algo for the data obtained. The detailed accomplishment of LinSVC demonstrates greater precision than other algos.

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Uppalapati pavankalyan, Annavarapu Yasaswi, Atchukola Teja, Giridhar Kanuri, Chandrasekhar Chanda

Glucose oxidase (GOx) belongs to oxido-reductase class of enzyme produced by few fungal strains and insects. Glucose oxidase has several applications in food, pharmaceutical and biotechnological industries. Glucose oxidase is widely used in diagnostics and biosensors in determining glucose levels. Current study focussed on cost effective production, purification and characterization of glucose oxidase isolated from fungal strain Aspergillus niger grown on palm jaggery. Extracellular fungal proteins were fractionated using cation exchange column chromatography and purified glucose oxidase activity was tested with modified benzoquinone activity assay. Approximately 560 IU/ml of glucose oxidase activity was observed using 1% palm jaggery as primary carbon source in submerged fermentation.

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Praveen Sankarasubramanian, Dr. EN. Ganesh

Industrial safety stays basic worry in many nations. Industrial accidents cause human suffering as well as result in immense money related misfortune and ecological effects. To counteract these accidents in the future, the examination of the risk control plan is basic. In every industry, casualty and accident reports could be accessible for past accidents. This “design research paper” proposes the Accident reports mining using NLP.

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R. Darwin, P.Sampath

Inverted - F antenna is one of the most commonly used antennas in the area of wireless communication devices where compact size plays a huge role due to scarcity of space. Here in this paper we propose an antenna designed to work in millimeter wave which is suitable for vehicle telematics in smart cities where area coverage requirement is in the lower side. Nowadays manufacturers prefer compact antennas for such applications in a luxury vehicle for latest style and aerodynamics reasons. The antenna proposed gives us the bandwidth from 28.6 Ghz to 31.4 GHz range. The Reflection coefficient of the antenna is found to be -15.41 dB. Also the gain is measured to be 2.750 dBi.

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Vinod Kumar Patel, Dr. Mahesh Pawar, Dr. Sachin Goyal

Today, many educational institutions suffer from the issue of dropping out students, failing students, recognize poor students because of the lack of a proper framework for assessing and tracking the success and performance of students. This is one of the main challenges of the educational institution, since predicting the performance of students is difficult due to vast volumes of data in educational databases. Predicting student’s performance at an educational institution is mostly useful in helping the institute management to make strategy and decision making related to improving student performance. Data Mining is one of the efficient methods for predicting student’s performance in large educational databases. Data Mining is applied in the field of education to predict student’s performance. Different data mining methods and techniques are used for predicting student’s performance. This paper present a literature research on data mining methods used to predict student’s performance from 2002 to 2020. This paper reviews work done by different researcher to predict student’s performance in all perspective. This paper also discusses commonly used attributes in different research for the student performance analysis.

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Saahil Afaq, Dr. Smitha Rao

Deep neural network (DNN), has shown an incredible success in the field of computer vision and in tasks such as classification, facial detection etc. But, accuracy of a model depends on a large number of parameters such as weights, bias, number of hidden layers, different kinds of activation function and hyperparameters. Epochs is a form of hyperparameter which plays an integral part in the training process of a model. The total number of epochs to be used help us decide whether the data is over trained or not. Recently, the performance of deep neural networks, have been improved by making use of pre-trained network architectures, and by the introduction of GPU-based computation and now recently we are even on the verge of training the models on TPU chips. However, there are many problems in the field of Deep Neural Network which concerns the training, back propagation, and customizing of the hyperparameters.

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Alhagaish I. K , Sakharov V. K

Monte Carlo calculations have been made of electron-photon cascades in thick tungsten targets bombarded by electrons with energies 10, 30 and 60 MeV. The information’s about the bremsstrahlung efficiency, the angular distribution of the emitted bremsstrahlung intensity, and the spectrum of bremsstrahlung radiation in different directions has been obtained. By thick targets we mean targets whose thickness is at least an appreciable fraction of the mean range of the incident electrons.The most complete work in which the characteristics of braking radiation were studied is the work of Berger and Seltzer [1]. This paper describes calculations of bremsstrahlung production in thick tungsten target irradiated by monoenergetic electrons with kinetic energy from 10, 30 and 60 MeV.

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Shweta Vincent, Pooja Balachandran, Anwesha Paul, Om Prakash Kumar, Tanweer Ali

Microstrip patch antenna (MPA) has a numerous benefits such as light weight, easy accessibility, provides dual polarization simultaneously, mechanical stiffness etc. Hence finds widespread use in wireless communication. Designing such antenna could however pose a greater challenge. This paper describes the design and simulation of dual band antenna operating at 2.4 (lower WLAN) and 5.2 (upper WLAN) GHz. The antenna comprises of a rectangular patch with two rectangular slots at the side and one circular slot at the center of the radiating part. The length of the slot can be viewed as inductance and capacitance can be viewed as distance between the slots. These intervenes the current flow on the surface antenna thus helping the designed antenna to operate at dual band. The designed antenna has the advantage of compact size, simple configuration, less mutual coupling between the slots, good impedance matching and uniform omnidirectional pattern.

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Hafiz Maaz Asgher, Yana Mazwin binti Mohammad hassim, Rozaida Ghazali, Muhammad Asif Saleem

A grey wolf optimization algorithm is a newly developed metaheuristic algorithm. GWO has given a better solution to the optimization problem as compare to other swarm intelligence. It is a very simple and easy to implement this algorithm. It is considered as balanced in exploitation and exploration. GWO has a few parameters that why researches use this algorithm to solve the optimization problem. In this research a systematic literature study is carried out for studying about grey wolf optimization algorithm and its several models like hybrid, modified etc. Focus of this research is to deep investigate about Grey wolf optimization algorithm and find out issues in it.

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Sid Ahmed Remmani, Aziman Madun, Nurul Hidayah Binti Mohd Kamaruddin

subsurface profile mapping is achieved using variant geophysical methods, the commonly used method is the seismic reflection. Stiffness change between layers produces reflected waves. Hence the detection of these waves is the concept of the seismic reflection method. The state-of-the-art technologies in signal processing give great advantage to this method, where it can be adopted for shallow investigation cost-effectively to detect anomalies in a non-distractive manner. Measuring the thickness of a paved area using the seismic reflection alongside a conventional method i.e. impact-echo is the main objective in this study. The conventional method to identify asphalt thickness via coring suffers from several limitations, such as damaging the pavement site and the limited number of testing. Due to the similarity between asphalt pavement and concrete in the seismic properties, a concrete slab is used as an experimental testing site for a sole purpose of investigating the applicability of both methods is various site conditions. The thickness of the tested pavement site and the constructed concrete slab are successfully attained using both methods.

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Pertik Garg, Anu Marwaha, Manju Bala Goel

Identification of reduplication words is a Natural Language Processing task that extracts reduplicative words from various text forms and classifies them according to full, partial and discontinuous type. Over the years, magnificent growth could be observed in the use of regional languages on the web in the terms of news, opinions, tweets, hash tags, reviews, articles and blogs etc. Identification and classification of reduplication words task are very challenging in computational linguistic point of view, especially if the text is written in regional languages. The availability of linguistic resources for Punjabi language is not available such as automatic tools for tokenization, feature selection, stemming and tagging etc. In this paper, we have designed an algorithm and develops Graphical User Interface which accepts input as a Punjabi text and gives output by highlighting reduplicative words and also classified the types of identifying reduplicative words. Corpus based and Rule based approaches are used for implementation of the algorithm and experimental results are evaluated from the implementation.

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Roshan Lal, Kanika Sharma

Energy efficiency of sensor nodes has always been the prominent area of research for the researchers to enhance network longevity. Many routing protocols have been reported so far working towards the same direction. However, acquiring the optimal performance of the routing protocol is NP-Hard (Non-Polynomial Hard) problem. Therefore, in this paper, to acquire the optimized routing, Genetic Algorithm has been used that helps in constructing the optimized Cluster Head (CH) selection. The proposed strategy is termed as Genetic Algorithm based Energy Efficient Routing protocol (GAEER). The CH selection in this work, incorporates node’s residual energy, distance, node density and also the network’s remaining energy. The factor network’ remaining energy is incorporated to take a control on the number of CHs with respect to the remaining alive nodes in the network. The simulation for the GAEER is done in MATLAB and performance validation of the GAEER is done against the other GA based existing techniques. It is observed from the simulation that GAEER outperforms the competitive protocols for different performance metrics.

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Nur Diyana Mohamad, Zulfa Hanan Ash’aari, Nurfatin Izzati Ahmad Kamal

Putrajaya city has transformed from rubber plantation in the late 1920s into federal administrative centre due to overcrowding and congestion in the former. Since the relocation of the administrative capital, many government servants had been encourage to move to the city and sudden increased of the population grow to more than 100,000 in recent year. This situation boosted a strong economic appeal, which expand urban activities and population growth, especially urbanization process. Thus, the city government should contemplate the allotment of land use effectively based on sustainable water resources. As the corresponding pressure on water resources keep on increasing, it is vital to identify the water demand future in Putrajaya City related to domestic and non-domestic activities as the first step to optimize land use allocation. Domestic sectors is define as household and public hydrant, while non-domestic sectors include offices, industrial areas, public amenities and utilities. Result shown that the total city population forecast in 2030 amounted to 150,124 people, increasing by more than 40,000 people from 2019. From the estimation, the domestic water consumption in 2019 multiplied from 614,150 litre/day to 888,231 litre/day in 2030. Thus, the water needs of the population of Putrajaya from 2019-2030 year increased by 44.63%.

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Sarmistha Satrusallya, Mihir Narayan Mohanty

The array antenna provides a better performance as compared to a single element antenna. The requirement of array in many application demands more bandwidth and gain. This paper analyze a multiband antenna array designed for X band and Ku band application. The antenna structure is in the form of a set of three numbers of E shaped antennas. The antenna is printed on a defective ground structure that provides comparatively high gain and suppressed higher mode harmonics. DGS has the advantage of decreasing the mutual coupling between the adjacent elements. FR4 epoxy with dielectric constant of 4.4 is considered as the substrate with a dimension of 20X20mm2and thickness of 1.6mm. The variety of slot provides the higher bandwidth due to its geometry, where the feed line is through microstrip feeding technique. The antenna resonates at 8.5 GHz with an impedance bandwidth of 4.8GHz and at 12.5GHz with an impedance bandwidth of 2.8GHz. The resonating frequencies lie in the range of X band and Ku band. The proposed design is suitable for application in satellite communication.

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Adel Salih Elhendawi

The aim of the study was to test the impact of knowledge management on crisis management at the Higher Institute of Engineering Professions in the city of Al-Qubba east of Libya. To achieve the aims of the study, the researcher used the descriptive analytical method. The study was conducted on a sample of (239) employees at the institute. To measure knowledge management, the study adopted four processes: knowledge diagnosis, knowledge capture, knowledge sharing and knowledge application. As for measuring crisis management, a five-stage scale was used: alarm signals, preparedness and prevention, damages containment, restore activity and learning. The study concluded that there is a significant effect of the processes of knowledge on crisis management, and the results also indicated the presence of an effect of knowledge management in three stages of crisis management, namely: alarm signals, preparedness prevention and learning, while it did not have a significant effect on damages containment and restoring the activity.

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Hermiza Mardesci, Santosa, Novizar Nazir, Rika Ampuh Hadiguna

Agroindustry is one of alternatives to elevate the income, both community and country. Therefore, agrarian countries strives to develop the prospective agroindustry by utilizing their own natural resources. Indonesia is one of the world’s top coconut producers and one of its national largest producers are located in Indragiri Hilir, Riau Province. Moreover, to support the development of coconut agro industry, the presence of supporting organization is also a critical point that should be taken into account. This study was aimed to determine the contributing institution related to the development of coconut agro industry. Type of organization contributing the highest expectation weight (47.8%) resulted from the village-owned enterprise (BumDes).

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Isah Aliyu Kargi, Norazlina bint Ismail, Ismail bin Mohammad

Classification of cancer in high dimensional DNA microarray data establish a significant field of research. Though, because of the challenges face by higher dimensional data in selection of genes and classification, numerous penalized likelihood methods are unsuccessful in identifying a small subset of significant genes. To address this problem, the present study proposed and applied a Fully Adaptive Elastic-net (FAElastic) model to perform gene selection and estimation of gene coefficients simultaneously. The proposed techniques, FAElastic-net has been assessed in terms of AUC, number of genes selected, Sensitivity, Specificity and informedness. From the findings which was computed from colon cancer microarray data set, it was confirmed that FAElastic outperforms the other four techniques from the performance metrics which includes: (i) selected number of genes (ii)AUC (iii)Sensitivity and Specificity and (iv) informedness. In addition, FAElastic results can be used practically to other related data of high dimensionality for cancer classification. Thus, we can accomplish the efficiency of the proposed FAElastic-net technique in practice to the medical research area.

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A.S.Periasamy Manikandan, K.Kalaivani, R.Balasubramani


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Hina Noor, Dr. Babur Hayat Malik, Madiha Khatoon, Hafiz Wajid Ali, Rashida Nasim

Because of cloud computing relative novelty and exploding growth it is an exciting area for research. The paths ahead in computer science world are defined by cloud computing; is now becoming the most sought after technology in the IT industry. Cloud is a collection of computer resources and provides over a million services to its user. The user-friendly environment and many services are provided by the cloud. Cloud computing is a computing model that uses the Internet to share information and resources to computers and software and other devices. Google, Microsoft, IBM and Amazon are the current cloud service provider. The evolution of cloud computing in terms of on-demand service can handle such massive data. Cloud computing provides us with a variety of services, such as infrastructure one service (IAAS), platform one service (PAAS) and software one service (SAAS). With the popularity of cloud computing, the number of cloud service providers and services has increased significantly. So it becomes a challenging task for cloud users to select the best cloud services. This paper defines the comparative study of emerging cloud computing services. This paper allows for quick separation of different computer cloud functions and makes it easy to compare. Based on the existing research, this review provides more detailed features and hierarchies. We hope this review paper encourage further research interest and also visualizes numerous instructions for future research in cloud computing.

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D. Srinivasa Kumar

This paper explores the financial performance of selected housing finance companies in India. The financial performance of any organization is affected by a few variables like capital utilization, cost, revenue and profit margin. In this investigation has broken down the financial performance of HFCs for the period of eight years of top six HFCs in India. In this analyze the growth of profitability and financial adequacy of HFCs and also analyze the financial performance of HFCs in terms of operating profit, net profit, return on capital employed and return on assets. In this analysis apply the two ways analysis F test is used to analyze the financial information of HFCs.

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Yuvaraj S, Dr Vijay Franklin J, Kiruthikaa K V, Ramya R, Kanimozhi T

Cognitive computing is the field of study on intelligent computing which provides the computational intelligence by mimicking the process of brain. Decision making is a part of cognitive process in which a course of actions are chosen from the opportunities based on given criteria. Generally the decisions are made by the intelligent support system that have the potential to transform the human decision making capacity to systems with the help of fields like artificial intelligence, system engineering, machine learning techniques. This paper provides an insight on cognitive computing and its historical perspectives followed by various methodologies to implement algorithms in machine learning for intelligent decision making. Further, methodologies based on cognitive informatics models such as LRMA and OAR and the denotational mathematics for effective knowledge processing are also discussed. It also provides the information on visual analytics and cognitive analytics in which the conceptual view framework and its challenges are highlighted.

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Etimad Rahimli, Ilkin Mammadov, Javid Suleymanli, Tural Valiyev

Istanbul Airport, opened in the recent period, has brought a lot of questions in line with creating economic contribution to Turkey. As a result of numerous literature reviews, developments in air transport might be thought to have a positive impact on the economy of the country by accelerating exports. This issue has been the main source of motivation for the determination of export demand by air. In order to determine the model of export demand by air 20 countries, to which Turkey mainly exports, were identified and data regarding to these exports between the years 2000-2017 is collected. As the explanatory variables for panel data modeling, the Real Gross Domestic Product, The Relative Price Index and The Population of these 20 countries were included in the model. In order to determine the consistent model, firstly the correlation between the units was tested and it was concluded that the model structure was homogeneous. In the following stages, Fixed Effects Model and Random Effects Models were developed for homogeneous panel structure and the most relevant model was determined. After testing the assumptions of the appropriate model, necessary corrective actions were taken and the model was interpreted economically. As a result, while the independent variables are fixed, it is determined that the increase in real GDP of the country exported by air will increase the amount of exports by air, the increase in the population of the exporting country will increase the amount of exports by air, and the relative prices of the exporting country will decrease the amount of exports by air.

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Muhammad Sofie Abdul Hasan, Adler Haymans Manurung, Bahtiar Usman

This research aims to explore Cointegration of Oil Price, Exchange Rate and Fed Rate to Bank Performance. This research uses graph analysis and Dickey Fuller to test cointegration for period data 2008 to 2018. The result is Bank performance which is RAROC and EVA has cointegration with Oil Price, but it does not integrate in long term between Fed Rate and Bank Performance. Exchange and RAROC also cointegrated to RAROC, but it does not cointegrate with EVA.

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A.Mabel Jemima, Dr.J.Preetha Roselyn,CR Ragahavendran

The increasing penetration of wind power in power system has created many stability issues in the electrical grid. More conventional power plants are replaced by wind farms and accordingly the stability of the power system will be affected. During grid faults, the voltage at the point of common coupling faces major dip and the wind system gets disconnected from the grid and the hence the system faces difficulty to return back to normal state after the fault is recovered. To avoid this disconnection of wind systems during faults, a PQ based Fault Ride Through controller is proposed in this paper. This controller injects reactive power into the system depending upon the level of the voltage drop during faults thereby improves the transient performance of the system. The proposed controller improves the system parameters of grid connected wind systems in accordance with grid code compliance. The proposed model is implemented and validated in 40 MW grid connected DFIG based wind system in Digsilent software.

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Delson T R

This research article aims to motivate young researchers to investigate into the possibilities of Software defined radio to design (SDR) wireless prototype. SDR is a reconfigurable radio to design any radio designing prototype starting from RF communication standard to even 5G tested modelling. This research paper will take the reader the concept of software defined radio architecture with the support of basic experimental set up worked in our university research lab with the help of National Instruments NI 2920 Software Defined Radio kit. It is just basic preliminary experiments which is available in the example folder of NI 2920 radio suite. But, the experiments will reflect the distortion of QAM constellation diagram in the transmitter and receiver SDR kits when connected to terminal PCs tested in the parametric condition of distance and LOS and NLOS conditions. The future work of this initial experiment is to design OFDM, MIMO-OFDM, and even Massive MIMO modelling through Lab view which is the reconfigurable radio model design that supports NI 2920 SDR hardware.

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Marti Widya Sari, Desinta Ningrum Belsa Putri, Banu Santoso

Every parent has many activities or activities that cannot be avoided. This activity reduces supervision and monitoring of every activity of their children. Parents' concerns in terms of monitoring the presence and monitoring of children's activities become one of the problems that are often faced. Training children to prepare themselves to face this sometimes dangerous world, first develop a sense of security in themselves. It is natural to occasionally remind a child of the possibility of being abducted or cheated by someone who has not been or is already known to him without having to mean overprotecting him. Improved supervision of children is needed without reducing the freedom of children to learn and explore their environment. One alternative that allows tracking the presence, location and accuracy is quite good is to use a Geo Positioning System (GPS). This GPS is packaged in a flexible form so that it can help make it easier for parents to supervise their children in the range of areas that are still accessible to them and find the child's position when separated from their parents. The integrated Google API integrated application is very helpful in tracking because parents are able to estimate the tracker's rough position. The system can send the location information of children who are lost or lost on smartphone applications used by parents. This GPS belt application has been able to provide convenience to parents in tracking or to find out the child's whereabouts.

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Hupesh N. Patil, Darshan G. Gaidhankar, Mrudula S. Kulkarni

Technology is growing rapidly day by day. In construction industry also, there are some techniques which helps to reduce the in-situ construction, Ferrocement is one of them. As thickness of ferrocement panels is relatively low, it easily tends to cracking failure. So, to reduce the chances of failure, use of fiber can be the better option. In this research, ferrocement panels with and without use of fiber are compared. In this research, Basalt fibers are used as a reinforcing material with wire mesh for ferrocement slabs. The main target of this study is comparative study of the behavior of plane Ferrocement panel and ferrocement panels with basalt fibres tested under low velocity impact with different drop heights as 0.5m and 1m. Panels used of size are 500mm×500mm with 15×15mm opening and varying thickness of 15mm, 20mm and 25mm with varying layers of mesh from 2 to 5. Comparison of ferrocement panels and basalt fibre reinforced ferrocement panels is studied out. Volume of basalt fibers was used as 0.5% of total volume of panel

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Yousef Morrar, Dr. Mohammad Al-Mousa

Nowadays, utmost of the world is now heavily using smartphone applications, and this is increasing year after year so we will focus our research paper on the smartphones. Usability is the degree to which something is able or fit to be used. There are many mobile applications have burdens in usability, for example: Increased ads, unpleasant colors, difficulty registering, and speed of the program. In which that leads to a small number of users and aversion to users of this application. One of the suggested solutions to solve this problem is to build a process model based on the measurement of the most important requirements and attributes for the usability to find the lacks and areas of strength and weakness in this application in order to analyze it and get rid of any weaknesses. Initially, the most important required requirements in building applications are studied to become usable, then the process model will be designed and applied to more than one mobile application and results analysis. It is expected that if this process model is implemented, it will eliminate or reduce vulnerabilities in any mobile application.

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Vijayakumar Bhandi, Sumithra Devi K.A.

Content based image retrieval (CBIR) systems use low level image representations to measure image similarity and fetch relevant images. Color, texture and shape properties are considered as important handcrafted features in traditional CBIR systems. The success of such a CBIR system depends on the choice of the handcrafted features being used. To use relevant handcrafted features, one needs to have a good knowledge of the domain where CBIR is being applied. Usage of inappropriate handcrafted features may widen the semantic gap and can to lead to poor retrieval results. Hence it is very important to extract features which are independent of prior domain understanding. In addition, it is beneficial if the features can be learnt automatically from an input image. Machine learning methods can be used for learning valuable representations from input image data. In machine learning area, Convolution neural networks (CNN) are able to create important expressive features from a given image data. Hence CNNs are well suited for image processing applications like classification, object recognition and clustering etc. Very large datasets, huge computing resources and processing time are required to train a deep CNN model effectively. There are many deep CNNs available which are pre-trained on massive datasets and distributed for public use. The knowledge learnt from these pre-trained deep CNN models can be applied to address image processing issues in new domains. VGG16 is a pre-trained 16 layer deep CNN model developed by Oxford Visual Geometry Group. In this paper, we have created a frame work to leverage VGG16 deep CNN model for extracting important features and use these features for image retrieval task. We apply this frame work for an interesting problem, to retrieve images from a weather images dataset. Results from our proposed CBIR frame work are compared with baseline CBIR which uses handcrafted features. Experimental results indicate that the features which are extracted from pre-trained deep CNN model perform better than handcrafted features when used for image retrieval application.

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Kier Gasga

The study aimed to determine the potential of composite of TiO2 immobilized in activated carbon derived from Canarium ovatum Engl. shells through immobilization by boil deposition as an alternative treatment for industrial effluents containing phenol and phenolic compounds. The effect of composite dosage, irradiation time, initial phenol concentration and pH to the percent degradation of phenol were investigated and were ran on Design Expert® under response surface for process optimization. Results showed that composite dosage and initial phenol concentration exhibited no significant effect to the photocatalytic degradation of phenol. On the other hand, degradation increases as solution becomes more acidic. Moreover, at optimum conditions, e.g. 0.1 g composite dosage, 173.95 mins irradiation time, 1000 ppm initial phenol concentration and pH value of 5, the average actual percent phenol degradation is 90.437%.

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Ilvico Sonata, Yaya Heryadi, Harco Leslie Hendric Spits Warnars, Ford Lumban Gaol, Benfano Soewito

Indonesia, Country with many islands have at least four geostationary satellites for telecommunication services to connect all-region with high-speed internet, telephony backbone and other private data such as banking and government application. Using VSAT (very small aperture terminal) as an earth station is fast to deploy with minimum infrastructure and can reach some remote area easily. The other hand, VSAT makes the satellite become susceptible to interference and also very difficult to find the source of interference. Some satellite interference caused by VSAT mis-alignment, VSAT equipment failure and unauthorized VSAT operation. There are some methods and algorithm to find a signal source such as AOA (Angle of Arrival), FDOA (frequency difference of arrival), TOA (time of arrival) and TDOA (time difference of arrival). TDOA measure the difference of time signal arrival at multiple receivers and calculate the distance between the signal source and receiver to locate the signal source. This paper studied how to find satellite interference source using TDOA algorithm and also the experimental result.

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Nur Laily, Triyonowati, Wahidawati, Nur Fadjrih Asyik, Sukaris Sukaris

Indonesian women may contribute to the economy from their private businesses at home. An example of women businesses is batik industry. Obviously, Indonesian women are considered having higher self-efficacy and innovative behavior to generate their success as batik entrepreneurs. However, the women entrepreneurs of jonegoro batik are indicated facing managerial problems. In particular, most of batik women entrepreneurs in Bojonegoro have difficulties in recording and managing the financial transactions. Recording accurate and precise financial transactions will help SMEs to prepare an effective financial strategy. This study aimed to improve financial management from traditional into a modern structure. Therefore, specific models of simple financial management should be developed into IT-based financial management. The planned system is designed for start-up SMEs in order to make a simple financial statement, profit and loss statement, and cost of goods sold. Thus, this study indicated a change in innovative behavior of Indonesian women entrepreneurs to increase their sales turnover.

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Sibisagar.B, Surya.V.R, VigneshVijayaraghavan, Dr.SuriyaKrishnaan

Overhead transmission line constitutes the major part of power transmission systems in India. Faults in overhead transmission lines are a common sight in rural and semi urban parts of this country this problem is addressed in this paper work. The line faults causes power disruption, damage to power equipment in some instances loss of life due to live wire and it is very difficult to determine the location of the line fault and to prevent power waste and any other casualties by preventing the flow of power.

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Umasankar.L, Srinath.S, Praveen.S , Nirmal Kannan R, Surya S

PV-based- re-boost cascaded - inverter framework is-utilized for-power-quality-enhancement. This effort deals with modeling of FOPID(Fractional order Porportional Integral Derivative Controller) and fuzzy-logic controlled–re-boost-converter with multi level inverter system using PV as source. ‘_The-simulink-model for- Re-Boost-converter with multi level Inverter-System has been-developed using the-elements of Simulink &closed-loop-investigations are executeed with FOPID&Fuzzy-logic-Controllers’. The dynamic responses of the above systems are compared in terms of time domain parameters. The outcomes represent that superior performance of FL-controlled closed loop reboost converter with MLI.

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Erzhanov Kaly, Kartbayev Amandyk

The issue of efficient use of electric power due to a sharp increase in its cost is more pressing than ever. A reason requiring a reduction in electricity losses is the power networks that have exhausted their resource and can not manage the increased loads and need modernization. Optimization of electric power regime will help with reduction of production cost and preservation of competitiveness of enterprises. Currently, the main electricity consumers are non-linear, which cause distortions in the current and voltage curve, increase the level of reactive power, which in turn leads to additional losses of electrical energy and equipment failure. The most obvious solution of the problem is to reduce losses and increase network capacity. Neural networks were used to solve the task of optimizing the division of load of the most powerful electrical receivers by time to reduce peak load.

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Umarova Z.F.

This article presents data on the effect of Ganoderma Lucidum on the state of the Tamm-Horsfill protein in chronic kidney disease. It is noted that the use of Ganoderma Lutsidum improves the condition of patients, positively affects uromodulin, creatinine and glomerular filtration rate. So, under the influence of the Ganoderma Lucidum, the Tamm-Horsfill protein normalizes, which cannot be achieved using traditional treatment methods. The results are presented, the corresponding conclusions are made.

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Bramianto Setiawan, Vina Iasha, and Utiya Hikmah

Nowadays, the energy demands increase along with the enhance lifestyle and the increase of population, so that alternative energy sources are needed to meet the demand. Several renewable energy has been developed, but the low capacity energy storage system makes the energy that has been produced is partially lost. Lithium-sulfur battery is one of a promising energy storage system due to its high energy density, inexpensive material, and abundant in nature. However, the current problem despite the high energy density is the low life cycles due to the dissolution of sulfur into the electrolyte. Research on lithium-sulfur batteries was carried out in 1962 by Hebert et al., but it has some disadvantages, such as a low discharge capacity and short cycle times. Various studies have been developed to solve these problems. In this review, we will discuss the electrochemical process on lithium-sulfur batteries and the method of a lithium-sulfur battery cathode manufacturing to give information to the researcher about the recent development of lithium-sulfur cathode manufacturing. The present review will discuss both physical and chemical manufacturing methods.

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Stephen Ojo, Arif Sari, Murat Akkaya

This article presents an optimal signal loss propagation model developed for Long Term Evolution (LTE) networks in Cyprus at an operating frequency of 3.1GHz. Experimental and Analytical studies of signal loss in LTE networks were carried out and propagation measurements were collected across rural, suburban and urban areas of Cyprus. Five signal loss propagation models were selected and compared with the measured signal loss. The Cost-231Walfisch-Ikegami model gave the best performance using the performance metric of root mean square error (RMSE). The model was then optimized for LTE networks in Cyprus using the second order polynomial least square regression algorithm and the results clearly shows that the developed model agrees well with the measured signal and is therefore suitable for use as an effective signal propagation model. The developed model accurately characterized radio coverage and network planning of LTE networks in Cyprus, thus enhancing the quality of mobile services. The developed model can be used to accurately determine signal loss across all the LTE networks thus improving the quality of service (QoS).

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Saiful N.A. Rashid, Rozi Mahmud, Mansharan K.C. Singh, Suliadi F. Sufahani

The focal point of this study is on the statistical reliability based on the real medical data of post mortem computed tomography and computed angiogram in the cause of sudden death on the external examination and head and neck injuries. Post Mortem Computed Tomography (PMCT) currently acts as an adjunct to autopsy since 2009. Post Mortem Computed Tomography Angiogram (PMCTA) is relatively new technique in the field of forensic radiology and has never been practiced in Malaysia. The validity of PMCT alone or together with PMCTA in identifying the pathologies and organs involved and the correlation with autopsy in the diagnosis of SND in a predominantly Asian population has never been done previously. In this study, a statistical descriptive was done on the validity, reliability and effectiveness of PMCT/PMCTA on the student death. This study is very important to the cultural, religious and legal system as it will determine whether PMCT alone or PMCT together with PMCTA will increased the diagnostic value in the diagnosis of the Cause of Death (COD) of Sudden Natural Death (SND) and could completely replace autopsy or at least complement a limited autopsy. Based on the result, it shows that there is a high percentage of validity, reliability and effectiveness of PMCT/PMCTA on the student death and definitely lead to change in the conduct of death investigation and improve the quality of mortuary services.

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Jhon Holguin-Alvarez, Fernando Ledesma Pérez, Aquila Montañez Huancaya

The research explores the effects of iconic verb narration with structure based on a Red Causal model to provoke causal inferences in text comprehension. The study was carried out with two groups of schoolchildren from Lima (four years of age, n1 = 45; and six years, n2 = 60). A causal network evaluation (EVITRE) with triple follow-up was prepared. The results show significant differences in the experimental group of four-year-old children and more intense effects in six-year-old children. It is suggested to use temporal measures to demonstrate the predictability of the appearance of causal inferences in subsequent studies.

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Jhon Holguin-Alvarez, Luzmila Garro-Aburto, Yrene Uribe-Hernández, Pedro Novoa-Castillo

Cognitive demand in mathematics is crucial for addressing problem solving, learning geometry, statistics, and other disciplines that are exercised when students face complex tasks, which start from school to university. However, no activity developed in the classroom, based on activities anchored in emotional stages and affectivity that develops student commitment to mathematics, has been studied by educational science in this field. For this reason, the research proposed to increase the skills to develop tasks of high cognitive demand in mathematics in a sample of 335 primary school students from public and private schools in Peru. A standardized test using the correlation method and regular reliability was used. The results show high levels of approach to tasks of low connective level of information, in high-level tasks, but there are difficulties in increasing the skills to solve tasks with high cognitive demand. We conclude that tasks with high cognitive demand require more than eight months of practical experimentation, with greater diligence in developing personalized tasks as opposed to group ones. The experimental group showed that after 80 learning sessions, students manage to tackle high-demand tasks, although they need more support to formulate other problems of a similar nature as substantial evidences.

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Prashant Kumar Shrivastava

Web has been becoming a very important part in people’s life. People express their opinions and reviews related to the products and services on the web. Therefore, product reviews are generated daily on large scale. By analyzing these products reviews, new customers find others opinion. The categorization of reviews is very important for any business to grow. Broadly reviews are classified as positive or negative. Sentiment analysis is broadly applied to voice of customer materials like opinions, reviews and responses. Manufacturers or organizations become aware of good and bad things about their products, service and their competitors by analyzing sentiments from reviews of users. In order to make and maintain impression in market, every organization is continuously watching user reviews. In this paper we proposed to classify the sentiments from product reviews using supervised machine learning. Performance of Support Vector Machines (SVM), K Nearest Neighbor (KNN) and Decision Tree algorithms are compared and analyzed.

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Tsegay Hiwot, Abrha Birhan

The objective of this study was to identify the hepatotoxic pyrrolizidine alkaloids (PAs) in grains processed food and animal products in three villages of the North West zone of regional state of Tigray, northern Ethiopia. By chemical test using Ehrlich’s reagent, and separation by thin layer chromatograpy (TLC) and gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (GC-MS) spectrometric analysis, three toxic PAs, echinatine, clivorine, and europine, were identified in the Teff and Enjera food samples taken from three veno-occlusive disease affected villages of Tsaeda-emba, Adishukor and Mekayho in northern Ethiopia. PAs are phytochemicals present in more than 6000 plant species worldwide; approximately half of the PAs are hepatotoxic, genotoxic, and carcinogenic. PAs induce acute hepatotoxicity with the typical symptom known as hepatic sinusoidal obstruction syndrome (HSOS). To date, three representative carcinogenic PAs, monocrotaline, riddelliine, and lasiocarpine, have been classified as possible human carcinogens (Group 2B) by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC). Therefore, it is important to determine the sources of exposure and study the mechanism of action. As such, the identification of three toxic PAs in the villages of Ethiopia with people suffering from HSOS is highly important.

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Nasiya R. Al-Daghari, Sajeewa S.N. Maharachchikumbura, Dua’a Al-Moqbali, Nadiya Al-Saady, and Abdullah Mohammed Al-Sadi

A study was conducted to examine fungal endophytes present in leaf and stem tissues of Azadirachta indica. A total of 65 fungal isolates were recovered from 144 neem plant segments (leaf and stem tissues) showing no disease symptoms or physical damage. The samples were collected from 8 different locations in Oman during the year 2017. The isolates were classified into 15 different morphotypes according to culture characteristics and were identified based on rDNA ITS sequence analysis. In total, 23 taxa belonging to 15 genera were identified, all belonging to the ascomycetes classes Dothideomycetes, Sordariomycetes and Eurotiomycetes. Class Dothideomycetes was dominant and was represented by six families: Cladosporiaceae, Saccotheciaceae, Botryosphaeriaceae, Didymellaceae and Pleosporaceae, followed by Sordariomycetes (Chaetomiaceae, Microascaceae and Nectriaceae) and Eurotiomycetes (Trichocomaceae and Aspergillaceae). The most frequently isolated taxa were Cladosporium sphaerospermum, Alternaria spp and Aspergillus niger. Leaf samples yielded more fugal taxa compared to stem, and our data show that neem contains taxonomically diverse fungal endophytes. Furthermore, this is the first report of Aspergillus caespitosus, Curvularia geniculate, Curvularia subpapendorfii, Leptosphaerulina australis and Microascus cinereus from Oman.

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Ms V. Divya, Dr. R. Gobinath

In wireless network MANET uses mobile nodes for transmitting data with external transmission range. Network results in multiple authentication problems that reduce the development of the network. In this paper the issues and attacks in mobile ad hoc network were fully categorized and analysed. External and Internal attacks are also analysed. Along with the security, the advanced routing techniques are also concentrated. This paper mainly focuses on security problems and the packet routing solutions in wireless MANET.

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Md. Babul Islam, Md. Nuralam Hossain*, Md. Kamrul Islam, Abdur Rakib Nayeem, Mst. Nasrin Akter

Women empowerment is a self-motivated, vibrant, and dynamic process and is closely related to women's literacy and entrepreneurship. This study explores the effect of financial literacy and entrepreneurship on women empowerment. However, the households and women who are living around Sundarban protected areas are disadvantaged and had no or limited literacy and financial management skills. This FELP training could help them make maximum use of resources and opportunities for enhancing their livelihoods. The study is composed of both qualitative and quantitative research approaches. The primary data were collected through a semi-structured questionnaire survey by the FELP beneficiaries. The study was conducted around one year after an accomplished FELP program to ascertain the degree of effectiveness of the program. We analyzed data using statistical software; Stata, and MS Excel. The findings revealed that 74% of the respondent of FELP beneficiaries was role-played positive attitude with their family, and 90.83% of women can update their business book, able to keep record daily income-expenditure. 81.67% of FELP beneficiaries get involve in various income generating activities outside at home contributing to their family. The Two-sample t-test shows a significant difference in empowerment score between the FELP and Non-FELP group (t = 6.06, p<0.000), which means the FELP beneficiaries were more likely to ensure the women empowerment. The regression results show that financial literacy significantly positively affects women's empowerment. Further, this interaction variable is different from zero, meaning that higher scores of women empowerment who were also the FELP beneficiary. The paper calls for women empowerment employing adequate financial literacy and entrepreneurship by studying the relationship between women empowerment and financial literacy inclusion.

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Ranganathan Nagendran, Arumugam Vasuki

Hyperspectral images are three-dimensional representations comprising spatial and spectral dimensions. Hence, these images contain a huge volume of data, and compression is required for their efficient transmission, storage, and processing. We propose a hyperspectral image compression technique using a hybrid transform. Specifically, the integer Karhunen–Loève transform with clustering and tiling is applied to the spectral dimension to decorrelate the corresponding data. Then, the 2D integer discrete wavelet transform is applied over the spatial dimension to decorrelate the spatial data. In addition, the decorrelated wavelet coefficients are applied in the embedded zero-tree wavelet transform. Alternatively, the data are processed by an algorithm containing set partitioning in hierarchical tree. The wavelet transform and partitioning on the hybrid transform over hyperspectral images retrieve high peak signal-to-noise ratio, low number of bits per pixel per band, and fast computation time compared to similar approaches, with the partitioning showing the best results.

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Abduljalil Saif, Mahamod Ismail, Rosdiadee Nordin, Nor Fadzilah Abdullah, Mohammed Fadhil

5G mobile communications is a paradigm shift in communication and internet technology. It aims to enable the networked society so that users, device, and machine can connect to high speed internet at anytime from anywhere. Nevertheless, the full description of the 5G is still emerging and issues related to the challenges that might face or confronting the 5G is still under research . Most of previous studies investigated the radio technology that makes the 5G a reality. However, few have focused on understanding the opportunities and challenges that can face deploying relays on the 5G network wireless. In this study, a review of existing literature is conducted to understand the opportunities and challenges that will face deploying relays on the 5G network wireless. The findings indicate that there are several challenges in achieving the maximum performance in the context of cooperative communication. These challenges are to find the optimal rely node (RN) from various prevailing RN. While there are also several opportunities and these include the enhancement in performance of the network and the reduction of the overhead triggered by RNs. This can be achieved by choosing from various communications metrics such as the signal to noise ratio (SNR), bit error rate (BER) and channel state information (CSI). and also include higher peak and user data rates,, enhanced coverage, improved energy efficiency.

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Pavithra M.P, Ashwini K, Abhishek N K, Animisha U Soraba, Chandan G.K

In India a large amount of solid waste is disposed. Landfill liners are constructed in the place before dumping the waste. A large amount of leachate is produced from the solid waste. Usually geosynthetic liners and clayey soils are used as materials for liners. In this study, low cost materials like natural red earth and bottom ash are used. Bentonite has a self – healing properties and low permeability. It can also be used as a absorbent and used in treatment plants. Zeolite is said to have an open frame structure where it can trap the heavy metals in them. Natural red earth is clayey type of soil that is abundantly available in the environment and very stable in all environmental conditions. Bottom fly ash is a by-product that is formed in coal induced power plant and other cement industries. It has the property to purify the pollutants and for the purpose of treatment. The pollutant removal efficiency using these materials is investigated in the temporary glass setup. Leachate quality was determined and heavy metal content, chemical oxygen demand(COD), organic matter, pH and other properties in the leachate sample is measured before and after treatment. The result showed that these materials were effective in pollutant removal.

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Essam K. Saied, Ashraf Y. Besees, A. Wazeer, Ayman A. Abd-Eltwab

The aim of this study is to apply a quality control chart which is based on the process capability indices Cp or Cpk, for online process control. This chart determine the statistical state of the process and determine the process capability for producing items conforming to the specifications simultaneously .This chart is simple to apply and does not warrant and tedious computations as well as save the time for monitoring the process quality. This chart was applied through experimental test results obtained from cement manufactory, Beni- Suef, Egypt. This chart proved to be effective for monitoring the process performance. Therefore, this chart can be used as a quality tool in industrial applications for optimizing the manufacturing process quality control.

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Syah Alam, Indra Surjati, Lydia Sari, Yuli Kurnia Ningsih

This paper proposes new design of square microstrip antenna with dual feed line for improving bandwidth and axial ratio at work frequency of 2400 MHz. To obtained circular polarization with axial ratio ≤ 3 dB and enhanced bandwidth of antenna, dual feed line is used to improve performance of conventional microstrip antenna. After the simulation process, dual feed line succeed to improved bandwidth of microstrip antenna 131.9 % compared with microstrip antenna with single feed and provide circular polarization with axial ratio 2.44 dB at working frequency of 2400 MHz compared with the microstrip antenna with a single feed. This research is very usefull for Wi-Fi application in order to improve the level quality of receiver signal.

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Hanafiah, Saloma, Nicholas Ferdinand, Sutanto Muliawan, Mona Fadila Rachmah

Pervious concrete is innovation of concrete that has high permeability, so pervious concrete can be passed by water. Porous formed in pervious concrete makes pervious concrete is permeable. This research used 10% silica fume as cement substitution, 7% sand as coarse aggregate substitution and ratio variation of cement aggregate (a/c). Ratio variation of cement aggregate were 2.0, 2.5, 3.0, 3.5, 4.0, 4.5 and 5.0. The test of properties aggregate, density, compressive strength and porosity used ASTM standard. The test of permeability used falling head method. The result of examining the slump in pervious concrete was 0 cm in all mixed variation and the result of maximum compressive strength test of 28 days of 15.66 MPa in the mixture with the value of a/c = 2.0 that had permeability of 0.26 cm/s and porosity of 14.7%.

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David Eko Prasetyo, Zaky Adikta, Anita Maharani

Technological developments in the world of electricity enable household electricity customers to generate independent electricity. It is reflected from the matter of concern for the environment, electricity tariff, attraction toward technology, attraction toward electricity, reputation of electricity companies, and power outage. The test was carried out empirically to reveal the motives and characteristics that significantly influence the intention to generate electricity at the household scale by using, for instance, electricity from renewable energy. The results of research in Indonesia show that the motivation of household electricity customers is influenced by financial factors related to the price of electricity tariff and supporting factors such as government subsidies, regulations on power generation equipment and the selling price of electricity. Meanwhile, concern for the environment, attraction toward technology, attraction toward electricity, the reputation of the electricity company, and power outages do not significantly influence the motivation of household electricity customers.

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Ayman A. Abd-Eltwaba, Ahmed M. Ali Khair-Allah, A. M. Atia, and Essam K. Saied

The sleeves with external splines have an increased attention due to its use as power transmission parts in automotive, aviation, airspace, and machining equipment such as lathe, milling, and all equipment that have gear box. The manufacturing process of these sleeves by machining is expensive due to the consumed power, use of a special tool, and the material loss in machining. A new tool is proposed here to form the sleeves with external splines in one shoot. The new tool consists of a die with splines opposite to the required splines at its inner face. This die has a support for the specimen at the lower side and the specimen which has a longitudinal hole is fixed inside the die. A ball is forced inside the specimen hole to take the required sleeve shape by compelling the specimen inside the die cavities. The new tool is tested with different ball diameters to check the splines filling ratio. The forming process was conducted using a universal test machine and the forming load was recorded. The suggested process found to be successful.

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G.Madhavi, V.Harika

Huge scope sun based force plants are generally marketed and coordinated into existing electric force frameworks. Sunlight based disengagement over a brief period can fundamentally influence transient generation. The proposed framework game plan settles the trouble through an improved day in front of momentary generation planning of both thermal and aqueous vitality frameworks at various sun oriented confinement esteems. Here one combined arrangement of the sun based force plant is introduced and incorporated into the created aqueous advancement model. The proposed framework expects a fixed rate for sunlight based force costs. The ideal booking issue is explained productively utilizing differential advancement calculation. Different physical and operational imperatives are incorporated. The outcomes show that sun-powered segregation variety seriously influences both thermal and hydroelectric force plant generation planning particularly when need dispatch measures are expected.

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Syahnur Said, Ackhriansyah Ahmad Gani, Rezky Ratnasari Taufan, M Haerdiansyah Syahnur, Jafar Basalamah

This study aims to explain the effect of green marketing on buying interest and purchasing decisions on personal and home care products commonly used in daily activities of people in Indonesia. This type of research is explanatory research, in which a survey is conducted on consumers who use products labeled Unilever eco- friendly. The survey used 100 samples of research data with a purposive sampling technique, and it is collected through a questionnaire and online survey that was analyzed using the SEMPLS technique. Finally, the results of the study found that the attribute of environmentally friendly product design (green label) is a variable that dominates the choice of consumers in making purchases. Meanwhile, preference attribute is the attribute having the smallest influence on purchasing decisions. Another fact shows that the variable of price remains the choice of respondents when making a purchase on a product. Future studies are expected to be able to add more variables by using a larger sample size.

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Khaled Mohammad AL-Fatafta, Shaker Jarallah Alkshali

The study aimed to identify the effect of strategic alliances on the organizational excellence of Jordanian pharmaceutical companies. The study population consisted of (299) directors in the higher administrative jobs in Jordanian pharmaceutical companies, and a stratified, and proportional sample was adopted, in which (200) questionnaires were distributed, and (169) questionnaires were valid for statistical analysis. A number of statistical methods were used to analyze the study data, the most important of which are simple and multiple regression and hierarchical regression. The study reached many results, the most important of which are the existence of high levels of dimensions of strategic alliance and high levels to diminish organizational excellence. The results of the study indicated a statistically significant effect of strategic alliances on organizational excellence.

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Mohamed Abdellah Ezzaouini, Gil Mahé, Ilias Kacimi, Abdelaziz Zerouali

A limited number of studies have been conducted in Morocco to estimate dams siltation rate based on suspended solids concentration (SSC) field measurements. The present article provides an evaluation of the siltation rate through an inventory of field measurements data which has been collected upstream of Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdellah (SMBA) Dam reservoir. The analysis was based on measurements performed according to a predefined protocol at four hydrological stations located immediately upstream of the dam during the hydrological years of 2016/2017 and 2017/2018. The analysis was also based on several bathymetric field surveys performed throughout the reservoir area since the construction of the dam. Field measurements show that recorded sedimentation depth at the four stations during the first year was 14% higher than the second year although it had an excess of rainfall and runoff compared to the first year. Estimated correlation coefficients between flow rates and suspended solids concentration was ranging from 0.20 to 0.42. Those between solids and liquids flow rates have higher correlation coefficients ranging from 0.75 to 0.91. Seasonal analysis and the adoption of the threshold did not improve significantly the relationships between these parameters. Moreover, only 18% of the dam siltation originates from upstream sources. The main hypothesis that we can formulate is that the dam's sediments most likely come from the erosion of its banks.

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Rose Lynn C. Abrugena, Arnie Christian D. Villena, Jake M. Laguador, Elna R. Lopez, Annalie D. Pateña

This study aimed to identify the attitude of teachers in terms of personal and professional aspects and its relationship with the barriers in conducting research in terms of personal, social and institutional dimensions. Quantitative-descriptive type of research method was utilized in the study with 35 faculty members as respondents. Results showed that the faculty members have high level of positive attitude towards conducting research in terms of personal aspect in improving their self-confidence and communication skills while very high level in terms of professional aspect with emphasis on the promotion of critical thinking and career enhancement. Meanwhile, they encountered low level of personal barriers towards conducting research particularly due to lack of time management, self-interest and motivation. They encountered low level of social barriers in terms of lack of communication and linkages with other institutions and the same level on institutional barriers in terms of too much accreditation and quality assurance requirements. The profile of the respondents is not considered a factor that determines the level of attitude and barriers in conducting research among the general education faculty members except those teachers with no advisees have significantly higher level of personal barriers than those with advisees. However, significant negative relationship exists between the attitude and barriers towards conducting research. Research capability of the teachers might be translated as to the enhancement of teaching strategy to make the delivery of instruction more relevant to the current issues of the society, requirement of the industry and trends in the knowledge-based economy.

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Betty Susanti, Febrian Hadinata, Citra Indriyati

This study aims to build a performance map of various sustainability criteria for building construction projects. The criteria related to the appropriate site development category; material resources and cycle; and indoor health and comfort category have high sustainability performance; while criteria related to water conservation, energy efficiency and conservation, and building environment management still have low performance. Criteria related to the use of wood materials from legal trade sources, the use of materials originating from regional areas, and restrictions on chemical pollutants at the project site have been well implemented at the project site. There are other criteria that still have low performance, which are related to the low efforts to reduce heat island effects, the absence of rainwater storage from building roofs, the absence of effort to use the used materials, the limited use of environmentally friendly materials, the limited use of prefabricated materials, and the absence of a construction waste management plan.

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Gehad Mohammed Ahmed Naji, Ahmad Shahrul Nizam Isha, Mohammed Alzoraiki, Osama Sharafuddin, and AL-Baraa Abdulrahman AL-Mekhlafi

Human resources (HR) in any organization around the world need to cope with the changes in business techniques. Employee training is considered the main factor to increase organizational performance. Training is considered as the best method to identify and help employees do their required works effectively, correctly, conscientiously and safely. The research work study focused on the training and improvement of employee performance at oil and gas companies operated in YemenThe aim of this study is to investigate the effect of training on employees’ performance. The quantitative technique was conducted surveys by questionnaires that were utilized as instruments to assemble information to investigate the relationship between training and employee performance. A survey has been conducted in oil and gas companies operated in Yemen, yielding responses from 150 out of 200 employees. Then, the data was studied and analyzed using Smart PLS 3.0 to test the hypothesis that comprised the two factors of training and employee performance. Bootstrapping was performed to investigate the standard error of the estimate and t-values. The results of this research work study showed that training has an obvious and positive effect on employee performance in Yemen’s oil and gas companies. And their performance influenced by the training. The relationship between training and employee performance affirmed that it is beneficial to implement a successful training program at oil and gas companies in Yemen. HR management are required to find a suitable and relevant training program for all individual employee in the organization. However, the study would help Yemeni companies to develop and improve the HR workforce, which in turn will enhance the effectiveness and the success of the companies. Moreover, this research study would provide the management of Yemen oil and gas companies with supportive guidelines and recommendations.

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J. Ganesh Prasad Reddy, Dr. K. Ramesh Reddy

This paper presents the up-gradation of power quality with DSTATCOM connected in distribution system. The DSTATCOM employed for power quality (change for the better) is a multi-level (5-level) cascaded H-Bridge configured device which is capable of delivering leveled compensating signals which are later filtered. The power switches of multi-level configured DSTATCOM are pulsed using multi-carrier PSCPWM fashion to which character reference components are obtained from instantaneous power control method. The proposed system is competent to make up unbalance, power factor and harmonics insisted by three-phase balanced non-linear loads and unbalanced non-linear load types in the distribution system.

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V.Saraswathi, R.Ramanathan, R.Ramasamy

Mg-doped ZnO were synthesized by the nitriding method at 500οC and 700οC. Morphological, compositional, structural and optical analysis has been studied for these temperatures. FTIR, SEM, EDAX, XRD, UV-Vis DRS spectrophotometry and PL studies were carried out for these samples. At 500οC, the XRD pattern shows extra peaks, which correspond to secondary phase. The extra peaks were not found in the XRD pattern at 700οC.Using Match 3 software, at 500οC, the MgO, which has a cubic structure changes its structure to the host structure, which was a hexagonal structure as ZnO and ZnO changes its structure to cubic structure, which is the structure of the dopant material. At 700οC the absence of extra peaks in the XRD pattern suggests that the MgO also has the structure of the host material, which is hexagonal structure, which is confirmed by the Match 3 software. PL spectra show that UV-emission band around 380-390 nm and blue emission peak for both the temperatures. Three peaks at389 nm, 466 nm and intense red emission at 641 nm was observed in the sample processed at 500οC. For the sample synthesized at 700οC, three peaks at 381 nm, 466 nm and weak peak at 557 nm were observed. The intense red peak observed for the sample processed at 500οC is attributed to the structural interchange of the dopant and the host materials.

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Perla Anitha, P. Sudhakara Reddy, M.N.Giri Prasad

Nowadays H.265/HEVC is the newest video coding standard. In this Motion Estimation and Compensation, Transformation, scaling, and Quantization and Deblocking filter techniques are playing a major role in HEVC standards. In this paper, Rate-Distortion Performance has been analyzed with various Quantization Parameter values and different frame rates. For Motion Estimation and Compensation analysis using Content Split Block Search Algorithm and analyzed Inter and Intra Prediction techniques with various QP values such as 22,27,32,37. Transformation, Scaling, and Quantization using Hybrid Wavelet Transformation techniques and PSNR and Bit Rate. Subjective analysis is analyzed as well as the content split block search algorithm is implemented with HM 16.7 reference software. Simulation results have been discussed. In this paper, proposed work with Hybrid Wavelet Transform and Content Split Block Search Algorithm is used for results in the form of subjective and objective analysis, that has been analyzed with different test sequences with YUV PSNR and Bitrate as comparing with Random Access profile and Low Delay profile, and also comparing with Luo's, HM 11 and PVC with different QP values such as 22,27,32,37.

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Yousef Humsi, Dr. Waleed Al-Sitt

Sales forecast is an essential tool for any company seeking success, as it gives insight into how a company should manage its workforce, income and resources. Additionally, sales forecast help companies to allocate their internal assets viably. In this paper will report two different approaches for forecasting non-linear sales trends using Long Short-Term Memory (LTSM) and Facebook developed model (Prophet) by implementing it on multiple sources of historical sales data.

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Al Kusani, Sukaris, Hendra Suwardana, Anggia Kalista, Nadhirotul Laily

The purpose of this paper is to examine the mediating role of employee attachment to leadership style on employee performance. The design of this research is to ensure the truth of generalization through type research quantitative. The population in this study were all employees in cooperative organizations. The results showed that leadership style influences employee engagement, leadership style does not affect employee performance, employee engagement influences employee performance and employee engagement is able to perform a role as mediating the influence of leadership style on employee performance. The inconsistencies from the results of previous studies provide evidence and opportunities for review by this study by including mediating variables about employee engagement and employee performance relationships. The variable studied as a mediating variable is employee engagement.

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Prashant Verma, Kapil Sharma

Solving large and sparse system of linear equations has been extensively used for several crypt-analytic techniques. Block Lanczos and Block Wiedemann algorithms are well known for solving large sparse systems. However, the time complexity of such popular method makes it reluctant and hence, the concept of parallelism is made compulsory for such methods. This paper introduced an optimization of Block Lanczos method over finite field using accelerated GPUs. Here we consider GF (2) finite field. The parallel solver for optimization of Block Lanczos is implemented using NVIDIA Compute Unified Device Architecture (CUDA) and Message Passing Interface (MPI) to take advantage of multi-level parallelism on multi-node and multi-GPU systems. CUDA-aware MPI has been extensively used to leverage GPU-Direct Remote Direct Memory Access (RDMA) and GPU-Direct Point to Point (P2P) for optimized inter and intra node communication. The proposed solver for optimization of Block Lanczos explored the bandwidth of memory bandwidth on a single Tesla, multi Tesla K40 and multi Tesla P100 GPU nodes. The parallel efficiency is also achieved on DGX system with 8 P100 and 1 V100 Tesla GPU’s respectively.

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Yanuar Nurdiansyah, Yudha Alif Auliya, Muhammad Tajuddin

Designing a temperature and humidity sensor automation system using a prototype model is a step in building a smaller scope (lab scale) refers to real conditions where further implementation (original scale) is easier to implement if it is based on a prototype system because in addition to combining the conditions of the design also produced several versions of the series according to the lab scale to be used. Using an Arduino type wemos microcontroller as the center of the system arrangement with various types of tools as optimizing the temperature and humidity needed by lettuce varieties, including DHT sensors for data collection (collect data) and used as a benchmark in determining the condition of the tool. Testing two DHT sensors calibrated with a digital multimeter with certain conditions to find the smallest error value. Sensors that generate value to thorough's highest on a predetermined condition to be used in the stage of the study the growth of lettuce varieties. Every data collected by sensors (collect data) is processed and sent to a website to be displayed periodically (real time) with the provisions of the connected Wi-Fi network. Furthermore, testing on the growth of lettuce varieties used two growing media, with treatment (automation system) and without treatment. Using 8 plant samples each of the planting media there were 4 plants, for 14 days the optimal growth was searched between the two planting media by comparing based on graphs of growth of lettuce varieties both in terms of height increase and width of leaves per day.

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Marakhimov A.R., Khudaybergenov K.K., Ohundadaev U.R.

Activation functions are considered as main component in artificial neural networks. The current paper considers learning activation functions with combination of activation functions. We propose two approaches to use activation functions and construction of adaptive activation parameters to input data. Namely, to show effectiveness, we investigate linear form and non-linear form to combine activation functions, then introduce adaptive activation function. Numerical experiments show the proposed activation techniques overcome by performances and accuracy than standard rectified unit family functions.

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Paramasivam M E, Sabeenian R S, Dinesh P M

Character recognition from historic document images has been a challenge for computer scientists. The background of these documents contain enormous degradations, which gets visualized as noise. A few key preprocessing steps before character recognition are color-to-gray scale (C2G) transformation, binarization and segmentation. Numerous algorithms have been proposed, however there has been no generalized method for binarization invariant of the type image. Many C2G methods have been projected, but each of which directly mapped the noise from color image on to its gray scale version. This paper has tested the effect of C2G transformation on local and global binarization methods using images of DIBCO 2013 dataset. We have analyzed how variation of degradations, along with color contributions affects the binary image formation. Results show that not all binarization methods provide outputs for varying gray scale images. The gray scale image obtained by gamma correction based C2G conversion, eradicated noised to a maximum extent and hence has supported any kind of binarization algorithms. The qualitative measure for all obtained binary images was computed using F-Measure with their respective ground truths. To understand the contribution of each color channel in RGB color space, contrast-per-pixel (CPP) was computed. The identical F-Measure values for images with equal CPP, invariant of C2G transformation used has also been examined in this paper. To conclude, we have tested the interweaving relation between two major areas of image processing viz., Natural Image Processing and Document Image Processing.

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Taegyong Kwon

The ability to avoid sudden appearance of moving stimuli and to protect the body from an attack is an essential function for humans, which can be used for defensive actions in various environments, including combative sports. Defensive actions involving goal-directed responses to visual stimuli presented in different parts of the viewing field commonly include movements either toward (TOWARD) or away from (AWAY) the actual stimulus. Responses determined in offensive actions do provide some insight to potential outcomes associated with defensive actions. In an effort to better understand defensive responses, which have received less attention in the literature than offensive movements regardless of their importance in combative situations, our current understanding of the underlying mechanisms of the information processing in defensive movement outlined, and directions for future research are suggested.

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Pooja Mittal, Dr. Vinod Kr. Srivastava

Credit Balance services play an important role to resolve providers and health care credit balance accounts to recover the overpaid payments and avoid the future errors. This is a critical problem for the health care systems because the accuracy of prediction is very low for identifying the potential overpaid claims where recovery can happen, therefore auditors have to go through all 100% claims, which results in spending lot of time, which cannot yield recovery. To address this problem, this case study will give the ability to health care systems to classify the potential revenue generated claims. We have described and proposed a Random Forest algorithm, which is applied on high dimensional and highly biased data. The proposed Random Forest algorithm has reduced the dimensions by selected the important features and taken care of highly imbalanced data. To classify the overpaid claims, RF has provided a significant improvement over other algorithms such as Decision Tree and Logistic Regression. We have identified the high-ranking features, which influence the credit balance accounts, or claims, which reduce the high dimensionality and enhance performance. This proposed solution offers a new way to help human auditors to focus on revenue generating accounts with high yield and will prevent future errors.

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Khadijah Ismail, Mohd Hafiz Safiai, Ezad Azraai Jamsari

This article discusses human resource development in Malaysia in the field of science and technology, focusing on the science of astronomy. Parallel with today’s world development, science and technology has a huge impact on society. Moreover, the emergence of Industrial Revolution 4.0 is indeed viewed as very significant in this field. Society assumes that with the emergence of this revolution, opportunities for employment will decline as most jobs would be performed by machines. Hence, this research examines the human resource development issues in science and technology in Malaysia. This research is qualitative in design with a case study approach using document analysis, interview and observation methods. Research results find that there are some issues involving human resource development in the aspects of management and administration. It is hoped that discussions such as this can help government efforts in resolving issues of human resource development in the field of science and technology in Malaysia.

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Subodha Kumar Rautaray, D.K. Bera, A.K. Rath

Global warming is the major threat to the modern world. Cement industry contributes maximum heat to the atmosphere due to liberation of carbon dioxide during course of its preparation. Therefore researchers are trying to develop more and more eco-friendly materials. Self-compacting geo-polymer concrete (SCGC) is one of the eco-friendly material which is termed as green concrete. SCGC not only reduces pollution but also enhance the environmental and performance of concrete with respect to cement concrete. The advantages of development of SCGC are (a) consuming industrial waste and (b) self-consolidation without any vibration, towards better strength of concrete. This review paper critically analyses the various factors associated with the development of SCGC. The factors like concentration of sodium hydroxide, fly ash (FA) content, replacement of other industrial wastes, dosage of super plasticizer, ratio of sodium silicate to sodium hydroxide (alkali solution), ratio of alkali solution to fly ash, ratio of water to geo-polymer solid and curing condition on workability and mechanical properties of SCGC.

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Shivam Tripathy, Rohan Panicker, Shubh Shrey, Rutvik Naik, S S Pachpore

An exoskeleton is a wearable electromechanical structure that is intended to resemble and allow movements in a manner similar to the human skeletal system. They can be used by both disabled and able people alike to increase physical strength in carrying out tasks that would be otherwise difficult, or as a rehabilitation device to aid in physiotherapeutic activities of a weakened body part. This paper intends to introduce a voice-controlled upper body exoskeleton for industrial applications which can aid workers wearing it by reducing stresses on their arms and shoulders over longer periods and add up to 20kg more strength in lifting applications. The 3D design, calculations and considerations, and load analysis are presented along with brief results of a basic prototype model of the exoskeleton.

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M Abdul Wahab Johny, V Violetjuli, L Jayanthi, E Murugan

Coronary Arterial Disease (CAD) is the most commonly known heart disease and this disease is one of the prevalent reasons for the high mortality rate. The most obvious way of analysing the different types of heart block is still done on the basis of the graphical assessment of the Electrocardiogram (ECG) graph. Using an analog graph plotted on the existing ECG machine, it is very difficult to perform system-based analysis without live digital data. In this research paper, an instrument was designed for live ECG monitoring in order to create a database for different types of blockage in the heart. Different kinds of an atrioventricular block (AVB) are determined with the aid of ECG graphs delay. So, all such possible cases are determined using a newly developed CAD algorithm for feature extraction, event detection and temporal localization using free open source software Scilab. This paper has also proposed a novel method for consistently monitoring the heart block with the help of MQTT using the Internet of Things. The data retrieved from the ECG graph is collected via the sensor (AD8232) developed by Texas Instruments and known for its high sensitivity. Further, the data are transmitted through 16-bit analog to digital converter (ADS1115) and by using I2C protocol, it is interfaced with Raspberry Pi 3. With the support of IEEE 802.11 (WLAN) and an in-built Raspberry Pi 3 module, MQTT mosquito client was developed which publishes the data received by the ADC to Cloud MQTT. The main purpose of using the MQTT subscribe is to accurately assess the ECG data for detecting the delay and finally correlating with the specific type of heart block and finally using Graphic User Interface (GUI) yet another advantage is that the data can be remotely assessed from any part of the world.

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Aarthi.R, Akash.R, Anish.V

Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) is a neuro surgical procedure that is a neuro stimulator (brain pacemaker) is placed which can send the electrical impulses, through implanted electrodes, to specific targets of brain for the treatment of neurological disorders such as Parkinson, movement disorder, epilepsy, and psychiatric disorders. The device must be fully secured since it directly affects the mental, emotional and physical state of human bodies which may lead to patient’s death. The adversary can impair the motor functions, or modify the emotional pattern of patient by stimulating fake signals by Deep Brain Stimulators (DBSs). This project uses deep learning methodology to predict different attack stimulations in DBSs. This proposed work uses a long short-term memory, a type of Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) which is a class of deep neural network commonly applied for visual imaginary for forecasting and predicting rest tremor velocity (characteristic used to evaluate intensity of neurological disorder) which helps in diagnosing fake versus original stimulations. This methodology was used to detect different attack patterns efficiently.

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Laxmikant R. Patil*, Anil R. Shet, Arati G. Lohar, Gururaj B.Tennalli, Sharanappa A., V. S. Hombalimath, Umesh Deshannavar

Green synthesis of nanoparticles have acquired a lot of importance because of their cost effectiveness and environmental friendly nature. In this work, optimization of process parameters for the synthesis of silver nanoparticles (AgNPs) using leaf extracts of Tridax procumbens was done. Ultraviolet-Visible (UV-Vis) spectrophotometer was used for the confirmation of AgNP synthesis. The effect of process parameters like quantity of leaf extract, silver nitrate (AgNO3) concentration, incubation time, temperature and pH were studied. The optimum conditions were found to be 1ml of leaf extract, 10mM concentration of silver nitrate, pH of 9, incubation time of 180minutes and temperature of 40oC. The synthesized AgNPs were examined for antimicrobial property against two Gram-positive bacteria and two Gram-negative bacteria. Highest antibacterial activity was noticed for Gram negative bacterium Pseudomonas aeruginosa. Antioxidant properties were analyzed by DPPH and H2O2 assay and were found to be significant for the synthesized AgNPs. Further AgNPs were used for the qualitative detection of Hydrogen peroxide.

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J.Bala Bhaskara Rao, D. Bhanuchandra Rao, J.Siddhartha Yadav, M.Sreerama

In this research the impact of room stature and fan speed on wind flow design and in like manner, room air movement nature of the 3-dimensional transient model of a ceiling fan utilizing Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD). This is done by experimenting estimations of air speeds and violent motor vitality at different unequivocally found planes, in a structure envelope, for accomplishing human comfort, utilizing ceiling fan by ANSYS 15.0. Working the fan at higher rotational rates doesn't generally protect agreeable air circulation. Subsequently an ideal speed can be suggested, contingent upon the fan good ways from the floor. As, the progression of air originating from fan is having violent nature and there are such a large number of models accessible, so picking the right model is need. The fan speed, measurement, and number of sharp edges, cutting edge, and location all these assume a significant job in deciding the required stream design included in the space. In this investigation, the experimented work is accomplished for the generally utilized discontinuous model .This model is utilized to anticipate active and scattering energies to acquire the disturbance power generated.

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A. Nur Insan

Examine the effect of servant leadership and reward system on Locus of Control, job satisfaction, and performance of foundation’s lecturers in East Indonesia University. This research was a survey research. The independent variables were servant leadership and reward system while the dependent variables were Locus of Control, job satisfaction, and performance of employees. The population of this research was 218 lecturers of East Indonesia Foundation, and the sample of this research was 116 lecturers. In this research, the variables of servant leadership, reward system, and Locus of Control were correlated with a reflexive indicator model. Meanwhile, the variable with formative indicator model was job satisfaction. By combining the variables with reflection and formative indicator models, Generalized Structured Component Analysis (GSCA) was considered more suitable to be used for the data analysis instruments. The foundation’s lecturers completing their master studies (S2) in University of East Indonesia are paid or rewarded with 50% cash and 50% shopping voucher. The reward system applied by East Indonesia Foundation is based on the consideration that the lecturers completed their master studies with the help or scholarship provided by the foundation. In other words, the lecturers run their master studies without paying any tuition until they graduate. However, the foundation’s lecturers completing their master studies in other university are paid 100% cash of salary. No one has examined the reward system applied by East Indonesia Foundation (including East Indonesia University), that is 50% cash and 50% shopping voucher.

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Sukarno, Achmad Samsudin, Nuzulira Janeusse Fratiwi

The instructing of knowledge admits the instructing of knowledge procedure abilities. The significance of knowledge procedure abilities has long been acknowledged. Knowledge procedure abilities are composed of second principle knowledge procedure abilities and unity knowledge procedure abilities. The eleven abilities are: sighting, concluding, gauge, forecast, convey, categorization, specifying operations, familiarize theories, a review of data, constrains data, and supervising variables. The specify the distinctions between learners in the result of the whole primary knowledge procedure abilities, and every of the characteristic primary knowledge procedure abilities, One-Way Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) was engaged. The next advices are recommended for next research: (1) competence degrees for preserving primary instructors as concerns investigation abilities could be recognized, (2) recognition of diverse guidance processes for investigation, teaching is in order. Belonging in this reference is level variant in knowledge, (3) study distributing with variants techniques of tutoring investigation should be made and (4) expansion of appropriate devices to quantify competence of preserve instructors needs great work.

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Soumya Shaw, Saurav Kumar Mishra, Sirajul Islam, Vaishanav Shukla

The problem of digital storage is an eternal dilemma that will be there in the future as well and haunted the past researchers relentlessly. There always has been a trade-off within the choice of quality vs. quantity in all fields of life, and Digital Data storage is not an exception for sure. Our root focus will be the storage of Videos at extensive facilities that need to store colossal amounts of recording for their specific purposes. One crucial example that we would like to unravel would be CCTV footage at facilities/public places for security purposes. The footage always seems to be of bleak quality, and the details are elusive even if the incident is quite recent. This trade-off of quality sounds comprehensible since the main focus remains on having the maximum length of footage as possible. We thereby propose a time-dependent compression technique that satisfies the need of the hour. The concept suggests different levels of compression based on the age of the recorded video. The study finds the dependence of block size with the time taken for compression and, in turn, finds its performance with the help of metrics like Object Identification, Motion Tracking, Activity Recognition, and Mean Squared Error. The user is free to choose from the compression stages mentioned based on the specific application and other essential parameters like Storage capacity.

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Liyana Nadhira Kaharuddin, Mahathir Mohamad*, Mustaffa Anjang Ahmad, Kamil Khalid

There are two types of Facility Location Problem (FLP) that have been presented. The first type of FLP is minisum rectilinear distance single FLP which have been solved by using median method and also linear programming formulation which solved by using linear programming software, TORA. The second type of FLP is minisum Euclidean distance single FLP which solved by using Weiszfeld’s method and also extension of Weiszfeld’s method. Given weighted demand points, the new facility location point was find to minimize the total demand weighted cost between the demand and the new facility location (minisum objective function). All of the methods have been applied successfully. The results obtained have been analyze and compared by the total distances.

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A. Maher El-Tair, Ramez Bakheet, M.S. El-Feky, Mohamed Kohail, Mohamed I. Serag

Alternative building materials for sustainable and eco-friendly development are now a major environmental issue in the construction industry. Over the last decades, Alkali Activated Material (AAM) has shown a remarkable development as an alternative material to ordinary cement-based concrete. The AAM uses an alumino-silicate powder as a total replacement of cement. The reaction between a source of alumino-silicate and alkaline solution, under thermal treatment, to form a binding material have the same product resulting from the reaction of ordinary cement and water in concrete. In this paper, the effect of different percentages of Na2O and the activator modulus and water to binder ratio on the fresh and mechanical properties of mortar. Fresh properties were studied through studying the temperature, pH, and mortar flow test. While the mechanical properties were examined through compressive strength. Also, a microstructure analysis was examined through Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) and X-Ray Diffraction analysis (XRD). The results showed that increasing the percentage of Na2O% and Ms and results in an increase in the compressive strength of Alkali Activated Slag (AAS) to a certain limit, exceeding these limits lead to undesirable results with respect to strength.

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Emmanouil Papadimitriou, Grigorios Papageorgiou

The rapid pace of development in Artificial Intelligence (AI) provides unprecedented opportunities to enhance the performance of many infrastructure projects, including those in the field of transport infrastructure management. The innovations introduced by Artificial Intelligence include highly advanced computational methods that mimic the way the human brain works. As the road infrastructure of modern highways often stands for a scene of emergency facts, a crucial aspect for adequate operation is the management of these incidents rapidly and effectively. The exploitation of AI potentials with the development of an AI emergency response layout is the main objective of this paper. Road operators and users benefit from on-time information and relative suggested actions, derived from the proposed AI layout. Improved management of road operation and minimized incidents’ costs are the main goals of such implementations. Furthermore, an increase of safety and comfort levels for road users are the crucial aspects an AI layout shall aim at. The proposed AI application collects important information from the road area and either decides or suggests proper, in each case, actions.

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Ali Qusay Khalid, Vasudeva Rao Avupati, Husniza Hussain

Over the last five decades, dengue virus (DENV) emerged epidemically in many countries of the world which particularly located in tropical and sub-tropical areas. The elevation of its incidence up to 30-fold causing 50-100 million of dengue fever (DF) cases across the global in more than 100 countries. Due to this vast prevalence almost half of the population in the tropical and sub-tropical regions in the world are at risk of causing infection. There exist very few studies reported in developing machine learning three-dimensional quantitative structure-activity relationship (3D QSAR) modelling on anti-dengue compounds. Hence, in this study, a series of substituted 1,3,4-oxadiazole derivatives with corresponding anti-dengue activities were considered as ligand data set to develop and validate Schrodinger Phase™ 3D QSAR model based on the atoms present in the molecules forming the dataset. Further, this model was exposed to elucidate the relationship between structural features and anti-dengue activities. The established 3D QSAR model is statistically significant (R2 Training Set = 0.73 Q2 (R2 Test Set) = 0.78) with good predictive power. In addition, combined effects contour maps (blue: positive potential & red: negative potential) of this model were critically analyzed and elucidated the pharmacophore features responsible for the observed anti-dengue activities. The pharmacophore model mapped in this study is used as a directive tool for virtual screening and to identify new in silico hits in anti-dengue drug discovery and development pipeline.

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Dr. Nanthinii M.

The study focuses on how the four language skills namely Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing (LSRW) can be enhanced using a Learning Management System (LMS) like Google Classroom. The study also intends to analyse the outcome and impact of using Google Classroom among English as Second Language (ESL) learners via graded assessments and activities. The study identifies the advantages and disadvantages of using Google Classroom in an ESL classroom. Based on the feedback received from the students in a language classroom, the study identifies that Google Classroom encourages an advantageous, interactive, and learner-centred environment and turns out to be an effective alternative for the traditional teacher-centred chalk and talk classrooms. The general observation from the sample population is that using Google Classroom a teacher can keep track of the gradual progress of students through assignments and questionnaires. The learners, on the other hand, find in Google Classroom an effective medium to profuse their creativity and a promising platform to undergo advanced language learning activities in future.

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Jayadevan Sreedharana, Aji Gopakumar, Jayakumary Muttappallymyalil, Venkatramana Manda

High school performance was considered as relevant predictors of students’ current academic performance. High School Curriculum and high school score were identified as significant factors associated with academic score in undergraduate studies. This study would wish to set appropriate admission criteria for students’ high school score corresponding to different curricula. Commonly, high school score vary according to their high school system and those data may not be useful for analysis unless they are in a standard form for comparison. In order to make analysis on such variables, high school score must be standardized to a uniform unit which require an appropriate standardization method. The current paper introduces a method for standardization of high school sores as an admission criterion and further exploration for research.

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D.Suganya, Dr.A.V.Santhosh Babu

Mobile networks are organized in an environment where the network nodes are presented with less security protection against attacks. Internet of things (IoT) is an interconnected device used to transmit data over the network without human interface. 5G technology slices the physical network into different virtual networks for distributing right slice of network depending on the usage. Security is a keystone for 5G to construct the network infrastructure platform. Many node authentication techniques have been introduced to preserve the privacy of transmitted data over 5G mobile networks. But, the authentication accuracy was not improved and time consumption was not minimized. In order to address these problems, IoT based Multi-Objective Principal Component Regressed Emphasis Boosting Node Authentication (IoT-MOPCREBNA) method is introduced for performing secured communication in 5G wireless networks. This in turn helps to improve the security level in 5G networks. Simulation is carried out on factors such as authentication accuracy, authentication time and security level with respect to number of mobile nodes and data packets.

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Muthu Kumar Prof. (Dr). Sibichen Mathew

The objective of this study was to identify the comfortable sports shoes which are available with the participants and investigate the reasons for the comfortable sports shoes. Forty five Delhi-national capital region Indian youth males participated in the study. A one-on-one discussion was conducted to fill the experience survey questionnaire. The questionnaire consists of two parts. First part consists of demographic details and second part includes the choice factors, but the comfortable factors [choice F1-F9] was mentioned by the participants and even scaled by them on the five point likert scale. Their sports shoe was found most comfortable and least comfortable mainly on the basis of utilitarian experience. The good comfortable shoes have the qualities like good material (M) and nicely designed (D).i.e. MD factors.

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