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Volume 8 - Issue 7, July 2019 Edition

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Fara Dila Sandy, Siti Komariyah, Agus Luthfi

One of the indicators of the country's economy can be seen from the success of economic development which can be explained by state income or Gross Domestic Product (GDP) . However, Indonesia as a developing country has a main concept in improving the economy by means of a sovereign debt system, a concept that is believed to be an accelerator capable of stimulating GDP to remain in an ideal position. To find out the influence between sovereign debt and Indonesia's GDP. Quantitative study using Granger Causality method. Indonesian state objects with variables GDP, inflation and government expenditure. The results showed that the equation between GDP and government expenditure significantly had a causality relationship each having a probability value of 0.049 and 0.002. On the other hand GDP and Debt have a causality relationship with a probability value of 0.045.

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Kisman H. Mahmud, Achmad Fatah, Anwar Ilmar Ramadhan

as has been known generally the performance of a motor is not as complete as we know especially with the new government product of the pertamax turbo fuel Ron 98, hence the purpose of this research is to perform experimental performance that occurs at the Otto cycle at every step. The pertamax turbo fuel consumption study will have an impact on the performance of the combustion engine with a comparative ratio of at least 11: 1 power increase of 3.81% and torque 4.39% greater than Ron 92.

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Azhar Susanto, Meiryani

Rapid technological developments make the development of Accounting Information Systems also experience developments and changes. This literature study explains and describes the evolution of accounting information systems. An organization can run well if the system has integrity properly. Accounting information systems are expected in an organization to be an integrated system that supports each other activities related to corporate financial transactions. Accounting information systems are used to collect, store, and process financial data, and also to produce information reports that can be used by managers or other parties in making business decisions. Information systems are formal processes for collecting data, processing data into information, and distributing that information to users. This study aims to describe the evolution of accounting information systems. This study concluded that accounting information systems underwent an evolution from electronic data processing, management information systems, decision support systems and officice automation and artificial intelligence.

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Rini Rahmawati, Diana Sulianti K Tobing

This study was conducted to determine the relationship of transactional leadership, commitment organizational and job satisfaction. The research method used is quantitative descriptive. The research population was on the Tax Service Office (KPP) employees in Banjarmasin which numbered 89 people. Instruments for collecting data in this study were survey methods. Data analysis using Path Analysis. The results of the study show that transformational leadership significantly influences organizational commitment and organizational commitment has a significant effect on job satisfaction.

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Ririn Irmadariyani, Isti Fadah, Diana Sulianti K. Tobing, Siti Maria Wardayati

TThe aim of this research is to investigate the role of shari�ah corporate social responsibility on the relationship between firm size and profitability. This research uses explanatory research method. This research uses a sample of 78 firm-year observations from 13 firms listed on the Indonesian Stock Exchange (IDX) that entered the Jakarta Islamic Index from 2011 to 2016. Partial Least Square (PLS) has been used to analyze the data. This research finds that there is no effect of firm size on profitability both directly and indirectly through shari�ah corporate social responsibility. Furthermore, there is no evidence that shari�ah corporate social responsibility can increase profitability. However, the empirical result show that firm size has positive impact on shari�ah corporate social responsibility. For future research, that shari�ah corporate social responsibility as measured by Islamic Social Reporting (ISR) should be applied to companies that are purely Islamic. The application of shari�ah corporate social responsibility is expected to give shari�ah value added that is profitability and corporate non-financial performance. For future research is expected to investigate the effect shari�ah corporate social responsibility on corporate non-financial performance

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Muhammad Dzul Fadlli, Moh. Khusaini, Wildan Syafitri

This study aims to evaluate the impact of the government's role in the health sector. An evaluation with Logic Model assesses the use of inputs in the form of government spending on health functions toward the outcome in the form of a health index. This study uses quantitative methods with data in the form of unbalanced panels from 10 districts / cities in NTB in 2010-2016. The independent variable is the government expenditure on the health function, and the control variable in the form of household consumption expenditure while the dependent variable is the health index. Analysis was carried out by panel regression with the random effect estimation method. The result shows that the government expenditure on the health function has no effect on the health index.

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Mudrika Alamsyah Hasan, Andreas

There are several factors influencing audit judgment and they include obedience pressure, task complexity, and audit expertise. Therefore, the aim of this study was to examine the effects of these three factors on audit judgment, which is the policy of an auditor in determining the opinion of an audit result with reference to the formation of an idea or estimation of an object, event, or status. This research was conducted at a Public Accounting Firms operating in Sumatra-Indonesia with 72 auditors as respondents. Data were analyzed using multiple regression analysis. The results revealed that the obedience pressure and audit expertise had an effect on the audit judgment while task complexity did not. Therefore, it can be concluded that obedience pressure experienced by an auditor causes an error, while expertise leads to appropriate audit judgment.

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Cucun Herlina, Uun Yanuhar, Maftuch

E. tarda infects Tilapia (O. niloticus) that it has extracellular products (ECP) and immunogenic competent so it has the ability to more quickly activate the host's immune response. The first defense is carried out by the innate immune response for example the blood cells such as phagocytes, macrophages, lymphocytes and neutrophils. The purpose of research was to analyze the effect of ECP E. tarda on the innate immune response of Tilapia (O. niloticus). The methods used were ECP E. tarda isolation, vaccination, total white blood cells, differential leukocytes and phagocytic activity. The ECP treatment by peritoneal injection is 0.1 ml tail-1 for 9 days. Results showed total white blood cells differed significantly (P <0.05), the highest and lowest mean values were 29 x 103 cells 2.64 (Days-3 and 6) and 11 x 103 cells 2.25 (Days-9). The differential leukocytes showed differed significantly (P<0.05) that lymphocytes has >50%, monocytes between 23-32% and neutrophil ≤ 20%. The results of phagocytosis activity showed differed significantly (P<0.05) compared the control, the highest mean value 84.18% 1.81 on the 6th day. ECP causes cytokinesis which characterized by two dividing cells. ECP has a positive effect on phagocytic activity, total white blood cells, differential leukocytes and cytokinesis cell in Tilapia (O. niloticus).

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Charles Buabeng-Andoh

There is a growing concern about students attitudes toward mathematics in vocational education. However, not much is known regarding the factors that affect these attitudes. In this study, a new conceptual model is developed based on van Aalderen-Smeets and colleagues theoretical framework of teachers attitudes to explore the factors that affect students attitude toward mathematics in vocational education. The new conceptual model consists of five constructs of attitudes: perceived difficulty, perceived relevance, anxiety, enjoyment and students competence. This model would serve as a basis for future study in this field. The model is then tested on a sample of 215 vocational education students. These tests conclude that competence, enjoyment and perceived relevance significantly related to attitude and that competence was the most influential factor of attitude.

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S. Gopalakrishnan, M. Makesh

Boilers are used to generate steam that provides heat or power. Water is converted to steam in the boiler. This steam travels through the heating apparatus which any piece of equipment that requires steam for operation. In fire tube boilers, the combustion gases travel within the tubes to heat the surrounding water. In water tube boilers, on the other hand, the water travels inside the tubes and the heat on the outside. The objective of this project work is to improve the heat transfer rate of Fire tube boiler using various materials. The following materials are considered for designing fire tube of boiler such as Copper, Aluminium, Chromium. The model of fire tube boiler is modeled through CREO software. The Three different models are create with same shape and size but different such as copper, aluminum and chromium. The models made up of different material are numerically analyzed for its various thermal behaviors through the analyzing software ANSYS from analysis we obtained different temperature and heat flux for all three materials respectively. The three analysis shows copper performance is more effective than aluminum and chromium.

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Badara Shofi Dana, Moh. Adenan, Zainuri

News related to macroeconomic conditions has an impact on exchange rate movements in the foreign exchange market. The Exchange rate relations with macroeconomic news on the foreign exchange market only in the short term. This study aims to mitigate exchange rate relationships with macroeconomic news in Indonesia. The variable used is the index of domestic macroeconomic news, index of US and Chinese macroeconomic news and nominal exchange rates. The analytical tool used in viewing the relationship of macroeconomic news with exchange rates is Vector Autoregression (VAR). The results of the study show that the news of domestic macroeconomic conditions and the United States has an influence on exchange rate movements. Expectations of players in the foreign exchange market are based on macroeconomic news conditions. The policy to mitigate the effects of macroeconomic news is the stability of Indonesia's macroeconomic fundamentals. Maintaining the stability of macroeconomic fundamentals can have an effect on good news.

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Adji Sutama, Anis Saggaff, Saloma, Hanafiah

Lightweight geopolymer is a new innovation in concrete industry. It has an advantage because it could act as geopolymer as well as lightweight concrete. It is environmentally friendly since it is not produced with Portland cement which normally emit CO2 gas, a major contributor of greenhouse gases and global warming in the atmosphere. The material used in this experimental study are precursors, fine aggregates, alkaline activator solutions, superplasticizers, and foam. The precursors used were fly ash and kaolin, in which the percentage of kaolin were 0%, 5%, 10%, 15%, and 20% of the weight of fly ash. The concentration of NaOH at 12M and 14M. The results from the flow table test revealed that the optimum diameter of the mixture was 25.28 cm, which was found when the percentage of kaolin was 0% and the concentration of NaOH was 12M. The results of setting time showed that the fastest initial and final setting time of the mixture were 245 and 360 minutes respectively, also discovered when the percentage of kaolin was 0% and 12M NaOH. In addition, the optimum compressive strength of the mixture was 19.20 MPa, discovered when the density was 1481.12 kg/m3, percentage of kaolin was 0% and at 14M NaOH. Then, the microstructure analysis of the mixture showed that increasing the concentration of NaOH without adding kaolin produced a dense geopolymer matrix with very small pores, however, when kaolin is increasingly added to the mixture, it produced a less dense matrix with large pores. In conclusion, mixtures without kaolin resulted in lightweight geopolymer with better properties and characteristics.

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Samuel-Soma M. Ajibade, Nor Bahiah Binti Ahmad, Siti Mariyam Shamsuddin

The prediction of performance of student is a very important task for institutions of higher learning. The academic performance of students aids the teachers, instructors and management of institutions to identify low performing students and then more attention is given to them so as to enhance their performances. In previous studies, various elements and methods have been applied to identify and enhance the performances of students. In this work, we made use of data mining classifcation techniques to improve the prediction accuracy of student performance. In recent times, classification accuracy has been enhanced thru the use of ensemble techniques and combining multiple classifiers. In this paper, we have made use of an efficient AdaBoost ensemble technique called AdaBoostM2 and we combined it with a metaheuristic optimization algorithm known as Differential Evolution (DE) to produce a novel algorithm called ADDE. This new algorithm is implemented on the KalBoard 360 educational dataset and the results displays that is very efficient in reducing the weak learners and thereby increases the prediction accuracy. The new algorithm has therefore shown better result in reducing the computation complexity.

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Nurliana Nasution, Hasnati, Mhd Arief Hasan, Alexsander Yandra

E-Service is an online system-based application of electronic service that facilitates government services. This application is widely used to facilitate procedural service. This paper discusses how to develop an E-Service as a communication forum for lecturers to discuss with practitioners in research proposal and community services. In Indonesia, the government has provided lecturers with a service i.e. the Information System for Research and Community Service to fund research and community service. However, there are still many lecturers who fail to make good research proposals and community service. Therefore, LLDIKTI (Higher Education Service Institution) Region X provides a system service to increase the opportunity for lecturers to get funding for their research proposals and community services.

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Telugu Maddileti, S. Govindarajulu, S. Chandra Mohan Reddy

Major Prominent strategy involved in the formulating of assorted category circuits will be the requirement of competent along with involuntary method of formulation.Upsurging difficulty involved in the formulation analog circuits requires appropriate handling utilizing the strategies for difficulty existed in formulation of integrated circuits design requiresfor dealing by means of suitablestrategies for determining the best solutions along with precise explanation with respect toprototypes of formulation for the purpose of accomplishment of stipulated constrains in the formulation assuring nil faults. Characteristic issues existed in the formulation of integrated circuits that might be analog in nature will be involved in difficulty in processing along with the need of managing the many contradictory, along withpurposescontaining sturdyunproportionally inter relationship. The work establishes the strategy in identification of dimensions of equipmentwith respect to integrated circuits that might be analog in nature that adopts the strategy of determining the best solutions with multiple amount of motivations. For the purpose of assessing the suitability with respect to stipulations provided in the formulation of the circuit utilization of meta- heuristic strategy is established. Development of issue into complex one while motivations might be contradictory with respect to one another which is involved in providing the best solution will be dissimilarwith respect to additional. For determining the solutions to mentioned may or may not contain the restrictions, the mentioned strategies involved in provision of compensatory solutions, famously called to be Pareto-optimal solutions. Here utilization of multi-objective ant lion optimization is suggested for designing two stage Operational amplifier which produces better results than single objective Chaotic Grey wolf Algorithm along with Salp Swarm Optimization Algorithm.

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Iman Paryudi

k-Nearest neighbor is a popular classifier and has been applied in many fields. One problem with this classifier is the choice of k value. Different k values can have a large impact on the predictive accuracy of the algorithm, and picking a good value is generally unintuitive by looking at the data set. Because of the difficulty in selecting the k value, it is suggested to using variable k values instead of just one static k value. The numbers of nearest neighbors (k value) selected for different categories are adaptive to their sample size in the training set. There are many ways of choosing the k value, but a simple one is to run the algorithm many times with different k values and choose the one with the best performance. However, this method will take long time if we want to do experiment with a lot of k values. In relation to this problem, this paper will present the result of our experiment on what data properties affect the choice of k value. There are two interesting results from this experiment. The first is the experiment result showing the relationship between big data sets with more than 8000 instances (Mush, MGT, SS, Adu, and BM) and small best k values in 2-class data sets. And the second is where there is a relationship between data sets having numerical attribute type and small best k values in n-class data sets.

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Affi Osei Prince, Lartey .N. Lloyd, Angkyiire David, Oppong Irene

The main objective of this study was to examine the relationship between neonatal anthropometric indicators (Baby head circumference, Baby full length and Baby weight) and maternal socio-demographic factors (Gravidity, Parity, Educational level, Age, occupation of mother and number of ANC visit) using canonical correlation analysis. The neonatal anthropometric indicators were considered as depended (Y) variables whiles maternal socio-demographic factors were considered as independent variables (X). The outcome of the canonical correlation analysis showed that, there exists a significant relationship between neonatal anthropometric indicators (Baby head circumference, Baby full length and Baby weight) and maternal socio-demographic factors (Gravidity, Parity, Educational level, Age, occupation of mother and number of ANC visit). The total shared variance between the two set of variables was 69.8%. The study also showed that Baby head circumference has a positive relationship with maternal Age and also negative relationship with the remaining of the maternal socio-demographic factors whiles Baby full length and Baby weight also has a positive relationship with all the maternal socio-demographic factors used in the study except maternal Age.

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Dr. Archana Sharma, Ms. Shweta Singh

Big Data refers to tools and methodologies that aim to ce have been expended in retail, telecommunication, information services and finance, services. This research explores the relevance of big data analytics in current trends of M-Commerce and various technologies that make analytics of consumer possible. This research further extends with the case study of Amazon, Flipcart, walmart to provide the insight that how these firms apply big data analytics in their business strategies for better use of M Commerce applications. Further this paper highlights to access, maintain and technical challenges and privacy issues of Big Data in M-Commerce.

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Saloma, Hanafiah, Muhammad Prayogane

Reactive powder concrete is a type of high-performance concrete with low porosity. RPC eliminates the use of coarse aggregates in the mixture to increase compactness, stability of the mixture components, and to minimize internal defects in materials such as void area. Reactive powder concrete is composed by materials such as Portland cement (OPC), quartz sand, quartz flour, silica fume, water, superplasticizer, and without coarse aggregate. The purpose of this research is to analyze the characteristics of reactive powder concrete in density, compressive strength and durability with variation of w/c. This mixture has three variations consisting of variations of w/c. Variations in w/c used were 0.20, 0.23 and 0.26 with sulfate immersion for 28 and 56 days. The ASTM standard is used as the basis for testing slump flow, setting time, and compressive strength. The result of the maximum compressive strength test is 71.15 N/mm2 with w/c = 0.20 in the condition without immersion. The result of microstructure test which has the highest C-S-H and the lowest porosity is w/c = 0.20.

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Muhamad Muslih

Acceptance of new students in higher education is an important aspect that must be managed well and planned. Therefore, generally, universities form a division to carry out the process. In addition to receiving new students, this division also conducts marketing strategies to be able to attract students to be able to continue their studies at the college. At present, the marketing strategy is dominated by the concept of information technology, which has not yet been applied to new student admissions to universities in Indonesia. Therefore, this paper aims to design e-marketing for the acceptance of new students in universities through a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) approach. The SOA approach to e-marketing will be measured by the level of agility and reusability of the designed application services. College of technology Nusa Putra became the object of implementing e-marketing in 2017. The results show that the application of e-marketing strategies through the concept of information technology with the SOA approach designed to increase effectiveness and efficiency in receiving new college students College of Technology Nusa Putra.

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Tirta Nugraha Mursitama, Noerlina, Anastasia Sabrina

This study discusses the benefits from the USDFS (User Specific Duty Free Scheme) and MIDEC (Manufacturing Industrial Development Center) programs in the IJEPA (Indonesia Japan Economic Partnership Agreement) framework in 2008-2012 seen with a tactical linkage approach in issue linkage to the objectives of Indonesia's interests (increasing industrial competitiveness related to the value of production through the MIDEC program) and Japan (cheap imported raw materials to strengthen the automotive industry in Indonesia primarily through special tariff acceleration 4 driven sectors (automotive, electric and electronics, heavy equipment and energy) in USDFS program. The tactical linkage approach to linkage issues is an easy way to increase pay-offs, its increase benefit of cooperation since the issues not inherently connected. Costs that are sacrificed from a realm of issues to benefit for the purpose of other issues do not matter as long as the actor gain benefit from the objectives of their interests. The results of the research show that Indonesia gain benefit from technical assistance and Japan receives imports of cheap raw materials for heavy equipment and automotive.

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Ika Hesti Agustin, Dafik, Marsidi, Ridho Alfarisi, E Y Kurniawati

In this paper, we consider that all graphs are finite, simple and connected. Let G(V,E) be a graph of vertex set V and edge set E. By a edge local antimagic total labeling, we mean a bijection f:V(G)∪E(G)→{1,2,3,...,|V(G)|+|E(G)|} satisfying that for any two adjacent edges e_1 and e_2, w_t (e_1)≠w_t (e_2), where for e=uv∈G,w_t (e)=f(u)+f(v)+f(uv). Thus, any edge local antimagic total labeling induces a proper edge coloring of G if each edge e is assigned the color w_t (e). It is considered to be a super edge local antimagic total coloring, if the smallest labels appear in the vertices. The chromatic number of super edge local antimagic total, denoted by γ_leat (G), is the minimum number of colors taken over all colorings induced by super edge local antimagic total labelings of G. In this paper, we investigate the lower bound of super edge local antimagic total coloring of graphs and the existence the chromatic number of super edge local antimagic total labeling of ladder graph L_n, caterpillar graph C_(n,m), and graph coronations P_n⨀P_2 and C_n⨀P_2..

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I Made Arnawa, Yerizon, Sri Nita

This study intends to improve students proof ability in abstract algebra course based on teaching and learning through APOS theory approach and to know level of students understanding in abstract algebra. This research is pre-experiment one shot case study design. The sample were the students who participating in the abstract algebra course academic year 2018/2019 at Andalas University. Instrument used in this study was test of proof ability which consisted of three proof test, that measures the ability of proof construction. Level of students ability in proofs are grouped into three categories, namely: level 1 (sintactic), level 2 (concrete semantics), and level 3 (abstract semantics). The results showed that: (1) 30% of students achieved level 3, 50% of students achieved level 2, 14% of students achieved level 1, 3% of students achieved level 0 and 3% excluding the category of level 0, level 1, level 2, and level 3. (2) Most of student have difficulty in learning Abstract Algebra, (3) The students trained with teaching and learning based on APOS theory approach had the mean score of the ability to proof different from 45.00 at the significant level of .05. (4) There a gender gap in students ability to proof in Abstract Algebra, but statisticcally not significant.

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Maria Arif, Lubna Naz, Amber Ayaz Memon, Zoha Khan, Sakina shabbir, Nazneen Zehra, Ghazala Yasmeen

Liver diseases are becoming a burden on the world day by day, with viral hepatitis being on top of the list and hepatocellular carcinoma is the 2nd leading cause of cancer deaths. The prime aim of the study was to observe most prevalent Liver disorder in the patients of lower socioeconomic areas. A total of 111 patients were observed in the major government hospitals for various liver disorders. Details of their laboratory parameters including Liver function tests, Hematological factors and ultrasound were collected. Among the 111 patients were categorized based on socioeconomic status, it was found that 82% patients belonged to lower class. For justification, various modifiable risk factors were also observed in these patients including smoking habits, tobacco eating, alcohol consumption, habit of self-medication. From the data collected, it was found that 91.9% patients were diagnosed with Hepatitis, 2.7% patients were diagnosed for Hepatocellular Carcinoma, 1.8% patients were enrolled with hepatomegaly, 1.8% patients were suffering from liver failure while fatty liver and gallstones were the least found liver disorders with only 0.9%. When the patients with hepatitis were categorized, 94.1% were found to be diagnosed with Hepatitis C and rest with Hepatitis B. Hepatitis C was found to be the most prevalent liver disorder in the lower socioeconomic areas of Karachi. Various risk factors were involved in its prevalence Further research, awareness and vaccination programs related to the risk factors and the treatment of Hepatitis are needed to control this life-threatening disease in these areas.

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Azhar Susanto; Meiryani

Data mining is an automatic information discovery process by identifying patterns from large data sets or databases. The process of finding information can be done by a method of grouping data into several groups from a data set that is in data mining called the clustering method. Data mining is defined as a method of finding information that is hidden in a database that is large and difficult to obtain by using only ordinary queries. Unit Implementation and Testing, software design is a series of programs or program units. Then unit testing involves verifying that each program unit meets its specifications (Sommerville, 2003). Programs should be released after they are developed, tested to correct errors found in their quality guarantee testing (Padmini, 2005). There are two testing methods, namely: (1) The white box method is a test that focuses on the internal logic of the software (program source code); (2) The black box method is to provide actual results in accordance with the results needed. In the testing phase, the author conducted a black box method that tests the functionality of the software alone without having to know the internal structure of the program (source code).

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Azhar Susanto; Meiryani

some users have difficulty expressing their desire to get an application that suits their needs. & this difficulty needs to be resolved by analysts by understanding user needs and translating them into prototypes. This model is then continually improved until it is according to user needs.The application of the system is important for the information system developer in assessing the success of the information system whether it runs according to the plan and whether it has fulfilled the wishes of its users. Unclear planning and analysis often creates problems that will affect development activities. This study will provide an overview of the use of prototyping models in information system development activities in the hope of producing a prototype as one of the first steps in developing an information system. Protype is created with the aim of providing equal perception and initial understanding of the basic processes of the system to be developed, so that there will be good communication between developers and system users.

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S.Sakthiya Ram, Dr.C.Kumar, K.M.Nandhini, S.Arun Jayakar

The objective of this work is to use Google Assistant for the home automation system through voice control. Using Smartphone, it is possible to control almost all the home appliances. Usual voice commands are given to the Google Assistant app and the given commands are decoded and then sent to the microcontroller with the help of the IFTTT App (If This Then That) and the Blynk app.

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Ivan Ari Wibawa, Abba Suganda Girsang

The goals of the thesis were to develop a data warehouse which was loaded from operational database PT. XYZ, to analyze data warehouse with Tableau Software to resolve the problems faced by PT. XYZ on operational management of inclusive financial agents in terms of presenting reports more quickly and efficiently for reporting purposes to regulators. then this data warehouse is also needed to help the management of PT. XYZ in getting information to support the decisions that will be taken.

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Azhar Susanto; Meiryani

Accurate financial statements can be produced only if the results of business events and activities are properly recorded. Accounting records are generally based on two approaches, namely cash basis and accrual basis. In a company at the time of recording finance must use the accounting basis. Because using this accounting basis has a purpose, namely to find out when the effect of a transaction or event must be recognized. The accounting base is an important step in measuring and presenting each transaction in the financial statements, especially related to the recognition of income and expenses for each economic event. The application of the accounting base must be carried out consistently.

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Azhar Susanto; Meiryani

Property, factory buildings and equipment are assets that are expected to provide benefits for more than one year, are used in business, and are not for sale. The intention to use these assets as part of the client's business operations and the expected usefulness of more than one year is an important characteristic that distinguishes these assets from inventory, prepaid expenses, and investments. Non-current assets are often referred to as fixed assets or fixed assets, so that fixed assets are defined as tangible assets that: Owned for use in the production or supply of goods or services, to be leased to other parties, or for administrative purposes; and Expected to be used for more than one period.

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Azhar Susanto; Meiryani

Liability or debt is an economic sacrifice that must be made by the company in the future due to previous actions or transactions. In accounting, it is defined as the liability of a business entity or company to a third party that is paid by submitting assets or services within a specified period of time as a result of past transactions. The economic sacrifice can take the form of surrendering money, other assets, services or doing certain jobs. Transaction actions can be in the form of receipt of money, goods or services, acknowledged a cost or loss. Obligations result in a bond that gives the creditor the right to claim company assets. Obligations can usually be determined in amount or easily estimated or expressed in units of money. Obligations are funding sources originating from creditors. In a company's balance sheet, the account is combined with the amount of liabilities plus capital or owner's investment.

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Fahmi Arif Kurnianto, Mohamad Ryan Ajie Baskara, Ahmad Farhan Alfani, Febrian, Nadila Lestari

The research aims to analyze the aspects of geology, geomorphology, and hydrology as well as knowing the effects on socio-economic societies in each landforms. The research method used is a survey with the aim of finding evidence of landform deformation. The survey method is a method that directly reviews the existence of a phenomenon. The results showed that geological and geomorphological processes affected the condition of the land, and the condition of the land affected the hydrological conditions of a region, and affected the socio-economic conditions of the people in the area. Each landforms has its own characteristics, namely in the Puger area there is karst land, deposition due to ocean waves and aaeolian deposits, for Lumajang areas in the volcanic deposition area there is old volcanic land, both locations are located in the same zone namely southern mountain zone dominated by Mandalika formations. In the volcanic region of Mount Bromo, which is young volcanic land that has an age around the time of the Holocene or about tens of thousands of years ago with the main rock which is dominant in the middle region consisting of tuff, in the northern part of Besuki areas there are marine sediments composed of alluvium material. Stratigraphically the eastern Java region in the southern part of the southern mountain zone is older compared to other zones. Hydrologically the area in the southern mountain zone is prone to drought compared to other zones because it is composed of old volcanic rocks that have been consolidated. The actions that can be taken to conserve land need to be encouraged by the community and companies to contribute in maintaining and preserving the ecosystem while looking for economic opportunities.

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School as a cultural-educational institution is expected to have good educational management processes according to the National Education Standards. In this case, the principal as a person who is given the task of leading the school is responsible for achieving school roles and responsibilities so that the principals leadership function is a very important factor to foster the schools achievement. The purpose of this research was to provide a brief description about the implementation of school-based management in order to improve school achievements in the State Special-Needs School of Tenggarong (SLB Tenggarong), Kutai Kartanegara Regency, East Kalimantan Province from the principal perspective. This research used the case study design with descriptive-qualitative approach. Based on the data, this research revealed that the principal had implemented the school-based management began from making a work plan, revising the work plan, implementing the work plan, and evaluating and monitoring the work plan implementation process. This research also found the supports and inhabitants factors that influenced the principals performance to implement school-based management. The principals act should be a combination of a decision-maker, a manager, and a planner that responsible to develop a suitable decentralized system that able to empower the schools resources (teachers, educational staffs, students, stakeholders, and alumni) and the support from the local community around the school to get the school achievement and performance based-on National Education Standards.

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Ika Barokah Suryaningsih, Sumani

The purpose of this study is to prove the TSC as a mediating variable between the influence of attraction, amenities, accessibilities to the satisfaction of the tourists after the launching of the Southern Paradise as a city branding the regency of Trenggalek. The population in this research is all the tourists who visit the tourist area in the Sub district of Watulimo, Trenggalek and accidental sampling was used as sampling technique. This study used SEM, which is based on the evaluation of the relationship of interdependence between variables to be studied. The results show that four hypotheses are accepted, namely attraction, amenities affect the TSC travelers. Attraction and TSC tourists also influence tourist satisfaction. On the other hand, three hypothesis of the other is rejected, i.e. the accessibilities do not affect the TSC travelers, and amenities and accessibilities also does not affect the satisfaction of tourists. The results showed TSC in this study have a considerable effect on the formation of tourist satisfaction while visiting on a tourist area.

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Retna Anggitaningsih, Handriyono

The purpose of this study are: 1. To analyze the work environment on employee job satisfaction; 2. analyze the leadership style on employee job satisfaction; 3. To analyze the compensation on employee job satisfaction; 4. To analyze the job satisfaction of employees on labor productivity; 5. To analyze the work environment on employee productivity; 6. To analyze the leadership style on employee productivity; 7. To analyze compensation on employee productivity. The population in this study were employees and workers in the unit of PT. Abipraya Brantas overall amounted to 371 people. The number of respondents was 192 selected Proportionate Stratified Random Sampling method. The analyzed data are primary data. The data was obtained through a survey with questioning techniques. Further research hypothesis tested by path analysis. The results showed: 1) Work environment positive and significant effect on employee job satisfaction. 2) The style of leadership and a significant positive effect on employee job satisfaction. 3) Compensation positive and significant effect on employee job satisfaction. 4) The employee satisfaction and significant positive effect on employee productivity. 5) The working environment positive and significant impact on employee productivity. 6) The leadership style positive and significant impact on employee productivity. 7) Compensation positive and significant impact on employee productivity.

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Insar Damopolii, Bayu Kurniadi

Mobile learning is used as a media to support Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM)-based learning. The focused of this study was to develop Android-based mobile learning supported by the problem-based learning strategy for students learning success. This research and development study has employed the Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, and Evaluation (ADDIE) model. Moreover, the data were descriptively analyzed and validated by experts along with practitioners. The validity results show that the mobile learning medium was valid and feasible to apply. The mobile learning implementation, students activity and achievement arrive at an excellent result. It was declared that the development of mobile learning was valid, practical and effective. In addition, it is revealed that teachers utilize this learning media supported by the problem-based learning strategy to reach the success level of the students. Further studies can apply mobile learning to measure other variables, supported by other learning strategies.

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Arifin S., Garminia H.

Recently, the notion of the uniserial dimension of a module over a commutative ring that measures of how far the module deviates from being uniserial was introduced by Nazemian in 2014. In this article, we give some methods to determine the uniserial dimension of a finitely generated primary module over a principal ideal domain, especially using Python. It is well known that finitely generated primary modules over a principal ideal domain can be decomposed as a direct sum of finite cyclic submodules where the orders of the cyclic generators are called the elementary divisors of the module. We show that is depends on prime factorization of m and n.

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Asfiyan, Abba Suganda Girsang

The purpose of this study was to design device flexible business intelligence software that is intended for managers to be able to analyze data to help make decisions. Components that will be displayed in OLAP Analysis and Design Reports and Dashboards. This result will be used as a reference to build Business Intelligence, data warehouse and web reporting. The data warehouse designed in this study is very helpful in processing daily transaction data generated and stored in OLTP databases (Online Transactional Processing) into data that can be analyzed as Online Analysis Processing data using the Qlik Sense tool. BI reports are designed to help in making research reports and can be tailored to the needs, so the problem of making reports can be overcome without using complicated programing codes. BI Dashboard designed in this research, certainly very helpful for leaders in analyzing data to support decision making and can also be used to study sales trends and market analysis.

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Asfiya siddiqui, Sanjay Sharma

Using biometrics information of personal identification has recognized more and more attention in the last few years, due to the inevitability to improve the biometric information security and access restrictions of authentication systems. Fingerprint information is considered the most practical biometrics due to some specific features which make them extensively established. The most challenging problem in fingerprint recognition system is still challenging from extraction unreliable feature from poor quality fingerprint images. Basically it required necessary pre-processing steps to enhance the quality of biometrics images to extract some distinctive features. Various multi resolution transforms methods have been comprehensively used as a feature extractor in the era of biometric information recognition.

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Baktashmotlagh Farrokhlegha

Geographic addresses are essential in position-based routing algorithms in mobile ad hoc networks, i.e. a node that intends to send a packet to some target node, has to know the target's current position. A distributed location service is required to provide each node's position to the other network nodes. Grid Location Service (GLS) has been known as a promising location service approach. In this paper we present a new approach called TGrid and describe the performance of a novel multi-level Tree-walk grid location management protocol for large scale ad hoc networks. We provide a qualitative comparison of GLS and TGrid using statistical analysis beyond the results of the original paper and a theoretical framework. We present analytical results with respect to three main metrics: query cost, maintenance cost, and storage cost under two traffic patterns: uniform and localized traffic pattern. The proposed approach is evaluated through mathematical analysis, and the results indicate that our protocol scales 11well with increasing of node-count, node-density and node-speed. We show that the tree Main metrics, query cost, maintenance cost, and storage cost in TGRID grows only logarithmically in the total number of nodes in a uniformly randomly distributed network.

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Pooja Mudgil, Shivani Gautam, Uditta Chhabra, Mansi Jadaun, Paras Jain, Vikas Singh

Recommendation systems are used to obtain and analyse huge datasets of business organisations and industries thus, helping as well as allowing them to identify the best throughput and optimised options for their increase in efficiency and performance. This technology gains its merits in different other technologies for analysis of data. Organisations are able to gain if they are able to recommend suitable products to variant users by use of correct set of tools. Correct product recommended to customers by companies leads to congeniality for either ends. If, used at wide scale can lead to increase in sale of products, increasing profit margins and satisfied customers. This paper presents the effectiveness of recommendation system and its best suitable algorithm that could be used according to the data set available for the corresponding increase in efficiency and productivity by clubbing results from various other researches with the obtained results from analysing of datasets obtained from Kaggle using three algorithms: Nave Bayes, KNN, and collaborative filtering. For any business, production and growth are in direct correlation with the users usage and requirements which is successful only when a particular user is able to obtain the products correspondingly at the same time and it could be fast and efficient when the results of recommendation system amplify the users choices with preferences. Therefore, the studied patterns obtained from researches and through the dataset, implementations of algorithms and comparing them for obtaining an accurate solution for recommendation systems.

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Nivedita Bhirud, Subhash Tatale, Sayali Randive, Shubham Nahar

Research says 60% of visits to a doctors are for simple small-scale diseases, 80% of which can be cured at home using simple home remedies. These diseases mostly include common cold and cough, headache, abdominal pains, etc. They may be caused due to the changes in the weather, intake of improper diet, fatigue, etc. and can be cured without the intervention of a doctor. There are a number of chatbots which provide services for the healthcare domain. But the problem with these chatbots is that they only provide answers for general healthcare FAQs. That is, these systems are unable to provide a natural communication with the user just as a doctor can. Work is being carried out to enable the chatbots to communicate in a way similar to the communication carried out between two humans. That is, the user must experience the feel of communicating to a person and not to a bot. This makes the chatbot a virtual communicating friend of the user. This type of smart communication (usually used in healthcare counselling) can be achieved by inclusion of NLU, NLP and ML techniques in the conventional scripted chatbots. There are a number of domains wherein the smart chatbots provide their functionalities. This paper briefs about the chatbot system for the healthcare domain. Also, it specifies various NLU, NLG and ML techniques to be incorporated in the chatbot and the comparison of the same.

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Hendrik Batoteng, Suharno, Sugeng Hariyadi, Tetra Hidayati

The purpose of this study is to analyze and prove the influence of tourist destination, tourist attitudes, promotions, tourist satisfaction and word of mouth on revisit intention. In this study using Structural Equation Modelling(SEM-AMOS) analysis tools for hypothesis testing. The population in this study is unknown and the selection of samples in this study using purposive sampling method, where the purposive method is a sampling method based on certain criteria that are in accordance with the objectives of the study. The number of samples used was 186 respondents to visitors to Derawan Resort district of Berau in East Kalimantan, Indonesia which covers both forign as well as domestic tourists. The results of the analysis shows that the destination image has a significant effect on the tourist satisfaction at Derawan Resort, tourist attitudes have significant effect on the satisfaction at Derawan Resort, promotion has significant effect on tourist satisfaction at Derawan resort, destination image does not significantly affect WOM at Derawan Resort, tourist attitudes does not significantly influence WOM in Derawan Resort, promotion does not significantly influence WOM at Derawan Resort, tourist satisfaction has significant effect on WOM destination image has significant effect on revisit intention to resort derawan resort, tourist attitude has no effect significantly on revisit intention, the promotion does not significantly influence on the revisit intention at Resort Derawan, while tourist satisfaction significantly affects on revisitintention at the Derawan Resort, and finally, variable o0f WOM does not significantly influence revisit intention at Derawan Resort.

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Moza Ayudina Larasati, Cindy Ayu Agustin

This research aimed to determine any influences of Pomelo Fashions brand image towards product purchase intention and to determine any connection between Pomelo Fashions brand image and product purchase intention. This study used explanative quantitative approach, and the research method used was survey. The samples used in this study were 100 samples, taken using the probability sampling technique. It can be concluded that there is a low influence of Pomelo Fashions brand image towards purchase intention, and there is a strong connection between Pomelo Fashions brand image and purchase intention.

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Debby Febriana, Ulani Yunus

This study described how digital branding efforts that have been done by HERO Supermarket to increase brand recognition toward millennials generation. This research used qualitative approach with interview and observation as primary data and journals as the secondary data. The study showed how to do digital branding to approach millennials by using social media that can generate engagement and exposure that impacts brand recognition. Few things must be considered to do digital branding; business objectives, target audience objectives, value, user journey, social media usage, contents, and engagements. All these things must together align with their value and integrated with offline activity.

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Dessy Triani, Dina Sekar Vusparatih

This research has a purpose to know the role of Instagram in creating teens trend fashion (age 19-22) at student of BINUS University Faculty of Economics and Communication Department of Communication from 2014-2017. In this research, researcher used type of descriptive-qualitative research with using case study methods. Afterwards, the research was analyzed using data reduction techniques, data presentation, and conclusion drawing or verification. Data analysis gives result of the research that is, the role of social media Instagram is as communication media for giving information, publication and for entertainment the users. However, when talking about the role of social media Instagram in creating students of BINUS University Faculty of Economics and Communication Department of Communication from 2014-2017 trend fashion is, social media Instagram give the role as a tool in providing information trend fashion, as a means of interaction in creating fashion trends and as a tool of participation in creating fashion trends where the figure of a fashion influencer itself providing such information within social media Instagram. Social media Instagram is just a tool that gives a space for fashion influencer in spreading and creating trend fashion to BINUS Universitys students.

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La Ode Dirman, Syamsumarlin Syamsumarlin, Raemon Raemon, Arifuddin Arifuddin, La Aso, Samiruddin T, Udin Udin

In the context of legislative and presidential elections, various identities are sung by political elites to win political battles. Since the colonial era, old, and new order up to the reformation order, the elite of the campus, bureaucracy, religion, and the party took advantage of their interests by displaying the colors of their respective identities. This condition has implications in the arena of battle, which has both constructive and destructive impacts on consciousness. Chronically, when the practice of the bureaucratic elite becomes a contradiction between the idea of collective identity and its actions, finally at the local level, it falls prey to removing the value of wisdom and continues to be in a discourse space that is never finished.

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Nadiya Damayasih, Gayes Mahestu

This research aimed to know the role of stakeholder relations in building brand awareness (study on consumed media The research method used for this study was qualitative and the methods of collecting data obtained by observation and structured interview as primary data and secondary data from literature study and company document. Analysis of data used coding data. The validity of data used triangulation of data source. This research shows that the role of stakeholder relations in building brand awareness is to maintaining relations with consumed media relations, otherwise stakeholder relations is doing consumer, client, and media relations on Consumed Media

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Didin Syafruddin, Imanuel Sairo Awang, Benediktus Ege, Yakobus Bustami, Rini Wahyuni

This research aimed to determine the effect of give liquid organic fertilizer from local microorganism of vegetables to the productivity of cayenne pepper plant (Capsicum frutescens L.). The approach used in this research was a quantitative approach with experimental research method. The data measured was productivity of the cayenne pepper wet weight. The data analysis used ANOVA and followed by Least Significant Difference test (LSD) using SPSS version 18 program. The results show that the gived of vegetables local microorganism has a significantly effect on the productivity of cayenne pepper plant (Capsicum frutescens L.) with a significance value of 0.00 less than 0.05. The gived local microorganisms of vegetables at a dose of 100 ml gives a significantly different effect than other treatments.

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Kipkosgei Meshack Lagat, Peter Kamau

The rise in wildlife trafficking and trade is an alarming issue which has seen poaching of endangered species escalate. The black market in consumer countries like China, Japan and Thailand require urgent and immediate intervention since with the current levels of trade attracting lucrative prizes the local people will endeavor to do much illegality or abet the indiscriminately killing of the elephants and rhinos. Insecurity has thus heightened the challenges facing wildlife with militia groups like Al-Shabaab and al-Qaida taking control of the trade to fund their agendas. The study sought to examine the current status of elephant poaching and challenges facing implementation process of the three-prong initiative. The study adopted a survey research design technique. Hereby the population was divided into several strata based on the existing political boundaries and the administrative locations of the respondents. For each location, respondents were sampled randomly. The number of respondents selected were 102. For non-probability sample, purposive sampling was used to select conservation officer that were interviewed. The research used questionnaires, interviews and observations as tools of extracting primary information. Quantitative data were analyzed using the Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS Version 20) and presented through bar charts, pie charts and tables. From the findings ,30.4% supported the use of increased surveillance has the most effective strategy towards the elephant conservation. However, more is needed to include the local people in implementation process. 31% also suggested that wildlife and livestock were having unfavorable competition. The study concludes that since elephants are keystone species, their conservation is imperative to all sectors of the economy more so to tourism industry. It therefore recommends that, the NGOs and other conservation agencies to do more in empowering communities socio-economically through development projects, more collaboration between Kenya and Tanzania within the Mara-Serengeti ecosystem that harbors transboundary resources, firm implementation of international conservation treaties, and enforcement relevant articles the Wildlife Conservation and management Act 2013.

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Andi Tenri Ampa, Muhammad Basri D, Sri Ramdayani

The paper presents a morphophonemic process on the Indonesian word formation. The research aimed to explore both morphological and morphophonemic processes found in the Indonesian language. The data in this research were provided with a list of statements containing affixes of the words. The sources of data in this research were taken from the news in online newspaper: The data were processed through a verbal analysis, such as identify and to classify the affixes into their types. The results of the research showed that the affixation process transformed the word classes where the use of confix me-kan changed the roots of adjectives and nouns into the verbs and pe-an changed the roots into noun. Besides, the morphophonemic rules were also discussed from the variation of prefixes me- and pe-. The findings concluded that the affixation processes were very unique and interesting to learn. And, the implication of the research indicated that the Indonesian learners might compare the their native language and the other world languages.

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S. Ragavi

The first Zagreb index is the sum of the squares of the degree of the vertices and second Zagreb index is the sum of the product of degrees of pairs of adjacent vertices. My research is to find the first and second Zagreb index of degree splitting of molecular graphs like silicate networks, honey comb network.

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Titin Kartini, Mukhamad Zulianto, Sri Wahyuni, Udik Mashudi, Sri Kantun

Subjects The basics of accounting are the courses of study programs taken by first semester students. Accounting is a field of science that is not sufficiently learned from the theoretical side, but accounting is easier to understand with real bookkeeping practices. The development of this Worksheet aims to produce a valid practical and effective Worksheet. The model used in the development of this learning tool is the Thiagarajan Model which is better known as the 4-D Model. This model has four stages of development, namely Define, Design, Develop and Disseminate. But in this study, researchers modified the 4-D model. But this development modifies by simplifying the model by using three stages of the four stages, namely define, design, develop. The results of the development show the worksheet of the practicum model developed is valid, and effective for students of the University of Jember Economic Education Study Program.

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Qisty Amanda Deviacita, Vivien Sylvina

The purpose of this research was to find the public relations strategy to build positive brand image on Kitty Live Indonesia company. Research method for this research was qualitative descriptive approach, observation technique was used to collect the data and interview, and coding to analyze the data. This research found that Kitty Live Indonesia used public relations strategy to build a brand image that focused on PR programs called counter program. Counter program is a program that is different from the way people think about live streaming based on survey. Moreover, research results showed that Kitty Live brand image is growing positive, but the strategy that PR used are still not good enough. The strategy still has weakness in people awareness on Kitty Live. To get an ideal brand image, it should start with people awareness about a brand or company.

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Ajeng Luthfiyatul Farida, Ahmad Roziq, Siti Maria Wardayati

Risk is inherent uncertainty and must be faced in working life both individually and in an organization. Risks in the form of uncertainty occur due to lack or unavailability of sufficient information about what will happen in the company in the future. This study aims to test and obtain empirical results about determinants of Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) disclosure, audit opinion, and company value by using independent commissioner variables, company size, Leverage, and Risk Management Committee (RMC). The population in this study were all insurance issuers listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange in 2013-2017 the amount of 15 companies. The sampling technique was carried out using the Purposive Sampling method which produced 12 samples during from 2013-2017. The data used is secondary data with documentation techniques consisting of annual reports of insurance issuers in 2013-2017. The tool used to test hypotheses using path analysis with SPSS Version 22. The results show that company size, leverage, and RMC have a significant effect on ERM disclosure. However, independent commissioners have no significant effect on ERM. For further researchers can use objects such as mining companies that have a higher potential risk.

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Romiwijaya, SIti Nahdiah

This study described the strategy of using Instagram as a social media to increase the brand loyalty and sales of Ombe Kofie and to find out the brand loyalty stage of Ombe Kofie. Descriptive qualitative approach is used in this research. The main theory and concept were brand loyalty, Instagram feature, and sales promotion tools. The result of this study showed that Ombe Kofie used five features on Instagram and each of them has respective role in increasing brand loyalty and sale.

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Thalia Etira Putri Anditia, Astrid Haryanti

This research aimed to identify the Public Relation strategy that is implemented by PT. Djarum and also to identify how conscientious this company in applying Indonesia Menari as CSR Program of PT. Djarum. This research used a qualitative method in which data collection technique is observation, semi-structured interview, and documentation, that is examined using a case study. The result of the research indicated that Bakti Budaya Djarum Foundation uses PR Pencils strategy in implementing their CSR program. The result of the research also showed that PT. Djarum is at the top in the pyramid of measurement of the seriousness of implementing company CSR by Archie B. Carroll, in which it signifies that PT. Djarum implements the CSR program generously.

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Monica Permatasari, Ebnu Yufriadi

this study aimed to closely examine the production strategy of 86 program by the production team on NET. starting from the pre-production process to post-production process. This research used descriptive qualitative research method through a case study with data collection through observation, in-depth interview, and literature study. The data were analyzed using Strauss and Corbin data analysis model, which is coding. The results showed that the strategy in pre-production process is to conduct a meeting for brainstorming, then execute the idea in production process by keep exploring new side story and evaluating at the end of the process to determine whether the activities have been implemented as intended.

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Muhammad Hanif Dwinanda, Ebnu Yufriadi

This research described how the selection of music on the radio. The music director is responsible for the selection of music or songs on the radio. The music director has a policy when in selecting music or song, which is in accordance with the target audience of the radio where the music director works. On the JAK! 101 FM radio, music director selects music or songs based on programs on the radio. One of JAK! 101 FM programs is Sarapan Seru that airs from 6 am to 10 am. The theory used in this research is SWOT theory and production process theory. The purpose of this research was to find out the policy made by music director of JAK! 101 FM in selecting songs for Sarapan Seru program. The results of this research regarding the music director's policy in selecting songs for Sarapan Seru program were to play the best song that is known by the listeners, and the reason of the music director in selecting songs for Sarapan Seru program is to play a song that uplifts the listeners mood in the morning

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Rana Mahirandari Hanin, Ebnu Yufriadi

The purpose of this research was to identify Dreamers Radio production strategy in K-POP Vaganza program and how the strategy of the production team in designing the program to increase the number of listeners in new media era. The research method used qualitative method which will be explained descriptively with data obtained through in-depth interview about production stage and program strategy in connection with new media era. Based on the results of research can be analyzed that the media product is very instrumental in the process of pre-production, production, and post production. The program's production strategy in an effort to get closer to the target audience and increase the listener is also related to the selection, scheduling, promotion, and evaluation that are also closely related to the product and market share in the new media era. The result concluded that new media products are very helpful in the production strategy and design of the qualified K-POP Vaganza program that will lead to an increase in the number of listeners and remain the flagship program at Dreamers Radio.

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Udara. S. P. R. Arachchige, Kohilan Rasenthiran, M.P.P. Liyanage

Many industrial power plants burn fossil fuels to get their energy while releasing flue gases to the atmosphere. Greenhouse gases are responsible for global warming and which causes severe environmental impacts. Carbon dioxide capture from the coal-fired power plant is important to maintain a better clean environment. The Post-combustion chemical absorption process is the most viable option to capture Carbon dioxide from industrial flue gases. The carbon dioxide capture model is developed and implemented in Aspen Plus process simulation software to calculate the required re-boiler energy demand. The required re-boiler energy demand is increasing when CO2 content of the flue gas is decreasing. The re-boiler energy is calculated as 3481, 3620, 3840 kJ/kg CO2 for the 85, 90 and 95% CO2 removal process for flue gases from EDF CHP power plant, Krakow, Poland.

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Sri Utami Ady, Arif Hidayat

The purpose of this study was to analyze Financial Literacy, Regret Aversion Overconfidence, and Risk Tolerance against investment decisions of young Surabayas investor. The approach in this study was (explanatory research) which was a causal approach to finding evidence of a causal relationship through the influence generated between the independent variable and the dependent variable. The method used in this study was a survey method with a quantitative approach with a sample of 63 respondents using multiple linear regression analysis to get a better understanding of the effect of independent variables on the dependent variable. The results of this study indicate that: (1) financial literacy had no significant positive impact on investment decision making. (2) overconfidence had a significant positive effect on investment decision making. (3) regret aversion bias had no significant adverse impact on investment decision making. (4) risk tolerance has no significant positive effect on investment decision making. (5) Simultaneously financial literacy, over-evidence, regret aversion bias, and risk tolerance had a substantial impact on investment decision making.This result confirmed that most of young Surabaya investor was not rasional. Most young investors who may be more unstable in emotions, subsequent research was expected to be more varied. To reduced overconfidence it was better before making an investment decision investors do the right analysis, always update knowledge, update the latest news, and still had a trading plan so that it can reduce overconfidence. Investors should have high confidence, and be rational in making decisions, not just transacting shares due to herding which results in capital market instability.

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Warsidi, Wisnu Panggah Setiyono, Muhammad Nafik Hadi Ryandono, Kumara Adji Kusuma

This study aims to determine employees perception on the effect of leadership and system of Islamic compensation, Islamic work environment, faith and devotion to work motivation and employee performance of grand mosques in cities of Gersik, Bangkalan, Mojokerto, Surabaya, Sidoarjo and Lamongan (Gerbangkertosusila ), East Java - Indonesia. The population of this study are employees from 11 grand mosques in Gerbangkertosusila region. Data analysis using Structural Equation Modeling (SEM). The results shows that: 1) Employee perceptions about Islamic leadership have a positive and significant impact on employee performance through employee work motivation. 2) Employee perceptions about Islamic compensation system have positive but not significant effect on performance through employee work motivation. 3) Islamic work environment has a positive and significant effect on employee performance through employee work motivation. 4) Faith and devotion have a positive and significant effect on employee performance through employee work motivation. The results of this study indicate that work motivation can serve as an intervening variable to mediate the influence of Islamic leadership, Islamic work environment and faith and devotion on the performance of employees of large mosques in Gerbangkertosusila region of East Java.

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Masruri, Hutomo Rusdianto, Amin Kuncoro

The aim of this research are; 1) to analyse the promotion of sale profit. 2) to analyse the brand image as a moderating variable between promotion and sale. This research is associative research, the data obtained directly from the result of response chosen. The process of analysing data begin with instrument test to evaluate the level of validation and reliability of instrument/questioner used continued with analysing data by using Moderating Regression Analysis. The result of the analysis data shows that the variable of promotion and branding has a positive and significant effect on the sale. The result of this study explains that the higher sale rhythm done by the company, the higher of sale profit. Meanwhile, to reach the more top sale needs strong and consistent branding strategy to avoid the failure in the promotion. Moreover, branding can be intermediary or moderating.

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Syahrul Ramadhan, Subair Ahmad Nasran, Heru Budi Utomo, Faridl Musyadad, Suryadi Ishak

This research was conducted to make a standard instrument in assessing physics teacher competencies. The structure of this assessment instrument is four types of competencies that must be possessed by physics teacher (social, pedagogic, professional, personality). Determination of coefficients the reliability of the assessment instrument is conducting by using a Genova computer program package based on the generalizability theory developed by Crick and Brennan. The research subjects were 30 physics teachers in the district of Bima NTB and involved four experts as assessors. The G coefficient of this instrument is 0.738. Furthermore, the analysis of the D Study concludes that to reach an understanding and agreement that meets the level of observation that is acceptable for facet broader, namely > 0.70.

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Oryza Siti Kwamila, Astrid Haryanti

This research aimed to find out whether there is an effect of the communication style of Starbucks BINUS barista towards customer loyalty and how big the effect is. The research method used in this research was the quantitative method with a survey to the Starbucks BINUS customer as a sample. This research was calculated using SPSS 23. The result of this research was that there is a significant effect of the communication style of Starbucks BINUS barista amounting to 46.4% towards customer loyalty.

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Noerlina, Tirta Nugraha Mursitama, Brilly Andro Makalew

This work aims to describe the effort of corruption prevention across global countries. We analyzed over seven significant publishers with a total of 126 keywords to find the most suitable publishers and the best keywords for our research. After determining the keyword and publisher, we analyzed 101 records of journal articles in Taylor and Francis publisher. We analyze all the aspects, including meta-data for each record, topic of research, object of research, and we also added consideration of ICT aspect inclusion in each record. Our findings suggest that: (1) there are more research in Africa and Europe compared to the rest of the world; (2) corruption prevention effort mentioning ICT has increased 4.5 times in the time period of 2016-2018 compared to 2013-2015; (3) there are more research focusing in practicability and less in basic research in the time period of 2016-2018 compared to 2013-2015. We are hoping that this research can be used as a baseline in the future multi-continent studies.

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Hayder W. Ali, Ameer H. Muhammed

the current study included an experimental and numerical study to assign the structural behavior of the cellular steel beams with and without strengthening by placing a steel ring stiffener around web-opening. IPE 140 hot rolled I-section steel beam was used to produce three specimens; the first without opening (control beam), the second was cellular beam without strengthening and the third beams was (LBD-R) with strengthening by steel ring stiffeners around opening with geometrical properties (Br=37mm and Tr=3mm). all cellular beams were fabricated with opening diameter (130mm) that result in expansion depth ratio (1.42), span length (1700mm) and ten openings. the results showed that cellular beam without strengthening was increased the ultimate load up to (31%) than the control beam (without opening) even in case of presenting a large opening and the failure was happened due to the web post-buckling. While the cellular beam with strengthening increased the ultimate load up to (147%) than the control beam and the failure mode that noted was the Vierendeel mechanism. On the other hand, the numerical study by finite element has shown that the increasing the ring thickness can be increased the ultimate load up to (172%) when using steel ring with thickness as the same as the web thickness (0.41 time of flange thickness) and after this value is not feasible economically.

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Shahla Choobchain, Azam Mahmoodi Momtaz, Homayoun Farhadian

Farmers throughout Iran are facing the more and tougher task of adapting to the consequences of climate change that embrace warming temperatures, exaggerated precipitation and storms, and new pest and illness challenges. Farmers should adapt their farming practices so as to become more resilient. Resilience is the ability of a person or system to absorb change whereas still maintaining basic structure and performance. Many organizations operating to extend resilience to climate change with local communities additionally acknowledge the importance of gender, however, the degree to that gender is really integrated with climate change projects is unclear. In the meantime, women are more vulnerable than men to counter climate change, and there has been no research on the extent to which women are resilience facing climate change. Also, male and female adaptation measures against climate change have not been compared. That is one of the most important researches for future policy-making and planning.

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Muhamad Saleh, Muhammad Isa, Murni, Darhim, Bansu Irianto Ansari

A teacher needs to compromise the abstract nature of fraction material in order for students to have a better understanding of the concept. The purpose of this research therefore was to find out the type of errors made by students when learning fractions and their achievement of reasoning ability through the Indonesian Realistic Mathematics Education (PMRI). The design of this research was quasi-experimental, involving two schools with one control and one experiment class in each school. One school is private, while the other is public, and classes from each were chosen as experiment and control classes. From these schools, the teaching and learning process using PMRI was only conducted in the experiment classes, while in the control classes, conventional teaching and learning was used. The learning process used concrete objects as the learning media, namely: paper, mortar, and fraction boards. Through the use of fraction board, students can find two simple fractions with similar values. There is a difference in the students' achievement of the mathematical reasoning ability between the implementation of the PMRI and conventional approaches. In general, the students found difficulty in understanding and stating a fraction based on the representation of a unit expressed by image/facts. The students often misinterpret the word "part" not as part of the whole, but as a specific unit based on the number of pieces available without being divided by the whole. The error of doing calculations was the most frequent mistake made by the students and is categorized as the common error category.

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Yuliansari, Amat Jaedun, Siti Aminah, Rizaldi

The aim of this research is to evaluate the English learning program of senior high school in Mataram based on the Regulation of Minister of Education and Culture of the Republic of Indonesia, Number 81A of 2013 on Implementation of Curriculum. This research is evaluation program research with the quantitative descriptive approach, and the evaluation model used Stakes Countenance. The component of evaluation includes antecedents, transactions, and outputs. Data collection used lesson plan analyzing, observation, questionnaire, and document. The conclusions of this study are. (1) The input (antecedents), the planning of English learning include in very good category (100 percent). It is found that the lesson plan is in accordance with the standard of learning process. (2) The process (transaction), the implementation of English learning include in good category (59.66 percent). There is suitability between implementation of learning and standard of implementation learning process. (3) Student learning result met the criteria of minimum completeness, with the actuality of completeness include in good category (98.37 percent).

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Rupendra Pachauri, Ankur Kumar Gupta, Raj Gaurav Mishra, Yogesh Chauhan

In this paper, various control schemes of power management based on wind turbine (blade pitch angle or/and tip speed ratio), load parameters (current, voltage, power) and permanent magnet synchronous generator (PMSG) parameter (rotor speed) are proposed with simple and easy to implement Proportional-Integral (PI) controller for wind energy conversion system (WECS) operation. These control systems can be used for the purpose of power management. Together with these control schemes, the proposed WECS model is implemented in the MATLAB / Simulink environment. The operation of a WECS system is tested under dynamic conditions with these proposed control schemes. The results show that performance of these schemes is found satisfactory and based on these results, a comparative study is done.

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Chandam Thoisana Singh

This paper presents a simple, cost effective and accurate power factor measurement system implemented using ATmega8 microcontroller. In the present technological revolution power is very precious. So we need to find out the causes of power loss and improve the power system with a suitable method. Nowadays most of the product are developed with microcontroller based embedded technology. The use of microcontroller reduces the cost.

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Rusdinal, Elfi Tasrif, Alnedral, Wahyu Fitrina Defi, Ranti Meizatri

This research assesses readiness of schools in implementing vocational education revitalization. Subjects of the research are 22 state vocational high schools in West Sumatera Indonesia chosen using purposive sampling. Qualitative methods are employed to collect data for the research using observation, interview, and documentation. The results shows that levels of readiness of vocational schools in West Sumatra to implement the revitalization program in three aspects are generally moderate. The value of management of cultural development is 72%), for the leadership conditions of change is 86% and for the aspect of an intervention strategy in managing teaching resources and education staff is 83%. It implies that further efforts should be conducted to ensure that state vocational high schools are ready to educational revitalization.

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Elfrida Ratnawati

Nowadays, a lot of people using air transportation services, including people with disabilities. Government commit to give special treatment to people with disabilities, to provide them protection through the regulations that should have implement and obeyed by government, citizen, and airline companies. That regulations aiming to ensure equal rights and freedom of people with disabilities. Has the legal protection for people with disabilities been regulated in Constitution No. 1,2009 and the Montreal Convention, 1999? How are the cases of people with disabilities resolved due to Ridwan Sumantri and Dwi Ariyani? Those are the question of this study. The purpose of this paper is to describe the role of national and international regulations in providing legal protection for people with disabilities. The study is a normative study with secondary data and supported by primary data and analyzed descriptively through a qualitative approachment. Chapter 134 of Constitution No. 1, 2009 concerning Aviation is regulating people with disabilities, but the Montreal Convention of 1999 does not. Different judges applied the same legal basis for the two cases as the basis of the verdict, such as Constitution Number 1, 2009, whereas the implementation is different. The Ridwan Sumantri case applied Constitution Number 1, 2009 concerning Aviation, because the legal basis of the transportation agreement refers to chapter 134 of Constitution No. 1, 2009 regulates Disability. Based on that legal basis, the airline Lion Air responsible for paying fine along with apologies. But in the case of Dwi Aryani, the airline didnt carry the verdicts, even though Dwi submitted a warning to the Etihad airline through ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) because the Etihad airline is subject to the Montreal 1999 international convention regulations which does not regulate disability.

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Defri Yoza,Yusni Ikhwan Siregar, Aras Mulyadi, Sujianto

This study aims to determine the characteristics of elephant habitat found in Tesso Nilo National Park Pelalawan Regency, Riau Province. This research used survey method by conducting systematic sampling with random start in four locations elephant habitat are secondary forest, scrub, oil palm and acacia stands in Tesso Nilo National Park Pelalawan Regency, Riau Province. From the observation of elephant habitat, elephant habitat characteristics found in Tesso Nilo National Park are as follows: a) Habitat topography is relatively flat to gentle slope, b) There are feed sources from seedlings and saplings as well as herbs scattered in four habitat types , c ) habitats close to water sources, d) habitats far from community settlements , e) habitats that have shade in the form of secondary forests and primary forests. Four habitat types ranging from secondary forests, shrubs, oil palm plantations and acacia stands are used by elephants as their habitat. The habitat is used by elephants as a location to find food, a place to rest and an elephant cruising track found in Tesso Nilo National Park, Pelalawan Regency, Riau Province.

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Asrid Juniar, Isti Fadah

The purpose of this study is to find out and analyze the level of financial efficiency and efficient financial management strategies for a government-owned public sector company. The object of the research is the Indonesian Health Social Security Agency (Badan Penyelenggara Jaminan Sosial or Indonesian Health BPJS). Data analysis technique used in the research is Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA) to measure the efficiency level of Indonesian Health BPJS 2014-2016 with monthly data and SWOT analysis to determine efficient financial management strategies for Indonesian Health BPJS. Based on the results of the 2014-2016 Indonesian Health BPJS financial management data analysis in an efficient condition. The strategy that must be implemented for Indonesian Health BPJS for efficient financial management based on the SWOT analysis matrix can use aggressive strategies by maintaining financial management efficiency through regulating cash flow, recalculating the amount of contributions adjusted to economic conditions and gradually reducing debt important to overcome the deficit. To increase public trust, socialization and transparency of financial statements using information technology and cooperation with other health insurance to improve service quality can be an alternative strategy.

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Marshiana.D, Vinothkumar.C, Ramadevi. R, Ajit.G

The design of controllers in industries is a major task to control the process parameters. The main aim of the design is due to control the level of the nonlinear which is used for major chemical industrial applications. Nonlinear process considered for the study of control parameters is conical tank. To control the level in the tank conventional PI controllers are used in a closed loop system. The evolutionary algorithm is introduced in this paper for nonlinear optimization. To optimize the value of PI controller different optimization techniques are used such genetic algorithm, EBFO algorithm, PSO algorithm and CSO algorithm. Application of projected algorithms to for some standard functions and its real problem has confirmed by its capability to deal with difficult optimization problems. Simulation results can be evidence for the proposed PI controller outperforms with its optimization.

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Armend Salihu, Fatlinda Salihu

In this paper we present the new algorithm to calculate determinants of nth order using Rezaifar's method of reducing the order of determinants to second order. We have implemented the Dodgson's algorithm within Rezaifar's method to calculate sub matrices and developed a new method. Within the paper we have also developed the computer algorithm to calculate the determinant using this new method. While comparing the computer execution time with the Rezaifar's method, we have seen that this new algorithm presented is executed faster.

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Chiran D. M. O. Ranaraja, Udara. S. P. R. Arachchige, Kohilan Rasenthiran

Today pollution is occurring on a wide and unprecedented scale all over Sri Lanka. causing all-around damage to the atmosphere, water, land to the various elements of the environment and to the ecosystem itself. There are lots of man-made pollution and environmental degradation that the severe challenge ahead for all Sri Lankans. Pollution has been around as long as human have gathered as societies and carried out economic activity, though it is as varied with the time and increasing the seriousness. As a developing country, Sri Lanka has rapidly improved its economy and has undergone quick industrialization, which leads to increased energy consumption. Nowadays there are lots of environmental issues in Sri Lanka, but most harmful and increasing problems are deforestation, water pollution, and air pollution. So this article explores the environmental issues and their impacts on the people and animals in Sri Lanka.

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Ogechukwu Iloanusi, Chimdalu Okide

The greatest challenge in fingerprint recognition is verifying distorted fingerprints. Distortion in fingerprints may arise from errors introduced while acquiring fingerprints, the nature of the fingerprints or from how there were deposited (in the case of latent fingerprints). In this paper, two convolutional neural networks were trained using different approaches. The first was trained in a regular pattern while the second was trained with an approach that minimizes errors that arise from verifying distorted fingerprints, and hence proposed for training models to be robust to distorted fingerprints. The trained models were evaluated on good and distorted data-sets. Results are modest and show better performance in the second model, compared to the first.

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Ramesh Chandra Sahoo, Sateesh Kumar Pradhan, Somesh Kumar

In this paper we are analyzing storing capacity and recalling of Hopfield neural network of memorized fingerprint image patterns by Hebbian rule through Fast Fourier Transform (FFT). In this process we measure the success rate of the network in terms of recalling original input patterns for testing and also noisy input patterns of the fingerprint images in MATLAB using an image database of FVC2002 and the simulated results are presented here to explain the better performance of Hopfield network for recalling of the stored fingerprint patterns.

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Sri Adi Widodo, Turmudi, Jarnawi Afgani Dahlan

The purpose of this research is to find out the profile of students' mistakes in solving quadrilateral problems based on the cognitive development of middle school students. This research is included in qualitative research with detailed research. This research is a preliminary study on 4D research and development. This preliminary study aims to study the characteristics of students in solving mathematical problems based on cognitive development from Piaget. The instrument used in this study is that researchers, Test Logical of Operation and problem-solving test. The stages for analyzing data are (1) preparing and organizing data for analysis, (2) exploring and coding data, (3) coding for constructing descriptions, (4) representing and reporting findings, (5) interpreting findings, and (6) validate the accuracy of the results. At the stage of understanding the problem, in general, the subjects did not make mistakes in the first stage even though some subjects did not write down what was known and asked about the problem at hand. At the stage of planning to resolve subject formal is experience principle errors and procedural errors. At the stage of carrying out the transitional and concrete subject plan experience the mistakes of concepts and procedures, whereas in the formal subject, because in the previous step it cannot arrange the scenario to solve the problem, the formal subject cannot implement the plan to solve the problem. In the fourth stage, in general, subjects interpret the overall steps of solving the problem.

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Abdul-Razzaq L. Rubaie, Hadi M. Al-Rubaie, Redab S. Al-Salami

The study was carried out in the Laboratory of Insect Environment for Graduate Studies / biology Science Department, Faculty of Science for women / Babylon University and Technical College / Musayyib / Al-Furat Al-Awsat Technical University for the period from 1/7/2017 to 15/3/2019 for the purpose of knowing the effect of plant Anethumgraveolens extracts (1, 3 and 5%) in some aspects of the life of the cowella beetle Callosobruchus maculates under laboratory conditions. The results of the study showed that the boiling and cold water extract of the plant had an almost equal effect on the different life performance parameters of the insect. A positive relationship was found and the percentage of the eggs mortality was increased by increasing the concentrations. When treated with boiling and cold water extract in each plant, And (54.8%), respectively, at 5% concentration compared with (12.6%) and (12.4%) respectively in the control treatment. The larvae in cowpea seed powder were treated as a result of treatment with boiling water and cold water extract in both the leaf plant (90.0%) and (80.0%) respectively at 5% concentration compared with 10% in control treatment. The results of the study indicated that the addition of boiling and cold water extracts to the 5% concentration of the plant had an effect on the GOT, GPT, Alkaliune phosphate and total protein concentration. The extracts resulted in a difference in values compared with control coefficients for both larvae extract and chick larvae separately.

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Ashari Sofyaun, Isti Fadah, Asrid Juniar

This study aims to determine the formation of optimal capital structure in food and beverage sector companies on the Indonesian stock exchange during the period 2013-2017. Analysis was carried out on profitability, dividend policy, company size, and SWOT model through analysis of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats and became the basis for formulating various alternative strategies that can be done by company managers. The findings explain the fact that profitability has not been maximized, debt ownership is large and less efficient, but consistent in the provision of dividends, as well as the size of large companies. Alternalitive choice of strategies in the form of dividends to enhance the company's positive image, expand business networks with large capital strength, maximize domestic resource potential, produce products efficiently, use debt capital efficiently, and improve the quality of all company resources.

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Stanslaus Kiilu Musyoki, Eric Omori Omwenga, Stephen Mwaura Kariuki, Edson Kipyegon Kemoi

Immune responses during pregnancy are specifically regulated to allow fight against infections and prevent any damage to the growing fetus. HIV infections, a pro-inflammatory infection, present a challenge to the enhancement of pregnancy specific immuno-modulation of pro-inflammatory immunity. HIV Infection during pregnancy remains a health concern in regard to immune response and status. The immunological outcome of HIV-infected pregnant mothers and their effect on the health status and pregnancy outcome are areas of paramount importance in public health. In the current article, we review current data about the characteristic progesterone and immune responses in conjoint cases of HIV infection and pregnancy and present an immunological hypothesis to explain the findings. In conclusion HIV infection in pregnant women is associated with lower progesterone and increased cellular immunity compared to HIV-non-infected women. There is a clear indication that HIV infection may cause lower levels of progesterone among the HIV-infected pregnant women compared to the HIV-non- infected women. Most of the highlighted studies have indicated that HIV-infection during pregnancy is characterized by an elevation of both inflammatory and regulatory immune responses in response to both HIV infection and pregnancy concurrently. The reviewed studies have shown varied results regarding the lymphocyte counts during pregnancy and HIV infections. It, therefore, remains unclear how HIV infection would affect lymphocytes counts as pregnancy advances considering all arms of the immune response in a single study. Further researches are thus required to address the mechanism of interaction of the two opposing immune responses; pro-inflammatory (Th1) response as a result of HIV infection and the immune regulation (Th2) response during pregnancy that can define the delicate balance of immune response in conjoint cases of HIV infection and pregnancy. Further research is required to address the mechanism of interaction of the two opposing immune responses against HIV infection and the immune regulation during pregnancy that defines the altered immune response.

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Olurotimi M. Adeoti, Olurotimi A. Dahunsi, Olayinka O. Awopetu, Kamoru O. Oladosu, Omolayo M. Ikumapayi

The aim of this study is to optimize clay-bonded graphite crucible from the mixture of clay and graphite and selected additives (MgO and SiC) using D-optimal under the Mixture Methodology of the Design-Expert version 6.08. The samples were dried forced under the normal atmospheric condition for two weeks and were oven dried at 100oC and later fired in a muffle furnace at 11000C. The samples were subjected to the following mechanical test bulk density, linear firing shrinkage, and apparent porosity. The results obtained shows that experimental Run 7 gave the least value of bulk density (1.80) with Clay (80 %), Graphite (10 %) and MgO and SiC (10 %) respectively but Run 9 gave the lowest apparent porosity with Clay (70 %), graphite (10 %) [MgO and SiC (10 %)]. Further investigation conducted indicated that Run 13 with percentage composition of 80 % clay, 10 % graphite, 5 % MgO and 5 % SiC gave the highest value of the bulk density of 2.91 and the least value of linear shrinkage of 2.15 and the apparent porosity value of 28.20. These values fall within the experimental range given by literature. Though by natural intuition and from the literature survey, run 14 would have been selected but based on values obtained, run 13 was confirmed and concluded upon to have a better composition as a result of the computer analysis using design expert considering the values obtained from the selected mechanical test.

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Moh. Rusnoto Susanto, Rahayu Retnaningsih, Sri Wastiwi Setiawati, Insanul Qisti Barriyah, Wika Harisa Putri

The tendency of society to explore social media is part of achievement in communication and technological sophistication inherent in cybercultures. As a critical perspective, this central issue determines the preparation of a dissertation that inspires the researchers to deal with a cyberspace gamut especially in using social media. Interestingly, its dominance influences symptoms and impacts of social changes. The researchers intend to unveil these aspects in this critical perspective mainly concerned with social changes and character building in contemporary societies. This type of research used a descriptive qualitative phenomenological approach, whereas researchers reflectively present various detailed findings supported by visual, contextual and textual data through the study of literacy. The method used was a phenomenology approach along with content analysis and descriptive qualitative techniques. The data analysis concludes that a phenomenological approach becomes an important part of exploring track trends in social media that have an impact on social changes in the flow of cybercultures. Research results show phenomenal cybercultures and social tendencies in the context of social media exploration. This role has replaced the virtual reality of space and transformed social media into a practice of public education and contextual social changes. Nowadays, the exploration of social media affects social changes resulting in a technological impact, a social sensitivity and a global position of social media users in swift current cybercultures.

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Dina Levika Oktavia, Ratna Dewi, Saloma, Febrian Hadinata, Yulindasari

Clay is a soil with poor characteristics, which include low weight bearing capacity hence it needs to be fixed. Stabilization is a soil improvement technique, involving the use of cement for increase bearing capacity. However the high cost of cement, led to the investigation of other alternatives, e.g. Rice husk ash (RHA), a pozzolanic agricultural waste, which contains a lot of silica, processed by burning husk ash. This study therefore analyses the effect of substituting RHA on the physical and mechanical property of clay, in an attempt to increase the value of its carrying capacity. Laboratory scale testing was based on ASTM standards, which include California Bearing Ratio (CBR) and Unconfined Compression Test (UCT). The variation of RHA applied to the sample were 3%, 6%, 9%, 12% and 15% of the soil (dry density), at a curing period of 0, 3 and 7 days. The results further showed that the optimum value of UCT (1.05 kg / cm), was obtained at 6% RHA, within a 7-day curing period. The optimum CBR value (13.12%) was obtained with the unsoaked mixture at 9%, with a 7-day curing period.

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Petty Winda Meirina, Isti Fadah, Sumani

This study aims to determine whether there are differences in perceptions between customers who apply for financing at BRI Syariah in Jember Regency. The variables used in this study include Age, Type of Business, Business Income, Education. Some of these variables are based on four aspects, including aspects of Capital, Financing Procedure aspects, Guarantee aspects, Margin Level aspects. The data analysis method used is explanatory research with a quantitative approach and uses a different test analysis. Hypothesis testing is done by using a different Kruskall-Wallis test. The sample size in this study were as many as 37 respondents by using Purposive sampling. The results of this study indicated that there were differences in perceptions among customers as shown by several variables. First, based on the Age factor in terms of the procedure aspects. The second is based on Business Type factors in terms of financing pro cedures, and finally the Education factor in terms of aspects of financing procedures, guarantees and margin levels. As for the income factor, it shows different results where there is no difference in perception between customers at all based on all aspects studied.

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Iwan Gunawan, Amin Kuncoro, Heru Yulianto

This research examined data of the selected respondents of 300 students majoring in management by processing instrument tests and identifying primary data from the possibility of respondents carelessness in filling in the questionnaire. This study applied data analysis technique of Mehanolibis test in order to diminish bias results of the questionnaire. The use of questionnaires for this quantitative research is to answer and describe the extent to which the respondent answers with responsibility or only perfunctory. The researcher uses Rasch model in an attempt to acquire a more accurate result compares to any other models. Rasch model assists researcher to obtain a maximum result even to the level of person correlation since it generates a more replicable one. Instrument testing and validation are inevitable and essential elements before stepping into inferential statistics that seeks to acquire an answer to the proposed research question.

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Lavanya R, Karpagam M

This paper analyzes the ability of adiabatic logic with charge sharing mechanism to implement low power adder circuits. Power consumption comparison with variety of adiabatic logic structures and static CMOS logic is made. Simulation results show that charge sharing adiabatic technique achieves 81% power reduction on the average with reference to 2N-2N2P, ECRL and SyAL logic. Hence charge sharing DPA resistant logic style is evaluated through implementation of adder circuits which are used as secondary elements in cryptographic algorithms.

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Nishad Nawaz

This paper aims to review applications of artificial intelligence (AI) in the recruitment process and their practical implications as reported by the systemic review of 7 referred articles, 5 magazines articles and 20 websites viewpoints of the topic and related areas were considered. The study findings contribute to a more holistic view of the topic and related areas and thus complement the study of AI based recruitment process. The study may not have taken a complete coverage of all articles in the area of artificial intelligence role in recruitment process. Yet, based on the selection on the chosen research methodology it seems reasonable to assume that the review process covered a large published in web portals / reports / academic journals. As per the best of author knowledge, there is no systematic literature review on artificial intelligence role in recruitment process has previously been published in academic journals and biased on selected papers a number of research questions are planned aimed at guiding and suggest some promising avenues for future research.

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Bhagyashri Karkhanis, Sanjay Sharma

With the latest rate of increase in research into finding outlier point has been studied broadly in area of data mining as well as machine learning. However as the appearance of enormous dimensional data sets in real-life applications to finding outlier point from outlier detection faces a series of new challenging problem in now-a-days. Detecting outliers is to identify the objects that extensively turn aside commencing the common distribution of the real data. Such that items may be seen as suspicious data items due to the different mechanism of generation. Various algorithms have already worked well in such an environment for finding outlier point. Consequently, machine learning methods are developing up-to-date outlier detection methods becomes insistent tasks.

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Arief Efendi, Slamet, Udik Budi Wibowo

This study analyzes the teaching performance of teachers in state elementary schools in Yogyakarta City, Indonesia, who were previously appointed as principals. The focus of the study was carried out on aspects of teaching commitment. The study was conducted qualitatively with a grounded theory approach. The research subjects were teachers who were previously principals in four state elementary schools in Yogyakarta City. The analysis was carried out with an interactive analysis model. The results show that the former principal's performance in Yogyakarta City decreased since the beginning of the assignment. They experience post power syndrome, reject assignments, experience obstacles in communication, and some of them have health problems. This result implies the need for a more comprehensive policy in preparing principals before their position end.

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Neta Dian Lestari, Masnunah

Palembang is one of the cities in Indonesia which has many typical foods, empek-empek is one of them or commonly known as "empek-empek" which has the potential to develop its culinary tourism to the international arena. In line with ASIAN GAMES 2018, not only Pempek was presented, but a variety of special food in Palembang city, it was also introduced to other countries and be able to increase the subsector of the creative industry in the international culinary field to make a breakthrough in implementing Palembang food or special dishes this. Based on the results of the study, the stages that had been passed in the Bazaar activities, namely: Preparation (thoughts, feelings), Prodiksi (energy and time), Marketing (space, goods and money), Achievement of goals (efficient, effective and economical), validity hope the results were good. Of the eight events conducted by students at the Palembang PGRI University, the profit gained was more than 75%, namely 78.66% in the VERY GOOD category. Suggestions were given so that students are more motivated again to entrepreneurship, because the benefits could be very large and promising. students could become young entrepreneurs who are creative and innovative, with the basic knowledge that researchers had given for about six months. The science of entrepreneurship both theoretically and practically directly from the preparation, production, marketing, achievement of the Evalution and making drilling stages had been studied. Hopefully the students of Palembang PGRI University, especially students of the Accounting Education study program could implement the science in the future and made them tough and successful entrepreneurs.

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Arta Moro Sundjaja, Ascencia Fike Komala

Various industries have been utilizing technologies and the Internet for a long time, but the insurance industry is lagging. Garda Oto insurance company is trying to shift into the e-commerce with its website, Since it is new and developing, it is essential to identify the antecedents of the customer's online purchase intention. The purpose of this research is to examine the effects of website quality, multichannel integration quality, and web trust on intention to purchase insurance online mediated by online perceived value. The research design is quantitative method. The respondent used in this research is the visitor of Garda Oto Website. The sampling technique is purposive sampling. The sample size is 76 respondent. The data analysis use SEM-PLS. The finding of this research are web trust, mediated by online perceived value, affects online purchase intention significantly.

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Muhammad Laras Widyanto, Eva Herianti, Sri Kurniawati, Amor Marundha

Political factor is one of the environmental factors influencing the success of business growth in developing countries such as Indonesia. This condition happens because capital market in developing countries such is managed under law supremacy, and resources allocation is also controlled and managed by government. The purpose of the research is to analyze and test the influence of business strategy on relationship between political connection and market performance. The research uses purposive sampling on manufacturing companies listed in Indonesia Stock Exchange period 2012 2016 using SMARTPLS 3.0 analytical tools. The result shows that political connection positively and significantly influences on market performance. While the research contributes that low costs and differentiation strategy do not moderate the influence of political connection on market performance. The research contributes that political connected companies (connected between government and military) may provide benefits, such as simplification on regulatory, network amongst other companies and regulation, and simplification for project winning with end result to increase sales, then it finally improves market performance.

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Kisman H. Mahmud, Moh Sukron Ilyas, Anwar Ilmar Ramadhan

this study aims to find out information about the use of fuel. These research and planning steps include several steps that must be done gradually and sequentially. In conducting the research and making of these tools it takes about three months to be conducted at the vehicle inspection. The research of analysis is done by finding relevant facts in the context of deflated and conducting research methods in 5 steps. Based on the results of the study it was found that in terms of prohibition specifications (68 psi and 85 psi) shifted the smallest style resistance compared to the prohibition under the specification. The lower, this tire has a great rolling resistance style. In this research revolved the greatest resistance style that is in the lowest prohibition condition (45 psi and 65 psi). The magnitude of the rolling resistance style affects the effort and energy that to resist these obstacles.

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K. Sivakumar, Dr. V. Vasanthi

The researchers and developers are constantly taken this difficulty as a venture for WSN established IoT atmosphere. The IoT sensors are major resource is battery vigor and it invariably receiving the understanding and communicating the expertise to far flung area of the IoT network using this energy handiest. So the vigor harvesting is the one strategy to keep the lifetime of the sensors and the community. Some of the main design objectives of WSNs is to carry out data verbal exchange even as seeking to prolong the lifetime of the network and avoid connectivity degradation by using aggressive vigor administration methods. The design of routing protocols in WSNs is influenced via many difficult causes. These explanations need to be overcome before effective conversation will also be completed in WSNs. As a consequence, the goal of any energy effective and harvesting method is to maximize community lifetime. Here gift a brand new adaptive routing algorithm for finding energy optimized routes in a wireless sensor community with energy harvesting. The proposed novel algorithm is adaptable and disbursed. As each node makes neighborhood routing selections, a route may just trade at the same time the data is being routed.

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Monica Rahardian Ary Helmina, Imam Ghozali, Jaka Isgiyarta, Ibnu Sutomo

This study is to investigate the effects of corporate information reporting technology. Namely Integrated reporting. Technology enables the creation of information architectures that support management and investor decision making. Such architecture is needed because of the modern business landscape raises a series of new challenges: telling stories about how an organization creates value over time, and in a lot of capital beyond just finance, needing to be connected, change quickly information flows to management reporting, analysis and decision making. Data that supports value creation stories needs to be collected, integrated and processed inside the right way. Framework, including financial and non-financial reporting on company value. That absence of integrated reporting in disclosure of reports on the Indonesia Stock Exchange because disclosure of financial and nonfinancial information is used to describe phenomenon. This study provides insight to explain the importance of integration reporting as a financial report replaces two separate reports.

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Sri Utami Lestari, Enny Mutryarny, Neng Susi

The purpose of this study is a field test of the use of Azolla mycrophylla as a cheap and high-quality alternative fertilizer in Indonesia that aims to assist the Indonesian government's program in terms of national food security. The field test in this study involved two types of Azolla Mycrophylla namely wet and dry azolla, which were analyzed using analysis of variance (Anova) and Duncan's advanced test at the level of 5%, analyzing the chemical composition of Azolla mycrophylla in various technological innovations either as compost or liquid fertilizer (POC) using wet azolla and dried azolla in its application. The study found that the best treatment of compost Azolla was found in A3 treatment, namely azolla compost 96 g/polybag + 0.75 g urea/polybag, and the best treatment of liquid fertilizer Azolla is in the A4 treatment, namely the administration of Azolla mycrophylla POC 120 ml/l + 0.5 g urea/polybag. The average yield of variance showed the treatment of both the combination of Azolla mycrophylla compost and POC and urea significantly affected all parameters of observation. The results showed the combination treatment of both Azolla mycrophylla compost and Azolla mycrophylla POC can save the use of urea fertilizer which is needed to keep up with food demand but is also environmentally friendly. Both compost and POC Azolla mycrophylla have met the standards of organic fertilizer for vegetables according to the Regulation of Ministry of Agriculture No. 28 of 2009.

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The acceleration of infrastructure development in Indonesia gives a consequence of construction labor needs. However, the disparity of certified labors at national level is only 9% out of 7 millions labors. This research aims to evaluate the readiness of skilled labor assessment process in mass assessment. The research method used was case study in 3 cities; Jakarta, Jepara, and Semarang. The strategy to answer the research purpose was by conducting interview towards 8 assessors with experience more than 10 years and have good reputation in Central Java. The research results identify five basic aspects which differentiate the result of assessment test from the assessors in three study location; they are discrepancy of labors qualification before the test, location factor and the condition of test facilities towards the completeness and quality of the test process, the format of assessors assessment towards the decision on the competence level, the number of total participants in one assessment period and the ratio of the participant per assessor as the workload indicator of an ideal assessment.

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Alli Ganiyat Titilope, Ummu Atiyah Ahmad Zakuan, Nazariah Osman

Internal displacement is not a new occurrence to the world as it is not to Nigeria. The Boko Haram insurgency has led to major displacement particularly in northeast Nigeria which led to the large displacement of people. The article presented primary data on the challenges displaced women encounter during the process of integration in two selected IDPs in Adamawa state, Nigeria. The study used a qualitative approach and thematic analysis to explain the major problems of integration among the displaced women. The findings identified the struggle to return, security concern, poor infrastructure and lack of economic opportunities as the major challenges affecting the integration of the displaced women. It was recommended that the government and other significant actors in charge should adopt the IASC (Inter-Agency Standing Committee) framework to address the integration of Internally Displaced Women in Nigeria.

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Hanum Farah Ayuningtyas, Christina Whidya Utami

Every company requires management as an effort to achieve specific goal of company. Not only in public sector, but the private sector also required good management in order to provide good service to public who need it. The Foundation of Perkumpulan Pengelola Pendidikan Sejahtera Surabaya established since 1960. The Foundation of PS3 oversees Senior High School of Sejahtera and Vocational High School of Sejahtera. This study aimed to examine and analyze whether the leadership style, compensation and job satisfaction had an affect against the employee performance. This study used quantitative approach by collecting data through offline questionnaires. The object of this study was active officer in Foundation of P3S with minimum service life of 10 years. The total sample in this study was 119 people that obtained by using purposive sampling technique. This data analysis used in this study was multiple regression analysis by utilizing software of SPSS. The results of this study indicated that leadership style, compensation and job satisfaction significantly affected the employee performance.

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Pancawati Hardiningsih, Indira Januarti, Rachmawati Meita Oktaviani, Ceacilia Srimindarti, Udin Udin

This study aims to analyze the determinants of audit quality and to examine the moderating effect of professional ethics in the relationship between competence, independence, audit tenure, and professional skepticism on audit quality. The population of this study is auditors of the public accounting firm (KAP) in Central Java and DIY. By using purposive sampling, the total sample of this study is 105 respondents. Data are analyzed using multiple linear regression. The results indicate that competence, independence, professional skepticism, and professional ethics have a significant positive effect on audit quality. Furthermore, professional ethics strengthens the relationship between competence and independence on audit quality. The results of this study are expected to contribute to the development of science related to auditing and provide enlightening input for KAP auditors in order to improve audit quality.

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Anbarasan. A, Kumar. C

The importance of Distributed Generation (DG) can be understood by studying the effect of DG with Static Synchronous Compensator (STATCOM) in the multi-machine system. The DG system uses renewable energy sources which are connected to the conventional power system in order to minimize the real power losses in the power system. 9-bus system will be considered for this analysis. The appropriate location of the DG is identified based on the base case power result, bus voltage and total losses in the system. The STATCOM size and the appropriate location is decided by the voltage profile improvement and real power loss minimization in the system. The proposed work is carried out in PSAT with MATLAB / Simulink environment. The results ensure that the real power losses in the power system network will be minimized by placing DG and STATCOM at suitable locations.

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Zunaidah, Nengyanti, Muhammad Ichsan Hadjri

This study aimed to determine the influence of work stress and job satisfaction on employee turnover intention. The population in this study was 3,084 people at the Regional Development Bank in Southern Sumatra. By using the Slovin formula and the Proportional Stratified Random Sampling sampling method, it was found that the number of respondents who were respondents was 354 people. Variables were measured using instruments in the form of questionnaires distributed to respondents, where as many as 300 respondents returned the questionnaire. The results showed that work stress had a positive influence on employee turnover intention. The results of the study also show that job satisfaction had a negative influence on employee turnover intention.

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Muhammad Irfan, Toto Nusantara, Subanji, Sisworo

Proportional problem is a complex issue. What attracts the attention of researchers is the matter of direct proportion and inverse proportion. The two problems are different, but there are similarities that make the student has trouble while solving the problem. The purpose of this study is to describe the interference of students in solving the problem of inverse proportion based on APOS theory. The type of this research is qualitative-explorative research, that is, the researcher explores how the student's interference in solving the problem of inverse proportion. Selection of research subjects using purposive technique, namely by considering the answers of students written test. The data collection procedure uses problem-solving and in-depth interviews. The results of this study indicate that students experiencing proactive interference caused by failure to coordinate the knowledge they have with the problems faced. As a result, when resolving the problem of inverse proportion, students are actually using the concept of direct proportion to solve inverse proportion problem.

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Rahmat Mulyono, Siti Partini Suardiman, Lantip Diat Prasojo

This research aims to create a model of multiple intelligencies-based learning management and test its effectiveness. The research design consists of three stages: 1) preliminary studies including literature study, field study, questionnaire distribution and focused group discussion; 2) model development including model drafting, model draft validation by practicioners and expert team, and model revision; and 3) limited testing, small group testing, extended testing, and final model revision. The research result provide a model of multiple intelligences-based learning management that consists of (a) learning material adjustment to the students intelligence; (b) study group classification based on the students intelligence level and class grade; (c) thematic learning approach based on the multiple intelligences themes; (d) the use of multiple intelligences-based active learning; (e) learning evaluation on the process and result; (f) outing class arrangement; (g) establishing cooperation with parents and stakeholder; and (h) the charismatic headmasters who have a lot of ideas are able to implement the function of management for multiple intelligences based learning. The result of model content testing reaches score of 4.55 (91.58%) under very good category and the result of model applicability testing reaches the score of 4.61 (92.20%) under very good category.

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Achmad Daengs, GS, M. Mufti Mubarok, Dewa Kt Raka Ardiana, Ana Sriekaningsih, Nekky Rahmiyati, Tri Andjarwati

This study carried through by analyzing the effects of competitive strategies (cost leadership strategy, differentiation strategy, focus strategy) to product innovation, process innovation, administrative innovation at the Batik Crafters Association in East Java. This study is an explanatory research that employs a quantitative approach. Population of this study are batik artisans at the Batik Crafters Association in East Java circa 57 respondents, while the samples taken were 50 batik artisans at the East Java Batik Crafters Association who actively participates in the program. Data collection is executed by distributing questionnaires. Data analysis technique used is a structural equation modeling (SEM) analysis with partial least square (PLS) tools. The results in this study demonstrate that the cost leadership strategy and focus strategy has a significant effect on product innovation and administrative innovation, while differentiation strategies does not show any effect to product innovation and administrative innovation. The proven variables which affect process innovation is the cost leadership strategy, while the differentiation strategy and focus strategy does not have a significant effect to process innovation.

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Meilita Priskila, Damelina Basauli Tambunan

This study aims to determine whether personal factors and psychological factors influence the purchase intention of prospective wedding invitation customers in Surabaya. The variables studied in this study are personal factors (X1), psychological factors (X2), and purchase intention (Y). Indicators of personal factors that used are income and lifestyle, psychological factors indicators that used are motivation, perception, and beliefs and attitude, and indicators of purchase intention used are attention, interest, desire, and conviction. The sampling used a purposive sampling technique, namely as many as 97 respondents residing in Surabaya which will hold a marriage in the near future. Data was processed using the Statistical Package for the Social Science (SPSS) program, and the analysis technique used was multiple linear regressions. The results show that personal factors and psychological factors have a significant effect on purchase intention of prospective wedding invitation customers in Surabaya. The Personal Factor is more dominant in influencing prospective customers' purchase intention compared to psychological factors.

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Kalyan Das, L.R. Saikia.

Phenology is the study of relationship between climatic factors and periodic events of the life cycle of living beings. Plant Phenological study provides all valuable information about the pattern of vegetative growth and development of plants. Thus, it provides valuable information for setting priorities for the conservation of threatened species by the means of domestication and cultivation. In order to study the phonological details of two important Zingiberaceae medicinal plants viz. Curcuma caesia Roxb. and C. aromatica Salisb. a field experiment was laid out at the Botanical garden of J.B. College (Autonomous), Jorhat, Assam. by maintaining the collected plant materials i.e. rhizomes of both the species from different areas of Upper Brahmaputra Valley (UBV) zone of Assam. Initiation of shoot from rhizome, leaf measurement, inflorescence development, no of flowers, flowering period, longevity of flowers, fruit formation etc were recorded for both the plants. Plant height, leaf number etc were recorded from 60, 100, 140 and 180 days after planting.

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Radheshyam H. Gajghat, Chandrahas C. Handa, Rakesh L. Himte

This study was carried out to establish a mathematical relationship between influencing factors and the performance of engineering students in university examination. Pass/fail result in university examination was taken as performance measure. The exhaustive literature survey was carried out to explore the significant factors which influence the performance of university students. Also the opinion of stakeholders i.e. students and faculties was taken to add few more important factors in the list. Finally, 22 most important influencing factors were shortlisted for inclusion in the final questionnaire. This survey was conducted amongst the engineering students of technical institutions of Chhattisgarh, affiliated to Chhattisgarh Swami Vivekananda Technical University, Bhilai. Binary logistic regression method was used to formulate the mathematical model. This work will help the engineering students to improve their performance by predicting their probability of passing before appearing in examination.

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Yuke henry, Ulani Yunus

The aim of this research is to study the brand awareness strategies employed by Kuya Maranggi Water Park. The applied concepts are branding and brand awareness. The research used a qualitative methodology, using an in-depth interview with a data collection technique through secondary data and primary data as well as a triangulation technique. The research reveals that Kuya Maranggi Water Park is successfully creating brand awareness in the vicinity of Purwakarta and other part of West Java, though there is a challenge in carrying out the branding strategies to outspread the information to the Capital City, Jakarta, and Java Island as well as throughout Indonesia.

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Sri Suwanti

This study examines the effect of intrinsic motivation on knowledge sharing and employee creativity. Data is collected through a survey of 67 cultural and public organization, information technology, and education employees. Partial least squares structural equation modeling (PLS-SEM) is used to test the proposed hypotheses. The results show that intrinsic motivation significantly affects knowledge sharing and employee creativity. Knowledge sharing further significantly increases employee creativity.

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Managing hope and fear in a cultural perspective can be one of the success keys for a nation or organization on any scale. A country that is unable to manage both will become a failed state, as does an organization or even a person. People who are seized with anxiety and unable to turn it into a source of strength will tend terminate their lives by suicide. The leaders of countries incorporated in a certain region are always faced with various threats, challenges and opportunities. This paper tries to describe a number of phenomena that occur in a number of regions which are considered to develop as hope and fear that is analyzed in the perspective of American Studies. The overall description of this paper leads to the conclusion that the ability of political leaders in an area to manage hope and fear will be able to determine the strength of civil society in the region.

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Kulbhushan Agnihotri, Sheenu Nayyer

A prey-predator fishery model having reserved and unreserved area, with prey dispersal in a two-patch environment, has been proposed and investigated in this work. The logistic growth is considered for the fish species in each area. Holling type-II predator functional response has been considered. Relative size of the reserve and unreserved area is responsible for increase as well as decrease the density of the fishes. The harvesting is applied on both prey in an unreserved area and on predator. The dynamics of the proposed system has been explored locally. The thresholds for existence of biological equilibrium points are obtained. Optimal harvesting policy has been examined by the Pontryagin's Maximum Principle. Finally, theoretical results acquired and verified with the assistance of numerical simulations through MATLAB.

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Chanda Purushwani, Poonam Sinha

Droplet infection is a widespread disease of all age groups. Consciousness about prevention and treatment can reduce the risk of infection. Infected population of any age group can avail a common treatment. In this paper, we have proposed age structured SITR model along with droplet infection. To analyse the model, we have evaluated disease free equilibrium point, endemic equilibrium point and basis reproduction number (R0).It is found that disease free equilibrium point always exists and model is stable around it when R0 <1. Similarly endemic equilibrium point exists and model is stable around it when R0 >1. Sensitivity analysis for basic reproduction number is performed to see the influence of parameters on disease spread. Optimal controls are measured to minimize infected population and produced droplets, using Pontryagin's minimum Principle. Numerical simulation is done to observe the dynamic behaviour of all population in model. Suitable graphs are illustrated to support the results.

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Chaouachi Taoufik, Lassaad Sbita

This paper presents the development of electro-mechanical model of electric ground vehicle, which is equipped with independently actuated in-wheel BLDC motors. Such an electric vehicle (EV) employs in-wheel BLDC motors to independently drive the wheels which is one of the promising vehicle architectures primarily due to its actuation flexibility, energy efficiency, and performance potentials. As known the BLDC has a fluctuation torque where the traditional strategy control for vehicles find to reach the smooth torque [5-10] but the pulsating toque can bring interesting advantage specially to grip the tire to the wet road.

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Krishnamoorthy A, Srimathi H

In the next few decades, India will be the human capital with worlds largest young working age population and viewed as the potential talent pool. The global gig economy creates a short duration jobs and expects manpower training on technological advancements and 21st century economic skill. The challenge is targeting the inactive, and those who are employed in the informal sectors present everywhere for countrys economic growth with a key focus on minimizing the risks of social unrest. There are several innovative methods, adopted both national and globally. However, the scale and demographic boundaries of India pose dynamic challenges that dissuade the implementation of any single successful model. The research work presented has studied the existing practices prevalent in low, mid and high skill sets and suggests the way forward.

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Dr. N. Suba Rani, Dr. A. Noble Mary Juliet, K. Renuka Devi

With the advent of internet technology, the number of unauthorized users to access the data, the transmission of information through image becomes more. And it also becomes more reliable form to transmit data. There are number of algorithms available to solve this problem. One of the efficient method is to use AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) algorithm, the most notable and extensively used cryptographic algorithm because it is six times faster than 3-DES and much faster than RSA algorithm. In this paper we proposed an image encryption and decryption algorithm using AES in which encryption contains a random image and decryption contains original image. The algorithm is implemented in java. The efficiency of AES is compared using image and text and it is analyzed. The result thus shows that the sharing of information through image is much more reliable and efficient than sharing information as text.

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Dr. Yogesh Kumar, Dr. Manish Mahajan

The period of the internet of things (IoT) its growing combination means that the systems are having huge quantities of statistics each second from millions of systems. The present method used to manage this information is a technology named as cloud computing. Though, due to its necessity of data centers, this can become infeasible for the handling of information from the internet of things due to space among these IOT keen items and the data center. Present growths in ICTs like in Internet-of-Things and Cyber-Physical Systems grow healthcare answers with brighter and forecast abilities together for home, office and also in hospitals. In the maximum of IoT-based healthcare organizations, particularly at smooth households or clinics, a linking opinion is required among sensor organization system and the Internet. The fog computing is attaining attention in the area of health care with the IOT. The goal of the research is to present skills called fog computing with IOT in the arena of healthcare. The author discussed a framework to improve fog performance via a collective rule amongst fog knots to attain the best load and job distribution. In the paper, fog computing is measured as an addition of the cloud computing to the verge of the system, which is an extremely virtualized stage of source pool that delivers calculation, storage, and networking facilities to adjacent end consumers.

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A.R.Deepa, W.R. Sam Emmanuel

Brain tumor is an abnormal disease and its early detection is very important to save life. In MRI, the tumor region can be detected by segmentation. Manually, the segmentation or extraction of tumor from MRI is possible to diagnosis. MRI scans provide very detailed images of most of the important organs and tissues in our body. Many types of automated segmentation algorithms have been presented. For conveying information the medium of images are considered to be more important. The algorithms can predict better classification technique to extract tumor parts

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Apurva Chakraborty

Commercial motorcycles and scooters incorporate independent circuits for front and rear brake actuation, thus precluding load-dependent brake force distribution. In all cases of manual brake force modulation between the front and rear wheels, there is poor compensation for the changes in wheel loads on the account of longitudinal weight transfer, thus making it challenging to provide an adequate braking force to each wheel. The ration in which the braking force should be distributed between the front and the rear wheels is dependent on the motorcycle geometry, weight distribution, mechanical sizing of braking system components, and is a variable based on the instantaneous deceleration. This connotes that a fixed bias of front and rear braking forces can be optimized only for a narrow range of motorcycles deceleration. Maximum braking performance occurs just prior to wheel lockup, as a sliding tire provides less grip than a rolling tire. This is also the scenario when both the tires are doing the maximum work in decelerating the motorcycle. Therefore an optimal brake force distribution is one that locks both wheels at the same instant. In practice, however, a rider would avoid a front wheel lock-up as it would make the motorcycle challenging to steer. In theory an apt distribution of the braking forces between the front and rear wheels maximizes the overall braking efficiency of the motorcycle whilst reducing its stopping distance. This paper examines plausible performance gains of load sensing brake force distribution in a motorcycle.

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G. Anand Kumar, P. V. Sridevi

Accurate brain tumor segmentation is a challenging task from the Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) in the field of medical image processing. For this purpose, we propose a Novel Center Symmetric-Local Binary Pattern (CS-LBP) and Chi Square Fuzzy C-mean based segmentation via clustering to segment the abnormal tissues from the normal region. Initially, preprocessing is performed to extricate the region of interest based on improved threshold and center symmetric LBP. Then we compare the preprocessing output and original MRI image using Bhattacharya similarity metrics to obtain the region of interest from the imaging technology. Finally, Chi Square distance based Fuzzy C-Mean (CS-FCM) segmentation is performed to cluster the region according to the feature based on region of interest (ROI), including entropy, contrast, and mean for necrosis, edema and enhanced tumor regions. BRATS 2015 dataset is used to evaluate the performance in terms of Jaccard matching, specificity, Positive Predictive Value (PPV) and Dice Similarity Coefficient (DSC). The existing approaches are not efficient and predictive whereas our proposed method performs better in clustering the tumor into three regions (necrosis, edema and enhanced tumor) based on the region of interest.

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Vicky Prajaputra, Zaenal Abidin, Widiatmaka

Indonesias textile industry has been increased dramatically in the last several years. As a tropical country, Indonesia provides an adsorbent material abundant in nature which can adsorb dyestuff. One of alternatif adsorbent material available abundantly in Indonesia is volcanic ash soil. However, the capabilities of volcanic ash soil removing dyestuff in water were low. Therefore, the development of material is necessary to enhance the adsorption capacity. In this research, enhancing the adsorption ability of volcanic ash soil was done by adding alkaline solution with concentration of 0.5, 1.5 and 3.0 mol/L resulting A1, A2 and A3, respectively. The ability of developed materials from soil to adsorb methylene blue (MB) dye was tested in different adsorbent dose and contact time. The result showed that developed material had a higher adsorption capacity of methylene blue than volcanic ash soil. The optimum adsorption condition was obtained at 0.15 g of adsorbent dose for 24 hours of contact time where volcanic ash soil, A1, A2 and A3 were able to adsorb methylene blue dye (100 mg/L) with adsorption capacity of 5.72, 6.99, 6.90 and 6.16 mg/g, respectively. In addition, developing materials from soil also had better regeneration ability than soil through the fenton process.

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Jemal Aliy Gobena, S. Suppiah

Structures constructed on black cotton soils are susceptible to cracking, and differential settlement leading to disasters and adverse economic conditions. This is due to the alternate swelling and shrinking behavior of this type of soils. Expansive soils can be stabilized with the help of different admixtures such as lime, cement and other similar materials leading to increasing the shear strength of the soil. Stabilizing expansive soil is essential since it improves various properties, resulting in improved performance of structures found on swelling soils. In the present study, numerous admixtures adopted by different researchers and their limitations are summarized.

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Supriyadi, Agung Budi Sulistiyo, Ahmad Roziq

The aim of research this is for knowing influence disclosure Sustainability Reporting and size company to Policy dividend and firm value with profitability as an intervening variable. The population from research company sector banking registered on the IDX. Research this use method purposive sampling and obtained sample as many as 50 companies. Research data are taken from secondary data that report finance company. Data analysis techniques used are the analysis path (path analysis). Analysis results knew that SR does not take to effect to profitability, firm size takes to effect positive on profitability. For profitability takes to effect positive and significant on policy dividends and firm value. So, Policy dividend influence firm value. However, SR did not takes to effect on Policy dividend and size company takes effect significant to firm value.

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Dr. Yogesh Kumar, Dr. Manish Mahajan

The speech signal is one of the most natural and fastest methods of communication between humans. Many systems have been developed by various researchers to identify the emotions from the speech signal. In differentiating between various emotions particularly speech features are more useful and if not clear is the reason that makes emotion recognition from speakers speech very difficult. There are a number of the dataset available for speech emotions, it's modelling, and types that helps in knowing the type of speech. After feature extraction, another important part is the classification of speech emotions so the paper has compared and reviewed the different classifiers that are used to differentiate emotions such as sadness, neutral, happiness, surprise, anger, etc. The research also shows the improvement in emotion recognition system by making automatic emotion recognition system adding a deep neural network. The analysis has also been performed using different ML techniques for Speech emotions recognition accuracy in different languages.

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K R Dinesh, Gururaj Hatti

In total knee replacement the whole knee joint is substituted by the artificial materials like ceramic, metal, or polymeric which will act has load bearing joint. Knee spacer is the component of TKR which is used to look-alike the articular cartilage. In this paper, we report the result of titanium oxides and alumina on tribological, mechanical properties and microstructure of polymer composites fabricated by injection moulding technique. Due to prominent applicant of polymer composites low cost, high strength and ease of fabrication, now a days they are used to prepare implant materials. Polymers when used in their real form they pose truncated mechanical and tribological properties. Due to this reason polymers are reinforced with the other available materials (ceramics) to increase the mechanical and tribological properties. In this research we used TiO2 and Al2O3 ceramics to reinforce the PMMA and LDPE polymers matrix. Specimens are prepared according to ASTM standard with changing the percentage of alumina in both matrixs. Bending, Impact, hardness, wear tests are carried along with biocompatibility test.

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Mutmainah, Dimas Eko Saputra

This research was conducted to determine what factors are very influential on the defects of pouch packaged cooking oil products and design the best input level with the result that can reduce defects of pouch packaged cooking oil. Actual data shows average of defects of pouch packaged during january to march 2018 produced as much 4,11 %. This research with experiment Taguchi method. Involve controlled and uncontrolled factors. The controlled factors is temperature heater sealing with 3 levels (126C, 130C, and 134C), pressure air vaccum with 2 levels (5 bars and 6 bars), conveyor speed with 2 levels (900 rpm and 950 rpm), machine speed with 2 levels (35 rpm and 40 rpm), and packaging material with 2 levels (15 gr and 20 gr). With determination the level of each factor this research conducted 48 times with one-time iteration and data was taken by number of defects produced during the production process. The Result of analysis data shows that from above five factors controlled and interaction among five factors significant react to process produced cooking oil into pouch package. The best levels combination measure by smallest defects parameter that produced production process and statistic test (in particular S/N ratio) is temperature heater sealing 126 C, pressure air vaccum 5 bars, conveyor speed 900 rpm, machine speed 35 rpm, and packaging material 15 gr can reduce defects with average from 4,11 % to 2,96 % (decrease about 1,15 %).

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N.Fuad, N.A. Bahali, Md.Nor.Danial, E.M.N.E.M.Nasir, M.E.Marwan

The purpose of this study is to identify the electroencephalogram (EEG) pattern of male and female engineering student during the cognitive activity. EEG is a method to monitoring electrical activity in the brain and has four main brainwave; Delta, Theta, Alpha and Beta. Delta wave is slow wave generated in deepest meditation, Theta Wave usually occurs in sleep, Alpha Wave dominant in calming, relaxing condition and Beta wave dominant in wakeful condition. The raw data collected analysis using SPSS and Microsoft Excel to analysis the accuracy and the brainwave pattern between male and female. The average, standard derivation and correlation are used to analysis the EEG pattern between male and female during cognitive activity. Cognitive one of the bloom taxonomy formulate for education activities. The process involved in decision making, understanding of information, attitudes and solving. Subjects are given a set of question to answer. Total 24 students, 12 male and 12 female involve to recorded their EEG signal during answered the cognitive question by wearing the Emotive Insight device. All subjects are from UTHM engineering students. Data collected are focused in Alpha and Beta which exist in when someone wake condition. From the discussion and analysis there have the different between male and female brainwave during the cognitive activity.

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N.Fuad, J.A. Bakar, Md.Nor.Danial, E.M.N.E.M.Nasir, M.E.Marwan

Every action and decision makes by a person comes from the brain. This organ is the central processing unit (CPU) for a human. Electricity is used by the neurons which is the brain cells for communication between each other. From this activity, the presences of a few types of subbands are detected. The subbands are Delta, Theta, Alpha and Beta. Each of the subbands has its own characteristic and when these subbands will be dominant depends on the action made by the person. One type of action is learning and there are three types of learning methods which are cognitive, psychomotor and affective. Cognitive is a type of learning style where the student uses his or her reading, understanding and memorising skills. Psychomotor domain is a type of learning method where the student needs to learn by using his or her physical skills. For this project, ten engineering students from Universiti Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia are asked to become the subjects for data collection. Cognitive domain is tested by giving the subjects a set of question which contains fifteen questions of various types. The questions need to be answered in 5 minutes. Psychomotor domain is tested by asking the subjects to design a building or statue using legos and the subjects need to follow the conditions given with duration of 5 minutes as well. From the experiment conducted, for cognitive and psychomotor domain, the dominant subbands are delta and beta. Alpha subband is dominant when the person feels calm.

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Rishikesh.G, Harish Kumar.M.N, Gokulakrishnan.G, Praveenkumar.M

The increase in machines lab all over Indian Engineering colleges energy consumption has been more apparent than such increases in the industrial and transportation sectors. The main objective of this project is to analysis the energy consumption of the machines lab in VIT. On an periodical monitoring of these energy meter daily at a particular time for one month we can able to find the power factor, active, reactive and apparent powers of that particular lab.Thus, we can able to give solutions on what basis the load can be decreased. What amount of capacitor should be placed in order to maintain the power factor and reactive power. Thus, by plotting the graph and comparing all the outputs of the above-mentioned monitoring process the total amount is calculated according to TNEB norms can also be calculated. And after placing the capacitor the amount in reduction of cost can also be calculated.

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A. I. Kristiana, M. I. Utoyo, Dafik, R. Alfarisi, E. Waluyo

We define the r-dynamic local irregularity vertex coloring. Suppose  : V(G)  {1,2, , k} is called vertex irregular k-labeling and w : V(G)  N where w(u)=∑_(v∈N(u))▒〖(v)〗.  is called r-dynamic local irregular vertex coloring, if: (i) opt() = min{max{i}; i vertex irregular k-labeling}, (ii) for every uv  E(G), w(u) ≠ w(v), and (iii) for every v  V(G) such that |w(N(v))|  min{r, d(v)}. The chromatic number r-dynamic local irregular denoted by χ_lis^r (G), is minimum of cardinality r-dynamic local irregular vertex coloring. We study the r-dynamic local irregularity vertex coloring of graph and we have found the exact value of chromatic number r-dynamic local irregularity of some graph.

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Luluk Mauluah, Marsigit

This paper is the exploration study analyzes data from Kraton Yogyakarta, about learning resources for elementary mathematics. Learning mathematics in elementary school using cultural wealth can make the learning process more meaningful. What learning resources can be identified from Kraton Yogyakarta as ethnomathematics study, that can be used for elementary mathematics? The technics to collect data for this qualitative research are observation and documentation. Data analysis gives a result on the tabulation of resources from Kraton Yogyakarta with basic competences, grade and Ambrosios category. The finding of the research: there are many ethnomathematics learning resources at Kraton Yogyakarta : Gunungan sekaten, batik, sengkalan, Sultan Agung calendar, Bangsal Manganti, Kraton stairs, Kraton ceramics at Bangsal Pagelaran, etc. The ethnomathematics resources can be used as media for mathematics learning about: measuring length, area, volume, tessellation, shape, pattern, common multiple, common divisor, and multiplication. Based on identification carried out by the researcher, learning resources in Kraton Yogyakarta were obtained fulfilling for the first grade to the sixth grade. By using the six subject: counting, weighing, measuring, sorting, comparing, and classifying of DAmbrosios category, there were five categories that could be used. The five subjects are counting, weighing, measuring, comparing, and classifying. The sorting did not occur in the finding learning resources.

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Irwin Syahri CEBRO, Agustami SITORUS

Hand tractor is a popular agricultural vehicle in Asia, like Indonesia. Most of the hand tractors are used to soil tillage in paddy fields that are integrated with various types of implements such as plow, rotary, dishes, etc. The challenges a majority of the characteristics of paddy fields in Indonesia is sloping land (with a slope greater than 10), small in size (5-10 m2 per plot paddy field) and irregular in dimensions between one paddy fields land and another. That requires the performance of hand tractors to be able to work moving between plot paddy fields so that it can achieve all plot paddy fields. Several studies have examined this issue for 4-wheel tractors; however, on the hand tractors have not been studied in depth to date. Therefore, the objective of this study is to analyze the performance of the hand tractor to climbing sloping terrain. The experiment of the field for trajectories of hand tractors is designed with a slope of 10, 15, and 30. The performance of the hand tractor (torque, wheel rotational velocity, forward speed, sinkage, and slip) is measured when the hand tractor climb of the track. Traction efficiency is also calculated to show the level of effectiveness of the hand tractor when climbing of sloping land. The results show that the torque on the hand tractor increases with increasing land slope from 10 to 15. But after that, the torque will decrease sharply in the condition of the land with a slope of 30. Wheel rotational speed, forward speed, sinkage and slip of the hand tractor decrease by increasing the sloping angle of the land, respectively. The traction efficiency of the hand tractor also decreases along with increasing sloping terrain.

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Ronal Watrianthos, Sudi Suryadi, Deci Irmayani, Marnis Nasution, Elida F. S. Simanjorang

Traveloka is currently the most popular startup in Indonesia with share traffic reaching 78.49% using smartphone and monthly visits which reached 28.92 million based on a report in in May 2019. Traveloka, based on record, has been downloaded 10 million times since 2014 with rating reaches 4.4 out of 5 stars. As of May 2019, there were 386,646 reviews from users in the PlayStore, ranging from positive and negative reviews. However, it is necessary to analyze with certain methods to summarize the review. Every review given will get a conclusion after collected, and sentiment analysis will provide user experiences from the Traveloka application within certain period. This research was conducted using the Nave Bayes Classifier method based on a review from the playstore to determine service quality. The purpose of this study is to find out the perceptions of users based on the measurement of service quality so that the results can be an evaluation for Traveloka in improving services. Studies show that during this period public opinion produced negative sentiments with Vmap value of 0.31020 greater than positive sentiment with a value of 0.16132.

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Ameesh Dev Singh, Gajendra Pal Singh

Heavy metals are naturally occurring elements that are found in the earths crust but their environmental contamination and human exposure result from anthropogenic activities such as mining and smelting operations, industrial, domestic and agricultural use of metals and metal-containing compounds. Blue green algae have high metal absorption capacities which help in removal of heavy metals and other nutrients from the waste streams. Effect of heavy metal stress on biopigments is commercially important as algal pigments are used as natural dyes for food and cosmetics, as pharmaceuticals and also as fluorescent markers in biomedical research. Wide-spread occurrence of Blue green algae along with their ability to grow and concentrate heavy metals, ascertains their suitability in practical applications of waste-water bioremediation. For present research work freshwater filamentous Blue green algas Oscillatoria agardhii was isolated from Mansagar Lake of Jaipur and was subjected to heavy metal stress. Research work shows the effects of different concentrations of heavy metal Molybdenum in growth media of Oscillatoria agardhii on growth and biopigments such as chlorophyll-a, carotenoids, phycocyanin, allophycocyanin, and phycoerythrin. Pure cultures of Oscillatoria agardhii were grown on Zarrouks medium containing different concentrations (1-5ppm) of Molybdenum trioxide. Significant changes in growth and biopigments production was reported due to heavy metal stress.

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Yaser Hasan Salem Al-Mamary

Delone and Mclean conducted a study in 1992 in which they identified six components for information systems success. In 2003 they has been updated the model by introducing new variables such as service quality, and net benefits. This study adopts the Updated Delone and Mclean IS in Yemen's telecommunication industry. This is a quantitative research. A questionnaire has been used as the data collection instrument. The data analyzed by using AMOS software and SPSS statistical program. The findings of this study indicated that updated model is not the most appropriate for Yemeni companies. For that, the future study need to consider the other models that lead to successful adoption of IS in context of Yemen.

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Ashish Kumar, N S Raghava

Examinations are an essential part of colleges, universities and academic institutes, where students go through many stages of evaluation scheme for better assessment. An organized structure of an exam hall with a proper sitting arrangement of students leads the implementation process of examination. A fraudulent behaviour such as cheating in examinations can hamper the efforts of many students; it is the Machiavellian behaviour of students which is being increased with technology and the rapid growth of the internet. In this paper, we have designed two algorithms, the first algorithm generates automatic sitting arrangement plan for examination halls to prevent mismanagement, prohibited material, and cheating during examinations and the second algorithm deals with Henon chaotic map to rescheduled the sitting plan. It is based on the sitting allocation methodology to generate random allocation in classrooms for every exam to prevent cheating from their surrounding locations. To preserve academic integrity, it is required to decrease the possibility of cheating in the examination hall. Maximum utilization of classrooms and less human resources are the main objectives of the proposed algorithms. Proposed work has been applied to university, and it gives a better environment during examination with the less human resource in a less executable time rather than a manual sitting plan allocation methods.

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The objective of this research and development study is to produce a model of learning basic movement javelin through bombardier game for elementary school students. It also tries to obtain in-depth information about competence, characteristics, and capabilities of early primary school students in the implementation of teaching physical education, especially at the basic learning materials javelin throwing basic movement. It employs the research and development approach. The subjects are grade six elementary school students from two schools, Public Primary School of Bertingkat Mamajang I and Public Primary School of Baddoka, both are located in Makassar, Indonesia. Questionnaires were used to collect data covering four different steps, (1) analysis of needs; (2) the expert evaluation (initial product evaluation); (3) the limited trial (small group trial); and (4) the main trial (field testing). It used the test process and an assessment rubric javelin truth movement to test the effectiveness of the model. Overall, the results show: (1) Learning basic motion javelin using simple tools for students is needed by teachers of Physical Education; (2) the overall product is effectively implemented by teachers Physical Education in teaching basic motion javelin, (3) The basic motion learning model javelin for the students is effectively successful.

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Amin Kuncoro, Hutomo Rusdianto, Heru Yulianto

Environment business instantly influences surrounding citizens or people. The impacts lead to various developments of sectors such as micro business with small scale production known as home industry. This research has purpose to explain whether environment business influences its surrounding environment and whether motivation can contribute to development of illegal cigarette industry potency. It is a qualitative descriptive research to describe the obtained data from the field in which is analyzed by using SPSS 17.0. The samples are 100 illegal cigarette producers in Kudus, taken by using non probability sampling. Then, the type of the sample is taken by using quota sampling through MRA test (Moderating Regression Analysis). The findings are environment business contributes to the development of illegal cigarette producers to develop their products so they can withstand against rigid rules of cigarette industry. Meanwhile, motivation contributes to environment business and illegal cigarette business potency in Kudus.

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Taruna Shafa Arzam AR, Yunus Musa, Muliaty M Tahir, Muh. Riadi

Selayar orange is the flagship orange of the province of South Sulawesi, Indonesia. It has grown by using Japansche citroen (JC) and local oranges rootstock. The purpose of this research was to study the fruit growth and quality of Selayar oranges that using rootstock Japansche citroen. This study used an independent-T test at an alpha level of 0.05 to compare the growth and quality of Selayar oranges using Japansche citroen (JC) rootstock with selayar oranges using local rootstock (The Control group). The results showed that there were no differences between the JC rootstock and the local rootstock in terms of against size, color and quality of Selayar orange juice.

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Dewi Kurniawati, Diana L Suliyanti Tobing

This research aims to test and analyze the effect of motivation, working environment, self-leadership, either simultaneously or partially, on lecturer performance at Politeknik Negeri Jember. The method is explanatory research with 224 lecturers as respondent. The data analysis used descriptive analysis, classical assumption, and multiple linear regression. The result shows that motivation, working environment, and self-leadership simultan and partial give significant effect on lecturer performance at Politeknik Negeri Jember.

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Ahmad Roziq, Firman Dwi Prasetyo Putro, Kartika

This study aims to examine the effect of liabilities, temporary syirkah funds, and equity on stock returns through profitability in Indonesian sharia banks. The purposive sampling technique was used with data collected from the website of seven sharia banks with five years of vulnerability. These include Sharia Commercial Banks registered at Bank of Indonesia, which never suffered a loss in their 2012-2016 financial statements. These banks have complete data based on the variables studied, such as Liabilities, Temporary Syirkah Funds, Equity, Profitability and Stock Return Shares. Data were analyzed using descriptive statistics, normality tests, classic assumption tests, path analysis and hypothesis testing consisting of the t-test. The results of the study indicate that the above listed financial institutions positively influence Indonesian sharia banks. The liabilities, temporary syirkah funds, and equity in sharia banks have a positive effect on stock returns as well as profitability, with the later having a positive impact on the stock returns

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La Ode Hasiara, Nyoria Anggraeni Mersa, Ahyar M. Diah

This study aimed to (a) know, analyze, and examine whether competence, honesty, discipline, recording, responsibility, and transparency significantly affected the satisfaction of Muzakki at Amil Zakat Institution (LAZ) of Community-Caring Funds (DPU) in the region of East Kalimantan province, Samarinda Branch. This study used quantitative and qualitative research methods. The results of the study using a quantitative method found that competence, honesty, discipline, recording, responsibility, and transparency significantly affect the satisfaction of Muzakki. On another side, the results of the study using a qualitative method obtained that honesty and transparency are the sources of any sources of Zakat management activities. In conclusion, both simultaneously and partially, the results of this study indicate a significant effect on the satisfaction of Muzakki at Amil Zakat Institution (LAZ) of Community-Caring Funds (DPU) of East Kalimantan, Samarinda Branch.

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Batumahadi Siregar, Nizwardi Jalinus, Sumarno

Job preparation skills of graduates of vocational education in particular Diploma Three mechanical engineering can be achieved through the development of a project-based training model. Output of project-based training in the form of application products. Producing application products would require the selection of effective and efficient projects and traine tools. Oil Palm Empty Fruit Bunch (OPEFB) is waste from the Palm Oil Mill (POM) which is still widely open to be developed as a reinforcing material in composite materials. To achieve the objectives of this study, a OPEFB decomposition machine was required. The design of this OPEFB decomposition machine includes the main components, namely the chopping knife, the retaining knife, the decomposition and the filter to produce the OPEFB fiber. The manufacturing technology chosen in the design of this tool includes several working steps, namely cutting technology, machining, forming, joining, and assembly. The result obtained from this research activity is in the form of a OPEFB decomposition tool unit in OPEFB fiber. From all series of tool design activities in this research, it can be concluded that the resulting tools can function optimally in the production of OPEFB fiber and can be used as a project-based training device.

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Rupali S. Ambadkar

This study investigates the relationship between Capital Structure and Profitability of Foreign Direct Investment Companies in the Indian Manufacturing Sector India by employing firm level data (a sample of 54 Foreign Direct Investment companies from S&P BSE 500 Index) for a study period of 9 years from 2010 to 2018. Multiple Regression model has been employed for studying the impact of Capital Structure on Profitability. Three profitability measures are employed as indicators of profitability- ROA, ROE and ROTI. Four debt measures are employed to study the impact of capital structure on profitability- TOL/TNA, LTD/TNA, STD/TNA and Debt/Equity ratio. The control variables included in the study are Size, Growth, Liquidity, Tangibility and Age. Empirical results indicate that debt ratios have significant negative impact on profitability and confirm the prediction of Pecking-Order Theory. It is found out that that the sample companies have low debt levels in their capital structure. Short term debt funds are an important mode of financing adopted by sample Foreign Direct Investment companies. Liquidity has a positive and significant impact on ROTI but significant and negative impact on ROE. Tangibility has significant negative impact on ROE. Growth, Size and Age indicators has no significant impact on profitability. The study concludes that Capital structure does have a significant impact on profitability and the right choice of financing the assets may have an effect on the performance of Foreign Direct Investment companies in the Indian Manufacturing sector.

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Octariza Juanda, Anis Saggaff, Saloma, Hanafiah

Polymer concrete consists of polymer, hardener, and aggregate binders. The interaction between these materials depends on their physical characteristics and chemical reactions. However, it involves the use of epoxy and acrylic polymer instead of pure Portland cement. In other to conduct this research, the material used consisted of fine aggregates, epoxy resin, and foam. Furthermore, 4 ratios of fine aggregate to the epoxy resin used include 1:3, 1:2.75, 1:2.5, and 1:2 of the weight of the volume of the test object while the 3 ratios of foaming agent and water used include 1:30, 1:40, and 1:50 with 50% foam of the mixed volume. Moreover, the specimen was treated at an oven temperature of 60C for 24 hours. From the experiment conducted, the most optimum diameter of the concrete mixture was found in LPC-1:3-1:50 of 25.28 cm while an increase in the speed of the initial and final bond time were found to be 60 and 120 minutes respectively in the mixture of LPC-1:2-1:30. In addition, the most optimum concrete pressure was found in LPC-1:2.75-1:30 to be 23.57 MPa with a specific gravity of 1,773.76 kg/m3. The microstructure test conducted showed the greater foaming agent ratio and water has the ability to produce very large pores and non-dense polymers while smaller ones produce very small pores and increasingly dense polymer matrix. Therefore, it can be concluded that a smaller mixture ratio of foaming agent and water produces light polymer concrete with better characteristics.

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Srimathi H, Krishnamoorthy A

The higher education institutions face stiff competition in student enrollment, thus make them to think like corporate marketers in lead generation and management. The challenge is on effective branding and proper systems to manage the leads for admission using specific market segments. Lead management systems are the digital tools to increase the promotion performance, reduce the drop-outs in conversion funnel, engage the candidates through monitoring multi-channels and provide relevant information with automated activities. The analytic operations track the lead quality and streamline lead generation. The critical success factor is to increase lead to enrollment. Despite the rapid technological growth, institutions are still making use of manual processes and disintegrated lead life cycle. The study focuses on effective lead management to provide positive performance and enrollment.

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Muhammad Dzul Fadlli, Moh. Khusaini, Wildan Syafitri

This study aims to evaluate the role of government on education with a logic model framework. The logic model as an evaluation tool provides a logical framework in assessing the role of government. The tools reflected a logic reason the use of inputs in the form of government expenditure on health toward outcomes in the form of health index. This study uses quantitative methods with data in the form of unbalanced panels from 10 districts/cities in NTB in 2010-2016. The independent variable is the government expenditure on health and the control variable is household consumption expenditure while the dependent variable is the health index. The analysis is done by panel regression and the estimation method is random effects. The results of this study that government expenditure on education does not affect the education index.

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Rashi Saini, Dinesh Kumar, Amita Mittal

Chenopodium album Linn. (Family: Chenopodiaceae) is a wildly growing weed in Africa, Asia, Europe and North America. In folk medicine, this plant has been used as antiparasitic, diuretic, hepato-protective, laxative and sedative. Its leaves possesses antirheumatic, anthelmentic, antiphlogistic, mildly laxative and odontalogic properties, applied as wash or poultice to bug bites, rheumatic joints, sunstroke, and swollen feets. This plant is used as vegetable in India and has high biological potential in addition to basic nutritional benefits. Previous scientific studies have reported the anthelmintic, antipruritic, contraceptive and sperm immobilizing properties of this plant. Hence, this plant possesses a great potential for detailed biological screening. So, in order to elucidate the potential traditional use of this plant, the present study was undertaken to evaluate its phytochemical and antimicrobial screening along with its free radical scavenging effect. Phytochemical investigations confirmed the presence of alkaloids, flavonoids, anthocynidine, saponins, glycosides, tannins and carbohydrates in the plant leaves extract. Antimicrobial effect tested by well diffusion method proved that methanolic leaf extract of the plant possesses considerable inhibitory activity against Escherichia coli, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Bacillus subtilis, Candida albicans, and Candida glabrata.The antioxidant activity was studied by DPPH free radical scavenging activity, total phenolics content and ascorbic acid estimation. The decolorization of purple colour in DPPH assay indicated the free radical scavenging activity. This activity was dose dependent and maximum activity (80.58%) was observed 50 g/ ml. The total phenolic content in C. album is found to be 0.115g of phenols, and is calculated by plotting O.D. on standard graph of catechol. The ascorbic acid in leaf extract of C. album is calculated as 1.29 mg of ascorbate / g of leaf. Total phenolic content and ascorbic acid in the leaf extract justify the nutritional and biological significance of C. album.

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Anthonia O. Adediran, Hishamuddin Mohd Ali

Housing affordability remains a major issue in Nigeria especially for those residing in major cities. Purchasing of a desired house is a key life accomplishment that top mostly every household or individuals list. The search for a suitable house comes with diverse consideration while relating with the situation of the housing market, hence the intervention of Government towards housing affordability are generally acknowledged as a vital way of improving the condition of housing affordability for the low-middle income groups. This paper examines the various factor that can enhance the potentials of housing affordability in Nigeria. A survey research approach was adopted in the obtaining the needed information for the study. Questionnaires was distributed in the southwestern part of Nigeria. The data obtained was analysed using a descriptive analysis. There is need for a concerted effort of both government and individuals towards the unleashing of affordable housing delivery in the country. The findings reveal that provision of infrastructural facilities, stimulation of local building material usage, review of housing related polices and so on are the most factor that can promote affordable housing in the country. This study could become a basis for government to revise the current housing policy design for housing delivery and ownership in the country. The paper concludes that the combination of identified factors through government support will stimulating a balanced equilibrium and accelerate the release of housing affordability across the country.

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