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Volume 7 - Issue 7, July 2018 Edition

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Bukman Lian, Muhammad Kristiawan, Rosma Fitriya

The creativity of children will be able to grow whether the school can provide space for creativity. Child-friendly schools are school concepts that give protect students from violence, discrimination and unnatural treatments. It provides assurance and fulfill the rights of students such giving students space for creativity. This research was conducted at SD Negeri 109 Palembang. This study aimed at determining how the school provides creativity space to students through child friendly school’s program. This research was descriptive qualitative, which investigate how to give creativity room to student in a child friendly school’s program. The instruments of collecting data were interview, documentation, and observation. The results obtained indicate that the school provided space for students’ creativity through learning strategy and school’s environment approach. Based on this program, the students at SD Negeri 109 Palembang have been able to show their creativity attitude through problem solving while in learning activities and outside learning activities. Child-friendly schools should ensure every student's opportunity to enjoy his/her rights in education without discrimination based on disability, gender, ethnicity, religion, type of intelligence, and parental background. Child-friendly schools should also consider safe, clean and healthy school situations, caring and cultured, living environment, respect the rights and protection of students from violence, discrimination and other unfair treatment, and ensure the participation of students in planning, policy, learning, supervision, and complaint mechanism related to the fulfillment of rights and protection of students in education.

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Khalid Al Halasah, Dr. Saher Manaseer

Relative location determination in Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks (VANET) is a field of location studies, that researches the exchange of location between vehicles and gives a service for end users to help them, this thesis suggests a new approach for VANET to exchange the location without using Global Positioning System (GPS) map or Roadside Units (RSU), by exchanging the location between vehicles that already have location and update their location or update other vehicles’ location. Other approaches work on GPS and/or RSUs to exchange the location and give the location to the vehicle, but the accuracy of the GPS is not good in some areas or places and some roads have not been equipped with RSUs. The suggested approach consists of three cases; the first case is when a vehicle loses a GPS signal, the second case is to start looking for the location in an area with no GPS coverage, and the last case is the low accuracy of GPS location data. Using this approach will introduce a hybrid system that can give the users many ways to get an accurate location and exchange their location with other vehicles. It can also be utilized for many services that will help companies and service providers. The result confirm that the system can add values to the accuracy with more than 3% from the average of the system of the accuracy that the system have already started with and we can transfer the location data to more than 95% of total nodes.

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Kusay Faisal Al-tabatabaie

Wireless technologies particular mobile phone has been revolutionizing the way people communicate and managing their personal as well as social lives. This paper to investigate the adoption and appropriation pattern of mobile phone technologies on different group ages and gender in the Iraqi society, that will gain high interest among researchers in the mobile technology communities. Data analysis was conducted using descriptive statistics to chart and tabulate the information about the adoption and appropriation patterns and criteria of the samples. The analysis was also conducted to tabulate on five different cohorts in the society, which are age, gender, marital status, employment types, and income. To achieve the goals, a survey using computer-assisted telephone interviews (CATI) was conducted on 2049 random selected mobile phone users in Iraq. Results of research guides to explore the influence of individual characteristics on different patterns of mobile phone have been used. That will help in understanding the use of mobile phone across various cohort groups in the society, which leads to developing mobile phone applications that design by service providers and manufacturers respectively. Also, it will assist policy formulation on mobile phone use at the workplace or school.

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Septi Andriani, Nila Kesumawati, Muhammad Kristiawan

This study aimed at determing the effect of transformational leadership and work motivation on teachers performance. This research used quantitative method with correlational research type. The research population were 790 teachers of SMK Negeri in Palembang. The sample of research were 193 teachers. Sampling technique in this research was cluster sampling (area sampling). Data collection technique was questionnaires. Data were analyzed using correlation and multiple regression analysis technique. The results showed that (1) transformational leadership has a positive and significant effect on the teachers performance SMK Negeri in Palembang; (2) work motivation has a positive and significant effect on the teachers performance of SMK Negeri in Palembang; and (3) transformational leadership and work motivation have a positive and significant influence on the teachers performance of SMK Negeri in Palembang.

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Indonesia is a multicultural nation with a diversity of identities such as; languages, tribes, religions, and territories spread over thousands of islands in the archipelago. The diversity becomes valuable, but on the other hand, the differences of primordial aspect are often as justified in the conflict on the political in local contestation. Using the primordial aspect as the political instrument, in the sense that the author is called "primordialism on politics" is a phenomenon of local politic contestation. The objective of primordialism on political is an efficient mobilization instrument of politics by saving time, energy, and thought which only arouses the "sociological consciousness of the electorate. Primordialism on politics does not require political actor ideas to gain support but takes advantage of the primordial aspect inherent in each voter. The emergence of primordialism in politics especially on the local political contestation, not only because we are a diverse nation, but there are non-primordial factors such as; political ideas, voting behavior and function of political parties.

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Waridad Umais Al Ayyubi, Sri Wahyu Lelly Hana Setyanti, Imam Suroso

Unemployment is a social problem that exists in society that needs to be resolved. One solution to overcome unemployment by growing entrepreneurship interest in student self. Interest in entrepreneurship can grow because of within the student itself and other factors that influence such as environmental factors. Family environment is the main environment of students who can form the character of each student's personality and is a place where the values related to the activities of entrepreneurship can be taught. The social environment is the environment in which students interact with the community, activities related to entrepreneurship that they follow can make them more confident so as to foster interest in entrepreneurship more higher

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Asia, Moh. Zaini, Jenny I. Manengkey, Yuli Purwanto, John Tumiwa, Jerry D. Kalesaran

The objectives of the research is to study the condition of skipjack tuna especially feasibility of skipjack tuna (Katsuwonus pelamis Linnaeus) catched at three different locations using purse seine and pole line. The research was held January to December 2016 in Bitung, North Sulawesi at three different location as a fishing ground. Fishing gear of K. pelamis in the experiment is purse seine and pole line. The result was showed difference of feasible and unfeasible catched of K. pelamis based location and fishing gear. The experiment used purse seine fishing gear is a non-selective fishing tool, while the pole line is a fishing tool that is very easy to apply, environmentally friendly and selective. This is great importance in fishery assessments and sustainability of K. pelamis in Bitung.

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Humberto Hernández-Arias, Jorge Prado-Molina

This paper describes the design and simulation tests of a system that uses a set of three internal shifting masses (ISMs) that can be displaced along three orthogonal axes, with the purpose to re-adjust the center of mass (CoM) in a nanosat. This procedure will reduce the magnitude of the on-orbit external disturbing torques, re-locating the CoM as close as possible to the geometrical center of the spacecraft. This implementation decreases the power needed to keep the attitude stable along time. Angular rates and angular accelerations, provided by an IMU, are employed by the onboard computer that executes the algorithm for the estimation of the CoM and the magnitude of the displacements needed on every sliding element. The disturbance torques considered were: solar pressure, aerodynamic drag and gravitational gradient. In every control loop CoM deviation is estimated using a recursive least square (RLS) method, the magnitude of the displacements of each ISM is calculated and moved accordingly. In the next step on-board computer identifies the new position of the CoM and the magnitude of the displacements, until the CoM position is within the threshold range, from the geometric center of the spacecraft, established in ± 5 mm. Feasibility of the CoM estimation, and relocation system was performed through numerical simulations using Matlab Simulink considering a 3U Cubesat nanosatellite dynamic model.

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Dini Optimasi, Hadi Wahyono, Faruq Akurat

The objective of this research to analyze the level of disability that occurred during 2014 and identify the factors that cause damage batik cloth at UD. Bintang Timur. The analysis is c 100% inspection and fishbone diagram. From the analysis of product quality control states damage to the product is within the control limits are set by the company, meaning that the process can be said to be controlled. However, in the graph chart control points are still fluctuating and occurs continuously while the factors that cause damage in the production process is labor, raw materials, equipment, methods and work environment. Thus it is necessary precautions to reduce or even eliminate the defective product to the next production and improvement of quality by prioritizing repairs on the type of damage that has a number of the most dominant.

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Vina Nurul Husna, Nurul Ihsan Fawzi, Irza Arnita Nur

Increased temperature in urban areas is one of the impacts of urbanization. Urban Heat Island (UHI) is one impact resulting from that increased temperature. Through UHI measurements, the influence of urban development on the increase of temperature can be measured. The aim of this paper to calculate of UHI intensity and distribution using remote sensing and its mitigate UHI. Study area in the city of Yogyakarta, Special Region of Yogyakarta. Remote sensing data was used is Landsat 8 acquired at June 24, 2013, path/row 120/65. The land surface temperature extraction method using inversion of Planck Law with emissivity and atmospheric correction using radiative transfer equation. The result we obtained intensity of UHI that occurred in the city of Yogyakarta is ±2.5oC. We found that Malioboro and its surrounding areas are potentially become UHI, therefore mitigation efforts are required. To reduce UHI impact to people and tourist, we must increase distribution of vegetation or using green roof.

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Nilgün PAKSOY, Serap KILIÇ ALTUN, Hisamettin DURMAZ

The presence of essential elements in milk is vital for the nutrition of human beings and also all mammalians, particularly infants. The aim of this study was to determine the concentrations of copper in cow’s and sheep’s milk by inductively coupled plasma-mass spectrometer (ICP-MS) after microwave-assisted digestion with nitric acid and hydrogen peroxide. Between February 2017 to July 2017, 21 cow’s milk samples and 40 sheep’s milk samples were gathered from two different regions of Harran lowland. The mean concentration of copper in cow’s milk samples were 97.21 ± 6.33 ppb and in sheep’s milk samples were 135.13 ± 31.05 ppb, respectively. It was seen that there was a statistical difference between the levels of copper in cow’s and sheep’s milk. The data revealed that copper levels in sheep’s milk were higher than the cow’s milk. ICP-MS method of this study could provide a sensible alternative for the element characterization of milk samples.

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Jenyliza T. Ucang

A descriptive study was conducted employing survey questionnaire to ninety-five K+12 Junior and Senior High School Mathematics teachers for SY 2017-2018 to look into the perception on instructional objectives, instructional control and on the school factors affecting instruction. Results revealed that the teachers have moderate emphasis on mathematical objectives but they have heavy emphasis on basic mathematical skills objectives and on reasoning objectives. Results also revealed that the teachers have minimal control over curriculum and pedagogy. In terms of the factors affecting instruction, results showed that facilities and equipment as well as students and parents have a heavy impact on posing a problem for instruction while time constraints moderately pose a problem for instruction.

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Sagar Sutar, Vilas Warudkar, Rajendra Sukathankar

In recent trends the industries are transforming from preventive maintenance to predictive maintenance. It essentially involves human sensory with mixture of sophisticated instruments to inspect the machines while running. Vibration analysis is the one of the most effective tool used to check the health of plant machinery and diagnose the causes. The health of machine is checked by routine or continuous vibration monitoring with sophisticated instruments, which will give you early indication of the failure and can take countermeasures to avoid catastrophic failure.In this thesis work I have studied the common causes that produce vibrations in rotating machines. Every machinery problem produces specific spectrum pattern, these problems are identified with frequency and phase analysis. Here I have explained in details about frequency analysis, phase analysis, unbalancing and procedure of Balancing. Also the vibration measurement and data collection equipments as well as acceptance standards are discussed. The different case studies that I carried out at different industries contains the Balancing problems, misalignment issues and Resonance, which we removed by Balancing, alignment across coupling and dynamic vibration absorbers. In one of the case study we made the decision for location of CMM machine through vibration analysis.

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Hanafi, Kahar Mustari, Inawaty Sidabalok, Jamila Messa

The aim of this research is to obtain high potency cassava plant which can be developed as the latest food and energy resource in the form of bioethanol. The study was conducted on marginal land in Maros Regency, South Sulawesi Province, Indonesia, from March to November 2017. It was conducted in the form of a two-factor factorial experiment based on a randomized block design. Five cassava clones used were; Local, Malang 6, UJ-3, MLG10311, and Adira 4, applied microbial fertilizer + organic growth regulator. This study applies an environmentally friendly agricultural system and does not use chemicals, crops are harvested at 9 months of age. The results showed that cassava grown on marginal land with the input of microbial fertilizer + organic growth regulator can increase the productivity of the land and produce food in the form of an average tuber 40.66 tons, if converted into biofuels as alternative energy sources produced bioethanol as much as 6.161 L. The development of high yield potency cassava on marginal land with environmentally friendly farming system is an effort of sustainable environmental management.

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Happy Fitria

The objectives of the research were to analyze the influence of organizational culture and trust to the teacher performance in the private secondary school in Palembang. This research method used quantitative method with path analysis technique (path analysis). Samples in this study were 326 teachers from 1,773 private junior high school teachers in Palembang. The findings of the study showed that: (1) there was a direct positive effect of organizational culture to the teacher performance, (2) there was a direct positive effect of trust to the teacher performance. It is suggested to private junior high school teachers of Palembang that in order to improve their performance in teaching, they can pay attention to the variables of good organizational culture and trust, because it is believed that the good organizational culture and trust as the factors that can encourage the creation of good teacher performance.

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Vinayaka Nelamangala

Energy crisis coupled with the increasing rate of carbon emissions into the atmosphere have plagued humanity today. Energy Internet, A new complex power generation, distribution, and management system comprising of latest innovations in the field of Power generation and Information Technology called Energy Internet has been discussed in this paper. This paper talks about the basic concept of Energy Internet. A few functional requirements of the EI infrastructure have been briefly presented in this article. The concept of Energy router and its functions, Smart meters and its functions have been briefly discussed. This paper also highlights the security and privacy issues that arise because of the complexity of the system. This new energy Infrastructure will function with the help of distributed energy resources comprising mostly of renewable energy resources to help humanity combat the effects of global warming and reduce the carbon footprint

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Mukhsinuddin, Anhar Fazri

The purpose of this study is to the development of behavior teen today in terms, brawl fights, rape, murder, and any other crimes, often decorate socially students in the archipelago this. inevitably, because of our education more concerned with cognitive aspects alone. that is, mastery of material a subjects become the most dominant in a teaching and learning activities. while the second other aspects of the affective and psychomotor less attention. as a result of the brain protoge continue crammed with new knowledge, while their hearts loss of values soul. therefore character education into one important things in the education Indonesia to stem from negative things a result of modernization so quickly. Moreover, in Aceh as the implementation of Islamic law that have been given the authority of the Central government. character education stand of the character of the basic human, originating from the moral values Universal (absolute) sourced from religion also referred to as the Golden rule. character education can have a goal to be sure, if stand of the values of the character of Association. value, the value of the basic character is: love to God and his creation (natural with its contents), responsibility, honest, respect and courtesy, affection, care, cooperation, confident, creative, hard work, unyielding, Justice and leadership; good and humble, tolerance, love peace and love unity. in another angle said that the character of the basic human consists of: trustworthy, respect and attention, care, honest, responsibility; citizenship, sincerity, dare, diligently, discipline, visionary, fair, and had the integrity. character education aims to improve the quality of the process and educational outcomes that lead to the formation of the character and morals Noble learners intact, integrated, and balanced in accordance and standard competence graduates on each education unit. implementation of character education at school must stand to the values of the basic character, which subsequently developed into values more or higher (which is not absolute or relative) according to the needs, conditions, and the environment school it self.

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Vera Firdaus, Handriyono

Facing competitive competition, external and internal challenges, encouraging companies to make change management, both structural change, technological change and people change. The success of management change will be seen in increasing employee motivation in work. A manager must have managerial skills and technical skill in order to determine the right policies and strategies. Managerial skills will be able to convince motivated employees to participate in realizing the company's goals. The population of this research is employees in timber companies in Jombang. The sampling technique used is Purposive Sampling, with the criteria of education, working period, time, and division of work, obtained 138 respondents. Data analysis used multiple regression analysis. The result of data analysis proves that there is influence of management change to employee motivation. While managerial skills have no effect on employee motivation. The results of this study also proves that management changes and managerial skills jointly affect employee motivation.

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Rupa Matheus, Donatus Kantur, Naema Bora

The productivity of dryland farming volatile and relatively low, it is because the productive agricultural land continues to degrade due to mis management. To that end, the need for innovation in soil fertility management easier and cheaper for dryland farmers in degraded lands. Such innovation is through the fallow system with legume cover crop a season. Innovation fallow system with legume cover crop a season is possible to do by dryland farmers because it has the potential to restore soil quality and land productivity in a short time through increased soil organic carbon stock. This study aimed to determine the effect of the innovation fallow system with legume cover crop a season to the improvement of soil properties and corn yields in degraded soils. Research in design Randomized Completely with 6 types of treatment, namely: (1) land left open (without LCC a season) or practice farmers; (2) fallow with Phaseolus lunatus (Pl); (3) fallow with Mucuna pruriens (Mp); (4) fallow with Calopogonium monocoides (Cm); (5) fallow with Crotolaria juncea (Cj) and (6) fallow with Cajanus cajan (Cc). The results showed that the innovation fallow system with LCC significantly capable of restoring the fertility of degraded physical soil, namely the use of LCC type Crotolaria juncea, Mucuna pruriens and Phaseolus lunatus as fallow crops, improving real C-organic content of 1.57% to 2.21-2.25% > of the type Cayanus cajan and Calopogonium monocoides and lower clay content from 72.47% to 70.2-70.37% clay, as well as improving total pore, Aeration pore and water available pore in the soil. Using LCC type Crotolaria juncea, Mucuna pruriens and Phaseolus lunatus markedly increase the average yield of corn karnels of 1.56 times > of the control treatment, which only reached 2.27 t ha-1 corn karnels.

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Riqi Radian Khasani, Arif Hidayat

The construction industry in Indonesia is progressing rapidly. Contractors are required to complete construction projects in a short amount of time, with minimal costs and efficient utilisation of human resources. The BIM method is 3D modelling technique containing all the construction information that works during the planning, design, implementation, and maintenance phases. BIM has the concept of 3D approach (modelling) to 7D (facility management applications). Several contractors in Indonesia have initiated the implementation of the BIM method for project construction in the construction phase, including the high-rise building construction category. This study discovers the achievement level of BIM implementation in the construction phase by contractors in Indonesia who have already implemented BIM. Data research was obtained from a questionnaire, using two methods of data analysis, Building Information Modeling Implementation Index (BIMII), and Importance Performance Analysis of Building Information Modeling (IPABIM). There are 25 criteria divided into four categories: people, cost, time, and integration. Calculations of BIMII produce a quite achieved score of 67.46%, with categories as follows: people, quite achieved, 62.47%; cost, achieved, 71.64%; time, achieved, 69.41%; integration, quite achieved, 66.32%. The IPABIM classifies the categories of achievement level of BIM implementation into four categories: quadrant A, areas of improvement, eight criteria; quadrant B, excellent work, 15 criteria; quadrant C, low priority, one criteria; quadrant D, disproportionate, one criteria. These findings give meaningful contributions for understanding the achievement level of BIM implementation in Indonesia.

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Sadeer D. Abdulameer

Metropolitan Area Networks (MAN) represented by mobile users and towers is our interest in this project. However, with this wide range of vital uses of mobile communication, best spectrum utilization is the most important issue that scientists in wireless communications have to deal with. Accordingly, this project will consider the free space propagation model used by local companies. Sulaimanyia City map will be used as a case study. Matlab program will be our tools to analyze the effect of Free Space Propagation Model on several locations is Sulaimanya. Different clutter loss scenarios will be assumed to find the amount of error in several locations on the city map. Actual parameters of transmitters and Receivers will be collected from Asia Cell Engineers. The paper will be mainly focused on finding the percentage of error on map and validate the results using ICS Telecom Software.

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Herni Irmayani, Dessy Wardiah, Muhammad Kristiawan

In this qualitative research, the focus was the strategy SD Pusri in Improving the quality of teachers and education personnel, quality of facilities and infrastructure and quality of management. The results obtained in this study indicate that SD Pusri strategy in improving the quality of educators and educational personnel through routine supervision of principals, delegation of authority, training, upgrading, seminars, technical guidance, workshops, and training, and to evaluate the performance of educators and educational staff offset by rewards. The strategy on improving the quality of facilities and infrastructure was done by coordinating through the early budgetary meetings, gradual fulfillment of facilities, comparative study and fulfillment the computer facilities. For management strategies, SD Pusri performed planning, program implementation and evaluation activities. The findings obtained by the Principal tend to use the concept of Total Quality Management (TQM) in the management process. Starting from the process of admission until the new graduation involving all parties. In addition, schools are always oriented to the satisfaction of school residents both internally and externally and the school together continuously in the form of improving the quality of education through various activities involving the school community. Besides being supported by parents and the community, the school also has good facilities from Yayasan Sosial Pendidikan (YSP) Pusri.

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Tamriatin Hidayah, Diana Sulianti K. Tobing

this study aims to investigate the relationship between the variables of job satisfaction, motivation, and organizational commitment to employee performance. Quantitative descriptive study with explanatory research design. The population in this study is the total number of employees in STIE Mandala Jember both fixed and non-permanent employees which amounted to 90. Samples taken are of 55 respondents and the back and analyzed by 50, by using simple random sampling technique. The analytical tool used is multiple linear regression. The results showed that job satisfaction, motivation and organizational commitment simultaneous influence to employee performance, than partially job satisfaction no significant influence on employee performance, and the other variable motivation and organizational commitment has significant.

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Inocencia Marcojos – Canon

This research determined the factors affecting STEM Instruction in the K to 12 implementation at Private Higher Education Institution in Maasin City, Southern Leyte, during School Year 2017 - 2018 as basis for Development Plan. The respondents were 44 instructors and 238 Grade 12 students in STEM. The researcher used the descriptive method to measure teacher’s instructional competency, school climate and teaching – learning facilities. Another questionnaire was used to measure student’s attitudes toward STEM. The following were the highlights of the study: (a) Majority of STEM teachers were females and at their young age, married and have master’s degree units. The teachers are in need of adequate number of hours K to 12 trainings and seminars. (b) In terms of Instructional competence results are highly proficient; Further, school climate and teaching-learning facilities are proficient. (c) In students’ academic performance, majority of the students got very satisfactory and have a desirable attitudes toward STEM. (d) The teacher-respondents’ Hours of K to 12 Trainings correlates with Teachers’ Competence; Curriculum Content and Pedagogy is also correlated with Teacher-respondents’ Bachelor’s Degree Course. Also, School Climate is correlated with Gender. (e) There is no significant relationship between the factors affecting K to 12 implementation and the Academic performance of students. (f) The best practices observed by the teachers manifest their preeminent obligation to give their best to be effective of the entire school system.

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Rosanna D. Gonzales, Shella S. Parreño, Rosie S. Abalos, Larry A. Santos, Crisanto C. Salayog, Paul Joseph B. Ramirez, Sharon I. CelinoI

Food production is everybody’s concern. One of the aspects that can be looked into is the fishing sector that is a good source of livelihood and food, as well. Fishing directly from the rich Philippine natural water resources can’t sustain the increasing people's demand on fish. Fish is essential to one’s meal due to proteins and nutrients derived from it. To address such concern, aquaculture is deemed necessary. Aquaculture plays a significant role in increasing fish production to sustain the people’s need and demand in various life aspects. In the Philippines, Regions 1(Ilocos region) and 2 (Cagayan Valley) are known growers of Siganid (Siganus guttatus). Said species can be claimed as a promising commodity due to its meat quality and taste. Along this study, the aquaculture activities; distinct features of value chains; roles and activities of the intermediate, major support, other linkages; and, the value addition contributed by each player were answered. Industry assessment and surveys were conducted to determine the market distribution of S. guttatus, thus; public officials’ assistance and rural folks were tapped to trace the major producing areas. From the identified regions, a value chain map wherein traders (wholesalers) served as the link between chain players was established. Value chain analysis (VCA) framework was used in data analysis. Results of the survey were presented and validated in a focus group discussion (FGD) with the participants representing different actors of the siganid aquaculture chain and support agency enablers. Results showed that the production environments of siganid aquaculture, farming systems and distinct features of value chains vary in both regions, however; they do not differ on farming technology and production scale. There was a significant interplay between and among the intermediate suppliers, key role players, support services and other linkages in both regions. The product flow showed that market distribution was limited since it was just within the provinces of identified regions. With regards to value addition, grow-out operators S. guttatus contributed most in region one (1) while fry collectors added more than half of the total share in Cagayan Valley.

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Sri Ramadhani, Ameilia Zuliyanti Siregar

This research aims to look emotion intelligence contribution and self concept in problem focused coping on senior high school students on Panca Abdi Bangsa (PABA) Binjai City of North Sumatra. Research this will held with use quantitative research method. Population in this research as many as 1200 peoples are students of SMA Panca Abdi Bangsa (PABA) of Binjai City who studied on year 2009/2010. Method taking the sample used is purposive sampling with amount sample as many as 5% from research data then collected with use scale intelligence emotion, scale concept self and scale problem focused coping. The data then analyzed with use analysis multiple linear regression by 7%. Analysis and results show that there is a significant contribution between intelligence emotion and concept self to problem focused coping, where variable intelligence emotion contribute to problem focused coping of 19.5%, whereas variable concept self contribute to problem focused coping.

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Weka Widayati, Usman Rianse, Hilaluddin Hanafi, Weka Gusmiarty Abdullah

This study analyzed the factor supporting formulate the empowerment model and find out empowerment model through interaction between aren farmer and environment. The results showed that social economic conditions of aren (Arenga Pinnata (Wurmb) Merr) farmers, among others: all of aren farmers were in the productive age (42 year old in average), their experience in farming practice between 5-35 years, their formal education were elementary school, most of them (68.75%) have dependents more than three people, and average aren farmers have 10-15 aren trees (Arenga Pinnata (Wurmb) Merr) . The existing programs about farmer empowerment only partial emphasis on the economic aspect that focused on cultivated plants without pay attention to various benefit (social, economic, and environmental benefit) of aren trees (Arenga Pinnata (Wurmb) Merr). Aren farmer empowerment model based on their interaction with the environment could increase the farmer’s income, ensuring the social value and sustainability of the area function.

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Alfred Borget Anoye, Jean Saturnin Kouamé

We summarized other researchers work and summarized some challenges in virtual teams. Due to the time and resource limitation, although we covered the common challenges in a virtual environment; we might still miss some. Virtual leaders need to notice that those challenges are interrelated with each other. It’s not wise to just focus on some of them and ignore others. Getting familiar with the relationships among those challenges and how they affect each other will be very helpful for leadership effectiveness in virtual teams. Team leaders will need more training, specifically in delegation. Given that, team members need to be able to share leadership responsibilities and training programs ought to be developed in recognition and support of that. A contribution to this problem is that few companies have extensive expertise in how to operate and engage in virtual teams, and they create them without understanding how they differ from regular team.

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Wellington Mapenduka

Use of Mobile/Wireless ad hoc networks (MANET) is growing mostly in situations there is need for temporary data exchange such as in emergency services, conference meetings, virtual classrooms due to their low cost and easy in setting up, since they are infrastructure-less. However none existence of centralized administration of standard support services, dynamic topology, and air interface makes them highly vulnerable to attacks. The autonomous nature of the network results in security solutions being implemented mainly at the nodes, which are resource constrained i.e. limited computing power and memory, low bandwidth, and low battery life, thereby limiting the tightness of these solutions. It is extremely important to have flexible and robust methods of detecting attacks and their sources looking at the diversity of MANET application areas, so that appropriate countermeasures can be put in place. Detection based schemes can be incorporated to complement prevention techniques implemented in the network protocols. These methods should work through the whole protocol stack since attacks target specific layers. This paper discusses MANET attacks detection methods that are currently in use taking note of their performance. In the paper we also suggest a hybrid cross layer approach capable of detecting more than one known and new attacks, which can be researched on to complement existing methods in building effective security solutions for MANET.

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Amanze, B.C., Onukwugha, C.G

The growth in electronic transactions has resulted in a greater demand for fast and accurate user identification and authentication. Conventional method of identification based on possession of pin and password are not all together reliable. Higher acceptability and convenience of credit card for purchases has not only given personal comfort to customers but also attracted a large number of attackers. As a result, credit card payment systems must be supported by efficient fraud detection capability for minimizing unwanted activities by fraudster’s. Most of the well-known algorithms for fraud detection are based on supervised training. Every cardholder has a certain shopping behaviour, which establishes an activity profile for him. Existing fraud detection systems try to capture behavioural patterns as rules which are static. This becomes ineffective when cardholder develops new patterns. This paper aimed at developing credit card fraud detection system for banking industries in Nigeria using adaptive data mining and intelligent agents that could combines evidences from current as well as past behaviour and to determine the suspicious level of each incoming transaction. The statistics of fraud in Nigeria is discussed. In this paper, a system model for credit card fraud is discussed and designed.

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Fahad Layth Malallah, Khaled N. Yasen Mustafa Gh. Saeed, Sadeer Dheyaa Abdulameer, Ammar Waysi Altuhafi

Currently, remote vision-based control, which is converted into a voice, is a research becoming one of the major focuses among researchers due to various applications in terms of Human-Computer-Interaction (HCI). The proposed idea is to learn a robot how to receive hand directional gestures as left, right, up and down, and pronounce these directions according to the originated directions. To implement this, a technique is proposed by using index-finger of a hand in order to point out random directions, in which the feature extraction is based on the area of the object pixels. It is static hand directional gesture recognition. This method starts by inserting a video to extract frames, which are processed one by one to output 4-possible-direction. After that, each specific direction will switch on its corresponding voice pronouncing the direction sign as a robot speaking. Experiments were conducted on 10-video frames for testing by using 10 individuals. The total frames for this experiment is having 442 frames. Results demonstrate high successful recognition rate in terms the performance accuracy up to 94.57%.

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Obiadi Bons N., Nzewi N. U.

Abuja has not been considered as a thing in itself because the inhabitants have not perceived the city as a place to live and meet life obligations. The architecture of Abuja has gone through changes from the original interest of the Master Plan of the city. The Abuja urban actors have not worked to create different urban models, using the basic urban elements of enclaves, armature and heterotopia. It has not occurred to them, that, a beautiful and delightful city environment is an oddity, some would say, an impossibility because of the poor implementation of the Abuja Master Plan and the use of nonprofessional in the execution of the principles of the Master Plan. These resulted in slum settlements within the Central City area, inadequacy of housing, a greater population of the inhabitants are without decent places to live and resorted to living in make-shift homes, the architecture of the urban poor, in Abuja.

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Abdellatief A. Sulieman, Hayat A. Hassan, Hui-Ming Zhou

Food allergy is a major health issue for the human body in industrialized countries and has increased significantly in the past decade. Food intolerance must be distinguished from food allergies and, furthermore, these allergies should be classified into either immunoglobulin E (IgE), Non-IgE, or a mixed response. The clinical attributes vary from life-threatening anaphylaxis to milder IgE-mediated responses, atopic dermatitis, and gastrointestinal symptoms. Milk, soybean, egg, wheat, and peanut allergies are common in children, whereas peanut, tree nuts, fish, and shellfish allergies are common in adults. The digestive allergies, skin allergies, and respiratory allergies are the most common allergies among children. Diagnostic work up must be guided by the clinical history, and consumption of fortified gluten-free bakery products instead of wheat products is necessary for celiac disease (CD) patients. Most current allergen detection methods are immunoassays, such as ELISA. Skin testing and food-specific IgE done by standard methods are very useful. Combination of skin prick test and patch test is useful tool for the diagnosis of food hypersensitivity in children with atopic dermatitis.

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Evi Susilawati, Harun Sitompul, Julaga Situmorang

The aim of this research was to see the effect of modeling learning strategy and students’ social interaction on student's learning achivement on students’ affective aspect. The subject of this research was the students of SMP Negeri I Labuhan Deli, Deli Serdang in class VII. The sample of research was students of grade VII-3 (seven) SMP Negeri 1 Labuhan Deli, Deli Serdang, North Sumatra Province amounted to 77 people. This study was conducted in the academic year of 2015/2016. Hypothesis test was done by using variance analysis (Anava) two ways at significance level of 0.05 by using program SPSS 24.0 for Windows. Data analysis were using Analytical Technique of Variance (ANAVA) which result of obtained data was converted by using normality test by Lillieofors test and for homogeneity test was using Bartlett test. Based on the result of F test is 84,844 with F-table dk1 = 74 and dk2 = 3 at = 0,05 is 2,73 The test result was bigger than F-table (84,844> 2,73), H0 is rejected and Ha accepted, which shows that the student's Civic Learning achivement on affective aspects that for students with cooperative type social interactions score were higher than students who have competitive type social interactions.

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Raja Maghfirah

Anxiety and uncertainty in communication are occurs when someone enters to new cultural environment and interacts with a stranger. The aims of this resesarch is to know and describe how foreign student from Pattani Thailand manage their anxiety and uncertainty in intercultural communication context. Subject of this research is seven foreign student from Pattani Thailand in Darul Ihsan Islamic Boarding School, Aceh Besar. The analysis is using descriptive qualitative method from field observation, depth interview and documentation. The result of the research shows that student from Pattani Thailand feel anxiety uncertainty in communication and culture shock at the beginning of the semester. The anxiety and uncertainty that they experience have an effect on the quality of relationships and learning achievement. But, as time passes the anxiety and uncertainty diminishes. They do anxiety uncertainty management with three ways, there are by observing, learning the language and adapting to new cultural habits. In this research, authors also found the fact that person’s competence to manage anxiety and uncertainty in communication very depending on the cultural character, motivation, knowledge and skills they possess.

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Siti Mujiatun, Siska Handayani

The purpose of this study is to determine the effect of Operational Costs And Operating Income Against Return On Assets (ROA) on the Division of Sharia Enterprises PT. Bank Sumut. This type of research is quantitative with SPSS Statistics data processing version 20. The data taken is secondary data, ie reports from the financial statements of PT. Bank Sumut period 2012-2016. The method of analysis used is simple linear regression analysis. Result of research indicate that Operational Cost And Operating Income have negative effect to Return On Asset (ROA). This means that the higher Operational Costs and Operating Income reflects the increasing lack of ability of the Bank in reducing operational costs and increase operating income. As a result, will decrease the profit generated Bank, and will eventually lower the Return On Assets (ROA).

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Fatmi Andi Rizki Pratami, Edi Harapan, Yasir Arafat

The purpose of this study is to determine the influence of school is principal supervision and organizational climate either partially or simultaneously on the performance of junior high school teachers in the district of Bukit Kecil Palembang. The research method was ex post facto with the population of 176 teachers. For the sampling of the research using proportional random sampling so that the obtained sample of 64 respondents. Data collection techniques used questionnaires and data analysis using t test and f test. The results of this study can be concluded that there is influence of principal and organizational climate supervision either partially or simlutan on the performance of junior high school teachers in bukit kecil sub-district Palembang.

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Bura Hargi, Mona Foralisa, Betty Susanti

Planning of district road management in District Ogan Komering Ulu Selatan has been based on village level board convention called “musrenbang”, ofwhich only a few were accomplished. Government tends to plan road management based on decision making policy, prioritising road management based on intervention policy. The objective of this research was to determine the better prioritization of road management by using analytical hierarchy process method, based on the perceptions of peoplecompetent in road planning, using 5 (five) criteria i.e. road condition, traffic volume, accessibility, policy, and land use. The result of AHP evaluation showed the value of each criteria, with highest value was of road condition criterion( 42.4%) subsequently followed by traffic volume criterion (21.4%), accessibility criterion (12.4%), policy criterion (13.3%) and land use criterion (10.4%). It is concluded that, in the prioritization of road management, there should be a standard of various criteria so that the available budget can be allocated precisely and on target.

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