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Volume 2- Issue 7, July 2013 Edition

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Navneel Shalendra Prasad, Asa Romeo Asa

Abstract: In this paper we study the elements of a service advertisement that actually persuades a consumer to buy a meal at MacDonald's. This research has been done from the consumers point of view as to what they consider persuasive in a particular MacDonald's a TV advertisement. The research questioned consumers of Fiji and China mainly university students and job holders. Understanding what consumers are attracted to in TV advertisements will enable marketers to create in a similar manner and have the greatest reach.

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Tawfiq Masad Aljohani

Abstract: One of the fundamental issues in power systems operation is the need to achievea balance between the most economical mean of operation and the highest level of reliability. Great achievement have been realized so far on the economic dispatch in conventional power, but the fast development of smart grid applications, distributed generations, renewable energy and the enhancement of co-generation power plants have brought new challenges in the field to run the system more economically, with options to reduce the effect on the environment as well. This paper discusses the recently proposed optimization control schemes in power systems, after it provides discussion on the optimal dispatch in general. Also, the paper analyzes the new approaches in power system generation that could reduce the total cost of both generation and operation of the power in the system. Co-generation principles will be presented to evaluate potential contribution to the optimal dispatch. In addition, the paper goes through the principles of the distributed generation and the latest research on this field to examine the effect of defining better locations to install the distributed generatorsto reach the desired economic dispatch.Finally, a discussion follows to assess the ability of wind energy, the most developed source of renewables, in making critical decisions in reducing the total power generation. The paper concludes with a conclusion evaluating the use of the mentioned resources as an alternative way for a better, more reliable and economic power system.

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Hatam samaka, Faris Tarlochan

Abstract: Road accidents claim thousands lives of pedestrians in the world every year, so the subject of pedestrian protection at collision of the most important topics of interest to researchers and modern car designers, so the researchers began to design friendly cars by using FE simulation to perform the tests required for this design and build models for this purpose to reduce the expenses of these tests and get results more quickly and close to reality. This research aimed at a review the types of FE head models which is considered the most vulnerable part which exposed to the fatal injury and designed by companies, universities are used in the tests required to be achieved design of the front of vehicle.

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P. Radhika

Abstract: Chlorination is one of the best known disinfectant methods for treating drinking water. Mycobacterium aurum and Escherichia coli are common waterborne organisms and as mycobacterial species are much resistant to reactive oxygen species, the initial effect H2O2 and HOCl was quantified in Escherichia coli and Mycobacterium aurum with the concentrations ranging from 0 to 0.16mM.The influence of reactive oxygen radicals with all the three growth phases like early log (3rd day in M.aurum and 3rd hour in E.coli), mid log (9th day and 9th hour) and early stationary phase (12th day and 12th hour) was checked and a correlation between the intracellular superoxide and hydroxyl with normalized change in CFU was expressed. The organism's susceptibility to H2O2 and HOCl was observed to be dependent on its growth phase. The possible reasons for their difference in resistance were analysed.

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V. D. Ghuge, J. P. Modak

Abstract: A system similar to bicycle used to spin a flywheel by human power and the energy is stored in the flywheel as rotational kinetic energy. Such an energy source is conceptualized as Human Powered Flywheel Motor ( HPFM). It can be substituted for electrical motor for transient processes. As the energy is drained continuously from the flywheel the output speed of Flywheel Motor decreases continuously which in turn runs a process unit. An instrumentation system was designed to measure performance of Novel Gearbox for Human Powered Flywheel Motor which maintain the output speed considerably constant using automatic shifting of cluster pinions by means of flyball governor. An attempt is made to develop instrumentation system for measuring rotational speed of various shafts and know the exact time of engagement and disengagement of sliding gear-pinion pairs of novel gearbox.

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Hatam Mahmood Samaka, Faris Tarlochan

Abstract: Car - Pedestrian accidents cause a loss of thousands of lives annually in addition to injuries. Therefore, pedestrian protection is one of the important issue in the design of friendly cars. This study shows the performance of finite element head model (FEM) to study and foretelling the extent of injury that occurs at pedestrian accidents and tests the design of the front of vehicle according to European Enhanced Vehicle-Safety Committee (EEVC WG17) regulations of bonnet test. The FE models are powerful tools and effective method to understand how to reduce the severity of the fatalities of injuries in road pedestrian collision incidents. In this study, the finite element head model impactor has been built by using Soldworks program and simulated the impact process in LS-DYNA program to examine the four engine-hoods have been designed. All of the hood plates and inner hood panel were considered. Head Injury Criterion (HIC), internal energy time history generated in the head and hood, displacement occurred in the hood inner panel and weights of the complete hood are investigated. The results of the study concluded that modification of headform design of the car hood contributes in achieving low HIC and lead to a pedestrian friendly car. The results show that the structural design of the inner hood panel is one of the key factors affecting the design and specifications of car hood.

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Md. Shariful Islam Khan, Md. Shahidul Islam

Abstract: In this paper, we study the prototype of fractal of the classical Cantor middle-third set which consists of points along a line segment, and possesses a number of fascinating properties. We discuss the construction and the self-similarity of the Cantor set. We also generalized the construction of this set and find its fractal dimension.

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Chikkappa Udagani

Abstract: This paper presents the precise method to estimate the dependence of linear and mass attenuation coefficients of gamma rays on concentration of Manganese (II) chloride (MnCl2). The experiment was done using GSpec gamma spectroscopy system. The GSpec consists 2"x 2" NaI (Tl) detector with Multichannel analyzer (MCA). The GSpec has built in 14 Pin PMT base.The GSPEC is pc based Gamma Ray Spectroscopy system, which communicates with PC through USB port. In this experimental work 137Cs radioactive source emitting 0.662 MeV gamma rays has been used for analyzing the dependence of linear and mass attenuation coefficients of gamma rays on concentration of MnCl2. The spectral analysis was made using Spectrum Analysis and Analyzing Software (SAAS). Inorder to minimize the effect of multiple scattering on the linear attenuation and mass attenuation coefficients, a good geometry experimental arrangement was setup. The experimental results shown that the linear attenuation coefficient varies linearly with concentration of MnCl2 solution. The experimental values of the linear attenuation and mass attenuation coefficients are in close agreement with the theoretical values.

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Naresh K. Yadav, Prashant Sharma

Abstract: Due to the Deregulation of electricity industry, the competition is growing day by day between the Generators as well as in Distributors. But due to the competition in electricity market, it may cause congestion in the transmission lines and can cause black out in any area. This will affect not only the generation of electricity but also the consumers. To avoid this problem, in competitive electricity market it is very necessary to post the available transfer capability of a transmission network online, so that everyone can excess it and the congestion can be avoided. In this paper DC Power flow and power transfer distribution factors are used to calculate the available transfer capability of the network. The method used in this paper can be used for multiple as well as single transactions. In this paper some transactions are chosen and available transfer capability for both intact and contingency cases are calculated. The above said methodology is applied on IEEE 30-bus test system.

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Swati Jain, Dr Naveen Hemrajani, Dr. Sumit Srivastava

Abstract: As the increase of wireless networks, use of mobile phones, smart devices are gaining popularity so the adhoc network is also a uprising field. Each device in a MANET is free to move independently in any direction, linking to other devices frequently. Each must forward traffic unrelated to its own use, and therefore be a router.. This paper describes the features, application, flooding attack and black hole attack in the MANET implemented on AODV protocol. The simulation work is carried out in Network Simulator (NS2.34). The performance analysis is done for 3, 5 and 10 nodes. The average delay, routing overhead, packet drop rate and packet delivery rate are calculated. By the simulation it has been evaluated that in flooding attack the routing overhead is more as compared to the black hole attack. A comparative study is also done on these parameters for all three scenarios.

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Aggrey Daniel Maina Thuo Ph.D

Abstract: The expansion of the cities into the rural-urban fringes is creating direct and indirect impacts with those living there facing new challenges and opportunities in meeting their life needs and accommodating the by-products of urbanization. Although urbanization in these areas provides opportunities for employment, better housing, education, knowledge and technology transfer, and ready markets for the agricultural products, increase in population places enormous stress on natural resources and existing social services and infrastructure. This paper, using a multiple theoretical framework and qualitative research approach, attempts to describe the positive and adverse effects of urbanization on land use planning, livelihood and environment in rural-urban fringes, using the Town Council of Karuri, within Nairobi rural-urban fringe, Kenya, as a case study.

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P Shahul Hameed

ABSTRACT: Objective: To study the prevalence of Work Related Low Back Pain (WRLBP) as one of the major Work-related Musculoskeletal Disorders (WMSD's) amongst the Information Technology (IT) Professionals in India. Study Design: As it was intended to study the factors that cause the low back pain in IT establishments, Cross sectional study design was adopted. Materials and Methods: IT Professionals (N=400) working at two IT companies located in Coimbatore city of India were used for initial screening of this study. Cornell Musculoskeletal Discomfort Questionnaire was administered to capture the factors pertaining to the occurrence of Low Back Pain (LBP). Univariate Exploratory Analysis was employed to study the factors among the employees reported with Low Back Pain. Simple percentages and Means were employed to study the factors. The means between the groups with and without Back Pain were tested using Independent t- test. Results: It was inferred that 54% (N=162) male employees and 42% (N=98) female employees have reported LBP. Having considered all the subjects participated in the study, the percentage of employees with Low Back Pain is 51%. Conclusion: The study thus concludes that the Low Back Pain is the major Work Related Musculoskeletal Disorder among the IT Professionals studied. When demographic factors were analyzed, the study suggests life style changes along with therapeutic intervention. Hence appropriate prevention and intervention strategies should be employed to create a healthier working scenario and thereby improve productivity.

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N.A. Talwar, S.P. Banerjee, S. Chakraborty

ABSTRACT: Hooghly-Matlah estuarine system in the state of West Bengal in India sustains world's important multi-species commercial fisheries. Winter migratory bag net is one of the most important artisanal fishing gears used for exploitation of the resources in stretches of the estuary. A study was carried out during 2010-11 to find out the current catching efficiency of this artisanal net. A total of twenty-two (22) fishing trials were carried out in day time along the lower stretches of the estuary. Soaking period was fixed to six (6) hours for every experiment excluding the time of setting and hauling. After 6 hours of hauling, the catch obtained was sorted out into finfishes, shellfishes and by-catches. Catching efficiency of the net was judged after testing the significant difference between the total catches by weight obtained in the net. Results revealed that the catch rate of existing estuarine winter migratory bag net (EWMBN) had an average catch rate of 96.09kg/haul. The average rate of by-catch was 27.13kg/haul. The percentage contribution of commercial groups of finfishes, shellfishes and by-catch were 56.06%, 17.93% and 26.01% respectively. There was no significant difference found between the average catches obtained from the existing winter migratory bag net during the period of study at 5 % level.

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Oke, O.L., Aribisala J.O., Ogundipe, O.M., Akinkurolere, O.O.

Abstract: The deliberate steps being taken towards total restoration of the road network in Nigeria and the huge sums of money committed to it by Governments are not yielding the anticipated results after all as the greater part of the network remains in deplorable state. This development is not farfetched from the inappropriateness of the old methods of road restoration i.e. total reconstruction and overlays that are being employed presently which are expensive, time consuming, wasteful and cause considerable inconvenience to the road user. There is an urgent need therefore to adopt an alternative but sustainable strategy in order to meet the target of very good condition set for the entire road network by 2015. This paper proposes one proven tool and technic that could come to the rescue - asphalt pavement recycling. Eco-friendliness, energy efficiency, cost effectiveness and significant reduction in construction time are major drivers behind this proposal. Projects in which such materials and methods were employed for road restoration in developed countries have been highly impressive and encouraging. Integration of such measures in road restoration practices in Nigeria, where available funds for road building are increasingly inadequate to meet demand, would enhance accelerated road restoration. This paper elucidates various methods of asphalt pavement recycling and factors to be considered for recyclability.

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P. Sreevani, R.V. Rao

Abstract: The basic density, fibre and vessel morphology of five clones of Eucalyptus tereticornis developed by ITC Bhadrachalam were reported. The five clones represented by four trees each of four and half years old, were from Sarapaka, Andhra Pradesh. Significant variation have been found among the clones. Basic density is positively correlated with fibre length, vessel diameter and positively correlated with vessel frequency while other characteristics have no effect. The results obtained in this study have shown the suitability of raw material for paper and pulp where the required basic density is met with. Mainly these clones are primarily tried to meet the requirements of paper and pulp industry.

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S. Dhanalakshmi, B.Saranya, M.Sasirekha, Dr.C. Venkatesh

Abstract: A new method of segmentation of ultrasound Carotid Artery (CA) has been proposed. Atherosclerosis is the thickening and narrowing of the arteries due to formation of plaque on the walls of the artery. It is one of the major causes of stroke.Intima-media thickness (IMT) is now being considered as an indicator of atherosclerosis. CA segmentation is based on the improvised snake’s initialization method after the speckle reduction and normalization. All the images obtained here are b-mode longitudinal US images. This computerized method shows closer results as that obtained from manual measurements.

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Rodríguez P. Omar

Abstract: In the production process of ceramic floors whose base is the raw ceramic material, the previous but important controls are made on the parameters of temperature, pressure of having pressed, humidity, apparent density and particle - size. These controls are made on raw samples by different methods in order to determining the electric properties like conductivity, permittivity, and polarization, other at the same time with: pressed degree, apparent density (AD) and mechanical resistance. In the following development, a simulating theoretical method is presented to calculate influence of the Casimir effect on the density current in amorphous structures used in the production process of tiles for ceramic floor technique.

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Ephraim Hudson Mazvidza Matavire, Tawanda Dzama

Abstract: International Accounting Standard (IAS) 1: Presentation of financial statements, stipulates that the statement of cash flows is one of the primary annual financial statements to be prepared by every entity using the international financial reporting standards (IFRS). It should be given equal prominence as the other financial statements. This is a very important statement as it shows how much cash was generated from what sources and how that cash was utilised. IAS 7 Statement of cash flows details the provisions for the preparation of this very important statement. The amounts required in the preparation of this statements are not readily available from the financial accounts, and have to be calculated from the financial information available. The purpose of this article is to provide a step by step explanation regarding the preparation of the statement of cash flows. Both the direct and indirect methods are explained in some detail. It is hoped that both students and practitioners will befit from this exposition.

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Basir Paly, Asmuddin Natsir, Syamsuddin Rasyid, Imam Mujahid Fahmid

Abstract :This research is aimed to analyze the multi criteria stakeholders in the development of sustainable beef cattle by using Participatory Rural Appraisal (PRA). There were 35 samples were observed. Data and information were collected through focus group discussion among stakeholders. By using a multi-criteria sustainability which was promoted by the Indonesian National Council on Climate Change as guidance, stakeholders were participating to pay close attention deeply, until they found criterion and subcriterion level of their choices about sustainable beef cattle development. The analysis of criterion-subcriterion level were conducted by using Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP). The results indicate that Economic criteria (E) becomes the primary priority, followed by other criteria. While subcriterion and interconnectivity analysis reveals that the priority of sustainable beef cattle development are interconnection of addition of investment on govemment budget (E2), establishment of cattle farmer community (S3), ecology functions are preserved (L1) with criteria and subcriteria, leaving out experimental technology and outdated technology (T2). Although the development of sustainable beef cattle has complexity (multi stakeholder and multi criteria), should be facilitated in order to contributing each other towards one mission and the same purpose namely, development of sustainable beef cattle.

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Asare-Bediako, E., Addo-Quaye, A. A., Tetteh, J. P., Buah, J.N., Van Der Puije, G.C., Acheampong, R.A.

ABSTRACT:- Mistletoes, which are plant parasites in the families, Loranthaceae and Viscaceae, have been reported to cause severe damage to cocoa, citrus and many other fruit trees in Ghana. Participatory and field surveys were carried out to assess the prevalence of the parasite on selected orange orchards in the Abura-Asebu-Kwamankese district of the Central Region of Ghana, a major citrus producing area in Ghana. Both structured and unstructured questionnaires were administered to 40 citrus farmers in the district to find out farmers views about the prevalence and control of the parasite in the district. A field assessment of the incidence and severity of the mistletoe in 20 citrus orchards was also conducted. The results revealed high incidence and severe infestation of citrus by the mistletoe. This obligate parasite attacks citrus plants as early as three years after planting and causes severe damage to citrus trees by retarding growth, causing yield loss and mortality. All the respondent farmers control the parasite mechanically, with 95% of them pruning with machete and only 5% using standard pruner. It was observed that the citrus farmers do not effectively control the mistletoe as all the 20 orchards surveyed had incidences of the parasite with as many as 20 per citrus plant. Painful bites from Crematogaster ants, lack of standard pruner and regeneration of the parasite after pruning were identified as the major constraints to effective control of the parasite. Eighty percent of the farmers believe that the parasite is spread by birds whilst the remaining 30% think mistletoe is spread by contaminated pruning equipment. Nineteen alternative hosts were identified around the citrus orchards, which were believed to be the sources of inoculums for the spread of the parasite.

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Nishchal Gyan Upadhyay, Kamlesh Lakhwani

Abstract: Edge detection is one of the most important techniques in image processing. In spite of 20 years of research, the need for general edge detector is still felt. The key uncertainty in the edge detection algorithm is Threshold decision. To deal with uncertainty of information, soft computing approach is a good mathematical framework. In this work, we used fuzzy logic for Automatic Thresholding and generated threshold is used with different methods for edge detection. The results obtained from the proposed method are found to be comparable to those from many well known edge detector. However, the values of the input parameters providing the appreciable results in the proposed detector.

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Laxmi Agarwal, Kamlesh Lakhwani

Abstract: The paper focuses on the development of the optimization of real time object system which uses a static camera to capture the video frames and track an object. The work proceeds as: Matching of the histograms created for the frame, Absolute frame subtraction to build an optimized automated object tracking system. As the location of the object is detected, it is tracked by using discrete Kalman Filter Technique. Identifying the object entering the viewing range of the camera, this is done by histogram matching algorithm. To recognize the object OTSU segmentation is used. Since the frame occurrence rate is increased it can be used in automatic licensed number plate system recognition.

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Monika Daga, Kamlesh Lakhwani

Abstract: Content Based Image Retrieval system was developed long back, a technique using visual content according to the interests of the users', to search images from large scale image databases. Since then various methods and techniques are being applied for generating better results. Growing interest and inspiration from biological immune system i.e. the concept of Artificial Immune System (AIS) immersed, on the other hand, is a new computational paradigm for pattern Recognition. In this paper, a new CBIR system is being implemented using the Negative Selection Algorithm (NSA) of AIS. MATrix LABoratory functionalities is being used to develop a novel CBIR system. It has reduced complexity and an efficiency of retrieval is increasing in percentage depending upon the image type. This is the first ever system to use NSA during image comparison. This new method has been paved in my mind so as it can be helpful in various applications like medical image databases, art collection and World Wide Web.

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M.A Umar, R. Ugonor, C.B. Akin-Osanaiye, S.A Kolawole.

ABSTRACT : Wildrice samples obtained from Kaduna state, Nigeria were analysed for proximate, mineral and vitamin composition. The results of the proximate composition shows the moisture content of wild rice to be 8.66%; ash content 1.25 %, lipids content 0.67%, protein 13.80%; crude fiber is 0.67% and carbohydrate content to be 74.95%.The elemental analysis was carried out using atomic absorption spectrophotometer (AAS) and the results show that wild rice possessed high content of potassium and has low content of nickel. The vitamin contents of wild rice were also determined and the results show that it contains thiamin, riboflavin (B2), niacin (B3) with the following value 4.10mg/kg, 5.90 mg/kg and 57.00 mg/kg respectively. The antinutritional factors of the wildrice sample were also determined and the results are as follows; cyanogenic glycosides 4.10%, phytic acid 1.17%, oxalate 1.25%, saponins 7.90% and taninn 0.34%. The protein content of wildrice is relatively high for a cereal. Wild rice is a good source of the B vitamins - thiamin, riboflavin and niacin and contains common minerals in amounts comparable to those in other cereals. The values obtained for antinutritional factors for the wildrice sample are quite low and therefore can be tolerated by the body.

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Deepak Raj Parajuli, Tapash Das

Abstract: Though Nepal has long history of education, formal and community accessed school was started after the establishment of the democracy in 1951 AD. Out of the total budget almost 17% is invested in the educational sector and more than 85% in community schools. But the educational performance of the community schools is very less in comparison to the private schools where only 15% of the students studying. After thorough review of secondary literature, analysis through macro perspective under the influence of critical pedagogy we found lack of physical and infrastructures, textbooks, centralized curriculum, monolingual instructional, lack of constructive and critical pedagogical strategies, poverty and social exclusion are the major factors contributing for the poor performance in community schools.

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Ishwarya, Madhu B, Veena Potdar

Abstract: With the flourishing development of the movie industry, a huge amount of movie data is being generated every day. It becomes very important for a media creator or distributor to provide better media content description, indexing and organization, so that users can easily browsing, skimming and retrieving the content of interest. Our goal is to automatically determine the cast of a feature-length film and match it with the character name. This is challenging because the cast size is not known, with appearance changes of faces caused by extrinsic imaging factors like illumination, pose, and expression often greater than due to differing identities. Although in the existing system the performances are limited due to the noises generated during the face tracking and face clustering process. The contributions of this work include: A noise insensitive character relationship. An error correcting graph matching algorithm is introduced. Complex character changes are handled simultaneously by graph partition and graph matching.

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Benjamin K. Bii, Dr. Joseph K. Lelan, Dr. Emily Sitienei, Too Chepkoech Joyce, Jonah Kipsang Kiptum

Abstract: School managers or head teachers have the responsibility to lead their schools to high achievement for all students. In the society's perception, a successful and excellent school is most likely to be associated with an equally successful head teacher. The study was based on descriptive survey research design. The population of the study included 85 public primary schools, 641 teachers and 85 head teachers from Kesses Division. In this study, stratified sampling was used to categorize schools according to the zones. Simple random sampling was then used to select schools that were represented in the sample and also teachers who formed the actual sample size. The study used 99 teachers as study respondents. Questionnaire was used for data collection. Analysis and interpretation of the data was done using both qualitative and quantitative methods. Quantitative data was analyzed using descriptive statistics with the help of Statistical Package for Social Science (SPSS) computer program where output in terms of means, percentages and frequencies were obtained and used for interpretation. The study found that head teachers' interpersonal skills affect academic performance in public primary schools. The study recommends that there is need for the government to ensure that head teachers are adequately trained on interpersonal skills such as communication in order to create conducive learning atmosphere.

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Simon Gyasi Nimako, Nana Kwame Gyamfi, Abdil Mumuni Moro Wandaogou.

Abstract: This paper empirically examines Customer Satisfaction (CS) with internet banking service quality (IBSQ) in the Ghanaian banking industry. The study was a cross-sectional survey that employed the use self-administered questionnaire to collect primary data from a sample of 200 respondents of two banks through personal contact. The findings are that customers of Merchant Bank, Ghana (MBG) are more satisfied with the IBSQ than those of Ghana Commercial Bank (GCB). Moreover, income influenced the satisfaction of customers for IBSQ generally. It was found that, generally, customers of the two banks are dissatisfied with the promptness of reception of responses to customer request, the ability to be guided online to resolve problems, offering of preferentially lower fees/ rates and charges, and reasonability of the transaction fee for online banking transactions, but are less satisfied with the quickness of web pages loading when using online banking transactions. Theoretical and managerial implications of the findings have been discussed, and limitations are noted. The paper contributes to the literature in area of customer satisfaction in electronic banking.

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Mohammad Mamunor Rashid, Moinuddin Sarker

Abstract: Waste plastics are harmful, toxic, and non-biodegradable. Environmental impacts of waste plastics are raised concern about all over the world for safe and friendly environment. Due to dense population and environmental effects of the major city in the world dumping, incineration and land filling are faced difficulties and challenges. At this circumstances vast of waste plastics are remained vulnerable and as solid hazardous materials in the environment. Incineration could be happen ruptures and bad atmospheric impacts with poisonous gases such as Carbon monoxide, Carbon dioxide, Oxide of Nitrogen are released in the environment. Lack of land, dumping and incineration space some development countries throwing the waste plastics into the deep sea water. As a result sea animal and mammal such as fish and other sea animal are eating waste plastics assumed as a jelly fish. Every year numerous sea animals are dying causes of waste plastics ingestion. Natural State Research, Inc., has developed methods are able to conversion PP and PS waste plastics materials to the valuable fuel materials by thermal process with ZnO and Al2O3 catalysts. Temperature range was 200 - 400 ºC. Product fuel density is 0.90 g/ml. Fuel was analysis by GC/MS, FTIR and DSC for fuel characterization. Total conversion rate was including light gas and liquid product 78.3% and input electricity was required 0.721KWh.

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M.Ratnakala, M. Phani Kumar, K. Sree Ramulu

ABSTRACT: The paper deals with the length-weight relationship and condition factor of Lates calcalifer collected from west Godavari and Krishna districts of Andhra Pradesh during 2009-2011. The length of the sampled specimens of Lates calcarifer varied from 11 cm to 70 cm. The total length ranged between 14 cm and 64 cm with a mean varies from 16.58 to 64, and weight ranged between 280g and 3000 g and corresponding mean varied between 324.34 and 2940 in 2009 - 2010 While the total length ranged between 14 cm and 65 cm with a mean varies from17.14 and 63.9, and weight ranged between 280g and 3700 g and corresponding mean varied between 339.38 and 3400 in 2010 - 2011.

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M.Arulmani, V.R.Hema Latha

Author Submission and Abstract: The philosophy of Angel was originated from Greek origin. Angels are depicted as benevolent celestials Human with wings. In many global level religions Angels are considered as Messenger of God and intermediator between HEAVEN and EARTH carrying the message of God to the human on the earth. In evolutionary theory Darwin Sir already established that human ancestor of Apes lineage. In human Anthropology there are so many human like flying celestials idols were unearthed as evidence of prehistoric human culture. Is there any possibility of existence of human with wings in Prehistoric time? It is focused by the author that the Tamil based Indians have already lived in MARS planet in Prehistoric time before started living on EARTH. The Prehistoric population lived in MARS probably called as ANGELS.

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Sanda,A.R, Atiku,M.

Abstract: Semi and region of the topic where production of arable crop is said to becoming a problem due to the degradation in the soil conditions some of which are made while few are natural can be ameliorated and improved if a planed agro-forestry practices can be adopted especially when leguminous trees as Faidherbia A .are incorporated.In work which was carried out at the teaching and research from of Audu Bako Collage of Agriculture Danbatta, in which a soil under Albida canopy was compared with the same way for the canopy, shows that organic carbon,nitrogen,Total P and K ware all significantly higher than the site not covered by the tree (F. Albida) canopy with the values of .3433,0463,19.9983,0.4645 and 0.152,0.1833,5.7523,0.1625respectively.

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A. S. Rabo, H. G. Ahmed

ABSTRACT: A field trial was conducted during 2010 rainy season at the Research and Teaching farm of Audu Bako college of Agriculture Dambatta, to evaluate the influence of different tillage practices on the growth and yield of groundnut (Arachis hypogea). The tillagepractices evaluated weremaximum tillage(primary and secondary), minimum tillage and zero tillage practices. The combination was replicated three times in a Randomized Complete Block Design (RCBD). Hand-held hoe was manually used to prepare the soil to the specific depth. The result of this the work indicates that zero tillage was significantly differentfrom all the parameters measured which include plant height, canopy spread, shelling percentage, one hundred seed weight and pod yield in which 26.86cm, 57.30cm, 48.32%, 60.25g and 200.28kg/ha as against 23.49cmand 20.84cm, 50.05cm, and 43.54% and 32.42%, 52.32g and 50.14g and 160kg/ha and 110.25kg/ha, respectively obtained under minimum and maximum tillage respectively.

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Priti Mandwe

Abstract: In this dissertation, productivity improvement of crank shaft of DUK ENGINE is carried out. This is basically depends upon company process analysis. In this we have improved the productivity by 12%.After process analysis for the current process plan of the company, identified some spaces where we were having chance for improvement. From that we reach to the conclusion, some modifications are required in the process plan, current plant layout with the help of which we can improve the productivity upto satisfactory requirement. Main part of the research is related to the study of methodologies used currently, working conditions with which staff is working as well as the material handling map for the jobs inside the premises of company which is used for the job from raw material to finished goods. While doing this We did the study for each machine operation by using the techniques of method study and time study which are related to the subject of industrial engineering. In that we considered each part involved in machining process like job setting time, tool setting time, CNC program setting time, CNC program running time, speeds, feeds, depth of cuts used for the every operation, tool life, tool changing time, job unloading time etc. Primary aim of our project is to improve the productivity and the reduction in job manufacturing cost. Our project is basically study based project. Productivity improvement is the key to improve the profit of company as well to generate better and better working conditions for the operators working at shop floor. Thus improvement in system leads to good results for company.

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Md. Anwar Hossain, M. Saidul Islam, Md. Ashraful Alam, Tipu Sultan

Abstract: Mixed ligand complexes of Iron(III) and Au(III) with succinimide or 8-hydroxyquinoline as primary ligands and amino acids as secondary ligands have been synthesized. The general formula of these complexes are follows: K[Fe(L)2(L′)2] & [Au(Q)( L′)] where L= C4H4O2N(1-5), Q= C9H6NO (6-10); L′=C6H12NO2 (1,9), C6H10N2O4S2(2,6), C3H6O2NS(3), C3H6NO3 (4,7), C9H10O2N (5,8). The complexes were prepared in the solid form and characterization by elemental analysis, conductivity, magnetic moment measurement, IR, 1H NMR and electronic spectroscopic studies. The antibacterial and antifungal activities of the ligand and metal complexes have also been investigated. The value of 10 Dq was found to be 12250-13965 cm-1 for all complexes. The value of B, β and ligand field stabilization energy have also been calculated from the bands obtained in the electronic spectra of the complexes. Electronic and other measurements confirmed their octahedral and square planar structures. The metal complexes showed stronger antibacterial and antifungal activities than the ligand

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