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Volume 10 - Issue 1, January 2021 Edition

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Michael Adebola, Stephen Ojo, Gabriel Oluleye

The article presents an optimal proximity detector and monitoring device based on embedded system principally designed to address the problem of insecurity in many parts of the world. The device architectural components were simulated using the Fritzing software and the Proteus design suite 8. The programming of the microcontroller was done in C programming language using the arduino integrated development environment (IDE). The system design uses an integrated network of an arduino uno microcontroller, HC-SR04 ultrasonic sensor, Liquid crystal display (LCD), Light emitting diodes (LED’s) and a GSM module for both detection and monitoring purposes, all enclosed in a customized plastic casing of dimension 17cm x 13.5cm x7.5cm. The design was tested using an oscilloscope and the output waveforms obtained agree closely with the expected theoretical results. The output result provides an inexpensive and multi-functional security system powered with a 7 Volt dc battery.

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Kustamar, Lies Kurniawati Wulandari

This study aims to analyze the weir performance at Samiran Dam in Pamekasan Regency based on the condition and function of the construction. The study took place in Samiran Dam located in Samiran Village, Proppo Subdistrict, Pamekasan Regency, East Java Province. The technique of data collection is done by direct data is processed and processing result the data, the condition and functioning of the Samiran Dam are analyzed. Analysis of data using the AHP method (Analityc Hierarchy Process). The results of data analysis carried out from weir survey data produced dam performance based on the condition of component damage in the form of discharge weight of 18.89%, sedimen weight of 1.25%, light weight of 0.19%, building weight taken by 2.56%, weight of building drain by 4.26%, building weight of rinsing by 1.88%, and weight of sludge bag by 4.15%. As for the result of weir performance analysis based on component function namely in the form of discharge weight 32.92%, sedimen weight of 3%, light weight of 2.39%, weight of building taken by 14.29%, weight of building drain by 21.14%, weight of building rinsing by 9.71%, and weight of sludge bag by 9.86%. The condition of the performance components of Samiran Dam suffered damage to the components at the weir by 33.18% and the weir condition suffered a medium damage. The function performance of component in Samiran Dam was 93.31% and the function of the weir was in good condition.

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Israa Majeed Alsaadi

Reducing the growing risks of an unauthorized access to various sensitive systems is a critical issue nowadays. Examples of such sensitive systems are bank accounts, secure buildings, personal computers, mobile devices and etc. This has increased the need for deploying a reliable and powerful security technology that relies on the automated recognition of individuals. The lack of high-security systems in identifying or verifying people's identities has contributed to a growing risk of infiltration of security-related systems. This work is aimed to summarize the existing behavioral biometrics schemes and explore the key advantages and disadvantages of the most popular behavioral biometrics technologies. The study is conducted within different intervals.

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Abdur Rehman Babar, Qazi Salman Khalid, Rashid Nawaz, Imran Ahmad, Shakir Azim

In developing countries, the solid management is critical issue and due to lack of resources, it is neglected area. Most of the times the solid waste is dumped in the open areas without proper treatment which is creating whole lot of useless landfills results in the waste of useful land and also creating health and environmental issues. In current study solid waste categorization is performed along with measurement of waste generation and future requirement of landfills to dump the waste. This study has analyzed the generation and features of solid waste in the Peshawar city, The city of Peshawar is inhabited by 4,269,079 people according to 2017 census and that makes Peshawar a very densely populated city with a density of 3400 people per square kilometer. Sampling technique is used to collect the samples from landfills. Average daily number of waste disposal at the landfill area is measured by manually weighting the waste from each disposing vehicle. The results shows that total 752.66 tons of waste is disposed in the landfills in all 4 zones of Peshawar, where zones A, B, C and D contributes 26%, 44%, 20% and 10% respectively. The different types of waste are polyethylene, Paper, glass, bottles and organic waste contributing 30%, 7%, 1%, 2% and 30%. Also per capita waste is 0.000388746tons with the expected increase of 2.6% per year. The average landfill height of water and sanitation services Peshawar is 35.65m and for collection efficiency of 50% the landfilling area required according to the above formulae is 0.778842 Acres. For collection efficiency of 75% the landfilling area required is calculated 1.1683 Acres.

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Rossi Indiarto, Rizki Lutfiani Nurannisa

Aging is a post-harvest storage process to improve rice's quality and functional properties. Rice that has been through the aging process, especially in color, has different sensory properties from fresh rice. It also affects flavor, viscosity, hardness, cohesiveness, adhesiveness, and micro-content after cooking. Such changes are due to enzymatic and non-enzymatic reactions, microorganism presence, and interactions between molecules and the environment. The aging process involves natural aging and artificial aging. Natural aging is the time required for rice post-harvest storage for about 3-4 months. Meanwhile, artificial aging has shorter storage times, also called accelerated aging. It affects rice's chemical, physical, and sensory characteristics that change during aging.

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Tri Purwani, Indah Arvianti

Magelang municipality has 21 districts, 5 sub-district, and 367 villages. In 2019, the numbers of the citizen reached 1,280,679 million with area of 1,102,93 km2 and population distribution 1,162 inhabitant/km2. This population distribution could trigger multiculturalism community harmony. It is realized in various diversities of religions, tribes, cultures, and habits.Therefore, this research aims to: analyze the influential factors of multicultural community harmony in Magelang municipality; analyze the community economic condition in Magelang municipality; and analyze and determine the influence of multiculturalism harmony of the community in improving community economy in Magelang municipality empirically. The population of this research consisted of all artists in Magelang municipality, 2,464 artist groups. This research had 155 respondents as sample targets to meet the requirement of the AMOS program. However, only 147 samples could be used. The sampling technique was done by purposive sampling with respondent criteria, such as art workers and having the willingness to be respondents. The hypothesis test showed that social condition, culture, local wisdom, integration, and geographical condition factors influenced positively and significantly toward the multicultural community harmony. On the other hand, multicultural community harmony influenced positively and significantly toward community welfare in Magelang. From these findings, a strategy to improve the multicultural community economy in Magelang municipality could be done with community welfare improvement measured by the increasing community income.

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Rana Mudassar Rasool, Mubasher Malik, Zaheer Abbas, Muhammad Amir Nawaz

A healthy atmosphere leads to a healthy and happy environment. Now a day's population is increasing more rapidly due to which waste amount is also increasing day by day. Management of Waste is the main problem now a day's. A well-monitored system is crucial to make the environmental pollution-free with the latest technology internet of things (IoT) based smart management system. This can even reduce the monitoring time. This system would be helpful even in reducing garbage production by using IoT based system negligence for regular checking of a dustbin. It is even possible a dustbin might get filled early and need attention instead of an extended checking routine period. That is why this system is much better than the current existing system. However, unfortunately, it has been difficult for many countries to implement these solutions due to financial and many other problems. That is why we focused on developing IoT based smart management system for developing countries such as Pakistan. This system includes proper collection and recycling of waste into new useful products and energy resources by using minimum resources. This IoT-based smart management system includes Wireless Sensor Network, Nodemcu while the Microcontroller communicates the sensor system. In this solution, three different dustbin types will be connected with low power and low cost smart ultrasonic sensors.

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Mohammed Russtam Suhrab Ismail, Ahmad Faizal Ahmad Fuad, Mohd Hafizi Said, Md. Arif Billah, Tamim Ahmed

Seafarer's job is mostly long durational, contact base, and tiring in nature that is correlated with their stress. We are exploring the level of stress among the Asian sea-farers with the associated personal and professional factors in the COVID-19 pandemic using an online-based cross-sectional survey (n=95). The 5-Likert scale used in the stress scale and a combination of all the stressors construct the stress score where simple linear regression analysis and Pearson correlation have applied. Most of the sea-farers are young aged (46.3%), married (58.9%), and ranked as deck officer (55.8%). Only 28.4% of seafarers have more than ten years of experience. Stress level among them is comparatively high (µ, SD; 75.13, 16.192) and pertains among 77% seamen. We also found that the age of the seafarers is positively correlated with the sea-going experience and stress score while negatively related to the port call frequency and extension of the contract. We also found a statistically negative correlation of sea-going experiences and extension of the contract. Regression analysis explains stress level 20.1% through the effect of pandemic and sea-farers age at p<0.05. Therefore, more concentration on the sea-farers stress has suggested during critical conditions like pandemics

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Rozi Sastra Purna, Rani Armalita, Siska Oktari

This research aims to observe if there is an influence of Achievement Goal Orientation (AGO) on Social Loafing to university students in lectures at the Andalas University. The method used is a quantitative approach with AGO as the independent variable and Social Loafing as the dependent variable. This research design is used as a correlational research study. In this research, the data analysis method used is a partial least squares path modeling (PLS-PM). This research is conducted to examine the influence between variables that are built in that model. Evidently, in the hypothesis model of the AGO variable (Achievement Goal Orientation), it has a formative relationship structure between AGO and its four constituent dimensions. They are Mastery-approach, Mastery-avoidance, Performance-approach, and Performance-avoidance. The sample in this research is 377 university student respondents. The analysis is used a regression techniques through the PLS application. The results are shown that the achievement goal orientation is influenced by social loafing. Achievement goal orientation on the social loafing in a negative direction. The calculation result is showed that the path coefficient is -0.278 (p<0.05) this means giving a decision that the achievement goal orientation has a significant influence on social loafing. The calculation results of R2 show that the variation on social loafing which describes by the achievement goal orientation is about 38,7%, while the rest is explained by other variables.

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Desi Heltina, Praswasti PDK Wulan, Davin Philo, Slamet

The photocatalytic activity of titania from nanotubes (TiNT) to eliminate phenol was investigated. Titania nanotubes were prepared using a hydrothermal method, followed by an acid washing process and calcination at various temperatures. The as-prepared titania nanotubes were then characterized using various methods: field emission scanning electron microscopy (FE-SEM), X–ray diffraction (XRD), UV–vis Diffuse Reflectance Spectroscopy (DRS) and Brunauer-Emmett-Teller (BET) analysis. The experimental results showed that the calcination temperature strongly influenced several TiNT properties that determine the phenol photodegradation activity of TiNT. As the calcination temperature increased, the nanotube morphology became more rigid and defective and even became damaged when the temperature was excessively high. The crystallinity and crystal size of TiNT increased however, the surface area decreased as the calcination temperature increased. Interestingly, the TiNT band gap was independent of the calcination process. The TiNT sample calcined at 700 °C showed the best performance for phenol photodegradation achieving 54% of phenol elimination due to its high level of titania anatase while maintaining the nanotube structure. At a higher calcination temperature (800 °C), the photocatalytic activity of TiNT was very low due to the formation of the rutile phase and the absence of the nanotube structure.

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Wasantha Rajapakshe

The purpose of the study is to investigate how organizational change during a crisis influence employee performance, with special references to a virtual work setting and working from home. Primary data obtained from 295 employees from three commercial banks in Sri Lanka were selected through Stratified Simple Random Sampling. Descriptive statistics, linear regression analysis and multiple regression analysis are used for data analysis. The linear regression results explore that measures/variables such as changes in a communication system; leadership; Technology and Tolerance to change have a significant negative effect on employee performance, while the multiple regression analysis shows, only the changes in communication and leadership affect employees' performance during the COVID-19 pandemic. Data were limited to selected employees in three private commercial banks in Colombo, Sri Lanka using a self-structured questionnaire. The findings of this research rely on primary data collected from the grass root level. Also considering the response rate and sample size, there are limitations to generalize the findings. This research was restricted to four variables Changes in the communication system; Changes in leadership style; Technology advancement and Tolerance to change; impact of other factors that can influence employees' performance during the pandemic period did not fall under the scope of this study/were not covered. The impact of organizational change on employees' performance during COVID-19 is an under-researched area of study. Findings of this study can act as a guideline in future for managers to handle organizational change with lesser employee resistance to successfully manage where companies are forced to implement sudden changes.

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Mohamed Aichouni , Mabrouk Touahmia, Abdulaziz Al-Ghamdi, Lioua Kolsi, Tariq Al-Homaid

Technology foresight initiatives have been used by organizations to promote sustainable and innovative development, fostering economic, environmental and social benefits at the national levels. Technology foresight targets to identify policies and draw programs that lead to innovation, industrial growth and economic competitiveness. The objective of this paper is to assess the practice of technology foresight methods worldwide in an attempt to identify the most appropriate methods to the case of Saudi Arabia. Based on literature review on foresight studies and methods, a survey has been designed, tested and administered online to Saudi leaders in government, private and academic institutions. The responses from 221 respondents have been analyzed and discussed. The results show a moderate degree of readiness of Saudi organizations to adopt foresight concept demonstrated by a low level of knowledge and implementation of known foresight methods. The empirical study indicates that organizational structure represents a real barrier impeding the implementation of foresight tools in Saudi organization towards the achievement of the goals of the 2030 vision.

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Edward Flores, Justo Solis, Jose Rosales, Jose Pastor

The present work implements a virtual assistant to reduce the resilience of the graduates of the Faculty of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science of the National University Federico Villarreal at the time of carrying out the formalities of the academic degree of bachelor and professional title, its general objective is to determine If a chatbot will allow to increase the level of resilience in the students of the first year of studies of the Faculty of Electronic Engineering and Informatics of the National University Federico Villarreal, as the first specific objective it determines if a chatbot will allow to improve the leadership in the students graduated from the Faculty of Electronic and Computer Engineering of the Federico Villarreal National University and as a second specific objective to determine if a chatbot will improve motivation in the students graduated from the Faculty of Electronic and Computer Engineering of the Federico Villarreal National University. This proposal is based on the communication capabilities of a chatbot, guaranteeing timely information that allows improving the resilience of graduates who need to carry out all the corresponding procedures to obtain their bachelor's degree and later their university degree, guaranteeing reliable information and better option of timely and permanent communication.Index

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Muarif, Yudi Wahyudin, Dewi Merdekawati, Mulyana, Fia Sri Mumpuni

Silvoaquaculture is brackish water fishponds combined by mangrove cultivation and it’s the best approach for mangrove conservation. Purpose of this study, to determine production performance, economic value, and ecology of mangroves in silvoaquaculture ponds and how to develop it. The study areas are located in Indramayu district, Indonesia. Mangrove ecological data were obtained using a quadratic survey method, and data of fish production and economic value collected by questionnaires. Data analysis uses a statistical test and descriptive (qualitative) approach. There are three type of silvoaquaculture pond i.e Empang Parit, Komplangan, and Kao-kao. Fishery production in silvoaquaculture ponds includes milkfish and shrimp production. Mangroves in silvoaquaculture ponds will provide good support for fish and daily shrimp production in ponds. Total production of milkfish reached 1688.89 (kg/Ha/year) and daily shrimp 505 (kg/Ha/year) with economic value of 44,938,571 (IDR/Ha/year). Good ecological mangrove seen in Empang parit and Komplangan Pond. Kao-kao pond produce high milkfish and daily shrimp, but bad for status ecological mangrove. Mangrove support for fish business and production in silvoaquaculture ponds includes safe pond from the wind, tide, wave, and treatment of water quality from pollutants, additional feed from plankton, and supply nutrients to pond. Each type of silvoaquaculture pond has different advantages and disadvantages and it’s considered to development of silvoaquaculture pond.

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Rossi Indiarto, Awwaliyah Hodizah Asyifaa, Fatsyarien Citra Angiputri Adiningsih, Ghina Almira Aulia, Sarah Rahmalia Achmad

Food drying techniques have long been applied since ancient times in conventional ways, such as drying in the sun or drying them. Currently, drying methods have been developed with the latest technology to reduce the damages caused by biochemical changes, which decrease nutritional value during the drying process. Some of the typical drying methods used for food products are sun drying, tunnel dryer, spray drying, drum dryer, freeze-drying, microwave drying, and fluidized bed drying. Meanwhile, the latest technology is developed to obtain the best drying results with various combinations of methods, including hybrid drying, superheated steam drying, refractance window, impingement drying, high electric field drying, or electrode hydrodynamic. This study will discuss the latest drying methods applied in food processing technology.

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Eny Lestari Widarni, Suryaning Bawono

This study examines the impact of human capital and entrepreneurship on economic growth in China using a qualitative content analysis method with triangulation using a quantitative descriptive method of the Threshold Autoregressive (TAR) model to see the facts behind China's economic revival. We find that there is a human investment in Chinese society, starting from the absorption of technology and knowledge from foreigners, cooperation in the economic and education fields and investment in the health sector which encourages Chinese people to be smarter and healthier. The emergence of public entrepreneurship in China in cultural and agricultural reform since the 1970s. Increased economic cooperation between China and other countries in Asia and around the world is a very significant driver of economic growth. The results showed that there is a relationship between human capital and economic growth, and entrepreneurship can drive economic growth.

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Yoyanda Bait, Djagal Wiseso Marseno, Umar Santoso, Yustinus Marsono

Rice is the staple food of the Indonesian population, so it can be added with an extract containing antioxidants to increase the free-radical scavenging activity of rice. In this study, rice was added with cherry leaf extract (CLE) using the extrusion method. The leaves were extracted using water as the solvent. Furthermore the extract was added to the rice with different concentration from 0%-20%. The best concentration of cherry leaf extract added to rice was 20% with the following characteristics the total of phenolic content was 142.10 mg GAE/g extract, the total of flavonoids content was 70.91 mgQ/g extract, and the free radical scavenging activity was 67.30%. Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) images showed a compact structure in flavonoid of CLE with starch of rice. Moreover, Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR) spectroscopy elucidated flavonoid CLE probably interacted with starch by non-covalent bond especially hydrogen bond. Based on this study, it can be concluded that the addition of CLE can increase the free radical scavenging activity of rice.

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Athar.I.Alboqomi , Nabeel Khan

Life has become more human technology in all aspects of life. Therefore, it is important to preserve the environment and promote sustainable development by acquiring green technology. Dialogue Green is the use of computing resources effectively and efficiently and reduce the negative impact on the environment. This paper aims to examine awareness and understanding of the Saudi society for computing green practices daily. Through a survey conducted on the community. The results showed that awareness and understanding are very satisfactory except for high energy consumption is a concern.

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Mostafa Eid, Saleh Kayetbay, Omayma Elkady, Ahmed El-Assal

Powder metallurgy technique was used to develop carbon fiber reinforced aluminium composites. By enhancing the wettability between CF and Al matrix through surface coating with a thin layer of nano Cu by the electroless plating technique. Two series of samples are prepared from 0,5,10,15 wt% CF/Al composites. For comparison, one of them was prepared from uncoated sample CF and the other group from Cu-coated ones. Both groups are fabricated by a uniaxial hot-pressing technique under 700 MPa and 500℃. The effects of reinforcement weight fraction and reinforcement coating on microstructure, density, electrical resistivity, thermal conductivity and coefficient of thermal expansion were studied. The results revealed that the density and CTE were decreased while both electrical and thermal conductivities were improved by increasing CF percent. Harmful AL4C3 was absent in all produced composites and no intermediate compounds were detected in coated composites. The Cu coating process was an effective way to improve the interfacial structure. The values of electrical and thermal conductivities of coated composites were higher than those of the uncoated composites, and CTE was reduced to 11.98 k^ (-1) at 15 wt.% Cu-coated CF/Al composite, which is suitable for semiconductor in electronic packaging applications...

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Eny Lestari Widarni, Imro'atul Husna Afriani

This study aims to understand the role of education from the perspective of human capital in the rise of China's economy in 1979. This study uses the content analysis method with the critical reading analysis method with triangulation using descriptive statistical analysis using the Threshold Autoregressive (TAR) model. We find that education is an important factor behind the revival of the Chinese economy, which began in 1979.

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Achmad Farid Wadjdi, Sigit Permana, Eko Misrianto

This study seeks to understand the Thorium Molten Salt Reactor (TMSR) readiness as a Thorium Power Plant. We explore the papers published in 2016-2020 to answer questions about the author's concern areas and issues related to the development of the TMSR. We reviewed the corpus of 242 papers out of 977 papers identified from reputable publishers. We present the research themes and trends of TMSR as a proposed power plant system, allowing future work to move forward as research support continues to evolve. The findings indicate an increasing trend of TMSR research mostly in reactor materials, tools, database enrichment, reactor type and design, neutronic, fuels, thermal-hydraulics, and safety/safeguard features. The polarization of research sentiment is 53% positive and 28% negative. We get an annual TMSR-1000MW(e) production cost figure of 3.01 cents/kWh, the total annual cost of $230.15 million, and the total plant cost of $3,507.84 million. We conclude that the TMSR as a power plant system meets technical feasibility, low power cost, and good fuel utilization. The recommendations are the need for collaborative research in advanced materials for the TMSR environment and necessary codes/standards in developing, licensing, waste management, security assurance, and safeguards of TMSR.

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Anita Permatasari, Nia Yuniarsih,

The selling of grain and rice became the largest revenue of rice mill business with cash payment. Whereas, the largest cash expenditure in the rice mill business is the grain purchasing with cash payment. the large Cash flow of rice mill business should be supported by a good accounting system to assist the duties of the relevant divisions. This is study applies case study with qualitative methods. The approach of this study is descriptive. The research data used are primary data, where the data is revealed directly by the owner of UD Penggilingan Padi at Ploso Sub-district of Jombang regen east java province. The data collection was done through field observation and documentation as well as direct Interviews with the owner, finance staff, purchasing staff, warehouse staff. The results of this study are the accounting system for cash receipts and cash disbursements of UD Santoso are not effective

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Robekca Purba, Sri Haryati, Muhammad Djoni Bustan

This study is analyzing the effect of using MgO/KCl/Na2O as heterogeneous catalysts on the resulting fatty acid methyl ester (FAME) composition and analyzing the effect of time variables on the resulting fatty acid methyl ester (FAME) composition. Impregnation and calcination methods are using in the process of producing catalysts in this study. The catalyst in this study characterized using X-ray diffraction (XRD) and scanning electron microscope –energy dispersive spectroscopy (SEM-EDS). This study uses a fixed bed reactor with a continuous process to produce biodiesel. This study analyzing four samples of biodiesel based on transesterification time: 45, 60, 75, and 90 minutes using Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry (GCMS). The GCMS analysis proves that the biodiesel in this study is 100% fatty acid methyl ester. Consist of methyl palmitate, methyl linoleate, methyl oleate, and methyl stearate. The maximum reaction time to produce biodiesel is in the transesterification condition of 60 minutes. The use of heterogeneous catalysts MgO/KCl /Na2O was significantly successful in producing biodiesel containing 100% volume of fatty acid methyl ester (FAME).

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Jainab, Harun Sitompul, Abdul Hasan Saragih

This research aims to know effect of Picture and Picture Learning Strategy with Technology Towards Students Science Achievements. This research is a quasi experiment which is carried out at the 4th Grade State Elementary School of Kabanjahe, North Sumatera. Hypothesis testing was done using ANCOVA at a significance level of 0.05. Normality and homogeneity testing using Lilliefors and Fisher test. Based on the results of the F-test of 8.068 with F-table is 3.968 This test results are greater than the F-table (7.88> 2.73), H0 is rejected and Ha is accepted, which shows that there are differences in science learning achievements between students who taught using the picture and picture learning model and the direct learning model.

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Johan Hendri Prasetyo, Joko Ariawan, Eny Ariyanto

This research actually aims to discover way out in reducing turnover intention from nurses at Permata Keluarga Bekasi Hospital. This research used quantitative method by causality approach and were analyzed with multiple linear regression analysis and path analysis. These research Population were all nurses who served in outpatient polyclinics at Permata Keluarga Bekasi Hospital, but samples taken were only 110 respondents. From this research was found that nurses' turnover intention could be reduced by decreasing their 'work stress, increasing a conducive work environment and increasing theirs organizational commitment. Organizational commitment could play role as a mediator for the impact from work stress on nurse's turnover intention, but it cannot mediate those impact from work environment on nurse's turnover intention. Hospitals could reduce nurse's turnover intention through personal approach, good communication and good appreciation towards them. Next researcher need to considers different research contexts with wider object research.

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Rashid Nawaz, Abdur Rehman Babar, Imran Ahmad, Rehman Akhtar, Mubashar Hayat

Recent development and increase in locally manufactured product demands access to anthropometric data for better design usability of products. Therefore, local designers and manufacturers must have an available database to design ergonomically appropriate product for consumers. Estimation of various body measurements is important for designing work not only in the industrial but also in-service sectors. The purpose of this study was to explore the value of various anthropometric measurements for predicting stature. The anthropometric measurements used are Buttock Height, Elbow Wrist Height Standing, Shoulder Height, Upper Arm Length, Lower Arm Length, Eye Height Standing, Full Leg Length, Lower Leg Length, Buttock Knee Length and Eye Height Sitting. This study is an attempt to develop a model that will predict the anthropometric measurements of the young men between age 18 to 30 in the province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan. This study is important as there is very little literature available for designing work in various medium and small industries located throughout the province, and it will certainly benefit the socio-economic scenario. Multiple regression modeling was used in the prediction of stature based on ten independent variables. In this study it was observed that there is a strong correlation between the stature and other body dimensions, and models can be developed to predict various anthropometric measurements.

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Antony Onim, S. Musyoki, P. K. Kihato

LTE supports different transmission modes such as: Single Input Single Output (SISO), Transmission diversity (TxD) and Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO). TxD aims at improving the signal strength at the receiver by using two or more transmit antennas while MIMO techniques are used to increase the throughput according to the number of antennas used. Coordinated Multipoint (CoMP) techniques reduce interference and improve signal strength. Homogeneous networks consist entirely of macrocells while heterogeneous networks (HetNets) have both macrocells and femtocells. HetNets are used to meet increased mobile traffic demands by providing low power nodes closer to the user equipment. This paper reviews popular transmission modes and investigates their performance in both homogeneous and heterogenous CoMP networks. Simulation of the different transmission modes is carried out and results show that CLSM is the best transmission mode to use in in homogeneous networks, and that CLSM and OLSM perform equally well in HetNets, Additionally, HetNets were found to provide significant throughput gains over homogeneous networks.

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Antony Onim, S. Musyoki, P. Kihato

Fractional Frequency Re-use (FFR) is a popular technique for controlling inter-cell interference in OFDMA cellular networks. FFR involves dividing each cell into inner and outer layers, with different frequency re-use ratios for each layer. Important design parameters in FFR are the signal-to-interference-plus-noise ratio (SINR) threshold, Γ_th, and the frequency allocation ratio, β_FR. In conventional FFR schemes, Γ_th and β_FR are fixed and do not vary with cell conditions. A dynamic FFR scheme is developed where the optimal SINR threshold is determined using Otsu’s method, a digital image processing technique. The optimal SINR threshold is calculated based on periodic SINR values in the cells, and β_FR then set proportionately to the number of users in each layer. The designed system is evaluated through system-level simulations is found to outperform conventional FFR in terms of both throughput and fairness.

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Antony Onim, S. Musyoki, P.K. Kihato

Different fractional frequency reuse (FFR) schemes have been proposed in literature, with the most common being the two-layer scheme. In this scheme, the cell is divided into an inner region and an outer region. Different frequency sub-bands are used in each region, with the inner region typically having a reuse-1 scheme and the outer region a reuse-3 scheme. This has been shown to be effective in reducing inter-cell interference and subsequently improving reception for the cell edge users. This paper investigates the effect of using different schedulers in the inner and outer regions of a two-layer FFR scheme. The schedulers chosen for evaluation are the proportional fair scheduler and the round robin scheduler. Different scheduler combinations are investigated for various values of β_FR to evaluate performance trends. Metrics considered for evaluation are the mean, peak and edge throughput, as well as fairness. Simulation results clearly show that the proportional fair scheduler outperforms the round robin scheduler in both throughput and fairness. We also conclude that optimal FFR performance can only be obtained by trading between throughput (spectral efficiency) and fairness, regardless of any scheduler combination considered.

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Widya Rahayu, Diana Arfiati, Andi Kurniawan

As population activity is increasing and the Kapuas river is still a means of transportation, causing Corbicula largillierti to accumulate heavy metals (Pb) and Coliform bacteria in their bodies. This make it dangerous to be consumed by human. Depuration has been used to eliminate microorganism and toxic chemicalcontaminants in bivalve. However, scientific research still needs to discover the effectiveness of depuration time. This research aimed at assessing the best time in decreasing Pb level concentration and Coliform in mussel body after being treated (3-hour, 6-hour, 9-hour, 12-hour flow).This research used experimental method with Completely Randomized Design consisting 4 treatments and 3 replications. Furthermore, Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer (AAS) is used to analyze the Pb sample and Most Probable Number (MPN) method is used to analyze the Coliform. Pb concentration and Coliform in mussel before treatment was 1,74 ppm and 5000 MPN/100ml, respectively. Depuration with 35 watt UV lamp, 14 ppm citric acid and the water flow at a rate of 0.005 L/s for 6 hours was able to decrease Pb 84,09% (0.2768 ppm of Pb residue) and the Coliform level decreased by (99,94%).

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Archana B Saxena, Deepti Sharma, Deepshikha Aggarwal

The requisite of trust in cloud is well justified because of architecture of the technology but the ever increasing data leakage cases have turned it into necessity. Cloud services are delivered from data centers to cloud consumers through cloud providers. It is required to evaluate the trust level of Cloud Providers as they are one of the key elements in the cloud services deliver aspect. The consumers need to evaluate the trust level of provider before enrolling for cloud services but they are not much aware about the procedure and evaluation facets. The main objective of this paper is to support the consumers in evaluating the trust level of the provider. As it seems that complete IT industry is regulated through standards & Certifications, so it is used as main criteria of trust evaluation. An OTF (Overall Trust Factor) is calculated on the basis of customer’s preferred components and certifications attainment status of provider is assessed in respect to these components for trust evaluation.

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Mohamed Alhosany Abdelfattah Etiwa

The present study aimed to measure the prevalence of psychological problems among Saudi female students in late adolescence; specifically, the problems were anxiety, phobias, rage outbursts, isolation. The research sample consisted of (140) female students. The results of the study showed there was prevalence of psychological problems among Saudi female students which was reported at an average level except anxiety. In addition, the major variations were correlated with anxiety, rage outbursts in favor of the variable of the working mother, whereas there were no significant differences correlated with phobias, and isolation. All these problems, therefore, are due to Saudi female students in late adolescence because of the various status of working and non-working mothers. Additionally, there were not any statistically significant differences for those psychological problems among Saudi female students within the late adolescence. Furthermore, for those psychological problems among Saudi female students in the late adolescence, there were no statistically significant differences that can be attributed to the various educational level of the mother whether pre-university level, university level, or above.

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R. Hemel, M. S. Alam, M. T. Azam

The present paper deals with laser induced longitudinal wave through the shock driver. Flat glass coated with thin metal is considered as shock driver. Three different thickness of metal is used as boundary of shock driver. This boundary is very important for producing efficient shock wave for many bio-engineering applications. In low irradiation laser intensity, the absorbed laser energy is converted to the thermal energy and consequently, local thermal expansion occur near the impact point. This paper shows that the significant temperature rise generates the longitudinal wave with very high amplitude in order of 107 inside the shock driver due to the thermo-elastic phenomena. It was found that lowest nano-meter thickness of metal can generate high amplitude longitudinal wave. The rise time comes from the lowest nano-meter thickness of metal is very shorter than others. The longitudinal wave response, from the lowest thickness of metal, is found very promptly, in the order of about 20 ps. From this phenomenon it can be understand that the longitudinal wave which comes from lowest boundary of shock driver can transfers momentum to generate effective shock wave.

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Liaquat Ali Chandio

Pakistan and turkey both are Muslim states and playing important role world politics and also leading the muslin world. Both states are helping each other as brotherly in different times. Both states have same agenda to work for Muslim and cooperate for the development in region as well as in world. Both states are trying to improve historical as well as economic relations. Since creation of Pakistan brotherly relations between two states. History shows that before modern turkey and created of Pakistan, Muslim of India developed good relations with Turkish Empire. Saleem the caliph, he created good relations with Indian Muslim and became leader of all Muslim world and developed good relations on the base of same religion and with the help of turkey got independence. Both states are Muslim states, both states were opposite of communism and play important role for western block, both states signed friendship and cooperation agreement. Pakistan supported turkey in Cyprus, Afghanistan and Balkan states problem but turkey remained neutral on the issue of Kashmir. After 9/11, Pakistan became the front line state on the war of terrorism. Both states remained under security risk in their own regions and facing challenges in economic and trade relations.

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Farhan Ahmed Shaikh, Shafquat Ali Lashari, AhsanullahBaloch, Mohammad Shaharyar Khan

The Current research presents a numerical study of the Non-Newtonian fluid flow through forward – backward step tapered channel in two dimensions. The Galerkin finite element scheme with the least square residuals is adopted for the discretization of the differentials comprising the continuity and brinkman transport momentum equation in cartesian coordinates. The flow attributes of shear thinning fluid for index 0.90 and 0.95 and shear thickening fluid for index 1.1 and 1.2 through tapered step channel is the centre of attention in the recent work. The numerical result at Re = 1000 for fluid index n = 0.90 shows formation of vortex behind tapered step that covers around 40% of the downstream while on the other hand fluid with n = 0.95 occupies 50% region of the computational field. The flow behavior of shear thickening fluids is significantly different since the rate of generation of eddies is much higher than the shear thinning fluids. The fluid with index 1.1 and 1.2, both produces massive recirculation zone which grabs the whole solution domain of the problem and it brings higher vortex intensity when fluid inertia hits its peak. The gradual enhancement in the size of eddies for all the four cases are presented through streamline patterns at various fluid inertia (1 < Re < 1000) for better visualization of flow characteristics. Also, the graphs of vortex length and vortex intensity are provided as the function of Reynolds number to monitor the drastic changes in under considered quantities. The employment of Least Square Galerkin Finite Element Method (LSGFEM) for the numerical solution of present study is found to be in good agreement with available data in literature.

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Tasnim Siraj, Md Musfique Anwar, Md. Al-Amin Bhuiyan

Web-based social networking services (SNS) allow people to connect across political and geographic boundaries who share interests and activities. Online social network services (SNSs) as Twitter have recently been highlighted as a means of understanding the implicit interest of users from the abundance of online information. This research aims at tracking Twitter users' interests, which has become a matter of concern for all, from the government of a nation to the businesspersons from politicians to celebrities. Existing approaches for understanding user intentions and interests mainly focus on finding the interest depending on the tweets and whom they follow. The level of interest of the user does not necessarily depend on who they are following and what they tweet each time. This may result in inaccuracy in predicting the interest of users. This research outlines the topics of interest derivation by tracking the Twitter micro-blogging considering other degrees (such as time, activeness of the user) that affect Twitter user's interest. It also provides a framework to set the interest rate and rank the user using the proposed architecture. Experimental results reveal that the topics of interest deduced by the proposed method outperforms those topics inferred by models (Labeled LDA) on tweets. This research certainly speculates the user's interest in Twitter correctly; more studies are needed to speculate the user's interest providing the Twitter user's geographical impact.

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Eva Marlina Ginting, Nurdin Bukit, Motlan, Erna Frida

A Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) made from polypropylene and natural rubber has been made with Oil Palm Empty Bunch Powder (OPEBP) as a filler from the palm oil mill industry. This research aims to develop thermoplastic elastomeric nanocomposites that have been produced from natural rubber compounds into materials. The XRD results, it can be seen that the diffraction pattern for TPE with the addition of filler composition occurs a change in intensity from amorphous to semi-crystalline structure and occurs per the shift of the diffraction peaks, which states the occurrence of intercalation between the polypropylene matrix and natural rubber compounds with fillers, DSC was used to investigate structural differences in two blend OPBEP/CB in TPE. DSC can reveal the melting behavior and residual crystallinity after processing, depending on the processing conditions.TPE and filler morphology shows a homogeneous distribution of the mixture, indicating an even distribution between the matrix and the filler. In general, TPE material with OPBEP / CB filler can be used as a product. The technique that has more mechanical properties than without OPBEP filler.

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Ady Frenly Simanullang, Apriani Sijabat

Research has been done on the manufacture and mechanical testing of particle board using corncob residue and isocyanate epoxy resin mixtures. This research was done using the residue of corncob that has been ground into 60 mesh with a mixture of 75, 70.65, 60 to a mixture of isocyanate epoxy resins 25, 30, 35, 40 to obtain the best mixture conditions, in the composition of corn cob powder in the best mixed conditions used for particle board manufacturing products are 60% corncob powder and 40% isocyanate epoxy resin to produce mechanical properties including fracture strength / MOR 87.56 kgf / cm2, bending strength / MOE 24483, 32 kgf / cm2, 32.12 kgf / cm2 screw pull, 4.41 kgf / cm2 tensile strength.

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Ikawati Karim, Fatmawaty. D, Anas, Eliana Wulandari, Abdul Majid

Cocoa as a plantation-commodities has a very essential role in Indonesian economy, not only for a major provider of employment but also as a source of trade and foreign. Supply chain will assist cocoa farmers in producing high quality of cocoa beans in order to connect with suppliers, factories, distributors, or retailers as well as logistics companies. This research aims to analyze the effect of flow of goods (X1), flow of information (X2) and flow of money (X3) in supply chain to the local cocoa farmers (Y) by using a questionnaire designed by Likert scale. This research is a descriptive analysis to determine relationship between X1, X2, dan X3 to the Y which data will be test by Kolmogorov-Smirnov test as well as determination coefficient test. Result showed that, r value closed to one is about 0.917 which is a high category or strong correlation between supply chain and local cocoa farmers with the contribution of r2 of 84 %. There are five distribution members of cocoa supply chain in West Sulawesi, Indonesia in case cocoa farmers, middle men, wholesaler, retailer and consumer. One indicator to determine the success rate of the supply chain is to know the level of efficiency of each chain. In fact, Although the relationship between the supply chain and cocoa farmers is high based on r value, the chain or marketing channel for cocoa is inefficiency because there were very long chain and still many market players involved in the marketing distribution chain.

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Ubi, S. E., Okafor, F. O., Mama, B. O.

The use of polystyrene beads in concrete applications has been limited due to its perceived low strength properties. Most of the conclusions in this regard were drawn from studies conducted using trial mix method. Obtaining a reliable mix ratio from this method is relatively more expensive, detailed and time consuming due to the large number of trial mixes required to obtaining a reliable result. On the other hand, several studies have shown that optimization of strength properties of concrete to suit different needs using mathematical models is more reliable and economical. While some optimization models have successfully predicted the various strength properties of polystyrene concrete, only very few studies or none have applied this technique in predicting the tensile strength of polystyrene concrete. The tensile strength test is an important test that determines the vulnerability of concrete to tensile cracking due to the weight of the structural load. Water, sand, coarse aggregates, expanded polystyrene beads, and ordinary Portland cement are the materials used for this study. All the materials were batched according to their weight, except for polystyrene and coarse aggregates which were batched in volume after mixing them together. The polystyrene partial replacement level was considered at 12% of the coarse aggregate volume. The model equation adopted for this study was based on Scheffe’s {4, 2} simplex lattice design for both Pseudo component and component proportional models. The actual model was developed from the 28th-day test result. The Mathlab and Minitab 16 software was used in this study to generate the actual mix ratios based on the model result. The results obtained showed that both Pseudo component and component proportional models both produced an average split tensile strength of about 5.10N/mm2. This implied that the results of this study produced a split tensile strength result that varied between 18% - 19% of its compressive strength result. This showed that the materials and the mix ratios optimized in this study are suitable as building blocks for residential low rising buildings and as partition slaps for high rising buildings. The lightweight property makes it highly suitable for large scale application in high rising structures as internal partition slaps only.

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Nyoman Distanaya, Maheno Sri Widodo, Agoes Soeprijanto, Wikanti Asriningrum

Indonesia is one of the largest sea cucumber exporting countries in the Southeast Asia region, with total export of fresh sea cucumber products with amount of 12,971 kg at a price of 193.725 USD $ and dry products (smoked and salted) amounting to 741.815 kg at a price of 2,195,957 USD $ in 2016. Sandfish sea cucumber (Holothuria scabra) is one of 70 species of sea cucumber that can be consumed and currently it’s existence has been exploited throughout the country, this marine animal is mostly produced in tropical countries. One of shallow waters area that is suitable for sand sea cucumber cultivation is located in Sumberkima Village, a village located in Bali Province, Buleleng Regency, Gerokgak District, which has a bay area flanked by shallow waters which can be explored at low tide without a boat, so that it’s water area is widely used for aquaculture activities because it is quite protected from a geographical point of view. The purpose of this study was to determine the optimal, normal and unsuitable location for sandfish sea cucumber cultivation. Field surveys, lab tests and analysis of digital maps were carried out to determine the locations that had the best scores in the ecological and social categories. The results of measurement of ecological parameters and digital map analysis show that Sumberkima Village bay has an optimal location for cultivation at coordinates 114.613964 LS, -8.124182 North Latitude (station 5) and 114.613452 LS, -8.128539 LU (station 4) while the location with normal conditions is at coordinates 114.620010 , -8. 121581 (station 7), the optimal area that can be use for is 6200 m2 and normal area is 4400 m2.

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Amany Ahmed Mashhour Hendy , Sarah Fathy Ahmed Fahmy , Eman Bakr Elsaead Elsharawy

Universities in most countries of the world seek to obtain accreditation, whether "institutional or programmatic” at national and international levels, as this impacts not only In increasing graduate's skills but also in strengthening university's competition in local and global markets. This is achieved through the educational programs and institutions quality, which are achieved by following standards set by specialized bodies called "accreditation bodies" which are considered governmental or non-governmental oversight and mandatory bodies working to develop evaluation standards and conduct evaluations and visits to the institution or program to assess if they meet these standards or not, It is entitled to grant formal accreditation and sometimes a license to operate after the successful completion of the application of the standards, These standards differ from one body to another according to the different founders and their goals. Among international interior design programs accreditation bodies: Council for Interior Design Accreditation CIDA, the Middle States Commission for Higher Education MSCHE, the National Association of Schools of Art and Design (NASAD), and others…, They accredit interior design programs in various places around the world, help in enhancing profession by coordinating educational and professional standards that play an important role in influencing an interior designer attitude Whether technically, artistically, culturally, historically or practically. Interior design graduate attitude differs from a university to another according to different accreditation body standards for each program. Therefore each body has a specific vision and thinking, so the multiplicity of interior design program accreditation bodies and their spread in different places in the world may disseminate different cultures or may affect on graduate’s attitude; it may correspond to the environment he lives or differs with it in some conditions such as "social, traditional, technological, environmental and human " conditions. Hence, the research problem is confined to the difference occurs between interior design graduates (future designers) as a result of adherence to the standards of program accreditation from different institutions around the world and the difference in visions between those bodies and the extent of their impact on the designers attributes in local environments, so, Is it necessary for the accreditation body to be "national" to emphasize features that an interior designer must possess or reliance on international accreditation body in accrediting local programs that may achieve competence in the scientific and technological capabilities of local programs graduates?. The research aims to identify the discrepancy in the attitude of the graduate in both programs that are accredited by national and international bodies and to monitor the standards of national and international accreditation bodies to know the scientific, technological, cultural, artistic, and professional controls that interior designer must possess, Research methodology is based on the descriptive, analytical and survey approach.

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Karunatilaka, M. N., Wickremasinghe, W. K.

Magnetic Resonance Image (MRI) is among the costliest investigation types. The objective of this research study was Costing of the MRIs generated at the National Hospital of Sri Lanka. A costing study design namely “Capacity Financial Minute Rate” was used and ten common scans were selected from five anatomical locations. The cost range for the scans varied from Rs.14,193.47 to Rs.45,131.66. Cost of the equipment was the controlling factor by incurring 87.86% cost due to the reason that the utilization of the scanner was 58.33% of available time. Utilization limiting factor was inadequate radiographers whose cost contribution was 1.68%.

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Rossi Indiarto, Georgina Jeanette, Hilman Mulkya Zdikri, Namira Azkia Yusra, Edy Subroto

Food has a high level of moisture so that it is damaged easily. Preservation is an effort to improve a food's shelf life. Salting has been one of the oldest known food preservation. The simple process usually leads to this preservation by the community naturally. It can be done conventionally and naturally. Salting preservation is by reducing the level of water so that bacteria cannot grow up and develop. The osmotic properties of high salt can break down the microbial cell membrane, and its hygroscopic properties can interfere with proteolytic enzyme activity and dissociated Cl ions. Salting is not a single curing process, so other treatments such as desiccation or boiling are usually followed. Salt also plays a vital role in developing specific tastes, textures, and aromas. The salting process is divided into a wet-dry and wet-dry combination, and a curing process is also carried out. The NaCl salt is in the form of a crystal or solution. In the curing process, nitrate and nitrite salts are used. This paper is intended to review the salt mechanism for the application of food preservation. It is widely used in food products such as salted cod, kimchi, sauerkraut, beef, milk, and cheese. In certain foods, the lactic acid bacteria fermentation phase begins with salt added. The effects on food are flavor, water-holding capacity, protein characteristics, and lipid oxidation.

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Warji Warji, Tamrin Tamrin

Pruning is the cutting of young branches and growing on the main trunk of the tree. This activity aims to increase the free height of branches and reduce the main branches of the trunk. Pruning branches or twigs that are not needed makes the nutrition of the tree more concentrated for tree growth (main trunk and canopy or fruit). The pruning process requires cutting tools. One of the cutting tools that can be used is a saw. To make the pruning process easier, a saw can be applied from the ground or without climbing trees. Therefore it is necessary to design telescopic saws that can be used to prune. The design of a telescopic saw includes a saw blade, a saw blade, a connector for the saw frame, a telescopic rod, and a connector between the handles. The results showed that the telescopic saws from the design can be used to trim the palm fronds and teak branches properly. The dimensions are 645 cm long and 15 cm wide. The cutting rate of teak tree branches is 43.47 mm2/s on the tree and 77.89 mm2/s on the ground. The rate of cutting of oil palm fronds is 160.18 mm2/s in trees and 226.26 mm2/s in the ground. Cutting rates on the ground are faster than on trees. The rate of cutting of oil palm fronds is faster than teak branches. The effectiveness of cutting 59.14% teak branches and palm fronds 74.24%.

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Artha Sampuara Sitorus, Candra Fajri Ananda

This study analyzes the effect of education level and socio-economic characteristics on household poverty status in the Riau Islands Province. By utilizing the Multinomial logit model, this study analyses the factor that influences household poverty incidence. The poverty levels are divided into three categories: poor households, near-poor households, and non-poor households, based on the definition of the Indonesian Central Bureau of Statistics poverty lines using the expenditure approach. Using the Indonesia National Economic and Social Survey (Susenas) 2018 data, the findings show that the probability of being poor in the Riau Islands Province is influenced mainly by the household head's education, household size, and employment status. Aside from providing training to household heads who do not have primary education through a vocational training center, the government should also increase the number of vocational high schools and adjust the curriculum to the industrial/labor market needs.

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Malek Alharafsheh, Alaa Harahsheh, Salman Abu Lehyeh, Nahed Alrawashedh

This study aimed to Identify the impact of entrepreneurial leaders' characteristics on strategic performance, as measured by the balanced scorecard with the presence of strategic planning as an intermediate variable in Jordanian private universities. This study is classified in terms of nature as an empirical study. The study population is represented by the Jordanian private universities in the northern region, the number of which is (5) universities, and the analysis unit consisted of deans in universities and their deputies. The results showed that the entrepreneurs characteristics affect the strategic performance in Jordanian private universities. And the entrepreneur’s characteristics have an important effect on the level of strategic planning, and that Strategic planning improves the performance of Jordanian private universities. The results also showed that strategic planning partially mediated the relation between entrepreneurs’ characteristics and strategic performance. The mediation effect is significant as indirect effect of entrepreneur’s characteristics on strategic performance is due to the mediator. Based on the results reached, the study recommends the necessity to enhance the characteristics of entrepreneurs among university leaders in Jordan, and to pay attention to strategic planning because of its effective role in enhancing strategic performance. And an effective performance measurement system must be adopted that combines financial and non-financial performance measures and links short-term goals with long-term goals in universities.

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Usman Ghani, Mubashir Hayat, Fakhr ul Islam, Zia ur Rehman, Tufail Habib

In today’s modern time the loading/unloading of cement bags in local market is still performed by workers. This method of loading/unloading cement bags is risky for workers health. Therefore, it is necessary to design and fabricate a cement bags loading/unloading machine that can fulfill the market need. This research provides to design the conveyor system used for loading/unloading cement bags which includes belt speed, belt width, motor selection, belt specification, shaft diameter, pulley, gear box selection, with the help of standard model calculation. This machine will reduce health and safety issues for workers, reduce cost and will be time saving.

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Edward Marpaung, Raja Oloan Saut Gurning, Johny Malisan, Feronika Sekar Puriningsih, Wilmar Jonris Siahaan

The current condition of non-tax state revenues in the marine sector, especially those obtained from industrial ports and special terminals has not been maximized. This paper aims to identify what causes the non-tax state revenues acquisition of industrial ports and special terminals to be less than optimal and to seek policy recommendations that can be implemented to increase the non-tax state revenues. From the results of the analysis, it is found that several current problems are caused by the existence of industrial ports / special terminals which is not active and has not made non-tax state revenues payments, low non-tax state revenues rates on industrial ports and special terminals when compared to state-owned enterprises BUP, the existence of tariff class differentiation, there is no SOP that regulates performance of industrial ports / special terminals and several other problems. From these problems, several policy recommendations were made, such as controlling permits and payments, strengthening harbor-master, adjusting water leases, integrating digital platforms, implementing upper limit rates, intensifying and extending efforts. The policy is mapped based on the risks and implemented gradually over a period of two years starting from the quick wins phase, the short-term phase, the medium-term phase and the long-term phase. Each phase is simulated using dynamic simulation in the form of causal loop to see the projection of the non-tax state revenues.

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Tengku Zatul Hidayah Tengku Petra, Mohd Juzaiddin Ab Aziz

Higher education institutions are currently facing a competitive environment such as the increase in employers’ demand and the challenges from Industry 4.0. Due to this situation, the industry and society are expecting graduates to have extensive knowledge with critical thinking skills and good personality. Therefore, higher education institutions must ensure that students overcome the challenges in this competitive environment. In order to achieve this, student performance needs to be analysed systematically by identifying the students’ deficiencies and advantages. This paper focused on the student performance analysis per year by using fuzzy logic evaluation methods. Fuzzy logic was developed with selected attributes of student assessment performance by using MATLAB software. In this method, students’ characteristics through assessment (knowledge, problem-solving skill, etc.) were the weighting factors for evaluating students’ academic performance and their personality development. Then, an expert system using fuzzy logic based on the Mamdani technique was designed and tested on real students’ mark sample. The results of the fuzzy expert system and conventional method were later compared. Based on the results, the reasons behind the deficiencies of students were identified, whether they were weak in academic or in personality development. This result could assist higher education institutions in determining the appropriate lectures, activities, and assessment for students, and also improve the human capital needs by the industry.

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Rudy Agus Gemilang Gultom, Achmad Farid Wadjdi, Aris Poniman, Sukendra Martha, Kristijarso

Albeit there are many frameworks for assessing organizations’ readiness to protect critical infrastructure from cyber threats, in the context of their application to specific organizations, such as the military, it requires significant adjustments or formulating more straightforward frameworks. The purpose of this study is to examine the effectiveness of the application of Sixware cybersecurity (SWCS) framework developed for sub-organizations in the Ministry of Defense and the Indonesian military. We used mix-method-convergent by analyzing interview data with three organizational unit leaders and distributing questionnaires to three organizational units with 70 respondents in the Indonesian Ministry of Defense. We found that the SWCS framework was practical and had good portability. Another finding is that applying the SWCS framework is more suitable for assessing cyber defense readiness in uniform organizations or communities in the field of IT and network management or cybersecurity operations. These findings also encourage further research to prove whether the SWCS framework is also appropriate for respondents in different organizations or non-IT communities.

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Omar Metwally, Ihab M. El-Aghoury, Sherif M. Ibrahim

Lateral torsional buckling (LTB) failure mode controls the flexural capacity of I-beams. The main parameter that affects the (LTB) capacity of the steel I-beam is the unsupported length of the compression flange. Several configurations to increase flexural capacity include using lateral bracing, vertical stiffeners or batten plates. In this research double-sided batten plates configuration is studied on standard IPE profiles. For this aim finite element model is prepared using ANSYS v19.2. The developed finite element model is validated using experimental results previously conducted by other researchers. A parametric study is conducted using finite element model to evaluate the increase in elastic moment capacity of the IPE profiles that are strengthened with double-sided batten plates. The parameters studied in the research include the span of the steel beam, the location of batten plates relative to beam span and the batten plates dimensions. A Proposed design equations are presented to predict the elastic moment capacity of steel I-beams with various batten plates configurations.

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Shahbaz Ahmad, Ayesha Siddique, Kashiq Iqbal, Aamir Hussain, Amir Ijaz

In last few decades, the need for electricity is increased exponentially and directly effects upon the economy of countries. Developing countries are facing load shedding issues. The natural ways of producing electricity are decreasing day by day. There is need of natural resources to produce and fulfill the needs of electricity. Currently, the solar panels are widely used for producing electricity from sunlight. But the main hurdle in the implementation of solar panel is that they need to fit in open spaces where the light of sun directly falls on it. World moving towards automation and various sensors available to sense and automate the daily life processes. Piezoelectric sensors are special type of sensors that produce energy by pressure, force or load. Smart cities and societies are key components of automation and main area of research. Street lights are essential part of smart streets. We have proposed an IoT based scheme for street light automation that uses the electricity produced from piezoelectric sensors. It will bring redemption from traditional electricity needs that lead to minimizing the load shedding.

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Imad I. H. Nashwan

This paper proposes a new model that generalize the linear r-gap-consecutivek-out-of-m-from-n: F system. In this model, the system consists of n circularly ordered statistically independent identical components, it fails when any gap between a pair of failed groups is less than r working groups (where the group is called a failed (working) group, if it contains at least (less than) k failed components). The linear r-gap-consecutivek-out-of-m-from-n: F system is a special case when there is a cut between the 1st and the nth components. An algorithm to compute the exact reliability and the exact failure probability functions of the linear and circular r-gap-consecutivek-out-of-m-from-n: F system is given. Illustrative examples are presented.

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Muhammad Basir Paly, Muhammad Wahyuddin Abdullah, Muslimin Kara, Asmuddin Natsir, Sitti Nurani Sirajuddin

The purpose of freezing chicken is to maintain nutrition, texture and longer freshness. Although fresh chicken is generally preferred by consumers than frozen chicken, changes in consumer lifestyles have affected the consumption pattern from fresh chicken to frozen chicken. This study was aimed to determine the effect of consumption value on purchase intention of frozen chicken. Deploying survey methods, a total of 132 frozen chicken consumers from 5 supermarkets were observed. Data were analyzed using multiple regression techniques using SPSS. There are five product values observed; namely functional, social, emotional, conditional and epistemic values. These five values are constructs, so they are translated into sub-variables in the form of statement items that can be assessed on a Likert scale. Validity and reliability tests were carried out and showed that all question items were valid, factor loading > 0.50. The reliability test produced a Cronbach Alpha value > 0.6 which means reliable. The analysis results showed that the five consumption values have a significant (p < 0.05) and positive effect on purchase intention. Therefore, the study concluded that frozen chicken has five consumption values that influence consumers as any other food product. Practically, this study implies frozen chicken producers and marketers toward further strengthen existing consumer perceptions, particularly on the five consumption values.

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Wahyu Widayanto, Sri Sangkawati, Suharyanto

With the increasing population of Semarang City, the need for potable water increases every year. To ensure the availability of sufficient potable water for the people of Semarang, a water distribution system in West Semarang is being built that uses water from the Jatibarang Reservoir. The current plan is to use a pump system to deliver potable water to people from the Water Treatment Plant (WTP). Previously, this flow is also used for Micro Hydro Power Plant which generates electricity of 0.9 MW. Actually, from the Jatibarang Reservoir it can be flowed directly to the Water Treatment Plant (WTP) using a gravity system. This gravity flow system can save costs related to pump water to Water Treatment Plant (WTP), but with this gravity system it is not streamed to the Micro Hydro Power Plant so that it does not generate electricity. From these two alternatives, the pump system has higher head loss than the gravity system. The head loss of pump system is 44.87 m while the gravity system is only 11.97 m. In addition to head loss, the economic feasibility is also analyzed until 2039 (for 20 years) and the results show that both are still feasible to build.With the pump system having a Payback Period (PP) value of 5 years, the Return of Investment (ROI) value of this project is 192.18% (> 100%), and the Internal Rate of Return (IRR) value is 30.98% that this IRR value is greater than the current average interest rate of 10 well-known banks in Indonesia, which is 9.594%. In addition, the value of the Benefit-Cost Ratio (BCR) and the Profitability Index (PI) has a value of more than 1, namely 2.922 and 3.216. In addition, the Net Present Value (NPV) value is positive, which is IDR 737,758,404,913.88. The project is not feasible if there is a decrease in the value of income by 69 % from the original value of the benefit from electricity and water service or a change in the effective interest rate to 20%. With the gravity system, it has a Payback period (PP) of 3 years. The Return of Investment (ROI) value of this project is 380.47% > 100%, the Internal Rate of Return (IRR) value is 47.81%, which is also greater than the current average interest rate of 10 well-known banks in Indonesia. Indonesia, amounting to 9.594%. In addition, the value of the Benefit-Cost Ratio (BCR) and Profitability Index (PI) also has a value of more than 1, namely 4.805 and 4.998. The Net Present Value (NPV) of this project is also positive, namely IDR 884,818,963,699.97. The project is not feasible if there is a decrease in the value of income by 80 % from the original value of the benefit from water service or a change in the effective interest rate to 25%. However, if the two alternatives are compared, the results of the analysis show that the gravity system is more profitable than the pump system. If an additional electricity supply from renewable energy is needed for the West Semarang area, an alternative of pump system should be chosen, because the gravity system cannot be built Micro Hydro Power Plant.

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Debora Exaudi Sirait, Switamy Angnitha Purba, Erwin Sirait

In terms of the distribution of goods, each post office must have a distribution area for destinations. Likewise with the Post Office on Jl. Sutomo no. 2 Pematangsiantar, where they are in charge of distributing goods in the Pematangsiantar City area which is the peak of the Simalungun. In order for these goods to be distributed quickly, an efficient route is required in terms of distance. The distribution of goods begins and ends at the Post Office in Pematangsiantar city. This problem can be categorized as the Traveling Salesman Problem (TSP), which is a problem where a salesman has to visit all areas where each area has only been visited once and must return to the hometown. The purpose of this study is to determine the shortest time in submitting orders, assist companies in reducing operational costs, get the shortest path using two ways, namely by manual calculation and programming language so that it becomes a reference material for students of the HKBP-N Pematangsiantar University, Post Office, and efficiency comparison using C++.

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Dr. Mathiyarasan.M, Prof.Reena.R

The distress of people regarding their health has amplified to a greater extent. The changing lifestyle of people has pretentious their health in a perilous way. Stressful work environment, commitments, high expectations, etc. have resulted in health disorder. In the early days, health care was taken by the nana at home with homemade medicines. Later Sidhdha, Ayurveda, Naturopathy, Allopathic, etc. have gained their momentum. Each kind of these health care systems had its own merits and demerits. This paper deals with service quality and patients’ perception towards government hospitals in Bengaluru city.

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Tanvir Ahmed, Dr sadaf Kashif, Dr. Akmal Shahzad, Amber Imtiaz

the objective of this study is to determine the moderating role of store image among perceived quality, brand image, and purchase intention. This study used a survey design to collect data from the general public. Two hundred and fifty-six questionnaires received out of four hundred and eighty-five distributed. The results showed that perceived quality and brand image has a positive and significant impact on consumer purchase intention. Furthermore, store image also has a significant role in enhancing consumer attraction toward the purchase intention. In future researcher, the researcher may include some other variables

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Umeeda Baz Ali, Dr Amna Khan, Dr Syed Abid Medhi Kazmi, Dr Sumaira Farooqui

Introduction: The expressions overweight, obese and severe obesity pass on to an irrefutable field. Intemperance adiposity should be well thought-out an unremitting disease that has severe health consequences, impacting the majority health care professionals including cardiologists, endocrinologists, internists, family practitioners, and pediatricians. Hence, the purpose of this study was to evaluate the effects of school based aerobic training on body mass index (BMI) of obese children that can decrease the risk of cardiovascular diseases due to lifestyle modification and fitness. Methodology: A total of 45 (20 females and 25 males) childhood obese school going children aged between 8 to 14 years participated in this study. PAR-Q and You questionnaire was used for initial screening. The participants found fit for the purpose of training were given conditioning based on aerobic training protocols. At the beginning all participants were asked to perform warm up exercises following by aerobic training including jumping jacks and was performed then participants were given time to cool down. Result: The pre and post analysis suggested that eight weeks protocol based on school based aerobic training significantly reduces the BMI and heart rate of the candidates where the mean values of BMI pre training was found to be 30.82kg/m2 ±2.72 that was decreased to 28.82±2.45 post training of eight weeks with a mean difference of 2±0.5. The p-value at 95% confidence interval was less than 0.05 which indicates that the results are significant. Conclusion: Aerobic training based on school fitness programs if carefully administered and persistently followed can decrease BMI in young obese children that are easy to follow.

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Ibrahim AlShourbaji, Na Helian, Yi Sun, Mohammed Alhameed

The telecommunication (telecom)industry is a highly technological domain has rapidly developed over the previous decades as a result of the commercial success in mobile communication and the internet. Due to the strong competition in the telecom industry market, companies use a business strategy to better understand their customers’ needs and measure their satisfaction. This helps telecom companies to improve their retention power and reduces the probability to churn. Knowing the reasons behind customer churn and the use of Machine Learning (ML) approaches for analyzing customers' information can be of great value for churn management. This paper aims to study the importance of Customer Churn Prediction (CCP) and recent research in the field of CCP. Challenges and open issues that need further research and development to CCP in the telecom sector are explored.

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