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Volume 9 - Issue 1, January 2020 Edition

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Soilfertility is an important aspect in agriculture. Fertile soils only produce high nutritive value crops. Nowadays agricultural soils are contaminated due to many reasons. Farmers use synthetic fertilizers and synthetic pesticides for crop production. They play a major role in soil fertility. Physicochemical parameters of soil enable the current status of soil fertility. The soil samples were collected in Erode. All the agricultural soils were acidic in nature. Electrical conductivity of all the samples showed that the soils were good for seed germination. Total dissolved solids and salinity were in appropriate level in all the samples. Organic carbon level were in sufficient level. Macronutrients were in medium level. Calcium and magnesium were in sufficient level in all the soil samples.

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Ananda Khamaru, Sunil Karforma, Soumendranath Chatterjee, Ishita Saha Raktima Bandyopadhyay

The work focused on reliable outcome from next generation artificial neural network (ANN). ANN was efficiently used for decision making on labeled and unlabeled data but problem was that it was always generated as a result though the short input data. The conventional ANN model is being used in some financial sectors for prediction and analysis of financial data, but it would not make an outcome due to less applicable data. Our objective is to design a neural network which will have the intelligence by which it can generate most prominent decision. A mathematical model of new generation artificial neural network called Intelligent Neural Network (INN) has been proposed, which would solve that problem and would make the decision like a human. The INN model has been designed with two layers of fully connected neurons, where the first layer neurons has taken input as the features of bacteria and produced input for hidden neurons; and in the second layer the output from hidden neurons provided as input of decision neurons and the output of decision neurons was the expected result. This model was trained by back propagation process by reducing Sum Squared Error(SSE) through Stochastic Gradient Descent(SGD) technique. Prediction accuracy of this model was 97.11% to distinguish medically important bacteria. This study would help to laboratory users to identify medically important bacteria in an easy way.

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Fatkhur Rohman, Ahmad Fauzan, Yohandri

This research aims to find out the impact of implementing a physics learning based on Project, Technology and Active (PROTECTIVE) learning model in building three digital literacy skills namely information literacy, media literacy, and ICT literacy. This research is an alternative solution to the students’ Skills and awareness to utilize and integrate technology in learning physics. The subject of this research is early semester students who took a basic physics course. The sample of the research is 71 students majoring in physics education from Universitas Negeri Padang (UNP) and Universitas Islam Negeri Imam Bonjol (UIN IB). Data on digital literacy Skills is obtained through performance observation and assessment of structured task reports during the learning process. The instruments used are observation sheets and analytic rubrics. The data were analyzed by using descriptive statistics interpreted in 4 rating scales, they are: very good, good, fair and poor. Based on the results of the observation at the stage of the project, project and practicum tests, there were 13% of students experiencing little difficulty in using, managing and evaluating information data from the technology software or platform for physic learning. The analysis result of research samples from UNP and UIN IB respectively suggests that 20% and 23% of students achieve very good predicate in information literacy skills, the good predicate has a considerable portion of 64% and 69%, The remaining 16% and 8% fall into the fair predicate. On the assessment of media literacy, there were 18% and 12% of students who fall into a very good predicate of 78% and 81% and 4% and 8% fall into the good predicate. For very good predicate, ICT literacy Skills has 22% and 15% of students, while 62% and 62% of the students fall into good predicate. Besides, the rest of 16% and 23% of the students fall into the fair predicate. The conclusion of the achievement of these three literacies show that the digital literacy Skills achieved by students of UNP and UIN IB is said to be at a good level of 77% and 76%. The findings in this research are highly relevant and interesting in the world of education because the application of PROTECTIVE learning is one of the best solutions for teachers, lecturers and education managers to build digital literacy Skills for the participants in the 21st century.

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Marwa Hussien Mohamed, Mohamed Helmy Khafagy, Mohamed Hasan Ibrahim

Nowadays, the recommender system is an important research area for online companies that suggest items and services to users like (last FM music, Netflix movies, and movie-lens). Building a recommendation system to meet users' preferences is very difficult due to rapidly increasing the size or volume of digital information. Also, the recommendation has many challenges that need to overcome like sparsity, accuracy, performance and novelty. In this paper, we build two new algorithms to solve the sparsity, accuracy and performance of the recommendation system. Firstly, we used association rule mining to find a hidden pattern and count numbers of played songs per transaction and compute similarities by cosine vector similarity to make a recommendation to users also taking into concern the rating merged with clustering technique. Secondly, we used K-means clustering algorithms with SVD (singular value decomposition) to reduce dimensionality, increase the performance, and solve sparsity and accuracy problems. Our experiments are applied on last FM music datasets and movie-lens datasets implicit and explicit feedback, we compare our new algorithms with k-means collaborative filtering using RMSE (root mean square error) to show the accuracy and performance of movie lens and measure the accuracy using precision, recall and, F- measure to show the accuracy between basic collaborative filtering and our two new algorithms. This experiment shows that using association rule is better than improved k-means while combining with SVD and basic collaborative filtering. But our new k-means and SVD algorithm has better performance than random collaborative filtering K-means.

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Tri Santoso, Safrudin Atfalusoleh, Hari Kusmanto, Nafron Hasjim, Ali Imron Al-Ma’ruf

The aim of this study was (1) to describe the relationship between humans and the environment in Luka Perempuan Asap (LPA) novel by Nafi’ah al-Ma’rab; and (2) to describe the implementation of the research results of the Luka Perempuan Asap (LPA) novel by Nafi’ah al-Ma’rab on literature subject in senior high school. The study used descriptive qualitative. The data in this study were in the form of words, phrases, sentences, paragraphs, and discourse relating to the ecocritics and relationship between humans and nature in Luka Perempuan Asap (LPA) novel by Nafi’ah al-Ma’rab. The primary data source of this study was the Luka Perempuan Asap (LPA) novel by Nafi’ah al-Ma’rab. Secondary data sources of this study included: journals, articles, references, or other sources that were firmly related to primary data, which served to strengthen this study. The data collected in this study used library techniques. The data analysis technique used in this study was the method of reading semiotic models, namely heuristic and hermeneutic readings. The results of this study indicated that (1) the relationship between humans and the environment in Luka Perempuan Asap (LPA) novel by Nafi’ah al-Ma’rab included pollution; wilderness; disaster; housing/residence; animals; and earth. (2) The implementation of the research results of the Luka Perempuan Asap (LPA) novel by Nafi’ah al-Ma’rab in literature subject in senior high school, namely BC 3.11. Analyzing messages from a fiction book that is read and BC 4.11. Composing a review of a letter from a fiction book that is read. This research will benefit practitioners and policy makers. Specifically in formulating a law on land clearing in the forest not to burn trees. Study of this novel as a form of criticism

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Abhilash Nilkanth Jadhav, Dr. V. A. Kulkarni (Deodhar)

In this work, we have to design a solar photovoltaic as a source of renewable energy where the conventional generation is not convenient. The main aim of this research paper deals with developing a PV module connected brushless dc motor using maximum power point tracking algorithm. P and O algorithm is one of the simplest and effective methods of MPPT. In this method, maximum power is extracted from the solar module. Here in this work investigate the performance of solar power fed Brushless DC motor. The system model and interleaved boost converter are providing the reduce ripple content, switching loss and also promote the efficiency of the system. The speed controls of the BLDC motor are tested under the load condition. The model is designed in MATLAB simulation to ensure its working condition and also check the behavior of Interleaved boost converter.

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I. S. Ismail, N. A. Abdul Latiff, N. A. Azmi Ali, N. M. Abdul Latiff

Low Power Wide Area Network is a new wireless technology which is designed for low power with long-range communication, and LoRa is one of the primary solutions of the technology. The objective of this paper is to evaluate the performance of the physical layer of LoRa Technology in an indoor environment. An experimental testbed is conducted using LoRa module as LoRa transmitter and receiver node and several LoRa parameters such as transmit power, bandwidth, spreading factor and coding rate are exploited. A series of experiments are performed at different locations with different LoRa parameters to investigate the effect of these parameters on the packet data throughput, received signal strength indication and signal-to-noise ratio. The results showed that the combination of different LoRa physical parameters have a clear impact on the overall performance. In addition, the external parameters such as the variant of distance between the transmitter and the receiver node and the obstacles that exist between the two nodes can also affect the performance of LoRa network.

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Shivaleela Patil, Dr.Shibhangi D C

Today Computer based Technologies have been boosted much procedure and process involved in preparations of crime view documents. In this view point, photography is the first step and important clue to start or to solve investigation of crime, helps in tracing and matching the facial composites against database related to the memory of eyewitness. The facial composites i.e., sketches drawn by the artists or software aids the law enforcement using the description given by the witness in direct to depict the suspects and missing persons, which are posted on public places and helps in recognizing. These methods are found to be useful and many criminals have been recognized through this way. Since the combined sketches provide better and accurate and 80% of law enforcement insists for composite sketches rather than forensic sketch. Therefore in this proposed system, we are focusing on composite sketch based face recognition. First detect the face section using AdaBoost algorithm and detect the facial mechanism using the geometrical model of the face. Features are removed from each individual facial parts by using multi-scale local binary patterns (MLBP) and Tchebichef moment invariant feature. Finally, the ANN classifier is trained to identify the person classified.

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Taufiqu Ahamad, Ananta Narayana

UN Millennium Deceleration before fourteen years specifically commenced a bold vision & concrete targets i.e. Millennium Development goals before introducing it into the world, which are probable at strengthening & saving the survival of each & single community approximately the world. India is in a race against time to achieve these goals. Member countries are facing challenges in their mission to achieve MDGs that are resource constraints, growth prospects, inadequate capacity development, lack of institutional reforms, global economic situation, uneven income distribution, lack of political commitment and will to the MDGs, lack of inclusive expansion, lack of enabling external environment to attract investment and persuade private sector development. This paper critically analyzed and identified the key contemporary challenges in eliminating poverty & approach to sustainable development with special emphasis to millennium development Goal 1, which eradicates poverty & extreme hunger. Further the paper empirically analyses the extent of benefit and prevailing concern in Allahabad district. This paper will also focus on the progress of the Allahabad district and to bring on the focal point to the major development concerns that India is probably going to tackle post 2015 in order to achieve sustainable development.

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Kamatchi Kannan V, Ponmurugan P and Chitra K

Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV) is an advanced vehicle having a feature that operates on battery and inbuilt ignition motor. This motor helps to drive the wheel forward and it also charges the battery system when it is operated as generator. In recent years, the hybrid electric two wheelers have targeted the market due to less CO2 emission by the hybrid vehicles. The aim is to reduce the cost and complexity which is involved in the existing hybrid vehicle. This hybrid electric vehicle includes conventional, hybrid, plug-in hybrid and electric variants. The main aim of this paper is to structure and manufacture a hybrid two wheelers such as scooty which can be operated by means of fuel and battery. The integration of both the battery and the fuel makes the vehicle dynamic. In HEV, the battery alone can be used at low-speed driving conditions where as the interior fuel based motors are least productive. In case of quickening, long runs or slope climbing, the Internal Combustion (IC) engine gives extra force to drive the motor.

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Muthi’ah Lutfia Khansa, Moh. Toifur, Guntur Maruto, Yudhiakto Pramudya, Azmi Khusnani

Thin films of Cu/Ni have been synthesized by the electroplating method assisted by a magnetic field on the variation of deposition time. The purpose of this paper was to investigate the dependence of sheets resistivity on microstructure obtained through XRD and SEM-EDX tests. Cu plates are used as cathodes and Ni plates as anodes. The electroplating process is carried out at DC voltage of 1.5 volt, 200 gauss magnetic field, 60° C solution temperature, and 4 cm electrode distance. Electrolyte solutions are made from a mixture of H3BO3 (30 g), NiCl2 (195 g), NiSO4 (45 g), and H2O (750 ml). Deposition times varied from 5 s45 s with intervals of 10 s. Based on the results of the microstructure test using XRD, all samples have a crystalline structure with intensity, d-spacing and grain size that varies with the time of deposition. From the EDS analysis, it is known that Ni deposit levels increase with increasing deposition time. The sheet resistivity range from (4.87 ± 0.02)10-3 Ω/sq to (1.38 ± 0.06) 10-3 Ω/sq.

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Manjeet Kaur, Anil Kumar, Aasish Kumar Luhach

This paper offerings request of chaotic biogeography-based optimization (CBBO) for Proportional-Integral-Derivative (PID) Controller tuning. Tuning of parameters is primarily based upon maximization of all-inclusive fitness function created as inverse of weighted sum of Integral of Square of Error (ISE), Rise Time (Tr), Peak Overshoot (Mp), and Settling Time (Ts) for a category of stable and risky gadget through by CBBO set of rules. The measurement of exploration planetary is handiest 3 parameters, i.e., KP, KI and KD; so, a set weight is assigned for inertia parameter. The main impartial of this paper is to diminish PID controller’s specifications at numerous inertia loads. The proposed scheme shows outstanding closed-loop performance of 2nd order system and out of control device and to display the efficacy of proposed scheme the simulation outcomes are equated with BBO and genetic algorithm.

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Elvrin Septyanti, Otang Kurniaman, Charlina

This study aims to describe the results of developing adobe flash-based interactive listening media for universities. The stages of this research are based on: needs analysis, media design, media validation, revision, limited trials, revisions, and final media. This media was tested on a small scale with a sample of 69 students at the University of Riau. The method used is quantitative descriptive. The trial was assessed based on the distribution of the assessment questionnaire given to students and the correlation of scores on the adobe flash-based listening media. The criteria assessed include: learning, language, and media. Students are provided a scale of 1-5 to assess the media with criteria not very good, not good, good enough, good, very good. Data were analyzed based on scores obtained and adjusted for the criteria presented through SPSS. The results showed that the use of adobe flash-based interactive listening media for tertiary institutions was very good with very strong media criteria. This is indicated by the correlation level of learning 0.737 with a significance level of 0.000

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Suheir A. M. Sayed, Nagwan Elhussein, Wejdan Al thobaiti, Asmaa Basaba

Background: Exposure to human-made electromagnetic fields (EMF) has increased over the past century. The widespread use of EMF sources has been accompanied by public debate about possible adverse effects on human health. The World Health Organization (WHO) established the International EMF Project to assess the scientific evidence of possible health effects of EMF in the frequency range from 0 to 300 GHz. Aims: To assess biological effect and health consequences of high frequency electromagnetic fields in Taif , Saudi Arabia. Setting and Design: This cross section study was conducted at population living in Taif city, Saudi Arabia Methods and Material: A structured questionnaire was designed for data collection to this study by researchers based upon review of literature. It includes three parts ; Socio-demographic data, Location and exposure of the devices and consequences of high frequency electromagnetic fields. Questionnaire was randomly distributed through phone and emails to a sample of people living in Taif, their ages ranged from 10 years old and above, responded people were 373. Results: Out of 373 respondents there were 106 (28.4%) male and 267 (71.6%) female with common age group (21 - 30) years with percentage of (49.1%), most of participants used mobile phone 360(95.7%), with highest time duration between 5 -7 hours daily (26.3%), the common symptoms between participants was idle and lazy 185(49.2%), the most mobile phone users was students at university level with significant relation between them P:≤0.05 and most children with hyperactivity use video games with no significant relation between them P:≤0.429 Conclusion: In our search we found that; the mobile phone was most commonly used among students at university level with significant relation between them P:≤0.05 and the highest duration time between 5 – 7 hours daily, the common symptoms between the participant was idle and lazy, and most children with hyperactivity use video games with no significant relation between them P:≤0.429

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Lise Asnur, Ambiyar, Dochi Ramadhani, Unung verawardina

The rapid development of information technology in the 21st Century learning in the industrial revolution 4.0 era brought a new paradigm of change in the implementation of learning. So that allows teachers to choose learning models and relevant media to be used today by the times in the era of the industrial revolution 4.0. In this case, instructors are also required to be facilitators and creative in combining models and learning media that are applied in the implementation of learning, in addition to that students are also required to be creative and able to utilize technology properly. This study aims to examine the project-based learning (PjBL) model using Vlog media in the Food and Beverage Product course. The findings show that by applying the learning Project-Based Learning Model using Vlog media where teachers can present material creatively in the form of videos can stimulate students; teachers can also emphasize to students in project-based learning. On the other hand, students are motivated to be actively involved In learning, creative and innovative is in creating a product. Further on the subject of food and beverages Product tutoring students can visually create a tutorial project Vlog such as organizing a kitchen, ingredients, seasonings and deep-processing tools, menus, Cooking method (basic method of cooking),Cutting method according to the stages and procedures that are packed with creative concepts in Vlog media and made interesting content..

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Nini Aryani, Mudjiran, Rakimahwati

The teacher role in managing learning is most often discussed as being education quality because in producing education quality lies in the success of management of education. In implementing, the learning management model has not beeb fully implemented by the teacher, so that the implementation of existing learning has not fully stimulated the aspects of children development. This study aims to develop a learning management model of Early Childhood Education Program based on children development. The development of learning management model for Early Childhood Education Program use the ADDIE model (analyze, design, develop, implement and evaluate). The data collection instruments in this study were observation sheets and questionnaires. The product has been validated by experts and tested on 3 kindergartens using validation results in a valid category. In the study, it produced a product in the form of Book 1) Children Development based on Learning Management Model of Early Childhood Education Program and 2) the form of a Guidebook. Furthermore, the results of this study obtained children development based on Learning Management Model of Early Childhood Education Program abbreviated with the MPPaud-BPA model. The research findings in this model can be used by teachers in managing children development-based learning. Therefore, Early Childhood Education Program teachers and prospective teachers can use this product in managing learning.

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Bharat Bonia

Dr. Bhupen Hazarika was an Indian lyricist, musician, singer, poet, filmmaker from Assam. His songs, mainly written and sung in the Assamese language by himself, are marked by humanity and universal brotherhood and have been translated and sung in many languages, most notably in Bengali and Hindi. His songs, based on the theme of communal amity, universal justice and empathy, have become popular among the people of Assam, besides West Bengal and Bangladesh. This paper is mainly focuses on certain lyrics of Dr. Bhupen Hazarika about employment and time management thoughts. This paper attempts to discuss about the employment and time management thoughts of Dr. Bhupen Hazarika in his lyrics. It has been observed that the employment and time management thoughts of Dr. Hazarika are relevant in today’s world. We cannot underestimate of his thoughts and view towards self employment and importance of time management.

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Bahar, Soegiarto

The unavailability of adequate time for elementary school teachers in Indonesia to deliver learning material in the classroom causes learning to be ineffective. Use of e-learning, e-module, and Compact Disk Interactive Learning Technology to help students learn independently outside the formal study time in class still has disadvantages. This paper proposes an instructional media model that utilizes Smart Phone-based mobile technology to help teachers deliver subject matter outside of formal learning time. This media serves as a medium for enriching subject matter that is not completed delivered in the classroom. This research uses the Research and Development (R&D) method which consists of three main stages, namely: analysis of system requirements, system development, and formative evaluation to test the effectiveness of the system. The result of expert validation (Media Design and Instructional Design) shows that the instructional media product based on mobile technology that is developed is very suitable to be used as a learning resource, with an average validation percentage of 82.8%. The students' responses to the large group trials show that the mobile technology-based instructional media products that are developed are very feasible to be used as teaching resources to enrich teaching materials for post-learning elementary school students in the classroom, with an average value (Attractive Display, User Friendly, Material Presentation) reached 81.2%.

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Dr. Jantje Tjiptabudy S.H., M.Hum, Dr. La Ode Angga, S. Ag, SH, M. Hum

Program for the development of a superior product entitled the assistance in the formulation of regulations on customary land rightsin Eti Village, West Seram Regency (SBB), intends to provide assistance in drafting marine customary rights regulations in Eti Village, SBB Regency, with the long-term goal of resolving conflicts over customary land rights that occur between local communities and the SBB Regional Government. In the implementation of a superior product development program carried out with the following methods and steps: The method of approach used in this research is empirical juridical descriptive qualitative analysis. In the first stage, the team conducted a dialogue, the dialogue was conducted well with the community as suffering losses due to conflicts / disputes over the rights of the sea, besides that the dialogue was also conducted to the representatives of the SBB local government. The second step is to provide assistance in the formulation of customary land rights, to get solutions to the conflicts that occur and those that will occur. And the third rarity is the supervision stage in the form of a follow-up to the results of the formulation of the customary rights of the sea. The solution offered in the problem that is being addressed is in the form of assisting the formulation of the Customary Rights Law of the Sea, to minimize conflicts that occur in the village community of Eti.

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Fathurrahmad, Salman Yusuf, Taufiq Iqbal, Abdus Salam

MPLS is a packet delivery technology on high-speed backbone networks that connects several advantages of circuit-switched and packet-switched communication systems that produce better technology than existing. MPLS works on packages with MPLS headers, which contain one or more labels. The MPLS header consists of 32 data bits, including a 20-bit label, 2 test bits, and 1 stack collection bit, and 8 TTL bits. Labels on MPLS are used for process forwarding, including traffic engineering processes. It is hoped that with this MPLS path the network can be connected and connected easily and the access process is expected to be faster and better. This study aims to create a network model and implement a VPN network with routing protocols on the Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) network at AMIK Indonesia. This research will use the method. This research will use the literature study method which is intended to obtain and study data contained in personal computers connected to the network in the AMIK Indonesia computer network laboratory. Data is collected according to the focus of research in the form of network topology used, IP addressing and MPLS techniques. The collection of data/information is simultaneously a simulation of researchers to imitate or represent the behavior of real systems. The conclusion obtained from this study is that this research has succeeded in building MPLS VPN networks and providing a stable network bandwidth efficiency and is used at AMIK Indonesia.

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Marlina, Intan Sari, Elfi Yenny Yusuf, Yoyon Riono, Mulono Apriyanto

This study aims to determine the merits of various industrial waste pulp and palm oil as well as getting the most appropriate formulation on growth and yield of maize varieties Earth-3 and NK-212 in peatlands. Research using split plot design using the design of completely randomized design (CRD) and each treatment was repeated 3 times. Varieties as the main plot consists of: (V1): Varieties of Earth-3, (V2): Varieties of NK-212. Treatment subplot, consisting of six formulations ameliorant, namely: F1 (60% OPEF + 20% GPB + 10% Dregs + 10% Fly ash), F2(60% OPEF + 10% GPB + 20% Dregs + 10% Fly ash ), F3(60% OPEF + 10% GPB + 10% Dregs + 20% Fly ash), F4(40% OPEF + 30% GPB + 10% Dregs + 20% Fly ash), F5(40% OPEF + 20% GPB + 30% Dregs + 10% Fly ash) and F6(40% OPEF + 10% GPB + 20% Dregs + 30% Fly ash). The data obtained were statistically analyzed using analysis of variance (ANOVA) followed by HSD test at 5% level.The results showed that various formulations of industrial waste pulp and palm oil gave similar results to the root dry weight, dry weight of straw, hay root ratio, the diameter of the cob, corncob, corncob without the husk and dry seed weight. It can be seen from the cob generated a large and long and close cob husk well (± 98%), beans straight line with a number of seed rows 15-16 rows, as well as a uniform crop diversity, is in conformity with the description.

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Sonal Dahiya, Sunita Kumawat, Priti Singh

An extension of Petri net, Dynamic Augmented Marked Petri Net is presented and used for the modeling of systems which can be distributed, dynamic or concurrent in behavior. This paper presents a component based method for modelling an integrated system for multiple distributed wireless sensor networks sharing a common server. Firstly, WSN components are modeled as Dynamic marked petri net and then Dynamic augmented marked petri net is introduced and used for modeling an integrated system where more than one DWSN share a common server. In this technique we have used property preserving composition of Dynamic Augmented Marked Petri Net to a common sharing resource place. The correctness and feasibility of the system designed is verified with the help of property analysis of the system.

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Nafeesa Begum B.R.Kiran

In this review study we have documented the list of exotic plant species in the Shivamogga district in India with additional information on habit and origin. During this study, a total of 63 exotic species belonging to 61 genera in 32 families were identified and listed from various localities in the district. Among them 11 number of the exotic species are native to Tropical America followed by South America with 10 species. Analysis of the habit shows that herbs having included 31 exotic species, followed by 17 trees and 15 shrubs. Among 32 families, Fabaceae is the most dominant family with 12 species followed by Asteraceae with 06 species. There is an imperative need to listing regional data on exotic species in order to study the impact on local vegetation and survey the worldwide pattern of species invasion.

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A.S. Kalyana kumar, DR. T .Abdul razak

With the massive growth in cloud computing, the data owners are interested in outsourcing their databases to the cloud. But the owners and the service providers have some hesitations to trust this domain. Thus it is mandatory to provide data privacy for sensitive data.However, encrypting these private data before outsourcing makes data utilization a difficult task. Several encryption based algorithms were developed by researchers to transfer the data securely from end to end. But existing works focused mainly on single dimensional query or undergo insufficient security guarantee, etc. Thus to overcome above challenges and to monitor the data transmissions in smart environment, a Secured Crypto based Data Outsourcing Model (SCDOM) is proposed. This paper utilizes privacy preservation scheme for detecting anomalies, an enhanced Blowfish technique for implementing encryption and decryption. Here, while receiving user encrypted data, MAC- Message Authentication Code is generated and then transmitted to Third Party Auditor(TPA) for verification. Once keys are verified, the private details are transmitted. From the experimentation results, it is observed that proposed SCDOM provides enhanced results than the conventional methods.

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Zainul Djumadin, Zulkarnain, Yusuf Wibisono

This paper tries to disentangle the challenges of implementation of collective action in business sector, the exit strategy to overcome such challenges, as well as the best practice of the implementation of collective action. In principle, corruption in terms of bribery requires a payer and a beneficiary. The former is related to some influential individuals within the private sector, while in the latter constitutes the government apparatus. However, those at private sector might serve as a payer and a payee since this sector grows gradually in developing and emerging economies. By working collectively, civil society can assist companies to create a promising business climate among competitors and can stimulate other individuals and organizations to cirvumvent bribery. In addition, the implementation of collective action in the corruption prone countries and sectors can make business transactions become translucent and foreseeable.

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Otang Kurniaman, Eddy Noviana, Sherlina Ayu Pratiwi, Dea Sinta Maharani, Nofrico Afendi

The purpose of this study was to determine that the use of smartphones can have an influence on student emotions. This type of research is a quantitative study with data collection methods using a questionnaire. The sample in this study was 78 students of PGSD FKIP Riau University. Data analysis techniques in this study used SPSS version 22.0 which was used to conduct data normality tests, significance tests, simple linear regression analysis and coefficient of determination. In the normality test, the data obtained is 0.05 which is 0.270 which means the data in this study contribute normally. The resulting significant test value is 6.106 with t count of 1.665 so it is known that the significance comparison obtained is 6,106 > 1,665 then there is an influence of smartphone usage on student emotions with simple linear regression equation Y = 41.878 + 0.548 and R-value of 0.57 then the coefficient value the resulting determination is 0.32. So it can be concluded the results of this study are that there is an influence of the use of smartphones on the emotions of students is 32% while the rest is influenced by other variables outside this study.

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Didik Widiyono, Mujiyanto,Kardoyo, Surono, Eni Kuswati.

This study aims to find out; (1) the unit cost of education in private Buddhist higher education in Indonesia, (2) the composition of education costs borne by the government and student parents, (3) the effect of costs incurred by student parents (direct costs and indirect costs) on student academic achievement. This study involved 5 Buddhist universities namely; STAB Samaratungga Boyolali, STAB Syaelendra Semarang, STAB Janarakhita Lampung, STAB Kertarajasa batu East Java and STAB Nalanda Jakarta. By using descriptive analysis, correlation analysis can be seen that the unit cost per student and per year is IDR. 11,829,087. The ratio of government funds to student parents is 14%: 86%. There is a significant relationship between direct and indirect costs and achievements. student learning, and there is a significant correlation between direct and indirect costs of student achievement.

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Jafruddin Khan Baliyana, Dr. Anand Sharma

Wireless Local area networks are used at a large scale in present world. A large number of devices communicate in a WLAN but the channels used for this purpose are limited which gives birth to congestion in the network. The main challenge in WLANs is the allocation of resources. Two types of TCP flows i.e., uplink and downlink exist WLAN, but with their existence at the same time the network service is somewhat biased towards uplink due which the downlink transmission flow suffers. In this research paper, we propose an optimization scheme based on the working of Artificial Bee Colony Optimization algorithm for dynamic allocation of multi-queue buffer for TCP flow in WLANs. The simulations are performed in MATLAB and the results are achieved in terms of throughput, drop packet and other parameters to prove the effectiveness the proposed technique.

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Yuen Yee Yen, Shalini Devi Pillay, Suganthi Ramasamy

This research examines factors that contribute to credit card adoption among Malaysian consumers. This study investigates factors that lead to credit card adoption to provide useful insights to various parties such as marketers and policy makers. A total of 250 responds were collected from targeted sample by using pen and pencil questionnaires and Google form questionnaires. The research model contains the credit card adoption experience being the dependent variable test against six independent variables; credit card choice, alternative form of payment, available credit card information, credit card attributes, economic, demographic and socio-economic factors and attitudes towards credit card. Based on this framework, consumers’ credit card adoption experience will be investigated. This research discovers that alternative form of payment, credit card attributes and attitude towards credit card have significant influence towards credit card adoption experience. Credit card choice, available credit card information and economic, demographic and socio-economic factors were found to be not significant in this study. The output of this study provides basis for future research in this area and provides crucial recommendations to credit card marketers and policy makers to promote credit card adoption in Malaysia.

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Aninditya Anggari Nuryono, Alfian Ma’arif, Iswanto

Pathfinding is a necessary method in gaming, especially in 3D games. Path-finding is used by an object to find paths from one place to another based on the state of the map and other objects. Path-finding requires algorithms that can process quickly and produce the shortest path to reach a destination location. In this paper, path-finding is applied in Augmented Reality. The Intel RealSense camera is used to reconstruct the real environment and display virtual objects. The path-finding algorithm is reviewed that the A*, A* smooth, and Navigation Mesh algorithms. Each of these algorithms is implemented into the Unity 3D object game. Each object game will move simultaneously to the destination point with different starting positions and goals by avoiding many obstacles. It is obtained in the 3D simulation that the A* smooth algorithm is superior to the A* algorithm and NavMesh. The travel time required a game object with A* smooth algorithm is 1.54 seconds faster, and 1.4 seconds compared to A* and NavMesh. Virtual objects can use pathfinding algorithms as a navigation path in the real world. The navigation path is located in the grid area that generated by Intel RealSense cameras.

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Raghavendra.N, D.Shivalingappa

Particulate Metal Matrix Composites (PMMC) offers light weight, high wear resistance and high strength, which are attractive for automobile applications. Much of the earlier works on Aluminium 7075 (Al7075) based composite are either contains Silicon Carbide (SiC) as reinforcement or Alumina (Al2O3) in the fiber form. The Al7075/Al2O3 Particulate composite developed by liquid processing route needs to be studies with respect to its Mechanical and Tribological behavior in the context of processing route, volume fraction, particle size, compatibility of matrix and reinforcement for composite materials desired property. Further larger scope is available to establish the wear behavior of composite materials with mathematical models to evaluate its suitability for various applications. Al 7075/Al2O3 particulate MMC has been developed by stir casting process demonstrates improved Mechanical and Tribological property. Oxidative wear, delamination wear, adhesive wear, and small amount of Abrasive wear mechanisms are found to occur during the wear of MMCs. In the present work wear data and different wear mechanisms at various speed and load for the speed range of 0-1400 rpm and 1- 14kg load were evaluated. The nonlinear behavior of wear rate of composite controlled by more than 100 controlling parameter, but in the present work effect of limited parameters (13 parameters) are studied. Thirteen input parameter and eight output parameters are used and the ANN model with single hidden layer using feed forward back propagation neural network was developed. Based on the literature two algorithm are selected for the present work 1.Levenberg Marquardt 2.Bayesian Regularization The corresponding transfer functions are Trainlm and Trainbr are used for the network models. The Developed ANN model can be effectively extended to predict the nonlinear behavior of wear for any particulate MMC. Large amount of time, money and materials invested for the experiments can be reduced due to development of ANN models.

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Tarun Gogoi

India as a federal polity is much discussed and debated issue among scholars. To understand the dynamic nature of contemporary Indian politics, it is essential for us to know how India can be seen as a federal polity regarding its nature, structure as well as function. Indian federalism itself constitute a puzzle which can be best understood through adopting a dynamic perspective by looking at the significant difference between constitutional setup and operational reality in its political system. India represents a unique federal model as a parliamentary federation with the combination of two contradictory model, i.e., parliamentarism and federalism. As a parliamentary federation, political parties are playing a very significant role to shape as well as influence the nature and working of India’s federal process. This article is an attempt to understand Indian federalism based on some selected literature on federalism and India’s context.

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Desi Rubiyanti, Suparman

In the 21st century learning, students must have creative thinking. The limitations of teaching materials that facilitate students to think creatively are still lacking. This study aims to describe the mathematics teaching materials needed to increase student creativity in the learning process. This research uses descriptive qualitative. The subjects of the research were the eighth grade junior high school students. Data collection instruments used was observation, interviews, and questionnaires. Interview guidelines are given to teachers and students to analyze the mathematics teaching material used. The observation guide is used to observe the learning model used by the teacher during the learning process. Questionnaire is given to students to get student characteristics data. The results showed that: the teaching materials used did not facilitate students creative thinking so students needed teaching materials to improve their creative thinking and teachers needed mathematics teaching materials in the form of module-based learning models that could increase the creativity of their students.

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Mohammad Fadhlur Rahman, Satria Fadil Persada, Reny Nadlifatin, Anak Agung Ngurah Perwira Redi, Jacky Chin, Mohammad Razif, Prawira Fajarindra Belgiawan

The present research investigates the behavioural perspective of consumers in terms of satisfaction and behaviour intention towards the Games marketplace technology platform (GMTP). Two behavioural theories, namely the Unified Theory of Acceptance and Use of Technology (UTAUT) and Expectation Confirmation Theory (ECT), were utilised as the development model. The model was tested to respondents in the developing country. A Structural Equation Model (SEM) with Confirmatory Factor Analysis (CFA) was used as the analysis tool. A total of 8 hypotheses were developed. The variables were instrumented through the questionnaire, and purposive sampling method was conducted. The result projects the respondents’ behaviour in capturing their perceived towards the games marketplace. Four out of eight hypotheses were accepted. The Performance Expectancy has the most dominant value to Satisfaction, while Satisfaction has the direct dominant influence on Behavior Intention. Several discussions on theoretical and practical implications were noted.

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Allae Erraissi, Abdessamad Belangour

Data visualization consists of transforming complex data into simple visual representations to facilitate understanding and exploitation of data. The goal of this strategy is to make information accessible to everyone, or more specifically to people who can make decisions based on the data collected. During our research project, we have worked on the application of techniques related to model engineering to propose a universal meta-model for the different layers of a Big Data system. In continuous efforts, we present in this paper a model engineering approach that allows displaying the data in several visual modes, by using Atlas Transformation Language (ATL).

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Reni Kusmiarti, Ira Yuniati, Noermanzah

Some research results state that students' communication skills have not shown adequate abilities. In terms of communication skills can affect the development of intellectual abilities, emotional and social maturity, and solving various problems faced by them at school. This research is intended to provide an understanding of improving students' communication skills in learning Indonesian through Collaborative Learning at SMK Negeri 1 Bengkulu City. This type of research is a classroom action research with Hopkins model. Data collection techniques carried out in the form of observation, tests, and documentation. Data analysis techniques through the analysis of observational data, calculating the average value of communication skills, analyzing documentation data, and conclusions. The data validity test uses a data source triangulation test. Based on the results of the study note that there is an increase in communication skills, both verbal skills, vocal skills, and body skills of high school students.

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Nur Shuhada Razali, Nuri Izati Menan, Soh Vuan Teng, Neo Li Ting, Nurul Hijanah Mahayuddin, Mohd Shahril Abdul Rahman

In view of the importance of industrial property, this paper explores the factors affecting the value of industrial property. To achieve the goals of this study systematic review and content analysis were performed. There are many factors affecting the value of industrial property. These include location, property characteristics, economy, government intervention, industrial agglomeration, transport and infrastructure, technology level, variable climate and environmental contamination. Those factors later divided into two categories, namely macroeconomic factors and microeconomic factors. A framework summarizing these factors is proposed for future directions.

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Assed Lussak

This study aims to analyse the strategic influence of supply chain Triple A in improving supply chain performance for small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) dealing in food and beverage in Semarang City, the capital of Central Java Province, Indonesia. Subjects in this study are entrepreneurs who cultivate the business of SMEs, especially in the field of food and beverage services located in the Semarang. The sample used in this study was 50 respondents. The sampling method used in this study is convenience sampling and the writing technique used quantitative research methods. Data obtained by the researchers was then processed by multiple linear regression method using SPSS software. The results of the above research indicate that the agility variable does not significantly influence the performance of the supply chain of SMEs in the food and beverage sector in the city of Semarang. However, the variables adaptability and alignment do have a significant influence on the performance of this supply chain.

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Aninditya Anggari Nuryono, Alfian Ma’arif, Siti Fatimah Anggrahini

Augmented Reality is a technique for combining digital content with the real world in real-time. Intel RealSense 3D cameras are used to produce digital content in markerless based Augmented Reality. This camera reconstructs a real environment in three dimensions. Scene perception is a method for reconstructing real environments in three dimensions. Utilization of this camera in Augmented Reality in the form of an autonomous agent. An autonomous agent has a navigation function to get to the destination point by searching for paths called pathfinding. Autonomous agents have three behaviors, namely, seek, arrive, and action selection. These behaviors are used autonomous agents to get to the destination point by avoiding virtual and real obstacles that exist in the real world. The scene perception method is used to make a mesh. This mesh is a virtual grid in the real world that is used as an Augmented Reality area. The navigation results of the autonomous agent using the scene perception method in Augmented Reality can work properly. Autonomous agents can go to their destination point by avoiding virtual and real obstacles.

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Shashidhar R, Abhilash S, Sahana V, Alok N A, Roopa M

In the current situation, we come across various problems in health sector which can be solved with different ideas. Existing patient monitoring system, even in multispecialty hospitals are following traditional methods of maintaining records of patients in the form of hardcopies i.e., files, records, reports etc., which has lot of disadvantages and also this is not eco-friendly. In hospitals they also do various scanning, blood tests, X-rays and so on. But they provide reports of these in the form of hardcopies. What if the case, where they could upload data to a specific account, such that the doctor can easily checkout that and effectively provide medications to the patient? Currently available heart rate monitor watches or gloves are only used in gyms for fitness observations. Which is not actually connected to cloud for providing any graphs/reports, though it is not needed in that case. As health is the main point of concern, past and present record is much needed to diagnose correctly for present health condition. And in case the patient cannot describe the problem in detail, those records will do the job. In this research work attempts are made for implementation of patient monitoring system which consists of sensors connected to microcontroller, intended to acquire vitals from patient body. The accumulated data is synced to the Firebase database account of a particular patient. The uploaded data is utilized for generating reports in daily or weekly basis so that the report is very helpful for the doctor to diagnose fairly and quickly.

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K.Swetha, P.S.K Santosh, K.Yasolashmi, B. MK Bharath.

Today the main aim of everyone is to trust on the matter of social media such as feedback and also opinion upon the topic or product. Spammers compose a spam survey about product for liability that everyone takes off about products and services for `issue by researchers and number of studies state that there is a narrow difference between spammer and its features. Here recent investigation states a new method names as NET spam that uses spam importance for demonstrating review datasets as unmatched information network for designing, detecting, and classifying such networks. Spam types supports to acquire improved effects regarding dissimilar metrics on reviewed datasets. This result gives the ultimate outcome of Net spam for existing methods between 4 categories such as reviewed and user behaviour and linguistic type of features but under that features only first type gives better performance than other categories. The contribution work is when user search query it will display all top-k products as well as recommendation of the product.

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Rosario Violeta Grijalva Salazar, Víctor Hugo Fernández Bedoya, Ambrocio Teodoro Esteves Pairazamán, Walter Gregorio Ibarra Fretell

Objective: To establish that the detection system affects the ability to pay in construction companies, period 2017. Method: It is an explanatory, quantitative, transversal, retrospective, correlational and non-experimental substantive type research, based on measurement, numerical evaluation and statistical analysis. Results: The sample consisted of 20 applications, to which the Cronbach's Alpha tests were applied, and then the variables will be related; the results that have been obtained after having performed all the evaluation procedures, execution in the payment system of tax obligations (SPOT) are that it does affect the short-term liquidity in the construction companies. The population consists of 50 workers of the construction companies in the district of San Miguel, according to the 95% confidence level, the sample will be 44. Conclusions: In order to measure the results, the regression method has been used; a correlation of 0.899 has been found, that is, being greater than 0.05, gives the validity of the hypothesis proposed by the authors.

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Yogesh Kumar Gupta, Tanusha Mittal

Big data contains great variety of data arrives in incrementing volume and with high velocity. The data sets are so voluminous that the conventional data processing software just can’t able to manage them. Hence, big data tools i.e. Hadoop came into the glare due to its high scalability, availability and the cluster environment mechanism which provides the facility to work in the distributed manner. One of the important components of Hadoop is MapReduce which is able to handle the unstructured data but to use this, high programming skills are needed. Therefore, due to the reason of high programming skill, users are now a days moving towards the tool i.e. Apache Pig, as we can analyze the data simply by executing the queries. In this paper, we analyze the gender ratio of India according to the age group of 0 to 24 from the year of 2001-2018 that is further analyzed through Pig Latin scripts and results are represented in the pictorial form. The government of India introduces a policy i.e. Two-Child Policy. The policies are implemented by disallowing the people with more than two children from serving the government. Firstly, the policy was implemented by Assam in 2017. The motive of this paper is to analyze whether the introduced policy of government is fulfilling or not.

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Er. Harsh Paliwal, Er. Nitika Kapoor , Dr. Sandeep Singh Kang

The requirement of acceptable security to electronic statistics set up elevates year by year. As the security problems also affect the execution of the wireless setup, data encryption is obligatory for transfer and getting information secretly over the set up. In this paper, an Optimized Tenable Approach is used by pooling Balanced Ad-hoc On Demand (BAODV) routing protocol. Also, we pool resources i.e. routing protocol with Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), to get optimized path.

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G. Manikandan, K. Karthikeyan, S. Gokul

The energy demands of the present world are increasing day by day with the reduction in availability of fossil fuel resources. In order to meet the energy demands, various automotive industries are focusingon alternative sources of energy in which biodiesel have a significant impact. Biodiesel has a great impact in reducing the emissions compared with the diesel. Among the various sources of biodiesel available, methanol is the better choice. But there are certain disadvantages of using this biodiesel in CI engines. It emits more nitrous oxide than diesel and also it has more fuel consumption. So, in order to eliminate these drawbacks, copper oxide (CuO) is used as a nano additive. The nanoparticles added to the biodiesel reduce the ignition delay during the combustion process which results in improved thermal efficiency. These additives also improve the brake specific fuel consumption. Nitrous oxide is formed only at higher temperatures. Nitrogen reacts with oxygen to form oxides of nitrogen at higher temperature. The addition of nano additives reduces the ignition delay period to increase the combustion process. It also increases the heat exchange rate and reduces the engine temperature. Thus, nitrous oxide emission is greatly reduced. Since the surface area is more for nanoparticles it is also a reason for reduction in emission. It also acts as an antioxidant to prevent the oxidation process. This reduces the formation of nitrous oxides at higher temperature and reduces the emission.

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Dr. D. Arivazhagan, R Kirubakaramoorthi

Cloud computing is an articulation used to depict a collection of enlisting thoughts that incorporate innumerable related through a continuous correspondence framework, for instance, the Internet. Dispersed registering is a course of action of IT Facilities such as connection between computers, system programming, data storing, computer machinery, program for operating machines, and sources. These facilities are given to the client over a internet/intranet. The IT facilities of Cloud Computing are passed on by outcast supplier who has the foundation. Focal points of appropriated storing are essential get to recommends get to the degree that anyone is concerned wherever, at any rate, at whatever point, adaptability, versatility, cost ampleness, and high endurance of the information. Verifying information is a difficult issue in the here and now outline. It is very difficult get data security in cloud because the data travelled through internet. The Cloud security and implementation are the main problem during implementation. Because of this advantage, every company who wants to utilize this facilities expecting the facility provider has to protect their data from unauthorized users. To stay the Cloud infers secure the meds (calculations) and limit (databases encouraged by the Cloud provider). Disseminated figuring is an amazingly outstanding development in the field of passing on organizations to their customer. In Cloud figuring development there are a course of action of basic system issues, which consolidate issues of insurance, security, anonymity, media interchanges limit, government perception, enduring quality, and hazard, among others. All around, Cloud handling has a couple of customers, for instance, normal customers, the academic network, and attempts who have differing motivation to move to cloud. In this investigation paper, the proposed work plan is to discard the stresses with respect to data guard using cryptographic procedures to overcome the protection in cloud as per the expectation of customers.

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A.Lakshmi Deepak, Dr. T.V.S. Vara Lakshmi

Concrete is the most heavily consumed material overall the world. About 6000 million tons of cement is manufactured every year producing about 6 percent of total CO2 produced in the world. In this study Geo-Polymer concrete was produced to potentially controlling the CO2. Geo-Polymer concrete is produced from waste materials like Metakaolin and Fly-Ash replacing the cement content in the mixture. The main objective of the study is to quantify the effect of Acid and Chloride attack on the strength of concrete. Sodium Hydroxide molarity is maintained as 10M and 12M throughout the study and Alkaline liquids (Sodium Hydroxide and Sodium Silicate) proportion as 1:3.The unit weight of geo polymer concrete was assumed as 2400 kg/m3 in deriving the mix design.

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Isrokatun, Budi Sigit Purwono

Generally, learning process that occurs in class is that students are given exercises and then they work on the formula given by the teacher. This work process is more on the process of how students use the formula. If a formula in mathematics is only given instantaneously by the teacher to his or her students, then it persistently will not provide the real learning process. Students only become recipient objects of knowledge. This is what makes acceptance finding ability (AFA) of elementary school students low. This research employs ADDIE (Analyzing, Designing, Developing, Implementing, and Evaluating) method, which aims at describing the acceptance finding ability of the students. Subjects in this research were elementary students aged 10-12 years. The results of this research stated that students' acceptance finding ability still needs to be continuously developed by giving non-routine problems, open problems, and complex problems. These problems will require students to think divergently-convergently.

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Ritamoni Gogoi

Ethnic diversity is distinctive feature of Northeast India in general and Assam in particular. Various ethnic groups in the region has started asserting their identity in post Independence period. The failure of the state led policies for the upliftment of tribes brings agony among the tribes leading to such assertions. It is argued that the state led policies have marginalizes the tribes contrary to their expectations. It has resulted in the identity assertion of the tribes in various forms. In such context, this paper attempts to understand the nuances of identity assertion among the Deori community of Assam. Further, it seeks to understand the different phases of identity assertion of Deori Community in Assam.

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Italia Joseph Maria, T. Devi, D. Ravi

Leukemia is cancer of the blood, which includes the bone marrow and the lymphatic tissues, usually involving white blood cells. Unlike usual cancer, leukemia does not form solid tumours, but form large number of abnormal white blood cells which crowd out the normal blood cells. Machine Learning algorithms are largely employed in the treatment of Leukemia, be it for classification of different leukemia types or for detecting if leukemia is present in a patient. This paper describes Support Vector Machines, k-Nearest Neighbour, Neural Networks, Naïve Bayes and Deep Learning algorithms which are used to classify leukemia into its sub-types and presents a comparative study of these algorithms.

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Maria Corazon A. Virtudazo, Dr. Eugenio S. Guhao

This study described the lived experiences of public school teachers on student discipline in the classroom. A qualitative phenomenological approach using in-depth interview and focus group discussion were conducted to 21 teachers of Sarangani Division for the School Year 2016-2017. Six themes that emerged as experienced by teachers in imposing classroom discipline; namely, harassment and intimidation; student defiance and disobedience; teachers’ risk of litigation; parental assent; favorable learning environment; and appreciation. The participants of the study had different approaches in coping with the problems on student discipline in the classroom, with the themes parental involvement and collaboration; positive reinforcement and affection; constancy and consistence; knowing students on a personal level; calmness and composure; and constructive approach. As to their insights, the themes generated were know your students; traditional approach may no longer work; teachers need support from administrators; and parents’ involvement is crucial.

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Shanmugaraja. P., V. Prabhudoss, M.Samuthra, S.Jawahar

The present investigation “Training Needs of Turmeric Growers in Namakkal District” was designed to study the profile characteristics of turmeric growers and to measure the knowledge level, training needs and the associated factors. This study also covered appropriate season, venue, type, frequency and duration of training as perceived by turmeric growers. Keeping this in view, the study was carried out in selected five villages of Erumapatty and Namagiripettai blocks of Namakkal district. The sample size consisted of 120 turmeric growers. The respondents were interviewed personally through a well structured and pre-tested interview schedule. Arithmetic mean, percentage analysis, cumulative frequency, zero order correlation and multiple regressions were used to analyze the collected data Majority of the turmeric growers attended one training programme and had moderate knowledge on recommended turmeric cultivation practices. Majority of the turmeric growers expressed huge level of training needs for two major subject areas viz., ‘rhizome treatment’ and ‘disease management’. Majority of the turmeric growers preferred to have training during the cropping season in their own village for two days duration. Majority of the farmers preferred to have training during the cropping season in their own village for two days duration. Majority of the respondents preferred to have peripatetic type of training once in a month.

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Kumba Digdowiseiso, Eko Sugiyanto, Heru Dian Setiawan

In accordance with the local economic development context, the Coordinating Ministry of Economic Affairs recently announced a new Master Plan for the “Acceleration and Expansion of Indonesia’s Economic Development 2011-2025”. The second phase of the Master Plan from 2016 to 2020 will focus on “quick wins” and on preparing action plans for the “debottlenecking” of various pending regulations, licenses, incentives, as well as preparing the ground for major investments. Though the implementation of the first phase itself reveals a very ambitious short-term agenda for reform on cross-cutting policies, both domestic and foreign investors are hoping for an improved license system in the OSS.

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Dr. Bishwa Hazarika

Language attitude is the outlook of the people for a particular language. Assam is a place where many ethnic and indigenous groups are living peacefully. The Khamti is an indigenous group and a branch of Tai tribe origin at Burma(today Myanmar) and have their cultural and linguistic identity. They have their own script. The Khamti is a small ethnic group of Assam and their population is very few. Although they have their own language maximum of them use Assamese language for communication. Due the domination of Assamese language Khamti’s are become bilingual. As a result a threatening arises for their language. In such a situation the Khamti’s language attitude to their language is becoming an important issue for preservation and development of Khamti language. Medium of instruction in a particular language is a technique for development and conservation of that language. This paper primarily tries to analyze the language attitude of Khamti people to their language. Secondly, it tries to discuss the significance of Khamti’s language attitude for preservation and development of their language and attitude for medium of instruction in Khamti language based on empirical study.

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Rosario Violeta Grijalva-Salazar, Víctor Hugo Fernández-Bedoya, Ambrocio Teodoro Esteves-Pairazamán, Walter Gregorio Ibarra-Fretell

Cities with a high content of light pollution are illuminated 24 hours a day, this generates light pollution. Light pollution does not only the vision of people, but also affect the animals of the place, who find themselves in the need to migrate to other areas, darker where they can perform their daily activities, with greater insecurity for them. This study aimed to measure the level of knowledge of the light pollution, data collected from 384 people living in Lima, Peru was examined. Findings suggested that in general, only 4% of people interviewed have high knowledge of what light pollution is, while 20% had medium knowledge and 76% of people interviewed had low knowledge of the subject.

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Sanchari Biswas, Ch Ramakrishna, Y A Maruthi

Visakhapatnam is a fast growing city with a rich diversity of flora and fauna. In the recent years, the avifauna of Visakhapatnam has faced intensive number of increasing threats due to various anthropogenic activities out of which heavy metal contamination is one. The present study was carried out to determine the concentration of heavy metals Pb, As, Ni, Mn, Cu, Co in Liver tissues of five bird species namely White Breasted Water hen (Amaurornis phoenicurus), Black Kite (Milvus migrans), Northern Pintail (Anas acuta), White Throated Kingfisher(Halcyon smyrnensis) and Asian Koel (Eudynamys scolopaceus) from various aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems. Heavy metal residues were detected using ICPMS and statistical analysis (using Origin Lab 2019) were applied to validate the results. The heavy metal accumulation in the liver tissue samples of the birds followed the order Cu>Mn>As>Pb>Ni>Co. With the application of statistical analysis, significant strong positive correlations were obtained between various species of birds and their metal accumulating pattern with Cu and Mn being the principle two elements absorbed. The overall results obtained in the study suggests the silent ongoing intake of heavy metals by living forms through their food chain which may give rise to biomagnification with time.

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Dwinanda Linchia Levi Heningdyah Nikolas Kusumawardhani, FX Adji Samekto, RB Sularto

Globalization impact cause narcotic abuse in Indonesia sharply increase quantitatively and qualitatively. Narcotic abuse has been global problem and serious threat in the nation and state. Narcotic condition in Indonesia has increased and worrying. Based on United Nation Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) data shows that Indonesia is on of the most narcotic user in the world, in average 1.5 % from Indonesia population or 2.9 – 3.6 million man as well as woman have involved in narcotic abuse and 22 % of them are teenager. It needs progressive step in preventing and eradicating narcotic, including consistency of presidential legal policy; coordination of National Narcotic Body, Police Officer and Ministry; the involvement of anti-drugs community and non-governmental organization, and developing anti narcotic legal culture or narcotic danger in society.

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Dr.D.D.Bedia, Kshema Shrivastava

As per the notification G.S.R 111(E) dated 16 February 2015 of the Ministry of Corporate Affairs of India, the Indian listed companies are required to comply with the IFRS converged Ind AS for the preparation of their financial statements and audit from the accounting periods commencing on or after 1st April 2016. However, few internationally listed companies were voluntarily reporting their financial statements as per IFRS along with the financial statements prepared as per Indian Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (IGAAP) before April 1, 2016. The researchers analysed the impact of this voluntary reporting of financial statements as per IFRS on the comparability and relevance of financial information in India. It was also analysed whether the value relevance of financial information for the investors is higher under IFRS than that of the information provided in financial statements prepared as per the Indian GAAP when they have to make decisions in the capital markets. The result of the research revealed a significant quantitative impact of IFRS on some of the selected accounting figures and ratios. It was also observed that IFRS had a positive effect on the value relevance of financial reporting.

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Sofwan Adiputra, Uman Suherman, Syamsu Yusuf, Ilfiandra

Culture is an inherent part of human beings, so ethnic values, and religious values are things that must be considered by counselors. This is reinforced by the perceived resistance of the east to the theory of western counseling, thus encouraging the development of indigenous counseling ideas. The purpose of this study is to classify the formation of an indigenous counseling approach, so that it will facilitate the development of this approach in the future. This classification is done by analyzing the application of counseling that incorporates cultural and religious values. This study uses a qualitative meta-synthesis method, which has steps to identify the formation, explanation, and development of theories. The results of this study indicate that indigenous counseling arises by applying counseling that is associated with cultural and religious values to produce something new in the methods, interventions, techniques and approaches counseling. There are three forms of criteria applied in indigenous counseling, namely first, inserting a few cultural and religious elements in the application of existing counseling; Second, Adjusting the counseling approach with cultural and religious elements; Third, adopting cultural and religious elements to form a new counseling approach. Indigenous counseling has become a necessity that must be met, especially in societies that have strong cultural and religious values.

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Sanath kumarTulasi , Syed Inthiyaz,Y.Harshitha, T.Gowthami,P.Avighna

Adder also show an crucialrole in the mathematical operation like addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, etc. This block is known as functional block. We presented a Relativeanalysis of several Adiabatic & Hybrid Less Power summers in this paper.These adder cells were modelled using the mentor graphics 45 nm instrument and equated in terms of power, delay and PowerDelay Product prospects.

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Ansharullah Ansharullah, Andi Besse Patadjai, Asranudin

This study was aimed to characterize the antioxidant activity of sea cucumber (Holothuria scabra), which were processed into powder with various processing methods. The processing methods used were smoking, steaming and microwaving. The powder were then measured its antioxidant activity using 2,2-diphenyl-1-picrylhydrazyl (DPPH) method. Other characteristics tested were their chemical content, morphological properties with Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM), and FTIR spectrum of the sea cucumber flour obtained. The results showed that the sea cucumber flour production with the microwaving method produced a powder which had stronger antioxidant properties compared to smoking and steaming methods. Based on IR spectroscopy data, it was shown that the compounds contained in samples which have vibrations of secondary amine groups (N-H), aromatic C-H groups, aliphatic C-H groups, C = O groups and aromatic groups indicated as alkaloid compounds. The sea cucumber powder produced with microwave method had a higher protein content, and its morphological appearance indicated a more physical damage. The method of sea cucumber powder preparation with microwave appeared to be likely more efficient in time, and would have a better nutritional values.

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Wan Muhamad Amir W Ahmad, Muhammad Azeem Yaqoob, Rabiatul Adawiyah Abdul Rohim, Farah Muna Mohamad Ghazali, Nor Azlida Aleng

This paper examines the factors influencing the health status among the elderly at Rumah Seri Kenangan (RSK), Pengkalan Chepa, Kelantan and RSK Bedong, Kedah. Correlation Analysis (CA), Decision Tree Analysis (DTA), Multilayer Perceptron (MLP), and Principal Component Analysis (PCA) were used to determine the factor that might be associated with the health among the elderlies in both RSK. Through these methodologies, the health status factor will be assessed and validate simultaneously. Results from these analyses will be used as a benchmark for the decision making especially among the decision-maker to improve the level of quality which given to the elderly. The utmost finding from this study, it provides very useful information to the health caregiver for future management action plan and to improve the existing management system of an elderly.

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Wan Muhamad Amir W Ahmad, Farah Muna Mohamad Ghazali, Muhammad Azeem Yaqoob, Rabiatul Adawiyah Abdul Rohim, Ruhaya Hasan

The aim of this paper is to examine all possible association among all the studied factor which influencing the health status among the elderly at Rumah Seri Kenangan (RSK), Pengkalan Chepa, Kelantan and RSK Bedong, Kedah. RSK is a government-funded public sheltered home for the elderly suffering from a lack of financial and family support. In this paper, four different methods have been applied in order to determine all the possible association which probably has a higher tendency towards the health status. Chi-square Analysis (CA), Binary Logistic Regression (BLR) and Multilayer Perceptron (MLP) were selected statistical tools for the factor determine as for the elderly at Rumah Seri Kenangan (RSK). The significant variable from CA will be used for the BLR analysis, for assessing the odd ratio. The next analysis is to conform (validate) the relationship between the dependent and independent variables. To achieve that the MLP procedure is applied. This methodology discovers the relationship between the target variable and the predictors for assessing health status among the elderlies. The obtained results from these analyses will be used as an indicator for improving the level of quality given to the elderly. In conclusion, there are two factors that contribute to the health status of the elderlies, gender factor, and duration of the stay at the RSK. The female elderly is more healthy compared to the male elderly. According to the duration of the stay, the elderly who had stayed more than 60 months is much healthier compared to the elderly who had to stay less than 60 months.

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R.Kalidass, Dr. K.Krishnamoorthy

Thanthai Periyar was a youthful occasion to and his death of life for he has followed different social thoughts. He was focal interpretation for this decision separating to the society and suppressed people boycott into the Temple. Brahmins established to the Varnashrama – Dharma he was people divided among Bhramnas, Kshatriyas, Vaishyas, and Sutras. The beginning of 19th century saying the appearance of various socio-religious reformation movements in Tamil Nadu. Thanthai Periyar thoughts on the religion an assured in the no rationalism, refusal and opposed to the class system, untouchability, and repudiation women’s identical rights and liberation, he must to the widow re-marriages, denial child marriage, opposite-Hindi, prevention to domination in the upper class people, and should be service opportunities in Non-Brahmins and many more thoughts on the society.

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Dr. M. Prabu

The increasing the usage of satellite remote sensing for a civilian purpose has proved to be the most cost-effective mapping environmental changes with regard to natural resources, particularly in developing countries. Forests as one part of the wildlife of human societies in economic growth and permanency of natural resources in the countries of the world. But because of various details such as the growth of population, progressively varying forest to the other unfitting applications such as agriculture, providing energy and fuel, millions of hectares from the natural means are destroyed every year, and the remainder of the surface changes quantitatively and qualitatively. For better management of the forests, the evolution of forest area and rate of forest concentration should be examined. It is achievable that, there isn’t any change in the field of the forest during the time, but the density of forest canopy is changed. Estimation of forest canopy cover has recently become an essential part of the forest. Therefore, the research study is to develop Forest Canopy Remover, which is used to get an accurate result of Forest and deforested area from the satellite earth images. It is used to calculate forest density using vegetation. Then, the changes in area and forest density during a particular period can be distinguished.

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Danu Fareza, Fatwa Tentama

The purpose of this study is to analyze the validity and reliability of the construction of job satisfaction, and to find dimensions and indicators that can shape the construction of job satisfaction. The data collection method used a scale of job satisfaction. The scale of job satisfaction is measured by five dimensions, namely pay, work itself, coworkers, promotions, and supervision. The subjects in this study were 60 teachers who worked at the "X" elementary school in Tenggarong. Sampling used a random sampling technique. Data in this study were analyzed using Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) SmartPLS 3.2.8 with reflective construction through CFA 2nd Order. Based on the results of the analysis of constructive validity and reliability, the dimensions and indicators that make up job satisfaction for teachers are declared valid and reliable. All dimensions and indicators can significantly form the construction of job satisfaction. Thus the model can be accepted because the theory that describes job satisfaction in accordance with empirical data obtained. The dimension that has a dominant influence on job satisfaction is supervision (leadership) with a loading factor of 0.913.

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Fifi Indrayani Abd Wahab, Fatwa Tentama

This research aims to analyze the construct validity and reliability of the burnout scale, and to determine the aspects and indicators that form the construct of burnout scale. The burnout scale can be measured with three aspects, namely emotional exhaustion, depersonalization, and low self-esteem. The subjects of this research consist of 60 teachers who work at school “X”. The data were collected using burnout scale and then analyzed using Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) SmartPLS 3.2.8 with reflective construct through CFA 2nd Order. Based on the results of the analysis of the construct validity and reliability, the aspects and indicators making up the burnout on the teachers are declared valid and reliable. It shows that all aspects and indicators are able to reflect and form the burnout. Thus, the model can be accepted because the theory describing the burnout is in accordance with the empirical data obtained.

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Shubhanker Yadav, Dr. Anindita Chakraborty

This study examines the impact of female director on the firm market based financial performance of listed Indian firms in an econometric modelling approach. Using a firm year unit of analysis, a sample of 60 BSE listed companies across various industries has been studied over a period of twelve financial years, namely FY 2006–2007 to FY 2017–2018. Using panel data analysis, the percentage of female directors on corporate board is taken as the independent variable and firm performance measured by two market based financial performance indicator Q (Tobin's Q) and Mv/Ev (Market Value to Enterprise value, as the dependent variables. The primary results of the study using panel least squares (PLS) and random effects (RE) estimation models point towards a positive and significant correlation between the percentage of female directors and Tobin q. However, results are found to be more strong when Mv/Ev been used as firm financial performance. The findings of the study indicate that the number of companies with no female directors is reducing across the 12 years of study. It may be due to the external pressure created by the new corporate governance code 2013, also, the number of companies with one or more, number of female directors been seen as increasing during the period of study. Still, very few companies can be seen keeping one-third of the director as female director; this could be due to the non-availability of a female director.

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Antania Carissa, Jessica Natalia, Margareth Lasini, Willy Gunadi.

Experiential marketing has been recognized as one of the most effective ways to magnetize concert attendees. This phenomenon has widely opened opportunity for promoters to market and to display in their events, precisely in Indonesia young populations nowadays. This research is conducted to provide novelty in music concert industry, to capture insightful experiential perspective, and to identify the role of sensory, emotional, social and memorable experiences in behavioural intention of Indonesia’s music concert industry. Data is collected through online questionnaires and analyzed by using PLS-SEM. The results indicate that memorable experience is the most influential factor to behavioural intention, social experience is the second, sensory is the third, and the least prioritized is emotional experience. Lastly, there are soluble implications explained which fully support the results of this research.

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Dr. Jayeeta Majumder, Susmi Biswas, Dr. Sourav Gangopadhyay

The oral hygiene is an important issue of health; it has both physical and social issues. Many researchers have found that a large number of people are not maintaining good oral hygiene practice especially in the rural areas of developing countries including India. There are lots of variation existed among the people of urban, rural and semi urban populations. Very few researches have conducted to assess whether any significant differences existed between rural and semi urban population of East Midnapore district of West Bengal in respect to practice of oral hygiene. In this regard we have conducted independent sample t test on 82 numbers of people of East Midnapore district. The result shows that practice of oral hygiene of rural and semi urban population of East Midnapore district is significantly different from each other as the P value is .001 as per the results of independent sample t test.

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Henry Eryanto, Darma Rika Swaramarinda, Marsofiyati

The purpose of this study is to evaluate the effectiveness of the implementation of the the Entrepreneurial Student Program and determine the extent of successfull of the program and analyze responses and feedback as well as constraints in the implementation of policies regarding the holding of the Entrepreneurial Student Program in UNJ. This study uses mix methods. The evaluation model used in this study is a CIPP model. The result are : In the sub focus background and the the Entrepreneurial Student Program, includes on it managers, lecturers, tutors and participants. Sub-program preparation for The Entrepreneurial Student Program consists of short-term programs, long-term, curriculum and training materials, technical and operational guidelines, HR, companion mentors, monitoring, secretariat, infrastructure and financing the budget. This program has not been used optimally. Socialization is made by mail to the faculties and social media. The preparation phase for providing supplies to students is about the basics of entrepreneurship, there are no participants following a program that actively internships in SMEs. Fostering, monitoring evaluation, participants are required to make a report that contained TOR of use of funds. This program follow-up programs experiencing capacity increase as much as 67.74%, while the the capability increased by 70.97%.

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Anis Suryani, Fatwa Tentama

The purpose of this research are to analyze construct validity and reliability on organizational commitment as well as finding the components which form the organizational commitment. Components which form the organizational commitment are affective, normative and continuance constructs. The subject of the research is constituted of 60 teachers specialiazed in teaching students to read the Qur’an in X University. The data is collected by using organizational commitment scale. Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) SmartPLS 3.2.8 with reflective construct through CFA 2nd order is utilized to analyze the data. Based on the result of the analysis, it is concluded that the components and indicators which form organizational commitment are valid and reliable. The dominant component which reflect construct of organizational commitment is the affective commitment with factor loading of 0.946. The lowest component which reflect the organizational commitment is continuance commitment with factor loading of 0.647. These indicate that all dimensions and indicators reflect and constitute the organizational commitment. Thus, this measurement model can be accepted for it yields a compatibility between the theory which describes the organizational commitment and the empirical data collected from the subject.

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V.Venkata Krishna, B.Venkatesh, M. Vara Sai Ram, K. Siva Krishna, D.V.Ratnam

In this paper with the help of smartphones technology we had performed the magnetic field measurements by using the sensor data collector app. By studying about the sensors of honor and vivo phones, the sensors have the 1400nT nominal sensitivity. from the sensors also we can detect the glitches which having the amplitude of measurement of ±1500 nT. due to this magnetics terms there will be a effect on satellites and satellite communication and also the human life. In this study we had improved about sensors magnetic fields for future improvements.

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Kuswanto, Refnida

The purpose of this study is to produce effective contextual learning in improving student learning achievement. This research was conducted using the Classroom Action method consisting of two cycles through four stages, namely planning, class action, observation and reflection. Data was collected using observation and test sheets. Data analysis method is done descriptively. By making improvements to the application of the contextual learning model in each cycle, making student learning outcomes have increased. In the first cycle, students who scored above 60 were 47.62 percent. In the second cycle increased to 52.38 percent and increased to 85.75 percent in the third cycle. The effective contextual learning model is used to improve student learning outcomes in microeconomic theory courses if done by: (a) Planned according to student learning needs; (b) Be carried out systematically; (c) Material is presented contextually; (d) Intense tutoring; (e) Objectively evacuated; and (f) Appreciate each student's work.

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Dr. Bhintra Thakur, Dr. Samragi Madan, Dr. Harish Satia

Management Control is one of the most debated topics in the recent times. It has been associated with decentralization of work amongst employees to achieve desired objective consistently. Hospitals rely highly on management control systems for efficient functioning of the organization. Every hospital has different types of policies and regulations and they must comply with the rules and regulations for better functioning of the hospital. This paper discusses about gaps in each area of 5 corporate hospitals of Delhi and to suggest reforms to improve the overall functioning of the healthcare organization.

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K.Siva krishna, P. Sai Keerthi, T. D. L. N. Prathyusha, M. Bhanu Prakash Reddy, D.V.Ratnam

Many errors impair the precise positioning of the GPS, the ionospheric lag being the most prevalent error. The line-of-sight TEC derived from GPS dual frequency information is skewed by GPS satellite and receiver DCB’s. There are DCB’s as the two frequencies of the GPS experience various delays in the GPS satellite and receiver hardware. The recipient instrumental bias estimate plays an important role in achieving the precise navigation required for civil aircraft users. In this paper, we have estimated the ionospheric delay without removing the DCB’s and then separated the DCB’s from the resultant output to obtain required ionospheric delay in a station.

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Surendar, J.A.S Fazil ahmed, P.Kavin,

This project commence the concept for seed cutting system of Glorisa Superba (Glory lily). Harvesting is the important stage in agriculture field. Currently in India farmer used Conventional method for cutting the seed (i.e.) manual cutting. It needs more labors. The Unique advantage of the project is to do the task with safety and systematically. This helps the farmers to reduce the cost. GLORY LILY is a state flower of Tamil Nadu. It is a herbaceous or Semi Woody Climber with V-Shaped tubers. The Plant is highly valued for its medical properties, more importantly for the treatment of cancer related diseases, arthritis, gout, rheumatism. Colchicine act as an anti-mitotic agent by inhibiting mitotic cell division. This colchicine creates some strain to farmers while picking the seed. Farmers are in need to ease the way for collecting the seed. This project is typically focused to initiate the seed picker machine. The important goal is to develop the automatic machine and pave the way for farmers. In a plant a seed is positioned in various angles and different height. A rack and Pinion gear setup along with the motor is to cut the seed can cut place itself. Atmel 8051 controller associated with the motor through relays. Solar panel is utilized here to offer the power to proposed system. In this proposed project is utilized in field whenever the battery is drain it charged using solar panel it avoid the use of electricity. It is coherently utilize for energy saving. The main motto is to make friendly equipment for our farmers, because it reduces the stress handled by the farmers and reduces the cost.

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M.Sumathi, P.Chitra , K.Srilatha

Microstrip fix receiving wire finds a superior decision in remote correspondences in view of their less cost, light weight and simplicity of creation. Small size wide band reception apparatuses are of awesome request in future advances with the fast development of remote correspondence innovation. Notwithstanding innate impediment like thin transfer speed and low pick up, microstrip fix receiving wires have various preferences. Be that as it may, different strategies have been examined for the improvement of both transfer speed and gain. This paper proposes a novel outline with deserted ground structure so as to get better data transfer capacity. The structure is designed at 8.5 GHz using FR4-epoxy as substrate material that has relative permittivity 4.4 and loss tangent 0.02. HFSS (High Frequency Structure Simulator) software is used for simulating the proposed design. This antenna obtained the return loss -12.87 dB, -14.36 dB at 5.5 GHz and 10.5 GHz with a VSWR of less than 2. In order to enhance the bandwidth of the antenna, defected partial ground has been used which truncate at the edges so, that bandwidth of more than 1 GHz has been achieved at both resonating frequencies. Gain of 4.24 dB and 6.27 dB has been obtained at 5.5 GHz and 10.5 GHz. The efficiency of antenna is also found to be good and proposed design has suitable characteristics so that it can be used in WiMax and Radar applications.

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Radha Mothukuri, Mallempudi Sai Satvik, Kolusu sri Balaji, Dodda Manikanta

In the present current way of life of individuals are influencing by various medical problems, one among them is coronary illness which might be nascent from early age. Presently a day’s machine learning is turning into a typical instrument in medical services field. AI technology helps in logical philosophy for recognizing significant data. Machine Learning provides various advantages in medical industry. Identification of the extortion in medical coverage, accessibility of restorative answers for the patients at less cost. Acknowledgement of reasons for infections and ID of medical treatment techniques. It additionally helps the social insurance analysts for making proficient medical services strategies, building drug suggestion frameworks, creating wellbeing profiles of people and so forth. The prevalent objective of this paper is to recognize the nearness or nonattendance of coronary illness for a person. In the medical industry, it is exceptionally hard to find whether an individual is influenced by coronary illness or not by a doctor. It requires a cautious comprehension of patient’s information, and the distinguishing proof of those parameters which cause the ailment the entirety of this is considered as a troublesome assignment. Extra apparatuses are required for settling on the clinical choice of coronary illness. The data set for prediction of coronary illness, containing 303 cases, which have been utilized for the preparation and testing of the created framework. The consequences of this paper shows the regression technique like Logistic regression is being applied for the heart disease forecast so as to improve the framework productivity when contrasted with random forest and support vector machine(svm) algorithms.

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Mónica Elisa Meneses-La-Riva, Josefina Amanda Suyo-Vega, Néstor Carlos Flores-Rodríguez, Víctor Hugo Fernández-Bedoya

Alcohol consumption is a causal factor in more than 200 diseases and disorders reported by the World Health Organization (2018). It is associated with the risk of developing health problems such as mental and behavioral disorders and places you at potential risk of an addiction that affects the health of individuals and athletes. The objective of the study was to determine the relationship between alcohol consumption and the physical condition of athletes who attend the Sports Cultural Association. The study was quantitative, correlational and cross-sectional. The population consisted of 80 amateur athletes belonging to a cultural association, from which an intentional non-probability sample of 66 subjects was extracted. The instruments used were the Alcohol-Related Disorders Identification Test (AUDIT) and the endurance test (COOPER). The results indicate that at the level of bivariate analysis, 65.4% of those with high alcohol consumption are in poor physical condition and 42.9% of those with low alcohol consumption are in good physical condition. This relationship was confirmed with a significant chi-square value (p<0.005). At the descriptive level, the level of alcohol consumed by athletes was high (40%) and physical condition was very poor, with an average distance covered of 2144 meters. It is concluded that the majority of the athletes evaluated had high alcohol consumption and was related to poor physical condition. It is necessary to use educational strategies to prevent and minimize health risks.

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Abdul Haris Fitri Anto, Sugiyarta Stanislaus, Sugiariyanti, Amri Hana Muhammad, Chamila Ahda Soraya Rahma

Today employment providers consider the digital reputation of job applicants as one aspect in evaluating the suitability of applicants with the position for which they are applying. Therefore, it is important for every job applicant to develop a digital reputation. The purpose of this study is to measure the effectiveness of online personal branding (OPB) training in increasing the intention to develop a digital reputation among job applicants. This research was conducted with the pretest-posttest experimental design method without a control group. By involving 21 experiments from job seekers, the OPB training focused on aspects of the person, paper, and internet. The online personal branding intention questionnaire (KIOPB) consisting of aspects of attitude, subjective norm, and perceived behavioral control was used as an instrument to collect pretest-posttest data. Overall, paired t-test results indicate that the intention of job applicants has increased significantly. This means that OPB training has succeeded in increasing the intention of job seekers to build a digital reputation for the success of applying for a job. The findings and limitations of the study are further discussed in the article.

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M. Yahyaoui, S. Amdouni, T. Kallel

An investigation on the electronic properties of II-VI semiconductors by 40 band k.p method is presented. Findings on the band diagram and density of states are analyzed and the results are compared with previously reported theoretical and experimental works. The density of states calculations reveal that the valence band maxima are predominant contributed by the p-states. .and conduction band minima are mainly contributed by the s-states. Our calculations has been validated. through an accurate set of comparisons with available experimental results.

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Budi Lenggono, Fatwa Tentama

This research aims to analyze the construct validity and construct reliability of academic procrastination, as well as to analyze the dimensions and indicators forming academic procrastination construct. Academic procrastination is measured with two dimensions, namely the prevalence of procrastination and reason for procrastination. The subjects of this research were 60 11th grade high school students in Sukoharjo. The research applied the academic procrastination scale as data collection method. The data were analyzed with Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) SmartPLS 3.2.8 using reflective construct by CFA 2nd Order. Based on the analysis, the dimensions and the indicators forming academic procrastination construct are valid and reliable. The dimension dominantly reflecting the academic procrastination construct is the reason for procrastination with 0.816 loading factor. The dimension least reflecting the academic procrastination construct is the prevalence of procrastination with 0.776 loading factor. The results show that every dimension and indicator can reflect and form the academic procrastination construct. Therefore, the measurement model can be accepted for the theory illustrating academic procrastination is in accordance with the empirical data obtained from the subjects.

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Namrata Bulchandani, Uday Chourasia, Shikha Agrawal, Priyanka Dixit, Alpana Pandey

Cloud Computing has gained immense importance in recent times. Cloud computing means delivering or utilizing services and resources over the internet. Task scheduling is very important aspect for maximum utilization of the cloud. Task scheduling in cloud computing is nothing but allotting different tasks to particular resources or machines such that the main purpose of moving to cloud is achieved i.e. high performance, maximum profit and minimum time. There can be more justifications to why ‘scheduling’ is ongoing hot research topic nowadays. Services are provided on pay-per-use basis. There are many scheduling algorithms proposed all having different target parameters. In this writing, different models of scheduling algorithms have been studied along with comparison and tabulation of latest proposed cloud scheduling algorithms.

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Y Hari Krishna, P Bindu, Veeraswamy Yaragani, N Vijaya, O D Makinde

Balancing equations in chemical reactions is very basic and fundamental concept and in some cases it becomes more difficult so that a mathematical treatment is needed in order to make it easy. This research paper mainly focuses on an excellent application of Gauss-Jordan elimination method in balancing typical unbalanced chemical equations. In fact, inspection is often the quickest and easiest way to balance complex equation. Here we are going to use Gauss-Jordan elimination method to balance a complicated chemical reaction equation. This method can be applied to balance any arbitrary given difficult chemical reaction. Besides MATLAB program related to this discourse has been presented in this research article.

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Meilia Wigati, Fatwa Tentama

The purpose of this study is to analyze the construct validity and construct reliability of self-identity, and to find the elements and indicators that shape self-identity. Self-identity is measured by two elements, namely the exploration element and the commitment element. The subjects in this study were students of class XII at Muhammadiyah 1 Moyudan Vocational High School as many as 75 students. Data collection methods using self-identity scale. Analysis of research data using the SmartPLS 3.0 program with reflective constructs through the 2nd Order CFA. Based on the results of the analysis of the construct validity and the construct reliability through the outer model, the elements and indicators that make up the identity are valid and reliable. This shows that all components and indicators that exist are able to reflect and shape self-identity. Thus the model can be accepted because the theory that describes self-identity in accordance with empirical data obtained. The dominant element that influences the construction of self-identity is the exploration element.

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M. Naresh, D. Venkat Reddy, K. Ramalinga Reddy

Long Term Evolution network or LTE network is a 4G network extension that provides higher data rate by combining multiple technologies and channels through a demand based selection of the appropriate one. This implements an evolved node base station (eNB). The Integrated eNB’s in 4G network are responsible for seamless switching between different technologies and channels. Such a switching decision is often affected by several parameters like available bandwidth, desired load,; inter channel interference, available signal to noise ratio, fading, downlink power and so on. Frequent switch between channels result in waste of a portion of bandwidth in control signal whereas delayed switching results in low packet delivery ratio and in turn low data rate. Hence, an optimal solution is desired to maintain high data rate under scalable 4G network. In this work, we propose an optimal channel selection and switching by suitably controlling the downlink power depending upon fuzzy classification of performance parameters. Results show that the proposed system improves effective data rate and packet delivery ratio in comparison with conventional linear techniques.

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Edo Lestari, Fatwa Tentama

This study aimed to analyze the construct validity and reliability and to discover the aspects and indicators that formed career maturity variables. The career maturity was measured by five aspects, namely; career planning, career exploration, career decision making, world of work information, knowledge of preferred occupational group, and realization. The subjects of this study were 65 students of class XII from Senior High School "X" Yogyakarta that were taken by simple random sampling technique. Data collection method was done by using a career maturity scale. The research data were analyzed by using Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) Smart PLS 3.2.8 with reflective constructs through CFA 2nd Order. Based on the analysis of the outer model, the aspects and indicators that form the career maturity construct were declared valid and reliable. The most dominant aspect to reflect career maturity was the career decision making aspect, while the lowest aspect to reflect career maturity was the aspect of realization. The results showed that all aspects and indicators were able to reflect and to form the career maturity construct. Therefore the measurement model could be accepted because the theory that described the construct of career maturity was appropriate to the empirical data which was obtained from the subjects.

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Srisailam Sreedhar, Venkatesh Srinivasan

Lightning is an intense bright discharge of the ionized sky or a thin channel of luminous spark directed towards the earth through the air that could present considerable risk to mankind and also possibly cause significant damage to buildings, monuments, transmission lines etc. Hence, it is necessary to provide appropriate protection against such large currents and strong electromagnetic radiation that are created from lightning phenomenon. A domain of considerable significance that continues to present considerable challenges to the scientific fraternity in the field of lightning protection is in understanding the underlying physical development process of lightning and the consequent disaster mechanism. Researchers have carried out diverse experimental analysis to ascertain the role and characteristics of lightning which occurs due to discharge of the large amount of charge accumulated in the cloud. Lightning discharge occurring between the nearest clouds called Cloud-to-Cloud (CC) flash or discharges which travel as a stepped leader which reaches earth forming Cloud-to-Ground (CG) flash are of significant interest. The hazards caused by the lightning are invariably modelled and inferred as a consequence of the resulting return stroke formed during the process of stepped leader descending on to the earth or a grounded system. In this context, several researchers have developed and postulated models by representing properties of lightning return stroke utilizing experimental data such as time-based changes in the base current and its derivatives, return stroke speed and electromagnetic field etc to a substantial degree of success. Though return models based to gas dynamics, electromagnetics, transmission line, hybrid and leader attachment representations has been widely utilized by the scientific community recently, there has been renewed focus in understanding and implementing modelling of lightning return strokes based on hybrid models and representation based on leader attachment methods. This research study focuses on providing a comprehensive overview and detailed comparison of various categories in lightning return stroke models, in addition to appropriate assumptions, merits and limitations to facilitate better understanding on characteristics of lightning phenomenon and provide vital clues into implementation of return stroke modelling.

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A. Lakshmanarao, M. Shashi

Cyber crime is proliferating everywhere exploiting every kind of vulnerability to computing environment. Ethical Hackers pay more attention towards assessing vulnerabilities and recommending mitigation methodologies. The development of effective techniques has been an urgent demand in the field of the cybersecurity community. Machine Learning for cybersecurity has become an issue of great importance recently due to the effectiveness of machine learning and deep learning in cybersecurity issues. Machine learning techniques have been applied for major challenges in cybersecurity issues like intrusion detection, malware classification and detection, spam detection and phishing detection. Although machine learning cannot automate a complete cybersecurity system, it helps to identify cyber-security threats more efficiently than other software-oriented methodologies, and thus reduces the burden on security analysts. Ever evolving nature of cyber threats throws challenges continuously on the researchers to explore with the ideal combination of deep expertise in cybersecurity and in data science. In this paper, we present the current state of art machine learning applications and their potential for cybersecurity. An analysis of machine learning algorithms for most common types of cybersecurity threats is presented.

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K. Bhuvaneswari, G. Subashini

In this work, we discuss the context of Quad difference labeling (QDL) for degree splitting graphs like P_n⨀K_1, C_n, B_(n,n), C_n⨀K_1, T_n, Y_(r+1)- tree graphs.

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Dr. Abdulsadek Hassan

The study aims to identify The Usage of WhatsApp for Academic Knowledge in Gulf Tertiary Institutions among Students from Saudi and Bahraini Universities, applying to a sample of 175 students. The results indicated that the students used this application for many reasons such as: participate in discussion about assignments and research, publish some notifications and announcements about courses among classmates, discuss course Specification with the instructor , exchange the ideas about course project with my classmates, increase accommodation with behaviors related to academic performance, exchange the previous and expected exams questions with classmates, Increase my co-operation with classmates in preparing assignments.

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Sweta Bhattacharya, Rajeswari C, Saugata De

The key to success in the field of stock trading depends on the ability of buying and selling stocks at the correct time where decision making skills and predictions play a major role. The objective is to “Sell high and buy low” which sounds easy but is difficult to achieve and errors in assumption can lead to extensive loss of money. Data mining is a popularly used technique which has helped to resolve decision making issues in this field this increasing accuracy in accuracy of predictions in stock trading. In this paper, a comparative analysis of the use of various classification algorithms namely SVM, Naïve Bayes classifier, CART and LAD are explored which have been a popular choice of algorithms in stock exchange data. Finally, a hybrid model is developed considering the pros and cons of Naïve Bayes classifier and SVM algorithm which has been successful in producing enhances accuracy in comparison to the existing approaches.

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A.Parimala, R.Ramakala, Dr.R.Uma

One of the world's biggest railway networks is in India; manual Inspection and identifying a crack on these rail routes tracks is a monotonous procedure and expends much time and Human Resources (HR). For Rail Track Inspection (RCDT-RTI),this paper shows a Robust Crack DT, customized at the detection proof of primary surface damage on rail pattern.In this RCDT-RTI,the damagesDT exploitsthe wave propagationexperience by recognizing errors because of damage existence, in the dynamic behavior of the structure. This RCDT-RTI presents another Vision-Based (VB) strategy (TECH) to naturally identify the occurrence of the portion of interest in Rail Track (RT).The authentic images obtained by a digital camera installed under a trainthat is utilized by this inspection system. Information isprocessed by connectingIP and pattern recognition methods to accomplish high-performance.The DTuses fitting appropriate image preprocessing and post-processing TECH to improve performance, particularly in terms of false-positive rate. Our model can make a 98.5 % asaccurate positive rateand 2.306% as false positive rate.

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Ramya R S, Madhura K, Sejal Venugopal K R, Iyengar S S, Patnaik L M

Due to the rapid rise in Internet population, the content over the web is increasing and a large number of documents assigned by reader’s emotions have been generated through new portals. Earlier works have focused only on author’s perspective, this work focuses on reader’s emotions generated by news articles. In this work, Emotion Prediction for News Documents based on Readers’ Perspectives (EPNDR) is proposed More specifically, we form four communities based on the higest ratings that are present in the news articles. Further, a textual relevance is computed based on the word frequency for a particular document and insert all the remaining articles to the four communities. When a new document arrives, the probability of the new document being near to all the documents in a community is found. The emotion rating for the new document is predicted using nearest neighbour analysis. Experiments are conducted on the news articles and as a result, it is observed that the proposed method results in predicting reader’s emotions are much better when compared with the existing method Opinion Network Community (ONC) [1].

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Norziha Che Him, Nazeera Mohamad, Mohd Saifullah Rusiman

Dengue is one of popular infectious disease where mortality rate nowadays recorded one-third of the world’s population lived in the high risk areas of dengue infection. This study proposed a new hybrid models of dengue incidence rate (DIR) by using two statistical models known as negative binomial Generalised Additive Model (GAM) and Fuzzy C-Means (FCM) Model. The data used consists of response variable known as monthly DIR and monthly climatic and non-climatic variables that covers Selangor state of Malaysia for the period of January 2010 to August 2015. This study has successfully presents the statistically significant values for climatic and non-climatic as explanatory variables that influenced DIR. Statistical results show that the climatic factors which are rainfall at current month up to 3-month and number of rainy days at current month up to lag 3-month are significant to DIR. Besides, an interaction between rainfall and number of rainy days presents strong positive relationship to DIR. In addition, non-climatic factors such as population density, number of locality and lag DIR from 1-month to 3-month also describe statistical significant relationship towards DIR. Meanwhile, for both of clustering techniques applied which are district data clustering and FCM data clustering, four models have been developed known as Model B, Model C, Model D and Model E with Model A is from the original dataset. Comparison values of Deviance (D), Akaike Information Criteria (AIC) and Bayesian Information Criteria (BIC) conclude that two new models with lowest values of D, AIC and BIC known as Model C and Model E could potentially present dengue incidence in Selangor, Malaysia from January 2010 to August 2015.

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Sangeeta, Shruthi G

Agriculture is the best utility region especially inside the developing worldwide areas like India. Usage of records age in agriculture can substitute the circumstance of decision making and Farmers can yield in higher manner. About portion of the number of inhabitants in India relies upon on farming for its occupation however its commitment towards the GDP of India is just 14 percent. One suitable explanation behind this is the deficiency of adequate decision making by farmers on yield prediction. There isn't any framework in location to suggest farmer what plants to grow. The proposed machine learning approach aims at predicting the best yielded crop for a particular region by analyzing various atmospheric factors like rainfall, temperature, humidity etc., and land factors like soil pH, soil type including past records of crops grown. Finally our system is expected to predict the best yield based on dataset we have collected.

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Durg Vijay Rai, Gaurav Kumar

A human system is a tri-unity with soul, mind and body comprises with various integrated organ system. Soul and mind are the main source of energy that control the physiological and spiritual processes of the human body in which the brain is regarded as microprocessor and worked together with mind. The soul is considered as super-controller and universal consciousness energy state in the body. The present study is designed to understand the quantum states of soul and mind of embedded human system and their relationships. The quantum states and flow of energy are illustrated using band theory and feedback circuit. The role, effect and relationships of yoga, meditation and spirituality were also analyzed. It has been found that soul is an ultimate source of positive energy, modulates the mind and physiological functions of the body and helps to establish a secure communication with the spirituality. The mind with both positive and negative energies, plays an important role for controlling the physiological processes of the body. The yoga, meditation and spirituality provides positive energy to the body, mind and soul and helps to eliminate the negative energy generated by the components of the embedded human body. The study provides deep insight about the relationship, interaction and coordination of soul, mind and body. We hope that the present study will provide a support in understanding the scientific basis of internal energy and informational knowledge to bridge the gap between modern and Vedic sciences in overall integrated multidimensional function of the human system.

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Revathi Chitra Santhanam, Syed Ali Mohammed Yahoob, Anuradha Venkatraman.

Fucoidan extract (FE) is a type of sulphated polysaccharide extracted from Turbinaria conoides, it plays a vital role in treating many severe ailments. In our study, FE extracted from Turbinaria conoides was used for analyzing the induction of apoptotic effect of MCF7 breast cancer cell line using the Bcl2 and Caspase3 assay and it was compared with the standard camptothecin by flow cytometry instrument. From our results it was found that FE induced apoptosis expressions against the MCF7 breast cancer cell line compared to the standard camptothecin. Thus our apoptotic results indicate that FE obtained from the Turbinaia conoides was found to have possible therapeutic activity in invitro condition against breast cancer cell line. It can be further analyzed to confirm its anticancer activity using the invivo studies.

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Baranidharan V, Vijay Krishna M, Poovarasan S, Rahool M M, and Sivasundar T P

The wireless sensor networks (WSN) are having both the sensor and actuator nodes. These nodes are connected with each other using wireless links. The actuator nodes act as link nodes to collect the data from all other sensor nodes. In this paper, we proposed a new routing protocol that provides quality of service in terms of less energy consumption and less delay. The network consists of cluster heads (CHs) which is used to act as an actuator for gathering the information from all other sensor nodes. Those cluster heads (CHs) are selected based on their connectivity and energy capability to reach the destination, the data are looted by using this delay and energy-sensitive routing protocols based on-demand routing technique. This protocol has very little delay and energy consumption. This evaluation was done by the simulations. The result show that it will out performs than the existing systems.

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Andrey Nikonov, Natalya Breslavets, Natalia Krychka, Maksym Serhiienko

Pathological reactions of the body associated with the development of a patient’s symptom complex of intolerance to metal alloys are some of the complications in prosthodontics. This work is aimed at optimizing the results of the individual selection of dental metal alloys for preventing the development of intolerance to orthopedic fixed structures. A survey was conducted with the participation of 73 patients (30 males and 43 females) aged 22 to 70 years. They were divided into two groups. The first group included patients (n=31), who did not have orthopedic metal structures (control group). The second group consisted of patients (n=42) with stamped-brazed metal orthopedic structures with a nitride-titanium coating, as well as ceramic-metal and metal-plastic dentures. Various manifestations of intolerance to metal alloys were observed in all patients of this group. A study was made of the electrical conductivity of biologically active points of the “lymphatic meridian state” and “head allergy” in patients with intolerance to metal orthopedic dental structures, based on the methods by V. Nakatani and R. Voll. Such denture construction materials as stainless steel 20Kh18N9T, cobalt-chromium alloy “Vitalium” and nickel-chromium alloy “Viron-88” were tested. It was revealed that when using the Vitalium alloy, the risk of individual hypersensitivity to dental structural metal alloys is the least. The survey results indicate the dominant role of concomitant pathology (92.85%) in the development of “intolerance to structural metals” and demonstrate the formation of an endless circle (concomitant pathology leads to the emergence of “intolerance”, which in turn worsens the course of somatic diseases). The development of “intolerance” when using combined constructions (metal + ceramics) makes it difficult to conduct differential diagnosis and, accordingly, treatment tactics. The analysis of the results shows the sufficient sensitivity of electropuncture diagnostic methods in identifying intolerance to metal orthopedic structures. These methods make it possible to determine a patient’s predisposition to individual hypersensitivity to dental alloys, to identify the incompatibility of certain metals with a patient’s body, and to select the most compatible materials with regard to the role of concomitant pathology. The conducted study allowed us to develop a two-step algorithm of diagnostic measures for patients at risk of hypersensitivity to dental metal alloys.

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Iram Abdullah, Hidayatullah Tak, Showkat Ahmad Ganie

Trematodes (Liver flukes) constitute a significant veterinary health problem. The present study was undertaken to determine the prevalence of Fasciolosis and Dicroceliosis among the sheep slaughtered in Kashmir valley. A total number of 412 sheep livers were examined for the presence of parasites during a 2 year study period from January 2017 to December 2018. Out of 412 sheep examined, 100 were found to be positive for parasitosis representing an overall prevalence rate of 24.27%. The prevalence rate was 23.3% for Fasciolosis and 6.31% for Dicroceliosis. The co-infection of Fasciola and Dicrocelium was reported in 5.58% cases.The epidemiological parameters like gender and breed did not show any significant association with the prevalence of parasites (p>0.05). However the age of sheep proved to be a significant factor associated with the prevalence of infection with kids being highly infected than young ones and adults (p<0.05). Seasonal survey revealed that prevalence rate was highest in autumn season followed by summer and least during spring.

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Ramalingam. M

The Mobile Ad hoc Network (MANET) does not have a stable state and it is constantly changing its structure, so need a good self-regulating technique. There is another problem with this network, namely the problem of information exchange because the network is constantly changing and the communication is complicated. Clustering technology is a good best technique that has been repeatedly tested by many researchers and has been talked about in many research articles. Using this self-regulating method, it build a good topology in the MANET network. In this clustering method, the network is divided into several groups, where each cluster head is elected. The simplest technique of clustering is to ensure the consistency of the MANET network topology as much as possible. Therefore, the use of clustering method in this mobile ad hoc network is simplified to facilitate the communication of various types of algorithms and techniques. Communication using this cluster method on the MANET network takes place in two stages. In the first case, information is only transmitted to individuals within a group. In the second case, information is transmitted from one group to another, that is, to all groups in the network. The clustering group is chosen to maintain the information that is good for this clustering team and send it to the appropriate forecasts. Each cluster head is selected for each group and select this cluster head is based on the WCA (Weighted Cluster Algorithm). Comprise of Cluster based Stretch & Shrink method and the new strategy is dealt with in this research paper, which can confirm its topology stability and the network's load. This new method can reduce the instability of the network and increase its stability. Whenever the clustering load balance is increased, the group is split into two group is called shrink method. At the same time clustering balance density decreases, this group is merged together with a similar low density group known as stretch method.Thus when the density in the cluster decreases or increases, the balance of the group is controlled by the threshold value to ensure the stability of the network. The stretch & shrink method has been compared with the bench mark algorithm and the significant result has produced.

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Hind Alshambri, Mohammed A. AlZain, Ben Soh, Mehedi Masud, Jehad Al-Amri

The smart city concept is a link between digital world and the physical world. The smart city is designed and constructed by using advanced techniques which consist of sensors, electronics and networks. However, automatic information flow and connection between IoT devices creates new security risks. If data can be accessed remotely, it means that a cybercriminal could also access it. Moreover, connectivity is the essence of IoT. If multiple devices are connected to the same network, it means that cybercriminals have multiple access points. Understanding how wireless sensor technology works is crucial before deploying IoT applications. In this article, we explore the understanding through: (1) vulnerabilities on wireless sensors and techniques to avoid them, (2) emerging wireless standards for sensors, and (3) what role these standards will play in the future.

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V. Subhashree, Dr. Vasantha

The present scenario has entirely been influenced by IT, which is inspiring the processes of HR and HRM departments. Digital opportunities are given the place of old methods of performing services of HRM inside the business organisations and public organisations. Routine tasks of the organisation have been enabled in innovative ways through the power of virtual work environment by Information and communication Technologies(ICT).In earlier 1980s HR functions are performed with the help of IT for administrative processes, preliminary pay roll functions, through additional attention heads to transformational HR practices(DeSanctis 1986). The collaboration between Human Resource and IT results in automation of tedious and time-consuming tasks in HR by speeding up transaction processing, and by decreasing information errors. It enhances the tracking and control of HR actions. (Bondarouk et al., 2009). Previous literature reviews provide adequate ideas about the factors which influence the attitude towards e-HRM adoption. Among many aspects, IT infrastructure of the company and IT expertise of employees are most influencing factors towards adoption of e-HRM in an organisation.

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Mahmoud Barakat Alnawaiseh, Mohammad Salameh Almasarweh

The aims of this study to investigate the relationship between GHR recruitment process and engagement in Jordanian Universities. The variables of this study consisted of an independent variable (GHR recruitment process) and the dependent variable (Jordanian universities engagement). The study employed a statistical analytical descriptive approach based on the literature review approach and work field to test the study hypothesis. The sample of the study consisted of HR managers, deans and chairman faculty departments in Jordanians universities. A sample of 30 heads managers of HR and deans and chairman in Jordanian universities was randomly selected. The study used a questionnaire as a tool to collect data and to investigate the relationship between (GHR) recruitment and employee engagement on Jordanian universities. Objectives of this study to findings impact the GHR recruitment process on Jordanian universities to employee engagement in the following order, GHR recruitment strategy, GHR recruitment resources, GHR recruitment ethics, and GHR recruitment sources evaluation. The study found the positive relationship between GHR recruitment and employee engagement in public Jordanian universities. The study recommended that public Jordanian universities have to pay more attention to GHR recruitment to gain high qualification and professionals’ staff that leads to increasing engagement, this result a key success for an organization to attainment goals and competitive advantages and protect environmental from harming and destroyed. Also, the other benefit from adopted GHR recruitment saving cost, Bringing the applicants with high qualifications from external recruitment resources and this leads to increased creativity and innovation through diversity of cultures and experiences.

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Bani Mukti, Fatwa Tentama

The purpose of this study was to analyze the construct validity and the construct reliability of self-efficacy, and to find indicators that form the construct of self-efficacy. Self-efficacy was measured by three aspects, namely level, generality, and strength. The subjects of this study were 68 students of SMP X. Data collection method in this research was using self-efficacy scale. The data of this research were analyzed by using Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) SmartPLS 3.2.8 with reflective constructs through CFA 2nd Order. Based on the results of the analysis, the aspects and indicators that form self-efficacy were declared valid and reliable. The most dominant aspect in reflecting the construct of self-efficacy was the level with a loading factor value of 0.905. The lowest aspect that reflects the construct of self-efficacy was generality with a loading factor value of 0.602. This result shows that all aspects and indicators were able to reflect and form self-efficacy variables. Therefore, the structural model could be accepted because the theory which describes self-efficacy was in accordance with empirical data that are obtained from the subjects.

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Suci Putryani, Fatwa Tentama

The purpose of this study is to examine the aggressiveness scale measurement model, to test the construct validity and constructively scale of aggressiveness, and to find the forms that form the construct scale of aggressiveness. Aggressiveness is measured in four forms, namely physical aggression, verbal aggression, anger and hostility. The data collection method uses an aggressiveness scale. The subjects in this study were 90 students of class IX in SMK X and SMK Y. This study was analysed using the Smart PLS 3.2.0 program with reflective constructs through the 2nd order CFA. Based on the results of the analysis of the construct validity and the construct reliability, the forms and indicators that make up the aggressiveness are declared valid and reliable. This shows that all existing forms and indicators are able to reflect aggressiveness. The most dominant form of aggression that can reflect aggressiveness is physical aggression and the lowest reflects aggression is anger. Thus the model can be accepted because the theory that describes aggressiveness is in accordance with empirical data obtained.

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Sita Permatasari, Fatwa Tentama

The purpose of this study was to analyze the construct validity and construct anxiety, and to find indicators that form the construct anxiety. Anxiety was measured by five aspects, namely; mood, mind, motivation, behavior, and biology. The subjects of this study were 55 students at X University in Yogyakarta who were conducting on their thesis. Data collection method in this study used anxiety scale. The research data were analyzed by using Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) SmartPLS 3.2.8 with reflective construct through CFA 2nd Order. Based on the results of the outer model analysis, the aspects and indicators that formed the construct of anxiety were declared valid and reliable. The most dominant aspect that reflected anxiety was the behavioral aspect. The lowest aspect that reflected anxiety was the biological aspect. It shows that all aspects and indicators were able to reflect and form the construct of anxiety. Therefore, the measurement model could be accepted because the theory that describes the construct of anxiety in accordance with empirical data which were obtained from the subjects.

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Hamzah Alaidaros, Mazni Omar, Rohaida Romli

Several studies claimed that software project management (SPM) failed in realizing software projects due to inadequate progress monitoring. Indeed, the successful implementation of software projects relies entirely on effective monitoring approaches. Recently, the adoption of Agile Kanban method in SPM is continuously on the rise despite its shortcoming in its progress monitoring task. Therefore, this paper aims to enhance the theoretical framework for improving the progress monitoring task of Agile Kanban method and highlight its implication on SPM domain. To achieve this aim, an exploratory research design was employed to identify the problem, review the related literature, and to develop the enhanced framework. The findings confirm the highly need of improving the monitoring task of Agile Kanban method, which would assist project managers to effectively monitor the development process of software projects. Accordingly, the results of literature have been utilized to construct an enhanced theoretical framework, thus delivering software products on time within budget could be achieved. Practically, it is hoped that the framework can provide a guideline for developing models focus on improving the progress monitoring task.

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B T P Madhav, K V Vineetha, A Durga Sindhu, B Sruthi Anmisha, T Balaji

The octagonal ring-shaped antenna for CPW and Microstrip fed is provided for wideband service. The radiating area of the planned octagonal ring antenna is asymmetrical slot instead of a traditional ring microstrip antenna. The ground plane is made up of two rectangular spaces, whereas the radiator and the ground plane are on the same plane using the available space around the radiator. The antenna being proposed is simulated by the High-Frequency Structure Simulator (HFSS) of Ansoft. Measured results show a balanced agreement with the results of the simulation. The prototype is designed with dimensions of 30 mm x 30mm, achieving good return loss, constant group delay and good radiation patterns over 3.2 GHz,15 GHz and 18 GHz operating bandwidths. Thus, the proposed antenna is applicable for S and Ku band applications.

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Anam Bhatti, Dr. Shahrin Saad, Dr. Salimon Maruf Gbadebo

The increasing permeation of technology in the global world is speedily encouraging online shopping. Meanwhile, advance internet communication has changed the business performance and producer’s interactions with consumers. Online shopping behavior is critical in today e- environment. It is directly linked with consumer behavior and their decision in the purchasing time. The existing study determines the moderating effect of subjective norms and trust between risks (financial, convenience, privacy, product) and online shopping behavior. The results of this study reveal that moderation significant effects regarding the association of trust and subjective norms with online shopping while risks were observed negatively significant on online shopping behavior. Conclusions of the current study disclose that retailers essential to consider online shopping to increase their success through the internet. The structural Equation Modeling _Partial Least Squares (SEM_PLS) used for analysis

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J.O. Obiko, F.M. Mwema

This paper reports on the three-dimensional analysis of the upsetting process using Deform 3D simulation software. The influence of both die moving during the metal upsetting process denoted as modified upsetting process (similar to unconstrained closed die forging) was compared to conventional upsetting (when only one die moves) was investigated. From the upsetting simulation process the deformation load, stress and strain distribution results were obtained. The simulation results showed that the modified upsetting process had a lower deformation load and effective stress compared to the conventional upsetting process. However, the effective strain values were relatively similar for both cases. The effective stress and strain distribution were inhomogeneous, which was attributed to the changes in the deformation temperature. For sustainable industrial processes where energy consumption and production rates are significant, the modified upsetting process was recommended.

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P.Saravanakumar, S.Praveenkumar

Masonry arch was one of the oldest man-made construction techniques that were in existence. This study deals with the behaviour of masonry arch strengthened with steel reinforced grout (SRG) constituted of steel mesh embedded in a cement matrix that was bonded at either extrados or at the intrados portion of the arch. In this study efficiency of strengthening system in enhancing the performance of masonry arches was investigated. Results in terms of load bearing capacity, structural behaviour and failure mechanism were observed from the experimental investigation. The first stage of investigation involved in characterization of materials that constitute the masonry and the strengthening system by mechanical testing. In the second stage, nine arches were tested by means of load control up to the point of collapse. Experimental results of masonry arches strengthened using steel mesh with spandrel fill form the basis for numerical investigation. The results showed that an arch reinforced with steel mesh placed at extrados was more effective in strength enhancement.

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Rima Wilantika, Fatwa Tentama

This research was aimed to analyze the construct validity and construct reliability of school satisfaction and to find the domains that create school satisfaction. School satisfaction was measured by five domains which consisted of family satisfaction, friendship satisfaction, school or education satisfaction, neighborhood satisfaction, and personal satisfaction. The subjects of this research were 70 students of SMK (a vocational high school) “X” in Yogyakarta. The method of collecting the data used school satisfaction scale. The data were then analyzed using Structure Equation Modeling (SEM) SmartPLS 3.2.8 by reflective construct in CFA 2nd Order. The results of the analysis showed that the domains and indicators which formed school satisfaction construct was education satisfaction. The weakest domain which reflected school satisfaction was personal or self-satisfaction. It showed that all school satisfaction domains and indicators could reflect and form school satisfaction construct. Therefore, the measurement model could be accepted because the theory which drew the school satisfaction connected with the data empiric obtained from the subjects.

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Husnul Khotimah Rustam, Fatwa Tentama

The purpose of this study was to test the measurement model of the academic stress scale, to test the construct validity and construct reliability of the academic stress scale and to find aspects and indicators that form academic stress. Academic stress was measured by four aspects: emotional, physiological, cognitive, and behavioral. The subjects of this study were 60 high school students of the grade X in Yogyakarta. The data collection method used an academic stress scale. The data of the research were analyzed by using Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) SmartPLS 3.2.8 with reflective construct through CFA 2nd Order. Based on the results of the outer model analysis, the aspects and indicators that form academic stress were declared valid and reliable. The dominant aspect that reflected the construction of academic stress was the physiological aspect with a factor loading value of 0.877. The lowest aspect that reflects academic stress is the cognitive aspect with a factor loading value of 0.644. The results showed that all aspects and indicators were able to reflect and to form the academic stress scale. Therefore, the structural model could be accepted because theories that described academic stress were consistent with empirical data obtained from the subject.

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Andrias Dwimahendrawan, Muhammad Sale, Djoko Poernomo

This study aims to explain the influence of resources and capabilities of enterprises with product innovation. This study uses a quantitative approach with a sample of 92 micro-enterprises. Analysis of data using regression. The results showed that the company's resources a significant effect on product innovation, while capability is valuable, rare, and can not be duplicated nor significant effect on product innovation. Originality of this study to measure product innovation by combining resources and capabilities of micro enterprise in eastern Java batik.

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Ohoud Al-Harthi, Mohammed A. AlZain, Jehad Al-Amri, Mohammed Baz, Mehedi Masud,

Encryption is the strategy of blocking message therefore entirely the supposed receiver can browse it. Through the rapid development of digital Information swapping in automatic suggests that data Safety is turning into far additional necessary in information storage and transmission. It’s a kind of substitution code throughout which individually and every message interval the plaintext is swapped by a message. Throughout this research, author improved the old Caesar cipher and stuck the key size collectively. Coding and scrambling of the letters at intervals the Cipher Text. Genetic algorithms (GAs) are a category of optimization algorithms. GAs commit to solving issues through modeling a simplified version of genetic processes. There are several issues that a GA approach is beneficial. It is, however, undetermined if cryptology is such a tangle. General Terms Security, Encryption

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V.K.Wadhwa, A.K.Saini, S.Sanjay Kumar

Despite reports about significant advances in techniques for prediction of financial frauds research findings till now do not provide specific evidence or tools for predicting frauds that could be averted. Researchers have explored different methods with varied degree of success relying on financial data as well as non-financial factors for their purpose. This paper reviews reported models/evidence including adaptations/improvements in the models used during investigation. Fraud triangle theory specified by Cressey in 1953 is at the foundation applied in empirical predictive modelling postulated by a number of researchers. Prominent contributors are Beasley, M.S. (1996)., Dechow, et al. (1996).,Beneish M. D. (1997)., Nieschwietz et al. (2000), Skousen and Wright (2008). Convergence of fraud triangle theory to fraud diamond theory was suggested by Wolf and Hermanson in 2004. This paper additionally reviews specific computational models known as Z-Score (Altman,1968 ), M-Score (Beneish, 1999, 2012), and computer software based models from Green B.P. & Choi J.H.(1997) Zaki & Theodoulidis (2013) and Arta & Seyrek, (2009). There is a noticeable changing trend in research going towards numerous investigations now using computer supported machine learning and artificial intelligence tools for prediction of financial frauds. At the end an assessment is made about degree of success achieved in prediction of financial frauds till date. Empirical fraud prediction, Fraud Triangle/Diamond, M-Score, Z-Score, Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence for fraud prediction.

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R.Saravanan, G.Sridhar, S.MallikarjunReddy Singam Sridhar Ragidi ranadheer reddy

Future power appropriation requires propelled expandability and adaptability in the reconciliation of disseminated vitality assets which typically required to interface different units to give the fundamental intersection node to the matrix. The center of these iinterconnecting units are controlled gadgets framework front end, to be specific, power electronic device. Basically inverter is the basic interface that gives their main interfacing control fill in just as various utility limits. This paper displays the versatile control approach of inverters as system front side using an Voltage and Ferquency control work which is used by AC generators in normal power structures to encourage load demand control and load manegment.

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N.Kavitha, R. Chandramohan, A. Mohamed Haroon Basha, K.K. Sivakumar and R. Swaminathan

The n type CdS with different doping level of Europium and p type PbS heterojunction solar cell was fabricated using Chemical Bath Deposition. CdS window layer was deposited on Indium tin Oxide (ITO) glass with 1% and 3% doping concentration of Europium. PbS absorber layer of thickness around 0.9 micron was grown on ITO/CdS to fabricate the p–n junction. The prepared three films were analyzed by X-ray diffraction, scanning electron microscopy (SEM), energy dispersive X-Ray spectroscopy (EDS), UV-Vis spectroscopy and photovoltaic studies. The photovoltaic properties including J–V characteristics, short-circuit current (Isc), open-circuit voltage (Voc), fill factor (ff), efficiency (η) of CdS/PbS heterojunction cells have been as well examined. The results show that increasing the doping level of Europium on CdS improved the performances of the fabricated photovoltaic cells A high efficiency was observed at 3 % doping of Eu in CdS.

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Jeevitha.R, Dr.N.Sudha Bhuvaneswari

Vehicular Ad-hoc Networks (VANET) has been focused on driving safety, driving efficiency and entertainment in road networks. Vehicular networks are the subset of Mobile Ad-hoc Networks (MANET). Each and every vehicle is considered as a node. One node can directly communicate with another node within its transmission range. When the nodes communicate, there is a chance of malicious attackers to intrude and degrade the performance of the entire vehicular network. Malicious node detection is a vital security issue for safety-related applications. The malicious vehicle should be detected and revoked to the smooth functioning of the vehicular communication system. The malicious nodes are revoked to avoid flooding of any wrong message from these may lead to adverse effects like traffic jam and accidents. A defense technique such as certificate revocation is devised to eradicate and provide protection against the malicious nodes that behaves like a legitimate node. The revoked information of the non-legitimate node should be disseminated to the nodes in the vehicular network. In this paper, a new model for Certificate revocation scheme for VANET is proposed to overcome the flaws of Certificate Revocation List (CRL). Cluster-based communication and Merkle Hash Tree Certificate Revocation model (C2MTCR) is based on clustering and construction of Merkle Hash Tree to revoke the malicious certificates from the vehicular networks. The proposed work is simulated using Network Simulator (NS2) and Power BI tool and the results are compared with the existing works.

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Dr.K.Sharmila, Dr.T,Kamalakannan

Decision making and knowledge discovery from voluminous big data is a challenging problem. Extracting useful information from the enormous amount of data is highly complex, difficult and time consuming. Therefore standard data mining algorithms are essential for the analysis of big data with different platform. This investigation focuses on benchmarking of parallel processing platforms and Cloud computing environment. Cloud computing facility has emerged as service oriented computing model to deliver infrastructure, platform and applications as services from the providers to the consumers. This study utilized the services provided by Amazon Web Services as an effective metaphor for the management of large scale data processing in elastically scalable computing and for storage. This paper also discusses about the framework of MapReduce integrated with K-means and SVM machine learning techniqes algorithm on standalone environment and spark to predict the diabetic related diseases from real-time data set collected in various districts of Tamil Nadu. Ultimately, the present study has established that parallelization using Apache Hadoop with spark shows a better performance compared with a standalone model in a single machine. With the expansion of Information and communication technology, the health care industry also is producing extensively large data day by day. In developing countries like India, the accumulation of data is large and there exist various problems. This type of Big Data analysis will hopefully help the diabetes patients and physicians to predict the disease and to treat them at an early.

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Zahratul Qalbi, Rafhi Febryan Putera

The purpose of this research were to know the effect of learning media and linguistic intelligence on storytelling ability in children aged 6-8 years. Method in this research used experimental research with treatment design by level 2x2. Sample of this research were 40 students. The procedure of collecting data used multistage sampling technique. Analysis data in this research used two away ANAVA. The result of this research were; 1) storytelling children who are given instructional media big book has a higher impact than learning media story book, 2) There is an interaction effect between instructional media and linguistic intelligence to the storytelling ability, 3) storytelling ability a child that has linguistic intelligence given height instructional media big book has a higher impact scores of children of the storytelling ability the given instructional media story book, 4) storytelling ability a child that has a linguistic low given instructional media story book has the effect of higher value than the given ability to tell children learning media big book.

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Sumaji, Cholis Sa’dijah, Susiswo, Sisworo

This research aims to describe the leveling of students’ mathematical communication in solving open ended problem on geometrical problem. This qualitative research took 2 students of VIII MTS Maslakul Huda Sluke, Rembang municipal as the subjects. The subjects were selected based on varieties of students in communicating mathematical ideas both written and spoken. The steps to select subjects were: (1) providing open ended problem solving questions with geometrical material, (2) conducting interview based on task to confirm students answers revealed in written, and (3) categorizing the subjects into 4 levels. The data collection techniques were problem solving task and interview. The data analysis used qualitative data analysis. The findings showed that: (1) students’ mathematical communications both written and spoken were at level one. It was students’ explanations in solving open ended problems of geometrical materials were limited only on several concepts, (2) students’ explanations in solving the problem were partially correct.

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Arunangshu Giri, Satakshi Chatterjee, Swatee Biswas, Abanti Aich

Purchase intention could be referred to as the probability that the customer is willing to buy a particular product or not (Wu, et al., 2011) [12]. The objective of the e-retailers today is to expand the market as much as possible in order to increase their profit. In order to do so, the organisations must focus on different factors like Merchandising, Societal Factor, Usefulness of the Online Process, Ease of Use, etc. The main objective of the paper is to identify the factors related to online purchase in Metro-Cities of India and examine their influences on consumer motivation and purchase intention. This research had been executed by the help of secondary and primary data. The secondary data was collected from relevant previous literature and primary data was collected using structured questionnaire from 250 respondents through convenience sampling method. In this study, structural equation modeling (SEM) was used to analysis the data and to establish the research model by the help of SPSS-23 and AMOS-23 software.

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Оchildiev F.B

By the beginning of the 19th century, the socio-economic and cultural life of the emirate was retained. The low standard of living of the population, the fact that the land ownership pattern has not changed for hundreds of years, excessive taxes and fees have hampered the development of crafts, commerce and other industries in the country. Unprotected ordinary citizens of the country have been subject to constant tax and government pressure. This would not allow the population to live freely and improve their lives.

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R.GowriPrakash, R.Shankar, S.Duraisamy

Cloud computing is a current model for accessing services via web. In such model, resources are circulated to clients in all around the globe for accessing services more rapidly. This model has several difficulties such as load-balancing, safety measures, resource scheduling scaling, Quality of Service (QoS) control, service accessibility and data center energy utilization. Among these, one of the most fundamental difficulties is load-balancing. This is a practice of allocating and re-allocating the load among the accessible resources for maximizing the throughput when reducing response time, energy utilization, resource consumption and cost. Therefore, an efficient load-balancing scheme is needed to improving the performance of cloud computing. Several load-balancing algorithms in cloud computing have been proposed by different researchers in the past years. In this paper, some of them are surveyed with those merits and demerits to further enhance the load-balancing in cloud using recent algorithms.

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Harikrishna Pydi, T.Pavan Surya, K.Akhil Kumar, Y.B.Manishankar

We propose a new model for the allocation of Virtual Elements (VEs), called JCDME, with theobjective of reducing energy consumption in a Software-Defined Cloud Data Center (SDDC). More in depth, they model the energy consumption by taking into account the VEs processing costs on thephysical servers, the cost of migrating VEs across the servers, and the cost of transferring data betweenVEs.Additionally, JCDME adds a weight variable to prevent too many VE migrations. Specifically, weare proposing three different strategies for solving the JCDME problem with an automated and adaptiveweight parameter measurement for the price of the VE migration.

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Ruchi Bhatnagar, Dr Jaya Pandey, Dr Deepa Panhekar*

5-bromo-Isatin, was opted as the base for synthesizing prospective Isatin derivatives which were synthesized for hypothesized biodynamic activities such as anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and antitumor. The synthesized Isatin derivative were characterized by spectrums and were examined for various biological activities.

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Dr.G.Sankararaman, Dr.S.Suresh, Dr. TC. Thomas

Indian pharmaceutical industry have attracted a colossal amount of FDI in recent times. The pharma stocks prices have been rising in the markets ahead of the adverse stock market conditions. This has made the pharma stocks to be considered as a defensive stocks in securities market. The study has made an attempt to find out the impact of select pharma stocks on pharma index for a period of five years starting from 2014 to 2019. An analytical research method is adopted in this study. The five pharma stocks viz., Biocon, Divis Labs,Glenmark Pharma, Piramal Enterprises and Sun Pharma selected for this study based on the market capitalisation. The day-to-day closing prices of the above select pharma stocks have considered for this study. Multiple regression is applied to find out the impact of pharma stocks on pharma index. The results revealed that all the pharma stocks included in this study have significantly influenced the pharma index of NSE except Piramal Enterprises for the period 2015-16 and Divis Lab in 2017-18.

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T. Sajana, K. Sri Sai Nikhil, P. Sai Venkat, M. Sai Aakash

Here in existing framework in these days many shopkeepers are using the old items which causes diseases to the people who are using those old items. What's more, a portion of the people in the shop are changing that all or more dates on the cover and making it like a different product in the wake of the time they're changing that everything spreads. In contrast to their physicians, these problems often arise in the healing facility medicine, providing distinctive types of medication for various sicknesses. At any point we know the medical shop they are going to give different medications for sickness. In order to overcome each of these problems, at first the customer must keep each of the items id. Currently after logging in to the businessperson account they need to transfer each of the insights regarding items and they need to keep up with the item and finish the date all they need to keep up in the wake of all the data being transferred to the administrator group (carefulness group) now the administrator group will handle all the data and they will be able to investigate and give all the information. At that point, businessperson will make an offer for unique Id objects, then it will simply not be capable of squandering those things. It will show the date of manufacture and the date of termination in case it was fake it will not show any outcome. If any customer considers this way, they can send a post. They can make a move on that shop to the administrator.

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Telugu Maddileti , Y. Rasagna

Video surveillance systems (VSS), are used to gather the information about a crime, to check, prevent the crimes or investigate the crime that have already taken place. Surveillance is defined as performing observations of a group or an individual The most common techniques for surveillance is to store the concerned information. The stored visual footage is then recovered to its normal state by the authorized users. This paper proposes a mechanism of masking where infiltration of privacy on videos is minimized. This paper aims for the security or ensuring the privacy of a particular moving person or an object and provides the access to a limited extent only.

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M Chairul Basrun Umanailo

This article aims to analyze the political action of the community as a model of practice that will create understanding the dominance of economic capital into political tools. The practice of politics in the development has experienced a shift from the dominance of status to economic dominance. The approach used in this paper is library research, with data analysis techniques in the form of content analysis with the aim of obtaining valid inferences and can be re-examined based on the context. The dominance of economics was born as a result of the development of the logic of the consumerist, a political approach that is pragmatic, the growth of false consciousness which creates a society without identity. Economic dominance as a representation of political practices to encourage the creation of social change, such a widespread culture of consumerism and hedonism in political behavior, this condition was instituted in the structure of the culture of the community, so politics is no longer based on rational logic, but includes substantial emotions of a person. The situation systematically shift the values of tradition and lead to the practice of politics. The dominance of economic capital to be an illustration of the conceptual and historical to understand the shift in political practices.

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Sofyan Malik

The position of ASN is very important in determining whether or not the mission of the government depends on the State Civil Apparatus in the administration of governance, Resource Management realizing national development goals. Based on the author's observations, the quality of work and ASN work discipline in South Buru Regency, in general, is still relatively low, namely the level of discipline in entering work. ASN figures who are able to play that role are ASNs that have competencies that are indicated from high competence, good performance and attitudes and behavior that are full of loyalty and obedience to the State, moral and mentality, professional, understood to be responsible as public servants as well able to become the glue of national unity. The implementation of Discipline Regulation of Civil Servants based on Government Regulation No. 53 of 2010 concerning Discipline of Civil Servants in the Civil Service Agency, Human Resource Development in South Buru Regency has been implemented in accordance with applicable regulations. However, at the time the licensing was not optimal because there were still many ASN Employees in the licensing of BKPSDM in South Buru Regency who were still in violation of discipline.

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Sjaid S Fais Assagaf, Eddy Agus Muharyanto, A Sudarman

Sediment Review (BPS) uses erosion simulations using geospatial simulations. The amount of erosion was analyzed using a general version released by the soil (USLE) using ArcGIS software version 9.2. Sources of data and maps obtained from relevant agencies. A satellite imagery map for the Mamasa watershed area obtained on 28 July 2009 was obtained from LAPAN. Data input is initiated by digitizing analogue maps and satellite imagery maps, where georeferenced processes have previously been made to rectify maps so that they become digital maps. The resulting digital map consists of USLE thematic maps (erosivity maps, erodibility maps, long slope maps, and land cover maps). The USLE thematic map is then overlaid resulting in an erosion map. The amount of erosion was obtained from the calculation of USLE attribute data. Sediment rates are calculated using the NLS formula (Sediment Release Ratio). The location and number of BPS are based on sediment rate and distribution. The results showed that erosion rates with very high criteria occurred on farmland and plantations. While the highest sediment rate occurred in Leko-01, Merang and Malobo-Lalaki Sub Watersheds. As many as 26 BPS points are scattered in 16 Sub Watersheds in the upstream, middle, and downstream areas of the Mamasa watershed.

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Ike Festiana, Harry Firman, Agus Setiawan, Muslim

Electricity is a part of physics course in the engineering. Concept mastery on the topic of electricity is very useful and important for physics course. Electrostatic and electrodynamics are two topics in electricity that require representation in engineering that can be used to solve a problem. However, concept mastery tests on the topic of electricity rarely use all four types of representations, such as more use verbal and mathematical representations. The purpose of this research is to develop validate the concept mastery test on the topic of electricity which consists of 25 test items multiple choice. The concept mastery test was tested on 50 students from one of the universities in Lampung. The concept mastery test development uses the DDR method with four phases, namely analysis, design, development, and evaluation. The result of this research obtained a valid and reliable concept mastery test that is enriched with all four types of representations.

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M. Saranya Nair, K. Suganthi

The oceans define our home planet, dominating the major portion of Earth’s surface and significantly affecting the world’s economy. But, only 4% of the ocean is protected in some way compared to 15% of the land which motivates the researchers to explore the ocean in-order to conserve it. Underwater sensor network technologies fetched us with innovative ways to monitor and sense marine environments. In spite of severe technical challenges, Underwater Wireless Sensor Networks (UWSNs) have proven its strength with a myriad of applications in the areas of monitoring, disaster, military, navigation, surveillance, archaeology and so on. To make ocean sensor network applications viable, efficient UWSN communication paradigms among the networking components is crucial. This paper summarizes the challenging characteristics and existing communication architectures of underwater sensor networks, hence propose an energy efficient design for an UWSN topology. First of all, the motivation for the development and deployment of UWSNs is presented trailed by the basics of underwater acoustic communications. The protocol stack and the possible network architectures of UWSNs are then discussed. Efficient network designs are then proposed and analyzed for UWSNs. In addition, the article outlines the challenging, open and hot research topics in UWSNs.

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Swapna Tangelapalli, Dr. P.Pardha Saradhi

In order to face the increasing demand for bandwidth caused by mobile data applications and value-added mobile services, 4G/LTE network deployments are Based on the emerging paradigm of networks, Among the various factors that are affecting factors of wireless cellular technology such as delay, throughput, latency etc ,the most effective one is Inter cell Interference(ICI). There are many methods for reducing this ICI, two of them are Frequency Reuse(FR) techniques and Handover techniques. In the dense LTE environment, the deployment of small cells, also called microcells or femto cells are very near in order to provide high data rates and improved quality of services. Different handover algorithms are used and are compared for the good quality of communications. LTE network topology is constructed and simulated done using Ns3 tool. RSRP and RSRQ values are used to calculate the performance of the system. NS-3 is used to simulate this environment and calculate different parameters for different cells like macrocell, microcell, etc using different handover techniques like A3 RSRP handover algorithm and A2A4 RSRQ handover algorithm.

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Anwar Novianto, Marsigit, Sugito, Hendra Erik Rudyanto

The purpose of this study was to explore the student’s creative thinking abilities in solving realistic mathematical problems. This type of research was qualitative research that used the subject from fifth-grade elementary school students. The subject consisted of 3 students who had different classification of mathematical skills. Data collection techniques are taken from observation, test, and interview. Data analysis was performed by data reduction, data presentation, and conclusions. The data validity techniques are done by triangulation data sources. The result showed that students who had a high and medium mathematical skill, in general, could get good creative thinking ability. Then, students with low mathematical skills had less creative thinking ability. This result could provide an image about student’s creative thinking abilities and being an evaluation material in mathematic learning.

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Sarbjit Singh Brar, Ravinder Kumar

In this paper, an unbiased weighted estimator of population mean is introduced in stratified random sampling which uses the information of mean square of each stratum at the estimation stage. It is shown that the proposed estimator is better than usual estimator of population mean under arbitrary and proportional allocation in stratified random sampling. Further, under certain conditions, it is proved that the proposed estimator under proportional allocation is better than usual estimator under Neyman’s allocation (Optimum allocation) and both are equally efficient if each of the stratum has equal coefficient of variation. A simulation study is carried out to verify the proposed results.

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T. Sravanthi, N. Madhavi

In the current research, an isocratic, novel RP-HPLC method was developed for quantifying tazarotene and halobetasol simultaneously. The HPLC method was optimized using the Waters C18 column (150 mm × 4.5 mm; 5 µm), employing simple isocratic method. Experimental parameters were standardized, including mobile phase, pH, wavelength detection and flow rate. The method has been validated in conformance with the guideline frame of ICH. This method was apt for determination of tazarotene and halobetasol in bulk and lotion formulation samples with suitable precision (relative standard deviation: 0.135-0.189% for tazarotene and 0.229-0.472% for halobetasol), accuracy (recovery: 98.66-100.70% for tazarotene and 98.21-100.09% for halobetasol) and linearity (2.25-11.25 μg/ml for tazarotene and 0.5-2.5 µg/ml for halobestol). This method has a better ability in the routine analysis of tazarotene and halobetasol in bulk and lotion formulations. The present method was successfully applied to lotion formulations for assessment of stability of tazarotene and halobetasol under basic, acidic, oxidative, photolytic and thermal conditions.

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Adi Ekopriyono, Susetyo Darmanto

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is still being a debated, especially related to the question "CSR is an obligation or commitment of the company or businessmen." In addition, an understanding of CSR is also often confused with charity or philanthropy. The main principles of CSR are continuity, sustainability and community empowerment. In accordance with these principles, the empowerment of micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) through CSR implementation is a priority. Social Entrepreneurship (SE) is a factor driving the implementation of CSR and empowering MSMEs. The purpose of this study is to explore the efforts of "Tangan Terampil" Joint Business Group in conducting SE activities with the empowerment of MSMEs. Based on the steps taken by the "Tangan Terampil" conclusions and recommendations can be drawn as well as an appropriate model of the application of SE as a driver of CSR and empowerment of MSMEs.

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Dian Saksessia Amrie Firmansyah*

This study aims to examine the effect of bonuses, debt financing, tax avoidance and corporate governance on earnings quality as well as the role of corporate governance on the effect of bonuses, debt financing, tax avoidance on earnings quality. This research is quantitative research with multiple linear regression models. The sample used in this research is all nonfinancial companies listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX). The type of data used in this study is secondary data in the form of financial statements and annual reports from 2012 to 2016. The sample selection using a purposive sampling method with the number of samples amounted to 344 observations. This study uses data with the same number of five years, so that this study employs panel data. This study suggests bonuses are negatively associated with earnings quality. This manager's opportunistic behavior is in line with the hypothesis plan bonus. Debt financing is positively associated with earnings quality. Tax avoidance is negatively associated with earnings quality. Corporate governance is not associated with earnings quality. Corporate governance is expected to be the company's control mechanism to reduce earnings management behavior, which can reduce earnings quality. Corporate governance does not weaken the influence of bonuses on earnings quality. The previous discussion has confirmed that corporate governance does not affect the quality of earnings, and after research, corporate governance is also unable to limit the opportunistic behavior of managers driven by bonus motivation. Corporate governance does not weaken the influence of debt financing on earnings quality. Corporate governance does not weaken the effect of tax avoidance on the quality of earnings. In line with the previous discussion, this result may suggest in Indonesia; corporate governance has not been considered as a need and corporate culture.

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Agus Bandiyono, Ika Ruliana

The purpose of this study is to determine the effect of import duties, import volume and world crude oil prices on the receipt of import duties at the Customs and Excise Service Office. This research is quantitative research with secondary data sources in this research in the form of weekly, monthly, and annual report reports from the Type A Customs Service Office of Tanjung Priok which contains information on the target of import duties, realization of import duties, exchange rates, import volume, and import duties for the period 2009 to 2015 measured per month. This secondary data can be obtained from the Treasury Section, PDAD Section, and the CEISA application. As for the world crude oil prices, data per month are obtained through the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis website sourced from the International Monetary Fund (IMF). The results show that crude oil prices and import volume have a positive and significant effect on import duty receipts, but import duties do not have a positive and significant effect on import duty receipts.

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Irwanda Wisnu Wardhana, Nova Novita, Ficky Alkarim, and Poempida Hidayatullah

This study aimed to identify issues and challenges of low participation rate at the Indonesia National Agency for Labor Social Security (BPJSTK) membership. With the high number of informal sectors labor but low participation in labor social security membership, National Agency for Labor Security (BPJSTK) wants to reach those who haven’t subscribed as a member of BPJSTK. BPJSTK has developed Perisai, an agent system in order to reach labors who have not subscribed to BPJSTK membership. This study aims to explain on one of National Agency for Labor Security (BPJSTK) challenge to increase their subscription rate. Our findings found that there are still rooms for improvement, especially for the Perisai scheme. Issues from low compliance of social security policy, low understanding of the BPJSTK program itself, and regulation disharmony among institution has contributed to the low number of BPJSTK participants. This paper could benefit BPJSTK to evaluate the existing membership program and to improve its quality and approach. Moreover, policy makers could utilize findings and recommendation from this study to perfecting the policy based on evidence. This study is the first to investigate the issues and challenges of membership expansion in BPJSTK from various perspectives, specifically from social security perspective, economic perspective, financial perspective, and employment perspectives. Gel Classification

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Josep Antonius Ufi, Zainal Abidin Rengifurwarin, Jusuf Madubun, Haedar Akib, Basri Muhammad

The issue of this study is a view on Oil & Gas’ CSR program and collaborative community development in KRZL Ltd. This study aims to analyze and discuss the collaborative process model applied to the clean water installation program to several villages in the Bula community, besides as a solution to the limitation of local government in East Part Seram Regency, Maluku Province. Primary data collection was conducted by using in-depth interview, FGD and field observation, while secondary data was conducted by using document study such as CSR program rules and reports and brochure of KLZR Ltd. Descriptive qualitative analysis technique was used for data analysis. The results showed that by optimizing participation and active involvement of the community with KLZR at each stage of the collaborative processes proved more successful in implementing the CSR program development of clean water installation to the Bula community.

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Maman Suhendra

The availability payment scheme (AP) is one of the investment return models for a business entity in a Public-Private Partnership (PPP) scheme for infrastructure provision. This study aims to analyze the critical success factors implementation of availability payment in the Palapa Ring Western Package PPP Project from the various perspectives, namely (1) the government contracting agency (GCA); (2) the business entity; and (3) the other relevant stakeholders. This project is the first PPP project to successfully implement AP in Indonesia. The methodology used in this study is a qualitative method through several in-depth interviews with 10 (ten) entities involved in the project and 3 (three) PPP experts. The study finds 5 (five) key success factors that most determine the overall success of the AP implementation, i.e. the commitment of the GCA, the coordination between stakeholders, the existence of guarantees, the GCA’s ability to pay AP, and the GCA institutional form as the Public Service Body. Knowledge of these factors is expected to be used to improve relevant policies related to the infrastructure provision through PPPs.

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Rajesh Kumar E, Kakani Jyotsna, Keerthana Ganta, Ramya Sirisha Nori

In previous days, before buying a product, people used to get suggestions from our close friends, family or people known. This is the basic idea of recommender systems. Recommender systems work with the same idea of predicting a product that a customer may like to buy. Recommender systems can be used in different areas to recommend products such as books, apparel, accessories, movies according to the items viewed. A recommender system is a system that helps to expect and recommend similar products to the given input of the product. In many online e-commerce websites like Amazon, Myntra and other sites, one can find sections like “recommended for you”, “products related to this item”, “customers also viewed” when a person views certain product. These are the recommended sections.

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N.Anitha, Dr.T.Abirami, Dr.R.Tamilselvan

Now a day, one can find most places of the world different types of yoga centers, meditation centers. Millions of people got benefited by practicing yoga. There is no doubt that in future for a healthy future generation and for a peaceful world, yoga is going to play a major role. Yoga increases blood flow and levels of hemoglobin and red blood cells which allow more oxygen to reach the body cells, enhancing their function. Yoga also thins the blood which can decrease the risk of heart attack and stroke, as they are often caused by blood clots. Hence, the objective of this research is to predict the effects of yoga and meditation on a variety of physical and mental health outcomes and health conditions. For experimental purpose, a total of 100 healthy students in the age group of 17–23 are considered for predicting the cognitive ability. The results have been shown that the proposed system accurately predicted the cognitive skill and its prevalently high compared to non-practicing yoga students.

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Misra Kamalia, Sutopo Patria Jati, Septo Pawelas Arso

The researcher wishes to analyze the existence of waste with a lean hospital management approach on the process of patient care in the Emergency Installation (IGD) of Government Hospital X of Riau Province.Congestive Heart Failure was chosen to describe the flow of the patients-care process starting from the registration until the patient was ready to be delivered to the treatment room. This study employed a qualitative type utilizing a descriptive analytic approach. Primary data were obtained through the observations to 20 patients delivered by families, supplemented by in-depth and unstructured interviews of with the patient's family and emergency installation staff as a respondent. In addition, the primary respondent is a head of the emergency installation and a person who carry out role as a coordinator as well as in charge of the emergency installation. Secondary data was obtained from the collection of documents, journals, and reference books related to the research topic. The results showed that the Emergency Installation of the Government Hospital X of Riau Province had not implemented Lean Management yet. The care process flow had a non-value added ratio of 31.8% for recent patients and a non-value added ratio of 31.5% for preceding patients.Over-processing, over-motion, unused employee creativity, waiting, defects, unnecessary transportation and unnecessary inventory were the forms of waste found during research. Adding the Human Resources (HR), optimizing managerial activities, implementing 5S work culture (Seiri/Concise; Seiton/Neat; Seiso/Clean; Seiketsu/Care; Shitsuke/Diligent) and error proofing, adding visual management, improving the ability of Hospital Management Information System using E-Kanban, and planning re-layout with line balancing analysis were expected to reduce waste of the patient care process in the Emergency Installation of the Government Hospital X of Riau Province.

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N. Subalakshmi, M. Jeyakarthic

These days, cloud infrastructures give flexible provisioning by supporting an assortment of scaling mechanisms and various equipment designs for lease, each with an alternate framework cost. The virtual machines (VM) are distributing assets to crush this trouble these are dependent on priority in the cloud. Here, the best quantities of consumers are conveying the errands or works in the cloud. In this paper proposed a novel optimization and clustering algorithm for illuminating Load balancing (LB) process with expanding the versatility of the framework. At first medoid clustering used to cluster the VMs. Cloud condition scalability is significant of asset distribution that implies auto-scaling so Gravitational Load balancing search (GLBS) system with different Quality factor think about that is Cost, processing time, throughput, workload. These parameters are the wellness of the optimization for fulfilling this condition gravitational parameter is should be balanced. The outcomes introduced the preferable execution other over comparable techniques just as flexible conduct of LB issue.

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Ramiz Assaf

Telecommunication industry has proven itself as a chain of socio-economic impact. Market leaders should take advantage of data analysis consecutively as the need to sustain customers the longest possible time. This research is based on community detection analysis through identifying group members and influencers in the telecommunication industry. It is motivated by two major research questions: Who are the influencers in subscribers for churn and new products adoptions? (2) Who are subscribers whose loyalty is threatened by churn around them? The use of data analysis and data mining algorithms and standard process in today’s challenges was set to increase the efficiency of solving not only technical problems but business as to move toward insights and analysis based exercises. This research proposes a model based on the Similarity, Authority and Hub algorithms used in Social Network Analysis (SNA) to group members who share same patterns together, to identify network leaders in terms of authority and dissemination leaders and to extract group level insights that can be used in understanding subscribers’ patterns and ways of communications (in-degrees and out-degrees) between them using IBM SPSS Modeler as the base of data mining process and Oracle as the base of corporate data warehouse. This study estimated how much reliable is to use SNA in order to shift from the traditional ways of targeting subscribers, understanding their pattern, enhancing offering efficiency and improving the process of launching new product by selecting the right target. It has contributed to shifting marketing leaders’ way of thinking from individual view to network view. It has also contributed to providing decision makers with a systematic and scientific approach as to focus on network influencers, to save as much as they can and to build their offers based on it.

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Priteshkumar Prajapati, Krutarth Dave, Dr. Parth Shah

Blockchain is considered a groundbreaking technology by many. It gives many features such as decentralization, persistence, anonymity, and transparency. Many researchers are trying to find out the maximum potential of blockchain. There is a wide range of blockchain applications such as cryptocurrency, financial and public services, healthcare domain, risk management, and so on. In this paper, recent applications proposed using blockchain are reviewed. The research domain contains healthcare, mobile security, smart contract security, cloud, and supply chain. This paper also reviews the precautions and security risks of using blockchain technology.

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Santhoshini Arulvallal, Snekhalatha.U

A type of medical disorder which causes disturbance in the normal sleeping pattern of the person is sleep disorder. The physical, mental, social health of an individual are subjected to serious problems due to some of the sleeping disorders. If untreated, this may also become fatal. Some common types of sleep disorder are sleep apnea, jet lag, restless leg syndrome, sleep walking, narcolepsy, sleep paralysis, etc.., sleep apnea diagnosis is carried out in a supervised clinical environment which is called polysomnography. This involves continuous and complete monitoring of body functions and specific parameters of the patient by which the presence of the disorder can be indicated. This proposes a sleep apnea device of continuous monitoring that detects the parameters of spo2, heart rate, blood pressure in real time. To display these parameters, a liquid crystal monitor is used. The physiological parameters, that are measured, are transmitted to a smart phone from the monitoring device using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, and further analysis can be carried out. The experimental results show that this wearable device along with a non-invasive BP measurement using cuff-less method provides a diagnostic result that is reliable. The developed low cost device could avoid complicated procedures and gives continuous monitoring of the sleep apnea disorder.

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Nia Veronica, Edi Purwanta, and Budi Astuti

As the development of science and technology are increasingly sophisticated. Mobile learning in the twenty-first century produced a tremendous impact on education. This article aims to design and develop a career guidance media that can be used on mobile phone devices to improve student career planning in high school. The research method uses Research and Development (R&D) to produce products in the form of mobile learning applications to improve student career planning in high school. The results of this study are mobile learning designs consisting of display design and content design in the form of flowcart. This design can be used to design and develop mobile learning devices as a media for career guidance to improve student career planning in high school. Through mobile learning is expected to help students access information anytime and anywhere so that the process of providing career information services becomes more effective and efficient.

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Yeonha Kim, Anastasia Hartanto

Storytelling is an ancient human art. It delivers an idea or message effectively by establishing an emotional connection with audiences. Good narratives draw emotions and we have known how the power of stories shapes our lives with certain values. This study presents the main aspects involved in designing clothing specially created to convey a message to cause the change in society. When fashion designers create their collections, they become a storyteller to be able to create a collection with a message to evoke emotions. The objective of this research is to give recommendations or guidelines to fashion design students and young fashion designers in creating a collection to help how to get inspired, how to describe the non-verbal messages and how to communicate specific values. This research is done by observation the process of women’s ready to wear collection of the Indonesian brand “SEAM”. Building a strong message is an important part of the process in designing any collection of clothing. A message will give the framework and lead to lots of innovative thoughts and ideas.

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ariia Vovk, Olga Emishyants, Oleksandr Zelenko, Nataliia Maksymova, Olga Drobot, Liana Onufriieva

The main goal of this study was to identify psychological features of frustration situations in youth age. The research was conducted under the among students of various institutes aged 17 to 23 years, full-time students in the first and fourth courses in various professional orientations. It was found that about half of Experimental Group 1 (48% of respondents) and a third of Experimental Group 2 respondents (35%) identify as the most significant in their lives frustration situations that are related to the satisfaction of social needs. There is a striking difference in the levels of frustration between first-year and fourth-year students: first-year students experience greater frustration. With the increase in the level of frustration, there is a noticeable increase in the feeling of loneliness among the respondents of both experimental groups. For students of both experimental groups in frustrated situations are more characterized by increased fixation on the frustration situations themselves. It was found that with a decrease in the level of frustration tolerance, the level of frustration of a person increases and vice versa. The results of the study suggest that the psychological consequences, level and breadth of the manifestations of experiences of frustration situations are closely related to the level of frustration tolerance.

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S. Mohan Raj, Dr V. Sunitha

The present study aimed to bring out the impact of culture and thoughts of engineering students especially Mechanical engineering students who are taking Engineering English course in the institute. The result of the study underlines that there is a remarkable similarity between the experts’ opinion as well as the students’ view about the impact of culture in language learning. The study conducted through a survey among the Mechanical engineering students after the stipulated time period of teaching hours. General introduction about the culture, the related issues, practical examples and interaction are the adopted techniques for the study. The population utilised for the study includes both the native students of Tamilnadu state and other states of India. This study also illustrates that the short cultural course supports English language learning apart from the language curriculum. Further, the study suggests the educators can implement ‘culture’ as an opportunity to relate the target language learning and teaching in a much progressive way.

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Wagiati, Nani Darmayanti, Duddy Zein

This research examines the traces of Javanese language and its influence on Pangandaran-dialect-Sundanese language, in West Java Province, Indonesia, which based on lingual mapping by using Geographical Information System (ArcGIS) with geolinguistic perspective. The approaches used in this research are theoretical approach and methodological approach. Theoritically, the approach used in this research is the diactology research. As for methodology, the method used in this research is the qualitative-descriptive method. This study starts with provision data done through the conversation (cakap) and observation (simak) method. The data is the language in system of existing kinship, the pronouns, and the body parts which is collected by using the vocabulary basic list method (Swadesh list). The data is analyzed by using the comparative-synchronic method. This research was carried out in Pangandaran Regency, by selecting five districts as observation area which determined based on the direction of the wind. The districts are Cimerak District, Sidamulih District, Kalipuncang District, Padaherang District, and Pangandaran District. The research results show (1) the traces of Javanese language are found in Pangandaran. One of the traces is the names of place in the region of Pangandaran which are identically with the phonology rules of Javanese language; (2) dialectal variation of Pangandaran-dialect Sundanese language which is influenced by Javanese language can be seen from phonology and lexical aspects; and (3) based on the dialectometry calculation, the lingual symtomps on Pangandaran dialect-Sundanese language are only phenomena which only shows subdialect differentiation.

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Indrawati, Sahta Ginting, La Ode Safuan, Jamili

Kaledupa and Tomia islands are groups of islands incorporated in the Wakatobi Islands region. Research on the identification of tuber morphology was successfully identified consisting ten cultivars of Dioscorea alata L. and two cultivars of Dioscorea esculenta (Lour.) Burk. Each cultivar has a local name, such as D. alata cultivars from Kaledupa are called ifi tofu, ifi longko, kano ambo, ifi loiya, kano nsolo, ifi safora, ifi madu, and kano mohute; while D. alata cultivars from Tomia are named kano fungo, kano isitangisi, opa lelu, and opa honiki. The results of the chemical components analyses showed that all tubers have the potency as an alternative for food ingredient. However, the content of each component varies greatly depend on geographical conditions. Carbohydrate levels in D. alata and D. esculenta are higher than other tuber species ranging from 20.4 to 47.9%. Therefore, these ten cultivars have been used as the source of carbohydrate for a long time in the Wakatobi community.

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Aravind C., Suji Prasad S. J., Ponni Bala M.

These Remote monitoring control and automation are the most important criteria for maximizing process plant availability production. With the valuation, Industry 4.0, the wireless industrial monitoring system becomes unavoidable. The system should be able to acquire and process real-time data. It is also needed for controlling related instruments to change the environmental factors and monitoring in long distance. The development and implementation of real-time analysis of process parameters through data acquisition and status monitoring using Ethernet through Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) are presented in this paper.

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A. Mohamed Haroon Basha, K.K. Sivakumar, R. Chandramohan, N.Kavitha and R. Swaminathan

With the advent of nanocrystalline based approach problems like performance degradation due to Pb diffusion in CdS/PbS solar cells can be solved. In this study an effort has been made to improve the performance of CdS/PdS thin film based devices, by doping with rare earth Pr. In this study undoped and Pr doped CdS thin films were prepared using Chemical Bath deposition and characterized for structural, optical and Morphological properties on pre cleaned glass and ITO coated glass plates. The PbS thin films were prepared system by chemical bath deposition over the CdS nano thin film layers grown over ITO glass plates and their photovoltaic properties were studied using Photocurrent–voltage measurements at AM 1.5 at an illumination of 100 mW/cm2. The results are reported. The increase of Pr concentration in the CdS layer has produced considerable enhancement in the microstructural and optical properties leading to a performance efficiency. The possible mechanism are also discussed.

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Achmad Mufti, Yenny Risjani, Arning W. Ekawati

Fish feeds have been relying on protein sources from fish meal which are getting more expensive over time, therefore an alternative source of protein is needed as a source of fish meal protein. Earthworm (Lumbricus rubellus) is one alternative that meets the requirements as a source of protein because its nutrient content is relatively high, besides that earthworms are also quite easy to be cultivated so that farmers can produce it themselves. The purpose of this study was to determine the results of differences in the types of media for cultivating earthworms on growth and nutrient content of earthworms and to determine the effect of earthworm flour sustution on fish meal as the main protein source in common carp feed formulations. Cultivation of earthworms on different organic wastes, namely a combination of mushroom log and cow dung with media treatment doses of mushroom log worm 100%, mushroom log 75% and cow dung 25%, mushroom log 50% and 50% cow dung, 25% log mushroom and 75% cow dung, and 100% sai dung. The best results from cultivation on different organic wastes will be used as a substitute material for substituting fish meal as a source of animal protein in carp. Substitution of earthworm flour treatment against fish meal with treatments A (0%), B (25%), C (50%), D (75%) and E (100%). The main parameters observed included survival rate, specific growth rate, feed conversion ratio, and protein efficiency ratio,. The results of the cultivation of earthworms with the best media, 100% cow dung, with an average biomass weight of 1,220.53 g with nutritional content of 53,11% protein, 10,22% fat, 10,1% ash and carbohydrates 12,25%. The results of the showed that the use of earthworm meal substitution in feed did not affect the survival of carp, but had a very significant effect on the specific growth rate (SGR) of 56.67%; 2.49 BB / day; 44% for feed conversion ratio (FCR)1,94, 52% and for protein efficiency ratio (PER) 1.89; 54.14% .

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P.Paruthi Ilam Vazhuthi, Dr.S.P.Manikandan

Wireless sensor networks are the collection of tiny and compact devices are deployed in the particular area for monitoring some parameters. Forest monitoring, habitat monitoring, industrial monitoring and structural monitoring are the trending applications in sensor networks. However due to scarcity of limited resources such as memory, transmission range, Bandwidth and Battery power, life time improvement of the sensor network is the major problem facing by the researcher. To get better life time of the sensor network, mobile sink is used in the reserved forest monitoring application. A novel Ant swarm approach is proposed for data aggregation through mobile sink to prolong the life span and reduce the overhead of sensor network. For better enhancement of lifetime of individual entity in the sensor network for forest monitoring, Drones can be used to carry the sink node for data aggregation. Mobile sink node is continuously transmitting the tokens to the sensor node within the coverage area of sink node. Sensor nodes send the sensed data with its node identity after arrival of token message from the sink. When the sink node is out of transmission range from any sensor node then the sensed data is forwarded with neighbor node continuously and check whether the sink node is in transmission range or not. By using the concept of ant line walking, data aggregation is done with minimal overhead and better lifetime improvement in WSN. Simulation results show that the proposed method enhance the network performance in terms of different performance evaluation metrics. The life time is improved with 30 to 40% when compared with various existing mobile sink data aggregation approach.

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K. Sowmiya, J. Thomas Joseph Prakash

The recent study deals with the synthesis and characterization of silver nanoparticles bounded to pergularia daemia plant extract silver nanoparticles ( PD @ Ag-Nps) was characterized by PXRD, UV-Vis, FESEM and EDX, FTIR, DLS. The highly stable PD @ Ag-NPs was found promising as antibacterial and antifungal agents when tested against human pathogens Escherichia coli, Pseudomonas, Staphylococcus aureus and Candida albicans, Candida vulgaris respectively. Conclusion, the antibacterial and antifungal properties of the synthesized AgNps from pergularia daemia act as major therapeutic drug for microbial infections disease and other health associated disorders.

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Chandra Sekhar Kolli, Suma Mallidi, Sai Kiran M, Chandra Kishore D

Even after with years of research and availability of many sophisticated authentication methods available, Authentication with passwords are still dominate latest approaches. The main aim of this article is to develop a new algorithm to strengthen password-based authentication approach. Existing methods has a very poor security practices as a result server can be very easily compromised. We have designed and developed a new versatile approach to create, manage and strengthening lost free password algorithm using Iterative Alignment Algorithm.

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Ramlah S, La Sara, Ayub Padangaran, and Muslim Tadjuddah

The waters of Kolaka Regency, covered info the WPP RI 713, is located in the eastern part of Bone Bay and potentially for skipjack fishery.This research was aimed at analyzing the catch per unit effort (CPUE), the maximum sustainable yield and the utilization rate of the fish in the waters. The method used in this research was a descriptive research using a case study. Data were collected from two sources, namely the recording data at the Fishery Office of Kolaka Regency and the local fishermen. About 144 samples of fishermen were gathered, consisting of various operating fishing such as pole and line, purse seine, handline, kite-line fishing, and boat lift net. The gathered data were analyzed to construct the status of CPUE, MSY, and the utilization rate. The results exhibit that the trends of CPUE undergo a fluctuation during the 2011 to 2017. The average production of this fish for those years is about 0.95 tons/trip. Both the Catch Maximum Sustainable Yield (CMSY) and Economic Sustainable Yield (EMSY) are 9,130.34 tons/year, and 4,767.78 trips/years, respectively. The use rate and the fishing effort of this species, are still under the CMSY (1.093.85 tons/year) and EMSY (1,075.71 trips/year).

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Garima Sharma, Dr R.N. Sharma

Jaipur district is characterized by low rainfall, degraded natural resources and scarcity of water resources. In Bassi block of Jaipur district, Integrated Watershed Management Program (IWMP) was implemented to effectively manage the natural resources of the area and to rehabilitate the degraded lands. This paper discusses the impact of IWMP on the land use pattern, soil moisture, vegetation and ground water resources. The assessment of the impact of the program is done with help of Geographic informative system (GIS) and remote sensing. For impact evaluation LISS-IV 5.8 m resolution satellite images are used for pre and post project impact assessment of the watershed area. The results indicate that the availability of water resources has increased in the area which changed the cropping pattern. There is significant change in the ground water level and soil moisture. The irrigated area has increased along with the decrease in the wasteland in the area. This watershed intervention in the area has improved the biodiversity and land degradation. Overall, the IWMP program at Bassi block has proved to be an effective solution for soil and water conservation.

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Vani. M, H Sankaran, S. Praveen Kumar

Many organisations operate with the strong belief to contribute positively to the society, economy and strong corporate work culture. This defines the level of employee engagement that transforms the organisation into a high performance genre. An organisation’s culture is an essential part of business. It influences nearly every aspect of the organisation, from acquiring top talent to improving employee satisfaction, employee engagement and enhancing employee productivity, it becomes the basis of a happy workforce. A distinct corporate culture is important to the success of an Organisation. Hence to bring out the transformation in the culture it is import for the decision makers to be aware of the influencers. Good Leaders with high level of EI can drive the behaviour and positively impact people to create a successful work culture. The objective of this paper is to explore the relationship between emotional intelligence and transformational leadership and their effect on organizational culture.

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B.Sundar, V.Saravanan, M.Rajasimman

Many petrochemical, polymer and paper industries uses the toluene as solvent for the processing it was used as the main compound in this study. The bench scale membrane bioreactor used for controlling the toluene as a main single pollutant. Toluene was treated effectively, with toluene influent concentrations maintained at less than 0.4 g m-3 and a total removal efficiency of over 96% achieved when the faced fluctuating loads. The maximum elimination capacity of the membrane biofilter system was 93.8 g m-3 h-1. The membrane bioreactor showed a quick response to the transient condition (shutdown, restart, and shock load) and the stability of the membrane bioreactor was maintained. Further, the Bacillus sphaericus and Pseudomonas alcaligenes bacterial isolate was identified as the predominant strain involved in the toluene biodegradation in membrane bioreactor

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Aiju Thomas, N V Eldhose

The panoply of biosensors constituting Body Sensor Networks (BSN) is an imperative application of the Internet of Things (IoT) in Biomedical Engineering. Medical post-discharge monitoring is an emerging application of IoT where BSNs need to establish Low Power Networks (LPNs) for data exchange. Body sensors and radio forming BSNs are restricted in power especially when the patient is on the move. Power restrictions impose low computational capability of transceivers along with the need for low power connectivity with the monitoring hub. This study investigates the suitability of Chirp Spread Spectrum (CSS) as a modulation scheme for BSNs. CSS is characterized by inherent interference rejection properties and resilience to multipath fading and Doppler effects. Low power capability together with operation at Industry Scientific and Medical (ISM) band makes CSS ideal for setting up a low-cost ad-hoc network of bio-sensors in post-discharge monitoring. This study evaluates the suitability of CSS for establishing LPNs of bio-sensors through simulation of linear chirps at ISM band 868 MHz A mathematical model of chirp is explained and orthogonality with inverse chirps is demonstrated. Performances for Signal to Noise Ratio (SNR) are evaluated for different spreading factors (SF).

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V.Premalatha, K.Vineesha, M.Srinivasarao

Recently, one of the main models has gained popularity in the field of simulation and modeling when a complex structure is made of different models representing the nature of any complex system, helping them overcome some of the inherent drawbacks of numerical approaches.In base these three are shown in a representation of graphs. This Project main aim is to take single parameter taking the census data of income and generating the tables instead of graphs. We have designed a model using K-Means Clustering where this algorithm studies the database in memory. The database holds a number of occurrences. To accomplish this we used large datasets that consist census income it consists of age, zip code, sex, position, color, citizen. Here the location is disclosed only authorized persons can view the location of the particular person. The Results gave us accurate predictions using some clusters as well as epochs of the various Incomes.

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Jais Jose, Yuvaraj E, Bharti Kaushik, Neha Singh, Arjun Suresh

The Global tsunami hazard map is a map used for analyzing an area whether it is earthquake prone or not as well as it is used for making evacuation plan and rescue operations by the government authorities. The Global earthquake map has been developed by using Web GIS tools. HTML, CSS, Java Script, JQuery, IIS and Maps API are utilized to deliver the Global Earthquake hazard map. The parameters are Event Name, Designator, Latitude, Longitude, Origin Time (UTC), Focal Depth, Magnitude (Initial), Magnitude (Mw) and Region Name. The principle favorable circumstances of the created seismic tremor map in the web page are clients can see the latitude, longitude, magnitude, event name, and region name in the web page whenever tapped on a specific quake area, subtleties of the tremors happened in most recent 7 days will be refreshed from the USGS site, clients can sort the table fields as their desire and can refresh the information effectively later on, Options for Customization are accessible for clients, assume a client need to see just the seismic tremors over 5 Magnitude and they can give the contribution as more prominent than 5,then it will show the tremors over 5 Magnitude, Users can see the plate boundaries and plate motion and they can modify as their desire, this tsunami hazard webpage is valuable to give early wave cautioning and clearing of neighborhood populace and salvage tasks and the clients can undoubtedly distinguish which every one of the quakes are substantial and light dependent on the color given to the icon and the color correspond to the magnitude are Red (7.2 – 8.9), Orange ( 6.6 – 7.1), Yellow ( 6.0 – 6.5) and Green ( 0.0 – 5.9).

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Sarimsakov Abdushukur Abdikhalilovich, Nurgaliev Ilnar Nakipovich, Kholturaev Bakhriddin Zhumaevich

In this article, the results of medicinal compounds polymeric forms classification and principles of their development are discussing. The basic requirements for carrier polymers and polymers with own biological activity are developed. The main differences in creating low-molecular drugs, their polymer forms and polymers with their own biological activity. Polications assigned to the group of ionenes were isolated and examined separately. Heterochain polymers containing quaternary nitrogen atoms at certain distances from each other are classified as ionenes. Ionenes have high bactericidal activity depending on the structure, which is explained by their adsorption to the bacterial cell walls. The formation of polyelectrolyte complexes with DNA is possible with the penetration of ionenes into bacteria cells. Polyanions are also referred to polymer forms of medical substances. Biological effect of exogenous polyanions is explained by competitive mechanisms rather than with the formation of polycomplexes. Weak biological activity of a number of polyanions has been established as antitumor, immunomodulatory, interferon-inducing and other activities. However, due to weak biological activity, they cannot be used in practical medicine. The scientific work also examined the molecular construction of medicinal polymers that provide prolongation, selectivity, reduced side effects, preservation of therapeutic concentration in the body, reduced toxicity and increased specific effects of the drug. Were established limitations for carrier polymers in molecular construction and creation of polymer forms of drugs. A list of classes of drugs, for which the creation of their dosage forms is relevant, was also defined. Based on the results of the research, it was concluded that drug polymers and practical possibilities of their creation are in many cases unique and cannot be achieved with the use of low molecular weight drugs.

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V Vijayalakshmi , Dr. B. Mohan Kumar Naik

In this research paper, a 3 dimensional device simulation of 20 nm n-channel and p-channel SOI FinFET and Bulk FinFET have been studied. The electrical parameters such as electrostatic potential, electric field, current density, transfer characteristics, output characteristics, drive current, OFF state current and transconductance are investigated based on the various bias voltages. The transfer characteristics of SOI FinFETs are compared with that of bulk FinFETs. Based on the comparison analysis SOI FinFETs are more dominant over bulk FinFETs because of large ION/IOFF ratio in wide circuit applications and semiconductor memories.

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Prixit Raj, Dr. Parul Sinha

This paper deals with the impact of Agile and DevOps on project management practices and team structure in Software development projects . Project Management practices determine the success of the project. Agile and DevOps are essentially changing the rules on how the software projects are being executed and delivered. Specifically, the objective of agile processes is to fulfill the customer requirements at timely manner and with lower defect rate. The findings of this study indicate that, the Agile and DevOps methodologies have impact on scope management, quality management and estimation which impacts the project management practices. It is also evident from the review of literature that, Agile and DevOps methodologies have impact on shared responsibility, automation and feedback which organizes team structure. The present paper proposes the conceptual framework and prepositions and in future that could be tested empirically by the researchers to study the impact on holistic basis. In addition to these, this paper also provides recommendations to the sectors that wish to adapt Agile and DevOps methodologies as a part of the strategy to enhance project management practices and team structure.

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Himanta Borgohain

The fluvial dynamics of two major tributaries of the Brahmaputra River, the Dikhow and the Dhansiri in a part of the upper reach of the Brahmaputra valley (Assam, India) adjacent to the Mikir hills and the Naga Patkai thrust belt has been studied over a period of ninety plus years (1915-2008) in the GIS environment by using topographic maps, satellite imageries, SRTM data, and seismotectonic information of the area. The temporal change in the morphological signature of the Dikhow River is least which is represented in the high correlation coefficient of its sinuosity values for different segments over the aforesaid period. The Dhansiri River on the contrary shows a very poor correlation coefficient for the same parameter. This is most probably due to the ongoing neo-tectonism about the Jorhat fault. The study makes an effort to locate areas of valley subsidence as well as upliftment. When compared with the available database of basement, it was observed that the Jorhat fault separates the study area distinctly into two tectonic blocks, one is the Dhansiri valley on the south-western part of the Jorhat fault, and the other is the subset of the upper reach of the Brahmaputra valley. A conceptualized ‘pop-up’ model is proposed, that relates the Himalayan frontal thrust (HFT) with the popping up Mikir Hills in the eastern front from one end and westward thrust front of the Naga thrust in the other end causing upliftment of south western part of the study area (Dhansiri valley) that explains clearly the avulsive tendency in the Dhansiri River and its drastic change in the geomorphological signature.

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Kaya Puri, Megha Mehta

In today’s employment sector employees have been in grip of stress, agitation, anxiety, depression and many more emotional ailments which are core reason for not leading balanced lifestyle. Studies have identified that above mentioned factors which are now a days becoming common and sole reason for employees not becoming effective at their workstations which is one of the most concerned area still unaddressed by HR experts. So it becomes important for all HR experts to study the level of emotional intelligence among employees and its effect on their Job performance. Therefore, this study is an attempt to give more emphasis on updating employees about emotional intelligence that in turn can effect their job performance by providing training to make employees understand how to be effective at workstations while utilizing their emotions with others which would improve their job performances and hence improving overall organizational efficiency.

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Muhammad Noor Kholid, Paras Sukma Hamida, Lingga Nico Pradana, Swasti Maharani

Problem solving in mathematics is something that can not be separated from the ability to think critically. Whereas critical can be influenced by cognitive style. This study describes the students' critical thinking character in mathematics problem solving in terms of cognitive style. Data was collected using test techniques, observation notes, interviews, and video recordings. Subjects included were 7th grade students of MTs Agung Alim Blado Indonesia. The number of subjects was 4 students, consisting of 2 students with Field Independent cognitive style (FI) and 2 students with Field Dependent (FD) cognitive style. The results showed differences in critical thinking skills between FI subjects and FD subjects. Subjects FI fullfil all of the critical thinking aspects such as interpretation, analysis, evaluation, inference, explanation, and self regulation. Subjects FD only fulfill a number of indicators in critical thinking aspects.

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K. S. R. K. Reddy, K. Swapna, Sk. Mahamuda, M. Venkateswarlu, M. V. V. K. Srinivas Prasad

Recently published various Dy3+ ions doped glass materials were taken for analysis to understand their white light emission behavior and to correlate that behavior with their optical properties. The structural properties of the materials were analyzed using their Judd-Ofelt (J-O) intensity parameters. All the selected glasses have shown covalent nature for the Dy3+-Oxygen bond and low symmetry around Dy3+ ion sites. The colour coordinates (X, Y) which are crucial in understanding white light behavior have found a relation with the optical property stimulated emission cross-section of the selected glasses. The glasses with higher σse values have the colour coordinates of X and Y > 0.4 which are far from the standard colour coordinates (X=0.333, Y=0.333) and the glasses with lesser σse values have the colour coordinates of X and Y < 0.4 which are nearer to the standard colour coordinates (X=0.333, Y=0.333).

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Pallavi M. Patode, Shrikant S. Mopari

Expensive use of power electronic devices in various applications of power system which could result in power quality issues like low power factor, high THD, high electric stresses and complexity in cascaded connection. In order to overcome the above problems, there is a need to operate converter at unity power factor. In this work, a new modified multiplier SEPIC PFC topology is proposed and Comparative analysis has been carried out with conventional single stage SEPIC PFC topology. The performance of proposed topology can be Inspected by carrying simulation in MATLAB environment with PI and PID controller. The obtained results justice effectiveness of proposed work.

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Rabiman Rabiman, Muhammad Nurtanto, Nur Kholifah

The unpreparedness of educators and students in the learning process becomes weakness in traditional learning. Moreover, teaching material that has been delivered cannot be repeated while the small notes and educator explanations have limitations in knowledge transfer. This method is ineffective and also have limited learning space and time that cannot be accessed anytime and anywhere. In the current development, students have tendency and dependence on digital content or ICT. The condition is of positive value for online or virtual learning activities, teaching materials can be accessed, stored and shared through the internet. The research and development objective are to produce an LMS-based E-Learning system that is tested on Microteaching in the Mechanical Engineering Education class. The research method adopts the Hannafin and Peck approach model with specific phases (needs analysis, design, development and implementation). The developed LMS is then validated by media experts and material experts according to their capabilities. The research subjects were 15 undergraduate students aged ± 22-25 years old (adults). Data collection techniques are using questionnaires and direct observation. The results of LMS-based E-Learning development research is "very feasible" to be used. The assessment is based on the LMS usability, LMS functions, visual communication, learning design, material contents, as well as language and communication. The findings in this study are that using LMS increases satisfaction and quality of learning.

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Ahfandi Ahmad, M. Saleh S. Ali, Eymal B. Demmallino, Rahmadanih

This study aimed to analyze the adaptation strategy of mountain society in west Sinjai sub-district, Sinjai regency from food production aspects, food availability aspects, food accessibility aspects, and food utilization aspects. Using case study tradition with data collection techniques were in-depth interviews, full observation, documentation, and triangulation. The target group was determined based on identification of field condition and preliminary information which had been obtained from key informants. The result of this study showed that the availability of food was maintained from the results of production by storing in a special storage that was called “pa’ra”. Implementation of multiple livelihood strategies namely in agricultural and non-agricultural sectors, as an effort to maintain conditions of availability and level of their food accessibility. Development of food consumption adaption model had carried out by utilizing local food based on knowledge, behaviour and attitudes towards food, such as “pallapi lappo” method to create sustainable food consumption.

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Rahmatjonova Kamola Abdumutal qizi

This article discusses the history of researches on the grammatical category of cases in the Hindi language. While writing this article, number of linguists views on cases were found and analyzed fully. According to the results of our research, two group of linguists were formed on the cases of Hindi language. The first group support that there are six cases in Hindi language and the second group believes the Hindi has eight cases. Their supporting arguments are studied and it is concluded that the forms of nouns in the Hindi language depend on their relation to gender and the types of word roots. This indicates that in the Indo-Aryan languages, the same category of peculiarity of the same noun is fragmentary and does not have a single integrity.

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Mr. Amit Chandak, Dr. Neeraj Kumar, Dr. Avedesh Dalpati

In order to enhance Supply Chain performance of a firm it is required to adopt systematic Supply Chain practices. Every organization in present era is trying to enhance strategic gain by implementing SCM practices so they can shift firm’s performance to a new level. Top management is looking to enhance overall profit of the firm. SCM act as a key tool for Supply Chain practitioner to enhance performance of firm in totality. This research examines the relationship of supply chain strategy (SCS) and supply chain performance for automobile industry in India. In order to examine aforesaid statistical methods Pearson correlation coefficient and Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) are used in this paper. Outcome indicates that there is strong association of SCS with SCP. Particularly SCS constraints such as innovative strategy (INSTR), customer-oriented strategy (COSTR) and agile supply chain strategy (ASCSTR) has a strong association with SCP (i.e. Cost Performance (CPER), Logistic Performance(LPER) and Quality Performance(QPER). The SEM outcome correspondingly demonstrates that SCS constraints seem to be key rank & demonstrate prominence of SCP. The outcome demonstrates the substantial position of SCP of the automotive industry in India.

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Nair Govindan Pradeep, Bahukhandi Kanchan Deoli, Tauseef SM

The Construction Industry is a highly important contributor to the GDP of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). This research study aims to explore the factors that affect the success of construction projects in UAE. This study is focused not only on the positive factors but also the limiting factors that prove to be an obstacle to the growth of the construction industry in UAE. Secondary analysis has critically analysed literature pertaining to the subject and primary analysis employed is a mixed method of both qualitative and quantitative analysis also known as triangulation methodology, Thus, using qualitative and quantitative data analysis techniques, using structured questions as the research instrument and interviews as the method information was collated from five randomly selected construction companies in UAE. For quantitative analysis, the sample selected primarily comprises 30 project management personnel and for Qualitative Analysis 5 senior managers such as project general manager and director of projects and other senior positions, have been selected for the interview. Through Data Analysis and the various responses collated from the respondents it was identified that timely allocation of quality and competent resources combined with a longer-term vision of the leadership is a critical success factor for the construction industry. Application of project management tool and interdepartmental collaboration seemed to have a limited role to play in the success of the projects. It was also identified that the major limitation regarding factors affecting construction projects in UAE is the extreme weather conditions. Non-prescriptive and unclear labour as well as health and safety regulations seem to be causing delays in applying the mandated requirements and causes hindrances in terms of non-compliances and violation notices from authorities. Having employees from various cultural backgrounds and nationalities is also another limiting factor that creates difficulty in streamlining the construction process.

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Mavlyanova Umida Khodjakbarovna

This article discusses numerical word category, with some of the key features of this series being compared in Uzbek and English. An attempt is also made to reveal the approximate numerical value used in English and the sum of its meanings. The metatype of the case was a small number of words, namely, an odd number, an approximate number, or an integer. This article can be used extensively in the course of comparative typology of the language and native language studied, or in lessons or seminars on certain sections of lexicology.

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Naresh Vurukonda, Allu Venkata Dattatreya Reddy, Gutta Chiranjeevi, Kancharla Raviteja

Leakage of sensitive data may leads to the loss of confidential and integrity. Some of the data may be leaked and found on web or untrusted users. Distributor have to take upon these situations in order to maintain data confidentiality and ensure a safe data transaction. Many small business authorities have data leak issues via internet or other means. We would like to propose a alternative methodology to implement in real world and it is different from traditional methods. Traditional methods contain “watermarking” and in some cases we can also inject “realistic but fake” data records to further improve our chances of detecting leakage and identifying the guilty party. But this also will not work if the guilt agent knows the fake objects. So the other method for getting the guilt agents is to be determined. Many methods have been in existence but every method is being override by other means using complex methodologies and by various combinations of the algorithms. These complex methods would secure much better than older ones. We are finding the agents by taking the parameters like how much time he is spending in the data, how many times he opened that file etc.... we can find the probability if the probability is more than the threshold value then we can conclude that the agent had compromised. In this model we use the previous methods knowledge to predict the agents or to over come in the solution.

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K. Narmada, G. Prabakaran

Lung cancer classification can be identified to the middle aged persons nowadays. Early prediction and classification of cancer stage is mandate to take counter measures to treatment and easy diagnosis. The scanned CT images are mostly used to obtain the occurrence of lung small cell cancer. In existing techniques used by machine learning traditional techniques and advanced deep learning (DL), it can classify the cancer occurrence and predict the feasible treatment based on diagnosis. It is mandate to predict and find the level or stages of the lung cancer based on tumor size and it should be properly classified to predict better treatments. Here it is proposed to categorize the stages of lung cancer and predict the diagnosis way using fully convolution neural network (FCN). In this technique, the methodology can be improved by means of candidate generation over the screening phase to make higher optimized results. The concentration leads to the learning process over the implementation of FCN to produce results with larger in dataset size. The improved results will show the performance of proposed system rather the existing works.

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Nargiza Kabirova Kakhramonovna

This article analyzes the works of the talented writer of Afghan storytelling, Rahnavard Zaryab, in particular, his stories such as “Coffin maker” and “Photography Teacher”. Unlike traditional Afghan writers, the author is interested in a description of the processes taking place in the human heart. He tries to express an inner psychological attitude towards reality rather than incident is a priority. A number of the author's stories are characterized by a desire to uncover such aspects of the human psyche. At the same time, the author enriches the narrative with a variety of scenes, depicting the processes taking place in the spirit of the hero. In order to broaden the story, the story was compared with the story of Uzbek writer Nazar Eshanqul's “The man who led the monkey”.

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Asep Mahpudin, Abdul Rosyid, Zuli Nuraeni, Suparman, Andriyani

The long-term goal of this research is to develop Android-based learning as an alternative in mathematics learning. Meanwhile, the specific objective to be achieved in this study was to examine the effect of Mathematics Equation-based editors on Android on mathematical representation of students in high school and to examine the effect of Mathematics Equation learning media in the form of Android-based Mathematic Equation editors on increasing mathematical representation of students in high school. The ability of mathematical representation is an inseparable part of other mathematical abilities. This research is a Research and Development (R & D) study. There are 8 stages in this study, namely (1) Potential and problems, (2) Data collection, (3) Product design, (4) Design validation, (5) Design revisions, (6) Product testing, (7) Design revisions , and (8) Trial usage. The stages that have been completed are until product validation. And the results are valid with pearson-correlation 0.322 and appropriate to use with revisions as recommended.

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Dr. Gauri Dhingra

Around 64 % women of Rajasthan are unemployed. The problem is with the Rajasthan women who are educated still do not work. They are either shackled in the old customs and traditions like family pressure, patriarchal or other problems like childcare, health issues, working hours etc. so they do not go for work. The Researcher aims to examine the socio-economic causes restraining educated women to work and also to interpret the impact on their life. It is very important to increase the women-working ratio amongst educated women as it makes a dramatic difference in their life and helps in reducing their frustration, domestic violence and will also boost her decision-making.

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Kuldeep Singh Kaswan, Santar Pal Singh, Shrddha Sagar

Arduino is the physical programmable board. A wide array of sensors can be attached with this board and many third-party libraries can be linking with an Arduino sketch. Arduino hardware components are cheaper in relation with other controller architecture and programming language is easy. Arduino has greater academic applications. In this paper, the roles of Arduino among microcontroller boards are investigated. First, different types of Arduino boards are identified. Second, different Arduino applications are identified from the literature reported in the literature are surveyed and analyzed. In the last we will also summarize the work done.

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P.Pardhasaradhi, M.Bindu Meghana, R.Rajesh, C.Saida, N.Suresh

Image processing in the future will dramatically change the experience of the human brain. A vast number of applications, software, and techniques for image processing help extract complex image features. While image processing works beyond multidimensional today and see what the image actually contains. Many techniques that draw on images in real time, but the real core is image processing. This paper addresses an overview of technologies, tools and techniques for measurement of various foot images of human being and obtain the foot dimensions using image processing and EMD algorithm in MATLAB software. Measuring and valuing a distance between two points is important in the processing of objects. The idea is to make the Euclidean distance between two points a measure of how near (or distant) two points are to each other based on two ranges. Using this we can obtain the foot measurements with less efforts and in affordable price. The need to extract information from foot images and interpret their content was the driving factor in major footwear manufacturing industries and also in health care for proving artificial legs.

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J. Gopalsamy, R. Dineshkumar, A. Arumugam, S. Bragadeeswaran

India is blessed with extensive coastline and diverse ecosystems. It is one of the major sea food producing countries and occupies the third place among them. The demand of the sea food is increasing steadily day by day. The fishing activities have been intensified to fulfill the need of growing global population. It is very essential to study the present scenario of the edible crustaceans diversity for the proper management and conservation. In the present study nearly 22 species belonging to 4 families of prawns, 6 species belonging to 2 families of lobsters, 9 species belonging to 2 families of crabs were collected from Nagapattinam coast. The maximum population density was observed during post monsoon and summer months. Species diversity, species richness and evenness were also maximum during summer and minimum during monsoon months. Among crustaceans prawn population was more than that of crabs followed by lobsters.

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Víctor Demetrio Dávila Arenaza

The research aimed to determine the influence of human talent management in the training of competitive professionals in the national universities of Peru. It was based on systems theory, contributions from Chiavenato I. and Michael Porter among others. Its design was non-experimental transectional, quantitative approach, causal explanatory, applied type. The sample has been 52 teachers, 15 administrators and 277 students. To collect the information, two questionnaires were used, one for teachers and administrators and one for students. The data were analyzed using descriptive and inferential statistics which have allowed us to establish that the management of human talent influences the training of competitive professionals in National Universities of Peru.

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A. Venkatesan, G. Mathan

The present study deals with the exogenous addition of various concentrations of tannery wastewater on growth and enzymatic activity of Ipomoea pes-caprae and Clerodendron inerme was assessed. The morphological parameter such as shoot and root length, fresh and dry weight of both plants organ increased upto extreme level of 90% when compared to that of control on both the sampling day. The enzymatic studies such as peroxidase, catalase, polyphenoxidase, phytochelaton and glutathion increased with increasing tannery effluent at 90% on both the sampling day. The aim of this study to analyze these two halophytic plants accumulate more heavy metal stored in plant organ.

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R.P. Jaia Priyankka, Dr. S. Arivalagan, Dr. P. Sudhakar

In recent days, the surplus of e-commerce products poses a severe challenge for customers while looking for a related product details. It results to the development of recommendation system (RS) which has the ability to find out related shopping commodities which fulfils the expectations of the customer. Classification is a machine learning model which assists in the creation of adaptive customer profile, improves scalability and greatly enhances the recommendation accuracy. But, heterogeneity, restricted content examination and high dimensionality of existing e-commerce dataset make it a challenging issue. This study introduces a new deep convolution neural network (DCNN) with logistic regression (LR) called DCNN-LR model for classifying the products. The presented DCNN-LR model comprises several sub processes namely pre-processing, DCNN based feature extraction and LR based classification. The presented model is tested using a Corpus dataset and the attained results showcased the enhanced results under numerous aspects.

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M.V.D.Prasad, SK. Hasane Ahammad, D. Tarani, K. Manoj

In this day and age where in human beings hook up with maximum of the remote regions of the planet nearest institution capacity to take a important choice at the perfect time is growing to be increasingly giant in regards to coping with this engine which makes the research imaginable area. Despite the truth that the headways in innovation correspondence man will now be able to carry and communicate with each different at the speed of light making use of the flag of radio obscures speed in correlation with fantastic separation Space, even mild takes greater than 15 minutes to tour from the earth to defaces and nearly 1.5 seconds to venture out of the earth to the moon, notwithstanding the truth that the suspension become by all debts a small, high spending on strategic high stock chandrayan 2 seconds while it may show to be a disaster for the venture is crucial that the machine enabled to take direct control relies upon at the information that is utilized by human beings to take a critical desire, we advise to utilize convolutional neural structures engineering intensity and educated to differentiate and proportion not unusual semantics at the lunar surface to have a desire to understand the terrific rock and soil fair or unsatisfactory for the arrival of a slightly improved this method ment.

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Musdizal, Rudi Hartono

The purpose of this research was to find out any significant improvement in students' writing skill after they are taught by using the Discovery Learning Method combined with Video on Students’ Writing Skill of Recount Text at the tenth Grade of MAN 1 Sungai Penuh. The design of this research was quasi experiment research. Besides, the population of this research was the tenth grade of MAN 1 Sungai Penuh. Then, the sample of this research was 41 students that consisted of two classes. There were class MIA1 as experiment class and MIA2 as control class. Moreover, the sample of this research used cluster random sampling. The result of the research, it was gotten t-count 17,24 t-table 1,6838 at the freedom of 40 an level significant 0,05. The value of t-count was higher than t-table. It showed the hypothesis H_1that stated there was significant effect of Discovery Learning Method Combined with Video on students’ writing skill of recount text at the eleventh grade of MAN 1 Sungai Penuh was accepted. Therefore, the research suggested for English teacher to use Discovery Learning Method combine with Video on teaching writing, especially of teaching writing recount text.

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Jasdeep Singh, Manoj Kumar, Sukhwinder Singh Sran

In these days Cloud computing is providing us a suitable choice of computing and storage of the resources mainly for the business in which user “pay per usage”. But most of the organizations are not using the cloud due to the lack of the trust on the service provider. Nowadays data breaches in cloud services are also increasing year-by-year by the hackers which are trying to compromise the security of the cloud. In this work, we have performed a depth analysis of cloud trust models for the existing functional and non-functional aspects to accurately evaluate the trust of the cloud provider and the theory of assessment of the security level of insider threats. We describe the modelling methodology which captures several aspects of insider threats and shows threat assessment methodology to reveal the possible attack strategies of an insider.

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Sularno, Edi Azwar, Yusri Fefiani

This study aims to look at the level of virulent entomopathogenic fungi against larvae Croccidolomia binotalis and LC 50%, after obtaining entomopathogenic fungi isolates through exploration, isolation and identification. Entomopathogenic fungi are obtained from the Sibolangit conservation forest and from the Berastagi vegetable plantation land. The long-term goal is to reduce the use of chemical pesticides through the development of fungi bioinsecticides obtained through exploration from different isolate sources that are around the Brastagi vegetable fields and Sibolangit conservation forest., Virulence test was carried out in vitro. Fungi that have high virulence will be applied in planta in Brastagi vegetable land. The fungus produced from this research is recommended as a local alternative bioinsecticide to reduce or replace the use of synthetic pesticides which have been threatening the environment and human health. From the results of the study note that the death of larvae in vitro with the treatment of 2 types of entomopathogenic fungi is relatively low. The lowest yield was 0 deaths from FHHKS18 fungi while the highest yield from FPKSB8 fungi was 4 larvae at a concentration of 2000 ppm. The highest percentage of mortality of C.binotalis larvae occurred at the concentration of B. bassiana 4000 ppm, the fastest death on day 4 or 79 hours after treatment. Whereas lethal time 50 (time to kill 50% of C.binotalis larvae) occurs on the 9th day or about 210 hours after treatment.

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Dr. T. Anil Kumar, T. Dinesh

In power system there is a vital importance for transmission lines for transport of bulk power. This paper presents an popularly Levenberg Machine Learning (LML) algorithm proposed to detect and identify faults. The performance of Levenberg Algorithm in detection and identification of various types of faults compared to principal component analysis. The effectiveness of proposed algorithm tested on simulated two area power system using Matlab Simulink.

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Mery Berlian, Rian Vebrianto, Nurhasnawati

Teachers are the most important factor contributing to students’ misconception of a particular material. If teachers misunderstand and wrongly explain a concept of learning, the students will also accept incorrect conception. Thus, it is very important for teachers to have pedagogical evaluation of their competence. In this study, the researchers developed a teacher pedagogical development instrument to overcome student misconception. This research is a research development that develops an instrument to evaluate pedagogical competence. From the results, it is known that the instrument consists of 3 parts: Part A that contains the background of the respondents’ demographic, Part B that contains an open questionnaire of pedagogical skills, and Part C that contains an open questionnaire of scientific integration, concepts and media and learning resources as well as obstacles faced by teachers. From the validity and reliability tests, it is known that the croanbach alpha value of all pedagogical skills is 0.94 which consists of 10 constructs of competence of pedagogical skills. This means that the instrument developed is highly credible and effective in enhancing pedagogical skills of preservice teachers and has clear implication for producing professional teachers.

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Delly Mustafa, Umi Farida, Yusriadi Yusriadi

The purpose of this research to examine and analyze the effectiveness of public services through the application of Government Electronic systems (e-government) this type of research is descriptive qualitative. Data collection techniques used is observation, interviews, and documents. The results showed that in general, the implementation of e-government in the Makassar city was considered good enough and had a positive influence on improving the effectiveness of public services for the people of Makassar city. Supporting factors that support the implementation of e-government are in addition to the support of human resources that manage e-government is getting better, the political will of the city government, especially the mayor, is very supportive of the implementation of e-government. In terms of the community as a service user, although there are still complaints sometimes, due to miscommunication and technical problems caused by the limitations of the community, the efforts of socialization and evaluation continue to be carried out by the Makassar city government.

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Kiran Cotha SJ

Learning should be no longer static and discrete but continuous and engaging. This is because the domain of learning is not mere concepts and theories, quizzes and exercises, but real problems and real questions, and answers to real questions lead inevitably to more questions. The radical change that takes place so fast from following digital and technological revolutions, doing nothing is tantamount to sliding backward. Most of our education may be dangerously close to being insignificant or obsolete. Learning seems to be in the survival mode, being overwhelmed with the challenges of a changing world. Learning happens when we are open to it and in any unforeseen situation. Therefore, we need to transcend our superficial way of learning but rather our learning needs to give us high adaptability in any ambiguous circumstances to deal with. We must reframe, rethink, and recapture what is learning to learn and self-development – learning that takes place everywhere and continuously.

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Rajesh Babu, K. Khanal Madhava Prasad, K. Rahul Krishna, M. Gowtham Samhith, P. Jameema Pushpitha, K. Kundana Gowri

The medical image segmentation is a complex and stimulating task due to the distinct features of the images. To detect the brain tumour, it is one of the applications for brain image segmentation which is required and also pre-processing stage will be added to increase the detection accuracy. The segmentation for Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) of brain is a difficult task due to the high quality of images, anatomical structures of the brain and complexity of tumors. In the field of medical imaging several researchers have made many algorithms in the field of tumor segmentation. This research work is comparing the results of Genetic algorithm (GA) with segmentation technique of Particle Swam Optimization (PSO) and segmentation technique of Particle Swam Optimization (PSO)With Darwinian Particle Swarm Optimization (DPSO). Using these three selected features, the accuracy of the dataset collected has been evaluated and the results are discussed, from these the paper. We compare these results with the Genetic Algorithm with PSO and PSO with DPSO algorithms, which are widely, used technique in the medical image analysis. The future work is measuring the size of the predicted tumor region, which provides more accuracy to the algorithms.

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Sharanagouda Nawaldgi, Dr. Lalitha Y S

One of the eye infections is glaucoma and its effects on the optic nerve and after some time end up genuine because of strain and pressure in the mind. The infections are caused inside the eye by the progression of intraocular pressure. The retina is a layer of tissue at the forefront of an eye that detects light and sends the signal to the mind. The infections are obtained and may not appear later in time. In the event that the infection is distinguished early, it stays away from the visual field setback. The essential Open Angle Glaucoma (OAG) management is a standout amongst the most critical and most difficult parts of the glaucoma location. The different discoveries that rely upon conclusion of glaucoma are intraocular weight, visual field misfortune, and optical nerve glass. Glaucoma recognition should be possible by different advances perimetry, tonometry, ophthalmoscopy, pachymetry, gonioscopy. To address the disease advanced methodologies are proposed such as prepossessing using RLS (Recursive least square) algorithm to improve the quality of the image. The image is obtained is low contrast and consists of speckle-noise which is difficult to analyze the image. The removal of this noise preprocessing is done. The evacuation of this commotion preprocessing is finished. The objective of research work is to build up a calculation for the programmed discovery of glaucoma infection and its arrangement for anomalous and typical eye pictures. To characterize the pictures as typical or strange the classifier clients are SVM, arbitrary woodland, ANN, SOM, and Naive Bays, for finding the better precision discover which classifier is useful for grouping of ordinary retinal pictures and glaucomatous pictures. Here, the blends of data from auxiliary and useful tests are engaged with the early finding of glaucoma. In the examination work vitality and basic highlights are considered. By utilizing 2D DWT (two dimension subgroups disintegration) vitality include extraction are done and the achievement is done using MATLAB. For the overall work of this paper, Graphical User Interface (GUI) is created to make user-friendly and to browse the database image for further process. Each stage of the operation is automatically applied for the next process until classifications. The proposed RLS filter will be a suitable approach for denoising the speckle noise from Glaucoma medical images. From these results, it can be seen that the proposed plain intensity filter has an improvement in MSE by 12%, SNR by 52%, PSNR by 25% and after classification of the database, the accuracy of the work is 92% as compared to the existing works in the literature.

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Robie Ann Magbayao, Edwin R. Arboleda, Elbert M. Galas

Perna Viridis gender can not be identified in its shell, however, it can be classified by identifying the color of its gonad. The male green mussel has creamy white colors while the female green mussel has reddish gonad. The proponent of this paper will propose an identification technique by image processing, fuzzy logic and K nearest neighbor. The image processing will gather RGB data for each sample and the gathered data will be used to identify the gender of the green mussel using fuzzy logic and K nearest neighbor. Fuzzy logic identified 75.76% of male green mussels and 100% female green mussels, on the other hand, the K nearest neighbor classifies the male and female green mussels on the first trial.

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Ayu Lusiyana, Festiyed, Yulkifli

The purpose of this study is to measure physics students’ data literacy skill by using the MIRECAL learning model. Indonesian students' lack of data literacy in which data literacy is one of the skills needed in facing the era of industry 4.0 and competing in the working environment, the MIRECAL learning model has been developed to improve that. The study was conducted through observation of students’ activity and essay assessment towards students’ worksheets. The improvement level measurement of data literacy skill was conducted against 76 students of the third semester of physics major who took a mechanics course. The finding of this study shows that there are 24% of students who improve literacy skill at the expert level, 62% at the proficient level, 14% at the competence level, and no students or 0% at the beginner level. Thus, it is obvious that the MIRECAL learning model was effective for them to use. This study demonstrated the success of a learning model in improving data literacy skill needed to confront the era of industry 4.0 and compete in the work world. The results of this research contribute to the re-orientation of curriculum policy that is being designed by the Indonesian government.

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Achmad Firdiansjah, Gaguk Apriyanto, Lianita Widyaratna

This study aims to examine and analyze the influence of CEO Duality and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) on financial performance through earnings management in food & beverage companies listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange in the period 2013-2017. The data used in this study are secondary data, with the population being food & beverage companies listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange. The data is taken through the official website, annual report and financial statement of each published company. The number of food & beverage companies in Indonesia during 2013-2017 amounted to 18 companies with a total sample of 76 sample. The reason for Food & Beverage companies is because they have more influence / impact on the surrounding environment as a result of the activities carried out by the company. Data analysis using path analysis to find out which is more dominant direct or indirect influence of free variables (exogenous) on endogenous variables (bound) through intervening variablesThe results of the study through multiple linear regression indicate that the food & beverage company CEO Duality and CSR will have a significant effect on ROA and ROE if the company conducts earnings management. While the relationship of each variable shows that CEO Duality has a negative and significant effect,t but CSR has a positive and not significant effect on earnings management. CEO Duality has a negative and significant effect on ROA and ROE, while CSR has a negative and not significant effect on ROA but has a negative and significant effect on ROE. Earning Management has a significant effect on ROA and ROE

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M. Madhusudhan Reddy, Bodanapu Sony, U. Praveen Goud, K.Raja Sekhara Reddy, SS.Asadi

Due to the rapid increase in construction activities use of sand become more these days. However, the querying of sand has become more costly to the people. Due to this, the total cost of construction is getting increasing. In the present study, an investigation is done with Foundry sand waste, Silica fume and Metakaolin as an admixture. The use of admixtures becomes quite common in construction materials like Cement, Sand to replace the content of conventional material with subsequent material. The various researchers all over the world still working on experimental studies by using Flyash, Jute, GGBS, Geosynthetic material, Rice husk ash and other materials as admixtures. In the present investigation, an attempt made on M25 grade of concrete 28days compressive strength. In the first stage of the study, fine aggregates are replaced with Foundry sand. The replacement of Foundry sand increased to a maximum of 50% and from the results, it is observed that in the compressive strength of concrete 38.27 N/mm2 is the maximum strength achieved at 40% Foundry sand in the fine aggregates for 28days. And in the second stage of the study, by maintaining the same 40% replacement Foundry sand in fine aggregates, Cement content has been replaced with the Silica fume and Metakaolin with different percentage levels. And then comparative analysis was done for 28days compressive strength between 40% replaced fine aggregates with Foundry sand and Silica fume and Metakaolin content in the cement. The compressive strength results showed that the at 10% Silica fume in the cement with 40% Foundry sand in fine aggregates gives better compressive strength with respect to Metakaolin for the same 28days period.

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K P Jhansilakshmi, Irappa Sogalad

The three body abrasive is been found common in most of the processing industrial applications. The major attention is paid in order to enhance the life of the material which experiences the abrasive nature of wear. The present work concentrates on improving the life of an alloy steel IS 2026 material which is used in most of the machinery elements of industries. The coating is one of the proven technology to improve the life of the material and enhance the functional properties. The composite coating is carried out by plasma spray technique. Ni-Cr is used as the major coating material with reinforced nano B4C particles. Further work is carried out to optimize the three body abrasive wear parameters on the coated material. The load, sliding velocity and sliding distance are considered as the three parameters. The experimental design is carried out in five levels by central composite design method (20 trials). The results shows that that load applied has the significant influence on the abrasive wear contributing 40.25% followed by sliding velocity and interaction effect of sliding velocity and distance of 17%. The least influencing factor is found to be interaction effect of load and sliding distance of 1.2%

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Riswanda Imawan, Dwi Wulandari, Bagus Shandy Narmaditya

This study examines the preferences of the traditional market seller in choosing their business financing. Further, the research intended to deeply understand the sellers’ behaviour in managing their businesses and factors affecting sellers choosing their financing. The research applied a descriptive qualitative method by applying an in-depth interview. This study was conducted in Lawang Market in Malang as the sample of the research. The findings showed that traders proposed four sources for their financing namely their own capital, cooperatives, banks, and social gathering. Moreover, the preference of traders in choosing formal and informal financial institutions was influenced several factors such as the complexity of administration and procedures, the amount of interest offered, the tenure of funds disbursement, and emotional motives.

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Alexander Anak Sigau, Dr. Musdi Shanat

Investigating furniture metaphor and identity are challenging because the metaphors are mostly deliberated in the context of language. This paper explores how the extent to which a source represents the meaning a designer intends to convey and is related to a target affect the selection of that source. By providing a thorough analysis of metaphor’s characteristics and express meanings to users via furniture form and appearance, systematic research survey was employed to obtain the first-hand data in presenting identity of Sarawak in furniture design that focus on local content of Dayak and Orang Ulu’s of Sarawak. Findings of the studies and provisional results are discussed from a theoretical and practical point of view, and recommendations for generating successful furniture design according to popular metaphors. The researchers believe, by embedding the semantic values and mapping local identity metaphor in the product aesthetics increase consumers desire to pay furniture items with high value for quality products rather than buying products at low prices. In conclusion, this paper aims to identify Sarawak’s local identity that potential to be a design elements of furniture design; Finally, this research intentions to analyze, identify and apply biomimicry of Sarawak local’s identity that able to symbolize furniture of Sarawak.

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Juliana, Salehudin, Albattat, Ahmad, Azizul Jamaludin; Nurfarzana, Ridzduan; Syed Norazam, Syed Mohd Kamal

In this era, we are facing a very troublesome problem which is food wasting. Wasting food is not a new thing, it has started to happen in decades of years ago, and it is still happening today. The contribution to this problem is everyone on the earth. This is not only coming from large food and beverage operations, but sadly, also from the behavior of the people too. The main problem is not only about the concept of the restaurant, but the focusing is about the behavior of the customers when consuming the food. Which had made our topic makes more sense; “A Study of Awareness on Food Wastage among Consumers in Restaurants at Subang Jaya”. The purpose of this study was to find out the acknowledgement regarding food wastage phenomenon in Subang Jaya. When we consume the food, we have to think the possibility of the food to become a waste as food waste contributes to a lot of bad effects. The objectives of this research are to determine to what extent the awareness on the wastage of food, and to also assess misperception of rules and regulations among consumers and also to identify the standard of living of the consumers will affect the reduction of the food wastage.

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V. Gokula Krishnan, V. Divya

The wide spread prevailing loss of limbs in everyday situation because of wars, mishaps, accidents, age and medical issues. The main aim of the project is to automate the Control of Wheelchair movements with all directions and producing the emergency alert as well. Elderly peoples can't walk; we have to deal with these peoples each day. Thus, we are utilizing the wheelchair for transporting these peoples. It is difficult for the incapacitated and elderly individuals to move a mechanical wheelchair, which huge numbers of them typically use for velocity. Subsequently there is a requirement for outlining a wheelchair that is clever and gives simple transportation to the physically-challenged peoples as well as elderly peoples. In this specific circumstance, an endeavor has been made to propose an idea controlled wheelchair, which utilizes the caught signals from the client's activity and procedures it to control the wheelchair. The triggers which are caught are converted into movement triggers by the microcontroller which thus moves the wheelchair. For all the entire system properly supports the elderly people to supplement their physical illness and provides an wonderful solution to live the independent life without other’s physical needs for moving from one place to other place in respective places.

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B.R Lakshmi, Dr.G.Hampamma, Dr.V.B. Chitra

Knowledge and Power are rationally defined in a different terms by ontological theorists against to the Power and Truth. One can dialectically constitute both the terms in view of colonial self, materialized world, self-confinement of the contents within them. The terms also focus on the sterile life associated with American and Indian cultures. The paper presents how these two fail to rescue Renu from her generalized anxiety and confusion. Her continuous suffer and pain cannot be comforted by them. As a result, her life throughout the novel, moves through depression, psychological trauma and examines her being away from the life-giving choices offered by her Indian family or solitary life in America. Instead of opting any one of the ways, how she chooses the fatigue death embedded in ending of “the Journey”.

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Christian Wiradendi Wolor, Hera Khairunnisa, Dedi Purwana

The rapid development of artificial intelligence in the world makes companies look for competent human resources for the development of technology, qualified skills and good attitude. Specifically, employees are considered as talents who work for the company. It is important for organizations to make talent management for employees with the aim of pushing the organization to the optimal point of achieving company performance amid high company competition. This paper takes further concept studies and focuses more sharply on the practice of managing effective talent management in the face of the industrial revolution 4.0. The paper is qualitative research based on literature reviews of various scientific articles taken from special journals that have helped build characterization of the most prominent elements that illustrate talent management that influences the performance, based on several important points explained by different authors. The findings show that talent management influences organizational performance. As a result, an optimal process of talent management is needed in order to improve organizational performance in Indonesia to face the industrial revolution 4.0. The results contribute to the literature by providing a description of talent management in accommodating and improving organizational performance in Indonesia.

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Arif Hidayatul Khusna

In mathematics there are two concepts of thinking, analytical thinking and procedural thinking. Analytical thinking is needed because the objects studied in mathematics are abstract. Theorems, Definitions, and Lemmas are objects in mathematics. the arguments in this research are arguments in the form of definitions, theorems, and lemmas. The research subjects were 5th -semester students of the Mathematics Education Department. The research instrument is a test question in the form of a description. The problem consists of one problem that asks students to prove a mathematical argument that exists in set material. The results of the study show that there are two subjects use the pre-analytical thinking process which is characterized by the process of simplifying the theorem, determining the proof plan regardless of the conclusions of the theorem. One subject uses an analytical thinking process characterized by a process of simplifying theorems, determining the proof plan by considering the conclusions of the theorem.

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F. M. Javed Mehedi Shamrat, Zarrin Tasnim, A.K.M Sazzadur Rahman, Naimul Islam Nobel, Syed Akhter Hossain

Internet (or just the web) is enormous, well off, best, easily accessible and proper wellspring of data and its clients are expanding quickly now daily. To rescue data from the web, web indexes are utilized which access pages according to the prerequisite of the clients. The size of the web is exceptionally wide and contains organized semi-organized and unstructured information. The greater part of the information present on the web is unmanaged so it is absurd to expect to get to the entire web without a moment's delay in a solitary endeavor, so web crawlers use web crawlers. A web crawler is a fundamental piece of the web search tool. Data Retrieval manages to look and recovering data inside the reports and it likewise looks through the online databases and the web. In this paper, discussed, developed and programmed a web crawler to fetch the information from the internet and filter data for useable and graphical purpose for users.

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Elena Khlyshcheva, Vyacheslav Dryagalov, Mikhail Topchiev, Anna Romanova, Maria Bicharova

Problems, related with the formation of religious space and confessional identity, occupy a special place in the field of cultural security. Today the confessional space of each region is formed with the active participation of transnational religious networks. It leads to the rise of conflict level especially in heterotopic spaces. Cultural and confessional diversity in regions are inherently unstable, that's why the higher degree of "diversity", the greater risks of ethno-conflict situations. One of such place is Astrakhan region, the southern gateway to Russia. This territorial space is characterized by interethnic contacts with representatives of neighboring states. Long cohabitation of different ethnic groups in close proximity, in the same natural conditions, similar ways of historical development lead, as a rule, to the commonality of material and spiritual culture, when a synthesized cultural tradition is gradually formed and includes both cultural and religious values of the whole society and its own peculiarities. In these conditions, the model of confessional space formation depends largely on dynamic changes, determined not only by the heterotopicity of the research territory, but also by the activity of regional religious actors engaged in proselytic activity in the virtual space.

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Cordy Jourvel Itoua-Tsele, Christian Tathy, David Mumo Malonza

This paper focuses on the development of a mathematical model for saltwater intrusion modeling in a coastal aquifer and. At first, we used the mass conservation and Darcy’s law to derive the governing equation in terms of hydraulic head. We chose mixing zone approach or variable-density and dispersion approach; the latter consists of coupling the flow and transport equations using a state equation that relates the solute density to its concentration with the following assumptions: • The temporal variations of the density are very important compared to its spatial variations; • neglecting the density variation in the solute transport equation. Finally, we proposed a mathematical model to study the behavior of the saltwater intrusion in heterogeneous anisotropic aquifer in unsteady state and it is also use for the optimal use of groundwater of an aquifer.

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Tashkent State Dental Institute

Were elucidate changes in the NO content, eNOS and iNOS activity, ONO2‾, VEGF,VEGFR-2 rate in the placenta and umbilical cord blood of a newborn after pregnancy with hypochromic anemia and gestosis. In pregnancy, complicated by gestosis and hypochromic anemia, unidirectional disturbances in the NO-system are noted - inhibition of e-NOS activity against the background of NO, i-NOS and ONO2‾expression. The development of DEP in the mother-placenta-fetus system is combined with the expression of ET-1, VEGF and its VEGFR-2 receptor, which can cause the development of structural disorders in the placenta, disorders of angiogenesis in it and as a consequence the development of placental insufficiency, pre – and postnatal fetal pathology.

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F.M. Javed Mehedi Shamrat, A.K.M Sazzadur Rahman, Zarrin Tasnim, Syed Akhter Hossain

"TravelHelp" is an android application that will be developed mainly to help tourists who are eager to visit Dhaka city. The application is mainly featured to be an offline app so that the user can use the app without any hassle to acquire data services. Both English and Bangla language are supported so that not only foreigners but also the local people can also use the app flexibly. The app is developed to be user-friendly and to support different screen sizes of various mobile and tablet devices. It has features like details about the point of attractions and map of the Dhaka city. Other features include a language translator in the app. This paper details the development process of the travel application. This thesis is intending to design & development the idea of a user-friendly android-based offline mobile and web-based application. The travel application will be developed to provide information about the point of attractions and map of the Dhaka city. The map will consist of the regional main attractions, traveling path and assumed expense. An extension of the work is including an instant voice translator in the app which might be very helpful for the foreign travelers who are traveling the Dhaka city. An automatic voice responder based on AI (artificial intelligence) is also planned to be included in the application. By using this tool, the foreigner can be easily able to communicate with the local people which will lead to a very convenient travel.

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Sarwit Sarwono, Ngudining Rahayu, Agus Joko Purwadi, Noermanzah

This article is intended to discuss a text in the ulu manuscripts, numbered MNB 07.18, preserved in the State Museum of Bengkulu. The manuscript is a bamboo log, 58 cm in length and 7.8 cm in diameter, consisting of 16 lines. The manuscript belongs to the Serawai ethnic, originating from the village of Jambat Akar, Seluma Regency and received by the State Museum of Bengkulu on January 12, 1998. The text entitled arawan bujang ataw gadis (hereinafter caled ABG text), contains spells or incantations of kayiak beterang social rites among the Serawai ethnic of Bengkulu. This ritual serves to establish the position of a girl to be able to enter to the social life on the laman libagh, i.e the social world of Serawai ethnic. In that world and in the social interaction, a girl is obliged to master rejung, able to andun dance and merejung as well. The social function of andun dance and merejung, among others, is to find a lover (santing) who will later become her life partner as a family and to actualize her social rights and obligations. The kayiak beterang rite applies to girls aged 5-7 years, the age before adolescence, or the period before getting the first menstruation. The rite is led by a midwife covering a series of actions, that are (a) purifying, (b) traditional dressing, (c) andun dancing and merejung, (d) enjoying meals with family and invitations. The ABG text is based on the knowledge and cultural experience of the scriber and was written to recontextualize and transform the social rite of the kayiak beterang.

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Karuniana Dianta Arfiando Sebayang, Darma Rika Swaramarinda

The purpose of this study is to see the index of education development and implementation of education policies in Indonesia. For the purposes of the papers, researchers investigated and analyzed the extensive literature. The review of the literature revealed that the index of education development in Indonesia was increased by years, but there were obstacles in educational policies referring to the indicators of the index of education development to policy makers in making education policies and implementing those policies. There are still low teacher qualifications and competencies, the education budget, the school environment that is not yet child-friendly and the lack of access to education for marginalized people. The contribution of this study is to provide recommendations and solutions according to the analysis of those literatures.

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Shaguntala Durairatnam, Siong-Choy Chong, Mazuki Jusoh

The objective of this study is to identify measures of people- related determinants of quality performance. Drawing from socio- technical systems theory, competing values framework of organizational culture, organizational justice theory and social exchange theory the constructs and measures were delineated from extant literature. A pilot study was conducted on responses of 60 machine operator level employees of the apparel manufacturing organizations in Sri Lanka. Reliability and validity of the measures were established to ascertain the suitability of the measures to represent the constructs and test the conceptualised relationships.

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Wan Muhamad Amir W Ahmad, Soban Q. Khan, Rabiatul Adawiyah Abdul Rohim, Nor Azlida Aleng, Farah Muna Mohamad Ghazali

ANOVA also provides a method of data analysis that is motivated by consideration of the experimental design or Design of Experiment (DOE). In this paperwork, a new dimension of the methodology by involving fuzzy regression approach to randomized block designs will be introduced, which is involving qualitative predictor variables under consideration on multiple linear regression. The idea from this research will be a useful thread for establishing comprehensive connectivity between randomized block designs and regression. The researchers can conclude that fuzzy MLR can predict much better compared to MLR itself.

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Sambath Kumar M, Shanmugavel S, Surean A R, Srinivasan S

In our country, the agriculture is one of the foremost business which is done by many people. The mint is the important crop which are cultivated in a wide variety of soil and weather conditions. The purpose of the product is to pluck the mint and then it can be stored in a separate tray or container. There are nearly around 60,000 hectares of land with estimated production of 12,000 tonnes of mint is cultivated in India. The mint is used by all class peoples due to its low cost. The operation of the project is the mint is plucked by using a cam operated mechanism. During the first 180-degree rotation of the roller contact in the cam profile the mint leaves gets clamped by the movable arm and then it is plucked. Then during the next 180-degree rotation of the roller in the cam profile the movable arm gets release and then the plucked leaves are stored in the separate tray. For the operation purpose there is no need of any external power source. It is full of manually operated and the design is very simple. So, if there is any wear occurs during the operation it can be replaced easily. The maintenance and the operating cost for the product is very low. The farmers mainly get benefited by this product rather than taking human beings to work in the farm land. This mint plucker might be the solution to the problems faced by a small-scale farmer regarding the cost and labour implementation. After testing this machine in farm, it is found that the cost of mint plucking using this machine is considerably less as compare to manual harvesting.

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Ahmad Alqerem, Ghazi Alnaymat, Mays Alhasan

for financial institutions and the banking industry, it is very crucial to have predictive models for their financial activities, as they play a major role in risk management. Predicting loan default is one of the critical issues that they focus on, as huge revenue loss could be prevented by predicting customer’s ability to pay back on time. In this paper, different classification methods (Naïve Bayes, Decision Tree and Random Forest) are being used for prediction, comprehensive different pre-processing techniques are being applied on the data set, and three different feature extractions algorithms are being used to enhance accuracy and performance. Results are compared using F1 accuracy measure, and improvement was over 3%.

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Dharmaraj M, Mounesh K M, Poovarasan R, Rahul R

The paper pot transplanter machine is an innovative, labour saving technology. It relies on using paper pot that are connected in a chain so that they feed themselves through the transplanter. The transplanter itself is hand-pulled. It can put around 264 plants in the ground (one flat) in less than a minute. All while walking upright (no kneeling, crawling or stooping) the transplanter opens a narrow furrow. The paper chain sprocket goes down into the furrow, and then the plants are covered by a set of metal flanges. At the start of a row, the lead cell of a flat of a paper chain pots are pulled down into the furrow, staked to hold it in place, and then pull the transplanter forward. The transplanter all will follow each other into the ground.

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S.M. Senthil, K.B.Vishnu Prasanth, S.Ramnivas, E.Manikandan

Technology development is the foremost seed for our luxurious and ease lifestyle. Every work and process of human beings is handed over in the hands of machines in the name of automation. Agriculture is the known backbone of India and other economies but automation in this field is in infant stage in India. Canal plays vital role in irrigation and water supply, based on which the farmers cultivate. Kaveri delta canals are the oldest and longest one in Tamil Nadu which irrigates about 5.15 lakh hectares of land in Thanjavur and Trichy districts. The major issue is the growth of weed in these canals, so water does not reach to all agricultural fields intended. In agricultural usage small irrigation canals from the river streams plays a vital role in irrigation. But they are not maintained properly until farmers need it which is water management crisis. So, during this period unwanted deposits cover the irrigation canal. At time of water supply, the canals are dug and cleaned manually. The objective of project work is to design and fabricate a product named “irrigation canal renovator” which automate the process of cleaning the canal. A product named irrigation canal renovator is drove manually in the canal. Product consists of main frame in the trapezoidal shape which replicates the shape of canal. Three blades of size 500mm in diameter is placed in lower part of the frame and two blades of same size is placed in the side frames. Blade drive power from motor shaft, which is in turn powered by a battery. Clearance is provided for easy maneuvering of the machine. The blade rotates at speed of 600rpm, which cuts the grass and other plants.

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Palwinder Kaur, Dr. Rajesh Kumar Singh

There is increase in size of image acquisition and data storage methods and also there is increase in database of images. Earlier textual description and manual annotation of images were used for retrieval of images that was a time consuming task. The need of the hour is to manage the large collections through efficient systems called content-based image retrieval systems. In this case visual contents of the image like shape, arrangement and color of the objects is present in the images are also considered along with the associated data with the image. As compared to other conventional method of image retrieval these systems are more efficient and fast. In this paper we have proposed a new system in which features are extracted using Gabor filtering which are further optimized using lion optimization. In the end the classification is done using SVM for cuckoo search optimization and decision tree method for lion optimization. The proposed method is tested in terms of various parameters that show improved results are achieved using Lion optimization as compared to cuckoo search optimization

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Prayudha and Japen Sarage

Perceptive verbs, including ‘look’ have important meaning because these verbs are directly related to real experience. Other types of verbs, such as verbs of action-processes or movement verbs appear as a result of the development of perceptive verbs. Perceptive verbs are the most basic verb. Because of the perceptive verb ‘look’ is an important part of the five senses, several concepts that are considered to be categories often use the lexicons in metaphorical expressions. Research conducted on perceptive verbs illustrates how cognition works in language development. The development of the verb look indicates a metaphorical process. Therefore, it is interesting to then analyze how the conceptual metaphor of perceptive verb look is.

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Rocky Marbun, Mahmud Mulyadi

The monologal praxis ratio is a procedural action that closes the door of dialogue, so that the truth is presumed as something that is absolutely true from the side of the institution of the Public Prosecutor. The nature of the absoluteness comes up to the public prosecutor's field of uncertainty as a matter of fairness and truth. Alternative indictments are compiled and constructed based on a pattern of reasoning which is called by internal doubt of the Public Prosecutor, both personally and institutionally. Thus, the meaning of the complete case file statement originating from the investigation process becomes meaningless.

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Rahul Khalate, Dr. Vineeta Basotia, Dr. Dilip.B.Ghule

The mathematical applications are building pillars of engineering and sciences applications. In the era of artificial intelligence, computations are based on mathematical developments. The trust areas for such applications are medical imaging, agricultural internet of things, logistics and space research. As human life is most important element, in this paper we presenting the medical imaging application developed with mathematical modeling using game theory strategy and set theory. The pixel calculations is an important base for medical image study hence, this paper presents new development of research methodology using pixel sets. The brain tumor of type LGG and HGG are modeled with pixel geometrical focus. The proposed research is proved to be important for future medical imaging.

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P. Navaneethakrishnan, Pss.Srinivasan

Display cabinets are one, which is used to keep the foodstuffs in warm condition. The foodstuffs are kept in warm conditions by the surrounding hot air. The air got heat from the electric heating coils. The heating coils use the electric power to produce the heat. There are some problems with heat distribution between the different foodstuffs. This problem is caused by many parameters. Out of that heating coil, booster heating coil and guide plate are the critical parameters. An experimental investigation is carried out to find the effect of the heating coil and guide plate. From the experimental analysis, the optimum location of the booster heating coil and guide plates are found out. It is identified that the guide plate at bottom and middle with booster coil gives the minimum temperature variation and minimum energy consumption.

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Tamal Roy, Prosenjit Sarkar

We have performed dc magnetization measurements on (Sm1-yNdy)0.52Sr0.48MnO3 (0 ≤ y ≤ 1) single crystals to study the nature of ferromagnetic to paramagnetic phase transition. For y = 0, ferromagnetic transition is first-order along with a discontinuous change in magnetization at TC (110 K) with the presence of thermal hysteresis. With increasing Nd doping (y), TC increases while thermal hysteresis starts to decrease which eventually vanishes at around y = 0.4, suggesting that first-order ferromagnetic transition becomes second-order in nature at that Nd concentration. The variation of TC with y has been explained in terms of the average A-site cation radius and quenched disorder.

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Doniyorbek Akhmedov

In this article explored the results of tourism from around the world on the basis of several years of research and analysis by leading international organizations such as United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) and World Economic Forum (WEF). In particular, special attention was paid to the peculiarities, geographical location and other factors of the leading tourist and competitive tourist countries, as well as the current state condition of tourism in Uzbekistan and its comparisons with other countries. The problems of tourism in Uzbekistan were analyzed. The countries with the highest and best performance in tourism, the countries with experience in tourism development, were selected.

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S. Ramkumar, S. Rubini, M. Kanitha

There is a remarkable time of development in the utilization of composites over the previous decades in the flight business. Oil based engineered composites have a few properties that settle on them the decision for different applications. Likewise, it has great mechanical, substance properties, simple processability, low cost, and hostile to bacterial properties. These composites are impervious to microbial attack and non-degradable. The non-biodegradability of most economically accessible plastics has caused numerous natural issues related with their transfer. An outcome of this exceptional utilization of plastic materials is their expanding nearness in metropolitan strong waste discard items. Thus, the bio-composite idea is created. Bio composites are produced using the characteristic filaments and are eco-accommodating. Both the lattice stage and fortifying stage are made by the common materials. Their properties can be improved by altering their structure and by including added substances. This venture points in building up the new kind of bio composite utilizing coir, Aloe Vera, Bamboo, jute filaments, bioplastics and after that exposing it to different tests to decide its properties and to make a similar report to demonstrate its use in Aviation field.

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Yuriy I. Danko, Vyktoria Yu. Medvid, Inna I. Koblianska, Oleksandr V. Kornietskyy, Nadiia P. Reznik

The article analyzes the activity of realization of strategic planning processes in the united territorial communities (UTCs) of Ukraine based on an analytical generalization of the conducted sociological research. The results of the conducted research characterize the quality of the processes of reforming the administrative-territorial organization and local self-government in Ukraine. Among the main issues identified: low quality of communications in the system of relations between the power and community, non-compliance with the principles of publicity, openness and transparency; the unsystematic nature of the organization of strategic planning in UTCs, the more formal nature of such activities; an essential role of non-governmental organizations in the process of strengthening the professional knowledge competence and the formation of a model of strategic management in UTCs. The obtained results can become the basis for improvement of the scientific and methodological platform for the training of officials of local self-government bodies.

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Shaik Ahmadsaidulu, KTPS Kumar, G Anish Kumar, SushmaYarlagadda, Anvesh Lanka, Gopi P Kalyan Komma

Visually impaired people and elders face difficulties in abstaining from obstacles and discerning hazards because of the inadequacy of information for staying out of harm’s way in their everyday routine. They have insufficient knowledge about some of the things like self- velocity, the velocity of moving objects, proximity of living beings, dangerous gases and so on. Therefore, we contemplate developing an electronic system that inherently contains various modules for various functions like obstacle detection module, a fall detection module, navigation module and also Alert system. This design is developed using NI myRIO, which will be mounted on a walking stick that abets the holder to be connected with his/her family. While the obstacle detection module employs a set of ultrasound sensors, PIR sensor, and an alarm system to guide the carrier, the fall detection is primarily achieved by a 3-axis accelerometer which is an inbuilt function in myRIO. The hazard detection module is used to detect the harmful gases and fire in both indoor as well as outdoor environments and alerts the user. The user can intimate to his/her family member in hazard situations using the SOS button. The navigation module can send the GPS location of the carrier which is acquired from this module and send it to a particular mobile number or mail.

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G. Manimegala G. Gunasekaran

CThe experiment was conducted to evaluate the effect of Vermicompost and NPKs fertilizers on growth and yield components of egg plant in Clay loam soils of Sivapuri, Chidambaram, Tamil Nadu during the period from April to September 2008. There were 4 treatments viz., Control (FT1), NPK alone (FT2), Vermicompost (5 ton ha-1) (FT3), Vermicompost 50% + NPK 50% (FT4). The experiment was laid out in RBD with three replications. The highest growth and yield of egg plant was found in FT4, followed by FT3. The highest yield increased by FT4 (70.1%) than the FT3, FT2 and FT1. The results showed that effects of vermicompost + NPK are more efficient for egg plant and maintenance of soil environment and also economically suitable.

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Mageshkumar G, Kasthuri N, Tamilselvan K S, Suthagar S, Sharmila A.

Data monitoring is a key process followed by almost all the manufacturing industries. The status of a machine running in an industry can produce an enormous amount of data that could be analyzed well if recorded in a proper manner at regular intervals. In general, a small scale industry has to employ a person to record the machine status data in a notebook, which has to be analyzed and the performance of the machine and the efficiency of the machine will be calculated manually. Since the data are to be recorded at regular intervals it might be a tiring job for the humans to do. That is why industries look forward to automate the collection of data from the devices which led to the success of IoT devices. This article proposes an idea of a device that can collect information from any device controlled by PLC and store it in the cloud using GPRS or Wi-Fi.

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The ability to manage modern educational institutions by choosing positioning, differentiation, and branding is a force that can influence consumers (communities) to become loyal customers. This study aims to develop a model to raise the image of early childhood education institutions through training activities and imaging management assistance. This activity attends by 36 Principals and Teachers from 20 Raudhatul Athfal educational institutions in the City of Denpasar within the Ministry of Religion of the Province of Bali. The method is carried out with community development in which the community (community members of RA) is directed to achieve better social, economic, and cultural conditions through branding management training. With this training, it expects that RA education institutions can be more independent with better quality. The results of this research are: (1) Participants have knowledge and skills to develop the competitive school, (2) Where the position of the institution in the community, (3) How to differentiate the school, and (4) How to effectively school's marketing.

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Igwe J. S., Inyiama H.C., Alo U.R., Ajah I.A.

The increasing number of deaths related to stroke diseases in Nigeria is growing at an alarming. This can be attributed to poor diagnosis as well as lack of financial power to administer and undergo appropriate test as may be recommended by the physician. Most of the neurologists (experts) lack high-tech tools that are supposed to be assisting them in diagnosing and treatment of stroke diseases. The scarcely available tools such as Computerized Axial Tomography (CAT), Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), and Positron Emission Tomography (PET) are expensive for most of the patients to access. In this research, EEG which should be a more affordable and effective way of diagnosing stroke disease that will help to mitigate the death rate of stroke patients in Nigeria are suggested and advocated for. A survey was carried out to ascertain the possibility of interpreting the result of EEG recordings to the patient or ordinary person. Questionnaire was designed and distributed to scholars in computer science, computer related fields of study and medical sciences. Brain signals were captured using Brain Computer Interface (BCI) machine. The result was then interpreted using Visual Studio 2012. The result suggests need to scale up the awareness on the benefit of EEG with special emphasis on diagnosis and treatment of stroke disease.

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Farma Yessi, Aninditya Sri Nugraheni

In ancient times Minangkabau was very thick with the traditions and customs of their ancestral heritage. The current reality, along with the development of these noble values has begun to fade among the people. The current Minangkabau generation, especially the younger generation lacks their desire and awareness to learn and preserve the cultural values that exist in Minangkabau. This study aims to explain the meaning contained in some Minangkabau sayings. The research method used is descriptive qualitative. The results of the semantic study of the 5 sayings that researchers have done are (1) Bajalan batolan, bakato baiyo, baiak runding jo mufakat. Turuik pangaja urang tuo, supayo badan nak salamaik (If we want to live safely, then we should always respect and follow the advice of both parents). (2) Barundiang siang caliak-caliak, mangecek malam agak-agak (If you want to talk, talk carefully and don't offend the person you are talking to). (3) Duduak marau ranjau, tagak maninjau jarak (Do something useful and use your time well). (4) Dibaok ribuik dibaok angin, dibaok pikek dibaok langau, muluik jo hati kok balain pantangan Adat Minangkabau (Don't be a hypocrite). (5) Di baliak pandakian ado panurunan, di baliak panurunan ado pandakian (Allah created everything in pairs, there is pleasure there is trouble, there is suffering and there is pleasure. Whatever God gives us, we always have to give thanks).

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Vishwa Pratap Singh, Rameshwar Lal Ujjwal

Internet use has dramatically increased in the last decade with the advent of efficient and affordable technology. The organizations and the companies are using the Internet to boost up their efficiency and for effective communication but there is always a threat of security breaches that can be disastrous for them. The number of security attacks has been exponentially increased in the last decade and there is a need for efficient intrusion detection systems. The classical rule-based or behavior-based intrusion detection system can identify known attacks but they very inefficient in detecting unknown attacks. Researchers are applying machine learning techniques to detect unknown attacks by using various clustering and classification techniques. In this paper, we have evaluated the performance of feature selection (filter and wrapper method) with Naïve Bayes, OneR, Adaboost, J48 decision tree for detection the attacks. We have used UNSW_NB15 data set and performance evaluations are performed on the basis of Precision, accuracy, recall, MCC and sensitivity. The outcomes of experiments show that the feature selection methods enhance the performance of Bayes, OneR, Adaboost, J48.

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Hritwik Bairagi, Uday Chourasiya, Sanjay Silakari, Priyanka Dixit, Smita Sharma

Containers are used to deploy large and diverse workloads resulting from applications over virtual machines which can be both, local as well as geographically distributed. Containers have less starting time than VMs and are manufactured to work with lower memory resources. The microservice architecture allows applications to be broken into distinct modular services which are packaged into separate containers in a way that they require to access certain binaries and library files specific to the application. There is a mass migration of application developers towards container platforms which has contributed to need of container orchestration softwares. This paper discusses the conceivable solutions to the shortcomings in present container orchestration methodologies. It discusses various implementations carried out in the context of container orchestration.

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Alka Tiwari, Prof. Uday Chourasia, Prof. Anjana Deen, Prof. Priyanka Dixit

Today cloud data centers are causing critical damage to the surroundings by powering data centers through brown energy (fossil fuel and oil). In order to minimize the carbon emission, energy utilization, operating costs and heat generation at data centers there exists a clear trend for cloud service providers to migrate to green data centers, one step closer to green cloud computing. Load balancing at green data centers, servers and storage components might help in reducing the operating costs and enhance the performance for green data centers. This survey contains a number of static and dynamic algorithms which may also be called as Layer4 (TCP/IP), Layer7 (Application), and global/classic load balancing methods based on the existing state and capacity of particular server nodes available in the network. In this paper, a survey of research papers is conducted based on the algorithm�s performance parameter for providing a clear and better understanding for the need of energy efficient cloud computing in addition to load balancing algorithm.

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Pratibhadevi Tapashetti , Rakesh Agarwal, Prashant Chaturvedi

Microstrip antennas are very popular in recent decades due to its small size, low cost, light weight, and easy fabrication. This antenna has many useful characteristics like thin profile, both linear and circular polarization, dual frequency operation possible, and with any shape. It has several applications in wireless communication, in telemedicine, in mobile communication. iHowever, the itypes of applicationsi of microstrip antennas are restrictedi by the antennasi inherently low gain and narrowi bandwidthi. Accordingly, iincreasing the gain and bandwidth of the microstrip antenna has been a main goali of researchi in the fieldi. Aim of this paper is to increase gain of microstrip antenna. So, made some changes in different parameters of microstrip antenna like patch length, width or substrate size and gain and efficiency are observed.

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Muntazhimah M, Syafika Ulfah

The objective of this research was to study in depth Mathematical resilience of pre-service teacher in one of study program of Mathematics Education in Jakarta. This research previously studied Mathematics resilience ability of pre-service teacher in general descriptively and quantitatively. Then in depth study was conducted qualitatively by applying snowball sampling technique. The subjects of this research were the second semester students of Mathematics Education. The instrument used in this research was non-test instrument namely mathematical resilience scale. The result of the research showed that, the mathematical resilience of the pre-service teacher was generally still low. The mathematical resilience indicator with the lowest score was the second indicator namely desire to socialize, ease of offering help, discussion with their coeval and ability to adapt the environment. The highest score was indicator of diligence, confidence, hard worker, sturdy problem solving, failure and uncertainty. The conclusion was mathematics resilience of pre-service mathematics teacher need to be improved.

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Dwi Ariyani, Suyatno, Muhammad Zuhaery

Entrepreneurship is one of the important competencies that must be possessed by students in order to have global competitiveness. However, entrepreneurship development has not gained enough attention. Many educators lack attention to the students’ entrepreneurs’ growth and behavior. School orientation is just focused on technical knowledge and ability. In order to create students who have competitiveness and entrepreneurship, the principal as an education leader has a very important role. This research aims to reveal the principal's entrepreneurial leadership in developing entrepreneurship in 4 Magelang High School viewed from the teachers’ perspective. This research used descriptive qualitative approach. The data sources were taken by purposive sampling through in-depth interviews with teachers. The data analysis was carried out in a qualitative descriptive manner with the process of data reduction, data presentation, and data verification. The data validity was done in triangulation using source triangulation. The results showed that the principal's entrepreneurial leadership was implemented through three main principles. First, the principal is committed to hard work and smart all the time and feels that her entrepreneur success is important. Second, the principal is creative and innovative, also has confidence in developing a good relationship with customers, education staff, parents, community, and the business world. Third, the principal is able to responsibly accept the challenge of success and failure. The research findings recommend the need for a principal to be provided with entrepreneurial competencies because with these competencies the principal can make breakthroughs in developing the school.

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S.Satyam, Dr. Kalapala Prasad

Depleting amount of standard fuel has been focused as a larger drawback currently. Day by day, amount of petroleum, fossil oil has additional activity and lesser production. Increasing use of petrol & diesel has created the individuals of the planet to assume for a few alternative way for energy resources. At the same time. other rising drawback against the people of the planet is increase in plastic waste and utilization of the same. each of the problems square measure focused and efforts are created to induce optimum resolution. associate degree experimental setup has been ready for plastic pyrolysis oil and diesel mix to be utilized in single cylinder, 4-stroke CI engine. Plastic pyrolysis oil is obtained from plastic waste by pyrolysis method. pyrolysis method could be a thermo-chemical decomposition of organic matter in absence of element. mixing of transmutation oil with diesel helps to scale back the consumption of fuel. The variation within the mixing magnitude relation of plastic transmutation oil and fuel affects the engine performance still as exhaust emission information. to know the variation in engine performance, totally different blends of plastic transmutation oil and fuel were ready and experimentations were done by running these blends individually in engine with varied masses. Blends were ready for 100 percent, 2 hundredth and half-hour of plastic transmutation oil with ninetieth, eightieth and seventieth of fuel severally. impact of engine performance of variable compression magnitude relation diesel compared by graphical illustration of various performance parameters wppo blends with fuel

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Mutia Febry Haryani, Melati Ferianita Fachrul, Rositayanti Hadisoebroto

Wastewater from household activities which is directly discharged into the sewers in settlements can be the cause of surface water pollution, which in turn has a harmful impact on the community This study aims to analyze the removal concentration of BOD and COD organic matter in household wastewater before being discharged into the river flow. Wastewater that directly enters the river can cause river water pollution, and thus it needs to be treated. The treated wastewater comes from residents' domestic activities in RW 08, Srengseng Sawah Village, South Jakarta. Treatment conducted using Constructed Wetland with a Sub-Surface Flow (CW-SSF) system with Echinodorus palaefolius and Vetiveria zizanioides plants. The method used to acclimatize the plants and then move the plants to the SCW-SSF unit, then analyze the quality of wastewater with a detention time of 2 days. The statistical calculation in this study used Analysis of variance. The result of this study shows that the removal efficiency of the BOD concentration is 50% while the COD concentration is 25%. This shows that treatment with constructed wetland can be used to remove the concentration of BOD and COD in grey water from domestic activities.

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Tazkiaturrizki, Winarni, Rifa Adriany

The aims of study to analyze aspects that must be considered in the selection of coagulation and flocculation unit in water treatment plant based on multi-criteria analysis methods. Drinking water treatment plant consists of coagulation, flocculation, sedimentation, filtration, and disinfection units. There are several types of coagulation and flocculation units based on their operational methods, therefore, an appropriate type of unit is needed in selecting process. There are several aspects considered in the selection of processing units, specifically technical, economic and environmental aspects. The method that will be carried out in determining the processing units is a scoring method by giving a percentage to each aspect and the index value in the alternative units. Mechanical and hydraulic type of unit will be the comparison to determine the right coagulation and flocculation units that will be used in the next drinking water treatment plant. Based on the scoring results, the type of coagulation is the hydraulic jump unit has a score of 4.85 and the flocculation unit selected score 4.75 is hydraulic flocculation. The selected unit that will be used in the next plant is coagulation, flocculation, sedimentation, and filtration

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Candra Dwi Anggreini, T. Tazkiaturrizki, Astri Rinanti

The purpose of this research was to remove the chlorpyrifos exposed to liquid media by the Aspergillus fumigatus fungi. Chlorpyrifos is a toxic organophosphate insecticide with a molecular formula of C9H11Cl3NO3PS, while A. fumigatus was cultivated in potato dextrose agar (PDA) media, incubated at the a temperature of 37oC, with pH of 7 in 7 days. Furthermore, the research was initiated by variating the concentration of the microorganism at 0.5%, 1.0%, and 1.5%, impacting biodegradation into the Erlenmeyer, containing the media (PDB), pH 7, and 10% chlorpyrifos, to determine the best removal efficiency. In addition, the Erlenmeyer was place at the shaker incubator, and a rotation speed of about 180 rpm, with temperature of 25oC was maintained. Sampling was conducted every day in 5 days, and also on the 3rd, 5th, 7th, and 9th day, in order to determine the contact timing needed to generate highest efficiency, using Gas-Chromatography Mass Spectrometry (GC-MS) method. Furthermore, optimal removal was up to 99.65%, with the 1.5% A. fumigatus being exposed for 9 days in the liquid media. This research, therefore, shows the microorganism to impact degradation, as well as the potential to protect waters of environmental pollution against the impact of organophosphate pesticide.

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Dina Rahmah Maulida, Suparwoto, Yudhiakto Pramudya, Dwi Sulsworo

The issue of understanding concepts in physics learning is continuing to be studied by educators, especially by utilizing information and communication technology. This study aims to reveal an increase in understanding of physics concepts with blended learning strategies integrated with guided inquiry models. The design of this study was a pre-test and post-test controlled group with the subject of research being eleventh-grade students in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Online learning activities use EDMODO as a learning management system. Understanding the concept was measured using several 30 validated essays. Items validation aspects included subject matter, construction, and language. The statistical analysis used to determine the increase is to look at the category of gain value and T-test using alpha equal to 0.05. To avoid the other influenced factors, the numerical ability, verbal knowledge were used as covariate and those were analyzed the contribution using the linear regression. The results of this study indicate that blended learning by integrating guided inquiry has a better impact on understanding physics concepts.

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Muhammad Taufiq Fathaddin, Ratnayu Sitaresmi, Mohammad Firdaus Sabaruddin, Kunto Wibisono, Ilman Muhammad Azmi

The physical properties of rock and fluid tend to affect the velocity of transient pressure propagation and the formation of a radial flow pattern. In this study, the pressure fall-off test data of the X-1 well, which is one of five injection wells located in an oil field in Borneo Island was analyzed using software. Based on the well test result and other available data, a proper pressure fall-off test was designed for the field. Furthermore, sensitivity tests of several parameters, namely compressibility viscosity, permeability, porosity, and shut-in time were conducted, to analyze the effect of rock and fluid properties. The permeability and shut-in time were directly proportional to the radius of investigation, while porosity, compressibility, and viscosity were inversely proportional. A constant value of the correlation of investigation radius obtained from this research was 1491, while the radial flow periods were determined from the pressure derivative curve observed. The effect of porosity on the formation of radial flow regime was ignored, the radial flow regime came earlier due to the increase in compressibility and permeability, while viscosity delayed the start of radial flow regime.

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Ahmad Sidiq Permono, Solikhin, Muh. Mahrup Zainuddin Sabir, Umi Rokhyati

This study was intended to investigate students' cultural understanding of western cultures, chiefly U.S. and U.K, after their students exchange program. The form of the research was qualitative. The instrument of collecting data was an individual task, and interview. The purpose of this task-paper was to record students' responses in a multicultural situation. After they answered the task-paper, they were interviewed to gain knowledge of their reactions in the task-paper. The population of the research is EFL students at Madrasah Mu'alimin Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta. The participants were 14 students of Madrasah Mu'alimin Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta who participated in a student exchange to Turkey for 14 days. The result showed that most of the students succeed in communicating their thoughts when the cultures share the similarity. Meanwhile, some of them still inappropriately responded to the situation as they still used the view of their culture in responding to the international setting.

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Fitri Merawati, Hairini Nur Hanifah

This study aims to describe the suitability of the webtoon Juki: Nostalgia Ramadan Si Juki Kecil By Faza Meonk in fulfilling the criteria for literary teaching materials in Junior High School. The type of research used in this study is qualitative which focuses on the description using the reading and note method. The results of this study indicate that (1) Webtoon Si Juki: Nostalgia Ramadhan Si Juki Kecil By Faza Meonk reveals things that are considered taboo for children to be funny or humorous to adults and (2) Webtoon Si Juki: Nostalgia Ramadhan Si Juki Kecil By Faza Meonk fulfills the criteria for teaching materials so that they are worthy of being used as literary teaching materials in Junior High Schools.

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Erlina Istiningsih, Achadi Budi Santosa, Widodo, Suyatno

This study aims to uncover the principal’s supervision to improve teachers’ pedagogical and professional competencies. This type of research is qualitative research with descriptive methods. The subjects of this study were principal and teachers at Muhammadiyah Karangmojo Vocational High School, Gunung Kidul, Yogyakarta. The data was collected through observation, interviews, and documentation. The collected data was analyzed by reducing, displaying, and drawing conclusions. The results showed that: 1) the principal's academic supervision program was made by the principal annually at the beginning of the school year by involving competent parties. The supervision program contained five things, which were the background of the need for, the assignment letter for the supervision team equipped with supervision schedule, supervision instruments, and blank follow-up for the supervision results. 2) The implementation of the principal's academic supervision activities began with the assessment on the teachers teaching administration carried out by the school verifier team, then the principal’s academic supervision. 3) The evaluation results of the principal's academic supervision implementation was informed to the teachers individually or classical. The evaluation results will be maintained and improved when it has reached the goal. While the shortcomings will be analyzed and improved for the preparation of the next program. The supervision follow-up to improve teachers’ pedagogical and professional competencies was done by making teachers competency improvement programs such as being active in teacher groups such as MGMP (Teacher Education Consensus Points), workshops implementation, coaching the supervisors, participating in education, seminars, and training carried out by relevant agencies.

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Bambang Widi Pratolo, Hana Amri Solikhati,

As technology continues to grow rapidly, there is an explosive development in digital tools and million pieces of information. Digital literacy, a new concept of literacy has offered to process the information in meaningful ways. Educators have struggled to integrate digital literacy to raise students’ literacy skill across languages. Thus, there is an increasing expectation and demand for English teachers to present digital literacy in the classroom. A major study has studied the implementation of digital literacy in an urban school with high-advanced technology facility. Therefore, an effort to investigate the practice of digital literacy in suburban school is pressingly needed. The study was conducted to reach four aims: (1) to investigate the implementation of digital literacy in a private junior high school Temanggung; (2) to identify teachers’ attitude in practicing digital literacy, (3) to explore the challenges, and (4) how to cope with them. This article involved two EFL teachers who were regarded as millennial teachers and capable to utilize technology. A qualitative research was used to explore the real practice of digital literacy. The excerpts were obtained through a semi structured interview and classroom observation. The result indicated that computer and smartphone were used as digital devices. In practicing them, teachers showed positive attitudes by considering the syllabus as a core, understanding a teacher’s position, developing effective learning, using multiple literacy and enhancing the four language skills. Meanwhile lack of technology, students’ background, lack of time and limited budgeting are considered as obstacles in implementing digital literacy. Thus, as a strategy, teacher set an early preparation and backing up plan to cope with these challenges. Finally, this article has implications to improve the technological facility, technological pedagogy among teachers, and suggest the policy makers to give more consideration toward digital literacy.

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Priyanka Sharma , Dr. Sanjay Shilakari, Uday Chourasia, Priyanka Dixit, Alpana Pandey

Now a days, Cloud computing has become an significant and most popular computing model that usually supports on demand services. Cloud Computing provides its services on pay-as-you-go basis .By using cloud computing resources expeditiously and by reducing in managing time and cost and increasing the outcome of the project is the main idea of cloud service provider. Therefore, using effective cloud scheduling algorithms is still main concern in cloud computing. Task scheduling is a pivotal part in the field of the cloud environment. In task scheduling user requests for certain task, then tasks are scheduled to certain resources at a specific exemplification of time. Basically task scheduling mainly focuses to diminish the make span and lengthen the resource utilization. Task scheduling is an Non Polynomial-Complete problem. There are lots of subsisting trail-and-error techniques for task scheduling till now but more amelioration and rectification is needed for better execution and to increase the efficiency of task scheduling till now, there is no combined study of task scheduling mechanism in cloud computing which describes its parameter, pros, cons, algorithm. This paper mainly emphasis on explaining Comparison on different Task scheduling algorithm in cloud computing adaptive

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Neha Singh Rohit Chandra Sunil B. Shambharkar J. J. Kulkarni

With advances in recent proliferation of pervasive computing, Social Networking, E-Commerce data are growing with exponential pace. This is also true in scientific experiments such as shown by the recent discovery of Higgs Boson. The data is known as BigData attributed to its sheer volume, diverse variety and lightning velocity, thereby mandating the need for efficient systems for storage and analysis. In this paper, we explore various kinds of NoSQL databases popularly used for storage and processing of BigData and also the limitation of each one of them. We developed an experimental model to compare polyglot persistence approach performance with Multi-model databases for unstructured datasets. We also discuss different scenarios in which these out performs each other.

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Reduction Method Sandeep Kumar Dwivedi, Ashish Mishra, Rajeev Kumar Gupta

Risk assessment is one of the major components in life insurance organization through which customers are grouped. These type of life insurance organization has to perform different operations so that they can settle on different choices bases on applications and to keep proper management. But nowadays there is major expansion in data collection due to large number of customers and advances in investigation process. This is the reason these analysis process has been automated for faster process. Through this automation process many updation can be done although it also helps to include the different new plans by predictive analysis approach. Although real world dataset consist of large numbers of features that are used for examination, that’s why dimensionality reduction has been applied to pick the selective attributes or features by which the power of the model can be increased. The dimensionality reduction can be done by strategies like Principal Component Analysis (PCA), Linear Discriminant Analysis (LDA), Correlation-Based Feature Selection (CFS), etc. Various machine learning classification methods like Artificial Neural Network, Multiple Linear Regression, Random Tree and the proposed Random Forest are applied on the dataset to predict the risk level of candidates. This work has shown that Backward Elimination Calculation has shown the most prominent result with least root mean square error (RMSE) OF 0.384 using the random forest strategy. This paper has also shown the training accuracy and testing accuracy on the basis of Random forest model.

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Hethesia D & Dr. S. Mercy Gnana Gandhi

Comprehension skill is one of the columns within the demonstration of reading. At a point, when an individual reads content, he engages himself in the complex array of cognitive process of learning. Awareness, understanding and ability are used simultaneously to recognize or create significance from the text. Though words and contents can be perceived, students may not know what is certainly read. Figuring out how to comprehend the content is basic for students, to be fruitful in careers. As there is a rapid development in the innovations on science and technology, there is always a need to incorporate such innovative technologies into the language classroom, to advance the scholastic accomplishment among the student community. This paper explores an access to a blog, which is utilized to help in improving the ability of reading comprehension skills and the outcome encourages even the instructors to advance practical progress of teaching, which ensures the rapid changes become accessible by the students at least once in a day. On this novelty of using blogs in the classroom, students naturally take an interest in developing the inspiration on reading that builds motivation and strengthens their learning.

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Dr. P Joseph Charles

Service Computing is a cross-discipline that covers science and technology of bridging the gap between Business Services and IT Services. Service Computing technology suite includes Web services and Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), cloud computing, business consulting methodology and utilities, business process modeling, transformation and integration. The aim of Services Computing is to empower IT services and computing technology to perform business services more efficiently and effectively. The Context sensitive applications requires contextual information that must be obtained from various sources such as sensors that are embedded in the environment, devices that are carried by end users, repositories of historical data tracking use of the application, and information contained in user profiles. The rapid proliferation of mobile devices, wireless technologies and services, and the demand of user location awareness fueled by next generation mobile distributed computing research have ushered in the area of Context Aware Computing. Light weight portable computers, IP based appliances, and the popularity of Internet is strong forces to the service providers to support seamless user mobility. Realizing the change environment with new class of applications that are aware of the location in which they are run remains a research challenge. Although Research and Development on Context Aware Mobile Computing and Applications have attained a notable success in the past decade they are still in the infancy stage.

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Andualem Getaw, Selamawit Dagnachew, Eyob Abebe

Bensa kaolin deposit is found in Southern nation nationality and people of Ethiopia regional state which is 405km south of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. This study presents new major and trace element chemistry of Bensa kaolin deposit to assess element characteristics during kaolinisation processes and genesis of the kaolin deposit of the area. Bensa kaolin is a result of weathering of rhyolitic ignimbrite and it shows high concentration of SiO2 ranges between 53.6 to 68.8 wt. % and Fe2O3 (4.85-7.74 wt. %) and exhibits very limited CaO (0.27-0.62 wt. %), MgO (0.14-0.31 wt. %), P2O5 (0.1-0.2 wt. %) and MnO (0.12-0.3 wt. %). The highly mobile Large ion lithophile element (LILE) Sr (23.3-60.5ppm), Rb (32.3-88.4ppm), Ba (201-593ppm) and Cs (0.54-1.67ppm) of Bensa kaolin shows depletion pattern on the Chondrite normalized spider plot whereas the immobile High field strength element (HFSE) Zr (1070-1770ppm), Hf (26.8-45.4ppm), Nb (143-30ppm), Ta (9.3-14.8ppm) and REE concentrations of Bensa kaolin samples exhibit enrichment pattern. The major and trace element concentration of Bensa kaolin indicates samples from depth >20m and from the periphery of the deposit are less mature with respect to chemistry and physical property compared with samples from the center of the deposit. The depletion of CaO, MgO, P2O5, MnO and LILE and the enrichment of HFSE of Bensa kaolin indicates the mobile elements have been removed from the system during the kaolinisation processes and it is the characteristics of supergene kaolin origin. Under very high temperature to some extent HFSE Zr can be mobilized and it can be removed from the system but the very high concentration of Zr in Bensa kaolin deposit reflect that the kaolinisation processes may have been undertook at low temperature condition.

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Dhruva Chaudhary S C Gupta

This research demonstrates the capability to conform a Substrate Integrated Waveguide Conformal Leaky-Wave Antenna (SIW-CLWA) design, which ensures an enhanced efficiency in the Ku band, with better return loss curve in terms of its shape and trend. This design employs a substrate called ROGER RT DUROID 5880 and is comprised of 7-unit cell patches. The designed Antenna is analyzed for its radiation pattern. The narrow band of the proposed CWLA in the Ku band is acquired at the frequency of 14.56GHz with gain dB of -53.147. Compared to the existing Goubau-line leaky-wave antenna, the proposed CLWA gives an enhanced result in the Ku band in terms of frequency and gain. The measured return loss is 10dB better compared to the existing Antenna design.

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Anindita Ramadhani, Marselinus Nirwan Luru, Benny Benyamin Suharto, Anita Sitawati Wartaman, Yayat Supriatna

The percentage of elderly citizen of Surabaya City has exceed the national’s percentage of elderly people and the number has continued The elderly population percentage in Surabaya city has exceeded the national number, and it continues to increase. The largest population resides in Tunjungan Regency. As it is getting difficult for them to reach the community, senior residents often feel alienated; therefore, facilities are needed to help them interact with one another, for example, a senior park. The elderly have different perceptions and special needs. Accordingly, the purpose of this study is to identify the elderly perceptions and needs regarding the senior park setting in Surabaya. The research method is descriptive qualitative using behavioral observation and cognitive mapping technique for elderly visitors to city parks. The results reveal the senior park zoning based on the elderly needs according to age segmentation. The early-stage elderly zone (55-64 years) covers the need for facilities for individuals and unscheduled activities; the elderly zone (65-70 years old) covers the need for facilities for group sports activities and an area close to the children playground for their grandchildren; the high-risk-stage elderly zone (> 70 years) emphasizes the need for basic facilities focusing on comfort and safety, large areas for communal activities, and a place near the gates and security office to increase the sense of security in high old-age risk, as well as to increase park accessibility for the elderly.

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P.Sritha, R.S.Valarmathi

Most of people like living independently at home. We are prone to meet some accidents like falls in our day to day life. Falls can make people in fatal conditions, even death. A prototype of fall detection system using accelerometer, heartbeat and glucose is presented in this paper. Automatic SMS as an alert will be sent to family members if someone using this application in fatal condition and need some help. With the help of this project we can differentiate the normal and abnormal conditions of a person in accordance with daily activity. Several scenarios were used in these experiments. The result showed that the proposed system could successfully record better level of accuracy.

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Mopidevi Suneetha , Mopidevi Subbaraoz

Degradation of images and segmentation are the two most demanding fields for medical image processing, particularly when explicitly applied. The involvement of noise not only deteriorates the visual quality but also the precision of the segmentation which is vital to the medical diagnosis process of development. The complicated and monotonous main task is to manually denoise medical images such as CT, ultrasound and large numbers of clinical routine MRI images. The medical image must be denoised automatically. The proposed approach is associated with less complexity, this follows from the fact that, the design of system and time for optimization. Results show their efficacy for noise removal in medical ultrasound and MRI images .The final results of the proposed scheme in terms of noise reduction and structural preservation are excellent. However the proposed scheme is compared with existing methods and the performance of the proposed method in terms of visual quality, image quality index, peak SNR and PSNR is shown to be superior to existing methods.

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Anagha Soman, Dr. Rajesh Holmukhe, Dr.D.G..Bharadwaj

Induction motors owing to their rugged construction, reasonable cost, efficient performance, Low maintenance and decent reliability in performance in varying loading situations are the most wanted machines in industrial as well agriculture sector. The researcher hence is keen towards making it better and better in the performance. The advancement here proposes a common cage rotor of conventional induction motor with two separate stators windings wound with different number of poles. The paper here presents the thorough analysis of Dual stator winding Induction machine (DSWIM) using Finite element method (FEM). ANSYS Maxwell and RMxprt are the tools used for the design and analysis of DSWIM.A detail design sheet is the result of RMxprt which includes basic parameters as well the performance parameters of the machine. The 3-dimensional and 2-dimensional construction as well electromagnetic behaviour (Flux plots) can be found through ANSYS Maxwell. This design as well simulation helps in correcting any construction or performance flaw in the machine long before it actually can damage it.

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Buddi Bhanu Shankar, Dasari Anantha Sai Kumar, Garlapati Venkata Kowndinya, Arjuna Muduli, Deepak Kumar Nayak

The idea of this paper is to design a dual port ultra-wide band antenna integrated with reconfigurable narrow band antenna for cognitive radio applications. The narrow band antenna is a microstrip patch antenna attached at the back side of the ultra-wide band octagonal antenna. The ultra-wide band senses over the frequency range of 3.91 – 11.29 GHz. The Narrowband reconfigurable antenna is seen to operate at 6.39GHz, 6.90GHz, 7.81GHz, 8.94 GHz. Isolation between both the ports is kept less than -15 dB over entire operating band. Reconfiguration is done with the help of pin diode. The antenna switched from ultra-wide band to narrow band by switching ‘ON’ the pin diode.

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Zulfia Afreen. M. A, Ramachandran. A

This paper is a collaboration of appearance-based linear face recognition algorithms and image processing algorithms and few methods to recognize the face features in computer vision. It deals with human facial features, biometrics, identifying leaf species, fingerprint liveness, Indian sign language. By implementing these algorithms on various fields, we can provide increased security to the real time applications.

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Bahukhandi Kanchan Deoli, Arora Shefali, Sharma Madhuben, Siddiqui Nihal Anwar

Soil is one of the important component of environment which affect growth and development of plant. The soil testing is one of the chemical process in which the suitability of essential nutrients are determined before sowing the crops so that the demand of remaining nutrient can be fulfilled artificially though applying fertilizer in the field. The objective of this research is to analyze macro-nutrient (P, K, S) micro nutrient (Mn, Fe, Cu, Zn) in order to understand the suitability of soil for cultivation of medicinal plant species in the study area. In the present study the physiochemical analysis were carried out by analyzing the parameter i.e. pH, Organic carbon, Phosphorous, Potassium, Sulphur, Zinc, Iron, Manganese and Copper. Total 24 soil sample were collected in 2017 during winter season (November-December) in selected villages of Saheshpur block of Dehradun and compared with the Standard value of soil quality. The micronutrient Fe, Cu, Mn and Zn were determined by using Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer. The organic carbon in the study area were ranged from 0.34 % to 0.94 %, the mean value of pH was 7.1 indicating alkaline nature of soil. In order to depict the spatial variation one way ANOVA is carried out and it was found that in few sampling locations the soil quality parameter i.e. Sulphur, Zinc and moisture content were highly variable as compare to other location. Correlation analysis were carried out among various parameter of soil quality, Mn shown good correlation between Fe, S, Zn and Cu. All the parameter were under permissible limit of soil quality standard except potash which was found to less than minimum (> 140 kg/hectare) requirement of soil quality standard.

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Sebastiana Viphindrartin, Fivien Muslihatinningsih, Mega Indah Sari

Developing countries including Indonesia, generally still have limited capital to realize the development and increase econom ic growth. The amount of savings that is not balanced with the investment activity plan (saving investment gap) causes the investment implementation activities do not go according to plan. The gap between savings and investment can then be closed by the influx of funds from abroad. One alternative development financing through foreign debt. This study aims to analyze the effect of saving-investment gap variables, foreign debt and government expenditure on economic growth in Indonesia in 2004. Q1 - 2017.Q4. The method used in this study is the Error Correction Model (ECM) method. Based on the results of the analysis of the test show that in the short term the s aving-investment variable gap, foreign debt, and government expenditure have a positive influence on economic growth in Indonesia but are not significant. While the estimation results, in the long run, show different results where saving-investment gap variables and government expenditure have a positive and significant effect on economic growth in Indonesia, and foreign debt variables have a negative and significant influence on economic growth Indonesia.

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Iswaryah.G, Ramachandran.A

There are various types of information's are transferred within mile seconds so these information's have to be secure .there are different types of algorithm are used for both for securing of data and also for transmission of this paper we use QR Code for the secure transmission of data. Data can be of any type for example image, text, audio or video and even most of the money transaction is made through the QR Code, etc…In this paper, we are going to talk about how to share big organized companies sensitive information or data can be securely transferred using the QR Code .The sensitive information like auditing files of a company.

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F. Elzahraa Metwally; Amal A. A. Mohamed; Usama A. Mahalel,; Mohamed G. Sheded

Hydrophytes (aquatic plants) are important constituent of the aquatic ecosystem. They have a significant role in the life where they could be used as shelter, food, medicine, biofilters, and for other purposes. However, indigenous information for potential utilization of aquatic plants is lacking. In this study, four cosmopolitan aquatic plants in the Nile River, Aswan district, Egypt were manipulated for their ecological and bioactivity potentials. These plants are Polygonum senegalensis, Ceratophyllum demersum, Potamogeton crispus and Potamogeton perfoliatus. These hydrophytes are widely distributed in different non-polluted and polluted sites in Aswan district.They are of ecological potential as effective bio-filters for a variety of pollutants as manipulated in the present study. The bioactive potentials of these hydrophytes, e.g., antioxidant, antimicrobial, antitumor and other activities are shown.

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E.F Yéo, M.K. Kouassi, J.S. Pita, N.K. Kouassi, D. Koné, S-P. A. N’guetta

Cassava cultivation in Côte d’Ivoire is constrained by cassava mosaic disease (CMD) caused by African cassava mosaic virus (ACMV) and East African cassava mosaic Cameroon virus (EACMV-CM). The disease is transmitted principally through infected cuttings. This study combined thermotherapy and meristem culture to produce virus-free in vitro plantlets. These sanitation techniques were applied to six highly valued cassava varieties. Cuttings taken from plants showing CMD symptoms were grown in greenhouses as mother plants. At 2 weeks old, PCR of these plants showed presence of ACMV and EACMV-CM in single and double infections respectively. Heat treatment was then applied of day/night with 40/36°C and a photoperiod of 16/8 h. Meristem tips were used to produce in vitro plantlets, which were re-checked for viruses using PCR, and virus-free plantlets were multiplied through several sub-cultures. Using 60 isolated meristematic explants, we regenerated 44 in vitro plantlets. We achieved a sanitation success rate of 100 % for four varieties (Agba blé 3, IM89, Koko Soclo 5 and Bayéré), 80 % for Yacé and 62.5 % for Yacé 2. A second indexing of viruses showed that 88.33 % of regenerated in vitro plantlets were free from both ACMV and EACMV-CM. After three consecutive sub-cultures of the virus-free plantlets from all six varieties, we obtained 800 in vitro plantlets. This study showed that the thermotherapy technique combined with meristem culture was effective in eliminating these viruses. The use of virus-free planting material will reduce the impact of CMD and boost cassava production in Côte d’Ivoire.

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Nersu Kalyan, S S Mounika, T Santhi Sri

Intense leukemia could be a sort of blood dyscrasia caused as a result of the unconventional raise up within the development of vernal white platelets in the bone marrow, for the foremost half influencing children to a lower place five years and grown-ups over fifty years previous. Here a framework is planned to acknowledge intense leukemia from a customary dataset of ALLIDB1. 2 methods were planned for acknowledgment of the infection addicted to the image handling systems the primary strategy depends on the traditional element extraction technique wherever the highlights like territory, edge, vital hub, minor hub and therefore the amount of the core are separated and given to the classifier for arrangement. during this strategy, the images are exposed to division by versatile k-implies for separating the core before highlight extraction. within the ensuant strategy, the images from the dataset are exposed to CNN primarily based profound neural system.

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Dr. R. Santhi, Prof. S.H. Afroze, Ms. S. Pathma Kayathri

Dressing is associate in nursing expression of concepts and thoughts. There could also be tons of fashion, brand, colors, styles, styles on the market within the textile panoptic on. Dressing is additionally one in every of the thanks to have smart an honest a decent temperament and good look. In trending days everybody pay heap of attention for his or her dressing. To satisfy up the customers wishes the textiles are operating its best by giving a lot of innovation in many varieties of dress. There are millions of selection in dress. Client should select the dress consistent with the suitableness. Additionally the client should also apprehend what, when, wherever and the way the dress ought to be wear up.There are several sort of customers and also the textile company should try and savvy to beat with every kind of customers and fulfill their wants with full satisfaction.

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The cardiac attack disease is increased in a decade of years. Image processing technique plays a vital role in identifying coronary artery diseases. The coronary artery disease reduces the flow of blood to the heart. The techniques used to identify the problem in heart should be fast and accurate. This paper builds up another system for separating coronary centerlines from three dimensional fragmented coronary veins models. In the proposed system we apply the Gradient Vector Flow algorithm for the vessel model of speed image. The centerline in the heart can be extracted by using the wave propagation method. The three dimensional vessel model has been implemented in many coronary vein segment. The coronary centerline extraction in artificial vessel model is adapted with our proposed framework. The distance to extract the coronary centerline is about 0.25mm and the overlap distance is about 96%. The quality of Computed Tomography image is 0.3mm × 0.3mm × 0.4mm. Next the artificial vessel model will goes to further testing process. The CT scan image is valid for both left coronary artery and right coronary artery. The average time to take examine the arteries is about 16 min per case. The Gradient vector flow method and fast marching method may be suitable for all cardiac patients and this technique will be more accurate and processing time is fast.

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Dr. V.Selvi , R.Chinthamani

This paper deals about the energy consumption of the entire sensor network by taking into account of various constraints of energy consuming constituents of the network. Then increasing the overall lifetime of various topology of the wireless sensor networks by taking in to account the interconnection between energy consuming constituents and the most important parameters. Determining the effect of energy consuming constituents and their prevalent parameters based on overall energy consumption in WSN.

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Dr. Sultana Begum Abida Mazumder*; Bimal Deb Nath

Remittances bring new opportunities for economic and social development to the families of remittance receiving households. This development of a nation is affected by the fact that how these remittances are consumed. Remittances are basically used on basic consumption goods, housing, expenditure on education and health care goods and services, capital for small business creation and entrepreneurial activities. The basic question of whether migrants channel these remittances into human and physical investments or merely use such receipts in consumption has a profound impact on the development of a nation. This paper makes an attempt to understand the specific migrant and household characteristics that affect the consumption patterns of the remittances received from the international migrant workers by their respective families in the two villages Berenga and Kanakpur, in Cachar district in Assam

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Mukhlis R., Erlyn Indarti, Pujiono

This study aims to analyze how does the public understand about the implementation of basic crime in Riau, how is the basis of legislation concerning implementation principal, and what is the dynamics of their relations in Riau. The results revealed that The public’s perceptivity of the implementation of capital punishment, imprisonment, imprisonment, criminal fines and criminal cover so far in Riau Province is that the people still want the existence of the principal as a criminal form in positive law. Although based on the results of the questionnaire it shows the low perceptivity of the community, it is formed based on experience and knowledge of the implementation of basic crimes that have many shortcomings and deviations from the concepts and objectives of each.

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Yunanto, Bambang Eko Turisno

Refusal inheritance is an attitude that is not commonly done, but is the right of heirs. In practice, not all inheritance refusals are carried out according to legal procedures so that they can cause disputes with fellow heirs and with third parties. The purpose of this study examines the validity of the refusal of inheritance so that it is binding on him and other heirs and third parties; and the legal implications of denial of inheritance. The approach method used in this study is an empirical juridical method, namely an approach to the problem by reviewing the regulations as positive law with the implementing regulations including their implementation in the field. The results of the study indicate that the refusal of inheritance by the heir is only valid and binding if it has been carried out in the courtroom of the district where the inheritance is open. In practice, there was a denial of inheritance made by a notary and some were carried out with the latter statement abroad. Of course such refusal is not legal according to the heirs who refuse to remain domiciled as heirs. In addition, the emergence of both civil and criminal disputes related to the denial of inheritance originated from violations of the nemo plus principle.

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Aris Yulia, R. Benny Riyanto, F. X. Djoko Priyono

This study aims to discuss regarding how the interpretation of Article 20 of Law Number 2 of 2014 concerning the Position of Notary related to the interests of the Notary Civil Civil Society and how the application of Notary responsibilities in the civil alliance regulated in Article 20 of Law Number 2 of 2014 are related to Article 1618 of the Criminal Code concerning alliance. The research method used in this paper uses the legal research method of literature, using secondary data in the form of written legal materials relating to the problems that are the object of this writing such as laws and regulations, books, articles and other writings. The results showed that there is cooperation between the notaries who are members of the Notary Civil Society and the knowledge of the resource person that there is no Notary civil partnership which is carried out at this time.

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Budi Santoso

Company law in Indonesia does not yet regulate individual business entities. The absence of regulation of individual business entities means allowing the existence of such business entities in a state of no legal certainty. Lack of legal certainty on the existence of individual business entities has the potential to harm business actors and the user community. The form of individual business/sole proprietorship is chosen by many business actors in carrying out their business activities, however it is not realized the advantages and disadvantages of choosing the form of individual business.

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Mustika Palupi and Ren Fitriadi

Increased productivity of gill net fishing gear through economic and technical efficiency (input) in order to obtain maximum profits can improve the welfare of gill net fishermen. The variables studied for successful fishing aimed at increasing production yields on fishing line equipment are the size of the fishing boat (GT), engine power (PK), length of main rope (m), number of hooks, length of rope in waters (m), distance of fishing area (miles), number of settings per trip, experience of the crew, experience of the captain, amount of fuel and time spent on working (hours). The results of the study note that the factors of production that significantly affect the catch of gill net fishing gear, namely; experience of the captain with a regression coefficient of 0.437 and the t-value of 3.658, and time setting with a regression coefficient of 0.621 and the t-value of 2.422. While other factors of production have no significant effect on fish catch production on gill net gear.

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S.Prasanth, P.Nivetha, M.Ramapriya, Dr. S.Sudhamathi

This study investigates the factors affecting Non-Performing Assets of Commercial Bank of India during the period from 2015 to 2019. The variables were preferred based on conclusion from the previous literatures. Secondary time series statistics were collected from audited yearly reports and performance reports of the bank and for data purposes I have taken details of two banks (Indian Bank and SBI) ; and the required ratios were calculated. Multiple linear regression equation was used to determined the model using SPSS version 20 software. The result realise from regression output determined that between the calculated variables, loan to deposit ratio; financial performance measured in return on equity; and capital adequacy remain establish to be statistically significant determinant of NPLs. diversely, loan growth, cost effectiveness and bank size were analytical insignificant in affecting NPL. The findings reveals that, variables for example poor credit risk evaluation, concentrate on collateral based lending, poor loan monitoring and follow-up, poor banker’s ability in commencing with lending matters, undiversified loan products, short loan life and lack of credit advisory practices were also the bank specific factors that affect NPLs. The study prefers that concentrating on these NPL could further diminish the probability of default while extending credit in the future. Further studies were suggested by counting macroeconomic and other bank specific variables; and by rising the sampled periods.

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Padmavati S , Lalitha Y S

The main aim of this paper is to obtain a compact inverted U - slot on a patch antenna with a heterogeneous substrate for wireless application. The proposed inverted U – slot is integrated in the square shape patch antenna on a heterogeneous substrate for size reduction up to 47.4% with respect to conventional square shape patch antenna and to obtain enhanced bandwidth by multiband resonances frequencies from 1.33GHz to 8.2GHz. A proposed antenna is fabricated with a heterogeneous substrate and multiband nature of the compact inverted U - slot on a patch antenna with a heterogeneous substrate is studied using Ansoft HFSS 13.0 software. This procedure is approved tentatively and estimated results were in great concurrence with recreated results. The S11 parameters of U shape, Inverted U shape, C shape and inverted C shape is compared.

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S Sathish, SK Khadar Babu

The water is an important component for human beings, animals, autotrophs and heterotrophs. Actually, human beings continuously adopted to their physical environment. Due to the increased population, human needs more water for drinking, agriculture, etc. The proposed paper explained in detail, the standard measures like mean, standard deviation, co-efficient of R2 and auto-correlations of the downscaling data in hydrology. The new model is MLE by Gaussian distribution is a method that we will find the values of that result are best fit the data sets. Simple downscaling approach, in general, can perform well as the parametric method, generate the observed water level using SELGA and SELSGA approaches. Maximum Likelihood Estimation is the best prediction using parameters of water level data sets. The new model is used, the present proposed article is to predict future values using stochastic extended linear group average and stochastic extended linear semi-group average on generated downscaling data sets.

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Rianto Nurcahyo, Raja Savira

Telecommunication industry is a very highly competitive compares to others, especially on internet packages segment which encourages operators to push their quality to survive the competition. By reaching and setting service standards is considered being one of the strategies. This is why the importance of measurement is inevitable. The research is to understand how price, brand image or/and product quality influences the loyalty of XL Axiata’s customer. For methodology, we used the quantitative associative method that distributed to 274 customers of Hotrod Internet data packages by XL Axiata. The research method used surveys. The unit of analysis for each problem identification is the data package analysis of Hotrod XL Axiata customer who used XL product. Time horizon in this study was cross-sectional. Mechanical analysis technique used is simple regression and multiple regressions. The results indicated that price, brand image or/and product quality influence the customer loyalty. It showed that price and brand image have a small contribution to customer loyalty, which amounted to 3.3%.

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Ms. Gauri Mathur, Dr Wiquas Ghai

Internet of Things is one of the most important paradigm in current world which allows connectivity and communication between heterogeneous devices so as to achieve better synchronization and automation with control. These days Internet of Things have gained immense popularity as they function without major requirements of infrastructure and they can function without any central controlling authority. In order to implement communication between devices many sensors are used to collect data, process it, encrypt (e.g. using AES-128, RSA, DSA) and upload it to the cloud. There is huge presence of IoT devices which generates voluminous data called as big data in medical, military, banking and marketing fields but poor security features make it easy for attackers to perform both active attacks and passive attacks. Hence one of the primary objectives is to make this network secure by identifying presence of malicious wormhole which can mitigate in a mobile ad-hoc network. In this proposed paper we will compare various existing wormhole detection techniques in IoT Network and will propose an efficient algorithm which will evaluate the routing tables of nodes connected to IoT Network on the basis of path used, frequency of presence of nodes in table along with threshold value generated by nodes using big data analytics

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Tet-Khuan, Chen,

The paper describes the integration of linear and hub-and-spoke flow models for a two-dimensional role-playing-game. The research work deals with game level design setup using an open-world map environment that easy to explore the game scene with a series of story mission.

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Here, in this paper for separating the common highlights K-Means Clustering calculation is utilized to show the better outcomes. To extricate the like highlights an idea of K-Means Clustering on Euclidean separation to remove the highlights, with the goal that the gained extricated include subgroup has durable association and no expulsion. Later on the results be in see that the calculation K-Means Clustering in the utilization of removing highlights has grandly efficient for errand of arrangement and furthermore has no deferral in execution i.e it runs snappy, so the K-Means Clustering calculation has weighty achievability for the extraction of highlights

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Garminla Sampath Kumar, Pooja Bagane

Malware continues to be a serious threat starting from home users to large enterprises. This makes it a hot research topic. Detection of malware is done using static and dynamic analysis of malware signatures and behavior patterns. These are proven to be ineffective and time consuming while detecting unknown malware. In order to identify the new malware many machine learning algorithms are created. Feature engineering is a key step for building these algorithms. This takes too much time. By using deep learning techniques this step can be completely avoided. Recent research reported that many of them used biased dataset, which is completely ineffective in real-time situations. Hence this drives to create a new algorithm/architecture to detect malware using deep learning. By using specialized Convolutional Neural Networks for capturing patterns in malware sequences using the concept of weight sharing. Also adding this with Recurrent Neural Networks, we could capture recurring patterns in malware.

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Dr. Nipun Aggarwal, Ms. Shivani Khurana, Ms. Mehak Aggarwal

In the recent times, it becomes the need of the hour for the businesses to have the sustainable development and have the sustainable business model, which challenges the business not to have only profitability but the efficient utilization of the resources which will cater the needs of the future generation also. In addition to this, the businesses today must adhere to the societal & environmental concerns, so as to increase their brand name & goodwill in the market to have more sustainable growth in the future. So, this paper will analyze the various cases, in which the companies have adopted the sustainable business practices and got a success in the long term in terms of permanent profitability and sustainability in the corporate world.

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Dr. Nipun Aggarwal, Ms. Shivani Khurana, Ar. Mehak Aggarwal,

This paper will discuss about the various opportunities and challenges before the social entrepreneurs in India. Social Entrepreneurship has the direct and primary objective of serving the society along with the earning profits. So, social entrepreneurship is different from the economic entrepreneurship as its basic objective is not to earn profits but for providing innovative solutions to meet the society needs which are not taken care by majority of the entrepreneurs as they are in the business for profit making as a sole objective. So, the Social Entrepreneurs have the huge growth potential particularly in the developing countries like India where we have huge societal disparities in terms of the financial positions of the population. Still 22 percent of the Indian population is below the poverty line and also there is disparity among the rural & urban population in terms of families living under BPL. 25.7 percent of the rural population & 13.7 percent of the urban population is under BPL which clearly shows the disparity of the poor people in the rural and urban areas.

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Ms. Khuspreet Kaur, Dr. Meenakshi Bansal

Cloud computing is a kind of area which has opened new doors to everyone.This allows for new types of services where online computing and network resources are available. Anyone who want to use it can pay and use online service. One of cloud computing most popular services is data outsourcing. Both public and private organizations can now outsource their large amounts of data to the cloud for cost and convenience reasons and enjoy the benefits of remote storage and management. At the same time, a major concern is the confidentiality of data stored remotely on untrusted cloud servers. To reduce these concerns about sensitive data such as personal health records, emails, income tax and financial reports, which are usually outsourced using well-known cryptographic techniques in encrypted form. Although encrypted data storage protects remote data from unauthorized access, it obscures some basic but essential data use services such as searching for plaintext keywords. For the encrypted data used by AWS and Google Cloud, a lot of techniques are used. Like Searchable encryption, you can store encrypted documents on a remote, honest but curious server, and query that data on the server itself without having to decrypt documents before searching. Not only does this protect the data from the server's prying eyes, but it can also reduce the overhead communication between the server and the user and the latter's local processing.

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Meenakshi Bansal

Today is the era of online shopping. Most of the people do online shopping for their convenience. It includes both M-Commerce and E-Commerce. Important part of the online shopping are the reviews given by the customer which gives the rating to the product they have purchased. In addition to the product reviews, customer also give reviews about company and post purchase experience. These reviews effects the promotion of the product and also helps others to take wise decisions regarding the purchase of goods. This research is focused on studying the reviews on tourism. In which people gives reviews regarding Hotels, Recreation places etc. They also reviews regarding Food, Room, Room Service, Parking, Pick up facility etc. In this research lexical based approach is used to identify the collective analysis for positive and negative reviews. So that people who are trying to take the services following the reviews can see the collective scenario. Current lexical based approach is better than the previous research which was based on sentiwordnet. In sentiwordnet the marks or grade given to the positive, negative, and neutral word. With the help of lexical approach reviews have been tokenized. Positive, negatives and neutral reviews are compared with established Ontology. This mined information will provide better view regarding the total reviews rather than studying all the individual reviews. Experimental results shows much better performance to have collective analysis by automated tool in terms of accuracy and time taken.

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Pankaj, S.S. Banwait

Electrochemical machining described as reversed electroplating process is a non-contact process wherein the formation of shape is look alike to the tool shape. Primacy of the ECM to machine conductive materials, over other processes lies in its ability to produce complicated shapes without stress, while requiring minimal finishing work. This research is concerned with ECM of Ti 6Al-6V-2Sn alloy using NaNO3 electrolyte. Experimental design for Process parameters i.e. voltage, tool feed rate, electrolyte flow rate and electrolyte concentration is done using RSM and response parameters i.e. MRR, Overcut, Ra has been optimized by using the ANOVA. The regression models are developed to be used as predictive tools. Diagnosis plots are developed to validate the regression models. Research results can be realized in pragmatic sense while selecting parameters for machining in field work.

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I Made Jiwa Astika, Benny Sukandari, Sutrisno, Okol Sri Suharyo

Powder smoke bombs are a type of weapon used for sabotage, phishing and disabling opponents. Sabotage is an act of destruction that is carried out in a planned, deliberate and hidden manner against equipment, personnel and activities from the target field that you want to destroy that are in the midst of the community, destruction must be displayed. The purpose of this research is to be able to make a type of sabotage weapons consisting of powder bomb smoke with the ability to deceive opponents against attacks, can also be a diversion of targets and have the ability to incapacitate and fight opponents / enemies with interests as soon as possible, as well as things that are expected to support in the field of defense research with the aim that the independence of the State in the field of defense will be realized. The method used in this study is a research method by designing a smoke bomb weapon design. This research is divided into 3 (three) preparatory stages, final stages of preparation, and other research. The output of this study is a prototype of the Powder Smoke Bomb sabotage weapon.

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Tetyana D. Sherban, Inokentii O. Korniienko, Olga Yu. Voronova, Taisayu.Yamchuk

The article reflects the study results of the search for trigger points in the process of trigger modeling for the development of psychological properties that are components of professional development. Based on the theoretical analysis, a model of the three-component psychological structure of professional reflection of preschool education specialists has been identified: cognitive-operational, motivational-emotional and behavioral-evaluative. Reflection is considered as a human ability to arbitrarily manipulate images in the internal plane and direct a beam of awareness to those objects and mechanisms that, as a rule, remain unconscious. Professional reflection (that is, the focus of consciousness on oneself as a specialist, on the content of one's professional actions, in the performance of professional tasks) is an important factor in professionalism, competence, professional maturity, as it increases the efficiency of solving a wide range of everyday pedagogical tasks. Professional reflection is an important mechanism of the process of self-regulation both at the operational-technical and motivational levels, since it allows a person to take an external position in relation to himself/herself and his/her actions, which makes their conscious regulation possible. In order to confirm the professional reflection structural model of specialists of preschool education institutions, a factor analysis has been carried out. Based on the results of this analysis, 4 factors have been identified that take into account the structural units of the three-component model. To search for sensitive triggers for the development of reflection in the context of the proposed three-component model, a correlation analysis has been carried out using the r-Pearson correlation criterion. Based on the results of correlation analysis, it is possible to design the development of the reflectivity of future kindergarten teachers by developing the qualities-triggers. A program of integrative training of professional reflection has been developed, that is aimed at the implementation of psychological conditions and the development of professional reflection in three vectors: cognitive-operational, motivational-emotional and behavioral-evaluative, which involves the development of certain reflective skills in the field of professional activity of future kindergarten teachers of preschool educational institutions

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Nune Srapyan,Tetyana Sherban,Irina Bretsko,Alla Morhun

In Foreign Language Education The Teaching Of Culture Remains A Hotly Debated Issue, Causing Many Controversial Questions. Although Learning Language Through Learning The Whole Culture Is Considered As One Of The Ways Of Learning Foreign Language - Another Perspective Considering Language Being A Part Of The Culture - However, It Can Lead To Critical Incidents Resulting From Conflict/Crisis In Communication The Article Makes An Attempt To Answer These Questions Showing Different Backgrounds Of Such Conflicts/Crisis And What Are The Ways Of Overcoming Them Based On The Method Of Participatory Observation. It Discusses The Issue Of Language And Culture With A Focus On The Culturally Induced Language Misunderstanding, Confusion, And Conflicts As A Result Of The Global Language Contact.

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Aminova Dilnoza Khikmatilla qizi, Yakutkhon Mamatova Muxammedjanovna

This article covers the essence of intercultural communication, its history, scientific and theoretical views of the followers of the US and Chicago Schools, rare works created by influential specialists of this field, the analysis of books and a number of scientific articles written in this sphere. The role of the Uzbekistan Internet Mass Media in the activation of intercultural communication is revealed with the help of practical examples.

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Olorunleke Gabriel Kolade, Eniola Anthony Abiodun

This investigation centers on the effect of marketing strategy on performance of an organization with exceptional focus on Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in Kwara State, Nigeria. The general goal of the investigation was to analyse marketing strategy effect on the organization performance. The review research plan strategy was utilized in this examination which includes utilizing a self-structure organized composed overview in collecting information for this exploration were acquired from essential information organization performance was used to evaluate the data. The outcomes exhibit that the factors which are product, promotion, packaging, and price were noteworthy joint indicators of business performance. The investigation prescribes that operators to make quality products; charge aggressive costs, position properly, use appealing package for the product, take part in after sale service and give other particular practical advantages to shoppers.

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Heribertus Ary Setyadi, Dwi Kuncoro, Bambang Eka Purnama

In the world of keris, especially the Java’s keris has a variety of forms and types that can be classified based on dhapur, pamor and tangguh. Indonesian society has much to forget the original culture of Nusantara, especially local culture. There are fewer a keris expert who really mastered or understood correctly the ins and outs of the Java’s keris. With the collaboration of the latest technology in the form of application identification Java's tosan aji is expected to restore the love of local culture and Indonesia and more and more people know the type of keris owned Nusantara especially Java. The purpose of the research is to produce an expert system application that can replace an expert in determining the type of keris Java based on dhapur so that it can facilitate the society to recognize the keris, at least their own keris. This research uses forward chaining method to apply expert system and the system can identify dhapur of keris according to the input of the user.

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Helmy Alian, Qomarul Hadi, Sugiarto

Austempering is the process of isothermal transformation of steel at temperatures between the pearlite phase and the martensite phase. The austempering time must ensure that the formation of bainite ferrite is sufficient for the remaining austenite with carbon which allows most of it to be maintained to room temperature. Austempering is intended to form strong and resilient material. To determine the effect of temperature variations on the austempering process, the tests conducted are tensile testing, fatigue testing and microstructure observation. Tensile test values after undergoing austempering at temperatures of 320 ° C, 350 ° C and 380 ° C are 119.47 kgf/mm2, 127.86 kgf/mm2 and 134.34 kgf/mm2. While the strain value is 1.39%, 1.74 %, 2.43 %. The cycle produced by fatigue testing in the process at temperatures of 320 ° C, 350 ° C and 380 ° C, namely 130600 cycles, 166200 cycles, 185700 cycles.

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A.Divya Sahithi, E.Lakshmi Priya, Ravivek, N.Lakshman Pratap.

Cognitive radio is the emerging technique which can be used in wireless communication systems. This technique is utilized to expand the spectrum usage productively. In the process of effective utilization of spectrum, the main component used by cognitive radio is spectrum sensing technique. Since, maximum spectrum is assigned to primary users and it is under utilized hence, efficient utilization of spectrum is an essential issue. The unused band of primary users can be assigned for reuse to supply broadband network services without any interference. In our paper, energy detection concept is used to perceive the unused bands of the spectrum and make them available for the reuse purposes. With this concept we can determine the white spaces in the spectrum and assign to secondary users.

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P.Thiyagarajan, S.Senthilkumar

Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks (MANETs) is ainfrastructure less network where nodes sharing the information with each other directly. Nodes in network join or leave at any time within communication range. The communication between MNs is identified through the routing process. Routing is employed for identifying the path between source and destination to transmit the necessary data packets. Routing protocols is used for efficient data packet transmission in MANET. Energy efficiency is the key concern in routing process due to less power in nodes. An optimization technique is the process carried out iteratively till finding the optimum solution. Many researchers carried out their research on energy efficient static and dynamic optimized routing protocols in MANET. But, the energy consumption and packet delivery ratio performance was not improved by existing techniques. In order to address these problems, different energy efficient static and dynamic optimization techniques were reviewed in this paper

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Nithyakalyani.K, S.Ramkumar, K.Manikandan

Background: Use of sign language alone can impair the communication between the aurally impaired and the rest of the world. Lack of understanding by the unimpaired and environmental conditions such as darkness also affect communication when sign language is used. Objective: To develop a sign language translator for the aurally impaired, that will translate the signs to speech and display the output for better communication. Methodology: A glove incorporated with microtouch switch is used for the gesture recognition of Indian Sign Language (ISL). The output of the microtouch switch is given as an input to the Arduino based unit for converting it into speech and text. Results: The developed system was able to successfully detect signs for gestures such as I, Hello, Thank you, Know, Sorry, Yes, and No. Conclusion: This system was efficient in detecting the gestures with minimal time delay. This device was efficient in translation, and performed satisfactorily during the bench testing. However, a feasibility study with the intended patient group is required, where the efficacy of this device can be evaluated.

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Agung Dinarjito

The use of public accounting firms (KAP) that are not from Big Four members is often perceived that the audit quality is doubtful or there is even an indication that auditee's management has engineered financial statements. This perception made KAP members of the Big Four control the audit services market in most countries in the world. However, the reality is that the Big Four members have also failed several times in conducting audits. This is what the author wants to examine, which is to see whether the reputation of the KAP influences the quality of the audit conducted. This research is a quantitative study using logistic regression. The results of the study were that KAPs with a strong reputation did not provide superior quality audits compared to KAPs with a weaker reputation.

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Agus Bandiyono, M Naufal

This study aims to determine the results of evaluating the implementation of Employee Data Management Systems by using the HOT-Fit Model Framework and knowing the elements that need to be improved in the implementation of the Employee Data Management System based on evaluation with the HOT-Fit Model criteria. The object of this research is the Employee Data Management System used by the Financial and Development Supervisory Agency. This study uses a qualitative descriptive approach with a case study method. Broadly speaking, evaluations made on the implementation of the Employee Data Management System at the Head Office of the Financial and Development Supervision Agency through the HOT-Fit model showed positive results where tested elements such as human, organizational, and synergy technology produced good net benefits for organization.

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Agus Bandiyono

Regional autonomy drives the development process more quickly to create a prosperous, prosperous and prosperous society. In an effort to create an advanced, prosperous and prosperous society, there is still a phenomenon of poverty occurring in Indonesia. In the range of 2010 to 2014 there were 15 increases occurring in the provinces in Sumatra. In line with the concept of pro-poor budgeting, this study aims to determine the effect of regional spending on the functions of education, health functions, and the functions of housing and facilities on poverty. This study uses panel data that combines time series data and time data. The results of this study indicate that regional expenditure on education functions has a negative and significant effect on poverty, health function expenditure has a negative and significant effect on poverty, housing function expenditure and public facilities have a negative and insignificant effect on poverty

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Vimalkumar B. Vaghela

Data is collected and processed using diverse sources and tools that lead to privacy issues. Till now randomization, k-anonymization model, l diversity, t closeness, cryptography and many more techniques have been used to preserve the privacy of an individual. But each and every technique have their own demerits i.e. Information Loss, Privacy breached, Low Data Utility. Among all these approach, k anonymization approach one of the mostly used anonymization based approach. However, this approach suffers from the issue of information loss. So, it is challenging task for data miner to mine data. The paper focus to decrease information loss using the 2 level k anonymization approach and also preserve privacy as compared to the traditional approach. The main aim of this approach is to decrease data loss and no compromise with privacy.

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Pramesti, Ani Susanti

This study aims to find out the perception of English Department students at Universitas Ahmad Dahlan toward the use of Duolingo application for learning English and to explore the advantages and disadvantages of Duolingo for learning English according to them. The researcher applied the qualitative method involving six voluntary students and using interview techniques in data collection. By using the theory of perception and the typical characteristics of MALL, the writers found that the respondents have a positive perception of Duolingo usability, context, control, connectivity, mobility, blending, content, technical support, and cost. There are some advantages of Duolingo, such as attractive, fewer ads, and having gamifiying content. While the disadvantages are that Duolingo cannot be used without internet connections, no further explanation in grammar, and cannot be used as the primary source of language learning.

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Naveen Kishore G, V.Rajesh, A.Vamsi Akki Reddy, K.Sumedh, T.Rajesh Sai Reddy

Diabetes is a sickness that takes place whilst glucose content in your blood is too excessive. Insulin is a hormone made through the pancreas, facilitates to separate glucose from meals get into your body- cells for power. On this we used category set of rules techniques of the device mastering to are expecting the diabetes. Five machine getting to know algorithms namely SVM, selection Tree, NaiveBayes , Logistic Regression and KNN are used to hit upon diabetes. This may be capable of predict the chance degrees of diabetes and gives the first-class getting to know set of rules with better accuracy comparatively different algorithms.

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Rizwana Beevi. K, Sameera Fathima. A.R, Thahira Fathima. A.I, Thameemunisa. N, Noorjahan, C.M, Deepika. T.

Environmental pollution was due to industries, dumping of wastes etc. The plastics are the main threat to environment as they are non-bio-degradable. Based upon the above view, there is a need of sustainable material at the same time biodegradable. Such kind of materials are called “Bio plastics”. Hence an investigation has been carried out to synthesize bioplastic using banana peels and potato starch and also to study its characterization using FTIR (Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy) analysis, Solubility and Swelling tests. The result of synthesis of bioplastic film from banana peel showed that it was brown and that of potato starch was white in colour. Characterization was carried out by FTIR analysis, The FTIR spectrum was obtained at the wavelength in the range of 400-4000cm-1. The results of Solubility test of synthesized bioplastic from banana peel and potato starch revealed that it was completely soluble in sulphuric acid, acetone, ethyl alcohol, acetic acid, partially soluble in ammonia and insoluble in water. The results of swelling test for both bioplastics synthesized showed that there was not much change when soaked in chloroform and methanol. Slight increase in weight was observed when treated with water medium. Hence the synthesized bioplastic material has the substantial properties like little or zero engorgement and insolubility in water makes it worth for commercial viability and use of renewable resource (banana and potato) will be the best raw material for bioplastics synthesis.

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Jonathan J. Odukoya, Dare Ojo Omonijo, Henry Oratue; Ibitayo Yvonne Adebiyi

This study reviewed published work related to knowledge and attitude of people towards human genomics. It was poised to answer the following research questions; what are people’s attitude towards human genomics? What is the level of knowledge about benefits of human genomics? What are peoples view on sharing genomics information via social networking sites? The results showed that in some countries, the awareness of benefits from genomics was from advertorial online platforms while in some others, their knowledge about genomics is restricted to sickle cell genotype and paternity testing. Culture and belief system were implicated as a major factor that influences the acceptance of genomics testing and its treatment protocol. Almost all the studies isolated that people were concerned about third party access of their result. The study recommends massive online and offline awareness campaign on genomic testing that will take into cognizance of people’s cultural differences.

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Princess May G. Subia, Reynaldo R. Corpuz

Automation and innovation sought to transform financial services and revolutionize operations with the goal of streamlining processes and reducing costs. Integrating document archiving and digitization into banks can play a vital role in improving manual document management, revealing improvements in the accuracy and efficiency of document processing while ensuring that sensitive information is not compromised. This paper discusses a digitization initiative to store and recover customers' digital records and transactions at Golden Rural Bank of the Philippines, Inc. The researcher tried to highlight the need for digital preservation, approaches, and concerns of the bank's relevant as well as digital preservation activities to protect its customer records.

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Reshma Raju Mini; M. Com, UGC-NET, SET; Student, University of Kerala.

Investment is done with the motive of earning a regular return, risk-free. In our country, a number of investment measures can be seen ranging from insurance policies to shares or debentures. The type of investment chosen depends upon the income level and the risk taking ability of the investor. Mutual Funds are an emerging mode of investment with great potential as its got diverging investing modes with regular return and minimized risk. But the awareness level it has with respect to the citizens of our country is really low. The vague knowledge on the same has forced many to stay away or even opt out from such mode of investment. This study has been adopted with the aim to study the awareness level mutual funds have among the investing population in India and to suggest better remedies to familiarize them among the population.

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Abdurrahman Sadikin, Ubud Salim, Soerachman, Moeljadi

The geographical condition of South Kalimantan Province is dominated by swamps land with very high acidity to cause humid and hotter condition and decreasing the source of livelihood and economic of local people. However, high enthusiasm and entrepreneurship spirit of Banjar tribal can rise from adversity. Strong and sustainable entrepreneurs in South Kalimantan are manifested in (1) unique but very dynamic floating market traders, (2) duck breeders and Alabio duck eggs in North Hulu Sungai District, (3) Swamp buffalo breeders, (4) Traditional Banjar dowry makers, (5) Banjar Soto sellers, (6) Sasirangan Batik Fabric Craftsmen, (7) Kandangan Katupat Seller and (8) Diamond miners and gemstone crafts. Urang Banjar entrepreneurs in unfriendly geographical conditions coupled with digitalization industry era become very interesting research object, especially about their resilience to overcome these problems and doing business after bankruptcy, and learning about various business problems. This research becomes more interesting in relation with how the Urang Banjar entrepreneurs sustainability in economic digitalization 4.0 era today. This research has three objectives. First is to examine the resilience of Urang Banjar entrepreneurs to run their business. Second is to explore their problems. Third is to explore Urang Banjar entrepreneurs sustainability in economic digitalization today. This research uses Garninkel Ethnometodology method: started with preparation and exploration, determining research subjects, tracing prospective informants, determining informants, interacting with the informants, data exploration, data collection, Focus Group Discussion, reflexivity analysis, evaluation and verification, and prepositions, The results showed that resilience of Urang Banjar entrepreneurs are formed from their efforts to do the religious rules, willing to take common problems, patience and perseverance, not easily eliminated, believes that the difficulties are steps to achieve the easiness, learning from experience, do not think the competitors as business opponents, and speak smoothly to anyone.

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Sunawan, M.Th. Sri Hartati, Kusnarto Kurniawan

This purpose of present study was to test the effect of reality play therapy on elementary students’ on-task behavior. Two students of grade five were involved in single subject experiment. There are five on-tasks behavior which increased in present study, namely completing tasks on time, make note during class, asking questions about learning content, completing homework on time, and following teachers’ instructions. Results of this study indicated that reality play therapy was effective to increase students on-tasks behavior. This finding provides an evidence that reality play therapy was effective to treat students on-task behavior in Indonesia context, particularly students from Semarang, Central of Java.

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Yustinah, Fathur Rokhman, Subyantoro, Ida Zulaeha

The purpose of this study is to illustrate the procedure and explanatory texts containing entrepreneurship for SMK students as an effective facility to enhance the character in educational conservation. This enhancing character supports the competency of student’s expertise in their fields with the development of sophisticated technology. The data source are procedure and explanatory texts, entrepreneurial content, enhancement character of SMK students, and educational conservation. The Data collection technique are observation and experiment. The steps in this study are analysis of needs, validation, effectiveness testing through demonstration product in learning. The result of this study in the effectiveness of the texts containing entrepreneurship for the school as a facilitate to improve the character in educational conservation. The result of the discussion can be utilized as providing information in the procedure and explanatory texts containing entrepreneurship for SMK students as an effective facility to enhance the character in educational conservation. The result of this study was applied as a fulfilment of the need for enrichment books on text-based learning through procedure and explanatory texts for the potential development of vocational students. Besides that, it used as a support to increase the expertise’s competency in accordance with the chosen department, which so far is still linguistic knowledge and fulfilment of curriculum demands.

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Noening Andrijati, Djemari Mardapi, Heri Retnawati

The insuffiency of information regarding the achievements associated with the students’ mathematical abilities and the different implementations of educational curriculums in elementary schools becomes the reason to pursue this research. The article is aimed at describing mathematical abilities of fourth-grade elementary school students in accord with the national curriculums applied in Indonesia, which are the School-based and the 2013 Curriculum. The data were collected from 200 fourth-grade elementary school students in Tegal City, Central Java Province. Specifically, the elementary schools involved in this research use either the School-based Curriculum or the 2013 Curriculum. As the research instrument, a test was developed based on the TIMSS assessment design and adjusted in Indonesian context, consisting of twelve items. The descriptions of the data were presented quantitatively. Based on the results, it is found that mathematical reasoning abilities of fourth-grade elementary school students in Tegal city fall into low and intermediate categories. It is also found that the students meet with significan difficulties in all content domains administered to them, especially in the domain of data display. There is tendency in which fourth-grade elementary school students who learn through the 2013 Curriculum show better mathematical reasoning abilities than who learn through the School-based Curriculum.

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Dr. Shalini Roy Neelam kumari

Present study was conducted to evaluate the prevalence of helminth infected fishes in relations to various aspects such as seasonal variation, length and gender of host. The study underscores two years observations from Jan 2017 to Dec. 2018 that highlights the heavy helminthic burden in edible fish Channa punctatus collected from Moradabad and Sambhal districts of Western U.P. Four study areas were selected to collect the samples from both the districts. From the total host examined within two years due to harbouring of these helminths parasites prevalence was found highest in large sized fishes (69.90%) and furthermore females were observed more susceptible to infections as recorded in our data (68.86%) in comparison to prevalence of infection in male (61.19%). Our investigations further showed that the highest prevalence (72.69%) of helminthic fauna was found in monsoon season and least (59.79%) was observed in pre-spring and spring season. The helminthic fauna isolated from the host consist of adult digeneans, metacercariae, cestodes, nematodes and their eggs.

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Eko Deprianto, Ming Foong Soong, Rahizar Ramli, Ahmad Abdullah Saifizul

Road safety assessment is crucial to reducing accidents because any preventive measure is only relevant and thus effective when there is understanding on the nature of accidents and the associated safety risks. Conventional safety assessment on roads is based on post-accident approach, for which the nature of accidents and safety risks are suggested from accident data. Such approach is obviously reactive rather than proactive, since this means accidents have already taken place when safety risk analysis is performed. This study proposes using vehicle dynamic simulation as the alternative, pre-accident method to assess safety, targeting at expressways. To verify the effectiveness of this proposal, the method was tested on three sections of a local major interstate expressway, known to be accident-prone, using road profiles generated virtually. Several simulation parameters were varied to emulate various combinations of vehicle, road and driver elements in the driving events. From simulation outcomes, it was determined that vehicle loss of control, which leads to road accidents, can be predicted by erratic response in certain vehicle dynamic response parameters, namely roll and lateral acceleration, together with inspection of lane departure from simulation visuals. The method was successful in replicating actual accidents at those known accident hotspots, in which the nature is related to lateral and longitudinal dynamics of vehicles that are normally encountered in free-flow traffic of expressways. This shows that vehicle dynamic simulation is an effective pre-accident method of assessing safety of an expressway. With this in mind, it is thus expected to be applicable to the pre-evaluation of safety of many newly-constructed expressways.

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D. Lakshmi Rekha, Dr. K. Dhanalakshmi

Educational technology is used to improve the teaching learning process. The present study aimed to develop teaching competencies of Student-teachers in Salem District. For this study module has been formulated to perform training programme. In this study, the pre-test and post-test had been conducted for both control and Experimental group. In this research random sampling technique was adopted and sample of 50 student - teachers had been taken from Sri Saradha college of Education in Salem district. In that 25 student -teachers had considered as Control group and 25 student - teachers were considered as Experimental group. The research performed to the control group, Intervention has been given through the conventional method and for the experimental group, Intervention explained through the training module. The research conducted through training phrase. The development in teaching competence measured by the Cognitive strategy tool had been used. Independent t-test had conducted to find the difference between the mean scores. In the interpretation had found that there is a significant means score difference between pre-test and post- test of experimental group among the student – teachers. In the results shown that the module had effective than the conventional methods. In the light of research findings, it has been proved the module well supported teaching tool is one of the appropriate and effective methodologies to develop teaching competence among student – teachers of B.Ed. The Cognitive Intervention training module will enhance the teaching competence of B.Ed trainees by that making a difference, which may produce in student’s long-term memories and knowledge.

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Pujari. Harish Kumar, Dr. R. Mageshvaran

This paper presents a complete review of the significance of deterministic mixed-integer linear program (MILP) and mixed-integer nonlinear program (MINLP) solution methods for problems involving linear, nonlinear, convex and nonconvex functions. The mathematical description of methodologies, algorithms, software, and solvers to solve this problem are presented. Mixed-integer program (MIP) problem is one where some of the decision variables are constrained to be integer values. MILP involves problems in which only some variables are constrained to be integers, while other variables can be non-integers. It deals with linear objective function subjected to linear constraints. Minimisation and maximisation of a nonlinear objective function subject to nonlinear constraints with continuous and discrete variables are performed by MINLP solution methods. In this paper, the recent MILP and MINLP solution methods, algorithms along with solvers and software, introduced by various researchers has been elaborated profoundly.

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Thatchinamoorthy.C J.Meenambigai

The street food industry plays an important role in cities and towns of many developing countries particularly India and in meeting the food demands of city dwellers. Role performance in terms of the overt behaviour of an individual, it is more or less a characteristic way in which the individual acts as an occupant of a position. Many past researchers have identified role performance psychological variables to determine the level of role performance. Hence, the necessity to develop a scale to measure the role performance of street eateries in the livelihood aspects of street food sectors, in this context, the present study was undertaken for scale construction by using the Likert scaling technique has been utilized standardization and validation of a scale for administration. The scale was found to be reliable and valid.

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Md. Buran Basha, S. Ravi Teja, K. Pavan Kumar, M.V.S.D. Anudeep

Hand gesture recognition is the method by which an individual involving only hands understands specific forms of shape and movement. There are many applications where it is possible to apply hand gesture recognition to enhance control, usability, interaction and training. Communication through hand gesture has been shown successful results for humans and active research continues to replicate the same performance in computer vision systems. Interaction between humans and computers can be significantly enhanced by developments in systems capable of recognizing different hand movements. In this paper we have considered leapGestRecog data set which consists of 1000 images of 10 different members and each of them constituting 9 different labels of hand i.e palm, fist, thumb, index, ok, c, down, palm moved, fist moved. We are using convolutional neural networks which provide a very good result when dealing with images. This hand gesture recognition can be widely in case of physically impaired people and video games which involve gestures to move or play. Now-a- days by showing some gestures we can open some applications in mobile phone. The main goal of hand poses detection is to detect the gesture and able to control it.

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G. Vennila, Dr. D. Arivazhagan, Dr. R. Jayavadivel

In Recent Years, the IOT is the forthcoming technology used to solve numerous problems and use it for the current deployment of the smart car parking system. The smart car parking system is quite new scheme which generates a stage for reserving the parking slots and efficiently uses the parking slots. The objective of the smart car parking system is to create the parking slots easier for the client to select the best slot as per their convenient in a rapid way. This paper examined about the different approaches used to investigate the smart car parking system. Keywords: Internet of Things (IOT), Wireless Sensor System (WSN), Global Positioning system (GPS).

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Ms. A. Mahalakshmi, C. Kalpana, E. Saranya, M. Sudha & Dr. S. Gopinath

Wireless Sensor Network plays a vital role for data gathering and monitoring purposes. It consists of several sensor nodes which are randomly deployed in the network. Data gathering is a major concern where as to enhance the network lifetime. In the proposed research work, Energy Efficient Data Gathering Scheme (EEDGS) is introduced to provide balance between data collection and energy management among sensor nodes. Initially the sensor nodes are divided into two categories i.e. vital and non vital nodes. It is based on the estimation data creation speed and remaining energy of individual sensor nodes. Relay nodes are located near the anchor node to collect the data effectively. Data gathering algorithm provides the procedure to attain more data collection rate by adopting non vital node in the cluster region. From the energy model, the consumption of energy at transmitter and receiver is estimated to manage power among sensor nodes during dynamic scenario. Simulation results are performed in terms of packet delivery ratio, end to end delay, data collection rate, energy efficiency and network reliability using network simulator tool.

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Nisha Tony, Kavitha Desai

Global Financial Literacy Barometer released in the Financial Literacy and Education Summit 2012 in Chicago, revealed data about the financial literacy levels of 28 nations. India ranks the 23rd position among 28 nations for the financial literacy scale. This addresses the issue of the low level of financial literacy that persists in the nation. Every sector has been advancing their level of operations based on escalating technology. The financial sector in India to has been trying to enrich the usage of digital platforms. The main aim of this study is to measure the impact of digital financial literacy on digital financial inclusion. Seven dimensions are studied for both digital financial literacy and inclusion. Data from 200 respondents have been collected through a structured questionnaire. The current study is unique in terms of the sample chosen and being one of the few studies of its kind based on digitalized India.

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Dinara Anvarovna Nazarova

This article is regarding to the study of architectural structures in the Chor Bakr complex, located close to Bukhara on the territory of Uzbekistan. The article reveals the history of the emergence and further development of the Chor Bakr complex. Different consideration is the main structures that make up the ensemble, such as the madrassa, the mosque, the khonaka and the minaret. Also given are some data on the culture of the development of traditional landscape architecture, lost to this day in the complex under consideration. Based on the analysis of the main architectural structures and conclusions are drawn, which reflect the principles of the formation of the medieval architectural ensembles of Uzbekistan

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Kiran Kumar Bunga, Dr. L. V. Venugopala Rao, Dr D Lingaraju, Uppada Sri Ramakanth,*

The present research work aim is to find the compression characteristics of AA7075 metal matrix composite using a traditional analytical method and finite element method. Regarding AA7075 is reinforced with Silicon carbide, fly ash and graphite particulates in vertex method under stir casting route. The samples are fabricated by considering silicon carbide 3, 4.5, and 6 weight percentages, fly ash and graphite equal weight percentage ratios of 3, 4.5 and 6 were reinforced with AA7075. The fabricated samples are machined using computer numerical control machine to acquiring the required dimensions of the samples. There are four standard different geometrical shapes are manufactured for this analysis The deformation or homogenous compression test was performed on UTM (Instron machine) for the three different reinforcements of AA7075 under no friction condition between the sample and contact surfaces. The deformation in axial and circumferential direction was found for base AA7075 and reinforced composites for aspect ratios 1.0 and 1.5. The deformation in height with diameter is maximum for 9% of reinforced composite compare to AA7075 and other composites for aspect ratio 1.0,the maximum deformation was observed for 12% of composite composites compare to other materials for H/D ratio 1.5.The strength coefficient K and strain hardening n are good for the 9% of reinforced composite it indicates the good plastic behaviour compare to base and other composites for H/D ratio 1.0, whereas for H/D ratio 1.5 the a good plastic behaviour exhibit for the 6%of composite At beginning of the deformation the axial stress are increased after upset of the sample it was decreased for aspect ratios, for AA7075 base material the axial stress are in tension it indicates the sample was not fractured. The circumferential stress are always in compression for all the cases for lower aspect ratio the circumferential and hydro static stress are high compare to higher aspect ratio of base and reinforced composites.

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M.Thangaraj, K.Sundaravadivelu

Text mining is one of the efficient techniques of data mining to discover and extract valuable information from textual data. The role of text pattern mining in large datasets is an interesting area of research in knowledge discovery. There are so many techniques like predictive analytics, prescriptive analytics, decision making problems that rely solely on patterns to achieve their respective goals. Extracting interesting patterns especially from documents and other unstructured data is a boon considering the data explosion due to social media. Patterns depict the inherent knowledge and other trends such as, frequent item sets, closed frequent item sets and co-occurring terms. The usage and improving the semantic value of patterns that almost matches the real world scenario is still a research gap in this field. If the patterns are long its high specificity leads to low-frequency and misinterpretation problems. Patterns are depended on individual terms which further suffer from dimensionality issues such as polysemy and synonymy. This paper aims to find out the effective algorithms for discovering customized patterns from large documents and also provides solutions to the problems mentioned above. It further compares strengths, and limitations of various algorithms using review of literature and recommend most suitable methods. The knowledge about various pattern mining techniques will be useful when implementing data models such as frequent item sets, closed sequential pattern, pattern taxonomy model and pattern deploying model.

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D.Abhishek Reddy, K.Dinesh Reddy, V. Appala Raju, A. Purna Sai Chandra Reddy, GSV Prasad

Satrack is an evaluation software, providing system integrators and end users with a quick and simple way to interface with ALLYSTAR GNSS chipsets, modules and boards. It supports easy Satellite communication, geographical information, logging data receiving, GNSS messages analysing, satellite tracking and graphical representation of signalling. Satrack is designed to communicate with ALLYSTAR’s Cynosure GNSS receiver via serial port or USB port. It provides general GNSS functions as well as real time and playback evaluation tools. The tested modes of operations are Static and Dynamic. The data required for evaluation were obtained from low-cost Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) receiver. The low-cost receivers used were Allystar TAU1302. Information including raw carrier phase measurements are provided by this receiver. Centimetre-level precision of positioning can be achieved by this receiver.

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Ch.Pavani Priya, O.Pravallika, U.Venkat Krsihna, R.Selva Kumar

In the contemporary era uses of Electrical Autonomous Vehicles (EAVs) are growing industry, parallel the automating them in the complex and uncertainty paths are most difficulty. In EAVs Multiobject Navigation System (MNS) operation smoothly is more difficult, produces issues in the real world problems, namely multiple conflicting goals during the running condition MNV Elapse Time (ET), Energy Injection (EI), Path predictions. To improve and optimize several works are investigated in more than a decade, but there are two major areas were not able to improve namely Optimised Selection Operation (OSP), Simultaneous Search Dataset Decision (SSDD). In this work we have proposed an Optimized Selection Operation on Non-dominant Sorting Genetic Algorithm –III (NSGA-OSO). It solves the EAVs-MNS limitations. The Algorithm designed with the concept of Machine Learning Reinforced (MLR) Genetic way of Searching and Sorting, NSGA-III parameterised based on the fundamental formulation of Pareto-Optimal for EAVs-MNS, we are improved the key functions in the systems which are Normalize Population Size(NPS), Crossover, Mutation, MOO with Scalable Fitness Dimension techniques correlated with DTLZ-1, DTLZ-2 ,finally No-Trade-Offs (NTo). Algorithm Programmed in MatLAB 2018a platform and Python 3.7. The NSGA-OSO simulation outputs NPS 25, 50, 75, 100, 125, 150 respectively the Crossovers simulates 0.5 percentage, Mutation rates parameter setting various 0.5 in precisely to 0.25 mutation rate. PerformScalarizing (PS) on the selections of single and Multiobject depended on searching and sorting, similarly Scalable Fitness DTLZ s optimize the navigation process 12% during the Elapsed time 20ms to 50ms according the iterations, Efficient NSGA-OSO than existing NSGA-I, NSGA-II, MOEAs algorithms. All the parameter setting and operations are relatively better option for emerging Electrical Autonomous Vehicles.

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B. Sai Sandeep S. Vijayendra B. Vineeth Reddy

A Novel high gain antenna at millimeter band (57-74 GHz) is presented. In this paper, two antenna designs are proposed one is Taper slot structured antenna and other is 3D waveguide structured horn antenna. Both these models achieved the high gain. Taper slot antenna with an array achieved a gain of 11 dB and single element horn antenna with a gain of 13 dB. The radiation pattern is found with narrow beam width of 20 degree. Wilkinson power divider is used in taper slot antenna with linear array of 1X4 arrangement to achieve a gain of 24 dB. For Horn antenna radiation efficiency of 86 is achieved. Taper slot antenna incorporated substrate integrated waveguide (SIW) structure as a vias to achieve better radiation efficiency. 7GHz is the bandwidth. Further Link budget calculations are presented. |S11| is less than -12 dB. Isolation of 15 dB is achieved. Impedance of 50 ohm micro strip line is considered. RT duroid 5880 material is used in designing an antenna. These designs are well suitable for small satellites with are operated above the earth surface and can create a radio links to form a satellite network. Theoretically analyzed the performance of tapered slot Linear Array and assumed that it is mounted on the small satellite

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Jaelani La Masidonda and Dwi Hariyanti

This research reveals the causing factors of Jibu-Jibu helplessness to innovate in Maluku Province. The researcher uses the questions in qualitative research to uncover the phenomenon of Jibu-Jibu helplessness to innovate. The informants are Jibu-Jibu with criteria of more than 5 years experience. Data is obtained by in-depth interviews, documentation and observation. The results showed three causing factors of Jibu-Jibu helplessness to innovate, namely capital, market opportunities and individual characteristics. Jibu-Jibu capital is very limited to develop its business. The market opportunities are also weak. It was shown by unsold fish (excessive). The fishes have opportunities to be processed into other types of processed fish. This will produce added value for Jibu-Jibu. However, fish processing requires space, capital and skills. There are still no processed fish production sites in Maluku Province to process fish. In addition, Jibu-Jibu innovation is also affected by individual characteristics. The Jibu-Jibu must have strong characteristics to innovate. Jibu-Jibu must have hard work spirit, willing to go ahead and having a strong desire to develop their business.

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Leena Jadhav, Dr. Jitendra Sheetlani, Harsh Pratap Singh

The nodes in MANET continuously moves in a limited area with random mobility speed. MANET forming dynamic topology and nodes are only aware of the nearby nodes if they are in radio range. If the node/s is out of range then it is not possible to communicate with that node in the network. The dynamic topology formation is also possible in decentralized MANET. The routing protocols of MANET are not same as traditional wireless routing protocols. One major issue on this network is security. The routing protocols are sending information to destination from particular source and the routing strategy is provides the better way of delivery in the network. The DREAM protocol is improving the performance of multipath routing by sustaining the location information of mobile nodes. The DREAM protocol reduces the overhead of routing packets flooding in MANET by that reduces the delay in the network also the performance is better than the existing AODV-Line, AODV-Selfwd, DYMO-Line, DYMO-Selfwd. The proposed Reliable DREAM performance is better than normal AODV routing. The DREAM is to sustain the location information with the mobility speed of nodes. The expected possibility of node movement is calculated and also the flooding of routing packets is minimized. The flooding of packets is towards at expected location of the destination. The number of nodes position continuously changes and the DREAM is work on each and every node. Every node is preserving the location information of all nearby nodes in the network. The proposed Reliable DREAM protocol is improves routing performance and provides better data delivery in a dynamic network.

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Yahaya Ahmed, Ibrahim Atan Bin Sipan, Hariati Binti Abdullah Hashim

Public private partnership was introduced in Nigeria to resolve the current housing deficit and increase affordable housing provision and accessibility in Nigeria. Therefore, this study aims to evaluate the measurement model of PPP problem and the success factors of public private partnership for affordable housing provision in Abuja. Data were obtained by interviewing with public private partnership experts to identify the problems partnership and critical success factors of PPP, and then questionnaires were conducted on challenges of public private partnership for housing project in Nigeria. A total of 256 responses were obtained and analysed using intelligent partial least square analysis to determine the critical success factors for housing project provision in Abuja. The study discover that; project economic viability, adequate legal framework, effective procurement process, strong private sector, sound financial package, and judicial government control are the factors that will resolve the problem of public private partnership for affordable housing provision in Abuja. Therefore, it suggests that the government should vigorously provide policies to backing the success of public private partnership in the provision of housing in Abuja and provide funds of subsidy to promote the development of public private partnership headed for the provision of affordable housing. Therefore, it is recommended to establish a useful framework for affordable housing project using public private partnership to provide affordable housing successfully.

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Dr.V.Naresh, T.Gopi Venkata Ajay, T.Naga Sai Reddy, M.Srinivas

Biometric system had becoming increasingly famous in recent years. With developing in the cloud computing, storage owners of database are attracted to the out sourcing the size of biometric data and accessing tasks to the expensive storage ,computation charges, However bringing threats to cloud users security. In this paper, we propose a secured and privacy by biometric accesing scheme. Specifies, that biometric data’s encrypted and send to the cloud server. In which a biometric accessing, the database providers encrypts request data then submits to cloud. Cloud performs some operations on the encrypts database send to it and returns the output to the owner of the database. A security analysis tells that scheme is secured even at the time attackers wants to attack on the database and want to access the users data present in the cloud. Compared with the other protocols that the results tells us the scheme got a better performance result not only in preparation procedure but also in the authentication procedures too.

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Yoziev Golibjon Lutfullaevich

The paper aims to clarify the relationship between an inflation rate and R&D investment flow. The state can influence investment activity with the help of various levers: industrial, credit and financial and tax policies; provision of tax benefits to enterprises making capital investments; depreciation policy; creating favorable conditions for attracting foreign investment, etc. To test our hypothesis in this paper, panel data estimates were conducted on R&D investment and inflation rate. Data obtained from a webpage of the OECD database for the period 1991-2018. Furthermore, the inflation influence on the flow of R&D investment was analyzed by using the gross domestic expenditure on R&D (GERD) and inflation rate database. Inflation most significantly affects the investment activity in the country. It should be borne in mind that the level and dynamics of the refinancing rate of commercial banks by the Central Bank are closely related to the level and dynamics of inflation. More exactly, empirical arguments provided that high inflation rates cause decreasing investment flow in R&D activities. This paper fulfills an identified need to pursue a strict monetary and investment policy. This work consists from the literature review that has explored different aspects of the relationship between inflation rate and R&D investments; data and analysis. Finally, conclusions and their implications.

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George Korendyasev

The physical processes that occur during metal cutting are very complex. Plastic strain and deletion of the processed material is accompanied by a significant increase in temperature and vibration, which makes it difficult to study the cutting process. This article gives and describes the ratios that underlie finite element modeling of metal cutting. It considers the case of rectangular orthographic cutting with the formation of flow chips, as the most generic type of processing. The obtained ratios can be applied to simulate most types of metalworking (turning, milling, drilling, etc.) in order to study the process of plastic strain of the metal, study the dynamics of the cutting process, evaluate stresses in the cutting tool and the workpiece, and forecast residual potentials in the processed surface, cutting tool design, etc. Formulas that describe the main processes occurring when cutting metals have been derived: plastic strain of the material, fracture, thermal processes and friction between the chips, tool and workpiece. The formulas are obtained on the basis of fundamental relations: mass conservation, energy conservation, impulse law, balance equations, thermal conductivity; equations relating stresses and strains of the body. Great attention has been givento the model of the processed material. The behavior of a viscous elastoplastic material is considered. The correctness of the obtained ratios is confirmed by comparison with the results of field experiments conducted by other authors. The analysis of the existing methods of finite element cutting modeling is carried out: the Lagrangian formulation, Euler formulation and the Arbitrary Lagrangian-Eulerian (ALE) formulation. Criteria for the selection of methods are given depending on the current problem.

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Akshay O, Aashish C I

Quality control is focused on satisfying quality prerequisites, though quality confirmation is attracted on giving certainty that quality requirements are satisfied. The frameworks of the quality must be similar with the company’s business targets and plan of action. Quality frameworks of the top administration duty and its dynamic contribution are very essential to guarantee consistent sufficiency, appropriateness, adequacy and effectiveness. This paper tries to study on the improvement of Quality assurance norms alongside operating procedures with various hierarchical plans of action. This paper tries to understand the manufacturing process and its influence on products quality. Inventory decision should be based on cost factor. Inventory cost incorporates conveying cost, ordering cost, out of stock or lack cost, and limit cost. Every organization contains a few components. A portion of the parts of inventory costs are clashing, requesting costs and conveying costs. For instance, if requesting costs are all the more conveying expenses are less and the other way around. Stock the board includes the advancement and organization of arrangements, frameworks and techniques which will limit all out costs comparative with inventory choices and related capacities, for example, client care prerequisites, creation planning, buying and traffic. Inventory control, on other hand, is characterized in a limited sense than stock the board and relates essentially to the organization of built up policies, systems and methodology. Stock control guarantees a sufficient stockpile of materials, stores. It limits stock outs and deficiencies, keeps away from exorbitant interruptions in activities. It holds down interest in inventories, inventory conveying expenses and out of date quality loses to the base. It encourages buying economies through the estimation of necessities based on recorded understanding. It kills duplication in requesting or in renewing stocks by concentrating the source from which buy demands radiate. Ita allows the better utilisation of accessible stocks by encouraging between office moves inside an organization. It gives a thorough check against the material loss through lack of regard or pilferage. The study incorporates different writing audits and evaluation to choose the correct segments to improve the standard of the items that are delivered with explicit complement on Frayos Food Products Private Limited Company, Mysuru.

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Ankit Khare, Rashmi Sharma, Neelu Jyoti Ahuja

Internet of Things (IoT) is growing technology and is used in the wide range of applications like wearables, telehealth, telemedicine, smart house to smart city. IoT devices are resource constraint devices and in need of lightweight method to enhance the security. Hence, fuzzing techniques are used to find the malware in the software program by passing unexpected input data and analysis the system. The novelty of the method involves in using weighting based fuzzy technique to secure the message in MQTT protocol. The Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Inference System (ANIFS) technique is used to fuzz the message and fuzzy is added with the fields of MQTT as redundancy bit. This helps to recalculate the length and other control field simply and automatically. As multiple protocols are there in IoT like MQTT, CoAP, ZigBee, DDS etc. out of these protocols “MQTT protocol” is the lightweight information exchange protocol, which is used to evaluate the proposed method. Further, this proposed work is compared with state-of-art method for message transfer purpose. The experimental result shows the weighted fuzzy technique has higher performance compared to the existing method. The message loss of proposed method 0.207%, while existing method has the message loss is 0.22% at 3000 message payloads.

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Anam Sutopo and Rozita Radhiah Said

This purpose of this research is to know the influence of reading comprehension and vocabulary mastery toward translation skill. This research was a quantitative research. The population of this research is the students of English Education Department, Universitas Muhammadiyah Surakarta, consisting of 2.000 students. The sample of this study was 1,290 students who are selected by using random sampling. This research applied the questionnaire for collecting the data. The questionnaires are dealing with reading comprehension, and vocabulary mastery, and translation skill. The writers used SPSS version 21.0 to analyze the data which consist of descriptive statistic, classic assumption test, multiple regressions and hypothesis testing such as t-test (partial), f-test (simulation), coefficient of determination, predictor contributions. The result of this research shows that F result is 58.277 with the significant is 0.000. The result of R2 is 0.583. It means that there is a positive and significant influence of independent variables toward the dependent variable individually and simultaneously. There are positive and significant influence among students’ reading comprehension and students’ vocabulary mastery toward students’ translation skill for the students of English Education Department, UMS consisting of 58.3%. It means that students may get a good achievement in translation if they improve their mastery vocabulary and use it in their reading comprehension comprehensively.

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Mohamad Agung Rokhimawan, Istiningsih, Sukiman

The purpose of this study is to design concepts and modify the steps of curriculum development with an elective-coordinative model at the undergraduate level (S1) of PGMI study programs in Indonesia. This research uses qualitative research. Research location at UIN Sunan Kalijaga Yogyakarta Indonesia. Data collection techniques with theoretical research approach in preparing the concept of the elective-coordinative curriculum model and continued with a group discussion forum (FGD) and documentation. The findings of this study are first, to find the concept of an elective-coordinative curriculum model at the S1 level of the PGMI Study Program with several elements. These elements are the purpose, content, method or method, and evaluation. Second, developing steps into 4 stages which include (1) needs analysis and profile of graduates, (2) formulation of CPL / LO (Learning Outcome) and selection of study materials, (3) labeling courses and calculating SKS weights, and (4 ) curriculum structure. For the implementation of the use of an elective-coordinative curriculum model at the S1 level of the PGMI Study Program, it is recommended that training and guidance for lecturers as curriculum users be recommended.

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Khalid Barkouki, Ilias Kacimi, Najat Serhir, Abdelaziz Zerouali, Mohammed Abdellah Ezzaouini

In the present research, an analysis of the properties of instantaneous rainfall was carried out on the basis of storms analysis. Based on several values of the minimum inter-event time (MIET), the analysis of storms characteristics concerned durations and depths of storms as well as the classification of storms according to their quartiles. A comparison of the obtained results with the spatial distribution of the rain gauges was also carried out. The database used contains mainly the instantaneous rainfall available at 25 automatic rain gauges covering the period 2009-2016. The analysis presented in this article constitutes the first research of its kind in the analysis of instantaneous rainfall in the Moroccan context; it shows the impact of the MIET on the temporal and spatial characteristics of the selected storms.

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J. Prakash, S. Vedanayaki and K. Karthick

The studies open up an innovative approach and investigate porous, efficient raw carbon from the Zephyranthes citrina (ZC) bulb, which was used as an adsorbent. The well-dried and finely powdered ZC bulb was carbonized at a temperature of 900 ° C. The carbonized crude ZC sample was characterized by FT-IR, UV-visible, Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM), BET and X-ray diffraction techniques, and their adsorption potential to remove the basic methylene blue (MB) dye from an aqueous sample. Adsorption studies comprise both adsorption isotherm and kinetic methods. The processes were carried out with diverse adsorbate concentrations and adsorbent quantities at various time intervals in the batch process. The BET isotherm model has also been used as an adsorption mechanism, which explores the finest adsorption capacity of the synthesized carbon material. Kinetic models of Lagergren first order, pseudo second order and intra particle diffusion were used to assess the kinetics and adsorption mechanism. The results revealed that the adsorption process follows the first order kinetic model of Lagergren. The BET isotherm model confirmed that it has an excellent adsorption capacity in an adsorption process. Based on the results obtained, the maximum removal (81%) of the dye was achieved as a solution containing 50 mg of the 50 ml dye at 3 hours for methylene blue. The results indicated that the bulb of Zephyranthes citrina carbon is a proficient adsorption material and is also used as a cost effective alternative that can absorb dye from an aqueous solution without activation treatment.

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Uma, Sruthi Kamal, Jasmine, Sriramlu

The study was conducted among 60 Pre-operative patients undergoing abdominal surgery at IGGGH & PGI, Puducherry. The patients were selected by simple random sampling technique. After taking consent, the researchers conducted the study using closed ended questionnaire tool with 27 questions regarding knowledge on early ambulation in post operative period. The study result showed that, out of 60 pre operative patients, the majority 44 patients (73%) had inadequate level of knowledge , 10 patient (17%) had moderate level of knowledgeand remaining 6 patients (10%) had adequate knowledge level. The findings showed that the level of knowledge on early ambulation is not associated with the demographic variables. Hence it enlightened the fact that majority of the patient had inadequate knowledge level about early ambulation & does not have any association with the demographic variables.

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Tushinder Preet Kaur and Meenakshi

The aim of the study is to analyze the situation of Higher Education and moreover technical education in the country which is focused to increase human capital for the economy. The education, which is one of the basic inputs, reflects the qualitative aspects of the working population and should be under the constant watch of the governance. The negligence in the policy making of education at any level primary, secondary as well as higher can demolish the economies any day. The human capital, if well trained and well educated, can lead to economic development and growth. With all the accessories of natural wealth and assets, the economies stand nowhere without human capital. Being one of the youngest countries of the world, India need to concentrate on the human capital. Keeping in mind, the long run vision and tasks, the focus on skill-oriented education is a must. The country is leading to vocational education system further concentrating on specialization in various segments so as to improve upon the work force. This kind of skill-oriented education in all the states will encourage employment and entrepreneurship as per their local market and industrial requirements. The education pattern of the country needs a serious study to improve the working population so as to make India one of fast-moving industrial countries of the world.

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Fatima Waseem 2. S.C. Behl

Organizations concur that to succeed in an ever-changing dynamic global economy, they must attract and retain the best talent. They strive to hire and retain talent as a crucial resource for best possible outcomes. Talent being an extremely scarce resource, gaps exists between the various levels in the organization and more predominantly at the higher levels. Even though the economic downturn created a truce between the organizations for talent, new stress is leveraged to hunt talented employees for organizations. The A-list players can work more even for less and special prerogative can be given to hire or retain the best talents who can further mentor their successors. Due to slowdown in the economies, many organizations are off loading their workforce but the layoffs should not be so deep so as to lose the talent just when economy recovers.

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Enock M. Maina, Vineet Chouhan # Shubham Goswami

The purpose of IFRS is to ensure that the financial statements under IFRS as an entity, as well as their interim financial reports concerning a portion of the exercise covered by such financial statements, contain high quality information and provides benefit to users. The Asian crises of 1997-1998 marked a motivation for supporting international accounting standards, where many countries either adopted international accounting standards in their entirety, or with minor changes. After adoption the major question is their use and behaviour of the financial professional regarding adoption of the new IFRS or its converged national GAAP. The data of 457 respondnets from India and Kenya were analysed in the paper by using Multiple regression with SPSS and revealed that three variables i.e., It is possible to adopt IFRS globally (Adop_best_appr), IFRS is recognized and comprehensive for country India and Kenya(Recog_compreh) and IFRS adoption enhances company value (incre_value) explains the behavioral part of IFRS implementation..

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I. vamsi krishna, V.K Visweswara Rao

Reactive powder concrete is a composite material used for strong and Durable structures. In this experimental study compressive strength of RPC with different dosages of nano-silica replacement is studied with combination of Quartz and Barite fine aggregates. compressive strength is carried out at the age of 28 days, the micro structural analysis SEM,EDS,FTIR shows formation of hydrated products like portlandite, Tobermorite, xonotlite and C-S-H gel.

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G. Vennila, Dr. D. Arivazhagan, Dr. R. Jayavadivel

In antique days, the agriculturalists used to measure the improvement of soil and slanted reservations to make which to kind of yield. Less concentration about the tenacity, level of water and especially air condition which horrendous a farmer continuously The Internet of things (IOT) is restructuring the agri-business empowering the agriculturists through the wide extent of methods, for example, exactness similarly as common sense developing to oversee troubles in the field. IOT helps in social event information on conditions like climate, clamminess, temperature and profitability of soil, Crop electronic evaluation draws in disclosure of wild plant, level of water, bug territory, creature break in to the field, trim improvement, development. IOT strategies use farmers to get related with his home from wherever and at whatever point. Remote sensor structures are utilized for viewing the domain conditions are utilized to control and mechanize the home shapes. This paper presented the analysis of IOT Smart Agriculture and its applications for further elevations.

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B.Prabhu Shankar, Dr.R.Jayavadivel, T.Viswanath Kani

Counterfeiting is one of the biggest challenges to the authenticity of the original product. Counterfeit goods generate 15-20% revenue loss on average businesses. To combat this situation, product manufacturers use holograms and barcodes. Therefore, customers cannot guarantee the reliability of a product. Therefore, with the growing trends in mobile and wireless technology; rapid response (QR) codes provide a robust mechanism for counterfeit products. QR codes and color QR codes are primarily used in security and proprietary applications. Many mobile applications use QR codes for secure login and receive product information. Our proposed approach uses QR codes based on 2 Dimensional color QR codes to recognize the originality and reliability of a product.

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Syed Kazim, V.P.Sriram, Ajai Abraham Thomas

The research aims to study the Impact of Cosmetics Advertisements and Necrophilia Personality Disorder of the consumers on the intention of the Consumers to Purchase Cosmetics. The study was conducted among the youth who stay in Bengaluru. The study was basically conducted to highlight various aspects Necrophilia Personality Disorder and their intention to Purchase Cosmetics. The study has mainly aimed to assess the perception about cosmetic advertisements, Necrophilia Personality Disorder and intention to Purchase Cosmetics. The study also focuses to analyse the impact of perception about cosmetics advertisements on intention to purchase cosmetics, to analyse the impact of Necrophilia Personality Disorder on intention to purchase cosmetics and ultimately to measure the impact of demography on the various research variables which are employed in the study. The Outcome of the research study would certainly reveal major influencing Necrophilia Personality factors in Cosmetic Advertising among the youth in Bangalore city.

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Lebbaeus Denis, Dr.T.Krishnakumar, Dr.M.Karthikeyan, Dr.S.Sasipriya

In the Internet of Things (IoT) vision, standard devices become adroit and self-administering. This vision is changing into a reality in view of advances in development, yet there are still challenges to address, especially in the security area e.g., information unwavering quality. Considering the anticipated development of the IoT in the coming years, it is important to give trust in this tremendous approaching data source. Blockchain has developed as a key innovation that will change the manner by which we share data. Building trust in passed on circumstances without the prerequisite for experts is a mechanical development that can change various endeavors, the IoT among them. Problematic headways, for example, enormous information and distributed computing have been utilized by IoT to beat its confinements since its origination, and we think Blockchain will be one of the following ones. This paper centers around this relationship, explores difficulties in Blockchain IoT applications, and outlines the most huge work in order to analyze how Blockchain could be utilized in real money coordination.

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The present study reveals that the generalized Rydberg equation of state (EOS) with K_∞^'=5/3, (i.e. the Holzapfel HO2-EOS) here K_∞^' be the infinite pressure value of first pressure derivative of bulk modulus, yields a remarkably good agreement with the Stacey reciprocal K^'-EOS of the lower mantle and the outer core of the earth upto a pressure of nearly 330 GPa. Values of K_0 and K^', the bulk modulus and its first order pressure derivative both at zero pressure, for the generalized Rydberg EOS with a fixed value of K_∞^'=5/3 are found to be very close to the corresponding values for the Stacey EOS with K_∞^'= 2.4 and 3.0 respectively in case of the lower mantle and the outer core. The seismological data on P-K-ρ and K' are reproduced almost identically with the help of both the equation of state. It is emphasized that K_∞^'=5/3 is not only a valid theoretical result obtained from the Thomas-Fermi model but also a thermodynamic requirement as found by Shanker et al. [Physics B (2006)]. We have also presented a comparison of the results for iron at 300K, and found that the HO2 EOS is compatible with the Stacey reciprocal K^'-EOS

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Prabhu Ram Nagarajan, Vibin Mammen Vinod, Mekala V, Manimegalai M

Nowadays finding a path comes in handy using navigation software like maps through GPS devices. In this setup, the visualization of route in the maps requires path information from Google server for path and GPS position from GPS system (in-built) for locations. Hence there is a need of path information for visualization which is to be fetched from the internet. However the facility of fetching path information through internet is not available in every region, especially at remote forest. In such cases, offline based navigation systems will be very helpful. Offline navigation system is designed by machine learning technique. Since it is very useful in predicting appropriate path in a deterministic manner without being explicitly programmed and also there is no need of path information to compute. Support Vector Machine (SVM) algorithm is implemented as a machine learning technique. A major classification and regression technique in Machine Learning is SVM. As the data sets of path information which is given as a training data sets are not linearly distributed, Radial Basis Function(RBF) is used as a kernel function of SVM algorithm. After trained by SVM algorithm, it produces the hyper plane with enough margin to distinguish between the two datasets of human habitation path and the forest region. K mean clustering is used to find the centroid of human habitation path from the given datasets. The results of cluster datasets and model are saved for testing purpose. The trained SVM model is to be loaded to predict appropriate path with the input of current GPS position. The result of SVM output classifies whether the current GPS position is human habitation path or the forest region. The trained cluster of dataset is to be loaded which is used as for finding direction. The shortest distance can be determined using cosine distance between the current GPS position and clusters of centroid datasets. The minimum value is considered as the shortest distance and the direction is calculated between current GPS position and minimum valued cluster point.

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A computer network is a collection of computers and network devices grouped together which allows or transfer their data with one another. A wireless network is a computer network of any type that uses wireless signals to connect the nodes in the network to transfer/share the data for its applications. A wireless sensor network is a network having autonomous sensors distributed evenly to monitor and send the data of the physical, environmental and real time conditions periodically. The mobile node rotation model is exploited using Adaptive Energy Threshold Algorithm and Distributed Swap Level Algorithm. It mainly focus on rearranging the sensors to appropriate place without changing the network topology. The Adaptive Energy Threshold Algorithm is used to find out the energy level threshold value of each node in the network. The Distributed Swap Level Algorithm exchanges the node according to their energy level and location by taking the node energy level value below the threshold energy level value. The periodical node rotation or swapping lead to rotation overhead and the layer based topology organize the nodes in layers according to value of their energy levels. The rotation is carried out between and within the layers that decreases energy consumption level and improves the lifetime of the network. The node rotation is implemented by using OMNeT++ software and the simulation is written in C++ to compute and evaluate the performance

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Azath M., Tsegay Kiros

Machine Translation is the automatic translation of text from a source language to the target language. The demand for translation has been increasing due to the exchange of information between various regions using different regional languages. English-Tigrigna Statistical Machine Translation, therefore, is required since a lot of documents are written in English. This research study used statistical machine translation approach due to it yields high accuracy and does not need linguistic rules which exploit human effort (knowledge). The language model, Translation model, and decoder are the three basic components in Statistical Machine Translation (SMT). Moses' decoder, Giza++, IRSTLM, and BLEU (Bilingual Evaluation Understudy) are tools that helped to conduct the experiments. 17,338 sentences of bilingual corpus for training, 1000 sentences for test set and 42,284 sentences for language model were used for experiment. The BLEU score produced from the experiment was 23.27% which would still not enough for applicable applications. As a result, the effect of word factored or segmentation in the translation quality is reduced by increasing the data size of the corpus.

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Abhishek Mallick, Priyanka Guin, Arijit Roy

Usable electrical energy harvesting from mechanical vibration is novel for operating low-power remote devices. Two different mass loaded cantilever type piezofilms (commonly used as piezo sensor) are considered in this investigation to convert mechanical vibration into electrical energy. An artificial vibrator is fabricated to simulate the ambient vibration. The ac power generated by the piezofilms is converted by a commercial passive converter to obtain usable dc power. A total of eight experiments are conducted and we found that in the regime of ambient vibration (<100 Hz), the piezofilms of lower area with lower resonant frequency can provide higher power. Further, when energy harvester contains multiple piezofilms, better performance is obtained for homogeneous films in contrast to the heterogeneous films. Study on load characteristics reveals that parallel combination of films generates highest power, signifying that a vibrating piezofilm acts as a current source. In our study, peak power is obtained for a load resistance of 480 kΩ, signifying a better current driving capability of the harvester. The peak power is found to be highly nonlinear with the vibrating frequency and is found to be maximum around the vibrating frequency of 59 Hz. In addition, electrical power delivered to the resistive load per unit area of the film is found to be as high as 1.43 µW/cm2 and it is much higher than the similar reported harvesters.

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Masood Akthar Khan, Abdurahmon Mengasa and Ramesh Duraisamy

This study focuses the removal of iron upon batch adsorption process using activated carbon that obtained from bamboo stem. The bamboo activated carbon was prepared and activated by using H3PO4 was studied and the results indicates that 62.45 % fixed carbon, 0.65 g/cm3 bulk density, 7.6 % moisture content, 5.55 % ash content. The process parameters for the removal of iron which include initial pH, contact time, initial metal ion concentration, adsorbent dosage, particle size and temperature of solution was varied in order to evaluate their influence on the adsorption process. The results were obtained reveals that the maximum sorption for metal was found to be at pH 5. The adsorption of Fe3+ was achieved and exist equilibrium at 60 minutes of agitation. The BAC dosage reveals better results at lower metal ion concentrations and higher adsorbent dosages. The adsorption process was also evaluated under different isotherms; a better sorption fit found for Fe3+ is Freundlich isotherm model with correlation coefficient (R2) values of 0.9620. The kinetic models were studied upon adsorption kinetics and this study showed a good correlation coefficient for a pseudo-second order kinetic model. Thermodynamic parameters such were also been evaluated and indicate the spontaneous nature of the adsorption process. The positive value of change in enthalpy (ΔH) and negative Gibbs free energy change (ΔG) suggests and confirmed that the adsorption process was established as endothermic and spontaneous nature respectively.

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Karobi Dutta, Research Scholar

At present time, the child magazines play a vital role in developing the child literature. In 1846, The Orunadoi, introduced and are in the modern Assamese literature. The first Assamese child magazine, ‘Lora Bandhu’(1888) was published by karunaviram Boruah of Nagaon. Okon’, ‘Moina’, ‘Parijat’,’Ranghar’, ‘Kasijon, Deepak, Junbai, Xophura, Mouchak, Tinkle, Notun Abiskar, Bigyan Jauti, Rongmon, Rongmela etc are the various type of child magazines. Some of the mare already extinguished and on the other hand some others are still to being published through these magazines, children can get the opportunity to express their creativity as well as gather knowledge. The Child Magazine provide various knowledge according to the age of the child. The topics of the magazines are the present scenery of the society, superstition, economic, political and cultural etc. In the discussion, it is said how the child magazines help in developing the children.

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Karim Zehmed, Fouad Jawab

The purpose of this paper is to develop a three-stage methodology approach that assesses the quality of bus service from the user’s point of view and identifies service attributes and routes that should be prioritized for improvement actions. The first stage consists of an evaluation of the satisfaction and importance levels of various service attributes using linguistics terms. This stage incorporates the features of the Fuzzy Set Theory so as to handle the possible uncertainty and vagueness of the user’s point of view in the evaluating process. The second stage involves detecting the service attributes that should primarily be acted on using an Importance-Performance analysis (IPA). In the third stage, data envelopment analysis (DEA) was conducted to identify routes in which the urgent intervention is needed. The bus transport service in Fez city (Morocco) was the empirical context of the proposed methodology. The results showed that five service aspects over 15 bus routes need to be prioritized for improvement actions.

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S.Tamil Selvan, K.A.Dhamotharan, G.Saravanan, R.Karunamoorthi

Big data is a group of data used for examining and extracting the useful information in recent days. Big data analytics is the application of advanced analytic methods against large data comprising structured, semi-structured and unstructured data. The main aim is to store, access and manipulate the data at one place. MapReduce (MR) is the principle of Big Data Processing model with distributed large datasets. Prefetching is a suitable technique for transferring the memory objects in memory hierarchy before required by processor. Many researchers carried out their research on the mapreduce method for responding to the user requested task through removing repeated tasks. But, the job completion time was not reduced using existing techniques as data prefetching was not carried out in existing methods. In order to address these problems, the existing prefetching and map reduce techniques are reviewed and drawbacks of techniques are listed in this paper.

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Dr.Y.Kusuma Kumari, Dr.B.Sudha Sai, Dr.V.Parimala Venu

Toni Morrison, the famous Nobel Laureate for literature in 1993, usually unveils the tragic past of the Negro slaves in most of her works. The novel Beloved is a vivid document of the darkest chapter in the history of the New World dealing with those white, civilized but uncultured slave-owners. All the slaves are brutally stripped away from their voices, language and narrative in a way that their sense of self almost diminished. They try to repress their bad memories and in the process lose their true identity. Throughout the novel, the horrors of slavery hang over the characters and one can easily notice from their interactions and recollections of all their past struggles. The victims in the novel represent horrors that have gone unmentioned in American history.

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Syafruddin Side, Muh. Isbar Pratama, M. Kasim Aidid, Wahidah Sanusi

In this paper, we construct the SII model for Diabetes Mellitus. New Lyapunov function was developed for analysis of the SII model on Diabetes Mellitus. Lyapunov function was used to prove as a result, disease-free basic reproductive number compilation and endemic diabetes mellitus compilation base replacement number . The model simulation results predict the number of Diabetes Mellitus cases, so that the government can increase and prevent the increase in the number of Diabetes Mellitus sufferers.

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Sajan Mathew Dr. John T.Abraham,

In this paper I have tried many algorithms of data mining Technologies. This paper imparts more number of applications of the data and also focuses scope of the data mining which will helpful in the further research and will improvise the activity of Higher Secondary Directorate in Examinations especially in cetrallised valuation camps [CVC].

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B.Suresh babu, Dr.Mohammed Ali Hussain, Dr. Mahmood Ali Mirza

the future Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT’s) application is composed of wearable sensor for real-time monitoring human activity. These wearable sensor generate continuous stream of data at much high data rate and are powered by battery. Thus, they are limited to use wireless protocol such as Bluetooth Low Energy and IEEE 802.15.4. Time-Slotted Channel Hopping (TSCH) Medium Access Control (MAC) is a promising technology for provisioning IIOT’s application that are deployed in environment condition that are prone to interference. This work aims to overcome the issues and challenges in building Reliable and Energy Efficient Scheduling (REES) model for TSCH mobile adhoc network (MANET). The unpredictable nature of wireless link and data source locations makes scheduling challenging. Further, it waste to reserve resources for the worst-case scenario (i.e., high expected data rate). The REES model allows both dedicated slots and shared slots. Along with, allow each communicating device pair to adaptively activate their assigned slots. Thus, aid in increasing overall access fairness, packet delivery rate and reducing the idle listening overhead of unutilized slots. Further, for catering high traffic load a MANET device can dynamically activate additional slots, without the requirement of reorganizing new schedule. Experiment outcome shows REES model minimize energy consumption and maximize data transmission performance.

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Abhimanyu Awasthi, Deepika Dhawan, Md. Soyav

This study is intended to explore the various approaches of modulating the employee behavior. The study will also focus on impact of employee behavior on guest perception contributing in the development of brand building in the Hospitality Industry. As a nation grows and develops due to its citizen same is the case with Hospitality Industry due to its employee contribution and behavior, so the research will also focus on contributing factors generated by employee performance. The study aims at creating a deeper insight into exploring various reasons making an employee behave in a certain manner and so the study also intends to enlighten on the psychology of employee at workplace in the hospitality industry.

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Ajeng Wulandari, Tadkiroatun Musfiroh

This research aims to reveal (1) whether the use of bilingual card as media is more effective than the use conventional media in increasing young learners’ English vocabulary, (2) whether the use of monolingual card as a media is more effective than the use of conventional media (3) whether the use of bilingual card as a media is more effective than the use of monolingual card (4) the most effective media among bilingual card, monolingual card, and conventional media in increasing students’ English vocabulary. This research is quasi-experimental research which involved two experimental groups and one control group. The sample is three classes of grade 3 students of Integrated Islamic Elementary School NurHidayah Surakarta. The variables of the research are monolingual and bilingual cards as the independent variable and English vocabulary mastery as the dependent variable. The data collection used a pre-test and post-test. The data analysis used the ANCOVA. The tests of normality and homogeneity were administered before the hypothesis testing. The result of the research shows that (1) the bilingual card is more effective than conventional media in increasing young learners’ English vocabulary, as shown by the result of LSD test (2) the monolingual card is more effective than conventional media in increasing young learners’ English vocabulary, as shown by the result of LSD test with the mean difference(3) there is no significant difference between the use of bilingual card and the use of monolingual card in increasing young learners’ English vocabulary. (4) the most effective media in teaching vocabulary for young learners is bilingual card

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Maningba Augustine L, Dr M Jeyaseelan, A Stephen

Education is the vital wherewithal of desirable change. The 86th amendment of the Indian constitution proclaimed education is the fundamental right. The enactment of the RTE Act, 2009 also implies the gravity of education. The ground reality is somewhat different where a school dropout was an unavoidable phenomenon due to various causes. Manipur is one of the northeast states with beautiful landscapes inhabited by tribal people. This paper examined the causes of school dropout among the Maram Naga Tribe of Manipur. Totally, 260 school dropouts (between 5th std. to 12th std) were identified an interview schedule was used to cull out the causes behind their out of school. It was observed that large family size, lack of guidance, non-affordability, remote accessibility were the significant factors of school dropouts in Manipur.

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Sreekala Kannoth, Sateesh Kumar H C

Image enhancement is the process of sharpening image feature so that it is more suitable for some specific applications where the quality of the image is important for human perception. Here a multi-image enhancement technique which is based on wavelet packet transform is presented for the images distorted by atmospheric turbulence, where multiple low resolution images are processed to form a single high quality enhanced image. In wavelet packet transform both the approximation coefficients, which is the low frequency portion, and detailed coefficients, which is the high frequency portion of the previous levels, are used for processing in the next level. So without losing any part, the image can be represented with time-frequency information. This finds application in feature extraction and object recognition. Here first step is aligning the Region of Interest (ROI) from all input images using phase correlation method. Then it is combined in transform domain with the help of wavelet packet transform. Performance comparison parameters are calculated for the output image and it is compared with the parameters obtained from other techniques.

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Ahmed.FAIZE, Elhadi Baghaz Mohamed EL BOUABDELLATI

In Morocco, agriculture is the main source of life for most people. Such as, to irrigate agriculture, they use engines that consume fossil energy to pump well water [1]. While, this means of irrigation is not profitable because of the high cost of the fuels used [2]. More, it has serious consequences on our environment. For this reason, we thought about applying alternative energy, which responds well to the problems mentioned. This is photovoltaic energy (PV) through the installation of PV pumping stations for agricultural irrigation and domestic use [3-4]. The choice of this type of energy was based on several factors: Sunny region, moderate temperature, this energy is profitable. Our contribution will be at the level of scientific research through the study of the operation of PV installations (efficiency, loss of power ...) and the application of prototypes made in the laboratory to optimize the operation of these PV installations.

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Muhammad Feriady Ahmad Nurkhin Nurazree Mahmud Rediana Setiani Dwi Puji Astuti

The purpose of this research is to investigate the factors that influence the lecturer acceptance of using E-learning in University. Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) as a Grounded theory and has been modified by adding another factors namely organizational support and digital literacy as the external factor. This research using Structural Equation Model (SEM) as a tool to analyses the model with number of respondent 277 lecturers in Universitas Negeri Semarang, Indonesia. The result showed that the modified TAM model with digital literacy and organizational support as external factors is appropriate for analyzing relationship among external factor, Perceived Usefulness, Perceived Ease of Use, Attitude toward using E-learning and behavioral intention E-learning. It means that the model can be used to develop the intention of using E-learning. Meanwhile the regression analysis show that the digital literacy has a significant influence to perceived usefulness and perceived ease of use. Another external factor, organization have a significant effect to perceived usefulness but insignificant to perceived easy to use. In addition, attitude toward using E-learning effectively mediates the lecturer perceived to behavioral intention E-Learning.

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Ely Shovrotul Khoiriyah, Isri Nasifah, Heni Hirawati Pranoto

Newborns undergoing a new birth process require physiological adjustments in the form of maturation, adaptation that is adjusting from intrauterine life to extra uterine life and tolerance for newborns to be able to live well, (Marmi, 2012). The condition of newborns (BBL) which experiencing asphyxia can be minimized by non-pharmacological methods, one of which is hypnobirthing method. This study aims to determine the effect of hypnobirthing on the incidence of asphyxia. This type of research is an experiment with a posttest only control group research design. Furthermore, the population of the study were all pregnant women in BPM Pringapus District of Semarang Regency in July 2017. The subject of the research was 20, namely 10 control samples and 10 treatment group samples with the Nonprobability Sampling method of saturated samples. In obtaining the data used independent t-tests. Moreover, most of the newborns in the control group had asphyxia at 70.0%, while those in the hypnobirthing treatment group were mostly asphyxia at 60.0%. There are differences in the incidence of asphyxia between mothers who were not given hypnobirthing with mothers who were given hypnobirthing treatment, where the results of the independent t-test p-value of 0.022

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Tri Joko Raharjo, Harianingsih

In the 4.0 revolution era technology was very important in determining the outcome of the learning process. In non-formal education which is usually done with teacher centered experience development with the existence of learning methods using web centric courses, especially in chemical materials. The research method is done by quantitative analysis with experimental design. The control class was given the pre test and post test instruments. Hypothesis testing of data uses t-tests involving tests of normality and homogeneity. The results of the study provide information that the use of web centric courses can improve chemistry learning achievement for students in non-formal education.

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Dwi Setiyadi, Yuli Kuswardani, Dera Kumala Sari, Dwi Anita Martanti

Language is one of the tools to interact with other people. Ways to understand the meaning of another language with translate the textual material. Translation consists of transferring the meaning of Source Language (SL) into the Target Language (TL) in order to get the information easily. The researcher focuses on the cultural specific concept translation by Google Translate. The objectives of research are: to describe and analyze the accuracy, to describe and analyze the clarity, to describe and analyze the naturalness of translating English into Indonesian by Google Translate in the article from internet. This study uses qualitative method. The type of study is document research. The data: document, documentation technique, by quality translation from internet to be translated by Google Translate. Analysis technique: flow model of Miles and Huberman.

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Marliah Ab Wahab, Mariah Awang, Aminah Mohsin, Wilson Rangga Anthony Jiram, Siti Radiaton Adawiyah, Mohd Shahril Abdul Rahman

The property management profession in Malaysia is registered under the Akta Penilai, Pentaksir, Ejen Harta Tanah dan Pengurus Harta 1981 (Akta 242)/ Valuers, Appraisers, Real Estate Agents and Property Managers Act 1981 (Act 242). A property manager is required to carry out management and control of any land, building and any interest in the land or building, excluding business management based on the property on behalf of the owner for a fee. In Malaysia, property managers have previously been free to manage their property under their custody, most of whom manage the assets on the basis of their own guidelines and standards. Therefore, in order to address these issues, this study was conducted in order to develop a competencies framework for property managers in the shopping mall. Proposed framework that based on knowledge, skills, abilities and other characteristics (KSAOs), could assist the organization in determining the competencies of property managers in their shopping centers for day-to-day tasks as well as for the purpose of hiring. Future research on the relationship between knowledge, skills, abilities and other characteristics of job performance is recommended.

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Srimathi H, Krishnamoorthy A

History of India has recorded the strong tradition of Indian education over centuries and era. Excellent world class universities flourished in India when most of the western world made vain attempts in probing the educational domain. Those heavenly days were the period when India led the rest in scientific knowledge and philosophical speculations. Today, India is viewed as a talent pool of the world and positioned itself as a fast growing knowledge economy in the world. There are several policies, plans on improving quality of education to meet global standards. Despite the developments, the country struggles to achieve inclusive growth and quality to its huge population demographics. The paper examines education during pre-independence period to understand the journey of mass education.

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Sukrit Sagar, Isha Sharma, Monika Thakur, Astha Tripathi

A total number of 253 mushroom samples were collected from Kangra, Solan and Shimla district of H.P in 2014 during the rainy season. 61 different healthy and insect free fruiting bodies of white rot fungi (WRF) were selected for isolation and 20 pure cultures were obtained. All 20 cultures were grown with 0.5mM concentration of both dyes in Malt extract agar (2% MEA) and only 6 cultures had shown growth with both dyes Sunset yellow-FCF and Acid Orange-7. These cultures were further grown with different concentration of dyes (0.25, 0.50, 0.75 and 1 mM) in 2% MEA. Out of 6 cultures only Trametes spp. (6/14, 144/14) showed good mycelial growth and decolourization with all concentrations of dyes. These Trametes spp. were identified as Trametes elegans and Trametes versicolor after molecular taxonomy and chosen for liquid culture studies for the degradation of dyes and ligninolytic enzyme study. Both Trametes spp. were grown in Nutrient Rich (NRM) and Nutrient Poor medium (NPM) under static and shaking conditions at 25±1°C up to 20 days. HPLC analysis also had clearly demonstrated that Sunset yellow-FCF and Acid orange-7 are very efficiently degraded by both Trametes spp. The enzymes namely Laccase, Aryl alcohol oxidase (AAO), Manganese Peroxidase (MnP) and Lignin Peroxidase (LiP) were observed in both species and play a significant role in the degradation of both synthetic dyes. Trametes elegans and Trametes versicolor were showed significant potential for the degradation of Sunset yellow-FCF and Acid Orange-7 dye in NPM under shaking conditions. Both white-rot fungi can be used in the biodegradation of synthetic dyes as well as other xenobiotic compounds.

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Dr. Khalil S. M. Abu Saleem, Dr. Emad Yousif Ahmed

This study aimed to explore if there is an impact of cash flow (index of operational activity, index of operating cash flow, index of return on assets from operating cash flow) on profit quality in Jordanian hotel companies. The study population is composed of all Jordanian hotel companies listed on the Amman Stock Exchange (9), during the period from 2014 to 2018. The study was based on panel data as the data collected one-time and cross-sectional data for a period of time. The data consisted of a set of indicators for 9 Jordanian hotels collected from annual hotels' reports. The results of the hypothesis test indicate that there is a strong inverse relationship between (index of operational activity, index of return on assets from operating cash flow) respectively, and (profit quality), at the same time the study found that there is an inverse relationship that is not statistically significant between (index of operating cash flow ) and (profit quality).

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Emil Ordukhanyan

The South Caucasus region is quite diverse in its cultural, ethnic, civilization, religious and social structure. At the same time after the collapse of the Soviet Union, emerged numerous internal conflicts significantly hindered the democratization process in the region. The quarter-century post-Soviet experience shows that with some differences mainly pseudo-democratic or even autocratic regimes are established in South Caucasus countries. Many researches affirm that in plural societies of Azerbaijan and Georgia ethnocratic elements are also observed. In these countries the influence of dominant ethnic groups over other ethnicities not explicitly are encouraged by authorities. Local researchers often explain this situation by the transitional period. However, other numerous studies show that in these countries ethnic-based governments aspire to be strengthened. Therefore, these countries could not lead to a fully democratic transition, and in result, they will be able to build ethnic democracies or authoritarian regimes. In this case, the cultural, religious and linguistic identity of subordinate ethnicities will be in danger. To prevent such possible developments, the article explores the idea of cultural relativism as opposition to the ethnocentrism. The cultural relativism treats all ethnic segments of the same plural society as equal. And in this case, the most relevant model of democracy can be the consociational model which continues to be successfully used for decades in many plural European states such as Netherlands, Belgium, etc. The article argues that in South Caucasus plural states the consociational discourse can be a real tool to build a democratic political culture. Based on the universal objectives and common interests, the consociational discourse tends to create guarantees of equality and security for all segments in South Caucasus plural states. Only on the base of civic culture development, the consociational democracy model implementation can be efficient.

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Rangasamy Pasupathy, Pitchaimuthu Pandian, Subramanian Selvamuthukumar

Sorafenib is an anticancer drug for the treatment of hepatocellular carcinoma. The present work involves the formulation development and characterization of sorafenib loaded liposomes. Sorafenib loaded liposomes were prepared by the thin-film hydration method. Morphology was examined by scanning electron microscopy. Particle size and zeta potential were determined by laser- scattering method. Drug and excipients compatibility study was performed by ATR-FTIR, and the study revealed that there was no interaction between drug and excipients. The encapsulation efficiency (EE) of sorafenib liposomes was determined using the HPLC method. The in vitro release profile of sorafenib loaded liposomes was determined using a dialysis method. The sorafenib liposomes expected a spherical shape with a uniform particle size (97 nm), negative zeta potential (-18.3 mV), and polydispersity index (0.474). % EE was found to be 97 %. A slow and sustained drug release was observed in vitro. This result suggests that sorafenib loaded liposomes can be considered a novel chemotherapeutic approach for treating liver cancer.

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Nami Susan Kurian, Dr. R.Preetha

Agriculture is the science and art of cultivating plants and crops which is the key development for the human civilization. Statistics says that population of farmers in India was about 55% in 2006 and it has been steadily decreased to 43% in the year 2018. Government provides different agricultural fund schemes for raising the standard of agriculture. Young farmers failed to achieve success in this field because of the lack of knowledge. In order to provide them sufficient information, we put forward the device ‘Smart-bot’. In our project, we intend to create two devices, one at the farmyard (Smart-sense) and other in the farmers hand called smart-bot. Smart-sense is easy to use which can be placed on the farm field to sense the atmospheric data, soil parameters, light values. This device sends the data retrieved to the cloud platform. The handy Smart-bot fetches these sensed data from the cloud and give the voiced output to the young farmers who are new to the agricultural occupation. The handy smart-bot is designed to support Artificial Intelligence. It is programmed in such a way that it can listen and answer the questions asked by the farmers in their language.

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Mustafa Said Al-Shaikh

The objective of this study is to identify the effect of shopping centers on consumer purchasing decisions for consumer goods by developing a set of independent variables (location, size and design, quality of goods and services, diversity and reputation of goods, and efficiency of salespeople), on the purchase decision of Safeway customers. In order to achieve the objectives of the study and to test the hypotheses, a random sample of 460 consumers was selected. The survey retrieved 96% of the questionnaire. After excluding a set of questionnaires from the analysis due to incomplete data, (89%) the sample size of the study is 410. SPSS was also used to analyze the data and test the hypotheses of the study. The study founded a number of results, the most important of which is that the effect of location, capacity and design, quality of goods and services, diversity and reputation of goods, efficiency of salespeople on the purchasing decision of customers reached (44.2%), On the other hand, the salespeople efficiency variable in Safeway was the least explanatory power among the variables on the buying decision at a rate of (24.2%). The study recommended the development of the capabilities and competencies of the salespeople at the Safeway centers to provide the best services that ensure the satisfaction of customers, the maintenance and provision of goods and services of high quality to suit the expectations of customers.

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Izzatunnisa Ainunhusna, Achmad Rizal, Sony Sumaryo

Bipolar Disorder (BD) is one of kinds of mental disease that is quite common found in Indonesia. Those suffering from this disease will drastically experience a shift in mood in a certain period of time. This shift in mood, in turn, can cause many undesired things. The detection of Bipolar Disorder can be done through various diagnosing methods, one of which is by using EEG (Electroencephalogram) signal or ECG (electrocardiogram). One of the methods to detect BD using the ECG signal is by assessing the heart-rate variability (HRV) in which HRV in the patients of Bipolar Disorder tends to be lower than that of normal persons. In this research, an analysis method of HRV was developed to detect Bipolar Disorder using the ECG signal. The method proposed consisted of notch filter, wavelet decomposition, R-R detection, and HRV analysis using Mean Heart Rate (MHR), Standard Deviation of Normal to Normal (SDNN) and Root Mean Square of successive RR interval differences (RMSSD), and SVM for classification. From the experiment, it was found the highest accuracy of 93.8% using three features and quadratic SVM. This showed that the ability of method designed to differentiate HRV with the high accuracy. Here, the verification using the larger dataset was required to test the consistency of the proposed method.

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Ramesh Kumar Satuluri, Radhika Ramanchi

Life Insurance Industry predominates to be the most happening industry in terms of direct and indirect employment. We have over 2.5 lakh employees and ~20 lakh financial advisors relying on this industry for their sustenance. While we have manifold distribution channels, carriers rely predominantly on their proprietary channels and the most noticeable one being the agency. Agency channel has diversed layers of hierarchy however the common denominator remains to be the agent who sources policies from prospects. At the moment the crux of the problem for industry is agent attrition and dwindling productivity. Agent attrition in the industry is inexplicably high thus effecting the topline as well as bottomline of carriers. For FY 2018-19 industry recruited 6.4 lakh agents and terminated 5.3 lakh agent as the net count on 31st March’19 remains at 21.94 lakh agents. In terms of volume of business for FY 2017-17, agency channel underwrote 65.93% of individual new business which is close to 1.28 lakh crore. Since 65% of the total business is contributed by ageny channel and the channel is grappling with higher levels of attrition it has become imperative to analyze the factors which influence agency retention, productivity and ways to develop the same. However we have not had enough research and study on agent retention and enhancing their productivity. This article presents insight into the factors concerning agent productivity and retention. We will also have a comprehensive discussion on suggestive measures to all the stakeholders in augmenting the productivity and retention of an agent.

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Leukocyte Segmentation And Cancer Cell Counting Based On Microscopic Blood Images

There are three types of blood cells in human. The cells are: Red blood cell (RBC), White blood cell (WBC) and platelets. They perform their separate function in human body. The oxygen supply is done by RBC, to fight against infection is by WBC and platelet helps in clotting of blood. The leukocytes or leucocytes the other name for White blood cells(WBCs), which involve in defensing the body against infectious disease and forign invaders. The cell in the bone marrow called as multipotent cells produces white blood cells. Leukocytes are found all through the body, in the blood, lymphatic system etc,. To perform the segmentation, this project uses the techniques such as Green Plane Extraction, Arithmetic operations, Linear Contrast Stretching, Histogram Equalization and Global Thresholding and GLCM is used for classification. This project describes the results of fast and accurate cancer cell segmentation of white blood cells.

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Karabi Biswas, Dr. Nayanmoni Borgohain Baruah

Energy plays a very important role in the development in any region or country. Energy fulfills the fundamental requirement of subsistence living in the form of cooking and lighting apart from assisting in the productive processes like transport, agriculture and industry. India occupies third place after China and Japan in the consumption of various sources of energy in the world total. The household sector is one of the important energy consuming sectors as it demands half of the total energy consumption in the country. The present study tried to analyse the energy consumption pattern among the selected rural households of Dhemaji district of Assam. The study was conducted by taking 177 sample households of Dhemaji district and the results showed that majority of the rural households used firewood for cooking as it was almost free of cost and the dominating fuel mix was firewood and LPG. For lighting electricity was used by most of the rural sample households. The share of commercial energy to non-commercial energy is low.

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K . Sreelatha

The problem of Dimensioning in networks is one of the most consistent problems that prevails in our world. In spite of sophisticated networks coming into the market like 4G and 5G networks still it is a long standing problem of our concern .In this paper we highlight the problems that arise in the physical link of a network and also discuss about the various methods by which we can solve this problem. The problem is divided into two sub problems. The first sub problem deals with the design of the topological structure and the second sub problem is to find the network physical links optimizing the revenue given the end to end traffic and Grade of Service constraints of each service class. It also throws some light on how to dimension with respect to the relative Grade of Service constraints. An attempt is made to calculate the dimensioning of the physical link capacities after acquiring the smooth blocking functions. The problem is reduced by knowing the optimal physical link capacities of the network. A performance model is specified to assess the accuracy of the analytical model with respect to simulation results. Two categories of calls are concerned, a narrow-band call and a wide-band call. A narrow-band call may be a voice application and a wide-band call may be a video application. The system operates in a loss mode meaning if the incoming call finds the network resources like capacity busy, it is lost. Performance measures of the network’s overall blocking probability and the blocking probabilities of the narrow-band and wide-band call categories are determined. The results from the measurements and the exact model are compared. The gradients of the objective function and the blocking function with respect to capacities are determined and the optimal physical link capacities are determined. Queue length distribution is also studied .

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Said Abdurahman Assagaf, Agung K Henaulu, Rapiah Sarfa Marasabessy, Sitnah Aisyah Marasabessy, Aliah Rahman, Ahmad Latuponu, Kimin Kusmadi, Fradana Firdiantoni Afsoh, Sony Ardian, Awia Conang

This study aims to determine the level of farmers' income eucalyptus oil to see the variables of the area and the level of education. The research was conducted in the District Waelata Buru in Maluku Province. The choice of location research using purposive. According to Antara (2009) is a technique of purposive Determining the location of the study deliberately based on Certain considerations. The research was conducted within the scope of the District Waelata Buru in Maluku Province. Farmers who make-respondents are farmers who work as eucalyptus oil refiners and as private land ownership. This study analyzes the level of farmers' income eucalyptus oil.

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G. Akhil Kumar, B.A.V. Ram Kumar

Rigid pavements are mostly constructed with cement concrete which possesses high flexural strength, durability properties and also provide long-term serviceability for the given climatic and loading conditions. In general, cement is used as binding material in concrete. Cement production is leading to emission of 7 % of global CO2. With increasing industrialization, the industrial by products (wastes) are being accumulated to a large extent, leading to environmental and economic concerns related to their disposal (land filling). In the present investigation, an attempt has been made with the addition of supplementary cementations material to conventional concrete. In the present study, three types of wastes are being considered as a replacement to cement. Jute ash, Wood ash and tyre ash were used as substitutes for cement. Five mixes have been prepared for the present investigation. First, mix with 100 % of cement. Second, mix with 5% jute ash, 5% wood ash and 5% with tyre ash as a replacement to cement. Similarly, for 6%, 7% and 8% trial mixes were being prepared for finding optimum content. For the aforesaid percentages of replacement cubes of size 150 X 150 X 150 mm have been cast and tested for 7 and 28 days, compressive strength, prisms of size 500 X 100 X 100mm for flexural strength and cylinders of size 300 X 150mm for tensile strength respectively. It has been observed from the results that mix with 18% replacement i.e. 6% of each of three materials has shown higher compressive, flexural and tensile strength values when compared with other mixes.

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Hamad Dahou, Amal Satif, Khalid Mateur, Abdelkarim Zemmouri, Abdelkader Mezouari, Rachid Elgouri, Laamari Hlou

This world is filled with different light sources, some are natural while others are artificial light sources, and artificial light sources have two modes of operation. These are either on or off, it has no intermediate level that can be adjusted according to the lighting conditions of the environment, and in the end, everything must control, those that leads to gasping of electricity and at the same time manual control is not effective in everyday (modern) life. In this article, we will present an intelligent and economical luminance control system for automobile headlights. Intelligent luminance control is characterized in that it comprises a multitude of photo detectors, an ARDUINO MEGA 2560 board which captures the level of ambient light and delivers a PWM signal of variable pulse width for controlling a circuit power electronics to vary the luminance of the headlights according to the ambient light.

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Muhammad Abed Attiya, Hayder Najah Abbas

This paper used the packaged software of ANSYS V.15 to make a numerical analysis of reinforced concrete continuous deep beams with openings strengthening using CFRP sheets. Five two-span deep beams with total length of 2200 mm, depth of 500 mm, and thickness of 150 mm were developed. The specimens were divided into two groups; first group contains two beams as controls, one solid and the other with four openings ( two openings in each span); the second group contains three specimens with four openings( two openings in each span) strengthening using CFRP sheets. All openings had the same dimensions of 150*150 mm and located at the critical path of loading which considers critical path that transfer load from loading plates to supporting plates. To study behavior of strengthening continuous deep beams with openings, three specimens of the five ones were adopted to strengthen with three different configurations systems of CFRP sheets to find out the optimum system of strengthening. Solid 65, Solid 185, Link 180 and Shell 41 were used to represent concrete, loading and supporting plates, steel bars and CFRP sheets respectively. In addition, a parametric study was done to examine the effect of some variables on performance of such beams.

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This paper reports the results to assess the rate of corrosion of reinforcement in concrete by varying the levels of Nano silica using impressed current technique. The concrete is the most common used material for construction and their design consumes almost the total cement production in the world. The use of large quantities of cement produces increasing CO2 emissions, and as a consequence the greenhouse effect. A method to reduce the cement content in concrete mixes is the use of Nano silica. The properties of concrete are improved by the use of Nano powders, since Nano particles fill the voids between cement grains and also consume a part of calcium hydroxide which results in additional formation of calcium silicate hydrate (C-S-H.) and more improvement of interface structure. Nano silica addition results in significance of high in compressive strength after 28-days of concrete up to one year and the optimum amount of nano silica is 0.5% by weight of cementitious material. Corrosion of steel in concrete is a slow process. It is difficult to achieve a significance degree of reinforcement corrosion in a limited duration. For this reason, various techniques for inducing accelerated corrosion of steel in concrete are used by this project. From these results and analysis, we conclude that addition of nano material to concrete will ensure the considerable increase in resistance against the corrosion of reinforcement than the one without nano material and also by comparing the Actual Mass Loss Vs Corrosion Rate and Current Rate Vs Duration.

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Muthmainnah Mattjik; Maruf Akbar; MahmuddinYasin

This study aims at discussing the management of human resources (HR) at Muhammadiyah University, Jakarta, comprises HR planning, recruitment, selection, training and development, compensation, and performance evaluation activities. This study uses a qualitative method with a case study approach. Data collected from document studies, interviews and observation. The results of the study show that : (1) HR Planning is unstructured and has not been centralized yet, (2) recruitment activities still mostly emphasized from within the internal resources (3) interview-based selections is applied and unsupported by written tests, (4) training and development is carried out by each department without set guidelines, (5) centralized compensation system is conducted by the university, and (6) performance appraisal of lecturers is conducted through evaluation by students in the absence of any official policy. This study recommends the necessities for external and internal analysis (SWOT analysis), routine coordination and evaluation during plan developments, and establishment of policy and guidelines for managing the lecturers of the university. The study raises an interesting case of HR management in an old Islamic-based university in Indonesia. Moreover, this study proposes information system flow model of HRM for Muhammadiyah University of Jakarta.

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Achi Ifeanyi Isaiah, Agwu Chukwuemeka Odi, Alo Uzoma Rita, Ogbu Nwani Henry

The analysis of an existing process or model in order to discover the weakness and then developing an improved version of that same process or model has become one of the best practices of software engineering in recent times. The (Markov Decision Process) MDP is an effective mathematical modeling tool used for Sequential Decision Making (SDM) under uncertainty and has been used in many other fields such as manufacturing, industrial, medicine and so on but has been underutilized in the Decision Making Process (DMP) of the educational sector. Therefore, this research paper provides a comparative study on the application of the existing (standard) MDP and the improved MDP models in modeling the student’s comprehension in a multimedia learning environment under uncertainty. The improved Markov decision processes integrate the decision making process in the model to ensure that multiple decisions are made in a shorter time. Hence, the significant advantages over the standard MDP. This paper compares the improved MDPs model to the standard MDP models by solving the problem of modeling students in a multimedia modeling system in order to assign the optimal learning style to the learning student using both models. Both models result, when compared to each other, is the same in providing the optimal policy for obtaining and assigning the optimal learning style to the learning students but different in the time of arriving at a decision. The result obtained from the experiment performed shows that the computation time for solving the improved MDP model is significantly smaller than that of solving with the standard MDP model.

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Fuat Fuat, Toto Nusantara, Erry Hidayanto, Santi Irawati

This study aimed to know the malformation of argument scheme in proof construction. There were two classes as subject of the research to do the quizes given by the researcher about proofing the theory construction then the proff construction was being schemed based on Toulmin Argument Scheme. Argument scheme which had malformation could be proved in 0,1,2,3, and 4. Malformation 0 signed by no argument at all in producing the argumet scheme. Malformation 1 signed by some pronouncement with no argument scheme. Malformation 2 signed by some pronouncements with incomplete argument scheme. Malformation 3 signed by one argument scheme with no conclusion. Malformation 4 signed by the produced of full incomplete argument scheme.

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T.Kavimani, K.Balaji, S.Poongothai, G.Gnanapragasam

In this paper the synthetic wastewaters of tapioca starch (SAGO) were treated using Hybrid Upflow Anaerobic Sludge Blanket (HUASB) reactor. The system was inoculated with seed sludge from the existing anaerobic digester treating sago wastewater. The processes were carried out first by feeding the synthetic sago wastewater with operating parameter such as Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) ranging from 5200 to 6320 mgL-1 with HRT 24 hours. The COD were varied from 5200, 5400, 5860 and 6320 mg/l for synthetic sago effluent. The pH, COD removal, Volatile Fatty Acid (VFA), Alkalinity and Biogas production were monitored for various inlet of COD concentrations. The inlet pH was maintained between the range 5.6, 6.1, 6.5, 6.8, 7.2 and 7.6 and the outlet pH were 6.9, 7.2, 7.6, 7.8, 8.0 and 8.2. The VFA varies from 32, 36, 40, 44, 52 and 56 mg/l, the alkalinity varies from 656, 668, 684, 698, 742 and 764 mg/l and the biogas production varies from 8.6 to 13.6 mg/l. The maximum COD removal of 89.2% and the biogas production was about 13.6 l/d at pH 7.6.

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Deepraj Chakrabarty, Debamalya Ghosh

In an era of cut-throat competition, the employees do not hesitate to put in extra yards to stay ahead and earn more. The hectic schedule takes a toll of the employees in almost all the professional field. On the other hand, the work schedule for employees also leaves them with little time to offer for their family. The problem gets aggravated for a woman who is expected to perform her daily chores of household activities along with the maintenance of a successful work life. Work-life balance for an employee is not only required for the maintenance of a happy family but it also contributes to the productivity of the employees in the job. The study has been conducted across Barak Valley pervading the nurses of the Private nursing homes as the units of study. The nurses were duly supplied a questionnaire constructed on a constant sum scale basis which contained questions regarding their work life balance. In collecting the responses from the respondents, ANOVA and chi-square were used to analyze whether the work-life balance measured on the established parameters vary across the nursing homes of Barak Valley. The results had shown significant variation across all the nursing homes. The first part of the analysis discovered an association between the demographic variables and the time spend by the nursing staffs in the nursing homes. The research was also successful in discovering the fact that the nursing homes are required to increase the frequency of activities that can enhance the work life balance for the nursing staffs in the nursing homes.

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Isti Fadah, Yudha Alif Auliya, Yustri Baihaqi, Istatuk budi Yuswanto

Ambulu Village is located in Sumberasih Regency, Kab. Probolinggo. The majority of the population works as farmers and ranchers. Ambulu Village has several problems, namely: Lack of jobs, low level of education, not optimal entrepreneurship development. In the village of ambulu there are some people who cultivate catfish organically. Some of these communities created a company called Lele Pantura. Catfish Pantura consists of 10 families who cultivate and manage organic catfish products. Products marketed include fresh catfish, catfish diversified products and catfish cultivation products. Catfish diversification products consist of organic catfish feed and organic probiotics. Catfish processed products that are developed are catfish crackers and shredded catfish. After the pantura catfish company operated for 2 years, there were several problems. The first problem is the product that is not standardized. the second problem is the unproductive women in the Lele Pantura company. To solve this problem, a women's cooperative was initiated by the name of Putri Pantura to empower women and optimize processed products for organic catfish. Product marketing is carried out using e-commerce concepts to facilitate product management and marketing. Inventory of raw materials is the most important element in production carried out by companies to produce products. Inventories can be defined as items stored for future use or sale. Inventory is one of the crucial factors in the production process that needs to be considered by considering several criteria. There are 4 criteria: cost, distribution of goods, quality of goods and quantity of goods. Cost criteria need to be considered so that storing raw materials does not require large costs. The designed e-commerce system uses the max and min method to manage the supply of raw materials in the Putri Pantura women's cooperative. Min and max methods are used to manage raw material inventory so that the cost to store goods is efficient. Management information system that is built has several features, namely: displaying products, stock management and product sales.

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Ashish, Prof. M.M.S. Rauthan, Varun Barthwal, Rohan Varma

The cloud computing framework incorporates a few parts, for instance, customers or clients, server farms named data centers and distributed servers. It is reasonable for the social event the computational prerequisites of an enormous estimated task. The optimal timeliness of resources or available asset allocation and tasks is just a central depending issue in a cloud computing-based environment, as the supplier who serves multiple customers in a cloud situation. Many research experts in this field have created various scheduling algorithms and used trending to overcome these issues. As the algorithm developed and investigated its performance under various parameters, another issue comes to the researcher to select the optimal determination algorithm to solve the specific problem. The major work of scheduling algorithms is to increase the use of accessible resources for energy consumption and power management etc. They then used the migration process to limit the preparation time for the task. Through this review of research on the advancement of scheduling in cloud computing, we are trying to attempt to cover each of the previous research and their exams on their Quality of Services (QoS).

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S.Haseena, M.Blessa Binolin Pepsi, S.Saroja

With increasing amount of data generated every day, there is a need to extract useful information from the data which is an important problem to be solved. Machine learning is a method that enables the computer system to have the intelligence by analyzing the data and building an automated analytical model. The algorithms in machine learning are broadly classified as either iterative or non-iterative algorithms. An optimization algorithm plays a key role in machine learning that is solved by iterative methods that are executed iteratively to generate optimum solution or till a satisfactory solution is obtained. A non-iterative algorithm is computationally faster than iterative algorithms as it does not require iteration or little iteration to train the data. This paper makes an analysis of these iterative and non-iterative algorithms and performs comparison upon their respective advantages and drawbacks. These algorithms are compared based on various parameters such as time taken to build the model, correctly and wrongly classified instances, mean absolute error, root means square error, true positive, false positive, precision and recall are computed. Multi Criteria Decision Making method such as TOPSIS is used to improve the efficiency of the decision making process by suggesting best machine learning technique that improves classification

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Endang Sutrisno, Ayih Sutarih, Nanang Ruhyana

The application of positive legal institutions Regulation of the Minister of Health No. 21 of 2013 concerning HIV-AIDS Control is intended as a concrete effort by the Government to establish the formation of community legal behavior. The substance contains the ongoing charge of Progressive Law values, on the flow of "dare" values through the establishment of the concept of "status quo" thinking, that the problematic life of the Gay is no longer about human rights but has become a central core the problem of the destruction of the order of values of human civilization. The law must be at the forefront to prevent moral degradation due to the consequences of deviant behavior by Gay as a trigger for transmission of HIV-AIDS. Legal awareness and legal compliance must also be used as a benchmark to overcome the impact of HIV/AIDS transmission in the effort to manifest the formation of human civilization moral, sensible for the life of human behavior, including at the most personal level of life.

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Muthumayil K, R.Bhaskaran,R.Sudha, J.V.Anchitaalagammai

Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) follows many-to-one traffic model and uses multi-hop transmission method. It compromises any node and reduces the network lifetime. Providing both security and energy for sensor nodes are essential issues. Nowadays various techniques attracted more research attention since it provides solution for any one of the issues as security or energy efficiency. In this paper a secured energy efficient routing algorithm-[SERA] is proposed for providing secured communication along with energy efficiency for WSN. SERA consists of two works: (1) Key distribution management and elliptical curve cryptography algorithms for providing node and data level security, (2) Circular path clustering and shortest routing for improving energy efficiency. The network performance is measured on both energy and security of the nodes in this work. Security is provided at the node level and SERA is analyzed in terms of energy consumption, delay, remaining energy, and packet drop ratio.

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Ashim Bora, Sahin Ahmed

We can define education as an ongoing socialization and culturing process of the individual, and teaching as planned and institutionalized social experiences for the knowledge, skills and values that individuals should acquire. New advancements in technology, PCs and communications; it has additionally prompted changes in the comprehension of teaching and has systems and strategies to use in the present day’s teaching. In our new information age, new concepts and technologies such as computers, multimedia, audio, video, animation, Internet and developing Internet technologies have taken place in education and training. In this study, the use of the concept of technological modern teaching which is the supporter of traditional education-teaching system in school mathematics teaching is tried to investigate. In the light of the perspectives of faculty, it has been tried to be examined with new approaches. A sample of 78 mathematics teachers serving in high schools situated in country and urban areas of a hilly region of Assam participated in the study. Two research instruments prepared by the investigator were employed in the examination. The study revealed that mathematics teachers’ technical perspective in teaching mathematics is of medium effects.

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Sulistyawati Sulistyawati, Fajar Fatmawati

The global incidence of dengue increased in recent decades in more than 100 countries. The use of Geographical Information Systems (GIS) to produce a map of the disease incidence is essential to improve the preparedness of the disease outbreak. Dengue surveillance consists of some activities; one of them is identifying the number and distribution of cases. The purpose of this study was to review the role of GIS in dengue surveillance system based on previous studies. Methods: Thirty-three articles met the inclusion criteria for this study based on Prisma Guideline. Result: Some studies reported using GIS to generate dengue modelling and dengue risk map from the case reported. Some of them presented a dengue case based on frequency distribution: age group, population, gender, demographics, climate, and environment. Conclusions: The use of GIS in dengue surveillance is essential to know incidence distribution and to advocate the decision-maker accordingly.

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Dr.R.Aruna, Dr.J.RajeshKumar, Ms.T.Shanmugapriya, Ms.M.Nandhini

In the recent research, the minimum energy node in the manet environment damages the entire network communication process. The network monitors the every node battery level, and processing status of each and every node such as good node or bad node. If the packet transmitted through bad node, then it shorts the communication between source node and target node in the network framework. While routing identifying the fake path is difficult. Sometimes the node in the given network misguides the routing process to identify the wrong path. Such kind of node called as omission attacker node. This type of attack should block the communication with its neighbor node in specific routing path. The continuous communication is performed with delay because of the attacker node which refuses the communication process in the network environment. The vital difficulty is fully damage the routing process, packet dropped sequentially with higher interference and packet latency. These types of difficulties are analyzed, and provide perfect communication.

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Dafik, Ika Hesti Agustin, Ridho Alfarisi, E. Y. Kurniawati

Graph Theory is one of a branch of Discrete Mathematic which has been grown rapidly. Recently the application of graph theory can be found in all aspects of real life as well as in natural and social science study. Many real life problems can be modeled by means of a graph. Especially in designing a large network, it has become an issue of growing interest due to the recent advances of very large scale integrated technology and a social network such as the recent booming of social media service sites. Furthermore, when we teach graph theory to the university students, many graph theory problems solving can be a trigger for the rise of students higher order thinking skill which is now very important and as a key success to survive in the 21st century. However, in Indonesia, a graph theory has not been taught to school students. Why and how does it happen? How hard to introduce a graph theory in school level? By literature review method, this paper will show that there are many interesting simple models of graph theory which can be introduced in school level to foster the development of the students higher order thinking skills, see [5]. The results show that it is feasible to introduce a graph theory in a school math curriculum level of Indonesia by showing some simple problem solving such as a spanning tree, layered diagram, dual graph, shortest path problem, graph coloring, rainbow connection, dominating set and other applications.

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Jimson S. Ramirez

The study was carried out to evaluate the efficacy of superabsorbent polymer on growth and quality of lakatan banana under nursery condition at the Research Experimental Area, Campus Research Department, Isabela State University, Echague, Isabela. Five different concentrations of superabsorbent polymer were used (T1= 0 grams or control, T2=2.0 grams, T3=4.0 grams, T4=6.0 grams and T5=8.0 grams, each mixed with the prepared soil media) and set as treatments. Data analysis was done using the Analysis of Variance for Completely Randomized Design. Results showed that using superabsorbent polymer led to a significant increase on plant height at 14 DAT (p<0.05), 28 DAT (p<0.01), 42 DAT (p<0.01) and 56 DAT (p<0.05). Result also showed that application of superabsorbent polymer has a positive effect on the pseudostem girth at 14 DAT (p<0.01) and leaf area at 70 DAT (p<0.05) of lakatan banana. This study also proves that amendments of superabsorbent polymer on the soil improved the soil physical properties, reduced soil erosion and nutrient loss and required significantly less quantity of water and least frequency of watering as compared to control.

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T. Sahaya Maria Jeyaseeli, I. Antony Danish, J. Shakina

In this study, cross linked polymers were synthesized from plant oils (Maravetti and Neem oil).Plant oil triglycerides were reacted with maleic anhydride and were treated with a monomer. The resulting polymer products were studied by FT-IR. The cross- linking ability of the polymers were checked by DSC analysis.TGA analysis was conducted to identify the thermal degradation patterns. NMR studies carried out to identify the nature of polymer.SEM analysis confirmed that the polymer was biodegradable. The synthesized polymers were characterized by solubility studies, soil burial test and microbial studies. The synthesized polymers may serve as a replacement in many applications.

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Dr.T.Sujatha, A.Devipriya, Shushvik K, Uthayakabilan M

In this modern era where even small children have email IDs and fake social media accounts, it is quiet easy for young ones to get distracted or fall in traps. Cyber Mom filters and restricts the access to certain sites with unwanted and inappropriate contents for children. By using the picture of the person saved, the face is recognized and determined whether it is the face of a child or an adult. Based on this classification, the contents are filtered. The image from the storage file is processed using Viola Jones algorithm, Linear Binary Pattern and Support Vector Machine and it is categorized into child class and adult class. Then based on the class, the access to internet is given. If the class is adult then unrestricted access is provided. If the class is child, then the access to the sites mentioned will be blocked. By default, the system will be in child lock mode

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M.Pyingkodi, Dr.S.Shanthi, M. Muthukumaran , K.Nanthini , K. Thenmozhi

Gene regulatory sequence analysis is performed by subjecting a nucleic acid or peptide sequence to recognize its features, function, structure, or evolution. In bioinformatics, a regulatory sequence is a part of nucleic acid molecules which is capable for detecting the cancer in a living organism. In tumor cells, genes are not reacted normally to their regulators' activity and be the characteristics of the cancer disease. The several optimization techniques identify the disordered genes in given gene expression data. However an effective cancer detection model was not performed with less complexity. In order to improve the cancer detection with less complexity, Combinatorial Annealed Bee Colony and Weighted Ranking Firefly Optimization technique is developed. The main objective of proposed technique is to detect the cancer disease using gene sequences and information. Initially, number of training gene regulatory sequences is taken from the microarray dataset. After that, Annealed combinatorial bee colony optimization is performed to determine and select the gene regulatory sequences using population based search approach. Then, weighted ranking firefly optimization technique is applied to find the optimal gene sequences (i.e. firefly) based on their light intensity. This helps to identify the tumor and normal behavior of sequence by comparing the trained sequences with test gene sequences. As a result, deep learning of hybrid optimization techniques is used for detecting the cancerous tumor using these optimal gene sequences at an earlier stage with minimum time. Experimental evaluation of proposed technique is carried out with respect to number of gene sequences. The results confirmed that the proposed technique improves the performance results in terms of cancer detection rate, false positive rate, Time complexity and space complexity. Based on the results and discussions, proposed technique improved the cancer detection rate with minimum space as well as time complexity than the other methods.

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Mohammad Abu Musa, Mohammad Rafiqul Islam

In Bangladesh the system of assessment has always been guided by curriculum though the system only covered learners’ ability of memorisation and comprehension skills. Others categories of skills in the knowledge like application, analysis, synthesis and evaluation are hardly included in the assessment. Besides, most of the schools don’t follow formative assessment to develop students. This study is an attempt to explore the present situation of formative assessment and problems that teachers face in classroom by applying formative assessment. For data generation, teachers were interviewed followed by using interview guide, classroom and teachers’ assessment process has been observed. The interviews with teachers were conducted in informal setting. The study identified teachers perception on formative assessment, usefulness and benefits of formative assessment for primary learners, problem encountered in implementing formative assessment, teachers training on formative assessment, suggestions about forms of assessment that encourage effective learning and about changes in the current practice of assessment.

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Nabamita Deb, Vishesh Jha, Alok K Panjiyar, Roshan Kr Gupta

The rapid growth of print and digital media increased the reach of one and all in terms of information, resulting in more amount of Text data to be mined. This data is nothing but a heap of unclassified information which when kept together means nothing. This means that there is a need to tag all these data i.e. News Classification. News classification is the task of automatically classify the news documents into their predefined classes based on their content with the confidence learned from the training news dataset. This research evaluates some most widely used machine learning techniques, mainly Naive Bayes, Random Forest, Decision Tree, SVM and Neural Networks, for automatic news classification problem. To experiment the system, a dataset from BBC that have two columns, one has the news headlines and the other contains the type it belongs to. There are 2225 rows in the data set is used.

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Rozi Sastra Purna; Johana Endang Prawitasari; Imanuel Hitipeuw; Sudjiono

Emotion regulation is the ability to recognize, monitor, and evaluate the emotional responses. Especially, on the intensity and form of their reactions in achieving a goal. This research aims to find the factors that most influence the regulation of emotions. This matter is very important to comprehend the mechanism of emotion regulation, especially in teachers. The design of this research is the causal relationship study. The sample of this research amounted to 377 of the Public Elementary School teachers throughout the city of Padang. The sampling technique used is the cluster random sampling, which took samples from the 11 sub-districts in the city of Padang. The data analysis method used is the partial least squares path modeling to test the influence of trait conscientiousness and religiosity on the emotion regulation of teachers. The results of the data analysis show that all paths in the model are not removed. The conscientiousness has a significant influence on emotion regulation, and the religiosity also has a significant influence on emotion regulation, and the conscientiousness has a significant influence on the religiosity. The evaluation of the whole part of the calculation of the suitability of this model gives the conclusion that the proposed hypothesis model has a good level of model suitability. This research model has a high enough model suitability. The accuracy of the model is 48.1% which explains that the contribution of the model to explain the structural relationship of the three variables researched is 48.1% and the rest is explained by other variables that are not involved in the model. The religiosity's role is as a mediator in the relationship of conscientiousness and emotion regulation. The allegation of religiosity as a mediator is quite strong, this is because the correlation coefficient between the conscientiousness and religiosity is 0.462. The addition of the religiosity variable as a mediating variable explains that the addition of this variable will make an additional contribution as an explanation of the emotion regulation. The coefficient of determination on the emotion regulation variable is 34.3%.

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Syofianti Engreini, Azwar Ananda, Hadiyanto, UNP Padang, Indonesia

The burden of assignment as a homeroom teacher makes it difficult for teachers to divide their time between compulsory assignments as subject teachers and additional assignments as homeroom teachers. Homeroom has a task area that requires knowledge, understanding, management and the application of management functions in managing their work. This study aims to develop an information technology-based homeroom management model in improving the quality of service to students. The development of homeroom management model based on information technology in improving the quality of service to these students, using the ADDIE model (analyze, design, development, implementation, and evaluate). Data collection instruments in the form of observation sheets and questionnaires. The product was validated by an expert and tested on the homeroom teacher at senior high school. Quantitative data were obtained through questionnaires and qualitative data obtained through observations, responses, and suggestions provided in writing. The practicality of the information technology-based homeroom management model is determined based on the guardian's response to the practicality of this model. While the effectiveness of this model is determined by the activities of the homeroom teacher and school principal. Data validity, practicality, and effectiveness were analyzed using the formula of respondents' total achievements and percentages. This research produces an information technology-based homeroom management model with a product in the form of an information technology-based homeroom management model book and an information technology-based homeroom management guidebook with web-based applications. The findings of this study can be utilized by the homeroom teacher in homeroom teacher's work management.

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Tsehay Admassu Assegie, Pramod Sekharan Nair

Many machine learning algorithms are employed to develop p