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Volume 9 - Issue 2, February 2020 Edition

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Software Testing is a process of analysis whether a system or a product complies with needs of customer requirements. It is mainly performed by testing team using different tools and techniques and the main target is to identify different behavior in the software project and to make sure quality. Generally testing is not done completely, instead it focuses on different test stages in testing like Unit, Integration, System, User Acceptance etc., and before launching it to the real world testing confirms the performance of the product. Testing also prevents product failure or wastage of cost. Access the quality of the final product delivered to the customer is the main aim of testing. Different phases of Testing life cycle focuses on – Test plan, Test design, Test execution, Defect reporting and tracking it to closure etc., test designing is writing of test cases based on requirements are the main blocks of testing. Very crucial in this testing life cycle is writing effective test cases in minimum time period. Criticality and risks is a key task of tester to sequence the test cases based on the priority of test case generation. Proposed methodology is to improve the detection of fault at the earlier phase like planning. This methodology provides the sequential order in as per the dependency of modules. In this paper we mainly identifying the modules along with cyclic blocks to be tested in sequence during the planning phase and prioritize this with OATS techniques and dependency structure.

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T. Jagan Mohan Raju, .G. Tulasiram, Soumya K

In this manuscript, the hybrid technique based on optimal location and the capacity of UPFC to improve the dynamic stability of the power system are proposed. The proposed hybrid technique is the joint execution of both the Improved Fruitfly Algorithm (IFA) and Crow Search Algorithm (CSA) and hence it is said to be as IFCSA. Here, the searching behavior of the fruit flies is enhanced by the crossover and mutation technique and hence it is termed as improved FA (IFA) technique. The novelty of the proposed hybrid technique is exemplified in the improved searching ability and reduced complexity. In this regard, the generator fault affects the dynamic stability of the system constraints such as voltage, power loss, real and reactive power. IFA technique optimizes the maximum power loss line as the UPFC suitable location. By using the CSA, the affected location parameters and dynamic stability constraints are restored into secure limits using the UPFC optimum capacity and accordingly the CSA reduces the UPFC cost. The attained UPFC capacity has been located in the affected location and the system power flow is analyzed. The proposed hybrid technique is implemented in the MATLAB/Simulink platform and tested under standard bench mark system. The proposed method performance is evaluated by comparison with various existing techniques such as ABCGSA and FOAPSO algorithms. The comparison results invariably prove the proposed hybrid technique effectiveness and confirm its potential to solve the related issues.

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Ashwani K., Vijay B., Darshan K.

In this paper, the main emphasis is on reviewing the different types of optimization techniques proposed on the different axis of rotation of the robotic arms. The optimization depends on the various parameters of the robotic arm for the movement and the end-effectors. For a small change in the movement of the source to the destination, several variables will give rise to changes in the accuracy and efficiency of the robotic arm. Various parameters like forward and inverse kinematics analysis, position error, joint displacements, velocity, acceleration, energy, path planning and obstacle avoidance etc. have been optimized using different various optimization techniques on different degrees of freedom robotic manipulators. Some Evolutionary algorithms such as Ant colony optimization, Bacterial foraging optimization, Artificial bee colony, Firefly algorithm, and Grey wolf optimization have been discussed. Comparative reviews for different variables for the different axis of rotation of robotic arms have been performed.

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Saranya S, Saravanan B

Due to the incorporation of intermittent renewable resource uncertainty level is increasing in power system which in turn affects overall schedules of a generating unit, results in load shedding, expensive generation schedule in unit commitment. Recent challenge is to provide the model uncertainty level with in power system. As the operational reliability depends on the uncertainty level of intermittent sources, the effective modeling gives effective scheduling. Most of the recent work is based on developing a new model for this stochastic unit commitment approach. Many scenarios generation methods and reduction methods have developed in recent years. This paper gives about the survey of various methodologies to model the stochastic nature of unit commitment and various solution methodologies to solve stochastic optimization problems. This literature may pave a new way for both regulated and deregulated market and also provide a good pathway to develop the effective smart grid technology with greater reliability.

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Adi Saputra, Fatwa Tentama

The purpose of this study is to examine the construct validity and reliability of subjective well-being variables and analyze the components and indicators that can form subjective well-being variables. Subjective well-being is measured by two components, namely life satisfaction and affect. The subjects in this study were 60 online motorcycle taxi partners operating in Yogyakarta. The method of data collection uses a scale of subjective well-being. Data in this study were analyzed using Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) SmartPLS 3.2.8 with reflective constructs through CFA 2nd Order. Based on the results of the analysis of the construct validity and the construct reliability, the components and indicators that form subjective well-being on the online motorcycle taxi partner are declared valid and reliable. This shows that all components and indicators that exist are able to reflect and form subjective well-being. Thus the model can be accepted because the theory that describes subjective well-being is in accordance with the empirical data obtained.

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Risnina Wafiqoh, Yaya S. Kusumah, Dadang Juandi

This study aims to find out how students' reflective abstraction can be indentified in the process of learning mathematics. Research design uses descriptive qualitative research. The study involves 36 students as research subjects. Data validation uses data triangulation and method triangulation. Research results: reflective abstraction students can more easily appear and be known by using and demonstrating apperception in the learning process; in the learning process in class if the concept has been conveyed directly by the teacher, the reflective abstraction of the student can still be known by giving feedback in the form of asking students about the opposite concept as long as it does not violate the existing concept; by being given a test in the form of questions that represent students' knowledge of the concepts before and continuing about new concepts to be learned by students; by conducting interviews that can be carried out during the learning process or after the learning process is carried out in order to confirm what cannot be observed directly. The two parts of reflective abstraction can be identified in the same way, but only different types of questions are adapted to the parts of each reflective abstraction. The first reflective abstraction part is focused on how students construct new mathematical concepts according to them, while the second reflective abstraction is how students build new concepts in order to solve mathematical problems.

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Gunjan Arora Krishna Gupta

An efficient software product can be generated with the help of various techniques properties and procedures provided by software engineering. Therefore, it is necessary for a software developer to ensure that developed product is less in cost, time and budget. Careful planning is required before working on software projects because it is large in size and developer must have proper knowledge about the requirement of the user and all the systematic procedures for the development of software The abstract-present is the model of software engineering which is used to generate the source code from the sequence model. The code that is generated for the one phase will be given as input to generate code for the second phase. To generate reliable code, the improvement will be proposed in the abstract-present model. To do so, the SVM classifier will be used to classify required and non-required code to generate next phase of code. The proposed model is implemented in python and results are analyzed in terms of accuracy. Precision, recall and F-measure

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M. Gayathri, Dr. V. Sunitha

Days are getting obsolete wherein passivity is considered as the supreme weapon of heroism. Long-suffering and tolerance towards hatred and love are seldom seen in today’s society. Media – be it news channels or films or any other commercial entertainments – started focussing on numerous violent behaviours found in the society. Even this violence is seen in two phases. One is the type of violence projected by the wicked ones of society and another type is of the ones who want to bring peace and justice by using it as a weapon to fight back evil. When such horrific or gory details of the violence acted out by the evil minded people through media it automatically creates a humongous terror among the people. People are thrown into a state where they no longer find society harmless. They tend to walk with fright and horror. This creates suspicion to everyone around them. So, in an act of defensive mechanism they even violently attack people whom they are suspicious of, out of fright. This article tries to show how media can even be preaching violence knowingly or unknowingly by influencing young minds by exposing them continually to violence described in its nakedness.

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Aida Rafikovna Mustafayeva, Lyudmila Igramudinovna Gaydarova, Aksana Dzhamalutdinovna Kurbanova, Paynusat Aliaskhabovna Magomedova, Sabina Feytulakhovna Ismailova

The problem of pedagogical education of parents is considered in the article. The main attention is paid to the formation of moral attitudes in the family and the prevention of extremism in the youth environment in the context of the economic instability of a polyethnic region. Extremism in the youth environment has become a mass phenomenon in our country. One of the most vulnerable to extremism social groups is youth. The wide spread of youth extremism is evidence of the insufficient social adaptation of young people, the development of the asocial attitudes of their consciousness, which cause illegal patterns of behavior.

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Aalaa Abdulwahab, Hussein Attya, Yossra Hussain Ali

Every day a large number of digital text information is generated, the effectively searching, exploring and managing text data has become a main task. The Text Classification has areas in Sentiment Analysis, Subjectivity/Objectivity Analysis, and Opinion Polarity the Convolution Neural Networks (CNN’s) has a good performance and accuracy therefore it gained special attention. Latent Dirichlet Allocation (LDA) is a classic topic model that able to extract latent topic from high dimensions and large-scale multi-class textual data(large data corpus).In this paper, we present a comparison among CNN ,traditional LDA and modified LDA with TF-IDF algorithm to classify a large pool of documents as a data set, it’s 20 news group. Experiment results show that the accuracy performance of CNN (94%) is better than the modified LDA approach (74.4% ) and traditional LDA (60%).The time to perform dataset classification by Traditional LDA is 4.04m, Modified LDA is 3.02m was less than time of CNN model 11.52m.

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Desri Nora, Azwar Ananda, Mudjiran

The contextual model is designed for the development of the students’ character as a form of achievement of the objectives of the target domain in the ISBD course by combining the mission and general purpose of Islamic religious education at State University of Padang by paying attention and integrating the values of religious characters that include honesty and responsibility. These values are the main character of the ISBD course which can be more meaningful to the development of students' character for both men and women based on Islamic religious values. This education design research needs to be done to obtain a valid, practical, and efficient, contextual-based ISBD learning model in character development or students morality. So that the ISBD course can contribute optimally in realizing the State University of Padang vision and mission to be one of the superior university in southeast Asia in the field of education, science, technology, sports, and art in 2020 based on the devotion to the God Almighty. Thus, the ISBD course is expected to highly contribute to achieving Indonesia's national education objectives.

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T.Geetha S.Anitharaj

Interval valued fuzzy matrices are introduced to make decision in the paddy cultivation. In decision making more concepts of fuzzy applications is used to analysis. Here we take Maximum operation of interval valued fuzzy matrices to make decision in three season’s paddy cultivation.

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Kubangun Nur Aida, Agustang A, Arlin A, Andi D May Agustang

The pattern of patron-client relationships in fishing communities in the Aru islands district can be seen from the closeness of fishermen to the capital owners, ranging from fishing operational costs to the costs for fishermen's daily needs. In other words, this pattern is intertwined in the community there between fishermen and the owners of fishing enterprises. This study tried to understand and analyzed the pattern of the patron-client relationship between fishermen (workers) and the skipper. To gain these objectives, the data collection techniques were successfully carried out including interviews conducted with the fishermen, fishing area observations and focus group discussions before conducting a descriptive analysis. The findings of the study were found regarding the pattern of patron-client relations between fishermen and fishermen intertwined in economic and non-economic aspects. The economic-client financial relationship was established in the form of assistance costs as capture operational capital. In return for fishermen, they supplied fish to catch marketing to the owner of the skipper capital. Non-economically, client-relations were protected in the form of loans to fishermen who wanted to work without funds. In addition, the patron-client relationship established through the relationship between the fishermen and the skipper started from access to employment opportunities. This relationship was an economic network established to gain access and access for fishermen without capital.

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Gayathri Denis, Dr.T.Krishnakumar, Dr.M.Karthikeyan, Dr.S.Sasipriya

In present day period of information technology most association have understood that human resource is significant for their hierarchical advancement , anyway the recruiting system has grown quickly and come to the for-most degree of e-recruiting process however there is a risk of E-Recruitment Frauds (ERF), counterfeit profiles, counterfeit resumes, counterfeit recognizable proof card, counterfeit visa, and phony meetings etc..By this impression the ineligible applicants are set in a decent association. So as to maintain a strategic distance from these predefined disadvantages, this paper presents the selecting procedure dependent on Block chain. This Block chain innovation which look at the first information of the up-and-comer and give exact outcome to the enrolling procedure by utilizing data mining, There are additionally numerous sites where recruiters can purchase a whole database of CVs that fit their hunt criteria. Candidate data has turned into the currency of the recruitment business. Generally, this is without the consent or even the learning of the candidates themselves. To prevent such procedures, the European Union (EU) has presented the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). By utilizing various devices and web search tools keeping Blockchain has primary zone of capacity, we can easily scrape the web for CVs and email addresses of potential candidates. The magnificence of Blockchain is that organizations can recover verified candidate data while keeping it unknown and holding fast to information protection guidelines.

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Yaya Hasanah, Hamidah Hanum

The content of N, P and K for some variants of soybeans can be influenced by the technological packages used under dryland conditions. The objective of the research was to determine the content of N, P, K of shoot soybean cultivars with the application of the technological packages under dryland conditions. This research used a Factorial Randomized Block Design with 2 factors and 3 replications. The first factor was soybean cultivars (Demas, Anjasmoro, Dering, Devon). The second factor was the use of soybean cultivation technology packages on dryland (package 1, package 2 and package 3). The parameters of observations were N, P and K content of shoot soybean varieties. Data were analyzed using the ANOVA procedure, the SAS version 12 computer program and comparison of means were tested for significance using Duncan Multiple Range Test (DMRT) p = 0.05. There is a difference in the response of soybean varieties to the application of the technological package used. The use of the P3 technology package (fertilizer (Urea 25 kg / ha), inoculant B. japonicum 200 g / 40 kg of seed, SP-36 250 kg / ha, KCl 150 kg / ha, spacing 40 cm x 20 cm, dolomite 2,000 kg / ha, farmyard manure 5 tons/ha, maximum tillage , ascorbic acid antioxidant 300 ppm) in the Anjasmoro variety produced the highest P and K content, while the use of the P2 technology package (Fertilizer (Urea 25 kg / ha), inoculant B. japonicum 200 g / 40 kg of seed, SP-36 150 kg / ha, KCl 100 kg / ha, dolomite 1,000 kg / ha, spacing of 40 cm x 20 cm, farmyard manure 2 tons / ha, maximum tillage, ascorbic acid antioxidant 200 ppm) in Dering variety produced the highest N plant content. It concluded that the best treatment for increasing the content of P and K for Anjasmoro variety is the application of the P3 technological package (SP-36 150 kg/ha, KCl 100 kg/ha), but the application of P2 technological package in Dering increased the N content

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Santosh Sonawane, Amol Jagadale, Dattatray Jadhav

Emerging technological development in biomedical imaging sensors and advanced computational platforms are making real time detection and analysis systems much popular in field of medical diagnosis. Research work presented in this paper elaborates method to detect cataract using the slit lamp eye lens images. As the cataract is being observed in almost all age group people, researches are finding fast and accurate methods for its diagnosis and categorization. This initiative by researchers will be advantages for developing countries as low cost alternative for diagnosis of eye disease. The eye lens with cataract is opaque different in structural and color features from lens without cataract. Active shape model is preferred for localization irregular shape objects, which is used for lens localization. Approximate lens circle is extracted, cropped and resized to fix size. Radon transform is used for extraction features of lens image. Cataract is detected using structural features of lens image. The radon transform is suitable for recording angular structural features extraction. Lens images with different type of cataract such as no cataract, nuclear senile cataract and cortical cataract is processed. Structural features are extracted and correlated with features for input image to be diagnosed for its categorization.

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D.Nethra Pingala Suthishni Dr.Anna Saro Vijendran

A Mobile Adhoc Network (MANET) is a group of devices that are linked wirelessly. Ease of establishment and rapid deployment nature earned popularity for MANET and widely used in numerous applications especially in disaster recovery areas and in the military sector. MANET is with dynamic topology and limited resources that may susceptible to various security attacks. The overall performance of the network may be affected by security attacks. MANETS are exposed to vulnerabilities due to its co-operative algorithms, lack of administration, dynamic topology, and open medium. Intrusion Detection System (IDS) is adopted to observe varied nature of policy violation and malicious activity. IDS is implemented in MANET for monitoring the intrusion of any malicious node. Nodes in MANET are supplied with a minimal amount of energy and recharge or replacing of batteries is tedious. Hence, energy conservation and enrichment of privacy are important in IDS. In this paper, IDS is incorporated with the clustering algorithm and fuzzy rules to obtain better energy utilization. IDS is enhanced to obtain privacy from several security attacks. An extensive experiment is conducted to validate the simulation of the enhanced approach.

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Lustiana Sari, Dwi Sulisworo, Moh Toifur, Nurul Huda Abd Rahman

Physics teachers began to believe that online learning provides opportunities for improving student learning achievement. This study aims to determine the impact of online learning assisted by Schoology on student learning achievement in physics learning. The research subjects were 11th-grade students in secondary schools in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. The design of this study is a pretest-posttest controlled group. The material taught is the dynamics of rotation and balance of objects. This study used covariates, including prior knowledge, numerical abilities, and interest in learning to avoid the influence of other factors on learning achievement in cooperative learning online use a pair check type. The results of ANCOVA show that there are differences in learning achievement outcomes between students who take online learning with students who study conventionally. Covariates were as a predictor of learning achievement. Better results for the class taught online is due to the Schoology feature that is close to social media activities. These results provide opportunities for practical learning that are more in line with the daily habits of students who tend to like social media activities.

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Heny Kusdiyati, Robby Wijaya, Indra Febrianto

This research purposed to develop the empowering pioner school model for scavenger’s progeny in Supit Urang Landfill Malang toward sustainability Development’s Society in Malang. Te research method that used is descriptive-qualitative research. The approach used in this research is emic (emic view). This research done in the scavenger’s community in the Malang namely Supit Urang Landfill. Based on data analysis shows there are saveral factors influencing the low interest of scavenger’s progeny to school are: First, the condition of the environment around scavenger children, second, the lack of motivation and support from both parents for their children's education, third, there is no cost to send their children to school., fourth, the low level of knowledge of parents about the education of their children, which can potentially break the chain of poverty that occurs. The implication of the Eradication of Poverty model for scavenger’s progeny at the Supit Urang Landfill is done with the MSME-Based Pilot School which begins by providing assistance in the form of education on the importance of education for scavenger children. This is done to provide an understanding of the importance of education and knowledge to increase productivity and income so as to break the poverty chain. The existence of MSME-Based Pilot Schools can impact on the behavior of scavenger progeny who originally imitated their parents scavenging to become more independent through the processing of scavenging (waste) into profit.

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Riris Setyo Sundari, Tjetjep Rohendi Rohidi, Suminto A. Sayuti, Hartono

Art has entered the education area and has its own function for the education. Art education aims to provide students with experience and knowledge of art. Art as one of the cultural products that was born from the community, of course, contains the values held by the community, one of which is ethical values. In the world of Education, through the experience gained in Education, it is expected that the ethical values in the barongan show can be transferred to the younger generation so that value conservation can occur. The purpose of this study was to determine the value conservation process in education through Barongan. The results showed that the process of value conservation occurred at the stages of appreciation and expression in art education. Ethical values that appear in barongan performances are divided into two, namely positive ethics and negative ethics. Art education provides knowledge for students to be able to take positive ethics as an example in everyday life, and know the negative ethics that must be avoided in life. The positive ethics that appears in barongan art is the character of barongan characters who are willing to sacrifice to help others. Positive ethical values also appear in the performance process such as politeness and mutual cooperation. The negative ethics that appears in the barongan show is the character likes to disturb other people who emerge from the animal characters as a symbol of the bathara kala. In art education, students are given the knowledge and reinforcement that this negative ethic needs to be avoided in life.

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Umi Setijowati, Tri Joko Raharjo, Arief Yulianto, Suwito Eko Pramono

Developments of teachers are continuously attempted to fulfil the need for competencies so that they can be acknowledged in 21st-century life. However, the implementation of education has not been optimal to improve the quality of Indonesian human resources as mandated in the national education system law. The development of teacher competencies in the form of supervision is more on the administrative aspects and less on the professional/academic aspects; it requires an innovative coaching model which is relevant to the needs of the teacher. The purpose of this study is to develop a teacher competency development model based on the scientific approach. Its method is Research and Development. The research procedure includes the Preliminary Study, Model Development, and Model Test. Data collection technique uses observation, documentation, questionnaires, portfolios, and interviews. The data analysis technique uses descriptive statistics. The results of the study can be used as an alternative solution to the problem of weak teacher competencies/teacher performance. The research findings show that generally the coaches still use a top-down instruction, coaching focuses more on administrative aspects and the lack of face to face meeting between supervisors and teachers. This study is expected to benefit the user community and can improve the quality of education.

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Sri Rahmah Ramadhoni, Nurul Azizah, Mungin Eddy Wibowo, Edy Purwanto

This study attempted to examine the effectiveness of strength based group counseling to improve resiliency. The design used in this study was pre-test and multiple post-test designs. Purposive sampling was used to select 14 experimental subjects which were grouped into two in random or in other words, 7 people for each group. The subjects' data were collected through statistic Resilience Quotient (RQ) which was focused on emotional regulation, impulse control, optimism, causal analysis, empathy, self efficacy, and reaching out. The results of mixed repeated measures ANOVA showed that strength based group counseling was effective to improve resiliency (F (1,12) =600.047, p < 0.05). This also could be seen in the effect of time (F (2,24) = 1044.206, p < 0,05), and interaction effect between time and group (F (2,24) =1252.277, p < 0.05). These Findings assert that strength based group counseling is effective to improve resiliency of the students of SMA Negeri 9 Semarang.

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Anies Fuady, Purwanto, Susiswo, Swasono Rahardjo

The purpose of this study is to describe the reflective abstractions when solving mathematical problems. This research employs a qualitative descriptive method. Two-second semester students of Mathematics Education study program were chosen as research subjects. Results show that students with cognitive impulsive style failed to conduct reversal process, while the interiorization and coordination process satisfactory occurred. Students with cognitive reflective styles were weak in generalization process, however, most of the interiorization, coordination, encapsulation, and reversal were up to standard.

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Jae Mok Ahn, Jeom Keun Kim

Hear rate variability (HRV) is a noninvasive measure for evaluating a physiological response that takes place in the body, which is regulated by the autonomic nervous system (ANS) for a short-term HRV recording, mostly 5 min of data length. Among HRV parameters, frequency components obtained by Fourier transform (FT) have been widely used in clinical applications. However, discrete FT that can classify the strength of frequency components is limited due to discretizing the frequency, resulting in a technically spectral leakage and missing values of the in-between frequency. In this study, a new method for calculating a power spectrum using the overlapping segment is proposed to create a smooth spectrum between frequency boundaries, which divides three frequency components: very low frequency, low frequency, and high frequency. A power spectrum on average calculated from six overlapping segments generated by shifting the 2 min 30 s segment forward every 30 s for the 5-minute dataset showed the best smooth curve of a power spectrum than other segments. A compensation factor was found to minimize the difference between power spectra obtained by 5 min and six 2 min 30 s overlapping segments. The results suggest that a newly proposed method based on overlapping segments would be very useful in calculating a power spectrum to minimize an abrupt change at the frequency boundaries.

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Mungin Eddy Wibowo, Edy Purwanto, Sri Rahmah Ramadhoni

This study explored degree of empathy among eastern, cental, and western indonesian counselling students with a total of 577 students selected using cluster random sampling technique. The data collection technique used was IRI (The Interpersonal Reactivity Index) instruments. Results indicated there are differences in empathy between Eastern Indonesia, Central Indonesia, and Western Indonesia and there were no differences empathy in gender. These findings suggest counsellors with an understanding of the empathy and formed by counsellors in empathy development is important.

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Sinta Saraswati, Edwindha Prafitra Nugraheni, Edwindhana Mareza Putra, Mungin Eddy Wibowo, Mulawarman, Soesanto

This current research based on problems experienced by college students of Universitas Negeri Semarang (Unnes). The purpose of this study was to investigate the indirect effect between emotional intelligence and work engagement in terms of career adaptability as a mediator variable. Using bias corrected bootstrap method N = 5000 in PROCESS software shows that emotional intelligence is directly related to work engagement (β = 0.49; p <0.01), furthermore career adaptability has proven as mediating effects (β = 0.05; p <0.01). These findings have implication that universities and counselors should provide career planning and counseling program as life-design counseling which facilitate students career design.

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Sai Sudha Gadde ,Dr. K. V. D. Kiran

Healthcare industry is in high priority compare to others, since people need an accurate, high quality of care and services regardless of cost. Symptomatic diseases have an influential impact on the continuum of care and on early diagnosis when it comes to screening, Diagnosis at a foregoing disease stage aid in patient prognosis and in Treatment Decisions. Deep learning algorithms, exceptionally convolution neural networks swiftly became a handpicked methodology to assay medical images in healthcare industry. This survey covers major Convolutional neural network architectures and we tried to include major deep learning concepts precise to medical image classification and various improvement to the field, also a brief overview provided on study of diabetic retinopathy from past three years. We confine with the prospectus of the nonce state-of-the-art, challenges and navigation for subsequent research.

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Vaibhav R. Pandit, Dr. R. J. Bhiwani

Multispectral and panchromatic images are the outcomes of optical satellite technology. Because of the different levels in spatio-spectral resolutions, they can also be regarded as spectrally-superior-spatially-inferior-resolution image and spatially-superior-spectrally-inferior-resolution image respectively. When acquired for the same geographic scenario, the fusion of these two images is also referred to as ‘Pansharpening’. It has emerged as a promising solution to fulfill the demand of simultaneous high levels of spatio-spectral resolutions in remote sensing imagery. Continuous attempts while proposing different approaches to produce efficient fused image are reported in literature. The approaches are mostly differentiated based on way of spatial detail extraction from panchromatic image and its injection to multispectral image. In this paper, we propose to use morphological half-gradient for the first task and iterative regression approach at high resolution for the second one. The performance measurement is carried out on two real datasets made available by Deimos-2 and IKONOS satellite sensors using low- and high-resolution evaluation techniques. The performance analysis involves comparison with the most recent algorithms. With respect to the evaluated quality metrics, the proposed algorithm proves to be the best among others.

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Anupam Saini, Anuj Malik, Manish Kumar, Shailendra Bhatt

Nutraceuticals are merged from two words i.e., nutrition and pharmaceutical in which nutrition means a nourishing food component like vitamins, minerals, fibres, fats, carbohydrates etc which are essentials for maintaining human health and pharmaceutical means a medical drug. Nutraceuticals known as the food component or dietary supplement which provide the nourishment to human health and give the beneficial effects on various pathological diseases such as CVD (Cardiovascular disease), cancer, diabetes, atherosclerosis and neurological disorders. This review shades light on the antioxidants present in plants, uses of those plants in preventing from different disease and products available in market. This review also contained the marketed growth of nutraceuticals globally and Indian nutraceutical market growth. Antioxidants are the agents which prevent or delaying the oxidation of oxidizable substrate. The Indian and global nutraceutical market are growing day-by-day because peoples nowadays needs good health and they are well aware for consuming nutraceuticals like health drinks, sports drinks, probiotics, prebiotics drinks etc to maintain the good health and prevent form diseases without taking allopathic medicines.

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S.Mythrei, S.Singaravelan

Entity linking is a task of extracting information that links the mentioned entity in a collection of text with their similar knowledge base as well as it is the task of allocating unique identity to various entities such as locations, individuals and companies. Knowledge base (KB) is used to optimize the information collection, organization and retrieval of information. Heterogeneous information networks(HIN) comprises of multiple-type interlinked objects are interconnected with various types of relationships which have becomes increasingly most popular named are bibliographic networks, social media networks which includes the typical relational database data. The entity linkage determines the corresponding entities from unstructured web text, in the existing HIN. This work is the most challenging and important due to its ambiguity and existing limited knowledge. Some HIN could be considered as a domain-specific KB. The current Entity Linking systems aimed towards corpora which contain heterogeneous as web information and it performs sub-optimally on the domain specific corpora. The EL systems used one or more general or specific domains for linking such as DBpedia, Wikipedia, IMDB and Word net. This model framework presents a model on domain specific entity linking with HIN. This model framework describes the advantages and disadvantages of exiting methods along with its outcomes.

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S. Benazir Hazira, K. Sasikumar, S. Subhasini, O.S. Sethu Raman, M. RajasekaraPandian

The existing study investigated the gonadal hormone alternation of Zebrafish brought on by means of sublethal concentration of Azoxystrobin (5ppm and 15ppm). Due to sublethal doses Azoxystrobin exposure leads to endocrine disruption in zebrafish in connection with hormonal reproductive tissues. FSH, LH and testosterone hormone levels were notably reduced (P<0.001) in the treated fish in assessment with manipulate with azoxystrobin attention increased. Reduction within the gonodosomatic index was once evident inside the extend of sublethal dose of Azoxystrobin absorbed their sensitivity to zebrafish intercourse hormone like effects.

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Muhammad Wali, Lukman Ahmad, Rizaldi Akbar, Abdus Salam, Ismail

This study aims to build a source code library application model that can be used as a form of learning media for various programming languages flexibly both in online and offline conditions that are used for students to study software development. This application will be an alternative learning software development that provides references and recommendations for building application source code. Broadly speaking, this research is divided into three stages, namely pre-development data collection, development and implementation, and post-development data collection. Pre-development data collection is intended to obtain a preliminary study of the core problems faced, while the development and implementation phase focuses on modeling software design into diagrams and making programming code to implement the designs that have been made. While the stages of post-development data collection are for enhancing applications made, drawing conclusions, and suggestions for further research topics, while in software development using a linear sequential model often called the waterfall model. The Source Code Library application developed will be a prototype and focus on a number of modules, namely programming language modules, content modules, and synchronous modules. This SCL application provides a solution for beginners and students in learning and developing applications at a basic level.

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Prabhashini Wijewantha, Mazuki Jusoh, S.M. Ferdous Azam, Sepali Sudasinghe

This research paper discusses the case of eroding well-being of the modern-day employee. In doing so it highlights the well-being related issues faced by the middle managerial level employees working in private sector organizations in general and Sri Lanka in specific. Further it discusses the work that has been done in the area of employee well-being so far and highlights the need for undertaking more scholarly work in the area from the human resource management perspective. Accordingly, the gaps in literature both local and international covering the area of employee well-being has been discussed and future research directions have been established.

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Fauzan Putraga Al Bahri, Jhony Syafwadhinata

Method Based Keyword Success Learning (BKSL) is learning based on the application of keywords in understanding learning material on computer use. In this learning method the application of BSKL involves media and techniques consisting of games; debate; discussion; story; film; conversation; and vocabulary, the type of learning media most interested by AMIK Indonesia students is the game with a score of 4.07 with very capable information, and followed by the use of films with a score of 3.73, vocabulary with a score of 3.50, and debates, conversations, stories, and discussions with score 2.82 with sufficient information. The use of game and film media can facilitate students in understanding English conversation which indirectly adds to the vocabulary of each individual student, in practicum learning with a variety of computer uses can help AMIK Indonesia students in operating computers in practicum activities.

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Mu’mina Kurniawati S. J. Kahar, Fatwa Tentama

The purpose of this study is to describe empathy in the educational context, to analyze the construct validity and reliability of the empathy scale, and to find aspects that make up the construct of the empathy scale. Empathy is measured by four aspects: perspective taking, fantacy, personal distress and empathic concern. The subjects in this study were 59 high school X students. This study was analyzed using the Smart PLS 3.2.8 program with reflective constructs through the 2nd order CFA. Based on the analysis of construct validity and construct reliability, the aspects and indicators that make up empathy are valid and reliable. This shows that all aspects and indicators are able to reflect and shape empathy. The dominant aspect that affects the construction of empathy is personal distress. The lowest aspect that affects the construction of empathy is fantacy. Thus the model can be accepted because the theory that describes empathy is in accordance with the empirical data obtained.

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Oktaviani Adhi Suciptaningsih, Titik Haryati

The primary aim of this paper is to find an effective and efficient character education model for Javanese ethno pedagogy junior high school students. The Javanese teachings used are the teachings of one of the educational leaders in Indonesia who come from Javanese society, namely Ki Hajar Dewantara, who reads Ing ngarso sung tulodho, ing madyo mangun karso, tut wuri handayani. Data collection uses qualitative methods that are case studies by conducting observations, in-depth interviews, FGDs, and documents. The results were analyzed using the stages of category collection, direct interpretation, searching for category equivalence and naturalistic generalizations. The research subjects were teachers and students of grade 1 junior high school. The results showed that character education for Javanese Ethno pedagogy-based junior high school students was carried out in several stages, namely, training, mentoring and supervision for teachers and through modeling, habituation, KBM, extracurricular activities, and wall writing for students. The findings of this study provide a basic recommendation for government authorities to issue policies implementing character education for culture-based junior high school students. Also, the stages inside proved to be effective and efficient in shaping the personality of students to have a Javanese identity.

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Fabricio Francisco Chávez Mora, Irma Milagros Carhuancho Mendoza, Fernando Alexis Nolazco Labajos, Carlos Oswaldo Venturo Orbegoso, Bertha Gladys Miranda Guevara.

The municipal public servant needs to be motivated to serve the citizens in order to provide a quality service, where their expectations are exceeded, for this they must have the necessary resources, the same ones that are tested by the entity; therefore, the objective was to identify the factors that influence the motivation of the public service in a municipality in Peru. The study was carried out under the qualitative approach, the interpretive paradigm, the method applied corresponded to the case study and the phenomenology, the technique applied was the interview with the respective interview guide, the reporting units corresponded to eight collaborators currently working in the institution. The four factors that include the motivation corresponding to the service vocation, the management report, the appropriate organizational climate are based on respect and loyalty to the workplace. Therefore, a weight of the opportunities in the labor market, the collaborators would not resign, because they consider that they work in the municipality for their vocation of service. Weight of the economic conditions are not encouraging, so they emphasize the homologation of their salaries, contracts according to academic achievements, and constant training to resolve cases according to current regulations and not violate the rights of citizens.

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V. NagaRaju, K. Dileep, K. Bhaskar, Sk. Khadar Basha

Water is the main need for any kind of living things. The main source of the water on earth is Sea water. We have fresh water lakes and rivers around the world for drinking purpose, but the scarcity of water came in to existence in 20th century. Therefore, we need to use sea water, which is very plenty around the world, but presently the sea water is not used for drinking purpose. So, we need to convert the salt water in to fresh water for drinking purpose. There are many ways to convert salt water in to fresh water. The converting of salt water in to fresh water, we need more amounts of any type of sources like fuels, solar etc. This paper represents a water purification technique using solar energy named as solar desalination. Even though a lot of work has been done in previous research by using solar desalination technique, the use of Phase Change Material (PCM) to increase the efficiency of the solar still and compare the performance of the solar still with PCM and without PCM. A simple single basin stage still with an inclined transparent surface for the collection of condensed vapors as they fall down. The main purpose to use PCM is to increase the productivity during evenings (when sun is absent).

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Sathiskumar S, Dhanush Guru R, Dhavaneeswaran N

In automobiles, safety considered as a key thing while designing. The vehicle frontal structure has a bumper, structural parts, which resist and reduces damages due to vehicle frontal crashes and ensures safety by absorbing the impact. The Pneumatics plays a major role in the field of automation and actuation control techniques. The aim is to design and fabricate an automated pneumatic based vehicle bumper system that uses a sensor with a pneumatic operated bumper in order to avoid car dents and scratches. This system incorporated with an IR transmitter and Receiver circuit, Control Unit, Pneumatic bumper system. The IR sensor senses the obstacle, which approaches the vehicle. When there is any obstacle closer to the vehicle (within 2-3 feet), the control signal is given to the electronic circuit which actuates the bumper automatically to absorb the impact and stopping it from coming too close to the vehicle body. This prevents vehicle damage and ensures the safety of the inmates. This system only actuated when the vehicle speed is above 30-40 km/hr. This vehicle speed sensed by the proximity sensor and monitored continuously, this signal given to the control unit, and it actuates the pneumatic bumper system accordingly.

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Dr.R.Subramaniya Bharathy Mrs.R.Rajapushpam

Consumer behavior entails the psychological techniques that consumers undergo in spotting wishes, locating ways to clear up these wishes, making buy selections (For example whether or not or not to purchase a product and, in that case, which emblem and wherein), interpret records, make plans, and enforce these plans. Consumers frequently buy products not due to their attributes in line with se but as an alternative because of the remaining benefits that those attributes offer, in flip leading to the delight of closing values. In Present Marketing Scenario, the Study of Consumer Behavior has emerged as critical. Consumers are the kings of markets. Without clients no commercial enterprise corporation can run. All the sports of the commercial enterprise worries stop with clients and purchaser delight. Customer conduct check is primarily based on consumer buying behavior, with the client playing the three awesome roles of consumer, payer and customer. Consumer buying Behaviour consumes derive towards be located a critical part of strategic marketplace making plans. Popular command near broaden a framework for the examine Purchaser Behaviour it's miles useful to begin by way of thinking about the elements which impacts on patron shopping for Behaviour as per healthy equally the evolution of the sector of patron research and the exclusive paradigms of idea which have encouraged the discipline. The examine is an empirical evaluation designed to degree the purchasing Behaviour of millet merchandise amongst customer with a pattern of 185 Consumers.

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In rural development, the government provides 1 billion rupees per village and on the other hand PT Newmont as a gold mining company also provides additional funding for the development and improvement of people's welfare. All funds are channeled through the Village Owned Enterprises throughout Indonesia. But in the last 3 years there are many deviations in the community, especially on the island of Sumbawa precisely the rural area around the gold mine. Therefore, the research team conducted observations, interviews, and document collection in the field through the help of the administrators of Village Owned Enterprises (VOE), communities and stakeholders and even local governments. Qualitative data management includes the process of reduction, display and conclusion. From the field data, it is found that the stakeholders see the unbalance of the VOE role in society caused by (1) the low quality and professionalism of human resources, (2) weak business management, and (3) the economic potential is not yet organized by good.

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Arnold Gabriel Benedict, Samiksha Shukla

Language is an essential mode, not only for human communication—but also for thinking. A story is conveyed or a report of an incident is being told, humans perceive the conveyed information in the form of visual insights. The increasing advancements in the field of artificial intelligence can help with the same in machines. This paper reflects on the internalization of stories from a cognitive perspective and outlines a scalable framework for supporting the visualization of narrative text data. This paper leverages natural language processing (NLP), probabilistic modelling of discourse knowledge, information extraction of narrative components (who, where, when, what) and the narrative visualization. The graphics knowledge base storage structure has been redesigned to obviate the necessity of having a larger database for all graphics entity. With the developed framework, any user can input unrestricted natural language for the dynamic generation of animated scenes. This provides users with direct visual output in response to their natural language input. This tool can potentially impact the way humans interact with computers and expand a completely new way of understanding conversations.

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Emerging technology advancement in various fields due to internet services, young field supply chain management grab the most of the opportunity to establish its hand in Indian economy. Information movement is the key for supply chain management because most of the activity transfer to web based technology. Information movement between suppliers to company, company to customer is important for successes of supply chain management. Reaching global market is possible now because of technology. There are many actors across the world exploiting the opportunities of great demand. But successful actors are very few because of market profitability. Building it and make it conceivable by use of Internet technology as a promotion channel needs new understanding about how the complete logistics arrangement essentials to be established in different environments and about the consequences this will infer for other performers. This paper deals with integration dimensions of supply chain and technology role.

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D.Arivazhagan, Professor, AMET Business School, AMET University, Chennai.

In today’s shipping Industry Logistics is one of the key word increasingly attractive and essential topic among academicians and consultants, because it leads to reduced working cost improved distribution performance and improved customer satisfaction levels. The universal logistics business is projected to the worth of 11.9 billion dollars through large service providers who are headquartered in regions like Europe, the major market is United States, which is about one-third of the Universal market. The international logistics industry is categorized by cost(high) of operations, small margin, unavailability of talent, infrastructure blockages, demand from customers for financing in updated expertise and providing single stop of result to all their requirements. The business is also continually undergoing & facing association through procurements, merges and unions. This paper provides a viewpoint on these problems, outline few challenges through secondary data and pronounce some exciting initiatives that some needs to complete through brilliance in handling logistics.

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Singh Jasvir

Amines serve as starting materials for the preparation of dithiocarbamates and are used largely used in pharmaceutical industry. The reaction of dithiocarbamates with anhydrous manganese (II) acetate in dimethyldulphoxide (DMSO) to form soluble coloured manganese (II) - dithiocarbamate complexes has been made the basis of spectrophotometric (direct colorimetric as well as photometric titrimetric) methods for their determination. The direct colorimetric method consists in adding to DMSO solution of amino compound, an excess of carbon disulphide followed by addition of anhydrous manganese (II) acetate and measuring the resulting colour of metal complex spectrophotometrically at 360 nm (λmax of metal-dithiocarbamets complexes). Alternatively, carbon disulphide was added to the sample solution in DMSO and resulting solution titrated photometrically with standard anhydrous manganese (II) acetate at the respective wavelength. The above spectrophotometric methods have been successfully applied for analysis of amino drugs. The recoveries of procaine penicillin and dopamine hydrochloride from their commercial drug formulations have been found in the ranges 99.0-99.4 and 99.3-100.3% with RSD's in the 0.3-0.4 and 0.2-0.5% respectively

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D.Arivazhagan, Dr. C. Manoharan , Dr.S.Poongavanam, R. Divyaranjani, Dr.R.Vetri selvan

This century has given us certain distinctive path towards leaping into the instigating growth. One has witnessed the instable development in the field of I.T., Law, Medical Sciences, and Engineering etc. Since the last decade many companies have expanded their frontiers into various fields and have brought immense change in the targeted achievement. Along with the benefits, the development has also witnessed various threats to the modus operandi of businesses organization.

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Dr. C. Manoharan , Dr.S.Poongavanam, D.Arivazhagan, R. Divyaranjani, , Dr.R.Vetri selvan

Cognitive motivation is a theory of motivation that states that behavior is an active result of the analysis and processing of available information, rather than an innate and mechanical set of rules that the mind uses to respond to situations. The theory assumes that behavior is based on a process of thought rather than on a preprogrammed set of mental instructions. The term cognition refers to any process of thought, and motivation is the activation of behavior or action. There are two different forms of cognitive motivation, intrinsic and extrinsic motivation. Intrinsic motivation refers to tasks that are rewarding in and of themselves, such as the pleasure of solving a puzzle, learning, or playing a game. The motivating factors for taking such actions are not external but internal. Extrinsic motivation is the opposite and involves engaging in a task because of external factors.

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Sarika T. Deokate, Nilesh J. Uke

Day by day, the printed and handwritten documents are processed on high scale to perform different operations digitally. In this process, Classification of the contents is one of the crucial tasks for any Optical Character Recognition. Diverse techniques like SVM,KNN, ANN, Deep Learning and many more has been utilized for this. We have used KNN, CNN approach for this and illustrated the working of the Convolutional neural network for the Marathi Script with discussion of its working environment. To achieve the superiority we used the max pooling. We tried our system on the diverse size dataset to check the fitness of the proposed model. We evaluated our system on the varying size trained and test data set

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Sameer Y.Bhosale*, Prof.Dr.G.R.Selokar

In improvement of the thermal performance there is necessity of the heat transfer augmentation. As the series of ribs publicists the turbulence to intensify the heat transfers to the working medium in the duct. For this criteria we made the numerical and experimental examination of non conational type truncated stepped grooved shoe shape rib under forced convection. The study concentrates on truncated ribs to improve thermal performances with continuous ribs. For the experimentation, velocities (1 m/s – 2.5 m/s) and heater inputs (625 W/m2 - 960 W/m2) are considered to determine the heat transfer performance. The highest magnitudes of Nusselt Number (Nu), Thermal Enhancement factor (TEF) are respectively. The results of experiments are also validated with Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) results and literature results. The results obtained by the experimentation are in good agreement with CFD results and higher than that of results from same domain literature.

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Ambalgi Bheemashankar, Dr. A.C. Subhajini

Cloud Computing is a practical, adaptable and demonstrated conveyance stage for giving business or consumer IT services over the Internet. In any case, cloud computing presents an additional degree of hazard since essential services are frequently re-appropriated to a third party, which makes it harder to keep up information security and protection, bolster information and administration accessibility, and show consistency. Cloud computing uses many innovations (Web 2.0, virtualization, SOA); In addition, the security issues we are examining here are identified the major vulnerabilities of these framework types and the major threats identified with cloud computing, as well as the condition for differentiation and detection Dangers with possible solutions.

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Hanamantraya, Dr.A.C.Subhajini

MCC is one of the promising advancements for changing the world that gives pooled cloud assets toward unlimited capacity, utility and versatility to serve different mobile gadgets through Ethernet or Internet whenever and place in heterogeneous environments. So as to have top to bottom comprehension of MCC, one ought to have clear comprehension of cloud computing and its services. The fundamental objective of this work was to propose a security structure so as to verify the client’s private information utilized by a segment based mobile cloud application. The security system proposed is called Secure Mobile-Cloud (SMC) and its functionalities are: To allow the clients to pick the security level they need to apply to their information. To adjust the security level and accordingly the security services to the client prerequisites. To adjust the security services connected to the mobile gadget vitality utilization.

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Bhaskar Jyoti Deka

The concept of ‘market environmentalism’ (ME) and the process of ‘neo-liberalisation of nature’ becomes a new discourse in the field of natural resources management. Commercialisation, privatisation, and market mechanisms are replacing public policies vis-à-vis resource governance. Simultaneously, the movements for establishing human right to water (HRtW) and decentralisation of environmental governance for ensuring the viability of the natural ecosystem are also on the rise. This article sheds light on the optimistic argumentations of ME and then examines them critically. It is concerned with the governance of environmental resources especially ‘waters’, the role of neoliberal forces have diminishing effects in many instances. Taking water as a right more significant than any other constitutional rights citizens exercise legally, the article speculates that moderate state intervention and encouragement for greater public participation are necessary steps to be taken for sustainable governance of water, which would eventually ensure citizens their ‘Right to Water’

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M. Lakshmi Priya, C. V. Naidu, Josthna Penchalaneni

Upon purification, various anti-cancer drugs derived from plant materials were tested on cells, including various cancer cell lines and laboratory animals and then sent to clinical trials. In recent years, the number of newly discovered natural compounds has increased dynamically.Such compounds have cytotoxic properties with a range of action mechanisms such as tumor cell growth inhibition, apoptosis induction, DNA disruption, topoisomerase inhibition I and II, apoptosis induction, and others.Our present study deals with extraction and isolation of different fractions of Flemingia wightiana's ethanolic leaf extract by using column chromatography and thin layer chromatography [TLC]. This purification results in three different fractions where these three were subjected to identify their cytotoxicity against HCT-116 cancer cell lines.MTT reports make it clear that fraction 1 is the active fraction of all, and this is further continued to find the exact bioactive compounds through GC-MS.

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Saint Saputra, Supahar

The purpose of this study was to describe: (1) Produces a medium of learning physics meriam bambu assisted local wisdom smartphone for the material sound waves that meet the eligibility criteria, (2) untuk instructional media portray the real object using local bamboo wisdommeriam, (3) the values of local wisdom in meriam bambu.This study is a research and development (R & D), which refers to the model 4-D model of development. Feasibility media validated by subject matter experts, media experts and practitioners. Media developed loaded onto the smartphone. Data obtained in the form of qualitative data and kauntitatif,Qualitative data referred to in order to get suggestions and comments for further improvements while quantitative data in the form of scores were used to assess the feasibility according to the criteria. Quantitative data analysis was performed using kritetia quality raw scale.Based on the analysis concluded: media expert validation earned an average of 4.20 aspect display with good category of software engineering aspects of 4.25 with very good category. Meanwhile, for the assessment of media usage aspects of the media get a mean score of 4.25 with the criteria aspect very well, and 4.24 with the criteria of the language very well.

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Z.Rakhmankulova, Sh.Choriev, D.Yusupova, O.Muminov

This paper is considered as first attempt to discuss the historiography of the relations between Central Asian Khanates and Ottoman empire in the 19th and at the beginning of the 20th centuries. The study analyzed by a historiography of history of political, social and cultural relations among Central Asian Khanates and Ottoman empire in the 19th and at the beginning of the 20th centuries. Additionally, on the paper widely used archive documents of the National Archive of the Republic of Uzbekistan. The study can shed light to the historical relations between two nations in areas social, economic, and cultural tolerance.

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R Ranjith Kumar, G Elavarasan, M Kannan, D Karthikeyan

There is a critical situation waiting for our future generation about the consumption of all the resources of globe to produce electricity that our planet took billions of years to create. Over a short duration of shut down or an on-demand power source to supplement a renewable energy system, crude oil based engine-driven generators can provide a viable technological solution. The ICE generator is a mature technology that has been employed with great success the world over. Indeed, it is arguable that this success and the ubiquitous nature of the technology have led directly to many of the environmental crises facing our planet today. Nevertheless, the disadvantages of the engine-driven generator are many, and in some applications, it is the appropriate technology for the job. Even today, the major power source of automobile is crude oil based ICE which are need to be changed gradually by an alternative source of energy. By taking EURO emission standard as reference Central Pollution Control Board in India has implemented Bharat emission standards and it is updating its regulation in regular interval of time. In this paper, a complete review of various stages of Bharat emission standards and the reason for making the emission rules and regulations stringent in recent times were discussed in this paper.

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Sayyora Masharipova

The article described unique architecture of ancient cities of Uzbekistan one of them hotel as the second floor of the outer court, covering one room, hallway, terrace, area, warehouse, and two or three rooms and a hallway with adjoining or open space, sometimes one or more rooms on one or both sides of the high patio on the second floor.

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Nilufar Fayzullaeva, Muborak Makhkamova

The article deals with the problem of implementation of innovative pedagogy, particularly teaching disciplines of the economic cycle. Presenting different forms of the basic methods of active means of teaching students in order to improve the quality of education, as well as the importance of personal and professional competence of the teacher.

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A.M. Diponegoro, H.K. Rustam, R. Wilantika, B. Mukti, Y. Fajrin, & F. Saipul

The purpose of this study is to find out the meaning of the quality of fathering based on the stage of development and gender. The subjects of this study were S1 and S2 students in Yogyakarta with 200 students. Much research has been done on fathering before. However, in this study we want to review how the perspective of students in Yogyakarta regarding the quality of their father, whether close to their father. This hypothesis shows students are very close to their fathers such as educating, devoting, supporting, and on the side of religiosity. The quality of the relationship between adolescents and fathers is getting better so far experiencing problems.

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Nadya Carmelianda, Etty R. Kridarso, Julindiani Iskandar, Sri Novianthi

Planning dan designing football stadium with retractable roof aims to accommodate outdoor and indoor activities (multievent arena) such as football matches and music concerts. Dynamic element is applied in one of football stadium part which is the roof, this is chosen as a representation of future dimensions. The football stadium which become the object of this research is Singapore National Stadium in Singapore, Toyota Stadium in Japan, and Commerzbank Arena in Germany. The object of this research has rectractable roof with different forms, structures, and environmental aspects. This research uses qualitative methods by comparing secondary data about the application of dynamic elements which applied to the rectratable roof of each research object that has different kind of weather conditions, function, roof shape, structural design, and types of roof movement, then analyzed based on dynamic element criteria. With this research about the application of dynamic element on football stadium retractable roof, it can be concluded that Singapore National Stadium in Singapore has the most dynamic retractable roof.

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Diana Irvindiaty Hendrawan, Melati Ferianita Fachrul, Astri Rinanti

The aims of the study were to identify water quality status, and analysis the function of lake as an ecological balance of the city. Depok city have 20 of lakes which function as a water catchment areas. The high population growth of Depok City give a pressure on the small lake and getting siltation and water pollution. Silting and lake area reduction result in a reduction in the volume of water disposal and the impact is will be a flood as well. The method to calculate the water quality status using the water pollution index (PI). The result show that the quality status of lakes is moderate upto heavy polluted. The main pollutants that enter to lake come from settlement. This is indicated by the high value of BOD, COD, fecal coli due to mostly in the settlement not including the communal waste water treatment plant (WWTPs) to process the greywater. This condition will distrubed of biogeochemical cycle and makes environmental problems also gave a negative impact on community. Integrated management is needed in the management of lakes in Depok City. The action that must be taken to improve its ecological function were to digging the lake more than 3 m, construct the communal WWTPs to treat settlement wastewater and arrangement of lake banks.

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Edy Siswanto

This study aims to determine the effect of the principal's participatory leadership style on teacher work satisfaction and to know the effect of teacher work motivation on work satisfaction of Mts Muhammadiyah Sidomulyo teachers in Gorontalo Province. Population and samples used in this study were all 50 teachers Muhammadiyah Sidomulyo Mts in Gorontalo Province. This research was carried out using the SPSS 21.0 instrument. The data analysis method used in this study, including normality test, determination coefficient test, Simultaneous F test, and Partial T test. Based on the results of the research data on the analysis of the influence of style participatory leadership, motivation towards employee job satisfaction, it can be concluded that there is an influence between participatory leadership style with employee job satisfaction. There is an influence between motivation on employee job satisfaction, and there is a simultaneous influence between leadership style and motivation on employee job satisfaction.

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Anis Wulandari, Etty R Kridarso, Nuzuliar Rahma, Rizki Fitria Madina, Ristya A Safitri

Indonesia is the largest archipelagic country where abundant biodiversity can invite both flora and fauna. The existence of a tourist object that explores the beauty of nature that utilizes the charm of the underwater park and marine biota in Indonesia that can be enjoyed, studied and studied. Oceanarium is an artificial nature that is recreational, educative and conservative and can foster a love of the sea.The physical form of a building, first expressed by the shape of the facade. The shape of the facade that is reflected provides visual communication to the observer, so that a building design can be known for its aesthetic concept. An overview of the aesthetic concepts in the facade of the Oceanarium building will be carried out by qualitative methods, where data is obtained from secondary sources (literature, journals). Furthermore, the analysis uses a comparative method to then describe the conclusions.The final results show that each oceanarium building has a different aesthetic element..

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Rianto Nurcahyo, Didiet Gharnaditya, Agung Surya, Ghea Natalia

This research aims to provide input to PT. ABC Indonesia in the digital marketing industry about a strategy that will provide competitive advantage from other competing companies in the digital marketing industry. The data processed with descriptive qualitative methods of Milles and Huberman,The data collected based on primary and secondary data through direct interviews with companies in the digital marketing industry to look at external and internal factors that include PESTLE (Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Legal, Environmental), 5 Forces Porter, RBV (Resource Based View) methods at PT. ABC Indonesia . Recommendation Strategy based on VRIO (Valuable, Rare, and Imitability Organized) to see the resources are a competitive disadvantage, competitive advantage parity, or sustainable competitive advantage and SWOT (Strength, Weakness, Opportunities, Threat) matrix to see and create alternative strategies that can be implemented firmly.

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Nor Azman Ismail, Tan Chun Wen, Md Sah Salam, Abdullah Mohd Nawi, Su Elya Namira Mohamed

This paper aims to explore the use of Visual Inertial Odometry (VIO) for tracking and measurement. The evolution of VIO is first discussed, followed by the overview of monocular Visual Odometry (VO) and the Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU). Next, the related measurement approaches and the use of VIO for measurement have also been discussed. Visual Inertial Odometry is the combination of IMU in the VO system in which the visual information and inertial measurements are combined to achieve an accurate measurement. The algorithm of VO system contains four components, which are camera calibration algorithm, the feature tracker algorithm (usually the KLT algorithm), the rigid motion estimation algorithm, and the algorithm that matches a description of the features points (typically RANSAC algorithm). The IMU is the combination of accelerometer, gyroscopes and magnetometer that measures the linear and angular motion. To fuse the visual and inertial measurements data, there are two different approaches based on when and how they were fused. Tightly coupled and loosely coupled are the approaches for when the measurements are fused, while filtering and optimization based are the approaches for how they were fused. Studies on related measurement approaches can be summarized as three methods which are using the time-of-flight camera, dual cameras (stereovision), or the single camera known as monovision. This review shows that the technique that utilizes the VIO to get visual information and inertial motion has been used widely for measurement lately especially for the field related to Augmented Reality.

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S. B. Ron Carter, L. P. Sivakumar, K. Premkumar, A.Selvaraj, M. Vishnu Priya

TZ-source inverter is a new boost voltage source inverter, designed by replacing the inductors with two transformers in the classical Z source inverter. This new topology inverter uses transformers with low number of turns in order to minimize the size and weight of the model without compromising the voltage gain at output. The voltage boosts up ability can be achieved with very low shoot-through duty ratio which helps in improving the modulation index. By improving the modulation index the main circuit output power quality can be improved. In this, speed control is possible by controlling the gate pulse given to the inverter. The PWM method is used for controlling the pulse width given to the inverter switches.

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Sathish Kumar G, Ramya R, Dinesh P S, Prabha Devi D, Janani A P

The huge amount of information is available in the World Wide Web (WWW) which creates the interesting factor for web mining. The access pattern of the webpages or websites, properties of the documents, behavior of the distinct customers can be analyzed by the web mining methods. Web miner software is employed to discover the similar patterns in the websites and is used to certify the information which is extracted from the pages. Our focus is to enhance the profit by web services in business domains. We have performed the algorithmic strategies for the effective implementation of our proposed technique. Our objective is to find the webpages as a widespread or popular webpages by using the Hit counts and the number of advertisements in that particular webpage.

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Dr. Raj Bahadur Sharma, Dr. Sandeep Solanki

The study investigates the usage tendencies and practices of social media among the social media users in Saudi Arabia. The researchers examine the overall effects of the social media on the life of social media users and to identify the reactions of cyber bullying activities. For the study, data has been collected through semi structured questionnaire; chi-square and ranking methods were used to testing the hypotheses. It is found that the users utilize the social media for buying products or services online, especially with bulk discounts or offers. Mostly users are not being affected by cyber bullying activities, it shows that they are fully aware about cyber bullying and also not indulge unnecessarily. The study concluded that there is no association between selection of social media and gender; purpose of using social media and gender, victimizing by social media and gender.

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S. Thamizh Suganya, P. Balaganesan, L. Rajendran

Mathematical modeling of microbial fuel cell consisting of a bio-catalyzed anode and air cathode is discussed. This model contains a system of non-linear rate equations, whereas non-linear related to bio-electrochemical kinetics and charge transfer. The non-linear differential equation in this model solves using the new approach of the homotopy perturbation method. The concentration of substrate, primary and secondary microbial fuel cell and mediator are obtained in terms of experimental parameters. The effect of various values of the parameters on the concentration is discussed. The analytical solutions are also compared with simulation results and satisfy the agreement is noted.

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Niranjan Patil, Shital Bachpalle, Kaustubh Hindlekar, Simran Pansare, Suhas Janrao

To manage drainage water, most important and useful method is to re use this water. We are going to implement this system to reuse of maximum drainage water. For short and long terms need, it is necessary to avoid the waste of water. In some regions, percentage of rain is minimum, in such areas; reuse of drainage water is most important and useful method. According to the quality of drainage water, the water should be distributed to the crops which should be irrigated. For salt sensitive crop it is not possible to do the reuse of drainage water. For salt sensitive crops and trees, purified drainage water should be reused. If this project is located near the wetland at that time we can reuse of drainage water for that wetland. However, in this system we have to take precautions of leaving things in the water. Leaving things in water such as fish and other insects should get harmful because of the drainage water so that at the time of implementation of this system we have to take care of such things. In this system, we are proposing a system which consists of water level point contact sensor, solenoid valve, Wi-Fi module, Arudino microcontroller. This system detects the water level of drainage and transmits it to the necessary irrigation area.

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Gnanaprakash V, Harini P, Harish K, Suresh G, Purusothaman P,

Over past few years, Automatic Face Recognition (AFR) have seen a huge performance improvement and this technology is now widely used in almost all commercial and security applications. It is now dragging its concentration on several automatic attendance system. Maintaining attendance is mandatory and important in all the institutions. In olden days, manual method of taking the attendance by a staff was carried out which especially needs more time and man power. To make this process automatized, Biometric attendance system emerged with marking the attendance through the fingerprints of the students. Although it is better than the manual method, it fails in the fact that it makes the students stand in a long queue which is again time consuming.Face recognition is also available in the same biometric module, it is used for analysing individuals only which still needs huge time. The proposed system gives an efficient way to automatically recognize the faces of the students and maintain attendance database based on their presence in a real time background. The results have shown improved behaviour over manual attendance system with a higher accuracy. It also tends to highly increase the security of the attendance management system.

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Rosanti Rahayu, Oemar Kamal, Yus Agustinih, Feranita

This paper presents the results of qualitative study of comparison of franchise and partnership management strategies for laundry online business to provide online business owners guidance how to manage franchise and partnership. The data was collected by interviewing from the three-difference perspective which are management of company, franchisee and partner. This study used the approach of SWOT (strength, weakness, opportunity and threat) analysis. The key findings indicate that any different treatment to managing franchise and partnership within one company. The differences are in criteria to be parties, level agreement, term and fee of contract, how to get online customers, marketing, SWOT analysis, and future plan.

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Gilbert Turnip, Endang Yuli Herawati, Sri Andayani

Chaetoceros calcitrans has a big role in providing feed for larvae, especially shrimp larvae in the field of aquaculture and fisheries. That is because C. calcitrans has a high nutrient content, namely 35% protein, 6.9% fat, 6.6% carbohydrate and 28% ash content (6). Besides in the field of aquaculture and fisheries. C. calcitrans also has a role in humans. C. calcitrans microalgae has high potential as a producer of high economic value chemical compounds such as omega fatty acids. Therefore this study was conducted to determine the biomass and abundance of C.calcitrans microalgae cells in cultivation with the use of carbon dioxide gas. In this study the carbon dioxide concentration injection was used ie 10%, 20%, 30%, and 40%. The highest abundance and biomass of microalgae cells is in the treatment of 10% carbon dioxide concentration,. So for the cultivation of Chaetoceros calcitrans microalga it is recommended to use 10% carbon dioxide injection concentration.

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S. Madhava Reddy, K. Sudhakar Reddy, J Pavan Kumar

The objective of the paper is to provide an overview of advances and developments with lithography. The need for high resolution and cost effective surface patterning techniques to develop advanced functional materials with characteristic surface properties resulted in tremendous amount of research in the last few years. Lithography is the influence on production costs of integrated circuits. Advanced lithography techniques with fundamentally diverse principles have been proposed and conventional ideas have been modified to push the limits of micro- and nano-patterning on metallic, ceramic, polymeric and biological surfaces.

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Tanu H M, Minakshi Mishra, Sunitha M, Reshma T V, Sankalpasri S S,

Precast interlocking concrete paver blocks are used in immense extent and its demand is increasing day by day for creating the pavement or for exterior flooring. But largely paver blocks are cast using concrete, in which cement is the binder. But it is an energy absorbing product which consumes more energy during its all phases of production process and it gives out great volume of carbon di-oxide (CO2) to the outside environment causing serious treat on the atmosphere. Thus there is needful to minimize the usage of cement or to find the other possible binding agent which is eco friendly. In the other hand large quantity of agro- industrial wastes are getting accumulated which is simply burnt or dumped in a place as a result of which environmental problems are rising and the valuable lands are getting turned into dumping yards. Only little percentage of these wastes is being used for various purposes. The materials which can improve the performance of the building elements can be effectively used in the construction field, thus helping to overcome the complications of disposal issues. Hence in this study an effort is made to use locally available laterite soil, rice husk ash and areca husk fiber to make paver blocks which is then stabilized using some percentage of cement. Further its performance is enhanced by usage of SBR latex. The pavers were cast and tested for compressive strength, abrasion resistance and water absorption. The mixture of soil with 20% replacement of rice husk ash and 0.4% addition of areca husk fiber by the weight of soil and ash, with addition of 30% cement and constant 2% latex showed satisfactory results.

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Oksana Lavrykova, Nadiia Kuzmenko, Irуna Demchenko, Olena Kovalchuk, Valentyna Slipchuk, Oksana Pilevych

The task of the authors of the article is to develop a theoretical, methodological, resource support for the process of forming the readiness of future teachers to work in an inclusive education; in improving and testing tools for monitoring the readiness of teachers to work in mixed classes; in the study and analysis of the state of the investigated problem; processing data obtained during the experimental work; preparation of publications based on the results of the study. The authors of the article paid special attention to the disclosure of such provisions: 1. The willingness of future teachers to work in an inclusive education environment is a stable personality trait that is an essential prerequisite for teaching children with disabilities and characterized by a focus on implementing the principles of inclusion in professional activities. 2. The structure of inclusive readiness includes key substantive components: inclusive ethics (a set of moral and ethical values and norms of an inclusive community, based on a set of personal qualities of a teacher important for working with “special” children); inclusive theory (knowledge needed to organize inclusive education for children); inclusive practice (pedagogical skills relevant to the implementation of an inclusive educational process). 3. The main criteria for the readiness of future teachers of inclusive education include: value-motivational (the adoption of the values of inclusion and the orientation of the teacher to implement the principles of "inclusion" in his pedagogical activity); personal (a set of personal qualities important for working in an inclusive environment); cognitive (the presence of clear, systemic knowledge about the basics of inclusive education); activity (practical skills based on theoretical knowledge that contribute to solving the problems of inclusive education). The reliability of the research results is provided by the validity of the methodology, its relevance to the problem posed, the use of a set of standard research methods, statistical verification of the significance of the results, and the possibility of repeating the study.

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A. Vennila, V.R.Saraswathy, M. Ilakkia, P. Harshikaa Devi, V. Naagavighnesh

In this paper a novel design to detect pattern mismatch in the punched cards which are widely used in power loom industries is proposed. Punching machines are used to print design pattern in the form of holes in cards. Any changes in the pattern punched in the card leads to modification in actual design. Hence the verification of the punched pattern becomes essential. An embedded system based solution is given to detect errors in real time at the outlet of each card from the punching machine. The light sensors are used to retrieve data from the card and the retrieved pattern is compared with actual design pattern.

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P. Chitra, M. Sumathi, R. Sakthi Prabha, A. Sahaya Anselin Nisha, T. Bernatin

Communication is the way toward trading thoughts, considerations, emotions and data in type of verbal or non-verbal message. Yet, for an individual who can't hear is visual, yet not sound-related. This individual does not have the civilities which a typical individual possesses. In the Existing System, there are some application to perceive the hard of hearing and unable to speak individuals' motion however they are not ready to speak with them like an ordinary individual. In the Proposed System, the fundamental target of the venture, is to set up correspondence between an outwardly tested individual and the hard of hearing and unable to speak individual. Outwardly tested individual speaks with the hard of hearing and unable to speak individual by demonstrating the Braille picture before the camera utilizing matlab introduced in the server. In this prepared a set for Braille keyword examination, Once the Braille language is distinguished then content is printed for the almost totally senseless individual. Mems sensor is connected with the hard of hearing and unable to speak individual so client turn the finger/hands so comparing writings are perceived and voice alert is given to the outwardly tested individual. So this is two path correspondence for visually impaired, tragically challenged individuals. This framework takes the Mems sensor contribution by hard of hearing quiet utilizing the sensor glove that perceives the hand signals, content contribution by visually impaired individuals utilizing the Braille keypad and discourse contribution by visually impaired and hard of hearing utilizing a versatile application which performs discourse to-content transformation. These sources of info are handled and transmitted to cloud utilizing the idea of IoT. The transmitted information is then gotten and handled to create three sorts of yield. The content yield will be shown on the LCD screen, the discourse yield is created utilizing the speaker and the Braille yield utilizing six engines masterminded in a structure in order to take after the Braille character. This framework empowers the client to speak with any individual found anyplace over the world approaching the web.

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Sureshkumar R, Suji Prasad S.J, Annas T, Aruna L, Iniya D G

Plastic waste has been a primary environmental concern nowadays due to the increase in its consumption. It is a chemical compound manufactured by adding various chemicals and toxic agents. It is a known fact and at the same time, hard truth that plastic is non-biodegradable, and it causes multiple hazards to the environment and the living beings. Improper disposal of plastic leads to soil pollution, clogging of water on the surface of the earth, death of aquatic species and even more severe impacts on the environment. In our project, segregate the plastic waste without any human intervention. It helps in reducing the man's work, and it also makes the segregation process easier. The only way to eliminate the adverse effects of plastic waste is to recycle it properly such that the amount of waste is reduced and recycled material can be remade as useful plastic products. The plastic products are recycled based on its physical parameters such as size and colour. The process of segregation of plastic based on size and colour is at present is done by labourers at recycling units, which is a prolonged process and also leads to long term health hazards. The slow rates of reuse and recycling, most of them end up in landfills, beaches, oceans and remain there for hundreds of thousands of years.

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Jai Ram Ojha, Subodh Kumar Chaturvedi and Anirudh Bhowmick

The Kulfo River, flowing in the ‘Main Ethiopian Rift Valley’, is one of the important rivers of SNNPR. The river profile, volume of river water flow, rainfall, topography, geology, climate and land use are the controlling agents for the erosion, transportation and deposition of sediments in this area. A total of seven sediment samples collected at water-land interface along the Kulfo River have been utilized for their granulometric analysis. The study reveals unimodal, moderately to well sorted fine sands in upstream indicating a single source of sediment supply in the river. Farther away from upstream, the textural properties of sediments indicate bimodal to polymodal, poorly to moderately as well as well sorted medium to fine sands reflecting more than one source of sediment supply

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Ajayan Kamalasanan, Gurumoorthy Sathiyamoorthi, Arun Vijay Subbarayalu

Aim: To study the role played by the leaders and the challenges faced by them to build and sustain quality standards in order to attain accreditation of the hospitals in India. Method: The study is based on the exploration of challenges encountered by the leaders to accomplish the quality standards of hospitals in order to meet the target of various national and international accreditations. The research carried out a detailed analysis of literature on various challenges faced by the leadership in managing quality to attain hospital accreditation. Results: The potential challenges were identified as inadequate infrastructural facilities, financial constraints, compliance with all regulatory and professional requirements, insufficient human resources, lack of training, complexities in the documentation, and adoption of information technology are identified as the major challenges faced by the healthcare leadership in managing quality & accreditation of Indian Hospitals. Conclusion: The study enlightens the challenges faced by the leadership in various aspects of quality management to attain accreditation of hospitals in India. The study identified 12 major challenges and provides appropriate strategies to be developed and addressed by the leadership for handling the different aspects of quality management in healthcare settings. Since this study is based on the review of literature, further research is warranted to ascertain the effectiveness of suitable measures to overcome these challenges in improving the quality of healthcare.

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Dr.N.Dhachanamoorthi, Dr.M.Jothi, S.Tamilselvan,

Synthesis of hybrid functional nanocomposites (PPy-ZnO) was employed with ZnO by mechanical mixing method, this system, the observed FT-IR results ensured the presence of PPy in the composite and also pronounces the characteristic absorption peaks of ZnO around 591 and 438 cm−1. The observed strong vibration in the low wave number region around 591cm−1 is corresponds to antisymmetric vibrations of Zn-O-Zn bond of Zinc oxide. This ensured the presence of ZnO incorporated in the PPy nanoparticles. UV-Vis absorption spectra of PPy-ZnO nanocomposites helps to explore the optical behavior of incorporated nanoparticles into PPy matrix and hence, the integrated ZnO nanoparticles gives rise to the red shift of π–π* transition of polypyrrole. The XRD pattern exhibits the crystalline nature of PPy-ZnO nanocomposite and reveal out the existence of different crystallite sizes observed from diffraction peaks. Thermal stability of both polypyrrole and PPy-ZnO nanocomposite was investigated by thermo gravimetric analysis (TGA) and Differential scanning calorimetry (DSC). SEM images reveal that ZnO nanoparticles is deposited on the PPy surface which have a nucleus effect on the polymerization of PPy. It also ensures, the degree of deposition on the surface of PPy increases with ZnO content. SEM images indicated that the zinc particles are embedded in the PPy matrix forming the core-shell structure. ZnO nanoparticles exist as agglomerates due to high surface area and magneto dipole-dipole interactions between the particles. In SEM images, the black core is zinc particles with the diameter range of 50-150 nm and the light colored shell is attributed to PPy in the nanocomposites, which is due to the different electron penetrability. The EDAX results of PPy-ZnO reveals that an elements like Carbon (44.23 wt.%) and Sulfur (3.18 wt.%) molecules decreases and Zinc (23.47 wt.%), Oxygen(29.12 wt.%) molecules increases, while increasing concentration of ZnO nano metal oxide content.

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Devesh Lowe, Dr. Mithilesh Kumar Dubey, Bhavna Galhotra

Most modern programming languages support multi-threading, which is commonly required in executing parallel programs in mobile multi-media applications, web-servers and operating systems. Concurrency bugs are common in multi-threaded applications. Bugs like race conditions, data races and deadlocks are some problems which arise out of unsynchronized code but have to capacity to sneak in to large and complex structures and may result in giving unexpected results. Data Race is one such synchronization bug, arising out of unsynchronized code, which can stay hidden even after many rounds of testing, but can emerge as a system destroyer when it surfaces. Researchers, in last four decades have presented various tools to detect data races which are broadly classified into static, dynamic and hybrid categories. In this paper authors have focussed on data races arising in object oriented programming language- java and have presented a study of various research articles subjected towards early detection of data races. Authors hereby present a study of techniques used by different researchers and have tried to summarise the java oriented approaches to solve the problem. Authors also present a comparison on different java based tools used for data race detection.

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K. Venkatesh, P. Santhosh Kumar, A. Sivanesh Kumar

Now-a-days technology has been improving a lot over the Internet and people utilizing the internet are also increasing rapidly. Email has been playing a key role in communication due to its efficiency. E-Mails are said to be the most reliable and most widely used way of communication for sending and receiving official information. But for visually impaired people it is very difficult to use the internet and technology. They cannot see the screen of the computer and cannot use the keyboard. So they cannot access the internet and becomes very difficult to communicate by using the internet. A recent analysis enclosed that there are more than 255million visually challenged people around the world. They even don’t know how to use E-Mail. The only way that they can do is that they have to depend on the third person. This paper mainly aims at introducing a system that will help blind people to use the system without practice. The advantage of this system is that it will not let the user to use a keyboard, since it is difficult to recognize the characters on a keyboard for blind people. It simply works on mouse clicks and interactive voice response which makes very simple and easy to use. [3] Object Detection is locating an object in the frame of Video Sequence. It helps to detect unsuspicious events occurred in public places such as detecting traffic violators. Since the surveillance is done using multiple cameras, the computation power needed is more. One of the solutions to overcome this problem is Cloud Computing based approach. Object detection is done by the one of the most popular and simple technique called background subtraction. Here the Subtraction is parallelized by workflow scheduling mechanisms. Once parallelization is achieved through workflow scheduling computation time is reduced. Hence the object detection time is reduced which is more helpful for most of the Real Time object detection and tracking applications viz video surveillance, Robot Navigation and etc. To optimize the scheduling we go for BAT optimization algorithm which is a Meta heuristic technique.

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R.Kamalakannan, B.Arunkumar, S.Arun kumar, C.Bhavishnu

The metals in the environment can corrode in an ordinary condition and some special conditions. The main aim of this project is to design and fabricate salt spray testing machine which is able to identify the corrosion formation in any type of metals; from this testing process we can improvise the life span of the particular metal. For example, a motorbike has a paint coated footrest made of stainless steel, so this part when comes in contact with atmosphere nearly after a year it is corroded so if salt spray testing machine is used at this point can found out that for additional coating of paint, whether it will withstand up to longer duration likewise, this process can be analysed. This salt spray testing machine is fabricated for low cost and the metals are coated and analysed.

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Arun Verma, Dr. A.B Kafaltiya, Dr. Desh Deepak Singh, Piyush, Dr. Shivani Sharma, Dr. Pankaj Srivastava

Neurolaw is an interdisciplinary research program which aims not only to re-examine the axioms of law but also to enrich it in term of methodology and evidence. Although historically there are cases of application of neuroscience in the legal sphere, rapid growth has been recorded only after 1990. The radical debate in the field is between two perspectives i.e. neuroscience will show that we don’t have free will and this will lead to non-assignment of responsibility for actions including legal one and secondly, that neuroscience will show that humans have free will and thus there will be no changes in the legal system. In, this paper we will migrate from these theoretical arguments, to access the infield contribution of neuroscience to the legal system i.e. neurolaw.

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Dinesh Mishra, Dr. Sanjeev Patwa

In the current scenario huge amount of data will be generated from different sources for storage. Cloud is a cheapest source for such storage. Data may be of heterogeneous type and with different attributes. Duplicate data produces a problem for cloud service provider. Deduplication is a technique to provide optimal storage solution. Main challenges in deduplication are optimizing storage with reliability and accuracy along with reducing computation overhead and recoverability. The proposed research describes a framework to provide attribute based deduplication on cloud contents. Developed framework will provide attribute based deduplication on heterogeneous contents. System has been evaluated on various parameters like deduplication ratio, computation overhead etc.

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Salmalina Rieuwpassa, Andi Agustang, Arlin Adam

Religious nuance conflicts in Ambon became a dark history of the Indonesian nation's historical journey. The development of Ambon in the future is expected to encourage the realization of sustainable peace. However, the construction of peacebuilding is like two sides of one currency, inseparable. Both sides must be complementary and mutually supportive. This situation is similar to the Central Maluku which is currently still in the process of peaceful transition. This study aimed to analyze the principles of peace between two different religious communities in Tanah Hila and Dusun Tanah Hila Putih. To analyze the data, a descriptive qualitative method was used. While for data collection, observation, in-depth interviews, and focused group discussions were successfully done to those communities. The results showed that there were several approaches have been conducted successfully to build sustainable peace. The community events were conducted to unite differences that were carried out by two different faith groups. The family relationships approach has taken to minimized social conflict among the groups. This harmony can be seen as these two different faiths were carrying out Patita meals party, conducting religious social activities, sporting in volleyball competitions, telling fraternal relations between generations, and protecting land ownership rights. To succeed in these efforts, religious leaders played an important role in resolving Maluku conflict issues and caring for peace. Even though religious institutions have not yet done solely to maintain and build peace, the Christian community of Hila Tanah Putih and its religious leaders, however, have given direction to their followers in order to maintain peace and harmony among themselves. Therefore, this study strongly advises that understanding the dynamics of religious as well as the political conflict is very important especially to prevent the possibility of recurring conflict in society. As a multi-ethnic, multi-cultural, and multi-religious state, Indonesia is always haunted by the vulnerability of the threat of conflict with various backgrounds, starting from identity-based, ethno-communal, separatist, separating natural resource access to micro-scale conflicts such as brawls between youth, disputes between residents and so on. Community development plays an important role in maintaining and encouraging sustainable peacebuilding to move in a constructive direction.

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Srimathi H, Krishnamoorthy A

Education forms an important indicator of human development; meet ever growing expectations of the people, thereby making it the most powerful tool for socio-economic and cultural development for achieving the national goals. The private tuition and coaching exist parallel to formal schooling to grab the needs of public who believe that the learning curve transforms the status and takes them to the next high level. The mushroom growth of private tuition, coaching and digital learning centres are due to the increased expectations, excel in grades of school leaving examinations, limited seats in premium institutions, and competition in the job market The dense of private institutions in School and College education extended the usage of sophisticated software, infrastructure development and digital marketing campaigns. The paper aims to review the trends exist in tuition, coaching and support services.

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Rossi Indiarto, Bayu Rezaharsamto

Ohmic heating, known as joule heating, can produce heat by flowing electric current through materials that can resist the flow of electricity. The volumetric properties resulting from ohmic heating cause heat to be spread evenly on the material. This method is best for foods containing suspended particulate matter in media containing weak salt. The advantage of ohmic heating in food is demonstrated by its ability to deactivate pathogenic microbes, prevent the decline in functional properties of food, nutritional, and sensory values so that food shelf life increases. However, related to viscosity, electrical conductivity, and fouling deposits are the limitations of ohmic heating. In addition to the inhibition of the microbial and enzyme activity, ohmic heat was also used for the extraction of essential compounds, including various specific processes such as starch gelatinization. This review discusses the ohmic heating, the principles and design of ohmic heating, the factors that influence it, and its use in food.

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R. Karthikeyan, Dr. P. Geetha, Dr. E. Ramaraj

In the field of Artificial Intelligence, the ensemble learning methodology is a multiple machine learning model algorithm used to acquire a better performance for a disease prediction. Disease prediction through Ensemble learning can be done by using two different datasets such as Diabetes and Cholesterol. The rise of Non-Communicable Diseases (NCD) like Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) and Diabetes in the world is increasing day by day drastically in a very high manner which leads to deaths in several countries. The main aim of ensemble learning is to process datasets on multiple models and then combine all the predictions to get ensemble learning. The ensemble learning algorithm uses five algorithms Adaboost, Random Forest or Randomization, Bagging or Bootstrap Aggregation, Voting, and Stacking. Datasets inputs are supplied to five Ensemble learning algorithms separately to generate five models and combine all the five models to get a final prediction. For combining the classifier model the weighting methods are best suited for the prediction of diseases. Nowadays NCD can affect anyone due to various parameters like irregular food habits, use of tobacco, alcohol consumption, and high glucose levels, physical inactivity, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol, obesity. Cholesterol is one of the major factors for CVD. When the human body could not produce enough insulin or the body cannot utilize the insulin produces then it leads to chronic conditions or Diabetes. Results suggest that the ensemble learning algorithm performs better than an individual algorithm. Results also suggest that key parameters play a major role in the prediction of diseases in diabetes and cholesterol.

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M.Rubin Julis, S.Alagesan

The development of the cell phone clients has prompted a sensational increment in SMS spam messages. Despite the fact that in many parts of the world, versatile informing channel is right now viewed as "spotless" and trusted, on the complexity ongoing reports obviously show that the volume of cell phone spam is drastically expanding step by step. It is a developing mishap particularly in the Middle East and Asia. SMS spam separating is a similarly late errand to arrangement such an issue. It acquires numerous worries and convenient solutions from SMS spam separating. Anyway it fronts its own specific issues and issues. This paper moves to deal with the undertaking of sifting versatile messages as Ham or Spam for the Indian Users by adding Indian messages to the overall accessible SMS dataset. The paper examinations distinctive machine learning classifiers on vast corpus of SMS messages for individuals

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Aditya Gogoi, Abhijit Hazarika, Mausumi Das

Decline in quantity and quality of tea produced by estate sector of Assam, the major tea producing region of the world, paved way for emergence of a new concept since late 70s of the last century. Many educated youth from both urban and rural areas saw tremendous potential in small scale tea cultivation. As of now these (Small Tea Growers) of the state contribute more than 30% of the annual green tea production. Due to growing demand for tea within and outside the state these growers are tempted to adopt certain technology package in order to boost production. Available literature and data shows that chemical/bio-chemical fertiliser, pesticide, HYV clone, irrigation facility and provision of technology are most common element of the technology package adopted by the growers. However some growers restrain themselves from adopting any of these technology elements. Rather they prefer to depend on natural factors like rainfall, organic fertiliser, etc. This research work is a humble attempt to figure out and analyse the major factors which prompt the grower to adopt the above mentioned technology package. Eighty growers, both adopter and non-adopter of the technology package, were selected as sample and data were collected through door to door investigation. For fulfilling the purpose the method of Maximum Likelihood (ML) is used after filling a logistic regression model. According to the statistical results factors other than provision of training are found to be statistically insignificant.

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Dr B.Venkateswarlu Dr B. Mahaboob, Dr C. Subbaramireddy, Dr C. Narayana

This research article explores on multi-objective optimization methods namely multi-objective model optimization, global criterion method, bounded objective function method, lexicon-graphic method etc. The multiplier problem proposed by Charnes, Cooper and Rhodes (CCR) problem has been discussed in this paper. Own efficiency and cross efficiency of DMU’s are defined here. Aggressive formulation of cross efficiency and benevolent formulation of cross efficiency have been proposed in this article. Besides MCDEA and MOLP problems are presented. The global efficiency approach of a multi objective model and the concept of super efficiency which works as a tool to develop the discriminating power of DEA in the presence of efficiency DMU’s are depicted here.

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L.Poongothai , Dr.K.Sharmila

In todays world human are full of varied diseases that cause injury of some or the opposite piece which degrades their operating speed. There are several eye conditions and sickness that may affects human eye which has eye disease, Cataract, Diabetic Retinopathy, and lots of alternative vision threatening diseases. It's become imperative to seek out either solutions to those diseases or observe them throughout early stages in order that they'll be prevented or cured. Blood vessels, one among the foremost important retinal anatomical structures are analyzed for identification of the many diseases. Retinal anatomical structure pictures are the foremost supply for ophthalmologists in segmenting the anatomical structures of the tissue layer viz. blood vessels, optic disc, macula and fovea centralis to spot eye maladies associated with tissue layer. This work examined varied progress created within the field digital image process and data processing formulas and listed out the open challenges in victimization such algorithm in the Indian medical knowledge set.

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M. Nila, Dr. D. Sumitha

This paper is concerned with MX/G/1 retrial queueing model with pre-emptive resume priority, multi optional second phase and feedback. Priority customers are considered while the server is in service. Two stages of heterogeneous service, first essential service (FES) and second multi optional service (SMOS) are rendered. After termination of each service, with certain probability the customer may go to the retrial queue to repeat his service again, or may leave the system. After finishing service, with certain probability the server check whether there is any customers in the retrial queue. Steady state solutions and various performance measures are derived.

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Navneet Kaur, Supreet Kaur

development of the internet technologies provides directed towards emergence associated with Wireless sensor networks. This is because of his / her highly effective characteristics in comparison with his or her counterparts associated with related ways such as barcodes. Throughout recent times, RFID generally based mostly solutions tend to be the only many extensively multiply products with regards to paying attention to though monitoring functions having WSN deployment. One of many knowledgeable deployments having WSN is usually through radio-frequency personality (RFID) technology. Compared, radio-frequency detection solutions are afflicted with many assaults and basic safety provocations. In this paper, a novel dynamic triangular localization based security protocol for wireless sensor networks. Elliptic curve cryptography model is also used to enhance the results further. Extensive experiments reveal that the proposed technique outperforms the existing techniques.

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Yuan Ananda Pratama, Syamsul Irham, Andry Prima, Djunaedi Agus Wibowo

The study was conducted to analyze and compare the economic results of the current oil and gas Production Sharing Contract (PSC) systems of Cost Recovery and Gross Split in Indonesia. This was due to the introduction of a new regulation passed through ESDM Regulation No. 08 of 2017 and revised with Permen No.52 Year 2017. Based on data processing and calculations, the economy of the Y field, PSC Gross Split was found to be better with net income contract amounting to 206.42 million US Dollars compared to PSC Cost Recovery of 107.74 million US Dollars with a total investment of 258,41 million US Dollars. Besides, the Net Present Value (NPV) was 107,85 MMUSD and 54,28 MMUSD, Internal Rate of Return (IRR) was 62,24% and 46,82%, and Pay Out Time (POT) was 3,11 years and 3,31 years for Gross Split and Cost Recovery respectively.

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Fatwa Tentama, Bella Rifqi Nabilah

The purpose of this study is to test the validity and reliability of the construct employability and to examine the dimensions that make up the construct of the employability scale. Employability is measured in three dimensions, namely career identity, personal adaptability and social and human capital. The subjects in this study were 90 students of class VII at SMK X in Yogyakarta. The data collection method uses an employability scale. Research data were analyzed using Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) SmartPLS 3.2.8 with outer models through CFA 2nd Order. Based on the results of the analysis, the dimensions and indicators that form employability are declared valid and reliable. The dominant dimension that reflects the construction of employability is career identity. The lowest dimension that reflects employability is personal adaptability. All dimensions and indicators are able to reflect and shape employability. Thus the structural model can be accepted because the theory that describes employability is in accordance with empirical data obtained from the subject.

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Z. Finali, D. A. Puspitaningrum, C. Z. Fitriyah, Y. F. Ningsih, F. S. Hutama

Student Worksheet as one of the instructional materials was chosen with the consideration that teachers can still use textbook references, teacher books, and student books but can use LKPD as daily learning exercises. The use of LKPD based on local culture is believed to be one alternative in an effort to introduce local culture to the younger generation. LKPD development is carried out with several steps of activities, namely with the first step of literature and field studies, the second step of preparation and validation and revision, the third step of initial product testing to see the application and revision, and the final step is the trial of the product after revision and improvement if there are revisions then proceed with the reporting stage. The results of the development of LKPD are known cognitive results, one variable is measured to determine student learning outcomes after being treated with a local culture-based LKPD using Banyuwangi as measured using tests after the learning process is complete. In the test questions, there are indicators that represent each integrated subject, namely social studies, PPKN, SbdP, and Indonesian. From the results of tests conducted from the average pretest 76.4 and 85.4 posttest experienced an increase. Thus, it can be concluded that LKPD products based on local culture using Banyuwangi are more appropriate than the old LKPD which is general in nature.

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Dr. Manishkumar Varma, Nikhil Dhakane, Dr. Avinash Pawar

The modern marketing world has shifted from the Seller-centered market to the Customer-centered market in recent times. There is no more production-based economy and seller having a demanding position. Instead, the customer is now the king and is the more dominant force in the market. Numerous ways are implemented to attract customers. With the advancement of the internet, and an increase in the utilization of smartphones, the time to change the traditional ways of marketing has come. The primary objective of this paper was to assess various factors and preferred choices regarding consumers when it comes to products offered on Instagram. Also, attitude towards the existing operating elements in the Instagram app, such as ads, filter services, is duly noted. The current report is mainly divided into three phases: the Introduction of Internet-marketing and its different aspects. The discussion of how the internet has changed the parameters to be considered in marketing and particularly in the field of advertising is done. The story of the start of Instagram and gradually made its journey to the top charts. The second phase will include the discussion of research methodology and questionnaire undertaken to gather the data. This phase also comprises of literature review implemented for this research, often sourced anecdotes from various scholar articles. In the last phase, we have represented the data collection and findings in forms of visually enchanting charts and creative use of graphs. Critical findings and constructive suggestions then conclude the report of this project. It is realised that there is an increased Internet data usage among average Indians with a lot of the focus on Social Media apps like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat is noteworthy. The impact these apps have on day-to-day life is far more significant.

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Nithyanandhan Kamaraj, Arun kumar.S, Ragul kumar.M, Sivakumar.R

The vehicle emissions are controlled by introducing new techniques like after treatment method and in- cylinder treatment method i.e., RCCI (Reactive controlled compression ignition combustion), PPCI (Partially premixed compression ignition combustion), HCCI (Homogeneous Charge Compression Ignition Combustion), GDCI (Gasoline Direct Injection Compression Ignition) etc., The performance and emissions of SI engine can be improved by modifying the cubic capacity of engine, compression ratio, regulating the flow of air-fuel charge and air fuel ratio. Nowadays due to in-availability of crude oil and import of high level of crude oil to our country makes the fuel consumers to spend more money for fuel consumption. Our government has passed an order to introduce electric vehicle by the year 2020, to the entire vehicle manufacturer in order to reduce pollution, to adhere the BS-VI emission norms and to be free from fuel dependency. So, by considering all the above statements mentioned it is important to concentrate in reducing the vehicle emission and improving fuel economy of an IC engine. In this project, aims to reduce the emission from vehicle, improving fuel economy and performance of engine by injecting hydrogen along with carbureted gasoline in the intake manifold of the SI engine. The hydrogen generation can be achieved by using dry cell electrolysis method. During the injection of hydrogen in the intake manifold, the amount of gasoline supplied for ignition in normal running condition will be reduced and the reduced fuel level will be compensated by hydrogen supply. But the conversion of hydrogen gas into liquid form is a tedious process and a complicated one. To overcome these defects, the hydrogen gas generated from the dry cell is directly feed to the intake manifold along with the gasoline. The hydrogen generation will also be done in moving vehicle by electrolysis of distilled water. In future this will be tested in the GDI (Gasoline Direct Injection)engine with the help of ECU (Electronic Control Unit).

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Wiwiek Rabiatul Adawiyah,Istiqomah

Lean Management Practices (LMP) measures the effort to deliver high-quality products by eliminating all sorts of production waste. Few studies have investigated the adoption of lean management in small business. Zalacca/ snake fruits and cassava are among the featured product of Banjarnegara district. The agricultural products can easily be found in most Banjarnegera landscape. The purpose of the study are four folds: first, to find out SMEs motives of indulging in agribusiness. Second, to uncover the perceived benefits and hindrances associated with lean management adoption. Third, to identify the type of quality cost incurred by zalacca farmers and SMEs. Fourth to find out the most feasible forms of lean practices by farmers and SMEs considering the resources constraint. Authors used mixed methods, to collect information from sample, which consist of farmers, and small businesses producing Snake fruits derivatives. Researchers used extensive questionnaires and in-depth interview in data collection. The result indicates among the motives involved in agribusinesses are farming is the main profession, to preserve the zalacca tress as the main fruits of Banjarnegara. Farmers and SMEs obtained benefits when implementing lean management practices in the form of low production costs, minimum waste, low lead-time. There were 15 types of problems encountered by farmers and SMEs while implementing lean management which categorized into four types of quality costs. The most feasible lean management practices for SMEs producing zalacca and cassava derivatives were supply chain, just in time, small lot size, employee involvement, training teamwork and 5S.

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R.Anandha Lakshmi, Dr.T.Suresh

Many of limitations and issues in Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) arise mainly because of the limited availability of energy or processing and storage capacity. Due to this limitation all the operations in the WSN aims at conserving the energy by reducing the consumption in the network and must much of energy is spend in general to send data packets from the cluster heads and receiver station in a cluster-based routing approach. This paper focus on proposing an efficient routing technique aimed at balancing the energy expenditure in the network. The proposed routing approach follows a hybrid routing strategy where a hierarchical clustering scheme divides the network in to clusters and data packets are received by the cluster head from the sensor nodes and then they are forwarded to the base station using a multi-path routing scheme. The sensor nodes belonging to a cluster sends their sensed data to cluster heads present with in the same cluster via a one-to-one communication. The data from head node to the control or base station will be forwarded through intermediate cluster heads. The multi-path routing scheme estimates multiple routes between a cluster head and base station. Then selects an optimal path based on multiple factors including total remaining energy available in the intermediate cluster heads, count of data packets already waiting in the forward and send buffer and the hop count between the head node and control station. The overall performance of the routing approach is found to be better when compared to the single path routing.

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M. Rajasekar, Research Scholar, Dr. A. Udhayakumar, Professor

Part-of-speech Tagging is the basic and major task in any Natural Language Processing Applications. Based on this POS Tagged corpus, it will be implemented to Named Entity Recognition, Information Extraction, and Machine Translation and so on. In this research paper the machine learning method Naïve Bayes algorithm is implemented to get optimal output of Tagged corpus. The source documents are women health issues related article from Internet. The result got from this approach is good.

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V BalajiChandrasekhar M, Dr.G.Srinivas, Dr.T.Srinivasa Rao

Mobile forensics is the digital forensics part that is progressively developing in today's digital era. Android mobile forensics manages to extract, recover, and analyze data on an Android device via many devices. Nevertheless, it is predominant to understand the platform and other fundamentals before starting of forensic examination. Within mobile devices, Smartphones are incredibly considerable. Enhanced computing power and data processing of these devices allow a range of activities to be undertaken. Mobile devices also hold a variety of user data and are a source of sensitive personal information. The data on a device is often more valuable than the device itself. It is incredibly predominant for a forensic examiner to take an informal conclusion where to search for data and contrivances that can be utilized to obtain the information. In this research paper, We are proposing a clear description for What, Where, and in what way the data saved in Android mobile devices, and We also describe Android filesystem properties and structure with experimental results. It would be helpful for the forensic investigator to obtain the information from the mobile phone during the forensic analysis of the mobile phone.

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Bhagyashree, Kavyashree

The current study done is based on the geotechnical and micro structural analysis of lateritic soil samples collected from eight different places in and around Udupi district located in Karnataka state, India. The main aim of the study is to understand the strength characteristics of lateritic soil for the purpose of construction. Microstructure of soil is very important for studying both mechanical and physical properties of soil. An effort was made to identify and to form a link between geotechnical and microstructure behaviour of lateritic soil. Geotechnical tests include natural water content, specific gravity test, sieve analysis, Atterberg limit, standard compaction tests, unconfined compression test (UCC). To evaluate the micro structural uniqueness which follows mineral composition, distribution of minerals and oxides present, Scanning Electron Microscopy and Energy Dispersive X-ray spectroscopy were carried out. On the other hand, effective Risk Management is also an important task to be taken care, hence the formation of risk matrix is done and the ranges of risks are decided using a five point Likert scale. As the safe bearing capacity of soil (SBC) plays a vital role in construction phase, the risk matrix is formed by considering the SBC of soil.

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S.Arunprathap K.Sudhakar

The objective of the project is to design the compact CAN to ETHERNET converter module by using Xpedition tool. The CAN-to-Ethernet Converter is valuable in the field of present day drives watching and control correspondingly as supervisory control and information confirming structures. A near equipment can be utilized either as a CAN-to-Ethernet entryway or as a CAN-to-Ethernet connect with the alterations in the firmware. The CAN-to-Ethernet passage is helpful for looking at remote CAN sorts over Ethernet or neighborhood. The CAN-to-Ethernet Bridge is essential for the immediate coupling of CAN composes through the web or LAN. A principal and reasonable game plan makes Ethernet the most unquestionable structures association game-plan at the physical and information interface estimations of the Open Systems Interconnection represent. The chance to utilize open customs, for example, TCP/IP over Ethernet structures offers a high state of institutionalization and interoperability. The result has been a persistent move to the usage of Ethernet in robotization industry.

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Pooja Mehta, Dr.Sharnil Pandya

The Sentiment Analysis is sometimes a technique to look at the information that is the form of text and determine opinions content from the text. It is also termed as emotion or feeling mining. On-line communication channels like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and so forth are these days a lot of passion into human life. People share their thoughts or feelings thereon. During this review paper, we tend to match on opinion mining or feeling assessment which is an area of web data mining and Machine Learning. This paper shows aftereffect of examination by utilizing different ML and Lexicon investigation methodologies. Outcomes are analyzed to play out an evaluation study and check the estimation of the present composition. In this manner, it will help the future investigators with understanding present beginnings in the configuration of possibility examination.

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R.Kishore Kanna,N.Kripa,Dr.R.Vasuki

Polygraph is tool which is used detect lie spoken by a person in various situation. It is also used as best tool for investigation purpose to check whether a person speaks truth or lying when answering to certain questions shoot to calculating the EEG signals one can find the relationship between the lying and frontal lobe during performing certain task. For bio-signal classification multiplayer neural network are used. Short-time Fourier transform (STFT) are calculated for each channel for each group subject. To differentiate between deception and truth types of EEG multi-layer perception (MLP) is used. The activation of the frontal cortex is associated with mental processes. A set of questions are framed as stimulus for the subject. The main aim is to find difference in state of truth and deception by calculating the alpha waves from two midline electrodes and four frontal electrodes.

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Pulatjon Sultonov, Bakhodir Meliboev, Maruf Moyliyev, Fayzulla Tukhtameshov

In the Aksak-ata river basin (the Chatkal Ridge), in the Cretaceous deposits of fluvial genesis, for the first time, the inclusions of bones, probably, of a small plant-eating dinosaur have been found as well as the fragments of tortoise shell of an Аdocidae family turtle. The find adds new information regarding the geological history of development of the region, sedimentation of precipitates and representatives of fauna.

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George Joseph, Bidusmita Das

Stroke has become one of the most important causes of premature death and disability in low-income and medium- income countries. A possible reason could be the demographic changes and the increasing importance of modifiable risk factors. Poor people, however, are the most affected ones because of lack of funds. Recently however, countries like India, have observed a substantial rise in data related to stroke. Comprehensive study on the stroke risk can help in reducing the fatalities that occur every year due to stroke. This review represents in detail a literature survey on data collection, pre-processing and the various techniques that have been used for classification.

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Ristu Vini Okawanti, Winni Astuti, Rudi Kartika

This researchcombinedtofu dregs powderas the nutrition source with enzymatic for cempedak seeds powder (Artocarpus champedan) which was hydrolyzed inethanol fermentation process by using Saccharomyes cerevisiae has been conducted. This research was conducted in order to know the ethanol content that has been produced by doing nutrient concentration variation andfermentation time variation. Hydrolysis processwas conducted enzymaticallythroughliquefaction phase by using α-amylase and gluco-amylasein saccharification phase. Fermentation process was conducted by usingtofu dregsas the nutrition source. Tofu dregs variations used were 1%, 2%, 3% (b/v) and fermentation time variations were (5, 6 and 7) days. The highest ethanol concentration obtained from the addition of tofu dregs nutrition was 3% (b/v) andfermentation time was6days, withethanol concentration obtained was 22,67%.

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Irfan Ido, Usman Rianse, R. Marsuki Iswandi, Bahtiar

This research was conducted to analyze the dynamics of the livelihood change of the head of the gold mine circumference in Bombana County. This research was conducted in North Rarowatu district of Bombana District with consideration is the center of mining Activities area managed by the community and by private companies. The population of this research is all households in North Rarowatu district totalling 1,716 households and research samples amounting to 325 households. The analysis of the data used is percentage and descriptive analysis. The results showed that: a) the management of gold mining by the public encouraged the change of livelihoods of 40 households from the agriculture and non-agricultural sectors to the gold mining sector caused by of land conversion and the attractiveness of mining sector revenues. And there are 284 households who do not change their livelihoods because they do not want to risk and do not have the skills to mine gold, b) management of gold mining business by private companies encourages the occurrence of 35 livelihood changes of household heads from gold mining sector returned to agriculture and non-agricultural sectors caused by limited access from private mining companies. And there are 5 heads of households who can work in gold mining owned by private companies.

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T.Santhi Vandanna , S.Venkateshwarlu

In recent years the use of wireless sensor networks (WSN) inpatient monitoring is emerging steadily due to the inventions made in telecom industries. Today’s Internet of Things extends the potential of healthcare monitoring for a wide range of applications such as cardiac measures, sugar level monitors etc.due to its anywhere and anytime network connectivity. To accommodate this growing density in network technology wireless body area networks is emerged as a unique model to regulate this patient monitoring process. As most sensor and its data transmission are wireless in nature, are among major areas of concern. Due to open access and wireless data transmission security and privacy concerns restrict to utilize the optimal benefits of the WBAN system. In addition to this, data exchange between very small sensor nodes and server database over frequently changing environment reliability, resource management, and QoS issues are arising. In this paper, we propose and evaluate an area-efficient security scheme for the WBAN system with a QR pattern-based hybrid cloud authentication framework that supports a wide range of biosignal measures in WBAN communications. In this paper, we explore various integration issues in healthcare monitoring systems and analyze in detail the limitations and all possible countermeasures.

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S.Padmadevi, Dr.K.Dhanalakshmi

Named Data Networking (NDN) is termed as future internet where content is retrieved based on the name not with the IP address. Even though NDN has lot of merits, it suffers a lot during interest forwarding. In highly dynamic VANET environment, VANET cannot use Forwarding information Base (FIB) of NDN to forward the packet. Therefore it uses simple flooding mechanism to forward the interest which may result in broadcast storm problem. To mitigate the storm problem, we propose a zone based forwarding strategy where forwarders are selected only within the required zone. It controls the flooding outside the required zone. Our result shows that ZIF gives better results than other forwarding strategies RUFS and DADT.

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M. Ravindar Reddy, M. Jaipal Reddy, A. R. Subrahmanyam, K. Venkata Ramana, T. Ramesh Reddy

Solution-cast method as preparatory method to prepare doped LiClO4 and NaClO4 salts to PMMA-PEO blend films. Modification in different properties of films was examined with different characterization studies such as SEM, FTIR, DSC, and DC conductivity. SEM results revealed that Physical structure and phase behavior of PMMA-PEO film was modified from crystallinity to amorphous in the presence of both salts. Disappearance of melting temperatures with different concentrations of salts doped to PMMA-PEO thin films were observed using DSC thermo grams. Complexation and interaction of salts to PMMA-PEO polymer blend was observed with FTIR spectrum. It was observed that conductivity of all the films increased from room temperature to above.

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Dr. P. Somasundaram, Dr. C. Jegadheesan, S. Vinoth, S.T. Arun Kumar, N. Kowsalya

The headlight glare becomes one of major causes for road accidents. This headlight glare causes the vision obstruction of opposite driver for a while which leads to minor or major road accidents. Out of average annual accidents due to headlight glare is about 30%. The current headlight system consists of either of the “Parabolic reflector or Narrow angled reflector (short focal distance), or Wide angled reflector (long focal distance). In these types of conventional reflectors, point source of light is converted into parallel light of beams then it is magnified i.e., light beam is diverged by using the concave lens, which leads to glare. The motto of the proposed project is to reduce the glare by using parallel beam headlight system. The system not only consists of parallel beams but also some amount of diverged beam to ensure downside visibility. This combined system leads to effective visibility of the objects and vehicles in the road area. The combined system consists of a parabolic reflector, filament, concave lens, protective torch glass. That is the single concave lens is replaced by protective torch glass and the concave lens which gives combined effect of both parallel and diverged beams.

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Dr. P. Somasundaram, Dr. C. Jegadheesan, M. Srinithin, R. Saravanan, C. Madhu Krishnan

An Automotive vehicle had changed drastically since they were made. One of the major concerns in automobile is safety and comfort. When travelling at 65 mph driver can be driving blind for 100 to 200 feet looking down at the small switches located slightly below steering wheel, so it can be achieved by fitting the control switches in the steering wheel based on the ergonomics law that makes the driver, comfort and convenient while driving and it also reduces the driver’s distractions while operation. But the desired amount of comfort is not achieved with this existing system while often usage of horn especially during long rides because of its hardness during operation and also it produces the fatigue stress to the drivers. An effective way for elimination of fatigue stress could be achieved by replacing the conventional switches to touch enabled switches and also by changing its position of mounting it. For this, we use the Arduino Uno as a control unit and it can actuate the relay whenever signal from the touch sensor (via human). Thus, this method reduces the fatigue stress and increases the comfort and reduces the distraction to the driver.

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Novi Setyasto Putri Yanuarita Sutikno Nuraeni Abbas

Based on the observations, the implementation of PGSD's Bilingual class still faces several obstacles that are very urgent to be solved. During the learning process, in general, lecturers still use lesson plan and teaching materials written in Indonesian. The lecturers also find difficulty to integrate English with course material. Likewise, for learning strategy subject still use learning tools in Indonesian. These things require the development of learning tools with CLIL approach. The purpose of this study is to produce learning tools with a CLIL approach that is valid, effective, and practical so that students' learning activities and outcomes increase. This research is a R&D based on 4-D model from Thiagarajan. The subjects were 25 PGSD students in Bilingual Class 2018/2019. Data collection techniques used tests, observations, questionnaires, interviews, and documentation. Data analysis techniques used qualitative and quantitative descriptive analysis. The results of the validation of three experts on the learning tools have met the valid criteria. Learning tools were effective to improve student learning outcomes as indicated by the results of N-gain test which obtained of 0.57 in the medium category and an increase in the average score of learning outcomes from 51 (pretest) to 79 (posttest). The observation of student activities showed an increase in the average score from 19.7 to 27.1 in the very high category. The practicality of the learning tools could be seen from the very positive response given by students. Based on these results, the learning tools have fulfilled valid, effective and practical criteria.

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Chinmoy Kalita, Saitanya Kumar Bharadwaj, Pranjal Saikia

The easily available Montmorillonite K10 clay is activated with orthophosphoric acid. It has been found that the surface of the clay become more acidic after treating with the orthophosphoric acid. This has been used for esterification of substituted benzoic acids with different alcohols. Benzoic acids having both electron donating and withdrawing groups undergo smooth reaction and provide higher yields with methanol and benzyl alcohol. No solvent and mineral acids have been used in this reported protocol.

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Lufiana Harnany Utami, I Nyoman Sudana Degeng, Gunadi Harry Sulistyo, Tutut Chusniyah, Ambar Sulianti

This research aimed to analyze the effect of Jigsaw cooperative learning methods on four dimensions of self-efficacy from a neurocognitive perspective and the difference between male and female students. Those dimensions are self-efficacy in social resources, self-efficacy for academic achievement, self-efficacy for self-regulated learning and self-assertive efficacy. This research employed a mixed method use Sequential Explanatory study with a sample of 280 high school students. In phase 1, quantitative data was collected using a self-efficacy questionnaire that was adopted from the Self-Efficacy Scale developed by Bandura, and through testing validity and reliability, consisting of 26 questions. The statistic used to analyze the differences in the four dimensions of self-efficacy in male and female students is the MANOVA analysis followed by post hoc Bonferroni test. In phase 2, observations and interviews were conducted with students to obtain qualitative data of their learning experiences using the Jigsaw method. The last step is to triangulate data to discuss the problems in this study. The results of this study showed that female students in the jigsaw method group had high self-efficacy in enlisting social resources and self-assertive efficacy. The Jigsaw method has no effect on male and female self-efficacy for academic achievement. The dimensions of male self-efficacy for self-regulated learning in the conventional group were higher than in the Jigsaw group. Perceptions, motivations, and social cohesion abilities of students affect the dimensions of self-efficacy in the jigsaw learning method.

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K.K. Sivakumar and A. Mohamed Haroon Basha

In the enhancement of photovoltaic properties of Eu: CdS/PbS solar cell plays the vital role in the present innovative approach. With the advent of nanocrystalline based approach problems like performance degradation due to Pb diffusion in CdS/PbS solar cells can be solved. In this study an effort has been made to improve the performance of CdS/PdS thin film based devices, by doping with rare earth Eu. In this study undoped and Pr doped CdS thin films were prepared using Chemical Bath deposition and characterized for structural, optical and Morphological properties on pre cleaned glass and ITO coated glass plates. The PbS thin films were prepared system by chemical bath deposition over the CdS nano thin film layers grown over ITO glass plates and their photovoltaic properties were studied using Photocurrent–voltage measurements at AM 1.5 at an illumination of 100 mW/cm2. The results are reported. The increase of Eu concentration in the CdS layer has produced considerable enhancement in the microstructural and optical properties leading to performance efficiency. The possible mechanism are also discussed.

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Prachi Verma, Payal Puri, Shreya Singh, Dhruv Sharma

Service quality of hospitals is recognized as an important antecedent on exploring the overall service experience of patients globally. The present study analyzes the perception of the patients regarding implementation of a new service and its effect on quality of care. It investigates patients’ perceptions of the government introduced programme -VIBGYOR which uses colored bed-sheets under a weekly color coded scheme in hospitals in North India. The study also analyzed the various gaps in the perceptions and expectations of service quality by patients in the district hospitals. The study was carried out at district hospital of Panchkula, Haryana. A longitudinal study was devised for this purpose. Data was collected through area sampling and a total of 137 respondents were approached for the study. The results indicate that there was a strong positive correlation between Tangibility and Assurance (.890), Empathy and Assurance (.866) and also between Empathy and Responsiveness (.822). This study redirects that several factors of service quality act as major antecedents to create satisfied patients and reinforce positive behavioral perceptions among them. Thus, Hospitals should allocate their resources, rationally regarding the attributes of service quality based on their effective perception by the patients. These attributes should also contribute to patients’ satisfaction and hence increase overall patient satisfaction.

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G.L.P Ashok, P. Saleem Akram, M. Sai Neelima, J. Nagasaikumar, A.Vamshi

The technology has been growing from day to day in human life. The necessity for the development of technology is to lead human life comfortably. The basic need of human to lead his/her life comfortably is a home. A home with updated latest technology which means a smart home. This paper gives the basic idea use cisco packet tracer to implement smart home. One is needed to create a smart home when electronic devices are switched on and off. Smart home development is achieved by simulation via testing system, network setup and wireless home gateway computer network equipment required by a smart home network cisco packet tracer using Internet Thing (IoT)/IoE command. The software chosen for the simulations is Cisco Packet Tracer, the tool's main strength is to offer a variety of network components that represent a real network, and then interconnect and configure devices to create a network. Cisco implemented (IoT) functionalities in the latest version of the platform, and now it is possible to add all the smart devices, sensors, actuators and also devices, which simulate microcontrollers like Arduino or Raspberry Pi to the network. All IoT devices can be run on generic programs or modified by Java, Python or Blocky programming them. This makes Cisco Packet Tracer a perfect method to construct functional simulations for IoT.

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Ahmed Yahya M.H

In this paper we examine and apply the issue of triangular factorization of positive self-adjoint operators in Hilbert space; we demonstrate that expansive classes of operators can be factorized.

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Dewi Fatmasari, Waridin Waridin, Akhmad Syakir Kurnia

This study aims to technically analyze the production factors that affect the productivity of sweet potato farming in Kuningan Regency, and analyze farmer's behavior, namely how to apply the values of fathonah, amanah, shidiq and tabligh (FAST) based on Islamic values in managing production factors and their effects on the productivity of sweet potato farming. The empirical model used based on the Augmented Solow Model incorporates Human capital elements in the endogenous production function model. To interact between the values of FAST with variables of land, capital and labor so that it will be seen how increasing farm productivity will increase with the presence of variables that can strengthen these interactions. Therefore, the authors include the values of FAST into each production factor (land, capital and labor). The results revealed that the factors of land production, capital and labor had a positive and significant effect on the productivity of sweet potato farming, while the number of family dependents had a positive but not significant effect on the productivity of sweet potato farming in Kuningan Regency. The values of FAST have a positive and significant effect on farm productivity through increasing land management, capital and labor capacity, however trustworthy values have a positive but not significant effect on farm productivity through increasing labor management capacity.

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Ingrid Mendivel Landeo, Irma Milagros Carhuancho Mendoza, Fernando Alexis Nolazco Labajos, David Flores Zafra, Carlos Oswaldo Venturo Orbegoso

The research culture is a fundamental pillar for scientific production, because it allows us to train future professionals contemplating the techniques, methods and the process of research to prepare short documents: such as essays, monographs, and then deepen the knowledge by performing the thesis and scientific articles, in order to contribute to science with new knowledge. In the reality studied, it was evidenced that students lack investigative competences. The general and specialty training courses do not develop such capacities, but exclusively to theoretical and practical knowledge linked to professional training. Teachers do not consider research as a profitable activity. However, the educational community is acting proactively for the creation of new research teams with a disruptive presence, where researchers and teachers share their knowledge through the practical teaching of the process of scientific investigation. The university understudy, to date, has several projects financed by CONCYTEC, FINCyT, World Bank, SENCICO, the same that not only contribute to science but the improvement of the quality of life of people with innovative jobs. Although the results are encouraging, the scientific production ratio per research professor turns out to be almost two publications, while if it is related to the student population of the 9th and 10th cycle, the unit is not reached. Consequently, through these changes in the attitude of a tiny group, the student population is encouraged to be part of the new research culture through scientific input for the benefit of the population.

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Dimitar Dimitrakiev, Yuriy Dachev, Dobrin Milev

Use of oil spill dispersants is one of the possible oil spill response techniques that remove floating oil. Dispersants are an effective way of minimizing the overall ecological and socio-economic damage, by preventing oil from reaching coastal habitats and shorelines and meanwhile enhancing the natural biodegradation processes. Their use accelerates the rate and extent of natural dispersion and dilution of oil caused by wave action. The dispersants surface active agents transform by using the energy of the waves the most of the spilled oil into droplets. They are pushed into the upper column by wave action and kept there by turbulence. These oil droplets are much more available to naturally-occurring hydrocarbon-degrading microorganisms compared to floating or stranded oil. In comparison with other oil spill techniques it has some limitations related to oil viscosity and the time of applying after the oil spill.

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Suchita Bharambe-Chaudhari and Swati Peshwe

Phytate [myo-inositol(1,2,3,4,5,6) hexakisphosphate] is the main storage form of phosphorus (P) in many plants which is the key food ingredient for animals but, this phytate-bound P is not available to monogastric animals as they lack the endogenous enzyme required to hydrolyze, and make the available phytate phosphorous. For this reason the availability and digestibility of phytate phosphorous is very low in these animals. Phytase (myo-inositol hexakisphosphate phosphohydrolase) catalyses sequential hydrolysis of phosphate ester bond of phytate and releases a usable form of inorganic phosphorus. Fortification of animal feed with phytase is an effective way to increase the availability of phytate bound phosphorus. It also reduces the anti-nutritional properties of phytic acid and eutrophication caused by excretion of phytic acid. The aim of the present work is to isolate thermotolerant phytase producing actinomycetes. So that feed supplementation of phytase produced by these organism can increases the body performance measured in terms of body weight. Sixty two different actinomycetal isolates were isolated from sixty nine soil and litter samples collected from various poultry, goat and cattle farms. These isolates were further screened for phytase activity in liquid Phytase Screening Medium(PSM). Isolates showing high phytase activity further studied for effect of temperature for phytase activity at 300C, 400C, 500C, 600C, 700C, 800C, 900C.

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Ahmad Faisal Abidin, Abdul Aslam Husaini, Nor Surayati Mohamad Usop, Mohamad Afendee Mohamed, Mohd Fadzil Abdul Kadir

These days, more people grow dependency on IT infrastructures and relies their decision making on the data stored within a computer system. Data go through some processing to make it useful whereas in other time it is kept within the database. Data availability is a critical issue, the approach is to do backup all the crucial data, and it can be difficult especially a beginner. One of the human errors is easily forgetting things, in this situation a periodic manual backup may be forgotten to do even it’s a click away. A hacker looks for the opportunity to attack even as tiny as a day of forgotten backup. This is one of the reason backups must be an automated process. It can be coupled with cryptography as a mean to protect data from theft, alteration, and authenticate. Chaotic cryptography is an application of chaos theory into cryptography, which makes use of a simplex system to produce chaotic value needed for the encryption and decryption. The advantage of chaos cryptography is randomness alike, which creates more complex encryption and decryption key by a concept of confusion and diffusion.

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Anita Gehlot, Amit Kumar Thakur, Rajesh Singh, ChinelliHruthik

The speedy development of technology and structure has improved our lives. The technology strategy has in addition extended the road vulnerability and street mishaps occur a great deal of time, causing huge death tolls and property. Our undertaking will give an ideal response for this downside. An accelerometer can be exploited in a vehicle caution application with the purpose that risky driving can be identified. It tends to be utilized as an accident or on the other hand rollover finder of the vehicle during and after an accident. With sign from an accelerometer, a serious mishap can be prevented.

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A. Neela, V. Rama

This study deals with the encapsulation of copper oxide nanoparticles with a terpolymer resin by ultrasonic irradiation technique. The plant-mediated biological synthesis of copper oxide nanoparticles involves the addition of 1mmol solution of copper chloride to 30 mL of Acacia catechu (Karungali) plant extract at 600C, which acts as a biological reducing agent. The resultant brown nano powder is characterized by using various analytical techniques, such as Fourier Transform Infrared spectroscopy, X-ray diffraction, Scanning Electron Microscopy and Transmission Electron Microscopy. In this method, encapsulation involves dissolution of nano copper oxide into one of the monomers trioxane followed by conventional condensation by refluxing 4-hydroxyacetophenone and melamine in the presence of 2M HCl as a catalyst in temperature range of 123-1300C. After the completion of the reaction, terpolymer incorporated with nano copper oxide is purified by dissolution in 8% NaOH, re-precipitated by dropwise addition of 1:1 2M HCl and then characterized by different spectral methods like FT-IR, TGA - DTA, Proton NMR and Carbon -13 NMR to elucidate the structure of the CuO/HAMT nanocomposite. In addition, both terpolymer and the nano bound terpolymer are investigated for the anti-oxidant activity using 2,2-diphenyl,1-picryl hydrazyl (DPPH). From the result, it is found that the incorporated terpolymer is more effective scavenger of DPPH than the polymer.

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Dr. P.Balathandayutham, Dr. K. Anandanatarajan

The current study deals with the extent of purchase pattern among the online purchasers, by way of digital marketing. The aim of the study was to identify the influence of age on the online buying pattern through social networking sites in Chidambaram town of Tamilnadu. The sample population for the study was selected through Convenience Sampling. The sample size was fixed at 100. In order to identify the influence of the age factor on the online purchase through digital marketing, ANOVA was performed. the findings of the study revealed that the persons who are above the age of 45, purchase better and their pattern level was also found to be better when compared to the persons below 45 years of age. They are found to have a better level of online purchase knowledge.

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Dr. S Selvakumar, S Arun Santhosh, V Dinesh Kumar, K Gokulakrishna

In India for the cooking purposes the conventional fuels are likely consumed more than the non-conventional fuels, and the household conventional fuels increase air pollution. By switching to the non-conventional way of cooking it is a way of reducing the household air pollution caused by conventional fuels. Solar is the one of the efficient way of cooking and heating purposes without pollution .The way of cooking is with the parabolic dishes, the concentrated solar rays is made to be focussed on the vessel placed nearby it, which in turn heats and cooks the meal placed in it. But the problem in solar cooking system is that the cooking is cannot be performed after the sunshine hours and people hesitates to adopt it for the fulltime cooking. The problem can be overcome by employing the phase change materials additionally when the vessel subjected to the sunrays the phase change materials which were surrounded to the vessel is also subjected to sunrays which melts the phase change materials and in turn absorbs heat up to maximum temperature of 372.5℃. The absorbed heat can be used after the sunshine hours particularly for evening cooking purposes, the heat absorbed during the sunshine hours is now liberated to cook the meal. Finally solar cooking is made flexible for the cooking purposes.

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Hastuti Marlina, Reno Renaldi, Ambiyar, Nizwardi Jalinus, Fahmi Rizal

This study aims to assess the validation of the syntax construct of the work-based learning model that was developed based on a modification of the basic work-based learning syntax by Hobbs and Siswanto. The research methodology uses 4D development procedures (Define, Design, Develop and Disseminate). This validation test phase is the Develop stage. Respondents numbered 25 people. Data collection using a questionnaire with a semantic differential scale. Syntactic construct validation analysis uses Aikens'V and SMART PLS to determine the uniqueness of a model. The results of the analysis revealed that the syntax construct was designed by Valid and had a unique model. The results of this study are used for the next stage of development, namely Desseminte. Where a valid Syntax model will be tested to measure the knowledge and abilities of midwifery study program students in midwifery care learning II.

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A. Murugan, J. Vijayalakshmi

The emergence of cryptocurrency as a new payment method gives rise to various security threats related to transaction malleability like privacy leakage, loss of amount, doing illicit activities, and double-spending of the same money more than once. Double-spending of money is quite easier to implement in cryptocurrency management rather than fiat currency management because data replication can be easily done here. The rise of double-spending may degrade the performance of the Bitcoin network. In Blockchain, there may be lakhs of records and thousands of blocks available, of this detecting double-spending data in multiple blocks takes more time. To address the time management, of detecting double-spent data in multiple blocks of blockchain this paper had proposed Multi-Block Double spent Transaction Detection (MBDTD) architecture using B-tree indexing and Cognizant Merkle. The combination of Cognizant Merkle and B-tree indexing supports the rapid verification of transaction data in multiple blocks. B-tree indexing supports speedy retrieval of Merkle value among multiple blocks and Cognizant Merkle supports quick searching of transactions in each block.

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Ashutosh Sharma, Dr. Parveen Chauhan

Tourism has become a universal sensation. Hospitality industry is also on boom. Destinations in Asia, Oceania are becoming popular day by day. A growing thirst for adventure and a rapidly growing interest in clean nature are generally considered to be the factors that support the region. As India is strategically located and has a tremendous natural and cultural wealth of tourism resources, this is the right time to positively influence the influx of tourists by promoting new and emerging forms of tourism. Over time, adventure tourism is becoming a diverse tourism product. With the source of getting adventure tourists, this study focuses on the support and role of hospitality sector in promoting Adventure Tourism, in this a small survey has been done in various adventure tourist destinations in Upper Shimla area and in Manali region of Himachal Pradesh.

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Shukhrat Avchiyev, Maknona Khamidova, Dilafruz Togaeva, Zulfiya Islamova

: In this article argued base on the analysis of the properties of the mutual arrangement of normal to the ideal paraboloid surface, an optimal method and device for adjusting the facet of the concentrator have been developed.

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Anouar Saidi, Ahmed Yahya Mahmoud, Mohamed Vall Ould Moustapha

This article deals with the Bargmann transform as a new method to solve the time-dependent Schrödinger equation.

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Julia Safitri, Misbach Fuady, Sugeng Wahyudi, Wisnu Mawardi, Mohamad Nur Utomo

Dividend Policy is a policy of the company's management in determining the profit available to shareholders in the form of dividends or profits needed to finance future investments. There is a lot to consider regarding how dividend policy affects the value of the company.. According to the bird in the hand theory, shareholders prefer high dividends compared to dividends that will be distributed in the future, because high dividends will increase the value of the company. the results of the study using the PLS-SEM analysis tool with the WarpPLS 5.0 application show that dividend policy has a negative effect on firm value with a coefficient value of -0.172. This is consistent with the first view that dividend policy does not affect the value of the company that is supported by the theory of dividend irrelevance.

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Syafii, Sisri Anisar Putri, Yona Mayura

This paper presents the design and construction of a new power transfer switch mechanism for solar home system based on the Arduino controller to improve PV system continuity supply. The purpose of this study is to provide PV system as the main source and the electricity from State Electricity Company (Perusahaan Listrik Negara, PLN) as a backup source. The Arduino controller is used to improve the continuity of electricity supply. The measurement results of DC voltage sensors have been calibrated in a laboratory environment and the results fulfill the IEC-61724 minimum-accuracy. The power transfer has been designed to move to PLN supply when the battery remaining capacity 30 % obtained from the battery open circuit voltage which can be calculated using internal resistance prediction. The transfer switch then moves back to PV system after 35% of battery remaining capacity obtained from battery no-load voltage. The test results on various types of loads show that there was no interrupt and voltage sag during the switching process. The duration of PLN outages index is around two hours/time interruption, thus the 30 % setting PV battery SOC enough to cover PLN interruption. Therefore, the Arduino-based power transfer can improve the continuity of electricity supply.

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Ajinkya Warade, Dr. Preeti Mulay, Apurva Chaudhari

Packing optimization of printer volume can significantly contribute to greater efficiency in 3D printing in terms of time, output and cost reduction. The purpose of this bibliometric analysis is to understand current research done in this area. In this paper survey, two databases, Scopus and Web of Science (WoS), are primarily used. A third study focused on specific keywords related to packing of irregular shapes for 3D printing. Time-series analysis showed contributions in this area over the years. Also, by geographical analysis, China and the USA are two major contributors, by subject area analysis most of the research is done in Engineering and Computer Science. This methodology fuses the idea of octrees, to isolate 3D objects into a tree-like structure, checking collision within numerous items and printing space and then packing those with the assistance of simulated annealing. The effectual 3D Printing can be done by optimizing and stabilizing the packing of irregular shaped objects in printing space, hence this study

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Marjam Desma Rahadhini, Edi Wibowo, Kukuh Lukiyanto*

This study sought to analyze the effect of hedonic shopping value on impulse buying through positive consumer fashion emotion. The study population was consumers purchasing fashion products at Ramayana Mall Salatiga. This study used the non-probability sampling technique with purposive sampling of 130 respondents. The analysis employed the Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) technique. The confirmatory factor analysis (CFA) was used as a validity test; the result was valid because the estimated value was > 0.05. The Cronbach's alpha was used as a reliability test; the result was reliable because the CR was > 0.60. Hypothesis testing with regression weights indicates that hedonic shopping value affects positive emotion with a CR value of 5.514 and a p-value of 0.000. Moreover, hedonic shopping value affects impulse buying with a CR value of 5.504 and a p-value of 0.000. A positive emotion effect was found on impulse buying with a CR value of 3.307 and a p-value of 0.002. Hedonic shopping value indirectly affects impulse buying through positive emotion; it was obtained that IE > DE (0.845 > 0.037). Ramayana Mall should offer the latest fashion products, provide discounts on certain fashion products, and create an attractive store atmosphere so that shopping will be enjoyable for consumers.

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Kulwant Singh, Sristy Hazra, Chandra Mukherjee, Sushanth.G, Sanjith Gowda

Accidents owing to potholes has become an alarming problem in today’s life. The first step to solve this problem requires, designing a device embedded on the vehicle which can continuously scan the road surface for identifying potholes, alerting the driver in time and enable the driver to avoid the pothole. The second step is to introduce a technique to enable the device to locate the position of the pothole via GPS (Global Positioning System). The GPS data can be uploaded via a GPRS (General Packet Radio Service) module or Bluetooth module onto a data base which is stored locally. This database can then be transferred to the cloud using WiFi or 4G technology by connecting the system. The third aspect is to link the database to a network system incorporating mapping software such as Google Maps or Open-Street Map. The data in the system can be made available to the general public as well as municipalities and road maintenance agencies. Awareness of the location of potholes will help drivers to avoid those roads and being more careful while driving on the same roads. This paper focuses on the pothole detection task based on image processing algorithms and the data captured from ultrasonic sensor placed on the vehicle. The later steps were implemented through Bluetooth interface available in smartphones.

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Nani M. Sugandhi, Aas Saomah, Annisa Hasna Zahirah, Muhammad Solehuddin, Dodi Suryana

This research is based on the fact that prosocial behavior needs to be had since childhood as a foundation for the development of children's ability to interact with their environment more broadly outside the family environment, therefore it needs to be developed and fostered during the process of child maturity. Prosocial behavior in the form of acts of sharing, cooperation, donating, helping, honesty, and generosity. This research aims to find out the profile of the prosocial behavior of elementary school students in Gudang Kahuripan 2 Elementary School. Participants in this study were sixth-grade students at Gudang Kahuripan 2 Elementary School consisting of 30 people. The results of the study, in general, showed that the prosocial behavior profile of sixth-grade students at Gudang Kahuripan 2 Elementary School was at a medium level.

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Rashmi Bhardwaj, Varsha Duhoon

Weather on earth changes continuously and hence becomes important to forecast so as to foresee any natural calamity and hence to take preventive measures in advance. Auto Regressive Integrated Moving Averages model (ARIMA model) is the time series model which studies the stationary series and hence is used for modelling and forecasting. This paper studies the ARIMA model in order to model and forecast the weather parameter as rainfall of Delhi region from January 1, 2017 till December 31, 2018 on daily basis. In order to check the stationarity of the time series, Augmented-Dickey-Fuller(ADF) and PhilipsPeron(PP) tests have been applied. The study revealed that the ARIMA(1,1,1) is suited model for the series on the basis of the AkaikeInformationCriterion(AIC) value used for choosing the appropriate model for forecasting parameter.

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Dr P. P. Priya G Pavankalyan , P Siva Swapnic guptha , Sk Juber Ahamed

Among entire globe many Countries people work as farmers to survive their lives . Plants are interconnected to farming and pests which are related to plants, where there are bulk of plants then they lead to farming there must be effect causing animals called pests. Pests are not only animals they may be birds too that damage the plants. One of the example of pests are birds and monkeys that eat plants and its products and cause harm to farmers. In This research technique we has developed and designed a prototype of birds detector and repellent of birds based on frequency. This designed model has a Bird detection and repellent system which detects the bird based on its given python code as well as with the help of some machine learning algorithms and then proceeds further step to a repellent which produces a certain frequency with respective the birds by classificating the birds based on there resonating frequencies, so the bird will be disturbed through the repellent frequency and goes away fron it. This designed model consists of python open cv software as a detector to detect movement from birds and further classifies the type of bird and for that type it give signals to further step to fire certain signal frequency to repeller .The repeller is designed using LC oscillator type colpitts with Piezo Ultrasonic sensor as repeller which produces . The obtained results of the experiment are mainly focussed on Birds with bird detection system, which is capable of working with a detection distance between 2m - 500 m by using sensors to detect bird , and by modifying this model in aspect of sensor we used machine learning algorithm of python open cv it increases the range of detectiong the bird from 500 cm to 500 meters and can continue for further process to repel the birds at a frequency signal of about 60 kHz.

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Sasidhar Gurugubelli, Fathimunnisa Begum, Dr.L.S.V. Prasad

Aluminium based matrix composites remain the most explored metal matrix material for the development of metal matrix composites. The present work deals with the fabrication of aluminium-6069 alloy metal matrix composites (MMCs) reinforced with molybdenum and coconut shell. The specimens were prepared by taking into consideration of six different weight fractions of aluminium 6069, molybdenum powder and coconut shell ash by stir casting method. The first three specimens were prepared in such a manner that aluminium 6069 and coconut shell ash weight fraction varies by 2% and molybdenum powder weight fraction kept constant by 1%. The next three specimens were prepared in the same manner, coconut shell kept constant by 1%, molybdenum powder and aluminium 6069 varies by 2%. The main purpose of the paper is to study the properties of Aluminium-6069 alloy reinforced with molybdenum and coconut shell ash composites fabricated by stir casting technique and Tensile test was performed by using equipment’s such as Universal testing machine. Based on the results obtained, the tensile strength was improved by adding coconut shell ash particles and molybdenum to aluminum-6069 alloy.

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Dr. R.Ramachandran

Now a days, clients aren't interested in buying a product on the grounds of its name, physical attributes or cost alone. An important question is increased by every bank regarding clients' service expectations, so by cutting operational expenses and handling contest. Currently, banks are under enormous pressure to better their services. Banks working in retail banking are consequently directing their plans towards raising service quality level that boosts customer loyalty and satisfaction through improved service quality. As service-oriented entities trying for success in this challenging advertising environment, retail merchants have tended to provide nearly identical products and fiscal solutions. 50 out of SBI, 50 ICICI current samples dimension tools kind. At the next phase, 50 clients from each one of the branches have been chosen on the purposive foundation for the analysis. As a result, the sample size includes 100 clients. As an important part of the analysis, the principal data were collected by 100 clients. As an important part of the analysis, the principal data were gathered for a period of 3 weeks in April 2018 on June 2018. The observations and findings will be the consequence and consequence of these interpretations made throughout the analysis of investigation.

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Anandkumar M, Suriya M, Ravichandran P

Superabsorbent polymers (SAP) are new chemical admixtures for concrete that are extremely capable and multiuse. They offer a number of new options for controlling the mixture's free water. They also contribute to the regulator of the rheological properties of fresh concrete and to the decrease of plastic shrinkage by internal healing. This SAP can be used as different from air‐entrainment agents. It is also helpful in reducing the crack width when they appear during the service stage. It thus increases the life span of the structure and also reduces the cost by not allowing any additional repair and rehabilitation of structures. In this paper, specimens are prepared at the addition of 0.5%, 1.0%, &1.5% Super absorption Polymer called Sodium polyacrylate and testing are done at various stages, and conclusions are made based on the results.

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Syafruddin Side, Muh Isbar Pratama, Nur Rezky Ramadhan, and Wahidah Sanusi

This paper discuss about the numerical solution of TBC transmission using Perturbation Homotopy Methods (MPH). This article using TBC sufferers’ data on South Sulawesi was taken from Public Health Office South Sulawesi Province. The discuss started form SEIR model of TBC transmission, the simulation of SEIR models of TBC transmission on South Sulawesi, and the numeric solution of SEIR model with Perturbation Homotopy Methods (MPH). On this article we got predictions about TBC transmission that occurred in South Sulawesi for several years later.

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Hamed M. Almalki

This work is focused on, utilizing the interdisciplinary advances in different engineering fields, to suggest a new design form with modified capabilities of an efficient, real time, reliable and realizable, at low cost, industrial environment monitoring system. The suggested design is intended to monitor, track, assess and register pollution's sources parameters and conditions in industrial manufacturing factory, to result in ensuring acceptable quality of factory's environment, maintain safety of personnel, Material and Machinery and finally to result in more optimized factory operation. The system design is developed by utilizing commonly available hardware and specially designed modules. The state and value of various environmental pollution sources and conditions, in real time, are continuously read and monitored. The acquired data are broadcasted wirelessly from all sensor modules, to main control unit, which will process the acquired data, calculate the climatic indices, and take correction actions.

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B. Pradeep Kumar, P. Padma Sree, K. Raghu Babu, P. Srinivasulu

More than 60% of the state of Andhra Pradesh makes up the eastern part of the Dharwar Craton. Three prominent greenstone belts occur in the southern part of the state with discontinuous trace into the adjoining parts of Karnataka State. They are Veligallu - Gadwal Belt, South Kolar or Bisanattam–Kadiri Belt and Ramagiri–Penakacherla Belt. The Eastern Dharwar Craton encloses a number of narrow linear bands of auriferous schist belts. They are also the locales of deposition of variety of minerals. The present study aims to prepare structural mapping on southern portion of Kadiri Schist Belt in portions of Anantapur district, Andhra Pradesh, India. The Southern Portion of Kadiri Schist Belt uncovered the existence of litho-units with marked likenesses to the Kolar type schist belt of Karnataka State. Geological studies of the study part include mainly three litho-units specifically schist belt litho-units, granitoids and dyke rocks. Remote sensing and Geographical Information Systems (GIS) have become more important for the study of geology, structural geology and extraction of lineaments. In this paper we focused to identify the type of lineament. The results clearly reveal that in the study part three types of lineaments were present namely Geographic lineaments- ridge parallel, Structural lineament- Dykes, structural lineaments – joints and fractures. Most of the lineaments were placed in South-Eastern part and North-Western part in the Rose diagram.

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Akil bashir wani, Sandeep singla, Anuj sachar

The development of infrastructure in a country is an important aspect in shaping the future of an country. The infrastructure development is considered to be a blueprint in overall development of a country. Basic development of roads, bridges, hospitals, schools etc. make life easy to live and the progress of developing nation is recognized with providing basic facilities to its residents. India is considered to among top developing nations of world. India is seventh in the list of countries in terms of geographical area and second in the list in terms of population. India`s geographical area ranges from mighty mountains of Himalayas to tropical areas in the south. Due to random use of land in an unplanned manner in country for infrastructure development caused rapid transformation of cities, districts and villages, which has at large scale affected sustainability of country. Although some cities are sustainable and well planned. Sustainable development means wise use of natural resources for socio economic development taking into consideration the needs of future generation. This study had been done on Srinagar city of state Jammu and Kashmir of India on subject of unplanned land use and its effects on sustainability of city. This study provides the policies to tackle the situation of city.

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Vipin Y. Borole, Dr.Sonali B. Kulkarni, Pratibha R. Bhise

Suitable fertilizer application is important in the agriculture sector to improve soil fertility and soil quality. Fertilizers are used for enhancing soil fertility and productivity, but proper use of fertilizers based on the requirement for a particular crop and soil has always remained a challenge. Furthermore, habitual laboratory methods are very time consuming and expensive. In this work, we assessed the soil spectral reflectance curve using the absorption feature parameter for soil properties assessment. Spectral reflection data are acquired using ASD fieldSpec4 Spectroradiometer for assessment of chemical properties like nitrogen, phosphorus, potash, carbon, pH as well as physical properties like sand, silt, clay, soil organic matter (SOM), moisture. The reflectance data having unique soil spectral signatures were obtained and analysed statistically. The pre-monsoon season (first week of June) soil samples are collected where Organic, Chemical Inorganic), mixed (Organic and Inorganic) fertilizers treatments were applied for different crops are taken in the study area. The soil samples were collected in the context of the surface (topsoil), Subsurface (subsoil) layer. For this study soil samples are collected in the pre-monsoon season for finding the effect of fertilizers on soil. The physical and chemical properties are analyzed in surface and subsurface soil for different crops and different fertilizer treatment.

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C.Nalini, R.Shantha Kumari,J.Sudeeptha

Electronic mail (E-mail) is used to exchange messages between people via internet. E-mail protocols like Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP), POP (Post Office Protocol) and IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol) are used to transfer messages from sender to receiver. Due to the flaws in E-mail protocols, development of online businesses and advertisement companies create E-mail based intimidation. E-mail spam is called as junk mail. Today handling spam mail is one of the major problems in software companies. Since spam mail causes traffic problems and bottle necks that limit memory space, computing power and speed. And also a user has to spend more time to detect and obliterate spam mails. Machine learning models are used to are used to overcome this problem. Machine learning models are categorized into supervised, unsupervised and semi supervised learning models. Supervised learning models are used to classify E-mails, filter and prevent the spam mail. The proposed work explores the performance of machine learning algorithms like Decision Tree(DT), Navie-bayes, k-Nearest Neighbours (k-NN),Support Vector Machines(SVM) and Random Forest(RF) learning algorithms for classifying spam messages from E-mail. Accuracy, F-measure and recall parameters are used to evaluate the performance of the learning algorithms.

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Nirwana, Amran Achmad, Putu Oka Ngakan, Hazairin Subair

The physical properties of the soil, specifically the soil texture as a result of rock weathering, is an important factor to study since it is one of the determinants of forest soil quality. This study aims to determine the soil physical properties of the Camba Formation (Tmc) and Volcanic Camba Formation (Tmcv) in the Bulusaraung Lower Mountain Forest. Twenty soil sampling points were systematically placed on each formation. Soil samples obtained were subsequently analyzed at the Chemical and Soil Fertility Laboratory, Department of Soil Science, Faculty of Agriculture, Hasanuddin University. The research variables are soil textures and parameters include the percentage of sand, silt and clay content. Data is analyzed using EXCEL and Discriminant Analysis using SPSS Version 22. The average sand content of soil in the Camba Formation (Tmc) is higher than that in the Volcanic Camba Formation (Tmcv), while the opposite applies for the average content of silt and clay. Sand content is the variable that discriminantes (p value <0.05) between soil physical properties of the Camba Formation and soil physical properties in the Volcanic Camba Formation

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T.Gunasekar, C.Gobinath, N.Manoj, A.D.Naveena, T.Nandhini

India being the agrarian nation mostly depends on groundwater which is taken by bore wells and used for agriculture, industrial and domestic purpose. Majority of the total deep tube wells which irrigate 12.68 million hectares of land are located in India. The vehicle used for drilling tube wells is available in maximum number in western region of Tamil Nadu. This paper aims to safeguard the bore well vehicle from unnecessary damage that appears due to the certain abnormal conditions which arise during the drilling process. With the advanced technologies of arduino and GSM, the data are transmitted and displayed for the convenience of the driller for protecting the vehicle and also ease to the labors. . The main part of the proposed system is transmitting and receiving unit which takes place with the help of GSM and arduino. This set up is made on both sides (i.e. compressor and driller side) of the vehicle. This reduces the risk of the bore well vehicle from getting damaged by keeping the parameters such as engine temperature, oil level, RPM and condition of radiator fan (ON/OFF) under surveillance. This automation protects the machine as well as it reduces the human error which paves the way or proper operation of both drilling and compressor vehicle. This paper paves the easy way for manual verification during bore well drilling. Accurate parameter values are obtained which helps in deciding whether to operate the bore well vehicle or not. Reduces the repairing cost as well as avoids the damage of the equipment due to the rise in temperature.

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D. Malathi , S.Suvetha, S.Shanmuganathan ,K.Vignesh

Security and privacy are of prime concern in the emerging technologies like internet of things (IoT) and cyber-physical systems (CPS) based applications. Lightweight cryptography plays an major role in securing the data in this emerging pervasive computing environment. The main objective of this project is to implement High performance and Area efficient VLSI architecture with 64-bit data path for present Cipher and to compare the results between present Cipher. Cipher is an algorithm for encryption and decryption operation. It is based on the concept of Substitution-Permutation network. These networks contains both S-boxes and P-boxes which has specified algorithm for each that converts input bits as blocks into output bits .The block runs for 9 clock cycles to get encrypted output and also to get decrypted output. Simulations is done on Model Sim software and synthesis is on Xilinx FPGA device. It gives the throughput of around 3712 Mbps and Efficiency of around 11.56%, this architecture gives the better results when compared to existing Cipher..

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Teresita C. Molano, Romano P. Cammayo, Georgina M. Dioses, Jesusimo L. Dioses, Jr.

The study analyzed the 21st Century Skills of Pre-Service Teachers of Region II, Philippines. The study used descriptive method of research and correlational analysis to determine the significant relationship between the self-assessments of the respondents of their skills as compared with the 21st century skills according to group of respondents. Result shows that in terms of year level, there was a very significant difference between year level and the pre-service teachers’ extent of acquisition of the 21st century skills. In addition, Fourth year pre-service teachers demonstrated higher 21st century skills higher than the third year pre-service teachers. On the other hand, if type of school is to be considered, there was a very significant difference between type of school and the pre-service teachers’ extent of acquisition of the 21st century skills for critical thinking, flexibility and adaptability, communication, collaboration, and creativity and innovation. Moreover, there was a significant difference between type of school and the pre-service teachers’ extent of acquisition of information and communications technology skills (ICT) and there was no significant difference between type of schools and the pre-service teachers’ extent of acquisition of problem solving skills. Pre-service teachers from State Universities showed higher acquisition of 21st century skills compared with Private Sectarian and Private Non-sectarian teachers. Considering the region, there was a very significant difference between region and the pre-service teachers’ extent of acquisition of the 21st century skills. Pre-service teachers from Region 4a demonstrated most of the 21st century skills compared with other regions. Additionally, respondents from Region 2 and 3 had a higher acquisition of communicative and collaborative skills respectively.

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R Karthikeyan, R Bhubesh, M Ezhil kumaran, S S Deivavijay

Dairy manure management systems ought to account for the fate of excreted nutrients that will be of environmental concern. Currently, restrictive oversight is directed primarily at the reassurance of water quality. Land application of manure at acceptable chemical levels to crops created on the farm by truck age or by pumping flushed manure effluent through irrigation systems is that the basis Nutrient losses to surface and groundwaters are often avoided, and vital amount are often obtained from manure as chemical if adequate crop production is feasible. Manure solids combined with wastes from alternative sources could have potential if a marketable product is often created or if spare grant is received for process supplementary wastes. Solutions to odor issues square measure required. In the previous methodology ancient cable wire rope has been used for the movement of manure removal in advance, and it provides less and also the main objective of the tactic is to induce additional accuracy of cleansing the manure within the oxen alleys. And also, the final output of the merchandise can scale back the time consumption, and require less quantity of employee to done employment. Potency of the system is 6 June 1944 quite ancient system.

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A. Abdul Rahman, Justus Selwyn

The Knowledge Management System (KMS) becomes cynosure of overall business strategies to ameliorate the organization's economy, it has various dimensions to understand strongly before develop or deploy for organizational benefits. The KMS is becoming more complex and diverse as a result of advancement in Information and Communication Technology (ICT), Even though there is no option to manage and get the benefit of its intellectual assets .However many of the initiatives of KMS fail since it is unable to achieve the expected quality in significant dimensions. An investigation of significant dimensions must been ensured to avoid failure. Moreover KMS Development Life Cycle(KMSLC) is fundamentally different from any other software system life cycle since the conventional system life cycles are primarily dependent on its functionality, were as KMS associated with knowledge and its related functionality. This paper investigates some of the recent and widely accepted KMS Development Life Cycles and proposes the quality dimensions and factors requirements in each stage of the life cycle to ensure the quality of KMS.

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Shanmuk Srinivas Amiripalli, Veeramallu Bobba

Wireless networks gain popularity in recent years with tremendous growth in ZigBee, Bluetooth, 6LowPan, Ethernet technologies. Survivability is a mechanism in which the network has to withstand even some nodes had failed randomly. It is one of the major issues in the design of smart home automation systems. In this paper, the above problem was addressed by using Fibonacci based clustering in TGO topology. The main design goal is to increase the performance of smart home automated systems even though there is a random node failure. The proposed TGO based algorithms are compared with the properties like Edges, average degree, density, diameter, edge connectivity, average clustering, average path length, and transitivity with standard ZigBee topologies.

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Uday Bhale, Dr. Harpreet Singh Bedi

Purpose: The purpose of this study is to understand the changes due to proposed mobile number portability (MNP) -7th amendment in consumer life cycle, analyse customer awareness on exiting mobile number portability withdrawal process and impact of proposed MNP -7th amendment process on the customer behaviour. There are many aspects such as mobile number return, use of block chain for DND in MNP 7th Amendment, this study is restricted on MNP request withdraw process. Design: To study the first objective, theoretical study of previous TRAI consultation papers, Industry experts, article papers and website contents were used. In order to study the second & third objective a discrete choice experiment, qualitative research analysis is used with in-depth interview method to understand consumer understanding about the current and revised process and then customer has been given choice on the selection of revised and old MNP withdrawal process. For this, 100 customers were randomly selected who has used mobile portability service in last 90 days. The second objective was explored through qualitative research analysis using semi structured interviews to systematically collect and analyze the data in order to generate a model for analyzing impact of new process. For this, 87 customers were randomly selected who were used the MNP service. Further grounded theory approach has been used to code the verbatim (indicates recording of interviews in the exact same manner as responded by the interviewee) and further proposed a retention model with industry experts. Findings: study of the MNP - 7th amendment shows that customer will be more empowered and it will give easiness to consumers for withdrawal of the MNP request. Originality/Value: MNP- 7th Amendment is new process which is proposed to be live from 16th Dec 2019 and going to bring revolution in MNP retention process. On this not more study is available and this study provides insights on its impact and consumer awareness on this process. Study shows that 98% of customers were not aware about the exiting MNP withdrawal process and never tried the MNP withdrawal process previously. Further study shows 20% of the customers will try the new process, if they get the desired benefits from the operators.

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Swati Smaranika Mishra, Dr.Chitralekha Jena

With the worldwide energy crisis and therefore the more and more serious environmental issues, renewable energy becomes a future energy trends. PV energy can be used as major alternative energy resources due to its low maintenance cost as well as operational value. Even by considering the atmospherical effects which may hamper the efficiency of a PV cell, still we can draw many advantages from PV source. This paper unveil the case study of a solar PV plant which includes performance evaluation and energy forecasting respective of various losses occurs due to effect of temperature, effect of shading, effect of dust etc. The real time performance result of the plant is compared with a developed MATLAB simulink PV model as well as the result obtained from PVSYST Software. Error percentage is calculated from the obtained results by MAPE(Mean Absolute Percentage Error ) method in order to validate the real time power plant data.

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B.Karthicsonia, Dr. M.Vanitha

Medical image processing is a dominant procedure that is used to predict different variety cancers such as bone cancer, brain cancer, lung cancer, liver cancer, breast cancer, etc. Osteosarcoma is a one of the category of bone cancer. It is the most horrible cancer that affects human being’s bones. It can be predicted with the help Computed Tomography scan images, Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) Scan image, Bone scan, X-rays and Histopathological tissue images. These digital medical images plays vital role in diagnostic a patient. The most important feature of investigative medical image is to reduce or compress the Noise. Noises are removed by various filtering techniques. This paper compares performance of a various filter techniques used in removing different types of noises in medical images. The image quality is measured by denoising parameters such as MSE, RMSE and PSNR. MATLAB is used as a programming tool.

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Kurotul Aeni, Ghanis Putra Widhanarto and Tri Astuti

Character education in schools has a very strong relationship with the culture of the school. School culture is an instrument that strongly supports the capacity of education to build the character of students as an effort to achieve national education goals. This study aims to describe and analyze, and compare models of strengthening character education and its achievements through school culture in SDIT BIAS Assalam and SDIT Usamah Tegal city; and supporting factors and obstacles in strengthening character education through school culture. The study was conducted with a naturalistic inquiry approach. Subjects in this study were principals, teachers, students, parents of students at SDIT BIAS Assalam and SDIT Usamah Tegal city. The research subjects were selected using purposive sampling technique. The object of this research is the social situation in the school including the place, actors and activities carried out by the principal, teachers, students, parents of students, and places or spaces in the school. Data were collected using participant observation methods, in-depth interviews, and documentation. The main instrument is the researcher himself. Data validity test is done by triangulation techniques. The data analysis technique used qualitative analysis by adapting the interactive model of Miles & Huberman (2014).

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Fakhruddin Khosim, Mohd Isha Awang

Motivated Strategies for Learning Questionnaire [1] is a survey instrument that measures the dimensions of motivation and self-regulated learning. This research is conducted to determine the validity and reliability of the MSLQ-Bahasa Melayu version. The study sample consists of 395 Form Two Orang Asli students in the state of Perak, Malaysia. The statistics used is the Cronbach’s Alpha reliability analysis and the results of factor analysis are to confirm the factors that exist in the survey. The study findings for Cronbach’s Alpha reliability for all constructs are almost the same with that reported in the original version. Meanwhile, for the factor analysis, three factors were successfully extracted into the motivation dimension, while for the self-regulated learning dimension, only one factor was successfully extracted as compared to two factors in the original version. In conclusion, MSLQ-BM is an instrument that has high validity and reliability in measuring motivation and self-regulated learning in the context of school children in Malaysia.

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A Arul Pete

Experimental investigation on emission of diesel engine was made using the blends of biogas with diesel. The engine was operated by diesel and the blends of biogas 15%, 25%and 35% with diesel. Except oxides of nitrogen 35% biogas blend yielded optimum results. The emission from 35% blend was appreciable. At maximum torque level better results were obtained in case of carbon monoxide, hydrocarbon and smoke emissions. It was concluded that increase in biogas percentage with diesel yielded reduction in emission level

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Sengathir Janakiraman, M. Deva Priya, A. Christy Jeba Malar

Secured retrieval of data stored on the cloud has attracted the research community in the recent years. Individuals and business enterprises utilize the cloud for storing and managing potential data due to the significance of high economic savings and comfort. İn this context, data need to be secured before it is outsourced in order to achieve confidentiality in the cloud data retrieval process. In this paper, a secure retrieval process over cloud data using Improved Privacy Multi-Keyword Retrieval Scheme (IPMKRS) is proposed. This secure retrieval process includes a recursive procedure that uses single integer operations which rapidly converge to the collection of points that aid in constructing the scrambled data propagated through the clouds. IPMKRS includes Cloud set-up, initialization and retrieval phases for securing the data shared on the cloud. It plays a vital role in encrypting the cloud data using the concept of Multi-Keyword based Ranking (MKR) derived based on the technique of co-ordinate matching. The cloud servers are responsible for ranking the files that are stored on the server. The results prove that IPMKRS reduces the cost of communication during the identification of top secure files on the file server.

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Rohini B Khanderay, Sajidullah S Khan

Internet is backbone of communication system. It expands its horizon with a quick pace. Internet is justifiably outlined as “network of networks”. It is, in most Internet nowadays is that the backbone of virtual communication worldwide. It's increasing its straightforward terms, a method of creating an association between your pc and the other pc globally through servers and a few dedicated routers. The most important style of communication of current internet is among humans (i.e. human-to-human). Following future style of communication that uses internet because the underlying technology is that the internet of Things (IoT). IoT extends the capabilities of internet to change human-to-machine communication (M2M).Therefore; IoT may be same to supply communication among everybody and everything. IoT permits U.S.A. to implant some kind of intelligence within the objects that area unit or may be connected to the web so as to exchange data, thence communicate, invoke bound actions supported inputs, take selections and supply helpful services. During this paper, the fundamental underlying progress of IoT is mentioned and also the design of IoT is explained. The paper additionally highlights the foremost helpful technologies of those days that use IoT for his or her functioning. Further, the applications and options of IoT area unit mentioned within the paper. Lastly, the problems and challenges in implementing the IoT area unit in short mentioned. The IoT nowadays is gaining plenty of recognition thanks to its potential that's however to be extracted by the trade, world and government moreover. These sectors will bring immense economic and skilled advantages by using IoT within the right manner. With the rapid advancement in technology, we are heading to a world in which everyone and everything will be able to communicate and be connected. Such technology that provides communication among anyone and at any place or any time is the Internet of Things (IoT). The IoT may be termed as the Internet of future that will enable machine to machine (M2M) learning.

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Raxmatillo Ergashev, Uchqun Beglaev

The article provides information on the national economic development of the country and the creation of a sustainable economic management system, as well as on the current state of the fisheries management system and the further development of its socio-economic status and problem solving.

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Gulchekhra Rikhsikhodzhaeva, Bakmanzhan Smanov, Bakhtiyarulla Ubaidullaev, A.N. Rizaev, Basit Khamidov, Vitaliy Guro

Background of the problem. The efficiency of heat exchange equipment in a closed indoor water supply depends on corrosion and the deposition of mineral salts on their surface. This is due to a decrease in the values of heat transfer coefficients between the aqueous medium and the wall of the heat exchangers. In this regard, the prevention of mineral deposits in water systems and corrosion of carbon steel pipes and equipment is one of the most important tasks. The problem, so far, has been solved with the use of scale inhibitors, which were imported from abroad for the oil refineries of our Republic, therefore, the development and implementation of new compositions of corrosion and scale inhibitors based on local raw materials is a solution not only to import substitution, but also to innovative technology . The aim of this work is to develop corrosion inhibitors and scaling based on analyzes of the electrochemical properties of water, with different ratios of activator ions present in the aquatic environment. Methodology. The degree of inhibitory protection Z = [100% (ic ° - ic ') / ic °], where ic ° and ic' are the corrosion rates in the absence and presence of an inhibitor, evaluated by polarization curve (PC) methods (PI-50-1 potentiostat , potentials - on the scale of N.V.E.) and polarization resistance (PS) (P-5035 corrosion meter), measured on electrodes from Art. 20 with a purity of the air-oxidized surface Rz ≤ 10 μm, characterized by the ratio of the area (S) to the volume of the solution (V), cm2 / cm3, not more than 1:10 (for PC and PS S = 0.5 and 25 cm2). Gravimetric measurements (GI) were carried out under static and dynamic conditions (stirring, 300 rpm) for ≤30 days on samples from Art. 20 (Rz ≤ 20 μm, s = 26.9 cm2; S / V = 1:20). The inhibition of the scaling process was determined using the operating instructions on an ISO-1 device. Scientific novelty. It was established that the concentration of chemicals affecting the corrosive properties of water found in natural waters should not exceed, after their purification, standards in accordance with GOST 2877-82. The nature of the course of corrosion depends on the ions present in the corrosive medium, mainly anions. Received data. The effectiveness of the use of corrosion and scale inhibitors GPMSC and IONX-1 relative to imported HEDPA was determined. When the value of the corrosion rate for GPMSh is 0.0000064287; IONX-1 - 0.0000083722; and OEDPC - 0.0000245186. The effectiveness of the inhibition of scaling for GPMS - 91.76%; for IONX-1 - 89.41%; and for an imported scale inhibitor of HEDPK - 94.11%.

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Gaurav Kumar, Dr. Vinay Rishiwal

The use of social networking is very much prevalent now a days as a part of an individual for interaction with friends and family. The reason of such development is the limited time and greater geographical distances between the net users. Further it provide the easy mean for interacting. But at the same time the social interaction platforms are very much at the target of spammers and content polluters. In this regards it is very high time for researchers to explore and provide the necessary framework for monitoring and identifying such individuals and bots which are based on machine learning approach. A manual way of identifications using human intervention is definitely a very time consuming and rigorous process. In this paper a provisioning of machine learning based approach based on artificial neural networks usage in determined for identifications of such bots or individuals. Various types of neural networks and tier relative outcomes are compared and evaluated for spam identification in this paper.

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Sugiyo, Erwin Erlangga

This study aims to examine the relationship between perception of compensation and teacher performance. The hypothesis of this study is that there is a positive relationship between perceptions of compensation and teacher performance. The more positive the perception of compensation, the higher the teacher's performance and vice versa. The subjects of this study were 150 Madrasah Ibtidaiyah teachers in Brebes. The sampling technique used is population study. Retrieval of data using teacher performance instruments and scale of perception of compensation. The number of valid items used for the final data analysis is 30 items for the scale of perception of compensation, while the teacher performance instrument is not tested for validity. Data analysis was performed using Product Moment correlation techniques. Calculation of data analysis using SPSS (Statistical Packages for Social Science) for windows version 23. The results showed no relationship between perceptions of compensation with teacher performance indicated by the results of rxy = - 0.038 and p = 0.848 (p> 0.05). This shows the conclusion that the higher the teacher's perception of compensation is not automatically the higher the teacher's performance.

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Dr. P. S. Raghavendran, T. Abinaya, P. Karthikeyan

Lithium-ion batteries are ordinarily used for moveable physics and electrical vehicles and are growing in quality for military and part applications. Over the past many decades, the quantity of electric vehicles has continued to extend. Projections estimate that worldwide quite a hundred twenty-five million electrical vehicles are going to be on the road by our future generations. At the guts of those advanced vehicle is that the lithium-particle [Li-ion] battery that provides to needed energy storage. This project gift Li-ion batteries and their associated battery management systems, similarly as approaches to enhance overall battery potency, state of charge, voltage and current analysis, life span. The planned work helps to analysis the battery that aims to develop the Li-ion battery performs higher in action. Additionally, the interior resistance of the battery is going to be analyzed for the longer-term scope for increasing the generation, similarly as opportunities to repurpose and recycle the batteries.

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Soumya.T.R, S. Revathy

Cyber threat event detection is the method that ensures safety of the public when there is occurrence of serious events. Social media is a platform used for the purpose of social wellness, utilized as an information source for the hackers. Twitter-one of the social media is a web application of micro blogging type has become popular serving several hundred million users. Detection of real world cyber threat event that threatens the social security and safety or causes interruption to the social order is made possible by the exploitation of user generated data, which is a rich source of data. In this paper, threat event is detected by the two types of feature extraction namely temporal feature and textual feature. Based on the features extracted, investigation of the cyber threat event is performed over time. Firstly, identification of the cyber threat event is done regardless of the user’s influence. Secondly, the temporal feature plays an important role in the detection of the threat event therefore cannot be ignored. Thirdly, the overall performance of the detection of cyber threat event is improved using the textual features. This approach is a novel method for the detection of the cyber threat event for the real world data from social media.

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R.Elankeerthana K.Kokila

Individual re-distinguishing proof is a key subject in the field of the computer vision innovations. The conventional (traditional) strategies for individual re-identification proof experience issues in taking care of the issues of individual brightening, impediment and frame of mind change under complex foundation. Then, the presentation of profound learning opens another method for individual re-recognizable proof research and turns into a problem area in this field. In any case, pictures got by CCTV cameras are generally of low quality. Second, an image objective is regularly lower for video progressions. If the subject is far from the camera, the certifiable face picture objectives can be as low as 64 by 64 pixels. Last, face picture assortments, for instance, light, appearance, stance, obstruction, and development, are dynamically genuine in video progressions. The philosophy can address the uneven movements between still pictures and chronicles overwhelmingly by creating various "ranges" to interface the still pictures and video traces. So in this endeavor, we can complete still to video planning approach to manage coordinate the photos with accounts using Grassmann manifold learning approach and Convolutional Neural system calculation to know darken matches. Utilizing Grassmann learning calculation to scrutinize the features vectors and organizing segment vectors reliant on significant learning draws near. Finally give voice alert at the time darken organizing continuously circumstances and besides give SMS alert and Email alert at the period of cloud face area.

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Gayathri Denis, Dr.T.Krishnakumar, Dr.M.Karthikeyan, Dr.S.Sasipriya

In this paper, we present a novel methodology for evaluating job applicants in online enrolment frameworks, utilizing AI calculations to take care of the candidate positioning issue. A use of our methodology is actualized as a model framework, whose usefulness is displayed and assessed in a true enlistment situation. The Internet gives immense chances to people to introduce themselves in various manners, from basic self-improvement to vindictive personality misrepresentation. We regularly depend on our Internet-based decisions of others to decide, for example, whom to associate with, date, or utilize. An assortment of methodologies has been as of late proposed to consequently derive clients' character from their client produced content in online networking. Methodologies vary as far as the AI calculations and the capabilities utilized, kind of used impression, and the web based life condition used to gather the information. In this article, we layout the systems basic human-and PC based character expectation and portray how future research could address ebb and flow confinements. We start by thinking about what character is and what "precise" truly implies.

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Lebbaeus Denis, Dr.T.Krishnakumar, Dr.M.Karthikeyan, Dr.S.Sasipriya

Technology framework for secured and tamper free authentication mechanism of identity and verification of transactions over the network in cash logistics industry using IOT to avoid identity thefts and cash robberies during the storage, transportation, handling and dispensing of cash. This paper presents a comprehensive and a fundamentally new way to transact business. The whole process flow of the cash logistics with the security based authentication factors of and methods to control cyber security threats over the cash logistics network. Here in this paper I have utilized cryptographic security, decentralized agreement, and a mutual open record (with its appropriately controlled and permissioned perceive ability), Blockchain advancements which can significantly change the manner in which it sort out the monetary, social, political, and logical exercises.

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John Mark M. Mamauag

The study aimed to determine the perception of students on hospitality management program of Isabela State University as basis for improvement. The descriptive method was utilized in the study in which survey questions were administer to the different campuses of Isabela State University who offers Hotel Restaurant and Tourism Management program. There are 229 students respondents are considered in the study. Result shows that the assessments of students on administrative operations was 3.42 with a verbal interpretation of strongly agree, program’s vision, mission and objectives was 3.44 with a verbal interpretation of strongly agree, program’s computerization was 2.59 with a verbal interpretation of agree, program’s curriculum design was 3.19 with a verbal interpretation of agree, program’s curriculum contents was 3.40 with a verbal interpretation of strongly agree, program’s teaching and learning was 3.46 with a verbal interpretation of strongly agree, program’s facilities of 3.44 with a verbal interpretation of strongly agree, program facility and resource management was 2.99 with a verbal interpretation of agree, program’s faculty qualities was 3.35 with a verbal interpretation of strongly agree, program’s faculty assessment was 3.39 with a verbal interpretation of strongly agree, practicum of hospitality management program was 3.14 with a verbal interpretation of agree, practicum of tourism management program was 3.41 with a verbal interpretation of strongly agree and practicum of hospitality and tourism management programs as a whole was 3.46 with a verbal interpretation of strongly agree. This indicates that the perception of the students on the hospitality and tourism management programs of Isabela State University is continuously improving. It is highly recommended that the reports or documents from the industry related to the program should be included in the program’s related subjects, for students to be able to learn and have a grasp of how the industry is being run by industry managers and experts.

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Herri Purwanto, Agus Setiobudi, Reffanda Kurniawan Rustam

Soil functions as a basic foundation layer is a very important element in a road construction work, because the bearing capacity of the soil is the main element in the construction of the road construction. Soft clay soil has a high compressibility and moisture content, causing the soil carrying capacity to be low. In this study, soil improvement was carried out using soil stabilization method using a mixture of gypsum plafond waste (GPW) with a percentage of 5 %, 10 %, 15 %, 20 %, and 25 % on a laboratory scale. The soft soil samples used for the research were taken in the Pakjo area of Palembang, South Sumatra Province. The use of gypsum plafond waste as a mixture is expected to increase the bearing capacity of the red soil. The tests to be carried out are CBR (California Bearing Ratio) Soaked and Unsoaked. The results of this research: the highest of average CBR soaked value is in the gypsum plafond waste (15 GPW) mixture = 11.44 % with a soil bearing capacity) of 6.25. And the highest of average CBR unsoaked value is in the gypsum plafond waste (15 GPW) mixture = 15.75 % with a soil bearing capacity) of 6.85.

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Aleth M. Mamauag, John Mark M. Mamauag, Elizabeth T. Alonzo

This paper presented the perception of stakeholders on hospitality management program of Isabela State University as basis for enhancement of the program. The quantitative approach was utilized in the study. Survey questions were administered to the respondents from several campuses of Isabela State University. A total of 283 student’s respondents are involved in the study. Result shows that majority of the respondents strongly agree with all the aspects under assessment with Vision, Mission and Objectives and Administrative Operation which have the highest agreeable means. On the other hand, the participants just agree to the computerization, facilities and management, and practicum readiness in Hospitality Management where the same are iterated by the participants as problems encountered especially on the lack of laboratory equipment and laboratory for hotel management. The figures indicate that there are aspects in the implementation of the programs that has opportunities for improvements.

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John Mark M. Mamauag, Elizabeth T. Alonzo, Aleth M. Mamauag

This paper revealed the assessment of the respondents of the programs for hospitality management and tourism management of Isabela State University. It further tested if the results of the assessment of the respondents are similar with each other. Descriptive method was used to test the difference with the use of analysis of variance. It shows that there is no significant difference in the assessment of the four groups of participants when grouped according to the following component variables; Administrative Operations, Vision, Mission, and Objectives, Computerization, Curriculum design, Curriculum contents, Teaching and Learning, Facilities, Faculty and Resource management, Faculty Qualities, Assessment, Hospitality Management and Hospitality and Tourism as a whole. Furthermore, it is recommended that enhancement must be made on the laboratories and exposures of students to several trainings.

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Aminah, Soewito, Nuria Erisna, Rosmiati Tarmizi, Appin Purisky Redaputri

This research aims to analyze the role of financial technology (Fintech) on sharia banking in Indonesia. The technology-based financial services company in Indonesia grows faster, resulting in the disruption of financial services companies, including Sharia banks. Several studies have discussed the opportunity of cooperation between Sharia banks and Fintech companies to increase the market share of Sharia banks and to write economic inclusion.In the study used methods of descriptive analysis with secondary data and literature studies. The findings in this study are that sharia banks in the economic disruption era have a greater challenge in achieving target market share. The cooperation opportunities with Fintech companies also have challenges in terms of legal certainty and sharia aspect direction. However, Fintech is expected to help sharia banks reach its market share target. This research provides the right cooperation solution that sharia banks can do with Fintech companies.

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C.M. Vivek, J. Kesavan, S.P. Manikandan

Garden maintenance in public and private sectors involves day- by day care and endures great cost and labor. In addition to this the labors are subjected to Hand arm vibration (HAV) due to vibrating machines. HAVs cause musculoskeletal disorders, numbness and reduce hand grip strength. Noise induced hearing loss and ocular disorders are some of the issues associated with motorized vibrating garden trimmers. Hence it is necessary to design garden maintenance equipment by considering the problems associated with it. This paper proposes an optimized model of hedge trimmers capable of angle adjustment in blade projection. Furthermore, the paper investigates the performance of proposed trimming machine to conventional hedge trimmer in terms of uniformity in cutting, time taken for trimming operation, temperature of the equipment and vibration associated with it.

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Swati Sharma, Dr. Mamta Bansal

Machine Learning is one of the apogees growing data science having tremendously large domain of applications. It is a subfield of data science; having breathtaking approaches in the recent years and will surely grow with a rapid rate. According to current scenario, the use and demand of social media is increasing tremendously. People are relying more on internet, social media and thus the size of the data is becoming huge day by day. As the size of data is extremely huge, so there is a frightening rate to analyze the data and to extricate the useful data various technologies like big data, cloud computing, machine learning, deep learning, data science are coming up in the market. In this paper, we are analyzing tweets. From twitter, we have collected a large number of tweets, tokenization is performed using anaconda, an integrated development environment of python and then training is done on the tokenized tweets to identify the useful data. Spyder is yet another powerful technical environment of python. It provides advanced features of data analysis as well as excellent visualization.

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P.Chandrasekaran, P.Ganeshprabhu

In India, the welfare benefit to the employees whether it be statutory or voluntary is available only to the workers employed in formal sector, who are hardly 10%. Left over 90% of the labors, who are more than 40 crores in number, and employed in unorganised / informal sector like construction, agriculture industry is either deprived their rights. In this project, an attempt has been made to study of the welfare measures available in construction industries. The statistics have been composed through primary survey by administrating a detailed questionnaire to section of the employees selected at random. The percentage analysis is used to know the satisfaction level of the employees regarding welfare measures as suggested in the Factories Act, 1948.

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Dr.Dhivya Sathish

Retail sector is one of the fastest growing sector and that plays a major role in the growth of Indian economy. The recent trend in retails sector is the online shopping. As the online shopping is already existing in the rest of the world, in the city of Chennai also it is becoming popular. Selling and buying of goods will happen through internet is called as online shopping. Any product or service can be purchased through online. This paper discusses the preferences of youth located in Chennai in purchasing the products and services online over offline. Challenges of online purchase and merits and demerits of online over offline purchase are analysed in the current paper.

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Nandhini K, Porkodi R

Recent advancements of the hyperspectral remote sensing data extend high spectral information along with the huge dimensional features. Feature extraction helps to project the high dimensional features to low dimensional features without missing any spectral information of the hyperspectral data. This paper highlights the two issues of the hyperspectral data pixel-wise and sub-pixel-wise classification paradigms by proposing the novel weighted feature extraction to improve the classification accuracy. The first issue is the curse of dimensionality of hyperspectral data and the second issue is the former method in estimating model requires the proper weighted method due to lack in estimation of the covariance matrix. This paper proposed gravitational mass weighted method in probability PCA (GMWProbPCA) which is inspired from the gravitational search algorithm to project the high dimensional features to the low dimensional features. In pixel-wise-classification paradigm, the proposed algorithms was compared with the state-of-art techniques supervised LDA and unsupervised PCA and Probability PCA using SVM classification accuracy. The proposed method yields high classification average accuracy of 93.75% and overall accuracy of 89.74% respectively. In sub-pixel-wise classification, the fully constrained least square method and khype are employed and justified as with and without proposed feature extraction GMWProbPCA. The less average root mean squared error is achieved for both FCLS and Khype with proposed GMWProbPCA are 0.044 % and 0.037%.

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Dr. R.Sritharan

Brand choice issues have spawned considerable attention in recent past both in academic and managerial fields. It has become full-size as companies spend hundreds of thousands of rupees every 12 months in figuring out the factors that have an effect on choice preference. The main objective of the study is to determine the factors influencing brand choice. To find out the brand choice Talcum Powder was selected as product as it was highly used by the respondents in a day. By using convenience sampling method, data were collected from 100 respondents. The results found out that brand choice is inevitable in purchase decision, corporate have to look into account that ‘quality aspects’, ‘promotional aspects’, ‘preferential aspects’, ‘image aspects’ and ‘retailers influence’ were to be considered for continuous growth

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Ratna Umi Nurlila, Andi Bahrun, Muhidin, Gusti Ayu Kade Sutariati

Utilization of beneficial bacteria associated with plants as biofertilizer is proven to increase the vegetative growth of tomato plants and can minimize the use of chemical fertilizers. The treatment of tomato seeds with endophytic bacteria and rhizobacteria conducted at the Agronomy Laboratory of Haluoleo University, Southeast Sulawesi Province. The purpose of this study is to evaluate the ability of micro-organisms to increase tomato plant vegetative growth. This study uses soil media, husk charcoal, and manure in a ratio of 4: 2: 1 (soil: manure: husk charcoal), which is inserted into polybags measuring 30x40 cm and placed in a greenhouse. Three bacterial isolates used are Pseudomonas sp SWRII B02, Bacillus sp CKD061, Pseudomonas sp KeO3, and their combination. The results show that seed treatment with bacteria as a biofertilizer effective in boosting and increasing the vegetative growth of tomato plants. Seed treatment with Bacillus sp CKD061 effectively increases the dry weight and number of plant leaves, while the effective treatment of seeds with Pseudomonas sp SWRII B02 increases the relative growth rate and the root drop ratio. In general, the use of beneficial bacteria as biofertilizer in tomato seeds can increase the number of leaves, stem diameter, dry weight, plant height, relative growth rate, and root ratio of rooted tomato plants is higher than the control group.

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Smita Chakraborty, Arunangshu Giri, Swatee Biswas, Manigrib Bag

Celebrity Endorsement is a marketing strategy whose purpose is to use one or more celebrities to advertise a certain product or service. The primary goal of marketers is to reach a mass of audience represented by a celebrity. It helps to build brand equity, help viewers remember the advertisement and help to make the brand different from the rest. This study will examine and measure the impact of celebrity endorsement on consumer purchase intention of Beauty Soap in Indian context. It will also analyze how celebrity endorsement as a tool can affect advertising and how it influences the viewers and the society. In this study, Multiple Regression Analysis was used to analyze collected primary and secondary data and to build a research model by using SPSS-23 software.

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M. Meenakshi Dhanalakshmi, B. Vinothini, R. Anitha, S.A. Sowmiya , T. Malathi

Wireless Sensor Networks are most appropriate technology for Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) to monitor the structure by easy placement of the sensors. SHM is the technique for monitoring the engineering structures by implementing the sensors on the physical structure (bridges/dams). Some of the parameters, e.g., distant communication, energy of sensor these properties related to the sensor should be taken into account. The inaccuracies in sending data, unsteady connectivity can affect the throughput of sensor while observe structure. The existing system focused only on backup sensors placement that are resilient to WSN faults. The energy level gets depleted while sending the monitored data. In proposed system, the Genetic algorithm is introduced to optimize the path for the communication and sleep-wake up scheduling is used to awaken the nodes and placement of backup sensor nodes on the optimized route is used to communicate the collected data to the base station. This will increases the network lifetime and play down the energy utilization. The performance of the methods is mentioned detail using simulation.

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Ituabhor Odesanya, Kingsley Eghonghon Ukhurebor

In mobile cellular network, coverage estimation and network optimization are important parts of the operation and maintenance procedures. These operations and maintenance procedures mainly rely on the Reference Signal Received Power (RSRP) measurements which are collected from the mobile cellular operators’ site in/for any given area or region. In this study the measurements were recorded by a professional receiver with appropriate software and license in Benin City, Edo State, Southern Nigeria. In reducing the number of errors by the mobile cellular operators so as to effectively enhance the quality of service (QoS), optimization becomes imperative. The self-organizing network (SON) is applied to these RSRP data to detect, compensate and recover for the outage or error. The analysis of some RSRP measurement records was done using the SON approach. The simulation was carried out via MATLAB R2015a software. The result indicates outage in some units and compensation carried out by accelerating the traffic from the neighbouring units. The traffic of the units was served and compensated. However, they were not entirely compensated.

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Wahidah Sanusi, Sahlan Sidjara, Nasrullah Pemu and Sudarmin Patahuddin

The purpose of this study is to obtain an overview of the duration of the wet and dry events in Makassar city and to identify probabilities for both wet and dry events using a probabilistic approach. The data used are daily rainfall data for 33 years from 1985 to 2017 from the Maritime Meteorological Station of Makassar city. Based on the results of the study found that the Makassar city more often experiences wet days in December-February and its peak in January and also more often experiences dry days in May-October and its peak in August. The results of this study also showed that the average duration of wetness was 3 days, while it was dry for 5 days. Based on the probabilistic approach, it is found that if today and yesterday had the same condition, namely wet/dry, then it is likely that tomorrow will also experience a wet/dry condition.

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Dr.G.Prabu, K.Kalaiarasi

Work life balance is the interaction between work and other activities that includes family, community, leisure and personal development. Work life balance of the employees helps in dipping the stress stage at work. Companies have realised the importance of the work life balance with respect to the productivity and the creativity of the employees. A lot of migrant employee faces the problem of balancing work and family life. Many multinational companies remain open for 24hrs. Employees need to work in shifts. Day shift and night shift. Night shift employees feel hard to come up with family life and health. After go through International and National reviews Migrant employee usually do not have an intention to stay permanently but they stay the reason for Uneven development is the main reason of migrants along with factors like poverty, landholding system, fragmentations of land, lack of employment opportunities, main objective of the study is to identify the factors that impact the migrant employees work life balance and to analyze the quality of work life among migrant employees. Descriptive method is to be adopted for this study; well-structured questionnaire is framed for collecting samples from the respondent. Migrant employee refers to a person who is engaged or has been engaged in a remunerated activity in a state of which he or she is not a national they work out site of their home town they may be called expatriates or guest workers, Working on a job for a company and making a career can be an extremely time consuming duty for any employee.

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Sreenatha M, Suresh B, Vinayaka B, K Chandraprakash, Kanimozhee S

Study on travel time reliability of transportation system is becoming more important in developed and developing countries due to increased economic activities and improvements in quality of life. Till to date various congestion level performance measurements are developed but most of these measures represents the average and total level of congestion of the road network. Whereas the travel time reliability-based performance measures represent the variability in travel time of the road/ network. Most of the congestion level performance measures considers the average travel time of the trip, whereas the travel time reliability-based performance measures consider the TTT distribution. This implies that the travel time reliability measures are capable of measuring the variability in congestion. Further, a detailed investigation is required to study the relation between the travel time reliability measurement and the congestion measures. Hebbal flyover is an important junction on ORR formed with intersection of two major roads namely, ORR which is an arterial road and Bellary road which is a NH-7. In order to provide adequate roadway capacity in this stretch for present traffic and increased traffic at future, NHAI has constructed 6 lane elevated road after Hebbal flyover towards KIAL with provision of 6 lane surface road and 4 lane SR(2 on either side). The traffic from KIAL towards city will suddenly converge from 8 lanes at existing 2-lane Hebbal flyover. In perpendicular direction Bellary road is one of the important roads of the city connecting CBD and NH-7 leading to Hyderabad.

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K.N.Baluprithviraj, S.Vijayachitra

Logic locking has been effectively utilized for ensuring digital circuits against IC theft. Present logic locking technique offer significant security advantage in terms their Hamming Distance((HD) which is the distance between original and logic locked outputs and resilent to key-sensitization attack. But no logic obfuscation methods available for considering HD, resilent to attacks, area, power and delay overhead. To solve this problem it is proposed a new Particle Swarm Optimization(PSO) optimized GDI Obfuscation Cell(OC) technique for identifying best location of obfuscation cell insertion considering HD and design overhead parameters of circuits. Simulation results on ISCAS–89 benchmark circuits show that high levels of security are achieved through a well formulated obfuscation scheme at less than 10% area, power and delay overheads

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Von Ryan P. Marcelo, Joe G. Lagarteja

Nutrients are vital in corn crops and its determination of nutrient deficiency is not an easy job for corn farmers with insufficient formal education or training in the field of agriculture. Traditional methods were adapted in the analysis of nutrient deficiency. This includes the processes like visual inspection, soil testing, and tissue analysis. These processes were tedious, subjective and also time consuming especially on very large farms. With the advent of computer vision and machine learning techniques, this offers new prospects in non-destructive field-based analysis for nutrient deficiency. This suggests that there is a need to revolutionized this outdated process and develop an automated system that will help corn farmers to determine what nutrient is lacking from their corn crops to sustain high corn production and of disaster risk reduction. This paper provided a new method to classify and identify nutrient deficiencies in corn through image processing. Two hundred (200) samples were used in the study for testing, and Five thousand (5000) images of corn leaves were used as a training set. The results in the study show an overall accuracy rate of 91.5%, thus provides a better and innovative way of determining nutrient deficiencies in corn.

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K.Tamilarasi , Dr.S.Nithya Kalyani

Signature verification plays a vital role in human identification. The signature is basically classified as offline signature and online signature based on the characteristics of the human. Some of the signature parameters are extracted and verified using classifier and learning method. In this paper a manhatton distance algorithm approached to find out the distance between two pixels. If the two pixels are matched , the original person is identified. Biosecure database and SVC 2004 is commonly used to compare the signature data..

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B.Meena ,Prof.K.Venkata Rao ,Prof.Suresh Chittineni

Deep Learning brings provocative light on various fields and research areas, such as image processing, Artificial Intelligence, and natural language processing. it is an essential method applied to different applications in future. In recent years, the image processing and has been attracting and increasing attention as it is one of the emerging areas of research. There are various applications for image processing in various domains such as agriculture, space agencies, medical field, forensics and many others. As there is a progress in deep learning, many modern methods in deep learning are recommended to improve image processing and image analysis performance. This document provides a broad overview on deep learning methods used in image processing. Initially, an introduction on deep learning and image processing is given. Then, architectures of deep learning are introduced. Then, the applications of deep learning on image processing like the image detection, image segmentation, and classification image classification are explained. Thereafter, the benefits and weaknesses of deep learning tools common tools are mentioned along with the deep learning tools used in image processing applications.

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Deepti Sehrawat, Nasib Singh Gill

IoT provides a virtual view of real-life things in a smart environment where security and privacy are of prime concern. Lightweight cryptography is aimed to provide security solutions in IoT based applications. Various algorithms have been presented in this area which are either software-based implementation or hardware-based implementation of lightweight ciphers. In this paper, a software-oriented 32-bit ultra-lightweight block cipher, named UBRIGHT, is proposed for a resource-constrained smart environment. The performance of the proposed cipher, UBRIGHT is assessed in this paper and it fulfills SAC, key sensitivity test, and randomness test. The results of the performance evaluation of the proposed cipher’s show that it requires low memory and has good speed.

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Faisal AlThobiani, Alfred Bawole, Muhammad Subhan

All ports need to be ready to handle more cargoes from mega ships that arise with deeper draft. The nature of port expansion and development requires enormous amount of land area as well as waterfront. Lack of suitable land area adjacent to the waterfront makes it difficult for the expansion of the existing port. One of the recommended solutions to this problem is the construction of an artificial island in the sea nearby. In this paper, we review the impacts of construction of artificial island to the coastal zone and examine the consequences of changing the shoreline. Furthermore, we will investigate the possible layout plans such as T-shaped artificial island for the construction of future port/wharf development and maritime related industries. The paper will include the impact of land-based pollution to the coastal environment as a result of allocating the industries on the artificial island.

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Jake M. Laguador, Nemy H. Chavez

Students find it hard to engage themselves in the community activities due to some factors related to their academics, personal and social life in college. Measuring the student outcomes from the service learning experiences could help the institution in assessing the relevance of curriculum with some student activities. This study aims to describe the learning experiences of engineering students from their community involvement based on the selected student outcomes in terms of cognitive, affective and psychomotor domains of learning. Descriptive type of research was utilized in the study with 102 engineering students served as participants. Result showed that two (2) in every five (5) engineering students have average to high level of interest to participate in the community extension related activities. But they are willing to join primarily if they have free time together with their friends and classmates and if there will be additional points for their academic performance. Academic aspect is a major reason for students why most of them could not be able to join the community extension activities. Male engineering students have significantly higher learning experiences as defined in their student outcomes in developing their ability to function on multi-disciplinary teams, ability to communicate effectively and having broad education to offer solutions for challenging issues of the society. Result also showed that those students who are not excited to participate and not confident to join with the group are most likely those with lower level of interest to join the community extension activities.

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Shivani Kalra, Dr. Shailja Dixit, Dr. Bobby W. Lyall

Global demand for Indian organic food products is increasing rapidly. India exported organic food products worth $ 516 million in the financial year 2017-2018 from $ 375 million in 2016-2017 with increase of total 40% in last one year. Organic food and beverages is an emerging niche market in India targeting high-income segment. The total market size for packaged organic food in India in 2016 was INR 534 million, growing at around 17.5% over 2015-16, and is expected to reach INR 874 million by 2020-21. The paper attempts to identify the gap between the perception of consumer and its impact on the demand of organic food products in India. This research paper draws it’s finding from 500 non-probability samples from India in order to identify consumer perception towards organic food products and the factors responsible for increasing demand. Health Benefits, Income, Status-quo, Education and availability are found to be the drives of organic food products. There is immense scope for further research in order to understand the reasons of such gaps for a better and healthy living.

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Dr. K. Deepandurai, S. Abishek, N. Devanandh, S. Dineshkumar

This paper deals about the design and fabrication of portable badminton and tennis ball shooting machine. There is no machine for a training of shuttlecock and tennis. This project helps to train the players for both shuttlecock and tennis by using a single machine. The primary objective of the project is to give proper oscillating movement to launch the shuttlecock or tennis ball to cover all types of shot. In this project, two high speed Direct Current (DC) motors has been used. Two wheels are connected to the motors individually. The motor setup is connected with a spring to absorb the vibrations. The wheels adjust their space as according to the diameter of the ball. The tennis ball or shuttlecock is fed one by one with the help of gun type DC actuator that is attached to separate dispenser for shuttlecock and tennis ball. The entire setup is mounted on a frame which is connected to a slow speed motor. It is used for the oscillatory movement of a machine. The electrical parts are powered by 12V battery and are controlled with the help of Arduino. The oscillatory frame is set to time limit of three seconds to rotate from left end to the right end. The gun type actuators are programmed to throw the balls one by one with a time limit of one to three seconds. The player can train all types of shots covering all areas of the court with the help of the training machine, helping the low-level academies to train their players.

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Biykuziev Asxat a, Kholliev Azizbekb , Gabrielyan Sofyac, Rozakov Abdurasuld

This article first examines how the Yue-chji tribes that dominated the South Mongolia steppes. At the end of the BC III century and the beginning of the BC II century many Prototuric tribes lived in South Mongolia and East Turkestan. They were comprised of the Hunn tribes in Northern China (present-day Mongolian Autonomous Region), Manchuria, Otunks, Powers, Blacks, and many other nomadic and nomadic tribes. Culturally they were related nations. They organized a tribal alliance and attacked China, the central state. The controversies and considerations regarding the origins of the yuejji tribes, as well as sources regarding their location, are also explored. Many historians say that the tribes called yuetji were different names, or the Scythian tribes moved to Greco-Bactrian territory before yuetji.

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Bakhodir Khaitov, Muradjon Abdullaev, Zokir Mamadzhonov

The introduction of advanced technologies in industry, the national and agricultural sectors, and thereby improving the economic performance of the state, is today one of the urgent problems. Pests are one of the factors that reduce crop yields. Today in the world there are more than 80 thousand pests, of which 10 thousand have very great harm to plants. Calculations show that as a result of exposure to pests in the world more than 30% of crops are lost annually. In this regard, the protection of plants from various pests is one of the urgent problems. Of great importance is the conduct of scientific research in the field of widespread use of biological methods of protecting plants from pests, as well as improving the effectiveness of the biomaterials used. The biological method is considered effective from both an economic and economic point of view. The article discusses the development of a new technology for the production of trichograms for use as a means of protection against cotton pests.

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Farida Smolnikova, Mars Khayrullin, Olga Pasko, Svetlana Zhukovskaya, Yulia Zubtsova, Elena Yakunina

School nutrition is an important key factor of children’s’ learning activity. This article reviews the principles of balanced nutrition, the main problems that arise in school nutrition. The analysis of school menu shows that it mostly presented with traditional dishes that are not always able to meet the growing needs of the young body. Therefore, the menu of school canteen which includes fortified with vitamins and minerals drinks, nonfat meat food and bakery products is presented. The survey results showed that 90% of schoolchildren were completely satisfied with the proposed menu. This kind of diet was also positively reflected to schoolchildren learning activity and physical well-being.

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Dr.Mugdha Kulkarni,Dr.Kanchan Patil

This research explores the acceptance of BlockChain Technology (BCT) in Banking services. BCT has changed from traditional centralised system to decentralized ledger which is a total 360 degree change .Adoption of BCT is a challenge and hence this research scrutinies the adoption of BCT using the Technology-Organization-Environment framework theory. The study highlighted that blockchain technologies hold the potential to store tempered proof data, i.e. append-only database and consensus-based on a distributed ledger system. For blockchain technologies to become the foundation stone for banking and financial services, an understanding of BCT adoption in Indian banks is essential. Therefore, the researcher explored the antecedents of BCT adoption and its outcomes. This study investigated Information Technology officers, bank managers and bank employees of banks in India about BCT adoption through a structured questionnaire. Data collected was analyzed using the PLS-SEM. In conclusion, BCT infrastructure, BCT knowledge, relative advantage, transaction cost, perceived security, organizational scope, consumer readiness, competitive pressure, government policies and bank partner readiness are the factors that affect the Blockchain technology adoption . This study provides valuable insights into bank managers/employees and technology vendors. It also gives suggestions to government officials involved in the 'Digital India' initiative of Government of India (GoI).

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Hrizi Olfa

This paper focuses on the medical image processing which is considered nowadays a challenging field. It is an emerging domain which presents processing of Magnetic Resonance Images (MRI) as one of important part. This work proposes a fast and robust practical strategy to extract a brain tumour using patient's MRI scan images of the brain. For this purpose, some tools are used which include the basic concepts of image processing such as noise removal functions, segmentation and morphological operations. To detect and extract a tumour from MRI scan, a MATLAB software code is implemented.

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Mohammad Hardiyansah, Aisa Tri Agustini

The aims of this study is to analyze the effect of carbon emissions disclosure on firm value and industry type as moderating variables. Carbon emissions disclosure is measured using the content analysis method adopted from a questionnaire issued by the CDP (Carbon Disclosure Project). Firm value is measured by Tobin's Q, while industry types are assessed based on company classifications namely high profile industry and low profile industry. This study uses multiple linear regression analysis, and uses 43 companies listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange and follows the 2014-2018 company's performance rating assessment program in environmental management (PROPER). The first analysis shows that carbon emissions disclosure has a positive and significant effect on firm value. This is because carbon emissions disclosure is a form of corporate responsibility in reducing the impact of environmental damage from company activities, so this can be an attraction for investors. The second research result shows that the type of industry can increase the effect of carbon emissions disclosure on firm value. This is because companies in the high profile industry category that have a high level of sensitivity to the environment are under pressure from the public, so the company responds by conducting carbon emissions disclosure so that it can be a guarantee of the company's sustainability.

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R.Abitha, Dr S. Mary Vennila

In this modern scenario, Autism is a growth state in connection with healthcare expenditures, consequently, initial examining of autism indications can be censored down on these expenses. The autism examining method comprises of bestowing a sequence of queries for caretakers, paternities, and household members to respond in support of the child to regulate the perspective of autistic behaviours. Every so often, present autism screening devices, like the Autism Quotient (AQ), contain numerous queries, along with the cautious scheme of the inquiries, which sorts the autism screening method to prolonged duration. The main objective is to detect and proliferation the appropriate actions which can support to detect the features that disturb erudition. As the technology, Data mining grips such health grounds to forecast by evaluating designs in colossal data sets. The framework of the proposed research is to regulate the high pertinent and low redundant features from the dataset by the optimization method and feature selection method. In this work, the classification of the feature is designed using Symmetrical Uncertainty and the optimized feature set can be resolute with the guidance of the Cultural Algorithm.

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Komil Kalanov, Sabokhat Kalanova, Abdugani Kholbekov

In this article analyzed social classes in society of Central Asia about “khvodja”, which is read as “khodjas”. Hence, in the historical documents bearer of the title “khodja” meant the representatives of higher religious class. But, at the same time, our respondents in relation to the same people used in their conversation only the term “khodja”. The term “khodjas” was used in relation to the people accomplishing “khadj”.

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Gouranga Chandra Debnath , Mohammad Ikbal Hossain, Md. Naim, Md. Naimur Rahman

Total Quality Management (TQM) practices and utilization of modern technology in the Ready Made Garments (RMG) sector of Bangladesh are considered to be very important, as RMG is becoming a thrust sector to the economy of the country. Without modern and sophisticated technology today’s RMG sector is in vain. An expanding number of garment industries in creating nations are honing TQM with a specific end goal to produce enhancements in execution and stay aggressive. A sample of 50 garment industries from Dhaka, Narayanganj, Gajipur and Savar EPZ of Bangladesh was selected to conduct the study. A field overview with an organized poll and meetings was led to accumulating vital data from the organizations. These organizations were chosen purposefully to guarantee the best conceivable situation of TQM practices in Bangladesh. The central purpose of this paper is to inspect the performance of TQM in the RMG sector of Bangladesh. The exploration discoveries demonstrate that organizations, which grasp TQM as a working theory inside their associations can make a change in product quality. In this way, it is essential to make right mindfulness for all commercial enterprises to understand these upgrades.

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Ruth G. Luciano, Ph.D., Vivian A. San Pedro, Soledad M. Roguel.

This study aimed to describe the performance in the Phil-IRI test of 1,697 Grade II pupils from 19 schools in San Miguel North District, Bulacan during the School Year 2014-2015 after implementing a set of intervention activities. To determine the effectiveness of the strategies employed in preparing pupils for the Phil-IRI post test, t-test for correlated samples was used to compare the pre-test with the post-test results. The school heads and teachers rated their preparation of Grade II pupils for the Phil-IRI post test. The reading levels of pupils were categorized as frustration, instructional, and independent in silent reading speed, word recognition, and comprehension. In silent reading, there was a huge improvement for the slow readers; it increased from 23.60% to 45.98% and for the fast readers from 19.46% to 37.35%. For the average group, however, from 34.56% it only increased to 41.2%. The mean difference was statistically significant for the slow and the fast group but not for the average group. Similar trend was observed in word recognition and comprehension levels. The mean difference for the three levels in the pre- and post-test results were statistically significant, however, the increase for the instructional group was smaller. The different learning activities given resulted to a significant improvement in pupils’ reading and comprehension level but it is unclear as to which intervention strategy was most effective. It was recommended to systematically assess the strategies employed and to have a uniform set of criteria for gauging pupils reading improvement. Furthermore, performance target must be set and teachers who have attained such target must be rewarded.

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One effort to improve the quality of public services is to open up access to the widest possible community so that they can submit complaints about the services provided by the organizer. This opportunity is expected to increase public participation in realizing quality public services. The research method used is descriptive qualitative through desk study, field study with observation and interviews. The results showed that the land service quality indicates the good result by mean score 3.87. The people perceive all dimensions of land service quality as good based on the tangibles, reliability, responsiveness, assurance, and empathy. However, this condition has not been accompanied by effective and efficient complaints management. Based on the results of the analysis using the SWOT analysis approach, it resulted that the position of Improving Service Quality Based on Complaints Management is in the position of quadrant I using the Growth strategy. Preferred strategy details for implementation are (a) Advocacy in resolving disputes, conflicts and land issues, through the preparation of dispute handling models and promoting mediation through a win-win solution pattern. (b) Development of a complaint management institution into a complaints management agency that has a complaints management system that uses internet-based information technology, development of an integrated complaints management information system.

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Irwan, Ambiyar, Gustientiedina, Alyauma Hajjah, Yenny Desnelita

Adjustment in career counseling guidance into e-Counseling career is required in this rapidly changing digital era. E-Counseling career contents use a system framework for counselors and the students with the help of calculating certainty factor method as an analytical method that can replace the career consultation counseling in direct conduct between counselor and student. In this research, the methods for easy and rapid career counseling content are presented for effective career consulting services. The results of this research will provide efficiency when the e-counseling career system can show that the content development methods of career consultancy are presented in terms of developing guidance and career counseling contexts. The method of content development presented in this research is considered to bring new changes in the method of developing e-counseling career content by using certainty factor method against suitable career chosen by the students.

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P.Revathi, M.Niranjana, C.Prithivi Raj, J.Siva Prakash, K.Sudhanrsan

Autism spectrum disorder is a neurodevelopment disorder characterized by impairment in social interaction, deficits in communication, restricted and repetitive actions. Identification of disorder at an early stage decreases the level of dependency of a person. Feature extraction is used to obtain the hidden information and Classifier the signals to identify whether the children had Autism Spectrum Disorder. The Proposed the system is molded to estimate the condition normal or not. The results show accuracy in range (80-90) % when using KNN & NBC Classifier. The proposed model can be adapted to help psychiatrist for diagnosis and intervention process.

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S.Suguna Devi, Dr.A.Bhuvaneswari

Internet of Things (IoT) is a communication technology that enables the devices as vehicles being connected called as Internet of Vehicles (IoV) for allowing the data communication in the intelligent transportation system. IoV communicates with each other to identify the current status of the road and vehicle for real-time traffic comfort and safety. Due to the increasing number of vehicles in city road networks, efficient neighbor identification and finding of the best available path in the highly unstable vehicular environment are the major problems. An efficient technique called Probit Regressive Chaotic Bio-inspired Grey Wolf Optimization (PRCBGWO) technique is introduced to improve the reliable data transmission and minimize the end to end delay in IoV. The PRCBGWO technique performs neighboring location identification and optimal route path discovery. At first, vehicle nodes characteristics such as distance, signal strength and angle of direction are calculated. Then the Probit Regression is applied by analyzing the node characteristics and identifies the neighboring nodes from source to destination. Next the multiple route paths are constructed through the route request and reply message distribution between source and destination. Finally, Multi-Objective Chaotic Grey Wolf Optimization technique is applied to discover the optimal route path among the available paths with multiple objective functions such as path length and bandwidth availability. A reliable route path from source to destination is identified through the neighboring vehicles. After that, the data packets are transmitted along the selected route path to the destination node. This helps to improve packet delivery and minimize loss and end to end delay. The simulation is carried out with different metrics such as packet delivery ratio, packet loss rate, average end to end delay and throughput based on a number of data packets. The observed results confirm that the PRCBGWO technique increases the packet delivery ratio, throughput and minimizes the end to end delay, as well as packet loss than the state-of-the-art methods.

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Ravindra B. Chintamani, Kishor S. Salunkhe, Amol R. Kharat, Sonali R. Chintamani, Rudra Pratap Singh, Machindra J. Chavan

Background: Breast cancer is the second prime cause of death in women globally, and is expected to surpass heart diseases in the next few years. The resources available for diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of cancer are limited or non-existent. Unfortunately, presently available cancer chemotherapeutic agents surreptitiously affect the host cells of patients mainly bone marrow, epithelial tissues, reticule-endothelial systems and gonads. Metal nanoparticles have tremendous applications in the area of biomedical, agricultural, cancer, biotechnology and in other areas. Metallic NPs are commonly prepared by using various metals. In group of all metals, Silver has become the metal of researchers choice in treatment of cancer as a result of its solitary physiochemical properties. Objectives: The proposed study aimed to formulate the biologically synthesized green silver nanoparticles using floret extract of aerial part of Broccoli, wherein both silver as well as extract shows potential activity. Methods: Brassica oleracea var. Italica Plenck (Broccoli) hydro alcoholic floret extract mediated Silver Nanoparticles (Ag-Nps) were prepared by biological reduction method by implementing QbD approach. Resulted Ag-NPs were characterized for Morphology i.e. Particle Size and shape by FESEM, TEM and AFM. Other studies like Zeta Potential, % Yield, % Silver Loading and % Extract Loading were also undertaken, The studies also includes DSC, FTIR, UV-Spectroscopy, PXRD and EDS. Results: The studies showed promising results. In vitro and In vivo studies demonstrated that nanoparticles revealed higher anticancer efficacy than extract and proved stated hypothesis of significantly change in anticancer potential than individual. Conclusion: This study makes an attempt to overcome the limitations of conventional treatments of cancer and tumor with cost effective, eco-friendly, stable and safe targeted drug delivery as an alternative and / or complementary method of treatment.

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Mukhammadaziz Fakhrutdinov, Sayyora Rashidova, Rikhsivoy Tillaev

UZCHITAN is used for the treatment cuttings of citrus cultures. It is established that the process of rooting of cuttings in a closed ground is accelerated after treatment with preparation. For the purpose of obtaining a quality planting stock of lemon, mandarin and orange cuttings should be processed for 5 minutes.

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Usmonjon Yusupov, Irkin Kasimov, Bakhtier Mukhamedgaliev

The article discusses some issues of creating new modifiers based on local raw materials and modified ash and slag waste of the Novo-Angren TPP, containing phosphogypsum-waste of “Maham-Ammophos” OJSC and cement modification processes.

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Oybek Akhmedov, Nilufar Ataeva

The study of the history of formation and formation of taxes and duties, their essence, types, and terms used in the past proves the importance of scientific research through linguistic nominations. Consequently, emerging banking and financial terms have their own history and are related to the process of payment and collection of various taxes between people and the state.

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Many works about Iskandar Zulqarnain were created in various epochs and peoples. In particular, there is information about this famous figure in the Turkic sources. Some has historical, some has folk, and some has artisticfeatures as the leading character. The article contains sources from the 11th and 14th centuries, including the works of Abu Raykhan Beruni, "Osor ul-boqiya", "India", "Devonu lugatit Turk" by Mahmud Kashghari, "Kutadgu bilig" by Yusuf Khos Hajib and "Qissasi Rabghuzi" by Nosiruddin Rabghuzi. Information about Zulqarnain has been studied. Their influence on the Turkish literature, in particular, on the works of Alisher Navoi, has been studied.

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Gaffar Avalbaev, Mahzuna Baimuratova, Khozhiakbar Khidirov

A qualitative analysis of the influence of the concentration boundary layer formed at the surface of steam bubbles on the heat transfer rate and critical heat flux density during boiling of mixtures of mutually soluble liquids and solutions of non-volatile substances is presented. The effect of the coefficient of surface tension on the process of occurrence of a heat transfer crisis during the boiling of mixtures and solutions is shown.

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Monmi Kalita

In the history of Assam and Assamese literature, the period of 19th century was specifically significant one. From the beginning of that century Assam experienced political, sociological and economical diminution and all of these situations contributed towards creation of another diminution called intellectual diminution. The contribution of Christian Missionaries towards the development of Assamese language and literature is noteworthy. The arrival of American Baptist Missionaries in Assam was not accidental or sudden happening; rather it was well planned by the colonial government as per their policies. Whatever the background, but their contributions towards the Assamese literature and language and as well as Assamese society was not forgettable not only then but today also. This paper will make significant contributions to the existing literature by analyzing contributions of Missionaries in the field of Assamese literature which is very significant.

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Bakiyeva Gulandom Hisomovna, Rustamova Adash Eshankulovna

This paper examines the issue of the pronunciation of English by Uzbek learners and why it appears to be such an intractable problem despite excellent effort. The research is influenced by Saracen’s argument that takes a critical approach to World English and the key issue of reconciling language as a scheme with language as a social exercise. Because the examination system in Uzbekistan's public education industry favors written over spoken job, English-speaking abilities have become marginalized in the college curriculum, including English pronunciation. Paradoxically, motivated by globalization, the need for Uzbek to be able to interact with a multitude of English speakers from around the globe has increased. This paper is a case study investigating English pronunciation teaching and learning in one Uzbek school. Instead of adding to the current significant literature on comparative phonology between English and Uzbek, the research focuses on social, psychological and cultural elements that affect Uzbek English learners.

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X.Amala Princeton, J. John Livingston, N. Mohan, A .Varatha Ganesh, M. Atheeswaran

Network traffic analysis is the process of recording, reviewing and analyzing network traffic for the purpose of performance, security and/or general network operations and management. It is the process of using manual and automated techniques to review granular-level detail and statistics within network traffic.Traffic analysis is a serious threat over the network. An attacker can analyze network traffic patterns to infer packet’s content, even though it is encrypted. This article demonstrates a traffic analysis attack that exploits vulnerabilities in encrypted smartphone communications to infer the web pages being visited by a user.

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B.Vinothini, R.Anitha, S.Sasirekha, M.Meenakshi Dhanalakshmi, U.Supriya

Nowadays, we all go through a lot of health issues due to unhealthy foods, environmental conditions, stress, and work pressure and so on. It’s very important to take care of our health but sometimes we may not able to meet doctor by person. But we all know technology started to attach with humans in day to day life. One of those technologies that being used in most of the healthcare system is IoT. Using IoT one can easily monitor their health from being in home. In this paper, we survey on role of Internet of Things and how IoT devices being used in healthcare.

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Hitesh Kumar Sharma, J.C. Patni, Prashant Ahlawat, Siddhratha Sankar Biswas

Technical advancement in healthcare sector has various dimensions to enhance. Computer vision, image processing, machine learning, Internet of Things (IoT) etc. are the most important technical domains for contribution in healthcare sector. Automation for capturing the human health parameters and based on those parameters finding illness has tremendous demand for the prevention, management, and treatment of human health. IoT is contributing with very high speed to automate this process in healthcare sector. Sensor-based modules are used to capture real time data of human body and simultaneously data processing models provides real time insights of human health. Although IoT is already made its presence in healthcare sector over the last few years, still the progress is not satisfactory. Today automation in healthcare domain has drawn significant amount of attention. Using IoT with supporting technologies can be used to design a complete system which can be used by the doctors to precisely monitor the health of a patient so that the healthcare service provider can analyze and monitor the patients, who are either hospitalized or performing their usual day-to-day life fuss. Integrating IoT with mobile computing technologies can come up with a solution where visiting of healthcare professionals to the patients constantly drops. It will happen because of statistics or records regarding patient’s health straightly comes to healthcare professional’s smartphone over an android/ios or other application, no matter wherever the patient is settled. Also, based on this record, healthcare providers could diagnose numerous lives by providing them a swift and valuable service.

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Sugeng Widarso, Sugiyono, Farida Hanum, Martyaningrum, Yudi Wardana, Sukiter, Martin Amnillah

This study aims to determine attributes in the model of Perceived Characteristics of Innovating Theory (PCIT) which can arouse students’ intention to use smartphones in learning at elementary school. This research uses quantitative methods, the questionnaire is used as an instrument to obtain data from all respondents and is made using a Likert scale in the form of a survey that must be answered by respondents. Respondents selected in this study were 225 students from seven state primary schools spread across seven provinces in Indonesia consisting of class 4, class 5 and class 6. Multiple regression analysis was used to measure the effect of independent variables on the dependent variables. The results of this study indicate that the relative adventage, visibility, and voluntariness attributes can significantly evoke the intention of elementary school students to use smartphones in learning. Meanwhile, the attributes of compatibility, trialability, ease of use, result demonstrability, and image were not significant in arousing the intention of elementary school students to use smartphones in learning. The results of the study are very useful for schools to make students want to use smartphones as a learning aid.

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Intan Dwi Hastuti, Surahmat, Sutarto, Dafik

This study aims to reports the results of collaborative based inquiry learning models development in elementary school students. The learning design is planned and adjusted to elementary school learning needs. The description of this study includes the result of evaluation from the experts, teacher and student assessments, as well as the assessment result of applying the developed learning model. The results of this development research show that; first, the collaborative based inquiry learning effectiveness testing is feasible from the experts’ perspective; second, the collaborative based inquiry learning model effectiveness testing is feasible from the users’ perspective; third, the collaborative based inquiry learning model effectiveness testing can improve the metacognitive abilities of students at SDN 1 Sandik, SDN 13 Ampenan, and SDN 43 Ampenan, and SDN 2 Sandik in West Nusa Tenggara Province. Overall, it can be concluded that the collaborative based inquiry learning model is a constructivist learning model, which in each stage will train metacognitive abilities so that the children's metacognitive abilities will increase. With the increasing of metacognitive abilities, problem solving abilities can also increase.

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Dinar DA Putranto, Heni Fitriani, Andriani

Special Economic Zones (SEZs) of Tanjung Api-api is the economic region that has been set through the South Sumatera Goverment's decision to serve as an integrated area development industry in South Sumatra. This area is located in the basin Musi Downstream, an area with a height of less than 16 m above sea level. This is also largely a swampy area, composed of soil type associations Glei humus and organosol, as well as alluvial soil as deposition of sediment Banyuasin river, Telang rivers and the Musi river in downstream. The issue and dimension of decision in the analysis of land use requires the contribution of various disciplines. The conceptual framework of decision support system for land development decision making consists of three main components, namely the analysis of land resources, evaluation of the ecological impact assessment in environmental conservation and analysis of regulation. To perform the analysis and assessment approach GIS and MCE (Multi Criteria Evaluation) are used. GIS as a tool that systematically is used to present the spatial appearance of the area of study and prediction of impact. While the MCE is an approach to assess the impact of alternative decisions and plan for the future (predictions).This technique will give a great contribution in maintaining a database of environmental conditions early, up to monitoring and provide preliminary analyzes to predict the consequences of failure would be a change, as well as an operational tool in spatial planning and development of regional infrastructure Economic in Tanjung Api-api area.

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Abdumalik Saidov

The article deals with multi-storey residential buildings in the climatic conditions of Uzbekistan. The principles of the formation of courtyard spaces of various planning structures is given, as well as their landscape design solutions depending on the region of construction (deserts and oases) and wind conditions. In a multi-storey residential building mainly consists of 4-9 storey-houses, so 7-9 storey-houses are recommended to be used partially along the border of the microdistrict from the direction of the prevailing wind direction, where the average wind speed during the year is 5-7 meters / sec. and the number of days with dusty winds is more than 20. In the regions of oases and foothills, where there is enough water and landscaping (climate zone II in Construction Norms 2.01.01–94), it is advisable to use semi-open planning structures of the courtyards. In a quadrangular courtyard one side is not built up, it is left open. This open side of the courtyard is heading towards the prevailing wind of the warm period of the year. In the region of foothills and valleys of Uzbekistan, where the average wind speed of the warm period is 2-3 meter / sec, open planning structures of courtyard spaces are recommended. In such courtyards are built only two of its opposite sides. The open side (or sides) is directed towards the prevailing summertime winds.

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Dr. S. Kamalakkannan, Ms.N. Sivasankari

Internet of Things (IoT) is a network of devices which can sense, accumulate and transfer data over the internet without any human intervention. The IoT is an ever-growing network of devices which connect to each other using various networking standards and protocols. But the infrastructure can be viewed as a hierarchy, where endpoint devices connect to larger networks. These end points may be inherently secure but in case of integration into a system security is an issue. The main objective of this paper is to provide the security related issues in an IoT environment.

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M. Elfan Kaukab, Wiwiek Rabiatul Adawiyah, Refius Pradipta Setyanto

This Research aims to develop a new theoretical approach in export product fit development in connection to network capability and MSMEs (Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises) internationalization performance. This research also aims to fill the gap in the result of the research on foreign market knowledge as information providers in developing MSMEs product in Central Java. This research employs three stages. The first one is the item generation. Second, the researcher conducts a content validity test by evaluating experts’ questions using content validity ratio (CVR). Third, construct validity is carried out by collecting data from 30 exporting MSMEs owners in Central Java of export product fit development by using confirmatory factor analysis (CFA). This research enlarges literature in marketing, especially MSMEs international performance by empirically testing the development of export product fit. The result identifies 11 factors that determine export product fit in MSMEs in Central Java. This research is limited in Central Java only. To make the 11 indicators application wider, other similar researches with a wider range of respondents are necessary.This concept specifically elaborates how MSMEs build products that fit foreign customers related to the product quality, design, feature, and package which enable them to capture the present as well as future customers’ needs, preferences, and trends.

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Elis Dihansih, Dede Kardaya, Dewi Wahyuni

The higher fat content of rejected duck will result in off odour and disturb consumer health. Feeding ration with Garcinia atroviridis is expected to solve the problem.The present study evaluated the effect of natural Hydroxy citrate (Garcinia atroviridis) on the fat content and fatty acid profiles of rejected ducks. A total of 60 rejected duck were distributed according to a completely randomized design into four treatments (R0: nonconventional ration; R1: nonconventional ration with Garcinia atroviridis leaf meal 2%; R2: nonconventional ration with Garcinia atroviridis leaf meal 4%; R3: nonconventional ration with Garcinia atroviridis 6%) with 5 replicates of 3 birds per replicates. Feeding ration contained 2% of Garcinia atroviridis leaf meal to the rejected ducks decreased (p<0.05) fat content of the meat and meat with skin. However, there was no significant difference (P>0.05) in saturated fatty acids and unsaturated fatty acids between treatments. The use of Garcinia atroviridis leaf meal to rejected ducks to reduce fat content of the meat or the meat and skin.

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Priyambee Swargiary, Dinesh Pegu

Assam’s indigenous tribal community Mising has a rich tradition of weaving. A Mising woman, despite being engaged in myriad household activities through the day, is likely to spend some time on her loom every day. The women make garments, mainly for everyday use, on handlooms. They also weave classy products for special occasions. But now a day’s Mising women weave for business purpose too. The traditional throw shuttle loom is built under the traditional stilt house. Through a tedious process, the weavers produce wraps like mekhela chador and gero, stoles like gamosa, besides some utilitarian items. However the handloom sector has still unable to provide fulltime employment opportunities to the Mising artisian hence the Weaving is not a viable livelihood for them due to certain problems.

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Prasun Chakrabarti , Jitendra Shreemali , Tulika Chakrabarti , Sibabrata Mukhopadhyay , Jonathan Andrew Ware

This study is focused on quantifying thought processes and mathematical modeling of high blood pressure individuals so as to facilitate medical diagnosis and treatment. The mathematical model proposed attempts to establish a relationship between high blood pressure and hypertension levels, irritation levels and limits of patient tolerance. The paper also presents a mathematical model of quantifying dreams with this study proposing certain facts for representing the unconscious mind.

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V.Kumaresan, P.Tamilarasu, T.Gunasekar, P.Karthikeyan

The most important sector of Indian Economy is Agriculture. It is the major backbone of Indian Economy. The major part of agriculture lies in paddy cultivation. In early times, Agriculture was the major sector where most people were employed but now a days, due to industrial growth and IT revolution, the employment in agriculture has become too less. The major part of economy which is vital for India’s economic growth is now facing serious issues due to the manpower shortage. In this project, we have come up with a solution to meet out this issue by special mechanism with automation.

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Mittapally Gopala Krishna Murthy, Dantala Dinkar, IM Chhabra, NVN Rao, KC Das and Putha Kishore

Gyroscope is an inertial sensor widely used in the navigation systems for sensing angular motion about its axis. Various types of gyroscopes being used for different navigation applications. Coriolis Vibratory Gyroscope (CVG) comes under the category of vibratory gyroscope in which, a rotational sensitive Hemispherical Shell (HS) made to vibrate at one of its resonant mode by a suitable method like physical forcing by using impact hammer or electronically by the electro static forcing. The imparted wave mode on the hemisphere need to be a standing wave, with a group of four anti-nodes and four nodes separated by 90 phase. This mode of wave is basic requirement on the HS for sensing the rotation. In this paper, we have presented a novel method to characterize HS wave mode by measuring its frequency and study the wave pattern with capacitive pickoff measurement method. In this method, the localised displacement of HS at anti-nodal and nodal locations and their phase variation analysed to ensure the required wave mode on the HS for gyroscope applications.

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Yuliana, Dyeri Susanti

This study aims to analyze the effect of MOCA application on the knowledge and skills of midwifery students in monitoring growth and development of infants aged 6-12 months. This study uses a true experiment design with preposttest one group design. The sample in this study was the level III obstetric students totaling 25 respondents. The study was conducted at the Integrated Health Post guided by STIKes Budi Luhur Cimahi. The conclusion of this study is that the application of MOCA can influence the knowledge and skills of students in monitoring the growth and development of infants, so students can be more competent in conducting midwifery care for infants.

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Telugu Maddileti Harish Kurakula

Every person in this world throws waste in the form of plastics, wet waste, dry waste and etc. Also, every person looks for a place or a plastic container to dispose that waste, that plastic container is the Dustbin which they look for. Dustbin is a plastic container where everyone can dispose their waste. Dustbin is used as a storage place to dispose waste, but we cannot estimate the exact amount of waste disposed by a society, and the dustbin cannot take more waste as the space should be available in it to take more. We need to know the level of waste in the dustbin and based on that we can intimate people to use the dustbin or not. In this Smart Dustbin project, we have designed a prototype where the lid of the dustbin is opened, on detection of human hand and waste, and the level of waste available inside the dustbin is sent as notification in the form of LED. The main components we used in making this prototype are Arduino, NODEMCU, Servo Motor and Ultrasonic Sensors. The software component is the application named as Blynk which is used to get notification. This dustbin can be a start to Smart Waste Management System where the officials can clean or empty the dustbin which depends on the notification received by them and not waiting for a call from a person of a society who informs the garbage trucks to come and take the waste from them.

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Gaddam Keerthi, B. Siva Reddy

A precise evaluation of carrier frequency offset(C-F-O) is a critical undertaking in favour of symmetrical recurrence separation multiplexing frameworks yet ought to subsist executed among reasonable computational multifaceted nature on behalf of reasonableness. In this document, the creators determine 2 new judgment calculations (individual in support of the number element also the erstwhile on behalf of the partial piece of CFO), every one of which uses one and only OFDM obstruct through invalid subcarriers yet recommends enhanced exactness also decreased multifaceted nature. The projected estimator on behalf of fragmentary CFOs works iteratively moreover is unfeeling toward the underlying CFO. The other anticipated estimator in favour of whole number CFOs utilizes a pseudo commotion double arbitrary grouping to aid subcarrier course of action and exact opinion of the number CFO. To show the productivity of the projected techniques, mathematical outcomes be given commencing PC re-enactment also investigation, moreover correlations are prepared among other alive strategies in the underneath area.

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Md. Asim Iqbal, Dr. K. Devarajan, Dr. Syed Musthak Ahmed

Regular and also asthmatic breath audio signals are split into sectors which include a single respiration cycle as ideas as well as expiry. Evaluations of these sound sectors are accomplished by utilizing both discrete wavelet transform (DWT) as well as wavelet packet change (WPT). Each sound segment is decomposed right into regularity sub-bands using DWT and WPT. Feature vectors are built by removing analytical attributes from the below- bands. The output results are gauged using power special density (PSD), which has actually shown the efficiency of our recommended method. The outcome also has revealed aesthetic distinction PSD (to) regular and also unusual LS recording. For recognition of the technique, lung sounds recorded from 3 different databases were utilized. The results show that the suggested strategy achieves 84.82% accuracy in the discovery of hissing for an isolated breathing cycle and also 92.86% precision for the detection of wheezes when discovery is carried out making use of teams of respiratory cycles acquired from the exact same person.

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Buranov Suhrob

This article reveals that the Durand Line served as the main corridor for interference of foreign forces in the domestic affairs of Afghanistan, the emergence of Taliban, Al-Qaeda and ISIS structures in this country, their financial and military support, and other negative trends in the Afghan land. The novelty of the article is that the author analyses the Durand Line by realpolitik approach as the main root of the Afghan problem at the current period and offers recommendations for addressing disputed border issues between Afghanistan and Pakistan.

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Nitu Moni Bora

The core motive of financial inclusion is to facilitate the disadvantaged groups with financial services at an affordable cost. India, though reaching heights of financial inclusiveness, is challenged by persistent inter-regional disparities. To access the situation of the North-Eastern states of the country which is geographically isolated and less developed than its counterparts, the present study analyses three dimensions of financial inclusion combining them into a comprehensive and multidimensional financial inclusion index. The empirical results revealed that Tripura is the most financially inclusive state among eight states of North East India depicting an intermediate level of financial inclusion, followed by Assam, Sikkim, Mizoram and Meghalaya. However, the extent of financial inclusion is very poor in Arunachal Pradesh, Manipur and Nagaland as exhibited by lower Financial Inclusion Index (FII).

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Hamsavarthini.Y, Kanthalakshmi.S

The battery consists of one or more electrochemical cell and it transforms stored energy into electricity. Batteries are widely used in flash lights, smart phones and electric cars. Battery Management System (BMS) plays a prominent role in monitoring and controlling of rechargeable batteries. The key terminologies in BMS are as follows, the prime selection of battery chemistry is essential for meticulous applications followed by technologies in battery management systems it includes battery monitoring, diagnostics ,control of charging and discharging cycle, state estimate, protection, equalization of charge, heat control and management, early failure detection and assessment to improve overall system performance. An effective BMS protects the battery from damage, forecasts lifetime and maintains battery efficiency. BMS can optimize downtime and battery lifespan per discharge cycle. Finally the outcome of this paper is to identify the best battery chemistry, charging methods, battery model, cell balancing and SOC estimation techniques.

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Shilpa Shrivastava, Dr. Sanjay Kumar Singh, Dr. R N Baral, Niharika Varshney

This paper presents analysis of two patch antenna, an E-shape patch antenna and a patch antenna in the 5G frequency spectrum or better which is still in the mm wave frequency band. The comparative studies among both the antennas showed that the mm wave antenna is best suited for the modern mobile communication which requires data transfer at an extremely high data speed. The first design is an E- shape patch antenna proposed with a return loss of -15 decibels at a frequency of 2.4 GHz. The VSWR below 2 for the entire band of frequency. The second design which is proposed is a rectangular patch with microstrip line feed. The return loss is approximately -15 decibels at a frequency of 26.5 GHz. The second antenna design is compact with a satisfactory value of return loss in the mm wave band suitable antenna for use in 5G technology for mobile communication.

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P. R. Jagtap, S. M. Pore

The current study is based on the use of carbon fiber reinforced polymers (CFRP) to strengthen the structural I- Beam to its shear zone. CFRP has light-weight and high-strength, it is very flexible and thus forms all shapes, and is easy to handle during construction, so instead of using conventional methods for repair it can be used for strengthening purpose. Two sections with different cross-sectional dimensions of beams were used for this purpose. The web of the I-Beam was sand-blasted and made rust-free to attach CFRP sheets. Then carbon fiber sheets were attached in different layers using the proper adhesive. The beam with CFRP is cured and experimentation is done on UTM of 100 Ton capacity. A four-point bending test was performed on eight beams and results show that the shear capacity of a strengthened beam is increased by 17% to 40% compared with the non-strengthened beam. The deflection at mid-point of the beam is checked and it is observed that the deflection of the strengthened beam and the non-strengthened beam is the same, thus CFRP strengthening technique is the best way to improve the performance of steel sections within permissible deflection limits. So, such a technique of strengthening steel sections can be used to enhance the properties of various old structures that undergo loss of strength due to corrosion and aging.

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Amri Gunasti, Amalina Maryam Zakiyyah, Adelia Maris, Diah Yulisetiarini

One of the world phenomenon of construction is still a gap between the performance of builders, which is expected by the foreman, with the reality on the ground. The results of empirical studies state that guidance can improve performance. The purpose of this study was to test the performance indicators Builders, once briefed. Research using One group pretest-posttest design. Initial assessment by the foreman, to Builders (pre-test), conducted during one month. Then the Builders treated in the form of guidance for a month, and given the assessment (post-test), then t test. The results showed that, Indicator: 1) target the jobs and duties of the foreman, can Builders met, 2) Builders always try to produce the quality of work is good, compared with other colleagues, 3) Builders always work, in accordance with quality standards, which have been set by the foreman, 4) All jobs during this time, Builders can do, and the results are in accordance with the time, which had been planned, the performance decreases, after being given treatment, in the form of directives. Indicators: 1) The quantity of work Builders are in accordance with the standards of work expected by the foreman, 2) The results of the performance of Builders sometimes exceed the target given by the foreman, 3) Builders willing given additional quantity of work outside working hours if necessary, 4) Builders are always trying to reach the target employment has been established by the foreman, 5) Builders always focus on finishing the job, although foreman was no place, 6) In completing the work Builders always take the initiative without waiting for orders from the foreman, 7) the quantity of work Builders exceed the average Builders others, 8) Builders doing work with the calculating, meticulous, 9) Builders have the appropriate skills to work and tasks Builders do now, 10) the quality of work that has been set by the Overseer can be achieved properly and optimally,11) Builders skilled in their work and have the initiative to help colleagues with, 12) Builders always reduce the error rate in the works, 13) Quality of work Builders far better than Builders another 14 Builders adhere to all the rules and procedures set out in the work , 15) Builders not procrastinate, 16) Based on the absence of data, Builders come home from work, 17) Efficiency Builders time in completing the work exceeds the average of other Builders, performance improved after the treatment is given in the form of directives.

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Shivani Sharma, Sachin Ahuja

The rising popularity of social networks has also raised the risk adjoining the dissemination of the user’s personal information over the network. This has raised the demand of privacy protection. Privacy preservation is the rising issue in the social networks that are the hot spots where information theft instances are very common. The present approach focuses the protection of sensitive information based on k-anonymity. K-anonymity is one of the most popular approaches privileged by graphs and nodes functionality. The proposed study is based on the enhancement of k-anonymity by focusing at node level to address the privacy protection issue. The process involves first identification of sensitive nodes and then applying optimization techniques. At this step, authors have introduced Neural Network (NN) and Artificial Bee Colony (ABC) in order to reduce the node miss placement in the groups. The study is evaluated against k-anonymity on small and larger datasets in terms of average path length and information loss. Comparative analyses have shown APL reduction of 1.636 and 1.371 is achieved using ARNET and SDFB datasets over 900 nodes. Additionally, optimization also resulted in average information loss reduction of 0.57% and 8.95% was observed for small and larger datasets.

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Ni Made Dwi Ratnadi, Anak Agung Gde Putu Widanaputra, I Nyoman Wijana Asmara Putra

The purpose of this research is to empirically examine the effect of behavioral factors in investment decision-making. This study examines behavioral factors (Heuristics, Prospects, Market, and Herding) that influence stock investment decisions by College students. This research was conducted in the province of Bali-Indonesia. Data were collected by survey method through questionnaires. The respondents were students who have invested in shares. Data were analyzed using multiple linear regression. The proxy of behavioral factors is determined by factor analysis. The analysis results show that the heuristic behavior factor carried out by students in investment decisions is availability bias. Prospect behavior factor is mental accounting, market behavior is past stock price trends, and the forming factor of herding behavior is the speed with which other investors react. The results of multiple linear regression analysis showed that heuristic, did not affect investment decisions, prospect factors influenced investment decisions, market behavior factors influenced investment decisions and herding had a negative effect on investment decisions.

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Dr. S. Muthukumaran, R Rajakumar, K Dinesh

The most developing disease both in male and female are diabetes, while an analysis is prepared with World Health Organization (WHO). Several functions following the reason such a lifestyle of a man, the non-appearance of movement, nutrition penchants, heaviness, smoking, elevated cholesterol (Hyperlipidemia, hypertension (Hyperglycemia) and so forth essentially enhance the danger of treating diabetes. This paper presents a cluster-based classification model using Improved K-means clustering with Deep belief Network (DBN) for treating the diabetic disease in the initial stage. Impacts of diabetes are affected by various pieces of the body which incorporates blindness in people. So, our method is used to overcome this and it shows the better accuracy rate when compare to the existing methods. And the database used for this is gathering the images in the UCI machine dataset.

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Jun S. Camara

Curriculum evaluation in the perspectives of student-clienteles is a significant and healthy approach to curriculum improvement. This paper aimed to post-evaluate insights of Filipino college students on the implementation of K to 12 in the Philippines, especially on the following study variables: Whether K to 12 has prepared students for college or not, whether K to 12 subjects are aligned with college course or not, whether Spiral Progression helped for college science and math mastery or not, and their belief of becoming an engineer despite all K to 12 issues they experienced. Involving 361 student-respondents in one highly performing university in the Philippines, and using a validated survey-questionnaire as data-gathering instrument, the researcher found that the proportion of K-to-12-Prepared college students equal with the K-to-12-Not-Prepared college students, and that majority of the respondents believe that the K to 12 subjects they took in senior high school are aligned with their college courses. However, majority believed that Spiral Progression did not help them to master the content of Science and Math in senior high school which they could have used in learning Science and Math in college better. Despite all issues of K to 12, majority of the respondents are found to be ‘Very Highly Confident’ of becoming an engineer someday. Further, findings revealed that STEM-graduate students favor K to 12 preparation, alignment, and spiral progression while other strands do not; that 1st year students favor the idea that K to 12 has prepared them for college and that K to 12 subjects are aligned, compared to 2nd year and irregular students; and, that students receiving no awards in senior high school negatively answer from those with awards in their belief to become an engineer someday. Findings show strong concern to Spiral Progression that should be dealt with through future educational policy.

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Kumba Digdowiseiso

This study tries to analyze the debates with regards to higher education issues in Indonesia such as the problem of enrollment, equality of education, capacity, the selection of college student acceptance, financing, cross-border education, as well as unemployment. In the end, the debate will lead to a strategic issue between the quality and the quantity in higher education.

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Anindya Bhowmik, Dr.Sandeep Kumar

The aim of the study was to compare the resting heart rate (RHR), vital capacity (VC) and peak expiatory flow rate (PEFR) between rural students of West Bengal and Western Uttar Pradesh. 60 rural school students of West Bengal state (W.B) and 60 rural school students of Western Uttar Pradesh state (W.U.P) were randomly selected. The RHR was measured by using manual process, VC and PEFR were measured by Wet Spirometer and Wrights Mini Peak Flow Meter. T-test was used to find out the significant of the study and level of significant was set at p<0.05. The anthropometric characteristics height, weight and BMI of subjects were assessed, that indicates W.U.P. school student was taller than W.B. school boys, and BMI was not significantly difference between them. The result of the study indicates RHR was not significantly difference between them and VC and PEFR were significantly difference between school boys of W.B and W.U.P.

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Rositsa Doneva, Silvia Gaftandzhieva, George Pashev, George Totkov

The paper presents a part of a study on the application of frames for the representation of knowledge and processes in programming training. The proposed accumulative frame model serves as a basis for automation of e-learning and e-training activities by the implementation of tools for extraction, aggregation and accumulation of data and knowledge for educational needs. The created on its basis information and computer models and a software tool for data extraction and aggregation are depicted.

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Jasvir Singh, Raman Maini

The opportunistic mobile networks (OMNs) evolved from mobile adhoc networks (MANETs) with add on delay-tolerant network (DTN) features. In these networks, sender to receiver connectivity never arises mostly, due to dynamic nature of the hosts and the network partition due to mobility. The main use of OMNs is to provide connectivity in challenged environments. The paper details the analysis of epidemic routing protocol, against variable size of buffer at each host while considering the random way point and Random walk mobility models with fixed value of Time-to-live (TTL) in the network. The key contribution of the paper is to explore epidemic routing protocol with mobility models for the dissemination of message to the destination. Routing in opportunistic network uses the store-carry-forward technique for message transfer and network has to keep tradeoff between message delivery ratio and delivery delay. Opportunistic Network Environment (ONE) simulator is being used for experiments and results. The impact of buffer size at each host has great impact on the performance of routing protocol. The evaluated three metrics, the delivery ratio, overhead ratio and the average latency are measured against buffer size. The results show that for buffer size ranging from 2MB to 10MB, the epidemic protocol offers the best delivery performance in the network with random way point mobility model, there is a 13.8% improvement for a smaller message than a larger message. There is 82% reduction in the overhead ratio for the epidemic protocol and the average latency is almost comparable in epidemic protocol in the considered scenario.

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Hemendra Yadav, Khagesh Tanwar, Kamlesh Patel

The temperature and humidity of a plant are the main parameters that affect the amount of water it needs. The design of a control system that has non-linear inputs and with difficult transfer function equations requires a control system capable of making control decisions. This is because the control decisions issued by human logic have perfect control output in everything, both conventional and unconventional. Fuzzy Logic is a method of control system that can provide decisions that resemble human decisions. In this plant design process, the fuzzy logic control system development system is used by using the MCS51 microcontroller system in the DT51 Development Tools. This is intended for a design of water control plants in plants. This fuzzy control process is carried out by a microcontroller system with an additional interface which is an Analog Input Output add-on board for DT51, an LCD interface as a time display output, a temperature sensor and a soil moisture sensor as a fuzzy logic control input. From the results of experiments conducted, it shows that the fuzzy logic control system is easier to make the control system and more flexible in making its design by not requiring mathematical equations for the function of transfer over the plant, because the fuzzy system makes decisions from human logic placed on the knowledge base system fuzzy.

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Siva Kumar Kotamraju

The paper deals with the security issues concerned to the intrusion in a network and focuses on setup of an Intrusion Detection System (IDS) in a VLAN and detecting various types of attacks on VLAN. It describes various approaches of detecting the attacks and preventing the attacks with different techniques such as pattern matching, protocol decoding, defining rules and signatures etc. We proposed a secured architecture for a LAN with placement of Intrusion Detection System. We have used Snort as an Intrusion Detection System, which is an open source toolkit on Linux platform. It includes detailed study of Intrusion Detection System and practical implementation. Finally, architecture is being proposed to secure VLAN by placing Intrusion Detection

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Kumba Digdowiseiso, Zainul Djumadin

This study examines whether the implementation of fiscal decentralization in District of Karawang can enhance the local government revenue over the period 2009 – 2018. We use dependency ratio, effectiveness ratio, and the degree of decentralization as metrics of fiscal decentralization. Our study found that Karawang had a better level of development of financial independence over time. However, local government of Karawang did not consider the potential revenues of regions. Thus, they were not able to set higher targets on regional revenues. In addition, the regency of Karawang was classified as not being able to carry out fiscal decentralization properly.

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Muammar Rinaldi, Muhammad Fitri Rahmadana

Inequality and poverty problems in Indonesia continue to be the main government's target to realize the welfare of society, high income inequality can affect the low purchasing power of society and causing poverty. Purchasing power is influenced by nonmonetary factors such as fuel prices and basic electricity tariffs. The purpose of this article is to examine the effects of the fuel prices increase and the basic electricity tariffs on the household income inequality and poverty in Indonesia, both in short and long term. The analysis model used in this study refers to the basic model of multiple linear regression equation with ECM method in estimating short-term and long-term relationship. Result obtained is wether in short-term or long term, variable that used in this study significantly influence the household inequality and poverty in Indonesia.

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Kana Safrina Rouzi, Muhammad Chirzin, Muhammad Anis, Muhammad Azhar

Diana Baumrindʼs concept of parenting emphasizes a positive emotional development through intense communication between parents and their children. Meanwhile, parenting patterns or styles have been outlined in the Qurʼan and the Hadith as guidance in developing children’s nature, characters and behaviors, which is to be noble human beings so that they can be the khalifah on earth. Parenting in the Qurʼan and the Hadith highlights parents’ role model through humanistic and warm approaches as well as uswatun hasanah. This article analyzes and synergizes similarities of parenting patterns between the existing textual sacred texts (i.e. the Qur’an and the Hadith) and the contextual parenting (i.e. psychology) in more depth.

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Dr. Suryakant Patil, Rohini Jadhav, Dr. Preeti Patil

This paper aims to improve the overall performance of the agricultural sector. Currently, the agriculture sector in India is facing a lot of issues due to the lack of proper implementation of automated systems. However, in this paper, we are aiming to advance the overall agriculture sector with the help of Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things. In this paper, we emphasized on various problems faced by farmers and automate it by taking into the weather conditions. When it comes to automation, AI and IoT top the list. In technical evolution Internet of Things is the mother of automation. IoT helps us in many areas where automation is required and agriculture is one of the most important sectors in India. With the help of automation in the agriculture sector, we can advance and automate various things.

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Fuad Husain Akbar, Fridawaty Rivai, Andi Zulkifli Abdullah, Abdul Hair Awang, Yoris Adi Maretta

More often than not, privileged people from developing countries travel to developed countries for medical care purposes. However this trend is starting to shift in the other direction meaning more people from developed countries are traveling to developing countries for a better quality care but with a cheaper rate. These medical tourists search for variety of medical services classified as follows preventive care, operative care (e.g. knee, eye, and hip surgery), dental care (crown, dental bleaching, and dental implant), cosmetic surgery (e.g. tummy tuck/abdominoplasty and liposuction), organ, tissue, and cell transplant (e.g. stem cell, organ transplant), and cardiology.1 Dental tourism is one of the services that can be found in medial tourism which characterized by medical tourists accessing dental care provided by other country in a cheaper rate compared to their own.2 Media’s portrayal of medical tourism, including dental tourism, suggest that this practice enables patient and provider to choose between many location and environment which has different systems to regulate or choose different treatment and working experience.3,4

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Yohandri, Lusiana, Fatkhur Rohman

This research occured by the demands of the 2013 curriculum which states that the 2013 curriculum was developed based on the challenges of advancing information technology, the rise of creative and cultural industries, and the development of education at the international level. Thus, an innovation is needed in the form of developing learning models, learning resources and learning media that are in line with the demands of the 2013 curriculum, including SW as a simple learning resource that is easily understood by students, project based learning learning model as one of the recommended learning models in Curriculum 2013 and can improve the competence and creativity of students, and tracker applications as IT-based learning media that can compete at the level of international education. The purpose of this study is to produce SW based on project based learning application assisted tracker with a scientific approach to the material Harmonic Motion with valid, practical and effective criteria. The results showed that the student worksheets based on the project based learning model were assisted by a tracker application with a scientific approach with valid categories obtained on average from experts (0.78). SW is very practical according to educators (87.08) and very practical according to students (92.21). The SW that was developed was effective in increasing the competency of students including knowledge competence (84.13), attitude competency (82.55), and skill competence (83.48). The results of the study can be concluded that the SW developed is valid, very practical and effective in improving the competence of students and can be applied to a broader scope.

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Vignesh Ramamoorthy H, Dr. R. Gunavathi

The utilization of wireless sensor applications is increased due to the fast convergence, efficient and easy adaptation. Need of computing technologies to inherit specific tasks are also in demand to achieve. In this concern, the proposed protocol concentrates in achieving efficient routing through a combined ABC-PSO based AODV protocol for WSN. Artificial Bee Colony (ABC) has a strong search ability combined with Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) to search for the best operators and particle search makes a fastest jump out of local advantages to achieve the better route for the network. ABC algorithm optimization, evolution of subroutine swarms and faster particle selection improves the network performance and more accurate path selection. The simulation results show that the proposed ABC-PSO based AODV protocol achieves efficient route discovery and recovery mechanism for WSN. In addition, the robustness and reliability of the network is improved than the existing schemes.

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Koijam Samson Singh, G.A. Shantibala Devi

The analysis of the three rice varieties was carried out in the Department of Life sciences and Department of physics, Manipur University. The laboratory analysis was carried out to assess the cooking quality and elemental composition of three local aromatic rice cultivars of Manipur. The aromatic rice cultivars of white (chakhao abngouba), red (chakhao angangbi) and black (chakhao amubi) grain samples were collected from the local farmer and analysed for its cooking quality and elemental composition. All the three aromatic rice varieties are medium slender in L/B ratio. All the three varieties had recorded the maximum hulling and milling percentage than the other land races which are cultivated in the valley of Manipur. Among these varieties, the white get cooked rapidly. Higher grain elongation and volume expansion ratio was observed in all the three varieties along with higher concentration of anthocyanin, carbohydrates, protein, phenol, fibre and fat. All the three varieties were with elements of C, N, O, Fe, Al, S, and K

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Neeru Ahuja, Pradeep Kumar Bhatia

Software has become a need in the present context of society Depending upon the requirements of user new features are being continuously added in software which may lead to increase the test suite size. The reduction of test suite size becomes necessary to get rid out of this problem. Test suite minimization has become an effective method for this problem that efficiently reduce the cost as well as computation time. In the present paper an attempt has been made to describe various such techniques that reduce the test suite size. A number of things like test adequacy criteria, various dataset used in literature and further challenges have been discussed.

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Aldi Satrio Nugroho, Tengku Intan Suzila T.S, Rissanti Fatimah Yusnarso, Akmal

Purpose of the study to investigate the differences the pure vowels sound among them, auditory analysis of the pronunciation of English vowels sounds, among Solo and Surabaya indigenous as natives as a foreign language (EFL) speaker suggests, has very distinctive features. The study is quasi-experiment with a pre-experimental design and only used pre-post and the data collected through a recorded oral test and analyzed using PRAAT software. Sample using a purposive technique. Additionally, four students undergraduate of English languages from two Javanese indigenous ethnicities were selected, two from Solo and two from Surabaya indigenous native student. Data analysis revealed two significant results: (a) Solo indigenous learners have a long voice tone on emphasis to pronounce vowel /ʌ/, vowel /e/ and vowel /ɔ:/ and poor on pronouncing vowel /ʊ/ and vowel /ɪ/. (b) Surabaya indigenous learners are dominant and assertive on pronouncing vowels /ɔ:/, vowels /e/ and vowels /ʊ/, but they are weak when pronouncing vowels /ʌ/ and vowels /ɪ/. The results show that there are vital differences, because of their pronunciation is influenced by their different dialects and accents even from the same ethnicity and region, and the influence of culture and social context. Further studies can be carried out to identify differences in pronunciation of consonant sounds to better know the differences and characteristics of indigenous native students of Solo and Surabaya in the English language.

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Nemani Gangothri, Anima Sunil Dadhich

Micronutrients are essential for improving the fertility of soil thereby enhancing the crop yield. Soils of two different crops (Paddy and Groundnut) were collected from Sakapur village in Mahbubnagar district. These are the Principal crops of these zones are grown in black soils and red soils which are featured the character of that area and only two crops are grown from decades without any crop rotation. Physico-chemical parameters were analyzed using APHA standard methods and the available DTPA (Diethylene Triamine Penta Acetic acid) extractable micronutrients Zn, Fe, Cu and Mn were investigated by using MP-AES. Boron was estimated by using AAS. The results revealed that the dominance of Fe followed by Mn, Zn, Cu, Mo and B. There is no uniformity observed in micronutrient in paddy soils and groundnut soils the only exception is Mn. In paddy soils, all four micronutrients are more when compared with groundnut soils. The micronutrient status in the present study area is in order of Mn > B > Fe > Cu > Zn in paddy soils and Mn> B>Zn> Fe>Cu in groundnut soils. The soil analysis results helped in giving precise suggestion to the farmers for better soil quality and crop yield and farmers are advised to rotate the crops.

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T. Vignesh Dr. G. Yoganandan

Farmers are internationally competitive and economically efficient producers. Farmers can be known the well-being of the people needs and communities is changing, as well as economic trends. Farmers are many kinds to farm the financial performance including the making a loss, service debt, or having poor cash flow on average and lower levels of well-being compared to those reporting positive farm in financial performance.

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B. Rubini, Dr. D. Tamilarasi

Parking space is turning into a serious trouble appropriate to daily life expand in vehicles are increased on the road. Predominantly, in city with massive peoples and residents, or in locations where activities of sports or inventive occasions are listed, looking for parking area is a predominant trouble and discovering a vehicles parking area can be a infuriating experience. The most common issues in cities Internet of matters is addressing such as traffic jams and vehicle parking availability. This Project focuses on developing a smart parking system which will sense the vacant slot the usage of a sensor and the micro controller transmits the records to the information base. App is growing to show the vacant parking slot reachable in specific area title.

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R.J. Kasumova, N.V. Kerimli, G.A. Safarova

A rigorous calculation of the characteristics of an optical superlatticethrough quadratic nonlinearity at simultaneous counter-interaction of the waveswas made in the constant-intensity approximation. The nonlinear quasi-phase-matched process with a reverse subharmonic wave is analyzed in this approximation, taking into account the phase relations of allinteracting waves. It is shown that the initial phases of the waves significantly affect the efficiency of frequency conversion, the optimum phase values are obtained. By choosing the optimal initial phases, it is possible to significantly increase the conversion efficiency. Recommendations on the design of an optical superlattice for obtaining the maximum conversion efficiency are given. The result is of practical interest for the development of backward second harmonic devices.

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Taran Singh Bharati

Data about jeans, cancers, drugs, HIV, social networking sites etc. is very huge in size and the same can be treated as big data and human is trying to decode the biological data to uncover mysteries about the biological systems. Big data is attracts people from other disciplines also. The uses and applications of Big Data are increasing day by day and it is becoming famous in data scientists biological streams. Big data keeps enormous volume and the same is being produced at fast pace from different sources. On social media thousands of posts are generated per second. Its nature, sharing, storage management, and security and privacy are some crucial issues which are taken up for consideration in this paper. The issues are thoroughly discussed and analysed.

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Ilakkiya.S.N, Nevetha.R, Deepa.R

The main approach of this system is to overcome the traffic congestion during car parking. With the development of technological growth, the production and usage of car increases. The main aim of this paper is to provide convenient parking system for customers in the areas such as super markets, star hotels, Malls etc... Here the online ticket booking system helps the customer to find the correct place for car parking. This helps to reduce their time. In this system, raspberry pi3 is used to control the system. Pi camera is used to continuously monitor the parking area. This helps us to identify the available space in the parking zone. The availability of space is also displayed in the LED display board.

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M. Sulaiga Beevi , K. Senthamarai Kannan , S. Syed Ali Fathima

any of the researcher, economist and a businessman currently exists interested in estimating the future of population, prices, national income etc. Accuracy of the future forecasts depends to a large extent on the success or failure. Hence the analysis of time series assumes just as great importance in the study of every single one economic problems.Here many methods are currently available in the literature to solve the problem of prediction. This study provides a detailed comparison of Fuzzy Time Series (FTS), Double Exponential Smoothing (DES) model and Auto Regressive Integrated Moving Average (ARIMA) model. Future values currently are forecasting using FTS, DES and ARIMA model. Forecasted values for Mean Square Error (MSE), Root Mean Square (RMSE), and Mean Absolute Percentage Error (MAPE) are calculated individually for all the three methods.

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Prakash Bhatia, Kanishka Gupta

To become a developed nation from a developing nation there is always a need of rapid growth and industrialization. This growth brings some major problems also. Pollution and carbon emission is the biggest of them. Due to rapid industrial growth now, India is also facing problem of high level carbon emission. This paper aims to impose environment and green tax to control pollution and carbon emission in India. The results show that many developed nations already have imposed Green tax in their countries and achieved success to reduce carbon emission. After studying pattern of green tax in various countries the outcome shows that there are various factors which can be considered for imposition of green tax and some factors which can become a big hurdle for successful implementation of green tax in India. Control on air pollution is a need of time to save our future generation from air pollution. The paper analysis the implementation of green tax in India through primary data and secondary data. Questionnaire was formed and 101 respondents were collected. The tool used for analysis is descriptive statistics and Chi-Square. The results have shown that Green tax will improve consciousness for environment protection within the people and they will reduce the use of tax levied pollutants.

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Amit Kumar, Dr. Anupriya Kaur

Research on complaint management has been substantially growing over the last few years. Firms have started to realize the importance of complaint management as defensive marketing strategy. The purpose of this paper is to synthesize extant literature and present insights for future researchers. A review is carried on past literature on complaint management, identified from online academic databases like Proquest, Google scholar and Emerald. A total of 64 conceptual and empirical articles published in the time span 1991-2018 were analyzed on different classification basis. Complaint management has emerged as a key concept in marketing. Theoretical foundation of this concept lies with customer relationship management. Complaint management is a multi dimensional concept comprising of customer complaint behaviour, complaint handling by firms and post complaint behaviour of customers. Complaint management as a research theme gained pace after the year 1991, however it is mostly researched in developed countries in west such as USA, UK, Australia and Germany. By analyzing the distribution of articles across different parameters and highlighting the agenda for future research – the current study will serve as a valuable tool for researchers to understand the current scenario of complaint management research in marketing discipline and take complaint management as a research area forward. This study highlights the merit of efficient complaint management that can act as a competitive advantage.

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Whedy Prasetyo, Kartika, Rochman Effendi, Indah Purnamawati, Resha Dwi Ayu Pangesti Mulyono

“CHERYL” is the use of technology aimed to guarantee the smooth-run of businesses for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). This research applied “CHERYL” information technology to create competitive advantages for an SME, namely Kopi Makmur based on the utilization of e-commerce technology. The utilization of e-commerce technology in Kopi Makmur was studied through qualitative method with case study in system application. The study was conducted by direct observation and in-depth interviews. The results showed that Computer-Based Information System (CBIS) contained problem solving data. “CHERYL” work sequence provided the identification of relationship between the system implementation, from start to finish, with the conditions encountered. This study used problem-oriented approach based on the system. This orientation produced efficiency, precision, convenience, as well as benefit of e-commerce information that was needed to achieve competitive advantages.

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Dr.P.Sivaranjani, M.Agalya, A.Ayisha, S.Abinanth

Nowadays, it is necessary and also mandatory to give care and medication to geriatrics. Automatic Medicine Teller is designed specifically for geriatrics to do their work independently. It prevents them from taking wrong medicine at wrong time. The main components used here are - a raspberry pi interfaced with a buzzer, IR sensor, a speaker and also with a GSM. In this design, three boxes are used, in the beginning the boxes are filled with the medicines for three sessions manually by their care taker. This device will remind the geriatrics to take correct medicine at appropriate time. This will remind the geriatrics to take the medicines correctly. The programming language used here is python. Initially a buzzer sound is intimated at a appropriate time. This sound will remind the geriatrics to take the medicine. The IR sensors are placed in each box, when the user takes the medicine within the prescribed box it does not intimate anything, else a voice message will intimate them from the speaker that they are taking the wrong medicine. When the medicine counts below certain value the message will send to their caretaker to refill the medicine through GSM. The main objective is for illiterate people and geriatrics who is suffering Alzheimer’s disease.

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Harco Leslie Hendric Spits Warnars, Ira Herawati

Lack of safety and friendly public transportation in Jakarta, make people more inconvenient to use public transportation. In this paper, we proposed a mobile application which can inflame to use public transportation, and at the end of the day, we hope using this mobile application will decrease traffic jam nightmare in Jakarta. Currently, traffic jam in Jakarta is the biggest nightmare problem for people who wants to go. The most reason why people do not want to use public transportation is hot, dirty, smell, need more time, not safe, incorrect information, prestige, and many more. In this proposed mobile application, we name as LANDTIONPUB where have some functions such as user do the registration, do the order, choose transportation, make the payment, and the user will get the points every each transaction.

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K. Manigandan, Dr. Benzigar M

In Education today, nearly everybody comprehends the unmistakable quality of English Language for advancement of life. Truth be told, operational information of English has turned into a need in number of various spaces, occupations and callings. Indeed, even at Studying territories, English is an obligatory subject for understudies up to under alumni in India and nations pursues English as a second language to the equivalent may be. English is viewed as a helpful instrument to gain learning, abilities and to achieve beneficial connection. By the approach of current innovation, English is the best medium to connect with outside the district, states and nations. Consequently, this paper contends that it isn't just a subject yet additionally an informative instrument to open the window of the current Technological and Economical world. The English language is been utilized and considered as the all inclusive language over a century, as it is the significant specialized instrument in the field of science , business, aeronautics, diversion and global relations everywhere throughout the world. English is significant for our future life, for example, to get a new line of work, to have the option to have discussions with different nation’s individuals.

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Kidist Tesfaye Gebremariam , Tarika Sandhu

Family environment represents a significant, but largely ignored area of research in the context of Ethiopia. The purpose of this study was to investigate the impacts of family environment on substance use among Kotebe Metropolitan University Students. Institutional based Cross-sectional explanatory research design, which enables to collect large data in narrowed time, was employed in this study. Data were collected from questionnaires filled by 351 students recruited from five colleges using stratified random sampling technique. Subscales of Family Environment Scale with specific to family cohesion, family communication and family conflict were used to measure participant’s perceived opinions regarding to the climate of their family. Substance use Questionnaire was also used to assess students’ level of substance use. Multiple Linear Regression Analysis was carried out as a method of data analysis. The findings of the study revealed that there was high prevalence of substance use among Kotebe Metropolitan University students: 67.80% (n=238) of the participants reported that they have been engaged in substance use, or tried at least once during the past twelve months. Khat (39.91%), Weed (5.46%), Shisha (6.30 %), Cigarette (13.86 %) and Poly substances (45%) were the type of substances that were consumed by the students. The regression result depicted that, while family cohesion and family communication were inversely and significantly associated with level of substance use, family conflict was not significantly associated with level of substance use. The implication of this finding is that family environment particularly family conflict and communication should be considered while designing intervention programs of substance use.

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M.Gunasekar, Dr.S.Thilagamani

The process of sentiment analysis identifies whether a given piece of text is positive, negative or neutral. It helps the business organizations to make use of the data in an effective way and to take informed decisions. It also saves human time and effort since this is an automated process. To automate the sentiment prediction the comment or review of a user has to be synthesized accurately. Since the feature selection is an important factor in sentiment prediction, this paper uses composite n-gram model with two feature selection methods mRMR (Minimum redundancy and Maximum Relevance) and improved Gini index. Then the sentiment prediction is carried out using SVM (Support Vector Machines) and BMNB (Binary multinomial Naïve Bayes) classifier. Experiment results shows that BMNB classifier performs better under both feature selection methods.

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K. Kalaiarasan, M. Sharmila

Radio frequency identification (RFID) technology provides a wide-spread interest thanks to their flexibility. With the large implementation of RFID technology in manufacturing sites such while store flooring, typical creation could end up being converted into smart production environment exactly where even more plus more data are accumulated and collected. Big data stats offer a good great way to process and analyze information in assisting developing administration. This paper presents a case research of the given RFID dataset coming from making store floors and understands the information cleaning and data clustering algorithms in Python. Important results and findings are acquired, which can become utilized intended for further analysis.

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Hapsoh, Wawan, Isna Rahma Dini, Desi Ratna Sari

Gogo rice plant ia able to grow in peat soil medium although it has many obstacles such as poor nutrient in pat soil. One of effort what can be done was utilized biofertilized made from local microbes that was Bacillus cereus and combination with various types of organic liquid waste. This research aims to know of effect and the best formulation with giving biofertilizers based on organic liquid waste of rice plants in peat soil medium. This research used with six treatments randomized design completely. The treatment were include six levels such as P0 (water) P1 (B. cereus without formulation) P2 (B. cereus + rice washing water) P3 (B. cereus + coconut water) P4 (B. cereus + tofu water) P5 (B. cereus + oil palm liquid waste). This research of result show that was given of biofertilizers based organic liquid waste has an effect on the panicles lenght and the percentage of pithy grains. Biofertilizers based on coconut water organic waste liquid was the best treatment for panicles length parameters and percentage of pithy grains.

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Joe-Sam Nkuah, Manish Kaushal and Sandeep Singla.

A bio cementitious concrete is basically a construction material (concrete) which has been incorporated with bacteria and precursor compound as healing agent that awaken and seal cracks when they emerge. The bacteria act as a catalyst, and transform the precursor compound to limestone and this technique is based on bio mineralization of bacteria. In this research, an extensive work was undertaken to investigate self-healing development and performance assessment of bio cementitious concrete, and this was carried off by integrating Bacillus Subtilis into engineered cementitious composites (ECC), normal mortar, and concrete alongside with calcium lactate, urea and yeast extract as nutrient source for the bacteria. After carrying out all the tests of culturing, growing and checking pH and temperature resistivity of the bacteria. The bacterial cell solution was integrated into the concrete matrix by adopting, immobilization of bacterial cell in pumice solution, encapsulation of stiffen bacteria sand and immobilization of bacterial cell into porous expansive clay particles as techniques for adding and protecting the bacterial cell inside the concrete. During the mixing and specimen preparation stage, three bacterial cell solutions of concentrations (104,106,108)cells/ml were prepared and mixed with M25 mortar and normal concrete by using mix ratios 1:1:2 , 1:1.32:2.5 with water/cement ratio of 0.5. Again the bacterial cell solution was mixed with M40 ECC of water/binder ratio of 0.33 and sand/ binder ratio of 1: 0.84.The bacteria reacted with the concrete elements to form calcium carbonate precipitate (CaCO3) or limestone which successfully sealed the created cracks. Performance assessment was done on the specimens and the following results were obtained; at a concentration of 104cell/ml of bacterial cells, the compressive strength of concrete begins to increase to an optimum value at 106cell/ml and declines at 108cell/ml. The specimens of stiffen sand capsules, pumice immobilized bacterial cell and loaded clay particle at 2% replacement by coarse aggregates weight increased the compressive strength of concrete by 35.20%, 31.59% and 0.20% respectively at the end of 28 curing days. Cracked Stiffen sand capsules and pumice immobilized bacterial cell ECC specimen regained flexural strength of 23.6% and 32.22% at the end of 56 self-healing days. Sorptivity at end of 56 days for self-healed stiffen sand capsules, pumice immobilized bacterial cell and loaded clay particle concrete specimens were reduced by 70.1%, 70% and 81.9% respectively. The bacterial incorporated concrete specimens with crack width of 0.015 mm, 0.018 mm and 0.02 mm respectively were completely sealed by CaCO3 precipitate at the end of 56 self-healing days. The new material formed at crack areas was CaCO3 according to the X-Ray Diffraction spectra obtained. Based on these factors, it is concluded that the bio cementitious concrete showed excellent performance assessments in terms of compressive strength, sorptivity reduction, flexural strength, crack repair and crack recovery strength at the end of 56 self-healing day.

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Dr. M. Ponni Bala, M. Dharanidharan, K. Janani, S. Kalaianbumani, S. Magima Shree

Automation has become the basic requirement in this developing world. Today in this present era, automation helps us to save time, expense as well as manpower. It is significant to have smooth and effective system to sustain the vehicles cleanliness. Automatic vehicle washing machine concentrates on car washer system using PLC. Automatic vehicle washer system has three capital processes namely washing, cleansing and drying. Hence the external of the vehicle will be washed by detecting the vehicle on conveyor belt and further controlled by PLC. Automatic vehicle washer is served with the usage of a conveyor belt which carries the vehicle. Proximity sensors are used for detecting the vehicle, which are placed in their positions according to the functioning of the washer. As soon as the vehicle is sensed, the functioning of conveyor assembly invokes. With the predefined time delay, the conveyor gets suspend. Vehicle washer technique is the combination of different functions which performs scattering the solution of detergent water, then cleaning with normal water and finally wiping the wetness using cotton brushes. Vehicle washing can be done where vehicles are parked for a long time and washing car can be done easily like fuel filling stations, super markets, hospitals, government buildings, railway stations and can also be widely used in service stations and manufacturing units.

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Sh.Yu.Nomozov, Sh.S.Namazov, A.R.Seytnazarov, B.M.Beglov, U.K.Alimov

The process of liquid NP-and NPK-fertilizers preparation based on ammophos pulp (pH = 4.5; 5.5 and 6.5), nitric and potassium fertilizers has been studied. In ammonization of a low-concentrated wet-processing phosphoric acid (WPA) (16.5% P2O5) with various impurities, water-insoluble compounds of calcium, magnesium, iron, aluminum, and fluorine are formed, producing precipitate. It was shown that separation of the solid phase from the ammonium phosphate pulp allows to obtain a transparent suspension of improved quality. It serves as a basic solution for the preparation of liquid NP and NPK fertilizers with grades 1 : 0.5, 1 : 0.7, 1 : 1 and 1 : 0.5 : 0.3, 1 : 0.7: 0.5 and 1 : 1: 1 by adding to them nitrogen (NH4NO3, (NH2)2CO, CAM-32) and potassium (KCl) salts. So, with the use of (NH2)2CO the product brand 1:1:1 contains 10.28% of the nutrient, that is, in total more than 30.8%. It contains P2O5assimilable : P2O5tot. = 100%, and P2O5aqueous:P2O5tot. = 98%. The material balance of the process of obtaining liquid NPK-fertilizers for 1: 1: 1 grade has been calculated.

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Jasur Togaev

To reconstruct an objective ancient history is an actual issue. In ancient periods Central Asian people had cultural, socio-economic relations with each other and they lived in general region. It is the fact that each civilization is a result of relations of the different peoples and nations. Bactria is a large historic-cultural region located in southwest of Central Asia and has a great place in Uzbekistan statehood. Bactria included both banks of Amu Darya River that is modern territories of Northern Afghanistan, Southern Uzbekistan and Tajikistan.In Southern Uzbekistan was researched the Bronze and the early Iron Age cultures as Sapalli, Kuchuktepa, Ancient Bactria. In the territory of these monuments large-scale archaeological excavations were carried out. Local scientists and international archaeological expeditions such as Uzbek-German, Uzbek-French, Uzbek-Czech and others have worked in the southern part of Uzbekistan (Surkhandarya region). On basis of scientific analyzing results of these archaeological excavations, consolidating this information and historical reconstruct social relations of the Bronze and Early Iron Age is the main goal of this research.

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Zarah Puspitaningtyas

Family business plays an important role in the growth and development of entrepreneurship. Family business also dominates economic growth and improves people's welfare. Therefore, sustainability of family business becomes important to be analyzed. Because, not many family businesses that can survive in several generations. This interesting fact raises an important question: "how is the family business sustainability strategy in the scope of small and medium businesses?" The purpose of this study is to know and analyze the family business sustainability strategy in the perspective of financial accounting, especially in the scope of small and medium businesses. Analysis of the study using qualitative descriptive method. The analysis was conducted based on the result of structured interviews with informants, that is peoples of the family business in the "batik and bordir" sector in Banyuwangi, Indonesia. The results of the analysis show that there are two important strategies for family business to continue, that is: (1) maintaining the balance of family values. This is important to minimize conflict of interest among family members; and (2) the application of modern management. That, the management of family businesses by applying financial accounting practices becomes important to maintain the sustainability of family business.

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Sri Wahyuni, Januarius Mujiyanto, Dwi Rukmini, Sri Wuli Fitriati, Budi Handoyo

This paper aims at exploring the students’ perceptions of the teacher’s use of Edmodo in English instruction and its contribution to the development of autonomous learning. Therefore, the questions addressed in this study are 1) How do the students perceive the teacher’s use of Edmodo in English instruction? and 2) How does the teacher’s use of Edmodo contribute to the students’ autonomous learning? An English teacher and 34 students of a public senior high school in Semarang, Central Java, Indonesia were recruited to involve in this study. The research data gained through questionnaires and interviews were analyzed qualitatively. It employed Thematic Analysis by Braun and Clarke (2006). The study revealed that the students were positive about the use of Edmodo to facilitate English learning. Edmodo was considered useful, helpful and practical both as learning and assessment media which enabled the students to enhance English ability. Besides, they could access it anywhere anytime with the support of mobile devices. Additionally, the students responded positively that Edmodo could contribute to student autonomous learning. Edmodo allowed the students to manage their own learning activities, for examples, monitoring learning, selecting appropriate learning strategies, controlling feelings, and enhancing motivation. In spite of the fact that sometimes they encountered problems accessing the site due to limited quota and unstable Internet connection.

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Kurniana Bektiningsih, Roziqin, Trimurtini, Nursiwi Nugraheni, Elok Fariha Sari

Android technology is commonly used in the learning process and the students love all kinds of games in it. This research was aimed to develop android-based educational game as a measurement learning media in elementary school, describing the media properness, and the effectiveness of media usage in mathematic learning on two-dimensional figure area material for the 4th grade students of State Elementary School Sampangan 01 Semarang. The type of this research is Research and Development. The suitability level of the learning media was determined by the validation tests of the experts and the trial run. The result shows that the percentage of the suitability level obtained by the experts is 73% in suitable category. Percentage that is obtained by the media experts is 77% in suitable category. Percentage that is obtained by the lesson plan experts is 79.4% in suitable category. The increase in learning result can be seen from the big-scale test result in the given pre-test and post-test with 0.32 in medium criteria as the result. The students’ activity in media usage in the learning process shows that the students become more active. The conclusion of this research is android-based educational game of “Triangular and Rectangular Area” has the specification of form-guessing and adventure. This educational game is suitable to be used as a learning media and is effective to be used in measurement learning in elementary school.

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A. Busyairi

This research studies to study the process of knowledge obtained by a person, study of Science on Spiritual Intelligence, and the relationship between science and modern learning theory. The researchmethod will be developed through the emphasis and hermeniutics approach.The main data in this study comes from books or classic books about Sufism and mysticism, including interpretations of the Koran as opening the way the emergence of science laduni. Data collection techniques using unstructured interviews. Data analysis in this research was carried out in several stages, namely interpretation, classification and discussion of material. The results show that Laduni Science is the sixth sense that is manifested through the journey of intuition. Intuition knowledge is a kind of knowledge that God gives to someone who is sent to his heart, so that some secrets are revealed and partially visible to them. Laduni in the learning system is identical to intuitive learning. In the perspective of modern education the learning process using a theoretical approach, trials, exercises, research is still being done even though on the other hand it acknowledges God's "interference" with humans. This means that the acquired intelligence continues to be built on routine and full surrender of the will of God.

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Fitria Dwi Prasetyaningtyas

This research was entitled "The Development of Experiential Learning with Simulation Methods on Civics in PSTE", The purpose of this research were 1). Developing experiential learning design with simulation models on civics in elementary school, 2). Test the feasibility of experiential learning with simulation model on civics in elementary school. The type of this research was development research which was the experiential learning design with simulation models with the Four-D model or 4D stages by Thiagarajan namely define, design, develop, disseminate. The research result showed 1). The process of developing experimental learning was carried out through the 4D stages so that the learning approach that has been modified with the simulation method was produced, 2). Experiential learning with simulation methods was appropriate to be used in accordance with expert validation with a total score of 14 with an average result of 3.5 or 87.5% with feasible criteria. Suggestions that can be given from this study was, learning simulation activities was not only conveyed the material but can also formed characters so that there was added value in the learning.

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Andi Padalia, Heriyati Yatim

The purpose of this study was to determine the increased interest and mastery of learning through the application of the drill method in arts and culture subjects in high school. The type of research used quantitative, and researchers describe the results of research with numbers/values. Research subjects were high school students with 36 students, 11 male students and 25 female students. Data collection techniques used are observation, documentation and questionnaire. The classroom action research instrument used was an attitude observation instrument and performance test techniques. From the results of the study, it obtained empirically that an increase before the implementation of the action was only 40% interested and after the implementation of the action increased to 90%. The results of applying the drill method can improve the learning achievement of high school students in Pangkep Regency in learning dance. This was proven empirically in the first cycle, there were 60% of students who reached the minimum completeness criteria of the applied research, and in the second cycle increased by 90%. Various learning methods have often used methods of discussion, demonstration. Based on the application of the drill method in Cycle I and Cycle II can increase the interest of high school students in learning dance. The application of such learning methods may not be able to achieve the expected goals, and this is due to the condition of high school students who find it difficult to understand the learning material.

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Tri Martial, Mhd. Asaad, Indra Gunawan

The research aims to understand the influence of various social-economic variables in the practice of fertilizing smallholder rubber plantation into sustainable agriculture in North Sumatra. A quantitative descriptive method was applied to understand the various social-economic issues that support their rubber plantation sustainability. Some social economy variables as independent variables are farmer's age, number of dependents, education, land area, land status, rubber age, seedling source, seedling quality, and seedling planter. The dependent variable is the fertilization treatment of compost and manure as a sustainable behavior. The analysis was conducted with a Chi-square test to determine the relationship of the independent variable with the dependent variable. The results showed that fertilization behavior determined by land area, land status, source of seedling, quality of seedlings, and planter. These findings suggest that efforts to go on sustainable by doing fertilization will be made by the farmer when they can increase revenue confidently. Besides, it shows farmers with extensive land tenure tend not to fertilize due to resource limitations.

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Er. Manbir Singh, Dr. Beant Kaur, Er. Gautam Kaushal

With the expeditions high speed requirements for internet applications, high capacity optical systems are need of the day. Optical amplifier such as Fiber Raman amplifier is widely deployed because it can serve any optical band with different pump wavelengths. In this work, a Residual Pumped Fiber Raman Amplifier in High Capacity Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexed Systems is investigated. Analysis has been done by incorporating different pump powers, channel spacings in terms of Gain. A wavelength window of 96 nm is covered starting from 1470 nm to 1566 nm at 0.8 nm spacing.

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Prisma Megantoro, Hendra Ari Winarno

The emergency calling device for nurse is generally located in every ward of a hospital. It is an important facility for every inpatient. However, generally these devices are still in the form of conventional electrical components that uses long wiring. This is because this system must reach all inpatient rooms. In addition, the caller feature is also very limited, usually only in the form of an emergency button. The caller system is also not yet integrated with the hospital database, so it becomes an obstacle for nurses and doctors to understand the patient's condition in an emergency. This article discusses the design of a nurse calling device that is connected wirelessly via a wifi network on the ward. There are also several types of calling features so that the nurse or doctor immediately knows the type of assistance a patient needs. In addition, the client and server system is integrated with the hospital database, which shows a detailed patient history. This device uses the NodeMCU ESP 8266 board as a client and Raspberry Pi 3 as a server. The features placed on this device work well as a design and are successfully implemented for one ward per server.

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Edi Waluyo, Kardoyo

The development of green curriculum is a necessity in the current situation and condition, especially to prepare prospective early childhood education teachers. Why is green curriculum important for prospective ECE teachers and what is its importance for achieving Indonesia’s national education goals? Early childhood education study programs at universities in Indonesia totaled 396 in 2019, but there has not been a detailed study of whether each ECE study program at each university has implemented green curriculum. The study is very important to be done to find out the implementation of green curriculum in resulting prospective ECE teachers who have good knowledge and understanding of the environment through theoretical and practical courses to result professional ECE teachers who have an awareness of the environmentally friendly curriculum, which is carried out at universities. The purpose of this study was to determine the development of green curriculum as a provision for the resources of prospective professional early childhood education teachers studied from the implementation of environmentally friendly curriculum in ECE study programs in universities. The research method used is survey research design with google form data collection tools as a tool in collecting large and extensive data. The result of research in the implementation of green curriculum in ECE study program is that there is not yet standardized for environmentally friendly education that is sensitive to rapid environmental and social changes in our society today, while the challenges of the green curriculum on education must be made attractive to create a conducive atmosphere for prospective professional early childhood education teachers so that in the future it can stimulate children from an early age. In conclusion, the study program in universities must develop green curriculum for the resources of prospective professional ECE teachers, so that environmental problems and challenges can be educated since becoming students and from an early age

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S.K. Maniarasan, V. Santhosh Kumar, P.Chandrasekaran

The materials which widely used in construction for building technology is concrete. Anyway, the production of cement releases high amounts of greenhouse gases (CO2) to the atmosphere that leads to increased global warming. Accordingly, an alternative, sustainable construction material, geopolymer concrete, has been established. Geopolymer concrete seeks a greener alternative binder, which is an innovative construction material that alternates the Portland cement. Introduction of nano-particles in the cement paste to enhance the mechanical properties of geopolymer concrete. The content of concrete has been undertaken to be performed as a self-cleaning material in construction. The self-cleaning concrete properties are encouraging by introducing photocatalytic material of Titania (TiO2). These photocatalysts in Self-cleaning concrete will be motivated by ultraviolet radiation from the source such as the sun and promote the disintegration of organic particles. Hence, the stainlessness. Of the TiO2 surfaces can be sustained, and environmental pollution can be reduced. In this review paper, the mechanism, properties, application of both geopolymer and Titania, and health risk hazards are discussed from different author results. In summary, this review paper offers guidance for researchers in the future regarding self-cleaning nanotechnology in geopolymer concrete.

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Kartika Septiana Kusumaningrum, Sri Andayani, Ating Yuniarti

Bacillus is bacteria which can produce a single spore called endospore. In this recent years a lot of research on Bacillus has been carried out. In aquaculture, bacterial spores can be used as additional ingredients in feed, namely probiotics. Bacillus spore have many advantages compared to vegetative cells. To support the growth of Bacillus spores that have many advantages in aquaculture, this research was using media with glucose as carbon resource and extract yeast as nitrogen source. This works evaluated the effect of different C:N Ratio media on vegetative cells, spore production, and sporulation efficiency of B. firmus. By using media which contain adjustable C:N ratio hopefuly could minimalized the cost of growth medium for B. firmus spores. The result showed that the highest vegetative cells of B. firmus (1,95 x 108 cell/ml) was reach in the media with C:N ratio 11, the highest spore production of B. firmus (1,46 x108 cells/ml) was reach in the media with C:N ratio 5 with 91% sporulation efficiency and it could be used as a potential source of probiotics for aquaculture.

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Dr. B. Premalatha, J. Hari Krishnan

Advanced education is aided with new technology, computers, projectors, internet, and many more. Diverse knowledge is being spread among the people. By integrating computers, software’s, technology behind audience, assistant devices and audio-visual facilities, the smart classrooms are now heightened. The traditional teaching-learning approach using lecture and notes writing actually bring down the success in modern day education. The main objective of this project is to propose a system that is capable of providing a smart classroom along with automation of a classroom interconnected to achieve automation at higher level in education. The main goal of this project is to provide an efficient learning environment. The model of the smart classroom has been integrated by connecting Raspberry pi with LCD display and the smartphone that is controlled via the internet. This model will bring the automation in the attendance, to display circulars on notice board, online suggestion box and taking of lecture notes in order to manage the time and to make the classroom smart in real time.

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A.P.Pon Selva Kumar, Dr.S.Anandamurugan, K.Logeswaran

The deep learning based healthcare technology is evolving recently to identify, classify and give precision medicine to patients. Recent advancement in internet of things, cyber physical systems brings healthcare technology into doorstep. This paper reviews the various diagnosis methods of healthcare industries dealing with cancer, diabetics, heart failure which seeks computational intelligence techniques to identify and treat patients with better care. The various research articles collected from popular journals like science direct, PubMed, ACM, IEE, Clinical Oncology have been taken to analyze its experimental methods and their outcomes. This review mainly focused on dealing electronic health records (EHR), cancer prediction model using recent deep learning techniques and some of framework based mechanisms which automate healthcare process. This article deals with major recent algorithms like support structured vector machine, auto encoder, convolution neural network etc., in the clinical setting of cancer and major diseases and diagnostic setting like genomic sequence based mechanisms. The healthcare industry has their own processing techniques to deal with various predictions and treatment like gene based techniques, clinical laboratory testing, observation model, diagnostic model. It also requires many statistical reference model and medical reference to acquire quick prediction along with patient’s information. As a result decision support system using AI for realizing precision medicine can be delivered by CNN positively.

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V. Mekala, M. Manimegalai, K. Sasipriya, K. Selvakani, J. Sriram Gautham

In this paper we present an idea of using character recognition for sorting the handwritten postcards in postal service. The Indian postal letter sorting system has been made to recognize the postcards based on PIN codes by using Barcode approaches. The objective of the project is to provide an alternative mean to the traditional sorting system which consumes more time for processing and sorting the postcards based on their respective areas. It also aims at eliminating the human errors which may occurs during manual sorting. This can be achieved by character recognition for segregating the postcards based on their respective district. The character recognition process is carried out by taking the postcard images as input and the addresses are converted into string of pixel values. The string of pixel values is processed with the datasets. As a result, the characters are recognized for each input image. When the entire recognition process is completed, the addresses are sorted based on their district and the addresses are uploaded to the corresponding excel sheet based on their district. This provides a solution to the existing problem in spending more time for processing and sorting the postcards and also helps to avoid human errors during manual sorting of postcards.

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MVD. Prasad , N.V. Sai Krishna, Sk Hasane Ahammad, GNS Kumar

The Characteristic extraction is an essential biometric authentication phase and recognition systems. In this paper a CNNs based Algorithm for Fingerprint Authentication and Feature Extraction has been presented. It is applied to differentiate fingerprints which is previously obtained from grayscale and performing the different reinforcement samples, noisy images of the fingerprint in the image-processing stage, also by using CNNs, we also used FCN (fully convolutional network) to learn features are from here directly the data to overcome the ambiguity background noises. In this Minutiae plays a key role in the identification of fingerprints and extracting. And, the speed of fingerprint detection will be 0.45sec database to detect the one fingerprint on GPU. We successfully extracted features preserving the ridges information from latent fingerprints.

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T.S. Sameer, Pradhuman Panigrahi, Palle Anirudh, S. Smrithin, U. Raghavendra.

Thermo-forming normally consists of heating a thermoplastic semi-finished product until the forming temperature is reached, and subsequently the desired form is obtained by means of pressure difference and mechanic stretching. Thermo-forming is a forming method that, by means of several process steps, facilitates the production of an inherently stable plastic part. Basically, the raw material is transformed by heating into a viscous - flexible phase and a relatively low load. The formed part cools in the tooling and is subsequently demoulded. Thermal vacuum forming is a version of thermoforming, where a sheet of plastic is heated to a forming temperature, stretched onto a single-surface mold, and forced against the mold by a vacuum. This process can be used to form plastic into permanent objects such as turnpike signs and protective covers. Normally draft angles are present in the design of the mold (a recommended minimum of 3°C to ease removal of the formed plastic part from the mold. Relatively deep parts can be formed if the formable sheet is mechanically or pneumatically stretched prior to bringing it into contact with the mold surface and applying vacuum. Suitable materials for use in vacuum forming are conventionally thermoplastics. The most common and easiest to use thermoplastic is high impact polystyrene sheeting (HIPS) or Polypropylene Copolymer Grade (PP COPG). Vacuum forming is also appropriate for transparent materials such as acrylic. The machine mainly consists of a Heater, Vacuum pump, and Thermoplastics. The heater is used to heat the plastic material to the required temperature, then the plastic is forced on to the pattern whose replica is required. Vacuum pump is used to create the vacuum at the forming region to remove the air gaps within the pattern and the required shape is formed.

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J. Divya Lakshmi, Rangaiah L

Cognitive radio is an advancement of the wireless technologies in which different licensed and unlicensed users can be accommodated into the same network spectrum. Cognitive radio allows the effective utilization of the network resources and the bandwidth which is idle most of the time if only primary users are allowed. Accommodating secondary unlicensed bands into the network spectrum is a complex process. The first step involved in this process is to sense the channel to check if all the network parameters allow a new user in the unlicensed band. There are several channel sensing mechanisms and approaches that can be used for specific requirements. This paper lists and analyzes several channels sensing approaches and compares the efficiency. Among the channel sensing mechanisms are analyzed for their efficiency in various conditions and requirements. The implementation complexity and accuracy of each approach are analyzed qualitatively. A generic algorithm on how the secondary users can sense the network and transmit the data is also provided. The implementation guidelines can be followed to simulate the channel sensing mechanism in any network tool.

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D.Hemalatha , S. Poorani

Indecorous activation of thyroid glands becomes major issue of concern among Indian women. Hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism are the two major thyroid disorders that should be treated early. Hyperthyroidism occurs due to over secretion of hormones than the need of the body. Hypothyroidism causes due to surplus exertion of hormones from the thyroid gland. T3, T4 and TSH hormones play a significant role in functioning of the thyroid gland. Various studies have been done to predict the thyroid disorder. The key objective of this research work is to predict the type of thyroid disorder using supervised ML techniques.

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Daphni S, Vijula Grace K.S

In digital processing techniques, the fundamental operations such as sum, division can be carried out by several categories of adders with different sum times, requirements of area and power consumption. The Residue number system (RNS) based processor mainly used in many digital signal processing applications which mainly consists of reverse conversion (residue to binary) process. This paper analyzed the design o Reverse Converter which based upon the RNS of DSP applications with various adders and algorithms. Now a days a role of RNS based processor is an essential in many signal processing applications. From the analysis, it shows that the Hybrid modulo Parallel–prefix Excess-one adder (HMPE) with Chinese Remainder Theorem (CRT) Reverse Converter design is well suitable for better performance on the aspects of delay and area.

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Hanny Dini Iswari, Erni Herawati

The Indonesian Broadcasting Law of 2002 regulates broadcasters to establish network broadcast stations, after previously conducting centralized broadcasting. This law intends to apply the principle of diversity to fulfill the community's right to the presence of broadcasters. The alteration to this regulation cannot be easily implemented by private broadcasters, especially television. Therefore, this paper questions is how the implementation of the Network Broadcast System in private television broadcasting in Indonesia after the enacted of Broadcasting Law. This study uses a qualitative approach by utilizing available data and conducting interviews with academics. The results show that private television broadcasters have not fully carried out networked broadcasting as regulated by law. Weak sanctions and lack of local resources are one reason for the implementation of these provisions.

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R. Nandhini, Dr. M. M. Saravanan, Karunya Grace .A

Retrofitting of structures became popular in the field of civil engineering for repairing and rehabilitation of existing damaged and new buildings which are inadequate to bear the loads acting on them. The concrete structures can also be damaged due to aging, excessive loads, accidental loads, temperature, corrosion, chemicals, and other conditions. Demolishing and reconstructing those structures needs more time and uneconomical hence strengthening was done. Using FRP for strengthening concrete structures is one of the effective methods of strengthening due to its advantages like lightweight, highly resistant to corrosion and chemicals, high tensile strength, high stiffness and also it is easily applied to structures. The most commonly used fibers were steel, carbon, glass, aramid, basalt, polypropylene, nylon, etc. Nowadays natural fibers like jute, kenaf, flax, hemp, etc. were also used. Numerous studies were conducted to find its effectiveness in various conditions like marine, fire, corrosive and other aggressive conditions. In this paper, experimental works on FRP were reviewed and their conclusions were discussed briefly.

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Karunya Grace A, Dr. M. M. Saravanan, R. Nandhini

This study concentrates in determining the optimum fiber content in the Hybrid fiber reinforced concrete with glass and polypropylene fibers. Specimens for five mixes with varying total volume of fiber were casted. The percentages of fibers used are 0, 0.5, 1, 1.5, 2 by weight of cement using Glass fiber of 60% and Polypropylene fiber of 40% in the total fiber volume. The specimens were tested in compression, modulus of elasticity and modulus of rupture. The M1.0G60P40 showed increase in strength about 24.2%, 33.7% and 13.1% in compression, modulus of elasticity and modulus of rupture.

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Amit Sharma, Sanjiv Mittal

Social media marketing has gained increased momentum in the digital marketing space in recent years due to the numerous benefits offered. Business to business companies, i.e. those companies that cater to other business organisations, have also started using social media marketing for undertaking several promotional activities such as product launches, deepening customer relations, and building transparency. The aim of this study was to review critical literature pertaining to the use of social media marketing in B2B businesses and identify their emerging trends. A systematic review method was applied for the purpose.

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Abhimanyu Awasthi, Akshay Nain, Abhishek Roy

The study aims at finding out the various cost cutting measures for controlling costs in food & beverage service department. The study is also illustrating about the various new and necessary segments which can generate maximum revenue for the new entrants in F & B service industry. This growth and rise in consumerism has given a need to find upcoming trends as well as shifting preferences of consumers in the segments. This study also illustrates various cost control measures to be able to help food & beverage entrepreneurs or existing food & beverage establishment owners in maintaining the food & beverage cost in check. The consistency in maintaining the cost under control or cutting the cost at right time and right place, in turn helps in profit maximization, another aim of this study. This study also aims to highlight the need for staff training and their development & Retention.This study also aims at finding out various cost cutting measures and their varied applicability in different sections of the same business operation. Role of implementation of different controls in modulating and affecting staff behavior

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Kadek Jemmy Waciko, Ismail, B.

In this study, four different method namely Thief-MLP Hybrid, Thief-ELM Hybrid, TBATS and Theta methods are adopted and compared for forecasting tourist arrival to Bali-Indonesia from 3 different continents such as the Australia continent, Europe continent, and Asia continent. To evaluate performance of different methods, the criteria like the Mean Absolute Percentage Error (MAPE) and The Mean Absolute Scaled Error (MASE) are used. This study demonstrates that Thief-MLP Hybrid method outperforms Thief-ELM Hybrid, TBATS and Theta methods. Thus, we can produce short-term forecasts and give a contribution to exploring the best performances of the Thief-MLP Hybrid method.

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Praful.G.Bansod, Dinesh.S.Bhutada, Shyam M Kodape

In this study, Polyethylene glycol is used as a water-soluble polymer to enhance separation efficiency of heavy metal nickel ion The complexion- Nanofiltration technique was used for separation of heavy metal ions. Polyethene glycol form complex with heavy metal ion and increases the separation efficiency. The effects various parameters like pH, Concentration and flow rate on the separation efficiency of heavy metal ion were evaluated. The optimum condition for separation of heavy metal ion was found at pH 10, Concentration (heavy metal ion) 200ppm, and flow rate 3(l/hm2). It was found that the addition of water-soluble polymer gives higher separation efficiency than without water-soluble polymer PEG.

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Dr.M.Amanullah, R.Lavanya.

This paper comes as a response to the fact that, more and more accidents are caused by people who fall asleep at the wheels. Eye tracking is one of the most important aspects in driver assistance systems, tracking an eye plays a major role as eyes hold more information about gaze, attention and fatigue level of drivers. This plays a vital role in the ADAS systems. The number of times the driver blinks will be taken into account for identification of the driver’s drowsiness. The direction of where the driver is looking will be estimated according to the location of the driver’s eye gaze. The developed algorithm was implemented using Open-CV in order to create a portable system. This system is designed with alarm indication to wake up the driver on the wheels using the buzzer and the vibrator attached to the steering wheel. If the person is inebriated, the vehicle would stop.

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Krishanveer Singh

Cryptographic ledger knowhows supply innovative open source- mainly based openings for developing new diversities of electronic stages and facilities. whereas analysis on the subject is rising, it's this so much been preponderantly centered to methodical and lawful problems. To widen our thoughtful of cryptographic ledger technology principally based services and phases, we have a predisposition to rest on former literature on payments and payment stages and suggests a research agenda divided into three important areas of like construction problems, problems associated with the uncertain environment; and technology elegance issues. we have a propensity to discuss many salient themes at intervals every of those zones, and originate a group of analysis question for every theme, light the requirement to deal with each hazards and prospects for handlers, still as differing types of unbiassed organizations. With this analysis agenda, we have a tendency to donate to the conversation on future paths for info Systems analysis on cryptographic ledger technology principally based stages and facilities.

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Marwan Mohamed Abdeldayem, Saeed Hameed Aldulaimi

Bitcoin has risen as the best cryptocurrency ever. Inside two years of its tranquil dispatch in 2009, Bitcoin developed to involve billions of US dollars of financial incentive regardless of just careless examination of the framework's plan. In the meantime an enormous and lively open-source network has proposed and sent various adjustments and augmentations. However, the GCC region remains unexplored in terms of cryptocurrency research. Hence, we provide the first survey on cryptocurrency in the GCC economy. In this exploratory study, we used an online questionnaire survey that was collected from 610 individuals and investors from all Gulf countries namely: Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Saudi Arabia and UAE. The research instrument consists of 24 different questions that measure respondents’ opinions and attitudes toward cryptocurrency in the GCC. The findings reveal that most respondents in the GCC have heard or read about cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin or Ethereum. However, a vast majority of them (85%) do not own cryptocurrency. In addition, investing in cryptocurrency is more risky and less profitable than investing in the stock market. Also, if cryptocurrency is government regulated but remained intangible, it would increase their interest in cryptocurrency, and in near future i.e. within 5 years, cryptocurrency will be worth more than today.

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S.Meher Taj, A.Kumaravel

In this business field, the growth of online stores makes competition harder. Online stores need to have a website or application ready to calculate and classify consumer spending intentions, so customers will ultimately have an eye on things on the sites and applications to make purchases. Fuzzy Petri networks are dominant features as they cover the efficiency and inaccuracy management of sometimes the software field. Researchers use this tool to encode the processing results achieved. Data mining helps sell professionals to improve their consumer behavior understanding. This higher perceptive, in effect, helps them to concentrate on mercantilism campaigns with specific precision and match campaigns with shoppers and prospects, preferences, desires, and attitudes. Fuzzy Petri networks and classification mining methods are enforced data on intention online shopper victimization throughout this paper.

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Manish Trivedi, Ajay Somkuwar,Deepak Kumar Raghuvanshi

The objective of this paper is Implementation of a microstrip U-slot antenna based on the resonant frequency with High-Frequency Structure Stimulator. In our method, we design an antenna with a range of 1.157GHz, and we improve the gain by placing an array of the antenna. Here rectangular patch antenna is designed FR4 Glass Epoxy Substrate with a dielectric constant of r as 4.4 and a loss tangent, which is equal to 0.02, and copper is used as conducting material. This U-slot microstrip patch antenna is excited with transmission cables of respective length and width. The measurements of the gain, directivity, and efficiency of the developed microstrip patch antenna are derived from High-Frequency Structure Stimulator. There is a relation between the resonant frequency and obtained gain. If the frequency is increased, the gain is maximum. But in the proposed method, the maximum gain is derived from low frequency. The size of the antenna is proportional to frequency, gain, and bandwidth. The U-slot microstrip antenna is built with many constraints to get productive output. It is established that that two slots in U should be kept closed in a distinct patch to produce a wideband process. The u-slot microstrip antenna is made to increase the bandwidth and frequency, and it is proved. The software used here is High-Frequency Structure Stimulator and applied in a wireless local area network. It operates with high bandwidth since the structure of the antenna is too small because of its dielectric constant. It gives a maximum gain with a frequency range of above five GHz.

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Dhasarathan P, Keerthika B, Naavarasi N R, Ranjitsingh A J A*

Milk gets spoiled easily by microbes if it is not stored properly. To extend the shelf life of milk, the suppliers use different chemicals that are hazardous to infants in prolonged use. As an alternative method of preservation to extend shelf life the extracts of the plant Moringa oleifera Lam was added to raw and pasteurized milk and found effective to keep it unspoiled for a period of 5 hours and 11 hours respectively without refrigeration. The bioactive compound derivatives (R)-3-pyrrolidinol, 5- (p- aminophenyl) - 4- (p- tolyl) - 2- thiazolamine, 2’6’- Dihydroxyacetophenone and other phenolic compounds present in the extract were reported to be effective in arresting spoilage causing microbes and extending the shelf life of the milk. The use of bio-preservatives and their mechanism of action on the spoilage microbes promote a healthy life.

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P. Kamakshi Priyaa, S. Sathyapriya, Dr. L. Arockiam

Currently, obesity which is a non-communicable disease (NCD) is a serious health issue that leads to many life-threatening diseases like diabetes (Type 2), cancer and heart ailments. Obesity can be determined using various factors, namely age, weight, height and Body Mass Index (BMI). The techniques that are used for obesity prediction are extremely reliant on the BMI; however, the BMI cannot be applied universally. The proposed R ensemble based prediction model incorporating 13 variables has provided an average accuracy of 97.29%. The ensemble model leverages the Enhanced Decision Tree, Naïve Bayes and the Support Vector Machine (Radial SVM). The work has considered unique health parameters such as calories consumed, pregnancy status and bodybuilder which have proved to drastically improve the accuracy of the prediction model.

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Shaik Vahida, Rayudu Srinivas, Rama Reddy T, Sheik Shabuddin, B. Durga Anuja

Agriculture is playing very crucial part in our everyday life and is a job of Farmers. Farmers follow some steps ladders to firm a field and one among is irrigation (is an essential step in the farming). Irrigation systems must inspire plant development while diminishing salt disproportions, leaf injuries, environmental conditions, and water loss. Loss of water will arise because of, wind drift, vaporation, run-off and water sinking deep below the root. To acquire noble results in irrigation we must use noble irrigation system. Now a days, farmers are using so many irrigation systems like traditional methods, modern methods and automated methods. Even though farmers facing problems to irrigate farm filed in sloppy areas. In this paper an automatic sensor based water pumping system is proposed to made irrigation easy to the farmers by dividing firm field into blocks and each block is monitored with soil moisture, temperate and humidity sensors to pump the water and the proposed method is more useful for irrigation in sloppy areas.

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Sudhir Kumar Sharma, Dr. Wiqas Ghai

The computing architectures these days are getting sophisticated. The common person is aiming to get the services on the go. Researchers, therefore, envisage expanding cloud computing facilities to smart-phones limitations. The difficulty is that conventional smart-phone implementation designs do not promote the creation of apps that can integrate cloud-computing characteristics and require specific mobile cloud application designs. Scheduling, security, and load management is an essential part of the Cloud computing application architecture as well as mobile computing architecture. This paper presents an energy efficiency mobile computing architecture by using the Modified Best Fit Decreasing (MBFD) algorithm with Artificial neural Network (ANN) as a machine learning approach. The tasks are sorted using MBFD approach and the problem (Over-loading and under-loading) the server is resolved using ANN as a classification approach. The results shows that the tasks completed by mobile servers using ANN approach with less time and also required minimum energy to complete.

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Dr. Thangadurai.N, Dr. Vinay Kumar S.B, Dr. Gayathri K.M, Dr. R Dhanashekaran

Agriculture is one of the most important aspects of human civilization. The conventions of Internet of things (IOT) have meaningfully contributed in the space in last two eras. IOT is a technology, where actual lifetime physical objects (e.g. sensor nodes) can work collaboratively to create an information based and technology driven system to maximize the benefits (e.g. improved agricultural production) with minimized risks (e.g. environmental impact).Execution of IOT based arrangements, at each period of the region, could be a distinct advantage for entire rural scene, for example from planting to exporting and past. In this paper Fungi-caused diseases in sugarcane are the most dominating conditions which show up as spots on the leaves. In the event that it isn't treated on schedule, causes the extreme misfortune. Over the top utilization of pesticide for plant illnesses treatment builds the expense and ecological contamination so their utilization must be limited. This can be accomplished by focusing on the illnesses places, with the fitting amount and convergence of pesticide by assessing disease seriousness utilizing image handling procedure. Straightforward edge and Triangle thresholding strategies are utilized to portion the leaf zone and sore district region individually. Now a days there was more advance technology is used in agriculture field. In this paper automation robot is used to find disease in sugarcane leaf. At long last weaknesses are categories by computing the remainder of injury region and leaf territory. The precision of the analysis is seen as 98.60 %. Research demonstrates this technique to figure leaf sickness seriousness is quick and accurate.

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P HarshaLatha, R Mohanasundaram

Malware is the one which frequently growing day by day and becomes major threats to the Internet Security. The are several methods for classifying of new malware from the existing signatures or code. The traditional approaches are not much effective to compete the new arriving malware samples. More antivirus softwares provides defense mechanism against malwares but still zero-day attack is not achieved. To enhance in mechanisms machine learning algorithms are used and provide good experimental results accordingly. While the traditional signature approaches are also failed to compete the new malwares. In this paper, we define malware and types of malware as an overview, as well we define the new mechanism of using machine learning algorithms how effective and efficient in classification of malware detection and we presented the existing works related to malware detection classification using machine learning algorithms and it is discussed about main important challenges that are facing in malware detection classification.

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R Arun Sekar, S V Ramanan, Sanjeevi Pandiyan, Rajan Cristin

Nowadays in VLSI innovation size, power, speed and cost are the principle plan contemplations in any circuits. As the quantity of included activities in ordinary multipliers are more which brings about increment in delay. Consequently, the circuits structured with ordinary multipliers will expend more power and have less speed. In this paper, design and implementation of FPGA based 32-bit Wallace multiplier, Dadda and modified multiplier has been analysed. These multipliers were designed using Verilog HDL, simulated and synthesis is done in both RTL compiler utilizing Xilinx Vivado and executed on Zynq 7000 arrangement FPGA board.

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Pratik Biswas, Mridanish Jha

Today a common man is very health conscious, and banks (both private and public) have started providing health insurance schemes to their customers, which is popularly known as mediclaim insurance. Awareness plays a vital role in influencing people to purchase the mediclaim insurance policies. However at the same time low level of awareness with regard to mediclaim insurance creates the difference among the customers. The number of mediclaim insurance sold by banks in India is much less than expected. The reason for such less mediclaim insurance customers in the bank can be explained with the help of a series of socio-economic causes, and due to lack of proper awareness. In this paper the relationship between the level of awareness and purchase of mediclaim insurance policy by the bank customers is presented.

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Dr. J. Rajini , Dr. V. Krishnamoorthy

The aim of this study is to identify the challenges faced by L2 learners in learning English Language. This study was conducted among students studying in Technical Institutions in Erode District, Tamil Nadu State. The researchers collected the data by administering structured questionnaire method. Systematic sampling method was also employed by the researchers to collect the data. This study was conducted from January 2019 to September 2019. The researchers used statistical techniques like Factor analysis, Multiple regression, Cronbach alpha for data analysis. This study identified seven important dimensions of difficulties faced by L2 learners in learning English Language. They are: Grammar, Vocabulary Knowledge, Fluency, Pronunciation, Comprehension, Mother Tongue Influence and Anxiety. Among the identified dimensions the study found that there are significant impacts on Pronunciation, Comprehension, Mother Tongue Influence and Anxiety. Furthermore, the results revealed that there are no significant impacts on Grammar, Vocabulary Knowledge and Fluency. Mother Tongue Influence had the highest mean score (3.77) and it was the highly perceived problem dimension among engineering students learning English as the second Language.

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Gaffarov Yarash Khollievich

The Khorezm oasis and its surrounding towns play an important role in the development of historical ties between the peoples of Uzbekistan. Gurganj (Ancient Urgench), Khiva, Kat, Khazorasp, Mizdahkan, Shemakhaqal'a, Zamakhshar, Ardakhushmis, Shahrukh, Puljoy, Bugokhon, Janpikkala, Norinzhon, Shurakhan, Darghana, Sadvar and others. Archaeological research in ancient centers such as Jigarband, Madame, Cardonhos, Kerdor shows that agricultural, livestock, crafts and trade relations are also developing in Khorezm, based on ceramic vessels, coins and items found in archaeological research. However, there are many written sources and archeological sites that have not yet been fully explored. In particular, there are such monuments in the Khorezm oasis, and both written sources and archaeological research indicate that they played an important role in the socio-economic, political and cultural history of the ancient region. Among such monuments, the study of the history of the Khazarasp monument is of great importance in covering the unexplored pages of Khorezm's history. Therefore, one of the most important tasks is to cover the history of these monuments. The need to educate our people in the spirit of patriotism as a result of the study of their history, to provide young people with the deep knowledge and skills in local history, is based on the theoretical and practical relevance of the topic we have chosen.

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Nandini K. Bhandari, Manish Jain

Emotions result in physical and physiological changes which affect human intelligence and the world around us. Emotions which indicates inner feelings of a person is represented by EEG as a direct brain response to a stimuli. EEG-based emotion recognition is widely used in affect computing to improve communication between machines and human. In this paper we provide a comprehensive overview of methods proposed for emotion recognition using EEG published in last ten years. Our analysis is focused on feature extraction, selection and classification of EEG for emotion recognition. This survey will be a mile stone for researchers in enhancing the development of emotion recognition using EEG.

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Suriyadi, Dedy Takdir Syaifuddin, Dasmin Sidu, Mursidin

This study aims to determine and analyze the effect of situational leadership style, work motivation, and cohesiveness on job satisfaction and employee performance. The population in this study were all civil servants in the scope of Konawe District Office of education and culture with a total of 120 ASNs and all of them were used as respondents. The analytical tool used is the SEM with the AMOS program. Based on the results of the study, several conclusions can be formulated as follows: (1) Situational leadership, work motivation and group cohesiveness have a positive and significant effect on job satisfaction. This means that the better situational leadership, the higher the work motivation and group cohesiveness, the higher employee job satisfaction will be, (2) Situational leadership, group cohesiveness has a positive and significant effect on employee performance while the effect of work motivation and job satisfaction on employee performance is not significant. This means that increasing situational leadership and group cohesiveness have a significant impact on performance improvement while work motivation and job satisfaction are not significant and (3) Job satisfaction does not mediate the influence of situational leadership, work motivation and group cohesiveness on employee performance.

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S. Muthuselvan, K. Somasundaram, S. Rajaprakash

Software development is one of the significant and necessary profession in the global scenarios. All the fields in the world like finance, transport, education, design, government and private sectors of the professions using software day to day life. In this, software development process contain the different type of process for meet the client requirements. For the competency of the competitors, it is very difficult to retain the clients. It will create the uncertainty of the software field, also, it will create the multi criteria decision making issues. To overcome the above issue, in this work, will identify the important attributes from the software requirement analysis phase with the help. Applying the intelligent agent system for allocation of the survey and receiving the opinion through the questionnaire generated by the intelligent agent.

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Roubaldeep Kaur, Supreet Kaur

Energy conservation is defined as an ill posed problem in wireless sensor networks. Many protocols have been proposed improve the energy conservation. But, it has been found that the actual most of the existing methods has got neglected very first debris difficulty with particle swarm optimization based protocols. As inadequately selected debris bring about poor results. Genetic algorithm based protocols would not ensure that the world global optimized final results however wealthy for the mutation and also crossover operators. . The use of the Non dominated sorted genetic algorithm (NSGA) is ignored to efficiently elect the inter cluster data aggregation path selection. Therefore, in order to remove these issues NSGA based inter cluster data aggregations proposed in this work Principle betterment has become produced by changing the actual the particle swarm optimization with NSGA based optimization technique for energy efficient routing. Also, the actual utilization of the compressive stinking additionally raises the functionality further. A compressive stinking makes use of details union to eradicate well not required details via sensor nodes. Ultimately, comparison research show that the proposed technique significantly reduce the energy consumption and therefore improve the network lifetime.

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Theoretically, both the spot and futures market must move together and adjust or respond to the information and events in a similar manner The main objective of this paper is to analyze the factors influencing futures contract. Eight top market capitalization Indian IT companies were used. Number of Contracts, Spot Return and Turnover were the major factors have significant impact on the futures return.

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Didha Bacha Moti, Nidhi Walia

The use of mobile phones for the provision of digital financial services in developing countries like Ethiopia is with an increased level of importance mainly in communities that are either unbanked or under-banked. There are several factors that influence user’s perception towards the usefulness of mobile payment services, among which perceived compatibility, social influence and perceived ease of use on the usefulness have taken the attention of the researchers. Accordingly, the study aimed at examining the effect of mobile payment services’ perceived compatibility, social influence and perceived ease of use on the usefulness of mobile payment services. The data for the study were collected from 406 active M-BIRR and HelloCash MPS users through a questionnaire. The collected data fit the requirements for SEM; the study results indicate that perceived compatibility (COMP), social influence (SI) and perceived ease of use (PEOU) influence significantly the perceived usefulness (PU) of mobile payment systems (MPS).

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Davron Juraev, Khusnora Juraeva, Pokizakhon Muslimova

In this article applicate of spatial methods of interpolation for results of geodetic monitoring of constructions allows to simplify processes of planning, control and decision-making.

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Hendrayana, Ninik Umi hartanti, Sri Mulyani

Ponyfish (Leiognagthus sp.) in Tegal Regency Waters decreased due to increased fishing intensity. The aim of the research was to determine the bioeconomy of Ponyfish (Leiognagthus sp.) in Tegal Regency. The research method used is bioeconomy analysis by calculating the Maximum Sustainable Yield (MSY) of Ponyfish. The result showed that caught of the ponyfishes in Larangan was to 3.186 kg/year/boat whith a size of 1,6-6,9 cm and Suradadi was to 5.650 kg/year/boat with a size of 1,6-9,4 cm. The sustainable potential value of Ponyfhis in Larangan is 202,16 kg/year/boat and Suradadi is 111,16 kg/year/boat.

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Fatmasari Sukesti, Imam Ghozali, Fuad

Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (BEPS) issues have attracted many researches throughout the world. BEPS activities could reduce tax revenues for countries that apply normal or high tax rates in their taxation systems, and could also encourage the creation of injustice in the global economy. The aim of this study was to examine the mediation role of dislosure quality in the relationship between IFRS convergence and profit shifting studies in multinational companies in Indonesia. The research used panel data with 63 samples of multinational corporations listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange 2012-2016 and tested the samples with Eviews program statistics tool. The results of the test conducted on direct relationship between IFRS convergence and profit shifting showed that implementation of IFRS convergence in Indonesia had a negative influence and significant effect on profit shifting. The results of the tests on the indirect relationship showed that IFRS convergence had significant affect to the improvement of disclosure quality, the disclosure quality had positif impact and significant effect on profit shifting. Thus the mediation role of disclosure quality have not been proven in this study. R2 showed an effect of 73,4% from the independent variable while other influences were caused by other variables.

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Nurhudaya, S.A Lily Nurillah, Annisa Nur Zerlinda, Muhammad Solehuddin, Dodi Suryana

This study was motivated by the importance of mindfulness in individuals including elementary school students. The purpose of the study was to show a comparison of mindfulness of students in public elementary school and integrated Islamic elementary school based on aspects of attention, awareness, acceptance, and present focus. A study carried out at 096 Sarijadi Selatan Elementary School and Az-Zahra integrated Islamic Elementary School by using quantitative research and comparative study research methods. The participants in this study were six-grade elementary school students of 50 students from each school. Data collection tools in the form of questionnaire Cognitive and Affective Mindfulness Scale-Revised (CAMS-R) by Greg Feldman, in 2006. The results showed that the condition of mindfulness in students in public elementary school and integrated Islamic elementary school had a pretty slight difference. Mindfulness in 096 Sarijadi Selatan Elementary School students is in the medium qualifications with a proportion of 74%, and mindfulness in Az-Zahra integrated Islamic Elementary School students are in the medium qualifications with a proportion of 76%.

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Aas Saomah, Dodi Suryana, Ozkabia Ardana Adzani

Aggressive behavior is one of the problems of externalizing children. And this research uses quantitative approaches. Aggressive phenomena in students worry parents, educators, or guidance and counseling teachers or counselors. This study uses a quantitative, descriptive approach to describing phenomena that exist, in descriptive research that problem-solving is systematical, factual, and accurate. The goal of descriptive research is to create a systematic, factual, and accurate description of the facts and traits of a particular population. Through a cross-sectional study, the means of harvesting is performed only once at a time.A total of 36 electives learners are involved as respondents in this study. According to measurements, 50% of respondents have aggressive behavior based on moderate physical aspects, and 52.7% of respondents are included in aggressive behavior in verbal aspects are categorized high.

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Harini Abrilia Setyawati, Agus suroso, Pramono Hari Adi

Batik is a wax-resist with a dyeing technique used in textiles that are valued for nation identity and the value of the life of Indonesian culture. Batik has been an art and craft for centuries. The speciality of culture-based products, human creativity, technological innovation, the natural environment are the primary sources of differences in the production of handmade batik, and it is essential to maintain its existence. This study generally aims to empirically examine the relationship between entrepreneurial networking to marketing performance, and the mediating entrepreneurial orientation and innovation capabilities on the relationship between entrepreneurial networking to marketing performance. Data were collected from the owner of Batik Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) in Kebumen Regency. The total sample of this research is 100 MSMEs. The present study uses variance-based structural equation modelling (PLS-SEM) to diagnose the association between entrepreneurial orientation and marketing performance through innovation capabilities and entrepreneurial networking. Research results indicated that Entrepreneurial orientation has a positive effect on Entrepreneurial networking, innovation capabilities and marketing performance. However, Entrepreneurial networking and innovation capabilities did not affect marketing performance. The results of our study are also beneficial for SME owners. They can produce excellent marketing performance by increasing their entrepreneurial orientation by and the need for achievement by continuing to work until they reach their desired goals. Moreover, it must improve the locus of control, self-reliance and extraversion behaviour.

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S. Agnes Shifani, M.S. Godwin Premi

The development of Digital Image Correlation (DIC) have created a popular, attractive factor for full-field displacement and measuring strain. Inspite of its improvement, it is sufficiently used as a post-processing factor because of its computational cost and accuracy. In recent years, many researchers proposed new algorithms to improve the accuracy and speed using DIC. The objective of this work focus on subset image size and selection of seed points using image registration process along with average gradient of corner feature. With the help of image correlation method in strain measurement is executed from its first step of setting reference image, deformed images with different loads, matching the sub pixel location, selection of seed point to obtain strain field on surface under this research. The procedure of DIC method in utilizing open source platform Ncorr. Finally, the experimental output validation is evaluated from strain measurement and the result compared with strain value from UTM via tensile test. The strain from both strain gauge and DIC shows that the deviation is not exceeding more than 0.05 pixels.

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Eka Sakti Yudha, Dodi Suryana, Yulia Nabella

Self-esteem is an evaluation made by an individual to maintain everything related to what is expressed in an agree or disagree attitude and the belief to be able, important, successful and useful. This study discusses the self-esteem of children in terms of the entrance path to the school, namely zoning or non-zoning of seventh-grade at SMPN 1 Cimahi in the 2019/2020 school year. This research uses quantitative. The design used in this study is correlational with descriptive methods. The population of participants in this study involved 50 students consisting of 25 zoning students and 25 non-zoning students. The data collection uses one instrument, the Rosenberg Self-Esteem Scale instrument.

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Huynh Tan Hoi

Finding out methods or ways to improve people's health is always focused. How to have beautiful hair is what both men and women want. In order to achieve that, people used natural ingredients to nourish their hair in addition to modern Western medical therapies. The paper was based on sources of journals, documents as well as the survey results completed by patients and foreigners living in Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam. The research paper once again determines the importance of folk therapies as well as some great herbs in this country.

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Huynh Tan Hoi

Machine translation is now rather popular and is gradually breaking the world language barrier. Translation accuracy and efficiency are getting closer to human ability. In addition to translating letters and sentences, machines for translating speech have also been developed and exist in various forms. This technology has both advantages of speed, multilingual compatibility, and mobility, but it also has some disadvantages and has influences on the users. Machine translation, which still has many problems with accuracy, cannot completely replace humans now. Once we understand the advantages and disadvantages of machine translation, its application is not difficult. And after all, if users improve their language skills and knowledge, they can understand and use the words themselves correctly without relying on machine translation. This paper was based on latest journals as well as supports of the respondents who are working and studying in Ho Chi Minh City during August of 2019. From then on, some recommendations were mentioned to confirm the roles of new technology in our modern world.

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M. Kalpanadevi, Dr. M. Mary Shanthi Rani

Diabetic Retinopathy (DR) is a progressive micro vascular complication of diabetes that affects the eye. It is identified by the appearance of different types of lesions, which includes microaneurysms, Hemorrhages, Macular Edema and Exudates. Detection of lesion plays an important role in early detection and treatment of Diabetic Retinopathy. Machine Learning and Deep Learning are state of the art technologies that are well-suited for data analytical applications specifically in Medical Field. This paper gives a survey about the different machine learning based methods that are used in detection of Diabetic Retinopathy with the comparative analysis of their performance.

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S.Rajeshkumar, Dr.V.Seenivasagam,D.Vijayakumar,S.Saravanaselvi

Placement is an initial expectation regarding both the institute and the student's perspective. Achieving placement at the right time depends on various factors. This paper makes an investigation into the placement dataset of professional students from diverse domains. Twin fold aspects of assessment have taken into consideration. First, examining student's different performance attributes during all four years of the course. Second, studying the ratio of growth in the placement with the influence of ICT. The analysis returns two classes of students: The Marginal and Virtuous attaining students. This paper also focuses on various classifier's accuracy using WEKA tool. The discoveries in this study indicate that the list of techniques must account to increase the probability of placement as well as an optimal classifier to predict the appropriate class of students.

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Jeoti Pangging

The purpose of this study was to see the educational status of the Misings tribe of Boloma Mising village in Sivasagar district, Assam. The Mising tribe have their own culture and tradition which is related with their daily life. After the post independence time women have been getting education and able to earn income independently. Number of tribal girls getting education from primary to post graduate level has been gradually increasing. Quite a number of them are getting employment in various organization, including govt. departments. But question is still arise why the Mising women has not able to get higher education despite the government offered facilities. So, through this study try to understand the causes behind the low educational status of the Mising tribe of Assam.

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Siti Aisyah Nurjannah, Bambang Budiono, Iswandi Imran

In the Indonesian and American codes of reinforced concrete design (SNI 2847:2013 and ACI 318-14, respectively) the Partial Prestressing Ratio (PPR) of a structure element is limited by 25 percent to prevent brittle behavior. Reactive Powder Concrete (RPC) materials provide high compression strength and ductility. The using of RPC allows increasing of PPR. Thus, the RPC structures provide higher nominal moment and ductility than normal concrete structures. The aim of this research was to examine the influence of PPR that exceeds 25 percent on partially pre-stressed beam-column joint sub-assemblages using RPC materials (PPRPC) to their performance. Three PPRPC specimens with PPR of 22.78 and 33.79 percent were tested according to ACI 374.1-05 loading set up. Furthermore, the finite element models of PPRPC were verified with the experiment results and also reinforced using PPR ranging from 22.78 to 41.12 percent. The results showed that the model using a PPR of 33.79 percent provided the optimum performance in terms of highest energy dissipation and ductility ranged from 11.32 to 13.46. It showed that PPRPC using RPC materials provided high performance despite the PPR level exceeds the allowed 25 percent and were suitable for structures in strong earthquake zones.

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Susi Ari Kristina, Rina Kuswahyuning

Anti-aging cosmetics are among the fastest growing market of the skin-care cosmetic segment. The main objective of this study was to assess the extent of anti-aging cosmetics use pattern and factors associated with purchase behavior among Yogyakarta population, Indonesia. A survey based cross sectional study was used. Customers were conveniently selected and interviewed using structured questionnaires. Cosmetics consumption pattern and market attributes include brand, price, place, and influencer were investigated. The data was analyzed and presented descriptively and Chi-Square test for bivariate analysis. Out of 384 customer surveyed, majority were female (92.44%), average of age 24 years old, bachelor degree level (51%), as a university students (41%) and monthly expense about less than <2 million IDR (42%). The most preferred cosmetic for anti-aging was Wardah (38%), place of purchasing anti-aging cosmetics was the cosmetic stores (49%). Most of respondents spent about 100 thousand IDR for anti-aging cosmetics budget (46%), indicated that anti-aging products is a priority need among customers. Female customers and higher income customers have shown more conscious on buying cosmetics than their counter parts, with OR 1.5 (2.11-4.53) and 2.45 (1.70-3.83) respectively. Market attributes of brand image and influencer associated with decision in buying anti-aging cosmetics with OR 3.21 (1.87-4.21) and 2.13 ( 1.87-3.29) respectively. In other hand, price and place attributes indicates no significant difference at level of p < 0.05. This study concludes that excellent product quality factor plays a key role over other factors. Cosmetic manufactures are required to understand thoroughly the buying behavior before implementing any marketing strategy.

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N.Manoj, S.K.Maniarasan, M.Mohammed Suhail

At the early age of concrete incorporation of fly ash alone reduces the compressive strength than the incorporation of blended mineral admixtures due to the lack of lime content in the concrete mix and also delays the rate of the hydration process. This paper investigates the impact on the early age strength of fly ash based concrete due to the incorporation of mineral admixtures. Concrete samples with the incorporation of the various percentage of GGBFS (Ground Granulated Blast Furnace Slag) and Metakaolin (0%, 25%, 50%, 75%) have been cast and tests have been conducted at the 7 days of concrete samples. Results have been compared with conventional concrete which containing fly ash as a certain percentage. Incorporation of GGBFS and Metakaolin with a control mix enhanced the 7 days compressive strength up to 22% compared to the conventional concrete. Hence, the present study suitable for early-age strength development of fly ash-based concrete.

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Dr.V. Sivakumar, R. Ruthramathi, S. Leelapriyadharsini,

Internet has changed our life. It has brought a new way of communication, transferring information and making businesses. The term already known as Internet of things, provides the idea of the digital connection between objects via internet, creating a network where data is shared and exchanged. Rather than being viewed as a supportive industry to other alternative purposeful areas previously, now, logistics has been regarded as a strategic industry on its own. In the Tuticorin region, the potential for growth is very capable. Despite of the significant expansion of the logistics industry; there has been very little published research in the area of logistics and supply chain resulting in a very limited dissemination of information for the purpose of coordination, wisdom, development and etc. Thus, the purpose of this paper is to examine the technology benefits and challenges faced by the practitioners as well as the relevant parties concerned within the logistics and supply chain industries. This study found key benefits and challenges, namely Freight forwarding logistics providers have been the hindrance for logistics effectiveness in Tuticorin. Thus, provided a base for future researchers to examine any aspects of logistics and supply chain management in Tuticorin.

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Reshu Goel, Dr. Megha Aggarwal

Micro Finance emerges as an anti-poverty program which is accepted and adopted by every continent and every country. The global nature of the Micro Finance movement is reflected in the growing number of organizations providing Micro finance to poor people. The value of Microfinance and its potential as a tool to help most of the country’s poorest people, evidenced in the substantial track recorded of accomplishment in the recent past. Microfinance programmes allow small loans to poorest people by introducing self-employment generation scheme which helps to earn revenue, make efficient for earning their livelihood independently. Microfinance programmes gives opportunities not only credit but also give services in the form of training and development. Micro Finance is the cost effective and complementary means of rural credit disbursement system, which promotes the quick and timely availability of institutional credit in an economical and effective manner and in small fund without too much legal and procedural framework through Self Help groups (SHGs) and Joint Liability Group (JLG) with banks. The primary objectives of development of any economy are to eliminate of poverty by creating employment opportunities and raising the income levels of the population. There has been remarkable progress in the outreach and expansion of MFIs in India. Against this backdrop, present paper purports to examine status of micro finance and outreach of MFIs in India.

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Suresh P, Ravikumar O, Hari Krishna Mahesh K, Sri Aashritha S

In recent years, the search engine plays a major role in extracting content in real time for analysis, understanding, etc., and also needs time to process. The chatbots is another form of extracting the required content in different ways with Artificial Intelligence. The main objective of this article is to extract the required content from wiki platform and to deliver in speech and text format for better understanding. There are countless ways, were the chatbots helping in most of the environments with better performance. Even though there is lagging in delivering the required content. In this paper, the AI delivers the required information with shorter period of time in the proposed deliverable formats. The proposed chatbots will work efficiently on the existing database even in addition of more information in the same database. With the advent of these chatbots, needy people can get updated proper information on their own required proposed formats.

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Vijay Kumar Damera, A Nagesh, M Nagaratna

There is a big race for processing technology and storage and resource sharing capacity on interconnected servers around the world. This race defines what we call “Cloud Computing”. In recent years, cloud computing has developed rapidly in the context of the rise of the global Internet, and more and more services and products based on cloud computing have become more and more. As an emerging information service model, cloud computing has brought about tremendous and profound changes for computing services in the Internet era. However, due to the dynamic and complex nature of the cloud environment, users are faced with various data security and personal privacy risks when using cloud services. These problems have become an important factor hindering the development of cloud computing. In this context, Trust plays a crucial role in cloud environment to offer reliable services to the cloud customers. It is the main reason for the popularity of services among the cloud consumers. To achieve this, trust should be established between cloud service provider and cloud consumer. In this paper, An attempt is made to present different trust evaluation models proposed in the literature for cloud computing environment.

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J. Sumendran, Kamal Raj Chandra Shekar, G. Jegadeeswari, B. Kirubadurai

This work is measured to be a foremost factor in the growth of an annular combustor. For measure the values for the annular geometry, an analytical approach is used. The dissimilar dimensions of the combustor are gritty dependent on dissimilar mathematical equations. The CATIA V5R20 software is worn to design and fabricating the additional combustor model used in mathematical methods. The template is combined with numerous swirl types and then the investigation of the combustor is performed in the ANSYS code. The difference in pressure drop is calculated for two models premeditated with different types of swirl. It is also studied the mixture of air-fuel, combustion-turbulence. The model evaluated for different models.

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Karmila Rafiqah M. Rafiq, Fetylyana Nor Pazilah, Goh Ying Tong, Melor Md Yunus, Harwati Hashim

Technology has become a necessity in everyone’s lives and in the education field, technology plays an assisting role, whereby the teaching and learning sessions are usually accompanied by technology. Despite using technology in education, the English as a Second Language (ESL) learners still portray a decline in their English language competency due to lack of vocabularies, which inhibit their proficiency in speaking and writing. Hence, it is important to identify the most suitable tool in teaching ESL vocabularies to learners, starting at a young age. In this 21st-century era, games are becoming popular, especially among teenagers, which resulted in the term gamified-learning. Therefore, the aim of this paper is to design, develop and evaluate the effectiveness of using PowerPoint games in improving ESL learners’ vocabularies. An empirical study involving 37 Malaysian lower secondary school students was carried out, whereby a pre-test and post-test were given prior and after three interventions respectively. Then, a survey and document analysis were carried out to triangulate the data. The findings from the post-test showed a massive improvement in learners’ vocabularies. The results from the survey portrayed that learners have positive perceptions of gamified-learning. This shows that gamified-learning is effective and positively accepted among ESL learners. This paper implied that teachers should modify their teaching methods, to suit the current generation, which can be done by incorporating games into the lesson. Future research can focus more on the different genres of games suited to the different level of students.

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Tiara, Lisa Nofrianti, Mhmd Habibi, Musdizal, Aan Putra, Lia Angela, Seprianto, Ismi Adelia, Hendra Lardiman

The research was conducted to describe the environment of school utilization as a science learning media, and to describe the effectiveness of it in several dimensions, such as (1) the students’ understanding (2) critical behavior to environmental conditions (3) caring behavior to the environment (4) students’ learning motivation (5) the efficient use of media for teachers. The design of this research was descriptive qualitative research. Moreover, the subjects of this research were the seventh-grade students and the teachers included in the natural science teachers’ forum (MGMP) in Kerinci regency. The result showed the students and the teachers had given a positive response to the environment of school utilization as a science learning media. Meanwhile, the obstacles faced are (1) the lack of the mastery and techniques of the concepts in the utilization of the environment, and (2) the difficulty in regulating the learning process time.

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Dr Pooja Jain

India being the land of snake charmers has always been influenced by the culture & tradition penetrated deep into its roots. Advertising today has enveloped every nook and corner of India effecting its masses to a high extent. Advertising & Culture go hand in hand. In advertising industry it is often a debate whether culture is reflected in Advertisements. Identifying cultural dimensions correlating with the content seems to be helpful in understanding consumer psychology. Slowly and gradually the mythological tales are being far removed from the understanding of cultural roots. But the fact is that stories, symbols and rituals construct the subjective truth (myths) of ancient and modern cultures around the world. Getting acquainted with mythology can give an innate understanding of human nature and the philosophical questions related to it. Advertising enables an audience to become a prospective customer wherein their purchase behaviour complements and enhances their lifestyles which are based upon combination of factors, including visual presence of products and services in the advertising, prices and their past experiences. In present market scenario, there has been a paradigm shift in consumer acceptance of what is reflected in advertising. As a result situation of certain products and services has somewhat become complex. Products and services that society believe should be available for purchase in market or to be seen by mass audience are prone to diverge in front of those who disagree with this conception For e.g. some believe that birth control products and advertisements related to it should not be available for audience below age of 18. On the contrary special educational sessions are being organised regarding this issue in schools and colleges irrespective of what age audience is. Advertising has thus accelerated the rate of acceptance by creating a culture fully imbibed with ideas, products and deliberate settings just to overcome the causes that may lead to a change. This paper will justify the notion that Advertising efforts leave their imprint on culture, be it negative or positive. There is no one mythology for the world today, in fact people have their own mythologies either reframing old ones or creating new ones.

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Kerenhappuch Susan, Nazni

Foxtail millet is an excellent functional food lacking commercial success due to difficulty in processing and consumption. The primary focus of this study is to formulate antioxidant rich meal replacement bar and analyze its nutrient composition. Foxtail millet is the principal ingredient in the meal replacement bars formulated. The consumer acceptability of these bars was assessed through organoleptic evaluation. In-vitro antioxidant assays such as DPPH, FRAP, Phosphomolybdenum, and Superoxide Anion Radical Scavenging Activity of the nutritionally finest variation was evaluated and compared against standard ascorbic acid. The foxtail millet meal replacement bars (FMRB) contains 249 to 283 Kcal energy, 49.23 to 55.90g carbohydrate, 7.14 to 9.05 g protein, and 2.34 to 2.63g fat. The FMRB were well accepted by the consumers. The in-vitro antioxidant activity of the ethanolic extract of FMRB and ascorbic acid was determined in a concentration-dependent manner (20µg-120µg). The sample extract concentration required for the half-maximal inhibition (IC50) of DPPH and superoxide anion radical was calculated. The FMRB extract has good reducing power of ferric ion (0.8857 FRAP absorbance value) and phosphate-molybdenum IV (0.9180 absorbance value). Whereas, it exhibited a lower scavenging effect against superoxide radical (17.90%) but stronger scavenging activity of DPPH (86.69%). The present study indicates that the nutritional composition of the meal replacement bars was adequate to be a healthy snack and ethanolic extract of the FMRB possesses potent antioxidant activity which supports that bar is a potential ready-to-eat functional food.

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Ilma Sarimustaqiyma Rianse, Wa Kuasa Baka, Pertiwi Syarni, Fahria Nadiryati Sadimantara

The aims of this study was to determine the strategy to develop sustainable farming of purple sweet potato commodity in Wulanga Jaya Village, West Muna Regency. The samples were determined by purposively with 30 samples, comprising 17 farmers, 6 traders, and 7 stakeholders that were related to the development of sweet potato. To analysis the data, it used SWOT analysis. The results of this study indicate that the strategy of developing sustainable farming in the purple sweet potato commodity is in region I (aggressive strategy). The situation in a region-I (first) is very beneficial for sweet potato farming. The strategy that must be applied is to support growth-oriented strategy. This strategy tends to focus on SO (Strength-Opportunities). In other words, it utilizes strengths to take advantage of existing opportunities.

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Huynh Tan Hoi

In this paper, the impact of modern science and technology on online learning and the merits and demerits are analysed. By comparing traditional teaching methods and online learning to improve Japanese learning and education, some merits and demerits are also mentioned. The data used for this article have been collected from 100 learners and 20 teachers in Vietnam. The paper also aims to analyse various advantages and disadvantages of learning Japanese online in order to find the best method.

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Baskar. D, Dr. Selvam. P

The modern power system requires real-time monitoring and fast control to be protected from faults on transmission lines. The detection and classification of faulty conditions in power systems is a task of crucial importance for reliable operation. The traditional fault diagnosis methods rely on the manual feature extraction of engineers with prior knowledge that has been proposed by several researchers for fault detection and classification. It is highly necessary to identify faults in any analog circuit to ensure the circuit's reliability. Early diagnosis of faults in a circuit can help to maintain the system significantly by avoiding potentially harmful damage from the fault. Automatically and accurately identifying the incipient micro-fault in the power system, especially for fault orientations and severity degree, is still a significant challenge in the field of intelligent fault diagnosis. Intelligent fault diagnosis methods based on machine learning become a research hotspot in the fault diagnosis field. In this paper, various machine learning algorithms are discussed.

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Agus Bandiyono, Riyan Dwi Saputro

Since 2000 the Government of Indonesia has begun to pay attention to the issue of equality of women, as evidenced through the Presidential Instruction (Inpres) No. 9 of 2000 concerning Gender Mainstreaming in National Development. In the Inpres stated the purpose of Gender Mainstreaming (PUG) is the implementation of planning, drafting, implementing, monitoring, and evaluating gender development policies and national programs. In order to achieve this, an effective gender responsive budget is needed. The purpose of this study is to examine and determine the factors that influence the performance of gender responsive budgeting. This research is quantitative research. The type of data used in this study is primary data through a questionnaire. The population of this study were employees involved in the process of gender responsive budgeting in 20 Government Work Units namely 75 employees, in the form of 60 employees who were still actively compiling gender responsive budgets plus 15 employees who had compiled gender responsive budgets in previous assignments. Based on the discussion in this study which has been described previously, then some conclusions can be drawn that organizational commitment has a positive and significant effect on the performance of gender responsive budgeting. Furthermore, the external pressure variable does not moderate the relationship between organizational commitment and the performance of gender responsive budgeting, and the environmental uncertainty variable also does not moderate the relationship between organizational commitment and the performance of gender responsive budgeting and organizational culture variables also does not moderate the relationship between organizational commitment and responsive budgeting performance gender.

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Agus Sunarya Sulaeman, Acwin Hendra Saputra, I Gede Agus Ariutama

The need for disaster risk financing is critical for Indonesian government to be proposed as one of the responses to manage the fact that Indonesia sits on the most active pacific ring of fire where most earthquakes and volcanic eruptions occur. Thus, this study attempted to investigate the isomorphic pressures on Indonesian public organizations from a disaster risk finance perspective. The discussion then becomes important since the government is seen as one of the central institutions responsible to deliver public goods and services, particularly in efforts to mitigate the natural disasters. Issues such as lack of government response, unclear disaster policies, and disaster management miss coordination, the absence of post-disaster management planning to the incompetence human capacity in public sector to handle the disaster became a source of questions on how both central and local governments deal with disaster risk policy. Therefore, it is important to conduct an assessment related to how the government institutionalizes disaster management policies, especially on disaster financing policies that should be reflected through the government's budget alignments to attain public legitimacy, including in disaster risk financing efforts. This study found that the dominating pressure in the disaster management implementation was normative pressure which was specified by the issuance of Law no. 24 of 2007, establishment of InaSAFE, and experience of losses. By knowing the institutional pressure, we gain basic knowledge required to design appropriate responses and strategies to isomorphic pressures to support institutional sustainability, particularly disaster risk finance policy.

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K. Tamil Selvi , Dr. R.Thamilselvan

Real time analysis of network traffic is prime factor for network intrusion detection. The core element of intrusion detection is the traffic classification. The traditional network is distributed in nature and implementation of intelligence in the network is a complex task. Software Defined Networking (SDN) provides a way for including intelligence into the network. SDN can provide centralized controller, dynamic update of flow table and traffic analysis, global view of network topology and dynamic routing. With these characteristics, network intelligence can be easily integrated into SDN environment. Machine learning algorithms are implemented for traffic classification. But it cannot suit to dynamic nature of the network and also classification of new trends of traffic. Deep learning techniques are best needed solution for traffic classification. It exhibits dynamic feature selection from the input traffic and provides higher rate of traffic classification accuracy. This paper summarizes various traffic classification techniques based on deep learning applied to SDN.

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Munjiatun, Eddy Noviana, Zufriady, Erlisnawati, Zariul Antosa

Maintaining and preserving the environment and maintaining its continuity for future generations one of which is through education. Environmental education is an educational platform that provides students with the knowledge, values, and skills in maintaining and managing the environment for the present and the future. The contents of TAM are noble values that are under Islam value, Malay Culture, and social norms. TAM functions to educate in instilling the noble values of Islam and cultural values. The TAM referred to in this paper is poetry which contains values and advice on environmental management and preservation. TAM integration as a form of local wisdom in education can be formed and developed through eco-culture learning which is assisted with sources and teaching materials related to environmental management and preservation. Conclusions from the preliminary study in developing sources and teaching materials that are integrated with TAM as local wisdom for eco-culture learning for students in primary schools are very needed and important.

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M.Geetha, N.Vimala

Big data reflects the exponential increase of everyday data generated by devices connected to a network. Big data is not only enormous amount of data, but also the ways with which it could be stored, processed and analyzed. It is called the 3 Vs of big data, Volume, Variety and Velocity of data that is beyond the compute capacity of conventional data processing facilities. It requires schema-less data processing facilities, which is one way of providing solution to manage such data. This solution also is not complete without imbibing the semantic information inherent in natural language data. Hence, there is a need for extracting information, which is concerned with semantic information instead of considering only the structural information. This brings an interesting concept called semantic relevancy. The semantic information retrieval systems have to adopt according the domain knowledge involved. When dealing with semantic information, it is highly important to construct queries that could fetch semantically relevant documents than a syntactic retrieval. This would help to build systems that are not affected by polysemy and granularity mismatch. Semantic matching achieves exact interlinking of concepts among documents thereby providing a holistic view of the domain. The linking problem can be solved with the help of knowledge graph obtained from semantic interlinking. Therefore, this work reviews the various semantic information retrieval techniques with respect to big data. The pros and cons of various techniques are analysed the suggestions are made to future researchers.

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Maranatha Wijayaningtyas, Togi H. Nainggolan

Millennial homebuyers are influenced by a number of internal and external factors in their decision to buy a green residential building. Empirical findings from previous studies indicate that environmental knowledge and attitudes affect consumer behavioral intention in purchasing environmentally-friendly products. Thus, this study aimed at finding out whether the millennial generation’s environmental knowledge influences their purchase intentions mediated by attitudes toward green residential buildings. A quantitative approach was employed using survey design by distributing questionnaires to 250 prospective millennial generation buyers residing in Surabaya and Malang. It was found that environmental knowledge positively shared with attitude influences the purchase intention of a green building. Furthermore, the results of the analysis show that attitude is a partial mediating factor of environmental knowledge. Overall, this study provides empirical evidence that attitude toward green residential buildings had less effect on millennial generation compared to environmental knowledge on purchase intention. This demonstrates that the millennial generation has not gained positive benefits from a green residential building.

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Siva Kumar Kotamraju

The paper deals with the design and development of Regression automation for Architectural Checker. The Automation Script developed automates the running of Chekhov (AV Tool Frame Work) for all Processors and collects the files in desired Paths.

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R. B. Durairaj, G. Mageshwaran, Prem Anand T P J Jeyajeevahan R Rajasekar

Biodiesel has become one of the promising alternative fuels. Various strategies are applied to improve the engine performance and emission characteristics. Most research works suggested that B20 (blend of 20% of biodiesel and 80% of diesel) could serve effectively, which can replace only 20% of the diesel requirement without any engine modifications. Very few researchers have worked in engine modification for improving the engine performance and emissions. The objective of this work is to propose a design modification of the intake manifold to improve engine performance and emissions. In this work, the influence of modified intake manifold with a Converging tube of varying ratio of outer to inner diameter (1, 1.25, 1.5 and 1.75) was investigated on the engine performance and emission characteristics. The experiments were carried out in a single cylinder diesel engine and the measurements were taken to determine engine performance and emissions. The results suggest that the addition of Converging of ratios of outer to inner diameter increased the engine performance while reducing the emissions of CO and HC. However, there was no significant reduction in NOx emissions.

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A.Karthikeyan, Dr. S. Vijayarajan

Electric vehicles (EVs) are winding up progressively prominent in numerous nations of the world. EVs are demonstrating more energy effective and ecological well-disposed than ICEVs. Be that as it may, the absence of charging stations confines the wide appropriation of EVs on the planet. As EV use develops, progressively open spaces are introducing EV charging stations. Then again, if EVs are charged by means of existing utility framework controlled by petroleum derivative based age framework, at that point it influences the dissemination framework and couldn't be earth well disposed. As solar has great potential to generate the electricity from the PV panel, the charging of EVs from PV panels would be a great solution and also a sustainable step toward the environment. This paper presents a comprehensive analysis of solar PV-EV charging systems and deployment in the world. Analytical methods were proposed to obtain information about EV charging behavior, modes of charging station operation, and geolocation of charging station users. The methodology presented here was time- and cost-effective, and very helpful to the researchers and students in this field.

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S.Malathy, Dr.K.Sangeetha, Dr.C.N.Vanitha

Nowadays monitoring systems for larger areas are utilizing the wireless sensor networks (WSNs) and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) integrated systems. The WSN-UAV integrated system architectures will consider many parameters such as communication and computing, networking protocols and image sensing. Since the UAVs are battery enabled devices energy efficiency have been leveraged to a maximum extent in order to prove the practical implementation of the concept. The design of suitable algorithms for efficient data processing, improving energy efficiency, reconstructing the paths, improving link quality and communication and addressing security issues has become a key research area of interdisciplinary research. The paper was focused on the concepts and applications which are utilizing UAV–WSN systems jointly and the parameters and their impact are analyzed from this point of view. The paper offers a timely review of energy efficient WSN-UAV systems in terms of topological aspects, clustering techniques, nature inspired optimization techniques, coverage and connectivity across various applications. Application references are enlisted in various domains such as agriculture, viticulture, bigdata, IoT and security. Finally, the research gaps are outlined to produce effective solutions to create a considerable economic and social impact.

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S.Gowsika, M.E.,

In peer to peer networking, in order to improve the overall performance of the file sharing system the competent file querying is essential, for this a method called Locality aware interest cluster p2p file sharing system (LAIC) is introduced. In this work, based on the locality the physically close nodes are clustered and based on the interest sub cluster is formed. Locality aware interest clustering enhances the process through various steps. First, the proximity nodes are clustered and the interest nodes are classified into sub-cluster as a group. Second, it constructs an overlay to diminish node overload. Third, it reduces the file sharing setback by using proactive file information collection. Fourth, the overhead of the file information collection is reduced by using bloom filter based information. Fifth, the Cluster leader is elected by using JSD method. In this work, file querying and sub-interest file querying mechanism is proposed to increase the efficiency in interest cluster. To further enhance the file query efficiency, a cost effective file replication algorithm is introduced In-order to reduce the cost as well as to improve the query efficiency.

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Vinod Kumar, Sanjeev Kumar Dhull

The non-uniform array performance depends upon the various factors like number of array elements, signal to noise ratio and spacing between them. The non-uniform array provides better accuracy and resolution than uniform linear array. The main objective of the paper is to find the best algorithm using Genetic Algorithm in which a novel non uniform circular array has been proposed in order to detect the signal directions. The Music algorithm and ESPRIT algorithm shows better results on the optimized non-uniform array.

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C.S Padmasini , Dr K. Shyamala

Automotive customer plays an important role in deciding the automotive market and its movement. Based on the Automotive Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) requirements, the automotive ancillary manufacturer upgrades their output and satisfies their customer needs. Original Data is categorized into Original Equipment Manufacturing customer supplies, Original Equipment Spare Parts distribution (OES) and to sales and service dealerships. The attributes of the data varies from customer to customer and for a same customer, category to category. The QCD (Quality, Cost and Delivery) criteria’s are important to determine customer priorities and group them to find which customer need to be handled on priority basis. PCAEBK-means model is proposed for find the number of clusters which is best suited for this data set. The proposed model comprises the concept of The Principal Component Analysis for dimensionality reduction. Integrated K-means with Elbow method is used to find the optimal number of clusters suitable for the auto component customers.

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B.Manjula Josephine, K.Ruth Ramya, K.V.S.N Rama Rao, Swarna Kuchibhotla, P. Venkata Bala Kishore, S. Rahamathulla,

Agriculture plays big role in populated countries like Bharat. AsCrop yields are basically subject to climate. A developing exact writing models this relationship so as to extend environmental change impacts on the part. We describe an approach to predict millet crop yield prediction, which can be done by taking high dimensional datasets. By using Random Forest Classifier, we obtained 99.74% of accuracy in calculating the millet crop yield prediction by taking various input fields like soil, min temp, max temp, humidity, rainfall, etc.Thus, Millet Crop Yield Prediction is an important agricultural problem this work will help the farmers to identify the crop losses and prevent it in future. We would like to extend this work to predict and find out the accuracy of millet crop yield for both Support Vector Machine(SVM) and Linear Regression (LR).

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Patricio G. Cabading, Philip G. Cabading, Elmer B. Dollera, Dann D. Lusterio, Justinne D. Rosete

This paper is about the study on energy conservation for window type air conditioner. Due to the sky rocketing price of electric energy available in the Philippines, energy conservation is an ideal alternative scheme in order to reduce the operating cost of energy consuming devices. Air conditioning energy sector consumes around 37% of the Philippine energy mix in residential and commercial buildings in the Philippines. With this situation, much of the energy can be saved if air conditioning system uses solar energy coupled with the inverter technology. The Inverter technology (DC) is the latest evolution of technology concerning the electro motors of the compressors. An inverter is used to control the speed of the compressor motor, so as to continuously regulate the flow of refrigerant to the evaporator when there is a lower demand for the room cooling system. With a lower mass flow rate of refrigerant of the system, energy consumption of the air conditioning system will significantly reduce without sacrificing the indoor temperature of the room. The DC Inverter units have a variable-frequency drive that comprises an adjustable electrical inverter used to control the speed of the electromotor. The drive converts the incoming AC current to DC and then through a modulation in an electrical inverter produces current of desired frequency. This study deals with the performance evaluation of a 0.75 horsepower inverter window type air-conditioning unit in Xavier University Campus. By supplying the correct amount of DC/AC voltage, the performance of the system remains the same. The data of the experimental rig, through a data logger, were gathered from 1 o’clock in the afternoon to 5 o’clock in the evening. The COP and EER of the solar-powered air conditioning system were calculated based on the result of the data recorded from the experimental rig. The COP of the system is 4.77 & the EER is 16.25 for the whole system during the test period. The average temperature recorded by the data logger in the controlled room is 19.5 oC dry bulb and 14.5 oC wet bulb temperatures, which are more than enough for the minimum requirement in the comfort air conditioning system.

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Kadirova Halima Buvabaevna

This article is written about the factors and the problems which influence national development changes in the society as a result of dynamics, also close link between national self-understading and identity, components of the concept of self-understading, national pride, patriotism, spiritual and moral environment, national traditions, interpretation of identity by national mind are enlightened. The level of the sympathy of the citizens towards their motherland is shown according to the information given by “Ijtomoiy fikr”, the Centre for Investigation of Public Opinions.

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S.Vijayalakshmi, P.Sabarish, S.R.Paveethra, Dr.P.R.Sivaraman, Dr.V.Venkatesh

In this paper, a high power factor electronic ballast for metal halide (MH) lamps based on Rectifier, Boost converter, High frequency inverter and a LC filter is proposed. The boost converter acts as a power factor corrector (PFC) and it is designed to operate in discontinuous conduction mode to attain a high power factor at the input line. A full bridge inverter with bi-directional switch, an inductor, and a capacitor with a high frequency voltage is used to prevent the lamp from resonance. The output power of the lamp is controlled only by adjusting the duty ratio and the circuit operation is designed and its performance shown in MATLAB/SIMULINK.

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Mr. D. Selvakarthi, Dr. D. Sivabalaselvamani, Ms. V. Nivetha, Mr. S. Pratheep, Mr. S. Pravin, Mr. S. R. Thiyaneshwaran

The accidents are becoming a common occurrence on the roads due to negligence. According to recent survey 70 % of the accidents occur due to driver’s carelessness. This proposed method “smart assist system” ensures the human safety. The main reasons for accidents are fire accidents in the vehicle, sudden lane changing, and fall asleep while driving, drunk and drive. The proposed system mainly focuses on the areas of blind spot, drowsiness, and flame and alcohol detection. These problems can be rectified using various sensors with the help of a controller. The indicators are used to alert and ensure the safety of the driver and also the passengers. The signal received from the sensors are fed to the controller and the actions are taken by the controller accordingly. These safety features are added to the vehicles which helps to avoid accidents by alerting the driver, implementing safeguards and take over the control.

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Dr. P. Deivendran, Dr. K. Anbazhagan, P. Sailaja, Dr. E.Sujatha, M. Rajesh Babu, S. Sudhakar

Cloud Computing is a forthcoming, booming technology that provides the right use to the shared pool of resources by the Service Providers. Scalability is a fascinating feature that attracts most of the customers because it meets with all the needs of the small and big companies either by growing or decreasing the necessary resources, which you are not utilizing. The scalability of Web service centered on the change of the output of the Web service, which is distinct resting on several scaling factors and variables. Productivity is calculated based on the bandwidth consumed by an exacting composite service. A generally use metric for scalability in parallel computing speeded up, which is evident as the relative amount of the sequential execution time over the identical execution time.

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S.Biruntha, S.Balaji, S.Dhyakesh, B.R.Karthik Srini, J.Boopala, S.Sudhakar

The Siddha pulse finding is old type of medical diagnosis in the world. According to Siddha, 96 principles are representing 96 physiological functions of the body. These 96 principles have a pattern of the pulse; any abnormality in the pulse pattern represents the presence of a disease or malfunction of the specific physiological function. Knowing the disease or defect, the necessary treatment is provided. Digitalizing Siddha pulse diagnosis can help accurate findings of irregularities in the human body. Pressure Transducers are used here to assess the deformation of the radial artery, which ultimately senses pressure in them; three pressure transducers are used at three different reading spots, namely vadha, pita, and Kapha according to Siddha medicine. The demands read are then transmitted to a Smartphone application through a Bluetooth transmitter connected with an audrino board, the manipulations are done in the application using the already created database, and then the diagnosed reports are provided digitally.

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Nurkhodzha AKBULAEV

The article considers the impact of using taxi order mobile applications on the financial condition and activities of the entire industry. The study conducted a comparative analysis of the activities being carried out by the largest taxi mobile applications: Yandex Taxi and Uber as well as companies providing taxi transportation. The data obtained from the performed analysis formed the basis of some conclusions. In particular, some problems encountered during the activities of taxi companies were identified: a constant price reduction that displace competitors from the market, the reduction of service quality in the companies providing services via the taxi order mobile applications, and the reduction of income in companies using traditional taxi services. The Results showed that the increase in the companies' revenue generated by providing services of mobile taxi applications rising above 1000 million rubles led to a drop in the revenue of taxi companies that use traditional forms of activity. So, the main directions of the market's development connected with the provision of passenger transportation services by means of a car taxi are offered. For this purpose, there is need to integrate modern ways of doing business into the routine activities of the enterprises that are engaged in taxi transportation.

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G.Swathi , G.Rajasekhara Reddy, M.Rajesh, M.Venkataswamy, B.Deva Prasad Raju , N.John Sushma

Curcumin is an active natural polyphenol component of Curcuma longa using in several different fields, such as food, textile, and the pharmaceutical industry because of its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. To overcome the problem of poor bioavailability, low solubility in aqueous media, we have developed the Curcumin loaded Non-toxic inorganic MgO nanoparticles which can dissolve at slightly acidic conditions can be used as drug delivery systems has advantages such as a long lifetime circulation, ability to improve the drug’s aqueous solubility as well the bioavailability, and the capacity to overcome physiological barriers that comprise a very effective and attractive treatment for several diseases. In our present study we have aimed to synthesize Curcumin loaded magnesium oxide nanoparticle as magnesium is main constituent of human body used to load and unload Curcumin molecules by Mg(OH)2 precipitation followed by calcinations technique. Synthesis of Curcumin loaded MgONPs (CuMgONPs) nanoparticles can be primarily confirmed by UV-Visible analysis at 360-380nm and 420-440nm represents the magnesium oxide and the Curcumin. The physicochemical characteristics of CuMgONPs were studied and based on the results of the parameters like particle size, polydispersity index, zeta potential, encapsulation efficiency and drug loading capacity of formulation was 179.2nm, 0.423,-40.8 mV, 83.43 and 17.23 respectively. Fourier transform infrared (FTIR) peaks suggested that magnesium oxide and Curcumin are compatible with each other. X-ray diffraction(XRD) confirmed the reduced crystal formation of Curcumin encapsulated in the metal oxide nanoparticles. SEM analysis has shown the average particle size was found to be in the range of 429-611nm. In vitro release studies of CuMgONPs was observed at different pH conditions (3, 5, 7.4) compared to the Curcumin solution for 5-day period with the maximum release rate of 88% with controlled drug release was observed at acidic pH 3 along with the 82 % of invitro antioxidant activity which is compared with the Ascorbic acid. The studies confirmed that Curcumin loaded MgONPs (CuMgONPs) were prepared using precipitation followed by calcinations technique resulted in promising drug delivery system for control drug release with improved bioavailability with good stability provided by the metal oxide coating.

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S. Vinod Kumar, Dr. V. Anuratha

Certain particular combinations of traits make routing in ad hoc networks exciting. The confined energy capacity of mobile computing devices has introduced energy conservation to the leading edge of concerns for enabling mobile communications. This is a particular difficulty for mobile ad hoc networks where devices are expected to be deployed for lengthy durations of time with restricted ability for recharging batteries. Such expectancies call for the conservation of energy in all components of the cellular device to help enhancements in device lifetime. Mobile Ad hoc Networks encompass mobile nodes with constrained battery energy. The vital trouble for routing in mobile ad hoc network is the way to choose a strong path with longer lifetime on account that mobility and strength drain of a node reasons common course failure. This route failure causes common direction discovery which influences the overall performance of the routing protocol. The direction failure additionally will increase computational overhead of the nodes. Hence, in this paper, we introduce Energy Efficient – Optimized Hierarchical Routing Algorithm (EE-OHRA), to offer higher and extra stable strength based routing route for comparable node’s characteristics in a network environment. The related node discovery set of rules is planned in that network, which is carried out to select the routing node for the precise direction with similar or related nodes with its ability, and characteristics. It is simple to provide predictable packet transmission in a specific direction. The theoretical evaluation and simulation consequences shows that our proposed optimized EE-OHRA reduces general energy consumption, reduces end-to-end put off, increases packet shipping ratio and achieves maximum network lifetime.

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Randy Joy Magno Ventayen, Renato Espinoza Salcedo, Caren Casama Orlanda-Ventayen, Lemuel Magno Ventayen, Timothy Joshua Magno Ventayen

Since the transition of Senior High School in the Philippines, technology also arose and became one of the trends in education. As Education 4.0 enters the academe, teachers should be equipped with competencies relating to blended learning. This study aimed to determine readiness and practices of teachers, specifically this study determine the profile of the teachers, level of readiness of SHS Teachers for Open and Distance Education in terms of self-direction, learning preferences, study habits, technology skills, and computer equipment capabilities. Identify the linear correlations of variables, and lastly develop a proposed Blended Learning Preparedness Framework. The SHS Teachers of the current SY 2018-2019 were the sources of data for this study. Frequency, Percentage, Average weighted mean and linear correlation was used as a statistical treatment. The result of the study shows that the majority of respondents were ready for Open and Distance Education. The proposed Blended Learning Preparedness Framework enables educators in the Senior High School level to improve their skills in Distance Education application and application is recommended.

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Randy Joy Magno Ventayen, Renato Espinoza Salcedo, Caren Casama Orlanda-Ventayen

Students are the clients of institutions and educators. In order for them to equipped with the best knowledge, understanding the new trends in technology is needed. Since the generation of computers arises, student learning not just at the tertiary level but also in the high school level should elevate into the technology-oriented classroom. This study aimed to answer the engagement and readiness of the Senior High School Students by determining the profile of the SHS students, the level of readiness SHS Students for Open and Distance Education, and the linear correlation of variables. A Proposed Online Learning Environment Model was also discussed. The SHS Students of the current SY 2018-2019 were the sources of data for this study. Frequency, Percentage, Average weighted mean and linear correlation was used as a statistical treatment. The result of the study shows that the majority of students were engaged and ready for Open and Distance Education. The proposed Online Learning Environment Model enables students in the Senior High School level to fully utilized distance education.

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Pramod Mathew Jacob, Prasanna Mani

Software plays a pivotal role in this technology era. Due to its increased applicable domains, quality of the software being developed is to be monitored and controlled. Software organization follows many testing methodologies to perform quality management. Testing methodologies can be either manual or automated. Automated testing tools got massive acceptability among software professionals due to its enhanced features and functionalities than that of manual testing. There are hundreds of test automation tools available, among which some perform exceptionally well. Due to the availability of large set of tools, it is a herculean task for the project manager to choose the appropriate automation tool, which is suitable for their project domain. In this paper, we derive a software testing tool selection model which evaluates the performance aspects of a script-based testing tool. Experimental evaluation proves that, it can be used to compare and evaluate various performance characteristics of commercially accepted test automation tools based on user experience as well as system performance.

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Rajasree Hazra , Dr. Chandan Kumar Ghosh

In this study, equilateral pentagon 4 (2x2) elements flexible microstrip patch antenna array, using rubber substrate is designed and simulated to function at 5.2 GHz for the application of uterine tumour detection. A study using different combinations of array elements is also presented. The centre-to-centre patch element distance is kept λ (λ = guided wavelength) for the array to control the mutual coupling. Electromagnetic simulator Ansoft HFSS 13 is used for the simulation. The characteristic analysis such as return loss (RL), radiation pattern of the antenna array have been investigated. 4-elements antenna array has been measured. Uterus phantom model is also designed. This flexible patch antenna is experimented on this uterus phantom model for uterine tumour detection. CST Studio Suite 2019 is used for designing uterus phantom model. The measured results have a good agreement with simulated results. In this investigation, return loss of -20.02 dB and antenna gain of 10.47 dBi have been achieved for the proposed array.

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Petros Abebe Melerasha, Ratinder Kaur

Coffee is produced and exports more than 70 countries and provides economic benefits at each step of the global value chain that links growers to consumers. This study identified the net profit of different actors involved in coffee production, processing and marketing per kilogram and average net benefits. The finding of the study reveals that per one-kilogram green coffee farmers' highly benefited 64.34 % share followed by wholesalers 32.80 % of share and the lowest benefits gained by collectors' share of 2.86 %; whereas in average net benefit gained in the production year coffee is highly profitable at the wholesalers' share of 79.77 % followed by collectors 17.40 % share and lowest in farmers share of 2.83 %. Coffee is highly profitable at wholesalers' level.

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T.Sundararasan, Prof.G.Kalaiyarasan, R.Udhaya Mohan Babu, X.Arockia Anita, Sohel Rana Sarkar

Education, apart from encompassing both teaching and learning, encompasses nice social importance, particularly within the fashionable, advanced industrialized societies. The most important social objective of education is to complete the socialization method which guarantees the symmetrical growth of physical, mental and spiritual aspects of individuals. The utilization of technology in education has increased the quality in our education system. This paper estimates the impact of Priceless Laptop Computer Scheme of Government of Tamil Nadu to the students of government and aided schools and its role in the socio-economic development of undergraduate students. The analysis reveals that the welfare scheme facilitates access to top-quality studies and it causes socio-economic development among vulnerable, deprived youth, principally from a rural background, increasing with the timely access to academic requirement, to higher levels of study, and studies abroad. The welfare scheme’s cooperative approach holds promise for scaling up this and similar efforts to extend establishment participation among youth in Tamilnadu and alternative locations. In recent years, the implementation of innovative schemes from the government has allowed creating an impact on the financial aid of the primary way of education. In this sense, the introduction of technology on education at the state level allowed learners with digital acquisition and their potential skills to use those skills within the geographic point reciprocally for the next level. Finally, the introduction of schemes can even facilitate to cut back the human workforce indirectly. In summary, the social and economic impact of conversion indicates an important contribution to education growth and price improvement. On the opposite hand, job creation effects seem to take issue by trade aspect.

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Tripti Dhote, Pankaj Pathak, Prasanna Kulkarni

Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon (GAFA), global technology players, have transformed the banking business. As of now, GAFA’s storming into financial services is incidental to and an extension of their normal business. With their ability to map, analyze and leverage big data across social media, smart phones, customer purchase information, and expectations of retail banking services, GAFA can provide a high quality personalized customer experience. To cope with these challenges, banks must transform themselves to offer a richer and satisfying customer experience. The digital as well as physical environments need to be integrated. Advanced information and communication technologies such as artificial intelligence can provide better insights into individual customer preferences. But there is a need for quick action. Amazon, Apple, Google, Intuit and PayPal have already joined hands in an association called ‘Financial Innovation Now’, to encourage innovation in financial services. Global encouragement to ‘FinTech’ has paved the way for other digital disruptors. Banks must face these challenges and be proactive. They need to review and revise their business models and develop new revenue streams. This is precisely where advanced technologies can help. This paper asserts that to face such intensely technological competition, the banking industry will have to develop the ability to systematically and strategically leverage customer insights, advanced analytics and digital technologies.

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Martinus Robert Hutauruk, Imam Ghozali, Yacobus Sutarmo

The accountant profession's existence in Indonesia is beneficial for completing development in all fields. There are no activities that do not require reliable and accurate administrative management. The purpose of this study is to examine the effect of financial statement utilization, client behavior, other accountant professions, and moderation of other accountant professions on client behavior and decisions to use KJA services. The study uses a questionnaire medium of KJA that has been sampled and has provided an answer to perception. Quantitative data analysis using SEM PLS with SmartPLS 3.2.8 software. The study results show that financial report utilization, client behavior, other accountant professions, and the moderating effect of other accountant professions have a negative and significant effect on the decision to use the KJA services. There are also shows that the higher these factors, the lower the decision to use KJA services.

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Sathiskumar S, Navean G V, Hari Prakash R, Vishnu Praveen S

As far as automobiles are concerned, safety is very important to reduce the occurrence of accidents in speed restricted zones. It minimizes the loss of property and life. According to the recent surveys, in the past few years, an accident near the school zones, hospital zones and sharp turnings have increased tremendously, because of their hurry to get the targeted place soon. Therefore controlling vehicle speed has been a crucial issue to be considered. This paper aims to give a practical, compact and simple design to develop an automatic vehicle speed control system, which has to be quickly get implemented in school, college, hospital, sharp turning zones to reduce the number of accidents. This automated speed controlling system is built using the microcontroller-based platform of the Arduino Uno board. Here the Arduino is programmed in such a way that, the prescribed speed limit was incorporated in the transmitter unit which transmits the signals, and it was received by the receiver in the vehicle using Zigbee wireless communication technology and the speed of the vehicle was automatically controlled by the input signals by the receiver, with the help of speed encoder sensor. Once this technique was implemented the accidents will be reduced on a larger rate, and also reduce the nuisance by some drivers.

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China Subbarao Chikkam

Paraffinic crude oil flows freely at higher temperature, as temperature reduces it tends to crystallize, or deposit around the down hole tubular, or at the face of producing zones in the well bore regions. It results in complete blockage of crude passage and possesses severe production problems causing huge economic loss. This problem is overcome by using microbes as tertiary oil recovery and this technique termed as Microbial Enhanced Oil Recovery (MEOR). Oil rich in paraffin is degraded with Paraffin Degrading Bacteria (PDB) so as to mitigate deposition of paraffin in well tubing‘s, decreasing the pour point of oil and increase its flow rate. Wells in which production of oil decreases are treated with bacterial culture so as to enhance oil recovery from the field. Laboratory studies in Indian Institute of Reservoir Studies (IRS) at Ahmedabad showed significant reduction in the viscosity and the pour point of the crude oil.

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Alwan Sri Kustono, Imam Mas’ud, Wasilah Agustina

This study aims to determine the feasibility of SMEs of fermented cassava processing by identifying production costs and analyzing the value chain. Production cost have impact on determining the selling price. Analyzing the value chain of SMEs is useful for developing SMEs in Bondowoso and Jember Regency. These activities increase the added value of fermented cassava products and analyze the capacity of resources in developing SMEs. Result this research can provide alternative forms of support the regional government to develop the fermented cassava industry. Research method is a qualitative research conducted to collect and analyze data. The results show that there are non-value added activity. The activity includes the selection of raw materials, banana leaf sorting, and select baskets. If the industry can provide suppliers with criteria and quality standards, these activities can be eliminated.

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Wildah Romaito Napitupulu, Edi Syahputra, Bornok Sinaga

This study aims to: 1) develop learning device through problem-based learning model with adobe flash are valid, practice, and effective; 2) analyze the combinatoric ability students in class XI of MAN 2 Deli Serdang through learning device developed by problem-based learning model with adobe flash. The type of This research is development research using the development model of the Thiagarajan 4-D model. Based on the results of trial I and trial II that have met valid criteria according to experts, were tested in class XI-MIA of MAN 2 Deli Serdang. The results of the analysis of the data obtained indicate that learning device based on PBL-AAF met the criteria of practice from the implementation of the learning device can be said good, effectiveness and can improve combinatoric ability. Based on the results of the study, it was suggested that device developed trial is better than trial I and can make an effort mathematics learning using learning device based PBL-AAF.

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Yansen Siahaan, Elly Susanti, Acai Sudirman

The purpose of this study is to test empirically the effect of Firm Characteristics on Firm value through Triple Bottom Line Disclosure. The objects of this study are Pharmaceutical companies listed in Indonesian Stock Exchange from 2009 to 2017. The level of TBL Disclosure is measured by disclosure index using GRI Guideliness (G3). The data analysis used for this study is Smart PLS V.3.0. Independence Variables used in this study is firm characteristics, Intervening variable used is TBL Disclosure and TOBIN`s Q as dependence variable. The result of this study shows that TBL disclosure is fail to mediate the relation of firm characteristics with Firm value. Suggestion for next research is to add other factors independent variable and the object of study includes all the sectors listed in Indonesian stock exchange.

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Deepti Kesarwani, Jadi Bala Komaraiah

Persistence of gender gap in education is the most prominent characteristics of Indian education system. In higher technical education, this gender disparity has aggravated many times due to several factors. In the present study, we assessed the consent of the students of engineering college for the factors behind the unequal ratio of girls and boys in higher technical education. The results of the study suggests that most of the students including girls agreed with the fact that this gender disparity is mainly due the lack of girl’s security, financial crisis at home, lack of parents support and other backward socio-cultural practices prevalent in the society. It is the society and government who can provide a safe environment and spread awareness about education through policy making and media campaigns in order to make women more empowered by increasing gender equality in technical education.

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G.Sivapriya, Dr.P.Keerthika

A new method has been proposed in the paper for spotting the diseased areas of tomato leaf using deep convolution neural network algorithm. Nowadays plants are being affected by different kinds of diseases which results in reduced crop yield. It is possible to prevent the diseases by locating it in starting stages. In the proposed method deep layered convolution neural network architecture is used for automatic detection of diseased spots. Max pooling layers are used in this architecture which gives the better results and for reducing the over fitting different drop out mechanisms are added. The proposed deep CNN architecture is tested with many images and the accuracy in classification is achieved with 96.2 %. The architecture is trained with various dropouts and batch size in each iteration. The accuracy achieved through this method is higher than the traditional algorithms like AlexNet, VGG16 and Inception-v4 of identifying the images.

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C Thangam, P Tamilselvi

A method for weighted pseudo-random test generation based on a deterministic test set is described. The main advantages of the method described over existing methods are: (1) only three easily generated weights-0, 0.5 and 1-are used, (2) a minimum number of shift register cells is used, thus leading to minimal hardware for Built-In-Test applications, and (3) the weights are selected to allow the same coverage of target faults attained by the deterministic test set, to be attained by weighted random patterns. The method is suitable for both combinational and sequential circuits. Experimental results are provided for ISCAS-85 benchmark circuits. Since accumulators are commonly found in current VLSI chips, this scheme can be efficiently utilized to drive down the hardware of BIST pattern generation, as well. Comparisons with previously presented schemes indicate that the proposed scheme compares favorably with respect to the required hardware.

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Saravanan N, Sanjay S, Sreenithiyanandan R S, Vimal Raj T

The purpose of this project is to clean the floor in colleges, hospitals, auditoriums, malls and workshops. It is to design and develop floors for cleaning wet and dry surfaces. It is useful for cleaning wet as well as dry floors. In modern days interior cleaning is becoming important in our life, floor cleaning is important for our health and this floor cleaning machine reduces the effort required for cleaning. So this project is very useful in our day to day life. It is simple to manufacture and easy to operate, anyone can operate this machine easily. This floor cleaning machine consists of conveyor belt, swiping brush, wipers. The total cost of this machine is also affordable. Machines already available in the market are operating under different principles and the cost is very high. In recent years, floor cleaning machines are becoming more popular for cleaning large floor area in minimum time. However in India, which is a developing country, a large number of such machines are needed to meet the cleaning needs

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K. Gowthami, R. Jaya Madhuri

The aim of the present study was to identify the potent microbial strains with anti-fibrinolytic activity from marine sediment. Marine sediments were collected from Pulicat Lake in southern India and were processed to isolate various kinds of microorganisms. The isolated microbes were screening for their fibrinolytic activity. Further, the effect of the crude enzyme extract of potent bacterial strain on RBC, animal tissue and a blood clot was also scrutinized. Out of 20 isolated microorganisms, only one bacterial strain (GPJ3) has shown potential fibrinolytic activity. The cultural, morphological, and biochemical characters and 16S rRNA sequencing suggest that the isolated strain is Bacillus sp. From the results, it can be concluded that the marine bacterial strain, GPJ3 could act as an anti-fibrinolytic agent..

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Sitti Hajiyanti Makatita, Syafa Lisaholit, Azwan

High levels of cholesterol in the blood is a serious problem because it is one of the risk factors for various non-communicable diseases such as heart disease, stroke and diabetes mellitus. The results of Riskesdas in 2013 the proportion of Indonesian population with higher than normal cholesterol levels is higher in women at 39.6% compared to men at 30%. Some of the factors that influence total cholesterol levels are high-fiber diets, high-fat diets, smoking habits, gender, obesity and physical activity. Bamboo shoots are shoots (young stems) of bamboo plants. The high antioxidant, potassium and srat content in bamboo shoots can help reduce levels of bad cholesterol in the body without reducing the amount of good cholesterol. This study aims to look at the effect of bamboo shoot consumption on reducing blood cholesterol levels. The method used is a quasi experiment. Large samples of 30 people who have cholesterol levels more than the normal range (high). Blood samples are taken at night 10-15 minutes before consuming bamboo shoots and 9-10 hours of fasting after consuming bamboo shoots. Data were then analyzed using paired t tests. The results showed that blood cholesterol levels before shoot consumption showed the mean value ± standard deviation: 248.11 ± 24.42. Meanwhile, after consumption, bamboo shoots decreased with mean ± standard deviation: 214.87 ± 35.47. Statistical test results with paired sample t test showed that the value of p = 0.000 (p <0.05) which means that there are significant changes in blood cholesterol levels before bamboo shoot consumption and after bamboo shoot consumption. From the results it can be concluded that there is an effect of bamboo shoot consumption on blood cholesterol levels.

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L Jalaja & Dr. R. Prakash Babu

E-tailing also referred to as Electronic retailing, pertains to the selling of goods on the Internet. It is both on business to business (B2B) and business to customers (B2C) basis. E-tailing is a subset of e-commerce refers to transactions that are conducted over an electronic network, where the buyer and the merchants are not at the same physical location. E-tailers account for a majority of online sales in several categories such as books, music and video, foods &beverages, home appliances etc. E-tailing industry is also growing tremendously due to the rapid growth in the broadband connections and smartphones in many developing economies. With the growth in the trend in e-commerce (e-tail) there arises few challenges which if addressed with an appropriate strategy can get the industry booming. This study covers the present scenarios of e-tailing opportunities and challenges and the future trends etc., this study is based on secondary data and references.

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A. Haja Sharieff, S. Sabena, V.Sathiyavathi, L. SaiRamesh

An intelligent framework for Joint Data Hiding and Compression on image has been proposed in this paper. The proposed framework is the combination of the schemes such as data hiding, compression and image in-painting. In this intelligent framework, we have used an existing technique called Side Match Vector Quantization (SMVQ) and the proposed Intelligent Fast Local Image In-painting(IFLII) techniques to overcome the drawbacks in the existing system. In addition, we have used the multi agents for data hiding, compression and in-painting process in this proposed intelligent framework. In implementation, a cover image is taken first and is divided into blocks of n x n matrices. The topmost and the leftmost blocks are compressed using Vector Quantization (VQ). Other remaining blocks are called residual blocks and are embedded with the secret data. Simultaneously Side Match Vector Quantization (SMVQ) and prediction are applied to this current block and neighboring pixels. If prediction error exists then VQ technique is applied again, else SMVQ technique is applied to that block. Embedding is adjusted by incorporating the fast local Image In-painting. Finally, the image decompression process takes place and then the embedded secret bits are extracted. The experimental results show the efficiency of the proposed intelligent frameworks. The proposed framework achieves better performance in the way of capability of data hiding, compression ratio and quality of decompression.

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J. Samuel, P.S. Joanna

The experimental investigation and numerical simulation of the behaviour of built-up Cold-Formed Steel (CFS) I beams with diagonal reinforcing bars welded to the web in order to restrain web buckling is presented in this paper. Experiments were conducted on three types of CFS beams. In the first case, no diagonal bars were present, in the second case diagonal bars were welded to the web in the shear zones and in the third case diagonal bars were provided in the shear zones and flexure zone. The simply supported beams were subjected to two-point loading. Load carrying capacity, deflection, strain and failure parameters like lateral torsional buckling and local buckling were examined. It is found that the beam with diagonal bars in the shear zone and flexural zone had greater load carrying capacity and underwent lesser strain than the other two cases. Also, numerical analysis using ANSYS WORKBENCH was done to find the flexural behaviour of CFS beams with diagonal web reinforcing bars which concurred with the test results. The study also proves that Finite Element (FE) modeling can be relied upon as a sustainable alternative to expensive experimental testing

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Amit Kore, Dr. Manoj Ranjan Mishra

Wireless Sensor Network and IoT are in great demand from the recent years, as nowadays we have seen a wide growth of wireless devices including cellular phones, laptops, mobiles, PDA’s etc. Wireless Sensor Networks consists of thousands of tiny sensor nodes. In a wireless sensor network a node is no longer useful when its battery dies, so to avoid this problem many protocols were introduced but most of the rank is given to hierarchical routing protocols. Increasingly, organizations in a variety of industries are using IoT to operate more efficiently, better understand customers to deliver enhanced customer service, improve decision-making and increase the value of the business. A thing in the internet of things can be a person with a heart monitor implant, a farm animal with a biochip transponder, an automobile that has built-in sensors to alert the driver when tire pressure is low or any other natural or man-made object that can be assigned an IP address and is able to transfer data over a network. WSN and IoT need the security mechanism which efficiently works with high security methods which provide the proper authorization of nodes in the network to avoid malicious activities and provide the better performance of the ad-hoc network. To provide the better security and energy efficiency this paper presents a joint survey on security mechanism to use energy efficiently and security features of IoT.

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R.Sridevi, Dr. P.Chandrasekhar

An Efficient geometry with active shielding for Coupled RLC interconnects driven by a CMOS gate for crosstalk reduction has been presented in this paper. Two RLC interconnects have been used as shields on both sides of the victim line while maintaining minimum area and power requirements. Shielded interconnect lines are modeled using FDTD technique and the model proposed is validated using HSPICE simulations for 32nm technology. From the transient responses for different switching cases on the proposed geometry, it can be observed that the outcomes using HSPICE and FDTD modeling differ by very small value of less than 5%. The results indicate that crosstalk effects like crosstalk noise, noise peak and power dissipation are reduced considerably using shields between interconnects by 66.6%, 20%, 32%, 40% when compared with unshielded interconnect lines.

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Sadriddin Sayfiddinov, Ulugbek Akhmadiyorov

This article proposes modern ways to improve energy efficiency in the renovation of apartment buildings in the Republic of Uzbekistan. The concept of a passive house is proposed. The basic idea is that the total energy requirement is covered by solar energy or the recovery of heat generated by household appliances and people. In these houses it will be possible to widely use modern building materials and structures, as well as the latest engineering equipment.

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Fatwa Tentama, Subardjo, Lharasati Dewi

Work motivation is one important factors of job satisfaction. This research aims to determine the correlation between work motivation and job satisfaction of the academic staffs. The research subjects consisted of 40 academic staffs who have already worked for at least 1 year in University X Yogyakarta. Those subjects were chosen by simple random sampling technique. In addition, work motivation and job satisfaction scales were used to collect the data. Pearson’s product moment analyzed the data of this research. The results show that the coefficient between work motivation and job satisfaction is 0.689 with a significance level of 0.000 (p<0.05). It can be inferred that there is a very significant positive relationship between work motivation and job satisfaction of the academic staffs in University X Yogyakarta. In other words, the higher the work motivation, the higher the job satisfaction of the academic staffs.

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Fatwa Tentama

Employee job satisfaction is an important factor that must be considered every organization. This study aims to determine job satisfaction at lecturers at University of "X", test the validity and reliability of construct job satisfaction scale, to know the contribution of aspects and indicators in reflecting job satisfaction, and test the theoretical model of job satisfaction fit with empirical data. The population of this study amounted to 402 lecturers with characteristic status as a permanent lecturer, has worked at least 1 year and male and female sex. The sample size is 202 subjects. Subjects consisted of 119 (58.9%) women and 83 (41.1%) men. Sampling technique using probability sampling is by simple random sampling. Methods of data collection using job satisfaction scale. Data analysis using Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) with 2nd Order CFA through Lisrel program 8.80. The result of the analysis shows that the lecturer at University of "X" has job satisfaction in high enough category. Job satisfaction is reflected by the aspect of the job itself, salary, promotion, supervision, and colleagues are valid, significant and reliable to measure job satisfaction. The most dominant aspect that reflects job satisfaction is the aspect of promotion, with indicators are justice gained to get promotions and opportunities to get promotions. The lowest aspect that reflects job satisfaction is the job itself that is the perception of its work and the individual's feelings toward the job. The theoretical model of job satisfaction variables is fit with empirical data. The main fit model criteria used in testing the suitability of this model are Chi Square p, RMSEA, NFI, NNFI, CFI, IFI, GFI, AGFI.

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Gafurova Nodira Mirhosilovna

This article was written with the aim of developing a system for managing the activities of academic lyceums based on information and communication technologies. The following tasks are solved in the article as: determination of the content and organizational structure of the electronic system aimed at the formation of an integrated educational information environment; determination of the composition and content of the electronic educational information environment; the organization of educational activities of academic lyceums and the development of control software; improvement of the modernized electronic didactic support for informatization of the educational process. Also, the article substantiates the relevance and necessity of the topic of the dissertation, sets out a foreign research review, defines goals, objectives, object, subject of research, shows the correspondence of the work to important areas of development of science and technology, and also provides information on scientific novelty, reliability of results, theoretical and practical significance, implementation of the results in practice, structure and publicity of the work, including those related to the development of methods for using the resources of a single information and education There is no clear-cut space aimed at creating a unified information and educational environment of the academic lyceum, improving the quality of education based on the generalization and development of leading experiences in this field, despite certain results achieved in the implementation of information and communication technologies in the educational processes of educational institutions. institutions. Pilot work was carried out, the training method was developed on the basis of the problem, didactic foundations were determined and conclusions were drawn.

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Haesoo Kim, Younghee Kim, Kyunghwa Sung, Eunju Kim, Kisok Kim

Heavy metals released from various sources in urban environments are a public concern. In this study, heavy metal concentrations were measured in ambient air in Daegu, South Korea from 2016 to 2018. To explore the possible influences of temporal factors on the heavy metal distributions, we used data on the concentrations of airborne metals provided by the Daegu Metropolitan Institute of Health & the Environment. The airborne concentrations of lead, cadmium, and arsenic tended to decrease over the study period. Lead and cadmium showed systematic seasonal variations in their airborne concentrations. The airborne concentration of arsenic tended to increase significantly in spring and fall compared with summer, whereas those of chromium and manganese did not show significant seasonal fluctuations over the study period. Our findings suggest that the airborne concentrations of some metals are strongly influenced by temporal factors.

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Niswatin, Wasino, Suyahmo, Thriwaty Arsal

The offerings of the larung offerings are a sea salvation ceremony aimed at seeking blessings and safety for fishermen when they are at sea looking for sea products to meet their daily needs. Many young people do not understand the value and meaning of ritual offerings that are held every year. This study aims to analyze the importance of value education for the people of Bluru Village, Sidoarjo District, Sidoarjo Regency, especially young people. The research method uses information related to the tradition of the larung offering ritual. This study uses a qualitative method using a case study approach, research subjects are 25 young people aged 18-25 years with different family life backgrounds. Data collection techniques using direct observation, participant interviews. Appoint several informants as sources of information in away purposive. The results showed that the tradition of offering the larvae carried out by the coastal communities of Bluru Village provided value education including: religious values, tolerance, social attitudes, local wisdom, preservation, and economy.

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Ankur Goyal, Dr. Vivek Kumar Sharma

Multicasting in mobile ad hoc networks (MANETs) is a technique to transfer data to the group of destinations from single or group of source nodes. However, the devices in the MANETs move randomly in the network leading to frequent topology changes. The link breakages occurring due to constant changing topology reduce the performance of the network. This paper presents a multicasting routing protocol that focuses on repairing the local links in an energy efficient way. The proposed Modified Local Link Repair (MLLR) multicasting routing protocol rebuilds the link from the uplink node to the node next to the downlink node. The performance of the procedure has been compared based on routing overhead, throughput, packet delivery ratio and remaining energy of the network. It shows improvement in Energy consumption and throughput with the existing algorithm. Proposed algorithm is showing to reduce 34.78% average End to End Delay and decreasing 83.52% routing overhead with comparison to existing algorithm The proposed protocol has shown improvement over the existing EOD-LLR multicasting routing protocol.

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Hajar, Syamsu Alam, Mursalim Nohong

The effect of ownership structure on financial decisions of the manufacturing sector on the Indonesia Stock Exchange. This reseach aims to determine the effect of ownership structure on financial decisions on manufacturing companies listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange. A sample of 11 manufacturing companies were listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange during the 2014-2018 period. The research method uses structural equation modeling with the help of AMOS 21.0 software. The results showed that: (1) institutional ownership has a negative and not significant effect on investment decisions, and (2) The ownership structure has a positive and not significant effect on funding decisions.

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Priyadharshini K S, Nandhini S S, Gunasekaran M

Energy efficiency and adaptation to non-critical failure are the two major issues that must be considered for the organization of any Wireless Sensor Network (WSN). Multi-path routing is an effective result to overcome the internal failure of WSNs. In this paper, we propose a method for evaluating the energy of each node involved in WSNs multi-path routing. In the proposed method, directing timetable is set up at the Base Station (BS) which shares it with every one of the hubs in the whole system. The proposed method has an effective result which is determined with different parameters, for instance, separation amongst sender and receiver hubs, separation between next hop hub to the BS and furthermore on the quantity of jumps to send information from next hop hub to the BS. The proposed method is implemented using NS2 simulator and assessed through different execution measurements.

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Dr.B.Balakumar. Dr. P. RAVIRAJ

The recognition of a mind cancer and its grouping from present day image modalities is an essential worry, yet a tedious and dreary work was achieved by radiologists or medical bosses. The precision of identification and tumor stages grouping done by radiologists is relied upon their knowledge just, so the PC supported innovation is imperative to help with the conclusion exactness. In this research, a tumor portion is segmented from the brain image by using Adjusted Kernel-Based Fuzzy C-Means (MKFCM) algorithm. The input images are resized like 256×256 in the pre - processing stage. The pre-processed MRI image segmented by MKFCM, which is a stretchy top ML system to locate the object in a difficult pattern. Next, Hybrid Feature Extraction (HFE) performed on the segmented image to increase the feature subsets. The feature selection (FS) process was performed by Kernel Nearest Neighbour (KNN) based Genetic Algorithm (GA) in order to acquire the best feature values. The best feature values given to the Naive Bayes (NB) classifier as an input, which is classified into Meningioma, Glioma and Pituitary regions in the MRI images. The performance of proposed KNN-GA-FS-NB method is validated by T1-WCEMRI dataset.

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Dr. P. Revathi, Dr. N. Karpagavalli, Dr. K. Juliet Catherine Angel

A versatile specially appointed system (MANET) is an assortment of portable hubs that are constantly self-structuring and work on establishment less system. An instrument for broadcasting is flooding where a solicitation is retransmitted by a hub in any event once, yet it is incapable regarding transmission capacity and vitality. Vitality the executives assumes a significant job in arrange. The effective course is set up utilizing Dynamic source directing (DSR) Routing Protocol. The Binary Social Spider Optimization (BSSO) algorithm is used for clustering of sensor nodes and maintaining load balancing in an efficient way. Efficient black hole detection using Malicious Node Detection Mechanism-TX/RX (MNS-TX/RX) with optimized routing algorithm is implemented in a secure environment by using Advanced Hybrid Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) cryptanalysis and Elliptic Curve Cryptosystems (ECC). Thus “DSR-BSSO-MANETs” algorithm has precisely detected the black hole node and finds the proper solution for transmitting data for maintaining lifetime and Load- balancing by analyzing performance such as Through-put, routing overhead, packet delivery ratio (PDR), drop, delay and energy consumption in a secure environment.

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K.A.Ibrahim Sheriff, V.Hariharan, B.Mathan Kumar

Identifying the defects in the bearings is very much essential for condition monitoring. In this paper, various bearing condition monitoring Techniques were reviewed briefly. Specifically, the reviewed bearing condition monitoring methods include acoustic emission, surface roughness, and vibration monitoring

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Dr. Aruna Dhamija

The religious sector has been such that it has attracted a lot of visitors to the places of interest such as shrines and dwelling places of deities in a large number since times immemorial. With time, the same has been shaped in a manner that it has evolved to the concept of spiritual tourism wherein the visiting religious believers are treated on the lines of tourists owing to the notion that they are looking for ways in which their religious visit could be touted on the lines of a holiday along with fulfilling the religious purpose for which it is being undertaken. The present paper proposes various concepts in this regard and highlights how the sector has evolved with the coming together of locals and tourists along with tour operators to provide memorable religious visits with an overview of a tour where the religious tourists is provided with all the amenities which they could avail giving them a feel of comfort and luxury in the place of hardship in terms of visiting such destinations which were quite difficult to reach. The paper also explore the ill-effects arising out of spiritual tourism and how the same could be kept in check.

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Baiduri, Agung Deddiliawan Ismail, Riny Sulfiyah

This study aims to analyze the concept understanding of junior high school students in the visualization phase in geometry learning using van Hiele's models assisted by manipulative media of the rotary wheel. The research design used experimental teaching with descriptive type and there are 26 students of VII grade of Junior High School 4 as research subjects. Data were collected by observation, VHGT, tests and analyzed descriptively. The results showed that student's understanding of concepts in quadrilateral and triangle materials were good. At each stage of the van Hiele learning model, students can understand various indicators of understanding concepts. Furthermore, learning the geometry of van Hiele's model assisted by the manipulative media of the rotary wheel improves student thinking from the visualization phase to the analysis phase.

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Herman Yuliansyah, Desita Putri Niranda, Ika Arfiani

High school selection is a process to choose the best schools that appropriate for prospective students based on their competence and skills. Most prospective students cannot determine the appropriate school selection because students need guidance and consult with their Guidance and Counseling teacher to get advice. Later, most researchers focus on the implementation of data mining to analyze the student data of high education, namely university or polytechnic, so this research conduct to find for previous data patterns. The main objective of this research is to propose a recommender system to select the appropriate schools based on the apriori method in data mining. The recommender system considers previous knowledge from the dataset and extracts the dataset to be training data, then using the apriori method to determine the schools’ selection. The recommender system is implemented in a web-based system. The web-based system evaluates using the system usability scale to get the user response based on user experiences and user-friendliness.

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Ali Mustafa Al-Qudah, Omar Khlaif Gharaibeh

The current study aims to investigate the impact of the fiscal deficit (FISD), current account deficit (CACD), and value traded (VTD) on the performance of the Amman Stock Exchange (ASE) as measured by the General Price Index (SPI) during the period1978-20018. The study used a co-integration test, (VAR), (VECM) and (FMOLS) and (VDC). The output of cointegration test, VECM, FMOLS and VDC indicate that (FISD), (CACD) and (VTD) have a long relationship with the (SPI). The results also indicate that (FISD) and (CACD) have a long run negative and significant impact on Amman stock exchange performance (SPI). While Value traded has a significant and positive long run impact on Amman stock exchange performance (SPI). The results also, indicated that (FISD) is the most effective variable in the long run with coefficient (-6.476723) and significant level 1%. In the short run VECM results shows that fiscal deficit has a significant and positive impact on (ASE) performance, while value traded has a significant and negative impact and current account deficit has an ambiguous effect.

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Kanika Singhal, Abhineet Anand

The race of online business is increasing day by day. No one wants to sit ideal at home, people just wants to do something to earn money. Online entrepreneur is one such thing. Starting YouTube channel can be one such destination. Once a YouTube channel is created and it meets the prescribed guidelines decided by YouTube, the channel is reviewed and if it meets the programs and policies of YouTube, the monetisation is enabled for the channel. After the monetisation on the channel is enabled, it can be linked to AdSense account and the revenue can be generated. This paper provides review of various data mining techniques used in the monetisation of YouTube content. In this analysis, we also describe some methods to improve the performance of monetisation by using data mining techniques

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Rima Oktavia Kusuma# Uun Yanuhar* and Joni Johanda Putra*

P56 protein is a protein molecule that has immune activity, which inhibits the initiation of the translation of viral genetic material. The administration of Peridinin Chlorophyl Protein (PCP) is thought to be able to initiate the release of the P56 molecule, detection of protein 56 expression can be carried out using immunohistochemical techniques, namely painting by involving labeled antibodies. This study looked qualitatively at P56 expression in the brain tissue and eyes of grouper rats that had been given Peridinin Chlorophyl Protein (PCP) and infected with Viral Neveous Necrosis (VNN). Based on the results of painting anti-P56 antibodies, it can be seen that P56 is expressed in tissue of fish organs that have been given PCP, as well as in fish exposed to VNN

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Experimental Investigation Of Different Color Pigments On Concrete

In recent time, colored concrete with different pigments are used in the construction of new buildings or restoration of prevailing buildings and quadrangles. These colored pigment concrete has properties namely high strength, good durability and weather resistance similar to that of traditional concrete. Color pigments signify a fractional weight replacement of the binder. In this research, influence of color pigments and its characterization on concrete properties is given in a brief manner with experimental outcomes. The experimentation work focuses mainly on determining the physical and mechanical properties of composite concrete (with color pigments) and compare them with reference samples (without color pigments)

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Mekila Mbayam Olivier, Sam Kassegne, Mutuku Muvengei

The still increasing high-level emissions of CO2 around the world is underlining the importance of wider adoption of renewable energy. With the advancement of new technology and development of organic solar cell, the price of photovoltaic is going down and encouraging large implementation of photovoltaic system. Due to the implementation of solar panels in locations that are often remote, it is very difficult to monitor physically. The traditional method of monitoring solar panels using PLC or SCADA systems is not cost effective. Therefore, with the development of advanced technology, we developed a data acquisition system using Internet of Things (IoT) technology. It is a new cost effective technology used to monitor organic solar cell using open source tools such as Integrated development environment and Thinkspeak. Thinkspeak is an IoT platform incorporated in Matlab that provides an environment to monitor solar panels parameters. This paper proposes a system for real-time data acquisition and remote monitoring of organic solar cells (OSC) incorporated in buildings facades for stability analysis. The system consists of embedded systems and sensors to monitor organic solar cells parameters such as current and voltage and weather conditions such as humidity, temperature and irradiation. The result of the proposed system has shown an efficient method for monitoring solar panels with an ability to display and store data in cloud. Also, during four months of observation the result has shown some preliminary delamination in the organic solar cell with a decrease in output power.

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Tareq Hammad ALmubaydeen

The study is based on the concept of Income smoothing (IS) and evaluatesits influence on tax profitability. Its relevance basically lie