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IJSTR Volume 7 - Issue 2, February 2018 Edition - ISSN 2277-8616

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Rahmad Setia Budi, Irfan Suliansyah, Yusniwati, Sobrizal

This Paddy (Oryza sativa L.) or rice as the main staple food, is very important food crop for the people of Indonesia. Germplasm or genetic resources (GR) is very important biodiversity and the basic capital needed in development agricultural industry including new varieties inventionin order to increase productionto support food security and sustainable agriculture. One type among upland rices in North Sumatra that widely planted by the farmersare the upland red rices. In order to conserve the extinction of these GR and to empower their cultivars, it is necessary to takeaction in more dynamic way of conservation such as in situ conservation (onfarm conservation) and ex situ conservation. The purpose of this study was to obtain information and data; agronomic, morphological, and production characteristics such as: plant height, harvest age, production per ha, weight of 1000 grains, shape, size, and color of unhulled grain and the hulled one (rice). The research was initiated with exploration activities in several districts in North Sumatra from January 2015 to April 2016 which included literature study, interviews and direct visit to farmer fields. Collection and storage for consolidation and characterization of upland red rice was conducted at Experimental Field and Screen House of Faculty of Agriculture UISU Medan. Results obtained; (1) Acquired 12 uplandred rice cultivars and most cultivars were found in areas of medium to high altitude, with flat topography, plateau tohilly;(2). All upland red rice cultivars showed good diversity in terms of agronomy, harvest age and production (2). Grain (lemma/palea) and seed (caryopsis) obtained were found to be variated in the shape, size, and color.

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This study aims to determine the development and balance of zakat funds In Pekanbaru City. By knowing the development and balance of zakat funds, it is expected that distribution will be more efficient, effective and benefit based. The method used in this study is a quantitative approach with descriptive statistical analysis techniques. Analysis of the development of zakat funds receipts and distribution is done by calculating the annual growth, both for the receipt of zakat funds as well as for distribution. In addition to calculating the average growth per year Gzt = ((Pzt) - (Pzt-1)) / ((Pzt-1)) x 100%, also calculated the average growth in one observation period Pzt = Pzo (1+ Gz) ^ t. Furthermore, the analysis of the distribution of zakat funds from social and economic aspects. efficient, effective and benefit-based zakat funding is achieved when the portion of zakat fund disbursement for social aspect is equal to the portion of distribution and zakat for the economic aspect that is equal to 50 percent. Or with another understanding occurs Al-Wasatiyyah (Equilibrium = Balance) between Social Aspects and Economic Aspects. There are three categories of zakat fund disbursement goal achievement (a) Optimal: PAS = PAE (b) Less Optimal: PAS PAE. Empirically it is known that: (1) the development of zakat revenue in Pekanbaru significant in the last five years reached an average of 150.03 percent, and also the development of significant zakat funds disbursement in the last five years reached 156.37 percent. (2) Distribution of Zakat Fund from Social Aspect biggest portion is in Pekanbaru Cerdas Program reach 77,80 percent with amount of mustahik 2,977 people, while the rest equal to 22,20 percent distributed for Pekanbaru Taqwa Program and Pekanbaru Healthy Program respectively 19,73 percent and 2.47 percent with a mustahic number of 287 people and 41 people. This means that the average amount of zakat funds per mustahik for each program is Rp 1,042,161,93 for Pekanbaru Cerdas Program, Rp 2,741,045,30 for Pekanbaru Care Program, and Rp 2,408,512,20 for Pekanbaru healthy Program. (3) The distribution of zakat funds for social and economic aspects is 73.83 percent and 26.17 percent respectively, means that more than one-quarter of the zakat fund distribution for the economic aspect means the objective of efficient, effective and based zalcat fund disbursement benefits in Pekanbaru City has not been achieved optimally. This result is due to the portion of zakat fund disbursement for social aspect exceeds portion of zakat fund distribution for economic aspect ie PAS (61,75)> PAE (38,25) so multiplier effect to income increase has not reached optimum.The absence of an optimal increase in revenue does not mean there is no increase in income. Increase in revenues still occur, the next phase increases the welfare of the community. The multiplier effect of zakat will continue to improve along with the improvement of Religiusity, which is a blend of Science and Moral Rules based on Al-Quran and As-Sunnah. The results of this study show that zakat funds can be used as a basis for establishing policies in improving the welfare of Pekanbaru city residents who are mostly Moslems, where zakat is very responsive to the interests of the general public, and especially the poor.

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Ratna Sari Dewi

Total Quality Management (TQM) Higher education needs to be applied to the education system is that the people working collectively, not individually. WithTQMwill forcethe bettergood man, andlesswellwere forcedto be good. In addition, the quality of education will be obtained TQM appropriate targets or goals set by the consistent quality of graduates. This study aimed to assess the effect Quality management Total Education (TQME ) on Knowledge Management ( KM ) and the performance status Prodi College State University. Studies conducted at the State University at Makaassar three , namely , Hasanuddin University , Makassar State University ( UNM ) and Alauddin State Islamic University of Makassar . Prodi entire population is that of the three state universities in Makassar as well as samples . Respondents were faculty representing each department of the state university of the third . The analysis technique used is the Generalized Structured Component Analysis ( GSCA ) by using software GesCa. The results showed that the total management Education Quality significant direct effect on Knowledge management , Knowledge management while direct and significant impact on performance Prodi . Interesting result of this study is that the effect of total quality management is not a significant effect on performance Prodi . The Role of Knowledge Management mediate perfect (complete mediation ) Total Quality management influences on performance Prodi . This suggests that total quality management is not direct determinants Prodi performance , but its existence is important to the increased input of knowledge management in an effort to improve performance.

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M. 0. Iyoko, G. T. Okedayo, L. N. Ikpakyegh, J. O. Ode

In this paper we investigated the effect of a magnetic force on the flow of a third grade fluid through a pipe. The existing model equations were extended to incorporate a magnetic effect term in the momentum equation and a joule heating term in the energy equation. The dimensional analysis of the momentum and energy equations was carried out and the Adomian decomposition method was used to find a three point series solution to the velocity and temperature of the fluid, for the Vogel’s model viscosity. Graphs for the velocity and temperature profiles for various values of the thermo-physical parameters were presented. When the magnetic effect parameter and the joule heating parameter are set to be zero, the result was compared with the regular perturbation method result of a previous work in order to validate the use of the Adomian decomposition method.

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Muhlis Hafel

This research is motivated by the response of Ternate Municipal Government to the existence of motorcycle taxi (Ojek) as a two-wheeled vehicle used as a public transportation tool that is contradictory to Law No. 22 of 2009 on Traffic and Road Transport in Ternate City. The purpose of this study is to determine the form of government response about the existence of Ojek as a means of public transportation in the Ternate city. To analyze the problems in this research, the theory used is the theory of policy formulation and checks and balances related to the regulation of Ojek as public transportation that is contrary to Law no. 22 of 2009 on Road Traffic and Transportation. This research used qualitative method with case study about Ojek existence between regulation or not regulated. Result of research shows that historically existence of Ojek in Ternate City is closely related to horizal conflict condition that happened in North Maluku in September 1999 with 25 of Ojek. The existence of Ojek at that time has a reason because of the scarcity of public transportation and as a buffer of life to refugees Ternate city. Because the number is increasing so that it is used the authority of attribution then the Ojek is regulated by Mayor, Samsir Andili by Decree No. 03 of 2001 and then Decree No. 07 of 2003. After Mayor Burhan Abdurahman, until this second period Ojek no longer have operational license because it is considered contrary to regulations above. Ojek as illegal public transport can be problematic in the future, especially the seizure of resources that will give rise to conflict, let alone mockers have no identity that is very vulnerable to traffic order and even crime. The solution offered with two approaches is orderliness approach and empowerment aproach.

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Sri Malahayati Yusuf, Kukuh Murtilaksono, Yayat Hidayat, Yuli Suharnoto

Application of GeoWEPP model in Indonesia has been facing a challenge in preparing the input data of both soil and plant management factors. Therefore, this research aims at detailing data of soil so that the model can represent well the spatial pattern of soil erosion. The research was carried out in Cikapundung watershed, West Java, Indonesia using GeoWEPP model for both watershed and flowpath methods. Soil erosion and sediment yield was analyzed based on three scenarios namely existing land cover year 2014 (scenario 1), 2030 predicted land cover (scenario 2), and allocation of land cover based on West Java’s 2009-2030 regional planning (scenario 3). The result showed total runoff was amounted 410 mm of 2,093 mm yearly precipitation under existing condition. Hillslope erosion and sediment yield were approximately 359 tons/ha/year and 413 tons/ha/year, respectively. Regional planning scenario was able to reduce the amount of total runoff, hillslope soil erosion, and sediment yield of 3, 94, and 95%, respectively. Sediment yield was increased under 2030 predicted land cover scenario by 1.27%. The allocation of land cover based on 2009-2030 regional planning was the best scenario in reducing the soil erosion and sediment yield in Cikapundung watershed.

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Serge Henri KONDA, Raymond Gentil ELENGA

The expression of the force acting on a sphere in unsteady motion is known nowadays, for Reynolds numbers ranging from 0.1 to 300. For large Reynolds numbers it is assumed that this force is equivalent to stationary drag. This work is about to the experimental determination of the usually neglected forces. This study is performed on golf balls, in the range of Reynolds between 50000 and 250000. For this, accelerated and decelerated flows are made in a wind tunnel with a variable force measuring device. The experimental results confirm the hypotheses that the inertia forces due to the displacement of the mass of the fluid and the forces due to the history of the movement are negligible in supercritical regime; which is not the case in critical regime. Furthermore non-dimensional parameters of this force have been determined.

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Gebrekiros Gebreyesus Gebremariam

A soliton is a special form of light pulses that can be transmitted over long distances through fiber which maintains its shape. This work investigates the performance analysis of soliton transmission in dispersion managed DWDM optical fiber with base line of 32.68 mW power, 15 Gbps and 27.46 Km fiber length. The results show an improvement in Q-factor value for the system with soliton parameters compared to the system without soliton parameters. Also, the eye diagram obtained is best for the system with soliton parameters.

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Arifin, Andi Adriani Wahditiya, Nirawati, Muhammad Arsyad Biba

In resulting farming product will be good if the production factors that are used efficiently means that the resulting output unit is greater than the input unit used. Efforts to enhance the production of food crops through production efficiency became one of the right choices. With efficiency, farmers can use production input in accordance with the provisions to obtain optimal production. The objective of this research is to analyze rice production and income on rainfed lowland, and to analyze the technical efficiency and allocation efficiency of rice farming on rainfed lowland. This study uses primary and secondary data. The population of this study are farmers who carry out rice farming in rainfed lowland. In the determination of respondents done by simple random sampling method. Data processing is done by using tabulation and percentage. Technical analysis used is quantitative descriptive. The results showed that: (1) the use of rice farming inputs in rainfed lowland was technically efficient, and not yet allocatively efficient. (2) On average, rice farming in rainfed lowland increases production and income.

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Jaime Ximenes Soares Maia, Lalu Mulyadi, Edi Hargono Dwi Putanto

Planning is the most significant part to achieve success of construction project. The planning itself towards construction project has an impact on revenue in the project itself. Frequently, a project must be completed sooner than its normal time. In this case, the project leader is expected to issue how to accelerate the completion of the project with a minimum cost. The objectives that are expected to achieve from this research are: 1) analyzing the normal time scheduling?, 2) analyzing the scheduling acceleration of the development 3) analyzing changes in the cost increase in development. From the acceleration with time cost trade off (TCTO) method on a worship building project in Dili Timor-Leste, it is optimum to be able to reduce the time duration by adding resources/working groups, and having project cost increase. In the worship building construction project in Dili Timor-Leste, the initial duration of the project is 223 days and it is changed to 181 days, so that there are 34 days of difference from the normal schedule of the project. Where under normal schedule condition, the normal cost obtained is $377.552.868, thus after doing acceleration analysis with time cost trade off (TCTO) method on the project, there is an additional direct cost in the project of $1.123,08 so that the total project cost is $ 378.675,95.

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Jamal Hussain

Synchronous generators are being extensively used in Wind Turbine Generator Systems (WTGS) and have slightly better advantage over induction generator. There are different types of synchronous generators, but the multi-pole Permanent Magnet Synchronous Generator (PMSG) with specific configuration is conclusively shown in this research, to be a better option for most systems including gearless wind turbine. It offers better performance due to higher efficiency and requires less maintenance since it does not have rotor current and can be used without a gearbox, which also implies a reduction of the weight of the nacelle and a reduction of costs. Paper discusses a new method for design of cost-efficient generator which is suitable for a large number of systems especially wind turbines. It uses Permanent Magnet Synchronous Generator (PMSG) in a direct-driven topology. PMSGs are preferable for energy systems, where input power is always fluctuating like wind energy. A very unique configuration of Generator design has been chosen amongst various configurations. A simple prototype built on this research is capable of reaching 6.7% of Betz’s limit, but this generator can be easily scaled which will result in better extraction of wind energy to meet the requirements.

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Anita Juwita

The purpose of this research was to know and analyze the effect of capital structure, liquidity, and growth both partially and simultaneously toward corporate performance. The object of the research is a small capitalization company on Indonesia Stock Exchange Period 2011-2016. This research design used explanative method with causality study. The populations are companies that included small capitalization companies on Indonesia Stock Exchange period 2011-2016. The small capitalization companies are represented by Pefindo 25 Index amount to 25 companies. To determine the amount of sample, the researcher used non probability sampling method by using purposive sampling technique in order to get representative sample in accordance with the criteria determined, so that determined as many as 24 companies that can be used as samples in this study. The type of data used secondary data sourced from Indonesia Stock Exchange. The data analysis technique used multiple regression analysis and Hypothesis with SPSS program. The result of this research concludes that the capital structure, liquidity, and growth have a significant effect on the corporate performance that included small capitalization on Indonesia Stock Exchange period 2011-2016 either partially or simultaneously.

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Daryanto Hesti Wibowo, Heksawan Rachmadi

This research aims to know the role of intellectual capital and technology to management accounting information for creative city policy in Bandung. The city was awarded Creative City in design which was set by UNESCO at the end of 2015. This research is a quantitative study based on a survey to be conducted in Bandung. This review will address the issue of how management accounting information system can meet the needs of quality information for users in the creative industries for creative city development. The study discusses the creative industries in which government strongly encourages this emerging sector as an alternative source of economic and urban development. The results of this study will help municipalities in making strategic decisions to spur the growth of creative economy. In a nutshell, intellectual capital in Bandung as creative city supports management accounting information systems to generate accountable information to improve efficiency and effectiveness in structuring sustainable urban economy. It is required to meet the needs of the city policy maker based on the advancement of technology.

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Zarnadze M . Tkhelidze M. Kerkadze V. Khetsuriani Sh. Wameedh Alshahwani

The aim of this study was to show on the example of the one peripherial laboratory, next to the sputum smear microscopy, importance of implementation new simple, rapid and more sensitive diagnostic method as Xpert MTB/Rif test, which also can detect the drug resistance. There were retrospectively reviewed the results of direct sputum smear microscopy and XpertMTB/Rif test of 1276 patient, with suspected pulmonary TB, which were performed from April of 2015 until May of 2016 in the laboratory of Central Correctional Hospital of Minister of Corrections and Legal Assistance of Georgia. From 1276 patients, XpertMTB/Rif test has detected in 52 cases M. tuberculosis in sputum sample (MTB positive patients). From these 52 cases in 25 (48.0±6.92%) patient it was Rif/ Sensitive, in 23 (44.23±6.88%) Rif/ Resistant MTB. In 4 (7.69±3.69%) patients the test cannot determine the sensitivity to rifampicin. From these 52 Xpert/ MTB positive cases, only 17 (32.7±7.21%)%) were smear positive, other 35 (67.30±6.50%)%) - were smear negative. So without the XpertMTB/Rif test, in the laboratory of Central Correctional Hospital of Minister of Corrections and Legal Assistance of Georgia (primary health care service laboratory), it would be able to suspect TB only in 32.7±7.21% cases (smear positive patients) and in the same time we would not know the sensitivity to drug, which is so important for the adequate treatment. In 67.30±6.50% smear negative cases of patients without the XpertMTB/Rif test we even would not suspect laboratory positivity to TB. In these cases the laboratory diagnosis of TB would be given after sending the sputum sample in the Reference laboratory. It would need several weeks for the final results and would be the reason of delay in the beginning of the appropriate treatment and would be great chance of further spread of disease.

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Kisman H. Mahmud, Sri Anastasia Yudistirani, Anwar Ilmar Ramadhan

the mechanical properties of a welding construction depend on several factors such as air humidity during welding. A test is required to produce good quality and safety from a welding construction. From the tests performed on a welding construction, mild carbon steel material (soft carbon steel) is used. The welding is carried out by means of electrode welded electrode welding electrodes, with type E-7016 electrode type, flux-type low powder iron hydrogen, while different air humidity for each specimen, each of which: Test specimens I with air humidity + 50% ; Test specimen I with air humidity + 60%; Test specimen I with air humidity + 80%. It is known that the air humidity will raise the water content in the electrode, resulting in the decreasing of mechanical properties of welding construction. So to produce good quality and safety from the welding construction, it is necessary to have a large air humidity restriction or special subscription to the electrode to be used.

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Wahyu Hamidi dan, Septina Elida

Sago is a potential agricultural commodity that has economic value, multipurpose, producing potential starch to support the development of various industries. Traditional food made from sago starch in Kepulauan Meranti regency is the indigenous knowledge from this region , which has great potential to be developed as an alternative food to support food security. This study aims to analyze the added value of sago processing and to determine alternative strategy of sago agroindustry business development. Research was conducted in Kepulauan Meranti regency by using survey method. Samples was taken by using purposive sampling, for wet sago sampling was conducted using business actors in Sungai Tohor village, sub-district Tebing Tinggi Timur, while for sago flour sampling was conducted from sago business of Tanjung Lalang village, Tebing Tinggi Barat District. The added value analysis was conducted by Hayami method, and for the strategy determination was conducted by using SWOT analysis. The research result shows that processing sago stem into sago flour presents higher added value (Rp 826.20/kg with value added ratio 69,09%) compared to wet sago (Rp 198,18/kg with value added ratio 39,17%). The profits gained by wet sago business actor was about 72,15% and labor gained 25,79%. Meanwhile, the profit gained by sago flour business actor was about 129.74% and the labor gained 29.60% .Based on SWOT analysis, the development strategy of sago agroindustry business in Kepulauan Meranti Regency is using WO (Weaknesses-Opportunity) strategy, defines growth strategy by overcoming the internal weaknesses to pursue the opportunities today.

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Ni Ketut Sari, Ketut Sumada, Hendrix Abdul Ajiz, Winda Yulniar Fajarriani

Within Tobacco leaves at the bottom, upper and interrupted by leaves from tobacco trees, are poorly used, whereas their availability is very abundant and continuous. As matter of fact, tobacco leaves contain terpene and terpenoid substances that can be used as one of Atsiri oil production. Atsiri oil is a volatile vegetable oil at room temperature and has a distinctive aroma, consisting of four major groups that predominantly determine the essential oil properties of terpenoid, terpenes, straight-chain compounds, benzene derivatives, and other compounds. The production of Atsiri oils using a water distillation method, which is used to isolate Atsiri oils from tobacco leaves, the characteristic of this water distillation is through contacting the tobacco leaves to boiling water, followed by hydro-diffusion of hot water and Asitri oils through plant membranes. The tobacco leaves should be dried yet to reduce its moisture content, distilled water obtained by distillate in the form of a mixture of water with the Asitri oil component of tobacco characterized by the distinctive aroma of tobacco. while separating Asitri oil components from water, the distillation is added salt NaCl which aims to reduce the solubility of Atsiri oil, so that the Asitri oil component is more easily separated from water, this method is known as Cohobation. For the best yield response step, the optimum condition between the ratio of tobacco and water is 1:17 with the refining time for 8 hours.

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M Mustain Aziz, Ameilia Zuliyanti Siregar, Hasanuddin

Coffeee Fruit Borer (CFB) (Hypothenemus hampeii) is an important pest which attacks the Coffeee fruit and limited were done in Sumatera Utara. Integrated Pest Management (IPM) of CFB control are used by biological, mechanical and chemical but the most effective is mechanical with trap utilization because this mechanical control is cheap, easy, and can be calculated. This study aims to determine the effectiveness of Coffeee fruit extract utilization for control of CFB. This research was conducted at 2 sites in Sidikalang subdistrict and 2 sites in Sumbul sub district with 5 stations and 5 treatments TO (Control), T1 (25 ml of Coffeee fruit extract), T2 (50 ml of Coffeee fruit extract), T3 (75 ml of Coffeee fruit extract), T4 (100 ml of Coffeee fruit extract) used a non factorial randomized block design. The results showed which the highest CFB collection from SiAT4 at Sidikalang location on Arabica Coffeee with 100 ml of Coffeee fruit extract by 42.2 individuals, meanwhile the lowest CBF trapped is control treatment at Sumbul location on Robusta Coffeee type (SuRTO) by 22.6 individuals. The treatment (SuRT4) at Sumbul location with Robusta and 100 ml of Coffeee fruit extract was the best treatment to reduce the percentage of CFB attack.

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Egbe, A. E., Aniekebo, I. H., Justin, D. E., Umoren, U. S., Emori, W. P.

Pollen morphology of ten woody plant species was carried out using light microscope. The study adopted Erdtman method of pollen analysis. Pollen characters studied are pollen shape, aperture type, surface pattern, pollen size, and grain arrangement. The result revealed that 50% of the species accounted for Tricolporate class, 30 % for triporate class, 10 % each for tricolpate and pantoporate classes. 50% of the species accounted for reticulate exine pattern, 20% for psilate, while 10% each accounted for baculate, granulate and echinate pattern. Result of pollen shape indicates that 50% of the species accounted for prolate-spheroidal, 20% for suboblate and 10% each for spheroidal, oblate and peroblate shapes. 40% of the species accounted for medium size pollen, 30% small size pollen, 20% large pollen and 10% for very large pollen. All the species were observed to possessed monad grain arrangement. Variations observed in the morphology of the studied species revealed pollen characters that can be reliably used to separate and delineate taxa.

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Abdul Halil Hi. Ibrahim, Syaiful Madjid

This research was conducted to evaluate the important role of political parties on electoral commission (KPU) performance in 2015 Ternate city mayor election, North Maluku Province. The research used survey method, with direct observation in population and data collection based on the sampling method. Qualitative data were analyzed statistically. The study used a simple linear model to affect the role of political parties on KPU performance. Data were collected by interview and observation techniques, and tools used were questionnaires. The sequence of data processing as follows; validity and reliability test, classical assumption test, linear regression analysis, determination analysis, and hypothesis test. The result shows that the variable data for all test have very good accuracy and validity, and it is known that the significantly effect of political party on KPU performance in Ternate City is 49.8%. Based on this results, indicates the role of political parties on KPU Performance in Ternate City, related to political communication, political socialization, political recruitment, conflict regulator, recruitment of head of region, people selection, political map, registration period, selection of candidates, selection procedure, introducing platforms, offering policy alternatives, recruiting staff and socializing members.

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Bela Barus, Hendrik Batoteng, Zuriah

The purpose of this study is to examine the impact of organizational citizenship behavior (OCB) and Customer Orientation of Service Employees (COSE) Toward Guest Loyalty in Hotel Industry with Perceived Organizational Support (POS) as Moderating Variable. The conceptual framework of the study consists of the following constructs OCB, COSE, POS, and Guest Loyalty. Moreover, 3 hypotheses were developed and tested. Pearson Correlation and Composite Reliability were used to test the validity and reliability of the measures, while PLS was used in goodness of fit and hypotheses testing. SPSS application is also used to measures the effect of moderating variable. Data were collected from 192 respondent from 24 star hotel in Samarinda Town who completed the the self-administered questonnaire. The results of this study reveal that OCB, and COSE have a significant effect on guest loyalty, so as POS has a positif significan effect on the relation of OCB on guest loyalty.This study provides important support to the service-profit chain model.

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M. Husein Maruapey

Everyone has the right, and is usually obtained after carrying out its obligations. The rights of each person are limited by the rights of others. In the context of the statehood, citizens' rights are protected in various legislations. Not only the rights stipulated by the legislation, concerning the obligation, too. The balance between the rights and obligations need to be harmonized in order to achieve national and state life, fair, peaceful and serene. In our country, citizens' rights and obligations stipulated in the constitution and legislation. And one of the obligations that must be fulfilled by the citizens are paying taxes. The research combines qualitative methods to search through library method is in order to examine and analyze the contribution of citizens to pay taxes and love for the country "The obligation of citizens to pay tax is, to contribute to the process of state and government to increase state revenues. The involvement of citizens in paying taxes is a state advocacy efforts to contribute indirectly in order to improve the welfare of society and nation building. State defense certainly can be realized not only through taking up arms but can be done through service in accordance with the individual professions.

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Muhamad Syukri Harto

Dumai city is one of the developing regions in Riau Province with potential natural resources. However, the natural wealth is not accompanied by a reduction in the poverty rate, but the increasing number of people who are below the poverty line. This paper describes the causes of poverty in Dumai City. This paper also describes the policies of Dumai City Government applied through poverty eradication program in the study area. The research is based on primary data and secondary data. The result of the research explains that the policy program of Dumai City Government in eradicating poverty is done through three areas of development, namely education, health and economy. The education sector is directed to pre-eminent Kindergarten, Primary, Primary and Secondary Schools. Free school fees are provided to children in the 4 (four) levels of the education. The health sector is provided free of charge to the poor who want to seek treatment at the Community health centers. Services in local public hospitals are also provided free of charge to the poor. While in the economic field, the poor are given assistance in the form of rice, compensation for residents whose families died, gradually sheltering house facilities and money support on religious holidays.

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Karisha D. Kavuta, Samwel Nyamanga

This study was designed to find out the factors affecting the smooth implementation of Students’ Records Management System (SRMS) to Higher Learning Institutions. The study followed the single case study and was conducted at the Institute of Accountancy Arusha (IAA). The study specifically wanted to disclose the contribution of SRMS to Higher Learning Institutions on students’ records keeping, the challenges which hinder Higher Learning Institutions from implementing SRMS smoothly, and to recommend the strategies which can be used to overcome those challenges. We used questionnaires, observation, interviews, and reviewed archived document as sources of data. 202 respondents were selected using purposive and random sampling technique from both students and IAA staff. Descriptive statistical analysis was applied in data analysisof this study. The results revealed that,the adoption of SRMS to Higher Learning Institutions in manipulating students’ records especially at this technological era is inevitable. In addition, we discussed factors deter the smooth implementation of SRMS to some of the Higher Learning Institutions. Furthermore, in this article we discussed the number of issues which are to be adhered by the system’s stakeholders (such as top management, supporting technical team and end users )in order to implement the SRMS smoothly.

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Julita, Susilatri

This study aims to determine the effect of Quality Human Resources, Internal Control, Utilization of Technology and Application of SAP on Quality of Financial Statements at the Government of Bengkalis Regency. The dependent variable in this study is the Quality of Financial Statements, while the independent variables are Human Resource Quality, Internal Control, Technology Utilization and Application of SAP. The population in this research is 81 SKPD at Government of Bengkalis Regency. The sampling technique is determined by purposive sampling. Data collection technique is by distributing questionnaires. Data analysis was done with multiple linear regression model with SPSS version 20.00 software The results of this study indicate that the Quality of Human Resources, Internal Control, and Utilization Technology affect the Quality of Financial Statements of Bengkalis Regency Government. While the application of SAP has no effect on the Quality of Financial Statements of Bengkalis Regency Government. The result of the determination coefficient (adjusted R2) test is 0.889. This shows that the Quality of Financial Statement at SKPD Government of Bengkalis Regency influenced by the factor studied equal to 88,9%. While 11.1% is influenced by other factors not observed in this research.

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Trias Setyowati, Isti Fadahisti fadah

The creative industry is now a topic of great publicity, not only because the industry is developing in many countries as well because of the industry's peculiarities that are no longer based on economic-related issues (eg low prices), but shift to the creative aspect .The creative industry is an industry driven by innovation and creativity. Both can form the basis for forming a company's competitive advantage strategy, namely a differentiation strategy. If the company can be different from the competitors then the company can also excel than the competitors. The creative industry is currently sustained by Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), which has been proven to survive when Indonesia suffered economic crisis several years ago. Management The excellent strategy by SMEs in creative industries is expected not only to contribute to local and state revenues but also to make Indonesia appear in the international arena as a highly competitive country. The growing creative industries sector in Indonesia is the culinary and fashion sectors. The differentiation strategies that can be used in the development of the two sectors are product differentiation, service differentiation, people differentiation, image differentiation, quality differentiation, and differentiation innovation.With the same strategy of creative industry sector Jember is expected to be a creative city can be realized.

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Y. Praveen Kumar

Many people are losing their lives because of lack in supply of proper blood in right time. After collecting the blood from a donor a serious attention must be given to each unit of blood; proper typing, screening for pathogenic organisms & storing at proper temperature. Lack of attentiveness in these areas will make the blood useless, to overcome this situation, a viable blood substitute is needed. Perflurocorbons when used as a blood substitute doesn’t need typing, screening tests for pathogenic organisms, and also perflurocorbons increases the rate of transport of oxygen. So it can be used as a blood substitute.

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Yayuk Sri Sundari, Purwanto

Biophysical conditions Karang Mumus Sub Watershed, Big Karang Asam and Small Karang Asam affect the characteristics of the flow hydrograph is important to note is the volume of water flow, flood discharge and the time until the maximum flood discharge. The shape of the Watershed slope geology and land cover types of soil are the physical characteristics that will affect the magnitude of the increase in the flow of surface water in response to rainfall. Changes in biophysical factors have a real impact on the volume of surface water flow increase, the maximum flood discharge, rainfall intensity and time. Predicting areas prone to flooding based on topographic maps and extensive inundation maps. The purpose of this study to determine the biophysical conditions and predict areas prone to flooding in the Sub Watershed and Sub Watershed Karang Mumus of the Big Karang Asam , and Small Karang Asam. Research methods to identify the biophysical conditions Karang Mumus , Big Karang Asam , and Small Karang Asam Sub Watershed and predicted a flood prone area in the Karang Mumus, Big Karang Asam and Small Karang Asam Sub Watershed. Results are expected to know the condition of the biophysical Karang Mumus, of the Big Karang Asam , and Small Karang Asam Sub Watershed and can be known capacities of river water, thus increasing the benefit / optimization function River. Conclusion Sub Watershed as a fan shape effect on the main River flood flow pattern is relatively large peak flow rate with the flood trip tributaries which simultaneously causes erosion and sedimentation in the estuary with the original host rock lithology form claystone, shale and sandstone smooth as well as the presence of land cover in the form of shrubs in the upper dense settlements downstream with stilt houses that impede the flow of water causing floods last longer. And flooding that occurred in the City of Samarinda during the rainy season the upstream Watershed with a steep slope conditions on topographic maps and extensive inundation maps that have the potential for very prone to flooding and inundation occurred in the subdistrict of the potential for very prone to flooding and inundation occurred in the subdistrict of North Samarinda.

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Ismail Mahamud Zakaria, Iddrisu Ibrahim

Mobile phones have numerous features used by many people for many reasons. This study examines the mobile phone features micro traders often used and the corresponding benefits gained. To achieve this, a survey was carried out in the Madina market Accra, among micro traders. Market business was grouped into four: general micro-trade activity, Pre-trade activity, During trade and Post trade activities. A comprehensive questionnaire was designed to deal with each of this segment. Also, a detailed interview was conducted with one trader to further understand how trade operations were carried out. Insightful findings from the study revealed that apart from “voice calls”, WhatsApp, mobile money transfer (MMT) and the calculator were the frequently used features. Benefits associated with these features include transportation cost cut down, establishing and maintaining trade relationship and profit margin increase. All these benefits culminate into convenience, effective communication and cost reduction paybacks. The outcomes of this study implied that the knowledge gap, born out of the assumption that all mobile phone users utilize all its features, would be reduced to the barest minimal. Thus, mobile phone manufacturers, content programmers and service providers ought to pay particular attention to the findings and come out with more user-friendly products that can easily facilitate trading activities for the benefit of the micro trader.

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Daniel Burd Wajnberg, Antonio Neres Norberg

The swine acquire the cysticerci by ingesting Taenia solium eggs eliminated by human feces. This parasitic cycle, though important in public health, is essentially benign, both for humans and for pigs. However, when humans accidentally ingest eggs from human feces and become infected with cysticerci, the consequences can be catastrophic. Ingested eggs release as oncospheres that penetrates the gut wall, gain the bloodstream, fixes in tissues and differentiates into cysticercus, and when in the central nervous system causes neurocysticercosis.

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Zahra Goudarzi, Mohammad Chizari, Hassan Sadighi, Ali Bagheri

the main issue in water management is how to meet the needs of a growing population without sacrificing the sustainability of freshwater resources, which are both limited and vulnerable. The development of new technologies for groundwater exploitation consequent to increased demand has led to the overdraft of groundwater resources and thus, many environmental problems. Similarly, Rafsanjan Plain has faced extensive groundwater extraction, most of which is used for pistachio as the only crop produced in the area. Therefore, the agricultural sector has a crucial role in a water crisis. The purpose this study was to investigate the role of agriculture in Rafsanjan’s groundwater governance. Necessary information for this purpose was collected through interview and observation techniques as well as studying statistics and relevant documents. The method used in this research was a focus group to answer questions. A total of a number of 15 agricultural experts from public and private sectors were selected by purposive sampling method and categorized into four groups to respond the survey questions. Study results show that currently, Rafsanjan plain, the first step to achieving local governance is to form local organizations that are linked to the government, the members of which are selected by local leaders and from people who are dependable by the public. These organizations need education and support from the government in order to strengthen their activities.

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Hernawan Budisampurno, Kustamar, Tiong Iskandar

The object of research is on concrete structure , new 6 story branch office in Malang on 2695 square metre area, owned by Bank Central Asia . The aim of this research are namely: 1) to analyze the type of right structure on the object in accordance with the reviewed aspects, 2) to determine the amount of cost saving and its percentage after value engineering to be applied. This research examines how to obtain optimal structure alternatives by apllying Value engineering, in an effort to obtain chosen effective , stabil and optimal type of structure but it is still in good quality. On the preparation before researching is to collect or even to search data in relevance with project, both from owner and consultant as well. After that to survey and observe the location of project to obtain the general condition on site.

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Khoirul Huda, Lalu Mulyadi, Agus Santosa

The research is started at the beginning of Lecture Building Project Development of Nutrition Department at Health Polytechnic of East Kalimantan Starting Week 1 (21st June 2016) to 24th week (13th December 2016); cost performance at Lecture Building Development Project of Nutrition Department at Health Polytechnic of East Kalimantan until the 24th week is good and efficient based on the value of ACWP = IDR 9.744.811.962,07, which is smaller than the value of BCWS = IDR 21.583.712.069,60 and the value of BCWP = IDR 13.728.265.040,05 as well as the value of the Cost Performance Index (CPI) = 1,208. For project time performance, it has a delay. It can be seen from the condition of the 24th week of the schedule performance index (SPI) value which is = 0,858 < 1, the value of Schedule variance (SV) = IDR. -1.953.203.330,25. The time for the completion of the rest project is 5 weeks, so the total time for project completion is 31 weeks from the initial schedule of 26 weeks. While the remaining costs needed to complete the work (ETC) after the 24th week is = 4.841.426.269,65 or the cost needed to complete 100% of the work (EAC) is = IDR 11.361.245.034,44.

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Olomo, K. O., Olayanju, G. M., Adiat K. A. N., Akinlalu, A. A.

In this paper, the mineralization potential of Iperindo and its environs have been investigated using satellite remotely sensing and geophysical methods. The area of study lies within Ilesha schist belt of the Precambrian Basement Complex of Southwestern Nigeria. The integrated approach facilitated the assessment of the subsurface geology with the purpose of delineating the geological features and their implication on mineralization potential of the study area. The investigation involved the use of the extracted lineaments from Landsat Thematic Mapper imagery to compliment results of interpreted magnetic field intensity over the study area. Aeromagnetic data acquired from Nigeria Geological Survey Agency was interpreted using spectral analysis and Euler deconvolution of the processed magnetic anomaly map over the area. Enhancement of the magnetic anomalies observed from the interpreted magnetic anomaly map involved the use of reduction to equator, wavelength, upward continuation and derivative filters. The 3-D Euler deconvolution and radial spectral analysis were applied to locate and estimate the depth to various anomalous bodies, with depth to source body between 50 m and 500 m. The processed images revealed lineaments trending majorly in NE-SW directions diagnostic of primary structures of potential targets for mineralisation in the area. Generally, coincidence of both Landsat and aeromagnetic lineaments trends were observed in the study area, which suggested that these lineaments reflect real continuous fault/fractures in depth.

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IJSTR - January 2022 - Volume 11 Issue 1