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Volume 4 - Issue 2, February 2015 Edition

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Ogi Lesmana

Abstract: The purpose of this study was to prove the influence of pronunciation habits in regards to morals religious adherents Islam Metoda study is a quantitative study using infrenesia statistical analysis, using the model of correlation analysis (Pearson product moment), the number of respondents is 40 people, which is performed on MI Minaul 'Ulum Banjar, in the month of September 2014 (. the results showed that the pronunciation habits greeting positive and significant influence on morals

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Patrick Amfo Anim, Agbemabiese George Cudjoe

Abstract: The purpose of this study was to empirically investigate the influence of CSR awareness on consumer purchase intention of a telecommunication network in Ghana. A sample size of one hundred and fifty (150) network subscribers of MTN was selected for the study using the purposive and convenience sampling method. The data obtained were analyzed using Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS 20.0) software. From the study, the researcher found out that, customers are aware of the fact that MTN currently embarks on CSR activity such as hepatitis B Campaign project, annual blood donation projects, building of schools, provision of text books, school uniforms, development of ICT centers, MTN Ghana foundation and Heroes of Change project. However, what remained unknown was whether it has an effect on customer purchasing decision of their network or not. The study also revealed that, there were other factors that influenced consumer patronage of MTN services such as Brand name, quality services, reference groups, promotions, bonuses and products offered by MTN and the country of origin. However CSR activities performed by MTN were rated as a higher factor that influence consumers stay and repurchase of the network. Regulatory bodies should be firm in enforcing laws in corporate organizations and CSR should be viewed as part of the code of ethics of any corporate organization also there should be a national policy from government to set parameters for CSR in Ghana

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Syed Abdul Lateef

ABSTRACT: This is the simplest method to find the area of the segment of the circle without the usage of the angle made by the chord and thus the area of sector could be found without the usage of angle made by chord. This is done by relating the area of segment to the area of sector.

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Ramakrishna Samanthula, Mahendra Reddy Polimreddy

Abstract: Concrete is the most famous and extensively used building material, owes to its advantageous properties, production and maintenance over steel and timber. Concrete is a matrix consists of basic ingredients namely binding material, fine aggregate, coarse aggregates and water. Conventional binding material cement has now become expensive and its production involves undesirable environmental consequences such as heavy production of Carbon dioxide (CO2). Conventional fine Aggregate River sand has become scarce and its excessive use causes degradation of river bed and reduction in ground water recharge. To offset with these two challenges, an attempt has been made to produce concrete with supplementary and alternative materials. Ground granulated blast furnace slag which is byproduct of steel production, has been used to partially replace the cement. Robosand is manufacturing sand produced from granite stone, has been used as an alternative fine aggregate that completely replaces the river sand which is far superior than river sand in all aspects. Various combination have been made with different proportions of Cement, Ground Granulated Blast Furnace Slag, Robosand, Coarse aggregate and Water. Properties of concrete have been studied in fresh and hardened state for all combinations made and deducted the conclusions.

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Djeri Memene, Pete Simmons

Abstract: Global communications and online technology are dramatically increasing opportunities for institutions and organizations in the world. With the spread of Information Communication and Technology (ICT) infrastructure and cellular telephony in Africa, institutions of higher education, organizations, and communities will increasingly rely on information and communications technologies for efficiency and higher performance in their activities. In this study the modified Center for International Development (CID)’s Readiness for the Networked World survey, published by Harvard University in 2000, as a guide for developing countries [2] was used to assess Togolese Higher Education Intuitions’ ICT implementation readiness regarding (a) physical infrastructure (high bandwidth, reliability); (b) integrated current ICT skills and technology capabilities throughout schools and institutions; (c) a commitment to universal access; and (d) security and policies. Each information technology category was scored on whether the surveyed Togo higher educational institutions were at the Implementation and Integration Stage (100%), defined by full access usage, management and understanding of the complexity of IT implications including security and policy; the Development Stage (75%), how far through the implementation has progressed and how much further development may still be required; the Enhancement Stage (50%), the technical skills, technology capabilities and processes of the implementation

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R. Kalaivani

ABSTRACT: The abstract of this paper is to tolerate the byzantine fault by providing the predefined constraints of the Nodes in the distributed environment. The nodes in the distributed environment automatically generated their constraints using Markov chain. The distributed environment predefined constraints and the member nodes predefined constraints can be updated periodically. According to this update, if the member nodes predefined constraints may not matches with the distributed system predefined constraints then using Breadth First Search technique the membership service discards the service of the node in the distributed environment . The new node having constraints wants to communicate with the distributed environment. These constraints can be compared with the distributed system constraints using probability of random matching technique.

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Amol S. Kinkar, G. M. Dhote, R.R. Chokkar

Abstract: Heavy industrialization & modernization of society demands in increasing of power cause to research & develop new technology & efficient utilization of existing power units. Variety of sources are available for power generation such as conventional sources like thermal, hydro, nuclear and renewable sources like wind, tidal, biomass, geothermal & solar. Out of these most common & economical way for producing the power, is by thermal power stations. Various industrial boilers plays an important role to complete the power generation cycle such as CFBC (Circulating Fluidized Bed Combustion), FBC (Fluidized Bed Combustion), AFBC (Atmospheric Fluidized Bed Combustion Boiler), CO Boiler, RG & WHR Boiler (Waster heat recovery Boiler). This paper is intended to comprehensively give an account of knowledge related to refractory & its failure in CFBC boiler with due effect of flue gas flow during operation on refractory by using latest technology of CAD (Computer aided Design) & CAE (Computer aided Engineering). By conceptual application of these technology the full scale model is able to analyze in regards the flow of flue gas & bed material flow inside the CFBC loop via CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) software. The results obtained are helpful to understand the impact of gas & particles on refractory in different areas & also helped to choose suitable refractory material in different regions.

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Suraj Kala

Abstract: Activity of antioxidant enzymes such as superoxide dismutase, catalase and peroxidase in leaves of isabgol (Plantago ovata Forsk.) genotypes viz. GI-2, HI-96, PB-80 and HI-5 were studied under salt stress at different EC levels viz. control (without salt), 5 and 10 dSm-1 of nutrient supplemented NaCl salt solutions in sand filled polythene bags. Salt stress caused significant increase in the activity of superoxide dismutase, catalase and peroxidase. Maximum increase in activity of superoxide dismutase and catalase enzymes was found in the genotype GI-2 and minimum increase in the genotype PB-80. Peroxidase activity was highest in the genotype HI-96 and lowest in the genotype PB-80 under salt stress indicating genotype GI-2 and HI-96 having more capacity of scavenging reactive oxygen species produced due to salt stress and were relatively salt tolerant while genotype PB-80 was salt sensitive among the genotypes studied.

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Maria Sagheer, Tehreem Zafar, Mehreen Sirshar

Abstract: Agile methodology that uses iterative and incremental approach is widely used in the industry projects as they can satisfy to the change of requirements. Efficient product delivery is achieved by using short iterations. But assuring the quality in any system is essential and imperative part which is very difficult task, which raises a question that: Is quality is assured in the software which is developed using agile methodology? The research paper proposed a solution and summarizes that how the quality is achieved or assure in agile software development using different factors. The major focus of this research paper is to analyse the quality parameter which assure quality in the agile methodology. The research paper includes the brief overview of the parameters which assure quality in agile.

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Prinsha Prakash

Abstract: Heart disease is the main leading killer as well as a major cause of disability. Its timely detection and correct diagnosis plays a vital role in human life. In a limited period of time recalling the data from Doctor's unaided memory may lead to wrong judgments. While taking decisions, Doctor analyses the physical condition and test results of the patient. In the same way our system compares the data provided to Doctor and getting a result through CBR technique. Results from the system will help the Doctor to conclude the decision and reduce human errors may occur. Our system is able to analyze scanned results of heart and being a helping hand to the doctor in all manners.

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Dr Pardeep Kumar Gupta, Rajeev Kumar

ABSTRACT: In India, the road traffic volume has increased manifolds during the post-independence period. The traffic axle loading may also in many cases be much heavier than the specified limit. As a result of which, the existing road network has been subjected to severe deterioration leading to premature failure of the pavements.In such a scenario, development of the effective pavement management strategies would furnish useful information to ensure the compatible and cost- effective decisions so as to keep the existing road network intact. The pavement deterioration models can prove to be an effective tool which can assist highway agencies to forecast economic and technical outcome of possible investment decisions regarding maintenance management of pavements. The optimum maintenance and rehabilitation strategies developed in this study would be useful in planning pavement maintenance strategies in a scientific manner and ensuring rational utilization of limited maintenance funds. Once this strategy for urban road network is implemented and made operational; this would serve as window to the other urban road network of different regions.

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Bhavna Karki

Abstract: By 2050, 70% of the world’s population will live in urban areas. In India the urban population has increased from 217 million to 377 million in last two decades .With increasing population the associated risk and vulnerability has also increased. As cities continue to grow, there is increased pressure on resources; exposure of lives, livelihoods and economic, social and environmental assets to risk is set to increase exponentially. Recognised as one of the best cities for public services and one of the oldest Municipal Corporation in India, Shimla city is situated at the traverse spur of the Central Himalayas at 31004' N to 31010' N latitude and 77005' E to 77015' E longitude, at an altitude of 2397.59 m metres amsl. This paper aims at underlying the role of Shimla Municipal Corporation (SMC) as local government in managing disasters in the city along with effective planning and risk assessments.

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V. Khade, M.S.Ramgir

Abstract: The work aims to study the distortion occurred due to heat treatment on the Gear teeth. The paper studies, various causes of distortion, control techniques to eliminate distortion, which includes changes in design, selection of material, heat treatment process, mainly due to quenching that includes cooling rates, quenching mediums, fixtures. An experimental study and results conducted for the effects of the distortion on the Gear teeth and to reduce the distortion with certain changes design modification, resulting in shape & size changes, phase changes, changes in hardness, microstructure, and residual stresses. It is observed that adequate velocity of quench oil around the component to be heat treated ensures uniform & desired cooling rate as per heat treatment cycle. Modification in design of baffles achieved the adequate velocity and minimization of distortion. Also, Fixtures for holding finished parts or assemblies during heat treatment may be either support or restraint type to control dimensional relations during aging.

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Abstract: Todaythe survival ofthe companyis largely determinedbythe ability ofcompaniesto competeinthe market, so improvement on the quality of accounting information system is needed. Companies use accounting information system as a tool to generate information that managers can make decisions. To be able to take the right decisions necessary quality of accounting information systems. In view of the above this paper considers the Influence Of Business Strategy On The Quality Of Accounting Information System. The study was a theoretical research which considered the roles of business strategy in quality of accounting information system. From studies carried out this paper concludes that business strategy having improved quality of accounting information system.

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Roger Ondo-Ndong, Hugues Martial Omanda, Honore Gnanga, Brice Sorli, Alain Foucaran

Abstract: We have grown ZnO thin films on glass and Si (001) substrates by r.f magnetron sputtering using metallic zinc target. The crystalline property of the films were observed to vary with the structural properties used. X-ray diffraction (XRD) measurement showed that the substrate temperature ZnO films exhibited preferred c-axis oriented (002). A study has been made of the influence parameters prepared on the film refractive index. They exhibited the refractive index of 1.97, a c-axis orientation of below 0.32° FWHM of X-ray rocking curves and an energy gap of 3.3 eV at room temperature. It was found that a RF power of 50 W, target to substrate distance 70 mm, very low gas pressures of 3.35x10-3 Torr in argon and oxygen mixed gas atmosphere giving to ZnO thin films a good homogeneity and a high crystallinity. The network analyzer shows losses are -5dB at a k33 = 0.26 experimental.

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Alenyorege E. A., Hussein Y. A., Adongo T. A.

Abstract: The research was conducted to determine the Extraction Yield, Extraction Efficiency and Extraction Loss associated with the traditional Hot Water Floatation method of oil extraction. Matured dry seeds of Allanblackia floribunda (50 Kg) were used. Allanblackia floribunda, a tree species of the Guttiferae family grows naturally in tropical rainforests zones. In Ghana, Allanblackia floribunda is quite unknown hence little production of oil is carried out. However, the oil extracted can have diverse domestic, commercial and industrial uses. The oil production is important not only among small-to-medium scale industrialists, but also to rural populace, as it employs a substantial workforce and serves as a source of income to many communities engaged in the exercise. The method employed is the oldest, cheapest and most practiced in the study location. The extraction process basically comprises of five fundamental steps: thermal conditioning of the seeds; milling; extraction by boiling; oil recovery; and drying. The method yielded 21.1 kg of oil, a residual cake of 26.2 Kg and a process loss of 2.7 Kg at a moisture content of 13.1% representing 42.2% Extraction yield, 58.6% Extraction efficiency and 5.4% Extraction loss. The yield exceeded the minimum oil yield for commercial, domestic and industrial consideration.

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Tarek M Kamel, Rehab AA Abdelhai, Maha A Mowafy, Alaa M Reda, Marwa D Hassan

Abstract: Allergic rhinitis (AR) is a chronic inflammatory disorder of the nose. Although it is not a life-threatening condition, it has been documented to have a significant effect on health related quality of life (HRQoL). This was a prospective interventional study conducted over a cohort of AR patients to assess the effect of patient education on their HRQoL through the Rhinoconjunctivitis Quality of Life Questionnaire/ with Standardized Activities RQLQ(S). Patients were randomly divided into two groups (each contained 100 patients) where Group (A) received both pharmacological treatment and patient education while Group (B) received pharmacological treatment alone. RQLQ(S) was used to measure the patients’ HRQoL for both groups during the pre and post intervention phases. In the pre-interventional phase, both studied groups were homogenous in the RQLS(S) domains mean scores and also in the total RQLQ(S) mean scores with no statistical significance between them. In the post-interventional phase, the RQLQ(S) total mean score showed improvement with statistical significance between both groups with better score to the group (A) with a total mean score of 3.38 ± 0.68 while group (B) scored 3.66 ± 0.55. RQLQ(S) domains mean scores showed improvement in almost all the domains, where Group (A) showed better mean scores in six domains. Providing structured patient education on AR has improved the patient’s RQLQ(S) scores more than the pharmacological treatment alone. Patient education is an essential component in the managing AR patients.

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Asmaa Shaker Ashoor

Abstract: In this paper, we survey the public presentation between two adaptive routing algorithms: Link state algorithm (LSA), which is centralized algorithm and Distance vector algorithm (DVA), which is distributed algorithm. The primary purpose of this paper is to compare two dynamic routing algorithms. Besides, we represent an overview of these algorithms distinguish similarities and differences between (LSD) & (DVA). A major part of this paper is surveys of these algorithms, and analysis the results.

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Nwankwere Emeka Thompson, Gimba Casimir Emmanuel, Ndukwe Iloegbulam George, Isuwa Kari Adamu

Abstract: This study explores the feasibility of using local nanoclays as starting materials for sorbents with potential to treat crude oil polluted aquatic environment. The nanoclays have been converted into environmentally friendly and hydrophobic sorbents by a hydrothermal method under mild conditions using Hexadecyltrimetylammonium bromide (HDTMAB) as intercalant. Batch sorption studies were studied for oil concentration (0.5-5.0 g/100ml) and contact time (1-30 mins). An attempt to describe the crude oil sorptive behaviour of the organoclays b applying popular adsorption models were discussed and the experimental methods adopted for the determination and estimation of the sorption coefficients have also been described. The Langmuir, the Freundlich and the Dubinin-Radushkevich adsorption models were applied to experimental equilibrium data. Also the kinetic properties of the sorption procedure were evaluated using the pseudo-second-order, Elovich and the intraparticle diffusion of Weber and Morris kinetics models. It was discovered that the sorption process best fitted the Langmuir and the Pseudo-second-order rate models. It was concluded that the organoclays have a good affinity for the crude oil, the sorption process was mostly by monolayer coverage, the manner of sorption by chemisorption and that diffusion was not only the rate-controlling step.

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Khalid Suliman Aboodh

Abstract: An increasingly important application of liquid jets is the disintegration of the jet to form droplets of liquid containing nuclear fuel. These droplets are then dried and sintered to form ceramic micro spheres for use in fuel elements in nuclear reactors. The total operations required to form the droplets, convert them to solids, and fire them to ceramic bodies comprise what are known as Sol-Gel processes (Reference [13]).

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Farhanuddin Jamanie, Sangkala, Baharuddin dan Rahwarin

ABSTRACT: This study aims (a) to analyze the effectiveness of regent authority delegation to subdistrict head in Kutai Kartanegara regency, (b) to determine the cause of effectiveness in regent authority delegation enforcement to sub-district head in Kutai Kartanegara regency. This study used a explanative-qualitative approach, in which the location consists of three (3) major parts i.e (a) Inland Subdistrict: Kota Bangun and Muara Muntai, (b) Coastal subdistrict; Sanga-sanga and Samboja and (c) Urban Subdistrict; Tenggarong, Loa Kulu. The data was collected by using an interview, observation and documentation techniques. The data was processed by stages-interactive model (a) data collection, (b) data presentation, (c) collection/verification, and (d) data reduction. The results of this study shows that (a) the regent authority delegation to subdistrict head in Kutai Kartanegara regency has not been effective, (b) the supporting factors of authority delegation effectiveness was awareness and public demand for a policy that directly related to the public interest.

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Anwar, Rakhmat, Hamsinah, Tehubijuluw Zacharias

Abstract: The purpose of this research to analyzing the process of the management of internal integration in an effort to improve public services in the secretariat of the city .In the research results seen that there are culture of “bubuhan”( familial ) in the management of internal integration in the secretariat of the city of samarinda through (a) the creation of a language together and conceptual categories , in ( b ) the distribution of power and status , ( c ) establishment norms closeness of a working relationship peers , and ( d ) the application of the award and punishment. In addition to want to answer a desire as well as the need for public service excellence service unit to improve integrated permit handling ( UPT ) integrated permit handling services agency one gate (BPPTSP) capital city of samarinda . In the management of internal integration process in cultural organization that takes the concept/culture of “bubuhan” must be planned carefully and without prejudice to the rules of law applicable because if not handled wisely can be counter-productive with the vision and mission of Samarinda Government, because it can cause a client patron relations which can actually inhibit the organization in achieving its vision and mission.

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M. Munir Salham, M. Yamin Sani, Ridwan Muchtar Thaha, M. Basir

ABSTRACT: This article explains the efforts SandoMpoana (traditional midwife) to maintain her existence in midwifery servicing in KailiLedo community. This article is derived from a qualitative study with 21 SandoMpoana, 17 professional midwives, 24 pregnant and post-delivery mothers, and 5 public figuresas informants for the study. Data were collected through observation and interviews and analysed inductively. The resistance of SandoMpoana in KailiLedo community is interpreted as a consequence of function transfer ofmidwifery service whichin the first place has to be replaced by professional medical practice of midwifery. However, in practice, sandompoana as the main actor of the midwifery services still becomes the choice of pregnant and post-delivery mothers in KailiLedo community. The remedies taken to defend its place in the community are to provide complete services, spread nigogo issue, and strengthen kinship ties.

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M. Akhdor

Abstract: This paper examines the essence of permit function for space utilization of spatial planning in South Sulawesi. The main point is the essence of permission for using space as a control instrument (sturen) of space utilization, by controlling space utilization in terms of development with emphasis on spatial planning. This permit serves as a director, social engineers, and designers in creating an orderly society space. The second is license of space utilization as budgeting tool (budgetter), for juridical means to increase revenue. For certain types of permits, sometimes function of this budget is more dominant than the other functions, but in layout, struren function should take precedence of the budgettering function. The third is land use permit as an instrument of legal protection; in this case, it consists of two things, the legal protection of the public or the public interest of the potential problems posed by the activities / efforts that allowed it. Second, the legal protection for the activity / business is allowed itself to the possibility of disturbance or barriers of any party, and by anyone.

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Ummanah, Pawennari Hijjang, Mahmud Tang, Muhammad Farid

ABSTRACT: This research entitled Tourist Contract Marriages in Cisarua Sub-District of Bogor Regency, West Java aimed to investigate: (1) Why was Cisarua Sub-District area interesting for the tourists from the Middle East (2) How do the tourist contract marriages between the Arabs and the Sundanese women occur (3) Since when had the phenomenon of the tourist contract marriages start. The method used was the qualitative method and the techniques of collecting the data were in-depth interviews, observation, and focused discussion. The research results revealed that Cisarua area was attractive to the tourists from the middle East because beside its weather was cool, the area had become the destination of the mountain tourists. The process of the contract marriages was started with the step of engagement, the preparation of bride price, and the wedding in front of the Moslem leader and the male relative of the bride. Historically, nobody knew exactly the phenomenon of the contract marriages in Cisarua area. However, most informants stated that the phenomenon of the contract marriages had been known for at least 28 years.

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Ramya R, Anand Kumar S, Krinish N K, Suraj V

ABSTRACT: In early stages of engineering design, pen-and-paper sketches are often used to quickly convey concepts and ideas. Free-form drawing is often preferable to using computer interfaces due to its ease of use, fluidity and lack of constraints. The objective of this project is to create a trainable sketched Simulink component recognizer and classifying the individual Simulink components from the input block diagram. The recognized components will be placed on the new Simulink model window after which operations can be performed over them. Noise from the input image is removed by Median filter, the segmentation process is done by K-means clustering algorithm and recognition of individual Simulink components from the input block diagram is done by Euclidean distance. The project aims to devise an efficient way to segment a control system block diagram into individual components for recognition.

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Dr. Mahmoud Mohammed, Dr. Asma Abdul Rahman, Ali Rashid Salim Al-Yaaqoubi

Abstract: The aim of this paper is to evaluate how effective is the Strategic planning of the human resources management in the Ministry of Education in the sultanate of Oman.

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Deni Iskandar

Abstract: The purpose of this study was to find solutions for problems related to the quality of accounting information systems, accounting information quality when connected with management commitment, user competency and organizational culture. This research was conducted through deductive analysis supported the phenomenon then sought evidence through empirical facts, especially about the effect of management commitment, competence and users of organizational culture on the quality of accounting information systems and their impact on the quality of accounting information. This research was conducted at the State-Owned Enterprises (SOEs).

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Ogboji Frederick Eche, Ali Andesikuteb Yakubu, Vivan Ezra Lekwot, Danjuma Andembutop Kwesaba, Sohotden, Christopher Daniel

Abstract: Municipal solid waste constitutes man’s unwanted materials that need to be discarded. It is consisting of substances, materials and objects considered as worthless or defective and of no value for human economic productive activities –at a point in time. Apart from constituting an eye sore to urban environment it constitute health hazards and threatens the health of man and animals in the city. This research attempts an assessment of the performance of Plateau Environmental agency, the research made use of both primary and secondary data. Data generated was analyzed using descriptive statistics, while inferential technique of chi-square was used to test the research hypothesis. Results obtained shows that majority of the respondents were traders (34.3%) with secondary education (36%). Forty-five percent (45%) of landuse type responsible for waste generation is residential that 42% of waste generated is mostly ashes. Majority of waste containers used are plastic (33%) and that 52% of respondents are aware of PEPSA activities in their locations. A focus group discussion (FGD) shaded more light on the prospect and limitations of PEPSA. The research concludes that there is the need to overhaul methods of municipal solid waste collection and disposal in metropolitan Jos. Relevant recommendations were made in respect of the study area.

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Vivan Ezra Lekwot, Ali Andesikuteb Yakubu, Danjuma Andembutop Kwesaba, Abdulrahman Ahmed Sahabo.

Abstract: Slum is a squatter settlement that is formed as a result of infiltration of people particularly into urban areas. The study aimed at identifying slum characteristics and how they contribute to environmental deterioration within the study area, systematic sampling technique was adopted to select households for the study. In analyzing the problems of the selected slums in Jos, a total of 347 well structured questionnaires were distributed to selected households in the study area, after the survey instrument was protested effectively in a pilot survey, which involved 50 questionnaires were administered and were recovered for the analysis. The results revealed that most of the household size in the selected slums is between 5 to 9 persons, the number of persons per room falls between 6-7 persons per room, this indicate that the average occupancy ratio in the selected slums is quite high, most of the buildings in the selected slums were built between 11 to 15 years ago similarly, the predominant dwelling type in the selected slums are compounds with shared facilities. The toilets are in very bad conditions, the bathrooms are in fairly good conditions. Most of the dwellings were built with cement blocks and roofed with corrugated iron roofing sheets as indicated by the data collected. The walls of most of the dwelling in the selected slums are in bad condition while the roofs and painting of most dwelling. It was observed that major source of water supply in the selected slums is hand dug well and the other sources of water supply include streams, tap, rainwater and buying from water vendors. The study therefore, recommends among other things, the transformation and new development alternatives in the planning.

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Aah Ahmad Almulqu, Flora Evalina Kleruk

ABSTRACT: Above ground trees and poles biomass was estimated in Avicennie marina, Rhizophora stylosa and Sonneratia alba of mangrove forest in Oebelo, Central Kupang Regency, East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia. The research was conducted from January 2013 to July 2013, and undestructive method was used trees and poles, which having a diameter of less than 5 cm and over. Choosing the allometric equation based on the difficulties and practicality to get variable in the field become considerations. Results shows that carbon stock pattern different between all of trees and poles, and increasing ranging of diameter will followed of biomass and carbon stock in all trees and poles. Species that contributed the largest amount of carbon was Sonneratia alba with the total carbon stored in all individuals of this species of about 59 % of the total biomass stored on the research areas. This species had high number of individuals, high average of diameter and height. At areas of research, Sonneratia alba shared a maximum of 59 % of the total biomass, while, Rhizophora stylosa and Avicennia marina shared 38 % and 3 % respectively.

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Elli Afrida, Abdul Rauf, Hamidah Hanum, Didik Harnowo

Abstract: Research that have theme Residual Effect of Organic Fertilizer and Addition Anorganik Fertilizer to Nutrient Uptake, Growth and pruductions of Black Soy Bean (Glycine max L. Merr) at Rainfed Wetland. Research was conducted at Suka Makmur village sub-distric Binjai, Distric Langkat. Research was arranged in split plot design, main plot is applications of phonska fertilizerwith 4 level i.e: 0 t ha-1 (A0), 0.20 t ha-1 (A1), 0.25 t ha-1 (A2) dan 0.30 t ha-1 (A3) and sub plot is residual effect from first research with 16 combinations. Research was replicated 3 times. Result of research was showed application organic fertilizer that was combinated with anorganic fertilizer can increased N and K uptake. Application organic and anorganic fertilizer as single factor showed significantly effect of number of pods and soy bean productions but at interaction treatment not significantly effect however generally occurs increased production at O3,3A3 tratment until 80% comparison with control.

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Teni Listiani, Dwi Kartini

Abstract: This study aimed to analyze the effect on the performance of the company's performance management area. Management performance is measured through three dimensions: performance planning, performance assessment, and feeding it behind. While organizational performance is measured through four dimensions: financial perspective, customer perspective, internal business processes, and learning and growth perspective. The unit of analysis in this research area comprising 30 companies from 23 taps, 6 PD Market, and 1 PD Health. Meanwhile the unit of observation is the top-middle-level managers-down of a total of 360 people. To determine the influence of the variables studied, used Structural Equation Model (SEM) based on the model variant with Partial Least Square (PLS). The results showed that in the enterprise area, performance management affect the performance of the organization, but the effect is not too large.

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Abhinav Garg, Pallavi Saxena, Chirashree Ghosh

Abstract: Emissions from motor vehicle exhausts have been shown to have deleterious effects on the physiology of plant species. Our present study focuses on evaluating the tolerance and sensitivity of selected plant species viz. Dracaena deremensis (good absorber of VOCs) and Dianthus caryophyllus (susceptible to ethylene and formaldehyde (VOCs)) at selected sites which are differentiated on the basis of high gasoline exhaust emission source (Site I) and less gasoline exhaust emission source (Site II & III). For this, Air Pollution Tolerance Index (APTI) and selected physiological parameters were taken into account i.e. total chlorophyll, ascorbic acid, pH, relative water content, total protein and Nitrate reductase (NR). The results showed that D. deremensis have high chlorophyll content, ascorbic acid content, protein content, with high NR activity as compared to D. caryophyllus at all the selected sites. As per Air Pollution Tolerance Index (APTI) D. deremensis has value of 60.60, 55.25 & 55.93 at Site I, II & III respectively which comes under tolerant range and D . caryophyllus has value of 14.82, 15.41 & 15.93 at Site I, II & III respectively which comes under sensitive range. Thus, study ends up with the conclusion that D. deremensis was found to be more tolerant than D. caryophyllus at all sites and thus D. deremensis can be used as a tool in mitigation of gasoline exhaust pollution and D. caryophyllus can be used as an bioindicator for indicating gasoline exhaust pollution.

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Vibhor Kakkar, Vijay Singh Dalal, Vineet Choraria, Ashish S. Pareta, Anmol Bhatia

Abstract: 5S system is a technique which maintains the quality of working conditions in the organization. Amongst various available Lean resources, 5S is a powerful technique that can bolster objectives of the organization to get continuous improvement in performance and productivity. This paper presents the implementation of 5S in a manufacturing company & 5S rating system was used to audit all changes in the company which enhanced the efficiency of the workers & ultimately the productivity of the company is enhanced to 91 %.

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Dr Mohammad Rafiqul Islam

Abstract: Japan is the world’s third largest economy. But currently economic situations of Japan are not stable. It is not increasing as expected. Since 2013 it was world second largest economy but Japan loosed its placed to China in 2014 due to slow growth of important economic indicators. By using the basic Keynesian model, we will provide a detailed analysis of the short and long run impacts of the changes for Japan’s real GDP, rate of unemployment and inflation rate. We demonstrated a detailed use of the 45-degree diagram or the AD-IA model and other economic analysis of the macroeconomic principles that underlie the model and concepts. Finally we will recommend the government with a change in fiscal policy what based on the analysis by considering what might be achieved with a fiscal policy response and the extent to which any impact on the stock of public debt might be a consideration

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Sri Wahyuni

ABSTRACT: In this study, the researcher attempted to understand and explain to explore the social development dimension of the nurse professions in managing HIV cases. Specifically the study sought to answer the following questions 1) what is the profile of the key informants with regards to HIV Patients ( age, gender, education and socio economics status), Nurses ( age, gender, no of years of work experiences specific to HIV), social workers ( age, gender and no of years of work experiences specific to HIV). 2) What are “lived experiences” of key informants on social development dimension of the helping process: HIV patients; Nurses; and Social Workers? 3) What social development model can be designed in managing HIV cases? 4) What policy recommendations can be developed pertaining to development dimension in managing HIV cases. This study utilized qualitative approach. The phenomenology was used to explore and describe HIV patients through their “lived experiences” in a selected rehabilitation center in Sukabumi, West Java, Indonesia, the nurses and social workers. The approach developed an understanding of the experiences as perceived by the key informants. Qualitative research aims to collect a deep understanding of human behavior. Survey checklists, In-depth interviews, repertory grid, and dendogram were utilized in the data gathering procedure, data presentations and data analyses. The informants of this study were focused on nurses, social workers and HIV Patients in the rehabilitation center, the Directorate General for Social Rehabilitation Social Ministries of the Republic of Indonesia, the school nurses, Ministry of Health, Community Health Centers that carry out community health care program-specific examination of VCT. Generally, the findings of the research conducted by qualitative research methods in a statement obtained significant categories and themes that emerged is significant for the statement is feeling sad, angry when patients get HIV diagnosis, the process of studying health, public health programs, how the role of each profession respectively, how should manage patients with HIV and the need for collaboration. The theme explored is the experience, moral development, to guide patients, friendship and trust, hope in treating patients with HIV and cooperation. Patients with HIV need support and encouragement not only a health problem but how to increase motivation to maintain the quality of life in the community by building a spiritual dimension, the ability to be independent in terms of the economy, and the ability to experience stigma discrimination to be faced by those in the community. Conclusions of this study were professional social workers and nurses are in the process of rehabilitation is a profession that is very influential. In this case the need for complementary capabilities in handling patients. Nurses must improve its ability to not only take care of the physical dimension but it required the ability to develop the social, psychological and spiritual patient. Vice versa a social worker who controls the social dimension of the patient's need to improve on the physical dimensions of the issue of the patient's health. It needs to be improved by structuring the task and program development cooperation profess. The researches gave recommendations: 1) develop the social, psychological and spiritual by increasing the values of life as a nurse who works with the basic devotion to God and develop therapeutic communication skills. Providing training to the nurses in the workplace, respectively, by the method of practice in improving therapeutic communication capabilities, make the procedure nursing care that explore the ability of communication theurapetic on the patient. 2) Improve the capability of knowledge in health by provide training to workers in the workplace each with its own methods of practice in improving the ability of HIV-disease control and how to maintain the health of patients after exposed to HIV disease. Make work procedures containing the capabilities of the exploration efforts in the workplace. 3) Evaluate curriculum and exploration in all human dimensions: physical, social, spiritual and psychological in practice method. 4) Develop healthy behaviors, be autonomous and joint the NGOs through the creation of rehabilitation centers for alumni organizations and online. Make the manual effort to build a good health behavior, an ongoing program of communication with friends and Rehabilitation Center Manager. 5) Organize training development and make procedure for harmonization among the professions in program and procedure. 6).Socialization program and synergy program Public Health Care with other Department programs.

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Shovasis Kumar Biswas, Mohammad Mahmudul Alam Mia

Abstract: Support Vector Machine (SVM) and back-propagation neural network (BPNN) has been applied successfully in many areas, for example, rule extraction, classification and evaluation. In this paper, we studied the back-propagation algorithm for training the multilayer artificial neural network and a support vector machine for data classification and image reconstruction aspects. A model focused on SVM with Gaussian RBF kernel is utilized here for data classification. Back propagation neural network is viewed as one of the most straightforward and is most general methods used for supervised training of multilayered neural network. We compared a support vector machine (SVM) with a back-propagation neural network (BPNN) for the task of data classification and image reconstruction. We made a comparison between the performances of the multi-class classification of these two learning methods. Comparing with these two methods, we can conclude that the classification accuracy of the support vector machine is better, and algorithm is much faster than the MLP with back propagation algorithm.

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Mohammad Mahmudul Alam Mia, Rashedul Islam, Md. Ferdous Wahid, Shovasis Kumar Biswas

Abstract: Image reconstruction using support vector machine (SVM) has been one of the major parts of image processing. The exactness of a supervised image classification is a function of the training data used in its generation. In this paper, we studied support vector machine for classification aspects and reconstructed an image using support vector machine. Firstly, value of the random pixels is used as the SVM classifier. Then, the SVM classifier is trained by using those values of the random pixels. Finally, the image is reconstructed after cross-validation with the trained SVM classifier. Matlab result shows that training with support vector machine produce better results and great computational efficiency, with only a few minutes of runtime is necessary for training. Support vector machine have high classification accuracy and much faster convergence. Overall classification accuracy is 99.5%. From our experiment, It can be seen that classification accuracy mostly depends on the choice of the kernel function and best estimation of parameters for kernel is critical for a given image.

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Chinmay R. Deshmukh, R .R. Shelke

Abstract: The tremendous growth of the web world incorporates application of data mining techniques to the web logs. Data Mining and World Wide Web encompasses an important and active area of research. Web log mining is analysis of web log files with web pages sequences. Web mining is broadly classified as web content mining, web usage mining and web structure mining. Web usage mining is a technique to discover usage patterns from Web data, in order to understand and better serve the needs of Web-based applications. URL mining refers to a subclass of Web mining that helps us to investigate the details of a Uniform Resource Locator. URL mining can be advantageous in the fields of security and protection. The paper introduces a technique for mining a collection of user transactions with an Internet search engine to discover clusters of similar queries and similar URLs. The information we exploit is a “clickthrough data”: each record consist of a user’s query to a search engine along with the URL which the user selected from among the candidates offered by search engine. By viewing this dataset as a bipartite graph, with the vertices on one side corresponding to queries and on the other side to URLs, one can apply an agglomerative clustering algorithm to the graph’s vertices to identify related queries and URLs.

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Kisiangani Benson Walela, Emily Mokeira Okwemba

Abstract: Leadership behavior is key factor to performance of any organization. It is a human factor that enables a leader to influence the subordinates towards a given goal. Despite the increased emphasis on strong leadership behavior in teams, there is a lack of integration concerning the relationship between leader behaviors and performance outcomes. Use of task-focused behaviors is related to perceived team effectiveness and productivity. The problem manifests itself in multiple ways in which senior managers are commonly in the ‘wrong position’ relative to their strengths and therefore the positions remain vacant. There is little middle level management talent which in turn leads to a high turnover at all levels. This study sought to find out how leadership behavior affects the performance of micro-finance institutions. The study adopted a correlational study design which helped to establish the associations between and among the study variables.

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Abstract: This article discusses the impact of inter-ethnic conflict in 1999 to the multi-ethnic community life in Sambas and offers a concept of education as a modified formulation of the local wisdom in the communication aspect that the Malay ethnic community in Sambas have in responding relations between ethnic groups post-conflict of ethnics in 1999. The methodology used is literature review, observation, interview and documentation-based qualitative analysis. The result is that ethnic conflict 1999 in Sambas, West Kalimantan causes a number of problems or moral and social impacts in some small communities of Malay. By gaining the value of local wisdom into a new form of education, an effort to respond the post-conflict negative impact through cultural communication greeting of sapa and base that shows a polite language education in Malay Sambas society and even the culture is believed to be an alternative solution that can deal with inter-ethnic conflicts and prevent conflict to happen again

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James Ransford Dankwah, Emmanuel Baawuah

Abstract: Bakelite is a 3-dimensional cross-linked network structured thermosetting polymer which is difficult to recycle after use. However, it contains high levels of carbon and CaCO3 that can be recovered for use as reductant and fluxing agent in ironmaking. In this work we report the use of post-consumer bakelite as reductant for the production of metallic iron from iron oxide in a horizontal tube furnace through the composite pellet approach.Gas emission studies were conducted by pyrolysing raw bakelite at different temperatures within the temperature range 1200-1600 °C in a horizontal tube furnace. Following this,composite pellets were then formed from mixtures of iron oxide and post-consumer bakelite.The iron oxide-bakelite composites were heated from room temperature to 1200 °C and then between 1200-1600 °C in a continuous stream of pure argon and the off gas was analysed continuously using an infrared (IR) gas analyser. Elemental analyses of samples of the reduced metal were performed chemically for its oxygen content using a LECO oxygen/nitrogen analyser. The extent of reduction after ten minutes was determined from the oxygen content. Gas emission studies revealed the emission of large volumes of the reductant gases CO and CH4along with CO2.It is further demonstrated that post-consumer bakelite is effective at reducing iron oxide to produce metallic iron.

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Tata Sukyat

Abstract: This study aims to find out how the relationship between an understanding of Palasari public to Islamic brotherhood concept and social solidarity among them. One of the most dominant value underlying all the activities of a society is religion or belief system. Palasari Village is one form of society which can be regarded as sub urban Muslim community, because in addition to the majority of the population are Muslims, also geographically located at Cibiru Bandung City. The method used is a case study with qualitative and quantitative approaches. The results showed that the Palasari public's understanding of islamic brotherhood concept not related to social tos solidarity among them.

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B. Osundare

Abstract: Evaluating changes in soil nutrient status under different growth stages of cassava, makes possible determination of the most critical stage in its vegetative growth phase, when its demand for nutrients is highest. Determining the most critical stage in cassava vegetative growth phase, when its nutrient demand is highest, will enhance properly timed fertilizer application in such a way the application will coincide with the most critical stage in cassava vegetative phase when its demand for nutrients is highest. In view of this, a two – year field experiment was designed to assess changes in nutrient status of an Alfisol under different growth stages of cassava during 2010 and 2011 cropping seasons at the Teaching and Research Farm of the Ekiti State University, Ado – Ekiti, Ekiti State, Nigeria. The experiment was laid out in a randomized complete block design with three replicates. The different growth stages of cassava when changes in nutrient status of Alfisol were evaluated included: 3, 6, 9, and 12 months after planting (MAP). The results indicated existence of significant (P = 0.05) differences among the different growth stages of cassava as regards their effects on chemical properties of Alfisol. During 2010 cropping season, the significant decreases in soil organic carbon (SOC) under growth stages of cassava were from 0.96 g kg-1 for ISNSPTC to 0.88, 0.80, 0.72 and0.64 g kg-1 for ages 3, 6, 9 and 12 MAP, respectively. Similarly, during 2011 cropping season, the significant decreases in soil organic carbon (SOC) under growth stages of cassava were from 0.96 g kg-1 for ISNSPTC to 0.80, 0.73, 0.66 and0.58 g kg-1 for ages 3, 6, 9 and 12 MAP, respectively. During 2010 cropping season, the significant decreases in total N under growth stages of cassava were from 0.68 g kg-1 for ISNSPTC to 0.57, 0.50, 0.43 and0.35 g kg-1 for ages 3, 6, 9 and 12 MAP, respectively. During 2011 cropping season, the significant decreases in total N under growth stages of cassava were from 0.68 g kg-1 for ISNSPTC to 0.54, 0.47, 0.41 and0.32 g kg-1 for ages 3, 6, 9 and 12 MAP, respectively.

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Mohammad Mahmudul Alam Mia, Shovasis Kumar Biswas, Monalisa Chowdhury Urmi, Abubakar Siddique

Abstract: Recently, back propagation neural network (BPNN) has been applied successfully in many areas with excellent generalization results, for example, rule extraction, classification and evaluation. In this paper the Levenberg-Marquardt back-propagation algorithm is used for training the network and reconstructs the image. It is found that Marquardt algorithm is significantly more proficient. A practical problem with MLPs is to select the correct complexity for the model, i.e., the right number of hidden units or correct regularization parameters. In this paper, a study is made to determine the issue of number of neurons in every hidden layer and the quantity of hidden layers needed for getting the high accuracy. We performed regression R analysis to measure the correlation between outputs and targets.

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Oyungerel Altangerel, Wang Ruimei, Ehsan Elahi, Bayandalai Dash

Abstract: This study is conducted to investigate the effect of job stress on job performance. A random sampling technique is used to collect primary data of 120 employees of four telecommunication companies of Mongolia i.e. Mobicom, Unitel, Skytel and G-mobile. A well-structured questionnaire is utilized to collect relevant data; descriptive and logistic analysis is used to estimate and describe the findings of results. It is found that work overload is major reason of stress among employees and majority of employees reduce their productivity and loss of interest in job due to stress. As for concern health issue, eyes strain, dizziness and disorder in sleep are due to job stress. According to results of logit model, parameters of education, experience and salary per month are statistically significant and have positive impact on employees’ performance but age, family size, no relaxation time giving to employees during working hours and work overload are statistically significant and have negative impact on employees’ job performance. For suggestions, companies should increase salaries of employees and give reward to employees those have work overload. Workload of employees should reduce by proper work redesign and efficient management by proper allocation of job. It is also found that stress also becomes reason of several illnesses and majority of employees don’t have medical facilities (first aid) at working place, therefore it is suggested that companies should also provide medical facilities (first aid) for employees at work place.

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Nitika Aggarwal, Abhishek Choudhary, Maalvika Bachani, Mrs. Rachna Jain

Abstract: Cloud computing is an emerging technology where all the computing resources are shared on the cloud rather than having local servers or personal devices to handle applications. Encrypting data residing on the cloud database is required to prevent unauthorized access of confidential and critical information and the subsequent modification of the information for personal benefit. As all the organizational information resides on the computers, security of this data is of utmost importance. Shamir’s secret sharing algorithm is one successful way of encrypting the data. In this research paper we have developed a new encrypting algorithm based on symmetric key cryptography. We have used logical operations like XOR and zero padding. The Shamir’s secret sharing algorithm would act on the key generated by our proposed encryption algorithm. This algorithm is an efficient and a simple strategy for secure communication in cloud computing.

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Sabrina Hidayat

ABSTRACT: When the doctor have an error act during its work, so can be categorized have done the malpractice. How to determine that is an error act that can be categorized as the malpractice? To be Convicted, a doctor is not enough if only conduct the act against the law, but still need some of requirement, like the doctor whom suspected have done criminal act must be proved as guilty so he/she must take any responsibility to it. Or by proved that the act of doctor can be justified so their act is not seen as a medical malpractice.

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Jithin M, Anees Abdul Hameed, Ben Jose, Anush Jacob

Abstract: The various heat treatment processes are annealing, normalizing, hardening, tempering, spheroidising, surface hardening, flame and induction hardening, nitriding, cyaniding, carbonitriding, carburizing etc Heat treatment on duplex stainless steel is to improve ductility, toughness, strength, hardness and to relieve internal stress developed in the material. Here basically the experiment of hardness test, impact test, wear test and compression is done to get idea about heat treated duplex stainless steel, which has extensive uses in all industries and scientific research and development fields.

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