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Volume 3- Issue 2, February 2014 Edition

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Samuel Lihan, Yue Keong Choon, Ng Kok Hua, Mohd Effendi Wasli

Abstract: Antimicrobial agents including antivirals and antibiotics have saved millions of lives all over the world, but these drugs are losing their effectiveness due to the development of resistance of infectious disease agents towards them. The incidence of antibiotic-resistance towards current drugs has been rapidly increasing but fewer new antibiotics are being developed. This study was carried out on soil samples collected from Kubah National Park, Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysian Borneo, in order to discover novel antibiotics produced by soil microbes. Twenty one samples of soils were analyzed for antimicrobial producing fungi. Potential fungal isolates were tested against Escherichia coli, Listeria monocytogenes, Salmonella enteritidis and Klebsiella pneumoniae. Six fungal isolates labeled P550AIa, P550AIb, P550AIc, P550AId, P550AIIa, P550AIIb showed strong antibacterial activity against the test bacteria during the antimicrobial activity screening using agar overlay technique in the preliminary screening and secondary screening. Out of the 6 fungal isolates, 3 isolates P550AIa, P550AIb, P550AIc were selected to undergo antibiotics susceptibility testing and further characterization. The crude extract of the 3 fungal isolates were further characterized by MIC, TLC and bioauthography methods. The isolates showed MIC value and produced inhibition zone compared to the positive control (5×dilutions of penicillin-streptomycin solution). The characteristics of the spores produced by the three fungal isolates matched with the description for Penicillium spp.. Further confirmation by DNA sequencing of isolate P550AIb revealed its identity as Penicillium verruculosum. All the fungal isolates showing antimicrobial activity are potential to be used for producing antimicrobial compound for combating infectious bacterial agents as evidenced in this study.

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Ahmed H. I. Elfaig, Mohamed Duad, Nor Mariah Adam, Mohd. Zohadie Bardaie, Ramdzani Abdullah

Abstract: This article focuses on the monitoring of community noise pollution in some selected sensitive areas of Kuala Lumpur that include Blue Boy Mansions residential area and LaSalle Secondary School in busiest part of Klang Valley. The objectives of the article were to monitor and to assess the existing noise levels at the selected sites. A modular precision Sound Level Meter (SLM) Type One was used in the measurements. The measurements were taken for 24–hours in the residential area and from 6 am to 7 pm in the school area (schooling hours). The measurements were taken at an interval of ten minutes and each measurement lasted for five minutes at appropriate points in accordance with ISO 1996-1:1982, ISO 1996-2:1987 and ISO 19896-3:1987. Equivalent Continuous Sound Level (Leq), Sound Level exceeded 10% of the measurement period (L10), Sound Level exceeded 90% of the measurement (L90), minimum noise level (Lmin) and maximum noise level (Lmax) were measured to assist in assessing the existing noise levels at the selected sites. Results showed that the monitored noise levels in terms of Leq, in residential area ranged between 52.1dB(A) to 72.7dB (A) and in the school area ranged between 68.2dB(A) to 73.7dB(A). These levels highly exceeded the level recommended by the World Health Organization (p ≤ 0.001). These noise levels cause sleeping disturbance, interfere with speech communication and message extraction. The main causes of such noise levels are related to transportation system, motor vehicles and traffic supported by poor urban planning. To reduce such noise levels suggestion are made for municipalities to consider protection of communities from an environmental noise as an integral part of their policy for environmental protection to create conducive environment for the society.

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Oyeka I.C.A, Awopeju K.A, Efobi C.C., Onyiaorah A.A.

Abstract: This paper proposes a statistical method for the analysis of diagnostic screening test results reported as quantitative scores, using dummy variable multiple regression techniques. The proposed method develops estimates of the expected test scores for subjects whose tests scores are critically below the minimum normal score; those subjects whose test scores are critically above the maximum normal score; those subjects whose test scores are either marginally below the minimum normal score or marginally above the maximum normal score; and for those subjects whose test results or scores are normal. Test statistics are also developed for testing the existence of any significant difference between the expected scores by these various groups of subjects. The proposed method which may enable health practitioners in statistically discriminating screened subjects, for specific health management programs, by identified risk groups relative to the normal group, is illustrated with some data.

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Agwu I. A, Abdulrahman S, Kalu A.U, Inyama S. C

Abstract: Sociologists recognize phenomenon called social diffusion, which is the spreading of a piece of information, a technological innovation or a cultural fad among a population. This paper, proposes a differential model of the spread of information among a population whose size is known. The members of the population N(x,t) are grouped into two classes according to their information status: informed class I(x,t) and uninformed class U(x,t).We incorporated a diffusion term into the system as a tool for spreading information over significant distances. We investigate the spatial spread of an information into a uniform population of uninformed .Coupled conditions on threshold parameters which determine whether information will flow or not and condition for the existence of such travelling information wave and speed of propagation of information are determined. The system shows possibility of oscillatory behavior and stable dynamics

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Maurice O. Kodiwo, Boniface O. Oindo, Francis Ang’awa, Dr. Esnah Kerubo Bosire

ABSTRACT : A number of scholars agree that farms which are cropped more frequently tend to exhibit lower levels of soil erosion than those that are cropped less frequently or left fallow. However, the effects of physiographic units on this relationship are not known. Most methods used to assess land degradation ignore the use of indicators of agricultural land use intensity and land degradation. They are too complex and ignore the role of physiography. This research looked at the effects of different physiographic units on the relationship between the frequency of cropping and the level of soil erosion in Nyakach District of Kenya. The study focused on establishing the relationship between cropping frequency and level of soil erosion in the Plateau, Scarp Slopes, Plains and Valley Bottoms. Purposive and simple random sampling was used to select 384 out of 29,214 farmsteads. Correlation and regression analyses were employed to assess the nature and strength of the relationship between the cropping frequency and the level of soil erosion in the four different physiographic units of Nyakach. Significant relationships occurred in all the four physiographic units with r = -0.347 for the Plateau, r = -0.318 for the Scarp Slopes, r = -0.412 for the Plains, and r = -0.43 for the Valley Bottoms. The researchers concluded that physiographic units have a significant influence on the relationship between cropping frequency and level of soil erosion in Nyakach District. It was therefore recommended that cropping frequency and level of soil erosion be used for assessing land degradation in specific physiographic units of Nyakach District.

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S. Thiruvenkadam, A. Leo Rajesh

Abstract: Thin films of CuSbS2, a potential candidate for absorber layer in thin film solar cells, were successfully deposited on soda lime glass substrates by using spray pyrolysis and the effect of variation of antimony concentration on the structural, morphological and optical properties were investigated. An aqueous solution of precursor containing cupric chloride, antimony acetate and thiourea was used to deposit CuSbS2 thin films onto heated glass substrates kept at 573K. The deposited thin films were characterized by GIXRD, Micro-Raman, AFM and UV-Visible Spectroscopy. The GIXRD pattern showed that all the CuSbS2 thin films exhibited chalcopyrite structure with preferential orientation along the (006) direction. The optical band gap was found to be increased from 1.40 eV to 1.60 eV due to increasing the antimony amount in CuSbS2 thin films, which is close to the ideal band gap for solar cell applications.

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Utpal Kanti Das , Md. Ashraful Babu, Aminur Rahman Khan, Md. Abu Helal, Dr. Md. Sharif Uddin

Abstract: The study in this paper is to discuss the limitation of Vogel’s Approximation Method (VAM) and developed an improved algorithm after resolving this limitation for solving transportation problem. Vogel’s Approximation Method (VAM) is the more efficient algorithm to solve the transportation problem but it has some limitations when highest penalty cost appear in two or more row or column. For that case VAM does not give any logical solution. In this paper we stand a logical approach for this problem and developed an algorithm named by “Logical Development of Vogel’s Approximation Method (LD-VAM)” where feasible solution from this method are very close to optimal solution more than VAM.

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Babu. M, Saranya. S, Preethy. V, Gurumoorthy. J

Abstract: The size of integrated Circuits has developed rapidly and now their size has reached nano scale which makes the embedded memories more sensitive to Single Event Upsets (SEUs) or Double Event Upsets (DEUs). In particular the reconfigurable system which contains configured memories are more likely to suffer from soft error caused by SEUs or DEUs. In this paper we develop a Reed Solomon code based Error Detection and Correction circuits (EDAC) that can protect the configuration memory of reconfigurable systems from SEUs or DEUs. The existing Hamming code based EDAC circuit can detect two bit error but can correct only single bit error whereas the proposed Reed Solomon code based EDAC circuit can detect and correct multi bit error. This circuit has better dependability. The main drawback of this method is that it needs large area overhead when compared to other conventional methods such as Triple Modular Redundancy (TMR).

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Naresh RR, Kalyan Satish R

Abstract: This study investigates the efficacy of McKenzie’s exercise protocol, Ergonomic recommendations or a combination of both with a control group in reducing low back pain due to job related stress amongst dentists. Forty subjects between the age group of 22 to 29 years were selected for this study. They were randomly allotted into three study groups and one control group, each consisting of ten subjects each. The study group I was advised to follow Ergonomic recommendations protocol, group II McKenzie’s postural exercise protocol and group III was a combination of both protocols for reducing low back pain. The control group was not given any form of recommendations. The recommendations were followed for a period of 15 days. Pretest and post test pain values were determined from each subject by using Numeric pain rating (NRS) scale.The test values were evaluated and compared by t test. There was stastically significant difference among all the groups. All the groups showed significant decrease in pain except the control group in whom no intervention has taken place. This study shows the effective way to control occupational low back pain among dentists.

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Patrick Ohemeng Gyaase, Augustine Takyi

Abstracts: Ghana identified Information and Communication Technology as an indispensable tool for economic development in the ICT Policy for Accelerated Development (ICT4AD). Since then several ICT related policies have been adopted among which is The National Communication Policy(Government of Ghana, 2004) and The National Broadband Policy. Since high speed Internet connectivity is key to the suceess of these policies, the targets set these policies may slipby unlesspolicies relating to broadband communication infrastructure and funding strategies are put in place. Lack of funds has been cited as the reason for lack investment in the broadband infrastructure. The government of Ghana has resorted to borrowing and private investment for such vital infrastructure. These methods have evidently not solved the problem of underdeveloped broadband infrastructure. This paper looks at the state of Internet connectivity in Ghana and makes a case for public financing. It then proposes two sustainable funding sources namely the Communication Service Tax (CST) and Proportionate licensing fees scheme. It also outline the likelychallenges to the use of the proposed funding schemes and concludes that a non-credit funding sources such as suggested would yield more benefits from wide spread broadband deployment in Ghana.

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Porselvi Linganathan, Jhancy Mary Samuel

Abstract: The poly (2-chloroaniline)/ Montmorillonite (P2ClAn/MMT) and poly (2-chloroaniline)/Na-Bentonite (P2ClAn/Na-Bentonite) nano composites were prepared by insitu chemical oxidative polymerization method using ammonium per sulphate (oxidant), HCl (dopant), sodium lauryl sulphate (surfactant) in the presence and absence of dodecyl benzene sulphonic acid (DBSA). The crystallite size of the polymer composites as calculated by Debye-Scherrer equation from XRD data shows the particle size in the range 20-35 nm. The composites were stable upto 550o C. The impedance and the conductance as measured in the frequency range from 20 Hz to 1 MHz at room temperature showed an increase in conductivity in the composite when compared to pure polymer. Among the P2ClAn/clay nano composites synthesized, the poly (2-chloroaniline)/Montmorrilonite in the presence of dodecyl benzene sulphonic acid (P2ClAn-DBSA/MMT) has the maximum conductivity of 3.6 x 10-3 S/cm at room temperature. The crystallinity and orientation is retained in the P2ClAn-DBSA/MMT and hence it has high conductivity than the other composites. The composites synthesized behave as organic metals due to their semiconducting nature.

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Girma Mosisa, Manikandan Muthuswamy, Yohannes Petros

Abstract: Chemical mutagenesis is a simple technique used to create mutation in plants for their improvement of their potential agronomic traits. Experiments were conducted in experimental field stations at Haramaya University, Ethiopia. The objectives of the study was identifying the quantitative traits variation produced by induced chemical mutation; identifying the effect of mutagenic chemical on morphology, root nodules and determining the effectiveness of mutagenic chemicals in haricot bean growth. A mutagenic chemical (Hydroxylamine hydrochloride) were used as chemical mutagen. A variety of haricot bean (Haramaya G- 843) were used for inducing mutation and planted in Complete Randomized Design (CRD) factorial with three replications. A highly significant reduction at (P<0.0001) in seed germination of haramaya variety G-843 was observed at higher concentrations of Hydroxylamine hydrochloride when compared with the control. At a lower dose of mutagenic treatments, days required for flowering and days required for maturity were decreased in 0.02% concentration of Hydroxylamine hydrochloride in Haramaya variety G-843 when compared with control. The mutagenic effectiveness was found to be the highest at lower concentration in germination percentage, plant height, days of flowering and days of maturity, pods per plants, internodes length, and root nodules in Haramaya variety G-843 by hydroxylamine hydrochloride.

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Usman Waziri, Jia Dan, Sani Danjuma, Mohammed Joda Usman, Ahmed Aliyu

Abstract: An online integrated information system for Demography is a web-based application that provides inputs and outputs information support to admin/users in order to update their demographic information. Nigeria is the most populous country in Africa. The absence of virtually any reliable current demographic data has not prevented national and international bodies from generating estimates and projections of population and population growth in Nigeria. Papers and pens is the usual method use in sourcing demographic information which is time consuming and waste of resources. In view of the availability of new technologies, this paper mainly concentrates on improving the manual methods in adopting a Browser Server structure to design an online integrated information system for demography. MyEclipse was used as an integrated environment for development of web-base application and JSP, were served as the programming language. Microsoft SQL server (2005) served as a relational data base management application for handling the data used.

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QI Jin-Gang, S.A Tukur, WANG Jian-Zhong, ZHAO Zou-Fu, Aliyu Mohammed Aliyu

Abstract: An online production of Electric pulse induced recrystallization of a cold-rolled HSi65-1.5 alloy was studied under different annealing temperature and electric pulse parameters. The microstructure morphologies were observed by the optical microscopy and hardness test. Electric pulse treatment (EPT) substantially accelerated recrystallization of the cold-rolled HSi65-1.5alloy within a short time of several seconds at relatively low temperature, as well as suppressed precipitation of β- phase, the primary elongated strip β-phase broke up and almost all of the β phase was transformed into structure consisting of equiaxed, twinned grains of alpha solid solution. Based on quantitative analysis, we conclude that the decreased of the recrystallization temperature of the rolled HSi65-1.5 alloy under EPT is due to the short treating time, high heating rate, accelerated nucleation and lower final dislocation density. The optimum EP treatment parameters where found to be at annealing temperature of 300°C, pulse voltage 700V, pulse frequency 15Hz and pulse time 120s.

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Mallikarjun Koripadu, K. Venkata Subbaiah

Abstract: Problem Management is one of the most important process areas in today’s service sectors (e.g. IT, Healthcare, and Non IT business) apart from production & manufacturing sectors. Problem management ensures to streamline and identify the root causes (main reasons) and provide permanent and temporary solutions to recurring incidents there by reducing the infrastructure downtime/productivity loss. Proactive problem solving management can eliminate reducing incidents from occurring. However, many times due to improper usage or not using any tools and techniques of problem management is ineffective. This paper explains how Lean and six sigma tools and techniques can be effectively used for doing a proactive problem solving management with higher benefits along with improved efficiency and effectiveness. In this paper one IT IS environment of incident management problem has been resolved using problem solving management tools.

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Nimaga Daouda, Kouadio James Halbin, Nindjin Charlemagne, Tetchi Fabrice Achille, Amani Georges

Abstract: The conservation of fresh kolanuts by farmers in Africa poses a veritable problem occasioning enormous economic loss. Fungicide epoxiconazole has been found as best way to reduce or avoid mould and mycotoxins secretion. In the aim to evaluate the bio-persistence of its residue in kolanuts, the present study has been carried out by treatment of kolanuts with epoxiconazole at concentration of 0.15g/l. Samples for epoxiconazole residue analysis were collected at 0, 7, 15 and 30 days in order to follow the elimination of the pesticide residue. In parallel, the incidence of the temperature and the nature of kolanuts container on the bio-persistence of epoxiconazole reside has evaluated. As results, a rapid elimination of epoxiconazole has been observed but varied following the nature of kolanuts container. After only 7 days of storage, the fungicide was undetected (LD = 0.017mg/kg) with the polyvinyl chloride [PVC] container. The efficiency of traditional container made by leaves of Thaumatococcus daniellii has also been demonstrated with disappearance of the residue at 15 days of storage. The third container made by perforated cardboard retarded the residue elimination until 30 days. Temperatures 26 or 29°C have not demonstrated their difference in epoxyconazole residue elimination from kolanuts. Taken together, our results suggested the bio-persistence of epoxiconazole residue in kolanuts after the treatment was very low but influenced by the nature of kolanuts container. In addition to its bio-efficiency previously demonstrated, the fungicide epoxiconazole may be an alternative to improve the conservation of kolanuts by farmers in Côte d’Ivoire.

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Debazit Datta, Suman Chowdhury, Apurba kumar Saha, Md. Moksud Islam (lalan), Mohammad Mahbubur Rahman

Abstract: This study proposes a procedure that was adopted for the development of a linear regression model for estimating solar radiation on horizontal and tilted surfaces for 6 divisions in Bangladesh. The correlations, the simulated global solar radiation on tilted surface and the simulated diffuse solar radiation on a horizontal surface for each location are discussed elaborately. The solar radiation values obtained were compared with the measured values. The results of the global solar radiation show that the areas of greatest solar potential are Rajshahi > Dhaka > Sylhet > Chittagong > Khulna > Barishal and the months of the year with the highest tilted solar radiation are November, December, January and February.

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S. Hemalatha

ABSTRACT: Current VLSI manufacturing processes suffer from larger defective parts ratio, partly due to numerous emerging defect types. While traditional fault models, such as the stuck at and transition delay fault models are still widely used, they have been shown to be inadequate to handle these new defects. The main aim is to develop a complete behavioral fault simulation and automatic test pattern generation (ATPG) system for digital circuits modeled in verilog and VHDL. An integrated Automatic Test Generation (ATG) and Automatic Test Executing/Equipment (ATE) system for complex boards is developed here. An ATG technique called Behavior-Based Automatic Test Generation technique (namely BBATG) is developed. BBATG uses the device behavior fault model and represents a circuit board as interconnection of devices. The other method used here is novel test pattern generator (TPG) for built-in self-test. A multiplexer is developed to generate a class of minimum transition sequences. The entire hardware is realized as digital logical circuits and the test results are simulated in Xilinx and Model sim software. Gate level simulation is not an effective solution for complex microcircuits. The low cost, versatile and reconfigurable FPGA-based ATE is implemented called FATE to support in ASIC development phase. The results of this research show that behavioral fault simulation will remain as a highly attractive alternative for the future generation of VLSI and system-on-chips (SoC).

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Oyeka I.C.A, Awopeju K.A, Efobi C.C., Onyiaorah A.A.

Abstract: This paper investigates the impact of some selected factors affecting HIV/AIDS prevalence in Nigeria. Factors consider include sex of patients, age of patients, PCV level of the patients, duration of the infection and length of hospitalization of patients before discharge or date. Dummy variable multiple regression methods were used in which the independent variables were represented with 0s and 1s. It was found that at each age and duration of infection, the PCV levels of HIV/AIDS positive females were statistically lower than that of HIV/AIDS positive males. PCV levels were found to decrease with increase in duration of infection for all sex groups. The mean duration of HIV/AIDS infection was found to be highest for the age group less than 30 for all sex groups. Age group 40 and above tend to have the lowest mean duration of the infection, as well as, length of hospitalization of patients.

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Amuda, A.K., Okoh, S., Ekwuribe, S., Bashir, M.

Abstract: This report unveils the measures taken to calibrate the newly installed x-ray fluorescence instrument (X-Supreme 8000) in Multi-User Science Research Laboratory, Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria. Precision and accuracy is dependent on appropriate method set up and suitable analyte conditions. The tube current was set to achieve 20% dead time for silicon drift detector (SDD). The tube voltage setting with at least twice line energy of elements aided method set up for spectrum scan from which region of interest (ROI) was utilized to check interferences and matrix effect. Air readily absorb low energy x-ray, thus the analysis chamber was evacuated with helium for low Z elements up to Niobium (Nb). Direct proportional relationships occur between concentration of analytes and detector count per seconds (cps). The standard error of mean of given and calculated concentration of standard reference materials (SRM) range between 0.001 – 0.013wt%. A relatively low standard deviation and repeatability of results confirms good precision and accuracy of the instrument.

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Kafrawi, Baharuddin, Enny L. Sengin, Ade Rosmana

Abstract: Auxin producing bacteria can be isolated from plant rhizospheres and used as inoculants for improving the growth and yield of agricultural crops. The present study focuses on the screening of indole-3-acetic acid producing rhizobacterial isolated from the rhizosphere soil of shallot plants grown at five provinces in Sulawesi. A total of 125 bacterial isolates were screened and characterized for the production of bioauxin, Indole-3- Acetic Acid (IAA) by colorimeter method. The IAA activity was induced when the isolates were grown in the presence of L-Tryptophan, a physiological precursor of auxins. 51 out of 125 rhizobacterial isolates were found to produce IAA in the culture filtrates with amount ranged from 0.76 to 2.33 ppm, of these, five isolates (MG9, LB3, MK6-1-1, MK11, and GR25) were able to produce 2.05, 2.14, 2.20, 2.33, and 2.33 ppm of IAA respectively. Therefore, these five isolates are needed to be further studied due to their potential to be developed as plant growth promoting rhizobacteria in the field application.

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Muh. Nurdin, Maulidiyah

Fabrication of TiO2/Ti nano tube electrodes along with its characteristics and application on photoelectrocatalytic system has been conducted. The formation of TiO2/Ti thin film on the surface of Ti metal was carried out through anodizing method. The results of data analysis on XRD spectroscopic indicated that the TiO2 crystal formed is anatase crystal type. Degradation test of photoelectrocatalytic reactor to Acid Orange 7 dye showed a decrease of the organic dye concentration with the greatest degradation activity was generated by TiO2/Ti electrode with 4 hours anodizing time compared with anodizing time of 1 hour, 2 hours, 8 hours, and 10 hours.

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Md. Syful Islam Mahfuz, Farzana Yesmin

Abstract: Recent advancement and grown up technologies has enabled the development and implementation of low-cost, energy efficient and versatile sensor networks. Sensor networks are built up with sensors that have the ability to sense physical or environmental property. Assumption can be made that Wireless Sensing Network (WSN) is able to sense environmental conditions at Nano and gaseous level. Wireless sensor network has increasingly become a research hotspot as the technology of wireless networks become gradually matured and supported by small, micro-mobile devices. WSN consists of a several number of sensor nodes ranging from few tens to thousands and base station or sink node. Each node is capable of storing, processing and relaying the data that are sensed. The quality of working properly of the nodes in WSN application consists of comprehension, gathering and distributing information in the network. Energy is a main issue as the sensors are in general tiny. In addition wireless with restricted memory and quality of working properly given the fact that the batteries have a restricted governing power. For this reason, routing system of these type of nodes sometimes depend on energy. In this paper, we have focused on the efficient routing protocols of wireless sensing network based on energy level and life time.

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Md. Zakaria, Md. Abdullah Aziz, Md. Ismail Hossain, Niaz Md. Farhat Rahman

Abstract: The study is conducted for the effect of climate variables (rainfall, maximum temperature) on Aman rice production and mapping in Bangladesh. We used time series data for the last decade (2003-2012) for rainfall and maximum temperature from BMD (Bangladesh Meteorological Department) and BBS (Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics) respectively. From the combined trend of rainfall and maximum temperature intensity (determined by GIS mapping), geographically Bangladesh is divided into four regions such as; North-Eastern Region, South-Eastern Region, South-Western Region and North-Western Region, in this research. In North-Eastern regions Aman production is proportional to rainfall and maximum temperature does not prominent variables which indicate the rainfall effect the rice production prominently. In the South-Eastern region rainfall and maximum temperature both are in repetitive and show less effect on production which indicates other variables are prominent in this region. There may have salinity and soil condition effect on the Aman rice production of this region. In South-Western region the both variables are prominent in this region. We know that most the area of the region is situated under tidal effect which may be the cause of production decrease. In North-Western region Aman production increased though rainfall decreased so significantly also average maximum temperature was high in this region. It implies that maximum temperature is the dominant factor in this region which increases the Aman rice production significantly. So, effect of maximum temperature becoming the dominant variable continuously for Aman rice production in the last decade of Bangladesh.

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Moses Aol Jabuya, Fredrick Ochieng Owuor, Clare Onsarigo

Abstract: The study was descriptive survey design and ex post facto design that evaluated the determinants of parental participation in implementation of school projects in public secondary schools in Kisumu County. The study was guided by the following objectives: To investigate the determinants of parental participation in the implementation of academic improvement projects in Muhoroni secondary school Kisumu County; to determine whether there is a relationship between determinants of parental participation in the school academic improvement projects and achievement of children. Sourcing for information, existing materials and primary data collection was dode using structured questionnaires, Focused Group Discussion, and Key informants. Respondents were Parent Teachers Association members, Teachers and students of Muhoroni Secondary school. Data was analyzed using statistical package for Social Sciences. Analysis of data revealed that family characteristics, Social background, parental valuation of education, students characteristics and school perception were core determinants of parental participation in implementation of school improvement projects. Study recommended schools to maintain effective partnership with parents; schools to check students behavior as it pulls parents to school; Schools to outsource funds from other donors; Education Ministry to come up with clear policy on school project development assist schools improve performance.

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Vijayalakshmi, C.K, Simi. C,Tintumol, K, Vinodkumar P.K

Abstract: Cephalonomia stephanoderis, imported from Mexico is largely used in India as a successful exotic natural enemy of coffee berry borer. Present study compares the life cycle of the parasitoids in cherry and parchment coffee. Study reveals no great variation in the life cycle in both. Study also indicate that naturally infested cherry coffee is the suitable host than parchment for coffee berry borer breeding as the fecundity is found to be very low in parchment.

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Gichana Z. M., Njiru M., Raburu P. O., Masese F. O.

Abstract: This paper presents an assessment of the effects of human activities on the microbial water quality along Nyangores stream. Seven sampling stations were selected to correspond to different human activities along the stream. Physical and chemical water quality parameters were measured in situ using measuring probes and coliform bacteria determined using the membrane filtration technique (MFT). Significant variation (p<0.05) of physical chemical parameters were observed downstream. The same trend was observed with total coliforms and Escherichia coli. Higher densities of bacteria were recorded during the wet season. We conclude that human activities influenced the quality of water in Nyangores stream.

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Ali Salari, Majid Zamahani, Reza Rasouli

Abstract: The aim of this research is the study the relationship between emotional intelligence of the levels of managers (senior managers, middle managers and operational managers) on their entrepreneurial personality in Tehran province air-handling units and industrial diffusers manufacturers in the country of Iran with using artificial neural networks. The volume of the statistical society for each one of these three groups is 81, 183 and 430. The sampling method in this research is Stratified random method. With using the Cochran formula the sample size for each one of these three groups is 58, 95 and 135. It is used from the regression model and Neural Networks model for test of assumption . The results of this research has clarified that the factors of the emotional for the managers of senior and operational levels and their entrepreneurial personality have positive and meaningful relation (The Coefficient Of Correlation in sequence is 0.537 & 0.725) but there is no positive and meaningful relations between emotional intelligence for the managers of middle levels and their entrepreneurial personality. The findings also showed that the neural network approach is better than linear regression for predicting this relationship.

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Atul Gupta, Dharamveer kr. Yadav

Abstract: Similarity is criteria of measuring nearness or proximity between two concepts. Several algorithmic approaches for computing similarity have been proposed. Among the existing Similarity measure, majority of them utilize WordNet as an underlying ontology for calculating semantic similarity. WordNet is a lexical database for English Language which was created and maintained by Congnitive Science Laboratory at Princeton University under the supervision of Professor George A. Miller. It is organized as a network which consists of concepts or terms called Synsets (list of synonyms terms) and the relationship between them. There are different type of relationship exists in WordNet such as is-a, part-of, synonym and antonym. It has thdatabases, one for noun, one for verb and one for adverb and adjective. This project work proposes a metric for semantic relatedness calculation between pair of concepts which uses Tversky’s feature based approach which takes into account the common and distinct feature of the two terms or concepts. If commonality is more as compared to differences the similarity between concepts is high otherwise similarity is low. Tversky’s theory is quantified by information content of two concepts and the Information content of most specific common ancestor of two concepts. As we move down in the WordNet hierarchy, more specific and more Informative concept are there, where as when we move up in the hierarchy more Generalized and less Informative concepts are there. So depth of a concept in the WordNet hierarchy is a critical factor in similarity calculation. We take into consideration the depth of the specific concept in the WordNet hierarchy which is the deciding factor for determining the relevance of distinct feature specific to a concept in similarity calculation. Introduction of depth reduces the impact of the less relevant dissimilarity indulge in similarity calculation thereby increase precision. We carried out our experiment of 28 word–pair common to Rubenstein-Goodenough and Millers-Charles set. These word-pair range from low similarity, intermediate similarity and finally to high similarity pairs. Evaluation is done by calculating our similarity values calculated using the proposed measure with the human rating. We utilize Pure Java Wordnet Similarity Library for implementing our proposed metric. Experimental results shows that the proposed metrics is at par with the existing similarity measure and superior to some of the traditional ones.

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Abstract: Web page can be divided in various blocks called as fragments. A fragment is a portion of a web page which has a distinct theme or functionality and is distinguishable from the other parts of the page.Dividing web pages into fragments has provided significant benefits. Good methods are needed for dividing web pages into fragments. Manual fragmentation of web pages is expensive, error prone, and un-scalable. Due to these problems, extraction of web fragments using Content extractor algorithm and DeSeA algorithm have been widely used. The proposed work has following features: 1) Detect fragment using content extractor algorithm. 2) Extraction of fragment detected in step (1). 3) Detect fragment using DeSeA algorithm. 4) Extraction of fragment detected in step (3). 5) Analyze results of extracted fragment using above algorithms.

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Jika, H.T, Mamah, L.I

Abstract: VLF-EM profiles and Schlumberger depth soundings were carried out in Vandeikya area of Central Benue Trough of Nigeria. The area is underlain by both sedimentary and Basement complex rocks.Groundwater potential and aquifer characteristics of the area were analized using Dar Zarrouk parameters. The geoelectric data acquired were interpreted using partial curve matching, IX1D, Surfer, Grapher and Win-Resist software programmes. The qualitative interpretation of VLF-EM results identifies areas of hydro-geologic importance and forms basis for Schlumberger depth soundings. The study shows that most aquifers in the area lie between the second and the third layer with resistivity varying from 29.5-232.7Ωm. The thicknesses of aquifers in the area vary between 7.3-38.0m. Overburden thicknesses in the area vary between 0.9-6.7m. The study shows that aquifers in the area are prolific with the exception of VES 8 and VES 10 with poor hydrogeologic significance. Dar Zarrouk parameter of longitudinal conductance revealed that transmissivity within the area ranges from 0.49-13.99m2/day.However hydraulic conductivity in the area ranges from 0.0671-1.7124. Correlation coefficient between the modeled transmissivity and hydraulic conductivity gave R2 value of 0.8249 which signifies a perfect correlation.

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Dr. K.Thirumaran., Ar. R.Babu

Abstract : This study attempts to reveal that the entrance design elements and physical features attributes of entrance of the institutes of technical education has the ability in inducing perceived image among the observers about the technical Institutes in Tiruchirappalli and Thanjavur region. Furthermore, to establish that perceived image of a setting is a function of legibility of design elements and characteristic physical features of the setting. In pursuit of this, the selected concepts for understanding features of physical environment- Image relationships identified by Kevin Lynch (1959): Form Identity, Visual scope, Dominance, legibility, and sensory stimulation are the key factors considered of this study that were investigated through observation and collected response from the students for a set of structured questionnaire in selected learning environments of college level institutions in and around Tiruchirappalli and Thanjavur district. The research questions examined through the selected factors here are: 1) does the form articulation and uniqueness of the entrance design elements facilitate in inducing superior image about the institute among the observers. 2) Does the visual distance and possibility of viewing entire span of the built structure of the entrance support in inducing superior image about the institute among the observers. 3) Does the greater size, scale and proportion of the physical features of the entrance aid in inducing superior image about the institute among the observers. 4) Does the clarity on spatial articulation and ease of perceiving the entrance design elements augment in inducing superior image about the institute among the observers. 5) Does the figure- ground relation, finish color and texture of the material of construction of the entrance structure endorse in inducing superior image about the institute among the observers. Data collected with questionnaires completed by 458 respondents from selected engineering colleges in Tiruchirappalli and Thanjavur region were analyzed and the results indicate that the Entrance design elements and physical features are significant in inducing perceived superior image among the observers besides the other uncontrolled variables. Thereby, proving the Research hypothesis that perceived image of a setting is a function of legibility of design elements and Characteristic physical features of the setting. Furthermore, the research findings indicate that more design variables could be studied in different context to bring out further significant insights in understanding the relationship between perceived image and image building capacities of the variables of built environment at large.

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Shafiqua T. Pathan, Sharyu S. Waghmare, Pranali P. Khadse, Pratik P. Shukla, Shrikant A. Wawre

Abstract: This survey paper basically focuses on the design approach of a security system based on the modern Digital Image Processing techniques. We can detect and classify an image feature using the Image Processing Technique. This paper explains a way to process a video from any video device such as CCTV, Mobile Camera, etc. Firstly, we will obtain continuous frames from the video and then apply all the image processing techniques on the frame. After applying basic image preprocessing, the image will be again processed with SUSAN (Smallest Univalue Segment Assimilating Nucleus) to extract certain kinds of features and infer the contents of an image. The extracted features data then compared with the data stored in standard database and can be classified.

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Gunda Gautam, Gunda Sumanth, Karthikeyan K C, Shyam Sundar, D.Venkataraman

Abstract: A powered wheel chair is a mobility-aided device for persons with moderate/severe physical disabilities or chronic diseases as well as the elderly. In order to take care for different disabilities, various kinds of interfaces have been developed for powered wheelchair control; such as joystick control, head control and sip-puff control. Many people with disabilities do not have the ability to control powered wheel chair using the above mentioned interfaces. The proposed model is a possible alternative. In this paper, we use the optical-type eye tracking system to control powered wheel chair. User’s eye movement are translated to screen position using the optical type eye tracking system. When user looks at appropriate angle, then computer input system will send command to the software based on the angle of rotation of pupil i.e., when user moves his eyes balls up (move forward), left (move left), right (move right) in all other cases wheel chair will stop. Once the image has been processed it moves onto the second part, our microprocessor. The microprocessor will take a USB output from the laptop and convert the signal into signals that will be sent to the wheelchair wheels for movement. Also, the pressure and object detection sensors will be connected to our microprocessor to provide necessary feedback for proper operation of the wheelchair system. The final part of the project is the wheelchair itself. The rear wheels will provide forward. The front two wheels will be used for steering left and right. All four wheels will be connected to our microprocessor that will send signals to control the wheels and thus the overall movement.

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N. V. Shrirame, G. Gyananath, M. T. Mulgir, O. S. Kanse

Abstract: Present study deals with the study of the physico-chemical parameters of Ghagardara pond for one year in Nanded district (Maharashtra). The water quality in the Ghagardara pond was examined. The parameters like pH, turbidity, chloride, hardness, alkalinity, total dissolved solids, O2 , CO2 , sulphate, iron, ammonia etc were analyzed. Results revealed that all the parameters of pond water were within permissible limits according to Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS). Descriptive statistics such as mean, standard error were calculated & the Analysis of variance (ANOVA) was carried out to compare the parameters at different stations.

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M.E. Ahsan, M.A.B. Siddik, M.R. Sharker, M.A. Alam, A. Nahar, S.N. Pattadar

Abstract: An investigation was carried out on the fish species availability in the fish landing centers of Patuakhali district from March, 2012 to December 2012 to know the present status of freshwater, brackish water and marine species variety and their relative abundance in Patuakhali, the coastal district of Bangladesh. Almost all the major fish landing centers (seven) were surveyed using questionnaire. A total of 138 inland and marine water fish and crustacean species were observed. Out of 138, 126 species belongs to finfish and rest 12 species to crustacean. Amongst the fin fish species, 61 were freshwater, 10 exotic and 55 marine water species. Twenty one fish species were found both in marine and freshwater. Eighteen species were detected as endangered (Ompok pabda, Tenualosa toli, Sperata aor, Chitala chitala, Puntius sarana, Rita rita, Nandus nandus, Notopterus notopterus, Wallago attu, Channa marulius, Labeao bata, Pangasius pangasius, Puntius ticto, Osteobrama cotio, Labeo calbasu, Chanda nama, Bagarius bagarius and Rasbora rasbora). On the basis of abundance, carp species, Tenualosa ilisha, Lates calcarifer, Trichiurus haumela, Penaeus monodon and Scylla serrata were recorded most abundant.

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Kshama Raichura, Nilesh Padhariya, Kishor Atkotiya

Abstract: This work proposes query optimization model using caching for Mobile Ad-hoc Networks (MANETs). In the recent era, the proliferation of mobile devices increases the high traffic on Internet. Furthermore, the large number of smart-mobile devices is capable to carry considerable amount of data with them. Increasing storage capability of mobile devices has inspired us to perform effective query optimization on mobile database systems, where small part of the central database can be cached on local mobile database for performing faster query processing. This further reduces the need of constant connectivity of the device to the central server, which reduces the Internet traffic. In the query issuer retrieves data from the cached mobile database, which minimizes the traffic at central database server. The main contributions of our work are three-folds. First, we propose cache-based query optimization model for faster data retrieval and effective query processing. Second, we propose two schemes for cached-broker, namely Event-Driven Query caching (EDQc) and Location-Dependent Query caching (LDQc). Third, we conduct a performance study, which demonstrates that in order to retrieve data faster in mobile environment and to avoid large number of connection to the server, caching is one of the important concept.

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Asri Salehi, Rauf Patong, Ahyar Ahmad

Abstract: Has conducted research on the bioactivity of antibacterial protein fractions isolated using a polar solvent of some sponge species on the island of Barang Lompo, South Sulawesi. The protein concentration was determined by Lowry method showed concentrations of the four species of sponge proteins in the crude extract in a row is 4.008 mg / ml, 5.376 mg / ml, 3.292 mg / ml and 1.404 mg / ml of each 500 grams of fresh weight sponge BLS 01, BLU 02, BLS 03 and BLU 04. Purification of proteins with ammonium sulfate fractionation method followed by the process of dialysis gives the result that all the ammonium sulfate fraction containing bioactive proteins where the highest inhibition zone found in BLS03 species (20-40%), reaching 9.85 mm and (60-80%) reaching 10.2 mm against E. coli and Staphylacoccus aureus. Testing inhibition in several variations number of bioactive proteins showed that the maximum inhibitory zone activity present in a concentration of 4000 mg / mL protein of BLS03 (20-40%) and (60-80%). Pengujian daya hambat pada beberapa variasi jumlah protein bioaktif menunjukkan bahwa aktivitas zona hambat maksimum terdapat pada konsentrasi 4000 µg/mL protein dari BLS03 (20 – 40 %) dan (60 – 80 %). From the results of this study indicate that the bioactive proteins from sponges potential as a base for new antibacterial drugs, especially against E. coli.

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Mohammed Al-Zobbi

Abstract: IPv4 is an old protocol and suffers from addresses shortage, redundancy and other problems. IPv6 is a new protocol, which is not been widely adopted, but it supports Quality of Service (QoS) Features and a huge range of unique addresses. IPv6 needs to be tested and evaluated regarding to QoS support. The Differentiated Services “DiffServ” is a QoS framework; it could be implemented in either IPv4 or IPv6. DiffServ requires 6-bit value to be assigned to IPv4/IPv6 header; this value is called DSCP (DiffServ codepoint). DSCP is set in a “ToS” field in IPv4, and in a “Class” field in IPv6. There is no any implementation difference between assigning DSCP in either IPv4 or IPv6. In this research, a comparison between IPv4 and IPv6 in adopting DiffServ framework is presented. DiffServ represents the QoS frameworks; the impact of each version of IPs on QoS, affects the DiffServ framework, and as a result, affects the whole network performance.

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Tsourela Maria, Paschaloudis Dimitris, Fragidis Garyfallos

Abstract: In this research the teaching quality concept is explored. Concerning the area of higher education offered by Universities and Technological Institutions in Greece, there are many parties involved in the provision of services. In this study only one relationship, between students and teachers, is examined. For many this relationship is considered to be as the most essential one while there are others that argue that fact claiming that even if teaching quality is excellent and value creation aspects are based on the value co-creation approach the total provision in the university context will not be of excellence if all the other parties of networks involved do not promote quality and value. It can be sensed that students do co-create the value they expect to obtain from university service. The results of our case study revealed that teachers do not appreciate the way they are evaluated and think that this strategy may have very bad consequences for the whole education system. It is obvious that according to the results of the teachers' interviews, they think that evaluation is something that must exists and that good evaluation system will lead to the upgrade of courses to the professional development of teachers and to more satisfied customers that in our case are students. On the other hand, bad evaluation systems, such as evaluation through student questionnaires may lead to lowered teacher expectations, lowered teaching difficulty and teacher manipulation by the students.

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Rien Agustin F

Abstract: Background of this study was based on the argument that there were gap between user of financial statement and the auditor, regarding auditor’s responsibility for detecting materially misstated and fraud on financial statement. Auditor’s responsibility for detecting fraud and materially misstated on financial statement was one of the primary factors that can influence bankers as users of financial statement for credit decision making. The author used this argument to investigate the existence of audit expectation gap between bankers and auditor in Indonesia in 2012. This study used quantitative approach method and all data were gathered from survey, using semantic belief questionnaire. Its target populations were bankers from four large local banks and accountant educators from several universities in Bandung, West Java, Indonesia. The result found evidence of audit expectation gap in Indonesia as predicted, particularly in areas of auditor responsibility for fraud prevention and detection and maintaining accounting records. The result of this research suggests that accountant educators should play a larger role to reduce audit expectation gap in Indonesia.

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R.S.Prabakaran, T.R.Abinaya, T.Aarthi

ABSTRACT: Virtual machine (VM) technology being greater and fully developed, compute resources in cloud systems can be partitioned in fine granularity and allocated on demand, which contributes three technologies such as, Formulating a deadline-driven resource allocation problem based on the cloud environment facilitated with VM resource isolation technology, and also to minimize users’ payment. Analyzing the upper bound of task execution length based on the possibly inaccurate workload prediction, it further proposed an error-tolerant method to guarantee task’s completion within its deadline. Validating its effectiveness over a real VM-facilitated cluster environment under different levels of competition.

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Dipti Sharma

Abstract: There are many people who suffer from Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) which is a condition that affects several joints, most usually the small joints in the feet, hands, along with knees, hips and shoulder joints too. RA is an autoimmune disease which leads to inflammation of the lining of the joints, resulting in destruction & deformity of the affected joints, causing extreme tenderness and pain. Does RA represent a significantly altered physiological condition in which the spectrum and balance of nutrients recommended for normal healthy children and adults are no longer adequate or is it beyond nutrition? In the present article an attempt has been made to unfold the role of bioactive compounds from different foods groups for meeting nutritional requirement in RA.

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B.Rajasekaran, M.L.Bharathi

Abstract: This paper deals with the simulation of closed loop and open loop controlled Interleaved Boost Converter (ILBC). It is seen that, for higher power applications, more modules can be paralleled to increase the power rating and the dynamic performance. One of the challenge in designing a boost converter for high power application is how to handle the high current at the input side. In this paper an interleaved boost dc-dc converter is proposed for current sharing on high power application. Moreover, this converter also reduces the ripple current. The simulated results are presented with R load.

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M. E. Ahsan, M. R. Sharker, M. A. Alam , M. A. B. Siddik, A. Nahar

Abstract: The research investigated the effects of addition of tilapia and periphyton substrates on water quality and abundance of plankton in freshwater prawn culture ponds. The absence and presence (0 and 0.5 individual/m2) of tilapia were investigated in 40m2 ponds stocked with 3 prawn juveniles (5.023 ±0.04g)/m2 with or without added substrates for periphyton development. A locally formulated and prepared pellet feed (2mm) containing 30% protein with C/N ratio close to 10 was used. The feed was applied at the rate of the 10% body weight and gradually decreased to 3% at the end of the culture period. Water quality parameters and the abundance of plankton and periphyton biomass were measured. The abundance of plankton and periphyton biomass was significantly higher in tilapia-free ponds comparing to tilapia added ponds. The addition of substrates did not influence size at harvest but improved the survival of prawn from 54.4 to 76.9%. Substrates contributed an increase in gross and net yield of prawn by 33% and 42.5%, respectively. Addition of tilapia and periphyton substrates benefited the freshwater prawn culture through reducing toxic inorganic nitrogenous compounds in water, enhancing the utilization of natural foods and improving survival, production and economic benefit.

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Oloto, I.N., Promise, W.

Abstract: Biostratigraphic and lithologic analysis were carried out on core samples from three wells of two fields in offshore depositional belt and one onshore well in coastal swamp depositional belt in southwestern Niger delta, namely Bongo-ST-1, Bongo -4, Ngolo and Opukushi-25 respectively. A total of 99 samples are examined 35 samples for Bongo –ST-1, 23 for Bongo -4, 16 for Ngolo and 25 samples for Opukushi -25 well with total thickness of 2421feet , 526feet, 5563feet respectively.Biostratigraphic analyses established Early- Middle Miocene age of Bongo ST -1, Ngolo and Opukushi – 25 wells and Early Miocene for Bongo -4 well based on the First Appearance Datum (FAD) and last Appearance Datum (LAD) of diagnostic faunal and floral makers such as Globorotalia obesa,Globigerinoides bisphericus,G. obliguus, Globigerinoides immaturus, Orbulina universa and Orbolina suturalis and their suite of Early-Middle Miocene benthic foraminiferal assemblage which include Bolivina miocenia,Lenticulina rotulata, Alveolephragmium crassium, Bolivina beyrichi, Saccammina complanata and Cyclammina minima. Some of the diagnostic flora makers encountered in this study include Magnastriatites howardii, Verrutricolporites retundiporus Praedapollis africanus Crassoretitriletes vanraandshooveni, Raccmonocolpites hians. Echiperiporites estalae, Pachydermites diedeixi, Grimsdalea magnaclavata and Echitricolporites spinosus The depositional environment and paleobathymetric ranges of the four wells are determine and interpreted with the use of depth sensitive benthics, floral and associated accessories such as glauconite, mica, faecal pellets foraminiferal test linings pediastrum and fugal spores within each wells. The paleodepositional environment established marginal marine to shallow marine (littoral-middle neritic) corresponding to onshore to offshore within the continental plain to the continental shelf.

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Oloto, I.N.

Abstract: The 127 samples consisting of 55 side wall and 72 ditch cutting samples from Igbomotoru-well in the Niger delta yielded some dinoflagellate cysts. Pollen/spores, foraminifera test linings, fungal spores, rare specimens of pyritized diatoms. The dinoflagellate cyst assemblages indicate an upper Miocene to Pleistocene age for the 11,542 feet thick deltaic complex. The samples yielded 30 dinocyst genera and 53 species. The pollen and spore components included 32 genera, 35 species and fungal spores. The deposits have been subdivided into beds of Upper Miocene, lower Pliocene and Upper Pliocene to Pleistocene age. The palynostratigraphic subdivisions observed consist of four zones. Zone I at the base with a dominance of Spiniferites pseudofurcatus, Zone 2 directly above, dominated by Multispinula quanta, Zone 3 dominated by Chytrioeisplaeridium sp and Zone 4 at the top dominated by Sumatradinium hispidum. The pollen and spore zonations consisted of verrucatosporites usmensis and Megastriatites howardii zones. Combined palynologic, maceral and sedimentological date indicate that deposition occurred close to shore in a marine environment that became progressively shallower upsection.

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Oloto, I.N

Abstract: In this studies, Stratigraphical and taxonomic studies are made of the arenaceous and calcareous as well as planktonic foraminifera of the Middle Miocene - Pleistocene strata of part western offshore Niger delta. Forty – one genera comprising ninety- six species have been identified from seventy- eight borehole samples. The species are composed of calcareous foraminifera typified by the Mililoides, Buliminids, Rotalids, Orbitoids, and planktonic forms. The arenaceous are typified by the Lituolids and they constitute the major fauna. The assemblages suggest that the strata containing them were deposited in a littoral to outer nentic environment in an area that was exposed periodically to the sea as evidenced by the foraminifera fauna assemblage. The studied is assigned a middle Miocene to Pleistocene age based on the presence of orbulina universa and Sphaeroidinella dehisceus. The abrupt break in the benthonic and planktonic foraminifera in the upper part of the well also marks the Pliocence - Pleistocene boundary.

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Soronnandi-Ononiwu, G.C., Omoboriowo, A.O., Yikarebogha Y., Chiaghanam O.I.,

ABSTRACT: A sequence biostratigraphic study of Upper Cretacerous to Tertiary sediment of part of Anambra and Niger Delta basins were carried out using sample from three exploration wells and outcrops located in the basins. Akukwa-1 (1000ft – 7990ft). The wells penetrated key stratigraphic units in the Anambra Basin (the Nkporo, Mamu, Nsukka) and those of the proto Niger Delta (Imo and Ameki).. Akukwa yielded (21 genera and 100 species of palynomorphs), The paleo-environment of deposition were determined to range from lithoral to proximal offshore in a shallow marine setting. A detailed categorization of the palynomorphs into terrestrially derived palynomorphs and marine derived palynomorphs based on the distribution of three broad vegetation type; mangrove, fresh water swamps and hinterland community were used to evaluate sea level fluctuations with respect to sediments deposited in the basin and linked to a particular depositional system tracts

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I.C.A Oyeka, N.O. Eriobu

Abstract: This paper proposes and develops a statistic here termed the ‘relative performance index’ or the ‘index of relative performance’ for rank-ordering subjects by their relative performance both within and between two sampled populations in a contest for preferential selection as the need arises. The proposed method enables the estimation of the median and other tiles of not only each of the sampled populations but also the common median of the two populations as functions of the relative performance indices. The method unlike some other methods used for the analysis of two sample data is based mostly on the individual subjects rather than on only summary indices or averages. Test statistics also based on the relative performance indices are developed to test desired hypotheses concerning the medians and other tiles of each and the common population. The proposed indices being subject specific rather than merely summary averages easily enables one more clearly and succinctly examine individual subjects relative performance or level of seriousness in a condition in comparison with other subjects from the sampled populations thereby providing subject targeted information to better guide any interventionist actions on a condition of research interest. The method is illustrated with some data and shown to compare favorably with some existing methods.

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Fayaz A. Wagay, Mukhtar A. Khan, Suhail Amin Patigaroo, Rafeeq A. Pampori, M. Imran Wagay.

ABSTRACT: Vertigo is usually of benign nature but can be a precursor of a very fatal outcome. Many patients with multiple vascular risk factors and seemingly benign isolated episodes of vertigo have occasionally been seen to develop an ischaemic event (stroke) by various researchers.As the bulk of vertigo patients (nearly 80%)are treated by otolaryngologists,some of these patients with constitutive risk factors could be at actual risk of stroke, so early identification of such patients becomes necessary. This is a retrospective study of 92 stroke patients admitted in SHMS hospital, Srinagar(2009 -2011) who were reviewed and enquired for any history of true vertigo episodes prior to or at onset of stroke.Study included 64 male patients and 28 female patients with about 65%of the patients falling in the age group of 51-70 years. History of transient ischaemic attacks were reported in 9 patients while vertigo(single and multiple episodes ) was seen in 24 patients prior to stroke in this study Vertigo should be regarded a precursor of stroke in patients with multiple vascular risk factors and they should be evaluated for veretebrobasilar insufficiency by MRI/MRA at an earliest so that preventive measures can be adopted in time.

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Mredula Trivedi, Archana Singh

Abstract: Cell membrane injury was observed in naturally infected (weakly, moderately and heavily) and artificially inoculated seedlings of barley at different time of infection. The cell membrane injury increased with increased time of infection in both naturally infected and artificially inoculated seedlings by Drechslera graminea.

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Kossam Dhliwayo

Abstract: Multi-campus university system is not a new approach in the developed countries but in developing countries the strategy has been adopted especially in Africa. This paper serves to determine the perception of internal customers regarding the adoption of a multi-campus at the Great Zimbabwe University in 2013 from the single campus university. As a new approach to the institution there is a mixed view about the strategy and it’s important to measure it so that possible information gap can be filled. This paper focuses on internal customers`perception towards its impact on learning venues, institutional administration, learning and the library activities... A qualitative survey research was used which adopted a descriptive survey design to get in-depth understanding about effectiveness of the multi-campus system as compared to the single centralised system. A sample size of 140 respondents were used whereby it comprised of 100 students, 25 academic staff and 15 non-academic staff who filled questionnaires which were collected after a day or two since they all belonged to the university A random judgemental sampling technique was chosen and (20) students respondents were chosen from each campus, 5 academic staff were selected from each campus and 3 respondents were chosen from each campus also.. Data analysis was done through the useof SPSS version 14.0 and mean and standard deviations were used to interpret the meaning of data analysed. The overall results were reflective of the fact that multi-campus system was accepted in Zimbabwean universities especially at Great Zimbabwe University because of a number of benefits that accrue to both students, academic staff and non-academic staff.

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James Ransford Dankwah

Abstract: This work investigates the simultaneous production of MnO and syngas (CO + H2) from mixtures of MnCO3 with various waste plastics in a laboratory scale horizontal tube furnace. Cylindrical compacts of reagent grade MnCO3 were heated rapidly with and without high density polyethylene (HDPE at C/O ratio = 1.0, 1.5, and 2.0) and linear low density polyethylene (LLDPE at C/O ratio 1.0) for 600 s at 1150 °C under high purity argon gas and the off gas was continuously analysed for CH4, CO and CO2 using an online infrared gas analyser (IR). Peaks of H2 gas were detected using a gas chromatographic analyser (GC). The results indicate that blending the carbonate with the polymers before heating has a significant attenuating effect on CO2 emissions. It is further reported that the observed attenuation of CO2 emissions is accompanied by a simultaneous production of syngas that can be recovered as a beneficial by-product.

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Oloto, I.N

Abstarct: The biostratigraphy of Agbara A-17 well which penetrated the Tertiary sediments of the Niger Delta well was studied. Stratigraphical and taxonomic studies are made of the arenaceous and calcareous benthonics as well as planktonic foraminifera of the middle Miocene to Pleistocene strata of southern Niger Delta. Benthonic foraminifera appeared to control about 58.45 percent and planktonic foraminifera control about 41.55 percent of the total fauna counts. Fourty genera comprising fourty five species have been identified from eighty five bore hole samples. The species are composed of calcareous benthons which are typified by the Buliminids. Amphistigerinids, Rotalids Anomalinids, Alveolinellids and lituoloids. The calcareous are typified by Globigerinids and Globorotalids.The arenaceous are typified by Urnula Artica. The interval studied is assigned a Middle Miocene to Pleistocene age based on the presence of Orbulina universa (d’orbigny). The abrupt break in the span of both benthonic and planktonic foraminifera in the upper part of the well also marks the Pliocene/Pleistocene boundary. The fossil assemblages suggest that the strata containing them were deposited in littoral through neritic environment in an area that was periodically exposed to the sea as evidenced by the foraminifera fauna assemblage. The paleo environment of deposition of sediments in the Agbara-A17 well was shallow through neritic as indicated by benthonic and planktonic foraminiferas.

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N.S.Jeyakarthikka, S.Bhaggiaraj, A.Abuthaheer,

Abstract: Personal data stored in the cloud may contain account numbers, secret codes and other necessary details that could be used and misused. These data can be cashed, copied by cloud service provider without user's control. We propose a self destructing data which mainly aims at protecting the user data's privacy by making the sensitive data automatically destructed after a period of time. First encrypt the data into cipher text and then distribute both the decryption key and the cipher text into a distributed hash table. To recover the plain text, both the decryption key and the cipher text should be obtained from the DHT before the pre-configured period of time.

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