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Volume 9 - Issue 12, December 2020 Edition

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Suvimol Phanyaem

Statistical process control (SPC) is used to develop and improve the quality of the processes Cumulative sum (CUSUM) chart is an effective tool in SPC for detecting change in a process mean. The main purpose of this paper is to present the analytical expression and the numerical integration of average run length (ARL) of CUSUM chart when observations are seasonal autoregressive and moving average; SARMA(P,Q)L with exponential white noise. In addition, we compare the accuracy of the average run length obtained from the analytical formula with the results obtained from numerical integration by considering the absolute percentage difference and the computational time to process the data.

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Gyoutae Park, T. G. Yoon, Kwangseok Kim, Kyungsik Kim, Jaehun Lee

This paper is descried that validating reliability for the materials of five firewalls is practiced to protect leakage and explosion of a small LPG tank installed at an adjacent building when a fire broke out in the near surroundings. It is tested for fire resistibility to select the best fire-proof wall material after five materials used for making firewalls are defined. The firewall’s materials are a 10mm-thick wooden panel, a wooden panel coated fireproof paint, a 75mm-thick polystyrene panel, a 75mm-thick sandwich panel filled glass fibers, and a 75mm-thick autoclave lightweight concrete(ALC) panel. To reappear a fire situation, first, the frame of LPG jet burners and their fittings are manufactured. After burners are ignited, numerous flames heated to a fire proof wall and a small LPG storage tank installed behind a firewall. The frame of jet burners is manufactured by 1m×1m iron materials with a matrix of 100 nozzles able to burn 120~140g/s LPG. It is measured that temperatures of double-faced panels, temperature of the front surfaces of a tank, and heat fluxes of surroundings of a tank. The resistibility against fire is analyzed in structure safety of fireproof walls after fire test. As the results, the fire-proof resistibility of the GWS and ALC panel are structurally safe and their temperature is less risen than others. In conclusion, it is verified that ALC panel is the best effective material of a firewall for protecting and preventing explosion of a small LPG tank when a fire is occurred. It is estimated that this study and validation test are a key point for inducing the performance test standard for a firewall material of a small LPG storage tank.

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Huthaifa A. Al_Issa, Mohammad Qawaqzeh, O. Oleksandr Miroshnyk, Oleksandr Savchenko, Irina Trunova

A method for predicting physical parameters is proposed. The apparatus is considered and an analysis is made of the need to use a neural network for the problem of predicting the quality of electrical energy. The analysis and the structure of neural networks, which are expedient for using for the estimation and forecasting of the quality of electric energy, are chosen. Neural network models are constructed to calculate additional indicators of the quality of electrical energy. Also mathematical expressions for the description of neural networks and their work are given.

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R. Kamarudin, M. Z. Abdullah, Z. Bachok, M. S. Abdul Aziz, F. Che Ani

Electronic device heat dissipation is crucial and challenging because it limits the performance of the device. The electronic device is processing data at high speed, significantly generate heat and requires to be dissipated into the environment. Therefore, this experiment aims to investigate the influence of thermal interface material hardness on thermal conductivity. The results were analyzed by using conductivity measurement set-up and scanning electron microscopy (SEM) with energy dispersive x-ray spectroscopy (EDX). In the present study, thermal interface material (TIM) is hardened by aluminum oxide (Al@Al2O3) and thermal coefficient are measured for different hardness and the heat rate of 3W and 7W. The results show TIM hardness is significantly improved the thermal conductivity coefficient up to 10 times compare to pure TIM. The results also show that the Al@Al2O3 particles distribution inside the TIM is well distributed. The outcomes of this paper can be a guideline to the semiconductor industries especially for the usage of TIM in product development.

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Mariam Md Ghazaly, Muhammad Izzat Mohd Jahid

In these previous years, it has been reported that machinery has caused injuries and deaths in the industries. Machineries consist of moving mechanical parts that are mostly actuated by hard conventional actuators. Using conventional actuators could result in injuries, leading to complications during human robot interaction. Due to their hard physical features, it is difficult to implement conventional actuators in various environments except in industry. Due to such difficulties, these issues are mitigated by introducing soft actuators. Soft actuators are built out of soft materials similar to silicon and are actuated when air pressure is introduced as well as on inflating the internal fluidic channel. This results in the soft actuator to create a bending motion. Such types of actuators include a broad range of application; however, the issue here would be to control the bending motion pertaining to the soft actuator, and thus this warrants an analysis for such types of actuators. This research aims to design and characterize two classes of soft bending actuator by employing FEM analysis in order to optimize the bending motion pertaining to two classes of soft bending actuator. Two types of soft actuator designs were analyze, i.e. the (i) PneuNets soft bending actuator and (ii) Fibre-reinforced bending actuator. For both designs, optimization was done via Finite Element Method (FEM) analysis using Abaqus software by varying three parameters, i.e.: (i) height of chamber, (ii) length of chamber and (iii) width of chamber/ fiber angle. The FEM analysis shows that the fibre-reinforced soft actuator exhibit higher bending motion, 217.5mm in compared to PneuNets soft bending actuator, 160.9mm respectively. The bending motion can also be controlled direction by varying the fibre angle in the fibre-reinforced actuator. This gives the fibre-reinforced actuator a broader range of motion in compared to PneuNets actuator.

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Fadhil Sahib Hasan, Daniya Amer Jassim

In the recent time, the speed in transmission of data over wireless communication channel is considered as the requirement in the communication world. This paper is focused on the transmission of images using Low-Density-Parity-Check (LDPC) coded Massive Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) systems based on Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (OFDM) system over selective Rayleigh fading channel. The Quality objective measures and Bit Error Rate (BER) are used to examine the performance of the system. Simulation results prove that the proposed system enhances the performance of the recovered images. Also LDPC Coded Massive MIMO OFDM system gives an excellent BER performance.

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Sajid Khan, Muhammad Sohail Khan, Mushtaq Ahmad, Faiza Tila

Smart phones and social media applications have expanded the horizons of digital marketing by providing access to targeted customers. While the new horizons of digital marketing are still being pushed with better advertisement opportunities for global products, it is necessary to explore emerging opportunities in the form of new masses being introduced to the world of digital businesses and digital economy. Pakistani population, an example of such opportunities, has been recently introduced with digital economy and local online businesses are booming. There is huge business potential for global businesses and products in Pakistan. This paper aims at studying the mobile social media apps usage in Pakistani population towards the identification of suitable/appropriate internet/social media channels for global advertisement with maximum exposure. For this purpose, a mobile application has been developed to study the social media usage patterns and Online presence of Pakistani Population on different social media platforms. The mobile application was used to record the social media usage of 101 participants over an average period of 14.52 days. To cross-validate the data, a survey has also been conducted in which a questionnaire was distributed among 101 people, of which 101 responded. Based on the analysis of the data, the study identifies the most appropriate social media channel/apps and the best time slots for global advertisement in Pakistan.

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Yousef El Mourabit, Youssef El Habouz, Mustapha Lydiri Hicham Zougagh

A very huge amount of data is generated every second for microblogs, content sharing via Social media sites and social networking. Twitter is an important popular microblog where people voice their opinions with regard to daily issues. Recently, analyzing these opinions is the main concern of Sentiment analysis (or opinion mining). Efficiently capturing, gathering and analyzing sentiments has been challenging for researchers. To deal with these challenges, in this paper we propose a highly accurate model for sentiment analysis of tweets. Using the Crowdflower's dataset, we started by data preprocessing (replace missing value, Denoising, tokenization, stemming…). We applied a semantic model with Term Frequency, Inverse Document Frequency weighting for data representation. In the measuring and evaluation step we applied four machine-learning algorithms such as Naive Bayesian, K-Nearest Neighbors, Neural Networks (LSTM), and Support Vector Machine. Afterwards, and based on the results we boiled a highly efficient prediction model with python, we trained and evaluated the classification model according to the most efficient metrics measures in this field, then tested the model on a set of unclassified tweets, to predict the sentiment class of each tweets. Experimental results demonstrate that our model reached a high accuracy compared to the other models.

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Karim M. Magdy, Ahmed A. Gawish, Adel M. Salem

Increasing productivity is a critical target for petroleum industry especially upon increased demand on petroleum products. The primary goal of a hydraulic fracturing treatment is to create a highly conductive flow path to the wellbore that economically increases well production, so Hydraulic frac is one of the major methods used to increase productivity if not the most efficient one. Field containing many wells makes it difficult to choose the most efficient one suitable for high productive frac .There are different screening criteria used, but still there are not sharp efficient, so I try in this research using artificial intelligence neutral networks to create a platform model for selecting the best well candidate for maximum overall productivity of an oil field, study the different affecting parameters on reservoir stimulation and predict the performance and future optimum designs . Artificial intelligence neural network is an information processing system simulating the natural neural system in the human brain. Using it, you can solve many complex petroleum problems that are difficult for traditional models and computing systems. It has shown great potential for generating accurate analysis and results from large amount of historical data that otherwise would seem not to be useful in the analysis. It also can make the best selection for any output relevant to several inputs and calculate the optimum value of it for different cases.

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Abdul Wahap, Mohd Arizam, Othman, Muhammad Nur, Coomerasamy, Punethen, Salleh, Aiza Syuhaniz

A night markets’ hawkers use an electric lamp to light up their stalls. The current practice is by using a petrol electrical generator which had contributed to pollution and also gives an additional cost to the hawkers. There is an alternative electric source for those whose cooking is business-oriented. This research develops a Water-cooled thermoelectric generator to harvest excess heat from night market cooking activity. A maximum of 2.4 watts DC electric power has been generated using 10 units of TEG connected in series directed into a butane stove using a copper plate and enhanced with a flow of cooled water. This was equivalent to 9.2% efficiency of the heat conversion process. Analysis of the cooling effect showed that an amount of 8.5 kW heat successfully been removed from the cool side of the TEG using forced convection water cooling at 5.55 x 10-5 m3/s flowrate.

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Syafiatun Siregar, Harun Sitompul, Kinanti Wijaya, Siti Zulfa Yuzni, Ahmad Andi Solahuddin

This research was based on the problem of high urban informal workers, limited formal employment and lack of special training for informal workers. Based on the preliminary study, it was found that there was a need for work-based learning models and on the job training to overcome problems of knowledge and skills of building construction workers. This study developed an E DeAL learning model supported by the Model, Module, Instructor Guide and Participant Guidelines. The results of the validation analysis of learning products and supporting learning models in all aspects of assessment analyzed were categorized as valid. The results of the practicality analysis shows that the products produced are practical to use. The results of the assessment of effectiveness shows that product of learning was effective and had an impact on participants’ skills and knowledge. Based on the findings, it can be concluded that the product of this research is valid, practical, and effective.

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Engr Umar Afzal, Dr. Sayed Fayaz Ahmed

In this era of mythical innovations, technology is growing at the fastest pace which is providing new and mind opening products. The growing competition has opened the gates for new innovations like Laptops, notebooks, eBooks, iPad and tablets which are the examples of such revolutions. Companies strive to provide good products having greater value and at low cost and therefore employ best product development strategies. PAC-PAD is the Android Computer Tablets developed by one of the Aviation Organization in Pakistan. PAC-PAD could not succeed in the market like other Tablets available in the market at that time. The aim of the research work is to study different tools and techniques involved in the making of a new product and then analyze the development of a commercial use IT product made by Aviation Industrial Organization of Pakistan. First of all, detailed literature review has been carried out about New Product Development (NDP) techniques by different authors and subsequently the best tools implemented were sorted out. In this regard six New Product Developments Models (NDP) by famous authors were studied in detail and based on that an ideal model for new product development was made. In the next phase , steps followed by IT company which developed the IT product and steps to be followed according to ideal product development model were compared and delta was calculated where different steps were missed or not properly followed. After that the new product development techniques were applied on the IT Product and analyzed for their efficacy. The thesis also includes the different development phases of the IT product with its technical parameters, followed by comparison of the IT Product with other tablets in marketplace. A market survey was also carried out to know the view of people using this tablet. The thesis is finalized by conclusion and future research aspects.

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Dr.Firas Hashem

This study aimed to investigate the role of forensic accounting techniques in detecting non-numerical fraud risk factors in manufacturing corporations in Amman Stock Exchange. The research population consisted of manufacturing companies listed in Amman Stock Exchange. A random sample of amounting 87 subjects was selected. The study used a self-administrated questionnaire. 87 questionnaires were recollected, 9 ones disregarded. So the sample was 78. Collected data were coded and analyzed using SPSS. The study concluded that there is a statistically significant role of Forensic Accounting Techniques in Detecting Non-Numerical Fraud Risk Factors in Manufacturing Corporations in Amman Stock Exchange. In addition, the study also concluded that (FPDDS) (Fraud prevention, detection and deterrence skills) and (FAIIS) (Forensic audit, investigation, and interviewing skills), and (LMAS) (Litigation, mediation, and arbitration skills) in Detecting Non-Numerical Fraud Risk Factors in Manufacturing Corporations in Amman Stock Exchange and finally (CARDR) (Computer-assisted reviews and document reviews) play a role in Detecting Non-Numerical Fraud Risk Factors in Manufacturing Corporations in Amman Stock Exchange.

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Asih Mulyaningsih, Suherna, Gugun Gunawan, Yoyon Haryanto

Empowerment is one of the key factors in promoting farmers as the main actors in the management of rice farming. The objectives of the research were to: (1) analyze rice farmer's empowerment level; (2) analyze influencing factors rice farmer's empowerment level; and (3) design a rice farmer's empowerment strategy. The research results could be utilized in designing a rice farmer's empowerment strategy. Field data collection had been conducted for three months, during April and June 2019. Research sites were in Pandeglang and Lebak District, Banten Province because the two districts were production centers for rice. Research samples covered 216 rice farmers. Smart PLS was applied in data analysis. The research results showed that: (1) The empowerment of farmers in Pandeglang Regency, Lebak Regency is quite high; (2) the influencing factors of rice farmer's empowerment were participation, empowerment intensity, supports for physical and socio-economic environments, farmer's farmer's characteristics, division of labor patterns; and (3) strategy formulation for empowering rice farmers were to improve participation in farming activity planning, implementation, and evaluation. The rice farmer's empowerment strategies were divided into two strategies namely short-term strategies and long-term strategies. The farmers' empowerment in rice farming of Pandeglang and Lebak Districts could be improved by involving them in their farming activity planning, implementation, and evaluation.

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Kholifatul Mar’ah, Munawar Ismail

This study examines the trend in the urban–rural expenditure inequalities in Indonesia from 2015–2018 based on National Socioeconomic Survey data from the same period. Subsequently, it explores to what extent the educational attainment affects expenditure inequality, by using two inequality decomposition methods, Blinder–Oaxaca decomposition and Theil inequality decomposition. The findings reveal that, first, the difference in educational attainment contributes to more than 39% of urban–rural inequality. Second, according to the results of the hierarchical decomposition of expenditure inequality using the Theil L index, the expenditure inequalities between urban–rural areas are minor. In contrast, those within the areas are more significant. Third, the senior high school group has the highest contribution to overall inequality in urban areas; meanwhile, the elementary school group plays a prominent role in rural areas. Policymakers should therefore focus on narrowing the urban–rural gap through policies aimed at the allocation of “village transfer” for the education sector in rural areas.

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James Yaw Osei – Owusu, Rosli Mahmood, Murali Sambasivan.

Ghana has two main seaports namely; Tema harbour and Takoradi harbour. As a developing country, it relies on these two ports for revenue, foreign exchange and employment. Over the past decades these ports have undertaken a lot of reforms all with the hope of ensuring that its operations become standardized with world operations in order to remain competitive and meet international standards that conform to world trade facilitation agreement. In view of this the government in 1st September, 2017, introduced the Port Paperless System (PPS) at its ports for the clearing of goods and also for all port related business. The introduction of this PPS was meant to improve the trade competitiveness of Ghana and also help avert challenges such as in explicable charges, delays, lack of transparency, bureaucracy and complexity in port operations that have been attributed to all past port reforms. However, barley after a year of its operations a lot of studies have revealed many challenges, ranging from stakeholders acceptance to issues related to information technology support. This paper attempts to delve into the PPS operations using a modified version of the UTAUT model in order to enhance its acceptability amongst all the stakeholders within the port sector of Ghana.

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Batool Hassan, Dr. Sumaira Farooqui, Dr. Amna Khan, Dr. Syed Abid Mehdi Kazmi

The purpose of this study was to determine the prevalence of lateral epicondylitis among recreational athletes of Karachi population, as well as checking the validity of self-designed questionnaire using likelihood ratio. This was a cross sectional study, including 193 participants (176 males and 17 females) from different clubs of karachi districts. A self-designed questionnaire was used to take pre assessment measure of lateral epicondylitis. After the completion of questionnaire, Cozen test was applied on each participant. The results obtained from the scoring of the questionnaire and cozens test were compared using the likelihood ratio, proceeded by the comparison of the pretest and posttest probability. 7 out of 193 were found to have a positive test. The results revealed that the prevalence of LE among young recreational athletes (aged 20-40 years) was estimated to be 3.6%, whereas, the questionnaire used has a sensitivity of 10.5%, and the specificity of 97%. Thus, this confirms that the questionnaire used, is valid to rule in the negative results.

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Engr Farina Jaffrani, Dr. Sayed Fayaz Ahmed

The current study investigates the role of Benefits Realization management and its impact on the construction industry because in construction realizing the time and cost of the project has some great contribution in making any project of construction quite successful. The reason behind the failure of any constructional project is that the organization does not meet the objectives and the goals like management of cost and time. For this paper the qualitative research method was utilized, the questionnaire was provided to the participants. The questionnaire has an association with “Benefits Realization Management and its Impact on Project Success in the field of construction”, 46 factors were utilized in the following questionnaire. The summarization of the consequences that have an association with the Benefit realization method, time, and cost overrun in the construction project is represented in the following paper. The factors that affect the construction projects have been divided into seven different categories and these categories were ranked according to the opinion of the participant. In the end, this was concluded that if the unexpected weather change like sudden rainfall is not realized properly as a significant aspect along with inflation and disasters site management had some great contribution in the failure of construction projects.

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Engr Sameer Ahmed, Dr. Sayed Fayaz Ahmed

The construction industry plays a significant job in the nation’s economic growth. All projects run under three constraints: time, cost, and scope. Constraints are called triple constraints. Challenges faced by Triple Constraints are major reason for the lag in the Construction Projects. This research study aims at exploring reasons for the challenges Triple Constraints are facing in the construction Industry. Construction (Building) projects at Karachi, Pakistan were initiated by the Government in 2016 and still they are facing problems to complete the Projects according to the Actual Project Duration and the Originally Estimated Cost for the Projects. The data was collected of two types; Primary data and Secondary data, Primary data from the Ongoing Construction Projects in Karachi and Secondary data was collected from the Research papers. Study of research papers highlighted reasons for the Triple Constraint delays/overruns. These reasons were input into NVivo software to determine the frequency of each cause. The reasons were ranked on the basis of Relative Frequency Index (RFI), Relative Severity Index (RSI) and Independent Relative Importance Index (IRII) through research papers. Some of the causes which were identified were “Underestimating effects of Inflation and Escalation, Poor Planning and Scheduling, Clients-Slow decisions, Design changes, Poor Financial Management and etc. are the top reasons behind delays and project failure of Construction projects. These results would provide help for Clients, Contractor and Consultant in improved planning and mitigating the effects of lag in the future Construction projects.

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Muhammad Asif, Dr. Muhammad Sohail Khan, Faisal Abrar

Website vulnerabilities are a major cause of security breaches in critical websites i.e. Government & Educational websites. Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) provides a way to assess the level of vulnerability of a website in terms of various accessibility issues left un-noticed by website designers and developers. WCAG 2.1 is the latest version of accessibility guidelines for website vulnerability assessment which was preceded by WCAG 2.0. This paper provides a comparative analysis of WCAG 2.0 and WCAG 2.1 based on vulnerability assessment of Pakistan’s educational and government websites. The study also investigates how effective WCAG 2.1 is with respect to WCAG 2.0. A total of 118 Pakistani Educational and Government websites have been examined for vulnerabilities based on both versions of the guidelines. Data gathered from both assessments was then utilized for comparative analysis and also visualizes via graphs to clearly understand the effectiveness of WCAG 2.1. The overall results show that WCAG 2.1 is more critical in identifying various types of vulnerabilities in websites.

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Budi Sasongko, Suryaning Bawono

The purpose of this paper is to investigate and map the transformation of money based on historical studies. Based on historical literature, humans have long known money. From goods money, coins and banknotes. Trading needs dominated the needs of money in the past. In this paper, we try to examine the transformation of money based on historical studies of money and technological developments using content analysis. We collected historical literature to map the transformation of money and shifts in the value of money following the historical development of human technology. We find that the transformation of money occurs due to technological developments and the human need for money.

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Budi Sasongko, Suryaning Bawono

This paper aims to examine the history of the USD in the US and the US-China trade war to gain an understanding of the comparative economy of America and China and the impact of the trade war between America and China on the world economy. The author examines the history of USD from the time of the Continental Congress in 1775 to the US-China trade war in 2018 using Quantitative-Qualitative Content using Autoregressive Threshold Model (TAR) analysis which focuses on examining American domination, USD history, and the impact of the US-China trade war on the world economy. This study finds that trade-based economies and real sector growth tend to be stronger than debt-based economies with a monetary sector growth approach from the era of the Continental Congress to the current digital economy era (2020).

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Amir Ali, Baowei Chen*, Waleed Raza, Lin Sun, Asif Ali, Adul Hanan Samo

The need of fast, reliable and the accuracy in communication networks is increasing day by day. The intelligent networks have left their beneficial impact in underwater acoustic (UWA) orthogonal frequency divisional multiplexing (OFDM) communication system. In the UWA communication network the OFDM technology is employed to get a reliable and robust communication. For obtaining better performance of bit error rate (BER) and significant gain in the system, the deep learning auto-encoders are utilized in deep neural networks (DNN). Considering several benefits of auto-encoders in the OFDM system it goes through high peak to average power ratio (PAPR) that makes power amplifier (PA) operating in nonlinear region. So, to maintain the operation of power amplifier working in linear region, this paper proposes a deep learning based PAPR mitigation method termed as T-AE, PAPR method. Firstly, the PAPR is reduced with a novel T-AE layer in the auto-encoder; secondly the proposed method makes the PA operate in the linear region. Finally, to prove the feasibility of proposed method the simulation is performed which verifies the superiority of our proposed method with efficient performance of BER as compared to traditional OFDM systems.

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Prapdopo, Armini Ningsih, Bela Barus, Suramli, and Rizki Ade Putri

This study aims to analyze the antecedents of continuance intention in Online Shopping Shopee Application users in Samarinda city. This study uses a quantitative approach using path analysis processed with IBM SPSS Statistics 23 software and Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) with IBM AMOS 5 software. This study uses a sample of 133 people taken from a number of Shopee application users in Samarinda city. Data were collected using a questionnaire given to respondents using the accidental method. The measurement scale uses a Likert scale with a score of 1 - 5. In this study also tested the validity and reliability test, classical assumption test and then carried out the estimation test with the fit model test. The results showed that perceived enjoyment, personal innovativeness and e-trust had a significant effect on attitude; perceived enjoyment, personal innovativeness and attitude have a significant effect on continuance intention; while the variable perceived ease of use had no significant effect on attitude, perceived ease of use and e-trust were also found to have no significant effect on continuance intention.

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Budi Sasongko, Suryaning Bawono

This paper discusses the bad evidence of usury in the economy in ASIA 5, including Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, China, and South Korea, to answer why major religions (Islam, Christianity, Judaism) in the world prohibit usury. We use a qualitative research method of content analysis by gathering some evidence that can be justified using source triangulation and method triangulation and combining it with quantitative content analysis, which measures qualitative findings and analyzes them quantitatively using Threshold Autoregressive as a proxy to predict future economic conditions by considering each of them. Each of the exchange rate regimes and the crisis period experienced by the five countries. We find that the higher usury is proxied by the interest rate, the more it is burdening the five countries to recover from the crisis. And we found that direct investment can boost the economy and can increase economic resilience to financial crises.

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Wael Ahmed, Ayman Haggag, Ahmed Shaker

In this paper, a triple-band U-shaped antenna is designed for better mobile communication performance to support 5G networks. The antenna is designed with dimensions of 91 x 92.5 mm and a thickness of 1.57 mm. The thickness of 1.57mm gives a design to the capacity of the GSM antenna and allows it to cover the multi-frequency band between 9. - 2.4GHz. The antenna is suitable for various previous generations up to the beginning of the fifth generation. Antenna performance has been improved by adding a third antenna chip with an integrated aperture with the previous two antennas operating at 2.4 GHz and generating higher resonant frequencies that help support the required fields. Then get multiple coverage range for mobile phones until the beginning of the fifth generation. Simulation was done using an electromagnetic simulator (CST Microwave Studio). With the static radiation patterns over the entire frequency range, at frequencies 0.9, 1.8 and 2.4 GHz, a good agreement between the simulation results and the measurements was made. The antenna has widely accepted radiation characteristics and provides good performance in avoiding interference with wireless systems

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Antor Mahamudul Hashan, Abdullah Haidari

Nowadays, population growth has led to water scarcity in most parts of the world. A large amount of water is wasted in agriculture. This article proposes an automatic plant watering system that uses an Arduino UNO and Soil moisture sensor. It automatically detects soil moisture and decides if watering is needed. The automatic watering system, a soil moisture sensor, checks the moisture level in the soil, and if the moisture level is low, the Arduino turns on a water pump to provide the water. The water pump automatically shuts off when the system detects sufficient moisture in the soil. Whenever the system turns the pump on or off, the status of the water pump and soil moisture is updated. This system is fully automated and does not require human intervention. This system is useful for gardens, Farming, etc.

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Dr. Mohammad Ahmad Niqresh

Information systems (IS) technology is a tool and method that has found a basis for managing information and achieving added value for organizations of all kinds. Higher education institutions have hastened to adopt and apply it in all their activities, especially within university libraries level, as an influential tool in knowledge management (KM) and promotion. Current study aimed at examining the influence of adopting IS (Context, People, Process, Information Technology (IT) and Data/Information) in promoting information systems (IS) within private universities' libraries in Jordan. Quantitative approach was adopted and (91) individuals were exposed to a questionnaire. Findings of study proved that all IS elements were influential on information services within libraries, results presented that infrastructure of IT had the highest influence on information services within libraries as it constitute 36.6% of influence; this indicated that the well-built IT infrastructure is important to in promoting information services, also, continuous upgrading of such tools is one of the most influential aspects that served libraries in presenting the best information techniques possible. From results; study recommended officials within organizations to possess "knowledge of systems" and "organizational knowledge" at the same time so as to tackles and handle technological resources as according to needs, know the problems of the library and employ information and data to solve them.

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Nurul Khayati, Harianto Respati, Achmad Firdiansjah

This research aims to analyze job satisfaction’s role in improving employee performance related to the implementation of job design, the implementation of organizational learning, and the application of servant leadership. This research was conducted in the Malang Regency Regional Revenue Agency, Indonesia. The employees were as respondents with maximal 60 persons. A Census method was used in this research. The data analysis technique used descriptive analysis, and the structural equation modeling structure used SPSS. The unique thing in this research was that the research was conducted during the Coronavirus pandemic so that the variable measurement became different. The finding of the research was the task identity which appropriates with the standard operating procedures in the organization and the leader’s ability to understand the employees’ desire, namely the desire to develop was proven to be able to satisfy them at work so that most of them were willing to work together to complete the task with full responsibility.

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Revols D.Ch. Pamikiran, Kawilarang W.A. Masengi, Frangky E. Kaparang, Heffry V. Dien, Silvester B. Pratasik

This study was aimed at knowing the effect of redesigned hull line of small purse-seiner on the vessel stability. Data inputs and simulation employed Maxsurf modeller Advanced and Maxsurf Stability Enterprice applications. Results showed different stability value of the vessel with new hull line from the prototype one that also met the standard stability of International Maritime Organization (IMO). Moreover, increase in vessel stability value occurred in the redesigned hull line of PKU-4 compared with that of the prototype vessel, PKU-1, and the redesigned vessel hull line of PKU-2 and PKU-3. This finding confirms that the hull line of Manado prototype purse seiner could be improved in order to have better stability.

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Sanusi Darma Abu, Fatma Susilawati Mohamad

Deep learning models are progressing rapidly into a diverse lifestyle, which includes finance modeling, education, manufacturing, marketing and policing, as well as in creating innovative technologies such as autonomous systems. They are used in medical field to improve the accuracy of health conditions or to detect diseases in body. Artificial intelligence technologies are used in Social Media applications such as Netflix. Facebook, Google; Sportily, etc. The algorithm used in these programs could monitor user-browsing habits and makes recommendation best on their recent web browsing activities. Modern banking system uses deep learning approaches to monitor the activities on customers’ accounts, to check for any possibility of theft, to approve loans, and to maintain an online security system. However, deep learning approaches are offering a variety of benefits not only to online learners but also to organizations that invest in modern eLearning platforms. This paper explored the impacts of deep learning approaches in shaping the use of AI systems in numerous walk of life. This system of machine learning is robust in building a more organized contemporary society.

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Norah Saleh O Alsulami

The last few decades witnessed the historical evolution in terms of technological advancements and their applications in real life. A taxi booking service is one of the areas where technological advancement has impacted the social fabric beyond just customers and drivers. With the intervention of the sharing economy in the taxi business, it has opened the doors for further advancements and improvements in multi-dimensions. In this dissertation, we have attempted to cover a few aspects of the impact of technological evolution on the taxi service business. Furthermore, we proposed a design for the project for a taxi service. We implemented the project accordingly and then evaluated. We concluded our experience so far from the conceptualization of the project, designing, developing, and evaluating the project. We further proposed our future work in terms of improving and extending the project.

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Winny Gunarti Widya Wardani, Wulandari, Syahid

The existence of prehistoric sites in Indonesia is important to preserved because it is a cultural heritage. If there is less interest in relics of artifacts, then it has the potential to erase prehistoric traces in the minds of the younger generation. There are many ways to build interest in prehistoric sites, including through photographic art. This study examines the visuals strength in the still life, landscape, and story photography genres which can influence people's interest in prehistoric sites. Quantitatively, a survey of tourists at the Gunung Padang Site, Cianjur, West Java shows 88 percent think historical places need to be visualized through pictures or photos that attract knowledge. Meanwhile, qualitatively, this study shows the strength of elements in the still life, landscape and story photography genres which are able to build certain visual perceptions in the minds of the readers. In digital photography technique, the processing of visual signs is mainly influenced by the power of shooting for impact, which consists of distance and perspective, and focus of attention as a process of reading visual signs using a visual communication design approach. This study is expected to become an academic reference in the field of alternative media to build interest in prehistoric sites.

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Edison Datul Bravo

The rapid developments in education is basically the result of a whirlwind change in the techniques of teaching. Globalization, ASEAN integration and the 21st century education are among the factors in which higher education institutions are really triggered to shift from the traditional approach of learning to a more technology and student learning approach that could meet the demands in the sudden change of education. Therefore, teachers and other stakeholders should advance and enrich their teaching styles and approaches in order to equip the learners with the latest concepts and theories which they can apply in their jobs. This study aimed to develop a web-based performance evaluation system for Cagayan State University that consolidates and generates report on the performance of the learners as assessed by the teachers in terms of the skills and competencies they have developed from the learning outcomes of the course after they are exposed with the outcomes-based education model. Therefore, the result of the study will be of great help in integrating the 21st century skills in the curriculum that are aligned to the needs of industries and the global workplace. Moreover, the result would be very crucial especially in providing intervention programs that will enhance and develop the capabilities of the students. Through the focus group discussion and the interview methods, the researcher documented different problems and practices encountered by the faculty members in the implementation of the outcomes-based education that are necessary in the development of the online system. Similarly, the iterative model was used in the conceptualization, development and finalization of the proposed web-based performance evaluation system which is a very efficient system model especially in determining the problems and other intervening factors in the completion of the system. As its first use, the software was applied to evaluate BSIT students in order to test its accuracy and reliability. Research findings indisputably showed that the use of the web-based performance evaluation system is efficient and effective in monitoring the progress on the performance of the learners in the different program outcomes set for each of the courses. Likewise, the web-based system is a powerful tool that recommends an intervention program when a learner did not meet the required passing rate for a specific program outcome. Further, the research reflects that the developed system is compliant to ISO 25010 software quality standards which means that it is possible to implement in the entire University system.

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Abeer H. El Bakly, Nagy Ramadan Darwish and Hesham A.Hefny

using fuzzy logic system enhances the accuracy of solving the society problems so, the researchers try to use it in many research issues such as authorship attribution specifies an author to an anonymous text according to his features of writing. The type of features is character, lexical, syntactic, and semantic. This research studies the effect of using fuzzy logic system on the Arabic authorship attribution within proposing a new approach to solve the issue of detecting if an anonymous text is owning to specific author or not. Additionally, it uses the ontology as a semantic feature and N-gram as a lexical feature. Moreover it concerns on a new corpus which is called “ElWafaa LlFokahaa”. It is assembled and annotated fatwas of prayer from books of main Islamic jurisprudence doctrines (“Hanfi, Shafie, Malki, and Hanbli”). In the experimental work, the corpus is split into two datasets, 95% is training and 5% testing dataset. In addition, the proposed approach uses the semantic and lexical feature with and without fuzzy logic system then compare them. The implementation shows the effect of fuzzy logic system on the semantic and lexical feature. The accuracy is reduced from 86.7% to 84.3% with semantic features while it is increased from 91.6% to 95.7% with lexical features.

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Austine M. Ezezue; Eziyi O. Ibem

Occupants of residential buildings are exposed to different kinds of particulate pollutants on a daily basis because poor ventilation of interior spaces. However, the link between the presence of indoor particulate pollutants and health conditions of occupants in residential buildings has not been adequately investigated. This study assessed the association between particulate pollutants in isolated spaces and the prevalence of health symptoms amongst occupants of residential buildings in Enugu, Nigeria. The data were sourced via a questionnaire survey of adult 400 occupants of residential buildings in the study area and subjected to descriptive and logistic regression analyses. The findings reveal that burning of fuel and related activities in poorly ventilated kitchens, lounges, dining spaces and bedrooms are the main sources of particulate pollutants in residential buildings in the study area. A high prevalence of nasal congestion/ runny nose (93%) eye irritation (87%) and headache (85%) was reported amongst occupants of the buildings, while a significant association was found between the presence of particulate pollutants in the spaces and prevalence of these health symptoms amongst occupants of the residential buildings. The study implies that residential buildings lacking control measures for indoor particulate pollutants can be a major source of health risk in the study area, and that this can be addressed through the adoption of passive building design strategies and features.

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Krismana Yudo Prahastyo, Nusa Sebayang, Lies Kurniawati Wulandari

Preservation of the reconstruction of a national road in Indonesia, has become full attention by the government through the Ministry of Public works and Housing, Directorate General of Highways. So that the assets belong to the country can serve as an infrastructure with better and its role widely enough to meet the needs of the community. Through a series of studies using the method of Analysis Hierarchy Process (AHP) to determine priority of criteria in the plan the type of road pavement project, and on the Preservation of the Reconstruction of the Road Sidoarjo, Pandaan – Purwosari– Malang – Kepanjen. The result analysis state that, the criteria of safety and comfort of road users its weight (0,2122); then the criteria of resistance on the daily traffic and average load to the path with weights (0,1587); followed the criteria of cost of implementation of pavement construction with weights (0,1578); furthermore, the criteria of resistance on the climate and weather around the path with weights (0,1325); criteria ease of implementation methods of pavement with weights (0,1286); criteria ease of maintenance after the maintenance period with weights (0,1208); and the criteria of convenience (availability) material pavement with weights (0,0894).

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Eustache Hakizimana, Diego Sandoval, U. G. Wali, Kayibanda Venant

This study presents the findings of an inventory assessment of all power stations in Rwanda. The main objective is to investigate the operational and planned production of power plants and their surrounding environment, and to support the development of plant performance, and to recognize the characteristics of these structures from the energy technology perspective. Five different (operational / proposed) power generation systems such as hydropower, biomass, methane gas (phase I of Kivuwatts), thermal power plants (diesel and heavy fuel generators), and solar power plants were examined in this study. The electricity generated from each power plant was taken from the systems using a combined process analysis method and analysis of the input / output. First, average power generation systems representing the current status had been introduced in Rwanda. Second, we examined the effects of current clean energy technologies as well as potential ones. The inventory assessment of the power plant was carried out on the current and planned interconnectors, the results of this study show that the most dominant power plants, including water, sunlight, methane at the bottom of Lake Kivu and peat reserves in the southern province, are mainly serviced by diesel power plants during peaks and seasonal input from major hydroelectric power stations on the grid. The difference between power generation costs and electricity prices is high, and the availability is reduced. As a result of this analysis, in order to help decision-makers, all the influential performances of electricity generation based on existing resources and their shares.

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R. Zepeda-Puebla

Development of a digital predistortion (DPD) linearization system of a power amplifier (PA) for carrier aggregation (CA) and wide-bandwidth, radio-frequency (RF) signals is presented. A methodology for optimizing parameter values in a Volterra-based, cubic spline interpolation model is proposed. The optimized models and the DPD system itself are validated in a RF-sampling, FPGA-based experimental testbed. Performance is evaluated using the normalized mean square error (NMSE) and the adjacent-channel power ratio (ACPR) figures of merit for three different excitations of varying number of component carriers (CCs) and total bandwidth. NMSE is found to improve by 33 dB on average when compared to the case where no DPD is applied, while ACPR improves by 15.6 dBc on average for the same comparison.

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Salaheddine CHANNOUF, Mohammed JAMI, Ahmed MEZRHAB

The lattice Boltzmann method is used to simulate two-phase flows by using the pseudopotential scheme proposed by Shan-Chen [1,2] which is also called Shan-Chen LBM model. Firstly, our code is tested for the wettability phenomenon of a liquid drop on the solid surface (Huang et al. [3]) and for the natural thermal convection in a square enclosure (Mezrhab et al. [4]), respectively. In the last case, the same value of the fluid densities (single phase) is considered. Results agree well with those of the references, give a good precision of this method and confirm that the proposed model can be reliably used to simulating the multiphase flows and the heat exchange. Secondly, we have studied the interaction between the liquid drop and natural convection inside a differentially heated square cavity by fixing the density of the solid surface and by varying the Rayleigh number from 10³ to 〖10〗^6. Results show that the liquid drop moves under the effect of gas flow caused by the convection and it evaporates by exchanging heat with gas. It will be said that the wettability "spreading of the drop phenomenon" is eliminated under the effect of natural convection and it is thus possible to avoid the deposition of droplets on the solids, this behavior can be very useful in the industry.

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Ahmed Abdelnasser, Sherif Hussein, Magdi Zakaria

Recently, water-scarce resources became one of the most urgent problems that threaten the existence of the human species. In this paper, water consumption recent research directions were surveyed while the different challenges were discussed. The proper elements integration of any proposed system is a key success for the design to allow for the necessary expansion. That can enable the optimal management of water demand to reduce water consumption and improve water infrastructure utilization. A survey has been conducted to investigate the approaches and datasets involved in water resources management to shed light on the research directions in that vital field. The authors believe that it is of utmost importance to apply such integrated technologies of the Internet of Things, Machine Learning, Cloud Computing, and the emerging 5G technology to achieve the best possible water resources management performance.

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Ahmad Fikri Iskandar, Ema Utami, Agung Budi Prasetio

The personality of people being have their individual differences affects every aspect of their life. In the psychology field, the concept of personality is considered a powerful but imprecisely defined construct. There are some popular personality assessments namely, Big Five, Dominance Influence Steadiness Compliance (DISC), and Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). This works do exploration about the word used each dimension of Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) personality trait and use machine learning technique to classify text into different personality traits such as Introversion-Extroversion (IE), Sensing-iNtuition (NS), Thinking- Feeling (FT) and Judging-Perceiving(JP). After doing some hypothesis tests, there is difference between each axis about people-related word for IE dimension, counterfactual word for NS dimension, objective word for TF dimension, and rigid word for JP dimension. The best accuracy user MBTI classification result for IE dimension is 75.80%, NS dimension is 55.52%, TF dimension is 95.02% and JP dimension is 88.26%.

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Yamina Bekri, Nasreddine Benahmed

In this paper, we present analysis and study of quasi-transverse electromagnetic (quasi-TEM) coupled elliptical microstrip line (CEML), convenient for microwave and RF applications, by using finite element method (FEM) in two dimensions (2D) under FreeFEM environment. Firstly, we have rigorously determined the quasi-TEM electromagnetic parameters (EM) of the CEML line. For this type of structure, there are no analytical or numerical results found in the scientific literature. Accordingly, to validate our results, we have adapted our 2D-FEM program to study the general configuration of the coupled cylindrical microstrip line (CCML), and excellent agreement is found between our FEM results and those obtained with other techniques of the scientific literature. Later, to show the practicality and the usefulness of our 2D-FEM results, we have successfully used the found quasi-TEM parameters to design a new microwave directional 20-dB, 50-Ω elliptical microstrip coupler (EMC) operating at 2-GHz, with high-performances in terms of isolation (53 dB), directivity (34 dB) and reflection (46 dB), realized in Matlab environment, convenient for microwave measurement telecommunication systems and radar applications. Finally, to reinforce our work, the directional EMC coupler’s coupling response obtained under Matlab environment was validated by our results obtained under CST Microwave Studio Software.

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Djekinnou D. Daniel E, Prof. Zhang GuoPing

We proposed the model of a terahertz metamaterial absorber composed of metallic honeycomb cells joined by a cross in the center, a dielectric layer and a metallic substrate. The simulation shows that the designed metamaterial absorber has six distinct absorption peaks at 18.306; 19.836; 26.211; 28.302; 29.628 and 34.762 Terahertz with absorption rates of 97%; 98.6%; 99.3%; 97.7%; 99.8% and 94.3% respectively. The angular study of the system revealed that it remains a high absorption metamaterial absorber under both transverse electric and magnetic configurations.

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M R T N Kumara, M.Siraji

The purpose of the research is to identify the extent of code-mixing on the Sri Lankan TV channels’ Tele-dramas. A questionnaire distributed among 228 HNDE students of The Hardy Advanced Technological Institute and the data analyzed to determine the impact of code-mixing on the viewers of teledramas. The collected data and analysis of the research reveal that Sinhala is undergoing in the face of the English language, especially in mixed code usage. However, there can see the word exploitation for modernity and affluence. Thus, a new variety of Sinhala is emerging, where a change in structures, phonology, and usage can identify.

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Yaddehige, I.S, Arnold, M.

Public Health Midwives (PHMs) are essential grass root level workers in Sri Lankan health system. Job satisfaction of midwives is affected by various organizational factors. Midwives work in both preventive and curative work settings. This descriptive cross-sectional study was conducted among all 405 PHMs served in all government hospitals and MOH areas in Matara district. Level of job satisfaction and satisfaction on selected 11 organizational factors was assessed based on a modified, validated, pretested structured self-administered questionnaire with a five-point likert scale based on short form of Minnesota Satisfaction Questionnaire. Overall response rate was 93.6% which studied 253 midwives in field setting and 111 hospital settings which included provincial ministry and line ministry hospitals. The mean value of job satisfaction was 3.66 (SD 0.593). Even though all midwives were satisfied with their job, midwives in the hospital settings are more satisfied than the midwives in the field setting (t (362) = - 2.179, p = 0.030). All eleven organizational factors were positively correlated with job satisfaction. Midwives in the field were not satisfied with the transfer scheme (M=2.7727, SD= 1.03065), remuneration (M= 2.5837, SD= 0.82651) and workload (M=2.4012, SD=0.89621). Midwives in hospitals were not satisfied with the transfer scheme (M=2.7748, SD= 0.88610) and autonomy (M=2.9730, SD=0.81913). Midwives in the field setting are more satisfied than the midwives in the hospitals with the working condition, supervision, coworker, autonomy and welfare yet midwives in field are less satisfied with the workload and remuneration compared to their counterparts. As the selected organizational factors are associated with job satisfaction, improvements in the selected organizational factors may contribute to raise the job satisfaction of midwives.

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Dr. Ir. Sakdillah, M.M, Tommy Trides, S.T, M.T, Dian Abimanyu

The rock that has been erupted or called fragmentation was an important part of a blasting result, because the fragmentation of the rock is a direct impact of the explosion that will affect the next stage. Based on the company standard the success rate of the blasting activity is the percentage rate of boulder which is below 15%. To produce good fragmentation many things that affect blasting geometry is one of the things that can be controlled. To know the level of fragmentation of blasting results can be used calculation method with kuz-ram model and direct technique with image analysis method. The cost calculation also needs to be calculated to determine whether the blasting activity is economical or not. From eight explosions, boulder fragmentation was predicted by using kuz-ram model: 19,72%, 16,56%, 14,35%, 16,35%, 14,09%, 14,94%, 15,27 %, 16.90%. While the calculation of rock fragmentation level is actually used image analysis method using splitdekstop 2.0 software, and obtained the level of boulder fragmentation are: 20,77%, 19,58%, 15,90%, 17,35%, 15,80%, 16 , 92%, 16.60%, 17.56%. From each blasting activity is calculated how total blasting cost incurred, and obtained the total cost incurred are: 0.256 $ / BCM, 0.281 $ / BCM, 309 $ / BCM, 0.284 $ / BCM, 0.322 $ / BCM, 0.300 $ / BCM , 0.282 $ / BCM, 0.274 $ / BCM. Subsequently, a new blast geometry was proposed based on the R.L Ash equation (1963), C. J.Konya (1972), Anderson (1952), and Austin Powder. From the explosive cost calculation sought the equation of the relationship between the total cost of blasting and the powder factor (PF) is used to estimate the blasting cost incurred in accordance with the new usability geometry.

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Dr. Marwan Mohamed Abu Orabi, Dr. Murad Mohammed Gafil Al Kaseasbeh

Current study aimed at studying the impact of adopting managerial autonomy on reaching financial excellence through managerial autonomy's influence on stakeholder integration. Depending on quantitative approach; researcher adopted questionnaire and distributed on (200) individuals within the Financial Jordanian sector. Results of study indicated that managerial autonomy can deliver the organization to financial excellence through stakeholder integration and communication channels which can be embraced between stakeholders and employees in organization. Study recommended defining scientific methodologies to reach clear concept of self-management requirements in order to achieve financial excellence and follow the best model to support the idea and concept of excellence, and developing and updating the organizational structure connected to authority distribution, empowerment and decision-making according to the organization's needs for tasks, responsibilities, systems and organizational regulations.

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Jumili Arianto, Supentri

The current phenomenon that occurs that free association that has become a part of our society's life that is supposed to live within the norms, customs, habits and values of religion, but lately there are many pregnant out of wedlock which for indonesians is a disgrace and smudge the surname of the family, but what happens now is common place, because it is considered ordinary then the number of days is increasing. Some factors that encourage a person to perform an out-of-wedlock pregnancy act theoretically there are parental factors, religious educational factors, environmental factors, social factors, media factors and sex education factors that are poorly understood. Based on the results of the study obtained that the pattern of free foster care factor 51%, democratic foster care pattern factor by 19%, religious education factor is less than 51%, environmental factor by 36%, free association factor 33%, media factor 28%, factor does not understand education sek 64%. This means that all factors contribute to the cause of pregnancy outside of marriage even though the portions vary.

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Betty Antoinetha Sahertian, Christiana Demaja Wilhelmina Sahertian

This study aims to identify the needs of reproductive health learning materials that parents will convey to adolescents in the GPM Ebenhaezer Skip congregation. Data obtained through interviews with parents who have adolescents aged 13 s.d. 15 years. In addition, to support the accuracy of the data, interviews were conducted with adolescents. Descriptive analysis of the data, by categorizing the responses of the participants. The results of the study were parents of adolescents aged 13 – 15 years old, needs information about adolescent growth and development and expects the role of parents in the family to provide information on reproductive health materials.

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Ahmed Obralic

This study deals with the relevant factors that were considered as determining factors of comfort in interior space, especially in learning environments. What's more, they imply a psychological trace on a student which affects students' performance and achievement. Regarding the environment, this trace is defined by lighting, the presence of daylight, the acoustic performance, the visual appearance, the selection of building material, air quality, etc. All these appearances form one ambiance that can be adequate or inadequate. The purpose of the study was to investigate the correlation between one of the environmental factors - air quality and students' academic achievement; and find the difference between students' perception of air quality in regards to the high educational buildings from the Austro-Hungarian Empire, the Socialist period and the After-war period. To get data on students' perception, the questionnaire including 20 questions was constructed and delivered to 208 participants. The significant correlation between the air quality and students' achievement was observed, as well as the difference between students' perception in regards to the air quality from faculties from all three periods. This study is significant for the reason it defines to what extends environmental factors affect human comfort, in order to improve the high educational institutions in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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Ali Azeez Ali ALI, Ibrahim KOC, Ehsan Fadhil ABBAS

The present study includes the evaluation of heat transfer enhancement of a double heat exchanger filled with five different porous materials, such as steel, ceramic, glass, plastic, and wood in the form of balls. The results are compared with the results of the heat exchanger without porous. Experiments were conducted on a double-core heat exchanger with dimensions of inner and outer diameter 20.7 and 22.2 mm and a length of 1.94 m of copper inner tube, inserted into the galvanized pipe with an inner diameter of 42.7 mm, wall thickness 2.15 mm, length 1.8 m, its outer surface insulated to prevent heat loss to the ambient. Experiments were performed under working conditions for hot and cold water flow ranging from 1 to 4 LPM and hot and cold water inlet temperature (60±2oC and 28±3oC), respectively, by two flow arrangements (parallel and counter flow). The results showed that steel balls give the highest effectiveness and number of transfer units, among other kinds of porous materials, where the ratio of improvement in their effectiveness relative to the non-porous state is about 60%. On the other hand, the use of porous materials leads to an increase in pressure drop, but the advantage of enhanced heat transfer was higher than the energy consumption by the pump. Where the highest pressure drop obtains in the ceramic case, which ranged from 20 to 178 mmHg.

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Tossapol Kiatcharoenpol, Puntita Sundusadee, Suthida Sareesathiensup

Value Stream Mapping (VSM) is defined as a Lean tool that employs a work flow documenting every step in the process. Wastes, non value-added and value processes can be graphically identified by applying VSM and the users also employ the VSM as an improvement plan, implementation and tracking progress on its lean journey. However, an understanding of VSM is not easy for the outsider and shop floor employee. Therefore, the advantage of computer simulation can be used to enhance these obstacles. The clear picture of a production line and moving work flow along the layout demonstrated in a computer monitor is essential help to practitioners to gain much benefits of VSM. In this work, the VSM is applied to the headlamp production line. The current state of VSM and the improvement, a future VSM are constructed associated with applying computer simulation to process modelling of those VSMs. The Kanban, pull system and one-piece flow concepts of Lean are incorporated in the ideal VSM. It has shown that the performance of the future VSM can reduce WIP by 93% and lower lead time by 85% in the case study production line.

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Thivanka Mailewa, Piumika Chandrasiri, Dileepa Chandrasena, Sajeevkanth Kirubhakaran, Diluksan Jesudasan, Wasantha Rajapakshe, Akalanka Mailewa

A smart classroom is regarded as one of the essential modes of teaching that can transform an old-fashioned educational system into a more cutting-edge method. Past articles and social opinion has identified that there is a doubt among the Sri Lankan general populace whether Smart classrooms are really useful for school students in this country. This study, therefore, has four objectives. They are to identify the determinants factors of a smart classroom, to evaluate the impact of a smart classroom on a school student’s academic success, to determine the relationship between the variables of the study and to provide practical suggestions to the government to improve the digital educational system. The study used a mixed approach to analyze both primary data and secondary data. A survey questionnaire was created and distributed among the students. Past research articles were used as a secondary data collecting methods for the analysis. The sample size for the study was 200 students from four government schools. The purposive sampling method was used for data collection. 250 questionnaires were distributed among the students and 200 usable responses were gathered. The study analyzed the data using multiple regression and Pearson correlation. The analytical tool was SPSS. Through the analysis, the researchers found that all the objectives were achieved and the hypotheses were supported. The significance of this study is that it is able to provide suggestions and recommendations to the relevant authorities regarding the implementation of Smart classrooms in primary and secondary schools.

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Rossi Indiarto, Muhammad Luthfan Haziman, Bambang Nurhadi, Edy Subroto, Nandi Sukri

Papaya fruit is a world-renowned tropical horticultural commodity. It's due to useful nutritional content and relatively low prices. The fruit is susceptible to post-harvest qualitative and quantitative losses. During post-harvest, papaya is easily damaged by moisture and improper storage temperature, microorganism activity, and physiological activity. Efforts to overcome this problem can be made by spraying hot water combined with chemicals, irradiation, low-temperature storage, and controlled-modified atmosphere packaging. Edible packaging in the form of edible film and coating is one of the environmentally friendly, controlled-modified atmosphere packaging applications. Various materials that can be used as edible films and coatings consist of chitosan, protein isolate, aloe vera, vegetable essential oils, and composites. These ingredients have been proven to maintain physico-chemical properties and extend papaya fruit's shelf life without adverse effects on their organoleptic qualities and are environmentally friendly. In the future, applying this technology is very feasible to be developed while still paying attention to the primary function of protecting products from physical, chemical, mechanical, and microbiological damage, being cheap, easy to use, and having adverse effects on papaya fruit.

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Hafiz Burhan Ul Haq Hashmi, Haroon Ur Rashid Kayani, Saba Khalil Toor, Abdullah Mansoor, Abdul Raheem,

Social media has become the most popular way of communication globally, especially among teenage students. Who uses Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, most commonly. The technology is advanced much nowadays. Social media evolved with the advancement of technology and has both beneficial and harmful effects on academia. Students are affected by social media. Social Media have many serious problems and lead to significant issues for students, especially regarding their privacy or security, and cause distraction of studies. This paper highlights and finds the social media impact on student studies, social activities, and academic performances and provides awareness among them. Moreover, a survey was conducted in order to evaluate the effects of social media on students.

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Ulfia Rahmi, Azrul

The study aims at investigating the level of readiness of Digital Talent in the assessment of blended learning at universities. This was carried out to respond to the challenges ahead, namely, the application of blended learning in higher education. The assessment available so far is classroom face-to-face. The online learning assessments, however, has not yet fully considered. The component analysis procedure of blended learning assessment, instrument compilation, instrument validation, instrument dissemination, tabulation process, and data interpretation are critical parts of this descriptive study. The data was collected in the Education Technology Study Program at Universitas Negeri Padang in the Academic year of July-December odd semester. The sample was selected randomly. The results signified that that the Digital Talent has influential potentials and it, therefore, requires an assessment of blended learning. The implication is the instructional designer in designing blended learning designs and develops blended learning assessments to accommodate all learning activities and domains

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Sirilius Seran, Anna Nona Hallan

Population poverty is a central issue in development, influenced by many factors including dependency ration (DR), inflation, Gini ratio (GR), and economic growth (GE). The goal is to know the direct and indirect relationship between independent variables referred to as poverty. Using the data time series from the year 1970 to 2018 and the path analysis tool which result proved that DR and GR simultaneously or partially have no significant relationship with inflation. The contribution from DR and GR to poverty is only 10 per cent. In model II, we discover that there is a significant relationship (Sign.: 0.001) between DR, inflation and GR to GE. However, in partial testing, GR is the only variable that is not significant, whereas DR (Sign.: 0,000) and inflation (Sign.: 0.002) have a significant relationship. These 3(three) variables contributed 32 per cent to economic growth (GE). In the third model which is the most comprehensive model, because it includes the interaction factors of those three variables. The result of a simultaneous test generates a significant value of 0.000, however, this is not the case for partial testing.

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