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Volume 10 - Issue 8, August 2021 Edition

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Dr Pir Suhail Ahmed Sarhandi, Moomal Seelro, Firdous Bugti, Muhammad Memon

the primary goal of this research study is to determine that how a female in the Pakistani television industry is objectified and body-shamed through electronic media advertising, which idealizes the female body as a thin, soft, cunning materialistic object. Women's objectification in western culture has been studied extensively, and a new field of feminist scholars has arisen [3] (See Basow et al., 2007). In Pakistan, however women's objectification in television advertisements has earned little recognition [2] (See Baldissarri et al., 2020). Nevertheless, it is very essential to analyze that how a woman is portrayed in the Pakistani television advertisements, according to the perception of Pakistani television industry a woman's success is determined by her physical attractiveness (her white complexion, flawless skin, long and bouncing hair and the outfits that are skin tight) [13] (See Karsay, 2020); To pinpoint how chauvinist media produced objective representations of feminine appearance, we apply qualitative methodology (critical discourse analysis). We assert that the portal of a consummate woman (as presented in the electronic media) downgrades women to a mere object, leisure, sex appealing thing rather than a human being and living creator with emotions and feelings [4] (See Briñol et al., 2017). We argue in the study that increasing the physical exposure of famine beauty is harmful to women in particular and society in general because it allows them to pursue acceptance in males' fantasized world.

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Durotun Qoniah, Isti Fadah, Intan Nurul Awwaliyah

This study aims to examine the effect of several variables such as firm size, profitability, firm age and efficiency on DAR (debt to asset ratio) as proxy for the financial leverage of coal mining sector companies listed on IDX 2015 – 2019. Differences results of these variables effect on DAR indicates the need for further research on the determinants of financial leverage. By using multiple linear regression test it was found that the firm size variable had a positive significant effect on financial leverage, while profitability and firm age had a significant negative effect. Efficiency as measured with DEA (data envelopment analysis) has positive relation but not significant effect to the financial leverage. In general, the results of this study support the theory of trade-off and pecking orders.

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Michele Hartz

With a human population nearing 8 billion people, it is imperative that we understand consumption behaviors, patterns and causes so that we can create actionable frameworks that address our ‘need to consume’, which is arguably at the core of our current global sustainability challenges. This paper explores the origins and genesis of consumption- its motivations, objectives, and purposes that have driven our 'need to consume’ from its primal archaic role in human history to its’ modern day expressions. Our findings highlight that we are still living within primal consumption behaviors and patterns that no longer serve the utility they once did- such as fulfilling our ‘need to survive’ and our ‘conspicuous consumption’ behaviors to test ‘fitness’ and ‘genetic prowess’. The impact of this archaic and primal instinct to consume continues to perpetuate our human narrative and has created a pattern of overconsumption leading to resource depletion and environmental degradation and even larger ‘hidden’ impacts such as poverty, addiction, loneliness, social disease, stress, civic degeneration, and inequality. However, we still lack the reflection and understanding within our individual and global consumption behaviors and patterns in order to make real and effective changes. This paper continues the call for further research to understand the connections of our innate genetic, biological and social need to consume; in order to distinguish it from sustainable consumption and create policy, education and frameworks that surpass our primal consumption patterns into modern day sustainable consumption patterns and behaviors.

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Erwan Abjatar Simanjuntak, Abu Hasan, Muhammad Yerizam

Global warming has become an important issue today, where this phenomenon is caused by an increase in the concentration of Greenhouse Gases (GHG), especially CO2 in the atmosphere and has resulted in various adverse impacts on humans. In the world of Coal Mining today, such as PT. Bukit Asam, Tbk in its production operations uses a lot of heavy equipment that produces exhaust emissions, such as the excavator 313D. Exhaust emission analysis in this study uses a Digital Gas Analyzer. The results of this study indicate that the lowest emissions are obtained in the B30 biodiesel fuel variant and the highest engine power is found in the diesel fuel variant. For fuel consumption with diesel fuel variants, biodiesel B20 and B30 are the same.

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Abu-Bakar Muhammad Abdullah, Nasif Ahmed

Security has become a vital issue in the field of information technology. The study of Visual cryptography has attracted many researchers. It defines the division of a secret image into n shares from which the secret image cannot be revealed until all of the n shares are stacked together. A lot of innovations have been performed in this area such as hiding a secret image into two source images, recursive hiding of secret images, and extended visual cryptography for color images. In this paper, we introduce a technique for hiding three secret images using four source images. Two secret images can be revealed stacking two shares together. Finally, stacking all of the four shares together, the third secret image can be revealed.

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Isyaku Ibrahim, Dzurlkanain Daud, F A M Azmi, N A M Noor, N S M Yusoff.

Land administration has a significant influence on the development, economy, and civil society, and is one of the modern society's supports. Land administration systems are made up of textual records that specify rights and/or information, as well as geographical records that define the scope of those rights and/or information. This study seeks to review the application of blockchain in the land administration in Nigeria. To achieve the above aim the objectives were; 1) To review the Land Administration system in Nigeria. 2) To review the blockchain techniques. This study adopted secondary source of data collection as methodology. Insufficient land administration model that could promote long-term land management development, data recording, database administration, and well-trained staffs are among the challenges facing land administration in Nigeria. These challenges are as a result of in effective land administration system, improper data record and data base, etc. By using a blockchain, almost 85% of the land administration problems in Nigeria will be solved, due to the presence of efficiency and transparency elements as well as chain title (transaction history. Transaction history that includes parcel numbers (unique identifiers), persons legal and natural identification number can be store. Also, transaction rules can be implemented as well as checking the transaction validity, blockchain technology could be the best solution of the land administration problems in Nigeria

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Widya Tri Elwira, Sri Andayani, Maftuch

Kappaphycus alvarezii is a type of red seaweed (Rhodophyceae). This study aims to determine the effect of K. alvarezii extract in inhibiting the growth of Aeromonas salmonicida bacteria. A. salmonicida in cyprinid fish, can cause erythrodermatitis in carp. Secondary metabolites in K. alvarezii was identified through phytochemical tests. To determine the ability of K. alvarezii to inhibit the growth of A. salmonicida bacteria, a disc diffusion test was performed. The results obtained, K. alvarezii contains tannins, triterpenoids and phenols. In the disc diffusion test, a dose of 34 mg.L-1 had the greatest inhibition zone on the growth of A. salmonicida.

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Diyaa Aaisyah SPA, Nuryakin, Firman.P, Purbawati

Research entitled Analysis of Product Quality Control Using Cause-Effect Diagram Method was conducted at CV.Borneo Conblock Mandiri, located in Samarinsa city, East Kalimantan. Manufacturing is an industry that offers goods to customers. In this case companies engaged in manufacturing need to pay attention in product quality management in order to produce good products and increase costs. The purpose of this study is to determine the number and types of product defects and can provide recommendations for corrective actions as alternative solutions to overcome product defects. This study uses quantitative methods in the form of data presentation and qualitative data derived from in-depth interviews with managerial parties at CV. Borneo Block Mandiri. The results showed that the types of product defects that often occur are cracked, broken, and uneven surfaces with an average number of 4965, 2661, and 1660 per month, respectively. By using a cause-and-effect diagram, information on the causes of product defects is obtained. which includes raw materials, machines, people, methods, and the environment. The action that this research recommends is to focus on human and machine factors.

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Luis M. Cardona-Hernández, Isabel Rivera-Ruiz

The objective of this empirical study was to measure a set of factors associated with the safe behavior of mobile device users. An adapted model was created using protection motivation theory, theory of reasoned action, and theory of planned behavior to predict the intention to have a safe behavior that leads to a safe conduct. The research was non-experimental with a transversal-descriptive, correlational-causal design. A survey was developed to test the relationships. The sample of this research (292) was only people who own a mobile device and use it in some way as part of the work, whether provided by the company or through BYOD The results clearly define how technological advances in mobile devices have brought new security risks. It was found that users do not feel fear or threats when using mobile devices. This research revealed the importance of creating awareness among users of mobile devices from the dangers they are exposed when accessing bank accounts, social networks, company databases, emails, among others.

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Nurulhuda Mohammad Yusoff, Md Rahim Sahar, Siti Maisarah Aziz, Salmiah Jamal Mat Rosid, Siti Noor Syuhada

The material under investigation was tellurite glass based composition of (89.6-x)TeO2-10MgO-(x)Sm2O3-0.4AgCl with 0.2 ≤ x ≤ 1.2 mol% glass system. The glass samples have been synthesised by a conventional melt quenching technique. The amorphous nature has been verified by X-ray diffraction pattern. The effect of samarium doping on the structural properties of glass system was performed by FTIR and Raman spectroscopy. Analysis of FTIR and Raman spectroscopy indicated the presence of three main bands attributed to the structural units, [TeO4] tbp, [TeO3+1] polyhedral, and [TeO3] tp. The substitution of samarium ion, Sm3+ at different concentration in the glass structure led to the appearance of overlapping band and shifting of wavenumber. This demonstrated that, Sm3+ significantly transformed [TeO4] tbp to [TeO3] tp through [TeO3+1] polyhedral. The structural change was discussed in terms of formation of bridging oxygen (BO) and non-bridging oxygen (NBO) with respect to glass composition. The formation of NBO was responsible to decrease the connectivity of the tellurite glass former network.

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Muhammad Ammar, Chen JiangPing, Wang Qing, Li YuChao, Qaiser Mehmood

This paper is concerned with landslide stability assessment of Lakhani landslide accumulation body which is ancient landslide body material. Our main purpose of study was to check either ancient landslide accumulation body is stable along its pre-exiting and old slip surface or not. Study area is located on the west tributary of the Jinsha River in Shigu Town. Landslide accumulation body of our study area was granular soil with category sandy gravel with fines, and bedrock was Quartz Schist. Landslide stability assessment of this area is important to study because this area is very prone to landslides and Chinese government is interested in building many infrastructures like roads, dams for prosperity of this area. We used Morgenstern Price method, Spencer’s and Bishop Methods for analytical analysis of slopes. In the present research we determined the factor of safety (FOS) of 3 longitudinal sectional slope profiles (Upper, Middle and Lower longitudinal sectional profiles) of our study area Lakhani under 4 conditions which are when water table is at 100m depth, when water table is at 100m depth and also has horizontal seismic load g=0.2 when water table is at 50m depth and when water table is at 50m depth and has seismic load g=0.2. We concluded that all three sections are stable when water table is at 50m and 100m depth, and when water table is at 50m and 100m depth and seismic load is applied.

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Fahad Ejaz Khan, Shoeb

The idea of providing remedial measures in energy sector is important as per the present state of affairs our country. The aim of this analysis is to look at the problems faced by the general public because of inadequate policies of government and anxious authorities of energy sectorThe finding of research is principally targeted on the present energy crisis and its demand and provide gap, price of energy, acute water shortage load shedding of gas. These are basic requirements of every individual of society but, same is not the case. This research identifies the quandary and suggests measures for improvement in energy combine.

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Norsida Man, Mohammad Salem Faizi, Nolila Mohd Nawi and Khal Mohammad Ahmadzai

The study identified the influencing factors on the roles of the local leaders in decision-making for community development in Bamyan Province, Afghanistan. In an effort to rebuild the nation recovering from decades long of war, the efficiency of governance in development is crucial to deliver the success. Yet, the main problem that poses a challenge to achieve the goal is the indefinite information about the community development and the roles of the local leaders. A self-administered questionnaire was designed and subsequently distributed to 384 community members. Factor and regression analysis were performed to identify the influencing factors. The result shows that three factors have the most impact on community development decision-making. The result obtained from the study shows that Bridging Standardized Beta value is 31.5, Guiding Standardized Beta value is 22.8 and Accountability Standardized Beta value is 11.5 these three factors are significant (P-value 0.000<0.05). Therefore, relationship, cooperation, sponsor and trust are the important issues in a community development decision making for the consideration of local leaders as his role.

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Bambang Priambodo, Ellysa Nursanti, Dimas Indra Laksmana

PT. Balistha Gapala Nandya is a service company engaged in the procurement and maintenance of elevators (travelators), escalators, elevators. The company is the only authorized distributor in Indonesia that has been certified by The Fuji HD Elevator Sino Japan Joint Venture. PT. Balistha Gapala Nandya is a service company engaged in elevators (elevators) both procurement and maintenance and has a maximum cost (maintenance) limit of IDR 50,000,000 for 1 elevator unit. Based on actual conditions in the field of PT. Balistha Gapala Nandya implements corrective maintenance. The maintenance issued by the company is IDR 64,990,000, which means it has passed the maximum limit of the company's maintenance costs. The purpose of this research is to reduce the risk value in the elevator, get a maintenance schedule that can reduce the risk of damage and reduce / save maintenance costs. Data collection is done by obtaining primary data, namely the number of machines categorized according to the condition of the damage and secondary data, namely written data on elevator maintenance in 2019. The methods used in this study are the FMEA, QFD and Markov Chain methods. The results of the research get the proposed P3 maintenance scheduling (preventive on minor and moderate damage, corrective for heavy damage) as routine maintenance every month with a cost savings of 41%.

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Esnehara Bagundang, Cyrus Rael

This study implemented K-means Algorithm to cluster the data set of electricity consumption of clients. The data set was obtained from the Meter Reader Billing Statement System of Sultan Kudarat Electric Cooperative, Inc. (SUKELCO). It aimed to cluster the electricity consumption of commercial and residential clients for the period of four months (January-April 2021). The result of this study shows an interesting fact that majority of both commercial and residential clients belongs to the group with low electricity consumption and there is an increase demand of electricity each month.

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Sama Yasser Shaaban, Lobna Mohammed

In the last decades, countries were struggling to cope with the available sources of energy to prevent any power shortage problems. This created a peak in the attention toward finding alternatives with the highest efficiency and lowest cost. On behalf of these criterions, this paper was created to help in this challenge relying on solar energy. A project simulates the function of solar panels with a lower cost, easy to implement and available to all classes of society was the addressed one. The project system main component is a Hot box type solar oven that is capable of making temperature change up to 260o C. This heat is then converted to electricity by using a device called “TEG" (thermoelectrical generator), that is connected with another device called “Transformer.” The transformer is used to decrease the voltage in order to make it usable for electrical devices. The final output power based on this system reached 1840 watt with a cost of only 260$.

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Hapsoh, Isna Rahma Dini, Desita Salbiah, Maharani Asih

This research was conducted experimentally using a randomized design with 10 treatments consisting of P1 (control), P2 (application of biofertilizer and biological agents aged 0 day after planting (DAP)), P3 (biofertilizer aged 0 DAP and biological agents aged 0 DAP and 30 DAP), P4 (biofertilizer aged 0 DAP and biological agenst aged 0 DAP, 30 DAP, and 60 DAP), P5 (biofertilizer aged 0 DAP and 30 DAP and biological agenst aged 0 DAP), P6 (biofertilizer aged 0 DAP and 30 DAP and biological agenst aged 0 DAP and 30 DAP), P7 (biofertilizer aged 0 DAP and 30 DAP and biological agenst aged 0 DAP, 30 DAP, and 60 DAP), P8 (biofertilizer aged 0 DAP, 30 DAP and 60 DAP,and biological agenst aged 0 DAP), P9 (biofertilizer aged 0 DAP, 30 DAP and 60 DAP, and biological agenst aged 0 DAP and 30 DAP), P10 (biofertilizer aged 0 DAP, 30 DAP and 60 DAP, and biological agenst aged 0 DAP, 30 DAP, and 60 DAP). The results showed that three times the application of a combination of biofertilizer from the consortium of cellulolytic bacteria based on washing rice and local biological agent Beauveria bassiana Vuillemin gave good results on growth and yield of rice plants.

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Siti Maisarah Aziz, Roslan Umar, Nurulhuda Mohammad Yusoff, Salmiah Jamal Mat Rosid, Siti Noor Syuhada Muhammad, Muhammad Amin

Europium ions (Eu3+) activated borotellurite glass with manganese oxide nanoparticles (Mn3O4 NPs) inclusion is prepared using the standard melt-quenching technique. Modifications in magnetic parameters are ascribed to the alteration of magnetic properties due to concentrations of Mn3O4 NPs. Prepared glass sample is characterized via imaging and spectroscopic instruments. The phase of the glass is determined by an X-Ray Diffractometer (XRD). The XRD pattern confirmed the amorphous nature of glass sample. The Energy-Dispersive X-Ray (EDX) spectra detected appreciated elements presence in the glass including manganese. The presence of manganese oxide nanoparticle inside the host matrix is verified using Transmission Electron Microscope (TEM). The TEM images manifested the growth of Mn3O4 NPs with an average diameter of 15.4 ± 1.0 nm. Magnetic properties of Mn3O4 NPs are determined by Vibrating Sample Magnetometer (VSM) in terms of saturation magnetization (Ms), remanent magnetization (Mr), susceptibility (χm) and coercivity (Hc). The obtained hysteresis loop indicates that the prepared glass systems exhibited paramagnetic behavior at room temperature with positive susceptibility in the range of 4.54×10-6 to 7.08×10-6 emuOe-1g-1. The increase in magnetic performance was observed in coincident with the increased concentrations of Mn3O4 NPs. This result indicates that the prepared glass system possibly for the development of magneto-optical devices.

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Welli Yuliatmoko, Eko Yuliastuti, Dini Nur Hakiki

Changes factor of the style of life today has increased a wide range of degenerative diseases such as diabetes, stroke, heart coroner, and dyslipidemia. Functional Food has been believed to be an alternative in preventing or reducing these diseases. The ability of functional foods to have health effects is due to the presence of bioactive components they contain. Indonesia is rich will be the product local potentially enhanced content of bioactive components such as resistant starch. The large population, increasing awareness and public welfare have the potential to increase demand for functional food products or products that have health effects. The content of resistant starch in local products can be increased through various efforts such as processing modifications, increasing the amylose content of the material, modifying particle size, and adding chemicals.

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R. A. Ofosu, J. K. Annan, C. C. Nyarko, K. J. Kafui

This paper analyses the electrical consumption of Tarkwa, a mining community in the Western Region of Ghana by employing two forecasting models, thus, the Autoregressive Integrated Moving Average (ARIMA) and Long Short-Term Memory (LSTM) networks. Historical data on daily electrical power consumption from 2018 was solicited from the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) in Tarkwa was used in modelling after which comparative analysis was done to determine the best fit model for forecasting in the community. External factors such as high temperature, low temperature and wind were found to influence the rate of electrical power consumption in the community and hence, incorporated in the modelling. Mean Absolute Error (MAE) values of 6.142 and 6.352 were obtained after modelling for ARIMA and LSTM respectively. Based on the results obtained, ARIMA performed better than LSTM with an MAE difference of 0.21. The 2019 electrical power consumption of Tarkwa was predicted with a 12% increase.

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Toufik Karafi, Abdellah Tahiri, Mohamed Idiri, Brahim Boubeker

In this work we performed a series of nanoindentations test on tungsten-rhenium (W-Re) alloys, using Molecular Dynamics simulations and Embedded Atom Method potential. We studied in first the temperature effect from 300K to 2000K on hardness and elastic modulus, we were interested later to defect mechanisms in (W-Re) alloys with a penetration rate of 3Å/ps and the Re concentration is also kept fixed as 5%Re.We found a decreased in reduced elastic modulus Er and the hardness H with the increase in temperature. The found results are in good agreement with the literature.

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Nguyen Xuan Dinh & Nguyen Mau Dung

Facing various challenges in agricultural sector such as decrease agricultural lands, shrinking labor supply, low agricultural productivities and food safety, the government of Vietnam has recently introduced a number of incentive policies for promoting high-tech agriculture to ensure the sustainable growth of the agriculture. However, the number of hi-tech agricultural enterprises in Vietnam remains modest and the high-tech agricultural products contribute a small share of the total. The analysis results show that the current policies on high-tech agriculture have limitations such as unspecific definition and criteria for determining the high-tech projects, complicated procedures to access to the preferential loan, unspecific subsidies on human training, etc.,. For better promoting the high-tech agriculture in Vietnam in the future, the incentive policies should diversify the capital sources for high-tech agriculture, specify the definition and criteria for the high-tech projects, provide the specific guidance and subsidies for human resource training and simplify the procedures for better access to the preferential loans for high-tech agriculture.

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Gleemoore C. Makie

The effects of texting frequency on the ideologies and academic achievement of the students at Eastern Luzon Colleges were investigated as basis for organizational intervention. The researcher looks for the respondents' self-perceived level of philosophies along phenomenology, hermeneutics, existentialism, and postmodernism. Another factor to consider is the respondents' academic achievement in mathematics, languages, social sciences, natural sciences, and physical education. Furthermore, knowing the major differences in the respondents' perceptions of their levels of philosophies and academic accomplishment when grouped by the selected variables can aid in analyzing the pupils' academic development. To determine the causal relationship, between the independent and dependent variables, the researcher used frequency and weighted mean to measure the perception of the respondents on their philosophy along Phenomenology, Hermeneutics, Existentialism and Postmodernism, the level of their academic achievement along mathematics, languages, social sciences, natural sciences, and physical education. The result of the study found out that the highest level of philosophies of the students is Existentialism and the lowest is Phenomenology. The level of the academic achievement shows that Physical education is the highest and the lowest is Mathematics. In terms of texting frequency, majority of the students spend their time at night in texting than during day time which really affects their study time. Thus, this study emphasizes the intervention of the organization or the school administrators to give more attention on the negative concepts, theories, and styles of texting. It is also important to study innovated and diffused practices of texting and how it leads to significant changes in the organization.

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Margarita Terziyska, Ivelina Desseva, Zhelyazko Terziyski

Biologically active peptides (BAPs) have a positive effect on human health, which is why they are used as a basis for drug and functional foods development. They are therefore of economic interest. However, the process of their isolation is too expensive and time-consuming. Hence, it is necessary to develop more effective methods to predict the potential activity of peptides. An appropriate solution could be an in silico approach, in particular the use of computational methods based on artificial intelligence (AI) techniques. The use of AI approaches may facilitate the identification of bioactive peptides. Thus, in this paper, along with some basic information about food-derived BAPs, a brief review of the AI techniques used for their activity prediction is made.

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Adi Hendro Purnomo, Eka Nor Santi

This study aims to conduct a study of the optimization strategies of BUMDesa in East Kutai Regency. The research was conducted through interviews and focus group discussions with stakeholders. The analysis carried out a qualitative approach. BUMDesa optimization is carried out by external environment opportunities through improving external environment (pull-push factors). The results of analysis found that: generally, BUMDesa has various weaknesses in the technical and management aspects. The results of analysis obtained two main strategies: First, in terms of pull factors, BUMDesa needs to be 'attractive' economically, socially and environmentally to attract many parties to involve. This concept recommends strengthening the best practices on BUMDesa in East Kutai. The best practices are identified, chosen, strengthened as branding strategies so as to attract local, national and even global communities to BUMDesa in East Kutai which then can inspire other BUMDesa (webbing), so that the establishment of BUMDesa, training and mentoring are no longer a formality, but can also encourage an active, independent and sustainable learning and development. Secondly, in terms of driving factors, human resources (HR) available in the villages, which generally have low education and capacity, need facilities to facilitate them in participating in BUMDesa. In addition to capacity building that has been carried out so far, it is necessary to add applications that facilitate BUMDesa businessmen in managing business. The facilitating facilities can be printed or electronic modules to help administrators and managers of BUMDesa, such as: identification of village potential, preparation of business plan, cooperation offer, marketing plan, preparation of cooperation proposals, capital support, and preparation of village financial reports.

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Koushik Das

Most of the user driven online games are not truly user driven in the sense that those only allow users to choose from a fixed set of playing and non-playing characters. Moreover, the game theme is not customized. The present paper describes software architecture of a user driven online game where the game would be created based on a story the user would input. The game would allow role play by the user.

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Guang-wu Lv, Peng Cao, Yuan Huang

It is of great value to reduce amount of ink usage and solve the restriction of color printing image quality of reproduction, the more accurate Gray Component replacement (GCR) mathematical model of CMYK color printing and maximum dynamic range of replacement has been researched. The scientific contribution of this paper is in using the metameric data of color space conversion collected through experiments, and then the ridge regression algorithm has been created for constructing a GCR mathematical model to characterize the optimal GCR maximum dynamic range of the metameric image printed which suitable to embed watermark information. The gradient descent method enables the C, M, Y (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow) values of metameric data solved by customizing the K (Carbon ink) channel data and the RGB color data, information hiding and printing anti-counterfeiting achieved by the K channel image, information will be recognized by applying special instruments in the Infrared wavelength range. This model is utilized to meet the challenge of printing information anti-counterfeiting and saving of printing ink, also deal with the basic problem of the maximum dynamic range of metameric GCR based on common CMYK ink. The effect of metameric image, with anti duplication and anti-counterfeiting properties, modulated be verified after printing and testing by this model. it, simultaneously, provided with the preponderance of good effect of information protection and full coverage of information.

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Sakkawati Cahyani, Taufiq Marwa, Muhammad Subardin

Food security is influenced by food availability, food access and food absorption. The amount of food availability in Indonesia is quite large but not sufficient to meet the needs of the Indonesian people, in addition to other aspects of food access and food absorption. This study uses the Partial Least Square Path Modeling (PLSPM) analysis tool and uses a bootstrapping approach in statistical testing. The results of the analysis show that the food access factor has a negative and insignificant effect on food security. Meanwhile, the factors of food availability and food absorption have a positive and significant influence on food security

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Onsarigo Clare Mwango, Dr Angeline Mulwa, Prof.Stephen Akaranga, Raphael Nyonje

The study aims to evaluate the moderating influence of institutional capacity on the performance of microfinance institutions funding entrepreneurial projects. The sample was collected from ten microfinance institutions funding entrepreneurial projects in Kisumu County Kenya. A total of 354 respondents derived from managers, Heads of departments and entrepreneurs of microfinance institutions were selected for the study. Data was collected using questionnaires and interview guide and analyzed using descriptive statistics to describe the indicators of institutional capacity and their influence on performance of microfinance institutions in Kisumu County. Institutional Capacity does not significantly moderate the influence of M&E Systems and performance of Micro Finance Institutions funding entrepreneurial projects in Kisumu County, this was rejected since P=0.000<0.05.The study results are expected to help microfinance institutions funding entrepreneurial projects in providing information on how to utilize monitoring and evaluations systems and in understanding moderating variables that hold back the attainment of performance of Microfinance Institutions. The findings revealed good institutional capacity as a Monitoring and Evaluation system encouraged prompt and excellent decision making which enhanced performance of Microfinance Institutions funding entrepreneurial projects.

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Ida Yulianawati. Mursid Saleh, Januarius Mujiyanto, Djoko Sutopo

Writing is one of the most crucial skills in English language teaching and has become widely researched worldwide in the past few decades. Meanwhile, students' engagement predicts subsequent achievement and success in school. This research aimed at investigating the students' engagement of dialogue journal in writing class. The participants of this study were fourth-semester students of the English Department of Wiralodra University. A qualitative study was set out to meet the purpose of the study. The study showed that students had a positive emotional engagement in some aspects of learning by implementing dialogue journal in writing class. In other words, students had positive attitude and attachment toward learning activities. The data from observation also showed that the students have positive behavior engagement during the learning activity. The third finding showed that the students had positive cognitive engagement toward learning activities by implementing dialogue journals. The result of the study suggests that the dialogue journal had a positive impact on writing class.

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