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Volume 7 - Issue 8, August 2018 Edition

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Lahai Koroma, L. M. Kamara, T.B.R. Yormah, G.M.T. Robert

Food tests, Phytochemical Screening and Antimicrobial Sensitivity tests has been carried out on various Plant Organs of the traditional medicinal plant Caloncoba echinata plant in Sierra Leone. The results of the Food Tests indicate presence starch, proteins, glucose and fats/oils in the fruit pulp of Caloncoba echinata thus confirming the use of the fruit pulp as a milk substitute for infants in Sierra Leone and as one of the food resources for monkeys and chimpanzees in the Gola Forest. Starch and glucose were absent in the seeds but positive for fats/oils. Phytochemical screening of the petroleum ether, acetone, methanol and Ethanol: Water (50:50) extracts revealed the presence of carbohydrate, glycoside, alkaloid, protein, amino acid, terpenoids, tannin and flavonoids by positive reaction with their respective test reagents. Maximum phytoconstituents were found to be present in methanolic, ethanol and ethanol: water (50:50) extracts of the plant. Antibacterial Sensitivity Tests on the various plant organs of Caloncoba echinata solvent extracts using Mueller Hilton agar on Escherichia coli, Salmonella typhimurium, Staphylococcus aureus and Bacillus species indicated that the oil extracted from the seeds and dissolved in Acetone (51%) Xylene (48%), the Oil blank (55%) gave minimum inhibitory activity against Escherichia coli and (37%) against Staphylococcus aureus which are the main bacteria known to stimulate wound and skin infections.This validates the use of the medicinal plant Caloncoba echinata as a traditional pharmaceutical

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Linda Noviama, Hadi Susilo Arifin, Luky Adrianto, Kholil

The index of tourism suitability and the carrying capacity of the tourism region is a matter of concern on the management of marine tourism area and need to be developed to reduce the impact of environmental degradation. Therefore the tourist area can be maintained its sustainability. The purpose of this study is to determine the level of tourism suitability and the carrying capacity of marine tourism areas, especially on snokeling activity spots in three islands of the Thousand Islands National Park, namely Pulau Ratu, Pulau Macan, Pulau Genteng Kayu Angin. The method used is suitability marine tourism area index formula and descriptive method. The result showed the snorkeling tourist suitability tourism index of the three islands on 12 stations showed 5 stations had suitable criteria (S1) and 7 stations conditional suitable criteria (S2). This means that the three islands were still appropriate to be used as a tourist snorkeling area. But if these 12 snorkeling station in the three islands are not managed then there will be damage to the coral reefs. The carrying capacity analysis showed that the value varied according to the spacious area to the tourism area measure that has the suitable criteria (S1) which ranges from 80 to 130 person per day. However based on the number of tourists that exist in 2017, the carrying capacity had exceeded the maximum limit, which is above 150 people / day, meaning it had passed the ability of tourist area to support the number of tourists.

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F. Ponco Sudaryanto

The internal academic quality assurance at certain education unit lies on the responsibility of the headmaster. The commitment given at particular school is one of the leading problems in term of academic quality assurance. In order to measure the commitment, self-evaluation is able to be used in gaining the data. Thus, the integrity of the headmaster covers some fields, such as fairness, will and responsibility. This is an evaluative study in which headmaster’s performance of SMK 2 Manokwari is analysed. The data were assembled by using closed-questionnaire technique with score 1 to 5 (Likert Scale). There were 260 questions as the instrument whose reliability was 0,946. The data were processed to get the average score and later was converted by the standards, namely very satisfied, satisfied, fair, fair enough, unfairly enough, unsatisfied. The commitment of Headmaster of SMK 2 Manokwari lies at fair enough standard whose average is 2,78. As detail, the managerial performance is 3,13 (satisfied), 3,17 (satisfied)score as the entrepreneurship performance,supervision performance is 3,17 (satisfied) and social performance indicates 3,23 (satisfied). The result of this study indicates that the headmaster of SMK 2 Manokwari still needs intensive training so as to promote the academic quality assurance. By conducting intensive training, the academic quality of SMK 2 Manokwari may increase rapidly.

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Dr. Qasim Mohammad Shakir, Yahya Mohammed Yahya, Dr. Ali Talib Jasim

In the present work, a non-linear finite element (FEM) analysis has been conducted in order to investigate the performance strengthening of reinforced self-compacting concrete T-deep beams with rectangular openings by CFRP sheets. five beams have been considered with different opening location (size of openings 150 *250)mm. To improve the performance of beams with rectangular openings, the most commonly used methods in strengthening have been adopted which is CFRP sheets. This comparison was based on the of load-deflection curves, ultimate loads and cracking patterns the result obtained are compared with those experimentally recorded at failure. The comparison result between the results of the experimental program and the F.E. analysis showed the validity of the result model adopted in the present work to simulate the behavior of the flange deep beams have openings strengthening by CFRP sheets in the present work. The analysis results showed that when the introducing openings with size of (150*250) mm led to a reduction in the load capacity by ( 64%) when located flushed to the flange and (70%) when bottom location.

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Fitrah Gunadi, Rizal Sjarief Sjaiful Nazli, Eka Intan Kumala Putri, Bambang Pramudya Noorachmat

The food self-sufficiency performance in West Java Province faces a very complex challenge in line with the decline in agricultural land area and population growth. This study aims to evaluate the performance of food self-sufficiency in West Java Province during the period of 2007 - 2015 using the indicator of the ratio of food self-sufficiency. The focus of this research is directed to rice commodities. The analysis in this study used a descriptive analysis of food self-sufficiency performance and the factors that influence it. The analysis shows that although the area of agricultural land was declining, rice production tends to increase. This was driven by rising rice cropping index and increasing productivity. On the other hand, rapid population growth in West Java Province encourages increased consumption of rice. The growth rate of rice consumption was greater than the amount of rice production, especially since the period 2011 - 2015 leads to a decrease in food self-sufficiency in West Java Province which was illustrated by the trend of decreasing the ratio of food self-sufficiency.

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Asan Baker Kanbar, Wafaa Mustafa Hameed

In this study, a literature review was made in order to identify published articles on blogs and online learning pages. 68 articles related to blogging and content management systems have been studied in detail. Analysis of the articles showed that blogs are more successful when they are used effectively in social constructive learning models and blended learning. Sharing course content on blogs led to positive feed backs was received and student’s performances were improved. These results prove that blogs can be used effectively in the teaching-learning process as an e-learning tool. Based on these results it could be conclude that planned activities are lead to make blogs more effective in the educational field.

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R.Ramya , K Srinivasan, K.Pavithra Devi, S.Preethi, G.Poonkuzhali

Image processing plays a very important role in medical imaging. As medical imaging is used most widely in areas such as Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Ultrasound Imaging, X-ray Scanning, etc. It is necessary to obtain the clear view of the images for proper diagnosis of the patient. Ultrasound Imaging is used to detect the status of the fetus in the womb. By measuring certain parameters such as Bi-parietal Diameter (BPD), Head Circumference (HC), Abdominal Circumference (AC) and Femur Length (FL) the weight of the fetus is being calculated using Hadlock IV formula. This detection would be helpful for the detection of the abnormalities of the fetus during the earlier stages of pregnancy automatically.

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Peace Muyambo

The internet of things is becoming more popular in recent years due to technological advancement. This has given rise to new technologies such as the internet of things, which make extensive use of the internet to achieve things that were previously very expensive or unworkable. Several researches have been conducted to come up with efficient and effective way of getting things done. This also involves technologies such as closed-circuit television, which have improved vastly due to the adoption of Internet of things. Physical items are no longer disconnected from the virtual world, but can be controlled remotely and can act as physical access points to Internet services. With the advent of the internet and advances in technology also came mobile phones. These devices are becoming smarter and smarter and are becoming integrated with the internet. There have also ben advances in computer vision technology, which allow computers to perceive the world through cameras. This research focuses on taking advantage of these technologies to produce a low cost surveillance system for Safe Guard security company (Zimbabwe) that is aware of its surroundings and will only capture footage when there is something taking place in the surveillance area. The system will also alert the guard/user of unauthorized human activity in the surveillance area.

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Nyan Phyo Aung, Mo Mo Myint Wai, Lwin Lwin Htay

The automatic sorting system has been reported to be complex and a global problem. This is because of the inability of sorting machines to incorporate flexibility in their design concept. This research therefore designed and developed an automated sorting metal object of a conveyor belt. The developed automated sorting machine is able to incorporate flexibility and separate species of metal objects and at the same time move objects automatically to the basket as defined by the regulation of the Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) with an inductive proximity sensor to detect a value range of objects. The result obtained shows that steel/metal is sorted into correct position with time of 10s. The proposed developed model of this research that is implemented with Siemens s7-1200 PLC and TIA portal v13.

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Ismail Ibrahim Marhoon

In this research, Epoxy matrix composites reinforced with short random glass fibers and TiO2 particles with different weight fractions (3, 6, and 9 %wt.) were prepared and then the mechanical testing were measured by tensile, impact, and hardness. The results showed the mechanical properties improve with increasing weight fraction. The impact energy of hybrid composite is better than compared with the composite reinforced with glass fiber alone at same weight fractions.

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Abdis Salam, Tuty Emilia Agustina, Risfidian Mohadi

Textile industry consumes the most amounts of dye lots in the production process which have a non-biodegradable in nature. It is necessary to do the dye wastewater treatment before discharging to the environment. Photodegradation is a process of decomposition of organic compounds with the aid of photon energy, in which oxidation and reduction reactions occur on the surface of the semiconductor. One of the good semiconductors used is ZnO. Furthermore, adding a matrix or dopants is expected to assist ZnO photocatalysts so that dye degradation is more optimal. Zeolite is a good solid support for dispersing ZnO semiconductors because zeolite has large surface area and uniformity of pore size. Procion Red was used as a model of synthetic dye wastewater. The objectives of the study are to synthesize ZnO-zeolite composites by impregnation method and to study the effects of irradiation time (30-120 minutes), type of composites used, and light conditions (dark room, UV light, and sunlight) on Procion Red degradation. ZnO-zeolite composites are made by weight ratio (1:2), (1:1) and (2:1). ZnO-zeolite composites that have been synthesized were characterized by using SEM-EDX. The degradation of procion red dye produced was characterized by using UV-Vis Spectrophotometer. The results showed that Procion Red degradation by using sunlight exposure was greater than UV lamp and dark room for Procion Red concentration of 150 mg/L. From the three ZnO-zeolite composites synthesized, the composite (2:1) showed the best degradation percentage of 83.96% for 120 minutes under sunlight irradiation.

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Eddy Soegiarto . K

The objective of the research is to the solution the overcome the problem of deficit which is to be faced by the local government of East Kalimatan.The method of the research is library one by taking news from local daily newspaper from TribunKaltim , KaltimPost and national magazine namely Gatra .It has been carried out in 2015 to 2018 and the locations of the research is in Samarinda.The results of the research are : (1).There are many restaurants are very small number visitors event no buyer,(2).There many shops are no buyer,(3).The original local income of the province is very low,(4).The economic growth of East Kalimantan is very low too.The suggestions of the researcher that local government has,(1).To adapt the budged depended on the income,(2).To look for the new income,(3).To control the expense,(4).To be efficient to solve the problem of export.

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Elouarzi Abdelkarim, Sedra Moulay Brahim

This paper introduces a dynamic exoskeleton system designed for hemiplegia people. The system purposes to help patients who suffer half body paralysis due to congenital causes, trauma, tumors, and stroke or caused by other illness. First, the mechanical system introduced through dynamical simulations in Catia. Second, the electronic circuit presented and detailed using a simulation in Proteus 8 and a modeling approach is proposed. Finally, an interaction system with a control algorithm proposed to help the patient to control the robot.

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Rzgar Sirwan Raza, Sarkhel H.Taher karim

With the affluence of information produced by users in websites, people have problems to find the best information. Recommender systems are a big ingredients of online systems such as e-stores e-commerce providers. Recommendation methods use information available from users-items interactions and their contextual data to provide a best list of items for users. These methods are constructed based on similarity between users and/or items (e.g., a user is likely to purchase the same items as his/her most similar users). In this paper, we introduce a novel community detection recommendation algorithm that is based on rules. Community detection create groups of interacting vertices (i.e., nodes) in a network depending on their structural properties .We can extract rules in users-items interaction network .use this rules can help recommendation process. We apply the proposed algorithm on a movelense dataset. Our proposed method show better precision as compared to the state-of-the-art recommenders.

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Jorge Prado-Molina, Humberto Hernández-Arias, Domingo Vera-Mendoza, Juan A. Reyes-González, Jorge Prado-Morales

This paper introduces a novel approach to obtain full three-axis movement in a frictionless spacecraft simulator. This simulation system is intended to test attitude determination and control stabilization subsystems for 3U Cubesats, however, it is not constrained to this group of Nanosatellites, scalability to 1U or 2U is readily available. The spacecraft simulator consists of a cup, supplied with air pressure, and a hollow sphere floating in the air cushion generated between these two components. This air cushion provides an almost frictionless environment. The Cubesat is attached inside the sphere, allowing it to have a non-restricted movement of 360 arc degrees, in the three-orthonormal axis around its center of mass. The sphere is in fact made of two pieces to allow access to the spacecraft. In this scheme the spacecraft simulator it is not instrumented with attitude and rate sensors to send its orientation by telemetry to the Earth station, as usual. In this case the own attitude instrumentation of the nanosatellite under test is employed to comply with this task. Design and functioning tests of this approach for attitude determination and control system assessment for nanosats are introduced, and for demonstrative purposes LQR and PID attitude control algorithm were implemented on board a 3U Cubesat, in order to test the entire simulator.

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Jocelyn Ceballos Andamon, Denis Abao Tan

The study investigated the conceptual understanding, attitude and performance in mathematics of grade 7 students. This study sought to; describe the students’ demographic profile, in terms of gender, family income and parent’s educational attainment; determine their level of performance in mathematics; ascertain the level of students’ conceptual understanding in mathematics; describe students’ attitude towards mathematics; correlate the students’ performance in mathematics to students’ demographic profile, conceptual understanding, and attitude; and identify which of the variables singly or in combination best predict performance in mathematics. There were 225 grade 7 students in six participant – catholic schools in Valencia City. These schools were all member of Bukidnon Association on Catholic Schools (BUACS). The instruments used were teacher-researcher made test on conceptual understanding in mathematics with two sub-topics, the skills transferring knowledge, and the complete understanding in the language of mathematics; Fennema and Sherman Likert attitude scale; standardized mathematics test for grade 7 adopted from department of education k to 12 curriculum; and a demographic profile sheet. Results revealed that: students’ demographic profile by gender showed that there were more females than males, almost three parts of the total population had finished the college category and half of the total population belongs to the poverty line. Students’ performance in mathematics belongs to the range of approaching to proficiency which implies moderate or in the average level of learning. For the overall students’ level of conceptual understanding in mathematics, the result described as approaching to proficiency meaning moderate. The students’ attitude towards mathematics overall mean rated as uncertain implies further that students were neutral with regards to their attitude towards mathematics, they are fair. Students’ performance in mathematics did not relate significantly to respondents demographic profile, and conceptual understanding in mathematics. Students’ attitude towards mathematics and conceptual understanding in mathematics were found the best predictors of students’ performance in mathematics.

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Y. Nougbléga, K. Kpode, K. Atchonouglo, M. Banna, J.C.Dupré

The present paper reports numerical investigation results of mixed convection in the inclined Hybrid Photovoltaic–Thermal (PV/T) channel using the empty or enclosed air gaps for the solar PV cells isolation. The aim of this work is to evaluate streamlines and isotherms patterns in order to analyze the effect of thermal screens on PV/T Performances using a stream function-vorticity formulation. Results are presented in terms of streamlines, isotherms, outlet velocity, heat transfer, electrical output and thermal efficiency of the PV/T with variation in control parameters such as Reynolds number (2  Re  250), the Grashof number(10  Gr 106), the Aspect ratio (2  A  10), and the enclosed air gap width (0%  B  60%). The results show that empty and enclosed air gaps can respectively significantly improve electrical efficiency and air draught reducing back flow in the channel.

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Purwanto, Yayuk Sri Sundari

Areas susceptible to flooding in Karangmumus Sub Watershed is predicted from the slope of the slope is obtained on the slope of North Samarinda slope there is a slope of 0-8% area 12,356.3 ha flat slope class and slope class 8-15% of area 4,141.2 ha slopes of slopes 15-25% area 1,831.6 ha steeper slope class, slope slope 25-40% area 269.2 ha steep slope class and slope> 40% area 12,7 ha class of slope very steep. For flat slope classes and ramps that result in the occurrence of puddles. On the steeper rather steep and steep slopes that result in flooding and erosion in the river flow. For cover / use of scrubland 12,700,7 ha 31,8913%, mining area 1,627,4 ha 4,0864%, settlement with wide of 1,814,9 ha 4,557,2%, open land with wide of 781,5 ha amounted to 1.9623%, forest cover with an area of 47.1 ha of 0.1183% and a puddle area of 1.506 ha of 55.72%. with the potential of flood prone areas in the Karangmumus Sub Watershed , which is indicated by the size of the flood puddle causing flood prone areas.

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Surahman Surahman, Suramli, Gunadi

The purpose a significant amount of operation issues do exist in local supermarkets and their supply chains confirming the need for their operational agility. The agility of supermarket chain mostly was associated to the capability of operation that responds to the increasing pressure of variability in customer demand and changing customer buying behavior. The paper therefore examines the agility of supermarkets supply chains to manage the inventory issues in meeting the customer order fulfillment. Cross-sectional study included survey data from managers of supermarkets which is spread over the big cities in East Indonesia. This also included the manufacturers and small retailers as partners of the supermarkets chain. A total of 164 usable responses, representing 40 per cent responses rate, comprise of 60 supermarkets and 104 manufacturers and retailer together. SEM modeling was used to find out the hypothesized relationship among the variables in a conceptual framework. Results of the study show that information and communication technology (ICT) plays an important role in managing supermarket inventory through its supply chains agility (SCA). The results also show that the supermarkets suffer from quick response to their consumer need, inventory stock out, higher distribution lead-time and lack of order fulfillment. The finding can offer an insight to the operation managers about the ICT usage that can provide an agility to overcome their inventory issues there by maximizing service level. The supermarkets need to be quick in response to meeting their customers’ requirement. Unfortunately, some supermarkets have too many issues in serving the customers. Limited use of ICT with the suppliers and retail customers results in inventory shortages, higher distribution lead time and low service level. The paper aims to fill this gap by investigating how managerial practices may increase the agility in the supply chains especially in managing the inventory using ICT as enabler.

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Arika Indah Setyarini, Indah Rahaningtyas

Breast cancer is the highest cancer disease suffered by women. In Indonesia, for example, East Java Province has the highest rate of breast cancer of all Indonesia provinces. Sadly, about 85% patients were treated at late cancer stadium (III and IV). Therefore, it is important to early detection of breast cancer to reduce mortality rate and improve patient treatment. In one of district in East Java, Tulungagung, breast cancer had increased case rate since 2010-2013. In order to increase social awareness of breast cancer, Indonesian Cancer Foundation (YKI), conducted socialization in Society Health Center of Dono, Tulungagung, to introduce early self-detection of breast cancer to productive 20’s years old women. This socialization was aimed to gain and train society awareness about breast cancer, detect the early symptons of breast cancer, and giving the counselling to further treatments. The socialization of early-detection and further counselling of was conducted by college lecturer. In addition, screening early-detection of breast cancer and monthly evaluation was conducted by midwives and staffs of Society Health Center of Dono. The health counselling and evaluation to audience was conducted monthly for 3 months. From this socialization, the audience gained awareness to breast cancer early detection and understand the further medical treatment of cancer before it was too late.

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Rusdiana Rusdiana, Akbar Sutawidjaja, Edy Bambang Irawan, Sudirman

This study describes the strategies used by students when faced with the problem of pattern generalization. The 5th and 6th grade elementary school students were given problem of pattern and asked to solve it. Based on the results of think aloud, written works and interviews are classified strategies used by students in solving problems.From the results of data analysis it can be concluded that most students use recursive strategy, few students using explicit strategy and one student using image which make it easier to determine nth rule .

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Paramanand. S. Patil, Satyanarayan. K. Padaganur,

In this paper we review the potential challenges of the different Wireless power transfer methodologies. The Research of wireless power transfer started in the year 1891 by Nicolas tesla father of wireless power transfer technology this journey continued till today having a lot of research opportunity and challenges in the field of WPT. we discuss the challenging issues with respect to various parameters of wireless power transfer like Cost of transmission. Biological effect, Environmental hazard, & efficiency become more significant parameter. Depending upon the range of transmission there are mainly two methods of WPT known as far field and near field. we discuss the issues with respect to various types of WPT like inductive coupling, resonant inductive coupling, electrostatic induction, & Microwave power transfer (MPT), laser based power beaming, these methods are based on distance classified as near field and far field wireless power transmission.

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Rusmini, Dwinita Aquastini, Riama Rita Manulang, Daryono, Ali Sadikin

Production of kenaf fiber for industry mostly uses chemical fertilizers with synthetic dyes that will also cause health and environmental problems and adversely affect all life forms. Increased health and environmental concern make organic kenaf fiber production with natural dyes highly recommended for both handicrafts and for industrial scale because natural fertilizers and dyes are non-toxic, decomposable, and environmentally friendly. The purpose of this study is to determine the level of consumer preference to organic kenaf fiber with natural dye of pinang seeds. The study used a two-factor group randomized design with the first factor of organic kenaf fiber and a second factor of natural dye consisting of 2 levels. The study was repeated as many as 2 replications so that there were 4 experimental units. Variables observed by consumer's level of craft product from organic kenaf fiber with natural dyes covering color, texture and odor tested .. This test is done by Hedonic Test method, using questionnaire with untrained panelist (consumer) as many as 20 people with data obtained based on a panelist response using a hedonic scale was analyzed by Kruskal-Wallis test. The results showed that there was no significant difference in consumer preferences for the color, texture and odor of organic kenaf fibers with a variety of natural dyes of pinang seed but from the percentage of consumers' favorite level stated that the average panelist liked the color, texture and odor of the kenaf fiber organic with natural dye of young betel nut and old betel nut.

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Zanyar Ali Ahmed, Mazen Ismaeel Ghareb

This paper introduces the plan and improvement of a proposed rule based Decision Support System that will enable students in choosing the best reasonable significant choice between public and private universities in Kurdistan Region Government. The fundamental thought of our approach is to design an online course selection system for student need to apply for an undergraduate degree. The system is based on mathematical and artificial intelligence rules to give the students best choose for their study. The system attributes depends on the age of the students, baccalaureate average mark, the cost of the study, studying time, etc. This system, it will help ministry of students, universities and ministry of higher education for managing their courses in properly and accurately.

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Yinghui Zhang, Zihan Lin, Yubeen Kang, Ruoci Ning, Yuqi Meng

Diabetes mellitus is a group of metabolic diseases showing high blood sugar levels over prolonged periods. It is one of the deadly diseases growing at rapid rates in developing countries. Diabetes has affected over 246 million people worldwide. According to the World Health Organization (WHO) report, this number is expected to rise to over 380 million by 2025. If untreated, diabetes can lead to long-term complications such as heart disease and kidney failure. Therefore, there is a great need for the timely diagnosis of diabetes for people around the world. In particular, diabetes has been identified to be a very serious threat to younger generations and working individuals. Diabetes can be managed if it can be predicted during the early stages with changes in the diet and lifestyle of the patient. Therefore, this paper proposes a model for the early prediction of diabetes by considering major risk factors. An artificial neural network model with the Levenberg-Marquardt training algorithm is built using the PIMA Indian Diabetes dataset. The objective of the study is to predict the occurrence of diabetes mellitus using known risk factors based on feed-forward artificial neural network.

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Hermantino Saragih, Chairani Hanum, Revandy Damanik

This research aims to know the influence of the diameter of the rootstock Japansche Citroen and the type of the amendment to the land ceded on top soil planting media andisol the best citrus seedling shoots of growth citrus siam. This research was conducted in Siboras Nagori, Simalungun Regency from March until June 2016 with height 1200 m above sea level, precipitation type C (Oldeman classification), and soil type Andisol. Soil analysis done in the laboratory of the Central Faculty of Agriculture University of North Sumatra. The design used in this study was a Randomized Design Group (RAK) Factorial. The first factor is the diameter of the rootstock (D) consists of 3 levels namely: D1 = 7-11 mm, D2 = D3 = 12-15 mm and 16-20 mm. The second factor is the planting medium consists of 9 level: M0 = control (0), M1 = Phosphor Fertilizer (2 g/kg soil), M2 = Rice Straw (20 g/kg soil), M3 = Leaves Reed (20 g/kg soil), M4 = Chicken Manure (20 g/kg soil, M5 = Rice Straw (20 g/kg soil) + Leaves Reed (20 g/kg soil), M6 = Manure (20 g/kg soil) + Rice Straw (20 g/kg soil), M7 = Manure (20 g/kg soil) + Leaves Reed (20 g/kg soil) and M8 = manure (20 g/kg of soil Straw + Rice Plant (20 g/kg soil) + Leaves Reed (20 g/kg soil). The results showed that there is an influence of the diameter of the rootstock JC high against of the shoots but in Planting Media has no effect against high shoots. The interaction of the diameter of the rootstock and planting Media has no effect against a real high shoots Orange siam.

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Wafaa Mustafa Hameed, Asan Baker Kanbar, Jumah Aswad Zarnan

Shortest path algorithms are among the most studied network flow optimization problems introduced to in such approach such as ants colony, Greedy, Floyd, K and k* algorithms. In this paper we introduce a new algorithm to find the shortest path between two centers (nods), these nods may be represent a fire zone, bus station, cities…etc.In this algorithm nods will be represents as a matrix, the number of columns and Rows equal to the number of arcs of the network. The elements represent as 0 that means that there’s no arc between the centers (nods), or 1 that’s mean there’s an arc between the two centers. The solving of this matrix occurs in many stages: Stage1: specifying the number of arcs in the network by calculating the number of elements equal to 1 as arrow of matrix. Stage2: specify the number of arcs by identifying the number of rows and columns hold the value 1. Stage3: count the length of the paths depending on the arcs which is installation the paths and compare between these paths to specify the shortest path. So in this algorithm we need just to inter the number of arcs, start state node and goal state node of the network, we choose VC++ as a language to program this application in, a compiled program will always be faster than an interpreted program.

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Bambang Hermansah

This study aims to describe the perceptions of parents of students’ on extracurricular activities handball in prisons LPKA Class I Pakjo Palembang. Perception is the process of recognition and understanding or direct response received through sensing and interaction, which has meaning, then transparent to the brain and in interpretation. This research is a quantitative research and taking samples from one population and using questionnaire as a basic data collection tool, then intends to make conclusions that are applicable to the public and supported by numbers in percentages. The population of this study is the parents of students from prison LPKA Class I Pakjo Palembang which amounted to 48 people. Taken 30 people (respondents) as the sample of this study. Sample determination is done by random sampling. Technique of collecting data is by giving closed questionnaire which consist of 30 questions. The results showed that parents' perceptions are Positive, meaning that each parent supports with the existence of extracurricular activities handball in prisons LPKA Class I Pakjo Palembang. This is revealed by the parents of students about the development of handball sport is not yet known in addition to it can provide knowledge and benefits to students in prisons LPKA Class I Pakjo Palembang.

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Joseph Odero Alele, Godfrey M.N Ngunjiri, Musa R. Njue

Effects of tillage depth and forward speed on draught power of primary tillage implements were studied using a pull dynamometer in silt loam soil. The implements used were a standard 2-bottom mouldboard plough and a 3-bottom disc plough. Tillage depths of 6.5 cm, 12.5 cm and 22.5 cm and speeds of 1.3 m/s, 2.3 m/s and 3.0 m/s were used. The effects of the treatments were studied using randomized blocks. There was significant increase in draught power with increase in tillage depth and forward speed at all the levels of the treatments tested for both the ploughs used. It was also noted that the draught power for mouldboard plough was higher than that in the disc plough at all levels of the parameters tested. Power requirement for mouldboard plough changed from 4.416 kW to 7.029 kW when tillage depth was varied from 6.5 cm to 22.5 cm. This results into an increase of 0.163 kW per unit change in depth of tillage. For the case of disc plough it increased from 3.344 kW to 6.404 kW which is equivalent to an increase of 0.191 kW. When speed was increased from 1.3 km/hr. to 3 km/hr. for disc plough power requirement increased from 2.911 kW to 7.048 kW resulting into an average change of 2.434 kW for the corresponding change in speed. While for the mouldboard plough the change was 3.12 kW within the same range.

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Mazen Ismaeel Ghareb, Falah Mustafa Sedeeq

Cybercrime or cybercrime on computer programs or programs is considered a serious crime at the present time. State legislatures have provided legal protection for the legitimate use of the computer and the information network and the punishment of perpetrators of acts that constitute an attack on the rights of their users Or to prevent misuse of computer crimes. However, Arab countries, especially Iraq, are still far from legislating an e-crime law, despite the proposal by the Iraqi government in early 2011 to undermine the use of information technology and social networking sites through a project called the Cyber Crime Act. Cyber-crimes the off-spring of the cyber-space technology could be just observed; controlled and counteracted through digital enactment. Nations around the world are confronting the threats of digital violations because of a few reasons extending from the poor innovation, inadequacy and nonappearance of enactment to money related requirements, resistance with universal law and authorizing organizations. This examination was attempted to asses and breaks down the current situation with digital violations and enactment in the point of view of creating nations and to distinguish and investigate the difficulties the legislatures of creating nations are looking in the anticipation of the digital wrongdoings .

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Chatura Chinthana Gamage

The leadership styles of supervisors can have a significant influence on motivation levels of subordinates [1]. Yet, there is a lack of empirical examinations to validate such effects of contemporary leadership styles on employee motivation in public sector organizations in South-Asian context. To plug this gap in literature this paper aimed to examine the implications of supervisor leadership styles on subordinate motivation in a public sector organization in a South-Asian culture. Thus, pledged the research question ‘What is the impact of leadership style on staff motivation in a public sector organization in Sri Lanka?’ This study used a mixed method research design where interviews and questionnaire were used for data collection. Participants were from a department of a government institution in Sri Lanka. The total sample size was 32 for the questionnaire and 4 for the interviews, where the population size was 46. Response rates for the questionnaire and the interviews were, 93.75% and 100%, respectively. It was found that the leadership style at the research site to be more transformational than transactional. Furthermore, transformational leadership demonstrated a positive effect on subordinate intrinsic motivation, while it affected negatively for subordinate extrinsic motivation. In contrast, transactional leadership indicated a negative effect on subordinate intrinsic motivation, while a positive effect was indicated on extrinsic motivation. The study concluded that transformational and transactional leadership styles have a significant effect on employee motivation, while laissez-faire leadership style is ineffective. Since the findings were consistent with the leadership literature, contemporary leadership styles were viewed as valid and applicable for the public sector organizations in Sri Lankan context. The small sample size and longitudinal effects were identified as the limitations of this study.

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Dr. kamaran HamaAli.A.Faraj, Dr. Nzar Abdulqader. Ali, Dr. Amin Salah Mohamad, Dashne Raoof

Search engines are programs that enable a person to find the documentation or media, other means designed to search for information on the World Wide Web. While the internet collection the amount of data the search engine is the most effective way to find your information. In this Working Paper in order to explain the search engine and to provide three types, there is a Simple search engine, Semi search engine and Full (restricted) Search Engine. As a result, containing a full search engine is the best because it exactly gives one record of data after the search.

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Sahar Abd Ali Dawood

This study aims to suggest public facilities and encourage employers to use these facilities to decrease the use of private transportation. Using Al Hilla city as an example, the study involves a survey conducted on employers during the three month (march –may) (2017–2018).A total of 300 questionnaires were personally distributed inside the center of Al Hilla city and interviews were conducted with the employers. The survey results obtained the following statistics: 58% (the majority) of the people use cars inside the city, 31.4% take the bus, 7.6% use motorcycles, and 3% (the least percentage) use bicycles &walking. there are some strategies to improve using bus are increasing parking fees inside the city , increasing the number of buses inside the city and make it free are also effective means to use bus transportation and make the time between facilities reasonable .

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Syafruddin Pohan

This study aims to analyze how Law no. 19 of 2016 on Information and Electronic Transactions (UU ITE) regulates the position of new norms regarding the right to be forgotten in Indonesia. Indonesia became the first Asian country to apply the concept. The right to be forgotten is a norm in the field of cyber law. It was born out of a desire to restore the control function of personal information circulating on the internet to the personalities of each person. Although this concept is adopted from EU countries, it is not the same application in Indonesia. Deletion of content in the EU or Russia or other countries that apply only limited to the search engine (search engine), in Indonesia is not like that. It is expressly referred to in Article 26 paragraph (3) of the revision of the ITE Law: "Every Operator of Electronic System shall remove Electronic Information and / or irrelevant Electronic Documents under its control at the request of the Person concerned pursuant to the court's determination". The results obtained 1). In Indonesia one can request a direct removal of irrelevant content, while in many countries the implementation of the right to be forgotten is limited to search engines, 2) content that can be applied for removal not only of content relating to personal data, but more broadly . 3) to irrelevant information or electronic documents, one may request removal pending judicial appointment.

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Charlo Bianci Montehermoso Guray

Beach resorts in the Philippines aimed to build and maintain high quality services available to the clienteles in order to compete in the global market especially this time that ASEAN Integration came in to the country’s business systems. Banana Beach Resort in particular, is considered as the leading elite class resort in Mindanao that is committed to render services beyond compare and beyond its best for the benefit of all clients whom we labeled as beach resort goers. A descriptive-correlational design of research was used and it employed quota sampling in administering the questionnaire to the respondents. Data were statistically treated and analyzed. Presentation and Analysis were done in accordance with the research questions. Findings, revealed that all of Banana Beach Resort services; Accommodation, Food and Beverage, Water sports and Tours were much extensive. In like manner, the researcher had found out that the clients of Banana Beach Resort were much satisfied from the services they have received. Surprisingly, data revealed that the relationship between the services of the resort and the level of satisfaction is found “Not Significant”. It implies that the services of the beach resort have no significant relationship to the satisfaction received by the clients. This is well supported by Professor Noriaki Kano in his Kano Model Theory that states that customer satisfaction is not always proportional to how fully functional the product or service is or in other words, higher quality does not necessarily lead to higher satisfaction for all product attributes or services requirements. It was then recommended that Philippines’ beach resort owners specifically the banana beach resort must consider the Kano model theory where the focus lightens the 3 attributes to satisfaction: 1) basic or expected attributes, (2) performance or spoken attributes, and (3) surprise and delight attributes in order to develop a more comprehensive services that will give a full satisfaction to the target market.

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Muhammad Yamin, Ishak

The aim of this study is to know the influence of the officer competence, the implementation of performance budgeting, and the functional control on SKPD performance (LKD), either partially and simultaneously. Survey the sum of 76 responders covering all head on duty, secretary on duty, lead on the area, and some of an functional supervisor at 19 on duty regency of bone south celebes province. Data have been collected by questioner. The tool of statistic analysis using path analysis. The result of this study indicates that the officer competence, the implementation of performance budgeting, and the functional control have been influence of the significant partially and simultaneously, on SKPD performance (LKD). It means that properly of performance accountability report of governmental institution on duty regency of bone south celebes province influenced by equal to 67,3%, and by equal to 33,7% influenced by other factors are not included into this study model.

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Herman Usman, Thamrin Husain, Sugeng Cahyono

This study aims to determine the effectivity of industrial relations court services in Ternate City, based on service process approach. This study conducted using qualitative method with descriptive analysis of interview, observation, and documentation results technique. The results showed that there are some indicators that have not been appropriate and does not support the Effectivity of the service process. The spirit of work is still very lacking, there is no reward system that stimulates the leadership to seek the creation of effective working groups as soon as the performance and development of employees, there has been no effort from individuals or organizations in achieving organizational goals and has not formed good cooperation, and conflicts that occur always solved according to the organization interests. This is very important and needs further thinking about the positive impacts of achieving organizational goals. In addition, some of the indicators that have been supported include the attention of employers to bosses, mutual trust and communication between leaders and employees are good, decentralization in decision making, vertical and horizontal relationships at the industrial relations court in Ternate City has been relatively good. Therefore, the case service process has not been effective.

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Narendra Pratap Sharma, Maneesha Gupta

In this paper we have proposed a novel ultra-low power current comparator which is based on Dynamic Threshold Metal Oxide Semi-conductor (DTMOS) technique to reduce the power dissipation which is achieved by reducing the supply voltage. The Circuit has been implemented at supply voltage as low as ±0.3 V and in 0.18 μm (Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company) TSMC technology parameters.

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Bintang Madafuri

Strategy of tourism marketing product is started by determining the market which is initially heterogeneous in to homogenous groups. Hereafter, determining the market which is targeted. After, succeeding, the next step is positioning to build the product image and the last one is implementing the marketing mix which is representing the combination of some variables utilized to reach the target. There are some suggestions are related to this topic, the first one is doing marketing. It shall be started with the marketing segmentation. After the transaction finished, maintaining the relationship is required. The relationship represents the after-sales service which aim to remain the tourist nostalgia in order to make them revisit the tourist destination. Others, service provider shall optimize the role of human resources who have high competence, product diversification, competitive prices and intensive promotion.

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RAZA, Hawbir Kamal, Savaş UÇKUN, Kamaran Faraj

The Software-defined networking (SDN) is an approach to computer networking that provides an opportunity for the network administrator to initialize, control, change, and manages networks programmatically via open interfaces and abstraction of lower level functionality. The old network architecture (NA) has been using the traditional networks, thus inefficient due to internetworking devices inability to support scalable computer requirements is digitalized and real time. The newest of NA is designed as a platform efficient to resolve the issue of traditional networks by decoupling and disassociating of NA responsibility is to control and making decisions in order to traffic concerns. Some of the typical systems associated with SDN include OpenFlow protocol, Cisco Systems, Open Network Environment, and network virtualization platform. The changes in technology signifies the important for the new NA that acts as a response to select in traffic patterns. Besides, the new network architecture must respond by providing a traffic pattern for the managements and flexibility of users traffic. The network architectures need to take advantage of the new cloud services and create a network that suits the interests of the potential users. This study focuses on showing how SDN deployments can be used to improve the manageability of NA, and OpenFlow can be used to create end-to-end switches and allow users to attain their objectives using efficient network architectures. The study utilizes the use of multi-case research method in analyzing the measures to be implemented for improving the efficiency of SDN. Also, investigates the different management networks traffics and their role in bolstering networking ability. The study is proposing the most harmonious method that network managers need to prioritize when it comes to deploying their network architectures. This is for ensuring so they select a NA that is easier to manage and affordable. SDN is an important tool used in improving networks and efficiency of a network. This paper, therefore, uses SDN in convincing network managers and other concerned partners about the importance of ensuring that their network is deployed on SDN. The paper further uses OpenFlow model as the primary simulation method.

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Afsaneh Samimi Golgoun, Ghodrat Sepidnam

By the advancement of technology, most healthcare queue management systems assign a turn number to the patients online. In traditional healthcare queue management systems, all patients are considered to be in the same priority, and only the amount of doctors and patients' wasted time is optimized. While the lives of humans are more important than time. Therefore, in the proposed method in this study, the most important issue that is considered is to give priority to patients who are already in worse conditions. At the same time, it has been tried to minimize the waiting time for doctors and patients. The proposed system prioritizes patients to receive their services according to their health and vital status, and then optimizes the visit scheduling of patients using the genetic algorithm. The results implemented in Visual Studio and SQL Server software show the effectiveness of the proposed mechanism in scheduling and prioritizing.

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Syawaluddin, Anwar Ilmar Ramadhan, Ery Diniardi, Erwin Dermawan

In this study Air Blast Freezer (ABF) to freeze 250kg of bread dough in 1 hour with the amount of space ABF requested as much as 2 room. The purpose of the research is to select the required compressor ABF with the calculation of the load obtained. The condition of each room has a heat load of 41.5 kW with target room temperature -35̊C. The result is total compressor capacity 58.2 kW x 2 compressor or 116.4 kW, while the calculation load according to condition of end of room ABF is equal to 37.81 kW x 2 room or equal to 75.62 kW , 40.78 kW difference, or enough to make one more ABF room with the same design and capacity.

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Hasan Basri, Anwar Ilmar Ramadhan

In the world of heavy equipment has been achieved with the development of various methods used to improve product quality. Over time, many problems are experienced in the unit, one of which is the problem experienced by unit D155A-6 engine overheat caused by abnormal fan motor. The purpose of this research is to make adapter tool for measuring fan motor hydraulic pressure in troubleshooting engine overheat on unit D155A-6. The measurement results indicate that the Fan Motor is in abnormal condition and must be replaced. To determine the Preassure Oil Hydraulic Fan Motor and not to repeat the same thing when the same problem occurs, it should be made adapter tools with the results can save expenses with price comparison (before and after) the availability of tools for: ($3.888 - $486) = $3.402.

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Hery Suharna, Idrus Alhaddad

The mathematic students (prospective teachers) often experience constraints when understanding math problems, one of them that they did mistake of constructing mathematical concepts. This thing was the causal factor when students solve math problems. These errors should not happen for a math student who later becomes a math teacher. Researchers wanted to reveal the problems in order to get a description of errors of constructing concept in overcoming the problems experienced by the student. Therefore, it is necessary knowledge of mathematical reasoning structure of student in solving math problem. Based on the problems and objectives of the study, this type of research is descriptive qualitative which aimed at describing the mathematical reasoning structure of students when solving math problems. The results of the study found some descriptions (1) students' mathematical reasoning that was connective, (2) inductive mathematical reasoning, and (3) deductive mathematical reasoning.

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Narayana Mudiyanselage Nayana Kumari Narayana, Vijay Kumar Gupta

Strawberry set yogurt was manufactured by keeping milk solids level at 10.5% and fat at 1.5% in yogurt mix, by addition of calculated amount of 5 fold ultrafiltered cow skim milk retentate and cow milk cream, respectively. Strawberry pulp and sugar level was maintained at 6% and 8%, respectively. Physicochemical, physical, textural and microbiological quality of developed yogurt was investigated during storage at 4±1°C against control yogurt made by milk standardized with skim milk powder. Significant (p<0.05) increase of acidity development and pH reduction was observed with advancing storage period, irrespective of the type of yogurt. Whey syneresis appeared only in control yogurt on 13th day of storage. Water holding capacity was significantly (p<0.05) higher in developed compared to control yogurt. Acetaldehyde concentration significantly (p<0.05) decreased with advancing storage period and was significantly (p<0.05) higher in developed yogurt throughout the storage. Values of textural attributes increased significantly (p<0.05) with increasing storage period irrespective of the type of yogurt and significantly (p<0.05) higher in developed yogurt. Lactic acid bacteria count decreased significantly (p<0.05) and yeast and moulds increased significantly (p<0.05) with advancing storage period in both yogurts. After 13th day of storage, overall acceptability of the developed yogurt decreased significantly (p<0.05) due to flavor and acidity related changes. Developed strawberry yogurt had 1.30 times more protein and 1.24 times less lactose compared to control. On the basis of increased yeast and mould count and sensory defects, shelf life of developed yogurt was observed to be 13 days at 4±1°C.

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Abdul Halil Hi. Ibrahim, Muhlis Hafel, Abdul Rahman Abdullah

The purpose of this research is to determine the expansion development and government policy to develop employment chance for the productive workforce in Tidore City. This research used observation, interview and documentation to collect the primary and secondary data, and using the qualitative method to analyse the data. The data obtained from the Department of labour and transmigration in Tidore City. The results showed that the development of employment opportunities had been done through the program of expanding employment opportunities and increasing the workforce competence. The government of Tidore City has also exploited the expansion of employment for productive-age workers, and through the Office of Manpower and Transmigration, the government of Tidore City has facilitated productive workforce through training and apprenticeship for skilled workers in developing skills and competencies. The government has been assisting the workers with internship and training to improve their competence and expertise. Therefore, the local government to provide the budget to expand and develop the employment as well as to strengthen the cooperation with the private employer and regional owned enterprise to extend the job, to manage, and to decrease the capacity of workers consistently.

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Ian Paul B. Saligumba, Denis A. Tan

The study assessed the mathematics performance and self-efficacy of Grade 9 students in a Gradual Release of Responsibility Instructional Model (GRRIM) at Central Mindanao University Laboratory High School (CMULHS). It aimed to a) ascertain the performance level of students exposed to GRRIM and those exposed to non-GRRIM in terms of pretest, posttest, and retention test; b) determine the self-efficacy level of the students exposed to GRRIM and those exposed to non-GRRIM in terms of mastery experiences, vicarious experiences, verbal-social persuasion, and physiological and emotional arousal; c) compare the performance of students exposed to GRRIM and those exposed to non-GRRIM in terms of posttest and retention test; d) find the significant difference in the self-efficacy level of the students exposed to GRRIM and those exposed to non-GRRIM in terms of mastery experiences, vicarious experiences, verbal-social persuasion, and physiological and emotional arousal. This study used the quasi-experimental research design. The mathematics performance and self-efficacy level were gathered from the participants using validated instruments to answer the research problems. The level of mathematics performance of the students in the pretest, posttest and retention test when exposed to GRRIM and those exposed to non-GRRIM varies from very low to very high level. The self-efficacy level of Grade 9 students towards Mathematics when exposed to GRRIM and non-GRRIM is moderately low. There was a highly significant difference in the posttest scores of those students exposed to GRRIM compared to those exposed to non-GRRIM. On the contrary, there was no significant difference in the mathematics performance of the students when exposed to GRRIM and non-GRRIM in terms of their retention test scores. There was no significant difference in the self-efficacy of students towards Mathematics in terms of mastery experiences, vicarious experiences, verbal-social persuasions and physiological and emotional arousal when exposed to GRRIM and non-GRRIM.

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