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Volume 3- Issue 8, August 2014 Edition

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Doreen Amponsah, Dr. Henry Nagai

Abstract: The extracts were concentrated to obtain a mass of 0.9g, 1.2g, 1.4g of seeds, leaves and branches respectively. After the separation of the pigment into hexane, the mass of the residue obtained were 0.7g for seeds, 0.9g for leaves and 1.0g for branches. The Cyanidin’s test for the various masses of the extracts of the plant materials after washing with hexane gave the evidence of the presence of flavonoids. The number of components could not be obtained from the eluates of the column chromatography, because there were no T.L.C materials available. But when the component of each plant material was subjected to cyanidin’s test, it gave the proof of the presence of flavonoid.

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Garima Khattar, Neetu Narayan

Abstract: Methods designed to render capability of robots to learn on their own is a heavily studied area. If robots are to become a constitutional part of our society, they must own the power to learn without direct guidance from a devoted user. Robot possessor never enjoyed the obligation of teaching their robot everything they know. The ability of a robot to use various resources in its environment will help its learning capabilities to be self-guided as well as independent. We investigate the use of social media crowdsourcing to allow a bot to access the huge information volume in gathering resources that are available on Twitter page. In distinction from others, the robot will gather or record the basic human actions that are performed physically and are then upload that video on the Twitter account. It will now ask for the descriptions of those performed actions. Parameters of those recorded actions are used as input into a MC-SVM (Multi-class Support Vector Machine) classification algorithm which will enable the capability of robot to recognize the similar action in future.

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Vikas Thada, Dr. Vivek Jaglan

Abstract: Crawling is a process in which web search engines collect data from the web. Focused crawling is a special type of crawling process where crawler look for information related to a predefined topic[1].In this paper a method for finding out the most relevant document among a set of documents for the given set of keyword is presented. Relevance checking is done with the help of Rogers-Tanimoto, MountFord and Baroni-Urbani/Buser similarity coefficients. The method uses genetic algorithm to show that the average similarity of documents to the query increases when Probability of mutation is taken as low and Probability of crossover is taken as high. The method does the performance analysis of different similarity coefficients on the same set of documents and selects the best combination of ProC and ProM to achieve maximum relevancy using of Rogers-Tanimoto, MountFord and Baroni-Urbani/Buser similarity coefficients.

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Priyanka Singh, Neha Katiyar, Gaurav Verma

ABSTRACT: Retail shoppability, defined as the ability of the retail environment to translate consumer demand into purchase. It is making consumers’ needs salient in specific retail settings & turning shoppers into buyers. The primary motivation to study store image has been to investigate the store atmospherics & store layout as a predictor of consumer behaviour and store performance..This paper enhances previous conceptualizations of store image by introducing the concept referred to as retail shoppability. The quantitative research focused on identifying those store image attributes perceived as important by a selected group of consumers. The goals of this paper are (1) to argue that store image, as it has been previously developed by marketing academics, is a necessary but insufficient construct to understand store performance and consumer behavior and (2) to discuss the enhanced conceptual and operational benefits of store equity as compared with store image. To accomplish these goals, the paper discusses the conceptualization and operationalization of customer-based store equity by explicitly comparing the concept of store atmospherics & store layout and discusses the implications for marketing practitioners by identifying the considerations for building and managing customer-based store equity.

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Komal Sharma

Abstract: With the sharp and constant increase of aoutomative market, traffic accidents, finding a parking lot in a new city and traffic jams are becoming the serious issues that put emphasis on the evolution of Vehicular Ad hoc Networks(VANET). As a result of which VANETs receive the considerable attention of the scientific community. Moreover, communication between vehicles is used for safety, comfort and for entertainment as well. The routing in VANET is an important task for the reliable communication between the vehicles, number of routing protocols has been defined for this purpose. However, VANET researchers cannot able to evaluate the performance of their proposed protocols without any evaluation tool. So, various VANET simulators has been provided in order to help the active researchers to evaluate the performance of different routing protocols , thus they can be able to suggest most appropriate routing protocol for the given scenario. In this paper different routing protocols for VANET has been surveyed, in order to identify the most appropriate Ad-hoc routing protocol for the overall performance in highly mobile environment of VANET. From the literature survey done here, it is found that it is hard to provide a universal routing protocol that can work in diverse nature of vehicular environment.

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Gowri Satheesh, Athena Karumbaya

Abstract: Radar warning receiver (RWR) systems are used to detect radio emissions of radar systems. Its primary purpose is to issue a warning when a radar signal that might be a threat is detected, and subsequently, evade it. RWR systems can be installed in all kind of airborne, sea-based, and ground-based assets and is used for identifying, avoiding, evading or engaging threats. This paper focuses mainly on airborne military RWR systems. The RWR usually has a visual display somewhere prominent in the cockpit to provide visual cues to the pilot regarding the position of the incoming threat. A suitable method of direction finding is required to detect the position of the threat. In this paper, the design of the radio direction finder is based on amplitude comparison to find the angle of arrival (AOA) of the received signal by four antennas circularly distributed. The characteristics of the signal (maximum amplitude and frequency) are specified to provide the identification of the source in addition to the direction. The AOA is determined by taking the ratio of the signal amplitudes between two adjacent antennas due to their associated AOA over 360 degrees direction. This system operates in a wide band of frequency (over 2-18GHz). Software simulations are carried out to validate and find the DF accuracies of the algorithms under various conditions. The effect of external Gaussian white noise, cable losses and phase losses are simulated and studied.

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M. Sai Eswar Rao, K. Obulreddy

ABSTRACT: A comprehensive testing, validation and installation plan for a new technology which utilizes PV solar farm as a STATCOM during night time. This technology is termed as STATCOM. It will be utilized in the night for power factor correction and voltage control at the terminals of an induction motor operating at poor power factor. PV solar farms produce power during the day and are completely idle in the nights. The proposed new control on PV solar system will help in increase the utilization of the PV solar system. A key component of the PV solar plant is a voltage source converter which is also a core element of STATCOM. Using this fact we present a simple open-loop control method of using PV solar plant as STATCOM, in dark periods without sunlight, for load reactive power compensation and voltage control. PV system inverter control is not suitable for night time. Improvement of power factor leading to decrease the continuous load KVA load demand and reduction in the line losses.

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C.M. Tankou, H.H. de Iongh, G. Persoon, M. de Bruijn, G.R. de Snoo

Abstract: This study analyses human mobility among inhabitants of Cameroon’s most populous region, the Western Highlands of Cameroon. In other to capture the impact of various determinants on human mobility, a comparative study was conducted through household and field surveys in three villages in the region and conceptualized based on the systems approach. The drop in coffee prices coupled with demographic pressure was a major determinant of mobility and land-use changes in the area. Rural-to-urban migration was significantly controlled by a combination of socio-economic determinants while commuting to other rural areas for farming was triggered by the quest for microclimates adapted for the production of vegetable cash crops. Intensive land-use and high dependence on off-farm chemical inputs was found to have replaced the traditional long fallow system. This represented a threat to the sustainability of the farming system due to vulnerability to pests and erosion. On the other hand, occupational diversification triggered by urban-to-rural migration had far reaching effects on the improvement of rural livelihood.

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Ondieki H. O., Koech R. K., Tonui J. K., Rotich S. K.

Abstract: Modeling and simulation are considered as fast and cheap analytical tools by engineers in developing optimal solar energy systems for a given application prior to their construction. This study involved modeling and simulation of the solar air heater system. The modeling results showed a good agreement with the experimental results and the model was used to investigate the effects of the design parameters on the performance of SAH. It was observed that the efficiency of the collector increases with increase in both the collector length and width and the system attains its optimum values of efficiency between 1.0 to 2.0 m. In addition, better performances of the collector are obtained with smaller channel depths.

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O. I. Sekunowo, G. I. Lawal, S. I. Durowaye, E. C. Igwebuike

Abstract: The uses of galvanised mild steel in many engineering facilities offshore necessitate its protection against all forms of service induced corrosion. This can only be achieved by devising innovative corrosion mitigation measures capable of providing effective and reliable control. Hence, this paper investigates the corrosion propensities of galvanised steel in seawater using specially prepared carbon doped aluminium as sacrificial anode. The 6063 aluminium was doped by adding varied amount of carbon in form of graphite particles to molten aluminium and mechanically stirred vigorously before casting. Then, the commercial galvanised steel and carbon doped aluminium coupons were coupled in a corrosion cell with seawater as the electrolyte. Corrosion simulation lasted seventy days and the data obtained was analysed. Results show that corrosion of the carbon doped aluminium increased with increase in doping of aluminium. The cathodically protected galvanised steel sufferred minimal corrosion rate of 4.9 x 10-2 mpy compared with the undoped aluminium anode which exhibited a huge 38.9 x 10-2 mpy corrosion rate. The microstructure before and after corrosion also revealed that surface attack was more pronounced on the carbon doped aluminium relative to the galvanised steel. It thus appears that doping of aluminium with carbon is an effective corrosion mitigation alternative for galvanised steel in seawater.

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Feranita Haring, Yunus Musa, Enny L. Sengin, Rinaldi Syahril, Muhammad Nasrun

Abstract: Series of studies were conducted to obtain Japanese taro propagules. This initial study was conducted at the Plastics House and Laboratory of Seed Production Unit and Plant Micro-propagation, Teaching Industry, Hasanuddin University, Makassar from March to June 2013. Research method using a group randomized design, and the data were analyzed by using analysis of variance and followed by Honestly Significant and Difference test (HSD). The concentration of fungicide and bactericide for aseptic culture of apical buds of Japanese Taro tested ranged from 0-10 g L-1. The results showed that: the use of pesticides (fungicides of Dithane M-45 and Agrept bactericidal) each 10 g L-1 with the lowest percentage of contamination (20%), pesticide treatment had no effect on the percentage of time to germinate and browning.

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Armi M. Cunanan, Jonathan W.L. Salvacion

Abstract: Laguna Lake is one of the widely used fresh water source in Metropolitan Manila. Numerous studies have been conducted for the water quality monitoring of the lake. Large amounts of pollutants are continuously received by the lake from domestic, industrial and others sources. The physical appearance of the lake alone needs attention. Physical characteristics of water include depth, flow velocity, flow rate, temperature, turbidity and transparency is very important. The lake’s water temperature not so much given attention but affects most of the chemical and biological characteristics of water, is given focus in this study. Hydrodynamic characteristics of the lake was considered in coming up with a graphical illustration of the temperature of the Laguna Lake using the Environmental Fluid Dynamics Code (EFDC). Laguna Lake is thermally unstratified with its average depth of 3.21 and mean temperature range from 25 şC to 29 şC. The EFDC model used in this study could be further used to model hydrodynamic transport and be linked with Water Quality Analysis Simulation Program (WASP).

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Jyoti, Kamna Solanki

ABSTRACT: Regression testing is a style of testing that focuses on retesting after changes are made. In traditional regression testing, we reuse the same tests (the regression tests). Over the years, numerous regression test optimization techniques have been described in the literature. Empirical studies of the techniques suggest that they can indeed benefit testers, but so far, few studies have empirically compared different techniques. In this paper, the results of a comparative empirical study of five different regression test optimization techniques are represented. The comparison is based on different qualitative and quantitative criteria such as number of tests selected, execution time of tests, precision, user parameters, global variables handling, type of testing etc. These algorithms are found to be suitable for different requirements of regression testing. General Terms: Regression Testing Optimization Techniques

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Fe L. Porciuncula, Luzviminda M. Galang, Rex S. Parayno

ABSTRACT: Organic vegetable production is a system based on the principle of taking care of nature accounting all life forms. The research aimed to characterize organic vegetables production environment in Central Luzon, Philippines.Survey, key informants interview and focus group discussion were used in generating data from 72 organic vegetable farmers and 32 conventional vegetable growers from Nueva Ecija, Pampanga, and Zambales. Descriptive statistics, cost and return, input utilization, technology attributes, and extent of technology utilization were used in data analysis. The bio-physical, socio-economic and institutional environment in Central Luzon can provide good opportunity that can be tapped in promoting organic vegetable production in the region. The economic returns in organic vegetable production is promising and at par compared to conventional vegetable production. Low utilization of organic vegetable production technologies is apparent among farmers and their capacity to adopt organic farming standards including certification is also low. The constraints in organic vegetable production are many, but can be addressed through an integrated organic vegetable production program in the region. This calls for a holistic organic consciousness campaign, prioritization and localization of organic vegetable production, intensifying capability building, subsidizing and localizing organic certification, and effective price monitoring and dissemination mechanism.

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Bakari A

Abstract: The objective of this paper is to investigate the physical and mineralogical characteristics of the Quaternary formation of the Chad basin. This has been achieved by systematic collection of sediment samples at the depth of 5 and 10 metres respectively in two different locations (sites 1 and 2) in ascertaining the grain size distribution, mineral composition and grain morphology between January and March 2013. Granulometric analyses result showed that particle size distribution ranged from 2 mm to 6 µm across the area suggesting heterogeneous distribution of sandstone and siltstone units. Also, grain morphology results for site1 showed that very angular grains are dominant in both sandstone and siltstone units, while well rounded grains are totally absent. In site 2, sub-rounded grains are dominant in both sandstone and siltstone units. Mineral content analyses result showed that plagioclase and orthoclase feldspars are the most dominant minerals in sites 1 and 2; with about 38.7% and 36% total composition respectively, while zircon is having the least proportion (2.5%) in site 1 and iron oxide with 6% in site 2.

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Farooq Azam, Salman Qadri, Shabir Ahmad, Kamran Khan, Abu Buker Siddique, Bilal Ehsan

Abstract: Estimating software development cost is vital issue because cost is the major factor of any project. If anyone want the assessment of software estimate cost its seemed to much tough job. Cost estimator used different techniques and methods that not too much efficient. Estimating the cost on the basis of object oriented design approach too much effective. After drawing the basic architecture basis on Classes, Methods, Objects, entities, and their relationship may gives the better result to estimate the cost of software. This paper discusses the strengths and weaknesses of existing size estimation techniques, considers the nature of software cost estimation, and presents a software cost estimation model which has the potential for providing more accurate cost estimates than existing methods. The proposed method takes advantage of a characteristic of object-oriented systems, the natural correspondence between specification and implementation, in order to enable users to come up with better cost estimates at early stages of the software development cycle.

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Nguyen ThiQuynhHoa, Nguyen Phuoc Minh, Dong ThiAnh Dao

Abstract-This paper studies the hydrolysis performance of soybean protein by enzyme Flavourzyme aims to produce soy milk products with high protein content. Experiments conducted survey of nutrition of soybeans as moisture content (12.35%), protein (38.91%), lipid content (14.60%), check the enzyme activity (222.638 U/g), survey of the factors affecting the process of hydrolysis as the substrate: water, enzyme activity, pH, temperature, time of hydrolysis process to soluble protein recovery performance. Results are as follows: the best substrate ratio:water is 1: 6, enzyme activity is 27.828 UI/g raw beans, pH is 6.5 and appropriate temperature 50oC in 120 minutes. When it dissolves,soluble protein recovery performance reached 52.571%.

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Nguyen ThiQuynhHoa, Nguyen Phuoc Minh, Dong ThiAnh Dao

Abstract: This research focused on researching conditions for protein extraction from raw soybeans by enzymatic method under non-thermal and thermal tsreatment. The aim of this research was to get the highest yield of soluble protein recovery and non-bitter taste in protein hydrolysates. Enzyme – hydrolyzed soy protein was Flavourzyme (endopeptidase and exopeptidase mixture) which not only hydrolyzed to create free amino acids, short peptides, increase soluble protein contents in hydrolysates solution; but also non-bitter taste. The survey was carried out in two cases: unheated and heat-treated soybeans. Heat treatment led to a more effective enzymatic extraction. In details as follows:The unheated soybeans: The highest yield of soluble protein recovery was obtained 52.57 ± 0.27 in hydrolysis conditions: ratio of substrate and water was 1/6 (w/w), ratio of enzyme and substrate (E/S, w/w) was 12.5% (27.75 UI/g), pH was 6.5; 500C; 120 minutes.Soybeans were heat-treated in pressure cooker with ratio of water and soybean was 8/1 (w/w) for 20 minutes, then hydrolyzed by Flavourzyme with ratio of substrate and water was 1/3, E/S was 7% (15,54 UI/g), pH was 6.5; 50oC; 150 minutes, the highest yield of soluble protein recovery was obtained 61.44 ± 0.22%.

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Abstract: Background of this study was based on the argument that there were correlation between user involvement and quality of accounting information system. This study aims to examine: the influence of user involvement on the quality of the information system of accounting information system. This study was conducted at 55 universities in the city of Bandung. The data used in this study is the collection of primary data with media data through questionnaires. Respondents of this research is the head of the accounting information system. The method used was PLS 2.0. The hypotheses are: there are significant user participation on the quality of the information system of accounting information system The results of this study are as follows participation of users of information systems significant positive effect on the quality of accounting information systems.

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Adiotomre, E. E.

Abstract: The solid mineral industry in Nigeria has not seen any major investment since Nigeria became a major player in the production and exportation of hydrocarbon products. In recent years, the Federal Government of Nigeria has made reasonable efforts to revive the solid mineral industry through the World Bank assisted Sustainable Management of Mineral Resources Project. Regardless, the exploration for gold, a widespread mineral resource in the country continues to suffer from lack of funds when the global demand for gold as a store of value continues to surge. In this study, samples of outcrops of Precambrian basement rocks in Ogute area were analyzed for their Au, Ag, Cu, Zn and Pb contents using an Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer. Statistical data and spatial geochemical concentration contour maps developed with Surfer software illustrates that the mineralization of Au, Ag and Pb probably occurs in the porphyritic-biotite-granite. There is also potential for Zn mineralization to occur in the granodiorite. The microgranite is un-mineralized with the analyzed elements, as a result of lateral depletion or element mobilization facilitated by thermal conductivity associated with the emplacement of quartz veins. The association of Ag with Au in the bulk fraction suggest that the Au-mineralization is probably epithermal Au-Ag vein deposits.

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Mohd Khan

Abstract: Angular maneuvering scheme along with standard flight operations such as taking-off, landing and hovering is proposed for a quadcopter with indoor or outdoor flying capabilities. This is achieved by simultaneously controlling the speed of the four rotors in order for the quadcopter to attain the correct orientation. The total thrust is determined using the inputs of altitude, pitch and roll angles. Then the thrust that the rotors must generate independently is obtained from the ratio of the angles and the calculated thrust for maintaining the input altitude. Voltage supply that is needed to spin the rotors at a certain RPM (Rotations per minute) is obtained to produce the thrust computed in the previous step. Moreover, the procedure on varying the thrust direction of rotors is also illustrated to perform the standard flight operations.

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Dr. AmmarYasier Ali,Sadjad Amir Hemzah

Abstract: This research is consecrate to investigate the behavior and performance of reinforced concrete horizontally semi-circular curved beams with and without openings, unstrengthened and strengthened (externally by CFRP laminates or internally by steel reinforcement). Ten horizontally reinforced concrete semi-circular curved beams were tested in the experimental work, one without opening and nine with opening. The variables considered in the test program are: existence of opening in the beam, strengthening of the beam at the opening region internally by steel reinforcement (stirrups)and strengthening (confinement) by CFRP laminates externally for the region of openings. The beams were tested under the action of two point loads at top face of midspans with three supports at bottom face of the ends and midspan of the beams. The ANSYS software was use to analyze the finite element method (FEM) of both experimental specimens and the theoretical ones which contains the parametric study of different variables such as location of opening along the beam profile, size and type of the opening and U-strengthening using CFRP Laminates. The results shows that the presence of opening has a great effect on the behavior and ultimate load capacity of semi-circular curved beams, while the strengthening of these opening by internal steel reinforcement or external CFRP laminates will increase the ultimate load capacity and affect post-cracking behavior and mode of failure of these beams. The load midspan deflection and twisting angle curves are shown. The comparison between the experimental and the theoretical results are also listed. The results computed by FEM analysis and modeling gave a good agreement with experimental results.

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Mohamed Zaky Zayed, Mohamed Abdallah Zaki, Fasihuddin Badruddin Ahmad, Wei-Seng Ho, Shek-Ling Pang

Abstract: A study was conducted to determine the mimosine content and the nutritive values of Neolamarckia cadamba and Leucaena leucocephala in comparison to Medicago saliva (alfalfa hay) as forage quality index. A total of 22 N. cadamba and 35 L. leucocephala seedlings were analyzed to determine the mimosine content after 6 months of planting. It was noted that the mimosine content was highest in L. leucocephala (1.6%) and lowest in N. cadamba (0.03%) in comparison to M. sativa which has no mimosine content. Crude protein content was 23.48%, 20.90% and 14.83% for L. leucocephala, N. cadamba and M. sativa, respectively. The crude fiber was maximum in M. sativa (27.23%) and minimum in L. leucocephala (18.77%). Crude protein, crude fat, gross energy, protein to energy (P/E) ratio, organic matter and total ash in N. cadamba was higher compared to M. sativa. L. leucocephala was lower in nitrogen free extract, crude fiber and total ash compared to N. cadamba. Results from this study clearly indicate that N. cadamba has high forage quality and comparable to the traditional L. leucocephala and M. sativa as forage for ruminant and non-ruminants.

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Mohd Zukime Mat Junoh, Abdullah Osman, Mohd Suberi Ab Halim, Mohd Safizal Abdullah

Abstract: Data security is a crucial issue in new millenium because the business world uses the ICT. All nations in the world may receive threat and are exposed to cybercrime from terrorists to attack their national security. Nowadays, most of organizations such as the government, the private sector and multinational company store important data for various purposes. Generally, the first step in planning the deployment of any IT system for security functionality should be a comprehensive risk analysis of the system for protection and the subsequent generation of a set of security policies. Attempting to bound the Internet from a security standpoint would have been a never ending task. However, many of the conventional risks associated with, for example, the deployment of a corporate IT communication systems may be inappropriate for global public system like the Internet. Thus, some fundamental security principles still hold for the Net and ‘necessary’ for data security management. This paper discusses the importance of security and how it can be integrated into this emerging market and the policy implication for data security. Finally, this paper seeks to highlight data security issues for national security and challenges in disaster management in the knowledge-based economy in the New Millennium.

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M. Palaniyandi

ABSTRACT: The mosquito’s nuisance becomes major problems in the metropolitan cities in India now days. The endemic situation of vector borne diseases (VBDs) and the sporadic of such diseases, known as, malaria, filariasis, JE, dengue and chikungunya have been most important challenging problems in the urban settlements now days in India. The Arc View 3.2, Arc View Spatial analysis and Arc View image analyst GIS was used for creating a systematic grids on 2.5 km interval for fixing the UV adult traps for collecting the optimum vector mosquitoes in the domestic and peripheral domestic areas in the city. The GIS based (2.5km X 2.5km) grid map was overlaid on the Pondicherry town digital map on 1:50,000 scale. GARMIN 12XL GPS was used for site selection for fixing the adult UV traps in the inter section or nearby inter section of the grids points. The of Anopheles genus, Culex genus and Aedes genus vector mosquitoes were collected every day, using normal light adult trap and UV light adult trap, and it was transferred to MS excel work sheet for mapping and analysis. The GIS was used to analysis and recommended for control activities and management of the present situation of mosquito nuisance in the metropolitan cities.

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Abdullah Osman, Arman Hadi Abdul Manaf, Muhammad Safizal Abdullahq

Abstract: This study examines the relationships between leadership character, competencies and commitment on student leadership behaviour. A regression analysis is used to examine the relation among selected variables. The study was conducted among final year business school students in a university in Malaysia who are conducting their final year managerial projects. The results showed that leader’s character, competencies and commitment are significantly influenced on strong leadership behaviour outcomes. This study contributes to the dynamics of the causative relations between the selected variables, as well as highlights the importance of delivering strong leadership behaviour among university students for their future careers in the government or private organizations.

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M. Annor-Nyarko, A.A Gyeabour 1, T.A. Annafi, C. R. Quaye, A. Y. Kyei

Abstract: Control volume finite difference analysis of the transient temperature distributions and associated induced thermal stresses in Ghana Research Reactor-1 (GHARR-1) Reactor vessel due to coolant heating has beenmodelledto investigatethe structural integrity of thevessel after 20 years of operation. Theinduced thermal stresses within the thickness of the cylindrical reactor vessel were also solved analytically using Bessel transforms. Computational flow chart translating into numericalalgorithms wasdeveloped and implemented inMATLAB to generate data for analysis and simulations. Results obtained indicated that both temperature and thermal stress distributions were below the limits imposed by the vessel material composition (melting point of 933 K and allowable yield stress of 480 MPa). The low level of induced thermal stresses indicated that the structural integrity of the reactor vessel has been maintained to forestall the incidence of crack propagation and other premature failure modes over the operational period.

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Albert Otieno Orwa, George Otieno Orwa, Romanus Odhiambo

Abstract: The major interests of survival analysis are either to compare the failure time distribution function or to assess the effects of covariate on survival via appropriate hazards regression models. Cox’s proportional hazards model (Cox, 1972) is the most widely used framework, the model assumes that the effect on the hazard function of a particular factor of interest remains unchanged throughout the observation period (Proportionality assumption). For a continuous prognostic factor the model further assumes linear effect on the log hazard function (Linearity assumption). Assumptions that many authors have found to be questionable when violated since they may result to biased results and conclusions and as such non-linear risk functions have been suggested as the suitable models.In this paper, we propose a flexible method that models dynamic effects in survival data within the Cox regression framework. The method is based on penalized splines. The model offers the chance to easily verify the presenceof PH and time-variation. We provide a detailed analysis and derivation of the penalized splines in the context of survival data.

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Munesh Singh, Pabitra Mohan Khilar

Abstract: In this paper, we proposed an actuating device that can identify the direction of arriving (DOA) radio signal using its maximum receive signal strength (RSSI) that is suitable for localization as well as localization aided fundamental network services, such as network routing, topology control, coverage ,boundary detection and clustering. The device determine the direction of arrival by identifying the maximal received signal strength indicator (RSSI) measurement based on MRF24J40MA ZigBee embedded monopole antenna radiating characteristics. Localization from distance estimation alone is a challenging problem, but helpful if we know the relative angular position measurements between pairs of nodes. AOA measurements using directional antenna or phased array antenna are unsuitable for wireless sensor networks due to cost, size, complexity and energy demanding limitation. The device and the algorithm we proposed is compact and simple enough to be suitable for deployment in WSNs. Our prototype scheme is based on low cost ,8 bit Atmega micro-controller embedded with Microchip ZigBee MRF24J40MA shield and rotational support provided by servo motor. Our experimental results verify the optimality of smart sensor for estimating the DOA with less than an error of 6 to 7 degree in both indoor and outdoor environments including varying height of transmitting anchor.

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Lani Lou Mar. A. Lopez, Clarita P. Aganon, Purisima P. Juico

Abstract: This study was conducted to evaluate the selected microorganisms isolated from carabao manure in an effort to produce compost activator that will reduce the period of decomposition and also to test its other potential use as bio-fertilizer and bio-control agent. Six genera of fungi were isolated from carabao manure, namely; Penicillium, Aspergillus, Cladosporium, Fusarium, Trichoderma and Rhizopus. Among these, only Trichoderma was selected as beneficial fungi. Fungal populations at different ages of carabao manure were observed, ranging from 6-26 x 106 cfu/g. Two species of Trichoderma (Trichoderma sp. 1 and Trichoderma sp. 2) were isolated and observed to be dominant on the 3rd and 4th week old carabao manure. Trichoderma sp. 2 grew best in rice bran and oatmeal substrates at 4 days of incubation period. The addition of combined Trichodema sp.1 and Trichoderma sp. 2 on the compost (3 parts of rice straw and leaf litters: 1 part of carabao manure and 0.5 part of carbonized rice hull) lessened the period of decomposition from 45 to 36 days as well as increase N, P and K content with 1.49% N; 0.73% P and 2.28% K. The C/N ratio of compost with introduced Trichoderma sp. was recorded at 8:1; O.M. at 20.52%; Organic carbon at 11.93%. Trichoderma sp.2 was also found to have the potential use as bio-fertilizer on the growth and yield of pechay, particularly when it was combined with Trichoderma sp.1 as the growth of pechay increased by 7.10 cm with the mean of 23.6 cm. Results further showed that the weight of pechay grown in soil with combined Trichoderma sp.1 and Trichoderma sp.2 was heaviest by 56%. In mustard, different concentration levels of Trichoderma sp.2 enhanced the growth of the crop specifically at the rate of 30 g/li of water. Antagonistic effects of Trichoderma sp.1 and Trichoderma sp.2 were found to inhibit the growth of Rhizoctonia sp. and Fusarium sp. with the percent inhibition of 39.0%, 39.16% and 24.0%, and 18.62% in the dual culture method, respectively. The Trichoderma isolated from carabao manure were found beneficial and effective as compost activator and likewise enhanced the nutrient content of the compost. It also helped improve the growth of pechay and mustard as well as inhibit the growth of some fungal diseases.

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Galal A. Hassaan

Abstract: This paper is a research effort to provide a stone in the building of machinery fault detection and diagnostics. It relies on using the spectrum analysis of the vibration signal using FFT. Depending on the expected faults of a specific machine, the technique of bandpass filtering is applied on the frequency spectrum of the vibration signal generating bandpass spectra helping in easier fault diagnostics. Central frequencies and proper bandwidth are assigned to generate the new spectra of the defected machine. A case study of an industrial fan is used an application for the proposed technique.

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K. Swarna Pujitha, EPS, D.Gowtami.

Abstract: This paper presents a power quality improvement on transmission side by novel modulated power filter compensator (MPFC) scheme for the smart grid stabilization and efficient utilization. The MPFC is controlled by a novel tri-loop dynamic error driven inter coupled fuzzy controller. The Matlab digital simulation models of the proposed MPFC scheme has been fully validated for effective power quality (PQ) improvement, voltage stabilization, power factor correction and transmission line loss reduction. The proposed FACTS based scheme can be extended to distributed/dispersed renewable energy interface and utilization systems and can be easily modified for other specific stabilization, compensation requirements, voltage regulation and efficient utilization.

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Munesh Singh, Srinivasa Rao Katuri

Abstract: This paper considers the classification of radar target using Backscatter Doppler signature of moving object. Classification performance evaluated by the integrated Bispectrum based technique of feature extraction and compared it with Cepstrum based feature extraction technique. Classifier performance is tested by GMM (Gaussian Mixture Model) and ML (Maximal Likelihood) decision making method. Classifier is trained and tested by distinct target echoes such as single human, double human, and triple human set. Proposed classification results shows the superiority of integrated Bispectrum method over Cepstrum method and classification rates are up to 82% to 87% at different feature sets.

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Jonathan L. Galindez, Fe L. Porciuncula

Abstract: A number of organic vegetable farmers in Central Luzon, Philippines grow organic vegetables year round. However, most of them usually apply the required amount of organic fertilizer only once during planting. Hence, nutrient requirement of vegetables during vegetative or reproductive stages are no longer available. This condition seriously affects the growth and development of vegetables and subsequently affecting the yield performance that may result to low yield. In order to reduce the potential effect of nutrient deficiency on organic vegetable production the research aims to a) establish frequency of organic fertilizer application employing split application and b) determine the yield performance and net return based on the different treatments used. The research was conducted for two consecutive dry seasons (2012 and 2013) under full organic operation system. Results of the study showed that two split application of organic fertilizer gave higher yield (5.10 t/ha) compared to single application (3.08 t/ha) and three split application (3.48 t/ha) for native bittergourd. Tomato had the highest yield (29.82 t/ha) at two split application of organic fertilizer during the first trial. Yield performance during the second trial showed a comparable yield at two split application (39.40 t/ha) and three split application (36.87 t/ha) of organic fertilizer. Cost and return analysis on native bittergourd showed that two split application of organic fertilizer gave high return on expenses of 167.91% and 137.21% during the first and second trial, respectively. Whereas, tomato had the highest return on expenses on basal application of organic fertilizer at 430.85% during the first trial while two split applications in the second trial recorded a return on expenses of 587.21%.

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Inobeme,A , Ajai, A.I Iyaka,Y.A, Ndamitso,M and Uwem, B.

Abstract: the increasing trend of environmental contamination by heavy metals is an issue of concern. The need for a continual monitoring of heavy metal content of soil around industrial areas becomes pertinent. The present study focuses on the physicochemical properties and heavy metal content of soil around vicinities of paint industries in Kaduna. The range of pH, EC and TOM obtained were 6.50±0.20 to 8.03±0.20, 225±20.1 to 520±14.0µS/cm and 2.18±0.01 to 3.10±0.01% respectively. The percentage of sand was 61 to 89% while silt and clay were 12 to 29% and 0 to 10% respectively. The mean concentrations of the heavy metals were: Pb (30.80±0.15 to 79.60±0.87 µg/g), Zn (128.35±2.16 to 273.00±0.92 µg/g), Cu (15.45±0.39 to 27.00±0.0.13 µg/g), Mn (102.9±1.47 to 237.2±0.75 µg/g), Cd (ND to 1.30±0.20 µg/g), Cr (28.50±0.36 to 51.50±0.30 µg/g) and Fe (1084.43±3.58 to 6542.32±2.56 µg/g). The metal content of the samples were generally higher when compared to those of the control which indicates contaminations mainly due anthropogenic contributions. The result of geoaccumulation index and enrichment factor also revealed moderate contamination in most of the samples. There was also a significant positive correlation (p<0.05) among some of the metals investigated.

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P.C. Onyechi, S.O. Edelugo, E.O.Chukwumuanya, S.P.N. Obuka

Abstract: This work is aimed primarily at the development of armour protecting bodies for armoured vehicle technology, automobile, ship and aerospace industries. Samples of Glass Fibre-Reinforced Plastics (GFRP) composites were subjected to ballistic deformation. Detailed parametric studies considering conical and ogival nosed projectiles and the targeted laminate variables were carried out to find their effect on the response of the plate and the ballistic parameters such as ballistic limit and absorbed energy. This work shows that one of the governing factors in the damage resistance is the nose shape of the impacting projectile. The ballistic penetration test indicates that the conical nosed projectile has a higher penetration effect on the GFRP samples than the ogival nosed projectile, with Sample E showing the best penetration resistance. The ballistic limits, residual velocities, and ballistic energy were predicted for over a range of thicknesses of the armour protecting body.

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Sagar Wale, S.A. Patil

Abstract: Apart from traditional wired attendance systems or paper based attendance system a automated wireless fingerprint attendance system based on ZigBee technology is proposed. The system includes independent fingerprint acquisition module and attendance management module in computer. System realizes various functions such as information acquisition of fingerprint, processing, wireless transmission, fingerprint matching, and attendance management. Automatically considering topology of ZigBee network, the system uses wireless local area network. System comprises various wireless fingerprint attendance functions, which could be used for public/private institutes or schools.

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Muliati, Gagaring Pagalung, Harryanto, Grace T. Pontoh

Abstract: This study explains the role of corporate disclosure as a mediator in the relationship between environmental performance and financial resources, capabilities and characteristic of corporate. Using a sample of industrial companies that are included in the PROPER program and listed on the Jakarta stock exchange, and the path analysis. This study found that the role of disclosure as a mediator supports hypotheses about, the financial resources, capability, and characteristic of corporate influences on environmental performance through coporate disclosure. Although the relationship between financial resources with environment performance of the corporate is not significant. But in the context of time and involvement of the disclosure as a mediator of the relationship in the long term is positive.

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Deepika Prashar, Mnupreet Kaur

Abstract: Based on unique features possessed by an individual, the biometric system provides automatic identification of the person. There have been various implementations using biometric especially for identification and verification cases. In general, typical iris recognition follows the approach of image processing and computer vision. This approach contains various stages-image segmentation, image normalization, feature extraction and image recognition. Iris Biometry has been proposed as sound measure. In this paper, an iris recognition system is presented with four steps. First, image segmentation is performed using Canny Edge Detector followed by iris Circular Hough transformation (CHT) ,and is able to localize the iris and pupil regions. The segmented iris is further normalized. Then features are extracted using discrete 2D reverse biorthogonal wavelet 6.8. Finally, the iris codes are compared. The proposed system gives a high recognition rate of 99.82% whereas the FAR and FRR values are calculated the lowest as compared to existing systems. The proposed method is simple and effective. The system is implemented in MATLAB.

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Syed Muhammad Ali, IEng MIMechE

Abstract: This study purposely focuses on the application of the Quality Management generally in all scales like small, medium and large scale organizations in the sector of automotive vendor industries of Pakistan, to determine and extract whether the automotive industries as a whole following quality management, the intensity of basic requirement of quality management at the level of all scales of vendors measured with the perception that if quality management is implemented in its real approach it positively impact on reduction in cost, inter-firm relationship, self-control-quality as well as it enable and leads manufacturer to export across the world. This study measured the perception into 63 vendors out of 121. Do the organization quality management system contribute in inter-firm relationship, improved supply chain, effective and efficient process control with leading to the culture of self-contained-quality, reduced the cost by application of statistical process control at various level? Is the Quality Management is the core excellence in the vendors continuous quality improvement program? and if the quality of auto parts are recognized by the world leading automobile Original Equipment Manufacturer than whether the vendors getting entry in their transplant across the world?

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Syed Muhammad Ali IEng MIMechE

Abstract— The objective of this study is to share the perception of the application of ABC-STD-MIL-105 E Sampling Standard for random sampling in automotive vending industries of Pakistan. There are sever international standard are being followed by this sector which are accessed periodically by certification bodies, but their qualitative performance they are delivering to their customers are generally not well known. The perception that MIL-STD better perform than 100% inspection or any other sampling inspection standards are shared with this community along with the hypothesis what it effect commonly on cost of inspection, supplier appraisal, help in decision making for inspectors and ultimately on the higher customer satisfaction. Beside Average Outgoing Quality Level (AOQL) was also the focal point of this study to determine what are their internal rejection rate at the time of final inspection of the finished product leaving vendor premises verses the percentage of rejection they physically received from original equipment manufacturers (OEM) in using diversified sampling inspection plan. Sample size of 96 vendors selected for study out of their population of 166 vendors and data collected on the basis of convenience sampling during the Auto Part Show held in 2014. Main objective are organization meeting the higher customer rate? Is the MIL-Standard is the strong enabler among the other locally applicable standards? Do their customers are highly satisfied with their AOQLs?

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Sonu Kumar, Anshul Anand

Abstract : Wireless sensor networks (WSNs) have gained worldwide attention in recent years, particularly with the proliferation in Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS) technology which has facilitated the development of smart sensors. These sensors are small, with limited processing and computing resources, and they are inexpensive compared to traditional sensors. Wireless medium is inherently broadcast in nature. This makes them vulnerable to attacks. These attacks can disrupt the operation of WSN and can even defeat the purpose of their deployment. An adversary can launch DoS attacks without much effort (e.g. even without cracking keys used for cryptography-based solutions). Masquerade attacks can be very dangerous because adversaries can launch other attacks and can still hide and project themselves as legitimate nodes. Therefore, masquerade detection mechanisms are necessary. To be practical for real life WSN deployments techniques for detecting masquerade attacks should be lightweight. In our research, we proposed AODV routing protocol is used in detection technique. Time factors with rest of parameters are set to detect the malicious node.

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Hamzah Mohammad A. Al_Qudah Siti Norwahida Binti Shukeri

Abstract: This study seeks to investigate the role of data quality and internal control in rising, accounting information systems effectiveness in Jordanian Industrial Companies. Data were collected regarding study variables through 118 questionnaires were answered by the general managers, financial managers and directors of the main activities in these companies. A questionnaire was developed, distributed, and the collected data were analyzed using SPSS. An overall analysis was performed based on the descriptive and correlation analyses. The findings were data quality and internal controls have a significant relationship with the rising of AIS effectiveness of Jordanian Industrial Companies. Several recommendations for enhancing the organizational performance of Jordanian companies were also cited in this paper.

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Akinola, Oluwatoyin O, Obasi, Romanus A

Abstract : Compositional features and industrial application of the residual clay deposit overlying the Precambrian basement complex in Ara-Ijero Ekiti; Southwestern Nigeria was investigated and it is hereby reported. Granulometric analysis indicates that the mean clay fraction in the deposit is 42.3%, the silt 14.0%, and sand fraction 42.2%. The mean liquid limit, plastic limit and the plasticity index are 47.8%, 26.4% and 21.5% respectively. Mineralogical analysis using X-ray diffraction method indicates the dominance of kaolinite, with illite occuring in subordinate amount while the non-clay impurity is mainly quartz. Assessment of the industrial potentials of the clay based on physical properties, consistency limits and plots of plasticity indices against liquid limits indicate that the clay is inorganic and plastic. It has a mean firing shrinkage value of 9.08%, water absorption capacity 6.1%, specific gravity 2.78, unconfined compressive strength of 3.87KN/m2 and pH value of 5.8. Analytical result on twenty representative samples using Fussion method (FUS-XRF) from Activations laboratory indicates mean SiO2 (48.50%), Al2O3 (28.82%) and Fe2O3 (9.84%) while other oxides (MnO, MgO, CaO, Na2O and K2O) altogether, constitute less than 5% of the bulk composition. The chemical compositions of the clay compares well with other notable clay deposits in Southwestern Nigeria. The geochemistry, thermal characteristics and water absorption capacities are within the ranges recommended for some industrial specifications. With appropriate treatment, the clay could serve as raw material for the manufacture of quality bricks, pottery, ceramics and structural wares.

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Vijay Kumar

Abstract: FSO/FPSO’s engineering, procurement construction and installation (EPCIC) project usually involve a number of different Sub-Contractors and Third Party Agencies (TPA) for supply of major component and services to the main Contractor. Classification, Certification and Verification are critical services for successful completion of FSO EPCIC Project in offshore oil and gas industry. Due to complex nature of project and lack of defined roles and responsibility of Third Party Agencies, a large numbers of change orders requests occur among Owner, Contractor and Sub-Contractor. Each offshore project is unique in its type and may require different combination of rules & regulations, codes & standards applicable for FSO/FPSO EPCIC Project. Ambiguous and unclear roles of Third Party Agencies in the Project further create serious dispute among various parties and adversely affect the project quality, schedule and budget. It is therefore essential that a minimum standard roles and responsibility of Third Party Agencies in the EPCIC project is properly defined with identification of applicable rules & regulations, or codes & standards.

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Abstract: Currently most businesses rely on broadband to run networks and web applications. This means introduction of vulnerabilities in Universal Resource Locator (URL) that are in connection. Effective monitoring of URLs is crucial for any organization; each port has vulnerabilities associated with it. This research project explored the use of Security as a Service (SaaS) business model to deliver security to users through a web based technology. The project implements a web based technology software with an aim to assist broadband users to scan for vulnerabilities in a URL based on open ports or ports in use and suggest ways of mitigating the vulnerabilities discovered. Results from several sample websites are given, exceptions, constraints and achievements. The project also compares the findings to related previous work and then gives a conclusion and recommendation for further work.

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Le Van Giat, Đo Thanh Sinh, Tran Phưoc Toan.

Abstract : 10% CurcumindispersioninDI waterwithnon-ionicsurfactantsTween80 combined with glassballthenrotation milling 120 hours and rotational speed 200 rounds per minute. ProductsDynamic Light Scattering (DLS)measurementsshowed thatthedistributionofparticle sizefrom80nmto1000 nm, the averageparticle size of2868.6 nm and particle size 296.2nm, 258.6nmaccounted14.22%, 13.73% respectively.

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Ellen S. Romero

Abstract: Two studies were conducted on the use of solid and microbial fertilizers on rice for four cropping seasons (June to October 2010, January to April 2011, June to October 2011 and January to April 2012) at the RM-CARES experimental area, Philippines. One study was conducted in a converted organic area certified organic by the Organic Certification Center of the Philippines (OCCP) and the other one was in an area undergoing conversion for two years. The objectives of the study were to formulate organic fertilizer inputs and test for their efficacy; determine the best solid organic fertilizer; and test the best combination of solid organic fertilizer inputs and microbial nutrient sources for organic aromatic rice production. Two solid organic fertilizers namely vermicompost and RM-CARES organic fertilizer were used in the main plot and six microbial and organic fertilizer teas namely; EM, vermi tea, manure tea, RM-CARES OF tea , EM + vermi tea and EM + RM-CARES OF tea were used in the subplots. Results showed that in both converted and under conversion organic areas, the computed grain yield (t/ha) of CL-1 was significantly influenced by solid organic fertilizer with different microbial and organic fertilizer tea application. Interaction effects of solid fertilizers, vermi-compost and RM-CARES OF in combination with EM + RM-CARES OF tea or EM + vermi tea produced the highest average grain yield of 3.57 t/ha (WS) and 2.94 t/ha (DS) in under conversion area. Similar interaction effects were observed in fully converted organic area obtaining computed yield of 2.26t/ha (WS) and 3.23t/ha (DS) implying that both vermi-compost and RM-CARES organic fertilizers performed best when combined with EM + RM-CARES OF tea or with EM + vermi tea . The application of different microbial and fertilizer tea augmented the nutrients released slowly from solid OF. Hence, it is very important that during the process of conversion, the use of organic fertilizer must be supplemented with foliar sprays such as EM + RM-CARES OF tea or with EM + vermi tea or its equivalent organic foliar fertilizer.

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Ammar Nasir,Unaiza Tariq,MadihaArshad

Abstract: The objective of the paper is to show people the vast application of sound level meter which could change human life for good. For this purpose we construct a sound level meter for domestic purpose which could be used to change the behavior of peoples

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Ibrahim Denka Kariyama

Abstract –The potential of modeling the FAO Penman-Monteith (FAO-56 PM) method for computing reference crop evapotranspiration (ETo) using feed-forward backpropagation artificial neural networks (FFBANN) with minimal measured climate data such as with the air temperature (maximum and minimum) was investigated using local climatic data from the Wa Meteorological weather station. Three FFBANN models were developed and trained with the Levenberg-Marquardt algorithm and the early stopping approach. These three FFBANN models are temperature-based models and have the same input variable as the established temperature-based empirical methods; the Hargreaves, Blaney-Criddle and the Thornthwaite methods. A comparative study was carried to see how these FFBANN models performed relative to the other three established temperature-based empirical methods using the FAO-56 PM method as the benchmark. In general, the FFBANN models outperformed these established methods in estimating the ETo and should be preferred where only measured air temperature (maximum and minimum) is the variable available for estimating the reference crop evapotranspiration.

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ManishJoshi, SavitaShivani

Abstract: This paper describes the design and working of an Android based application that is made for artists and their followers, it has three categories of the artist’s names as musician, painter, and writer. Another category is also there which is for the fans and followings of the artists, these categories are declared at the time of registration in the application. After the completion of the registration form an option will appear that will ask you for the category you belong to the theoretical part of this paper describes the android platform, its architecture and framework. In development process, basic component and procedures of application is discussed .Tools those were used in the development task were Eclipse IDE, android SDK and its plug-ins (android ADT).The result of the thesis project is a working application that has gone live too, link for the proposed project is

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Angsuman Chanda

Abstract: T. minicoyensis was described by Thomas from Laccadive sea. Record of the species is very rare as it is a reef inhabiting species. Present study is mainly based on the type material preserved in the National collection of Zoological Survey of India Kolkata and CMFRI-substation at Mandapam, Tamil Nadu .During the study some important diagnostic characters have been added for better diagnosis of the species. Here, characters of carapace, antennules and thelycum is added to the diagnosis of the species which the author have observed are not mentioned in the original description.

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Ibekwe, H.N., Ogbu, J.U., Uwalaka, O.A., Ngbede, S.O. and Onyegbule, U. N.

Abstract - Early season field trials were conducted in 2011 and 2012 cropping seasons at the experimental site of National Horticultural Research Institute Okigwe, Imo State to evaluate the efficacies of four plant derived insecticides for control of major insect pests of garden egg. The bio-pesticides include Neem (Azadirachta indica), African black pepper (Piper guineense), (Jatropha curcas), Castor seed oil (Ricinus communis) and cyperforce insecticide 12.5% E.C and control which constituted the six treatments. The experimental design was randomized complete block design with four replications. Results showed observed commonest insects to include Green leaf hopper (Empoasca spp.), Fruit borers (Leucinodes orbanalis), variegated grasshopper (Zonocerus variegatus) and Cutworms (Spodoptera littoralis). All the bio-pesticidal treatments significantly (P < 0.05) reduced insect infestation with low damage and higher fruit yield compared with the control. The African black pepper (Piper guineense) displayed highest degree of efficacy in this regard of all the plant extracts in both seasons (2011 and 2012). This was followed by neem (A. indica), castor seed oil and Jatropha curcas in that order. The bio-pesticides compared favourably with the synthetic insecticide which served as a check and recorded lowest insect infestation and highest fruit yield of 13,666.7kg/ha and 16,083.3kg/ha in 2011 and 2012 cropping seasons respectively. The potential of the plant-derived insecticides in controlling the insect pests of garden egg have been identified and hence could be a good alternative for synthetic insecticide and as well could be utilized for such purpose.

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George, U. U., Andy, J. A., Joseph Asor.

ABSTRACT: The biochemical and phyto-chemical characteristic of rubber latex (Hevea brasiliensis) was investigated under laboratory conditions. Proximate composition, mineral contents, non-metallic constituents, metallic constituents, phyto-chemical constituents and n-hexane extract components of the latex were analysed. The proximate composition consisted of 60.17 ± 0.01 % moisture, 2.523 ± 0.01 % crude fat, 2.966 ± 0.01 % ash, 1.8 ± 0.1 % crude fibre, 2.133 ± 0.05 % crude protein and 30.47 ± 0.01 % carbohydrate while mineral contents consisted of 0.016 ± 0.001 mg/l Cu, 0.082 ± 0.00 mg/l Zn, 0.001 ± 0.001 mg/l Pb and 0.018 ± 0.001 mg/l Mn. Non-metallic constituents included 2.21 ± 0.001 mg/l nitrate, 0.613 ± 0.001 mg/l nitrite, 0.100 ± 0.00 mg/l Chloride, 0.616 ± 0.001 mg/l sulphate, 0.740 ± 0.01 mg/l phosphate and 0.1 ± 0.00 mg/l ammonia, while phytochemical constituents included 3.492 ± 0.1 mg/l hydrocyanic acid, 0.635 ± 0.01 mg/l phytic acid, 0.433 ± 0.01 mg/l alkaloids with oxalate showing negativity in the latex and n-hexane having a value of 2.194 mg/l at 430 nm wavelength.

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Andi Rosida, Amran Achmad, Daud Malamassam, Syamsu Alam

Abstract: Devolution of forest management in Indonesia, which has not been applied to the forest conservation, lead to tenurial problems of forest management. This study aims to formulate a descriptive model of devolution of forest conservation management. The study used a qualitative approach, the case study is Bantimurung Bulusaraung National Park. Data were collected through field observation, in-depth interviews, and focus group discussion. Quantitative descriptive analysis and stakeholder analysis conducted to achieve the research objectives. The results found devolution model components consist of area management, goal management, the system of rights and responsibilities, as well as the actors involved. Devolution models implemented through two approaches, namely economic development approach will be applied to specific zones in Samangki village and combinations of alternative livelihood approach and participatory planning approach will be applied to the traditional zone in Labuaja village. The application of the model will alleviate poverty in forest communities, strengthening the status of the right of people to manage forests, and creating community partnerships to manage forest conservation.

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Kanto, Kulasse, Muhammad Arifin Ahmad, promotor Syamsu Bachri Talib, Muhammad Arif Tiro.

Abstract: This study examines the influence of certification on Guidance and Counseling teacher performance in Guidance and Counseling Bachelor degreewho assigned in state high schools in South Sulawesi. In addition, the research also examines the effect of certification on work motivation and job satisfaction of Guidance and Counseling teachers.The method used is quantitative survey and instrument used is assessment scale and documentation. Data processing techniques with path analysis models of Amos to test the influence (certification, motivation, satisfaction and performance) and ANOVA of differences test (portfolio, training and pre-certification) with descriptive preceded. The objective analysis of this study was to determine (i) Potrait or description of certification, either by portfolio certification or training on guidance and counseling teacher performance at school (ii) To know any effect of certification either by portfolio certification and training on guidence and counseling teacher performance, work motivation and job satisfaction at school (iii) To know any effect not certified on guidence and counseling teacher performance, work motivation and job satisfaction at school. Population and sample of the study was teachers of guidance and conselingin state high school in South Sulawesi with 373 people of population and the samples were taken with a stratified random sampling technique (sampling area), amounting to 163 people on the subject for eight city/region in the eastern, southern, central and northern area. The results of the study are (i) an overview description of the certification of the performance, motivation and job satisfaction of guidance and counseling teachers tend to vary, but do not have significant differences. While the normal curve graph shows not occur in the extreme declivity. (ii) there is effect of certification on work motivation and job satisfaction, (iii) there is effect of work motivation and job satisfaction on the performance of counselors on specific performance assessment, and (iv) there is effect of job satisfaction on work motivation of counselor in school.

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Minakshi Hudda, Dinesh Kumar

ABSTRACT: Telemedicine is a new and emerging area in healthcare sector. Now everywhere in the world did Information Technology have a greater personal impact than in the delivery of health care? Energetic efforts are now being done all over the world to use IT for the improvement of quality of health care, provision of easy access to health care facilities and enabling the patients to improve their own health status. The aim of the research was to evaluate the scope and nature of wireless and mobile technology in health sector. The thrust for the research came from analysis of the information requirements in health sector and increasing demand of wireless technology, which incurs globalization and makes world interconnected. This paper covers wireless technologies that exist for telemedicine, the issues it meets against changing technology and evolution it will bring in today’s world. Also it is meant for ongoing researches in telemedicine as a supplement to their knowledge and pays a small contribution to improve health care services in INDIA and rest of the world. Finally, during the study we have noticed, wireless remote monitoring is really an underdeveloped area today in the health care service. It will continue to become more and more important and revolutionizing for the way patients are treated in the years to come. Introducing technology that has the potential to bring healthcare out of the hospital and into the patient’s home, replace nurses with technical devices, and collect sensitive information will bring many ethical considerations. These must be dealt with in order to ensure that any changes made in the health service are for the better for the patient.

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A Penchala Bindushree, Nataraju A. B., Vijesh T V, Laxmiprasad A S

Abstract— We have proposed a digitally implemented QPSK system for Free-Space Optics (FSO) systems for future satellite missions. We have used a Laser source of 1550nm wavelength and data rate of 2.5Gbps.The system consists of a modulating and a demodulating block and an advantage of filters added to improve the performance and optimize errors like noise. The best suited modulator for FSO is Mach-Zehnder modulator which is tuned for high performance. The LiNB03 demodulator demodulates the signal which in turn passed to a filter to attenuate the demodulated output and then through an amplifier to increase the signal strength. Digital approach for implementation of QPSK Modulation is attempted here and compared with existing systems. Simulation and characterization is done to freeze design parameters. The system mainly concentrates on parameter like performance, security, minimum size and cost saving which will be the future of satellite communications.

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Vasudha Sharma, Sanjeev Khambra

Abstract – A MANET is a mobile ad-hoc network which consists of mobile nodes communicating with each other. Among various routing protocols used in networking, performance comparison of DSR, OLSR and TORA is done. Various performance parameters measured are Throughput, End to End Delay and Packet Delivery Fraction for CBR traffic over UDP connection. The mobility models used are Random Waypoint (RW) and Reference Point Group Mobility (RPGM). During the research it was found that the Reactive protocol DSR gives better performance than the Proactive protocol OLSR and Hybrid protocol TORA. NS-2.35 simulator is used to analyze the result.

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Azhari Siddeeg, Al-Farga Ammar, Elmuez Alsir, Yanshun-Xu, Qixing-Jiang, Wenshui-Xia

ABSTRACT: The aim of this study was to evaluate the effect of supplementing wheat flour with 5, 10, and 15% seinat seed proteins on physicochemical, nutritional and sensory properties of bread. Seinat seeds protein concentrate (SSPC) and seinat seeds protein isolates (SSPI) were added to wheat flour (WF) to make bread. Dough characteristics were studied using a Brabender Farinograph and Extensograph. Loaves were prepared by using the straight dough procedure. Water absorption was increased (p<0.05) as the protein level in the blends increased. The dough stability time decreased (p<0.05) with addition of SSPC and SSPI. Addition of 15% SSPC and SSPI to WF did not have any effect on loaf sensory characteristics. WF protein content significantly increased on addition of SSPC and SSPI. The study demonstrated that addition of SSPC and SSPI increases essential amino acids, mineral, biological value and chemical score, thus improving the nutritional value of bread.

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Alade, O. A., Adewale O. S, Ojokoh B. A.

Abstract- Institutional library is a major infrastructure in any institution of learning. The quality of professionals produced in our institutions, to a greater extent, depends on the access of staff and students to foundational, fundamental and current literatures. In most institution of learning today, more money are being pumped in the school learning but less patron attend the institution libraries. This is due to the fact local and regional library are not accessible online to the target audience. There is therefore a need to harmonise the institutions' library collections and the digital resource of local and regional libraries in order to make the collections visible to the local and global patrons. This can be achieved by developing and implementation of an efficient web enable application base on a methodical mathematical relational model as an engine to access these materials. In this paper, the basic operations of library system was explored and a mathematical relational model is proposed for information capture, patrons' tracking, circulation operations and information retrieval systems thus An web enabled application was developed to test the efficiency of every facet of the model. The system was designed to offer accessibilities to other institutions' libraries globally and vice versa based on mutual understanding. The proposed system offers a dynamics to information retrieval system in that is diverges from retrieval system from a particular application point of view as obtained in many other models. It ensures optimal operations of the library services.

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Ng’alu Mutie Michael, Bomett J. Emily Ph.D

ABSTRACT: The purpose of this study was to investigate the role of the Constituency Development Fund (CDF) in the provision of secondary school education in Kilome constituency. The objectives of the study were; To assess the challenges faced by secondary schools in accessing CDF funds in Kilome constituency, to establish the role of CDF in provision of secondary school education in Kilome constituency, to determine the effect of CDF on enrolment in secondary schools in Kilome constituency.The study employed a survey design. The target population was 35headteachers from 35 secondary schools in Kilome constituency. It employed stratified sampling to obtain strata on the basis of the administrative divisions: Kilome (14 schools) and Kasikeu (21 schools). The researcher selected 6 schools from Kilome division and 8 schools from Kasikeu division making a total of 14 public secondary schools. The study randomly sampled 140 form three students, ten students from each school. The instruments of data collection were questionnaires and interview schedules. Reliability was ensured through the test retest method. Descriptive methods were employed in data analysis where frequencies and proportions were used in presenting the respondents’ perception of issues raised in the questionnaires so as to answer the research questions. The study found out that success of CDF was being undermined by inadequate amount awarded, discrimination and mismanagement of funds and hence the amount awarded should be increased and cases of discrimination and corruption should be curbed.It is hoped that the findings of this study will contribute to the understanding of the role of the CDF in addressing the issue of provision of secondary school education in constituency.

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Offia Olua, Blessing I., Nwakwoke, Chukwuka F.

Abstract: Cakes were produced from the composite flour blends of wheat (Triticum spp)/ walnut (Juglanregia) in the ratio of 100:0, 90:10, 80:20, 70:30, and 50:50 respectively. Analyses were carried out to determine consumers' acceptability and physical quality of the cake samples, as well as their staling properties during five days storage at ambient temperature. The composite cake with 90% wheat flour and 10% walnut flour had the highest general acceptability by the panelists during sensory evaluation. High percentage of walnut flour addition (50% wheat flour and 50% walnut flour) affected the appearance of the cake, giving it an unattractive dark appearance. Physical properties data indicated a decreasing level of height, weight and volume of the cakes (4.99cm - 3.93cm, 134.58g - 86.55g and 196.50cm3 - 127.01cm3) respectively, with increasing levels of walnut substitution in the cakes. Moisture content, weight loss, amylose, soluble starch, and specific volume of the cakes were monitored and were found to be significantly (p<0.05) affected when stored at ambient temperature for 5days, thereby inducing staling. Moisture, amylose and soluble starch of the cakes decreased each day during the storage studies; the specific volume of the cakes increased while the weight of the cakes reduced each day during the storage studies.

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