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Volume 10 - Issue 4, April 2021 Edition

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Muhammad Haroon Rasheed, Dr. Faid Gul, Dr. Aijaz Mustafa Hashmi

The purpose of the current study is to identify the personality traits that make an investor prone to make biased and suboptimal decisions; deriving from prospect and trait theory, we empirically validated the proposed theoretical model. The results are constructed based on a questionnaire survey conducted by collecting data from (n=198) investors in Islamabad, Pakistan. The results revealed that the personality traits of agreeableness, extraversion, and openness are significantly causing biased behavior in investors in Pakistan. Our empirical work, by identifying different personality traits associated with biased behavior, can help identify and aid in overcoming biased decision-making in stock markets. This aspect is rarely exposed, and this study is the pioneer to focus on the heuristic biases, hence providing vital insight to the investors, policymakers, and professionals to consider the personality before investing, to make optimal decision making, which will also ensure the efficiency of the stock market in the long run.

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ER-RADI Hicham, BOUALI Rachida

Code-switching is a sociolinguistic phenomenon that has become increasingly common in the language practices of some teachers of linguistic disciplines and non-linguistic disciplines in Morocco. The use of the learners' mother tongue in the different courses is justified for various reasons of a didactic, sociolinguistic, psycho-pedagogical or pragmatic nature. This article presents the results of a content analysis of the epilinguistic discourse of ten teachers from both disciplinary categories. The analysis reveals two tendencies in the reasons for the use of Arabic-French code-switching: either as a teaching strategy to or facilitate communication and understanding, or as an avoidance strategy to escape the feeling of linguistic insecurity strongly felt by some teachers.

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Jayasuriya N.A, Udadeniya. U.P.R.P., Yalegama. M.M.H.H.

This study helps determine factors behind customer rejections on online behavioural advertisements. Five key factors such as privacy concern, goal impediment, perceived personalization, ad skepticism, and negative experience have been identified as influencing factors. The impact of these factors on behavioural advertising avoidance have been tested using the 430 responses. The data was collected using an online survey and analyzed using structural equation modelling. The results indicate that the personalization of advertisements could reduce ad avoidance behaviour. On the other hand, privacy concern, goal impediment, ad skepticism and negative experience increase the tendency to avoid behavioural advertisements.

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Hafiz Burhan Ul Haq, Haroon Ur Rashid Kayani, Sadia Zafar, Imran Khalid, Ayesha Nasir

With the emergence of internet use during the last two decades, the number of websites provides indecent content that negatively affects children. The reading and watching of these indecent contents facilitate the evil-minded people target innocent children and harass them. The excessive use of the Internet harms children and has negative impacts on them. The reason is that a large number of teenagers spent most of their time watching indecent content, like vulgar videos and images, etc. The government of Asian countries (Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, the Philippines, and Afghanistan) introduced several legislative policies to control such acts. This paper mainly focuses on abusiveness among persons of various ages (child, youngster, and other) and minor sex. The primary aim of this research is to highlight child abuse in Pakistan and discuss factors causing distinct heinous crimes paths vis-à-vis other Asian-Countries. However, the causing factor is also nearly similar for Asian countries. The paper explains the gender-based crime rate among different countries, different legislative frameworks, and punishments taken by various Asian countries' governments for awareness of the layman. A comparative analysis of Pakistan with other Asian countries regarding child abuse, indecent contents available on web pages of the Internet, and legislative framework has been discussed in this paper.

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Sri Wahyu Lelly Hana Setyanti, Diah Yulisetiarini, Hadi Paramu

Indonesia's economic growth is supported by the success of creative industries. The significant growth of the creative industry sector is the driving force for integration into the Indonesian national economic system. Ecopreneurship (ecological entrepreneurship) appears to answer the challenge that entrepreneurs can do something to answer the challenges of environmental changes. Developing ecopreneurship benefits to the environment around the organization, and maintaining the sustainability of business activities and the sustainability of the country's economic growth. Ecopreneurship in the creative industries sector contributes to the sustainability aspect, especially for the ecological, social and economic aspects of its growth. This study is a conceptual study based on literature review data and secondary data collection. This research is expected to contribute to policy makers as a concept to strengthen aspects of ecopreneurship and activities of businesses concerned with the preservation and sustainability of the ecological environment, especially in the creative industries sector.

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Johanes Hutabarat, Ahmad Helman Hamdani, Faisal Muhamadsyah, Agung Mulyo

This research investigates the geochemistry of major elements of coal found in the Bayah District, Banten Province, Indonesia. To find out the provenance, tectonic conditions, and weathering levels of coal deposited in the Bayah Formation, major oxides—dominant oxides such as SiO2, Al2O3, and Fe2O3 and minor oxides such as MNO, MgO, Na2O, K2O, CaO, TiO2, and P2O5—were identified from eight coal samples. The high concentration of Al2O3 and CaO demonstrates the most striking aspect of the geochemistry of the coal deposit in Bayah Formation: SiO2, Fe2O3, MNO, MgO, Na2O, K2O, CaO, TiO2, and P2O5 had been depleted in the samples. The graph plotting Al2O3 vs TiO¬2 suggested that felsic to intermediate rock were sources for the coal. The plotting of SiO2/Al2O3 vs K2O/Na2O indicated, tectonically, that the provenance of the source rock comes from the active continental margin. All rock samples have a high Chemical Index of Alteration (CIA) and Plagioclase Index of Alteration (PIA) values close to 100; this indicates that the level of chemical weathering is very strong. The Index Compositional Value (ICV) was low, which suggested the presence of mature sediment, rich in clay minerals (especially kaolinite).

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Manuel Medina-Labrador, Daniel Cortes-Fernandez, Manuela Suarez-Martinez

The most important disadvantage in nowadays business training is the use of the face-to-face method due to the conditions of the global pandemic. This research examined the learning level, worker's characteristics (gender, previous experience, age and level of study), influence of episode's duration (5 Mn and 10 Mn) and the frequency of podcast emissions (once and twice a week) in the drop out, in a retail company of computing devices. The results, specified in a Pre-test Posts design, factorial experiment and survival analysis, indicated that dropout is directly related to the frequency of emission of the episodes. The factor group with the highest percentage of survival at the end of the four weeks was the group with the treatment that lasted 10 minutes and a frequency of once a week every Monday. It was also found that the average percentage of learning improved, by 5.70 points compared to the average of the initial learning. Our results indicate that there is a 56% probability when workers have previously taken virtual capabilities other than a podcast. They found that gender, age, and level of studies are not associated with either drop out or learning level. Finally, he discovered that the highest risk of attrition is in the third week, when the podcast episodes are 10 Mn and are broadcasted twice a week. They discuss possibilities to decrease attrition through business podcasts.

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Engr. Hammad Akbar, Dr. Usman Ghani, Dr. Tufail Habib.

Greater number of issues are involved in developing countries in the development of different working system especially, policy and management areas globally. Service sector such as higher education is one of the key area is losing it confidence level, performance, and productivity. A public education sector is selected and analyzed as a case study to identify the bottlenecks of the work system and to provide suitable solution to the problems faced by the work system to enhance its productivity. To determine the overall work performance of the education sector two dimensions are selected that is education policy and management process of that organization. A quantitative analysis using regression analysis technique is focused on these two dimensions that is education policy and management process. The first comprises three main factor that includes educational planning, support and rewards, and communications. The second addresses three key factors that is climate of organization, alumni network and industrial liaison, and teaching and learning process.

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Sunusi Abdulkarim, Nafiu Abubakar Babaji, Aminu Muhktar Isa

The logistics processes that are used for human operations are humanitarian logistics. The goal of this research is to examine the relationship between the management of humanitarian logistics and the management of disasters in the Northeast Region of Nigeria. The study was qualitative which employed secondary sources. The data were source by reviewing related literature of published materials, official government documents which were analyzed using a statistical tool. The findings of the study reveal that disaster management parameters recorded 44.90% of the scholarly contributions. While humanitarian logistics management parameter uncovered 55.10% of the reviewed articles employed for the study. Conclusively, the statistical presentation indicates that humanitarian logistics management is more popular among the researchers, also, Bauchi State is the most densely populated state among the Northeast State of Nigeria. However, concerning the disaster control measures, Federal Government actions are relatively active while the states complement the Federal Government's efforts. On the other hand, NGOs give supportive cooperation. Thus, there is a need for collaborations within the major stakeholders to tackle the menace of insurgency (Boko Haram and related insecurities activities) and flooding in the region. To this end, the study recommended that, socially, humanitarian logistics management and disaster management should be taken into consideration through training of local's symposiums, seminars, and workshops among others. Secondly, the study recommended further that, economic-based of the people in the region which is majorly agriculture should be modernized and encourage through the provision of modern farming techniques, free interest loans, and buying surplus thus will reduce youth unemployment which is the major threat to the national security. Thirdly, the security operatives' agencies should be strengthening all ramifications in their in curtailing the menace of insurgency (Boko Haram and communal ethnic clashes).

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Athanasios Zisopoulos

The protection of a ship after a collision is mainly dependent by the its watertight bulkheads. A war ship Nimitz Class has 300 meters length and a full-load weight of 100,000 tons supported by 100 watertight bulkheads. With this patent one of the bulkheads is filled with hundreds of big balloons. In any collision the most of these will remain untouchable due elasticity and number. The patent uses huge balloons attached to the hull of any ship. In case of an accident the balloon offers enough buoyance to keep the vessel floated. The balloons are serviced through an air compressor system and monitoring through various sensors. The unsinkable vessel offers increased sustainability on water eco-systems. The main invention advantage is not sustainability but the improved insurance options minimizing the premium and compensation.

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Olly Roy Chowdhury, Md. Forhad Hossain

Sound insulation means absorption of sound in a controlled way to maintain echo free environment inside any room and prohibiting transmission of unwanted high volume sound/noise from inside or outside the room. Commercial acoustic materials used, found to be very expensive. This experiment aims to use sustainable and abandoned source of natural materials as well as waste materials; and combination of those, to obtain an easy solution to come out reducing the cost of sound insulation. Eco-friendly, recyclable and most importantly inexpensive materials such as coconut fiber and sacs made of jute fiber was considered to conduct tests. For the sake of comparison, acoustic foam and garment fabric i.e.; terry cloth (textile waste/old towel) was also used. Test showed interesting findings on the use of natural replacements over commercial materials. Single/combined layers of selected elements found to absorb sound better and perform steadily over the entire experimental range of frequencies (125 Hz to 4000Hz).

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Fahmi Rizal, Solikhah Solikhah, Tri Ani Marwati

Physiotherapy is one of the service components having a significant role in giving health services to the public. This research aimed to understand how patient satisfaction based on service qualities (tangible, reliability, responsiveness, assurance, empathy) at physiotherapy unit PKU Muhammadiyah Hospital of Yogyakarta. The method used in this research was a quantitative method by using a cross-sectional study approach. The research population was all new patients entering in August-September 2020 at the physiotherapy unit PKU Muhammadiyah Hospital of Yogyakarta. The total sample was 76 determined by the accidental sampling technique. The data were analyzed by chi-square analysis and logistic regression. The result of this research showed that the service qualities consist of tangible (p=0.018), reliability (p=0.010), responsiveness (0.000), assurance (0.000), empathy (0.001) related to patient satisfaction at physiotherapy unit PKU Muhammadiyah Hospital of Yogyakarta. According to result of the logistic regression test, it was obtained that responsiveness (Odds Ratio: 6.039, 95% CI 1.862-19.579, p=0.003), assurance (Odds Ratio: 5.238, 95% CI 1.586 - 17.298), p =0.007) were the variables related to patient satisfaction at physiotherapy unit PKU Muhammadiyah Hospital of Yogyakarta. Conclusion: The service qualities (tangible, reliability, responsiveness, assurance, empathy) were related to patient satisfaction at the Physiotherapy unit PKU Muhammadiyah Hospital of Yogyakarta.

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E.T. Fasina, B. Adebanji, A. Abe, I. Ismail

Deregulation of power sector introduces competition into the electricity market and gives separate ownership identities into the management of its subsystems-generation, transmission, and distribution. Thus, this requires the determination of a viable wheeling charge method that is economical, transparent and acceptable to both the operators and the consumers in ensuring a secure and a reliable system. However, the type of transmission charge to adopt posed a serious challenge to the power system operators because the cost of transferring power between any two points on the transmission system is not fixed, since it depends on the generation and the load pattern on the system. This paper introduced a hybrid combination of the MVA-kilometer and the Short–Run Marginal Cost (SRMC) methods that used power flow and optimal power flow (OPF) analysis to determine the individual participant’s impact on the transmission power flows for wheeling cost allocation. The proposed method has been investigated on the Nigerian 330kV, 24-bus network. The results showed that the proposed method was economical, transparent and able to recover both fixed cost and the operating cost effectively.

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Kuwait’s climate is severe in summer, between May and September very hot and dry weather conditions are experienced Ref.” [1]”. The ambient temperature reaches 50 °C in shade. Dry bulb temperature recorded to be (48 °C) and wet bulb temperature about (27 °C), this shows that (DB) exceeds (WB) by (21 °C) during summer” Ref [2]”. Condenser coil temperature and pressure considerably, increased of any type of air-conditioned unit and this decrease the units cooling efficiency and raises the power consumption. The high power consumption by cooling systems ( exceeds more 50% of total power consumption for buildings was behind the idea of a field test of adiabatic pre cooling system on a condenser of S.K.M made air cooled chiller. The study was planned & assisted to read power consumption per hour (kW h) and climate conditions during a selected period with the adiabatic pre-cooling system on OFF- mode, and next day’s period with the adiabatic pre-cooling system on - ON mode. The total power consumption (KW) per hour through each period will be correlated to each other alongside with climate conditions during each period to calculate the efficiency of the pre cooling system to reduce energy. The adiabatic pre cooling system was fitted and the study was supervised by PAAET data analytics. It analyzed & justified by personnel from PAAET Engineering department. Data on air temperature, relative humidity and energy consumption of the chillers for test periods recorded and compared. The chart shows that, with comparable thermo-hygrometry conditions, the application of adiabatic pre cooling system allows for an impressive decrease in energy absorption of the chillers. Considering using adiabatic pre cooling system for existing air-conditioning, unit’s results in signi89ficant reduction of working hours of the compressors, working Cycle which in turn significantly reduces peak power load consumption.

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Jeewandara S.K, Kumari D.A.T.

Deviant workplace behaviour can be simply defined as intentional behaviour that breaks the norms of a workplace and threatens the health of the workplace and its employees. The objective of this paper, examine more effectible factors on deviant workplace behaviour in theoretical support. Therefore, this paper is focused on identifying the factors affecting deviant workplace behaviour with the support of the theoretical background. As per the nature of the paper; few theories were critically examining (the positivists’ perspective of deviance, the constructionist perspective of deviance, an integrated view of deviance) to find out the independent variables (organizational justice, organizational ethical climate and demographic variables) which are affecting on deviant workplace behaviour. Based on the theoretical background, conceptualization & operationalization of dependent and independent variables were identified and the theoretical model was developed. Accordingly, the theoretical background composed of the theories and concepts in connection with deviant workplace behaviour.

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Asrizal, Desnita, Yenni Darvina

Teaching should have a context for creating the meaningful learning. In addition, students should have a variety of learning resources to enrich their abilities. However, learning resources for physics enrichment were still not available. The solution to this problem is to apply physics enrichment e-books by integrating contextual teaching learning (CTL) and environmental factor. The objective of the research was to investigate the effect of physics enrichment e-books by integrating CTL and environmental factor on academic performance of students. The research method was quasi-experimental for two groups of samples. The research design can be entered into the posttest only design. Data collection instruments consist of written test of knowledge aspect, observation sheet to assess attitudes, and performance assessment sheet to assess thinking skills of students. The results of data analysis stated that the application of physics enrichment e-book has given a significant effect on academic performance of grade X students including knowledge and thinking skills aspects.

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Osama H. Mahmoud Hassan, Eman A. El-Dessouky Nassef

The study of reliability and application of various engineering and technical knowledge when designing and producing products serves to prevent or reduce failure. Which works to estimate realistic possibilities for the performance of products and systems for their tasks through the analysis of reliability data, this leads to improving the operating time and production capacity of the equipment. This paper deals with estimate the reliability through the statistical inference about the probability distribution parameters. Considering it when the lifetime distribution follows Erlang Truncated Exponential distribution, and due to assist designers, and manufacturers of items, products, and systems to get fast results, the accelerated lifetime is done by constructing our experiments using the multiple steps stress. The accelerated model is power rule model and the experiment terminate at a predetermined number of failures at each stress as type II censoring. The classical and Bayesian methods of estimation are considered, where Lindley’s approximation procedure is used to obtain the posterior mean and posterior variance under square error loss function. The asymptotic confidence intervals and credible intervals of the model parameters based on Gibbs sampling technique are computed. For illustration, simulation studies are provided. From our results, the Bayes estimators are more efficient than the maximum likelihood estimators and according to the estimated parameters, we can improve the reliability of systems, which support the sustainability of it.

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Saloua Hendaoui

In this paper, we present the main key indicators for an enhanced quality of service for the 5G network. In addition, we present the main characteristics of network virtualization in enabling a service-based network. The quality-of-service model in 5G is presented then we give our proposal which consists of an enhancement of a previous proposal. We give a smart downlink scheduler that profits from network slicing in order to enhance the overall QoS experienced by the 5G network. An adaptive metric rule for the three main services: eMBB, URLLC, and MTC is proposed and evaluated.

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Joseph Mari B. Querequincia, Marina O. Osi, Sandra C. Sy

Artocarpus ovatus Blanco is an endemic plant species belonging to the family Moraceae. This study evaluated the free radical scavenging activities of the extracts from A. ovatus ethanolic leaves. The crude plant extract and its semi-crude extracts were screened for the presence of secondary metabolites using thin layer chromatography and UV-Vis spectrophotometry. In the phytochemical analysis, presence of secondary metabolites such as flavonoids, and polyphenols in the ethanol extract and DCM semi-crude extract were detected. In the in vitro antioxidant assays, the ethanol extract demonstrated a significant DPPH (IC50 = 0.078 mg/mL) and nitric oxide (IC50 = 0.045 mg/mL) radical scavenging activities as well as hydrogen peroxide (IC50 = 0.098 mg/mL) scavenging effect as compared with other sample extracts.

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Ava Apellado-Buenaventura, Jose Subtiniente Valmorida

Small-scale dairy farming in the community is growing fast with the aid of the Philippine Carabao Center by upgrading the local buffaloes. This study aimed to optimize pastillas de leche made from Murrah buffalo milk with the sensory acceptability criteria. A Plackett-Burman Design was used to screen seven ingredient and process variables which include cornstarch, all-purpose flour, liquid glucose, refined sugar, skimmed milk, temperature and time. Results revealed that the levels of cornstarch, temperature, and refined sugar significantly affect the product. These variables were used in the subsequent optimization using Central Composite Design. The acceptability of the products from the treatments were significantly higher than the control in terms of color and taste. On the other hand, the acceptability of the products in terms of aroma, texture, mouthfeel and general acceptability was not significantly higher than the control. Chemical analysis revealed a higher acceptability on products with lower moisture and higher total solids contents. Nine (9) treatments have water activity values lower than 0.85 and thus compliant with the Philippine National Standards regulation. Optimum regions of the variables were identified using the minimum acceptability rating which was uniform to all sensory attributes used. The optimum levels per liter buffalo milk for cornstarch were found in two regions, <17g and >33.44g. For refined sugar, the optimum level is found within the range of 203.72g to 221.74g. Temperature optimum levels were found in two regions also, < 78.32 and > 81.51 degrees Celsius.

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Jusmidah, Antariksa, Wisnumurti, Lambang Basri Said

Slag is the largest aggregate source as a substitute for natural aggregates due the consideration of the availability of natural resources, sustainable development, environmental protection, and very good nature of slag engineering (1). Some countries lack of natural aggregate, namely the United States, Japan, and other countries, and it is solved by the use of slag as a substitute for natural aggregates that have good nature of engineering (2). Based on the results of the analysis, it is shown in detail that asphalt pavement structure using slag as a pavement layer provides a very satisfying response to static and dynamic effects (3). To avoid the degradation of aggregate and unbounded-added material, it is important to have the strength of flexible pavement mixture layer that is able to withstand the pressure of repeated loads. Aggregate is pavement layer strength, including inherent strength between particles, density, and gradation that must be strong enough to withstand the load while being used. The use of slag as an aggregate gives a high strength and hardness value (4). In this research, nickel slag is used as fine aggregate on AC-BC pavement mixture. The purpose of this study is to find out the effects of adding nickel slag as a fine aggregate on the tensile strength and resistance strength of AC-BC pavement mixture on permanent deformation. Based on the results of indirect tensile strength (ITS) testing of the mixture using nickel slag as a fine aggregate, it shows improvement and performance of the mixture to the mechanical nature of nickel slag. The stiffness of nickel slag gives effect on the increase of ITS value, where the higher positional ratio value is an indicator of degree of flexibility of the mixture based on the ratio of vertical deformation to horizontal deformation. The higher the value of the position ratio, the more flexible the mixture is.

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Hiba Lahmer, Afef Elloumi Oueslati, Zied Lachiri

Nowadays, the upgrading in Machine learning domain have highlighted the use of deep learning models. However, when such deep learning models are employed to make important decisions like the ones that implicate human lives, mainly in medical applications, it is necessary to trust the rational deep models’ decisions. Among these models, convolutional neural network has proven to be the best way to face to the image’s classification problem. But as known, there are two limits of the CNN architecture. First of all, it required a massive amount of training data, but in biomedical field it is a handicap. The second limit, CNN does not take into account the spatial information of the image. A new deep learning architecture named capsule network were proposed to deal with two principal limits. Capsule Network request less data for the training task than the CNN model. This paper presents an approach for automatic identification of cell cycle-regulated genes. In the current state of the art, the researchers are based on the classification of the numerical data associated to gene evolution to achieve this classification. Here, we propose a new and different approach, based on the microarrays images’ treatment. We prepared a dataset of images, representing gene’s behaviors. Then we applied machine learning [1] and deep learning methods [2]. Experiments show that our approaches outperform the state of art by a margin of 14.73 per cent by using machine learning algorithms and a margin of 22.39 per cent by using deep learning models. After that, to explain the particularity of each gene class we proposed an architecture based on the capsule networks, which focus on spatial information then we applied a technique of interpretability of the classifier’s decisions.

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Wissam Abdallah, Nassib Abdallah, Jean-Marie Marion, Mohamad Oueidat, Pierre Chauvet

The work presented in this paper is a mixed solution between numerical and statistical models through a hybrid predictive meteorology model based on a mix of vector autoregression and hierarchical cluster analysis (which we called HP-VAR). The presented model is constituted of three steps: Hierarchical Cluster Analysis (HCA) to study the behavior of stations and remove atypical observations based on layer altitudes, Physical equations to generate virtual stations and Time Series Analysis (TSA), in particular the Vector Auto Regressive (VAR) model, to make predictions. The work proposed in this article shows the efficiency of the model for the prediction of two meteorological parameters: TMIN and TMAX.

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Shaikhah. M. Alzuabi, Dr. Tahani. M. Alebous

This study aimed at identifying the attitudes of teachers of physics towards using the STEM approach during teaching in the State of Kuwait. The methodology adopted is the qualitative and quantitative method. The study sample consisted of a group of physics teachers in public secondary schools available in the six educational areas in the state of Kuwait. The sample consisted of (437) teachers including (176) males and (261) females. To achieve the study objectives, a scale was prepared as a tool to evaluate the attitudes of teachers of physics towards using STEM during teaching. The scale consisted of (33) items. The validity and reliability of scale has been then confirmed. The researcher applied the scale during the first semester 2020-2021. The results showed that the attitudes of teachers of physics towards using STEM during teaching in the State of Kuwait came out with a high degree. There are no statistically significant differences at the level of (ɑ = 0.05) for the following independent variables: gender, qualification, years of experience in teaching and the educational area in which the sample members belong to. According to the study results, some recommendations have been given.

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Fahim Uz Zaman, Abdul Hafeez Khan, Muhammad Owais

Serverless computing is a game-changing technology in today’s world. Do not worry about the host machine, and it is a requirement to build the code. Identify that which serverless Cloud Platform is suitable to deploy the code to minimize the effort and the batter outcome for a use case or a business case. This paper performs the vast number of samples onto the three big giants of the Cloud Computing Industry and their renowned serverless functions like Amazon Web Service (AWS) Lambda Function, Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Cloud Function, and Microsoft Azure Function. All these functions have the same environment as NodeJS version 12, and the code is written in JavaScript. The code editor is used in our sampling Microsoft Visual Studio Code. They were starting from five hundred records to goes up to one lac records. Meanwhile, checking the limitation of all three functions in this research paper. It provides a brief comparison in terms of response time and the number of records fetching from the functions.

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Anwar Badawy Badawy Abu-Sena, Mohamed Wahied Fares, Hanan Hussien El-Tobgy

Experimental investigation has been performed on twelve short and long castellated beam-column elements. The castellation process effectively increases the section resistance because of increasing the depth of the section without any additional weight. By increasing the depth of the beam, major axis bending resistance and stiffness are improved as the major axis moment of inertia (Ix) and the section modulus (Sx) are increased. It has been noticed that, researches that considered castellated elements subjected to axial and bending moment are limited compared to those considered elements subjected to bending moment only. In this research castellated beam-columns are studied under different load eccentricity to investigate the effect of castellation on beam-column strength. Behavior and strength of castellated beam-column are also investigated using the finite element analysis utilizing ANSYS software. The finite element results are found to be in a good agreement with their experimental counterparts.

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H. Aboelseoud M.

Servers in distributed environments are the main targets of malicious attacks. As a consequence, the need for securing and protecting resources residing on such servers is considered a major and continuous challenge. However, traditional access control models are not suitable for regulating access in today’s highly dynamic, distributed, network-connected, and open computing environments as they are usually not expressive enough to capture important security requirements such as continuity of decisions (ongoing controls) and mutability of attributes, besides lacking of important decision factors like obligations and conditions. Hence, the usage control (UCON) comes as a novel and promising approach to overcome the inadequacies of traditional access control models [1]. However, applying UCON in modern distributed environments is usually introducing complex usage scenarios and new challenging issues as discussed by Grompanopoulos et al. [2]. This paper, taking into account Grompanopoulos’s UCON challenges, studies usage control enforcement in distributed file systems, and take Linux Network File System (NFS) as a case-study. This work follows the approach proposed in [3] to present UCON based on the schema of the OM-AM [4] (Objectives, Models, Architectures, Mechanisms) engineering design philosophy by focusing on the architectures and mechanisms layers. An enforcement architecture design following the Sandhu’s UCONABC model [5] is proposed and a prototype implementation in the Linux NFS server, on top of the existing DAC mechanism, is also proposed as a proof of concept. The implementation includes modifications to the Linux NFS server through the nfsd loadable kernel module (LKM), which handles the main functionality of the Linux NFS server. Security and performance analysis were conducted to ensure that our system enforced the UCON policies as expected and to measure the additional overhead for making UCON checks compared with an unmodified kernel (vanilla kernel).

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Chidiebere Nwakamma Ononuju, Ikrama Hassan, Agoha Monica Uzochi, Chukwuleta Chinenyenwa Obiaku

Notwithstanding recent groundbreaking scientific and technical inventions, the United States healthcare industry faces persisting problems of a disintegrated system, an increasing price of care, and the delivery of high standard care. These problems have been ascribed to the healthcare industry’s failure to react to the changing patients/workforce populations, defective working environment, and above all, a gap in leadership. Efforts in the recent past to solve these problems by evaluating the rising price of care, paucity of access, and standard of care delivered failed because these measures didn’t do enough to bridge the gap in leadership. The U.S healthcare industry is presently challenged with huge complicated issues accompanied by a growing mistrust in the general public. Consequently, focused and purposeful leadership is cardinal in the contemporary season to ensure the continuity of the healthcare industry. The two leadership methods put forward to institute reformations in the healthcare industry are the transactional and transformational leadership methods. The former primarily focuses on superintendence, ordering, or implementation of the firm's policies as well as preserving its cultures/values; while the latter concentrates on working together with the employees to identify things that need to change, and through inspiration/joint efforts such reforms are implemented. Hence, it has become important to review the two leadership methods to know which of them will assist the healthcare industry to solve its problems. This paper set out to review the transactional and transformational methods of leadership and to find out which of them is more apt for the healthcare industry in America.

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Attaullah Shah, Rashid A Naemm

The low bidder dilemma is one of the most common phenomena in public procurement projects of developing countries. Potential bidders often try to win projects by tending to quote low rates. This often leads to delays and cost overruns, in addition to poor quality of construction. One way to avoid this phenomenon is to pre-qualify the potential bidders on the basis of their previous performance, strength of human and non-human resources etc. In this paper, a quantitative model has been developed for various performance parameters of construction projects, which was applied to the construction projects during a period of two years at Pakistan. It has been observed that careful implementation of the model has helped in the selection of the potential contractors and the process has resulted in completion of the projects within the approved cost and time. The quality of the projects was also observed at the acceptable level.

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Roheen Qamar, Aijaz Ahmed Arain, Kelash Kanwar, Fida Hussain Khoso, Fareed Jokhio

This research study analyzes machine learning-based techniques to identify Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks. Cyber-attacks are used to bring down the services of affected servers. Hereafter these servers cannot provide services to the end-users. Therefore, it is essential to detect and mitigate these types of attacks. Machine learning-based techniques can differentiate between attacks and legitimate user requests. Moreover, different types of attacks can be classified by these techniques. In this research, three different neural networks have been compared, these are (i) Feed Forward Neural Network (ii) Case Cade Neural Network and (iii) Fitting Neural Network. These networks have been trained with two different training algorithms, i.e., Quasi-newton backpropagation algorithm and one step secant algorithm. During this research work, the knowledge discovery data set KDD-CUP99 is used. The results indicate that fit net shallow neural network has better accuracy result with a short training time.

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Derar Eleyan, Muhammed Saffarini, Rasha Saffarini, Amna Eleyan

Driver fatigue and sleepiness are major causes of road accidents. Road accidents increase gradually every year due to drivers’ drowsiness and fatigue which cause fatal casualties and deaths. Several researches have focused on developing systems for detecting drivers’ drowsiness and fatigue to overcome their consequences on traffic safety. This paper proposes a drowsiness detection and alert system. The aim of the proposed system is taking the appropriate action based on the driver’s status and the danger level. Furthermore, it presents an empirical study on using image processing techniques to analyze the real- time captured images of the driver’s eyes’ position and the eyelids closure span for detecting and measuring the drowsiness and fatigue level. The alert system is activated when a signal is received from the drowsiness detection system to perform an appropriate action based on the danger level 0, 1, 2 or 3. A danger flag is set indicating the danger level in which the alert system chooses the right action correspondingly. Initially, a danger flag has a state of 0, which indicates the safety status. However, if a danger flag has a state of 1, 2 or 3, the alert system will be activated to take the right action such as beeping of the buzzer, activating the hazard light, reducing speed and auto-parking at the side of the street as well as sending information to the nearest traffic police and medical emergency centre. The proposed system is an integrated smart system consisting of two microcontrollers (Raspberry Pi 4 microcontroller and Arduino microcontroller), sensors and actuators that are connected and communicated over the Internet. Raspberry Pi detects the driver’s eyelids from the captured images and analyzes their status to decide whether they are opened or closed. If the eyelids are kept closed for more than 2 seconds, Raspberry Pi would send a signal to the Arduino to control the activation process of the alerts and the GSM texting service.

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Toufiqua Siddiqua, Dr. Hosne Ara Begum, Dr. Abu Bakr Siddique, Dr.-Ing. Thomas Stegmaier

The emulsion is an essential part of jute processing and batching oil plays a vital role in the preparation of the emulsion. The making of five different emulsions was varying Rice Bran Oil (RBO) and glycerin percentage where other ingredients were kept constant but one emulsion was prepared only using Jute Batching Oil (JBO) with same composition of ingredients. Manufacturing of six yarns of same fineness (206 tex) and twist (T.P.I. = 4) was accomplished by applying 20% of those emulsions on Bangla White B grade jute fiber. During fiber processing in spinning it was found that oil-free but glycerin added emulsified jute fiber produced 10 – 25% less wastage then others. On the other hand, when only Rice Bran Oil (RBO) was used the properties like tenacity, elongation (%), evenness, imperfection, and hairiness of emulsified yarn showed a better result than others.

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Sir Anderson, Afdhal Satria Putra Amin, Jon Affi, Yuli Yetri, Gunawarman

Corrosion behavior of ß-type titanium alloy, Ti-29Nb-13Ta-4.6Zr (TNTZ) within an artificial saliva solution has been investigated in order know the potential of this alloy for orthodontic application. Solution treated alloy (TNTZ ST) and aging treated alloy (TNTZ AT) has been immersed in the solution at constant temperature 36°C and pH 5 for imitating nearly human body condition. The corrosion behaviour of Ti-6Al-4V ELI was also investigated in the same condition for comparison. Corrosion rate testing was carried out by weight loss method using (KCl 1.2 g/l, NaCl 0.7 g/l, NaHCO3 1.5 g/l, Urea 1.35 g/l) as artificial saliva at a constant temperature of 36°C for different exposure time (1, 2 and 3 weeks). Surface morphologies were examined using scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and energy dispersive X-Ray (EDX) for determining chemical composition. The corrosion rate of TNTZ ST and TNTZ AT is lower than that of Ti-6Al-4V ELI, where the corrosion rate of TNTZ ST, TNTZ AT and Ti-6Al-4V ELI alloys are 3.8x10-6 mmpy, 4.2x10-6 mmpy, and 9.2x10-6 mmpy, respectively. The hardness of both TNTZ and Ti-6Al-4V ELI alloys decreases with increasing of exposure time. TNTZ AT has the highest hardness, while TNTZ ST has the lowest one. Low oxygen content on the TNTZ ST surface also indicates high corrosion resistance product. It can be concluded that the best material for orthodontic application in point of view corrosion resistance is TNTZ ST.

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Kumari DAT, Mendis NSW

The implementation of Digital Banking in the banking industry has modernized the banks. Implementing the digital banking approach benefited both customers as well as banks. Considering the benefits, banks all over the globe have implemented digital banking. A theoretical model was developed based on the Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) to conceptualize the associate between key dimensions and digital banking adaptation. This study aims to investigate how far the TAM dimensions’ effect on Digital Banking adaptation in ABC Bank PLC, Sri Lanka. According to the TAM model, it has taken Perceived Ease of Use, Perceived Usefulness, External Variables and Behavioral Intention as the independent variables while the adaptation of digital banking stated as the dependent variable. The primary data were gathered through a questionnaire by distributing the same to 132 front line employees, which is equivalent to the sample size of the study. Quantitative research methods were used throughout the research. Respondents participated through emails and all the results were calculated and analyzed through the SPSS respectively. Analysis has revealed that there is a relationship between the key dimensions of the TAM model and the adaptation of Digital Banking. It is statistically shown that each component consisted of a stronger correlation between dependent and independent variables.

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Supaporn Chairungsee, Jongsuk Kongsen

The community enterprises are the community-based organizations established to manage the community’s capitals creatively. Each community enterprises have their own identities which need to be promoted. In Thailand, one of the community enterprises categories which grows potentially is the tourism community enterprise. Although community enterprises in Thailand are widely organized in every province there are still huge needs for the community's support in terms of promotion, product development, marketing, technology and more. Information technology is one of the tools to strengthen the communities. This study is to support the tourism community enterprises. It aims to develop an application to locate the community - based tourist route. The system development uses the Ionic framework as a tool to create the cross-platform mobile application. The Google map API with JavaScript and CSS are used for the map display on mobile devices. Tourists can use the application to plan for the community visit and get the communities’ information easily which adds the service value of the communities. This would help the communities to link tourism to the community’s products market as well. This study takes place in ten community enterprises in Nakhon Si Thammarat, a province of southern Thailand.

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Eman R. Darwish, Sayed M.N. Moalla, Nasser M. Hosny, Alaa S. Amin, Heidi B. Martin, Haitham Kalil

Many developing countries are facing a growing crisis of heavy metal contamination in water resources, which exceeds the limits permitted by the World Health Organization (WHO), due to the increased discharges of heavily polluted industrial and domestic wastewater. Among these, the toxicity of lead has been known to mankind for many centuries. Therefore, it is necessary to monitor the level of lead in environmental samples. There are existing analytical methods for the detection and determination of Pb(II) ions concentration in various aqueous media; however, they are complicated and often require significant sample preparation and expensive instruments, which are not suitable for rapid analysis. In this work the feasibility of nitrogen-vacancy center Nanodiamonds (NV-ND) was examined as a potential fluorescent sensor for selective detection and determination of lead ions in aqueous solutions. The detection and determination of the presence of lead ions were evaluated through the change in the fluorescence intensity of (NV-ND) particles with two particle sizes (70 and 140 nm) and at pH values varied from 4 to 9. The results showed that the fluorescence intensity of NV-ND particles was nearly constant in the absence of metal ions while the pH values varied from 4 to 9, suggesting that NV-ND particles were stable in acid and alkaline environments. On the other hand, the NV-ND of particle size 70 nm has a significant higher fluorescence intensity compared to 140 nm particle size of NV-ND. The sensor showed high sensitivity toward the lead ions among other metal ions in the water sample. The detection limit for Pb(II) ion was recorded at 1.7 x 10-3 mM in the concentration range up to 0.2 mM. The proposed method was applied successfully for determination of lead ions in various water samples.

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Engr. Sajjad Ahmad, Dr. Rafiullah Khan

Composites are inherent to many damages in which delamination is quite possibly the extreme harm. The delamination interaction as often as possible happens in composite materials. In most causes’ delamination occur due to mode-I mode-II or mixed mode-I/II. In real life, delamination in composites structure often works under mixed mode fatigue loading. This research shows an experimental presentation of the initiation of crack and its proliferationdue to mode-I, mode-II and mixed-mode I/II of fatigue loading of a fiber-reinforced composite material. The aim/purpose of this experimental work is to find out the initial graph of fatigue delamination sequence, to know the required number of fatigue cycles to generate crack, rate of crack growth for various mode mixites.Crack surfaces are inspected on a Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) and the damage mechanisms are identified and correlated to the strain energy dissipated. The outcomes show that with the increasing loading level, the rate of the strain energy release also increases for different modes.However, the crack rate growth is different for different mode mixites level. This change in the material behavior might be because of changing of mode-I loading on delamination measure.

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Mohd Hakimi Bin Zohari, Mohd Fiqri Bin Mohd Nazri

The research is about creating a system for tracking vehicle. Objective of the research is to design and develop a GPS based Vehicle Tracking System in order to display location of vehicle on Google Maps. This system used Arduino MEGA as a microcontroller and it will be used as the main processing unit. Next, Ublox NEO-6m GPS module is used to routing the coordinate while SIM 900A GSM module is used to connecting with the user. The product was successfully run at outdoor and having some problem at indoor due to GPS module cannot extract the accurate coordinate when there is a roof or obstructer that block the direct signal connection between the GPS and satellite. For the next improvement, the researcher can use the high quality of GPS module to connect with satellite. An example, GPS NEO-6P module where it can collect data more accurate and stay connect to the satellite.

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Khurram Yussouf Tehseen, Naveed Imran, Sana Hameed, Amir Ijaz, Muhammad Arslan Farooq

Internet of things (IoT) plays a very significant role in our modern life. Humans are trying their best to make their lives more comfortable, there has been constant research and progress in providing a high level of knowledge in our lifestyle. IoT is the network of somatic objects and constituents which are digitally connected using wireless sensor network technologies. These digitally connected objects can easily communicate each other for connecting and exchanging data. IoT base applications are effectively used to automate our daily life activities. IoT evaluation realized the lives by proposing smart cities, smart homes, and smart medical. The revolutionized smart industry is known as Industry 4.0 and affliated society is named as society 5.0 and both are empowered by IoT. Various supportive technologies enabling IoT like cloud computing providing base to centralized data storage, wireless sensor networks for efficient communication, machine learning for auto prediction, edge computing for onspot node processing etc. A comporehensivestudy is conducted in this research paper to highlight the state of the art IoT applications and contributions in current technological era. Furthermore, the transformative effects of IoT towards next generation automated and smart systems are elaborated in context of industry 4.0 and society 5.0.This paper show how IoT brings smart automation in everytingand comfort in our lives.

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Mohamed H. Mabrouk

Robot arms are widely used in industry due to the fact that they are recently made more reliable and more efficient than before. In this research, a mathematical model for defining the dynamics of a fast robot arm is developed by coupling the non linear equations of motion of the robot arm with those of the actuators which accordingly affect the controller design. The new control strategy proposed in this paper involves using a tuning technique for digital PID controller as a control method that proves efficient to control multivariable systems' parameters. The technique is based on modifying local optimal controller (LOC) parameters for certain defined system model structure and therefore online computational schemes are employed to drive the actuators of a robot arm to follow a specified trajectory using continuous time functions. The LOC controller along with the parameter tuning technique strategy is tested in laboratory versus the traditional controller through controlling the system model DSD1/EV® with satisfactorily results. Using the proposed control technique, the performance of the actuators and hence the performance of the robot arm is shown to be enhanced compared to the performance using the traditional adaptive control scheme that has been used before to control the actuators.

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Gilang Andika, Perbanas Institute. Jakarta, Indonesia.

At effective cash management, financial managers must obtain real information about the condition of the higher education institution's cash. Idle cash can be invested through banks that are short-term and low risk (Lienert 2009). Also, real-time cash information can reveal where the company is currently storing cash and the cycle of the behavior of accounts receivable and short-term debt. In this case, institutions can collaborate with banks by the 2nd pillar of industry 4.0, autonomous robots; and the 4th pillar of industry 4.0, system integration through a virtual account system. This paper is a research proposal that can be used in future research to analyze a collaboration model that can be used by higher education institutions to manage cash effectively through the banking system with an industry 4.0 perspective.

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Nabeel Mohsin, Rafiullah Khan, Syed AtharMasood

The aerospace industry strived for many decades for light,high stiffness and strength material. Fibre Metal Laminate (FML) formed for joining thin Aluminium (AL) sheets with Glass Fibre (GF). High impact resistance and crack trapping qualities made it a preferred choice in aircraft parts in impact prone areas. In this research paper GLARE 6A FML was tested in multiple impacts using Zwick/Roell machine modelNo.HIT-230. Impact testing specimen was prepared and tested using the ASTM D7136 standard. In multiple impacts,a dent produced in earlier impacts which resultin an increased dent sizein the later impacts. It can be commented that plastic strain was produced in the sheets and increased the contact area and provide more contact force in earlier impacts. Later impacts produced debonding and delamination due to inter laminar shear strength reduction. Debonding and delamination can be reduced by increasing the contact area between sheets and GF composites. This research study can help in studyby multiple impacts on GLARE FML and develope material model for FEA simulation and analytical study.

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Mohammad Hamad Alajmi, Hussain S. Bilal

After the latest events that happened in Kuwait (heavy rain), it was essential to find a solution for the blockage in road gullies and manhole filtration and drainage system. Three designs ideas were considered as discussed in this paper (A, B and C) . Best design out of the three studies selected by road traffic office and mechanical department is design (C) .The selection based was based on the effective design principles , cost, time and maintenance . Four steps was taken to build the first prototype built to turn the idea into a patented and profitable product. The prototype’s concept sketch , features and develop a virtual prototype are considered and done according to the needs of the project requirements. The outer body of the prototype and the plate are made of galvanized steel and the inner body and springs are made of steel. Two type of sensors are used, flow meter gauge and a micro switch sensor.

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Ilhame Ait Lbachir, Imane Daoudi, Saida Tallal

This paper proposes a new methodology for automatic segmentation of micro-calcification clusters in mammography. The proposed method is based on two main steps: The first step is the detection of microcalcifications and the second step is the definition of micro-calcification clusters. The microcalcifications detection step uses self-complementary top-hat transform and graph-based visual saliency, and the definition of the clusters step uses the hierarchical clustering algorithm to determine proper clusters. The proposed approach manages to segment multiple microcalcifications clusters in a single image, in a fully automated way, without any human intervention. The proposed method is tested on 35 images from the Mammographic Image Analysis Society (MIAS) database and 160 images from Curated Breast Imaging Subset of Digital Database for Screening Mammography (CBIS-DDSM). The experimental results show that the proposed method outperforms the state-of-the-art.

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Al-Wahaibi Said K

The computer hacking problem has persisted for a very long time. Despite developments in defense-in-depth security techniques, hacking computer systems has become a global problem more than ever, which lead information security experts question the effectiveness of defense-in-depth against computer hacking. This study was conducted and documented through asynchronous and anonymous Delphi case studies using pre-selected hacking experts. The results of this study were generalized and verified using a series of tests, and provided the research communities in the anti-hacking field with important finding for hacking countermeasure

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Adamu Abdullahi Garba, Fathe Jeribi, Ibrahim Al-Shourbaji, Mohammed Alhameed, Faheem Reegu, Sophia Alim

Cybersecurity knowledge is among the essential elements for both public and private organizations and individuals due to the advent of online activities that pose a threat to critical organizational information. Researchers have conducted much research to provide a solution on how to increase the level of cybersecurity awareness. The methods used by various researchers include qualitative, quantitative, or mixed-methods approaches to determine the level of cybersecurity awareness. This paper aims to identify the most critical questions asked using the quantitative approach as it is the most commonly used method. The paper examines a dataset used in the work of Al-Janabi and Al-Shourbaji using an unsupervised machine learning technique known as Principal Component Analysis (PCA) to identify the most critical questions. The result from the analysis indicates that only the first six PCs have eigenvalues greater than 1, which means that these components (i.e., questions) are the most crucial to be used in identifying the most accurate level of cybersecurity awareness. Furthermore, the result provides a new dimension of questions to be used in determining the awareness level as it has been verified using the PCA technique. The paper also gives further recommendations on how to increase the level of cybersecurity awareness among both the public and private sectors.

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WahyonoSuprapto, PutuHadiSetyarini, Emira Zahra Setyani, SyamsulHadi, RistaMilleniarosaIpsadani

The purpose of this research is to see how the effect of solution treatment temperature to the tensile characteristics of aluminum silicon recycled castings with the addition of a copper alloy. The aluminum silicon obtained from the used piston is melted down and added with 4% pieces of copper wire as the alloy, then poured into a sand mold. Heat treatment solution treatment added thereafter by heating the specimen to varying temperatures, namely 200oC, 300oC, 400oC, and 500oC. After being holding for 30 minutes, then quenching process begin using warm cooling water media at 70oC temperature and then got a process artificialagingby reheating to 170oC for 2 hours. The results showed that the higher the temperature solution treatment given, the higher the tensile strength of the specimen. From the observation of the microstructure of the recycled AlSi + Cu castings which have been given the addition of the process solution treatment with different temperature variations, there was a change in the microstructure at each increase in the heat treatment temperature solution treatment that is, the higher the temperature can break down the Cu precipitates so that they are spread more evenlyand can increase their hardness.

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R Dhaya ,R Kanthavel, Harun Bangali

The smart IoT flood monitoring system shows significant parts all through the flooding in the extraordinary real time method that will support supervision and people to accomplish condition of flood losses proficiently and therefore, decrease the consequences due to tragedy. Using IoT surveillance, dynamic systems can be analyzed and developed thousands of measures and warnings. IoT monitoring also allows bridging the interval between procedures and commercial by gathering and examining miscellaneous IoT statistics through multimedia real-time attached devices, consumers and, requests. Positioning and deploying of Bulk number of Ultrasonic sensors on coastal and river-side platforms will make a possibility to get a tsunami, monitor flooding and, tropical storm surge warning data. In addition to that, the state-of-the-art flood warning system can also be set up to observe flooding on the urban way. The design of IoT - enabled weather systems is to gather records from different road transportations wirelessly and transfer the weather and road condition data that includes air temperature, barometric pressure, visibility or light, motion and, so on. The development of real- time monitoring system is to observe the variations of water level and guide a vigilant to customers by means of a Global System for Mobile Communication cellular network instantaneously every time a system distinguishes watchful complaint happens. Subsequently, the measure of records composed in IoT is therefore enormous, cloud-based real-time and consignment data analysis outlines have been used for data analysis. With all the above issues in mind, this paper would analyze the insight of the IoT- based sensors for flood monitoring techniques. Furthermore, the various techniques related to flood monitoring using IoT will be focused on in terms of accuracy, efficiency and, Quality..

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Dr. Shahzad Nasim, Zaibunnisa Siddiqi, Dr. Musarrat Shamshir

Students who were unable to attend scheduled lectures during the COVID-19 period owing to technical complications such as unavailability of the Internet and power shortages preferred online videos to compensate for their missed lectures. That is why the study aims to explore the impact of video-based learning websites on students’ academic performance. The qualitative research methodology and interview technique are adopted in this study. The purposive sampling technique is used to select the respondent. To collect data the semi-structured, open-ended questionnaire is used, and to find out the result, content analysis of the interviews has been done manually. The findings of the study indicate that video-based learning websites are immensely used in the education sector in addition; they improve students' listening, speaking, and writing skills and in-depth knowledge of the subject, so these websites are comprehensively used for capacity building in the education sector.

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Achmad Yahya Teguh Panuju, Ahmad Suudi, Gusri Akhyar Ibrahim

The production and consumption of sustainable products is assumed as one of the solutions to achieve higher sustainability level in a society. Not only rises the human’s quality of life by fulfilling needs, but it also preserves the environment to ensure the availability of resources for the next generations. However, due to some constraints, the level of sustainability in nowadays products is still in an early stage, mainly in many developing countries. On the other side, identifying the local constraints is considered to be essential for aiming sustainability level improvements in certain countries. This paper reveals the constraints of sustainable product development in Indonesia, as a preliminary study to build strategic plans in addressing better sustainability in Indonesian competitive manufacturing business environment. The research is conducted using literature review, a group discussion and interview sessions with experienced industrial design practitioners in Indonesia, and subsequently the data is analyzed qualitatively. As the result, four themes of constraints are identified encompassing consumer issues, human labor issues, policy issues and supporting factors issues. The results are further discussed in their relation to the sustainability aspects, and how the condition can be addressed to make improvements in the future. However, the implementation of these results to the product design process is out of the scope of this paper. The discussion is acclaimed to be beneficial for the product manufacturers, researchers and the government, where the improvement would only be effective with total commitment from these stakeholders.

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Dheanda Absharina, Karmilasari

The impact of the pandemic has reduced the number of tourist visits to Bali. The government, influencers, and the public carried out a health protocol campaign and shared it through social media, one of which is Instagram. The purpose of this study is to determine whether the variable electronic word of mouth on Instagram regarding the implementation of health protocols affects a person's revisit intention to visit Bali through destination image and attitude toward destination variables. This study uses primary data, namely a questionnaire. The data collection technique used a questionnaire using purposive sampling, which is distributed via social media to Instagram users who had visited Bali at least once in the last five years in JABODETABEK area and knew about CHSE information. The sample used was 170 respondents. Data analysis used validity, reliability, descriptive analysis, classic assumption tests, path analysis, T-Test, with SPSS version 18. The results of this study show that e-WOM, destination image, and attitude toward destination has a significant effect on revisit intention. The destination image and attitude toward destination do not mediate the effect of e-WOM on revisit intention.

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Sunaryati R

Farmers carry out sustainable lowland rice farming activities to meet their daily needs, so as to increase the income and welfare of farmer households by minimizing negative impacts on the environment. This research was conducted to analyze social factors including age, education, gender, occupation, income using qualitative and quantitative approaches. The data analysis method is to test the social status, economic status of the farmer's household, the application of organic fertilizers that is ethical and environmentally friendly. An approach to answer economic problems that includes maximum profit where the profit is greater than the farmer's capital. Methods of data analysis using non-parametric statistics with the Sperman rank correlation coefficient method. The technique of collecting data was through a questionnaire which was circulated to 50 lowland rice farmers as respondents.

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Shanmuga Sundaram, Dr. Kamran Shvarebi

The article present a systematic approach to develop and maintain professional competence in the field of Railway Operation of Keretapi Tanah Melayu Berhad, the national railway operator of Malaysia. Previous studies in the area of competence development limited to other types of railway systems technology or non-Malaysian railway systems. This quantitative research study use suitable competency model to explore the competence of existing staff and following this an analysis to determine the suitability of the propose methods to develop and maintain competence is carry out. The end result of this article present, discuss and summarize the outcome of pilot study analysis using appropriate statistical method to determine the usefulness and suitability of the research instrument for usage in final survey process.

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Fitri Bahari, Nugroho SBM

This study aims to analyze the effect of Investment, Labor, and Education on economic growth in the regencies/cities in Bali from 2013 to 2019. This study combines the three growth theories from Harrold-Domar, Solow, and Romer, using economic growth as the dependent variable and investment, labor, and education level as independent variables. The data used in this study is panel data (time-series data for six years from 2013 to 2018, and cross-section data of 9 data representing districts/cities in Bali). The method of analysis of this research uses the panel data regression with a fixed-effect model. Panel data regression analysis is used to determine the effect of independent variables on economic growth. The empirical results of the determinants of economic growth show that the Labor variable is significant to the actual level of five percent and has a negative effect on economic growth. Meanwhile, the variables of investment and education have an un-significant influence on Economic growth.

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Md. Tasbirul Hussain, Dr. Md. Misbah Uddin, Gulam Md. Munna, Rifa Sanzidah, Tanusree Paul Choudhury

Bangladesh is a riverine country. Every year the country faces many natural hazards due to natural dynamic behavior of these rivers. These dynamic actions trigger massive migration of banks, generate thousands of homeless families and enormous land losses each year. This study has analyzed the severity of erosion, deposition and bank shifting of the Padma River at Chapainawabgonj district. Remote Sensing (RS) and Geographic information Systems (GIS) techniques were applied for calculating the erosion, deposition and bank shifting. Only secondary data has been applied for obtaining the research goal. Various computer software such as Erdas Imagine, ArcGIS, Google Earth etc. have been applied to examine raw data. Seven Landsat TM images between 1987 and 2017 were used in this study. Padma's riverbank shifting patterns and changing land cover resulting from 30 years of erosion/deposition processes have been observed. These rates of shifting of rivers are based on the difference between 1987 to 1992, 1992 to 1997, 1997 to 2001, 2001 to 2007, 2007 to 2011 and 2011 to 2017. The average rates of erosion and deposition are 566.715 hectares/year and 557.451 hectares/year respectively. This study shows that the river bank line shifted significantly between 1987 and 2017 and this triggered massive bank erosion and deposition.

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Yasir Ali Panhwer, Imtiaz Ali Brohi, NajmaImtiaz Ali,Fiaz Ahmed Memon, Shahzad Nasim

With the advancements of emerging technology and applications, the production of data is increasing rapidly and it has the property of being updated dynamically. These dynamic data is stored on cloud storage provided by third party service providers (CSP). The third party cloud storages cannot be solely trusted, hence the integrity of data is a major concern for data owners as if their data is being intact, not deleted, modified or destroyed intentionally and unintentionally. Several researchers have proposed various provable data possession (PDP) techniques provide probabilistic approach for data integrity in which integrity of data is verified at block level. However, due to enormous amount of data and its dynamic nature, the integrity verification schemes cause high computational cost and communicational overhead for the generation of metadata and node rebalancing of the data structures. In this paper, we propose a Modular PDPthat is based on Algebraic signature and linked list. The algebraic signature is used to calculate the signature for data blocks which have the computational complexity ofO(N). Moreover, the overall integrity verification process is also computationally efficient ofO(N). Furthermore, the communicational overhead for verification require only 256 bits hash of aggregated data blocks and 256 bits of corresponding aggregated signature blocks of data exchange between data owner and CSP. The linked list dynamic data operation such as delete, update, insert and append have efficient computational expenses of O(n), O(1),O(1),O(1) respectively. The results shows that there is an increase of performance by 60% for data delete and insert operations as compared to iTable.

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Tahzeeb Jamal, Talha Ahmed Khan, Shahzad Nasim, Raza Jafri

The continuous advancement in technical research and developments requires highly efficient and vigor performance intelligent systems. They comprise of embedded systems that accumulate and analyze information, and also communicate with other devices. In this paper, different inset fed patch antennas are proposed for intelligent systems at 2.4 GHz. The antennas consist of different substrates having optimized return loss i.e. -30 dB. The return loss is optimized using optimization algorithm i.e. Differential Evolution. These substrates include Rogers RT5870, FR-4 (Lossy) and Rogers RT-6010. The variation in antenna dimensions and properties such as gain and radiation power are compared for these substrates. It is found that gain is not significantly affected by varying the substrate material while the radiated power is decreased by using substrate having higher electrical conductivity keeping the substrate thickness constant at 2.4 GHz. It is also observed that the antenna having substrate of greater electrical conductivity converges rapidly as compared to the one having lower electrical conductivity. Simulation results proved that the gain of the antennas is not significantly affected by varying the substrate of antenna but the radiated power is decreased by using the substrate having greater electrical permittivity.

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Carlos Ramón, Angel Ojeda, Juan Valera

The objective of this literature review article was to develop a reference framework to reveal the importance of artificial intelligence in the Supply Chain. Twenty (20) research articles were reviewed and analyzed from 2010 to 2018 and are related to the topics of Smart Supply Chain Management, Digital Supply Chain, Internet of Things, Supply Chain, Blockchain, and IoT-Supply Chain, Market Intelligence, and Machine Learning. The findings of the research suggest that the incorporation of artificial intelligence allows the coordination of logical processes that provide benefits and competitive advantage in the organizations. The integration of algorithms and the efficiency in supply chain processes improves the flow of information, cost reduction, and optimal solutions. Smart capabilities in the supply chain increase efficiency in the interaction with suppliers to deliver the right product to the customer. The Internet of Things provides readings in real-time that facilitate data analysis. The Blockchain offers data transparency that leads to enhancing the level of information and coordination among the supply chain. Artificial Intelligence tool represents an alternative to resource conservation, extending the life expectancy of products and the reduction of waste to landfills. Smart manufacturing and market intelligence are strategies being used to develop a more intelligent and efficient supply chain. The integration of artificial neural intelligence in the supply chain is useful in the prediction, optimization, and classification process.

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Jorge Jiménez, Angel Ojeda, Juan Valera

As information flow grows, the massive quantity of facts clutters and pile up to unprecedented amounts. Yet all this bulk of data is so diverse, disordered, and structureless, it becomes strenuous to analyze and extract value from it. Information flow and fact creation do not imply necessarily refer to valuable data. Many algorithms have been developed to process this aggregate of data. This article reviews the current definitions of big data, summarizes the presently used machine learning techniques to analyze and process big data, and discusses deep learning techniques in contrast with conventional machine learning practices. As big data tends to irrelevant if it is not properly handled, several deep learning techniques are outlined, summarized to show ways to extract value from vast information sets.

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Elmasry, Mohamed Abbas

There are many real factors that may affect the share price in the stock exchange, and these factors are of interest to investors, given that the stock market is one of the main markets for investment and profit making. Supply and demand are a major factor in determining the share price. The supply and demand for the stock is affected by several different factors, most notably: corporate finance and performance, the current economic situation, the extent of political stability and market trends. There are other factors which are not related to the companies' performance or the state of the economy etc., but which affect the stock price on the stock exchange. One of these factors is the false news that is promoted with the aim of influencing the stock prices, negatively or positively. False news can lead investors to make decisions that involve significant investment risk. The accuracy of predicting the stock trend in the stock exchange is very important as it helps to spare investors the investment risk. Predicting stock prices is very important for investors seeking to maximize the return on investment in stocks. Predicting price trends in the stock market is extremely difficult due to the nature of the market causing rapid and sometimes intense fluctuations, which complicates the predicting process. This paper aims to build an appropriate model to get rid of the impact of false news to predict stock trends in the stock market in a way that contributes to reducing the risks of high investment in the stock market. The paper uses machine learning algorithms for the purpose of detecting false news, analyzing sentiments related to financial news, and analyzing financial data of the stock market using different mining tools and machine learning models in a way that leads to better performance of the predicting model. Linear regression achieved the best results with the proposed model as it reached the highest accuracy level for predicting stock price trends of 92.74%.

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Elmasry, Mohamed Abbas, Ibrahim, Mohamed Hassan

Cloud computing is one of the technological developments that create tremendous opportunities in the field of e-learning, which have become essential. E-learning relies mainly on technology; it requires the use of learning management systems that can be hosted through the cloud computing platforms to provide alternative solutions to the weak infrastructure in higher education institutions in developing countries. Cloud computing could provide a solution that saves higher education institutions from the challenges of disrupting higher education as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. The study aimed to suggest suitable cloud architecture for higher education institutions in developing countries and the type of deployment of cloud computing, and to propose an implementation strategy. The research discusses the use of cloud computing in higher education, describes its structure and potential for use in a distance learning model, and proposes a model for using cloud computing in learning management systems to build an educational environment based on cloud computing. In this paper, it was proposed to host learning management systems through the cloud, to adopt a hybrid cloud type as a solution for higher education institutions in developing countries that suffer from weak technological infrastructure. The analysis indicates that the use of hybrid cloud is the most appropriate type of cloud computing for higher education purposes.

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Muhammad Sama Yousaf, Mohsin Ali, Usman Ahmed Raza, Usman Nawaz, Muhammad Junaid Iqbal

before the concept of cloud computing, people were using local servers to store their data. Local servers are costly and there is a chance of data loss also it was impossible to access data when servers were out of reach. To overcome this problem cloud computing was introduced. In the computing field indeed cloud computing is a famous and growing technology. Cloud computing is famous because its cost is low, easy to resolve errors and it provides moderate server storage. As there are some benefits of cloud computing it also has some disadvantages. While upgrading from local server to cloud computing server some security issues raises. These security issues are also a problem for cloud stakeholders. In past, some researchers have worked on cloud computing security issues but their focus is just on cryptography. Cloud computing functionalities, what is multi-cloud computing, and security issues in multi-cloud computing are discussed in detail in this paper.

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Anwaruddin, Slamet Rosyadi, Alizar Isna, Simin, Denok Kurniasih

The purpose of this paper is to study the effects of decentralized development planning in rural areas located in Indonesia with respect to the context of Law 6/2014 on Villages. This study applied a qualitative research design using a case study approach, with the research location selected based on the distance between villages and regency administrative centers in order to have a comprehensive overview of informants’ perception and opinion. Evidence from selected villages was used to analyze on the practices of public participation in the rural development planning. Results of this study show that the implementation of new village law provides enables rural communities to have additional access to decision making processes in relation to development planning issues. Public participation has strengthened since the implementation of Law No. 6/2014 on Villages, thereby, making rural areas function more responsively. When the public is involved in the planning process, Village Government holds higher legitimacy to exercising its function as the development agent. However, the Village Consultative Body (BPD) and its government are the only agencies involved in the budgeting process, with the government playing a more dominant role than BPD. The paper contributes to the study of decentralization at village level in developing countries, particularly in Indonesia, after the implementation of Law 6/2014 on Villages. This paper also emphasizes on the effects of decentralization policy on rural people with regards to participating in the formulation of development planning and, therefore, contributes to determining and implementing the law.

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César Osorio Carrera1, Danny Villegas Rivas2, Manuel Milla Pino2, Luis Ramírez Calderón3, Miryam Lora Loza3, José Paredes Carranza4, Clelia Jima Chamiquit5, Hugo Egocheaga Casas6, Juan De La Cruz Lozado3

Currently, great importance has been given to the study of external morphology, especially in fish, when it is used as a means of identifying hybrids. This paper considers a LASSO model based on the truss protocol to compare morphological covarion patterns between specimens of C. macropomum and the hybrid C. macropomum (♀) x P. orinoquensis (♂). In this study, 25 specimens of C. macropomum and 20 specimens of the hybrid C. macropomum (♀) x P. orinoquensis (♂), respectively, were analyzed. The method "Truss protocol" or "trusses" Strauss and Bookstein (1982) was used. LASSO model achieved to reduce the mean squared error. The final model obtained contains only seven covariates. LASSO model fitted on the morphological covariation patterns between specimens of C. macropomum and the hybrid C. macropomum (♀) x P. orinoquensis (♂) showed a good fit and allowed to correctly classify most of the specimens. Differences were observed in the area of the head and in the anterior part of the fish evidenced in covariates associated with hydrodynamic abilities and with foraging.

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Umair Ramzan, Aijaz Ahmed Arain, Baby Marina, Ghulam Mustafa, Mairaj Nabi, Rameez Ahmed

Now-a-days utilizing of computers can be difficult for few individuals. The reasons may be computer anxiety, lack of experience in using computers, non-availability of computers at homes, fear or terrorizing. In this research, the focus is on anxiety. According to the state of the art, some individuals can encounter different levels of anxiety. Computer anxiety is a vital problem in our society in this advance era. People having negative feelings toward computers and avoid using computers in their life. So, it is very important to find out the level of computer anxiety in students. In Pakistan mostly in rural areas, schools don’t have computer systems even students are not getting involve with the computer systems in their schools. This research study aims to measure computer anxiety of the students who were studying in class Matric in urban and rural areas of Nawabshah, Sindh, Pakistan. For this purpose, we have administered a survey questionnaire among the students in order to measure the level of computer anxiety in the students. The 100 participants have been taken using random sampling method from both public and private schools of both urban as well as rural areas of the city Nawabshah. According to the results, the students of public schools specially from rural areas have more computer anxiety as compare to private schools of urban areas. The level of computer anxiety in the students may be decreased through frequent computer trainings and availability of computers in their schools.

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