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Volume 9 - Issue 4, April 2020 Edition

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Nagananthini.G ,Rajapriya.S, Arivuvel amuthan P.S, Sivasankari.S, David Ravindran.A

Spirulina is a blue-green alga belonging to Oscillateriaceae family that typically grows in freshwater lakes, natural springs, and saltwater in subtropical and tropical climates. This blue-green alga is packed with nutrients. It has the outer layer made up of polysaccharide which is water-soluble known as extracellular polysaccharides (EPS), which possess various biological activities such as antitumor, antiviral, antioxidant and anticoagulant activity. Extraction of polysaccharides from Spirulina has been carried out by three different methods viz., hot water extraction, precipitation using ice-cold ethanol and combination of three different solvents methanol: ethanol: chloroform (2:2:2). Exopolysaccharide production was optimized by using Fractional Factorial Design.

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G Ashok Kumar

Analysts classify big data as volume, velocity, and variety. Big data analysis explores intelligence from extremely wide variety of dynamic and complex data. Data cleaning is an essential step in big data analytics for easy prediction / decision making / clustering using data organizing tools. Clustering performs grouping of similar data from a population data set so that the data points in the same group show high degree of similarity between them than to the data points of other groups. Big data clustering help researchers to perform dimensionality reduction in complex problems, designing spam filters, identifying fraudulent or criminal behavior, performing Document analysis, classifying network traffic and helping Marketing /Sales analysis. The paper makes analysis of prominent big data clustering techniques in classifying data points belonging to different level of complexities.

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Dhanashri Joshi, Hemlata Channe

Structural Magnetic Resonance Image (MRI) is a useful technique to examine the internal structure of the brain. MRI is widely used for brain tumor detection as it gives a clear picture of brain soft tissues. Brain tumor identification and classification is critical and time consuming task, generally performed by radiologists. Brain tumor of different sizes and shapes can occur in any person. Extraction of exact tumor region and analysis of minute differences is difficult for humans. Digital image processing methodologies like preprocessing, segmentation and classification are useful to clinical experts for proper diagnosis of brain tumor types. This paper focuses on current trends in brain tumor detection using MRI images .Analysis of various state of the art machine learning and deep learning based methods is given. Available datasets and challenges are discussed. This extensive survey will be helpful for future research to develop better decision support system, beneficial to radiologists for accurate brain tumor diagnosis.

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Dr.Shreeja Ghanta

The significance of this research paper is to assess the constituents of e-learning and their repercussions on learning the four skills. The authenticity of the accuracy and the validity of learning a language through electronic tools can be verified in the study.

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Prathamesh Vijay Lahande, Dr. Parag Ravikant Kaveri

Cloud provides an easy platform for users for the purpose of accessing and storing data from anywhere using the internet. Hence in spite the data being private, sensitive as well as confidential, the user decides to reside the data using the cloud by trusting the cloud. But, the privacy of this data resting on the cloud often gets compromised due to various issues, leading towards the security breach of the cloud and affecting the integrity of the data. This research paper contributes a methodology of encryption and decryption for securing the data on cloud. Traditionally, encryption process generates a cipher-text from a private text using a key, but the methodology proposed generates a cipher image from private text. Using this proposed methodology, the user can store any kind of data on the cloud without worrying about its breach or its integrity being affected.

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Venkata Ramana Datti, P.V.Sridevi

For searching the data parallely the most widely used hardware is Ternary Content addressable memory (TCAM).The parallel searching gives high speed but also consumes high power. For higher search speed applications, NOR type matchline TCAMs are useful and NAND type matchline TCAMs are useful for low power applications. The NOR-type matchline TCAM requires high power, therefore, the reduction of its power consumption is the objective of many described designs. Here, a novel precharge free TCAM is proposed .The proposed TCAM power consumption is 20% less than the NOR type matchline TCAM. Simulations performed with cadence 45-nm technology.

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Vasundhara, Dr. Sarika Tyagi

A massive open online course (MOOC) is online trend of study which is designed to reach limitless partakers and free of charge by way of web. It’s a forward looking step in the field of education in the context of teaching and learning. MOOCs are offering educational platform to millions of students all over the world. There is flexibility and space for study in MOOCs. It provides opportunities to students and scholars by providing low cost courses. MOOCs are made by sequence of videos, classes offered to students. Colleges and universities are espousing some different stands towards pursuing with MOOCs and it helps in achieving numerous goals. This paper aims to study role of MOOCs among students of college and university and in which way they use it, whether to gain knowledge or just to fulfil the criteria of course. As a part of the study, a survey will be taken from technical and non-technical students to assess the impact of MOOC. Further, it will also try to determine the importance of MOOC in the respective disciplines.

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Jyotsna Rani Thota, Mahesh Kothuru, Shanmuk Srinivas A, S. N. V. Jitendra M

Diabetes mellitus is responsible for not only high health-care costs, but has also become a major cause of death prevailing over the past few decades, accounting for about 2,23,000 deaths per year in India only due to it. Effective management and prediction of Diabetes can allow medical professionals to offer optimal treatment while lowering costs. Proper selections of machine learning algorithms are the parameters for implementation of such a decision support system. In this study, the different models were observed using various classifications, Decision tree techniques for each of the Data Reduction techniques to identify the best approach for diabetes prediction. In this paper, for detecting diabetes at an early stage over the instances of diabetic, non-diabetic and borderline patients we have chosen Gaussian Naive Bayes Algorithm in combination with Information Gain Attribute Evaluation, as we observed that this combination yields the best accuracy and performance.

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Sushma J Patil, M S. Aspalli, P.Ramesh, V Agalya, D Kodandapani

Now a day’s multilevel inverters (MLI) are emerging in ac drive oriented applications. MLI topological structure that allows output voltage is to be integrated from isolated voltage sources. Various MLI topologies have been developed. The operation of the MLI is used to make a output ac voltage from variation in the dc source. This paper presents the detailed experimental study and effect of Proportional Integral controller (PI) and Fuzzy Logic Controller (FLC) for closed loop speed control of the 1-phase asymmetric cascade H Bridge (CHB) MLI fed induction motor drives. The FLC design and rule based implementation procedures are clarified. The FPGA based simulation and experimental results are tested and discussed.

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This paper aims to present the perceptions of parents on quality in technical education with reference to quality of teachers, teaching and learning process, management and leadership, and infrastructure aspects. The study was conducted to 100 parents of students studying in seven selected engineering colleges in Srikakulam and Vizianagaram District of Coastal Andhra Pradesh, India. A well-structured questionnaire has prepared to collect the data and analyzed it with SPSS. ANOVA was employed to find out the significance of difference between variable. The study brings to light the possible constraints to be faced by the stakeholders.

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M.Dinesh Kumar, C.Yogesh, S.T.Nayab Hussain, R.Krishna, M.Sreenivasan.

As per the rulebook of Formula SAE committee, India, it is must to have a restrictor for 20mm diameter fitted in the air inlet system of Student Formula SAE car’s engine. The ultimate goal of installing a restrictor is to regulate the engine's power output and performance increased by regulating the engine's mass flow. This research paper is ultimately aimed on improving the layout of the air inlet system, which functions as a venturi pipe with a 20 mm diameter of the throat as the restrictor. Through increasing the pressure drop across the venturi, this allows for a total allowable mass flow rate into the tube. Through considering the converging-diverging angles of venturi, analytical calculations based on standard findings were conducted using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) as a tool in ANSYS to achieve total mass flow speed and pressure fall throughout the venturi. Using the CFD method, it is observed from the analysis results that minimum pressure fall and peak output can be obtained through the venturi design by using the converging angle of 12 degrees and the diverging angle of 6 degrees.

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Dr. Balajee Maram, Dr Satya Keerthi , Gorripati , Dr. N Supriya

Cryptography is the technology for data confidentiality and steganography is the research area data hiding. Steganography hides the data in various multimedia cover files like image, audio and video. This paper handles videos for steganography, which have high redundant frames and pixels. In this paper, Lease Significant Bit (LSB) method hides the secret message bits in least significant bits of each pixel. The performance metrics MSE and PSNR are used to check the strength of the proposed algorithm. The proposed algorithm also checks payload capacity, video quality and security of the confidential data by applying cryptography and steganography algorithm and various parameters.

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Cijil B. John, Dr. S. Antony Raja

The world’s demand on fossil fuel reserves is increasing rapidly and at the present rate of consumption, it is estimated that the world will soon be facing a severe energy crisis due to the exhaustion of fossil fuel resources. This paper is aimed at investigating the feasibility of using Palm Stearin Methyl Ester (PSME) as a fuel alternative for CI engines. The fatty acid profile of PSME was found using GCMS. Various blends of biodiesel were taken for experiments and their combustion, emission and performance characteristics of the engine were compared. The experiment was conducted on a Kirloskar TV1 VCR Engine at a standard Compression Ratio 17.5:1. The use of biodiesel blends reduces the frictional losses and thereby raises the engine’s mechanical efficiency. It is also evident that Palm Stearin biodiesel reduces Hydrocarbon (HC) and Carbon monoxide (CO) emissions. Thus, Palm Stearin biodiesel is found suitable for use as a possible fuel alternative to petro-diesel.

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M.Brindha, I.Hameem Shanavas

Distributed structure in Networked Control system is used in shared communication medium to transfer the data between other components that were identified in the system. In this paper, the problems related to the planning of Network control system along with the performance of the framework have been investigated. This work centers around the designing and implementation of static and dynamic scheduling concept together with predictive algorithm for Network Control System (NCS). The problems related to communication and control are included while structuring the framework.

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Lee Jia Hwee, Deden Witarsyah, Shahreen Kasim, Mohd Farhan Md Fudzee

The difficulties to decide the food to eat and do not have enough knowledge that what foods should be avoided when pregnant or when facing some health problem. Healthy Food Advisor is an Android based application which acts as a healthy controller to all of the users. The purpose of developing this application is to suggest healthy food to users based on their personal condition in order to make them have a healthy lifestyle. Users are required to record all of the details such as age, height and weight, so the application and calculate the Body Mass Index (BMI) value and caloric needs to user. Application will recommended the most suitable food lists to users according to their personal condition. Through this application, users no longer need to spend more time to think on a meal and busy to search from online that the nutrition information of food. The methodology used to develop this Android based application is Object-oriented Software Development (OOSD) model. Software technology used to develop this application is Ionic Framework where this technology uses web technology language to develop mobile hybrid application. Database used for this system is Firebase while programming language used to develop this application is AngularJS, HTML, TypeScript and SCSS. Hereby, this application is able to provide a simple and portable solution to help people decide the food and increase the knowledge of the public.

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Deni Heryanto, Hilmi Aulawi, A R S Munthe

This article discusses the design of cloud-based knowledge management systems, the purpose of this study is to facilitate organizations in delivering ideas to improve the company's business processes by integrating Knowledge Management Systems (KMS) with Cloud Computing and making recommendations about the KMS concept. The method used in this study is to use Scrum, Scrum describes the ineffectiveness of product management and work techniques that are carried out, to continue to improve the performance produced, the team, and the work environment in the company. KMS design starts from data analysis which is a determining factor for the success of KMS in organizations using critical success factors and Balanced Scorecards that focus on learning and growth, referring to core knowledge management processes based on cloud computing.

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R.Sushmitha, R.Nithya, T. Santhosh kumar, S. Sathiesh kumar, Dr. R.Manivasagam

Propelled Electronics which is directing in all of the fields and conveying all fields with your pleasant errand. Here we develop a circuit by using Digital equipment which will examine the voltage and current of single stage system and besides measure the temperature. The structure here structure is imperative one in all power board and a wide scope of businesses. Due to the differences in electrical link the voltage and stream must be recorded to keep up the whole electric power plant. From the recorded understanding we can plot the diagram. We can without quite a bit of a stretch get answer for any issues on account of voltage change and current from the plotted outline.

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Khalid Zargar, Dr. Sandeep Singla

Plastic waste are the most dangerous material produced that can be harmful to humans and animals as well. Apart from this, it also affects the environment in number of ways. To reduce these adverse effects of plastic, this research deals with the preparation of concrete mixture from the PET plastic and cups along with the cement. This will help to reduce the plastic wastage present on the earth and also help to prepare strong concrete mixtures. In this research, the concrete mixture is prepared with cement, aggregates, water and some ratio of PET plastic. The plastic bottles and cups has been shredded by a plastic shredder to get the plastic coarse aggregate type of material. The ratios considered are 0.0%, 0.5%, 1.0%, 1.5%, and 2.0% of the actual cement amount. The cubes are prepared of mixtures for compressive strength test and beams are casted for preforming the flexural test. The tests of these results are presented in this thesis in an effective way so that it can be helpful in making other further decision or conclusion. Overall, the results indicate that the compression strength and flexural strength values decreased as the amount of PET plastic is increased in the concrete mixtures. There can be only some amount of PET plastic in concrete mixtures but it can’t use high ratio of plastic in the mixtures.

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Umar Farooq, Dr. Sandeep Singla

Asphalt is a pavement material that is brittle and hard in cold environments and soft at elevated temperatures. It has been historically employed as the most popular paving material for roadways & wastes of Coal Combustion Products are used in the pavement .in these mainly two types of mix materials are used in the pavement materials used like Asphalt mix and Control Mix for road construction. Which used different materials or binder to make strength of pavement and properties which make its strength like coating of aggregate, binder replacement , use of binder ,its workability (compaction) and TSR (Tensile strength ratio) ratio and aging also. In this we have study on Asphalt and control mix designs to compare the material properties by made the laboratory test on it. Test which is used to find out the best material from both of them. In which Asphalt mix has 4.95% binder & Control mix has 5.50% binder in the mix. In which the asphalt mixture had the four type’s type-1, type-2, type -3, and type-4 and compare with the control mix to find out the best material for pavement. By doing the laboratory test on both material to observe the best material from them by performing test like Moisture Content, Indirect tensile strength test, Aging test, workability test and aggregate coating on them. We found that the asphalt mix has better effect over control the following type-1 has greater binder replacement of 10%. In IDT test asphalt found effective than control mix asphalt had better TSR ratio than the control mix.

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Noor Hatem, Yusri Yusof, Aini Zuhra A.Kadir, Mohammed M.A

Modern programming for computer numerical control (CNC) Machine tools, which is advancing as a replacement to G code, is STEP- NC (Standard for Product Model Data Exchange for Numerical Control). STEP-NC is a current model for computer numerical control. It gives rich information about CNC machine tools. This paper reviews a chain of STEP-NC standards related to manufacturing industries across the globe. The Standards for STEP NC and STEP ISO14649 and ISO10303 have been sophisticated to insert interoperability into manufacturing projects to meet the defy of reacting to production on request. This paper highlighted reviews of the research been performed by different countries and researchers for the last 20 years. The authors believed that STEP-NC is one enabler in the eventuality that will be reached. In the future, the feedback part and online control for the CNC system should be included to achieve a smart and global manufacturing system.

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Olena Illiashenko, Оlena Zhehus, Lesia Matviychuk, Viktor Lopatovskyi, Yevhenii Rudnichenko, Nataliia Havlovska

A study of accounting-analytical systems of modern enterprises indicate a shift in emphasis from a simple statement of the facts of business operations to the plane of decision-making and the prevention of manifestations of their negative consequences. The formation of an effective system of economic security with the possibility of its prompt response to threats of various nature remains relevant for most enterprises. The basic element of such a system is the staff, since it is they, who implements the strategic decisions of the owners and senior management, necessitates the improvement of accounting and analytical tools for management accounting. The article proposes scientific methodological tools for improving the accounting and analytical work of the enterprise personnel, and the functioning of the economic security service with different statuses. This approach allows, based on the fuzzy logic, to minimize the negative manifestation of risks and threats and to optimize the functioning of the enterprise economic security service.

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Muchid Albintani, Ishak

Cultural dominance based on social identity becomes a non-productive issue in Riau while maintaining the spirit nationalism of the decentralization era. Riau Vision 2020 and Riau Malay Customary Institution are considered to be contributing factors. The rise of social identity is considered to be contrary to the spirit of nationalism. This paper aims, first, at building relations between cultural development and social identity. Second, explaining the constraints of the relationship between cultural development and nationalism. The socio-cultural approach and social identity are used as the theoretical framework. This paper uses a qualitative approach with descriptive analysis methods. Data is collected based on documents supported by interviews. After collecting the data, it is analyzed qualitatively. This paper concludes, firstly, the vision of Riau 2020 and the Riau Malay Customary Institution as a forum for empowering 'Malays' in building a social identity that has the potential to cause ethnic-ideological clashes. Second, constraints in the development of culture and social identity, among them, Malay is interpreted to be a hegemony in the socio-cultural sense. Second, the shift in issues in social identity does not run linearly because of personal interests based on cultural institutions. Practically, this study contributes to helping understand the relationship between cultural development and the rise of social identity that can prevent local divisions. Academically, the study of the relationship between cultural development and the rise of social identity can be a model for anticipating the potential for identity clashes in the regions.

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Chayan Paul, Deepak Sahoo, Pronami Bora

Social media have found a remarkable jump in the number of users and their popularity in the last decade. The users of these social media platforms are found to express their opinion, views on different diverse topics. The discussion may be on a simple opinion regarding a particular product or opinion for a social issue. It might also be someone’s political view or view on some religious issue. At some point of time these discussions may enter into controversial topics and users may engage in some very provocative discussion in the social media platforms. For some considerable amount of time these issues have become common in social media. Users become aggressive at time in their opinion expressed in their posts. The aggressions in social media sometimes lead to disturbances in the social equilibrium. Many a time the situation goes so wrong that it disturbs the law and order situation may also lead to loss of life and public properties. Thus detection and control of these aggressions in social media websites is an important issue. In this paper we endeavor to make a systematic survey of various research works done in the area of detection of aggression in social media sites.

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Madhuri VM, Samyama Gunjal GH, Savitha Kamalapurkar

Due to human activities, industrialization and urbanization air is getting polluted. The major air pollutants are CO, NO, C6H6,etc. The concentration of air pollutants in ambient air is governed by the meteorological parameters such as atmospheric wind speed, wind direction, relative humidity, and temperature. Earlier techniques such as Probability, Statistics etc. were used to predict the quality of air, but those methods are very complex to predict, the Machine Learning (ML) is the better approach to predict the air quality. With the need to predict air relative humidity by considering various parameters such as CO, Tin oxide, nonmetallic hydrocarbons, Benzene, Titanium, NO, Tungsten, Indium oxide, Temperature etc, approach uses Linear Regression (LR), Support Vector Machine (SVM), Decision Tree (DT), Random Forest Method (RF) to predict the Relative humidity of air and uses Root Mean Square Error to predict the accuracy.

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D.Bhuvaneswari, Dr.V.Ramanithilagam

Business Corporations play vital role for nation’s wealth creation in the present Global scenario and influence the society at the large. To serve this wealth creation function Banks play inevitable part which must focal point of their objectives and be accountable for their actions through the structure of best Corporate Governance. In day today business transactions ‘Banking business are very widely diversified and is coupled with social, welfare objects and beneficial schemes to the society’. In modern times, banks have a vital role in enhancing and engineering the economy as inclusive of the fiscal systems. Modern commercial banks are operating in an extremely spirited scenario in a globally integrated market with an all pervasive influence of technology. Banks have developed their methods to the inclusive perspectives i.e. from local to global, mass banking to class banking, and further customer satisfaction have been converted from acceptable level to delighted level. CG is the main task of a Bank business compliance with regulatory requirements, it’s adherence to standards that recognize the worthiness of business ethics and obligation to the society’s interest to reputation and prolonged success for its sustainability. This study could portray the CG practices of banking sectors in Salem Region, differences in functioning and change in outlook in executing corporate governance.

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Ahmed Mohammed, Rabea Ali, Bader Aldalan

U-learning provides the educational systems with many benefits and particularly the University Education but there is still a shortage of using U-learning in many universities all over the world. The current study aimed at examining the impact of the ubiquitous learning (U- Learning) in developing some creative thinking levels among university students in different specializations (the educational technology, English language, and Mathematics Majors). The significance of the study lies in three important points: first, the employment of the U- learning in the educational process. Second, this study contributed in creating new activities that might be used in developing creative thinking levels and improving the learning process. Third, this study might be seen by educators as an important method of using U- learning and its applications which might open the door for more researches. Moreover, the findings revealed that there was a positive effect for using U-learning on creative thinking levels among university students.

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Pradeep V, Jogesh Motwani

Various results have been proposed in the past decades to capture the user’s head motions through a camera to control the navigation of the mouse pointer to enable the people with disability in the movement to interact with computers. Movement of the facial feature is tracked to estimate the movement of the mouse cursor in the computer screen. Synchronizing the rate of movement of the head with the mouse cursor movement is identified as the challenge as the head movement is three dimensional but the sequence of images captured by the web camera is two dimensional. The proposed system is an innovative approach of capturing the three-dimensional head rotation through the usual web camera that captures the image in two dimensions.

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Meighina Atika Istiqomah, Mohammad Basyuni, Poppy Anjelisa Zaitun Hasibuan

Extraction to obtain high-quality DNA is a basic principle that must be completed in molecular analysis and is one of the succesfull factors in DNA amplification to be used in genetic character analysis. This research was aimed to determine the effectiveness and purity of DNA concentration with DNA extraction of mangrove leaves of Nypa fruticans, Ceriops tagal, and Rhizophora mucronata. The parameters observed in this study are the value of DNA purity and concentration. The samples analyzed were gill and fin tissues of common carp cells. The spectrophotometric method was used to calculate DNA concentration and purity. This research was conducted in the Laboratory of Parasitology and Laboratory of Central Research, Gadjah Mada University in April 2019. Preparation samples are cell lysis, washing RNA, elucus RNA, isolation cDNA, and NanoVue operation. The purity of DNA was measured from the absorbance ratio (R) of obtained DNA from the results of this study ranging from 1.7 – 1.9. The results of DNA isolation were pure if the ratio was between 1.7 to 2.0. In this research, DNA concentration values obtained were medium (5.15 μg/ml). That good concentration (C) for PCR ranged from 0.5 to 6.5 μg/ml. High total DNA concentration values was diluted to a certain concentration to be used for the PCR amplification. Dilution of DNA concentration was carried out to the concentration of total DNA isolates to reach 5 μg/ml. Based on the purity and concentration of DNA, the DNA was used for the amplification process. The value of concentration DNA was moderate, and high value is Nypa fruticans (5.05), which is almost the same as 5-FU value as control positive (5.15). The high purity of DNA was displayed by the value of ratio absorbance to be 1.7 to 2.0, showed that the sample was not contaminated and met the requirements for further investigation and other purposes such as a starting material for technology of anti-cancer development.

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Taufiq Qurrohman, Poppy Anjelisa Zaitun Hasibuan, Mohammad Basyuni

The 2014 WHO data estimated 15,985 cases of colon cancer patients, 11,787 women in cases. The highest incidence of colorectal cancer in the country, the death rate of men in Indonesia due to colon cancer is 10.2% with 103,100 deaths, while women are 8.5% with 92,000 deaths. The use of conventional chemotherapeutic agents can cause side effects such as cardiotoxic, nausea, diarrhea, and the immune system. Therefore, it is important to look for potential anticancer alternatives including natural sources. One of the natural ingredients that has the potential to be developed as a chemotherapeutic agent is mangrove leaves. In this study, mangrove leaves from three species were extracted by maceration method using n-hexane solvent. Cytotoxic activity of n-hexane extract from three mangrove leaf species (EnHDM) was determined by linking this extract activity to WiDr cells using the MTT method EnHDM which has an IC50 value for WiDr cells. The purpose of the extract test was to obtain the smallest IC50 µg / mL, Avicennia alba (EnHDAA) which was 258.14 µg / mL and Avicennia marina (EnHDAM) that is 295.25 µg / mL Therefore, based on the flow and research method, the three extracts were used as test samples for further anticancer testing. Cytotoxic effects are shown by absorbance values, th lue for later use as a material for selectivity index testing (IS) and further testing of anticancer activity. Then in this study, the test was carried out for 24 hours then the smallest IC50 value was obtained from n-hexane extract of mangrove leaves of Avicennia lanata (EnHDAL), 243.32 ug/ml. The result showed that Avicennia lanata, Avicennia alba and Avicennia marina had cytotoxic effects on WiDr cells respectively 234.32 ug/ml, 258 ug/ml and 295,25 ug/ml this proved that it had the potential as a compound of anticancer.

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A.B Nataraju, S.A Hariprasad

Wireless Mesh Network (WMN) [1] is a popular choice in setting up cost-efficient alternative to provide broadband internet services to a larger geography. The performance of WMN is greatly impacted by the collision due to simultaneous transmissions by many users at the same time. This problem has been addressed by MAC layer using BEB [2] collision avoidance (CA) algorithm. There are many CA algorithms (EIED, EILD, MILD, PB, ISBA, EBO, HBA, etc.,) published in the recent past to reduce the collisions. These algorithms works better than BEB in specific network configurations (such as higher node density, delay sensitive data transmission …), otherwise they underperform when compared to BEB. This work proposes Scalable Polynomial Backoff (SPB) algorithm using fast decrease mechanism (after successful transmission) to support better throughput under varied node densities (grid sizes), and varied number of radio interfaces (1/2/3). The new algorithm has been tested for its performance using NS3 simulator [3]. The results show the SPB algorithm performs better than BEB in about 93% of network configurations against BEB and better than PB[4] algorithm in about 73% of network configurations (with application packet Size set to 1500 bytes).

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Yeyen Gumayesty, Jihan Natassa, Raviola, Sherly Vermita Warlenda, Hastuti Marlina

Denture users who have the habit of smoking have a bad impact on the quality of the dentures they use. When smoking, artificial teeth will be exposed to toxic substances that can affect the denture. The toxic substances found in cigarettes include carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, radioactive polonium, ammonia, nickel, arsenic, nicotine, tar, and heavy metals (Bertoldo, 2011). The prevalence of active smokers in the adult group in Indonesia is 46.8% of men and 3.1% of women. The percentage of denture users in Indonesia is 4.5% while in Riau Province the use of denture is 9.8% (Riskesdas, 2007). This study aims to determine the prevalence of denture users who smoke. In the Langkai village of Siak sub-district, Siak Regency, Riau Province. Population is the community of denture users who smoke and are aged 30 years and over with a total of 54 people. The study sample uses a total population. Type of quantitative analytic research with a case-control design. The analysis used univariate, bivariate and multivariate. The results obtained were respondents with dentures that changed as many as 18 people (33.3%) and variables that affected denture were smoking knowledge (P-value 0.022), type of cigarette (P-value 0.022) P-value 0.001), smoking behavior (P-value 0.016), and type of cigarette (P-value 0.016). Multivariate results obtained variables that affect denture knowledge are smoking knowledge (P-value 0.092), type of cigarette (P-value 0.030), smoking behavior (P-value 0.156), and type of cigarette (P-value 0.068). The study concludes that the variables that affect denture in Langkai Village, Siak District, Siak Regency are cigarette types (P-Value 0.030).

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Yuriy Robul, Iryna Lytovchenko, Li Tchon, Yeugene Nagornyi, Olena Khanova, Olena Omelianenko

Innovative development is relevant for companies and organizations of any scale and any specificity. Global trends, such as the advent of breakthrough technologies, digitalization and the acceleration of the product life cycle, are leading to radical changes in most industries. Value chains are changing, profitability zones are shifting, new players are appearing, and this fundamentally changes the balance of forces in industries, significantly accelerating the implementation of new ideas and developments. The frequency of new opportunities and threats, as well as the speed of their penetration into markets, continues to increase. Every year, new technologies penetrate our lives faster and faster, and companies have less time to implement them. Innovative products are a specific product on the market. The difficulties in perceiving new developments, especially those that form unique needs or replace existing goods and technologies, do not immediately allow us to organize a normal process of communication with potential consumers. This is mainly due to the formation of barriers for consumers to perceive new products, to overcome which unique methods are needed. The expansion of traditional marketing with digital marketing tools dramatically facilitates the task of exploring a new product, studying demand and promoting an innovative product. This article is devoted to the analysis of marketing and innovation activity at the stages of the value chain and the role of digital marketing in the value chain.

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Sourin Bhattacharya, Imran Hossain Sardar, Subarna Roy and Sudipta Majumder

This paper reviews the current technology and usage trends of electrodeless fluorescent induction lamps and sulphur lamps. Induction lamps abide by the principle of electromagnetic induction. Visible light is generated by phosphor coating in case of fluorescent lamps and by sulphur molecules in case of sulphur lamps. The processes of light generation, spectral power characteristics, application areas, advantages and disadvantages in their utilization and the future scope of utility improvement are hereby briefly discussed and summarized.

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Hastuti Marlina, Novita Rany, Linda Rosalina, Anni Faridah, Indah Permaisuri

A picky eater is a behavior of children who do not consume a variety of diverse foods so that it can cause the failure of growth and development, decreased intelligence, not focus on learning, cause infection, malnutrition, and even stunting in children. The purpose of the study was to determine the risk factors for the occurrence of picky children in pre-school aged children in Pekanbaru's An Namiroh 4 Kindergarten in 2019. The type in this study is a type of quantitative analytic research with Cross-Sectional design. The location of this study will be conducted in Pekanbaru's An Namiroh 4 Kindergarten in 2019. The population in this study were all kindergarten children at An Namiroh 4 Kindergarten Pekanbaru in 2019, which were 113 kindergarten children aged pre-school. Data collection using questionnaires, measuring TB and weight. The analysis used was univariate and bivariate analysis with a chi-square test with a confidence level of 95%. The results showed that the relationship between knowledge of mothers and the incidence of picky eater in pre-school age children obtained a value (P-value = 0.014), the relationship between eating behavior of mothers with the incidence of picky eater in pre-school age children, obtained a value (P-value = 0.032), the relationship between authoritarian parenting and picky events in pre-school age children, obtained a value (P-value = 0.017, Exclusive Asi relationship with picky events in preschool-agee children, obtained a value (P-value = 0.008) It is suggested to the teaching teacher in An Namiroh 4 Pekanbaru kindergarten to always see what food the child brings and give advice or input to the parents if the child is given food that is not diverse.

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Ajit Bansal, Anurag Tewari, Pranav Aggarwal, Ajay Sharma

For the financial improvement of a nation like India, the banking sector plays a critical role. Banking is the sustenance of an economic system. A reliable and incredible framework for managing an account is a crucial component for business improvement. Managing an account industry nowadays in INDIA is watching an IT insurgency. The usage of the web to keep banking organizations has reorganized the banks. For numerous reasons like need of information; fear calculates, moderate speed & web connectivity issues, etc some of the clients of bankers are not intended to use net banking services. The performance of the banking sector, like any other service sector organization, depends upon the customer contentment of the services. Client fulfillment is a prominent mode to assist banks in maintaining a competitive advantage. The reason for this investigation is to look and scrutinize the components which influence client fulfillment towards net banking. This empirical study examines the various issues encountered by customers in using the net banking services in tricity Chandigarh comprising of Chandigarh, Panchkula and Mohali. In the research under question, data is collected from 100 customers of SBI, PNB, ICICI Bank Ltd, and HDFC Bank Ltd. After applying, the T-test results revealed that maximum customers are satisfied by using Credit Card, ATM, D-Mat A/c, and other net banking services. The study further discovered that respondents of different age groups believe that lack of security, inexperience of visiting the bank, one-way communication and safety are the major threat to internet banking.

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Arman Harahap, Paramadi Hrp, Ni Komang Ayu Ratna Dewi

Sungai Kualuh is the largest river is of Labuhanbatu Utara North Sumatra Province and is located right in the densely populated urban areas. There are so many community activities that take place such as the Baths, Agriculture, Transfortation and Fisheries. The purpose of this study was to determine the diversity makrozoobentos as an bioindicator of water quality in Rantauprapat blades, as well as determining the quality of the river flow by the blades Rantauprapat physical properties, chemistry and biology has. This study was conducted from Nopember 2018 to Mei 2019, samples taken from five research stations. Decision pointis determined by the method of purposive random sampling. Samples were taken by using amesh surberner and then in the identification in the laboratory Department of Biology, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, University of North Sumatra. From the research results obtained makrozoobentos which consisting of 4 grade, 7 orders, 11 families and 12 genera. The high estdensity value is agenus of Neanthes sp 18. 519 individu/m2 found at station 4 and genus of 18.519 individu/m2 sp tubifex were foundatstation 1 while the genus with the lowest density of1.235 sp Pleurocera individu/m 2 found at station 4. The value of diversity index (H') highest makrozoobentos 1 found the station 1at 2.052 and the lowe statstation 5 at 0.965. Person correlation analysis of the results showed that the DO, BOD5, Nitrate, Phosphate, COD, Substrate, Light Penetration, The solubility of oxygen, TSS, and TDS makrozoobentos diversity was positively correlated with pH and temperature while negatively correlated.

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V Shanmukha Prasad, B K Krishna Sai Ram, K B Murali Krishna, T Lokesh Kumar Reddy, S Vijay Kumar

For the past five decades, Peterson’s elastic stress concentration factor (SCF) charts had been used as design tool for shoulder filleted shafts loaded in tension, bending and torsion. The demand for accurate data pertaining to the elastic stress concentration is rapidly increasing in the economical product design and development cycles. On the other hand, the use of finite element analysis (FEA) is becoming more popular, but the designers are still using the design charts of SCF because the notch stresses need to be calculated accurately without consuming time for meshing and refinement required to model the regions where stress concentration is expected to be high. The designers are often dependant on SCF for the standard geometries [1] to support this. The primary objective is to analyze the influence of taper on the SCF of a filleted shaft in tension. The comprehensive FE analyses were carried out over an ample range of shoulder filleted shaft geometries with varying taper in tension to evaluate elastic SCF and von-Mises SCFs. These finite element results are presented in the common graphical form and verified with the values published for several geometries in the literature. Also, the results reported in this paper demonstrate that there has been a significant reduction in the SCFs of shoulder filleted shaft with taper.

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Sun Gogoi

The ecological crisis in the developing countries like India has its own unique features, as unlike the developed nation-states of the West, in case of the former, the process of development and economic growth is essentially connected with the goal and the process of ‘nation-building’, which has still not been accomplished to its fullest. Nature’s Beckon, an activist group representing North-Eastern India has been doing some tremendous jobs in the arena of environmental concerns of the region from the 1980s till date. In the last two decades (1990s-2000s), the issue of rainforest conservation in Upper Assam was central to its agenda and policy framework. The connected forest areas of Upper Assam constitute the most isolated, unspoiled and dense tropical rainforests in India.

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S. Arulmani, K. Deepa, E. Chinnasamy, M. Victor Antony Raj, J. Madhavan, S. Senthil

Good quality and optically transparent L-glycinium hydrogen squarate (GSQ) single crystal as grown from its aqueous solution by slow solvent evaporation technique at room temperature method. The Single X-ray Diffraction (SXRD) analysis shows that the GSQ compound crystalized in monoclinic crystal system with non-centrosymmetric P21/n space group. FT-IR investigation helps to detect the discrete functional groups existing in the GSQ single crystal. The optimized structure and molecular geometry of the GSQ single crystal has been analysed by the density functional theory (DFT) method with B3LYP/6-311++G (d, p) basis set. HOMO- LUMO energy gap value. The second order nonlinear optical (NLO) behaviour of GSQ single crystals has been evaluated by Kurtz-Perry powder techniques. UV‒Visible study was performed to analyse the optical transparency by identifying the cut‒off wavelength and it is found to be 286 nm for the grown crystal. From, the dielectric studies it is observed that both dielectric constant and dielectric loss of the sample decrease with increase in frequency and it was carried out in the high frequency range (1–7 MHz).

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Sun Gogoi

The study of indigenous groups with in-depth fieldwork has been the focus of anthropologists since long. Today such studies are not just confined to the discipline of Anthropology that earlier had a near monopoly over them, but are being pursued with varying degrees of skill and quality by scholars of other disciplines too, such as Political Science. Here the focus will be on understanding the socio-cultural aspects of the Moran community of Assam, predominantly inhabiting the Doomdooma region of Tinsukia district. The Morans are one of the aboriginal groups of people in Assam. The Morans had their own traditional belief system and social organizations which they have been maintaining till date in some transformed ways, even after the inclusion of Vaishnava belief in their socio-cultural sphere. Likely to many other tribes of India, neighbouring Jungles and their species and resources have had a crucial role in the socio-economic life of Moran villages. They can unanimously claim themselves as the ‘son of the soil’. However, changing political scenario down through the centuries, and the colonial and the post-colonial modernity brought a number of changes to the socio-economic practices as well as political organisations among the Morans.

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Youness Frichi, Imane Ibn El Farouk, Fouad Jawab, Said Boutahari

The objective of this paper is to examine how hospital logistics influence patient satisfaction. Based on the literature, we proposed that hospital logistics has four factors: physical accessibility, waiting time, hospital hotel services and administrative procedures. A PLS-SEM model was developed and evaluated using data from a survey of 216 patients conducted in three public hospitals in Fez-Morocco. It was found that hospital logistics positively impacts patient satisfaction, which proves its role as a key driver of patient satisfaction. Consequently, healthcare decision-makers are called upon to pay more attention to logistics activities at the hospital to, among other things, improve patient satisfaction.

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Vitalii Boretskyi, Myroslava Chornodon, Kostiantyn Rodyhin, Inna Yermakova, Alina Rudchenko

The research presents a pedagogical strategy for the journalist’s education in the system of higher education in modern Europe in the case of Ukraine. The article deals with a problem of social competence development as a part of the teaching and learning process. The main objectives of social competences development are defined. Personal, social and universal dimensions of such competence are the main parameters of the curricular and academic content of such professional engagement. The most recent research and the best practices of world journalism education determined several fundamental principles of the most effective educational process management. The personal determinants of the future journalist's altruistic intention dynamically depend on natural and managed factors. The six binary pairs described the factors in terms of personal orientation, objectification of social interest and level of competences. The authors believe that both the presented strategy and the research will inspire educators and researchers for challenges and innovation in order to get the best result.

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Preeti Nair, Indu Kashyap

Rapid developments made in data mining technologies has explored the growth of real time applications. In general, clustering and classification are the two important tasks used for understanding the hidden patterns of the data. One of the most widely employed algorithm is, k Nearest Neighbor (k NN) which serves better for any classification purpose. This paper proposes a finding of optimal k value using k NN on medical data. Initially, a set of medical images are collected from a public repository. The collected images composed of irrelevant noises, low contrast with degraded quality. Gaussian filtering is employed to reduce the noise with enhanced image quality. The contrast enhanced image is processed under morphological operations in segmentation process. Feature extraction process play a vital role for selecting the optimal k values. Using Gray Level Co-Occurrence Matrix (GLCM), the relevant features are estimated and selected. These selected features are given as input to k NN algorithm and obtains the optimal k value based on accuracy. For a possible set of data folds, the achieved optimal k value dictates the effectiveness of the research objectives.

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Murad Ali Ahmad Al-Zaqeba, Mosab Tayseer AL-Rashdan

Tax compliance (TC) is one of the most long-standing issues in the world which becomes a concern to many governments. In Jordan, high percentage of individual taxpayers such as medical doctors, engineers, and lawyers are not complying with tax law. The purpose of this study is to investigate the factors that affect the TCB (TCB) of high-income individual taxpayers in Jordan. This study extends the Theory of Planned Behaviour (TPB) with some selected variables namely moral intensity, customs tax, and fairness. The population of this study is the high-income individual taxpayers working as medical doctors, engineers, and lawyers in Jordan. A stratified random sampling technique was used in this study. A total of 485 complete and usable responses were collected using a questionnaire survey. The data was analysed using Statistical Package for Social Science (SPSS) and Smart Partial Least Square (PLS). The findings showed that moral intensity is the most important predictor of BI followed by attitude, perceived behavioural control and SN. The findings showed that complexity affected negatively the attitude toward tax law while fairness has a positive and significant effect on attitude toward tax law. The behavioural intention affected positively the TCB. Customs tax moderated negatively the effect of attitude on behavioural intention.

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Murad Ali Ahmad Al-Zaqeba, Mosab Tayseer AL-Rashdan

Tax compliance is one of the most critical issues for all countries. In Jordan, the high-income individual taxpayers such as medical doctors, engineers, and lawyers have low tax compliance rate. Therefore, the purpose of this study is to investigate the factors that affect the tax compliance behavior (TCB) of high-income individual taxpayers in Jordan. This study extends the Theory of Planned Behavior (TPB) with custom tax. The population of this study is the high-income individual taxpayers working as medical doctors, engineers, and lawyers in Jordan. A stratified random sampling technique was used in this study. A total of 485 complete and usable responses were collected using a questionnaire survey. The data was analyzed using Statistical Package for Social Science (SPSS) and Smart Partial Least Square (PLS). The findings showed that attitude, PBC (PBC) and subjective norms (SN) are important predictors of behavioral intention (BI). BI affected positively the TCB. In addition, the BI mediated partially the effect of PBC on TCB. Customs tax moderated negatively the effect of BI on TCB. Tax authorities are suggested to reduce the custom tax and increase the attitude, SN and PBC of the professional taxpayers.

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Nur Hadirah Khairul Anwar, Rizauddin Saian

Data mining is helpful in turning a large amount of data into useful knowledge, therefore, it is beneficial in the medical field. The knowledge that being extracted can assist medical experts in enhancing the diagnosis and treatment of disease. Diabetes mellitus (DM) is a serious health challenge in most developed countries. It is a condition in which the body produces an insufficient amount of insulin to regulate the amount of sugar in the blood. Two diabetes datasets used in this study is Pima Indian diabetes dataset and Frankfurt Germany diabetes dataset. The aim of this paper is to improve predictive accuracy for diabetes by implementing Ant-Miner algorithm to the diabetes datasets and the results obtained will be compared with the result derived from using the different machine learning model such as Naïve Bayes, AdaBoostM1, K-nearest neighbors and RIPPER.

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Aldi Wiliar Wira Permana , Silvester Dian Handy Permana, Yaddarabullah

Steganography is one way to hide messages on a media image. One method used in steganography is the Least Significant Bit (LSB) method. But in the LSB method there are still gaps to damage the message in the image if the image is modified. The most important aspect of steganography is the level of information hiding. Where it refers to how much the inability of a third party to detect the existence of hidden information. There is a way to avoid this gap by modifying the Least Significant Bit method with Redundant Pattern Encoding. With the RPE method, the gap in the LSB method can be overcome, because this method divides the two parts in the image, namely Patch A with Patch B, then incorporates the redundancy (multiplication) of messages into each patch in the image. The results of this study that modify the Least Significant Bit method with Redundant Pattern Encoding, namely, the image can survive if it undergoes Segmentation, Image Compression and Image Enhancement, where in Image Enhancement if the image experiences Sharpness with a maximum level of 25%, the image cannot survive if it is given Color Image Processing and Noise as a whole on both Patches.

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B.Jabber, Tatikonda Ravi Teja, P.Yashoda Krishna, G.Teja Sai

The guidance for a student to select his appropriate career is given by the Expert system. Generally, the student is assessed by his/her academic excellence which includes his marks, CGPA and percentage in various subjects. Apart from them, the students need to be assessed in different factors like his ability to learning, patience, Intelligence and the problem solving capacity. By assessing him/her in all psychological aspects then the student is competent to know in which suitable job he/she is applicable. In such a way it is easy for a student to select his/her appropriate job and also gives the student’s cognitive model. All this process is outcome by using an Expert system called “Finding the Words” game. Keeping in mind the score student has obtained and the average time to complete the game reflects his/her fastness and capability of problem solving ability. Not only the time also the patience of the student is also reflected by the attempts he make. We can say that the student has great learning ability when his/her score increases day by day. Finally, after assessing all the psychological elements of the student, a table is designed with appropriate future careers for student. Also it chooses the best career from the predicted career’s by comparing the academic report and the report which is given based upon the psychological elements. The user who is a student play the game with the specialist framework and the framework can evaluate the mental elements of the students knowledge. By playing finding words game, evaluating mental components turns out to be simple. A lifelong evaluation framework (master framework) can propose reasonable jobs that suit an understudy.

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Isabella Amali , Dr. R. Arunkumar

At present times, because of the challenges posed from global competitors, customer churn prediction (CCP) provides a major concern for organizations in different churns. To provide better customer retention, various CCP models have been presented. This paper presents a new CCP using hybridization of particle swarm optimization with kernel support vector machine (PSO-KSVM) in telecommunication industry. Here, PSO algorithm is used to optimize the variables of SVM namely C and σ. The validation of PSO-KSVM takes place using a benchmark dataset. The results ensured the effective outcome of the presented model over the compared methods.

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J SreeDevi, Dr M Rama Bai, Mohammed Maqsood Ahmed

Communication an indispensable part of human activities which is expressed both verbally and non-verbally is an ease for many of us but there are many like deaf and dumb for whom it is a challenge. It is a hurdle which is hampering there talent and decreasing their productivity (proficiency); Engagement witch such specially abled persons can only happen if we know the sign language which is an organized form of communication or if there is an interpreter in between; This study attempts to decrease there hurdles to some extent by building a Gesture Recognition Model through Convolutional Neural Networks(CNN) which can predict the static hand gestures made by them and convert them into Telugu text; which will be handy in of Telugu speaking states. People who don't understand sign language can easily understand what they have to say and therefore there won’t be any need of Interpreter. This study follows the American Sign Language which is the most widely used language across the globe wherein each alphabet/word is assigned a sign to communicate.

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Ashish Kumar Sahoo, Eeshwar Chandra Tripathy

In the present work a simple wet chemical method has been adopted for synthesis CuS and CuS-Graphene composite in low temperature range of 50-90 0C. The specified materials were characterized by X-ray diffraction and scanning electron microscopic (SEM) studies. XRD analysis shows cubic phase of thus prepared sample and morphology analysis by SEM indicates mono dispersed particle morphology. The corresponding graphene composite has been investigated as an efficient adsorbant as well as photocatalyst in the decomposition of methyl orange (MO) dye in the presence of sun-light with 80% degradation efficiency for an exposure time of 100 min. In addition, the composites also exhibit enhanced antibacterial activity towards E.Coli.

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Roderick B. Valdez, MAPsych; Ma. Victoria T. Juan, PhD

This study explored the levels of perfectionism and sports burnout among student-athletes at Isabela State University, Echague, Philippines. A total of one hundred seventy (178) student-athletes from the university were drawn using proportional allocation. This study made use of standardized survey questionnaires, the Athlete Burnout Questionnaire (ABQ by Raedeke, 1999) and Sport Multidimensional Perfectionism Scale-2 (SMPS-2 by Gotwals et al., 2003), data gathered were analyzed utilizing weighted mean and Chi-Square to answer the objectives of the study. Results showed that student-athletes were highly perfectionist with high level of sports burnout. This research concluded that sports burnout is a result of a high level of perfectionism. With the foregoing findings, it is recommended that a coach and sports director must work hand-in-hand with a sports psychologist in conceptualizing a Psychological Skills Training Program establishing adaptive and mal-adaptive perfectionism to address the high level of sports-burnout.

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Su Zhan Guo, Nur Ikhwan Mohamad, Nor Fazila Abd Malek & Ali Md Nadzalan

This study aimed to investigate whether there is a significant in the effect of badminton special speed training method on successful score and time perception predictive skill performance of drop point of badminton players. Thirty elite badminton players were randomly selected for the purposes of the study. Participants were then randomly divided into the experimental group and control group. The experimental group adopted badminton special speed training method (BSSTM), with the control group adopted traditional speed training method (BTSTM). The total length of training intervention are 3 months. Assessment includes successful scores and time perception predictive skills performance of drop point of badminton players. Two-way between-groups analysis of variance (ANOVA) was used in successful scores, the results of data analysis showed that badminton special speed training method had a significant effect on the improvement of successful score of badminton players. Multivariate analysis of variance (MANOVA) was used in time perception predictive skills performance of drop point of badminton players, the results of data analysis showed that time prediction threshold of drop point of badminton players is decreased. The first study found that the badminton specialized speed training method improved badminton players’ motivation to hit the ball, in other words, developed the ability of badminton players to occupy the advantageous striking timing and position. The second analysis indicated that time threshold of drop point predicting was narrowed, in other words, brings the prediction time ahead.

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Mona Trisna Cahyati, Yohandri

This article discusses a preliminary study on student characteristics analysis and needs analysis in physics of learning. At SMAN 1 Lengayang, as a preliminary study. This preliminary research was conducted to evaluate student characteristics which are intended to study student characteristics and analyze the need to assess the teacher's response to physics learning activities. This research uses descriptive statistical methods. The findings of the student characteristics analysis showed an analysis of the characteristics of the students, which consisted of several measures of the student competency results which were quite good, good initial motivation, good learning incentive, media and language formats with a better enough plan and good enough encouragement In addition, needs analysis consisting of graduation requirements and learning metrics reveals the outcomes of each with sufficient criteria. To improve students' creativity, it can be done by applying an inquiry-based learning model. Learners will more easily understand the learning material if the material is in accordance with their daily lives. Therefore, a suitable approach used in the development of Inquiry Based teaching materials is the CTL approach. By using appropriate teaching materials, it will be able to develop the abilities of students so that learning will be meaningful, and can improve students' creative thinking abilities. Therefore, Improvements must be made, namely by designing teaching materials that focus on inquiry-based learning models with integrated CTL approaches for innovative physics learning skills.

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Esti Aprilia Usman, Asrizal

Learning physics should be able to guide the students to identify and apply the principles they learned. The fact found in the field reveals that learning physics isn't optimal and students ' comprehension of learning is still weak. This has an effect on competency achievement that is not related to the demands of the 2013 curriculum. The learning resources available are not suitable for generating effective learning. A solution to this problem would be the use of learning resources in the form of study books in school.This research is a descriptive study. The thesis aims to describe the preliminary study of learning books production. The instruments used for the research were questionnaire sheets and interview sheets. Physics teachers and SMAN 2 Padang class X students were the research subjects. The preliminary study findings demonstrate. First, students ' competencies in physics of learning are still weak. Second, the teacher does not make optimum use of learning models and approaches that involve direct student activities. The learning books available do not provide the best direction for students in creating and applying concepts. This preliminary study explains the need to create a learning book using Inquiry-based learning model for physics learning of senior high school Class X.

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Arash Bahrami, Dr. S Harish Babu

The emergence of cloud computing has provided various opportunities not explored or unknown in the world of IT in its fullest capacity; whereas Knowledge Management is a field which identifies, develops, stores, embodies or disseminates knowledge along with existing technologies, tools and methodologies desired by an organization for its progress. In most of the cases, maintenance and implementation costs play a vital role in the migration to cloud computing. With an aim to successfully execute cloud computing, all-inclusive knowledge and its management in a skillful manner is a mandate. Such strategies, guidelines, and structures are needed to be adopted in enterprises, whether business or service, that execute the same in an effective manner. Different features like effect of cloud computing on knowledge management, Knowledge Management and its advantages and factors that restrict migration or moving to the cloud in an organization.

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Nyoman Diah Kumara Dewi, Muhardi Saputra, R. Wahjoe Witjaksono, Deden Witarsyah, Marheni Eka Saputri

The importance of system quality testing in a software will prove that software is feasible to be used and applied in a company. Functionality of a system will provide on how well the ability of software. The ability of software that has complex capabilities will help companies in managing business processes in accordance with company goals and are able to carry out operational activities with efficient time and appropriate use of resources. In the system quality testing carried out in this study related to ERP system namely One Gate Payment (OGP). To test the quality of OGP system is uses a system quality standard ISO 9126 that focuses on system functionality and efficiency. The results of this study are in the form of recommendations in terms of interoperability of system functionality, taken based on the lowest data that has been tested using measurement testing. The recommendation of functionality system is to implement SAP EDI that can be used to handle differences format data to send data manually and automatically by Host-to-Host (H2H) from SAP system core to the non-SAP system, which will improve interoperability of functionality system and automatically improve the quality system in the OGP system.

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Deden Witarsyah, Mutiara Rizka Nasution, Muhardi Saputra, Adityas Widjajarto

There are several things that cause server down in the company, including natural disasters that cannot be predicted when they occur such as earthquakes, tsunamis and landslides and increased access to servers, especially in service providers and the Internet that result in heavy workloads on the server resulting in decreased server performance so the server can die suddenly. To overcome this problem, several solutions were made, namely to backup data and services using live migration technology. Live migration technology is one of the virtualization technologies that can move containers between servers or platforms live. But the live migration process requires a long time if the memory resource used is not suitable. In this study, testing and analysis will be conducted to improve the live migration process from platform to platform. This test uses Docker as a container for packaging applications, CRIU (Checkpoint / Restore in Userspace) as a tool for the process of live migration, NFS (Network File System) as a protocol for distributing system files over the network and using Magento services as research objects to be migrated. The results obtained from this study are that platforms use memory greater than platform1 and require less time than platform1. This is because platform2 has a RAM value greater than platform1

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Pooja Patil and Prof. A.G. Phakatkar, Department of Computer Engineering, PICT, Pune, India

Elections are the most important event in any democratic country and conducting them safe and transparent is a challenging job for the agencies. This is because most of the electoral agencies are nowadays dealing with a huge number of voters and voting booths in remote locations. So the challenge to protect the vote after the voting process becomes more tedious and financial burden to the country. To secure this data in the most efficient and trusted manner various technologies are used. One of the trending techniques used in a distributed environment to secure data is blockchain. Blocks in blockchain have body and header. In most of the trivial systems, the body of the block contains plain transactions that is threat to the system. So this paper puts its efforts to investigate the pros and cons of the past research work to understand them in detail. This understanding will lead to a conclusion on providing greater security for the election data with less complexity.

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Mohmad Muzafar Sheikh, Hidayatullah Tak, Mustahson F. Fazili

Coprological analysis was conduction during February, 2017 to January, 2019 to evaluate the prevalence of gastrointestinal helminths in stray cats of Kashmir valley, India. Fecal floatation and sedimentation technique revealed helminths in 349 scats out of 887 scats, with an overall prevalence of 39.43%. The study revealed four species of helminths in scats. Cats harboring one helminth were (6.31%), those harboring two were common (19.16%), than three (13.30%) or four (0.5%). The helminths observed and their respective frequencies detected were: Toxocara cati (26.49%), Dipylidium caninum (19.39%), Spirometra spp. (18.15%) and Taenia spp. (22.50%). Toxocara cati, a nematode with great zoonotic significance, was most common helminth found in scats of cat during the study. We observed significant seasonal variation (p<0.05) of prevalence in the gastrointestinal helminths, with high prevalence during summer followed by autumn, spring and least in winter. The high prevalence of zoonotic helminth species in stray cats in the Kashmir valley indicates that the risk of zoonotic infection may be high. This study will help veterinarians to plan preventative and diagnostic strategies with regard to pet animal intestinal parasites.

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Widowati Pusporini, Zamroni, Mansur Arsyad, Sunarto

The Principal Partnership Program is designed to bridge the equity in the education of Partner Schools and Impacted Schools so that they are equal in terms of relevance and competitiveness. The scope of the Principal's Partnership program comprises three main components, such as curriculum management, academic supervision, and management of the school ecosystem. This article is written based on the school principal partnership program report in 2017. Sampling data was taken from 106 impacted schools, using the percentage results of implementing Follow-Up Plan of the Partnership and then triangulated with the reports from the principal of the Partner School and the facilitator of the program's implementation. A mixed method which combines quantitative and qualitative methods was applied in this research. The findings indicate that the principal partnership program activities, in general, have been well implemented and according to the percentage target of the principal's partnership program with a national increase in achievement of the Curriculum Management component from 61% to 69%, academic supervision from 61% to 71% and management of the school ecosystem from 48% to 56%. The percentage increase also occurs when instrument data is processed per indicator in components, per education level and per province and per district/city. The findings imply that the partnership program has a significant impact on equity growth in remote areas.

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Binh Pham-Duc, Trung Tran

As one of the countries affected the most by global warming and climate change, the frequency and intensity of extreme weather events occurring recently in Vietnam are increasing. Floods, among others, are one of the most damage disasters in Vietnam. In this paper, we illustrate how satellite data (especially free SAR data from the Sentinel-1 satellite) can be used to monitor floods, at 30 m spatial resolution, in the North Vietnam where the cloud cover is very high. Although there is no reference inundated map at the same spatial and temporal resolutions for comparison, SAR-derived permanent surface water map is in good agreement with free-cloud Landsat-derived surface water map. This study shows strong potential of SAR satellite observations for monitoring and forecasting applications over highly cloud-covered environments like the tropical regions.

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S. Ranjithkumar, C. Suthan, B. Earnestpremkumar, R. Revand, M. Rajesh

One of the major threat in today’s world is depletion of fossil fuels. After the discovery of IC engine hundred years ago fossil fuels played a major role in the development of every country. After the discovery of fossil fuels in the Middle East every country fought, there were several wars between the nations to get fossil fuels from them. So this shows the importance of fossil fuels. The alternative to fossil fuels are bio-diesel, bio-alcohol and electricity. In our country, 80% of the electricity is produced from fossil fuels so electricity cannot be a suitable alternative to fossil fuels. Biodiesel and bio-alcohol derived organically could be an alternative to fossil fuels. Biodiesel can be produced from various oils such as corn oil, rice bran oil, waste cooking oil, rape seed oil, orange peel oil, but compared to all of, bio -diesel produced from Jatropha has a calorific value nearer to diesel and it is non-edible in nature which is not being consumed by human beings, so we have selected Jatropha bio-diesel as an alternative to diesel. But using of blends of Jatropha bio-diesel with diesel produce higher NOx emission, which can be reduced by after treatment method but they are costlier in application. The main objective of this experimental work is to reduce the NOx emission by using methanol fumigation in the inlet manifold of the CI engine selected.

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Abubakar-Kamar Aisha Tayo, Mohd Hisyam bin Rashidi, Ismail Bin Said

Public spaces are essential for the social and psychological development of children since informal learning, attitudinal and behavioural formation occur in such areas. However, most public spaces in Nigeria are incapable of nurturing the socio-psychological development of children. This is ascribed to numerous challenges, which prevent children from adequately using designated public spaces. Therefore, this study examined the various challenges that hamper the use of child-friendly public spaces in Ilorin, Kwara State, Nigeria. The methodology adopted survey research design, 114 respondents (57 adults and 57 children) were randomly selected from different locations in Ilorin. The quantitative data were analysed through descriptive and inferential techniques. The results indicated that public spaces in Ilorin lack the basic architectural landscape element required to facilitate the socio-psychological development of children. In addition, it was observed that existing public spaces are not adequately reserved for children, while most are overtaken by the adults who use the spaces for assemblies or businesses. Hence, the existing public spaces are unsuitable due to the lack of basic architectural landscape element required to enable the socio-psychological development of children.

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Byung Ryul Jeon

The reticulocyte production index (RPI), a standard metric used in the diagnosis of anemia, is calculated using two formulas. The first formula adjusts for anemia using the patient’s hemoglobin or hematocrit level to generate an expected hemoglobin/hematocrit ratio. The second formula adjusts for prematurely released reticulocytes based on the reticulocyte maturation time, as determined from the patient’s hematocrit level. However, modern automated hematology analyzers provide a wide array of data in addition to reticulocyte count (calculated as a percentage), including both the absolute reticulocyte count and the immature reticulocyte fraction. Using these parameters, we developed a new indicator, the absolute mature reticulocyte count (AMRC) which we evaluated relative to RPI values. A total of 1,349 samples were tested in terms of complete blood count (CBC) and reticulocyte count using a fully automated hematology analyzer (XE-2100; Sysmex Corporation, Kobe, Japan). The AMRC, calculated as AMRC = reticulocyte count × LFR (low fluorescence ratio), was compared with the RPI, calculated based on the “continuous maturation time” (RPI-C) and “stepwise maturation time” (RPI-S). The AMRC and RPI-C, and the AMRC and RPI-S, showed strong positive correlations (r2 = 0.87 and 0.76, respectively). Although the RPI is widely used for estimating red blood cell (RBC) production in the clinical setting, AMRC was shown to correlate well with RPI. Moreover, because AMRC does not require hematocrit correction, it can be readily automated and practically applied.

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Bekmuratov Tulkun, Ganiev Abdukhalil, Botirov Fayzullajon

this article includes the development of an automated information security system at the enterprise, an overview of the enterprise security task structure, and the concept of building an automated information security system at the enterprise.

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Sahil Sarthak Biswal, Ashwin Ganesh, Dr. P. Madhavan

With routine, repetitive, labour-intensive tasks in the IT industry, there is a lot of human resources involved in handling these systems for business support and operations. The very fact that remains is if these mundane tasks were machine-driven, employees would be able to concentrate on higher-value activities with improved speed, productivity, at considerably reduced costs to the organisation. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) can do this by applying automation software to perform tasks and operations in applications and process them in the same way as a human would. It delivers direct profitability while improving accuracy across entire business functions and can be leveraged irrespective of industry and application. It is already having an impact at organizations currently deploying virtual workforces and delivered game-changing results for many organizations. The main objective of this proposed work is to bring a change in the employee onboarding process wherein the paperwork can be automated at a regular interval of time with hours of work can be saved. All the documents during the recruitment process can be a part of the onboarding documentation using automation that can be quickly finished with the probability of mistakes that might happen if performed manually can be avoided.

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Pradeep Kumar, Raghavendra Kamath C*, Dr Babu Thomas

The Servant Leadership, ethical climate is highly effective in an organizational sense. A questionnaire to measure servant leadership, ethical climate based on survey is very much need of the hour. In this regard, surveys were conducted in Institutions and industries, questionnaire of 23 items, 5 dimension and 36 items, 9 dimensions. In the final study based 302 and 217 survey samples. Reliability of questionnaire has been established by computing Cronbach’s alpha at higher educational institutions and Industries. A comprehensive questionnaire has been studied Impact of the servant leadership and ethical climate in higher educational institutes and industries in south western parts of India taking in to account the responses from latest survey.

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Lipika jyoti Dowarah

Education plays a vital role in fulfilling the basic needs food, shelter and clothing of a common man. It contributes in flourishing the individuality through the enhancement of social and professional integration. Mid-Day Meal Scheme is one of the popular schemes introduced by the Government of India to universalize the elementary education. The basic objective of the scheme is to enhance enrollment, attendance and retention of primary school children along with a proper nutritious meal within the school premise. In the present study an attempt has been made to study the performance of the scheme in government primary schools of Hapjan Block of Assam.

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Maharshi Modi, Ayush Sharma, Dr. P. Madhavan

With the booming civilization and ever-changing market requirements, it is essential to know the market drifts. Today prediction of house prices according to the trends is the principal essence of the study. It is imperative for an individual to understand the business trends so that he can prepare his budgetary needs according to his requirements. Real Estate is an ever-growing enterprise with an expanding society. For an investor, it is essential to comprehend the business drifts, which can assist him to underwrite in the right way and augment his business throughput. Sometimes clients get dupe by the hoax market rate set up the agent due to which the real estate industry is less translucent these days. With an uptick in convince of the dataset, it's viable for a researcher to develop a model with high accuracy. The previous model with decreased accuracy and overfitting of data reduces the efficiency, whereas the proposed system resolves such issues and provides a better and enhanced model with a rich user interface. The foremost intention of this design is to develop a comprehensive model that is advantageous for a business society as well as an individual, which is the main nub of this investigation. This design is intended to assist a client by diminishing his fieldwork moreover extricate his time and money. Models are enlightened in diverse machine learning algorithms such as Extra Tree, Support Vector Machine, K Nearest Neighbor, Naive Bayes, Logistic Regression, Stochastic Gradient Descent, and they are coupled by implementing the stacking technique.

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Udara S.P.R. Arachchige, K.L. Thisara Sathsara

Outbound training is one of the most effective methods of enhancing individual and team behavior and performance through experiential learning. This is an off the job program which is usually conducted in the natural environment away from civilization. Outbound training relies on practical learning experiences that consisting of multiple outcomes. The research aimed to get a clear idea of the outcome of the outbound training program. A group of people who have completed outbound training from One of the Sri Lankan university is taken as the data sample. It has been identified as real-time experience about the constraints and targets to improve the efficiency of the participants with team-building capabilities. Leadership skills, time management skills, team working and following right instructions on time are achieved factors of the outcomes with a successful training program.

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Cristian Vidal-Silva, Claudia Jiménez, Miguel Tupac Yupanqui, Sussan Sepúlveda, Erika Madariaga

Algorithmic competences for the development of organized operations play an important role in the progress of education and learning of the logical and mathematical reasoning for children. In this context, the visual programming language Scratch is a viable tool for that purpose. Precisely, the main objective of this work is to present experiences and results of the use of that programming language with students of the primary school second year in various Chilean educational institutions, that is, in a public school, in a private school and in a private-subsidized school. These schools are in different geographical areas of the Maule region. Thanks to their social and cultural diversity along with their location, the obtained results are of a great relevance to demonstrate empirically that a significant gap does not exist for the development of algorithmic and logical-mathematical competences in children.

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Imane Ibn El Farouk, Youness Frichi, Fouad Jawab

To accompany the recent changes in Moroccan public health sector in terms of improving patient care, hospitals are required to develop performance management systems. In this context, we present the results of a methodology to build a dashboard for medicines supply chain in public hospitals. The developed methodology, which we have called OPRI (Objectives, Parameters, Risk, and Indicators), is based on process modeling through SCOR, ARIS models, and risk analysis. OPRI’s principle is that the supply chain performance can also be achieved by warning risks. The article illustrated the OPRI’s architecture, steps and tools, in the first stage, while the second stage provided results obtained through the application of OPRI on a case study of a public hospital in Morocco.

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Juan Grados, Wilver Auccahuasi, Santiago Rubiños, Ciro Teran, Gabriel Rafael and Walter Enoky

The purpose of this research is the theoretical and practical analysis of an ideal or artificial microclimate system efficiently and systematically, without being affected by external climatic conditions. The PID type control will provide us with an accurate way to automate the Temperature and Humidity to make an artificial habitat without the need to be on the lookout 24 hours. One of the main functions that we want to perform is to maximize the reproduction of animals from different climates and thus protect them against different threats such as high and low temperatures and these cannot support it, in the case of plants the same. To perform it in a practical way, Arduino, temperature and humidity sensor will be used and for PWM control fans will be used for cooling and a spotlight to heat the area. For the humidity control, internally hot humidified gutters with an opening for the humidity outlet will be used using a fan to expand it.

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Santiago Rubiños, Wilver Auccahuasi, Junior Grados, Carmen Diaz, Jhon Ayasta, and Manuel Huamán

The present research work is carried out to increase the massive use of new technologies in the agricultural sector, innovating and betting on the development that is theoretical and experimental in nature, with the purpose of encouraging the use of new technologies in order to observe a considerable increase in the production of the agricultural sector with thus leading to a diversification of knowledge in the population for an adequate use of such technologies. For the development, we will first review the existing documentation on new greenhouse control technologies such as the variables: temperature, humidity, luminosity, heating, etc., and finally we will obtain the results with the implementation being verified on a web server of the S7 PLC itself -1200 SIEMENS brand which will help the user to monitor the process or the greenhouse plant in real time.

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Ferril Irham Muzaki

This study aims (1) to describe motivational statements contained in children's films, (2) to make sense of motivational statements that contain motivational ideas; and (3) to make sense of the behavior of characters in children's films that contain reinforcement of character education. The content analysis is used in this study. Research data on this study are the form of phrases, clauses, and sentences containing motivational ideas. Data sources of this research are children's films that screened on the big screen and the internet. The results of this study show that motivational statements in children's films contain 8 (eight) values, those are (1) recognizing accomplishments of others, (2) having a brilliant thought, (3) having commitment, (4) being communicative, (5) being compromising ideas, (6) being concerned about life based on the situation, (7) having a hard working spirit, (8) having a sense of responsibility. Based on these results, it can conclude that the motivation statement contained in children's films is part of strengthening character education and has a role in character development.

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K.Santhoshkumar Dr.P.Suganthi

The Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) can be defined as a self-organizing multi-hop network composed of several sensor nodes that are scattered within a particular region by means of wireless communication. The network also faces some critical barriers such as the transmission of redundant data, consumption of energy owing to heterogeneous traffic and fault tolerance. Aggregation of data is an extremely critical technique that is used for data processing in the WSN. With aggregation of data, energy consumption can be reduced by the elimination of all types of redundant data or by means of bringing down the packets forwarded. There are several routing protocols that are based on clustering which provide efficient methods to extend the WSN lifetime. It further involves large node quantity which entails the multi-hop network wherein the nodes interact for vicinity with one another that has higher routing responsibilities. Connected Dominating Set (CDS) will serve to be a backbone for the WSN as there has been no infrastructure that is fixed or any centralized management available in the WSN. Using the CDS, routing can become easier and easily adaptable to changes in topology. The problem of the CDS is extensively studied using undirected graphs in the Unit Disk Graphs (UDG), wherein every senor node has the same range of transmission. In this work, a Multi-hop - Low Energy Adaptive Clustering Hierarchy (M-LEACH) based protocol with a multiverse optimized CDS algorithm is proposed. The results have proved that the method was attain the better levels of performance in terms of the number of clusters, energy consumption, and lifetime computation. It also has a lower end-to-end delay and packet loss rate.

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Hasan Suaedi, Anang Santoso, Wahyudi Siswanto, Yuni Pratiwi

The construction of school education in the Laskar Pelangi novel tetralogy in this study was examined using the theory of critical discourse analysis. The use of critical discourse analysis aims to reveal the construction of school education contained in the novel through the language features used by the author. The construction of school education in this research is defined as a process of socializing the values of life and knowledge. The process of school education construction in the Laskar Pelangi novel tetralogy is constructed by educators to students. Based on the results of the study found three points that are constructed in schools, namely the value of education, educational resources, and actors of educational transformation. Educational values in quotes 1 and 2 reveal the construction of education about discipline and maintaining dignity as students. The educational resources in quotes 3 and 4 are related to subjects in elementary school. Then the actors of educational transformation constructed by the teacher in quote 5 teach about arithmetic.

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The eventual endeavor of the teaching learning course of action is to make the learners outshine in the knowledge being transferred during the course, called as the outcome of the process. Any teaching learning session should have comprehensibly well defined outcome that the learners should accomplish at the end of the session. Clearly focused outcome and effectively well-organized evaluation methods prepared with at most care by the instructor help him/her to check learner’s level of attainment in outcome precisely. Assessing (Formative and Summative) the level of attainment among learners helps the instructor to analyze the knowledge of each student in the particular subject matter conveyed. Outcome assessment also aids the instructor to self evaluate the effectiveness of the teaching sessions conducted. Formative assessment is highly imperative because based on which the instructor can know, is he/she progressing towards the goal. It also plays a key role in designing the fore coming teaching sessions and to enhance the content delivery mechanisms. Outcome assessment and the significance of outcome based education is discussed here.

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Arjun Tyagi, Krishan Kumar, Kamaldeep, Nitin Tyagi and Vinaya Rana

Nowadays, forecasted data for load and renewable generation is available with a very short time interval. These load and renewable generation forecasts always have uncertainties. Hence, in the presence of renewable-based distributed generations, conventional approaches of reconfiguration may not be effective. Very few efforts in a probabilistic manner exist to perform these types of uncertainties. It requires the historical database to be presented. It is still a challenge to account for the haphazard uncertainties. Hence, the uncertainties in load and forecasts of renewable generation are considered in this work and the optimal reconfiguration of the distribution network is proposed.

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S.Gomathy, Dr.N.Senthilnathan, S.Swathi, R.Poorviga, P.Dinakaran

Power electronics are preceding a particular type of industrialization due to its pivotal role in power generation, energy storage, automotive, traction, defence, aerospace, utility systems and handheld electronic devices as well as in systems integration and energy efficiency systems. It is evident from recent trends that power electronics will play a critical role in enhancing energy efficiency by combating global climate change issues and making a contribution to a sustainable future. The converter divided into mainly four types. (I) AC-AC (II) AC-DC (III) DC-DC (IV) DC-AC.A DC-DC converter is best suited for both standalone and grid-connected applications. The DC-DC converter is the only converter that used for both energy production as well as consumption. Such converters of power electronics may also have a different input and output configurations as single or multi-input and output. Various configurations such as Multi-Input Multi-Output (MIMO), Single Input Single Output (SISO), Single Input Multi-Output (SIMO) and Multi-Input Single Output (MISO) converters used for to cater for different applications requiring specific output levels. By using multiple input sources, energy efficiency and losses reduced. Typically, such a converter allows in integrating many resources that directly generate DC electricity. This paper presents the overview of MIMO converters and its different topologies, input and output configuration, advantages and disadvantages, applications, and their future scope are reviewed.

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S.Gomathy, M.Sabarimuthu, N.Priyadharshini, M.S.Kamalesh

Energy management is becoming more critical in recent trends for manufacturing, transportation, information technology, agriculture, household uses, and more. Every country that wants to grow its economy and improve living standards needs to maintain a reliable supply of energy. This paper presents a method of intelligent energy management which reduces the peak energy of the utility, shifts utilization to off-peak hours, and reduces overall energy consumption, particularly in a smart home. The proposed model taking into account the smart home appliances total power and consumption period. It allows those devices to adapt for available power using intelligent monitoring and control algorithms with the assistance of sensor networks. The scheduling of home appliances usage is a reliable method of energy saving. In this paper, the Home Energy Management System (HEMS) is developed on the Android platform to schedule users' appliances. A HEMS monitor electricity consumption to define home appliance activities.

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N.Prabhakaran, S.Tamilselvan, M.Bhuvaneshwaran, S.Kumarasan, M.Srinivasan,S.Ravi

Agriculture is the backbone of India. Without farmers our live hood is more difficult. At present there is a lot of demand for agriculture workers and harvesting cost is very the farmers are not involved in cultivation of groundnuts. The harvesting of groundnuts is very expensive and need a lot of time. Our groundnut thruster reduces the workers needed for harvesting and time consumption is low. The farmers will get more profit. Hence solar power is used which is freely available.

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Sunetra Saha, Dr. Ashok Sharma

There has been a substantial growth in the India’s e-commerce market in all product categories and consumer spending at apparel websites has substantially risen, than physical stores(Goswami & Khan, 2016). The paper aims to study the impact of consumer buying decision model on online purchase intention of branded apparels. The data was collected with the help of a well drafted questionnaire. All the responded were asked the qualifying question of whether the respondent has ever bought any branded apparel online and all those respondents were who gave a positive answer where emailed the Google forms. Around 372 filled in questionnaires were received which was used to analyze the data. All the factors are significantly impacting purchase intention except Novelty/Fashion Conscious for of branded apparels online.

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Raad Alwan

Diabetic patients require annual screening to prevent the infectious of Diabetic Retinopathy (DR) which cause blindness in the working ages. The dramatic dissemination of this disease all over the world turns the process of diagnosing and monitoring DR lesions to be time and effort consuming and the need to design an automatic system that has the ability to localize DR lesions and specify their type is indispensable. This paper presents a new technique that automatically localize all three DR lesions, exudates, hemorrhage and cotton wool by emphasizing the differences in intensity values of these lesions. Removing the optic disk is a preprocessing step to remove the effect of its intensity value on other structures; followed by highlighting each lesion type through consequent steps; and ending with localizing the lesions distinguishably. After intensive testing through five different datasets with more than 1500 images, the proposed technique achieved 98.99, 99.3, and 89.44 for accuracy, sensitivity, and specificity, respectively, which makes it to be competitive among several proposals.

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Kaziro Paul, Mincheol Kang, Tegegne Tesfaye Haile

The main purpose of this research is to investigate the role of the uses and gratifications in developing user satisfaction and hence enhance positive electronic word of mouth on Facebook with national culture as a moderator. Data was collected from an online and offline surveys from a total sample size of 285 respondents from both South Korea and Tanzania. The findings reveal that there is a significant difference in the user’s motivation of joining and using social networking sites in the two countries. It is also found that culture is a very important antecedent of determining the user’s gratification of social networking sites. This study offers a vital contribution to understanding the role of culture in SNS use.

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Dini Hariyati Adam, Elvina, Mila Nirmala Sari Hasibuan, Rizki Syahputra, Laili Habibah Pasaribu, Suriyani

Green chemistry is known as a study that aims to reduce or eliminate the adverse effects of the use of hazardous chemicals that can damage the environment and health. Environmental damage and poor health as caused by hazardous chemicals will affect the issuance of costs. This present study aims to discuss green chemistry and its impact on the economy through a literature review. This study is a review article that explains the concept of green chemistry and its impact on the economy. Based on the results of the study showed that the implementation of green chemistry will reduce the cost of recovery, prevention, and also reduce health costs. It is recommended that the firms in conducting manufacturing activities adopt green chemistry in their manufacturing activities.

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Dhanusha C, Dr. A V Senthil Kumar

The persons with alzheimer disease are severely impaired with their daily activities. Elderly peoples with mild cognitive impairment also have such issue but in a mild range. Alzheimer is a kind of dementia which results in chronic illness related with progressive memory loss, abstract thinking and lessen the intellectual abilities and cognitive loss. But detection of Alzheimer’s at earlier stages may stop further progression and automated detection and classification models are pretty challenging task. This paper focuses on developing an nature inspired unsupervised learning model whose objective is to handle the indeterminacy and ambiguity while clustering the dataset for alzheimer disease detection. This work uses two different heterogenous Multidomain datasets for prediction of alzheimer, CASAS dataset comprised of Activities of Daily living of the smart home residents and OASIS dataset consist of Clinical Dataset. This work proposed a neutrosophic clustering enabled with the intelligence of chaotic crow search algorithm. The neutrosophic clustering handles the indeterminacy by introducing three degrees of membership truthiness, falsity and indeterminacy. The centroids are optimized by applying chaotic crow search algorithm based on the inspiration of crow’s memory of food stored location and its searching strategy. The issue of local optima in conventional crow search algorithm is overwhelmed by applying chaos mapping which offers the ability of global optima to produce best solution in selecting most prominent cluster centroids. The performance results proved the efficacy of the proposed work in treating presence of noisy data and indeterminacy for better alzheimer disease detection.

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R. Aravind, Dr. D. Maheswari

Agriculture is the foundation of the world economy, 75% of nations rely upon agriculture. Agriculture has gotten substantially more than essentially a way to bolster consistently developing populaces. It is significant wherein over 70% populace relies upon agriculture in India. In image processing, an acknowledgment system equipped for recognizing plants by utilizing the images of their leaves has been created and with the assistance of the utilization of the images of pesticides can be controlled. The proposed system estimates measurements of the plant by utilizing an infrared sensor and creates most extreme stature, width and distance across the stem of the plant as plant growth parameters, utilizing estimated information. The proposed plant growth monitoring system has been executed by structuring a mechanized examining system. At last, the system execution is contrasted and checked and the estimation information that has been gotten by down to earth field tests.

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Atia Arzoo, Srimay Pradhan

While the eastern part of coastal belt of India is considered as one of the most cyclone prone areas in the world, Odisha is considered as more vulnerable as compared to the other eastern states of India. Cyclones can be detrimental to the environment. The literature on considerable impacts of cyclones on the human lives, infrastructure and environment has been reported scantily. So this review is based on the major cyclonic storms hitted to Odisha coast and cyclone resistant plants found in Odisha. In this review it was found that the cyclone resistant trees like Azedirachta indica, Millettia pinnata (L.) Panigrahi, Mimusops elengi L., Syzygium cumini (L.) Skeels, Alstonia scholaris (L.) R. Br., Senegalia catechu var. (L.F.) P. J. H. Hurter & Mabb., Terminalia arjuna, Saraca asoca, Terminalia chebula Retz., Terminalia bellirica, Dalbergia sissoo Roxb. ex DC. Magnolia champaca, Ficus racemosa L. can be planted for getting protection from damage. Cyclone resistant plants can be selected on the basis of their deep penetration of root with tap root system and susceptibility to trunk. Strength of the trunk varies between species to species due to differences in the capacity of wind resistance, its flexibility, density of wood, crown symmetry and the presence of damaged hollows caused by termites. During cyclone trees can protect the properties from debris attack and protect the structure safe from damaging structures further downwind. So selection of proper species must be necessary to ensure that tree which is planting either cyclone resistant or not.

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Sushant S. Patil, Tushar A. Jadhav

An appropriate design of centrifugal fan is significant for satisfactory performance of the system. Centrifugal fan has wide applications in industries where the continuous air flow is required for various applications. In this work, the modal and fatigue analysis of centrifugal fan impeller with backward curved vanes are carried out using commercial software ANSYS in order to obtain the natural frequencies and mode shapes of the impeller. Further, fatigue analysis is performed using Gerber stress theory approach with the intention of estimation of the fatigue life, safety factor and damage of impeller.

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Saahil Baghel, Anuja Pai, Muhammed Rashid, Pradeep M Muragundi

Rationale & Objective: YouTube is the number one internet-based video resource for any information. There are good number of videos available on antibiotic resistance, but the quality of the content is questionable. Hence, we aimed to assess the quality of those videos using a robust validated tool. Methodology: In Dec 2018 the term ‘Antibiotic Resistance’ was searched on You Tube and first 76 videos were selected for our assessment.. All the video characteristics were collected and the quality of videos was assessed using Global Quality Scale. Two reviewers were independently involved in data collection and quality assessment and any disagreementwas resolved through discussion or consulting the third reviewer. SPSS v. 16 was used for descriptive statistics. Results: A total of 76 videos were evaluated out of the first appeared search. The majority (46.1%) of videos were educational videos and 52.6% were professional videos. The average time since the video available online was 2.67±2.042 years. The videos on antibiotic resistance accepted by the users with a good number of views, likes, and subscribers. The majority (42.11%) was graded as high, followed by low (38. 16%) and the remaining (19.74%) was moderate in quality. Moreover, the quality was not associated with category (≤0.228), animation status (≤0.347) and the relevancy (≤0.079) of the videos. Conclusion: Our analysis revealed that the quality of videos on antibiotics appeared to be inconclusive and acceptability of videos is not a measure of quality. Moreover, there is a huge need to produce high-quality videos from authentic resources and antibiotic societies.

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R.Ganeshan, K.Giri Kumar Reddy, A.V.S Manikanta, P.V Sai Lasya

Security is most widely used in many applications. Many algorithms and approaches are used to find security issues identified in the various applications. In this paper, the new security primitive which is based on tedious AI problems such as graphical password systems developed by using Puzzle technology, which is called as Puzzle graphical passwords (CaPRP). This is the combination of puzzle and a graphical password scheme. This will predict the attacks and analyze the various predictions and prevent the attacks from the various attacks. The proposed system also finds the image hotspot problem which is most popular in graphical password systems, such as Pass Points that often leads to weak password choices. The proposed System shows the performance.

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Nikhat Parveen, Arpita Roy, D. Sai Sandesh, J.Y.P.R.Sai Srinivasulu, N.Srikanth

Communication is the main channel to interact between individuals with each other. Due to birth defects, accidents and oral disorders, there has been a drastic increase in the number of deaf and dumb victims in recent years. Since deaf and dumb people are unable to communicate with ordinary people, they must rely on some kind of visual communication. Throughout the world, most languages are spoken and interpreted. The people, that is, those who find it difficult to speak and hear "The Dumb" and "The Deaf," It's hard to understand exactly what the other person is trying to communicate with the deaf, and so on. Key recognition issues for hand gesture are consistent with the complexities of the gesture process. Also offered methods for evaluating the process of identifying recent postures and gestures. Hand gesture recognition is becoming an increasingly popular field of research in human computer interaction. Considering the similarity of human hand form with four fingers and a thumb, this paper aims to present a real-time hand gesture recognition system focusing on recognizing some important shape-based features such as orientation, center of mass (centroid), finger position, thumb in terms of raised or folded hand fingers and their respective location in the image. The solution in this paper depends entirely on the shape parameters of the hand gesture. This does not include any other means of identification of hand gesture such as skin color, texture, as these image-based characteristics vary greatly from different light conditions to other variables. This basic form-based approach to hand gesture recognition proposed in this paper can identify around 1-5 different gestures based on the performance of this algorithm. This proposed implemented algorithm was evaluated over 50-60 images and provides approximately 94 percent recognition level. However, the recognition rate remains to be improved at the identification level.

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Murali muniraj, R, Arulmozhiyal, ilakia T

To design and implement the additive controller for permanent magnet brushless dc motor drive in sensor-less control technique for dSPACE controller for Robot movement control. Further the estimation technique for Back-EMF in feedback loop holds better dynamic performance during knee movement in various case loops.In this study algorithm estimates feedback loop valuesto control position and angular speed of the BLDC motor as action part for knee movement. Further this method estimated rotor position and flux information based on initial position of the rotor through Hall feedback signals and encoder pulse. Feedback loop drive eliminated to track the dynamics drive and control logic modeled in MATLAB/SIMULINK and the source code built in MATLAB and loaded onto the dSPACE controller. Proposed control algorithm with improves back-EMF estimation accuracy and rotor position accuracy. Further proposed estimation sensor-less technique enhances capture position parameters at low speed. Additive algorithm and PLL method is simple to implement in MATLAB and configure in dSPACE controller to maintain high stability. An intelligent power module used to drive the BLDC motor through pulse width signals to controller and drive converter for BLDC motor to operate. The proposed algorithm implemented for PMSM motor drive in wind turbine applications due nature of back-EMF estimation. Further this algorithm method can be implemented with high processing controller for low cost drive applications.

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D.Manimegalai, S.Ezhilmathi, G. Amirthapriya, S. Arunthathi

Today in the present situation, worldwide information correspondence, economical Internet association and quick reachable programming improvement, security has turned out to be increasingly more of an issue. Security is one of the fundamental prerequisites in this day and age as an interchange and capacity of information on the web is getting to be powerful. Ensuring the data access and information uprightness are the essential security qualities of PC security. In this system, we have proposed a system which is capable of detecting fire, any gas leakages or if any unofficial entries have been made and provide the location of the affected region. Raspberry Pi 3 has been used to reign this process by integrated with a couple of sensors and cameras. When the fire or smoke sensors captures something they signal the camera and activates the alarm and the sprinkler motor. The cameras provide a confirmation of the fire and take photographs in order to avoid any false alarm complaint or for insurance purposes. The system will immediately send the message along with the image of the affected spot and device location to the registered email ids which may includes the nearby fire brigade. In the case of an intruder or unofficial entry, the PIR sensor detects it and the camera captures the image and then activate the alarm. An admin can confirm or reject the impeachment by detecting the photographs the system send to the registered email ids.

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Dr Luxita Sharma

Cereal is the staple crop in India. It is also makes the major source of carbohydrate and vitamin B complex in the diet. Cereals contain gluten and some people are allergic to gluten. Pseudocereals are starchy grains and do not contain gluten. In this category amaranth, quinoa and buckwheat are most popular. The product contains amaranth, milk, sesame, cardamom and pineapple. This product was prepared to bring an option of gluten free, nutritious and less fatty milk drink. The purpose of this experiment was to analyse the nutritional and sensory properties of the ingredients. The product was prepared by using a number of methods keeping in mind their effect on nutrients. The methods used were sprouting, roasting, baking and boiling. The results obtained from the experiment showed that the product contains calories 110.53 kcal, 4.16 g of protein, 14.72 g of carbohydrates and 3.89 g of fat. This present research work studies the aspects of milk, amaranth, sesame and cardamom nutritional contribution and establishes their role in nutrition, health and disease prevention.

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Jimmy, Ahmad Almaarif, Avon Budiono

Universal Serial Bus (USB) is one of the mechanisms used by many people with practical plug and play function, making data transfer fast and easy compared to other hardware. Windows has a weakness that is easily exploited on the system. There is one method of attacking social engineering using USB, USBDriveby which can exploit loopholes in Windows for people to change the hosts file and do DNS spoofing by connecting USB to the target computer. The purpose of this study is to design and analyze USBDriveby on Windows. This study is also conducted to determine whether the DNS Spoofing attack on the target computer using USBDriveby can be done. The result is that DNS Spoofing testing using USBDriveby was successfully carried out on windows systems and websites that did not activate HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS).

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Mohcin Mekhfioui, Rachid Elgouri, Amal Satif, Laamari Hlou

The Blind signal separation consists of figuring out a hard and fast of indicators of the unknown source from a hard and fast of located signals. This work describes an efficient method to implement a general-purpose blind source separation algorithm on a low-cost microcontroller, without advanced knowledge of programming languages. The choice of the separation algorithm is based on the calculation of the Signal to Interference Report (SIR) inside the Arduino Due board. The basic signals are generated by two generators and sent to the Arduino board via the analog pins.

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Anwar Hafid, Mursidin T, Pendais Haq, Ramly, Aisyah

Taaloki Ethnic is originated from Bungku and due to a civil war they moved to Buton Sultanate in the end of the 16th century but then they moved again to Wakalambe village because they did not want to bow to the Sultan of Buton. Their next migration occurs in 1906 due to disease outbreaks that lead to the Maligano Village, their current settlement. The Taaloki ethnic considers themselves as not a free agent and to maintain a balance with the cosmos, they are guided by traditional habits that consist of various rituals. Data in 2018 indicate that the ethnic population is 1,261 people and only four of them held a bachelor’s degree. Their socio-economic life depends on agriculture. They conduct nomadic farming for land cultivation. In every season, from soil cultivation to harvest, ceremonies are conducted to worship the Rice God. They obtain protein by raising cattle, goat and chicken, fishing, hunting deer and anoa and catching a variety of birds.

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Zulfadli Hamzah, Tri Purnama Sari, Putri Nuraini, Ficha Melina, Afni Iryani

This study is sparked by the growing potential of halal industry that is instrumental in engendering the development opportunity of halal herbal products in Indonesia, one of which is produced by PT. Herbal Penawar Alwahidah Indonesia (HPAI). Each year, the number of agents in PT. Herbal Penawar Alwahidah (HPAI) Pekanbaru Branch 2 steadily grows, attracting the researcher to study the factors influencing agents’ motivation to work at PT. Herbal Penawar Alwahidah Indonesia (HPAI) Pekanbaru Branch 2. This is a quantitative study. The population in this study is all agents of PT. HPAI amounting to 388 individuals. Sample collection technique in this study is random sampling with total sample of 80 individuals (using Slovin formula), while data collection technique used is questionnaire method. This study uses multiple regression analysis with hypothesis testing using T Test and F Test. The result of the study shows that job security factor, Opportunities for Advancement Factor, Pleasant Working Condition Factor, Good Working Companion Factor, and compensation factor both partially or simultaneously have a significant effect on agents’ work motivation at PT. HPAI Pekanbaru Branch 2. Therefore, it is suggested for PT. HPAI Pekanbaru Branch 2 to maintain and even improve agents’ work motivation by paying close attention to these five factors.

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Rachita Sambyal, Amandeep Singh Marwaha, Anupreet Kaur Mavi

Service dominant logic conceptualizes the complex interaction and interdependences among the actors involved in the service creation process to deliver value to the end customer. The paper explores the strength of relationship between the foundational premises of SDL & Service Innovation along with the moderating effect of the connectivity, network ubiquity, open standards and specialization on their relationship in the hotel industry. Data for the study was collected from 96 managers of Jammu and Kashmir Tourism Development Corporation. Output from SmartPLS3 showed that developmental and empowered interaction capability has the strongest relationship with the SDL whereas the connectivity and network ubiquity had the strongest moderating effect leading the service innovation. The study suggested periodic in house management development programmes, qualification improvement, collaboration with all the local stakeholders (government and private) , rewarding employee for bringing innovative ideas and free flow of the information among all the stakeholders will help the tourism and hospitality organizations to increase customer traffic and build revisit intention.

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Titus Sigamani, Ram Prakash Ponraj

Applications of Renewable Energy Sources increased rapidly on the limited availability of fossil fuels and the environmental awareness over the decades. Hybrid System uses two or more input sources for the single output and this is normally used over the limited availability of renewable energy sources. Wind Energy and solar Energy are normally used as sources in hybrid energy system whereas fuel cells are also used in some limited applications. This paper proposes a multilevel Inverter system for hybrid energy sources with unequal voltage values. The proposed converter is explained with and without Boost operation. This paper also proposes a suitable PWM technique to control the voltage and frequency of the system and also to make the system ready for grid connection. The MATLAB/ Simulink simulation with the results are presented to validate the performance of proposed multilevel inverter system.

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Dr. Ambalika Borthakur

The conventional method of classroom communication always carries the probability of the existence of a wall between the students and the teachers. The one way method of communication prevailing in the common classrooms has always been treated as a major threat to the effectiveness of a fruitful communication. The process of education is assumed as an established system of communication through which the sender disseminates knowledge related information to the learners. But in the conventional way of classroom communication only limited information can be shared with the learners and normally it conducts one-way communication (though virtually it is both way communication). Therefore, there is a scope for further study for innovation in the classroom communication with new thoughts and ideas. In this paper attempt has been made to explore the probability of using some select tools of performing arts for demolishing the prevailing wall between students and the teachers during the communication in the classroom.

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Hai-Bang Ly, Van Quan Tran

The compressive strength of concrete is an important parameter that required a precise manner to forecast before any fabrication process to save time and cost. In this work, the possibility of using Random Forest, as a machine learning algorithm, to predict the compressive strength of manufactured sand concrete was investigated. A reliable dataset containing experimental results from the available literature was collected and used to construct and validate the RF black-box. The results of this study encouraged the use RF to predict the compressive strength of concrete containing manufactured sand, as the correlation between the actual and predicted data was 0.966. Moreover, the curing age and the water to binder ratio were found as the most affecting factors to the prediction process of RF. This study might provide a reliable and quick numerical tool for engineers as to avoid worthless experiments.

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Moges Addisu Maru, Amanpreet Singh

The purpose of this study was to investigate the differences in engagement and organizational citizenship behaviour of employees between public and private insurance sectors in Ethiopia, found in East Africa. It further explored the relationship between components of employee engagement and organizational citizenship behaviour in both settings. The current study employed quantitative research method, cross-sectional design, and stratified random sampling from 307 employees. Findings of the study were as follows: First, employees who are working in private insurance sector had a greater level of engagement and organizational citizenship behaviour than employees who are working in public sector. Second, every component of employee engagement (vigour, dedication, and absorption) had a positive and significant relationship with organizational citizenship behaviour in both contexts.

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Hemin G. Ahmed, Khaleel H. Younis, Shelan M. Maruf

In this investigational research, the performance of recycled aggregate concrete (RAC) has been tackled. The research studies the impact of the use of recycled fine and coarse aggregates on fresh and hardened properties of recycled aggregate concrete (RAC). Workability, compressive strength and flexural strength are examined in this paper. The effect of the use of silica fume (SF) as a method to enhance the behavior of RAC was studied. SF was used to replace the cement at contents (by mass) of 5%, 10% and 15%. Six mixtures were investigated. The mixtures made with recycled fine (RF) aggregate (at content of 50%) and natural coarse aggregate were four; these mixes made with 0%, 5%, 10%, 15% of silica fume. One mix was made with 50% RF aggregates and 100% recycled coarse aggregate. Also, a reference mix which includes natural fine and coarse aggregates was prepared for comparison purpose. It was concluded that using RF aggregates diminish the workability and strength of RAC. The use of SF decreases the workability of RAC though it enhances the compressive and flexural strength of RAC. If SF is used at contents within 10% to 15% of cement mass in RAC, its strength can be significantly enhanced.

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Lukman Yunus, Munirwan Zani, Muhammad Aswar Limi

Improving food security is highly essential to stop the starvation rate. Moreover, food is a basic human need. This study aims to analyze the food security status of cassava farmers. The study was conducted in Lapodi Village, Pasarwajo District, Buton Regency, from April to October 2018. Primary data were obtained from 32 respondents who were determined by a simple random technique. Data then were analyzed by using the Household Food Security Survey Module developed by the United States Department of Agriculture. The results showed that the cassava farmer households in Lapodi Village, Pasarwajo District, Buton Regency, mostly (62.20% and 9.38%) experienced a marginal and low food security status. Meanwhile, only 28.12% of farmers were in a relatively high quality of food security. The family with marginal food security status was categorized insecure but have not experienced hunger, while for those with low status, food security is no longer unsafe.

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Pedro Novoa-Castillo, Luzmila Garro-Aburto, Yrene Uribe-Hernández, Rosalinn Cancino-Verde y Fernando Ledesma-Perez

The research sought to determine the influence of Harmonic Mind Maps (HMM) in the understanding of scientific texts in students of the second grade of secondary education of a school in Peru. For this, a sample of 44 participants was formed and a control group and an experimental group were determined. Reading comprehension was assessed with the first test given to them was the Raven Test, then the Kolb Test and the instrument for understanding scientific information (pre-test). And the results obtained were that, in effect, the influence of HMM is significant in reading comprehension.

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Fitri Daryanti, Muhammad Jazuli, Totok Sumaryanto F., Hartono

Students' Creative Thinking Skills in the Preservation of Traditional Arts. The purpose of this study was to determine the ability of creative thinking of elementary school students in coastal areas, in learning traditional dance in the community. This was qualitative research, data collection techniques obtained from observations, interviews, and document studies. Data sources in this study were students and dance trainers. Data analysis was carried out using reduction, presentation of data, drawing conclusions and verification. The results showed that students' creative thinking skills in learning traditional dance were obtained through direct observation of dance performances, through audio-visual media through YouTube content, by reading dance articles through searching on Google, utilizing camera applications on smartphones as a tool to record, and publishing recordings on social media. The use of audiovisual media in dance learning was used as visual stimulation to improve kinesthetic skills when practicing independently, learning gesture techniques, practicing cohesiveness of movements, count, tempo, and rhythm. Publication on social media was performed as a form of self-existence and cultural preservation

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Kaushik M.K., Rashmi Samanth, Subramanya G. Nayak

Face recognition systems are adversely affected by multiple external factors like illumination, pose, quality of image etc. Illumination is one of the main factors that hinders the performance of the system, the proposed methodology minimizes the effects of varied lighting conditions on the images. The algorithm uses Histogram of Oriented Gradients (HOG) technique for feature extraction and Error correcting output Codes (ECOC) Multi class Support Vector Machines (SVM) for classification. The results are verified using ORL and Extended Yale Face Database B image sets and good accuracy was obtained in the classification of poor and well illuminated images.

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Nyoto, Astri Ayu Purwati, Suyono

The purpose of this research study is was to examine and analysis analyze of the influence of several variables, such as : organicational organizational culture, transformational leadership, and competence, on totthe commitment of DPRD (the regional house of representatives) members of local parliament and the implication to the member performance of the regency/municipal DPRD imember of local parliament in Riau Province. This researchstudy i wass done by using the descriptive and verificative verification method. As forThe sampling technique used in this study was Cluster Random Sampling sampling with the a total sample as muchof 173 respondents. Meanwhile, As for analyzethe data were analyzed r useding Structure Equation Modeling. The Rresult of this inferential research design showed that there are significantthe variables such as influence from variable: organiczational culture, transformational leadership, and competence had a significant influence ony, to the commitment of DPRD members member of local parliamentwith a score of, equal to 7676.30,30%, percent and the score for the significant influence from variable commitment of DPRD members member of local parlement toward the member performance of the regency/municipal DPRD local parliamentwas, equal to 79.,00 percent%.

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Integrative thematic learning is considered to be important because it can make students are able to obtain a variety of knowledge and develop a variety of basic competencies between subjects having the same theme. The focus of this article is to describe how the application of integrative thematic learning model, namely the integrative thematic learning model of connected, integrated, and webbed, in pre-learning activities and classroom learning activities. This article aims to describe the integrative thematic learning model towards based on Islamic education perspective in MIN 2 Jember within pre-learning activities and classroom learning activities. This study used a qualitative approach in the type of case study research. The subject of this research was determined by purposive technique. The setting of this research was conducted at Madrasah Ibtidaiyah Negeri 2 Jember. Data collection techniques used is in the form of observation, interviews, and documentation. The data was analyzed by using the interactive model of Milles and Hubberman of data condensation, data presentation, and drawing conclusions. In order to obtain valid data, this research used data validity test with credibility and conformability techniques. In the credibility technique, two methods are used, namely tri-source and technique estimation. The result suggested that in pre-learning activities, the stages implemented consist of preparing lesson plans and determining learning media. In this case, the emerging thematic integrative learning model is the webbed integrative thematic learning model. In learning activities, the process of teaching and learning activities is divided into initial, whilst, and evaluation activities of learning. At the whilst learning activities, the thematic integrative learning model identified is the connected and integrated integrative thematic learning model. For the process of establishing character, the habituation, openness, and role modeling method are the methods used in classroom learning activities, both in the initial activities and whilst learning activities. In learning evaluation activities, attitude assessment becomes an indicator in the process of establishing good characters towards students

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Puvvada Nagesh, Dr.N.Srinivasu, N.Sai Rama Ranganadh, J.Jayanth, A.Naveen

In a distributed cloud computing, virtual machine placement became more demanding due to the compensation between multiple objectives. Placing a virtual machine on a similar physical machine will automatically mitigate goals such as memory loss, power consumption and latency of the network. It may have a negative impact on some other goal to maximize an objective. A multi-objective optimization problem is to find a solution where optimality is achieved for all objectives. The Multiobjective Optimization Algorithms have the potential to converge towards pareto-optimal solutionswith the development of the solutions. In this paper, multi-objective Virtual Machine placement problem is inscribed using MOPSO algorithm.The proposed algorithm was implemented as well as comparing the algorithm to the current multi-objective algorithms.Statistically, the results show that the MOPSO does better job than existing algorithms in the Virtual Machime distributed cloud placement.

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M. Balamurugan, AVN Krishna, K. Balachandran, J. Bhuvana

Every clinical-decision relies on the doctor’s experience and knowledge. Perhaps this conventional practice may look appropriate, but it may lead to unpredictable errors, biases, and maximized costs that may affect QoS (Quality-of-Service) given to patients. To help the doctor to save time, the conventional practice to analyze the data for clinical-decision support has to be updated. Machine Learning (ML) and Data Mining (DM) algorithms have applied to have greater and higher predictions. This paper studies a set of ML algorithms by which clinical-predictions are going to be more appropriate and cost-effective.

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Iskandar Umarie, Bejo Suroso, Oktarina

Soybean demand in Indonesia every year is always increasing, in line with population growth and improved income per capita, so that the necessary supply of imported soybean. One way to increase soybean production through increased productivity of land that is by intercropping. The purpose of this study was to determine the dynamics of soybean roots of sugarcane soybean cropping system. Research conducted at the experimental farm, Faculty of Agriculture, University of Muhammadiyah Jember at December 2018 to May 2019. The research design used Split-Split-Plot consists of 3 doses of fertilizer factor humacos first, second factor cultivation and third factors licking time leaves of sugarcane each treatment was repeated 2 times. As the main plot of land preparation: L1: singkal, L2: singkal-rotary, and L3: singkal-rotary-rotary, subplots disposal cane leaves: P1 = 30 HST, P2: 45 HST, and P3: 60 days after planting, and children swath, dosage of fertilizer humacos: H1: 40 ml humacos + 2 liter water, H2: 80 ml humacos + 4 liters of water, and H3: 120 ml humacos + 6 liters of water. Results Tillage systems singkal-rotary-rotary, shows the number of root nodules most effective time of harvest, whereas in other observational parameters singkal system-rotary-rotary, showed the best trend. Disposal of sugarcane leaves 60 hst show the tendency of the best in all parameters of observation. Giving Humacos 12 l / ha showed the best results on the parameters of the total number of root nodules, the number of nodules during flowering, the number of effective root nodules during harvest, dry weight of effective root nodules, nodule weight and total root length. Interaction between tillage singkal-rotary-rotary with sugarcane leaf disposal 60 HST, showing the majority of the best trend in all parameters of observation. Interaction between singkal-rotary tillage with fertilizer-rotary Humacos with a dose of 12 l / ha, showing the majority of the best trend in all parameters of observation. Humacos fertilizer with a dose of 12 liters per hectare combined with the disposal of sugarcane leaves will give the best results. Interaction between tillage singkal-rotary-rotary with sugarcane leaf disposal 60 hst and fertilizer Humacos with a dose of 12 l / ha, shows a tendency. Interaction between singkal-rotary tillage with fertilizer-rotary Humacos with a dose of 12 l / ha, showing the majority of the best trend in all parameters of observation. Humacos fertilizer with a dose of 12 liters per hectare combined with the disposal of sugarcane leaves will give the best results. Interaction between tillage singkal-rotary-rotary with sugarcane leaf disposal 60 hst and fertilizer Humacos with a dose of 12 l / ha, shows a tendency. Interaction between singkal-rotary tillage with fertilizer-rotary Humacos with a dose of 12 l / ha, showing the majority of the best trend in all parameters of observation. Humacos fertilizer with a dose of 12 liters per hectare combined with the disposal of sugarcane leaves will give the best results. Interaction between tillage singkal-rotary-rotary with sugarcane leaf disposal 60 hst and fertilizer Humacos with a dose of 12 l / ha, shows a tendency. Interaction between tillage singkal-rotary-rotary with sugarcane leaf disposal 60 hst and fertilizer Humacos with a dose of 12 l / ha, shows a trend towards the best results at the observation parameters. To obtain soybean root growth and development to the maximum in the system of intercropping cultivation of sugarcane-soybean suggest singkal-rotary tillage-rotary with sugarcane leaf disposal 60 hst and fertilizer Humacos with a dose of 12 l / ha.

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Joel B. Tan, Gloria P. Gempes

The purpose of this study was to determine the best fit model of organizational commitment among Certified Public Accountants. Employing the explanatory sequential mixed methods, stratified sampling, systematic selection approach, structural equation modeling technique and thematic analysis, data were obtained from 418 CPAs across sectors in Region XI. From the results of the study, it was found that the exogenous variables: self-efficacy, work engagement and quality of life are correlated with the endogenous variable that is organizational commitment. In addition, the results revealed that the standardized model 5 is the best fit model indicating the importance of work engagement and quality of life as predictors of organizational commitment among accounting professionals. These findings were further substantiated through the essential themes: work engagement as predictor of organizational commitment; quality of life as predictor of organizational commitment; affective commitment as observed variable of OC; normative commitment as observed variable of OC; and exclusion of self-efficacy as predictor of OC which were established from the experiences and insights of study participants.

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Chandan Mohanty, Dr.Suresh Kumar Sahoo , Srinivas Subbarao Pasumarti,

Microfinance plays an important role in poverty eradication and now it has become financial inclusion growth Engine. Initial days of microfinance development were aiming towards service to the rural poor people. In the timeframe microfinance became business oriented and focus shifted from service mentality to profit earning mentality. Hence once upon a time this industry was called a tool for sustainable development is now a day’s running with many issues for their own stability. Out of many issues two measure issues are still now seeking new path for need of strong governance architecture to regulate the microfinance industry and introduction of affordable Structural Interest Rates. Weak governance architecture is fuelling scope for exploitation of Interest rates by microfinance institutions. Eruption of Andhra Pradesh Microfinance Crisis 2010 is a clear example of weak regulatory framework and lack of affordable Structural Interest Rates.

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I Ketut Sirna, Gusti Ngurah Joko Adinegara, I Gusti Bagus Rai Utama

The perception of customer satisfaction in terms of service quality at Balimed Hospital is an effort to hear customer input and provide the best service, which translates into aspects of Tangible service, Reliability, Responsiveness, Assurance, Empathy, service models, service perceptions as policies and initiatives management in meeting the needs, desires and demands of customers. This research is to improve service as a model of customer satisfaction perception in terms of service quality with the Total Quality Service (TQS) method. This research technique uses a total sample of 99 respondents. And multiple linear regression data analysis, using the t test and F test, and the coefficient of determination to determine the magnitude of the effect of variable x, namely Total Service Quality (tangible, reliability, responsiveness, assurance, empathy, service model, service perception) of the variable y, namely customer satisfaction. The results of the perception model of customer satisfaction in terms of service quality show partially, tangible (X1) of -0.003, reliability (X2) of 0.144, responsiveness (X3) of 0.403, assurance (X4) of -0.034, empathy (X5) of0.0595 , service model (X6) of -0.003, service perception (X7) of 0.393. on customer satisfaction (Y) at Balimed Hospital, and simultaneously the influence of service quality is Y=0.044-0.003X1+0.144X2+0.403X3-0.034X4+0.095X5-0.003X6+0.393X7. on the quality of service at Balimed Hospital. Conclusion: this study is the Customer Satisfaction Perception Model which is a Review of Service Quality can be realized well in Balimed Hospital.

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Arintyas Kristi Artati, Intiyas Utami

Accountability not only depends on an individual or an organization, but also it is the responsibility of all parties related to the organization’s interests. Accountability for managing the village funds through BUMDES (village-owned enterprises) has become the main focus of the government, because it reflects good governance. JH. Theory of stakeholders becomes a reference in exploring the willingness and ability of BUMDES managers. A qualitative approach with case study is used to explore factors that support and hinder accountability in BUMDES. The aspect of cultural values combined with the elements of BUMDES transformational leadership has become a factor encouraging good accountability. Factors that hamper accountability which are traced from the behavior aspect of BUMDES members is the indiscipline of BUMDES managers, and the existence of Javanese cultural factors i.e. the culture of underestimating of accountability which reporting is considered as unimportant.

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Varsha B, Yogesh Kumar, Ayush Dogra, Varun Dhiman

This paper explains a brief history of humanoid robots on their development perspective that was effectively started from past few years in the areas of education, automotive and biomedical engineering. Bipedal robots require a flat surface to move or walk with the help of actuators. Measuring joints in robots require set of encoder's, sensor's for balancing of robot require gyroscope's, accelerometer and ground reaction, forces are needed to be calculated for fingers, sensors like ultrasonic distance robot or proximity sensor's etc. Humanoid robots have been facilitated with different types of expressions such as speech, facial, arms, hands body language etc., and using different types of sensors. Dexterity in the sense of position and orientation is important in robots. Feasible versions of special humanoid robots are Sophia, HUBO, KIBO, Robonaut2, IROMEC, KASPAR, L2TOR, FY1998, Biorobo etc. Trajectory planning like feasibility, safety, comfort and optimization helps in exact motion of robot which is complicated and difficult. Genetic, simulated annealing, ant colony are found modern methods of optimization.

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S.Hema, A.Anbukani, M.Chithra Devi, D.Shyamu

Now-a-days Hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs) offer many advantages, such as high fuel economy, low emissions, and silent operation. In this paper, we use three source for the purposes of better performances of the vehicle. There is a bi-directional DC/DC Converter to transfer the energy back and forth and it provides High efficiency, compact size, Lightweight and reliability. In this paper an auxiliary energy storage battery absorbs the Regenerated energy which is obtained during the process of baking and it fed back by the electric machine. In addition, bidirectional dc-dc converter draws power from the other two source to boost the high-voltage during vehicle starting, accelerate and hill climbing. It also has the ability to reverse the direction of current flow, hence the bidirectional dc-dc converters are being increasingly used to achieve power transfer between two dc power sources in either direction.

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D.Vinodini, R.Shanmugapriya, S.Mounitha, K. Kirthika

The automatic riding pattern recognition based on a machine-learning approach. The proposed approach considers the multivariate part of the information and the mechanical connection between's the various parameters estimated on a Two wheeler. Real experiments are led by various subjects driving bike instrumented with accelerometers, spinners, and vehicle sensors. The riding design acknowledgment issue is then figured as an arrangement issue to recognize the class of the riding design from the estimations gave by 3-D accelerometer /gyroscope sensors mounted on the engine cycle. This project also focuses on implementing Co emission monitoring and reporting system in the Transport vehicle.

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Mohcin Mekhfioui, Rachid Elgouri, Amal Satif, Meryem Moumouh, Laamari Hlou

In this work, the least mean square (LMS) filter module is modeled, implemented and verified on a low-cost microcontroller to eliminate acoustic noise, which is a problem in voice communications. The main objective of this paper is to implement the module on an autonomous Arduino Due board in real-time, taking advantage of the low computational cost and ease of implementation through Matlab/Simulink programming. In the experimental application, the results of the implementation phase verify that the behavior of the implemented module is similar to the Simulink model.

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M. Karuppiah, R.Nishanth, V. Saravanan, A. Dinesh Kumar

In this project, we can improve the power quality in the electrical system. If the Power quality may vary according to their load. If the power quality varies it may leads to cause the sags, swells, voltage unbalance and harmonics. By using the dynamic voltage restorer (DVR) to increase the power quality. Here well implemented the dual PQ theory and instantaneous space phasor (ISP) act as a control algorithm. Using the above concept we can improve the power quality in both generation and distribution side.

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In recent days, Internet of Things has occupied majority of places like industrial automation, smart homes with the advancement of mobile technology. Through which we have the control over all the electronic devices and home appliances. By which, everything can be controlled with our mobile phone. There by, its application and utilization has boosted to great extent irrespective to smart home appliances. Industrial automation has driven this field to all possible places to sense the environmental surroundings not limited to agriculture, automobile industry. Possibly in all fields. However, it has generated plenty of data, which has to be analyzed. Whenever data is involved in any research, it has to be secured. Disruptive technologies like big data and cloud computing has been enlightened to address the data security seriously. This paper addresses and interpolates the challenges in securing data generated by sensors. As, these data are sent and stored in cloud storage.

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Zakhiya Akhmedovna Narimbetova

This article was written with the aim of developing methodological foundations for building an integrated course "Fractal Geometry at School", which helps to increase interest in the study of mathematics and computer science, as well as to improve the quality of assimilation of knowledge, training in mathematics and the level of development of students' mental activity. The following tasks are posed in the article, and their solutions are given: to study and analyze scientific and methodological literature, Internet sources, software on the research topic, to identify the degree of development of the problem from a theoretical and practical point of view; to analyze existing scientific approaches and practical experience in studying the elements of fractal geometry by students of secondary schools; to reveal the aesthetic potential of fractal geometry, its role in the formation of a holistic natural-science picture of the world and to outline ways of implementation in an integrated course; to develop the content of the integrated course and the system of tasks for studying the elements of fractal geometry by schoolchildren of a comprehensive school; to develop a methodology for studying the elements of fractal geometry for secondary school students on the basis of creating a model for the implementation of integrative interaction between mathematics and computer science; experimentally verify the validity of the hypothesis of research by conducting a pedagogical experiment, processing and analyzing its results. The article defines the methods, tools and forms of training, developed conclusions.

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Hanna Mashika, Iryna Davydenko, Oleksandra Olshanska, Yaroslav Sydorov, Igor Komarnitskyi, Yevheniia Lypnytska

Currently, special attention in the economy of developed countries is paid to the development of ecological tourism services. This is one of the forms of outdoor activities, where a person not only restores his health but also receives aesthetic pleasure, observing flora and fauna of the environment. The purpose of ecotourism is the rational use of nature in the tourist direction to ensure the environmental safety of the future generation and its stable development. To recognize ecotourism, the following requirements must be met: the service provided must be environmentally friendly, the transport service of tourists environmentally friendly, drinking and food products must be environmentally friendly and healthy, which must contain local products, qualified guides must accompany tourists to places of interest. The paper analyzes the three-factor model "Economics – Ecology – Social", in which the socio-cultural factor is added to economic and environmental indicators. To illustrate multidimensional qualitative variables an oriented graph is conveniently used in work, in which the vertices are a set of scenarios, and the directional arrows are possible transitions between scenarios. The described qualitative model is a flexible modelling tool and allows you to analyze the development of systems that have exceptional properties or are strongly influenced by qualitative factors. The tourism industry is a complex object consisting of various subsystems, the functioning of which depends on many external factors. These factors are sometimes almost impossible to quantify but can be qualitatively assessed, i.e. evaluate the impact of qualitative factors on quantitative indicators and how they are interrelated. Qualitative modelling is a formalized logical thinking algorithm that allows you to create a simulation model of an integrated system.

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V.Jayakumar, G.Kiran, M.Thangamurugan, P.Manikandan

The motive of this paper is to create a routine tripping mechanism. For a three phase system, the output of our project resets for the temporary fault, while, in case of permanent fault, it trips the system. These shortcomings are detected by our gadget and it naturally separates the inventory to keep away from blast/fire harm which may influence the control equips in the sub-stations. The stumbling framework is made by utilizing 3, 1-stage transformers which have both info and yield in star association, and 3 transformers in delta associations with contribution of 220 volt and yield of 12 volt. Here low voltage testing is shown. For both transient and long span flaws 555 clocks are utilized. To activate tripping mechanism, switches are used which creates the three types of fault in low voltage side. Transient/Short duration fault gives a quick recovery as a temporary trip whereas longer duration of faults gives a permanent trip. This technique, if extended may help in IOT based applications for SMS based services to customers as well as utilities for fault detection.

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Ankit Kashyap, Dr. Mehak Jonjua

A significant role is played by media in any democratic setup by informing audiences about the agendas and ideologies of different political parties and outfits. Apart from being watchdog of the society and informing people about the use of political power by politicians, media also establishes the image of the political parties. The political campaigns in different forms of media like print, electronic and internet helped in shaping opinion of the people. The influence of social media is increasing leaps and bounds and the information reaches to the desired population. With every new general and legislative assembly elections, there will be more number of youth populations than before and social media will be the tool to reach out to the younger population. Social media apart from being the important tool in the field of communication technologies also helps in connecting to the audience on more frequent basis. The social media can actually help politicians to reinforce their ideologies and agendas by increasing their presence. Social media helps in maximum participation at reduced cost and hence more impact as compared to traditional media. This paper studies the use of social media by political parties and subsequent impact in the minds of the voters. The paper took into consideration how political parties promote their messages and their own image among their supporters and other peoples in social media. The paper also aims to find how people perceive political discussion and campaigns on social media. The paper aims to conduct survey questionnaire from a sample of 500 respondents in Delhi NCR region. The social media has helped in bridging gaps between individual and society. It acts as horizontal media of communication providing benefits of participatory democracy in the current scenario. This paper will help in knowing the impact of social media in the upcoming elections. The paper will also analyze the extent to which social media is used for political communication.

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Bharat Bonia

Assam the centre of North- East India is a highly fascinated state with play to with biodiversity and wealth of natural resource. Lakhimpur is an administrative district in the state of Assam, India. Its headquarter is North Lakhimpur. Lakhimpur district is surrounded by North by Siang and Papumpare district of Arunachal Pradesh and on the East by Dhemaji District and Subansiri River. The geographical location of the district is 26.48’ and 27.53’ Northern latitude and 93.42’ and 94.20' East longitude (approx.). Their existence of rare variety of insects and plants, orchids along various wild animals, birds. And the rest of the jungle and sanctuaries of Assam exerts a great contribution to deliberation of human civilization s. Among all these a peculiar kind of silkworm “Mua” sensitive by nature, rare and valuable living species that makes immense impact on the economy of the state of Assam and Lakhimpur district and paving the way for the muga industry. A Muga silkworm plays an important role in Assamsese society and culture. It also has immense impacts on Assams economy and also have an economic impacts on the people of Lakhimpur district which are specially related with muga rearing activities. Decades are passes away; the demand of Muga is increasing day by day not only in Assam but also in other countries. But the ratio of muga silk production and its demand are disproportionate. It is not increasing with respect to its demand.

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Kostadin Yotov, Emil Hadzhikolev, Stanka Hadzhikoleva

The tendency of continuous increase in electricity consumption cannot continue forever. Many countries are actively conducting policies to reduce electricity consumption and increase energy efficiency. Their efforts are targeted in several directions - renovation of residential and industrial buildings, use of energy-saving appliances in households, optimization of electricity consumption in industry, etc. The application of new technologies and the energy generation from renewable sources have created a mix of factors that have an unpredictable impact on electricity consumption. This greatly complicates the estimation of its dependence on the other factors as well as its long-term prediction. The article presents the results of conducted research on the relationship between electricity consumption in Bulgaria and six socio-economic and demographic factors – GDP, Energy intensity, Population, Annual income, Electricity price for the industry and Electricity price for households. The results presented are part of a larger study to create a comprehensive model for forecasting electricity consumption in Bulgaria.

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Shalini Gnanam, T., Kolanchinathan, P., Rathnakumari, P., Balasundaram, A.

Ulcerative colitis is an inflammatory bowel disease due to the various reasons. The available chemical therapies are curing the UC temporarily and provoking the disease with more severe aggressive form. Nowadays as an alternative measure, probiotics are used to treat UC without destroying the beneficial microflora in host. Male albino wistar rats were treated with 5% DSS for colitis induction. Histological analysis of hepatic and renal tissues of DSS colitis induced rats showed deleterious damages along with inflammation and blood vessel congestion. Group III (DSS+Probiotic) showed reformed layers with reduced inflammation in glomerulus and hepatocyte regions. This study proved that the oral administration of probiotics, cured the inflammation in DSS colitis wistar rats.

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Gitamoni Hazarika, Humayun Bakth

This paper is an attempt to explore the plight of aged women along with other problems related to ageing in rural areas of Assam. Specifically, the focus is on the socio- economic background, nature of ageing among rural aged women and vulnerabilities and problems that marginalised them. The study reveals that the aged women are not ignored by the family members up to a mark and though ageing is a problem in the human society.

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S. Sridevi, M. Sundaresan

In the field of Image processing, numerous applications play a vital role. Each and every application is specifically dedicated to various process in the corresponding field and such applications are Medical, Remote Sensing etc. This paper mainly aims to take care of the medical field for the purpose of identifying disease and reducing the causes of diseases. Image processing in medical applications is an important area in analysis of various Imaging systems. In that several research is going on and ultrasound imaging system is one of the popular modality used nowadays. Ultrasound imaging system is divided into many different types of study systems which are neurology, gynecology and cardiovascular system. The cardiovascular system is mainly used for the analysis of Intravascular Ultrasound (IVUS) images in order to detect the coronary artery disease. This paper mainly aims to find out the plaque disease by analyzing the different IVUS Medical images by performing the steps like Pre-processing, Minimizing the false positive findings, Reduction of Misclassifictaion Error, Hybrid feature extraction technique and Validation for improvement of classification accuracy.

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Mohamad Nasrullah bin Nasiruddin, Ishak Sin & Mohd Sofian Omar Fauzee

Achievement orientation influences athlete participation in sports as athletes who have a competitive, goal and winning orientation will be able to adjust before and during the competition to compete to a greater degree. Coaches play an important role in determining the orientation pattern of athlete achievement in order to inculcate high fighting spirit, be positive, and be able to compete further. Therefore, this study was conducted to identify factors that influence the orientation of achievement on player performance in Malaysia. A total of 150 students’ athletes from the Malaysian Sports Schools were selected as respondents of the study. The findings show that all three components of achievement orientation, namely win, competitive and goal are reliable and valid, and the achievement orientation has an impact on player performance. In conclusion, the coach can play a role in improving the player's achievement orientation as well as their performance.

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Jake M. Laguador, Evelyn L. De Castro, Mary Angelie I. Pamplona, Nemy H. Chavez

This study aims to determine the performance of the engineering students in terms of their final grade in the research project and its relationship with the result of course feedback survey in the research course and research experience. Descriptive type of research was utilized in the study with the engineering students enrolled in their undergraduate research course and conducting design project and feasibility study. Results revealed that the engineering students obtained very good rating in the final grades in research project but they experienced difficulty in writing and conducting research and considered the research process as not interesting activity. Various levels of experiences and interpretation of engineering students in the research process make them diverse on what they believe is either easy or difficult but they see positively the course feedback in contrast with the level of their research experience. Motivating students to write simple research as early as first year will somehow provide them a sense of appreciation regarding the nature and benefits of offering solutions to the problems of the community.

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D.Kameswara Rao, Dr.K.Sudhakar Reddy, Dr. V.V.Subba Rao

Energy transition from conventional to renewable sources of energy is yet to be realized in spite of several successful alternate energy production methods and installations. It is difficult to point more than one or two examples of a modern industries obtaining the bulk of its energy from sources other than oil, coal, and natural gas. The prospects for large-scale production of cost-effective renewable electricity / thermal energy remain to be generated utilizing either by the wind energy or certain forms of solar energy. Concentrates solar power (CSP) approach is the one of best advanced method to enhance the efficiency in solar thermal /electricity technology. Concentrate solar power (CSP) has great potential demand in world thermal and electrical energy needs. This presents the presents the work of scaled down models of parabolic dish, parabolic trough solar concentrators by utilizing the tapped heat from sun to utilize thermal and electrical application like water heating , drying along with its study of variations in temperature and pressure. Scaled down model was developed by using less cost materials like aluminum sheet for support TV dish (as parabolic dish), copper tube for conducting heat to the working fluid (water), wood, reflective sheet for proper reflection of sun’s heat onto a desired area. By using working fluid with good conductive materials and heat exchanges can increase efficiency of modeled system. We can suggest the best parameters of potential capability of extracting and utilizing the suns energy using concentrated solar power technology with new and research innovation methods. Solar energy systems can be used for a extensive variety of applications and give significant benefits, therefore, they should be used whenever possible.

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Anatoliy Sagdullaev, Fayzulla Ochildiev, Akhmad Kholikulov, Alisher Shaydullaev, Jasur Togaev

A fundamentally important feature of modern scientific progress is the strengthening of ties between different sciences, the emergence of new intermediate scientific disciplines, their mutual influence and enrichment. In this aspect, at the junction of the sections of archeology, source studies, ethnology, geography and cartography, it is relevant to study the problems of ethnic geography that are poorly studied in Central Asia and its important part - ethnic cartography. This article is dedicated to studying problems of cartography of ancient ethno-cultural processes in Central Asia. And also the research works of the scientists of the 20th century was analyzed in the article.

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Nimerodi Gulo, Nyoman Serikat Putra Jaya, Pujiyono

This study seeks to identify the management of penal institutions in Indonesia with case studies of convicted corruption cases in Indonesia. The study was conducted in the Jakarta-based Ministry of Law and Human Rights, Bandung-based Sukamiskin Class I prison and several NGOs. The results revealed the principles of anti-corruption guidance in Indonesia, and the factors that influenced the success of the training program and the anti-corruption guidance program for prisoners, which included substantial, structural and cultural aspects. The effectiveness of the implementation of the anti-corruption program depends on implementation in the field. This study suggests the reconstruction of models and programs as a step forward to improve the implementation of anti-corruption programs in the prison environment.

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A.Pushpalatha, D.Prabha, S.Sudhakar, V.P.Sriram, P.Kevin Mario Gerard, S.Sanjay

The A URL is the location of an asset on the network. A URL demonstrates the area of an asset just as the convention used to get to it. Uniform Resource Ls called up with the assistance of web programs. Lately, malignant URLs have turned into the essential instruments to execute digital violations. They have spontaneous substance and assault clueless clients, making them casualties of different sorts of tricks, fraud, malware establishment, information debasement, and so on. It has consequently turned out to be basic to structure hearty systems to recognize malignant URLs in a promising way. Customarily, and most prevalently, this identification is made through the utilization of boycotting techniques. While these techniques are quick, a noteworthy inadequacy is that the framework must always be refreshed, to distinguish recently produced vindictive URLs. Anyway, profound learning models offer the capacity; to sum up, the model's expectations on new concealed URLs. A convolutional neural system model, a particular class of profound neural systems, are equipped for distinguishing inconspicuous examples in the URL strings and uses the distinguished example to order new URL strings.

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Iskandar, Nyoman Serikat Putra Jaya, Pujiyono

Speaking of corruption in Indonesia seems to be an endless problem to be eradicated in the use of state wealth both for personal and group interests. So many cases of corruption that occur at all levels both in state institutions, central and regional government agencies, including the village government conducted privately or jointly with corporations. There were five sources of problems that could potentially interfere with the corporation's ability to achieve its goals, so that it could produce pressure to rationalize the competition, in the face of new technological invention techniques, efforts to expand and control the market, bribe or price plots. The government, in securing its economic policies, enforces strict law enforcement against existing regulations. Meanwhile, employees, ignoring demands for improving employee salaries, giving salaries below the minimum; consumer demand for elastic production which is always changing due to increased activity of the consumer protection movement; and public, increasing awareness of environmental protection such as conservation of clean water, air and safeguarding of natural resources.

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Syarif Hidayatullah, Setyorini, Irany Windhyastiti ,Ike Kusdyah Rachmawati

Malang City is one of the cities in East Java that has public transport with a very dense population, Malang City Transportation Department data records that there are around 2,192 total city transportation and not to mention the Taxi and online transportation fleets operating in the Greater Malang area. Problems that need to be considered in public transportation in Malang, especially city transportation, are confusion among the public in finding a schedule through proper transportation, waiting in the rain, heat and traffic jam and users waiting on the side of the road, but transportation does not necessarily pass. Efforts to improve this have begun to be done by balancing between the desires of the people, the development and demands of information technology and increasing revenue of urban transportation by designing an online-based Malang city transportation system. However, the issue of the relevance of information and the feasibility of the existence of an online city transportation application still needs to be assessed as to how much this need exists in the community. This is what underlies the study of this study. The purpose of this study was to determine the Comparison of Information Systems Quality and Transportation Facilities in Malang City with the Pieces Framework Approach by looking at the feasibility of making plans for Android-based transport applications from various aspects conducted online. This research method is to analyze all public transportation services or providers with the PIECES method (Performance, Information, Economic, Control, Efficiency, Service). From the results of the study concluded that the average of all transportation has the same economic parameters namely the costs incurred in accordance with the benefits received. While other parameters (efficiency, performance, information, control, service) there are significant differences in the performance of vehicles and drivers, vehicle, driver and company information as well as the services provided. The urgent thing to be addressed in stages is performance, efficeiency and information on angkot, where in the current millennial era the need for fast and precise information is needed so that it can make recommendations for observers of angkot, academics, angkot owners and the government to be able to pay attention to the existence of angkot by assisting in the making of the Malang City Angkot application so that Angkot is used for school children, college students can by providing a minimum of accurate information about its whereabouts when needed besides gradually other parameters are also improved.

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Sri Wahyuningsih, Muhamad Afandi

This paper mainly explores the ways of enhancing English development among Indonesian preschool learners through modifications of nursery rhymes. Further, some opportunities and challenges of teaching English for preschool learners are merely elaborated in this article. This study belongs to a qualitative research method with an approach to descriptive analysis. In order to collect data, the writer conducted in-depth interviews to Indonesian preschool teachers. These preschools include “Taman Melati Playgroup”, “Ustman bin Affan Playgroup”, and “Pertiwi Kindergarten” located in Central Java, Indonesia. In addition, observation was carried out to obtain further data. The result reveals that the modified nursery rhymes have been perceived to encourage some Indonesian preschool learners in learning English. Furthermore, they will be happier and easier to understand the material delivered by the teacher. Nonetheless, there are some obstacles faced by the teachers when introducing English to preschool learners. These include the limited attention and concentration of learners to teachers in teaching and learning process, the limited knowledge and experience from teachers, the difficulties of pronouncing English words, the limited facilities in learning English and the lack of input about English from the environment.

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Vighnesh R, Moun Karthick T

The building design must include tracing the sun-path and wind rose for the correct orientation, use locally available materials for lesser energy consumption and have low environmental impact throughout the design life. Regenerative design coupled with Bio-mimicry concepts is an idea that was used in this study to identify low embodied energy materials for modelling an Ecological Regenerative Nest for Special Children (ERNS). Homes were planned in a circular form and the fenestration was oriented using the natural conditions. The entire plan included community consisting of hostels housing four categories of special children, school for the disabled children, pipe layouts for drinking water and sewage. The materials, which were used for planning ERNS, were regenerative in nature, meaning they can be reused after its design life. The capacitive insulation of these materials will help in reducing the operational energy and the impact on the environment..

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Ike Kusdyah Rachmawati, Syarif Hidayatullah, Fenia Nuryanti, Maulidia Wulan

In the current era of globalization, technology is increasingly sophisticated and continues to grow every time. The development of these technologies can be felt in various fields ranging from transportation, electronic communications and even in the world of sales. Therefore, people’s lifestyles are now changing due to the influence of these technological developments, one of the most visible of these technological developments is the purchase of goods through online media and the tendency to move in cyberspace, such as shopping online or more commonly referred to online shopping. In the virtual world, internet has a very important role and currently a lot of countries have entered into a new era, i.e. globalization era. It is an era where geographical boundaries between countries are no longer an obstacle in the process of communication and interaction between individuals. This is increasingly happening when we associate with the internet. Internet stands for interconnection-networking. Internet is a global system of all computer networks that are connected using the Internet Protocol Suite (TCP/IP) standard to serve billions of users throughout the world. This study aims to determine and analyze the effect of the ease and quality of information on online purchasing decisions through consumer trust in buying laptops online. The population of this study are all people who buy laptops online. Because the population is unknown, to get a sample size, this study used a sample size of 5 to 10 for each indicator as suggested by Hair (1998: 604). The number of indicators used in this study are 16 indicators so that the number of samples that can be taken between samples are up to 160 samples. The maximum number of samples determined is 16 x 10 = 160 respondents. Data analysis techniques used descriptive statistical analysis and path analysis. The results show that there was a direct influence of ease on purchasing decisions but the quality of information did not show any influence, but the quality of information had to go through consumer trust first to be able to influence the purchase decision.

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Dr. Ram Mehar, Rupneet Kaur Jassar

The present study investigates the effect of blended learning strategy on achievement in Economics in relation to motivation to learn Economics. The sample consisted of 120 students of XI class from two private schools of Amritsar city affiliated to CBSE, New Delhi. The study covered two independent variables viz. instructional strategies and motivation to learn Economics. The variable of instructional strategies was studied at two levels, namely blended learning strategy and conventional teaching strategy. The variables of motivation to learn was studied as three levels, namely high, average and low motivation to learn economics. The dependent variable was the performance gain which was calculated as the difference in post-test and pre-test scores. The experimental group was taught through blended learning strategy on various five topics from the Economics subject of class XI and the control group was taught by conventional method of teaching by the investigators. The instructional material and achievement test in Economics was developed by the investigators. The tool was used for data collection. The achievement test in Economics and motivation to learn Economics test was also administered. After pre and post-testing of all the students, the mean gain scores were computed. The statistical techniques such as Mean and SD were used in the analysis of data. F-ratio and t-test were employed to find the significance of difference between means related to different groups and variables. The data was analyzed using Analysis of Variance (2×3) and following conclusions were drawn: (i) The performance of blended learning strategy group was found significantly higher as compared to the conventional teaching group. (ii)The performance of high motivation to learn group was higher than that of average and low motivation to learn economics group (iii) There was significant interaction effect was found between the instructional strategies and motivation to learn economics group.

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Miryan Cosme, Wilver Auccahuasi, Luzmila Pró Concepción, Martha Avilés, Verónica Tello

Problems in the soil are caused during the work done by the mining industry. There are claims from different communities because their crops, livestock, aquaculture and housing are threatened, impacting the health and economy of citizens. By analyzing the behavior of the soil through satellite images, it allowed analyzing the colors of the images to determine the characterization of the soil. An analysis of the wavelength associated with each band of the satellite missions was also carried out, resulting in, in places closer to the tailings, there is a greater presence of yellowish and roasted brown colors, representing uncovered soil, little or no vegetation . The geographical observation points were selected for the causes related to the characteristics of the investigation and because there is a technical report of contamination presented by the Municipality of Espinar. This research opens a new field to environmental monitoring and surveillance to assess the characterizations of soil behavior by applying the method consisting of 6 steps of band combination and a practical contribution that provides information on the mapping of vegetation for decision making. Environmental management.

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J D Wardhani, M F Hidayatullah, Asrowi, Wiranto, Nizam

Children's language development dramatically influences their literacy abilities. Appropriate literacy stimulation is believed to have a positive impact on children's literacy abilities. The purpose of this study is to determine the priority order of the most important criteria of literacy skills in children so that the priority order shows which criteria of stimulation should be optimized. This research is a qualitative descriptive study using the Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP) approach. The AHP approach is carried out by analyzing the pairwise comparison analysis of each criterion. Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP) is a decision-making system to determine priorities from 5 main criteria that play a role in developing children's literacy abilities. The five main principles studied, namely the understanding language, phonological awareness, basic reading skills, necessary writing skills, and reading motivation. By knowing the priority criteria, the development of early childhood literacy stimulation will be more effective. It means that it is necessary to develop a stimulation development model using the priority scale of completion. One of the best is to use AHP.

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Radeni Sukma Indra Dewi, Januarius Mujiyanto, Dwi Rukmini, Mursid Saleh

: This study consider the increasing importance of learners’ speaking performance as well as their formulaic language use, the present study serves to take the formulaic language use and fluency relationship a step further and investigates the extent to which students use formulaic language integrated in the curriculum in multi-task oral proficiency exams and whether the use of formulaic language is related to students’ fluency and overall proficiency. It also aims to investigate if there is a correlation with the utilization of formulaic expressions with competence and performance scores overall. The research was conducted to 190 Indonesian students with different ability levels in Ivet University of Semarang. An analysis of the contents of the e-book instructions was carried out to find ways to use formula language by students and determine a target list of formula languages at the frequency of each phrase in the book. Then an analysis of the video recording content of the oral performance test was also carried out to uncover students' use of formula expression and both findings analyzed the content rather than drawing conclusions. Scores achieved by students in fluency and proficiency are analyzed to connect students with the utilization of the competence of formula expressions and their overall skills.

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Garba Ibrahim, Noorhayati Mansor, Ali Umar Ahmad

The prevalence of accounting scandals and inconsistent findings from hitherto studies on real earnings management have incited the need to improve the relevance of financial reporting by setting up different and sound governance mechanisms coupled with the introduction of mediating variables to improve the earnings quality. This paper examines the mediating effect of the internal audit committee on the relationship between a firm financial audit and real earnings management in listed non-financial firms in Nigeria. The data were obtained from Thomson Reuters DataStream and financial reports of firms from 2011-2017. The fixed effects, random effects (GLS) and the generalized method of moments (GMM) were used for panel data regression analysis using the firm financial audit and real earnings management. The findings showed that the internal audit committee mediates the relationship between a firm financial audit and real earnings management. Further analysis revealed that audit fees and brand name auditors have positively impacted on the earnings quality while audit tenure was found to be less effective in deterring real earnings manipulation. The findings also indicated that firm size and leverage were found to be less impacted by the earnings quality. There is a need for much emphasis on the use of competent audit committee independence among listed non-financial firms in Nigeria. This could help in ensuring an effective monitoring strategy and restraining real earning manipulation.

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Mohammad Al Khaldy, Mohammad Alauthman, Majed S. Al-Sanea and Ghassan Samara

When using machine-learning algorithms to analyses clinical data, some challenges are facing this kind of data. One of the limitations of data is class imbalance because class imbalance could create a suboptimal performance of the classifier. The purpose of this article is to evaluate the influence of imbalance class on classification efficiency for multiple classification methods. In addition, we resample data by random replacement technique with replacement and without replacement to see how balancing data can improve the performance of classification techniques. The experiments show that resampling with imbalanced replacement class obtains a considerable boost in classification effectiveness for most of the learning algorithms used, but after resampling class, the Naive Bayes algorithm has not been improved.

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Dahlia Dewi Apriani, Erika Buchari, Edi Kadarsa

The aims of this research is to know the factors that cause the accident of river transportation in Palembang by increasing the safety of river transportation to achieve the safety river transportation. The data were collected by distributing the questioners to the experts of river transportation, and thenit were analyzed by Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP) method. The result of the research shows that the human factor is the highest aspect that causes the river transportation accident. The highest criteria percentage is the lack of skills of the boat and pier crews. While the highest percentage to improve the safety of river transportation is improving the boat and pier crews skill by carry out the training for them.

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Vijayalakshmi. J, Dinesh. V, Rubasri. s

A microstrip circular patch antenna are the most powerful antennas for the present trend of application of WLAN on 2.4 GHZ. In multiple patch antenna arrays are design and paralleling process using edge feeding technique. Array of 2x1,4x1,8x1 and 8x8 are also designed using edge feeding techniques. The antenna arrays are design and simulate on the FR4-epoxy constant dielectric material with value of 4.4 and rogers materials. By using the HFSS software tool antenna arrays are simulated. Through the parameters of gain, return loss, radiation pattern and VSWR are evaluated at the high frequency. The operation band ranges from 2.4GHZ which covers most of the sub band recurrence. furthermore, an 8x8 MIMO antenna is developed. The transmission coefficient is under -20dBm within only 62.5mm space between antenna elements. In this work, our objective of the project is to be plan an MIMO radio wire with better gain. we propose a compact printed 8x 8 MIMO cluster estimations of 150mm x 150 mm x 50 mm. The displayed radio wire comprises of square fix energized along the two axes to create two transmitted flag which are polarized opposite to each other. The receiving wire has a working recurrence extend of 2.4GHz to 2.5GHz and most extremes segregation within the band of intrigued is -58dB the radio wire pickup(gain) is 5.2 db. The radiation design too appears the solidness inside the wide operation band. Both mimicked and measured comes about show up that this proposed MIMO radio wire is suitable for the longer term remote communication. Moreover, the mimicked comes about appear that the proposed antenna structure can be composed into diverse MIMO receiving wire structure is required. The proposed receiving wire has potential applications within another generation communication

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Dr.P.Natesan, Dr.E.Gothai, Dr.R.Thamilselvan and Dr.R.R.Rajalaxmi

Deep learning is the nucleus in machine learning discipline which uses knowledge representation of learning. Learning can be supervised, semi-supervised or unsupervised. Many Deep learning architectures are available which includes deep belief networks, deep neural networks and recurrent neural networks of which it has been applied to most of the fields. The commonly used applications of deep learning are vision related, audio, video, language processing, social media, medical, game and many more programs where they have produced a promising accurate results comparable to and in few cases superior to human experts. Smart agriculture is an area that can benefit from the latest advances in expert systems. One of the objective is to remove the weeds by reducing the use of herbicides used, the risk of pollution of crop and water. The image of crop field is given as input training examples. By using the extracted feature, the images with weeds are detected and classified. A deep learning model is developed using convolution neural network to detect weeds with a good accuracy so that the model could be used to detect the weeds in the cucumber crop field in a shorter time.

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Rehmat Karim, Faqeer Muhammad, Loris Serafino, Normah Abdul Latip and Azizan Marzuki

Over the years, tourism sector has evolved into a major global industry. In many developing countries, it helps in economic development through contributions into GDP, export earnings, tax revenues and service charges. However, to grasp its multi-dimensional potential and impact on the broad social reality at regional scale, a deeper and more integrated vision is indispensable. Moreover, there is urgency for approaches that critically evaluate the nexus “tourism industry-economic development” in developing countries. A community-based approach is rooted in the broad tradition of alternative development, which can be integrated constructively into the tourism sector of rural and developing constituencies. This study objectively focuses on some important pro-poor tourism initiatives adopted for community-based development in Hunza valley of Northern Pakistan. The case study highlights how these activities adequately got jelled into a wider community development framework (strategy), which positively impacted marginalized and deprived segments of the local society

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Tanusri Pillai, K. Jothi

Green Marketing refers to a broadly inclusive marketing notion that production, marketing, consumption of goods and services take place in such a way as to make the consumers more aware of the effects of global warming, non-biodegradable waste, and the risks from toxins etc. All retailers and customers are particularly receptive to the ideas of sustainable goods as well as utilities sought by them. With developing markets and expanding consumer volumes, the consumption designs are corrupting the environment radically. The Government, consumers and manufacturers have understood the value of this issue. The innovative work division of ventures is constantly attempting to create products that are environment-friendly and cause less environmental damage. Marketing Brands are actively seeking to create environment-friendly goods. The present study deals with the idea of green products and consumer behaviour towards them.

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Diananda Fitri Pitari, Gita Gayatri, Asnan Furinto, Sofjan Assauri

The purpose of this study is to determine the factors that influence the adoption behavior of NFC-based mobile payment. In exploring these factors, referring to the dual factor concept, this study enhances previous studies by integrating consumer intentions to adopt and resistance to adopt innovation in a research model. The research model was tested empirically using structural equation modeling (SEM) on data collected from 300 people targeting the market for NFC-based mobile payment products in Indonesia. Indonesia, which has the world’s fourth-largest population, the second largest number of cash transactions in the world, and cellular phone penetration rates and unbanked bankable numbers that are still very high, is a promising market share for NFC-based mobile payment. Amid these conditions, the rate of adoption of NFC-based mobile payments in Indonesia is not yet satisfactory. From the results of empirical testing it is known that the behavior in adopting NFC-based mobile payment is influenced by consumers’ intention to adopt, and resistance to adopt innovation. In addition to influencing innovation adoption behavior, consumer resistance to adopt innovation also influences consumer intentions to adopt the innovation. The consumer had perceptions that NFC-based mobile payment has advantages over existing innovations, by lifestyle and needs and are easy to use also need to be considered because it is proven to affect consumer intention to adopt NFC-based mobile payment.

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Muhammad Hasbi Rizqur Rahman, Senot Sangadji, S.A. Kristiawan

The proper building is constructed from several aspects, begin from the structure until the simple things on it. Two of factors that can be designed as parameter in deciding the building is proper or not are seen from the lighting condition and thermal condition. Those factors can be designed as a suitable parameter for a home living, a building and an office. The object of this study is a place called Decorator Indonesia Production Warehouse in Yogyakarta. This building consists of one floor-building that divided into two areas; an office and a warehouse area. The purpose in the study is concern in the minimum space of the building which need to be retrofitted. The researcher used some support software such as EGDE and Ecotect to work on the study. The methods that used in this study are re-designing building plans, first measurement of the building, Ecotect simulation, EDGE simulation, making scenario and calculating retrofitting cost. The result of this study is collected from the increasing score of lux, the decreasing thermal load until 5.000 kWh with score 11.289.395 kWh, the decreasing of temperature and the construction’s cost Rp. 35.097.400..

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Faradillah Haryani

This study aims to analyze the flexibility in Mathematics seen from the students work in working with graphing task in the College Algebra course. Flexibility is one of important aspects in problem solving which builds capability to connect the existing knowledge with the previous knowledge by extracting the information needed to be used in solving the problem. This connection will build the robust conceptual understanding. Researcher starts to routinize the flexibility in the teaching process by emphasizing the use of discussion, exploration, and analysis to train students see the specific information among concepts. Researcher also used flexible type questions to routinize the reversibility thought of students. After the teaching process, to assess the flexibility performance of students, researcher gives 4 open-ended graphing questions with different number of competences covered. Interview is also conducted for further investigation. The results showed that students are successfully developed their flexibility in Mathematics regardless their level of Mathematical ability. Their conceptual understanding is also improved, justified by the ability to give the reason of every answer they have made. However, the flexibility performance of students gets weaker when working with more linked competences in a question.

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Maneges Purbo Negoro, Ary Setyawan, F.P Pramesti

One of the main factors of road damage is the old age of the road. Road damage due to the age of the old road that causes friction of vehicle tires and the road is getting wider resulting in the use of tires on the vehicle which is easily damaged and causes a lot of used tire waste. Crumb rubber is a waste material that has flexible properties; this material can be used as a substitute for fine aggregate in the asphalt mixture layer. This research was conducted to find the optimum contents of asphalt and crumb rubber in asphalt mixtures that have been given aging behavior with the Long-term Aging Method (Long Term Oven Aging) and was tested by using Marshall test. Finally, it is concluded that the value obtained results in a good value at Marshall value which reduces the risk of emptiness in mixed pores and the addition of crumb rubber mixed with pavement on the road with the aging behavior can still be used for main roads with special requirements, such as playgrounds, jogging paths, or small roads.

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Subhash Waghmare, Sagar Shelare, Piyush Sirsat, Nilesh Pathare and Shrikant Awatade

The heat treatment procedures of any material require multiple operations which are to be performed in different furnaces. This procedure is requires much more time and quite expensive. This interest has encouraged the researchers to develop a new furnace. Proposed research work focuses on the development of innovative type of multi-operational furnace in which many heat treatment procedures can be performed in one heating chamber.

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V.Vijayagopal, Dr. K.Prabu

The dissemination of data between the source and destination highly relies on the trustworthy intermediate nodes. But, the presence of root node attackers degrades the network performance and increases the network overhead. Hence, the need arises for innovating trust based reputation mechanisms that could be incorporated in different routing protocols and which could effectively and efficiently mitigate black hole attacks. In this paper, Kuder-Richardson Reliability Factor based Mitigation Mechanism (KRRFMM) are proposed for mitigating rendezvous point misbehavior of core group leader. This proposed KRRFMM algorithm is identified to be excellent compared to existing CARFMM, CONFIDANT, RTBD and PCMA schemes

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Srinivasarao Kalluri, Bindana Aishwarya

The main aim of these paper is to propose a concept regarding the design and modelling of PV-Wind hybrid system and its control strategies. The purpose of these control techniques is to regulate the continuous changes in operational requirements of the hybrid system. In the present scenario, the distribution energy systems play an important role in the distribution systems to maintain the reliability of power systems. The proposed hybrid system is a structure of PV and wind energy system. To achieve the maximum operation from the renewable sources an MPPT methods is proposed. This paper also concentrate to improve the stability of the hybrid system. The stability of the proposed system is improved with the help of a new control strategy implemented for inverter called “Automatic Generation Control”. This control technique is developed with signals from the system parameters i.e voltage and current. A fuzzy logic controller also implemented to get better improvement in stability analysis. The proposed hybrid system is developed and tested in MATLAB/Simulink Environment under different constraints and verified the results.

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Manish Bhandari

The Functionally gradient materials (FGM) has widely been in engineering applications because of their advantages over composites. Experimental and computational research work are going on various structures made of FGM. Hence numerical simulation has become a prominent area for research in the field of FGM. The aim of current paper is to numerically simulate using finite element method and analyse an FGM plate which is subjected to a transverse mechanical load. The gradation is assumed to vary according to Power law distribution for its constituents materials. The simulation is done using appropriate software. The simply supported FGM plate has been considered for the purpose.

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A.Y. Mohamed Ibrahim, G.Malathi

Emotion plays an important role in day today’s life of human being. The brain is a central processing unit for every humans and responses to different emotions such as memory, anger, happiness, sad, frustration, fear, satisfaction, calm and pleasant. This paper focuses on the survey of stress based emotions using EEG signals and machine learning models that are used in the detection

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Vishnu Kokate, RM Holmukhe, PB Karandikar, Saurabh, Nidhi Yadav

Presently self-start two-wheelers, including motorcycles and scooters between 50 - 200 cc capacities, use standard lead-acid battery of 5, 9 and 12 Ah rating as the energy source. A battery is a well-known energy source, but it cannot supply a large amount of power in a short time. The size of the battery is decided based on the starter motor requirement. Further, deep discharge at the time of cranking reduces the life of the battery drastically as compared to normal use. Also, an extra factor of safety is provided for cold weather cranking performance, poor maintenance and end of live performance in view of deep discharge. Hence the battery becomes heavy and bulky. On the other hand, Ultra-capacitors can supply a large burst of power for short time but cannot store much energy, hence a limited number of starts. Decentralized Ultra-capacitors network is another major advantage in the future of automobile sector.

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Bijaya Sarmah

The paper intends to highlight the emerging crisis among the Bodos over the question of community representation and leadership. The post-accord phase has witnessed the rise of differences among the Bodo leaders on the question of autonomy, sovereignty and the protection of identity. The struggle for political power among different heads, the betrayal laments against the ruling party from within the community, mobilization and counter-mobilization have brought many complexities and intricacies into BTAD politics. The paper addresses the problem, looks into the political dynamics of the Bodos through the theoretical lens of ethnic-outbidding. The paper further entails BTC elections where one can be familiar with the effects of ethnic-outbidding, presence of ethnic-fragmentations and violence. The paper draws the sources from the existing literatures as well as from the informal discussions with a few Bodo leaders. Broadly, an attempt has been made to corelate the process of outbidding, the role of Indian State, its peace-making mechanisms with the existing complexities, political intricacies and violence in the region.

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HS Nirwanti, Z Arifin

The National Education Goals have targeted to improve the personal qualities of students as the next generation in the future. Vocational High School (VHS) is one part of the national education system of which prepares the workforce with the specialized skills required by employers. Production Unit is one of the media in vocational learning that serves as a place of production (especially the product of goods and services). The research was conducted aimed at Determine infrastructure management concepts of VHS production units, plans, implementation and VHS control units of production as a source of student learning. This study is a qualitative case study type. Collecting the data using questionnaires, interviews and documentation methods. Analysis of the Data through the stages of data collection, data reduction, the data presentation and conclusion.

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Muhammad Shahid Khan, Duangkamol Chongcharoen, Premkamon Jankaweekun

This is a knowledge-based economy era; consequently, the role of human capital cannot be neglected, constituting as it does an important competitive asset in today's global market. After leisure tourism and health tourism, the newest growth sector is education tourism, which attracts a huge number of international students. In the ASEAN region, Singapore and Malaysia are leading countries in this new growth industry. Education tourism is also recognized as a source of GDP growth. To compete with 21st century educational and technological challenges, the government of Thailand has to focus upon improving teachers’ knowledge, skills, and abilities. Human capital can play a vital role in achieving this objective; in turn, this research has developed a framework which identifies the mediating effects of knowledge management systems and the moderating effects of training in developing human capital. Quantitative methods have been used in this study, with data collected from different schools located in Bangkok and other provinces. In order to test the structural model, SMART PLS software has been used in this study. The results of this study reveal that knowledge management systems mediate the relationship between transformational leadership and human capital development. Results also evidence that variable training moderates the relationship between 360 degrees perforce appraisal and human capital development. This study, therefore, contributes to transformational leadership and human capital theory.

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Indrashis Das, Bharat Sharma, Siddharth S. Rautaray, Manjusha Pandey

Data can be called as the most important resource in the Automated world but the challenge we face is that before 80s most of the data was offline written in form of text, picture or paper records. The data present online also is haywire and needs analysis to be done in order to get the information we desired. The need for the text analysis model comes to the rescue where it can be used to analyze the descriptive text. NLP or Natural Language processing can be used for the purpose of analyzing the descriptive text with the help of NLTK. This paper proposes a descriptive text analysis model which can be used for gaining insight or analyzing for the purpose of text analysis.

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YellepeddiVijayalakshmi, B. Arun Kumar, G. K. D. PrasannaVenkatesan

In recent times, retrieving relevant information from a huge amount of data has gained the attention of researchers. Diverse search systems are offered for this purpose; however, it should have the ability to attain the most appropriate search outcomes in accordance withuser query that fulfils user needs. Various techniques are also provided to retrieve information. Generally, in conventional search engines, text content is considered and images in the content may be violated. However, images in web pages are utilized for retrieving other appropriate images by evaluating their visual and textual content. Also, in conventional text-based search engines, appropriate images are retrieved with visual features by providing a textual query. Diverse search engines and systems are presented for easy access and retrieval of relevant multi-media content on a ranking basis. This ranking approach is based on textual content that is phrased from huge data with visual contents. So, this study provides an effectual ranking approach based on Text parsing from Multi-Source document (R-TPM) producing information retrieval by eliminating redundancy. Simulation is carried out in MATLAB environment; the proposed model shows better trade-off in contract with the existing IR approaches based on ranking.

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Enwere, Judith Ogechi; Prof. J.I. Ezenwafor; Prof.T.I Eze

Students’ : academic achievement and retention in Financial Accounting depends largely on the use of instructional approaches by teachers. The popular use teacher-centered instructional methods have been found to contribute to students’ poor academic achievement and retention in different school subjects including Financial Accounting. The need to improve students’ academic retention in Financial Accounting necessitated this study on relative effectiveness of Just-in-Time Teaching (JiTT) and Peer Instructional (PI) strategies on students’ Academic Retention in Financial Accounting in Colleges of Education in Anambra State. One research question guided the study and one null hypothesis was tested. Quasi experimental design, specifically, non-randomised, pre-test, post-test, non-equivalent group designed was used for the study. The population of the study was 167 NCE II business education students from the two Colleges of Education in Anambra State. The entire population was used in their intact classes. The two classes were randomly assigned to PI and JiTT groups. Instrument for data collection was Financial Accounting Retention Test (FART) developed by the researcher. The instrument was validated by three experts. Kuder Richarson formula 20 (KR-20) was used to ascertain the reliability index of the instrument and the index value of 0.90 was obtained. Pre-test, post-test and delayed test were given to the groups. Data collected for the study were analyzed using mean and standard deviation to answer the research question and analysis of Covariance (ANCOVA) for testing hypothesis at 0.05 level of significance. Findings of the study revealed that the treatments improved the post-test achievement scores of students when compared with their pre-test scores. Therefore, it was concluded that JiTT and PI strategies have significant effects on students’ academic retention in Financial Accounting. However, JiTT strategy was found to be more effective than PI strategy. Based on the findings of the study, it was concluded that JiTT and PI are effective teaching strategies for improving students’ academic retention in Financial Accounting. The study recommended, among others that Accounting lecturers at Colleges of Education should formally adopt JiTT strategy which is interactive in order to improve students’ academic retention. Also, accounting students should be encouraged to use JiTT strategy in the learning of Financial Accounting since it enhances academic retention.

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K. Yazhini, Dr. D. Loganathan

Diabetic retinopathy (DR) is a sickness appearing in the eye because of a rise in blood glucose level. Amongst the people under the age group of 70, half of the death is connected to diabetes. The earlier detection and medication could result in minimal loss of sight in various DR patients. When the signs of DR are detected, the seriousness of the disease needs to be validated for providing appropriate treatment. This study develops a new classification model for DR images by the use of deep learning based LetNet model. The proposed model involves a gradient descent (GD) based Hyper parameter tuned LeNet-5 model called GD-LeNet-5 model for the classification of DR images. The GD-LeNet-5 model involves a series of processes namely preprocessing, segmentation, feature extraction and finally classification. The presented model is tested using a DR dataset from Kaggle. The extensive experimental study clearly portrayed the superior outcome of the GD-LeNet-5 model with the maximum accuracy, sensitivity and specificity of 72.80%, 51.50% and 81.82% respectively.

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E. O. Ezekiel-Zebulon, I. P. Okokpujie, M. O. Moronfolu, K. Okokpujie

The study was carried out on organizational structure and sports personnel satisfaction in Nigeria South West Tertiary Institutions. To this end, a total of 200 sports personnel’s that cut across four institutions, that is, LASU, UNILAG, UI, and Ibadan Poly, were selected through a stratified random sampling technique and served as respondents in the study. A self-developed and validated questionnaire was the instrument used for data collection. Fifty (50) copies of the questionnaire were administered in each of the institutions using on the spot administration for high percentage returns. The data collected was used to develop a frequency distribution table for analysis. The descriptive statistics of percentage, bar, and pie charts were used for data presentation, while the t-test statistical tool was used in testing all stated hypotheses using 0.05 confidence levels. The findings show that Organizational structure, Reward, and Communication have significant influences on sports personnel satisfaction in Nigeria South-west Tertiary institution, it can also be depicted that for the development of any institution or sport academic, the organizational structural effects of the sports personnel need to be structured appropriately to promote healthy living.

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Subhadarsini Mohanty, Silpa Mohapatra GayatriAcharya

This study focuses on analysing comparative haematology and serum-biochemical paramaeters of indigenous Vanaraja and broiler chicken.For this investigation two different breeds of chicken such as; Indigenous Vanaraja chicken and broiler chicken were used as the experimental birds. The haematological parameters includes White Blood Cell (WBC), Red Blood Cell (RBC), Haemoglobin (Hb), Packed Cell Volume (PCV), Mean Corpuscular Volume (MCV), Mean Corpuscular Haemoglobin (MCH), Mean Corpuscular Haemoglobin Concentration (MCHC), Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate (ESR) and Differential Leukocyte Count ( DLC) whereas the biochemical parameters includes albumin, globulin, cholesterol, glucose etc. The WBC value of both the species was statistically different from each other and was significant at p<0.01. The RBC value was statistically non-significant in the breeds. The Hb concentration, PCV, MCV and MCH value was higher in case of Indigenous Vanaraja chicken than the broiler chicken and was statistically significant at p<0.001. However the MCHC value was non-significant for both the breeds. The Lymphocyte count was higher in Broiler chicken than the Indigenous Vnaraja chicken and was significant at p<0.01, the Heterophil count was non-significant, Monocyte count was non-significant at p>0.05, Eosinophil count was statistically significant at p<0.01 and the Basophil count was non-significant at p>0.05.There was no significant difference seen in between both indigenous and broiler for the Total protein concentration.The serum albuminconcentration was significant at (P=0.05). The concentration of different serum constituents of broilerand indigenous chickens was significant at (P=0.001).Cholesterol content in broiler was significantly higher than indigenous chickens at (P<0.001). Serum globulin concentration in the broiler and indigenous was non-significant at (P˃0.05). Ratio of concentration of serum albumin/globulin in broiler was and indigenous was non- significant at(P˃0.05).The above study suggested the highest rank of Haemoglobin concentration in Vanaraja chicken, because it is more active than Broiler chicken and the oxygen consumption rate is more. The haematological parameters differs from each other in both the breeds due to the several factors such as; low immunity, environmental factors, change in number, size and shape of blood cell. The genetic traits also have effect on the haematological parameters of both the types of birds. High serum albumin was caused by dehydration. The high or low glucose level was due to may be due to the consumption of diet rich in grain.

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Mark Van M. Buladaco, Frank Lou Ubay

Technology sets new record as people discover novel ideas of the application of technology. Some of these innovations paved a way to give solutions to the problems in various fields especially in agriculture. The identified problem is that plant pathologists use different applications such as Google Earth and Microsoft Excel in managing the data given by the growers that will lead to disorganization of location data. Moreover, handling large amount of data with the GPS coordinates as the only identifier on the map can be tedious and consumes significant effort when retrieving the specific data or information needed. In order to address the issues, a plant pathologists’ geotagging and monitoring system for infected banana plant was designed and developed as a remedy to the problem of the plant pathologist’s recording, monitoring of sample with diseases in the vast hectares of banana plantations. It is called GETMOSYS. The GETMOSYS application has two parts: a website that is specifically created to be used by the Pathologist and the mobile application that is created to be used by the growers for their grower representatives. Prototyping predictive model was used as the system development method in developing and implementing the software. Black box testing was used for the software testing functionality of the website and mobile application. One plant pathologist and 24 personnel of a banana plantation evaluated the system usability using the User Experience Questionnaire (UEQ). The system shows excellent results in Attractiveness, Perspicuity, Efficiency.

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Dhian Tyas Untari, Budi Satria, Adi Wibowo Noor Fikri, M. Fadhli Nursal, Widi Winarso

Technology development brings a wide impact for community, especially for young generation. Technology provides both positive and negative impacts for young people in Indonesia, especially communication technology. The following is a review of a study that will reveal the impact litertur and dynamic behavior of the younger generation as a result of the development of social media in Indonesia. This study is expected to be a reference for subsequent studies on adolescent study and its dynamic

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Muhammad Arpah, Marlina, Mulono Apriyanto

The study, entitled the effect of the administration of Palm Oil Long Palm (AJKS) to the growth and production of two corn varieties in peatlands, was carried out from October 2017 to March 2018 in trench 3 in Tembilahan Hulu Village, Tembilahan Hulu District, Indragiri Hilir Regency, soil analysis and AJKS conducted at the Bogor Institute of Agriculture Laboratory. The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of AJKS administration on the growth and production of two maize varieties (Zea mays L) on peatlands, and to determine whether there was an interaction between the dosage of AJKS and corn varieties on peat soil ameliorating AJKS. The design used was factorial Randomized Block Design (RBD) using 2 factors with three replications. The first factor is the dose of AJKS administration consisting of 4 levels, namely: A0: 0 kg / ha, A1: 500 kg / ha, A2: 1000 kg / ha, A3: 1500 kg / ha. The second factor is corn varieties with 2 levels, namely: V1: Pioneer Varieties and V2: Varieties N35. Of the two factors above obtained 8 treatment combinations. Based on the results of research that has been done, that there is no real interaction and influence between the treatment of giving AJKS with varieties to all observed parameters. Giving AJKS 1500 kg / ha gives the highest yields on all parameters observed except for the number of cobs, Pioneer variety is the variety that responds most to AJKS administration.

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Maslawati Mohamad, Fatin Kamilia Mohd Arif, Bity Salwana Alias, Melor Md Yunus

Gamification in education provides a new pathway for learners to be more engaged in their learning journey. ‘Quizizz’ is an online game that is used by educators for academic purposes. It allows educators to conduct self-paced online formative assessments in a fun and engaging manner. This study is a quantitative study undertaken to explore the perception of 91 distant post graduate students towards ‘Quizizz’. Most of these post graduate students are English teachers serving at elementary schools, secondary schools and tertiary institutions. In this article, despite the students’ perceptions towards ‘Quizizz’ which generally are positive, however, the challenges to the learning process are also prominent. The questionnaire consists of 20 items. The data were analyzed descriptively (frequency and percentage) using SPSS version 25. Most of the respondents agreed that ‘Quizizz’ is able to provide a platform which promotes positive reinforcement, motivation and immediate feedback when their marks are being displayed on the leaderboard. It is hoped that the findings could provide some insights to educators in employing ‘Quizizz’ as their formative assessments.

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Maheswari A, Dr. Salamun DE

Large number of existing studies have emphasized that thousands of natural polyphenols are represented from plant domain, occupying almost 70% of the globe, ocean incorporates enormous number of novel products with unique biological activities that may be useful in cancer drug development. Therefore four marine seaweeds were isolated, identified authenticated and they were analyzed for various antioxidant properties and the percentage of reaction in cell viability was also calculated to determine the potentiality of the secondary metabolites. The free radical scavenging activity was determined using DPPH and FRAP, and anticancer activity by MTT against HepG2 cancer cell line. It is evident from the results, among all four marine algal seaweeds, C.racemosa (46.32±0.55%) showed highest scavenging activity in DPPH and C.verticillata (61.83±0.012μM) in FRAP assay. In addition, a significant anticancer activity was observed in ethanolic crude extracts of C.scalpelliformis (78.52%) and C.verticillata (85.69%) of cell viability at 25μg/ml. Hence, the present study confirms that the green marine macro algae possess antioxidant and anticancer properties. Further analysis has to be carried out to determine the various bioactive compounds responsible for these biological functions.

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Le Hung Anh, Vo Thi Kim Khuyen

Microalgae are microorganisms with high performance of wastewater treatment and potential for biofuel production thanks to the ability to convert contaminants in the wastewater into their biomass. Based on these advantages, strains of Chlorella sp. isolated from the shrimp wastewater were pre-cultured in F/2 medium and later applied to treat shrimp aquaculture wastewater using tubular photo-bioreactors (PBR) in both laboratory and outdoor conditions. The wastewater collected from shrimp ponds in Can Gio coastal district was found to be suitable for the growth of Chlorella sp. (salinity 8 ‰, pH 7.33, N-NH4+ 4.32 mg/L and P-PO43- 0.12 mg/L), and a new Chlorella strain isolated from the wastewater could remove nutrients in the wastewater with high speed and efficiency. Nutrient concentrations decreased after the first 4 days of culture, wastewater treatment yields in the laboratory and outdoor culture reached 86.34% and 77.54%, respectively for ammonium removal; 72.5% and 79.1% for phosphate treatment, respectively. Furthermore, the results showed the growth of Chlorella sp. was faster in outdoor culture, compared with laboratory condition. The success of isolating Chlorella sp. strains and using them for shrimp farming wastewater treatment in tubular photo-bioreactors is the basis for further applications on the pilot scale before being implemented in practice.

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Murtazaeva Rakhbar, Adilov Abror, Saipova Kamola, Atadjanova Sayora

In this article, the authors highlighted the historical aspects of the formation and development of the principles of tolerance in the socio-political and spiritual life in antiquity and the early Middle Ages among the peoples of Central Asia. The historical aspects of this problem have not yet been published in international publications.

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S.Hamsanandhini, T.Thilagaraj, Dr.N Sengottaiyan

The Process of placing individual items into groups based on some quantitative information is known as clustering. The cluster number estimation is one of the most important tasks in clustering. The Gustafson-Kessel clustering model will suitable to evolve many real-world tasks. This model having the ability to deal with unlabeled data and also it will generate membership and typicality values. The skill sets like speaking, reading, listening and writing are used to analyze the student level. The prediction of the best performer will reduce the burden in placement and also reduce the cost in the student enrichment process.

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S.Narmadha, Dr.V.Vijayakumar

Short term traffic prediction is essential in the modern intelligent transportation systems. Numerous algorithms were developed for time serious traffic prediction. Long short term memory network (LSTM) is a time serious prediction model which is able to integrate multiple variables such as flow, weather and precipitation. Most of the researches were carried out using the main source of data such as total flow or average speed to predict the vehicle congestion. Weather and rainfall are other factors which are gradually increase the traffic congestion in the crowded city. In this paper, LSTM network is proposed for multivariate analysis based traffic flow prediction. Traffic data contains noise and missing values due to device failures and communication problems. Missing data has been imputed and noise are removed using stacked denoise autoencoder (SDAE). Results are compared with LSTM based univariate analysis and convolutional neural network (CNN) based multivariate analysis. According to the results of LSTM based Multivariate (flow, weather, precipitation) approach without missing value reduces the RMSE error rate to 15.01 to predict the future congestion of a road.

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Hai-Bang Ly

The main objective of this study is to investigate the possibility of applying Support Vector Regression (SVR) for predicting the compressive strength of cellular lightweight concrete. To this aim, a database of 177 experimental results on the compressive strength was used to construct and validate the SVR model using the training and testing datasets, respectively. A number of 100 simulations was performed in order to fully evaluate the accuracy of SVR, thanks to common statistical criteria. The results showed that the SVR algorithm was a good predictor in quick estimation of the compressive strength with a correlation between predicted versus actual data up to R = 0.9781.

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Dody Hapsoro, Nopi Handayani

Fraud of financial reporting is inherent in every company because of the information asymmetry. Therefore, the influence of fraudulent financial reporting needs considering to protect external stakeholders such as investors and creditors. This study aims to examine the effect of fraudulent financial reporting on company value, which is moderated by managerial ownership, audit committee, and quality of audit. This study uses the population which consists of public companies from the Kompas100 Index on the Indonesia Stock Exchange during the period 2013 to 2017. Data analysis techniques used both simple and multiple linear regression, using SPSS version 17.0. This study found that fraud in financial reporting had a significantly negative impact on company value. This study also found that managerial ownership did not moderate the fraudulent financial reporting effect on company value, the audit committee weakened the negative impact of fraudulent financial reporting on company value, and audit quality reinforced the negative influence of fraudulent financial reporting on company value.

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A.Maher El-Tair, M.S. El-Feky, Kamal G. Sharobim, Hassan Mohammedin, M. Kohail

The major problem that faces the use of nano-clay in concrete or in cement mortars is its high-water demand. Many researchers had investigated the reason for the high water demand was due to the high agglomeration behavior of nano-clay when mixed with water. Sonication is one of the methods used to de-agglomerate nano-clay particles and to improve the dispersion of nano-clay in the cement matrix. This research aims to reach the optimum indirect sonication time and the solid to liquid ratio that enhances the dispersion of nano-clay and consequently increases its reactivity in high strength cement mortars. The particle size distribution of the sonicated nano-clay particles and the corresponding specific surface area were the main keys governing the optimization process of the studied parameters. Using the optimum solid to liquid ratio with the corresponding sonication time, cement mortars were prepared, and their compressive strength as compared to a control mix (without nano-clay addition) was measured as an indication of the reactivity of nano-clay. In addition the performed microstructural analysis, SEM and XRD helped in confirming the compressive strength results. The results revealed that the optimum solid to liquid ratio is 1:6. Moreover, for every concentration, there is an optimum indirect sonication time. The optimum sonication time found to be 10 minutes for a solid to liquid ratio 1:6. By using the optimum concentration, an improvement in compressive strength of 18.7% and 22.6% after 7 and 28 days reached as compared to the control mix.

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Yasmine Liong Pui Kwan Abdullah, Harwati Hashim

Students need to be competitive in the present globalised world. Therefore, it is the responsibilities of educators in ensuring the implementation of the recent methodology such as 21st Century teaching and learning pedagogy and Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) in their classroom. In Malaysia, the Ministry of Education has been promoting and ensuring that teachers in Malaysia apply these approaches to that Malaysian students would be able to compete in the increasingly challenging world. However, there is a limit on how much a teacher can do by working on their own. That the reason why the Professional Learning Community (PLC) is trending in the education world now. PLC allows teachers to work collaboratively and by doing so, they are able to help each other to make their teaching better, for the betterment of their students’ learning. There are limitations in conducting PLC in schools. So, the Collaborative Instructional Design System (CIDS), the ASIE Model is designed and introduced. This paper aims to find out if the Collaborative Instructional Design System (CIDS), the ASIE Model could be a platform to enhance PLC in schools.

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Adler Haymans Manurung, Benny Hutahayan

This paper has objective to explore determinants of Market Power of Indonesian’s Bank. This research has unit of analysis is listed bank of Indonesia Stock Exchange for period 2007 – 2018. This research use model panel data to estimate relationship market power with internal and external variable. This research found that Net Interest Margin, Non-Performing Loan, Capital Adequacy Ratio, Ratio Operational Expenses to Operational Revenue, Exchange rate, Economic Growth and Fed Rate significant affected bank market power. Size as moderating variable does not significant affect bank market power, but it could moderate Net Interest Margin, Non-Performing Loan, Capital Adequacy Ratio and Ratio Operational Expenses to Operational Revenue to bank market power.

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Anis Farida Jamil, Arif Hidayatul Khusna

Mathematics is related to a daily life problem solving. Mathematics learning must be implemented meaningfully, so that students can understand mathematics as knowledge that can be applied in everyday life. Mathematical literacy is an ability to understand a problem and solve it using mathematics. Thus, it is important for students to have a good mathematical literacy ability. This study aim to develop a student worksheet characterized by open-ended approach to support student’s mathematical literacy ability that it’s categorized by validity and practical. This student worksheet use in discrete mathematics course. This reasearch used 3D model that is Define, Design, and, Develop. The instruments in this study were validation sheet and student questionnnaire. The validation sheet is used to determine the validity of the worksheet and the questionnaire is used to determine the practically of the worksheet.The result of this reasearch is developing worksheet that valid and practical chategorized.

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Dina Nurvita Sari, Ambiyar, Fahmi Rizal

This study aimed to evaluate the reaction of participant satisfaction, the learning process, behavior changes, and the results of the 3 in 1 Training Program (Training, Certification, Work Placement) at Padang Industrial Training Center. This research was an evaluation study with the Kirkpatrick evaluation model (Reaction, Learning, Behavior, Result). The method used was a mixed method by sequential explanatory. Quantitative data have been obtained by questionnaire to 104 training participants and analyzed by descriptive analysis using Achievement Level Respondents. Qualitative data have been collected by interviewed to 4 informants and observed, and analyzed with data reduction, data display, and make decisions/verification. The final stage of the findings of the study was The Evaluation of 3 in 1 Training Program (Training, Certification, Work Placement) at Padang Industrial Training Center was at sufficient category. Reaction level (learning material indicators provided and modules) and result level (work replacement indicator) should be improved to make a 3 in 1 Training Program (Training, Certification, Work Placement) at Padang Industrial Training Center could be optimally organized. Based on the findings is 3 in 1 Training Program (Training, Certification, Work Placement) at Padang Industrial Training Center can proceed by making improvements at each of its levels.

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Irma Ayuwanti, Marsigit, Dwi Siswoyo

Fuzzy set theory is one of the set theories in mathematics, which discusses the set that cannot be stated only in the values of 0 and 1. The development of the Fuzzy set theory grows more rapidly in various fields. Fuzzy set theory develops in various forms of application. The development of Fuzzy set theory including in the fields of education, economics, agriculture, engineering, social and health. This article is a review of the development of the application of the fuzzy set theory in the health field. In the field of health the fuzzy dream system has been developed as an expert system used for disease diagnosis. The results of reviews from various sources, the development of the theory of Fuzzy set in health including, as a tool for diagnosing liver disease, diabetes mellitus, dengue fever (DHF) and typhoid fever, cardiovascular disease, cord blood analysis, heart disease, thyroid disease, diseases teeth and mouth. The development of the Fuzzy set is very useful in the field of health as a fast and precise innovation.

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Armanda Bahtiar, Agustan Syamsuddin, Irwan Akib

This research paper aims to describe the influence of mathematical communication skills, logical thinking towards mathematical literacy skills in students grade V of elementary School in Somba Opu Sub-district, Makassar. This research paper uses the ex-post facto design. The instruments used are mathematical communication tests, logical thinking tests and mathematical literacy tests. Research sample is 316 students grade V of elementary School. The research data is analyzed with descriptive and inferential statistics. Descriptive analysis includes mean, median, variance, skewness, kurtosis, minimum value, maximum value and frequency distribution. While for inferential analysis used double linear regression analysis because researchers want to test whether there is a influence of mathematical communication skills, logical thinking towards mathematical literacy skills. Based on data analysis results, acquired t-count 9.298 > 1.967 with a significance of 0.000 < 0.05 so that it can be concluded that mathematical communication is influential towards mathematical literacy. While for the variables of logical thinking acquired t-count 8.606 > 1.967 with significance 0.000 < 0.05 so that it can be concluded that logical thinking affects the mathematical literacy. Furthermore, obtained F-count 221,312 > F-table 3.03 with significance 0,000 < 0.05 hence it can be concluded that the ability of mathematical communication and logical thinking of students jointly affects the students’ mathematical literacy skill.

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Siti Nur Azizah, Siti Nurhayati, Ade Irma Anggraeni

This study aimed to examine the effect of path goal theory namely directive leadership style, organizational commitment, and turnover intention in para-police (Satuan Polisi Pamong Praja) organization. The sample of this research consist of para-police in Kebumen regency with the status as contract employees with a total of 100 employees and the research method by path analysis. This Research shows that the directive leadership style can increase the organizational commitment of para-police employees. In the other hand, the high organizational commitment of employees can increase intention to stay in Kebumen para-police organization.

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R Jenin Prabhu, V.Surya, Balaji L.Hegde, D.Balaji

In this paper, a new topology of two-stage cascaded switched-diode (CSD) multilevel inverter is proposed for medium voltage renewable strength integration. Firstly, aims to limit the number of switches along with its gate drivers. Thus, the installation space and fee of a multilevel inverter are reduced. The spike removal switch added in the first stage of the inverter gives a flowing direction for the reverse load current, and as a result, excessive voltage spikes going on at the base of the stepped output voltage based upon conventional cascaded switched-diode multilevel inverter topologies are removed. Moreover, to resolve the problems related to DC source fluctuations of multilevel inverter used for renewable power integration, the clock section shifting (CPS) one-cycle control (OCC) is developed to control the two-stage CSD multilevel inverter. By shifting the clock pulse section of every cascaded unit, the staircase-like output voltage waveforms are obtained and a strong suppression capacity against fluctuations in DC sources is achieved.

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This study aims to reduce the stress of child prisoners through group counseling services with coping strategies focused on emotions. The study used one group pretest posttest design with qualitative analysis. The research subjects were 8 male convicts taken by purposive sampling technique. Data collection techniques using a questionnaire and observation guided checklist. Data analysis techniques using t-test. Group counseling services are provided five times, t value = 9,109 with a significance level of 0,000. The results showed that the stress level of child prisoners could be reduced by 26.16 percent through group counseling services using coping strategies focused on emotions.

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Abdullaeva Dildorakhon Zumratbekovna

In the theoretical descriptions of the parable, it is stated that in short form, the poetic or prose structure, the content of the narrative is the leading one. The similarity of one illustrative work within the classical literary works is seen in the plot and composition, the interpretation of images, the essence and form. These are some of the motivations in the works of Ezop and Alisher Navoi, N. Ganjavi, A. Jomi, Jaloliddin Rumi, Khoja, Sufi Alloyor.

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D’Souza Racheal, Kazi Samina and Dr. Anupma Harshal

Organisms that reside in the oral cavity become an important aspect of health and disease. Disruption of the oral health and hygiene has been attributed to the presence of abnormal microflora. Consumption of tobacco has been considered to be a leading cause for the presence of abnormal oral microflora, in turn disrupting the oral health. In this study, 45 respondents were targeted from South Mumbai who consumed tobacco in smokeless forms. Klebsiella pneumoniae strain was isolated from oral swabs of smokeless tobacco consumers and compared against controls. The strain was characterized using phenotypic and genotypic approaches. The presence of Klebsiella was reported in 24 of the 45 samples. Sequence comparison of 16S rRNA gene and phylogenetic analysis confirmed the presence of Klebsiella strain. The sequence obtained was submitted to the NCBI Gene bank that has been granted an accession number- KM186520. During the course of our study we observed Klebsiella pneumoniae to exhibit green fluorescent colonies under UV spectroscopy. λmax of the fluorescent chromophore was estimated to be 220 nm with OD of 1.785. Our analysis provides evidence that Klebsiella pneumoniae in the oral micro flora of the tobacco consumers exhibits a novel phenomenon of fluorescence.

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Heru Kreshna Reza, Sukmo Hadi Nugroho

This study aims to determine the influences of motivation and customer satisfaction on the quality of the online transportation services at Surabaya city. The subjects in this study were representatives of GrabTaxi driver-partners and representatives of GrabTaxi passengers. The technique of determining the sources in this study was using purposive sampling. The method of data collection conducts field studies through questionnaires and interviews. The data analysis technique used in this study is the Structural Equation Model (SEM). This study also uses the data validity test and reliability test in the form of Goodness of Fit and Construct Reliability. The results of this study indicate that there is significant influence between quality of online transportation services, with several factors : (1) The recruitment process of drivers, (2) Reasons for working drivers, (3) Performance Assessment of drivers, (4) Customer satisfaction, and (5) Motivation implications of drivers. This study also produces a weight priority value on the motivational variable of online transportation, (1) The Sustainability Aspect 0.176, (2) The Contributing of Value 0.197, (3) Appreciating creativity 0.145, (3) Growing inclusiveness 0.180, (4) Ethical principles aspect 0.152, and (5) Aspect of Passion 0.150, as a mutually influential of systems in the quality of online transportation services.

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Syahyunan Pora, Arqom Kuswanjono, Hardono Hadi

Human knowledge about spices has been known since the history of European civilization in the ancient era, the Middle Ages, until the beginning of the modern age. Pepper, cloves, nutmeg, and cinnamon are the main spices of Europeans. Exotic spices coming from the eastern world were introduced by Arab traders through Constantinople and Alexandria and then headed to a number of cities in Greece and other cities in Europe. Since the spice had entered and become part of the European mind, spice knowledge gave birth to various influences and implications for various aspects of human life. Colonialism and imperialism, the discovery of the new world, maritime technology and natural knowledge, including medical science and culinary traditions, and geospatial world are parts of the influence and implications of spices on European mind from the XIV century to the XVII century. The chronicles of the history of spices cannot be separated from the view of life of European mind in viewing the eastern world especially Maluku as the place of origin of clove and nutmeg spices, a world laden with mythical traditions of ancient times, the effects of “anesthetic worldly pleasures” that conflict with medieval spirits, including freedom of thought which is a symbol of modern human patrons. The adverse effects and benefits of spices for the European mind also gave birth to knowledge that had epistemological implications for various scientific narratives in the history of human life.

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Rani Sabtelasari, Firsov Andrey Valentinovich

Indonesian architectural culture, which is based on local wisdom, can give meaning to human life. Architecture is a dimension of meaning that is a measure of the height of human culture. With the increasing use of 3D techniques, visualization of the introduction of architectural culture can be more easily displayed. 3D models provide a new means to visualize and introduce a design, and can even be shared to exchange design information through the internet. This article discusses the process and results of the 3D reconstruction of Indonesian traditional house attractions, namely the "Pagaruyung Palace" and their use on online sites. The wealth of the 3D model makes the structure of information better, which in turn can facilitate the preservation of a historic building, and also attract tourists when searching for and searching for information about the advantages of a tourist attraction through an online repository. Plus, the creation of 3-D animation that takes into account as much accurate information as possible and an interactive display that makes it easy to deliver information. So the narrative of tourist attractions as 3-D animation will be beneficial for cultural education and tourism.

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Janaki K, Janani M

With Wireless functionality, we can model both terrestrial and satellite radio Systems. Radio communication is used to implement and administrate the Telecommunication networks. Usually this implementation will takes place at the physical level of the OSI model network. We create a radio network by using modeler and wireless modeling. Also we will observe the quality variations in the received signal. This quality variation arises from radio interference at the accepting node in a powerful system topology. In a wireless system, the obstruction can diminish the sign to commotion proportion (SNR). The SNR in a system can be improved utilizing various sorts of reception apparatuses, for example, directional receiving wires and by expanding the compelling sign quality at the beneficiary. To analyze the performance of the network with jammer device, we will structure a straight forward radio system with a portable jammer hub and two stationary correspondences hubs, and afterward the distinctions in the SNR of the system has been broke down when the stationary hubs utilize a directional receiving wire versus an isotropic reception apparatus. The OPNET Modeler, a network performance analysis software tool is used to create a network model. In this paper we evaluated the receiver BER, received power, and throughput with two antenna patterns. Also a timer controller is designed to compare the situation of the jammer with BER.

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Preeti Sharma, Ramtej J. Verma

MicroRNAs are small non-coding RNAs with property of regulating gene expression in both plants and animals. They bind to their specific mRNA targets with near complementarity and regulate their expression either by cleavage or translational inhibition. Cross-kingdom regulation by miRNAs is the new concept where miRNAs from one species are able to target the mRNA of other species. Various biological pathways are under the control of these miRNAs which are critical for functioning of human biological system. NF-kB (Nuclear Factor kappa-light-chain-enhancer of activated B cells) pathway is one such pathway which plays very important link between inflammation and cancer, as it often gets activated by stimuli from proinflammatory molecules such as cytokines and chemokines. Various plant derived phytocompounds such as terpenoids and flavonoids have been reported to show their inhibitory effect on activation of this pathway. The present study is aimed at identification of miRNAs from plant kingdom which can target the genes of NF-kB pathway. Functional annotation and pathway analysis categorized the genes into different classes of proteins and biological pathways, where ‘signaling molecule’ and ‘CCKR signaling map’ were the most enriched classes of proteins and pathways, respectively. Protein-protein interactions showed a strong association between CXCL8, a cytokine and TNFAIP6, a member of hyaluronan-binding protein family. miRNA-target gene regulatory network identified VEGFA as the top hub with highest degree and betweenness centrality having maximum number of interactions. The pathway distribution of the nodes showed ‘Pathways in Cancer’ the most enriched pathway comprising 5 genes, VEGFA, TRAF3, TRAF6, AKT3 and BCL2. The findings have explored the putative miRNAs from plants targeting the crucial genes of NF-kB pathway which can be further explored for their regulatory potential in therapeutic aspects using translational approaches.

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Anupriya Saxena, Dr. Nimish Gupta

Modernization in the lifestyle of a common Indian is very much in favor of digital food delivery applications. The shift of youth to metro cities, extended working hours, high commutation time are a major motivational factor for eating out or ordering food digitally. Everyone needs to have food at regular time intervals which ensure repeat in demand and growth in the Market. Eating out is also an available option but due to time constraints and high on the pocket, this option is not as in demand as Digital food ordering apps. There is populous digital food ordering portals are available for online food delivery. To succeed digital portals have to understand the needs, tastes, and preferences of customers. In this research paper customer preference towards 10 different digital food ordering applications is analyzed. Friedman rank test and Chi- Square Test is done on a sample of 1000 from Uttar Pradesh. The study results concluded that Zomato and Swiggy are the most preferred digital food ordering apps in customers and customer preferences vary on one to other applications.

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Teguh Prastowo, Anis Saggaff, Febrian Hadinata

Tiga Dihaji Dam is a vital water resource infrastructure building because it has a very important function for the community living downstream of the dam as a provider of raw water with a capacity of 1 m3/second, serving 38,500 Ha of irrigation, generating 35.74 MW of electricity and also playing a role in reducing floods by 7.04%. With this role, a study of the characteristics of watersheds (DAS) is needed so that the services provided by the Tiga Dihaji Dam will always be optimal and also this study will provide a basis for the management agencies in preparing the Watershed Management Plan. The analysis of the morphometric characteristics of the Watersheds of Tiga Dihaji Dam reveals that the watershed area of 1,158.2 km2 can be identified, with an elongated watershed and a river length of 61.3 km. The density of the watershed is classified as Very Rough as indicated by a Dd value of 0.26. It can also be illustrated through the river branching variable through the Br value of 5.42 which means that the Tiga Dihaji Dam Watershed has the characteristics of a rapid increase in flooding, as well as its decline. Based on its meteorological characteristics, this watershed has a high average annual rainfall of 2,535 mm / year, while the climate condition of the watershed is known to have an average temperature of 26.5 - 28.0 oC, irradiation time ranges from 35.8 - 67.4%, humidity ranges from 78.7 - 87.6% and wind speeds range from 1.2 to 1.8 m/second. Geologically, the Tiga Dihaji Watershed is composed of clay rock, sandstone, silt and napal rock at 43.3%, while the soil type is dominated by Sandy Clay Loam, which means that the watershed has the potential to produce a fairly large river discharge. While the distribution of heights ranges from 0-2,500 masl with a slope of 0.965%. In terms of land use, the Tiga Dihaji Dam watershed is dominated by 47.1% of dry land farming mixed with bushes. The land use map and the land map results in composite curve number for the Tiga Dihaji Dam watershed of 79 which means that this watershed is large enough to pass rainwater to become runoff discharge.

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Dr. Ansuman Samal, (Dr.) Jyotirmoyee Jena

Background: Life is full of uncertainties and many a times it confronts with various undesirable situations that create hindrances in living, leading, and maintaining a flourishing society. With globalization, when the barriers between the countries as well as the societies are diminishing and interconnectivity has grown to a all-time high position, frequent outbreak of various deadly and contagious ailments are often reported across the globe creating chaotic situations. In this regard, the recent outbreak of deadly novel coronavirus (nCoV) in Peoples’ Republic of China can be taken into account that has taken a heavy toll on human lives across many areas and currently the world is at an anxious position to respond towards this newfound calamity. Therefore, it’s high time for us to gauge the consciousness levels towards this deadly epidemic particularly amongst the young students which can be helpful in generating long term sustainable solutions. Objective: To assess the awareness and knowledge about the deadly novel coronavirus (nCoV) amongst the students’ community at two of the renowned deemed to be universities in the capital city of Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India. Materials & Methods: A total of 621 feedbacks were collected from the students pursuing various undergraduate and post graduate courses at those universities. A self-administered questionnaire was used to capture their demographic profiles, lifestyle data, awareness and concerns towards the novel coronavirus (nCoV), and outlook towards leading a healthier life. Results: The results revealed many aspects towards the lifestyles of the students. Though they were somehow aware with the term novel coronavirus (nCoV) but a thorough knowhow gap was observed. Based on the findings some measures have been recommended in order to increase the awareness towards the diseases and take preventive actions against it. Epilogue: As the younger mass is the future of a community and often leads a very vibrant but asymmetrical lifestyle, it becomes important to capture their perceptions and carefully assess their modes of living in order to take preventive & corrective measures for a healthy future. Towards this, our study can provide necessary impetus for addressing the important issues like student’s physical and psychological health.

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Nguyen Phu Loc, Mai Tan Loc

A mind map is a diagram in which information is arranged visually and sequentially. Therefore, the use of mind maps in teaching has been used by many educators around the world; they showed that it much supports the teaching process of teachers and students' learning process. Also, with the mind map approach in teaching mathematics, we conducted experimental teaching in teaching the topics of straight line and circle equations - Geometry 10 in high school mathematics program in Vietnam. By using mind maps in reviewing knowledge, in teaching new knowledge and in systematizing knowledge for two experimental classes, we found that the learning results of students in the two experimental classes were actually higher than those of the two control classes. From our experience gained through experimental teaching, we believe that teaching mathematics with the help of mind maps will be a teaching method that contributes to improving the effectiveness of mathematics education in schools.

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Rina Kurniawati, Leni Fitriani, Adam Kurnia

The rapid development of the internet brought many changes for humans to exchange information. In looking for job information in Garut, Indonesia, applicants usually use the manual method, namely by going to the company to see the bulletin board that contains job vacancies, search print media such as newspapers, magazines, and brochures. The process has a disadvantage because the applicant must go to the company in question by bringing the required documents such as curriculum vitae or curriculum vitae that still uses paper. This research aims to create a web-based job information system. The methodology used is a Rational Unified Process with the stages of Inception, Elaboration, Construction, and Transition. Using Unified Modelling Language diagrams, in the form of use case, activity, sequence, and class diagram diagrams. The existence of this Job Vacancy Information System, then job seekers, can minimize the cost and time needed to find information on suitable job openings, including to minimize costs and time required and file delivery via the internet. The utilization of web-based job information system technology is expected to increase in the future in line with the development of information technology at this time.

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Ashutosh, Dr Ashok Sharma, Dr Masroor Ahmed Beg, Dr Vivek Singh Tomar

The changing technology, enormous opportunity for substitutes, and ever-changing consumption pattern has affected margins of Indian Fibre Cement Sheets industry. The high brand equity results higher customer satisfaction which drives high prices and elevates organizational performance. Organizations that invest in brands, can track their brand story by employing brand equity surveys, enabling corrective action for development of high brand equity. Brand Equity Survey employed on the basis of key variables identified through literature review. Kolmogorov-Smirnov, Shapiro-Wilks and Mann Whitney U Test were used for data analysis in this study. The survey was employed through a pre-validated questionnaire. The study follows a descriptive research design. The various components of the Brand Equity and their association among two prominent fibre cement companies was studied. Strategies to improve the weak components of Brand Equity has been suggested. The management of the firm under study shall be benefited in fine tuning the overall strategy of the organization. The brand equity is one of the construct of long term performance of the firm. This study will help firms in developing and planning strategic alternatives to counter all the challenges. This paper on study of brand equity is first of its kind in this sector.

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Jamaluddin Ahmad, Muliani S, Hardianti

The function of higher education in Indonesia according to Law Number 12 of 2012 is to develop an innovative, responsive, creative, skilled, competitive and cooperative academic community. Millennial generation emerges with the concept of digitizing all daily life, including the activities of the learning process, research, and community service. The aim of this study is to understand the level of acceptance of millennial generation and the application of digitalization in encouraging the implementation of higher education functions. This type of research is qualitative with data collection techniques through documents and interviews, the data is then analyzed using qualitative descriptive analysis. The results show that the level of acceptance tends to be more innovative, more creative, more competitive, and more cooperative, but tends to lack skills by digitizing all higher education functions. The conclusion is that by digitizing all processes of higher education, millennial generation is more optimal in accepting the function of higher education.

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Nguyen Phu Loc, Ngo Tran Thuy Tien

Increasing the practicality in mathematics education has been a trend of most countries in the world. With this trend, students find that mathematics is not an abstract subject far removed from reality. One of the pioneers in teaching mathematics to be associated with real-life is Hans Freudenthal - Dutch mathematics educator. He developed the theory of Realistic Mathematics Education (RME) with the idea that teaching mathematics must start a realistic situation; today this theory has been widely applied not only in the Netherlands but also in many parts of the world. In order to approach RME into mathematics education in Vietnam, we developed the RME-based teaching model and conducted research with the teaching of cosine theorem - Geometry 10 to verify its feasibility. The results showed that if the teacher used RME – based teaching, students could learn cosine theorem by abstracting and generalizing from a real situation; thereby, they found that mathematics is very close to life, creating a motivation for learning mathematics for them. From this, we can assert that teaching with the RME approach meets the goal of mathematics education in Vietnam in the present and upcoming period in the 21st century, and it needs to be studied and widely applied in mathematics teaching in Vietnam.

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Clara Jeyageetha.J, Gayathri.M, Jeyapratha.J

Fly ash is usually captured from the chimneys of coal-fired thermal power plants, whereas bottom ash after firing is removed from the bottom of the furnace. In the past, fly ash from the chimney was generally released directly into the atmosphere, but advance pollution control equipment mandated in current decades now requires that can be captured instead of releasing into the atmosphere. This present study was made to separate the iron bearing particles from fly ash, the waste of coal fired thermal power plants and characterized by different techniques adapted for finding out the morphology, composition, functional group, size, band gap and electro activity. FTIR analysis of iron oxide separated from fly ash showed the frequency of 670.08 cm-1, 563.67 cm-1 & 465.85 cm-1 and revealed that the iron oxide nanoparticles in the form of maghemite. The optical direct band gap energy was 5.0 eV & 3.9 eV . The average crystallite size for separated iron oxide nanoparticle from fly ash was 18.13 nm. FESEM of Iron oxide nanoparticle separated from fly ash showed the globe shape is iron rich spheres.. In photoluminescence the intensity of the excitation peak centered on 385 nm and 790 nm and 470 nm. The peak at 470 nm was broad and featureless. The iron particles obtained from the fly ash can be utilized as a raw material for a number of iron based reactions and for the preparation of nanoparticles.

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Rosyida Permatasari, MNM Jaafar

The emissions from FBC (Fluidized Bed Combustion) are dependent on temperature, staged air, excess air, fuel feed rate and fuel properties. In this paper therefore, an accurate report of the experimental results taken in a staged air fluidized bed combustion scale is given. It is important to note that during the experiment, palm shell was used as fuel and silica sand as inert material. The silica sand was used to ensure sustainable combustion in FBC while changing of fuel feeding rate was carried out successfully by modifying the rotation of Miki pulley with time. Furthermore, the amount of partial changes in excess and secondary air were obtained through measurement. The gaseous emissions of CO and CO2 concentrations were measured using TOCSIN 320 gas analyzer while the temperatures along the combustor height and the flue gas were obtained using the K-type thermocouples. According to the results obtained, 0% and 60%EA at 40%SA is the most favorable condition when trying to reduce CO emission. However, increasing of air staging level will reduce the CO2 concentration at 60%EA.

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Soumya S. Mohanty, Sikha Mishra

In this work the impact of spacer in InGaAs/InP hetero stepped double gate MOS transistor is investigated by a 2D TCAD device simulator. To minimize the short channel effects (SCEs), under lap technique is used symmetrically in either side of the gate. However, it considerably decreases the On current due to enhanced channel resistance. Thus the spacers on under lap region are one of the solutions to overwhelm these problems. Therefore, difficulties associated with conventional under lap DG MOSFET can be eliminated with significant improvement in On current and intrinsic gain. Further, to reduce the punch-through effect, stepped gate concept is integrated in the double gate MOSFET to attain a better control on the channel carriers that eventually reduces the leakage current. So this paper presents a comparison made between symmetric spacer underlap hetero stepped double gate (SSUHS-DG) MOSFET and hetero stepped double gate (HS-DG) MOSFET; so far SSUHS-DG MOSFET offers better device performance.

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Reena Bansal , Dr. Neelendra Badal

These instructions give you In modern world Internet is an important medium to transfer the information or data (text, image, video, audio) from one place to another place. But sometime hackers on internet can access the important or personal data of anyone; they can modify or can misuse the valuable information. To make the data safe and secure over the internet we have two different techniques Cryptography and Steganography. Cryptography is the process to convert the original information into unreadable form. And Steganography is science of hiding the secret information. This secret information can be hidden in the text, image, video and audio. To save the important information from the hackers on internet we are hiding the encrypted information in video.

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Naima Khashimova, Marina Abdurashidova, Manzura, Buranova, Gulnara Saidova

In this article analyzed of innovative projects remaining a vital support for the economic and social progress Republic of Uzbekistan. Charges associated with infrastructure and production of scientific and technological progress are expected to grow steadily, contemporary and reliable financing tools are needed to adequately support efforts to overcome financial difficulties.

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Sasmita Mohanty

Indian hospitality industry is developing at a faster pace. India is a country which is associated with the traditions and values more than any other country and a tourist destination. Hotel industry is a broader industry and working of an industry needs many further smaller and bigger positions. Whereas, there are several facilities a hospitality industry provides to its customers or clients like spa, customer services and food/ canteen etc.The study intends to find out the impact of e-HRM practices on job satisfaction of Hotel Industry. The data was collected was collected from the employees working in three star hotel in Bhubaneswar Orissa. It was collected from the month of January 2018 till June 2018. It was found that there is a significant relationship exists between Green Job Analysis on Job Satisfaction, Green recruitment on Job Satisfaction, between Green performance appraisal on Job Satisfaction between Green training and development on Job Satisfaction between Green selection on Job Satisfaction between Green reward management on Job Satisfaction between Green employee discipline management on Job Satisfaction, and between Green Employee relation on Job Satisfaction.

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Bibhuti B Pradhan

Consumer behaviour is influenced by the type of packaging of the product too easily. The better and eye-catching the packaging is the more consumers are attracted towards them. Packaging refers to the outer layer of the product wrapped around the original product to allow ease to carry and attract the consumers to buy. Similarly packaging makes the product different from the other product and also develops brand recognition. This paper aims with an intention to know the impact of packaging on the buyers’ behaviour while purchasing any products. This papers deal with the secondary data and the other researcher could further use this research paper using their primary data. It is found and concluded that packaging attracts the customers and accumulates interest and willingness within the consumers. As the consumer’s interests and taste or preferences change with the span of time but packaging consistently attracts consumers with its graphics, value based information and brand.

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Bibhuti B Pradhan

Job stress refers to the physical, emotional and mental pressure an employee faces when the job’s requirement doesn’t meet the requirements of the employee. Job stress is not always bad. At times, it pushes the employees out of their boundaries to perform well and push themselves to achieve the goal but not always job stress is positive. The paper attempts to review the literature underpinning the job stress in IT sector in India. From the secondary data and literature review of this paper it is analysed that for some employees the job is stressful when they are not competent for the job or either the job is not competent for them. Similarly, for some employees in the organization it is a challenge when they push themselves to new heights of their career but for other employees it becomes stressful.

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G T Danappa, R P Swamy, Raghavendra C R

The hybrid metal matrix composite coating has found wide spread applications in the field of aerospace and automobile industries. In the present work the Al7075 is used as the major material and Gr micro particles along with nano TiO2 particles are reinforced in the composite material. The influence of nano TiO2 particles and Graphite particles in the composite material on specific wear rate is carried out. Normal load, sliding speed and sliding distance are kept constant for all the samples. Further work is concentrated on the influence of percentage of nano particles on the microhardness are evaluated. The results reveal that decrease in the specific wear rate by the presence of hard TiO2 and Graphite particles.

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Adelina, Feliatra, Indra Suherman, Desy Mutia Sari

Vibrio sp is one type of bacteria that infects a lot of biota, this bacterium is very easy to spread, no exception affecting fish both marine and fresh aquaculture. This research was conducted in April - May 2018. The purpose of this study was to analyze the resistance of Vibrio sp. in the sea waters of Dumai against antibiotics. The research method used is the survey method, by taking 5 sampling points that are in different conditions. The test antibiotics used were: Chloramphenicol, Penicillin and Isoniazid. The results showed that the density of Vibrio sp. ranging from 1.3 x 103 - 1.6 x 103 CFU / ml. Number of colonies of Vibrio sp. highest at station 4, lowest at station 5. Results of the resistance test for Vibrio sp. for antibiotics as many as 32 isolates of Vibrio sp. showed that in Chloramphenicol antibiotics there were 31 bacterial isolates classified as intermediate resistances with inhibition zones ranging from 12-19.8 mm, and 1 isolate including sensitive with a 21 mm inhibition zone. In Penicillin antibiotics all bacterial isolates were included as resistant with inhibitory zones ranging from 1.6 to 9 mm. And on Isoniazid antibiotics all bacterial isolates included resistance with inhibitory zones ranging from 0.9 to 6.2 mm.

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Maria Antony Sebastin Vimalan P, Lavanya G

In this paper, the formulas of alkali activated materials (fly ash, metakaolin, GGBS) were prepared by mixing Sodium hydroxide (14 M) and Sodium silicate with suitable mix ratios. The glass fibred (3%) gypsum board and plain gypsum cubes were casted and coated with alkaline activated materials. The mechanical and physical properties were investigated. The cube compression specimen coated with AAMK was 12.96 MPa and the control mix has value 23.7 % lesser than the AAMK.

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N.N.Ganvir, D.M.Yadav

Breast cancer is deadly disease amongst women in all over the world. Earliest symptoms of breast carcinomas and their detection plays vital role for improving early stage of cancer. Micro calcification is small calcium deposits in breast typically size of 0.1mm to 0.3mm and appears in a high frequency area. Many researchers worked on mammograms by developing efficient computer –aided diagnosis (CAD) using different algorithms. In this Paper, proposed system processed on real time images from Vinod hospital ,Jalgaon from India. Anisotropic diffusion filtering is used for preprocessing of mammogram images; this filter best known for enhances the low contrast mammogram and preserves the edges. Cancer detection refers to the extraction of region of interest ROI, typically represents the tumor, in the image. Here, cellular automata Moore neighborhood segmentation technique is used. This system extract clustered micro calcifications region that can process further for feature extraction. This method gives significally-improved results, which validated with Mini-Mias database.

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Md Nazirul Islam Sarker, Md Shahidul Islam, Hilarius Murmu, Elizabeth Rozario

This study aims to explore the potential of big data technologies for ensuring digital farming. A systematic literature method has been conducted to explore the current practices as well as aspects that can help farmer at field level for increasing production. This study reveals several technologies and practices in agriculture that are based on big data for taking right decision at right time in right way at the field level. The study reveals that use of agricultural big data technologies are still a low level and needs more investment for infrastructure establishment, related expertise, technological knowledge of farmers, attitude of adoption of technologies and awareness about the benefits of big data technologies. It also explores that application of big data technologies can help farmer to weather forecasting, crop selection, irrigation management, crop diseases and pest management, crop yield prediction, agricultural marketing, and agricultural policy decision. But farmer needs help from an expert team to implement the facilities at field level. The study argues that a commercial implementation of big data technologies requires government initiatives, private sector’s involvement and a public-private partnership to supply related facilities to farmers in time.

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Vilma M. Geronimo, Alden Sinuhin

Human exposure to mold species often results in infections, ranging from common responses to damaging, life-threatening conditions. The use of synthetic alternatives has been the primary resort to keep products in good conditions. The preservatives, however, were also seen to increase the risks of diseases. In this premise, this study assessed the mold inhibitory property of Oregano Tincture and Orange Peel Powder for its potential to be used in food and materials application. It also determined the level of acceptability of the finished product to evaluate its prospective marketing value. Product development and descriptive methods were employed. In evaluating the product’s acceptability, questionnaires were utilized and answered by homeowners and experts in the fields of Chemistry and Biology. With regards to its mold inhibitory property, bread, cheese, and wood were used as media for direct observation using visible mold growth and mold smell as indicators. The survey revealed that the product was accepted by the respondents, in terms of its sensory attributes. No significant difference was seen in the ratings of the homeowners and experts. Observation results exhibited strong mold inhibitory property of the product. This study provides significant impression for the potential of plant substances to be utilized against problems brought about by molds.

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Mahmudova Nargiza Ravshanovna, Gafurova Nodira Ravshanovna, Artikova Shakhnoza Makhamadovna, Azimova Sayyora Khusanboevna

The article draws attention to and discusses the problems of the use and interpretation of national proverbs in the teaching of foreign languages. The authors discuss the role of proverbs in human life and the ways in which they use the proverbs of each nation in foreign language lessons. The article also discusses the notion of a minimum of paremiology.

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Norma J. Apao, Larmie S. Feliscuzo, Cherry Lyn C. Sta. Romana, Jennifer Aurea S. Tagaro

Predictive analytics in healthcare taps data mining, statistics, modeling, machine learning, and artificial intelligence that allows organizations to speak with their data to predict outcomes effectively. The prime objective of this study was to give an in-depth application of machine learning techniques to prognosticate the level of activity of the necessary actions of the patient with stroke that involve the upper extremity into three classes. Prognosticating the level of basic activities of daily living offers insights both to the patients and health care providers that may support them in making informed decisions. Early prediction of the patient's outcome may help the medical rehabilitation center improve the current approaches and come up with new possibilities and solutions for better services and results. This study employed the knowledge discovery in the database system development method and implemented the random forest algorithm to develop a predictive model to prognosticate the level of activity. The patients’ scores of the tests and measures obtained by the therapist in the 15th session of consecutive or non-consecutive rehabilitation sessions of intensive physical therapy within the first three months after stroke were used in the study. Data from October 2018 to September 2019 of the medical rehabilitation center were utilized as the training and testing datasets with 34 features or attributes. The performance results show that the random forest algorithm achieved a high-level classification accuracy of 88.24% and performed well across all instances with a generated Kappa score of 0.8218. The results further revealed that random forest classifier achieved the highest performance in classifying the prepared datasets compared to J48, Naïve Bayes, Random Tree, and REPTree classification techniques. The most potent predictors in prognosticating the level of activity were also successfully identified in this study.

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Subhash Chand Agrawal, Rajesh Kumar Tripathi

Vehicle flow estimation is an important part of traffic management system. It plays an important role in tracking systems, automatic video surveillance and also to avoid collision. This paper proposes a method to estimate the speed of vehicles on the highways and city areas. The proposed method can be effectively implemented to control the over speed vehicles and to found guilty in leading to traffic accidents. Each vehicle in the video recorded by the camera is identified. A bounding box is created on the identified vehicle and its centroid coordinates are marked. The analysis of speed is done using mathematical formulae which are embedded in the software. The existing research in this field has certain limitations. The first limitation is consumption of a lot of memory to store videos in the hard drive. The second limitation is inaccuracy of the system in unpleasant weather conditions such fog, haze, rain, and heavy winds, etc. Some systems failed to crate proper bounding box as it is necessary for accurate analysis of the motion of the vehicle and its speed. Another disadvantage is that shadow produced by vehicles on the different lanes of the road creates a fuss and the system detects the shadow too as a different object and creates a bounding box over it. There are other hardware based methods such as radar gun also. Cosine errors occurred when the direction of the vehicle and the radar gun doesn’t match. The objective of the proposed work is to develop a system which can provide the alternative to the radar based systems which can detect multiple vehicles at the same time. We have evaluated the proposed method on various traffic videos and found that the proposed method accurately detect the speed of a vehicle and outperforms many state-of-the-art approaches.

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Sumarji, Salahuddin Junus, Rahma Rei Sakura, Mochamad Asrofi, Ahmad Wafi

Aluminium matrix composite is one of composite materials that has good mechanical properties and widely used in industry. The addition of Mg and SiC components increased the hardness number of the composite. While, the aluminium 6061 alloy is an alloy with the possibility of small shrinkage defects and better liquidity levels that affect the weldability and cast ability due to the silicon content of the alloy. (1) In this study the addition of Mg serves to increase the value of hardness, wetting ability of the matrix and reinforcement. (2) This study analyzed the addition of 3%, 5% 8% Mg and 8% SiC. The tests were done by hardness test, tensile test, microstructure observation, SEM, and XRD. (3) The highest hardness number was 87.67 HRB with the addition of 8% Mg while the highest tensile strength was 174.26 MPa with the addition of 5% Mg. (4) From the results of the study showed that the addition of Mg improves the mechanical properties of Al6061/SiC composites.

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K.S Vairavel, R.Nevetha

Hand gesture wheelchair system is trending nowadays for disabled peoples. In this paper, we designed a hand gesture wheelchair system for a disabled person using the raspberry pi. This is useful for disabled peoples who face difficulty in moving one place to another in daily life. Normally wheelchairs are driven by the help of other persons or by ourselves. Various type of wheelchairs is constructed like joystick control, eye control and head control systems. And in the proposed system we used hand gesture for movement of a wheelchair by capturing hand gesture using a web camera it will move according to the numbers of fingers captured. The camera is the input in this system. By recognizing the number of fingers wheelchair move in required direction i.e, when one finger is captured wheelchair moves left side, two fingers move right side, three-finger moves front side and four-finger it move backside. The main aim of this paper is to implement an automatic wheelchair-using hand gesture reorganization.

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K.Dhayalini, Kirthika.S, Merlin Diyana.S, Gayathri.D, Kalpana.K

This paper uses a FACTS device, UPFC for damping power oscillation in transmission systems as the power oscillations might increase risk of instability in the system and may also reduce power quality when the power system is being exposed to any disturbance. FACTS controllers permit newer approaches to system stabilization. In the proposed system, whenever power oscillations are detected due to any system disturbance the UPFC provides voltage support and improves the power system stability. The proposed system improves damping performance when compared with other methods. Harmonics is reduced in this proposed system. The quicker power oscillation damping using UPFC ensures smooth and reliable flow of the power through transmission line. This paper implements the control scheme and result is thus obtained for oscillations damping using Unified Power Flow Controller (UPFC) based on the computer simulations using the MATLAB software.

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R.Shobana Ishwarya, A.Swarnalatha

Horse gram (Macrohjloma uniflomm) is considered to be the poor man's pulse particularly in South India. it is also known as Gahat, Muthira, Kulath or Kulthi, Hurali. The present study conducted to evaluate the nutritional and sensory evaluation of developed horse gram products. two different products were developed using different kind of horse gram flour. The horse gram flour was prepared in two different types as germinated horse gram flour and roasted horse gram four. The germinated horse gram flour replaced with wheat flour in different proportion to develop cookies and roasted horse gram flour replaced with ragi flour to develop Adai. The sensory evaluation of developed horse gram value added products were analysed. In sensory evaluation, Variation I (20% G.H.F) in cookies and Variation II (60% R.H.F) in adai were found to be superior than other samples. The nutritive value of the developed products was evaluated shown higher nutrient content such as iron and calcium than the standard product. The shelf life of the developed horse gram cookies were studied using three types of packaging. This study encourages to find different value added products using horse gram flour may help to consume by more people with full inspiration of this legume. To enforce the people to gain the nutritious knowledge about horse gram cookies. Consumption of horse gram powder daily will aid in weight loss in adults.

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Dr.R.Ilango, Dr.S.Titus, Prof.G.Gabriel Santhosh Kumar

In power systems the electrical equipment and insulating materials must be capable of withstanding over voltages during operation. Normally high Direct Current (DC) voltage is used in testing a variety of insulating material. In this paper a high DC voltage generator with voltage multiplier element is developed also analyzed. A 12 stage cascaded voltage multiplier module is designed and the multi-module circuit also developed by connecting the output voltage of each module in series using MATLAB SIMULINK software. The maximum DC output voltage of 50.93 kV is generated using this compact converter in simulation. The hardware of compact converter using modern power semiconductor switches is constructed that produce maximum output DC voltage of 3.43 kV with maximum duty cycle of the MOSFET switch varied up to 84.30%. The PIC microcontroller is used to achieve PWM generation for switching the MOSFET.

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Maryann H. Lanuza

One of the theories to improve Mathematics performance is by the integration of fun while learning, to name one Yadav (2015) conducted a play-way method resulted to students’ learning mathematics clearly and easily. By this, the study sought to determine the significant differences on the perceived use of Gamification Technique (GT) when grouped according to sex, age, year level, and Mathematics course. Also, it sought to determine the relationship of the Mathematics performance in the four areas of GT namely; academic achievement, cooperation, behavior and familiarization of non-virtual Filipino Modified Games. The relationship of its integration in general when the four areas were combined is also tested. The researcher made use of the multiple randomized block action research design. The researchers surveyed the proportional stratified randomly selected 181 college students. Appropriate Statistical tools were then used and revealed an extreme positive perception towards GT. As to sex profile, only cooperation while as to age, only academic achievement area were revealed significant. These mean that male, 21 to more than 23 years old had a more positive view compared with female and 18 to 20 years old. A significantly different conclusion in all four areas of GT was reflected in first, second, third and fourth year students. Such four areas were all significantly different in College, Advanced and Abstract Algebra, Plane, Solid and Modern Geometry, and Plane Trigonometry courses. A positive correlation in all areas to Mathematics performance of the students was revealed. Generally, the use of GT is a way of innovating teacher’s instruction in improving students’ Mathematics performance. However, limitations on the use of GT were seen in abstract mathematics concepts and subject for its further improvement.

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Joseph G. Gonzales, Ace C. Lagman, Roman M. De Angel

The project is aims to develop a predictive analytics tool that will help TVETs Schools in the Philippines identify possible students who would fail in the NC certification so necessary interventions can be provided. The study aims to utilize the power of machine learning algorithms particular decision tree algorithm using J48 method to extract significant rules to embed in the proposed decision support system. This project will also adopt predictive analytics and will create a model to examine the students’ performance inside the classroom, and predict students’ performance, and help the institute to determine the possibility of students to pass the NC certification up to at least level II. The research methodologies used on this study were quantitative and qualitative methods. Qualitative research provides insights in the problems in developing hypotheses, while quantitative research has been used to measure the difficulty by having statistical data that provides figures. The study is mend to judge able to scrutinize summarize opinions from vast data gathered in the form of questionnaire and surveys.

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Kirk Alvin S. Awat, Maria Rona L. Perez, Ace C. Lagman, Tim Jamison S. Awat, John Benedict C. Legaspi

This paper focuses on the integration of cluster models using K-means algorithm as a main mechanism in providing a personalized learning approach integrated in a learning management system (LMS). The cluster models provide intelligent questions mechanism suited to the individualized learning of students. The LMS will provide necessary examinations to gauge the students’ learning capability and based on the result of the examination, the item analysis and clustering algorithm were performed to provide reinforcement questions in helping students to pass a certain examination. The derived cluster models consist of easy, average, and hard question categories. The process repeats until such time that the students will be able to answer the questions correctly. In this way, the students increase their academic performance. The system was also evaluated by the LMS experts using the FURPS model. Overall, the system was rated with a “Very Satisfactory” rating.

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Marissa B. Ramos, Maria Diorella A. Paguio, Cherry A. Collera, Consuelo G. Cruz

Faculty performance appraisal plays a vital role in motivating faculty members to enhance their teaching skills and strengthen their commitment to quality education. Traditionally, colleges and universities administer the evaluation process using printed evaluation forms. Scores are manually summed-up per area of assessment and encoded in spreadsheets, thus evaluation results are not promptly obtained. This research project intends to expedite the process of faculty evaluation by providing a LAN-based faculty performance appraisal system that allows students, peers, and superiors to fill up Qualitative Contribution Evaluation (QCE) forms in network-connected workstations. All records of student and faculty evaluators are imported from the university enrolment master list to ensure that only registered students and active faculty members can log into the system. The deans or superiors needs to configure the evaluation date and assign courses to faculty members to ensure that they will be evaluated by the right set of students. Once the QCE forms are filled – up and submitted, evaluation results are generated. College deans and department heads can view the scores and the comments. Detailed and summary reports in printable or downloadable file formats are also provided. The Agile development method was used to allow the researchers to deliver output incrementally incorporating user requirements and feedbacks in each iteration. The system was created using PHP and MySQL and can be accessed through an internet browser. Several test cases have been undertaken to ensure the reliability and correctness of results. Considering the testing results and feedbacks from IT specialists, iterative debugging and refinement have been performed to improve the quality of the system. The performance of the system was evaluated by 100 respondents using the ISO 25010 Evaluation Criteria and obtained an "Excellent" rating with the overall mean of 4.76. Eighty-two percent (82%) of the evaluators were in favor of utilizing the developed system. This proved that the respondents recognized the need for a faster evaluation method and that the LAN-based Faculty Performance Appraisal System can be a replacement to the manual evaluation system. It is the aim of the researchers to integrate this project into the university’s enrolment system and create a web or mobile version of the system.

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Geliza Marie I. Alcober, Ace C. Lagman, Teodoro F. Rivano Jr., Rossana T. Adao

This study aims to generate a predictive model that can be used in determining the mortality of female patients suffering from Myocardial Infarction (MI) or simply heart attack. Predictive modeling is now considered as one of the best techniques in identifying the outcome of a certain event by determining patterns based on the different parameters that are considered significant. This paper includes several steps in developing a Logistic Regression model based on patient’s age, previous Myocardial Infarction event, smoking status, if a patient has diabetes or high blood pressure, or if the patient has previously experienced stroke. This logistic regression model could be applied in addressing health-related issues like formulating a prognostic guide for practicing a more personalized way of treating patients who have experienced heart attack. Generating a medical prediction model is truly time-consuming and cumbersome however through applying predictive modeling in medicine, medicine professionals can now formulate better ways to accommodate patients especially women who have a history of Myocardial Infarction. This study can identify what are the possible characteristics that made up the clusters or groups of Myocardial Infarction patients that survived and characteristics that made up the clusters or groups of MI patients. The accuracy rate according to the given values attained the value of 0.805 or 81%. Therefore, the logistic regression model can be implemented and embedded to a decision-based software application.

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Jonh Ray B. Medina, Jay Stein Jeremi P. Lacsamana, Voughn Florenz B. Bustos, Eimanson C. Maybituin, Joshua Carl S. Palabasan

The StockWatch is a web product management with shelf stock detector system, which was developed to ease the problems of some supermarket about the problem of products being out of stock with the use of IoT (Internet of Things) devices. The system aims to deliver product status reports automatically. The methodology used in developing the proposed system is Design Thinking, which is an effective method to develop the system required by the supermarket. In addition, the development tool of the system are PHP Laravel Framework, JavaScript and MySQL to store the data. The StockWatch have been developed successfully by satisfying the requirements of client.

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Joy M. Peji, Jay-ar P. Lalata

With the increasing volume of the company’s customers, MAPECON has been experiencing problems in their manual operations including the difficulty of monitoring quarterly maintenance, slow process in making proposals or quotations for customers, inefficient scheduling of technicians, failure of technicians to get assignments on time, and delayed services resulting to customers’ dissatisfaction. MAPECON changes the way it handles services by enhancing its current servicing system through the development of a real-time web and mobile application servicing system. Iterative model was used as system development approach because of its flexibility to adapt to possible changes in the process or requirements during the development phase. In order to develop the system, PHP, XAMPP, and MySQL were used for the web application, nexmo for SMS gateway, and SQLite and Android Studio for the mobile application. The web app lessens the tasks of service staff in monitoring customers’ quarterly maintenance, automatically calculates the estimated price of the customers’ inquiries, sends alert messages to the technicians regarding the assigned services, shortens the process of scheduling services to the service technicians via SMS technology, and tracks the sales status as well as sales projections. The integration of mobile application allows the agent and technician to view assigned schedules, evaluate the technician’s performance, and monitor assigned maintenance schedules. The system was evaluated with a weighted average of 4.63 which means it has met the desired functionalities. Further improvements that can be made include integrating online payment, adding live chat support, and locating and tracking technicians’ location.

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Brandon G. Sibbaluca, Vernon E. Avila, Sammy V. Militante

In this digital era, students are needed to be engaged in classroom activities to be able for the teachers succeed to impart the right lessons they need to impart and ensure that the students have totally grasped the provided lectures. With this, teachers are needed also to learn and understand the concept of the twenty-first century teaching strategies since their students are called to be the twenty-first century learners. With this idea, the main author opted to come up with alternative teaching and learning application tools that address the needs of today’s learners to be engaged in the courses which involve computer programming concepts and real-life applications for better appreciation. These multi-platform software applications will deliver assistance to the subject-teachers handling various computer programming courses to deepen the programming abilities and skills of their students by providing various digital learning activities on desktop, web, and mobile platforms during class discussions. Digital learning tools are designed and developed in different forms; it may serve as a form of a motivational activity, a recap of the previous lesson, or an interactive learning game. These programming language-based applications will also encourage student engagement to keep the students more focused and motivated to learn different computer programming courses. With the advancement of these multi-platform software applications, students taking computer programming courses will be fascinated to learn the programming concepts and the fundamentals of different programming languages.

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John Benedict C. Legaspi, Ace C. Lagman, Maria Rona L. Perez, Roman M. De Angel, Kirk Alvin S. Awat, John Heland Jasper Ortega

Blood banking is the process of collecting, separating and warehousing blood. There are numerous file-based repositories of blood bank management that exist for storing data for blood bank ecosystem such as hospitals and centers. This functions for maintaining the information of donors, availability of blood, and transaction information. Currently, these systems are effort intensive, costly, and failed to achieve efficiency in terms of its filtering mechanism which makes repository penetrating faster and reliable. This paper introduces a new design for blood banking ecosystem with proper filtering solution using frame-based approach. The system has three major features: (1) blood camp setup module, (2) stocks management module which includes the blood donation and blood releasing, and (3) the filtering system module which shows the nearest blood camp with the available blood type based on the patients’ needs. Also, with the use of frame-based approach as filtering method, the system is more efficient and reliable compared to other blood banking repository systems. The system’s functionality was tested for its efficiency, usability, and reliability and the results are revealed in the survey. Conclusions and future work were also provided in this paper.

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Marmelo V. Abante, Dan Michael A. Cortez, Rejan L. Tadeo, Catherine R. Delfin, Mark Raffy M. Neones, Myra SJ. Santos

Global warming is the phenomenon’s that were caused by a portion of emissions of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) at the atmosphere. Information Technology is one of the area that was added at least 3% of the CO2 emissions and the percent is keep surge happening regularly every day as Information Technology turn out to be one of the essential in human’s daily life. In order to sustain the environment, Green Information Technology was being introduced. “Unfortunately, Green Information Technology at Philippines is still in slow movement and can be identified as at alarming condition. The status of Green Information Technology awareness among Philippines focusing on TVET Schools student was still unidentified. TVET Schools is one of the sources of Technical and Vocational Education and Training institution that was aimed to produce at least thousands of professionals. These future professionals should be educating with Green Information Technology knowledge to safeguard the sustainability of the environment for the future. As such, this conceptual paper aimed to discuss the need of build up the TVET Schools student with Green Information Technology knowledge through conventional education and guided with Green Information Technology Education curriculum.

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Mark Edmund I Legaspi, Miguelle Banjo P. Manalo, Jerome B. Opeña, Eymard B. Pempiña, Maria Vicky S. Solomo, Dave A. Yadao

Online-based technology in relation to the investment system for poultry and swine in the Philippines is not well known. Thus, study aimed to develop a Web-based Investment System that would help investors look for the best poultry and/or swine farm which could generate better investment returns. An Investor – Farmer matching system with decision process was developed using a user-friendly online interface for Pork Producers Federation of the Philippines Incorporated (formerly National Federation of Hog Raisers Inc. or NFHFI). This will contain a dashboard on the system administrator side that would reflect the overall performance and financial standing of participating livestock farms as well as comprehensive dashboard for investors which would display the historical and current investment data of every investor account. Main functions of the system include account management, enhanced decision making, maximizing the profit through Return on Investment analysis based on farmers’ production data and profile. One-on-one interviews, focused groups and direct observations will be employed to collect primary data required for the system development. The effectiveness of the system and client satisfaction were discussed and presented after months of deployment in PPFPI website.

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Sammy V. Militante, Brandon G. Sibbaluca

Pneumonia is an infectious and deadly illness in respiratory that is caused by bacteria, fungi, or a virus that infects the human lung air sacs with the load full of fluid or pus. Chest X-rays are the common method used to diagnose pneumonia and it needs a medical expert to evaluate the result of X-ray. The troublesome method of detecting the pneumonia cause a life loss due to improper diagnosis and treatment. With the emerging computer technology, development on an automatic system to detect pneumonia and treating the disease is now possible especially if the patient is in a distant area and medical services is limited. This study intends to incorporate deep learning methods to alleviate the problem. Convolutional Neural Network is optimized to perform the complicated task of detecting diseases like pneumonia to assist medical experts in diagnosis and possible treatment of the disease. The authors developed several models to determine the best possible model in detecting pneumonia with the most accurate results. This study has trained five different models of CNN, namely AlexNet, LeNet, GoogleNet, ResNet and VGGNet using 1024 by 1024 resolution of 26,684 dataset images. The result achieved a 97 percent accuracy rate for VGGNet and the lowest rate is 74 percent achieved by the ResNet model. The result of statistics shows that the trained model was able to detect Pneumonia through examined images of chest X-ray.

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Gembert M. Mercurio, Anthony S. Serrano, King Harold B. Sabado, Juan Paulo H. Magcuyao, Job Aman N. Sagun, Heintjie N. Vicente

With the consent of Bureau of Jail Management and Penology (BJMP), this project aims to provide a more efficient method of communication between inmates and their visitors and an improved scheduling system for online visitation. The project focuses on creating an application that will allow inmates and relatives to communicate via e-mail and video call. However, inmates and relatives must agree to the policy that their conversations will be under the surveillance of BJMP for security purposes. In order to develop the system, the developers used programming languages like PHP, SQL, and Java. The development of the system was done through scrum methodology since this is the most suitable approach for the developers. After developing the system, the developers were able to see how their system functions. Data regarding the functionality, usability, reliability, performance, and security of the system was gathered using questionnaires from 50 respondents who were composed of six BJMP officers, 24 FEU Tech students, and 20 people who are related with someone inside a jail. The developers learned that the system can still be improved in terms of reliability and usability because these are the factors that gathered an average score in their tally of answers from respondents. The developers recommend to future researchers that are going to tackle this kind of research to focus more on the efficiency of the system. The developers also recommend to provide more security features to further improve the security of the project.

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D.Revathi, G.Nirmal, S.Rahul, K.Srinivasaponlokesh

A static mixer is a device inserted into a pipeline with the objective of handling liquid streams to divide, recombine, accelerate, spread, swirl or form layers as they pass through the static element. Most fluid processing industries such as Chemical, Oil, Gas and Petrochemical Industries use static mixers with an extensive range of applications. Static mixer integrated with different static elements in a tubular arrangement enables the flow of fluids in various directions, and it catches more importance in terms of less energy depletion and more mixing rate. Static mixing with perforated baffle elements is used to improve fluid mixing with minimal energy consumption as compared with dynamic mixing. Pressure drop, Consumption of energy, Bubble size and Rate of mass transfer are mainly taken into account to test and design the static mixer element for air-water and air-kerosene system. Here we tested different baffle type elements to observe and compare the above mentioned hydrodynamic properties. This investigation shows that perforated baffles show better result in terms of improved mixing performance, higher mass transfer rate and minimal power consumption than other static elements in the existing works of literature.

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Dr R. Ilango, T. Santhosh kumar, S. Sathiesh kumar

This paper explains to the performance analysis of IEEE-5 bus method having UPFC in terms of load flow and transient stability using MI power. UPFC is an electrical gadget for giving quick acting receptive force remuneration on high voltage transmission arrange. Force stream contemplates are utilized to decide the voltage, current, dynamic, receptive force stream in a given force framework. Electrical power systems operate in their steady state mode also, decide the attributes of this state is called as a heap stream. Stability is a two or more generator to keep on working after a change happens on the framework is a proportion of the dependability. This paper explains about the load flow and transient stability analysis for IEEE 5 bus in conjunction with UPFC.

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Ngoc Hai Tran, Cat-Tuong Thi Phan, Kim-Oanh Thi Hoang

The application of students’ self-video recorded speaking task (SRST) into English language teaching has become popular in the era of technology nowadays. However, each author has somewhat unique method to approach the issue. The article presented a thorough critical review regarding methods eight researchers have used to study the problem in their own contexts. After considering the strengths and weaknesses of each methodolody and methods, this SRST can be adapted into the context of Ha Tinh University with English majored students.

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Rahmatullah, Inanna, Sahade, Nurdiana, Fajriani Azis, Bahri

The development of digital technology benefits business people and society as consumers in terms of accessing information, market opportunities, as well as the management of goods and business finance. The research objective is to find out how effective the management of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises using digital applications. The ADDIE approach (Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, and Evaluation) was used in this study. When compared with a manual system, the use of digital applications is more effective and efficient in business management. The results obtained that the use of accounting points of sale and inventory management are in the category of appropriate use in business management. This is based on the evaluation of the feasibility test, the results of expert validation and the assessment by MSME entrepreneurs.

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Dillip Kumar Parida, Dr D. Prasanna Kumar

The social media has become an essential tool to market new products in today's business scenario, especially when it's about wearable devices. Every business organization is using the social media to engage their audience in creating awareness about the wearable product and converting the desire into the lead. Over last six years, the demand for wearable products increased immensely, and the opportunity to tap the market is vast and significant. Those organizations who fail to formulate digital marketing strategy will be at disadvantage position. This paper discusses the digital marketing strategy to increase brand awareness and acquisition of new customers.

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M. Kalimuthu, Abraham Sudharson Ponraj, Christy Jackson J

This work puts forth an idea to provide a solution for water management effectively and efficiently. The growing demands of water in urban areas due to the increased population and the lack of standardization among the water distributors lead to affect the quality and quantity of drinking and domestic water supply. This raises the special concern of water management, which needs to improve the efficiency in the water distribution system. The various advancements in the wireless sensor network technologies provide solution to overcome these challenges. This paper presents a water management system which will continuously monitor and analyze the quality and quantity of water being dispensed at each house through the flow sensor, pH sensor and also allows the user to customize their limits in terms of quantity of water needs. The sensors data are gathered online and stored in the cloud for further data analytics and processing by means of IoT. This helps in the ease of billing and also for prepaid payment. This system cuts down the water flow and notifies the user when the water usage exceeds the limit with respect to the prepaid amount and also when there is an anomalous water quality in the distribution system. This system can be of a great help in smart cities to regulate the supply of water for effective use of the depleting resource.

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Abdul Rehman Gilal, Adil Khan, Ahmad Waqas, Murk Chohan, Hafiz Ahmed Ali

Introduction is an important part of research articles. It is the first opportunity to make good impression and establish the credibility over the reading audience. Well-written introduction of a research article increases the chance of paper acceptance and citations. The objective of this study is to produce a structure for writing introduction section for software engineering (CARSSE) research articles. Nine highly cited research articles from “IEEE Transaction on Software Engineering” are selected for pattern extractions. Creating a Research Space (CARS) model is kept as a baseline with additional three parameters: sentences, paragraphs and references. Keeping the CARS model in view, from the selected studies, “occupying a niche” move obtains around 48% of appearance in the introduction section whereas “establishing a territory” and “establishing a niche” moves carry 34% and 18% respectively. The proposed structure can further be extended and precise by adding a few more studies.

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Jaloliddin Annaev

In the history of the Ancient Termez traces of various religions, such as Zoroastrianism, Christianity and Judaism are observed. Since the reign of the Great Kushan Ruler Kanishka Termez was the ideological center and the mainstay of the Buddhist doctrine in Central Asia. In Ancient Termez the preachers of the Buddhist religion contributed the spreading of Buddhism throughout the world, as well as to China and Tibet. Karatepa, Fayaztepa, Zurmola in the south of Uzbekistan served as ancient religious monuments and ideological centers. Surkhandarya where Termez is located was also an important part of this historical process. In this area, the first Buddhist monument in Uzbekistan was erected. Today many scientific publications and articles about Buddhist monuments in Uzbekistan and spreading of the Buddhist teachings were published. Archaeological excavations, artifacts, numismatics and epigraphic materials help us to clarify the history of Buddhism in Uzbekistan

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S. Poorani Mithila, Dr.B.Menaka

In general, incubators stimulate and sustain the growth of entrepreneurial companies including insurance industry by providing specified essential resources such as expert mentoring, legal counsel, physical office space, lending money and shared devices, in return retaining as an equity share holder in the company. These set-ups are guaranteed by municipal entities, independent associations, governmental concerns like colleges and universities with differing acceptance requirements and qualifications. Solid structure of instructors, financiers and influential people discovered on the process, who are intensely involved and anxious in the growth of the company is an added advantage of utilizing incubators. Sustainable capital investment in start-up companies are creating a resurgence in insurance by sustaining massive innovation in business models, products and services. This is creating a major diversion on the part of traditional investors to slowly but gradually invest in start-ups and incubator based concerns.

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In any Rock cutting process knowledge on rupture is necessary for tool wear estimation. Tool wear is a rupture process which is obtained by rubbing action either between tool and rock . So this paper shows Cutting Codes for rock cutting process. Usually in a Rock cutting process cutting temperatures, strains and stresses will be generated. The main objective of this paper is to develop codes for solving mathematical values of rock cutting process.

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Dr. Vivek Shukla , (Dr.) Somesh Kumar Shukla

Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (BEPS) practiced by major multinational players is one of the chief concerns that clouds effective retrieval of revenue by the governments of the involved jurisdictions. In order to overcome this problem, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) and European Union (EU) have been working continuously for the past many years on combating such practices so that the jurisdictions are able to garner their fair share of revenue and the aim of sustainable development of the all the nations of the world could be assured. To combat the concerns regarding BEPS, the OECD has proposed various action plans as guidelines, which can be tailored by nations as per their specific requirements and concerns. India signed a Double Taxation Avoidance Agreement (DTAA) with Mauritius in the year 1982 to promote business and investment. India was transcending from a closed economy to an open economy and was looking for the foreign investment, therefore this seemed to be a profitable and a sustainable method for investment. However consequently it was found out that treaty abuse was made in 1983 when signing the DTAA with Mauritius. This defect could only be rectified in 2016. This shows India’s stand against tax havens and avoidance of tax in any form. The after effects of the change in the treaty have been studied in detail. It is observed in the study that after signing the treaty there have been direct investments in India instead of routing the investment from Mauritius. Moreover, this has resulted in the revenue authorities deriving their fair share. Therefore, it has been concluded that base erosion and profit shifting activities can be effectively checked by the changed provisions of the treaty.

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Arun.K, Ramesh Kannan.C and Milon Selvam Dennison

The objective of this research work is to fabricate a lightweight, high strength and high stiffness Glass Fibre Reinforced Plastic (GFRP) composite and to perform drilling operation with internal diameter of 8mm on the fabricated GFRP composite plate with three drill bit geometries such as twist drill, trepanning drill and 8 facet drill. The response obtained is the delamination factor with the aid of Digital Image Analysis. The results revealed that drilling with 8 facet drill tool exhibited the optimum condition on the fabricated GFRP composite.

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Anara Dosbenbetova, Kaliya Kiyassova, Laura Akhmet, Beibit Mirzageldiyev, Nurlan Aldabergenov

This article determines the relevance of the problem of the spiritual and moral education of young people. National identity as a complex structural development of the personality is formed as a result of training and education. The need to implement the ideas proposed by the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the country’s educational institutions should be perceived from such high scientific positions. The concept of “spiritual and moral education” is understood as a process of promoting the spiritual and moral formation of man and development of his moral feelings, moral character, moral position, moral behavior. The article notes that the ideas of spiritual and moral education should permeate the educational activities of kindergartens, schools, colleges and universities, that is, there should be systemacity, consistency and continuity, and here a large role belongs to the teaching staff. The authors emphasize the need to update the means, forms and methods of teaching as well as to introduce innovative technologies in the educational process of pedagogical higher education institutions. Methodical techniques promoting the solution of problems of schoolchildren’s spiritual and moral education in collective creative activity during classes in "Theory and Technique of Educational Work at School" in pedagogical higher education institutions are shown in this article. Practical recommendations on improvement of this work in the system of professional teacher training are given.

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Sutopo, Akbar Sutawidjaja, Chalis Sa’dijah, I Nengah Parta

¬¬This writing described the uniqueness of students' cognitive conflict based on cognitive style in solving integral problems. The type of this research was a qualitative study with research subjects were students majoring in mathematics education at IAIN Tulungagung, East Java, Indonesia. The results of this study indicated that: 1). The forms of cognitive conflict experienced by dependent field and independent field cognitive students were very different, and 2). Students with independent field cognitive style experienced auto cognitive conflict and vice versa for students with field dependent cognitive style did not.

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A.Subramaniya Siva , N.Vinothini , S.Sathieshkumar

In this paper, we proposed an idea for conversion of sound into electrical energy and there by using it for various applications. The piezoelectric transducer is used here for conversion of sound into electrical energy. The basic principle behind this is piezoelectric effect. When an electrical energy applied across piezoelectric crystal it starts vibrates. Similarly when a vibration created due to sound or mechanical energy applied across piezoelectric crystal, Piezoelectricity is generated. Here, four piezoelectric transducer is connected with sound sensor to produce a output voltage in the range of 3-5Volt.The output voltage is boosted by using booster converter. The voltage is then stored in rechargeable battery and used for application like traffic signal controller. The PIC micro controller is used to provide the operating criteria and time delay for traffic signal controller and relay is used for stating purpose of application

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Inokentii Korniienko, Beata Barchi

This article provides an overview of the research in the area of coping behaviour and motivation of the unemployed and analyses work incentives for the unemployed applied in Ukraine. In addition, the article provides the analysis of motivation to work of persons registered as being unemployed using metaphor. It was found out that, in relative terms, unemployed should be interested in taking enriching their own coping behaviour strategies and in motivation using metaphors. Metaphor is an indispensable element that reveals the person’s individual worldview. World scientific knowledge, the approach to the knowledge of existence through the disclosure of the content of entities, allows the person to really, rationally look at existence itself, identify him/herself with it, occasionally present in existence and make sure that this presence is real in the same real existence. Findings of the survey of persons registered as jobless have showed that satisfactory level of coping behaviour repertoire is the strongest factor motivating persons to overcome the unemployment.

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Shreya Yadav, M.S. Takalikar

Due to unhealthy lifestyle practices and enormous stress in today's world, it is being completely unpredictable when a person can get a heart attack or heart failures. Even most of the times doctors and health experts are also not able to predict the heart failures, because of this prediction of heart failure remains as a mystery even though on having so much advance technologies in the medical field. Machine learning algorithms also jump into this to predict the heart failures using some techniques like complex event processing and others. These processes involve a large amount of data to learn about the conditions and then they predict the heart failures. It is not possible to provide large amount of data every time to predict the heart failures, So some techniques should be there to provide the same in a moderate amount of datasets condition. So we try to concentrate mainly on evaluating the existing methodologies and try to find the flaws in them so that a new effective idea for heart failure prediction can be brought into light that works efficiently.

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Muhamad Arpan, Salaman, Ridho Dedy Arief Budiman, Ambyar, Wakhinuddin

The study aims to determine the effect of the Drill and Practice type of Computer Assisted Instruction model on student learning outcomes. The research method uses experiments with a quasi-experimental form and Nonequivalent Control Group Design. The population of the study was all class XI SMK of the Multimedia Department. Using purposive sampling techniques, the sample of the study was class XI B as an experimental class and class XI A as a control class. Data collection techniques used measurements and data collection tools used tests. Data analysis techniques used the T-test. The result of the study showed that the Drill and Practice type of Computer Assisted Instruction model affected the student learning outcomes.

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Maslawati Mohamad, Fatin Kamilia Mohd Arif, Noorhayati Mohd Noor

In educational context, gamification can be applied at all levels namely elementary education, lifelong education, and higher education. ‘Quizizz’ is an online game that is used by educators for academic purposes. It allows educators to conduct self-paced online formative assessments in a fun and engaging manner. This study is a quantitative study undertaken to explore the perception of 91 distant post graduate students towards Quizizz. Most of these post graduate students are English teachers serving at elementary schools, secondary schools and tertiary institutions. However, in this article only the students’ positive perceptions towards Quizizz and its benefits to the learning process are discussed. The questionnaire consists of 29 items. The data were analyzed descriptively (frequency, percentage, mean and standard deviation) using SPSS version 25. The most prominent finding is the respondents were able to reflect on their errors after answering the Quizizz questions. In addition, they could learn the topic better when they were asked to construct questions for Quizizz based on the learnt topics. They prefer to be given the opportunity to refer to their notes when answering the questions in order to reduce their anxiety level. They prefered Quizizz to be carried out in the form of homework in comparison to face to face classroom activities as they could answer the questions when they are fully prepared and in a more relaxed environment. They also agreed that Quizizz is able to provide a platform which promotes positive reinforcement, motivation and immediate feedback when their marks are being displayed on the leaderboard. It is hoped that these findings could encourage educators to integrate Quizizz as a form of formative assessment more effectively.

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Abdus Salam, Devanto Shasta Pratomo, Putu Mahardika Adi Saputra

Multidimensional poverty measurement arises from dissatisfaction with measuring poverty using only a monetary perspective, where the measurement of monetary poverty is not enough to adequately reflect the situation that actually occurs in poor households. Using Susenas March 2018 and Podes 2018, this study aims to look at the effect of household socioeconomic characteristics on multidimensional poverty status in urban and rural areas. From the analysis using logistic regression, households with female household heads are more likely to experience multidimensional poverty in rural areas and vice versa in urban households with female household heads more likely to not experience poverty. Road infrastructure in villages is still a powerful factor in multidimensional poverty in rural areas, but this does not apply in urban areas. Working as a formal worker in urban areas will reduce the chance of experiencing multidimensional poverty, but in rural areas this does not apply. Other variables that have a strong influence on multidimensional poverty in urban and rural areas are household head job status, household head age, dependency ratio, families with disabilities, household head education and access credit. From this result, the government can focus on poverty alleviation programs according to significant variables in each region, such as asphalt development in rural areas, improvement of women's skills in rural areas, expansion of formal employment in urban areas, special assistance for families with disabilities and education in all areas both urban and rural.

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Saleh Hadidi, Maen Al-Rashdan, Mamoun Hadidi

The purpose of this paper is to study decision support systems where information systems have become important to support the decision-making process in organizations and create an appropriate environment that has become more complex. The main objective of decision support systems is to develop techniques to support decision-making and use in all areas and organizations. The information age, rapid information dissemination and increased data flow have increased the competitive environment among organizations, so the use of decision support systems has become important for enterprises to increase their ability to adapt to the environment by making appropriate decisions accurately by relying on the Internet based on support systems. The study also demonstrated DSS components and types and Web impact on decision support systems, system features, and decision support across the web, comparison of traditional decision support systems and web-based decision support systems and advantages of web-based support systems. Decision support systems in organizations whose decision-making has become critical to the organizations' success, continuity or failure.

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Khushboo Gulati, Seema Gupta

The current study traces the efforts of the Indian government for strengthening the corporate governance norms in the country and summarizes their recommendations related to the period of the last two and a half decades. They are described in the view to adjust the corporate sector in forming a robust and transparent system to meet the needs of the dynamic environment. The finding indicates that sizable amount of studies have studied the issues related to presence of independent director, appointment of women director, constitution of audit committee, financial literacy of audit members, regulations for disclosure and transparency, etc. in contrast to some other aspects like promoter share, code of conduct and whistleblower policy are hardly been studied by one or two of them. It is also found that stringent norms and penalties alone will not solve the problem. The enforcement of regulations should be in such a way wherein organizations understand their responsibility towards the country as a whole.

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Arul Selvi A, Joe Prathap P M,

Data leakage detection is as significant as data leakage prevention. It’s not simple to describe when one’s data has been compromised. Lots of businesses merely identify important leaks only after serious harm have to their clients and customers. Scenarios like these can ruin one’s business. Early data leakage detection can save millions of dollars and precious customers emotions. By means of this inspiration, weighted graphs are constructed based on the source documents in the previous work. Here terms are encrypted utilizing hash key function. Conventional cryptography techniques will not offer better security than the data anonymization methods. Consecutively, enhancement of the security of data is anticipated through the application l-diversity algorithm on the sensitive data. Sensitive data is anonymized through the utilization of the weighted graphs. By utilizing the label propagation algorithm, here an Improved Particle Swarm Optimization (IPSO) algorithm is used to generalize and conclude the correlations. Lastly, to describe the sensitivity, low-complexity score walk algorithm is employed. Evaluation outcomes will contrast the effectiveness of AWGPSOW with respect to ROC, precision, running and recall time. Experimental outcomes show that the anticipated technique will identify the fresh or leaks of the transformed data resourcefully and swiftly.

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Farid Hirji Badruzzaman, M Yusuf Fajar, Onoy Rohaeni, Gani Gunawan, Erwin Harahap

The production process is a major problem in implementing the production of raw materials into finished materials. Inaccuracy and delay in completion time will result in additional time and costs. In order to anticipate such situation, one method is by using network analysis. Network analysis is described as a network that must be run which limited by time. The purpose of this study is to determine the work-network in a logical work sequence, when the child veil production process in PD ABC Bandung business units. Planning is prepared using the Critical Path Method (CPM) and Program Evaluation and Review Techniques (PERT). The critical path method (CPM) can be interpreted as a path that has the longest total activity period during which the project must be completed in a short time between the starting point and end point on the project network. PERT can be interpreted as an analytical method designed to assist in scheduling activities that must be carried out in a particular order. Further analysis of the average completion time at this time, the average for every 15 dozen was 4.28 hours. Through the proper scheduling of activities, using PERT / CPM techniques, the activities of child veil production processes for every 15 dozen products, it takes 3,822 hours. This means there is a time difference of 0.458 hours. With this time difference will help the level of production speed and reduce production costs.

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Chhaya Sonar

The Teaching Quality Indicators is the synergy of various characteristics which are significantly important for building up an aptitude and the altitude of overall students. Defining or describing the Quality of teaching for Post Graduate study is really subjective since it can’t be measured in quantitative manner. But largely it depends upon the views, opinions and the aspirations of students in general. Moreover it is also in the interest of a teacher to know his/her performance from student’s perspective. Hence the feedback of students is crucial for the measure of performance and the expected improvement of teacher; where in the strengths and the weaknesses or qualities in which the teacher is especially lagging behind can be assessed and the scope for improvement may be identified and with correct measures it can be improved upon. For this purpose, this article proposes two novel indicators viz. Simple Performance Index (SPI) and Weighted Performance Index (WPI) for teacher’s performance assessment considering the weights depending upon various characteristics from the point of view of students who are giving the feedback. The working of these indicators is also explained in upcoming sections by applying them on actual data collected for this project.

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Yustinus Suhardi Ruman, Kristianus Oktriono

The article aims to punctuate the role of sociology in developing critical literacies study of information technology. In this set, it described the social aspects that affected the developers and users in information technology. The approaches in sociology study explained the inherently social aspect. The study ushered the readers based on the approach of functionalism sociological perspective. In this approach, developers and users of information technology served as social actors whose actions are influenced by social factors. Social factors structurally limit and enable a developer and user to create, develop, shape, or utilize information technology. The study involved IT designers or developers based on a literature study. The analysis accentuated the threshold of experiential, subjective meaning attachment in the study. As a result, the study offers valuable insight to predispose social actors in evolving behavioural and the utilization of information technology.

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Muhammad Basri, Ery Tri Djatmika, Budi Eko Soetjipto, Hari Wahyono

The purpose of this study was to analyze local entrepreneurship in the Kapuas Hulu Malay community natural food preservation technology, in increasing food security. This study uses a qualitative approach, researchers as well as research instruments. The main data collection technique of this study was in-depth interviews, with data sources of 6 informants from the indigenous Kapuas Hulu Malay community. The results of the study found that there were eleven types of food processing, namely: (1) salai fish; (2) peja; (3) balor (salted fish); (4) rusit; (5) jukut; (5) blonsong; (6) salted teluk biawan; (7) budu’; (8) dendeng seluang; (9) tempoyak; (10) lempok durian; & (11) deer dendeng.

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Titto Varghese, T.R. Gurumoorthy

Focus of this study was to analysis the attitude of students towards the training programs conducted in colleges and higher educational institutions. It also tries to examine whether these training programs are helping students in placement opportunities or higher studies. A systematic analysis of literature was conducted to develop the theoretical frame work for the student’s development. Mentoring practices adopted in various educational institutions also acted as a variable for the purpose of the study. Students Educational Status, Mental Ability and Psychology were taken as a perceiving tool for the purpose of analysis student’s attitude towards present educational system. A questionnaire consisting of 40 question were administered to 125 students among undergraduate students in Kerala region. The same questionnaire was used pre and post training program adopted in government aided college. A paired t test was used to compare the mean of pre and post response of the students. The outcome of the study reveals realistic view of the outcome based education through the training programs adopted through government initiatives. Result of paired sample t test showed that government initiatives and physiological was significant in student performance after training interventions.

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Dr. Pushkar Dubey, Dr. Abhishek Kumar Pathak & Kailash Kumar Sahu

Employees are considered the most valuable asset in the organisation. Without competent manpower, organisation fail to survive and now, employees in the organisation are provided with congenial platform to nurture which eventually leads to an effective achievement of organisational goals. This research aims to investigate the correlation of workplace spirituality on job satisfaction, leadership, organisational citizenship behaviour and organisational growth by conducting a literature-based study. With a systematic review of 89 literatures, the outcome revealed that workplace spirituality has a positive and direct relationship with the fourvariables i.e., job satisfaction, leadership, organisational citizenship behaviour and organisational growth. Various research orientation based on different framework for the study are discussed in detail and avenues are proposed for future research.

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Arief Agoestanto, Y.L. Sukestiyarno, Isnarto, Rochmad

The aim of this study was to find out the description of the level of students critical thinking ability in solving valid and reliable meta-global algebraabic questions. The method used was explorative qualitative descriptive method. The data were collected through written test and interviews. The subjects of this study were the 1st year students of Mathematics education study program of Universitas Negeri Semarang. In brief, this study resulted valid and reliable Level of Meta-global Algebraic Critical Thinking Ability (LMACTA) as follows: LMACTA 4 (very critical), LMACTA 3 (critical), LMACTA 2 (quite critical), LMACTA 1 (less critical), and LMACTA 0 (uncritical).

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Abiyoso Ahmad Fadhlullah AT, Syamsul Irham, Havidh Pramadika, Suryo Prakoso

The most significant utilization of geothermal energy is currently by processing to electricity. One of the geothermal projects developed in Indonesia is at the Lahendong Area owned by PT. Pertamina Geothermal Energy with a generating capacity of 1 X 20 MW. Therefore, an economic study was conducted on this project to measure its annual Net Present Value (NPV), the Internal Rate of Return (IRR), and Pay Out Time (POT) using basic input data obtained from PT. Pertamina Geothermal Energy and the Indonesian Geothermal Association (API). The results showed this field is not feasible for development and based on the simulation of parameters conducted to achieve a decent economy, the selling price (tariff), drilling costs, and Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Commissioning (EPPCC) of the project were observed to require some adjustments. In this study, the selling price for Generation Cost of Supply (BPP) of Lahendong Area was set by the Indonesian Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources at a rate of US$ 13.46 cents/kWh and the project was discovered to not feasible. Therefore, adjustments must be made to achieve a feasible economy for the generation of 1 X 20 MW capacity in North Sulawesi province.

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Vasantha B, Dr.P.Kiran Kumar

On-demand resources organization is a significant feature of cloud computing (CC). Cloud providers need to ensure the intelligent distribution of computing resources (CR) so that no user gets improved resources than another’s. Develop Resource Utilization (RU) by reducing resource fragmentation when mapping virtual machines (VMs) to physical servers (PS). The purpose of this article is to propose an algorithm for allocating game theoretical resources (RAs) to users in terms of justice and resource use. Experiments on the implementation of FUGTA in a server cluster with 8 nodes show the optimality of this algorithm in maintaining reasonableness compared to the Hadoop (HDFS) scheduler. A simulation founded on Google workload tracing shows that the algorithm can decrease resource losses and attain higher RUrates than other distribution mechanisms.

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R. Nisarg, M. Kotresh, K. Renji

In many occasions, a small object like a sensor is placed at a distance from the spacecraft body by using a long bracket. Such brackets have small end fittings to facilitate its mounting on to the spacecraft body. One of the important considerations for the design of such brackets is the need of having the fundamental bending mode frequency to be more than certain specified value. As the end fitting is short and considered to be stiff, the natural frequency is calculated without considering the end fitting. Through several experimental and theoretical investigations, it is shown here that the fundamental bending mode frequency of such support bracket is very much influenced by the stiffness of the end fitting. The end fitting acts like a rotational spring. The rotational stiffness of this specific end fitting is also determined.

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Manu Gupta, Ajendra Kumar, Ankit Kumar

A mathematical solution to a governing model plate equation is given here in which we study effect of plate parameters namely thermally induced non –homogeneity, damping and elastic foundation on rectangular plate of parabollically varying thickness. The model is solved using quintic spline interpolation technique. Numerical results which consist of three modes of frequency parameter for the rectangular plate are calculated for two assumed boundary conditions (BC’s) viz. CL-SS-CL-SS (clamped - clamped) and CL-SS-SS-SS (clamped –simply supported). Comparisons of results obtained by the quintic spline interpolation technique with those that are available in the literature are also presented. Numeric results are obtained and represented in tabular and graphical form.

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D.Arivazhagan, Dr.S.Poongavanam, Dr. C. Manoharan, R. Divyaranjani, Dr.R.Vetri selvan,

In any nation small and medium enterprises (SME) is an integral part for its growth and socio-economic contribution. Economy of any country not only depends on larger manufacturing company or big financial organization. Small and medium organizations contribution is vital for economic strength of that nation. SME is recognized in the policy and academic. It is a front runner in economic growth by providing employment, technical innovations and social development. The main aspect of this paper is to identify the success and failure factors based on secondary data and review of literature under entrepreneurial, enterprise and business environment factors. Based on research the factors like Government’s role, Technology role, workforce motivation, financing opportunities, business structure and management practices influencing more in SME’s success and failure.

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Juraeva Elvira Elmuradovna, Makhmatkulov Ilhom Turdimurodovich, Zubaydullayev Ulugbek Zuyadullayevich

During the years of independence, every historic site, sites of cultural heritage, ancient art and, of course, pilgrimages have been restored their landscaping and gardening has been thoroughly investigated.

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Himajyoti Doley

Although, not a systematic thinker, Mahatma Gandhi along with his active leadership in India’s freedom movement sought to liberate the people of India from the prevailing social evils where women were subordinated and their right as human beings were being violated. He campaigned for the empowerment of women by eradicating certain social evils prevalent in the Indian societies like child marriage, dowry, sati etc. The paper is an attempt to highlight Gandhiji’s reformative ideas and its relevance in the present times.

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Priyambee Swargiary

In the year 1990, United Nations Development Programme [UNDP] introduced a more comprehensive way of measuring human development, i.e. Human Development Index. HDI is a statistical tool used to measure a country’s overall achievement in its social and economic dimensions. Both social and economic dimensions are based on education, health and standard of living. This index has become an alternative to the traditional unidimensional measure of development. HDI plays an important role to broaden the prospect of progress. HDI is an attempt to reflect the certain characteristics such as people’s choices, capabilities, and well being etc. The main objective of the paper is to analyse the key dimension of human development i.e. education, health and standard of living of the people of BTAD. Its empirical evidence has proved to be very meaningful to the Governments all over the world as well as the UN agencies.

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Dr.G.Sushmitha Valli, Harika Arete

In the contemporary era, data is growing rapidly and it is assuming characteristics of big data. Such data is outsourced to cloud infrastructure to have benefits like availability, scalability and affordability. However, there are issues related to storing duplicates copies of data. When data is duplicated, it causes storage overhead. Deduplication is the process of identifying and elimination of redundant copies of data in cloud. It allows one instance of data to be saved permanently and its duplicate copies will not have actual data but a reference to the same copy of saved data. It is widely used in cloud computing for backup technology to improve efficiency. Data compression and deduplication are two important techniques used by cloud service providers (CSPs) to optimize utilization of space in storage media. Data deduplication may take place at file level or block level. Deduplication may be made at source or the target end. Source deduplication consumes more processing power and it becomes difficult to handle it with existing resources. The target deduplication takes place in the backup system, probably in cloud storage which will be easier to get deployed. In many cloud based applications, there is need for performance optimization with secure deduplication. In this paper, a survey of different deduplication techniques is made to provide useful insights.

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Subhashini S, Vivek Thamizhmani, B.S.P.Shema

Synthesis of MoOx nanoparticles supported on carbon black as anode in proton-exchange membrane fuel cell has been carried out by two methods: (i) Conventional and direct impregnation method and (ii) Non-conventional and advanced strong electrostatic adsorption method. Formation of MoOx nanoparticles supported on carbon black has been characterized by powder XRD. Effect of calcination temperatures on the formation of MoOx supported carbon has been investigated by powder XRD. Particulate properties such as BET specific surface area and particle size have been also investigated with different calcination temperatures.

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Elisa Indriasari, Suhono Harso Supangkat, Raymond Kosala

The rapid transformation in the field of ICT influence more and more organizations. In recent years, firms in almost all industries have conducted several initiatives to obtain benefits from digitalization. The organizations decide to perform digital transformation and move from the traditional approach to the agile approach for anticipating the rapid changes in the current digital era. This research will investigate the impact of digital transformation to the IT governance mechanism in established company using study case methodology. We analyse two companies in Indonesia: banking and telecommunication companies that have adopted agile and DevOps team. For this purpose, a qualitative study using Focus Group Discussion (FGD) and in-depth interview method were conducted. Our findings show that digital transformation brings many challenges in the established organization. This transformation impacted key elements of IT governance: structure, process, and relational mechanism. IT managers can benefit from this research as guidelines to implement IT Digital Framework in the transition of digital transformation phase

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S.Jayapal, Dr.J.Jebathangam, Dr.K.Sharmila, Dr.R.Bhuvana

Cerebrum tumor is the strange development of mind cell and it is one of the unsafe reasons for death among individuals. Beginning period tumor analysis is conceivable by a mind tumor identification framework. This paper proposes a shrewd framework for the finding and grouping of mind tumor illness that a client is experiencing alongside malady depiction and sound exhortation. The framework deals with a restorative picture utilizing neural system technique. The proposed framework contains four stages like pre-preparing, division, include extraction and order. Highlight extraction by utilizing the Gray Level Co-Occurrence Matrix (GLCM). Programmed mind tumor organize arrangement is finished by utilizing probabilistic neural system (PNN). Division process is finished by utilizing K-implies bunching calculation and furthermore identifies the mind tumor locale. Quantities of deformity cells are finding in the spreader locale. PNN is quickest method and furthermore give the great grouping exactness.

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Amarsingh Feroz. C, Lakshminarayanan. K, Jayaraman. G, Allwin Devaraj. S, Precila. K

Recently, network computing, this is a kind of cloud computing suggested to torrent wireless services and cloud hosting (IoT) frameworks. Instead of sending data to remotely distributed domains, snugly-located network associations are required. Amid computation, a neural network is built in this project by exploring the disparity in user interest, which exploits the transition of sustainability-based cooperation game to Split subscribers in an adaptive direction in countless fog societies. By interpreting the majors of user pertinence in the communication part and using multidimensional network status dimensions such as the finest cooperative user, social and physical attributes, including local centrality and interconnection scale, can be reasonably evaluated based on users. Consequently, the correct inter-community and intra-community D2D cooperative communication mechanisms are designed to significantly simplify the use of internet services. Computational findings suggest that the actual mechanism exploits the professional relationship between customer and consumer comprehensively and efficiently enhances the computer system's operational efficiency at relatively low postponement concentrations.

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Osama Ali Ibrahim Ibrahim Abed Mohammed Ibrahim Farouq Varouqa

Traditional methods are still used in the world of material management, although they neither adequately meet site needs nor suits the overall management process. There is a consumption of labor’s capacity, which affects productivity and is time-consuming in material reception and inspection. In addition, there is a difficulty in obtaining good inventory control and accurate information about items. While there are some large companies around the world that apply modern systems, the majority of companies do not pay much attention to this matter. Therefore, this research represents an attempt to develop a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) system to solve the administrative problems facing material management construction sites and facilitate tasks for project managers. The methodology that has been adopted in this research included reviewing previous studies, a field survey and interviews with a number of site experts. Also, a questionnaire has been constructed to summarize the main problems of the management process. The results revealed that there is no application of modern systems, such as RFID. In addition, there are some problems facing material management on site, like time consumption, using excessive labor, poor inventory control, absence of databases and delay of receiving reports about material inspection. The study recommends the application of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) system, as using a very accurate system for managing materials on construction sites is essential to prevent problems that could affect the management process.

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Fatma Hendaoui

Billions of objects are being connected to the internet which makes the internet of things reality. Connected devices exchange a huge amount of data that should be processed with low latency. Cloud computing processes data on a centralized way which involves several issues such as technical issues and a single point of failure. Fog and edge computing may be considered as complementary to cloud computing. However, considering the heterogeneity of IoT objects and the large number of connected devices, data security is a must. This paper investigates the security challenges of edge computing and unveils a security model that presents the security requirements with respect to the IoT challenges.

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B.Backialakshmi, Dr. V.Sumalatha

As with rapid growth of the Information and Communication Technologies play a vital role in the field of education and e-learning has become a very popular trend of the education technology. This paper analyzes and measures the cloud computing architecture usage, more and more industries move their focus from investing into processing power to renting processing power from a specialized vendor. Education field is no different. E-learning systems usually require many hardware and software resources. There are numerous educational institutions that cannot afford such investments, and cloud computing is the best solution for them. The main aim of the study is to identify ways to improve the learning process through the use of cloud computing technologies, while reducing the complexity associated with these technologies the main focus is about the requesting, creation, deployment, monitoring and management of virtual laboratories using Cloud Computing. Finally, this paper presents some solutions of cloud computing in e-learning and describes the most common architecture adopted. Issues in implementing cloud based e-learning systems and some potential ways to overcome them are also discussed.

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Ambiyar, Junil Adri, Sukardi, Hafsyah

This evaluation research was motivated by the application of the ICT guidance program at the junior high school level in Padang. The ICT guidance program is implemented with the aim of improving students' skills in using information and communication technology tools with structured guidance. the problem is, there are still many junior high schools in Padang that have not been able to implement ICT guidance programs in accordance with Minister of Education and Culture No. 68 of 2014. Schools generally place ICT guidance outside of class hours so that teachers in schools find it difficult to implement ICT Guidelines. The implementation of ICT guidance at the junior secondary school level faces a very complex problem, namely the lack of facilities and infrastructure used in the ongoing guidance process. This, causes students to be less eager to participate in ICT guidance activities carried out both classically and individually. This research is a type of evaluation research where the process of activities contained in the research is to obtain data, present accurate and objective information. Meanwhile, the evaluation research model used in this study is CIPPO. The results of the study indicate that ICT guidance carried out with the support of all school stakeholders can increase the effectiveness of the application of ICT guidance and provide benefits to students by increasing students' ability to use information and communication technology. The ICT Guide has a positive impact that enhances the ability of teachers to plan, process, and evaluate the learning process.

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Veena P, Vimalin Henna J

Acinetobacter baumannii has emerged over the last decade as a significant opportunistics pathogen. Although it is generally associated with benign colonization of hospitalized patients. The study is undertaken to isolate and identify of Acinetobacter baumannii from clinical infections using different laboratory methods. A total of Hundred clinical samples (wound, pus, urine, respiratory secretion, blood) were collected from February to june 2016. Acinetobacter baumannii isolates were preliminary identified according to the morphological characteristics and standard biochemical test.

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Lekkala Sreekanth Reddy, Dr.P. Sriramya

In this paper, we proposed to predict the Bitcoin price accurately taking into consideration various parameters that affect the Bitcoin value. By gathering information from different reference papers and applying in real time ,I found the advantages and disadvantages of bitcoin price prediction. Each and every paper has its own set of methodologies of bitcoin price prediction. Many papers has accurate price but some other don’t, but the time complexity is higher in those predictions, so to reduce the time complexity here in this paper we use an algorithm linked to artificial intelligence named LASSO(least absolute shrinkage selection operator. The other papers used different algorithms like SVM(support vector machine),coinmarkupcap, Quandl, GLM, CNN(Convolutional Neural Networks)and RNN(Recurrent neural networks) etc.. which do not have a great time management, but in LASSO finding of the results from a larger database is quick and for this purpose we draw a comparison between other algorithms and the LASSO algorithm, this survey paper helps the upcoming researchers to make an impact in the their papers. The process happens in the paper is first moment of the research, we aim to understand and find daily trends in the Bitcoin market while gaining insight into optimal features surrounding Bitcoin price. Our data set consists of various features relating to the Bitcoin price and payment network over the course of every years, recorded daily. By preprocessing the dataset, we apply the some data mining techniques to reduce the noise of data. Then the second moment of our research, using the available information, we will predict the sign of the daily price change with highest possible accuracy.

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Nini Mila Rahni, Gusnawaty, Rismiati, Suyati Yahya, Rahma Eka Irawaty

Demand for peanuts that continues to increase is not followed by yields every year. Marginalized land conditions and poor adaptationare the limiting factors in the rate of crop production. Compost fertilizer is one solution in overcoming land problems by combining rice straw waste and chicken manure waste. This research was conducted in the village of Huko-Huko from November 2017 to March 2018 using the Split Plot Design in a Randomized Block Design (RBD). The main plot was the Muna local peanut ecotype (E) consisting of three levels, namely: Wadaga ecotype (E1), Parigi ecotype (E2), and Lasehao (E3) ecotype. Subplot was the compost dosage consisting of four levels: without compost (K0), compost 5 t ha-1 (K1), compost 10 tha-1 (K2) and compost 15 t ha-1 (K3). In total, there were 12 treatment combinations and repeated three times. The results of the study revealed that Rice Straw Compost Fertilizer increased the growth component of the Peanut plant, including the Relative Growth Rate (RGT), Leaf Area Index (LAI) and Net Assimilation Rate (NAR) for all ecotypes. The optimum dose of rice straw compost that affects the growth of local Muna peanuts in marginal dry land was 15 t ha-1for the Wadaga and Lasehao ecotypes and 5 t ha-1for the Parigi ecotype.

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Kadek Cahya Susila Wibawa, Sri Nurhari Susanto

Cultural tourism in Bali is increasingly under attack from the flow of modernization, globalization, and tourists visiting Bali. On other hand, in the last five years, Bali has contributed about 40% of foreign exchange tourism to Indonesia, but ironically Bali does not get funds for foreign exchange earnings. The development of cultural tourism in Bali requires a comprehensive management and requires no small amount of funds. Bali needs special authority to manage the government in Bali with the uniqueness of the region, the situation, and the potential it has in order to support cultural preservation and guarantee sustainable development in Bali. This research aims to build an ideal special autonomy model as an effort to preserve culture in Bali. Based on these objectives, this study combines doctrinal research and non-doctrinal research. Doctrinal research uses a philosophical, conceptual, and regulatory approach. Non-doctrinal legal research, this research relies on the constructivism paradigm. The special autonomy of Bali is very much needed by the Balinese people to guarantee the strengthening of Hinduism, cultural preservation, customs and local traditions in Bali, because these are the main points in the development of cultural tourism in Bali. The ideal Balinese special autonomy model at the moment is based on its philosophical foundation based on local cultural wisdoms of "tri hita karana" and "sad kerthi", but still within the corridor of the Republic of Indonesia. Another construction is the distribution of profit sharing funds from the tourism sector and its management with the concept of "one province, one island, and one management system".

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Mohammad Hamad Alajmi, Fahad Alkalbi

Plant is located in Sabhan north of Kuwait city. As described below, the plant began operations in 1994 to manufacture plastic bags, cloth diaper liners and pampers. The plant’s major manufacturing equipment includes 5 filling lines, 11 mix tanks (ranging in size of 2,000 – 32,000 liters), 16 sterilization vessels (5-2 place and 11-4 place) and (5) Packaging lines. A technical engineering assessment conducted at the facility, which took place over 3 month's period; the study involved the plant operation engineering, maintenance and production personnel. The goal of the assessment was to account for the modification and improving of water treatment system to identify opportunities to reduce energy consumption and its associated cost. The Manufacturing administration require all in charged Energy Teams, to review the recommendations in the report in addition, provide updates on the progress of the recommendations until all projects are closed off or implemented. Any rejected recommendations need to be reported. A report of every plant’s progress towards implementing their recommendations presented to the Manufacturing VPs, for their review and comments.

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Arif Rahman, Ahmad Idris Asmaradhani, Sutarto

English phonemes that are absent in the learners’ native language are seen as the sources of difficulties. To articulate them, learners need to place their articulators in such positions in order to produce sounds that are similar or at least close to being similar to those phonemic of target language. In such process, learners might produce phonemes that deviate from the Received Pronunciation which may thus disrupt the process of communication. So far little attention has been paid to phonological deviations in the subject of Pronunciation Practice. This study is intended to investigate the case by analyzing the learners’ phonological deviations. Ten fifth semester students of English Education Department of UNDIKMA Mataram participated in the study. Data were obtained by recording and transcribing their pronunciation of the words containing the potential English phonemes absent in Indonesian. Analysis was made by comparing the broad transcriptions between the students’ pronunciations and the Oxford Advanced Learners’ Dictionary. Results showed that there are many deviations in the students’ pronunciations of the words containing potential English phonemes absent in Indonesian. Based on the findings it is suggested that the subject of Pronunciation Practice and (Introduction to) English Phonology should consider materials that include such absent phonemes intensively in the weekly meetings.

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Bambang Milianto, Anis Saggaff, Febrian Hadinata

Water resources are needed currently very much, especially in the area of Kota Pagar Alam for the purposes of rice fields which are planned to be served by Lematang Weir. The purpose of this study is to determine water availability to calculate dependable flow in Lematang Weir by using the Hydrology Engineering Center-Hydrologic Modeling System (HEC-HMS) model. The Lematang Weir watershed is influenced by land cover and average monthly rainfall which ranges from 7.13 mm in 2018, based on rainfall data which is taken from satellite rainfall data (TRMM). Based on mapping analysis and Geographical Information System (GIS) software, the Lematang Weir watershed is obtained covers an area is 59.889 km2. By using HEC-HMS software, the simulation results to show that the Q80 dependable flow in the Lematang Weir watershed is 1 m3/s and Q90 is 0.70 m3/s.

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Mat Jalil

The title of this article is The Essence of Muhammad Hatta’sDeocracy: The Relevance to the Development of Regional Autonomy. This topic is important to support the process of democratization in order to strengthen decentralization in Indonesia. This dissertation would critically examine key concepts of Muhammad Hatta'sthinking; find systematic explanations and coherence as thoughts through political philosophy. The purpose of this article is to critically and systematically find out, inventory and interpret concept of Muhammad Hatta’s democracy. This research also describes, analyzes the concept regional autonomy, as well as expresses and reflects the relevance of Muhammad Hatta’s democracy essence to the development of regional autonomy. Regional autonomy means empowering the people, and the independence of the region, the people hold the rights and high authority to determine the needs of the development of the region, the people are actively involved in development, and control the course of regional government. The essence of democracy is the sovereignty of the people which is bottom up structured, where the collectivism community which is realized through mutual cooperation is imbued with Pancasila, and is based on truth, justice, honesty, kindness, brotherhood, and humanity. The implementation of regional autonomy is relevant to the spirit of Muhammad Hatta’s democracy, namely the spirit of mutual cooperation, and empowering the layers of society, with political, religious, ethnic or group backgrounds for development planning. This is a library research. Data analysis of the research was carried out by using elements of qualitative research method in the field of philosophy which includes historical methods, descriptions, internal coherence and hermeneutics. The theory used is Colar Gould that is four theses of the concept of freedom.The concept of freedom must be more widely understood on the availability of social conditions and material, legal politics, as well as socioeconomic equality, reciprocating equality of participation.

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Yellepeddi Vijayalakshmi, B. ArunKumar, & G. K. D. PrasannaVenkatesan

Numerous approaches have been made to find solutions for constructing text information stemmers. These stemmers are generally utilized in perception of application-oriented projects, specifically when they deal with the development of information retrieval (IR) schemes. Moreover, text stemming, as an approach for stripping sets of their suffixes or prefixes is considered as task suffering, when there are problems like single solution, vocalization ambiguity, incorrect removal and so on. However, many investigators claim that stemming approach has reached a high level for accuracy and precision while retrieving texts. In some cases, these stemmer algorithms are measured as black boxes, and it is not probable to access either source code or for corpora to validate estimation, which is used to attain accuracy. As stemmer algorithms are extremely significant for researchers, its comparison and estimation are more significant to facilitate choice of stemming approach to use in information retrieval. Here, stemming algorithm is anticipated based on feature reduction from multi-source-Ant Colony (MS) by performing word bunching and scoring (W-CS), so as to provide solutions to the drawbacks mentioned above. Here, an automatic approach for pre-processing the text has been carried out for evaluation of and comparison of text retrieval from queries that consider performance metrics like accuracy and evaluation period for the stemming algorithm. Simulation was carried out in MATLAB environment. The suggested model outperforms prevailing approaches in terms of accuracy.

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Umar Albalawi

With the expansion in the quantity of Internet-connected devices, security and privacy concerns were the important obstructions hindering the extensive adoption of the IoT. Security in IoT has become a major consideration for all, including the organizations, consumers, and the government. While attacks on any system can't be completely secured perpetually, real-time detection of the attacks are significant to protect the systems in a compelling way. Privacy and security are the major important concerns in the domain of real-time communication and predominantly on IoTs. With the development of IoT, the security of network layer has drawn better focus. The vulnerabilities of security in the IoT can create security threats dependent on any application. In this manner there is a basic prerequisite for security development and enhancement for the IoT system for preventing security attacks dependent on vulnerabilities of security. In this study we reviewed IoT system, security attacks, security requirements and its applications based on Machine learning approaches. The goal of this review was to analyze the Machine learning techniques that could be utilized to develop and enhance the security techniques for IoT systems.

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Navita, Pravesh, Vibhav Kumar Sachan

This paper presents the designing and comparison of 1.0-2.0 GHz Butterworth low pass filter with cut-off frequency 1.3GHz and pass band ripple of 3.01db using conventional stepped impedance and split ring resonators in a multilayer configuration for digital broadcasting applications. Initially, the proposed conventional structure is considered for Stepped Impedance Low Pass Butterworth filter of order n=3 and n=5 [1]. Afterward the modified split ring is introduced in low impedance micro strip line of the filter to obtain the better roll-off factor, low insertion loss and improved selectivity [10]. The geometry is simulated using IE3D Mentor Graphics. The FR-4 substrate with dielectric constant, εr of 4.4 and substrate height h=1.6mm has been used as a core material in the design. The simulated results have a good agreement with the metamaterial structure. Insertion loss, return loss with respective frequency for both the design has been analyzed and the results shows that metamaterial structure obtain much better miniaturization at microwave frequencies for a given physical cell size. The designing equations are solved using MATLAB code and the results are simulated using IE3D simulator.

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Khalimova Mashraboy Vakhidovna

This article discusses the factors that affect interpersonal relationships in business development. Our society provides opportunities for entrepreneurship and their impact on business. The development of the phenomenon of responsibility in the context of interaction between entrepreneurs, on the one hand, encourages their employees to understand and strengthen their relations with partners, and at the same time follow the rules and standards established in our country. The relevance of this problem is confirmed by the growing interest in this area in connection with the role of psychological technologies in successful business. In business, the main goal is to make a profit, and interpersonal relationships and responsibilities are considered secondary. Neglect of these properties in business can lead to economic recession. To solve this problem, it is necessary to pay more attention to the process of “relationship management” and “a high level of responsibility”, recognizing that interpersonal relations take responsibility in this area, and great success in business.

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J. Junia Deborah, Dr. Latha Parthiban

At present days, deep learning (DL) models find useful in various domains especially healthcare sector. This paper introduces a new DL based lymph disease identification and classification model. An optimal deep neural network (DNN) model is applied to classify the lymph data utilizing the stacked autoencoders (SA) which is generally used to extract the features from the dataset which is further classified by the utilization of SoftMax layer. In addition, to make the DNN model more efficient, DL based Adam optimizer (AO) is used which is an adaptive learning rate optimization algorithm which has been developed particularly to train DNN. The presented DNN with AO model called DNN-AO model is tested against benchmark Lymphography dataset and the results are assessed under diverse measures. The experimental outcome verified that effective classification performance is showcased by the DNN-AO model with the maximum sensitivity, specificity, accuracy and kappa value of 95.59, 95.95, 95.95 and 91.69 respectively.

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G.Karthikeyan, D.Gnanaprakasam

Fiber Monitoring is one of the continuous valuations in finding the fiber quality by utilizing different programming instruments and equipment tool. This is one of the major issues happening everyday range in ventures, corporates like breaking of fiber and leakage in the fiber. Consequently this issue prompts down in network usage to that particular server and also loss of data in the communication channel. Here right now this paper deals with this issue just and checked on different paper identified and discover the procedure how to control this issue and what steps should be followed to conquer this trouble.

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Vibin Mammen Vinod, Mekala V, Abinaya S, Adluri Srinivas, Arun S

Air pollution poses a serious challenge to the society and especially cities bear the burnt of excessive pollution. The entire ecosystem gets degraded due to the adverse effects of a polluted atmosphere. Many cities face air quality issues that do not meet environmental requirements for good health. Air pollution measurement and predictive technology for smart cities should be built. This paper presents a real-time air pollution monitoring using wireless sensors. An Arduino based approach has been employed in this design. The presented system was designed to monitor and analyze the air quality in real time using sensors, collecting data from the sensors and with the help of data, pollution level can be detected in Parts per Million (PPM) metrics and uploading it in cloud.The pollutants like Carbon dioxide, Carbon monoxide, dust particles are monitored and measured. This project also includes creating an application which is similar to Google map and uploading the collected data in that application and it can be accessed from anywhere and at any time to know the pollution level in an area.

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Seetha. R, Mythili. N

Cryptography techniques involve message conveyance either in a secret form or in some hidden form. Cryptography finds it applications in almost all fields for secure data transfer. Looking into the history it is the military field which is very much influenced by secure data transfer and communication. Use of cryptography has spread its wings once digital communication stepped in. The thirst of data security increased when digital communication started using wireless medium for data transmission. It is therefore necessary to understand the basics and importance of cryptographic techniques for better, fast and efficient data transfer without any intrusion.

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Dr.S.Bharathi, A. Asha Banu

Technology has developed and laid its strong roots even in the field of education. Focus has been given merely on the utilization and the Progress in the usage of teaching aids, there is yet another dimension which needs fine-tuning in the part of teaching. A teacher whether a fresher or an experienced needs to update herself in her area and also teaching methodology every now and then. One such practice which reinforces the educational system is Insightful teaching. This Insightful teaching needs rumination of the classes handled and the feedback got from the students. This method will be effective for a teacher to contemplate on how he/she has handled the class. The positives and negatives of the class and the area, where manifestation is needed for further success and final analysis can be framed .It helps to find whether he/she could justify that the students have understood the concept or not. This paper frames a clear structure on tweaking the efficacy of teaching using navel-gazing and developing one’s own tutoring to be successful and confident in imparting the best knowledge to the students. This is materialised by taking three topics which is handled in two different classes. In one class insightful teaching is done and the other class with normal teaching, in order to identify whether it has an impact among the student’s learning or not. A pragmatic approach proved that the class with the insightful teaching shows good results. This paper creates a positive cognizance that insightful teaching has the power of re-forming the teaching methodology of the teacher’s themselves for the betterment of the students.

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Bandita Deka

The change in the nature of economy in terms of development of capitalism has many implications in the modern world which are of global significance. But this development is not a linear transition. To understand the different events in the transition process to the development of capitalism, it is important to understand the nature, form and processes of commodity production and accumulation that varies as the society progresses. Hence, the purpose of the study is to have a perception about the crisis in different phases of society which would help to locate the transition in the mode of production and the nature of economy as a whole. The study finds the internal contradictions in the mode of production which determines the different phases of transition happening in the economy. The process of accumulation has changed continuously from the period of feudalism to industrial capitalism and therefore the key finding is how the crisis in each phase is inherently the internal contradictions in its production process. Thus, the process of transition that leads to capitalism is of inherent nature.

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The study investigated the role of forgiveness style as determinants on the development of positive mental health among adolescent students of School of St. Joseph the Worker, Echague, Isabela, Philippines. The tools used in gathering the necessary data were the Transgression-Related Interpersonal Motivation (McCcullogh, Root, Cohen, 2006), and the Mental Health Continuum – Short Form (Keyes, 2009). The research utilized the descriptive method of research that revealed the following results: respondents show benevolence as their forgiveness style and are moderately mentally healthy. Moreover, there appeared to be significant differences between the respondents’ forgiveness style and mental health when they are grouped according to their demographic profile (age, year level, sex and economic status). Lastly, the result reveals that benevolence as a forgiveness style yields significant relationship with mental health. The result of the present study may serve as basis in developing programs that promote mental health.

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A.Usha, G.Karunakar

Modelling for rain attenuation is one of the important design criteria for reception Satellite signals. Particularly for Navigational data reception, accuracy being the most important design parameter, receiver design has to apply real time corrections and localized Modelling helps in that direction. At higher frequencies the design complexity of the receiver increases because of higher bandwidth resulting in higher costs implementation. Rain Attenuation increases with the frequency and become one of the most important and critical parameter in the design. In this paper, rain attenuation is estimated for cities in the State of Andhra Pradesh, India, using two different models like ITU-R, Moupfouma. The cities are typically chosen to exhibit varying climatic conditions viz., Visakhapatnam, Vijayawada and Tirupati. The estimation is done for two different frequencies 8 GHz (X- band),12 GHz (Ku- band).

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H.L. Phalachandra, Dinkar Sitaram, Rahul M, Rahul Pillai

Data Centers have been rapidly increasing in number and size and are poised for even more significant growth in the future. These Data Centers consume significant energy leading to increased cost and damage to the environment, leading to the conservation of energy in Data Centers being one the increasingly important areas of focus. There have been several approaches and algorithms devised for optimizing the energy consumed by Data Center active components viz. compute, storage, and networking. These algorithms or approaches typically focus solely on Energy Efficiencies whereas Applications would also have QoS expectations like Availability which may have a trade-off. This paper explores two of the Biologically inspired VM scheduling algorithms, the Genetic and the Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithms that incorporate Energy Efficiencies along with considerations towards Availability. We also evolve a mechanism that will map the QoS Availability percentage expectation of a VM to a replication factor, which can help determine the number of replicas that are needed to support the expected Availability. The resulting energy consumption in Data Centers is contrasted against a baseline are published algorithms to demonstrate efficiencies achieved with Availability constraints.

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Teekam Chand Mahor, Rajshree Mishra, Renu Jain

The fractional Fourier transform (FrFT) is a generalization of classical Fourier transform and received considerable attention of researchers since last four decades due to its wide ranging applicability in various fields such as, electrical engineering, optics, signal processing, signal analysis, optical communication and quantum mechanics. Fractional Fourier sine transform (FrFST) and fractional Fourier cosine transform (FrFCT) are closely related to the fractional Fourier transform (FrFT). In this paper, we introduce the new definition of FrFST and FrFCT of real order α using Mittag-Leffler function in fractional calculus environment. We have derived many algebraic properties including inversion formula, modulation theorem and Parseval’s identity of this new FrFST and FrFCT analytically. In addition, we have discussed FrFST and FrFCT of some standard functions and have applied these transforms to obtain analytical solutions of fractional heat-diffusion and fractional wave equations.

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S. Jose , C. Vijayalakshmi

This paper deals with the introduction of Multi-objective optimization and Evolutionary Algorithms. The short discussion about Genetic Algorithms, Evolution Strategies, Evolution programming Genetic programming, Artificial intelligence NSGA-II and MODE. Then the applications of Evolutionary Algorithm in real-world problems are analysed.

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Daniel Patricko Hutabarat, Robby Saleh

This research is a development of previous research that was successfully published in early 2017. The research was continued by combining RFID, GPS, IP Camera and a smartpone android in order to build human tracking and monitoring system. All the item are connected to each other by Wi-Fi and will convey data to a station pc in the control room. Theme park as the location for deploying the system is the large area, consist of many indoors and outdoors playground and can be visited up to 4000 people/day. Human tracking and monitoring system is important for people who visit theme park, it help visitors to locate the position of their families, friends and relatives who are separated. The tracking system that is built using RFID and GPS works properly with 100% accuracy of indoor tracking and 3.27 meters erorrs for the outdoor tracking while the monitoring system that is built using IP camera and android smartphone also works properly with 100% accuracy in plotting the location of the object tracked to the map and 100% correctly choose active IP Cameras that is nearest to the object tracked. Thus this human tracking and monitoring system is suitable to track and monitor the human position for both indoor and outdoor especially in a theme park.

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Alazar Essayas, Sujata Pandit, Deepak Verma Kumar

Lactic acid bacteria (LAB) are essential ingredients in probiotic foods, intestinal microflora, and dairy products that are capable of coping up with harsh gastrointestinal tract conditions and are available in a variety of environments. The objective of this study is to evaluate the probiotic property of LAB isolated from bovine milk. Milk samples were collected from local dairy farms. Samples were obtained using sterile test tubes and transported to a laboratory in the icebox for further biochemical characterization. Preliminary Physiological and biochemical identification of LAB isolates was conducted by growing on MRS agar after ten-fold serial dilution. Seven of the best isolates were selected for the evaluation of the probiotic property. The LAB isolates were checked for resistance to antibiotics and their antimicrobial activity by disc diffusion assay and agar well diffusion assay respectively. Bile salt hydrolase activity of isolates were studied by growing isolates in BSH medium with bile salt. Cell surface property of isolates was assayed by studying their autoaggregation and coaggregation percentage with S. aerues. All isolates were found BSH positive. In addition, BCM2 and BGM1 were susceptible to all antibiotic disks except BBM1 which was resistant to all antibiotic disks. BCM1 and BGM1 had the highest autoaggregation and coaggregation potential respectively. Since all LAB isolates showed gastro intestinal tolerance and good cell surface property they could be considered as good potential probiotic candidates for treatment and probiotic starter culture preparation.

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Patil Nilesh S, Salunkhe Kishor S, Chavan Machindra J, Chintamani Ravindra B

The purpose of this review article is to evaluate the fact that it’s worth to research in the development and of the drugs that are being formulated to have greater gastro- retentive period in the stomach which enhances the therapeutic purpose of the drug for the proper site with desired concentration. This also indicates a reduced administering of the dosages. There have been quite a lot of techniques developed to achieve the prolonged gastric emptying from stomach to the small intestine. Presently, pharmacological experiments have been able to formulate drugs adapting specific methods for the targeted gastric retention time period. The techniques in use as per the demand are low density systems, high density systems, magnetic systems, muco- adhesive systems, super porous hydrogel systems (cited as per the recent available information). The detailed study on the prolonged residence time for the drug dosage forms focusses on the floating drug delivery systems (FDDS) as an efficient form. Floating systems are hydro- dynamically controlled systems that have low density and are buoyant enough to float over the contents of the stomach for a long time and without affecting the gastric emptying rate. The drug is released at a rate which is desired and customized. There had been much speculations about GRDDS in the past but now purposeful and extensive researchers offer sophisticated formulation of dosage forms that are customized for delayed gastro retention time.

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Tirsam Sangi, Ignatius Roni Setyawan

In the category of financial instruments, corporate bonds have the most central position. This is because bonds are financial instruments that are most directly affected by economic variables. In an Initial Public Offering (IPO), the criteria for listing candidates for bonds are tighter than stocks. In addition, corporate bond players are also more selected than stock and derivative players, which must have very large capital in order to get corporate bond returns that can exceed stock returns. This study aims to explore the determinants of corporate bond yield related. Unlike government bonds, this corporate bond has one important factor, which is the ranking of bonds issued by PEFINDO. In addition to bond ratings, there are several other determinants derived from namely financial ratios (DER, CR and interest coverage), economic variables (interest rates and inflation), company size and yield to maturity. Because this research is still a proposal, the expected outcome is the modeling of corporate bond yields on the IDX referring to the bond risk premium model. The author's modeling will add to the unique determinants of bond yields that have not been discussed in depth by previous researchers namely bond rating, interest coverage and yield to maturity. The bond rating determines whether or not the company's bonds are in the eyes of investors in addition to being a requirement for the trading of corporate bonds on the IDX. Bond ratings are determined by interest coverage and yield to maturity of the bond issuer, company size and yield to maturity.

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P. Indira, M. Jayalakshmi

A new approach namely, row-column minima method is suggested to find an optimal interval solution for fully interval integer transportation problem (FIITP). In the proposed method, the given FIITP is decomposed into two transportation problem as upper (UBITP) and lower (LBITP) and by applying row-column minima method so as to get the optimal interval solution. Fuzzy concept, midpoint, centre, width, interval ordering and multi-objective technique were not used. The proposed method is easier and also, simply because of arithmetic calculation. Using the proposed method, the numerical example is illustrated.

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Viky Ariska, Nurul Qomariah, dan Bayu Wijayanti

This study aims to determine the effect of service quality, price, product, and trust influence partially and simultaneously on consumer satisfaction on Kober Mie Setan Jember, East Java, Indonesia. The population in this research are the customers of Kober Mie Setan Jember, the number of respondents around 80 people. The variables are around five variables. The tool used to analyze is multiple linear regression analysis. The results of the coefficient test of multiple linear regression analysis showed the positive influence of the services quality, price, products and the customer beliefs by simultaneous and partial of customer satisfaction on Kober Mie Setan Jember East Java Indonesia..

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Mohammed Mustafa Ahmed Bin Sumait, Hussein Ali Hasan AL-Aidaros, Mohammed Ali Saeed Bladram

The social impact of cultures on communities has gained due attention In the literature. There are factors that get influenced among cultures and societies such as dress, language, cuisine and architecture. The development of the modern world is characterized and shaped through globalization. When it comes to globalizing cultures, diaspora plays a critical role in influencing and factors such as dress, language, cuisine and architecture among different cultures and societies. This study aims to investigate the influence of Indonesian culture on communities in Yemen particularly the Hadhrami community in the South of Yemen. Due to the diaspora of Hadhrami that began in the old era of hadhramout to many countries in the world including Indonesia, there are social and cultural influences observed among communities in hadhramout. Based on primary data through semi-structured interviews with individuals, and secondary data from the literature, this study aims at shedding the light on the influences of the Indonesian culture observed among the Hadhrami communities. The outcome of this research highlights the social and cultural effects on the local communities by the Indonesian culture.

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Sri Hartini, Caraka Putra Bhakti, Muhammad Alfarizqi Nizamuddin Ghiffari,Bayu Selo Aji, Cucu Kurniasih

The purpose of this paper is to provide a reference to the pedagogical competency model of school counseling teacher, namely an ecological model. Pedagogic competence is a competency that must be possessed by school counselor teachers today. There are still many teachers pay little attention to pedagogical competencies. Pedagogical competence should be synergized with school counseling teachers because pedagogical competence is the ability of educators to manage the learning process which includes the understanding of students, designing and implementing learning, evaluating results, and developing students various potentials. This ecological model is one of the models that can be used in the pedagogical competence of the teacher's guidance and counseling. The ecological model seeks to understand human interconnection and everything related to it; the purpose of this model is to create and maintain a balanced human and environmental synergy. The result from this paper, the ecological model, can be alternative and be applied in school counseling teacher pedagogic competence develop by emphasizes the understanding of school counseling teachers in synergy with various components of pedagogical competencies. This writing uses the literature review method; here, the author uses a variety of trusted sources.

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Muhammad Asyraf Abd Rahim, Ernie Leong Yen Lee, Nor Fazila Abd Malek, Dusanee Suwankhong & Ali Md Nadzalan

This study aimed to investigate the relationship between selected physical fitness on long jump performance. Thirty male (n = 30), active university long jumpers were recruited as participants in this study. Participants performed one repetition maximum (1RM) squat, vertical jump, horizontal jump, 30m sprint, sit and reach flexibility test with the long jump performance. Pearson Correlation was used to determine the relationship between each test with the long jump performance. Results showed that all physical fitness tests were found to be significantly correlated to long jump performance with 1RM squat, horizontal jump and sit and reach flexibility tests were found to have high correlation while vertical jump and 30m sprint tests were found to have moderate correlation. Findings demonstrated the importance of physical fitness training to improve performance in long jump.

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Muhammad Nor Faiz Abd Aziz, Norhazira Abd Rahim, Nor Aijratul Mohammad Shalan, Nor Fazila Abd Malek & Ali Md Nadzalan

Weight training is one of the training method that often been used to gain muscle strength and size. The aim of this study was to identify the effects of weight training on body mass index (BMI), muscle mass, body fat percentage, hand grip strength and maximal repetition of weight gain in overweight men. This study was conducted using experimental method through pre- and post-test. Body composition analyzer was used to measure BMI, fat percentage and muscle mass. Muscle strength was measured by using the maximum hand grip test while muscle endurance by using the maximum push-up test. The subjects of this study were consisted of 20 individuals (male, BMI 25.76 ± 1.35, age 23.05 ± 2.14 years old). Weight training intervention was conducted 3 times per week for 4 weeks. The result shows there was a significant effect of weight training on maximum push-up repetition (p = .000, p <.005). However there were no significant effect of weight training on BMI (p = .586), mass muscle (p = .163), body fat percentage (p = .659) and maximum hand grip (p = .179). In conclusion, the 4-weeks weight training is able to increase the muscle endurance among overweight males. Therefore, it can be suggested that weight training as one of the strategy to improve muscle endurance among overweight males. For future study, it is suggested that the duration of the weight training intervention to be extended to obtain a significant effect.

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Hüseyin Gokçekuş, Yousseuf Kassem, Nura Yunusa, Muhammad Khidre Musa, Serah Onuh John, Sayyadilkhair Usman2, Muktar Sabiu Yahuza and Sadiq Mahmoud Ahmad

An estimated 69.5 million people in Northern Nigeria rely on pit latrine to defecate due to the lack of proper excreta disposal system in the region. However, many studies extensible indicates the environment and environmental resources contamination with pit latrines. It is the intent of this study to explore the numerous design features of pit latrines and which type needed to improve, thus, set a guideline on minimum pit latrine design standard. The studies on pit latrine design and structural characteristics were systematically reviewed including their evolution and improvement over a millennium, environment and environmental contamination especially groundwater and the study further assessed the extent at which the Northern Nigeria lives are at stake and knowledge gaps were found. The study found no original research on design or materials to prevent groundwater contamination despite the rises in groundwater levels due to climate change that is limiting the vertical separation distance between groundwater levels and pit latrines. Moreover, harvesting long noted greenhouse gases and additional 198 detected volatile gases emanated by pit latrine are inhabited limited data. This indicates that the concurrent pit latrine designs are less-effective in mitigating environmental and environmental resources contamination. Future pit latrine improvement or modification should focus on an integral model approach to developed a well improved and sustainable pit latrine.

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Ogunleye G.O., Fasan Oluwabukola

Software Defined Network (SDN) is a new network technology in which the control plane and data plane are separated to make the network more flexible and dynamic. Security is one of the biggest challenges in SDN. Due to the controller which serves as the single point of failure, the network can be easily disrupted by Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack. The existing detection techniques have concentrated more on other DDoS attacks but focus less on UDP attack. In the proposed work, we examine UDP based DDoS protocol, prototyped Software-Defined network using mininet and POX controller. We further experiment how UDP attack can be performed in SDN, design a fuzzy model using Jfuzzylite library and detect the UDP attack in a software-defined network using fuzzy logic model. The packets are classified into normal and attack packets. Confusion matrix is used to calculate the accuracy of the model.

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Dimitar Dimitrakiev, Yuriy Dachev, Dobrin Milev

The response organization must be able to react at short notice for an effective response to oil spills at sea and the key elements must be stated. Responsibilities, lines of command and communication must be clearly identified. A Control Strategy defines when, where and how to combat oil spills. Responders on all levels must also be prepared to deal with the press at any time of incident and to respond correctly to requests from the news media. Oil spill responses are often weeks or months in duration, involve long working days, a complex number of agencies, interests and excessive demands on response team management and therefore all the people involved must be well trained in advance so that the incident occur, they know what to do and what to expect.

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Anita Herda, Asni Johari, Maison, Muhammad Rusdi, Rayandra Asyhar

The scientific steps in learning chemistry taken by students during a teaching and learning activity are very similar to what is conducted by scientists in the acquisition of scientific knowledge and are known as Science Process Skill (SPS). The skill is beneficial for the students not only in doing learning activities during the classroom process but also in solving real problems in daily life. That is why many countries today are addressing its educational policy in improving SPS of the students. The purpose of this study was to describe the science process skill characteristics of senior high school students in Jambi Province in terms of chemistry subject. The survey method used in this research involved 414 respondents of 11th-grade students (206 males, 208 females) of 16 schools in Jambi Province by using a test technique for data collection. The research results showed that the students’ achievements of SPS for each indicator were 60% (observing), 29% (measuring), 64% (classifying), 51% (interpreting), 54% (making hypothesis), 46% (identifying), 70% (predicting), 40% (experimenting), 43% (concluding), 40% (communicating). Based on the research data, it can be concluded that the SPS level of senior high school in Jambi Province was categorized as low. Furthermore, there was no significant effect of gender on students' SPS ability with SPS levels of 48.7% for males and 49.1% for females, respectively.

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A.Subramaniya Siva , S.Sathieshkumar, T.Santhosh Kumar

Power system Analysis is the important part of power system engineering .The main intension of any electrical utility company is to deliver power with best quality. By expanding the utililiztion of power electronics gadgets (non linear load),sinusoidal waveform of current and voltage get deformed and deviated which leads to deterioration in power system quality. One of the important causes of improper power quality is power system harmonics and harmonics analysis need to investigate in filter to reduce this harmonics current and voltage. This Paper will discusses about the ,optimal power flow analysis and harmonics analysis on IEEE 14 bus systems in Renewable energy Source with and without PV and Wind interaction .Also the solution is recommended toward the end for the maintained of economic harmonics and losses with permissible limits using ETAP software

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Alimjanova Mekhrinsa Ibragimjanovna, Arslonzoda Aziza Rakhmatovna, Kosimova Gulsanam Negmatjonovna, Khaydarova Dildora Komilovna

The article discusses how to achieve the effectiveness of foreign language teaching. According to the authors, a foreign language learner should be able to consciously master the phonetics, morphology and linguistics of the studied foreign language and apply them in communication.

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Preetha V, Govindhan S, Eniyachandramouli G, Ranjith selvan K

The indeed intention of Steel concrete composite construction has gained acceptance worldwide as an alternative to pure steel and Reinforced concrete construction. The practice of composite elements in construction sector is very low in India compared to many developing countries. There is a great potential for increasing the volume of steel in construction, especially in the current development needs. The composite construction reduces the dead weight of the structure, in turn decreases the time of construction work. In this present study G+10 multi-storied building composed of RCC columns and two different composite columns viz. Encased column and Infill rectangular tubes are analyzed by using ETABS software. In this study comparison has been made to study the variation in storey drift, storey shear, time period and the displacement of the building with RCC and composite columns.

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Charles Chinwuba Ike

The Fourier cosine transform method was used in this work to obtain general solutions for stresses and displacement fields in homogeneous, isotropic linear elastic soil of semi-infinite extent due to a point load applied vertically at the origin of the half plane. A stress-based formulation was used. Boussinesq-Papkovich potential functions were used to express the displacement components, strains, and stresses. Fourier cosine transformation of the biharmonic stress compatibility equation was done to obtain suitable bounded stress functions for the problem. Stresses were similarly expressed in the Fourier cosine transform space variable, by Fourier cosine transformation. Enforcement of stress boundary conditions were used to obtain the unknown constants of the stress functions. Inversion of the Fourier cosine transforms of the stresses yielded the general expressions for the stress fields in the physical domain two dimensional Cartesian variables. The strain fields were obtained using the kinematic relations of infinitesimal elasticity. The displacement fields were determined by integration of the strain-displacement equations. The expressions for displacement and stress fields obtained were identical with solutions in literature obtained using Airy’s stress potential functions.

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Areej Tayyem, Hamzah Al-Mawali

The primary objective of this empirical study is to examine the relationship between intellectual capital efficiency (ICE) and corporate market to book value. The study population covers all non-financial firms listed in the Amman stock exchange across the years (2013-2017), the sample covers all listed non-financial firms that disclosed required data which is related to the variables under study. The main results reveal significant relationship between each of human capital efficiency (HCE), structural capital efficiency (SCE), and capital employed efficiency (CEE) as elements of value added intellectual capital model (VAIC) and the corporate market to book value. The current study contribute to the literature in intellectual capital area in context of developing countries. Also, recommends that standards setters may expand the efforts to have better measurement and evaluation of the intangibles as it contributes majorly to the firm created market to book value.

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Ammar Alnahhas, Bassel Alkhatib, Nazeer Al-Boukaee, Noor Alhakim, Ola Alzabibi, Noor Ajalyakeen

Because of the need to build assistive systems for people with special needs, many computer systems have emerged to help understand sign language. In this paper we present an innovative method for recognizing words in Arabic sign language using the Leap Motion device which helps building a 3D model of the human hand using infrared. Our methodology focuses on analyzing the mathematical features derived from the Leap Motion controller, where we take advantage of the chronology of successive frames that can be represented using the extracted features, we process these features using a Recurrent neural network. We present our results which we have performed on real data, the results show superiority of our method Which has achieved outstanding results that outperform previous research. The experiment result shows that the highest average classification rate reached 89% for one-hand gestures, 96% for two hands gestures.

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Cecep Maman Hermawan, Okta Rosfiani, Suheti, Sisca Febry Susanti

One type of cooperative learning is Student Team Achievement Divisions (STAD) is a collaborative learning strategy in which small groups of students with various levels of ability work together to achieve shared learning goals, to encourage students to improve their achievements and promote more positive attitudes to work together using critical thinking skills. There is a notable paucity of empirical research in the field of application of the STAD type cooperative learning model to the mathematics subjects of third-grade elementary school students. This class action research uses the R&H class action research model. Participants in this study were third-grade students in one of the Public Elementary Schools in South Tangerang, Banten, Indonesia. Data has been collected through tests, observations, and documents. Data were analyzed using text analysis and descriptive statistics. This research has shown that the STAD type cooperative learning model is proven to be able to improve student mathematics learning outcomes, helps students acquire academic content and skills to discuss the goals and objectives of important social and human relations. Research data shows that the use of STAD can significantly improve students' learning outcomes of mathematics. In the pre-cycle, students who received the Minimum Mastery Criteria (MMC) were 14 students or 43.75%. In cycle 1 there were 24 students or 70% who got MMC. In cycle 2 there were 29 students or 90.32% who got MMC.

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Rekha Shinde and Kundan Meshram

Failures and defects in a structure are common phenomena in construction industry. Negative impacts may arise towards cost, duration and resources of project. Failures and defects can cause unnecessary expenditure and delays. Furthermore, if this situation is left unanswered and untreated, it will lead to more serious problems in the future upcoming construction projects. Therefore this study is aimed to identify contribution factors to building defect and failures, which frequently occur in construction project in order to minimize time and cost involved. This study is succeeds in identifying the common contribution factors of the structural defects and the failures in construction project. Investigation details of the failure will provide many lessons to construction professionals from past failures so that replication of such failures could be eliminated or minimize. “Forensic Engineering is the study of materials, products, structures or components that fail or does not operate or function as designed, causing damage to property. This is useful to develop practices and procedures to reduce the number of failures and to provide guidelines for conducting failure investigation”. This study will investigate the cause of the failure of a structurally damaged building & also investigates the strength & life of an existing building. The study examines the effect of the quality of material used for concrete production & also for the check for analysis & designing.

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Reza Rachmadtullah, Via Yustitia, Bramianto Setiawan, Arif Mahya Fanny, Pana Pramulia, Wahyu Susiloningsih, Cholifah Tur Rosidah, Danang Prastyo, Trio Ardhian

The challenges of the elementary school education world in the 4.0 industrial revolution era require the elementary school to keep abreast of the rapid technology development and utilize information and communication technology as advanced technology to facilitate the learning process. In addition, the use of technology in the 4.0 industrial revolution era is expected to prepare a superior generation that can be competing in the world, mastering in technology and having good literacy. Furthermore, the role of elementary schools in preparing superior generations in the 4.0 industrial revolution era using the information and communication technology learning mindsets can shift from teacher-centered to student-centered. In this paper will discuss the Development of Indonesian Education in the Revolutionary Era Industry 4.0, how to Answer the Challenges of Elementary School Teachers in Preparing a Superior Generation in the Era of the 4.0 Industrial Revolution era, Concepts of Learning in Elementary Schools to Preparing a Superior Generation in the Era of the Industrial Revolution 4.0.

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M SreeramaMurty, Dr.NNagamalleswaraRao,

In the period of information impacting, examination into enormous information is expanding significant. We have an assortment new advances for information huge information executives, for example, NoSQL database, (for example MongoDB, Cassandra), analyzers (for example MapReduce, Hive) and that's just beginning. This apparatus is done doesn't have SQL inquiry connector known to clients. At that point with Postgres 9.1 fashioners have been chosen for outside information wraps to control Postgres with information put away in another information store might possibly be relationship. Utilize outside information bundles that we can connection to outer information stockpiling information for Postgres interface and information investigation who lives in database with SQL questions. Provence is a metadata which catches the connection between input information and yield. That is it exceptionally valuable in investigating troubleshooting. PERM is gadget created as an expansion to Postgres 8.3 to make nearness of Postgres. Inside this Our paper shows the augmentation of PERM gadgets to catch region information got to from outside information stockpiling through the remote information bundle. The PERM device leads PERM class on commitment to affect. We recommend that naming innovation be stretched out to the present gift utilized PERM, to catch 'when' and 'who' in it setting of Big Data Analytics.

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Ahmad Roziq, Cici Wijayanti, Ririn Irmadariyani

SIMBA contains information from BAZNAS for each province or district for a period, both the muzakki list and its financial statements. SIMBA has two systems, namely Operational Information Systems (SIO) and Reporting Information Systems (SIP). SIMBA is a technology-based management information system that is expected to ease the burden of performance from users. Not all users can accept the use of technology. The purpose of this study is to analyze user acceptance of the application of SIMBA with the Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) Theory and to assess the financial statements produced by SIMBA This research is a qualitative study using a case study approach. The object of this research is BAZNAS in Jember Regency with informants or as SIMBA users, namely administrative, information technology and financial and reporting staff. The results found that user acceptance of SIMBA, namely the administration, IT and financial sections following factors that influence the main factors in the TAM (Technology Acceptance Model) theory, namely perceived usefulness (perceived usefulness) and perceived ease to use (perceived ease usage). Researchers find other factors that influence users accepting technology, including knowledge and skills. Therefore this study produced a Davis (1986) version of the TAM model that was modified by adding 2 new factors, namely knowledge and skills.

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Aziman Madun, Nurul Hidayah Binti Mohd Kamaruddin, Sid Ahmed Remmani

geophysical studies, the seismic reflection is one of the techniques adopted for mapping the subsurface profile. The seismic reflection method consists of detecting and processing recorded waves that reflect when meeting the media stiffness changes. Due to the enhancing in the data processing technologies, this method can be adopted with cost-effective for shallow investigation, detection anomalies such as cavity and shallow subsurface profiling. The objective of this study is to evaluate the seismic reflection method for measuring the shallow profile of the pavement layer compared with the conventional impact-echo method and thus able to identify the thickness of the asphalt layer. To ensure the applicability of the seismic reflection approach in various situations, a concrete slab is constructed as an experimental testing site alongside the asphalt pavement. The measurements of the concrete slab and the asphalt pavement thickness are successfully obtained using both the seismic reflection and the impact-echo methods. An attempt was made to detect the time of the waves’ first arrival using Matlab software, combined with a graphical user interface to accelerate and automate the data processing and results' calculations.

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Chitrakant Banchhor, N.Srinivasu

This paper surveys tools and techniques used in the Big-data and Big-data computing. The principles upon which Big-data and data-intensive computations work have been explored with some outlines provided by various researchers in the field. The paper starts with the traditional cluster computing and further explores about the Hadoop system as a tool to solve Big-data issues. It also covers the significant growth in cloud computing towards hosting MapReduce to use for Data-intensive computations as one of the services available through clouds. It has brief coverage about Microsoft Azure and Amazon clouds for MapReduce services to be provided through Internet.

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R.Karthigasri, M.Sornam

Human activity recognition (HAR) aims to acknowledge activities from a series of observations supported the actions of subjects and therefore the environmental conditions. The HAR research is the basis for many applications including video surveillance, health care, and human-computer interaction (HCI). Automatic Human Activity Recognition (HAR) has emerged as a key research area in human-computer interaction (HCI) and it was done by employing machine learning and deep learning techniques. One goal of human activity recognition is to produce data on a user’s behavior that enables computing systems to proactively assist users with their tasks. The challenging task in human activity recognition is to get a labeled data. In most of the cases, the user is needed to label the activities and this, in turn, will increase the burden on the user. In this proposed work, sequential classification problems cannot predict alone by machine learning algorithms, so the proposed method hybridized evolutionary model and fuzzy finite state machine. The Experimental results have been employed to process and analyze data sets, like activities of daily living (ADL) and activities of daily working (ADW) with the available public domain data set. Later the datasets were classified their activities with machine learning algorithms namely support vector machine (SVM), Decision Tree. The design and implementation of evolutionary models Genetic Algorithm (GA), Particle Swarm Optimization algorithm (PSO) with Neural Network model gives of efficient results. The performance by this model has been proved by recall, F- score and confusion matrix plot view.

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Imam Kusmaryono, Hardi Suyitno, Dwijanto, Nurkaromah Dwidayati

Problem of mathematical anxiety has raised concerns for educators because of its negative impact on mathematical knowledge, mathematics achievement, self-confidence and disposition towards mathematics and future students' careers. This research was a survey reasearch, aimed to describe about (1) Level of mathematical anxiety in grade IX in Islamic Junior High School 4 Sultan Agung Semarang; (2) Factors that caused students’ anxiety on mathematics; (3) Whether the level of mathematical anxiety caused the lower performance of mathematics; and (4) Teachers’ strategy in deconstructing students’ mathematical anxiety into positive disposition toward mathematics. Data was collected through questionnaire and interview. Result of the research concluded that (1) Level of mathematical anxiety by 9th graders in Islamic Junior High School 4 Sultan Agung Semarangindicated the high level of anxiety. (2) There were four factors that caused students’ mathematical anxiety, namely: (a) assessment on periodic test, (b) mathematics teachers, (c) student personality, and (d) mathematics nature and perception; (3) it was not the level of students’ mathematical anxiety that caused a decrease on mathematical performance, but the students’ ability to organize their anxiety on the stage of anticipation and paying attention on a task. (4) Strategy from teachers was to create conducive learning environment, provide scaffolding, and help students to deconstruct mathematical anxiety into positive mathematical disposition behaviour, so the students would be more successful in mathematics.

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Irfan Fahriza, Pribadi, Nabila Qurrotu Aini, Syari Fitrah Rayaginansih, Sofwan Adiputra

The ability to continue to live in an environment of heavy pressure is known as resilience. Individuals with high levels of resilience are able to adapt to various conditions to change circumstances and be flexible in solving problems. This study aims to examine the effectiveness of the group exercises techniques in developing adolescent resilience. This research uses a quantitative approach with pre-experimental methods and uses one-group pretest-posttest design. The population of this research is all students at Cimahi Public Middle School 3, West Java. The number of subjects as many as 15 were taken based on convenience sampling techniques. Researchers use resilience scale to obtain data. The data analysis technique uses the two-difference test (t-test). The results showed that the use of the group exercises techniques was effective in developing adolescent resilience.

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Sirojiddin Abdukarimov, Rakhimjon Shokirov

this article is primarily intended for schoolchildren and students who are passionate about sports programming, who already have experience in personal competitions and are going to participate in team tournaments (or are already doing so). The reader is supposed to have an idea of how to solve various Olympiad problems. We hope that this article will be useful for teachers who prepare students for Olympiads of different levels, as well as for coaches of student teams. In this article I will say very little about what the Olympiad problems are and how to solve them. In order to solve problems quickly, efficiently and correctly you need to be a good programmer and mathematician, know a lot of algorithms and data structures from the sphere of computer science, have a great practical experience - a lot and regularly train. Moreover, after all, the ability to solve problems is to some extent a talent, a gift, because in fact, the solution of any complex Olympiad problem is always a creative process. You cannot come up with any general algorithm that would help you to find the right solution to an arbitrary problem.

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G. Anantha Rao, K.Syamala, T.V.S.Divakar

This paper introduces an idea of bringing sign language into real time using mobile phone. Smart phone front camera captures Selfie sign videos. The hand shape is extracted from the captured video frames using sobel edge operators and morphological gradients. Two methods of feature extraction are proposed. In first feature extraction method, basic region properties height of hand shape , centroid and area of hand shape and distance of the centroid of hand portion from origin of the frame are used as features. In the second feature extraction method, hand contour DCT treated with PCA is generated as feature vector. Artificial Nueral Network (ANN) is used to test the Word matching score (WMS) of the selfie sign language recognition system (SSLR) for the proposed feature vector models. The average WMS with first feature vector is 85.5% and 91% for second feature vector.

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Mohammad Fazli Baharuddin, Mohamad Noorman Masrek, Shamila Mohamed Shuhidan

The purpose of this study is to evaluate the content validity of an instrument that had been developed to assess the innovative work behaviour among school teachers. The content validity of the instrument was investigated based on the view of six experts. The item content validity index (I-CVI) and scale content validity index (S-CVI) were implemented for content validity. Four dimensions namely; opportunity exploration, idea generation, idea promotion, and idea realization having 5 items each were identified. The item content validity index (I-CVI) ranged from 0.93 to 1 and the scale content validity index (S-CVI/Ave) for opportunity exploration, idea generation, idea promotion and idea realization dimension of innovative work behaviour was 0.97, 0.97, 1.00 and 0.93 respectively. The instrument is assessed with high content validity. The future research can ensure checking the instrument for reliability and other forms of validity such as face, construct, and criterion validity for better applicability of the assessment instrument.

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S. Sidhardhan, A.Sagaya Albert

Cellular Lightweight Concrete (CLC) also known as Foamed concrete is one of the most significant type of concrete used for construction purposes due to its various advantages and usages over traditionally produced concrete. The rapid urbanization has led to the enormous increase in wastes being disposed of. This paper aims at identifying the possibility of using recycled materials such as crushed glass and plastic wastes in foam concrete as substitute filler for fine river sand. A protein based foaming agent is adopt for this study. The workability and strength of different mixes, made using performed foam, at varying densities using powdered glass and plastic wastes will be investigate. In this project foam concrete blocks are prepared according to the designed proportions to attain the maximum strength of 1900kg/ .In this project, the mixing of recycled glass wastes 5%, 10%, 15% and recycled plastic wastes 1%, 3%, 5% will add as a filler in foam concrete. The 7days, 14, 28days compressive strength, flexural strength, split tensile strength and hardened densities of each batch will be study and compare with obtained nominal mix strength. The Scanning electron microscope (SEM) test will be conduct to know the air void distribution in the concrete.

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Gayathri.D, Priyadarshini. S.A., Kalpana.K, Kirthika.S, Merlin Diyana.S

Variable frequency asymmetrical pulse- width- modulation (VFAPWM) is generally utilized in remote force move frameworks to manage the measure of intensity moved. This manage plot is likewise embraced in Qi, one of the generally outstanding remote charge models. Traditionally, examination of WPT frameworks depends on initial sounds estimation, which just thinks about the key symphonies sign. This could be off base for variable recurrence topsy-turvy beat width- adjusted WPT frameworks in light of the fact that VFAPWM innately delivers numerous sounds. In this paper another logical procedure, called Multiple Harmonics Analysis (MHA) is created to observe arrangement repaid WPT frameworks. The activity of the converter at these superior exchange frequencies conveying the whole burden recent through turn on and turn off moments of the switch, expands the exchanging misfortunes and is exposed to a lot of di/dt and voltage stress. The converter utilizes the ZCS strategy with the idea of full switch, which is a mix of semiconductor gadget and LC system, and does the Switch to rotate on, rotate off at zero current moment. This lessens the exchanging misfortunes and improves the existence time of the switch.

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S.Chandrasekhar, Dr.N.N.Mhala

Gesture recognition offers a new medium for human-computer interaction that can be both efficient and highly intuitive. This paper proposes a data fusion based l multi-layered gesture recognition method using one shot learning approach with Kinect V2. The Kinect sensor, have provided new opportunities for human-computer interaction. In recent years, human action recognition has drawn increasing attention of researchers, primarily due to its potential in areas such as video surveillance, robotics, human computer interaction, user interface design, and multimedia video retrieval. Kinect V2 to recognize different human hand gestures. It is fused with many advanced visual technologies and has been widely used in various kinds of computer vision tasks, such as face recognition, scene understanding, and human gesture recognition . Kinectv2 sensor which is capable of providing Depth Image ,RGB(intensity) Image , real time provision and Low cost.

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Ayman Bassam Nassoura

Online learning has become a global platform for collaboration. In search of better economical ways to train and educate people, universities and enterprises have expanded their use of online learning. The purpose of this paper is to measure students' perceptions of online learning in higher education. Data was collected by distributing a questionnaire among 300 students from different universities in the UAE to measure the critical factors. This paper attempted to measure critical aspects such as, instructor characteristics (IC), social presence (SP), instructional design (ID), and trust (TR). The results indicated that the critical factors influence students’ perceptions. This work will benefit designers, teachers, and universities to create a more effective online curriculum.

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Sanatan Ratna, B Kumar

The advancement in technology and production rate in rapidly developing economies has brought about the focus on sustainable supply chain in past few decades. Sustainability basically refers to fulfilling the needs of the current generation without hampering the resources significantly that would be required by the future generations. In order to achieve this, green supply chain management must be brought into practice. The current case study aims at evaluating and selecting suppliers based on green criteria in a Nickel plating SME. To begin with, six criteria for supplier selection are selected and are the shortlisted using grey relational analysis (GRA). The four suppliers are then evaluated and selected based on three shortlisted green criteria using Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP). Further consistency ratio (CR) is also calculated in order to determine how consistent the judgements have been relative to large samples of purely random judgements.

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M. Aarthilakshmi, S. Meenakshi, A. Poorna Pushkala, V. Rama@Ramalakshmi, N.B. Prakash.

Medical imaging is gaining importance with an increase in the demand for automated, reliable, fast and efficient diagnosis which can provide insight into the image better than human eyes. The brain tumor is the second leading cause for cancer-related deaths in men age 20 to 39 and leading cause cancer among women in the same age group. Brain tumors are painful and should end in various diseases if not cured properly. The diagnosis of the tumor is a very important part of its treatment. Identification plays an important part in the diagnosis of benign and malignant tumors. A prime reason behind a rise in the number of cancer patients worldwide is the ignorance towards the treatment of a tumor in its early stages. This paper discusses such a machine learning algorithm that can write the user about the details of the tumor using brain MRI. These methods include noise removal and sharpening of the image along with basic morphological functions, erosion, and dilation, to obtain the background. Subtractions of background and its negative from different sets of images result in extracted in age. Plotting contour and c-label of the tumor and its boundary provides us with information related to the tumor that can help in a better visualization in diagnosing cases. This process helps in identifying the size, shape, and position of the tumor. It helps the medical staff as well the patient to understand the seriousness of the tumor with the help of different color-labeling for different levels of elevation. A GUI for the contour of the tumor and its boundary can provide information to the medical staff on the click of user choice buttons.

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Angelin Beulah. S, Hepsiba Mabel.V

Antenatal or Prenatal care is the care provided by the health care professionals during the gestation period in women. This phase being a sensational period comprises of many complications and risks. The prediction of these risk factors at an earlier stage or even before its onset, by the physicians is highly mandatory and the need of the hour. With the advent and growth of technology and automation, we require a diagnosis almost immediately and without delay. The machine learning algorithms and the image processing techniques have satisfied the need and are successful in predicting the risks with a higher accuracy rate. In this paper, we have reviewed about the different types of risk factors during the pregnancy period along with the methods of predicting these risks using machine learning algorithms and image processing techniques. The Machine learning algorithms, in which the machine learns from experience by getting trained with large volumes of data, predict the risks more efficiently. The image processing techniques predict the abnormalities from scanned ultrasound images using the different segmentation techniques, the accuracies and limitations predicted for each of the algorithms are discussed. By combining both machine learning and imaging techniques, we can effectively provide a decision assistive system to the medical practitioners in making decisions in this crucial period for the well-being of the mother and child.

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Amber Waqar, Mahwish Jamil, Ahmad Firdause Md Fadzil

This conceptual paper is comprehensive reviews of the related literature of the social entrepreneurship phenomenon. The study of entrepreneurship, especially in new venture creation, has gained the attention of previous researchers because of contribution to the development of the country towards GDP, job creation, innovation, and social values creation. This study is trying to develop the conceptual framework for describing the phenomenon of social entrepreneurship from various theoretical lenses. The study of social entrepreneurship is still premature, particularly the process of new venture creation. Therefore, the purpose of this paper is to critically review how four elements of Gartner theory that contribute to the emergence of social ventures.

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Mrs.S.ArunaraniM.C.A.,M.phil., Dr.R.Gobinath

In the field of security, biometrics technology is used to implement a lot of authentic and reliable system for combining the technology and science. Multimodal biometry depend on uni-biometrics combined by various fusion techniques such as sensor level, feature level, score level and decision level fusion techniques. A multimodal biometric system introduced here could be a comparative analysis of most used and famous unimodal and multimodal biometry like face, ear, fingerprint and a multimodal biometrics utilizing, face, finger print and ear biometrics. A comparative model is conferred in this paper is executed in MATLAB. Principle component analysis using eigenface vector, minutiae using thinning and MSER used for feature extraction. This model was trained and tested with two sets of database. Feature level fusion was tested in the database on the multimodal biometric system under consideration.

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Hemamalini, Dr.S. Perumal

Opinion Mining a sub field of Natural Language Processing (NLP) in analysing text data and determining the polarity, which also uses Sentiment Analysis as a part of Opinion Mining. It is extremely useful for monitoring the people feelings about a particular topic, product or idea. Document analysers adapted the technique of Sentiment Analysis for summarizing or customizing particular knowledge text. Analysis of sentiment is widely used in mining of subjective information from internet content using various techniques including NLP, Statistical techniques and Machine Learning methods. The application of Sentiment Analysis is very powerful and broad field which mainly focuses on huge text analysing process rather analysing manually. The Opinion Mining technology is widely used for extracting social data and makes the business process profitably. This survey describes about the research accomplished in Sentiment Analysis in last decade to show how the problems have solved until now and the various algorithms used in Sentiment Analysis.

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Nandyala Naveena, Nimmagadda Poojitha, Pallewar Rageshwari, Somashekhar Malipatil

GDI (Gate Diffusion Input) is a new technique of low power digital circuit design is proposed. This technique allows minimization of power consumption and area. The power consumption for CMOS schematic design are as follows AND(7.397µW), OR(5.118µW), XOR(0.62mW). In this paper we have achieved low power using GDI for AND, OR and XOR logic gates 0.1nW, 0.02µW, 1.78µW respectively for supply voltage 1.2V.

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C K Sreeja, V N Meena Devi, M K Aneesh, K S Sreekanth,

To analyze the prevalence of degenerative changes in different age group of patients suffering from low-back pain by using MRI technique. This observational study included 282 patients (178 women and 104 men) with low back pain between the ages of 14 to 81years. Lumbar spine MRI (1.5T) was done and subjects were categorized on the basis of pattern of alterations in the lumbar segments. The prevalence of disc changes on the basis of sex and age was also compared. 282 subjects reported with low back pain, the MRI findings of 154 subjects showed desiccation with bulging followed by 72 subjects with bulging of the disc. It was noted that prevalence of disc changes in both sex was statistically insignificant. 58.7% of males and 52.2% of females were found to have desiccation with bulging. Majority of the subjects suffering back pain belonged under age group of 21-40 yrs. with bulging of disc (48.8%) followed by desiccation with bulging (46.5%).As age advances, desiccation with bulging in multiple levels were seen in both sex and it was statistically significant (p<0.01).The degenerative changes in the disc can appear as early as 21-40 yrs. and there was no difference in the prevalence of disc degenerative changes in both sex. As age advances the prevalence of degenerative changes in multiple levels also found. The etiology of these changes reported in younger age group needs to be investigated further.

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Gangireddy Prabhakar Reddy, Dr. M Kalaiselvi Geetha

Healthcare industry is the one which renders valuable services to humans. With technological innovations, the quality of healthcare services is increased substantially. With the advancements in image processing and deep learning techniques, new avenues in healthcare domain are being witnessed. Human actions with respect to healthcare services exhibit different viewpoints that can help in understanding the status of health of patients under observation and elders under constant care. Traditional approaches for monitoring human actions are prone to errors and time consuming which lead to deteriorated health conditions and delay in seeking healthcare services. With an automated process driven by technology, humans who are in need can be monitored and observed remotely. This sort of research comes under Human Action Recognition (HAR). It is essential to capture spatio temporal features in order to capture live information pertaining to people under observation. Machine learning with its advancements like deep learning is part of Artificial Intelligence (AI) which provides actionable knowledge by processing human actions in real time. This approach has plenty of advantages including saving time, effort, life and money. Due to its indispensable need, in this paper, we study the state of the art and provide useful insights and research gaps if any in order to improve the research further in the area of HAR.

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Ishfaq Nazir Wani, Mustahson Farooq Fazili, Bilal A. Bhat , Jahangir Ahmad

Present study was conducted to determine the spatio-temporal variations in the diversity and abundance of waterbirds in Shallabugh wetland, from March 2017 to February 2019. A total of 19 waterbird species were recorded. Highest population of 227016 individuals was observed during mid-winter. 63.15 % of the species (n= 12) were migratory in nature. Of the seven habitats identified, habitat with open water had maximum diversity and abundance of birds. Anatidae was the most dominant family in terms of abundance. Highest density of 768.11 individuals per hectare was recorded in open water and lowest density of 1.1 individuals per hectare in paddy fields. Open water habitat was found with highest bird diversity (H=2.2) while as paddy fields were with lowest bird diversity (H=0.63).

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Padma Reddy A.M, Dr.Udaya Rani.V

Digital videos have been occupying major part of our everyday life and thus videos enhancement techniques have become one of the trending research areas. Video processing tasks like deblurring and denoising have drawn significant attention from research community. This paper proposes a robust technique for noise removal and deblurring using adaptive optimization algorithm. Initially, each frame in the input video undergoes two stages i.e. noise removal and deblurring. The noise removal is performed in two steps such as main structure extraction and filtering. The main structure extraction is carried out based on structure texture decomposition and for filtering nonlocal mean filter is used. After that, the kernel estimation is performed using the proposed Adaptive Fractional-Sine Cosine Algorithm (F-SCA) which is responsible for global optimal convergence. For latent frame extraction, anisotropic TV model is employed. The performance of the noise removal and video deblurring based on Adaptive F-SCA is evaluated in terms of Peak Signal to Noise Ratio (PSNR) and Structural similarity (SSIM) index. The proposed noise removal and video deblurring method achieves the maximal PSNR of 29.182 dB and the maximal SSIM of0.9366 that indicates its superiority.

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Jagriti Singh, (Dr.) Alpana Srivastava, (Dr.) Maya Kant Awasthi

The p;aper focuses on value chain analysis of Varanasi Silk Sarees and Brocade making use of the Value Chain model given by Porter (1985). In the process, it also looks into different production models practiced in the industry. The paper takes into consideration both support and primary activities of Porter’s model. In order to understand the different production models in detail while analysing the value nodes through the value chain, multiple qualitative methods were used (Miles, 1979). In-depth Interviews with key stakeholders and case based research methods were adopted for qualitative data collection. The study identifies and outlines the prevalent three types of value chain models as traditional, contemporary & mixed with respect to the primary activities of the value chain. Findings draw a comparison between various types of value chains prevalent in the industry highlighting the relevant differences among them and suggesting the best suited one in artisans’ interest. The study states that interventions that can be undertaken through collaboration of Government, Private organizations and NGOs to improve the situation of artisans and contribute towards sustainability of the craft can be achieved by improvements and modifications in design and execution of activities. The suggestions and recommendations were made pertaining to eliminating the involvement of middlemen to reduce the cycle size and increase artisans’ wages. Government should work towards educating the progressive artisans in e-commerce and linking them to e-commerce portals. The implications of this study for development organizations, government, marketers and producers (artisans) include evolving a sustainable value chain in the interest of artisans and the industry.

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Wilver Auccahuasi, Juan Grados, Nicanor Benites, Jacob Astocondor, Santiago Rubiños, Christian Ovalle, Edward Flores

The satellite images present us with information of the terrestrial coverage, making a record of large extensions of land between 15 to 60 kilometers wide up to 300 kilometers long, the resolutions are also between 0.50 centimeters up to 30 meters equivalent to each pixel in The image, for this characteristic, is of the utmost importance for the analysis of large land extensions, for different applications. In the development of studies on satellite images, we find two types that present very different information from the same registered area, first we have the optical images, one of its advantages is that they provide multispectral images, consisting of the color bands R, G, B, panchromatic, near infrared, among others, and as a disadvantage it presents that it can only be acquired in the day and when the weather conditions allow it, so if there is a cloud cover, the acquired images only resgit the clouds instead of land cover; A technological alternative to this problem of cloud cover is the registration of the land cover using radar satellite images, this type of acquisition allows the registration of the land cover even at night and when there is a presence of cloud cover. In the present work a methodology is described to be able to merge optical satellite images and radar satellite images in order to be able to improve the information that is had in each one of them, the methodology tests were carried out by means of a climatological event produced by the excess rainfall, which causes the flooding of the river affecting urban and crop areas, the result shows that radar images provide information on the presence of water, even when there is a cloud cover, therefore the merged image (RGB) presents information of the Red and Green spectral bands of the optical image and the Blue band corresponds to the radar image, the resulting image can help in mitigating the effects of possible natural disasters.

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Wilver Auccahuasi, Juan Grados, Nicanor Benites, Santiago Rubiños, Celso Pascual, Miltón Martinez

The present research work is carried out to design a system which allows to gather information and control the necessary temperature in a poultry incubator through the type K Thermocouple sensor. In this degree project, the world of artificial chicken incubation is explored, starting from the natural process, establishing the variables, conditions and critical aspects of the process, in order to develop a small-scale artificial incubation system, which different from the processes used in it, guarantee a representative increase in its efficiency, that is, in the number of live chicks obtained

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Nelson C. Rodelas. Virgilio O. Perez, Jr., Jayson E. Salvador, Joan P. Lazaro, Alexis John M. Rubio, Arriane D. Cabreros, Edie Boy M. Dela Cruz

Solid Waste is one of the major problems of the Philippine government due to rapid growth of population. People are dumping waste on streets, open drainage and even rivers. Waste management is one of the solutions that tends to provide programs and to create mechanisms, encouragements and funds that hold responsibilities in implementing ordinances and laws of local government units. Thus, this research focuses on the development and application of a waste management system which segregates biodegradable and non-biodegradable wastes, measures the level of waste inside the container and helps the waste collector to find the shortest path of a nearest waste container; straight to the waste land fill using the Internet of Things (IoT) and mobile application. With the proposed system, the waste monitoring, collection and disposal are improved, especially in collection. Because of Global Positioning System (GPS) and Dijkstra Algorithm, the system provides an alternative direction to ease collecting wastes from different houses going to sanitary landfills. Through wireless network topology, the level of waste container can be monitored and can give signal to waste collectors. Furthermore, the record of collected data and household location are also used to identify locations or communities that has produced more solid wastes and can be used for future research.

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Manuel B. Garcia, Joel B. Mangaba, Albert A. Vinluan

Albeit the potent association between nutrition and health has been repeatedly corroborated in the field of nutrition science through evidence-based approaches, the prevalence of inadequate nutrition among Filipino households is still too high. Therefore, the goal of this study was to pinpoint nutrition challenges faced by Filipino young adults and evaluate whether a personalized nutrition knowledge-based system is a potential nutrition intervention tool. A mixed-methods needs analysis approach was operated to arrive at a panoramic profile of a nutrition knowledge-based system through the participation of respondents in an online survey (n = 85) and focus groups (n = 4). The assessment was grounded from the influencing factors of health and nutritional status such as food selection, nutrition barriers, poor eating habits, nutrition knowledge, and with the inclusion of nutrition application for technical feedback. The findings exploited the fact that people do not track what they eat, let alone the nutrients it contained, which eventually leads to undereating or overeating. There was also a commonness in lack of nutrition knowledge to make healthier food choices. Fortunately, the willingness of participants to point their directions towards a healthier lifestyle through the use of a nutrition knowledge-based system was evident. The paper then concluded with recommendations for future studies and how its findings might be utilized for the development of a personalized nutrition system.

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Khenilyn P. Lewis, Juancho D. Espineli

Coffee farmers or growers have difficulty in classifying nutritional deficiencies in coffee plants. Proper detection of these nutritional deficiencies could help them in giving proper intervention to plants. The study was conducted to classify and detect the nutritional deficiencies in coffee plants using image processing and Convolutional Neural Network (CNN). Once the nutritional deficiency is identified, the prototype will display recommended fertilizer for the plant. One thousand images with eight nutritional deficiencies were used in the study namely, Boron (B), Calcium (Ca), Iron (Fe), Nitrogen (N), Phosphorus (P), Potassium (K), Magnesium (Mg) and Zinc (Z). The study covered the four varieties of coffee named Arabica, Robusta, Excelsa and Liberica existing in the Philippines. The capturing of images for testing and training the dataset were done in coffee farms and nurseries in Cavite State University, National Coffee Research, Development and Extension Center (NCRDEC) and Amadeo, Cavite. Experimental and development research designs were used. Image processing techniques was utilized in converting the images into grayscale and binary values for threshold and segmentation. Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) provides the predicted nutritional deficiencies in the coffee plants through classification and detection. Results shows that CNN has a high accuracy in detecting and classifying the nutritional deficiencies in coffee plants. The prototype was evaluated, and results shows that it is an effective alternative for classifying and detecting the nutritional deficiencies in coffee plants.

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Maria Charmy A. Arispe, Floradel S. Relucio, Arnold B. Platon

This paper used topic modeling for school community’s responses to disaster preparedness. The goal is to use data processing techniques to analyze the school community responses; to use the Latent Dirichlet Allocation (LDA) approach to identify the topic models that can be used to plan for disasters; to test and validate the topic models by identifying topic models; and to discuss the responses of school community to assist schools in the planning of school community disaster preparedness. The 4D methodology and LDA topic model were used for research design and methods involving evaluation of the topic models generated analytically against certain predefined criteria. The topic model with the highest percentage of occurrences is considered to be the main topic from the results of the data analysis. The school heads select a random topic from each word that draws a definite understanding of the school’s capacity to handle disaster risks in its community and improves the design of the proposed school community disaster preparedness e-learning plan. The plan can be implemented in the educational institutions by cooperation with related parties and institutionalization of information and disaster preparedness activities. This paper can be also an important source for other researchers to use topic modeling in data mining.

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Limuel R. Landicho, Irvin B. Garcia, Glenn N. Ortiz, Mark Joseph B. Enojas

Many semiconductor industries use Automated Test Equipment (ATE) which comprises of linear and mixed signals instruments. External Signal generators are usually not associated to the equipment’s calibration or checker routine. This research introduces a method of testing the functionality of the signal generators by establishing a signal generator checker for automated test equipment using Analog to Digital Converter (ADC) evaluation board and Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) capture board. This setup will enable the system to focus on fundamental frequency and amplitude level of the signal generator. A Visual Basic Application (VBA) program was created to control the desired frequency and amplitude level of the signal generator. The FPGA evaluates the digital signal and graphically presents it in a system data platform software. In result, the graphical output displays the quality of the signal generator through the full-scale fundamental frequency and amplitude levels. The common problems encountered using ATEs, namely; loosed RF cable, incorrect RF cable connections on ATE configuration, and noisy signal generators can be detected. This research is precedent to a more intelligent and complex signal generator checker to ensure signal integrity.

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Monaliza S. Jimenez

The smart phones, being a very new invention of humanity, became an inherent part of human’s life. Leaving it at home is just like a soldier going to a war without a weapon. The main purpose of this study is to develop an application software that will enable the access of information on the cell phone left at home through the help of another phone. Even a low end phone without the installed developed application software can be a tool to access the phone left at home remotely. Using a proper key codes and password, the Remote Phone Access can forward inbox, contacts, MMS and video to another cell phone requesting it. Any unit of cell phone can send a request but MMS and video can only be forwarded by the system to phones capable to accept MMS and video. It also has the functionality to automatically send important unread messages to the e-mail when the phone is detected to be idle. The study is a development research which employed processes in waterfall model. Flowcharting technique was used for analyzing processes. Testing was conducted using performance test in terms of accessed information or retrieved speed, network coverage and compatibility with selected cell phone brands. Results of the tests conducted show that the objectives of the study were achieved. There is only a need for filtering of data to improve data transmission and to prevent the phone from hanging due to continuous uncontrollable sending of data. The Remote Phone Access was proven to be acceptable in terms of functionality, usability, reliability, performance and supportability.

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Allie B. Villanueva, Ralph Sherwin A. Corpuz

Fires are among the worst disasters that can happen anywhere, anytime, and to anyone, for so many reasons. The risks are even higher for highly-congested areas and public buildings where evacuation schemes are not effectively planned and implemented. There is a wide-range of fire-sensing technologies available in the market to prevent fire incidents, however, the extent of flexibility and reliability of these devices are still subject for further improvements. This paper presents the design and development of a Fire Evacuation System (FES) using Mamdani-type Fuzzy Logic Control (FLC) with the main intent to improve responsiveness and reliability of fire detection. The authors compared two types of smoke sensors then interfaced with a microcontroller unit, relay drivers, Light Emitting Diodes (LED) indicators, and other system peripherals to simulate the existence of smoke and to indicate the evacuation map. The authors further implemented the FLC rules using C programming language in an Arduino Integrated Development Environment (IDE). Testing results revealed that there is no significant difference on the responsiveness of the two smoke sensors with independent T-test value of t (26.131) = -0.026 and p = 0.979. Likewise, test results further proved that there is no significant difference on the reliability performance of the smoke sensors and LED indicators with dependent T-test value of tA_ON (19) = -0.847; pA_ON = 0.408; tA_OFF (19) = 0.678; pA_OFF = 0.506; tB_ON (19) = -0.764; pB_ON = 0.454; tB_OFF (19) =1.212; pB_OFF = 0.240 in activated and deactivated modes, respectively. These results confirmed that the prototype is responsive and reliable, and the use of FLC is effective for the design and development of fire evacuation systems.

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Avigail Magbag, Rodolfo Raga Jr.

The amount and variety of student data collected by the higher education institution, together with the potential of Educational Data Mining and analytics, provide a potential for the discovery of factors that contribute to the prediction of academic performance. The study focused on the development of a model for the prediction of academic performance of first year students in higher education. The aim is to allow early intervention that will help students stay on track and alleviate non-continuance. Predictors include pre-enrollment data such as demographics, High School performance and admission scores, combined with course taken in college. The Senior High School track or strand was introduced as a new predictor. These were collected from 4,762 first year students in the AY 2018-2019 from three Higher Education Institutions in Central Luzon. Classification techniques were used in the prediction of the performance level of the student based from the computed first year grade point average. Multiple experiments were conducted on individual and combined datasets, evaluated for accuracy, precision, recall and AUC to measure performance. Results revealed different model performances for each of the dataset, the one with the most instances got the highest accuracy at 68%. The accuracy when all data were combined was lower than the accuracy for one of the datasets but was higher than the other two. Analysis of the actual predictions was conducted to further understand the results and identify weaknesses that can be addressed in the next experiments.

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E.Dhanasekaran, N.Sivakumar, T.S. Senthil and N.Sriharan

In the present study, pure BiOBr and Gd-BiOBr photocatalysts were prepared by the solvothermal method which involves treatment of Bi(NO3)3 with Gd(NO3)3 and CTAB as bromine source also as surfactant along with 2-methoxy ethanol as solvent. The structure, morphological properties of prepared micro porous nano crystalline pure BiOBr and Gd-BiOBr were characterized by UV, XRD, SEM and EDX analysis. The photo catalytic efficiency of fabricated photocatalysts towards Rhodamine-B studied under UV light. The photodegradative result shows that photocatalytic efficiency of Gd-BiOBr greater than bare BiOBr is due high surface area, appreciable separation of photogenerated electron-hole pairs. In addition, highly reactive h+ and ∙O2– radicals are responsible for the degradation of organic pollutants.

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Alma Theresa D. Manaloto, Rodolfo C. Raga Jr.

Although the number of HIV cases in the Philippines has been steadily increasing, limited studies have been conducted to mitigate the root cause of this problem. The Department of Health expressed the need to design intervention programs to monitor this epidemic. In this study, researchers explored emerging technologies to generate new data that can be used for further studies. A focus group discussion (FGD) among Persons Living with HIV (PLHIV) was conducted to determine how Filipino Men Having Sex with Men (MSM) communicate with each other online. The most common words produced from the FGD were presented to HIV domain experts and validated. In order to collect quantitative data, tweets were extracted to generate profiles of online interactions. Tweepy, a Python library used in accessing the Twitter Advanced Programming Interface (API), was used to collect tweets and the bounding box tool was used to filter tweets coming from the Philippines. The researchers acknowledged that majority of MSM Twitter users preferred to disable geolocation, other techniques were applied to capture risk-related tweets from Filipino MSMs. MySql was considered to handle the tweet repository. A total of 206,822 tweets were extracted from October 8, 2019 to November 6 of the same year. Among all the tweets collected, there are significant amount of tweets that indicate risk related to HIV. Results indicate that Twitter can be utilized to produce data that the government can use to identify high risk locations that required more attention in terms of HIV intervention.

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Anamarie A. Dichoso, Rosmina Joy M. Cabauatan

Student performance in most colleges and universities in the Philippines is measured in terms of major examination. A valid and reliable test item is a must to ensure that the students are given a fair assessment. Testing the validity and reliability of an examination requires a thorough process. In this paper, there are six processes involved in Item Analysis Table of Specification (TOS) Creation, Test Item Preparation using LANSchool Classroom Management Software (LCMS). Test Administration and Scores Generation, Test Item Analysis using test item analyzer (TIA) prototype, Test Item Modification, and New Examination Administration. TIA automatically generates the number of items to be included in the examination based on course learning objectives and total time in minutes a lesson was taught in class. Teachers prepare test items of varying difficulties that cover both lower-order thinking skills (LOTS) and higher-order thinking skills (HOTS). The simulation result shows 64 items or 32% were incorrectly answered while 136 or 68% were correctly answered. There is an anomaly on Item 7 and 8 in terms of point-biserial Correlation (Rpbi) and p-values (P) hence should be removed or revised. Those correctly answered items are moderately difficult and should be retained. TIA prototype embedded with LCMS addresses the gap in related works in terms of test construction, paperless examination, test-item analysis and test bank of valid and reliable test items. TIA could aid in the attainment of course learning objectives which could serve as an ancillary for the evaluation of both student and teacher performances.

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Ethel R. Chua, Brandon G. Sibbaluca, Marisol R. Mack, Sammy V. Militante

This study sought to determine the technological strategies of teachers and to propose a design of the Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) in teaching. To improve the teaching and learning process, a qualitative survey-questionnaire was sent to twenty-five faculty members in HEIs whereby the advantages and disadvantages of technological strategies were figured out. This study used the descriptive method of research wherein the strategies were brought out by the teachers. Data were analyzed using the documentary analysis. Researchers found out that integration of social media is the highest rank in utilizing technology as a strategy in teaching because it is easy to access using the internet and can capture the attention of learners. As a result, the researchers have come up with a proposed design of the Virtual Learning Environment. This VLE would serve as a technological strategy to facilitate the teaching and learning process. Thus, the VLE should be used in HEI to improve their technological strategies as part of the teacher’s supplementary qualifications. Therefore, teachers in HEI should learn how to upgrade themselves by using the VLE apart from the social media that is common to all. By doing so, teachers would create an intellectual learning environment that will be apt to students’ needs in today’s generation. The researchers would like to recommend the proposed design of the VLE as its platform from an open-source website. Once implemented, the researchers would continue conducting its research to find out the effectiveness of the said computer-based learning mechanism with the students.

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P.Narsimha, L. Siva Rama Krishna, P.Venkata Ramana

The demand for the employing nuclear energy for generation of power is ever increasing. In this regard constant efforts are being made to develop increased thermodynamic efficiency nuclear power reactors, which also help reducing the threat of global warming. These reactors require structural materials with acceptable high temperature mechanical properties and excellent irradiation resistance. Reduced Activation Ferritic-Martensitic (RAFM) steel is one such steel which can be used as structural material for fabricating the blanket module. Major route of fabrication employing these steels is welding. Researchers have already reported on welding of thick sheets of RAFM steel by employing welding processes such Narrow gap TIG, Electron Beam Welding etc. An attempt is made in the present work to weld thin sheets of RAFM steel by employing different welding processes such as TIG, Pulsed-TIG, and MIG to study the influence of the welding processes on the mechanical properties such as hardness, tensile strength and impact toughness. Attempt is also made to study the influence of weld design on the mechanical properties. It is observed that in all the weld joints the hardness of weld zone is high and is decreasing from weld zone to HAZ and parent material. The tensile and impact tests revealed that the TIG weld joints exhibited better tensile strength and impact toughness. It is also observed that higher the weld groove angle, higher the impact toughness. Among all the joints, TIG welded joint with 600 weld groove angle exhibited highest tensile strength and highest impact toughness.

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Dr.M.Suryakumar, Uthiyakar M

Granite Industry has lots of unspoken myth pertaining to its production and its “Up’s and Down’s”. It is having lot of impact in households in ways of smoothness, texture, color, rigidity which makes the production more haywire added with the rivalry from the competitors, making them come up with something different in every way. So keeping this all mind the present research taps into the problems pertained to granite entrepreneurs, focusing around 322 entrepreneurs. Findings say that production goes by different types of patterns analyzing the demand.

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Dr.A.M.Mahaboob Basha, B.Ankaiah, J.Srivani, U.Dadakalander

The aim of this empirical research study is to estimate the “value of land” in the study area with respect to eight different factors. The researcher has administered a structure questionnaire with 1100 respondents to analyse the opinion of respondents with respect to “land value” in Andhra Pradesh. The predictive analytics being applied to predict the future growth rate of real estate position in the Andhra Pradesh. The R-Programming concern, multiple linear regression analysis algorithm is applied to test the data in different aspects. The outcome of the research explains about there are certain factors like: security, market, schools, colleges, hospitals, sea, ports, registration value, environment, pollution, facilities will influence the land value in the Andhra Pradesh apart from the decision of present government regarding capital establishment.

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CH.Madhavi latha, Dr. Anouja mohanty, Nalla Rama krishna

Employee engagement strives towards achieving organizations success and developing employee skills and talents towards future goals. This is possible only when engagement is measured regularly which gives the state of engagement. Engagement in real time helps organizations achieve real results just as the importance of measuring finances and sales regularly do. With the help of measurement of engagement one can find out whether employees are actively engage or moderately engaged or dis-engaged or highly dis-engaged . Depending on the outcome organizations can take appropriate measures to improve engagement levels. The present study tried to measure the engagement levels of the banking employees in Bangalore by considering moderating variables into the study. A self-designed questionnaire which is validated is considered to gather samples of 100 from different banking institutions in Bangalore. From the study it is evident that except gender other moderating variables age qualification , experience and income will influence engagement levels.

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Alzahrani Mohammed, Roshida Abdul Majid, Badr Alsolami, Abdullah Karban

Meenware’ is a vertical shaft that is carefully implemented in buildings as a design ‎solution to provide ‎daylight and natural ‎ventilation for internal spaces. In Saudi ‎Arabia, Meenware is typically applied in apartment buildings to ‎overcome issues associated with deep plan buildings and allow daylight, natural ventilation, and ‎services. Residents may not accept ‎the Meenware due to ‎its ‎disadvantages that ‎have ‎been noted in many apartment ‎buildings. The objective of ‎this study is to provide insights into the residents’ perception of ‎existing ‎Meenware in apartment buildings. A survey ‎ questionnaire was carried ‎out to gather their ‎opinions about Meenware in their apartment buildings in Makkah. The ‎data ‎is collected from the residents of more ‎than 50 ‎apartments buildings. The results show that the ‎majority ‎of ‎the respondents have negative feedback, ‎which includes ‎the ‎perception of Meenware designs and its adverse impact on the building and residents. This paper highlights the need to re-think the current ‎Meenware ‎function and design guideline in light of the residents’ desire for a ‎quality ‎indoor environment in apartment buildings.‎

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Moeljadi, Kartika Hendra Titisari, Triningsih Sri Supriyati, Sherlinda Octa Yuniarsa

Firm Value (FV) is an important thing that must be achieved by a company. Knowing many factors that have an impact on high FV. This research was also investigates the determinant firm value (stock prices and stock returns) from 30 banking sector companies listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange in the 2015-2018 period, which are net interest margin (NIM), loan to deposit ratio (LDR), equity on total assets (EOTA), and return on assets (ROA). Path analysis is used to test hypotheses. The results showed that NIM and EOTA had a direct effect on FV (stock prices), but did not affect FV (stock returns). LDR has no effect on FV (stock prices and stock returns). ROA is proven to mediate the influence of NIM on FV (share price). This research implies that banks must pay attention to factors both internal and external to increase investor confidence as reflected in stock prices. However, the increase in share prices that is not balanced with an increase in stock returns needs attention from banks and investors.

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Vasanth M.P , K.G.Purushotham , P Thirugnanasambantham

The development of analytical parameters is the traditional way of medicines which involves various crucial steps in establishing good quality of herbal products. Ayurvedic medicines like Aegle marmelos, Glycyrrhiza glabra, Rosa centifolia are used to treat alveolar damage in lungs. As per standardized API guidelines for the finished product and polyherbal formulation (VLC01) the major raw material analysis is carried out and the ash value, microbial load , heavy metals ,pH, bulk density, are studies. The raw material analysis is more important for industrial purpose.

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Kazi Abdul Mohite, Dr. Mohammad Rezwanul Huq

Chittagong city corporation, a part of the Chittagong district, which is considered as a major business area of Bangladesh, has experienced immense expansion for the proliferation of numerous business activities and unplanned urbanization. The main objective of the paper is to analyze and predict the urban expansion to determine the land requirement for the habitation of people in the future. Nowadays, many machine learning techniques are used for the classification of built-up and non-built up areas. In this paper, various remote sensing data freely available for education and research from 2013 to 2019 are used as data sources. Likewise, the Maximum Likelihood Event (MLE), a supervised classification is used for land cover classification, which is extracted along with the other 9 most influencing factors. Afterward, the Support Vector Machine (SVM) model helps classify the data based on those factors. Besides, Vector Auto-regression (VAR) is also developed as a multivariate forecasting algorithm to forecast the growth of the built-up area in 2021. The data labeled as built-up by the SVM classifier are used to train the VAR model. The result indicates the SVM model is very effective classifying the data when no outliers are present while the VAR model can forecast when a time series data is stationary and correlated with the past time series of other variables. These two models together are highly efficient for explaining urban expansion from the relationship of those factors and their behavior.

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B.Keerthi Priya, D.Akhila Reddy, T.Yasaswi, D.V.Rama Koti Reddy

Antimicrobial Susceptibility Testing (AST) is gaining importance in medical practice as the patients are to be treated with correct Antibiotic with appropriate dosage. For humans one to one communication between the doctor, patient and instrumentation will helps the doctor for the diagnosis but in the case of animals only traditional methods are used for diagnosis and the antibiotics are used randomly, which causes the death of the animals and unnecessary deposition of Antibiotic in the Animal Body. In the case of the humans Isolation and identification of the organisms are important but in the case of animals identification of the right antibiotic in right dosage in less time is important. For the penetration of the systems to the remote location to the farmer’s automation of the systems is the best solution to reduce the experimentation and costs. As there is necessity for resistance surveillance, the zone readers and automated broth dilution system are widely used due to its quantative results and electronic data management. The selection for an AST technique would be based on several factors such as minimal effort of procedure, flexibility, ablity to adapt for automatic systems, expense, robustness and precision.Although slow, the standard methods used for the AST are precise.This review paper summarizes standard techniques of AST, optical strategies, mechanical methods, semiautomated methods, and fully automated techniques.Techniques currently were using, focusing on a few hopeful evolving but also coming years technologies in the area of fast profiling of antibiotic susceptibility.

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Mushtaq A. Sharqawi , Elizabeth M. Anthony

Despite the fact that the speech act of suggestion is used commonly in daily interactions in the EFL learners’ and other non-learners’ settings yet, no much attention was paid to suggestion by the recent literature when compared to other speech acts. Besides, suggestions have not been methodically studied for their politeness potentials as an end. Thus, the purpose of the current study is twofold: (1) To explore suggestions with their underlying inherent politeness aspects recognized by Iraqi EFL learners. (2) The study also examines if there is a relation between leaners’ language proficiency levels and the types of suggestion in terms of politeness. To this end, a close-ended Multiple-choice Discourse Completion Task (MDCT) is used to collect data from randomly selected 104 undergraduate fourth-year students of EFL enrolled in the academic year 2018-2019 at the English Language Department, College of Education at the University of Qadisiayh. For quantitative analysis, Statistical Package for the Social Sciences’ software (SPSS) is used to generate descriptive and inferential statistics. The analyses uncovered that Iraqi EFL learners are aware of the politeness aspects of suggestions. Another outcome is that no relation exists between the proficiency level of the learners and the politeness of suggestions.

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Priyanka, Anshu Raj, Preety Madan, Sudesh Rani

Synthetic pyrethroids are most widely used pesticides for pest eradication all over the world rather than organochloride, organophosphorous and carbamate because of their high effectiveness, easy to degrade and low toxicity to human and other organisms. Cypermethrin is actively used synthetic pyrethroid which belongs to class 2 of synthetic pyrethroids. It most frequently used in agriculture, household and veterinary application to control ectoparasites such as moths, fleas, cotton and vegetables pest, cockroaches and ticks etc. But unconsciously increase in production and consumption of pesticides in agriculture to meet the rising demands of population has crossed the tolerance level and creating imbalance in the system. Cypermethrin not only affect those organisms which come in its exposure directly but also indirectly effect the development of foetus in the womb of mother by crossing placenta barrier. The incomplete development of enzyme in newly born child makes them more sensitivity towards the exposure of pyrethroids than adults. Cypermethrin exposure cause many adverse effects related to morphology, histology, physiology and biochemical parameters. Toxic symptoms regarding to cypermethrin exposure are oxidative stress, vomiting, headache, dizziness, nausea, allergic reaction, irritation to skin and eyes, blood disorder, infertility and some other harmful effects are also observed. Along with these bad effect on health, there must be some other parameters are here which are equally facing risk of damage because of these pesticides. This review will fall flash light on this context.

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Mrs. Arifa Zahid Shaik

Purpose of the study: The purpose of this article is to highlight the scuffle of the Americans in search of true identity among a society that had by then broke its link from its past, and also this study attempts to investigate the effect of this social issue on the culture of people of the United States. Methodology: Some of the factors that had a major effect on individual psychological makeup and America’s national identity in general during the modern times include the First World War (WW1), avariciousness, individualism, spiritual crisis as well as social discrimination. Most of the factors coupled with other related effects had a negative, devastating and disappointing impact on the individual psychology of the American people. The mid-20th century, on the other hand, witnessed the start of a new era in the history of America. Main Finding: This change resulted in a new generation that had lost most of its traditional values and as a result, struggled deeply with its new identity. It was a period of economic prosperity by this progress also had major effects on the American society. By the time the WWI ended, major dramatic changes were already being witnessed in American’s attitudes towards life. Applications of this study: This paper discusses the issue of identity in literature as explored by Fitzgerald in his novel ‘The Great Gatsby’. However, it was radical in that it slowly conquered and eradicated the old and indigenous moral virtues and social fabric. The colonial period, specifically, was a period that the American society was affected by inhumanity, disintegration, and rivalry. Novelty/Originality of this study: This article showed that writers during this era were referred to as the Lost Generation, because of how they struggled to search for new meaning in a fragmented world. Moreover, this study depicted that, Change is inevitable in every aspect in the world. As illustrated by Fitzgerald in his book “The Great Gatsby”, modernity in America led to technological and scientific advancement.

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M.J.Judithaa, A.P.Srikanth

The effect of inhibition on mild steel (MS) using Chukrasia tabularis leaves(CTL) in acidic environment can be examined by mass loss measurements, electrochemical techniques and surface morphology. The weight loss measurement is carried out by variation in immersion time and effect of temperature, revealed that the inhibition efficiency increases by increasing the concentration of the CTL extract. The adsorption isotherm proved that the reaction is spontaneous. The electrochemical techniques supports that the inhibitor is efficient in the corrosive medium. The formation of protective film on the mild steel surface confirms the blocking of the active sites of the metal which is proved by surface morphology. The various studies examined are in fair deal of using chukrasea tabularis leaves as corrosion resistance for mild steel in 1N hydrochloric acid medium.

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Dini Hariyati Adam, Yudi Nur Supriadi, Ende, Zulkifli Musannip Efendi Siregar

This present study aims to discuss green manufacturing, green chemistry and its impact on environmental sustainability. This study is a review article that explains the concept of green manufacturing, green chemistry and environmental sustainability, and also revealed the role of green manufacturing and green chemistry and increased environmental sustainability. Based on the results of the study showed that green manufacturing and green chemistry have a role in increasing environmental sustainability. It is recommended that companies in conducting manufacturing activities adopt green manufacturing and green chemistry in carrying out their business activities.

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K. Spandana, T. Manoj kumar, Suresh Pabboju

In Indian economy, agriculture plays major role. Irrigation is essential factor in farming, as unpredictable monsoon rainfalls. Different type of crops needs different type of soils and amount of water. The amount of water required by plant is also dependent on the climate where it is being grown. By selecting the right crop for the given soil and climate conditions, one can optimize his yields and save water requirements for irrigation. Internet of Things (IoT) will rebuild the agriculture to enable farmers with wide range of methods for sustainable development. This paper presents how to analyze the crop field and provide results to the farm owner and help him get connected to the farm with the help of Sensor technology.

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Farika Chandrasari, Heru Kurnianto Tjahjono, Zainal Mustafa EQ, Wishnu Prajogo

This study is to know the relationship between distributive justice and procedural justice with altruism and add person-organization Fit (PO Fit) as a moderating relationship. The data were collected from 355 teachers from 6 vocational schools in Indonesia by sending a questionnaire containing questions with a Likert scale intervals of 4. It uses Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) approach based on Partial Least Square (PLS) with the help of SmartPLS software version 3.0 for windows. This study will look at the relationship that is more in between justice interpersonal and informational justice against OCB particular dimensions of altruism that exists within the employee. When organizational justice perceived by employees is good, it will make their altruism better and can also occur otherwise. Organizations with employees who receive fair service from their organizations and are added with a high level of compatibility with their organizations, can be defined as a fit between the personality of an individual and his characteristics in an organization as indicated by employee outcomes, these outcomes reflect the reaction and attitude of an employee towards the existence a policy taken by the organization

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V. P. Kulalvaimozhi, M. Germanus Alex, S. John Peter

In the field of agriculture, the images of crops are captured for checking the quality and growth of the crops. The images are transmitted to the different places based on the concept of Internet of Things (IoT). At the time of transferring the images, the images are in the state of high (i.e.) can be corrupted or hacked by the unauthorized persons. Hence this research paper is proposed for providing security to the crop images encryption, decryption, compression and decompression are performed. In this paper, an innovative Multikey Adaptive Homomorphic Encryption (MKAHE) algorithm is utilized for performing the encryption process. And in addition to this another novel algorithm of Quantized Fraction Wavelet Compression (QFWC) is employed for carrying out the compression process. The performance analysis is carried out by calculating the values of various performance metrics like PSNR, compression ratio and encoding time for the proposed work. Then these performance measures are compared with the performances of the existing and classic method. Then the compressed image is decompressed followed by the process of decryption. The values of PSNR, compression ratio are increased and similarly the value of the encoding time gets reduced.

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Maria Rona L. Perez, John Benedict C. Legaspi, Kirk Alvin S. Awat, Ace C. Lagman, Roman M. De Angel, Rossana T. Adao

The blockchain phenomena is no longer about Bitcoin or cryptocurrency, it is beyond a common protocol to make it nearly impossible to create fraudulent transaction. Blockchain based architecture overall performance is subjected to storage expenses with high computational cost. This paper designed a new consensus protocol for Blockchain using Content Addressable Pattern with the adaptation of modified SHA256 algorithm. Although government, business and other entities interest of adapting blockchain to their processes, the complexity issues and operational cost is still a challenge to date. With the newly design consensus protocol the process of validating the transaction that involves tedious mining or solving cryptographic puzzles has been eliminated and move towards using signature to authenticate the transaction. Concatenation of all these elements is a generated hash value using modified SHA256. Since the hash is secured, the transaction is secured. Thus, the implementation of off-chain chanel instead of global consensus addresses the complexity and high computational cost of blockchain technology.

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Leah Q. Santos, Jessa Ornopia, Christian Cahayag, Jon Michael Cueno, Edwin Egagamao, Ranzel Dave Florido

The research aims to develop a machine that would produce an Algae Bio-fertilizer Machine out of algae waste. The machine has drying, grinding and sieving system for the harvested algae. The automation is done by the program using Arduino software. The study is supported by gathering information through data analyses and laboratory testing. The researchers used 250 grams of algae as input to machine. It has an average of 66.6% of moisture content for the input algae. The AlBio Machine achieved 10% moisture content on the pulverized algae. The Algae Bio-fertilizer Machine established the whole processing time in just .234 hours or 14.05 minutes that made the innovated system more efficient than the conventional way of drying it. The machine was proven efficient and reliable based on the results undertaken. To further improve the moisture content of the resulting algae bio-fertilizer, exposition to sunlight after the wringing process is recommended.

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Ma. Corazon G. Fernando, Michael P. Camacho, Kiara Alexis B. Albaracin, Robinson D. De Guzman, Gabrielle Hannah R. Catalan, Jeano J. Centeno, John Joshua DP. Yabut

This project is to make a decision based Virtual Reality Film that focuses on leadership, and a website for the client. The purpose is to help and support Kaya Natin Youth Leadership Academy in improving leadership qualities, critical thinking skills and their understandings of the teachings in the academy. By creating this interactive film, the proponents would like to let the viewers grasp the purpose of good leadership and how it would help their view as a leader. The film will be created using multiple software for animating and developing the VR set up, while the website will be created using coding editors and web designing software. This project will improve the proponents’ skills in animation, editing, web designing, and VR developing. The creation of this project and website will help in support for the improvement of the youth's understanding of the importance of leadership and its purpose in life.

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Rashmi Singh Lodhi, R. K. Pateriya

The ever-growing demand for resources in cloud computing has caused an equal rise in the power consumption of the cloud-based systems. This could be minimized by managing the active resources in a cloud system according to the load pattern. To manage these resources efficiently and effectively, accurate prediction of resource demands is necessary. Because a prior knowledge of load demands may greatly help in deciding that whether a particular resource will be needed in near future or not, and accordingly the operational state (active, sleep, shutdown, and terminated) of resources can be managed. To achieve this, in this paper a fuzzy time series and particle swarm optimization (PSO) based cloud load forecasting method is proposed. The PSO is used here for the optimization of intervals in fuzzy time series. We evaluated the performance of the proposed method with the Google Cluster Dataset. The method also tested for the different forecast intervals and the results show that the proposed technique outperforms previous methods with a considerable margin.

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Rustamova Nodira Rustamovna

This article considers the issues of categorical interdisciplinary analysis and synthesis of the concepts of “vitagenicity” and “vitagenic experience” to scientifically substantiate and develop, develop the theory and technology of student education based on vitagenic (life) experience using media resources and develop practical recommendations for their implementation in the field of pedagogy. The following tasks are considered in the article: how to describe the general scientific, concrete scientific, disciplinary and interdisciplinary levels of the methodology of vitagen education as a private scientific theory of pedagogy using methodological foundations adequate to the subject of study; to identify the theoretical possibilities of using the anthropological Q concept of human existence to identify pedagogically and anthropologically determined ways of attracting and constructive development of vitagenic experience in the education of students; to conduct a categorical interdisciplinary analysis and synthesis of the concepts of “vitagenicity” and “vitagenic experience” in order to identify their scientific and theoretical potential in the system of pedagogy; to build a theoretical and resulting technological system of students 'education based on vitagenic (life) experience, including signs, principles, goals, methods, involving vitagenic experience as a self-developing source (resource) of the educational process, one of the foundations for designing the content and forms of students' education. The article analyzes the basic concepts - “vitagenicity”, “vitagenic experience”, “vitagenic technology”.

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Seethal Keloth, Dr. B. Menaka, Poorani Mithila, A.Thangam, Regi Francis

The purpose of this paper is to investigate the role of digitalized tools and digitalized financial services in financial planning and investment behaviour of working women. The researcher has used a structured questionnaire for data collection. The respondents were 200 working women from private sector companies and those who are earning more than 15000 as monthly salary. This paper focuses on the role of digitalized financial services in financial planning, the awareness level with respects to mobile applications for financial planning and the usage level of digitalized platform for saving practices among working women. The researcher has used Percentage analysis and Chi square analysis for the study. Awareness level was identified to be little high and usage level of digitalized platform for saving and investment practices was identified to be low among working women of private sector in Kerala.

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Suyatmini, Dhany Efita Sari, Surya Jatmika

Blended learning is a combination of traditional models (face-to-face learning) and computer-based learning. This system has been implemented in Teacher Professionalism Program (PPG) for in-service teachers. Blended learning implemented in PPG is done using Learning Management System (LMS) called the SPADA. This is a case study aims to provide a description of the learning process with blended learning conducted in the in-service teacher professionalism program in the Accounting Education Program, FKIP UMS. Data collection was done by interview using the interview guide instrument. Data analysis techniques using interactive analysis techniques. The findings of this study indicated the ppgspada module meets the criteria of a good module, even though this PPG module is an online module. However, it is necessary to improve this online module related to the need for a glossary, illustrated images that need to be added as well as the improvement of sample problems on the module content. In addition, discussion of formative and summative tests also needs to be added to make it easier for PPG participants to take the Performance Test (UKin) and Knowledge Test (UP).

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Navdeep Kanwal, Akshay Girdhar, Lakhwinder Kaur, Jaskaran Singh Bhullar

Images were used to be most authentic source of information at one time but with the advancement in the technology, it is very easy now days to manipulate them. This paper deals with such manipulation in general and specifically for copy-move forgery attack on the digital images. The paper present a technique for identification of copy-move forgery and its localization by using keypoints extracted through ORB (oriented FAST and rotated BRIEF) features followed by region based extraction. The proposed techniques takes an edge over the block based forgery detection techniques due to their high computational load. Localization of the forgery in the images has been done by using region based approach using statistical moment features. The technique has been evaluated qualitatively and quantitatively in the last and has been evaluated against the existing state-of-the-art methodologies. The proposed technique achieves a high precision of 96.67% and thus can be used to detect and localize copy-move forgery in the images.

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Alhagaish I K, Сахаров В.К

According to Monte Carlo calculations of spatial distributions of photon energy in concrete from point isotropic and plane mon-directional monoenergetic sources with energies of 10-50 MeV, define the attenuation coefficient of air Kerma and the dose buildup factors are determined for the studied material. The calculations take into account the contribution of fluorescence, annihilation radiation, and bremsstrahlung radiation. The independence of the Buildup Factors and attenuation coefficient from the angular distribution of the source radiation and the weak dependence of the attenuation coefficient on its energy in the range of 30-50 MeV are shown. Corrections for barrier protection were determined and their independence from the thickness of the shielding material and the photon energy of the source was noted. The obtained information makes it possible to reduce errors in the results of calculations of the thickness for anti-radiation protection of electronic accelerators at high energies, using the developed engineering methods of calculation. The obtained information can also be used in calculations of protection against bremsstrahlung radiation of electronic accelerators by engineering methods.

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Anirudh Bhowmick, Jai Ram Ojha, Subodh Kumar Chaturvedi, Chandra Kant Singh, Tadewos Seyoum

The present research paper embodies remote sensing applications of image processing and the use of GIS technique for the manual digitization of linear features in the Amessa Guracha watershed area of Southern Nations Nationalities and Peoples Region (SNNPR) of Ethiopia. The panchromatic image is used to emphasize subtle brightness value differences associated with the linear features. These differences are enhanced with ‘Contrast Enhancement Applications’. The spatial feature manipulation is applied to promote the spatial tonal variations present in the image using digital filters. The enhancement of images with the digital filters is categorically divided into two – ‘directional’ and ‘non-directional’. The rose diagram shows that the orientations of lineament are mostly in NNE and SSE directions. Comparison of the present study with the local geology of the area suggests that these lineaments are the ultimate results of the compressive/tensile stresses developed due to tectonic and lithological influences which in turn, are responsible for the development of lineament in the East African Rift Valley.

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Nina Yolanda, Ayih Sutarih, Sri Iin Hartini

Acquisition can be different in two type such as Financial Aquisition and Strategic Aquisition. Financial Aquisition is a aquisition against one or some of the specific company which implemention with the aim to reach advantage financial, while strategic acquisition is a acquisition to implemention with purpose to create synergy with basic on balance advantage long-term. If relate with marketing aspect, acqusition can be clarification became some form such as :1. Horizontal Acquisition, in this acquisition company which acquisition to move in the industry (line business) which same with acquisition company; 2. Vertical Acquisition, it is acquisition relate to companies in goods production or service which same, but in the step production to different, an example acquisition between companies flight with trip bureau; 3. Conglomeration Acquisition better company which acquisition although acquisition has not relate business in live one the same other; 4. Concentric Acquisition, that is acquisition between acquisition company and target company to connection through the use of the technology basic, production process or market.

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Sri Harini, Lucky Hikmat Maulana, Sudarijati, Dinda Juniarti

This research aims to find out the effect of job stress and motivation on employee performance in PT. Create Mas Indah (PT. KMI) Bogor. The population and sample are 100 employees were selected by means of the proportional random sampling. The method of analysis used in this research was descriptive and verification method. Data collected through observation, interviews and questionnaires. The instrument test is performed with validity and reliability. Analysis of the data research includes multiple linear regression analysis, multiple regression correlation, F-test and t-test. The result of research in job stress and motivation influential positive and significant in the performance of employee PT. KMI. Job stress to negative and significant influence to the performance of PT. KMI Bogor and motivation to positive and significant influence to the performance of employee PT. KMI Bogor, Indonesia. Management human resources of job stress and motivation is very important for organizations or companies to improve the performance of employees and organizations in the era of industrial society.

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Asep Deddy Supriatna, Raden Erwin Gunadhi Rahayu, Dini Destiani Siti Fatimah

Database design using relational approaches consists of the following stages: describing business processes, identifying and tapping entities, completing entities with attributes, creating relationship diagrams between entities equipped with cardinality, carrying out normalization processes, making structure language queries (SQL) and translation into programming languages. Managing student data manually, for various information needs at different management lines both horizontally and vertically, will cause several problems. These problems are related to accuracy and response time. This is because each identified file is independent so that when the search for records or data is made difficult, and the accuracy of the data is not maintained due to data redundancy. This research aims to design databases, thereby increasing accuracy and response time by eliminating data redundancies. Based on the condition above, in this study, a database of student data management will be conducted using the relational approach. From the simulation shown, it can be concluded that the database design of student data management using the relational approach has been able to accommodate data and information needs that are relevant to business processes that occur within the student data management system.

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Bijin Philip, Dr. Silbert Jose S. V

The Automobile industry in India is the world’s fourth leading manufacturing of car and seventh largest commercial vehicles as per the recent survey conducted in the year 2018. Government of India is going to implement a plan (Automotive Mission Plan 2026) is expected to bring the automotive industry among the top three of the world manufacture and exports of vehicles & components; growing in value to over 12% of India GDP during the next decade that is higher than the recent growth rate (7.1%). In this study aims to analyses the yearly wise contribution of automobile sector towards our Indian national output (GDP) and study the recent fluctuations in the market value of shares and sales turnover in automobile sector. In this study purely based on secondary date which has been collected from various website and recent surveys that has been conducted by the government. This study is important to know the current decline of the automotive industry in the form of sales slowdown and job cut in automotive sector.

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Pandey Anoop, Vishwakarma Harsh

One of the leading engine components manufacturing company located in Ghaziabad city of Uttar Pradesh, India, producing pistons, piston rings, piston pins, and engine valves faced lot rejection during internal quality checks in a specific model of piston rings because of ‘radial down or radial over’ problem. The QC tools integrated with the core tools of the automotive sector have been used on DARE methodology to solve the problem. PFMEA for diagnosing and defining the reason for failure followed by Flowchart, Histograms, Pareto Analysis, Fishbone Diagram, Run Chart, and Process Capability analysis were used to counter the problem. The value of Cpk was improved for the process from 0.68 to 2.45 after using the methodology resulting in a reduction in rejection by 99.26 percent.

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Dewi Lie, Julio Christian Young, Seng Hansun

The prevalence of Diabetes Mellitus (DM) in Indonesia shows a very high number. This high number causes the need for appropriate prevention for diabetics. One appropriate prevention method is to obey Amount, Type, Schedule. To support these prevention efforts, motivation can be one of the factors that give effect. Gamification can be one way to increase that motivation. This study aims to design and build a diet control application that refers to the amount and schedule for diabetics with an Android based gamification method. This application is being developed with Android Studio and RESTful API as a data exchange medium into the database and applies game elements in accordance with the Werbach and Hunter gamification framework. Hedonic Motivation System Adoption Model is used as a method to calculate user acceptance for the application and the result for aspect joy is 72.2%, aspect control 64.8%, aspect focused immersion 59.8%, aspect temporal dissociation 54.4%, aspect curiosity 65.1%, aspect perceived of use 66.7%, aspect perceived usefulness 65.5%, and aspect behavioral intention to use 73%.

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Soleman Saidi, Purwanto, Abdur Rahman As’ari, Sudirman

The dual process theory is a theory that discusses human thought processes and decision making. In decision making, the process can be done quickly or slowly. System 1 is identical to a fast process (intuition) while System 2 is identical to a slow (analytical) process. The purpose of this study is to categorize the types of thinking and describe the types of thinking of students in solving reflection cognitive test problems. The approach used in this study is a qualitative approach, and the instrument used is a three problem in cognitive reflection test (CRT). The results showed that students tend to use System 1 more than System 2. Searching students 'thought processes shows that there are four categories of students' thinking types, namely 1) incomplete thinking type, 2) non-verify thinking type, 3 ) complete thinking types, 4) thinking types with verification. Types of thinking incomplete and without verification are categorized in students who think using System 1 (intuition), whereas types of thinking complete and with verification are categorized in students who think using System 2 (analytic).

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Rajnesh Kumar Singh, Neelu Jain

This paper presents an algorithm that is helpful in minimizing the exploration time of multi-robot system which depends on coordination of the movement of robots performing in the real scenario exploration. Modeling of environments has been presented in the form of tree and graph because any environment cannot be purely cyclic or non-cyclic in nature. The real environment is actually a combination of both. The proposed algorithm can prove to be very useful in the applications where time is very crucial as compared to distance and power consumption. In the algorithm, importance of asynchronous movement mechanism and path planning has also been included. Optimum numbers of robots required at each vertex to explore all the edges in the given environment to minimize the exploration time have also been determined. Simulation and comparison of the performance of this algorithm with existing algorithms like MR-DFS, Single Robot–DFS, and multi-robot flooding algorithm has also been done. Time of exploration has been reduced by great extent in comparison to multi-robot depth first search which was the most optimized algorithm.

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T.Mahalakshmi, P.Hemalakshmi, S.Rathna, T.Sivakumar, S.Sankarakumar

In present scenario, the usage of power electronics equipments gradually increases the harmonics in the system leads to poor power quality. Domestics and industrial consumers are affected by rundown power quality. The type of load in the system will tells the level of power quality disturbances. Recently installed equipment or high-quality features equipment also gets affected by other aged equipments in electrical system. Maintenance and Power quality monitoring and analysis of any electrical system is important to maintain stability and reliability of power system. It also helps to decrease the heavy fiscal losses to customer and major breakdown of system equipment. The aim of this study is to identify and measures power quality disturbances like voltage, current imbalance, harmonics, quality of power factor and reactive power factor and also a voltage sag in educational institutions.

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Nooraihan Ali, Mohd. Hilmi Abdullah, Asyraf Hj. Ab. Rahman

The use of reading skills strategies among students learning the second language is one of the factors contributing to the excellence of students in their field of study. Reading comprehension skills strategies is the main thing to be emphasized by both students and teachers. This is because reading is a basis in the acquisition of knowledge. However, recent studies have shown that knowledge, usage, teaching and learning of reading skills strategies among Arabic language students and instructors are at a disappointing level. This leads to the lack of Arabic language proficiency among students, especially in their reading skills, although they have long been learning the language. The purpose of this study is therefore to analize the content of the self-learning Arabic reading comprehension strategies before designing and developing this specific module. This study will analyze the Arabic text reading comphrehension strategies used by excellant students in Islamic studies and identify module contents through the selection of reading comprehension strategy models that are appropriate to the module's objectives. This module will be designed to help the reader to improve the pace and accuracy of Arabic reading comprehension especially for students, instructors or readers who have basic Arabic language such as grammar (nahw), morphology (sarf) and semantics (balaghah). The data collection techniques are qualitatively, which is obtained from three interviewees who excel in the field of Islamic studies. Data collection methods involve semi-structured interviews. The interviews is analyzed by way of reducing, displaying, drawing conclusions and verifying data. The findings show excellent Islamic studies graduates using metacognitive strategies while reading. Although they do not specify the reading strategies model, the steps they use during reading activities are in line with the SQ3R (Survey, Question, Read, Recite, Review) This finding also confirms that learning foreign language strategically is able to improve reading comprehension. Hence, the self-learning module on Arabic learning strategies will design upon the adaptation of SQ3R reading strategies.

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Markus Mangantar Pardamean Sianturi, Adrian Hartanto, Adetia Arjuna Girsang

Sumatran laughingthrush (Garrulax bicolor) is an endemic avifanual species from North Sumatra. The species is heavily exploited and traded in bird markets in Medan city following the threats to its health due to prolonged captivity and poor bird housing by the vendors and distributors. This preliminary investigation aims to identify the gastrointestinal (GI) parasites infecting the G. bicolor through coproscopical analysis and microscopical observation. Total of 120 fecal samples were collected and examined in a weekly-basis for two months from July to August 2019. The results revealed the presence of seven GI parasites namely one coccidia (Eimeria), two cestodes (Choanotaenia, Raillietina), and four nematodes (Ascarida, Amidostomum, Capillaria, Heterakis) in 68 positive samples (56.6 %). Raillietina spp. are designated as the most prevalent GI parasites to G. bicolor, followed by Amidostomum (47.5 %), Eimeria (36.6 %), Choanotaenia (12.5 %), Capillaria (0.07 %), Heterakis (0.06 %), and Ascarida (0.03%). Severe infections are also obtained from Raillietina (75.0±22.6) with the relative density of 3.3/ind, followed with the remaining moderate infections by Ascarida (20.0±13.4), Eimeria (18.1±10.3), Choanotaenia (11.7±5.1), Heterakis (9.7±5.35), and Capillaria (6.1±3.6)..Our results may then reflect the importance of sanitary management by the keepers to decrease the health risk posed by these parasites as well as to prevent a possible zoonotic infection from captive birds.

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D.A. Bekmirzaev, I. Mirzaev

Modern problems of seismodynamics of underground pipelines of complex orthogonal configuration under arbitrary seismic effect are considered in the paper. Conducted theoretical and computational-experimental studies solve the problem of assessing the stress-strain state of underground pipelines of complex orthogonal configuration under seismic effect arbitrary directed to the principal axes of the pipeline. Multivariate computations have been carried out for various types of soil and angles of incidence of seismic wave. Dangerous points of maximum stress initiation in underground pipeline systems under the effect of seismic wave propagating at arbitrary angle of attack in space were determined.

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Yevhen Pavliuk, Olena Pavliuk, Tetiana Halakhova, Tetiana Bludova

The article examines the non-returned assets and liabilities by non-financial sector, households, corporate sector for the countries of Central and Eastern Europe for the period 2010-2017, which are subordinated to Basel 1 and Basel 2. By Bayesian approach, the shares of each group of non-returned groups were found assets and liabilities in their totals and their average sample values for each group of countries and their shares over the period under study. For the qualitative assessment of the important characteristics of liquidity and credit risks of the banking system for each country, a 5-point scale of relative importance for peer-reviewed peer assessments is selected. The matrix of each element in the group of non-repaired assets and liabilities of the expert group on the priority scale of each element are represented. A system for determining the coordinates of eigenvectors is drawn up, the characteristic equation in the form of a third order determinant is solved, and the maximum eigenvalue of the matrix is found. A qualitative assessment was made of these indicators.It is proved that all the countries of Central and Eastern Europe by levels of non-returned assets and liabilities can be attributed to two levels.It is shown that banking supervision systems these countries need to research the bad debts of banks, credit risk mitigation.

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Zainab Toyin Jagun, Dzurllkanian Daud, Salfarina Samsudin, Anthonia Oluwatosin Adediran, , Alalade Olugbenga

One of the most desired and appreciated assets in a man’s life is Housing. This is generally seen as an indispensable factor in the development and growth of an individual and Household. However, diverse issues affect the realisation and sustainability of Housing across countries, most notably in developing nations like Nigeria. The housing crisis in the country has been associated with factors like poor household structure developing systems such as an ever-increasing household formation and old existing stock without a significant increase in new Housing Construction. This paper appraises or documents sustainable Housing delivery in Metropolitan Lagos based on the quality and adequacy of Housing, as an essential indicator of economic development. The operation of the private sector as the most significant contributor to Housing delivery is majorly explored in the study, to suggest how to improve the quality of lives of the urban residents. A combination of self-administered questionnaires and in-depth personal interviews were used for data collection instruments in this study. Sixty (60) participants, representing the number of Property developers across Lagos Metropolis, were used for the study. Kruskal-Wallis test of significance was used to test the hypothesis. The result of the analysis indicated that there no significant difference in constraints limiting the Sustainable Housing delivery in Metropolitan Lagos by private developers. Hence, the null hypothesis was rejected for all the variables at p<0.05 level of significance. The finding suggests that there are constraints that contribute to the limitation of Sustainable Housing delivery in Lagos State by Private Developers and the obstacles have varying but non-significant different contributions. It is assumed that the identified associated restriction would give an insight into solving the issue of adequate Housing provision in achieving the desired sustainability. Collaboration and commitment by all concerned agents of development including the governments, professionals and the people at large, are recommended.

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Prabani Setio Hastorahmanto, Sugiono Soetomo, Agung Budi Sardjono

Javanese traditional architecture has several forms that can be specifically identified from the shape of the roof. This form symbolizes the strata of its owner and has the function of following the traditional activities and domestic activities of its inhabitants. Research on Javanese-Indonesian homes in general has been widely carried out, but specifically for various sub-ethnic groups is still relatively limited, including for the Kalang sub-ethnic. namely a group of people who still adhere to the Kalang tradition which is an acculturation of ancient Javanese culture with Hindu-India. Through ethnographic methods, the physical meaning of the form of the Limasap roof is found, namely five sap (parts), traditional contradictory patterns of the kiwo-tengen (left-right) and the obong (burn) tradition which are still preserved and only carried out in Kalang Village. This research contributes to the preservation of ethnic or sub-ethnic groups in traditional settlements and additional knowledge about traditional Javanese houses in Indonesia.

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Dr Geetha Mary A, Attunuru Mohana Samara Simha Reddy, Keshav Agarwal, Sumegha Sawa

Data products are designed to generate information for public or business policy, and research and public information [1]. When data mining and database techniques are advanced, the security of classifying sensitive data in a database becomes a primary issue when providing information to data snoopers. Association rule hiding [2] investigation is a ground-breaking and mainstream apparatus for finding connections covered up in expansive informational indexes. The relationships can be shown as random item-sets or association rules. Rules are categorized as sensitive and non-sensitive depending upon the type of information it can reveal to an adversary. The rule is liable if its probability of disclosure exceeds a given threshold. PPDM is an important tool that can be applied in different fields such as healthcare, e-commerce, product research. [3]The rule is liable if the probability of disclosure exceeds the given threshold. (PPDM)privacy preserving Data Mining is the mainframe that can be applied in different fields, for example, e-healthcare, product research, e-commerce etc. There is a need to hide sensitive rules of the association. The main approach is to decrease the rules’ support or confidence. This is achieved by altering the details of the transaction. This generates side effects such as the generation of new rules and non-sensitive rules are falsely hidden [4]. This article proposes an efficient algorithm to hide association rules using the new support formula. This formula has been tested on the value of range 20 to 500. Whenever the algorithm is applied, the range is checked and the corresponding value is entered [5].

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Cahyo Tri Atmojo , Ery Tri Djatmika, Sunaryanto, Hari Wahyono

In this era, technology has increasingly developed and online media has been more helpful in meeting needs. Those make students more easily to access what they need and want. These arise some phenomenon, students often make decisions in the purchase of products or consumption because they just follow the trend without thinking carefully about the advantages and compare with other products to get greater profits. This study aims to analyze the understanding of the students’ economic rationality value of economic education in senior high school through teaching administrations including curriculum and teaching materials, lesson plans and learning evaluation tools. The research instruments used in this study were the observation sheet and interview sheet. This study found that students do not understand about economic rationality because the curriculum and teaching materials do not explain explicitly about economic rationality. Students do not understand the value of economic rationality because the Lesson plan does not explicitly contain character values about economic rationality. In the evaluation tool as the measure of student success in the learning process, it does not provide an assessment that can build an understanding of economic rationality.

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Fullchis Nurtjahjani, Noermijati Noermijati, Djumilah Hadiwidjojo, Dodi Wirawan Irawanto

The purpose of this study is to analyze the direct and indirect influences of transformational leadership style on job engagement mediated by job satisfaction and remuneration. This study is included in a type of positivist research. The data analysis tool used was based on the Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) approach that commonly known as Partial Least Square (PLS) Smart Program Version 2.0.PLS. This research was conducted in Indonesia, especially at the Malang State Polytechnic. The population was 182 lecturers. The sampling technique used was the census (saturated sample) with 182 respondents. The results show that transformational leadership does not have a significant effect on work engagement. Furthermore, job satisfaction has mediated the effect of transformational leadership on work engagement significantly, and remuneration does not mediate the effect of transformational leadership on work engagement significantly.

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Melina Lestari, Sunaryo Kartadinata, Sunardi

The purpose of this study is to look at the picture of the efforts of the school in creating an inclusive culture; develop a Strategy for creating inclusive cultures in multicultural classes; and knowing the impact of applying intervention Strategies. This research is a qualitative research which is designed with a Design Based Research approach. Participants in this study were teachers, principals, administrative staff and parents of all students in a multicultural playgroup and kindergarten in East Jakarta, Indonesia. The instrument developed was a guide to observation, interviews and documentation studies whose indicators were based on the Index for Inclusion. Based on data analysis, the results of the study are as follows: 1) School efforts in creating an inclusive culture can be seen from school policies, teacher training, educational activities for parents, and the contact book; 2) interventions for all are Strategies in creating an inclusive culture in multicultural classes by inviting all parties to assess all students and make interventions that are individual to all students; 3) Interventions for all succeed in creating an inclusive culture by developing several indicators, namely (1 ) Staff and students respect each other; (2) All parties share inclusive values; (3) All students are valued fairly; (4) Treat one another as whole human beings and have the same role; (5) Staff and teachers try to remove barriers to learning and encourage active participation of students.

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Akila Victor, Muhammad Rukunuddin Ghalib, VIT Universit