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Volume 8 - Issue 4, April 2019 Edition

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NA Rohman, SWL Hana, ES Utami

Higher education has a strategic role in the development of science and technology. This role is manifested in the implementation of “Tri Dharma”, consist of education, research, and outreach community. An important factor that guarantees the implementation of “Tri Dharma” is managerial performance. Managerial performance is the result of work achieved in managerial activities, planning, organizing, implementing and controlling. One success determination of managerial performance is manager's leadership style. In order to carry out managerial performance, information system support is needed. This study analyzes the influence of leadership style on managerial performance by mediating the effectiveness of users information systems on “Sistem Informasi Manajemen Perencanaan dan Anggaran (Simangga)”. The questionnaire was distributed to 100 Simangga users from the leadership level to the operator. Data that can be processed are 74 respondents. Results showed that leadership styles influence managerial performance, leadership style has a significant effect on the effectiveness of information systems, the effectiveness of information systems has a significant effect on managerial performance, leadership style influences managerial performance through the effectiveness of information systems. It can be concluded that information systems can be a partial mediation on the influence of leadership style on managerial performance. The leadership style and effectiveness of information systems simultaneously influence managerial performance.

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Arbain Agus Wijaya

This paper aims to analyze the determinants of migration that occur in rural populations and urban residents in East Java Province. This study uses longitudinal data from the Indonesian Family Life Survey (IFLS) 4 and 5. Independent variables are individual socio-economic factors taken from IFLS 4 data and the dependent variable is migration taken from IFLS data 5. The result found that migration in Rural residents in East Java Province are influenced by individual socio-economic factors, namely age, marital status, education, land ownership, health insurance ownership. While variables that do not have a significant effect on rural migration are family size, gender, loan ownership, and poverty status. Then migration to urban residents in East Java Province is influenced by individual socio-economic factors, namely age, marital status, family size, land ownership, health insurance ownership. While variables that did not significantly influence urban migration were gender, education, loan ownership, and poverty status.

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Tunjung Widowati, Tatang Ary Gumanti, Zarah Puspitaningtyas

The aim of this study is to analyze the effect of marketing mix factors on the students’ decision to choose a Pharmacy College of Jember of East Java, Indonesia. The samples concist of Year I, year II, and year II students amounting to 100 people. Results using multiple regression analysis show that only two factors, namely products and promotion, from the service marketing mix that influence the decision to choose the Pharmacy College of Jember. Further study is needed to use more specific characteristics of students and to use other organizations to test the external validity of the findings reprted in this study.

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Isti Fadah, Bayu Satrio, Marmono Singgih

This research aims to analyze the differences of intrinsic value of stocks, IPO prices, and closing stock prices on the first day of trading of secondary markets. This study is an example of quantitative descriptive research. The population in this research was all the companies who performed Initial Public Offerings and samples were obtained through purposive sampling. 182 companies were the samples for this study. The fairness assessment of stock prices was conducted through the PER (Price Earning Ratio) approach and the independent samples t-test was used as the analysis method. Research results show that there was a significant difference between the intrinsic value of stocks that was calculated through the PER approach and stock prices that was determined during IPO. After the stocks were traded on the secondary market, there was no significant difference between the IPO price and the closing price. The novelty of this research is to study the differences in stock prices during two conditions, namely the primary and secondary markets. The differences in intrinsic value and the price during IPO was studied for the primary market; while for the secondary market it was the differences between the IPO prices and first day closing price.

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Nisrul Irawati, Azhar Maksum, Isfenti Sadalia, Iskandar Muda

The implementation of Good Corporate Governance (GCG) in Indonesia has been running for 15 years since 2000. Good Corporate Governance is one of the pillars of the economic market system. GCG application provides an opportunity in creating and providing healthy completion environment and conducive investment climate. Based on this thinking, the GCG application by Indonesian banking become very important issue in order to produce economic success. This research aim is to get empirical test on GCG factors and other regulatory driven factors that is Capital Adequacy Ratio (CAR) and Non Performing Loan (NPL) and bank Size. Source of data is secondary data from 30 banking that is registered in BEI of year 2011-2015. Then using tools of analysis Eviews until the research get proceed that Capital Adequacy Ratio, Managerial Ownership and bank Size influence positive significantly on financial performance while other variable NPL has a insignificant negative effect and Committee Audit influence positive but insignificant on banking financial performance.

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Lisa Marlina, Nisrul Irawati, Isfenti Sadalia, Iskandar Muda

The goal of this research is to identify the main factor that causes SMEs to experience financial distress. In this context, this research focus on behaviour traits which is their capacity of self control, planning and patience affect the ability to manage their finance and stay out of financial distress. Using SmartPLS Partial Least Square, data was analyzed. Data was collected by questionnaire and distributed to each of SMEs in coastal area who chosen by simple random sampling. Financial behavior has a positive and significant effect on financial distress. Furthermore, all of the three variables of financial behavior traits have a significant influence on financial distress.

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Nisrul Irawati, Beby Kendida Hasibuan, Iskandar Muda

This study was aimed to discover the cultural possession, perseverance and openness to problem solving on financial literacy in Medan city, Indonesia. This research explored 3 variables, namely cultural possession, perseverance and openness to problem solving, that is asscociated with the senior high school students’ level on financial literacy in Medan city. The data were gathered using questionnaires and were analyzed by using linear regression. The result of this study showed that cultural possession had negative effect and not significant in the relationship with senior high school students’ financial literacy in Medan city. The result showed that perseverance had positive effect and not significant in the relationship with senior high school students’ financial literacy in Medan city. Openness to problem solving had positive effect and significant in the relationship with senior high school students’ financial literacy.

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Ramlan Damanik, Warisman Sinaga, Yosrizal

This study aims to describe the shape, function and meaning behind the ornaments found in custom homes Malay and Malay royal palace, especially those in Langkat district, Indonesia the city of Medan and palace Five Barrel Coal. The traditional house Malay and Malay royal palace has a traditional architecture is most famous for the style, shape and ornament shaped sculpture that increasingly looks grandeur. Characteristics and color at home ornament Malay culture and Malay royal palace depict everyday life and personality of Malay society steeped in traditions that must be upheld and the religion of Islam is sturdy and applied in daily life. Objects in this study is the ornaments found in the Maimun Palace of five barrel and Malay traditional house located in Langkat, because of the time factor and with age many ornaments that have been severely damaged. Ornaments Malay representation and values possessed by the Malay society. The method used in this study is a phenomenological method of recording and presenting the phenomenon that is found as a fact that the field includes existing condition and its amendments, the results of this study are described qualitatively. The results of this study indicate that the existence of the ornaments on the Malay traditional house and the Malay Royal Palace is closely related to nature, and has the function and meaning of each, and worked with carving technique that uses a wooden base.

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Mbachu, Victor M., Igboanugo, Anthony C., Alukwe, Uchechukwu J.

Cow dung, which is a by-product of grass-eating, digestion and excretion by cow, is often hard to find in some places. This situation has therefore created a yawning gap for the use of mechanical and biochemical processes to mimic grass-eating, digestion and excretion of dung as an alternative way to provide the needed sustainable feedstock for biogas production. This research seeks to convert efficiently grass; elephant grass (pennisetum purpureum) in particular, to biogas. The purpose of the research is to provide a sustainable alternative to cow dung. Elephant grass was obtained, crushed with pulverizer, pre-treated with native potash (as to enhance pH) and inoculated with predetermined quantity of liquid mixture of cow dung from already running digester. After a retention time of 3 to 4 days, copious quantity of biogas started forming. There were however other trials involving the use of: grass and native potash alone, inoculated grass alone, and raw grass only, none of which produced flammable gas, except CO2 only. Our results confirm that biogas of high methane content (64.3%) can be produced from elephant grass using the above stated method. It’s therefore also confirmed that grass-to- gas conversion is realizable.

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Denny Wira Sanjaya, Amrin Fauzi, Isfenti Sadalia, Iskandar Muda

PT Bank Sumut is a regional development bank located in North Sumatra province with one of the superior products of Multi-Purpose Credit. The research problem was based on the phenomenon of the number of customers of KMG PT Bank Sumut Iskandar Muda Branch, Medan, Indonesia namely the decrease in the number of KMG customers from 2011-2016 to 317 KMG customers. The research objective was to determine the factors that influence the effectiveness of the implementation of Push and Pull strategies and obtain alternative marketing strategies that can be implemented in an effort to increase the number of KMG customers. This type of research causes results with quantitative research methods used to obtain the results of the data needed to be analyzed. The research sample was seventy-six respondents obtained by Slovin method and the whole respondents were KMG customers. Data analysis using multivariate analysis. From the results of the analysis, it is obtained that the Promotion, People, Process variables are Push variables that most significantly affect customer interest, while the Promotion and Customer Service variables are Pull strategies that most significantly affect customer interest. The results of the study indicate that the dominant promotion variable influences customer interest, the alternative marketing strategy that needs to be done is by implementing promotional mix strategies, namely advertising (advertising) and personal selling.

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Sivaraos, M.J.Raguvaran, R.Sundram, J.Usha

Tyre pressure plays an important role in ensuring safe opration and performance of a motor vehicle. Improper monitoring of tyre pressure always results in reduction of gas mileage, tyre life, vehicle safety and performance. Studies reflect that properly inflated tyres can increase tyre life span up to 20% which is equivalent to extra 9 months of its life span; saves fuel from 4% to 10%; increase braking efficiency up to 20%; lightens steering system and ease self-steer. Monitoring proper tyre pressure using manual gauges are less effective as they tend to provide slight gap at the valve for air leakage during pressure checking. Therefore a device called Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) is used in the current research to efficiently monitor tyre pressure and temperature in a tyre of a motor vehicle which then generates a signal indicative of the pressure and temperature in each of the tyre thus increasing the monitoring system efficiency of a vehicle and its safety. This paper presents a cost effective real-time data plotting application based on LabVIEW graphical user interface using a TPMS device. Notably, the entire system is tailored to the situation whereby with the existence of this interface; tyre researchers, engineers and scientist would able to effectively monitor and simultaneously plot the tyre pressure and temperature data even at dynamic condition.

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Wang Yiming, Trevor Siame, Victor Mwango Bowa

Chimiwungo main open pit has experienced slope failure in the weathered rock formation in the middle stack for a decade now. In this article, the geotechnical analysis was conducted to determine the factor of safety and probability of failure of the middle stack using limit equilibrium method under both drained and undrained conditions. The factor of safety and probability of failure index were calculated as they provide the objective measure of the risk of the failure associated with a slope design. The actual stack performance was compared to various slope stability acceptance criteria with results subjected to a more thorough analysis of the consequences of failure. The study indicates that under dry to semi-drained conditions, the factor of safety and the probability of failure were compliant to all the acceptability slope stability failure criterion. This entails under dry and partially drained conditions, the middle stack of the Chimiwungo Open Pit is predicted to remain stable. As the undrained condition of the stack is above 30% of water content, the resulting safety factor and the probability of failure becomes out of compliance with the acceptance slope stability failure criterion. This entails the performance of the stack with respect to acceptance failure criteria falls below the minimum mean factor of safety and violates probability acceptance failure criteria, leading to unstable stack. The study recommends major modification to the stack geometry and that the stability of the stack be tested in both drained and undrained conditions prior to implementations.

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Moses Musonda, Alfred Sichilima

Malaria is a global public health problem, caused by malaria parasites transmitted by the vector adult female Anopheles mosquitoes. The life cycle of Anopheles mosquito (Order: Diptera) has six stages egg, four larvae instars and pupa. The immature stages are aquatic and determine the abundance, distribution and fitness of the adult Anopheles mosquito. The physicochemical parameters (Conductivity, Salinity and Total Dissolved solids) of water affects survival and development of the larvae. The district was surveyed for various breeding sites and classified as dam, river, marshlands, swamps and temporal water ponds. The car tracks, animal hove prints, garden water ponds which dries up after some few weeks were pooled together and classified as temporal water ponds were identified. Ten replicate samples were taken per breeding site on a weekly basis and the physicochemical parameters were recorded and the Anopheles larvae was surveyed and collected from these breeding site. The calibrated multi parameter meter (explorer GLX Pasco) was used to measure physicochemical parameters in the field following the manufacturer’s guidelines the water. The results of physicochemical parameters when compared to standard ranges the water was classified as fresh mineral domestic water. A total of 556 Anopheles larvae were collected and from the available breeding sites using the World Health Organization 350ml Standard Dipper for scooping. These larvae were reared in the insectary and only 267 emerged as adults. The emerged adults were morphologically identified. The 267 emerged adults were profiled to species level using the quantitative polymerase chain Reaction (qPCR).the results of qPCR were 40% An.gambiae s.s, 35% An.arabiensis Paton 5% non-amplified profiles there was no An.Funestus.the breeding site with the most abundant anopheles siblings was the temporal water ponds. A significant positive linear relationship existed between the predictor variables and larvae abundance with R value of 0.302 whose significant F.chnage value is 0.000 less than the P-value of 0.05.A positive significant Pearson correlation between Salinity(r=0.240, p= 0.000), Electrical Conductivity(r=0.120 p=0.003) and Larvae abundance existed while a correlation between Total dissolved Solids and larvae abundance(r=0.018 p=0.663) is not significant. The physicochemical parameters (conductivity and Salinity) have significant relations while Total Dissolved Solids have insignificant positive linear relationship on the abundance of Anopheles mosquito in various breeding sites of Kapiri Mposhi districts.

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Fitriaty Harahap, Nursukma Suri, Lila Pelita Hati

One of them is the Archaeological and Historical Heritage spread in Padang Lawas (Palas), North Sumatra, Indonesia. Discovered in 1846 by Franz Junghun. All this time, its existence has not been explored and studied maximally, especially for its relation with other sites spread in Indonesia. Therefore, it is necessary to collect the data in order to reveal whether the historical and archaeological heritage still exists on Padang Lawas Site through archeological and historical approaches as they are able to reveal the existence of these sites. In the Law of the Republic of Indonesia No. 5 of 1992 on Cultural heritage objects are stated as both the moving and non-moving objects. The sites located in Palas are the immovable objects as they are in the form of buildings. There are some important aspects of value in understanding Cultural Heritage, include historical values, sciences and cultural aspects. Therefore, it is necessary and very important to preserve these heritages for the benefit of both local, national and international community. The method used was through data collection, data processing, analysis, and preparation of recommendations. The data collection process was conducted on two types of information, namely the historic and archaeological heritages and the policies/programs on cultural heritage development and preservation.The data were divided into two types, namely primary data (observation/measurement, interview and questionnaire/checklist) and secondary data (reports, inventory lists, and study results). Furthermore the spreaded sites were studied through the archaeological data and historical methods, and through the reconstruction of the archaeological and historic heritages that have been collected.

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Nana Sepriyanti, Nofadila, Marhamah, Martin Kustati, Ahmad Sabri

This research aims at finding out the differences of the mathematics learning outcomes of the students who learnt through Students Team Achieveement Division (STAD) and Team Game Tournament (TGT). A quasy experimental research with posttest only for control group design was implemented where the sampling technique used was simple random sampling. The research found that: STAD and expository learning showed a significant difference where count = 28.65 which means that the results of the students who learnt through STAD were higher than the ones with expository learning. There was a significant difference as well in the results of the students in TGT and expository learning where count = 7.33 which means that the result of the students who learnt through TGT were higher than the ones with expository learning method. There was significant difference of the results or outcomes of the students learning through STAD and ones who learnt through TGT in which count = 6.80.

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Enni Savitri, Almasdi Syahza

The purpose of this study is to analyze the effect of human capital on financial performance, the effect of human capital on competitive strategies and the influence of competitive strategies on financial performance. The samples consists of 68 SMEs managers in Province of Riau engaging in the manufacturing sector. The results using Path Analysis show that human capital have an effect on financial performance and on competitive strategies. Competitive strategies has an effect on financial performance. Human capital is important for choosing the right competitive strategy. The selection of the right competitive strategy improves financial performance. The selection of the right competitive strategy is necessary in the creation of strategies and of varied products. Improved financial performance is reflected by the growth of industrial assets and when SMEs focused on certain areas.

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Adi F. Mahmud, Fauji Koda, Rahmania Sadek, Nursina Hamia

The present study attempts to find out what learning styles perform by male and female students and investigate what learning styles dominantly perform by students at Secondary School Islam Terpadu Nurul Hasan Kota Ternate. The total subjects who participated in this study were 50 students. They consisted of 24 male and 26 female. The subjects divided based on sex category, one class is male, and one class is female. Purposive sampling technique used to select the subjects. This study applied the qualitative approach. Data were collected through a questionnaire, in-depth interview, and observations. Afterward, questionnaires data tabulated using Microsoft Excel 2010 and Analysis Factor Using SPSS 16 (to get percentages), while interview data presented descriptively (to obtain evidence and reasons), and finally continued to observation sheet with participant observation' technique (to strengthen the pieces of evidence). All of the data calculations then presented via figures, description, and table. The questionnaire results described male and female students have a different percentage in visual style. Male students achieved 48.20% of visible and female gained 71.40%. In auditory form, male students got 74.80%, but females obtained 64.60%. This means male students were higher than female students in the auditory form performed. Meanwhile, in kinesthetic style, male students acquired 78.30% while female students were 82.90%. These findings can be presented that each learning style (visual, auditory, and kinesthetic) performed differently between male and female student although it is not a significant difference. However, there are many pieces of evidence which proved it. Moreover, the dominant learning styles performed by male students were Kinesthetic (78.30%) and auditory (74.80%), while female students dominantly performed kinesthetic (82.90%) then visual (71.40%). Questionnaire results also strengthened through interview and observation findings. The findings from the interview and observation showed that students selected learning styles in a questionnaire in line with interview results and students perform activities in teaching and learning took place in the classroom.

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Arunima Anil, M.S.Jayakumar

The paper examines the links between Information and communication technology (ICT) and health system through the benchmark of telemedicine project. The paper assesses how far the use of ICT has resulted in strengthening rural health care services and the key issues being faced by its utilization are the major research questions addressed in this study. The quantitative data was collected from 20 rural beneficiaries who are availing the benefits of the telemedicine from various centres using a questionnaire and was analysed using statistical tools. The results of the research showed that majority of the telemedicine units (63 Percentage) are non-functional with respect to inadequate ICT equipments. Most of the TMUs were partially functioning or non- functioning due to outdated systems, damaged ICT resources, poor internet connectivity and other technical problems. Hence the utilization of ICTs for effective health care delivery in rural areas strongly relies upon the provision of viable ICT infrastructure. It brings a major shift in the conventional delivery system by expanding beneficiaries’ access to various services by delimiting socio-economic, cultural and geographical barriers. Medical practitioners at rural areas get immediate access to wide range of medical specialists, saves money and time of patients, helps in updating information, documentation of electronic health record of patients, possibility of centralized digital patient data repository are its positive outcomes whereas the issues such as inadequate network connectivity, lack of funding, absence of permanent site administrator, indifferent attitude and incorporation of doctors are the major constraints at its implementation level. ICT will not prove to be much effective in the health sector unless there evolves a combined effort from officials, practitioners and technical administrators. Telemedicine has to be applied in the modern health system with a constructive planning and implementation to strengthen the system more effectively.

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Dody Hartanto, Sunaryo Kartadinata, Ahman, Ilfiandra

Academic hope is an essential aspect of an individual's academic development and success. It is found that academic hope emerges as one of the predictors of an individual's future success. There are a lot of studies conducted in various countries, yet, none of them took place in Indonesia. The present study was conducted to find out the uniqueness of academic hope in Indonesia. The present study was directed to the students so that it can be developed in the future study. Employing adapted Hope Scale, The present study was conducted on 577 students from the 5th semester. Descriptive statistical data analysis and narrative analysis were employed in the study. The result of the study showed that female students possess a higher level of hope compared to the male ones. Agency dimension is higher than pathways Students’ academic hope in Indonesia is unique since it is not directed to them, yet it is more on their parents and family. Students' academic hope in Indonesia, based on the result of the study, is oriented on time issues and is related to the follow-up action in the future, especially in career and marriage. Compared to the result of the study conducted in other countries, students’ academic hope in Indonesia is unique, which is different from the studies conducted in other countries. It needs more research design and psychological aspect to obtain a comprehensive understanding of academic hope.

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Talal M. Sh. A. Alotaibi

This Energy Assessment study is the result of a process involving a significant effort by a team of people at the plant and the Facilities Engineering Energy assessment team from Round Lake. Other specialists within Global Facilities Engineering have reviewed the report and contributed their experience in evaluating some of the energy saving opportunities. The plant manufactures renal therapy bags along with IV nutrition products. The plant’s major manufacturing equipment includes 5 filling lines, 11 mix tanks, 16 sterilization vessels and 5 Packaging lines. This study approach has identified potential energy and cost saving opportunities that conducted for compressed air system at the facility that are: Energy savings for implementing Lower Compressed Air Pressure and improve the compressors controls are 117,701kWh/year and $17,493.The savings for reducing the leak rate from 30% to 20% are 144,410kWh/year and $21,413/year. The estimated savings for installing these accessories in the packing robots are 26,850 kWh/year and $3,991/year. The estimated savings for Stop bleeds during cooling are 181,621kWh/year and $26,993/year.

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Deepak Chaulagain, Parshu Ram Rimal

The study was conducted in the Godawori Municipality of Karnali Province to document the coping practices of the local people on the climate change effects. Household surveys, key informant interviews and focus group discussions were used to document the people's perception on climate change impacts. Hydro-meteorological data on temperature, precipitation and water discharge in the river were received from the Department of Hydrology and Meteorology, which were further analyzed statistically. The mean annual temperature is increasing at a rate of 0.01910C/year and annual precipitation is increasing by 1.3513mm/year. However, the precipitation pattern is changing over the years with the notable increase of high precipitation, causing to increase the river water discharge and flood leading to the huge loss of properties including land, stored grains and lives of people. Lack of rainfall in the cropping season lead to excessive extraction of ground water for irrigation. The cost of ground water extraction is also high, which the small farmers can not afford and leave the land barren. The coping practices noted in region are constructing embankments; planted different plants like bamboo (Bambusa vulgaris), Sugarcane (Saccharum officinarum), Typha (Typha latifolia) etc.; storing grains in upper part of the house; extracting ground water for irrigation; changing crops (vegetables instead of paddy and wheat); changing the species of crops and increased use of fertilizers and pesticides.

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Mahardhi Arif, Munawar Ismail, Dwi Budi Santoso

This study is to discuss the question of whether microfinance (specifically micro-credit) can reduce poverty and income inequality in Indonesia. Using data from 33 provinces in Indonesia, we show that higher levels of micro-credit provision can indeed reduce poverty in Indonesia. However, it turns out that this cannot be done to reduce the income income inequality. The results of this study add to the discussion about the impact of microfinance on poverty and inequality in Indonesia. Because so far micro finance is considered a very effective tool to be applied in an effort to improve people's welfare by reducing the level of poverty and inequality in Indonesia. Although poverty can decline, but no less important is economic development must be followed by a decrease in the gap between the rich and poor.

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Hilmi Aulawi, Abdusy Syakur Amin

E-Learning is one of the information systems technology that should be owned by educational institutions in Industrial era 4.0 or the era of Internet of Things. Aim of this study is to analyze and design e-Learning completely and systematically based on Technology Acceptance Model (TAM). In this case, TAM is associated with software reuse approach begin from adapting the existing e-Learning models and being given different touches as needed on the new system. We used Unified Modeling Language (UML) as software analysis and design model. The experiment of this study was conducted in Sekolah Tinggi Teknologi Garut. The results show that TAM can accelerate and simplify e-Learning analysis and designs processes, as all the needs are adapted from existing systems and improvised according to the needs of new e-Learning systems.

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Ah. Fathonih

This article is motivated to the research experiences of university legal clinics at Faculty of Sharia and Law UIN Sunan Gunung Djati Bandung, Indonesia and Faculty of Law Monash University, Melbourne, Australia. The existence of university legal clinic is not widely known in Indonesia although it has grown quite long along with the development of professional legal aid organizations. The main program of the institution is not only providing legal consultancy and legal services, but also provides practical legal assistance and legal aid to justice seekers, especially for the fulfillment of access to justice and the rights for women and children. Therefore, this article will showcase some interesting experiences about the role of paralegal students in providing legal consultation, legal services, and legal aid in family law scope to justice seekers, women, and children who do not yet have a legal identity within university legal clinics Faculty of Sharia and Law UIN Sunan Gunung Djati Bandung, Indonesia and Faculty of Law Monash University, Melbourne, Australia.

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Hilda Ainissyifa

The purpose of this study is to formulate the development strategy of Islamic educational institution that meet good quality in establishing Islamic education by maintaining the substance of Islamic education concept. The methodology used is qualitative research intended to elaborate a social context phenomenon naturally by presenting in-depth interaction communication process between researcher and the phenomenon of study. The analysis model used is gap analysis. The research finding directed the development strategy of Islamic educational institution by sharpening the development paradigm of Islamic education that consists of strengthening the concept of integration, universality, and democracy paradigms. Strengthening the development strategy of Islamic educational institution is done through the educational principle formulation, clear and measurable vision and mission formulation, good educational goals formulation supported by the strong educational management and governance, appropriate curriculum development, and appropriate learning method and approach to the curriculum direction and orientation setting.

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Martha Manganta, Hasmar Halim, Andi Batari Angka, Zubair Saing

Traffic accidents are an important transportation problem in several major Indonesian cities, especially Makassar City. Completion of the problem requires a study that is in particular, the severity of traffic accidents. Therefore this study aims to reveal the traffic accidents rate in Makassar City. Data was obtained secondary from the Makassar Traffic Accident Unit between January 2012 and December 2015. The results showed that the number of traffic accidents was 3,603 with a total of 5,489 people. The number of victims who experienced the death category was 10.3%, seriously injured 17.1%, slightly injured 72.6%. Based on these results, male victims, adults victims, senior high school educated victims, the driver victims, double accident type and side collision were very dominant variables affecting traffic accidents rate. The proportion of victims who had an accident was male, 72.3%. The portion of accident victims in adulthood 52.9%. While the percentage of accident victims with high school education is the highest proportion of 55.7% compared to other levels of education, the driver victim has the highest probability of experiencing minor injuries with a risk of 62.6%. Besides, based on accident type, double accidents have the highest proportion of 72.4%, while collision type has the highest percentage occurs in side-direction collisions with a percentage of 53.6%. Therefore, intensive socialization of vehicle use is needed, especially for high school riders.

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Dody Amdani, Sukaria Sinulingga, Yeni Absah, Iskandar Muda

This study aims to find out: (1) The influence of competence on employee performance at the Medan Polytechnic Ganesha. (2) Effect of organizational culture on employee performance at the Medan Polytechnic of Ganesha. (3) Effect of competency and organizational culture on employee performance at the Medan Polytechnic of Ganesha. This research is categorized as quantitative correlational research, and the research instrument is a questionnaire. The population in this study were 49 employees of Medan Polytechnic, Ganesha. The sampling technique uses the Total Sampling method. The sample in this study amounted to 49 employees of the Medan Polytechnic Ganesha. The measuring instrument proved to be valid and reliable for research instruments. The results of the study found that: (1) Competence has a positive and significant effect on the performance of Medan Ganesha Polytechnic employees Medan Polytechnic.

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Norman Raotraot Galabo

The purpose of this qualitative case study was to describe the campus bullying experiences of senior high school students in a certain secondary school at Davao City, Philippines. Three senior high school students who experienced bullying in the campus were chosen through purposive sampling. In-depth interview, observation and field notes were utilized in the gathering of data. The study ensured that ethical considerations were observed during its conduct. It highly followed the components of trustworthiness namely credibility, transferability, dependability, and confirmability to ensure the validity of the qualitative data. Based on the narratives and thematic analysis, study revealed that victims of bullying experienced name-calling or verbal abuse, physical bullying, and social discrimination. Passivity, optimism and perseverance, and peer-support system help students cope with the adverse and traumatic experiences of bullying. Along with the insights and realizations, the study emphasized that campus bullying leads to emotional distress and low self-esteem, bullies should be sensitive to others’ emotions, and bullying should be minimized, if not avoided, in the school. Hence, a call to address such predicament is highly encouraged in order to create a learning environment where students are safe and protected from any form of abuse.

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Mudrika Alamsyah Hasan, Amir Hasan, Gusnardi, Iskandar Muda

This research aims to determine the supporting factors of the government readiness for e-planning implementation to the district/city development planning in Indonesia. The variables used in this research were central government support, the head of the region support, and legislative support as independent variables (X), effectiveness of e-planning implementation as dependent variable (Y), and budget availability as intervening variable. The data of this research were obtained using questionnaires. The questionnaires that could be further processed were as much as 182 questionnaires. The hypothesis was analyzed using Structural Equation Model (SEM) with the help of SmartPLS software3.0. The results of this research are the central government support has positive effect on the budget availability. The head of the region support has no effect on budget availability. Legislative support positively affect the budget availability. Budget availability has positive effect on the effectiveness of e-planning implementation.

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Elida F. S. Simanjorang, Yuniman Zebua, Bayu Eko Broto, Meisa Fitri Nasution, Ronal Watrianthos

Decision of running business is the result of interaction of several factors, namely the character of a person's personality and environmental influences. A family relationships, friends, relatives, educational environment, social rules in society and religious that can influence one's intentions running a business. Theory of Planned Behavior explains that the intention of doing online business among students is influenced by some variable such as attitudes, subjective norms, and perceive behavioral control. Furthermore, these three variables are influenced by several backgrounds which influence it, such as social, personal / individual background, and information. A number of research results show that the intention of doing online business for each students can vary depending on their social environment, age, gender, level of education, science, level of income, belief/ religion, or the influence of exposure to information which affects their experience, besides the influence of personality and the personal intellectuality of the student. These results of research show that the Theory of Planned Behavior have implications in explaining the phenomenon of intention to run online business among students.

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Sudarlan, La Ode Hasiara, Ahyar Muhammadiah

Assessment of the implementation of financial accounting that is done either by the Central Govern¬ment or local governments with reasonable without any exception opinion is a goal to be achieved in the report its performance. The purpose of this research are (a) to find out what factors are the most dominant in the reasonable judgement without any exceptions, (b) the action is anything that can be done to enhance the factors that affect the implementation of financial accounting. The method of the approach used in this research is a quan-titative approach with an eviews 6 application prog¬ram. The results of this research, firstly, the six variables used in the equation have positive impacts and significant statistically on the reasonable judgement without any ex¬cep¬¬¬tion, and secondly that two of them are not signify¬cant, and finally that the biggest factor influences to the reasonable without any exception opinion is the streng¬thening of National/Statebudget.

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Yulisa Wandasari, Muhammad Kristiawan, Yasir Arafat

This study aimed at evaluating the Regulation Minister of Education and Culture Number 23 of 2015 in the State High School Penukal Abab Lematang Ilir (PALI). This research was a qualitative descriptive. The data were collected by using interview and observation. The results showed that the School Literacy Movement Policy should be continued in State High Schools PALI and it was supported by 1) communication related to socialization, such as work meetings, management, notification letters to parents, and school websites; 2) human resources involved to support the policy both principals, teachers, employees, students, and parents of students; 3) adequate school managerial ability; 4) the bureaucratic structure of policies related to school literacy was approved by the principal; 5) discipline in intensifying the School Literacy Movement was conducted to respond to the Regulation Minister of Education and Culture No. 23 of 2015 concerning the Growth of Characteristics through reading groups, morning motivation, reading corners, and Library Procurement as a Source of Literacy.

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Abdul Muqeet, Humera Tariq, Usman Amjad, Asia Samreen

Quick shift segmentation with optimal parameters claims for better edge visibility, improved color saturation and halo affects. The proposed method is based on grouping of hazy pixels such that it maximizes the similarity between a reference k-means and quick shift image. The objective of this paper is Qualitative and Quantative analysis of improved Quick shift segmentation based on super pixel segementation. Improved quick shift is based on super pixel based dark channel, K-Means based ground truth and having a fixed rectangular patch to determine dark channel image. The reference image helps in finding optimal quick shift parameters on fly instead of using fixed values for every image. Extensive quantitative (Mean Square Error, Structural similarity, Quality Index, Edge measurements) and qualitative evaluation were performed to show that the proposed method adheres the limitations of the state of the art fog removal methods.

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Ahmed A.A. Zakzouk, Mohamed S.A. Osman, Ramadan A. Zeaneddin, Hamdeen A. Khalifa

This paper presents hybrid approach consists of three metaheuristic techniques which are Evolutionary Optimization with two efficient metaheuristic techniques for solving the multi-objective facility location problem. The target is to put a good network design of creating new IT centers as endpoints connected with the main datacenter in an educational organization minimizing the number of threats and risks through the network segments. Also minimizing the consumed runtime of travelled packets through this network and minimizing the total required distances to build this design. Furthermore it, a system was designed and developed to help in solving the complicated calculations of this problem. Finally, a comparison study is carried out to compare the hybrid approach techniques performance and results which support the expansion of the designed network.

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Lynn M. Remo

The study aimed to predict and assess the performance of college students taking up the new general education subject as mandated by Commission of higher education (CHED), Mathematics in the Modern World (MMW). The paper sought to describe the level of performance of the students in their pre-enrolment requirements, such as high school grade point average (GPA) and admission test result, determine and predict these requirements to their mathematics performance and assess the level of difficulty in the topics covered in the subject. There were 100 freshmen students in Bukidnon State University participated in the study. All of them are under the College of Business. Result revealed that the students performed well in high school. However, they are not doing well in college, specifically in Mathematics. The pre-enrolment requirements, such as high school GPA and admission test result do not significantly predict the mathematics performance in college. It has a weak positive relationship with 3% shared variance with MMW’s performance. It is, though, contributed to the difficulty experienced by the students in the said subject.

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Julia Anita, Nasir Aziz, Mukhlis Yunus

The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of placement and work load on employee work motivation in labor and population mobility department of Aceh. With a total population of 270 people and a total sample of 161 people, where the sample is obtained by reference to a number of Slovin formula that taken by stratified random sampling technique. The data analysis tool used is Path Analysis. Value of the correlation coefficient (R) of 0.815 in this study in which the value is a relationship between the independent variable with the dependent variable of 81.5% meaning that placement and work load related to work motivation and work performance of the employees in labor and population mobility of Aceh. Meanwhile, the coefficient of determination (R2) obtained a value of 0.663 means that 66.3% of the changes in the dependent variable (work motivation and work performance) can be explained by the factors of placement and work load. The placement and work load just could not increase the employee work motivation, but it can be increase the work performance through work motivation. The results of statistical calculations both partially and simultaneously showed that placement, work load and work motivation have a significant effect on employee work performance in labor and population mobility department

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Azhar Susanto, Meiryani

Good Corporate Governance (GCG) implementation is the key to the company's success to grow and develop and provide long-term benefits, while winning business competition. Failure to implement GCG can be one of the main causes of a company's failure to survive in business competition, which if it occurs massively can lead to a systemic economic crisis. For this reason, policies in the form of Corporate Governance Guidelines and procedures that apply in the company are always the basis and guideline of management in directing and determining the company's strategy and the development and implementation of all management decisions in each of the company's operational activities.

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Azhar Susanto; Meiryani

The company's external environment is changing rapidly, causing company management to require reliable, accurate and timely information. This causes old information systems to become obsolete because they cannot respond to changes that occur. For this reason it is necessary to modify or develop the system. Changes in the business environment are fast, making the need for management of accounting information that can be reliable, accurate and timely. This condition can cause old information systems to become obsolete because they cannot respond to changes that occur. For this reason it is necessary to modify or develop the system. The stages that need to be done in system development are the analysis phase, the planning (design) and selection stages, the implementation phase and the system implementation phase and monitoring the implementation of follow-up.

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Rigobert Francis Buberwa, Anastazia Msusa

Navigation around Dar-es-salaam City for foreigners is often not easy, transit using Google Maps, Open Street Maps or Bing Maps is usually difficulty as they lack detailed information. Integration of Geographic Information System (GIS) and Information Communication Technology (ICT) has improved tools used to query spatial related databases, this study strives to develop a Mobile GIS app for tour guide in Dar-es-salaam; the study uses a customized Unified Network for Transport (UNETRANS) in developing the App. To meet this objective, the Mobile App was developed using C# programming language and Xamarin tools in Visual Studio Integrated Development Environment, and implemented in a three- tier architecture which runs on Windows and Android Operating Systems. The study has successfully developed an App which responds to number of GIS network analysis queries, including route selection and nearest landmark. Being the pilot study, the study was limited to Main roads in Dar-es-salaam only.

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Neta Dian Lestari, Nova Pratiwi

Problems concerned in this research are, less optimal lecturers in the use of teaching materials and reluctancy of lecturers to make teaching materials, therefore lecturers are not productive. The purpose of research based on the background is to improve student entrepreneurship learning outcomes by means of optimization of teaching materials. The type of research used is Classroom Action Research (CAR) or Classroom Action Research (PTK). In this study Researchers act as observers and lecturers of entrepreneurial courses that make observations of all activities of students during the learning process and act as a giver of action. Descriptive analysis of data in this study was conducted in three stages namely a) Data reduction, b) Presentation of data, c) Withdrawal Conclusion. The results of the research are: (1) Observation Results Student learning activities after applying the Optimization of Instructional Materials (OBA) occurred improved both in Cycle I and Cycle II. As for the activity studied are: At the frequency of inquiries there was an increase of 87.5%, while the answer frequency increased by 100%, the frequency of responses increased by 100% and at the frequency of giving refutation increased 50%. Students' learning outcomes increased in each cycle: In Cycle I when pretest is known 40%, posttest increased by 57%, with the average grade is 79.50. Cycle II during pretest of 70%, posttest 100% Student complete study, with grade average value is 94.50. Based on the fact that compiling and making the teaching materials is one form of optimization of teaching materials, which will be applied by the lecturer in the classroom.

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Sama Raziei

In this study, a brief description of European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM) excellence model of business was introduced based on Total Quality Management (TQM) concept. Then, an adaptation of EFQM excellence model of business with implementation of multi-criteria decision making processes including Fuzzy Analytic Hierarchical Process (F-AHP), Fuzzy Decision Making Trial and Evaluation Laboratory (F-DEMATEL), Fuzzy Technique for Order Preference Similarity to Ideal Solution (F-TOPSIS), and Fuzzy VIse Kriterijumska Optimizacija Kompromisno Resenje (F-VIKOR) was investigated as a survey on the literatures. Detailed differences of these methods and their influences on the quality assessment policies were studied analytically. Such modified version of EFQM model based on such fuzzy processes was compared with the routine strategies of EFQM. Some different types of fuzzy numbers, defuzzification methods and the way of comparison among them were also discussed in this study. Finally by comparing the advantages and disadvantages of each method, hybrid approaches were found as the most effective method of organizational assessment.

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Mohammad Shaker Abbas Dashti

a major source of energy for our dynamic society is the burning of fossil fuels such as coal, petroleum and natural gas. These sources of energy have been found to have limited amounts available, and therefore are said to be depleting resources. Scientists are continuously looking to find alternatives to fossil fuels. , One such alternative is using vegetable oils to make fuel. This is achieved by the replacement of petroleum by renewable energy i.e., biodiesel from ecosystems and agro ecosystems which represents a central strategy to mitigate and to adapt to climate changes and it is eco-friendly, renewable and more biodegradable. Biodiesel is a much better lubricant than petro-diesel and extends engine life. There are number of vegetable oils are available, like Jatropha carcass, Pongamea glabra, Salvalora oleo ides, Madhuca indicia, Azadiracta indicia, Piper nigram, castor, coconut, sunflower, ground nut, palm trees etc. But all these have their own medicinal values and other important uses rather than the production of biodiesel. So, while selecting the best one, it should be considered that such a raw material is to be selected which is abundantly available in all times at any place and which is not useful for other purpose rather than the production of bio-diesel. As the search for alternatives to fossil fuel intensifies in this age of modernization and industrialization, fueled by increasing energy costs, water hyacinth holds a strong promise in the 21st century biofuel industry. So, an attempt was made to produce biodiesel from water hyacinth and to discuss technical, socio-economic, and environmental benefits of small scale biofuels such as improving energy access, creating additional sources and means for income generation and mitigating environmental pollution at both local and global levels.

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Saiful Deni, Thamrin Husain, Iswan Salim

The purpose of this study was to find out: (1) How the Implementation of the Government Performance Accountability System (SAKIP) in Tidore City; and (2) What factors are obstacles in implementing the Government Performance Accountability System. The research method used is qualitative research. This research was conducted in the City of Tidore Islands. The type of data used is primary data and secondary data obtained through interviews, document studies and observations. The results of the study show that as a system, SAKIP consists of components which constitute a single entity namely performance planning, performance measurement, performance reporting, and performance evaluation. the implementation of SAKIP in Tidore Islands City can be considered not optimal. The conclusion of this study is that in general the Tidore Islands City Government has not maximally implemented the SAKIP as part of the development of performance-oriented government management. In addition, to improve the performance of the Tidore Islands City Government there needs to be a change in the mindset that is oriented towards performance and commitment to implement performance management, improve communication, improve HR competencies and evaluate overlapping bureaucratic structures.

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Hidayat Hidayat, Sudarsono Sudarsono, Darma Aviva, Rozaini Othman

A human ear system is divided into three sections namely outer ear, middle ear and inner ear. The human middle ear system is composed of an eardrum, three tiny bones (malleus, incus, stapes) and ligaments. The eardrum is a thin membrane separates the outer and the middle ear system. A hole in the membrane (eardrum) of the middle ear also called as eardrum perforation. The purpose of this research is to show the frequency responses of the human middle ear system with eardrum perforation using the finite element method. The geometric model of human middle ear system with eardrum perforation was obtained from CT scan imaging. Then, the CT scan data was converted to DICOM File. Before exported to finite element analysis software, the data converted to STL file. Finally, the geometrical of human middle ear system was generated by CAD Software using physical properties of components of the human middle ear system with eardrum perforation reported by the previous researchers. Two types of the human eardrum were used in this study namely eardrum perforation and normal eardrum. Then, frequency response analysis had been carried out to show the response on the displacement of stapes of human middle ear system in the frequency range 100 Hz to 10 kHz. As for the frequency responses, the response of human middle ear system with eardrum perforation is lower than normal eardrum due to the decreasing of the mass of human eardrum.

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I Made Arnawa, Yerizon, Sri Nita, Roni Tri Putra

This study aims to develop student worksheet based on APOS theory approach to improve student achievement in learning matrix and vector spaces, particularly in systems of linear equations (SLE). This research is a research & development by using Plomp model. This research was conducted at Andalas University. Instruments used in this study were guidelines of the interview, validation istrument, lecturers’ and students’ response questionnaire, and SLE test. The results showed that the students' worksheets designed already met the criteria valid, practical, and effective.

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Irmi Suyanti

The objective of this study was to find out how many students were able to absorb the lessons, curriculum 2013 as well as the facilities and infrastructure that support learning of curriculum 2013 at Kecamatan Air Kumbang and how many teachers were able to implement curriculum 2013 at Kecamatan Air Kumbang. In this study, the method used was a qualitative method where the method used emphasizes the process of searching data or information until it was felt to be sufficiently used to contain an interpretation. The research instrument consisted of observations and questionnaires. The conclusions of this study included; (1) the condition of students was seen from the aspect of readiness in accordance with the standard, with a percentage of 52.4% and categorized as sufficient; (2) The condition of the teacher was not yet fully in accordance with the standard, with a percentage of 56.86%, and was categorized sufficient; (3) The condition of the infrastructure was very good category with a percentage of 90%; (4) Teacher's understanding was in accordance with the standard, with a percentage of 52.94% categorized as good; (5) The condition of learning planning was 85%, but it was categorized very well; (6) Authentic assessment was not fully in accordance with the standard, with a percentage of 52.9% and sufficient category, while at the outcomes stage, the results of authentic assessment have met the standards and very good category with a percentage of 100%.

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Gizem Kalkanci, İlyas Cankaya, Oguzhan Kizilbey

Crypto money mining is a method that can be used with various types of processors based on block chain technology and can generate significant amounts of income in the present and future. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Monero and many other crypto coins are being excavated by process power owners all over the world and this leads to the transition to decentralized money system. In this study, the mining performances of 11 different AMD and NVIDIA chipset graphics cards that can be used for Ethereum mining are measured, compared and improved by using various techniques. Improvement in AMD chipset graphics cards has been influential on both power consumption and mining speed. At the NVIDIA side, the same mining speed can be achieved with lower power consumption.

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Lusianah; Meiryani

This article discusses the role of management information systems in achieving prime operational performance by focusing on the role of the enterprise system, supply chain management systems and customer relationship management systems.Management Information System (MIS) is important in improving the performance of employess. Management Information System is a system of human/machine unified (integrated) to present information that supports the functions of the operation, management and decision making within an organization. Management Information System is a set of indispensable information tool by small scale industries/small entrepreneurs to overcome the problems encountered. The method used in this paper is descriptive analysis, where the author begins with theoretical studies from various sources about Management Information Systems, enterprise systems, supply chain management systems and customer relationship management systems. then analyzed into the role of management information systems in the organization.

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Rosda Fajri Kafarisa

This research originated from the results of a preliminary study that did not yet provide written homeschooling guidelines / instructions that could help give tutors an initial picture during the learning process. This study aims to develop valid, practical and effective modules for primary school homeschooling teaching guides. The development model used in this study is the Dick and Carey model, with the stages used namely analyzing, designing, developing, implementing and evaluating. The research subjects were package A homeschooling tutors consisting of 5 tutors from Homeschooling Khoiru Ummah and 10 Primagama Homeschooling tutors, a total of 15 package A homeschooling tutors. The results of the assessment conducted by expert lecturers, the developed modules were declared to be valid evenly. the average score of module material validation is 4.67, the average score given for the assessment of module form is 4.61, the average score given for module motivation assessment is 4.76, the average score given for assessment the language and module readability is 4.42 with all classifications very good. The results of data analysis from the learner respondent questionnaire were 4.49 and the results of the questionnaire responses from the instructor instructors were 4.56 and entry was classified as very good, the module was declared practical. The results of the learning outcomes test conducted at the end of the study with the completeness of learning outcomes on average 14 participants (90.48%) respondents stated complete (graduated) and only 1 participant (9.52%) respondents who have not completed (not graduated), module developed was categorized as effective. The conclusion is that this module was successfully developed and can be declared valid, practical and effective.

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Tita Bela Hisri

The objective of this study was to find out how to evaluate character education and whether the result was effective in fostering students at SD Negeri 78 Palembang. The method used was a qualitative descriptive method that was used to process, search and present data that was interesting, and easy to read. Observation and interview data were in the form of qualitative. Based on the analysis results of observation and interview data showed that this success could be seen from the attitudes and children’s behavior which were reflected in the results of the observation sheet in the form of; religious attitude, honesty, discipline, caring for the environment. The average score of students 'answers on “civilizing” behavior was 54.06% and students' scores on "starting to develop" behavior was 33.44%, while the answer on "began to appear" was 9.38%, and the answer on "has not been seen" there was 3.13%. The results of this study were expected to be useful for teachers, students and parents, and can enhance the character education program by maximizing and producing student output with character so that it is useful for religion, society and the nation.

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Indra Koto, Jalius Jama, Sumarno

An agrarian country with a tropical climate, Indonesia has a very natural potential for agricultural products. The management of large natural resources is in dire need of technological development for the production of agricultural products. Technological advances will continue to evolve in step with growing human resource needs, which will require the knowledge, skills and readiness to accept technical changes. Technological progress requires a lot of energy. Excessive use of fossil fuels (gas and oil) tends to reduce the volume of oil and gas reserves. It is therefore necessary to look for new sources of energy to reduce dependence on fossil fuels while strengthening energy security. The alternative energy solutions presented in this study focus on the presence of organic waste / waste in briquettes as a source of energy. In this study, briquettes were made with tapioca glue at 6%, 9%, 12% and 15% of the total carbon biomass in order to obtain heat (cal) and the rate value. of combustion (g /s). Wood powder briquettes are faster than durian peel briquettes. The comparison of flame time between durian peel briquettes and wood powder briquettes has a different ignition. the burning time of the wood powder briquettes with the same variation of adhesive as T cost = 2500C burns faster, for {6,9,12,15}% of successive tapioca with time {3,27; 3.53; 3.57; 4.11} minutes compared to durian peel briquettes for {4.15; 4.23; 5.28; 6.29} minutes. Wood powder briquettes burn faster than durian peel briquettes. The smallest variation in the adhesive value of tapioca is 6%, at the burning rate of durian peel briquettes of 0.2616 g/min, while durian peel burning 0.2744 g/ min . While the variation of 6% of the value of the adhesive of the wood powder, the burning rate is 0.2142 g/min and the highest of 15% with a burning rate of wood powder. 0.2222 g/min. There are several influencing factors because the amount of adhesive contains the amount of water and fiber contained in the briquette material. By using the waste in briquettes, it is hoped that this will reduce some of the waste problem, reduce unemployment and meet national energy needs.

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Ahmad Sabri, Martin Kustati, Nana Sepriyanti

The implementation of the scientific approach by the teachers in teaching Islamic Studies in Secondary Schools has faced many obstacles e.g. inadequate distribution of time to seized the steps of the scientific approach and the limited skills of the teachers in utilizing the media and students who are less serious during the learning process. This study aims to illustrate the development of a scientific approach model in learning Islamic Studies and Budi Pekerti at Secondary Schools. The method of this research is research and development Four-D model by adapting research steps according to Gall and Borg. There were 14 teachers of 6 Secondary Schools in Padang, Indonesia. Observation, interviews, and documentation were used to collect the data. The findings of the research found that the development of a scientific approach model in learning Islamic Studies in Secondary Schools could be done by giving structured assignments to students in groups.

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Yayuk Sukarsih, Nimmi Zulbainarni, Siti Jahroh

This study aimed to analyze the impact of the moratorium policy that contained in the Minister of Marine Affairs and Fisheries Regulation Number 56 of 2014 concerning Moratorium of Licensing of Capture Fisheries Business in the WPPNRI and Minister of Marine Affairs and Fisheries Regulation Number 57 of 2014 concerning the prohibition of fish catch landing from fishing vessels through transhipment to the tuna fishing business. The used method was descriptive analysis with a qualitative approach. The results showed a decrease in the capture number of tuna and skipjack tuna by (21%), a decrease in Fish Processing Unit (UPI) utilities (5%), a 21% decrease in the volume of tuna and skipjack tuna commodity exports and an increase in the import volume of tuna and skipjack tuna by 30%. In addition, there were Termination of Employment (PHK) of the vessel crew (ABK), company employees of 11,858 people and employees of fish processing units amounting to 8,110 people.

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