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Volume 7 - Issue 4, April 2018 Edition

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Azwar Harahap

The purpose of this research is to know the development of production activity and the absorption of labor of micro and small industry in Indonesia 2010 - 2014. In this analysis used production index, production growth, company amount, input value, output value, added value, labor and expenditure for micro and small industry workforce from 2010 - 2014. The results of this study indicate that the provinces in Indonesia that have the development of production activities tend to increase from 2010 to 2014 are North Sumatra South Sumatra, DKI Jakarta, West Java, Central Java, East Java, Banten, West Nusa Tenggara, West Kalimantan, Central Sulawesi, South Sulawesi, Southeast Sulawesi, West Sulawesi, Maluku and North Maluku. The development of micro industries is much higher than that of small industries, as evidenced by the large number of micro-enterprise enterprises rather than small industries. The number of micro industry companies reached 88.34% and small industry only 11.66%. While the absorption of micro industry workforce reached 72.23% and small industry only 27.77%.

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Khurram Aziz, Muhammad Awais, Syed Shahbaz Ul Hasnain, Usman Khalid, Iram Shahzadi

This study aimed at examining the impact of servant leadership on organizational citizenship behavior and the mediating role of psychological contract breach and employee cynicism. The context selected for this research was service sector of Pakistan and data was collected from 307 respondents through field and web survey. The collected data was analyzed through confirmatory factor analysis and structural equation modeling. The findings of this study revealed significant impact (direct and indirect) of servant leadership on psychological contract breach, employee cynicism, and organizational citizenship behavior. This study further asserted that supervisors and managers should control and minimize the psychological contract breach and employee cynicism. Findings of our research also provide guidance on improving the level of organizational citizenship behavior. Leaders should develop a two-way communication system with employees, as it will help to know them more closely. Limitations are identified and future research areas are mentioned.

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Emmanuel Yeboah Osei, Araba Amo-Aidoo

Experimental water heating studies were performed to study the performance of inclined box and flat box solar cookers under the solar insolation conditions of Kumasi from May to July 2016, 10:00 to 14:00. The local solar insolation and average temperature profiles for the water and ambient were determined for the duration of study. Analytical methods of the ASAE S580.1 NOV2013 test standard were employed to estimate the interval cooking power and standardized cooking power of both solar cookers. The cooking power and efficiency in heating water to the point of maximum temperature were also estimated for both cookers. Generally, the inclined box cooker performed better than the flat box cooker by generating a relatively higher peak water temperature, higher cooking power, and higher efficiency. Further studies have been recommended to improve the design of the cookers and analyze the effect of insulation on the performance of the new cookers under similar solar insolation conditions.

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Tabligh Permana, Erliza Noor, Yandra Arkeman

In this work, the adsorption of beta-carotene from palm oil onto bentonite was performed under 35 bleaching conditions that were made using a combination of 4 variables. They were varying concentrations of beta-carotene in palm oil (300, 400, 500 mg/kg), varying dosage percentages of bentonite (0.5, 1.25, 2 %), varying surface areas of bentonite (190, 225, 275 m2/g), and varying temperatures (50, 80, 110 oC). The experimental data was analyzed by using several kinetic models (intra-particle diffusion, Elovich equation, pseudo-first order, and pseudo-second order). Kinetic parameters, coefficient of determination, and adsorption curve of models were evaluated to determine the best kinetic model to describe the adsorption of beta-carotene from palm oil onto bentonite. The experimental data was described accurately by the intra-particle adsorption model only at the adsorption process with low adsorption rate. The Elovich equation model showed a tendency to give negative values of sorption capacity at the beginning period of the adsorption process with low initial adsorption rate. At the adsorption process with low and medium adsorption rate constants, the adsorption curve of the pseudo-first order model showed a tendency to move away from the experimental data, but the pseudo-second order model still followed the experimental data. The pseudo-second order model was the most appropriate kinetic model to describe the adsorption of beta-carotene from palm oil onto bentonite.

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Huda Basloom

E-learning turns out to be an important aspect for the educational area. An important problem in the e-Learning area is the creation of digital learning materials because it becomes expensive. Learning Object (LO) has been proposed to reuse materials which will reduce the cost. Each LO has metadata. Metadata is used to make LO reusable, sharable, storable and manageable in a repository such as an archive or museum. The most popular metadata standards that provide cataloguing, searching and reuse of resources are the Dublin Core Metadata Element Set (DCMES) and the IEEE Learning Object Metadata (LOM).An interesting form to retrieve and manipulate collections of LOs is declaratively via a query language. However, current languages used to achieve this are either aimed to a particular implementation of LOs (e.g. XML for instance) or lack the required features to manage and query collections of LOs adequately. Currently possible to use a general purpose XML query language, such as XPath or XQuery. These languages have widely acceptance and great expression power. LOQL (Learning Object Query Language) is a new language which allows a user/application to create, assemble, update and query LOs, independently of any particular implementation. A prototype system has been implemented to test these ideas. The paper presents SCORM concepts. Also, it discusses adaptation possibilities of the SCORM. In addition, it presents different ways to query LO and a comparison study between XQuery and LOQL.

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Gabriel O. Agada, Cornelius Adebayo, & Sally I. Agada

This study was carried out to examine the effect of microfinance bank’s credit on Cereal crop productivity in federal capital territory Abuja, Nigeria. Three Area Councils were used- Bwari, Gwagwalada, and Kuje. Specifically, the study described the socio-economic characteristic of cereal crop farmer users and non-users examine the effect of microfinance banks’ credit on productivity of users and non-users of cereal farmers, estimate the profitability of cereal crop production, and identify the major constraints associated with microfinance banks’ credit. Multi-stage Sampling technique was used to select a total of 180 respondent including 90 users and 90 non- users of microfinance banks credit were randomly selected for the Survey. The sample size was drawn from three microfinance bank namely Hasal, Fortis, and Atlas. Both primary and secondary data were collected for the study. Primary data were obtained through questionnaires administered to the respondent. Indices used in data analysis include descriptive statistic, multiple regression analyses, the socio-economic characteristic of the respondent were analyzed using. The data were subjected to both descriptive and inferential statistical analysis. The result shows that 41% of the respondents were between the ages 31- 40 years, 77% were male, 49% had farming experience of between 11-20 years, 56% had family sizes of 1 – 5 persons and 93% had formal education at various levels. The coefficients of cost of farm size, labour, seed, capital input and amount of credit were all positive and significant at 1%, 5%, 1%, 1% and 1% level of probability respectively. It was concluded that users of microfinance bank’s credit were more efficient than the non- users of microfinance bank’s credit in the study area. The study identified Bureaucratic procedure, high interest rate, and frequent absences of loan officer, among others as the most pressing constraints encountered by respondent in accessing the loan.

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Samuel Olisa, Ogechukwu Iloanusi, Vincent Chijindu , Mamilus Ahaneku

Edge detection is a fundamental technique that precedes and enables feature understanding in image analysis. It is a very important technique in computer vision. Wavelets, Sobel operators, and Gabor filters have been used extensively in the literature for edge detection in images. Each of these filters has their strengths and limitations. This paper suggests edge detection in images using a combination of Gabor filters, Laplacian filter and Sobel operators which produce better results than using the individual filters.

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Sapta Raharja, Ono Suparno, Faqih Udin, Farah Putri Listyaningrum, Ani Nuraisyah

Crosslink between gluten and rice flour is to get rice flour with better dough quality. Thus, the objective of this research was to obtain the optimal treatment combinations in cross-linked rice flour with gluten from two different variable factors which would be gluten concentration (X1) and heating temperature (X2) by utilizing Response Surface Methodology (RSM). The response variables that were analyzed to determine the optimal condition were protein content, swelling power, baking expansion, gelatinization point, water absorption, and decanted water protein content. The supporting tests for this research were also done that are FTIR, birefringence and amilograph. The optimum conditions were determined which heating temperature 45.11 °C and gluten concentration at 27.38%. The average characteristics of rice-gluten flour were protein content 18.03%, decanted water protein content 0.26%, water absorption 0.595 ml/g, gelatinization point 74.27 °C, swelling power 5.89 b/b and baking expansion 2.06 ml/g. Birefringence properties of rice flour - gluten is not noticeable compared to rice flour. The FTIR analysis of rice flour - gluten shows a strengthening of the C - N bond spectrum peak at a wavelength of 1155.22 cm-1 which from the C bond of rice flour and N of gluten protein. Analysis of amylograph of rice flour - gluten showed peak viscosity value 1060 cP, viscosity damage 2058 cP, and viscosity setback 1083 cP.

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Muhammad Arif Hidayat

This study aims to determine an increase in problem solving skills and emotional intelligence are good for flat wake topics; to describe effectiveness of realistic mathematic teaching for flat structure topic in grade; and to compare the learning achievement of student who take realistic mathematic teaching and the student who take traditional teaching method for flat structure topic in grade VII of MTsN 2 Medan. The population in this research are students of MTsN 2 Medan (Grade VII-1 and VII-5) taken by random sampling. The applied instrument afe consisting of competency test in problem solving, emotional intelligence questionnaire, student activity, student answering process. The data analysis was conducted by t-test and two ways ANAVA. The results of this research are : (1) the increasing of competency in mathematic problem solving with a better realistic mathematic approach than student with traditional teaching, (2) the increasing of emotional intelligence of student with realistic mathematic approach is better than student with traditional teaching, (3) there is interaction between teaching approach with the competency level of student to the increasing of competency in mathematic problem solving, and (4) there is interaction between teaching approach and the competency level of student to the increasing of emotional intelligence, (5) student activity in realistic mathematic teaching that fulfill the ideal time tolerance limit, and (6) the answer of student is various and better either in realistic mathematic teaching set than by traditional teaching. Based on this result, the researcher suggest the realistic mathematic teaching on mathematic teaching can be an alternative for mathematics teacher to increase the creative thinking competency and mathematic problem solving of student as one of alternative to applies innovative mathematic teaching.

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Joseph Chege Ngugi, Peter Muchiri, Joseph Muguthu, Celestin Nkundineza

This paper elucidates the analysis of quality failure in small and medium manufacturing companies and established methodological approaches that mitigate these problems in order to improve on the quality of products manufactured. The study was carried out at shamco industries limited a steel furniture manufacturing company in Nairobi County in Kenya. The company’s records for the year 2014-2016 provided the secondary data regarding the customer complaints that led to the poor quality of steel furniture. The study adopted a case study methodology and brainstorming was the main method that was used to collect primary data. The defects were ranked in the order of severity, occurrence and detect-ability using Failure Mode and Effect Analysis (FMEA). The most common defect was dripping paint which appeared in almost all products. The most critical defect on the other hand was breaking of welded joints. After brainstorming with the experts in the company, root causes of these defects were determined. It was found that causes due to the Workers were 35%, due to the processes were 30%, due to materials were 24% and due to the machines were 11% respectively. The research provided the knowledge of quality failure analysis and established practical solutions to the detected defects. The paper concludes that similar analysis on quality is required to be done in other manufacturing companies so that quality of the products manufactured can be improved and become competitive in the global market.

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Nasria Rosa Fitri, Endang Sulistya Rini, Beby Karina Fawzeea Sembiring

In line with the technological advances and the high level of people's busyness in today's modern era, it also changed the way people meet their daily needs, such as the need for information fulfillment. Society needs a tool that is able to provide information, facilitate work, easy to carry and easy to use like a laptop. Laptop comes from the word lap and top, which means on the lap. This tool has become a phenomenon in recent eras because it has been able to provide solutions for the modern era of people who have dynamic jobs and moving places, so the laptop becomes a good solution because it can be taken anywhere. The purpose of this study is to know and analyze the influence brand awareness, brand association, brand quality perceptions, and brand loyalty to Toshiba laptop purchase decisions to Magister students at faculty of economics and business in University of North Sumatera. The type of research is descriptive quantitative, and descriptive explanatory approach. The population in this study is the Magister students at Faculty of Economics and Business in University of North Sumatera who ever purchased on laptop Toshiba at least once, and the samples are as many as 87 respondents. The sampling technique used is accidental sampling. Methods of data collection were done with questionnaires and documentation studies. Methods of data analysis were done by multiple linear regression analysis. The results show that brand awareness, brand association, brand quality perception, and brand loyalty simultaneously have a positive and significant effect on Toshiba laptop purchase decision. Partially brand loyalty had the most dominant influence to the decision of purchasing of magister students at Faculty of Economics and Business in University of North Sumatera.

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Tobari, Muhammad Kristiawan, Nova Asvio

Indonesia is a member of ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) that should own the quality of human resources. The education is the key to answer the demand of AEC. SMK Negeri 1 Bukiittingi, SMK PGRI Tanjung Raja and SMK Negeri 1 Pangkalan Kuras were institutions that ensure alumnus to world industry. Here we explored the strategy of headmaster on making educational quality toward AEC. We used qualitative phenomenology method in this article. To get the data, we used interview and document study. The results obtained indicate that the strategy of headmasters were upgrading teachers’ competence, upgrading students’ competence, developing curriculum and improving infrastructure.

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Rozalena, Tahrun, Tobari

This research was aimed at finding the influences of situational leadership style and school environment on kindergarten teachers’ performance in Ilir Barat I District of Palembang. This research belongs to correlational study of quantitative research. The samples were 140 teachers and the questionnaire was used as instrument. Data were analyzed by using IBM SPSS program for Windows with level of significance (α) = 0,05. The findings revealed that: (1) there were significantly influence of situational leadership style on kindergarten teachers’ performance; (2) there were significantly influence of school environment on kindergarten teachers’ performance; and (3) there were simultantly influence of situational leadership style and school environment on kindergarten teachers’ performance.

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Fitri Indayani, Lindrianasari, Rindu Rika Gamayuni

The objective of the research was to find empirical evidence regarding the effect of village characteristics to village finance efficiency in Lampung. In this research the characteristics of the village were selected by the size, the level of wealth and the level of dependence. The sampling of the research was chosen based on Village Progress Index. The data was taken for 2 years, from 2015 until 2016 of village at every district in Lampung Province. The population of the research was 108 developed villages and 272 developing villages, so the data was done by doing 760 observations. The data analysis was done by panel data analysis meanwhile the data tabulation was done by using statistical test EViews 9. The result of this research revealed that the size variable was negative significant effect, the level of wealth variable was not have any effect while the level of dependence variable was positive significant effect toward village finance efficiency.

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Ujjwal Singh

In this article we propose an Arduino based population density monitoring system designed to efficiently monitor the population density in a particular area. The proposed system uses Arduino microcontroller to estimate the population density. This system uses pressure sensitive objects to efficiently predict the density, the prototype also uses display LEDs to indicate the density and help to evenly distribute the population.

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Asriati Djonu, Sri Andayani, Happy Nursyam

The fermentation process aims to improving the content of Moringa oleifera leaves by utilizing Rhizopus oligosporus 106 CFU/ml. We used four different treatments in the form of fermentation time consisting of 0, 3, 6 and 9 days. The best fermentation treatments obtained from test result include physical fermentation score test, phytochemical test, Fourier Transform Infra Red Spectrophotometer, total phenol content, protein content and crude fiber. Results showed the best treatment with fermentation time on day 6 with total phenol content of 4.73%, protein content of 29.69% and crude fiber of 10.37%.

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Karlina, Lindrianasari, Rindu Rika Gamayuni

This study aims to examine and find the empirical evidence of effect of size, age, incumbent, opinion finding, and DAK on audit report lag. This study uses the sample of 513 regional governments in Indonesia in 2013 – 2015, and the data used are secondary data obtained from Examination Result Report – Laporan Hasil Pemeriksaan (ERR – LHP) of BPK – Supreme Audit Institution on LKPD in 2013 – 2015, data on administrative age of regional government and the list of regional heads in Indonesia in 2013 – 2015. Data analysis is done by panel data analysis, and data processing is done using statistics testing instrument Eviews 9. The result of this study shows that only age of regional government and audit finding significantly affect audit report lag, while size, incumbent, opinion, and DAK do not affect audit report lag.

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Ifijeh Ayodele Hephzibah, Fagbohun O. Oludare

The adoption of Voice over Wireless Local Area Network is on tremendous increase due to its ease, non-intrusive and inexpensive deployment, low maintenance cost, universal coverage and basic roaming capabilities. However, deploying Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) over Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) is a challenging task for many network managers, architects, planners, designers and engineers, hence the need for a guideline to design, model and simulate the network before deployment. This work analyzed parameters such as latency, jitter, packet loss, codec, bandwidth, throughput, voice data length and de-jitter buffer size, which quantify the quality of degradation over the network. The analytical mathematical E-model was used to predict the readiness of the existing network to support VoIP. The Transmission Rating Factor R was calculated as 85.08 indicating a high speech quality and excellent user satisfaction. Riverbed Modeller Academic Edition was used to model and simulate the network. Results from this project work show that VoIP can be successfully deployed on WLAN with perceived high speech quality, user’s satisfaction, low delay and high throughput.

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With the increase in population there have been an aggressive increment in demand for energy but the continuous exploitation of conventional sources of energy have led to global warming and its other harmful effects. The light transmitting concrete is one such green building material which uses sunlight as its source for illumination. The light transmitting concrete is a visually appealing material. Thus while saving energy it also looks beautiful and enhances the aesthetics of area. In this paper the usage and advantages, the light transmitting concrete brings in the field of smart construction by reducing the power consumption is discussed, as being one of the modern and major component of green buildings and its importance as a revolutionary element in matching the standard of green building. It also serves the purpose of good aesthetical view of the building which earlier needed much make-over despite its versatility and popularity.

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Bakhtiyor Inogamov

In the formation of horizontal design objects, the following tree-bush groups are used: massifs, landscape groups, solitaries, alpine crops, live walls, vertical bluegrasses, flower ornaments. Massifs - a combination of varietal or varied shrubs and shrubs that grow on prominent areas. Massifs carry out functions that distinguish and protect them, in the form of landscapes, masking, and decorative stockpiles; they are used in a variety of fast-growing varieties (ravioli, owls, stumps, spruce trees, pine). Two types of arrays are common - simple and difficult.

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Febi Nadhila Nurin, Maftuch, Uun Yanuhar

Immunostimulant of Hermetia illucens larvae was prepared for assessment on total leukocyte, differential of leukocyte and muscle histopathology of common carp. The extract of Hermetia illucens larvae was administrated in the diet at A (4%), B (6%), C (8%), and D (10%). The extract of Hermetia illucens larvae contained of flavonoid compounds, tannins/polyphenols and alkaloids. During 30 days of the feeding trial, total leukocyte was decreased as well as decreament of differential of leukocyte at dose C (8%) also at that dose was showed the best increament of immune system of Cyprinus carpio, average of total leukocyte post-infection results was shown 1,95 x 105 sel/ml and differential of leukocyte (lymphocytes, monocytes, neutrophils) was shown 81,55%; 16,42%; 0.33%. Furthermore, the histopathological of muscle before being fed the extract showed the oedema, vacuolisation, and necrosis. The average score of the lowest muscle damage was also shown 1.27%; 1.47%; and 1.4% at dose C (8%).

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Prachi Deshpande, Ankush Mahendru

Carbon NanoTubes (CNT) is one of the most interesting material nowadays with significant applications in various fields. Carbon nanotubes (CNTs) are hexagonal networks of carbon atoms which are ~1nm in diameter having a length of 1–100 μm. Single walled nanotube, an important form of nanotubes will be discussed along with its structure, preparation procedures and applications. SWNTs have emerged as a really promising class of electronic materials. Single-walled carbon nanotubes (SWNTs) are nanometre diameter cylinders consisting of a single graphene sheet wrapped up to form a tube. The three types of SWNT structure: zigzag, armchair and chiral nanotubes along with their parameters will be presented. Further, the band structure of SWNT will be illustrated. The four different preparation procedures of SWNTs: electric-arc discharge, laser vaporization, hydrocarbon pyrolysis and solar production will be explored. A comparison of different aspects of synthesis methods will be elucidated. Further the different properties of SWNT and its various applications in the field of nanoelectronics will be discussed. Furthermore, the challenges faced by the SWNTs and their future path in the field of electronics will be reviewed.

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Juniar Simanjuntak, Prihatin Lumban Raja, Arlina Nurbaity Lubis

The organization's ability to succeed in achieving its goals is supported by internal and external factors of the organization. Performance of employees is generally encouraged by the promotion, promotion, promotion, the initiative, creativity, rewards and others. The purpose of this research is to know and analyze the influence of human resource development, work environment, compensation to job satisfaction, and its impact on police performance amounted to 230 people in Bhabinkamtibmas Deli Serdang Polres in Year 2016. Data collection in this research was conducted through survey approach through descriptive research quantitatively by spreading questionnaires on 147 respondents. Data analysis method used is path analysis (path analysis). The results showed that human resource development, work environment and compensation have positive and significant effect on Bhabinkamtibmas performance. The development of human resources has a positive and significant impact on the performance of Bhabinkamtibmas. The work environment has a positive and significant impact on Bhabinkamtibmas performance. Compensation has a positive and significant effect on Bhabinkamtibmas performance. Human Resource Development. Work environment and Compensation have positive and significant impact on job satisfaction. Development of human resources have a positive and significant impact on job satisfaction. Work environment has a positive and significant impact on job satisfaction. Compensation has a positive and significant impact on job satisfaction. Job satisfaction has a positive and significant effect on Bhabinkamtibmas performance.

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Gabriel Ike Obiefuna, Peter Hassan Sini, Abubakar Maunde

The aim of this study is to determine the geochemical and mineralogical composition of granitic rock deposit of Michika area of northeastern Nigeria. Detailed geological mapping of an area of 188.5 Km2 around Michika area has been mapped on a scale of 1: 50,000. The mapping revealed that the area is underlain by granitic rocks of Pan African Age. These are grouped into three types: coarse grained biotite granites, coarse porphyritic granites and medium grained granites which are intruded by the new basaltic rocks of Tertiary Age. A plot of Rose Diagrams indicate they trend in the NE-SW and NW-SE directions and occurs as irregular or massive bodies, veins and sometimes as a cross-cutting discordant dykes. The fracture ranges from about 5 cm to about 2 meters. Seven samples were collected at different locations representing the three types for petrographic analyses. Petrographic studies show that the samples are essentially composed of quartz, feldspar, mica and iron oxide. Twenty samples were analyzed geochemically using XRF method to determine some major oxides which include SiO2, Al2O3, K2O, Fe2O3 and CaO. The SiO2 content are mainly (70.58%), Al2O3 (14.30%), K2O (5.44%), Fe2O3 (2.73%) and CaO (2.62%) were obtained for the samples. The results indicate that granitic bodies of the Older Granites that underlie the study area are strongly peraluminous calcalkaline igneous series that are of both lithospheric origin or are associated with subduction related areas.

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One health service facility located in West Aceh district that provides services to hypertensive patients is Cut Nyak Dhien Meulaboh Regional General Hospital. Based on the initial survey the number of visits of hypertensive patients who underwent outpatient in 2016 were 713 people in the first quarter, 802 people in the second quarter, 648 people in the third quarter and 673 in the fourth quarter. While for hospitalization amounted to 139 people in the first quarter, 163 people in the second quarter, 43 people in the third quarter, and 111 people in the fourth quarter. This study aims to assess the effectiveness of religious music therapy to decrease blood pressure in hypertensive patients at Cut Nyak Dhien Meulaboh General Hospital in 2017. Type pre experimental research with One Group pretest-posttest, ie research designed to test changes that occur after an experiment without a comparison group. The sample size is 19 people. The results showed that after being given religious music therapy a decrease in blood pressure in hypertensive patients both sistole and diastole blood pressure. For blood pressure systole from wilcoxon test result obtained value of z = 3.683 (Z> 1,96) and value p = 0,001 (p <0,05), whereas for blood pressure diástole obtained value Z = 3,624 (Z> 1,96) and p value = 0,001 (p <0,05). It is suggested to RSUD Cut Nyak Dhien Meulaboh to provide support to nurses who are in charge of applying religious music therapy to hypertension patients.

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Bashimbe Baharanyi Jean Pierre, Bwanamudogo Manegabe Bienvenu

The present dissertation is an application of Contrastive Analysis and Error Analysis to the study of learners' errors in Article usage in English. The hypothesis was that only the combination of Contrastive Analysis and Error Analysis could account for learners' errors effectively. The qualitative analysis of the errors made in a test given to a group of students has revealed that when there are differences in article usage between English and French, most of the errors derive from native language interference, whereas when article usage is similar, the errors are for the most part due to overgeneralization, thus fully confirming the hypothesis

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Bwanamudogo Manegabe Bienvenu, Neema Bagula Jimmy

This article is a deep study about the use of visual aids in Communicative English Language Teaching at ‘KAMPUSE’ and ‘IKALA’ and ‘IHUMULE’high schoolsand suggests some remedial proposals. These schools are located in the Eastern part of the Democratic Republic of Congo. To achieve our objectives of bringing this work to fruition I applied the recommended procedures of research. Thus, I applied library research which helped me review the literatures of other researchers and be aware of what has been done by my elders as well as by scientific authorities. I also used the internet browsing which helped me get some authentic data. The field work helped me be aware of what is going on at the three above msentioned schools concerning the use of visual aids during the teaching of vocabulary lessons: the attitudes of pupils and teachers during English classes. This approach revealed to me that the teachers are not qualified in the teaching of the English language, and pupils are just like mere observers within the English classes. Teachers do not care about pupils’ mastery or not. Thus, I have suggested some useful types of visual aids and the methodology related to the use of the latter. It has also shown some guidelines to follow when these teachers are to teach vocabulary lessons or attempt to design visual aids.

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Nelsi Wisna

Many variables affect the quality of AIS (the dimensions used include integration and ease of use). Variables that can affect the quality of AIS include leadership style (integrity, self-confidence, encouragement, charisma), knowledge management (tacit knowledge and explicit knowledge), and user training (vendor training and in-house training). An AIS used by organizations will have an impact on the quality of AI (relevance, accuracy, timeliness). Based on the review of these variables as presented in the introduction section, the problem statements in this study are as follows: (1) how is the influence of leadership on the AIS?, (2) how is the influence of knowledge management on the quality of AIS?, (3) how is the influence of user training on the quality of AIS?, and (4) how does a quality AIS affect the quality of accounting information. This study will use α = 0.05 to examine each hypothesis. This study is planned to be conducted at the State-Owned Enterprises (SOEs) in Bandung.

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Lovepreet Kaur, Sandeep Kad

In previous decades, the utilization of wireless sensor networks (WSN) have grown to a great degree. The nodes in wireless sensor systems are worked by batteries. How the restricted vitality utilized adequately is an essential and vital thought about factor, and the plan objective of most WSN protocols. In wireless sensor networks there is one method utilized for the augmentation of the lifecycle of the system and transfer extra efficient operative technique called as clustering to upgrade the power utilization of the sinks, clustering is one among the well-known approaches used by the researchers. The researchers also proposed many different clustering protocols to achieve the desired network operations. In this paper there is an attempt to give a wide comparison of EECPK-means mid-point and Modified EECPK-means mid-point algorithms to enhance network lifetime. Moreover, extracting the strengths and weaknesses of both techniques, providing a comparison among them, including some metrics like throughput, packet delivery ratio and remaining energy.

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Daryoto Mulyadi Candra, Sri Wahyu Lely Hana, Deasy Wulandari

This study aims to determine and to analyze the effect of financial and non-financial compensation on the turnover intention on employees who work in mining company, especially repair and maintenance heavy equipment company, which is located in South Kalimantan. The sample were 60 employees obtained by census sampling technique. The data used was primary data generated from distribution of questionnaires. Hypotheses were tested using multiple linear regression analysis. The results found that financial compensation and non-financial compensation had a negative and significant effect on turnover intention.This study has both theoretical and practical implications. These findings are able to reinforce previous studies on the effects of compensation on turnover intentions. In addition, this research gives input to the management of mining company to maintain financial and nonfinancial aspects in the business of employees as a valuable asset for the company.

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Didik Pudjo Musmedi, Adi Prasodjo

This study aimed to analyze and to describe the behavior of imported franchise restaurant consumers in Jember district, East Java, Indonesia. This research was done through phenomenology approach and the data were analysed descriptively. Research data include primary data and secondary data were obtained by questionnaire and interview technique. As many as 50 consumer of Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) and California Fried Chicken (CFC) in Jember district were selected as respondents and determined using purposive sampling. We found that the consumer purchasing process was more initiated by the customer’s friend, even though the consumers themself also play a role in deciding the purchase. Consumers in groups of 2 - 4 people dominated in each purchase. Performance quality of the product was perceived well or in accordance with the expectations of consumers due to the menu presented in accordance with the quality standards, including compliance with the promoted product; delicious menu, good plating, fast serving, and satisfying taste. Consumers also have the initiative to repurchase as a result of satisfactory service.

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Dessy Wardiah

The issues raised in this research is how the moral value in oral literature Andai-Andai”Besan Puyuh” in sub-district of Kikim Lahat regency. The method used in this research descriptive qualitative method. The data in this research were from oral literature transcriptions Andai-Andai”Besan Puyuh” in sub-District of Kikim Lahat regency. Sources of data obtained from two persons were Mr. Bahari Gena (81 years old) and Mrs. Yahima (78 years old). The data collection techniques used were recording, observation and interviews. Data were analyzed using content analysis techniques. The Results of the research showed that the oral literature of Andai-Andai”Besan Puyuh” is a part of fables category, which have moral value massage of individual include; the nature of sacrifice, trust in keeping promises and understand the return the favor. Apart from that, the message of social moral values describe through the nature of caring, the attitude of cooperation, helpfulness, compassion, harmony, mutual giving, and caring about others.

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Nur Latifa Isnaini Putri, Sudaryanto

Foreign direct investment (FDI) is widening its wings in developing countries, one of which is Indonesia. Developing countries are considered as areas that still need a lot of polish to be used as investment fields, so this phenomenon is considered as a golden opportunity for investors. In addition, Indonesia as the rich country in natural resources can easily knock the hearts of investors to invest in the country. This article aims to analyze the role of FDI in various sectors of Indonesia, using literature studies. The results show that FDI is able to improve the tourism sector in Indonesia, spurring Indonesia to create differentiation that has an appeal especially in the field of tourism, FDI able to improve local products and can reduce unemployment.

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This study aims to determine the causes of landslide disaster and to find out how to cope with triggered landslide around along the axis of Balikpapan Samarinda road in SoehartoHill Forest Park. Based on the analysis at the location of the research of land texture in Soeharto Hill Forest Park area is yellow Podzolic soil type, Latosol and Litosol (15%) and Alluvial soil (10%) with parent material in the form of folds of hill and. The structure of the soil is clumped and its consistency is flat.The topographic state of the field is bottom to bumpy to the slope of 10-45%.Referring to the general nature of soil chemical physics, most soil types in the Bukit Soeharto Forest Park area have a high degree of erosion sensitivity with very low land productivity, so it is appropriate to be designated as a conservation area. One of the geological processes that become the main cause of soil movement is rock weathering, rock characteristics in the research location of weathering occurs because of the weather is in tropical climate with high intensity.The location of the study is a hilly area that forms a slope of land with an average slope of 25 to 75 degrees and is composed by a pile of soil formed by physical and chemical weathering on rocks or more compact soil has the potential to move or landslides. The cause of a landslide disaster along the Balikpapan-Samarinda axle road in Soeharto Hill Forest Park is due to high rainfall and deforested land cover deforestation.

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Raham Mehmood Niazi, Muhammad Ubaid Mehmood Khan

Mobile ad-hoc network (MANET) generally known as the ad-hoc temporary network, used for an exchange of messages from node to node, it doesn’t depend on its previous deployed infrastructure. Mobile devices that are a broadcaster in nature are capable of wireless communication and enable the creation of a large ubiquitous adhoc network. Users that are in a range of these nodes forming a MANET can have access to resources at any time and at any place. However, due to the constant traffic of nodes, the link between the nodes is constantly being destroyed, so the architecture faces a dynamically unstable topology. The mobility of nodes can have a dark effect on the topology of MANET. Therefore, understanding the impact of mobility on MANET is very important. The important feature of MANET is mobility of nodes that form a dynamic topology. This paper emphasizes on the effect of mobility on the MANET when using these two protocols; first is DSR (Reactive Protocol) and the other is DSDV (Proactive Protocol). For experimental dedications, we consider 4 mobile models: random waypoints, random point group model, freeways, and Manhattan models. We choose these four types of moving model to indicate the possibility of practical use. The paper will analyze that performance of routing protocols differs according to unstable patterns of mobility, due to node’s density, and data transmitted path length.

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Devanshu Bhatt

Penetration testing is extremely crucial method to discover weaknesses in systems and networks. There are numerous methods available for ethical hacking via penetration testing. This paper describes a white hat hacker techniques of penetration testing. I have conducted this test on personal system where five operating systems are configured and connected through Oracle Virtual-Box technologies. These systems were connected through NAT Network protocol, which was not connected to real internet . One virtual machine was configured with Debian Linux and two target virtual machines were configured with Windows 7 and 10 respectively, as well one target was configured with the Metasploitable Linux distribution, this distribution is intentionally insecure and developed to be used for security testing, Another virtual machine was configured with Kali Linux, which is specially modern day open source platform to help Penetration testing used by security professionals to make system and network safe while identifying vulnerabilities in number of ways, specializations, including penetration testing, forensics, reverse engineering and vulnerability assessment.

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Makhmatkulov Ilhom Turdimurodovich

Historical architectural monuments of Uzbekistan attracts attention with their geometrical and compositional harmony. This harmony is one of the fundamentals of Central Asian Islamic architecture, which based on decision of Middle Age architects to create hanakah buildings in the structure of Central Asian cities. The article is discussing questions of orgunirution and development of institute of “sufizm” in Midlle Azia and connected wilh nim buildings of “Khonakoh”, their architecture and place in town building.

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Linda Elida

The aims to illustrate the dynamics of three cities in North Sumatra in the global economic vortex. A Socio-Spatial Perspective with a focus on local and global political economy is used as an analysis of that dynamic. Triangulation method used in this research through observation, photo, interview and secondary data. The pull factor aspect is identified as an important part of the dynamics of the local city especially the role of policy makers, business actors and other actors in developing the city. It appears that neo-liberal economic practice has clear implications such as the role of a weak state or no role at all, and the dominant role of business actors in reviving the global economy in local cities. At the same time, there is also a disruption of both the economic, social and cultural aspects between global value and local values. The implications of this situation are social unrest or even apathy that continues to grow along with individualism and hedonistic lifestyles. Also impressed is the local city's dependence on global product products in trade and services. The future of the three cities' independence as the front page of social, economic and cultural strength is declining and still far from being a strong and independent city.

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Reini Astuti, Fitriani Nugrahwati

The elderly is not a diseases but a natural process. Humans will slowly decrease in function, including cardiovascular function that can cause hypertension. Hypertension often being called as a silent killer because people with hypertension for years did not feel any symptomps. Rose aromatherapy is thought to be one of the complementary therapies that lowering hypertension. This study aims to determine the effect of rose aromatherapy on lowering blood pressure of elderly with hypertension at Batujajar Comunity of Health Center. The method used quasy-experiment with one group pre-test post-test with control. The corresponding respondent was devided into two groups, intervension group (n=15) and control group (n=15). The result is the mean value of intervention group before intervention is 4,47 with deviation standard 0,516. After intervension, the result is 3,87 with deviation standard 0,743. The data is normally distributed, so the statistic test which used is T-test correlation with the p value score < a (0,05). The conclusion of this research there is a difference in blood pressure of elderly significantly after the intervention of rose aromatherapy. Aromatherapy roses can be recommended as one of the complementary therapies in providing nursing care to the elderly with hypertension..

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Mecha Peter, Nyaanga Daudi M.,Njue Musa R.

The aim of the study was to test and select thin layer drying models for egg drying under forced convection. To achieve it, an experimental forced convection was used to provide airflow rate of 0.15m3/s with temperature ranging from 35-45 oC to dry a 0.03m thick layer of hardened eggs. The eggs were dried and retrieved every 20 minutes to determine the moisture content and moisture ratio respectively. The resulting experimental moisture ratios were fitted to Newton, Page, Modified page, Henderson and pabis, Logarithmic, Simplified Fick’s diffusion Equation modified page equation11, Demir, and Aghbashlo Among the nine models, the Page model best described the forced convection hot air drying of hardened egg slices. It was also observed that an increase in air temperature significantly reduced the drying time with falling rate period. The average values of effective diffusivities of hardened egg in the drying process at 35–45 oC varied in the range of 3.10 x 10-07 to 6.38 x 10-07 m2/s with increase in temperature. An Arrhenius relation with an activation energy value of 58.729kJ/mol for the whole drying process of eggs was found. This showed the effect of varying temperature on moisture diffusivity in eggs increased with temperature.

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Nuryanti, Samsir, Prima Andreas

The existence of such business competition makes the company faced with various opportunities and threats both coming from outside or from within the country. The population is the craftsmen of Riau small food industry domiciled in Pekanbaru City, which consists of 108 business units, use secondary data of Riau Food Association. The method of collecting primary data was done by interview method and questionnaire. The results showed that knowledge management has a significant positive effect on business performance, knowledge management has a non-significant positive effect on competitive advantage, innovation has a significant positive effect on business performance, innovation has a significant positive effect on competitive advantage, organizational learning has a significant positive effect on company performance, firm performance has a significant positive effect on competitive advantage.

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Rasid Pora, Abdul Halil Hi. Ibrahim, Bakri Lasuhu, Rahmat Suaib

The purpose of this study is to analyze, identify and explain, how far are the elite interests in the regional leadership council (DPW) of Partai Amanat Nasional (PAN) of North Maluku in power contestation of an internal party, and to find some factors causes that conflict. The method used is descriptive qualitative by using case studies which means that the research was done intensively, thoroughly, and deeply to an organization, institution, or certain phenomena. The data collection techniques used are observation techniques that observe the objective conditions in the field, interviewing actors involved in internal elites conflict and documentation. The results show that first, the varied pull of interests (regional election, legislative election, and presidential election) near ahead turnover of DPW PAN North Maluku is the starting point for the birth embryonic body of party internal conflict. Second, the conflict cause is a result of strengthening pragmatism attitudes of the party elite, such as the race for leadership, the utilization of caretaker position, as well as non-compliance towards party’s norms and the intervention of central council of DPP PAN in process. Third, a logical consequence of open internal conflict is the exodus of thousands of party cadres (including such potential cadres) to another party. DPW PAN North Maluku failed again in North Maluku governor election period 2013-2018 in carrying Muhajir-Sahrin pairs candidate. It is also found that there is a weakness political accommodation for elected Chairman to lose candidate, so the party existence is eroded by stronger antipathy from many quarters, including voters or society. In that context, efforts to resolve internal conflict must be done in polite and elegant ways. The efforts of win-win solution can be carried out along as long as each side can show good obedience to norms and/or party constitution, without making it as justification for the interest and political factionalism of each side.

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Rosalie Christiane NGA NKOUMA TSANGA

Is the principle of customer kingship observed as far as the patient base Private Hospitals (PHs) is concerned? This research aims to answer this question and make proposals to help these health structures achieve better patient satisfaction. To this end, forty-two semi-directive interviews and two hundred and seventy questionnaires dished out to PHs' heads and patients on client orientation and sources of satisfaction. The results show that, from the supply perspective, five devices are used by PHs to check the quality of their services: suggestion boxes, image barometers, competitive intelligence, benchmarking and satisfaction surveys. From the demand perspective, the results show that five dimensions (environment, ethics, technique, result and consideration) are potential sources of satisfaction of PHs’ patients, but the patient, although treated well, is not the King that he/she wants to be due to non-respect of commitments made by heads of these PHs.

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Al-Obaidi SH, Khalaf FH

There is a significant effect of the hydro confining pressure of the core holder on the flowing properties of the formation rocks. This effect is caused due to the mechanical elastic deformation of the core when carrying out laboratory studies of the waterproof and polymer compositions. Consequently, this deformation will cause changing in the permeability and voids storage capacity of the studied core samples. Therefore, under the laboratory conditions and when dealing with such studies on formation cores, it is necessary to consider the changes of permeability and voids storage capacity of these cores.

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Lailal Husna, Endang Sulistya Rini, Beby KF Sembiring

Each region has its own unique tourism that is different from the others. To promote a tourism industry a region must be well aware of the marketing mix used. This study aims to determine and analyze the influence of marketing mix consisting of product, price, place, promotion, person, physical proof and process to decision of foreign tourist to visit Medan city either partially. Type of research is associative explanation. The population in this study amounted to infinity, the determination of the number of samples using the formula Rao Purba with accidental sampling technique and in the sample obtained as many as 97 people. Technique of data analysis in this research use multiple regression analysis. The results of the study found that product, price, place, promotion, person, physical evidence and process have a positive and significant impact on the decision of foreign tourists to visit Medan city. And partially place variables have the most dominant influence on the decision of foreign tourists visiting the city of Medan.

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A. Aiyul Ikhram, Andi Ratna Sari Dewi

The element of trust is the key to win the competition in the field of banking. This research aimed to investigate and analyze the influence of proactive personality on the career success through the political influence behavior. The research approach used was the quantitative approach. The research population was the generalization areas which consisted of a group of objects or subjects made as the sources of the research data. The types of the data comprised the qualitative data and the quantitative data. The data used in the research included the primary and secondary data. The data collection was done through questionnaires, observation, interviews, and documentation. The calculation in the descriptive statistical analysis was performed using the computer program of SPSS package, AMOS version and 19.0 20.0. The research results indicated that a proactive personality had a significant effect on the career success through the Political Influence Behavior. Consequently, at the moment when the proactive personality of the employees of Bank Sulselbar was able to affect the environment, it would raise political influence behavior which would increase the career of the employees.

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Ishak Annuar, Mazlina Mansor Hassan, Ahmad Nurrizal Muhammad, Bibi Sarpinah Sheikh Naimullah, Noor Azland Jainudin, Dzufi Iszura Ispawi

The paper presents the calculated and measured of direct current resistive circuit using Thevenin method supplied at different positive voltages (5V, 10V, and 15 V). A breadboard, three different values of resistors (100Ω, 200Ω 10kΩ), and jumper wire were used for constructed the direct current resistive circuit. The voltmeter, and ammeter were used for measuring the voltage and resistance, respectively. The result showed, the calculated and the measured of Thevenin voltage at different positive voltages increased with increased of positive voltage increased from 4.54 V to 9.09 V, and 4.48 to 13.64 V, respectively. Meanwhile, the measured of Thevenin resistance is consistent with the calculated value. The result showed the measured of Thevenin voltage and resistance are consistent with the theoretical calculated measurement.

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Ngatinem, M.C. Tri Atmodjo, Rina Apriyanti , Agus Himawan

The Continuous land cultivation of cassava will decrease soil quality. One way to improve soil quality is to add organic fertilizer to the soil. This assessment was carried out at the Starcfh Technology Center in Sulusuban Lampung. Organic fertilizer used is Golden Delima Plus with dose 5 ton per hectare and varieties used are Kasesart and R & D UK II. From the results of the assessment obtained the following results: 1. Vegetative growth of plants that received organic fertilizer treatment better than without the treatment of organic fertilizers. 2. The highest yield of crop production on Kasesart varieties is in the treatment of spread above the ridge, whereas in the R & D varieties of UK II, the dispersion treatment in the trench showed the highest yield. 3. The age of plant for harvesting time greatly influence the production of crops.

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Normi Roxan C. Ochada, Dr. Gloria P. Gempes

The purpose of this phenomenological study was to describe the lived experiences, coping mechanisms and insights of 17 teachers regarding the MOOE allocation in basic education system. The data were gathered through in-depth interviews and focus group discussion which were subjected to thematic analysis. The result revealed the proper implementation/utilization of MOOE fund by the principal. However, concerns on teacher’s trust on the MOOE transparency and non-involvement of teachers in financial planning were also observed and experienced. Coping mechanisms of the participants included openness and acceptance, indifference, and resourcefulness and creativity. The participants’ insights based on their experiences were: MOOE is fund provision for schools’ maintenance and operation, teachers to be centrally involved in the MOOE allocation, and there are varied sentiments on the integrity of MOOE spending. The study implies that creating an environment of trust in the school may result to satisfactory performance of teachers and students. Furthermore, transparency and openness of the School Head may encourage teacher’s participation and commitment to school improvement.

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