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Volume 6 - Issue 4, April 2017 Edition

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Koenta Adji Koerniawan

This study aims to understand the effect of management perceptions in Regional Public Service Agency (BLUD) for Hospital in Malang regency, Indonesia on the role of the Independent Auditor and their understanding towards Good Governance, the General Audit Engagement and its implications for the prevention of corruption. This research is quantitative, which placed latent variables General Audit Engagements as intervening variables. Partial Least Square (PLS) is used to confirm the model created in order to explain the relationship between variables. The results show that the perception of BLUD hospital management on the role of independent auditors and their understanding of good governance to give effect to the implementation of the audit engagement, and the implications for the prevention of fraud in BLUDs hospital. This is consistent with the theory of auditing and fraud prevention concepts. JEL Classification: M420, K420

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Muhammad Umar Abbasi

The aim of this paper is to describe the modeling and digital control of a buck converter using an 8 bit STM microcontroller. The modeling procedure including the inductor dc resistance and capacitor esr using both the circuit averaging as well as the state space averaging method is described in a simple manner. The resulting small signal control to output transfer function is used to select a suitable PID controller in order to obtain satisfactory control loop performance and also maintain ease of implementation. Practical issues involved in implementing digital control using 8 bit microcontrollers are discussed. MATLB Simulations and practical implementation results on a STM8S controller are presented to validate the modeling and controller design approach. The perspective applications of this controller are discussed.

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Istatuk Budi Yuswanto, Bhayangkara W.D., Isti Fadah

Tahu dan tempe is a product of the soybean meal that has been known since long in Indonesia. Tahu is a Chinese food products, in contrast to tempe an authentic Indonesian food ,. As tempe, tahu also favored by the people of Indonesia because it has a taste that delicious, nutritious and affordable price.Industries that produce tahu dan tempe are generally small-scale home-based businesses with the number of workers a little less than 2-6 people and investments that are not too large. The use of technology in small business home-based producer of tahu dan tempe quite simple and easy to learn so it can be run by anyone. The success of small business home-based manufacturers to survive and evolve toward more advanced by knowing their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities that can be taken by small business home-based and threat, or better known as the SWOT (Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, Threath) that can be retrieved strategies that affect the success and development of small business home-based manufacturer of tahu dan tempe.Constraints faced by small businesses and home-based manufacturers know that the soybean Tepe that include budget constraints, limited access to banking, limited human resources, marketing only the scope of Jember and lack of good management. No group or cooperative, does not have a good recording, making it difficult to make financial reports, manufacturing planning and operational supervision and finances into this industry employers' group lemah.Pembentukan help solve problems and maximize its potential.

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Ramesh Daravath, Lakshmaiah Katha, Ch. Manoj Kumar, AVS Aditya

Induction machines are the most commonly used industrial drives for variety of applications. It has been estimated that induction motors consumes approximately 50 % of all the electric energy generated. Further, in the area of renewable energy sources, such as wind or bio-mass energy, induction machines have been found suitable for functioning as generators. In this context, it may be mentioned that a star-delta switching is common for the starting of three-phase induction motor. Now, it is proposed to use this star-delta switching for energy conservation of induction machines, i.e., at times of reduced loads, the machine switched back to star connection. Using a three-phase, 400 V, 50 Hz, 4-pole induction machine, it has been demonstrated that the star-delta switching of stator winding of three-phase induction machine (motor / generator operations) reconnected in star at suitable reduced loads with a switching arrangement, can result in improved efficiency and power factor, as compared to a fixed delta or star connection. The predetermined values along with the experimental results have also been presented in this report. A simulation program has been developed for the predetermination of performance of the three-phase induction machine using exact equivalent circuit. A case study on a 250 kW, 400 V, 4-pole, three-phase induction machine, operated with different load cycles, reveals the significant real and reactive power savings that could be obtained in the present proposal.

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Muhammad Farhan Basheer,Tanveer Hussain, Saira Ghulam Hussan, Mubeen Javed

The prime objective of this study is to investigate the Impact Customer awareness, Interest, on Growth of Islamic Banking in Pakistan. A detailed discussion of lack of Profit and loss sharing of Islamic Banking in Pakistan is also made. Survey results from 553 respondents indicate that Customer Awareness and Interest contribute to Growth of Islamic Banking. This study will be helpful for general public, managers and policy makers in assessing the impact of religion in deciding about Islamic banking. Furthermore, empirical findings should help Islamic bankers to develop successful marketing plan.

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Grace Wangari Mwaura, Prof. Waweru Mwangi, Dr. Calvins Otieno

Biometrics has developed to be one of the most relevant technologies used in Information Technology (IT) security. Unimodal biometric systems have a variety of problems which decreases the performance and accuracy of these system. One way to overcome the limitations of the unimodal biometric systems is through fusion to form a multimodal biometric system. Generally, biometric fusion is defined as the use of multiple types of biometric data or ways of processing the data to improve the performance of biometric systems. This paper proposes to develop a model for fusion of the face and fingerprint biometric at the match score fusion level. The face and fingerprint unimodal in the proposed model are built using scale invariant feature transform (SIFT) algorithm and the hamming distance to measure the distance between key points. To evaluate the performance of the multimodal system the FAR and FRR of the multimodal are compared along those of the individual unimodal systems. It has been established that the multimodal has a higher accuracy of 92.5% compared to the face unimodal system at 90% while the fingerprint unimodal system is at 82.5%.

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Ashish Agrawal, Swapnil C. Kor, Jayanto K. Chowdhury, Mantu Patra, Sanjay K. Gupta, Ashish K. Garg, Anil K. Kothari

Mobile network communication system offers services that have made everyone’s life a simple and smarter. The evolution of short message services (SMS) has made information available to individual located far away from the sender. This paper describes the application of SMS based system to identify the faulty equipment's of blast furnace based on the defined limits. If the individual field equipment’s fails or crosses the set limit, a SMS is generated and communicated to the end user and is subsequently escalated after a predefined interval of time.

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Ammar Ben Zaed

This article aims to analyze and interpret the phenomenon of increased public expenditures, and test explanatory theories, as well as to analyze Abstract the relationship between public spending and GDP in the short and long term, where you see the Wagner hypothesis that causal heading of GDP to government spending, while there is a causal relationship analysis positive trending of government spending to GDP according to the Keynesian hypothesis, in this study will be used descriptive analytical method to validate these hypotheses. Results in the short and long term made it clear that there is a difference in the outcome of Applied Studies, where we find that each supports a relationship Wagner, in the sense that the causal trending of real GDP to government spending, and more precisely to increase the economic growth lead to increased aggregate demand, which leads in turn increasing the need to increase government spending and to increase the resources available to the government sector, to finance the increase in spending by the additional resources resulting from the economic growth, while others opines opposes the existence of the relationship.

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Atilla Durmuş Emrah Çelik

Basin of Lake Van is very rich in all seasons in terms of ornithology. Birds that find alternative habitats in the basin outside winter season, become dense in certain regions. Species and population sizes of water birds in Ercek lake, Dönemeç and Bendimahi Deltas in winter were researched in this study. Bird species and their population sizes were determined as a result of observations covering November-February months of 2013-2014 and 2014-2015. As a result of two-year winter counts, a total of 7563 individuals belonging to 20 species were counted in Dönemeç Delta, 2489 individuals were counted in Erçek Lake and Coot (Fulica atra) was determined as dominant species in both areas. A total of 1623 individuals belonging to 20 species were counted in Bendimahi Delta and Mallard (Anas platyrhynchos) was determined as dominant species. A total of 54 individuals from Common Pochard (Aythya ferina) species in VU (Vulnerable) category were counted in Bendimahi Delta according to International IUCN Red List criteria. Population densities of 5 different habitats in the area were determined and numerical thematic distribution maps were created by being processed in ArcMap 10.2.

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Robert B. Modest

The loss of biological resources in the coastal forests of eastern Tanzania is alarming. This is due to human related activities such as vegetation clearing for agriculture and intensive livestock grazing. By their nature, these activities affect forest dependent birds through destroying habitat and or blocking migratory corridors, and thus interrupting site occupancy pattern. The aim of this study therefore, was to determine whether habitat degradation along the Tanzania’s north eastern coast affects site occupancy patterns of forest dependent birds among forest fragments and the associated savannahs. Lowland Tiny Greenbul, a forest dependent bird was used as a model. The data was collected along transects set inside the forest fragments and along the neighboring matrices. The collected data was then used to build site occupancy probability models using the software Presence. The results revealed that ideal undisturbed habitat positively influenced both the relative abundance and site occupancy probability of the model bird ― indicating the significance of maintaining habitat in their natural state for the welfare of forest dependent species and the broader biodiversity. This study emphasizes minimizing human pressures in the forests and the matrices for the persistence of the species.

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Sogbon Odunwole, Olugbamila Omotayo Ben, Akinrinmade Oluwayomi, Oloketuyi Joseph

Forests contribute immensely to economic and social development through formal trade in timber, environmental services, non- timber forest products, safety, net spiritual and aesthetic value. Wood is a key source of energy that has been used for millennia for cooking, boiling water, lighting and heating. Today, about 2.5billion people depend on biomass energy for cooking and heating with 87% of this energy being provided by wood. In sub-Saharan African, more than 90% of the population relies on wood fire, that is, firewood and charcoal as their primary source of domestic energy. Over 80% of urban householders and small industries use charcoal and firewood as their source of energy. Despite their numerous importance, Africa’s forest continue to decline rapidly due to increase in agricultural practices into forest lands, population growth and urbanization, increased poverty, high dependence on natural resources for subsistence and income through forest. The study centred on the implications of fuel wood demand on forest conservation in sub-Sahara Africa - a regional focus on Akure metropolitan area, Ondo State. The specific objectives of the paper were to identify firewood consumption pattern in Akure metropolitan area, and factors responsible for increased fuelwood demand in the study area. The paper adopted direct observation, oral interview and 0.05% of the study area as sample size for the study. The study observed lack of adequate alternative; poor implementation and enforcement of government regulation on forestry; poverty and poor awareness on the menace of forest depletion among others. The paper posited provision of alternative fuel with subsidy, regular awareness campaign, proper monitoring, implementation and enforcement of forest regulations with a view to achieving sustainable conservation.

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Dean Septiani, Alini Gilang

The aim of this paper to to find out the influence of teamwork on employee performance in state-owned enterprise in Bandung, Indonesia. The kind of this research used descriptive method and causal. The data used in this research is primary data obtained from interviews and questionnaires and the secondary data such as literature books and documents of the company. Techniques to collect sample data used simple random sampling. Methods of the data analysis used descriptive analysis, simple linear regression, hypothesis test (test t) and coefficient of determination using SPSS (Statistical Product and Service Solutions) in processing data.The result of this research indicate that teamwork has influence 23.5% on the performance of employees, while rest of 76.5% other factors that affects the employee performance is not examined in this research.

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Akshaya C, Amrutha Babu, Kirthika E, Felcy Jeba Malar

in this project, we investigate the two-way satellite relaying (TWSR) system with 2 antennas at Base Stations [BSs]. The satellite used is a bend-pipe satellite which receives signals over the uplink and broadcasts these signals with some transponder gain. The signal undergoes self interference during transmission which can be overcome by having perfect knowledge of the uplink and downlink Earth Stations [ESs]. But this knowledge about the uplink and downlink ESs are difficult to produce due to reciprocity issue and transmit power limitations. So, we investigate the Channel State of Information (CSI) with Weibull Distribution and found that the design of training protocol for two-way satellite relaying is in correct state under the practical involvement of CSI estimation. We even found that both the ESs transmits orthogonal training sequence which fulfils the value of CSI for self-interference cancellation. With the help of analytically demonstrated effect of CSI estimation with Weibull Distribution over the performance of the TWSR system, we obtain reduced bit error rate and average capacity of the scheme.

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Tri Yuni Hendrawati, Agung Siswahyu, Anwar Ilmar Ramadhan

To 2005-2011 in Indonesia, Indonesian aviation fuel consumption is almost always greater than the production that should be met through import. Production of aviation fuel using vegetable oil (Bioavtur) as CPO is expected to be one of the strategic solutions, as Indonesia is the largest palm oil producer in the world. The use of this Bioavtur will also support the Presidential Regulation No. 61 Year 2011 on the National Action Plan for Greenhouse Gas Emission Reduction (RAN-GRK) and the Ministry of Transportation Decree No. KP 201 in 2013 on RAN-GRK Transportation sector from 2010 to 2020, especially in the field of air transport through Indonesia Green Aviation Initiatives for Sustainable Development, The purpose of this study to conduct a prefeasibility production Bioavtur with HEFA process in Indonesia. The methodology used secondary and primary data collection to get a prefeasibility. To generate and achievement of objectives in this activity, would require data. The data used in this study are primary and secondary data. Pre-feasibility results for the environment, technology, the availability of the world are worthy of where Indonesian CPO producers. The simulation results prefeasibility economics are preliminary results which indicate that the economics of the fastest in the year 2029 prices Bioavtur with technology HEFA will be eligible for sale in the market, so if we want to use Bioavtur as much as 2% in the year 2016 to 2018 and 3% in the year 2019-2020 the use of this technology for the production of Bioavtur if done commercially unprofitable. With the use of CPO Rp.6.200 price per kg this would make Bioavtur price will be lower than the price Avtur.

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Balaji Gopalan, Marko Kohtamäki

Today’s customers have become co-creators of value. They are facilitated by technologies such as the Internet, mobiles and telecommunications. The extent of participation facilitated by the interactivity between the customer and the firm decides the multiplicity of innovation in products and services. In the innovation of products and services, firms are associating connected, networked and knowledgeable customers on the Internet in real time across geographies for the development and improvement of products and services. Customers are increasingly participating with firms in defining and creating value through the use of information and communication technologies (ICT). Customers today find the World Wide Web (www), social networks, mobile phones and ICT as useful ways of connecting with their real world for multitasking and social interactivity to enhance professions and vocations. With the demonstrated usefulness of ICT, firms are now acknowledging the economic and social benefits of involving customers directly with the firm to become co-creators of value.

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Mehmet Mustafa Önal, Seda Çellek

Technological developments, findings, and associated improvement of structural codes together with the change in the earthquake potentials and deficiencies of the old buildings necessitate the evaluation of the present building stocks. Both the Earthquake Regulations and the Seismic Zoning Map in Turkey have been going through a fast change in the recent years. Furthermore, the fact that the structural damage due to the recent earthquakes did not change according to the regions which is indicative of the building stock with low structural quality. Kirsehir is one of these regions with low quality buliding stock. Kirsehir is a developing region in relation to the increase in population and number of buildings in recent years. Accordingly, the heights of the buildings also increase in relation to the improving economical conditions. In contrary to the older masonry buildings of 1950s, the newer buildings are manufacturing using reinforced concrete. However, the lack of control mechanisms, designs according to lower eqarthquake risks without considering the the soil- structure relationship also make the more recent buildings prone to earthquake damage. In this study, the building stock in Kirsehir and its close surroundings (constructed before 1998) was considered and grouped in relation to their floor numbers, construction methods and some other properties. The performance analyses of the considered buildings were performed by taking into account the local soil conditions and construction material. Then, the earthquake risks of these buildings are calculated.

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Ahmad Fatoni

Education can determine the formation of learners’ character, personality, and manners. Therefore, education is considered to be the most responsible for juvenile delinquency among students like brawl, drugs and free sex. Those deviances and crime indicate the low moral, manner and character of the nation. responding that phenomenon the government through the Ministry of National Education made a new effort of establishing character education model to improve the character and manner of learners. This does not mean that previously there was no character education, however today’s government emphasizes systematic character education. In this regard, teacher is the key factor of the successful implementation of character education because teacher makes direct interaction with learners. Teacher is required to prepare learning device and he then implement character education in the classroom. However, most of teachers still do not understand how to prepare Lesson Plan of character education let alone to carry it out. On the other hand, an education system that is supposed to be successful in establishing character building is the educational system in pesantren or madrasa. In principle, implanting characters is more effective through habituation and good example that is more likely pesantren or boarding school that is directly supervised by the teacher.

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Xuan Nam Chu, Van Vang Le, Van Trung Tran, Van Huong Dong

Vietnam's shipping fleet is in a state of surplus of small-tonnage vessels, composite cargo vessels, while there is a lack of large-scale vessels running international routes and specialized ships carrying cement, chemicals and gas. Liquefied. With such a fleet structure, the domestic fleet only accounts for 10-12% of the import and export market, of which the combined dry bulk market share accounts for 12%, containerized cargo accounts for 8%. %, liquid cargo accounts for 8%. The export market of the Vietnamese fleet is mainly China, Southeast Asia, Asia, some ships have exported to Eastern Europe but in very small quantity. Some Vietnamese ship owners have large vessels such as Container Vinalines Company, East Sea Transportation Company, Gemadept Corporation, Vietnam Shipping Joint Stock Company, have ship to Europe and North America. Most of the dry bulk carriers, mainly containerized feeder feeder ships, are used in Singapore and Hong Kong, while other major markets such as the Americas are owned by foreign shipping lines. The reason for the low market share of Vietnamese shipping is primarily due to subjective factors such as improper fleet structure; The technical condition is weak, the ship is detained many times abroad; The organization of management of service delivery of Vietnamese enterprises is weak, lack of linkage between ships, cargo owners, trade and insurance; Difficult financial resources; Weak and lack of human resources; The habit of buying CIF, selling FOB lost the opportunity to rent a means. In addition, due to some objective reasons such as the global financial crisis; Oil prices, fuel prices are unstable and continuously rising; The mechanism of government policy is lacking and incomplete.

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Siddamsetty Upendra, R. Abbaiah

The main aim of this paper is to establish some convergence theorems on Linear Models Generating a Pair of Related Time Series of certain covariance type functions relating to the model specified. The estimates of residual are obtained on using the estimators defined under different placements of the roots ρ_1 and ρ_2 of P (z). This work is motivated by similar studies on linear stochastic difference equations for scalar time series. The pivotal lemmas concerned with the statements and proofs of some lemmas.

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Kaushikbhai C. Parmar, Dr. H. Kaiser

Simulation gives different results when using different methods for the same simulation. Autodesk Moldflow Simulation software provide two different facilities for creating mold for the simulation of injection molding process. Mold can be created inside the Moldflow or it can be imported as CAD file. The aim of this paper is to study the difference in the simulation results like mold temperature, part temperature, deflection in different direction, time for the simulation and coolant temperature for this two different methods.

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Dr. Yohannes Johny Soetikno

This study aims to know and analyze influence of work environment and organizational culture on the lecturers work performance and satisfaction at the Schools of Management Information and Computer In Sulawesi.This study uses a explanatory study method, and the population is all the lecturers on the School of Management Information and Computer in Sulawesi. The sample criteria were an active lecturer foundation with a minimum of 2 years in a row and lecturer who has academic rank. Samples were drag with a purposive sampling method and maximum Likehood method of estimation (ML) by 180 respondents. Data analysis was done using structural equation models or Structural Equation Modeling (SEM). Results of the analysis show that the positive work environment and organizational culture has significant Influential to the lecturers’ satisfaction and work performance.

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Sudad H. Al., Guliaeva N.I.

The raw materials of secondary catalytic processes must be pre-refined. Among these refining processes are the deasphalting and demetallization including their thermo adsorption (or thermo-contact adsorption) variety. In oil processing four main processes of thermo-adsorption refining of hydrocarbon residues are used: ART (Asphalt Residual Treating - residues deasphaltizing), 3D (Discriminatory Destructive Distillation), developed in the US, ACT (Adsorption-Contact Treatment) and ETCC (Express Thermo-Contact Cracking), developed in Russia. ART and ACT are processes with absorbers of lift type reactor, while 3D and ETCC processes are with an adsorbing reactor having ultra-short contact time of the raw material with the adsorbent. In all these processes, refining of hydrocarbon residues is achieved by partial Thermo-destructive transformations of hydrocarbons and hetero-atomic compounds with simultaneous adsorption of the formed, on the surface of the adsorbents, resins, asphaltene and carboids, as well as metal-, sulphur - and nitro-organic compounds. Demetallized and deasphalted light and heavy gas oils or their mixtures are a quality raw material for secondary deepening refining processes (catalytic and hydrogenation cracking, etc.), since they are characterized by low coking ability and low content of organometallic compounds that lead to irreversible deactivation of the catalysts of these deepening processes.

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Cherry Tin, Zaw Myo Tun, Hla Myo Tun, Zaw Min Naing, Win Khine Moe

In the world of photography, surveillance of larger areas and military operations, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) are increasingly used. Many fixed wing Unmanned Aerial Vehicles are designed and used for these applications and much analysis is performed for such cases. To solve the disadvantages of fixed wing Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, rotary wing Unmanned Aerial Vehicle can be used. Again, among the rotary wing Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, hexacopter is an attractive alternative. Hexacopters are more stable than tri-copter and quad-copter. This paper represents the design and fabrication of a hexacopter and flight control unit by using Arduino Uno.

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Van Huong Dong, Van Vang Le

According to the Ministry of Transport, inland water transport is one of the five modes of transport in our country play a very important role. Inland waterway transport not only plays a major role in transporting large volumes of goods and passengers, but also creates millions of jobs, contributing to ensuring social security and national defense and security. However, there are still many inadequacies in waterway transportation such as unequal waterway traffic; The phenomenon of exploitation of river resources as planned or Process technology is not as planned (exploitation of sand, gravel, etc.) are common in most rivers and canals in the country. The signaling system is not synchronized between the signal of the inland waterway management unit and the signal of the owner; The handling of domestic goods transportation and inland port management is inadequate; The force of the means of development is fast, uneven but concentrated in some urban areas and industrial parks. Therefore, the Ministry of Transport has proposed a scheme to facilitate the development of a synchronized inland waterway infrastructure linking with other modes of transport; To improve the capacity of the crew and the inland waterway transport crews. To create favorable conditions for inland waterway transportation business with reasonable transportation costs; Improve the quality of water transport services; Ensure safety and environmental friendliness; Make a distinct advantage over other modes of transport. Specifically, will develop, promulgate mechanisms, The policy is to facilitate the development of inland waterway infrastructure; Build and promulgate mechanism, The policy of supporting the development of the fleet has a reasonable structure with a fleet of about 30%, self-propelled ships accounting for about 70% of the total number of inland waterway vessels; To prioritize the development of the container fleet; Inland waterway transportation and training , retraining of human resources for inland waterway transportation

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El-Sayed Mohamed El Refaie, Karm Amin Sharshar, Afify Belal Keshk, Ali Mohamed Noaman

Ensuring safe and easy operation, providing relative uniform dose in the product and maximizing radiation utilization are the basic design principles for each Co60 industrial irradiator to maintain radiation safety. The study shows an assessment for four industrial irradiators to determine which active results were been maintained by using basic design principles. Different designs elements of the chosen irradiators have been illustrated and studied. The study shows that IRASM and ROBO industrial irradiators satisfy all basic design principles. IAEA-NR3772 irradiator maintains only two of the three basic design principles due to rotating door. Brevion irradiator satisfies only the principle of relative uniform radiation dose in product. Without affecting radiation safety, this study proposes a new design of the irradiator to maximize energy utilization by adding a new track for low density products and also a static irradiation for cultural heritage beside the main track of high density products.

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Olawale, Simon O.,A,Ogunbiyi, Moses Adebowale

This work investigates the compressive strength of bamboo panels made from the locally grown bamboos in Osun State of Nigeria. There are five different species of bamboo grown in Nigeria but the specie commonly found in the Southwest of Nigeria in large quantity is Bambusa Vulgaris. Despite its versatility in the construction of low cost houses, little is made use of it other than as scaffolds and shoring of concreting of slabs in building. As structural elements such as reinforcement, it s use is non-existent despite its high tensile strength in excess of 400MPa stronger than mild steel as reported by Xiaobing (2007). Although, bamboo is not as good in compression but this is only ascertained for some variants of bamboos in the Asia but such is not available for the species grown in the Southwest of Nigeria. The current work focuses on the compressive capacity of short panels with and without reinforcements. It is interesting that bamboo panels of various dimensions of 350mm, 300mm, 250mm and 200mm in height and constant width of 200mm exhibited compressive strength decreasing with reduction in slenderness ratio. The average compressive strength ranges from 14MPa to 19.67MPa for 200mm panel and from 18.1 MPa to 22.56MPa for 350mm panel. With improved infill, the panel strength improves considerably with over 40% for the stockiest type and about 25% increase for the slender panels.

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Kisman H. Mahmud, Sri Anastasia Yudistirani, Anwar Ilmar Ramadhan

Thermoelectrically Generator (TEG) can generate electricity from the temperature difference between hot and cold, at the junction thermoelectric module with two different semiconductor materials, there will be a flow of current through the junction so as to produce a voltage. This principle uses the Seebeck effect thermoelectric generator as a base. By using these principles, this research was conducted to determine the potential of the electric energy of the two peltier modules which would be an alternative source for mobile charger using heat from source of methylated. The focus in this research is the testing of the model TEG (Thermoelectric Generator) Small Modular to generate power with a variety of different materials of 4, namely: Bi2Te3 (Bismuth Telluride), PbTe-Bite, CMO and CMO Cascade-32-62S-32-62S [Calcium Mangan oxide], to use the cold side heat sink and a fan to simulate heat aluminum plate attached to the hot side of the TEG modules with heat source of methylated. Test results on the TEG Small Modular Model for mobile charger output voltage obtained from 2 pieces Bi2Te3 module (Bismuth Telluride) Peltier strung together a series of 3.01 Volt, with ΔT of 22.7 ° C which produce power of 0.091 Watt.

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Pann Nu Wai Lin, Nang Lao Kham, Hla Myo Tun

In this paper presents work completed for flight characteristics, mathematical model of an aircraft are the focus. To construct the mathematical model, type of UAV and flying mode quality must be chosen firstly.Longitudinal command hold outputs and lateral outputs (slide slip velocity, yaw rate, heading angle, and roll angle) must be considered to control the desired flight conditions.

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Hafeezullah Abdulrehman, Nasiruddin Khan, Mushtaq Hussain, Muhammad Liaquat Ali, Muhammad Shahid

In the Library system, main objective is to provide the best services to the users. The purpose of this research is to develop a library system that house, implementing integrated procurement flow, return and borrowing books, so that the inter-library loan dealing can be done in an integrated manner, with the hope to facilitate members to borrow variety of books, thereby increasing library transactions. Interlibrary management system, library loan policy have been formed by using integer programming technique. This paper is prepared with a view to facilitate to users with loan period and maximum number of books can be borrowed.

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Win Ko Ko Oo, Hla Myo Tun, Zaw Min Naing, Win Khine Moe

Vertical Take Off and Landing Vehicles (VTOL) are the ones which can take off and land from the same place without need of long runway. This paper presents the design and implementation of tricopter mode and aircraft mode for VTOL aircraft system. Firstly, the aircraft design is considered for VTOL mode. And then, the mathematical model of the VTOL aircraft is applied to test stability. In this research, the KK 2.1 flight controller is used for VTOL mode and aircraft mode. The first part is to develop the VTOL mode and the next part is the transition of VTOL mode to aircraft mode. This paper gives brief idea about numerous types of VTOLs and their advantages over traditional aircraftsand insight to various types of tricopter and evaluates their configurations.

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Ei Ei Nyein, Hla Myo Tun, Zaw Min Naing, Win Khine Moe

This paper presents development and implementation of a real-time, vision-based landing system for VTOL UAV. We use vision for precise target detection and recognition. A UAV is equipped with the onboard raspberry pi camera to take images and raspberry pi platform to operate the image processing techniques. Today image processing is used for various applications, in this paper it is used for landing target extraction. And vision system is also used for take-off and landing function in VTOL UAV. Our landing target design is used as the helipad ‘’H’’ shape. Firstly, the image is captured to detect the target by the onboard camera. Next, the capture image is operated in the onboard processor. Finally, the alert sound signal is sent to the remote control (RC) for landing VTOL UAV. The information obtained from vision system is used to navigate a safe landing. The experimental results from real tests are presented.

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Khin Ohmar Lin, Hla Myo Tun, Zaw Min Naing, Win Khine Moe

In this paper, microcontroller based sinusoidal pulse width modulation (SPWM) single-phase inverter is emphasized to constant frequency conversion scheme for wind power application. The wind-power generator output voltage and frequency are fluctuated due to the variation of wind velocity. Therefore, the AC output voltage of wind-generator is converted into DC voltage by using rectifier circuit and this DC voltage is converted back to AC voltage by using inverter circuit. SPWM technique is used in inverter to get nearly sine wave and reduce harmonic content. The rating of inverter is 500W, single-phase, 220V, 50 Hz. The required SPWM timing pulses for the inverter are generated from the PIC16F877A microcontroller. Circuit simulation was done by using Proteus (7 Professional) and MATLAB(R 2008) software. The software for microcontroller is implemented by using MPASM assembler.

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Mbwirire John, Madubani Albert

This study sought to identify psychological challenges affecting primary school orphans in Wanganui Community in Zimbabwe. The study employed a mixed method approach combining questionnaires with teachers and care givers, interview sessions with orphans and in-depth interviews with community social/development worker. The study finds that lack of love, lack of attention and withdrawal were the main signs and symptoms of psychological challenge in the community. The study revealed that the term and symptoms of psychological challenges were understood differently between African context and Western context. The study recommended that action must be taken as soon as possible once the signs and symptoms which include lack of love, lack of attention to rectify the psychological challenges faced by the community.

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Amris Rusli Tanjung, Yesi Mutia Basri

This paper investigate the effects of superiors’ performance evaluation behaviors on subordinates’ work-related attitudes mediated used performance measure. We used leadership style initiating structure and consideration and performance measure use (objective and subjective measures) on managerial work related attitudes (goal clarity and evaluation fairness). We test our hypotheses using survey data from 56 middle-level managers in 4 services organizations. The results from Structural Equation Model with PLS show that an initiating structure leadership style has significant effect goal clarity and used objective performance measure mediated relationship initiating structure and goal clarity and used subjective performance measure not mediated relationship consideration leadership style and fairness in evaluation. Consideration leadership behavior instead only has a direct impact on fairness in evaluation. These findings have important implications for management accounting research on superiors’ use of performance measures, and provide an explanation of some of the problematic findings in the literature.

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Mohammed A. SirElkhatim, Naomie Salim

Bank failures threaten the economic system as a whole. Therefore, predicting bank financial failures is crucial to prevent and/or lessen its negative effects on the economic system. Financial crises, affecting both emerging markets and advanced countries over the centuries, have severe economic consequences, but they can be hard to prevent and predict, identifying financial crises causes remains both science and art, said Stijn Claessens, assistant director of the International Monetary Fund. While it would be better to mitigate risks, financial crises will recur, often in waves and better crisis management is therefore important. Analyses of recurrent causes suggest that to prevent crises, governments should consider reforms in many underlying areas. That includes developing prudent fiscal and monetary policies, better regulating the financial sector, including reducing the problem of too-big-to-fail banks, and developing effective macro-prudential policies. Despite new regulations and better supervision, crises are likely to recur, in part because they can reflect deeper problems related to income inequality, the political economy and common human behavior. As such, improvements in crisis management are also needed. This is originally a classification problem to categorize banks as healthy or non-healthy ones. This study aims to apply Discriminant analysis and Support Vector Machines methods to the bank failure prediction problem in a Sudanese case, and to present a comprehensive computational comparison of the classification performances of the techniques tested. Eleven financial and non-financial ratios with six feature groups including capital adequacy, asset quality, Earning, and liquidity (CAMELS) are selected as predictor variables in the study. Credit risk also been evaluated using logistic analysis to study the effect of Islamic finance modes, sectors and payment types used by Sudanese banks with regard to their possibilities of failure. Experimental results are evaluated using accuracy of prediction. Features selection has shown that new groups can be identified from CAMELS ratios and narrowing the data set space to 11 factors instead of eighteen. Discriminant analysis has identified 3 ratios with highest predictive power which are: EAS (Ratio of equity capital to total asset), LADF (Ratio of liquid assets to deposits and short term funds) and RFR (Rain Fall Ratio), the later ratio is a novel one used for the first time by this research.

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