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Volume 1 - Issue 7, August 2012 Edition

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Shakir Khan, Dr. Arun Sharma, Abu Sarwar Zamani, Ali Akhtar

Abstract- In this paper we first look at data mining applications in safety measures and their suggestions for privacy. After that we then inspect the idea of privacy and give a synopsis of the developments particularly those on privacy preserving data mining. We then present an outline for research on confidentiality and data mining.

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Harish Nautiyal, S.P.Bhandari

Abstract- Present investigations were carried out on the Disaster Management Action Plan of Uttarkashi district (Garhwal Himalaya). Situated at 78 26' E and 30 44' N at an elevation of 1150 Mts. Above sea level on the bank of Bhagirathi river. The district is located in the most sensitive zone (zone 5) of the Himalaya. The main central thrust and the main boundary thrust lines are passing through the district. It was main focal point of the earthquake disaster in 1991 (6.4 in Richter scale). The district also faced the heavy flood in 1978, 1997 and 1998, mass land slide in Varunawat hill in 2003, 2007 and 2007, in Bhatwari village in 2011. Thus the possibility of earthquake, flood and land slides are always there. The DDMAP address the district responses to disaster situation such as land slides, earthquake, forest fire, flash flood, cloud bursting and road accidents, from these disaster some are causing extensive damage to lives and environment. The present paper highlights the planning steps of disaster management plan for hill districts (Uttarkashi).By following the disaster action plan; we can prevent or can minimize the impact of disaster and can save the lives and properties as much we can.

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Moj Raj Bagale

Abstract- This paper researches the static and dynamic simulation analysis of the cracks' dynamic development in the slope stability and the process of the dam's unstable failure , combined with the engineering practice and based on the effective stress principle, seepage theory, slope stability theory, damage theory and the strength reduction limited theory with the extended finite element numerical simulation technology and fluid-solid coupling.

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Mr. Narayana Swamy. R, Dr. G. Mahadevan

Abstract- PSD is an effective approach to reduce power consumption without significantly degrading performance. PSD saves power by shutting down idle devices.

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Vidhu Rawal, Ashutosh Dhamija, Sumit Sharma

Abstract- The following paper describes how quantum mechanics can be used to improve computation. The main challenge for a conventional computer is to solve an exponentially difficult problem and factoring a large number. In the course of this paper, the standard tools of computation, universal gates and machines are reviewed. These ideas are then applied first to conventional computers and then to quantum computers. A schematic model of a quantum computer is described as well as some of the subtleties in its programming.

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Chukwuocha, E.O, Onyeaju, M.C

The effect of confinement on quantum dots (QDs) of CdSe, ZnS and GaAs on the wavelength has been studied using the Brus equation at various confinement radii. It is observed that the QDs of CdSe and GaAs possess the trait for possible extension of their wavelength to match the IBSC systems for communication in the optical C band.

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Akabom-Ita Asuquo, PhD

Abstract- The increasing rate of computer based financial crime has created a huge demand for the skills and services provided by forensic Accountants in the country. Forensic Accountants are specialized individuals who use information technology to gather and analyze evidence pertaining to the case they investigate. The main objective of this study was to investigate empirically, the impact of emerging information technology on forensic accounting activities in Cross River State. A survey, using self-administered interview was conducted to achieve this objective. Forty (40) interviews were conducted with various accounting professionals who are directly or indirectly linked to the business of investigative accounting. Data collected were analyzed using ANOVA statistic. The results of the study revealed that accounting professionals need to enhance their knowledge and skills of computerized accounting systems for the purpose of planning, directing, supervising and reviewing the work performed. Therefore, accounting professionals should better understand and evaluate their computerized accounting systems to enable them carry out more effectively, the business of investigative accounting now and in the future.

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Agaja S. A.

Abstract- The level of safety awareness in private and government oil and gas related analytical laboratories in Warri was appraised. The study was carried out with the aid of a standardized checklist adapted from guidelines for laboratory safety. The result showed that there is correlation between the level of safety performance and the safety climate in the laboratory. Also, the level of safety performance in the private laboratories were more satisfactory compared with government laboratories. The need for effective integrated management of occupational health and safety in the laboratory is suggested.

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Saurabh Jain, Deepak Singh Tomar, Divya Rishi Sahu

Abstract- These days, most of companies expanding their business horizon through dynamic web sites based on Web 2.0 concept. The JavaScript is a key choice of web developers to build sophisticated dynamic web 2.0 application such social network site, blogs, e-commerce websites. On the other hand vulnerable JavaScript code is also exploited by the hackers to launch the attacks. Hacker may tamper the JavaScript code to perform attacks against the client\'s browser. In this work the series of attacks such as click-jacking, password capturing, phishing and cookies stealing are developed to understand to affect of vulnerable JavaScript code on web browser. The detection of vulnerable JavaScript code is a tedious task for security experts. Hence signature and regular expression based matching mechanism has been developed to detect the vulnerable JavaScript code.

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Aisha Parveen, Paras wani, Mohammad Junnaid Siddiqui

Abstract- According to women's 2007 about one in five women residing in India are likely to experience menopause by age of 41.An exploratory, descriptive and quasi experiential study was conducted on 100 subjects to evaluate knowledge of perception and coping strategies of perimenopausal women through self inustructional module (SIM).A questionnaire was made and after informed consent data was collected and it was found that there was a significant difference in the perception scores of the subjects before and after intervention as revealed by the Wilcoxon Signed Ranks test (p<0.001).The study showed that educational level was strongly associated with perception and coping strategies. Results revealed that a literate woman had better perception and coping strategies in comparison to an illiterate women.

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Ajit Behera, S. C. Mishra

Abstract- It is well known that most important problems faced by many industrial machine parts are the wear and tear which increases the cost of production and wasted time for the replacement process. Now-a-days cryogenic treatment would be regarded as one of the most important processes in the field of industries, and it is the ultra modern type of processing to make the metals more resistant to wear and more durable. Cryogenic treatment is an additional process to conventional heat treatment process. It involves freezing of materials at cryogenic temperatures to enhance the physical and mechanical properties of materials. This paper describes about different materials property such as their life span in an industrial application and their treatment cost. Peculiarity of this technique is its environmentally friendly nature which produces no waste during the process. In cry-treatment, main aim is to convert retained austenite to martensite. Due to this conversion, all properties of the material increases. In a proper heat treatment process, there is a transformation of 85% of retained austenite to martensite and by the application of supplementary cryo-treatment process only transformation of an addition of 8 to 15%. Here investigation is to compare about cost and durability after and before cryogenic treatments. In this treatment, ultra-cold temperatures i.e. below -310F, will greatly increases the strength and wear life of all types of automobile/aerospace components, castings and cutting tools. In addition, other advantage includes reduced replacement & maintenance of tools and components, reduced vibrations, rapid and more uniform heat dissipation, and improved conductivity.

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Chinmaya Ranjan Pradhan, Soumya Ranjita Nayak

Abstract- Economic load dispatch (ELD) is a sub problem of the optimal power flow (OPF) having the objective of fuel cost minimization. The fuel cost equation of a thermal plant is generally expressed as continuous quadratic equation. In real situations the fuel cost equations can be discontinuous. Recent advancements in artificial intelligence especially in evolutionary algorithms have enabled much efficient way to solve the constrained optimization problems in various fields of engineering. In this paper we applied Particle Swarm optimization (PSO) technique to a 3-generator test system having continuous fuel cost equations. Results are compared to conventional quadratic programming method to show the superiority of the proposed computational intelligence technique.

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V. L. Mandowara, Nitu Mehta (Ranka)

Abstract- In this paper, Improvement over general and wider class of estimators of finite population means using ranked set sampling is investigated. Ranked set sampling (RSS) was first suggested to increase the efficiency of estimator of the population mean. The first order approximation to the bias and mean square error (MSE) of the investigated estimators are obtained. Theoretically, it is shown that these suggested estimators are more efficient than the general and wider class of estimators in simple random sampling.

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H. Traboulsi

Abstract- Nowadays, the use of Auxiliary power supply (APS) systems to energize low power rating appliances (e.g. televisions, water dispensers, etc.) and lighting (e.g. CFL lamps) has become pervasive in countries where long power rationing schemes are applied. Although the existing APS systems offer overload protection, it cannot be directly connected to the existing electric circuit unless heavy loads such as refrigerators, microwaves, washing machines, electric water heaters, etc. are disconnected in the absence of the grid. This is usually overcome by separating the wiring circuits feeding these loads from those devoted for lighting and other low power loads like TV and stereo sets, food processors, etc. However, such a separation is very costly and sometimes infeasible in places with narrow wires tubing circuit if a new by side wiring circuit is to be installed. This paper details a module developed from on-shelf cheap components to wirelessly make heavy loads disconnect themselves as soon as the grid is off. The core idea behind our load self-disconnection module is inspired by the low price remote power plugs which use the 434MHz Radio Frequency (RF) technology to remotely on/off as many as 256 electric appliances up to a 30M distance away. Thus, no transmission obstacle, wide coverage and no nearby products interference are achieved as results.

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Mr. Neeraj Chhabra

Abstract- This paper gives an introduction to Adhoc Testing. Adhoc testing is very useful technique in manual testing as well as automated testing. Some approaches are covered for Adhoc testing, which are very helpful in this type of testing. There are some advantages and drawbacks, also covered in this paper.

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Asma Chinigarzadeh, Razauden Zulkifli, Iman Yaze and Reyhaneh rahnamai tajadod

Abstract- Malaria is a major public health problem caused by Plasmodium falciparum, a parasite that infects red blood cells. Recently, several polyphenolic compounds have been reported capable of preventing the progression of malaria parasite. This observation may be related to NAD (P) H: quinon oxidoreductase: a flavoprotein responsible for catalyzing two-electron reduction and detoxification of quinones and their derivatives. In this study the 2123 bp of the 5` upstream of the first transcription start site was successfully isolated. Based on the bioinformatic program, several regulatory regions such as Antioxidant Response Element (ARE) may be responsible for the direct regulation of polyphenols on this enzyme. It was predicted at -477 from the first transcription start site. Upon isolation, this fragment was used in a cloning process into the pGL3 Basic vector and transformed to E.coli DH5α competent cells.

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Engr. T. J. Alake & Engr. (Dr) G. I. Ighalo

Abstract- Wastes in Electrical and Electronic Equipment is becoming a mammoth task and spreading like gangrene that is becoming weird in handling because of its inherent environmental effects and hazards. This paper elicits the various options available for the effective management of electronic wastes (e-wastes) or wastes in electrical and electronic equipment (weee) especially the domestic electronic appliances that have reached their end of life. Questionnaires were utilised to collect information from the various stakeholders and the result showed that the three 'R' - Reuse, Repair and Recycle are the best options for the effective management of most electronic products and that weee could be utilised to an advantage of economic boom and material recovery.

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Ramezani Vishki F., Majd A., Nejadsattari T., Arbabian S.

Absract- Plants are organisms that are exposed to various abiotic and biotic environmental impacts. Plants are able to recognize and respond to their surrounding environment with high specificity. Electromagnetic field radiation is an important effective stress factor on growth and development of plants. Our research were focused on plants grown from wet pretreated seeds with low frequency electromagnetic field exposure and compared with the control. Three replicates were used in the experiment with 30 seeds in each samples. The wet seeds treatment, were spread on the moist filter papers in Petri dishes and then were placed in the middle parallel coils of electromagnetic radiation generator and were exposed by a magnitude of 1mT, to 2hr. Untreated seeds were used as control under similar condition. It means they were placed in the similar coil but not connected to the power. Study of morphological and growth of seedlings, showed that in treatment samples, in comparison to control, the percentage of seed germination and average of root length increased, but different of root length was not significantly. A significant decrease in mean of shoot length, rate of Leaf area, fresh and dry weight was abserved, Also caused significant increase in activity of non-enzymatic antioxidant content in treatment samples in comparison of control.

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Pawan Kaur, Rajesh Thakur# and Ashok Choudhary

Abstract- This research is reports the fungicidal properties of nano-size silver/chitosan nanoformulations (NFs) used as an agent for antifungal treatment of various seed borne plant pathogens. Fungal phytopathogens, especially seed borne disease causing species, Rhizoctonia solani, Aspergillus flavus, Alternaria alterneta were isolated form chickpea seeds. Differences were observed in the antifungal activity of the silver nanoparticle, chitosan nanoparticles and silver /chitosan nanocomposite, upon the mycelial growth and zone of inhibition of the fungi. Extent of fungal inhibition was derived using the above information, in order to evaluate the antifungal efficacy of these nanoformulations against pathogens. Tests for the fungal growth revealed that the NFs showed significant inhibition effectiveness. This study suggests the possibility to use silver/chitosan NFs as an alternative to fungicides for controlling seed borne phytopathogens.

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Bambang Yuniato

Abstract- The purpose of the study is to discussion how to building citizen awareness of environmental conservation. The methodology used in the study is qualitative approach, which is a research process to understand and investigate the social or human problem based on the traditions of a particular research methodology. The conclusion from this study, to build environmental awareness through three approaches, namely a systematic approach to education, integrated and sustainable socio-cultural approach through the strengthening and development of local knowledge about environmental protection, and it takes the substance of law and consistent enforcement. Implementation of democratic culture must be offset by the strengthening and development of biocracy or biodemocracy

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