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IJSTR >> Volume 11 - Issue 01, January 2022 Edition

International Journal of Scientific & Technology Research  
International Journal of Scientific & Technology Research

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Personalization Of An E-Business Website

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Khaled ELMenshawy , Haitham Rizk Fadallah , Marwa Hussien Mohamed



Personalization, web architecture,Content management, Simple Filtering, Collaborative Filtering, Rules-based Filtering,



There has been a significant development in the use of consumer data since the industrial revolution, and the companies have been using them to develop their products according to the needs of each individual consumer using personalization technologies, which relied heavily on the development of information technology. Data is the key to personalization. Although there is difficulty in using data in the advertisement in the past, recently, the investment in data increases from 8% to 12% due to the evolution of information technology such as cloud storage and network bandwidth. By studying the consumer's purchase journey, a lot of valuable information about his desires can be collected and analyzed. Personalization technologies combine consumer data, rules, and algorithms through a process model for generating a personalized web page. Web designers typically build websites using a layered design approach called the n-tier architecture, which internally uses three different types of filters depending on business rules to classify and manage consumers.



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