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IJSTR >> Volume 10 - Issue 12, December 2021 Edition

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Effectiveness Of Fluoride Varnish In Treatment Of Dentin Hypersensitivity

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Wahdan M. A. Elkwatehy, Rabab I. Salama



Dentin hypersensitivity, Bifluoride 10, Varnish XT, Silver diamine fluoride, Visual Analogues Scale.



Background: Hypersensitivity of dentin is a common dental problem with a varied effectiveness of the different available treatment modalities. Aim of the work: Clinical evaluation of the effectiveness of different fluoride containing varnishes in treating dentinal hypersensitivity of exposed dentin. Materials and methods: A clinical trial was conducted on 108 teeth prepared for fixed prosthodontics divided into three equal groups according to the varnish used. Clinpro XT, Sliver diamine fluoride and Bifluoride -10 varnishes were used to protect the dentin after teeth preparation. Thermal and evaporated stimulus were used, and dentin hypersensitivity was evaluated using Visual Analogues Scale. Intraclass coefficient was performed to ensure the reliability between the data of the testing methods. One-way and repeated ANOVA were used for comparison among the different tested materials at different follow up intervals measurements. Results: The three groups showed significantly decrease on dentin hypersensitivity after immediate application and after one week (p < 0.000). Varnish XT and Silver diamine fluoride showed lower significant mean values than bifluoride varnish with no significant difference between them. Conclusion: All tested varnishes were significantly effective for reducing dentin hypersensitivity. Clinpro XT and Sliver diamine fluoride have nearly similar effect which was significantly better than Bifluoride -10 varnish.



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