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IJSTR >> Volume 4 - Issue 12, December 2015 Edition

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Buying Behavior Of Organic Vegetables Product: The Effects Of Perceptions Of Quality And Risk

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Doni Purnama Alamsyah, Ria Yuli Angliawati



Index Terms: Perception of Quality; Perception of Risk; Purchase Decision



Abstract: Consumer behaviors are more important in the study of "Green Marketing". This studied aims to examined buying behavior of consumers on organic products, which is formed by perception of quality and perception of risk. The research model with three hypotheses to explained the relationship and influenced between the constructs that perception of quality, perception of risk and purchase decision. In these empirical studied treated 366 respondents from customer of retail supermarkets in West Java - Indonesia. Results of research founded a significant negative relationship between perception of quality and perception of risk. As well as the behavior of perception of quality and the perception of risk has a significant influenced on purchase decision. Retail self-service needs to improve the perception of quality and reduces the risk perception of the consumers, if purchasing behavior of consumers want increase on organic products. This studied was useful in raising awareness of self-service retail and consumers for environmentally friendly products.



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