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IJSTR >> Volume 2- Issue 12, December 2013 Edition

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Peace Education, Transformation Of Higher Education And Youths Empowerment For Peace In Africa

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Alimba, N. Chinyere



Index Terms: Peace Education, Youth Empowerment, Higher Education, Peace, Transformation



Abstract: Education is the bedrock of human transformation. As a veritable source of socialization, education has the potential to reinforce a sense of peace in its receiver. Higher education which is significantly an important level of education plays a dominant role in this direction. Overtime the capacities of tertiary institutions in Africa to empower youths for peace have been thwarted by poor educational reforms, coupled with the prevailing problems of indiscipline, corruption, poor governance, shortage of resources, and political instability. Therefore, to empower youths for peaceful living, will entail adopting peace education in all the facets of operations of tertiary institutions in Africa. Peace education has the capacity to transform tertiary institutions and equally make them to respond appropriately to the inculcation of a culture of peace in people. It will aid in the construction of the right frameworks in tertiary institutions through its values, which are based on non-violence, justice, equity, trust, transparency, empathy, compassion, cooperation and respect for people. By acquiring these values, unacceptable behaviours and conducts will be modified to conform to expected societal standards and norms which will empower youths to develop peaceful attitudes in Africa. Therefore, how peace education can be adopted to achieve these ends is presented in this study.



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