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IJSTR >> Volume 4 - Issue 11, November 2015 Edition

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Self-Organization And Self-Management In Control-Flow Error Mitigation

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Saber Fazel



Index Terms: control-flow checking, control-flow error recovery, mutithreaded program, multi-core processor, on-line testing, interprocess communication, backward error recovery.



Abstract: This paper presents a software-based technique to mitigate Control-flow Errors (CFEs) in multithreaded programs. In this paper, we concentrate on self-organization and self-management mitigation of control-flow error using additional instructions insertion into specific portions of multithreaded program at design time regarding to control-flow and data-flow dependency graphs. In order to evaluate the proposed technique, three multithreaded benchmarks quick sort, matrix multiplication and linked list utilized to run on a multi-core processor, and a total of 5000 transient faults has been injected into several executable points of each program. The results show that this technique detects and corrects between 91.9% and 93.8% of the injected faults with acceptable performance and memory overheads.



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