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Nov 2018 to May 2020


IJSTR >> Volume 9 - Issue 10, October 2020 Edition

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International Journal of Scientific & Technology Research

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The Physical Workload Analysis By Cardiovascular Load (CLV) Method For Administration Employees

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Shinta Prastika, Dayal Gustopo, Prima Vitasari



workload, cardiovascular load, heart rate, ergonomics, productivity



A workload adjustment is an important factor in any type of work. Adjustment of physical workload must be maintained in balance to make employees not burnt out by excessive workload when carrying out their activities. Excessive workload can lead to decreased work productivity, work motivation, work injuries, and reduced concentration. This service company is one of the state companies run in shipping and logistics services businesses. It must be able to control the workload to make it appropriate for its employees. The service company owns many subsidiaries throughout Indonesia, although difficult to evaluate, this company must be able to balance the physical workload in its entire company. One example from the branch of Malang Raya showed an unbalanced physical workload. Therefore it is necessary to measure the workload in this study by applying the Cardiovascular Load (CVL) Method. This method is used by several previous studies to measure the physical workloads. The measurement instrument to gauge the physical workload is an oximeter. Participants in this study were the employees with a total amount of 30 people. It conveys an average result of 40.75 % from 30 employees taken of the branch of Malang Raya. This result measurement categorized as high classification of workload so that improvements are needed to help in balancing the physical workload which experienced by most of its employees. From the workload measurement, this service company should consider the evenly distributed tasks or workloads over each employee in this company, especially for those who have experienced physical overload. In addition, it is necessary to consider additional employees at branches of service companies whose working conditions had reached the workload limit. As for the next researcher, it can be analyzed to see the mental workload and employee needs for each branch of this service company.



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