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IJSTR >> Volume 6 - Issue 10, October 2017 Edition

International Journal of Scientific & Technology Research  
International Journal of Scientific & Technology Research

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ISSN 2277-8616

Dynamics Analysis Of Land-Based Carbon Stock In The Region Of Samarinda East Kalimantan Province

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Zikri Azham, Daddy Ruhiyat, Abu Bakar M. Lahjie, Mustofa Agung Sardjono.



Carbon stock, Clas Land Cover, Emissions, secondary forest, thickets, shrubs



This study aims to determine the potential dynamics of carbon stocks in various land cover classes in the city of Samarinda, in the calculation of carbon stocks, land cover only devided into three (3) Class Land Cover (CLC) is a secondary forest CLC, CLC thickets and CLC shrubs. Research results show that the above ground carbon (AGC) stocks on Secondary Forest Land Cover Class average of 71.93 tonnes/ha, the land cover classes thickets of 32.34 tonnes /hectares and shrubs land cover classes of 19.66 tonnes / hectare. The carbon stocks in 2009 amounted to 2,589,929 tonnes, in 2012 there were 2,347,477 tons and in 2015 there were 2,201,005 tonnes. Estimated decrease in land-based stock carbon in the city of Samarinda during the period 2009-2015 amounted to 388,943 tonnes, or an average of 70,170 tonnes per year, or approximately 2.73%/year or the emissions in the field of land amounting to 254,538 tonnes of CO2 equivalent.



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