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IJSTR >> Volume 4 - Issue 10, October 2015 Edition

International Journal of Scientific & Technology Research  
International Journal of Scientific & Technology Research

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ISSN 2277-8616

Design Of Mechanical Test Setup To Find The Endurance Limit Of Coil/Compression Spring Using Modified Slider-Crank Mechanism

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Harshal Vispute, Akshay Kamane, Vardhan Patil, Suraj Shaha, Santosh Katkar



Keywords- Coiled/Compression Spring, Fatigue Load, Endurance Limit, Modified Slider Crank Mechanism.



Abstract- A spring is an elastic or resilient body, whose function is to deflect or deform when a load is applied and recover its original shape when the load is removed. The important applications of springs are in application of a force (clutches, brakes etc.), measurement of a force (spring balance), storing energy (clock/toy springs) and absorbing shocks and vibrations (springs in vehicle suspension systems). Fatigue loads are generally cyclic and fluctuating in nature and are much less in magnitude than the yield strength of materials but they tend to have unpredictable behavior due to dissimilar and brutal fracture patterns. To avoid this, determining the endurance limit becomes inevitability. The present paper aims to test the endurance limit of a wide range of coiled/compression springs in the smallest possible time frame using a screw-based modified slider-crank mechanism in a mechanical system.



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