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IJSTR >> Volume 4 - Issue 10, October 2015 Edition

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International Journal of Scientific & Technology Research

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Application Of Fractal Dimension On Atmospheric Corrosion Of Galvanized Iron Roofing Material

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Issa A.K, Abba. M. Aji



Keywords: galvanized, fractal, box counting, weight loss.



Abstract: Corrosion rates of galvanized iron roofing sheet In yola north eastern part of Nigeria were assessed and determined by weight loss method and scanner (fractal analysis) method,. Scanning electronic machine (SEM) was used to transform corrosion coupons to electronic form for image j processing and analysing software, The result of corrosion rates for these two methods after six months of the samples exposure in industrial. Coastal, market and urban areas in the region are 1.51, 1.079, 1.051, 0.779 and 1.9941, 1.9585, 1.9565, 1.9059 for weight loss and scanner (fractal dimension) methods respectively. and the results from the two methods were in agreement This establish the reliability of fractal dimension in measuring atmospheric corrosion, this research also provides alternative method of measuring atmospheric corrosion and overcome the limitation of conventional weight loss technique in its inability to measure corrosion rate which is not significantly change over a long period of time, moreover weight loss cannot demonstrate the area of concentration of corrosion on the surface of the coupon it rather gives the weight loss value, and this will aid in determining the real level or extent of corrosion damage in the material and this can be obtained when measuring the material through fractal analysis these results clearly indicate that corrosion is heavier on locations close to the industrial areas. This also shows the negative impact of industrial activities on the corrodible materials and consequently on the plants and environment.



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