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IJSTR >> Volume 4 - Issue 10, October 2015 Edition

International Journal of Scientific & Technology Research  
International Journal of Scientific & Technology Research

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ISSN 2277-8616

Internal Electric Field In The Space Charge Layer Of A Solar Cell Based On Silicon In The Presence Of Excitons

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Modou Faye, Cheikh Mbow, Bassirou Ba



Keywords: Electric field, Excitons, Conversion, Electron-hole pairs.



Abstract: The author, faced with the impossibility of assessing the relative importance of the different contributions of physical quantities appearing in the equations of transport, he appealed to the dimensional analysis. Thus by grouping the physical parameters, the dependent and independent variables, it generates dimensionless numbers. The latter, having a physical significance, make it possible to characterize the various contributions. To solve the dimensionless equations obtained, strongly coupled reduced scale, the author opts for a numerical method. The spatial discretization variable pitch and tight at the interfaces of different zones of the field because of the strong gradients in these regions is adopted. The equations are then integrated in the numerical domain using the finite volume method and the coefficients are approached by the schema of the power Patankar law. The resulting system of algebraic equations is solved by the method of double course combined with an iterative relaxation line by line type Gauss-Seidel. Furthermore, with a volumetric coefficient of coupling which depends on the dissociation of the excitons and the average temperature field, the author has studied the influence of some physical parameters on the total density of photocurrent such that: the heating factor , the conversion velocity and the volume coupling coefficient of charge carriers.



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