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IJSTR >> Volume 5 - Issue 9, September 2016 Edition

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Assessment Of Rape Victims, The Case Of Secondary, Preparatory, TVET, Adwa College Of Teachers And Educational Leadership Education And Axum University, Central Zone Of Tigray, Ethiopia

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Workneh Gebreselassie



act, assessment, rape, sexual, status, threat, victim, violence



Introduction Rape is sexual act with an expression of violence, anger or power. It is the act of penile penetration achieved by force or the threat of force. Rape is an act of violence and humiliation in which the victim experiences over whelming fear sense of powerlessness, helplessness, feels frightened or threatened (Groth 1979; Sarrel 1980; Sarrel and Masters, 1981; Estrich, 1987; Gordon and Riger, 1989; Hilberman, 1976). Our female sisters encountered with rape most of the time, when they arrive to adolescence stage, commonly in their high school and higher education level, So this research work is helpful in assessing the condition of rape in high schools, college, TVET institutes, and university found in central zone Tigray region, Ethiopia Objective- Status of rape in students of high schools, colleges and university in order to recommend its preventive measures. Methodology _Institutions based cross sectional study design was employed. This research work has been carried out by dispatching self administered questionnaires randomly among 643 students of secondary, preparatory, TVET Adwa college of teachers and educational leadership education and Axum university students. Two departments (sections) has been taken from each institute. The collected data was analyzed quantitatively entering in to a computer using SPSS Version 16 using Chi-square, Annova, Sign test. Result Among the sexually active 96 females 35(36.5%) of them have enforced to be initially involved in sex by rape.. When we see the number of rape accident revealed per one female student, 66.6% of the victims encountered once, whereas 44% of the victims encountered more than one, which extend up to six times per one female student.. The known perpetrators to the rape victim female students account, 55.3% which include, boyfriends 23% (3), instructors (teachers), and 46 %( 6). And class mate 7.7 %( 1). The unknown perpetrators account 23 %( 3). Majority of the rape incidents revealed in secondary (38.3%) and preparatory (29.8 %), followed by university (19.1%) then by TVET (6.4%), then by elementary (4.3%) and CTE (2.1%). Majority of the rape incidents revealed when the victims made trip to and from school (46.8%), followed by in residence area of the victim or perpetrator (40.4%). Lastly when the victim was on the way to perform duty of her parents (12.8%). Among the 47 female students revealed with rape danger, 80.9% (38, 60.6 % them faced with psychological problem of anxiety, 29% of them faced with unwanted pregnancy, then 5.2% of them faced with HIV/AIDS, and 5.2% of them faced with physical harm, like crack in the sexual part, including the womb. Among the 47 victims of rape, 27.7 %( 13) of them have claimed that they have faced with rape incident in their present institution. This is mainly university (46.2%), next secondary school and TVET (23%) each, lastly CTE, 7.6 %( 1). Among the university perpetrators 66.7% (6) of them are instructors whereas 16.7% (1) unknown while 16.7% (1) is class mate. Among the secondary perpetrators 66.7% (2) are teachers, while 33.3% (1) is unknown to the victim. In case of CTE, Perpetrators, 100% (2) of them are boyfriend of the victim. Likewise, in case of the TVET perpetrators, 50% (1) is boyfriend, whereas 50% (1) is unknown. Here the major perpetrators in the present institutions are instructors (teachers) (46%), which comprise 66.7% (4), are university instructors and 33.3% (2) are secondary teachers. Conclusion and Recommendation- This research has investigated; rape incident is series problem of our female student. It is affecting their life and education process. Almost half (49%) of the sexually active female students revealed rape accident. Even (44%) of the rape victims encountered more than one rape incident which extend up to six time per one victim. The very alarming condition is 36.5% of the sexually active students at initial enforced to be involved to sex by rape. Therefore, in order to make free our female students from this series danger, the MOE, as well as the regional bureau of education should include in primary and secondary curriculum focusing on conditions which give ground for rape incident and its prevention . Ant-rape policy should be produced and all responsible body should make overall efforts



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