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IJSTR >> Volume 5 - Issue 9, September 2016 Edition

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Perception Of Teachers To Education Programs And Interventions, As Well As To Their Profession, The Case Of Adwa Town Teachers, 2013.

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Workneh Gebreseleassie Adwa



Attitude, Capacity, education, implementation, interventions, policy, programs, quality



Introduction Teachers are very important people to implement successfully the programs and interventions, introduced to enhance the implementation of education and training policy. Quality of education demands planned and properly designed capacity building programs for teachers and other officials in education system Derebssa Dufera, 2006). Unless we acknowledge that we are talking about a human problem and not solely a curricular judgment we will not attract bright young minds in teaching. one bad teacher is more dangerous than one bad surgeon because a surgeon can only hurt one person at a time, but good teachers out member the bad. So the quality of education can be no greater than the dignity we assign to teaching. We expect our teachers to work miracles every single day, what our homes churches and communities have been unable to accomplish. and when teachers fall short and where along the line we condemn them for not meeting our idealized expectations (David d. Dill 1995).The FDR government of Ethiopian has introduced several programs and interventions to enhance the successful implementation of the education training policy.This research work would have an importance in assessing the reaction of teachers of Adwa town .And it can initiate educational policy makers and educational administrators to check their programs and interventions. Objective :To assess the reaction of Adwa teachers to the introduced programs and interventions. Methodology- School based cross sectional study design was employed. This research work has been carried out by dispatching self-administered questionnaire randomly. Among the 698 teachers of Adwa town 278 (39.9%) were respondents. Among the 307 female 87 (28.4%) and among the 391 males (48.9%) were respondents. Ten elementary, three secondary andschools teachers had been participants. The collected data was entered in to a computer using SPSS version 16 and analyzed by using percentages, Chi square, ANOVA and sign test Result-311 questionnaires were dispatched randomly to Adwa town teachers of ten elementary schools and three secondary schools. Among these 278 (89.4%) had been returned. Majority 171 (61.5%) recruited to the profession with interest(t<0.03). Among those who recruited to the profession interest, 86(50.3%) developed negative attitude later on(t<0.1). Among those who recruited to the profession without interest, 107 (38.5%) 97 (90.7%) have continued with their negative attitude(t<0.01).In total among those who recruited with interest or without interest 183 (65.8%) have developed hatred to the profession later on(t<0.02). And among these 101(55.2%) have decided to leave the job(t<0.09). Among the programs and interventions, introduced by MEO, in order to bring quality, of education in the country, the most recommended one by the teachers that they are bringing quality of education as expected is, networking for special help and tutorial 64 (31.5%). Among those which are not bringing quality of education is continuous professional development 44 (24.2%), Most respondent teacher 135(48.6%) are with very great dissatisfaction feeling with the new salary introduced for teachers.Conclusion and recommendations This research work has shown, majority of the teachers have dissatisfied with their profession and have developed negative attitude towards it, even many of them are preparing to leave it. So it is better to improve the working condition, strengthen the implementation of the programs and intervention which are positively recommended and review those which are not recommended. In addition it is better to arrive consensus with the teachers on the given salary scale.



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